Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 6, 1867 Page 3
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A QVATRAIN OF NOTABLES. Cnrilclcen Galleryampbn—TCmnrs. i»b« lrjr 4 staves)*' < ulfax nod \Va*«liburno. [TCaiblEfiton Corrwpo deuce ot tae New Yjrk Ilmen.) As yon enter the gallery of the House of Rcrrvfituiativcs and lake a s-cat with ymtr Pack to the south, you fare the rathe body, I with the exception of the Speaker and the C'l.'rks. Du tour left baud i.« Jhr una of 1 Radicalism, which controls the legislative 1 actum of the country; but this uiara is so 1 Urge that it overflows and reaches to the right haul of the mnluaMe, and encroaches mi the Democratic prescivcs. I venture to that the first obxc: which strikes the eve of a visitor thus located Is a round hunch ol hair, frizxwd and rngletted, long and flowing, and fmmrncdlng « face which icM-tublc» the picture yl a Yuli moon in a Dutch almanac, llelow the face Is a largo, nituiui body, encased In severely respectable Mark clothes includiu. a cloth .vest, which h- I'norgcth-nlly buttoned up, leaving a trian gular space «-f white ►hlrL-front, specked with gold ‘lads and dnperied with a black neck, tie. Tins object, two-thlrua ol the lime. Is be seen leaning back In a chilr with* Us legs Jstrclcbed at full length under the desk In front of It betraying, in an apparently ostenta tious manner an amplitude of a ? dermanlc proportions In the way of stomachic*! store house, which is fearful to contemplate. The jaec is dotted with two browu eves, which twinkle laughingly, and exert au influence over It which, added to the dimple In the chin and the roil of fat underneath, makes i; pleasant to look at. The twit eiutmOle of ibis object is suggestive of well-to-do lar.l --: --s. and you involuntary wonder whether i the man—for it is no other than General \ Ashley, of Ohio, the “great Impeach \ ft”—is the cold-blooded, passionless, never* \ gtve-a-cenl-10-anybody klnd.or if he is ns gca* U r.msashc la big. There are no whiskeraou \ii? face, and bis complexion appears dam py. You expect to Mel Uriah Heeplsh per- Miration and clamminess tu the grasp of his \md; but it is dry and warm. There Is an kpcaiacce of lack «f warmth la him, aud )i bis general outlines indicate generosity. Dba bundle of contradictious In his gene* Ip, and there is only one deduction ows with assurance from »hc most rlunce. When he is In repose this does not suggest Itself; but when ralves, or the body moves, even he head shakes and t he curly locks lure is unmistakable indications an Is self-confident, if not self-con unscrupulously ambitious. When his gestures are a liltletno slow to jl.tnd he sometimes holds his with” ktf palma r u P wXftfc 1*1^92- r c. p' ,m l’ or u« If he were afmld i,,.i not fully comprehended him. Alom turns his head without also lumiiis lK»dy, aud pctfoims this as he Joe-, ajicr movements. In a slow, deliber ate r:iaj, f«H of studl.-d dignity. When he wjlfce swing*, not to the fight and left, backward and forward, seemingly ?etb°dy down a com !• of Inches at each y>. like a country niiiUia-olficer drilh in<s ra'i roo P s . *bd trying to make them “hi etdop” by firmly planting his own boof/h the ground in good “ lime.” When be s-sllts he can be beard In every part of the camber, but his voice Is not loud or deep It i& not really harsh, nor •» /. shrill; hut It la a pleasing compromise, which salutes the ear dls linc*y but coldly and unconvincingly. Tr- re is a self-satisfied defiance In I: jf tones, indicating his own confidence In his assertions, which duL-o not carry conviction with it. There is no magnetic or impassion ed oratory at *lns command, which carries hearers away with enthusiasm, but his state ments find more than temporary lodgment In the minds of his bearers, and allcf a time bis arguments come back to the memory with aduitioiiat force. I doTiot think that he bus many mirm friends, personally, but un doubtedly possesses the political confluence nf a large chcle. Pro emlncntlr be is the bean of radical social circle-* In the city, or at f«a*t attempts to bo. lie talks with the la dies as he v ould with chi’drew. vorv patron iringly. and as Jl he expected them to believe all <>l hi* fuVntne praise and flattery lie Is ;s vain of his ability in winning the good graces oi ladies os he is of hts pollticalsuc etts, ai.d lhal Is saying a great deal. A few in the rear of Mr. Ashley sits r > tali, slim man. with a high and projecting 'hough narrow forehead. Ills eyebrows are '.uthy, and overhung a pair of deep-set op lies, dark brown in color and very piercing In glance. Hi.* hair is a soft brown auburn, ind it h plainly evident tint It lias belonged tosmiicbmiv else some time or another, al though >1 is now becomingly arranged on the head of Thud; Stevens, the “great commoner” from FcnnsvlvanU. Ills cheek bones art* prominent aml sham. like Ihmc of n Scotchman or a Navajoe Indian, while the flesh of his checks i* sunken and (.arrows do-wt to a square, decided chin. There I- a deep line running down from tlio expanse of inch of the ‘nostril*, and the muscles ol the upper lip Immediately In front of tlio pose are prominent. The upper Up I* closely set and thin, while the lower one Is a little tiitcker and protrudes slightly beyond Its companion with u sour, pouting expression. The noac Is puiely Hunan, with a slight sensual indication in the thickness of the nostrils. Tim cars arc largo, indicating a stubborn disposition and a gen erous heart, Imt arc covered up hv the gen tle and graceful waves of his wig, which also thll ovci'llie right temple,mid conceal part of the forciirnd. This lust leaturc of his facial nppestsn.'u may account lor ttiu apparent iiarrowm-cs of the forehead, ns It Is as broad at the bno' ns nl the eyebrows, but seems to grow narrow as it gois upward, and loudly bides Itself with a heavy frontal mojrclion In the hair. Hlsdtcssi" rather " slipshod," generally consisting of a blank ri'dh mat. ami vest, paid* of Hie *nmo color, and a black silk neck Imndkercldel, wldclt he evidently tics Idmscll in u loose sailor* knot hiOdoti, loteildv ('idling to ndltd pie. fmrs of old-hisldoffed statesmen, flint the dignity of lltms tong mom by, lie sloops not m til Me, and does not look unicefol when he stands up to address Mm Mouse, which (tolls supcrlnducid, I suppose, bv un tnltr* folly tu oim of Ids pedal extremities, On hU sound l*-g mid loot ha seems to rest hi* weight, umt swings easily irom tight to left, half *«y ” round the chcle,” a* if standing on a plod. His gestures are made almost eu> liolywUh Ids light hand, never with the Ml alone, but sometimes wiMi both lo> either. Ilia video is weak, umt aommvhH Moil) uml Hpu-aklili, with monuloiimu tones, wldcli never would ullruet attention from the galleries, U limy were not known to ex press the ground-down hittemcsb mid sar casm of Congressional opmihltlou to thu President. His manner ul delivery It com monplace ; imt, perhaps, owing to Ids ex alted prominence us u great Uadtcai loader, it is convincing, and every word Umt he utters seem* to And the spot In the minds of his hearers that he intended it should And. Ills sarcasm rend* sharper Ilian it Bounds as he speaks it, for as it falls trout his lips in his weak voice, It seems to be struggling for an existence. Occasionally Ids voice is, for cue word, competent to fill tlie hail; hut this is evidently effected by a violent exhaustion of the air In his lungs, like a strung- and sudden blast from an old pair of bellows. Socially, there is an air of freedom about him which seems to he assumed. His con versational powers are evidently limited to the consideration of serious subjects, so Influenced undoubtedly by bis "old bache lor” habits, und a lifetime spent iu conning over dry political theories, lie assumes to be gay and trivial, but it is unnatural and strikes the observer as being forced wllh great effect. I studied him closely when I lust saw him in a social gathering, and do not hesitate l« say that ho was present merely because he felt it his duly to be there. There is no doubt but what he likes to meet hi* irlcnd* personally, but, in my opinion, be is glad that the political situation does not demand of him extraordinary exertions as a frequenter of Executive or Cabinet levees. His ‘* best forte” in such gatherings is " euchre” or " seven-up,” and be plays the latter game with astonishing tkill and almost unprecedented success Last year, at Col onel Forney's he played at it with a certain conservative member of Congress, who is well known as an adept, for no smaller stake than President Johnson's bide, and he won. He very much likes to impress bystanders iuto Ids service, In helping him to walk to and from his carriage, although he docs not really need assistance, and sometimes lays hts hands on the shoulders of entire strangers for this purpose. He has many warm jwrsnnal friends, and, as every one knows, has political friends without number. nrncß. Just across the side aisle frpm Mr. Stevens, and a little more toward the right Hank of the Radical forces, a man Is seated, with a looseness of position and carelessness of. manner, which marks him as a member from' the Northwest- lie has a broad, high, square forehead, with projecting corners at the temples. His hair is Iron gray, and worn long, half rolled under at the ends, like a Southerner or a man from the rural districts. It is parted on the right side, and at the parting recedes from tbo forehead In such a manner as to form a sharp promonto ry or cape of bare skin running up Into it, while on the left side it falls carelessly over the temple and Joins the eyebrow below, ful ly concealing the car on that side, while the ear on the other side Is only partially cov ered. The cars are large and set well back, a litllc below the artist’s usual line, which Is straight from the eyes. The oyebrowsare not very heavy, ami present a straight Hue near tbe bridge of the nose, which tills down at the outward comers at an Inclination of about S 5 degrees. His eyes arc 'arge an.l full, though deep set, of a bluclsh gray-color, and shine like diamonds. His no?c is rather long and prominent, of the Roman order, but flares out a litllc at the nostrils. The inden tation above the nostrils Is carried Into a deep wrinkle In the cheeks which forms on both sides of the nose a plain arc-shaped line bent toward the mouth. The cheek bones are prominent, being square and firmly set. except that they curve upward slightly, anil close Inspection shows that they really reach above the eyes. The cheeks themselves arc slightly sunken, though full wUh a pale freshness, and with wrinkles of a half devel oped double chin reaching up Into them near the comers of tbe mouth. The mouth Is large, with thin, tightly compressed lips, forming an almost exact straight line over face. There Is a deep hollow, which pouts the under lip slightly, and odds to the de cided squareness ol the chin. His dress Is similar to that of Thaddeus Stevens, the prominent difference consisting of the fact that bo wears a stiff “ slock ” Instead of a “ neckerchief. 1 * Such u man is Elihu 11. Washburne, oi Illinois, who has the honor of being the acknowl edged patron of General Grant, and who first brought that great hero to the surface and carried him through to his descrvedlv un precedented promotions. Ills voice Is full and deep when be wishes It to be so. Ills stylo of oratory Is easy, off-hand and more convincing to niy mind than that of any oth er member on the floor of the House. Ho In earnest aud forcibly decided In his expression, and goes Into an argument or a debate with the honest enthusiasm nnd thrilling excitement character* isiio of his section. Ills gestures nro wild In the extreme, hut not ungraceful, and one soon becomes accustomed (o thorn. Socially ho Is a gem of the ratesl price aiming a thousand. Ho lives with General Grant, ami with his amiable lady toas«Ul him. form* an agreeable addition to the ho*, pliable mansion «f that great chlcflm. He lion hosts of personal nnd political friends amt admirers, nut a few of Urn former being Included in tbo list ot those opposed to him politically. He U the oldest member ol the Iloilo, aud Is sometimes called the 4t watch dog nl the Treasury " as ho la chronic In his scrutiny on appropriation bills. FOUR. A decp.loncd Toicc. Btora yet ploujnt. «iUi hurried, sharp articulation anifnervous loms, ludlcatluß prompt decision and quick tact, Is heard anon daring the whole ol iho prtK-ecdlnfis, and U cornea Irom the proad che>t °r Hm Sneaker, Mr. Schuyler C^Har, 01 Indiana. 110 la a man who disappoints you at tir&t sight, as he scorns lacking In ago. though salleftictorily dignified for his years. A ii.omenl'B observation of him dissipates this disappointment, as his wonderfullr en ergetic and truly sudden decisions of par liamentary questions mark him distinctly as the “right man in the reght place.” lie Is a parliamentarian, with strange anility at prompt application of his Instincts, lie is a plain, practical man, whoso appear ance is bolld and teems to Invito confidence cvenlrum strangers. He hasu largo forehead, ‘ round at the temples, with great depth back from the i-j'ca mid immense perceptive Inruns protruding above bis eyebrows. His hair is brown, brushed forward a little below the {>a. ling, on the left side, with two or three icavy locks hanging carelessly dowu over his forehead. His eyebrows arc very light In color, and not very heavy. They over shadow* a pair of deepset, very low, bluish gray eyes, which sparkle with intelligence, good-fellowship and shrewd perception of character. His nose Is Roman, with com pressed nostrals, which form wrinkles In bis checks running away from them toward the back part of the square jaw, aud making his check bones rather too prominent. Under his eyes there arc semi-circles or wrinkles of heavy flesh, showing constant use of those organs In reading or with the aid of artificial light. His whiskers arc cut so as to form a complete covering from the Ups of his cars to his chin, and add to the natural extraordinary squareness of his Jaw, which Is not unlike Grant’s In general appearance. His dress Is uncxccptlonably American, consist ing of a black broadcloth frock coat and complete suit to match, lie stands grace fully when he addresse the House,and when h o leaves the chair to take the floor foraregular speech, he has, In my opinion, no equal in Congress for pleasing demeanor and elegant gesticulation. Ho speaks without preme ditation. right to the point, ina cupllviting, easy style, peculiar to the impromtu speak ers of the Northwest, and above all exerts a magnetic Influence over his. bearers which carries them enthusiastically into his belief bcfVrc they realize 11. There is a genial, warm-hearted honesty In his declamation which is all-convincing, acd his miraculous correctness In his rspm delivery greatly adds to the pleasure of hearing him. Socially, he Vhilt prince among princes. Ho knows a Ids levees with "a kind bus pitiable* pleasant words, which puts them at case irom' the “word go,” and wins for him the name of being the most pleasing of all the public men In that city who “receive.” He is, X nm frank to admit, my hero, and my beau ideal of a democratic official, such os our Republican Government should be supplied with in every position demanding public re cognition. Such a man could not fail to have hundreds of warm personal admirers, and his position as Speaker of the House demon strates clearly the fact that he also has a large number of political friends. He lives in flue style. Including In bis household his mother, Mrs. Matthews, and his sincere filial regard for her has won for him the respect ol all who know him. She seldom appears in the galleries that he does not call some member to the chair and go immvdl iil«*ly to her side. He is my candidate for the next Presidency. NEW ENGLAND ITEMS. Prior to a year ago all the emery used in the United Suites was imported. Machin ists and class cotters use 1,503 tons annually. Bui deposits of this mineral have lieco dis covered lu Massachusetts and on Arowslc Island, In the Kennebec Uiver, Maine, which are said to he Inexhaustible and will hereaf ter supply the demand. Some Idea of the lumber business of Calais, Mo., may be gathered from the following of ficial statements of the exports for 1K'»0 : 10,(35.000 feet pine lumber, 17,301.000 feet hemlock lumber, 48JMfl,000 leet spruce lum ber, 575,000 feel hard wood lumber, *210,000 fl. hacmalae lumber, lOO.OOJ.OCK), lath. 4,tXX),O'W pickets, 18,000,006shincles,il.j,0(»8hlp knees. 