Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 4, 1867 Page 4
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(EljKcuja fxibttn?. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4. ISO 7. THE CITY. A No’kwotmrr Fact.—For tbe first time In eight yean, la Cook Count*, there la not one Sherlfl‘seal* inder execution,of property,ml or personal, advertised. Tni Coxcnrr.—Those who hare hear! Philip nnlltpa sing are sure to co to hear him 'rain. Ticket! for (be concerts! tbs Clark Street Mrtho diet < bnrrh on Tee«day a e going rapidly. They nay be bad at C 6 Waahlmtoa street, and at the door. Allxokd VAGAAinv,—On Saturday morning, at the rollee Conri, John Morrla and August Rolf were fined fU each for vagrancy, and In the after noon William Vickers was “ fixed 1 * for 1100 upon the same charge. The last named said he didn't care II It waa &». Takdto a Oaf.—James O’Brien, slopping at No. M North Wells street, appropriated Dennis Otlla hsn's cap, and gave tbe latter Individual a long chase ftHtrhlm. Though Jamea asserted on nidayat the Police Court that It waa not wonh fit e canto, ha waa fined |5 for disorderly conduct. Wnukw am> Cmumxx.—The rrmlar monthly meeting of the Trustees of the Hospital for Wo men and Children, will beheld at the Hospital. No. Sit Ohio street, on Monday afternoon, at half pa*| s o clock. A foil and punctual attendance la (cqoeated. A Ft*rin.—A saloon on Clark street known as Pete Kline'a was rlailed by tho police on Friday otrh! and Its bar keeper and six mmatea were ar- True*. Peter war fined *SO, and the Inmatoa *5 - .. Ic been a dierepntoble place, at.d liiterly baa been conducted In a very rtolons Stzauxo AJn> Skluxo.—William McPherson, a boy o* flitoen years, arraigned before Justice MII- Ukcn on Saturday afternoon, admitted tbe charge of having stolen fifty pounds of lead pipe and sell ing It a junk store. Datook Itlrom the Lincoln House w here he has been working lor his board. JJ.® «« bcld for examination before Comnllisloner William*. Lxcn-uz AOAiusT Catitax. PumsmiXTr.— M. 11. Rover, of Wisconsin, delivered an address on Saturday forenoon, before (he piofcssors and stu dents of Bryant & Stratton's Boslneas University, In this city. The large audience gave the speaker ttclr marked attention for aa boor and a t»*|f and at the corclurioa of (he lecture, with great nnan , Imlty, signed petitions for the abolishment of the death penalty. DticiiAnoxp.— l Thomas McDonald and Thomas M. Hale, charged as parties to tbe assault upon Peter f Icm at the Union Depot ou Monday night, were finally examined at the Police Coart on Sat urday afternoon and were discharged from custo dy. the w 1 incites present being enable to Identify them, and one of them being prepared to prove bis presence at Wood’s Mueenm on that evening. Allxokd Pnnmr.-Before Justice D'Wolf on Saturday afternoon William Brown was charged with perjury. The perjury consisted in baring made affidavit 1c March, ISIS, before the Clerk ot ibe Com ly Court, that he was twenty-one years old ana Sophia Eobmsns eighteen. Tne evidence In the case was deemed sufficient to warrant his being held for trial In ball of *4OO. That Yoceo Muv.—Oc Fnday evening a young man called at the store of George W. Williams, at No. CIO Chicago ara&ne, and baying two boxes of dgars worth *ls. requested that a bill of them should he sent to room No. S 7, Chamber of Com merce. and bto father wonla pay it. Yesterday me hill woe presented, bnt no one was found to isthvrlt. Tnr.EC Bot Picetockits.—Thomas Qnlrk. John Fierce and James Henry w ere arrested at tbe Museum madnee on Saturday afternoon by De teettre Dixon, for safe keeping. They were “cruising *’aroundatreng tbe crowd ol ladles, and ore or two of ibem being well-known pick pockets, under suspended fines, ih’'y were taken to the Central Station and lock d up. Cokkitted. —John Rochambcan. charged as accessory in the robbery of Raymond Vcrechoore, was on Bslcrd&y afternoon at tho Police Court committed for trial in ball of 1500. The evidence cites in ibto case did not appear to criminate liochamlfon as 1 party to tbe robbery, but it la nedentood that he waa held with reference to fur ther developments in the Recorder's Court. Lireent as Bailee.—Jenny Browning, keeper ot a faotfre of ill-fame on Fonrth avenue, was bronchi before Justice Mllltkcn on Saturday af ternoon charged w ith having received fifteen dol lars from a visitor of tbe house, in frost for Ltxzle ‘‘mtis, wbo was “boarding” there at tbe time. Tbe examination of the case was put over until Tuctdsy morning, Jenny being requited to fur nish bail of *3OO. Bcrclabt.— On Snndsy tno'nlng about two o'clock a burglar fotced admission, through a window. In a paint shop on North Clark stroo', directly opposite Turner Hall. Ore of Lud wig Si Co.'s Merchant Policemen was watching the man, and Immediately arrested him, before be had an opportunity to steal anything valuable. Tbe prisoner was taken to the North Market Sta tion House where be gave the name of John Williams, age, S 3 years. Sad Accident.—On Friday afternoon a young lady named Ellen Noble waa run against by a boy wbo waa skating on the sidewalk near the corner of Madison ana Peoria atreeto, and tbe coill-nm n-nlted In her being thrown violently to tbe ground. She was quite insensible when picked up, ar.d was taken fo an adjacent drug store. It was there discovered t&at her right arm was bro ).• n below the elbow, and that her shoulder was dislocated. Fijcdhso ins Djlcoutxu.—A suit was instituted against CluUlian Daub, before Justice Drown, on the coroplaintof a mac earned Wagner, charging him with adultery. A partial examination of the case was held on Saturday afternoon. Ur. Bautt, n was ail-’ccd. left a wife and three children in tbe Mate of New Voile, and eloped with Mr. Wagner's daughter, Frederica. For abonta year put he tat resided on West 'Randolph street, and (or the past tew days Ur. Wagner ha* been In the city ralt ly trrinc .if* find his daughter. Her where* about* were made known on Saturday afternoon, lie. fatbot inusd her on Wentworth avenue, and was «o overjoyed thereat that be has dropped pro* eroding* against the teerrant hatband. Iltixv Westckk.— The young,beautiful and tal ented Helen Western will make her first appear ance in (his dty this evening at McVlcker’a rhea tre, after an absence of ten years. She will make her bow in the grand romantic drama—“Flowets of tbe Foicst"—in which sho win take Ihe cele brated chaiactrr of “Cynlhia, the Oiosy Queen.” Utss Western baa the reputation of being ooe of the most beautiful ac resses on tbo American stage, and Judging from the magnificent portraits of her, now on exhibition at Ely's, comer of Dear born and Washington, and Morse.Rod<lto A Ham ilton's, comer ot Clark and Lake, report speaks truly. If she proveeaa successful m Chicago as in New York, Philadelphia. Boston. Cincinnati, Hahlmoie, and other cities, McV ckcr’a will bo crowded during each evening of her limited stay. She will Irate here at tbe close or the pres ent week, being under an engagement to appear at the Chestnut Street Theatre in Pblladelphla on the leth inrt- for four weeks. The box sheet u now open for tbe entire week. Kaixzvq Walls.— On Saturday afternoon about a quarter past three o'clock, a portion of the mar ble fioct wall of Noe. 239 and 239 Lake street fell 10 the pavement, severely injuring two peraons, Mr. George Julias Baerner, residing at No. 163 West Haiidolph street, and James Growler, rcrie-ioc on the corner of Morgan and Ontario street*. The buildings were among those horned at the great fire on I-ake street on Sunday, No vember 19, IFGG. Part of their walls had been standing In a threatening manner ever since. One portion fell a few days alter .the fire, bat fortu nately fell away from the street. The accident of Saturday resulted differently. Mr. Baerner re ceived a blow from a falling fragment on the bead, while James Crowley, a boy ahoat twelve year* of age, had one of hit legs broken oy a large piece of marble. The injured persons received immediate attention, ana were taken to their rt-*r-cctl T *-' hornet. As portions of these waits still remain standing, they are in danger of bein' blown down, and tbc responsible parties should take some action so that ro more lives may be threatened by their tailing. The wall of No. Sji. formerly occupied by Mr. C. J. L. Meyer, stand- 1 four stories high, with no lateral support. laee TcjofXL.— The work on the tunnel proper has been completed, and It now stands ready to receive the pare, non piscatorial water from the heart of Lake Michigan. Tbe chambers excavated atvarlona distances tor the accommodation ofthe w oremen, have all been filled and packed. The great bore baa been lined and cemented through out, so that there will be' no poslbility for the watcrtocome in contact with anything impure. The well at the shore end baa been prepared for its dntv, and the walls extended as high as tbc new drift will permit. Tbe work on the new building*. the tower and new engine are being pushed forwaid as r-pidly as tbe wintry weather win permit. Tbe main gate shaft and tbe drift from it to the tnnncl are nearly completed. Though some time will be required to finish tbe surroundings, and put everything in ehip-shaoc fur a long tom of service, our citizens may re joice that they ham cot to remain long in sus pense tor tbe use of the water. Tbo temporary rhaft to the tnnncl, near the place where the water is procured at tbe present time, will enable the engineers to attach the suciton pipes and fill the old tanks with tunnel water It will require some six months be lore all tbe Improvements will becotnjlcie; jet their fruit* may be reached be fore that time. Nooxoat Umax Pbatxu Mtmxo.—The targe attendance upon this meeting during the past v e*-k. attest* an Interest heretofore unknown in the history of the dailyprayermeetlng of Chicago, i be record indicates a dally increase in nnmbers, and this tact alone declares a dally Increase tn tbe interest snd power of these gatherings. As the returaccistlveofonrdmrches, from whom it ro rnres its almost entire support, it presents a very O-Mrvble and pleasant state ot religions interest mrcuchont the entire ettv, and a* a centre ot re li-locs interest to the Northwest, in which are rc.miug *ccklv representatives from almost every Western Hale, It has enfolded a no Ices Interest ing rondiiisn of spiritual work and interest in the inland cities and villages. Berets! large and extended revivals have been reported, and tbc work tn every direction is taking on a more active and *ueco*«fo!aipecL Tbe largest tinmbrr in attendance upon the dailvmeeting dor irg last week, wa* on Saturday. Mr. D. L. Moody presided, ard read an interesting telegraph de spatch from Odell, of tbla State, where the whole religious clement of tbc county had assembled for prayer and counsel relative W what plana Urey -hould inaugurate la the emeu of Cbn*t for the coming year. Mr. K. A. Burnell, missionary for the Young Men's Christian AasocUUon nl Mil waukee, reported relative to the work and Interest of the dally prayer meeting of that place, and also spoke of the mrcUrgs of interest in Wisconsin. The noonrtav prayer meeting will be continued in tire Pirat Methodist Episcopal Cbnrch, corner of Clark and Washington streets, during tins week. Bnrrat TrcamaßT to A Child.—A family, crn*l«ticg of Alexander Johnson and hit wile and a lad about twelve years old. named James, have been rending at No. 1M North Halsted street. At tbs Instance oft lady who resided In another por tion oftbe same bnlldlne, Mr.ano Mrs. Johnson were on Fatnrfiar morstng brought before the pc.ltcr- Court charged with treating their only child with cmally, neglect and temptations to trims. liming the day. when Ihe father Is ament, the mother whips the child upon tbs least provocation, and when th* utter |-aien( •rtnrtiS at night he lends a band a', the same tmslcess. Jbey had recently tun ed th • rl.lld out of their house harclooted, and the moths- Imd punished him with a stick of wood. Uoo lh« arrival of the father at night It was alleged that he bad rauecd the hoy to take otfhla woollen rants and put on In their smart some tight aum ttir-r rarnicnts. and then had sent him into th * st-eH, hopeful that he might commit eom criminal set which would laks him on* of u,«,ir rtvlit to the luform Scboo.. tins dav |)e child crept under tbe bed, hut wa compelled to come nut again nr have scaldiu.’ water ilnown upon him. The lady who occdple 1 ntidlt er psrl of tbs house, snpgeried to Hr. John *mu (bat If Die child was so much trouble to them. would do well to place him on some fa-m In tiic rotiulry. 1» reply she was luld that bpwonld soousmtl Ihs hoy's throat than humor him so nimli. Justice PiiiMevahl fined the pirculi *3.1 ssih.siid oidcied Ilia! the thlld he liken i*sv (mm Ui<‘ I'lhMirailed couple. It Is stated that itis im» I* a willing, trusty aud iiudcm lal.ann Ik- *t>>ui)rt at tea*| have a chance to reach hialitrily win, hu ui« ana not 100 many broken Pone*. FENIANS. KecUr* la Bridgeport—Addresses by Hr* Bum, and Senators Morrison and Scanlan-Beomlts and Subscriptions. Aiuu o»U» ot ••ih. Mind, of Wih N»- e!!! 1 ! 0,1B,tari *Inight, »Wohn n. Eciigbl I. Wo. 810 Archer fowl. A coo.Uer.ble munher wero pretest, nohrUtuUndliig li« n. *sa®« ao£ D gls a .sg’SK ns fl.e whcr « they could exer £“• “A °f jaeu, and they had been nfiS, f«l!L^dt r^ cUc S ! ho * rLa tbit would cnible oppressor® 1,0 d 140,1 frola lb ® band or bbould they now give up tbe atraxelsf Th» »» *cm Irish ntlrioto, from all tb? SK2SW Vil 0 ?! i ' ,b ® old world, “Onward to Jf* go back to Ireland •w. I f®7 would stand by her to the last. U« Hockv a M^SlmT« ba »»J ,o . Bl * ‘A? 1 * * nrt lcro> < lbs llocky Mountains, the story Ibat Chicago would rt t - fo rS Dl<>,ll r lb ® Q >od . wo ik. Ue asked them re® 0 ol C Mf° fonwd * nd f° rm 1 w»paoy Ibsl When the order came to them at Buffalo last year toeo back. there was not a dry eye lu the assembly But they would keep their promise yet. But ll was not rpeecb that they wanted now, they wanted men with arms and uniforms on, and then would be time to move. There was great ne*d that they bam uniforms to distinguish ihom. He would never nndoitake to lead men again asarab i”rC^,5 e <L? lwt .'? car irrsen. And by tbe help OMiodhetoie the summer son rose over tbe domes of Montresl the green flag of their laud would float over the city, i.