Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 8, 1867 Page 3
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EXTIUOnmSAKY FEHAIiE FOOT -lUCE. One Hundred and Mne nilea In Thir teen Honra, ' (Chihuahua (Mexico) Correspondance of the New ! York Herald.] * Among the Tarahumsres foot-racing (sa { iavoritc diversion, and even the women com- , pete In the lists. At times a great rivalry 1 springs up between the adjoining towns of i come districts os to the relative merits of the contestants. Within a month a riva’rv of this kind between the two villages of Bacoala J .and Scsogulche gave rise to the most famous I foot-race on record. Four of the fastest wo men from each town were selected, and ac companlcd to an intermediate point between the towns, where there wasnn oblong moan- ' tain three Mexican leagues around it bv measurement of the road; around this U was stipulated that the race was to take olacc the < prise to he conceded to those who made : the quickest time in running round the mountain fourteen llmcs-a the very least, of one hundred English miles. At fixed points within the circumference of the mountain guards were stationed, who were to sec that the race was conducted with fairness. The whole population of the sur rounding country had assembled, with whal they could collect of value, that they might have the opportunity of bolting some thing upon the result wiiich was to bring ehamc or honor to the rival villages. They were also sufficiently civilized to have a large quantity of the Intoxicating drink—the As the eight athelctie creatures took their places at the starting point the excitement ran high; they were, like the old Hainan athletes, stripped for the contest, the only garment worn being a short peticoat, which reached within about six Indie* bf the knee. Our Infotmant who stopped his travels for a day to witness this novel race, was struck with the magnificent devdopement of muscle displayed by a swarthy looking belle, whose petticoat was a little shorter than too rest, and he forthwith bet his pile on Sesogiilchu. There were other finely developed creatures in the list, but none whose bright eyes, clean limbs, hard looking llcah and apparent gutta pcrcha elasticity of motion drew ao vividly upon bis Imagination, and so powerfully up on his purse. The whole bevy were off at the word go, amid the wildest excitement, and the betting commenced. The time was six o'clock and thirty-five minutes in the morning. The first, second, third, fourth and even the fittU turn was completed without any great advantage upon cither side; but during the next live turns it was evident that, with the exception of the fair belle above mentioned, Scsoguichu was losing ground. She, however, kepi breast and breast with two wiry creatures from Bnconlu. At the twelfth turn of the mountain all but the three here mentioned dropped from the track. The multitudcwaa now prcltcy well Bonked with Tc/.nnln, and the belting ran to the wildest extremes; overy olio who had anything of value staked 11 on the race—hoes, plows and oilier agri cultural Implements, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, gouts, cats, dogs, and whatever eke there was of value changed hands. The men bet their clothes, while the women pitched In and bet their retlronts. All was a wild uproar, and the Derby sweepstakes Were nowhere. The tlilitecntli turn was made; but It was evident that the Bcsogulcho belle was getting out of wind, and after nil had not so much bottom ns the wiry contestants from B:u*o. nla. But she was not far behind, and al though Bacotilu took the prize it wjs nut n matter for much boasting. Thu two women from thu latter town were received with the loudest shouts of Joy liV their townspeople. They hud IliiWmil the nice at eight o'clock In the evening, making the whole distance, loy miles, In thirteen hours and twenty-five minutes by the watch of our Informant. One of the two Bacoiihi women who won the race hud given birth to a child ten days before, and prepared herself for the contest by bandaging her breasts. The only stops made during the time by >lm contestants lor thu prizes were cither to lake » little water oreat frugally of p/ooff—a dm pic gruel made of parched corn, ground and sweetened with sugar. By the Hum the race was concluded nearly every Indian on the ground was drunk. FIIOSTITimOX. statbtlra of tlio Social Evil In Now York* iFiomtheNcw York Tribune, February O.j To obtain proper statistics in regard to prostitution In the city Is a mailer of tm ix-rtanco. Tbc following statistics, compiled by those whose professional duties tmvo made them conversant with the evil,are be lieved to be very nearly accurate. In the Flint Ward there arc thlrlr-clght bouses, containing IfiO Inmates, located inaliil) in Crteuwlchnnd Liberty streets The most of the proprietors are Herman ami Irish, and the houses arc mostly sapjiorled by tea taring men. In the Second, Third and Fourth Wards there are about fifty houses (among which arc debt dance-houses), located mostly hi Water, James, Cherry, Oliver and Rose streets. These houses have about titX) In mates, and their patrons are mostly seamen. The dance-houses arc generally comparative ly orderly, although the assemblages arc or a thoroughly mixed character. The attend ance ranges from iwinty-flvelo on; hundred each upon each dance night. The Tifrh Ward was formerly the arlsto cratic quarter of the women of the town; the “ West End” where Aspasla and Anony ma drove a thriving trade to the envy of their more degraded sisters In yleo. But Sodom has joined In the march *• up town, 1 ’ and this ward now contains but about twenty houses located mainly lu Church. Lispeoard, West Broadway and Canal streets, and con taining about seventy inmates. In the Sixth Ward the number of these houses has likewise decreased during the past few year?, there being now twenty-one •establishments, located in Bayard, Mott, Elizabeth and Mulberry streets,*and con taining about eighty Inmates. In the Seventh Ward there are about fifteen houses, located near the “Hook,” and cou talningfiixty inmates. TheTighth and Fourteenth Wards are the great centres of prostitution, there being 210 bouses within their limits, with about 2,000 inmates. There are also here some thousands of street-walkers who reside In furnished rooms in these Wards and^ consort with thieves and gamblers for their para mours and “lovers.*’ In the Ninth Ward there arc about twenty houses of a very private nature, cnntaluleg bout ninety Inmates, and located chletiy in strt Washington place, Grove and Bleecker Iri^, Eleventh, Thirteenth and establish!*! Wards there are about eighty The i'iftccni.with 150 inmates. Twentieth W. r gixlccnth, Eighteenth and aristocratic portkiV Ibo most very palaces of Bu 4 -ho city, contain the fitted up with every apipmc of these are could acvit»c, and the pleasure tempting by the glitter whicll (s*id cafl 1 ,^ 0 to the most vicious haunts. The louttiloiTfi. these cslabli.-hincnts is kept os secret as pos sible from tli>: general public. In the Twelfth, Nineteenth, Twenty-first and Twenty-second "Wards there arc ID house? wlth 11l inflates. The total number of Inmates of "parlor lionscs” and “bar houses” is estimated at 4,<»0. Of tbe “street walkers’’ U is c&timated that there arc about SOO bouses In the city •which arc occupied by those women who solicit trade upon the streets, and take their -victims to their rooms, and who are sup pos'd to number about 0,000. A third class {which In point of vicious “respectability” is considered first-class) of kept mistresses Is estimated to number about 2,(XX), making a grand army of 12,000 criminal women. Were these to be placed in line, and two feet of ffpace allowed to each, the painted proces sion would extend from the Battery to For tieth street. A SISUULAU TRIPLE MAIUUA«E. Three flrotlur* to bo Wedded to Three Mlniem* From the Ilurltnglon (Iowa) Times, Febritarr fi.l Fur the Inst two dnvs throe happy couples from Teles Ue Moris township, Jnck'on County, have been busying themselves at our dry goods ami other stores, all the while looking supremely happy. All who have seen the gentlemen have remarked their re semblance to each other,' white the throe young ladles look so much alike that one would know they are sisters ns their attend nuts arc brothers. Wdt, those three gentlemen are brothers, and tin y nro to lie married to the three sis ters In n(i \v days. They urn In the city for the purpose ol purchasing their wedding and lumsekcijdng outfits. The brothers are Messrs. .1. If., Dehrlch ami -lohn Ilmmke. The sisters tire the Misses Fleldermnn. They bavo lived na nclghliors for years, until Mm god Cupid has broken olf tuulr uclghhoily relation. „ „ , . .. Ten vear^^nJ»if u wrih their parents. They entered Jackson County, and after having built n cabin found themselves -without a shilling. The boys “scattered” among tbe Cirnn-rs, and supported their par ent* by their wages. In a year or two they leased a farm, which one brother and the father worked, while the other two still ■worked for wages, which went to stock tho farm. Industry tret Us reward In due lime. £vcrythlngseemed to prosper at their bands. To-day each of the brothers own a form of ICO acres, and upon each farm a new brick bouse has been built for the reception of the sister-brides. The old folks occupy lb? fitnn originally leased, they being the proprietors ot It now. If these parties are not commencing married life aright, nobody everdld- Their dry goods purchases at one store amounted to ovcrftxK). I,cvl would like to sec a thousand Just such couples •every week. The brothers arobrolhcrs-iu law of Peter Heine, E*q. lunnmmttlon or at Lincoln Statue. [From the Louisville Courier, February 6.] On Tuesday the 12th of February, tho Lincoln Monument Association of Kentucky will publicly inaugurate and unveil a marble bust of the late President Lincoln, at the United States Court room. In the third story of the Custom Bouse In this cltv. This work was executed In Italy by Colonel JI.V Henry, of the Thirteenth Kentucky Cav airy. Colonel Henry Is a native of this Stale, and while engaged in the defence of his country, he was taken prisoner, and was con- i fined for ten months In Libby prison. Previ ous to his entering the army. Colonel Henry bad evinced marked taste and practical skill in the art of sculpture, and bad executed -several designs In plaster, evincing extraor dinary talent in this line. After his release from prison, bis health having become seri ously Impaired by his long confinement, he was advised by his friends to visit Italy and place himself under the instructions of the celebrated Powers. Bv the repeated and pressing request of his Kentucky friends. President Lincoln was induced to give several sittings to young Beorv, for the purpose of enabling him to execute thence cssary clay and plaster mod els This being completed, and the Presi dent having expressed himself as entirely satisfied and highly gratified with the efforts of the Kentucky soldier-sculptor. Colonel Henry took the plaster model to Italy and had the bast of the President executed in the finest specimen of Carrara marble that could bo found, and under the personal su perintendence of Mr. Powers. An association of gentlemen, composed of the personal and political friends of the late rmldcnt, liavc irarehaKal tills msrl.lti trait irtim Cotuucl ilcnry amt have littl It •iillablr mounted ou a Tuscan iradestal of Carrara marble. • On Urn finnii-crpary of (lie laic Prcldcnf. Uirt'iany. lebrunry 12th, U ii Inloudcd tint a public Inauguration and unveiling of the Mutnc shall take place as before stated, and all classes of our citizens, especially Includ ing the ladles, are cordially invited to be present. In reply to letters of Invitation, answers have been received from Governor Bram jette, Major General Tbomas and staff. Ma jor General J. C. Davis and staff, Governor d. D. Cox, of Ohio, and Governor Oglesby, of Illinois. The first three named gentle men have promised certainly to he present, and the two last named gentlemen condi tionally. Addresses will be delivered by the Hon. Bland Ballard, Judge of the United States District Court, and also by lion. James Speed, late Attorney General of the United States. Some of the gentlemen invited from a distance will also make addresses on the occasion. TEE FORCE LIBRARY. A Valuable Historical Collection, [Fiom tbe New York Evening Post, February 3 ] The Librarian of Congress, Mr. A. R. Spof ford, has just made a special report to the . olut Committee on the Library, recommend eg the purchase ol the large historical col lection belonging to Mr. Peter Force, of Washington, it will he remembered that the Historical Society of Ibis city. In 1565. made Mr. Force a conditional offer 0f3103,000 which ho accepted. * The enterprise tailed lost winter for lack of funds. Tbe same amount has since been of fered by a bookseller, wbo desired to secure the library for the purpose of speculation. Mr. Force replied that he would sell tho library only upon condition “that It be kept together in some permanent and fire-proof public repository.” He now offers it to tho Government at the same price, and Mr. Spot ford warmly recommends the necessary ap propriation. The library contains 23,520 volumes, and about 37,500 pamphlets. By far the greater part of these bear upon the history of the country. Mr. Force made the collection with special reference to a projected work, the Doeumeut&ry History of the United Stales. Ill* manuscript materials for that work would make three hundred and sixty tollo volumes of manuscript, and arc thor oughly analyzed and classified by Slates. Many of the original documents, of which these arc copies, have been destroyed by fire. Mr. Force has also brought logctiicr the largest collection of books relating to Amcrl. ea in the world. It embraces the narratives of the early explorers, written it* all the Eu ropean languages, the earliest printed books of tills country—such us Elliot's Indian Bi ble, Hie woiks of the Mathers, Colton, Nor ton and their contemporaries—and a com plete collection of the publications of Frank lin and the Bradfords, and the taws aud journnlMif the Colonial Assemblies, hi some two hundred volumes. In tho department of.early printed Ameri can newspapers, there nro unusually com plete lik-s ni the leading Journals ol Massa chusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and other Stales, dating from 17£> to TbOO, aml covering with much fullncu tho period of the Slump Act controversy, the Ituvolu tlounry war, and the establishment of tho present Constitution, Altogether, the Force library has no less (hail two hundred and forty-live bound vol umes ol American newspapers printed prior to IhOO, bealdeu about seven hundred vol umes, hound*and unbound, of journals printed from IHOO to the prununt lime. In pamphlets relating to this country tho library la very full and rich. In thu library of Conetess there uto now not quite d,D)O pamphlets. Mr. Force Ims collected nearly 40,14X1; H,UIO weio printed before 1800. As Mr. Force was so fortunate us to noeuro, many years since, five gieat mid unbroken collections, formed by lending politicians of dlUcTcut parties, who arranged nud bound up fur convenient reference till the pamphlet literature of t heir time, tbc collection is nut only unmatched, but. at Ibis day, uumuleh able, for completeness. The library also possesses forly-cigbt folio volumes of autographs, many of thorn letters written during the revolution; orderly books ol tbc same period; autograph journals of Washington, drcenc, Arthur Lee and others: and an unpublished manuscript of Los Casas. There ore "Lit) ol these manuscript volumes. The collection of maps Is unique and very valuable. There are also u large number of works printed In the Infancy of the art. A To*pot lu the Treasury Department* M n. Ingcrsoll a Washington corrcspoiidunt ol tliu Boston Aihrrtitir and a clerk in the Treu-ury Department, writes to that paper us follows on the niuch-dlacussod subject of “ llm teapot In UioTrcaaury “Ja (tie flntl place, that* who know are anrn that the threatened dUml**al arose from tlio pmsitreof applications for the places, and Uio Secretary Pas said that bo waa o6Hp/d lodo acme thing to relievo himself of thcm-soim-iblng that should “ let all tbe world know " that It was use* less t j seek th« placet. In tbe next place, about the teapot,* 1 will‘a round, unvarnlahed tale de liver.