Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 5, 1867 Page 3
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TAB INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE, The Propcatilmi of IflcLoan Oonntr. To the General Assembly of the Btsto of Illinois-, now In tension: In behalf of the citizens of McLean Coun ty. wo ref|»eclfUUy usk to uroseul to roar honorable bodies the following statement of facts, end our action In rcfotoucc thereto • Since the passage of what Is cotnntonlr Known ns the "Agricultural College Bill « providing for the organization amt endow, went of Stale Industrial Schools, or Unlvor alib-a, our people In till. vicinity. In common villi tbuacortbo Slate Kcnorally, bnvc vnrr c.nlbli nlly Imlnlpcd tho bopo llmt no Inr J. Honor Kuril nn In.lUullou In tin. State ’Mould be made, till nniplo Utuo bail been nUcn, In any nbil every polnl In Uie Stale ilc.lrlnir lla locally, to Ibnronpbly canvass Ibc mailer before the Ijeople, to submit, In le K nl Ibrm. proimab llnna to bo vo e.l mum, to neeomiillah that object. II will doubtless bo remembered by many of you, that nt tbo Inal aoaalon of mi J-VEla nturo, etforU worn mule to bsvo an ennbllnE act passed for tbla purpoae, similar [<’ ibc one which baa recently bdcoiue o law, and that those e Herts were deleatod by tbo defeat of the other hill, of which It was .supplement. o did not then .appose that It was practicable to make a bid at all commensurate with the Iniportonco of the 5v^ c sf’ , or Dte expectations of the people of Ihc olato, without an enabling act, by which to equalize the burdens thus sought to bo imposed on any community, and recent e J c V» have fully vindicated the correctness of that opinion. We make this statement in answer to a question that has frequently been raised during the present session, ■why we were not ‘sooner prepared to sub mit to you some definite proposition to se cure the location of the proposed University, The developments oi the lost two weeks, in both Houses, haring luliy satisfied ns that it Is your determination not to devolve the duly of tiling the location uj*on a Commission but lo settle it by a direct vole of the Legit laturo, prior to Its adjournment, we have" In conformity with that apparent determina tion, caused elections tohe held In the city of Bloomington, and also In the town of Nor mal, at which propositions were voted upon to issue, by the properly constituted author ities of each ol said localities, one hundred thousand dollars of ten per cent bonds, re deemable In twenty years. Though the notice on which said elections •were held, was necessarily brief, we arc hap py to stale that the unanimity of our people in.responding lo the appeals which have been made to them In behalf of the proposed measure. Is perhaps, without piralfei in pop ular elect lots. Jn the city of Blnomicgton, where, ut the ordinary annual elections, about a thousand votes only are polled, 1,41« voles were cast, of which one only wa* in opposition to the proposed donation. In the to .vnahip of Normal—including a territory of sis miles tqnaro—a majority of all the voles hitherto registered were polled, with but one dissenting Vute to the measure. The unanimous and hearty appreciation of the benefit* likely to result irom such an insti tution, if planted in our inldst, is not only In the highest degree complimentary to the character of our people, but affords, we re spectfully submit, an unmistakable guaran tee that the University, It here located, will receive at Ihc hands of our people that fos tering care and attention necessary to its proper development. In addition to this, a proposition is now pending before tbe people of the county of McLean, lo be decided on the s<b instant, tor a Author issue of $200,000 ol ten pur cent bonds, having a like time to run, with every prospect ot its being carried by a decided majority. it is proi*er to observe, in tbls connection, that arrangements have also been consum mated with Eastern capitalists, by which all our bonds, to be issued for this object, arc to be cashed at their par value, thus shearing their conversion into currency without auy diminution to the State as fast os the money b needed by the Board of Trustees. So well assured arc we of this fact, that this convert ibility of our bonds is guaranteed by respou bV.* parties. Nor is this all. Subscriptions of over 7.U00 acres of real estate—lncluding two or more magnificent sites for the Urn ver.-ity building—and other valuable prop erty, are offered by various individuals, the cash value of which cannot be estimated by any comp-etont, unprejudiced mind at leas than SIOO,OOO, thus making au aggregate of jyuo.OW), which has already been secured, with the prospect, amounting almost to a certainly, that $'200,000 more will he added, making in all SSOO,(XX). To recapitulate, we submit the following items of properly, to-wit: 3. cuv Dondfc ol Bloomington tl'tn.OOO e. i ‘vLds oi'fbeJoWD ofNormal. lU7,'mo 2. lu-il uitatf and other valuable property 100,000 Making our pieseul offer..'.. ...' ST.U,«OO M lUI a contingent odor, aa above stated, of,. . I<k\W» Making to all. In fixing values to the property covered bribe thud Item, above enumerated, the nu dendened have been scrupulously careful to avoid any unralnieba or disposition to exag gerate, prelcrring rather to he rxoßu than a 110 vc the actual cash value of the properly therein referred to. To each and all of these items, both in re gard to their value and the title by which they are held, wo challenge Hie SEvniiEST sciarri.vr. With no desire to dUjwwagc or undervalue, iu any degree, the bids made by other localities, who arc so nobly competing for tho prise which you hold in your hands, we led c mscous of having mude an oiler not only creditable to the communities by which they are made, but In some drgrtc corresponding in its magnitude with the noble State of whose Interests you arc tie appointed guardians: and wc respectful.y &ik at your hands that such action be UKcu os may scitu to you most appropriate, to examine thoroughly not only what wc have mu* of fered, hut what has been propuaml at oilier {minis. If. niter o fair nod-inipartial exami nation ol all the claims that properly attach to each locality, taking everything Into ac count nllVeiiug the future well imttijj of the institution, you shall decide that the In Icicsts otthe Slate will bo hot subserved h.v locating it elsewhere, we shad cheer* fully urquU-oce In that dccUiun; hut to se cure that hearty acquiescence on our part, us well us that of other competing polutv we invoke on vour deliberations ou this sub ject that fairness and rectitude of action which we are a»*mcd you will bring to bear in the settlement of this important ques tion. To our advantages geographically, situ ated an wc arc ut the ccutru of papula*.lon ol the Slate, and near to Hie geographical centre ulfci), at a jrolot where two,of the niubt IniiKjrluut railroads of the State'iutcr* sect, ana to which other roads ure Hjmodlly to ho built, thus making il a place of easy access to the people of the whole Stale ; to our advantages on the score oi health, pleas ant and attractive surrounding-, high moral toue of society, the absolute and unt(u.ililled prohibition of the liquor traiUe at that point —Normal—near which Ua location is invited ; we say, to these and other advantages of our position. It Is scarcely necessary even thus briclly to allude, as they aro extensive ly known and appreciated throughout the &tatc. It rauv not he improper to state, that. In close proximity to the Normal University, the State owns one hundred acres of land, coveting a beautiful site for the proposed In stitution, and that this land was donated with tbe di.-tinct understanding of being used for this purpose. It is p'oper to say, however, that in our above estimate of val ues, no account Is taken of this tract of land, and, should it be objected to, other sites will be olfercd. The bciiclils, however, of close proximity to the Normal, where there is an extensive Museum In Natural History, and other kindred advantages, arc such as we trust will secure the location on this ground. ...... Our citizens farther propose tint, should the location be made in this vicinity, ade quate accommodations in the way ol build ings, free of icut, at cither Bloomington or Normal, will be furnished, till the necessary buildings arc erected by the State. As one of the considerations moving ns to present to vou a proposition four-filths ol which will b*c cash, allow us to call your at tention to the fact, that, to meet the current expenditures of the institution In supporting a faculty, and dclraylng other Incidental ex- Senses, large sums of money will be needed efore they can be realized by the proceeds of tbe land scrip held by the Slate. It will also be borne in mind in this connection, that no pari of the principal fund arising from the sale of said scrip is applicable to this or any other object, and that in the absence of a cash donation on which to draw, the institution becomes at once a charge m*on the Stale, not only for these current expenses, but, what is more, for the erection of the necessary bulldmjra. To raise the endowment fund by thrusting in'o tbe market the 450,000 acres of scrip at the piesent depressed prices, and with tbe dlsa bilily with which It now (temporarily as we hope) labors under, would not only involve a ruinous sacrifice, but largely defeat the bcul fleeut purposes of the grant- A word on a point that may seem foreign to the subject in hand, but which, by out side appliances, is sought to be made an ele ment of weakness to the locality we repre sent. It has been Industriously charged that our county and local subscriptions, made in 1857, ol $141,003, to 1 secure tbe location of tbe State Normal University, was not paid as agreed, and hence our subsequent appli cations to the Legislature lor appropriations. In answer to this, we beg leave to refer to a report made by a select committee of the House at Us last session, charged with the investigation of this subject, bv which ft will be seen that our people were not o::ly acquitted of these charges, but the strongest testimony borne of the fidelity and good faith with which said subscriptions were paid. If, « hope. It Is your pleasure to reopen that nvestlgation, either on the grounds alluded to or to inquire into the manner In which the location of that lu ttituilon was made—the Integrity of which has been, by some, called In question (•rnm motives we*will not stop to inquire wc shall cheerfully co-operate In the most thorough and searching scrutiny of the whole subject. A .. Wc would slate in conclusion that the foregoing offer Is made with the distinct uu demanding that the fund donated to the Hate, is to be preserved in Us entirety, and that, consequently, should you see fit to di* vide it by establishing two or more institu tions. wc sbull withdraw our bid and retire from Ibo contest. Sincerely hoping your action may be such as to draw around the proposed restitution the cordial support and co-openition of the whole people. Including that noble baud of co-workers, who, for tbe last twenty year?. In of many obsta cles, have so freely s|>col time and money to ?)ring4i into existence, wc arc, Very respectfully youra, JemeW. Fm, W. H.Dckcah, W. Pads* K. M. Prince, John L. Hour. I. J. Ulooxeicld, F. U. Phoenix, John Niccollb, Daniel Wilkins, I*. W. Cates. A, CJnimxr. Oto. nHEDRER, •To,ik K. MrCtmr, K. Hinnnn, W. A. PENNELL, E- A. lIOTET. John ITloirliMMtr Cornered. [From tbe Albany Erootne Jonroat, January 80.] lion. .lolm Morrissey, member of Congrcß* «:bri. R„d funcy Block o|>eralor of repute, bun irecntly snot wllb o pretty severe mU* fortune in i> pecuniary way—in fact a regular •‘Mnaabou the taler trap,’' which “tips the claret’* very fttsclr. Mr. MorrlsHor, with fceveml other ctnlncnl financiers of the same «*•-liocii— ll the ei«nr Is correctly given by tbo "roy 7V/».r»—were operating cxlrnsltvly *' In a corner" lu Cumberland stock. IJul they wcra so eovcrclv “crowded” lost Friday that principal operator wit un- IwuloniJS'l* l T ionB * *»°untalo bts poeecMton went npon Uie market. Ths con. M q to«“ MoA tUmb, ° ln •"«» S niSSr .t rrl *“ 3r *“ u,llbl ° to got from ?. B !. C .W d the codmououco 1. tbal bo loaoa, 1..J 1 , ti^'J bonl tourhundrod ttaouun'l dol "uc'>»m bavo l.fV odor aot I S, ,bl * P roc “» of depletion la tt". Tl'e question la latcroatln* In > low of Its probable ellecta upon the alatua v..