“ r - .i-JK >S°' ll *°'>c ol Now York, followed. Ue said that Mr, Scanlan and be bad promised them a abort iraae ago that (here should soon be uniforms enough for a battalion, aad Ibat promise hid been fulfilled* Two thousand dollars were raised for the purpose, and to-day tho uniforms arc In ibo city. Bo thought that thetr last movement was not sufficiently concerted. But now be Uwogbt that there was nol power cnocab in Andrew Johnson or any other officer to prevent them from entwine SWJ*- °“. lh '® a ?. «l Pelirokey, Wa.6mg.on’. birthday, and a better day coulu not be chosen, their battalion would parade the elreela of Chi reeo in uniform, ue called upon all men of Bridgeport to be on band to Join In that parade. They most go Into this onrealxation ready to walk with bloody steps over the Mil of fhecl tbcirUfe wood If necessary. England would tight to tbo last to retain Ireland, torlf she lost It she would go down, and become a third rale power. They came to that far away settlement on that oc casion because there were Irishmen there, and tbev were going Into every namlol to Illinois to call upon their countrymen. Uc saw that there was a reporter of tbo Tnr nuse In Canada at tbe time or their last Invasion, who said that tbe Knglifb need not talk about “Bnfl Huu,’* lor they ran so that their own moth ers would not have known them. They wore al most scared to d-ath. Oc booed that tbe Pnisusa would bare two or three reporters there next year, and they would see some taller runnlog than they ever bad before. rbe speaker said that they most' not depend on the rich Irishmen of Chicago Ibey bad prora ted great things bcfoie, bot never performed. They had raised but S7OO at the last movement, and wnen it was not successful they had wanted thtlr money back. .Now, be hoped that they should get ten or twelve volunteers out of that lltileanulcoce to-night. Tbo work In New York was going on brandy. The matter cannot stop. It is set ltd ra ibe beads of tbe Irishmen, and most succeed. They must pursue It even to the bitter end. Mr. fccanlar, Mr.Dunnand himself were pledged los'and byand with them, so Jong as tbo flag of England was within ttatee or lonr hundred miles of them, and they could reach It in twelve hours; they would not give op tbe opportunity. Twenty or thirty thousand men were rapidly being made ready. He would not a'atc when they wonld move, for he did not intend that England shonld acaln know beforehand; bnt it would not be lung. They were bound to this work by every holy tic. The men who were rotting in British Jalla demanded it of them, tiome oftbe best men that ever lived were pent op in jails where the cholera to raging and the tyrant would not lift a finger to remove them from death by tins dlseaae. Every lie that to taken In prisons, every sign that goes up Iron widows and orphans, must have revenge. Here, right by their aide, England stands unpre pared to meet them. Shu to afraid of them In Con ads, and there to the place to reach her. The English papers admit that she cannot defend her scu in Canada, though she can trample out re bellion In England. Common sense then de mands that they strike her where they can best resefa her. They were not calling for volunteers for three moothefor three yean, bnt for the regular army— for life if necessary. Already forty or fifty men bad volunteered in Bridgeport, and guns and uni forms were ready for them. They did not csk them to buy their -own nniforma. He warned every one wbo put down his name that he must be reaoy lo go when ordered, at a day’s notice. If necessary. They should not move until they could put enough men into Canada lu twenty-four hours to accomnitoh thetr purpose. Tho speck of war away off in tho East portends a coming hurricane, and England will be dragged Into a great war. Three thousand troops bad lately been scot back from Canada to England. If England rbould co Into a general war rbe would be annihil ated. Bbels Just now strong In IreUnd bat she to weak in Canada. Over In Canada there are thousands of men who bate England as much as they did, and be wanted to give them a chance lo help them. The Frenchmen had a meeting ibe other night and rcsoived to side with the Fenians. They wonld not make aa ranch noise about their preparations as they did before, but be did not much fe«r any obstruction on the part of tbe - American Government It was known that be was violating tbe laws at this moment, but be did not fear an arrest. Ue called npon tboso wbo were willing to volunteer to come forward at once. In response to Ibe call of the speaker a number of men, mostly young and stalwart, came forward, and signed the enlistment papers. A call waa (ben made for those wbo were willing to pay tbo price of a uniform for the men, and a small sum was subscribed. ilr. Michael Scanlan then spoke. He said that their organization fbr the last seven years hat been a benefit to them and paid back the money that they had<spendedonli. He exhorted them to com mence the work and show that they were la earn* eat; and ben the sympathy of the American peo- KIo would be with them. There were five and a alt million of Irishmen In Ireland, and four and a half In America, and they were kept down by twenty-five thousand red-coats, and sixteen thou •■■no of them were their own friends. Tocy hid now much more of aims and ammunition than the Americana bad in the Revolution. They had thiee million rounds of ammunition and ten thousand men enrolled and icady. Five thousand nun could have taken Canada tast year, bat they sent In only 48U. If they had a million of dollars they conld move In six weeks. Twenty-five cents bom each Irishman In America would tarnish this. They baa never had five cents aplec from them yet. Tie Irish now carry the entire Eng llfhaimyon their backs, and they conll easily maintain their own forces. The BtrncglcJ would no doubt bo hard. England would fight to the end. It must bo kept np for year after year, and they meat begin before the next year. The Irish bad never been united, or they conld easily crash England oat. A number more came forwatd to join the com- Eany and others to join tbo Circle, and several nnaert in sums of money or pleged a certain stun a month, and tbo meeting then closed. TBE OPERA HOCSK DRAWING Another better from Pin—fie Renew eth Ilia Claim—He Litigate* 1U To itae Editor of the Chicago Trllmnc When last I wrote yon 1 was Battering from a lever ol disappointment—double In this that 1 not Only did not draw the Opera lionsc a a expected, bat that tnj calculations came to naught, and tbo labors of allfe time were swept away b> the arbi trary and on mathematical aelccUons of the men at the wheel. I have somewhat recovered from the prostration then induced, but only to find a new disappointment awaiting me. lam sorry that In my certainty of success 1 did not scrutinize close* ly the actions of the committee. Usd 1 done so lam certain 1 should hare noticed something which was Irregular, and would have furnished me, as the lawyers say, with grounds for an appeal. I have recently occupied my wasted energies In mvesliga ling the subject, an u am satisfied that I have been cues ted oat of my Jast does. 1 bought ibe Opoi a House, giving fire dollars for tL At the tune 1 paid that VI Intended to become the own* trcltbe Opera House, and the person who sold it to me listened to my expression of opinion with a nod of assent :he even winked at mo, just as a fellowdld.oncoma railroad carlo bet on a card I which a mutual stranger held in bis band. I lost I that bet,and J lost the Opera Bouse. But the 1 parallel docs not cease here. I had that fellow or* rested, and be paid over a fine much more respectable than himself; 1 intend to try what 1 uan do in the same direction with the people who have so badly cheated me in the matter of the Opera House drawing. • 1 was conversing yesterday with a friend and fellow victim, who took exactly the same view of the subject aa 1 did, with one unimportant excep tion. 1 claimed that the Opera House was mine by nebt; he averred that It should have been his. while we both agreed that It was a rink swindle, we coulu not unite on the parry who had been swindled. I got mad at him finally when he utter ed a vile joke about every body else who boncht a ticket, qplog equally swindled with myself Tne Idea was preposterous. What right had any other man to U than myself? And 1 will yet prove my point 1 proved my right of ownership by figures, and 1 will now prove it by taw. I have already Instituted pro ceedings, and the subpoenas are issued which will bring ail the members of the committee and the Actuary before a Justice of the Peace, and make them snow cause why they have darca to give *200,000 to Mr. Lee when the Opera Bouse was mme. I shall triumph; I knowl Shalt I have calculated the case, and have them on the tiip on two points. Ido not mind, Mr. Editor, icirallcgtoyon my disposition of attack, out I musibcgofTonnoito publish It madranceof the trial, as that might Interfere with the result by enabling them to defend their wreak points. Be hold the plan, and do homage to my sagacity I I have caused s it to be Instituted m the office of a Distinguished mathematician, one who Is ca pable of comprehending the subtleties of my cal culations. Before him I shall spread in detail the solution of the problem, which 1 gave to you In a general form a few days ago. And still further to aid In the mailer I am now having a gigantic , model constructed, which will lllnatrat: beyond all possibility of misconception, (he truth ot my theory. Mr model la a spiral Inclined plane, i-omcthlng like that on which the Bulslay brother tolled his ball to the top of the Opera Boose. Around the outer cage of that (which u the true curve) 1 shall place the 210.U00 numbers, each an inch distant from that succeeding it. These 210,000 numbers, at an inch each, wifl give 17fi,UOO feef,or 8,W3 yards, as die periphery ofthe spiral. This will be on a bisect the same diameter as tbe larger wheel used In tbe drawing, and ceding In a point. At the point In the clr immfererce where ihe number 03,606 stand*, (my nckcl.l there will be a ring, and from a dertl -k specially constructed for the occasion, tbe whole spirt! will be suspended, showing that that point that that nnmber occupies is the centre of gravity ofthe whole system oi the drawing. 1 have then id tbcjuuction of Ibe (wo axes a pivot, on which, when ibe structure swings, the number 0 vco will bo at tnc centre ofgyraUao, also that of oscilla tion; in the last exocnmemllntcna to make of the model a ballistic pendulum, with which 1 will batter down Ihe air castle of Ur. Lee as effectually aa the ancient catapult did a atone wall This will be a great mechanical triumph, and Ibis part of tbe assault will be followed by the logical. I shall then prove by (be committee that tbe wheels were not of a proper shape for s square transaction—they being octagonal—and lhai by tbe spilling of tickets on Ihe floor, the whole transaction was vitiated. Then will come the moral phase of the argument. I shall prove the whole thing to be grossly improper In Us that trier, and lust everybody engaged In It (my seifezceptcd) was guilty of conduct walcb, to say the least, la highly reprehensible. In my own case it was a purely business transaction. 1 bought Ibe Opera House, and now demand It. Alt other* went !nlo the scheme a« a matter of speculation. With them It was nothing more or less than gambling. " I’bill then wind up with a grand exordium, landing the attribute of Justice to tbe skies and calling on Ita earthly representative to sirs me my rights. Else did onr fathers Weed and die in vain, and the Constitution of the United BUtes Lt a delusion. 1 will demand It In (he name ot out raged propriety, as the only mcana of calming oowu Ibe popular czdlemou', whoso vetillct I* that Ur. lee had no rlgh* to (he house, nor (n sell out that right, as Eaau did, for a mess ofuomaA. I look calmly forward to tbe result. 1 do not think |i will be necessary to employ sta »yer, the rase lielog too clear to need leaal action, task not law, 10l justice. Let Jnillce be done though ibe Opera House fat). Bhail I not get Ilf Vik. Hnnatno tlia EarLonna.—For aome day* pat I the firm oflu Cornell ft Co., agents lor a Soring Machine Cofbpany, at No. IS-i lake slresl, have teen satisfied (hittheir money drawer wa* being unlawfully raided upon by some parly, bill were nnsmfmnil In fixing noun anyone as tee tbl-f until Patiitday cychlng, when two oftna men om> plii)«fll|eie quietly secreted Ihsmsslvss In (Im iomii and wilt'd paMently fur dpvet.iptnsnl*. A I'lUe after 9 o’clock Iheyobtc-.vod a fellow-work tnan named RobLG.UcClate making auezamina- Uod of (bemorex drawer. They Immediately came forward and “cornered" tutu. Ooc of thorn went lor an officer, and balfnu hour later McClure loond hlmaolt locked op at tbe Central station. THEADBBIOAN fIABDATII. By Bn, Hobrrt P.ttrnon, D. D. The following sermon tru delivered yesterday sflernoon by Her. Robert Patterson, D. I)., In the Free Will Baptist Church, to rbc Jefferson Park Presbyterian Chorch Society: The babbath la a day of holr rest from labor andrerelrv. It was given by Uod to Adam, the father of all mint lod. and Is therefore the bit tb right of every human being. Home people verr Ignorantly say Ibai 1 ps only a Jewish obsei vance, not binding on Christians iher might Just as well say that It Is an Kngllsb Invention. Was Adam a Jew! r&oufinds of years before the Jews exMrd. “Ood blessed the Habhnth day and sanctified It: because that In It Ue bid rented from all Ills works which Oodcrealod ami made.*’ —Ocn. 11. Ue again enforced the right of the working men of every nation to rest on the Hab botb. in the Fourth Commandment— I “Remember the bal-batb flay to keep it holy: Hit days shall thou labor ano do all iby work, bnt the seventh is tbe Hal.balh of the Lord thy God ; in U thou shslt not do any work: thou nor thy son. nor thy daughter, nor thy man aeryan*, tier thy maid ser wnji iby cattle, nor tAe Hranuer that is icithin thy mitt ; for in six days the Lord made bt area and earth, and the sea, and all that in thorn Is. and rcahd on the iercnih day s therefore, God bleaacd the babbath day and hallowed it“- Kxoonaxx. Thelavyof (lod makes Ibcbabhalh lest the privilege and the duly of all mankind. Tue laws of the land protect a’i American dil xei’s In the enjoyment of this right. The Habbalb wis introduced oy ibo first acltlen of the country. U was eatnbliataeo aa an American itta Ituuon, liy the men who eatabllsbrd the rlghia, the liberties, and the Innltatlons of the Untied tiuics, It is • peifectly democratic lastltution; extending Hs blersed boon of rest alike to rich and poor, wtih a special mention ot the working man and womirw who need it most. Ills protected by laws forbid ding labor and revelry on that day, in every Htaio i In tbe Union ; and these laws ore perfectly impar tial, giving fro license to alien or citizen, to man nfactmer or mechanic, to railroad director or engine driver* to barkeeper or hay.maker. to carry on their bastoesson that day. Tbeßabbath law does not compel any man to go to any partic ular place of worship, whether Catholic or Pro n .'.’J* Jcwi *b, or to any place of worship at all. It does not say ho shall worship; bnt Itsays be shall rest from public labor and from rlotooa revelry. Otherwise, hemay spend hi* time ai his own conscience dictates ;• bat he may not spend It so as to interfere with the rights ol his neighbors fo their day of encredrest. No man can claim a right to destroy tbe pi opertyrtbo character, or tbe Seaceof the community. Tbe babbath law In logos no man's right. Onr German neighbors are aazloaa to erect their German easterns here* s&d to make oar American institutions conform to them. They would wish to have a German F'tmdty Instead of an American Sabbath. Wc do not wooder at this. It hi natural that men should love' (he customs of tbclr childhood and youth. There Is much ro ad mire in tbe frank, open-hearted sociability of tbe German character. We love to remember that we, too. are Saxons, and kindred by Mood to our Ger man cousins, though car grandLfatticre left the fatherland a lew centuries earlier than they. And we arc witling to meet them on common ground, and to (earn rrom (hem tbe art of enjoying lifo, and whatever virtuous excellence thoycan teach ne. We are an eeiecllc people, and ready to bulM into tne framework of oar society any improve mentof our socialor political life. Bat we do not like to overturn the foundation of our Republic on slight occasions. Revolution Is nol reform. To repeal our Sabbath laws would be to revolu tionize our whole system of Government. American republicanism Is founded on Christi anity. it recognizes God as Ibe Creator and-bo stower of our equal rights. It derives authority to rule from Him. II administers oaths In UU came. Our courts and’ Congress are closed’on babbath. The lawa of our land are bsseu on the moral of Christianity. This Is not an infidel Gov ernment, nor a Jewish Government, nor a Mor-- tt SSY°r cni,neDt * nor a Cbloeeo Government, but a Christian Government.. So the decisions of the Supreme Courts have repeatedly affirmed. Our : Sabbath laws are a part of the commou national CbrifUamly. Tt Is Cbiutian republicanism of oura has been tried for a century, and has worked well. It bas made this country a good country for the working man. It has given him a loaf of wheat bread on his table, and piled Lis frjltspsD with sausages; put tobacco In bis meerschaum, and cotfee In his • pot; dressed bla wife in ellk.bnd sent his sons and , daughters to high schools and college; given him a deed forever of bis bouse and form, free of rent to ‘ wing, kaiser, or baron, and enabled him to go straight no to tbe