Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 7, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7.1887. THE CITY. Old Lauras' Bo*a.-Tho regular monthly meeting of the Board ofMarugwavriJl be held In the Methodist Church block ai hall-past two this afternoon. Att tnrn LaitctKT.—Anton Barker waa at the Police Court, yesterday morning, with etemllnc a plank from Tates' lumber yard, on gasasaar* Bew TixrtaAxci Mitnm-A public temperance laectiec will be held Sn Wesley Chapel, corner of Elackhawk and Sedgwick streets,. on Friday evfclnr< nnoer fbe auaplcea of Northern Light Lodger*©. 890, I. O. Ck T. Prominent speakers will address the meeting. Thx Yoror Sxsucmox Cask.—Tbo second trill of the crfcn. eon. case of Abraham Hartrnnfl against Allen C. Yundt, which was tried at Geneva, Kane County, a year ago next week, and ablch developed any amount of obscenity, has been continued until the next term of the Kane County Circuit Court. Gnacnt GurrswooD. —This popular authoress wDI deliver her much admired lecture “ Heroism tn Common life,” at tbe Crosby Opera House, on Friday evening In behalf of the Mjaslon Sunday School, under the auspices of the Tabenisds Congregational church. There will doubtless be a large attendance. Tn* Stxwabt Drvonc* Gas*.—The argument of the motion for a new trial In this notorious case of Stewart against Stewart Is jet for this day. It !• understood that the defendant. Hart L. Stewart, has by his counsel, notified the complaining wife «h*t be will apply for a rule on her to answet his crosi’bill, asking a dlvorto on the ground of de sertion. . rOcirroxox Colorado.—The following is tbe programme of Prolesror Denton’s third lecture, to be delivered this evening la Crosby’s Music Hall: Minerals tad metals ol Colorado; formation of tnciaUc veins. Infiltration. Injection, segregation and sublimation: bituminous coal of tbe plains; petroleum, coal, iron. Iced, copper, sliver, gold. Nonts Daxx UjorkßaiTT.— I The winter term of (his w ell known Institution of learning at Sooth Bend, Indiana, commenced on ihe first of this monte, but the classes are open for tho reception of undents a* any time There are now over fire hundred students at tbe Institution, which Is highly prosperous la every sense. We need say nothing In commendation of this highly and de servedly popular University. Stzauxo a Cbxst or Tool*.—Henry Bussell was yesterday morning committed from tbe Pollcs Court for trial In ball of (1,000 for taking • chest of carpenters* tools from a barn in the rear of No. 229 West 1-ake erred. The premises and Hie tools belonged to a Hr. Lewis. Russell kept a span of horses in the bars, and bad frbe access to it. One lewis Rice assisted him to pat tbe chest Id bis wagon, hut was ignorant of the fact that U did not belong to him. Fnxz Ensure Lzaaoxs—We call attention to tbe notice of a free evening class In tbe practical German coarse, given at Bryant £ Stratton’s Col lege hi this city. Tho proprietors of tMs Institu tion will.thus bring more folly before oar citizens the excellent and practical system of teaching the (.err:an. which hts won for Its author large class es of our business men, and rendered necessary the appointment of tn assistant professor In that department. “Sncrrmc Fawc Soap.”—This Is the nine by which a lady Inquired atone of our• city drug stores yesterday for an article “ for deplorable complexions.” It Is stated that (be call has be come very great for tbe new and highly recom menced preparation for bra Jtifymg the com plexion, known as “King’s Cold Cream Soap, and that tbe tales are remarkable. It Is sold by all druggists, See advertisement elsewhere. IkfuovxdHoei Cadt.—A hose cart, just fin- Uhi d by Mr- G. W. Hannls, No. 97Klnz!e street, was exhibited yesterday to the Fire Commission ers. and by them pronounced to be a great Im provement npon those now in use. It is mounted on springs, which make Ihe vehicle run more lightly, allow of It doing more work, and insure at least double tbe wear of the old cart. Mr. Han oi* Is the originator of this and of other valuable Improvement# In fire apparatus. Hosobablt Dibchahoxd. —On tbe 19th of Jan uary last, a mm named George Josephs was charged at the Police Court with an unnatural offence, and wras committed for trial. When the case came before tbe Grand Jury no bill was *ound against Mr. Josephs, and he wss honorably discharged. Be U said to be a bard-working man, and it Is thought that the foul charge was brought against Mm by some evil disposed person for the purpose of gratifying their malice. DcTonosAL Sntcnro.—Bev. O. H- TlOkoy. D.D.. t,,t consented to deliver a discourse on Church and devotional music, this afternoon, at two o’clock, in the Clark Street Methodist Epis copal Church, corner of Washington and Clark streets. Philip Phillip*, of Cincinnati, will sing hi* favorite, entitled “Home of the Song.” In-the evening, at 7*4 o’clock, at the same place, a general singing meeting will be held, at which Sabbath School children will be present. The music will be under the direction of Mr. PMllips. All are invited to attend. Mtbttbioct DißApPXAUAitc*.—Frauds B. Holt, a milkman, redding at No. 279 flwing street, In the WcstDlvision mysteriously disappeared about the midnight of Tuesday. He was In bed, and hcaimga noise in the barn, a few feet In the rear of the house, he went out to see what waa the matter, and.has not since been heard of by W« vrfie or niraos. »t u Deneven mat nr n»a strain one hundred dollars In bis possession at the time, and fact may bare come to tbe knowledge of tome rascals, woo decoyed him from home, and perhaps murdered him. Thx Stock Yards Bailboad Accidxst —Mr.S. E. Treat, who was to severely Injured on Tuesday aflernoon, at the Stock Yards, In attempting lo Jump (Tom a stock train, as mentioned In these columns yesterday, died at the Hough Bouse yes terday forenoor. Tbe AaiUlantSaperintendenlof the Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Bead, with com mendable lloeralltv, has furnished a free pat* for the escort and tbe remains of Mr. Treat ro Polo, ‘where thedeceaeed had resided. Tbe body will be conveyed to Polo this morning, and tbe funeral will be held at that place at 11 o'clock Friday morning. Alizgep Fjllsx PnETTSCia —ln the month of December last Kate Smith, It Is stated, opened an “establishment” on Qolney street in the pecu niary interest of one George Sherlock, the latter givlrg the woman a quantity ot furniture to make the place attractive to three of lewd habits. It appears that In ths latter part of the same -month George and Kale quarrelled, and sbe sold the fur niture to William Shine and left the premises. Sherlock learned of this transfer of property, eutd shine and replevlned It Shine procured a warrant for Kale Smith, charging her with ob laimnemoney under falee pretences. She had engaged as a servant at No. 793 Wabash avenue. At the Police Court yesterday the case waa held over tIU to-Uay in bail of SSOO. Tn* FnrtDKXX. —The cause of the Southern < ftecdmcn trill be ably discussed this evening at IL<* Opera House, where, as already announced, • public meeting u to be held tinder the ansplcrs of Ite Ameilcan Ftevdmra’a Union Commission. A comber of distinguished speaker* will be present, ■mon*» whom are Judge Hassell. of Boston. Rot. l.ytnaaAbbott, ot New York, and other prominent friends of the cause. The present condition and wants of the freedmen will be brought before the meeting, and much Interesting Information will be conveyed. The public are earnestly Invited to attend. BXLDwnt’s Railkoad Gcid*.—The publisher of I this Invaluable work has decided to defer the issue I ofthesecotdnnmhortlll the first of March, after I which the Guide will be regularly itsned on the I first of the month. This trill make the work all } the more valuable, as by that means the latest 1 changes in tram time can be announced. I Mr. Baldwin distributed eleven thousand cople? I of the first edition covering nearly every point of I the Northwest. He has now coxnplatcd arrang • I id cuts by wblcb the Guide will reach every poltii I without excrpllon. •- . „ I He has effected agreements with Mr. C. u. Sh ver, F. H. Nichols, and U. Andrews, to distribn them over the lines of road which they supply with books and news. These, with the llnra enp- | piled by Mr. Baldwin, will Include not less than ten lines of rail naming ont of Cblcaao, on which the Gnldc will be liberally distributed- The West ern News Company trill also srnu the Guide to all iicws dealers supplied bv them, putting copies of the Guide with every package sent out by them to every town and village la the Northwest. Advertiser* trill at once perceive the value of the Guide as a medium for making the public ac quainted with their business. It is not excelled by any advertising medium in this respect, and equalled by bu» few. Ijrrnorxn Cocstsoip.—Yesterday afternoon I 'Jndsou P, Esmay, a yonbg nan aboot SI years or ! a-e, a machinist Id the employ of "Walker A Bro- I Noa. 3iandStt Weal Washington street, w« ar* J rested, end bronght for examination before Jos* I tlce Slits on a charge of baslardv preferred by I Agnes Evan?, a yonrg widow, residing at No. SS I W»t Washington rtreeL The case was continneo I on til Saturday atlernoon,the 19lh Inst. I From eUtemenla made, it was ascertained that I Mrs. Apnea Evans came to this city about the I first ol May, 1806. She became acquainted mih Mr. Esmay aeon after her arrival. Their acquaint ance ripened Into an engagement of marriage made during the latter part of June, 1563. Jn July the wedding was arranged to take I place, bntontbeSatnrdaypreTione.Eanuycanad 1 onlbe lady, told her that he conld not marry her. aa be was unwell, and conld not support a wife as hewonld wish to do. The lore did not teem to slacken in the least, but the parties seamed to be walling for a convenient season. During ibis phase of the acquaintance Esmay frequently tifilted a bouse onKlnxlc street in company with the lady, 'there they would remain in private for sometime. About three months since a third party named John Kattjgan, a fell jW-workman ol £*may, aald be was Inlove with the young widow, at-e would marry her. Toey were married on the Biel of December, and the new couple moyed to Elion, Illinois, to reside. Mr. Milligan's lozltl* mate wife cameo* from the East and claimed her husband, but he absconded, leaving both wires to settle the aCalr, Mrs. Mattlgao* formerly Mrs. Evans, returned to Chicago, when Jodson V. Esmay renewed his attentions, but refused to marry her. The woman knowing tbat she was about to become a mother, has now com* mcnccd a soil *o gain the means of support, or Etmav's band in marriage. Pnonamx Ikczjidiakiz*-— An Irishman named Patrick Powers was on Monday arrested and brought before Justice Secney of Desp'alnes, in this county, ou the charge of incendiarism. It appeared on the examination that Powers had been engaged in cubing wood for Mr. Bodees, of Detpltlne*, who bad recently paid him la full for his labor. A few days after this, on the fid of February, Powers applied for pay lor some seven* teen cords more, which be claimed to hate cnt. This was refused, and, on examination. It was found that several other choppers In the neigh borhood had left their workwllhont waiting for car which led u> the discovery that Powers had cat Aed a large quantity of wood from the Piles of*Mr. Hodges to his own, and based hit claim for cutting 6nthU deficiency. The detection and the lallnre to obtain the amount fraudulently claimed enraged Powers, and turning to Mr.S. proprietor of the hotel at the station, who had been Instrumental in the discovery of ths iiand, he swore that he “ would fix him.” ho at tention, however, was paid to ihia, and the threat night last, about midnight the em- Tdores on a train of the Northwestern Estiroad, on reaching Desplalore StailOß. discovered Mr. 22e«V bam to be on fire, and Quickly gave the aiaTm. The Inmate* oflhe hotA burned oat and finally extinguirhed the flames after a long l ebed adjoining bad been desUoy ed. Suspicion at once rested upon Pow ers and on Investigation 11 was found that on ibe night of the Are be had left a saloon new hv shout half-past eleven. Tracks were discovered Kf the mow leading thence to the bare, and ibe impression was found to match the boots worn by Power*. This was considered sufficient to warrant the arrest, which was made, and, after tlon. being held to trial in the sum of SI,OOO. to scsirer the charge of arson. He was brought to this dty and lodged in the County Jail. THE MURDER ON THE PI AIMS. Facts and Theories With Bayard to the SI order and its Canso—State ment bj BlacX—He Acknowl edges the Crime. Details or the Pnnralt and Arrest* Id onr isane of yesterday we chronicled the ar> arrest of two men, U. 6. SUckncy and George W. Black, said to be the authors of a bloody murder which occurred our on die Plains In the month of October last. They were both locked up In the County Jail here to await their examination before a Justice of the Peace, and since their incarceration lacts have transpired which enables ns to present a more detailed ac count of the deud than It was possible to obtain yesterday. From what has already come lo light it appears to have bees a singularly atrocious and cold-blooded transaction, the effect or a pre meditated deep laid scheme on the part of a villain who ought to bare been the twin urotboroflago. BlcWlar, the unfortunate man who became ihe victim of this conspiracy, had gone out West a considerable time since In search of Eldora do, leaving bis wife and family In Denver City. By bard labor as a miner he tad managed lo ac cumulate the sum or about lo cold, and was about to atari for his home In the fall of last year from Salt Lake City, when he met acsidently with Stlckney and Black, both bent npon a similar Journey. SOckncy bad been out West for nearly eight years, fire of which he passed in Salt Lake City, where he was engaged as a telegraph ope rstor. At the time he proposed to start for the Plains he was understood to be **dead broke. Ec Induced Black resell his horses and accom- Dill tie part/ to Denver city Black comcnusd to do io, bnt bcloc detained In Ball Lake lor Borne time he did not overtake his companions anal they reached Lone Tree Station. Soon after Black Joined them, Stlckney ap nears to have act himself assiduously to work to create an 111 feeling between Blcktng and Black. Ue had discovered that the former was possessed of a large sum of money, and ho determined to' have It In bis own keeping. To this end he framed In bis onn mind a scheme whereby Sicking could he put out of the way without Impllcatlnir himself. Owing to his secret machinations. Black in a very shott time waa thoroughly impressed w up me notion that Bicklng was bit mom I ene my. and waa waning* convenient opportunity to mniderhlm, while Bicklngwas under a similar impression with regard lo Black. At length the mind of the latter was so worked npon with the Idea that Blckirg Intended to murder him that In order to aave his own life he took that of the other with hla own band, while Sl-cknc? plan dervd the murdered man of hla money which