* In one of tbe beat bureau*, from one of the best‘heads,' (a gentleman, ot course,) there came a suggestion one day to one oftho ladles lhalshe should get up a'lca-cluh*; and raid suggestion was made several limes by the gentleman beforo tbe lafly earned U ont; and aner tbs club wan formed, there were more gen tlemi D Dc'onplnp to it than ladle*. One of the gemlcnmi was tbe excellent John Picrpoat, who lor many months made the lunch hour agreeable by his urlulling vivacity, ready wit, anecdote, and occasional poetic recitation, lie always seemed 10 feel under eepecltl obligations to tbe ladies who made the tea—so tccet table whore tbe customs of business allow btn two meals a day— and apparcotlvlelt board to repay tbe favor by bringing to the lunch-table eome mental food seasoned with tbe Attic salt with which he was so .well supplied. do yon think. Messrs. Editors, that la dles should be reproached for the‘teapot in Uie Treasury * nnosr theso eitcamsUnoo*? Itlnirne that If ladles were cot here the gentlemen wonld not have their tea made for them, and it la true also that whenever and wherever ladies po to work by tbe aide of men some modification, some feminine Influence will go with them. I think the carpet on the room I am sitting In. the diminished lobacco Jnicv on die floor, the respectable and oe corons attitude of the gentlemen at their desks, tbe refined and agrccaole aspect of the whole I room may be largely due to tbe fact that there ! are matrons and maidens fitting at desks at one end of it: and 1 wnlventure to assert that not one of these ladies, for the two years they have been here, could or would say I but irom the position of co-workcr with men there had arited one fAirp 'to wound the delicacy of the most sensitive lady, nor would a careful mother feel that her daughter was not as mnch shielded irom ham he*e as she could be in trie quietness of borne. Across tbe ball, where cleiks have been coming and going for two years, edo cot even know them by sight. I went to the blue book one day for the address of a gen tleman who bad been at onr house, and discovered that hehadbtenlormore than a year in the room opposite. At ihc farther end of this room I conld not tell the names of the clerks sitting there, un less I went to the records of the hurean. Such is the state ot thtugs In this mnch abased and cause lc.>sly slander* il Treasury Department, a place where I have carefully watched tbo experiment of woman's work for more than two years, without witnessing the sbalow of an indecorum, and where, 1 ventme to say, there are more really au j.erirr women together than can be tonnd under «ny other roof In the wire world to-day.” ' of Real Itatatc In New York. V**foni the v—v Ucralil. February o.) Asai» v,^ Cl or the constanaly Increasing mine of rca\««tatc we subjoin the follQwing figures of sales lately made; A piece of property on Broadway, near Prince street, seventy-ono feet front by two hundred feet deep, was sold within tho past six month (changing owners three times) at the follow, leg prices: First for $330,000. then for $42"».w0 and lastly for $400,000 A lot on Fifth arenas, near Twcntv-tldrd street, that, live years ago, broncht only SIB,OOO was sold since December the Ist -for $30,000. A full lot on the north side of Broadway, between Canal and Howard streets—purchased mere ly for Ha location, the building on It being of little value—brought at private sale slls,OX>. A leasehold property, corner of Broadway and Ninth street, fifty-six by one hundred and twenty-five feet, was sold for SIIOO,OOO. A piece of proj*erly In Broadway, mar Spring street, seventy-five hy two bun dred fert, was readily bought for $430,000. An Ungllsb basement house, together with Itshn, on Filth avenue, near Twenty-sixth street, having a Ironlngo of only seventeen feet on the avenue, soon met with n pur chaser ol $45,000. Two years ago this same pinj*erty mm sold for SIO,OOO. Another house of the same character and in the same locality, having u frontage on Filth avetmo of twenty feet, brought, without much heshnvey Irom the purchaser, $34,500. Two doiniellea In Broome street, near Hrrrttc (neither of the buildings being of mleh value) reached the high figure of $15,000 each. A largo Impotllug firm of fancy goods, now doing business hi Chamber hired, have scented the Irma ol the five loft* of I lie Merchants’ Union Kxpre-s Company bulldltig (tbrioerlv Taylor’s saloon) at an an imal rent of $lll,OOO. Tito building Is fifty led front by ona hundred and liny deep. Ami In thl« proportionate ratio la property valued In all tho builncsa thoronghlhre* of tho city. - _ naiPhteofaniludßofi [From tbo Boston Journal, February 1.) About half-past one o'clock Saturday after* noon, a Mind bov fourteen years of age,- named Joseph C. Emerson, and a pupil lu the Institution for the Blind at South Boston, wtiH found dead and banging by the neck in a closet attached to his chamber at the Asy lum It appears that the boy bad placed a leather strap around his neck, passing one end through a buckle at the other end, forming a slip-noose, and fastening the strap to n clothes hook, hung himself, but whether with the intention of taking his life, or simply frightening some of the other In mates, Is not certainly known. Be ate his dinner with the.other pnplls at one o’clock, and nothing unusual was noticed in his ap pearance at the table, or daring the fore noon. Be was a lad of remarkably cheerful temperament for one afflicted with his mis fortune, always lively and making fun and amusement for his companions; and if the act was one of Intentional suicide, no cansc whatever can be assigned for It. Dr. Thaxter was called, and every effort made by him as well os those In charge, at resuscitation, but lif-was extinct. The parents of the unfor tunate boy reside In East Jaffrey, N. H., and his sad end will cause them much sorrow, as it already has his associates at the Asylum. Sooty In ParU—Skating on UicDoU de Dolosuc, [Paris Correspondence (January IS) of the New . , York Times.] icstcrdavmornlngihe city was as silent and as funereal as a tomb; the few faint sounds that reached one’s cars came muffled, and ns It all .nature had gone into mourning; under the influence of these soothing sounds the sleepy slept, and the lazy dozed away the morning hours. It was the first hie snow of the season, and Paris is almost a stranger to these welcome visitations. When people did wake up they lonnd, to their de light, the hldeonsness of the previous slop covered up with a white layer of velvet and the city looking for once as dean, aid as hcautilul, and as coquettish as a young gUI going to her first communion. As lor the skating community, Its Joy knows no limit. Last winter the boys of the Baby Club—that is to say, creme de la creme ot the young aristocracy, got a con* cession from the obliging Prefect of the Seine (or a special skating pond In the Bols de Bologne. They bnill handsome Swiss cottages on the border, for restaurant, warm* Ing and- dressing purposes; they erected electric lights for cveningfcxcrclses, and they arranged hydrants and hose for flooding and piodndng ice at pleasure, and then they sat down and waited for Jack Frost to come along and do his part, but he didn’t come. All winter lone the Club det Pattneun was (bo standing Joko of Parts. DM tlmro come * sniff of winter from tbo North, quick the vaUneun got oat their skates, throw on Ihalr lure and t heir fancy clothes tnd hurried to the Bols, always—oh vanity of tnan I—ln open camugcs and by thu travelled route, only to meet with deception, and to retrace their steps with the vague fooling of men who are not getting their money Track. Thus the winter patsed away without a alnglo day of skating, and the trapa were piled away and the Swiss cottages locked up In hopes of bet ter luck next winter. Until two days ago, the present winter threatened the hopes of the Skating Club with the same deception as the last, and already the petite prate and the whole pack of fun-makers were at their heels. But now the patineurt cry “Victory!” They have had three days' skatirg, and the Emperor and Empress have Easscd an afternoon in skating on their pond, [onor Is safe! Fearful Leap from ibe Cincinnati Sus pension Bridge. J{From the Cincinnati Gazette, February 5.1 It'was frequently remarked, while tho bridge across the Ohio was being construct ed, that it would afford greater facilities to persons disposed to commit suicide than bad been enjoyed upon the ferryboats for so long a time, ft was supposed there would bclcaa opportunity to hinder the desperate act, and hardly the probability of recovery after Us commission. But tbe first attempt, from the new base of operations, made yesterday proves how fallacious were public expecta tions, In regard to the latter particular es pecially. About eight o’clock in the morning, a man was seen to stop about the middle of the bridge, take off bis hat, put somctulog from his pocket Into it, which proved to be Uls pocket book, containing a slip on which was written his name and residence, besides a little money; face the lowerstde of the river, and deliberately leap into the eighty feet of space that reached from where he stood to the surface of water below. From the shore his body was seen flying through tbe air, In a truly “high and lofty tumbling” style, but reaching the water In more than double-quick time. Luckily, some of tbe crew of the General Buell were convenient to n skill', and pushed out immediately to bis rescue. More from luck than from Intention he missed striking a cake of ice with his head, and thus saved Ills brains—wc Imagine be bad noue to spare—and, after going to tho libitum of the river, rose again to the surface, wheio he regained his breath and senses about tho same time, It is supposed, for he soon began struggling to save himself, ami was in time saved by the men in the skiff. When taken to dry land, he was found to bo still a sound man noully, and, putting on his hat, which was brought him. lie started for home, on Clay street, near Liberty ; but, on the way, stopjied at the Police Court, where the following facts wctu learned in reference to him: Jlisnamo Is John Honfbaucr; ho is thirty eight years of ago; has a wlfo and live chfl dten ; drinks to excels and abuse? his family. On Saluidny he bought a pUlol, end his wife fearing that he was going to shoot her, had him arrested for threatening violence. He gave hall to appear in court Monday morn, lug, hut instead attempted to appear before the judgment seat of tils Maker. Ills ball had been forfeited, and officers had been to hts house to arrest him on a rajdnt, when he made his appearance, soaking wet, before thu Judge. Ills cam will ho hoard this morning. A l*le mid m Forgery. (From tlir New York Tribune. February o.] We lately beard wit Ii some surprise that General Butler hml sued for libel tho West, ern miscreant who openly threatened I’rcsl* dent Lincoln with ussnsdnatlon, and who uas a tool of (ho rohclllon throughout—lay* lug his damages at (100,000. Wo Judge It perfectly easy for the worthless fellow to prove, If placed on his defence, that nothing tie might say could possibly damage any one to thu amount of hall a dime, postal cur. rcncy. We utu glad to leurn, by the lollow mg card,* that General Butte: baa pcrpelmt* cd no such folly as has been asserted : To the Editor ot the New York Tribune: Hut: May I oak you to atamp a forccryt An ai.couticcnicut is going the round* of tlio unpors that I have hruuphia suit against one Pomeroy, of the Ln Crosse (Wls.) Democrat lor lihcl. That acllon, m> contrary to my determined silence as to newspaper slanders, needed confirmation, so tti<* Jhviocrot publishes a letter, tmrporlbli to be signed by me, ofierimr to withdraw the sab, to which he makes a grandiloquent and abusive re ply. Need 1 say that 1 have bronchi no sneb salt srinns! him or any oilier slaudermc m rlbhlcrT Thu Idler Is a forgery to bolster a He. Yonrs. trnly, , lieu*. P. Oltlsii. New Yoitn, Fchniary 4,1M7. Reward* for AMOMtiiiaUon In Tenuoa* The Nashville TVcm, of the 4th, has the following relative to a conspiracy which han hern entered Into by certain rebel citizens of Cannon, White ami Warren counties to pro* cure the anamination ofu mtmher of leading and intluuntiul Union men, all late officers of the Federal army. residing in the Third Con* ertmUmal District. Tlio following, Bays tlie JVws, are the names of the penona marked nut for death, and the sums ottered fur mak* ini? way with tlicni: For Colonel W. B. Blokes, f.%000; for Colonel lllnckburn. $1,000; for Colonel nctsnre, $1,000; lor Cantaln Yanatta, |i,LUO; for Couum Uatba* way. JJ.tCO. A rebel citizen living near Alexandria, In DeKalh County, lias ottered to give SI,OOO for the aseoeflnutlon of Captain Vunalta. lb is understood that three notorious cut* throats, who were once members of Champ Ferguson’s gang of bushwhackers, have been employed to do the work. Several Union citizen?, fearful of their lives, have fil'd to Alexandria for safely, where a number of discharged Federal soldiers, formerly belong ing to Cbloncl Stokes’ cavalry, resided. