Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 6, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 6, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. ■WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 0.1567. THE .CITY. Commits kb. —George Wentworth, charged vrllh -the larceny of blankets from Pardee’s building, •ran yrsleidsy morning committed for trial from Ipc Police Court tnbaUofSSOO. viam ron tna I anareiXM.— Tin wnlar .. Tnreiinr of the Managers of the Borne monthly m held in toe Borne to- A full attendance is de sired. ruramotr.-Tle continued 1* of Jenny chirred with lercenyee bitten, tree r.Hrd on It the Police Coorl. jeeleidny morning. Se pm!oJS« .tmeeiee telling to eppeer, elie was discharged. Tn* WiTHTM Cass.—John Cronin, charged with biting off a portion of a man'a nose, at men tioned In these columns yesterday, was Anally ex amined at the Police Court veeterdav morning, US commuted for trial in ball of *SW. Finer*-—Tbe conilnncd wt of Hattie Brooka, charged with Inflicting « wound npona fellow ntmcd Mike Cady. with a penknife. was called tip again belorc JutUce MllllKen, reeterdijmorn- Irc, and llatbc was fined Id for disorderly con* duel. . Ton Wont* axi> Cninonxi*.—Tbe Managers o •he Hospital for Women and Children. No. 813 Ohio stieet.are In want of old tnnslln for band* ace- and other nses. Parties having such to spare will confer a favor by donating It; also bottles for tlit- dUpci-sary. 1 TnaCmcmr* Tnixr.—Daniel Booth a colored trao.wbnvssrmtfor stealing dressed chickens, wr.s mentioned la these colnmns yesterday, Vtonebt before Jnstlce Mtlllken In the morning fined fto ana sentenced to ninety days at the Jijidraolli Ortastoti.—Dur report of the raptnre of Ibe rikhotw flank borgltte In yesterday’s Issue rnilitrd the slalmei.t that the safe, iu the same irwidiiioaMleflby the bnwbus, may be seen at ti,r shoe of Maynard Brothrts, No 4T Htate •irrM llustcese men may be Interested In ex amining It. Tan rat a a»n Mi-sit-at. Kr.snvar~-An enter* (ah irrtit of the above description will be given In t(ir«Mltyo( the rbnicb of tbs Messiah, (or the I'trw-ni of Hi* Ir f irtiday School, on filday evening first, et F o’clock. Tickets can be obtained at HMit, I’earson ft Co’s.* J. H. Walsh's News Hoc'tos and at tin dour. linn (Tina in Coat.—Burners of bird coal will (•r glad in know (hat the best tarkfiWabim Coal Is row obtainable illhitleeb dollars pel loti, ahd delivered t» ant place within Ibe eliy flmlls t-wl (oHbei r.bafge* Mr. I'* lb Mafsbalb Ibiujit jl No. t'J tiatk «beel. Is lb» otthef; lie bis but a I(I Mi- of Ms lane stock left, and Is «iikjoii« to . lose li flit as snob as pOMlble tu sive tluthags. fcaalMiadftl bHt bhlty |MB) Of JfiiUM 1.,.*.. ~ sita'-Md in in ItiimunsflMd of sfioti; Mi? »i<) rpf, *I(M ilk soma Ifo OFflfhM*H MfWbPdFltlfl), iiiuMo w -ism i)im Mam unlit the slFfstfrom ciki« in HmHihi avspns bid fiuwdfd wMli * r k-*, and tnira ih* mmihfr of vehicle# or all HumvTi-r Waaw purchasing a.ti.l of Urn American Wusl-Tury Association h. In New York, last week, upon a afnul ,! i. iifcft, ns tons of elementary school hooka for Hi. retools of ibe Association among the freed* n n. "i Mr riiL'rgclic society now employe nearly f. i.r luimiicfl icacbera and relief agents, and cir i ;c« forwaid extensive operations in every Homo* . m at a coat of more than a thousand dot* iuistday* . Kgrauiinox n? iiouuTiia.—Soldiers and sea* men icicretled in the passage of a Bounty Law '•ranting per month, wonlddo well to call at the cfilce of E. F. Adama, corner of Madison and Dearborn street*, and sign a petition to Congress for itat purpose. OBce open till 9 o clock p m. Those st a dlatanee can have their names attached he addressing E. F. Adam?.' 'hieago, HL,fWlncln v*bat company and regiment, or vessel or gunboat they scrrwL Let there be a general and Enrocdi atc’revponse. u tTir.n EnctnTOjr," (B. L. McTlckar, of New York), whose famous lectures “Froth and Dregs,” and “Under the Foam ” have met with ► ach great success this season, has, we learn, travelled seven thousand miles in discoursing •bont forlv times, since October, and his Aral ••lists” are nearly all filled. A new one, extend* ingup to the time of bis departure for Europe In A pill, will soon be made out, and all societies wanting “Wild EdgertonV’ sendees should at orce address Edwin lee'Brown, A- t o: B. L. ilcVlckar, C 35 Wabash aveune Chicago. RTHAWAT.-YMlcrday aliernoon about 4 o clock a horse attached to a cnlter ele'ch. driven by a la dy, took fright on the corner of Canal and iladl ron streets, and ran madly westward on the pave ment. A little girt, the daughter of Mr. A. IL Back, proprietor of the Union passlntt alone U e pavement, was rnn over. She was pick ed up and**carried Into a drn? store on the corner of Madison and Jefferson streets, "here it as certained that one of her feet was senon«ly injur ed. The girl was attended by Dr. J. 11. Hahn, Devtos on Coconino.—Tbo followlop la the nroeiamme of frofesaor Denton’. fecond lecture, lo be delivered fbla evening In Croibj a Music —General description. I'« a°nntalii!, vallcTs. tccncry. parks, rivers, plants, animals, Indians; itagtology; general description of the various groups of rocks found in the Territory, from tto granite lo the drift; Us ecological htoto n jlhestoiT oftbe country as inscribe donine rocks, Iromlbe first eleraUon of ite mountains to the prcienl time. Tn* Tnsmm-I pnbllc meeting will be held in the Opera House on Thursday evening in behalf ol the cause of the freedmen at tho Sontn. acd under the auspices of the American Freed mai'i Union Commission. Judge Bussell, of Bottra ; Ilcv. Lyman Abbott, °*J* CW other distinguished speaker* will address the rneeting. Ihe public is earnestly Invited to at lecd. The addresses will be of a most interest ing character and will convey much information of the present condition and wants of the freed men, who have recently been too little thought of. (ißzxt Ixrsomnra c* Photo ghat nr.—As pioneer of the many improrements In the taking cf photographs, a knowledge of been gained by Mr. Fasiett during hla atay In Enrope, we notice bis introduction of a process for obvia ting the defect hitherto unavoidable, of making light hur appear black In the picture. The effect of •his has oecn almost to spoil the resemblance. Mr. Farsett is now able lo represent the hair of ihe sttlsr In very nearly It natural color, which with his well known skill In otherrespeets,lnsures a good meture where others so often tall. Rcwawat.—About half-past ten 6’dock lost night a horse attached to a light cutler, and driven by Mr. Urvan Drill, took fright on Clark street, near the Conit House and ran towards the bridge at cteal speed. Instead of keeping the animal in the street, tbe driver allowed him to turn np to the sidewalk »n front ol the mS£P be came in violent contact with an ton railing, breaking off a portion and overturning horse, cutler, and driver upon the slippery pavement. Feme klnnh' ailed spectator* rasbsd up. and afUr bard work succeeded in disentangling the harness and i tabling the driver, horse, and vehicle, with trifling damage to any part of (bo shipwreck. IUn.noAP AcctDxxT.—‘ Yesterday afternoon, as the stock train of the Chicago. Burlington * Quincy Ualtroad was nearing the Union Stock Yards, Mr. Seymour E. Treat, In attempting to jump from the into, struck against a post io one of the rattle shnle*, breaking three of his ribs, cutting his face, and sustaining several other In lories. Mr. Trust was Immediately taken lo the lloueb House, and medical assistance rendered. 'lbewe la a serious one, and U Is thought that the snfferer will not recover from »he Injuries re ceived. Mr. Treat Is a residentofPoto, HI., and was a'Tompanjlug three car loads of riock to market. DtrtTAi..—The Chicago Dental Society held 1U monllily meeting al H. M. White** dcn'al depot, on Monday evening, Dr. J. Ward Ellis In tho chair. Dr. D. A. Slovens read an able treatise on Vul canized Rubber, exhibiting specimens which had been submitted to various chemical ten's, and clslmtng Inr It superior qualities as a rmenii used for mounting artificial teeth, In rei-ard to rlranllncss, strength and Indestructibility. Dr. W.Albanch »>o read a paper on Pcutitioti, IJoth <•( these subjects were thoroughly, discussed by the PodHy, *s well a» that of Ostbexy, and mt< rral marked and Itilereriing specimens of ossified dental nerve pulps were Introduced fur microscop ical Inspection. . Ttioronrrn..—The thousands of photograph i.rgaihrslskMi by Mr. Card, at No. IW Uko sheet, during H» three and a half yssr* of pros pnmis business th« re, wore carefully preserved and registered, In order that duplicate* might ho prii :cd Korn tnem si needed at any future nine. Mr. hard having retired from Die business. h«« plied an these negatives in die hands of Mr. Mosher, tho well known nholopiapher, at No, Ufi UkAstrrrt, where all of Mr. (lard's former pa itors n»ay be supplied wl'.h flrsl-clast photograph* frutu ihrm on leaionablo lorma. A heller codec. Uon of necallve* Is seldom or never seen, and Mr. hard hss made a wise choice in seh-cllng Mr. Mother to do Justice to them. Ho Is au artist vJion woik speaks forlltelf. Worut'Bß Wi« Batim.—Yeaterti? Tlraolby Mahoney, an Irishman realdlne at No. 181 Wright street, was before the Police Coart on a charge ol disorderly conduct. HU wife accused him of having declared that "the was getting too old. and that bo would give her a dose of poison. u«-Iciihcr declared or. Monday night Hurt U she “hadher life” ou the following morning, the would be a lucky woman. W ln. Mahoney took fright at there unhnvbvndliko remarkw, and escaped -to one of the police station, where she told her atory. A. P°jsfmsn went In scaich ol the hiu bard, but not to be found. Mrs. aia bone; then returned to her home and reureo. About two o clock yesterday morning she heard berhn>bai.d endeavoring to enter by the from door, fche wca« out hy the hack door, and re mained until morning sccrcied, when on her Imor oallouthe officers succeeding In arresting him. afternoon Justice starterant bound him uvortn the stun ol 5300 to keep the peace. ' -It was stated that this U the thira uat \umv ns hoocy has dud arre ted for cruelty to hta family. Thiec weeks ago h* flung a kerosene lamp at his wife, ard threatened to poUon one of the cblldrcnn it be were not bound out. DATIT Ukiok Pnaxsn Merrufa.—A fear has i Uecn expressed that in communities where all < Christian parties meet on equal ictms, and agree to lay aside Ibclr polemical differences, members ol churches may be tempted to conceal their at tachment to the fundamental and distinctive doc trines ol their particular faith. In deference »/* tbe I pnjndlcc* of new associate?. One sc4rcely conceive of this idea prevailing minds of 1 any except Ibosc who confasc their own I sect with Chris lisa Uy. . t j,o-c best acqnalut ed With the spin* * f she dally union meetings there I* nothin objection. Instead of m any way w* C „nrclic* by withdrawing fymp nr'foSe men, who coulfnol beeasUv SggS»«-sssass i^ss , ?SafSf^ s In the wbolelovroto p di chofchof nearly one o ?^^^b«S , wbeoigatl*edalo-'ce, Hundred member* mio * f ftlß arose and A promtocnl hnattu Unc in The a Fir.t Hclbodlat Eptacopal SSlS.%'om?r cn a*»dWuttasum efeeU. THE SEDGWICK STREET STABBING AFFRAY. Examination of Tliompson-Facts In the Case-The Prisoner Hold For Trial. Tha readers of the Tbisdks may remember reading In ttiU paper, on Ihe 16th of January, a biiefaccoant of a rtabbiag affair which occurred the preriona day at R. Bordett A Co.’s organ fac tory rn Sedgwick street, in Ibe North Division. Jamee Eating, a workman in the factory, wa* stabbed with a knife by a companion named William Thompson, who was arrested: bis exam ination baa been postponed from time to tun*, awaiting Eating's recovery. a The case waa last held over for investigation at the Police Court yesterday afternoon, worn Thompson w»» finally examined noon the cbtrge of an assault vrith intent to commit murder. .lames Kali- g ruled that be waa a varnDher by trade, and bad been working for three months in the organ factory. He had never bad any hard words with Thompson previous to the assault In tbe afternoon of January 16th, and bad not spoken with him fbr fifteen or twenty minutes previous to tbe assault. Thompson came whim with a long bladed pocket knife and subbed him In tne loft aide, and then flung it on the floor. In eonsequsnee oi the wonnd be bad been confined to bis boo about twelve data. In common with other workmen In the shop be bad frcqoeuUT passed lokes with Thompson, but did not remember hav ing Joked upon the day ol the subbing. Ur. Powell, who attended Haling during his Hi nes*, Hated (bat the lallftr was wounded In the ah demen, MlrhUv Injuring the imMUncsandbut l«oor three Indus from the hurl. Wounds similar to that sometimes resulted In doslh, ...a when ' t r od care was taken Ul lhc r.llctit, He unit'd K-tlnr lw tbre. or four days, and afterwards vlHtcd him wet slutally for two weeks. Jlcappevod io l l° jp coon health aside from the wound hereedred. Wounds of that character w # °« d prove dangt-rou* In ibe bamls ot the best physi clan* In the eonntry. He did not think that bla wound would have been tny less severe If re ceived In a stooping or In sn upright position. John Crane, foreman In the organ factory, stated that earlier In the day upon which the stabtdng occurred, Thompson had complained to him that the hoys were plaguing him. lie said,“By—. I want this thing stnwmd." The witness advised him to pay nn he* t d to them, as Hie more he scrim d to bo annoyed the more they would plague him. Thompson went hack to Ids work, Crane saw him lake the pocket-knife from (lie bench and go in the direction of Rating, hot be did rot sre him use the knife, Rating he tig out of lila sight. H« heard Rating rxchlm, ‘‘John, I am stabbed." and when he went to lit* spot, Thompson stood there with the knife <tenrhrd In hU rtghlhtnd, hft arm raised at If to strike, Thcyoumnnen both boarded with him, at <1 were peaceable well-disposed persons, nut were In the habit ol Indnlg- Irp In rather sharp Jokes. During Ihf holidays Thompson had made a present to a toung latif In the honso of two rings. "Ilh in jnnrllous of seen sy. Ibe lady told Crane, con ndunlsllr, of the present A short time elap«ed and Thompson told Rating the same thing n confidence. In enbsenueut courersatlou with Cfnlie, Ihomjisnn leaf lied that he al*o knew lt 4 ahil entipofuip that Haling had told him. ho was ter* imjicusot The ring slorv gol into the shop, and (he Wktneh bshtered Thompson about It initeh 100 freely fbf his Peace oftalod. R*eo|il nhoHU't* occasion mentioned. however. I bompi sob nad bevel tnarte ant eomplEilbti. Ibis was the otieltiof Ibeslabbing atnavi .. tii , r . , ’lbsoemme ir‘l'St»lffl mimlpslfHl il»mofeiious good ebstatlpf .nr ibrnmooin lie ISflWfi a Shfdier in the union affnji bgiil'H ohe aflit lh Hie s»ifvhw of li)j» fbllhtfft atill RfiUHg had hoi t'ben nufiiWl or hilled., . . . . uM Tim evident* in lit“ Itillitf gilJJ* rlMrllofeomthltUli Th»i«p*OH Was held futlrUl tii (mil of Ihoth ARRESTED FOR MURDER. .ißp.irtciit of till, (illy (Ilmrsoil wltli Killlim ft OomiiAnion un (lie riftlns, In October lost. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. 11. 0. Yates, whom wo mtmloncrt yesterday In connection with the cap* mrc of the Elkhoro bank robbers, arrested In Iho Sherman House a young man named M. B. Stick ct-y, who la charged with being Implicated In a murder committed on the Plains, In October last. Another tnppostd accomplice, G. W. P;ack, was arrested on the previous day In Rockford, and ie now lodged In the County Jail In this etty. The particulars of the murder are as follows: biichncr, who had been residing in Blit Lake City, previous to leaving that place formed the acquaintance of Black, and amrted for the rialns m company with one J. A. Blckrice. Slickucy had made an arrangement with Black to pay hla way to Chicago on condition of receiving iJO feel of ellver mines in Pah Raganet, io eonthMat portion of Nevada. Bickering and then iroceedcd together as far as North Platte, Black bllowing on horseback. In the ionmeya nnarrcl arose regarding the loss of a that bo made off with a amn of Tnoney which wM the property of the murdered nan. The prlaon era will be taken trom this city this morning. “BIG INDIAN.” A Notable Chief-' 1 Holc-ln-thc-DBjr.” Yesterday arrived at the Tremont House fro* Ibe far Northwest, a Chief of a once powerful nation, a great roan among a race fast dwindling ont of existence—no leas a personage than ‘*Holo ln•lbe-DsT,,, the head ol the Chippewa Indians of the Minnesota Agency. A day or two previous a delegation of sixteen prominent men of this tribe passed through this city on their way to Washing ton to arrange with the Government on the terms of tnelr removal to a reservation. "Hole-ln-the-l)ay, v as their Chief and superior, nrefera to travel l>y himself In order to ©scape the annoyance of public curiosity which always at tends the coming of a hand of red tndeo smarted a little later. Ho was accompanied hr Mr. Peter Kov, of Lillie Falls, Mien., and Mr. C. A. o* Crow Wing. Minn., who are men of in- Curace With the Inilans, understanding their Santee andhahlts from lorgresidcnMandflcal hg among them as trader-, and go at the renuMl oi the latter to aid them in couducline their bual nest with the “Client Father” at Wa-biuglon. They left Pt. Paul on Saturday and stopped but a lew nonrs here, leaving ahonllhreo o’clock yester day atiemoon by the Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne 11 1'he Chippewa Indians in Minnesota number at presentabont 8,000, of whom2,o(W holorgto the 1 Wisconsin Agency and the remaining O.OW. of 1 which this party arc a portion, to tho Minnesota Accnry. They bave owned Immense tracts or land m the northern part of that State. Our rtov errment has recently purchased hwgc part of this land, and already pain upon It 5200,U00. The Indians who are now scattered throughout the vast reclun from Ft Paul to the extreme nor bem fronucr of the British Possess "oni, have agreed to select a rcserva lion, to which they shall be removod-the balance of the land being bought by the United States, and the object of the , present mission Is lo decide upon lion of this tract, which shall be sacredly , let apart for their raaldcnca. Tho hhonld not bo confounded with the bloux, ttl.ofo horrid hatbantloa In I within a year or t*o, In altaeaing feeble and remote aett'ements. massacring, scalping, burning, carrying off women and children Into captivity worse than death, are still a tale of terror In that State, and not unforgotten elsewhere. Ihc former tribe is of a more peaceable nature, and more Inclined lo the arts of civilised life, hut still It Is deemed beaL and Is nrobsbly preferred by them, that they shall have a territory set apart for their exclusive domain, where they shall not he molested or lomplcd to "AVo movements all forfahadow Hie gradual passing away of tho race that once poop'ou and rnlcd this continent. The red man cannot stand against the onward march of civilisation. He adopts far too readily the rices of the pile face without his refining and ennobling virtues. The sound of the pioneer's axe, the onff of the steam* boat, the whittle of the locomotive, drive farther awav the beast and bird with which nature bad stocked his larder, and yet ho knows not and cates not lo learn How 1° cnl cultivate the soil, and earn his bread by the bard, prosaic toil of the civilised farmer, and so. cmif • Irctolhohahtta of his race, scorning ho life of the while man, proud even in bis rendition of do , clli Ine power and respect, the red man lingers in this new and crowing and not of it. “Uole-ln-thc-Hay,” Chief of all the Chlppewas ol the M’nncsoUi Aeercy, show* In a great dcgice he proud, unsocial spirit of the original, un lamed red man. Too haughty to mingle «llb the common throng of Chiefs wdo constitute this delegation, unwilling lo tnceUhegaf.eof Idlo cmloslly, he remained bo hind ami came im In aolhary stale, attended only hy the two Americans already named. He Is de scribed as a man of good Intellect and a capable Chief. He talks English lo a broken manner, ills costume consists, of a nroad-hrlmtncd black frit hat, woollen shirt, ordinary business coal, white flannel begins, and leather moccasins-* rmlous combination of clrtllrcd and sarago at lire. 11c seems to struggle between advantages of tho two conditions, llirlb,habit, the wild Instinct of savage liberty, hold him by strong chanst the power, ptogtcsi and wealth of tho clvillaert while msn, amllhe slow hoi Inevitable decay of his own race, both sway at times In hU untutored bieast. Jlnl the struggle of iheied man against the while man Is boneless. The Hon taken fioin the Jungles cannot be tamed to draw tn the har ness «m Ihe strrwt, Naturo Is stronger than art. at.d the future of the Indian seems to he the sad one oMuevllihle decay ami final oatlnc lun Irom among he peoples of inn earth. A CO*n PLICATION. Theft of rint-lroiia, nnA Charge of Adultery, The ciicUAoiinnod from Monfliy. of Pavld lltmmond, Mrs. Mary May and Mrs. loss John son, cbarpcd With Iho larceny of fiatdronaanda hand-axc, occupied Iho lime of Iho Police t ouil yesterday afternoon foran honrormoro. The I'lulen properly was lilentlfled hy I* P. CltrU, n hardware dealer at No. Itl Weal (larritoo street, near which place the parties arretted have been residing. Dot a portion of the property, ithe fl»l-lrons) was found at the house of Mr*. Dickson, at the corner of Third avenue and Van jtmen street, where Mias Ida May. daughter of •Jta. Mar, waaa servant. The evidence elicited traced them hark to No. C 3 Ucsplalnea street, where Waaler Charles Way lived. Charles was a very reluctant witness, and had been instructed • ot to swear agalest bis iclattona, and at first deni d all knowledge of the matter. Finally, h* acknowledged that ho and hi# enter Ida had * taken the from ursnlalncs etrect to Third avenne. it did not ap bow they exer passed from Harrison street to be'nUlnee. when Chnilc. nl, thronchlrn>i n duhion. qncellon to decide whether heltne* little or cocHdet»i t; uuot err .reject- ms etrwtr itie ... c elt trikd«•wltncM. She »»ld •{ ootldontoesTllhout It. She would CO 10 Jail be fore ehe would testify but the remained silent, finally cTClumlng. ton can take me right down to lad. if you I wanit to. but 1 shall not answer / oo £« i j qo ia Men*.” She was Imraedlatcly floed h J® for contempt of court, and an order givenror u committal to jail. The last, however, was J* voked a ilttlc later, she being required to ctve hall as a witness )»jrt. Johnson atu Mrs. uav wcie for trial In ball of *2uo each, and was discharged. nw-T.-rred A chares of adultciy was immediately prcu-irea .MtSSSSSmood .nd Mr.. M.y. II "..ohrun; tinted. np&n the testimony ol a y° u °* namsA Thomas kden. lie slated that al*t. Slay came to this city about six mouths ago to scare a of Mr. Hammond, hhc found him. and they nau bet-n living logttber since. Sho bad told Eden that she was afraid the policemen woold find It out. Eden had known of their reoresemlDe them selves as husband and wife. The boy, Charles Wav, said that his father died six years ago, and that he attended his funeral. At tbo next meeting ol the Grand Jury tl Is expected that Mr. Abraham Fask, of IVorla, lit, who. Ilia atleged. hai been one of the unfortunate husbands of this.woman, will annearas a witness acalnrther. It Is stated It.t while he WM.heenl In CullfoniU loreotcr«l vparshiß wife had two or three children. The u rerrhadly -mued," hnt Uammond Ind Wrs Jler were held for trill, upon the chime nude. In lull ot ISM each. FBI. Foucx aaro B»»i.ta.-Tbc tejnl.ricml trccblT rnacUac ot tbo Board ot Police, Fire aod Health Comariwioocra wjA held at the Central station yesterday aflotaoon. Ptcaenl-T. u. liroaa, Kao- In the Chair, and CotmaHtloncra Gotid and Tltaworth- ttbendl, plpeißßo; James Young, plpeman; Pal* nek Crawler, fireman; James lliley, driver. Engineer James Furlong, of the steamer “Cov entry," waa transtened lo the same position on the end fireman B. Hardy, of lbs “Coventry," promoted to be engineer. On motion of Commissioner Tilaworth the President was Instructed to draw up an applica tion to the Common Connell, requesting an ao* propriatlon to allow tbe appointment of two watchmen for the tower of the Court Hon sc, to striae the bonre and look ont for fires. The re* moval of (be office of the Ore alarm telegraph from the tower to rooms below take# away those who before acted aa watchmen, and it waa deemed necessary that men ehonld be kept conaiantlr to the tower to obeenrr Arcs, as in case the telegraph ahonld fail to work Urea might progress wilhont being discovered. The Board listened to sundry complaints In re paid to nnlraucea arising from offsl from packing homes and scavenger carts, and dlacossed plana for relict, witbont coming to any conclusion. The but of Captain George M. Hiller, former •Captain of Police, to the amount of SIM. for lojn rlea received intlie line of bts duty, was ordered to be paid out ot the police fund. John Matilas waa appointed a patrolman for the North Division on recommendation of Captain Sbciroan of that precinct. .... Commissioner Titsworth announced that ho ehonld need leave of absence for two or three weeks. In order to attend to business In Montgo mery, Alabama. The Board then adjourned. AtniJNl£ini£NTS. MoVicbu's Tuiath*.— Not long ilnce • series of Immoral exhibitions were given in a once popu lar place of tmosement here, which for a brief ecaeon drew immense audiences. Bat the police ponnetd upon 11 one day; to use a vulgar expres sion, they “palled ” the house, acatlcred the im moral performers to the four winds, and the result was tbalthc bouse was never entered by respecta ble twoplu again. In (act It was ordered to he converted into stores. As wo could not willingly dispense with our excellent thea tre on Madison street, which has been so lone a favorite and fashionable irsofl, wc hone no such result will follow the en gagement of the muscular female Kho is now do ing her lx st to emulate (lie attractions of the Cali fornia Combines, Last night the character of the performance, well as of (bo audience, was a strong and unpleasant reminder ol the last days of the Academy of Music. Thobousn was crowded in the door; there was scarcely standing room : every available snot and “coignc of vantage" ms occupied. And what went they forth to snot Not a play, certainly,for the mob which lined the passages, and leaped upon the ratlines, and crowded up on the window recesses, were ev idently uninterested m all that was said on (he stage. A lively hum ot conversation went round the house all the w hile the play was progressing, which was occasional; checked by the appear ance on lire scene of toe f> male shore allml-d to. | At such momenta there ensued a breathless ■lienee, and hundreds ol opota-glasses were lev elled at the stage. Ibe object of attraction was aolely the Titanic proportions ol the Amasiun who was there exhibiting herself, In defiance of all de.trsey, (nr the amusement of llio public. ‘Jodu the public Justice It limit be said 'hat (bn audience wrh by no means a select one, being tor (be most pari composed of the “ lasi” portion ol the cominutilly. very few ladies worn to be M-ew. audit may be charitably hop'd thsl such ladles ns were pic«rnl had not been warned of the siianietMH character «f the exhibition. ... During the ratHcr pari of the play lu which Miss Western’s costume was tolerably decent* rely mile Itibiesiwas rasnliesied* There were 1 freoiieht (Wechls to the basement with (lie itbsitrSßllon—"lbis Is (listed out (we'll see some (him! butler lb leh Infinites.’ 