- ?» “ouorablo member at Washington. * or vrhat will John Morrissey be in Con* c ®» Ulioul llmt >3,000 diamond pin upon 3»a shirt bosom, and a plethoric roll of greenbacks in his iKickot? Luck seems to iuyo run against “Hon. John” recently. It is only slew days since wo were told that In a H sit down” ut ouebro with a well* knowu State Senator, ho was reduced to thn extent of more than a hundred thou* sand dollars. An old Saxon proverb assures uh llmt “ it Is a lung luno that has no turn* im*.” Ijimil Daughter*. Our column this week contain reference to a fact as painful as 11 la authctlc. Of lato yearn, thotrafllc In the virtue of tbo young and unauapectlng has Increased with ap palling rapidity, and It la certainly a falso delicacy which would forbid alluaion to It. The vast number of the ruined young, who have cither been Sunday-school teachers or scholars, cannot but occasion serious re fllction, especially la connection with one fact. Numbers oi them ascribe their ruiu to the manner in which their vanity was pam ficred liy presents of showy dresses. Their ove of display and finery waa kindled, In the first Instance, by the examples of their own ic&chcis ; who little thought what caU seeds they were scattering in the hearts of their young charge, before whom they ap pealed Sunday after Sunday in the brightest fashions. As the straying of mere children Irotn the path of virtue Is so frequently on the increase, every imaginable source from which snch an evil can possibly arise should receive the most vigllcnt scrutiny. It Is not simply the children of tbo poor who go wrong—there are not. What coaid have sent these last from borne ? Have no mothers to be answerable for the llfc-loug sorrow and the shame of their offspring, who only took copy from the vanity and indcrcorous habits of the very mothers who nursed them? If love or finery has much to do with falling, among the children of the poor; without doubt, the fashions of dress among the wealthier class, must also be taken into ac count as forming part of the reason, at least, of mere girls trom boarding-schools gliding so easily down the road to shame. Tbe dres ses worn by countesses, we were told only tola week, hr one who can speak with au thority, arc counted too indecent for a fe male singer ataMnsicHall? What her la dyship may wear in the best society, the singer of not very refined melodies may not wear in the presence of not over-refined people? And yet, nut withstanding rhe les son read to the high-bom from snch a quarter, and the constantly-recurring proofs of luxury in dress being one of the most fruitful sources of the social evil, there is no change in the attire of the high-born and wealthy, and they set no better example to theyonng growing up around theml FOREIGN ITEMS. It Is stated that the English authorities In India bare declined to interfere with the practice of conveying dying Hindoos to the Ganges, immersing them, and choking them with the holy mud. Asiatic cholera of a very virulent type has bioken out at Port Glasgow. So great is the destitution at present in Venice, that out of a population of onchuu dred and ten thousand, thirty thousand in* habitants have applied for relief. An employe of tbc Salford (England) Town Council recently picked up a pocket hook containing fourteen thousand pounds, which was restored to its owucr. Wolves have recently appeared in large numbers iu the forests of Belgium, driven out of Germany and Bohemia, U is said, by the movements of troops during the late war. Seals Lave recently appeared in the Inner hades at Flushing, Netherlands, and one of colossal size has been killed. They are at tracted by the shoals of surdities now passing through those waters, and which are so numerous that they arc sold for a penny tbe basketful. The London and Northwestern la the larg* osl railway in Great Britain, measuring 1,274 miles. Us annual receipts are over thirty* one million dollars. The cholciais on the Increase In Bt. Peters burg, and the ftbrU recurretu , which carried oil* so many victims two years ago, has also made its re-appcaranco. An English aat-anf is now experimenting to prove that fowls and many other birds and animals have two hearts. The Queen of Spain recently took off her eltppcts and gave them to a hare-footed wo man. , SSOO. W 0 Liszt has removed from Monto Marie, Rome, to a convent in the middle of tho ruins ol the old forum. Street railways are about to bo introduced In Dublin, Ireland. Mons. Duval, the Paris batcher, who has made so largo a fortune by his ettabUuonenU de has purchased Defllcuv's immense house on the Boulevard Bt. Martin. On the ground floor he is going to open one of tho mod l>cautlful public saloons In Paris; hero he will hare on atabtUacmmU de bouillon; above it will he Uobiu’s Mjigic Theatre; the third story will to a m&rloonettos theatre. This house will bo ouu ol tho wonders of Paris during the Exhibition. The Russian treasury contains gems and Jewels worth the Bank of Eoglomi and the British crown towels together. The Ganges carried away Rom the soil of India twice as much solid substance weekly ns is contained in the pyramids of Egypt. COMMON COUNCIL. {Ot'FJCIM. /mVRT.] Special Mooting, February 2,1507. J'tteenf— His Honor the Mayor, and Aid. Kr.lnmborkcr, Cox, Carter. h'Wnlt, Wlcarr, lan Mi, Wilmarlh, Hatch, WallworU, Moure, Woodard, llolocn, llnstell, Ackhoil, c.n»tficld, Shackford. lawton, O'Sullivan. Abrrnt— Aid. C’nlkma, Kaon, Flnnucan, Friable, Itailcrtj’, Tnlcotl. Illxtiy. llunUey, Fruudfoot, Fihtifcn, Bub. Engel, Clark. 'I bo Clcik read tbe call for the mooting. Aid. Muoro moved that it be placed on file, 'arncd. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. Aid. Is««<m proiM-itied a coinmuiiicallon cover- Inc a retuliitiou instructing tbe Board of Pabllc Works to rt port upon (be feailblllij and pracl cubiUiy «i( constructing a tunnel under the mtu Chicago Hlvtr at Clark street lor loot paiHcugers. Ala. Wicker moved that tbe resolution bo paevi’d' 'Jliefolloali.g Is ibc resolution as passe 1: WiiEiixas, the churns and residents of tbe North and bonih Division* of the dty of Chicago are deeply interested in procuring more conven ient amt ca*y and speedy means of crossing the main iher, during the season of navigation; therefore, AV«c/r«/, That the Board of Pabllc Works be and arc hereby requested, at their earliest conven ience. lo report to this Council the practicability orlvsMbiilty of conrtmcimc a tunnel under Use Chicago Hiverat Ctatk street lor foot pa-sougers, or pedestrians, and the estimated coil of con structing sneb tunnel. HEI’OHTS OB PUBLIC OFFICFHS. The Board of Police Commist-ioncrs presented a rceort, representing that they had refused to al low the payment ot tbe claim »>f George U. Miller from the Police Fund, as ordered by the Council, ana recommending that It hi paid from the Con tii rent Fund. A-d. Holden moved lo refer tbe communication back to the Board of Police Commissioners. Car tied. The Board oi Public Works presented a report and ordinance for grading and macadamizing North Jcllerron street, from tbe south line of Fulton street lo tire south line of Hubbard street, which wa«, ou motion ot Aid. Barrett, Deterred to Committee on Streets and Alleys, W« st Division. KEPOKTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES. riSAXCB. Aid. Holden, of the Commlt'cc on Finance, lo whoa had been referred ibe petition of P. M. Blodgett, of Boston, Mass., for return of money paid for license to sell goods by sample, submit ted a report recommending that tbe prayer of the petitioner he not granted. Aid. D’Wolf moved to concur in tbo report Camcd. Afro, of tiie same committee, to whom had been rc feired the petition ol I*. Kfream for temfreton of fine Imposed tor violation of the Health Ordi nance, enbioltU'd a report recommending that the prater oi the petitioner be not cranted. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to concur in the re port. Carried. Also, of the fame committee, to whom hid been re* ftrred the petition of Nathaniel Norton for remit* eion ol the penalty requited by the charier for non-payment of Saxes before January Ist, submit ted a nport without ireommendatton. Aid. D'Wolf moved that the report be accepted and filed. Carried. of the same committee, to whom bad been re ferred tke petition of Karon Anderson for com pcmaiion for clothes of berbnsband burned by order of the Health Offlccr.eubnilucd a report roc ommcLding that the prater of petitioner be not gractcd. Aid. RuseeD moved to concur In the report. Carried. of the same committee, to whom was referred the petition of Banger. Steele & Co., asclag Denota tion to withdraw application for a loan oflis.UOO. submitted a report setting forth that the report of the Committee on Finance on said petition bad already been acted on hi the Connell, and could not be recalled. Aid. Moore moved to concur In the report, ear ned. of the same committee, to whom bad been referred a report ol the Board of Pnbltc Works, asking for an additional appropriation for street cleaning, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ©romance as asked (or by the Board. Aid. Bolden moved to concnr in the report, and pass the ordinance. the Chair directed the ayes and nooatobs called, ano the motion prevailed by the following vole: Ayss—AM. Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter, Wick er. Barrett. Ua’cb, Wallwork. Moore, Schuler, Woodard. Holden, Bussell, Ackhoff, GasUJdd, Shi rk’ord, Lawson, o’9-illlvan—l7. Al*j—Aid. D’Wolf. WUmarlb—a! The following is the ordinance as passed: Aw OnDtxaxcx authorizing a loan of forty thou sand dollars for clcaniig ami repairing the street* and alleys, ana keeping the sidewalks and culverts In repair: rJ} f W the Common Council of the Ci'y of CMcccn : i bE Z l *? 1 «nn of forty thousand dol art (f-to.wxi) in hereby appropriated for the pur po#e of cleaning and repairing the streets and r pair slaewalka and culverts In .r EC i ? aT ° r anfl Comptroller of the city ot Chicago are hereby authorized to loan rn such sums as .may be necessary an amount of money not cxce din* forty thousand dollar# said omounilo bo used for the purpose specified in the forcgolpe section, swd loan lobe made In accordance with section 94, chanter V Iteviscd City Cbstlcr, entitled “An act to reduce the Charter of tha City of Chicago, and the sev eral aclt amendatory thcienf, Into one act, and to rc\l*c the tame,” approved February is, eCUOOU. Aid. Wood-rd, of Committee on Schools, to whom bad been referred the petition of Mra.U. M. Emerson snd others lor adjustment of taxes on lots leased from the School Fond, submitted a report tccommcudlng an vqnliablo adjustment and the passage of the following order t (/nfrmf, That the City Comptroller be author ised to receive the taxes upon the tn>- provetuonta upon, and the interests 01, the lea see* in the following described premises, to wit: I«i 8, Block 80, Original Town of Chicago; Lota 1. 9. *, 4, C, 7. H. 13, 15, 18,19.30. SI, S 3, 33 In Block 1. lu the School Section Addllion to Chicago, the same being Sec. 1(1, T. 39, N. K. 14 8.. In fail pay meat for the dry taxes thereon for the year 16>£, said tax to be computed noon the bads of the valuatkn made in toe year 18GB, of the improve ments oi fat'd premises. Aid. Barrett moved to concur In the report and pass the order. 1 1 v Chair directed the ayes and noes to be call ed, and the order waa paased by the following vote! /P'l—Aid. Enleksrbocker, Cog, Carter, D’wolt Wicker. JUrrctL WUmarth. Hatch, Wall work, Moon*, Schuler, Woodard, Uoldeu, Uua- salt, AckbofT, Gistflild, Bhickbnl. Lswbod. O’Bultlvfn-18. ' Abes—JV one. etIXXTS AKD ALLVTI, B. D. Aid. Wllnmrllu of Committee on Streets and Alloys, S. 1)., to whom had been referred an ordinance for opening an alley from Twonly-Olta to Twenty •filth street, midway between Wabash atenno and Michigan erenne. snbmpted a report recommending the pimaroof the ordinance. Aid. Wallwork moved lo concur in Ihu report and pas* the ordinance.. The Chslr directed (be ayes and nous to be cill cd.and the report *as coocarred in and Uto ordii ance paracd by the fullonlog role: Awe— Aid. Enlckcbocacr, <*ox, Carter, D'Wolf, Wicker, Dartctl. Wllmarth, Haleb, Wallwork. Moore. Krhnler, Woodard, llotdcn, Hassell, Ack b|fi. Gsstflold, Sbackfora, Lawson, O’dalUvao— Abes— None. ~. Alro, of the *ame committee, to whom bad been re ferred nn for the extension ol Uynck avenue to T* o tr-nleili turret, nuSmlUed a report rrcommcudlne >bn pa«>ago of the ordlmocn, Aid. Mooro moved to concur lu the-repert and par* Uu* otdmance. The Chair directed tbe a>ea and noca lo be call ijd, and tbe tvpoit wte emenrrod In, and the or dinance paared hv tbe lol.owinr vote: Aw#—Aid. KnlckorlHjckor.Coi,Carter. I)’Wolf, Wicker, Darren, Wllmarth, Hatch, wallwork, Moore. Kdiuler, Woodard. Holden, Ilomll, AckbolT, GaiiQeld, Sbucklora, Lawaon, O'tfuUivao .Vorj—None. Aid. Kano, of the same committee, lo whom bad been referred an ordinance foraaldewalkonihe north aide of Twentieth direct, horn Arnold street to Grove street, enbmlited a report, recommend ing the t’aaange of l&e ordinance. Aid. Wicker moved to concur In the report and para the ordinance ?he Chafe oirectcd the ayes and noea to he called, and the report was concurred In and tbe ordinance pas Fed by the following vote: Ayra—Aid. Knickerbocker,Cox, Carter. D’Wulf, Wicker, Danett, Wllmarth, Hatch, Wallwork, Mome, Pehnler, Woodard, Bolden, Rureell, Ack boil, Coalfield, Sbacktoro, Lawaon, O’anlllvan 2iots— None. Aid. W Umarth, of tbe same committee, to whom bad been referred an ordinance lor sidewalk on the west sloe of Michigan avenue, from Tbirty flretstreet to Ihirty-second ttree’, sabmltu-d a report recommending tbe passage of tbe ordi nance. Aid. Barrett moved to concur in tbo report and pars tbe ordinance- Tbe Mayor directed Ibc ayes and noes to be called, and tbe report was concurred la and tbe ordinance passed by the following vote: * Av<*—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, D'WolL Wicker. Barrett, Wllmarth, Haleb, Wall work. Moore, t-cboler, Woooard, Holden, Rus sell. AckbofT. Coalfield, bhackford, Lawson, O'SclJlvan—is. JVbea—None. • Afeo, of tbe same committee, to whom had besn re ferred an ordinance lor a sidewalk on both sides ot State eticet. irom Twenty-fifth st;ect to Twen ty-eighth street, submitted a reportrecommead- Inr the nf me ordlnsn-e. AM. C. rter, mov.