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETARY. Tmsuo&T Ettkiso, February 7. The mercantile trade of the city shorn sign* of Improvement, and In all quarters we bear of an Increase in the volume of business. Country buy ers are making their appearance, and considering the state of a (Zaire, arc purchasing with consider able liberality. In financial circles there is a de cided improvement. Confidence la recovering, and there is less hesitancy on the part of capital ists to make advances. The demand for Money continues qnlte brisk, both in the way of fresh paper and renewals, hut the market shows a dim inution of that slriigcncy which marked the month of January. An uncomfortable closeness still prevails, and until Mr. Grlnnell’s bill shall be adopted by the Senate, there are no chances of the market working to that condition known as “extremely easy." Paper is closely examined, atm none save what Is termed' “gilt-edged" finds favor at the discount houses. In the open mar ket good doable names pass at IH®2 per cent per month. Exchange was scarcely so strong In the fore noon, owing to the demand for currency to liqui date Balances ottnc Clearing House, and transac tions were made between banks at 25 cents premium. In the afternoon there was a firmer fecimg, with more buyers than sellers at thla figure. The counter rates were firm at par buying •*<l l*lb Wmlum selling. Some of tho banka were obliged i<» «&ip currency. There is trouble a>nng the Insurance companies in New \ork. Tho extraordinary losses of last year compel many of the companies to cancel their scrip dividends, much to U* Indignation of the stockholders. The Sun Company forms the great staple of convcnat on In underwriting circles. Tho managers of thts concern cancelled scrip to the amount of $1,230,000. This raised a stoiin on the part of the stockholders, who Insist that the cancellation of sixty percent of this snnt would bate been snQlclet to wipe out tho losses. Pending the adjustment of thts Internal difficulty the Vico President has resigned, and a large nnm- bcrol scrip holders Insist that tbo company shall go Into liquidation. Thus for the present the matter stands. A Washington telegram “Tbe Ways and Menus Committee bavo Agreed to an important amendment to the Tax till! in re gard to whiskey, providing that all wtikkoy of fered lor sale at a less pneo than the lax (f-I.Pd per gallon) I* to be seized and confiscated. Other stringent regulations are provided, which. II la UiciiEht, wllletT-doaHy prevent the gross frauds which haw bwnpcrpc'raicd.” Ihe simplest way to put a stop to the frauds In (he whiskey trade, and secure to the Government Ihv tevenue wtucti U ousbi to Obtain, 1* to reduce the tax to Q'ty rents per gallon. Belting goods below the cost of production Is not, in common law or •ntnon sense, evidence that the party selling Mich good* Is not legally entitled to the ownmhlp ol Hie same. During the pa«t year woollen goods of some descriptions were sold tor loss than cost ol production, but none will venture lonsseit Hint the parlln who sold such goods were i.uilho legal ownrta of the same. The Gov ernment may |»d«o such whiskey a* Is ofl'-red for a less prtco than f3.w) par gallon, oi> snvplclon of having been Illicitly niaon luctured, tun thn same cannot he confiscated until Iba Government shall have proved the whiskey to bvcouiiabsud. In common taw tbe harden ol proof shall have no more snccesa under the provltloua of the proposed law than It now hat, the addition al revenue will not show a very largo credit to profit account, Tbe opinion obtains to a large ex tent In whiskey circles, that too many of oar legis lators are Interested in a pecuniary way In the illlcll dltllllaUoo of whlskoy. Whether this it to or not, we have no meant of knowing, bat think It quite likely. Judging from the whiskey “ rings” which ruled the lobby tome two or three yean since. Gold was spaln Irregular—closing lower than yesterday. The market opened at 13SH, de dined to 137 V and closed at IS»H. The follow- Ire quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: iftno a. m 13SH Il2:*i p. m — ..... IS} , .l>?i l:Uu p. m. .13S -iOOp.m .137?; 3:15 p.m. 10:35 a.m. 10:15 a. m Il:OU a. in. 11:15 a. m. .137* 4:00 p.m. .157* 11:45 a.m. 1* 15 p. m. Here the market was qniet at 13C?i013S —elec- tee at 187 bid. Silver was nominal at 197®130 buying. ■ The Public Fneda were higher. The following shows the closing prices of to-day, com peted with those of the three previous days: I? S ? a S c. r .IKS 1 OSH lOfH ' Sixes of 'Si. Five-Twenties, 'di 1074 10S?» lOS* 108 H Five-Tnenllcs,’W IW4 10SJ4 1064 1064 Five-Twenties, ’OS IOC4 107 IDAS 107? j Ten-Forties 100 H 1004 1004 lOOfc Seven-Thirties, Aue 10&W 1164 1054 105* Seven-Thirties, Jane... .103 1054 105*5 1054 Seven-Thirties, July Itfi ID-'4 1054 U 64 New Five-Twentie5,.....1054 3MX -li>l£ 105 The Stock List was comparatively steady, and the vibrations were light. New York Central de clined!. Erie was S off. Michigan Southern advanced The following shows the quotations of to-day, compared with the two previous days: Toe*. Wed. Thar. nt *1 IVd. ffd. B'd. B'd. B’d. Bd. K.Y. Cco US 101 K 101 V ICS 193 V 1°) Kn*(eom); «ou as* Sd* 59* »V 69X M. 6, (com) 73X 7*V ' «X TSU 7S.W 74X C. i XUtti Six WV S3* «S S3V SIX Rock Islands 99h Wx W 9S* 98X «K C.&2..W ffij 37 S7X X7* 87V » 2 pM... 57X MK C 7 tS% «3V P.FU'W.ftb..... Bn* 97* »x WX Qelriatlver. SB S>% 39 W SB* S7fc W. Union Tel 45 4IX 4«V 44X 41* 41* A. (com) USX US 1I«M 115 lux USX Bur. & Qnlacy....ia m ISO ID isj ... M. central .toix IC7* ins w iosu l« Uooson iavcr....iMj» i» irrx m; uo 111. tfentnl 115.3 Hl* Hl* 114* 111* 111* I“r& Head lISX ICO JW* 101* IBV ICRV Clevr. ft T01ed0...119 119 U9V 119-4 1»v T.& Wabash 42X 41* 41* « 42* Here there was more activity in Government Se corltlea, tad the market was firmer. We quotes ooTnunrorr uotmrriEs—oiuoago suixn. U.8.61n5. or 1831... U. ti. mum, ifirs U. 8. 6-*u«, law U. 5.6-«», 16>0 IT. B. n-‘JO>, small 11. H. 10-ltft, laiire.... U.b. HWCs, 5ma11.... (7. b. 7-30?, Irt aeries U.8.7-‘X)a, Sdceike, U.8.7-30s, 8d aeries. U. 8.7-to*, tman io4|f Compound, Jane, JBM ItG'i “ July, 1NM...: US “ Aug, 1*64 1154 “ Oct., 1861 mu “ Dec.. IPM 113* *J May, 1865 113 Aug.. 18(3 110>t “ Sept, 1665. 110 “ Oa.. 19*5 1094 The Second National Bank quotes Govern ments as follows: Coup., ’81..1C6H0 - T-COstemillV-OlM® .... 6- coup., June Comp.llC4 (large)....lo6Ji®loß4 July •• “ ..116 s*o coop., Ann. “ ..1154 («nat1)...105?iai074 Oct. “ “ ..IHV} 10-40 coup., Dec. “ “ ..115’4 (1arge)....1004® .... May “ 1565..1114 10-19 coup., Aug. “ ** ..11U4 (small) ...1024® .... Sept. “ “..HO 7- ©1054 Oct. ** “ ..1094 Local Stocks are dull. We quote: Chicago City 7s Cook Connt; Vs Chamber of Commerce. —lbe Philadelphia Ledger ol tbe 4ih observes: There is no scarcity of money, and tho depres sion of ccdtt wbkb for the last few wceksbas made money seem scarce, lightened up consider ably on ba.ntday and yesterday. All borrowers tbe right kind of securities are readily ac commodated at Gto 7 per cent on miscellaneous collateral. Cal) loan*, in large amounts, ate of fered under G per cent, and strictly first class com mercial paper is discounted at 7 to 8 per cent. Th; market bore a more cheerful tone, and capitalists were more ready lenders. —The Cincinnati Gaz*Ut of yesterday says: “The money market was more active to-day, and good paper had a pretty free currency at from 9 to 13 per c*-Dt, while the undertone was general ly more healthy and reassuring. There is still, however, a cautious feeling, and not much en largement of (be limits within which bankers are disposed to operate. It will take time, In con nection with favorable circumstances, to get mat ters into such a position that other than undoubt ed names cm be passed freely.” —The following are the averages of the New York City banks for the weeks ending on t&e dalcc named: Wecka ending Feb. 5, *67 Jan. as, Differences. 1.0 ant... |»1.*64.33 S2SI.«TI.K« Dec. fllo.UH Bp«ri« iß,:sn,(rti inc. ui9.ur7 LccM-Tendeff.. fa. 911.511 C3,127.r0y inc. 3431. M circoiaiitn jj,vu.S47 B>,<e>T,nn lac. «10 Net Deposits... SiXl.sll.UC 197.95J.076 Inc. 7439.M0 Av. Exchanges 85,401,199 Dl.auiHfl Dee. 9,401,5 W —Tbo lolloping comparative table exhibit* the averngo condition pf the'leading Items of the hanks ot Philadelphia for the past aud previous weeks: Last Week. This Week, Capital (15,817,150 ('6.517,150 Doc.|9X),oo-l Loan 0L1C*,473 Hpecin S'O.WI 871.W,| Doc. H. 337 IcgalTendTs 10.9n.371 10,3G0,]33 Dec. 91,313 Dc.o-lti JJO.UtLTTO B'J.P.'JJ,7ia Inc, 690.U3J LTrcula’ion.. in,:iA|,o&a 1U.130.FU3 Inc. 1U.31U the New Yutk Iltrc.d remarks: lbs gross earnings ol the sixteen undermention ed railways were as follows in December last and lu the corresponding month In 1S05 : IW3. Difference. Atlantic A (treat Wrelm. 1475.T0 IJfiHAtt Tier. |IOT,U4«K<»ifc Alton,. aval ar.,iu Inc. i Chicago ft Ureal Kattrrn » r W Inc. 13,3.11 Clicuico ft North- wwimi w;m inc. • w,m Chlcaio, liurk li- Unrtft 1-a.JOc... 3J1.7J1 UJ.4M loc. 713 Hr to tlncltiiling IliiHalo (lltldoit. (Mlliflli; UfV»*MIN, »iit m>l In IMA, tnrluiltnirCan.ft Kluilrt ft. 1t).... U 71.916 1,011,cm iw. 450.K1 itiM>i»ci'»f,... r.iK.fw Mn,ui) in-. n.iii arMUA Uii.... lUJ.7*J 111.M3 !>«;. S.WI irUluMH.rntml.. K*,wu SUH.mi |>«c. 70,?ji iriiluan Hiullii-rn an s «ia LB.m Uoc. 17,l« 3 >l» aiikcc-ft I'rai rlc an fhlrrt UO.WI W.7J7 Dec. 11,377 Milwaukee ft Ml. I*lllll 171,ta li-t.711 pefl. 4VMt (11,1.1 J. *«■ V(H IM. .. t 1t.... ,J n.j oMnAUiMiViVi'i'i. iiVjTj vXisi ix-c. iSui lliuliunrn. Kwrl Wayut'* IMjlc... MO.UM UO.ISi Dec. W.4SO ToUon, Wnbuh & wi»um an.ra 901,711 inc. 17,718 Tout fwns.m *j.ia.wo nee. The enrnlngs of all bnt the lllmolt Central and Ohio A MbMcHlppl are official, while thane of tho two nuutloncil are In pari estimated. The proas earnings of tho asmr sixteen Hups for the years IWI3 and 16M were as ntulcrdntcd: me. isos. Difference. Atlantic A Great Wettern 93.47(5,37« lac. 972.043 Chicago A Alton.. 3.5U1.091 Doc. Chicago A Great Knatem 1,103,976 Uft.7lo lac. 183.8 W ChlcicnA ftortb wislern 7,903,991 9,089.991 lac. 1,174,013 Chicago, Itork M- • and Al'snne... 3,313,511 iDC. 16W11 Erie One. Ilullalo division, tml not dorp Oct. i.Can. A Elnarn Kali- road) Illinois return)... lUrlrtU A Clu- clmii.ll 1.323.017 t,IM,WN Dee, SMOJ ItlcliluMJ Outral. 4.54U.544 4,3*1.w Dec, 814,471 MlrMc>n Poiilli’n. 4.«C,733 4.4W.4W Dec. 163,300 Jdllwntimt'A. I’rel* rlortn Chinn I W 1.713 3.013,700 Inc. W.SW SlU'kfc AHl.l'mul. &*o.£l Inc. J4./M •nio 4 wiwiMtrpi zjw\iu b'oc. 4tT.tt7 ftctiiracn....... B,«»,CM 7.C4.006 l)#c. 1.W3.0M Toll do. Wfttaah ft __ Wwlrrn MM.«W 3.C31.KS Ino. 7«.3W Western Union.... <M,M BH.WO Inc. JJi.fiM TnUl tT6.W0.133 |71.07*,6Jl Dm. t'J.mStl The decrease Is equal to about three percent, bnt tills would doubtless have been somewhat larger only for the fact of a row of the linos hav ing opeiated an Increased mileage. —The New York 71m<s says: Thu New York DrvDock Company have wound up their Ibnklne Department, and repaid the capital, CSm,W>, thus employed for maiy years past, to their stockholders, the email outstand ing circulation Is redeemable on presentation at the Union National Bank, until (ho Ist of April next, and alter that the notes must bo scat to the State Banking Department at Albany. On the otner hand, the National Currency Bank, capital S2CO,CO(), now reports its weekly averages at the Clcanng Bouse Association should do toe same thing, to make the statement of the New York City Bank movement complete. fhe annual piodnction of gold ano r>tr*r throughout too world la Urns stated by 11. Che valier, the calculation being made la franca: Gold. Silver. Totals. America, fhmC5.26t,»2,000 23S.rWS.lW0 517.6fi0.000 Emoiif 4-2.228,000 13,089,000 53,317,000 llussia 4.443,000 &VW7.000 iIBS.Si3.OOO Aokt/aUa 1,111,000 820,000,000 821,111,00) Fraucs 312.116,000 701.701,000 1,013,010,000!,lll,ooo UTS.STS.O’O 3^6,060.000 Toul fra5ca..123,227,000 077,559,000 1,400,570,000 The product of the world from ISIS to ISCS be ettlma'es thus Silver, franc#. Gold Total francs 20,009,000,000 —The return* of tbs Dink of France for the week endirc January 17 show the following re* suits as compared with the previous account: In* create—advances, l,CC6,000t:note*,20,800,01)01. De create—bills discounted, 14,0C0,U0)r.; ca«h In band, 2,60*1,0001.; treasury balance, 600,000 f.; private accounts, C2.Clo,olXlf. lhe value ol money m thclcadlnc cities on the Contli'enl was as follows at ibe latest advices; Paris. E—2»t. Vienna, 4 —l. Berlin, 4—yif. Fiankfort, rp*. Amsterdam, 4—4. Tnnn, o—o. Brussels, 3 2*£. Madrlo, o—o. Hambnig, o—S}>. Et. rctcrstnjc, 7—o. • l.ondou tapers, oated January 19, state that there bad been several withdrawals of cold from tbe bat k during (be week for exportation. On the '<7tb. owing to tbe flatness of the Paris Ex chaser. and in the absence of supplies in tbe mar* ket, i’Hl.lxfl was taken from the bank. There was an Impression that further withdrawals would take place, as it would appear that payment had to be made, amonc other things. for recent Im ports of corn. Prices were a little bictier. Tbe lollowiup were the quotation* for bullion and cold and silver com, according to the British standard per ounce: Fomco cold la b*r* £9 17 9 Forclra silver Id ban .....£0 a Ci<* 0 a IK UoUlcoln— Portugal pieces 0 3 17 7 American eacles 316 3KW S 16 4 Doubloon*, patriot Doubloon*, epsoDh Napoleon* 10 Omiderptscr* Silver coin— Mexican dolli Atnvrtc* o dollar* BpaaUU pillar dUl'afe. New York 5t Clewing price* Tor cash. Ft Jeeeph M. Lyon* A Co., Uro Ist Do. MUd K. V. CentraU.lWK 103 Krte (c0m.).... Wtf »V M. 5. ieom.).,. 73 3 74. V C. A Wits W*' Ms Ht ck Island.... r.Ah.w m* w Doprcl*n , w... DJW W*V i».,rt.w.*c. uuirxsilver... Wk IDV W.U.Tet 44V «IV C.* A.(r0m.).114k lUV H. A O'liney. ..10U MlrH.C«t.iTftl..loNk 1W Hudson 13) lll.crntrsl . .mv 114 V l*.A i(;<k V.A Toledo....UVX in T.ft w*h*M»... « 41V Mnrket-lit Doard, Hoad] Tunutur KriKiKfl, Pobrmrjr 7.1017. Tl>c followlnc tablcti thowth»*ri*c»ljit* anil •blf tnniii of Produce during tlio |iait iwcotMour hour*. nccKirr* rur TwiKtr-roun nouw. inu iwn. 4.l’Hfl U. 114 10,1 V) 17. JJI JI.HW IH.dOU 5,«Vj I.IM 01.3 M «S,ilia Miu M,7« 113,430 I'loar, bile Wnut, l>u Corn, bu . o*l4, ti 0......... lUf™) 1 ," on Urs»s beed.lbe.. llroom Com. Its, Cured Moor, &*., Ilevf, brfc Fork, brls.. Lird. Ibs 1 allow, ths Hotter, lbs .. ... U. Upci«, No .... live Hope. N 0... Cattle, No Hides, lbs 11. Wines, litis... Wool, B>s T-umber, tn Shingles, m snirKEKTa rjksr TmiT-rocn nonu, IS/7. 1%6. . 11,873 8,195 , 9,153 5.310 . 2,950 7,9:2 . WfiS . W 59 . 858 .111,991 54,306 .8,910 19 923 .836.157 951^41 , 1,673 50 .1,530 1,419 .462.498 53U.U57 Floor, brls Wheat, ho Coin, bo Oats, b 0... Kyc. bn Barley, bn ... . Grass Seed,lbs... Broom Conufcs. Cared Meats, lb*. Beef, bits Potk, brls lord, tbs Tallow, lbs Batter. t>« Dead Bops, No. Live Bees. No., rattle. N 0..... Bides, Its Bleb wines. brls. Wool, lbs... Lumber, to. Shingle*, m. Lath, in Salt, bits.... The market for Mess Pork was again very daD, bnt holders seem very tenacious In their 'dews, and although there were free sellers of good brands at $15.75, there was no disposition to make a concession in order to force sales. Some choice brands ate held at 119.00. The transac tions were Insignificant, footing up 150 brls, at. |lS.