1 BUfe etuirtglii lb ten (ollihles thete was every ieMub. lo bj* gialt tied, Miss western has out lb all Ibe glow of ibUnlilve H»«luiHe, ttbfl atioilipf Ibiebi gss.e was lolidwed by aiiolltet limit ul esuef fetbafk sibobU * fntlil IMlMlltlttf MWW slefb IbfjHieb scebes pf Hie “Fft'mMi Biitf/ 1 ' fi um hoi a verv wjji>iiw«|i»|clii!lM. atm H. **■ wi-rtilsoine to slsnil or s(t llnoo hi the niliM of ■tinmrMiwnioHiliiaM lb liwn* ibunlmn4liM.rtf bmuMidduidy a r«u( jiabj« (tiasiiutihdli’ieiiaii* graded lo Mt/Mulm mi Mlwc»<iiu«dii>w. priMlBM nullity Imp) prmupMd ra«iu*r ab|» sltl sbpslo founhiftSM'e i spflfiflidß wM; b. If pr«* cuioed in some obscure basemeni of HJsrh street, wonln ba speedily phi fl slop in l»y ilia police, Miss Western will comlime her p.'normance of the French tipy liiU evening. Bbo was announced to appear in several muscular characters, but u u lliont’hl probatdo that the success attending her exhibition ol last night will Induce (he manage ment to alter the programme. Mrairai.—l-asi evening “Naval Engagements and “Mlnam’s Crime’' wore glvenlncapUal style In a crowded house. This affernoon •• All that (illiterate not (lold,’’ in which both Dillon and Uiloyne wtll appear, a duo of fun makers ecarcn cQualfed. In (no evening “Married pf«% and “Ibe Happy Man.” The lientfit of Mrs. Stone all on Friday night bide fair to be one of the most successful ones which nave taken place at the Museum. She cannot have a benefit too great as a tribute to her excellence as an actress and care lulncfs as a student of her characters. # Euswobtu Zouave Ball.— The second ball of Kllswerth Zonavea will be given In Crosby’s Music Hail on the Kth Instant. Extensive preparations are being made to render It one of the best of the t.cQ-or.. The corps now numbers nearly one hun dred members, all well drilled and In a high state of efficiency. . LiW INTELLIGENCE, Ihe Circuit Court Is not In season. The new anils were In replevin by Lewis J. Day to recover a cheat of tea from B. Hendricks, William 0. •Wirt, John M. Cneter and George Wirt. An action on the case wascommcnccd by Chaa, Langurnnn, damages being laid at *I.OOO. An action on the case was also commenced by Jacob and Caroline Meister against Neill P. Peter son, damages being laid at *I,OOO. Ihe suit is \ bronchi to recover for injuries alleged to have re soltcd to the female complainant by being knocked down by the horse driven In a sleigh by Abaction of assumpsit was commenced by Patrick Lamb against Omar 8. Richardson upon an account for piling pig iron, *1*3.69. 8 An action of of a similar form was John end Herbert Baldwin against Wheeler & Syme, the damages being laid at *I.OOO. . attachment Issued at the suit of Haines * Storey, attorneys, apslnst Abnerand Frank Allen, on an indebtedness of *ICO for professional ser vices. The writ issued on the ground of fraudu -IC?n Snperfor'conru'coininon WrtnaO. ttu following auita were dismissed: • jilaJcom vs. McClernand. Jaeger vs. Hoislngton. Brown vs. Rogers. Keefe vs. Met*. Bfr, Carver clal. for the uac.&e., vs. d. Y. Scammon, the jury returned a verdlct of culUy, and assessed the plafntiOs damages at *3lO. shls case was mentioned yesterday. . . The case of Wealman agalnst Commerclal Insurance Company, to recover on a pollcyds now ° n ßcfore Judge Jameson a decree was rondewd in I the divorce case ot Tuttle againstTntUc (recently snorted). noon a hcartne In court. The chancery suit ofßodson vs. M&ckerbln wta dismissed, and default was entered against J. M. Adslt, allte suit of the same plaintiff. , , In we case of Grocndycke against Orocndycke, 1 Inlly staled yesterday, temporary alimony a salts were of Solomon Harris vs. tiouis Harris. attachment on an alleged Indebted ness ofStftS.&j. . . , n . T. N. Wadsworth ctaUfor the use of U.T. Helm v*. James Johnson, assumpsit. Damazes Gncfcnbcck vs. Casper Gcerlng. ll *fiSsic’j. Gilbert, guardian, and Anna E. Haven, guardian, presented petitions to sell real i-Blateot minors under their care. Several citations were Issued In the County Court to administrators and guardians, but the business of no new estates were entoredtxpon. The Recorder’s Court has not 7"* ratered *VOn the criminal business of the term. n-corded In the dlvoracsol'* of Amanda E. aga n»t William Simpson, and of Frances vs. Merrill P. Batchelor, and the cases were referred to a master. Scnpat School Concanr.— Philip Phillips, of Cincinnati, well known, especially to the Metho (list public, as a sweet eloper of Sabbath School music, pave a concert last evening tn the Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Church for the benefit of ‘the Chicago Methodist Sabbath School and MUilonary Union. Uo was assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Osborn, of this city, and by a Mr. h-ager. The house was crowded with a very pleasant I audience, who pave that mort flattering of testi monials to the excellence of the performanec-t silent and constant attention. The performance conslstoo of solos hy Mr. Phillips, with a few du etts and quartettes. Among the Pieces were The 1 rap tor Mfs. M *Ule Boil,** A Ihourand a Year,” and ‘’Where do lou Journey,” and one or two familiar pieces in which the audience I J o jjf^ phnu probably does not claim much mertfaa an Instrumental performer, as his accom palnmenls aic of an uncurtain and Inartistic style, hut bis voice Is very pleating and flexible, and his execution of the simple heart songs Ijeaulllul. It 1s a pleasure to llstun to so unaffected and loach -1 The other votcoa were good and the harmony ox Cl The t t»abbath School Union, nruler whose an apiece the concert was given, netted some *3«, after paying Mr. Pbllllps* expenses, which U ail 1 the charge that LemaUrs. Onrnair ’Airum.— Yesterday afternoon the lloaid of Lady Managers oflhe Chicago Orphan Asylum held their regular monthly meeting attbo Asylum, on Michigan avenue near Twenty-second strict. The following list of donations was acknowl edged by Iho Treasurer t* J. Karr, Jf.,|sr.;C.C. Kellogg, ItnjN.J.llowe, 110: Parker, Cullon Abprsgue, fWt haitrtM In nv Milton, IW.Oflr John 11. Turner, #l«0; It. K. Watkins. flOUt tleorgo L. Uhtijilwi*. imi A. J, A'etcll, |I0; A. 11. HmJey, •>lfls, P;.*-,' v ; fM»; psialo of Mis. HaishVlnk, |i3o} 1 . L-Sos, einri: Msik Kimball, turn V. cnajdu. »b'; ?>i:dou lllair, fdu;A K.Hcut ft xllilfwipi. *'®S Amount paid 43J (’ash on hand Resides tbo above donations In money, n Urge amount of groceries and provisions were received at Die Asylum during the month, amounting la all ro about the value of fmo. The ladles, after attending lo soma of tbe rou tine business of the Asylum, adjourned. Tit* Patna Exrosmnjc or IfiOL—Thp following article* were forvarded to Now York yesterday hy Alderman V, C. P. Holden, In addition to thlproenls bet elofore made; From Dubuque Level & Lead Mining Company, R. Stevenson, Super intendent, eampleof lead ore contributed by Du buque Produce Exchange; samples of wheat and barley from Dubuque Produce Exchange; pro ducts, minerals, soil, Ac., Ac,, from J. M. Hhaufer, <uto ('ommUsionv of Io*a; samples of floor irom Olnislcad, Pitlnam A Co., Darlington. Iowa; manor Jones County. lowa, from Thompson* Everts, Anamosa Iowa: samples of broom com from Wight A Dnnton, Chicago; | holograph* of the Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad depot buildings, with annual report* of the same road from Robert A. Gilmore, General Ticket Agent; Photographs of coal horning engines, from 8. J. Hayes, tjoperlnlcodCDt of Machinery, Illinois Central Railroad; photographs of depot build ing* and land department building* o[ wo. Illlcol* Central Railroad, from John B. Calhoun, land Cotnmi?sloner.fillUnol* Central RaUroad, Uthogtarblc view* of raising a block of build lues In Chicago,ftom Holllugsworth A Coughlin, pholographsot Douglas’ ard other monuments, from L W.Yols; sample of sugar, made from snear beet*. from John B. Calhoun; samples of SSwa Slier seeds, from John b. Calhoun. I*>nd Commissioner Illinois The above were shipped by thei Blue-Une, <ll £ Sargent, Gcnvral Agvnt) free of charge. Wiall‘l up the shipment of *ll tinns to the Pari* Exposilkn. a* received by the Commissioner up to Ibis dale. The railroad «P«Ss companle* bare generously carried free ot charge from the .beginning. So commUtec tender ihdr hearty thank* for the courtesy. , COMMON COUNCIL. lOmCULBEPOST. ] Special Meeting, February 5, ISC! JVW-Ul. Honor the men Barrett, Sn‘S h A»^|a&^ Woodard, Hunlley, Proudiool Franxen. The Clerk read the call%t the special which, on motion of Aid. wai ora lobe Placed on file. ' , cnaurxn a«sp»ests. . Aid. Carter moved to Uke np the report of 1.. c Committee on Finance on the prono*ed amend ments to the CUT Charter presented bj the Chi cago Botrd ofDnderwmets. AiterthcClork'ud read Ihe report and the P AFd”^'liSS"‘Sowd’ th.l the CooncilS»lntfi Conmlnct ol ihe (Tirol. amtodraTits re- itself into Committee of the Whole, Aid. Bolden in the chair. Afur silling,the committee rose, and through Us chairman, recommended that the report be not cosentred to, and that the proposed amendment* be not adopted. Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the report of the Committee of the Whole bo concurred 10. Aid. Wicker demanded the ayes and noes. Iberepoit was concurred in hr the following To JiVrs— Aid. Knickerbocker, D'Woli; Barrett, Calkins, Finnncan. Wsliwork, Moore, Prlibie, ItlcoU, Bixby, HuasclU Qastfleld, Hub, Kneel, tbackford. Clark—l 7. __ jvoff— Aid. Carter, Wicker, WUmarth, Holden, Lawson, O'bullivsn—6. Aid Carter moved the adoption of the follow* Isg edditlcnal ami ndmenl *o the Charier: b*c. The power of assessment conferred by section one of the act amendatory of the Revised Charter of said cltr, approved February 15lh, loss, is hereby encoded to. and made to include the laying or relaying of any gas or water service plp-.loho paid for wholly or In part by special as?caetm*nl, asfi the doing of which Is within the Authority and discretion of tbe municipal govern* Trent of asid city, and the Commissioners of said Board of Public Worka shall assess the amount directed by tbe Common Connell to be assessed for any such Improvements, with the costa of the proceedings therein, upon the res) estate by tbcm de.*mcd specially benefited by such Improvement, In proportion, as nearly as may be, to the benefit resulting thereto. Ine Mayor directed tbe ayes and noes to be called, and the proposed amendment Was adopted by the following vote: • „ . Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter. D’Wolf, Wlckct, Barrett, WUmarth, Calkins, Wallwork, Moore, Filsble. Talcolt, Iloldea, Uuaiell, Ack* hoff.Gastfleld, Huh, Bbacklord, Lawson, Clark, O’boliltan— SO. Ao«#—None. Aid. D’W’otf moved that Ibo Clerk be Instruct* cd to forward to the Legislature a certified cap; of the foregoing proposed amendment to the Charter. Carried. Aid. Clark oflered the following: limited, That for the purposes of addin; to thoofllcicncyul the Fire Department of the city of Chicago, that the Legislature of the State now In session, ho mcmorlallrcd and requested, by Charter amendment, to transfer the charge and direction of said Department to the Common Council, and (hat (ho Corporation Counsel bore ntiesliMi to draft such amendment as may be suit able fur that purpose, and submit tbs same to Ibl" Council for adoption. . .. ... Ald.AckhoiT mored the adoption of the fore* **°AlA Hhackford moved that It bo tabled. Carried. Aid. Knickerbocker offered the following I . Ilf'olrni. Thai till- Connell will entertain no more proposed amendments to the City Chartertu bn aunt to the present Legislatin'. ... . ... Aid Holden mored that (be resolution bo laid on (he table, carried, ~*««. Aid. Catler moved that the Connell do now * l 'lhe* motion prevailed, and the Council stood Bdjuuiuia. A ||,nnllMAN,*Cllr Clttk. LOCAL MATTERS. A Wnnilns lo Volins Ij«rtle» (Cau tion 1)-A lady of this dly became to all appear ances sudden/u f/f. A physician being called, It was found that she ban been using one of the many articles advertised for Improving the com* pinion* known as King’s Cold. Cream Bqan. Upon tniiuiryll was found that tbs aniclt had made sneu an Improvetneut In her appearance that she actually fainted with Joy alter using 11. AH /foie soft rthtl it h iff If ffrtrr* sdin /•* IM “ At (oho os / con tfef If nintttt Poid In chicfltio by Ur die ft stfrft I Btlrh, na Cfatk Street % wholesale ehd re* islf I*v PtuilC ft uwtefi A«k yotitatuitttsifuHtt A iHfIV WltU IIH, HHIII'FWI I'*' iiiiiiiilip 111# mu-1 «if#m« nifiuie 'j"!i, 1? ,! “/<Wj Im# liPPlt I'ttK ItjplPlJi ( ! (((P ( I Ilf tljlfi fliMM* '{"|V|3v o(i¥ii(l*l:Ve's MHBAf ilini'AMW it**' l nit, uni)« dimilii Ab#iiHi linn iiiiiiinii 11111111# I'nioritl Hull" «#i# min dinlna "i" I 1 *" >”*l' '■'lie I'mnhlln Mrlnlt dlm'llln»i nlulniiied inriimlwt Bini|>lin|ij'i Br«i •J" 111 '' i mil imnjtneß romi>rn«ftnu iiw«r. I 1 '* 1 if JSSnl'r mill) e|i>jii men unrt two iiorßM, In flelfipnip fl r tlMyind mU« a,OMI toH.ani hr rw |wr Kmr J. H. ItKNink, IV«|»rUloi, No, 71 Uroad nay, New Vorb, Room >*t>. Heat, ||«alllt and Comfort lo mother and Child.