Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 8, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPIL Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. The United States Indemnity Question in the British Parliament Jtew Atlantic Telegraph Com pany Forming in London. Commercial Treaty Between France and Pern. Sank of England Bate of Discount Seduced to Three Per Cent. FROM WASHINGTON. Impeachment Evidence Before the House Judiciary Committee. Synopsis of General Hatch’s Report on Internal Commerce. Adopted at the Na tional Convention of Tobacconists. wjßa ?<*nat(>-Finai Passage of the Bill to Prevent Smuggling, €oDsidcratinn of the Legislative nndJndicial Appropria tion Hill. House —Debate on the Bill Report cd From the Reconstruction Commiltos Amendment Offered by Mr Ashley, of Ohio, FROM srmwiai,!). KiihtiiiimV Warclmnsc Bill Or dered l» a Third Reading. i'hicngo Gns Bill Ileporied and Uccommtlted, Loading Foaturoa of tlm Amondod Chicago Health Bill. Commltlcc'ii Report In ’Favor of RuHtllng the Slew Capitol in Springfield. FROM EDROI’E. IIV OCEAN TKLBGBJPn. nr»i» urtTtt*. n I<okdox, February H. in l arUamcntiastntght Lota Derby, In reply rto ah inquiry made by E«l Unssrll, nnld bo id Stanley bad ukul Mr. Reward to stale plainly the -points of claims on which an adjustment by arbi tration was desired by the Government of the United Males. xew ocxax naxoiurn. A new Atlantic Telegraph Company is now -foimlng, with the intention of laying a submarine cable by way of the Azores to Halifax. The prospect a* announces tolls to be foar pounds ster ling on twenty-four words. avstbia. , Visjntju February 6. licllcrspcrn has been appointed by the Emperor <. succeed Bclegsdl in the Ministry. Vienna, February 7. Austria is to Lave a responsible Ministry. bessia. Ft. PBTmsncna, Febrnaty 6. Hie RcfcSir.u forces have gained a victory over ‘in troops of the Khan of Bokaharo, near Fame* lULd. STOBH ON TOE English COAST. 7-oj.don, February 4—Evening. *> A gnat storm lias- visited the southern and we.-:em coast ot Eugla d. COMKZECIAL THEATT EETWLEN rnANCE AND TEBU. Pabis. Febmary 6. France has a commercial treat; with Peru, particular; ptoviding for the export of guano and borax. IT ALT. Rohe, Febmary (I. The Pope Is considering a proposition for the canonization of Colnmbns. TUE HEW' HUNOAEIAN HTNIFTKT. Pestii, February 7. Acdrasy Is to be Premier of the new Unuga*:au Ministry, and Locyay will Iks Minister of Fi nance. STEAHCn AttnrvAL. 1 jveupool, February (I. The steamship Peruvian, from Portland, arrived at Londonderry yesterday. BETEUNED TOn BET At US. The steamship I»4varla, from Southampton, for New York, was seen on Sunday returning, with her rudder broken. Latent Forcljm Market*. • Liverpool, February fi-Nooa. cvttoa market emet ; Mlw proMWy 7,033 bate* price# unchanged. Mlddlloc upland*. ItJid. London, February 6—Noon. Conaols qnoted9o U-lCj 5-*0» “iJi; UUnoU Uatral, tl; Erie, 39*; Litxwool, February 6— Eretlng. cotton—The market Irregular during the afternoon. i?lddllnc opiate*. lIS«HS'd; »*Je» reached 8,000 f.#lw. Breadstuff*, dull. Corn, <0 tbUlmea. Lard, easier, told at 51 shilling*. Petroleum, refined, quoted it llt-M. Losdo*, February S—Evening. Contois doted at 90 11-16; MOa, 72*; UUftOla Cen tral, SOX; Er ,c - ***• lx>!fi>o3f, February 7—Soon. TL« Bank of England Uas reducad Us rate of discount U toß«oU—M 11-10 for money; Moe,7! M«t UUnolt Central, 60S ; £fle,33\« _ Litewool, February 7—Noon. Cotton-Bnll and declining. Sales are estimated at *.CU0l«loa; middling uplands, »S«-USd. FROM WASHINGTON. l>pcoai i»e»p»vcu 10 uie uurago »nuuuc.j WAfinweTOK, February!. •OXXZIUL c. BAKXB BKTOUE THE JTTDICIAJIT comms. Among the persons who have l - ecu bef re the Judiciary Committee In connecUon with the Im peachment inquiry!» General L. C. Baker, form ctly Chief l)etectlve|of IbeWnr Department. Ho •eayp (hat be was twice mmmoned by mail and re fßflfdlo come,tnd Ibat the Sergeant-al-Arms or the House then sent a man for him. He atates ■that he was twice before the committee, and that he testified to haring once been the possessor of .a Idler purporting to hare been written by Andrew Johnson during (be early part of tbewar to Jefferson Davis, offering to join the rebels on certain terms. Doubling the authenticity of this document, he took it to the President's Private Secretary, who declared that the signature was unnuefUotiably genuine. He further stales that “e testified that the letter aforesaid 1« not now hi Ills possession* but he presumes It can bo reached. er.ciiETAUT BTAJtroH. soma rmlliaf l«cl> b.Ta tacatiUr coma to light rr«iHf iitip BfctHary Blahtoti s connection w h th.C.e ol Inu.Huulli C'rolili . toiiitiiKMon of Ilia “ u,d " “ f 11 .V.liia mlillcl. 10 Otlobat. ITO. ibsseMenc'’t.f twool them wa* coranii“j . inneial PlthleM that SHliJolii IttjjlßW «l Uae tqdt.iob h*ld by I lie Wcttetoilll »e«tlieOlbe ir-sallis of HtillhHf Iflftls since tlosc '«« «* huiiM, istuiHirtHidert Ibe b« Im« •iMtb ...Maiiw nrilis ftlberiwti, »*f »V e nr.,M i\,u Miif.lufeis wore l-toi'Pfly Ifled «• • nit'imy Utbiifiat «h«l Jfl-Uy f ' *lri be r <itd m«i t„m in Mm fifoiw iii *'*«J of Hi# oidblon he «b§# wm i«M t.y (it- piipmup Doiirti He rt^om iiitiKfcti (be rmmopiiieiu of Hie m tie Toriug#., bin Mkrward* «“ rtmmmer.daiion io if’orl Delaware. He eonsMH * no one i,hi Deneiai Townsend •* to tb* proiiei I-Ureni UniirUMiinent, and recommended r» ri In law are bemuse bo iboujlil M on *b« whole the ol the jnllllny prisons tor Ibat purpose. It® 1 neur inr a niumeni anliclpaled that the' cltil <omi» would Interfere whh them there. When a will cl habrai eoijtut was Utfiod ho Instructed the tfflrer m command to make a proper return and decline-In produce the prisoners He docs not •late what oi tiers, if any, were sent to the officers W the Attorney (Icccral at the Instance of the I'n-tidcnt, nor doth he say anything about the In* fiutacc- brouebt to bear upon the President to so core the removal of the prisoner! from the Tortu ga* to Fort Delaware. x PHonaiox isqurnr. it U probable that sicpa will bo taken to And out rt.l Idler,, hurt on the .pr McCreclren’. report, hycbctnrtJretfrtbrlbo Buie Deptrtnont to iiAle, Mortis, and other person i whom bo ma ligns. luaxcn ron ntrouuTiox. TLc Home Judiciary Commute* wore searching for the Charleston Mereut-y'i report of the IVsldrnt’s advice to Colonel Witherbee, Uit month, urging the rejection ol the Constitutional Amcnomcst. THB TOBACCO OOXTEXTIOV, cow Id session here, have declare I fort redac tion qj. the tax on tobacco, and a umform rale on all manufactured tobacco. onrxrux riHIBIDAH has been summoned before tbo Southern Railroad Committee and the South Carolina Murder Com mittee. claixs ron serpuss. The records 01 tbe War Department show that accounts to the amonnt of over twelve million doJlaif have been filed under the act of IS6I, pro fiting for the payment of the claims of loyal per sons tor Quartermaster and Commissary supplies actually furnished the army. Oue agent In Ken tucky has sent in about half a million dollars worth. The Quartermaster General believes many of tbe claims are forgeries while others arc rrcatly exaggerated, end to guard against Impo sition he recommends the passage of a bill pro-, riding for the appointment by Ibe President, wiib the consent of the Senate, of a board of three Commissioners for each State lately in rebellion, whose duty it shall be to examine each claim, and repoit to the TreatnryDepanment for the settle ment of such as are found just. A bill embodying this Idea will probably be reported by the Senate Military Committee. IXCBEABBO PAT ABKSD POD. Many, perhaps most railroads doing business for the Army or War Department,'bare applied to the Secretary of War for an Increase of rates al lowed them for transportation. It appears that dill- rent prices are paid different roads, under airacgcmixtsxnadulrom time to time during the war, and that In a large majority of cases no change In compensation has been madeeincetbe dale of the original contract. The Secretary now proposes to establish uniform rates as for as pos sible, though It will probably be some time before a new arrangement can be e&ectcd. the rcNDiNo anx. The Finance Committee have perfected the Ccmpound-lntere-t Note Footling Bill, and nil) probably report to-morrow, it is based ou tbe general principle of the Banking Bill, recently published, but safeguards have been adopted to prevent a bad nse of tnc new loan. r. &. bloaw, or omo. Las been subpoenaed to appear before the Judi ciary Committee. It Is supposed the committee wan’e to hear tbe details of special Post Office Agents during Ihc late campaign. DELEGATION OF CtXCISSATIiSS. Colonel Len. Hams, President of tbe Cincinnati Johnson Club, and several of his associates, have bee» very busy to-day In the interest of tbu John* -ou apj/Ointees lr that city, and also arranging a i ckilfoi tbe succession In ca*e of further rejec tion?. The same parly are Lying to resurrect Lion. T. hpooucr. TUE UICOSSTUUCTIOX DILL. Tie debate in tbe Uonse to-day acd this even ing ou ibe Reconstruction Committee’s bill was pirited and int'-rcsiing. Messrs. Pike and Fonts rtojih brought forward the opinion, ns given be .'jrt- Uicir iuvci-tlgatiug cummlttuu of Ceucrnl.- ILoma-', Schofield, Bstrd, sod Sickles, on the conol ion ot tbe South, and (be necessities of the -iiuntlan. ibclr concurrent Judgment fumi-dics a i*oug argument for tbe bill. Tbo dsbstc will close at one o’clock to-morrow. roar omet changes. Ti e Po.-lmnster General baa made tbe follow iowiug Lliangcs In West-m Postmasters during ;hr week ending February 2d: OAio—Wcllshlrc, Van Wert County, H. 11. Har per, ric« P. S. Russel), declined. Jt-otana— Waterloo City, DcKalb County, W. Boa«rr, County, P. O. Arnold, flc# R. S.Matsingi'r, rensrued: -Mount Auburn, Shelby County, J. Manley, vice S. French, n-slgned; Frankltnton, Mndlt-ou County, W. S. Ptulpoli, oic-f Ilar-t, re (•irneti. Illi'iol*— Morrison, Whllvsldn Counfy. F. Clen dct.itln, ricr 51. Coblengli, removed; suitouV Point, ciay county. Unac Comiit-ck, tid-W. H. Smith, resigned; Fieuonh, \VlHum«oa Comity. F. M. Spark*, tdc? S. M. Bundy, remov- d ; Tiumevillc, Khubokct; County, A. J. Urya-<t, vir<- A. U. Britton, resigutd: New Buirord. Bureau « nnntr, W. I lav, rlc*C. Martin, resigned; Maine, Cook County. B. Thacker. nc< <J. W. Tyjinsoii, rettMved: Llm Point, Bond County. C. 9, Biker, rio? J. F. Bmlth. resigned *. Council Hill, Jo Davlesß County, W. Harvey, rlcs W. Bcrheck, re signed: Mliionk, Woodlord Comity, U. U.JeuU iti-, tic* 11. C. Dent, removed: (Jbi-rtyvillu.Lake Cuuiiiv. ?lr-. E.Snrnaue, rlc? E.W. Caikb irst aw |n ii,lc’il utid'r misapprehension; Klniwond. Pro tin i oiiii'y. I). H. Bowers, vies J.P. Leslie, rc tun*MlnmatK«, Dougin* County. F. W. Ilvr i. my 11. Husrell. ic*lgm-d: Ilidle Prairie, !lninilloit f'otiiily, C, H. Todd, tUy 9. Wolf, re rtimu'ti. II tsroKsfn—rnz'hovla. Ktchtanl County, M. U. Irnrv. » L‘-11. Tinker, icslgned: Flthvßfe, Uui ingiith" i'oHiilv, P. Mtt-u’gor, Ibnixlon, Fmtl ou l<ic County, 8. Per* ».Ifp. rlr-'t. h, ]'oil*i)r, fp»laiml. Gmnl, Nomnbn Cimtitv, J.M. Rob* bln*, in’*'■ R, J. M, ronl. fitHed lo s zoo j _|ii. Pci'o, Juiitisuti CtMinlr, J. IV Roll* tk'r J. Pmli'i, tesigiiedi Britt'* llnbtile, Mniaimll t'otiiiiy.J. A. Hunt, vie* I). A. Crun.left Falls, llaidin Cemily, W. A. I'UMb, »!,«■ 11, IV. Chnpmim. resipi’edt 11-’rlln, tlnnllti Coiiniy. T. H. Wilmir, rtf" 4,«». hmllh, f*'|t d|n bund i Itlainu Min. Polk County. <), F, Wmli, nf* N, Fltinmg. nmigned t New.l««flerson, dreriin enmity, M. R. M-i>u'Ur. 4, nunfoni, m'.ll-iiml t WiliMi, ('anion M F. M<m>hy, Hr* A, (ilmikon, tPt;lM»“'I I t'akalfto*# JuiiHlkm, Mulmskt)» ottiiiy. J. ti. 4oim», f\ct 11, l„ lUbm. iik". ie«ltn"»l j West lliMucti, Cmlar County. H, I'.Mtipsmi, fit 1 * J. Slier, rrilgned J Rudneld, Hat* ln« Com.ty, <i. ti. CUiUn. H,y M. C.‘l'numn*, in. .