Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 5, 1867 Page 4
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Clftcago TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1567. THE CITY. TBistnrxa Waktid. —We are in want of fonr or.. fire copies of the Dally Tmxcxrt of November S 3, ISW, for which we will pay a liberal price. TBs Votes or Masowsr has entered on its fifth volume, and with every indication of the increas ingsuccess which ica excellence merits. Sozstxxa’ Hobs.— Bills on the Soldiers 1 Home will be paid on Wednesday, at three o’clock, la Hoorn 6, Conn House Coboktu WUUam Wagner yesterday received bis commission from the Governor. He will qual ity this day. Special Skbticxs this week at Wealey Chapel, corner cf Blackhawk and Sedgwick streets, at seven and a half p. m. Preaching by Bev. £. D. Boca. Oarnasr—The regular monthly meet ing of lady managers of the Chicago Orphan Asylum will be held at the Asylum at half-past two o dock this afternoon. Rimer.—Mr*. Hint]pc reports the followlna donations lothe Erring Women’s Refuge daring December and January: Cash, $376; merchan dize, $165; total ssll. BrnonasT.—The grocery store of Thomas Ma son, at No. £CS Randolph street, was entered by burglars on Sunday night, and robbed of a cheat of tea weighing sixty pounds, besides several oth er articles. A Fowl, Thixt.—Last night about ten o’clock, Daniel Scott, a colored man, was arrested, and taken to the Armory for stealing four dressed chickens, and one ouck from Mrs. Mullen, who keeps a grocery on Wells street, near Adams. Bt. Fames Socjxtt.—The St Patrick Society met last night for the election of officers, and to mike arrangements for the Annual Dinner on SL Patrick's Day, hut, without transacting any busi ness, adjourned to meet at the European Hotel, on Friday evening next, at o’clock. Good TxKFLaBS.—At a regular meeting of Star of Hope Lodge No. 15,1. O. of G. T., held In their ball, February 1,X567, the following officers were Installed for the ensuing term: 8. A. McWilliams, W. C. T.; Anna Bonghton, W. V. T.: John Dale. IV. R. 8.; A. H. Ashley. \V. F.».; C. Olson, W. T,;William H. Bailer, W. M.; L. B. Hobbs, W. 1. 0.; J. I>. Drake, W. C.; Carrie Boyce, li. H. S.; Anna Mabara, KUb. Tnc Hidlwaxks.— Several correspondents ask ns tu stir op the people In the direction of clean ing the anow trom their sidewalks. We nave sev eral times called attention loth* duty owed by citizens to the community, and to the law pro viding a pnnisfarartri for ncglcctr If the police would mskea few czamp’cs, the public might wake up to the necessity of keeping the snow from ibe sidewalks. TzAcnsna’ Tnanrniu Class.—Tberegularmoot ing will bo held Ibis evening, aa usual. In the Prayer Room of the Young Men’s Christian Asso ciation, commencing at 74_o*elock. An address will he given by William □. Wells. Ebcl, laic Su pirintcndent of Schools: subject: ” Good I*s roa—Consist* oi What!" and tbo ” Practice lia sod” will be conducted by Major D. W. WntlUe, open Matthew, xx: I—lo. All are Invited, Finrs.—A fire at tbo block Y’ards, on Sunday morning, destroyed a small frame cotttgo worth shout SSCO. An alarm from box No. 28, about ten o’clock yesterday mon Ing, was oxatlonel by a small fire In a dwelling atNo. 170 Harrison attest. The flro was exilnguitbcd roon.after ibo arrival of tbc en gines, at a the lost sustained was comparatively unimportant. Ixjltozd.—Rev. B. U. Kltchell, D. D., former pastor of tho Plymouth Congregational Church of this city, and now President of the Mlddlehmy College, Vermont, was thrown from his sleigh about eight davs since, striking with considerable force upon his left side and shoulder ou Ihe frozen ground. He waa picked up In an unconscious state, but nroper restoratives being administered, be soon revived, and Is doing well. His wife, who wss with him, was also thrown irom the ve hicle, bat escaped with slight bruises. Binnon Scrr Decxdxd. —The rase of Goodrich A Drew against the CKy of Chicago, which was ap pealed to the Supreme Court of the United States from the January term 0M665 of tbo Circuit Court of the United States, was yesterday decided. This suit was to recover damages tor an accident oc curing to a vessel in entering the harbor, which the plaintiffs held the city was responsible for. Ihe decision rendered bv judge Drummond was adverse to the claim. Inis ded-lonisnowaffirm cd, and the cost of the proceeding are adjudged *o be paid by the plaintiffs in the Court below— the appellants. Vocal CnrcnE—G rad catx's Class.—Arrange ments have been made with Professor McCoy, at the Opera House, to give lessons in vocal culture once a week, to a c’aas to be composed of College Graduates. Parlies eligible, who desire to be come members of the class, may ascertain par ticulars by applying to W. H. H. Russell, (of Uni versity of Michigan), law office of Russell A Ulrich. 123 Clark street; to J. A. C. Thompson, (Latnence Unlvcrßitj), law office. No. PLarmon Block, ur to Professor McCoy, at the Opera House. Pissokax-—We learn from the Detroit papers that Cbarlrs Fargo, who has resided in that city for some fifteen jura and la now the General Superintendent of the American Express Com pany, Is about to remove to Chicago to take charge of the business of that company throughout the Northwest, Including the Statu of Michigan, Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, ana ox etreb extensions may be made in the far Noitbwcsiui u Territories. Mr. forgo baa worked his was up from the position of a clerk, aud is spoken of in high terms as a gentleman of energy, upaclty. fidelity and courtesy. ,Stoks Tnnrvrs —Henry Pool, John Fitxgereld and Silas Qrecnman, were arrested last week and lodged In the Second Precinct Station, charged with rations burglaries in the West Division within the last few weeks. Jasper W. Pool, father o! Henry Pool, was also arrested, charged with receiving a olen goods. They were examined at the Police Court yesterday alternoon. where a large qaartity of groceries, skates, cigars and other stolen articles which had beenjrecoveroi, were also exhibited. Ihe principal sufferer* by these juvenile depredators were Cornelias Han, doing business at the corner of Randolph and UalMed streets; Frank Eclly, dealer in dry goods at No. IX Bine Island avenue; Robert Law, a grocer at tbe comerot Cliaton and Adams streets; Andrews & Paddieford, grocers, at the corner of Clinton and Madison streets; Stephen Desctianer, at No. SS Blue Island avenue, and'Colc & Marcuse, al No. 79 Lake street. The boys were committed for tri«l in hall of f 1,500 each, and J. W. Pool was held for farther examination on Saturday in hall ol SSOO. _ Asorm Evtlotxeht Swum lx. —Arthur J. Pa re Lai I was charged with swindling In a very similar manner to that of James H. Bingham who is now In tbe Bridewell. Parshall had a travel ling partner named Smith, and the two had an office at No. ISS Clark street. An advertisement insertedby these men in Ihe daily papers, offered employment to persons willing to go to Michigan, JiiTacnri, and other dista-1 localities to work on railroads. When victims called to see Mr. ParchalL be wonld receive $8 or flO from them aa an advance on their tailroad fare, telling them to be readv to go ont tbe next day at a certain boor. Tbe next day they would be again put off with the excuse (bat tbe necessary number of men wrre not'el hired,or that he bad learned from the fiim ot Forest & Co., lo St Loots that they were now toll, bat be proposed to send some men the nest day to Michigan. At the Police Court yesterday were two different vic tims to hla propositions, William Ray being "let Ui”for f is, and James Clay torts. How many Lave been victimised who nave never told their cncfb, it wonld be impossible to calculate. Panhall, clc Bingham, stated to the Court that he was doing an honest, fair business. The men he had previously sent on were all accepted. Be bad not paid those men tbclr money back because Le also expected to forward them as agreed upon. He was required to pay a fine of £iOU or go lo tbe Bridewell. Tux Bronx.—Eaily yesterday morning It com menced to anew, and the fleecy material fell leisurely and lazily all the day long. It seemed as If all was euppendto In mid-air scarcely able to come down. One might have watched tor three or four minutes the Cakes floating above us, and find them to move not more than a yard in their downward course. Thus it continued all the day, and In the evening the same dull, dark, foggy scene presented Itself to one looking heavenward, as he might at any time see on looking into the Chicago Hirer, the only difference being that Ibc lormcr scene waa relieved by spots of white sauntering between earth and Heaven. Last n'ght there lay upon the earth about four Inches of snow, though much more bad fallen during the day and evening. Tne temperature was so mild that a continued setnl-thaw raced all the time. Here and there *n the city slosh of a genuine muddy character was found, bnt that was a ranty. The general character of tne enow covering the ground was that of half plastic mud boanealb, covered wiih a&lm of one or two inches of snow, otitirii rfcnired much tramping to bring down lo She consistency OI water. The snowstorm interfered to quite an extent with the attendance at the pieces of amusement last evening. The skating at the parks was rend* ered impossible, while at the rinks the ice, though untouched by the snow, was too soft fur goouiskating, iberebeing so wind there was no drift, and the bone cars-were able to perform a portion of their unties nr running a less number of ears, end by using double teams. We wore un able to ascertain that the storm bad interfered with travel on any'of the railroads centering la the city; up to a late bonr all trains had arrived about oa time, Itioogb some of the heavily laden ones ac complished their object at a great pressure of steam, high enough to bunt any but ifcc very best of boiler*. ADUtiEnUhTS. McTiccxn'e Tiiutux.—The first exhibition of Mbs Helen Western vu siren last crening, be* fore cue of the largest audiences which has assent* bled et jscVicker's for many weeks. Ibe marked contrast between the houses for the past fortnight and the one lasinlgbt would certainly not appear to confirm thermp-cveion that a taste for dramatic an prevails in etiesgo. For two weeks an actor of rate merit, refined taste and culture. Has presmlod* Intellectual performances of no common order to next to emptr benches. The weather was bad, the streets were sloppy, and Staakapcan . peihap*, was somethin!* of a oore. Last night the weather was bad enough, but a Menken. and not a dramatic • tiatc, waa to be seen, sod the house was almost crowded. It was noticeable too. that every spectator waa well provided with an opera glare, and that these useful adjunct* were pointed with a strange inquisitiveness at the stage and not the Louse as on ordlaaiy occasions. Th! drama of Cynthia which was selected by Hiss Western as her opening performmee did not afford her ao much scope for display na the own* era of opera classes may have anticipated. Tet she waa enabled by a skillful disposition of dra pery to give a slight foretaste of what may be looked lor In such a piece as the French Spy uto be played this evening. Uer style of aetlnc throughout In ‘•Cynthia” savoied stronely Indeed of the French Spy, with an occasional tnneb oflhe circus rider to which class of perform* era Miss Weston seems naturally to belong. Ofact* insla tbebichcrsepseofthetenn she does notap* war to coroprehcna the first principle. Her ex* falbiUor, for we cannot dignify u by the name of a dramatic performance, consists of a series of pan* tcmimic re*tore*, atutnnes and fierce, flashing dances, entirely foreign lor the most part to the character ebe is supposed to personage, bat gene rally well calculated to display the proportions of ‘the figure of Mies Helen Western. Immodesty Is themlldeet term that conld be applied to the spec* tocie ol last night. The majority of the auulence amiauded vociferously, bnt the more refined intone then conld scarcely look upon It as other than degrading and beneath the dignity of the dramatic profession. To-night Miss Western will exhibit In the French Spy. Hue ecu.—The taking drama of All thatgut ters is not cold,” iollowcd bribe farce of The hanoy man, * were pi wo In excellent a*yie last eventog* An allusion to that “ tong-tailed night* •blrt "of Mr. I/* b( log very adroitly worked in to the latter. To-rlght “Karat Engagements" •no “Miriam's Crime." Skatt>-c 1b sllcLlly effected br the thaw, but on the co'ered rinks the ice does col snSur greatly. To-night Manitc, the senaanou skater, appears at the West Side Sink. Music at both thermits to-night. COLCS&bO. Lcclnre hj Profs.»or Denton—The Perth-Its Early Constitution and Geological Changes —Petroleum. The Territory InFature Lectures. Professor William Denton, of Boston, gave, at Croeby’e Music Hall lut night, the first of a series of four lectures on Colorado and its resources. The opening lecture was confined to a description of the topical formation, and constitution of the earth’s surface, and the wonderful story that geology tells of the stow process of birth which the globe has undergone was given in an eloquent and vivid manner which held the large audience almost breathless with attention, and left them at Its close with a better knowledge ot the strange placet on which we dwell, ana, doubtless, with an awakened desire to know more ortho mysteries under our fecL Such lectures cannot fall to he of profit to those who hear them, while at the same dine they are intensely Interest ing to every thinking mind. The speaker began with a description of the earth at Us first formation, when it was a molten, fluid mass, around which a crust slowly cooled and became solid. Be adduced various proofs of this theory, as the spherical form of the earth, flattened at the poles, as wonld naturally do the result of the swift rotation of a melted mass, the great number of volcanoes, and other inolcattona. He said that a singular ftcl Is that ihejvolcanoes which are extinct or dead are larger than those cow existing. There are some whore craters are twenty-five, twenty end fifteen miles around. The crust hav ing in their time been thirncr. the fluid could bieakunttoalargerdcgrce. Thera la an earth quake somewhere on the face of tho earth once In three days, showing that the subterranean Area are still in action. In the great earthquake In Lis bon in six minutes 00,000 people were destroyed. That earthquake shook one-sixth part of the globe, showing how tremendous must have been its force. Ihe speaker gave a vivid description of an Im aginary descent down through the different strata of the earth’s surface, through soil, clay, gravel, limestone, the primary rocks, and the layers of pure gold; the rocks growing brighter and hotter until the traveller stands on the shore of the great sea of fire, now quiet and calm, and then lashed Into storms which (throw up the melted rock to the surface in volcanic torrents. How long It must have taken for the first layer to cool over the vast molten mass, so as to form a rocky crust, cryatalizlng over the fiery ocean 1 Count a thou sand year* for each hair of the bead, and you do not exceed the number of years employed in this work. All the water, now lo river, spring, snow and Ice, was in the coudlllon of vapor or gas. The carboniferous beds, are thousands of feet in thickness. and a largo proportion of tbCvCsrhoo was fluid. Limestone ale'o contains a large proportion. Fire and water for long ages snuggled lor the mastery. Water at last conquers, but. even now at rimes the fire struggles for the supremacy. During this stormy time the foundations of the earth were laid. The granite is the great basis of the whole. 