-Mr*. Window's Hoolhing f«r children teething, softens the gnins, reduces in flammation, allays all pain, I- an ‘i u^ n ™“,s v i"l collie. Perfectly safe In all cases. Wo would say to every mother who has a Bartering child, do not let jour prejudice, nor the prejudice* of others, stand between you and your Buttering child and the relb f that will be sore—yes, ■ , '*o , itelyenra —to follow the use ot (tiUmedicine, If timely uaed. Tblrty*flve cents a bottle. Itch I Scratch 1 1 lloyd’e dedicated Cream cures ttch, ecra'cbce. and all skin diseases. It Is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain* specially adapted to children. Sold hy oil drag Colcnlo & Co.’s Winter Sonp.-Uo commcndcd for chapped bands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It mav 'be ob tained ol all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Jnnlncr Tar Soap cure* chapped hands, salt rhcom, pimples, and all cutaneous ai fcctions. rendering the skin soft ofd smooth. Manufactured by Caswxll, Macs «fc Co n Now York. Sold by all drogglsta. fboh bloomikgtok. Vote of McLean County on the Indus trial College Question—The County Bid for the Institution—Fatal Ball road Accident* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] I Blooxixqtoh, February 5. j A special election was held in this city to-day, I at which a proposition was submitted to authorize I the county of McLean to appropriate *200.000 to 1 seenre the location of the Industrial University in I this city. Sufficient returns are In to indicate that I the majority in favor of the proposition is from I .200 to 1,500. In the city and township of Bloom- I Ingtoii 1,874 votes were polled, of which 1,870 are | fO Tbo C bffof P tWi city and county ht lh« college 1 r„°,v^ d^sii. c K«ar m «ca •as£: $200,000; Unde andotlicr valuable property, the I ciib value of which le pnarantced to be SIOO,OOO, m.Ujc a total of $500,000 In caab. ThU la un doubtedly tho beat bid that baa jot been olicred lor the college, and when the geograohlcal posi tion and railroad facilities of this city are property considered, It wonld seem that unless some other | locality make# a better showing than has yet been 1 presented to the Legislature, that the importance of the institution to the people of the entire State demands that U bo located at thfj» point. Abrakemannamed Alex. bis Ices badly crashed between two carewhlle in oB?o“hU llmb“bu;tbi man Sad In nnont two boure aflerwardb FKOa ST. LOUIS. Tit a Late Hebei Price Comfortably Pro- Tided for—The Teat OaCU Question— Blvcr NnvtcaUon. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, February 5. It is understood that tbo friends of Stirling Price have abandoned the proposal to present him with a residence, and are obtaining subscribers to a new life Insurance company, with Price as President at a comfortable salary. The insurance men and independent steam* boatmen propose concerted measure* against the new stylo of bills ol ladle* adopted by the packc* companies. . . , The Pacific Railroad Company Is not responsi ble lor tbe proposition before the legislature ex changing the State lien on said road forelock. Udlcs Interested In the Home for Erring Females, are getting up remonstrances against licensing the prostitutes as petitioned lor by about three thousand ctPacne. . ... -„ . □Judge Moody has decided that the United ales Supreme Court decision nullifies the tost oath as applied to jurors and refuses. tci enforce the oath, lie says ho goes against tbe Missouri S W m r!«??.Vo;X S ®ri&oon. TJildcnl It another Ice gorge has broken above. Tbe me has been nearly Ibrco feel since morning. The Ned Tracy Is the first arrival from below. The Illinois River and Kcoknlt packets are preparing to resume their trips. FROM ISI)IA>’ATOLIS. Rlyrtcrlone Disappearance of a Saloon Keeper— Suspicion of I'oiil l*lnjr Hotel Injured by Fire —Court nat ter*, Ac. IHpcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 IxntAiuroue, February 5. A man bvthc name of McCoj, who keeps a saloon on Virginia arenne, has turned npmlssing, and Uls feared ho bis been foully dealt with. Uo wont to bed at the usual hour last night, and this morning ho Uls revolvor was found lying on the iloorwlth four of the barrel discharged. Evidences of a scuffle were also visi ble. He bad some trouble with two men who wero arrested some time ago for attempting to rob his saloon, and it U believed they hate kidnapped and made way with him. lie was a single man. and slept lu his saloon. The mailer Is being lu Vr ’Uie*Tsmlllon House, on South Illinois slreel, look fits this mottling shout a o clock. A consM- Pialde amount ol damage was d"ne. although the engines succeeded In puilli'C the fire out before the building was consumed. The origin of the fire is not known. , Iho Common Pleas Court commenced Its era. iton yesterday. There about l,uuu eases on the ’’ihJvonnc Men'. ClirKlun Axoclilloa li«»o a tintßltnar. .ml «'» n> »!"!»• for destitute and abandoned women In this city. FUOJI FUANKFOUT, KT. lion. Am V . Or«T« Nominated for Conßrna In tin* Vllih OonirPM«lon«t llUlrlct-Tlie CRndidaiN Antecedent*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Prlbnnc.l Fiumcronr, Ky , February ft, Ko legislative proceeding# of Importance to day. The Democrat* of the Fifth Congressional Dis trict held a Convention at Lagrange to day. to nominate a candidate for Concrete. The name* of the Uen. David A. Merryweatber. Hon. Robert VaUorr, Dr. John K. Buchanan, Boyd winches ter, Esq.. and Hon. A»a P. Grover, of 0«n S resented to the Convention. On the filth oallot lr. Grover was nominated hy a vote of fit to 43. Mr. Grover, thouch a strong Democrat, la a gen tleroan of liberal views and exceedingly popular wttb all parties. Uls nomination Instead of each hitter politicians a* Buchanan and Meirywealaer U a source of gratification to yoong Kentucky. Dnchanan U the editor of a Democratic review In Louisville, lie may now tetcraedcx-doctor. e»-phrenologist, ex-splrltuallst, ex-ltnct. Merrr weather I* an cudwbccl-borae of »he Democracy, 2d the men whom liarty Clay dnbbed the ** knight of the nrub» clla.” FROM DUBUQUE, IOWA. .Tfcetinir In Aid of a Railroad Between Bnbnque and Ittonrof) WLs, Drnt'Qt’z, lowa, February 5. —An cnthnslastic meeting was belo last night, lo discuss the advan face* anfftwceseUle* of a railroad between Du buque and Monroe, Wijccnjtn. Uwt* arguedthat It would furnish an outlet to the rrodacc of thw Mate. The road would pass r £ nch In mineral wca»th. The Illinois Centnu. u was said, discriminates between lowa and Ihhiois ttrigbU Tne road would largely enhance H»e ma terial prosperity of Dubuque and the enure State. It is adestable investment for capltjri. trr.d to break down monopolies. Enthusiasm tan high, tad a determination was w move at once, and wllh power lo secure the early com plellon of this thoroughfare. . Resolution* were taken up cxprossl'C of the scnseoflhe people. Olhermeciinc* wlllbeheld during the week to set the ball rolling . The enow, which was faking all day yesterday, is melting away under the beams ol a friendly and unclouded sun. ITlnrderer* Held for Trial. ivniAwarotis, Ind., February s.—Cbanncer Pare the wretch who murdered hi* wife end tnotber-ln-Uw, and attempted to murder a young udV a short time since.analpaia^o,ana who arrested at Chicago. Is etlll In jail at Laporle, ■Kfrtla2* Ihe young! ody has instituted a soli latest him, fay ing her damagai at *IO,OOO. The *r_._ i n »ii C case were filed a few dsys ago. and a artachment was lasuea and levted open unlulsU lh.l be wUlbo.b.o- Febmarr 5.-Thc wrotch.d IhnuclTOK. lUj. bM j on „|. wile to bro.Jl?, r aUa2ieilb«. law »«ta «o. la aid in tail here. Hla action and aoeech. alnce k« c»i« dfroxa hi. insane fit of Jealousy. India* • rmfitaot frame of mind, lie la (fait) tan* not ao anxloua to die a. when Aral cap tured, FROM LOUISVILLE* Fordone ond Borelorlee. (Special Despatch to (bo Chicago Tribanc.] 1 J-otnavnik, February B. Napoleon Roberta, who wm convicted of man •laughter, at the present term of the Circuit Coart, and sentenced to two year*’ confinement in the Stale Prison, was pardoned by Got. Bramlctto to-day. George and Scott Roberta were also par doned by the Gorcrnor to-day. All of the parljea were negroes, and were Ipdlded for tbe murder of John Bell, another negro, In a row at a pic ole i at t May. Tbe ca»ea against George end Scott bad been cor tinned. . There were several burglaries hi the city last night Tho largest amonni stolen was f3OO worth ofgooda from McGill A Mullen, merchant tallora. FKOM NEW TOES. Fire—Catro of tbe Alleced Cuban Prl« wateer—lnjured by tlio Fall of an Em* banlunci t Another Heavy Bond Bobbery* Nkw Yona, Fobruarr 5.—A fire at Well«vllle,. Alleghany County, on Friday, destroyed the Prtst printing office, and a large number of stores and dwellings. Loss, 1115,000; Insured for •70,000. „ . Judge Irgrtbam. In bis charms to tbe Grand Jury of tbe Court of Oyer ana Terminer, tn structed them that gilt enterprises were Illegal. An examination of (be case of Ibo privateer con firms the fact there was lound on board a largo amount of abclla, ammunition, cartridges ond a Chilian flag. . „ By tbe fail of an embankment In Brooklyn, yes terday, three laborers were seriously and perhaps lalally Injured. . . , . Between 13 and 1 o'clock tbo office of Leonard V. Jerome, on Wall street, was entered by bur glars and robbed of liun.ono In 0-30 United States bonda. Tlio detectives have some hopes of accur *Dflios/caroor*Clty of Paris, from Liverpool Mil, and Unccnstown atth January, baa arrived. Theabip llaxard arrived to-day from Han Fran elaeo. Hbo brought 18,916 sacks of wbeat. A FALSE 11EF0KT. The Deported Itlaaurre of Firiy»ulno irietiby Indiana Oonlmdlctod* The lollowlng dflrttialcb by lolegraph correcis a reiiurt llmt was fitthllwliml leslerdaf. It U from 1 bo IMvlslon Hnpeflnlemluiiiof Ibn United Hiale* tinress t-'uinpaiiy, at Uetiver, Colorado t •« Dennir, Col. February I.—'Thera la nol a word of truth In Ibn fudlaii massacra oti the Hmokv Mill. Tbo Unlird Stales Express Oumpany's (laches, egpreas and mall, are arriving bore on Ime. aa nsnol. Heaie Uave ihe .report corrocwd u tbe Chicago poprra. W. 11. UormiLL. Futon Pacific Ilnllru&d—An I!xplaun< Hon. fir. Long* February n.—The de«patch from Junction City. Kansas, doled January :UH,sftf ng >bat city would ko (lie lermlnu# of tbe Union I'actflc Railroad during tbe coming summer seems lo Love cmitt yed ft triotiß impression In reaatd to IbPftCtnsl condition (tribal company. Ibede stiftlcb slmp't tiP'ftnt jbftt .ItinHlon LTty wotild be (bo outer point on lire road from which frelubL lou to Colorado and WeW Mesltu would be duue Mils season.. Tbe Uhion Faclfic Railroad is al irsily cotHi'leled twetiiy inllea berond .funcl on (Mlv, fcbd ttftibs afe (lift. p dill, oinl lirt (nn'l HMIW flblsbfa lo riot Fllswoillij eUtt inlie» fuMbef. b/lbeflfsj ofAjulL 'm'HHiion* Auhliimi (imiln IHmmi* Italia**. Ft. imw. Mirimr/ DmwiV't Tn* iiill i4i'[)J'iMiW mit ram* /mm jJip pmihiipt it'ifn* *»i »»$»»♦« f»i» or llirnnyli I { ■» aifllv (tom Muirti I*l m i«i. niwiii ()»« sairsiaraft'fifaws^’i™ dollar# wnrlh nfraule died iMlyear. II I* aUo »«i(l dial wills valued at aovtn umi n half million of dollar! were sold and driven out of kan»aa laal year. Attulralu Texas, New Orleans, Fabrnary B.—Official Infortnv Hon from Fort Mclntosh report# that twelve or fifteen bandits. roamttc tho country l*l*eeu lb" Ntncos Illver and San Autooio, had killed cum person# and pillaged bouses. Major Hogan, with a tmall party, started In pannit, and succeeded in killing three, and capturing twelve norace, with the loss of one man. .. .. . Captain John A. Wilcox, with a scooting party, on the 16ih of Jsnnsiw, near San Saba, pawed a larty of Indians and overtook and killed two of hem. New York Slate Workingmen’* As* aembly. Albany, Fcbrnary s—l he S’ate Workingmen*# Assembly met Unlay. Tho President delivered an address favoring the eight hour system, the protection of the wages of workingmen, and ex emption of fl,ouo Income from taxation, and dep recating fhe employment of convicts at mechan ical branches of Industry. Fires tn maasactmsetts. Boston, Fehmanr s.—Tbl# morning of the Coiry Oil Companv, tn Chelsea, with tho adjacent building and a largo stodt of oil, were burned. About 6,000 gallon#ofoil and naptha were destroyed. Los# about (5,000. The Baptist Church, Odd Fellows’ Ha l. and J. Hams’ extensive shoe Marblehead, were burned last night. Loss ofHarrta, f 150,000, insurance 165,000. miclilffttn Sorshum Grower*’ Conven- tion. Detroit, February s.— The Michigan sorghum crowcrs held tbclr annual meeting stTeonmwh, Michigan, on the 13th Instant. The Conversion will last three days, and gives promise of being a very important one for that interest. A number of premium# will bo awarded for the best speci mens of products of the sorghum plant. 'Wool Grower*’ Convention. Detroit. February 5.