14,000 cedar posts, 500,000 spool stuff. 4W cords birch wood, 370,000 hoops, roJ.fYJO ce dar sleepers, 53,000 clapboards, 300 cords bark. 1 lie children of the public schools of Fall lllver. Muss., are enjoying a vacation. Tito School Committee recently voted to Increase the salaries of teachers. The City Council subsequently refused to sanction the action of the committee, nud make the necessary appropriations, and the committee hare sus pended Die schools. George "Wnuton Ellery, son of the slgncrof the Declaration of Independence, died In Newport, It. 1., on (Saturday, aged seventy eight years. The Jlnlne Farmer says that H. G. Abbott, of North Vassalboro*. has bemi for several years experimenting (u sheop.rearlng. In tho ellort to obtain a medium breed between the Spanish und natives, so as to combine a good quality of wool with good mutton, each point being about equal In value. Ho has Miecedcd in producing a flock of very Quo n)q<cnraDCC and quality. The Maine Legislature is considering an interest bill which limits thu talc to H pur ernt, and also a proposition lo remove from the bltttc Insane Asylum aft eases of hopeless Idiocy and for the further provision hr the State for all Insane persona who have no lioinu of their own. Thu Boston and Hamlwteh Ulam Company are iiispcndlng their uputolloiis on account ul the dull limes. The loinalo teachers In the Boston pnliltu schools hove ur'ißiilr.od oti osiodaUun fbr tnntnal benefit niul Improvement. Thu latest prujuui for Portland lo sojuira accommodations lor Us wualern trade Is to build n railroad t»» \Vidto Illvor Junction, Vliiship «lsu for (no purpose portions ol lined already comdrnclcd. and llp'ituo to leach Kntlttml hy tho now railroad which will prohsldy ho imlll to Wood«lock dining tho coining suimnor. This roulo would have UmndVHiitHgo over a morn norlheity oim, hy way of Montpelier, that tt would readily eommnnieblo with the Now Vork Central, ua well ua the Northern Railroad to Ogdano burg. '1 ho (’mill of Common I'loa# la now In ana. bl<>n In u room, at Providence, It. 1.. under which eighty lona nf fixed ammimUlon am stored. amt emuo ef tliu lawyers loir h at the dav ut retribution may come oo them uu* awarea, A Providence w&ahcrwoman has lately Inherited {i*U,ooo from a deceased English relative. Thu Rhode Island State Horticultural So* clety hue elected rx-Govenior .lamoa Y. Smith President liirtho ensuing year; WMV. lIrHYUm and and E. B. Snow, Secretaries; and A. \V. Godding. Treasurer. Thu fund of the Society now amounts lo $1,413. It Is estimated that the total coat of dear* Inc the streets of Boston of the superabun dance of snow which fell during the last great storms, will amount to at least $50,000. A choking horse was saved from death at New Haven, the other day, by inserting tha street hose into his month and turning on a full bead of water, which forced the obstruc tlou down into the stomach. Several companies are at work on Forest and Spy ponds at Cambridge, cutting and pocking fee at the rate of 8,000 tons per day. A steam engine is used to hoist tbc blocks to (he houses, and docs the work of *203 men. Tbe companies propose to store about 400,000 tons, most of which will be shipped from the country at the proper time. New Haven has an ice-boat, the Minnie E. Dodd, which can run with safety on ice four inches thick and make seventy mites an hour She is thirty feet long, ten broad, and carries twenty-five passengers. She has entered the lists lor the championship, with the Hudson River ice-boat fleet. FOREIGN ITEMS. Paris is all agog with a magnificent ball given by M’llc Olula Barucci, one of the queens of the demi-monde. She Is an Italian. All nations now contribute lorcttea to the demi-monde of Paris. An extraordinary decision has recently been delivered by tbc Congregation of Rites. lt|sccms a manufacturer of aluminium ap pealed to Rome to know il communion cups made by him could be used. The congrega tion replied that they could not be used ; for while tbc pewter was sometimes allowed where the cbnrch was extremely poor, the rule was gold and silver alone could he used, as they were the only noble metals. A beggar w oman *of Paris recently died; SS,OOO In gold were found in her hearth, un der the ashes. Her will was in these words: I leave my clothes and mv Airniture to the Musce dcs Souverains, My seal shall be placed by thceide of Napoleon** hat. I give all of my money to the person who may place a crown on my tomb; In the not Im probable event of nobody paying mo this mark of friendship, I leave all my money to the first bold traveller who attempts to go to the moon. If ho finds my husband there I wish him to tell the latter he need not return to earth: he should go to heaven If be wish es to find me. After the performance of the Antigone of Sophocles at Dublin, the other evening, a loud call was the author, which was only appeased By tbc manager’s appear ing ami stating that the gcullcmau In ques tion had been dead some two thousand years. Kosslnl’s health fluctuates, but at last ac counts lie had recovered from his recent ill ness. Auber, who Is ids senior, continues rcmaikabiy well, and is hard at work on a new opera comtquf. For some time past, says (7alf>pmnf, an In ferior kind of truffle has been gathered at Etampes, the only quality of which is its size; It has none of the porthmc ot the Peri pord esculent. To impart this odor the mer chants procure from the latter districts box es of the dark odoriferous loam in which this highly prized vegetable Is found, and by means of a brush they Introduce the earth Into the cracks and crannies of the Etampes truffle, and sell them for the real article. Appearances at Paris already indicate that the- hotels and lodging-houses will be crowded to excess during the Exposition; and the residents of the city expect to reap a golden harvest from the “ generous Atueri- K/in 8 ’ , a * ore known there. Xo careless lankec can remain at the French capital for much less than MX) francs a week: afid most visitors from this country will spend five times as much. 1 A man while plowing up a headland on Chanton Farm, In Bu«ecx, England, |lbrcw out of the furrow an old crock, or earthen* ware pot, containing a number of coins, chiefly of the lime of Edward the Unnlcssor and Harold. They were all packed In llio crock ou Ibclr edges os closely as possible, and bad evidently remained undisturbed since Oral hidden. ». rruettlni on a Whslr Whip. (Honolulu Correspondence of tbo How York 1 Herald.] Our Admiralty Court, Associate Justice Davis presiding, ha« boon occupied In tbo trial or Cant. I). F. Homan, ol the whale ship Con.Howfaml. The parties ailing fur damages were Hawaiian seamen, who ihtpped in the toll of iwift, fur a year, or until such time ns tbenorlhorn cruise should ho terminated. Tho evidence proved that U was the custom of llio cnplnln to stand by the fore* castle scuttle and hurrv nj> the men, when "all hands** were called, by striking with a club, If near enough. If not throwing It at them, and In the alutenco of wood kicking and listing them. The libellant was called and nmd« to go In a boat when ho could not get his bouts on, without great pain and ci- crtlun, his feet being swollen from the effect of freezing. After capturing the whale, and return to the ship, the oiUcor of the deck noticed the man limping and asked him the cause, and upon ascertaining the co idltion of his feet sent the mao below, aud Informed the captain of their condition. Thu cap tain went below and ordered some hot oil to be apolled, at the same time abasing the man. After this novel treatment he or dered them poulticed. Soon after two more whales were captured and brought alongside, and the captain ordered liijcllaut on deck to assist In cutting them In. The weather at the (line was hitter cold, yet the Inhuman master ordered the man ou deck, which he succeeded in reaching by going on his bauds and knees. The man was maced at the mincing machine, and stanulng up com* menccd turning the crank, out his feet pain log him Intensely be dropped to the deck, and seeing which the Contain raised and set him to work again. The Captain kept the man on deck the greater part of the twenty four hours, his fust being wrapped is a piece of old canvas. After going below the man removed the canvass bandages, and his toes dropped off with the bandage. After ahlv reviewing the evidence the Court awarded sl,2ooaml costs of court. The Government Revenue from Uio City of New York. (From the New York Evening Post) Last year the regular collections of Now York footed up thirty-seven million. The decrease Is about a million and a half. This is owing principally to the new law, which wcut into operation 1c the summer of 16*10. That law made changes which affected a very large proportion ot the business of S*ew York, particularly that of manufacturers; and one result of It has been to give relief to branches of Industry that otherwise would scarcely have survived. The aggregate collections of Internal Rev enue in this city since October, 1602, when the first collections were made, to December. ISOG, a period of four years and three months exceed tone hundred million of dollars. How large a part of the revenue of the whole country this Is will appear from the follow- Ing, which shows the entire collections in the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30,) from 1862 to I 860: IHT2-IM3 ... . fit,(MS,l3s ifccn-iHa i!«,Sso,(rra ING4-IBG3 210.159.553 JBCS-lHto. .. . 3.0.9J6.U31 Total. Excluding the thirty sir millions of dollars In this account derived from sales of stamps, and estimating the collections of the rcvouue in the country at $140,000,000 lor the six months from July Ist to December 31st, the receipts in New York are shown to be more than one-eighth of the whole;whilc the coi tion V of on<?£cvc?i\fl. ro greater, hot this was an exceptional state ot things. The extension of the revenue svs tem tothoSouth.and the development of the resources of that and other parts of tbecoun try, will doubtless cause such a distribution of the assessments as will relieve this city of the disproportionate burden notv borne, though the vast business and wealth of our people will always contribute a heavy share of the revenue. The returns of last year, with fair estimates of the revenues that do m>t appear in them, show that the payments made here arc at the rate of more than filly dollars a head for each person of our census population. The oum of the collections In each district, since the revenue law went into operation, was os Pillows : ’• Fomih Ills net........ ............ *.79,97 Fif.h DMrlct 8,»W,7;«.H *lxl* District 1i.8M,WJ.73 Seventh District 5.033,*13.<H Eighth District 21,313,033.^7 Ninth District 5,7UJ,0i)5.33 GUANO TOTALS. Collections in thrive months of ISC2. 7fi"».t»3 Collections of IW3 . 7,«ia.«J5.35 Coliec'inns of l 60« 15,51(J,773.*2 Collection* of IPCi 37,153.4t1.M Collections of IbGC 33,700,537.72 Total collections since 1343 sHM,l33,Ci3.3tf Tlic Menken in Paris. [Paris Concspondencc of the Now Turk Times. The praises of Miss Adah Menken, the American JlazrjijHi, arc in everybody's mouth, lor nothing like her performances have yet been seen in this country, and then the adds to ths attraction of her play a handsome person, which is tot to be disdained In a city where beauty is rare on the stage. One critic fays of La Menken; ‘•She ii « yonn? woman of jl remarkably de cant and firm design. Sbelsdirk-sktaned. small but well-knit, uni.trig force to srac-lnlncs. and the mpp'encss of ber members shows a general aptitude far all tbecxciclres of (he body. Thai wfurh we fled the moat seductive about her is nrither the p'ide of tier manner, cor ibo Urn of her ezmeaePe eyes, nor the solid pallor of her skin ; ft fa the flntttt ami the extreme mobility of her tiosulls and her lips. One might sar that a Pradier, pushing the delicacy of the art or the sculptor to excess, bad modelled, rhUelled and hollowed Ihotn out whh the floest of Ms tools. The bsh opened mouth civet exit to a langb spnrkilnc with polished ivory,* and at the same time the nostrils aro agitated, and expand ard contract like tbe wines of a bultcilly held p'isot-er tn the hands of a child." in her play (a Menken Is obliged to mimic, for «ho dues not speak French well enough to tlsk herself In a spoken part, and the only fault I have seen mentioned by the critics is an excess of movement in her gestures. Uut that Is a fault or a reiinlromcnl of the Ameri can etsgo which she can ossify modify to sco it the quieter manner of Urn French •tflgo. _ Binrc IH2I Mexico Jinn had twenty-three presidents, seven dictators, two emperors, one vice-president, and one generalissimo— orannversKC of n new ruler every sixteen tnxiilhs. Thu longest reign has been throe years. fISANCIAL AND OOBBIBMIAI MONETAHY. Torso*r /irftfltfld, PWirflsry B,Jwft, roiigrrssdevetsil a flute Mute yeelenlay lo the coiislderaituii ol the currency cpieriloii. l‘wti resolutions, UUkmlumil ipsjiccuvfty by Mn««rs, Wilson end Pi lee, «ne onsrrd, llmtling the con* lisrMim oMhsuinraney to Mis four luiMtoiu p«r nmnlli authorised by irl of April Iflih, |ftM, and providing lor Mis reoauipMon of such Uomuuun I Iniervst Holes as msv fall due (Ids year, Willis new lone ol begat Tendani, williont Miloroal. Moth wsi" negsilrert, when Mr. Urlnmdl ntlurad a leaubdten dial the public interest demsuts that (here shall noi he during the current rear any re. dncihm of greenbacks, end directing Ike c’arnnid- Ice ol Way* and Means lo taporl a bill to Uiat eflect. This resolution was adopted by a vole ofOT ton. Tbls vote may be accepted aa final nad conclu sive (bat Congress bus at lonulh adoptsd a policy which cannot fail to mitigate U not entirely re move the financial dcpiewdon under which the country