11 Is com poses of quartz, feldspar and mica. No life could then exist Tho granitic rock hsd to be worn down by long ages to form another ktoo of rock. As the result of ihi« wearing down cl the granite, there ate the znclamorphie rocks. Gneiss U the result of the pulverizng and wash ing Into the bottom of tho ocean of the original rock, band and sandstone arc other forms of (hi* tcsullant process. Mica stale Is another form. Ibo felspar of tho granite foims state, cijorud t»/ w hat Iron happened to he in the vicinity. All these sovotalforms were produced from the gran ite before life existed. Next comes tho stlurlau rock In which arc found the.flrst remains of living things In the form of ‘ossils. The shape of tho body, or tho print of the foot are left In tho soft mud which has hard ened Into stone. These remains tell the history of the globe: without them wo should know noth ing of Haotlglnal formation. In Wales the sllunan stain are 33.000 feel thick. The thickness Is determined bv the rocks Uiathavel*ecn tilled np. In sotno localities the depth of a layer can ho measured (on milei below Ihe flnnl or present strata. As we go larthor back, geologically, wo find life In simpler and simpler forms. Wo mood loso trace ol man. then of ihe mammals, then of birds aud uriici, and then we come to tho Insect forms, and then to the little coral lusect and shell fUli. Tho verv stones that pave our streets are from the Silurian strata and con tain fossils of these little original Inhabitants. In the highest beds of the sllurlan are found the first traces of fishes, at the time when no leas than 80.000 feet bad been deposited. Next comm *be Devonian beds, five or six thou sand feet In thickness, known in Scotland as tho old red eandtlonu. This is termed the age of fishes, no abundant is this form of Ufo. Many beautiful forma of coral are found here, and some forms of it contained oil. Borne have sup posed that at the time or the deluge, multitudes of whales were drifted luto certain localities, and from these great layeis of whale we get our petro leum] This oil la sometimes improperly called coal oil, but It Is found often below the coal strata. It has nothing to do with coal, hut was formed at the bottom of the ocean from the re mains of animal life. During the Devonian pe riod principally tnla valuable product was formed. Above this strata come the carboniferous, or coal-bearing layers. Coal lies sometimes m little batiiis; as near Alton, where there are little pock cib only a few hundred feet in length, vvblca are soon cleaned out by the miners. During this period, carbonic gas, death {to animals hut food tor plants, was everywhere, and hence a luxuriant vegetable growth. In tune, this rank growth of trees and plants is covered ov.rby other strata, and coal la thus termed. With ineae coal beds wo find the first reptile. Above the carboniferous comes the permlan or saliferous. Here we find the new red sandstone, containing tracks ot Immense size. In a bed in the Connecticut valley is found the track of a bird whose foot was twenty-two Inches lone, of frogs with feet as long, and of lizards with feet seven teen Inches long. Next comes the Oolitic Period—the age of rep tiles as largo as whales, and land monsters and flying things of immenre size. For ages of ages the world had no higher order of creation than these reptiles—the forerunners of man. These in process of time disappear, one byone. The exact ponod of change between the different forms of rocks and their peculiar form of life cannot be accurately determined, hut the change la gradual and evident. Before the end of tbc reptile period are found the first mammals—commencing with very small forms, like (he rabblL Tbc cretaceous, or chalk strata, follow the oolitic. Chalk la all formed of multitudes of Ffaells of little insects. One cubic inch Is sup posed to contain a million and a half of shells. The chalk beds extend from Ireland to Boasts, from Sweden to Bordeaux. The tertiary layers come next, contain ing the eocene, miocene and pliocene. With the eocene, the first of the tertiary, we get a fltst glimpse of the forms of life as they row exist. Here wo find animals attaining* gigan tic sire. In Paris they are so numerous that not a tingle block is taken oat of tbe qnames that docs not contain traces of these monsters. In •be miocenc, the next division ot the tetiary is found the mastodon, an immense animal with tables twelve feet long and teeth weighing twenty pontdfl. Then the great megatherium or eloriu so large that the trees could not support its weight. Thl? period gradually passes into that of the present khown as the quaternary. The first of this is the drift period. At this time a great cap n snow and ice, thousands of feet in thickness, covered a large part of the globe. It made Its way from the north pole, grinding down the Bar lace and leaving traces ot Its action on the rocks of to-day. . That icy penod gradually departed,the IcemelU lug away and receding toward the north, and then came man, wild, rode, savage. From that first form tbe world nas cone on to tbe present grade of life and stilt the work goes on. Tne world Isnot yet finished, much more is to bo done before it comes Into the completed state of per tCln°uie next lecture, on Wednesday night, the speaker said he should consider the geological formation of Colorado. THE POLICE COURT. Capture of Street TV alters—Thefts and Quarrels— Domestic Infelicities. There was a very large attendance of spectators at the Police Court yesterday morning, bn« the business transacted was nearly all of a very com monplace character. The principal variation from the tedious procession of drunken and dis orderly people who filed into the prisoners' box was occasioned by an arrest on Sunday night of about a score of a certain class of lorettes known as ‘•streetwalkers, 1 ' who occupy roome in the very heart of the city, on Kandolpb, Clark, LaSatio and Wasldngton streets. These characters arc in the habit orpatrolmg the streets with as much fidelity lo their nefarious trade as the policemen who keep watchaadgoard over oar property and lives. Seeing a well dressed man elMirely walking the streets ala certain hoar, they »nflcr him to pass and then slightly quickening their walk are presently beside him, with an arm passed lovingly through his, and a look ts cast upon him intended to convey an impression of an artless but bewitching beamy. She may say “ Good evening,” or she may suggest some re- j sort where oysters and ccfieemay betound; or she may, with feigned Innocence and fear, ap- I Eealtoblm for protection from a man who has 1 cen following her, and ask him to escort her to her room. It may be a lamen’ablo bet, bnt U can hardly bo gainsaid that those gentlemen whom they ap- S roach with anch blandishments are never ;noranl of their true character. Their manners are not lho«e of respectable .women, and their speech has not the modest tone which agrees with a virtuous life. Bo It may Do safely presumed that If gentlemen decline to notice them, or accept their overtures, It Is never to be attributed to ver dancy. On Sunday night arrangements were made to •* coop " a tew of these night-birds. A few detec tives drefsedln citizens' ‘'Sundayclothes" weut out upon tne streets »o offer themselves as vic tims, n gnlar policemen having been previously posted In certain halts and entrances to etfcct their arrest. The consequence of this manmuvre was tbs *r--l rest o! a goodly number of these creatures. Lock-I Ing arms with ike Ineocent detective they would I scarcely get half a block before a star would sblne I upon tbcm with disagreeable effulgence, and they I would be taken to tnc lock-up, the detective be- I mg vet again to catch another and conduct her to I some officer waiting tn arrest her. In the course I ol an hour or two this “ confidence” game bad I quite broken up the business for the nuht. One I of the girls, a notorious character known as Waterford Jack, was arrested in company with a girl whore shrieks and erica when brongor to tbe Central Station wen* utterly appalling. Sbe de clared that she was not a bad woman, and *>Jick” made oath, in ■ manner peculiar to herseft, that such was the fact, aid that she (“Jack") was Just “roping her in” (hat night. The young lady was I -lectured and permitted to go home, u is to be : hoped tbst this U'tlc episode in s life of prostitu tion will teach her a lesson that she may profit by. ibe girls arrested in this manner were fined vari ously, yesterday morning, from fit) to f4O each. lhe careless manner in which policemen give their testimony in some instances was illustrated yesterday morning. An officer turned and asked a companion in a low voice, “ Whst time was that*’’ “About twelve o’cJock.” Turning to the Judge, the officer then began his testimony, “ About twelve o'clock last nigh', your Ilonot” The case was an unimportant one, aud tbe time was Immaterial, but officers arc not expected to make oath to what they do not tucmselvcs know. A worthless fellow named Mike Cady, caved Ibe arrest of a woman named list Brooks, for stabbing him with a pen-knife on Sunday night. Hattie was held for examination to-day in ball of SIOO. cm Saturday night Peter nsch, It was alleged, clrnck one UeDcrnan with a, slung shot, the latter returning the compliment with a stick of wood. Ihcy were arrested and fined flO each. Anna Bayes and Mary Downs were fined fIS each for getting very much intoxicated in each other's interesting society. In a Weils street sa loon. Robert G. McClure, charged with burglary up on the stoic of G. A. Hamilton & Co., at No. 133 Lake street (erroneously mentioned in these col umns yesterday as L. Cornell & Co.) was commit ted lor trial in bail vt (800. lie admitted haying entered the store, but was Quite nnablo or unwil ling to explain his business there. Mrs. Conley said tnat her husband never came home without being "Internally” rtrnnk. He had taken the pledge from all the priests in the city, hot they did not restrain him. Nevcitheless. as she entered no specific charges, WUliam was dis charged. One Johnson Giles was found on Wells street on Sunday night "swinetag” an automate colored roan "around the circle.” As the Utter did not seem to have sustained any considerable damage. Giles was discharged with Instructions to let colored people alone hereafter. John Flynn, cflda Williams, whose arrest for burglary ns the paint shop of J. F. Ueltines, at No. »4North CUrk street, was mentioned In yes terday's Tsunwc, was commlUedfor trial in ball of (SW. Tom Quirk, John Pierce and James Benry.the three pickpockets arrested at the Uasenm matinee on Saturday, were each fired 8100, Henry's fine being suspended until to-Ught to sire him a chance to travel. They were fined as vagrants. Quirk snd Pierce are two of the most successful boy scamps In "working” street cars and dense aowda that have la'ely Infested the city. Ann Silver is quite frequently In limbo, and whenever she comes to the Police Court makes UalnvmrUb'c pin ifcy abe vrlll travel into Om COTnuy'l Oti)*letcotbullme. On Htm<l.Tnl£ht, in wopicy with one David Shay, she ni ** cruU fog around Canal street, from one saloon to another, until their extreme hilarity provoked so arrest Ann made the usual pica in Court, but it : was unavailing. Bbe was fined $25 and Shay SS. Inex Johnson, Mary May and David Hammond wore charged with the larceny of flat irons, a band axe and other articles from the store of S, Jennings A Co., corner of Jefferson and Garrison streets. Ihey wore belfi for fm thcr examinailou thla afternoon. Hammond In ball of SSOO, and the other* in hall of S2OO each. John lindell \raa employed aa a cook at Brer* lj a saloon, at the corner of North C ark sod Ohio streets. Becoming Involved In an acrimonious dispute wllh a woman cook In the same place, be struck hers severe blow over the the lef: eye with a potato masher. Lindell tni srtMisii, charged with a deadly assault, and yesterday afternoon the caae was continued tin Friday In Gall of S2OO. Andrew Smith, charged with assaulting a Ger man boy v llh a deadly weapon, was partially ex amined. Bis case wa» conUnuedLUU Thursday af ternoon In hail of SSOO. Six or erven thieves end professional confidence men were fimd SIOO cash, ttn-tr fines being sus pended to give them a chacce to go to St, Loni«, orsomeotbersuburbofonreity. If any remain after to-niebt, they will be picked up again. Frank Thompson, charged with robbing the proprietor of the Briggs House No. aof sllO in money, waa committed for trial in bail of SSOO. Several alleged vagrants, who have been ob served hanging about disreputable places, at all hours, for toe last mouth or two, were fined $25 each. THE GERMAN MASQUERADE. Festivities at Turner Hall Last Sight —Processions, Tableaux, Acrobatic Feats and Grotesque Dis guises. The people of the old world, generally less practical, less anxious for wealth and position, leas progressive and with less appreciation of the value of time arc much more given (to popular amusements than we are. We have three or fonr days in the year which are nominally devoted to rest and general enjoyment, and for this extrava gance we generally feel It necessary to make up by increased diligence for the remainder of tho three hundred and nine or ten secular days of the twelve months. Many morallzem say that we work too much and wear ourselves with foolish and unnecessary haste. Be that a; It may, the (act re mains that wo lack the abandon and readiness to throw off care which characterize the French. Germans or liallans. The infusion ofmanvof these more sport-loving nations into American 11 lo has brought. In of course, many oi their national habits and amuse ments, which are aa far as possible kept up In imitation ot those which have for generations been practiced In the old country, and which seem to brh g back to the minds of toe wanderers Hie scenes ox years gone byla the Fatherland. Ibo masquerade la one ot the most extravagant and unmeaning, and yet one of the most pic turesque and Amusing of these popular sports. It was orlgtnatVto Hair about Ibo year 1&50, and spread very soon thence Into France and Ger many, and to some extent Into Rnslaud.thongh It Is confined almost entirely to Roman Catholic countries. It Is a prominent feature of ihe Carol va), the season ol wild and uproarious amuse ment which tskoe plsce Just before J,ent, aud oc curs In Romo bnt a few days, and in Paris and Germany sometimes five or six weeks, before Ash Wednesday. Aa that fast begins lo the first weox of March, the customary carnival and maiqucrade season has therefore commenced. fl.apvu uao uivieiviu WUIIU' liwcu. The German Association of Turners, which has existed in this city for some ten or twelve years, has annually introduced a grandhnasquorade.mucn tt Ibo dellgbtof tho thousands oi that natfon ariiy among us, who cling lo Uie amu-emonts and license of Ibctr iistlvc land, and ate loth lo have their Identity swallowed np In the practical baste of ibo Yankee. These onteftaiomenta have gene rally been conducted wkb great care, and have never resulted In any disturbance* here. Im proper characters, aa feraa possible, are excluded, detectives being on band who ire lamlllar with UiPir opprarance, and all being required to un mask and pass before tbo examiners previous lo entering Ibe ball-room. Tbo great freedom of speech and action allowed, however, have a oat mat tendency to disorder aud trouble, and to some dries the performances sro suppressed. Tbo fact that here they have been so well conducted, is en couraging, though It would hardly ire desirable to bavn them generally introducsd