-Igi.ed j Uniiy, Bunion County, 4. IblllerflcJld, Her M. li. Potlio. roiled to bond; Cordon, Wayne County, B.T. Roswill.rl.v A. A, Fower, moved nW j)?rnrwfd- Fort Pralileeilk*, flics Couiltj', C. L. Lowell, riv.J. Hamlin, restened. [Associated I‘ree* Despatcboi.) KErnilT OH I.tLX.VD COMHBnca. WaaiiiNUTosi. February 7,—The report of Gon , ml '••. ilatcb, of New York, sent lo the llobne ny ibe becretary oftbc Treasury, on our Inland com juc-ce, taUp« crouwrt u;alt.fl the Idi* that tlui en • laicemonl of Canadian mm Is would beneflr \les'- cm iH.mmerce. ll claims to havo demonstrated \b%\ Uio Kriu Canal Is naturally tbe cbeapesi chan nel far Wtblcru commerce; that U has carried hpitlufnrt, ai> it wilt carry hereafter, the bulk of Wcrtem commerce; that tbe centrranhical and rnmtuercia! causes which bare prevented any so rlons dl»oralons oi butltuss from Ibj Eric Canal by tbe Canadian canals-will operate mure ;n wc:trlly lu the fulme than to Uie past. Dieid »f a f;cc cxcham*e of products, ana free transit <•1 ibemibroiirbrach country. It a co-ope .otion of I tic West with ibe State of Ne«r York to serim? national aid in favor of It) former propo- • Pon. • The Secretary, In his letter transmitting the re port to Congress, says the Investigations have evidently been made by Mr. Hatch with fairness and fidelity. The conclusions which naturally artre fiom the considerations preseu'ed by him, point to the improvement and enlargement of onr rm nns of transportation through our territory (or onr vast Western commerce in preference to those of the Canadas. The arguments In favor of the latter appear to be more epeefoas than sound, and :. ihfn lore, take pleasure in approving the con clusion? arrived at in Mr. Hatch s report. naval orners. Committee will rc non in favor of abolishing the naval offices at New Vt r , Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and have Hie duties perlonned by an Auditor at 15,01X1 salary, without lees. rnor.AELK cescit or rnm. sevsnn e hission. f. W. Scwaid, who has returned from his secret mission, Is ci gaged on bis report. If It does not trace; Ire that we possess the i«land ofSt. Thomas the Ist of January next, it will be a matter ot surprise. GOLD SALES. Tbc total Government sales of gold since Octo* tier, ISfir., have bt-en over $0,000,0(0. BAUDON OF GOVEUNOU LETCUEU. The Lexington (Va.) Gaze'l* says ex*Govcrnor Letcher has received his pardon. BILLS SIGNED. Washington, February 7.—The President has signed the bill to punish dealing in counterfeit public sicuiiticsaiid currency. The bill prohibits putting professional cards on noiea or currency. Also a bill giving power to tbc Uniteo States Courts lo grant writs of habta* corpus incases of imprisonment in violation of the constitution or ticatics. This law is not to apply to persons livid m custody of military authorities, chafed with military ofiVnccs, or with having aided or abetted rebellion, prior to the passage of this act. TUE SWEDISH xxsstov. Genera! J. J. Baitlett baa been nominated for Minister Resident at Stockholm, rur McGinnis, rejected. O THE TAX BILL. Washington, February 7. —The Ways and Mean* Committee to-duy, ms'rnclcd the chairman lo roroit the Tax Bill, Huht are but a lewartt- cli> in ihc free list. Amonc them Is leather. The las on Income* u uniform above sl,ooo,being fixed a»hve per cent. The redaction Is estimated at about s2.~wvv Tin* N«*w York 7Vl6im«’* special saya: “ The Ways and Means Committee nave agreed to an Imporlant amendment to the Tax Bill In recard to whiskey, providing that* ail whiskey ofiered for sale at a less price than the lax (lipcrgallon) is to be seized and confiscated. Other stringent regulations are provided which. It Is thought, will curclaaily prevent the cross trands which nave been pl >^pcuatcd.,, The Wavs and Means Committee have agreed to report an Internal Tax Bill making a general re daction of aboat s4(>.ouo,nuu. (lie tax oa mann lactnrce will remain at five per cent. No redac tion is made In (he tax on whisker or any other prominent article. The bill courists or amend ments to the prerent law relating to articles no*, generally imported. TMstrr nitt, —. ..11l a. n t 1«. T*. -- >aM mil The committee will take up the Tariff BUI to.rnnmv. hnt will prohnhly not report to the Hon*e nntU the clofe of next week. ssw Tons satax. omct. Wl«nn?nTOK, Fcbruarv 7.—Colonel Hlllycr hkt b««.c nominated by the President as Naval Office! of New York. xnnirrMOSTs’ COMASTIOS. TheTobarcomsta’ Convention reassembled, to day, when the Committee on Organization made their report, which was agreed to: President, F. A. !'avnc,ol Ohio: Vico Presidents,,!. 1). Evuus, of New York; W. Itlncbart, or Pennsylvania; «. W, Call, It. A. Myra, -lodge Duckncr, B. Lxtweniha), of Illinois; J. J. Bagiev. of M leftism: J. 13. Casey, of Kcnlncky; 1). Bron son of Ohio: E. J. Whitlock, of Brooklyn, Scctiiatya, A. McDonald. T.ynchbnrg, Va ; W. 11. Na*son, of Phliidclnhla. Ticasurer, 1). D. MflUr. of Baltimore, xhftcommlsslon merchants who withdrew yesterday, appeared this mnrumc. in accordance with the action of the Convention, and took their arals as membeti. Tne following resolution* were adopted. Plrsl—To exclude tobacco from that provision ofthe Internal revenue law which exempts from tax U.e product of maunfadoied articles from in- I stitntluns for the deal, dumb and blind. I Second—An amendment to the rtrenac laws to allow t«o pet cent for evaporation. Third—A deduction of ihe tax whetc tobacco is damaged by flie, pro ro'c with the damage. Fmtrlh—That confiscated tobacco shall be sold subject to the tax. and be desttoyed If bids lu open inm ket do not cover the tax. TllUi-Theanmitntmenlol a committee to con fer with the proper patlles, m order to secure Is*- Islallott vliki) will relieve the mannfictnrers of tU /?m7r«», As the oidnloh of thl" association, that the tax on tnamiMrtnred tobacco, whether rnaliufdt tured of leal, stem* or ImlUanow* lato nltti's, ml. smoking or snuff. sbmtld be ttliUorm atnl tvth ul them beating the same lax. taniA* Afl-Altts, , tl . ‘I he ilelPrale* itofn foiitleefi IHl*ej of lliOUh' rtohiliithtfl* iiow hsie. hate agnud W, 'J* ’ }nls»|notM Bogy ttlumllistueiliuMiatlf* of ittMtt *» mtilt l» V-Ilt be sltneil this week lliej" IhdUh* ttttivvA to tvihove tn wiinl I* k*m*H V * in IbP IllfllSlt t'OlHilty. linbteny m'CiU'l»d \*i Him mVA, ,111 l SflfilmilMV IPif tino- IK h./lulUOt I llolili telimf el OlM'lO IlMI) •lltlbtfs t' f lift! ffMid IW sol a moi m pf‘M' i,i os Ih*-#ift i"f ••tit, ll Mll.'Wl IK'IWWK IK« I'M ... .. nViiuii anrt Mi« i'iiiiim,iKl»r IMhiW «iHi“ dish liMibWh *'oj •.* BiijMiintmanl ol t ■« mi Ha** Aim* “ *m,„|J, ('j. IV-.11K,'. Hi«ck>.'< ''J'.V' ll'\ I 11..11V «l I'M' I'l'H- ■\WICI. K«>» I,f 11" 1«. K 'K (J, lU |j , nJ it.nur.l -nllf llell h»MUOPlOII**» »• w J <|B(| u , hw military amt roim.rl “no Va.llJnert to ihitrtiov. ft oftboti M, ‘‘J 1 oi this mission will be «* *«**““*• A fOnnKKnlf*[l I '^ « vaa oltcar. who as. *ss* «»•pr.r-p'- oritr ‘ YOL. XX. No. 9, -from Headquarters Department ol the Platte, which foibidd Indian traders to establish themselves on military far as it relates to forts In the Department of Dakota. 'Hie following was also received from the same department. January- 20.—General Order No. 3.—ln obedi ence to metrnctlons from the War Department, and the Lieutenant-General commanding the Military Division of Missouri, General Order No. 10, from Headquarter* Department of the Platte, dated July Sls-t, IrC’J, eo far as it relates to parts now Included In this Department, is hereby re voked. Second—Hereafter Indian traders located at military posts will be permitted to sell ammunition to Indians, only nnderithe orders and supervision Of Poet commanders rcsprctlvcly. -Third. Poet commanders will be held responsible that only such quantities of powder and lead arc sold as may enable the Indian* to obtain enbd«- teree. Tbev wltl not permit them to be sold In Pitch quantities as will enable either bonds or In olvtduala to sccnmnlatc any stock beyond what lley require for immediate nse. In order to cfiect this result, the following rules will be ob served: t Irst. The stock of ammunition belonging to a trader will be kept in ihc po-l magazine, and the trader or traders will have access to it only on the order of the commanding olflcer. , Second. The commanding officer will issue to each tiadcr euch quantity of ammunition as in his judgment may be ealely sold during the week, baring reference to the number of tre tribe trading at me post, and be will also fix the maxim uni amount which maybe sold to anv one person in any one moetb. Every (rider *will b« required to keep a register of bis sales of ammnnliion.'rpccitying the name ot the person to v.huu made, and the amount sold to each. Fourth, Should th*»re be any evidence of un friendly disposition among the Indians in the vl nnlty ofa fort, or sbonldany outrage be commu ted by them, ail tales of ammunition will be at prohibited, and the prohibition to porchas*? will be used as a punishment for any misconduct • on tbo part of individuals or bauds. Fifth. Should arv traders In anr manner evade. dWobcvorfaillo comply with ihc provisions of tbif ordi r, or any tales and regulations in addi tion thereto, which any be established bribe commander of the post at which ho is located, the fommacdcrwlH forthwith close up the store of anch offending trader abd report tbo case to iKadqnartcrs. By command ol „ _ Brevet Major General A. H. TeBUT. CONGUE-SSIOSAL PUOCELDIXGS. Washixoiox. February 7. SENATE. Mr. CHANDLER reported from the Committee on Commerce In favor of conennirg In the Uonse amendments in tbe act ameuda'ory loan actio prevtnl smuggling, «s;c. The ameudmeuts were concurred In. Mr. TRUMBULL, from tbe Judiciary Commit tee, reported » Roout amendment the House bill suspend!;, g the operation of the act of ISitl, an tbonalag the arpolidment ol a Commission to awaui the tOiitl compcDfallon to loyal slave own ers Jor slaves taken in the volunteer nwicand also to discharge the Commissioner appointed un der said vet ’ . Mr.TRUMBCLL also reported, Irom the same committee. tb« House Joint resolution to prevent coiporcal punishment in tbe lilt* icbel states with am*-nduienis, making it read that it shall bo the dole of ofllcws ol the army and navy and of tbo Ficediuen’s Bureau to proMVU and prevent whip ping or maiming of the person i»b a punishment of any irlme. misdemeam-r or off’nee, by any ore tended civil authority In any Slav lately In re iM-nior. niitil the rlvii Got eminent of such Stale shall bare been restored and recognized by Lon illlUlVN Introduced a bill for ttie cncour* aircuu’ii* ofconmirrrv ami internal trade by fnclll taiinir direct importation. Itofemd to ttio Cum* uilllee on Commerce. „ ~ . t;i» motion of Mi. SUMNHU. tic Pie«ldcot wa« reunited to commmilcs’f any r cent corrc« pond emobrlnem llie Department of stale ami the Mlnin'tr at Stockholm In relation lo bis repotted ttamlerfrum Stockholm to Hotrntn. Mr. WILLIAMS called up tin* icfolnlioo klvuic 2d jier rent Increased compi-mallmi to clerks uiui other civil employes of the (lovermnent at Wn«h* Ilipton h rone year, eiiflmrdnm* IM. IMJ7, tvliklt wi« (ItrniMPil HU mio o'clock, when Mr. Fe«»eu- Pen cilled up llm LeyHatlve, Executive, and Ju> dtriiil Apptohrlallnn IblL A iHmleoccurred, Mr BUMNHII cltnrpliic the Secretary ul the Treasury with cou'rollliiK bis rprhf mi poIKU-il conaideifltlons. Mr. FESSENDEN iMsaereid with the Senator. Oibrr metnleia Jolhed in (be d’fcilffhm. I Inallv, the mii'Mlmi tens lahmi mi the anio'id* mem nphiopilaihiff fur tmnpmary cln-ka in the Tmusury IM-i>nrtinrnt. and aultimlaliiif Hie u.tte'H'y to eli»»Miy Hie elcrka according to I lie tljarn*ien<r fertile, it um aflmitnl. , An flineiiilmeiil *«■ adopted wpptupilallHH jj.Ml" Im jnnUma of iheTroiitrjr UcparltueUL ctKeippf tit] si nh ft. tu r.vr.MNo 'Hr Appropriation Hill woi te»«m» nl. Ah ameiMtiurhl «*■ adopted appropriat mt I in,iso fm fni liltaliiiir telegraphic emminiminilmi with Urn IWtPe. , ■| hr appMipriallmi Im naira compensation lo omi'mah|ilu'lioH»P«M<atriiekoul. ui. inuiiun of Mi. FEHSliMrilS.llie Aiipdiut* meiii or eighty additional deika mr tue I'miflmi iilthdnaamdnrnd. . un ir.miuii m Mr. I’OLAND, the animal pay oi 11.0 Diriiloi .liidunof t'aiifornla was iin'rt'uscd la f.vwnjoi Ma»sneluncit«, NVw York. I'ommylv*- ntii, Maryland, Northern IllinoU, LmihUna. lira .uou amt Nevada, tI,ADO, AUUu( nil other District AN moved lo include ilia Southern Distil. loi Ohio lu llio f 4,500 aaltrlea. Dejected. Mr. Poland's amemlmoiitwai adopted, on motion or Mr. ruNNBsH. ih« heentary of War war directed to Imve the territory between the llorty .Mountain* and the blc/ra .Nevada anr* \cyed fei a new route to the Pacific. On bln mo tion, s.'i.uui waa appropriated for the collection ol Blatletlr* on the subject of mine# anrt mining. On motion ui Ut. WILLIAMS, tha aaUrj of tfia Pblrf Hoik of ibe Senate wit- raUoa to Cl,ooo, ami ibe to $3,503. Adjourned. HOUSE. On taction of Mr. KA«WON. the Committee on Comare, Weights and Measures were Instructed to attcliu ih« annual assay at the Lulled States Mint, on Monday, and ascertain the management und economy thereof, and report what measures, if any, v*ould tend to greater economy ondefh deiicy in the system of United States mintage or improvement of coinage. Mr. bTEVENP, from the Commlrtce on Appro mistintm, reported a bill reporting mns for defi ciencies b> ice expenses of the contingent fund of the House, as follows: Miscellaneous Items, £4(M<OO; folding documents. f 27,50): lid and .icht. Ac.. $7,000. Total. $74,500. The bill passed. Mr. I’AINE, from the Committee on Militia, re ported a bill for onranudosr, arming and disci* plinltg the militia. Recommitted and ordered priuta d. The House look up the hill reported yesterday from the Reconstruction Committee, to provide lor the more efficient government ot the Insurrec tionary States. . , . After some discussion os to hotv Ion? the debate should last without action, Mr. ASHLEY, of Onto, tiding to r personal question, sent to the Clerk's desk and bad read a correspondence from the Cincinnati Commercial , professing to give tne dr cnnirtanccs connected with the ottering of Mr. Ac blew iDipeacbmcnt resolution. The'rcadlnc caused much amusement. Mr. ASHLEY said, of all falsehoods manufac tured and sent from this city by reckless, stupid maligners, this story was the most silly. He bad never bad. np to the lime of offering the resolu tion, any correspondence or conversation with Geteiai Boiler ou the subject, nor had be known whit bis views were except from newspaper-re ports. Be bad his own views since bis first Inter* \lnv with the President—[correcting himself]— I the Acting President, after the examination of | Mr. Lincoln. The first gentleman to i whom he liad read it was air. Washhurne, of Illinois, and no one wonldaccueehlm of want of friendship for Gene- 1 ral Grant. He hud also shown it to Mr. Stevens and two or three other gentlemen. Certainly notblrg was farther from his thoughts or the thoughts ot those be bad consulted than the idea of dabbing General Grant m the dark. It was well known no officer of tne army conld be Im peached. Therefore the story on that point was K»ftupld as lobe only worthy ot contempt. As to the I arena go alleged to have been used to him l*v Ms collcace, Mr. Bingham, no «uch hngniwe was ever ns cd. He would no: have risen to a per* sonal explanation on his own account, but be had vh’lded to ihejndrmenl of others * Mr. >CHENCK, from the Joint Select Commit t»e on Retrenchment, made a report oc the charge* against Mr. VanDyck, Assistant Treasu rer a: Sew York, as to the sale of gold, declaring H ere was no foundation for tho statement, alle gations or charge* implied bythr noßte resoln fk-n of January 12th. The report and testimony nwe ordered to he printed. Mr STEVENS. resuming the floor on the hill to provide governments for the insurrectionary Slates, urefsccd his remarks by elating that the n-lercnco made to him In the cortesnondtnee just lead was wbollv false. He supported the hill, and said be would move the previous ques tion at one o’clock to-morrow. Debate was continued by Messrs. BRANDE GKE, TlKE,and FARNSWORTH in support, and Messrs. I.tDYoND and I'INCK tn opposition. Mr. LtIU.OND said the adoption of this law would lx-the death knell of civil liberty on thl eoMiocnC, and the establishment of a mint* despotism over the country. lie opposed the bill as unconstitutional. Mr. FAItNSWOKni said ir clnl liberty meant the right to eifli-Qliter and destroy at plet«nrc. «hct> be trusted this was lie death knell. The bill was framed for the oorposc of protecting all peo pi- In th<* Insurrectionary Stales, end the neces sity for It was found In the fact that there was at present no protection In the disorganized Slates afforded by the coarts and civil tribunals. He believed the bill was in accordance with the views of General Grant. In reply to I HUWUCU Mi. Famemib mU h« did rot claim jicisonal knowledge lo lhai effect. Mr. RHnGHAM, itslng a Tew moments before the boor ofrecess. declared he was not going to yied to the proposition of Mr. Stevens, that one roc d of territory wlihm the Hoes of tbc ten States was couqneica Territory. (Voices from the Democratic sloe, “Thai's right.’'] A Government ltd m i conquer territory that owed it allegiance. He offend an amendment to strihe oat tbs pre amble ard In-cn In lien of It the following: Wunnnas, It is necessary ilia* peace and good order shall enforced in the several States lately n rebellion, nntll the Slates respectively shall he Inllvresloted to their constitutional relations to theGoreinnuntof the United States; therefore, ■•tc. Also, lostilkeont the words ** so called" be fore States. lUctss till seven o'clock. EVENISO SESSION* After some unimportant bnsloess.Uie SPEAKER *ulii(ilUeri Executive cormminlcsilons, Including a report from «he Secretary of the Treasury. rela* tiro to revenue from trade between the united ■'lnter* ana British Provinces since ih • abrogation ol ’lie Reciprocity Tiratr. The debate on '‘r Stevens* bill was resumed. Mi. WILSON, ol lotva. In the chair as Speaker spoke lb favor of an amend mini of the VIII. The general put poses of the HU met Ms heart? approval* but lie Ue«lred that ibe liplslsUoti of Congress should conlurm to the I bMVUEKrP, of Ohio* ssM lo Dip Clerk's desk Id ho lead an aWetidtiichl he plomwetl to ofleii lie spoke atfatlist Ihe hill as troctrosmiilh'hil. ahfl ftsked Mr. lii.nhvel wheui. Uf Vlttrlhtn, th which deft I'MVI* liSd o*» ll lltdlded .of ttlirli l»»»s*'h. I'M cea«ed hr he a flam hr that uenMh. soheeolllfl PU loiufbf be lodil lu abswef r..» n in that Plile, The laiieiiage ol ine coosih union wm ilia! a psmoh sTumbl J*n imldlo an* ■V"i Mi lh« hisle and Ihel uf Hie *iam In |’»f romuniifn iM* viiim. M» licit I wsi-i* dirt pul M'l'ljft u in ivply lo n onesiii'ii pi wr. lTld«ldim, M , JtIMrMAH said ujd nlsle* Mtilttf lelie > (ion a' rt hmk»=n ofr |l)»lr i’onsi'inihowl fUil.ns mil, ijit. In ittiral tiovarmiomi, Ibe miMmiu.l p.»w- II inr me roniimin (Mlmica *l;> »»nuln»m Hu in»ns» oi pt Mule* was e*tici«ahln by (Jnn«iv«e. and r*J* ,U llVf A|*A\ bAHU asked wlmihKtl the hill would Law on ciUuitg UovcntnvMs mmih. Mr. UlNiill.VM replied that riute uovenMiunts Hhuld exwUa thtlr funclluna under thia hill by of tbe nation, and only to (be axiom that tboie rumnuuidlogofttcom might nermil, lie clldnotsuppoeoii ni Inunfled to deny by this LMI to those organised UovetnmonU the rurbt to go on and. enforce aim pio conuorte betvrecn man and roan, lie did not soppoae it was intended to enforce contracts or (be law of tharrlages and dl votcca through ComU-MiufUl or UlUtarrCom* W KrI°MAYNAKD Involved farther whether the tieseaceol this hit) hy Congress wontd commit it solar lo me recognition of those auto o<R*nl< gallons as to embarrass It hereafter It it thought proper to set them a?id«. Mr. BINGHAM did not suppose it would, Be cause Congress ml?bt require those State Gov ernments to go still further. Mr. BISE made a cous'itutiooal argument against ibe bill. Air. INGEKSOLL maintained that there were two sorts ol butes—geographical and political. The late insurrectionary Stales were geographical States, but were not constitutional politi cal Mate* in the Union. No one need tear to vote for this bill lest it might make mat tem worse In the Scab, for things there were as bad as bad could be. He hal no fear of muting the powers in tbU bill to General Grant, and was cor fidect they would be exercised firmlr, wisely and Judiciously. Mr. RANDALL naked why the President’s au thority, which bad been originally in the bill, bad been stricken out. Mr INGERSOLLsaid because the people dare not trust him. Mr. RISE asked whether. If the President could set aside any orders issued by General Grant, there «*«•> any us* in passing this bill ?| Mr. INGERsOLL said be did not thick the President would have the plnck to do It, and If he refused to execute the laws of Congress, it would be good ground of impeachment. Mr. sTIfODSE—“The only ground you ever will hare.” Mr. TRIUDULG inquired whether Congress had the power to pass a oil! overriding the con etlluUoiial poweis of tbs President? .Mr. INGKRSOLL declined to admit that this bill din so. It simply assigned to the Command ing General of the Army to discharge certain duties. Hu then discussed the general bearing.! of the bill. * Mr. SIIANRLIN obtained the floor. Mr. TRIMBLE gave notice of au amendment be imposed to offer, that no person should be held Or a capital or otherwise infamous crime, except by prcsrstDK uLof a grand Jury, &c. Adjourned. FROM SPRINGFIELD. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) SmiscnELD. 111., February 7. THE NEW STATE CAPITAL. • The Joint Committee ou Public Building*, at al the meeting last eycnlng, decided to report In favor of building a new State :he preposition made by tbe city of Springfield and comity of Sangamon, that is. to take the present State House and tbe ground on which it stands for the sum ol $200,000, and to deliver to the Slate what is known as tbe Mather lot, containing about nine acres, free from all encumbrance, the i ntlre amount which Springfield and Sangamon propoe -• to give footing up about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Tbe two hundred thousand dollars for the present Stale Home arc to hi paid in two equal annual Installments, on the first Idaya of April' in )c€S and lbC9. Tbe Commissioners i:arocd In Ihc I*lll to superintend tbe conetrnctlou ol tb> new Stale House arc Phillip Wadsworth, of Chicago;. Ex-Mojor Smith, of Springfield; Dr. Itobt-rt lioal, of Piorla; Jas. C. Robinson, ol Clark, and Wm. Vaudwacr, of Christian. The first three named arc Republicans. the latter two Democrats. The amrmit to be expend-d in building the State House is not to exceed three mlitons of dollars, Ihc lull amount of which will, without doubt, be exhausted before the work 1* completed. Tills bill ought not, and Ido not be lieve ever will pass the General Assembly. If It does Ibe “talc la swtnd’cd out of at least a quar ter ol n million of dollars. The Capitol building, and tbe ground on which It stand*, fire to-day worth ball n million dollars, and would sell for that amount. It Is the very best business property in this city, mid to bavoll bartered oO for one-thbd Its value should not be tolerated by (be people ot this Plate. If the bill oectmiea a law, Pptliigflcld nud Hangammi Comilywlll make al least a quar ti r if a million by tbe operation. Besides tbe city of (bk-scotwu years ago offered land worth n mllllmi dollars and ball a million In ra*h for tbe lutaliui of Hip Plate House In that city, aud'lie seme ufier Is upeu fur the acceplfltic* of (ho fbno tat Atiembly to-day. There is another rra«nu w'<y ul least the Northern Representative* should not support this M>l. James 0. Cnnkllog, Chairman of (lie Coiorulitee on Public itiilldlog*. end tin Chief Koglpeer In this PpitrißOeld speculation, bn*, Hr every Ihslatieo, when (be people of North pfli tl'lnois liavo asked lor rcliel from railroads and oilier monopolies, opposed ll wllli a I Hi pow er tie rmiM In log lu bear. He Is jmr fxtrlhwf llietbsinpioii of Ibe vested rights of railroads, teady »o rleirontici 1 rvnty inrn«nre that fecogplrrs flhy ipslod tlpbis In I know Ihsttho 101 l In ll« pfesi'pi stupe will eiicminfer Iho sirong opposition of n targe immbyr of tnembei’s, and I hope t-itoMuli to ilefi'iit If. Inm fit favor of keep* log lliv Capital In this city, and lit tovoi of build ing a new Htnlu llmi»e, one that will tie an honor to tint Western Kmpite Hiato, but I am* mi willing to put In tbu hands of Hpringflalrt two or tbrae oi.ioirio] iitousaiitl dollars proflu bv the oparatlon. Ut mem bid a sum cummensnrate to theadvau laces they will tecelve, and then tbo people will tote aya to the proposition. ILLINOIS KAIUIOAD LANDS. The bill to compel the Illinois Central Railroad to at-II their lands wlibln* two years, or to tax them after that time, was reported from tbe Judl ilary Commlltee ol the Senate, Mid. by a decided veto recommitted to the same committee, where ttwill probably sleep for the remainder of the steeioD. rni WAnznocßi sol. The great fight, the people vs. the warehouse monopoly, came off Ibis morning IntheSenalo, < n the repoit of the Itailroad Committee, substi tuting a new Dill for Iho Eastman flail. The