baa been groaning dating the pan three xmntbe, as Lbo result of Ur. McCulloch’* Insane scheme lor rehcbleg specie by paying off and funding the non-interest beating portion of the National Debt, and at ibe eame time leaving the Interest bearing portion to take care of Itself. No longer may any fears be entertained of a prolong ed and continuous stringency In money. Conti, dcnce will speedily revive. .Production will steadily Increase. There will be more demand for labor, and the sources of revenue will be largely extended. It Is to be regretted that that portion of Ur. Wilson’s resolution, providing for the redemption of the compounds to plain legal tenders, did not meet with a more favorable recognition from the noose. As we have often remarked, these com* pounds are doing duly aa currency in the shape of bank reserves, and there Is no reason why the banks should he paid a premium of 3or 4 per cent for complying with the law to which they owe thetr existence. Iteavore too much of class lei tslation, and ought not to be for one moment entertained by any member of Congress. The advance In Gold, involving a speculative demand for Produce, caused a more active do. msnd for Money to-day, and there was an easier feeling in the market, consequent upon thopos* sage of GrinneU's resolution. Paper is closely discriminated, and none but the best names, with unexceptionable collaterals, find accommodation. Ibere is no chance in the rates of interest. Thy demand for Money from the Interior has in a great measure ceased, and balances show some algos of iniprovemcnL Exchange Is scarce and firm, with sales between banks at 25 cents premium. Several of the banks ato expressing currency. The counter rates Krc steady at par having and I*lo premium selling. Flonr was firmer and more active. Wheat ad* vanccd 3®4c on No. S Spring. Com was active higher. Oats were firm hot less ac tive. IJjc advanced Ic. Bailey was doll. Whiskey was lUcless. Provisions wore inactive, but held firmly. Dressed Hogs were s®lCc higher. Gold opened qnite strong, and advanced 1 ? cent, bnt at the close broke down, and the Im provement was more than lost. The market opened at 13714, advanced to 1SS1(, and closed at 18C£. The lollowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros.: .157*4 11-12 p.tO, .157 V 12:30 p.m •IS7S» | &U)p. m. 10:30 a. m. 10:45 a. a. 11:10 a.m. J37* } Snßplzm I 3:13 p. m. .1571,1 4:uo p.m. ,vst\ I JL-lßs. in. ll:JW a. si. 11:43 s. m 12:00m... Here themarkelwas qmet at 135jj(2.lSS—closing tl the i&ftac figure. Silver was nominal at 130. Govenneuta were H® 1 * higher to-day. The following ebon? the cioelcg prices of to-day. com pared with those of the three previous dare: Fri. Sat. Jfoa.' Taut. Sties Of 'SI ll>7‘* IW7« lUTS lOS^S Flre-Twentlea.'Ci Itfiaf ll»7*£ ICTT« Kfcsa; Flve-'iwcmlca, ’W ioths nv> iogu i&»w Ftve-Twentie?,'Cs t'Jit 106 U 101' Ten-Foill** 9?y IWJS IWH4 KK)^ Scret-Thlrtlcs, Aoe.....UM?i ItUjS llQu mjii jH.-vrn.ri.lnie?, Jane. . Wt# ids W 3 Scvra-Thlrtle*. July ...104*4 101*, i<jj 111514 J-'ive-Tweailes KKfj loi£ Stocks opened henry at a slight concession .on yesterday's dosing prices, bat on the second call prices suffered a decline of The lolloping shon-e the quotations of to-day, compared with the two previon* days; Jit W lit ad ut M B J Bd. D’d. B*d. It'd. U’d. wu ioo* w* jo?* id ioiv KrliflCOml 37* 38* 99* 60 < 60* 58* M.b.Oxm) T 1 73 73* 74* 73* 73* c.&rm* N* «* 81* 84* 81* ItOCS Island 96* 97* 98* 99* 99* 95* C.ftN.W S«V 37* S7* SS* » SI C.*N.W„jrfd...«6* 67* 6?* 69* 67* 68* P.FtWdC 97* 95* 9** 9i* 99* 95* Onlcl Silver 89 89 89 59* 89 89* W. union Tel 41* 45 «4 * 44 * 43 41* C.ft A.1C0m)....«0* 111 113* l!S* 113* 113 Hur.&Q .190 191 IW* 184 IS) 130 M. Central. 107 107* 107* 108 101* 107* Hudson Hirer.... 128 190 179* IS* U9* 119 111. Central 119* 114* 114* 113 IIS* 111* I l .ft Ue*o .104* IW* 103* US m* 1» n?to A Toledo...l2u* 111 130* 131* 119 U 9 T.ftWabaih 40* 41 41* 41 41* 41* Here Ibere nas a good demand for Govern* tncnls. and the market was firmer. Wo quote: OOVKKMEI4T RXCUnmES-CHICAGO UAIXEWT. „ Buying. Belling. U. B. Bites. of 1981 ...,..,.107* ]isu y.H.Mm, mu ji*u; I. IWI .....10ft" 100* U. B. R-COs, lt«3 J(s|2 U. b, two*. smtll no '\woo* " U.B. IfMta, Isrpe 1(1. jopu tl. B, HMUs, small. iwu 34 y, 8.7*90*. Ist series ire iff.U y. 8. 74mf, Bet series. HO \ y* 5* M series.... ......Ha not* 11. B.ldlls. Stun 101* 4 Compound. .lune. twt . ....un<l " July* isrti nfl ’ 11 Aug., IWU. ..113U •* Oct., JMJt It«a •• Dee, iN0i.,... , .jjaS •• M«y, mw nr Amp. iwa ttoti •• Held., into n» •• Del., into unit Tho Hccond National Ikak quote* the Subtle Fundi as follows t Conp.,’BK.lCns©. . T-SO-C*maU)ir,tVi<3... . 5- coupons, Jane Comp., (Uree)....106 ®I"7JS Jclj " “ 6- Aag. u M>H (•mall).. lUC OIIOK Oci. “ “ ..HIM 10 40 coupons- Dec. •* *• (1*rc0)....i00 O Mar “ IKS.. JlMOcouponi. Aug. “ “ ..hum (•ma11)...102M0 *cpU “ “ ..HO T-aJ-»la:cu).lC6 <3 Ocr. •» •• ..nwjf Local Mockf* arc tull aud comma! al the follow log qtiotatlocß Buying. Selling. Chicago City Vi ITJ 11W Look Lonnty Tf 91 97Jsi Chamber of Commerce... 9t —*l he annual statements of the marine Insurance companies represent boaiier losses than have oc* timed In many year#. Tt>e Atlantic declare* 20 )} cent la scrip, pays Interest on all out«l«ndj»ig scrip. ai.d redeems the issue of 1841. The Great Western frays interest on all th-ilr ls*n>*a, redeem* that of Ihti-X and declares 10 percent in scrip. The Great Western al»o pays :!& V cent in cash on (heir stock. The New York makes 10 V cent new scrip, pays Interest, hat makes no redemption. The Union makes no new scrip, nor redeems, bnt mi rely pays Interest. The Commercial Issues 13 ?7 cent in scrip, pari Interest, and redeems Its |V-ne of 1839. Tte Orient iumi 12*4 \? cent In scrip, and pays Interest. The Mercantile passes Its dividend. The most disastrous statement Is that of the Hun Mntnal, which cancels lu emtre capital, represented by (1,2W,000 la scrip, —The Philadelphia L*dgtr Money la easy for flmt-clasa short paper, and on the street on prime collatcrnisi iherc Is little dlfllcnliv In obtaining reasonable amonnls at seven per cent., and on Governments, large anms on short time ate offered as low at six. Paper that is not approved as A No. 1 is not in favor, and hlnher rates arc reqnired to make it avail* able—ranging at from eight to ten per cent doa count. —TheNew York Express remarks; The action of Ibo trustees oflbe Sun Mutual Insurance Com- Er In cancelling their outstanding profit scrip produced a great sensation la financial cir cles. The lottos of the company last year ox* ceeded the preminm Income. At toe close of 1665 the corporation bad outstanding $1,033,030 of this profit scrip, which boro an Interest of 6 per cent annually and had an average market value of 73 per cent. We understand that the ‘enp hold ers protest energetically against th;s action of the trnrtces, and demand a rigid investigation Into the afiairs ol the ofilce. The t o>-tces announce that they have added half a million ot new stock capitul to the a«»eu>, and Intend lo take an an other bait million of notes in advance of premium. Up to the end ol ISCS the Sun Mnloal Had issued In profit scrip. $C,110,900, and redeemed of that amount 14,630,t0', having also Declared la 19J3 a fresh profit ofS2£l.6<S. The annnal statement of the company lor the year ending January 80,19G7. •bows a deficiency of $1,165,791, which necessl tales the calling in and cancelling of $1,1«,*2y of scrip—the full amount outstanding. This measure lo complained of by the scrip holders, and they have called a meeting on the subject. .$679,890,319 —lhe New York BconoTnxst bos the following on “resumption of enccic la two years'': “Protests without number against the Secre tary's policy have been sent to Washington; hot they are coolly treated as the wall of disuo-nod speculator?, deserving of no mercy or considera tion T,.,wd. It seems to be a matter for exalta tion, in Certain quarters, i< r. jra . pcllisg ibe realization epos eecnriUea. and a consequent dicbue la the value, as thbosu extra neons preesnte could ever bo healthy, or prices would sot certainly fiud their proper level with out legislative intervention. The Secretary, how ever, will eoon learn that his specific for 'bearing' the stock market, is equally paralyzing every de partment of business, and checking the material Interests of the country in their slow sail difficult i cooperation Irom the streets ot the late national struggle. Sir. McCulloca may (latter himself tbit be !(• killing epccnlaMon; hot In reality he la af forulng new occasions lor »pecnlatloa; while the chief wclcbl of bis blowa falls upon legitimate bttii'cas.” —The New York Ccmm'rcialAdrfrti itr observes; Tie lattwo weeks of January will bo remain* heren as marking prominently the effects ot Ur. McCulloch's measures of contraction, Daring tliodoi-lcp qasilerof 15CG, the Secretary of the Ticaeury desiroyed nearly twenty millions of le gil under notes, all of which is shown by the Cleanup Uouse returns, to bare come out of the hanks. Ibis loea of lawlm moh-y compelled the bank* to curUtl their loans, the reduction from thecommenccmcnt of contraction to the close of January being f4i,Coi»,flWt. This violent limita tion ot loans came at a time of peculiar depression in business, and when the legislation of congress upon qutstiops of impeachment, reconstruction, bunking aiuTcurreucv was producing a general disturbance of contidencc. Ibe banks directed their contraction especially against mo weaker class of borrowers and collaterals of lofcnor I standing—a Very natural pieces#—and the cocse* qncncu has been that an Immense amount of se curities bos been thrown upon the market, pro* i uaclng the decline and laiinrot we have witnessed 1 —a decline which be-extended not only to “fancy" I stocks, but tolhosoof generally recognized sound* 1 ness, and which were not supposed to be unreas onably high, nnrliigtfae last two orthree month*, the bid) rate upon call loans thus produced, has confined discounting operations to notes ot the first standing, producing ou injurious discrimina tion against a large class of sound, though small dims, ana has contributed largely toward pro ducing the severest depression la the goocral trade of tbe country witnessed for many yetis. The etlbct upon commercial credit may bo Inferred IromtLe tael that the two largest dry goods jobbers In this city have opened fro Spring trade with terms thirty days two per rent, which Is equivalent to twent}-four per cent per annum premium upon rash intusncljons. The monetary stringency at this centre has naturally Induced a corresponding contraction of credits in tbs la tnlor, the elite* ot which are now apparent In the laUtm* of many Western firms to respond to their maiming obligations. How far (hi* demoraliza tion of credit may affect the Spring trade It la unnecessary to estimate. Business men, how* ever, do not need to be tnlormed that the eximno la’eness of the opening of business, ami the prevailing despondency m nil branches of unde, are due principally to this cause. When buving commences It must be feebly, from (ho stiiir Inability of traders to secure Ibelr usual amount ot credit, ami. with generally ample , stocks of foreign and domestic goods. It would I seem Inevitable that there must lie considerable I Irte** - ‘ ‘ ‘ - rrrimlarlty in prlcea. |Bo fmncb la due chiefly to the deranging policy of contracting the currency. If fa intimated (hat Air McCulloch hit not made any contraction* during January. Wo troat that the forthcoming debt atatctnonC trill afford auch evidence (hat the Secretary has bccouio aware of tiro mischief hi* is producing. Hew \ ark Mi Cluing prices lor cun.' li) Jcttiili M. Lfoti ft *o., m m n‘d. »‘<j. N. low Kmc (cmh),.. . M)W W* M.S. (C 08:).,,. 7nS 71% <*.* I ins wl( si* l(<Kh fn « *!4 U.ft N.W... .. m 87 O. A |«i IV.. pfd U 7% Mtft w* si.s 1 OiilrhM’tpr.i.. ft W* | (f.'ft ft!reorh)l!jisW lIS 1 * ft.' 1 ‘ *1 ft»*'.!lV.lo7 H l^V |nniM>n unsr.ifH »w. 11. tut* i«M I*, rt .iw* P« si. i,,,.iiv m i f, ft Hrl'mli... 4«H Mk comm: 'XurbhAT ISvKMiMn, February 5, JW7, Tim following (Able* mliow t»«« r«*ca||>i« so it ship, tr.pni* of Produce during the )>n*t iwooir-four bound ucoKirti r&iT rwr»mr*roun nnuni. JHI7. IW, . m.oio «,ui7 Plonr. bits Wheat. im. Corn, bu. ...... Oats, bu Ifye, bo. Parley, bu Grata Bee7,gi*.. Broom Com, P>s. Cured Meat, Iha.. Pork. 0ri5....... Urd. TT.s Tallow, ths Butter, hot i>. flogs, No .... live Hogs. N 0... Caulo, No Hides, lbs H. Whirs, brls 90 '‘225 Wool, lbs 4,910 4,400 Leather, 191 SO eniraom past TxrzNTT-rocn norm. 1807. ISOS. Floor, brls 0,680 2.477 Wheat, bn. 4.520 4.V8 Com, bn..... .... 3,031 Otis, bn 4,033 Rjc, bn 1,533 .... -Barley. bn 1,320 415 Grass Seed, lb# 85,100 65,75*0 Broom Com. lbs 7.5R0 14,403 Cured Meats, lbs ; 1,110,200 M 3,513 Beefibrls 75 los Pork, brls 1,403 1,7ii9 I*rd, lbs 33*>, tuO 821.300 Tallow, lbs .ISI.SOO 45.405 Batter, lbs 5,005 2.U63 Dead Hops, No I,SC3 1,4*3 14re Boss. No 117 Cattle, No T.S Hides, tbe 32,510 47,631 lUpbwtnes, brt* 70 201 Wool, s>s 0,300 19,617 Lumber, m. 731 202 Shingles, m 753 697 Ulh. za .... . 293 66 Salt, brls 1,131 933 Tbe advance in Gold, and the more favorable advices from the East, imparted a firmer feeling to the Breadstolli market and for some articles Quite a speculative inquiry sprang np. On the Provision market lbs efiects were not visible. There was nothing doing in Hess Pork, and the market is completely at a stand still. Holders show no disposition to force sales, and buyers are eqoally mdlCerent to making purchases. Sellers are generally asking $19.00, though some brands can be bad for $18.75, bat bayers arc not disposed to pay over the laUer figure for the best. Prime Mess was doll, with sales of 131 barrels at $17.00. In Extra Prime there Is nothing doing. Sweet Pickled Hams are In bir request, with sales of ICO tea at lOHOllHc—the Inside for freshly packed. Bulk Meats were quiet, but firm, with sales of 60,000 lbs Dry Sailed Shoulders at 7&C, loose. We do not bear of any movement In Eng lish Meats. Green Shoulders sold to the extent of 3,000 pcs at 7c Lard waa steady, with sales of 600 tea at lIXQI3C for prime Steam. Grease was firm, with sales of 50 tea Brown at Sc, Dressed Hogs were in good demand and ths market advanced s®loc, with aates at $7.203i00 —chWngsteadyitfT.W and $7.60 for good lots dividing on 200 lbs. The Whiskey market is dead—died of neglect on the part of Congress. Bonded is betd at lie, bnt we do not bear of anv inquiry. Contraband is selling “on the sly" at $L50®1.75 gallon. There was an active speculative demand for Floor In consequence of the advance in Gold and Improved news from New York, and in some in stances sales were made at an Improvement of 10 e?jr-c. About 4,100 brlsjcbaoged bands at $13.00® 11.23 for White Winters; $11.50 for Bed Winters; f£UC®II.6O for Spring Extras; JB.jJSS.73 for Spring Sopers; $6.43®(k50 for Rye, and (6.50® 7.C0 for Buckwheat. .137* .188* .IST* .137fc .