“£®l9.oo. Extra Prime Pork was quiet, with sales of 231 brls, part at (14.00, and the balance on terms which were not made public. Rumps sold to the extant of CO brls at (15,00. Mess Beef was quiet, with sales of GO brls at sls 00. Sweet Pick’cd Hams were qnlet, but firm, with sales of 100 tes at lIOUKc. ihe demand for English Meats was more active, and the market was firmer, prices favoring sellers. We note sales o 1.14 S bis at lie fo- Long Cut Hams; 9£©lCc for | Short Hit; »SC for Stretiords, and 9c for Cumberland*. There Is an active demand (or Bnlk Meats, of which the market Is nearly bare, and prices were firm. We note sales of eO.OOO tbs Clear Sides at lO&c loose. Smoked Sides sold to the extent of SO.OOO lbs on terms not made public. Greoo Meats were quiet and steady, with sales of n«Tnn from slaughtered Hogs at 10c. Lard was dan. Packers are not disposed to sell nnleaea^ lit 2d l*t 34 mil onislde prices, tot speculative holders who ate desirous to onlosd, !•# ffW st liyo lor cood brands, without attracting pnrchi»«r«. Dome retail lots told »t lie /or Keltled tod HH« for No. 1. Create m In good demand and firm* with tales at 10c for White; B«c tor Yellow, and B*c lor Drown. . . . „ Quite a number of the packers bare doted for the tcaaon, end it U expected that all will ceaie cotUng within a week. In tome quarters It la at* aerted that Mr. Wilward’s.estlroste of tbe picking U SO,OUO@4!*,OOO too high. Hit fiauret are made op iron the round number* returned by tbe packer*, wbich, of course, will give room for cr rore to creep In. Taking tbe receipts tod ship monte of flogs as posted on ’Change, as • bat la. wc are Inclined to tbink hit estimate a little wide, as there Is no allowance made [or the setoal city consumption since the commencement of tbe packing season. Well Informed packers estimate the actual catling at 550 ®553.(*J0 head. The re ceipts of dressed bogs by wagon, though quite brisk daring the first good sleighing, have almost ceased. Buying. belling. ....iwqi max ....iwu ions ....mnu ims ....107 1074 ...KKxaimu .... ....1004 IMii . ..IW4 ....1064 ....too ....105 There was an active demand for Dressed Hogs, and the market advanced s®lsc—-tbe extreme lm* 1 provement obtainable only lor heavy averages. 1 Sales ranged irom S7.SJ&S.2^— closing at (7.35® , 7.75 for good lots dividing on 200 lbs, and #7.80® | atiQ lor heavy averages. ! Whiskey was dull, with retail sales of duty-paid ; at J2**2o. Bonded Is nominal at S9®*3c. Floor was quiet, but firm, with sales of i,i2o brls at 811.50 for While Winter*; 811.50 for Red Winters: f9.60®10.75 for Sprliur Extra*: 87.50® 8.50 for Spring Sopers; for Bye, and 87.00 for Buckwheat. At the opening the market tor No.S Spring was quite strong and H®lc belter, but subsequently a strong desire to realise canted a break, and the market closed dull and 1c lower. Tbe demand for No. 1 Spring Is trifling-restricted to single oar load lots for milling. We note sales of S'J.UU) bn at (2.50 for Bed by sample; 8215 for No. 1 Spring (regular); (2.00 for No. 2 in A- D. &Co.; fl.Bl for do In City, and «l.t«@l.l>oH for do Begnlar, and 81.70 for Bcjectcd—closing dull with free sell ers of No. 2 at (i.SSHt *nfl no buyer* over 11.33. Cora was fiat, and the market closed doll at a decline of»i®Kc for No. 1, For Rejected there was a gond consumptive demand, and prices were a trifle better. About 63,000 bn changed hand? at 715»i©79JiC for No. 1; &JK@?oc for No. * and64tt©6tic for New Bejcctcd-ctoalagdnll at TOUctorNo. 1. Buying. Selling. . 93 lOil 96 9TH . ftl 934 bat* were doll and easier, with al * at 40&Q. 41c for No. 2—closing with do buyer* ot«r 4*Hjc. llje was In fair demand, and fully H&lc better, with folea at 93®'i4c for No. 1 fresh; Pic for do Winter; end POc for No. 2. Barley was eteadj, with »alo« at Clc for No. 9 Bcpulnr; 43055 c lor Rejected a* to locoilon ; aud tSc6j.fl 2U forc&mple lota. St-cdii were more acilro and firmer, wllb talcs At ($.7883.10 for llmolhy; and f for Outer. Nothing doing In Flax, which la nomi nal at $9.&(j03.C0. The lollowlog telegrams wore read on ’Change to-day Ntw Youk. February 7. Flour, steady and quid at sto.l3(ftll.K*. Wheal Innetlve and nominal at f*.X6®a,3l. Corn. Arm and quiet at fl.nii. Oat* firm, and "teady al WftWc. Fork firmer and nolct at f 10.. J for Old QiidfSl.OOforNew. Lord,(lull hat steady. Ho?*, quiet at tU.BSQV.CO. Whiskey, firm bat quiet. Hold, IV. LATXTI. riotir, sci>n-hcivr. Wheal, hcarjr. Com .hoary at f 1.13. OaU, heavy at AIO&1". Old Tork. Arm atffli.W); Now, nominally ncchangcd. Whiskey, heavy. lb the afternoon there was a “break-down” In (be nifitkel for No. 3 Hpilng Wheat, ami price* declined WivVic-clostng null at f t.WI. Corn wiu Inactive, wtili.buyers of No. 1 at Tic and seller* at lUHc> Provision* were quiet. There waa conitd* piahlo inquiry for Bulk Meat*, and llio market was firm. w lib rale* ol SO.UOd »a clear Hldoa and 90.UW P a Hough Hide*, loose, no loan* not midcpnhllc, understood to bo In Uio neighborhood of lo?i and B»iC. The rattle market opened aharp. and continued brUk to iho cloao. Tlicrewna atronc ahlpplng demand, and also a good inquiry on local ac count. under which provlom ralei tveie tolerably well sustained. Rale* foot up 1,737 bead, at a range of t4.iofit.7.(W for common to extra grade*. JlecelTcd to-day, I.TOU bead. Owing to the largo supply la (be pen*, tbo price* at tbo close wore a little easier. The moikct for Uve Uoge w*i acllvcind buoy ant. the entire receipt*—B,li6 bead—bring readily taken tip by shipper*’and packer* at ffI.OOJJiUO for Inferior U> fair lot*, at|oCo@o.63fof good to choice Hog*. The market cloaoa atroug at ahovo quotation*. Dolled Hiatca Army Award*. The IkHowing awardt hare t>eea atiLounc-d by lire- Tel Colonel W. U. Hmall, CUtefC. H. Ueuarlmcai of the Teuncatce, Louiavlitv. K}~ Fehruaiy 3d. 15.601.06 S JIAMJ-90 pee. 1.0U.W0 T.lal.Mb 6,430,193 Dec. 731,019 ■ OVISTILtR. Ixiwti Htagg, I.OM hrla mrae l*ork at (30^73. Lost*Mass,9,uru fts “Hingg** ham* at ili>.ii. j. prter A- C<>» 30.000 &s ckar rib bacon shiiw ol UNie. pntcar. Floyd* C0..X.000 fti bacon sbouldcra at 19.V7. v.l). (JaetanoACOnlO doxen 9-» can tomatoes at tU A. * Co., 10 dot'J-ft can peach:* at (4 JO * W**Wicks A Co., 100 hrla dried peaches at llanlln, 1.000 brls floor atlttUA pv brl. T. L. Jatferson llrus.. I.OJObi Is fl jurat (13.60 per brl. Terry Sb-iUj, 600 brls flour at (11.75 par brl. T. L. Jrtlersou Uroa., IS.UUO »• aall at l>e per D. K. A.iioduard, 33 hns dnnl apples at .e per 16. T. L..l>itTer»on Uroa.. WO brl* com meal at 7c per 16. J. 11. Broil, I,«W fts dried beef at 190 par a. J. It. btoli, 100 brls coraod uim beef at (18.00 per brl. J. H. sum, lu brU corned family mew beet ai (14.30 * Hardin, 10,000 tta soap at (9.41 per 1(0 as. Alter Cooper, potatoes at li(c per D. CUiCI.SHATt. Titus* Stewart, CC,oW6sbiownsosarat UKcper ft. Brown, Batter A Co., 500 n 1« syrup at St JO per cal. jsmes A. Truer A Co., 10 bfbrli No. 1 mackerel, at * JsmtriUFrerer * Co„ 2,003 ft* Jars coffee at 37c *K. Wllblagloa & Co., 20.000 fts pilot bread at 9j Emory & Boor, 3AW fti candles at 24 Vc V a. Beans and beef tonnes not accepted. . 5,591,000,000 .15,018,000,000 S 13 9 i 4 3 U 8 314 C & 3 15 6 « I 16 4 U S IB S 0 4 10 o 0 4 Ilk' 0 4 10 14 0 4 10k -»04 Ilk’ lock Market. tbruary 7.1337, received by >ker*: Ist Bd. 9d Dd B. 6 V cent flondi. ISSI...IOSJ* 108 k 8. r. p ct 5-w Oun. ‘C1....1C5.V 103 V J. 8. * V ct Conn.. ’M....106,5' 105* 8, H P Ct 5-W Ciup., *f4....10*k IC7.V C. 8. 5 ** cent 10-ins IMS 100 k Ttca*. 7 3-10,1 st •erie*.....*....103* 105 k I*. 8. 7 no. 1.1 scrir*....l(o!* 105* V. 8. 7 3-10, 8d settee i«V Am. Hold 137 X 137 H 1 Id Hoard, steady. COMMERCIAL. in in Cl.tV’O 54,412 1,8-JO 5,162 11.370 11,-its 2.CU 2,529 5.551 5, Hi 2,133 1.917 85,715 24,025 SUO ISO 410 13,227 208 8C . lU.US 5460 • 5.841 1493 • 791 sn .132.034 13,573 . IR 55.511 S,S3O 453 £33 t6l 879 0 21 MS 6 IS bATRII. . Pork Packing In the West. | [From the Cincinnati Price Current.] Wecoullnue the publication of port parsing returns froai the packing points in the interior. The first col umn shows the somber packed to tho latest advices; the second ctlotun the estimated number for the sea* Km; the -turd the whole nnmbir packed last season at each place riven; the fourth the number of pounds ptr hoc, decrease in weight, and tbs fifth the somber of pounds per hog heavier. The üblc published (a oar last was added op In a hurtled manner. Just as oar pa* per wa* being preoarrd for the press, and there wa* a serious mbtske tn the footme of the third column: there vu also an error la the number ctree as packed at Ottumwa, lowa, last year, ol T.OCO hogs, which la al>o corrected tn the footlne. In a I cues wbetethenombers in the firstaad second c'.lumra arc the same, it Indicates that packing Is fin* uhea at that point |- w *»Pi o «? cf 2. srSt mS « _.a I I* =| || s %s Is Is e- »_ *S :»■* I P s Ell’ Wabash, Ind 12, U 430 6.553 u Portsmouth, Ohio, 719 779 360 19 Water.!. Ohio 500 wo none .. is Newport, Ind 3,000 2.C00 1,496 .. Urslißir7lDd 452 452 531 .. 30 rranklln. Ind none noae unni .. Detroit. Mich 19,000 Steubenville, uhio. 200 SCO 30] .. PirrivlUe, 1td.... no-o cone 300 .. Gnccsvilli-.L1... . 5.300 S.KO non» .. so Carlisle. Ind 1.7C0 1.90 3.595 3 Muiilce,lnd ....... lifOO 13.1’iCO 4,350 .. .. Delphi*. Ohio 300 4ifl IN 20 Dupont, Ind. none none nont .. ,Macl«on, led 81.121 31.til son* .. lUgglnsport, Ohio. 900 900 none .. Milton. 11l rone none 510 .. Dnbnnne. 10wa.... 3300 3COO nont .. so looseotle. Ind 3.000 I.IM WO.. SI Be witng ttretn. Ky 9.000 9,000 sou« .. rtl'leaUnt.V.Va 1M 150 400 .. a .New Boston. 111.... MW 30C0 S.IW .. Orkaloosa, 10wa... cone none ton* .. .. Vernon, ltd. *» XK 451 n .. W. slon! Mo MW MOO I.IM .. S 3 KT.Hi.lllf, 1nd.... 10.113 10.™ 5.000 .. u Princeton. Ind MOO 3.400 2.W0 ■ .. FV Branch. 1nd..., 735 785 none .. patnka. Ind 2.000 2,(00 note. , .. Vincennes. Ind 11.68? 5.519 1 .. .. Washington, ltd... 5.9C0 5,990 S,HH .. .. Kcwbunr, lad 907 907 SSO ~ Bhawnretown, 111.. UltO UM SO) .. I; New Haven. 111..** I.CTO 1,6 m host ~ .. CTlrago. in 7........ Tse.rorsoi.4Tj " .. Cl-cUtall. 0hi0... 446,000 450.000t\4jn» .. Indianapolis. Ind.. 53,0(0 45,000 36,t00 .. .. 1.310. W 1496.17 S 916,0331 P "'ic«tr«Wl"." l ? mra TO.M4IM.iiM 1.M1.9D4 Maty rackm twin* of u e opinion mt the rettmats cftlip nnmlwr to be packed atthlaplaie mJ ChlM.-o, tfvcnlnour laakwaa too blah, we lira mlurrd it, atdnnbtared both thcao plan* andledlauapotla in tbr IsPlr aPorp. The foctlOßp now ah*w an lucres**, an far, ol 7M.19T, thlapraaoo. At a tceral thin*, the rrporli indicate an tncreaac In the wlubr. but whal the tctnallpcreaee Ip. cannot tow bo acertalned with any <lr<rrr a of accuracy. Tba total number of bows parted m the Wertlaeticaeou was 1D33,«U» and too ptevloui year, 1,01,91#. Provision* In (laltlutnrp-Ptb. 0. Stock* have tern much rednrad, ab<tranaaclton« are nrrriMtliypaialbbulprlrea rate ter firm for next ctevrlptii't*of Ik>c product. Hacoi ahoullm *■ quule at lleaUU*! aldra at 11 cured hawa at italici bulk •hoiil'lcra al**iiifM Mm attuwialiei Wealrm and rlty lard, in brio. at tIHUSc i lianiniore rrfnrddc, lukasa, at 13Hr. and meat K«lJal|«.3»' J | ft.lo b tori. I'hltnilrliihln (’nlilo fllnrkn-lrbranrr 4. Hi* arrlnlanil »Or« nf »*tf radical iftp Avrnu* rirot* yard vrn* amallthirwrrk. r»».m<*tmuii,>no lirM. Tim tiiAtHrt «m »#ry (Ini). I*l prlrra »rn wlMiout any iiialrrul chare*. catra iv»i.jr|**nla»ml Wrairm •trrr* *OHt» at a lea rVlc* at Hn f»tr lo ccmhl «l At»l mnimon at ttiiii V>4iv • a.«*liMiiiAlu». Tim warkat eloanl try doll wtimn Um abnva rtnir 01 i>r}r»*a, ||oif• warr al*« kUnflvtopf. J.fiOO liran ariHrd curt aoM at lha « nl»n amt av«> im drove yard* at from UO.tutl.W V W »• BciUke UtUtf »M for nun* com, ud. Morkol Provialaßotn Ni<wOtl«oa. We are Indebted u> S. U. Barton A Co„ Cmmisilon Mi-ri h«nu of New Orleans, Air the stork ol «r<m«t»na at that place, February l, which showsclne** pork w.tli t>ri«; other kinds • I pork, m hrl«; ud, a>M tierces audits* kegs. No bacon or hoik mew. TUB CHICAGO IJVE HTOCK SIiRKET. Omn o? mi Daily Tfirn*.l Tnmsuar Ercjnxo. Fehrory 7. { The follow trc table shows the dally reolpu and shipments cf Utc Stoek donna the week to tbU ermine u reported by the Secretary or be Union Slock Yard Company: Cattle. Son. Sheep. Sunday ana Monday 17 ua .... Tuesday 701 8,771 131 Weonrwlay WS *M*- U« Thursday 1.938 SLta Total s,<m 1V« 1,713 The receipts tc-day were by the following dum Cattle. Hops. Sheep. By minoU Central sis tn« »J By Carlicctcn & Qnltcy Hoad. 839 1.741 835 By St. Lome & Alum Head.... 356 ITS MO By Northwestern Hoad 359 9M .... By Hock Island Hoad 331 LCM 193 ByPittsnarabA Ft. Wayne 46 .... By Michlxan Southern .... 83 8 1 «3 MS' l.ttS Tbe ■taipncnu to-tur. and for tbe vcek op tj ’till cretin j, were: CiUle. Hors. sbcep. SnsAt? and Monday 7(1 .... WrdDt&tr 09 m 831 TloniJiy •••• .... Saire to-day,‘af'entered at the different Scale-houses, were a* follow*: Cattle. Hon. Sheep. AtTTllnol* Central Scale w l.wt i§o At Burlington Scale L-« 9 536 At Alton 5ca1e........ ££ ;« At NoUhwestern Scale. *M M9l « BEST CATTLE—The day Just Clos'd hu been antm usually active one In all departments of the Live Stock market. Tha weather vu delightful, Indeed all that could Be desired for active oat door operations, and with the yards thirty active with buyer* asd sellers, trade openeu sharp and con tinned lively to the elite. The market opened strong In the moraine, with p.OOO heal In the sale pens Bat later arrivals sveiled the somber to 3 .SCO bead, asd sader thu excessive supply, an easier leellng obtained, and the great Bulk of the sales were made at prices ruling a shade lover than the opening ratal. There was a very decided Improvement In the quality cf the receipts to-day. and to this fact, per haps. more than to any other, are drovers indebted for the increased activity. There was a good attendance ofbnyers trom the different Eastern markets, and un der a strong shipping demand, the best droves were leadilyclosedontatpriceswellupto those of Satur day. There was also a better Inquiry fbr Bnkthaga* Cattle, fbr city slaughter, but owing to Iha’conu'arw* lively large supply ofinch In the matkek price* were Baniy sustained. Good stock Steen were la demand *£d salable W-SOyIS.OO. Sew Milch Cows, cr “Springers,” as they are more commonly known, were in fair request, and the tew offering were quickly taken op at remnucratlrt rats*. Hardly ea-nigh Isyst doing In Ibis class et stock to establish reliable quotation*, though prices taar be quoted at for com* month choice Cows. Vast Calves are Isquired f.r, and sell readily at (5A0A6.15 lor osamoa to prims grades. Tiaasartloas embrace 1,777 bead, which were divided tetwevnihippen, city botchers and foedeit, at prices ranging foem pJOdIS for inferior nixed lots, lerlad* leg (talnroogk Cows, half fat’xoed Steers. light Uelfon, and coarse oxen, to good tat Cows and good atodc Steers; IS.U&C.OO for fair to good smooth htme, and |« SOg.7XO lor prime to choice Bollocks. The market doses steady at the following quotations: crccxsT rwoaa. JErtro Jtesnra-Flne. fat, well formed. 4 to 9 > can old Steers, ana averaging 3SO fts and upwards ••*••• ...(6.73(^7.00 Prtme JJ*sret—Oo~A. well fotted, finely* formed Steers, averaging trsm UOO la Fair (ftvH/rs—Fair Steers, tn fair flesh, tv* erasing ns. at .. 5J5(d5.75 Jfrdiun Clei«—Medium Steers sad good Ccw*. Cl for city tUarhur and averaging MOgLCeOp.i. at. 4.a36-o*. Stock Cat Ur— Common Cattle in decent Otah. averaging 9orvat,oo6 ft*, at. 4.0031.73 /w/frlor—luht and thin Coat and Stem, rongh and coarre. averaging TO3MO ws, ■1 . ... . a ffVSS.T? C VttTk s\i.ES TO-DAY. Thirty three head talr fleshy Steers, averaging U 22 nMedaodWßterrd.atßs.S7N. „ Ibirtr-two bead medium stock Steers, averaging 171 ft*, at (US. . „ Fifty-two bead medium rongbith Steers, averagtag X,IS7 tii. at 15.45. fcixtti n head fair Cows and fair itock Steers, aver