new bill contained neatly all of ibe old provisions, ox- cept the sixteenth and cigblccctb sections, which were omitted. This was the play of Hamlet with Hamlet left ont by particular rcqncs'. To satisfy Oolorcl Eastman, the eighteenth section of the rid bill wa* added to the new subject, to the ap proval ot the Senate, by a rote of 32 to 8. Senator Fori then moved that the sixteenth section cf th? tld bill be aleo added to the row. After one of the sharpest debate) ot the session, Colonel Fort’s notion was carried by a vote of 14 to 11, which is a tout vole on the final onstage of the bill. The following la the six* tcectb section as amended by Colonel Fort: Sec. IC. Any ocean or persons who shall be the owner or owners of avy public warehouse situated w ithin one mile of any railroad track in Ibis State, shall have the same rights that are not£. possessed by railroad companies in this State to condemn the land and properly of any person or of any railroad company, or to nsc the streets and allev* of any incorporated town or cltr, the con sent of the corporate authorities thereof being first obtained, for the purpose of laying a branch track connecting bis or their said warehouse with snch railroad, ana shall have authority to construct and maintain such branch track, and when each branch track has bcenso constructed, each rail* road company wild whose track it connects shall bare the nebt to pa-n their cars over it and from snch warehouse without charge, and as long a- 1 maintained be said warehouse-man such branch track shall be considered as a part of tbc sack of snch railroad, and it shall be tbc dntyof such talhoad company to deliver at such warehouse any and all curs which may be consigned thereto, and *o remote f*om tne warehouse snch cars as n ay be taken thereto for transportation from said wan bouse, and in tbc case of tbc refusal orths neglect of snch railroad company or companies to deliver grain or cars so consigned, or to receive lor transpoitaUon to such warehouse grain nr cars »o consigned »nch rollrosd companies shall be liable to th; person owning such warehouse for two months’ storage of ail such grain so consigned or refused, and also liable to such watchouso*man and to the owner of snch gram for all other damages either of them wav have sustained by reason of snen refusal or neglect of tbc railroad company, including all lawful expenses incurred by him or them in tbc prosecution ot any suit or suit'* against such rail road company to recover tbc penalties or enforce (be provisions ot this act." The bill was then ordered to a third reading. and nolens the monopolists can buy np mo Sena* tors during Ite next twenty-four hoars, the MU as amended will pass. This action virtually puts Eattman'a bill on Its final passage, and ta a prrat victory over the monopolists. Mr. Mack, their champion, raved nr a stormed terribly. The ware house-men wete furious, and threatened every thing and everybody. The profanity of tae fa mous Flanders army was extreme mildness in comparison with them. Oou ot them even went so far as to puhhcly proclaim thai he would give two mammoth Chicago warehouses to defeat the bill. He was road then. Tbe repressing Influ ence of a few hours’ reflection may Induce him «o will-draw this princely offer. I may rdd that the ptople,whoßctlchlaaretohc protect® J by this I,IP, will be glad to know the names and scan the faces or the two Senators wbo take the magnifi cent bids offered by the monopolists, and chest j the people out of this great reform. | sox to rcKisn in* cat** or abobtiou. Aioeta*; (lie bills ulileh puitd th» Doo** tbl® tdoinine was one to pnnleb the crime of abortion, or an attempt to produce abortion, with not .leas than two years, nor more than ten. Incarceration la lie State Penitentiary. When death occurs the crime rboll t>e considered nmrder: abortions pro dneed as a medical necessity,to be exempted from tbe operations of this law. CDICAOO OAS BILL. In the House, to-day, the bill to allow Chicago lo manufacture gas was reported from the Coin* m:ttee on Banks and Corporations, and. on mo* lion, committed to the Cook County delegation. The reason lor recommitting the bill t«,J under* f land.loputan In amendment to make thdonslncss f elf-snstalPlne. to that no lax shall bo levied for that purpose. an ovwthcp mu. An omnlhus, with over one honored bills In 11, \ was pal through the Ilonsa tills afternoon, i Among the nnmlwr was the bill to confirm the « eonsolldallon of lbs various railroads which now ! form the Western Union Railroad of Wisconsin This bill was passed by (be House a few days 1 since* with an amendment, which virtually do- * brdted It. The blit wa« nltcrwards reconsidered, ' the offensive amendment stricken out* and lu-day agetn passed as slated above, ClilL'AilU tlKALtft nut. The Chicago cotnplotnise Health Bill |« s(l|| | n Ihe hands of Ihe llunee CombilHee oh ilttiilclpsl AHalfs, hnl Wilt plohahlr he reported toroiortuw, n.e hsdlhg leßinifs of lue hill, is li how tunas are these I it provide* (or seven Commissioners, sit to he appointed by the Judges of (he Bupeflor Court. lbs Mayor of Chicago lo b> ihe seventh. The sia Commissions!# Id he appointed are lo f felve a ssUir nf ltd less (ban Are hundred dollars pei HMuinii If is esiimaied ihiltnrarrvtngmu ihe pfirtishdis uf Ihfs Rfl lh» CU> will Infiraii apMis) npeitse of from HM"Mo dual,mi, These are lb« features of the MU whkb are iioi eiuhrseod In Ibe mitemimeiUs lo |«e (hly Vbarler, aiuUre pot In lf,e |sr»l bill* fi‘H up. CAIRO KbKVATun HIM*, A MU has been lotrodnrad Info (ha House, and U row before lha Uommltlee on Hallroods, lo In corporate an Elevator Company in the cliy of Cairo. The bill propose# to condemn lha Ohio luTce. whlch Is owned by lha Cairo company, to Ibe naea of tba now elevator* To this the agents, of that company lake exceptions, and there hr likely to be a'pretlr Utile fight over lb« question jzvnKaoM nonai oailwat^bill. Among Uie Mils that went IhrougtnUj tiony.- on tbe big omnibus this afternoon, was ona to Incor porate (be Jedcrton Horae Hallway Com puny- It waa Utrodoccd to thoHouee, B f<iT since CHICAGO, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1867. under t' e mote modest title of the Jcffer eon Car Company, and the Hue most have been changed after it got into the hands of the Railroad Committee. The cor* poratora are John Allen. P.B. Sbumway, I*J. Case, Jacob Behm, and R. J. Edbrook. Tb« charter ts for twenty-five years, with a capital, I think, of -$-200,000. The bill gives the company power to lay tracks and rnn cars over and on any street, read, alley, Ac., in the towns of Lake View. Evanston, Niles, Jefferson, and tn the city, to the north line of the city of Chicago. This bill may be all right; hat the fact that It was Intro duced into the House and went to the committee under one title, and came out of the committee under another, bar a suspicions look- When the bill was read to the Eonse for the purpose of giv ing It a place In the omnibus, one of the member* from the South Side objected, A member from the North Side, who ts supposed to be the chlei engineer of this company, rusbedover to tbe recu sant and soon silenced his objections. THE CSDEUWBITXSS. A representative ot the Chicago Board of Un derwriter* is here, for the purpose of getting a bill through the General Assembly allowing them to appoint an additional member of tbe Board of Fire Commissioners of that city, the eaiaiyofthis additional member of the Board to be paid by the Underwriters. It is their purpose to' name a man thoroughly acquainted with the business, who will make tt hie whole duty to endeavor to pro tect the property of the entire city against loss by fire. Tn doing Hue. he will of course look after tbc Interests ot the Insurance companies. It is tbc belief of tbc Board that In this ways great saving can not only be made to tbe Insurance coot* panles.but to the citizens generally. Tbe idea - .oon- to me like one which should be adopted and earned Uto ctoct, at Icastto the extent of an ex eiiment. It will cost the city nothing, and may he piodcctiveof ranch good. 1 LECISLATITZ BZCESS. Tbc House to-day passed s Joint reflation to jdjonrn over from to-morrow noon nntll Tuesday morning. 1« Is generally supposed that the Sen* ate will concur In the morning. If it does the members ot boih branches will go home. BILL TUBOWX OUT. The bill, which passed the Hon«o a few days •luce, to divide the town of Galesburg. I hear, has ocec tbiow n ont by the ScnaU.«*dammlttce, and w 111 not be reported for passage in that body. Thertjarp lobby iniluence has been too strong against It. Govrnson’s deception. The Governor and his estimable wife gave a public reception at the Executive Mansion this evening, which was fully and fashionably at tended. TUB ELArUIOAD BILLS IN TUB SENATE. The following Is Senator Patton's Railroad Bill, which was oilcrcd j'e.Mcrtay as a substitute to Senator Mack's bill and sustained by a vole of 15 to iu on Mack's motion to lay it on the tabic: Strike ont all after the-enacting clause and In sert tbe following: That all railroad corporations organized and do ing business iu this State, or whlcu may hercaltcr be organized and oo nustnes* In this St ile nnd.-r anv net of Incorporation, or general law of this Pts'e. now In force, shall be, and arc hereby lim ited to such raic* nr charges fur thcconvcyauco of passengers and freight In this State, as are hcrln after, or which may bcrcatter be, prescribed by law, section 3. Each-ami every rstlrosd In this State doing busmc«« .>« n corouratfon shall prepare and post up In their several*. on the line of snch road, open lo ihc examination of the nubile a schedule or lurin'of rates In force on Ita lines t which schedule shall contain n full and accurate Mfltniknl ol Ihe aniuniil or rales charged fur the coiiYeyatice of anv person from each station on the road, to each nml every other station ou the ruad. and Ihc distal cos between ihc several sta tions on snld roiid. and at-o an accurate nml fun slntenrerl of ttie rnti-t rhnrrrcd branch ruad fur Ihe trMi'pnitatron ol ail kinds ol freight between llio ser end stations un the road. Sr.c. .1. No such railroad rorpora'lun shall charge or receive fur the conveyance of person l over Ms lU’ui nnr greater sum (ha'i three cent* pc>> for encii pns'Vbger. nur fur persons under iwrh<‘emits, um'-bidl ihal sum per mile fur aur distal ce esieediiig ten tulles. Hn .-l. It skull not bo lawful (o charge anv gnaier sum fur the lrob«porlntlou of airy qpi'cin : property m Height pet car load, or per our bun ('led pounds, from «tn given rtnilmi un such rua 1 lo lls Isunlmi". limn Is charged from any ulher •iflilon more dirt«lil to Hie ssittL l lertdPdts, o trout one terminus to Hie oilier, nor a gienim stou or rate per mile over any one portion of such rail* roadßliati shall he charged per mite over any oilier portion ofs«li1 road or equal lenalht nor a greater sum nr rate per mtln over any given dl«> lance on such road than is charged pet mile for any less distant'" on such road. ■ hro, ft, Any wilful violation of any of the fore, going provisions of this act on (ho part of any railroad (orpurulliui shall he deemed and inkeu a foi tenure of its iritrti'hlsi s i and any sin li corpora, linn so mtendmp may he proceeded against by.Hi" Mate's Attorney In any circuit through or mm w hich its ruad muy mu. upon information In Up nature of n «/-«> i ramiuh, to Judgment of ouster aurt final cxeciiilon, . Hue, q. All Una or parts of laws now m foren iu lhl» htate omnonr.liig the consolidation of differ ent railroad corporations with each other, bo and ibc same hereby are repealed. All consolidation* nl dihbrent railroad-corporations withoatenax pre HBCtoftho legislature au'horixlng the aoma, (hall be deemed and held as null and void. * bzc. 7. Each tied every railroad corporation vvliUia this btala shall wuW Ibreo raopibs from ihe passage of liU? net. fll up, keep and mamtalu in good order, convenient and accurate ualcaat each elation on iu line of -road, and vfehenever re quested so to do. shall accurately weigh all grain transported bv it at the elation where thesauri (•boll no received, ar.U shall deliver to the owner, ui such grain, or his agent, a receipt, in which shall be slated tbe true weight of each grata, the date of it* recL-ipt. aud tbe place where and tbc person to whom It I* consigned, and Uie number ot ihc car In whit h the same shall be shipped; and such corporation shall he liable a* common ear ners to the owner, for the delivery of such grain and no special or advanced rates shall be charged oc account of said weighing. And any corpora tion which shall relosc to welch and recelol fo any ench grain, when, or within a reasonable tint •. after It shall be so offered, shall be liable to a penalty of twice the value of said grain, to be re covered in an action of debt in any court of com petent Jurisdiction : That no euch cor poration shall be required, under ibis tectlon, to weigh and ship in hulk, grain In less quantities than five tons. . . .. see. d. Any railroad corporation which shall collect or receive any greater sum for the trans por nlon ot person* or property than is anthor izcd bvthU act thallhe liable to the party ag grieved in twice the amount so collecu-d or re cvi»<*d,andtheearaemaybe recovered, together wall costs, and a reasonable attorney’s fee, to be ascertained upon the trial, iu an action of assump * -sit, in anv court of competent jurisdiction; and any cQicer. agent or employe of any of-the aforesaid corporations who shall knowingly or wilfully collect or receive for tbc transportation of persons or property, on any lallroad in this State, any greater sum than Is authorized by this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be liable to itdlctiuenl in any coat! of competent [urtsdic tioo, aiid on conviction thereof shall be punished for each offence by a fine of not less than one hun dred collars, nor more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment In the county jail not less than thlnv days, nor more than one year, or both, in tbe discretion of the conn before which each conviction shall be had. Szc. !