>s7* -.135* At the opening the Wheat market ruled quiet at an advance of 2H®3c on No. 3 Spring, bat at the close there was a strong speculative feeling, and buyers advanced tholr views Ic, without finding sellers. No. 1 Spring was dall and neglected. We report sales of 33,000 bn at (3.30 for No. 1 In it. I.; (I.Sl®l S 3 lor No. 3 Regular and (1.35® 1.C5 for with buyer* of No. 3 at (1.10. No. 1 may be nominally quoted at (2.15 G.2.1C.- There was a strong speculative movement In Corn, and the matket advanced HQ&c. though at the close there was a slight reaction, and the improvement was paUUUy lost. The sales font np 113,000 ha at ‘Jyu@9oHc for No. 1; for No. 3; and MUOMc for Rejected—closing qniot at tor No. 1 in store. Oats were firm but less active, with sales of some 33.000 bu at 41QUHC for No. 1, anduifccfor Rejected. Rye was quiet, bnllc better, with sales at 91c tor No. 1, and S9c tor No. 9. Barley waa dull tad nochanged. with sales at ClQ6~c for Uo. 3 according to location; 41©43c for Ucjected, and 09c toe sample lota. There iran an acilte demand for Timothy Se*d, and the market was Arm. with sales at 19.33&3 03 for Inferior to prime. Clover was steady, with transactions at fs.Wl. Tallow was quiet but Arm, with sales of 43 brls Clljr Batchers* at P|<e. The following telegrams were road on ‘Change to-day I New York, ppferanry S. PtOHf fluacr Rl fWb?*l lielo blpo* tr Mid nttUl M fliWM.rt. Coni flrraM tuutn more, oam niimr »i flittWe. Pork h«tl*r *nd anM»i*n»jn>iCUil.W. l * r<t s m*ftinti¥ 1100. (log* Itiinor ftt |u IIHUmI.Oo, Uultl . tATktl. Hour flrw Iml quiet WUpei bolter «t I* Jo« «.M. No. ibiuutK HA. uoiaflm uuuajm store. Oats firm. Whlrkey qulot al3 c, Profis locs Arm. Uold 13? H. Xi.ITKK. Id the aiicmooo Wheat was lower—clos'd? at tl.6dHf ( >r^ o * 2B P , * ~ir - Com wai •' WI4C for No. 1. Nothing doing In Provisions. The Cattle tnaiket was Inactive aad entirely oatninfil at Saturday's into*. The lecelpts wore 426 head, and tbo entered sales 00 head. Prices raocc st #3.10(37.00 tor Inferior to rery choice gradis. . .. The I-ivc Hog market was fairly active, and the few offering were readily taken up at full prices. About I,SCO aeao changed bands at a range of SS.fcii for inferior to 1G.73 for choice Hog*. The receipts were J,WO herd. New York Urocery Market. |From lb* Shipping List] Corrxt—Tel-graphic aavtst sirotn 111® Jsnelro to January fl. rxs Europe. reoort «-o fu- ther »h'Pmrnt» to ilils port, ami. though not active, our m*r«oi Is drm.r in ccu-Quetct', »nJ c:«*» atroacly. We have not varied scr quotations, but holoers off«f mrtr stscis sparinsly, and thoy are pro ab’.y rather bs:o«v presmt m*i ict Value- than otherwise. The sales uf uu are 4.7JS nap. per V.i«• tvj.and do 07 another vessel on prlrals terms; r.voc Co. half tnerarto per »£*• rent-; aad ml do. lialaocc per »MsmrrK>ttUi Axisnca. 1J« cents, Ixiih gold, inbond. Wen Indladsicrictliu are neldiinuly, and the bnsincat is light. vtO baesst. XJomtnco, atluiu sold for extort at I*J- 0 ?. 14 ,J? bond; 1-0 Laguayta, mo«Uy 1 • S’c; l* Btraralbo. ISkAiS^c: and 106 JimUct, 17Vc cold. dQty pvL JuTa Is celtcr, aad may be quoted at tOaOkc cea.s g< htsiaß-The demand lor raw coctlnaej quite mode rate. but the market remains steady and uniform, at previous valnatlsns. The current badness is dona si our qtn tatlom, which we have not vanetLinoigh u Unndaat.H.dthai there u now no Ulr teamng Coos to be btd b-lo»- 13,4e. Ihf3ned i* Inactive, but stesir, wtih a m< derate demaco at aooal previous rates. Wc onote other than smart's. Hard, 13c; son white, X34vsH»*c; and yellow. cash. The sates of raw are tuida Cnha,at9X>«li)4c: ® new crop Clariflcld do. 12c; « I‘orto Rico, like; 15 English Islaid, Low aad medium grades Cuba hare at* trailed the attention ot dlstUiers, Ac* and. wlta an ac* «TchnaiDra*,themvaeiturUic-el* steady and uni form st prdiy fail prices. The belter qualities, for grocers' use are dull. New crop now begins to arrive prettv rree.y. rbere being two cargoes ot clayed Ldhv one of NuevlUs and one of pc-nurara afbst. New Or* lean* U scarce and wanted. Tbs sales are $44 htijs,se ire and 5 oris low grace Cuba Muscovado, p»rt tart, at settle; SSI hhd* do, andstc< t'nba cemrtlagal «tl*cu>c: 431 bads Porto Kico, part. If not ail, at 4^ooc; Dhhds St. grots, at 4hu, 4 wo*, nod to bris .lew Orleans at Ate.c**h. By auction. SO bris Hew Orleans sold at SI.V-ftSi.4c, cash. lea—There Ita Cali demand fbr both green and blare, and for the former the market Is qnlu strong. Tie sale* of Oolocg, al*o, are at pretty tall previous prices. The urn cargo of new ertp Jaoan has arrived per Rerefhrtsr. The sales are &093 half chests old aad sew Oolong, part from toond bands: 330 Souchong. sjbO green; ~M uncolorod Japan, and 903 do in bond for Canada. Fork (‘■cklaotli.LogU, Tli*p?rkp«cklarfttßULoula for the season up to February 3, sums op 108,05 head. CHICAGO OUY tidilUM MARKET. TctffDAT Crxarsa. February % ISO 7. The Dry Goods market preienta no nev feature* »h.i-cni.rlastrcpert. Tradecontinue* quiet, but the k.-.r.f.-al market U trm la tle« or the auiauce In cold. Ftki-s have undertone no change. Carpets are doll and loner. We quote: rum \l*mmnr l» ... . IS*/ 17u JlrmiMC i> Mirnn.uc IV 30 KtclPc 13 Umcn 13 V £t>r»inita IS l»uttidl*» Utmchfaler 13 Lowell An.old'e 15 Vi Lancaster .....13 Ulcbmond.. * ....ITH Clinton... Lancaster. BBOJTJf tnZKTISO*. „ Banner. 21* Atlantic » Lawrence 22 PenpercUO • W r4art 4-4 u Great Falla M W Aptdefon4-4 J 3 * •» S 17 Widfimi 4-1 11 Indian Orclurd A.... UV NaaUna 3J *• •* C 30 Indian Heal 4-4 Hv* “ *• U 8... 18«* Catalt A 4—4 21V “ • W..,. |TJ* Aliuilic M 21 “ " L.... H.V Anioskrag 4—4........ US Bsol Wills II 18 Salmon Fall* 4-4 ettf •* *• O Istf Acawaui K 4—4 IS 4 ** S 21 A{i|>lcton W 4—l 10 Weatern World 18J< Illinois A 4-1 IS« Arkwright US Swfl Hirer 4-4 17* PortamoaUj P Httf repp*iell E a Xapoleon 17 £ K. *» Quaker 18 reop*>reU 13 XX Standard 21V American A ?7 Nnwatoo* ux BIX*CIIJU>a»IUTIM*a. K. T. Wllla 4-4 S 3 lied Baak 7-8 18 tVamentia 4—4 5.1 V M •• 4-4 18* llati-a 4—4 so Lvnadala 27 tv fide Hock 4—l KX Arkwright « HMIe 4-4 20 tVaobecft M •• 7-9 .1. AW. Slater 4—1.....37Y Mas>nville 4—4 .ass Canoe 3—l .iIV Bar Mill* 4—l 2s SlaierrlUe*—? 70 ALdroacogglo 4—4 27V DlackstoneUlvcrl....*. . *» 7—S 21 .t J....** I aodon 7—3 .../. , 7 Bin* Utoce A A 36 - 4—l ft Halloa & Son 4—4 33 V I 44 •• 7-8 30 rArccciKDßtcs. Lonadale » | EocUib. SOX Cambrtcf 1 DVXUS. Amoikea* to Connecticut York 37X tVaililnabiD 75 Manciietter no MlUord Improved 33 n*r«nl -.l** IWue Mill » Union .«U) Coro City.. 30 1U) tafykerf AO Pawnee TIM miriD tinmsov. Am0»ke*jr~,.,,........5i Hnuierjui C...., ii.x York 30 *• A Ho American 31r«33 rneA*Tlllft. 43<{ Halle TtiortvliKo 31* lloanoke .so Hdeiocltet. ..30 Amoekenj A 0 A S 3 UarnllUn, recultr SIX •* A M 1) M* “ H Six Pemberton K 17* “ C S3X •• X « •• 1) 31$ Swift lUver * York SO-lccb ..S3 mar ilUlaßMncli .....SO Albany 15 “ •• Mlacb S» York w-lncli AO onmrr Jtass. Amoaket* 74 I Indian Orchard., .....IS l.aoiula 33 AaOnMcoiKtn.. 18 Hal** :« Pepperell 11X Kamukeag B*Ue*n....44K I (IlntM 15 t cxjrrnH riiffHK u. Hamilton f10at........90 1 ihorndlke.... XI Klietlon X. rtX I Naumkeag llsU., UJ Mow* timi.u. Holt 23H I |1enninitAQ...,..,....4-1X Laconia. ..ll* I Peppered .71* lItLUKU. Manebn'.er, tew I Hamilton IS Pacific, sew » | Alt Wool 40*» BIUIDIUI. IIIRM, (Hi)ieri' JO I Manyanft Unlleken.|i.i3 ITllroi U 3 | Ha’lcgV# t.W J‘«nto( i limner... 3.M WaiMngivn MUU....1A0 Malle ol tneaeaion.. 1.43 mriiiii. 4,*r. Co»l* ft.lo <(«">« ft llanlalf.... 7?x Clark* 1.10 While Stein. N Hailter ft t-Vi...... VO (Mt'il l.on WdifiM Praia*.... tn wiuimnuue......... MX •uot/rd... 70 tsmuN t ark f. rto. RfEie .Six Kat1nrn............. •* 1dipe............ i......«ju Carpel Warp...... M rninklln. .«r UamlWlik.. i»v*"o !'«tk.i...t..............M ChUego Ma11e.,., ..fl) M . pAßpnr*. lAwetl, ipiy....... .iJ.irt ei>]’« , rfipA.. i ....fMMtJO •• fSi-er....... 1.73 crMMii'f'A rnUTApno k •' l.«j . 11ruueu*.,........ I,"} 5:1 BSSJktfr : " Mi™,:; MiS r “‘“ J Xer>i>n«ft Mrrli'n nixinvprrU I .six Wal'mli t literal! .tlx tint (illl JftTm uvb xtikuoiahhkt. „ Orrn k nr kin mibTTainuNa,) 7('A*HAr Mmihii. lenrnarya. ( XI.A following (Alila ilmwa Dm i|«llf iape||.U Kfi<l il.lpa.rnlaM Mte punk anting u.« wi«k up to (Mi evfnltjr, n rfjwrta.l by (da nociuiarr o t (tia t/nion b(uk Yard Company i * lock Market* , Vtbruary A, 1H receive* Urukers: 11l 111 .. „ . ll'd. BU U. p^reunt oftuilt. HWI...IWK iwu li, n, b pet c**nt t)« H. 9 It*r c»i’* tbwriHih./M.lonK IM# I/, ft. fill*# Wit MU roUD„’M.IOS,% IM}< V, •*. I i*r t«ol. O 11t......... IWM IWtt Ir.NulM.ftlV iu»x >«« I WioV*...*... (irtU JWi( Alter. UHltf.M.ltnH »<)lh , v-t ivttni •U’ily. ;ercim,. Mnndayud Monday 'luraday Total «T I,m *ac.ftiroe tad vn>t |,|<9 TLo receipt* to-day were by the jjiiowlac rente*. „ . , N . Cattle. lloki, bheep. PyllllnoU Central M IM .... Uf Hur iDglar. <t Ualnry Hold. 134 1,030 g> l»y StL'Ull A Alton Uoad.... 301 MO Uy NorUtwemro Itoad SI 400 . tl.'-IO 2|,yod . 0,-«U j*.v«i-a , i,2M *3,00) S,l>X) .131,530 C3,fll'l . 63.U3-J 150,710 , 1,37.1 631 .118.430 130. MS 111,720 I.WM . 3,340 21,109 . 3,yi!» 3,'Wl . 550 1,1*5 . 17 333 . £2,875 70.030 Total 45J 1,954 « The ililpttnnu to-day. nod for the week up to this evening, were: _ w , Cattle. Don. Sheep. Sundayand Monday 161 .... Tuesday.... .... Total Same time la*t week. BEEP CATTLE—Themarket was dull and Inactive; Indeed we hare hot. for many day*, ssen trade ss stagnant, so uttsrly prostrate. True, the supply of sleek was somewhat limited, as was alee the arten* dance of buyers, but there was not evinced on the part ot the few operators In attendance, the slightest in. terest, cor the least disposition to operate, so that tbs supply of Cattle, though meagre, was more »t»*n sufficient to meet the requirements of the trade. As to the quality of the offerings, little can be said In their favor, common, half fattened Cows, and thin rough Steers, making cp the bnlk of the arrivals. Good to choice shipping Steers and goad to choice butchers* are the grades which will find readiest tale, and drovers will do well to coniine their purchases chleSy to grades answering this description. We heard ot but two sates being made, and as these indicate no change tn values, we quote the market nominal at about Saturday's rates: cuniajn - rsicsa. £rtra Brerri—Fine, tat, well-formal. 4 to 6 years old Steer*, aid averaging 1.300 ft* aid upwards t4AOtAC.IS Prime Beerff—Good, well-failed, fairly* formta Steer*, averaging troa 1.100 to 1.400 ft*. at G.MA6JS ItotrGraAei— Fair Steen, la fair flesh, ar* crvglag n«, at..... 5.2333.73 Jferfium chtt— Medium Steer* and good Cows, fit lor city slaughter, and averaging 80031 M 3 ft*, at -U545.M SUtCJ: Cattle—* Common Cattle In decent fle*h,aTeraelnpß»itl.OOO si, at ATV3ISO Inferior— Upht and tbm cow* and Stem, ronpb and coarse, arerasing SX&Sa st, at. , JAO3SAO BOGS—The market was active to-day, to the extent of the offering*, all beloc readily taken op at toll price*. There were hot about 2.000 bead In the perns acd these were divided between shipper* and packer*, at J3.5V16.30 for Inferior to Stir pride*, and $8.<t?6.75 for pood tocholce Bey*. We qaotcftbe market fins the rasce of price* given above. BOG SALES TODAY. 50. At. Price. 40 rood.«ren n0r?..... iasw 50 Mine quality ...SCI 6J5 siiciertor.Trbi H«s» ,i» SJO W medium baron Hor» I*3 6.12 V ISS rood bacon lot. .53) 6JKt ■ 50 prime Uoc*. S 3 6.60 61 rood even lot VTS 6.40 U talr baron Bon 563 6JO 66 fair even lot 553 CJD SJ rood bacoa Boss .530 665 65faIrfior> >556 Ass M prime lot 5S A» SHEET— I There waa nothing doing In thU branch of trade to-day. and prices are entirely nominal at ft.B)£ 5.13 ffcr common (o choice reads*. WEEKLY REVIEW OP THE CHICAGO 01AUKET. .ill KtUt of Grain reported in tAlt market report are mode on tie bom of j£4*#ertV'JTT?rjye»Jt{ilMl oUertrtse trvret*eefl'~' -^V- Tiibost Etxncvo. February*. ISS^"" FREIGHT*— Railroad Fcninni#—Dressed Hog* ate 25c lower to New l ork and Boston, and l?v,c lower to Albany. Wc revise our rates. The loliowlng li tae Joint tariff os the Eastern roads: „ . _ 51 4lh Drs’d _ Rate* from Chicago to— class, class. Floor. Dogs- Dunalo. N. V GS 47 >4 85 so Toronto, c. iv e t;u » 75 Montreal. C.E.- IJJ » UK) 1.60 Albanr.N. Y IJO «(< ÜB. 1.19 New tort lAi w i.a 1.25 Boston and Albany. IAS 83 1.80 1..T3 Boston rid (irandTrunk 1.35 99 1.90 1.53 Portland rhitirandTnak..., IJW- 1.35 Philadelphia 1.15 SS 1.7 V 1.19 Baltimore 1. 1.13 S 5 1.73 1.15 Pittsburgh 70 50 1.00 70 Cleveland. Ohio 45 SI 70 10 JeCciscnvtlle, (nd 43 SI 70 CUclnnatl.Oblo...., 45 S 3 66 45 Pl.llliU—hecetved, 10.660 brls: shipped, 9.6mbrL«. The Fleur market thronghont the week has ruled quiet, and prices declined 30*250. To-day there was an actlre speculative demand, and dealers bsd but lit tle trouble In obtaining the advance asked yesterday, and in some ca*ea a skill further aaran-e of was demanded. Hales were as fallows: Wnm VTjjrrtts-34 hris not named at Bit,a;JO brls do at; Urt> Wixtxrs—3K) btl* not ntmeJ at 011.50; ICO btll Wisconsin at; bPßiso Exeats— -100 brls M Coles Aitirnste" at fit JO: IJO brls »• Em- Pin Watertown*' at JiOAO; ICO Wrl« “ Ocyx** at f 13.73; 1.0(0 brls u Wabashaw** at (IDAS;SO bri) lowa at |I0,*O; SCO hrl* not named at ltd 90: W brls do at flO.Ct: 370 bri* do at lIO.W tljOO brM Wisconsin il»w) at J 0.75: HO brls not namedat|i>.97 > V: 100 bus do atf3.6»»< •. H» brls dual 18.0?: I’.ssorsi—sfo brls, not named at J«. 75 s traiJMi SrPKia—too brls rot named at H-73 sUO brls do at *7.75; in brls do at J7AO; £0 brls do at 17.0 Q-. Hu brie do at 16.50; Uxeorsp—Ko oris ml named at 17J5: Dtk Fu^m-r-obrie at brls deal *MJ; lU rx wheat Fpock—lo brls at 17.00; 10 brls do at _We quote the fining prices as follow*: WlsTkt WntAT—CboKO Niutiictn imuoUltJAttailAO Choice 81. tools 14 6*4417.(1) Wisconsin. Il.ra4u.uo Gratis Cznua-Fancy brand 5............ 11.73 Choice lit., Wls* Minn, ami lowa 10.W410.73 FalrUrndrs 9.7%4U.0 Low tirade*.. 1.004 9/4) Rprlrg nnMrOoo. "Ai* 9.<n live Flour RVM 4.79 Buckwheat Flour A.’4« 7.M W IIKA'T-lU'fflveO.lVW bn 1 •hlppM. I.m ba. MarketadvaeeO 0.41 c on No. 7 cprlttE. bale* wefot 400 bu No. 1 alfi.tO In It. 1.. lA*4 bu No. J si fMt; I.7loh*i doatfikJk t bndo at 17,(07in do si 1t.«7 (ffßttlaf) | POO im 4t ft at j &Q 1,1 1 ilualll.rtiiv'binHialll.WM ran bortn atll.M i i.jiu al 91.1547,11 nr N<>. 1, •m wild buyers atifw inf N<*. 7 in regular hon.»*. COIC N-Tbs etvnl.U.Ol.-'Mu aMi.pal.bow, Maned uiuuied twbsr. I'Ol vb« a.]vau -a was not enurelr •ti.UUhl. werst k.WO bu Nit. J, at roue 1 40,00 bu do. at wait U.ouuini do, aIT-iVui Tu.uou on do, at UHo t VM bu No. 7. at uu do, at Ow 1 t«»tawj«cted.atwcs »Joobo <j>, atMVc; l,s»ba CO-VM^o-dwln* qtuetat79* c fur Ne. 1. jUAT^— ou t ahlppßa, none. Market firm, bales were: l<oobn No xatliuc: 21000 bu C V^tJ c ,taVc! ' J*Xsi Wins shipped. x.i»ba- Mar lc bUbcf. bales were: 8,000 bn Ho. l. fit Die: 400 bn >»*. g, «t SSc. BA It LKV'-necflred J.OOO bn; thlsped W» bn. 9 »le«were: 400 ba *-0.3 aI67P,A.D.* Oo.; 4Wbu aUlcßcgirsr; 4.*uo bn UHected at Me; 4Wbu 0°; i 7 hags hr sample at fii;. n I '-Nominal. at fit &£{ i 48. «. , J. ,l *A?l;?