among ns. For weeks onr German citizens, male sod female, have been looking forward to amt provid ing for (heir grand annual misquerade. The windows of fancy stores have exhibited collec tions of masks leering upon the nisacr-by with all degrees ofgroferqucncis and absurdity, while within have been offered for sale or hire costumes for any character from Hsiao to Hocratca. and at home (he laughing German womrn have busied themselves with the preparation of such disguises as pleased Ibelr fancy. Last night tie carnival of fob, frolic and folly was opened al the Turner Hall, on North Cltrx Aden. Toe spacious ball-room waa crowded with tbc motit y array of disguises, while, from the gal lery. the uncosinmcd spectators watched the fan tastic display below. About nlue o'clock tho (on began with the fol lowing programme: pcoonaxiiE—pout i. Grand imposing carnival, consisting of; 1. En trance of Ibe great German warrior Aminas into the Walhslla; £. Emperor Barbarossa and hla fol lowers; 3. Germania and her followers. PAtrrn. The great magician and his dwarfs. FAXIT 111. Chinese festival, executed hr fifty Chinese sing ers, directly imported for the occasion. past tr. Van. 1.1.1h,t vlmnt. a# U.lmmlih m Four tableaux vivanta. conslsllog of Columbus landing In America, Washington crossing the Del aware, last battle before Richmond, and America in peace. FART T. Acrobatic feats by sixty of the most-,celebrated clowns, under tho leadership of their master, big. Bltteriano. These representations were all well carried out. The tableaux were finely acted, particularly that of “ The Last Battle Before Richmond,” when at the loud roar of cannon, sod the shock of the charge, horses and riders fall prostrate and the varied horrors of the carnage stand oat to view. The acrobatic feats showed the dexterity and suppleness which the athletic sports of the Turn ers give. But the main interest was in watching the gro tesque crowd of masks that dense] y Oiled the hall. As they moved slowly around one could Imagine that a choice selection of the most horrid and de formed people of all -lands had been suddenly transported and placed on exhibition to amnse the spectator. There was the Chinese, with figur ed robe and long cue; the Italian brigand, with fierce mustache and tall cone-shaped hat; the Scotchman, with plaid and bag-pipe; the native Indian, In all the splendor of paint and feathers; the negro, black as a stove-pipe, with his eonally dusty companion; E fleets, with immense books, swinging aloft the oly censer, consisting of an old peach basket; the universal Yankee with swallow- lailed coat, enormous collar, damaged bat and cotton um brella; bright eved girls of all these nations, laughing through outrageous masks; stalwart men in white gowns with low necks, talking co qnettlsbly in falsetto tones and paa-Ing current for beings of the opposite sex; and female forma arrayed In trim dross as smart dandies; bool-blacks, with their implements; flow er girls; wine merchants; a harlequin with enormous protuberances on stomach and back, and the Evil one with boms, halrr ektn and cloven hoof—these, and many more, representing no one could tell what. Thm there was a crowd with each feeble disguises as only a huge nose, a corked moustache, long hairy whis kers, and like partial costumes that did not en tirely conceal their identity. There were half rnnsKs of black, white, blue and green, concealing only the upper part of the face, and thin veils of I gauze which did not disfigure while they changed ! ibe look. But the endeavor of most or the mask ers seemed to be to make themselves as grolcsqne and ugly as possible, and distorted mouths, with the comers turned in everv way bat the right; Immense noses, pointing up. down | sodsidewajs; cheeks bombiy swollen and red— all (hla made an absurd array aa fancy can paint. One had the face of a cat, and porred and growled at the paseer-hy. And so the strange throng pressed pass each other, talking, laughing, ana seeming with one mind bent on going to the extreme or galty and folly for one night at least- Daring the Inter vals between the stage performances (be band shark op lively sirs, ana in amomenltbo hun dreds of couples were swinging over the roost in the whirl of the waltz, the floor shaking be neath their feet. * About midnight supper was announced, and all works were removed, and then followed great fun and hilarity aa (fiends and acquaintances dis covered each other la disguises which had made their identity a complete mystery. After refresh ments the dance began again, and continued up to the broad daylight of this morning. Gradually the Jaded maskers departed for their homes for rest and sober, bali-rcgrctful thought over the wild pleasures of the night. 'lhesffairpasßcdofinore quietly and orderly than could have been expected from so hilarious an assembly. The crowd for some time was ex cessive on the floor, as well as in the galleries and halls, so as to Interfere with comfortandpleasure, thoneb it added to the uproar and excitement. While the display was extravagant and not espe cially profitable, ll was full offamasemeni and in terest, not only to the German people, with whom it Is a national necessity almost, bat to many bom Yankees, who mingled in the throngand enjoyed the sport as much os they. As an anneal analr U la apparently harmless: for every day or week It -rould hardly be advisable. BURGLARS CAPTURED. The Elthorn Bant Bobbers Arrested in Hew Mexico—A Bone: and Patient Chase. The Culprits Brought to this City* Early yos'erday morning there came to this city, under safe and falthtnl escort, a notable pair of culprits, the story of whose wanderings for the ■ lut fifteen months, with the bloodhounds of jus* ' ticcnpon their trail, might fill a good-elrcd. read- | able volume. They belong to Chicago: hero they were • nourished In the lap of rascaldom, and eenred their apprenticeship to the ar- 1 dnons profession to which they hare so highly distinguished themselves, and hlihcr they icuiru, afur aaay strange adventures and ball breadth 'scapes, to reel one mgbl before pro ceeding to the place where they will be rewarded according to their works. It Is only by becoming the object of a hot and exciting chase, as in the present instance, hy their success in evading the arm of the law, that criminals can over hope, nowadays, to Inscribe their names upon their own peculiar temale of fame, hot the commission of the crime so much as the Sight, the pursuit and capture of the criminal, Is the absorbing part ol the narrative, and thus it Is that the experiences of detectives nave often an Interest beyond the novels of Captain Hayne Reid, or any fictions of adventure. One of our detectives, a most efficient and suc cessful one, S. M. Fciker. has Just relumed vie* torions, after a very long and laborious man* bent, which has led Dim and his etnlsaries into distant climes In pursuit of their game. The particulars of the Elkhom Bsrvk robbmr, which was commit* ted In Kotemher, 1665, is probably fresh In the recollection of many of our readers. On the 7ih of that month the safe of Messrs Rock* well 4 Co, Elkhom, \>alworth County. Wiscon sin, was broken open by a band of burglars, who succeeded In abstracting the considerable sum of *19,845. The robbery was cleverly executed, and the ruffians left no cine behind them whereby they conld be traced. Until the prerent time nothing has ever transpired which would tend to fix the guilt upon any individual. Two days after the robbery, Rockwell & Co. asked the services of Allan Pinkerton, of this city, to work up the case, but-hr for some reason declin ed to undertake the job. and tumedit over to Cap tain William Turtle. then our Chief of Police, who put two of his detectives to work upon It. He, however, also relinquished the task, and about the cud of the mouth, the bankers, after looking abont for an experienced detective, final ly entrusted tbecsse to the bands of S.M. Fcl ker, who has already signalled} himself hy ac complishing several important arrests. The arrest of a notorious burglar named Joe Brown, who will be remembered as having shot at Detective Dixon some time ago, first 1m to the discovery of the robbers. Joe, It appears, was one of the rang, and a considerable portion of I the stolen money was found oponhtm. When I thieves fall out honest men come by their own. From Joe it was discovered that tiaxle racks, another notahllltv, was concerned In the robbery. This man was already beyond, the reach of the detective, having been lodged in the Jail at Dcnuoln along with one Pat. Codie, for the Tobucry of a Dnqnoin safe. Information, however, was obtained from this source that the ringleaders of lie Elkhom exploit, ard who bad appropriated the lion's share of the plunder, were two brothers. Charles and Eugene Hamilton of Chicago. They had, by this time, made good nee or their opportunity, and were supposed to bo In Canada. . _ . , air. Felker at once started In pursuit. He fol lowed these men through several parts of Cana da, back to the State of Michigan, now gaining upon them and again falling od the frail, till a! length, after banting as far as Kentucky, be lost for a time all trace of the fugitives. They bad put themselves nwon their guard on bearing of the arrest of Joe Drown, and as it ap peared, from letters found upon them, bad been caicftiUy posted as far as possible with regard to the movements of their pursuers. Al this Juncture a fortunate circumstance trans pired which gave the detectives a fresh start. A young woman In boyi clothes was arrested in St. Lonla by Captrio Lee, the t hief of Police, and on Investigation she proved to he the wife of Eugene Hamilton, bbe was on her way to rejoin her hus band and had In her pocket a ticket for Indepen dence, Missouri, »here he waa waiting her arrival. From there Felker proceeded to Denver City, but round that bis game waa yet on before. Here he called to bis astluanco one of the oldest and most successful detectives in the country. B. C. Talcs, of Kane County, formerly Chief of ToUc* In ibis city, who Blanca in pursuit Mr. Yates followed their flight as far aa Puebla, New Mexico, hut the disturb ances among the Indiana, which had Just then bro ken put. rendered It unsafe for him to proceed any farther. Be therefore returned and reported progress. - Felker then detailed to that turbulent country a detective, with Inatrnctlona to follow up the fugi tives until he found them, dead or alive. Toey were found alive, ana thriving. In the dtv of El Paso, they were residing under the nanus of Dr. D. Forres* and Professor Lewis, and practicing the. noble art of healing. When the detective undeitook to ar rest them they made a sudden break and attempted to run with all their migh’. The Mexicans rushed to the aaslataoceof the offi cer and surrounded the fugitives. Deduced to desperation the two men made a hold Bland, drew their bowie knives and revolvers, and scattered the crowd. After a sanguinary scuffle, however, they were finally captured by the citizens, and handed over to the officer who started with them tor Denver City. But his troubles were not yet at an end. On reaching Franklin, Texas, be waa asaailed by a mob of desperadoes, who rescued the prisoners, and. with drawn bowie knives and pistols, threats cned instant death to any one who should attempt to seize them again. Tbeofflccr, having detalleda person to keep watch, applied to Judge French for redress. The Judge ordered the ringleader of the mob to produce the prisoners or he would bong h>m and the whole bend on the nearest tree. The proclamation* had a most salutary effect: the prlaoneta were delivered up, and the offleer again started for Denver City. The wife of Eocene, the younger Hamilton, the same who was found at bt. Louis in boy’s clothes, accompanied them through the whole expedition, ard has proved not only a faithful wife buta bit or* heroine to hoot, bne la young, rather hand some, and baa a bold heart, when the party was attacked by the Texan mob. she was as brave as the Maid ol Orleans herself, and rendered good assistance to the ruffians in the rescue. The prisoners reached Denver on Christmas day. Finding that all hope of release was over, they attempted to buy up the officer, and offered him quite a little fortune to let them go. Ills unnecessary to say that the bribe was not accept ed, seeing that the men are both here. On the 18th ol January Hr. Felker despatched two detec tives to Denver to meet the other, and the whole party arrived hero yesterday morning. They wUI be taken to Elkborn early this morning. The elder Hamilton Is a respectable look ns man with hair slightly turned] gray. He looks rather like a good pious citizen than a burglar. The younger one Is a man about thirty. They arc both well known in this city aa notorious thieves. One of them was al one time a hsek-drirer, but aitcrwards attended college and studied medicine. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Assessment Warrants in Court—Now . Buie in the Superior Court in Rela tion to tho Length of Argu* ments—The Groondjcke Di rorce-Tho Huron Dow er-Jurors Ordered to bo Attached.' The Circuit Court is nfit m session, Judge Wil liams being engaged in Lake County Circuit Court. Tbo now suits In the Circuit Court included three petty appeals. John licrcc appealed from a flue of SIOO and costs imposed upon him as a vagrant by the Police Court. BP. W. Gates. filed .a praecipe In' assumpsit against J. E. 11l shop, laving the damages at SI,OOO. Qllie February term ortho Superior Court opened yesterday with a full calendar. In the common law brai ch of the Couit a now order was made which wilt perhapa have a gratifying rcanit In seeming a greater epead in the disposition of causes on trial. Tbo order la an (allow* : "Hi'tra'tcr the argument of no caao before a Jury will bo allowed to exceed two boars on each aide, unless by a pruvloua apodal order.” Thu Court took op the use of Benjamin P. Car* ver ni>d others, 4c., against J. Yonug bumtnon, assumpsit, on a check. Ibo caae la uodlapoaod of. Tbo branch of this Court prodded over by Chief Justice John M. Wilson waa encaged yesterday In tbo rendetl»(t of Judgment* upon apodal a** Mtamenta authorized by the Common Connell. Judgment waa rendered In all excepting the fol* lowing caeca, the hearing of tbo objecllnna to wblcb will commence on Wednesday: J. T. Summon ct ala. 1.. Kill*, lor construction of sidewalk In front of sub-lot 8 aud lot 7 of eaat part of Ellis'Addl- Hon. J. Y. Summon ct ala, for filling, Ac., the alloy from Eighteenth to Twentieth streets, between Wabash avcooe and Stale street. Thoms Useless ctal,. for bouldering, Ac., gut ters on Sixteenth from Slate street to Prairie ave nue. 11, Wheeler ct al., paving, Ac., Monroe street from Slate to Michigan avenue W. B. Ogden et al., extending LaSalle from Jackson to van Buren atrccla. Sherman, Adams A Langdoa ct al.. curbing Waibtncton from State to alley between Stale and Wabash avenue. W. R.Attbnret al., private drains on Wabash avenue between Twelfth and Twenty-second street*. P. M.Donnellan et al., paving Sherman street from Van Buren to Barrisoo. - W. S. Gurnee <t al.. private drains on South Wells between Vaufinren and Taylor streets. Unknown owners, private drains on Van Buren street from Michigan avenue to State street. H. Homer el al.. paving Griswold street from Van Buren to Polk street. L. B. and J. Otis et al., paring LaSalle street from Madison to Jackson street. M. Tallin et al., additional assessmontfor open* Ing Thirteenth street from State. A. M. Huuttlrgton et al.