-The Stato Agriculmial Society have uUled with the Wool Growers’ Aseoclatlon, and called a general Con vention of wool-growers and farmers at Ann Arbor, for the 14th, 15th and I6ih Instant*. A gen eral invitation is extended to wool-growers and sheep-breeders of other States. Clearances of Wbcat from San Fran* cisco. Saw Fuascmco, February s.—The following Te**ela with cargoes of wheat and flour, cleared to Vc° “O. I!. MOBle.Walter and Vircim., fof Cork : Archibtld Hnlton. Castle, Hercules, Boderhlddea and St. Joseph, for Liverpool. Railroad Thief Arr^, tcd# TUcnaoijr, February u. W. Tolard, the F.rlc Katlmao Jer £ absconded flora Jertpy Cn» fifteen thousand dollars, was or rce,r .a ncrc to-night. MARKETS B 1 TELEBRAPH. New York Financial Nows, [Special Despatch to CM Chicago Tribune.) Nrw Tore. February S-vU CiiTCjon*”- Tte market belore the call was strong. and on the call wee strong until It reached Michigan Southern, when the Dears commenced hammertoe, and the mar* ktt weaktnsd on the balance of the list. After the ral!,when t*ie entire list tell offhypresiuieofthe Dears ftilly one per cent, the market was ran up Tory fast, end some reaction was natural, hot the under tone was firm. At 13:00 m. the market waa firm aad steady. At 13:15 p. m. another raid was made upon Erie (colu mns). ltd It sold at MV. New York Central at 101*1; Michigan Southern at 73*. At the one o'clock call the whole list waa belter and stocks were strong, anl after the call Erie (common) rose to 60*, which f-retard to be more from the covering ot ihorta than Irom partlce baying long. About 2jo p. m. the bears made another raid upon Krtc (common), amd loldltdown to IS*. and the whole list sympathised, and on the BJO call there lacked llte and animation, and tbs market bad wbst U called the "dry rot.” Iho monor marks; la easy to good bouses at C psr cent on eall on stocks, and at 439 psr cent on Governments. Gold opened at 13714. and sold up to 138)4. and dos*d at 136)4. It held vary steady st 137*. when suddenly, and without any ap parent esnsc. It tell off to the closing quotations. At 0:00 p.m. the market was steady, with no particular deilro toss'! stocks. Brie. &8* ; Ulchlgaa Southern, T»*; Cleveland ft rntibnrgb. 83*; Northwestern, 4R*; do preferred. 76)4; Fort TVayne. 37*. Thsre has been considerable realUlng to-day. and ws look for a market more Heady hereafter until Congress does de cide upon the financial question.' I Associated Press neporl.l N gw Yoex, Fcbrnary 9. nojirr. Money easier: large supply seeking. Investment at 6 OTc per cent on call, wltb something doing U4Gi»vcrn menu at ft percent. , roario* nscnAVOl. _ . . Sterling firmer at tos* tor good first-clau bins. oolp. , , Gold firmer, hut market Irregular and unssttled, opening at 137* advancing tows*, and closing at 137. * «H»v*nii»itKrs. Governments more active and HOS bettsf. LATEU. 111*1*0 SHARIS. Mining shsrea were sctlve to-day. Carydon sold largely In the forenoon at MMMu. subsequently fell to 7M; and again advanced to MftaWk Gregory heavy, fal'lng from 1179 to 11«0. darts Mill weak, falling from 4-W to toe. Bmllh ft I’armilM fell from Ttft to TOO; Usld 11111 Ifom 470 to 471.• oovgßKHßrfta. ... Government* closed firm at the highest rales of lbs Coupon*, ‘ai...iD«*i4io"'4l twfc Co pons •«I... , WHi*in«H taps roupofts, 'at..aloa jjssios* Toscrses 05.... Cl.w «* Coupons, •«.. .107 »*IO7H I . 1 mwsM.Aaaofs rroms. The ll'ori.r* rustier arilcio morn ** throughout ths iiav.fmt pneca Irrs/nla? toward toe close,and the market drained. Ths Showing wsrs ths I 111. ivm lIIIWIH W Till" «v“ «, rttut' »!'.« •} Hud50n........133 nslirW I h.**4 JV's t1eai11titf........109 ssIDStJ I N. W. prd...... fldv« JJ M.Crate.. .l« «l»* I Ft, Wayn* 81**4 W old hooihtrn,. n* oo l u) Gold closed atttt*. Tlic Produrc ITlarkeU. NEW YOltS. Nsw Tone. February 9. Cotton—More artiee, snd prlcea without cbsnre, vitn tales of 3<SOO bales at for middling "’’Sf’-ntctlrU 5.W1 bfl. M.rkrt IU» Mlur, aedmore dome. with sain* of 12,300 hrls at epJVitd-lo for nterCw state and tie*itm • flO.JO®ilU larextra WtMtrnt |tl.tOaUJO for choice: 9U.50311.03 ftr extra ronod boon Ohio, and fiMOand *i;.iO Cbr trade brands—market closing Ann. tvyravay—yirm, with borers at 50c and rePer* ata&- ln whf at-Recelnta n,Trm>»hels. ..lU:ketlsSe better, with sales ofaDOOhn at »JJO t r No. 3 Milwsakn: tor N'o. 3 do; 93.19 for white Canada; fbr W of 5,000 tra Weston* ta lots at H.9v®l.W«»®aJl parcels of Canada at 11.28. * Haney—Firm, with sales of bn Canada Westln '^Parley^kUlt— Finn, with sale* of 900 bn at »c. Corn-UcctlP».3.3v«bo; Tra«»«t le better: salesnt

SsOODbn at | for mixed Western la store, la- with sales of bn at CIS fur Western. BeceipU, 2,950 bn. nice—Nominal. Cnict with sale* of ISO hhds at 10 AtCVc forbnha and 11 Me ftr Porto Ktco. *vmu»e*—Cm*!. Nrw Orleans S-c Ptirolf nm—Firm. with s*l-» of I,VW brls at J9c ftr crude. ao<* »»«** w»r refined In bond. Sfttbwfc*of *l3 brtaat f»*»a.asftr Brwm«*a.clcilnc at 9»-35 ftr Western: m«* c&lncat }».« r-rcnlar; tor prime, and »19.cU2i0.00 for prime neae talM. I*4 brU Im. ,?«jt.TJ, teller February twl March. Itoef-MoreactlTe,with «al« oft.®3brUat 91. •20 to tor new extra mt*f. Tierce beef steady, wtta M. .. »..»» with sale* of JM bxa, at WKc Or Cum brrland, and 13c tor loa* cut ham*. KSHu" o ffiS'S»«. r 2S2f«’» b.u,»t iixa lOxauclettorn.,.l a«te OMo. i at IhMlc I MILWAUKEE. 1 (£i*clal Deipatcb to the cnicaro Tnbtme.l 1 UiLVimr, February 5 - Flour—Qutet but Arm. Sales ot *,«O brls, at JIS.OJ tot «wiKh» , e superior winter; fIOJO tor .rarer *°-mS>-AdTanctd 5c at the moraine hoard. Sales. "OfiObn gale*atthenoon board, 18,000h0.at41-51 tor xTj to store and seller** option. February; *5.00. bnj« StiJaSrrtnwn ll.TTtorNo.Sln.lore xfuaf Leo for rejected la store, and *5.0 tor winter deUrered. oatt-«t*ady. Sale* cf COO bn No. sto stare at tine. jj*Z_Flnner. bu,at*lcforso. Ito tor N 0.3 Instore, and *oc tor Nw. 5 do- Urered. • t’orn—Nominal. .... . Bar i ey -Qnlct. Salei of «W bn by sample, dedrerei. ‘mll.liina-Plra. Cltar port. «JUI0; clip mtt> port. ,I!JftJt3.S!,V: prtot no* ,»•» i ertra print. 11l M. M ?r555SUi “* * , sr n w’* «<>"• 8T - ““SWfwwi., .. .«!<•• «t K4MI.M for common StSiSM^ v e “-" vs* m S5“T®5r? “oirTprlns; for pnm, All; •m-MB' SuSlmtttU- IW mlwd, B=3*lo Mr «Aiaw uvatfic for while- with .mall aMei at i to^ wrhama; bulk •boellara and clear nS c-b aw» nckar aideast «\c; clear rib BiLTUioax, February 9, I Prime white scarce acd steady at 11.05; mixed sgs^wsafl^ %£gssPlS^ wwaey * IquIHVILLE. , w I T/iconiLta- Kf n February 5. I .Tobacco—Active, with sales of m hbda light lag* at I 13 tos medlomeelecUomf 19.75. I Wheat— Prime rad, IJ3J. SJZ&SltSt*™*- clear .M* • tl*c i pitta 1 b F?onS-litip«r.lloJJo. . I sugar—Fume New Ofltioi) HKt* I c«>Kc-n*o.tlXc. I Whiskey— B»w, 9945. I c*uon-Bal«aat»Kfr I - Mawrors, February 8. I mttan—Pall and declining, wiibaalra oi middling I atsofl Receipts Wt bales. Exports (,999 bales. *iMMf tSSinMoiieliMiwl. “f" “" ,0 'VrXnc'vw *. rniuniLSDiA. M . I muon-rut*, February 8. SM!: n.lpi or .ocernno ,1 ,1,0».1D.M I Nnrthwriu-rn brawl# at Iri.fXViU M. , . .. Wbtat-Uoiet. Prime acarce aI|9.OU&9.UM l white at IS.UMN 10. l ! om-AtS*of , S'«l'« I,™ 1(0 neir follow ol one. tiata-Hiraily. H«l*a wiilakff-irnlli lI.W fnr oonlrabando. , . . Petroleum—Aeilre. bales of a.ow hrj*. fop next moßila' dellrery, at lb- fur mult i reflofl Armor. BUFFAI/O. lit-ppAto, FebtuaryS, Flonr— Steady «d nnehanged. Wbeat-llnielllH aodnonilnsl. . . . M 4 Corn-OM western at 9le, aad new Tolelo at ear. Qais-Unrhanttal. pj,_Pcan-r and nomlptl. . Parley—yulet and urn-handed* t| Sfeshapimaßse'- Isla^FlfliijHlSldSJei «*,!.» Ml PrtlM M eIBIM Mil. I flgwosM**#, PfbrnxryH. I foUfri-Earier, Low middling aisw, and middling I Ht sic. lUt vll'U for (our Java, M,inO I baiU Kim it*, Imw neiiw, I kugar—Lower ; fair at 13J. 1 '"Si-'Ser. «i lUMIUIX. I Oata-DnlLalWc. 1 I l.#rd—Dull and uwbanced, at PWU*c, I wiilaker and tobacco unchanged. 1 odd—lM. New York Kxeltange SO.S discount. New York Grocery Market, [Special Dcpalch to the Chicago Tritmne.l New Yokx. February a. Coflee (inlet; Bio, Sugar steady; UU to prime grocery. lO.SiCfcllhc. New York Live Stock market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, February 5. 11051—Becelpts, MW; lower; selling ata^S^c. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune-1 New Tons, February 5. Pork closed with small sales at*a.», regular and eller March. Cut meats and lard moving steady. New York BrcadrtnOs market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtbune.l Kxw Yohk. February 3. Flour—The Improvement was mainly In good spring extras, which are becoming scarce, and local millers get orders that enable them to pay the advance. Wheat—Low grades not quotably advanced. Com and other coarse grains decidedly stronger, hut the demand is very moderate. Weekly Export* from New York. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tome, February 5. Exports past weck-A,600 brto flour; 6W)ba wheat; IM,Uobucorn; 43.000 ba osti; 32,000 babarley; X,IM brls pork; 301,000 psbacon; 8*3.0J0 ttslard. Ocean Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Nxw Yoke, February 5, Freights—No gr&la shlppe?, but the Liverpool steamrr took 16.0UQ paeksgea bacon and lard St 90 shilling*. [Associated Press Report,] New Yost, February 3. Fnlght* to Liverpool carter fot crala, and engage ments ol 14,(t0 bu com at M. salt. New Tork Goods Market* New Toes, February 8. Dry 9®?**! more active. both tor cottoaa and wool leer. I** have seemingly tonenod bottom. - . Jobbera V*r; B M‘“‘,S n, o P r' ..•j la a alight shading In udo styiea or Meacbed mn»lms;not enough to iSinn the marten whlcb 1* firm, tor standardsheetlnca* tivettc tor beat makes; SOOtlo tor seconds; Sic for MStSS •MIIM'W fnr w.tniutts; SIXc lor Voir York Mills; ISjtJOclor Mcrrlmact. ■lTlßlf—l9cl°riCocbeeo*, 16c forAmoldls, aadWoftr 89 makes oi spring woollens acUye>» 4l.Wall*Ss, wbibta Is two shillings below coal. New York Paper Market. New Yoke, February 5. The nnotatlons paper to-day were: tor rag, 1"(3 16c, the latter for best; stranf 15.4di»c. Plltaburgh Petroleum Tlnrlcot. I'trnncitdo, February 8. Ibrrswa«moro disposition apparent yeftcnUr on the part of buyer* to operate, but owing to the tleht supply ol Smith’s Ferry ami \oQanOTollonhaod<m'l slim prospects of tarty receipt! ol the latter, there were tew transaction*. We note tales of tvro car loads fctnllh’t Ferry at TUp. Darrel* retnmed: I three rar loads at l3hc, pKtini Included ; 1.000 brls Kanawha oil*, on spot, In built, at 9xc; l.WWbri* Venanro oil. to be delivered on hr«|t water, wai soM. Kenned in bond la In betur favor and price* are stiffen* Ins op a little. tabbied In thlurUT. J»n. ?0. at lbs CopCTeeaUooal Cboreh, comer Weat Waehlncton and O r <* n *i"T.*'7 lfc T * Joirph IlaVep. W M,M AUGUSTA L. SINCLAIR, both ol Chicago. Inlhlaelty.Jan. 80. at the Uoncrrcatlonal Chnrch. rftmpp Weft WailHnct/m and uteen-*l*. hy Rev, swph Harrn. M?. OSCAR W.CII OTEKION W Mist MAIVVP. SINCLAIR both ol Chicago. At I'nttace Grove. Feb. 3d. by Rev- R. B. Tuttle. Mr. EI)WAUP C WIU.IKTON to Mill CHRISTINA. NEL SON, all of Chicago. At Alien'* Grore, Walworth Co-Wl*., Feb. 4th, In the Conrrfrational LTjarcli. by i*. J‘ am fv‘ OEOUOK J.BAUKEII, t«Oy andLUCLNA 8. ALLEN, dacebter of bldney Allen. Eiq. , A .i SveWeSi^M® DIED. In (hi! cite Feh. 3d. of hmln Icrcr. ARCHIE L., «on of a! o! and Lncctta U. Warner, aged 5 yean and 10 month*. amusements Me VIOKKK’B THEATKE. ICKER * UVIUIB UAKAOEH,. Or,., F .,rcc. V( r..K|-p si lvm E .l ?L .ho l.ine.erd Wedccrd.j, , J. rl 1 V , E ''£' l |fiV ll ”p{•'l™’ - Ilrnrl Pt. Alme,' ) iljtmej. __ > s!*si«m2rt ,er,c * • Mr. o. 11. flpmt “i-SV!?*. - wiih TiVti-HT or lIIK '’v^rci^v^^v/i^nVcVc^ii'Viv^viii'h'i'A.'JiT.rii LONII MIUKK. . pOL. WOOjrS MUBBtJM. Jot. J. 11, w00n..... vMiKiii :::::::::::: ::+• i\6 f; iftlr.ft v JM:," .’-V"."ra Vni!l»»W fm?artronnlr«lLsift‘V.'W'S-v jgJ^a^gagat-raßy** 1 UTTEHOIaM IN COMMON LIFE.” ■ i " L (iUA.CE GREENWOOD Will I#octuro Upon the Above Toplej AT TUB OPKUA IIOCHE, On Frlilny Evonintc. rvi>. 8. Proceed* for Decent oi Tabernacle Snnday School. Ticket* AO cent*. Hncrrcvi icftt* c*n M oMito«l at the ticket oQcc. Frt unerrcu ic C4y moril ine. »l 8 o’clock. Jf*tcrßirlTl comi»tct aisp-tn- _ f, r\ It OSBY’S MDSIC HALL LECTURES ON COLORADO: IIEIt MIXES ASD HESODKCES. Hi PKOF. »ILM»I HESTON, of Dolan. Af cn »tr*t U*lM America Oeol"eut. Ir a J »t Mo»lr Boom* 01 Mrun. Boot * c^drifnd* PmUh* Mxon. P. S.-rtie rroftMirwlll, »W rf m*r« and chKto. explain me foull re- SVMa in the lock* cl Colorado. ■yjy'ONDEROF WONDERS I To be *e«a onlT M tbcDrsacb of tbe 1 New York Museum of Anatomy. NATTJKB TJNVEO.ED, New York Museum of Anatomy, CT-Steam four ticket* on ihe rlnbt hand aides np-wiatnh WIT H AXrXi. fHusital. WJUSICAL. PIANOS, ORGANS & MELQDEOHS C|, Parmonu recetrsd to Installment*. lo ticoioct tor ntw oaia. W, W. KIHBALLi 63 Washlngton-st. XaZGBTZTS fianos Hare been »» arC^_p.?^e P World? Fair! ffi’SSffiCT^^htgTn l g™|““ ” o'r’* “S St EIU&V s, O 3 wuhln*tm-a. Ml ITII’B AUKKICAN OOOAI'S, For Parton, Cborclt* Lo4c* KIUBALU6, “ 83 WailWoMt, Croat*’* Optra Hoalt. iSeal jßgtate-gTKg. IIUPBOTEBi TVOlt SALE—By Hill * Wbipple, Real No 20-Coil*<e, Ova rooms, oa i tl ritemw<wt~ »► 1,0 tween Twenty-slnui aoc Thlitleta, oonw Sid*. Cheap w.rt term*; No. 21-Dnet Book, 13 room* Wwt IMdcljWl-i iniauitu, all muueiu J»proyomenu. ut fered low, and easy term*. . M Ko, 18—New wrick Uuse. U room*, hot.andcold .w* ter, both, eewcr mod gaa; 10l 3lxlßß ion. B«tigwlfk.