Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 5, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Tele graph. Serious Labor Riots in- Belgium. Radical Changes Looked for in the Austrian Ministry. Capital Punishment Abolished Throughout Italy. Resignation of Lord Cowley, English Minister to France. FROM WASHINGTON, Outlines of the President’s New Plan of Compromise. The Sub-Committee on Whiskey Report Against a Reduc tion of the Tax. The Grand Jury’s Presentment in the ease of John Q. Surratt. Scheme for Securing a Permanent Peace With the Indians. COMB, •Sonata—Text of Mr, Williams' Bill for tlie Government of tho Southern States. Yesterday's Progress on flic Bankrupt Bill. House-Decisive Action on tho Currency Question. The River and Harbor Dill As signed for the 15th Inst. BUI Passed Abolishing the Office of Superintendent of Pub lic Printing, FROM SPRINGFIELD. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro' ceediogs. Bill Introduced to Provide for a Constitutional Convention. 'The Warehouse Bill Recom mitted to the Railroad Committee. Prospects of tho Internal Improvement Bill Have a Dubious Look. - I EOH EUEOPE. BY OCEAN TELBGBAFIX. CHEAT SUIT ACT. I<ondon, February 4. Lord Cowleybas resigned. London, February 3. Despatches from tho Continent announce the resignation of Count Beletldl. I<orn>oit, February 4. The atcamer Undine, ordered built for Emperor ot Mexico has been finished and will eoon sail for Vera Crux. lABOB BIOTS IN BELGIUM. Serlons labor riots occurred at Marchlennes, -near Lille. Troops were called onL Several riot -ora were killed. London. February 4—Evening. It ecema that it was got Marehlonnc*, France, where the labor riots occurred, but Mnrc.lennes, a village of Belglnm. London, February 4. The labor riots m Belgium are spreading. r&ANCZ. Pams, February 3. Funds for the benefit ol the Cretans arc very successful. Prince Napoleon received the American Minis ter, General Dix, to-day at the Palais Royal. Pams, February 4. Imprisonment for debt is to be abolished in France. 3 he Emperor bis refused to allow General Prim, of Spain, the lornlnUonlet, to remain In France. It IB ct-Umaicd that tbc value of roods already received for the Exposition, amount to one mil lion pounds sterling. The first iron-clad man-of-war ordered by the •Japanese Government, is now being constructed at Toulon. nrroTinm botax. aixiakcb. It Is reported tbit the King of Greece; is about to Barry a Dilutees of the Imperial family o Russia. rnuasia. Rerun. February 8. Fred. Carl la a candidate for the new German Parliament. It Is reported that the Governments of Prussia and Davsrls are arranging tbe>basla of a treaty of .alliance, offensive and defensive. AUSTRIA. Vikxka, February*. A radical change to the Anilrlan Ministry pending. Tfac resignation of Count Bdctcdl hu been ac cepted by the Emperor, and Baron Von Bcnat has been made President of the Council of Stale. BCMU. St, rcrsiunrao, February S. A direct mad baa boon established between, ibis city and Pekin. The service requires forty right days. south American news, London, February 3. Tbe mall steamer from Sooth America brings tbe following intelligence : Tbs United States war steamers Kbamoktn and Pensacola left Monte video January Bib for tbe Pacific ocean. Tbe 'laslata and Itesaca were at Hto Janeiro. Tbe bspb at Dabla bad been robbed of $226,000. Xlraail waa continuing her preparations for a. wigotous prosecution of tbe war against Paraguay « KXrbOSION IN TAAAOUAT. Advices are received that a terrible explosion, ■Accompanied with great lots of life, recently -occurred In Paraguay. gUTICAI. PUMWUMENT ABOLISHED niAOCOSOCT IT ALT. FLonrNcs, February 4. Tbe National Parliament has abolished capital punishment throughout Italy. BTtAMEB AAUITALS. UvmrooL, February 4. Tbe sliuimFblp Erin, from New York, arrived at <iu«en*to\ns yesterday. LtTEUTOOL, February 4—evening. Tbe steamship Manhattan, from New York, has arrived Latest Foreign Markets, Lojrnox, February 4—Soon. Illinois Central shares, 81; Erie,S9J<; MO bonds. IMS; Consols, W 9-16. . .. Lmxpoou February 4—Neon. Cotton opens heavy and In active, sale* not exceeding •6,000 bales. Middling uplands, 14V* _ LrrrrpooL, February 4—Evening, Cotton market continued dull, and closed at a de cline ot V- Middling uplands, lljf. Sale* 6JW) hairs. Breads luffs, dull. Lard, Ms. Tallow, «*, Spirits tur pentine's*. Petroleum. refined, is 6Xd. Loxoos. Febnxary 4-Evenlng Consol* have advanced H per cent, and closed at 909-16 for money. American tecurlUcs closed at me ioltowlngrales: U. B.MO*s,U 9-16; Illlools Central SI; Erie abates, SB St. Pans, February 4—Evening. C.S. bonds have declined a. Fcasxrorr, February 4—Evening. U. S. bonds dosed at s decline of Asooxenaa, February 4—Evening. The bank has lowered Us rate of discount from 4 to 8# per cent. from the plains. Tl»e Bcporied Smoky Hill fllaiwacre- Contmdletory Account*—Farther Ont- SJw Bcportcd-JllUtmrjr Aid AaUea To’rm. Kansas, February 4.-Tbe report of ini is confirmed by a letter trioau The massacre occurred to the Site route For: ItOcr U) metrjJniß.pokenola. JgSSSS: u,to.»na M'r ,?"L° SfSS SSl’iartS I “iSSS 3 Mdmi seen several times near toe ef4lC a Jffit s i Md toe '? TO . b °“« W their Meal ™ c f; KSe h hc * d ' w,U *r*° r thoSlUncendbalomw Of ho. g e cmi^rfi>.M*.? ot Un * le,i , States force enough to SS*irl£ ml?.?. ai S I>6r 1,1 AU P art o f the con nry, “onte?biuwS. 10 6 °“• •*"** ow ““- iJENvrn, CoU, February 4.—The reported India mrgtjcre on the Smoky Dill Is disbelieved here. “poobM are arriving regularly, and no hostile In dians were beard of between 0 unction City ad Denver. br. Lome, February 4.—The Democrat's 8L Jo eepb special says that the Central City (Colorado) Dealer of the 2tih nit. states: “The Indians made a raid on this station last night, and killed three men and ran ofl with a large amount of stock belonging to a train. A demand haa been made on the blago Agent at Denver for arms and ammunition. More attacks are expected along the Hue.” FROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, February 4. Tm cnmorcT question nr tun house. Two unsuccessful attempts were made In the Iloose to pass resolutions limiting the contrac tion of the currency to four millions. To the second of the resolutions, Mr. lawrence, of Ohio, ottered an amendment, which was ruled oat for the time, bat subsequently presented by Mr. Grinccll, of lowa, ana passed the Uonae—S7 to 57—after much opposition and excitement. All the srgpaclb Mr. McCulloch's friends could com mana rallied against the measure. Thu resolu tion Instructs the Ways and Means Committee to report a bill preventing any contraction of green back currency for the current year. ntroETXD resignation or nun stub cakpdeix. It is reported that Minister Campbell has cither resigned or been removed. THE ABSURD RUNOR CONCERNING GENERAL GRANT. Mr- Stevens is much annoyed at the report that he has been in any way a party to an Investigation ot General Grant's conduct. He says be Is a warm friend of General Grant; that the report U wholly unfounded, and thatltis absurd to suppose a military officer can be impeached. Johnson’s new coxrnoxtSß. Ei-rcbcl embassadors to the White House have concluded that enlfrage foonded oo reading, writing and properly to the amount or $250, will bo more acceptable to the old Southern political leaders than the disfranchising clause of the Amendment. It Is understood tue President and a few Republicans arc leagued with these men lu compromise on this plan. oehebax sbebisax Arrived from New Orleans this evening, most of leading Department Commanders being now bore. General Grant will ask their views on various mtlllarr Questions, particularly as to keeping troops In the Boutb. THE ntVEIt AltD OABBOB BILL. Ibe House Committee on Commerce have *»c* gun the preparation of the River and Harbor Im* provemcnl Hill. Halurday rr next week has been sit aside for Its consideration in the Committee of (he Whole. A BEDEL RUES TOD PANAOBB. tchard Cox, of Georgetown, a rebel, pardoned last fall, and whose property was restored him by Kxccntlre order, to December, commenced a sail AtfolLst Mrs. Blanton, Mrs. Wade, Mrs. Senator Pomeroy and other ladles connected with tbo Mourn lor Colored Orphans and Aged Women, for the use and abuse of hla bouse without Uta con* sent, lie sues for f 10,W0. WItiRKRTTAX. The Ways and Means Committee to day receiv ed the report of (heir sttb-cotnmlueo on whiskey, and concurred with their recommendations ■gainst a reduction of tho (ai thereof. The cum* lultitc will etdoavor to make regulillnn* fur lu manufacture so stringent that Dm next year's rev* euuo will bo much larger Dmti last year. BNCOMHTUOOTION. Tbo moating of Dm Reconstruction Committee ii Baturdsy has been greatly magnified by nsnsa* MimalulH, The conference w#» of llio moat Infor mal character, No bill waa agreed upou, nor were (be main feature* of an; bill doclded on. Ilm committee did not even conclude to report a MU. Auotbtr meeting trill be bold on Wcdne*- day. nit TAiurr mix did not cone front llte printer till Into this even* log, and will be taken up by the Way* and Me ms Committee to-morrow morning, dome ofiUet nDuilal features were cotuldo red while the Sen ate was acting thereupon. The committee hope to repor this week. REMOVAL Of THE If AVAL ACADEMY rUOKn. • The course of the political majority In Maryland la go ohtoxlcms to the loyalists of the country that many members of Congress are strongly of the opinion that the Naval Academy should be moved from Annapolis to some loyal State, and a rcsolul lon Instructing the Naval Commlt ee to In quire Into the expediency of making the removal wan Introduced by Mr. Scbenck, and was put throagn the House this afternoon by 108 to 35. tub conoves trial. The trial of Sanford Conorer for perj ary comes on before Judge Fisbor, of tbo District bnpreme Court, to-morrow. The case crows oat of hU usilmony in the ear!) part of the assassination trials, and related entirely to the Canada branch of the conspiracy. The Judge Advocate General’s Bateau will have no trouble In proving perjury. now omm satu was re-elected. The terms of tbo contract resulting m the election of Garrett Davis, In Kentucky, have been dis closed here. The rcltel element In the Lcglala tote agreed to vote for Davis with the understand ing that the Conservatives should support an active rebel for the nest Governor, and that the rebels i-honldbe the men for Congress in all Consenra five districts in the State. SECONSTSCCTTON. Mr. Stevens and several leading members of the Douse are in consultation to-night upon the aab j ct of rcconstruc'lon. iuconbtboction. Ills understood that a majority of the Recon struction Committee are agreed upon a plan which, it Congress, will oefacceptablc ; t j the Sonin, and will speedily settle the question I of readjustment. The leading Southern men | i.ow in Washington give assutance that their constituents will at once comply with Us rcqulal- UODB. Ibo New York Iribtmt'a special says: u ln (ho meeting of tbe UecoastrncltoD Committee on Sai uiday. each plan was debated Ihoronghly. Mr. Stevens advocated his plan, but, it is said, did not receive cucb encouragement. They ad jonrned to meet on Tuesday. It la doubtful whether a majority will agree upon any of the plans tuTore them. New VmiK, February 4.