agingSOOtts.att4.73. „ . Fourteen head commonjitock Steers, averaging 513 ftp, atH.'J. . „ Twenty-one bead prime batchers* Cows, averaging 1,153 ft a, fed amt watered, at 8529. Seventeen bead prime shipping Steers, averaging L 2031 s. fed and watered, at I6J*. „ FIRj-two bead prime shipping Steers, averaging l.r's ss. fed and watered, at ttAO. Forty .four head choice snipping Steers, averaging n*.fert sad watered, at t£.75. Ftflv-three head good stralrbt Steers, averaging na, fed and watered, at t&00. Fllty-flve head cood tmootn chipping Steers, aver tslng 1.2 U) >*.otfcar«. at fACO. ,_ SevcLtefsheadimdlnm bteers, averuging X.i63 as, led and watered, at >5.35. . ._ Seventctn head good fat Steers, averaging 1.172 ft*, * heart medium Steers, averaging 1,143 ttt. fen and watered, at >5250. , „ „ Nineteen htad good smooth Cows, averaging 933 Bs, off cars, at >4 k;w. . Twenty head lair «U>ck Steen, averaging 1,10. ttt, fed and watered, at >5.00. _ „ Eighteen head good Cows, averaging 1,003 ft*, oil good rcnghltb steers, averaging I.SW °VweKe head medium Cows, averaging 950 tti, ftd and watered, at futtv* Tlilrty-nleehead light thin Siecr», averaging 731 ft*. Tblrty-lonr head good straight Steers, averaging UM fts at >0.40. Thlrt).flve head talr fleshy Steers, averaging!,!*! ft*, Sixteen head prime shipping htesrs. averaging 1,333 ft*, at >6.70. . n hirty-thni* head mixed Cows and Steers, averaging Ulßfts.atts.63N* Fitly onohe-d common Steen, averaging 1,011 ft*, at (5.40. Frny bead extra IlUnoU Steers, averaging 1,819 fts, at >7.00. 11008— There «u a light supply !a the pern this morning. and with a good attendance of buyers trade opened lively and continued active to the clou. Un der a strong ermpeilllon between shippers and focal buyers, the advance of yesterday was fully sustained, and In many Instances, higher rates were obtained than could hare been realized yesterday. The otter logs, embracing 8,300 head, were all closed out at ptlces ranging (tom 16.0036.40 ter Interior coarse tots to (Mr Hogs, arcraglnz from 173 to J 73 tts, and (6.3U3*.53 for good to very choice lion averaging from ZV* toT>o jss. The bnlk of the sates were made at and within the raego ot 16.3&&6.60. The market closed strung.'with Ibe pecs empty, Transaction tnciuds the following: UUU SALES 10-DAT, No, ..... At. Prlco, bf UIKIIUm lot ......301 IMS 49»*mrnu«lltjr JJH 6J5 M> »«nip*iu»illy 317 «.» Mutinrtiimlity 31* Ml 90 food Hob HO MO W romrtmr. Hctit lot. IWO 030 aoiftitftmlot.. tn mu 60 good even lot. M gIMHI lot 170 (iris c Hogs aw o.w *9 good lot 330 A.IWJf M} same quality 170 IM 70common light H"g» von f 1.31 Hi good even lot 3ti A.W 7Vf.iar.clot .....M7 A,03 (topnmu lu-ary 110ga,,... stu a,u lUC prime Hog* ......UIO (.A3 60 choice heavy 11 cut -TW BXJ Hit holm t-ten Hogs... !tO B.HO 04 rood lot 77a AAO 60 gcod haroo 11nga............ 300 6.60 110 prime even Huai 5*4 6.75 KV lair coarse lot 430 A.ITJf Ml medium Hots ....147 89 choke cTrnlot .3W AW 44 prime even lot 793 6.73 Ml common marso tot .773 AJIO iJ .. > .... t. . M a m 9f Inferior 1M fOO A 00 70 common rearm* kit 770 6.73 At coQinim llaht Hogs.... 301 0.33 TVtalrhwun Hog I*4 A. 37 at Inferior atock Hoc* 70S o.oj llHßOixt lot 261 6.55 4S fair ccaiao lot 273 A3O ,n (sir ii'iirc in. Cl common bacon Hogs 317 6.73 4H good bacon 10t........: 169 6.60 41 prime henry Hog* ....too 6.70 100 common Halit Hog* tos Ajo 01 inferior coarse 10t..., ....201 6.00 Ttgoodtraoh lot., ..161 b. 33 93 same quality ....I*4 *JD 30 fair Imcntt iiogt IV) 0.33 68 aorwl linron k t ....3<>S 6.46 71 fair bacon Hoc* I*B flurt HIIEKU—Them warn lair degree of animation ex hlbliwl in thl* brancli of the market, txlay, and though there «a* a Tery liberal aupply In the pent, price* were tolerably well maintained, and the market may l>e quoted atoady *1 alioiil the clealng rale* of taut wnk. The character ol Ike demand wa* aub aUnUally the same ai notc<l In our prevloui reimrta. Good mutton qualities were about the only gra-le* inquired for. and nearly all of (hlaclnaa werecoaod eut. bates number SOV head, which were taken on local arconnt at a range of tI.TVgDS;# fur common to fair lot*. There wern no prime Sheep In the market. Wo note the following transactions: No. At. Price. va fair fat *4 (3.33 iw medium bheop *l 6.00 78 fair Bride thl 3.23 78 same quality *i 6.23 K7same quality *3 9.35 US medium lot V* 9.175' CHICAGO DULY ITIAJtKBT. AUtnt<*(\fGia(n reiwrted in lA it market report ore made on tie i-a»i»<V tclnter (Ic) etoraye, unless vtherviee eepr*t*ed. Tiicß Enxrxo, February ", IS€7. FUElCJllTS—lU«.co*DFß*ionr«—Arci#c lowsr on Fourth class to New York, Boston and I’bUaJel nhia. Wo revise rates, as follows: y Sd - 4th Drs’d Hate* from Cblcaco to— class, class. Floor. Uops- Buffalo, N. Y MS » 75 Toionto, C. W CJS 43. S » 75 HontreaUr.E, i» »» »to i.*s * YH 1.10 S7jf 1.75 1.18 New York LU ffl 1.60 IJJ Boston rta Albany. 1.25 85 1.70 lAJ Boston r ia Crane Trunk 1.35 S 3 1.70 IJS J’ortlanc rlaCrone Troit 1.70 IJS Bhllaeelpbla.... I.® 75 1.50 US Baltimore I.® 73 lAO 1.15 I'ltUbnrn... 65 45 90 70 Clcre and, Ohio 45 -30 60 30 VILICIUIU. VUU’..* Jeffersonville, ind. cunnnstl Ohio 19 33 66 45 F 1 -<) L It—Rrcel red, 4.04 C brls; iblpped, 11.272 brls. The Flour market presents no new features. There was only a fair oemana to-day, and prices were quotably unchanged, bales were as Pillows: L.vsoc.’td Wurrx Wivrzmi—lCO hns not named at SUiO; Hud Winttes—lo(j brls rot named at 211.50: Spbdso Ki te**—3s brls not named at $10.75 : 470 brls do at $10.50 : 75 brls “ Emeralu" at f 10JO: SOO brls not named at SIO.U: STS brls do at $10.06 : 400 brls do at $9.6J; Hpsimi bcpktta—Uo brls lot named at SMO; lio brls do al|3Xt; 100 brls do at $7.75:1*0 brls do at S7JO; UNsorhD—Ufl brts not named at *7.62K; Btk Fours— -120 Iris at 16-50; 100 brls do at (6.40; Buckwheat—2s brl< at S7.CO. WllEaT—Received, 10,150bn; ab’PPOd, 9.193 bn. Market open'd x&ic blebcr on No. s spring, but the advance«assuhseoucnUy lost, andttemniketclcsed dull and lullv le lower, bales were: Red Wintsb— -I.COO bn. by sample, at IS 50; spbixu Wueat—Wo bn No. 1 (regular) at $4.15; 400 bu No.S (A-D.&Co.) at $3.00: Stu tn do (city) at $1.91; 10,006 bu do (regular) at SI.SCV; a».CCy bo do at $1.90: lO.COO bn do allljOK ; C.COAbn dost sti9: Ss.(Cobu dost $1 88K: 15.000 bn do •tSUS; 4CO bu Rejected at $1.70— closing at $1.33$ liJjj, for Nc. 2 In regular houses. CUKN—Receiver. 11.S30bu;shipped.2.950bu. Mar* ket leu active—rlo.lnr doll at a decline ot babe were; 10. COO bn No. 1 at 79 kc; 5,000 bu do at 79\c: 20.100 tn dost 79Kc;5.ttOba No. 3 at T3c; »0 bu uo at <9c; SOO bn do at 6Ssc*. 6.000 bn injected at bCc; 3.400 bu do at 55\c; 2iWbodoatss)fc; 1.200 bn do at !3c; IwCObu donlfilkc: 800 bu Ear at 55c; 800 bn do at s<c—both on track. The market closed doll with sellers of No. 1 st T9VC OAT?*— Received. 5C 93 bu: shipped, 1.965 bu. Mar ket dull. Sales were: 10.600 bn N 0.3 at 4ie: 600bn doatsOKc; aoba do at 40X'c-clo»lng with no buyers over lose. KV K—Received. 710 bu: shipped. 3,5?) bn. Market active nud JtfHc hleher. Sales were: 4ib bn No. lat 94c; no atstiwc: 1,200 bu do at 9n,Vc; 4no bn do at »c—all iresh: 860 b'u do (winter) at 91o; 4(0 bu No. 3 a VIA*RMSY Received. I,IM bu; ehlpped. BS3 bu. Market steady. Sales were: 5,0(0 bu No. f (regular) at 61c; 400 bu Rejected (F. 4 F.) at 4«c, resold at 55c; 4(0 bn at 43c: MObu by sample at $1.20; 400 bu at 90c; 400 bu at 85c: 400 bu at 80c: 400 bu at(-30. A M OllOh-Nominal at|4J!(X*4.4fl. I lIUAN, Ckc.—bales were: 10 tons middlings at (24X0. HItOOM mitK-Dnll and entirely nominal. liUTTElt—Received. 11.570 Us; shipped. Iy.MO ft». The market is over«iocßed with roxmou and Inferior Better, (hr which there Is scarcely any demand at any price, either for thlpmm or on local account, snd ; holders ot such find it extremely difficult to effect rales ; at quotation. There la a fair inquiry tor choice Roll, to supply local customers, and mid'r moderate re ceipt* prices are well sustained. We quote as folio wa: Choice to Dairy » c I (iocd Tub c**3 c Common Firkin 13 o*l9 c , l*rlme Firkin 23 (#24 c UA (4(41 Ml—There Is co material Improvement la . tlie demsDit.amt, consequently, no Improvement in lbs , general tons of the market. Though dealers arc hold ing romlrally at onr Quotation*, on round lots conecs tluns would be readily gtanted. We repeat our U»l of A, Btm. reamlcss linen ~.540.0) . t’nlon A, do do 40.n0 ■ Illinois A, do do J 5.00 Com Exchange... •£■&{ * (Mark A.cotton ssamlesr (WOO • Lewiston A. do . Andros*uacln do ... UrO ARirrlcaii. do WOO DeavrrsMls. do w.on | niUtlrld 9. do 61.00 I'ctin Mill* <lO Tom no, iiu Kltco, . rto Mro. ttnro *t><! rotion. lUiJbvkhO, da hpmeOM.... uuitiiuv.. 4 lit). No. i. y.'tlil’UnHir 40.00 (.11 KKMV-Tn* market continue* quiet with t>ncM Ciminmlr uncliftiißeO. There u a literal enpplr on mra. slid ■« Ui« inquiry la confined piincipatlvio in tmn tood* to till •mailorder# front ibe country, prlctw are li? no mean* Ann. Tbnutli we make no cliante in miruuolatlun*. ronmalona ol mar Benerallr U obtained on round lou. in«Mlo«lnn are me price* s! w‘York rvtorj (gennlne) IB ftJB c Kartarv (UlinuU) ..IB tdJJ C llaa.tKirr Jj «}1 « W>»lrnt Male* U **JJ C W»*te« lleaerre U e ••Yonnr America** ....... ••••• .*** ® CO A I.—'Uierew a Rood healthy inquiry fop the bet- Ur vanetlc* ofbollt Hard and Salt Coal, andlhoufti Uiwbl* a liberal *oppiyoi*itch la the market, price* are well aoatalted and tolerably Arm at oar q notation*. Of common aoft de*crtptlnn* there la a larplu*. and bolder* are anilou* to reallie, itn at a liberal re duction. We make no chaaco la oar quotation* a* SuJ-BrooWdd *nfS do ti.w Clxtelxsd—Hrlar llll'.- JI.W do Mineral Ride* W-« ao Willow Uaak Jg-52 do Tunnel W-* :::: |S Lump IshUCb • • 15.00^1^00 Lackawana, prepared. J« «J Scranton- do cn track oo cn me* ii i Tooehto«h*nr .. ll. n o IJOFFKB—The eeneral market to-day wu wire, and dealer* were ootalnlnc 101 l price*, we continue to 31!l! -gwajvc ’ Rio, comaon to talr g ®"HC „ »o, »ood to prime. r Bio. prime to choice “X®"? fOOPKKAtJE—The mirktt ti tupuol, tofl V once* are entirely nominal. S*!« wee; UO Lard J Tierce* at 11.53; 160 Fort Barrel* »t IUS. • ki;g«*—strictly jresh E«n were nearly onto! the ’ tcarkrt,'and ccnld hardly be at any See; inch weald readily command SS«O«c. Umoj nwne plenty, and »low at 55330 C. The demand i ii eidnslecly on local account. , FRriTS* AND SUTS-There was a iljsMIT In- I ctmcd demand to-day. and a better fcedmrohtalned. Dried Apple* are in fall supply, bat Ure Inquiry were oelnp held at a tnflldc adrance. Winter Apple* are beginnlnc to arrive more freely, and thooch there Is a rood demand lor choire ran. etle*. price* are hardly so firm. Common lot* in a aomewbat damated condition were offerias on the street to-day. at s4Jft*4.Ts, while •triclly prime J-rnlt wuheld tnandandrrm at quotations. 2*uts were quiet and steady at previous rate*. The loliowlnj are price* current: Apples. • brt Lemons. Ma1aga........ Cranberries, iT Ml Ctanbenies, MMvated. Fits. dnm Pits, cutooss... Dale* Cab reaches. V dot, 2 a cans Apples, cer Peaches, halres ud qnarten. Peaches, pared Blaetbemes.ce'w. P a. Kasptenlra. new, ? 6. Gharries. pitted... Kldaberrles, V ft. Paiali*, layers Raisins, Valencia Sardines, H box*t. bardice*. H taxes. SVT9. „ Alco3<li,hxrd Celled. ** 1 Almond*, »oft S 1 Ahnmrtf.paptfjaenad » 1 H - — 37- Prrtch vmntkMf. n - .. XS i Ptcaw. •otliaadlvs*.. *» , BKUoryKoU. V bQ..,«.„ LOO UvfinU, f 7XO PlHll—There is ao cnanw wsote la tna c«Qv%l character of the marceU usder a limited iaqulrr. and wiih lull * tucks on tiaad. dealers ar« not re-narka* biy slid la ilicu demands, and orders for round Ut« would l« filled at a llclral reduction from the prices given I clow. Wa quota i ~~, « isfc;;.::;:;;;;;;;:; | Uarktrel, No. 1, w Ml, new U*22£U‘S “ No. r. Q Ml. ** family, * Hbri..... “ No. 1. kits, new codfish, niS! I w^h»Vsv;;;;"v;.*v.v.v.v.'. jwa Herrings,dntd.No. 1, pbox *&£ « “ ® l-abrador Herring*. Pbrl... lo.soaU.iM “ “ x brl 5.56*5.75 Norwegian Herrings. K’e, 9 hrl i* £ w “ M's, Pbr1..... 16.60 and active. Sales were: 100 ires White as 10c; 30 tree Yellow at B*c; u tree Brown at B»,c. I]Il« il \V 1 XES—Received, 200 brls; shl.npad, 211 brts. Market dull. Bales were: so brls Free la loti at *2.JO. BO PS4—Are oulet but firm at ®3Ec far Eastern, and 60c for Western, sales of 47 bales ranging Iron: £l)t <«(&*. OllEs*s*ED HOO**—Received. Wd. »Mpped,s4U. Market active ard Sjlic higher. Sales were: 60 averaging UK ft* at (*.13 135 Oi ns at. 9J» U 6 “ 73 “ sn ft* at. 533 bs at. 65 “ 3SO fts at.. 87 “ ... fts aU. 179 u . . fts at.. 150 B« at.. JM “ 165 B* at. 70 u iso bs a u. 15 “ ... bs at.. 6tdlvld’goe2oQ ft* at.. 18 - SCO BS an. 6J •• 8(0 fts at.. Si» *• 160 “ 300 ft* at. too bs at. 200 m as*. SO ** 300 ft? at 7J6 and 7.60 —closing at (7X3 and >7.73, dividing on 200 ft* for good lota, amt fTbOiV-W for beavyprelchts. IIA Y—Timothy l*rcst«d Is in talr demand, and with amodcrate supply in the market, l* being held toler ably firm at foil rates, bat Prairie, loose, on wacnos, cu lm to mere liberal arrivals, is easier, and price* tend strongly to a lower range. Wemako no change to our quotations** follows: wnox.BuuE rxxcxs. w uu*.in.L* t'juu. Timothy, rolled and beater prcaied Timothy, looie pressed Prairie, beater pressed xrrari pbices. Timothy, roller and bearer priced fIS-DO^l'/W Timothy, loo«e prosed IS.OX<*IS.(O Fralne, roller and beater pressed U.OUJIi OO i*ralne. loom on vacon. delivered 9.KU10.W 111l>Ess—Received,3S.T13 »»; shipped. 