>. Every railroad corporation in this Stat: shall receive acd forward all (reisrht offered them, and within their carrying capacity, la the order In which the same may be offered, at any depot or nation on said road, and shall deliver the same at their depot. It within this SUt-’, to the consignee. named, or to sneb pnblic warehouse or elevator with which their track* may he connected, as miy he ordered by the shipper at the time of each -blpmcnl, and shall nut be allowed to elect for said shipper anv special warehouse or elevator without or against bis consent; and any agent, officer or emplove of said corporation knowingly violating the provisions of this section, shall bo subject to the penalties provided tc section eitrlil ortm«act: and any »nch corporation which, in tlxelr corporate capacity, shall authorize any such violation, shall foitilt its corporate existence lo the State ot Illinois. , . „ Szc. in. In case any shipper or consignee shall elect, at the time of shipment, to receive from the cars at the f«eicht depot ofthe railroad In thetown or chy to which It was consigned, be shall he al lowed twelve hoar? from the time of service ot notice of arrival of hta consignment to remove the same, without charge for demurrage or delay of cars: Proeided, Said consignee be so notifleu by

or before the boor of ten o'clock a- m.: If served after that bow, be shall bare time anti) tbc same hour of the next day: And provid'd, further. That the place of business of said consignee shall be tn tala cliy or town, and shall be expressed In the nay-bill or receipt given at tbc time of ship ment; and the leaving of a written notice at sucb place of business, between tbc boars of eight o'clock a. m. and five o'clock p. m. of any secular day. shall be considered service on such consignee. „ . „ . „ , See. U. The term **rallroad corporation” In this act shall be deemed and taken to mean all corporations, associations, or individual, now owning or operating, or hereafter owning or operating any incorporated'railroad within this State, except bone railroads. *ec )■' This act shall be deemed and taken ta he a public act. and be la lorce from and after BCtATOQ BACK 8 BILL. Senator Mack’s bill Is as lollowa: bicriow 1. Be If enacted by t!u people of the stale or Hhr.oii. r'vreiented tn (M General .**• iirr.llv, *rbn Koswell D. Mason, .John Jl. and bamncl 8. Marshall be, and lbey are b«reb£ created a board of commissioners, to ytyl«i the ‘‘Doaro of Railroad with power to perform the duties hereinafter r ßtc.9. it shall be the duty of said Coromla deters io examine scmi-anncally the schedule of tales for the transportation j! persons end prop* rrtv established by each and all the railroad com ri,±„ l i^ , G^Sor? o r , p^U^' , J , lS in til “ute 1- cbunln* for lb, Wjportt lion ol person, nnil ftopcrlj In or riS o“-nch racu and requesl It to rednre the rate sncli an extent a? said Commission, ers tntv require, and if said company sijj£| led of ictote to make sucb rcducUon wlthlnten days tiler such oolite, then said I ominlsslonete ate enthurleed and required to proceed against said company in the manner provided, for in the next seuilun ut Ithacu iVot (Ud, That B compli ance with #ald rennet! shall 00l be taken as a waiter or eumhder of any ol the charter rights ut powers of the couipaUT. uij'uiuisvi iuriuiu|mu<> i str. 1, Whenever any railroad company *’ i aforesaid shsil tifnse to wake the reduction re , •lulled lit Bcconi«ticp with the ptectfdlbd eecHoti. said CotatotMioiietji shall aptdy i*y t»ell { Huti lo . Jli® *itfat?we four! of lids SlalM width i.'omt shall have full power HlMl liiM’flkHnn or Stick Upidleall'rll, fyf fl writ ill 10 Ml the letw or toon then to ••••inn, wM-h t»riu •)n»n be fohUHiiett IHUUmM epplßMloli I* dl«»u»*sd *»|. end si«ih cause why n •i.oititl iioUo'Hiily *HhiV I* ’ulHHds'P'Uers M slotcMld, aud !!•»;J'. I** ti>« to« ui ««>n .iii.riMmin.ilio «ij loimiuaf eider hißcre* order r«au r(stf m i fnnij.M.j (•>i»-«Pii.Ti wit*, mM v*(V.|* n<Jfft u\\ «I^.!■*!».*.** I. Wi lo oiwy •*)•} oritur vvUMu I l .’ l / «»»• »|Uf iby {ixmttf or Mi<l diw.te, U ‘ ‘“I I ,!?* u4 ~^ n *•' t)«va tar/«iii«ii rl.aner hum*, *ru| may be proctt.'dert against by I- v biiia a Aibmuy |u abr menu throtiJU or Inti) MiiUi,rAk, Hua n*n», iiiun lurornuiloii, in tbs Mluro of « < uo trarrauio, ta Judgment at onaier hi.a fluM wills of Bicruilun. Sia.s. Ii any Kmiruad Commissioner abi|l acmr.i eov bribe or eon»m.*iatinn, in money or otli'iV'Ue. for ncglecilau lo perform falibfully ibe d?tle» reqniied by •tlo eel, such Commissioner •'..a1l bt; »nl\J* rl to iDOlcum-nt and One not exceed, inn fi\e inomacd dollars, «nd liapnaonnent In ibe pcidtcidlary not less ib*n one nor exceeding five y C »r»: and ant pcrauoor persona ottmlng or paying to any of aaid Commissioner! sucb bribe, shall be mbket to libe ptumbmei.t. sic. fl. Said Commlsslonera «un bold tbelr offices for two years, amt nnul their anccessors ■reappointed; which appointment shall be blen* nially, upon the nomination of the Governor, the Senile advising and consenting thereto. %acm dee occurring in eald Board may be filled by the Governor. See T. Said Railroad Commissioners shall re ceive. in fail payment for their services and ex penses, the earn of fire thpaeand dollars per an num. each, payable quarterly, out of the State Treasury, upon the warrant of the Auditor of Public Accounts. btc s. 'Phis act shall be In force from and after its passage. scutob mm'i uczsDimm to kack’s bixl. iiiteriaUersection 5* * “Each aid every railroad corporation shall.with in three months from tbe passage of this act, fit up and thereafter keep up and maintain In good order, convenient ana accurate scales at each sta tion on Ita line of road, and - whenever requested so to do, shall accurately weigh ail grain trans ported by it at the station where the same shall be received, and shall deliver to tbe owner of such grain, or bis egent. a receipt In which shall be slated tbe true weight of such grain, tbe date of its receipt, and the place and perron where and to whom it la consigned, and-ibe number of tbc car in which tbe same shall be shipped; and such cor poration shall be liable, as common carriers, to the owner, for the delivery of such grain, and no special or advance rates shall be charged on ac count of said weighing. And any corporation wblcn shall refuse to weigh and receipt for any such grain, when, or within a reasonable time alter it shall be so offered, shall be liable to a pen alty of twice the value of said grain, to be tecover ed in an action of debt in any court of competent I jurisdiction. Provided. Ao jvrrr, That no snch corporation shall be required, under ibis section, to weigh and ship In bulk grain in less quantities than five tons.'’ Insert alter section 6: “ Thai all railroad corporation* organized and doing business tn this State, or which may here atter be organized and do business in this State, under any act of incorporation or general law of this State now m force, or which may hereafter be exacted by th* General Assembly of thu Slate, shall beard are hereby limited to such ra'es or charges for the conveyance of passengers and freight in tuts State as may hereafter be presetbed bylaw.” Insert after section T:' It shall be unis'’ fcl for any railroad corpora tion to take up any part of its road on any of its main lines orbranches; and any vlo'aU in of the provisions of this ceciion shall operate a- a for feiture of tbc charter rights and privileges of such corpora Hon.” THE STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spbinofield, 111,, February 7. . SENATE. POSTPONED. Ihe consideration of tbc railroad question be ing tbc special order for ten o'clock, it was post poned until 2 p. m. TUB TTAUEnorSE BILL. Ur, Eastman'* Warehouse Bill, with Mack’s amendments, was reported back from the Com mittee on Railroads. Mr. EASTMAN offered an amendment. Mr. JtEILY also offered an amendment provid ing that Chicago shoutd erect a Penitentiary suf ficiently large to accommodate (be persons con victed under this act Mr. EASTMAN dgm inded the previous question on bis amendment. w-iich was not sustained. Mr. FORT offered a i amendment to tbe bill. The smendmer l* of Messrs. Fort and Kastman were substantially two sections of the bill before It went to the Railroad t'ommhlee. Mr. EASTMAN appciled to Mr. Fort to with draw hit amendment, a < It would peril the bill. Mr. Furl's amendment provides that warehouse men •ball have the right to condemn land to con nect lbi-ii warehouses by branch Backs wllb any railroad. The question recurring on Mr. Fort’s amend ment. Mr, EASTMAN said he (bought tbc amendment would kill the bill, and hoped Senator* would vote it don n. Mr. Mcl ONNKU/snld he would like (6 rote Inr Ihc amendment If he could, but he thought it Idcgnl. Mr. METCALF thoiichl the amendment could be legally passed, lie deprecat' d body action on ihcse amendments. He denied tho right of t) e Senators from C’ooU and Kankakee lo (tame a Idll lo suit them aed rot the Senate. He would ho willing loslny liutc tvo week* at one dollar a day to eonslu-i the qin-slion. lie deemed It the luosl liiiprirlnnt question before Ihc Senate, anil (bought srtlpn on It ought to bo postponed. Mr. KASIMAN movd Ihc pro'lon* querthiii on Mr. Fort's aiiirtidineut, which was sustained— teas |W, nays n. Mr WUtiUso.V ruored lo ndjonru. M~M _ _ i.. I .... A.t a _. I, _ ... _ . Tie* Brfisli* Ihcit voled on Mr. Fort's amend* tnaiil, which was adopted—rein 11, tiayi 11. Mh KAHTMAN lliihiMml ilm Metiainr* iormloph h]f flip atm>t<dbi'Hii, lie.was Cm K. bill tlumalif l| would tlefenl the bill. Ilf would uc glfld II It dlil li«it ■ Mr. WARD moved to recommit the hill wtili all BiiH'i'dni'tii* iu the Railroad Oomiimiof, |<t*l-=ycns a, nays so TIM* brought the Motinlefda ViiloOltMr. Mart' man’s nmnMlm"iil. wliiclt provions siilirtanlUlly ihntarmivli/norof aram shall liavnllm right lo snv what wiiinbon*" hi* grain shall go iu* Artbpivd h) va yoa* lo U nays, , , Af.«r •ome tliila tllibiuiurlng, Dm H*nat*> s stn" to a direct volutin adopting Rib bill n« amimori) and ordering It t ngnußeil for a third reading, wMdi was decided In ihe aihrmatlvc—yens 11, i»»f * » Adjourned unit) to-morrow. HOUSE, riTITIONi. Pillion* tor Dip paatage of Die Warehouse law, fui the amendment or the Hoglsiry U»v, (Or the protection or builders 1 Unit, etc., vruru received aad referred, IULLH IKTUODUCII). Ttie ralve hsvimx been euapeoded far the pur* poce, a large cumber of bills were introitncrd unit referred to their appropriate committees, nuxa pauco. The hill for punishment ofaborlions was passed It makes lho penalty Imprisonment Tor not loss Ilian mo ur mure than ten years for producing an aborlton, and If (he mother dies the person pro* duclng tin- abortion which causes liar death is to be deemed polity ofmnrdcr. commutes iicroirr*. The smudlng committee renorted a number of lulls, In routine course, toward a third reading. SOLD IE Ha’ COLLEGE. 