—The WorUPs Wash ington special says: The highly Important con sultations which the President and his Cauinet have been holding with leading Southerner? on a ucw plan for reconstruction, and alluded to->a«t week, ended last night in an agreement Chat a scries of resolutions drawn np at the conference, in Davor of suffrage based on reading and writing and a pronerty qualification of $250, sbonld l»e submitted for anoption to the Southern Legisla tures. to nave the way for the snhnvssion of the question by the Prerfucnt In his message to tbe Fortieth Congress. These resolutions »eresent to the Governors of several of the Southern crates, to-day, accompanied by an ad.nsory letter, stating that they fmeet the ('resident's approval. Thequcstiun ot amnesty docs notappear to have been an cstenllal feature of the proposed plan. Pabib, February 4. the Governor of North Carolina was telegraphed to-night to keep (he Lcgl-laturc Is session lo con* aider there pjoporltiotis, aud similar measures were >rnt to the Executives of Alabama, Get) nr la and Mississippi. Governor Orr, of South Caro lina, left to-night lo submit the plan to the Legis lature of bis own State. oexeual jmrarDAW. It is rumored that General Sheridan will he sent out to the plains to conduct the Impending Indian war. scunxn fob scctmrao a pxnxaKurr rxict wim fttllLAL rvU A'UVif (li.M TBS THDIABB. Senator Wilson submitted to the Senate to-day a communication from the Secretary of War trans mitting from General Grant a plan proposed by CclomlPaikcr. ofhis staff. for e«ta bibbing a per manent peace with the Indians. It proposes, first, the transfer of the management of Indian affairs lo tbc War Department, for many reasons among which Is the necessity of abolishing the trading and agency sysem. Second, the establishment of Territorial Governments for (he Indians. Third, the appointment ol an Inspection board as a tem porary measure, to examine the accounts of Inclati Agents, and inspect the goods and agri cultural implements furnished the Indians. Fourth, ■Commission, consisting of whites and educated Indians, to visit all the tribes, hold talks witbTbcm, show them the benefits of permanent peace and the abandonment of nomadic life, the adoption of atrriculluial pnrsntti and of consolida ting In onelerrilory. Tbc American Government protests it can never adopt the policy of a tout extermination of tbs Indian race without tbelo-s of nntoid treasure and the lives of her people, besides the abhorrence and censnrc of the entire civilized world. Maif.r Genera) Pope ban written a loiter to Gon na! Grant In favor of the transfix of tno Indian Dnreau to the War Department. Drauir, February 4. The loan certificate proposition U approved by Senators Fessenden and hhmnan, and there n iMllc or no opposition la cither hoasctolL i*cc* ictary McCmloch also approves It. Vizinu, February 4. UNITED STATXS BUI'UXNS COUNT. WASirnsorow, February l.—lu the Supremo No.'w.-lJtiUcdHlilM, ex. tel.. Van Hoffman, plaintiff tn error, vs. The City of Onlner, In error *»o Circuit Comllor Southern District of Illinois. Judgment reverted. with cos la, per Justices Bwaync and caao. . . „ „ . „ No. 1 C.-Coodnch & Drew, appellant, rs.Clty of Chtcaco. Appeal from Circuit Court for Northern District of Illinois. Dectco affirmed, with costs, per Justice Swayno. . No.Pi.—Evans, plaintiff In error, vs. Patterson, in crr,>r To Circuit Court for the Western Du- 1 trtciof Peotisylvatda. Judgment affirmed, with co»ts, per Justice Drier. . . . No. H7—Polled State* vs. Anthony. A certificate o division from the eastern district of Michigan. 'llie Oral question answered in the affirmative, which render* an answer to the remaining ques tion nunecessary. . No. ftH-Urtled Slates r». Qulnhy. Corttflealo of division from same circuit. Same result as Id preceding case. Per Nelson. Jndee, No. um—'Tbe Yellow Jacket Washoe Mining Case. Writ of error dismissed for want of juris diction, which leaves the ortclnal Judgment of tbeSoprtme Court of Nevada undisturbed and is In favor of tbe Company. About one-fourth of the mine, valued at about 2000,000 or fBW,OW In sold, was Involved. mb. BSWARn'a zATU-rmorratT. A special to the Commercial say* the I’resident« European corresponded who criticised Minister Moth y was Mr. McCracken, a relation of Charles O'Coucor of New York. nr* ranirr mu. The Tariff Dill can hardly pas* the Mouse. naxKuerr mu. The prospect* of the passage of tbe Bankrupt Rill arc good. * TTI* T*3TAS_ ISCMOCITT DOJTO* London, February 8. George Taylor, Robert J. Brent and Richard Merrick, attorney* for the State oi TVxas. have commerced salt In the Hailed States District Conn in thi* city, against (be Secretary of the Treasury, merely for the purpose of testing the right ot toe holder* of certain indemnity bonds to recover the amount thereof, namely, one hundred dollar* in gold. It Is merely a ones* tlon of title. Texas allege* that these londs were improperly procured from the State on unfulfilled contract* daring the rebellion, and sold to various parties, who now claim payment, and for this they should not be honored by the Government. tiue or rntn. (nrva&D. The jfoeboat GctlVstnrp, Admiral*Porter, and Fred. toward. from the we«i Indies, retumloc Irnm a secret mission, artired In Chesapeake Bay this momlDc. Bound to Annapolis. nnwtD. V» Asunroro*. February 4.—Captain GuestGans seTort has been placed on the naval retired Hit. umiCTMEST or sinuLiTr. This afternoon tne Grand Jury presented an In dictment against John U. Surratt, me Indict ment Is accompanied by a presentment charging .lobe Wllk-s Booth with the murder ot Abrsnara IJncoln, and John B. SorraU, Uavld E, flarrold, Levis Payne and Geo. A. AUerodt with being merent, aiding and abetting, on or at.oal ibc 14th of April, 18t>5. The indictment is for' murder, and In Its first count charges that John It. Surratt, on or about the 14ih day of April, 1 era, did TU'irdcr Abraham Lincoln. The second count charges that John ll.Sarrattand John Wilkes Booth did murder Abraham Un rein. The third count charges with the murder of Abraham Lincoln, J ihn n. Surrath, Lewi* Payee, John Wilkes Booth, David B. Harrold, Giorge A. Auerodt, and Mrs. M. E, Snrratu Tb 2 fourth count charges that J. Wilkes Booth, J. n. Furratt, D. E Harrow, Q. A. AUerodt. L. Payne and U E. Surratt did complre and confederate lopether to VUI and murder Abraham Lincoln, ixntiv nkutaaitos. A delegation front too Indian tribes residing u VOL. XX. Karins, who arrived in Washington .last w-ek, I ad a business Inicrvlewwiih the Coa.ulß*lon‘*r of Indian AOairs this afternoon. Ihe delegation visited the diy lor the purpose of making ar tangements to remove from the laud non occu pied by them In Kansas and nettle on tv*d set apart for (hem in the Indian Territory. Trie in terview cottlnued some time, bnt no arrange ments wore entered into, and another will take place in a few days. General Howard, Commissioner of the Freed reen's Burean, issued to-day the following order to Assistant Commissioners throughout the coon- special attention of Assistant Commis sioners is callt d to the subjec' of transportation. Transportation is siren only to relieve the Gov ernment of tbo support of the in-Jlgvnt, and tn able those In extreme want to reach places where they can pionde for themselves. Hereslrer no orders for the transportation of freedmeo aod refugees will be Issued except from this office, and every application, besides the rigid condition already imposed, mast set forth clearly the fact of extreme dostUaUon, which mustlbo certified." CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Mr. CHANDLER presented the protest of (be citizens of Michigan against the issue of Ameri can rtclftcis to Canadian built vessels. Re ferred. The Military Committee was discharged from Ibe {Briber consideration ot the House bill to authorize the con*traction of a military and post road from Washington to New York. The CHAIR submitted the credentials of Sena tor Howe, of Wisconsin, for six years from the 4Ui ot March. übe House amendment to the Joint resolution for the payment of the Kentucky militia called Into Government service, was concurred in. Mr. PATTERSON Introduced u resolution which was adopted, calling upon the Secretary of War to transmit conic* of the orders to Generals Burnside and Schofield, organizing a commission •u investigate the claims of loyal Tennesseeans for aimvitote*. Mr. IlAlUtlß. from the Judiciary Committee, , rrpoitcd a resolution to par the Senators from Tennessee compriiraltun to be computed rrnm the commencement of tho Thirl v-nlulh '.digress. * Mr. TUUWiJIiIX raid be thought the senators I from Tcodcb*oo wete entitled to compeneaUan i from the Oslo of the admission ol Tennessee, bat not before; but to ray (bon from the commence* meet of Congress would beta admit that Tenure- 1 ret- was entitled to repreeentatioo all along. If Ibis prln' iple wrre applied to fennnsseo it would apply to Bmuli Carolina, and when the benatora Horn that Hale were admitted, as*bey sooner or lalcMnnst be. they would claim compensation from the date of their election, and must receive It. On motion of Mr. WJLHMt. the resolution waa postponed till to morrow. Mr. I’ATI KUHUN presented a rnaotutlon of tbo Tennessee Legislature, taking that Tontiossoo l«o admitted to the bcncQisof Hie act of Congress do nating lands*othe sovcial Hates for Agricultural collee'w. Oideml print'd. Mr. WIU.IAWH presented Ihe following, which . waa lefcncd to the Cominilleo on Hoc inatrnc* I Con! I A HIM. to provide (or the mom efficient govern* Po nt of the insurrectionary Hlatiat WiianKta, Tim preii tided main Government* ot the late su>ralhni Uoiifi'drrsln Hla'oa of Vlr* grins, Notlh Caiullnn, Hmrtli Carolina. Georgia. Mississippi. Alahamn, lioulstana, Florida, Ten* ard Arkanaaa were m»I up without authority of t ongreaa, and therefore am of ho Constitutional validity; ami. ... ... WnauKAa, They are In the band* and under Iho eon* rut or Dm unrepentant Under* of tha r«d»ti* lion, and afford no aiu-uuau) protection (or Ufa and property, hut by ilieir ronnlvnauco, encour age l*wU«ane»B and crime } and, Wiibiiias, lilaneceaiary that peace and good order ahall bo enforced In aald so-called Htalea uni)) loyal and Kepubllcau Oovenjm«-ma can be legally formed; therefore, lie it utAOTKO, Ac., Ac.. That each of aald *o calltd Mates ■bull cou.Unilo a military district, to bo subject to the military authorities of the United htalea, aa herein enacted and prescribed. Hid. s. Thaillshall bo ilia duty of tbo General of the army, nnaer the auibonty of ttn President of the United htalea, to assign to tbo command of raid district# an odlcer of the regular army, not below the rank of Brig aalei General, and to furrlab such officer with anillltary lore-.* sufficient to enable him to I perform bis duties and enforce bla authority I within tbc district to which ho I* assigned. Sxc 3. That It shall be the dare of each officer assigned as aforesaid to protect all peace* able and law abiding persona In their right* or person and property, to enp* press insurrection, disorder and violence, and to punish or cause to be punished, til disturbers of the public peace and criminals. To this end he may allow the local tribunals to take Jurisdiction and try offenders, or when. In bis ndgment. It be necessary for the trial of encod ers. be shall have power to organize a military commission or tribunal for that purpose, any thing in the Corstitution or laws of the so-called Stalls to the contrary notwithstanding, and all interference by the said pretended Government with the exercise of the military authority under this act shall be void and of no effect. Sac A. Thai Conr a and judicial officers of tbo Unlu d Slutes may i-sue writs of Aabtat eorput in behalf of the prisoners In military custody only when some commissioned officer on duty in the district whole fbe petition originates shall endorse on said petition a statement certifylnpnpnn honor ibatbrbas knowledge or Information as to the | cause and circumstances of the alleged detention. and believes the same to be wrongfully, and that Lo tclteves the endorsed petition Is made in good faith, and that lustlce - may be done,ood not to hinder or delay the punishment of ciimc;»nd all peaon* put under military arrest by virtue of this act shall lie tried without nn* neccssaty delay, and no crnel or unusual punish* xn* nt shall he inflicted. hsc.S. That to sentence of any military tribu* nal aiTcctlng Ibc liberty or life of any person shall, he executed until approved by the oQicer In com* matdofihe proper district, and the laws and regulations of tbo government of the army shall not be aUcctcd by tots act except lo so far as they conflict with its provisions. Mr. SUMNER Introduced a bill supplementary to the acta abolishing imprisonment fur d.tbt, piovldtng that all persons