-d to*con< nr In tho report lacd pa.-o ihe o uiu-u*, Tne Choir directed tbe ayes and noei to be called, and tbe report was concurred in and tbe ordinance passed bv tbe following vote: Ayes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, r-rtv. if, wicker, Barrett, Wiltuarlb. Batch, Wall work, Vooie.Scbnler. \Soudard- lloldtn,liasacM, AckhoS. Gastfield, Sbackiord, Lawson, O'Snlli van—l9. A'<xa—None. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re ferred an ordinance for a sidewall; on the esstaldc of Indiana avenue, from Tblrtj-flrat street to Thir ty*®* cond streeL Ala. l>'Wolf moved to concur la the report and pass the or«U* ance Tne Cbair directed the ayes and noea to be called, and the report vaa concurred in and the ordinance pasted by the following vote: Avtt—Md. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wllniaith, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Sc' nlcr, Woodard, Holden, Russell. Ack boffi Gar". Acid, -backiord. Lawson, O'Sullivan—lll. A’oes—None. * Also, • of tbc same committee, to whom bad been re futed an ordinance for a sidewalk, on Ibe north side of Thirty-fitst street, from State street to Michigan avenue, submitted a report recom mending the passage of the ordinance. Aid.'Wilmarth moved to concur in (be report and pa«s the ordinance. 1 he cbair directed ibe aje» and nocs to be called and ibe icpon wan concurred In and the ordinance pa-fed by tbc following vote: Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter,D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmanh. Hatch, wallwork, Moore. Scb lor. Woodard, Holden. Rae-ell, Ackhoff, Gastflcld, Sbackford, Lawson, O'Sulli van—l9. A'ort—None. Also, of tbe same committee, to whom had bees re fctied an ordinance lor a sidewalk on tho east side of Michigan avenue, from T.rcniy-Eighth dicct to Thirty-first street, bamntttcd a report recommending the passage of the AM. Wicker moved to concur in the report and pass the ordinance. Tlo Chair directed tbe ayes and noes to be call'd, end the report was co'icnrrud Jn and the 01 dii ancc passed by the following vote: Aprs—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D'- Woir, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmarlh, Hatch, Wall work, Mojrc, Schuler, Wo-mard, Holden. Has s'll, Ackbolt, Guelflold, Shackford, Lawson, O'Sullivan—l9. A'vff —None. Also. of tho same commUloc.lo whom had been referred an ordinance for a sidewalk on the north slduot Twenty-ninth street, from Sta'e street to Indlina avenue, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordr ante. AM. Barrett moved to concur In the report and pass tbe ordinance. The Chair olrtcied tbe ayes and noos to be cal led. and the report was concurred In and tbe ordi nance passed by the fallowing vote: Ayte— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’- Wnf, Wicker, Barrett. Wilmartb, Hatch, Wall woik, Moore. Schuler, Woodard, ilolden, Bussell, Ackbou, Gas UK Id, Shackford, Law-sou, O'Sulll uan—lo. Note— None. .Also, of the same committee, to wbomhad been referred an ordinance for a sidewalk on tbe cast side of Wsbarb avenue, Pom Ibirty-first street to Thirty second tticcL submitted a report recommending tbe pa«»ngc or the otdloance. Aid. Wiimirth moved to concur in tho report •od past the ordinance. Tho Chair directed the ayes and wore to be called, ato tbo report was concurred lit and Uto ordinance paaead by the following vote: Ayre— Aid Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, JVWoP. Wicker, Barrett, Wilmtrib. Haleb. Wall wnrk.Moorc, Schuler, Woodard, Holden, Barrel!, i ckboz, Gt.iheld, shnctloid,»ou, U'SaUlvta Ho‘s None. of the same committee, to whom had bees referred an ordinance fur opemcgau alley through block 3, W, and aitjoloii r l»ota 1,3, i aim I, of said muck 3of Myitck's Addition to Chicago, submitted a reports commend ir.g the passage of lbs ordinance. Aid. Hatch tauved to concur In (bo report and pa*« (be ordinance. Tbe ( hair directed the ayoa and noea to be call* ed, and the report wa* concurred la and ino ordi nance passed hr the following rote: Ayea— Aid. Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter, IP. Wolf, Wicker, Haneit, Witmartb, Hatch, Wall work. Moore, Schuler, Woodard. Holden, Hus* sell, Arkhoil, Ciftoillcld,Bhackford, Uwaou. O'aul* Itvnii—l9. Aon—Note. ptucxts and alley?, m s. AM. Shacklor l , of Committee on Streets and Alleys, N. !>., toutamn hail been referred a peti tlonofcitizens ut th* North Division askingthat the name ol Green Hay street be changed to that oi Hath sheet, ol which It la a continuation, sue mltUd a report recommending that the prayer of petitioner* be granted. Aid. Wilmmh moved that the report be recora milled, with instructions to present an ordinance tn accordance with the recommendation of the committee. Carried. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re* fora sidewalk on the north stoe of Oak street, from North Ciark street to North State street, submitted a report recommend* log the passage or the ordinance. Aid. Wicker moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. ’Jbe Chair directed the ayes and nocs to be called, and the report wat concurred in and the ordinancepassed nv the following rote: Aprs—Aid. Knlckerbockrr, Cox, Carter, D 4 Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wllmatth. Hatch, WalHonc, Moore. Schuler, Woodard, Holden, IluMeJl, Ack hoff, Gastfleld, Sbackford, Lawson, O'Sullivan— -19. Jiot a—None. streets axn alleys, w. d. Aid. Holden, ot Committee on Streets and Al leyn. W. D.. to whom had been relerredanordl nance for opening a fonrtecn fool alley in block I, Duncan’s Addition to Chicago, submitted a report recommending the passace of the ordinance. Aid. Wicker moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. The Chair directed the ayes and nocs to bo called, and the report was concurred In and the ordinance passed by the following vote: Ayea— Aid Knlckertrockcr. Cox. Carter,D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett. Witmartb, Hatch. Wallwork, Mooie. ScbnJrr, Woodard, Holden, Hassell. Ack ho6, (jßEidcld, Shackford, Lawson, O'julli van—l9. A’ors—None. Aid Mooie, of tbe same committee to whom bad bceu referred an ordinance tor a sldewa'k on the weft side cf Brown street, from Taylor to Maxwell streets. eunmUted a report recommend* tng the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Hatch moved to concnr in the report and pass the ordinance. - Ihe Choir directed Ibc ayes and nocs to be call* ed, and the report was concurred tn, and tbe or dinance passed by the following vote: Ayta Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’W olf. Wicker. Barrett, Witmartb, Hatch, Wall work, Moore, Schnler, Woodard, Holden, Has sell, Ack boh, Gastfleld, Shackford, Lawson, O'Bollivsn—lV. .Yora— None. Aid. Wallwork. of tbe same commlHce. to whom had been referred an ordinance fora sidewalk on both sides of rewaid street, from Sixteenth street to Eighteenth street, submitted a report recom mending the passage ot the ordinance. Aid. Wicket moved to concur in the report and pass tbe ordinance. The Chair directed the ayes and noes to be call* d, and the report was concurred In and tbe ordinance passed by the following vote: Ayta—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker. Barrett, W 1 marto. Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Bcboler, Woodard, llolden, Hassell, Ack h«lT, Gastfleld, Snackford, Lawson, O’Sullivan —l9 A'ota— None. • Aid Holden, of tbe same committee, to whom had been rclerred an ordinance tor second assess ment for curbing, filling, grading and paving Madi son • Heel, from Hoisted street to railroad bridge, submitted a report recommending the passage or tbe ordinance. .Aid. Barrett moved to concur to the report and pass the ordinance. The Chair directed the ayes and ooes to be called, and the report was concurred in and the ordinance passed, by the following vote: Aprs—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D*- Woil, Wicker, BanctU VYLmanb, Batch, Wall work, Moore. Schuller, Woodard, Qoldeo, Has sell, Ackhofl, uastflcld, Sbackfora, Lawson, O'bnl livan-19. Aoez—None. oas LIGHTS. Aid. Wllmarth, of the t'ommiltecon OasUghla. to whom was referred certain suggestions of K. C. lamed. In behalf of the Citizens' Committee in rotation to the manufacture of gas by the city, submitted a report recommending that, as the subject matter baa al ready been acted on by the Connell, the communi cation be placed on Hie. Ald.Mooremo\cd toconcnr InthcreporL Car ried. Also, of the same committee. to whom bad been refer red »n ordinance for fourteen lamp posta on Gris wold sheet, between Van Buren street and Harri son street, submlttea a report, recommending the passaged the ordinance. Aid. Wtckermovcd to coscar In the report and pass the oromance. The Chair dircc*cd the ayee and nocs to be call ed. and the report was concurred In and the ordi nance passed by the following vote: Ayes— Ald.Hntckerbockcr, Cos, Carter. O Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wllmarth, Hatch, wallwork, Moore. Schuler, Woodard, Holden, Hassell. AckboS, Uaatficld, Bhackford, Lawson, O’SolU vat—l9. * Abe#—None, Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re ferred an ordinance for one lamp poat on Chica go arenne, about ona hundred loot cast of North Ilalrtcd atrect, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Ala. Wicker moved to concur in the report and pass the osdlnance. The Chair directed the ayea and noca to be called, and the ordinance was patted by the fol lowing tote: Ay/s—Ala. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. D’* Wolf, Wicker, liarmt, Wllmarth, Haleb, Wall w°|k-Wocrr, Hchulcr. WooCsrfl, Holden, Kna< jell. Ackhoa; Cailflcld.BhackfordTiAWioa, o*Sul< A'ors—None. . v Also, of the name committee, to whom had bom re ferred as ordinance for two lamp post* on Taylor atirei, at Us Intersection wltb Month Well* street, submitted a report recommending toe naaiaze or tbo ordinance " * Aid. Uirrettm vedto concur Iq tbo report and ptM tbe ormuiecu. Tbe t.balr directed tbe area and noea to be calieo, and tbe retail wn coocnrred In and tbe Oi (lliiftDCr t>aswd br lolloping rot: Ay**— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. D’Wolfi Wicker, Bjrrett, Wllmarth, Batch, Wallwork. Moore, Schuler, Woodard. Holden, RuseelL Ackholl, GutOold, Bbacxfurd, Lawson. o‘Hnlliran-lU. * JTofs—N one. vmnxunvn mrnnu. Aid. Wllmarth moved to take up tmflniahJd bvaluers In Iho order in which It I* airaagod on the Clerk's table. Carried Iteportof Committee on Judiciary on comma nlcailon i f tbo «Ttr Clerk rotative to engrossing order*, ordiuatcos and rcsoljllotn previous to piMtcc, «ae, on nio'lon of Aid. Knickerbocker, Laid on lee tnbb P-mporailly. ItetHWlof L'oßimlUeeon Jrulidarjr on petition o' Vi ui. 1;. Junes, steward at iho Small Pox Hos pital, for additional talary, was, on mouoo Of Aid. H'Wolf, oitlervd to be Pieced on file. lU’portof t-ommltlco on Judiciary on petition of tAiinlar policemen detailed lotlir Health OIUco, for additional par, Ac., was, ou motion ol Aid. Wicker, ordered to be I‘lared nn (Hr, Tbe " Metropolitan Health 1)111” waa, on motion of Aid. Wicker, ordered to bo - Placrd on flic Commuolcalloa from tbe Board of Public Work*, vagyeaUnK caitalo roodlflcatmn* of pro tiored aiueodimmifl to tbe Charter, waa, on me lon ol Aid Holden, ordered lo be Placed on file. Communication from the Board of Piblle Work*, rorgMtlcg certain otnemlmesU to the Chatter, waa. uo motion of Aid. Wicker, ordered to be Placed on file. Iteportof Committee on Fire and Water on or dinance In relauon lo tbe erection and removal of wooden lialldiai.