was carrie d In abelt round his body. Such ia the statement of the facts elicited yes terday. which, if correct, would throw by lartbe greatrr burden of guilt upon StlcknoT, The fol lowing ie the statement made by Black yesterday while In the County Jail. srairrarr nr o. w. slick. The prisoner. Black, stated in a conversation with Judge W. A. carter, that be made Ihe ac oualntanee <>( Bicklng at Salt lake City, who was i\ren coming to Denver, and tost il. S. SticWoey advised him (black) to eel! bis horses and come on with Bicklng, as u would be cheaper. Black finally concluded to sell bis stock, and agreed to nav Bicklng seventy dollars as fare, on hU arrival in Denver. Black was. however, detained In Salt like some Hmo longer than the others could afford to wait, and followed on horseback, over- i taking Bicklng and Stlckney at Lone Tree Station, about flliy-flve miles east of Fort Dridger or one hundred and eighty miles from Salt Lake Citv. about the 28ih of October. Ue said that bis | first Impressions of Slewing were that ho was a : very clever, pleasant kind el a mao to travel with, hot thatVtlckney soon told him, that Bick- I Ingbad taken a prejudice against him and was , a dangerous man, who might do bin some In- I jory. and would shoot him if he did not look I 4-uu Black said he thought it very strange, hat i would try to keep on bis guard. He noticed I Stlckney and Bicklng in close conversation sev eral time* after this, and was puzzled to know I what It all meant There were several quarrels ; between Black and Bicklng. In consequence of , wbai Stlckney bad said. When the? arrived at Du** Spring Station, he waa in the station honee anfßicklce came In and demanded ot him pay- i meet of the enm agreed on as fare. Black ! told him that he bad not agreed to pay It Jill they reached Denver, but was willing to pay half i of it there, and the balance at this end of the ' Journey. He paid him the halt, and then Blckirg , told him tbsine was noteo had as Stlckney tad made him out to be; that Stlckney had told him tßicklnr) that Black Intended to desert him with out paving any money. Nothing was stated by Black about Ibejonrney from that point till the party arrived at Waahakee Station, the place where the murder was commlt tid. Tuts is distant about twenty miles from Bridget's Pass, oue hundred and eighty miles (rem Fortßridrer, and threehnndredandflfteen miles from Salt Lake. They encamped near there, and one ol Ibtlr mules strayed off. Stlctaiey uionosed to Black to wash the dishes, while Stlckney and Dieting went after the mule. This was agreed to. While : wanning their feet at the camp fire, preparatory to starving out, Bllckney got Into close and whispered conversalloD with Bicklng, and then told him in a loader voice to take his re volver along, as he might be able lo shoot a jack ass rabbit. Bicklng look his revolver, recapped It. went to the wagon for a drink of whiskey, and then the two started off In different directions. They came back In about half an hour without the mule. Black fully expected that Btckiug in tended to murder him, from the fact that be seemed so suspicious, and his tears were con firmed when It was proposed that Bicklng and he should go out together, leaving Stlckney with the wagon. Ue went out with Bicklng, and being in fear of his life took the initiative by shooting him about two bandred yards from the camp, and a tittle north of the road, in f&ll view of Stlckney. Ue walked away and Stlckney went out and turned the corpse over, examining the pockets, Ac-, then came hack to camp, remarked, “ G-—-d a n him; we have got nd of him at last; he will never trouble us any more.” tux moor ass abbbst. Alter the murder the two men took the team to a cornd mt the North Platte, about sixty miles from the plica, kept by Ed. Bennett. said to be a friend of Black’e, and leftrit there, with the wagon, harness, Ac. They then went to the nearest station and bought a ticket to the next station, about thirty miles distant, saying that they were going to see a man there—giving a name not known In that section. On being told that there waa no anch man there, they grew con teed. and said something about having agreed to meet such a man there. Arrived at that point, (bey made no rnonlrles,bnthoaght a ticket through to Denver. When the murder was discovered it was naturally enough concluded that they had re • sorted to that as a sorry ruse to cover their line of deed might have remained forever undis covered and (he perpetrator* lett lo enjoy the fruits of their crime in safety, had it not been lor tae cir cumstance that the time of Bicklng's departure from Balt Lake City waa known to his family In Denver, and hU mysterious disappearance created alarm. It appears that when he started from the mines In Colorado to go to Salt Like with the intention of disposing of hli property and star ting at once for home, he wrote tobls wife (bathe would bo back ay the Ist of November and desired, her to meet him. November came and passed without any news of him. and towards the middle of December hia wife, becoming alarmed at his prolonged absence, hetan to entertain fetrs that he had fallen a vic tim to robbers on the way. She wrote to Judge W. A. Carter, at Fort Bridger, requesting bim - to institute Inquiries after her husband, and before ne had succeeded in cslntne any information she wrote to him a second time, stating that she had received ber husband’s watch, a circumstance which tended to confirm her impression that he had been kllled. Jnugc Carter then made careful Inquiries regard ing the misting man, when it war discovered that be bsd been last seen travelling in company with Sttckneyand Black. _ . . . . The two men were traced to Waichahnht Sta tion and there lost sight of lor a time. Subse fluently It was found that they had taken the stage to Denver City, at which place theylwere again lost sight of until thev came to Illinois. BUII pursntrg his investigations from time to time, Mr. Carter arrived In Chicago on Srmdayacd put up at the Sherman House. Ue was rather taken by surprise when Stlckney walked up and accost ed him. Ue Immediately called to his aid Mr. B. C. Yates who chanced to be here on another mis sion. and it was decided not to arr'-sthlm until hU associate Black was found. Black resided at Itockford. where he had been recently married to a Miss Dyer, and was carrying on a saloon business. He was pulled out of his bed on Monday night, and brought to this city. Hu companion was arrested on Tuesday, as hereto fore announced. , ... Stickncy has been living, since his return, at Elgin, occasionally coming Into this city, where he his a number of highly respectable relatives. Ue has recently been engaged in trying to or ganize a company to eiart for the mines In Colo rado. NEW CBtBOB STBBCTBBE, The New England Congregational Glinrcli Edifice. The chnrcbcs of Chicago, in numbers, coalll nets and beauty, are In keeping with the growth of the city in other respect*. Almost every month a new home of worship is finished, and, as a general role, each is superior to' that of the parent cbnrch, and ehovya a continued advance in taste, capacity and value. The New England Congregational Society have jmt completed, acd will dedicate this evening, a building on the corner of North Dearborn and White elretU, opposite Washington Park, which ia pronounced by many to he the moat beautiful chorea edifice west of New York. It ia situated in a pleasant ana growlnglocallty, but, being considerably removed from the centre of business and travel, has not, attracted that attention which It deserves. It is Irnly a great ornament to the city, aud a credit to the crowing denomination which it represents. The building Is of massive roach Athens marble, with cnt|lrimmlngs. tn the cruciform Gothic shape. The front entrance is on Dearborn street, with an ample ride entrance on While street, and smaller doors on the sooth and east sides. Over the arch of the doors are the words, cut In the solid stone, “ Salvation, and Glorv, and Donor, and Power, onto the 1-ord our God," and above this, the words, ’‘Praise ye the Lord." On each side of the doorway ta a l*cantlTa! pillar of Scotch marble, highly polUhed, and above arc three niches, with the lollowtng named singularly appropriate and striking con-. tents The first to the left is inscribed " Scroobj Manor. A. D, 1G06." and contains a piece of stone from the original cbnrch in tost place In Scotland, where the Congregational polity was firstadoptM. The nest conWne a fragment of rock from the pavement of the spot where the Puritans last wor shipped just as they sslled for the New World. at>d fs Inscribed *• Delft Haven, July, 1C20." The other Is marked “ Plymouth Rot*. December S 3, 196?,” and bolds a fragment of the clone upon which the pilgrim feet first stepped when they landed from tne Mayflower, Over the northern entrance are the words ’‘Enter into Ills Gates with Thanksgiving and Into Ills Coarts with Praise.'* The roof is handsomely covered with «late, and in various portions supports crosses cut ont oi stone. The interior of the building is exceedingly at tractive and beautiful. The woodwoik laol black walnut, handsomely carved and ornamented. The news are all cushioned and the hacks are -levelled ■o as to fit easily to the hack. There are three short galleries extending across the north, south and east ecds of the ctoss-llkcjbuilding, and seated with easy arm chairs. The organ and* choir occupy the east end In another high gallery. In front of acd below which » ihc pulpit, which is simply a high platform with a unique little de-k Id front, without railing or enclosure, so that the speaker has free nse of his limbs and, as some one has eald. can be “eloquent with his legs.* On the front panel of the desk, which is of blsck wSgJSt is P a carved cross, around which are the raised words, “Wp preach Christ crucified " The organ, which is a fine toped one, made by Hook, of Boston, Is eienlu* ally to be enlarged. The stained window* present as uaimontona end beautiful blending of rich col ors as can be seen in the United States. There are three large circular windows on the sides, and above, in the roof, arc twelve dormer lights of triai gnlar shape, and three of circular shape. At night the house is lighted by graceful chandeliers with ground glass globes, and hyjet* projecting from the arch in front of the pulpit. It is warmed by three large lumaces and one small one. In the rear of the desk, under tne organ, is the pastor's study. The lecture and Sabbath School : .room will lor the present be u> the old chnitb, tm ; mediately In the rear, thout-hii ts contemplated 1 eventually to build an addition for tboee pur- { toees. joining the main building. The man also Deludes a massive and lofty hell-tower with stee ple, on the northwest corner, and when finished the whole edect of the church wLI be truly ia posing. . The pews will seat comfortably 70S persons and the gallery chtlraSOfimore, making Ijm. There Is an Ingenious arrangement for seats upon the sides, by raising hanging panels, so that the cbnrch can seat without trouble between 1.200 and 1,300 persons. The nave Is 123 feet long, tho tran sept about 100, and the from floor to roof rlqge about 65 feet. This flue church has been erected at a total cost,’ Including ground and funritblng, of nearly *IOOXOO, the bonding and belonging* costing over fSD.OOO. The design and specifications are the work of Mr. Edwin I*. Potter. • architect, of New York, son ol Bishop Potter. Tte work was superintended by Mr. Max DJortshnrgh. Chlel Engineer of the Chicago, Burlingtou and Quincy Railroad, one ol the building committee. Augus tus Wailbraom was the mason builder, John Me- Eweii IhecaiDzn’er bult<Jer,lleath4 Milligan tbe printer*, Jchn . Hugaes did the plumbing, and Wbtbe 4 Mooealnger the ent stone wort Tbe raised elate was obtained orßeorj Sharpe. New York, aad ae< hr W'a h & Brolhsr.of Chicago; tbe f jnaceaare from M. W. Lester and Fry & Holmes; tbe ru flxtme*K : om Mitchell, Yanoc 4 Co., hew York, and H. M. Wilma* th, Chicago; the pulpit fornllore from Sweeney 4 Brolle - ; the gallery fjrmture from W, W. Strong, and the carpets and upholstery from Allen 4 Mack*y. Ihtor'glnal edifice of this church stood on thj* corner of Indiana and Slate street*. It wu moved to ICa present location in the rear of the cew a tract ore, and several times enlarged, hntetiU (bond “too strait" fbr tne growing so ciety, aid henca this now completed and noble en itcrc will be appropriate dedicatory services Ibis evening, commendig at half-past seven, * ben the pastor. Rev. J. P. Gulliver. will preach tbe eermon, and other clergymen will take part. Tbe church will he open to visitors who mav wiab to inspect It on Friday, Saturday and Monday evenings—and. we presume, during the day—and the choir will furnish music. PROBABLY FATAL SHOOTINQ. A Desperate Encounter—Three Police Officers Wounded by a Midnight Prowler-A Bcrolrer Used— The Prisoner Shot In tho Hand, Ann and Abdomen* Between one and two o’clock yesterday morn ing, while Officer Grief, of the Third Precinct, was patrolling Us best on North Water street, he noticed a man coming toward him from the direc tion of State street. The circumstance would not have been specially noticeable but for tbe fact that tbe officer btl rone only a few paces when tbe eamc man relumed. . Some peculiarity in bis man ner prompted tho officer to stop him to ascertain his business abroad at eneb a late hour. Tho man moodily replied that be would tell him when be got ready. Grief Informed him that If be could not giro a satisfactory account of himself be should consider it bis duty to arrest him. The man muttered some reply to ins effect tb&i he would "show him,* 1 and unbuttoning bis coat the desperate fellow brought out a lone bladed pocket knife, with which be made a sudden attack upon the officer. Ills mo tion* had been narrowly watched, and the officer parried the blow with his club, at the next mo ment dealing him a hard blow on the hand with tbe intention of causing him to drop tbe weapon, in this he was unsuccessful, and his antagonist being a large, strong-built man, Grief gradually retreated to the corner of Stale and Michigan streets, “ skirmishing” with the despe rado over every inch of the distance. Before reaching the corner mentioned be gave loud calls tor assistance, which were tint responded to by Henry Feebler, a merchants’ policeman, who was at the moment standing in the doorway of a sa loon adjacent. Supposing, from the position of affairs, that the stranger wa* a man who would rotbcsltate'toUke thetr lives, (which his man i>er ftillv warranted), be at once drew his club, but not’before tho ruffian had made a savage thrust at him with the knife, which caused an ugly wound In the palm of his left hand, near tbe Ungers. Feebler then drew his revolver and fired three shots upon tbe man, all of which took effect. The first was received In the hand, between tbe first and second fingers, the same hall passing Into Ms arm: the second shot grazed the man’s breast, and the third lodged In the right side of tbe abdomen. Tho reports of tbe firing