arre-toa on execution horn the United Situs Comts, shall be treated as they would bo under the S ate laws. Referred. Mr. TBUMBULIs from* the Judiciary Commit tee, reported adversely on the Davis resolution, drdatativcof tbo principle of the Constitution relative to writ? of h cheat eorjiut. The commit tee was discharged from Us further consideration. Mr iKUHBULL. from the Committee on the Judicialy, reported an amendment lo the hill pro viding for abutment of Justices of the Supreme Court among circuits. The section authorising ih*. Mipremo Court to appoint a Marshal for the District of Columbia is S'inci* out, and tho Courts direct are given power to nominate Marshals, Instead of upon the nomination of the Chief Jus* nee. %•_ Tnninrti r... IL. .... iv. Mr. TRUMBUIL. from the Committee on the •ludiciary, reported a hill providing that the act authorizing'the payment of certain demands for L'vartvrnisstcr stoics and subsistence supplies furnished to the United States shall not be construed to authorize the settlement of claims for stores taken or Inmlsbod for tbe use of (he armies, nor for the nse or Injury to tcm! cs’ate or personal property by military authority or troops of t h .c United States, where the claim orlg- Iratcd during the late rebellion, In any State de clared in Insurrection by the proclamation of July Ist. 19U2, excepting to loyal citizens of West Virginia and Tennessee. *lte VICBPRESIDENT submitted thejolnlree elation of the J-cgirlaturo of Wisconsin, instructing Senator Doolittle to resign his scat, which were ordered tabled and printed. The bill to grant aid for the Contra) Pacific Rail road passed. The Joint resolution authorizing an Increased compensation to the civil employes ol the Gov erement In Washington whose salary docs not exceed fS.SHO, nss debated without action. Mr IHC.MUUI.I.nrsed an amcnrmenl to make its beat-fits apply to female clerks. On motion or air. SHERMAN, the bill to regn late the tenure of office was postponed, and the bankrupt Dill was consincrcd and amended sllcbtlr. Mr. WILLIAMS offered a proviso that no pro cceultigs in involuntary bnnkrnptcy|under this act shall absolve anv obligation of any existing con- tractor ooligatloo. Mr. SHERMAN said the effect of this would be to kill tbe till! indirectly, and bo preferred a di rect vote. Mr. HENDERSON moved to recommit tbe bill with curtain instructions. Rejected. Mr. Williams’ amendment wav rejected. An omeniluiect was adopted that no proceeding under this act shall be commenced before tbo Ist of June next. Ur. HOWARD moved to strike nnt tbo section relative lo corporations, which contains a proviso for the loifcllurc of their franchises In case of bankruptrr. Adjourned. Several Mila and resolutions were Introduced. Including Iho following, by Mr. KKtJA*: To pro* titbit Ibo Seel clary of the Treasury from telllug goM. Itcferred. Mr. UItIMKH ottered a resolution tbattbe public lotcieot demands ibat there real) not bu during the cared year any icductlonof greenbacks, and directing H'e Committee of Ways and Means to report a bill to that cfioct. HcsoluUon adopted— *>?lo 6’. TIK&SOUL. Ity Mr. McKKR, (n empower the Judge* of the District Courts of tbe United Stales to hear and dedrmlne appeals from Uulr own Judgment. Hefei red Dy Mr. THtNULB. to repeal the lax on State Han* chcnlatlon. Deferred. Py Mr. MAYNAHD, for the relief of loyal dll ntis of the United Slates tulbo lately Insurrcc* lioiiary Slates, iteierird. 11; Mr. DKKHKKri. to re-establish civil Govern merits In the States lately rebellions, and to enable them to resume their former relations with tbe Union. Defined to the Committee on Dceon* ■tt action. ity Mr. Abllf.RY, to guarantee a Republican fmm of Government In the Mates recently in rebellion, excepting Tennessee. Heterred to Com* tmiteo on Hecoostiuc'lou. Ur. Ashley said the hill wss drawn up by the Bonlhera Association of Washington. Hy Mr. bPAOLDINO, In reference to a navy yard on the northwestern lakes. Itef<-rrcd. liy Mr. UPbON, for l><a survey of the harbor at the month of the itlvor, Michigan. Hrterrcd. By Mr. BEAMAN, resolution of tbe Michigan approving the action ot Congress on tbe Dtslilct Snfirngc Bill. Ueferred. By Mr. COBB, ibe resolutions of tbe Wisconsin Legislature Instructing 8t nctor Doolittle to t eslgn. Ur. KELSO’S Impeachment resolutions ot the Tib of January were refcrredlothe Judiciary Com* rolttie. Mr. NOEI.I. offered reeoioUons Instructing the Committee on tin* District of Colombia to report a Mil extending suffrage to tbe women in the Dll* tilcU and lostmctliig the Judiciary Committee to report a blit authorizing a ca.l for a Constitution* al Convention In Massachusetts to make a Const!* mtloo tor that State, Hepnbbean in form. Debate anting, toe resolutions went over. Mr.“VILSON, of lowa, offered a resolution do* clai log it to be the opinion of the House that tbe public lntero*ts will not jnstlfv a greater curtail* ment of the national circulation than four mil lions per month during ISCT, which forty-o lent millions ought not to be exclusive of and in addl* lion to tbe compound interest notes falling doe during 'he current year, and mat In lieu of such amount of compound interest notes as may be* cuiue due and tie redeemed within tbe year, as may te in excess of the amount o( currency an* thonzed to be I withdrawn, toe Secret*ry ot tbe treasury oncbl to be authorized and icqncstedjio Isbue United Slates legal tender nous without in- (&i)u<xso nn rBKKDMXh's dubxau. Washington, February 4. SENATE. IIOUSR. Mr. WiLSOS moved the previous question, wbrrb the House refused to sicond, and Mr. WEM WORTH risirg to debate toe resolution, 1C vent over till Monday. . . . , .Mr. PHIOE Offered a similar resolution and de meiidvd the previous question, which was nega tived—yeas 6?. nave C 9. •the resolution then went over till Monday. > dditronsl bids were introduced: By Mr. LYNCH, to provide for the resumption of specie payment. By Mi. DGSNELLT. to provido lor the exten sion ot the Northern Pacific Railroad tram Sioux Cny to )jiie Superior. By Mr. CLARK, granting lands to Kansas for the cvnsti action of railroad and telegraph in the direction of Gnaymts, Mexico; to authorize a bridge across the Missouri River at Fort Leaven worm. By Mr. BRADFORD, for completing the survey of Colorado Territory, and providing forth* con struction of a wagon road from Denver lo Salt Lake City. a AH referred. __ Mr. FARNSWORTH oQVred a resolution of thanks to Secretary Stanton. General Meigs and others,for the burial ot soldiers who died u bat- tie, and the ciiKction of (h:lr names in rolls of bocor. Passed. The l«tn oi February was assigned for the con sideration of the River and Harbor Bill. Mr. LYNCH offered a resolution that it Is the duty of Congress to establish Governments in the Soulh which can maintain the authority of the National Government, suppress violence, and pro tect all citizens in the dcrci-o of tbclr lawful rights. Referred to the Committee on Recon struction. Mr. SCIIENCK, under a suspension of the rules, referred to Ibe resolution instructing Naval Com mittee to Inquire into thepropnetyofthe removal of the Naval Academy from Maryland to some point in a loyal Slate, and report by bill or other wise. Adopted—JOS agaln*t 3S. Ou motion of Mr. BINGHAM, the Secretary of aiate was directed to report wbat States have adopted the Constitutional Amendment proposed by the Thirty-ninth Congress. A communication from the Secretary of War was received, transmitting the report of the en gineers relative to the harbors of Pcntwster and Fere Marquette. Mich. The bill for abolishment of the office of Soper- Intent of Public Pnnbug and tor the election of a (.cngresalonal Printer by tbo Bouse was passed. Mr. WILSON, from tbo Jnalclary Committee, re ported back the House bill to declare valid and conclusive certain proclamations of the President, and acts done In pursuance thereof, for the sup pression of the rebellion. The bill was mads the special order alter the Civil Rights Bill and bill to equalize bounties ware disposed of. The House, in Committee of the Whole, con sidered the Fortification Bill, of which the enact ing clause was finally stricken out, which is a rejection of the bill. The commute* rose and the House confirmed the action of the commltee, and adjourned. FROM SPRINGFIELD. (Special Despatch to the .Chicago Tribune 1 snusanmn, m., Fcbru--? i. wibttuk ciiios BAimoau cokpaht or WBC«.r sts. The bill to authenticate the incorporation of (he Western Union Railroad Company, and Its consolidation with the Racine ft Mississippi Rail' mad, now known as the Western Union R. R. Co. of Wisconsin, and grant tights of transportation by water, passed the House this forenoon. This bill provides that all acts and agreements of con rolldatinn hereafter made and entered Into bo* Irrecn the Western Union Railroad Company of Illinois, and the Western Union Railroad Com* oat.y of Wisconsin, and also between the Western Colon Railroad Company and the Northern Illinois Railroad Company ot Illinois, arc fully rallDcd and conferred; j>rocidsd that this act shall not be construed to street or im* pair any right or franchise now belonging to the llactno ft Mississippi Railroad. Its creditors, stockholders and assignees, or any right in,'con* irovctilng on tbs accrued suit lately pending la the rtrnill Court nl Hlephenson County, of the Farm* srs' Roan ft Trust Company sgilml the Racine ft Mississippi Railroad Company and others, nor shall fho act bo construed lo affect or Impair any rlt lit of any creditor or non-conscnting stock* holder of ettlirr of Dio companies so consolidated. Hcrhon three gives power to the consolidated company to establish a general water transoorls* Don business on the Mississippi River and on Die lake*, river*, cansls, ftc„ situated within or wlihnul Die Hiates, and also to euuabuct warehouses, piers, docks, dry-docks, ifte. The following amendment to (ha third section wa» adopted much against the wishes of the (Hands of the measure: fVorfd'rf, said corporations shall not In any way obstruct the free landing, lading and unlading of freight and passengers of all other boata navigating said utters at any point where aneb boata bare been heretofore accustomed to txans* act inch business, nor shall It rise the river front atPavannab, north of Munay street, nor shall It so use the franchise hereby granted aa lo prevent furnishing care, and other means of transports* Don for all passengers or products received wttbto ibis S'ele, and if any preference Is to be given, Itronstbe In favor of the latter. The friends of this bill claim that the above amendments cut them out of all rights which they acquired by purchase in Savannah, on the Missis* eippl River, the western terminus of the road. The friends of the bill prefer to have it defeaed rather than contain the amendment. A movement will be made lo reconsider the vote. BECOKBIDEHED, P. S. Sisco writing the above, the vote on the passage of the bill has been reconsidered, and the bill referred to the Judiciary Committee. nxaovAL or the national capital. The Donee this forenoon unanimously passed a resolution In favor of the removal of the Untied States Capital from Washington to a more central location. PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. A resolution was also unanimously adopted an •horlrJng the appointment of a committee to In* veatigate the afialra of tbo Insane Hospital, Blind Asylum and Deaf and Dumb Institute, at Jack* sonville. niTi. ALLOWING INTERESTED PASTIES TO ACr AS witnesses. Among the bills passed by the Douse to-day 'was one to allow parties and others Interested to testily as witnesses. The bill provides that no person who shall be otTvel as a witness in a civil soli shall be incompetent by reason of bis in terest in the result of such suit; also, that any party to a suit shall be a competent witness In bis own bcbslf, orin behalf of any other party to each suit, and bis testimony may be taken either orally or by deposition In the same manner, the same as In the case of any other witness: Provided that when one party to the snitls