ballot-box, and give bis vote as a iret citizen, without bending bis knee or taking off his hai to mayor or prefect, it has avoided the radical eviis of all ungodly Kapunllca—the evil of continual revolution, which leaves no security for life or property. Here, In our Christian Republic, any man slionee or person is as safe as In France or C-nnaiiT. where there are hundreds of thou; sandt-of soldiers to protect tbo Gov-mnentana enforce «I»e laws. The experiment of on Infidel Republic was tried in France, and the anarchy be came fco Intolerable (bat the people wore glad to be relieved by the tyranny oi Napoleon. We do notwuh lo revolutionize our tiled old Saxon Christian republicanism, that we may Introduce InfidilFrciiCh customs, which even th-t French huve fllfcarded by an almoetunantmons vote. No 1 Let us fear and sene God, and llewtll prosper and bless ns. Those men who fear not God have no respect for the righto of men, and have always proved enemies of tncCommonw*caUh. Wo do not wish the tant cvUoUrs of Robespierre, or the enfant of Napoleon, to rule onr America ; and therefore, wc do not wish a Frerch Sunday. Bnt some ol yon say yon do not wish a French Sunday, but a German Snrday: church In the forenoon for Iho women, and a dance In tbo aftcr i oon for all—for such Is ibe German custom. But, my honest neighbor, why dll you leave Germanjrf Germany is a fair land, and fruitful. TLcruls more unoccupied land to Europe and Asia than in Amunca, and it is nearer to market. Why, then, did von leave your kindred to cross the ocean, and live among strangers in these ends ot tho earth I Was there not komothlng wrong in Gciuiaul Ah. yes? German institution* are for the MBffit of the swordsmen; American. Institu tions are for the welfare oftbe hammermen. The aristocrats own the land, sad levy the taxes, and rule the people lo Germany; here, the people own the land, ana levy tbe taxre, and govern them selves. That la all the dtflcrence. Bat why do not the people rale in Germany, as well as in America! Because they do not know how to rule; and tbe aristocraigr do not wish them to leant self-government. To become an Ameri can, ouo must think, and read, and learn bla own rights ard bis mightiness, and how to main tain them. If he works bard all the week toroake money, he most use bis Sabbath In becoming In telpgent. If be Is to he an American sovereign, bis crown will bo of no use unless he bas a head belwcoi bis sbonldera- My word for it, It was nut by dancing and drinking on Sunday that tbe peo ple of New England learned bow to drive out tbe British, and to become a tree and Independent na tion. Now, inspad of trying to bring down America to tbe level of Germany, would u not be bi tter to biing np Germany to the elevation of America ? Would it not Do better to study oor American Institutions, and ask ourselves, ”Is it likely that these saloon-keepers, and this Liquor- Dealers' Association, and these theatre (chows, know as muen shone tbe founds tons of Gov- ernment, and care os much about the welfare ot this counlty, as tbe great ma Iprily of tbe people, and teachers, and Judges, and Governors, and Presidents, who. from Geutgo Washington down tn Abtaham Uneolu. have boniotcsumonytotbebenebtortbeSabbatb, and have, by example, and proclamation, and leg islation, labotcd to uphold 1L For, after alt, we do not como here to na Germans, bnt to become Americans. We wish our children, at least, to be come Americans. Wo do not want to go back to tietmauT; no more do we want to bring Germany here. We have had enough of that, now wo will learn whatever America can show ns that Is better iban our old customs. Can we do better than fid dle and dance on Sundays? Who knows? Per haps Sunday revelry had a good deal to do with Monday drudgery. Yankees are shrewd people, fbey oo not keep Sabbath for nothing.” buLday icvelry destroys Sabbath rest. It makes tbe Sabbath a working day. Tbe Sabbath law de mands that day as a rest for every man; for the poor reivant no less than bis wealthy master; for ibe sun-burnt omnibus driver as well aa his gay passengers; for tbe busy waiter equally with her luxurious gnes-la; lor the greasy engine driver and tbo sweating slower, aa woll as for the beanx and belles to whose dimes and dollars they arc w eek-day slaves. They certainly need rest as much os their employers. Bnt the Sunday revel ers say, “You shall not ret, but shall work all Sunnay for oar amusement,” Compelled by the silver »crew, the omnibus driver must motnl the box and spend anotber long day m the hot sun— and the railroad and steamboat hands most give up the thought of ever enjoying a day of rest In tbe bosom of their families, or in the house of their God. The whole of that large class which ministers to tbe pleasures of others, mast work, and work bard, on Sabbath, for the amusement of Suncay revelers. "Hay jar John ta work for Jack" But all trades will very soon be tn the same bondage. For, under wbat pretence conld the law command the honest blacksmith, carpcnteror farmer to dismiss his workmen on Sabbath, and give pennisroc to the railroad director, tbe band- master, the play actor or the grog seller to work theirs pom dawn till midnight? And tf the Sab bath law be repealed or rendered rbso!ete,the same power which repealed the law would also re peal the custom of rest on the Sabbath. Every man would fee) that U was at least aa right to work as to revel and carouse on Sunday. As soon aa one or two employers In any trade begin to work on > unday, all ibe rest must follow or Call behind In their business. And then, no matter how much the poorworkman may will be told: “If yon cannot attend to my business, 1 will get some one who will.” TTorA at wn day ain the tore*, or afarrf, wonld be laborer's only choice. In short, we wonld hare a French Sunday, instead of an American Sabbath. Chicago will be as busy on Sncday as Pans, where every shop is open aa onotberdays; draymen arc hauling goods, por ten are hoisting and lowering boxes and barrels, travellers are coming and going, laborers are clearing and repairing the streets, plasterers and painters are at tbtir work on new nooses, stone cutters are bnsy repairing the cathedrals, troops arc matching and conntcrmarchlng. and cooks, confectioners, dress makers, and milliners, nave Non op since lonr o'clock endeavoring to over take the labor of getting ready the luxuries and fineries for tbe balls of the evening—a file day ior the aristocracy of the franc, but a day of hard work for tbe working man. workers of Ameri- ca I your backs win ache and your limbs will tremble, yoar eyes will tire and your beads will throb, as yon drudge, drudge, drudge, over nee dle ar-dtvasb tub, and anvil and plck-axe. from Monday morn dll Sunday night; but no day ot rest will come to yon. U yon allow yourselves to be fiddled and danced ont of your babbath. Which, nox, Is yenr best choice—God’s weekly day of holy rest, or the devil's ceaseless round of slavish drudgery t Workingmen, will yon sell your heart's blood for a glass of beer, or a song ? Yon are selling your heart's blood when you sell year Sabbub. No roan can live ont bis life who works seven days in tbe week. Even an omnibus horse, who, would live seven years if allowed bis Sabbath rest, will not live five, if worked seven days in tbe week. Every workingman who tramples on tbesacredocssof the Sabbath, tramples on bis ownlite. Destroy the Sabbath, and you cut short the life of every laborer ten years. Eve ry Fabbatn-hreakor is doing what no can to in crease tbe burdens, and sho»ten the lives of the workmgmcn of America. He is catting his own throat. SattQih brtaUni} don not pay. Though some capitalists and employers may make money by it lor a little while. It never pays the working man. On the contrary. Sabbath revelry and Sabbath work—which always must go together—make la bor more plcntitn), and consequently cheaper. Now your labor la what you bare to sell, and it Is fbrjonr Interest to get aa much money for It as yon ran. li there is not too much work Jnal now lor the 12X00 mi cb antes and laborers of Chicago, and If 2,w0 more were landed to-morrow from Germany or Ireland, jonr wages mast go down, Iwrauee there woula be so much more labor for sale, and onlvthe same number of buyers; tbe Jl.tVO could get no more money than the 13,'Xu bad been receiving; and they would not gel so much, for in the competition for employment, every man would offer to work lower than another, and so wages would go down. Dnt the very same effect would be produced if tbe 13,000 men who now work six days tu tbe week should be Induced to work seven It would not increase the work to be done: but It would Increase the amount of labor one-sixth, and reduce wages In that proportion at the very least. Though employers might ytltr to pay extra for the Babhalb at first, no ouo suppose* they would do so any longer than toey coul i help it Fabhath labor Is always at the workingman's coat. It means, ssp/n day o' work for #lx day*’ traps*. And you know what a day s wjgei la In Fahbalh-brcaklng Franco, Germany or Ireland. Worklngmm, preserve your Babbsth, If you would not live on black bread and potatoes, aud cringe with rap in band for employment at two shillings a day. All tyrants and aristocrats fear the proper ob servance of tbe Sabbath. No Sabbath-keeping people cao be reduced to slavery. The people who employ their Habbalhs well become intelligent, manly, united Irreriailtite Frivolous, ptea«nrc seeking revellers do not make patriot*. aiate**aeir, heroes. *1 hi rebus. Die monarch presents ht* sub jects with a fiddle aud a mug of beer, with an opera or a theatre royal t but our JUpubUc pre entsns wlih Ihe newspaper, and the Blh1«, and theHihb*lh. W hen the Smart strove to deslrov the llbeitleaorihe people of Itnglaud and Beol land, they proposed the very measure now pro- Sored (u the people ni Illinois. to throw open th • abhatlr to revelry, line iMued the Hook of Sports, licensing morris dance*, Mav-poiea, gulf, foo.-ballr, Irti-pltir, and all such games, on Hup. nay, aller chitrci', on pretence of hi* Majesty's fennel concern for *he health and liatiplnerauf n>s Urn people Our dtriiller*, and toe wars, sod saloon-keepers have suddenly be»n Inspired wild a iiv«* louder concern for a dear people, who of • not taka care of their own intere«to. 4i nV- b does not mil Ibo vultures who prey upon tbe falibalhrctlUetaeoilalto tho maintenance of tho intelligence, aad the preservation of the lib erty and rqtsanty of the people. It I * nol money, t'tr numbers, nor arm*, but Intolllgcacs and mo ra liy lat mate a free people baobatb la atoms' Uir owr lime the norkln, m.n hi. lot imrrori-i|r bit mind on subjects beyond the narro w rvnd "T hUlndo. Ou tbo working d. 71 bo (bot. hlmwlf nndci ibe power ot hi* employer, and fossa a por tion ol Ibe dignity oi a free oilmen while be fta oj rcrelTM the wages of a hired servant. Bat the babbltn invites h*m fo the boose o( Uod. in warn e worship master ftod servant, rich and poor, are real -ded that they are allte children of one father, who is no respecter of parlors, and that u .®f •UK, 1 *? .f°W l 5 c *the same holy law ; tbe oflers of Curl*! a solvation are made to all; etn* pinrer aodrmploi cd are alike reminded that they will soon go alike naked out of this world, and be Judged not according to their possessions, hot according to their deeds. The mind tint takes in these troths most expand under their infloenoe, aad the man who believes them carnot sink n'o a slave. I V? U .V°“ M ®loviUj your minds and bo able to reUln Ibo liberties which Sabbath-keeping Amer brtb ?ay W> ° D * on ’ oaor end Improve ue Bab .*,Wl °iT 1 n •** wc Mlow-mortalt. We shall nol live here always, boon tbo rallrosd car must be exchanged for the hearse, and you must leave tho pleasure garden for tho cemetery. Then, wbsn yon stand before (bo bar of Ood to irlro an accbiijt ofvourllfe, will It appear that yon acted wisely in forgdtlog the God who mad* jo*V tn dosplsrag ihollnio be gave yoa to learn your dmy. and in breaking b(* roost plain and rlgbtmas commands J Wouldyon like to die in tho act of babbath-bretalag, and go to Jndrmenl out of ibe midst o< Its sports and revelry? If yon would nol, ackowledgs to yourselvca (hat you are acuug wrong, rencm of your sins, and ask <Jod for Christ's sake to forgive you; and la all time to come, Ilucurxxßm Basoatu oat to kief it holt. COMMON COUNCIL. Special Mcotlaj—Tnniel at Clark Street—Cleaning (bo Streets - The Firo Insoraoceinkrcst* A sddciil meeting of tbe ConMßm Conned was hold cn Saturday evening npon the caTI of Alder mens Boldea, Proudfoot.Wlcker, andLawson, forr the trafiracilonof general bnslccer. There were present His Honor tbtr Mayor and Aldermen Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter. IFWoKI Wicker, Barrett, Wllmartfi. Haleb. Waliwork, Moore, Schuler, woadard. Holden, Ito Melt. Ack hoffi Gaatfidd, Bbackford.Lawson and O'SnlMnsn. A NEW TUHKKL. On motloD of- Alderman Lawton it was resolved 'hat Ibe Boord oP Publzr Works be renucethd, at its earliest convenience, to report upon lbc* foaal bllltv of construction of »tnunol mder tbo I'nJca go lover at Clnrk-slroet, with an estimate ertbo cost of the same. The Police Commissioner*reloreed tothcCcnni ell the claim allowed In lavsr of George M. Miller, • aesiimlugtbatlhesAmcshonfdbe paid from the* Contingent Fund, and not from tbe Police Fund. It ajipearleg npon the remarks ol Alderman Hoi den that tho order directed the payment of the money from tbo fund named in the order, tnu no objection to this motVof payment being made, the report was ordered to be retarded. Tbe Board oi Fanils'Works- reported an ordl nonce to pave North Jcflereon street, from Folton lo Hubbard * (recto. Referred- to the Committee on titrecto and Alleys. STREET CXEAXnrO. The Finance Committee renortod Itofrtvor of the passage 01 an ordinance to appropriate *IO,OOO to be retoed as a temporary lean for the cost of labor and repairs upon the sticetß, This sum u m ad dition lo 1135,160.73 devoted' to' this purpose in ibe regular appropriation bill of June hist, and It to said lo be needed to carry the- Board of Public works through in this department until April next. The ordinance passed. BTRXrrS AND ALIETfI. TSo Committee on Streets and Alloys of tbe South Division reported an ordinance to extend : Mynck avenue to Twenty-ninth street, w&lch passea. Tho CommiUee ou Streets and Alleys of tho North Division reported in favor of changing the name of Greco Bay street to Rush street. Tbe matter was rclerred back that an ordinance' roar be prepared. The Cammllteo on Streets and Alleys of the West Division reported an ordinance to grade and pave Madison street, from iiaieled street to the 1 railroad bridge. Passed. rum DKFAitnrxKT. A communication was received from the Board of Underwriter.* expressing tbe opinion that the Fire Department during the past year has been badly conducted, they therefore ask (ho passage of an anr dmect to be proposed lo the city char ter authorizing the appointment of a member of ito board as a member of the Board of Police* Commlsrioeers. Tbe communication enclosed' tbo proposed amendment,which provides:: Section!. That tne Chicago Board of Under writers shall have power to appoint a member of the Board ot Police Commissioners, wnoee dntv In all matters pctalnlcg to the Fire Department shall be to act-as a member o! the Board. Skc. 8, The appointee shall bold bto office dur ing one year, and nnlll bis successor to appointed, unlcre bo be removed by tbo Underwriters, un der tbe direction of which Board he to to devour all his time to the Interests of tbo Fire Depart ment, making a monthly re port to the Underwrit ers ot all fire*. Josses, Insurances. Ac. Bxo. 3. Whca the Police Commissioners are not In session such appointee shall have authority tr» make ciders and regulations for the management of the Fite Department;the rules being subject to modification by (bo full Board. Bzo. 4. Tbo salary of the officer Is to be paid by the Board or Underwriters. Sec. S. Tbe Underwriters are to grant a controls elon to their appointee. sec. 6. The Council shall have power to make regulations in reference to tbe duties of tho ap pointee, and the Board of Underwriters shall have the right lo prescribe any rules for tbe direction of tbo person so appointed. Bxo. Toad 8. Repeals conflicting acts and cre ates *be act a public act. Tho moitcr was referred to the Finance Commit tee. to report on Tuesday evening next. The Connell then adjourned. AJOCSBIKENTS. Mcaxcnt.