ceased Officer Wa'ts to hasten to tbe scene of the affray, and the stranger, notwithstanding his several wounds, immediately epiang upon him and tried lo stab Mm. Watts warded off the blow, and struck tho knife from Ms hand. The three officers thou took ihe wounded man to the North Market Station, where his name was ascertained robe Ernst Blachberger, bat no far ther particulars were ascertained. Where be l.ved, where he had been or was going, or what motives prompted him to make such desperate resistance to the officers, have not transpired. He did not appear to bare been drinking, and it Is reasonably conjectured that he haa been laboring nnder temporary insanity. Ho is not known lo tbe police force, and bis friends, if he have any in (he city, should at once come to his assistance. Hr. stark wss immediately called to dress the wonnds received by Blachberger, and he is under stood to have pronounced tbe wound lo the abdo men ot a fatal character. Tbe unfortunate man was conveyed to the City Hospital, where, at last accounts, his recovery was considered hopeless. COLORADO. Second Lecture by Mr* Benton— General Description of the Conn* . try—lts Geological History as Inscribed on tbo Beets. Professor Denton gave tbe second lecture of his course on Colorado last evening, In Crosby’s Marie Hall, to a good andicnce. The lecture con tained many facts of interest In a scientific point of view, and was illustrated with largo maps and charts. Three years sgo, be said, Colorado was a great, unknown waste, the great American desert. It lies between latitudes 37 and 41, and longitudes 103 and 107. SSI miles by 2SO, and containing 105,7:4 square miles; or as large a region as Vermont, New York and Massachusetts. The mountains wMch pass through Colorado are in a number of small chains, carving to tee east and west ana enclosing little parks, known as the North Park, booth Park, Ac. They contain grem meadows, vrith damps of pine, looking as If they bad been planted by hand, and away the dark mountain ranges rise and encircle them. As we approach Denver the mountains come up ooe by one like a great amphitheatre. Oar first step from tbe plains takes ns up 1,500 or 2,000 feet; above this are pine trees, sparse and small, - and above them mountains 2,000 feet higher still. The scenery Is of great grandeur. One Is very much deceived In regard to distance by tbe marvellous clearness of (he atmosphere. A range that seems but ten miles away maybe fifty. There is at.a distance no appearance of any pass through tbe Mils, hut as yon draw nearer the bed of a little stream is discovered, along which you can slowly work your way, until the lofty summit Is reached. . On the way up one can often gather snow with one hand and flowers with tbe other. Mountains seventy miles off can be seen as plainly as hills can Ucre three or loot miles distant, and many of the views are of wonderful beamy. The Para rnoosh range la composed of horizontal beds of lava, which have been cut away by the action of ice and water, leaving perpendicular faces 2,000 feet bleb, while back andbeyond Hseotherranges till tteyreach the height of 13,000 feet above the sea. The moraines in Colorado arc almost universally unclouded. For two weeks the sun lose without a cloud except on two days. 1 be rpeaker thought that tbe race of men who should hereafter people this elevated region, where the air Is so pare and bracing, must be a nobler and higher claea of beings than the average. There are three kinds of valleys In Colorado. Those of depression are such as the village of Blackbawk lies in, where the groned appear* to hate sunk. Then there are valleys of erhslon, which have been dag out by the action of water, where mighty rivers of old rolled. In some val ley* the water had cat ont the rock for a depth of a thousand focL There are also valleys which have been produced hr the elevation of hill* about them, which enclose vast prairies, abound ing in irrasa where millions of animals can feed, f The rivers of Colorado are numerous. Tbecbte among them are the Arkansas and the Platte. During the dry season the water sinks into the eronnd. leaving only <ne dry sands. They furnish due natural road-neds. along which railroads might easily be built But at the time when the tanner most needs water, the melting otlmmense masses of snow furnishes It. On the west side are the Giand the Gunnison, the White, and Green rivers, all tributary to tbc great Colorado. The vegetation of Colorado Is luxuriant. The plains ate covered with tall grass, hat so sparsely that between the roots the sand esn be seen, and at times tbc plain looks like a dessert. The fall of rain in the summer iseo email that the grass dries no into bay. which furnishes excellent food for cattle-great nerds of bnttalo live on It. Tbe beet of grass is grown In the mountain region. Here It Is green and beautiful, and men go up and cut md bring ft the valleys. The trees are priori pally pine and spruce. There Is very lltuohard wood—except a few scrub oaks. Tbe cold on these high elevations dwaris the trees. There are some fine forms of wild frnit,lucmdlng whortleberries, blackberries, and currants. The beam are very fond of these latter. There are also many fine chokecherrics. and on the Arkansas, wild hops, from which w ine Is often made. Cactns or prickly pears, are abundant, and the fruit can be eaten, although (be prickles interfere with this are here & great many of the coflcnlla. or gnawing animals, among them principally the prairie does, which live in little villages. The wolves lie In wait at their holes to catch these lit tle Innocents for food. Wolves are very numerous on the plains as wed as the mountains, aad besra —black, brown and grimly. The litter are not as courageous as they aro reported the plains are the Cheyennes and the Arapahoe?; Id the mountains the Utes. They are all very fond of ornament, hanging trinkets ol ft l kinds about their persons. ThespeakcrtoonghtthattherearenoHl awatbas or Mtnnehabasaraonglhem. Theyarenot lovely in voice or smell, and not troubled with dislike to dtrt. They believe In a God who ts all ■ good, and a devil who is all bad. They expect to go, if they aro goodjo happy hunting grounds in the next world. The faie of the red man ta evidently to waste away and , become extinct. They will not learn the arts of civilization, anov ; cannot otherwise live. Colorado has an important history, written on (he rocks, so that it can be easily read. AH the great distinctions that Geology recognizes can be found here. Granite is found very largely developed—thrust np through tbe other rocks though it ta the lowest grade, and sometimes it is found 13,000 feet above tbe sea. The met amorphic rocks are well represented, and nearly all the mining is done through this, though miners commonly call it granite. Above this properly come the Silurian rockt and these ■re thought to appear in some places here. The Devonian and carboniferous beds are also found, containing shells and other fossils. If there were no coal in Colorado the prospect would be very dark, bat It Is there. The penman and cretaceous periods aro also very largely represented; also the tertiary and , the drift, non all these the history of toe Stale can be learned. We can go back for ages and sot an idea of what was Its original character. The Rocky Mountains are as old as tbc allnvlan—u not older. Ihe ocean occo covered this whole region, leaving the mountains loeg Islands, acted npon by the waves and storms. Tbe old mountains were gradually worn down by the torrents and washed into toe sea, and from its bed new moun tains were lifted up. During; toe carboniferous times the territory of Colorado waa rising. Im mense forests covered and darkened the land. These decayed and were coveted with earth, making Immense beds of coal. In the cre tsccons period the mountains sank again, for they were not all tonned at once: it waa through a long redes of chances, elevations and depres sions. The ocean at tins period came over a large part of this region, and the shellsof Its insects were deposited In Ihe bottom. There are im mense Quantities of fossils now to be fanud, and neatly all are cretaceous. The ocean then swana id with fishes, many of gigantic size. With the tertiary period toe country rose again, never more to be covered with water. A number of lakes, however, were left standing—some qnite luff-.- immense palms grew where Denver now stands, also gnm-bcaxiog trees, fall ot sap. Fossil lurries are ofien found, and perfect In sects, of which toe vo it veins of toe wings can now oe seen under toe microscope. During toe tertiary period there was a great lake covering a large portion, and swanmng with fishes and lor lies. The mighty mastodon, and tbe sloth, hang- Ingfrom the branches; thcßocUy Mountain goat, the great fishing birds, filling their crops with the frogs and toads which abounded—these living things peopled the margin. Ihen great changes took place, and volcanoes rose th-ongh the sur face There Is one bed of lava 250 feet thick. A creet field of it mast have occupied the whole re cion. A sea of molten lava once rolled there. Agates are often toned there now. At the close ot toe tertiary period the moon tains were probably much higher than now. Then came the drift period when the great fields of icc floated over them and wore them down. In tbe neighborhood of Empire City the track of toe glaciers Is very plain, showing that an Immense mass of ice must have ground and plowed too tnnaoftbe mountains. Toe gold was then la toe Tffn* of Colorado, and the drift period had much todo in breaking down the rocks and exposing it t °ToSliht tbe lecture will be upon the metals and minerals of Colorado. Family Trouble*, Mrs. Farakae, residing al No. 200 State ilrcet, caused her husband to be arrested and brought before Justice Stnrtevant yesterday afternoon. Hbe aald that Hr, Fankaa was InJhe frequent habit oflhreatenlog not only her life out the Uvea of the young Farakases. He was impressed with the Idea, she staled, that he was going to be hung, and tbat the dreadful event would be brought about In consequence of her. lie was often intoxicated, and on Use previous morn* *nc bad used the most vulgar and obscene lan* cuagv in addressing her, and threatening to stab her If she made any reply. The wretched Farakae, trembling Inside the railing from ths rficcts, apparently, of dissipation, said tbat aha was a woman of henejod words and very soft spoken when she dcslredto accomplish an object of ter own. He had been greatly cxcrcited with ber. He came home at noon and found no ttl£ ner. no lire, no wife, and only one small child to erect him. He could tell a great deal about her. hut she was his wife and he refrained. She waa the only Mend be bad, he sstd, and Urns It waa that bo was persecuted. He was required, to cireballoftSOOtokeop the peace. This fracat belngdlsposcd of, another was called- Of on'te a different character were the domestic difficulties existing between George Prasser and hla wife, of Clybourne avenue, though to liquor they were ebufly Indebted for their inteild tlee. George waa In "the box" for being disorderly. Teaterday morning hU wife aakea him for twenty-lire cants to buy a school book for one of the children. HercfoaedU. He aald she received a great deal of money from the sale of milk, and squandered It. She replied, giving very graphic sketches In German of tbe many tri als and vlcieeltndea of her duly life, and remind ing him of aundry shortcomings with which his memory needed no refreshing. Conswnenuy be beet her. Subsequently she had him ar rested. At the court she gave her testimony In German of the most voluble and copious description. George only regretted that while nta band was in be had not beaten her more. She said he got drankfevery day, and spent hla money In the society of other women, while ahe was re markable for ber virtue and economy. A witness in tne case testified that one was as bid as the the other, and George Was fined 15. a nxsTEusons case. A YoongSlan Charged with a Brutal Outrage on a Girt—She Denies It* A most mysterious case was brought before the -public yesterday, tbe facts In which not only are not now known, but may remain forever shroud'd In mystery. A little girl charged a young man «tih ihe crime of violating her person, and after his arrest denied every word ot the allegation. Edward T. Jones, a clerk employed in his broth' er's grocery store at No. 127 West Madison street, was brought before tbe Police Court yesterday morning charged with committing e rape upon a little girt nine years old, named Jenny Cobb, whose parents occupied rooms over Mr. Jones* store, her father being employed in a drug store on West Randolph street. Tho child has been In the habit of visiting the store frequently for tbe purchase of groceries to supply the family needs, and It Is alleged that tbe young man sometimes annoyed her with conversation which aheconstd' ered of a vulgar and improper character, and that on two or three previous occasions be has eourht to accomplish the brutal crime with the commiißlon of which ho was yesterday Charged. On Tuesday evening the child was not well, and upon being questioned the parents were shocked beyond expression to bear that on San der evening Jones nsd committed a crime which in Borne countries la punished as severely as mur der. Joocs war arrested and taken before tbe Police Court, where ho was held for further ex amination on Friday afternoon In ball of 12.00 U. Yesterday the girl was visited by the State’s At torney, when she emphatically denied all that she had previously stated. Tbe parents were amazed, and a medical man was sent for, who avowed himself unable to tell whether the crime had been commltisd or not. The father then called on tho friends of tbe prisoner, and stated to them (bat the girl bad de nied tbe charge, and that be bad no means of proving the crime alleged, lie consented to give np the prosecution. . . . .. It Is exceedingly difficult to understand how a child of such tender years could make up such a charge, if untrue, and It la equally difficult to ac count for such an unequivocal denial as was made by her yesterday. Tho case looks like one which will bear silting f If there be villainy wrapped up In It, that villainy should be exposed. THE GOOD TIBXB COMING. Burglar*, Confldenco Wen* and other ISad Character** Under Notice to Quit. Honest men have canse for rrjolclrirl No more Kill the lambs of the flock suffer fiom the wolves, W hoee cruel teeth have so often tom fleece and flesh from the Innocents. The police authorities have Issued a royal ukase, ordering all thieves, burglars, confidence men, and other had characters, to leave the city forth with, nhdcrpenalty of their severe displeasure— which means, arrest and imprisonment. The order is plain enough, pertinent, pomted, short, terse, epigrammatic—4n substance, IT not in form. Let ns hope It will be effectual I And none can donbtlts efficacy who reflect that all these bad characters aro known to the police; else the threat would not be made. Manifestly. We every now and then see an ad vertisement ro the following