Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 9, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Prince Napoleon to be Director of tie Paris Exposition. Trial of Ex-Governor Eyre, of Jamaica. The Labor Disturbances in Bel gium Increasing. Threatening State of Affairs in Servia. FROM WASHINGTON, Work of the Ways and Means Com mittee on the New Bev enne Bill, The Paris Exposition—Prices Fixed Upon for Ad mission, &c. CONGRESS. Senate—Passage of the Nebraska Bill Over the President’s Veto. Yeas. 31; Nays, 9.. Pas-age of the Legislative and Judicial Appropriation Bill. House —Exciting Debate on the Deconstruction Committee’s Deport, Yote on Ordering the Previous Question, 61 Teas to 98 Hays. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Fisal Passage ot Eastman’s Varelioase Bill ia the Senate. Senator Hack’s Railroad Bil Ordered to a Third Reading. Tbe Infernal Improvement Bil Undergoing Material Changes in Committee. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELECaiPa, GREAT BUTTAIN. London, February B—Noon. The Confederate bond-holders in this country Lave united in a petition to the British Govern ment to back their claims, TRIAL OP EX-GOVERNOR ETItE. London, February S. The trial of cx-Govcrnor Eyre, of Jamaica, ha commenced. DEATH OF A RAILWAY CONTRACTOR. Dorgln, the Irish railway contractor, who Isllcd a short time ago. with liabilities very heavy, is dead. CANADIAN CONFEDERATION. London, February 3. Eail Carnavoo will next week Introduce in Par liament n bill for the union of the Canadian Provinces. THE LABOR DISTURBANCES IN BELGIUM. Brussels, February S. The disturbances among the laboring popula tion in the fc-outbero Provinces of Belgium have tnur-ided, and tranquility Is restored. London, February S—Evening. Notwithstanding positive advices to the con trary thlsmornlng, a report was received to-night (hat the troubles In Lower Bclginmaro Increasing. NOTE FROM THE GREEK GOVERNMENT TO FOREIGN TOWERS. The Greek Government, In a note to the for eign Powers, declare# a crisis of war tear at hand, and though their denre is for pcac.% they deem It proper to propose au increase of the nnuy and navy. AEFAtRS IN SEIIVIA. London, February 8. Intelligence liom Serna represent* affaire so threatening Ihai families of Turks are fleeing from the country. GERMANY. Berlin. February 8. Negotiations between the North G rnnau Slates aao Prussia were ccnclndcd to-day. Berlin, February 3 —Evening. It Is said that Bi#mark will propose la the Par liament of the North German States a tax on to hacco. ncsfiA. St. Petersburg, February 8. A Japanese»mbassy has arrived In Ibis country. 6t. PETTUsncna, February B—Evening. The Russian Government officially denies the truth of the reporters victory in Bokhara. AUSTRIA. Vienna, February S. Charles Baron Von Hock his been appointed Minuter of Finance in the imperial Cabinet. ECHO PEAK COLLEGE IN CHINA. London, February 8. Despatches from China stale that arrangements have been made for establishing a European Col lege In Pekin, with the consent of the Chinese Government. FRANCE. Paris, February 7—Evening. Prince Napoleon will bo Director of the Pari* Exposition. Ibe Emperor, In his address on the assembling « f the Corps LeglblaUf. will announce the final dir position and close of the Eastern and Mexican qneetions. Lalnt Foreign iTlarket*. LtrxßPOoL, February 7—Evenlaj Cotton—Closed doll. Lxtxcpool. February 8. Cotton—The broker** circular report* the ►ales for the week at 41.000 hale*. The market ha* a downward tendency. Middling uplands bare declined a hall; penny on’ihe week. Sales at 14Hd. Oreadstnflsanl rroTltloas—Steady ant unchanged; Losdojt, February B—Noon. Consols for money. 90%; United Statu 5-SOs, 71U-16. J moots Central, 80*; Erie, 40*. umrooi. Febmar» B—Ereal'c. Cotuu—More actlre this afternoon, and prices showed an upward tendency. Sales >o-day13.009 bales rtddilDß uplands closed at I<*AKXd. Floor and wLf-at—Steady. Com—At 4M. ProTU'otu—Beef— Kxtia prime dm advancing. Pork and bacon firm Lard dull, at Sis. Tallow easier, at iSs 61043*. Pe troleum—Echoed Is Cd(tls 6*d. Mascnxrm, February 6. The market for goods and yarns has been Sat, bu dotes steadier. • liOXPov. February P—Evening. Con*oU.9oK for money; United States 5-JOs, 73Jf UltiolJ Central,Bl; Erie, 40. pamt, February B—Evening. United States bonds closed at 81*. Fjusktobt, February B—Evening. United Slate* bonds, 75K. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WasaxKaTOK. February 8. Dinar* nr rut nor** or to* ntcohrrßuenox stsroßT. Debate of to-day on the Reconstruction Report has been exciting, tbe vote by teller atlhe close refusing to second tbe previous question; yeas. 61; rays. 96. No record of the vote exist*, but the Democratic strength la the House was 83 or 40, so -U appears the Republican* arc about equally dl i rifled. There were three classes: Those who wanted to amend the bill; thoae who wanted further debate to prevent filibustering, and thus save time, and those who believed a bill «f reconstruction could be agreed upon to go with the one under consideration. Mr. Banks' action Is explained I; the fact that be has not quite com pleted tbc bill be baa framed on the bill ol the New Orleans Committee as a bails, and which be desires to get before tbe House. Numerous amendments and substitute* were offered Jnstbe iore adjournment, and It seem* probable that a bill oi some sort will pass tbe Home at an early day, but as any bill Is likely to be vetoed, and must go to the President within ten more legisla tive days. It is by no means certain that a recon- Mrncilon bill can be got through both Honses In time to become a law. iMrKxcmrritT trbtxrort. icy** ■* in't’-V V lire P f tl»Vf', T#' V-o \ \ ®V.' TboJndlctary Committee examined two very 1 mportant witnesses to-day. _ sls, W ipb^> rirruitß arronmrarre. Secretary McCulloch staled to-day that ho felt bare that futnro appointments would bo made from among Republicans. ENT nut XL BBTBRCX BOX. oi «« fctce.*® and Pi. but* 4 ** Tbe Ways and Means Committee hare abool L.«. tod hope to reportw on Mondtj, poidbS cT " iDe - "“"wipurtu??;..™ Office have EO materially decreased with*. ,he commltico hiva not *° “"d>«dticUoi>ta rtlM oldnly at ni propoted at the l«rlaiunr dccrMta'tl. 011 * Tbe ch “ Ke * "Konm-mM «m •iNSt*!* ,h * “gtagata or taxation thin* or oomWM “, al ' of A coondmbU oonbcrol trtldra pajlo E Pot a amiU amoaol of tax bate been placed on (he free list The moat Important struggle In committee was on (he ques tion of reducing the whiskey tax. Commladoirr aoiuns strongly opposed a redaction,, .Sxtiil Commissioner Wells streoaoasly fkvoredlt.’ the committee took a final role this morning* and all the members but tso declared against a reduction. The ulil embraces many provisions of a stringent character against illicit dUtillaUon* and the clause for the seizure of any liquors offered (br aula' at a less price than the meet tax will probably be adopted. Tbe question of Income made much discussion. Two mem* bers urged a gisdusted scale accord log to amonn’* bat the committee decided on a uniform rate—five per cent on nil over one thousand dollars* that amount being exempted. The tobacco question' is not yet settled, and delegations ofmannfac tnrers will be beard to-morrow morning. The tux on cigars is to be entirely specific* viz.: On all cigars valued at 16 or less per thousand, tax Included* the rate of $1 per thouiand—on all otber cigars JS per thousand. Sugar of alt gradea will hereafter pay a uniform tax of ooe cent per pound. Molasses Is on the free list* and alsoaaiL The tax on woollen nunuketnres la re duced to three per cent. Manufactured clothing is exempted, and so arc manufactures of jute. Tbe tax on bools |and shoes Is unchanged, bnt leather Is nut on tbe free Hat. A long discussion was had abont sewing machines, and the commit muieo finally decided by two majority against a reduction of the tax. Farm wagons* lumber wag ons* Ac * are put on the free list. ▲ jxcxok. Tbe report In Conservative and Southern circles to-night is that the President will send in a mes sage to Congress next week on reconstruction, and among other tblngs propose universal am nesty for universal suffrage. Tux am fbisidents’ bill. The opinion seems general that no sncbablll as that trained by the National Bank Presidents can be passed. One of the evening papers aays that George Peabody has donated one million dollars for edu cational purposes In tbe Sooth. Tbe money will be placed In the hands of General Grant, ux-Gov- ernora Aiken of South Carolina and Browaof Georgia* William C. Rives of Virginia* General Charles MicaiUsler of Pennsylvania, and other trustees, lot nse as their judgment suggests. executive SESSION. Tbe Senate had'a brief Executive session and confirmed alx nominations and rejected abont thirty—mostly Western Internal Revenue officers. Among the rejections tras I hat of Richard J Hon ard, Surveyor at SU Louis. TUI CLINTON RAILKOID BBIDOE. The Senate Post Office Committee agreed unani mously to-day Iu report favorably upon the bill legalizing the Clinton Railroad bridge. Ibe Senate* In considering tho Civil Appropria tion Bill. - struck ont everything lor ibe next ses sion's Congrettional Globe, by a vote of nearly two to one. Tho decision causes much talc. WATT.* ron TOE SOUTH. Washington, February ».—The Post Office De partment. yesterday afternoon, despatched ail be mail matter wbtcb Lad accumulated In Wa«h- ngton City for th* South* br two attain tags, which succeeded In forcing their wav through th* ice to Alczandna. With the Orange <£ Alexandria Railroad, interruptions to mail transportation la at an end for the winter. tobacconists’ contention. The Tobacconists’ Correction appolntedacom mittee to wait on the Committee of Ways and H> ace. to present various resolutions adopted for Ibe promotion of tln-lr ma'erial interests. BILL AFFBOVZO. The President has approved tbe bill providing that alcohol made nr manufactured irom distilled spirits* npon »hlch ibe tax Imposed by law has been paid, end burring fluid made or manuf.ic tmed from alcohol, or splrita of turpentine, or camnhece, upon which toe tax imposed bylaw bait been paid, shall be exempted from i*r TSX LOAN CEBTinCATZ. New Yonx*Februaryß.—The New York sncclel aays: '‘The l.oan Certificate Bill will bo rubmitted to the Senate Finance Committee by the ebb-committee to-day, and lucre is tbe best authority for saying the bill will be rcpoiic l '- nnuilmously." PROPOSED. VEXICAK LOAN. A InKkr 1. In Wa.lilnrvfAn fnp rhA nnwt... rtf A lobby la In Washington for the onrpo*e of obtaining tbe guarantee of the United Slates Qov emmiT 110 some fifty millions ot doll ard of the Mexican bonds, to be Issued by the Jttarez Gov ernment. THE TAX BILL. -T-\. . V«_l. *n.J . ....1.1 ..... I. Tn.. The New York Tribune's special says: **The Tax Bill l>» lo La reported to-day. There ate but few articles In the free list* and those of minor importance. is one. AH incomes below one thousand dollars are exempt; ail above that figure are nnifoim at five per cent. Cigars are two dciiare and eight dollars. Such stringent pro visions are made as is believed will prevent fraud. The comrailtf’C were compelled to a'laadoa the Idea of making large reductions, os it U be lieved the receipts will greatly foil off, owing to the stagnation of bat-lues*. In the next fiscal year it is estimated that tho reduction proposed will reach about twenty millions of dollars. The committee will now take up the Tariff Bill, and bold daily sessions until it u disposed of." PARIS EXPOSITION—PRICES OP ADMISSION. AC. Washington, January, B.—The Stale Depart ment has received from Pans, a plan ot (h« gene ral arrangement for the Exposition. The price of admiselin to sections ol the Park and o r the gar den is fixed as follows: On tbe opening day, to both sections, lour dollars; on any other day of that wtek, olc dollar, and after April Bih, admis sion to the Park, twenty cents Pncea for season tickets, twelve dollars for ladies and twenty d*n fars for gentlemen. Weekly tickets will be issued at one dollar and twenty cents. JEEP. DAVIS A gentleman from Fortress Monro* say#, from personal knowledge ho has, (bat Jeff. Davis is much better than he has been for aixaonibs. nc is allowed free inlerconrte with vUi.ore. but avoids ail conversation with reference to political afraire,andtoblscond)Uon as prisoner. Re has full range of the gruords of th-; fort, and lives as comfortably as any oftbe United States officers. ANOTHER GENEROUS OFFER FROM GEORGE FEA- BOOT. Washington, February B.—George Peabody addressed a let cr to Robert O. WmlGrop. Hamil ton Fish, Bishop Mcllvaine, General Grant and others, tendering as a gift the sum of one mlilioa dollars, to be held in trust, and the Interest there of applied for tbe promotion of intellectual, moral and indns'iiat education among the young ot the more destitute portions of the Southwestern without other dbtmctum than their needs and op portunities of usefulness. He al«o give* permis sion to use from the principal within tbe next two rears not exceeding forty per cent. Be also gives Planter's Bank bonas of the State of Mississippi, amounting with Interest to SIIO,OOO, on which no Interest has been paid aince 1810, Imt the validity of which has never been questioned. Mr. Peabody furthermore gives power, in case two-thirds ol toe trustees shall, at any time after the lapse of thirty years, deem It expedient to close this trust and of the fund* tuat shall be in their hands to dlstriimte, t.ol less than two-thirds for such educational pur poses as they mav determine, in the Slates for whose benefit Income is now appoinlo 1 to bo ufed. The remainder may be distributed by the Trustees for educational and literary purpose#, whenever tbev may d*em it expedient. Upon re ce*pt of Ibe ‘letter by Mr. Wintirop, a meeti-ig of the gentlemen mentioned in It was cslh-d tu consider the matter, whereupon resolutions were presented by Bishop Mcllvaine. and signed by ihose trustees present In Washington, expressing to tbe donor their grateful appreciation dr his enlarged and unprecedented generosity, and tru-ti bis valued lire nil) be lung spared to witness the success orblsbenevolriitcoutnhutioa io the happiness cf bis faliow-cltixcns In all parts of his native land. An organization has already neen eflcctcd, of which lion. Robert C. Winthrop •is chairman. A Committee on Finance and In- London, February 8. quiry has been appointed, and it is the intention oi the trustees to commence active operations as roon as possible. CUSTOMS RECEIPTS. Official returns show that tbe receipts far cus toms from January ffGlh to January 81*1 were ADMISSION 70 THE NATIONAL ASYLUM FOR DIS ABLED BOLD IX US. Washington, February S.