— Ar * •elltng tn small lot*-ex. store, at |K«ksliSO. £al-* of 6 hois. at S 3 IS. Bliuu.ti r»ll.N-Tbemarket is Sail and prices ro balei of 1 tua poor at StS.U. HDTTEic— Uectived. X5lO ft*; ehtoped, 5£M ft*, isegesersi tnarset continues dull. with prices num* tcaii) UDctiantej. l hens ta a steady, talr demand for choice qualities to local account, for which, under a moderate supply. price* a cep wel op »od are com* I aratlvaly firm at quotations. Common description are is large at-c k, and neglected, and nominal. We qnoteasfollows; LlMdcw to 0atry................. 6W4 c OooQlub M »a c Common Flrgtn 13 c l-lte* Firkin 31 <A'A e BAl.TflMi—There i» so taatcrui change to note is the rencral • haiacter of the market. The demand touti.uen -itlil ami usder ilneral stacks orlfes are bar»lytuslau-ed. Wemakeno change In onr quata* Host: Natir.nsl A, 3 bn, seamless linen f W.NI Union A, do do 4u.00 lilttoln a, co do . sa.M Cotn Exchange 35.00 t'Uifc a. cotton tearless w.oo Lewiston a. do t&DU AndiOKOirds do 65.00 American. do «s.oo Hearer Mills, do MJM l*itt.fleld 8, do 6100 Fean anna, do «wu Fort HU, do 68.00 811*0. do et.OO Faci-, Uaen and cotton 54,00 Kidgcwooa, do Springfield 53.00 Gumlta ai.oo Burlaps. 4 bo, Xo. I .' M.OO Empbe City t).w tillPEs*E—The market remains inssbsunntlly the •ame conusnt condition as noted In our orovloas re- S jrt*. There I* some Utlie Inquiry fur prim* goods to a sreall orders from the country. but aside from this there Uno movement. We quota prices easy at the following ranga: 4 New Yore Factory Cfittmlcej 13 6619 e Factory (Illinois) te c*n c Ilarrbtirg ia «n c w«et*rn State* <aU c Wtwloru Ilrserre. ...H *U c ••Yocng America” <*& c COA L—Trade continues fair, and for the better va rieties of both Oard and 80ft Coals prices are well sue* talced and tolerably firm at previous ratea; bat com* ■>on Cfc-cnptlen, or which there Ist surplus. arc easier, liberal concessions twins muted on round lots. We repeat oar list of price*, as follows: Ewr-Brootftela | 11,00 do Om.ibr Cixto-ajtd—Brier mu do Mineral Ridce. do Willow Bank... do Tunnel Chippewa .. UieMuarg Lump LebUh Lacltavana, prepared Scranton ITtUton Illinois do on trade. Yoochloehen? COFFEE—Trade dunce the weac has bc«n ac tive, and prices ruled stead?. Choice grades are io light stoat. We quote: Java........ .... # Wo, common to fair 25 fttjsuc Wo, pood to prim- .24Xdk2?3c Wo. prime to choice .TijfosSjtc UOOi* EUAUK-Tlie several market rales dan and Inactive, ami slices aro nominal. bale ol 109 Lard Tierce*, country maoe, at f 1.75; 10) Pork Barrels at Sl.vO, we quote:

f'ort liarreis 1.40 Lard Tierces.. 2.A* 2.30 Whisker Barrels 5,75 k 2.80 Better Kees. V dozen 13.00*15.00 Lard Regs,each I.HV,* 1.10 Floor ramie, round hoop CV4 70 Hour Ramds, flat hoop sia 60 Hoop Pole*, Hickory 25.'n,<:B.£U Hoop Po es. Oak .20,80*23.00 Uoopa.flat Ak& 5.00* 7.30 CANDLE—There has heenafair laqturydorlte the weak, arm prlcta ate nominally tmenaoccd. We continue to quote: American Aaottetz 16,"* Dnehea B. 15 Mourning 13 Alien*! 17 Prorldcaee .17 Janes Sander*’ 10a Gloucester IT W. W. Freeman 4 C«..15 Umostt Uj» Wa«iat»m U Colombia. 13 □ax*. ... « | Gla/gov.. I itoanolre.. FairimnW. Peck A Co.’s Stearic Lights 18 Al 7 e Extra Tallow, titeanue like Tallow, ¥ » .. UVtiUkC Vaxlmc, V t ....14HAHVC Star. > »{Schneider A C 0.»..... ..17 (431 c I>KC<;S AM) CHEMlCAL.**—Waring the weak trade nas beet mooaratdy active, and prices were well maintained. Aloe*, bocotnne, _ UamTraz sort*. 6j£7sc ¥ ft 90c Gum Shellac SXatiOc Alum 4\'.?B c Gum Trag, Bake 1AJU1.75 Annatto wSiflAO Gum Mmh,Tlty 75c Arwnlc, p0w.... t&lOc GnmOplam 9.40 Arrowroot, Jam. .30c Ipecac 5.0) Arrowroot. Iter. Wc Indigo 1.3M41.50 Hal. Oopavla.... Kdl.o‘j lodine 7.00^7.33 la}. Tola 3.0 C lodide Pots* 5.W ii-C.UKMb.BMA 9VC ..l-carb. Potash. Vv Borax, refined... RjtXh. Uamplmr, d 0.,.. *l/6 Copperas. Am... &i(c Quicksilver, l.uo Cream Tar., pure Wc Quinine I.SiCMJ Cnbcl** 44c Vltral, blue li^Uc Ulue, white 60jt»c Soda Ash IV-JOc Glauber Sails.,.. 3,V*l Vc Aqua Ammanta. ll*ttc Caustic Sola luc Chrveial Silicate 9Qwloc Carb Ammonia.. iH7*c l&Aiyr So. Turpentine.. 91qsi.os FU(!S*—'Were In good demand to-day, and scarce and bicker, galas were made attt aKc fur nrlrUy fresh In nr all packages, aid S r »«H3c for Um«d C«*. FUIIIT* AMI r»l)T?*—'The market exhibits the lane general featum as previously noticed. Trade Is talrfcr Urn season. and prices are well auaialnad all artuml. and reneialiy firm at quotations. Dried Ap ples are in mil supply bnl under an Increased demand. an l hsla more firmly. The smaller varieties of dried fruit* are In moderate request, and steady. Choice Wilder Appirs continue active on loo*! account, and oa Inc to the comparative ecarolty are firmly held at lullratra. Kota are quiet. I’rteos are unchanged and we continue to quote: Apple*, 1* tiri l<cuu.ra, Malaga Cf*of.c met, V hrl Ctsobcntcs. culiltat'd Flc*, ilmm,... FlKa.rattvcma. Date! Can rearin'!, ? dor.. 3 lb c«li. A ppiw. pe* 1 “farina, halt** aid quarter!.. I'carlire. pared liiukterrlri. new, f> ft, f ft Clierrlea, idUed ...t< KMerlnrrle*. \> ft Valencia. tanlltifi. W I*>»ra. Bardlata, )* boxoa. Alniomf*. hnrrt ilifKrrt n II Almondi, »nfl V* fct 49 A’monci,jiij'cr ilielle*! M 14 U Vnnui#. v », WUn.lnjrton... H (3 il Irtrli W *4 W n u is f(*nch W«Uiut«, new ...... 91 *t M ttplet Wtlmiu 33 <3 51 •mini, until tmlUrie....... M i* » lllikery Hul*. tw bn.......... (A 3,90 tlmtiml*,p*r bti 7.w (,i i.oo lmnr*iTPtnpnt io tiol* In tiio t fiiprtl clitrmiltr of ihn iutrt«i. Tilt ilimiml In tin) umltr lull aiot-kt prlcutiMijr « » m'tut (inn. On rnnnd 1«1» mlucll»n.i frnm our qtioltllrma uitr «rn»rtiljb« obtained. ’the ibllowlni nre Hit cur* WliltpM*No.l, V tirt....... 17.71* 7.M •• 7.4V47.50 Tfntit, No. i W n.«M 1.0 “ N0.».1ibH........................... 1.73 iUikWfWlO. nPW................. 'ttn.7. s brl. liM»V410.0« •• (tfijiiy, .......... O.WUO.n " etirtincM. (< U bfi.............. lo.Ob 410.60 " ..“ Vlif. n.ol 4.JM - Nn< ,k11».fe’*...... «.*W4f.IV •• . Utn11>rV1««........................ il>4 111 OU'lfrh. )bv 1.M4 «,op . Ueorge'a hank...................... O.nO Jtka...................... I iMmi................ M* t i La. V# Af * VP/’V IJ ,* * * *.’ .* * /|W NarwmUn MotHnm, " " M'» f l-rl. rw»'l» »4l«. fHI l'ij.4 !l;o tUU,W»m ifftfk, (m|UH|;-M«n,»u3rm. Maltaw»r#iMl* I *llfgwit Hi f»«. Wr iiiii.ln | Vrli.tW rti* W Itnmn H it n.«r IIMinU'INIIH-Hwclvn.l, »1 brill akliiaM. 70 tin*. Mnri.ei.lnll, llunded ara inimliiHllr lifld ti 71’. n.Hfkei uoniri (nil nnn *l ok4<too lor Lta’.rn. tin) Kn»uxi f.,p \V«*»u-ni. IHMIH-Ua»m«M, 3.00-Ji abtppad, l,k.W. MarkfltitTurtfliCUlUc. haleawcmj <4l tTeraclDK Hl9 8>|,>(.... 61 •* KU " «t H.M 10 •• .... “ tt CallK Has*. BU«p. ... 17 HU ... 43* J.SW M fit •• 301 •• nl. 7* •* as •• K. 71 *• t>s “ at. 70 •• 351 •• it. 19* “ .... “ »l 7JO SM *• .... “ at 7.35 Ml “ .... ** at./.., T.fiO locstlfridVen aoo •* it |?ic aiulf/d •• ifO “ at 7.35 nDI 7/0 1.4 “ ‘M *• at 7.35 tail *.« '-closing steady at I >.S»Xi7.CO dividing oa 800 51. IIA\ —Trcre l* Tory little doing at prc»enlla thU branch ot trade, and the general feeling Is easier. The stocks of preyed Hay are not large, but quite »ußlcicnv to inset the present wants of the trade. Loose 11st on vigors. owing to the unsettled condition of the road*, » comint in s owty.aodlfor such prices role a shade higher. We quote: , WHOLESALE PBICES. Timothy, roller and beater pressed m.Wtail.nn Timothy, loose pressed Prairie, beater pressed lOXp^ _ BET AIL PRICES. Timothy, roller and beater pressed |lsj»jM7.W Timothy, looee preMed tfi.034i8.00 rralrle, roller and beater Pressed Prairie. loose on wacon. delivered 9.5iL»10.00 (llDES*—Recelveo.K2,S73fti;*Mppelit!.sUl ft*. Tbe £Jght improvement noted yesterday was tost to-day. There was a good inquiry on shipping account, and the receipts, which are moderate, were reaally ab sorbed. Pricer, however, were eaetar, Green Salt-d We quote the market steady at thesbeve decline, aa joUows; (•recn 8ucher5’.......... qiivc Green halted, trimmed 10V(.4ll c Oreen Calf. IS «19 c Klp.«/eeo, salted it tMS c Dry Hint, trimmed n cel3Sc Dry SaltM. trimmed itVaisjtc Green Salted, part cured VXiMlOjh IKON AND STEEL—The market li steady, and there U hut Utue chat k* to notice since the date of our lartrerlew. We quote: Common Bar. SV* 5Vc Horse 6*® 7Vc Heavy Rand a gl? c Uocp and Light Band cuotu c Hound and Square svi pvc Oval su-4 five Half Ural and Half Round 5 cwc Sheet Iron, common Ik® .... Extra Brands .... Bteet Iron, galvanized, 17x23 20 & .... Sheet iron, charcoal Sheet Iron. Juniata. c Norway Nall Red* 11 «13Sc P’ow Steel. German 13 on e Plow SteehCMt..... II (*ii c Spring and Tire Steel, English ll c Too. Cast Steel, ordinary fixes 23 «t3D e Tool Cast Steel, American ©3 c Blistered Steel ......39 »3a c nu**ia,Nof.»andtfi. a us c Rn»‘la. Am-,l*tqnalltT, ft Ml. «t 3 c Russia. Am., in quality, V sheet «t* c HnsMa. Am» 3d quality, V sheet <*i« c I.EatUER— I Trade is slack. thonga price* are thtuonghly sustained and very firm at onr quotations. The stocks are imbronas somewhat. We make no change in our quotations: mnoocE. 1 (trTTamHi B I t:iani.fct«v. C/il* city Harness. F D t SW « Connin' Harness 94(4 35 ■Lise, f> ft 44 Kip, medium, F _ B USAt-90 Call. F B I^\al.C>o Upper, Ffoet,... 3Dr* SI Country Upper.. S3* a Collar, F t00t.... it OAS. Flanchlef. S?le.. U& St French Calf, 31 Harnesa,F ft.*.. 40a 4r, ft* 3.10*!.» Upper. ..... SO® S 3 French caU, 95 Kip. s*o. 1, me' fta 3.W32.10 dmm „U 031.20 French Calf Lf- Klp. No. 1, 1 molnca V dn2iO.KV3W.CO heavy BB3UOJ I.C.llßKU—There la hut little ehtage to note la the get era) lane ol the market sine* the day of oar Jut revww. Trade ha« btea aedre and price* were flrmlv snstalted. shingle* are steady and the demand It to adequate to the supply. are dna la their Tieva •'*r*httoilowicc Qcotntirns: Lrvtiur-Elm Clear. VUt.lJf and 3 loch F m.... $60.97365.00 second Clear. 1.1V,1j*and31nch........ SS-OXaMOO Third Clear, lorh 50.W355J0 Fir»t aad Second Cl*ar Flooring, to* tether, rough, lh» tame as Second Clear wide 9090*0.00 Common Flooring, r00eh...-. 58.014J7A0 Matched and Pruned Common Flooring. (9.ob3ti.iX Matched and Dressed 8 itch Cosmos Flooring 36.0P.43J0 First aad Second Hear Siding, together., aj.oojt33.a Flrrt Common Dressed siding. 33.00a13.0C w«r-n-Pox Boards, select, 15 inch and npttmrd* .. ss/oaitoo A Stock Board. 13 Inches 38jO,iW.(W D Stock Boards. 13 Inches ... 560*^31.00 Common Boards, Joists, scantling, Fenc teg. and smalt Umber, 13 to 16 leet _ loug. 5t.KW32.90 Joists and scanning, a and 3t feet.... 35.00.530.fti Joist* and Scantling 23JT SnraGLXa—a or Star shared Shingles 4A> A or Star Sawed Shingle* 5.9VN 5 59 No. 1 Sawed Shingle*, WO3 3.M Lath—Per tn in yards 5.0 J By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, dell erred Inany yard where cars can be switched, or ary depot: Aor Star Saw ed Shtngis*. hr car-load, on track 4.254 4AO Aor Star Shared shingles, by car .load, _ cn track 8.733 4.00 No. 1 Sawed BhlogtCft. by car-load on _ _ track ~ ~ 386 Three dollars a car-load added when trtn*fered,whloh charge follows the shlnelea in might bill. , __ UItXOLB BTAXTIABD. . Tntckn era—Five stiioklca to be two inchef to thick- Ungth—Ptxtrcß Ir.cheo. Banda—Twenty Inches, Cburrea—Twciity-Ovß. 91RTAI.H AND TISNEfIS* UTOCK-Thc gsteral market during lb.- week baa bvau acilre, aad prices tmi. Weanote: % rtk. 9 me. Dot Tin Plate. I C m quality, .13tf Jf111... ...JI4AS I«tquality. II I«sffs Pica.......... m blab * •••it PmtUi1gt.......... pa omotiT wiax. Bar Tin..-. 35 ItoC 11 tnrrt*. T.samJf.. Metallic'Ap BMW... Rl M and 11 1? l>pp*r Bottom » tl.. .. U luaslet*uv«riOßs.. 4.1 in and 1t............... U HirrucikUtolOui. It Jtaid 18.,........ Ttnnifcg*... to if... ........n «*HhiTiirr*L. IP .if Ist quality M si AAilrmn/..... K n hns'A'ifrr ....... . r KvnesSvirs ....l5 . .NAII.H-Arsthfalr dsmand ami wiUiottl decided tliaiaampricra. wtnm«it*i M P kta fVw w r» im, rtnsb n«-i rn •si tJM 1 »1, nna bltlFl 10.78 44... 1,751 tbit apUsa.. 4.1* NATAL hTOßK**—Dealer* report a Cur trade fbr this seaion of me year, aad prices are unchanged. We costume to quote: Tar |9.00 Lath Tam Manll- Yankee Pitch S.OO la t3V«fMc N. C. Pitch 8.00 Manilla Hay UopeJt 039 c Italian Flax racking. 80c UaulU Uope.....SKoMc fUUao Hemp Packing 40c Martino..... JOe Mae Hemp, Fop nc aasta Cord ttc Am. Hemp, No. 1.... aoc oakum „...s7.soaMt Am. Hems. No. 3 Uc Hemp Twine S^vWc . Paper Twtoe, (fi*4Bc OH.H—The general market rule* dull and Inactive, asd tor most descriptions quotations are little belter than nominal. Mured, however, itlnbctlei demand, and dealers t. ere generally holding at an advance of be. Lard OU is In moduatc request asdsteady. We now quote: UnieedOll a ALSO Llnmd **U, belted.. MAh Olive on auo Wh».eOH, W. U U&31.48 LsrdOiLeitia. » Lard Oil, >o.i Winter U5*1.30. LardOU, N 0.3 Winter l.Ofrgi.lo Hank on, round lots lvalue MachlaeOli...... IM&U* hpena 011.W.8..... <guo Lubricating OU SMU» Castor oil ...SaVaUS nn .. i*r»£3to«i m *6jirrrrrrrjrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmjrrrrrr uu^i.w Ol L—li quiet acd price* ara uLcZuag cd, Carbca, V ear load.. .....<Bo c*rt op, * mail jou. mo IMtllVls‘lON!^R«tlTed.6MfiosiCnred U«u I.K3LHI Pors,«Ld lis.isn e>* Lard; ahlpped. UW.300 £• Cjred MeaU; 75 brla Deel; MB btu Par*, aad 730.1(0 fen Lard. • am«£* l>orfe— Uwketln*cUTe i aodnomlaal attic's Prime.!>lc»a Pork—MarketdnU. Salt* were: ISt bni> at|l7.W cash. Hulk were: 50X00 ftj Dry Baited BbouJdfra at 7\c low (fast ereatss.) Swwt iV.wlcd flams—Salt* were: CO trcs at like: icm tea m»h at io>»c, Lard-Hale* were: wile* at 13c; 300 tea at Hflc. Quote ibe tasfe of pncca for today ai followa: Cuar Pork tsaJto&aM Mpm rori 18.75c*19X0 Prime Meet 17.0**17.5fl Extra Prime Pork IS.'StallXO itamp per* itxaSuxa klew I3xo§tl«.00 Extra Meat Beef. , l&ddal3Xo Deef Rama Swettlickled liana lOvailkc Cumberland Middles (packed) B?'<* 9 e Short tUbMlcalea (packed) 9waio e Short clear Middles (paraed) c Stretford Middle* (packed) 9uS 9k'e Lone cut Ham*(packed) 10 SuSe D. S. SbODJderv (packed) 7k6i 8 c D. S. bbouldere (100te)... iuS 7ke U. B. llama (packed) 10 i*ic*c lionet side* aoosc).. jvS 9 c Green Shoulder*, t* & 7 g Uree&Hami OstalO c Green bidet...... s' <* I3<c New Steam Lard. llkaii e Old Lard ll&allVc No. 1 Lard *3llSe POUl.TltY—Sale* wireaifollow*: 3dor (choice) CreasedChicken*at *IXO;S doz do at fl.00:lvdoz do at |SXO; 1 doz do at 93.75; 4 doz DrcMOd Dacca at 93X0: 80 &* Dreaaed Cblckena at ific; 535 fit do at 15c; sot a* do at Uc; 160 a* do at lie. FOiVUkkANU s?UOT—There U only*mode rate demand ana prices are iteadyat the rollowioc quotations: lUfie Powoer fSXOaSXO Hlaaupe Powder 9X0^6.00 Shot (Drop) SA43^O Buckshot. a sx*vasxi Bar Lead.*® 13 ti\3 c IVOO two 10.00 10.00 M.O» 10.00 13.03 ISXO3t&M UM UM u.oo 6i»a 8.00 BJfca 6.N 11.00 PAINTS—There Is teancly any movement tn this department, and Quotation* are of tittle value. We re- Seat our lut cf prices aa toUova: . L. 2 , eartSDor....fll.w Superior . .. . _ ■ IflM !■>.. . . I .n. inAI orlfaui. 15.00 O'Fallcn'i Smrtard Uvl IUO St. Louis Star 15.J0 D. U,: blpmao'i pan m on i?joc Cblcaco r&lct Works i m on iwo Dearborn In Oil ISJ» New Jer«f 10.00 bU Louis.pure....... 19.00 1 t>t. L-ui Union fU.OQ! I’Kl IRON—Themarke plf is lair, and price* stt quote: xou‘d Pig, So. 11» ton MaMilloD, No.l. I ronton, No. 1 1 .... “ so. airrrrrrrrrm Lake gnpenor. No. I Morgan. “ “ So. 1 Greenwood COHO V.