* In the Flro LtmlU. Aid. D’Wulf moved to la; on the table tempo rirll;. Aid. Wicker moved as amendment tbal tbe re port be placed on (He. Tbe amendment prevailed and tbe report was ordered to be Placed on file. Report of Select Committee on proposed amend, menu to tb«- City Charter, was, ou motion of Aid, Wlctcr, ordered to be Placed ou tile. X’BCZLXAXXOITB StTSCCSSS. Tbe Clerk presented a communication from tbe Board of Underwriters, suggesting certain amend ments to tbe City Charter. Aid. hbackturn moved Us reference to Commit tee on Fire and Water. Aid Wtcket movid as an amendment to refer it to Committee cn Judiciary. Aid. Carter movrd as an amendment to tbe amei dment to refer it to the CommiUee on Fi nance. Aid. Wicker withdrew bis amendment to refer lo committee cn Jodlclarr. The question recur ring on the amendment of Aid. Carter. Tbe motion prevailed, and tbe communication was referred to Committee on Finance. AM. Uoldea moved that tbe committee be In structed to report thereon on Tuesday evening next. Carried. Aid. Wilmuth moved that the Connell do sow adjourn. The motion prevailed, and the Ctundl stood adjourned. A. H. BODMAN, City Clerk, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Mokdat Ensure, February 4, 1967. The following la an exhinlt or the business ol the United States Sub-Tremory In this city for the weekending Fcbtuaiya: Customs Internal Iterance. Miscellaneous.... Total. Special warrants... Di*lmn lug officers. Coin Intciest Currency interest Miscellaneous. Total. Coir.. . Currency. Total.. lasi week. The Iccal Money market shows no new features. Money 13 Mill close and stringent, thnnch there is slight relaxation ol thcplncb that was soobserva tile a few days ago The amount of nonbanka- Me paper on the tirett is Urge, and discounts are none Intbe open maihvt at rates varying from IVt&SH per cent per mouth, according to tbe na tn>c ofthc oocumente. The banks are discounting tor tbelr best customers, upon unexceptional col* UUerolc, at 10 per ccnL Exchange was Arm, and In the absence of a com mensurate supply some of tho bunks were com pelled to ship cuneucy. Sales wore made between banks at 23 cents premium. Tbe cojtnler ra-cs were steady ana firm at par buying and 110 pro* mtuifi telling. Flour was firmer, with ratber more doing. Wheat was very quiet, and on No. A Spring there was a decline of Ic. Corn was active and dosed finnatanadvarceot Ic. Oats were in brisk de mand and 1c better. Eye was duiland unchanged. Barley was steady. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were lifeless, but held firm. Seeds steady. Geld was a HtUo on the rampage to-day. The ! market opened at F.CJ£, declined to 1314, ad vanced to 137*a, *nd closed at 1374. Tbe following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokets: 10:30 a. m ICC* ] 11:45 a. m 13-14 10:45 a. zn U 64 1 13:15 p.u 150‘i) 2:06 p.m 138. S 11:18 a. m 1364 1 5:00 p m -374 11:30 a. m 13041 4:Wp.n 1374 Here the matket was quid at VKQVTi buying— dosing at the upper figure. Over (he counter there was no dsmand. Silver was nominal at 136 ®ISO the upper figure fot large. Tbe Public Funds were higher to-day— the extreme advance obtainable on Seven- Thirties. TTo following showa tbo closing prices of to-dav< compared with those of the three previ ous days: Thar. Frl. Bat. Mon Sixes of *Bl W7»| 1074 1U74 1U74 Five-Twenties.’fix ... ltn*u lift** 107*j Flte-Twonlles, *Ol 105*4 1U54 HU 1004 Plve-Twcollc*, *65 ltls»J lUO 10GU MCU Trn-Fortie* OT*4 OTB ttw Q 1004 Serct-Thirtlcs, Ang HUS lUI4 10134 lUOU tsuvcD-mnles, June. . IM* JOI4 101* lUS Hcvnn-lhlrtles. J0)y....11M% 1014 1014 MS New Five-Twcollcs 1014 161*. 1014 1014 Tbo Stock list was 4©14 higher to-day. The following shows tbe quotations of to-day, compared with (bote of tbe two previous dsyst Frl. BsL Mm. in ad l«t 94 l-t 34 &_ ll’d IV«1. D’J. U’d. It'd. It’d. T.Cen vtw 9**< too* do* mg lci(rum) »v M# Si* Wt* SO* COx M.b.(com) ’.•* 7ih 73 TJ 73q 7»V C. & Mtu W* 87V *4* MV MV MV Uotk Uutid MV Wli V(>K Vi* 94V WU C.ftN.W M 3-5 39V 87 j 37* !JH* i;.a n. \v„ pro... «iv mu wi* ou tit? I*. Ft. W tt I. n* v:u IMH oss w.' OtlCkkllTrr 37* 87 39 »i 31W W. InimiTel 41. S 44* 411,- 43 41V 14 * c.a A.(c0r0),... no ho no* in mw nos Kiir. at/. IS) .... ISO 131 Ijm} 13) M.Ccntml 107 JOOW l»7 107 Vl> 7-, lilj Hud-on Itlvcr.... 137 VIW la 130 u->v HI. Central US* lit tuy lliumi? Its I*. Allean lot 104* totq tot* toiv US' i’lrte* i«,JMo... in* 1?J Ko;* m ijjv 171 V T. 4Waba»b -,OV 41 40V 41 41V 41 line there nan an active demand for Govern* meats, and the market was firmer. Wo quote: _ Buying. Belling. U. S. Sixes, of 1881 !U7*4 Ul7q U.KB-SOt, lU7li I0?*i U.S.&.SI-S, IST.I ... liaac 10« U. 8. B-SOs, ItiTw 184 lo«U U. S. 5-SOs, small luth&lOCK U. 8.10-lUr, large IQO U. 8.10-tPc, sroa’l. HDW U. 8.7-30 a, IM perks 101 v 103 U U. s. 74P?, Sd series IlMv 1 5 U. S. 7450 m, 3d scries I»4J£ lUS U. S. 7-t(V. small 10t>4 Compound. June, IHU tiC’t “ July, ISM lift “ Ang,l&H HSU " OcL, U6l IMH “ Dec., ISf.l 113* “ Msy, IS(3 119 “ Ang.. 1565 11U* “ Sept., 16ti5 110 “ Oct- lets 109J4 The Second National Bank gives the following quotations for tbe Public Funds: Coup., ’SI.-lOTfi®. - . 74Wt(smalI)10l*@ 5-2Ucoupons, June Comp., 15M..116* (large)....lfts2iGlo7H Jnly ** " ..116 IWOconpons, Aug. 4 ‘ “ ..115* (smaII)...IUSHOIO6H Oct. “ " ..114* 10 40 coupons, Dec. 41 4 * ..113* ffanre).... W«i® May 4 ‘ 1585..U1* HMOcoupons. Aug. 44 44* (small) ...lfS*G SepL ‘ 4 44 ..HO 7-SU-riargc).lo4*iG Oct. 44 44 ..109* Local Sleeks are dull and nominal at the follow ing quotations: Bering. Selling. Chicago City Ts Cook County 7’s Chamber of Commerce. —Chicago City Sevens sold In Boston on Thurs day last at and Interest The Boston Adurtltfr of Friday observes: The money market continues stcacy. the gene* eral movement showing little variation from day to day. In tome quarters less stringency Is re ported, but In others a dificrent opinion is held* some bank managers failing to discover any les sening of the pressure, bnt being conflacnt that tbe market has been gradually bat certainly tight ening daring the month, ana that tbe process U to continue, with perhaps some local and Irregu lar variations, until tbe general bnslne«s of the country becomes ecttlcc on a more satisfactory basis, or some new and more hopefttl elements are Introduced Into tbe financial question. The snpply of loanable fends Is however still large, and the rales of Interest and the difficulty of ob taining ills enhanced more by the want of sub stantial security or the lack of that commercial credit which inspires the highest confidence. The general feeling of distrust Ihroogbont the coun try engenders extreme caution, and those who hold money afo indisposed to let It eo, unless upon such security as Is not likely to be afiected by any of the probable developments of tbe fu ture. Many think that almost all prices are liable to shrink, and that when once the decline realty begins, its course may not be arrested nntU prices bare touched a point as mocb below as tbep have formerly been above real values. —The following is a summary of the Canadian bank statement for November and December last, and for December of the previous year: N0v.1566. Dec. 1566. 0ec.1565. Capital paid 0p..t?«,a&,7C3**«,55f.015f UABIUTIZ*. ’ ClrenUtlcn $10,551,10J * 9,867,430 112,123,774 balances doe oth- er birk* 1,153,650 8,064,547 951,513 Deposits not bear- Ireintireet 13,651,2&4 14,725,80(1 15,272,003 Deposits hearing Intercat.... 12.018,961 12,370.069 14,654,875 .$57,634,979 $39,617,992 $15,010,193 AAtrrs. Total. Specie and Pror. Ts'otcs f 8.003,105$ 8,305,032 t 7,£9USO landed or other 1,496,800 1,499,329 2,997,730 properly toveromnnt Se- WM.291 6,789,419 7,794,051 curities Bills of other 1.000,010 I.KM.7CJ 1,401,647 banks Balances doetrom other banks.... 5.WT.407 0,505,517 G,61M96 Votes discounted 45,699,ffiS 4VS7 105 *t,osi.S*> Other debts 9,4J8,W8 *.a«.795 «.5W.550 ToUl W8.471.W0 170,403,139 *75,»5,6M inline/ of 10-day remarks: *• With (he exception of the extreme scarcity of corrcncy which hi* prevailed here during the past week, nothing worthy of oote has occurred. Business baa been fairly active. though the pro* dnee markets were characterised dt considerable Irregularity. The stringency noticed in the money market ban checked speculation, out at the cloee the tendency ol prices generally was strongly upward. The bank rate of dcconnt remain* nominally at 10 per cent, bnt good prodnee paper la compelled to seek the atrect at 15 and 16 per cent.” —The followlnc !• a comparalirc statement of the Boston hank*, with the changes that have oo corrcd dnrinp two the statement last week bclrp lucomglclc: Jan. JS. Loam |*«.»W?W4» gMcte i.333,*3 J.OJS3W Dec. ]nao Dec. 63*14 W UAa£»’“.. olb fraW«J«3 U,9!fl Dec. Dur toother D*ki HJiaWB l*c. i.m,OQ D'PMIU SrlViH!, I**®* CtrcmatDn ***Wl.4*6 *Si!fsS l)fC * JSJ.k» but* On oiAtic-n siu»w *i.wa Dec. 9,431 Tbe Philadelphia Ltiiqtr observe*: u Tbo xnoocy market present* bot little anlma* Uon, tne actnal topply or loanable fund* oclnc doab'leM sufficient to meet the wants of borrow* era, allboncb the cannon of lender* lenda to maso money difficult or accear. to anr but borrower* vho*o standing !•undoubted. lUtrs are still held withfirmness, can luadblo large amount* atm rtjiirffftlfl »>cr cent on (•oxrrmaent collaterals and lime loans at * per cent. Turret* a good nut.! ply oi conimcfctju paper. «blch prn-cs at 7<Aii phr cml for pitmQ r.Uou dated notes. date* a ad paper sot possessing the desired qualification* move heavily at hipber rate*.*' The Boston AtherUter a*ys: “There U now • fair proapect that the law fixing the legal rale ?f internal at 0 per cent to that State will be ao tkr modified thae.whcrean agreement to that effect u made. 7 per ceai may b= ahanred.. f.* I ".*,* *®^£ r ’ al'j regarded ob a more In the right direction. The bill parted the Honae of Ikpr«eß'atlveß to-day, by a maturity oi lorty*ooe. and It la tnoopnt win endoubt* dly para tbe sonata and become o law. Kiom ban I raacbco papers of (be 10 a we extract the following doialla of treaeore and mer cbandttr increments. The receipt* of specie at HanPiandico from the northern and southern mines of California during the past firo yean were: .W*.MO,7W 1105. . 43,C»T,!JrtJ 1009 ISM 45.400,113, The receipts from Washoe* Esmeralda *od Rnm lUut, Nevada* wcra:« IKS 10.817.CJ11 1889. ISM 19.4M.W IBflC, iwi The imports, eoutwlse receipt* (tnrlodlnc “Vto* torla, V. 1.,) and receipt* from northern and southern mines (Including Nevada,) alSanPrao* cisco during Uie year 1:66, were as follows: Imports...* .. S 1 25W.811 Itccelpu coastwise, Includmc Victoria. 0*0T8*l£» llecelpts from northern and southern mine* Total for 18GA. Toui lor 1865. Decrease I 2,007,®C The export and destination of treasure during the Tears 16CS aud I*B, reipectlTCly, were as tOIIOWB ' 10. IFKS. ISfifi. New York f 20,991,323 Eetlenil 1«,258,1-« WSjSJ Em.ce 181,839 .TO-Mf Chine 0,9c,e« 0,5J5,1K1 Panama and Central' M .... _ Amerlce 3K.«? 691,M0 East Indies Japan Sandwich Islands. Society ialasds... Mexico CblU Totals. Increase for 1868. The aggregate Ttloc of the exports of merchan dise (rum San Francisco since 1860 has been as follows: Domestic. 1860 *4,1*18,921 186- .. 6,968.075 1863 6,578,780 1863 7.599,755 19G1 7,753,083 8,587,«7 13,311,100 ItGo 8,705,223 5,511.116 14414,3*4 im 11,934,003 5,232,834 17,100,806 The earnings oflbe Tsortnwestem Railroad for tbe week coding Jodiuz? Slat were: Passenger. Fielclit... Eipress .. ilail Total, Increase. 1&57 qUOTATIOXB BT TnajJAßUt. To Ur Editor of the Sew York Tribune: Sm: A great deal of stupidity or wilfnlness is shown in the cable quotations of United States bonds in Parle. Tne price there la about eight?* three (not seventy-two to seventy-three), which at fire Panes to the dollar will give Iho tree market price at elghty-thrce. The seller receives 4.15 U francs* for a tl,ooo bond. It baa been the custom lorlttereried patties to tiro false quotations so oden, that 1 would advise parties desirous to hnow the current prices to apply to reputable fcrtlgn exchange houses. .Respectfully, Is. G. W. . Tbo World says: The Associated Press de spatches show the following dlticrences compared with those received by private bankers: Press Private. January 22. Telegram. Telegram. Five-Twenty bends 72*, 72jj Illinois Central 81 83t4 Eric «*£ 43 January 29. Flvc-Twcn’y bonds 731-0 73 Illinois Central 81 804 Erie US&43 414 January 29. Five-Twenty bonds 7314©73 5-16 78‘i®73ti lllloofsCentral 81HM32 79 © 94 Erie 43SQUX S 3 <&s3i* January 30. Five-Twenty bonds 7tH4 73 Illinois Central 62*1 69 Erie 415 33H®T> - Reference to the above tabic shows an important dlfleiencc to tho>c who operated on the telegrams ot the public pices. .$ 3,365.50 . 14,175.00 . 120,341.27 .$<46,331.77 .$ 13.140.10 . 7,514.39 . 5:,1«2.U) 51,301.03 .$257,831 00 .$208,754.18 . 223,571.09 .|45fk333 87 .te.abivxi Nctv York nock .Market. Closing price* lor casn. February 4,13 CT. received by Jwepb M. Lyons & Co n Brokers .• U’d. BM. I „ „ B’d, D'd. N.T.Ccn iff>jf 107*, C. 5.6 per cent Ere (com) WH MX * oon-ii. I&U...TOTV 107 x U.b. 7.1* 74* 11", ft. b per cent C.& Pitta MX SIX', *■*> coop- 1* 107* mx IS- Ck aimnd.... 93* 9hi C. b. 6 per rent C.&K.W 97X BS*I &•'* coup*'6l.lo6 106« f C. *U. W_ptc (»* 68* :o.b. 6 per cent P..PI. W.Vc. 97X W* I MW SiifrUMlror.... S 3 33X 10. S.lperceat •. UnionTrU. «X 44V 10-40 «« IWX C.& A.(cons)..ll3X U3H Tr.Jiotrt.73-10 Ilnr.iQ mx 183 litserie* 104J* 105 X M. Central 107 H 108 0. 6. 7 3-10. M Iludioo lUver.lCH 139 X •men. 1«X 105 111. Centra lI4X 115 C. 8. 7 3-IP, 3d P. & Head 1»H 106 f«iea 10IX 103 Cere.* 1V>1....120* 111* Amer. U01d....136* U7.V T.*Wat)«h... 41* 43 Market-lit Board strong; COMMERCIAL. MOSDIT Ercmto, February 4,1587. The following tables ahowthereceipts and ablp. meuta of Produce during the put fony-elkbl hours: RECEIPTS PAST POBTT'EIOIIT DOURS. • iafr. isca. Floor, btli 6,0-8 3,231 \VU«&L l)U 11,WO 51,660 Corn, bu 17.433 21,533 Ootf, bu 7,173 21,710 Kvc, bu. ' 2,033 Haile/, bu . 2,710 c.'.Tbs 81.218 1M,707 Urouio Corn. ttt 17,0H0 0,437 Cured Meat, o>*. Pork, brie Lnrd. !ba Tallow, D>«. XJulter. ftß h. ltov», No 2.013 3.381 I hMIok'P. Nc 3419 9,'Sl Cattl., No 123 140 Hide*'ft* 103,W1 113,02 11. Wlnn«, lirla i I*W Wool, Os 10,050 10,908 1 uinltrr, m 4i 09 SUuifiloß. id 030 70 emrxuKTs past roßTT*iiaitrnoima. IW7. 