'lho special order for 11 a. m., tho appropria tion to aid the Soldiers' College at Fulton, was taken np ana the bill ordered to a third reading. BILL* IIEPtIUIED. The hill to orcan’ze a state Board for the equali zation of assessments, al<o that regulating tho compensation of County Judges, were referred to the Committee on Judiciary. ntsournose. Mr. STEVENSON introduced resolutions that Ibis General Assembly, when It adjourns, adjourn to the first Tuesday In January, ia>S, and that In the meantime members employ themselves at getting up bids which will remove the necessity lor acts incorporating private companies. Postponed nntil luesday next. Mr. afACEY introduced a resolatlon.appolnting four committees, of seven members each—one to visit Jacksonville, another Bloomington, another Chtmpalan. and a fourth Lincoln, to new the proposed site? for the Agricultural Co’lcgc. Sir. &UEPAUD moved to add Chicago to the Mr, SAWYER moved toconrtUore each com mittee of thirteen, Instead of seven membeu. laid or. the tabic for one day. rsNimsTiAßT Arrr.oriUAnox passed. Mr. CUILUS. Chairman of the Penitentiary Committee, called np the Penitentiary Approprla- Hon Mill, already approved by the Senate, which was, avtthoal dlecnsslon, passed. ... A lame number of bills were Introduced and referred. Adjourned. AFTEROOK SB3SIOX. POSTVOKBP. The Reform c chool Bill, the special order, was postponed colil Tuesday, at *2 p. m. The Canal Bill, apcclil order, was postponed until to-morrow at H‘ a. m. • BILLS PASSED. Incorporating the Odd F« Hows' Building Asso elation of liuiiicy; Incorporating tee Adams County Agricultural and UorilcnlmraJ A«e>ocU- Hen; incorporating the Maltoon Gaslight and Coke Lotnpatv; to dam Fox Hirer m McHenry Counlr; to amend the criminal laws; to amend ihe chatter of Jacksonville Gas Light and Coke Co.: meofporatieg the American steam Generator Company; incorporatin'; the Mutual Guarantee luMnmicu Company: incorporat ng the 01 Mcndota; incorporation the French Mutnal In surance Company of Chicago; incorporating the T'onu ol Kar-sas. Edgar Concty; amending the Charleroi the Town of McHenry; incorporating (be Bloomington and Normal Horse llailway Company; Incorporating the Trustees ol the Lake street and County Tine Road; incorporat in'* the *«outh hide Skating Company of Chicago; Incorporating the Casino Park Association; amending the Charter ol the McLean County Agricultural Society; fixing the lime of holding Conit In the Tenth Jndiclal Circuit; in corporating the Versailles Mineral Springs Company: dividing Pekin, TaieweU County, In election districts ; amending (bo charter of the town of Washington; Incorporating the town ot -I'toviso; to authenticate the consolidation ot the Western Union R-Uroad Company with certain road" in Wisconsin: incorporating Ibe East St. Louis Board of Trade: Incorporating the town or Banker Hill; authorizing town# to regulate county funds; Incorporating the town of Green field, Green county; to regulate the dispensing of medicines by idruggUts and apothecaries; lor publishing of tax ilsla; Incoroorating the Morgan County Agilcnlmral and norucauaral Association; Incorporating the Chicago Motor Company: Incorporating the German Christian Aid Society of Chicago; incorporating the city of JeneyviHc: to prohibit bird trapping In certain months In Lake County; to construct horse rail way* in Maltoon; to amend the charter of the Chicago. Alton A St. Louis Railroad Company; , to locate a soldiers'monument la Ogle County, and remit the raising of money therefor; Incor porating the Springfield Hebrew Congregation: | enabling Lawrence County to levy a tax to ■ pay Sts Indebtedness; to amend the acta of township organisation; to encourage mining for lead ore and other minerals; to incor porate the Chicago, Bine Island A Indiana hallway; Incorporating the Driving Park .MsodiUon ot Cnnlon: tp tonta tte extension of Ihe Ohio A Mississippi Railroad Company: incorporating the town of llerrey; to authorize Morgan County to borrow money to bn Id a Court Dense; incorporating the Fulton CouotrSoldiers' Monument Association; mcor noratlfe tne Women's Hospital of Quincy; Incor porating the Piscatorial Association; incorpo rating the Reltplo-Philosophical Publishing Association of Chicago: Incorporating the Preachers’ Aid Society of Rock Hirer rvmfrrence M. E. Church; authorizing Macoupin fconnir to raL«e money by taxation to oar oS Soldiers* Bounty Fuud : to encourage the .i. T . iiicorporaUng the Lincoln Horae I’nmiimy locort oratiug the city of Sparta; National Printing company, of ifflKt • ; iSforporatinc the Urbans * Champion 1 ™ree B.U-ijCoiiiptnri toctponlling U« lUI PWWr)F r S fI SS U) ilits l UiMir wm Killi'lifcwd aitil ihrmifihi g tievcfal introduce! «'i4 h* * Til's aoiUOtrLTUiUt. POILtUfi COMHITTJIWj llr. DlNt.MuuU resurrected ttm inwlit on ap pointing coromtiteea to vUti situ* competing lor IheAg,Vnl“™iVondge.saWcommjiiac.locjtii. •i»l each of five from the benaioaad right from the llouee 1 aid over. ' Aojonrued. KANSAN. ISpeclil DtniUch U Ui« OtiMSO Trilione.] 1 oruu, Fobruiry 7. SENATE. The Senate piued bllla to amend. an act abol libing grand jtulca; ilncfercitcc io ibe running at large of stock; to authorize School District No. 1, In Jackson County, to Lssne bonds. BOUSE. The Boose passed bills to vacate certain streets, alleys and public grounds in Manhattan: regula tion tbc carrying ot deadly weapons, and to re gulate the running at large of hogs. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wis.. February 7. In the Senate, a resolution waa introduced fa voring a higher tariff on zinc. A joint resolution for tbc appomtment of a committee to confer with tbe Legislature of Illi nois upon railroad matters, waa killed by a vote of twenty-oce to eight. Ihc Joint Committee on Investigation was au thorized to employ an officer in their business. Ten dollars tn postage stamps was voted to the Chief Clerk and tbe Sergeant-at-Armp. Bills were Introduced to incorporate the Borne Insurance Company; to publish the transaction* of the State Agricultural society; to authorize the city of Hudson to issue bonds; to provide tor evidence in certain cases; to authorise the Mll , wankec &, St. Paul Railroad Company to endorse the bonds of the LaCrossc. Trempclau & Prescott Railroad Company. Senator Starts obtained leave to withdraw bis memorial asking an appropriation for expenses incurred by him in defending himself against charges preferred to the Governor against him, when Stale Prison Commissioner. In the Assembly, tbe Dog Law waa further agi tated bv sundry petitions. Resolutions were oilered to cripple local legis lation, also for inquiring Into the expediency of comtdltcg railroad companies to weigh and re ceipt for gram before tbe tame snail leave the station where shipped. A resolution for a new instalment of stationery was tabled. Bills were Introduced Kr-provlde for the publi cation, in two pipers in each county, of tbe gcaera! aid certain local laws and proceedings ol county Beards; to repeal chapter 153 of the Laws ot It&l: relating to conuty officers; to authorize County i carts to construe wills, etc., lor relief; and un important bills. senate bills were concurred In to amend the charter or the Winnebago & ÜBte Superior Rail road Company, giving it a grant of land: to ap propriate to the Chief Clerks of tbe Senate and -Assembly fifty dollars each.for organizing the ses sions. Assembly bills were introduced to amend chap* ter 77 of the General Laws ol Is#, relating to the. Inspection of fltb; also, the bill relating to tbc 'lnsurance of individuals and corporations n*»t formed order ibo laws of Ibis Slate; to Increase the number of Supervisor* in Rock County; to amend the law about fences aid Impounding cattle ; to authorize the Milwau kee City Council to revl-c aud codify the City Charter; to increase the salary ot the Supreme Court Judges tos7-S'JO: to incorporale Milton Col Knokauiia; to change the term of th" Circuit Court of calumet County to tne President concerning Indians, and some other local hills. The hill for the consolidation of tbc Milwaukee & St. Paul with the Milwaukee i Prairie do Cb'en and Chicago A Northwestern Railroad companies came up In Committee ot the Whole, Some op position was made and a postponement sought, ml a clear majority arc in favor of the hi!'. 'the Assembly will meet again this evening, to further disease the Constitutions! Amendment. Indiana [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Indianapolis. February 7. SENATE. A large number of petitions were presented on tbe subject of temperance. A statement was read from the correspondent of the Cincinnati Gcs»ttf, staling that ho knew of no bribery among the officers of the llonse, but Ills charges bad reference to adhlrs of the Senate. A committee was appointed to investigate. .. Sir. Merrill presented a petition from the ruling elders of (lie Presbyterian Church praying that tbe divorce scl be so amended as to make adultery the on)v cause for divorce. Tbe lullowiuir bills wire passed: For the pro nutation ol thrli: granting u yearly salary of 111' (veil hundred dollars to the Sheriff of the Su pietm* Court s authorizing (he purchase of the old Stale Ranh building lor the use of (he Hu (it,tut 1 court, at thirty thousand dollars; author t/.iig i'l'inmissinners in cumdli-s ha vine a popnlii- Hun id over iiiMMHi to hold monthly serious i Us ing ihe»fl’co rf lowiishlp trustee? fl i tree wars : suit miring a levy ot lax from one to iwetilr-flve e nl« for rosd purposes 1 way of providing lor Ihe custody ul estates of linbiliml drunkards. ItOUßtt, Ten pclitloii? were pteevhlod for a pfoltlbllury law. MoHilngand nfiettiooti suasion* arc lo bo hold afior Ilia iltli lusl. . . . . , . Hi sultilloiis worn ndojdnd appohillmr a Joint fommlUce lo Ihuillre inti, be c.vpodleiioy of re* moving Min cstillat to Fort nwin, oh na'uiiut ul tin l nxpetise m ttiiHnttnpolls lo Hui Blalc. IWVVAIT IIHOTIIHK**. AdVeMlrtmi Aal’« 13(1 H(-Nrlraiti«rtii roertvo HdvpiTiapioriMa (or oil tlio irudloii pnporß Uiiaiiuliwia iho (Hlllbd WKrte- nod ( umtuoa, 2T!)C Sluulna sffl?iow. YyAIIASH-AV. UUN'K. Jiul AlTccUil by Urn Tlinw. Benefit of HR, McStOV, the Superintendent, To*tnorr»w Kvuiiliik* All tbo Seat Bhatera in the city will bo present) and give A. GRAND EXUHHTION, nr H«a To-morrow** l*nnw OPEN DAY AMI EVENING Splendid Ice, Hard mid Holicl (■mod Cnmlvnl To*ninrrow Evening. sJijotoijrapij9. pUOTOGRA-PIIS. PORCELAINS IN COLORS. G. E. GREEN Would Invite his patrons to call and examlo' speci mens of Porcelains, both plain and la color*. Havl.-.j: reduced the price* of these a* well as Photo rraob?. «careC(Dfldent of meriting favor from those wno favor ua with llictr patronage. Children’* Pictures a specialty. We have on exhibition the created assortment of CMl'lrfn** Pictures. In fancy position.©: any ga'lery in the West. , Card Photograph* only f 1.00 per dozen, fir Bcmember the number. 102 LAKE STREET, Opposite B’afceslce’a. IKEPEAT IT, SINS. The exhorbitmt price ot Photoeraphp has b;en Knocked down! and KUAKD'S the men that done It. Call at lOS Lsk-*-*t, arid H*e specimens of elegant cartes dc Vlsitc, uiidc for only ft,CO pet dozen. COPYING A SPECIALTY. J2T Particular attention given ioCmLDKEN.^3 amusements. jyjtTROPOUTAI* GYMNASTIC CLUB, 154.156 aud ISS Klnrte-st. OPEN DAY AND EVENING. C!a»? Exercise Ron 1 tos andlroni ":15 to ?:r> p. m. IP t anlcold lUtbs at all h'lnrs. 1 Memventalps until h«*c. l. IKTT. ?T. t. A. KQRMENDY. Snp*rlntecdent. JHantch. TO EF.AI, ESTATE OWNERS. X i visa to And a Beal Estate owner, win would BUILD ME A COTTAGE HOUSE, Of six rooms, on an arrangement of monthly pay ments, or on any other easy terms, to a pood location (West Side preferred.) Should like the lot S 5 feet front. Address P. O. Box -120. city. 'yO LUMBERMEN— The advertiser, havlrp a large experience to the trade. and an extensive acquaintance tn city and roan trv. wishes u> arrange with a portv who can furuhli the lumber nr capital to stock a tW-cla«« yard. Kune bni a Dot class business desired. Address P. O. biS 1107. .jFinancial '0 CAPITALISTS. ■*" WASTED, TO niUE, SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS, On undoubted real eatate »ecnrltr, AddffssP.O.Box3o73, orcallat 133 Citrk-K., Hoorn 6. 