\ pElt —The market U qultl At a decline of 1c on llranptic. 'Vc now quote: Itook Caper, Vft .38 A3l e Now* Taper, ¥ ft 19 iftSO e Wrapping, common 4,V.<* 5 c I*AJ*ER. s»TOi;H—Is in moderate demand and stmoy. at the pncva given below : Cotton Ban. muted ..,,SXaS vo Hope and Barging. ..... 4 c Cable Hope 5 &4Vc UIL’E-Dcmad fair and prices unchanged. Wo quote; Arracaa 10\‘AU C Tatua It KtllUc Kaccoco 10Vi.aU C Carolina ll.VlllXe STA UCII— laiteadj. Wcqoole: Kirgt-iord. corn . IS aU Klmndord, Turc . U MII.V Ktnctfonl, Itc&Lft 13 (*11)4 Kmp-ford, silver I2*(an* Cure Laucdry * jlB Ottawa Corn TJ ats Wat «a............ SXaiO .4.9033.00 . Saioe . 7.34 .J.IMI.IV c Jalap * Juniper Berry. - Morphia- i oil Castor ?*i*irE!*—'fhsrc Is no chsece to note Unce the date or oct last report. We continue to quote: „ Vppcr f W Imcnfo . , £V* M (iitmrsi, No. 1 s'utiufg*, No. 1.49,41.50 1u11.... 744 S 3 MIA I’**—Ttu-rf l»a* been an improvement In the de mand curlnE the week, ami prices are tinner. We eva* ttouetoqQoie: K.tfchnmerACo.'sl’alm.......... . 8 * Proctor A Gamble's (jenuaa Mottle* Utfuu c CaMUs h-tap. Ala 16 (4tT C Foreign Castile 33 (433 e llwlttM'it full weight. 11)4c412 c Old KusllsU. fltll weight 11 Mlltte 01. l Klklljli. short WrlEht 10 csltftfC Kirk’s German Mottled HV«U c Kirk's Austrian n*t4 9*<e Kirk's No. mim 7 (4 7*c Kirk's inlo Kamil/ lu «Weo Ynnken Cl.ttnlral 9h\4lOHC r.iuer)'* Improved Ersslre 9 .4 *HO pairbank, I’eck A Co.'s German Mottled 9 <4lO c •• •• •• Eraiive R Ml c •• •• “ Palm 7 i 4 8 o MIOA AMI MAIjBIIATUM—Tnera bai Imoi lniMLQiiirjmirlnjt Uis week. au<l prices remain un. changed. We rootmue to r/iote * Itabhltl's Medldaal, •• pure...... Ddand's Chemical., .(3.W a 8.00 . 9.«0 (tIU.OO .17.03 C6**-00 .15.00 (ft?l.W 81 04 » 93 <4 5# « II 71 4.6 S « 4.73 9 14 13 16 IA 19 43 S 45 83 (ft a ft (4 ft O M M is a 16 4.M (4 4.7 S U 9 19 3J (4 3) ft (ft 40 “ Healthy hu^Use •* l*tne Ilwtiike HI/IMlt*—For rhllc* trad* Nutara His avksl mini Ufm, ai»l tha Tuluuiu <u tm*iae«a durltw lue weak wMconOnriiihicny to order*. Trlcea wereflm avtho nnnattd nuotaltotia j cu1m..... l*w* me lotto lUco.. t» tuo N. Y.ftpflnnl, I’oniWed and Ortnulalw....last* &S® White A 19H14 »$0 UrciO A.... ................13** 3*o wine II HMiA me KxtraC IVc Vflhur V II (4 9<| (tumid C , ..llkul I a OiDani U, rxtta.... IIS4 New Or’rana prime............... * tSo fctw Orir*o«r*lr. 14 HVIUJI'f»-Ttoe««ier»l niftrlt twaa inlet lUrauclt* out the with. *cd dealer* were frecljr mtUac price* on roußillot*. W« continue to quote 1 New York fijrnip*.. I ttaMS Yellow itt1i*,.................................. l.lual.W ruiia M0i8iita................... 194 ai |*l Ito 1(1 mi. 11..11..,, N M hew mirati*,, ia.4l.fcj 1 |iilailti| hie lire litre MVp * 11)11**0 lleilliPf/. A111W... 1,09*1.19 " ** (ioitlel* 1. ■ 11....... 1111.. 11 ■ 1 Wl4 10 „ / kilkar H01iae....!,.,.,..,... Will I.T-UreeUwi, bourn I.miir'a, Market (Inn nut t’MiemiK burned. Soialrt rerarUij. Srw Hue... tifoiihiflMar, j.Bft »»irr, Willi b.Mi , hM;ilh-ll*”*hnl. ItlAJOftu «li|)<uml, IfUM )li<> n.arbrt wm fniiaf iiiora 9. ova and jimkm wrrek »lo*i(p aaner, aalee (rHurU ul ham Hi #■<co( ««t Me* riuaif iiWi m (•««• i(o «i ir.afin IWtlmt* dnall'J.Wl lid Uta d* *■ h.W I 11 lug* i|rt «l i'J.k* 1 10 l.«*» (In (jNiori «t I’ll* I 31 lu|i CluVOf at |N i>o (tiH Uei Mti.UM aprd ai «) no. * TK4 n-lUva lifpn in ulr demand during Uia veal;. aU urlii-a ware generally will imulacJ. Wo r*u«l mi.ilultnni; tuiin* lljton, lupartif la One. V ft..........tU*t1l (| ilu extra tu choice, V »„ I.Mlal.M Imperial, atipmor (<t One, V ft uhai m do extra to choice. *• ft...ijaxi s,> Gunpowder,auperlor tonne. • ft 111.41 hi co Mira tn choice, ft lb l.Hs*ltfl Japan, natnral leaf, flue to extra rn.e, ft ft..~ do do floe to choice, ft ft 1 J.UIJS do do colored, Vft 1.55.41.*) TdItACCO-Tlio market u dull and nominal at tlu n>llo«inc racaool pticee: ‘ wu *‘ um * at FlJiKCuTCuitWDja— Kxtr* Ctelce Medium... Common Suosiso Tciucto— VlreinW* Faeortie... Choice Medium Coamoa Stem* PIXD Tobacco— llojal CUlxen 15 a 90 Far!ner»• Delicti ID t* 75 Natural Leaf. 1.50 (4100 UalfDrUht n «I.S Choice Black, aound 75 ( 4 ta Common 50 70 Navtei eiwa no Vimnla Ui aid fta 50 3 m Flounder*.... 75 14 95 changed*®” 1 * d ßlc ** with price* atcady and ua- Maple. V cord, dcllrered flLso«isjo f» ap, s , X cor<,,,a X arU *v weeh, Pcard, aellrered V)M*uM Uech, V cortMa yard 9.50u*t0» nictory. Vcort i3,5(U1t50 \vOOI/—deceived, }.:io •*,§ ; ehlnped. 6.W0 a*. There la no chance to note in the cetera! character ot iDcmarict, Theetociaonhaadare rather nehf, and buyera and aellcra are apart In their Tleva. WINE?*ANI> LIQUOU?*—The market exhibit* hot little life ai.d prireo arc Quotanlr nncheoced. We repcatoar onotaHona; twwxrnooooD*, ■ CectlCcd Whisker, SO P centr. p........ tI.SS P 0.30 VcroiU.P..- 2.10 MoDODp&hel& Vjk.D. 2.« E»fTFblskC7 (CMc.). »J 0 R-nrboado<Cfclc*ro) 2 .52 Pttrebpmw(prooi). 3 .« Cologne Spirit*.« * ceci B.SO Chicago Gina ...13.509V75 do Brandi eaj.Mfes.oo do R0ma....3Ju«3.M do It.\VU;e.L7VA2JO do SVydo.. TX’O do Ma1aca.~1.7593.00 Gincar Wine 1.7^2.00 Cherry Wine I.TSaiCO Blaekw , rrT*®ne.2j>iijt3.TO Raipbcnr Vzfce~Xso*SJDe N. Eogi and Kna.AOOi#Vso Pecs Rye Whla ter*..,. SJOQSM Eeotnrtcr Door l«oa WTiUitey*.. -VSCQ 6J« Ohio Caua-Oa Wine. vuevu Slaughter, Sole. 8uffa10....... $ M 3 iS SUuebter, Bole. A KRIVAX DEPARTURE OP ii TRAINS. 7n«/er Arrangement* i CinCAGO AJCD SOBTHWZSTXBN HUT.Wn.n—nWATTA neme USB—bsfot soB-rn mu srntgr. I l«are. Arrive. ; Omaha Fart line *9:13 a. m. *7:20 p.m. ■ OmahkKicbt Expiess... 7:80p.m. 76:00a.m. Dixon I’aseeDgvr 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a.m. ; nt EXPORT LETB. j Freeport I'teresger *10:00 p. in. *3:10 a. m. Preepon Pwjccccr. *ihoos.a. *3:40 p. m. Bocklord, Dgm, Fox KiverandState Line... *4:00 p. a. *11:10 a. m. ‘ Geneva and Pas* 1 eenger. *s:® p.m. *S:IS m.* 1 vnscoKgct uma ion—depot conszn or canal > and KZNkZk ar/txgr. I Day Expresa *3:00 a. m. *C:3oo.m. 1 NlcbtExpreaa. *4:3op.m. *s:lsa,m. Janeenlle Accommod'n. *s:3op.m. **3s p. m. , Woodstock Accommod'n ,3:00p.m. '3:20 a.m. wn-WAcm* pmsioN—pgpor counxb or canal ; AND ETiZU STCErr. | Day Expresa 0:00 a. m. 12:00 m. 1 Uosetill, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:40 p.m. ■ Kichl Expre5i........... 4:00p.m, &3i)p.m. • Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:10p.m. 6:43a.m. ( Waukegan Accommod’n, 5:30 p.m. 8:56 a. m.j Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:15 p.m. s;*ia.m Geo. L. Dunlap, Uen'l Sup’u ‘ 6. F. Patricx, Genera] Pueenger Agent. laCHfOAN CSNTBAL KAiL&OAIA—UNION IrgPOt, PCO7 op laks rraxxr. > Morning Express •3:COa.n. *3.45 p.m, ■ Day Express *7:90 a. m. *Hff)o p. m. Evening Bxprefa 15:30 p. n.J*U;J)p. m, , Nichtsxprce* 1*9:45p.m, Pk2Sa.m, j CINCINNATI AND LOCIIVTLLS TBAXRS. 1 Momlnr Express *7:00 a. m. *ng9aa. a, Sight Express liW p. m. *11:00 p. a. njcbican sorraaaN and aen mbons unb—dx* 1 POT COkKla VAN BCUTN AND SSXSKi V STSXTTB. J Ttlt.XliO Lint. Mail *4:13 a. n, *&55p.8, Day Express... *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. m New York Brpiees...... htsp.m. tli:3op. a Night Express I*lftoop. m. *6:00 a. t ! nsrsoiT Lnn. Mall *4:45 a. Q. tftoon.n. Night Express IKKOtI p. m. *B:SS p. a. pttmimaff, post warn and ccicaso. Mall *1:20 a. n. 6:00 a. a. Express...*.. *7:ooa.nt. li® a.ta. Past Line..... 3:15 p.m. 7:40 p.m Express *110:00 p. m ll:uop, a ILL2NOU CNNTkAL. Diy iW55engcr........... *9;Soa.n, •lotcn p.m. Nightl’asscnger.......r. ]lo:Pbp.n. *(U43a. tn. Kunkakca Accoratrod'n. *'ei3a. ta, Uydcl’ark and OahWood *(UW a. m. *7:t3a.m« “ *li:i(ip. m. *Mil a. nt« “ ** *• .... *3iWp. to. *liSflp. tL ** H “ ........ •SiSlp.Q, •TilOp.tU cßßhqo. htßUkatoa anp M'JiNoi. ’ Day Express aad Man... */,ica. ta. *u:oop. ta, , (••icsbtticl’acsfbHcr,. . *L;nop. tu, *4.Ji p. m. Aurora. *,Mrtip.ta. *o® a. r„ Nighi Cxprasi {li.wtrbl’Bl 15:W a. tn. .imrAau a a li rr. touts. vtprxsa »ho Man roos.m. HiHt.n, Sb-mKsjrtM, v;i»p.ta. »iwa.a. < (oUdi and wiimimiOh AccouifflbdkUwu 4:O»Jp. 0k O.U a. «a. Chicago, No. 1. % |] Slaughter, J-ole, Chicago. No. a. st/* n Buenoa Ayrea..., 40 Orinoco sole 37-i SS Orteoeo, good, i damaged 9I& 31 osicifto amd nut uunnv—<xasb catoanu in tmHatwinn tutukoio oxr#t. <*>* -AXAtAMP xnzzx *tann. Ouy KxprcM Hlgtu .kxpr«M to B IBUUJUrOUt, Mbit Otj Cxprou Sight Kxprc** CoTopbat* Bxprtas i-ttibu Axcosaiodatton CBICaSO, UOCS ISLAND AHO PAOXTCC PAHJIOAS. Day Bxpreea ondMafl... *3:ooa.m. *s;3op.m. Sight fiAprew, 13:00 p. a. *5:45 a. c. oUet Accommodation.. 4:40 p.m. *9:40 a. m •Sunday excepted. tMonda? excepted, iflataxdaj •xeepted. . mnoiFcrocK taxo toix tabes. Leave Uidlaoa Street Leave Stock Tarda. 6:30. 8:80. 10:00. 19:50. 8:20. 4:45. Tt«* following lathe new table for {he arrlva and departure of mall* from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: XiJU CLOSK. P. o. CHICAGO, TT- bails abuts. a. m. p. m. a. m. p. m. ... 5h00....M1ch. South. B. R I*3o .. 9:15 *• “ « 6:55 12:00 m ** “ “ .. C:00 11:00 IfcCO m Mich. Central B. H 12.00 ** •* •* 6:00 &tt I*3o 7:10 13:00 m “ “ 1 fl’ou 11:00 liOO 4:80 ...Great Eastern R, U,. 8:30 10:00 12:00 +7:30....New Albany «fc palcm 6:30 U:UO 8:00 7:45....Ga1ena Kailmd 3:10 2:40 12:00 &00....Dix0n Alt line 6:00 7:30 12:00 8:00.... Kock Island KtUroad 3:43 12:00 fcoo..,.C..B,&<iaiccy R. R, &50 0:00 8:(4I 3?W....Northwestern u. R.. 5:15 &:K1 8:00 S:l3....Mllnankee Railroad. 11:30 Bj3o J&ro 7;45....111in0is Ccclrai R. K. 7;i« 9:VQ 13:00 7:00....5t. Louis Railroad... 5:35 8:45 ROBT. A. GILMORE. P. U. Tbe Gorham 51 onametarlnz Company* Silversmiths, of Providence, B. L, lotbrm the trade that they are producing One Electro-plated Goods, com. prlslns raU Dlnccr andrea Sendees and Table Ware of every description, of a very superior quality nod ot new ana elegant designs. tbs ban is Nickel silver. Upon which Is a deposited Tore Silver c| such thick naaa that they possem all the advantage* ol *>lld silver In utiuty, and from beauty ot deem and superior fin* lib are undistlngnuhable (Tom U. The Comm ManutßctnriQc company refer with con fidence to the high reputation thsy have tstabU-hed in Ihe production oC Solid Sliver Ware, la which they hate been fur many yean engaged, and they now as tute the public that they will rally snatatn that repnta* uoo by the production of Electro-plated Ware* of such quality and extreme dnrahnty as will losore entire satisfaction to the purchaser. All articles made by them are 6tamped thus: dJOUiSUOOiV, And all such are fully guaranteed. They I eel it neces saiy particularly to call the attention ol purchasers to the above trade-mark, as their dodgns have been a), ready extensively imitated. These goods can only be procured from responsible dealers throughout the country. Premium Lode MUeonrl. FreocliZioC,pare.... Ij.i3 Aaer. Snow WMw.. 11J0 American SUr 10.00 Garden City mo diamond H.SO D.B. fiWpaaa’i Zinc, pure 15.00 Parlor £ao«r irtUM, I Zinc. pure..... ILOO | fobub 10.00 el 1* rather qatet. Thesup teadf ana ucciungcd. ire KOXOd’&.OO wx# SI.OO 39.00 SB.OO $5.09 51JX •0.00 "Dr. Poland’* White line Compound, advertised ie oar columns, U a *ucc»**fhl attempt to combine and apply Use medicinal virtue* of Use White Pise Bark* it ha* been thoroughly tasted bp people to this cltf and vicinity, and the proprietor hu WtUmotslals of Its vain* Irens pcxiori w»ll known to oar damns. We recommend lu trial In all those case* of disease to which It Is adapted. It t* for laic bj all otr drug gliu. M —{K. T. Independent. The O real New England Remedy !J)r. J. W. Poland’* WHITE PINE COMPOUND is n&w offered to the af- Clcted throughout Use country, after having been proved byAhe test ol eleven years in the Kew England & tales, where lu merits have become as well known at the trie (tom which. Us part. It derives Its virtues. The White Ptne Compound cure* Sore Throat, void*. Coughs, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Spitting of BiooL and rulmoaary Affections genera Ly. It t* a remarkable remedy for Rldney Comptatnu. Diabetes, Difficulty ol Voiding Urtus, Bleeding from the Kidneys acd Wad der. Gravel and other complaints. For Plica and Scar* vy It will be found very valuable. Give It a trial If you would lean the value of a good and tried mtdlclne. It U pleasant, sale and sure. Fold by Druggists and Dealer* In Medicines gene rally. bUUKUAMS * VAN SCUAACS Wholesale sped*. new to effect a certain and permanent cure. Bern a ccenpatlons ol life ptelUp •*< to Uostlwm I **, e«pectal* 1} those which allow lint little exorcise. I’cr-on, v, bo contract tills Bufortasate habit of bjdy. trader such clnairjtarcef, might po'slblr he redem! hr changing their sedentarr employments for etaers of a more act* Ire kind: hut this Is by no means certain. lUoitual constipation )* a very olxdlnste disorder. All Urn or* dinar/ so-called remedies InvaMiibly aggravate It. Nothing can be more Injurious than the continued u«e of strong aperients. They at first irritate, and fl.uilr a.most pataljxa the b’Wols—rendering them to torpid (hat enormous doses of cathartic medicines hare no efitcl upon them. A mild aperlrn'. combined with a f tatiesttmulaDt, Is the true remedy : and a combloa* len in the happiest proportion, or these lnirr.*di»:m. is lonnd In lliisri-TrrKU'S STOMACH HIT I Kit*. Tbtslsinuus Mutmcble invigorates tha whole Intesti nal canal, while tjui* lly rom>vingin'm itscjuvolution* all tmixdlmrnts to a tree passage through them. No mere purgative his this doable opcraMun. No ordinary stimulant effect* ihedtwlml ohjrer. ca<"i oiconUlpi* lion abandoned a* bopricss hr dlellngulsbad tbSdlot] men h»ve been cured In a ftw werks hr the UHteri. To those who have tried alt the meltcluea of the dls* pthtsry In vatn. wessr try tin* irrc*l«tlbla silmn'ant and aperient. There It no sufficient reason whr con- Sllpation ilionld b«th‘M'<jn*saQaDi'oorsodeutary tsxblt*. UUSIKITKtfS imTBHS, v implying the rigor which would otherwise lie der|r*d Irota exercise, will lu nil cbs's enable tbu system to ptrfjrm lit ezcrsl.ry functions regularly and healthfully. .isyciit q •UXmitkc ,17 .o*l3 c i\\\n .|US (-M.53 . 1.00 M 1.15 . HO « W . 65 (* 75 SS ftLM IS M SI 31 » 23 19 <» a roKUOS GOOD*. DCAXDT— .JTiAJISXC cocnac. One— Holland.,—,. voo® e.'S Rm— Jamaica...... S.0 O&IOXO Ist CfOlx 7.7V# VSC WCSE& Pori iSA* 9.0 C ShfTTT Madeira...... 4.509 BJM cjlsx good*. Brrms— KeUactetStorcach. 9JC Orate'* Uo»lcner’*Stouach ILK WlK»— Strawberry. 9.51 Cberry ‘-5C Bupberry &.0C Blackberry. 9M J nr— Old Tom Gla ..IDJC Holland Gla. iojx UailroaUs. (L3U a. m. Ith a p. c. 9:00 p.m. iu.s an cm-xasaTT 6:30 a. m. I>J6 p. c 9:00 p.m. ttSO a. n 6:30 a.m. ]ChSA p. m ft 00 p. a. £fc3o a. B -9:55 «. m. fttu a. m. 5:15 p. m fcw) d. m 7:t0... 0a0... 1^0... 4:00... 5:10... raAi>a. 9:35... 11:45... ®;:: ...a. m ...a. m. ...p. m. ...p. m. ...p. m. auauAX i ....a: n.) ....a. m. I . .p.m .. .D. (a. I S&h'.llFltU. & FL Wayne 8:15 . “ “ •» Special Notices. “A Valuable medicine. IlnbllUßl i'ODAllpalloD. Dr, Jatncft Treats and radically rntes Spermatorrhea with ns In lalllbte metbtxl, saving tlm* and expense. lupoieocy. ransod frotr s|>ermatartboa or Inst of ta» n«n. This debility Ur. Jamca will obligate himself to cute. Ur. James be rnusoUod at his odlen and par* lurs, ftl and UU Randolph-st., corner «| Dearbjrn, (ntarty oppesll* tits old office), from B a. m. to 8 p. in. Separate room*, and couiultalloni confidential. I’. 