19711. Hoar, 1,«7H 1,378 Wlifn*, Ini 1,730 till t'om, lm Onto, lm. Harley, bn ! 811 (iraasScrri.lbi 8,3>0 *1,013 Cured Meats, 5*7,683 I’oik, htlit 7iH 1,79(1 Urd, IHC33 KuutV, 4,030 s^io Dead Hogs, No 7,313 Live Hogs. No 1,434 .... Cattle, No 431 3*J Hides, frs 83,196 Hlclmlnefl. brls 501 107 Wool, fra 0,200 Lumber, m Oil 450 Shingles, m 103 C3J lath, m . 10 72 Suit. b»lf..M3 473 Sail, bags 100 Ibe Provision market was almost lifeless to day, though In other respects there was no change in the tone or condition of attain since Saturday. Uoidcra still show no disposition to force sales,and opeiators are debarred from Investing to any ex tent, owing to the Ughtcess of Moneys There was noihlnc doing in Mesa Pork lor o6h, nor did we hear of any demand. For fuiure we bear of 503 brls, buyer till March 15, at SHS.I2Vi. Prime Pork was neglected. Sweet Pickled Hams were quiet, with sales of ISS tes at ll@ll»4c, Bulk Meats were Arm, bat less active, with sales of Dry Salted Shoulders at 734@TJic loose. Green Meats were dull. A lot of 2,000 R«ma from Slaughterd Hogs sold at 10c. Lard was inactive, but firmly held, with sales ofSOOtcs, part at lie and the balance on terms which did not transpire. Dressed Dors opened a shade firmer, hat closed quiet and easier. Sales ranged from 87.25 @7.Bs—closing quiet at f 7.25 and dividing onSuOlbs. There was nothing doing la Whiskey. Bonded le nominally held at 23c. Floor was firmer, with rather more doing, though prices showed no quotable Improvement, We note sales of 2,GU) bns at (14.00 for White Winters; (9.C00H.50 for Spring Extras, and (7.2507.27‘i for Spring Super*. The Wheat market was very quiet, and on No. S Spring we rote a decline of H®lc. There was no movement in No. 1. and It nAr be qnoted nom inal at (2.15 for **Regular.” The sales foot np £3,000 bn at (2 00 for No. 3 in A. D. £ Co.; (1.85® 1.56 for do Regular, and 8.55 for Rejected—clos ing quiet at inside figures. Ibcre was a good speculative demand for Corn, and the market advanced fully Ic. with sales of 76,000 bn, at 79050 c for No. 1; CSHc for No. 2, and for Rejected—closing firm at 7)<icforNo. l. The demand for Oats was qmte active—mostly speculaiive,—and the market was 1c higher. The sales fool op 00,000bn, at4oH@4ie—mostly at.and closing firm at the upper figure. Hye was dull, with light sales of No. 1 in store at 00c. Barley was quiet and steady, with sales at 70c lor No. 4 in R. 1.. 43®45c for Rejected, and 75Q 95c for sample lots. heeds were in steady demand, with tales at (4JCQ3.05 for Timothy, and (7.75 for Clover. The following telegrams were read on’Change to-oay: Nxw Yoek, February 4. Flour—Salable and better at (10.05&1I.50. Wheat flrmi r and quiet at (4 U5&2.40. Cornonoy aut at (1.10 In store. Oats urmer at I’ork firmer at (19.50 for Old. and (20.62 H for New. Lard dull at IWjiaiic. Eog* lower and plenty at (9.00519 JO. Whiskey salable at 800 Uic in bond. Gold 136 H. LATXS. Flour slrong. Wheat stronger. Cora buoyant at ( in store. Oat* firmer. Pork better at (19.75 for Old, and (40.75 for New. LiXEB. In the aiteraooo there was a good speculative demand for No. S spring Wheat, and the market advanced 4HQ3c.wltb **l°* 41 (1-S»®**®® for Reg ular—closing quiet at (1.97)4. Corn was Inactive and nominal at79H®Soc. Provision? were quiet with sales of 50,000 &>a Dry Salted Shoulders at 7Sc loose. Yellow Grease sold to the extent of 66c packages at B*£c. The cattle market was quiet and altogether nominal at the closing rates of last week. Prices range at for inferior mixed lots, to choice shtpplngStcera. Live Bogs were in light supply, and under a brbk ptcklcg demand an advance of s®loc was rstabllshcd on the closing prices of lt»t week. The pens were dosed st ff1.0006.7S fbr common to choice Bogs. Lnmbrrat l>e folio wine Matl»tica tare Jh*«b SSSFoft}? 1r icr publication. glr® tb® and the amount of Inmber and ibUiglea 64611 la4au “ c^ irSXKS. iffiS.-.--- N. B. vrm....~ Alnt** £Stts2 KSS ?&:::r::::\™%'& : ‘■“ : ™ JJSB Smllb* Cfc.... nStCrrf*- i-W.OOO ScQUiiQO hr i «>*b»U£J r *. m Earle & Taylor I.wwimj SAW* *Co -,nm»tnrk.. 4.'>nfo) B.MWN OartorALo..... ««« k *.0.»,u00

M««ora t Dntcbcr -*?£?••,»>« UWOXOO 4.JTQ.OQO Dnnorni * lionlo... ~~TZ JJmjSi H. 1). Motor &. §*»2ii,fr” jt,ra{ooO 6JMO.CQO O. JobD-on* Kfimyro & Uaio«....b*ui:amc*.. «.ww T - t , u k.ww« lhV’VUr. CJ..rl* »«nuclar f d «.WC,OW flour barrel beofl* *n« XMWW* <utw. I'Mtiii luirn i.««ibcr The fJ.IunUS » \t* The JMlowlre figures »tuj» the camborbfaiilailoa ado dipped dartng the aamo k. b.rnller * 30/00.000 §>• M. DooMaday * Co WOO,OOP Sharon * Eaffoard Other partlo* LWC-O* Total 90.003,000 The total miniver ot railroad ilea made In tbt* rlcial* lyatnoßDU to 170.000 dm In* tbe year. Beattie* tbh, about a/w cords ot stare bolt*. headings, 4c* bare becnihJpped. flock ol Urcadstaffftta No rr York* .. iKrvo. u»e World.) .... Iborollovtnt ronpanitvo of i Melts, 'lU> tbo Ogairsfo: tbu date partly estimated! Doc»mh«f Jannarr #i, jaofi. si ( wrt. 691D00 bOOJXO 1.CH0.000 8,100.000 4,716,009 5.9J0.0M 8,«78.<M 8,600.0 0 flour. brlF. Wheat, bn. Crm. bn... Oku, bu... pjo, bn.... lurtcj-.bu. ToUl, Ikwbm s.m.tx» A* «« bate i>a4 a mjr dn)> month. ti>U (IneratM U n tnncb B> CUU.a hBtB IwVU CXDDCIOI t BMI II v« bl(« ioui month* tWoce iu la which a * mat-rial InerwMOl ,1(0,065,600 . 43,900,000 .iiw&wn . 15,3U>«218 • HfUUUI* IITIVIP (!■ m VBIKM U> V( »'ipi'm»c«atic expicUxt tur prewnt iljcki stualba reckuiirUititter oaiow Uun »traT« Uwwuu of our tumeu _ ~ bblpbadditiff ni Qaobre* . „ . , Tbo Utrcuru i turn a MI»wV ( lilbollatol ine Traaeji *t pr«i«&t la couim of coaiUacUoo lo UiU ouutcti . H'Uldpn. Ton*. A.UUmureft C 0.... 1 »hlp, framed....... WOO Ijonn * I ship, md; to laa’b I.WO Charland * Co 1 ablp, rlaatln* WOO H. Uubord. ..] suits plaoked I.CI K.umy ftco i auio,named MW J> K Ujogru ft Co .1 bark, keel laid. (JO •f* K. Oi&graa ft Co I bara, keel laid 6W Cbarlaoa ft C0.....' I »*>lp, (ramiDf 800 o. fc-Glnfru 1 brlK.raadiolianch 191 8. £. Gibfrai 1 ablp, pUaklac LWO batnaoa Dnlbtn l bark,u»arlf flalabed 400 ». U. Ua,awui ....i amp, framtac i,SW R chard ft Co l ablp, \ framed 1,000 l'lSias==4 . SS .131.677.140 Valla’& Dfingal. T.U. uiiTcr...., THE CHICAGO UVE STUCK MARKET. 156.5 U 824,019 105,890 41,920 172,345 5,500 152,157 12.004 61,000 Omci or tuk Daxtr Tames*. » Uoxoar Evsscto. February I. f HEEF CATTLE—'There waa scarcely any tnoremrat In this branch of the Lire Stock market to-day. There were few hnyers in attendance, and hot little stock offering. Sot enough was accomplished m the way ot sales to warrant any change In quotations; hence we quote the market entirely nominal at the closing rates oflast week. .C 10,603,051 ' __ CTBSXNT PBICSS. £rtra Stem— Fine, tat, wed-fjrmed. 4 to 6 years old Steer*, aad aver agin* as and upwards 115525,71 Prime Beete»— Oood. well-fatted, fairly formtd Steers, averaging trum 1.100 to 1,(00 Its, at &O)a6.SS Fair Crude*—Fair Steers. In tor flesh, ar eragtcel]OOOsuaoO &«,at. VA^S.IS Metltutn Ctast— Medium Steers and good Cows, fit lor city slaughter, aad averaging SOGgl-OM Its, at. 4J5-i5.00 StocJc Cuttle —Common Cattle In decent flesh, averaging 800 41,000 as, at 3.733150 //y«r<or—Light and tmn * ovi and Steers, rough and coarse, averaging G 303330 as, at. 5.502X59 BOGS-There were b-ai In the sale puts ihli notnltg, and, aider a good, healthy de mand, prlcta took an upward torn to the extent of 5A 10c. The pecs were cleared at prices ranging from |6.CCfcA3S fur common to fair lots, and |6A3£6.«5 for good to choice does. The matcet closes steady at the aborerangeofptlces,with all sold. Traasactljns In clude the following: Foreign and Eastern. Total. $3,472,116 $3,331,067 3,833,445 9,551,521 3,860,203 10,433.063 5,201,581 ■ 12.3M.288 .«13,023.M 51,313.00 .121,330.73 132,1116.67 . 7,222.08 13,013,73 . 1,687 92 S,lß .$182,223.77 $199,15'J.79 No- „. ~ , At. Price 46 coo<l t&t tot 393 6.C0 - S&UTIot -i7i 6.45 53 name quality 353 640 48 rune quality aa 6.40 eShlrlmoo Hoc* 133 b^*3 S 3 tame Quality 193 6,30 75 common rough lot 19s *.15 75 wine quality 197 5.15 58 ccarie uneven lat. 379 6.15 06 light coar«<* Hoes..'. 170 cu S medium bacon Qogi 6.50 t>ame quality. 6JO csfMrerea lot 305 6.23 65coar»elot. 335 6J5 CO good bacon lot 5^3 CHICAGO DAILY IHARKKT. Atlanta of Grain reported (a U(« market revort ire mode on the fcoiu of tauter (4c) tloraje, uulest fkericUe tzhretAtiX. Mosdat Etxxcfo. February 4.1567. FREIGHT?*—IUiLCO\i» Kaeionrs—Dressed flow ate »c tower to l»e w t orlc ami Q-jstoa, and l/u'c lower to Albany. We revise our raw. The toilo A'iai: Is toe (oloturUToa me Eastern roads: SJ 4th Dn'd Rates from Chicago to— class, class. Floor. Hogs. Donato. N. r CM 4:« 95 (0 Toronto, C. W &j tju 93 73 Montreal. C £ 1.53 93 1.90 l.ftj Alban?, X. Y....- 1.20 92 W l.Sj 1,13 New Yorlr 1.93 W I.SO .i.aa HotO'D and Albany 1.35 OS 1.90 1.03 Botlon rf<; Grand ITnnte iJJj 95 1.9 Q 1.33 Portland rl r Grand Trent ij» j.<a Phliadeipma 1.13 S 3 1.70 1.15 Baltimore. 1.15 S 3 1.73 1.13 ‘•utsborgh To 50 I.OJ 70 Cleveland. Oblo 15 SJ 7i) u Jcllctscnnlle, Ind .... 45 33 70 CkcldubU. 01.10 45 S 3 64 45 FL.ULlt—Hectlrert,6,M» brla; shipped, l.ttTS brls. Tbtre was a moderate d-m&ixl to-day, and la some cues feller* were anting kb advance on ttatnrday’a price*, bale* were: wuitb Wcmm-OO brl* Mmlil pan at *I4XO ; 35 brl* “Novelty'* oo p.t.: Bpkcto Er- TB*f— «CO brl» “CcK’g Alternate” at *11.50; 7JO brls oat named at f 10.55: SO brls do at fi0.30: S 3 brN do at SIU.OC; 500 l>ri* do at *».£>; TOO brl* do at ISUaVsSOO brl* do (low) at w.Oo; Shhixu Sctej»—bl brls not armed at *7.:*7«4; 6d brl* do at *7.25. it HEAT—liecelvea.ll.fcw but shipped. 1,750 ha. Matketqulct and vale lower, Bales were: 400 oo No. t (A. 1). <t Co.) at <2.50: 14.000 ru do. al|i .84;21.0f'0b0 do. at *l t 5 iUegulor): i.Tjii ba It-JeclcJ, at *—dol ing qnlet nod *tearty at ln«lde Agates. CUUN—Kccelved, 17,435 bu; shipped, none. Mar ket ic better, hales were: 13.000 bo No. l atW;; as.OCObudo at 79Xc; 10,000 tmdoat79*<c: 7.ojobadu HtTJo ; 1.400 ba No. l l tl ftstfc; 3,400 ba lirjwted atslc ; 1.100 ba do at £3jkc; 4.«0 bu do at M)< c; 1,600 ba do at M) t r—<'luMne Arm at 7Vt»c lor No. 1. OATh-liicelTOO,7,llsbu; (hipped,none. Market active and IcMpber. Bales were: 57.000 bo No 3. at lie; 3,fCO budo. at4o<(C—clomcc Arm at4lc. |4 YE—Kecelvtd. none; (hipped, none. Market dull, salt* were: 9.900 bu No. I, at we. ; M Board itran*. UAUI.EWIteccneJ, 4.30 lu: ebJoped. none. Market quiet ami steady, Bale- werss 3.000 bufto.3 (H. 1.). atTi’r; 8W bu Rejected, attic: 490 bu do, at 44c: too bu do, at iivo; 4CO bo do, at 43c; 4W bn by iambic, at 95c: 40bbu atNle: 400bo deal 13c. al. at f4JMUO. KANH—Ate quiet, at«].BJrji*.9o. I(K A A~»Koin Inal, at fUMtilt-O. UittiO.ll COUN-Dull, at >3.003190.00 V Mil. ItUTTElt—lUfetrrd, 3 949 »a; shipped, 4.0K0 fta. Aaldo from a moderate local nemaud tor ctiutca table cumuli*, there It terj little dolus. Common df«crip> tions arc altogether nominal at tue price* gironbeljir. We quote: t bi ice to Dairy ..39 Qtt c Uood'lub 90 can c Common flmm ..13 «18 c Prime Firkin.... .31 *J4 c II \ lit*lMi—Uniter a aIUUUjf ln<wa««d (letuaod a hotter f« illi v obtain* aul prtcos aio firmer. We glrc the follow lr g a« Hit rrICM corieot! National A, a bo. aeamlew linen fiOXO I'niunA, Uo do .... 40.03 ro do W.W Until Kxciiatice.iiv SS.OO M <Ht A. cotton *p»a.loM 6<.00 670 130,100 I,BU SIS .. iss.aflo m-rno 9.1,0*) hJWH 2,5*23 o,l' 0 j,rwi«tnf. A, do AhO.oacoßKld do American, Oo liojttrr Mills do MU* l-llUQrtrt H, do ■ 01.00 Iran AllHs do ASM Fort i*US do ASM fliKO. do 61.A0 Fan, linta and coUnn aj.o itidp*wcud, do 5i.00 B|irinitoci<l M.oo (imtilea 31.00 iuiriait*. 4 bit. No. I 24.00 Kmjii e cur UII EhSMv-Tlm market itui.UnoM quiet, vUtiout M* irUMcli«nuolnr«lf< i. We quote ti fjllowa t New Yi rit K#rtor> utumtej U «19 e j'artnry (lllinoli) II (*U c Hamburg ..IS tall e Wiet*m ntates 13 call c Wiwlcru ll'tmr II ul) c ••Young America" (-(30 c COA I.—l* la c«*o»l tlemarvt.afui f.»r Hie better v*r!e tt«« price* urn well suslalbwt and tolerably arm at quo* ttttinti, but for common Soft Coal, of which Uiare is a surplus. price* are taller, W<* nuolo: Ema-ltrookncl-J $ 11.00 oo omthy 11.00 Cutviaasd— Brier Hill 11.00 do Mineral Itldse lOJki do WMow Baak 1000 do Tunnel... M.Ou Chippewa 10.00 BioMnnrg lt.oo Lump UMet 15.00i16.00 Ijtckavitna, prepared lI.OC Scranton 11.00 Pittaton lt.oo Illinois a« on track.. Touchlnebe-.y it A 0 LTIFKKK—*» betels no essential change to note In the genera* character of them- rket alneeour ia*t re port. prices aio Crm and quotably unchanged. We continue to Quote: Java lUo, common lo fair 3U<iJt*c IHo, cood t» prim* Bio, prime to choice .....77ii9373fe COOrIS&A 14 K—The market tsdnlL and onus are nos* (tied. sale ol 400 Pork Barrels atiJ.'S.dc'lvercd. 'There Is a good demand tvaay, and under a temtorary scarcity, were selling ireely aPSiAStc for itrictly fresh tn boxes or t job. Llm<d Lggsare plenty antisk.waiaiVSc. , FIIUIT.'