effect; “If the gen tleman who wes seen to take an overcoat from the hall of No. , street, does not return it forthwith, he win be exposed.” The police read these advertisements, and detect the weakness of the writer, whose knowledge of human nature Is shone equal to that of the man who lost a gold watch and advertised it as silver, because the finder would Want a larger reward If he thought it was a gold one. , _ . Of course the police would not resort to an ar tifice bo palpable, and which their sharpened wits enable them to detect so often. Therefore they know the parties whom they wish to get But'this brings ns to another dilemma. Know ing them lobe bad characters, why not have arrested them before; or Is It to be Inferred from this order that previous to the date of its Usnc these bad characters bad not been in special dan ger of arrest! . , . , _ , ’lts a sore straight; but perhaps we mav evade that difficulty by supposing that the police au thorities are anxious to scare the wicked ones, as , knowlnt that moral evidence of guilt will not avail before a “Jury of his peers.” Bat the scamps know that as well as thepollce,and are not to be scared by a dummy. They know that their chances of freedom are .good so long as no tangible proof of crime bo in the hands of the authorities, and they laugh at the idea of being suspected. What Is that to them! But a truce to speculation. Let us come down to sober fact. They do say that the order Is al ready producing Its fruits is a genuine stampede of the graceless ones from among ns. They say that every out going train has Its quota of these precious rascals scattered here and there among the honest passengers, who mav perhaps find themselves tightened of some of their worldly coods. taken in payment (or the expense and trouble of the Journey. They say that some thirty to forty of the thieving brotherhood have already departed for more congenial climes, where the police will not threaten them, ana that many more are prcpsrlrg to leave, and will leave as soon as thev can settle up the easiness they have on band. What that business Is, It may not be too well for the honest ones to Inquire too closely. Itmty include a few burglaries already planned, with a few garrorlnes lust to fill the troublesome inter vals. It la none or our business to ask, so long as the police aro watching them. Accepting the fact, wo caoootsnfficientlyadmire the generosity of the authorities, exhibited In thus tempenrgmercy with the Justice meted out to the rogues of society. , , . If a working man be fonnd on the streets slightly intoxicated, ho Is straightway walked off to the * rtnory ; there Is no excuse for him. and ho must walk up to the captain's office and ceUle ; but where a professional burglar or pickpocket is concerned,ills the partofprudencoto -givehim timely warning that he may get out of the war. Let It he remembered that the workingman above cited seldom showe fight, and his crime is easily proven. In the case of the burglar, it is not always safe to arrest him; he may carry a revol ver or along-shot, and then when the fellow Is captured the officer la obliged to aland the inqnsl live Are of one or more lawyers. Added to which. U costs the State money to convict. • Certainly, therefore, the authorities are acting for the heft The powers that be In other cities have hut to follow the lllnstriona example, and the scene wonld he the lively one of “Tramp, tramp, tramp, the rogues are marching' I —the said march belrg extended ultimately to the sea, where the fugitives might drown their sorrows and themselves, and save society the responsibil ity of resorting to capital punishment- We must, however, confess some little tinge of curiosity to know exactly wno are included in the order to move. Does It ex*end to women! and !t so does it embrace Motile Trnssel, and the hundreds of other bad women who get tberr living by a more respectable coarse of prostitution than she! If not, why not! Take away this element and two-thirds of the temptation to steal wonld be cote Docs !• include the gamblers? and if not, why not? Clear them out ot the city, and von abolish one-half of the thief making material In Chicago. Does It Include that “respectable” class who live on the wipes of these wretches, who lend them money when bird up. to be repaid out of the proceeds. of their next cruise against sodfctv, and ball them oat when trapped, and fee connseL and procare false witnesses, all for a con sideration! If not. why not! Probably ibe police will have work enough on their hands for a short time to come If they as sume this Job thoroughly; notifying all those parties, ana seeing tbs* the notice Is obeyed. whcn.however. thuportlonof thelclabors shall have been accomplished, they may very profit ably (to the great public) turn their attention to tbcmoie respectable rognes, those who sell bv light weight and short measure, and who palm off shoddy goods for the best. A. few other classes of dishonest ones might with advantage bo in elnded. bat as tbe time when they wonld be retch ed Is probably fkr distant, there Is Utile use in specifying them at this early date. Let the good work go on. Counterfeit Money.. _ There is an Immense amount of bogus postal enrrener In circulation throughout the city at the present time. Nearly three-fourths, It ie estimat ed, of the five, ten, iweflty-flre and any cent pieces which dally pass through our hands, are counterfeit The stores and drinking saloons, es ncciaPy the latter, are all fail of It and so uni renal has It become that a general orderstandme has come to be established between purchaser# and seller# that the most convenient and accommodating method of deal- Ine with it Is to take the pieces as we take a gift horse, without scrutlnlzine them too severely. In deed ttwould become a matter of Impossibility to transact small purchases in these days without some such understanding. The saloon keeper accepts ibe bad dimo or half dollar because be knows be can; pass It off without a murmur on his very next customer, and a similar Indifference seems to be rapidly spreading throughout the entire community. if one ventures to remonstrate against a suspicious looking hill, he is Immedi ately silenced into submission with tbe remark, “it’s all bad. and what'# the odds, so long aa yon some remedy, however, can be speedily applied to this unhealthy state of a2alre.ll will by and-by grow into a senons evil and create more than uneasiness. The evil Is not confined to pos tal currency, but of late has been breaking out In the shape ot five dollar National Bank Mils, a Urge number of which arc now m circulation. | it is strongly to be suspected that there ex ists in this city an organized nng of counterfeiters, and the sooner they are hunted np the better. Occasional,v we tad a Jicrfcct shower of newly made half dollar pieces loatinc around the stores, all of which prove on examination to be bonus. It U a very lucrative business, and donbtless there are many persons In the city now realizing a hanojoiae income npen the proceeds of their industry in this branch alone. . It la a matier so seriously affecting the welfare of the community that me police would do well to make a searching investigation lulolU Sev eral counterfeiters have been worn time to time arrested, but their operations were generally of a limited nature. It la apparent that there is a widely extended system of manoficlure existing somewhere, and their detection ts a matter which the public authorities sbenld make it their busi ness to accomplish. SxircßZ.— The Detroit AdtfrtUtr of the 291 b instant give* the following Hem. It U just i* likely that the parties hailed irom some other place as from Chicago. People are apt to register their names as from a place other than that from which the? n ally come, nnder each circumstances as are mentioned. Nevertheless we give it for the benefit of any of onr Chicago readers who may he able to recognize the parties: “Two young men with a young lady each, arrived in town a day or two since and toot rooms at the Herndon House, Marshall, Calhonn County. Michigan, registering their names as Wm. Palmer .and lady, and B. Palmer and wife of Chicago. They had only re mained long enough to make their bill fourteen dollars, which In ibtse times would not bo a great while, when the Sheriff received a despatch from Buchanan. In this Slate, to arrest the young gen tlemen. Ihe male portion of the party were ac cordingly marched off to Jail, while trunks, band* boxes, etc~ were immediately seized nnder the Isndlord's Uen for board, and the grief-stricken ‘wives' went forth into the storm to ‘find sue* cor in no places.'“ Ssarnro.—There waa a grand turn out of tbe steel clsds everywhere last evening, and the best of enjoyment was had at tbe parks and rinks. Martin's gymnastic performances on the Ice have proved a great source of attraction wherever he oaa appeared. Nothing equal to him has been seen in Chicago since Jackson Haines, and bo even surpasses that celebrated ekatcr in many of his feats. A grand display of fireworks was given at the Central Park last evening, being Ihe Mans* gers' benefit night. _ Taxation.—A “subscriber** asks the reason why the municipal taxes “are doubled on the South Side tax payers this year.*' They are not donblcd, but increased. Tbe per cent* ace of taxation ts nominally the same for 19M as for 18C5, viz.: two cents on the dollar. But the Eeaur expenses of the city government, emhrac g numerous important improvements, obliged the raising of a larger amount (or the latter year, tad the ureued values wart increased froa one fourth of the reel nine to about one-third, oror the entire city. Thl» difference-*n average ad- Sea? of (metwdith of the reel nine to the •Maasmest. or one-third of the former ai«ess- Stnt. will cite a tax of lour dollam where throe vu neid before. This ia the average rate for the wbobciiy. U nrica slightly from the average on same plecaa of propertr, and Uiat held hr our correspondent may be one of the examples of variation. _ . Thz Piao orra* Pouox—The members of the police force of this city hare Just procured, by subscription of a small sum from each, a rery hindiome silk flair, to be earned on parades and similar pnblle occasions. It bears tho inscription, in call we’ll promolly fly, And hrarely do orbravrly die. The cost o! the colors was 1100, Johm HAsooor.—A mas giving the somewhat ancient name of John Hancock was charged at the Police Court, yesterday morning, with haring been drunk. When arrested he told the onicer that be was lately from Aurora. Illinois, and was recently robbed of 13.W0. When Ihs offitttr In onlred regarding the detatla of the robbery, he was Informed that it was .none of his business. Apologizing to the Court for retting drunk, insulting the officer, Ac., and promising to leave tows, tho prisoner was dis charged. Dally Union Prayer Meeting, To those interested in watching the rapidly de veloping spiritual interests of our country, the noon day prayer meetings of this city afford a Joint of prospect pleasing and extended. Unc sr brines ttalnea from Boston, Providence and Hew York City, of thorough and powerful rerivals in and around their immediate vicinity. Another dar equally as Important and encouraging news Is received from Cincinnati, 8L Louts. Sc. Paul and our extreme Western clUea and vtllsgea. Ho one can alt under the influence emanating from such a dally gathering without a deeper sense of the power of Ibe religion of Christ and a conviction that the kingdoms of this earth must toon become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. . . . This meeting yesterday was In every sense one of the deepest in Interest of any held daring the past month, and was witness to many decisions for a better and more useful Ule. Major D. W. Whittle presided And after the sing ing of “Sweet Hoar oi Prayer,“ read from the 3d chapter of Homans and made some very Interest ing and practical remarks relative to the Individ ual responsibility of every one In committing him sell openly to the cause of Christ. During the late war, every man was considered untrue to his country if he did not openly avow bis position— so is every one equally untrue to Christ if there Is no positive position assumed for Him. A gentleman said that three years ago, in a meeting kindred to this. In this city, a Jew, who bad long been a dissipated man, was converted. He entered one of the theological schools of this city, graduated wllb honors, and had gone down to the central part of Illinois, and bad been greatly blessed in presetting the Gospel be once de* stranger then arose and said that bo, too, was a Jew by birth, and font years ago be despliod Jesus and Uu disciples: bat the spirit of me Lord bad come upon elm to convince hlmofbia error, and ho bad given hU heart to Christ, and his lift to the prodalmmg of that Gospel of love which be bid so thoroughly dtsplscd. Rev. Mr. Enldne, oi the fforthwutem Pnttryi*- rion, remarked tbatan extensive spiritual Interest was manltettcd ail over the Woat, and that be was receiving dally letters relative to revival work. In Rockford, Beloit, and other places m the! - vicinity, powerful revivals were In progress, and from various placet in lowa and Wisconsin similar tidings were coming. The meeting to-day will be led bvD.L. Moody, Esq., acd the sweet aluger, Philip Phillips, of Cio clanatl. author of ** Musical Leaves" and the “ Sincisg Pilgrim, 11 will ho present and conduct the eiuclng. The meeting will ho held In tho First Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of Clark and Washing, ton atrecta. Explanation—Dr. F«tterson , s Sermon. To the Editor ofthe Chicago Tribune : Accept my acknowledgments of your service to tbe cause of morals and religion in laying before ▼onr two hundred thousand readers, in Monday's Tkiduwx. my letter to onr German citizens on the American Sabbath. Thoso of them who have read If will have perceived that the style la not that ofthe pnlplt, and the matter not appro* priate to a congregation of church-going Presby terians, and that the heading, as a Sermon de* livctcd in the Jcherson Park Church” Is, therefore, a mistake; occasioned, probably, by the notice In yonr Saturday’s issue that 1 would preach on Sabbath in the Jefferson Park Church on “The American Sabbath.” That sermon was devoted to the establishment of tbe right of the State to protect the people by law. In the enjoyment of a day of weekly rest from labor, as necessary for the prolongation of their lives, for tbe promotion orintclltgence and morality, and for the existence of onr Republican Government. At the request ol the Young Men's Christian Association, 1 will repeattbaceermon on Friday morning, at nine' o'clock, in tbe Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Chnrcb. Robxot Paitxusox. LOCAL MATTERS. Clergymen and public speakers will find Maraden'a Pectoral Balm invaluable, strengthening the voice, and removing any Irrita tion of the throat or longs. For rale by all drug gist. Burnhams & Van Schaack, Chicago, 111., general agents for the Northwest. The magic W> I. W. P., stand for Woodsum's Instantaneous Window Polish, the best thing in the world for cleaning windows, show-cases, minors, glass and silver ware. Sold by druggists and dealers. Wholesale for the Northwest, Burnhams & Van ScUaack, IS Lake street, Chicago. J. K. Shaw & Co., 188 Lake street. A lady who has suffered for over five months the most extreme tortnre from Neuralgia, has been completely cured by one dose 0* fortx drops”) of Mctcalr's Guest Rheumatic Bat edt. Lord & Smith, Agents. One million hottlee Pectoral Balm were sold during the past year. 