0. Ho* tlllU. Chjcaaa. lIL liitnrrlii llronplilllat t»ya|tr|talftl AM ferofubrns A(r**e(loi*. (.'hrunfc, Bkln, Llt"f snd Rbliiey |•l■SA•e• |iv«pep*in, I'llh. lil*iiliir*.(’nn«tl- I'ntlno, llheutaalUiit, serum* liehUlly, UerrurUl and uibrr aflci imi'S, and Female Maladies. gtplanaWry tlnular,nnestau p. Trollse. Wcmis. the llrnllnc I'ool mid lliiuao ontlercf* lluward A*ene|atinu tepuri*. fur young men,on (lie srtmeef *OlllllllO. and tliecrfur*, abii*e« nud ill* •**>>* whikUdeiimy llm manly power*, n*d (Meal" Impa-ib insula In tnarrUae, with erne tuekns o( ryijuf. a»ul 111 •ealtd letter enveh lu-e.freiMd ih«r«r. Ad'lfm* (if../. Mill-lIN llul'Olt llowatiUAiHKlatluti t'hlwlnb plda, ra. Till' Only Mnllrlun In Die Wurld spKpnmii tilMtm cDhV„ imryf mmu wMM'Mhii rriW] in* ini ne» intiym r«a« <>r f* Ur*. Mr lit'arnitl «{ti| •*. UmVi-m. Km f«ll>na rnr.lKl.t »Mf*l|lllW hJ. ~“iir. Tiwm»7 M Woprielor «i( 4ml mirginai IniltiiiM, i»a POUIU Cufkx*., liM UoiUM a'.l I trilM of ye|l»rmit ill* euci Willi imiirrck jantAi «ihtc*» I >r lumriy | iri* year*. bpcrumtnrrlM** »i. 4 umi'ilvuc* traaUnl wilh Hi* itviipi t*i rwuiu. Particular* of in* liutmu* un i tbrUuldt inuilojj (red u) tnyaddrMi, I*, o, Box 7*i< Clicuko, IHtcnji, ** ‘ Ur, lilgejiiu'* ITaTlnßthe cinflib ticotif thr pubil.i and ilia njadle-t! facudy at iargiM* tun trout rni'abln pbyiiiian in the city fir rbrtiiilu n* rvmu and aatual m«eaae*. Call at bia utnee, 17W b<>,un Clark-*u corner of M.iorn.i. Iloomt tepartiA. C.intuUtMon free. I’.O.ll'U 151. Ula i;u)de,to bealtb,pubitibed uoslbly, aenl free to ant trtiircM. ©rncral Nolfrcs. ■\fß. N. B. CRTtrLKH, who lias been J.T I clnnc iDstnirtion In ElocntUn, with raarkM antcesi, in many of onr Collegea and Seminaries thrmicb tMi Slate, completca a conr«c at Wheaton College to day, wture an interetilnecltuu ot about one hundred ha» been taklnz dally drl-U dunna the"past two week*, with dtrlded Improremcnt, Thl« rvetdn j tb« Prole*»Or wt.l give a I’upllc Heading a; Um College Cbapel. Strausportation OIvl.T "WEEKLY MAIL LISE TO UrtRTOOL. INMAN LINE. One of the LlverpooL New Fork and riilladeltihla Co.’s rracnlflcent aud powerful steasuldpi, tail* uca PIEK 43, North River. New York, EVEIfY SATCKDAY CmaU iteaxcr). EVEBV WEDXE.4DAV fextra steamer;. Throughout the year. Parties visiting the Paris Exhibition wilt find this, far speed and accommodation, equal t > a-.y other malt line, and very much cheaper. Pas'cncersbooked from Chicago to any European port. _ h ETC UN TICKETS AT P.EDCCEO BATES. A limited number of et-’cr.age passengers will be taken at as low fare as by any other line. - For particulars and to secure Gen'l Wo;t*a Agent. 51 Dearbota-su Chlearo. fHciiral. JTCH ! ITCH! C urod In from is to 4.8 Hours Without fall by the nse of SWAYNE’S OINTMENT. Sold by all Druggists. Wholesale br BURNHAMS ft VAN SCHAACK. rpBE TIEEUiIATIC SHOULD SEXD I X to W. E. (JUMP A: CO,* 0«jtoo, Ohio, For a DocrtrUve Circular ot Lalrttz Fir Wool Under* dolhme,OJl and Waddlnc. They hare »tood a test ot tbl.iffD year? In Europe. sod are highly r^ommeodcd ny the best physicians ol Germany. Mailed face. Hontt at auction. LAKD SALE.—The undersi"Dec! will otTrr at AUCTION, at north door'bi the Coart •e in Chicago. Ills., atli o’clock a. cm. Salnrday, tbe 9th of February, Proxio’o.ifaot rrcvloua]j-»ld at private sale, the E.M of S. W. h. Sec. 14.41 S, 13 iltnate about one mile and a hall west of Eviastin.and twelve north of Chi cago. Cook County, ill., containing eighty acres, more orleaa. About ertr-ave or sixty acres of this tract are heav. lly timbered, the remainder in pr*irle, wui.e addi tional Inducements are to and in its proximity to tbe beautiful dale railroad and lace chore town of Evans* ton and the ere at city of Chicago, in reference to a place ol residence, the facility ot sale and delivery of the timber and the product* ot the suil Generally. JF* Term* of eale pshtleked the day of tale. Fersona desiring to purchase this land at private sale will direct their communications to tae nader»lcaod. Box No. 5M3, Macomb, 111. 8. U SOMMERS, Axeat lor W. W. Corcoran. • business Carts. JJLAXB & JEFFERSON, conmssiON blebciusts, OFFICE, 904 FEONT-ST^ MEJIFIIIS.TEDH. Literal casn advancemeata made oa conilxnmentl. Q.E6T, HATTEN & CO, Wholojalo Commission Horohanti Wo, CO MoOno*9t« Between Y and G-atiU) DENVER. C»»LOHADO. ?l)alr Sgc. T.T ILL'S HAIK DVE—SO Cents—Black J I or Brown—ln#tantat»eou*. natura'. uurable, bMotJInJ, Thrfcevtam) cheapest in nv.C-»ataln*M much «• as any dollar ?l*e. HILL S ARCTIC, of ALL HEALING OINTMKNT, reliable fir Keoirji ointment putt nee*. Depot UO Jolm-it, New Turk. Bold by all drexjtista* pATOIIELOR’S HAIR DVfi. •Whls splendid Hair Py# is ihs beat intbewotld. Ilarmlest. retlsbl*. Vmunlaneour. the nnlr Dettori Dye. NodUapPoltlnjetiL No ridiculous Unta, bnl irtiein iiattuo. Gcnnloe slaoH WILLIAM A. I'A fi.H* Ki.oii. Bold by Htotjlsta and Fatfutaus. Factory, ttt tlafclay st.,New yolk. IJlOtoB. pLOWb. PLOWS. licit iiiwakin'l I'i nw. .nl .{I Of .1-111. proposals. PROPOSALS FOR ARMY TRAN - yo*» omm 1 ■ WAaUISOTO.’T, D. C% Janaary U, f SEALED HtOFOSALS nld be received at Ihnafflce oatli H o’clock m., oa the isih o t Fcornary. 1337, fbi u»o tranaporutton of MLiUry Snpplla* dorme the yrfu-wjtameacti,* April I, >337, and e ftJ,ft g ilsrca St laC», ot the loilowlne rvutre: Ftofa Fort Territory. er lack RpUjp “ ro *J i*» determined upon during the year oa It-Onwha brancU of the Üblto I'aclflc (Ui road, west . l or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ton J 1 t> 2.* u or de&» u as ire now or may be a*. £*ih!irils. lheT . cm,or F of S'DRyta. wed of )Osgl> umirtS s*?***•J be territory of Maotaaa. aoalh of “*0 Territory of Dakota. west et 3.mi rST '!f lT * Territory or fdaao. aoaUi ae^r «*-»n<J tut uf longitude 111 demea. *be Teriuorle» or Uuit ana Col'tnvt? north oj UMtuue 43 urgreus, Indalluc, u necessary, Denver ’ _ W'UTE.No.*. From FortrJley.SUla *4 iUnao,or aach points aa £*^.^lH mln *J^ tl,lam S u>c y < ‘* r on the Untoa I’aclfle Railroad, fc, u~ to any post* or depot* that«? tow or tray Nt established la tue State of hin.u *r ta the Territory of Colormd», aonth of latitude to d». gteea sortii, and to Fort Union. New Mex'co. or other cepotihattuayheoramateata that Territory. and u »ay«tber point or pointing the rnttte. ROUTE No.S. From Fort Colon or each other depot as may be caubutbcd In tbs Territory of Now Mexico, to aa' or stations that are, or may ba established la hat Territory, oad to *ocb posts or itatlona aa may be deftlcnated In the Terrtlory ot Arizona, and u the butte ofTexaa weatof loteitnac 105 decree*. From St. pool, Minnesota, to inch po*u at are caw or nay be catatJlsaed is me Mate of Mliaoiau, aad in that portion of Dakota Territory lying eaatol the Missouri River. ..a, m. >•&. m. ,A.m ..p.m. .p. m ..p.m. ..a. m. .4L m. ~p. m. ..o.m. The weight to be transported during the rear win not exceed on Route No. i, So.ouo,ooj pound*: on Route No. 3,20.000,r« pounds;on Route No. 3.S.WOAW pounds, and oa Route No. 4. pound*. i*ropOMU will be msdafhr each mate separate!/. Hidden will i'ate the rate per tM pounds p*r 100 xcllts, at which they wtl tianspurtthe atom la eicn moutnof the yeor. bcglnnlcg Ann! Ist, 1307. and cad* tog March St, irda. Bidder* should ate their names In toll, as well as thtlr places cf residence. and each propisal anoatd be accompanied by a bond m icesu t ot ten thousand (I13.0O0) dollars. signed l*> two irao. s responsible per* sots, guaranteeing that id ca*e a evutraett* awarded fbr tfce rome mentioned: In tie proposal to the party prop jlnz. the contract will os acc- >wd and entered Into, and rood aod lofflL-jent stfurtiy furnished by aald party Id accordance with the terms of this adv«- tlsctnent. The contractor will be reqnueu to giro bonds in the ftuowlte amount*: On home So. 1, (.30,000. On Rome X«. i. 300,a«. Ca Rente No. s, 1(0.00. _On Route NO. 4. 5C.000. Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and so'veney ot each bidder and person offered as seconty will bo re quired. trust b« endorsed “Proposals for Army Transportation on Route No. t, 3,3. or 4, as the case msy be, aod nene will be entertained nnlees ibty fuuy comply with the requirements of this advertise sent. The party to whoa an award is made must bo pre pared to execute the eoctnct at occe. ana to give the required bonds for toe tallhTul performiacaof the con tract. The right to reject any and all bids that msy be offered is reserved. The contractor on each route must be la readings* for service by the Ist day ot April. 1567. and will be re quired to have a place of business, or agency, at which he may be ccmmunlcated wllhprompliy and readily for Route N’o. i. at Uicaha, K. T.; tor Route No. A at Fort Riley. Kansas; for Route No. 3. at Fort Union, New Mexico; for Route No 4. at Saint Psol, Minne sota. or at such other jnlnl for each ol tho several Routes as may be indicated as the starting point of the route. Black tonr* showing the condition* ol Use contract to be catered Into for each route, can be had on app 1- cation at ml* office, or at the office of Use (juartermas ter at Kaw York Saint Louis, Fort Lcarenvortn. Ob aba, Santa Pe and Fort bCelUng. and moat accom* rant ro d be a part ot the proposal*. Bj order of Use (joartersauer General. * ALEXANDER BLISS, Brevet Colonel and Aas’t Quartermaster U. a. A. Proposals for a bridge at VAN nCT.EN STbF.CT. Omen or tu* B<ubd or Pcbuo Wans, I Caicaoo. February 2, IS6I. | Sealed proposals will be received by the Board ol I*ubllc Work*, at their office. H-xim* Nos. 1 and 3. stcuudtlror,Sc*. 13 sod 19 Wells *<reet. onUI 11 a. m., Saturday. February Ibtn, for Use taking down of the present bridge cruising Use Sooth Branch of Chicago lllvcr at Van Barca sweet, anti replacing the same with a new biicuo. Including the neceaiary chance* in Use cnnlrc pier, and Um abutment* and approaches, according to plans and specifications to be on flic a' said office oo and after Feoroary 9tn. Proposal# must oe address**! to the Board of public Works, endorsed "Pri’im*al tor Van Buren S:r,»*t Bridge.” and be accompanied with the usual t3od bond, with sureties, to be approved by the B-iard. Ihe Board re-erveUse rUht to rejoctanybld notin accoidntce with the condition* ol this advcrUiemeut. or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted ux.lo» ti.c party ntlerinu It shall give evidence s dl'fac* tcrvto uc Board that he ha* the ccc:mry skill, ex perience. eterev and nhlltty (or doing the work, il trustworthy, and ha* sufficient pecuniary resources, ' J. O. tr.S BEI.Ii, FUKD. LCT2, O. J. litssE, Board of l abile Works. Harrou works at grand ua- VKS and Ulack Lake. MlcMean. Ornct srr**KivrtstnMi Kxnixa**, llaibobC tupi'OTEMßxns Lass Micmao*. { - Mn.w.*rKJS, >Vj*con»lt. Januutr J, IW. f Boated proposals, In duplicity nr the form furnished bj the uDdre»lsncd,wld w* m u red at this offle** until Thursday, thu itth day i f Fchrnarr, 17 m.. tot Inipnninu thv harbor* of Grind Tlavca and Ulaca Lis*. Michigan. Tho improvement* at Grand Barea will const *t ot is,(uo fret, tu'T" «>f lb**, cf close Mime to protect the south bank • fthe river near too entrance ami an <•*. li'taioD ofthesautb pier fo.* MO feet oyerju* filled with JtI)LC. - The Improvcmcata at black Lake will be extemlocs of the present piers. SU fannlc* ffcut m ail, aad rtrede* Ine- The dn-ieln* will be betwer . tne piers. awl tut placing me hew cribs, and will amount lo »;>M c >*' , f yards, more or U*a. _ liar* and specifications are eo file 1b tin offl-e. ard wilihe*b-:wn to *P who with to examine them for tht purpose of nUtratlrp. Tieeropiaai* wit: be separate for each work, and tor eephtiaMrfmaterial or labor fur ev-ii work, niifr will hcrrcrlrcdter a pan nr tor the whol-of cllhu work. The work to lx* finished t.r October I.l*H. . T 1 ne worts will be let lo tp«l>w«l tcrimlhk old* dpr.rrs-rtlns to the United bUlrs the right to reject any or all bid*. ... . .. IViUt-rs are reqnestM to he present upon the opening °Vhe duplicate proposals will ho endorsed, enclosed Is •‘■i’"* l " «»”'“>**• «•' affiirj. 1 ?., U. 8. Kngintgrs. Milwaukee. Wl>._ T>norosAT.s for cast iron JU.WATKII I’lt’Kß. „ _ Urm't or tu« Daxen or t'ratto trosu, { Chicaiio, Kba. tin. IW7. I Sealed proposals will bn melted ny the Ihmrn ot l*ub tc Work*, at thrlr ottlce. No*. 11) and If WaMs* si., until 11 a, lu.tettimu*. feuruary *al. fjr Ihdda* livery at ll>t dock ol tha (siaril, in said city, of one tiuinssiid (l.iroi tuns id (la<( Iron wmet npes, oft,* at.d fi tur liea tiilrrnsl dlanieter, according to spcclOra tlona on file at said nllb e. The tiire# will U- suhjeptsl to k l»«l ptes*tlt(i nf 'M poum's i**r Mjiiare lueo. nml lie mdfbrm in ttjb'kjitw*. uisisHt and texturp.nndut a cmml ipialliy i feast Irjr, *PSSl.M'Ulaildil»l!l Well, llelltery t K-ilUTifnei* at the of spring navlgatlm and be coiuplste<lby JI W pines will he twelra(U) lest l ing, and welsh tn> I *pe<-«t*iiv t fiir4tfiaii(l b lnch pipes, ru, lip. and M puttniia pii h< . . . A lUHthlB number cf Idahrhpr. caps. s!ae»e*. tapefs. Ae., will b-rnpiltwl f t said pll'S*. llld* *lt .ii i!*t*W the prim tor iho straight pipes, and also fi»r the special C Vf!aMiVn)*miniaddrsmM bathe ttoaid ef thsh'ie tVots*. ntulctwnl "I'lnlHWll Pitl'asl Itun Wataf Flptw.'* atic be seM inintilrd with lit* usual liofid, atitl sur<l)e*.t«iie> aptjuvwjby lh<> bjaht ■li‘Ptii>Mdfe*urre|iie tight W t‘'i"Cl hh* AM hfil Itt aiH>-i|if«Lpe xm Ilia Oils I. ot Intent*nidd*|ami *,.* j*r"P«*«a| vuj )*§ aei l »id>'l d'iU*» partf ft sUl' .|»i pyidcuiw «gUw» - Ctt l, *v. I,a ' n« »«- W^k t y is * :" e,,, £* ami ahull? wtdNibg ihnwnrV * 1 U|l "tUry.and n f, »umem/j| I . MOariVet l*utilbi Works. tflu> Konr«;«. / y’.DmAKCE, Vhm»**, On ».csiUrt*ynt OcMM*. t-*rS, ii.‘ «'Ji» natrewm (i*»»rd lit Hie < .oinnnn C'.mn.'ll of lha n| Uilrsgo, eraiiUtig In "Tlic uke Vi"W Avnuif Uou'' nany ' 11.0 tUlu u| naynnohundieilnnii flity f«n wido text aul adjaceni to ion iireaeut Uigb wan r man ol Lake WictilM*a.rouiinencli g »| um aoiilti ;lne of Jhe Kioubda uartl fc;d kltuwn a* We CtiMi;M City CtfUV*- liiy,cnNi.rn»*Tet-ue,*DiJ runaiug alon; it« ■toieol Lake MlcMkiu lo Aulnm piaee, and eom iiKiKlne at Fubprton arenns amt running alone atM •bore to the n« rib line of Ihe t*. K. K, -e<*. JH, T. 4i‘, N. It. II E. of the Sd J’. M., upon irrialn run lliliw natni' l Inialdoraitance; thaioi.oof tbo condition* of aaid ordinance wa-i that the taU Lake Avenue t.*otQpauy abuuld, on nr before the Oral day tX Aus<i»l, tend, make and complete tb food order a road acrotaiaid property at least fcny tret ulde; and * * J Wiiastais paid lake Arenoe Compacy ha* failed and crgltciol to comply wtUi the prutUlom afijreaald. and baa »Uo failed ana nrziected tj comply witbtho other oreTiiior* of tb* istd ordinance; in-rotore, Jie U orilainutby Ihe CVmmon Cbundl of the dry of (hicayc: firmns I. That tfie said ordinance, entltleil “An Or* “(finance cumcrnm* the rlcbl cr way ot tbet.*kn “View Avenue Company,’‘pinied October 5. 