* AMI NUTS—Trade 1« as good a*usual at tbit season of the j car. and under talr sticks, prices prevlouslv noted. Wita the -xceptlon olatl’chl advance In KaUins, prices are onenaoged. We Quote as follows: fiFMTT TUI I l«. Apple*. p bri Lemon*, MslAg* Cr*nr-crnes, V tort Cranberries, culdvstfd. uuiu r Fig*. drum 4* ® ® Firs, cartoon* * ® £ Dam* a « 39 Can I'aarhce, F dot, 3 & cat* 4.tT> <% 4.73 Apple*, new > » J* Peaches, halve* std quarters 16 « 19 Peaches. pared fi * S Wackbciriesnew, *B SI » » “Ra» prerrles new, V D » a « Cherries, pitted ® <* 66 EldtrherrlM, P a g <£, 1® hah-lns layers 4-63 a 4.23 Ral«ln», Valencia U « » sardine*. M boxes W a Sardines, % boxes S 3 a 40 Almonds, hard shelled 8 U II Almond*. soft shelled © <4 *5 Almond*, paper shelled M « 55 Peanuts. *• b, Wilmington H 9 15 Bnuil Nuts a (* a I. 9 19 Fiench Walnut*, new SI 9 8 Naples Walnuts 2? 9 34 Pecans, small and large ,33 9, » HldreryNuM. perhu 9.00 9 3JO Chestnnta, r*r na.Vft. <A3 (4 8.00 Fl!*ll—There Uno change to noteiathe general characterofuemarkel. TradeH stagnant, ana quo tations are of Hole value- We repeat oar list: WhlteSUh, No. l, H btu •* N 0.4, Vbrl Trout,No.ivhri... No. 3. S’ hrl 4J0.41.T3 Mackerel. N a i, H bri, new •* No. 2, h lj-.»wOJO - family, P 3< br! : “?• ? ieV"V""“" lal’oo « Nn. 1. kit*, new 3.09 A. 5 *• ftmily, V3i* *•» Coofith. Bang, F io« ft* 7Jfta 9JO ** George's 8ank....... SJOStiO Moa 6.00 Herring*, cried. No. 1. P box M •• scaled... *O4 Go Labrador HenlagsP hr1....~ - - 5J09 5.S Norwegian Henlogs, K*s Phrt IS.W “ - v* * bri 16.60 n« EAS>E—Market firm. 6*Jes wtro: 25 tcsWnUe 'nIIimVISES-Bewlvei 2 brls; shipped, 564 bri*. Market neglected. Nothing doing. HOt*s»-ifßl < ‘tbtit enn at 60965 c for Eastern and arafec for Western. _ UUK»3*li HOfTS—Received, 3.635: shipped, none. Market opened a tbace firmer, but closed quiet andtader. Bale*were: 66 averaging » 9 B*. at- *i-® 75 S» - *.5 10 •* M “ at. **iP « “ as” *• at !•*> 113 llfbt 190 UcM 7 licit 1*) “ I*S MaiTldiacooJOO - at. and 7.® 350 “ 3DO “ at. 22? “Si'S &?» “ *OO M at, I a S u S-M a •* ato •* “■5* ad :-g ia « 2« - at. H?“.J4*S cn M ro *• at ".a and « jo —cloelne o Met mt *“J»7.V) (tlrldln* on 300 a*. llA^—fl'epereralmarketwqmet.with price* up chinceo. o» or to U»e netel led condition of the rose*, there Is liu.e loose Os; amrlnc. and prices ars. In conseqnencr, firmer. TVeqoote: WBOUSAUt PMC**. ~, Tltrothy, roller sod beater pressed llmoihr. loo*e pressed J-TJOiItJO Prune, beater pro nuodlt.ou timothy,rollerand beater preaeed Timothy, looae prcwcd...... S Prairie. roller aac better pirated Prmlrl*.'note on w aeon, oellTcrrd i.Ji*. 10.00 ■ HIDES*—Ree«I red. K9.SM 0»; dipped, none. There wm a HtUe better ee~ tod to*dar. and prices were firmer. We nuke DO ihanre la oar qaotauonsa* Idle**: Orm {t*Ve Urtentalud.tnmmcd. fctJ'Hc (Urea Calf. M (*l» c Kip. Oreen, tailed J* <*|* « Pry Hint, trimmed J], W|JJf c Pry t-alie*. trimn Uma halted, ♦•W «*}?'•- IHON AND feTKEb—Traie Uf«lr. Wccontinue toooote: Common Bar JVC Porte *hre Iron *V<i «5C Urary Band * *♦ *V'C Uocp aad LUht c Houcoaod Square s'*w» JVC Oral »V 4 JVC Half oral ard Balt Pound *V* ®Vc bhret Iron.rpDaoo ‘H* Extra Bie*»lrwu ttlrtnlrid, *2./* Bbeot Iron, rntrrotl M»etlron.jnat*u. ~....11*e»1l c Norway Kail Bucu 11 vttS.Hc r*ow steel. German. }J <i>}J c Hnv Steel. ea*t W MU o Sprint ud Tire Steal. Eailieli H o 100 l Cau StacUordinarr 2i c Tool Can'Meel. American e HlUternl steel..., ...M I*o c lioi>ia,No«.llanal6 * *ii c iftnta, Am, inqualltT. a bdl (*H e Am, utquuur, v *n«t .. <in c HtiMU. Arn„*l QDt.Uy, K»a*«t mIS n I.EATIIKu—»U»dj tod drm,wltU price* nutaagad, m fb.lgwi; Oft*LOOK. Ul7 UlßlMfl* * '♦lfctjtbVOf, Half, ft I 3X4 431 UulUUi I U Cowurj iUrftcM SVJ »|SUoxUl4f, Hite, IAO.OOO S^U'.MO lUixvMg .1 ihlp plankin'*”!! .1 —• » few floor*. .17 THMII. Ton* HOG SALES TO-DAY. 8.039 M 0 sA>i# 6J)C .(SJ» 9 fi.oo . 9.00 ®1!U» .UJM a. 15.00 ~13.00 £21.00 - at.. ** at.. Dnad*. Line, P » iS9 *4 Chicago, No.l. 40J « Rip. Bedlam, p Slaughter, ‘ols, , ... * Chicago. No. a, 9tA «T CaJ£, p & LUutLGO Bueno* Ayres.... SS,a SO Upp»r. P (bet.... 303 3t Orlaooobo'e 573 « Co'ptry Upper,. a* e Orlnoo*. . good, „ Collar. Pfbot.... 333 W damaged Sl® 83 HMsbtar.ftile.. IS* CaH *l tlarocao. |< ft.... «o* 4>t as 9.10*3.*} Upper. —. trs* 83 French Calf, 3* Rip. No. I, me- as 3.0(1*1.10 _p»«n> U0A1.30 French Calf U- Rip. No. 1, I rnolnfi A dM»).OO*M.W hearjr ...... (C*1.10» , MMI UElt—llura » m • moderate trade dotnt to* d-jy IB the yards tod dealers were obtain!of fall prices. We repeat flotations s Lcmisa—First Clear, MV. IK aadllaeh . „ „ second Clear, I.i v, IK and 3 Inch.. SB.acuoa.oo Third Clear,lnch...... Fir»l and U'cond Cl»ar Flooring. to gether, rough, th* same as Second Clear „ wide..... MPOJSMiO t-omnion Flooring, ronrh ssooun.oo Matched and Urtssed Common Flooring. 40.00tf11.0a Matched and Pressed 8 lech Common Flooring WJftaSWO First and beconoriwir biding, together,. aa.oi3 , n.w First Common Pr«e»ed biding. tIOOtftSJM Vtar'.n-Hox Doarda, aclect, IS Inch and onward 7. SlfOail.oo A mock Hoard, u Inches .VMWmW.M 11 Block Hoard*, machos ... M.iA«77JM) Cotnmou Hoards, Joists, ocanttiag, rooo in*, and Smalt Timber, T 4 to 14 loot _ long st.n*aoo Jolsuandacanmag, 10. Sand lUeci.... u. 00400.00 „Jolittaad bcanuiag 53.00 BntxaL«*— A or Star nhared Shingles Os A orbtarsawci Hhinglea.,...,. sjoasso , N 0.l Sawed Bbiogice iSOtf 5.00 LaTU~l*crm la yards SJN Uy car-load hr Northwestern llallroad, delivered in any yard where car* can be switched, or a«y depot: Aor bur Baw •d Shingles, by car-load, on track U& ISO Aor blar Shared bhloglea, by car-load, ou track B.fla 4,00 No. 1 bawed Ehlngiei. by car-load on iuack 1,... Bjs Three dollars a car-load added when traniftrod.whicb charge followsth^Shindeatn tr* ightbill. . „ unvoui BTAXoaiD. n Tbiclaic**—Fire Shlnslet to be two Indie* in thick* Leneih-SlxtMn Inches Band*—Twenty Idc&m. Course*—Twenty-axe. SIBTAI*S AND TINNERS* STOCK-BcM BB*a mnUjl »u rather quiet, and price* were on changed. We quote: TIS. i Box Tin Plate, I C Mxllj.. fILM Larue Pin 87 Small Mgs SR Bar Tin s» Metallic AT 80tu... 33 Copper 80tt0m...... M Braziers oTrrlOSn„ is SheetasaUtoMox. 43 Tinnltp. CISC. Ut quality, cask m quality, sbeeu .t« blab u BStOQT WULE. I to 6 11 17.8 and 9 u : 10 aim u u u i« 13 and ll 13 _ . u and 16 i« 1011? 17 i« a 80 S 3 Fence Wire io 2d prices rule firm. We |Sd *3.75 3d, floe blued g. 25 at. One blued 10,35 Cot spices 5.75 Ist quality SO Antimony SO Fine solder W NAlL*:*—Are steady a conunne to quote: Sd "JO | Clinched Net 8.73 I*ll.S»—There U scarce.? anything doing la this branch cf trade, and quotations are ncminaL trice* are onchasred, ted we continue to qaote: linseed OU f 4L33 Linseed WU, boiled SIJ3 Ollee Oil »160 ■WbaieOlU W. B L 531.0 Lard Oil, exttt UOgliß Lard 0i1,>0.l Winter. i.i&*ua Lard Oil, >'o. 2 Winter 1.(941.10 Bank Oil, round lots 1 lUliO Machine OU 1.0041.10 Sperm Oil. W. B (#UO Lubricating OU 5091.00 Castor Oil 8434LM m, . .. .a Nratrtvt Oil „ 13*41.48 CAKBON Oi L—l* quiet ud itudr at previous rates: Carbon, P car load <sc Caibot, small lots. Benzole ”*.’**rJ*l*Soc PKOVlSlON**—Received, Q ns Caxed Meats, LSCI brU Port, and 15p.200 bs Lard; shipped, 174,335 &g Cured Meats; «T 4 brts Pori, • ftlcss Porn—laacmoandn->mtna». at 519.C0 rash. Sale* were: MUbru, till March U, at f1902,V. Ilalu meat*—ytnet bat nrm. Bale* were: 30,000 Its bLoalder* it W.OOJO* do at *S'c—both loose. Sweet Pickled llama— Sales were: 00 ires at live; 74 ires mine. Giecn flleaia— Sales were: 7.000 nam«f*.h.)atloc. Lard—Qtnet and held firm. Sales were: 130 tresat 12c; jotresono. t. POU I.TlCY—Sales loclade 4 dot Dressed Chickens at 11.00; 4 doz do at f3.SO:S dot Dressed Geese at fI.TV. SCO ft* do at 15c; IIS B 8 do at lie. MID* ASl)j*tliE!UTC»-Tne market con- Unnrs steady. We quote Uatbltt's Medicinal. M Pure...- 12W(*I3Ve OelatuTa Chemical Mu<4is e “ Qeallhy H&itUfce “ Pure HK(»Uvc MWAH*—The ma*krt to-day waj rattier quiet and prices were atoady. We sots aa advance of jvc oa New Orleans bugara. Wo revite quotations - Cota. Porto lu'cd. iiwiin 'c K. Y. Refined, Powdered and Granulated....l6* l i3lCi%e WWW A Circle A. White 3.. Extra C... Yellow C. )xiiard C. Oxnard C, extra *>e\r Orleans prime. .’..l4v.4U*c Xe*’ Orleans lair UstsU^e SVUUl*?*—The demand la nmderate, aoa dealer report ut improvement la demand. We repeat Quota tions;, New York Syrup*. Yellow Drips Cuba Moivisoj..... J’trlo Kico., New Orleans Philadelphia Bee Hire &X* o* Chicago llcflucry, Amber 1.00+1.15 M ** Golden HO* 90 M “ Sugar House TV* US PEED?*—Received Be shipped 3JOO ft*. The mnket U moderately active. Sslet.mciude 21 h.aga (prime) Timothy at (3.U5; IS3 bass do at 33.00; 47 has* do at (2.10: 3 hags do at (2.50; 17 bags do at 1J.73; 15 bag* do at (2.50: CO bo Clover at 17.73. f-AL,T-Bccelved. none: shippcJ, 823 br’a. The market lafirm and prices remain unchanged, bale* of 140 Lrl" at (3.35 delivered. New Floe (355 Onaise 3.63 (>n urd Alum 7.0332.10 Turk’s Island. Daft SJO Grcnml Solar.. 2.65 Dairy, with sa-k* o.r<). Hairy.«lthoul lacks ; 3.73 TEA*—The market Is reasonably active and price* are without perceptible chauga. tve quote: Young Hyson, superior to One, V ft (1.15+1 U do extra to choice. \> ft 1/o*l.Bo Imperial, superior to line, P ft 1.10*1.60 do extra to choice. V ft 1.H541.90 Gunpowder, superior to tine. V ft 1 .U+l.ffl do extra to choice, (i ft l. l O*UB Japan, natural ieaCflnetoeztranß ft.... l.Qy* do do flue to choice, |> ft I.SSr+IJB do do colored, V ft lASJIAQ THIIAWO—Tha market la dull and easier. On Pluglobaciv*.owing to tht|,»rge supply la the mar* kit, concessUns ate maue. We quote: dm: Ctrr Ciikwixu— Kxtra Choice. Medium Common. .. tivoktxo Tobacco— Virginia’s Karorl'e. Choice Medium Con moo Hl'tas..... ptro Tobacco- _ Do) al Cltlxen.... 73 ft 80 Fanners’ IWlsht 70 m 73 Natural Leaf. IJO U 3.00 Hair iinsht m c* Choice Black, sound 73 <* ID Medium 70 u 73 Common M <* 70 Natier 81*1* W vin inia Hiard as so t* go Flounder* 73 os S 3 \V(IOI»-l» quiet, at the following range of prlcwr Maide, Mront, rrehvervd |12.W*13.M Maple. V coni, in yard n.»,»ia.M Heech, M c«td, delivered IA.SO+U/0 Iteerli, O'cord. In yard 9.50*10 60 Hickory. V card 19.U*1i50 Deceived, 19.650 ftat shipped, fti. The market Is without chance. Hale of 10,000 Bi me dium Flue, ranging from 45a»7*c. •Kailroirta. A lIRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF xi TILUNB. Vinter Arrangement. omciao AMD NoirmwEarxiut lututoan—oxana racino uxx—depot south mu ernier. 1-eare. Arrive. •B;L>a. m. *7:20 p.m. 7:90 p. m. 10:00 a. m. 4:oo p. m. ll:10a.m. Omaha Faal line Omaha Niehl Express. Dixon Passenger mcEFonruNs. Freeport I*asscEger... .. *10:00 p, to, *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Kocklord. Elgin, Fox JUveraudStateUne... *4:oop.m. *11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. *5:30 p. ni. *S:4S a. rn. WISCOXeIK niTXSIOX—DEPOT comma or CAKAX. Day Express *9:00 8. m. *0:30 p.m. MchlErptess *4:30 p.m. *5:15 a. m. Janesville Accommod n. *5:30 p.m. *3:35 p.m. Woodstock Accommod’n .JtOJp.m. *9:30 a. m. DILWaCKZZ DITISXOW—DEPOT COBXEK Or CASIL AND KCtZIX BTUZET. 0:00 a. m. 12:00 a. Day Express Kosctilf, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:40p.m. Nicbt Express 4:(X)p.m. m. Kenosha Accommod’n-.. 4:40 p.m. ft 15a.m. Waukegan Accommod'n. &80 p. m. &5d a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45p.m. C:3Ua.m Geo. l. Dcklat, Geal Sap'c. B. F. Pathick, General Agent, KICB2SAS CXSTUL a’OOV OPZJLXS ITU3T. morning Express........ * *945 p.m. Day Express *7:00 a- m. •i*aJo p. m. Evening Expms (5;30 p. 4 p. c. Night Express i*9:ls p. m. (8:45 a. m. CINCINNATI AND LOCHVTLLS TRAIN*. Morning Exprees *7:00 Am. *’U:3sa. m. Nlcht Express 75:00 p. c. *ll:0u p. m. MICHIBAN BOCTRSBN A3TO AIS SITOBT UNU—DX ror cobkbb vas »cm and sucbman eraxxn. Mall *4:45Am. *&ssp.m. Day Express **:00 a. m. *11:00 p. m New York Express 35Y5 p. m- t!2:*) p. n Night Express S*W:oop,m. *€:Ma. m sxiboit xan. Man ~ *4:45 act. tfttu a. m Night Express tlttft. 1 p. m. *3:55 p. m. nrtnnpMa, fob? watkx and ohiua6o. Mall *t:2fla.n. 6:OC a.n. Express......— *ftOOa.a. list) a.m. Fast Line 3:15 p.m. 7:40 p.m Express . ...•rfcoop.n. 11:00p.m Day Pasteuga *930 a- a. *lvcsi p. a. Nieht Passenger tlftOOp. m. *6:45 a. ta. Kankakee Acconnod*u. *«:05 p. n. *%2i a. m. Uvdc Park ana Oak Wood *C:3O a. m. *7:45 a. m. ,i *» *l2:lop.m. *ics3a.m. « ** » .... *3:3op. m. *1:50 p.c« « »» »« *5c551». m. *7:90 p. m CSXCkGO. BUBUZOTOV AND QUDTOt. ! Day Express and MaU... *i*oa.m- *ftoop. m. ' C.alcsburgPassenger.. . *3;oop.m. *L3Op. m. Aurora *K«)p.n. *9-00 Am, Night Express (12.00 mld’ht t~soa. m, CHICA&O ABD ST. LOOT. , . ixpresß and win 8:05 a. m. &45 p. ta. Sight Express 9:15 p.m. 0:50 a.m. j »ouet and Wllmlngtxm ~. Accommodation... ... t:oop.m- 9:43 a. m arcACO and easAt sabtxss —(zazx catcasATi aib LsrtH-iczLWAma Bsrr.road dxtob. cob. ANAL AJTD K3Z3 aTBBXTB. Day repress fc3oa.n. IftMp.m, SightExprws 9:00p.m. *SO p.m. roa atniANApous, loshullb and cthonnati. Day Expre55....•........ fi:3i)a-m. KkS p. m. Sight Express WJOp.m. M 0 a. m. Express 6:30 a. a. 10:55 p. m. -* « ftoop.m SfiOam. , Mnslng Accommodation 9:asa.a ifcOU a.m. ' • « 6:15p.m fcuO n. m. Chicago, none island and pacitjc nsn.aosD. Uay Express and MaQ... *9:00 a. m p. m. Sight Express 1—IX) p. m. 1 ouet Accommodatioi:.. 