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We woold say to every mother who has a smTenne child, do not let yonr prejudice, nor the prejudices/* others, stand between you and yonr suffering child and therelhf that will be anre—yes, absolutely sure —to follow the nae ol this medicine, if timely used. Thirty-five cents * bottle. MARKETS BY TELEQRAPH New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Krw Toss. February A The market before the Board was weak, and Brie de clined to 57k. Chicago A Northwestern (common) to rex, and the balance of the list weak. On the flrit call the whole list was stronger and steady. Erie (com mon), Mew York Central, Chicago A Northwestern (preferred) shares being the special ones most active, aad there was but little disposition to hammer the mar ket. Alter the regnlarcall tbemarketwas very strong, and few stocta passing. At the oae o'clock can, all the stocks sffered were Quickly taken, and afterwards the whole market took a fiow impetus, and the rash to boy was as wild as the pressure to sell during the panic. New York Central advanced to 103 y, Erie (common) to 60X, Chicago A Northwestern (preferred) to OX. Michigan Southern to 74Jf. Onthe&SOraU.lhe market was very strong and prices steady, though off from the highest point reached before. After the call, the demand tor stocks was general, and the market all advanced—Erie (common) selling as high as 61. ' There wae considerable realising at these high prices and they ftU off some, but closed very strong. The principal bear who has controlled 'the market has retired .with his gains, and this, together with thn feeling that Congress win stop contraction, and rumors from Washington tbit s hill has been Ictrodnced plac ing the South under military rale, has given anew Im petus to the market.. Bow long U will continue re main's to be seen. I understand that strong parties control Sew York Central. Erie (common), Michigan Southern, and Chicago A Northwestern (preferred). It will be dsneerens to be short of them. Gold has been. steady, openltgat 136*. declining to lS6tf, and rose steadily up to IS7X, closing at 137 V. Afterwards it sold at IS7X on the street. The money market still remains easy, and the supply of capital is Increasing. The rate to good houses Is S£6 per cent on stocks, and 4 per ceoton Governments. Foreign exchange Is dull at lOSHeIOS*. [Associated Press Report.) s*w Tout, February 6. KONZT. Money easy and steady at e&ic. yosziox xxciuhot. Sterling doll at loss®!®*. GOLD. American Gold unsettled, opening at 136 j». declin ing to IS6H *dd closing at 15; V. OOTZIZURC UU.AOAUAI* Governments stocks are a shade easier. LATEST. GOLD. Gold closed strong at 137 V. The upward movement ofto-day was started on a talse report ol the luipen sloe of a firm In the Foreign Exchange business, aid cm of the Beeonitructlon Commntae bill dn the Bouse. KT\J * AUAAA ih. Gcvernments cloaed strong and slightly higher in Supon?” U..WB»4@KBX | IWOs Conpont. 'e...'QSH(-*I3SV 7-»s coupons [Tencssee 65... 65X© Coupons I KtStXO BBAKTS. Mlnlug stocks firm; Gregory 1250; Croydon 8U); Gold Hill 470; Smith & Parmlee 715. KDCELLASXOCB STOCKS. The World"! money article says the «oca wubV waswrak and lower at the opening, bat Impreyed Am call. Throachoat the day tie most active sad strongest stocks were Michigan Soulhenith. T.Cen* Us], Erie. and the Northwestern shares. The follow ing were tie Quoiatlonaaifip. m.: oflocerts M. Central... *ls at»M W. Union Tel.. «\» 41* M. southern... •!!*« <»X Pacific Mail...iM*«in in. Cent... iij Atlantic Malt..W ®ICS Pltttburgto.... M a B|* K.Y. centrsl..losu«iß3W Toledo Erie «£<•*«* R- i OT >» Krte pfd ii uS N.W a**® HedMD .» UI2JX N- W. pf d KH<* 6SV Beating...... ..1M « f L Wsyne 95*® »X The Produce Markets. NEW YORK. New Tock. Febrsary 6.

Cottony-More active, and under a falling oS of re ceipts It tow retorts a shade higher, with saiea of 1.600 hairs at S2VC433C tor middling uplands, chiefly the Utter, and scarce. Floor-Receipts, 1.904 brla. Market leas active, hot prices are without change, closing quiet with sales ol Whiskey—Quiet without chance. Wheat— Market steady, Sales of i.OOO bu Bscloe at f3-W; LOCO bo Xo. 2 Milwaukee at is,t£oba white Canada at <g.«®3.00; and ISO bu white MlchlcanalgMO. _ Eve—Wlthtnt chanse. Sales of SAM bo Western. Canada and State at Sl.S6ai.aa. __ Barley—Doll. Sales of 4.500 bo Slate at SIjOO, and OXOO hu Canada West, free, at SI.U. Parley Malt—Dull. Corn—The market opened dull and closed le better, 4 * with sales of 65,000 bo at SUl2®l4l tor mixed Western In store, and 5U4A1.15 afloat. Receipts, 8.930 bn. Data-More steady, w Ith sales of SlAv(ba at 6l®S4c for Western. Receipts, IJOO bo. Giecerlca—Dun. St* sr—Cuba ilc- Molasses—Potto RicoOc. Petroleum—Doll. crude t&lßJ«e,aad refined 2Jc in Domestic rather more active, wllhoot chmre la price*. Sale* at 54.75&&35 p« ton from the yard. F l2aSer—Hemlock a little more active, at a shade easier prices Sales at SO&stc tor Buenos Ayres light* weichts.andSlVfc«S3cftruilddUaodbeavydo. _ Wool—Quiet Mid firm. Salts of 110,010 fti st <2®63c far domestic fleeces, and nv®33c tor exua palled. Hopt-Qutel and Arm at so®TOc. tv r k—opened lower and Irregular, and closed firmer. Sales SJOODrts at $90.50a21.T5t0r new mess, ctonae at «jl ih/ mrnlar. tor Western; 819.75®9),C0 tor old. cirswc at rtc.oo, cash; f1fc75®17.00 lor prime, and ti9.ma30.00 tor prime mess; also, lAOObrls new mess at KlMseUer February and ilarch. Berf-steady. Sales 1.5 tea India mess at|3LOO. Beef Bams—Firmer. Sales 150 brls at fSLOOOOJO. Bacon— Steady. Sales SJObsi at 10*010 Vc tor Cam berland; UXOIIKc for shett ilbbed, and SjUXc for "cSSSS-Hno. Mf, S!0 pit. .t IxaSKC for SS-nwririM 6SO wu >t u\»axc loroli: ISxaHXc tor new and choice ISXc. gutter—Dull. Cheese— steady at isaaoc. MILWAUKEE. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbune.l MiLwauuc, February <- Flour—linn, with sale* of 490 brla, at 11130 tor supe rlorwinter; *10,75 tor “Elver Street** XX: fjr “Forget-me-ooi" XX; |SJO tor C Inion super; asd 86X0 tor buckwheat. Wheat—Unsettled. At the morning Board the sales were BJOO bo, and at the noon board 2U86 bo. at (3JS tor Ho. 1 spring in bopd; tor No. 3 In slot*; glflO®lJß buyer’s option February; tor No. S In store: *UB)*®l J 9 tor rejected In store. Oat»-Flna, and tc higher, with sales otA,WO bu, at tfeferKo.llaatore; UctaHlo.Sdoi end iOc ftt to- He* advanced Ic, with aalea of 000 hn now ibeiled in etore at «c. RTfr-Momlsal, at 9lc tor No. L v Unchaoaed, with sale*- of 400 bn rejected * rrortatone-DnU bet Cm. City mees pork HMO. Boxed ahonldera 7Xo. Prime lard 13c. Hogs-Flna, tad ICo higher, with aalea at te-WOO brla llonr. ISJSOO bn wheat, 1,400 bn oeta. 400 bn corn. 400 bo tje. 308 dreesed hoc*. Shipment*—WOO brU floor. WOO bn wheat. RAT.TIMQKE. Bxltxmoxs, February 0. Cocte—Firm at UK9lse tor gold taboad tor car- and In farorof buyers. __ wSSt-OTli BKapa Until “WnijlT.nU, K-TJi '■oSm-F.lrreoflpU, Whitt, .tradrU »l.«j prim. 1, Me. PHILADELPHIA- FHXLasKLPXia, February 4. little export demand. North western bnmdi fll.oodU.sS. - Wheat-Dull; prime 9S.U. of 4.000 bu new yellow at 93c; * active; mess pork tn JO; I *Whi»key-DuU at 12J593.14. ' CINCINNATI. CutccnraTt, February S. wianr—Zn rood demand at full prices. Bapcrdue *532? trade brand* •lUDoait 55, and fwl demand at (3.(0 ftp Ho. I spring Eu, M357C; .b.IIIKI In SS 1= . Th» scammer ib'omeattothebonlhli quite active. 4 Oatt-ln go®* l demand at So®slc far No. i. Kt*—Finn acd in good demand at |1 .SO. iimrlev—Dull ana prices ate nominal. Cotton—Dull. Holder* ask 39X9306 lor middling, hot there is little or no demand. 0 WWrtey-Ia U4belter demand and the market firm * and holders not much disposed to sen TDere Is a speculative demand for met* pork at cttie but It is held at 131.00. Lard Is In demand from ScSlators at 1954 hpt bold at Uge. Country sold ■anac. Bulk meats, country cured, aro held at 7X9 b uaiOkc. but xc less would have tobeeccepted ta order io make sales. CUycored Is nctofteed to any extent. Bacon unchanged. No demand frrahoaldsrs oriidM, hot e moderate one lor clear rib and clear tid«rtiaxau*e. Batter—Firm at 37990 c. timothy. *3.2593.40; flax, Packing—The Prise Current publlshee addl tlonal pork packing returns Unity from ihlrtv-sevea more DiseeaTshowlcg the total number packed at the lastweek and this, at 1,541,304. Esti mate for the staioa. 3.186,190; total packedaltto same place last jeap,l,4a3w;-4howlng an increase, to ftr, Gold-136X. LOUISVILT^. Lorurrarx, February 6. Tobacco—Sales of 117 hhds at 17A498.40. Flour-Super, liO.OOs Mo. 1, |1425. Wheat-Prime red, 13.80. _ Cord—Shelled, in bulk, 68970 c. oais-ln bulk. uc. baecn bams, plain, *S9JSHj.. iy- Lard—Prime ttercca 13k313Xc. snear—Mew Orleans, prime, 14X6. CofIee—BIO.SIQI4C. Whiskey—llaw, 13.39. BT. LOUIS. sr. Lock, February I. Tobacco-Demand light and prices unchanged. Floor—All low erode* are to active demand and verr flrni.buttbnhlghcr grades are la lair (apply. and the demand limited. Common and One. 97A0i%9.00; soring •orxrfln*. »3a3«IC.CD i tall do, 99.50ca10.50; spring ex* fall do. 910.735>U.M; spring doable extra 911-S3G»l:l.OO; tall do, tit JASHS.3S ; choice do and treble extra. «UJAaiUO; fancy family brands, country ane citymiUJ,|is.W>3isA)o. . „ .. Wheat—Bnver and seller (tin remain apart. Small sales were made at t2.KteJ.7O for good fill; 93.73at.75 lor prime, and 92JJ0 for choice. Corn—Unened firm, bat closed Inactive and weak, prices range at 60A66C. Oats—Firm bnt Inactive atCSA.Ic. ProvUlons—Active and firm. Mess at SI 7.00. Bulk Meats—Dry salted shoulders at S&SHc; clear tides at ll»U Me; bams at l2*csweet pleated bams at lOkc: country pork house and city bacon shoulders atlOWc; clear rib sides at Wye; clear sides at IJtf® laves sugar cured baas at lie. Lard at 12HC for fancy; City Ketue at 13c; prime beg brand at 9L35; ship stuns * l Wkfikey— -Advanced 33@37c lor free; 92.29 In bond. Bogs—At (6AS3OAU. Number packed to date, 170,000. NEW ORLEANS. New Oblxaws. February ft. Cotton—Unchanged. Sales: SJXWbales low middling at SOc: middling, at Sic. Receipts, L&59 bales; exports, 1,580 bales. A .. sugar—Active, fkli at ISc. Molasses-Prime firm at 74c- ■ Floor, Corn, Oats and Hay—Quiet and unchanged. Pork—Lower, at 933.00. Bacon—Nominal. Shoulders at 12c; sides at 15®1.c. Gold—AtlSTM. Dank sterling at 117#. Other markets unchanged. MEMPHIS. Murats, February 6. Colton—Loweracddull,at29(^3octormiddling. Re ceipt#, 1,493 baleaj exports. 1,064 bales. Flour—Firm. Super,lOXfiailc.. Corn—Quiet at 93«98c. Day—Lower at 938.00040 00. Oats—7s«7B&_ . „ Me«s Portt-fW.!b®3WO. Bulk Meats—l2Wol4C In ronnd lots. Dressed Hogs—Lower at9ai»c. . Bacon—steady. Sugar cured, 81032 c; clear sides, ISAI3KC. Lard-waisyc. w . G rocerit e—Stcady and unchanged. BUFFALO. Bcttalo. February 6. Flour—Firm and In good demand. Siler of State at **WTicat—Quiet. No. I Chicago, 9529. Corn—Steady and unchanged. Oats—Nominal. w Barley—Finn. Whiskey—Unchanged. Pork—New mess nnn. Lard—Hales at ISc. , _ Dressed Hogs—Doll at 93-25. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to tbe Chic igo Tribune.] Nxw Tobx, February 6. Coffee—Buoyant and active. Bio 3ia3s)fc. Sugar—More doing and firmer. Fair to prime gro :ery iCX«UXc- , Molasses—Active. New Orleans 09353 c. New York Provision market. [Special Dapstcb to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Toxx, February «. Pork closed about 931.00; bnt tbsrs was less confi dence among holders. New York Live stock market, ' [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Brw Year, February 6. Bogs—Receipts, 3,000; firmer, atSKSSftc. - ' r Ocean Frelshta. [Special Deepoteli to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Totr, February «. Freights—Com to Ireland, .five shillings and sir* pence per quarter, and batley to London, sixpence. Moderate bcslness. New York Breadatoflk market. • • [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ■ Nrw Toss, February 8. Flour—Closed heavy aad unsettled. Wheat—Fine spring firm, scarce and wanted.) Corn—Better export demand, but the market la main ly supported by speculation. Other coarse grains firm amt quiet. New York Dry Goods market. NxwYowc. February 6. Trade U mors active, aad prices steady both tor cot ton and woollen fabrics. _ . Clintoca sheeting*. 22c; Indlsh 32e. Amoskaa? A, 31Vc; Uoxbury A. 30c; Ozarks. 21c; Albion A, ls>fc. PrtnUn? cloths,«-»square, lixaiike. Pleached MnsUnt— Amoskeag A, 35c: Lan coon, sso; j. W. Slater’#, axes Forreatddle. »jfc; Mewmarket C. 7lc\ l^wlatonkiec; Globe,W.lT*c. Caleionla Apron Checxa—Mos. It and IS. SSadtc. Warren Brown Detims, 21c; Pawnee, 19c. S 3 inch Ucia, n«ci Thorn gSfsssss’.fssffiSs.'rStsat-pShwm cottonadcs, eixe, lu In Boston, N*w Toxr, February «. Ices ot mining stocks bid in mining st< The following are the prli Boston to-day: I Baron [lsle Royal. Minnesota Quincy.... Canada TO Copper Falls Franklin 36 Hancock GJtf FlUiburcb Petroleum Jfferket Pirraßcroa. February «. The oil market is very doll; bat one sale of crude, 55 brla smith's Ferry, at "Kc, barrels returned. Re fined In bond quiet and no sales. The ruling prltM are 2h3»22Kc for free on board ears here, equal tb jS® SSucfor immed.ate dehveryln Philadelphia. Bat** for lotore d*Uverr are SI34C lor April; 32Kc tor May. Free olKdoll and unchanged; small sales at i3£4& pergatiOß. Mo Inquiry for Naptha or Residuum, rover scant ten feet and tailing. JIABBIEDi intWi city,Jnn.sut,ntlb. raltoc.of bride-, Rev. I..TajJor, D.D, WU.L TAiLOR. of Chicago* and Miss daughter ol A. K. Montgomery, Ejq .of Farmington, 111. ho cards. In the town of Korthfleld. on the sth Inst., at the res- IdSceoflhtbride.father. Mr.f,- S-60' r jah-birb. Rev Mr. Bundock, Mr. J, C. ADAMn and Miss a. A. SUEBMAN. of Northfleld. In Watertord. New lork. Jan. 30' Grace Church, hr the Rev. Joseph CarerTFRRUKRICK L.SMTDEB, of (Us city, and Miss RATE TITCOMB, ol the former in Cottage Grove, on the sth lost, at the rcslienea of E the Rev.E. tl.Tuttle, rector St BLMWkV Mr. JOHN SOUTHWELL and MISS JANE BIGGINS, both of Chicago. In this city, on «lh Inst., at the residence of the bride's father, hy the Rev. Edward C. Porter, oi St. jJnt. Cnorrh.Mr. JAMES uH. aillril.of AJh-nr. J.