*. erecting twelve lamps on Indiana avenue, between Fourteenth and Sev enteenth streets. G. A. Ineals et al., erecting seven lamps on Sixteenth street, between State street and Indiana avenue. O.l).Bonner, sidewalk on LaSalloand Mon- roe. Jobn A. Blanchard, reconstructing sidewalk In froot of Block 19, School Section Addition. ike same, constrncDng sidewalk, property not described on docket. S. S. Hayes et al., reconstrneting sidewalk on Western avenue, between Madison and Washing ton streets. Timothy Wright, reconstructing sidewalks on property not described cu the docket. J. 11. Wooduorlh et al., reconstructing sidewalk on property not described on the docket. Unknown o-tners, widening Noble street. A. Tnrpm and ale. planking alley through block 43, carpenter’s Addition. Ogden, Fleetwood & Co. and ala, paving Mil waukee avenue, from Desplalnea to North Hal oted street. J. Robey and als., for private drains on Canal street, between Lake and Madison. Unknown owner, deficiency for macadamising Canal, from Aoams to Twelfth streets. O. Morrison and ale, grad Inc, Ac., Halstcd street, trom Harrison street to Kaliroad crossing. Ull £ Dlveray and sis, for opening alley from Paulina to Beaten streets. J. S. Ssberstoti snd ale, extension of Gee the Street. . Jelsher el al.. widening La Bar street. W. 8. Johnston ct al, extension of West Hins- dale. S. Blanchard et al., curbing and paving North State street, from Michigan street to Chicago ave- Jndge Jameson, presiding on the Chancery elds of the Court, made the following decision: Lyman J. Todd vs. Boardman J. Leavenworth. Receiver's bond cancelled and bllldtsmSssed In the divotcocateoi Mary A. vs. AsaT. Grocn dycke, an order was mads giving fifteen days to the respondent in which to plead. The bill was filed January Sid last, and it was aided by a writ of Injunction and the high prert gatfve writ of ne exeat. The com* plainest. In her bill, alleges a man iaco on the ISlh oay of January, 1661, she then being named French. She charges that her husband, soon after the marriage, commenced toward her a course of extreme cruelty, by word, threats and blows, culminating In stripping her of her cloth* log. strangling tea kicking her. Bbe charges es pecially that In the spring of 1963, while she was pregnant, be threw her down a fight of stairs, pro ducing a miscarriage: that, on the SBd of July, 186*. he destroyed ny fire all her wardrobe, even to that which was upon her person. She al leged that her husband possessed property valued ot $30,000, to restrain disposal of which to her detriment, the injunction issued, and the ne exeat leaned upon his threats asserted to have been made that he was about lo leave the Bute. The divorce suit of Anna M. Shall rs. Richard R, shall, was referred to a Master for proof*, the nnsband drolling. The application of Anna M. Haven for dower In the Iltvcn estate, was referred to the Master. The new suits in the Superior Court were: Robert 0. UcFarlsne vs. James Gallagher. As sumpsit. Damages laid at SSOO. D. F. Graves vs. Edward Savage and A. B. Wil cox. Petition for tarslsberV Hen upon bouse on lots’! and S of lot 8, Rockrill'a Addition, for (107.76. Thomas Milner vs. Francis Eenker, Joseph and Martin Henley. Ejectment, Involving the title to lot 2, Olivers sub division of north 150 feet of block 12, School Section Addition. In the Connty Court the will of Archibald T. Williams was probated, and letters testamentary granted to Pannella Williams, widow, under a bond of $16,010. In the Recorder's Court the Grand Jury was em psnneled, and Mr. Charles L. Wilson was appoint ed foreman. beveral Jurors who did not appear upon the summons by the Sberin', were ordered to be at tached. These gentlemen will probably be before the Coart this morning, when they will be dealt with accordingly. Dally Union Prayer meeting. The most Interesting feature tn connnection with the daily prayer meeting is the practical tone which characterises all the exercise*, riving life and variety to each occasion. The eacctot this upon Christian life ta most beneficial, inspir* ing a desire for personal contact with those mat* ten which have been to many a lifeless theory, and giving direction to this dcsirodn action. The resuit Is apparent in the many cases of Interest which are coniine daily beiore this meeting, where the hannU of crime and wretchedness have been entered, the young man taken by the band* even while at the bar or gambling table, and been led mto a Ille of virtne and happiness. The meeting yesterday was led by Rev. Q. L. ilnnn, pastor of the “North Star Mission.” Alter singing “ Rock of Ages*” the leader read from the third chapter of Malachi, and.made some very practical remarks relative to the me thod of conducting prayer meetings in general, to secure to them the greatest amount of success. Mr. D. L. Moody said that tidings from all parts oi our Union were being received; that the great work of Christ was advancing, ana gave a very Interesting account of the revival in Blooming too. 111., where two hundred are reported as having recently joined one church in that place. Business places have been closed, and business men have given up their time to the great inter* eet* of the cause of Christ. lie also gave an account of the revival which has been going on in Providence, Rhode Island, and read a report of a speech made by a nun-sel ler in a prayer-meeting, held In his saloon. It was a? follows: " Mr Fbiesds ; Force of circumstances compel me to do what is not ufun done in a prayer* meetlng. lam a mm-eellcr, and rnm-xlfert do not often speak In prayer-meetings. To-morrow (pointing to the bar) I shall open that place, and deal ont U--uor. Every class 1 sell Is only driving a spike in toe coffin of my customers. 1 know 1 am wrong, and these men are right. Remarks have been made to-night that come home to me. lam ininlcc yonng men, and I know it. Ohl I, too, have a praying father, and all my brothers are members ol churches. -I recently lost a stster who died in the triumph of faith. Bat what shall 1 do 1” Prayers were then asked hy Mr. Moody for the rum-seller of Providence. Rev. O. U. Tifiany reported a very Interesting condition of affairs to ms, the Grace Metaodist Eplssopal Church. A gentleman CromNewTork city reported mat interest in the Felton street prayer-meeting, and slated that a powerful revival was in progress in Rochester. New York. Horn Colt Tyler. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: The fi lends ol Ur. Moses Coll Tyler were quite snrpiised at the notice which appeared in the Thibcwc of his lector© upon "England: her greatness and her hfleneea,” delivered in Ply mouth Church on last Tbarsdsy nlrht. They' thick that Injustice was done bout to the lecturer and lecture by yonr criticism, and as that gentie m»nis to lecture again to-night, in the interest of one of oar benevolent institutions, it is deemed proper, both as an act of justice to Mr. Tyler, and as a means of preventing any Injurious effects to the Sunday School cause, to ask the favor of a counter statement In yonr columns. Ibe question naturally arises, Who is Moses Colt Tyler? He Is a graduate of Tale and of Andover Ibcologlca! Seminary; was a Congrega tional minister of high standing: first at Elmira, then at Poughkeepsie, N. T.; bot failing health compelled him to abandon hit calling; on doing which he. of his own choice, dropped the prefix' which distinguished the clerical profession. Be has been Travelling in Europe for four Tears, and bis entertaining and instructive letters during that time have enriched the columns of the Indrpmcient, and given much pleasure to its readers. Still, if Ur. Tyler's lecture was of the light, not t osay frivolous, character which yonr criticism implies; If be Indulged In untruthful and flkkf* periled statements, with which yon directly chute him, bli character, standing or repnta* Uon, oeebt to be no protection against strictures oven mors pointed Qua tboso contaiosd in yoor notice. Under the general chares of nntrnlb and exas peration, yon make oat one specification, viz.: that there ore persons laboring in tbe mines or workshops who do not know their own names, bat sro only designated by the ntunhtrs they bear Fortunate ly this statement does not depend lolely for its trnthlalness upon the observations of Mr. Tyler. Others—not A few—of unquestioned (rath have sttted the tame thing, and I believe U baa never before been called In question. It has been olten stated 'hit many of those persons never see the light of day; that they are bora. live and die in the mines; that their opportunities of knowledge are so limited that the savages who roam over the sniface of the earth may be regarded as intelligent when compared with them. Ido not voneb (or the accuracy of these statements, hat they have been cuircnt for years, and, if true, that of Mr. 7 yter does not appear to be more incredible than that there were six score thousand persona In Nineveh, when visited bv the pranuet Jonah, who could not discern their right bands from their left, a .statement accepted as trno by all who believe tlfe Bible. I convened with several very Intelligent gen tlemen. who listened to DM lecture, professors in our colleges and theological seminaries, lawyers, and other*, and all concurred In according a high meed of praise to both lecturer and lecture: and one. Professor Fisk, of Chicago Theological Seminary, when speaking generally of the lecture in high terms of commendation, designated truth* fulnett aslta greatest excellence, saying that ha himself bad boon over tbe same ground, and could verify tbe statements nude. 1 have furnished this reply to your criticism at tbe request of friends oi Mr. Tyier, as well as flora my own sense of what is due to him and to the public. 8. B. GooCiXS. Steam Generators. Wntna Ornci or ms Dahtobd f Sumnurm Stxah Gexsxutoh Cdt f To the Editor of tbc Chicago Tribune: In year Irene ol the 30lh InsL.lnodceanotl clc from Mr. P. Baumann in which be attempts a defence of Au infringement of the Danford Genet' ator patent t, and which, were It not that It abounds tn a misstatement of facts, would he re markable only for Ita many contradictions. As a sample of the latter 1 die the following J “The Danford Generator does in no way differ from JleCvrdy't except in form.* 1 Ana again, that “It will be readily seen that the principle em ployed by me it McCurdy' t, and has abtoluiely nothing in common with tie improvement claimed by J/r. Dgn/ordf Ihls Is oni a“"typo of the reasoning by which Ur. Baumann seeks loconvlncehlmsclftbat/ls!* an inventor , and the public that bo Is not infring ing the rights of othera in the use of the “Ban ford Generator." Again, Mr. B. describes the Perl Ant Generator, among others, as follows t “The very ltd that iVrAJn*. McCurdy and Jennings have, as early as 1832, *2l and *2B, employed dry heated vitult, (which of course wonld contain superheated steam,) force pump and water Injecting pipe, to the ptodnction of steam, out of spray water," while in your issue ol the 31st Inst., be describes the same Invention as follows: “The list of fail ures dates back to 1822, when Jacob i>r.Was es sayed to operate with an apparatus consisting of ftro healed vessels, one of which was tilled with steam, and the otherxeith water. The former re ceived the contents of the Utter, and thus was additional steam produced." licre again Mr. Baumann contradicts himself. On the slat Inst., IVrklnt used ont dry heated ws eel, filled with anperbeated steam. On Ibo 39th Inst.,he osesftrohealed vessels, one of which 4* filed tnfA trater. I submit that tbU U a little “foggy" In the language of Mr. 8., and requlrca clearing np. before Perkins of the 80th will beahlo torocogrixe I'orktns of the 31st. Bnt si the atti do will not bear ecrntlny or compensate a lengthy review. I win briefly consider a few points of In terest to all nstng steam as a motor, and then re fer Mr. Baumann io the courts, where the force uf bis logic and capacities as a steam historian will be properly estimated. As McCurdy's is the nenretl approach to the Danford Invention among Iboso above referred to, and as U U claimed that through him this pdbcl pie of pn dudng steam la dedicated tn thepnblic. ami therefore is common public property, 1 would say that (hero Is a plain distinction and difference in the character of the two. and a new principle Involved in Ihu latter, not embodied in Hie former. McCurdy attempted to make steam by throwing water upon the Inner anrfece of a Imig heated lube, when by contact with the hot Iron (he water should he flashed Into steam, lie jailed, and never succeeded in producing a continuous or re liable power, and so ol others adopting his plan. In.ihu Danioro Invention a new modu Is adopted, and a volume or atmosphere of steam receives the tnienng water, eonvoitiog it Intlanliy Into steam. This volume of steam Is of inch depth and tempiratur* (hat tho tutoring spray cannot reach the surface of generator in lona of water. It Is this nm principle of using tttam. Instead of a hot tarface of iron , that dis tinguishes the Danford Generator from the list of telmres referred to, and It Is this principle winch gives it value, and renders itapenretaoccess fur nishing an economical, steady, reliable power, and enabling the engineer to ose a pressure of Sul) to 350 lbs. per square inch, with perfect safety wherever de*lreo. McCurdy's invention was pat ented Id JCtigland Only, and as proof that this novelty and distinction exist, 1 wonld refer to the fact that tho English patent offlee, on whose records are spend tho patent claims of Mr. McCurdy, did on the ISih of February, 1860, grant Mr. Danford tUroncb bis agent, a patent covering this principle, in this broad and compre hensive language, to wit: “1 claim the genera ting of superheated steam by Injecting water in to an atmosphere of superheated steam, under tho conditions and by the means above described." Thus it will be seen that the principle Is fully se emed by letters of patent in England, where Mc- Curdy's brief attempt, resulting in failure, was beet known and understood. This fact U a com plete answer to the stale charges that McCurdy’s experiment had dedicated the principle of tbc Danford Generator to the public. And it will he seen that his patent covera any combination or mechanical device whereby steam is produced by injecting water into a volume of steam. If steam were made in a locomotive boiler, uy heating the same when empty to the desired point, and then Injecting water until an atmosphere ol steam were created, and then continuing the introduction of water for the further production of steam—this would be a Danlord Generator, and protected by the above patent. 1 mention this tact to show that any combination of mechanical parts which prodoce substantially the same results is an tn irlngement of the above patent, whether it bo a locomotive boiler, a tingle spherical vessel, or seven vessels, as used by Mr. Baumans. As ho merely changes the form of generator, and uses more than one , without changing sub stantially tneir character, or producing any new retvlt, bis combination possesses no novelty, sad were be to obtain a patent even, the same would be held void under the following, among the nu merous dedalons of the courts: “Merely to change the form of a machine is the work of a cOnttrec (or, not an inventor; such a change cannot bo deemed an Invention. IVlnona vt. Denmead , 16 How., 841,—Curtis. J.,snp. eh, 1853." “Tbeanra test, and the one the Jury should be guided by in all cases, is, whether or not the defendant's ma chine, (whatever may be Us form or mechanical construction,) has Incorporated within It the prin ciple. or the combination, or the novel ideas which constitute the improvement to he found In the plaintiff'a machine. If It does, then, no maf ter what may be its mechanical conttracUon, or He form , It Is an infringement- Blanchard «*. Been, 3 Blanchard. 