825,000 T 0 LOAN On First-class Real Estate. Annlv to ROZET A crMSUNGS. PP Meat Estate and Loan Breners, 08 LaSalle-at. ■jyjONET TO LOAN ON LONG TIME On Improved Chicago Real Estate. Arnlvto WRIOUT * TTRHKLL, Arpiyio yo. a Metrcpclfan Blick. Chicago. fHasonlr Iffotifcs MASONIC.—A Regular Convocation it I ut WoMimslc!) I b.pter No. ti. IL A. M.. will be held at ttiflr hall. No. S 3 iUndoU»h-*t..*hiJ (FUlT>AT)erenln*. Keb. c . at'X o’docl. Ha»loer» and Work na Mark Debtee. »r.u. n. uiesus. Mj&n. fr„ m ET , JBacljiitrri!. A AIKS’ pcrtahle an-! itnMonarr STEAM ENGINES. •.? ». {" fm ?F>RP.i'etf’H ! C.l* imk A CU.4 fhlcato. Agents, rail or aetitl Weal Innate. LAlifte'f. I’ItOI’CUTV JFOH NA fjl'J. fW,i t'f'li'H r-f || “Whi *il‘l l/»4 *J yy'tu't' Saif of x' uw nNc.i,Axn onuuon- ’ iriiv >iUtK 01* |»KVV*J . • • .in horlU i»*i-, nurmllci ’ft*'*!?! l.ka Uun.uv du«m:, v\tiliu.«U'n»»*»»*l" yvutl. Thu cuurcn will b<. ■w'lf't’ilnSiiliO Vrt'Ur. <»nl MmiUy, iConpismiifu^- BOXES ° U |WEBSINA ORANGES IMeln4udl>>M<f CAMI-lO* A CH.'S. NUMBER 215. <£om tTuugar. QORX VINEGAR. Barrel of Vinegar FUOSI A Bushel of Corn! Spirit hettc the ha*l* of all Vinegar*. tint material l« most available that eltm the greatest qnasttty with the least outlay. A htuhel of Coro, with the tma’l cram lor tw reflect ?accarlflc«tloa and * true lermen* Con. will yield. npun distillation, rocco alios# moor (Pisns. Of cour.-c the same imoost of spirits rrxnam latent In tbe Deer or Wash without distillation, and It Is in this condition. with appropriate manipulations Umt we ca.ploy it for Vlnrgar. thus avoiding distilla tion, the tu, and all ncct **lty tor high or lon* wines, alcohol or wtltkvy, and all busier** with the revenue officer*. This process makes a superior Vinegar, at a cost ol less than nvx cintb pkr oallos; nesses. It . possesses a peculiar, pleasant Savor, like the pare malt vicecar of England, recognized as the best Is the world. Dense worts low icrmf ntatlots, thorough clarliytor. act illylui; uIJ nctifsiag are the instrumentality em plo> cd. all of which are slmp.e operations of well cs* taMishcd scientific Uws, complete and perfect in their ajiplJratlor, aid susceptible of practical execution by ordinary muscular hcUtlUcs, under the guidance of c’mptte’-t lnt«!ll:*oncc. Thcnarcinoi profit Is immense, the sales wi'hont limit, the “slapcality" letel with sugar, and the quail ly unfqnallM in puitiy, clearness and brilliancy, ex* fcaltrg an nrctna bouquet exquisitely delightful and t-btortut. Neither distinct** or brewers* systems ol re i.uctlon and icnmuts are available fur the economical couth slon of mixed worts of such heavy gravities. A true Corn F> rum t nio*t then tore be employed, the microscopic picture ol which may be seen above. The following mechanical appliances will convey an Intelligible Idea ol the tnvestm-nl required for the prosecution ol inch an undertaking: *1 Math Tub, 40 hrl*. (3 ? fOXO ••iforntM bottom for ditto, 73 (bet. f 1 73.00 lake and altact rectus for ditto patent Cupper Cooler suo.Od 7 Fermenting Tubs.‘ifihris tacit. >1.73 aw.zfi Generators with dlupbragm distributors, >■*!. lieCtitrs, 16 hrl* tacit. (I.73—■.tlachtmviU <». iwxw Vinegar Urceivt-r, Feeder and Itectlfyer, J 3 brls, earh (1.71 13US Storage I‘rrelrer. IB hrKII.TS 17MU 3 FuinpTubs, hrl* earh. Sl.'.fi ru'd 3 Leaches ttm l hydraulic mr-rhamN'red filter. lgi.w» 3 Stock llicelvsr*. V 3 brls each, (1.73 7^.73 Vea*t Tub* and Apparatus 130.00 1 Wiicr Heater, lulrls, 1 tvaierTamu ouuns, (1.73 111,90 nslruii ent* P>f wurtr, beer, vinegar ami yea«l 13D.00 Flpes. Cuiiveyers, Splegots, Cocts aid suu dries 900.00 1 11-ILCh Uraiu Hm.ftMj Hpump*. (11l 913.t0 S-horec Fnglne. Huib r and iMtaehiucuts WO.W) Corn Sheller and Perron. 100X4 Bhatt'og. I’t’llrjs, lie ting, Hearing and all contingencies.. > fIHJB Taui iTroo.oo Willi Hie f'tir tlpnrrah't*. 10 lit If br|* Vinegar pet day i hut with ilslil (mier shirs. Vi In H hrl* (•»* day Is the rspnrltv nr Hi" (oipsonig meelnuilsni. I'ieniy ui ion water, and lee lb sumimr, are imll*|<ui«aiite. Fur Ihe Mi) Id, and ‘ showing how limb 11.** will «ts* prt-d iiiioi) the silent of inriFry rAiuired, au<i uthef HllOlllPthlloti*. A finrrsl of t finis of Muni Pu'glilim, of slalHafil tHislit. maK's eight to leu bsriels sinsiar, with or wllhoiVJlsflcvor oi color. II.KkiM fill tiles W|l liißho VlltrgaMitl ft s'lftll «Cft|n, 'itfilei in Mishiiiinixst'tii loariisoms vsliiahlslleun, A sari"!) ol (.'lime si.J Ulhuiihl ViurgaMluf evuiiih CohlllHit**, J, T, AIiIIMN, Ni l n'r, <U» '' <'lili’imii. (gaVvlaar Scat.' J|UI)IiKM.'S IJICHOVKU Carriage Seat and Rail. PATENT APPLIED FOB. We hare accepted the Agency lor the entire North, wnt (except Michigan ara It dianai tor the aixive. We repud this seat a- being JUST WU.VT HAS LONG BEEN w.AMtD. Ihe Improvement will be so pialn to all carriage inca U »l hardly any explanation Is necessary. While there la a desire to use the Board Seat, the o T d war to make them has been a serious ob> Jectloa. In this vou wll ntlcc: Ist. Tteenurerati.back and arms, are In one solid piece. 2d. It at once docs away with the Joint in the c'-raer, which wlil el xarebeeoo: elorse and open In th* oidseat. 3d. The grain. In the anna to this seat, runs la the riirctd'tecdoD for strength. 4th Can he made any required bevel. 'sth. Si»vf»7s wlw la corner Irons on eaeh s*at. etc. We can furnish cither tue scats all complete, on thk Kail esi’ABATF. , „ .. We also have In stock alolot very nPeßent Ball Stick scats, also. Dent Bails anrt Seat Slicks. AUSTIN Jk UOAL, Wholesale Dealers In Carni ge aad Wasoa Wood Stock, Bcfrcr and Car Mace Wheel*. Wrought Axl«n bonnes. Seneca Fal's and Western Thimble St ies. Improved Skein Bolts, 4c.< 421 * titia C A V.J'ukiri’otlo, D-t. 1V4.1 We tftvicc trade Metst*. Austin 4 Uo-U. of Chicago, Exclusive Accnts f«r the s»lo of oar Solid Bent Board Seat and Kail, U intent fm which U applied for). In the Statra of ll.lnois, WGccnsin. low*. Minnesota, Kansas. Nebraska, all ft Mie'ouit north it the Ml*- sonn River, aul Territories we«t cf shne state*, we hereby warn all j arttc* that wc shall hole them tor damage* If tom. ! selling the above Seat and Kail in said states and Territories, unless purchased ox or hr F _ nrBPELLi GEORGE SALLON. Kcte liublirations. AND SLAVERY." Agents Wanted To orcaee in the *a!c of the * 4 insTOllY OF ATtILV HAM LINCOLN AND TUE OVEErIIUJV* OF SLAVERY." it? hon. Isaac n. Arnold. Late M-nbcr of ConrrMs. and for over twenty years a confidential friend ol iff. Lincoln. This important work was rommenced over three years ac”. with the approval cfMr. Lincoln. It Is now rtadv. Tlic First E'ltrnx, Dsned In JaXTawt. tsn.. rrnircrtn within 2ft daw. It sella because Utslhe only w.rk cf the kind Issued. ENTRAC TS FROM NOTICES. [The Northwestern ChtUUao Advocate.] • Mr. Arnold's work !• Invaluable.*’ •[The Cleveland leader.] •‘TV> cannot too hlzhly commend thl» work a* an In valuable addition lo onr national Utcratcra.’* [Tbe Chlcaco Ercalac .Toamal.l ••Mr. Arnold baa succeeded far beyond any of bis Pr Fo?Mdtkllptlon, Urc£,&c n addr«9the Pnb'lsh era, CI AKKE & TO.« SO and S'2 Chicago. jf nr gatr. JTOU SALE— A Foundry and Machine Shop and Planing Mill, At Winkecas. IU. Has faculties ftjr memos two tons cl iron, bhop-iighl Pattern*and Plains lor Leonard** 1-aU 6»anile*»£*»lne. Match Plate atd ttwkator Bate iKor Hangers, and larsovanetyof dwiraNe Pat w:.i *nd Flm*?. Machine bhop well tiocked with TvftctJ~erT and fools. Two Plarera. Ke-rawitig Machine. md suitable machinery nr the mannisetare hf baan, Drot". Ac. tniilewM tow for prompt Apply toll* PASI dstCCAb. Hardware Merchants, WauKCcar. 111. ™ •Jf OK SALE. To Contractors and Lumbermen, iOO.OOORtt, board tneaaare.ot BETTED TI3TJEB ASD LOGS, From 20 fesl to SO f*»f i *nd orer, suitable for heary nndsc holldlnz. laqaTrect tiiorne * rn., Orore-sl.. loot cf Seventeenth. pAltEUllA.',aE FOU MBKODAJITS. FOB SALE; A. CARE/ cllt SELECTED STOCK OF Dry G<,ods, Groceries, &c.. Invi-lelnv out 9l9.nrQ • »'i pnrrhM«J within « y»*r m»i, «i ift*-* rf>cn «t re. Star*? located Innlhrlrlrt towr a »1’» f i tllMnnce fnm Clitrspo. Satliferlorr rta 9t.a* tiTttt’ftjr »el'lne. For pmiculws lu^nlrp^^ . - C*ni/ M-rrtwnt. Sg.tngnlK-M.iCHJrnj?... Tshucational. TNf .Tlttn B OF DRAWING. Blllt -I ▼>*!!!* »in-iClrllfe!i*lßwf»»i*. St )Mf <-'U itViifUniMfallejCftiHi thiiMO, o‘o«?liieof w U* KI'I I*;, L, ll> jL«.*'p»ns Anhl n»y*hlßeW* ' ft sivPßffTßrßnrogTsoia I I finnit. imhf, li)l'.= , iii» n»«i ijfiii 'ii Mil* ttyll Vuf<*li lti*M(ilHm *lll i'HMH“li' *••*» lit** titiii*ent«i rane*»tf “I *ld !, Mus <|n/|n? IM jiausirat. CWJiUIOII musical, instruction. An KugMib lady, pentl of llaru ami Sntralln, desire* a ti.-Mi.r *ls youtiif laillai uuui*h In Vocal ami Inuni- UK-iital Mink. tor term*, Ac., apply )>y letter, to Hos SH>B,«?i*l*aßQ. Eo Ucnt. rpo RENT— The most desirable Corner Store In the city,and one other on Wadilnfvm-at. Alto, one vrrr conttnortloai office on oral Ooor. and room »b>ve, inbiLlth&Nuoo’a Bloct. Ajpiy to 8. W. SEA. in fancy Good* Daaaar,c«r. Clara and Wasiiln*wa-«M. Insurance Statements. STATEMENT. Liverpool and London and Globe IHSTJEAIICE COMPANY. OFFICE, No. 81 LABiLLE-ST,, KOO3I No. 11, FIRST FLOOR. WAEREN .Sc KNIGHT, Gtncral Agents for Nitth-cstera Suite*. W- WASSfiNj Resident 2Banager< A copy of * statement of the condition of the Uvcr- and L«Mon and Glebe lusuraa.-e Company, cc tbe thinj-r.nit day cf December, 1555, made to the Auditor of Public Accounts of the State of Illinois, pursuant to thesmuteof that State. estlUed “As Act to regulate the Agencies of Insurance Compa nies rot Incorporated by the State of Illinois,” ap proved February lita. ias. NAME AND LOCATION. The name of tbe Company la Tbe Liverpool am. 1 - Lon don and Globe Insurance Company. The Company la located at Liverpool, England. Branch In the State of New York, New York City. CAPITAL. The amount of Its Capital Stock author ized Is 82.9C0.000, at £3 to the £ Is. £10,000^00.00 The amount of Its Capital Slock paid up Is, Is gold 1^53,760.00 With Surplus, In gold 13,93,230.00 ASSETS IN THE UNITED STATES. Cash on hand and tn the bands ot Ag-mts or other person?- - Real tslate, unincumbered- Bonds owned by the Company as per vouchers accompanying—how secured, and the t ate of Interest thereon, to wit: Amount. Mkt value. United States 5 per cent Ib-tO Bond* I £10,003.00 United btafe) 6 per cent Mb Bonds Sab Fi»lc1«co City tad County 6 and « per CtEtHcndt, cold 56«519.i5 18,68)33 Virginia State 6 percent Keltic*ed 80nd5.... 30,000.00 3i,SBUa Total Bond* SW*wSJB Debts doe tbe Ccrapany. secured by Mort gage cd Kca! Estate Debts otherwise secured, as per touchers accompanying Debts ft>r premiums. All ether securities. A(»et« cf the Company la the U. S LIABILITIES I* THE UNITED STATES. The amount of llahllltlw dne or not doe to banka or other creditors ol the Corn* none Losses adjusted and dne none Losacti adjusted and not dne none Losses unadjusted and losses in suspense waiting lorlhrtlwr proot 133J97JT an other ?ia»wf again#- the Company nuce Total lUhlUlle* fUBdOMI MISCELLANEOUS IK TUB UNITED STATES. Tbe greatest amount Insured in aty one risk Is an circumstances. The greatest amount allowed by the rules cl the Company to he Insured In any one city, town or Tillage —no rule. The greatest amount allowed to be Insured la any one Mock. U«d ol s.'tilcmcut on file. [oiwiyiuj Certificate to Bsolreonjhe mm rtarur.lnn* ■nW* WilS. Arrnw'i Orncr, Stats os li.ttxois. > SrsiMifilLJ', February slh. ISW. f Whereas, the Liverpool and London aud Uhibc loan raoct Cotnpanv, Branch Waled at New Vor», la ’the Etatcof Srw York.has tiled In thls»-Wce a statement of thetondtiloncf ita adalts, aarqnlred by •‘an act to recolate the agentU* ol Insuranco Companies not Incorporated by the Slate bf llltnol«a,** approved Feb* r itaiy 14,1*3. and an ait amendatory thereto, approved Janoaty 33. 