19W, be and the *an.e It hereby repealed. £ir. i. Tble iLall take effect and be Intorce ftcra and after due publication UteitoL I’arseuJan tßtb. ISuJ. Approved Jan. £>th, J. B. RICE. Mayor. Attest: A. H. BopuaK, City Clerk. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—SIate of Illinois. County of Cook—*?. Crrr coixecioe's omc», cocut Dors*,) Roots No. It, Chicago, February 4th, 196*. > Pchbr roiiret* hereby civcn that ihe followlngde* scrllieil tv arrant* have necu placed in my bands far collection, to wtl: Warnin' No. ill. South—Dalai Februaryl.lWr, and itsutd far the collection ol a special MMjimW levied lor>tdcwa!k nnsimctodcnuc east »ld* of Wabash armur.between Elghtreath andTwentirtb streets. Wairant Nc.54S, l ! cnth—listed February 1,1967, and Isrued far tte collection of a «pedal as«csstnent levied lor reroE-trucilng sidewalk on me E.vt »Me of State Uteri, bctwivn Founeuitb and nixtreath streets. Warrant N«. Wd. Sonin—Dat'd February 1,1567. and issued fir t. e collection of a special assessment levied lor reconstructing sidewalk on <*aat side ot Wabash avesoe. between Iwenttetb (ttth) and Twenty-first Übl> street*. Warrant N0.5+1, Sooth—Dated February 1.1537, and issued lor the collrctlon of a special auaumrat levied for conurncllrg of sldewaif on vest side of Watu*h avenue, between FcniieeUhrnthjand SixieeathiiCtb) str'et*. Warrant N 0.785, West—Dated February 1. UW7, and i»?ued tor the collection ot a special a'seasment far cihstructing and recot structlsp sidewalk on south side of Sampson street, la Sampson A Greene's Addi tion lo Chicago. Warrant No. TS6, Wc-l—Date 1 February 1,1567, and issued for (i>« collection ot a special as>e**ment levied for ccbstrnctlng sidewalk on Centre avesne, between Harrison stxect and Tyler _ Warrant No. West-Dated February 1,1967, and Issued far the co.lcvtluu of a special assessment levied for construfUDc sidewalk on cast floe of Johnston street, 1-ctw* en Taylor and Twe-ttb street?. Warrant No. 7W, West—Dvted February 1, 1567, and Irsueo far the coilectimrt a special assessment levied for constructing and reconstructing sidewalk* on Cath* trite street. Halsted street amt no Wright street. In Canal Trusties* Subdivision of N.W. V.Sec. 21.39,1|. Wsnant No. 759. West—Dated February I, M 67. and . Issued far it* collection of a special levied lor rec-i n*tructlng sidewalk on south sldeot TweltUt (J3ih) street. All persons interested in said above sp-etai assess nent* art requested to make immediate payment at myottce- In default of such payment the said assesv men s wilt be collected at the cost and “jpeuse of persons liable therdor. A. U. HEARD, CICT C 'llrctkir. (Gobcrnmcnt gale. p OVEHKIIEOT SAXE. Tfi?BrcpCTtr known M Iho “GOVEHSMEST TAN KEBTaND STEAM SAWMILL.” wlta 9ttV* ehty-flve acres of lino, near SAN . . _ ANTONIO, TCls. Sealed Propoeou, in duplicate. w ll be received dr to the tu»t cay ol March, 1557, f:r the parch*— cf IS acres ot land, tmore or less). U»celher wild tbs build ings erected Utr>oc, and ine appnrteaaaces appertain ing, that Is to say: OSETASN Eli r,c - ot»lntn< twelve Stone lice Vats. FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of tannlni 15.1(0 hides per annum: ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of lawicz 3Ad feet ol Lumber dailr: ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. The above property ta ntuated about two miles above saa Antonio, on the San Antoo‘o Rlver.aad the water is conducted to the establishment by a race cl hewettone laid In cement. Tbe land was pnrcaaed and improvement* made by the late ao-caded CociOieraie Givernmant, asd at# estimated to have cost in said. ~.. Tbe property has hem nnder lease tor the year lew, at a monthly rent cf fSOO, payaMe m hdvaree. A se enred title la lee simple will be gl ven by the U. S. l»ov- be marked Govern "« TK3«T *==<l Bnt. M.J, Gen. A»’t ComT BnrrM£ jU, Ocean gtcamets. ONLY DIRECT LIKE TO FRAKOE The •Gt'ucral Transatlantic Company’s MAIL bTKAMSHIPb BETWEEN NEW TURB ANI HAVRE, CALLING AT UCAST. The splendid new vessels ot ihl« lavonte route 2n the Omtinect will sail troa pjer No. 3u. North Hire as follow i : VILLE DEPARIS..Europe January 20. EUHUI E February 9 BT. LAUUKNT Bocandi....Fehruarr SL PCBEiUB Dnchen«....Uirch A _ , „ PRICK OF PAS9AGS IN GOLD. •wiuein'efther class 19coaaa wt,la * ♦ lo °* Ittcladlt* Übu tikTiteamen ol ‘ihl* Unt do act carry steer are pu sssftn. Passenzen inteudlsi to txod at BURST wm be ru DishedwlUirsltrosdcoupontickela, and theirbaciart checked to part*, at an additional cnarxt of u forcrr aid |3 tor second clan. WedfralaHepdMceifeeof charge. _ For further Information, apply, in Cblca?N at ik« riIKNCII CDNSULATR OFFlcnLaad U RewTotk,toUßO. MACKJIHtIB.AkVD». OS Dfoftd £>calc<*. PAIRBANKS' fs*r *** BTANDAItD /Ir^TL SCALES or ALL nlFIs. FAinilAHßl*. 990 • 99« UhMt, CUicskP, fScaicinal. QHNIOHS OP THE PEOPUI coNcmme HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PROTECTION FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RELIEF FOB IDE SICE. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY IS AS IMPORTANT IN MEDICINE as tn liv. The great Patrick Hanry said that toe lama bj w bleb hia ftet were gntdad wav tbe 44 lamp of experience." Tbe stateaaou cl men of character tad studio: la relation to the properties and effects ot a medicinal preparation which they themselves have tried, and the operation of which they bare had abundant opportunity cf witnessing te a prest variety ot ca«ea. are absolutely coaclnslva- They are to cansldered by tbe public, wbo very natu rally prefer tola species of testimony to any other that can beotfered la behalf ot a proprietary remedy. Volumes of such evidence have been published tn ftvot cl UOsTKTlEira STOMACH BrnTGOS daring twenty years that tbe unequalled Tunic sad Altaratlvw bssbeca before tbe world; and although tea reparation as i. STAND AUD SPECIFIC has lose been established throughout tbe Western hemisphere, it is still deemed advlsab e to exhibit, through tot press, front time to time, sew proofs of Us nrccM. Docent facts add per il; fcce and force to Lieu raoto remote, anil serve to show (hat toe great remedy Is prepared with uniform exactitude and care, and that it U still, what It ever has been, the PUREST AND REST OF ALL VKUETJW DUE INVIGOUANTS, an Inevitable euro for HYSPEP SIA and all derangement* of the Stomach and Liver* and a perfect antidote to the nnwlwlo*om« Influences which produce and aggravate epidemic levers. 1 ho subjoined letters are all Horn citizens well mows and generally respected in the localities (tom Willed their communication* are dated, and are published sa specimens of an immense mass of corrrsprudeucoof ft similar tenor. Some Idea of Uu quantity of this kind of testimony la toe bonds of toe proprietors of UOS TKTIEIPS BITTERS may bo fbrmed by the reader, when It U stateil tost tbe conimnnlcatlocs no too sub ject of FRVF.U AND AGUE ALONE, received by too firm (Inline the last three yean, number upwards of T'.Yt) THOUSAND. They are all to the same effect sa ll atol Mr. I onrae, given below, and II ever anything was cstsMb'.ed ou uncontrovertible evidence. It Is too Important ttet that CHILLS AND FEVER can b* bti-ki-n up: ml radically cured In a very short apace of time by th ; use cf this incomparable tonic. Nor la this ail. Entire exemption from the ilMtwhltik malady,and alllntmacl Intermittent Fever. Is guaranteed to anelt resided* ut Fever and Aenn Districts as may he wiao ruousti to lake the HITTERS as a prevenltvs. Tbuuak malaria may be prvslatlng tholr nslsbburs on the right hand and on the left, those wbo have taken toe precau tion (u lortlly their systems and eonstllulluos, In ad, tanre, with this COIN IF.IIDLAST TO ALL ATMOS PHERIC 1018 UN. will surtiy escape the scourge. Tbs physician sad ethers whose names apeev In too annexed ct'fre*i«.ml»nce. me ready at all times to cob- Inn verbally toe statements made user their signa tures. I‘erbaps me (1 the most slrlklhg preot* that eta b« riled ot the lntrle*le ascellcace ( f the HI rTKUd, |* th« geiifraiadcpUmidt the pnparailoti by medical tnrxk Ihe idflMsimi na a rule isl their laics against adref* Used tncdklnes. t ut ihtsuncq'iaUed veiirtsulehmlnbag *rthii'i|«f:fd l/ieif prejudfee*. nnd they rsconimcrid amt adudbister it lo their lailiwii* as the purest stimulant and best slonistl lc that iitdtisy ran preurs. The ptrserl »/ ((>« yntf la a trying <m« ta feeble slid enerv*l«l-ltidetd It all. (it July, In siul PejiiMjibet hea t| dl SUtlils ala Inads Uputt '«tin syS* irtu.Sbi II UftH'Mvary tubers I Iswln •usngUl aid viialhj IttunH* Pi lueel (hem with <( jl (filieUlngDt Msstlng down. ilneThiTKlVd VttriKim Aim A PIAMiHALMIMiItINKiiuM',,*, tiM vit«i and mna- Milaf stietgy ot (he (t« ne ( % ,t )( yds powetful ahd gets* VMI tig*table an* 'SSSSSHS?'"** kh “ Ida/ be aouuirftd TMUi impuftli/. Used Its p.ikmiig isuef Iron kno<h ilDteii ol I’llisijutgli. I'a.i UHMt rHM; tnm<u(4 H\M Id MR W**i,l*<| f*l|, I fonir»ijf«i»l*;li» *hu'!» Nontliims p« r»v Im*. ana dually lariunai*l In lysM.i ( m/atM kuZi iww im 10 ntf h>um tut «»»#/*) «mnif.s, during wt teU »mo I WM, l'll»*li u((7, *.( pf.l.traUxj |lit( 1 alllUMt its* f)i*irinj m u«/ manuring my iiMi'tii During |i**i mi sppeilu* far Mar*. n«f Iwlng abi* ui *■( * mur adard in ahlrlt I wat muyti wun • r*al» |au *«a*»iM lu m) l.«n*l, and iia**rd ut4«r nctiiMi nU I't*. Kli flroui iliibiilif cnun-'l py niv pr>wirsid ruuili* Iton.itniiigniabmiby me fwsr, Alibis my coDiiiiiuD, • »“'umniimilp«t mi lo u«* your rai£ braieujnruilAUl nil tkuo i Mil, iwug murkily «»• Ill'll I,« U*«uf •luim!uuuii»«nf form.l aiHr»lja. fllDuil, M l ultcWunU jMlded uy prejudice*, at* tf*r lokloc Wo medicine fr sever*; wests sis iJlroctrtl, i fay appetite returned, and wun it * •m r«plfHy rezamlug my farmer a&i vigor. My sleep drum tbs i«-a of which I k*S sutfe-fwl much) ba» P»**f been better than n t« nyw ui.'l the r>elinga«iD*4tioa fursnllu-icu ioj q«ueultrely My Uoweit, WDlch i7e.*B uiui;|j and lrm«l*r,urMiow quite B»tQru M *c<l In fact I Kiml tball fr«l myie.f s nev tuuirimuonialuf my a;)pm-MlloQ of ronr»»nuW« rr»M»r»Unu In order u»*t oiLcr* *iurerlu< tulbara mnyuvall ihttii.*el»r*or lu »lnnr», wtii.ij nreJnaice prcvroieiJ me Irom e«]-»jhus lor »o lone a ueniKl. I way jl-oadu thui my pU}»icUu,.iAer »celn* tus ficlal eCoci your Bttlcn bud on me, tba£ 1 QBt them regularly. Your*, very na»p«tta!iy. K. buillLN'E. ts Market-* t- Another letter, from a well known dozen of PUfa burub,dated September 4, l»66: Miesr*. Hcstcttur & Smith, mubnrgb. pa.: RciTuuk ; t thlLk lam only doing the pari of s good citizen wben 1 teattfy to the great neneOu I haro received from your etooiacb Bitter* during the la*t five years. Heine in the Oil nxlona m’Oi. I had a uevera bullous attack, and being dis peptic, wtu« h left me very wear, 1 was advUed lo try year Bitters, t procured one pottle, ted ttey worked as a charm on me. loots week 1 got eight <S] pounds heavier, andls-'cmed to have got new Ufa in me. »o much so that 1 biveutrd them every fummer since as a tonic. I think they arc Invaluable. Tbia summer, hating another billions as* tack, and tnneb minced in weight, being under the cart of an A No. i physician, I again had to have recourse to the old Bitten, with the same good results, gaining six (4) pounds In a few days, t have bought a half dn»* enboiUoualew wefksaiace. and Intend to keep thea regularly as a tonic and beverage. Wishing yoa every luccecs, I remain yours graudniy. .. „ Emyorust.EmsaiLi3iComT,lsi. Mrssn. Qostetter ft Smith ; Guiusis n With pleasure I can say that your BIT* TEUa are onpertur to any others. I have used them. In my tarnl y far a long time, and always with bene* tclal resuiu. Tonis, venr truly. RUQT. GILBEET- BrcKLasn, Pb»c* Wtluax Coujiit, Vi- » . January > Messrs.Hostetler tc Smith: Sits: I bdleve your HITTERS are the beet in as*. I fried them far dyspepsia In D-«. ted icey cared ms. It was not tmh that cld it, for 1 bad go faith in them ; I tried them if please a irlend. 1 bad been prostrate far several weeks with dyspepsia and chronic ol*>- rhow. I expeefad to die: bat less than one po'tle so far restored me that 1 could attend to my business. Lass Octuberloverwoiked myself; which resulted In ths zetaroof the same disease, accumpaoled with bron chial allectlon. when 1 agant used your BITTKUd, and was »oun restored to health. I have recommended them to bumirrtu of my acquaintances, and hava never known them to fall In effeciing a tpetdy cure. Truly yours. MIRANDA CHAPPED. Postmaster at UucUand. Vo. , , ELurwruv, November 5,1563. Messrs.Hortetter ft Smith: * ?Gcctz.casx: We hare been eUlng your STOMACH ITTARS far eighteen months, and Sml them an excel lent medicine. All that Is necessary is to let Ibt*peo ple know their virtue, and they will use them. I havs tried them myself, and now recommend cum to aH who have weak ttomachs. Respectfully yoms. watersok ft McFarland, Druggists. OCDEMBUICII, SUSSEX COCJTT. X. ) September U, 130. f Menr*. Hostetler & Smith . Gtmmx: For a lonz time 1 bare beenalQlctM with a disordered stomach, ana was ooah;e to auesct Id •or business, I was advised to use your BITTEItd, widen IdlJ, and foona them a great benefit to me. 1 believe had It not been Dr them I should hare heea la ny grave ere this. I write not oiuy to testily to the virtue of your BirTKUe.bat also to have joa ship me twodczcnasiOoaaaroftaible,asl am cow Ueemae a stone I'ocrs, respectfully, JOHN M- CjRKaCBj. Messrs. HcstettcrA Smith: Gists; It la with toe create*: pleasure that f re commend your bTuMACII BITTEbSu thcpubUc. t think Ulhe teat BITTERS of the day. ItU soociaily adat ted to tbe South and West, where biliary derange mctt*of the llverare prevalent. Tea ysxrs* expert ence in the nse of compound*. as curatives, compel* me to give roar BITTERS the prefexei-ce that Us pop* marlty merits. E. ANGLE. M- D. „ . .. Gaixatia, Saline County, 18. 3X#*?r*. HcitctteriSmlta: Csrrmiais: I bare practiced medicine for many years, and have need ronr BITTERS in a number of cases with great success, and take pleasure in recom mending them to tbe public la reneraL Verj respectfully. j. SMITH. M. D. Sics ft*. Hostetler A Smith; Oroxuoaat 1 sell more cf your STOMA’H BIT TERS than of any other medicine. Parties who have tried them speak la very high praise of their excellent virtues. I have used them mjseH *"d prescribe them with unparalleled success. Very respectfully. yours, 4 O. T. KILNEB. M. P. Xnu. Clay County, ill. Messrs. HoctetterA Smith: Gaimatm: l nave used. and etttn prescribed, yoarSlOMArn BITTEES.aed tike pleasure la re. commending It to allwhoae stem sens are dettliltetaL It is an excellent appetizer and tcetc; and 1 praise U " l»< mMlcloo of «J> D . agsSgffjJff-' j sines I wt* tronNM with weasn*»§ cf the stomach, and had lost tnr appe tite, nan on ihs rrrojoireEiiaitoi tox, ®®r fami'/ phviltian, I nnrehsse<Lseverel boWea ef tout Dir TtilS. wblrb had the dertmi efleo of restenna me’d hsalth.bSt ofl?te 1 bav not '** io output *L*» purchase them, or Ityou will send tna «oai<'ow wel will be pleased lo have the se^CT- 1 C Y3LjE? J »7£ir tnetn to be what they are £jiiry^ujV/u SI I'UEIMMBK AND .01.0 0# UOSTETTIiR & SSIITII, PITTSBUGRH, PA. For lateby all dfniaUG. irecen a*d steiofcnpjre |tmu«&gttttMW9i>d. ~y -