415,—Nelson, J.; CL; 1552.” Having said sufficient to show what Mr. B.'s le gal.status Is, and that in the use of the Danlord Generator mitre, u be uses It. In his combination. he la suni ly the rights of this compa ny, I pan to consider another statement of his, In which the usnai want ol knowledge is exhibited I rcler to th? statement that “ Dauford has thus lar entirely failed to produce hia vessel, In the form by him adopted, ont of any other metal than cast lion.'' In answer, I would simply say that this company have now in ns-, and ready for nso, at Geneva, ill., In Pennsylvania and New York, generators of wrought iron, cast iron, wrought iron and copper combined, malleable Iron, and wronght iron and Bessemer steel combined. Again, tbsrcis no novelty in using ttco or mart generatort in combination. ITUs company used tiro in such combination, supplied with water from a tingle pump, in this aty. at the ’•Vulcan Iron Works, ’ In the witrrr of 1866. Hav ing said sufficient to satiety any candid mind of the errors and contradictions contained in the ar clenlerred 10, and that Mr. Baumann n directly infringing the rights of this company, I now defer to the courts the farther consideration of the subject, where hr,with all others violating our rights, will he died to appear In doe lime. E. Daktood. Mathek.—A fierce encounter occurred between two men named John Cronin and Klnsetaer, at Cronin's residence. No 356 Twenty-second street, on Saturday night. In which Cronin bit off a por tion of Klnselacr’s nose, and labored hard. It is stated, to cat up the balance of bis bee. Cronin is a tenant of Klnselaer’e, and ihelr difficulty Is said to have arisen in consequence of the atten tions of the latter to Mrs. Cronin, and her ins pected infidelity. Cronin was arrested npon.tho charge of mayhem, at d at the Police Com t was held lor farther examination to-day In hail of SSOO. LOCAL MATTERS. Facts are stubborn thing*, and cannot berameayed. Such Is the ca«e wnh ” Marsdec’s Pectoral Balm." It is a tact that it baa never failed to relieve and cure every care of asthma or irflurnca. To prove this statement to be a fact, he has Instructed hU agents to refund the amount In any Instance where it falls to cure. For sale by all druggists. Burnhams & Yen Schaack, Chi cago, 111., General Agents for the Northwest. Concha, Hoarcroras, and'ttae Tarloni throat affections to which public speakers, mill tan officers and elopers are liable, relieved by "■Broicn't Bronchial Trochti." Haring a direct influence to the affected parts, they allay pulmo nary Irritation. The freedom Iron all deleteri ous ingredients makes the Trodttt a safe remedy for the most delicate female, or youngest child, and has caused them to be held in the highest esteem by those who use them. The Franklin Brick nachloe, Justly celebra'cd for perfect slmplicl'y, great strength, and Immense compressing power, is qcauaxtud, with eight men und two horses, to self-temper the clay and make 3.0U0 to 3,5<0 elegant bricks per hoar. J. H. RxwtCK, Proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room «9. Juniper Tar Soap cures chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous aicctions, rendering the skin soft snd smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Macs & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Best. Health and Comfort to mother ud Child.—lire. Window's Soothing Syrup for children teething, softens tbo nine, reancea In* Cammation, altars all paln,f and cores wind colllc, Perfectly safe In all cases. Wo would say to every mother who has a enflhriac child, do not let your prejudice, nor the prejudices of others, stand between yon and your sneering child and the rell 1 f that will be sure—yes, absolutely sure —to follow the use ol this meoidne, If timely used. Thirty-five cents a bottle. MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New York Financial New*. {Special Despatch to the Chlaco Tribune.] New Tout, February 4—tU Cincinnati, The stock market opened strong, with an advancing tendency, and price* advanced itptdly on the prospect ive operatioDS in Centre** in regard to the finances. After the can ot the regular board the market fell off!

percent, but with a strong undertone—the principal buyers being those short ot the market. At the one o'clock call the market wasabout the tame as at the fin I call except New York Central, which advanced one per cent. Theparty in New YorfcCcntral Is strong and may poeitbly put It up very much higher, nut it will cot do to sell tt short at these pneet. Afterwaros In the Long Boom the whole list was very active, and advaxced upon receipt of the news from Washington ot the passage ot a bill In the Bouse prohibiting any further contraction during tula year. This Is viewed as favoring expansion and settling the policy of the Government, and inconsequence everything startid up very ffist, and prices advanced ally 3 per cent, with more buyers thin sellers. Naturally there would be some reaction, and at five o'clock New York Central was id*; Erie, common. 60*; and the balance of the Utt * ofl, butwltba steady and strong undertone. The money market Is easy at 6®" per cent, and much lest difficulty is expo rienced In obtaining loans. Gold has been quite active and advanced tromlS69f to 137*, closing at 137*. If there Is to be no more contraction, merchandise, gold and stocks win all advance rapidly, and are cheap at present prlcca. [Associated Press Report,] ■osar** To * x ’ FebruAr T 6- Money easy. ansuxn txcausi, SteiUng dull at GOLD, Geld firmer, opening at IS6* and decliilsj to 136 k. aod clottng at ift*. Rovnxurtn. Governments were a shade LATE i firmer. Nrw Tome. February 4. ir, MTfw-r. .--- - ft CM UMIJ «• voeexxasgora smesa. Tbcftocknsartetwasstrongandactlre today with eoe»idrrabte excitement atd a marked advance la pners coder CongrtasloLal action on Has currency onestlon, and renewed speculation. The highest pnees of the cay were on street after the second Board, •where file sold at 61* ; Central, iflj*; North Western, S9U; Rock Island. 103*. and cld Southern- Mirtn reacted somewhat at the last open Board, but sales were very heavy and prices but utile lower. The tone at the close waa very strong: Ohio cm* 36 ®3, M. Central... .108 0139 W. Ctloo 4. 0 41* Ill.CeoL ,IXS dIISW central .103X0183* Pittsburgh..... as u Ene T- 0l S?° W Sia B. 1 »*OIOO N. w S9VO W* Ft. Wayne »H 0 .... K.W.pfd «*».... I mi b ßouihVrn.. Sj<B —• nm.n jgzssasssssi'sss UUTIMBUW. GoTefuscnts firmer end more active. ,_ WL , gsaSrifflfflS cowS* •«...«• “S Lm. ■UIUIU IIIMMI. ... „ . uiniaraherte opened strong aad blgber. ooryqpu rw w lio. ISM. Smith A Parmeleo WCSO. *ndQnsruDU!to<73. At the P. m. board »«IU»4 to 7C, but otherwise there was a general SSSS*. 8301 Quarts Hill #05^413 *" The Produce markets. NEW YORK. Nxw Toek. February 4. Cottoß—Dun. heavy and declining, bales 610 bales ; receipt* iJITt brlss sales 8,500 hrli State and Western it is Ei a Era W«tertJlo3l®U.Ss: Choice sn.4Cttli3s: ship, nine brand around hoop Ohio sll.OOOll SO.traao brand* «i»ma.iSJ6; rctrs Bonihcrtjsl3.3oi*l6,sff f cto»ed * Whltfcey—Firmer, sales eoo orla in bond at sic. Wheat— steady but quiet. Sales 2000 bn choice No. 3 liilwankse at $5.35: white Canada S3JM. _ *Rve—Steady. Sales 7000 bu Western at SL2L Barley—FUmer. Sale* 49,000 bu Western «< Waßsc; Canada Weat free 11.16 ana Extra Choice SL2S, Bariey Mslt-DulL Cora—lc b*tier; receipts 5,600 bn; sales SACOO bn mixed Wetten 1c store fl.l0ai.ll; afloat}#. Oats—St»ady. Eecrtpi« 2.9C0 bu; sales 19.000 buWaat em si 6U264C l State 69a<0e. Blockerwheat,l,633,oß9bn; com,s£37s49bu; oats, ; Dull aad unchanged. Petroleum—Quiet, with sales of 900 brls crudest 13R raise; reficedln bond,fflßOSJfcc, Bops—Quiet aad firm, at SSaTOc. pork—Firmer, with sales or brls at $19.75550.7S lor new mess,closing at $50.79 for Western; SI9J37A 19.70 tor o’d mess, cloUpr at $19.70 regular ; slS.7scj» 17J0tor prime, aad $l5.00»J0i)O lor prime mess: also. 2.550 brls new mess at seller and buyer Ftbrusiy and March. Beef—More active. Salesßso brls at previous prices. Beef Bata*—Firm. Biles 825 brls at S3UO<*SSAO. Bacon— Unchanged. Silos 450 bsxes at lORc tor Cumberland cut;UR@URC for short ribbed, and UR filsßcfor»hrrt clear. Cut Meat*—ln fair demand. Sales 460 packages at BRGt9Rc for shoulders : lOR&lSc for hams. 'Pressed Hoe*—Decidedly lower al 9a9Rc for West ern. and lOGIIORc for city. Lard—Fin*. Bales 650 brls at URdURe Cor old, and 15R913RC lor n*w. Butter—Quiet aad steady. Cheese quiet. MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] UiLwauKKß, February 4. Flow—Shade firmer. Holders are asking an advance oMsos9e,vilth buyers at Saturday’s prices. Bales 1.100 briritslo.oo lor choice ZZ; $9A3R39.79 for choice ZZ; S3,OOiA9>S9 tor tnpsr. Wheat—Dull and drooping. Morning Board, sales BJOObu; Noon Board, sales 1,900 bust SIAIR for No. 3 In store; #U6 edlers’ option, March; |1.73R<ai.74 lor Mo. S In store $1.78 sellers’ option, March. Oats—Firm. Sate* 400 bu at 13c Mo. 3 In store. Corn—Steady. Sale* UCO tm GS<il66c new shelled. Bye—Steady. B*l*e 1,500 boat 90c No. t Instore; 87c for Ko. 1. Provisions—Dull. Me**pork $18,38; sweet pickled hsmaliOfclOßc. Dressed Hogs—Steady, Sajes at $7.3537.40. Receipts, IACO brls f10w,19,000 bu wheat, S3O bU com, 1,700 tm rye, 1,100 bu barley, 790 dre**ed hog*. Shipments, S.6UO brls flour, sad 5,000 bu wheat. NEW ORLEANS. _ New Oblxaxs, January 4. Cotton—Uachaoged. Bales, 7,400 bales low middling stMaaoffi; middling, Shgfiße. Receipts, 8,133; ex- Quid. Fair, 135-c. Molaista—Firm. Fair, nc; prime, 76c; choice, 773 78c. _ Corn—Easier t $1.1031.15. Flour—Unit ana unchanged. Superfine, SUA7R3 13.00. and Oats—Firm at seaouc. flat—Firm ats».co, I’ork—Lower, at s3rAors|S3.7s, itacoo—Nominal t shoulders, 13c tilde*, 13316 c. Uio-l)nllatlsui4Rc. Whiskey and Tobacco—Unchanged, (iold-iMR. Back btrrllnr.Ul Mew 7 ork Ksehaoge. R to R discount. FrclgbU—Unchtuxeu. UUFFALO. _ .■ . iiorraLo,February4. Flour—Qnlfl and unchanged. Wheat— Nominal, corn—la nir demand, at 84c fbr new Toledo, ob track. ’ Data—Neglected. Itarlrr-lIM for Canada. WM»kfT—|7JM, I'ork—K«w Rifat dull, at 930.10. lArd-tv, Prcared liogt—Nominal, at |S.M. UALTIMORR. iULTmoRB, February 4. Cofire—steady. Oulcelllo, WXAWVc. Flour—Lower. Bale* Northwestern extra good at * Wheal-No latca. coro-atAflj at iumijb for prime mixed, 6104 11.01 lor niltre, and W®97o lor yellow. Oata—ttetter. Pruvlalo&a—Ptm. but inacttT* tor want of receipt*. Meta pork, tVLPO. Lard, Uac. Wblakey—nominally unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. PartaDCLraia, February!. Flour—Pull. Sale* mperflno at *9.00*9.73; extra family at tH.OO®M.OO. ’ Wheat—Good red wheat at 93.00A3.15: white at 93.ua5.40. Hje-f1.5M1.37. Com—Bales 10.000 bu new yellow at OsaOGc. Oata—SlaMc for coaltabazuL Whiskey-ft .80. Petroleum—lß9lßXC: refined Id bond, 2Sc. CINCINNATI. * CiHctssaTi, February 4—p. a. Cotton—Dull, at SOc lor middling. Not much do mard, but the amount offering t> amall. Flour—Ratberflrmer.bat price* not higher. Soper* fine western, |9.7sai*-30; trade brands. su.OOaiSOO, and fancy, 913.MQH.50. Wbeat-Oc higher, dosing at 93.40 for No. 1 spring and 13.90 for winter. Com firmer and prices a lhada hleber. Sar,s6aS7c: Bhtiled,«3«6Scln eJerator. Oata—Firmer; Siaß2e for Ko. 1. B w e—Firm at si sb for No. I. Barley—Dali, at 91.CMt.70 for prime to choice Call. Wblikey—tteadr at 98c la bond. Hogs—From >7.80@7.78 net aad 9fi.35A6.40 gross. Be* celpts.l^oo. FroTiiiona—Quiet and unchanged. Nominally, mesa pork 93D.75A30.a0 for city. Bole M«au—Can be bought at 7#g9 Ve, and lOVe lor city cured. Small jobbing eatea an mating at xage shore then rates. Packed Bacon abonMera—'Were offered at 9 Vc; aldaa i at Wife; no demand for either. A moderate Jobbing demand for dear rib and clear bacon aides at isweand Ufcc. ana In the morning 13e was paid for the latter, bat the market closed weak at the Inside figure* under tbe news from New Orleans. Lard—Dull at lie. Nothing doing. Coffew-Klnn, at Zk*27c. Sugar—Finn, at 12£llc. Butter—37(*7oc. Cheese—Firm, at 18x914c, with an Improved de mand. Money-Market remains c'o*e, though the demand la but moderate. rrrbanca Mostly, at par buying, and 1-10 premium tellings Cola—l3sJ*. ST. LOUIS. sr. Loco. February 4. Tobacco—Not enough offering to eataolbh a market, hut prices may be considered nominally unchanged. Cotton—Notblrg transpired on ’Change. Floor—lmproved demand, bat chiefly for ordered lou of b-w grades, Marks! Arm bat unchanged, at tajoat a for super. 110X0011.73 lor extra, $12,009 13X0 lor doable extra, and $14X0013.00 for choice and fancy. Wheat—Hfary and doll at S2X3 for No. 1 spring, $3.03 for good tall, $3.7092.73 for prime, and S3X3 for cb> ice. Corn—Active and buoyant at 80983 c. Oats—More active ana hUhrr; G3A7OC. Whiskey—Firmer and higher; S2XI. Protlslons—lnactive. Hess Pork—s3oXo. Bacon—Clear rides, 13*913c; rib sides. 13c; country sngtr-cuiedhtmt. live. The stocks or bacon, clear ■ldea and shoulders ont oi smoke are small. Hogs—Sales at $3X396X0, and one tot extra heavy at $6.61. LOUISVILLE. 1-ocisrn.L*, Ky., February 4. Tobacco—3B hbds at 113X0818.73. Flour—Sap- rflne $10.10910X3. Wheat—Prune, $2 83. Com—ln bulk, shelled at 68971 c; carlnbnlkOSc. Oats—ln bulk at €sc,. Provision*—Mess pork at S3IXO. Sales IXOO brli to commltsarv £OX3; 2XOO brl# extra Dsmlty flour to com mlwaryat $13.48913.73; 30,000 as bacon shoulders to commissary at |»X7; 20,000 ns clear ribbed bacon sides to commissary at U*c. Bacon—Shoulders at U9U*c packed; clear sides 13*c packed. Cclfce-RIo 21935 c, snear—New Orleans primeat 14*c. Whiskey—Kaw at S3XS. Cotton—Low middling at 29yc. MEMPHIS. Mncpms, February 4. Cotten—Dun at 30@30*c. Receipts, 3X43bales; ex ports, 3X33 hates. Flour—Steady and unchanged. Coro-Firm at93ri3s'Xo. Oats-6uaayatra«J6c- „ Haj—Scan* atS43XO94S.CP. _ „ ... Provlaleas—Firm. Pork lower, at 23X0831X0. Balk meats. 