dead the other shall not bo allowed to testify; also that husbands and wives shall bo al lowed to testify for or against each other as to the title or ownership of all properly belonging to such wife in her own right, other than that of dower, whenever such ownership shall be at leene or Involved In any mil salt or proceed ings in any court In this Stale. CHICAGO UNION CLUB nOUSE. Tbe bill to incorporate the Chicago Union Club Uonse of Chicago passed the House 10-day. The Senate having previously passed the bill, U will be a law as soon as el trued by the Governor. RESOLUTIONS AJTIRXINO TUX NONHOE DOCTCIirS. Ike House 10-day nranixonsly pissed the res oluticns which had previously passed the Senate, a (finning, the Monroe doctrine.Q CANAL BILL. Hie fate of the Canal Dill In tbo Bouse is da* hioos. Its friends arc amble to coant up a sure majority m IU favor. The chief objections to the bill are that It embraces 100 maty objects; that the cost of the Improvements are not sufficiently determined or ascertained. The members from the west* cm and southern portions of the State strenuously object to the appropriation of money for the Dock River Improvement, contend lug that It Is local and not Slate In Its character, and that bat half a dozen counties are interested in the Improvement. Another objection Is that no estimates of the cost of Improving It Is befote the House or any reliable Fuiveys or data of any Dtind. It is contended hat five or alx million may be sunk before tbo Dock River can be rendered navigable for steam boats, as numerous dims and locks will bo re quired on account of the Urge falls In that stream. Other members contend that If the State shall improve Rock River, It ought also lo improve the Fox, the Kaskaskia, tbc Kanka kee and other streams. Some of tbc Egyptian mcu.bcrs argue that the State should render aid In constructing a projected railroad from Cairo to SLLoals, and another from Cairo to Vincennes, and that Ibcir section of country Is as much entitled to aid for (belt local public works os (be people of the Rock River country. A considerable opposition Is beginning lo de- vclop itsolt against andcrtakinp to construct the projected canal from Dcotcpln to Keek Island, until the Improvement of the Illinois Klverand the enlargement of the Illinois Canal are first completed. The great cost of tho Rock Island Canal and Feeder, and the limited Illinois (err!- lory which it would benefit, are arced against It* comtractton. How far ill these objections may afret the final vole, remains to bo teen; bat odo thing 1» certain, If tbs blit falls It will be inconsequence of being loaded wl»h whit are railed local project*. There appear* to bo no denial of ibe necessity that ex* hts for Improving tbe navigation of ; he Illinois Hirer, acd of deepening and widening the Illinois Canal, thereby connecting tbe sy»Um of Mississippi Klvcr navigation with the Great I akes. This Is conceded on all sides to be a btate work of the great* eat Importance, and free from all objections of a more local nature. Every cent expended In Improving tbe Illinois Hirer and canal helps tolncictie the'revenues derived from tolls. A couple of million* ;cf dollars wonld msko the Hlvvr nrvlcablc lor steamboats and other trail drawing six feet of water for nine in tbe ,yrar, thereby quadrupling the'commercu of both canal and river. A few million* more would suffice to deepen and enlarge tbe canal to steamboat navigation, or for canal boats and barges moved by steam toga. When this Is accomplished, the receipts from tolls would be millions per annum, and the question of railroad freights would be settled forever, Inde pendent of al! quibbles about ibe vested riebts of monopolies If the btate makes tbe 1m provcmsnt of the Illinois River and canal, tt will not hesitate to embark In me construction of a canal to connect with tbe Mississippi at Rock Island. It is hoped that both workamay be undertaken at once, bat the present prospects are net as brilliant as eonld be desired bytaclr fries ds. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. 1 HANOI*. [Special Despatch to (he Chicago Tribune.] SntcionxU). 111., February L SENATE. BILL TOB TUB BUOBXiTIOJt OB JUVZSIit. W» rsansns. Mr. roller's bill for the reformation of juvenile offenders come op as the special order. Tte Senate want Into Committee of the whole, reported back the MIL and rose, asking t*be dis charged from us tnrtbcr consideration. Tbo MU was recommitted to the Judiciary Committee. prrmoKs. Petitions were pit sen led from Tartans parts of the slate, asking for toe passage of Eastman's Warehouse BUL , ms man eras rso vu. The Judiciary Committee reported fhvorably on ibe bill disfranchisingdesertec#»and rebel sympa thise re, and recommenced Us passage, mu. to paevinx ron x cojerrmmosxL cosna- Tins. Mr McCONNETX reported a bill from the Ju diciary Committee, earning oat the 'lews ex messed la his reeolations recently introduced. It nroTidce for the celling a Constitutional Con- Tontlon on the fourth Monoay In Aatnxst next, the election to be held on the first Monday in July, the Constitution to be inbollted to the peoole, end if ratified* to so Into effect when the Con vention sh*U determine. The bill vu ordered to be printed XFX B TiX. CommlUw |rtw reported i bUI CHICAGO, TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 5. 1867. refuudirgthe tax for bounties to soldiers’ vldaw* and orphans. Ordered printed STATE CXOLOOWT*B I * nr °, n Tl ♦».. AX. Considerable discussion took pl«e«»»< dls tnbntion of (ho State Geologist's’“J® subject «u recomiaJlusd to the - CcmmLtoc on Mr.JLASTMAN Introduced a bin for South Chicago, take and Hyde Park- Ordered printed. SZUS PASSED. . _ BlUe passed to Incorporate the Sandwich insur ance Companvs to amend the law providing fort levee on the Mississippi River in Monroe and Randolph coustiea: tolncornorale the CsrtUrnlle Horse Railway Company; to jneorprrato lt» Dan vllle Gas Ught Company; to Incorporate the Chi cat o Screw and Bolt Company. Adjourned tilt two o'clock p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. BUU REFERRED. Messages were taken up and s large number re ferred to committees. 'I he Penitentiary Appropriation BUI came up as the special order. . _ A . Mr. STRAIN was opposed to U. He thought the Item for clothing furnished convicts too large. Be had other objections to the bill. .... Messrs. Hunter, Ttnch*r and Iteily defended U. A vote was taken and the bQI was lost for want of a malorlty of the enure Senate. Several Berators changed their votes for the purpose of moving for a reconsideration. Mr. STRAIN explained that he really had no hostility to the bill, and gave notice that be would move a reconsideration. vfTJJ TAKEN UP ON THIRD RXADTNO AND PASSED. To snthoiUe the city of Ottawa to subscribe for the stock of tbe Ottawa Manniaeturing Company: In relation to district road tax; to in corporate a hotel company in Quincy. THE WARXIOUSE BILL. ,1. tMu>ni i« _u... ,I.,tt 1..... rim Mr. EASTMAN called up his Warehouse 818 on Us final ravage. Mr. MACK offered a series of-to dimctlons to report next Wednesday morning. ■ M r. A DDA MS hoped ft would not be sent to die n.mrritlee. for be thought it would be Its defeat. A 'otc was taken, and tbe motion adopted by WtoO. oxxtxcs. A latco number of bill* were pot Info an omni bus and nincty-alx pawed, among lhem»ncioi lowmg: To incorporate too Anderson Female Seminary; to Incorporate the Rock River Water Power and Navigation Company; to transfer a poitlon of the aorplua cf the interest fmo! .0 incorporate the Moline and Rock Island Railroad ompany: to incorporate the Fine Art College ol Chicago; to regulate the payment of interest on the General CoMcre and Seminary fund: to Incor* poiao the Hyde Park library Company: to • incorporate the Chicago Union Manuractoiing Company; to Incorporate the Chicago Building Company; (0 Incorporate the Soldiers* Home In Chicago; to incorporate the Illinois Win* Company; loempower th** Cook County t ornnrrlo employ Rcnnllcs; to incorpo rate the Orphan Asylum at Cairo: to Incorporate the Young radios’ Athcnram of Jacksonville: to Incoiporite the Northweeten Aisoclated Prnsa Whin the toll was called ou the omnibus, Mr. llclly would not vole, for the reason that tic did not know the contoala of the bills and hid no means of knowing. Afljouruml. IKWHK. nrrmoNs. _ relitinns from Hock Island, Mvlneston, Da* rngo und other counties. praying for the passage of a law to regulate warehouses, ware received. . niMiirma tiueoitTe. Tim standing amt select committees reported a large number* of hills In routlmt course, which warn disposed of according to rule. MTtvßKtoN's uoan naan mu- Mr. HTKVKfsHON made a sirngglo for Ihe adop* Hon of a substitute for a hill introduced by him* self, exempting lager borf from all prohlbiinry laws and ordinances. Too aubstume waa refuted and UlO original tabled. • cnroiwoAjtccor tiiebuiio*, Mr. bflKPAll!) lutrodticfd a reaolotlon to con* Hone this aoaelim of the Legislature until March Hoverai amendments were proposed, and ftler some dlfcnasioQ the whole subject waa laid over until to-morrow. TUB HATIOSAI. CAPITAL. Mr. KNAPP offered a resolution (hat the Na tional Uapl'ai should be in the centre of popula tion, virtually In the middle of tho country, la sicnd of on the verge, tho ahorea of the At lantic . \ Adopted. inr ftatk nxsrxTounrr iNsrnmoNa. Mr. BATES offered a resolution that three members from the Boose and two from the Sen* aio be appointed a special committee to inquire into ana report on the management of the state institutions for the insane, deal; dumb and blind. Adopted. TUB BU7TDJLT Mr. SHEPARD presented the petition of the Workingmen's Association of Chicago, relative to the Sunuay laws of that city. Referred. baixuoaps. The Committee on Railroads, through Mr. SHIRLEY, called up the bill incorporating the Dccatnr & East at. Loots Railroad Company, which was read a third time and passed. tox oak rang boad. A ila u*a > .m, uv.w. Mr. &IXGEB moved to reconsider the vote by which the Douse passed the bill incorporating the Lake Street and County Una Road Company, of Cblcaro, better known as tbc Oak Park Road The motion was adopted, and the bill referred to Messrs. Bond, Reynolds and Singer for amend ment. \ rntTAT* srzxßi riui.&A mfaw. Mr. HAMPTON offered a resolution that after Thnreday, February 7th, no private bills be in troduced. Tabled. THE WITNESS nnx. Tbe bQI glrirg to interested parlies the right to testify as wltnc*acs. was called op and argued at considerable length, and finally passed by S 3 ayes to 13’noea. mtfo.i.nn fIIMB Hie Mil Incorporating the Jacksonville. North western & Southeastern Railroad Company, was pasted. The bill Incorporating the St. bonis, SbclojviUo & Tolono Railroad Company was fasted. The hill to amend the charier ©fine rcepori Insnrance Company, pasted. The House went into Committee or the Whole on the amendment to (he hill for the consolida tion of the Western Union Railroad with certain roads In Wisconsin. Tneamendmeotwaa adopted aud the action reported to the House, and the bill as amended was pasted. The bill instructing Secretary of State to pur chase 5,0i0 copies of ibe Digest of Supreme Conn Decisions, passed. " The bill to regulate mills and millers, amend ing chapter seventy-one, Revised Statutes, was laid on the tabic. Adlonmed to two p. ra. _ J afternoon session. nEcosaiomcD. The passage of the Western Union Railroad consolidation bill was reconsidered, and the bill was recommitted to tbe Judiciary Committee. The special order, the general la», was post poned until to-morrow (Tuesday) at 11 a. m. DISCS' IAKTOCS. The Senate bill to correct a clerical errormade at tbe last session,by which Ihe appropriation for (be ennportof the Insane Asylum was reduced one half by leaving out the word annually, was lakcn up. The appropriation was In tended to bare been (55,1)00 per annum, but tho words “per annum “were left ont. Ihe bill now appropriates the sum borrowed, with Interest on 11—a total of $02,000. Tbe bill was passed. Tbe game law, prohibiting hunting, trapping or shooting on any enclosed ground, except by per mission of the owner of the land, was taken up, discussed at some length, and then committed to the btandlng Committee on the Judiciary. The bill to amend Chapter 3(1 of the Revised statutes, regarding criminal jurisprudence, was Senate bills were taken np and passed incor porating the Society of the Free Bcnevo ont Sons of America, of the city of Cairo; Incorporating ibe Chicago union Club; Incorporating the Western Methodlat Episcopal Book Concern; enabling the people of DrKalb County to remove their County scat; ca tablishinga ferry across the Mississippi River op posite Louisiana. Me.; to leazaUae the Quincy Railroad Bridge Company; to encourage the building of a bridge over the Mississippi at Qulncr; amending tbe charter of the Mootlccllo Female Seminary; In corporating the Cation Gas Light and Coke Com pany t Incorporating the town of Carlyle; Incor porating tbo Jacksonville Mining Company; amending the act for building a bridge across tne Illinois River at Henry; incorporating tbe Grafion