131UI ds. The receipts continue llebt, and under a ao*l eblp pine demand. alloHerlnc* are readily talen up at our quotations. Local Tanner* are only boylnc to a email nay, to meet current want*. Urnnby tildes, which arc beelnnln* to make tbelr appearance In tbe marcet, are taken at one-third oir. We quote the market steady at tbe following ranee of prlcea: Green Butcher*’ ® O^r Green called, trimmed Green Calf... id «19 c Kip, Green, lilt'd 14 c Itrr Flint, trimmed IT MiStfc Urr Salted. wanned IDMMHC Green Bal ed, part cured 9Xi-il) c IKON AMI KTfiKl<— Toe (lamina continued Heady. IVe quotes Common liar SVB 5Vf TV Htaty Card Hoop ana Lleht Hard. Ituondand fcqnara... oval Ilnif’oWl ind iikll itonnd. Mi«>l iron, Kxtr* Hr»tid> Hiwt iron. 17x35. Shrfl iron, rtiarrokl Iron, Jonlnta Norway Nail Hod#.. Mow Meat, Herman Plow Fuel, rant ►pniiß ami Tire atwi, FmtlWi. loot Cn*t Mrel, nrilumry alxea. 'loolCait Steel. Anunnui Hll«tffc-I SUd iuimu, So*. PtntHfl «« c lluMit, Am., luqutiur, «IS c ieumlh,Am., utqiuiiin ft «iu c lliimU. Am.. >«1 qnnllty, ft •Iwl ut<l c liKATllKll— llfmitn* •imiUnUUly Um mm* t prpOoiiMf nmnl. Tim demand le.llmltad, ttmaih |irlr*n arc fully maintained ted flru ti full rttct. Mr quota i ••wilt net CUjr lltrncM, *■ * | cu n Country tUrnrai nt/.» M Xlnn, ft ft Ui 41 •Kin, mwlltim. ft _. ft I.INHI.W Cllt. ft ft lAfitl.'iO .73* n.w 770 6JO tipper. V tint.... afi* Hi Country Upper... 3*4 33 Collar, V (but.... U* 41 Slaughter. Hole.. M 4 64 Harness, V* 40* I* Upper 30 (A 34 Kin. No. 1. me Rip. No. t. lictry (ftal.lo I.DMltßlt-RutlneM 1C mederaiu. iTtcra arc Arm Lrumcn—First Clear, 1,1 I*. I S and 7 Inch F m |«.oorti*B/o Hccond Clear, 1.114, I,S and 4 Inch 6*0*1*60.00 Ttdrd Clear, 64.00^36.00 Mrit and Hrcond Cl-ar Flooring, to* gether,rough, lha same a* Second Clear wide .... 50.WJ51.6A Common Flooring, roujh... to.eo ii 7.00 Hatched and UrrM-d Common Flooring. 40.BVft41.iM Hatched a&d Dressed 8 Inch Common Flooring. r-A.0M37.00 First and becand Clear Hiding, together. so ba«.Tt.ufl FlrstCommon Dressed Bldtrc U.OOaJjX* Wacoo-llox Hoards, falscl, 13 Inch and upwards n.OO£U3.OD A Mork Hoard, iv Inches 90.00)437.00 It Hkx a IkanKll Inches It.IM^TI.M) Common Hoards. JnUia, Hcantllng, Fenc ing. and Pmall Timber, 13 t* 18 tret i.tlg it.onin^i Jolsuand Scantling,4o,33and 14 feel. ... ja.OUniao.OO Jolsla and Scanumg 13 60 Sni*nnu—A or Hlar Hhayed bhtuglrs 4JO AorHisrHawedShtnßiea 8.08,1 !UU N«.l Hawe«l Ht'lnglet 3-3>JCs S 6O I.ATM-l'iTniln yard*..... 8.00 H> car-lead hr NorUiwesiern llallrnad, delb ernd In any yard where ears can ha switched. *r any nspot: A or HtarHaw ed Shinties, hy car-load, on track 4.73® 4.30 A or Mar Sliaved MiUifik*, hy car-load. on track 9.751 440 No. 1 Hawed SbtnsU*, by car-load, on track . tM Thru# dollars a car-kad adJnl wh<>a transferred, which charge fOllowa the Hhlnet'a In freight hill. •iiihols eragnain. TlilrlniMi_lßrt NhlnrlMla iu, tarn IHi-hM In thti-lr. Tblclme**—Kir* Bblnciau be two tacbe* la thick* ne*». Lcnjrth—Sixteen IncbM. llwm*—Twenty inchw. rour*«—Twenty .fire. aiKTAI.S AND TINNERS' STOCIt-Thc muriiot lulcs nnu, Aiid price* ato occuenxea, w quote TDf. pox Tin I’iAte, I U 10x14 IUJO LarifM'lpJ 37 Small lie* S 4 Berlin 89 COPPXK. Metallic Al* b01t*.... 93 Copper Bottom S> BrAxlmoTerlOßki.. is KntrU u to 10 ox 45 Tts&lsc* 10 BAnurT arrrxL. Ist Duality 80 Antimony. 90 FI to Solder SO NAII.»*-Trade toOiy i were steady At the CjUowidi 6d V kfff $7.001 M ...... 7.23 1 Cd 7.50 I w”.'. !!! ”'V.V.V.V.V.’.V. sya J Olid*—'Trade In this d •lack, and for most desert; better than nominal. Chert mandfor linseed, and the : prices arc unchanged. W e Linseed Oil liuscea Oil, bolted Olive Oil <4t.« Whale Oil, W. B J .3531.10 Lard Uli,extra 1.J041.23 Lard OU, No. 1 Winter l,ir«ai 30 Lard OH. No. 3 Winter .IjBaUO Hank OH. round lot* ~1.13,41.20 Machine Oil .1.00.4L40 Bpem OIL W. B (45J0 Lubricating Oil 59&1.00 I aalor Oil JO Neatsfoot Oil 1 ,**41.49 CARBON OI l<-Is steady. with briersnnchaac* po. We repeat our previous quotations aa lollows : Carbon, V car 10ad.... 4Sc Carbon, email lota joe Benzole »c FKOVISIOXh*—UeceITt i d,65.750 Bs Cured M.aU, 4 brls Beef, 17i brls Pork, and 67.0C0 Iba Lard: shipped, Bftfff he Cured McaU, 1,673 brls Beef, IJBO brls Pork, ano 4f2.4?Stt* Lard. ftleaa Fork—Marsetdull. Bales werasM brls at »W.W. iCO brls at f 18.73. Kxtrw Prime fork—Sales were: ICO brls at 111.00, 134 brls ob p. t. Romp*—Bales were: 60 brls at |15.00. Dies* llecf—fi> hrU atfisoo. Hwcct Pickled Ilams-Salca were: 50 tes at liwc,st tea at 11c. Eneltab Meals—More active and firmer. Sales were: l&i bss lore cut Hama, at lie: 333 bza Short Kib at 10c; ]Mbz«doatsVc: U 0 bzs 8 ire Cords at Oftc; 613 bxa Cnmberlandsat9c. Unit Ulema—Biles were: 83,000 hi Clear Sides, at 20mc loose. llbcod Sidra—Bales were: SO,WO as Sides on p. I. (•rern Menu—Market firm. Bales were: 40,000 db andl.O«ipcaUams(". h.)atloc. „ l.ard—Market dull. Bales were: SO tes KetUed at 13c; »tes No. 1 at ll«<c. SODA AMISAI.BKATUS—Iberc Is no change to note, and prices are steady at the tallowing quota* Babbitt's Medicinal Xl\'at3 c pure UHGttJVe Deland's Chemical c Healthy H‘«*l2^c Pnr«.... .11**11*0 r»IHJAKS>—The market rules firm, at the luliowing iwatUft I i’orlo Rico u (*U*e I N Y.lli-fincd, Powdered and Granulated...l«V<ttVc I Write A 15’s4l3*C Circle A WHMIS.HC 1 White itsfinsnc Kztra U Yellow C 13 <413 c iiiniurt C 10\'«11 c uxnardU, fitra 11*0.11 \c New Orleans prime lls'*ll*c New Orleanstalr,.., U Wlivc t< 1* !*>*—'There !• bat little change to note in the central character o( the market since onr last report. ITices are firmer, but qnolably unchanged: New York eyrujw I 6091.15 Yellow Drip* l.lO^i.rt Cuba M iami 7>4 TO Porto Hlco |*M TO New (means..... 7041.00 1 bllndctphU Use Hive ta* 7J Chicago Refinery, Atr.lwf 1.0041,13 Chicago Refinery, Gulden W Chirac" Usfin»ry, PUgar Itnnse 734 TO *KKl>**~H«relVf | d,<1.18l hit shipped. lil.Oiltts, The ttiaibrl Was actlte and price* were a shade liei. ler. bale* were as Pdluws: ClA»Tgfl-ll bags at M.OO. lahasKloat 17.75! in bag* do at I7.Mi II bars do at at.i4». TistniiiY— Mubsgsat l.rioi un hu (choice) at fd 10» l,*» bats dft at |3.(«; 00 hat* (bialllw, HAI.T-Herolved. nubs 1 shipped. 01* bill. The nisrsM fr ftuny acilve. No sals* reported 1 Nsw 17. M iironmrAVum 9.0J4J.10 Turk's Island, bag* nr»nmi P01ar...... ».« Hairy, with aacfea O gJ Dairy, without sacks . 5.73 TBAf*—7 hers «i> a lair demand lasts?, and prices ruled firm throughout. Wt coniluue to quou-i Young ID son, superior to fine,« a.. ** extra to eholc*. * » Imperial,superior u>fine, w <lo extra to choice, |» a IMm/jO Gunpowder, super! >r to fine, P 8............ do extrau> choice, V a Japan,nataralieai;finet««;irarrs. ♦*.... t.rxaus do do Use to choice, > a lAVaI.U) do do colored, f» a 1.33*1,40 TOBACCO—TIitc la a very light rooremeit In ihla article, and quotations are of little Taint. There laalUßltedUqnfryror prune goods, but aside from this there is nothing doing. We quota tb« market easy at the t piices given below r choice!!!!!!!!!!"-! Medium Common Bttoxnc Tobacco— Vlrnnla’s Farorite, Choice Medium Common filems .... Pic O Tobacco— „ _ Royal Citizen S ® 2? Farmers'- Delight 2 Natural Leaf. L 33 «L£o 2S *45 Choice Black, sound 2 ® 22 Medium 2 w S common 52,/ d 2 Navies ®W<4 * Vlrelnla 10s and »s 5o ft 60 Flounecrt ••••• ? ® WOOD—With a continued light draamL and with air stocks on hand, dealers hare tedaced their prices Wcp-rcord. Wenow quote: : Maple, p cord, dellrwjd 1 Maple, ¥ cord, in yard MJCaiLOO | Beech, ¥ cord, delivered I S'& < 2*ss - Beech. V cord. In yard J Hickory. P cord 1 WOOL— Received. 440 as;shipped, Bs. The i market Is dnil and reflected, bn) ers and seller apart In 1 their views. No sales reported. • ftUD m,oo M.W M.ttl M. DO M.nn 7T.(« >*.oo General Kotices. *VfB. N. B. CRTSLKR, who has been I>l RlTlns Instruction la Elocution, with marked scrcea*. Id mao? of oar Colleges and Seminaries through tbu State, completes a coarse at Wheaton College to Oar. where an latemtlse clasa ol about one hundred has been taking dally drills during the pa«t MJO 3 fi.CO two weft?, wnh dtrlded Improvement. XlS* ercalng 9.C0 ctlC.oo * the Protessor wij give a public Beading a: tbe College 13.00 «15.00 ’ Cbap-l. 13JO <MUO , ■ 111 1 ■" ■ Scales. pAIRBANKS’ f^T STAXDABtt JP*. SCALES ./P—-Lfc or ah. nas. , FAIBO AXES, GHEES LEAF & fTT SS6 A 2*AB LAMt- Chicago. IJlatos. JJLOWS. vV Sf, , BOD BHBAKISQ PUflF£ 5?-2 iJTXtI<--ir« cf M« tc4 DoobU tbtTf* Hot# wia tof uJe bj JOES DEiIESI. ILroa, DIUOU. - Special 'Notices. Thetiorhaai AiiutMiirUiK oompanfi BU»fi»inHb*,of l*rutt<ieaoe- R. I* Ufuna the trade that ttitv are producing tu.« Goods, oom prUluc roll Dim Bread 1m Barrier* m<i Tati* Waio ot every daacrtpuoo. of a very supenm quality and ol new ud decani design*. ft* buo la Nickbj bilver, upon whlrii 1* edepotltol para silver ot inch tales n«M that they pm«m all the advantages ot solid stiver is utility, im from boaaty ot diaiga and superior flu- Itth are uadiail'.gutshab>e from U. The (iornam uamiCactan&R Company refer with con ndenca to tlio high rtpotsUea theybare established to LbeorococUn* of Solid Silver Wan. la which Uny have beta lor many ycara eajnuec. and they now aa •are the public thil th-y will fully sustain that repute tton bv the production of Electro-plated Wane of inch quality and extreme durability m will Insure entire MUafaoUua to the purchaser. All article* made by then are stamped that: ($ &BS****Or o And all web are telly guaranteed. tli«f leel it ueeea mj particularly u> call the atten Jou ot purchasers to the anove trade-mark, as their designs have bees al ready eneutvely imitated. These good* can only be procured from respomlbl? dealers throughout the country. Specialist In lb< treatment of SrrmLts, Specjutob utu, and every species of Private Disorders, can bo consulted at his office and parlors. 01 and 93 Ran dolph-su,from9a.a.toßp.m. P.0.80x 690,Chi cage. 111. /he H callus Fool and Houxc of mercy. Howard Auooiallon reports. for yoonp men, os the crime of solitude, and the errors, abuses and diseases whichdestroythetpanlypower!, aid create Impedi ment* to marriage, with sare mean* o( relief. Sent In waled tetter envelopes, free of charge. Address Or. J. SRILLIN HOUGHTON, HowaidiAwoUadoa Philadel phia, Pa. .f'.tO and S.OO . 7.40 and 7.03 .. 7.43 and TA 7J3 and 7.70 7.30 and 7.70 Habitual Constipation. Hew to effect a certain aod permanent cure. Some occupations 01 lift predlspcee to Cutlvenots, especial- ; D those which allow but little exercise. Per «oru who contract this unfortunate habit of toxly. under such cirtumstancts, might poutbly be relieved by chancing their ecdtntsrv employments for ctners of a more act ive kind: but this Is by no means certain, llauttual constipation Is a very obstinate disorder. All lbs or dinary so-callel remedies invariably aggravate It. Nothing can be more injurious than the continued use of strong aperients. Tney at first irritate, and finally almost panl j zc the brwels—rendering them so torpid that enormous doses of cathartic medicines have no ' effect upon them. A mild aperient, combined with a . guile stimulant. It the true remedy i and a comblna- , Uon In the happiest proportion, of these Ingredients, is found In ifoSTErtER'S STOMACH 111 TIERS. ! This Unions stomachic invigorates the whole Intesti nal canal, while qultUy removlnxirom Its convolutions all Impedimenta to a tree passage through them. No mere puraailve haa this double operation. No ordinary stimulant effects the desired object, cases ot coustlpa- Mon abandoned a* hopclees by distinguished medical men bate been cured tn a f«w wetks by the Bitters. To those who have tried all the meUindes of the dis pensary in vatn.we sav try this trmlstlMe stimulant and aperient. There la ua iaffleian{ reason why con stipation should be therensoquenceof sedentary habits. HOSIETTEirs BUTEKS. by luopDlug the vigor which would otherwise be derlvtd trom exercise, will tn all casrs enable the svstetn to n< rform Us excret.ry functions regularly and healthfully. 731 ana 7-Hl .tu.oo-ai4.00 . isjoatua . 10.00&U.W “Dr, Poland** While Ptne Compound, advertised In onr columns, Isa incctssftil attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues of the White Plus Dark. It has been thoroughly tested by people In this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonials of Its value from persons well known to our clttzcus. We recommend Us trial to all those eases of disease to which It Is adapted. It is for sale by all our drug- IN’- V. Independent. The Ureal New England Remedy 1 Dr. J, W. Poland's WHITS I’INB COMPOUND L« now offered to Utu af flicted throughout th« country, after haring been proved by Uin test el eleven yesta in the New England flutes, whore IU merits have become as well known as the Use Horn which, tn part, It derives U* virtues. the White line Compound cures pure Threat, Colds, CoaglJ, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, flpltunt of Hlood. and rulmorsry AlWtloni general:/. It I* a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complaints, Dunam, Difficulty ot Voiding Urine. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Ulad der. Grave) and olh»r For I‘lW and Fcux vy It will be found very valuable. Give it a trial If you would lean the value of a good and tried medicine. It Is pleasant, sate and sure. bold by DruggUU and Dealers In Medicines gcm> rally. ItUUMIAMb A VAN bCUAACK Wholesale •gents. **» <£' 6**ll « 555 tft ... .30 «• .. . 9V'* •• .11*1413 .11 *»Kc ,13 <4 U C .17 4415 C .11 (415 C .» (<*3o e . Mb C M ax o Slaughter, Bile, ituflai* | 40® 41 Hlanihler, sole, Cntcasi No. 1.. 19a 41 BUugnter, Hole, CnfcaciSo. 1.. «U SI Hu«ans Avres..,, Hi.a 4» Orinoco Hole 87a IS Orinoco, good, damaged 31® 31 Proprietor of thn Medical tad Surgical inituute, 17N boulb Clark-at., haa treated all lorm* of venereal dis ease with nnprecideated aucrjwa (or nearly torty yean. biH-rmatorrlnra and mpotence treated with the bappl* cst rnuiu. particular* of the Institute and the iinide mailed (Tea to any address I*. 0. Box 73. Chicago, llltaota. French Call. SI fca i.kui.ts Kronen Call, 3* »■ 7.0031.10 French Calf, Lc molnes,* aox33 JMjW.M a the rant* to-day wai only a* follows: Having the confidence of tbe public and the medical faculty at lance, it the moat reliable nttyuclta ta the city ft*r chronic n*rrnui and sexual diseases. tall at Ida office, 178 Boutti mark-*!.. corner of llonroo. Houma separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x 13 k. lit* guide to health, published monthly, aent free to an) adOrcaa. _____ ‘t'jniE WORLD'* FAVOraTE.” London Hair Color Ztostororl London Bair Color Bostoror! London Bair Color BoatororS IteitorcaOrcyllalrto tta original Color. Hrcvenu tbe hair from tailing. Make* hair grow ut»oa bald hearts. The only perfect Hair llcator. r and Dreaitng now before tbe public. 7) rent* a bottle: d bottlM, |L .nin-ww.. Wbc»^ a }y„ t ,„ vrK „ ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRAKOB. The fjeueral Tranßadnnllu Company^ MAIL ttlKAMrtllllhJ HKTWRKN NKW VUUK AHS 11AVUE, CAJ.USU AT UUKST. The iplcndld oew veasel* ol this lavorltei rente JDt the Continent will aall trom Her No. 3 U. North lilrcr aa follow*; F.tTROI K Febroary *, ST. LAHUBST Docwndt....Febroary O. PEUKIUK Dncnnoe....M*rch S VIU.E DEI’ARIH.. Europe March 53. I 1 RICH OF FASSAUE IN GOLD. Pint Cabin. *l«; Second Cabin. 