13*9130, round. Dressed hogs—Sales at 9)49 lie. Buxar cured hams, new, 31923HC. Lard—Sates at 11913 c. The New York Cattle Market, tn« or caiTLx at ms xatioxaltasds. [Reported by Telegraph exclusively for the Chicago Trlbune.J Ksw Yosx. Monday Evening. February 4. BEEF CATTLE—There were yarded and mostly sold to butchers to-dsy. at the National Yards, Yorkvllle, 2£7Shead. These were from the several Sutesaa fol lows : New York, 667; Ohio, 256: Kentucky, Sl3; Indi ana, 20; Michigan, 3; BllnoU, 106. The weather is clear and warm and nnlavorabla to trade. The snow Is all going. The following are the current rates: First Qnatlcv IS 916 c Second Quality 13* I4*c Third Quality 10 913 c The average price paid waal4*c, which is *c lower than last week. The quality of the offerings was bet ter m»n that ol last week, bat the market Is dull and Albany buyers are losing heavily, and are not likely to sell oat. The market closes heavy. SHEEP—The supply has been fair, and the market lively throughout the week, hat tree e Is slower to-day. The great bhlk of the sales were made at 697*0, though first class qualities commanded 7*33c. BOGS—Received to-day six cars. The sapply Is light, and prices firm at 898*c. Total receipts of stock lor the week ending to-day at all the New York markets: Cattle.. Sheep.. swite.. ooLza or nxxvxs. WTRichmond sells 46 head Ohio, averaging 700 fis, at 1:916c. j. Montgomery sella 68 head Illinois, averaging 600 as. at 149Ue. Mace A McConnell sell 76 bead lat Ohio, averaging 875 »*, at 15916*c. Ford sells $0 bead good Kentucky, averaging 790 fit, at 16%e. G. Roberta sells 133 head Ohio, averaging OO as, at lie. L. Colwell & Co. fell 76 head Illinois,mixed lot, aver aging OOP*, at 19015 c. Alteton A Sherman sell 113 head Illinois, averaging 6U tas, at H®l6c—at Communlpav. [Associated Press Report.] New York. February 4. Beeves—Opened firm.with talr dem and,and closed dull with few left unsold. Pncca for all grade* were easier, except for extra, which being comparatively scarce, commanded a slight advance, wito sales as high as tTVAISc. Good grades brought 15016 c. and common isktsumand even lower In aome cases. The total ranee waa iftalSc. Becel pa. 4,7/8. Cows—Doll and unchanged. Calves steady, at 100 He Ibr common to extra. Sheep and Lambs—ha varied materially, and the marret ruled quite active until to-day. wLtn it was very slow, with fair supply. Extra, WHc; fair to gf»od.Cg<»7£(c; common, s*c; liilenor,jo4*c. Be- light arrivals, caused by detention of traits, advaaeedic, with sale* as high as B*o3*c. The demand Is confined to retail. The range of prices Receipts, 4,733. Newtork BreadatnfEs Sarket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tone. February 4. BreadstuCl—Tone of market very steady, especially sinoe ’Charge, owing to fine weather, foreign advices and hixher price of cold, bnt It Is very difficult to ef tset larce talesADd the advanced quotations are nearly nominal. New York Fro vision narket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw York, February 4. Perk-Ooeed dull at 930 63. Other bog products wanted. Ocean Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Togs. February 4. Freight*—Vessel chartered to load com at Salomon tor Ireland at 9M4. New York Grocery market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlonne.] .New York. February 4. Coffte—Bio active. Sales 2.0 M bags at 31036«<c. Sugar very firm: fair to prime groctry at UXOXI He, New York Dry Good* narket, [Associated Press Report,] Nrw York. February 4. Dry erode market eontltne* languid and depressed for all description! cf goods, both foreign and domes tic. still there is no further particular change, as price* are cow rxtremeljMow, ntA with the palace ef the Tariff Bill, woo'd have a t;n denry to enhance the value of wool, silk and flaxen Star Card Shectlngt-Best makes com maodrtkazie. auo seconds3Codtc. Ceeheco prints, l»c; Amo*ke*g. l6Vfc; Lowell, 15s{ Kaumkesg. 143»c; fhrotntrepnnt*, JOc. Glasgow ciuiehaßß.tTc: Maach'Ster. 13c. Won&i de'alm a. Sc; all wool do. «xe. White Rock tlbsey’*, SIXc; Weeterty »C. New Ycrk Mill*' cottocadei, 63HC; Plough Loom He I TfraoTß Lonsdalsbleached shirtings, 58c; Ballou 4 Sou. 55c; D «)*c. and Boanske cheeks, ®o. Tie World **y» the market for «Q»ds dun nr the cast week bat continued doll aad anwtuoa throathoot the week. Toward*tboclo*a*"««*»•* light demand for Immediate consumption, sale* naw m erararreaUne little. Holder* itllf bold out ana re fbse to make cotceaslon* In prices. The s»ocx of goods Is large, ai d the general Impression U that price* will lillraatanfaxl/dato.. , , M Morelia dry goods doll aad quiet. Importation eootlcuea heavy, tbe ereater portion however going to tbe warehouse*, Auction sa'ca bare not been vary •nccrtrfnl. tbe prices bid not coming up to tbo Tlews ot holder#. Plltahirgti petroleum market* fmanußOg. February 4. Pitteture petroleum market very doll,dea en bare awaltmaihe result of ice breaking at oil region*. Mo saICH erode reported. and prices Domloal at >o7xc lor Smith's Fmy.raiTCli returned;Bß«9cfor Venaoxoln bnlkor barrels returned. Refined in ooadquiet butwr eral negotiation* pending a USfcOßcfreeon car* hero With most advaoce fir immediate delivery In Phil*- delphia. Free oil quiet at 4330 c as per brand. >a sale* naptha or residuum. Pblladelpbla Lire fftoek market* Pmr,>Tm.?m* f February 4. COCrSe—The market la dull; LMdhced were sold at |ie.coai«.so aad $17.00 for extra choice. CosimcQ sold Bogs—Sold Rt IIP W3U JX>. New Tork Weekly Bank statement. New Tost. FtornafT 4. ....A 'faWjaUao Decrea«r.. tf&tg )WEnjJi4 Iccre*!!.,.• SIB3H Lomu. Specie Circulation.. Deponu Legal tender. Boston mining Stocks. Nsw Tons. February 4.- Ttc following are the prices ol mining stocks bid In' Boston to-day: _ . _ Canada 70 \ Huron. 35V Copper Falla 57 Ibfeßoral U Franklin SB)f | Minnesota ItV Hanccck II Qalucy -» HABBIED, In this city, Feb. Sd.atSl lUlnolnt, br the Bor. Robert Coiiyer, Mr. EDWARD A. CAhDT and Mia* BDBAN BTBR. both of this city. Id this city, Feb. Sd, by the Rer. Dr. Ryder. Mr. JOHN nrUANN and Uisa ANNIE SCOTT, all of this city. In this city. Feb. 3d. of brain lever, ARCHIE L-., sod of n. Q. and Lncetta H. Warner, ageds. years-and W months. Funeral services at the bones, n Park av„ at to’clock to-day. Friends of the Umily are Invited to attend.- At hi* residence, near Waukesha, Wis.,on the Kth ult .after an Illness (fonly three days, MICHAEL of London. Canada West, in the 97th' ijondom*Hamilton and Toronto piper* please copy. amusements. pOL. WO OH'S MUSEUM. CifL- J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. H. AIKKN State Manager .....TUOB. HABBT Revival of a series of successful Moacum Couwdles, ao brilliantly r'prcaeoted at tbia Establishment. Cim meace at a & before N This (Tuesday) ercnlur.-FeD. Sth. will be performed the elegant comedy, to 3 acta, of NAVAL ENQAOCME *TB. To conclude with tho sensations] drama, la 9 acta, oi MIRIAM'S CRIME. Wednesday afternoon—Brand Matinee. Friday—B-n --cillof Mrs. Atoncall. Monday will bo produced with treat magnificence, the greatest scn«atlunal drama of Usage. TUB UUGPBNOT CAPTAIN. Me VIUKER’S THEATRE. fCKER A UTSU3 MANAGERS, Engagement, lor «ti nlghta only, ol IIKI.*.* WEHTEH*. Tandar. the great Drama of TUB FIiKM 11 BPT} or.TniFAlXOf Aloiim, Jlrnrl 8U Moo. ) llamet, > MaUldede Merle, > Ui'hatnmnl Mr. O. 11. Horne draml llroaUtvonl Comoat and the Fall of At fieri. Cctmaenco with a favorite farce. QUOaUY’S MPHIO HALL. LECTURES ON COLORADO: HBU MINKS AND kKBOOUCBS. II) I'IIOF. WIM.IA.H DENTON. orßoMoo, The sr< atesi living American Gaol >gtat, Oo Monday, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday Kro nlrea. Ffl). 4, lC 1 and H, at 1U o'clock. Purr Lecture free. BuiMMoeat factum Wwiu. Ticket* to l*e bed at the New* Rooms ol .1. It. Walsh acrtj. McNally, also at Music Rooms 01 Messrs. Root A Cady amt Htnlth A Nison. 11.I 1 . S.—Tho profess if will, by Hie aid rf maps and charts, esplala the rotsll re* mains Itmnd lo the rocka of Colorado; WONDERS I Tabe seen only at theßranch of the New York Museum of Anatomy. NATUKE UjSVEH.ED, New York Museum of Anatomy, C7* t*ecare yonr tickets on the right band stdc.wp-stalrs* WITKOWsKY HAlili. •yAKIETY THEATRE. C. U. Chadwick.. George Q. Barton. This evenlntr, and onto further notice, the Grand Spectacular Piece, in three acts, entitled MONTE CHISTO; Or,THE GIFT 03? GOLD. New Scenes, New Effects, Introducing the Beautiful Elusion, THE SHOWER OF GOLD. auction Sales. Gilbert and sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-et. LINEN GOODS, DRESS SILKS, HOSIERY, AC_ AT AUCTION On THURSDAY, Feb. Tib. at 9>f o'clock, at our sales room*. 47 and 49 l>caroom-»t, confining of a Ir&ab tod very choice itoca of Llacn Toweling, Table Cntha, Irish Linen, Nankins, i.lnea and Cambric Uaudber* chlcls. Birdseye Dianer. Ribbons. Ladies' Belt (tattoos. Silk Neckties. Scarf*. and Gents' Wool and Cotton Hose and Half uou, Hair Nets, Colored and Black Dress bilks, foulard Silks, Mohair Robot, 73 dozen White, Black and Colored Paris Kid Gloves, with a variety ol other Goods. GILBERT A SAMPSON, AUCt'ra. Gilbert & sjAiiFso*?, General Auctioneers, 47 and 40 Dearborn-st. Superior Household Furniture, Carpets &c., &c., at Auction, On TUESDAY. Feb, 3th. at 10 o’clock, at our sales room*, 47 snd 40 Dearbom-st- consisting of an ex tensive assortment ot Parlor, chsm&er and Dining Boom Ftirnlturr, In Polish, Oil, Walnut, and Online! in tnc fltett nacner; Brussei a and other Carpels, aid a general assortment cf Household Goods UILBKKT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. £JANIEL SUOTT & CO- AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lnkc-st., cor. LaSalle. Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sate. Ont-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. Wednesflay, February 6tb, 1867, At 10 A. IN., at 164 f.nko-«t«, A general assortment ot Household furniture of every description. looking glass**, plated war*. In grain, two and three ply and Brussels carpets, glass ware, cutlery, crockery. Ac., Ac. Also, 30 glass doors, show cases snd two large mahogany top counters. Also, on account ol whom It may concern. 7 barrels mustard; 4 cases canned powder: 2 ca*e» salad dress log. DANIEL bCOTT A CO- Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchant* 44 Sc 46 RANI)OLI*n-HT.. Between and Wabash-av., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS. SHOES. AC., . Every WEDNESDAY and TRUUSD AY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac, every SATURDAY. jyjDSIUAL. PIANOS, ORGANS & MELOOEONS Sold cn time. Payments received la installments. Second-hand Pianos takes In exchange for new ones. 1 W. W. KniHALL LIQSTE’fI PIANOS Have been awarded 20 flr«t premium*, together with the highest premium at the American World’s Fair. The testimonials for superiority are from the highest n osteal celebrities of Europe and America. gJTf or sale only at KIMBALL’S, 63 Washington*!. MUTEX** AMERICAN DUGAN!*, For Parlors, Churches, Lodges, Ac. Wholesale Depot at KIMBALL’S, 63 Waihlngton-eL. Croshw’s Ooera House. gain fBUIs, gnsines, See. fpHE LANE <fc UODLBY Portable Circular Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAK ENGINES, Shingle Machine*. Com Mill* and Shafting, Wood* working Machinery. I.ASK «t DUDLEY, corner et John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Aoollcaatalordescriptive clrenlars will specify the machinery ther need- itCTtUww (Eortcsponicnce SESHantctr. Ci ORREBPONDENCE—Wanted—Two 1 young bachelor*. In coed clrcnmrtacce*. wish to form the acquaintance ol two lively, good looking young ladles, who can control their own time. Oo feet, ftm and mutual Improvement, Address, tu good faith. HENRY LOYD and C. W. MuKTIMEB, rear Office. Solos Bonetios. CORRESPONDENCE— Wanted, with f some good, respectable. Intelligent clrL that boards tt the div. and can fully appreciate a real trlrnd. please address, earning p.ace for Intervltw, HAEBY M. C. RAYMOND. Chicago. 111. TJERbONAL—A jonng English noble- I man, who has tell "the lulls css of wUetr of the cold conventionalities and superficial hoUteoewof Eu ropean society, wishes to find amo« tte blooming maidens of America a companion to bear sercss the broad Atlantic; one wbosenatural »lmphcl ty “JSJV: ners, whereat modeity and nobleness hS J her to reign over an ancestral domain which new but an Eve to complete what art and wealth nted to make a Paradise. Ladies, pleasei addrea LORD FIIZ-CHARLES ATHERTON, BOX 769, Chicago, m. . ■DERSONAL—A, lady who has lost all IT family He*, desires to correspond with a cheerful Kristian gentleman from fbrty-flve ip sixty ye*£* ol a«. Addnaa Mrs. AB. GLASS. Chicago Post Office. INFORMATION WANTED—Concern- Inr Miss MARGARET LEE. who left Belvldere for wm a few dan back, auv knowledge left at No. 7^tor'Ara.t-Tor« So. 65 Sorm rnatua will be thadriuMy received. Host anb jFounlJ. rOST— Sunday even ran. between the , Second Pmbjtertan Church and the Revere Bou*e. a Garnet Brooch. The finder will be rewarded by leaving tt at the Revere House. T OST—A Black Horse with harness on, L from 399 West Carroll-sU corner of Efixtoeth- A*, j oce returning the same to the above addrea* will be rewarded. T OST— Doe— On Friday last, a small L, 6«JoT«rler. An, rninrt-cretoi.-njtosa. SNcrth Carpcnter-st. will be suitably rewarded. 170TJND A large, black Newfoundland JO dog. Apply at iSTbomas-st. TTODND—On the cvenmg of Jan. 31st, X 1 on lie onr of MloUcn-.T. «a wotT-martb- a lady's gold sleeve button which the owner car have by calling at No- J 7 Cl ark-41, s. H. HART-IN. Strageii ana Stolen. STRATED— Or Stolen—Thmsflay last a red cow, with white stripe cn shoulder. Any to, lonnatiouoi *h*rosh» can be fourd, or the return o the same to 341 VM 6U«a-«L,wIU rwlT® * Rbera reward. nv) HEWT —A good two slory frame X*S.°^’t?j n Sd SS?Jta!SSS£t L i^^^ “ftSuSTSSS&S 'TsThiffin old.' Blocl l near Pot t Office. TO. KENT—A mmiahed cottage, or I'ux- Dlmreforatlc. Both l«n tureltara ut new, It quires i 1402 iy*b*>h««r. T'O BENT—A good one and a half I ilory brtcfc bonie on Tfo*t Ulnlnff ictcd room*, with water ic fnrnUofßtorsaJe. Poa-caitoa gir«r Jmmeoiateij. in quire at !iy4 sootn Water-at. TDKBNT— a first-class hosrch ng house within one block of the Post Offiexr, CbanwU and M boarders on bind ilnmliuru Ibr a*«A. ,AKruim A DOYDB.N ,310 Btato-«t. ■ TO KENT—At 132 North Morgan st, a two-story bouse, containing six rooms..closets, •wood shed, with cistern and hydrant water. Apply at the premises. TO KENT—On North Olark-st., and near Dlvlslon-st- 03x153 reetot ground lor a term years. In leu to suit. On Notth Branch Chlcsg? Itlfer. south of North-ave* three acres ot laud, with dwelling bouse; gromd suitable tor manulacrartntr mutosa or as a tannery. Will be leased for a term ot yearaata lowrimt. Apply to TQOS. B. BUY AN A, CO M Seal Estate Agents. Bryan Hall. npo RENT —On Michigan-av., north of I Fifteen th-st* the whole or part of a convenient house with modern improvements, till May next, or May iso?, borne furniture for sale if dedrod. Bent reasonable. P. O. Box 1275. Increase. SAWS .547 Increase... . 58.149 WWnSe Increase... *,»?•*» Increase... %3U^B3 TO RENT—House of eight rooms, on State at. AlUo; cottage of five rooms, on went worth-av. AlrOV lonriihed roams on Mfehlcan-tv., with or without Ward. ARTHURA BOYDEN, 310 state-at. TO KENT —Iwfali to let, to si small (kmllj, or two*# wry bow. No. 441 Written it., reootddoorweUff LaSalle, wllb furniture, Jhrtarw, dc.i alio jrttden 60x300. Good reference* tad PfeCarifr nrnex be cltcn. Inquire ol J. WM. ESFLIENBCBO, 3S*nd4U Sooth Laßtlle-et., Boom *2. rpQ RJ3NT—To a careful tenant, a good. J tioo!>e. In the best part cftho West Side, AIM. If dealrtd, furniture tor tie. Addrew P. O. Box IQ9>. TO KENT—The twostory and base ment brick home, No. 97 fifarisoc-su Knight's Block, wulffaaflxtnrestorsale. .Apply on the preml- DIED. rpo RENT— A good two story house, I near Cnlod-park. Inquire on Re premises. No. 309 West Lake-d _ rpo RENT—A three-story and basement I brick house. 137 Fourth-ar. Apply >OANDREWS A PT 13.191 Clark-et., Boom J. TO RENT—And lUrmture tor sale— House on Wabash ar., between Washington and Madlscn-Bfa.. the best boarding bonie In the city. For particulars call at tbe o3Tce of WARREN A GOOD- r T'O RENT—Furnished front room, with L cb-Bet,atNo. 21SFast between Fraoklla and Haikrt-sU. f |'*o RENT—A large front room, and 1. Uic furniture lor sale. Also, tws? fbmUijed room* to rent. Call between u and Ip. m.- and in the ercn» Ing at3l3SUtc-*L npo RENT—A ni'te ot room*, ami tur- I nltnre (brsnle, all new, situated oe.' Dcarborn-tt. Apply nt Boom i;i Fu'letton Block, between 10 and 13 a. m. and 1 and 4 p. m. TO RENT—Three large and very dcslr able rooms In Bank Unlltllng, A 3 Dearborn-*!, nieabcre room* are atntable for rarlou* pornoae*. either Uaht manufacturing, achoot or fine sleeping room*. Inquire of OEO. U. CHITTENDEN, Boom No. 7, Otit floor. f'PO RENT—Pleasant and desirable Ihr -1 nfehrd room*, without Ixitnl. mlubls for osa nr two gentlemen, at us OH state-et. Gentlemen with reference preferred. .Utica Weetcrn r pO RENT—A suite ofrooms, and ihrni- I tare for pals, all now, iituatcdon Dearborn*!. Apply at iloorti 13 Fullerton iitork, tun wi-en lu and 13 a. tu. and I and 4 p. ta.,of nd<lrcs« Box 3010. rrb RENT—A parlor and bedroom, I newly inrnUhed, vlfn nseaf kitchen aloro.anlla tile ferhouarkprplug. 