—Although “Peep O' Day** may be numbered among the sensations which are rap* Idly dying out, tis revival at the Unseam last week proved as successful as It was when first presented. Crowded houses attended Us per* tormance nightly, while a ptrfeci nub was made upon Uat the matlnses. Mr Oeonre Stevens, tbe leader of tbe orcbctr), baa contributed greatly to tbe efiVctlveoees of the whole representation, by i oat tanning the music and giving some novelty to the entertainment. On Monday ** Prep O’ Day” m Ul be finally withdrawn to make rooraWtr a new play, which has been In rehearsal for some tune, entitled “ The iingneoot Captain.” Bekbnr or Mbs. Stokxau..—Next Friday evening UrsXlara Stoncall becomes a beneficiary, >'he'* wo need not say that her numerous fi tends, meaning all «bo attend tbo Museum, will respond as ccrdtally as on former occasions. Mrs. Stone all la deservedly a favorite with all, being an art* ts'e otnit accompliabmcnts and versatility, as well as a most estimable lady. Tbo bill for Fri day evening Is “ Rory O'.Morc ” and "Pbo Ameri can In Pans.” UoVicHKß’a TnxiTßß. Mr. Charles Dillon terminated his engagemeu on Saturday evening with Byron's play of “ Werner,” or an adantatlon of the original dra ma. It was a very jnst and careful de lineation, nut the play, oven In its improved slate, la rather dreary, and will never become a popular actlngplece. Miss Helen western opens on Monday evening in the drama of “Cynthia, the Forsaken.” On Tuesday she will appear as ‘‘The French Spy.” The CnicAoo Siaox.—Mr. Joseph Batiemby, the well-known photographer, baa Just produced a very interesting picture containing portraits of all the Chicago actors and actresses who have ap peared here during the last ten years, and com prising many eminent stars who have vl&lied na from time to time. Tbe groaning is very artistic, and each of the portraits 1* clear and well execu ted. hnch a group Is a verr desirable possession to all who take an Interest In theatrical matters. Tux Grapd MAsquwupx. Tno Cnlcago Tnrn-Gemelnde will give their grand an nual masquerade on- Monday evening at the Turner Hall, on Clark street. From the extensive and elaborate prepa rations which hsvo been in progress for some time past we are led to expect something finer than nas ever yet been circa in Chicago, and doubtless tbe event will folly justify our anticipa tions. Tbe Germans, ot all neopie, know bow to get np and conduct these things successfully, and they also know bow to enjoy them. Their last year's masquerade proven to be a very enjoyable affair, pat the present one is on a much more extensive scale. The programme, which Is divided Into five parts, embraces a grand carnival proccsslon-conslsting of tbe entrance of Aimlnns into the Wslhalfa, the Emperor Bar barcssa and bis followers, and Germania and her train. Then follows the Ureal Magician and bis Dwarfs, succeeded bya Chinese Festival, by fifty Chinese singers. The fourth part consists of four tableaux vivant representing several historical scenes, and tbe entertainment conclndes with a senes of acrobatic from by sixty clowns under tbe leadership of Sig. Blilcriaao. Ihe strictest order will do preserved, and the committee have taken every precaution to make the afihlr as select as possible. Sratixo has been somewhat Interfered with during the week bv the thaw, bnt tbe Ice was in good order and well covered on Saturday even log. TUB DBISCOIL UOmetDE, Verdict of tilo Jury—Tbe Prisoner Pro* bounced “Not Guilty.” The Jury bating in charge the case of Cornelius DriecoU, x who was ou Friday tried on an ic dlctmentfbr murder. came to on agreement on only question left for considera tion was. wnefher the woman Jnlia, the wife of the accused, when she made the statement to Ur. Ftcnart. “Von don't know; my old man has fixed me this time," had a hope oi recov ery; she being told by tee physician that she won.d not die, aa be thought her wound hot superficial The Jury decided by their vcrdla that they had a reasonable doubt upon this propo rtion, and a verdict of “not gnilty''was the re sult. 3be prisoner waa brought Into court to re ceive the verdict at the early session. Be re ceived the, to him. good news with a sigh of relief, ard be departed with bis younger son to cogitate, If he be competent to think, upon the uncertainly of human affairs. Quite a crowd was present when the verdict was annonneed. Every one of those present who had listened to tbe evidence had expected tbe result, but there were not nnfrcqaort expressions of dissatisfaction, as there were but few who bad not within them a belief la his guilt. The end was looked upon as tbe result of a want of legal evidence to prove a fact, aided by ability In defence, to which by staudcis submitted, and which they yet deplored. A Deftuce or Crinoline. A great deal of fun hu been poked at crino line, yet U has increased in popularity with the lair bcx. Tbo London Court Journal recently published tbe following ootemtloni upon lie hcaltbfnlncse, convenience, etc.: No beauty o! fora or splendor of material in costnmc can compensate for manifest Inconven ience to (lie wearer. No drees la sanctioned by good taste* which does not penult, and <Mm to ptttrtf, tbe easy performance of any movement f ropertothe wearer’s age and condition In life; or tt defies the very first law of the mixed arts, fitness. Form U the most Important dement or tbe absolute oeaniy of dress, as it la of all arts that appeal to the eye. Ihe lines of costume* should in every part conform to those of nature, or le in barmony with them. We must, there fore, regard as the elementary requisites of all diets, tbat \t be comfortable atd di ernt, convenient and suitable, beantllul In form and color, slrople,gcnnlne, harmonious with Nature and Itself. ** The taste tor the very wide fall skirts and Urge {upon*, which have so long prevailed, la now beginning to decline: and ladles Distinguished lor their good taste are adopting a moderate atyle of crinoline. Many persona aro ap* »o run into extremes at tbe least Indication of a change tu rashlon, but nothing can be a greater error.” Fashion, aa we Lave hinted, changes hr almost Imperceptible degrees. In accordance with the progress of public taste: and every now style wbxb Is introduced roust, to become successful, be an* Improvement on those which preceded It. It ts, therefore, ludicrous to see a few ladies who have quite discarded the Japan* without modifying tbe form of their skirt, thus leaving the diess to trail on tbe ground, and form very urgractlul folds I—O6a*rroioag on Crino* fine. Addky Bourne, N0.|37 Piccadilly. Tbofot lowing remarks on Ihe subject ot crinoline aic extiacudirom mloua French periodica!*: •• u therclenof crinoline over! No—decidedly no il baa only changed Its form. More elegant and moderale In us proportions, U la now more than cve,Jijol»peisable to nn elegant lollcru*.”— t/x Rttvnut Modr* , Sept. two. «• I’rlnollne ts not drau; it !■ modified.”— Figaro, Oct.. i-00. •• Crin oline ictalni Its proporfons. hsvlcg, man im proved form, obtained a new lease from Ksihlon.” —lai Kttu* dn Salvni it*/bus ,‘ict. tmtriia skirt* must be upheld by nlnolmo: the new shape, though hardly noticeable, must lorm the I,unit of all las'efnl lolleMo*. if som- ol the old forma of crinoline were absurd. Inw much more absuMl to inrii into the oiimidte eitrrtim of limp li.eleeatd dlHtimloMr*—rf»« ftoni//**, October, IRW, " 'To-morrow,* we are a) ways Imd, •cilrollne goes out of firinoot* (bat to-morrow wtt 1 t*e long coming - /W(( (Vuriilr d't /Mwi, Of to tret P. fffifl. No tnotleri mmtuti should vMUti o ■i<to *he Mneiaof Parte, on loot, without critic* liu-."— 2?mwiZtM'fr#,Ortoberß 968 LaPttp’cx Elliptic, usd Uouateur Swc'lsy, il* hiui* priest, are destined to lire tud nourish,—and more with each ineoeedlcg mr. Meteorological, The following Is the Meteorological Becord Of toe week ending Saturday, February 2d. 1807, as kept by J. O. unigguth, Jr., Optician, No. 11l Kardolpb street. Toe temperature la taken In tbe shade. Tbe direction aod force of tbe winds are given approximately, with tbe baromet rtc alti tudes—the small letters being the initials oflbe »\ords “high,” “breexe," “gentle." “veering," “fain," “snow." “moist atmosphere," and “dry:" TUXUOMRS*. Klxbt 9H Rain to Date. preceding. a. m. Ip.m. j. m. 8V p.». 80b...—*4 -i* I-U ts -1* S* -ID M0n...—10 —is —1 —U n—B 7 -il rues..—is —n s —is u » 7 -ii w£.-ll -19 6 -11 If - • 24 4 .«3 ■n» -to n-* 4> 4 a -4 Frt.....16 —7 36 —1 M 0 as -1 Bat ....19 —6 X 1 M * 10 - 1 .113 lunostsm. IM *. 9 p. m. Date. Merc'y. Wind. Merit. Wind. Merit. Wind. 8n£....J» 45 Wg. 3930 W_j. M.S.I Wr. Ston fl.Wjr. 3933 W.S.W.g. 2930WflWbr. TuS. V.. j 34 N.W.D. WJf.W.g. B.b. *9.49 Pji.b, «J< Sjl. Tb¥.:....».» BJ.W.h. »Jt bWX. Frl 3933 TT,g.. 3937 W gv. 39.31 Bjf. sat:::...Sffl *.K.LW.TO N.8.b3.W.1»N.W.gj. Tha mean of Thcrmomstet for January la F. TnemeanofDaromsterforJanuarr U 3953., , . The amount of snow during January la 11M laches on a level, or melted snow in rain gangs 1316 inches, Bound to Kxep tun J*xaci.—On Batordfiy morning Mrs. Uxxle Cummings, and Mrs, Kate Monterey, two pugnacious women of North Chica go, were examined before Justice Dougherty for tbieatenlng tbe life of one of llulr neighbors named Mrs. Porter. The accused were required to give bonds In tbe sum ofsSoo te keep tbe peace. During tbe examination 11 required all the author, tty ol the Justice to maintain order fa the room, as the women were " spiling for a lighttheir hus bands acting as " seconds." Monitily Mortality, Tbe following la the mortality of the effy for the month of January, as complied by T. B. Bridges, Esq., the Health Officer: North Division South 87, West 119: total £lO. Deaths m January, 1850, SKI: deaths In December, ISOfl, 803. Aprs—Under five years. 157; five to ten, ISf ten to twenty. II r twenty lo thirty, 28; thirty to forty, 32; forty to fitly, 23; fifty to sixty, 0; sixty to sev enty, 13; seventy to eighty, 0; eighty to ninety -1; unstated, 9. Total, 299. XaduHti— Chicago, 156; other parts of tbri United Stales, 39; Canada, 6; Denmark, 1; Eng land, 13; Germany. 44; Ireland, 28; Norway, s; Poland, 1; Scotland, f; on the sea, 1; unknown, 5. Total. 299. ’Caut 'of /Ma/A—Aeddenf, 5; bronchitis, 1; burned, 1: cancer, 2: childbed! I; colic, 1; conges tion of Main, 8; conge«*:on of nogs, 2; consump tion, 40; convulsions, croup-, il; cold, 1; dia bctls, 1; disease ol brain,!;• disease of bowels 1; dbeaac of heart, 6; diseaecof kltbrcyp, 4; disease of liver. 2; disease of lungs,-4; (Tl»nie of spine, 2; diarrhtEa, 4; dlplherU. e: delirium tremens, 2; dropsy,s; erysipelas,2: eptlooey, I;fever remit tear, 8: fever pneperal, 1; feref scarurt««Sl; fever i spotted, 1;; fover ccwgestlvc. 1; [ hToToccphalns, 3; lufiaamatfoh 1 of twain, 3; in namonUon of lungs,U); iuflamtusnbn ofbowols. 3; imlomwatfon nol stated, 3; killed; 1; oltTage, il: pncdmeula, 1; poisoning, 1; phthisis pubsonalta, si;-rhenmtlam, 1; -till com, 22; scalded, S; small pox, l: sdclde, 2; teething, IS; whooping- cough. 10; Unknown, 20. j'oial. m Tic “ An” (i) Association, To the Kdlteg of tho Chicago Tribune; - Mr. Actuary fjlvee nohce that thole 1 perewns who bare not yet received engravings onttwr tickets, can rfo so by and-by. bat (bat ou re ceiving tbe pictures, ticket holders must ole# t/ii their tirtete. What Is that for? Before the draw ing took plicc a pretty girl only stamped onto the backaMhem **fs gone up.” Why ©an *t they marie the rest of tbe tickets tho same way? For my part I think acre of the ticket than Ido of the engraving. I ateud to frame It and- : hatgit up as a certificate of tny good standing in'so* dely. Caoitbe that Mr. Actuary shrewdly-sus pects that annnrocß of his subscribers would’ rulntr let him keep hr» 44 works of art” tbanpart with their beautiful ticket* 4 Can this bo 9 final display of the masterly financiering on hts part? Borne folks may tblnk that that would be email potatoes, but many mickles makeamnckle. aod It is the rase with some folks that the more they gel tho more they want. Ur. Actuary, keep ynar apples and your little wanderers, and let me keep wy Tickkt; Tbe “Singular Salt.” To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: In yonr issue of Saturday you do me a very se rious irjoftlco Id tbe puDucatlon of a statement beaded •* Singular Suit,” and since youbave gives) only onetide of »he matter, and that tbe statement otthe saloon keeper Malatestl, unsupported liy any other evidence, ills hut simple Justice that you should give the other tide* which I propose to substantiate by tot A facie and evidence. The facts are as follows: Some time in January, this man Gorman came to oar office, desiring to sell an engine. Wo told him wo were not baying sec ond hand engines, hut ha might send it over and we would advance him a ran of Its value and sell it for him. Ho delivered the engine-and agreed to call in the afternoon. Soon after the engine was oellvered, thisMalatestl(a total stranger tons), came the office ai d inquired whether we had an engine belonging to Gorman, stating that Gor man owed him borrowed money, and requested nr, as a favor, to endeavor to obtain Its payment. We consented to do all In our power for him, and made an appointment with him to be at our oQlce at tbe same hour with Rormaa. and to lay ala case before us in Me pretence of Oormttn. Phis was done after considerable wrangling between Gor man and MalatesU, during which we refused to make any cash advance on the engine, or other wise have anything to do with ft, unless he would recognize MalatesU’t claim. Gorman finally con sented,-ard, overstating that there was no mort gage or other Incnmbnnce of any kind on tbe en gine,- gavo Malalealt an order on na as follows: . .. , cmoAoo, January 3,1867. Richards' Iron Works: Pay to Dominick Malatestl, or order, two hun dred dollars, when my engine it told.. (blgncd) Gborok Gototair. Una oider was not accepted by as af tAi time, bat some days after MalatesU called^and, plead lug great poverty, staled that If wo would accept the order a friend would advance him money on It until tbe ongino was sold. We, therefore, ac- - copied the order. Throe or lour days later (on the evening of January 85lb), wo weio somewhat sur prised at tbe appearance of a third party bolding a chattel mortgage (dated Jnly, 1666, duly stamped and recorded), and demanding immedtata posses sion of the engine. We requested the holder of the mortgage to call the next day aod wo would try to efiectao amicable arrangement with him. The next morning we aent for Malatestl, and alter laying the whole maUor before him, telling him of tbe unexpected appearance of tbe mortgage (which absorbed the value of the engine, rendering hts order worth less), and the position It placed us In,. «c« mufn ally agreed, as the only correct course to pursue, that tre should buy tho mortgage, aod:after strik ing out the engine, give the mortgage (which em braced a considerable amount of other property), to Malateetl and let him make what be could of It. Ibis agreed to. we requested give ns the acceptance (U being or no value to ntxn on account of tho priority of the'mortgage). He did so, and 1 tbeo, in AU pretmee, erased the acceptance but banded back the order for him to bold, as evidence of Gorman’s indebtedness to turn. lie then iclt tho office, saying be was perfectly satisfied that we would do tbo best wc could for him, aid promis ing io call tho following Monday and get the mortgage. Acting upon tbit understanding, wc purchased the mortgage that evening. Malatestl failed (o call for It Monday as agreed, but came tn luesday with on attorney, ard demanded niy m«nt or bis S2OO order, atid