miuuu a.i.v. *> a— . —- Htoncand Transportation Company: Incorpora tin’ tho Paris Hotel Company; incorporating the .United Slates Clock aud Brass Company. Tbe Senate amendment to tbe Douse resolu tion giving to mem bare bound conies of papers containing official report 4, was adopted. TUB DOKBOX DOOIIUMB. lU> AUAAV. «WV MW... Tbe Monroe doctrine resolutions, introduced In tbe Senate by Mr. Boibnell, were concurred In by the House, Towxsnir rvsnuKCx coxPAxtffs. Tho D U’O bill for an act to authorise the for* nation of Township Insurance Companies waa taken up and passed. Adjourned to to-morrow. INDIANA. [Special Dceprtrtitotbe Chicago Tribune.] Ixnuvaroua, February 4. HOUSE met at two o'clock. Governor Baker reported twenty-seven (bon* rami one hundred and twenty-seven dollar* tn hi* hand*, a* balance of the fond for tbo relief of sol diet* families. I’etlllona were presented on the lubjcct of tens* perance atd black law*. Eleven newbllla were Introduced. ..... « Tbo special order brlnjri&lr. Bashes' bid to pre. rctilquoruta breaking. Mr. Hawk moved to port pone until Monday at two o clock. Mr. Oyler wa* opnoaed to postponement, and »u ausplcioui that tlio Democracy were propar- Inc for a boil. ... „ . Sir. Craven* wu to favorof Informally pairing over the bIU, bccanae there waa no quorum pro* rent, which waa agreed to. . , . Twenty-one bill* were read a iccond time and disposed of. Uo*t of them were ordered en grossed. The Special Joint Committee, to whom wa* re ferred the Joint resolution in regard to uovern tuent finance*, made a report, which w*a ordered to be printed. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribane.l Usnso, Mich.. February 4. The following appointments were confirmed by the Senate: Frauds H Baakin,of Genesee, In spector of the State Prison, lime expiring ISSS; Wn. U. Page, Jackson, time expiring 1S70; Thoe. F. Moore, I-cnawee, lime expiring ISW: B. H. Bingham, Agent State Pn*on; Geo. IL tarlton, .>upcrintendent St. Mary’s Canal. Tbe following bills passed the Senate: Author islncthc formation or companies formlolae and naiclUng; relative to the powers and dope* or Boards i f Supervisor*; relative to transcript* of judgments from Justice* ot the Peace; Lawton Methodist Church bill: Marquerie and Chocohr legalization bill; the bill reorganising the Agri cultural College was lost, reconsidered and re- House, tbe Oehtemo’’Schoolbill passed. BAN SAM. St. tans. February 4.—A Topeka special *ays rcsoluUon* were Introduced in the aiklng Congress to confiscate all property of rebels tn Congress to eetaottah more miliiary posts on the lr j? l wolaHoti waa introduced In the Senate providttg for acommltue to Investigate the al legedcue of bribery in me late Senatorial elec- Bouses tassed resolutions asking v*on c«m to provide tor the election of United State* Senators oj the people. _ ALABAMA. Torirenix, February L—The Alabama Leg!., latnreb’spapsed a Ml! granttos Slate aid of SUVW per mile f»T extending the Decatur Rail road to Nashville. fjotty *• a cotton Speculator. Nett Tcirc, February 4.—Lolly Hooch has brought suit againat the firm of Jordan, Marsh * Co of Botfon, for money dee tier from -cotton eneculaUot.6 during the war. faU claims lhat she vse employed by the firm duneg the war to out cotton In the Southern States, and manipulated OoTommeot employee lor the purpose of passing U through lho lines, tad that the hna made a hundred thousand dollars by her agency, and re fuse to divide. Genera] Butler ana J, fl. Sweet *or are employed by her as counsel. FROM ST. LOUIS. Tlie Pacific Railroad—lce in tlie Blver —Beal Estate Speculation—Blver Bills of leading—Fires. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] St. Loins, February 4. Another proposition is sow pending to release tbe State lien on the Pacific Railroad, and take stock In its atesd. The company assert that they used t7O.WXI.coo to purchase new Iron, engines, etc. A boot twenty car loads of iron are dally going orwtrd for the North Pacific Railroad, west of Fort Riley. Yesterday immense quantities of Ice from the Upper Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers, passed the cby simultaneously, suspending the Lips of ferries, and otbenrlse interfering with navigation. A party of Boston capitalist* are hero negotia ting for tbe purchase of Urge suburbann tracts for speculative purposes. Considerable agitation is progressing concern log several changes m the form of bills of lading adopted by the steamboat packet companies, tending to the prejudice of underwriters and or the boats. Three small fires arc reported since jester- Q*7- FROM LOUISVILLE. Attempted Outrage—A SXan Dragged and Bobbed—Action for Falie im« prisobtuvnu [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] A am named August H Indmtn, B^eder£fre el ult, yesterday afternoon decoyed a Utile girl abont nine years old, named Augusta Hallcman, Into tbe recruiting losdcxvons, on Main street, between First and Second, locked her in tbe office, and attempted to outrage her perron. The atten tion of parties In tbe building was attracted t>y the cries of the child, and she was rescued from tbe villain. Ulcdman lied immediately, but was captured by tic police to-day, and is now lu Jail. Some days ago a man named Roberts, a mer chant from u- orela. was inveigled Into a earn blltic hell on Fourth, and white there was dingpedand robbed of cash and drafts to the amount of about f‘i,BCo. Two men, Frank Parker and Simpson, wi-ro arreelcd 10-dsy and pre vented bcloro the Police Court, charged with be ing ccrcirncd In the aflklr, and weie held laths sum of (GCO each lu answer. A negro named Albert B. Hickman, who was ar rested last night on 'he complaint of Andrew Hliou', a shoo dialer, upon the charge of stealing a prir of boots, has brought trial lu the Bulled BtaU-s'‘(imt sgsliisl Bhnof, Hlchsrd Priest, the rollcumsb who made the arrest, and .lames runner, the turnkey at Hie station house. for frfl.ii tiniiil otitienl. Ito lays his damages at Ifl.fon. The rase Is set for trial at tbe February term of tho lltilled Stales Court. FROM NTs I’AULt IrstslattVA-New Dcafand Dumb Asy lum-Alto for a Fuel Oftlco-A Villain fniiKlPr IHpeclal Despatch lo Hie Chicago Tribune ,J Hr. Paul, February I. A bill waa Introduced In Ihe henate to*day, granllt g permission for bridging Ihe Mississippi at T«Croaie. The question of striking the word “white" rom our Htale Constitution waa under discussion u tho House, but no action was taken. Tho legislature visits Faribault to-morrow, lo witness tho laying of the cot ucr atone of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum. , . « ~ The County Comralealonera have offered to sell one hundred feet square on the corner of Fourth and Wabaahaw streets to the Government (or a post office, for sixteen thousand dollars. Tue brute who violated and murdered a woman In Brown County last week baa been arrested and lain Jail at New Clm. FROM MADISON. l Snow—The Legislature—Dreadful Ac. cldeut. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madiboh, Wis M February 4. There was no snow here Saturday, but it has been steadily snowing all day. and there Is about five Inches of damp enow on the ground this even ing, somewhat drifted. The Legislature meets again this evening, but It is not expected that mnch business will be done. An Englishman, working in Rowe's Mill, near Maxomanie, was caurht in the machinery a few days ago, and killed, his body being tom to pieces. FROM LAFAYETTE, DfD. Strange Cato of Insanity—Damage from Ico and Snow. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Latatattx, Ind., February 4. The CovrUr reports a well-defined case of in sanity resulting from the use of hair dro. Fruit, shade and inrest trees In this vicinity havo Buffered great damage from the unprece dented led and enow. Limbs four Inches thick have been broken with tbe weight. FROM QUINCY, ILL. Clergymen on Leave of Absence—A Lib* oral Coirgrega tlon A New Way to Batse tbe Wind—Recruits for tbc Plains. QunrcT, 111., February 4.—Rev. Sidney Cor bett, rector of Sl..'John's Episcopal Church in this city. leaves to-day for Rome, Italy, where be will spend four months for the purpose of renewing bis falling betltb, (he officers of (be church hav ing agreed to supply bis place and continue his salary In his nbscncc. This shows with what es teem he Is held by bis parishioders. A. new way to raise the wind was tried by a yonngman, named Woodman, who resides In this conntv. He was engaged In peddling pomps and lightning rods lor a commission, and, not making mosey as fast as he desired, would leave a nortlon of his goods in the barn of some respon sible man and forge a note upon him, turn it over to his employer, and thus make his commission. One of these notes, amounting to IIS, became due a few days since, bis proceedings were discover ed, snd no was arrested and bound over for trial. Some two hundred rccrulls passed here on Sat urday. bound for the coerce the red-skins into good behavior. The Indications are that they willbe ezccedinclytrouhlesome this snmmer.tud nolbing short of their entire extermination will prove effectual. FROM NEW YORK. Allhln of the Son Rlntnal loan ranee Company Destructive Fire Beats tance to the Enforcement of the Ex cise Law-A Dishonest Porter—A Now Cable Enterprise* New Tone. February 4.—Tbe statement of tbe Sun Mutual Marine Insurance Company shows a balance ol unimproved capital ol $C37,U00, and of stock sr<ui.UUixnore. A convention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters will be held In New York on the sGlb of February. ~ . , . A Are In Eidrldgc street, this morning, destroy ed Nos 87, 83 ana 01, owned and occupied by G. AntrnrcKb, cabinet maker, and others. Total loss S7O,O>U, ol which (45.000 belong to An««ti nelib. - t b« property deal royed was about half In sured. Including come risks In Chicago. The first open resistance to the excise occurred yesterday at the corner of First avenue and TwclUb street. An officer was attacked by a cro« d of one or two hundred persons; men, wo men and children. Reinforcements of police ar rived, and after a severe battle the rioters were dispersed, leaving the ringleaders, named l*n caster and Bearing. In (be bonds of the police. They have cloce been held for trial. John Harmellng.a porter. Is under arrest for robbing his employers, Oakley A skin, of a large Quantity of butter, valued at some $1,500. The police of Jersey City bad a severe fight last night with a crowd of Intoxicated men and wo men. One policeman and several rioters were in- Cyrus W. Field leaves for London on Wed nesday to endeavor to have a cable laid (Tom Uearvs Content to Bostqn. , Tbe United Plates steamer Mississippi, with 106 colored troops, arrived at Fortress Monroe to-day from New Orleans. FRO3L CISUraSATI. IVaTtffatlon on the Ohio Blrcr-Damage to Mramrt* from Itnnnlnir Ice—A Ger man Attempt* to Commit Mnlclde, bm Afterwards Reconsider* the natter. Ctjroitjtan. February 4.