1100, including UU| wine In cubcr cta*». Tbe steamer* o! tble Una do net carry tteerage pu tengera. I‘auengen Intending to land at QUEST will bo for nlabed with railroad coupon ticket*. «aa their baggage •becked lo Faria. at an additional charge ot $1 fur tint and $3 for second claaa. Medical attendance tree ot charge. For mrther information. apply, in Chicago, at the FRKNCU CONSULATE OFFICE, S3* llllnoU-at.; If New York, to QKO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 38 Broad war. CGfC. Istqnauty, cask.... Ist quality, sheet... blab BBtoQT wnr. i.toc. 7,8 and 9 to and a 12 10 and 14... 15 and 14... 18.... 13 19 SI 20 » Fence Wire 10 was moderate, an* prices tr quotations: I id $9.25 13d, fine blued- 9.25 12d. fine blued- 1f1.25 Cut Spikes 7.25 I Clinched Net V. 25 department cjotmucj very puoos quotations arellttis visa slightlylocreaiedde* frelloe ta rather firmer, bat s continue to qaoie: T>LAIR & JEFFERSON, COMMISSION IflKßCniNTfi, OFFICE, SOI FBOST-ST., j;s.«»nws.| MB.MI’HIM* TKslf. Llbcrtl cub tdTtnceineau nut oe cucplgnseeca. QEsT, BATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchant*. pro. 50 aioGaa-aU Between F and G-sts..) DEUVEK. OULOttiUK). jyjXSICAL. Mr. MEADE, Onltc recently from Europe, tod pupil ol Its Orst mas ten; gifts instiuctlon m the CULTIVATION OF TUB VOICE, English, French and Italian Slogins, Declamation at d Elocution. „ „ J . R. fermcpf. terms, Interviews, at Root & Cady's and Lton A ilealy’s Waste Stores. Wcnld « Uh a position as Tenor or Leader la Church Choir. Akkival and depauxtjrb op , TRAINS. j Winter Arrangement. • CHICAGO AJTD KORTnWESTKBN HAIDBOAD—OHATTA PACiriC LISE—DEPOT SOtmi WALLS STREET. leave. Arrive. •S:l.» a. m. •Tj'iO p. m. 7:80 p. m. JG;UO a. m. •fcW p. m. 11:10 a. m. Omaha Fast Line...... Omaha Nicht Express. Dixon J*aßßenger rncEronr like. Freeport rwseocer •l'»;00p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Kocklord, Elgin, Fox Hivcrand State Line... *4:00 p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* reaper • *5:43 WI*COX-IK DITISIOK—DEPOT COnVEB OF CANAL AKO KIKZnt STREET. Day Express *9:00 a. m. *r:3np.m. NlsbtExpicee *4:3op.m. *j;»3a. m. Janesville Accotnmod n. ** *i:J5 p. m. Woodstock Accommod'n .3:Cr> p. m. *3;2i' a. m. miWAVBEE DlTUtON—ncruT COHN EH or CASAL Pay Express Hofchill. Calvary and Evanston 1:30p.m. 3:40p.m. Nlcht Express 4amp.m. Brtt»p.m. Kciiosbn Acrommod'n... 4:10 p.m. 'Afta. tn. Waukegan Accomraod'n. 6:30 p. m. &y> n. m. Milwaukee Accommnd’u. 11:16 p.m. fcftin. m Oku. L. PiKLAr,’l Bup't. B. r. Patrick, General Passenger Agent. UKUIOAH cXKTEAt X*lL*OAi/—•;«»»*JOC*? o»* ulzs mixiTT. Morolopt Express *s:oo*. m. *8 ra. Day Ktpr.’i*............. *7swft.n. *11:00p, ir. Ktrnloc Kiprcft 15;3H p. a.l*f<: p. a. Nirhl ftciiri'M p. a. 1-sM *. d. cinciNNAn anp tornnu.n t6aw». * Momlmt Kxi.rwi »I:Wa.n. •!«:«». tx, Mtfbt £xprrt* JO:Wi p. u. *ll:uu p. a. *jc«u*an founts** ano iu ouoms un*-us< ror mania van *uu*n anO ibxjuan rnuun. toLtob lixsi Mill Mini. r.. •*:» p. Pay K*pf Mioot.ct. *lisoop. Now Yurk K«pc»M 3P»p. ro. tlw«o t>. Nti:bl..W«CWp.b. *fi:Wa. D*T«0:» u.-rt, Malt . •«!<>».«. terOU ». to. Sight Express tlfoOu p. m. •h-m p. to, rmrucmuii, *o«r watn* and ouilaud. Mill *csoa.m. ffiuo a». Express • 1:0(1 i.ra. li'-Oa.m. PwiUbe 3:15 v. a. 7:10 p. a Kmrcs? •illhOOD.m. 11:00 p. m nxnonowTua. Day ttuieiut«r *ft«o t. c. •WsSu p. n. Sight Passenger Jlftgup.n. •&«*. m. KnnkikM Aecoßnod*n. •4:03 p. m. •y. 2» a. m. Hyde Park ana Oak Wood *T:«».nu V •» “ *i'i:iu p. m. •yj-itt.m, u « •» .... *3:3op.m. *l:y.p.xa, « •* •* *3:55 p.n. *7:20 p.n CHICAGO. HCKLZNGTON AMO QCINOT. Day Expressand Ma 11... *£:WAm. *lhoop. n. Galesburg Passenger.. . *!toop.m. *4.30 p. m. Aurora *5:0) p.n. *»00 an. Night Expreaa ULCO niid'ht an, CHICAGO- im rr. LOUIA ixprew and Mai! 5:05 Am. b3p.a Night Express 9:25 p.m. tw Am. Tonet and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 p.m. W a.aj. CHICAGO AND BRXAT HAfItXHN—<LAtB CSHCXNNAXI are LprxV—MH.WA'CXXI HAILBOAP IBJPO*, OOA CANAL AND HINUN ItUZn. DayExpreas.. &3l)ab. 11.0 p.n. Sight Express 9:00 p.m. StSO p. n, /ON INDIAN APOLIA LOUIBVLLL3 AND OStCZL*:'VTZ. Day Express. &a 3 am. ICWS p. n. Sight Eipre#s 9:00p.m. &50 am. Columbtu Express 6:30 a m. p. m. «* « 9:00 p. n- a m* tins Ini? Accommodation 9:55 am> 9:(U am. »« 5:15 p.m. &U 3p. n. CIHCAIO, BOCH ISLAND AND PACIFIC BAI2NOA9. Day Brpreea and Ma 11... *9:00 am. •5:30 p.m. SlghtExpress 12:00p.m. *5:45 Am. iollet Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. a-in. •Monday excepted, tMocday excepted, {Saturday •xcepted. UNION BTOCX TABD TIN* TABLI. Leave Madison Street Leave block <y.V ».m. 7:10 6SO J. m. 2' 111:00 xm. 2; 12:50..* p. m. 's*2r ...p. m. a-oo ..............p. m. P S: 5:40 .P.m. BBNDATTttiJXa. i). | 9:35........... ...Am. -52 11:43 Am. as *■ »• i T_v! . j>. m. I 5715 D.m, TTkV’fnhotrluir l« the new table for the arrlva tnPdcpsrtoie of mail* from the Uhlcago Post Office for tlwwinter, and now In lorco: NAILS CLOSH P. O. CHICAGO, ILL. NAILS ASBZVZ. “I.™* P *S'—M!ch. South. ILR.. P l£39 "" “ “■ “ V. €:ou itro : 12:00 m Mich. Central R. R T2.OQ **** & 5.... “ .“_ ,k .. 6:00 &15 2:'jO....Pitt«.&PtWayno Ifc3o 6:15 . u w ** 7:io . “ ‘ .. 6:01 11:00 iiuo 4:30 ...Great Eastern R R.. 8:50 Uhoo ifoOO +7:3t>....KewAlbany*Salem 830 ’INjO P-co T:4s....Ua3earVt*Hpaa 3:10 9:10 12:00 «;00....1>txec Alt Line.... 6:00 Tub) 12:00 B:(jO....BockUland KaDroad 5:43 3:30 12:09 B.*Oo....a,B.4<tnincyß.R. &50 9-. CO 8:14} 3:oo....Eorthwcvtemit 5.. Stfs 8:50 2:43,...2iQ«i0hec lUUroad-11:33 8;cl I°-C0 ' 7',45....1Q150is Central R.B. Lotda BsUroad... 5:95 &4S Ltw HOST, iu GILMOEE- U. M. ■ ■ .fUS . i ra «ui » a « a a b n oi.M 25. u » a a 25 19 a 33 Dr. James, “A Valuable medicine. Dr* Thoniimit Dr* UlneiotTi jtjair tvcgtovatlhc. ©rcan Stramrrg. business darirs. jHusiral. saailroaßß. AND KIKIIK BTCEET, ViWa.rn. 13:0) ■ m. proposals. lIOI’OeALB FOB ARMY TRANb- omo,. j BHALEdTiSJhIs aS Sill'S. m*"r4 .1 IBi.Mfcj until u o’clock m., on the £Lb el February. Isi7. for the trstapo.tauon of Military buppllaa dnriax the year c» mmenciag April 1, 1967, and ending March 31. ISO, os. the following routes: hODrBNo. L . From Fort McPherson, Nebraska Territory, or inch pouts as may be determined upon curing the year oo the Oraala branch of the Union Pacific Rai rcad. west of For t McPherson, or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter such post* or depots as are now or may be es tablished tn the Territory of NXmMKa. west of local tude ltd degrees, la the lerrltery of Montana, south of latitude 46 degrees, in the Territory of Dakota, west ol longitude 1M degree*, la the Territory of Idaho, south oflatltadc« degrees.and east of Imcltfldeiudejrreea, andtn the Tenitorles of Utah ana Colorado north oi lamode 43 degrees, including, U aoccssary, Denver * ' _ ROUTE No. 2. From Fort Bitey. State of Kansu, or inch points at may be determined upon during the year on lh» Union Pacific Bailroaa, E. u., to any posts or depots thai ar* now or may be established In the saute of Kaa,u of tn the Territory of Colorado, sooth of lautoda to de giees north, and to Fort Dnlou, New Mex’co. or «mer uepot that may bedmgnaiealn that Territory, and u any otter point or points on the rente. • ROUTE No. S. From Fort Union or inch other depot as may b* estabhshed in the Territory of New Mexico. v> an Ests or stations that are, or may be eAUbtlshed in at Territory, and to inch posts or sUUons os may be designsted in (he Territory ol Arizona, and tn the State | of Texas weot oflongUnae 10d degrees. _ ROUTE No. 4. From Et FacL Minnesota, to such posts as are now I ormaybecstabUsned la the State of Minnesota, aod , in that portloa of Dakota Territory lying east ot the , Mlwourl River. I The weight to be transported daring the rear will not exceed on Route No. 1,30.000.WJ pounds; on Route N-',?,20,000,100 pounds;r.n Route No.3,S,oo}JX)opounds, and oo Route No. 4,5400.010 pouadr. Proposals will be made for each route separately. Didders will I’ate the rate per lUO pounds pir 100 irlUs, at which they will transport the stores la each monthoflbe year, beginning April Ist, 19C7. and cud* Ins March SI, ISO*. Bidders shnold give th;lr names In rail, as well as thtir place* cfrestdeLrc. and each pr p>Aal saoald be accompanied hr a load tu tee sun ot ten teoaund (tic,oCO)dollars.elznaby tuoornor. re»pom>lMe par soc*. guaraotcrinc that «n ca<e a cdi'ractts awarded for the route mestlocedl tn th« p* jpo; >l to the party E ester, the contract wiu oe acce.- **il aad entered and good aod solflaent se.-*r.iT tarnished by said party in accordance with the terms of this alvsr- Uscmcnt. The contractor win be reqoueu to give bends rathe ’ foliowirg amounts: On home No. 1,130.000. i on Route No. z. PO.CW). On Route No. 3, lOO.uod, ' On Route No. 4. 50,000. Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and so'veccy ol each bidder and person offered as security will be re qutrM, l*roposals must be endorsed “ Proposals for Army TransporuUon on Iteute No. I, 3,3. or s, a» the ca»« may be, and nenr will be entenatned onleM they ftuiy comply with the requirements of this advertise ment. The party to whom an award is made must be pre pared to execute the coctract at nncc. ana to give the required bonds for the tallhlul performance of tee con- The right to reject any and all bids that may be offered U resfrvert. , , t The crutractcr cn etch route must be In readiness I fb-servleeby the Ist day of April. l«7.aodwlll Pete i qulred to have a plsceoibuslnes*, or agency, at which he mey be ccmniuolcated wlthnromplly and readily for Route No. 1, at Omaha, N. T.; tor Route No. i. at Fort Riley, Kama*; for Route No. S. at fcnrt Union, New Mexico: for Route No 4. at Saint Pam. Mlune sola, oral such other p-lnt for each ot the several Routes as may be Indicated a* the starting point of the Blank r.nrs showing the conditions ot ihc contract to hr nsetHl Into for each root*, ran he bad on app 1- cation at this office, or at the office »f the ter at New York Saint Louis. Fort Leavenworth. * Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort sottlllng, and tmut accom -1 psny and Pc a part otlhc prcpo«al«. By order t>nboyuarterma«ter Ocn«>rai. i ' ALEXANDER DLtSS, Urcvet Colonel and ,\ss't (juariermastcr U. a. A, T>ROPO*ALS FOR A 13RIDGE AT X van nriiKS Ornci or the Homo nr Prune Works I t:im*Aiu>. February 3. iw-t. f (tealed proposal* win i>* rvcrlml b» the Uomt ->i public Work*. »i tbvlr office. iti-m* No*. i and T, second lb urlNi*. 13 and 17 Writ* *intl. unill II a. m., Mlunlii, February irtt>. f-r the taking down of the present bridge rn »»lti the lltiuifUnf Chicago lllver nt Van Burcti alii-rt, and replacing the aamo with a new tillage, (lie awaurr changes in Uio rnnlre ties an<l the ahutuinnu anil approaches. according l*> plan* and apecMcoil'ii.a to bo cu (lie ai *ald office on ami after Feoruary '.nn. Proposals tmtit tie addressed to the Itoard ofFublb Works endorsed •* l*r.»po*ai lor Van Hur-'ii Ktro-d Bridge,** and lie accmnnanUd witli th« iiamu DM bund, with aumirs, in Ih» approved by Uio Hoant. The Hoard reserve uiwrUhl in reject any bid not In accordance with ibeondlllns ol tfd* advertlacineuL or to re> ct all Mds and no proposal will be nrcuntal unless U'.e pnrli i.ticrlnjt It thall give evidence satisfac tory to the Hoard tnnt no ha* tfin nece.iiary skill, ex lieflcr.ce, energy and nMllty for do;na the work* (* IruitworUiy.iud h*» »umcleal pecuniary resources, i iMlt btN|iK|ji!> FUKI». t.KTA, U. .1, iuihK, I Heard or Public Works T.TARUOU WORKb AT GRAND UA* 1~l VKN end Black Lake, Mlertgn". Ornci srmi.vnsrria KaotsEtt, n*ituoii( Impsovements, Lake Micbioan, I MilwaUKBS WiKuiuln, January 1. Iw. ( (Sealed propuanls, to duplicate, of tbe firm ftimlihea by the nnd<*{. will be nve.vwl it this nffico nottl ijHiratlay.tbc 14th day wf February, isfl*. at I'J m.. ft>t tmpruvlnu tho harbvn of Grand Ififvea and lltaci litke, Mlchlsnti. The improvement* at Oracd tlarm will conaut oi INOWiroel, meteor leu,ofclo*c pmmt to protect thr siuthhank oftbe mern- ar too euUarro and an't lerilon of the aouUi pier for CUD feet by criM tilled with at Theimprovonienta at HlacK Lake will ha extenalom of the preaenl piers 513 running Ifcettn all, aiddredg- Inc. The tlrcoglos will bebatwar. lor piers aril lot placing iho new crtlw, and win amount to M l w cubic yard*, more or lr*a. _ Han* and apectOcatloc* are on (lie la the office, and wtUbeabown to »t! who wlih to examine them fur purpoaeofi-etlmaiinc. , „ The protHwaia win be ivparale for each work, and tor ' each cla*a of material or lahor for cacn work. Rid* wiilborcctivnitor a part or Mr the wnoi* of ntbrn work. The work to tv nnHhod br Ocb>her t, IrtuH. i TirM worts will M let hi tbe luweat nwrot-ilblc btd* <lrr, rrsTvinc to tbe United Stab* tbe right to rejoct 1 are relocated to be preacal upon the opeolni 1 duplicate propoiali will bo endorsed* mcloaed is MpK.l.CTelopn. ‘ n ‘' WIIEKLIiU, I U. 6. Engineers Muwuukvo, Wls PROPOSALS FOR OAST IRON WATER FIFES. „ „ i ornca or tui Doacd or itblic Wonta,» Cuicaoo. Fea. tin. KWJ. I I Seated proposal* wtU bo re«c{voa ny the Hoant cl Pubic Work*, at thetr office. No*. 13 and 17 We’li* at.,untl)Ua. m. Mtnrday, February fir Uie de livery at the dock ot the board, in *ala city, of one i thousand <IJSuO» too* ol Cast Iron W «.tcr I1p«w, of SC • and a luchM Intemtl nlameter* according to *pectfica« Itloca on file at raid office. The pipe* will b* subjected to k teat pressure of 20 pounds per tqnare Inch, must be uniform <n tnb'knui, dcnaity and texture.andut acoodqnalliy tfowtlroc, ,anaa to cut and d>lll well. Delivery is commence at < tbt opening of spring navigation, and bo completed by j July IMh. I The ptoea will be twelve (ISJteetloßg.and welsh re ! ipectlvdy, for 4,6 and 6-lnclt pipes 440. and 600 > pounds each. A suitable Dumber cf branche*, caps alceres tapen, Ac., will bo required f.r said pipe*. Bid* »h m d «uto the price tbr the etralght pipes* and also tor me special castings. Proposal! must be addressed to the Board of Pub’jc Worn,endorsed “ProposalfbrCastlroa WaterPtpee,** ano be accompanied with the o»ual £IGU bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. Tbe Hoard reserve the nght to reject any bid net in accordance with the conations of thu advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accept, d unless the party offering It thall give evidence »atn«fie . lory to th-? Board that he ha* the neccsaa.