340 kwing-*t.. halt a block from *Ucet care. TO RENT—Three furnished rocmis with itovr*, with or without, or part tward, at No. UO Boulh JefTer*Oß*a RENT—To Lumber Dealers—Two 1 Inn Iwr yard* to m.t, aili->lnlng 11. L. And-.ra»n A A iill& Krd> C& allp. inquire ol J. iUIiULKIt rrO RENT—At 203 Stafc-sl, up stairs, 1 farnlßtird rorntt, iniuble fer two or three gentle men with good reference*. T'O RENT—Front room, nt 150 Cass-st,, 1 lurnfetaedor nfurclihed, aadselred. Apply on the prendie*. TO KENT—Lease and lormturo for tale, ol a pleaaanl ro< m in Lombard O-ock. Kent tlfO per year. Kuraltnre will beamdfur one-naif what it coat six month* ago. Inquire at Bourn 73 Lombard Block. 'T'O RENT—Famished front parlor, L suitable tor one or two gentlemen, within two minutes* walk of the Pest Office. Apply at 93 Adams it. AT TUB HpO RENT—A furnished front sleeping JL room, up one flight of stalrs.imltAbl&A>roneor two gentlemen. Inqulie at the City Heal Estate Map Office. 170 Clatk-st. Belercncee given and repaired. Ea Hcnt-jptoreiS, ©fficc9.&t TO RENT—A store on South Water si., near Waba*b-av., suitable for a wholesale grocery store. For particulars, address, with name, P. O. Box 6300. .Proprietor. ...Uonager. TO RENT—In the Mercantile Bnildinc, opposite Chamber ot Commerce, elegant offices lor commission, law or Insurance business. Apply to WM. C. DOW. Boom IT Mercantile Building. rpo RENT—Very desirable office rooms, J on the second floor of 91 Rando ph-st. Apply to t>b.jamk3,B3 Bandolph-st., second floor. TO RENT—The entire second story ol store 109 Sonth Watsr-st. It Itclodes two offices, oco on the Dcarboix-st. trout. Possession given Im mediately. Inquire *oa the premises. H. P. STAN- HPO RENT—HaIf of one of the most I desirable offices In the city. Apply to J. H. KEEL6B, 15*0 booth Clarx-at. • HpO BENT—A desirable suite of offices, 1 at 168 Randolphs Apply to GEO. M. UIGD. 164 Randolph-yt. Kf-om 15*. WANTED —To Rent—A room suitable for Use Commission butlne**, la an eligible lo cation Id Chicago, on South Water-st. or near the Chamber of Comserce, or would bar a lease with the commission business already established. Any one having such a room or rooms to rant will please ad dress "a tV* Dine island, 111, TXT ANTED—To Rent—A tarnished f 1 house In a pleasant locality, containing from 10 to 11 rooms. Address “A B Q, M 227Ml(hlcao-st., Chicago. WANTED —To Kent—Or purchase a •mall house, with four or five acres of land ad- Jurat, in some town near and having accets by rati to Chicago. Addit-sa, giving location and terms, **H Q U,” Tribune oOce. WJ ANTED—To Kent—T hice or four V v rooms, suitable fbr hom*ksaplng, within ten or fltteen n mates’ walk ot Lake-st Address ** J L.” Xo. 7 South C.ark-at.. up stairs. jßusical. fftrsonal. ®o HetM-IBousea, SCO lacnt-Kooms. SKaanteb-SlEt! Kent. iJiistnrss Chances. FOR BALE—Millinery stock. An old established house, with large trade. Population 14.C0P. Thl* is a chance seldom found. Address fl. W. *J. M. WETHERKLL, Chicago, or J. X. AVERT, Oshkosh. Wts. Ij'Oß SALE—The Forest Valley Works, 1 Saginaw city, Mich., consisting oflwo salt block*, and saw n 111 of large capacity, with ten acres of Und, favorably lecated. Address S. a. LOCKWOOD, Sagl naw City, Mien. |7OR SALE—A distillers new and near ly It ready to run. Apply to SAMUEL BILLINGS, 171 Dearbors-st. t?OR SALE—Store house and a light r stock of dry goods, groceries, Ac., where a hull mss of twentv-flve thousand a year has been done, and with the rapid Impiovoment ot the country surround lug ran be increased. D preferred, store boose wcnld be rented. For particulars, Inquire of RIGGS A Mo- CLABK, Buckley. IU. TTOR BALE—A blacksmith's shop, with I* tools and fixtures complete. In a good location and doing a good bn«loes*. Will be »old for suon, as the owner Is abont leaving the city. Call at S2B stste-st. F)R BALE—Ore-halt ol a prescription drag (tore. PncekUWl. Apply immediately, to BURNHAMS A VAX SCHAACK, 16 LakMt., Chica- ■J7OR SALE—A good retail grocery. Ex- I? cellcnt location, on South Side: tent doing busings about fIOC a day. Also, a game and pon'trr store, tx»t location on South Fide, d-ilng flrsvrate bu*l neve. Apply personally from 10 to il a. m. or ito3 p. m., orby letter, toJ.U.PxLM, Room 0, No. 80 Washing ten st. FOR SALE—A foundry and machine shop and planing mill, at Waokegan, Til.; ha* fa cllttlrs for melting two ton* of iron; snop right, pat terns and flasks Mr Leotard’s patent seamless skeins: a stch piste and snap flasks for barn door bangers, and a large variety ot desirable patterns and flasks. Ma chine shop welt stocked with good machinery and tools: two planer*, resawing machine, and sult*Me machinery for the manufacture ot sub. doors. Ac Will be sod low for prompt pay. Apply to TIFFANY & LUCAS. Hardware Merchants. Waukegan, 111. FJB SALE—Lease and furniture of a fOur-etory brick boarding house on Uichigan-av., water, ca*, 4c.j cheap rent; nail cub, balance time, UILBEItT 4 11 EX EDICT. 132 Boom 7- FOR SALE—HaIf interest in a good paying hotel-good, reliable partrer; a>«o, ievaa and lunmure ol a new hot*) in one of the ben loca tions In Chicago. GILBERT 4 BENEDICT, 132 Clatk-«t..K00m7. T?OR SALE—An A No. 1 Grocery on f South Bide, doing a blgburtacM; also, one of the moat desirable restaurants In Chicago. GILBERT 4 BENEDICT, 132 Claik-st. Boom 7. FOB SALE—A very desirable grocery (tore, being one ot the very best on the Wes: Side; building brlrk, entirely new. as is also tbs stork, 4c. Lf s*e has S years to run. at alow rate. Block. 4c.. will be sold at invoice price: amount* to about $3,000. The finest oppormpltT ef the kind now offered. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, Real Ettate Broker*, 123 Dearborn ■U, 800 m 2. T7OU SALE—At invoice, the whole or P one-hall Interest In a well citaollshed clear store. In a tool locaurnand plenty of holiness. ARTdUR A BOYDEy.mOSUie-sU jfor S> alt T7OR SALE—A Jarcc sale, Wilder's pa* L tnit, r early new and In perfect order. Inquire at Room 24. Nixon's Exchange. JOHN JOXgb Jr. FOR SALE—By Henry N. Holdeni, at the corner of Market and Jackson-sU- a very su perior lot of genuine Florida Reed Cedar Boards, the only kind osed In New York fbr clothes presirs and lor boxes. F'OH SALE—The steam togs W. K Mmr atdß. F.DaTldion,now laid np at Milwaukee, tn good order. Apply to R. P. FITZGERALD A CO., No. 90 Mlchigan-st- Mllwaokee. FOR kat.-R—Wood—Good beech wood at (8 per cord; gcod manic wood at 13-50 per cord, apply at ELIEL’S TANNERY, near Chlcagoar. bridge. FOR SALE—Tne interest and material of a well located Job PrlnttcgOfflce In this city. Prciscsandmatertalalmostcew. For farther parbe oUis address P. Q. Box No. 777. Chicago. I7OR SALE—Two houses and lots, P cheap. Also, the great work of art known at RlrrSolomon’t lenple. Apply to J.M. REYNOLDS, Aoctloneer, 127 Dearbomet. r?Ol\ SALTS—A lot ofCounters,andone I 1 Darldson'i Fire Kiss Safe. E. G.L. FAXON 4 CO, 74 and 76 Latent. T7OU SALE—At Granger's New York P Merchant Taller’* Boom. 130 South Clart-*t, op-nalra, three snlu of Irl»b &tlic cats, tor the un precedented low prices of f 53 and $37; wool lined, to order. 170 R aAXE—Cheap—Bureau, lounge, J' parlor and cook stores, with furniture. Inquire at 339 Fmton-it. T7OR SALE —Houses and loisinall parts r ofthec w,2ofa'oonsacdboardlngbo&sea,urms. *c-,IrCUKISTIJLU ft CO., Boom 3 land's Bloch, Kancolpb-at. bridge. T7OR —Furnished room, lease and Y fixtures. Terr oommodloos and good. Can to eight, after T o’clock, and see. Boom 33, Speed’s block. Dearbom-at. ££lanfrti~Hcal Estate. WT ANTED—The undersigned-wishes V > boy a dwelling house and lot. worth TAOTJ or $14,00. C3&talnl£g snont ten rooms. Meat have mod em coQTcniences, and be located on the boo’V mae cast of Stste-st. Would prefer to treat wv*n nrind pals directly. G. M. SLOAN, Booms 13 ifl £j. n« Ida' B occ. Dtarborn-st. * JUntscs, Cactfegcs, &c. FOR SALE.—Just turned from Indiana. tourteep hoary-firrngbt horaei, to be seen at 6TEWARTS Stable. p.tar Nordry Carriage Works, be’, weep Ad.'THS MU*. Jackson, cast of State. aHanteo—iHaie BOOKEBEPBBB. ULBsnEN Ac. TXT ANTED—Two or three nrst-cUss T V machUUta,*ttlie tTinlre Iron Wor*a, boqUi e«»t corner cf UlchUau a&d Fraatlio-aU. None baC good met need apoy. \JTT ANTED—Life Insurance Agents, fop W »Crßt-cluscomoftay,now dolnz a large aad rapidly locmatogbusiDe&j. i-eraona enraged or d» airing to retrace a* caaraneri or agenta mar find it to their Interest tc can at Boom t»o. 38 Chamber of Commerce (rear holMtnc), at 10 to 13 o’ciocfr, Monday, Tneaday or ffedneaday. G BUCKINGHAM. TXT ANTED—One or two good Lite In- VV enrance Solicitors. Middle aerd mm pre ferred- Good salaries eturanleed. Address, with foil nacx, 4c* “T A 8, M Tribune office. TXT ANTED—Graduates ol Literary and VV Commercial College* to engage permanently In business. Remuneration monthly. JONES A CO., No. 17 b peed's Block. WANTED —A salesman wno has had at leaatoceyear's active experience In selling goods. Refermccs rrqn I pod. JONEi A OUTI9, 13a pearboro-st.. Rooms 1C and 17. TXT ANTED—lmmediately—A good pat- VV urn maker, at Marine lagbe World, north west corner Michigan ana £ranklltt-st>. MURPHY A 1 ABBA XT. . ■WANTED —Life Insurance Solicitors. V V Address ** W H.** Tribune Office. ITTANTED—A lew young men, who V V are ont of employment and willing to work, can hear of a good chance io mate money. For par ticulars, call, for a few days, on JOHN GUNNELL. No. 204 East Kmxle-it* comer Dearborn. Chicago. TAT ANTED—Boy, 15 to 20 years old, to VV attend stationery stand. In front of store. Ac qailrunce wah btulresi and references required. Ad press Box 2223. Chicago. aaEantca-dfmale ISjelp. HOU9B UEBVINTB. TX/’ANTED —A girl to do general house -11 work—German cr Noiweglan—or one who cm take c are of a baby and make herself useful generally, at 004) Carroil-u. WANTED— A good girl, to do the work of a small family, at 33 North TXTANTED—A woman -who under- VV stands weQ bow to do {frnersl housework, to whomlwlll bo glrsn steady employment In a family of two. References required. Apply in person at stare 179 Likest. isntpltißinent agencies. TXT ANTED—IOO men, wUk cash cap!- VV tal r-TfSO to |3to. to engage lu a business that will payss'to|iaperdar. Secured b/twn patents, lias no r omps tltioa. ana ts the only artfelo of the kind ever offered forsals. Ersry family wan-a from two to a dotrn. fall, or address, with itams, J. IT. NASON, 128 South CtartMk, Boom 9. Chicago, Id. \TTANTEJ>—koung men in th* coun- W try, wlsblcgto obtain situations, stih-as book keepers, salesmen. • collectors, expressmen, clerks, brakesmen. Ac., Ac.,-n> apply at 131 Dcerbora-«l., Room 8. or address M. K. JONES A CO., Dixr3<Mo, enclosing ten cents, topfull particulars. \XT. ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V V collector, S brbkntwen, 5 firemen, 1 porftr. 3 drlren, t agent*. 3 enfer clerk*, 3 conductor*. Abply at 134 Dearborn-*!.. Iloom X *\X7ANTED—•ThiS'Dty—IS good chop* ▼ T pors, ware* |t.l3 lot cord, transportation for* nNkol; CO men. waz<a (lidtn S 3 per day and board/ Apply at 100 Madison-*!., Ro-im 4. ißSiniitca--j€U3ceUancous. \\T. ANTED—An energetic man with V f ssai to fito, to pneise »c tvmoney-maklng boil* nr**. Will beat strict mreHlsntjon. rnr particular* apply at 104 booth Clark-*t„ Boom A* irwm V a. tu. loltg.m. \AT ANTED—AII that want money, V T greenback*. or ilamn* in are shape, to call ami the heat tniug ihe tun ha* yet aSnno upon, and la mod in over/ hr, u*e. Kend two dollar* fur Mitti-le. Call, or nddrmi, CUAUI.KS MKH4I3KIKU. DM Wash* Ington-it.. Hoorn 3. Chicago. mtnoLi: WANTED— Real estate, hy a tlcnlcr, tor euntemm-arrarnl plrcM/feotn one W ton acrca.lnritr: •!•), |ot«, itnlmnrovial, Mtate lowrat prlrra, (orufton. Ac. Addreaa ’‘UEAL !»TATB," Uoi 3'i33« Clilcaco. \\r ANTED—SO,OOO tor fix- months. V T Will pay a liberal Infernal, with a-apto • vurlly, tall upon J. WAND. Itoom It, Nj. ia.t Clark-*!. \XrANTED—To borrow seven .hundred TT dollar* (|TO\ at iv per cent a month, on good iccurlty. Addrete-K,'* Tribune oCrs, \\T ANTED—A young, energetic mao, V V with 9'lDOto tm to engage in a flrst-elaa* par* Ins eaublisiinient. Beferenccs siren and jranued. Call on or addrraa, iraoetbafe-y, "C H *,** 308 State* •U between the heart of It and 13 a. m. and a and 4 p. m. WANTfi/D— To Artists—Will any one c»o«bl« ot talking a good "eraroa uaotch" "Tliltc'*pleaseaddreaa♦•AD A.” City l v ;O.? from a \\T ANTED—Parties having watrhcs, VV diamonds, persona! property of all klmts, oa which they derire to readze money, may add row, la confidence, “A A D." P. U.BoxailiS. WANTED —Veterans, sailors and One year men to call and w checks receive* la raiment of Ai'dttloral Bounty. Advance* made oa claims. A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, l!iG LN!ar boj a-st., Boom 3. even lug*. WANTED— To Exchange—Stock o( goods for city property or other good property at a cash. Apply to b.w.bEA, Baal Estate and Met: cbacdise Broker, 114 VTashiagton-st. WANTED —House and lot on North Side, south of Chlcago-av., on LaSalle or east or Clark, or other good locations west or south. Ap ply to 8. W. SEA, Heal Estst/vand Merchandise Bro ker, 114 ’WaghiogtoD-st. WANTED —Parties having booses to rent or sell or leare, te call on CHRISTIAN A co~ Beal Estate and Veuel Agents, Boom 3. Lind’s Block. Racdulph-st. bridge. Heal Estot?—«£itg. mPBOTBD. FOR SALE—In Thos, B. Bryan <fc Co.’s Real Estate Office. Bryan ilall. WASIUNGToK-ST-, S. w. corner of Sheldoc-«t. Two-story and basement brick house, with modem tm tirnveaents, and lot &OxtSO Iceland b-Jn. Alio, on Washlngton-st., just west ot the fores »lng. two msrbla Hont cweillngs, to oe eompleted'.by April and Mav next, respectively, each two-sfonns and basement and French root; lots SfixlSO feet each.. near Unloo-sS.—Two-story and basement frame house, with lot *0x153 feet to Centre-st. TRUbTEE-ST~ weat of Reuben and no;th of Kluzls ats.—Tw oslory frame bouse, and lot 43x110 feet. TWEIJTH-'-T., east of Uenbenst.—Cottage trame house, with lot 21x121 feet to alter. ONTARIO-BT-. west of LaSafieat.—large cottage frame boose. wup lot 22x100 feet to alley. Besides a large list oi both improrrd and unimproved piopcrty In all parts ol the city and its suburbs. F'Oli BALE—By HUI & Whipple, Real Frtato Broken, isS Deatborc-st., Uoom 2. l»o. 20—Cotta, e. fire room*, oo Untterfield-st_ be tween Twcnty-Dlnth anc ThUtietn, South Sid**. Cheap and easy terms. Ko. Sl—Brick house, three rooms. West Rtndolph-st.: Int 31x1ft;, all modern Improvements. Of fered low, and easy terms. No. 13—New ©rick home, u rooms, hot and cold wa ter, balb, sewer and ni; tot 31x168 feet. Stogwlck-st.. near Division. A great bar pain offered tor a few days. No. 11—Cottage and lot on West CarroM-st, 4 rooms. woodsned and water. Offered low. -vw«um Bull - AKI. UUCICU .U". No. 13—Cottage, story and aba t, 2dxlS; lot 30x123 to an a.ley. No. 22—New brick. 13 rooms, WestSlde,lnlateststyle of Improvement/. No. B—Two-story frame boats and baaemtne. 10 rooms. Otßred at a evnln. Lot 36x191. At 1332 Wabasb-ar. No. 3—Two lots near Lincoln-park, iron ting east. Of- fered low, and easy terms. FOR BALE—On Michigan-av., between Congress and Ilarr! a first-class marble- trout l ouse, elegantly finished and painted. A. J. AVEKELL, heal Estate Olllce, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. tTOR SALE—House and lot, No. 25d I Westpolk-st. House XxS6, two stories. Lot37x 106, with 18 foot alley, inquire at 211 Mltchell-st ,or 433 South Wells-st. 17011 BALE—Nice residence on Twen- I? ty-ilxtb-flt. No. 17: lot Mxmjf feet to alley: also, lb-foot alley on the east side of house. GILBERT A BENEDICT. 