—lt Is stated on an- Ihonty tbit application for adtuisal-'h to the Na tional Asylum tor disabled soldiers may be made to either ol *be managers or directory through the Governor of the Asylum, and on the at plication beieg approved, U will be returned to the appli cant, with an order lor bis transportation to the Asylum. COKFIUtATIONB. The Senate has confirmed the following comb ration*: Thomas J. McKinney, of lowa, Super intendent of Ii olan AfTiii* of Washington Terri tory; James Went*orlh. of Missouri, Consul at Moscow; John Sargcant, Assessor of Internal Revenue! Sixteenth DUrict, Ohio; Mathewson T. Patrick, of Nebraska, Agent of Upper Platte Indians; T-afayettc Carter, of Idaho, surveyor General of Idaho; General B. F. Kelly, Collector of Internal Revenue lor the First District of West Virginia. REJECTIONS. The Senate rejected the following: SutXfj/or* of Customs—Ttooa: E. Dnrsnt, (Jain cr, HI.; Jas. Lcwiy Keys, Pittsburgh; Richard J. Howard. St. Louis. .... Utoisfersland Qffcs —Edward S. Reed, Nebras ka City; T. Bedford, Brownsville, Nebraska. RecnrrTfif Public Money—. Albert Toxberry, Nc bistkaCHy. Collectors of Internal Httfnue —Sam. JLahttn, Seventeenth District, Ohio; James H. Anderson, Eighth District, Ohio; William E. Haynes KicbtceLib Dlsirtct,Ohio; W.O.Slanbury,Klitenth DistitcL. lo«a: W. 11. Merritt. Fifth District, low a; Jacob W. Stewart, Second District, Iowa; James Given, Fourth District. Maryland; A. Mc- Connell, Nintecnth District Ohio; Martin Igoe. trixlecnlb District, Indiana; J. G. Knight, Third District, Wisconsin; S. 0. Hacks, Eleventh District, Illinois; U. A. McKelvy. Second Dis trict, Iowa; J. A. Forner, Eleventh District, Ohio; J. B. Smith, First District, Wisconsin; J. I‘owesteil. Fourteenth District, Wisconsin: P. M. KiLtcr, Twenty-first District, Pennsylvania: Oliver H. P. Scott, First District, Iowa; A. Hyatt Smith, Second District, Wisconsin. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Ur. PATTERSON introduced a joint resolution for the payment or tbe Tennessee Dome guard, or ganized by order of General Burnside. Referred. Nr. WILSON, from tbe Military Committee, re* ported the Ronsc bill authorizing tbe Secretary of Aar to convey certain lots at Harper’s Ferry, which went ovrrtUl to-morrow. Ur. WILSON reported the House bill to In crease the pay of tjnartermasler Sergeant* of the engineer battalion to thirty-slz dollars per month. Mr. TRUMBUIJ* wanted to know tr this was one of the bills for Jevelllng up salaries. Every day or two such a bill waa brought up. Uc ob jected to tbe practice. .Mr. WILSON said Ur. Trumbull was In tbe nabit of lecturing Senators in a manner unworthy of Ibe Senate. Mr. TRUMBULL replied, questioning Mr. Wil son's right to say what was worthy or unworthy «>f the Senate, and asserting his right to tnako sneb comments as be had upon this bill. The UR passed. Ur. C RES WELL introduced a bill to regulate the disposition of fines, penalties and forfetmres, incurred under the custom laws, which was re ferred. Mr. BARKIS Introduced a bill extending for three year* the provisions of the set for the final adjudication of private land claims In Florida. Lonblans and Missouri, Referred. Ur. DIXON Introduced a bill amendatory of the post office law, relative to letters hold for postage and dead letter*. Kef-.rrcd. * Mr. ROSS offered a resolution that after tbe commencement of the next Congress, the publica tion of the debates of Congress be transferred from th* Globf to Iho Vhronielt. Mr. McDOUOALL objected to It* introduction, and the resolution lie* over till to-morrow. The legislative and Civil Appropriation Bill was token no. The amendment of tbe Committee of the Whole yesterday, relating to salaries of District Joists, was agreed to. That increasing tbe salaries of Judge* of Ibe Court of Claims was disagreed to. Mr. WADE moved to strike oat tbe name of the T)aUff Glob* from the appropriation for reporting and printing tbe proceedings of Congress. Deuste followed, and It appearing that tbe con tract with the Globe cannot oe abrogated by cither party to U without two years' notice, the amend ment was rejected. On motion of Mr. MORRILL, the vote waa to considered and tbc amendment adopted, by a vote of Si against 14. Tbe bill was otherwise (lightly amended and passed. It goes to the Honse for concurrence. Mr. WADE called up the bill toadmtt Nebraska, and without debate It passed over tbt> President's veto by yeas 31, nays 9 Bncknlew, Davis, Doolittle, GXOBOI FKABODT. WasnctoTOS. February 8. SENATE. RATS. Fa ter, Norton, Hendricks, Patterson, Morgan, Saulsbury, VOL. XX. Mr. GHIMES called up the bill for au Iron-clad depot at League island Without action, the Senate went Into Executive session and snbeeanenUv adjourned. nobsE. A joint resolution paued authorizing the Sec retary of War to famish certified copies of mas (er-m ana muster-out rolls of any volunteer or ganization to the Adiutaut General of any State. On motion of Mr. WENTWORTH* the Secreta ry of the Treasury was directed to commnnlca'c tbe amount ol bonds Isam d to the Central Pacific Railroad Company and the Onion Pacific Rail road Company, their dates of Issue and nnmber of miles of road completed. Mr. RAYMOND Ictroanced a bCI to prohibit tbe transportation of criminals from foreign countries to tbe United States* and prescribing the punishment thereof Referred. On motion of Mr. SPALDING, the Secretary of War was directed to report what railroad compa nies in the rebellions Stat e* had purchased roll ing stock or otber property of the United States Government, the amount thereof, withtheamount remaining unpaid, nature of eecumiee hold there for, Ac. Mr. HASSON introduced a bill to establish of fices for the assay of gold and eilver at Denver, Col., Charlotte, N. C., and Datdonega. Ga.. appro pi taring |S,OW) each for the repair of bolldlugs at Charlotte and Dahlonega, the bnsmesa of these offices to be under tbe general control of the Director of the Mint at Philadelphia. On motion ol Mr. CLARK, of Kansas, the Com mittee on Agriculture was InrUnCled to inquire into tbe expediency of a commission to investigate tfcf causes and results of the Texas cattle disease. Debate on Mr. Stevens* bill resumed. Mr. BUANKIJN oppo-ed the bill as more dan gerous to civil rights than any measure ever pit»e*<ted. It nos an enormous outrage on the people. Mr. THAYER supported tbe bill. When en rol ced it • onld bcfoliowvdby terms of reconstruc tion »bleb would recognize the perfect equal rights of all citizens, and secure uniform liberty* happi ne*w and prosperity throughout the country. Mr. HARDING approve! the sentiments of the blit. He represented a constituency which were de terminer! at any con to protect ibe citizens of Die 'United 8 tales against lawlessness and crime, which was tbe main object ot tbe bill. Mr. SBELT.ABARGEK explained his reasons for Toting for the bID, dcnylcg it was improper or nnnaual interference with tbe rights of the Presi dent. This measure, however, standing alone could not receive bis support. If it were not to be followed by measures to establish ctvll Gov ernments based on equal suffrage, be would not vole for a military measure of tills kind. Mr. HOTCHKISS advocated placing the South ern Slates under military control* bnt thought the law Bufflricntiy covered that matter, if the Presi dent bad not by bis construction of tbe law de feated it. Messrs. GRISWOLD and RAYMOND made etrong speeches against the bl'h Mr. GARFIEI J» supported It The Hours, oy a vote of slxty-ose against eigh ty-nine. refused io second the demand for the previous ijuceiion. Before ibe vote on the previous question, Mr. si EVENS spoke, and In the course of his re marks said ; “I know not whether it la tbe desire of th * Hourc to pass any such bill, or to disperse, go home and leave tbe President to triumph. 1 am quite aware that much of the opposition on both Mdcs of tbe House comes from modifications of views colnddi'g with the Pres dent's views, and tbai his argument* have censed msiiv gentlemen to believe that bis ts the tiue one. [Great excitement among members.] 1 am enable to lenm to what crt.*ut that has prevailed, but after the previous qncatloc shall have been voted npon, 1 shall be bettsraatisfied as to whether It Is worth while to proceed farther in any attempt by Congress to re sent the power of the President or whether It Is our duty Use bumble Christians lo submit to the power that baa cononered ns* and allow the Southern people to remain in tbcir present condition. I hope the previous question will t>e sustained, and now move It. . Mr.rffK®**- tr the remarks which I made, sir. Speaker, 1 had noallua.