-ii~ near Dlvlrioa. A great oar gain ofitred tor a !*w dart. , . No. 11— Cottage amt lot on West CarrojSat, I rooma, woodahod and water. Offered _._ No. 13— Cottage, atory aid aha t, 3ai6; lot Walw to No. 22—New ortck, 15 rooma, W«t Side, In Tot Ml stylo of Improvement*. . . No. 8— Iwo-atory frame bone and baamjnu w room*. Offered a* a oargaln. Lot 36xlM. At 1252 Wnbamav. No. s—Two lou near Llw.olß p.rlc, Ironnngcmi. ui* f&red low, and easy lertna. TpOU BALE—House and 101, No. -iM f 1 West I’olfc at. Ilooae 3dx3o, two storlM. Lot m 106. with 18 foe alley. Inquire at t£ 11 illtcheU-at ,Of 45ft South Wills-st. FOB SALE—By bnyder and Leo,. Real Estate Agcnta. No. 4 Metropolitan U|Mk, a bride hnnee of 11 rooms, and lot, with bani, on Waha>h-aT.t pear Twentieth-at. FOR BAJjE—Orwill cxchancc forhousc and lot and pay loroo nmney, atortofgent 1 » ror ntsulne Koorta ofabonl I?.™ 0 ;. WHIPPLE, Kcal Ealato Agents, X2H Dearborn-at., Boom 8. TTOR SALE—A splendid house od Park- X; av., between Reuben and WoUna-aU, tw-story. brick baretncnl. lot W feel Iront. U. C, MORE* « H Metropolitan Block. _ FOR SALfci —By onyder & Lee, Real Kitale AgscU, N 0.4 Metropolitan Block.alade cided bargain, twoframohomes of 1 1 ro*m* each. « d lot 93x140 met, aoulhwcil comtr of Lako and Ano sta. FOB Property—By WARREN A GOODRICH, 1113 Dearbom-lU, "nMMUd lot. No. 5B« W«b«lii|T.,|lJ.tCo. Home and lot, No. JiJ4M House and 101, No. 539 Wabaib av .corwr Uarmoa "lUoio .od 101. So. n‘t i w.bMlcr., lot Utm. Hours and lot, N«>. 4 I*l t\ abash-ay., tolßo*lli. imm te«l,toloor U(.W«.ol I fj.«rl i |looDlllcn Real Estate IHokert, laa Dcarborn-st, Room Iron BALE—A very dcslrnlilc lionra nnil 135 DearbOfß-it.. Itoow 2. 1?OR HALE—A now two story frame home ot leu moms, with brick baicmeot. and l»U in a good nrlihtKirb ><st, on Kiiibiu-at,, near Msy, J. |i. HJlKf.KltiTb'al K«lsic»fllrP, I9H HoutO (.larg-st. ' hnnaea each, whole or In pari,near Nlnojoonth-ti.j near burse raia. The prc|>r»ty bring* In anTaYuablH invrsittietit. Term*; easy. WAIIHKH A IQtlimicil, 195 Dearborn-Si, Itnoma. 17011 HALE—A cottfigo liotuo find lot. I 1 rolUkeroalalns 9 room* and ndt water, line l iy^ C iuS m s» #Ueel Clir, ‘ ‘ ,l,mwUt,el7 %\sh' Si WSH-r fcll MM w”>. ll.OiH'l|'li-». Ml'lgo- UOll BALE—Uj Atllittf & Uojrden, BID AoltofrttiluftWulmli nr., H.m • wu-Mory HHUPt jU romiu, «>fi MlvJileanav.j^tMJ, Twh-sUify iomipi jo t«omt. on tfsf 00 * * •o.jbtry hih##, l« moms* onCimissLi ; «£«fofy in«JP« 9 f nrmi*i "(i ■ wusji'f f 10 footnSi nh 'lhlfn-av i . •’ we-rtnfy »(*«?#, 10 htninsioh UMijrmti ** i ♦j.Wiji ' wjMdnfr iHi »i lO h-ollisi •'}' Wl ,* twrti tj Hrnui*, cJi PVS.P^ :, /-2» fiii nj S»# iimsMfMMiH, ‘ jpwj A*W*n»» W sfi# Mtypp, Q fniitnii nh Rf ini M* tntl«* 1 i 5 fnnm».nn in) dip i-tii***!DAitJl'j'iwi w * hu|_#|e mnpp< a nl> I ¥i**f-*i>» iB«U t <li I7OAIiAT,B=A _ n?wlirne!«Miifiiiw, Iwn tee®® l?OU Ueorgp (fe^WnlifiUie, F llUl biMin Agflrit/h'rt, 7 poiiMi Ul«k fM t low uw rtabfMMVn IW Itlft on and new Hln# liUnr|#v. l p»#l4ri*Jn. ai»o, |»uu#tMWjiiiuwio»iip»f** u^w,a c i*y« ** J QW price*, _ , 17 OR BALK—By Bnyder & Leo, Beal ' EstaU- Acentl, Nu. -1 Metropolitan Block, two new, neat frame umwf#. of 8 room* each, and low, on Washlngton-st.. near Lincoln, FOR BALE—House nnd lot on Warren at., rontalnirc tea room#, all finished tn modern style, situated near Llntoln-it. Will Apply to J. It. ANDHKWs, Itoora 7 Mcthodlit Church Block. HNIRIPROVBD. F'OU SALE—Lot COsICS, to an alley, on ICO feet irom corner ©[Twenty llxth-st., at taper foot if ta«ea «obm. _WM. J. TKWBESUUIIY»IIoom II,No. Sl> Washlngton-st, T?OR SALE—One of the best comer lots X 1 on Mlchlgan-ar.. north of Twenty 46t|M. Title perfect. Ttrmscasy. Apply to A. B. MEAD, 151 Randolph-* t. FOB SALE—S lots in b’oek 15, Ash land’! second Addition, at a bargain. Apply to A. B. MEAD, Real Katatc Agent. 151 Bandolpn-st. F‘ OU BAI.E—ICO led on Ogden’s Slip, near Archer*road, well docked. D. C. UOBtY * cO.. Heal Estate Drokeia. b Metropolitan Block. F" OR SALE—‘Water Lot—4s teet on the river, and exlermng 260 foot to Clarjjyst.. Just south of Fourteenth, oy WSi. D. KEKFOOT, S 8 Wash* tnetop-st. 3£cal Sstate—fflounttg. Tf'Oß BALE—Or Exchange—UlmoE V MO acres’ln Effingham prairie and Umber. 1,000 acreala Fayette Co., do do. 80 acre-in Hay Co % do do. 280 acm in Marlon Co- do do, «0 acres In Cumberland Co*, do do. 360 acre# in Alexander Co., Umber. 40 acres in Adam# Co., near Ciaytan Station. 80 acres lo Clinton Co., near Centralis, 200 acre* in Ca#s Co.,prairie. 2S) acres In Franklin co~ Umber and prairie. 80 acres In Jcfleraan Co„ timber. 120 tent in Uaconpln open woods and pratne. 40 acres tn Flats nrairto. 40 acres In Marshall Op., Umber. . t ICO acres in Woodruil Co., prairie and Umber, pert lJ F P o7saiecbcap. for cash, in lots to salt, or wIU ex change for city rtal estate or good merchandise. The above described lands arewell located and near rail* roads. DICKENSON A WEBSTER, Beal Buate Agenta, 98 Washlcgtoa*#t.. Qricago. In. FOR SALE—The subscriber offers for sale hU farm of ICO acres, about BJf tnllea ioalb mt from Lcctnort, and about S miles from Joliet. 111-. InUie town of Homer, about loo h^car* S«?h.’nK^ well". 3 UTirc springs ot water, orchard &^asi«sinsa|s^w. M-B.DIiUiK. EUHOFF, . SALE—Tbc subscriber offers tor r sale his residence In Elgin. Ill* pleasantly Jim ated flno large natural ■ bade trees, good garden, trull trees, well and cistern. &c.; Is convenient to the Elgin «j.ooq s fJ.OOO down, balance on time. It 1 V uC-V.-' «««sunt for all cash down. Apply St'SSSfret T&fiinCZS.” “”«K »• s - *** WOOD, 100 WashlPKtJn-st., Chicago. FOK SALE—a farm of 160 acres, for cmU, or Will exchange for Improved rwl «ute lo ih(* riti ot CblcftSO-twelvo rrliw northwest or Cm* n . O -nrt one mile south cf Canfield Station, on the chlcißO & Northweetern Hallway; 50 acre* nnder the plow x pood homo anti barn. Ac.; also, bearing fruit. One-third down, and the balanro on itaa 4e. For farther particular*, applf to J* M. MAKSIJALL, Kcom K Ko. 97 booth ClarK-at, _ SALE —Fruit larms and other ids. itnprovM and antn-proTed. AUo.hoayy by WILGUS* WII.US, Real Estate AgdU, wuhlagtoaCo.. 111. . _ T7°R V imtic and lots, t UtchTlew, FOU SALE—An 80-acro (rnit farm, near Illchrlrw, I. C.R.R..lmproved! b«« brutes orchard, bnldea *» Toon, n'cV.V AlfO. watei.l » In (^con dition. win tv sold rcmonalilj. ™me c.n ba had on n part of purchase money, If wanted. APP]/ w WIL* GUS A WILLIS, Real Estate Agentt, Rlctmow, 1.0. T7*OK 6ALE—Excellent fanning and tun * her land* in WiiconMn. We can offer lowlhr «eh or trade for a abort time. OLOBUE A WIL* LIAMB. ? sonth Clark-at. JtatantcbislAcal Estate. WANTED— The undersigned wishes to hoy advening houae and loU wortU fr^OOOof fjo.OU), ontalclce ahont ten rwrn*. I?,?,]' cm ronvcateßcca, and he located cn the South Hide, ran of htaWt, Wonld prefer to neat wall prjncl pale directly. O. M. SLOAN, Room* 13 and lO Uey u. Ids* Boci.ncAfborn n. FOU BALE—Three 8-hnrec power up. n,bi enalorei ftl"0 no bortionlal MJrtnop, -.10 sraaw.vssi.-nui-sffi.?' jiawnillll barrel andTroml-vrorkln, nmchloerr. Iron TTOU SALE—A socoml-lmnd BticlOcv r ftrldln, merhlne—ln Itnnd rnndltlon. Price, ,««. Apply to tbeTUIUUNB COMPANT. tit ANTED—A rorlnblc etcnm cn«lnc» vjf o'?!?" a'."H i f Jp^if NT IIU." 1 Mtmn» .Helen Western rr>HE ENURE bTOOK OK PINE watches, f.llvpr*plninl Worn llorro (1U..» Mrrr iKlmutii Plum nuil Fniiff <*»•«• »• 11. Vlfln 1 - UnM wilMrtoW*. Hi t'lnrkolM On WEDMFSDAYIVRSINO, Feb. «, at ■' •ala to continue eterj OTonlnf until wo entire *toc« i« a ' , la very lots* and emhrsoee no nnllml.M at er!>rr clmo ofVwteT which rau»l be so d without merre, as Ur. Stela to compiled W ibe »iore, the o«ocr help* about to erect a new build lie on it. tWc! y-gjjffgfo t ro , AotiKmwn. JQANIEL SCOTT & CO, ACCTIONKEKS and commission merchants, 104 I.ake*«t.« c«r« <-.»>■ »d»»Bced on WercUMidlie coculcned ft>r »«e. Oat-door promptly attcndgt_to-_^^_^ - _^^__ RUCTION. TVcdnesday, February Gtli, ISC7, AtlO A- Mn«« 16» fAke-**.. a t**prr*i AMortmrat c! IIou»ebold fnreltore of tArTSSSiIv^ fniln. two »od Ibrcc Ply “^Br««el. W» S £* U AUo, or Account ol w&om It nw drew nyurdilcucconcd *°p- Aoctionceri- GILBERT & SAMPSON, Gcscrftl Auctioneer*. 47 *ad 49 De»rtora-»U Superior Household Furniture, Hclo deon. Carpets, &c., &c*, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY. Feb. Sib, it 10 o'clock, we will «*> it onr salesroom*. 47 and 40 itV£. 8 ; f«e nne MeU •wua a gencr*i r o*»< nti . ttT A BAAIP3OXi AQcTlone crs. at the A. BDTTEUS & CO. Auctioneer* S Commission Merchants 44 A- 48 BANDOI.PII-ST.. |>;wtea Stalfrit. and Wabash*aT n Hold regular tales, at their salerooms. ol DRT GOODS. CLOTHING. HOOTS. SHOES. *C„ Everr WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FTTRSTTURF, CARPETS. 4c-^erery^SAtllßDAY. &ato fHills, engines, sit. rjiHE LAKE & BODLEY Portable Circnlar Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK BHGIBES, Shlnxle Machine*. Com Mills and Bhafllng, Wood* *■ trorklng Machinery. lane 4c BODLEY, Comer ol John and WaieMts* Ctoctonatt. %£' ,m &o Kcm—' ?SOUggg* TO KENT—A good two story jnimc hour, on the WcUslrte c , Mr . L '?f'Vtb n 9 irTr beside* par. Cry jud Clo»Cta, Thatr w nor I*o*l Mtlkc. TO RENT—A mrnished cottage, or fur nltore for We. Both home and lornlture ate nisw. liqulre at 1403 Wab*sh-ar. . rpo BEET—I wish to lot, to n small 1 family,myiwottory house.No.4-11 WrUlonat, second doorwe-t • r LaSalle, with furniture fixtures, Ar..aJro ga.dcn Wxm imm bo given. legal reel J. JVM. EsjFLUwsuu ttu. and 4u South Laßafle-aU. Boom 2. nrO KENT—To a carefbl tenant, o good I house. In the Lest P» rt destnd.fnniUurcfortaic. AddreaaP.O. Bat iww. nno KENT—The two-story and base- A nnt ’trick bouse. No. 07 HarrHon-ac,Knlsht 9- hu>ck, si ith gaa fixture* lor Bale. Apply on the promt* ■cs. - rrn RENT—A good two story house, 1 near Cbteo-part. Inquire on the premises, No. 009 Weal LakMU _ rpb KENT—A three-story and basement J brick IwnM.-l 37 Fourth-ay. Apply to ANDREWS foils, 194 CligkHit.. Room J. rpo BENT—A two-story dwelling house, 1 No. ft 9 Price-place. For particular* apply at 127 Wut Jadaoa-H. TO KENT—On South Side, a first-class two-atory and brick baacment house. 877 State c“?.r r Qu{Sl’o”Bm Appir •> as b latent. O KENT— Boatdlng house on Mtcbt- Furniture, worth |I,COO, for rales hall ■ bauncetlme. No better locatl'.n. Apply to J. i£*AXUItKWB. 7 Mcthodiat Church mock. _ T 3 KENT— Desirable house, on line of «r*-»STAO. Also, two tcncmenU i and 0 rooms. !n " iiraktr?l4 WMblngtoß.t., cornel U.rli, O RENT—A two-story nnd basement STMUfJ MB BSBSt SSiaCßtSfJSfi® i'cnaod Washlngtcn. rrn KENT—A lirFl-doss boarding house 1 within one Iderk nfttio I’Mt Ofll r e. Dlieiii' sent. and lelxianlef* on hand > liirtiltixrc for sale. AltrilDll Si HOYDHN .2lOßiate-«t. rpo KENT—A ni«lc oi rooms, and lur- I lilturo for sale, all pew, »It««tc.| on llpsrlmrti St, Apply at limiin 111 Kn lerlou Ulock, twlweca U and It ii. tn. and I and 1 p. ni. rpo BUNT—TIin-o largo nnd wry desir- I H |,|e roams In Hank Hnlldlng. flff Ikarltorn-at. Thealw.te rooms are amlahiu U*r garfoti* pnri*o*ra, Hiher llcht tnanulenMiflug. schiio or (Inn sleeping m.m., Til'jiilrootllKU. il.'hmnßSl'KS. Ilwm No. 7, nnt floor. rpo BENT—Tn Enmlicr Honiara—;Tff j I lumber yards to I a nhbr " M'OIIEN’I— Al 203 BUite-ft, iipsliurf, I ftirulKliHl room*, MilUble fur two or tbran iieiiUe »n-»ylUi|;u»'>n-irrrnrM< ppo KENT—A iilcnsntil rtlilc nl Icmliiß I for«oiiifill Aitu-fJW" tmnllji t»llli w»l« imil ««!i ill (I(J (if r mouth;, I> pptl KENTWJIio imHnl* flfill 1 aalhck*RphHpHmrti Noilb tt'pjli*l.jcur ; lift llUaolS M «’(j HliNI—A pulls Ilf fnuufi unit ilimi ft: lilt'ftil'i 1 fttiil 1 ftIWFE/lP'll *iU J== fpo i)iiNT=l' l mnisiipinotlaiiit' hwiiip. ,k«iw«w (if Jft Mli-ltfriftli ft TO T)HNT=Tw.i ini’nistiwl rnnma, wilt I Mi.)a (uf hr.iintkf.ti-lr.g f*-f n»w ?»•! wli**» **i» i»»* M:i ytofe 111 Ali ' lf ■ no nßNT=ol«s«p=P<'nV'lt | Kwl f mate 1 jnmi<ne«| room*, wllj* r|o«»|« *n»l m», M h|| pe>r alptu, (twiuUtf 3l Ml* rpo KENT—A plenaia liuui: rnmn, lur- L nlihott or oiunrpUi*»d» w>*n iwurn, **l7l Mjcui* gon-»T. TO KENT—Famished rooms, Ht 153 Kuie-fct. Eolacnt-storcg, ©ffiCEP.Sa' TO RF-NT—A store on South Water sl. t nnr Wabasb-av., suitable for a wholesale irrocefy itnre. For particulate, addiea*. with name, P. O. Box tiaoo. TO RENT—In the Mercantile Building, Opposite Chamber ol Commerce, elegant offlcc* w r commission, law oc Insurance business. Apply to Mercantile Building. _ TO RENT—The entire second story ol store 100 South Water-st. it itclndca two office* ore an the Doarbon-it. ironu Jpisesslon P, IT ?S.iS mediately. Inquire on Uie premise*. U. 1. aTAix LEY. • . TO KENT—Store on North Statc-sL, *to. -Ifl.Jnßt north of Mlchigan-st. Inquire of S. BAWVER.2Q? Mlchlgau-et. fT'O RENT—HaIf of one of the most I desirable office* In the city. Apply to J. H. KEELER, I'2o South Clark it. „ _ O RENT —Second and third floors at 30 Lake-et. Apply at FHELPS.PODGE & CO. S fHacljincrj). auction Sales. AT AUCTION, ®o LUnt-lvaoms. rpO RENT—Office room In one of the I itest office* on Clark-st. Trent corrcr DZLA MATER A RANDALL, Beal Es»ato Drokara, IJI Ulark-it- Boom 1. O RENT—Store and dwcllme in con nectlon, on IVMt MM), n "'; for hardware or any retail trade. Apply to J. B. AR DREWS. 