* r”ti Mrv ELLEN a. PALSIEB, onlj deegater of Dr. (jrrtn Smith, of thl* city. DIED In ttli cllj. on the 50, Inth. et «e rwldence of his son-in-law, Dexter Warrlner, 233 North *v*nne, GEORGE BOTKIN, formerly of N. Y-. aged (S years. The funeral will take place at IQ o'clock on Ttnrsday morning, Feb. .lb. ° Rochester and cirrleviUe, Ohio, papers pleaie copy- At West Springfield, Mate. Jan. 28th, TRTPOEM A B . wlieot Deacon EU»ha Eldridge. aged .. years. In this city.Feb.S.WILIJE TOWXSESD. Infant son of Doctor Mills 0. and iismct w. neydock. In this city, Feb. 6, of consumptlos, h. C. BO3T WICK, omnltius agent for K. ParmeleeA L 5. Funeral ftotn hi# late residence, 151 West Moaroo-sU, cd Thutiday, the Ttb at 12 m. In ltl» dty. Feb. sth, LODIS E. ROCKWELL, aged I \f%n aad 9 months. mineral trom the residence of tats parent*, Mo. «o North LcaVltt-sU, to-day (Thursday) at 12 p. grorrcsponUcncc gjgaantch. /^(OUKESPONDENCE—'Wimtcd with I > lounrladle* f-rmutual tmprovtment. Please address LAWRhXLE E EXXON. Chicago,lll. 1701! bale—Three 8-horee powernp r n »bi encinsS; »i»o six borlioatslendnee.AiC vd 13-hrrse power. Larcer or smaller entices fur ctshed with or without hoUer*. 15, IS and 29-horse TMAOiar ana locomotive boilers for sale, best make. Also ace 4-roller Union Matcher and Planme Machine. ills, barrel andwcod-workur machinery. Iron T7OK t-ALB—A second-hand Buckky r machine—to rood condition. Price, W». Apply U) tht TIUBD>S COMPANY. ttt axtp.D—A portable steam engine, W OBe-l'*lf or one borae power. PepeadJcular. boilCT prrtmed. New, or iecond-Mnllf la rxkl or* CT * P __ fHusical. ' PIANOS,, ORGANS & MELODEQNS cn «m*. Faymeats received la Installment*. 6eMDd°baad Plano* taken tn exchange tor new one*. W. W. KIMBALL, 63 Wublnston-tt. tIOHT3PTPIANOS tt.T# hem awarded 20 first premiums, tocetber with nretnlMa at the American WorliTt Fait. “BriwSwlSr “ iISEiL'S, 63 WuUnjtOMt. SMITH'S AMEKICAS ORGANS. ForP.rlom<3>on*».U° J ‘“'“- * l 63 VashlrgtoiHrt^CTOabwvop^jloaa^ Sato jams, jjngincs, Set. ij,HE LANE * BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK ESGUTE3, liANK Ac UO^GEY, Comer 01 John U 4 Appaemti lor o»cn,aTe 'SSg&S* siacbtaocT tbej need. wwrw "* Heal jßetate-gilg. IBFB«ni. T7*OU BALE—By Hill As Whipple, Heal I 1 SiUts Brokets. I*B Dearborn-st- Boo® »• . Mo. 20—Cottage, ore room*, on b£ tween TWeaty-alntn ana ThUtleta. Booth Bide. Cheep and eaay term*. , Ho. #l—Brick house, U rooms, Wert Bandolph-at.. lotSlxl&tTall madern Improvements. Of fered low, and easy terms. ,* M _« Ho. 15—Now crick home, II room*, hot and 'wa ter, bath, kwv end ns; lot Slxl«8 fret. 6edgwlek-st~ near DltUio*. A (treat bar . eatn offered tor a frwdayt. No. 11—Cottage and lot on Weat CarroU-st, 4 rooms, woodioed and water. Offered low. Ho. 13—Cottage, story and a halt, 33x*6; lot 90x123 to Ho. 22—Mw brick, IS rooms, WestSlde,ta!atest stylo of Improvement*. , .. No. B—Two-story frame home and basement. 13 rooms. Offered at a Bargain. Lot 34x104. At 1333 Webaih-av. . HO. 3—Two lota near Lfrcoln-park, fronting east. Of- fered low, and easy terms. FOR SALE—House end lot. No. 254 WertPoDt-st- House 3&x3«, two stories. .Lot Sir 106, with Id foot alley. Inquire at 1511 Mltenelt-st ,or 433 Booth Wclls-st. T7OR SALE—Or will exchange forhousc X* and lot and pay some money, stodc of «ntv fur nliblßgeoods of about f?.000. Xpsutre of HILL A WHIPPLE. Real Estate Agents, 198 Dearbom-st., Boom g. FOR SALE—a new first-clasahouse, two story and brick basement, 15 rooms, every conveo leice, lot 60x125, on Peorlt-st, nearVm Boreiu Price low, terns easy. Apply at 15 Sooth Hnlon-st. Tj'Oß SALE—By George & Williams, J* Beal Estate Agents, No. 7 South Clark sU Fine building lota on Wahuh-av, near ThirOeth-rt H T Good lota on and near Bine IMand-ar., at a bargain. Also, houses and lots In all parts of the city, at low price*. ' Fit? SAT.K—Ry- Hnviler & Lee. Real Estate A gaits. Ho. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new, neat frame honsts. of 8 rooms each, and lots, oa Washlngton-et., near Lincoln. FOR SALE—Suburban Homes Cot- Uses, with one or more acres of land, veracheap. oo easy terms. AUo. some choice larmlns land at stO per acre. Odce hour*. 10 to 12. O. J. bTOCUH, Ixß Ciark-sUltoomJO. T? OR SALE—With a leafo of .land for 1* bv Tears, Cottar* Content, established 10 years. Apply to the proprietor, E. BOHELL, Blue Bland* plaakroad. TTOR SALE—The two-story frame f; houses, N*n«. 130 and 141 Ilandolph-st. adjoin (ns Bhermao House. Most be removed by theStho! April next. T. H. FITCH A CO n XOO Dearborn-st. T7OH -SAXE—By Snyder & Lee. Real Es- Jj Uto Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new irame houses of brooms, and lot, with barn, on Cal uu-cl-aVn near Thlrty-flrst-st. 170 U SALE—4B feet on Wcsl Madison i 1 at..near with good house, bam. Ac.; •lx low on lUbey, Scelay and Van Buron-sts- In Hmlth's Subdivision, at *33.00 per foot. U. C. MOUBT A CO., 8 Metropoliun Block. I7OR RALE—A two-story brick build 1/ tng on the southeast comer of Wabash-av. and Qarmou-ceurt—a fine location. Also, a new two-story frame building adjoining, tots 40 fret front each. Ti tle unquestionable. These houses and lots will be sold stparaiely and at moderate uriers. Terms V cash, bal ance 1,3 and 9 years at 7 per cent. WAUUEN AQOUD RICH, 133 Dearooro-il.. Boom 3. T7OR BALE—Honse and lot No. 58C 1 Witiub-ir.. * little sonia of Twelfth-a L-only 3,000. WARREN & GOODRICH, 125 l>Wboni «U, Room 2. T?OR BALE—By Snyder <fc Lee, Real A" Ratals Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new Qrst-ciass brick bousa of 13 rooms each, and lots, corner of Jackson and Winches ter-su. - FOR SALE—By L. H. Robinson & Co., lUal Estate Brokars, 84 Dearborn st, a flrstclass home on Peorla-it., near Washington; bath-room, 4c-cn leased lot at a “bis" bargain, uouseandlot on Carpenter-lb. near Unbbard. 92J30. Also, tm* proved and unimproved property in all pa’U of the city. We only ask custom .ti to look at that which is chesp. T7*OR SALE—On "West Madison-sL, near t? Park, two desirable dwellings. Also, some chohe lets on Madison-st., near Park, until front, at a low price; 60 fret on Madison, near Itober. Lots and Swellings tn all parts city. J. D. HARVEST, 7SLa salient. - FOR SALE—A house and loi on Twen ty sixth-st.,wlthln X block of cars:lot 50x131 V fret, good alley on side and rear; large house, with alt mod* cm Improvements; good ban. fruit, 4c. Very cheap. Price fII.OCO. GILBERT 4 BENEDICT, 132 South Clark-at., Room 7. UMOTPBOVKD. FOR BALE—S lots in Wock 15, Ash- Und’s second Addition, at a bargain. Apply to A. B. MEAD. Real Estate Agent. 151 RaodolpQ-St. *OR SALE—Water Lot—ls ieet oh the r river, and extending 300 fret to CTarfc-«L, Jan south of Fourteenth, by WM. D. KEKFOOT, 89 Wash ingtou-st. F)R SALE—A fine lot on Stpte-st., near Twenty-nlnth-d., 43x130 fret. Price 92.000. Terms very easy. Title perfect. WARREN 4 GOOD RICH, 125 Dcarborn-et., Boom 2. TT'OR SALE—Lot BoxlC3, to an alley, P on Mlchlgnn-av., - 100 feel irom corner ofTwcmy slith-it-, at 975 per ftot If taken at once. WM. J. TEWBEBBDRY, Boom 11. No. 89 Washlcgton-au FOR SALE —By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, fire lots on Llncoln-tt- near Monroe at. Foot loti corner Jackson and Winchcster-iu. Three lots corner Jack m n and AUport-sts. Three lots on Walnnt-st., n«ar Wood. TT'OR BALE—Desirable residence prop- X 1 perty on the West Side, In good localities; parties wishing to build can now secure several flnalan. J. n, Real Esute office 129 Sooth Clant-tt. r?OR BALE—Three choice lota, fronting I? the University grounds in Evanston, corner ol moman-sv. and University place, at a bargain f»r wli. Apply to N'JTT 4 BROOKES, 55 Clark-fC. Chicago. amusements. Tiy c VICEE R* S THEATRE McYICKER 4 MYERS MANAGERS Ortsl Success of HELEN WESTERN, who U engaged FOR SIX N'GHTS ONLY. Thursday, Uel#n Western In two pieces. FRENCH fir! . Henri Si. Aima, ) Qtmet, > Mettlde do Meric, ) ~ „ „ „ Mobimmed Mr. Q. 11. Horne To conclude with THE PUT OF THE PETTICOATS. Paul (with aocn) Helen Weitern In picparatlon, Board caoll’i ercntof tbe jew—TUß long stkikb. WOOD'S MUSEUM r-toii cbi. j. H. TTOOD Director of Amusements btacc Manager Rare Plays with Rare Casta, an) a BtarCompi_, equalled hr few—oreclled by none. Tbls (Thursday) evening, tehvlst, will be performed DueAs tone's admi rable coir edr of MARRIED LIFE. To conclude with the roarteg Irish Fares of THE HAPPY MAX. Frl* day—BeneAtof Mrs. r. stoneall. A new Comedy, en titled AMERICAN'S IK PARIM* In rehearsal; also, lbs sreat Irish drama of BOBx O’MORB. Monday will bo performed with treat ma«nWc«ncfc, the great est sensational drama of the age, THB UCUUKKOX CAPTAIN. . THEATRE. This events?, and until further notice, the Orasd Jpectacnlar Piece, In three acta, entitled MONTS CRZSTO; Or,THE GIFT OF GOLD, New Scenes, New Effects, introducing the Beautiful Illusion, THE SHOWER OF GOLD. pEEE EVENING CLASS. Practical Instruction in German. To brln? more (tally before onr citizens the facilities tor the study of this language afforded at Bryant & Stratton's University, s free class will be held on Frl c ay evening of this week, and on Manday. Wednesday and Friday evenings ot next wees, at 7 o'clock. The class win be under the charge ofProleaor* Campbell and Wllyottkl. . gar* A general attendance Is solicited. “TTEROIaM IN COMMON LIFE.” GRICE GREENWOOD Will Zroetnro Upon the Above Topic, AT THE OPERA HOUSE, On Friday Evenlnff, Feb. 8. Proceeds for Benefit oi Tabernacle Sunday School. Tickets 30 cents. _ - Reserved seats can be obtained at the ticket office, Fi day moraine, at 9 o'clock. Lecture will commence at 8 p. m. WONDERS I ‘ Tobesecnonlyat iheDranchof the tw Yoik Museum of Anatom] NATURE UNVEILED. AT TBS Jew York Museum of Anatomy, XT Secure yonr tickets on the right hand ide. op-stairs. WITKOW3KY HAXiLi pROSBT’S MUSIC HALL LECTURES ON COLORADO: HEB SIKES ASD BESODBCES. By PROF. WlliMAai DENTON, of Boston, Tbe grv steal living American Geologist. On Mondsy, and Friday Eve nltgs Feb. 4, £ 7 and 8. aITX o'clock. First Lecture free, gnbwquenl Lectur« 50 «mu. Tickets to be bad at the Mews Booms ot J. B. Walsh and J. McNally, also at Maslc Booms oi Meairs. Boot A Cady ssd Smith A Nixon. P. S.-Xbe Professor wllU by the aid of maps and charts, explain the foaau re mklns totmd in tbe rocks of Colorado. auction Sales. AUCTION sale. On Thursday, Jan. 7th. at 10 a. m.. At oar Salesrooms, 791. 77 sed 79 near Ksodoiph, a large variety of new and secondhand fdbniture, Bnasells and Ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mirror*. Crockery, Glass and Plated Wire, Ac. ‘At 1J o'clock. a pair ol Pony Mare*. Wagon and Har nes: one Black Hone; on* light Open Buggy: one. new Emma Haraess. . . traxcot .n Acrfn. -QAHIEL SCOTT & CO auctioneers and commission merchants, 164 Lalce«et*« cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cwh advanced on Merchandise consigned for «*le. Ont-docr sales promptly attended to. AUCTION.— Friday, Feb. 8, 1807, at 10 a. m.,we are Instructed to aell ationr *aje»- SSS!s e * ® sSKS. KiSS cral aiaortment Ot Drtis Gooct- „ . , Ef»i a»w» W* DAyIEL[ SCOTT a COi AncVrs. /"I ILBERT & SAMPSON, \3T General Ancllooeer*. 47 aao 49 Dearborn-* t. Superior Household Furniture, llclo deon, Carpets, &c., &c., at auction. On FRIDAY. Feb. 81b, at 10 o’clock, we win «efl .i ! S4g» D sfss^^ ■ ..n,pii saaortttent or Honaebold Good** .llh . Aocnoorerr. /-'I ILEEBT AND SAMPSON, (jr G««il Afittloneen. 47 and 49 Do*rbom-tt. LISEK GOODS, DBEBS SILKS, HOSIERY, &C-i AT AUCTION. »s g gsife:# A. BDTTEKS & co. Auctioneer* & Conunlsrion Heroliant* 4ft As 40 KASDOLPB-BT., Between State-* t. and Wabaab-*r, Holdrtftular aaltt, at tbeU aalearoomi, ot DBT GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, BHOBS, AC., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. ruHHmjRE, CABrara, every Saturday. ®e Kem-lßouses TO KENT—A good two awry frame how on mo Wont side war.‘iSn’SShn wVict ncmoeipanttr•idttooM.blJrjatMj L cl Sf,'h n,eosr coalMiueaod tool rarteftWOt ol nice trees. Inquire at No. 33 twjnnio* w* l **' peer Foot Office. 'O RENT—A tarnished cottage, or far nltorefor•»!«. BolhhotuaaDdlamlturearsoaw. Hire at 1403 Waha»b-sr. Icqi T'O REST—I wish to let, to a ratal! I fsfully, rnywo-itoty hoo»e. No-441 Division §l, ttcotd fiwrwwt rr wtlb furnUnrc. AC.. »1»0 KtidCD WttiOO. moil be RlTcn. Inquire ol J. WU. KSyLINNBLJBIii 38 md 40 Sooth L»a&Ile-BU Boom \t. rpo KENT—To a careful tenant, a Rood I boose. In the beat part of the West Side. Aljo. If desired, fornltare for tale. Address P» O. Box 1096- TO KENT—The two-story and base ment brick house, No. 07 Harrlson-sc, Knight's Block, with gu fixtures lor s»le. Apply on the premi rpo RENT—On South Side, a first-class 1 tvo-story and brick besemont house. 877 Stale- containing eight rooms: good bare, good water and gas. Beat 153 per month. Furniture fbr sale very cheap. Poaieaston gtyen immediately. Apply at 38 btate-st. TO KENT—Boarding house on Michi ran-ar. Furniture, worth lor sale: halt cash, balance time. No hotter locatlcn. Apply to J. B. ANDREWS. 7 Methodist Church Block. TO RENT—A two-story and basement house, with a large store, and an oven in the base ment. Ingot: oat 118 South Wells-sc, between Midi sen and WashUgtcn. rpo RENT—House* No. 428 Michigan- X st. Bent SI,OOO. Address M J W B,’ 1 P. O. Box 1403. X 6 RENT —A new house, No. 229 Cal umet ar.. Brooms, too feet from Twenty-flfth-st. 100 feet from Cottage Grove-ar. Inquire o! J. M. M AKbBALL, Boom 8, Larmoa Block, or on the prem ises. TO RENT—Cottaec house No. 116 Park av.. with 8 rooms, In a very desirable neighbor peed. Apply at the bouse. TO RENT—Two-story house, with bam, 488 Mlchlgan-ay. Apply at 171 Randolph st. T) RENT—Furnished house, on the North Side, choice location, lor nine months from March Ist. Address F. O. Box 886. rpo RENT—The three-story and base- I meat, stone front house, No. 303 Carroll-st., two b’oeka north ol Union Park. Possession immediately. BAIBD & BHADLKY, comer Lake and LaSallc-sts. 2Eo i£cttt~l£ooms. TO KENT—Two good rooms, BJ2 per month, convenient and commodious. Lease and lurnitmeforsaiecheap. Must sell tonight. Call and see. alter 6H o’clock. Boom 33 Speed's Block, Dear born-st. TO RENT—A suite of rooms, and fur niture for sale, all new, situated on Doarborn-at. Apply at Boom I.T Fullerton Block, between ID and 13 a. m. and 1 and 4 p, m. rpo RENT—Three large and very deslr- I »ble room* ta Bank Building, A 3 Dearborn-* t. The above room* are suitable fur various purposes, ellbtr Debt manufacturing, ichool or One sleeping room*. Inquire of OKO. U. CDLIITENDEN. Loom ho. 7. flt*t floor. rro KENT—To Lumber Dealers—Two I umber yard* to rent, adjoining D. L. Anderson A Co.