4:40p.m. *9:40 am. *fund*y ezccptcd-tMonday excepted, JUatunUj • •xcepled. 1 UNION STOCK TABD TtXB TAB LX. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. 1 0:10 am. 7:40 am. Am. 9:10 am. 10:00 a.m. 11:30 Am. lisn p.m. .p.m. 2:SO p. m. 4:00 p. m. 4:45 p.m. 5:40 p.m. BCNDAT TRAINS. ftSr a.m. I 9:33 Am. ‘ Ukso a. m. 11:45 am. 14:30 p.m. VW -P“* p.m. I oHS The following Is tbe new table for the arrira and departure of mall* from tbe Chicago Poet Office for the wintar, and now In force: mails close, r. o. emcaao, ill. mails abritb. s. m. p. m. am. p. m. ... 4:00....Mich. South. B. R 14:30 .... 8:15.... “ ** “ 6:55 .... 12:00 m •» •* “ .. 6:00 ll:TO .... 19:0u m Mich. Central R.R 12.00 &’5 ... •* ** “ •• 6:00 8:46 2:00....P1it*.&Ft Wayne 19:30 .... 8:15 “ “ *• 7:10 .... 14:00 m “ “ * .. 6:00 11:00 14:00 4:30 ...Great Eastern R.R.. 8:30 io;ou 12:00 +7:30....New Albany & Salem 8:40 11:00 £:M) 7:45,...<ia1cna Hallrsad 3:10 4:10 14:00 tt00,...D1x00 Air Line.... 6:00 7:90 i4:00 B:oo....Kocklslan>l RoDroid 5:45 4:30 14:00 *:oo....c„B.&liulocy R. B. 6:50 teno &M) 3‘oo,...Notlhwceiern K. R.. 5:45 6:30 &l)0 4:45... Vllv.ankee Railroad. 11:30 8:40 19:00 7:45....niin01s Central IL IL 7:00 9:00 12:00 7:Do....SUT<onl* Railroad... 5:85 8:45 ROBT. A. GILMORE. P. M. fßebtcal. TTCH, TETTER, A XTCH, TSTTUn, ITCH, TSTTBZZ, ITCH, TOTTOB, diseases, DISEASES, cmi) nr KWAYSWH UINTMK*T. f.VVAYNK’.H OIMMIKNT. bold bi ftil Whol«*»lB#T ' UUUNUAMb A VAS bCIUiCK. SKIN SKIN Special «ou«». Xlelmbold’a Fluid Extract Dacha fa pleasant in Uste and cdor, free from ail »ajurlojs prepertie*, aod immediate la iu action. * Dr. James* Thoae « bo bare bad oocaaloo to inquire the aerrloea ot Dr. Jama*, formerly of New Orloaoa, and now ot 91 and o*l Rardolph-iL, Chicago, aay he bar no anpencr lathe treatment ofFrirato Diseases- Tt>« medical Unity and the proa* sp«ak of him In tbe highest terma ot praise. Dr. Jamoa* oOce and parlora are at 01 sad 03 Ban* dolpb-il., where ho may bo onurallea horn t a. m. till Ip. a. Consultations Inviolable. P. 0. Bex OOff, Chicago, 111. ' manhood mid Toothful Visor Am egained by n«lmbotd*a Ultra pacha. Or* Thornton* Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, 19b booth Clamu bat U«al<m a I farm* of v*u*reai dls ease with unprecedented *uocca* l >r nearly tmy yean. Bperaaiorrhaa aud mnutcnci treated «itb tbe naper catrrauiu. Particulars of tbe Instituteand tUediildi mailed rrm to any»3d«s«. P.0.110i 73, Chicago. Illinois. . hbatteml Constitutions Restored by Qelmbold** Lx met Dacha. Or* Ulgelottri flaring tbe canrtJmoeof tha public and the aMleal faculty at large, t* Ua moil reliable pnyndao in the city ft>r chronic nervous and aaxual diseases. Call at bia oOcs, 170 bourn Clark>*t. corner of Monroe. Room* teparata. Umaaitation free. I*. O. Bo* LD-i. UK guide to health, pubitibed monthly, aent free tc ani adCrtaa. lielmbold’a Bxtracl Buchn , Glvca health and vigor to the frame aid bloom ta the Killid cheek. DeblUtv U accompaniMbymnay a'aru* g symptoms, and li no treatment U labmlttadto, coninroptlan. Inaanlty. or epllepilc tli ensue. Take no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Bemedlea for unpleasant and daegrroos diseases. Use lieloboltft Extract Dacha sod Improved Ro#« ffub. Tlio Glory of aian Is Strength. Thrreforr, the nervous and debilitated should Imme dlately nse tlelm bold's Extract Baca a. A Beady and Test Oltbepropertiitofßelrabold'i Fluid KxtraetDacha will be a comparison with those set fbrth In the United State* Dispensatory. Enfeebled and Delicate Consultation*, Ol both sexes, use Uelmbold's Extract Dacha. It will five brisk and energetic feeling* and enable you to sleep well. ■NOu i3uljlications. JObEPH THE SECOND AND Hlb COURT. BV MRS. MUHLBAOEI* D. APPLETON A CO., 443 and 443 Broadwav, New fork, and S. C. GRIGGS As CO., 39 AND 41 LAKE. frT., Publish tbi* day, JOSEPH n. AND HIS OOHET. BY MRS. L. MUHLBACH, 'With Qlnstratlons. ivoL,Bvo. Paper Covers, UAO: Cloth. *3.00. ' [Prom the New York Daily Times.] The history of the Introduction of Mrs. UaVbich** works into this country Is at occe ctmooa ud interest ing. W hie the war was In progress, a lauy ol Mobile received by ot eof the steamers which *ueceeded in running the blockade, a copy ot “Joseph 11. ud Bis Court.” ghe bad the enterprise to translate it, ud a pob.i»hfr at Mobile, Alabama, we believe, bronchi it ont. Although poorly printed, anc on diner paper, it had u extensive sale, both on account of Its merits ud because of the scarcity of reading matter tn the Sooth. Copies of the work afterward found their way to the North, ud attracted tne attention of lovers or llcht literature of the more substantial sort. Shortly oner, Messrs. Appleton * Co. determined to republish all of Mrs. Mublbach’J ptodurams, and. commecouc bot a month or two avo with “Frederick lh> Great ud Un Court.” now follow up that volume with”TheMercbutot fWitn." MBS. MUULBACU evidently does not aim to teach history through the medium of fiction. She simply uses the material that it place* ready to her rand Be cause It is available, and also lor the reason that to some traders, tales ostensibly founded upon fact are more entertaining than those which are purely ficti tious. In FREDERICK THE GREAT she exaggerated the faults or virtues of her leading characters to suit her own purposes, ud because she lh*rehv hetehtenM the Interest ol her narrative; and in the MERCHANT OF BERLIN tho takes the same license, although to u extent the 1-ws perceptible, because the actors In tiodorrd are not so prominent tn history, and are therefore lest popularly trown. There is. however, quit- enough ol accuracy In her dedoeaUms to give her werks decided valro as pictures of the periods tn which their scenes are respectlv-ly laid, and she, moreover, writes with a vigor so decllelly mascnllua that numerous critics have made tbs very oatarat rnl»- taVeof‘Uprost. c tne writer to be a man-a delation which she apparently aims to toner by aaaounc'.ni herself simply os L. SIUULOACII upon tbu Utle-page ol her works. -isSaivv: •10i«tl5Xc .MS«UV .I2 Ml 3 e .loyau e .t 6001.15 . 1.10*1.21) . 730 83 . SJa S 3 . TOai.w X>. APPLETON & CO, Dave Just Published FREDERICK THE GREAT AND RI3 COURT. An Ill«tonc*l Romance. By Mrs. L. Muhioacb. Trans lated irom the German oy Mrs. Chapman Gmeman and her Daughters. 1 voL, 13 mo. 431 pages. THE MERCHANT OF BERLIN. An Historical Novel. By L. Mohlbvh. author ol “ Fr-dcrlck the Great and Ris Court.” TiamHtod from the Of. mu by Amory Coffin, M.D. Ivol., 13 mo. Cloth, 17“ Either of the above sent free by mall on receipt ot price. S. 0. GEIGGS & 00., jyjAfctiACnUSETTS IN THE REBELLION A RECORD OF THE Position of the Commonwealth; And the services cf the LEADING STATESMEN. TDK MILITARY, THE COLLEGES, AND THE PBUPLb, In the .♦ niJd . i.w . HO (4 90 . 03 « CITIXi WAR OF 1801-00* [Dy P. C. IlxauLar, author ol “Joscphlnc,"elc. g,. Jll Tills Important imbUcatlan ha* been prcpir-’d with the utmost care, ami will lie pronounced tnuimpsrabiy the most valuable local coulnbutlau to sbs history el Hie Rebiltiou yet publish*!. It* interest to every son or daughter «f JtiMxi-haictls, nr.lnnood. of New Eng laDd,cunutbecißggcrat«d. It contain* Eight HletM'loie Engravtig*, Inctadlng llk-ncae* ol TIHUrY-TWO cmlacol civil- Una and military men. living acd dreexoeo. trice, In cloth. |4 M i sheep, *5 AO; half calf, |«.00. J'UIILIKUKD BY BURHCRI PfiON. Copies sent by mall, pottage paid, on receipt of price. OEO.O. BAJfD & AVERT, Pobllibert. BOSTON, MASS. {7* AgcbU wanted everywhere. Address , 63 (91.00 S It 3) 3t « *s IV (t* 33 ULU. A C. W. SREUWIKID, 103 Madisun-st.. Cslcsito, Gsrcral Agent* for the West. IJavtncrsljip. rro WUOSI it may concern. I Notice I* hereby given that thu Qtm or copartner' ship of WILLIAM BBOFHT & CO., Doingbasleess at 383 hon'h Clarfc-sL. Chicago,com- Ced of (he undermgacd. Is ttU day dioaolved by rau- I content. .... William llropby is to settle all demuos against stld firm, ud Is alone entitled to collect any demands das said firm. WILLIAM nitorUY, W. B. MILNE. Chicago, Fflb, 1,166*. 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Persons desiring to purchase this land at private sale will direct their communications to me underlined. Box No. aaa. Macomb. £ U ffirticai. THE RHEUMATIC SHOULD SEND TO \V. B. GUMP A* CO.. Dayton. Ohio. For a Descriptive Circular of Lalrltx Fir Wool Under clolhiDc.OU and Wadding. They have stood a testot thirteen years In Europe, and are highly recommenced by the best physicians ot Germany. Mailed free. 33u5iness (Carts. JJLAIR & JEFFERSON, connissios itikrchants, OFFICE, 904 FRONT-BT.. iirtOTxwa.j MBurais,™™. Liberal ca*a advancements made on conflgncentf, QEsT, HATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Merchant*, rvo. so jioGDiwit, lC»nmi6-m.l UE.SVKU. OULOKAiIvJ. ■ptUESSED HOQBI A!CD WEIGHT LISTS FoniUDrt mtu. men.,! BnhJ naruMeo. Prompt retnrn* made. Corrwpoadence solleliod. w UKDUOND * CO., Oea’l Corn’s Merch’ta, M Washincton-su Chicago, UL matt 23flc. ikATUHisLOira hair d\e. splendid Hair Dye is tbe beet is the world, Hars.le»*. reliable. Isitantsneoot; the only Ferfrvt liyc. No alsappplttmenu No ridiculous tints. but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATOU* BLOK, sold ay Dtnrcisu and Perfumers, Factory. HI Darciay-sL, Sew York. IJlbtos. pLOWS. PLOWS. UOI> BHKAKINO I’l.oVT. »nd .1. •«!.«« of Blab. “^Wb^^rLuSaruisv.” TSUOPOSALS FOR AKiIY TRANS XT „ roirrATioir. . „ _Qua«tmma»to u xxxxal's Orrtar, l T ... WAMimoToM, D. C.» January 13, Ww. j ALd will 1* received at thu olflco JtatUllo clock m., ob thsz&thol February. W 97. f»» the transportatioa or ULttanr Suppllse during Ui« 7~ f April i, 1967. and coding March 3L rnusoa the following route*: *..... Ttou ru i«o. t. * MePhervon. Nebraska Territory, or inch B?i' be determined npoa durtLg the roar oo h .°£ Pacific Itil rovd. wmt 0“ Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter fsasisasssi iwiss w as^if ■odintboTeriiTorleaor.Vuti and Cotjrad> nonftal UUtoils 40 oegreoe. including, It noocMary, Uoavar *' _ ROUTS No. t. From Fort fUtsy, flute m K*n««ach points u may bedflcrmtnednpgndonuglhayrsr on tu« Union I'adfio Railroad. E. D.. to aay poau or depots that are cow or mar be established to Uie dtatauf Kan*v» or tn the Territory of Colored s soulh ofiniitude 49 <l* J revs north, and tu Fort Union. Now Mmtco.or other rpotthatmaybeU'-siruatrdto that Territory, ana to any otter pointer points on theron'e. __ „ „ RUUTKNo.3. From Fort Union or such other depot aa may b* established la the territory of New Mos Um. u> an poita or a tattoo* that are. nr way b* r»mliil»ht\l la that Territory, and to inch poit* or auUona aa may be designated In the frrntnry oi Arizona, and in the Bute ofTcxaa weat of lot. gi tun* los degrees. „ . ICOUrKNo.4. From 6L I'auL Minnesota, to such paiu aa are now or may be catablliood in me btate of Mitnesotn, and In tbai. portion of Dakota Territory tying east ui tba Missouri Ktvrr. Tbe weight to be trantported daring tbe rear will not exrrrd on Boate No. 1, JO.OCO.OOJ poacds ; on Route No. J,20.UW,<00 poanda;on Koala, and on Dome No. 4,3.900.000 poondi. l*ror>o»al» will bo made (hr each mate aeperstely. Bidder* will dale the rate per lUO peundapir 100 rnlUa, at which they will tiacapurttbe atorealn each monthof the yetr, bcxlnnlac Ann! Ist. lis7. and end* tns March 31.156 L Bidders should elve their names In tall, ss well aa thtlr places efresfjcnce. and each proposal insald be accompanied by a bend La uuinm ot ten thousand (I1C.0C0) dollars, elcneuhy two. a rnure responsible per* sons, guaranteeing iha: in case a detract is awarded for the route mentioned; In the prcpasal to the party propcßlez.tbi*contract «tlt he acr*pted and entered into, and good aaa anni"i~r •.jurtty tarnished by said party to accurdauce with the terms of this advtr* Uscmenu • The contractor will bo rooomu to give bondi In the following amounts: Oo houie No. 1, *30,000. On Route No. V. 900,000. On Route No. 3, 100,000. On Route No. 4. 50.000. Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and so'veccy ot each bidder and person ofltsed as security will be re quired. Proposals most be endorsed -Proposals fbr Army Transportation on Route No. LS.3,or 4, as the case may be, and nene will be entertained unless they foiiy comply with the reifolmaenu at mi* advertise ment. The party to whom aa award Is made most be pre pared to execate the contract at once, ana to give the required bonds for the talthtnl pentinnaoce of the con tract. The right to reject aay tad all bids that may be offered is reserved. The contractor on each roate mast be ta readiness fbr service by the Ist day of April. 