7 Methodist Church Block. . O RENT—Store and hasemeni he longing to the National Hotel, corner of Wa»hlng ton and WuU-st*. First-rate *Und tor dry goods, gro ceries or clothing. As the tunnel will be open this spring . for travel, there will be a good opening for anv btul* n»**. Rent only *54 a month. Apply al the National Hotel. TO RENT—Two good rooms. Lease and furniture fbr lale cheap. Convenient and com modious. Low rent. For particulars call at Ro»™ Rsbpced’tßlock. Dearborn-*!- to-night, after > o dock. ffijaante»--®o Rent. TX7 ANTED —To Rent —A room suitable VV fbttfce Commission bnitnesa, la an nllglble to <yulan In Chicago, on Couth ffster-st. or D«r the Cliambor of Commerce, pr would buy a lease FUh the commluton pußlnesi already wtatllwed. Any one navltgßuch a room or room* »o rent will please ad drwHP," BinelHaod,lll, TX7ANTED—To Rent—A lurmsbed VV home In a pleasant localttr, ronuinlag from 10 to 13 rooms, Aodre*B**A B O,’* 1337 Mkhlc,Vi-tt.j Chicago. v . XX7ANTED—'To Rent—'l bice or four V' rooms.ealtablc for hon«ak*eplnr. wtlbln ten or filtecn o motes* walk ot Late-st, Adams J l, yp. 7 sonth Cutrk-st- np stairs. TA7ANTED—To Kent Unfurnished VV rooms, or partof a convaalott house, consisting of two or three rooms, with gas and water. situated on the West Sldo; east ol Tlai*ted-st. preierred. Adlreu, “DltWl'lST.** Uoom g. 102 Maduoo-st. Jf or gale. T?OR SALE—A large sale, Wilder's pa- I; tent.rc.arly new arfl la perfect order. al Itoom ‘J4, Nixon’s Exchange. JOHN JON La Jr. J7OB SALE—By Henry N. Holden, at f ihe corner of Market and Jaeksop-ut*.. a very su perior Tot of genuln* Florida lleod fedar Boards, the only kind used in New York for clothes presses nod fur boxes. FOH Sx\LE—The steam tugs W. K, Muir atd B. K. Davldton, now laid up at Milwaukee, n good order. Apply to R. I*, f ITZUERALD ft CO., 10. 00 Mlchiganst.. Milwaukee. COB SALE—Tne interest and material V of a weU located Job Printing. Office In this city, prwics and material almost new. For further panic nlais address P.O. Box No. 777. Chicago. T7OR BALE— Two houses and lots, r cheap. Also, the great work er teP»n »• King Solomon's Temple. ApplytoJ.M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, 127 Dearborn-81. 17OR BALE—At GransrcrsNcw York F Merchant Tailor’s Boom. 130 South Clark-*t« np-stalrs. three suit* of Irish Orize ca**-, for tho on prccedcnud low ptlcw of (43 and fJ7j wool UneJ, to order. FOR SALE—Canal boat “Norway." Apply to B. OLbON. 130 Wetlndlaoa-st. FOR BALE—A piece ol shelving ten ftrt long, with flass doors. Will hesuM very cheap, the parties having no further use lor It. Adj y aim liacuoloh it., between the hours of# and lit. m.andaandßp.m. f'OH SALE—Prop. “Ocncsscc Chief, ’’ no. trim .t Dftrolt, Ulcnin.n. ««•> Al. Ton. nace (old measurement), mi. Apij'r to WM.K. WAD RISER, Detroit, or W UAilltlS ft URU., 8-1 Loo ocr-st. Chicago. . - OK BALE —Wood—Good beech wood st IB per cordt good maele wood at Apply at EUEL‘B TANNERY, near thlcijoar. brlQge. TTOU BABE Sewing Machine A JO IVhclcf a Wlt.on -r.lnit ll.fhtno.Aa awd or- Jit. h.Tttn onlr b—n In n.r •& J'-i’-,f!L*"H Rlasnerirre. I’oiCwheQ new,#W. Laa bo seen at 105 Michigan st. Ij-01l Hal.E—Very Cheap—A flne, large, F new hard coal stove, for office 9 r -7*TV’ r V, , l u\nn gnOd-s|rcd oOce desk. Address JUT, TfllmOfl oflUe. - I -on sAl.E—Chtap—A men sut oi oil r m.1.1i-IN»-V »«lnalhr«lluw.niMlrlr listing Id rhiirs, centre table, rofuafsund. ahd joitligs slid i arnrt b* suit a sitting room. Apply at so*J*(<J *J* rear or 353 carroll-sl., between «Van and Kiirabsth* »U . Westatdn. Iiu0(nc00 (SDanccji. I.'OU BM.B—Millmory V ctuMUhrd imuar. wtih Ur*" Ujulf. l*''Pn «Uon jLtoti. il.t.j*• Hi»nr«n-iO.nuronml, w. SvK'IIIHIIKU, CWeMO, i<t J. N. AVKItV. I,'OH bALK-Tho Forenl Volley Work", P Hactnaw CHy. Mich., eon«l*tlmr oflwo salt block*, and mv b 111 of Ur** ceparlty. • 1 woo5 f hVi'l* lavorahly Icraied. Addreas b. h, LOUllWiniU, osfl* naw CHi. Mlch. _ FOR SALK—Store hou?c and a light •teek of Cry good*. erocerlr*. 4c., wherw a ou*l; __ 0 f twenty-fire thousand a year haa Itoen with the rapid Impforemenl oi thoronniryaarronnd* RSnw t£ uicrei»cd. It prcfl-md..i*;«fggj J -old hr rented. For particulars. Inquire OfßUKis « MC* CLAKE. Uockley. 111, - FOR SALE—A blnckstmth'3 shop, with too.# atd fixture* roronlete. In a Bpodi location and itotnza coed t>o*lneii. Will be owner II acooi leaving the city, call ath-H BUtejU FOR SALE—A good retail grocery. Ex cement location, on Sooth Side; tent low; doing hnino** mbont *IOO a day. Also, a catre and poo-try •tore, be*t locationoa sooth hide, doing n«f. Apply personally frox 10IM1 a.m.or2to3p. SS or, j liter, 1'.1.U, Boom B, So. SB Wasbtnstcn at. T7*oß' SALE —One-lmlt ol one of the P bertpMinicMioow ln cecity. Inquire »W«o. S 7 South CtirK-itn tn baxicent. I?onSALE— One ot the most desirable < procerr store 1 outlie Wes; SUMwmrfcMJ stock, lonr end farorshle lepe- WAURES « GOOU mCH. 123 l>e>tbota-»u.Booni2. FOR B ALB—Fine, new stock of grocer ies. on West UwMfon-it., with three J®*** »**<£in^m^conmti”. 0 O »aj?w lVT OK SALE— At a Bargain—Stock and oltntti of a erect rr store on pwt.oomT. seed botlopi. AwffW OEOBGE S WILLIAMS. 7 bunt* CltTfc-flt. T7OR bALE—A bakery and conleclion- Jh Vrr, in Hie b«t location la lha city, Invert »t Ho. 6S» Notih F”OK KAT.f!—The lease and farnilnre of wa’feiromtnUotßrt. WABR&N £ OOODKICIi. 1-O Dcartoic-?t.. Boom 1- —— 33ersonEl. -r>rn>o\A I. It A. B. Livingston, trom bear ol aomctblng to bla into e»t» TDEKSONAL—The evenings seem long, ferylySTa “CPU) CREAM bOAP." —i^—— — Worsts, Carriages, Set. FOB SALK—At a bargain, mAJJaI beme, »a*on and name**. with cntWon. hitcS-wciibt, 4c.. all coff ple*e- A rt« throttßb. Can at 13S W«t MadUon-il. Will ex change for hardware. TTOh BALE —Cheap—Three horses, har £• nfff« anti wagon, parlor and coot «tOTe> t *Od OUICT fchUwre. Can be kco at pulwar ffisianteo-iaaie l^cip. BQOKREEfEHS MAcßWtffKffi Ac. tttANTED—An experienced salesman W lo CAOTBi* Hi* city, deference* Squired. CsU at Boom 4 I*. Q. Bloc«< between 9 and 1» yclock omy. W ""ANTED—Bill Ucrk—One acquaint ed wl'h thowhoi-saV drug trade preferred. Ad* ••WHOLESALE DUIM-HHBT,” 'Mb*aw offlee, ClilMiQ. HI. ANTED—Salesman— l One who ran VV InTMt IGOid a hnrlncM .that will pay 8100 per week. Room 14. 153 Br.oth Ctoit-eC SUOTT. WANTED— Immediately—A good pat* t*r> maker, at Marine Ftufte Work*, nmrth lAUBANT. - VS7ANTSD—A tew young men, who VV are out of employment and wUHng to work, JaL»"r; mOMT, For Mr tu>man, call, fora few oaya, on JOHN GL nfIBLL, No. 204 East Kinztt-aL, corner Dearborn. Chicago. TX7 ANTED—At 116 South Clnrk st., W three encrgitlc business men, lo canvas* the cIT. rnr the Ills o/thfl Pcr.lim Ucllw SMp. 0. LODGES. TS7ANTED—A trnTOlltog salesman lor VV the heavy hardware trade. None butflrrt class ncirlapply. Call at 20? Lake-at. TX7ANTED—A mpciior penman, neat, VV genteel and bred to business. Apply at NO; 9 McCo.-tolck’s Block. WANTED— A bartender, at the Inter national. I* Crowe, WU. One that cm comm wen recemmended can K'-ta rprmanenlaltnalion and good wagta. Nope other cecdgppiy. A. W» lit To. TS7ANTED—A young man to dtivo VV grocery wagon. Apply t!» R. U.COUNfIBS, No. 817 aufc-»t., corner sutcenitt. r TUTANTED—A man or Boy who would YV do a few chore*, night and morning, for bla beard. Apply at 02 I Wcat Lake-st. \\T ANTED—'Two salesmen oi expert- V V crce nnd maltir* years. wmaaenl. Iron Ire of or address BANKOIID & NSncOMßli, No. IK4 Mai L-at, Dubuque. lowa. _ HA7ANTED—A smart and willing boy VV lo do Chores and cleat glass In a pholograplt gallery, t'olorsd Itojr pref-rred. Muic brlnr refur. cress/ Call btloro y, or after op. hi. U.U.UUEEN, 102 l.akc-at. WANTED— A smart active boy to aid in % merchandise broker's alike. Inquire after «it. m. at HR *omh Water sl. »Ss!ilnntcli-.l.FemnU lUdp. UOIJftK flltlf VARTB* "IVTAN TED—Aulrl tn do flcnoml house* V? work -iimnifli it Not wcglan-nr one who can tale earn id a hstiy and make herself useful generally, at IMM) (’arroll it. - WANTED— A good girl In dn gimernl lu.tjiewijrlr. Ilifinan prcihrred. Ajiply at 77 Honm Cllntoh-at. BJ ANTED—A comiulcnl cook, waihar -aM.liyHtr-s». Ui> * WANTED— A girl t» coolinud do tren aral hmisewnrk. A lleimau that sneaks (fog usn prefomd. Uood wiigei paid, call al IS Fourlh “T • , j-i pond g\t\ to iln #eiiefrtj Imittawufk in »imail fAiiiliji Mnlre Hi OtlJl niirm f't«rk-*t. . \tfiNTBD=A Ihofuimlily ddtiifeldtU V\ wmbßtt »'■drift »jlh* l i tiWf HuV wi*H AH U7.N Wlthl(i»a : ftt;i bAitMil *\fANTEh=A jetmg OefumnliffTii* W {ftW i r.f t-bil-lreb iimriiMftl lit 111# hulls* ft! \ A7TRTEI)=A roihi cook. wilier ftgjl W IfftilftFi !li A «»*lf hmiily» Af'jll/ St fc‘J« fI9U Wftl-ftlll**. .... eouK, at v\ W KftitMftHOlEMt. 3S>mUoßtntw< gugentU'B. TX7'ANTED=tt'O imd, with Pftsjt mpi; W UU>fW« lo I*o, »u «ng*?« ft *l)i»»lnu««tna» Will’PftF lVl.i 111) per *•}. Be.:i»rft| ?/»»" |Ua nil fonipaili’-un, »m la nmoul? wiicia of iycr oirerwliur •all’. Kpary fjmllp wanUfrom W»W a .lnifn. ran.nrailim-ai, wnh»umß, J. 11, NAaUn, Eoaih CUr>t-al- Hoo» IK Uitcaao, 1... \\7ANTED— Vnungmen in the cnnn- SdSTSSSsSStf K?SlrsS .* AW^JIe wTcenU. fcr full partlcuifcrt. IX7 ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, I W collector, 3 LrakemeD, 1 flrmnen, I porter. 3 drivers. 4 agents. & entry clerks, 3 conductor*. Apply at 1 a t Dearborn-et.. Itoom 2. TXT ANTED— Without del-.)’, 20 wood VV chopper! at *1.15 p-r cord; alao 1M men. *«*« f 1.50 to *3 per day, and ooard. App>y at 100 • Madl ton-nt- Boom 4. sEantcl~ißiscellanncuß. IX7ANTED —An energetic man with V V *340 to *5lO. to engage In a mancy-makUg busi ness. WUI bear strict tovusUirattas. for particulars apply *» 194 South Clartat., Hoorn 3, trom S- u. m. totlp.o. VX7ANTED—Sa,OOO tor six months. V V Will pav a llbexiii Intrrc-d, with ample wearily, .allupon J. w2kRD. Boom tf. No. 133 Clafk-st. TX7 ANTED—'To borrow seven hundred VV dollar* (ftODtatlJf per cent a month, on good , security. Addreta - F." Tribune otace. WANTED— A yountr, energeticman, with IBSO to *sa. to engage In a flrst-claas par* IOC Mtoblisoracot. Brttttw rwogg- Call on «r ad'Jteaa, ImmediatCiT -OB Stale* hours of It asdl3 a. m. and - and 4 - TX7ANTED—Veterans, sailors and one- VV year men to call and sec checks received la payment cf Additional Bounty. Advance* made on clam.*, A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, 1*46 l>e*r born-«t.. Koom a. Office open evening*. WANTED— To purchase, one second hand portable engine, from 8 to I.MWJJ® P c * w * r - Apply to, or addrois ••ENGINEERS, 2J and —3 South Canal-ik, Chicago, 111. TX7ANTED—Madame Therese Dcs- V V champ, the celebrated fortune-teller from Pari*, will reveal the future ot any lady or gentleman, by sending her a lock of their half and apeelmen ot hand writing, enclosing 5C cents. Addre** P. U. Box —3U, Chicago. TXT ANTED—Parties baying houses to V V mil or sell or lei-o. lo nil on CHKISTIAN & CO- Real E*tate and Vestel Agent*. Boom 3, Lind * Block. Racdolph-su bndge. _ TXT ANTED—Mrs. Whf taker’s Inlcili- V V crnco Office, No. U 2« Chlcago-av., corner of LaSalle-81. Beferen-ee, Dr. u. n. and Mia.Tlffiav, Grace M. K. Church. TTTANTED—Heirs— Complete list ol VV h'lrs In nnclalmetl estates In Europe, sent far at *-•_ HKtiDES BKOit.. P. O. Box 530, wa»hlngtnn. li*liefer*new*—Allen, Copp A Nl»het, Bankers. Bt. Mo., anu Henry Athbroox. Washington. D. C. XTTANTED—Desk room in n pleasant V\' office on South Watrf-»t-between IVabasU-av. JdCI.,kSl AVilm. Bon 1121 foil Offlrt--. 13oarhitig ; ‘ HOARDING—Two nice rooms, suitable J lor gcctlcu eo and their wives, with Ihe'comforts a home. Also, cno slng’o room and aceommoda* tionsiordsy boarders. Apply at 2H7 Mlchlgan-st. TJOAUDING—A private family on the 7 North Side have two hatdß3tn*Jv ftrclibed front rooms which they would rent, with first class hoard, to gent emeu ana tbelr wire* or single gentlemen. The houeC has all the mtdtrn irnprovomenl*. References alvet and required. Address “U W li," P. O. Box 902. BOARDING— A gentleman and wile or two elngle gentlemen can rtnd a very pleasant room, well turntshed, and flrst-claas board, at U 111 Stote st.. corner ot Thirteenth. Best of reference given and required. BOARDING— Good day or week board may be had at 128 ColtageOrovc-ar., nearThlr ty-nrst-st. BOARDING— Good board, with large furnished rooms, can be had at 285 Michigan-st., a suort dlstanre Irotn Hush it. bridge. 1) OARDING —A few day boarders can 17 be accommodated at Crosby's Building, 8-1 and 80 Blate-et., first door to the right, op stairs. The ta ble is turnlshed with'the best the man et affords, every day in ihe week. TSOAHDING—A pleasant furnished 17 room, itmabl* for one or two gentlemen, to real, with hoard. at 302 Ohlo-st. between Kush and Cass. 130ARDING—At No. 8 Eldndgc-cnun, JL> between Michigan and Wabash-avs. 