threatened a criminal j/rottcvtlon unless It wu instantly paid. Wc ro inaed, at contrary to tbe understanding and agree ment, and bcnco thlsmallcloos attack, in *bo vain hope that be, with his attorneys, can compel ns, through fi-tr of black mail and criminal prosecution, to pay that which is neither lawful or Just. It to scarcely necessary to add that In erasing our acceptance {under the circum stances). I did what any other prudent business man would have done to prevent hts paper being, K:rl-aps, hawked about the street ana sold to tbe chest bidder, and it tus order from Gorman was volifi at all , it is not Utt so as it stands. With tbo appended corroborative statement of Mr. Davis, won was present, I respectfully sub mit tbe case to the poblic until ench time as a legal Investigation shall set the matter aright. J. C. Ricoxbss. BTATXXXKT OF O. X. DSTD. I waspresentjat tbe Interview between Malatesti and Richards in Richards’ office on thu 26ib of Janutiy, and beard tbe conversation between them. Before Richards asked Malatesti for the or der, be explained folly to Malatesti tbe tact of tbe existing mortgage on the engine, and they then and there mutually agreed that their only remedy was (br Richards to purchase the mortgage which held tho engine and various other property, and after Richards striking one the engine be was to give the mortgage to Mnlatcsil to collect what he could by It. This Malatesti freely consented to, and stated that be would call on tbe following Monday, after Richard* had bought ttu mortgage and get If. When Rtcharda explained to Malatesti that Gorman's order on him was worthless in consequence of tbe priority of the mortgage and erased his acceptance ot it, Malatesri made no but stated that be would leave the whole matter to Richards, as he was satisfied Richards would do all he could for bun. G. M. Davis. LOCAL MATTERS. London Xlalr Color Restorer—Richly perfamea hair dressing I Ills not a dye? It does not color tbe skin. It does not stain the finest limn. A vegetable compound—lt does not act In juriously upon the hair or health, as do Nitrate of Silver Dyes, ortbosc made ot other noxious drugs. Sold by all druggists. Wholesale by Smith & Dwyer. Another Cure—H. 71 alien, Esq., of No. 134 Grand street, wnUamsburgh. bas been completely cured of aviolen attack of Rheuma tism br one bottle of Uetcali's Great RbcumaUc Remedy, and Is willing to state bis case to any perron wbo will call at the above address. Lord i Smith, Agents. The Purest and Sweetest Cod Liver Oil in the world, manufactured irom fresh, healthy livers, upon the sea shore; l»ia perfectly pure and sweet, Aek for “ Hazard & Caswell's Cod Liver Oil,” manufactured by Catwszx, Mace & Co., New York. Sold by ail druggists. Icclt! Scratch J! Bojd’a dedicated Cream cures licb, scra'cbe*. ana all skin disease*. It is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gisit . Colgate Ac Co.’* Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped bands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may be ob ialucd ot all drnggUta sud fancy goods dealers. Tbe Franklin Brick Tlactaine, jaatlr celebrated forperfecl simplici'y, great strength, and immense compressing power, is ocauaxtxed, with debt men and two horses, (o self-temper tbe clay aad make 3.000 to 3,3.0 elegant bricks per bonr. J. H. Kexick, Proprietor, No. T 1 Broad way, New \ork. Room t>9. ITTaraden’a Pectoral Balm can be re lied on In all oi#> a.-e* of tbe Lungs. Reat, Health and Comfort to Rattier •Ld Child.—Mr*. Wtnelon'a Soothing Syrup for children teething, softens the gums, reaucesln flammation, - altars all paln.Vand cures wind colHc. Perfectly saf-* tu alienee, Wc would say to ever; mother who lias a suffering child, do not

let your pujndlcc, nor the prejudice* of others, stand between yon and year suErrlnc child and the roll f that will he sore—yes, absolutely enre —to follow the naa ot this medicine, If timely used. Thirty-five cents a bottle. Another addrewn of Dr, Kcbcnrk. tfe crpy tbe following from tbe Boston Jvitmcl of January 1.. Kcaa it: Pr. Scbenck was at Hi decant rooms In Hano ver street yestercay, oo Ihe occasion of bis weekly visit. As usual, there was a great rush of patient*, coming iron almost every portion of New Kng land. The Doctor, who la wise tod shrewd, saw at t rlancc what could tod what could not he doce In the few remaining honrs of the day. and entering tbe irccpUon-rootns, proceeded to ad dress those present, giving, as will be seer, some very excellent counsel. The Dorior deal* In com* tnoti s, esc. makes plain statement*, and knows what he save. lie spoke as follows : ladies and gentlemen: 1 see there arc mure more here than I can pro perly altcoo 10, so 1 mnsl try and manage It to gel a number of yon at a time. Many of you only waul a little advice. Yon bava seen me before. Souk- ol you, 1 suppose, have come a long dls lane, and ate apparently lon feeble to wait vonr Inin. I hose that wish a llioro igh examination with the Hesnlrotocler 1 will take Into my room aa sunn a* possible. My charges are fire dollars fur at, examination. lean Usun to yonr longs and tell pretty welt their condition, Iml If yon want to know tbelr exert stflte-whelher It Is Bronchial, TnbercttU u#. Pleuritic, or Pulmonary Consump tion, »r.d whether you are curable or not, you must be examined with the Ifoenlrometer. ft la Ihe oulv moper way of auscultating. Consump tion ran be cured; lung* deeply diseased can be healed up If tbe sieletu is gut into a healthy, h»tl leg tondlHon. The course pursued by lha major. Ilv nf I'hvsltlatis is all wrong. They never cure, their f-jd I.i'crCll ami WhMtey only ruin the stotnarp. I f»* 'inriPly, In riding In the cars, g«l sealrd by consuniullvas, iVf hive all Ibelr trana lot drinking with them, and Msooa ns they get into s arell of coughing. lh*-y toko a drink of WtUjoy. * od to the? (jo on. and many drink a quart • d<y. Take a well man and bt him drink In fj’jf ■rd be will aoon low hli appcU e. My J"l. atep \t to cleanse trealomach aod liver, and ihon to create an appetite. Many, of /on baro a cough, nirbteweats, creeping chfite • and you all awl to have them alopt cd. Von think you would be so much belter. I atop nothing. The cough la to relieve the inner, ifyourjunj'i aio «,,* first sed only thing to ba done b net tbe rtJSt :7do the only way to do that la to deans* lOTimacbaod hrer: thus creating anappaiius n.d good blood la mane which la strength. If Soih* loos* . "?• W«M «nh or Mandrake Pula, sea ween lirlc, and Pulmonic fjnop leu !»«»•“ the most wondeiful cure* of Lonsumptlon A mre frequently require* aentie purging for some length* of time, to gel the aiomach and hw *oact naturally. A* aoon aa the mucus and lllme begins to more, tbe appetite begins to come up. loe gtaWecd lonic being an sJkai, preserves too loud In the aiomach until It te dictated, preroot; mg It from souring. Now, In almost all cases of lung-disease, the action of the system la ao alow tbaffood Ilea In (he aiomach tmTaoura. Blood la made oflt after It la spoil- d; aed this la the way onr Wood geta alck and bad. Canker,Soro-Tbroat and Catarrh, proceed from this eonr stomach. Burning of ie throat with caustic and gargles •Cords only temporary relief, it should bo treat ed the same ai when the longne is coated, or strk headache. The cause te the came. My Pulmonic Brian goes right to the blood when the stomach (• kept right with the Pile and Tonic. Now I wbb yon to understand that I bare no apodal remedies for Chills or Nightswest*. As soon aa the lungs begin to heal these will stop ; bat if opium, quinitiC, and manyothor things whicharo nied to step them, thus go right Into the stomach and get it so deranged, digestion stops. This Is the rery thing 1 amlrylng to restore, if I can* not get patients hungry, sud get foodlo digest easily, I cannot cure Hem. Gut up a good stipe* Cte,«at good, rich food, Ist meat, gravy—ln tact, neatly anything the appetite crarea—aod the lungs will *aoo begin to heal. No matter whether the fore Is Inside or outside, If tbe system is healthy it will heal up. You can hardly stop rt. It Is rstuiai to heal. Yon may notice persons that bare scrofula, or any old chronic running al cor*; they are all of a foeble or billions condition, ihrJr dictation is poor, and Ibey bare not a beahby circulation of hluod. Some three or fonr yens sgo. a ltdy, Mrs. Bartholomew, came to my room No 23 Bond siroet.New York: she had a tumor with two rnmitng ulcers on her Hrer, which had heenmnoirc fourteen rears, and they kept getting worse* She was costive, skin yellow, very stupldand oull, Mver and stomach torpid and no circulation. In three months I ran the disease all ontolher. Tbenfeera healed, and she Is now a bright healthy wotmm. Now there w one very Im portant matter to be attended to In curing con sumption, and that fa to prorent taking cold. Your physicians tell you to go out every pleasant day. ihla. in my opinion. Is a great mistake. Persons m health go out and take cold. When tbe lungs begin to yield, the slight est chance will inflame ft,-and then they are thrown pack. When I ean persuade pa tients to keep to their rooms, 1 am almost sure of success. When they are a Pier they can exorcise about the rooms to get the blood in circulation. The directions wblcu accompany my medicines are to explicit that any one cs» take them all without erer seeing me. There le not a day but what I-hear of some (bat have been cured that I never aaw Take tbe medicine, undgoard against taking cold. Il tbe lungs aro not too far gone, tbe stomach will soon cleanse Itself, the appetite will come. Eat plenty of good food, and nature will heal the lungs. As I said before db not de per don something to ease tbe cough, or to stop night sweats and ertcplng chills.for these are only attendant symptoms, tiomeperaons may' think, when 1 speak of taking cold, that my medicines may open the poree, and lay them mote liable: hut It is right the reverse of this, for when-tbe stomach is cleansed, persona are not so liahle’to take cold aa when the system Is locked up. Fre quently. wbcupeople take cold, if they would swal low a dose of Mandrake Pills, U would work-It off; but instead of this,_lliey lake something" to check it. which drives llhack to the lungs, leaving the seeds for the next silent cold, and inflammation ot the lungs. 1 have talked much longer than I Intended to: but wnen X start, 1 gets©anxious to eonvlcco people how easy it is to kee-» well and feel tit for tmalooss,- that Ido not know-where to stop. When the ■ stomach is out ot order yon arc sick all over; aod If yen keep that light, you cannot help but be healthy and flesh?. Look at me. Once 1 was In tbe last stage oi consumption,, as tall as 1 am now, i and 1 weighed lees than one hundred pounds My father, mother, brother and sister all died of coo .sumption—a tamlly complain*—and yet here .1 now am, weighing-two hundred and thirty -pounds, cored by tbe-sarae medicine I offer to :you. X do not wish to be understood that my medicines cute all. A great many die that take thorn, ‘they commence too late.and their longs .ate too far gone. Their stomach and liver aro so ,meek congested, and, I-am sorry to say, fre •qotntly by ibe use ol Bourbon whiskey, to get -them into action. Tbe Mandrake Pills contain no -calomel or mercury; they ate perfectly harmlea*, .and carry oil the bile-belter than Blue PHI or any roihvr purgative ever concocted. 6M p. m. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. 3>ateat NcwYork Financial News. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Yoek, February 3. Tbeetcck market opened strong before tbe board, with Erie (common) the favorite, which rose to 53*. The-balance of tbe list was the same as last evening's cloning prices. On the first csfl' Erio (common) sold downto 57*. while the rest of the list was some better. Beior* the regular call the itallure of Dell * Yelverton was announced. They were heavily short of the market, and this bad tbe tendency to weaken prices, as It takes much of the strength out ol tho mar ket, and leaves the bulls with so much more heavy load to carry. Atterwards, in the long room. Erie (common) sold dowa to 57*. and coming to 59, and the whole list was oQ about *. At one o’clock tbe whole list was advanced 1 per cent, with a very strong undertone to the market, canned, as was said, by the shorn covering, they having been frightened by the ■ market steadily advancing. After wards on the street, tho whole market declined some 8 per cent, with but little doisg. At & o’clock Erie (common) was 58*. and afterward closed at 69*; Mich- Igan Southern.7V*; Cleveland A Pittsburgh, B>. Bock Island. 97*; Chicago 4 Northwesters, 87: rkv profaned. 60, aid steady. The opinion of the large operators cad those well in formed, la that as soon as tbe hears caload tbe stocks thrown npea them by the panic, tbe -market will be lover. Gold has been steady and firm to-dar. Money ts In creasing lo ease, and there Is every probabtTtty that the bank statement will show an Increase throughout. (Associated Press Ilepoct.] *o J rar EW Tons, February 2. Money steady at 607 «t cent.’ ... . srsKLum sxcnxsros. Sterling dull at IWHOIOS*. . GOLD. . Gold flnnsr, opening at 134. advancing to 133 v, and eKsing at 198*. Exports today.tmjM. „ OOTXkJIXkHTB. Governments were ■ shade better. LATEST. NswToas. February 2. mom ay. rbc money market closed easy ak 406 percent on Governments. QOLD. Gold firm at 186*. The aovance to-day was caused by new reporu concerulox tbe Impeachment. _ UISCXt-ULMajOS STOCKS. Flocks have been buoyant the- greater part of the day. and closed nrv> with a lair demand: N. Y. Cent 99*fik .... I l*lttsba£gb 84*0 64* trie. U*o M* Ft. Wamc 94*0 .... I trading 15t*o .... W.V. Tel 49*0 .... Ola bouthtrn., 73*0 TS* 1 w _ raiprik. The Ulltrre ol Oeel ft Yelverton, broken, ts an aon&etd to-day. _ uuiuiiautk Orvernmenta stead*. Coupons, ’81...107*0107* I Condons, ’69...196*0106* Coupons, ’63,..*gi*M109 llusfia. 99A0100 coupons, *64...m*0 .... 17-ata. IM*UIO9 , MtMUfO euaaxs. Mining stocks firmer. CorydoL 8901 Quartz 489 Gregory iml _ . mpokis. ThelmportstoNew York for the week amount lo 84J07JW), Including of ory goods. Tho Im ports of, dry goods for seven months amount to * CtOftlMO MlC**. N. T. C 99*0 99* K. 1 97*0 97* Erie &B*o sf* Ft. Wayne 97*0 97* Beading »4*« N.W.... 3) O 87* W. S 7i*« 73* V. W. pret 67 0 67* 111. Cent 107 O .... W. Union 49 a Pitta 81 O IS The Produce markets, NEW YORK. New York. February 3. Cotton—Pall, hearr and fee lower. Sales 8» bales uplands middling at 33c. Flour—steady and unchanged. Bectlpts, L*23 brU, Bate* MOO bn*. Whiskey—Du’l and unchanged. Wheat—Quiet aid Headier. Sale* 7.100 bu No. 2 Cbl cago at (SJtt, and 7,000 ba amber State on private term*. Rye—Quiet. Sale* 900 bu Western at 11.33. Darl»y—Unchanged. Sale* 17,200 bu Waters at 80c Canada Kmi (tee delivered at f 1.18. Barley Malt—Dull. Sales 600 bu at «1 A 3. Com—More active and 1c better. Receipts, BJSO9 bo. Sale* SI.OO bu mixed Western at (1-O9VOUS V la store —tbe latter for nearly yellow—ano t1.11,V(41.)2 afloat. Oats—Shade firmer. Receipt*. 1,700 bu i sale* 33.0J0 bu Western at lo@Wc, including a email lot of choice at mVc. Groceries—Dull. Cuba sugar, 103f911c. Leather. Hops, Petroleum and Coal—Unchanged. Wool—Quiet and firm. Salt* of 120,000 B» at 49263 c for domestic fleece. Fort—Firmer and demand fair. Sale* ol 6AM brl* new nett at 119AP930.00, doting at ($*.63 tar West* em; old met*. H9.NVai9.73, closloe at (H.Thcash; prime mea *19.tX»30.00; also LffiObrl* new meat at t<oAO(%3ixo, teller Feoroary, March and the next lour months. Bcci—Steady. Bale* of 4Ubrla. Unchanged. Reel Hama—Firm. Sales of 27S brU at|3l.oa&3UO- Bac*n—Steadv. Sales 960 buses. Cumbeslaad 10 Vc; shon ribbed UJ»c; short clear 12c. Cut Meats- Firm, bales 360 packages shoulder* at B\a9,Vc. bales at lO^alSc. Hog*—Unsettled, Was tern 9£9lo#c; city Sale* of6oo tc*. Butler and Cheese-Unchanged. _ N«w Yobk, February 2. There w»* much depression la the wholesale market dating the week, owing to a tight money market. There ha* been much desire to reatue, and la some In stances a decline of (i.OO a barrel was submitted to on flour. The depression ha* been connned chiefly to persons wbo are short on margins. The unfavorable new* from Europe has aadedlo the rt«Dre**loa,and the large amenntof ice has prevented vessels from loaa ■ feheatwss much! pressed on the market. The de cline In floor increased the anxiety of holders ot wheat to realize, and there has been a fail of IJOISc. At the decline there is more steadiness, and less In clination to sell. There will be no demand fbr export st present. Tne stoek of wh*at bas been reduced to* 2SC.