1567, and will be re quired to have a place of business, or aceney, at whlca he may be communicated vltbpromptiy and readily fbr Route No. l, at Omaha, N. T., tor Iviute No. 2, at Fort Riley. Kansas: fbr Haute No. 3. at Fort Union, New Meuco; fur Route No 4. at Saint Paoi, Minne sota. or at snch other point fbr each ot the several Routes as may be Indicated as the starting point of the route. Blub tones showing the conditions cl the contract to he entered Into tor each route, can be had on epp i cation at this office, or at the office of the Quarters: a*- ter at Sew York Saint Lotus. Fort Lcavenwartn. Omaha, San'a Fe and Fort scelllng, ud mast accom pany ud be a part ul the proposals. By order of the Quartermaster General. ALEXANDER BUSS. Brevet Colonel and Aaa't Quartermaster U, S. A. Proposals for a bridge at VAN DC REN SThEET. Omcx or tbs boato or Public wokss, ) . Chicago. February 2, iSffi. j Sealed proposals will be received by the O»ardol Public'Worts, at Uielr office, Bjorns Nos. 1 and 2, sccotd fl(or;Ncs. 13 and IT Wells s.reeL until It a. tn., baturday. February ICth, for the taking down of the present bridge crossing the bonth Branch of Chicago River at Vu Bnrensticet, ud replacing the same with a new bildue, Inducing the necessary chugra in the enntre pier, ud the abutments md approaches, according to plans ud specirtoatioodtobe on tile ai said office on and after Feomary vtn. Proposals most be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “Proposal tor Van Daren Strut Bridge.” and be accompanied with the osaal pc hood, with sureties, to be approved by tne Board. The Board re-erve the right to reject any bid notfn arcoidacce with the conditions ol ihu advertuetncLL or to reject all bids, mud no proposalwtlt be aceeetod unless tse party ofietlng It shall give evidence aatDfor tory to the Board that bo has tbo necessary skill, ex perience, energy ud ability for doing the work. If trustworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. J.Q.G—NDELE, FUKD. LCTZ. O. '. UOSR H ARDOR WORKa AT GRAND Ha ven and lUack Lake. Mlcrigan. Omcx SCPkkINTkBDOO ErtOINXKB, UakbobC .. lItPPOVIUtKKTB,LAJtX Mtcaioa.v. i WiLWAmcnt, Wtsronslt. Juuory X, 1*57. ( Sealed proposals, tr duplicate, if the torn; furnished bj the and-rslrned, will be rere red at this ofllco until Thursday, the Uth day i f February, ISfT, at lim-tox Improving thu barton of Grud Raves ud Black LtK". Michigan. The improvements at Grstd Haven will consist 01 lAWOfcel. nirr* <»r :cTs.nfcios3 piling to protoct the south bank f the nvern-ar tne entrance and an ex terelon of the south pier for COO feet nycnti filled with •tor*. The Improvements at Hiack Lake win be extensions of thepresent piers, SLI running toctln all, aiddredg ing. Tli'“drcogl!i2 will be between the pier*, and tot p’tclnc the new cribs, and win amount to 50,0 V cubic yards, more or Ires. P.ans and specifications are cm file In the office, ud will be shown to ail who wish to examine them for the putpes- of etUn>aurs. Tne tropv**> wit: be separate fereaca work, and (or each class of material or lalnr for each wot*. Bids will t«c rer-tved «**r a cart or !• r the wbol» of eitho work. The work to l—. finished bv Octobex 1.l»B. Ti-cse works will be let to the lowest re-ponsihle bid der, reserving to the United btatea the right to reject any or all Md*. .. _ Bidden are requestod to be present upon the opening of the bids. . . Tlte daplicate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed is .CPT... C="T-I°P». WARBLER, U. 8. Engineers, Mi.waokcu. Wli. Proposals - for cast iron WATER I‘Il’ES. Urncx or nix Boabd or public Wonka, J cmcAoo, Fev. 4th. IK7. J Sealed proposals will be received oy the Board cf Public Mark*, at their office. No*. 13 ud 17 Wells st., until 11 a. tL.batnrda), February XkL fir th<i de livery at tl<*> dock ot the board, tn aali city, of one thousand (LOW) tons ol Ca*t lion Water Pipes, of 4.6 and 8 Inrhr* Internal diameter, according to spuclQca* lions on file at said office. 30 nail 41 Lake-st. The pipes will b- subject*J lo a twt pressure of ISO Sounds per square Inch, most be uniform m thtoknesi. entity ud texture, andot a good quality dfivistlror, so as tocot and drill well. Delivery licommence at the opening of spring navigation, and bo completed by Tn* pines wilt be twelve (13) leet long, and weigh re spectively, tor 4, C and hdoclt pipes, WJ, 410, »Ld ft)o puaoiU varh. A suitable number cf branches, cap*, sloe re.*, tapers, Ac., will bu required f r said pipe-. Illda «hju d «tite the price tor the straight pipes, and also tor the specul castings. * tTnpoiali must be addressed to the Board «f Pubhe Works, endorsed “2‘ruposal (br Coat Iron Water npea,” me be acicnipaobd with the u*oal *3M bouil, wtu sursuea. to be approved by the Board. The Hoard reserve the rrg».t to reject any bid not in accordance with tho coo-.Hiani i'f this advertlscmat, or to reject all hid*, ud no proposal will be accept- d unless the party otrerlßg It ahali give evidence MUsfrc lory to the Board that be has the nuedasary sklfU axpcrletire. energy and ability tor doing the work. U trustworthy, Ud lias sufficient fe*oarrck rßttll. LlfTA**’ Board of i’uhUcVcrkk. OFFICJB OF THE aUPT"OF“CON bTRUCTIOS OP THE U. si. COURT HOUSE. beuixnriEtn, 111.. January 2A I.vJT. Bealed Dropouts will be yerrlve-t at the office < f the Bupcrtnleii 'enlof the U. H.Omrt lloiur. vow er-vtlng at eprlngfteW, lit., until 13 o'clock m., Fctiruar/ 9tti. !Hb7, for all taeeslerlor cut stone work of the above building, from the basement up. tu bo de.ivciej >nlho premises. Drawings ot the work, thawing rtlraend ms, tiesltn and extent at It, may bo i«ea and examined for tatluaung, at my office, or by anpllrattoa at the Cus tom Houses at Chicago, I|i„ and 8L Louis. M >. iT.iposals roo«l eoniorm m all to the re quirements of the plant atd speclßLattono, and will incluoe the pn< e tot the wto e of the ashlar, and the whole of the dressing*. In separate Hr mi, tne Dcpirt ouut reeerv nglhe light tn award the contract for tie drcaslogs and ashlar separately. Proposals wlilaiso be received at the office of the undersigned lor lurctiblcg all the stock required tor the above cut atone work. Including th- ashlar, ready sawed.fobs delivered ot the cars at tcea-pot. tn tne diy cf Springfield, from the Ist day ol May forward, atd In suca quantities as will oc required by the Sn perlntcnoenL Prupoeils will also be received at my office fur set- Ungtheabove catstono work in the wall, tncluolng all croups, anchors, stagings, etc-, accotdtcg to plans ud specifications. Payment* to be made morlhly. upon th* delivery ud acceptance of the stone or work, deducting ten (10> per ce&c mull tne dual completion ot the Con tract. All bid* most be accompanied by the bond ot two responsible perrons In the asm of 15.000, for the cat stoneware, $3,001 for ihc rou*h atone, and fiOd) for setting tcestone.thsttt’ebldder will accept and per* form t he eon tract If awarded to him. the sufQciercy ol the security to he certified toby the Collector oflntcr nal Revenue for the District. The bidder most accompany bU bid with a lamoie of the stone be proposes to lamUb, s x inch's cube, and showing the var.ous styles ol bammenng pro* pc sed, u also s split or roozh lace: It most be plainly marked with the Initial* of tbe parties and the name ol the quarry from which obtained. The Department reserve* the right to reHct any or' all bid* if It be deemed Or tbe Interest of the Govern ment so to do, and no bid will be considered that does not conform to the requirement ol this advcrtnement- IToposals should be tnClo*ed in a seal'd envelope. Indorsed ••Proposal* ler cut Hone wort" •‘PnipoeaU for touch stone,” or “Proposals for setting stone.” os the cate mar b»*, and addressed V> A. Schwartz. Super* Intecdcnt U. S. Court Rouse. Sm inrield, Illinois. A. SCHWARTZ. Superintendent. Gobctmneut g>ale. AbM&TAST QUARTS UMASTER’B OFFICE, Sr. Lons. Mo. January 33, »337. There will be sold at public taction at Myrtle-?!. Warehouse. Myrtle-su. bU Lonla. betwt'U neccnd and foliowltg days until ul are sold, the following daforto ed clothing aedcarrp and garrison equipage, viz: 24 bats, nntnmn ed. 519 uniform coau. Intantry. 6C uniform Jackets, artillery. 6g trousers, mounted, siy blue. 525 great costa, foctmen. SI sack corns, lined. 7T fatigue overalls. 2i6 flannel shirts. TOT pr*. storking*. negro brugan*. 47 rubber blankets. £9 rubber poncho blankets. 456 knspmk* and »traps. L3*B cattcezs. compute, taa canteens, French. 13 hospital lent flics, lb waT tent Ole*. J 1 CLmmon tents. SO6 hatchets. W pn. ebue*. Irregular. ‘ 165jaidsd»rsbluecloth.M wide. 30 grots pants buckles. 71 camp kettles, stron pets. SScouMe bed lack*, is seta hospital teat poles. to do boepltal do oo 864 nick axes. 933 forage caps. 1 ATS uniform jacks ts, cavalry. 121 iroustra. footmen. 13 do mounted, dai*. hi ue -1.412 great coau. mounted. 8,460 sack coata. tmlloed. Slstabli fTccka. M knit shim, aiprs. shots, no wool blank* ti. 16.494 fainted blankets. 17.349 do poncho blankets. h£t4 cstwnhaversaets. 1,736 canteen*. rubber. Gbospitai testa. 21 wa tents. ISibUytett. 2.976 shelter rents. 239 Jackets, Imcular. 1,406 yard* eark Slue cloth, Sf wld*. 070 yards sty bine keney. X wide. 698)4 yard* blue wonted lace; H Inch wide. 245 mess pus. 2W single bed sacks. 2o hcepiul test pole*, upright. II set* viQ tent pole*. 239 Sibley tent store pipe. 131 pick axe handle*. 6SI .cades. rard* rellow wonted lace.3B lech. ?S3*' rd»w''Wh, Ac.. *e. Xhr JalSwfllwtnTrence each day at 10 o’clock, lens*, cash, treasury no • j Qn >- WOODS. Astistaat Quartermaster. p OVEHNMENT SALE. Xh?”rmperty kuowu as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NERY AND STEAM SAWMILL,” wllhseT. enty-five acres of land, near SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, is duplicate. will be received st to the arst day ot March, 1967, Car the potchaae of 75 acres ot land, imore or’ess). V'fether wlta the build. Inc* atettd Umos, and tse appurtenance* appertain, tng, that Is to says ONKTANNfiKY.c ouinlnc twelve btone Line Vata, FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN bTONE FOOLS, and caoable of tanning IS.tld hides per annum; ONE STEAK SAWMlLL.capable of aawtne Si»o fbet ol Lumber dally; ONE SMALL 61 ONE BUILDING. Tbe above property is situated about two miles above ban Antonio, on th« baa Antonio Ulrer, and tbe water 1» conducted to the establishment by a raced hews stose laid la cement. Tbe land was caressed and ImproTesect* mule by the late wk* led Comeoerate Ojvcrnment, and ate estimated to hare cost |l3o,enu in coin. The property has been under lease lor the year 1966, at a monthly rent cf S3OO, payable in advancA. A ia cured title la t*o simple will be glTen by tbs U.S.Gor* "Itopouls will be marked “I’topouU mr Govern, meet Tannery and BawmliV and^adire***! 8,1. UaJ. CD. Aa.l Court PAIRBiNKS’ fST HTANDABD Jj*l ■ SCALES Of ALL FAIRBANKS. OKKKNLEAF A CO 390 A 3MSLaks-st., Chicago. proposals. *ralcg. itleflltfnal. j^TTPE W OF GOOD DOPE The Hottentots flare lout need B u c EE U F«r a variety of dtaaaaea. It vaa borrewed from thoae rude praettaonam by the FaglUb and Dutch pbyildana,os whow tton It yn employed Is Europe, and baa DW COME INTO GENERAL USE. It is'given chiefly in Gravely Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, for Female TYsafe ness and Debility, for Pro lapsus and Bearing Down, or Prolap sus Uteri, Prostate Gland, Retention or Incontin ence of Urine, And all diseases requiring the ail ot a diuretic orifice from a loss ot tone In the parts concerned In Its evacu ation. It If also recommended la cates cf DYSPEPSIA Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneous Affections and Dropsy. To cure these diseases we most bring Into action Cm muscles which am engaged la their various function*. TO NEGLECT THEM, However slight any be the attack. Is sure to affect the bodily health and mental powers. Our FLESH and BLOOD are supported from thox sources. Ptrsoja at every period of lift, from Infancy to Old Age, Aid tn every state ot health, are liable to be sohjsctx ot these diseases. The cause* la muy instances am unknown. The patient has, however, an admirable remedy in HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract of Buchu, And when taken la carly.stsgc* ot the disease, HONESUFFERTO AHTEXTENT. it allays pan ud laQaxjmaUen, is free from &Itßoji»> rlous ptopertlra, plcaaut In Us taste and odor, ud Immediate In Rs action. It lithe uchorot bopeta the phjstdu, ud was always so esteemed by the lot* eminent Dr. I'byslc. The proprietor, vtih upward* ot THIRTY THOUSAND UNSOLICITED CERTIFICATES Andhandredsoi thc««ud*ori!vts* wttncaaee cflU lurtilve properties, accamulslct within flfteoa ycora Has not been in the Habit of Re sorting to their Publication. lie does not do this from the tact thatjhu remcdleg rank as studardt THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE PROPPED DP BY CERTIFICATES. THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLUMN, SHOULD STAND Simple, Pure and Majestic, Qavlnz fact for Its basis. Induction for Its pillar, and Truth alone for its capital. Bis SQLID&ILBIDIITRtCTS Embody thefall strength of the ingredients of which they are earned. THEY ABE LEFT To the Inspection of AIL A EEADT AND COSCLCBIYB Test of their Properties. Win be a comparison wUhthoxa set fortfilathe i United States Dispensatory. These remedies are prepared by H. T. HELIBOLD, Druggist of Sixtoen Ye an’ Experience. asassf“ ss.”tttr Permanent Success Mr. Helmhold’s Success la certainly Prlmn Facia Evidence. X>iug and Chemical Warehouse, Id ibr Cltr *C New Y«rk* 14 not ttirdicd, t/ sunilS*!. by any la this country, aad wo vonldadTUe our readers wbeo vUUla* that Cliff o give him a call aadimlffs (hr lb email res.