** yard, to Mason’s slip, inquire ot J. UIKOLKU A DUO. T'O RENT—A pleasant large room, tur* nlahcd or onturnliticd, with board, at 17 1 Mlchl* gao-av. TO KENT—Furnished rooms, at 153 Statc-aU TO RENT—Furnished or unfurnished front rooms, suitable lor genCemea ormau and Wlte, at 130 Mlchlgaa-it. rpO RENT —With or without board, 1 three neatly fnrelib'd rooms lo a private femllr, on Mlcbisau-ar .in sr>od location. Rcierenccs given and required. Address “MR* Q,’’ Post Office. TO RENT—A~parlor and bedroom, iplecdldly fuiclthed. In a busitless block, near the post Office. Either the whole or part ol the furniture for sale. For particulars call on or address “C J K,” 99 East Madia jn-su TO RENT—Part ol the double frame dwell teg No. 533 West Madtaou-st.. containing ten goodToons Apply on the premises. rpo RENT—Fumisbed room tor two, X with rr without board. Reference required. .In quire at 4 Waablagton-at. rpo RENT—Furnished front room, with 1 bedroom, suitable for one or two gentlemen, at 14® niiDOta-at. np stall a. TO KENT—A comfortable tarnished room, only ten minutes’ walk from tbe Coart House. Inquire at No. 6® West Wsahington-st. rpo BENT—A suite of rooms, and ftirni- L ton for aalc. all new, ittnated on Dcarborn-st. Apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Bloofe. between U and U a. m. and land 4 p. or addrew Box *AOIO. TO BENT—Furnished front parlor, tollable for one or two gentlemen, within two lmootea , walk ot the Pott Office. Apply at 9*-J Ad ame-sU rpo ' 'O RENT—Pleasant and desirable tnr* a nlabed rooms, without board, suitable for one or twoßentiemcD, at Statc-st. Gentlemen with relerecce* preferred. rpo RENT—A new famished front I chamber. In a-prlvate family. where the comforts of a home can ha eojo> ed. Contains store, closes, Ac* Inquire at 77 Jackson-st., near State. TO RENT —Nicely furnished front rooms, with beard. In a private family, where there are no other boarders, on Ulchuan-ar., near Fourteenth-fit. Address •• Q Z.” Tribune otnee. T> RENT—Finely furnished rooms, reliable for a mao and wile who wish to keep boose, or to single ge&Uemuu Call at No. 90 Mon* roe-su, Boom 1. . ®o &ent-stotes, ©Sices, &c TO BENT—A store on South Water si., near Wabaib-ar., suitable for a wholesale grocery ■tore. For particulars, address, with name, P. O. Box TO RENT—In the Mercantile Bmldine, opposite Chamber ot Commerce, elegant offices lor commission, law or Insurance bustneu. Apply to WU. C. DOW, Boom 17 Uercantlle Building. .Helen Western TO KENT—Store on North Stale st,*tnanhorMlchlgan-«t. Inquire of S. SAWYER. 307 Mlcblgau-st. TO RENT—Second *nd third floors sO. 30 Lake-cUApply at PHELPS, PODGE A CO.’S rpo RENT—Office room in one of the 1 beat office* on CUik-st. Front comer. DELA MATER A RANDALL, Beal Estate Broken, 11! 1 Clark*iL. Boom 1. ..Proprietor 8. AIK KM ...THO3. BARRY TO RENT—Store and basement be lonetng to the National Hotel, comer of Waihlng* too and Wclls-su. First-rato stand lor dry goods, gro rertei or clothing. As the tnnoel will be open this spring fer travel, thtre will be a good opeolag for tnr bust* n*se. Kent only fSO a month. Apply at the National Hotel. TO RENT—Basement 115 Sonth Clark «t_ JlxßOfeet. with gas and good llcht. Apply In shoe store, or to WH. rOTTLK, 12 UUI-iU, rear of 349 North Wdla-sl. rpo RENT—Office room in one of the I b«t trout office* on Clark*st, near Washington. Apply at Real Estate Office Of DELAM ATEIt ft UAH* rpo RENT—A good suite of front offices, X at 168 Bandolpu-sU Apply to GEORGE M. HIGH, 164 Bandolph-st.; Boom It!. TO RENT—Sewing Machines —At EL K. SCOTCH MER'S. 90 Madlson-st. ffiaanteb--®o Hent. XXT ANTED—'To Rent—A room suitable VV for the Commission holiness, la an eligible to* cation la Chicago, on Sooth Water-si. or near the Chamber of Commerce, or would bur a lease with the commission business already established. Any one having such a rcom or rooms to rent will please ad* dress * AIV* Wine Island, 111, TXT ANTED—To Bent—A tarnished VV bouse In a pleasant locality, containing from 10 to Vi rooms. Address *• A S O, 1257 Mlchlgan*st— Chicago. TXT ANTED—To Kent—Tluee or font VV rooms, suitable tor housekeeping, within tea or fifteen minute*’walk ot Lake-st. Addreas ”J L,’ No. 7 Sooth C-art-st- up stain. WANTED— To Rent —A rood bouse, contains Bor 10 rooms, situated on tbe'South gme, east ef State and north of Twelfrh iU by » prompt-paying, careful tenant. Possession want'd hy Ist oi March or April- Address P. 0. Drawer 3S3o< TXT ANTED—To Rent—A first-class two- V V story bouse, without basemsnr. tor two yean. Veit be on the West hide, cast of Union i*art, south of 'ate and north of Van Bureo-ets., with Bve orstx rooms on the second floor. Family very small. Pov session desired the Ist ol April, IT poulb e- Address Box 1740 JChlcagOjIlL TAT ANTED—By the Ist ol May—A VV building Bailable for the auction business, any where between Lake and Madlsin and State anl LaSalle-sti- AddretP. with ptrtlculars, DANIEL SCOTT & CO- Auctioneers, 164 Lake-st. TX/ANTED —To Rent —Parties having VV houses t» lent on Wabash or Mlchigau-avs—or tbe cress streets, with or without furnilure. ran ol : ways meet with ready tenants. Apply to WARREN A GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-»t- Boom 7- TXT ANTED—To * Rent—A desk in a VV lawyer’s office, with a llbrair. Addreas “J.C. L-” General Delivery. Post Office. Ctlcago. WANTED— To Rent —For house keeping, unfurnished rooms, or part ol a con veaiett house, consisting of two or three rooms, with casardwater.sltaatedontbe West SUe; eaatol Hal sted-ct. p ret erred. Call or address, stating terms, “DtSUST,” Booing. 102 Madison-st. *Ual- instate—<Eountrg. ■pOR BALE—Or Esckange—Uhnois I SOO sort In Effingham Co., prairie and timber. 1,000 acres in Fayene Co., do do. SO acres In Hay Co- do do. 2SO acres in Morton Co- do do. 4(0 acres la Cumberland Co, do do. 160 acres in Alexander Co- timber. 40 acres in Adams Co- near Clay wn Sutton. 80 acres io Clinton Co., near Centralla. 300 acres In Casa Co..pfatne. 3=o acres le Franklin co~ timber and prairie. 80 acres In JcfiersTO Co-timber. UO acra in Macoupin Co- op-n woods and prams. 4€ acres in Plan tfc- Pf a: £ le ' 40 acres in Msrsball Co- timbers _, rt 160 acres In Woodrnfl Co- pralne and Umber, part 1 “ P Q r r°Jfi'che»3, tor cub, IQ lot. to Boitj or win o chongutorcl^ - real rtlate or c«cd mrecnandlse. Th« sa£ ee ß. r {s^w*v«^ a “SS“ESS: Agents. 98 Washltgtoa-st. Chicago, DU F)R SALE—The subscriber offers for lalohls firm of 16u aerea. abort SV miles south east from Lockoort, and about 9 miles from JoUctj HL* to the town cf Homer, s!»rt 100 aars under good cul- Oraaoc. 13 acres goad timber, good ntn house, sheep bouse, corn crib, no* boose, cellar, cistern. S good wells. 3 linn* springs ot water, orchard ©lover 190 aople trees In full betting, cherry otter smaU fmltt, and ail well fenced. Pnceapfl terms teasosab'.e. Ap&ir on the to W. S. MT RRS, Real Estate Agent, Loccport, Hi. M.B. DUIBK* SKHOFT. ■ FOR sat.l3—Fruit farms and other lands. improvedanlunlmprored. Also,houses ocaIo'IPrWILGUS&WH.US, Beil Estate Agents, Hichvlew.'washiagtoa Co- 11L rroß SALE—An 80-acrc trait farm. r n nr BlchTiew. I. C. R. R., Improred; has an old btarlrgorchard, besides SOOyocng peach trees. House andbarn. Also, 13 awes of winter wheat, ingoodcon didon. Win be sold reasonably. Time cm be had on a part of purchase money, if wanted. Apply to WIL GUS A WILLIS, Beal Estate Agents, Blchnew, LC. R.B. FOR BALE—Excellent farming and tim ber lands tu Wisconsin. We can offer low tor cash or trade fbr a abort time. GEUBGE A WIL LIAMS, 7 south Clark-rt. partners aaaanteh. PARTNER— Wanted—A lady with from »M 0 to SLOtO. to loin the advertiser In e re spectable business. Address Miss -M N,” P. O. Drawer 5080. Chicago. 2 , PARTNER— Wanted—In a first-class tladle*’ snd gentlemen’s) tee cream and oyster res taurant. Reference given axa required. Address E. L psTMQXD. Tribune office. T3ARTNER—Wanted —With $5,000 or I sACOO In cash, in an established general dry goods rtSfe/Sales last year 160,000. Or wW self entire stock and good will on reasonable terms. Good refer- - yn-** given and required. Address Drawer 5, Gene- ICO, Henry Co., HI. X>AHTNER—Wanted—ln an established JT auction bcilnest, to Use an active part,m place of one who haa another cos ices* to attend to. Muit have tome capital. AddreM**B,"Trtoane office. PARTNER Wanted Witli about SICfO, la an old eatablUbed prescription dntx ftoreln tbedlT. ThU trill be made a rare inducement to a party ol the rtabt kind, aa tne present proprietor leels that the too close confinement to business tor too last tewjemnbas Impaired bis health. Apply to k. k.LANDOS,StaIerSDruCTUta’ Sundries, 58 Mlch lcap»aT. PARTNER Wanted, witn about C3JOO to take ft hall Intern! In ft «w««7 on thefioolh Bile. Good chance; no Mnu. «“>• B£BT ft BBSEOICT, 134 South Clftrt:-»U Boom 7 . agganteir-ißau l^elp. BOOKKBEFEU, BAIEBHIBII fte. WANTED— Bill Clerjc—Oae acquaint •dwl'hthn who|r«»le drar tradeprefiried. Ad drnu -WHOLESALE DUOGGIST," Trt&one otace, Chicago. HI. WANTED —Immediately—A good pat tern maker. at Uprise Fntfoe Wnrica. north wcei corner Michigan ana f ranslln-et*. MtJHfllT & lABBANT. VXTANTED —To lightning rod dealers. W Experienced agents la sell the moat perfect rod luu«. None except those having experiute* tathla or ft similar htulneaa need apply. Address “Copper Scroti Lightning Bod Co.** Freegirt, UL WANTED— A travel tap salesman for the heavy hardware trade. None bat flm-clau need apply. Call at 807 Lakoat. TTT ANTED —Two salesmen ol expert- VV nee and mature yean. Situations permanent. ItVireoforaddress ßANFOßD A KEWCOMKB,No. 184 Wain-at, Dubuque, lows. TXf AN TED—Life Insurance Solicitors. W AfldreM “V H," Tribune office. "VSTANTED —A travelling salesman, 1m- VV mediately, who Is experienced and under*tatdi dreraand notions. Kotehntmea of experience and with the best of rrferreceaneM apply_for throe £a* B * from 9 to 10 a. m.,atßß South Watcr-sU Boom liUp stairs, to J.M. CHAPMAN. 'VX7 ANTED—A lew good dty cacyass- VV lert lor an article ol great merit. Call at No. 183 Blue Island-ay., or at No. 11 LaSalle-st. TAT ANTED —A salesman who has had VV at least oae year’s aeUve experlenM In icHlng goods. References requ'red. JONES A ORVIS, 123 Desrboin-st.. Booms 16 snd 17, *\7C7'ANTED—A young man as salesman VV In a wholesale mUltnery house. Address Post Office Box 24SU. THADEB. TXT ANTED—A good Cutter, capable of VV cutting for merchant tailoring and also ladles’ cloaks. A single man preferred. Must b« of steady habits. Moderate wages and strady employment. C. J. PETTIBONE A CO., Fond dn Lac, Wls. > WANTED —A gardener who under stands growing graces under glass. Scotch or German preferred. J. IT. KEDZIK, No. 3 Walker’s building, ott 38 Dearborn-st. asaantcb-jyemale |£}elp. TXTANTED—A lady to canvass’(or an VV article which ev«ry fndv want*. Profits large. Address “RING’S COLD CREAM SOAP,” Tribune Office. HOUSE SEHV&NXL TXT'ANTED—A good girl to do general VV housework. German preferred. Apply >133 South CUnton-st. TXT'ANTED—A thoroughly competent VV woman (tone other need apoly) to coor. wash and Iron. Apply at 378 between Twelfih and Thirteenth-sis. TXTANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Ironer, In a small lamlly. Apply at No. 303 Wabaih-ar. WANTED— A good girl to do general homework la a small femur. Inquire at 32 3 Rorm Clarlc-it. Dining-room girls, at the iEmplosttunt agencies. TXT ANTED—IOO men, with caSh capl* VV tal of (SO to (3(0, to engase In abuilness that wilt pay (a to *lO per day. Secured by two patent*, lisa no competition, and is the only article of tbe kind ever offered for sale. Erary family wants from two to a dozen. Call, or address, with sumo, J. □. MASON, 132 South Clark-*n. Room 9. Chicago, Id. TX7ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V\ collector, S hrakemen, 1 firemen, 1 porter. 2 drivers,« agents, 3 entry clerks, 2 conductors. Apply at 134 Dearborn-su, Boom 2. TXT ANTED—Tonng men in the conn- YV try, wishing to obtain situations, such as book keeper*. salesmen, collectors, expressmen, elects, brakesmen. Ac., dc., lo apply at 131 Dearqom-v., Itrom 2. or address u. E. JONES A CO., Box *.4040, enclosing ten cent*, for lull particulars. TXTANTED—This Day—Wood chop- Vv pers,wsgrs (1.15 per cord; 40 men »t iIAO to (3 per day and board. Apply at 100 Madtaon-st., Hoorn 4. JHaanteh-JElgccllaneous. WANTED— A young, energetic man, with (300 to PO. to engage in a first-class pay ing establishment. References given and inquired. Call on or address, immediately, “C H s,” 30(1 Stale st, between the Bonn of lu and 13 a. m. and 3 and 4 p. m. TXT ANTED—Veterans, sailors and one- V\ Tear zn& to call and tee checks received In payment of Additional Bounty. Advances made on Claims. A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, 136 Dear born-«t.. Boom 2. Offlceopen evenings. WANTED— To purchase, one second hand portable engine. from 6 to 10-hono power. Apply to, or addreii “ENGLNEEU3,” S 3 and 33 South Canal-at., Chicago, 111.- TTTANTED —Deirs—Complete list ot V V bMrs to unclaimed estates la Europe; shut t>r *1 hv REDDEN BROS- B. O. Box .*{3o. Washington, Itcfex»DC«— Alien,Copp&NUbet,Banhen. at. Louis, Mo., and Henry Ashbroot, Washington, D. C« TTT ANTED—Young men to learn Ban- V V Jo, Plano and Goltarrby a rood teacher. Guar antce to learn. Apply at Room tfj bpecd * Block. tit an^TKD — To exchange 520 acres of VY farming land* for troods snuable for auction. Address P. O. Pox »C 5. Chicago. TXTANTED-To loan money fora short VV itme, on good ascuntle*. In snm* of not leu than |WOO. MacLAY a kedzie, Broken, No. 3 ■Walker’* Building. ■ TTfj ANTED—A _good stage carpenter VV at the Varieties Theatre. Alto.agooaglrlfor general bouse work. Apply at No. 113 Dearbora*st. WANTED —Parties in Central and Southern Illinois and Minnesota, wanting a geod paying business lor a small Investment tn cash or call. 11!S Lake-«t. A. 0. TXT ANTED—Parties harms honscs to VV ren* or seller lease, to call on CHRISTIAN A CO- Beal Bftale and Vassal Agents. Boom 3, Una’s Block. Kanddlph-n. badge. WANTED —A practical man who nn ccntsnds thebualn'ss, to Join the advertlßcrin starting* “feed" mill. Call or address ADAMS, No. 14 South Welta-st. WANTED —Farmers . or energetic T ounc men. in tbs coootry to engage, lor one or three months, in a business that will nay them from SIOO to 1150 p*r montb. Address ZKIOchB,McCDRUY A CO, Lombard Block, Chlcaco. HI. JiHautEJferlAEal EstatE. •yrr ANTED—ReaI Estate—l have or- VV tiers to buy three dwelling houses. Must be east of State and south of Twclßß*aU. Aiso, 103 feet on some avenne south of Twcaty-*econd-st. and east cf state. Must be barealna: will pay cash. J. D. HARVEY. Beal Estate Broker. ?S LiSalle at. Boartmig, BOARDINQ— A private family on the North Side have two bacdaomelv fUmUhed Irani rooms which.they would rent, wlta Ant claas board, to gent emcn ana tbelr wives or single gentlemen. The house ha* all the modern improvement*, nefereaers *lv« and required. Addrea* “Q W B,’* P* °* **ox 998. HOARDING—Good board, with large . D furnished loom*, can be had lit 253 Mlch!gaa-st a abort distance from Riulut. bridge. T)OARDING—At No. » Eldndge-comt, . J between Michigan and Wabash-avs. Two suites of rooms, with modern improvements and fln.