1*7. and whereas, said Company has tor* nlflwd satisfactory evidence that It 1« possessed of the required amennt of capital luveMcd la stocks and mortgagee. and has hied In this omcc a trrlticn Instru ment. signed by the Preshlett and Secretary thereof; appointing Win. Warren and Hubert Knight, compos- Inc the firm ofW arrrn ft Knleht, of Chicago. Its agents flrlho transaction ct the business of said Company, and fully and unreservedly authort/log them to ac knowledge service of process fi>r and 03 behalf of said fomfauj, consentlDK lliat service of process upon then*, the laid agents, shall 1-« taken and held to lions valid a" if served upon the Company, and waiving all claim nl error hy reason of inch scrvlie, f»ow. thmlbre. In pnrsuanre of the provision* of the act'af’trsald.l. Orlln B. Mln*r. AtwlW cf While Art cunts of the Stale of Illinois, do hereby certify that the said Wm. Warren am! Hubert Knleht, composing IheOtmol Warfenft Knight, of Chicago, are author* Iced asageM* lot Ihe said Company, lo transact the business of lusufatce In lids Fiats until Ilia Ihlny-drst day of ,lantiary« la IW fiar elghtesu liutxltrd and sin ly tlshl, soUf ashsmay l*e Wady tuipywsM so to do by said Company. In twt'uiofy wlodeol I havelierstiniosnWfhMmy name, and atoned (he seal ol nty office, at apHiigfleld, Hits Btlti day of Fehiuafy, A. I*, Wt. ()■ tt> MINNII, Amlllof I*. A< (.•‘fitcval Kotlccn. ei'i> MI'.tIUIANTH, MANI’FACTint- I MH» AM* Ml'slM’.P'* MUN, = l'l'"'l (if S IllHllliof lil >M|f « l*.ifl|.or», we ||» immHioik: in- .ii mill nmi n .if imr Hindu him 111 Mi,M}| l.i, ini;, 11. ..Mi lln ||(. r-' t»e U. t’llln* |nr nmUiitf tl nn» nr 111 H IHi-fP IlillHHVe.l r««LOI* and will s-«m» sitnw li* in t’.in iiki(« »rr,iijoii,i'ni< i.,r |l,»(■>, *■ well *« In || iilfC IIS f. co «'|r> UUlloll <lO all (ltd lluiiti fillihliiC bill »d l l ji'ac.i, l|in M ft.# N, I. 11. It. lu,»n cc ulh ui> • nisi-of U.»lr mud and ilranrliu-, Wlill'll Will 1.l nil'V !«-• l.Bk’r. (.1 lllHllHliJu, Wd.lfOll- UUrtll.ifli c*|tl«* »‘i ttn nr.i «< it .lull add l.i tin. irc.'iui e.liiM.ii si ium»« innfrt iluu tu inv.etu sirs, »liu&j(t. hiiiitin.n*: i- •,»■»«. W« Uarecttii te>l ariautii*’ ». win t,«. »111 by tin* I. (lowing lollttrai, uuntb' rr altti inr runllll'. In ha vine IldmrilmUd uu nil tbs rirtrni'al Husilslmnlh c not ..i tliecuv. llieVe<u*rn Si»» r«t. will tiimlib thtlr raMomert with runic* of iiautn fur rtMnnuilon in llm ulßsrenl lowm slid clilt a tbionch the WVat. thereby making It die 1.1 UiubealiuUeiUaiug u.tdluma evtroaered to tbs Vulillc. U. hIIAVEB. I have made arramrcuttnu with Q. 8. Baldwin £ Co. tar the free dlitilbntlon cf their Guide on the lionets of wild. lam Uc; e-.l Sc. , icat. p „ SKUOiA Chicago. Feb S isff,. I hare made arrangements with Mr. UaHwln foethe dUtrthutlun cl Ms Dee K. it. GuPm over the f. t.. K. It. am uraocho. „ „ .JJJSlV'r’i* n. News Agent tor I. C. i». tv. Chicago. Feb S, IW. G. ». Balowrt & Co.-Gcntlemen: We will, a* y«»« eogpe .Inc!o>» copies of year K.IL Guldetooiir cris t.uiicrr la the different towns and cities through the Vtrl '™ K mSh;BS SEWS cn., , Per J. K. Walsh. Tl |R. a, 11. PASbETT elre Mi ANNUAL RECEPTION, at Ms I’hotograph Booms, on lanulny Ermine* February 12. The public are invited. _ _____ JJACINE AND MISSISSIPPI FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS, (Eastern "Division.) T wish to norchase the above Bond* In any amount, l-irues snrii-nd. rrtl the.r tecs. under the foreccsufe, art* Adylwt that a I sum is due them, and their Interest* will tie purejaa>.*d cr the sum due collected by the undersigned. 4 Port'and B'ock, Chicago. rj’O RAILUOAD CONTRACTORS. Omcx LOCt‘TU.I.*. CrVCTNSATI AND I rxTM.TON RAILROAD. t nrt«ni t January a*t. I#?. In consequence of the ssow, the time for examining work on the Clnelncatt Draacbof this Road is extended until February 15th. when the letting will take place “ pre.lously •fl'ertMU. , 5 , SI . JoaX- Chief Engineer. TiIPOKTANT TO GRAIN SHIPPERS: I AND COHN RAISERS. —Hiving rttnoveel trnra to iVru.lU.. lam cow prepare - ! to furmth StoSite&i ILLINOIS HWEtfCUKX.SUELLLK-, alio, large Warehouse Fanning Mills. For farther Information addressj^e^FCTa.llL^ pAS LIGHTING. plants J-pcclflcntlont* and Ewtlranir* fit Gas work* prepared aad their erection supsrln « ”*#&BSS£ISBIT c Inspector People** um t*o„ West Chicago. "VTOTICE.—Tne following letters from The Bank of Montreal, To oar care.wlit be delivered to IU“ partlc* to wb«n they are addmscOL or. proper Ucnuucatlon: D. McLean. John I Arson. P.Lcntestjr. S.Llrrt, W. D.KPrrT Mr*. C. MeArthor, A. Ijrctwitb, L. P. HU* 1L»«. 3.M. Dart. John Qnlnc. C. Ttnaler, Jm. Thom as. H. ■W.Townscial. E. Walker. C.EII. t. S.lllTlLtl* BRO.» Banferra. 4S LaSaUc-et. -^■OTICE. X> MH. C. S. HUTCHINS’ Interest la oar arm cease* on and alter this date. •J. W..STAMXr & CO. Chicago. Feb. 5. IsflT. patents. J£££P STREETS CLEAS. Smith’sCeletirateilStreetSweepingMaehint*. Fomlehed to Ccrporatlons. Contractors and other*, on ifftf nabld terms. There useful Sweeper* are constructed In sires to be omi »t«l t»j batul-.acwf cr by horse-power. Each ms caln* warranted to perfCrm It* wont thormighy.oa M r «trest. Price (UOind upward*. accjnllnz to size, pateatr.'.ihtf for sale. For pirlkulsrs, *c.. address It. A. t-UIJU Patentee and Uenrraj A cent. * Oil Chutaut-**., Philadelphia, ■QECKEU BUOTUEKS, No 91 nLtErKKIt*«T.» NEW* YORK. TO THE PUBLIC. A tarefnl and cClrljl warrh wyl* «t tne t-nltM State* intent Olfli * in ano. PATENT FOR AN IMP« 0) £ ME> rIN FORTES «•§ eter rrar.WbrCi- VV?cprfnniK person tijr toe name ef EXtF.I r TO nu» MEMBERS f»f the Arm OEUjF.rt ot Tots citr. Tti» t'fih’tc tr*. th-rftore. repesreoiT ".Ml- mil ..“if' ll »»r u«k« «■»>“• * , ‘“ u “i 1 L*Tlc« leea tnaonlacPtml hr DECKER brothers, No. Ml n : «K-kef.«t.» Torn, Abd tint haricr oq R"* tr « fate on the left head tide. ibeword*. * * ... . l)£tntn nwrrriEßs 1 BATfejrt, «uhe, i?q>. __ r|Ai{D'e I’ATfiN'r ** unxcit MAdmm Olhn* »r-l WMi'ilvlW ftil MMCi H tiiajimstiya tud dsssityUTa cUddteMMfwi ft» *>V V» 4». saiilltiolu (Rfgflß. J WIMAKD POS, WINDOW CLASS. £2 0 0 T.A-KEi-gT. .ifcctj. p ROUND OIL CAKE is too cheapest Feed In the Market - W .I,vt cf all k‘adi- Orderi oronvuLTa...-d t» r ca*L, FVraucECi m wift w BCATcHFimr* & oa. D * D bO« 70 L • ffusicart. * FEW PACTS , „ _ J\_ for Us* CTC«ld»»tl«B 0 ( XatHm., Croup, Wbooplal CcnyP, "So& Worn*,awoor OMt^SrHCiUk, «*“ fltirwif ol the Lungs and Throat. HABBDEIT9 PBCTOBAI* BALK Hu been used with unvarying grir • Sod cmcs. and has met with the nhjaldaai. clergymen, ud niflerers from tte O?” aliases,tican aiprored timonlal* now on Me in ova offlw. AttUi wau uu U asked. end a core will bo 5?£T t g?^S‘JnS' “faSo™. I ?’mSS S s&ssiSNs&ss J^Ui&TSWj o '^: t t s , . ir pSs rt pS?a i, sfc?& mi but. « the many cure* tflheted. u bsooelts. OcU 7AISS&. - I ft) rad more relied ftomwla* P*tot?i®sJgs my disease—asthma—than from any other prepara«ot I overuse®* - WM. TOUNGBLOODI* « “ Arrxrw. ifi ** I think, in « city Uk<* this, where so ninywe} ftrlng at UUs seasen with coach*, cold*, tad bracemm wool* he to your interest to IstrodneaPOfr toral Balm, u i ftej taUsflcd It should be in the haaok of allsuflerera. _ - H. R LESLIE, IT. AH.* “Nrw Toux. July*. . “ I purchased a bottle el Pectoral Balm, and uncos • cannot express the feehnts of gratitude I owe to yoa, as my recovery was Immediate, although prevlotMCf Elven over by my physicians as incurable. - BENBT THROCKMOBTOH.* M Bostojt. Oes. S. 19U “ Previous to using your Pectoral Balm, lhad taken every preparation I heard of wuhont retleC. I bars used but three hottl<w.aod all symptoms oftnyagoat zlnc complaint—asthma—have disappeared. h - WM. BBOWNING. Conductor C. B. 8.- “ Nrw Toxx, Aug. T. tflU. _ “Per tbe benefit ot all who have or are soCcrta* fro.'D bronchial disease*. I bee to add my testimony to the i tDcacy of Manden’s Pectoral Balm, as I consider It wa » the only thing that saved my life when reouoed to a sv-eleton and on tne verged the crave. _ m\u KOARET THBOCKMOKTOSV9I3 bllth-av." BPRI IHAMS * VAN SCHAACR. Wholoiale Ageatl tor the Northwest. SMITH A DWYER. WhoteaMa and Beta 11 Accra and druggists In Chicago- 50U10.46 25Z.732A3 glotfrrs jHanglcr. tCAN CLONES MANGLE Irons Clo thcs Without Beat. S33£»JO It trill do It Id one-quarter the time re quired trttb heuii'd Irons* It gltrs a glas 1 and brilliancy of lustre to linens, impeosi blr to be obtained trom heated Irons. NO EXPENSE POE FUEL. ! none 3,731.33 Ko note!. LaccJrr, Reel anna f, Boarding Boosa Hospital or IrlTalc Family can atford to he wlthost IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CLOTHES. IT SAVES SIOSET. IT SAVES FUEL, rr SAVES LAUOK. IT SAVES HEALTH. For pamphlets, containing fall descxipOai of a*- > chine, address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 119,131 and 133 Fultor-st, Chicago, in. OrJ. K.EKUM6I Lake-st. agencies, ■yyr hole>ale agency Pli ICIO BROS., ItALTinOUB. Freeh Can Frail. Cove Oysters, And Jollies. IX STORE AXD FOR SALE. 1,000 (tASIsS l‘Al FIIIHT, u.immi rA**M rove iiystkeh. UOO Jbl.btF.S, in (jliMt Tin* n* or** rev’ll* are »M oftbe beat <inalllle*, an<ft vnrrsntcd hr the ir.amtUKdnrers »rd scents. Jobbers* orders tv’llrlieii. whsiwoKin. mrniAßn a fhbxcil 11 a KiortesL. Chicago, 111. Ucmobate. yjEJIOVAL. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, SUCCESSORS TO ItOAVKN tmOTlllilW. WB HAVfI numOVBD oun stock or Dry Goods, Notions, Woollens AMD CROCUIJUY hi ituwr.ya btiiMH«u. 111. 17, ill AMI IM ItAMIOIiHI-NT,, Where Wit Will Its fliiS>nt Id tor* rtllPltM fIISfVU UUI Dnsinfrahvc |AIsSOI,VTION OP (lOI’AUTNKU- I / aim*.-iu« n*Hner.lnn hernM|i>rn mull' 1 uu> ilef Mis Hama id S. SUI*JM * (!t1,,1. IliU dlf lll.inl, yd I>v nitiHial ColiwUl. All [tcraona Inila’itM I* tl.p Cl in are rcim-aied to nuke Ininmllato |>aymiml at 111, ulfi.'n ul Dm new Ann. m UANIKI, WKU.H. Jn.„ Ctllckco. Pel'. 1, IS*!. A. li. VAN nCUMCK. Th«iindcraltrtel have tbU daFfunnsd%eopartass kbit’ under the name of H. I.TIDIISQTOH a CO.. DC.» T»w» o«c » 3SB FrANfF.L WELL-i. J»- lAAfI mWIKSWW, Chicago. Ffb. u ISST. ACmrSTLM V. BROWN. T\IJ?aOLUTION OF C’OPAIiTXEFt 1J SBil’.—The copartnership herefcdbre axUtlnc between Ihe underslgne-t. nnlerthe Arm of wile vfoinii. BfscmcK ± co n u this day dissolved by the Arm will bo settled by their eae cessore. * hi»»111 continue the business of the late An* at the eld eland, W 3 LaKMt. WALWORTH, Chicago, Feb. 5,156 T. Q. E. BL’SCHICK. 5t COPAIIXXEKSUIP NOTICE. The nnderMcred bare this day formed a Copartner ship under be firm name of WALWOETH, BUSCHICE * CO., Ac4«Ui ccntlnoettp bQ‘lomot l!>e late flnn of tbo 333 Lake-«L, ana at tt« rorner ofMk^- *«“ “ J FrantUn-su. J- J- Jf^JgSgg 1 * W. J. TWoIHQ, John fuhsb. Chicago, Ffb. 3.1567. I HATE THIS HAT-ASSOCIATED with me MR. WM. H. BROWNING, for the par* note of doing » Genera! C'mtrdsMon hostile**, under the rtrm name ot C. S. HUTCHINS * c ‘VrrftiT>js February I, 1567. C. b. HUttHLSS. C. S." HUTCHINS & CO.. (.raeral Produce Comnla<*loa 3lercha*ffc Agents totIHE OSWEGO STARCH FACTORY. (T. KiCfDford A Son, Maanlacturen), TTos. 211 and 213 Sonth Vater-at., Chicago. JULIdoD ani Coal | ackawana coal. SI 3.00 per Ton! I have about 50 totu more Coal undisposed nl aS BOBT LAWS TARD. which I am seitlnj *t 113.00 p«r Pa. It win he ielivcred anywhere inside city limits. Cation F. B. MARSHALL, ia*4 beaili ClarlcSU Room It. <T'RAYEUSE BAT WOOD ! AT BEOtCED PRICES, pr it t* Wood bronghttolhU market. BEST HUMAN* COM! By Ton or Car-load. CCUTISs BHItWN & C 0.. 1-5 Wot Madboo-at. VOUGHIOGHESi: COAL & COKE X co.. Offer 1> Chamber ol Commerce, and corner Weat jit cffiSEaSSSntuoma*"!' P™f*i au. Title Cca. . «cxc« onsht "T _ iceUlo*. U i3llSlTlCjs6 oecttomott INDERWOOfI & Cti-r^ General Commission Merchants. Cor. LaSalle asd Washlastoa-sta. CHICAGO* Olre particular attention to both boyla* and Mißo* Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork,- Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on marflas, aad sold elttcr Id this or Eastern markets. tr Special rates ot Corsmiailtm made t? tt**o wb« tnrn!»h their own money Bor larje j.««rchaser *» prop erty to be held Ibr sale by u». ~ V, L. Underwood* W - - lea MALTING COMPANY," Bos. 2 and 4 Michlgan-ar., MatnUlicitlren of irfnlt and Detleti la Darlff tttid Hje* |jr We Iteep.CPtitatjtlf Pti hand dock* cf FvDuj barley W><l Hye MetL whlvh we we prepared ti *tU W the lowi«t Market Kih> ItAKBON a CO. E. OOMMX6BIOH MrjftOßANTfl tel faiiSSt. *B'I **l« nl trfliili* i*f»lili»i llll NiilHll W niLUEUT AFlUt.l), V ’e*BgßAt ttOMMJ mOH MiafißANT*, x(I It wII ¥ , It in H« " »>•**• .'litt j. liii.mmr . uihi.h»i-d 'Oimistvij, J)», J. < j, I'Ad.NBM OUT (I astifulturtH I Fl.OWd AND SCLKV ODLTIVA- I TUOS—Snpmor ».1 Oiwifc rim pfaiata Auonoit tttWml """I comp.nt.l. u me tiKniSi.i law. SSf23;'‘-'“ i •«. «*»»«•«• Flit, of wuou «4 CO, yuauctimt. yrxanlzaUoo. implements.