-NarigallonU now es sentially up«n. Several boaii bare left for >o«v Orleana aed other port*. The river continue*, to rlre rapidly. It 1* *UII raining.bntnot hoavhy. The steamer Ill'lman. canted ofi by Ice from Whet*line on S*turrt*y, wa* caught at Pomeroy to day, badly damared. llcrhnitl* ponuil, but her arnoard aloe wa* col oif the enttre length, and xiib chimney* gone. Tbe airamcr New Slate waa aeenred at Wc«t Co lumbia, W. V. U*r gnarda were badly damaged, and ote wheel broken. . . „ . Tbe river U full of heavy Ice from Marietta d °Tbe newspaper* of thla city have reduced the price of composition from flity-five to filly cent* per I.OCO cm*. Tbe reduction 1* acquiesced in by ail the printer*, save those of the 1 olztUctf, a Radical German daily. • . ... „ A lingular aflklr happened h/re thU rneralne. Lartulcnta German named John Uampbaum, rcaidlng In the iabnrh* t waa arrested lor an at tempt to. kill Ul* wife, he wu billed out of the calaShoie by friend* this morning, and he In atantly proceeded to the great an*pen*lon bridge over toe Ohio, climbed on the railing, and look a terrific leap of about eighty feet. De etrockthe «aier between two Immense field* of icejud dis appeared from view about a minute. When he arose, be changed bU mtod about sald-te, and crawltag on a field of ice lav down on bla back and yelled lor help. Be waa finally rescued by two men in a yawl, alter floating about bait a mile. FBOX SASHTILLE. Reported Flat to Harder Badical Con- grtwnen. Nasirmx*, February L-The Prttt and Timet of this morning asserted that the ctUrms of White. Canon and other counties were banded together, and large sums of tnouevnil«d to pro cure the assassination of Colonel«. other Badical leaders, in the House. A resobttion was adopted to investigate the mailer in the Committee on Federal IteUUona reported resolutions requesting David Patterson, United Slates Senator, to resign. FBOX PITTSBURGH. Breaking of tbe Icc on the Ohio, AUe chenj) nonong*a*la and other Hlv» era imicb Damage to Property Feared. Pmanunon, Jaaaary 4,—The breakin„ ap ot the ice was attended by no serious results at mi# point, but considerable damage waa done above and below. . , , . _ Ibe Monoagahola is entirely broken, and some dlratiere occurred amonr the coal boats. Lock No. 1 Is completelv covered with Tbe long trestle work at Fort Perry, on mo Cooneisrihe Railroad, is In imminent danger, a* Turtle Greek Flats are entirely icnndated. At CharUer’s Creek, on the Uhio, near this city, there wa* con siderable damage to private property by the Youehlogeny Is gorged this side of West Newton, and as the ice is very n*aw ftreac o anger la apprebrnded if it goes with the fiosd- The Allegheny Is broken as far no aaKlakll llueiss. Above *hat point the Ice la int 'Ct. An OB City despatch received to-night says it Is raining there, and the river is rising rapidly. The tee will probably break to-night. At Franklin the weather was warm, anAthcl water rising slowly. The Ice has not yet given. **y- * The stare of water at Pittsburgh la fourteen feet and falling. The Steamer T-eomdas left this afternoon for New Orleans with i heavy freight. Many others are preparing to leave. A drlollng rata prevailed this afternoon; it is now clear bnlmlld. from the pacific coast. A Brttlah Teasel Shipwrecked —Steamer Arrival. San February A-The Brirlah ship Fchahjehan was wrecked yesterday between Fort Point and Point baboo, near San Francisco. No lives were loot. The steamer* Moses Taylor, with passengers from New York via Nleansua January 10th. ar rived 10-day. She left the ship Unde Toby to port at San Juan, to sail for Callao February Ist. MEXICO. Tbe Capture of Ortega by tbe Liberals Confirmed. Sax Francisco, February 4.—Tbe Mexican Consul in this city has written a letter to General McDowell and Governor Low, which officially slates tbe fact* communicated to him byJuarra c neerning tbe capture of Ortega Goncales at Pates! by General Aura. New Orleans, February I—Senor Mejia re mains at Galveston to attend tbe shipment to . Vf il-n *' ~ ■< .iri i».. 1. .v-.—ivi A New Telegraphic Journal* New York, February 4.—Tho first -mrnber of tbe Telegraphic Journal, a new weekly paper to bo devoted to ibr Interests of tbe telegraphic fra ternity. will be Issued from toe press In this city about the 7th of March. Messrs. Burns A Baisb, both experienced operators are Its conductors. The prospectus looks well and promises success. TTeat India Items, New York, February 4 —A Havana letter states that distrust of Cnbans by the Government is In pressing. Twenty Spanhb officers who bare married In the Island are to be renlawsy. Advices from Ban Domingo slate that a treaty ofomlly aim commerce is about to be celebrated, with tbe Dotted (Rates, A Belligerent Negro Come to Brief. Mixrms, February 4.—A notorious negro, named Bob Church, shot at Policeman Sheffield yesterday for ordering a lot of drunken negroes in clear the sidewalk, and attempted to fire again, but was knocked down atm lodged In J«U. Tlortnnry, Boston, February 4.—Oenoral Joseph Urace. chief of Police, and ottaMorntasipr n General Sheridan's command, died this morning, aged sUtyievon years. Arrcwt of an Alleged ifiurdrrcr. (lauha. 111.. l-Vbruarv •f.-Hsmind Mills, the alleged tmirderol George Msiwell, of Franconia, Now York. In December lasi, was arrested here loday. Death of mi Old CllUmt of Dixon. Dixon. Illinois, February L—Colonel HHas Noble, one of the oldest amt most respected clti* vena of this city, ami widely known throughout the titale, died yesterday of billions pneumonia. Removal of Fenian Prisoner*. YunokTO, February -I —Hevon Fenian prisoners, ,ynch, Reverend McMahon, Quinn, Whalen, [nydin, Haven and Shoot were sent, ou Malar* day, horn hero to the Kingston Penitentiary, THE EASTERN QUESTION. Garibaldi on tbo Despotism of Tnrkoy— The Duty of Knglaud, France and Ruaaiß, Garibaldi baa written Ibe following letter on tbc Eastern question, which Is again agi tating Europe: Capbsiia. December 18,1S‘>6. That I lore England with the affectum or aeon 3ou cannot doubt, and that It la ever the deetro of my heart to aco her in Ibe drat rank among the na tions is equally certain; but to carves the errors ol her ministers—to that 1 cannot lend myself. I repeat, therclore, to yoor statesmen that which I bare stated to one own: Do well, and yjn will receive praise; but to lavish pralso on those who do evil is servile adulation, and 1 never flatter. In the war of giants waged against the First Emperor X search in the pages ol those histories of your country which narrate It for one single expression' 01 condemnation at the expenditure of millions of Uvea and millions of money, sacrificed to com bat one despotism, indeed, hot certainly to sustain another not less exacting. Who, however, on ibe other hand, will not confess with me, that the services rendered by England to the cause of human progress have been immense? And 1 in particular bear testi mony to the benefits received from yon bv Italy in 16C0. without which wo should not nowoe excit ing In the embrace or every member ol the Italian family. But when 1 see the Government of this my adopted country, allied with Austria and with Turkey, 1 must tell you the truth, namely, that 1 inhale the fumes of a charnel house, which all the national vitality may- be enable to dispel. It Groat Britain placca herself in contact with these dead corpses. I would rather see her using her power and her influence to support those oppressed na tionalities at present gclng to decay in tbc petrid atmosphere of despoUsm, but who, remaiulng constant to their desire of purifying themselves, must certainly rise, one day or another, to their natural places In the fraternity of free muons. I«t us leave Austria, whose Emperor ought to receive the fate ol bis brother Emperor of Mexico, and which exists only through the dissensions of nationalities checkmating each other's e&orts to wards emancipation. Let us travel to Turkey, cosmopolitan as I am, and a believer In that God who desires not fac- lions and discords, but, on the contrary, that men shouldlove each other as brethren (which fraterni zation can only be possible, however, when wc send the Dervish to the spade and the Romish orleet to the mattock.) Believing fully all this, I can make no difference between the natives o( |h«s ulatne of Tartary and my countrymen born on the aonov bills of Rome. But have yon any idea what this despotism of the Turks protested against by you rcallyis? 1 will give you an example. One day. In tbe port of Olivieri, in the Island of MUylene, I inquired of a Greek peasant the reason why he did not gather up the olives, instead of permitting them to pensb on the ground? “Be cause," be answered, “the Pacha bnys op a!l the olives, and we are compiled to deliver them to him at such a low price that It would not pay the ex pense of gathering them.” Behold how (be Interest of this poor remnant of Christians is neglected In temporal matters; and for (he rest, for all that concerns the prostitution of the body and of the soul, bow am I to relate U to you, who have so kind a heart, and who bare a a son and dam-burs? It is most horrible. And if Ido not speak of it, oh I forgive me; it Is for the sake of decency, and from the respect which I owe you that 1 cannot detail to you such bru talities. Well, now, 1 have laid before you the condition of tbo ChriaUans under Islam, and Britain—the classic ground of human tights, the protectress of tbe oppressed, tbe emancipatress of the slave— persists In opholding the fruits ot a despotism tne most inhuman and the most monstrous. In 1827, England, France and Rcs:-ia, in one of (hose outbursts of genertslty which God some times excites in great minds, accomplished one of those facts which In tbe history of nations are fol lowed by universal gratitude. Let tnem complete Ibe sublime task—let them spare to humanity a fresh torrent of blood, and they will receive from her a thousand benedictions. O. Garibaldi. A Telegraphic Tarn. (From tbe Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, January 31.1 Some years ago lw*o operators worked in an uptown ofllcc in this city, and both of them chewed tobacco: this latter statement is necessary to the elucidation of the sequel. One of them, who, for brevity's sake, wo will call A, worked cast, on what was then known as the New York. Albany and Buffalo lines; the other, who wc will distinguish as B, worked west, as far as Cleveland, Ohio, on tbe Western Union Company’s lines. These two,who were great chums,were in the habit of constantly using each other's to bacco ; so much so that, ono fumbling In the other's pocket would facetiously iuquiro. “where do we keep our tobacco now?’ while each considered his tobacco box as common property. The desks of thcscopcmtorswerc removed from each other about thirty foot, standing at opposite corners of the room. Now, on one occasion Mr. A's box being empty, bo was, os usual, upon the point of going over to gel ft " cud from B’s supply, when, feel • Ing languid and lazy, U being outrageously hot, a happy thought struck him ; and, fur the sake ol saving himself twenty steps, ho acted upon Us suggest iou. Haying “nothing to nobody." be quietly signalled—or, as the telegraphic phrase Is, called up—Cleveland, Ohio, and lent the following message: ♦ BtrrrALO orfiet (WeMota aide). To B , Buffalo Office (Eastern Side): Prnd ror over a chaw of tobacco, quick. (Signed) A. At thceatm* time telling the Cleveland ope rator tbe Joke, and requesting him to "shove 2 through, and oblige.’’ ~ . Now, by a continuous telegraphic circuit, It 1* possible to reach the Eoat by going West,and this Is the routo the message took: From Buffalo to Cleveland, Ohio ; from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, Pa.; from Pitts burgh to Philadelphia ; from Philadelphia to New York city ; and from Now York city irta the N. Y., A. and B. lines) back to Buf fulo, where It was received by the identical B, who worked that wire himself I And within a very-few mlnntcs of the lime that A started hls message west, B came over to him Irom the other side of the- room with the message in oueAiand and hls tobacco box in tbe other, the despatch, having traveled con siderably over eleven hundred raUes.and having been also sent and received ten differ ent time*. Each operator sending the mes explained the joke to the receiver, and thus "rushed It through” in this marvel ously fast time. The following I* the rote by which the Tariff Bill passed In the Senate: Yxjls—Cattell. Chandler, Conncss, Cragln Ed mnnds, Fessenden. Fogg. Foster, Frehaghuysen Harris. Howard, Howe, Johnson, Morgan, Me Dougsll, Morrill, Poland Ramsey. Sherman, Sprague. Stewart, Van Winkle, Wade, WUley. williams, WU*on. Yates—27. _ S A ts—Davu, Doolittle, Fowler, Grimes, Hen derson, Hendricks, Lane, Kirkwood, Pattersuu, Tiumbnll—lo. Absxxt. on Nor Vornto—Anthony, Brown, Bnckalew, Cowan. Creswell. Dixon. Onibrie, Nes mnb, Norton, Nye, Forney, Riddle, Rmss, baula bury, Sumner—ls. Street improvcmcau General and Special auuasmcnt*. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Believing that gross loiusUco la done under me present method of levying special assessment* tor tbe repair and improvement ot streets, i taae the liberty of calling public attention to the fact through me columua of the pres*. In the nope that some new aytleni may be devised and per-, fected In tbe legislature, which is now In session farea are for the benefit ol me general public, atd not spedady of the priva'e owners of prop erty on me street, and should bo paid for by general tax and not by assessment on mo private proper? on the particular B‘cecu This propor tion cau be demonstrated by the examination o. a alfi'rie case— Wabash avenue. This atree. waa '‘pared during the past and the NUMBER 242, present year, with the Nicholson pavement. The owners of the properly on the line of the street paid the entire charge of the work, amountlcglo something like elgat dollars per foot, and yet It can easily be proved that nine* tenths of the public (ravel southward is over this street. All ofthe heavy hauling to the Darlington A Quincy, Mich lean S&mthem. and Rock island freight depots passes over it; and it is quite as freely used by the residents on Michigan, Indiana and. Prtlrleavenuea, as by those who live oa Wa j««D. itt» a wen pared outlet, and u*cd at all • times ana al all seasons by everybody who drives <wtides, or who baa freigmto truck ordny, and that whether he lives oa the avenue or upon some parallel or adjoining street. Wnat sense, then. It maybe atsed,is there In taxing the man who bappesa to own properly on this street to pay for that which is a general and common benefit ? These rame reasons apply with equal force to otter - streets and avenues. North Clark street, for instance, is soon to be pared with the Mlolboq pavement, and tbe assessment bs< been levied upon the property owners, when It Is a wcH-known fact that fully one-half, if not more, of the Havel on the North aide is upon that street. Tbe expense of making the Improvement is laid wholly oooaprlvßfe property, while It is an Incon trovertible fact that it Is a general ouollc beneflt, Chicago avenue, on the North Side,- has been fo ui Impassable vondhlon for the last Are years, for the simple reason that the propeity would not bear an assessment to Improve h. Such assess ments woula ruin many of the poorer owners of lota on tbe street. Hud sheer inabiHly to raise the money to pay the taxes, and this is the case with ether streets too numerous to memlow. Tbe fact Is UU; these general-improvements are public ben efits, and ebonlo be paid for out of the general revenue of tbe city, and not by private property. Were this rule snooted we should have a duicrent state of aflairs In Chicago; streets would be Im proved and kept hi order, and Ihe chy would, rapidly assume a different appearance from thiT presented to-day. Whiu —— A *rtiefelu bulone inlet to the city from the-west wbich Is passable or navigable—Lake street. MadUon is in a fair condition, but occupied by a bone railroad. Tbe great majority of the teams Fass over Lake street. This la macadamized to larlem. I believe. We certainly need one or two more. Chicago avenue is a wide, floe street, but impassable in wet weather. Twenty inches of macadam would tender it a first rate country road, and it would lake a large amount of travel from tbe west r and with a good bridge over tbe river make a good Inlet lo tbe city. These things are all ncce*sary—they are Indispensable. We bare our railroads and connections spread all over tbe West, and we want our country roads as perfect and popular in tbelr way a* the Iron track. Wncn wc g*t a street department la Chicago whore duly il shalfbr to artend to these thing*, we may look (or needed reforms In this direction. OKorniß A. SiturnoT, Jo. Hospital (or Women and Children. The following la the reporl of the Physician to iho Hospital for Women and Children, No. 113 Ohio eUcet, for the month of Ammrr i timing the month I* new patients were admit* •nltolhc waid#{ (he whole number treated there tndmt 34. Who'c number In dispensary.fill visit, cd nt ihclrbomce, II {lhennmberof vlilli tothoao Cusp*. 11011*0. DUpmurr. Out. Totftl. MrdiCß) 10 Vt 7 40 Hittiiicnl , 0 0 1 11 J)l*in*o* o( wo* mm <1 13 1 IT Di’rmcß ot clill- .. n it a .1 .. .. a .. a .. b Olniptncnl ... hkln Vacdiialioiin,.... fl Tola! U Ml 11 HT Tim dltftirenl connlrje* weie repreaenied In the followingnumber* in iho bonder America. Hi hwrdcn, 1; U«rmany t fli Canada, 3; Ireland, & Tout. 31. DlaiietmarT and Out PaUenU—America, 30; Canada, S: Ireland, 3*; England, 3; Uoruany, fl; Scotland, 1. Total,id. The boapllalUaa Veen crowned during the last motitU; too much for Ibe welfare and comfort of tlio occupant*, botlbe application* were ao numer ous and needful that Ibe manaeement bave naked overcrowding, wblck rlau la known to be asenoiu one. It waa neceasary to rofiißoaorao application* ol those who conld not pay, and eomo who could pa? in part or all of their board. The managers feel that wnbont a larger house they cannot take all (be work noeolug to be done. The Trnileea give to the public the following receipt* for ibe past month, with many thanks to the donors: Morey receipts—Flint & Thompson, ISO: Gil bert Hubbard. *45; Gage. Wait & Co., *55; Cool* bangb,?•£; Gage ± Drahe. *25; S. Sinrgla & Son, £ls; George Waiter, 195; Blehop Duggan, $25; cash, |SO; Mnrdock s Fischer, *10; John U. Akton, *10; ca*h. $10: J. Cravor. $10; N. P. nmiard, $10; cash, *3ii; Heath & Miller, $5; T. M. Jones, $5; H. C. Smith. $5: James U. Re;s, $5; C. Follansbee&Son, $3; Mrs. Edward Ely, $o; A. D. Titswortb, $5; Whcelock & Harmon, $5; Brant, $3; cash, sl, Groceries, «fec.—Doane, Peck & Co., *7.50; J. & W. Clark, $lO:'J. S. Kirk, $5.50; Doase & Wright, starch, $4; Meeker & Hater, sugar, $5; two cane peaches, Pearson, one pound tea, $2J#; Knowles. Cores & Co., *10; K. K. Rogers, one ton hard coal, sl4; C. J. Hall, soft coal, sl6; Mrs. Corbin, two cans peaches; Miss Vhston, two cans peaches, two cans quinces, two pounds corn starch, one pound tea, mutton; bed clothes from Bov. Robert Collyers Sewing So ciety. CWtVAIT BROTHERS, Advertising Agl's 126 receive advertisements (or all the lending papers throughout the Coiled States and Canadas. sEljc Seating Season. cIDE RINK. MARTIN, TLc Great Acrobat and Gymnast Skater, Xian been Engaged for Three Days, This (Tuesday) evening, at 8 p. m , he will clvo an Exhibition ofms great Zouave Drill, Dancing, Fe«U of Cotter tlon. *c. Great Union Band in attendance. Doors open at 7. Ticaeta 50 cents each. Two admissions charged oa commutation tickets. WABASH-AV. IUNK. SPLENDID ICE. Not Affected T>y tlio Thaw. open day amp bvbmimo. asianteu. /yo COMMERCIAL REPORTERS. WANTED, The whole or partial services of a good Commercial Bcoortcr. Must be a rood writer, and have a thorough knowledge cf reporting the Cblcago^mL y At>*lrto Ko, i nillard’i Block, comer Clark and Sontb Water. Attention, Co. d, asa Regiment u now Volunteers. WANTED, INFORMATION OF THOMAS QUINN. Late ol this Company and Regiment, His Bounty la Kw ready for him. JOSHUA C. KMCKKRUOUK ER. Attorney-at-Law, No. 14 Metropolitan Block. TO LAWYERS,—A young man who baa some knowledge of Law, desires a situation wun a good law firm ot this city, where be can com plete bfi preparatory stndUs, and at the earn, time be of sufficient service Ij bis ptrceplors to weelye some eompecaation. Bstn tactory reference* given. Addroe H. bIDNbT. Box Chicago. jgoctctg fHectings. /~iIG ARM AKERS* INDEPENDENT \J UNION. OF CHICAGO. . M<| , . The numbers of tbls Union areberehy notified that the Quarterly General Meeting will he held oa TBB Fins mST AMT, At tlielr MeotlnSf Room, »T. GEORGE'S DALL, A fine will be imposed open every member not ap pearing, unless excused. C HAS. DIEHL. Rec^See. 3211001) anh (Coal. COAL 513.00 per Ton! ALL tiIZES. AND DELIVERED TO ANT PART OF THE CITY, F. B. MARSHALL, 133 Soul. Clark-Ml., lioani 12, CLOSING OUT rrota a.OOO u» 8,000 lot* fint quality Eastern Bituminous Coal, In oaaatUlea tn soil oorchaMf*. at rrtHly rates. Offlcf,No. jl. W»lk*f* nulWlnSjOTr-r N-'.ftOX XXMbonnU WALKHIi A CUTTlMi«_Agt»»_ 'fcTalmtincs VALENTINES * Now u tin urn* to sake year iclmUom ot Sentimental and Comic Valentines. Tbsb«*t*Btlfbt-«P**t MS at No. 107 Booth Clark* «U *IIIK DOU.Att gtOKß.** Itcmobals. J^EJIOYAL. HIBBARD & SPENCER, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF HARDWARE, Tin Plate and Cutlery, Have REMOVED to 92 and 9t Mlcliigan-av. TSEMOVAL. B.EMSEY, BED. & CO. H.tcl«»tcl their Offlco ta SoL l ® I La - Wnllct.. .OP. l'hn*.l>er .r Commerce. ®o Rent. jQESIRABUS LOFTS TO BENT, At X 00.60 uvl 00 Wabash-ar., corner Raololplut. laqnireatCfl Lake-st. Bcntistrg, J. 0. FARNSWORTH Hakes no e*tra ebarxo lor Extracting Teeth without Paln,bT thenaoot Nitrous Oxide Gas, wheaarunctaj ones are Inserted. .. US Banaolpa-st-. opposite wood^Mmeaag. Seu of Teeth on Baober, lI3JO, <B(ft (Sntetprse JULIETS GRAND NORTH AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT, TO BATE BREN GIYEN AT TUB Wabash-av. Kink, Chicago, Illinois, BATUHDAT, Jaa. M;h, 1397, POSTPONED. Tfi# sale cl tickets has been immaaae. witunnc • PAnllcl oa tu. CoaUiunL wimtrat a Fire Hundred Thousand Tickets Issued —Onlj a f.w remain unsold. The Books win be kept open a short time longer, in order to complete the sale of every ticket before the drawing commences. This is the Greatest Distribution of the Nineteenth Century, and most Succotrul Enterprise oC tee kinn ever inaugurated in the world. Capital Prize $30,000 In. Greenbacks I 230.000 Valuable GUIs, valued at Half a Billion luclndlnu 100,000 Dollars In Greenbacks,' Will be presented to ticket bolderi. Erary other Ticket Draws a Prise I The Use of Concert will be published in this and all principal papas of the i’nitnt states m a lev days. Tlcktte SI.OO sack; five forAJJM; t-a forfiLOO. Ail wanting ticstte ihanlrt orrr r liiem at oaee Money by Drelc, l». o. Order, Exprr**, or la Regis tered Letters, may \f. s-nt at our rii.. xAlt commnnlcailons should *•- i M.’ajssd ta A. A. KELLEY A CO., 105 Paodolph-iM.. l-'hlcngo, HI, hoofing. JpLAfeTiC SLATE ROOFING. »v auapentanU lo every shape acd ■lone, (tea latte perxeadiealar. covering the whole tool without seam or joint. KotKomhuf hole—it is not tbe means of ieutoytng your property, hut of protcctlnglt. mat ter how Intense, can compel It tv expand or contract. Impervious— water nor even tlrtm, ran penetrate oi dissolve it. Godfearing—time and the element* only mature and perlcst It. to sum up the whole matter. It ta Fire, Water and Frost Proof, and li eMfaper thin an? otter Rood material, and better tain the mc«t e»fcn»lTF. Iha New Tort Trto**** Jnupeaktnrof It •ay*s“We conuldcr this mention the creiuit boon ol the are.** The Alrrmer** Hu# ol tho American Inilltule pro* romuethe Inrcntlja one of tho meet Important erar dleeotered. For tie part rrarwe haTebeeo enrattrd injmpplyina tbU material to tbe people ot lllmoi* and tVt»eon»ln, and from the man? flitlertm teatlmunlais now on Ola lo our otllce. we leol warrant*! la sartoj, to their cu lira satisfaction. HOOFIKQ FKtr. and al*o the new (MIRATtItNO FRt.TnMdlitllDlDKlmtldlns*. and COAL TAllnm* ManUron hand at lnwr«t martrt rate*. Circulars “• * WSl'Mnd, , lIH U?nlHM»t.. Chirar*. 