-y i skill, expcrieccc, energy and ability tor doing the werk I Is frastworthy. and has euCcltDl pecuniary resoarcoe | J, G.GINUKLE, | FBKD.LETZ, U..1.K055. I Board ofFablleWork*. «Cit» Koticcs. Q)RDIXA2sCE. DiUit, On tfacSth davot October, 13(5, an ordi nal ce ws» paMeti b> the Common Council of the City ot Chicago, trrantintrt<j“Tne Lake View Avenue Com* pans” the right ot way one bandied and fitly feet wide text and adjacent to tne present high water mars ot Lake Michigan, ccmmenclig at the eonth line of ttae tonnes used a: d- known as the CbtcsEO city Ccme t«ry, on North avenue, and running thence along the Bfcoteo! Lake Michigan to Asylum place, and com* tnenclng tt FtUierton avenue and running alone said shore to the n<nh line of the £.K. t<,-ec.3S,T. N. B. it E. of the 3d p. M., upon certain conditions nsxed In »ald ordtiance; that one of the eoß'ittlons of said ordinance wa» that the (aid Lake Avenue Company should, on or before the first day of AuimjW 16W. make and complete In cood order a road across laid property 1 at least fifty teet wide; and tViiEKKAs, >*ld JAKe Aveone Company has failed and neglected to comply with the provisions aforesaid, and has also failed and neglected tj comply with the other pre viators of the raid ordinance; therefore. £r It vrtiatu'dby the Clmmon <.\jvncil of the City of Oli'mpr* : Stcnos 1. That the said ordinance, entitled "An Or dinance concerning the rtsnt of way of the Lake “View Avenue Company,” pa»«ert October 5. 13« B, be and the fame is hereby repealed. Sec. 2. Thlaordlnanceshall take effect aal be Inlorce from and after dee puMlcatloo thereof. Parsed Jan *.Slh. IS>“. Approved Jan. THh. lh€7. J. D. KICE, Mayor. Attest: A. □. Boduas. City Clerk. COLLECTOR'S NOTICE.—State of Illinois. County of Cook—se. Citt collector's Orrtc*. Corort Horn, 1 ncom No. It, Chicago, February4»h. 1357. ) Public notice is hereby riven that the followlnz de scribed Warrants have oeen placed In my bands for collection, to vrlt: ItV IIC\UvU« IV • 11. Warran' No. 641. P^ntb—Dated February!. IW7. and Issued for the collection ol a special aMvssment levied lor sidewalk cc nstrnclcd on lt« east *l4: of W'aboth arenne. between Eighteenth and Twentieth streets. Warrant Nc. M 3. Scutti—Dated Fooruary). lv«7, and Issued for tre collection of a special assessment levied lor reconstructing aid-walk on me Evtstde of state Itrevt. between Fonr’centii and sixteenth streets. Warrant No. M 3, Fouth-DalMl February 1. IW7. and Issued for t. e collection of a special assc-ement levied for recocstrni ting sidewalk on vast side ot Waba'b avenue, between IwcnUeth (VCtii) and Twenty-first Oist) streets. Warrant No.Ml, bonlb—Dated February 1.1*t7, and Issued tor the coliwilnu cf a •p- , ctal assestment letleil for constructing nr sidewalk nn wot side of Wabash avenue, bet vein Fourteenth (I tth) and hlxtoectti(tsth) #l Warrant No. 75% West—Date! February M«W, and Issued tor ther*dtectiuiiot n special a»s«vsimt>t levi«d forcunstnuitng ami rcror structlm sbl"«»alk on south side cl baii>{>*i,u street, la bampsuu A Ofceuc’* Addi tion to Chicago. ! Warrant No. 7*d. West—paled Fchrnary t. ISO*, and Ismrd (or the cotlrcltoti vl especial anessinvnt levied , forcchstructing sidewalk on tmiuo avoaue. between Harrison sliret amljyler street. Warrant N'o.Ti'T, West-Dated Fehfnatjr I, I*l7, and Issurdfor theruiterttohora special assessment levied for roii»iimlln< sidewalk on o»»t sine of Johnston nrect, i.ctwrrnT»i)»rar.d rwe’iin "Weet*. .. Warrant So.?*''. west—H-,teit February I, iM7, and Issued for IU rmlrrlpn <d a special assessment levied for constructing ami rnconsiriuUUit amawaikvou Catii* erne sirsct, Maisuit street,mill «» wright street, m Canal Trnsltea’ HuMvidnn of ji.W, k.Kw. 31. JA 11, Wert am No, “vi, Wsab-Jia'ed February I, »wlr, and ISeUrd Icrtl.* collection or a spew'd assessment levied Inr reernslriieiliig sidewalk on south slda ot Twellth (13th>SUee|, All parsons interested In Mid abora special assess, meats art requested to make tiumediata payment at myotflM, Indefaullnf such payment theaatd aate*#. mrs-a will be collated at tue coat and axpensa ot persons liable therttor, A. tl. iIKAI.D, CUT (Collector. (Sobctnmntt Sale. p OVF.KNMENT BAJJJ. Tfi?"t*roprrtT known as lh« “rtOVvRXMEITr TAN. KERY AND STEAM .AWKiLiir wttnsCT* enty-nve acres cf ismLnaarLAM ANTONIO. llXAli. Bailed Proposals, in duplicate. will he ret-jrM no to the ttrat day ol iiaxch, h*J7, for me porch*., ( fn acre* ot land, (more or Icmi. together with tu>* vx-.i. log* elected thereon, and me anmutenances tog. that la to say: OSKTANNEBT.cintalnlns twci.e btooe Id-te Vats, FIFTT-TWO WOODEN V ATb, 6EVEN ftTONK POOLS, and capable of tannin* 15. CU) hldea per ansnin: ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of lawjnc 3,000 ftet oi Lumber daily; ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. The abort property U situated about two mtlea above fcan Antonio, on the saa Antonio Blvcr,ana tne - water U conducted to me establishment by a race of hewn atone laid la cement. _ .. The land waa porcaacd and improvements made Dj ?t.’ lam Ctmederate Givernment, sad are c?tin.3ti«d to have cost |INJ,«W In gold. Tha rrupmy has been under lease lor the year IS6R, at a laosrfcir rent of #SOO. parable In advance. A a®, cored til? m tee simple will be given by the U. S.Got el?cpc£a> will *e marked “Proposals for Govern mm and addressed to ' tan- r , j. B . riDDOO, Brt MaJ- i,-.. A*'#C om*r Bureau ILF. A A. a, ■ ‘ Galveston. Texas, HanbCatanction. BAL] T AND w—^E.—The will ]U ontru AircnoK. tt u* HoSie la CWcigo, u u Saturday, the 9lh of February, Proatto,iraotpTenonsir*ollatprtTs.--*4U t/ of S. W. s% Sec 1 U 41 S.. B £-. dtoata and a ball west of Evanston. and twelve 7> Vv ca^Cool County,UL,containing eighty •*./(* note Aboctflftr-flve or sixty acr» of this tract ai*v..._ lly timbered, the remainder tn prairie, wife Oonal IndacemenU aro toned In its proxnutv tTvtL. beantllnl Uttle railroad and late there town of EraiZ ton and the gnat city of Chicago. In reference to u place ol residence, the toclim oi sale and delivery „-f the timber and the product* ot the pjU generally. £F“ Terns of sale published ihe day of sale. Persons decking to pnrchaie thU Land at private call will direct tbelr communications to tne underlined, a. L. sommers. Agent lor W. W. Corcoran. %)ait 33.5 e. TTUJ/a> HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Blnck I I or Brown—lnitantaneoos, natural. datable, Mantlral. Ihebeetand cheapest lame. Contains as much at as any dollar alee. BILL’S ARCTIC. or ALL UEAU>G oiJiTSIHUT, reliable tor geair»l ointment pntwfjs. bcpotGU JoLn-*s New Tors. Sold by aa dragglsta. tSaTCHELOR’S HAIR DVS. ■Mds splendid flair Dye U IM brat In the werld- Har micas. relitblr. tn*i*ur-r- —-sthe oalr Pertel Bye. Ko«lb»pp’t‘ t =«tr r^ ( 3V , S*fv mi* tree to nature, - ... 1 -H.A. RATuH* ' r^-’.or T. 81 -1 ; j - . 'y IClehical ANT OP eTAIONA. (oDsiilntioiia! Weakie* EFFECT OF DOSTETTER’S BITTER nr cases of General Jfebiliti 1-atnrs li not Impartial. Oa some of c» ahe haa •towed ttalwart frame*. Knot constitution#. ti serves: os others, bat Uttle physical power, or con. tutlonal etamUs, or servous vigor* Let the tee. take heart, however, it they cannot become Samao they can, by the oae ol proper meant, make up D measure for the dtfldndea of nature, aad may p chance live as long and enjoy lUe as mach u th more Herculean neighbor*. Delicate machine* u»: proper care aometlnea outlast those of u mors §o aod ponderous structure. A fiat watch will run lon* than a steam engine of a thousand horsepower. 1 first object of the weak and fragile It. or should be.. acquire additional strength if possible. Uis pcirit. It may be stated as a proved aad established net, U science has given to the world, in HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTER A regetabte Inrfffprant, teSfcA permanently ircces avd tutUiln* the feeble pAysfgse, vkfthT Ms lack strength and stamina hs an inherent defect or f result of extraneous causes. if general debility is aotadDeue. It U someth! w one, via: a coudltton which preduposes the body succumb to all influence* that prodace dieca*a. t, are continually sat rounded and beset, more or less. Infecting elements, neither the purest air nor the p* eat water Is perlectly pure. And la regions where be are absolutely poisonous, how shall the weakly coos tutlon and trail system resist (heir deadly effects unit fortified by artlDclal means ? U the iUTTEIis are t reinforcing, vitalizing, sustaining preparation they • claimed to on this head the testimony In tin fkvor Is overwhelming aod incontroverilblc-lhca it absolutely ftuultnut In any man or woman, suflerl from physical weakness, cot to resort to so potent remrdy. When tn epidemic Is prevailing, or la pr pect, the best safeguards areapsritcl dilution, Or nerves, am! a wise employment of the mean whl science haa placed at the disposal of the public as s tldoles against atmospheric lofectioa. Among t latter. BOSTETTEE’S BITTER Deservedly enjoy the hlghcit reputation througho the Western world. tir tirmrmber that physical vigor la Uie be«t d*P*r agalnal disease, and that It a,ay be lncr<’a*cd to an * traonitnary dearee by the uie ot mu celebrated ton fioivtl Complaint*, Colic, Dial Wicrrf, l>ijncntrri/, Cholera Mot' ■ bn*, and Con*Hixition. Billions Colic la a disorder cbtractertrod by wb Paracelsus call* ntrooenu* patn. The torture eiterv nter the whole abdomen,and aatrona aianwrith uedi r It ai if upon the rack. Ttu nU'VKIU* am tuef to relieve the paroxysms, but It la aa a aura mean* ; preventing a recurrence ol tbe attack that they a particularly recommended. Tone tbs liver and tl bowels with this gentle ailmitlabt and corrective, ai you will never be troubled with the agonising and da (terona complaint known aa Pilliooi Colie. Chronic Diarrhoea. There tsßcarrely any difference ot opinion amor regular pbyalclani aa regard* the treatment of chro lodlarrlura. Moat c! men have heretofore rec>c mcmlcd a tablcapoonful or tCMpoonfiil ot brandy to 1 given acvetal time* a day. They one and all adm that astringent* and tonic* are required. Thl« bclr ndmlttc<l, tbe mala thing la to give the Nt*t an' aaUlDgcnt that can bo procured; and that ha* be« proved by experience, and nnder Uio beat cbciutc teste, to be HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERJ The aymptoma of chronic dyipepila are frequea' dltrbargra lenerally, with aomc pain and - reitlcaaneaa, tblrit, pcor appetite, datiuty, lost c flcab, dry, rungb, and aomewhit tallow akin, th longue dry and dark colored. The food often paaao through the bowel* nearly In the condition to whim! It wti a wallowed, tboa ibowlcg that the ga*trle Jolc. - Is either not g< iterated in anffleient quantity, or that i) ba* not tbe tolvant propvttlea necessary to decompoftf the naiUcatcd fbod. The liver la generally oat of or dcr, and tie bowels afflicted with a low grads ol lot flammaHoo, Under these clrenraataacet a medicine allrhtly aperl '■ cot, aa well as tonic and anU-billotu, la absolutely rs qclred; and such a mecictse 1* ROSTETTER’S BITTERS' l.ct U be borne In mind, however, thatchronicdlar-; rfccca, as weU as the ante foim of the diteaac which leads to It, tray always be avoided hr keeping up the - toneof the stomach and ot the mnc-ins membrane o» the Intestines with this eilntary end hirmleu invuo-j rant. It It a £reat thins to restore to regularity a dla- j ordered function, bat It U still better to exclude necessity for iMicrtUca by preventlm; IrreruUrtars,.- AH sluggards require to be stimulated; and 7 strange to sar, theslnfgtsb bowels arc often subjected to a treatment which tn the ead Increases their tor pidity, and renders a complaint, easily cored la the.l beplncltfr. obstinately chronic. Let the constlpatod'jr beware of drastic pills and potions. The Invariably j aggravate the disorder. A combination of a whole-; some stimulant with a mild, sot thine laxative Is what* is needed. In BOSTETTERS BITTERS the joflercr has this Important dnlderatam. Acoorve* of iM» genial corrective will eventually core era;' form of constipation, and remove Use headache, dlizt* nc*», feverishness. name*,and mudilu-mlndftlnrtt.hT wblchltts usually accompanied. Some persons who are ■ by comtltntton ol a constipated habit may overcome the dlOntty and achieve perfect regularity by os lag Use BITTEBa dally In ccnlormlty with the direction*. ■ The Three most Important Periods of l.ife. Physicians divide llle Into five distinct periiMa—th* Oral extending from birth to the azeef seven rears, the second (bom the seventh to the fourteenth ynr the third from the fbarteentb to the twenty-lint yean the foarth from the twealy-flrat to the fortieth year, the fifth from the fortieth year to the close of life’* “strange, eventful history." Shakvpear* divides Ufa Into “seven ago;** bat fire U the number adopted by the fhcnlty. In what D called the •* third period” the Important changes occur which mark and separata the sexes. This is the stage ol development, when the iratae, (a acquiring fora;. Proportion, and strength, makes ex traordinary demands upon the vital and coutituttoaat tesources. The weaker rex suffers most during tills period. The vitality of woman, being taxed la s great* cr degree than that ol man. often requires to be re-la* forced by artificial means. Whenever this is accessary, nOSTETTER’S BITTERS Mat t« <rn«clfnUou»iy rTcomnurt’lol *• trie mou liwmleu Ati'l ctbwtlT* of all tonic*. The fourth period, emhrwlftjf the ifttlnrltjr of lit*** when in**tH»wor* of tacdj and inln>t In both *nt« ntuhl to t* la Dill tlior, aI«o ha* lu apodal ilifllcimii*. It la during ihtaataeo that tbolumalo U auiiimrttx moot of tie ftaraolwrtallmonu peculiar to h**r onranUaUun. (to BUBirroaa owl iliartaaln* are Wicm complaint*, that tli«p*M«*nca with which they am born*, white it at* rite* the woi*4«r, demand* lb* earnrti •ympatby, of the lea* afflicted bain**! who *tyU tbrntuelve* por #*• Mime? Iho •‘lordt of creation." In fortitude it miut be admitted Hut tbo M lonia" an by no meau equal to the •• tadlea." To the latter 11 la important to know that m the troubles which precede and follow natality, the BITTERS Ate excellent, both a« a bodily and mental InrlxoraoA They will be found a capital means of sasuinlng the krnale under the heary drains made upon It a: :ts moat interesting and pertloo* periods of married 1 A.', lx that ia which &U the ftnetlSßi de cay Ml the fr»bods tinder the wrtghi of years, tinrlax th!e period, too, women Bolter noth more than the stronger to. la pAslhr *iua which divide* maturity from the decline of life, wcjr h*'*-? u enconnler more difficulties and daag-ra u-.j dreamedoEwhenhemssedthelmMecn, i-.n-wk and gloom borderinc on Insanity, together v. ih mi merable physical distnrbances, are among tm. : - and penalties they sometime* havetoesdnre at these on* aa weU as at Xhejlrst crisis ot their Uvem As soothing and balsamic remedy lor their sttllctiaas aoch times, the B I T TEE S Are prescribed by misy eminent pbysidaax. stlranlatlng qnallUes oi tte preparation are to nu Oedby lie medicinal bezbs and roots Infused Into . tbit It may be wlthont appreheralon area « there who are unpleasantly adectod by tbe otdisa excitants. Prepared Bold by iittSiETIER *■ "■ i> I CROC ThrpV .'iiS i