-ciaas board. Also, one room soluble for two geot.emcD. T) OARDING—One large room, well i> furnished, for three or four gentlemen; also a nit* class day board for a few day boarders at 100 East Adams-st. BOARDING— -At the National Hotel, corner of Washington and Wells-sts., one square west of tbe Court House. Rooms to rent for families or single men. The house being near to all the bail* neat centres will be ot great advantage to all men en gaged lo the city. A hist rate tablets kept, flity more day boarders wanted at J 3 a week. Rooms and board from *3 to $lO a week. BOARDING— A very nice snite of rooms to rent, with water-gas and bath-room con nected In anew bouse at 133 West Monroe-sC T> OARDING —Parties wishing board, Is with first-class parlor and sleeping room*. In one oi tbe beat locations In the city, can bear ot the tame by addressing ** A B.” Tribune offlee. *D OARDING—Two nice rooms, suitable fl lor gentlemen and thetr wives, with the comforts oxahome. Also, one single room and accommoda tions tor day boarders. Apply at 207 Mlchlgsn-st. T>OAKDING —A pleasant room, suiU Is «blc for a gentlemaa and lady, to rent, with board, at *406 West Bandolph-st. References re qulred. - BOARDING —A family ot three or four persons, or single gentlemen, deslrcns of ontalnlng board In a first-mss bouse, with finely far nuhed rooms, on the avenue, can hear of inch a place by addressing, with real name. Box 1620. BOARDING —A front and back parlor. also a tingle room, with fine closets and rood Board, can be bad by applying at 64 West Madison st. Terns reasonable- BOARDING— For gentleman and wife, good unfurnished room, with privilege of parlor, at 1*479 Indlana-av. BOARDING —A furnished trout room, ml table lor two persons, may be had. with hoard, at 148 Madlson-st. May orarders wanted also. T) GARDEN G—One large furnished X) room, with closets, to rent, with board: suitable lor a gentleman end wl’e, or two ilneie at 74 Jackson-sL. two blocks south of Post Office. BOARDING Gentlemen and their wives, or slegle gent’emeo. can find good board in a private tamlly at SSSHUnoIs-st-two blocu from bridge Stale st. T) OARDING —A suite of front parlor II and bedroom to rent, with board: also, sin gle rtoms and day boarding, at 17 De*room-st- up , stain. ISoatlr asaantcir. "DOABD With partially furnished Jsor pftunlsbod room tor a geatleman and wife, without children. North and West bide answer. Ad dress, with terms, and full particulars, D. JAMES, Tribune cfllce. TSOAUD —A suite ot handsomely-fur* n cubed front rooms, aao slnale raoin, wlta first* rT*wi board, tor a gentleman aed two ladles. Refer ences exchanged. Address, stating location. terms, ftC„ Box 2677. Chicago. t>OARD—By a young married couple n used to refined society, is a family where there are but a few select boarders. If any. Address -A. M. A.,” Tribune Office. BOARD —A lady •Whose husband is away wishes to obtain a comfortable room, with noard. South Side preferred. Addrtas “Mrs. 91 G,” Chicago feet Office. BOARD— In a French lamily, by a gentleman, where he can be Instructed daring evenings, In the french language. South Sid* pre* ferred. Please address -HAMMOND," Trtbtaeomce. T> CARD—By two yonug gentlemen, Is board In a private family where there are few or to boarder*, and wh-re they can enloy the comforts of a home, within onees minutes wal* of the Tremont House. Addre*» Post Office Box 103. personal. PERSONAL —It the man who has W. C. Hathaway’* umbrella wlil return It to him at ms office, a* marked on the article, he will coaler a fisver cn the owner. . . PERSONAL— Charley, do come and see me. I hare chanced much in appearance, so that tou would hardly know me. 1 tell you that as long as 1 can eetKlrg’s Cold Cr»amScap,lU never use pjw der. It’s splendid. MARY. Host anfl jfounb. T OST—Friday laft, a small Bay Horse, I j trom 28 Chlcsgo-ar. fete spot on pose, shod all round. The ggggJff FT celte a liberal reward on to rnmsTlon of olm at the above address. THOfa. Q. HAS 508% x OST—Near the corner ot State and I a small black dog with white breait. 4^.lT^rf»^ - lroD7 and answers to the named kS&rt «*“* -.IUM glrmoottls re turn to me Jervis Honse. TT’OtIND— Discharges belonging taJolm £ c 'TS7°d“M S S: cS oiriasS mi «°artca™ It™- Tuesday last, a horse blank -1 jet trimmed with red. TTalo«oiiW»birti-»%or Eighteenth-st. and Coture OroTe. The Under wiiT»nfcr » great tarorby leartnewprd at. the Trl* bone office where the owner can Had It. A liberal re* »lud «in be paid lor the recorery of the same, as It is £oio( a pair and cannot well be icplaced. T OST— SSO Reward—Feb. 4th, Pocket I j Book, containing between three and torn hundred ffiDln. and panera oi no raloe except to the owner, oa North (aixMUor at Turner Ban. 11 returned to thQ Ttthhoe otftcc* the abort toward will bati aituatiotig gawtwT HALES, QITUATION—Wanted—a~TT 0.-ho 1. aarMu.u, S . DcSmu, 8».?f WaS igj ißteirtewoEbehaq? autll *tealneM i ti £i e, i oo< *»?lt< dma “ F." p. Q. Box 60SQ. the 44! •&jg ffig’ad&g in office duties. Tribune Office. Chicago. “KD? FE HALEB. machine. Address “LMf>.- t^-* 3eO M r r . €aJ *«*lag girl t, dieas ** C K,” Tribune office. 0478 01 ct *ldrep. Ai- cnuATioN-w7HSsri^—s - woman aa a cook in a priests tamiui. , tay house. Apply at the Tribanc Office for-.v[ ij?. v^ vsietamllj. Address “M.A," T»b? n *ff *Pd- C ITUATION—Wanted! by a ~ V woman. M prcfesslonslcook orhoVk-fi>r‘ . ply at 864 Sedgw!ck-«t, for three U»j?. Wpf ‘ A> * Si T , u . A Sr£S hark of 433 West Twcltth st. ’ lof lw * ’-*7*. CITUATION—Wanted—A lady O bas had long expcrleaco at making chi* J “S like to lake charge nt a Western fectorr. Beitnw fercccce given. Addwi “E. L. W." TrihcceivL^ agents iiHameo. A GENTB—Wanted—A few more fim. XI class men fur THE AMERICAN HORSE BOOK. Now ready. One ri«ar.t umr of CPOpage*and ap‘rn«lltiJy UlaitTitcd. prJSr ett Stewart, SI.D. V. 8. Ibe beat arllltc book in the market. It appeals to the seif-law*? ncceaalUeloi Oiepecpie. U u patUmunj to the want* of the American Farmrr and Bori-on? ct. Beal<le« ircallng on every diva*- tjvr.irstvl Horne la snbjtcr. || emhraeea a meat tlmH» »-* Jf* ratn-sense treatise on Stock Raising and Agenta are averaging one nu: ut A p ocw tem» ana territorf j b. GOODMAN * Co.. Publishers. 3 Custom place. Col'•a go. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—To canraa* jor “Lincoln and btaverr.” la one volume oi e«» TOO page*. The boos, taaned about mel-toi Jssiurr la already »o Iter more rapidly than inr rfi aeroed edition will be ready In two week*. Tbi rvi csso Journal say* uf It; -The bonk ta the b-,t \uw and cataot be eclipsed.’’ We want a taw e-wi Dea ta nease In It* aale. CLARKS A CO„ SO ail ka Washington i's Chicago. '■ A GENTS—Wanted—PopBARKETTS IX LIFE OP LINCOLN. The belt, seat complete and anttaratte work yet snblUbed. Prtaumt Lincoln hayine htmseif fanmLnl for this work tare, the I acta oi hi* early llfo. We*: Ire U percent rmaaJ lion on abore work and exj Exmas Bootes *l*T TO tht Aosxr. Address J. S.ODODMiv Publisher?, 3 Custom Qouse Place, Cticvs. AGENTS— Wanted—?75 to *2CO rer month, ersrywhore. male and female, t> i BS> duce throßShont tbe United Mates the OENXIVK m. PROVED COMMON SKNSEVAMILY SEWINij Ui. COINS. This machine will stitch, hem, full ta<L qnllt, bind, braid aid embroider m a manner. Price only (IS. Fully warranted f>t*re year*. We will pay |l,c£fl f-.r aay machine that »m *ew a stronger, more twautit-ii. or mere el.wDi> than ocn. Tt makes the “Elastic Lockstitch." Frcrr »♦ court sUtch can be cot, anc still tho cloth oaootti 2H” fd *£» rt without tearing It. We pay a~cu t*a j-a to wi per month and expenses, or a commi*:;* : Tom which twice that amount can be made \,m,—, fcECOMB A CO.,Cleve]aud,Ohlo. °* CAUTION.—Do not be Imposed npoa by otb-rD*-. ttes palming otrworthless e MI iron mnchlr-r-. uiW the aamo came or otherwise. Oan ta Uic onlv £.*> Ice anoreally practical cheap machine manufsetared AGENTS— Wanted—$300 per month on (5 capital. Agents wanted In all para. fme Northwest. Address Box 316. Independence. tavx with two three cent atamps for particulars • V AGENTS— Wanted—“Beatcihra WorU' LLOYD'S UNITED STATES QCfNTIVEVT It 19C0—three maps in one. and the ch*£Sest m ', n 'i- £* world. One Agent at Saginaw, «v renters in one day. Try It. Address AGENTS ‘Wanted For GLOBE and BAY STATE SEftvtf; va* CHINES. Pnc« MR. Silver Medal and ri*ipl<'m> Jf£i' ed at Mechaalca* Ektr, Boston. N<i trouble . ZL, where they are hsown. B. ATSJWSON. ici .VT dolp£-6C. Boom 8, Chicago. 111. iu * as ‘ A GElsTb—Wanted —Jlale atd femnk -fA to sell a new article la prea; amend that nni family wants. M per day made witacnt learinzha™ TrayelllDß agents can mate from *5 toTM mTJS vttbeot intentreace with otter bueineas. shews for Itself. Samples, with terms and 8 ol the business, itm fo?a rots VJ COAPPEI.L, Drawer 65;i:t, CblcLo. in. >T ,T - A GlSSTJs—'Wauted—D.OOOAs^ Xl cd—An article that no *>ce will be wl twenty times the price of It. Ererr one wf mcmert they eee It. Ontr in m sls caplv Specimens »eot to any addreis lor 367. Peoria, DU Agents —wanted—i win pay 17.5 month and expense* tor Agent* fcfc*, v&L sale orders for % nanny. Afldrew. immedSitelr reference, endoslne |I tor maniple boos. orSili’icllS and contract, **F.” Box CJ. Arlington. ml onier ***>* GENTS—Wanted—Ladies ; business. to canvas* tor that which ,™ eAn prtmts. Apply for information, Saturday, Xi , S’? , *sce tweet: 2 and 5 p. m., at 30« East Maal*on-S!*h ~ t die**, wlUi stamp, Mrs. -E C * GENTS—'Wanted—For" J\ of the War Between the ,, W V eln. Cause* and Berelta." By HoiuAlSS“s r h S”' phecs. Ana for The Life, Letters » n j Sneeehi* a# Alexander U. Stephens. By n«rr fur circular* and see our term*. Address v vprnS?, PUBLISHING CO- 10 Lombard AGENTS— 1,000 Wanted.on,. 4 chance jet. A work of hlnom*- „ , 0,551 ■] naueui mporusre. m J in the Odd. Agent* find no compel>Uo*- « rr*-. 3 OCR NAVY DURING THE RKBaiION s or. ■ KAOCT XXD OUB NATAL COWWAVPSKJ. Bytt® renowned historian. Hen. J. T*JJEADLtJ. la « handsome volume. with twenty-two jar* trait* and battle scenes-comcrsln* *?ee*ny»- •Jt' lie service* and naval mu. Vice Admiral D. D- Purler. Bear» le, fJnpont, birlnrbam. Davl*. Go dfberojrh sml Dai-- iren: Commodore* Wilke*. Window. Worden. HalVy, ard manTother promltent naval cvlehrtuc*.trji.ui tn Mr. Headley’s graphic and Inimitable style. H •J* authentic recount of tattle*, siege* and bsmhsrt* aent*. including the recent dtsenverto* In conducting naval wariafn bv Runbca’s and tron-clad vtwU: s- 1 *; thrlllUc descriptions ot the moat brilliant exploit! set achbvcmentsof the rebellion. _ ...... The authenticity ol the work la beyond a dsnbt. as mo»l cl the material concerning their early Hie *o« cnbllc service* was famished directly by the otSceri or thelrftlends. The book will In a few days be ready to 1 deliver, and agent* are already meeting with almost unparalleled success in taking orders. > our terms are nowhere needed, and. taking law consideration the great popularity of our publications, our inducement* to atent* are unequal.e<(. Don ton f 10 scud for our circulars and outfit at once, as a day * h delay may make a hundred dollars difference. Addrcn 3 C. w. LILLET,- Publisher, 2G Reynolds Dio* » Chicago. T* A GENTS—"Wanted —To canvass tor the r\ new celebrated Baker’s Underfeed Sawing Ms* chine. Sample will ba sect upun the receipt ot $-0 « any part ot the country. Similar In style ana «<i'i»J t» workman*hip to Wl'cox & Gibbs’ Machine. Lx*ze jo* doctments to Agents. No deception. Address.rbrfir* cular and terms. T. G. PBIMUTSO. Drawer 6201. General Agent tor Baker S. M. Co.. Chicago- business (Eljauces F3R SALE—Millinery stock. An oU established bouse, with large trade. Populates 14,c00. Thl« Is a chance seldom found. Address H.«* AJ. M. VTETUEKELL, Chicago, or J. N. AVfcUT. Oshkosh, vris. F'OR SALE—The Forest Valley Works, Saginaw city, Mich- consisting oftwo salt hlxfr. and saw a ill of large capacity, with ten acres of uaj» favorably located. Address S. S. LOCKWOOD. a*i** naw City. MlcH. FOR SALE —Store bouse and a light stock ef dry good*, groceries. Ac-, where * trf : ni«s of twenty-five thousand a year has been done, a-u with the rapid Improvement oi the country Btirntru- Ing can be Increased. U preferred, store house w be rented. For particulars. Inquire of KIGUb As- CLABE. Buckley, lIL . FOR SATE—A blacksmith's shop, with tools and fixtures complete, la a good location doing a good bustnear. Will be »old for f I.lo°. ** owner Is about leaving the city. Call at S3S TTOK BALE—One-halt ol one ot the 1* best paying saloons In the city. Inquire at-* a - S 7 South Clark-at- In basement. F)R BALE—Fnie, new stock of grocer lea, on West Madlson-st.. with three yean* el store. Dwelling above of six rooms wlthwstor, gas, Ac- In prime condition. Owner wishes bnMn»ss,a*dwlU sell very low. JONES, BUNDT * TAILOR. Boon too. lg Methodist Church Block. _ FOR SALE—At a Bargain— Stock and flxtnre* of a grocery store on Scdgwl (£•«.. Bide, doing a good business. Apply to> GEORuo « WILLIAMS. TSonth Clark-st. TTOR BALE—A Steam Sawmill, with Jl j; 420 acres at land, la thebsst oak aid poplar remit | of Southern Illinois. Bulletins, teams, and everyth-** necessary fer carrying»u extensive lumberta,. bu i ness, are on the premises- The property will be *O. tor SIS COO. and Is an unusual opportunity for j a fite« bargain- Address O. L. PERRY, Wetaag r U!.. cr 0- J. BT OUGH. 118 Ciark-st.. Room 19- 17OK SALE—Grocery, stock and fis r tore*, with lease, requiting only small c»rlt*jj will be scM very cheap; doing good business: on South Side. GILBERT * BENEDICT, 132 Clark n„ Boom 7- - FOB SALE—For $6,000, oneol the very Mst located Flour and Feed Mills lu Chtc <t log a heavy wholesale and retail buslueas. Last y*i could not produce within ono-lh'rtl enough to »u?*7 Its usde. Sstlsiaclory reasons given tor seiimr. sl - “IH O.” Central House, No. ISS Baadjipw*- Cblcago. lit. - jpor Stale. T7OK SALE—The steam ttigsW. K JT udß. P.DtTldion,now Uld l w -*-*,* {n good ord»r. Apply to B. P. I ITZoBUALD 4 *» 80. 00 Mle&lgaa-st.. illliraakr^ TTOR SALE—Toe interest and matew' r of a well looted Job Prtatins Office tn tan cuv Prenes and material almost new. For ftirtncr pe nial s address P. 0. Box No. 777. Chicago. - FOB BALE— Two houses and toR cheap. Also, the great work of Kin* Solomon’s Temple. Apply to J.M. il£i Acctlcneer.l27 Deatbom-at. F 'OB-BALE—At Granact’sSew-To* Merchant Tailor’s Boom. 130 South Cl*-'* ' upstairs, three suits of Irith frtUe fo. »w ~ precedented low prices of |S3 and |37; wool U-** order. FOR SALE—Canal boat “Norway' Apply t08.0Lb0N.136 West Indlsus-st. . FOB SALE—Prop. “Gcnessee Chiet’ bow lying at Detroit, Michigan, nmre (old measurement), 354. Appifto WM.K-" RPSEE, Detroit, Mich, or to HARRIS A BBC?.. - Lumber-st. Chicago. • —- FOR BALE—Wood—Good beech al|S per cord: good matlewpod at S3AO f^ r . Apply at ELIKLS TASNEKT. near Chlcaj>»‘ hnage. —-r X7OB SALE Sewing Machine , r Wheeler A Wl'son Sewing Machine, in go* l i der.baTltffoaJybeenlnuseaixweeks.- Will «;' l t at a sacrifice. Cott, when new, £2. Can be «« 105 Michigan-«t. FOR SALE—By Christian & <5; some fine bargains of bouses and lots, tana*. lanes, saloons, boarding houses. Ac., Ac. w-* Hoorn 3, Lind's Block, Randolph-«u Bridge. „j XT OR SALE—A new, first-cl’issboanfi#] P honse. In a good lecstlon. Furnltnre nf ? *2' s t. I first-class order. It Is a bargain. GLLanKt A Bt- DICT. 132 Qark-sL, Boom 7. T7OR BALE—Lease and mrnitnre ol: »j f hotel In one ot the bert locations to saleonaccouotof slckte s. GILBEKIABEM-R 133 Clark-sL, Kcom T7OB BALE—A first-class rctailrro«s J 1 In a good location on South Sto- sale* liatCO per year. GILBERT A BESEDIN* , Hoorn 7. —<l T7OK BALE—An A No. 1 X on Dcarbora^t-chem for»*b. roarders. GILBERT A BESKWCT, 1J- » Boom ffi. Worses, (SamagES. lutth-weighCSc-, ■»» \f..nJmLt. Will *' tbroub. C*U »« 13s T tbsßie to r birxtvirc- »» 9 ****** . feiwill- Itfioat Ut r >Di* it tit r *il rp.j-jTM. -ia.iretu tn