(QO bu. No. 3 spilng (2.0092.09; No. 3 Spring (2.6<i2.10; No. 1 spring, (2.n&xjS. Barley In fair demand, bnt rather lower. Frieca •t-Uie doa-more steaAy. The stock la reduced to aboot 2.irc.twj bn. Western, M£99c; Canada, SQfeUc in bond and (1.10 fbr tree. Com unnsettlro and drcllned 499 c. At the do«e the market was firmer. (The stock f* reduced to aooot LfoQ.ototm. Weet-ru mixed in store, (1.109(1.12, and dell vi red, (1.12. Beef arid more freely bnt steady. Beef Han a advanced materially. Urre*cd Hogs scarce and advanced rapidly. Lard id fair request; prices fluctuated slightly. MILWAUKEE. I Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Mnwackxs, February 3. Fleer—Quiet and firmer, with sales of 290 brls at (10.CQ lor amber lowa XX. and (9.35 fbr X. Wheat—Advanced l.'ic.with sale* at the morning board ot yyxti bu, and at tbe noon board 21JK0 bu, at (UOfor No. lin store; 91.5j9t.85X tor Ko.Sla store; (t.5C91.(6,V. sellcj’i option next week; (IJS, buyer** option February; (1.7»®’.74N tor No. 3la store; |IJ6 for rejected. Oat»—Firmer and le higher, with sales of bo at 42>,(|43e tor No.Slnstore. Corn—Advanced Ic, with sties ot 400 bu at (4lor No. I la sure. Rye—Firm. Stirs 800 bushels at 90c fbrNo.l in store ©eior No. 2 do. Provisions—Steady; city mess pork (!A2S<aiB.J7V. swret pickled bams boxed shoulders 7kc prime lard l?c. Droaed Hogs—Firmer rates; good average*, (7.00 a 7.40. bbls floor, 11,000 bn wheat,: TOTdooau, J.OCO do corn. SCO do rye, VM oo barley, CO dressed boss. Shipments—VOC frit fl»nr. faSO bn wheat. CINCINNATI. _ , Civcunuir. February 9. The maikct general y dnllfbrali articles. Theopen* pe of ravleation now regarded certain, seems to hare had rather a depressing fcflnenco on the market, bat little demand extstti r tor any article*. Cotton—Hull and price# lower. Sale* of SM bales middling at one. There la conalderaole nresaore to •ell. Receipts fbr the week Win bal*a and from Sep tember lit, bale*, agalnat UIASI bales tor the torrrependlnc time last year. Flour—Dull, but price* are unchanged. rat—Dull. No. I spring, ft»»:U7. and winter. Cofn-Nomlnally tinehan*ed. Bar, si»Met shtlbd, (la Be. Oau-Dull. at *o®Slr for No. 1. Dye—fl.tSjtl.JO. with rot much demand. Barley—lnfirm. Prime to choice, (I.OUt.W, nhlfkev—ln 'air demand, at JV in bond. Iloc*-ho»in*l.y f1.«a7.73. The weatner was not fit for alrUlilnß. and hut lew hoc* were In. Pork-Mesa was held mare firmly at tbe dote at |JDJCMUi to, but tltere was not much demand i SJO brls second t las# brands sold at fSO.onajo.Js. Hoik Meats and llaeun—Nothing doing, but prices me nnmicallr nncbanied. Lard-llelifhrmly at lliame. Batter—sates at rial*-, hut (a better demand. Cher#*-Pit mat Uio IGc. Fussr—Firm at l^slle. I'oibe—Firm at 9*» ia*c. Uold-iSRh. and firm. Exchange— >teady. Money—No chaose In lb# market. IiOLMSVILI.K l<ncisvtu.K. Kr- February f. Totaeeo—Two hr nheada ef tobacco at fACnat, BM. Fl'tur—Fnpeiflfie 110.00. VV best-Prime r< d Con.—Fheihd in milk Tie. ear enrn We. Pork—Me»s HI.OO. llulkaltoiMets SHr pecked. Ba con thoeiders lie packed. Bacou clear lid** Umij pecked. . Prle-e IsrdlJHc. oiid-mcuiMi k. Ill* pnpe^glo|*o. paw Whlskey-MM HT. LOUIS. bt.'Loots. February I. Tobacco—Quiet sad unchanged. Cotton—Beavy aod drooping at 98#o for low mid dling. Flour-la lair demand, hot market laaetiyo aad on ebst ged. Wheat—Doll, buyers aad sellers apart, and business very small. Corn—blow and unchanged at 74a85c. Oats— Ussier and lower at WQ&lxe. Whiskey—Firmer and higher, with small sale* at 23 ». ProTlsioM-Toicrably firm, with seme activity in bulk mr»U and bacon. Mess norg.2KLoot clear pork. *33. W; prime tnni pork, 117.001 clear sided, ltd iiKfj clear rib sides. toic. Bacon, lojfatojfc. for shoulders 5 clear rib sloes, wCStlJio; city dear sides, UVn: country sunr-enred hams, liaise; city do, Ualte. lArd, iso for country tierces, aai Uo for sououy ksg Boss— I6JBQAM for heavy. Only three biases pick ing, and fifty ate half oa lime. Number packed to dais, 168 OOP PHILADELPHIA.. PuiLAniLPnu, February ); Flour—Dull; Northwestern extra. 111 AX3H.OO. Wl rat—Steady and unebangsd. Corn—Dull i do* yellow, f&Mc. Oats—Steady; 57(MBe. Whiskey—Nominal. BALTJMOBB. BahTOtOBV, Frbtusry f. Coffto—Firm t no lam talea. Flour—(hurt; iraall sales of Northwestern extra Chicago. 913 Mi Ohio family, IliJO. Corn—iteretpts Ugut; held Arm, White, $1.01(91.00. Oati—U(9Me. Whiskey—Da l and irregular. Poupieum-4Julßt. _ _ NEW OBLEAKS. _ Nrw OKixairs. Febrssry 1. Gotten—Weak and lower. Boles of L9OO bales low ?nadllnr stJOVcj mldillirg Stvc. Tteeelpli. 46.8 M elm, igataiiKwt last week, Krporti lor tbs week, M 3 bales, Hux-k. 251,731 Dales. Hagsr-Drnoplor at live. Molasses—Lower ; fair, 730 t prime to choice, Tkjnc. Flour—Quiet and unchanged* Corn—Quiet at 91.1001.15. Oats— UtUocfferlngat 9fc. Bar—Pearce at >B3 M&S 00. Pork—Firm at fS^O. liaoon-Fatrdemsnd. Bboolders IJtfA sides 19dl$c. lArd—Dull at (Mile. Whiskey and Tobacco-Unchanged. Gold—tasu. Rterllng—Fairly active, Krw York 104 K. Freights—Cotton to Ksw York tc by steadfv Liver pool so ; Barret Me. FUtabnrsh Petroleum Market, rnraacßOß, February 9. Besinm te votd of anything specially worthy of note. There are still some sales bmlth’s ferry oif at barrel* returned; tftaiJMc packages Included. Now taere Is a orovppct ei the resumption of navlga tten on.lhe Allegheny, we expect to hear of more sales. No arrivals of \esabeo oil la note. Prices at present BMs9c balk, or barrels returned, UAUXa packages In cluded. With the revival oi crude we expect an In creased activity In reOoed tn bond at present quiet at 9«231Me free aboard can hn«and2fi®wwc Immediate delivery InPMladelphia. Free oil conUauetulull at llMOtec. KethlngdOing In Naptha', Prices ofUve and Dressed Bess tn Now York. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Kxw Toax. February 3. Bogs—Live at 9Y(39kc* with 400 head received. Dressed hogs lower—tloacd at 9Xc. Ocean Freights, [Special Despsteh to the Chicago Trlbchß] Nkw Toix. Fcbrtiery 3. Fretrhts—To Liverpool nominal. Cora, Gd: by sail, and by steam. 15JK0 ba'Td. New York Provision Market, (Special Despatch te the Chicago Tribune.! Kxw Tome. Fe&moryS Perk—Sales at $33.63 at Ac - close and Ann. Now York Breadelaffi Market, (Special Despatch to the C&ieago Tntmne.l ttaw Tokk. Fcbrnarr 3. Fleur—Market more steady and a better ftonttie Wist Indier: but co buoyancy. Wleatand Corn—Held betterbncaot salable. Oats and barley wanted. Now York Dry Good* Market. New Tome. February 3. Activity Is still tbe prevailing feature, and prices la> vor buyers by war of discounts, but quotations are .wlthoutcbange ot any moment. The Impression is : raining gnrooU that Congress will pites the Tariff Bill. . and u M-woolens and Imported geodjln general, must : advance. - Beavy Brown Sheetings— Atlantic at '42A77Vc; Pa cific extra aftljfc; n 2lHc; AtlsntM'A strlrttngsal Jfwr; do flne sheetlnge, E brsnd,at 17e; db S’ shirtings at 13)4e; RocKhuy, standard sheetings,blown. In good demand attuc. MuSllns— Firm It fln» maker.atSTKc for New York Mlllr. S2>«c for WsmsatU; 30c for Rater, 39c for Dwight A: 'Ac for Lonsdali; IhUc for ilirde-inch Bart lett; ICWcforO. Falls S; 40c torPcpnerlil Wshoitings; 50c for do 6-4: ttk for do 9-1; Ssc tor Waltham'A: 90c for do 19>-l. FriptA— Fteadyanduncbanred. at 19c fcr'Fprngue's fTock: IScforiaceles; 17c for A'leas; U>c for Frwmaa'a Lowell; 18c lor Victory; 12>ic for Home and Glencove; Kig'/%c for Glasgow and Lancaster glngLamt, and Ac for all makes of delaines, both light and dark. • California mining Stocks. - ... . . SsitFiuacisco, February 8. Mtnlae flocks: * Yellow Jacket. 749 I Gould & Curry 512 Savage ....191% Clio liar 330 Crown Point ...1079 I Legal Tenders 74* Chicago Provision Market. _ ' Chicago, Feornary 2. tttl. The partial return* of the pacslas at various points published this week ty tbe Cincinnati Price Current, have so startled provision operator! as torenderthe trade since thin Uhll, dragging and monotonous. Eighty-four points heard from show an estimated In crease In number ot some 640.000 head. Among tbe catalogue wo do not find Madison, Ind., or Milwaukee, Wls.. ihe fetlmatsd Increate at which points sums bd 70,U0 to 80,000 Htad. while we have still one hundred ano twenty points to hear from, someof which, such as Newcastle ard Kfclchtttowo, Ind.. Isat year, had no parking, and this year v 111 rant from 2,000 to 8.000 head. , Taking the increase in weight Into consideration U Is probable that the final summing up win show an in crease to the packing of toe Northwest of 9 o.oooto 1.W0.W0 head over Isat year. Many operators still as sert that the crop wnl not bo too largo for the In creased conmnipt on of the country, but time can alone demonstrate the correctness tr fallacy ol their views, and, mcanwhllc.tbe ft cl of such a large In crease In the packfog wil. be sulUclcnt to curb all io-c --nlallve feeling. Thus far the consumptive dematdt.r bacon and bulk meats has b**en enormous, and should It or nttnne a healthy trade in these products maybe anticipated, bat tar oarrdled meats the s«mc bright prospects do notextst. The slock of nork in New York shows an Increase over the corresponding period last year of 31.000 hrls, and over the stock on tho ut of.lan o.arrofs.lOO brls.Thlslarge Increase, notwithstanding the liberal consumptiixrreported fromNewyoikdariog the month must have been d-nved irom other ouar ters, as our receipt* of barrelled p-'rz for the month sum op 8,639 brls. sad. our shipments 87,894, showing an increase of shipments over receipts ot only 9,739 bn*. For the previous month tho receipts ol barrelled pork were 12,316 hrls, and tne shipments 31,5)9. show ing an extras of shipments over receipts of 13,3u3 brls. The slock of barrelled meat here at present mmtbe extraordinarily heavy. The receipts of hogs fur the week. Inducing 9,att bead not enumerated In last week’s summary, rum up as follows, viz: Dressed. 18,663; live. 37.f14; tots! 49,776: nod the shipments; dreesed.B,Blß; llve.l,S»; total. 10,787; tcavmg3s 939 for packers* use, city consumption, and numoer left over tr. the perm. For the corresponding period last year the receipts wet«: drrased.4B2ol; .Ive, total. 79,776; aod the shipments: orwa-d. BJT3; h re, 2.993 ; tolal, 11,919; leavmg672fil bead for packers’ use. Ac. Tbe packing to tbe pr-wnt Urns approximates to 5H0.000 bead, against 395.139 cead at corresponding oate last year. Tbe market for begs throughout the week has been buoyant and steidv, without any material advance. LivehavebeensclitßgU6'.o and6*cgrues, and close Ormetsame. Dreesed. owlnt to the advance la New York, have (as -w»u as fire) b-eu taken more freely lor shipment, and closcdOrm at »7-WaT.6O, One or two boosts have stopped necking for the season, but iron all accost ts there will b- bogs enough arriving to keep most of t*>c packers at work for some weeks. Mess Pork has been comparstlvelr neglected, and though tnosthcldersdemana 818.7xit19.i0, yet buyers do not respond and (he market clones quiet with buvera nowuliag to nav over $13A0«18.65* p brl for stanoatd Pork. Prime Mess firmer at fl7.oofotpreseat, and f 17.38 (tr MareNdcllvery. Extra prime ana romps are scarce and firm at SUJOAI9 00. cat Meats are held firmly at 7*A7kc for bhoulders: Sfcc fosse fir Sides. Green Meats have been held above tbe views ot buyer*, viz.: 6*c tor shoulders ar d BV«B*c for Sides, hut to-day Shoulders sold at 6*c. llama have been tn active demtud at 9*A 10c according to weight. English meats meet a ready isle at B\e for Cumberland miacllnga; 9\c for short ribbed tlddles; 10\«llc for ihort clear; asd 9*efor MreUnrdcut. Several lots ol Cnrobcrlands and short middles bare been taken loose, for home consumption, at *c per & lc«* than the correct price, packed. Long b*m«arenrmtiin«io*r, racked. The demand for lard haa been trlfliag; prime kettle rendered may be qni'led at taiftlVVc, aedprlme steam at llYol3eiNo. lis scarce and Arm at lifclWc. Grease firm and tn demand atlo3lo*ctorwblte: SVMfcfor yelfow. and 8c for brown. Tallow firm ai9V®to(*r. Tallow greaae 9c. FretghU unchanged. Ilcxar Milvxep 4k Co. tIIABBIKD, Id this city, Jsn.9o, At the CoogrcnUonsl-Church, corner Vrst Washington and Greeu-«u., hr Her. Joseph Raven. Mr WILLIAM A. STANTON to MIM AUGUSTA L. SINCLAIR,both ot Chicago. Is this dty. Jan. 30, at the Congregational l Church, .comer Km Wash-acton and ureen-sta, hr Rev. JoM_ph llarm, Mr. OSCAR W.CH •TTfittTON(o MU* . UaRTP. SINCLAIR, both oi Chicago., la this city. Jas. 9Ctb. at the Congregational Church, oornfr of Gre»n aid West Wa»Mnetorvgi,«.. br Prof. Barer. Mr. OSCAR W. Cti&TTEUTOH and Mu* MART P. LINCOLN, both oi Chicago. lathlacity.Jan.SOtb.atth*Coagregatlcra] Church, corner of Green and West WMbln/tcu-siA, by Prof. Rav'D. Mr. WILLIAM A. ST ANION and AUGUS TA L. SINCLAIR, both cf Chicago. At tte residence of Mr. Frank Steel*, in this city. Keb. Ift, by Rev. Mr. Pvlckett, Mr. JOSEPH G. BLANCHARD, of Chicago. and Mu* LUCY BURN SIDE. of 0-eneseo. DIED. Id this city. Feb. 2d. of cancer, utter a tong and pain ful illness, M A KIA, wife of btepoen Burnet, In the tor ty-flfth year of her age. Funeral service* will be held at the bouse of Stephen Burnet, 7S South Sangsmcn-st., on Sunday. Feb. Sa, st 13 o’clock m. Frknds of the family are cordially invited to atti nd. auction Sales. RUCTION. ■Wednesday, February 6th, IS6IV At lO A. TKfat 164 Lako-st., A general assortment ol Household furniture of every dcscrlpt’en, looking elassrs, plated ware. In grain. two and three ply and Brussels carats. glass ware, cutlery, crockeiy. Ac* Ac. Also, SO gtasa noon, show cases and two targe mahogany top counter*. Also, on account ot whom It may concern. 7 barret* mustard 14 caaea canned powder; 2 ra*o* salad dress ing. DANIEL bCOIT A CO* UCTION SAXE, On Monday, Feb, 4th. nl 10 O’clock, At cur salesrooms, 7,1. 97 sod 79 Welle-st* near Randolph, a very large aa* ilment ol Household Goods, Bius*el», Three-ply and incrtln Carpet*. Ac* together with a variety of Ol Cl-ths, Bedstoads, Bu reaus, Washstands. W*nlrobc#, Dwks. Book Cases, Wbatrota, also. Cook an i BesMng Stoves, Crock ery. Glass, Plated Ware. Canary, Ac. Atll o’clock, ibe fixture* ot t«-o aaioons—Counters, Tables. Chair*. Minors Picture*. Ac. Regular sale* on Monday* and Thursdays. Goods of all kind* taken on storage. J. HEANEY A CO„ Auctioneer*. /"t ILREUT «fe SAMPSON, vU~ General Auctioneer*. 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. Superior Household Furniture, Carpets Ac., &c., at Auction, On TUESDAY. Feb. sth. at 10 o'clock, at oof Biles* room*. 47 aad 49 Dcarbom-st- consisting of aa ex* tensive aserrtment ol Parlor. chamoer and Dining Boom Furniture, In Polish. OH, Walnut, and Online! in tbe ftieet maceert Brussel ■ and other Carpets, ard a icncral assortn-ot cf Household Goods OILBKKT A BAMi*SOK, Attciloneen. SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 Lalu>«t.|C<r. Laraile. Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise realigned for sale. Cot-doer sales promptly attended to. A. EDTTEUS <t CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchant! 44 AT 4(1 KAKUOI.PII-ST.. Between State-*!. and Bold regular •*!<■*, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SQOSS. AC- Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FUUNTrtTRK. CARPETS. Ac. every SATURDAY. Sato fHUIs, Engines, &c. 