132 Ularksfc, Room 7. PDR SALE—A new two story frame house of ten rooms, with brick basement, and lot. In a good neighborhood, on Fulton-si., near Mar. J. H. KEELED. Real Estate Office, 129 Soota Ctark-st. FOR SALE—Anew, desirable cotta ue containing six rooms, onTweaty-nlnih-st. furnish ed in the heat style. Wilt be sold very cheap. Alt- Taint a DorpEN. 210 stxu>it, * FOR SALE—>I desirable brick and trame residences on Wabaih-ar,, containing 10 rooms earn, atd lots. Price from #4.500 to SB4OO each. Very cheap. ARTHUR A BOVDEX.2IO SUte-st. P)R SALE—By Snyder and Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a brick bonseof 11 rooms, and lot, with barn, on Wabasb-ar., mar Twentieth-*t- FOR SALE—Orwill exchange forhouse and lit and pay some money, stock of gcut*’ for- Dtthlsc goods of abont 32.000. Inquire of BILL A WHIPPLE, Real Estate Agents, 128 Dearborn-*:., Boom 2. "Ij'Oß SALE—A splendid house on Park- JL av„ between Reuben and FaaUna-sts n two-story, brick basement. lot Sti feet front. H. C. MOREY <t 8 Metropolitan Block. P)R SALE—By onyder & Lee, Real Eitate Agents. Xo. 4 Metropolitan a de cided bargain, two frame houses of 11 rooms each, and 10t92x140 feet, southwest corn»r of Lake ani Aso-sta. TJNiniPKOVED, FDR SALE—Two very fine building loti on Carroll-st-, near Uoyne. Hxmiect. Price rr p »" n*J° Appl? * for lbn * to E. S. F"OK SALE—lxit COxlCa, to an atlcy, on »it l h * t -y at >*s per fbot U taken at ocea. WM. 3. TEWKEbCGBY, Boom 11, Ne. 89 Wuhlcgton-st. IrOR SALE —A choice lot on Cottage • Grove-ar., torth of Twenty-four th-et_ 53feet front, only 13.230. If taken at once. WaRREN 4 0000- RICH, 133 Dear born-at-. Room 2. FOR SALE—A fine lot on Twenty second-*:, . near Indtana-av., 53x133. price low. Easy terms. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 123 Dear F'OK BALE—One of the best corner lots cb Mlchlgan-av- north o( Twenty-Bflh-tt- 46t1®0. 1 ttle perfect. Terms eur. Apply to A. B. MEAD, 131 Randolpb-tt. 170 R SALE-5 lots in b’oek 15, Ash- JP land’s second Addition, at a bargain. Apply to A. B. MEAD. Beal Estate Agent. 151 Raadolpn-a:. 17 OU BALE—IOO lect on Ogden’s Mip, P near A rchrr-road. well docked. D. C. MUBiTV A CO.. Beal Estate Brokers, a Metropolitan Block. PDU SALE—Six choice lots in block 5, Asblai d’s Addition, at only (600 each—a rare bar rain, onl\ offered for a day or two. WABREN <S GOODRICH. 125 Dear do rn st- R>om 2. lacal Estate-Cmmtrg. 1 SCO acres In Effingham Co- pratne and timber, l.oro acres in Fayette Co., do do. 80 acres in Hay r o~ do do. £0 acres la Marlon Co- do do. •U 0 acres InCnmoerland Co-, do do. 160 acres in Alexander Co., timber. 40 acres lo Adam* Co- near Clayton Station. 80 acres In Clin ten Co., near Centralis. 900 acres In Cass Co., prairie. 3SO acres li Franklin co- timber and prairie. 80 acres InJcOerssn Co- timber. U 0 acres in Macoupin Co- open woods and prairie. 4C acres la Platt Co- prairie? vmm. 40 acres In Marshall Co- timber. 160 acres in Woodrud Co- pralne and timber, part Improved. toiasue cheap, for cash. In lota to salt, or will ex chsngelbrcStrrealestate orgoed merchandise. The above descriVdlandi are veil located and near rail roads. DICKENSON & WEBSTER, Real Estate Agents. 98 Wathlt gtoa-sx., Chicago, 111, F)R SALE—The subscriber offers lor »ale hli firm of ifl) acres. about 3V miles sooth eaat from LOekoort, and s'oont 3 miles com Joliet, 111, In the town of Homer, aNmt 100 acres under good cul- Uratloe, 12 acres eo;d timber, good boose, barn, car nage house, sheep ho-jse. corn crib, boa boose, cellar, cistern. 2 good well/, 2 Urine springs ot water, orchard ol over iso aonle fecsln tnfl bearing, cherry trees, and other small froltv and all well fenced- Pnceand terms leuonahle. J.oolT on the premises, or to W. S. MT- BuffcTF* Agent,Lockport,lu. M.B.BS&K- Li'UR SALE—The subscriber offers lor A 1 salr, bis residue* In Elgin. Uis pleasantly sit* tied, flr.e large natnra! ibade trees, good garden-Trult trees. Veil and cistern, <tC4 is ccnrenlent to the Elgin Aca/emr; Is considered the handsomest place in Elr in Price J3.CCQ: $3,000 down, balance on time, U O' irti A liberal olscmmt fir all caib down. Apply V.r WOOD, 166 Washlactjn-sh, Chicago. F)R SALE—A farm of 160 acres, lor r ..h, or will exchange fbr Improred real estate In the eltj ol Cblcago-twelre miles jonhwet of Chi mm and one mile sooth of Canfield Station, on the Chicago A Nortbwratem Ballway; 90 acres under The nlcw: good home and ban, Ac.; also, a good orchard, bearing fruit. One-third down, and tte balance on rice. Ac. For fartherpartimlars, rniply to J. m. MAItSB AIX. Boom 8. SoTo? Sooth Clarg-at. i/OR &ALE—Choice Country Resi 1/ dence. now offered rery low. within three min a tea* walk from the depot at Lake Forest, on Chicago ft Milwaukee Eatrway, the most desirable location la that beaoOfol rural town. Apply to W. A, NICH OLc. Lake Forest, Ql. CITCATION-WaDtaiCrr^. kJ wboliajjradnataof a r„., A £eMA**Ti CITUATION—AVanted-ETrr~~-- k_J wile—woman to co-* wa«h.r«r “ >Wa iv care cf nones and mile hi2Sf dress **A O,’’ Trlsasc ottcrT CITUATiON—TVantcd-.A"77T^ kJ. to do other office worlc.lra7r,.,P. 'i SiOittß “M g." F. Q. Box ft ITTJATJ.ON—W anted—By . mtff of several years* ?oUni FEJIAI.Bg. CITDATION-Wamcd-BTr^ kj lady(Ameficao),ftsbon»ck»§p^V-.. to a lady, or la any honorable cauMiv family. Can furnish the very hc»: nr ri'J 1 * dress “Miss C A.” Tribune office f ! 5 woite. CaU at or ad'lreq i.y« I SITUATION- Wvifcd-As , O lnr«lld crm ukßC37joi ,r,; 0 Hocked °°' alll C Hi U*g klk'kfa. cJl&i’gig OITUATION—Wanted— As ho^^T'-l Q ayoung lady.who nnc-r*UsS and 1> nos afraid of work, g l 5! " t-v I desired. AcdfcSS - AIABfc L.- Tr , «.V„- » agents ffiiHffntffi, A GENTS—Wanted—\\ rtb cwi^t J.X. tal., for s money-making bti«lr.'-« it bie ler ladles sett Ecotlemeo. Aaem, '^-V; lsr »- go day or. at. tali on B. WAYVKt.t Block, Chicago, tend stamp fur ps.-f-s 47 L7a U.*l A GENTS—Wanted—A tetr more XL class men for THE AMERICA V 9 HOUSE BOOK. Sw umo«-f bMpaee*and *p endWly illustrate** u?.* .11 Stolrsk,U.D. V'.a. The bmiSnwi ¥ book In the market, it apprais to the 4- necoeslUesof tbo peccla l it u parlicu' to the want* of the American Farmrr aa j ip ff. reside* treating on every <xi*ca*> □nrsc l> sabjeo, Ueaibnters a mrst tlta" 1 ? .r: - mvo-seaie treatise on Stock Raisin* and M*r>*42 lOIISU#A.l OI ISU#A.A p J^ tt X ODC I*L r and ton'.rS *7 % c °- p,niMm - 3 A GENTS—Wonted—To cir.T.ij- . -iTL “Lincoln andtfarery/'m one vrlu-n.- ...j Tuareg'*. The boce. Waned about the l«tot I* already »e‘licg more rapidly than any >-i.vr K 1 sorond edition will b-ready la two week*. TMrnl casojournal ny« of ‘-The boos is the W <*;;l amlcatnotbeecllpKd.” . Wo warn a few g'vg h-,J| In Hi CI.4HKE * CO, Sluj Waablcgton et., Chicago. 5 A GENTa— W nnlcfl—Stale atU lenni XX to >ell a new article Ifl nwt or man-1 thi: •-» tatndy want*. *1 per day maiowllAinl !c»tin/ hJJ Travelling can na:,-t ireex *3 to xo peri, withrotlntctf.rcncowllh other nuttnr.M. Tte arl! ' fhow* for Ifeelf. Samples, w.rn term* and mur-ai ot tu» ntiaine**, rent Air m rets*. AdJrmi ili .CMAPPKI.L. Drawer W3.TX Chicago. 111. ,U AGENTS— Wanted—For BARRETT* LIKE OK LINCOLN. Tlie beat. complete and authentic work ret prthlUhed. i’rr«:i« Lincoln haring hln.arifmrnuaei Wr tbit work IhwKKta of hi* early life. We gWh’Wbercvui tlnn on ahor* work and cat tw*«M ciun,,. , l«pof* nmnTin Aoirr. Addix-MX ■mkihiiu., A CO* i*ubtl*her>, A Co* tom liable I’laep, <*htc«g> AGENT^-Wimicd— For"LIFK A.VD OKATU IS UKISEL I'UtAONH,’' 1- aniwenbcnpef day. Alwayatoll*. A'. Kl|i|JkiL WaahUgioß at.. Culeago. "A GENTei—Wnnlwl—For'Tlijrlri X\ Hock of Anecdotes and m.n.‘* warratwrtlb* moat popular.fa»* tr'iir • y.,, thaMr. • Kor particular* adorre* J. A. irVnjM,.j.V* CO.TiOM Wx»hington-*t..Chicago,hi, u,j * A GENTS— \\ anted—s7o to tyj XX moiUh,*Tcmrbore,malo and ft-» -air, i,, one* Ih'omtlinat lb* Utsltrd “tat/k Ihr <i; \i i\i( i« PHOVKU lOHktlS tKNHKrAMILY.-Kms'i mI CHINK. Thl* machine Will Hitch, t. tt fni iSi qnllt, bled, braid aid embroider in a manner. Ifebcorny tlh. Kullr rTr'.'; yeara. , We will pay *1.003 f.»r any ,, *ew a atroncer, more twauiilnl. or m..n-. ;-»iv than car*, if makes thu “Blaatlo U<knilt.' r,. m rond etltch can hacnl, anc atlll the ej.uh raai ** palled apart without tearing it. Wo pay acn tTf-J |IS 10.*3u0 per month and >*p.-n*ea t £r a‘Vr“ *2 from which twlco that amount cat be maile bECOMH A CO.,Clen-Und.t)hlo. Vl4 ’ CADTH’N.—Do net be Unnoted upon be cher** ties palming otfworthle** caa- iron m»ckiue».uii the tame came orottpr* Ue. Onrt U tbe.-ife Ite andnalty practical cheep machine maai.tictt^ A GENT6—Wanted—Mule nrul termi. ±\ toetIITHPUAWICUNFS MARKER. sv-Tj SvlOk*?! I * l *scnfs name.|3. Call, or mMt-» n'i TIMER & CO. snulbfMS corLcr Clark and HtMaa* stairs. AGENTS— Wanted—$300 per rco^h on |5 capital, Ajwata wanted Snail Northwest. Address Box 316. Independent? lan with two three centstsmca far particular*. * AGENTS— 1,000 Wanted. The lea chance yet A wait of historical ts:m u* i national Importance. The only work on car\m « fl la the field. Agent* find so competition. ?. r?ik OCR NAVY DURING THE REBELLION’; c-.Lt *AOCT *XD or* Natal COwmaxdces. Rt the renowned historian. Hon-J. T. HEADLEY, h** haLdsoroe volume, with rweiity-two spitmlid «:*• y* ♦rails and battle scenes—corner sing tbe earlv lif* n, 11c services and naval career of Admiral l>! t, Fcrv rut. l ice Admiral D. D. Porter, Rear Admirals F-*. Dupont, airingham, Davrujlo'dsbsrousli and pS great Commodore* Wilks*. Winslow. Wonlm. k«v» at d many other promh enc naval celebrities, wma tn Mr. Headley s graphic and Ir tml table slvlr. wts» a authentic account of battles, alecw and busM* meat*. Including the recent discoveries m cccdaettih naval warfare by gnnboaurand iron-clad v<wsfi«; .iTt thriiilsg descriptionsol the most brilliant eznloiuai I achievements of the rebellion. a The authenticity ot the work ts beyond a dioV. w 9 mo*t ol tbe material concerning their earlv ills kJ L public services wm furnished directly by the oflew* * i their friends. The book will soon oe tcauv u* O.lsts, I and agents are already meeting with almost I leled success m taking orders. | Onr terms are nowhere excelled. and, takisrttufi consideration the great popularity of our patuicad.-a, II onr inducements to agents an cmeqaal.ed. iv>a*tr.k I] to send for our circulars and outfit at oaoe, as i i*n >1 delav may make ahnmired dallars difference. Alin '! C. VF. LILLET, Publisher, S 6 Reynolds* BLg. b Chicago- ' W A GENTS—Wanted—Male or Female- Xa Can clear US per week at their own home*, n i liebt and honorable hnslo/w, Any penen harlxs s few boors daily tospend wt]> fins thts a euo-1 csrrr bestnrsa. Aduresa, senalog stamp, for la.l parucalki, g. E. LOCKWOoD, Detroit, Michigan. A GENTS—Wanted—We want crier x"\ prl*log Agents to istreduce <mr Life llimtud Family Becotd,ju#l published. Liberal tn<ljc«s*sa to canvasten. HOPRINB A SPENCER, 79 D?a K born-«L, Pox 1470, Chicago. AtrENTa —Wanted—For «WOMANS WORK IN TUB CTTIL WAR” Th!,* won. commenced mere than torn year* ago. »r-J prepare under the sanction and approval of the Cnliel fcar'tary Commt»sloo. the Western Sanitary Co-unit slon and the Christian Commission, and conti; Introonctory chapter by Dr Bellow*. late pre-W-ot ■< the Sanitary Comml.««loa, u one ot standard auflwflT and great Interest. It t* Illustrated with sunena fine steel engraving, by Ritchie and Sartaln. auU rec laim abont »u 0 octavo pages, IncludUg J nearly two hnedred ladles, ami brlet notice* n xn'et i four hundred otners while a Just tiltiut* is paid vi Us thousands of nameless heroines who sacnfce-l how to give aid aodre'lel to oar suffering s-doler*. best lor circular, and seenre the flrst choice ot terrtKsj Adorers -ZEIOLER. MCCURDY * CO., PuMUbM ‘Lcmhard Block, Chicago. Pi. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell an article Ibatevery family will purchase. Call at Kant r. u. Block, between Sand 10 only. 13attuecs*2i2itantcij. DARTNEK—Wanted—A caminissioi JL bccse, doing a prosperous and rapldlv larreuia bmlncse. desires a man wlm (Ire to ten thomasd lars renoy ca*h. The profits ot this* large thecprrrapywar. as a short lnre*tlgatloa *0 prove. Address Tribune office, with an interview. “PARTNER —Wanted—ln a good oayoj A macul*ctnrlaw hatim-s*. with a cub cipiul tf laqolre at 170 Michiganst, PARTNER —Wanted—With ert'n rapr A v t*l°f to go Into and take cna:/-.* jf orf the best restaur ants la Chicago. Inquire at 1W Boom 7. PARTNER—Wanted—A eeatlenuao A. w ability and good adoress. *1.003 wi'l >• rr.]d>t »»Jbe business is established. For panKniars. 133 Dearbcra-sC, Hoorn 2 or 3. pAKTNEK—Wanted— In a wcU-ciub- bnslnesa on Lake-st. Capiial rrqx•'< 35,c00. None need apply anless with rcfererce competent to take entire charge of the im»lri'f J . a*t a owner lain poor realthand unable tenaaod to U. A dreee. fbr one waek, “F D s, LAtL£iT»" cffcc. . . “PARTNER—Wanted—With A an eitsb)Ut*d fbtxndry and machine shn?. or ‘ competent man with fftoeo, to uks charco »f f' dry. Apply to A. B. MEAD, 13i Kaadolph-tt. Uoathias, TDOARDING—WiIh pleasant first class ff *r^l ro £P 19, . io v oUeman aaiwUo or sing!** gectl*’a«6. B and cold water, ha la room, 4c., at ioii rmra-av. L, TDOARDING—And rooms tor lour sm- A-/ 8!e gentlemen at Adams-sL, between Clark aad elate. Keffcrencea gaanlred. "OOAKDING—Two or three first-chs JJ furtlabed rsoms, *nitab]e lor a gent eaua wire op four stogie gentlemen, *t 72 Ad*m*-»t. Ktfr rences rcqnirtd. |_)OARDINQ—Two nice room=, su.ablf A/ i°r gentlemen and their wives, with the comf-t* ,<«£.< m s* 4 1 * 0 * CM Mtigie room sed accoaicoA lions for d»y boarders. Apply at 207 Michlga-**- _ X> O AKD ENG—A private lamilv on tbc JLf >°rth SWe have two hatdsnmely fafaisheJ . whlch th ? y rent. wit* Imcun aJ.£Sfc* o, *’2 lt, * r or single gcnCrmea. TM *2® *pod« r tt improvement*. Rcftretert and repaired. Address “Q w b,” b. o. m* T>OARDLNG—Two gentlemen can find *l6 suSSt? 1 room ’ wIUl —piii« T 3 OARD ING—A gentleman and wite of two slnfie Kntlemen can find a very plea**sj ml?? * l mlwl drot* class board, at 61* and 1 TMTlocnm. Beslcd reference gl«* T> CARDING—A tarnished front room “DOAKDIN G—(rood day or week bo.nri X/tnsy he bad at 428 Cctsase Drove-ar- near m:- tj-nrst-»u T> CARDING—Qeod board, with larse U farclsbed rooms, can he had at 283 a abort distance iron, Snsh it. bridge. J HOARDING • Gentlemen end } wives crilrffie gentlemen, wishing good hoeri a private family, can And seen at 239 Hlia-ilsii-* two blccka trom Stats-it. bridge. TDOARDING—A few day boarders c*3 1 P be accommodated at Crosby’s Building. 81 ** 86 State-it- first door to the right, np stain. Tod** hie Is initiated with the best the mars et aSords. tr-JT day tn the week. T>OARDING- — Front bcdrecm, witi iJ choice ol ether room*. *t 193 suu, fe Monroe and Adams. 9 T)OAKD —A gentleman, -wife, and two a JL> single gesL'tmea want toara la a strict* pn*** 2 family. CanOo-wim two room*, localirv nc*t f" ,j? pieaiant aod convenient tobnstnosa, and terms rev*^ - ", able. No boamlnchoa»elteaera6eaaa»ecr. Addrts* 1 **C W M,” Tri Dune office. 3d aara 2i3Eantet. DOARD—By a sincle gentleman, ■with JL> room. In a pnra’e timlfy, between edams-tts.. and east ot State, Address "C,"* 543.7. Chicago. „ "DOARD—A good furnished room, with X) or withont board, within six blocks of the Ad*® arose, where a young gentleman can hare a picf*~r qoltthome. Bokrenceszltcs. Addrtss**F F*. *• O. 80x5957. DOARD—With unturnlshcd room or _D suite o» rooms, by afeenUeiaan and wife. V**? or ficuth Side preierred. Best ot references. I- " Qclrtd- Address “HC." Box 266. jHacljtncrs. FOR SALE—Three S-Boise rower cf, right asm,!: *ji> «a fcoilreEttl and 12-hcrse power. Larger or amaHer en-l es nlahed with or without bouers, 1«* la, !• tubular and Iccomottre boiler* ft. FOk cALE—A' secornl-hand Buck>c? :-t fujila* machiae—to good eoodiaai. Ptlce.* s"’ 5 "’ Applyw tte COX?AKT. -1