'Vwosnluv ofrooms, with modern Improvements and BrsbcUas hoard. Also, one room suitable for two gentlemen. BOARDING— Two or three centlcmon can ohtaln good board, with a pleasant room, at 313 bUle-et. Terms |S per wefk. 130ARD1NQ—Comfortable rooms nnd 17 good board at 118 State-st,. one block irom the Tost OOlce. A few day boarders wasted, on moderato terms. . EOABDINO— One largo room, well fornlahrd. for three or fbar gentlemen t a so tirsu clast day board fora few day boarders at 100 East Adams-st. CARDING—At the Notionul lintel, cornsr ef M ashltfton and Wclls-sl*.. one-«pare west of the Court House. Rooms to rent lor families orsiaglemes. The house being near to all the boil* ness rtnlrcs will he ol great a« vantage ‘dallmeneri cscedln Ui»ctty. A Aisl rate tabmls FRty tniweilay laianlers wante<l at |b a week, llwmi and l»oatd from fi tollOa wrek. GAUGING—A gentleman ami wllo, or two single genUemvn.csti Had a pleasaat cham* her sad good tn.Htril at dll Hnsh-st. lyoAllGlNG—A very nlco suite of J ) wwiL. 1.1 rent, with ij}# «;t b.UiTnom cm. hetdrtl in a new hottta at 135 writ Muaroa-st. 11CIA1IGIN0 Gmllonion anil their I 7 wlvrsnr alt gie tmtlemen. wUltlßg good I hoard In a prlvatefaniHy.can nnu such at 3.lOllUaola-et., two idtek* irotn Maie-st. bridge. r>()AUI)ING— WItu fUrnwhcU rooms I Ifof scmtlowanand wife and slwgla gsntUmeni tn> day board at I fli Ea«t Madisonat. ■nOAUIUNtr-Wiih ftlurnuliodJrmu - IJroom.imubta for iwo g«U«3i«n. »i No. 110 w«t)Mb-aT. . __ OOAUUING—A tront bedroom, aultix- I Jhla fliroticor two ilnile gentlemen 1 •!i'J other room* at 1113 btat«**t., between Monroe a&d AdironU. OAUDING —A plcftfflnt Irontroomto rent, with board. Apply »t yo, jjj^Wah>ih*»_. Uoart) SSaantcu. BOARD— By two young lady clerks, who will room together, la a ptlvato tamllf, where there ate few or no other boarder*. Term* rea sonable. Address, stating tenaa aod location. Dor IS? 9. Chicago, OOARD-With partially turmshed llor hfarnlrhed room for a Eptiemau and wife, wlthont children. JtoitbandWcit bide answer. Ad* wrS; ind Pill particulars, B. JAMBS. Tribune cfllce. 3Lo&t an® jfouuß. TObT— Sunday evenrce, between tb a Second Pmbtterlan Chareh an! the Beecr lloufe, a Garnet Brooch. The finder wilt be rewarded by tearing tt at the Kevete ITooae. I OST—Dog—On Friday last, a small j StveTcrrler. Acv per»:n re'arclnj game to No. 9 y ctta Carpenter-st. will be aaltablT rewarded. T OST—A black, curly-bruied Doe, about I J two months old. white spot on breast, fc reward will be paid on tta rctnrn to 122 West Baadolpn-st. T OST—Friday last, a small Bay Horse, I i trom 2S Chl«vgo-av. laaboat * a .rrarsoltf, wEite spot on note, »hod all round. The finder will re ceive a liberal reward on relnrmns him or leaving in fitmatton ot aim at the above address. Xiioa. u. has soy. O&T—Monday afternoon pp AiausoL or o»kley-*u., mpockeibrc t fi^Sy rency. notes, receipt*, ic. The flo ler AilAX£l £ rewarded bT leansa the same with b. ÜBhAiiAiru*, 151 CUrt-eU Room 1. . -- LOST— Near the corner ot State and ._ “S,?- bl ‘lfibiSi Sum «- tom to the JerrU Ilcaae* —— Lnq-r— Yesterday attcrnoon or evenme y w vJih^r^hUnkft.trimmer wllhred;eaa. on'wihMh-ar. «£out 5 o'clock. b tofrlD?toio«p»»loa »t un Trtboae office will be literally reward*!. OUIvD —A large, black Xcwfouactfaiw desriS: *t near Sedgwick. ct! - Straps ana Stolen. —THAIED—Or Stolen —Thursday last a wdcoirvwlti white atrtpe on ihoolder. Any 10, * nt « Kire »he can be foord. or lie Return o rtc«T. . in,™ reward- atmauong gaawtea. JULEI C ITU ATI ON—W cectwT“ C 5 who la a graduate cf * University la «£. a* o * and a men.nor of the b»M«£ ellber »« attache- orMclerkmanoatoT * ncrmaiadatiooswlll be furnkhod ir !»0 Sa t Uadlioß-st. M ’ IW P*« a; H 3. CiTUATlON—Wanted—By ~ a ~ vr^ O man iXiorenl years' oxpgrktce>n <h.*. S tra£e. Che best of reWence an r W." Tribune ogee. Ence - A’-Mtbm *6 StoV US mrst oroot Dr. Deal. 170 Ua/k-sU AIJ-e - -5 J C,- ISOSSI™*" FEWALEB. ClTUATlON—Wanted—By a * m Z O lady (American), a* honrskeeper.or as eooa«ili.* to a lady, or Id any lionurahle capacity !■» » family. Can furnish the very l«i rVcru.^ pn V? drew Mlia C A.” tribune offlee. &i. QlTUAilON—Wameii—As nurse loran C 7 Inyalld, cr to Uke carcot chlMnm.ord«»« r oaUlde ul tbefcUdica. Call attheM^SS O ITU ATI O N—SN anieu—as Loujekeeo* O er«brayonnirlady.who nmler*us>l* in- “Sf, and li noialrald of work. Uimi wa-. ’. » ,rt * dcrlrcd. Acitreaa•»MAltfeL. M Trlbuanotffe 1 * “** SITUATION — \\ anted,by a JcsnecUble O young woman, as cook, ur to d,. r>ter»i work, in a private family. The hnur Mr» ftlven. Adilrwa of call at yj 1 West I'olVfU SlTUATlON—\\anted, as li.itwktfner KT7 fnralmcgentleman.l>»ala.l»«i pr.„iT‘ ipcjiamtl'y. 6m glTMhe best ot rr>rcnr •*. '• klra. X Y Z, w post OClrc, Aiurwa SITUATION—WnntaI. lor n miMT O aged lady and iHjjr of alwmt a nv* rfM-.- i„__L {tilla»all family. Arldresa-'JI M 1-," In; l(n»l n Icftncrs nirtilthed. *'■? SITUATION—'WMteii—A v**lhwk. O Ingaid worthyyntmg lailr »lsi-c« , |i, kind fjrDtl* turn of Chicago to give tier u, tu Am nn earerlmccd shirt n.skcr. nmlrr«i«s.| ttw nfin» citUlniind OUlnj. Hatisfartioh »srr»Die-l h-iZI iddra<w-4IIf)»J^NI»DBTHY, M Udcago l oMi.fat!. SITUATION—Wanted, by a fount- hdr O aw'tstomot lo leashing, as pifiga :*■ thriocldlflicn.ln a private Umily in tii»n>ni*ry she Isiiuatinrdtouarh Uie Kiigllsh hra’irli--* him uraw. In. ’llieteaim rctrrrn-M glrcn, if r'gnifrj. Ad, drrsa •• I, IH," Tftliune emre. Situation—Wunii'd, by u ynmi'-Tuif n looiwraleona Finger's and was ti.-al fesmi liini hlne, Address *' I. M <s," I rl* one Mike. WITUATIONK—WanifiI, by lm» «itl O onsaaerok atd lheolh*r in do up •iur* a rrivale Isinllr nr tmardlng lrm»e. Apl'D *i 1 Wrst folk si., Mweru Canal and cimhut. hj-un s preferred. ( her lunmiew”ti| ( ,* , t !. B^' ,l,:, i f the rcfsrencel. Will go oM Ml lik lit of April. L’isrt <M»r-rnt«* ant qfc 1 «.'? tnai hfnet. ik'lera kllnbhif'M L, >!. ‘ will tie promptly attended tn. C LTUATIUN—W nhti'ili ns wet M\'\i O nwntt-ahi Ari'lra* fW Pulltrit. (oiW;i,) liHm biTm i>m> n ynlih* r fcetbhffti'j AH'lf UieAtoerltiu CITOX f hoN=AVniUf»!, It) it imtfi n i\fl Mr.K.ft \H 4 «}*«?*< fftirtl*. ia «L* tt\\ ulu a mum latiu»»i Ah*if m 7*t>u« ftsnUß laiaiun*. STnffTFSSWd IIi »<1=A ((iwltinru iftsl |i4*a (ii(p fitf iMN A'iphM’Ah P-iMMrtV$ §ll(lb; him , U 1 .-..%‘: P ! f*Vi l r^'iL'^’ (Mvf' fNO (uwe.Htt- •lnM.4f.jhf lif4il.H»«L r/ i,M'*i**llhl ti| t|.« par Mia Jl i? !>»♦♦ •> “jaiiM {it (he miiunf Mi»! A {(-•**> i* l * Pani.i r ni..1l •»<«•: il»n tr, flMlife* |r«ail(itf il(»« HeJ I » lit. IHUa Hpreaja *uh)nU. (i erttliwaa a pi*’»l M<\i"h »i>4 (in (!•**«•»« |feali« u i‘B PMnlI U«UJji4 un.l M.pu.iiitm.i. AticnU are »v*ra|ttntf ima i.ilitnll.m n..l -i tu-.-y •tilinieiL Apply »l loniuaml i.rniurf. j, t qonAUAH A Cl*., Publjaher*, d H <uia pl»*e, fUr 4 r OENTP-I.DOO U nntL'il. The hist . chance you A wmlt of historic.*! value and .focal ln.iu.rt.mre. The only WotL on «.ur S .vy yet .nthetldd. Att'Dl* Anil Q(>i-.mii>it:tl< r. la i rrM>. oru NAVY liIMUNU THE HKitKl.l.iuV; ..r, V*v Ullirr *M> 111 u \ aTit. CdUHiMIt R'. liv the .oM renowned hlatorlau, Hon. J. T- HKAIiI.KY. In ore handsome volnme, vitti twenty-two t-i-•> swi onr traits and batlle»c«-nei—oomt>f *.ln« l!*e early iii>. pnh- Itc Mftlcra and naval cara. r of Adtairsl I>. (< Earn* MUHMtLIfI UUU . wi«* * it. ..iiim.i »• xot, Vice Admiral I). 1). Porter, Hear Admiral* Fo ite, liupont. blrlngbam, l>avU, Go <l-Irr*»i.itli and luhl gren; Commodore* Wilke*. Win*! w. VV«r»l«i, HalVy, aid many otherpromtient naval ceh-rnilia, written In Mr. Headley'* graphic and lrh»Uab!e*lvle, with aa authentic account of battle*. »!cje* and bunhard , neats. Including the mem c*t»o<v<ertes mcoadmmng ; naval * arlarc by cunl-oa’s and irco-clad vnwM; al-o. I thrlltisi: di*M*rl|*il'»c» »d the most brilliant exploit, atJ t othl« vcmcnisof the r»hellloc. The authenticity ot the work U heyend ad'nht. u mo,t ot the material concerning their early llte ac£ public services wai furnished directly by the officer* or their friend*. Thebookwlll »ooc i>e ready to driver, and agent* are already meeting with almost unparal leled eucece* m taking orders. .... .. I Our tern.* are nowhere exce.led. and, tas'n- itlj I consideration the crtalpcpalartty of our publlcatl .no, I our inducements to aeenta are unequal.«l. P»r. . .-u I to send for our circular* aed outfit at 0&c.% as a • ay’s I rtelav mar make a hundred dollars alirersnce. Ai.JjeM IC. W, LILLET, Puciisber, 2li Ksyno.ds block. I Chicago- AGENTS— VVantcd-To canvass lor ••Lincoln and Slavery,’* lo one volume .ol ot<t TOOps-f*. The Poor, iuceit about tbelstof osnnary. It already so-ling more rapidly than any oU.vr. The fe.'oml edition wllib? ready In two week*. The Chi cago Journal *ay» of It: “Thebocklslhe Icot Imocc, and cannot be eclipsed.** Fe want a tew good men to engage la Us sale. CLARKE & CO- SO and M Waablcgtoa st.. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For EAR UETTS J\ LIFE OF LINCOLN. Th* .be*Ljno*« complete and authentic work yet puailsbcd. President Lincoln having hlTn*eiffnrnuhcd for tht* work alone, the tact* ot hi* early life. We c Ivo «& per cent commis sion cn above work and cat ?? Books sent to Tnz Agknt. AJltcss J. s.nOOUMAb A CO- mbllshen, 3 Custom itouse Place. Chicago. IU. J A GENTS —Wanted—For“ThePicU»ral J\ Ito*>k of Anecdote* and Inclrtenucf the Rebel nont** warranted the most popular. Cwt eelllns'bo««' o< Uie age. For particulars addrus J. A. sloDEskttD & (X),. | Q-j WaehlDittoc-st.. Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wonted—f7s to *2lO per jCA month, everywhere, male and female, to Intra mice th’ouchont the United “tate* the t»KM INK IM PItOVEU tOSISIOS S-ENSEFAMtLY SEWING MA CHINE. This machine will ettteh, hem. fell, tank, quill.Lind,brail aid embroider ja a iuo« manner. Prl« e only Mb. Fully p.rftvv v» an. We will pay 11,000 U* «ey machine that wUI ;cw a stronger, more bcaumul. or m, n re «l:i»Ve -e»m than curs, it make* the u Elaitlc LockstlJcf. Even m cord stitch can be cuuanc sail the df'VhcMDM^ , pulled arart without tearing U. Wopay agex t. ftoa I *ls to *2OO per month and expwiee.oraoimA «>oft i from wnlcnlwtce that amount cat be made. Addics* sECOMB & CO., Cleveland, Ohio. CAUTR’N.-Doncl be Imposed upon tyoth*r su ites palming ouwcrthless ca»* Iron machines. the (time tame or other* tse. Oan; I- 4 the only «nu* Ire and really practical cheap rnachlce roftu—scturcu. AGENTS— Wanted—*300 per month on*s capital- Acenis wanteillnallpartscf the I "bnhwMt. Address Box 310. Independence. Uva. I with two three cent Btamps t-jt partlcmara. A GENTS —Wanted—Experienced liret r\ canvasser*.' gentlemen and laitt'*. &£ PR.VTEK AT VAILEV n'lWg" a new ana macnincrati tU el er.grav ng t ,P r l<v. UM peculiar mcommendallons which caa-e B*"M admired by every American, cf whatever sector A gents everywhere are meeting with anp-vr*ll*l<d «ar com. Publisher** hlgie*t coraml*»lon s’.tra. « u * dre-s. B. 8. POYDEX, 73 Chicago. l-_ AGENTS— IVanted —GenUemen and ladies thronghmii the Tolled Male* tew Book. “LIVES of the PRESIDENTS.’ frn'Vt 6 * melon to Johnson, by J. s. C. Abbott, the gutat «.*t> ilan. ronplcle m one 'arge minim, li’os tiated with steel en; ravlmcs. among which are por traits of Ihe seventeen presidents. hstUri sc«-nef. C*- Thl» la the only work cf the kind yet puMhli-'- «w atlorde to experienced agents a rareopooitnrdtv » make rntney with a splendid boot, ami no rnrupril lion. Exclusive tcirltory and nuhllshciVLhrh , >l mission given. Boots ready for delivery now. s. r- BOTDKN. 73 Clark-tt., Chicago. 11l A GENTS—Wanted—Jfalc or Female r\ Csp clear fSO per wee-t at their own hou e* I* * Fcht and Aotorablo basics**. Anr person ho'ine a few hours dalle to speed will find this a pod haslet ss. Addrcvs, scnnlng stamp, f»r in.l p:ipt.c-tw*» E. E. LOCKWOOD, Detroit, Michigan. A GENTS—Wnntod—We want ccl«r j[\ prising Agents to Introduce oar Life lliu«»* family Kerord.Jnxt published. LlMral iiitl'ieernerf o canvassers. IIOPKINH ft Si’ENUOI. 7» I*-*** born-»t.. Box 1-170, Chicago. A GENTB—Wanted—Smart and active Agents wanted li every county to »dl ihe m.t- TON TACKED SAFETY HAND LAMPS. R ' pr V"l 7 wants their, as they are the most economl.**' snu •*-* venlent, give a brl’llant tight wr bout chln< »n "W or uuor, and warranted sale. Several other« 7 *■* Dries for agents. Circulars sent tree on appii' Xii.’ r ~ HDD AH ft CAVAN, H i mftetarers, 115 Slaia/n <ew York. AGENTS— Wanlcd-Far “ WOMAN’S WORK IN Tint CIVIL' WAR “ This *»ort. conmienced mere than three years ago. soil prrpr“* nmJrr the sanction and approval of tbs Tnlled “ hacilary Commission, tha Western Uanlisry 1 omt-l slon and the Christian Commission, and rnnialnjeg »n Introdoclory chapter by Or Bellow*, late rrr-i irid '* the Sanitary Commission, tv one «t stai.tlanl and great Interest. Hl* Illustrated with nuaerooj tne steel engravings, by Ritchie and Hartaln. and e<*r tains abontiJV octavo pages, loctudii k •keicie* nearly two hunlred ladles, anil brlrt notices nh* u four btimlred otn«»* while a jnst tiibnte !• raid t» f Ihoosand* of namelesa heroines who sacrlflee-l soni’irn t»* five aid and re'lel to our stifwin* *-ddle»s. b*iu ft>r rlrcnlar, and se« nre the best rhol-'e of t»rrl*'>ry Adoress Zhuiru, MrCDltDTft CO.. I‘uhll‘hers l.ouihard Block, Chicago. 111. Agents— Wuntcti—“Rcntstiic Wnriir* 1 LLOYD’* fNITKD BTATRB fONttNKSf IN V iseu—thrrs maps la one, a*i| the ehsapesi mvi* '*» ’l’ world. Oae Agent at “aglnaw, Mieh., reporls *’• Of •etlher* In one day, Trvlt. Address OUUDsfbKR • B| CO., M 8 liski -st., Chlrsgo. Eh A GENTS—Wan toil—With »r. to »W X* rapllal. fbf a permirent inmiey-mahlrtg b'istu'*'? at home, sitt'alde |i,f Udt«s, gmlletuen, etergyiirt’ af • tcaehrfs, and very dMtrahle n<r cold weather. , Li'” ■me Akenunra making #4O to p*r *'•*!. 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PARTNER—'Wanted— A pcr=c«;®f; fc i tndoitriooi man, would be claato or t n* £i soluble partner. cf equal capital. *o j *.»• *i bolldine trade. or the manufacture of tcrie u‘‘ !V e- -j plrarau, or would go in with eiwep£*«••;• 1 r-n- b tablubed. with a Tier cepilouable reftTenc»afflrea ami rjaulf»a- f/ fern few c»j«,-C. ~ T "‘ - 1^"-‘, ° ECC - g (Corccspouiicnre e&tantcE zoo, Mtch. ”t*V s k'^^js^sassssa."^ tun aad the eon*«loeDC<«. V I two«n«* rtpljt- 4 is “•