'J'HE LANE & tiODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machine*. Corn Utils and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. I.ASK St nuDLKY, Corner ol John and Walar-aU- Cincinnati. Applicant* for deaertpave tareniars-wUI. specify Us machiserv usr o*m. . wMNei-4"X*e JHusiral. jyjDblOAL. PIANOS, ORGANS & MELOOEQNS Bold to time. Paymeota recetred In InstillmenU. Becoot-hand Plaoot lake# In exebange for naw ones. w. \V. KIMHAIiIi. 09 WMhmgiou-st. Z#ICIBTZpi~ PIANO i Bare been a« ardnl 90 first premium*, together with the highest premium at the American World’s Fair, ihetratimntlali for annerforlty ate from tbe hlghmt ntwlral celsbntle* of Rurope sod Ato»ric*... . UT For sa,e only at HIMli ALI/n. t)9 Washingtoomt. bMITM'g AMBIIIt’AN OttlUN*.. For Parlvrs, VbutcbN, Lolgea, Ac, * 03 llouas. tto TO KENT—A good two Btoiy Irnme hou*e,on the Weat Side oetr tlnoolo-et.,9 lovnta hraide* paDtrynde)owta,bydrsntand cistern water, coal bouse «bd bare. 4 lota, too 1 * garden, wi*h pleat? ol nice trees. Inquire at No. 33 Ileynolda' Block, sear 4*6* l office. _ TO RENT—A mrmsbcd cottage, or fur nUnrr fbraa'e. Both hctusandlurnluire arsnow- Itqnln at 1403 Wabaah-ar, npo RENT—A pood one and a hall I story tries house on West Waahlosto<Mt, cov talnlnr seven rooms, with water tt kltcher. to. Also. rnraUare tor tale. i*oa earns sires Immediately, la* quite at 274 aostn Water-at. r pO RENT—"ofiscsfion Feb. IS—House 1 SOI WMt Uadlros-lt., Brooera, sat and water, •SO pi r month, In advanne, till Kay lit. OOODWIL* UNA CO., 103Madlson-st..cor. LabaUe. TO RENT—A fi»t*c!ara boarding house within one block of the l*o*t Office. Cheap rent, and 38 hoarders on band i inrnlturo Tor tale. Aliruuu A HOY DEW, 310 HUte-«r. TO RENT—At 139 North Morgan si., a two-story bonae, contalmns alx.rooms. closets, wood abed, with ctitero and hydrant water. Apply at the premlac*. TO RENT—On North Olaik-st., and near Dlrlilon-at-93x158 feet oi sroand lor a term Kara. In lou to suit. On North Oraieh Chicago ver, sooth of North-ave-three acres ot land, with dwelling home i gromd anltablo lor tnanolaelorlns porpoeca or aa a tannery. Will he 1 rated for a term ol yean at a low rest. App r to TIIO3. B. UUVAN A CO., ileal Batata Agents, Aryan Hall. So l£ent~3£ooms. HTO RENT—Furnished front room, with 1 clcset,ttNo,3|Hßait Waiblngfon-at^between Franklin and MarkrttU. r VO RENT—A large trout room, and A thofurnltnreloraale. Also, TwoPimUord roonia to rest. Call between 11 and-1 p. m., and in the even* log at3l‘Abtate*at. rpo RENT—A rlcnwqt suite ol rooms A. for a iraall American family, with water and gar, at |3O per month, 13 Karlfrmy. rpo RENT—A pleasant; furnished front 1 room, far ooe or two genUetMn. Apply at 203 Foorth-aTH between Tolk HTO RENT—A eu'te of rooms, and fur* J nitnre for sale, all new, almated efr DeirtMrn-at. Apply at Hoorn 13 Fnderton Block, between 10 and 13 a. m. and i ana 4 p. m. HTO RENT—Three large and very dcsir- I able noma In Bank Hollaing, 33 DalrbortMt. The abcve rooms are suitable for various purposes, eitutr llebt school or line sleeping rooma: InqumofOEO. U. CHITTENDEN, Boom No. 7, am floor. TO 'RENT—Farmshed front room In private Fmeb tamtty, with or without boaM. A(ldrcaa**A F.” Box 128. Chicago P. O. r F , O RENT—Pleasant and desirable fur* A nl*6rd rooms, without board, suitable for one or two gentitmeo, at *.120# Btate-at. QenUemen with reference prefterred. ryo RENT—A nicely tarnished front 1 room, snPabJe tor one or two gentlemen, In a pri vate family. Contains rtote, closet, 4c. Good loca tion, and toarmiontca* walk from Post Offle». Bcfe retcereonlred. inquire#* 77 Jackson-st., lour doors from Siatc. 'T'O RENT—Rooms 33 and 24 Cobb's I BniMlng, ISfIM Detrt»ni-»L, unfurnished. Ap ply at 1*49 South Wator-st- <Eo iKcnt-gdores, ©fficcs.&c TO RENT—A store on South Water st., near Wahash-ar., snltabln for a wholesale grocery ;*tnre. For particular*, aadreaa, with name,!*.O. Box 10300. i'T'O RENT—In tbe Mercantile Bmldine, • X opposite Chambar ob Commerce, elezant offices inrcommUsloo, law or tnimranco basinets. Apply to WSK C. DOW. Boom 17 Mercaotlle Palldlag. r pO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, I on tbe second floor o* tll'Rando ph-st. Apply to pg.- JAMES, 93 Bandolph-yC, rccoad floor. TO RENT—Office torrent and furniture far sale cheap. A Urea trout office; suitable for tne jnmmlMlon or Insurance business, in the centra ct botisew, with rarest*. Mir. chain,- Ac. Rest only 825 B re mouth. Possession given February V-t. Apply at iB office ol toe WESTERN WUENIX INSURANCE CO.. 2CTL*Baile-St. PRO. I. YEAGER, Bccr>tary. TO RENT—Second imd third floors, at JL StfLakesU PHELPS, PODGE A CO; TO RENT—Store and frost-proof cel -1nr,~127 North D*splaln<>B si.' Alsc,.rooms over store to rent. AHm-rstestandloranybatlnees. Ap ply at 1 tfj West Lakeat. 'T’O KENT—A tew fivc*story and t?ase 1. mert brick store, frcntlug weiton Mlchlza-i and east op Ccnfrat-avs, the second stdre north- of G. C Cook A Co. Size 30x131 teet. finished complete, and can be occupied by two tenant*. Inquire -of WASH INGTON baiTfl. TO RENT—Desk Room—ln a splerdid frontoffire, well llehtM. central locallm. Rcter ences required. GOODWILLIE & CO., XBUMhd- Ison-st., cor. CaSa’lc. TO KENT—Lease lor sale—'Two years’ I lease of a store and basement »Kin*le-sr., under the Revere floase. Rent per annum 1330 ; If- C. MUREV & CO f Kcal Estate Brokers, 8 Uetropolltan Block. ’ 3Loet aim ,-jFounft. T OST—A quantity of Railroad Passes, JLi iMUfd toCrTARLESE. KEARNEY. TheflnJer. ut>on baring the aarne at No. a Portland Block, will be propem lewr.r dcd. Worses, ffiarriastSj &c. TT'OR SALE—Just arrived from Indiana, I fourteen heavy draught horse*. to •b* arf-n at STEWART’S Static', near Novelty Carriage- Works, be* wren Adntna amt Jackaop. east of state. amusements* 'J'HB GRAND MA s QXJE BAD E OF THE CHICAGO “TDRN-GEMEDfOE,” WILL TARE PLACE OK* MONDAY. EVENING, .FEB*. 4TII, At their NEW HALL, oq North CUrk-ttH above Cbc C*?o->T. . PUOGItAMME—PAUT 1; Grand Imposing Can ival Procession. oonHsttor of lit. Entrance of the great German WCtmor. Amt* oat, into Ibe Wadbaha. 9n. Emperor Barbaras** iiul bis follower*. 3d. Germania and tidr fo'.owcrs. P*HT 3. Hr central request, the Great Mafteian and hie . DwarO, (areally improved ballet.) Chinese Festival, executed by fifty frbiiww Bltt2*n. directly imported for the occasion. PAST 4. Four Tableaux Vlvsnt.. eonaistlna of “Cf lombua I andlDß id America,” “wasbinrton Crossing the Del* aware, * "The Last Battle before t&cbztond.'* and “America In peace." . „ PART 5. Acrobatic Feats by 60 oj the most celebrated Clowns, order tbe leadership ox tbdr master, SU. BUterlaao. REOTJCATIOXB: 1. ho perron wi'i tie admitted to tb© ball room with oat a Mask, excepting the memberaof the prow. a. AU such masked persons wilt ban to enter a room, marked “prlrate room, ,, t©paas before tae Board of Examiners. 8. All maaks vll] bare to obey itrtctly'he orders of the Maraym. Tickets, admlttlre cent! cm an and one lady. *3, erery additional lady fl extra, are lor sale at Mr-Loafs Fanil's, auder the Sberman Hones, and at tbe Hal., on or before Monday ercalif. Tickets for sMierr, 50. w>t*s. - COMMITTEE. N.B. Faoct ootittoie* mayb* had at Mr*. Oeh'n’c. ISS Noitb Clark-»t;, ud Mn. Q axeman’*, UOl Cfcl« cago-ar. jy£C VICKER'S THEATRE. EH G AGEMEKT EXTRAORDINARY POSITIVELY SIX NIQHTS Ot ike Young, Gifted and Magnificent HELEN WESTERN, Who win make her FIRST APPEAR AKCE IK THIS CITY FOE TEN TEARS, In her celebrated Impersonation ot CYNTHIA, THE GYPSY QUEEN, In Bnckutone’s beaotllnl drama entitled the “FLOW EBS OF THE FOBEST,” with all thoorlglnal andbean tlfnl from MADAME CELESTE, Df Helen western. CF”Box Sheet now open. OP WONDERS I To be seen only at theßraoch of the New York Museum of Anatomy. NATURE UNVEILEI>, AT THE New York Museum of Anatomy, CV*S«cnreT»ar ticket* on the right hand side, np<«ialrs« •WITKOW H ALL. QROSBT’S MUSIC HALL LECTURES OH COLORADO: HER MIXES AND RESOURCES. Hr I'ROF.U 11*1.1 AM DENTON. of Boston. The er* atcst living American Goal >eist. On Monday, Wednesday Thursday sod Friday Ere- t»P e?. Feb. 4, £ 7 sod 8, at "V o'clock. Ftmt Lecture free. Subsequent Xectnrea » cents. Ticker* to be bad at the Nova Roomsoi 4. K. Walsh atd J. McNally, also at ituslc Booms at Means. Root A Cady and Smith A Nixon. P, S.—The profeasjrwlU, by the aid rf maps and charts, explain the fossil re* mains fbond in tbe rocks of Colorado. QOLLEGE GRADUATES’ CLASS IN VOCAL CULTURE. Arrangements bavtnzbeen made with PROFESSOR McCOr. at tbe Opera House, to give Lessons U Vocal Culture, once a we**k, to a class to b* composed of Graduates ot Colleges, all College men who wish to became members of aald cla»» may ascertain particu lars br applnnz to W. H. D. RUSSEI.L (of University cf Michigan). law Office of Rnse-ll A Ulrich, ld.l Clark->C-: to J. A. C. THOMPSON (Lawrence Unlver stirj, law Office. No. » larmon Block, or to PRO FESSOR McCOT, at the Opera Honse. VIUKERJ_b THEATRE. SIcVICRER A UTKRS MANAGERS, Engagement, tor tlx nlzbu only, ol tbe Talented and Versatile Artiste. HELEN WESTERN. Monday, the great romantic drama, CYNTHIA. Cytbla,lheZlagara Helen Western To conclude with a favorite Farce. In .-eternal—THE LONG STRIKE. 'y'ARIETT THEATRE. C. M. Chadwick.. George H. Bsrton. This evening, and until further notice, the Grand Spectacular Piece, la three acts, entitled BOOTS OHZSTOI Or,THE GIFT OF GOLD. New Scene*, New Effects, Introducing the Beautiful Illusion. THE WnOU Blt OF HOLD, riOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. obi. <l. H. W00D.........,.,,..,,., .Proprietor tUrrcto/ of AmmctnenU .^.F.^AJRKN bahht 1 he fitenttre preparation! for the production of the new Bentatlooal Dram* not twin* completed, its Drat pertbmience *lll be postponed until Monday nest, and tbe preepot w«k will be demled to the reprctcn talk n| of a aerlea of aucceaatnl Muietira Comedies. . <’n Monday eTetln*, Feh. Ith. win be performed Morion's ric'llent Comedy of ALI. THAT OLtTTKUS irffisyaf’+nfi I wdn/Ar’ B, “ lu,Mn ‘ Wednesday alterroon-Qrand Matinee. Friday—Drnefli of Mis. c. Etoueall. scc. TOE. ABTBBIAM WBU. 108. Ofdeti wilt he taken to fltl nutate k-e bouse* will* the para rryetai ice trmn tneae we I*. Itlr, Uiu teal. Hear, mid and i%Heet. L r. CHOSKKI * to.. TU WMblU|t9(Hl> aetaima-jaaic ffcelp. BMiusirgn, SAi#BnniEN *«. \\f ANTE!)—Bank Bookkeeper. Ad r.Vm3r^.‘'li r A,’cJ',c'Ss:- “ d “ Urr W 7 ANTED—Li fu Insurance Agents, for * * • (IrsLclaas cotapaay, now doing altna ud rapidly Increasing business. perwns ensagrtor d» •««»* w cosmo ai ca.ra**cr* or azenti mar and u to their interest tc ca l at Itoam ro. :i8 Chamber or Ccamcrce (rear building). at 10 to ia '.'dock, Hobobt. Tnmlay or Wednesday. 6 DHCKIMIHAhf. 7> \AT ANTED—One or two good Llle In- W asrascfl BoUellora. Middle aged mm pre ferred. Ooortßalailoasstranleed. Addreaa, with fall naie, Ac-“T* B,*' Tribune office. TAT ANTED—Graduates ol Literary and V f Commercial Colleges to engage permanently Inbnalneu. Kemnnerailoo monthly. JONES A CO.. No. 17 Speed's UlocS. , ■ TT7* ANTED—A salesman wno bos had Tv a* leait one year** acUvo experience In selling 6-ixu. Ilrferoncca required. JONES & (JKVH, Itio earbonut. Rooms 1H and 17. aElante»-#emale f)elp. HOUIR BRBVANTS, TXTANTED—A girl to lake caro ol'two Tl rhiidren. Mo»fhara good recommeodaUona. Apply at itoom 7, 2113 wabaih-ar. TT/’ANTED—A ulrl to do general tt housework. Kefhrescei required. Apply st fll South Orcen-at. TT7ANTED—bercial strontr, capable »» girl*.towers ip nrlvatd Atmillca. Apply to MKS. WUITTAKEU.SSd Chlcagoav. TXT ANTED—A girl lo do kitchen work, VV at No. 191 wabaih-ar, Brotcataat pre* famd. * gmploEmrnt agenctes. TXT ANTED—I,OOO men to go' South, V V waarafu lo tSO pep month and'iciirdt atao, teamiUrr, thopoerr. railroad arn. and olf wnntlos etnilotmcpt. Apply at 153 TXTANTED— I This Day—2o good chop* V » iran*porut!oa ? ftir* nlsbed: and board. Ax>* ply at 100 Madlron-«t., Itoom 4. TXT ANTED—lmmediately—Men to go V T boatb. railroad men, chopper*, tie cuttcra, and' all out ot employment to apply to PAUSIIALL A! bMirn. 138 Soars' Ulaikst.. Koom 11. By mall' eadoic 10 centa fbr partlcnlara. TX7 ANTED—IOO men, with cash capi* TT tsi of (30 tos3(fl, tbeegase In a tnat will pay JS to 110 per dan Sceoml by two patents. Has no competition, turn tatheooly arifcle of the kind ever offered for sale. Bvary family wants from two to a down, fall, or aaarea», wlth'itamo, J. Q. NASON. 1112 South Clark-«C. Hoorn I.l. \\T ANTED—Young men m the coun- T v try, wishing to obtain situation*, such aa boos keepers, salesmen, collector*. exnr«-Mmea, clerks, brakesmen. Ac., to apply at Kf-I Dnarbom-*t~ Koom 5, oraddreu M. K. JONES £rCU.. Box 20-10, eaclrtipg ten cent*, for full parUcc ar*. TS7 ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1’ VV collector. 3 hrabemen, 2 flrfcnen, 1 porter. 3 driven. 4 scents, 3 entry clerks, 2 conductors# Apply at Iff-* Dearborn-sU Ifixim S- ffiJHantea—j£U»ccilaneous. TXTANTED—An energetic man with -* T WOO toj-sto. to encage in a moDey-maklng-busi ness. Will bear atrtet investigation. -cr particulars apply at HM South Clark-st., Room 3. ir&m- 9 : a. a. toap.m. \A7^ANTED—S2,OOO Cook Co.-Bonds V V (7b), a» Otacc No. 17, np-stalw, liySoolh Cla»k-st.,Ctlcago. WT ANTED—By the Tribune Co., sor- V » eral copies of the Tribune of November 23,1556, f»r which allncrfti price wilt be paid. WANTED— Three Co p\ is is, to woik where they reside. For further particulars ad ores* DODGE a MORSE. Van Boren. Jackson Co, lowa. ’ \\T ANTED—AII that want money, ? * zrernbaeka. or alamos in any shape, to call and aerlhe beat ihlm; the stin has yet shone upon, and is med in every henve. tend two collars tor sample. Cell, or address, CRAIU.ES MESSENGER. OS Wash- Ington-st, Itoom 3, Chlcaco, Illinois. \\7 ANTED—Veterans, sailors, one V y year men and Hanra*k's Corps to call and s*>e checks received In payment of Acuttlocal Uoanly. Advances madron claims. A. GOODRICH. Attorney at Law, 1*46 Dearborn-si.. Room 2. Office open evenings. XAfANTED —To purchase, a minor 4 ▼Vto 6 C*€t in width, and 510 7 1 feet In length. Any person saving one to nspo*e of cheap may aiWres*. htstlng exact sir- and lowest price, WEBSTER A GAGE,79Lake-.«t. \\J ANTED—Purchaser for a steam V » saw mill, with t;t acres ol land, situated In the best esk and poplar region of Southern Illinois. Bnili -Ist Stearns at d rverythingnecessaey fbir carrying on an exienMvclunibetlcgbusiness, are on the prealses. The rreperty will be s<ild lor f 10,000, sod Is an nnnsaal opportn*. Itj fbr a great oargaln. A«Mf«» D. PER RV. Weung, HI, or O. J, SIOUGH, No. US Sooth C Boom ID. Chicago. TI7 ANTED—A store, with stccb of dry V » goods, notion* or fancy Roods, >a cUy nr coun try, for tmrt ciwh sad part ecod real estate. AdJrca* “LP."No. SO South Wella-st. \\J A^tTED—Forties lumne houses 10 V\ rrn*orsellorlea>e,toca>rooCnillßTlAN & CO., neat Estate and V»*el Ar«iß,- Room 3. (.lad's Ulo« it. lUndulpb-st. bndgr. \\7AHTKP —All business men who V * want a good homo bnalneta 101 a •'nail invent. Rent—a gotd paying. »ure Hung—Klve us a call. ISS Lahe-M. A. C. BROWN ft CO. WJ ANTED—a pood bbs-ness man, V v with 1.1,000 to to Invp?t4a a cool ma a n* fnrtmfrtbimncs’. For particular* loqiaro at 490 Sonth-Canal-at. Ural Estate—ittits. inPBOVBD. F)R SALE—By Wm. D.’.Kcrfoot, 89 VfaablDgton-at. Four large brick bonaea. one ot which la a marble froit,on North aide, aooth of Chlcaeo-av. and east of Clark-at. Tw.vftory frame bonae. and tot, on Weal Pnltoo-st.. near Union-park, containing 9 or 9 rooms, gas, water, Iwo-atory frame bonae or West Morgnn-st., Jnal acathof; house new and In perfect order. Tno-etor; frame home on Weal jackson-at., with 11 rootrs, gas, water, bathroom, Ac., suitable lor a board lag aonte: can be bought very cheap, on easy terms. Two brick bol’dlrgs, with lota, on. Weel Lake at., near Peoria. each four atonea in height. Fine now two-story trame hooae onPeorla-st., con taining 9 or 10 rooms, gas, water, Ac. Fine vbreo-atorr brick hooae on. Btate-st., near T«eUUi-st. Liwxe boots and lot on with 9 or 10 ‘DOtSt. Htwc’c on Wabuh-iT., near Twenty-third-st„ with ot axiaiset; hoots 22x38. Also, fits bouse on leased lot, on Wnbosb-av.; lease rnna to years at very moderate price. F)R Sale—ln Tlios. B. Bryan & Co. a Real Estate Otfice. Bryan Hall. WASDINGTON-BT., S. W. comer of Bheldoo-at.