111. ti)|)otoctapl)a. rnoTocnui’iiY, FASSETT’S GALLERY, 114 South Clark*at. I>y ft arirnMilo rtiiromy tn manlpnlftllon. wa are riow anaMmt to lake IMiMurw rf »iu»r* with blonde or iHiii-coturodli*ir,and reproduca them with UftHllte BiTkIII*. We fare now m»ay now amt ariUtlc arreMorlaa fir Lftittee and children, fttd.wuh our ccrmet-ilon* went* j» eiubUihcrt in Kurope, wo are enabled to neoo pane with all the imvruveraeuu tn rbotoiuapby, la tba way of Instruments, Chemicals, . And all the appliance* of the Art. IT~ Mr.Faaaetlcan be icen 1b hla Room* at all hoar* of the ray. and will be plowed to meet all or bta numtroua friend* and coatomer*, oa baatneea or otb* erwiae. r JPECIAL NOTICE.—StiII another re- O dnctlonat G.U.GRfiKN'B. 103 Lake-at. Pie. tom In Colon—Oil. Water or ink—at lea* tban half me fora er price. Photograph* for * abort time longer at ONE DOLLAU per Jnr- D. jy Braemberlhennmber, 103 Lake-at,oppoalio BiUftlee a. Ncto ffuMications. rjMIE LITTLE CORPORAL. As a sample of the endorsements this unsurpassed Juvenile has received, altogether gratuitous, wo giro the following, tromihe January number of The Amer ican Phrenological Journal, of New York: **Tn* LrrrLK Cokj-ohal.—Mr. Sewell's Western juvenile surpasses, both la real merit and la circula tion. any similar attempt, hut or Wist, Ills success excites the cupidity of others, and we now have a •warm of juvenile journals launched on tne uncertain •ea of experiment. WMle we wl»h wen to all good endeavors, we must award the credit to Tas Lrrms CcxroßALOt leaclng the ran." Now is s good time to subscribe. The price U one dollar a year. £amp e cooy. with circulars, telllug all anout splendid premiums, ten cents. Ottlc*, US Loke-st. Adcroi Aimn L. Sewell. Pcli'r, Chicago. T ONDON BOOKS. JAYNE & DENHATH, IMPOSTERS OF ENGLISH BOOKS, OLD AND NEW, A Cortlandt-st, N. T. Prlcea Catalogue N 0.3 now ready, and tent tree ot charge to any address. New invoices trequently or riving. igonutgiuntwta JUST RECEIVED. phlss cosrißn, rassH HADDOCK, rasßH cu&k, PRESS risOtJNDOHS. IT bend for Price*. Orders filled per Express. GEO- II PAGE* 99 Sonth Water-et. 170,000 BROOM HANDLES, WtU seasoned, tor sale by WM. LITTLE A CO- Sonth Water-at. -JAA bkls. n. o. molasses, 100 brls. Texas Pecan Sots, Jnst received and fot sale by J. W. DOANK &• CO. \3apcr flangings. MAKCOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration, iLargeit and choicest aatortment ot French Imported Paper Hangings, 01 allklndi. Warerootss.3.SandT EastFonrtb-st-NCWYOBK CITY. iShucaiionat. *VTORTnWESTERN FEMALE COL- In LEGE. J.X 1-tua, EVA(SHTO!f , H.U, Will open 111 Spring and Summer r* salon or twanty «ee*A Wednesday, Feb. is, , . , Fifteen additional boarders can be accommodated. Applj won, to the H .bucbak, A. M. INSTITUTE OP DRAWING. SUR- Tfytnc and Civil Engineering, at TbUestOß. Uk« Co-Indiana n lies from Chicago. crossing ami P- Ft. W. ft C. B. XL*, opens April 15. nt til 13. WO to be a Draftsman. |M a Surveyor, |OJa Civil Engineer. Drawing teachers »*nt to scholars. Address. A. >AN DEB N AILLKN, tor adr cnlsr. Gas ,if Unites. QAS FIXTURES. JAB. WINQRAVE iR. & CO. 84 lIANDOLriWVP. Cl<B TSTOUWB. 1 niuu, On tna sth «Ur ot Oclohe». oarre was paaeed h* lie common Council of tbecity oi Chicago. granting to M Tha U** 'low AT^Sf.-’m du»” UioiUlitol way on* hundred awl Wty faatwnlo »fil and id>cral lo U»o present blgji water m*f» ot Lake Michigan. comn>*ncli ■ at tb* *onth lino of Ilia Pounds nml aid known as tno Chicago cur Cerao. IT, on North avenue, and running thcr.eo along th<* ■totact UK* Michigan to Aitlam piano. and com* wincing *tFiil.ortonavcnua and running •dong aald •Core to the ocMb tin® of the h. K. H. *we, W.T. «. N. It. It K. of the 3d F. M-. upon certain condltloni named iniatdordliancet thatoueuf tb* conditions«>f ■aid ordinance was tbal the »H 4 Lako Avtmna f ompanr should, on or before tbo brat day of Augu>C l(*A make and complete In good ordsr a road acrowiald property M Wu»»i!»L^aid W U»o*AVfnne Cotnoaty baa f»ll*d other ortvlaiona of lb* tarnordinance; ihjreiore, £<aordai*rdbyl*4 tXmrnon iXuneiloftHtUiyof BacnoVl. Tbal tbe aald ordinance, entitled •* An Or* “ctnance conceramt lb* right of wir ot ••Ww AreimaComnany. P»*«edOctob.r 9. is®. bo -as vAt 1 ; “.ssaiiss.««• *> iron and after dor publication thereof. Faned Jan lßtc.}W7. Approved Jan. Wb, 13k. j. P. RICE, itoyoi Attest: A. n. Eodmas, City Cleric. COLLECTOR'S NOTICE.—Stato o£ ""Sft oSScto Com Bom.) TtaomKo It. Chicago, February 4 th, tf€7. > PobaewUrtWMrebT siren that the foUcjtacdo* bribed Warrants bars been placed la my hands for “wSSSsS. Si sooih-Dotoir.brus-.isn, nn« lunidnV toe collection ol > epoclel euasment leelcd tnr sidewalk ctnsmjctedontae east tide of Wabash arenne. bet* pea Eighteenth and Twentieth. streets. *Wairaat So. 542. Scnth—Dated Fearusyy-1,1967, aad iMoed tor the collection of a special ajeessßMut levied lor recoc‘tructlng sidewalk on the Ea»t side of State itrert. between Four eentb and Slra-enlh streets. Warrant So. £l3, Sonin—Dat-d EcOrawy l« 1867. and Issced fi>r t. e collection of a special assessment levied for recorstructlng sidewalk oa,rist. side ot Wabash avenue. between Twentieth ONth) and Xwcnty-trsl rast) streets. VN arrant No. 544, South—Dated February 1,1567, and* Issued tor tbe collection of a, special assessment levied for constructing of sidewalk on west side of Wabash avenue, between Fourteenth (14th) and Sixteenth (*6ih> stnets. Warrant Xo.TSB.'WeAfr-Datsd February 1. IWh and issneo lor tte collection ol a special assessment l«nad for constructing and recocatractlnt sidewalk on south sided Sampson street, in Sampson & GreenafaAddi tion to Chicago. „ . , n'.rr.nt Vo TSK TCh-t__TV«t»vl T*h™>rt,L ISG7. and UvD uj x.oii.'msy. _ <nr -, Warrant Ko. 786, WesWDated February!, 1967, aad leaned for toe collection ox a special aawmjment levied for constructing sidewalk on Centre avenue, Detween Harrison sticet and Tyler street. WarrantSOmTSl, West-Dated Fconuuyl, !*••. “4 Iwned for tbe co lection of a special- assessment levied for constructing sidewalk cn e*s; sMO of Johnstoa surer, leiw>es lavler and twe:unstreets. WarrantKo.7B3, West-D»t?«l February 1,135*. and iisceQfurUieeoilecUcnrt a.specul asacssmcLtlavicd for ceastructtog and reconstructing sldewaAa oa ca~i* prise street, Ifaisted Streep ana on Wright street. Ip Cssal Trustees* Subdlvyioii of N.W. it- W»nantNo.7S3. Wsst-rDaied February i,i»7. an.i Issued for lit* collection of a special assessment lev.«rd lor reconstructing sidewalk cn awtn s.ds ol Twcam interested in said above special iw«i; meats ait recuMied to make Immediate oayravflt r.. wy office. in defoult of such payment the said**** s mev a will be collect*.! at the coot * yenom UrtH U.c-.lne, qouSl. CUBiWESB UNDERWOOD & Wnr~ t General Commission Merchants, , Cor. LaSalle aid Washfcsgtos-sts, CHICAGO. Giro ptetlcnlar tttoUoa to Orta buying and scant Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. PrepertybongMaßd Ml on marges, sal add HUM Intel* or Eastern marts*. W Special rata* of Commission made to thoeewM tonUh their own mater Jbr large purohaaea of «ty to be Raid for lately us. P« L. tadetwsoA Bei> W. Vadenrsa^ * TASfcEBTOORT MALTING COMPANY, 3705. 2 and 4 Eichigan-av., Bannlfectarerw of malt aaffDsalen ta Barter «nd Byes tr We keep conitantiy on hand stacks ei tutm Barley and Bye Malt, which we are prepared to STS tae lowest market rales. ** j^RNOLD, PAYSOJf & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attorneys-at-law, 32 Dearbota-aU, Walter's Bull ding, Chlesgo, ny Ly. Apqlp. Gtosas Patsov, CnAS.AQsseo*r _lf Attention given to Chancery, Common Lav Criminal and Patent cases. |£ESSINGER & WRIGHTS CASSIMERES. Those standard-Amertcmv goods are mads in a great variety of aty ice. and are all of superior quality and Ca- Uh. eenUemcn ordwlnr either enure aalta or tingle garment* will consult good taste, aewell as economy, by afvtne them tesprefereses; For sale by the Mex chantTallore la an ositrcf the eoentry. ihrcttursl)l|). QOPAKTERSHIP NOTICE. job. nnfltt SLEEPER: * CO. y Produce Ceuußlsalotr merchants »d Deaf* era lt> Klonr, 73 81ato-ut*> (Oakrott Block*) Chicago, Feb. L 1867. I HAVE THIS DAT ASSOCIATED with me MR. WM. If. BROWNING, for the par note of doing a General Cemmlsrton basinets, under the firm name <*t r. 8. HUTCHINS A February 1.1567. C. S. UCICtILSS. C. S. HUTCHUfS & co. t (.caera! Predace Cenmtaslon Merchants* Agents lof THE OSWEOO STARCH PACTORT. (T. Klngiford A bob, Ifanattctums), Not. 811 and 813 Soath Water*!., Chicago rvsaoLimoN op copaktnkk / Plltr.—The copartnership neret-fiifp atlittmt ba*wernJohnl». pieeoosmt t>maou« HallccV, nader the firm name ol JOHN tt. IPHSOif * CO., la dissolved hr the death of said John n. Meson. 4 _ . . . . the umtefslanrd. tminc wirriiased th* Interest of Itn late J«lm |l. Mwon in ifieHuMref atd palling trade* will e»hllnne lh« htislnM* at then d iland. Alt elalnsa ataiti'i at d all debts due IX*lain itrm will h* settled Of the undersigned. ANuHIIM.UH.jt. surviving Partner, lit iltaiwlph-aW t( IMUTNGItgIIIV NATICK. Hf Wanna llallock fcu thti d*vf.*rmsd*cep*rlnar* •hlpwlUiUrUl* ||,\VU»rUr, ni.ii will iBWHhI to tba tliJlx-rNHii imUlit* )iiwiutM<r Jitim 11. A Uo^ Ht the ol<l stand, muter the style of firm »i HALIOCK & WHEELER, iu RAMDOLrnnr. Chicago. 111., Frit. Ist. IMT. DISSOLUTION OP COPARTNER* hllll*.—The copartnership beretotore eilatlc* uaer ibe name aed style ot MAOHI & LATHAM, Was dissolved by mutual consent on the Slat day ot ijvfr ufl nr 1. low* a All claims trilml ard all debts due the late ttrm will be seined at the office of _ , C. J. MAOILL, Corner of Wells and South Water iti. C. J. MAOILU A.J.LAXUAII. General 'Notices. —The following letters from The Bank of ZKontreal,' To oar care, will he delivered to the parties to- whom they are addressed, on proper Identification: D. McLean, John larsou, P. Lenlesty, S. Lint, W. D. Kerr, Mrs. C. McArthur, A. Kecrwtth. L. P 1111- Hard. S. M. Dart, John Qolno, C. Tlnaler, Ju. Thom son, H. W.Townsend, £. Walker. GEO. C. SMITH Sc DBO-, Bankers. 48 laSaile-st. Q.ROUND OIL C AKE is the Cheapest Feed In the Market Per stock of all kinds. Orders promctly oiled torcash, by E. w. blatlhtord a co„ No. 70 North CJlnlon-**. jpor gale. T> ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS, FOB SALE; A CAHETtIII.T SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods. Groceries. Ar.r— Invoicing about |13,0f0; aU purchased within a y-ar ra»t,ai.d lease on store. Store located In a thriving town a short distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons liven for seLtng. For particulars J^qalreof' V. ntIDDiSSt Commission Merchant. S 2 LaSalle-sU.Chicago. TVTOT SOLD—But will sell the largest ! 1 and heat Hotel, In the finest and moat lArmng city within one hundred mile* oi Chicago. Anr one wishing to Invest twelve thonsand didlsra will sod a rare opportunity by calling on S. McCARTT, at Au rora. 111. and satisfying thamaelTes. BcTarenco—lsaac Claflin, No. 93 Waahlngton-st. Uatems. /-> AKD’b PATENT U BBICK MACBINB. Offlce »r.d muHUSCtsrT 33 90. t& Jeffcwat-rt. ga a» South Jeffgsoo-aL. nhiceta. Sofa printing. JJAILY TRIBUNE RAILROAD, IOMMERCIAL & GENERAL PRINTING OFFICE, 61 Clark-st., Chicago. RAILROAD COMPANIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES, STOCK COMPANIES, BANKERS., AND BUSINESS MEN, CAN GET TIHIK PBUTIINO pro MLttnxrsr AND AT PRICES AS LOW An any Film lag lUmo la the Northweec* at tha TRIBUNE JOB OFFICE, 51 Christ,. Chicago. P OSTEBS IN ETEBY STYIiK. Onriufißantol PMprTiN Is the lire* esi and beafe.aeiccied block la the city. CODPON AND LOCAL TICKETS. We ere prepared <& dll order* lor oee •ectulvelrnnmbered RAILROAD COUPOIf and. LOCAL TICK.KTS, ot SEW YOSK BASXS. BOOK PRINTINS. Lnrtte Pent* of the L*te« Style* of Booh Type, 9«o Adam* Booh Pemsoem ood h Hydrooltc Dry Preah enable o* toexcol la till* important branch ol Prlatbta. 3E3 S.S- A foil .MOtnneot of Lfjal. Coototooclm. Pcosloa soil County Blnnio, ut TSi 3X51X^13 BOOK AMD JOB OFFICE, 51 ciarlc-sto, Chicago.