— Two-story and basement nnck boose, with modem im t-iwreaenU, ana lot 30x130 feet, and ft-rn. Also, on Washlngton-st, just vest ot the fora* *loc. two msrble front cwf-lIDRa. to oe April and Mar n»iu respectively, eacb two-storics <«nil basement Ftftch r»*»it lots BCilso feet each. RANDOLPQ-BT., near Dnlonjt—Two-atorr and qjt fTwrae bouse, with lot So*«3 feet toCentre-at. T»UbTHE-BT..weslof Kcubtn soil no.tbof Simla »t«.—T* o-story frame house, and Jot 43xl(U lect. TWEI.FTU-s>T., east of ileebsn-at.—Cottage frame , bouse, with lot sum feet toaiteyt ONTARID-ST., west of Labahe at.—large cottage 1 frame house, wut lot 22x100 feet to alley. Besides a lares UstoihoUsimprovcdandnntTnroveo pi operty In all parts ot tho-cuy and its suburbs. L Oil SALE—By TVm., D. Kcrtont, bO 1. v> ashlngton-st., bouse on Jefferson* it. near iltxwcll, cwelhng abore ami store beneath, auiuble tut a grocery. * F'OR BALE—Two houses and lots, Mad* l«on *l„ near Carpenter, splendid -ocallon, chain Fn<i<cwiionlairaKlUielr. GOOD WILLIE A CO., 10!tUtduoa<ai.,cor.I.tMlt8. F'OR SALE—House with seven rooms. two closet*, near Union-par*; or would txchanse tor small home in tho vicinity ot Iwenty-aUlh-su. east of ttate. Apply at -IS State-st. J ‘C'OR SALTfe—A new two-story liamc 1 boose oi nine room*, and large lot. on Son lb Peo. |7OR SALE—On Michigan-av., between -L Congmsand Rarrtsan-sts., a fliet-cl&sa marble trnnt totj»«\alczsntly finished and painted. A. J. ATEHELU Heal Estate office. No. 7 Metropolitan F>R SALE—House and Jot, No. 254 WertPolkst. Boose3ox3B, two stories. Lot 27* InQWre at till MUcneli-st .or 403 South Wclla-st. 1?0R SALE—Cheap—Wabash-av. house 1 —A nearly new two-story and haeemeut brick bouse et-ll) rooms, and lot a 01 SO teet front, with b«rn on tear Tweuty-third st. sNYDEK * LEE, Beal Estate Annta, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. Tj-OR SALE—By Snyder* Leo, Real -A. tttate A cents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a near* end basement, brick, 01- 10 room*, and lot 25 or 50 reel front, on Wab*»haT-, near T«eo> tj-talrd-et. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agent*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, three new one* house* on Wabash-ar., soar Twenty-eliib-al.: brick hou?e of 11 rooms and lot. with barn. oo Wa bash-av-nearTwenUethat.; btlckhooauof 12 rooms, and lot 58 feet front, on Michigan-ar., near Twenty, filth *t; two new bn«*» hoc sea or 13 rooms, on corner ot Adams and Loomis sta., fronting Jefferson Park. F)H SALE—Or To Rent—A two-story frame house ot 10 rooms. No. 520 Warren-st. star Lincoln. SNYDER 4 LEE, Rea) £itate Azeats No. 4 Metropolitan BlocV Ageais, ZOR SAI^E—Two booses. Nos. 533 and 5M Wabash-ay., south-east ooruer of Harraon »?ach-amost desirable l>cv ijou. Price moderate. Tc«m«llbcraL TlUe naaues tjonable. WARRfcN&GOODBIJH. 125 Dearbore-at^ T7OH SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es- I tate Agcnu. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lot a&r 11l feet, conier Madiwn .nd Paulin*; lot 103 by 121 feel, on Washlnirtps-st, near Wood; lot,so:eetoaCar peeter-tu near Washington. FOR SALE—A new first-class house, two story and brick basemett, 15 roonu. every convenience, lot 50x133, on Peoria street, nearran Ha- B. L. CHiPUAX. IS DRUIFROVED. FDR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfont, 80 Waiblngton-it t at it on Wasbinztoo-ft- near Wells. GO It on JladUon-pear Franalln st. 90 ft on cur Van Boren and Gri«wold-eta. ICO ft on cor Calnmet-ave. and Twenty-nlnth-ns. SO ft on cor Twenty-fjnrth-at. and Eankakee-ar?. GO ft on Warren, near Hoyne-et. 60 ft on Park-aye. near Oaklt y-st. 20 ft on Ada-st. near Lake. VS it on Greenest, near Madison. Z> ft on Franklin-* t. near Superior. 47 ft on Ca*Mt. son'hof Chlcagoave. S 3 tt on Cam at., north r f Chlcajo-are. 75 ft on Rlnxle-st. near LaSalle. 25 tt on North LaSalle-il. near Chlcago-are. 80 n os Belden-tve. near Clark-st. 100 ft on Fulton-tt. near Home. SO ft on Walnntau near Boyne. 40 tt on North Clark-it, near Chleago-ave. 4?nonllalsted-st near Harrison. 95 ft on enr state and Tweoty-fiflh-ata. 133 (I on Vlnccnnes-road. Also 33it on West Adams-it. A larze tut of improved and nnlmproTed property can always be fonnd at my office. FOR SALE—By Wm. D. Kertoot, 89 Watblngtomt.. five acm of grove, near the real dcrceofMr.Asey.lsaectlnn 3.33,14. Alw.teo acres of fineiandjnst ball a mile west of city limits, and fronting on Sladlson-st. partners ajaantch. TXARTNER—Wanted—A commission 1 bouse, doing a proeperom and rapidly JncreaHnc bnilnea?, desires a man wltn five to ten thousand dol lars reauy ca»h. The profits ol this house will hi* larse the current rear, as a short lavcsilgsUon will prove. Address I, X, Trlbnns office, with name, fot an In’crvlew. .Proprietor. ...Manager. personal. J>EnSONAL —Bern? n stronger m this cjlt. tbr crenlnc* *i!m font 41111 d jltto m»- N'*** (bln meet* in* ey e of hut t< un» la*iT who tftlalw «l«o can mate Him imn Phot (and ol*vnnt,ln neriociciy, pieape aderm FUUU. CAUUBI.L. Cltlctgo. JIERSONAL —A voubb nmn, n Swede, wonld like to firm Itie sr.inslnliipre ol nyonns ik w iMlr with wine ranm.. wltii * T . l nT-,Vi«l nl i r .i* moor. All com** nnlpMloiK etrktly confidential. Au di eat "A U.” fuit piHit*. Chicago. TJERSONAL—WUI 11 Alla lUvere.’’who 1 corresponded with-‘Ham K. Ell-rhy" In Oct.. pl<»Mo write a»d Eire feaarins n>r long allenc*. JIKMBONaL— AVUI Mr. Iluph MeAtilov I'lraie send We addr«» to H!I9, MAWY WUlT AHifMeegl* f. n...... _ EUantcti-iUcnl isolate. WANTED— Any one Boß#wsliig nue of two tike rotfttoMab'e t*o«lofr lioaepe. pieaaanuy Bltnaird, with jtn..d Into. and ilmlmha id swwWJssMatr^ff/. , WA" , »iW I batuqttlsts. S6u«auong fl&anmi mu., S^ASSEES^IGggJ^KiS; FBJIAMti Ttnu. No. atia chicSi” efUoa wp?ir £ agents aaiam^: A bie ler ladica ana gcnUanrn •‘O'bi. «N*i LhU « WAVTEt , i fp ?? , Wto|S» UlocS. Chicago. Bend ttamp for paper*!* S®£HS ; PS MMUIUti ol Ih. r»cjl f “wi iS g.'MaaT!air^7aSMMStt S.f-W.rMi/JS'SSS*.!, Kf ST'jp''S!. plate. in. 1 DDiiiiien. a Ceitooi ie-ond MIIIQQ wli| I- rtujrtn Ii".,”!. 01 ”"- ’i c.lo JdQra.) i»yp of It: -Ttn-b.-*ok i. ihij f 1" CM and car m.» be eellpawl.” W e w 3D » i f L« l “»r, g-gase In ll» sale CLARKE iCo to l ,0 Waililogtori it.. Chicago. * U,M wd fc* AGENTfii— Wanted— .Kitic util temslT to aril a new article h great neraam th., 1114 C » unilrwaau. Wperrtaymaiewltnoauelihi*. 1 Bsert/can mas# kom $5 to Va ß^. o ?** 2KSIV l n ,V 5r V, reß u C « w V h wlbcT nunscM. abowa fur lUelf. Samolea. wiu> timn> .mi ij. r < ot the business, sent for vs cccta. CHAPPELL. Draw" BAaX &. feu «• W. A G rWr T^' V ? E . ted “ F o pB ARUETri 2 1 ® *» olh'* early life. We give 40 psreeae n 2“ ca above work and>*T Esrewr c«a5S% “?T?o TU* AQisr. Addreaa J. Good'S ?? PabUrLeri, 5 Ctutom Qooae Plite.Clccago, A.GEVTb—Wanted—smart ana active -L Jl’ Asecta wanted In every county ION PACKED SAFETY HA&D lAM. krm*2£ wants-rhem, aa they are the ns*wt economim renlent,givea brilliant light Whom chi incer or ooor, ami warranted sale. Several Ucle* fur agent*. Circular* sent &ee an ioniirßi'n-^.’ .sfvvf,r TAS ’ .afhrtur*s793 iSSStSS A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced fim. ■h new anousagninccriti steel tam Man iwb» Qm peculiar mcommendallons whJcheanwf.£ »£ admired by «ven American, lector panT Airents every where are meeting with uftparalle:*«£* ccaa. rpbiwffen* h <t»e»t commission dress. 8. B. Bogppf. 73 ClkJmu CMaSffih. AS A GENTf-Wanted Gentlemen and JM.Jadici thraoehont the Untied Sfr.fet for net new Boot, “UVfia rftSo PKESIUSST3 ™ aw.* HrS o ”r*!iS6ss^ , . t ’ T J !, C “» mt uTf rt®"-S®. l ß? ,e J e ,‘ a cae »«gc volume,anperMyirai. trated with steel eiu ravings. among whicn tn ror tTaUaofUiesevec'ffß Presidents, battle, stvcfletc wot 2 cf the kind yet paWSf &il(>rtl» to expcrter-Sed agents a rare oppe-ttun-tr n> make mcnet with a’ ejietdid book. and no compri- Mob. Exclusive teirjtcryacd pnbllshert'blghrurom. nnw mrv T <S?» ‘ or delivery now. 3. S, BOTDEN, 7J Clark-rt., Cb’\Ja*o,Ul AGENTS— Wanted—For “LIFE and DEATH IN REBrfL PRISONS." Te- to afl-W •mteenbem per day. Always Belli. A. KIODEfVBSf Washingtons!., Chicago, J A GEN T^—anted—Por‘*The Pictorial /l„ Hock of Anecdotes-«td Incident* <-f the Kebel licn. warranttd the most popular, flat »elllneb*i«ot ili? H*!; Fgr particulars a dorrs* J. A. 61 ODDaRD X CO, 10*> Washington-st, ghtcayo, IU. AGENTS— Uanted—$75 to $2lO per month, fvervwh'Te. afkle and frinale, to tnwo- UKce th»enibont the Doited vt»te» the OENITINR IM HROVED lOMiIOX - ACUINF. Thl* machine will stitch, hem. fen, tuck, unlit, bind, braid aid tothrolderitt a most superior manner. Prl-eon yyi.s. Fatty warra'ted ».rave y*ars. we will pay *t,oM f.r any machine that win »ew a stroDger, more neanttPil cr more elaauc «eaw than our*. U makes the Every stcond stitch can be rut, anc stm the cloth cannot be pulled apart without tearing lu We pay aeects from fTMott&rper month and eioetfaaa.or acommiwtoo Rom wplch-twlcc mat amount cit be made. Addteas bECONBk CO., Cleveland, Ohio. scvwnu « v.v/,, wictnuu. \<ui«. CAUTION.—Dc, not be Imposedtrpoa by other par ties palming elf worthless caa> Iren machine*, under thesametameorothervlße. Onw Is the only gean- Ite and really practical cheap magl»ißsmaoue« , turpJ AGENTb —"Wanted—Male fted teniale. toa.UTHRUAG)CUNFN UAItKBK. bamDle wMbj»yi7nr»Daae.|3. Call, or aiMrc* Mott. TIM&R s CO- sootbeaat corcef Clancaad Raadulra et» w town gtatri. A GENT *s—Wanted—-£3CO per month on f 3 capital. & jtetiH wanted la all paru rf trio hortli«cH. Addrr** llox 310, Inrlrpocilence, lowa, with two three cpatatampaf.f partlcnlars. iaufiinrss Chances. f'OR bALE—A ball-interest in a retail time afore,fVO belowco»t. tnaulreot niJUS HAM* ft \ AN BCIIAACK, Wholesale Drngtlati, (6 u- ae-atChicago. F'Oli SALE —A bait-interest tn tlie best raying lalixn in thia city—ootnlaUon 11.000. All r.rat-cUM trade. Keaaon for telling. more buMneas on hacd than can attend to. Capital required *3O. No rtf kto rnn. The senior partner Uan old resident. aad 3»11 rcoulre eroO reieiencee. Adareaa -O W," Hoi 300. Rockford. UT. F'OR SAU?— Millinery Slock. An old established bouse, with Urge trade. Popnlatfoei Il,roo. ThUUacjaneeaeidnmfoond. AddressH.-W. Chicago, or J. N. AVXKT. Oshkosh, Wla. FOR SALE—TbeForest Valley Works. Saginaw CIU, atlclu, consisting oftwo salt blocki, and saw c ill of large capacity, with ten acre* nf land, favorably (reared. Address N.». LOCKWOOD, bad naw City. Mien. TT'OR SALE—The stock and lease of a I Crat-elaM Family Grocery B'ore. with an emtab lline.l trade. Ore jftne be t ataads In thoclty. AddJt to ItEES A ATHga.No. 10 Croaby'a Opera Bogie. P)R SALE—A distiller , newand netr ly ready torus. Apply to SAMUEL BILLINGS. 171 Drarborn-aL. F'OR SALE—Store house end a light ■toefc of dry rood*. grocerlM, Ac., where a wl> n m of twentr-ave-tboosaod a year has been dons, and with Ibe rapid ImaroTeraent ot the country sar'cund- Inp ran be Increased. II preferred. gtive house w nit be rented. For particulars Inquire of lUGOs a fro- CLARE. Buckley, UL L'UR SALE—Or Rent—One~of the P best located rltar stands In the city. Will *c9 the owner has other business toaltaxdto.. Call at 1,1-1 freerhorn-st. jFor sale. F'OU SALE—Co cap—A Commercial College in usoo'l ’octllty. In Uie hands of the ilttlit nun Uwinp«r for itielflnone month. Forinll particulars. adri.tss lirawcr 3. Coldwatcr. Mich. F'OR SALE—t?torc stove, “ Mormne Glory.’* tola fountain. Large real hoi. Piece coontcr. Ail in good older. At 12a South Claik-*l. SALE—Alarcc sale, Wilder’s pa f,S«*ri?Jr,y new W( * |B ©effect order. Inquire at Itooni Ml. Mxnn’d Exchange- J«>tlS JQNEs-lr. F‘OR SALE—By Henry NVHolden, al 1 hp-corner of and Jackson-«M~ a Ter? «a* fET2L lo L oC I K»o«ae Florida Beed «edar Botnl*. J*® F)R SALE—Shelving and Tables. An ° * F)R SALE—The steam tugs W. K Muir D tT W»on, now laid upat Milwaukee, Anply to R. P. mxOEKALD & CO. 80. OOMlcblgan-sU Milwaukee. ,X , OK SALE—One large bank counter, kfv *£»» l 'i?S I t T^ a, ? 0t tcp - • app ly to a. r. caos kax A CO.. 70 Wasnti gton-st. FOR SALE—Housesandloisinall parts h* * CCr - Bocm 3 Ltod *» TTOR SALE—Wood—Good beech wood * atfs per cord; gcod manic wood at KUOnercort. b*§rtee at S TANNERY, near Chicago av. SALE—Tne interest and material of a Well located Job Printing Office In lbi« ritv. x-wsca and material almosinew. Ptx- farther psru'e- Qls:s address P. O. Hji nq. 777. P Reolpstatr—Cnumri?, SALE—The subscriber offers for Med ?j!iflH rne V l l E l sln - 11 *• Pleasantly situ ated. fine jarge natural ihad? trees, gord garden, fruit ? ee *- y C‘l ana cistern, Ac.; is ccnvalenl to the Elido ix < rsff d ii l i f ?LE° haEdaome*t d.fiMd OWIJ j balance cn Urn*, If dtaired. A liberal for ail cash dewn. Aaolr wnfrn r i , i«“vr , ‘J* lßWOOD * or ““nit M.3.YAK w OOP, 1 Bo WaahlngtatnC, Chicago. FSR SALE—A farm of 160 acres, for «bhanjre fbr Imnroved real estate la trlle* northwest of CM roro and one mile aouth of Canfield StaUra, on tho Chicago wSortnwestern Hallway: 50acres nnder the El£s ; . hoO n° ui bare. Ac.; also, a good orchard, bearing fruit. Oce-third down, and the baiarre on li B .bao C :TT r °i r, ber partlmltra, apply to J. M. MARSHALL, Hcom S, No, 97 Soutn Clarc at. F)R SALE—Choice Country Resi dence, now offered very low, within fc/ee mla the depot at Lake Vorwt, on Chicago «. desirable incadon la StL'SS’&S?!:?''*- A;plr *° *•■ SICU - iHactinera, FOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up right engines; atso six bonaootal razlnf*, S, 10 and U*bor»e power. Larger or smaller engines rer nlsbed wlth.or without boilers, u, is »nd 20-bone tubular ana locomotive boilers fbr sale, best nuke. Also one 4-roiier Union Matcher and Planing Machine, sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron pianers. beltlne. aaws. files, Ac. Machinery Depot. 33 Deatbora-fU. Cnlcazo. ORAENLEB BBOg. A CO. FDR bALE—A second-hand Buckler foidinz machine—in eood condition. Price, ttao AODIV to the THIBUN* COMPANY. Boarbing, "OOARDINQ—A vtry nice suite of MonretssL 1 * wlUl hath room connected st 133 W«t 13 CARDING— A pleasant furnished XJ room, suitable for a gentleman and wtffe or two f£ n ,r e ? e 5». c “ &?. obt »i*«d wim board, at &04 Oblo-et, bet a ecu Rush and Cast. T>OARDJNG—Furnished room, with J M Are Ifdrelr.d, and fim-ctaM board Ibr two gentle men, at 11* stale-st., one block from the Fust Office. T3OARDLNG—With pleasant first-class Uroctns, lor gentleman and wile or single gratlfmee. In a private family. Room well tnrn&hecl, also hoc and cold water, batn room, tan Ihlrd-av. T>OARDING—At No. 8 Eldndge-coorc X ) Two suites of room*, with modern Improvements acd flrst-cUw board. Also, ooe room suitable for two gentlemen. Rcierencea exchanged. BOARDING— Pleasant rooms, inrnlsh ed nclurnlsheiL with board. In a private (tmlir. House new and newly furnished. Also, stabling lor hour. Gas and water In barn, fl-l Park-av. BOARDING —One or two rooms, with first-class board, pleasant locality, suitable fbr ucnileman snd wife. De«toi reference* liven and re* qnlred. Apply at dU'-j Mlchlgan-av. 130ARDING Handsomely furnished 1 lltont parlor and bedroom, with board In anitvato French family, may bo bad by appiling at Mbl South Morgan-*!. T>OARDING—Ami rooms lor lour sin* 1> tie tcntlereen at H‘l Adamant* between ClMtt and Plate. Uefcrencea required. I>OBADiIiO—A good home on ahoeh ■ I ar., »m inttn minute* wal* of Ukeat A ten- Ueinanandwlftrtn lltd to-id board and a »ul»*of troni* in a private ramtlj br addre-ilot. wJh refer* eticr*. I*. c». uo* na». *lti|lerwa»nr roomi. Term*, moderate. IjOAnDINO—A new Doanhnit Hottso J » lim kept opened t» 409 Stnte-»k. wMrh ha« neon recently re-Rlted toil lutnliliM l« a Uu'totieh manter, and ullert rare loducetmaita W waottnw Dr»i-ili«s hoard, Persons can be tsocomtuoiUled wlta imSltmNO—Plensnnl rmunTnml Oml lest d<wr In »nrllir'a2j«i^^_—w t) oftvOMflntcP. , TiOAKD—liy a imi/# IB a nflyato gmi* I > ste •hpV*HliS*eit*t«**s'»» »«*ol». wHttUM iVall’.i., Weal BM« C « near C,M ‘ A-wt?«a,aUMjt| |»fiuii"X t JVttUiude •.'OK**