- ...i negotiations with the President. The gentleman from Rcii c*r l von la, (Stevens) knows more of bis opinions than I do, and will yield to bis policy much sooner than i shall. The measures watch we propose, and one of which is now before tbe House, depend for their eßlcacyln being coated by two-thirds of the two Bouses against tae Ex ecutive branch of tho Government. .My belief la v© cannot carry on tbe .Government In (hat wav; that we must have la«s which the’Executive will co-opcrate iu. in order to make tbotclaws effective If, after wc, the represema livrs of the people, have agreed to what laws are necessary to secure the peace of the country, ard alter the people have sustained us in those laws the President refuses co-operation, it is our duty to crop this question, and proceed lo the consideration ot tbe the position of tbe President himself. We can before this s-»<tor. closes come to such a conclusion as will compel the President to sustain ns in onr action, or as wilt justify ns In adopting another course if he refuses. 1 have no negotlatioi-s with ibe Pn-sldeat. and In the vote which I shall giro on the question, neither Ibe gentleman from Pennsylvania* nor any other man, has a right to assume— [Tho lateness of the hour prevents the receipt of the balance of the proceedings ] FUOM SPUINOFIELD. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Stiungfield. 111.. February 0. THE warehouse bill. The FenaU* passed the Warehouse BUI, to-day, by ad» cldc-1 vote. The sixteenth section, which 1 telegraphed you yesterday, was stricken out, but Ihc clgntceuth section was kept In by a decid ed vote. It was considerably changed in Its read ing, and it cabcd the twenty-second section. 1 ap pend 1U Section S 3 It shall be nnlawfel for any railroad ot railway company to deliver any grab into any waichoufc other than that irto which Ills con •igiitd with consent of the owner or consignee hei cot, and U tliall be tbe duty of said party or par ties ni the lime of the shipment of said grain,«.r be fore it reaches Its destination, to give notice to the rail'* ad i«r rail»av company, by card on the car Or otherwise, ol t'te warehouse bio which said grain is io be delivered. For the lallnre to deliver grab according to tbe direction of the owner or consignee thervcit.such railroad or rail way compnt.v srall be liable to the warehouse man to whom the same should have been deliv ered tor two months' storage of all such grab so consigned or refused, and also to eucn ware c-onsc-man and to tbe owner ot such grain lor all other datua.-c either cf them may have sustained by reason , t snch refusal or neglect of said railroad or rail way company, including all lawful expous -s in curred by him or them m tbe prosecution of any mil or snits serins! such railroad or railway company to recover the penalties or enforce the provisions of line act; or if such grain ts to nr taken xrou the cars without delivery into any vatchonsc the railrord or railway com pany shall bo notified b like manner (hereof, and in such cases the railroad or railway company shall notify sa*d owner or consignee of ibt arrival of said grain at Its destination, and give a reasonable time for the removal of the same. And for the failure to give such notice when nvecerary to the owner or consignee of tbe arrival ol grain, or for delivery of the tame into any warehouse without the consent of soch owner or consignee, or without notice or opportunity to icmove the same bom -be cars ol said railroad or railway company, when said consent is not given, snob railroad or railway company shall be liable to the owner o' inch giain for all damages be may have sustained by reason of illegal action of such railroad or rail way company. Including all lawful expenses b<mr nd by him in the prosecution of any suit against «nch railroad or railway company growing ont -hereof, and nil lawtal expenses Inclined by him or his assignees against other patties to recover possession of each grain ” 1 cannot say that the bill is satisfactory to t ithcr party, bat the warebonsc-mcn corse loudly al its passage. 1 think they came off second best, although they ought to have gut heavier blows. Tbe ICtb section, which was put in yesterday and left outto-day, was the most important feature of the hill. RAILROAD lAIUIT SILL. In the Senate, this afternoon, the Railroad Tariff Bill came up, and after an animated contest, in which a large number of amendments and SOP- Mimics were ©Cored and voted down, what 1* known a* Mack's bill was ordered to a third read ing. It simply appoints three Commissioners, named in the bill, to have the whole retaliation of lailrcad freights in their hands. No provision Is made for the redaction or passen ger rates, or for exercising any control over them. The bill possesses no vitality, in fad, amounts to nothing at all. Mack claims that be can carry it through tne Senate, while two Sena tor* who voted to order it to a third reading as* cut c me that it will be defeated. BILL TO PROVIDE SrPrt ATronKKT GENERAL. The bill to provide for an Attorney General of the State passed tbc House to-dsy. The salary, which in the original bill was fired fit $5,000, is reduced to $3,500. STATE mifOJt rTAHOXJT. Gilbert Symonda, Deputy Warden or the Joliet Penitentiary, has been appointed Wardea, In place of SamnelA. Bnekmaeter, resigned. The appointment la understood to be temporary, no* til the new contractors get their contracU eon limed by the Legislature, when General Bain will probably be appointed to the place. ixmxai, IKPBorXKEKTS. The Committee on Internal Improvements had a meeting this afternoon, and had the Internal Improvement DQI before them.- Many of tbc provisions have been considerably changed in order to seeme to It a more general support. The commencement of ibe work as a whole will Ire conditioned on getting aid bom the General Government. The section naming tbc Governor, Auditor, and Secretary of State as a :-art of the Board Is left oat. Several other rm nortant change* will be made. These changes bare been trade at th<* suggestion of a number of member* who would not support it unde: it* for* tner details. 110UUTITI EXCESS, Both Honses adjenrned over to-day, to meet on Mot day afternoon at live o'clock, which means Tuesday. coxpLnrotranr. The Hon. G. L. Port, Senator from Marshall, rccclvid a despatch to-day from Ibe Board of Trade of the dly of Chicago, signed by Thomas S. Phillips and three hundred others, compli menting him on his efforts to secure tbc passage of his amendment, the sixteenth section, to tbc Eastman Warehouse Bill. Be is deserving of great credit from hi* constPaent*, and the farm er* of Illinois, and the anti-monopolist*, for hi* exertions tn their behalf, and it is to be regretted that tbe monopolists were enabled to kill the amendment. a botoo oomraaiotr of eight members of the House and fire of tbe Senate wnl start to-morrow morning at clgbt o'clock to visit Champaign, Chicago, Blooming ton. Uncoln and Jacksonville, to view the proper ty and examine the securities offeted by these several localities as a bid for the Industrial Uni versity, Tbi committee will arrive tn Chicago •ate Saturday clgbt. FROM MILWAUKEE. Death or a Well-known Railroad tnan —lmportant Latranlt—ltcaolntlons of Condolence, (bpeclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwxuxxx, February 8. Ur. A. Fleming, a well-known railroad man, «'lcd at tbe Newbatl House Ust night, alter a brief Illness. Tbc esse of the City of Milwaukee vs. Wm. Gilman and L. J. Merrick, to recover a portion ot Fprincetieet. has been decided in (aver of the city. The land formerly belonged to Gilman, bntwascinveyedto (he city on tax sale cer tificate. Soil waa atteiwards brought in the United State* Court and the tax title waa declared Invalid, ana Mr. Oilman fenced ofi a portion of the street, which be claimed, wherenpm th* cltj b> ought a salt against tbe defi'enant which la lust decided and establishes the validity of tax titles in the city, ice cate will prooabiy be appealed. The Board of Managers of the National Asylum have sent Mrs. Colonel O. H. Walter rewlatioa* of condolence noon tbe death of her husband, who was one of the managers. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] tiraxxornxD, 111., February 8. SENATE. A3UOURNXKXT BZSOLDTIONS. Mr. ADD AUS offered a joint resolution provid ing for tbe adjournment of the legislature sins dte on the SOth ot February. Rejected— yeas* 7; nays,* 17. The House joint resolution providing that when tbe Leglelttore adjourn to-day at noon. It stand adjonrnvd till Tuesday, and continue in session thereafter ill! February 2-th, was laid on the table. „ TITE WASXUOL’B* bill. Ur. EASTMAN rose to make a privileged mo tion to ibe effect that tbe vote by which tbe Ware boose Bill was ordered to a third reading yes terday bt reconsidered. 3 Adopted—yeas 15, nays 9. Mr. EASTMAN then moved tbpt Mr. Port’s amendment* adopted yesterday, be laid on the table. Mr. FORT moved to lay the motion on tbe ta ble. Lost—yeas 11, nays 14. The question recurring on the motion to lav Mr. Fort s amendment on the table. Mr. MACE moved the previous question, which was sustained. Tbe motion to lay on the table prevailed—yeas 13. nays 1L r * Tbe bill was then ordered engrossed for a third reading—yeas 19. nays 6. Oc Mr. MACK'S motion* the rules were r •»*- rettded and the bill passed npon its third reading It passed by yeas 22. nays 3. mi AomctiTOiiAt cotxxox. Mr. CHIT FENDEN offered a joint resolution providing for the appointment of a committee, comlrllng of five from the Senate and ten from ibe House, to vlsitplacea competing for the loca tion of the Industrial University, and report to the Lecialainre before the IStb instant, and tiut actios on tte question be suspended until the committee report. The revolution was adopted. . _The SPEAKER appointed Messrs. Chittenden, Fort, Patton* Pinckney and ReUyonlho part of me Senate. petitioxl. Mr. FULLER presented petitions from citizens asking the abolition of tbe death penalty. Mr. FORTpresented petitions fromjcilfzen* ask ing the publication of a bi-tory of Illinois sol diers, to be made up from the Adjutant General’s Report. Mr. HEILV presented a petition from cl’lzens, with accompanying bill* for the orolection of rbc n by taxing dogs. Adjourned until 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. THE UAILUOAD QUESTION came tip as the special order at Sp. m. A call of the House was had. and considerable filibuster ing indulged in* when Mr. MACK moved tne previous question* which was not sustained. Air Mack's bill to appoint Railroad Commie stout re to regulate the railroad question wae then read, together with amendments by Messrs. Pat ton and Fu.ler and the Railroad Committee. Mr. MACK mov*d that Mr. Fuller's amend ments lie on the table. Adopted—yeas, 12; "nays, 11. Mr. MACK moved to lay Mr. Patton's amend ment on ibe table. Carried hr a Ue vote, the SPEAKER voting in the affirmative. The Railroad Committee's amendment* to Ur. Mack's bill coming np, they were adopted. ' The bill; as amended, comb* op, Mr. 'WOODsON offered a substitute. Mr. MACK moved tolay it on the table. Adopted—Teas, 14; nays, 10. Ur. FULLER then ottered a series of amend* meats to Ur. Mack's bill. • ■ - - . TUr. MACE moved the previous question, wblcn was tmtaitird—yeas. 14; nays, 10. - Ur. Poller's amendments were then voted on tfrtalim, ai d d> feated by tO to 14/ ‘ Hr. WOODSON offered an amendment, which was defeated. ibc bill was then ordered to be engroaaed-for a Mhird readirg. jirar semr depot at camo. Mr MUNN offered a resolution luatmctin* the illbciii Senators nod requesting the Reprcsenta lives to use (heir Influence to nave a depot for army tnppbes lor tne Southwest established at t airo. bills introduced. To cede to lh-» United States Jurisdiction over certain lands to Madison County; to abolish the Court ot Common Picas or Cairo; to fix the rate of taxation tor the State; to provide for the revision and publication o( the laws of Illinois; to boor* porate the Uncoin Institute. TUB STATE SEALS. Mr. WOODSON moved'hat the vote by which the Senate passed a law on tbe drat day of the rrseion, altering the Seal of the State, be recon sidered. An amendment was offered which provides that the Seal shall be as near like the old one as pos sible. The amendment was concnred In. STATE GEOLOGIST'S UEPORT. A resolution providing for the distribution of me Slate Geologist's Report, was passed. Acjoumed till Monday at 5 o'clock. BOUSE. COMMITTEE RETORTS. In the morning, standing, commit tecs reported back a great immotr of bills fur a third reading, amendment, indefinite postponement, or engross ing—their recommendation being In all cases fol lowed without discus-vm hr the Home. TUB CANAL BILL. The Bouse tlien went into Committee of the Whole on Uie Canal Bill. Air. STACEYmoved that it bo recommitted to the Comnilueoon Internal Improvements which, on the using and report of the committee, was done. ATTORNEY GENERAL. The Jodiciar/ Commi'tce reported a bill creating the office of Attorney General of the Slate, at a salary of $3,500 per annnm, which was passed. RESOLUTION*. Mr. BALDWIN offered a resolntion to appoint a committee o( flve from the Senate and ten from the House, l** visit Champaign and other counties and investigate the items of their hid.-) for the lo cation ot the Agricultural College, and to report on the same on or before the <sth Instant. Mr. SHEPARD moved to amend by requiring the committee to visit Chicago also. The resolntion was adopted without amend ment. Mr. BOND offered a resolution that when this House adjourn it adjourn to Monday at 3 p. o. Adopted. COKWtTES REPORTS. Report* of elan ding committoes in routine course were received and acted upon. ELECTION CASE. Mr. CLEMENS ore red a resolntion that Wrersis, Noah Johnson, Representative from the Fifth District, was. at the time of bis election, and is now. Clerk of the Supreme Court of the First Grand Division of Illinois :and Witeheap, The Constitution provides that no Clerk of a Conn of Record shall have a scat in ihis General Assembly; therefore. This Assenfbly as luo local Repre sentative of tbc said Fifth District, Dr. S. J. Lav man, of said district, the opponent ol Hon. £, Johnson. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. The coacum-ncc of the Senate in the appoint ment of a committee to visit Agricultural College rites, could not ne obtained in the order of busi ness In the Senate, but a Senate resolntion, amounting to the same thing, was concurred In by the House, and. The SPEAKER appointed as the House branch of the Joint committee Messrs. Etiocn, Hollow >nsh, Strawr, Font, Beeslcy, Stage, Hanson, o'dell, Bruner ami Harlan. BtLL STOLEN. The bill Incorporating the Valley Manufactur ing Company was passed on Friday last, bat was stolen ip its transit to tbc Senate. A f<ie simile wsj therefore read three times and passed. Adjourned. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wis., February 8. SENATE. The Lieutenant Governor being absent, Hon, George F, Wheeler was elected President protrm. A memorial was received from the Minnesota Legislature seeking concurrent action In regard I* bridging the Mississippi River at Winona. A joint re>olniion to construct a track from the canliol to lake Monona was adopted. Bills were introonced to provide for tbc publi cation of the laws ol tbc Territory of Wisconsin forlsSG, '7 and *8; to incorporate the Monroe & PecalObica Railroad Company; a majority of the Railroad Committee reported in fitvor of the pas sage of a bill to amend the at tides of association of the Milwaukee £ M. Pan! Railroad Company, with an amendment limiting the Issuing of new stock to LMO shares, Senators rPondfit and Sac durson dissenting. Senator Clark Introduced a bill giving fifteen dollars in slallonciy and ten dollars In postage stamps to subordinate officers of the Senate. Senate bills were passed to amend the law in re lation to strays: to lay out a State road in Green County. Resolutions were adopted congratulating Hon. C. E. Warner on the occasion of bis committing matrimony on yesterday. Tbc Senate adjourned HR evening. ASSEMBLY. Petitions were presented praying for a redac tion of toll for grinding era in • for a repeal of the Dog Law; lor fencing Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail road ; a’so, a memorial from the Legislature of Minnesota. looking to joint action In bridging the Mississippi River at Winona. A icsolq’lod was offered granting tbc use of the ball tosoldieia of the Annj of the Potomac lor the purpose ol hearing an address. Mr. fuieltlrc offered a preamMc and resolntlon to expel from the Assembly chamber tbe reporter of ibe Wisconsin Union tor misrepresenting him in debate. Colonel Calkins la the reporter. Phc Colonel reported him substantially correct, bat not literally, and is cot likely to suffer for it. A resolo ion looking to provisions providing for the neighing of grain by shippers was adop- led. Bills were Introduced to prevent diseased ani mals from running at large: a bill relating to the license of dealers in eplntnona lienors; to revise chapter 105. of laws of ISnl. tn regard to me taxation ol lands purchased of the United State*, when entry of land Is sus pended; to change the lime of bolding Conn in Waupaca County; to amend the law in relation to granting divorces; and to repeal chapter 87, of laws of ISCA, relating to tbe same subject. Voted a few postage stamp*. The bUI prohibiting consolidation of certain railroads was discussed, and was referred to the Railroad Committee. A local bill came np, and elicited a warm de bate, tbc teat being as to the entering of local legislation. The hill wv.- ordered to a third read ing, and local legislation Is strictly in order. ▲bsekbpt—mmsniT rrsmo. Tbc debate upon the Constitutional Amend ment was concluded last evening, and then s vote on the adoption was taken. Ayes, O; a straight party vote, Mr. Hobart excepted. MINNESOTA. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Pact, Minn., February 8. The House of Representatives Is becoming so enthusiastic on the suffrage question that they have invited the women to speak to them on the subject on the evening of the 13th. The Senate will probably squelch such Const!, tnllonal Amendment being submitted, even if it should pass the House, and let the question of striking tbe word “ white *’ from the Constitution go to the people alone. . „ *. The House concurred in the Senate resolution for Ibe observance of Lincoln'* Birth Day with an amtndment including Washington's; also pasted* resolution providing for a Joint Con vention of both Houses, to consider tbe propriety ofanumltilngtbe question of calling a Slate Con stitutional Convention at tbe next general clec- Tba committee appointed to visit the temporary Insane Asylum at Si. Peter, report it already foil, and that many seeking admittance are mmole to obtain it. . .. , Senate WU passed authorizing iho TurCossc, Tmnpelau and Prescott Railroad to bnlld a bridge across the MUaUalppi at W inona A committee was appointed by (he Senate to ascertain what are tbe freight terms of the Mln- CHICAGO, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1867. ncsota railroads, and learn wbat pcwe.* .be L)^ia> latnre Jus to regulate them. , , . .. n A memorial to Congress for lands for the Owen Bay and lake Pepin Railroad was passed. Hhad previously passed theUoase. , _ Weather is mild and snow melting rapidly. Second Despatch. [Spedaf Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,) St. Paul, Minn- Fobrnary 8. That this to as age of progress was demonstra led in the Eonae of Representatives 10-dir by the unanimous uaveare of tfar Constitotional Amend ment atrikmc out the word “white.” The few Hardshell Democrats swallowed it as th-ingh they liked It. A bill was introduced in the Senate to-day ap propriating 850,04 for the Insane Asylum at S'. Ibc weather changed last night, and the ther mometer stood at air degrees below sero at < o'clock this morning. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune-] lasuxarous, February 8. SENATE. A large number of biQs were reported back from ihe committees. The Congressional Apportionment Committee reported beck tbc Senate bill, with amendments, which was made the special’ order for next Wed nesday. ‘ The special Joint Committee reported tn fkror of tbc passage of a bill for the erection of a House of Itefiure for jovcnlle oSteudcrs. As cSort was made to take up the Agricultural College bill, bat »U propositions to consider or take any action upon it were roted down. The House bills extending the time for bolding the Common Pleaa Coart la Dearborn and other counties, and creaHng the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit pasted. HOUSE.’ The Jndlclary Committee reported that a re vision ol the laws of the State was necessary, bat inexpedient nov. 1 Tbe Committee on Agriculture reported la favor of an appropriation to the State Board of Agri culture for Use publication of tbeir reports. Bills were passed empowering county Com mUsloncn to authorize the election of two Jus tices of the Peace lo incorporated cities; to make roads which bad been used twenty rears public highways, and to prevent running at large or sale of diseased sheep. The Auditor of Sta’e reported that the State Priron Directors drew from the State Treasury ?i per day for BG3 days. MICHIGAN. (Special Despatch U> the Chicago Tribune.] IjuisiHO, February 8. SENATE. The Senate spent most of the forenoon In a dis cussion of the merits of the vetoed railroad bljl, the discussion lasting until recess. A vote was taken on reassembling, and the bill passed over the veto—Sl to 7. Many other localities have Issued bonds order like circumstance*. and com mon sympathy, together with the peculiar claims of this bill, secured its passage. The passage of the bill by the Uoosc is regarded as certain, The Senate Committee on State Affairs reported the Constitutional Convention Dill so amended a? to provide lor an election of two delegates in each Senatorial District, and eighteen at large. Made the special order for Monday. HOUSE. Tho bill to reorganize certain Judicial Circuits issued, with amendments. On being returned to bo Senate, the bill with ns amendments was laid on the table. Mr. Fenton, Democrat, offered resolution* fa voting the restoration of the States without farther conditions. Lies over under the rule. KANSAS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] 1 ofbka, February 8- The Senate passed the bill to amend the tax law; declaring certain certificates Territorial war rants ; to amend the net providing (brthe partition «r real estate; to amend the act to prevent certain trespasses ; t Q amend the net defining On pow ers and duties -of certain State officer*-} making an appropriation- to tho State Monuments! Association; memorializing tha President and Senate in relation to Indian tres tles for lands is tbo State of Rag—. • to amend" the code of civil procedure; to amend the act re lating to roads : in relation tu dower. • The House paved tbeUU to all the Stale Nor mal School. It appropriates BiJL«W to complete the bnilulug, pay of professors, 4c. nii^ooni. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] St. I.ODIS, February S. Jefferson City Is crowded with lobby members, pressing various schemes, creating boards and commissions for placing the government of St. Ixmis In tbe Governor’s bands. Among others granting a board with foil control of tne river fiont TENNESSEE. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NasnvxLLE, February 8. Tbe Suffrage Bill, which passed a tint reading in the Senate yesterday without opposition, aud was sent to be printed, was not returned to-day. U will not probably get back before Monday, and then the debate In that body will commence In earnest. „ . A flood of congratulations to tbo Union mem bers of the House, for the great victory obialned to that body, have been pounug In from all parts of tne country. The Honse to-day appointed a committee of three—Messrs. Dnggau, Smith and Fuaon—to firo-ecnte tho impeachment of Judge Frazter be orc tbe Senate. -Tbe l.o)al Milllla BUI came up on third read ing in tbe House. Several substitutes were offered, bat rejected, and without coming to a vote on the bill, Che House adjourned. NEW I'OltE. Aujaxt, February B.—A bill was Introduced in be Senate to-day allowing an underground rail way in New Yoru city. Both branches of tbe Lcgi'iatnrebavo instructed Congressmen to advocate old to tbe Northern Pa cific Rallioad. TTIASSACOCSETTS. Boston, February B.— The Senate passed the bill repealing ihe Usury laws, Several amendments to fix a definite talc or in'erest vrere rejected. The bill will probably also pass the House. FROM ST. LOIJISt General fflonlßomery’a Warning to the People of luafayetto County— Advance In Insurance Kates—Weather. [Special Despatch to (be Chicago Tnbnne.] St. Louis, February S. In a general order announcing the withdrawal oflhc militia from LafayeUe County, General Montgomery informs the people that “if the laws arc not enforced against criminals, I will return to lafayette County with a force, and am ambo'r- by the Commander-In-Chief to say that there will then be no law bat the law of the bayonet. 11 A committee of merchants started tor Jefierson City this afternoon to urge the Legislature to grant the County Court antnontv to appropriate j2s,oUoiii aid of the Commercial Convention text wevk. The recent advance In Insurance rites by (he Board ofl'itc Underwriters has been generally maintained. The river declined four inches this afternoon. A heavy snow storm has commenced. Extensive preparations for the mountain trade are in progress. St. Loci*. February B.—A few days ago, Judge Moody, of tne St- Janls Circuit Court, delivered an opinion that the oath prescribed by the State Constitution as a qualification for jurors was void, especially so since the decision of the United States Supreme Conrt In the Cummings cose, and that be should not require persons sum ; moned in bis Conrt as Jurors to take tL Yes terday Mr. Jewitt, member of the Judiciary Com mittee of the Missouri Uoose of Representatives, Introduced a resolution citing the decision of Judge Woody, ana asking the Judiciary Commit tee to inquire If said decision was delivered in open court, and whether the Judge allowed jurors to serve without taking the oath, and If so,wheth er such action wonld justify proceedings for re dress or impeachment. If the committee find cause they arc Instructed to report charges and specifications in the case. St. T/ort-, February B.—The St. Louis Gas Com pany bas brought suit against the city for $30,000. for gas used since October last. Tbe dty claims that tbe gas was much below tbe quality speci fied In tbc contract, and refused to pay tbe blUs of the companv. Robert Kerr, a citizen of Wayne County, Ohio, on tbc way to examine land In Missouri, was robbed of five hundred and seventy collars to day. bv two confidence men. Colonel George Knapp, senior proprietor of tbe Missouri Rrpnbliccuu, left lor Cuba a few days glace, for tbe benefit of bis health. FBOM MADISON, The Wisconsin Assembly Batlflea the Gonstltutloc al Amendment—A Newly married Senator Congratulated—Res olution |to Expel a Newspaper Re porter. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune/) Hadisox, Wisconsin, February 8. Tbc discussion on tho Constltntlonal Amend

ment was concluded in the Assembly last evening, when several good speeches were made, one of the lasi by Hr. Abrams, In favor of its ratification. The vote stood sixty-nme to eighteen, with thir teen absent. Three Democrats voted for ratifica tion. The election of Senator George F. Wheeler, President pro trm of the Senate, by a unanimous vote to-day, was a very high but deserved compli ment to one ofonr ablest Senators. Colonel |C. B. Warner, the gallant one-armed Senator from the Eleventh District, having been married ycsteiday, tills morning received con gratnlatloos from hi* brother Senators tn a formal resolution, which was unanimously adopted. Mr. Hazelime to-day oflered a resolution, which will come up to-morrow, for the expulsion of the reporter of the Wisconsin Union from the Assem bly chamber, on a charge of misrepresenting bis language in the debate on tbe Constitutional Amendment, having alleged that he said he should vote for the Amendment, hoping that Con gress would reject tbe Southern Stales stUL lid they came represented by the children of white la'bers and black mothers; whereas bis language mas that be hoped Congress would keep recon structing until they shall reconstruct the entire clement of secession and rebellion out of the States, and bring none but loyal men noon the floor ot Congress, even though the truly loyal and Democratic white fathers and colored molucra should be tbe Representatives from these States. A considerable number of railroad men are here. Interested In various projects before the Legislature. from quisct. Cold Weather —Difficult Navigation— Work on the flfllsriiwlppl Bridge—Fe nian Addrcaa—Killed by Bobber*. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Qnxcr, 111., February 9. There has been a sudden change la the weather. It snowed this morning and ia now freesing cold. The ferry boats found much difficulty In crossing the river io-day, owing to the wind and Ice. - Freight lor tbe West bis largely accumulated at (beat pot. large piles ot Umber are already on the ground to be wed in constructing tbe railroad bridge across tbe JHsm sippl River, the moat of It from Chicago. Contractors at Hannibal and laGrango an getting ont stone, etc, for The samsporpose. Stonecutters are also at work at Grafton on the same Job. Tne sum of sixty Ihon-and dollars bas already been cineeded for material. To-morrow night, Michael teaman, of your city, and A. 1- Morrison, E«q.,wU) address our citizens on the Ftxusn question. A deputy collector of Perry Township, like County, was shot and killed ’ho : (her da * ly rob* ban and hia pockets rifled. No j sriicolirs. FROM. FRANKFORT, ST. A Band ofDeopcradoes and their Law* !**• 1 raometioDs-ProrUlon for the Payment orKentnckr State Bonds. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Phasxtobt, Ky., February 7. There are at Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, a gang of desperadoes, who are shooting and robbing negroes. Wednesday night they riddled scores of bosses with bullets, ■"«* robbed as many more negroes. Thursday a negro Identified one Bond' as rbe man who took his watch. Bond at once shot atd killed him. Tnnrsday night a mob st btanford took a man named win. Goode, charged with horse stealing, and ha need him to a tree. The Senate bas pissed a bill to pay the State bonds, and making New York the point of re demption. The hoods moat be presented In the year of maturity or are considered cancelled. FROM LOUISVILLE. Convicted, or nandaughter-Boy In jnred by a Hog—lnvestigating Com mittee. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisraxe, February 8, Wm. Whitesides, Indicted Tor the murder of John T. B. Sultb, on the terry boat Bow* man, last December, was convicted of man slaughter. in the Circuit Court, to-day. and sentenced to eight years* Imprisonment in the Penitentiary. A little boy named'Brown, living In that portion of tnc city known as “Limerick.” was attacked by a hog today, and dangerously Injured. Iho joint committee aopointed bvthe Legisla ture to investigate the- chanres of Inhuman treat ment of the Inmate* of the Blind Asylum by the Scpcrlutendmt. are in the city, and commenced their labors today. FBOX BESM6UTES. Lndy Burned to Death—nelbodlst Be* Tivnl—Xroops lor the Frontier—Disap pearance of an Bxpress Agent, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Dcs Aloises, February 6. Mrs. Isabella Cochran, of Marlon Connty, was bnrned to death on Sunday last She caught fire from the stove, and was burned so severely before it was stopped that she died in an hoar. The three Orwlg indictments were disposed of to-day, for this term of Court, by being dismissed upon motion of the District Attorney. A great revival is in progress at the Methodist Eplacopat Church, East side, in this dty. Some seventy or eighty have thus far been added. borne more troops passed through Connell Blnfis on Tuesday for tne scene of the Indian troubles. An express agent disappeared at Connell B!ot& on balnrday last, and baa not since been beard from. FROM. NEW YORK. Former TrcftMiry Agent Arrested for Embezzlement— Gilt Enterprise* Pre sented l»y a Grand Jury a* Nuisances —Counterfeit Five Cent Coin. New Youk, February B.— George N. Carrolton, United States Treasury Agent at Memphis, trom I£K3 to PCS, has been airested on a charge pie lerredby Treasury Agent Tltns, of embezzling public money and property to th*o amount or BStiI,OGO. lie is held for trial, in default of ball. 'lbe Grand Jury of (be Court of Oyer and Ter miner bare presented all alleged gift enterprises as public nuisances, detrimental to the morals of the community, which ebonld be at once abated. Unless such action Is taken, they say they will proceed more specifically. Nineteen petty thieves were sent to the peniten tary for six months to-day. Counterfeits of the new five cent coin arc circu lating. The metal is very bad. Ship John Bright has arrived; reports spoke, January 3i, shin Resolute, which bad taken off 173 passenger* Rom ehlp Bavaria, bound from .Dane to ibis port, dismantled and rudder head gone, and would bring them here. Tho Captain andcrcwremained on tho Bavaria. FROM MEMPHIS. nobbed and maimed on tlte Highway —Steamboat Thieves—UlatorDs Re ception at Idemplala. 4 Mxxpnxa. February a.—Dr. J. Woolfolk, of Versailles, Ky.. who le/t here day before yester day on the road, was found since eight miles out, with both legs broken, and robbed. Qc was known to have bad about 81,000 when be left. He is now in tbe City Hospital. Two bold robberies were committed on the steamer Clifton, at the wharf this morning, by entering the staterooms and using chloroform. Tbe thieves relieved George W. Brown, 01 Me tropolis. 111., of nearly 8400, aud Dr. Shattuck, of Utile Rock, of near BSOO. Ristorl closed a most orllliant engagement to night. The largo Opera House was crowded last night to witness her Elizabeth, and to-night as lady Macbeth, The press here aro extravagant on her. She leaves for the Crescent City, to morrow, to fill an engagement there. FROH TOPEKA, KANSAS. Protest from the Vulon Pacific Rail road against Taxation &e. Torts*, Kansas, February B.—Hon. J. P. Uthcr, late Secretary or the Interior, and Attor ney ot the Union Pacific Railway Company has addressed a letter to tbe Legislature protesting against the existing Slate laws taxing tbat road and declaring tbal tbe company will resist said taxation before the Conits It persisted In. Ho alco protests againa' any attempt to regulate tbe larifl on freight or passage as unwise State oollcy at present, and claims tbat tbe State has no control of tbe subject. so far as tbe Union Pacific Road Is concerned. An arrival of coaches from the West report tbo train which was reported captured by tbe Indiana to be somo distance west of where tbe recent mas* eacrc is said to nave occurred—leading to the be* : lief tbat tbe previous reports arc incorrect. FROM THE WEST ISDIES. Pardon of Political Prisoner*—Tobacco and Provision*—Health—Abatement of the Cholera at SU Thomas. New York, February B.—From SI. Domingo, news 10 the Shith ultimo is received. President Cabral has oardoned nil political prisoners. Tobacco promises to yield a good crop. All kinds of prov Mons were scarce. ' The bcaith of the islanders was good. Advices from St Thomas to the ?Jih of January state that the cholera bas completely abated. Over eight hundred and filty persons, mostly negroes, have died of the epidemic. FROM CINCiaSITI. murdered and Robbed by High* yraymen. Cincinnati, February 6 —James Hughes, clerk In the office of R. B. Smith «t Co., coal dealers, of this city, was murdered last night, on the Lick ing turnpike, about a mite beyond the Brighton House, by three unknown men. The object of the murder appears to have been plunder. They es caped capture. Workingmen’s Convention at Albany. Albany. February B.—At the Workingmen’s Convention to-day resolutions were adopted in favor of at least semi-monthly payment of wages and to petition the Legislature lor a law giving wages preference over all other claims in cases of insolvency; also, in favor of the indenture system as regards apprentices, and for the abolition of the tax on all incomes of f 1,500 and. under; also, that all workingmen 1 * organ izations send representatives to tbc next National Labor Congress, to be held in Chicago. Ad journed sine die. Destructive Fire in Baltimore. Baltdiobz, February S.—One of the most di stinctive fires for nui.y year*, broke ont this evening at No. 9 Commerce street, occupied by C. 11. Ross & C<\ as a rectifying and liquor estab lishment. which was entirely destroyed with prop erty rained at lISI.GfO, The flame* communicated to tbe store ol William D. Shultz & Co., fish dealers, and Adams & Davidson. No. 11. Tbe former lost fSO,<M)O, and tbe latter $5,000. Ross & Co, arc insured for 1110.000 on stock, all In Balti more offices, and |9i-,000 on tbe building. Damage to the Welland Canal. St. Catharines, C. W., February B.—A heavy landslide bas occurred on the Welland Canal. At a deep cut the bank for several hundred feet cave way. partly filling tbe canal. Superintendent Woodruff. aft»r careful examination, thinks navi gation will not be postponed. OU Refinery Burned. Cimusi>, OUlo, February 3.—The receiving house slid oil refinery of Hanot, Doherty 4 Co., was destroyed by fire this afternoon. Lou {13,000. No Insurance. Weather vans, and ratals?. Indications of a general thaw In this section of the country. Convicted of manslaughter. LonsTTLLi, February 3.—Bud Whitesides, who murdered the ClnonnaUan. Smith, on the Jeuer sonvllle ferry boat In December, bas been con vtcreo of manslaughter and tent to the peniten tiary for eight yean. Railroad Bridge Repaired* Colcxbcs. February S.—The bridge at Plqua, on the Columbus A Indianapolis Central Railroad, washed away with the late flood, is nowrcbnllt, and trains aie running regularly. Safe Bobbery* Drxcaxxox, Pa., February© —TbeJDancannon Iron Company’s sa'ewas robbed last night of f 13,1X0 in greenbacks and {2,5f0 tn notes of Penn- STlvanla 10 per cent coupon bonds. No clue to the robbers. Penial From .Tlinlater Campbell* New Obxxaxs. Febrcarv S.—Minister Campbell pronounces as unqualifiedly false the report* recently circulated of a disagreement be tween General Sherman and himself. Steam Floor mill Burned. Kumu, )N. Y., February 6.—The steam flour mill of Wm. Holliday & Co. was burned this morning. Loss tIO.OuQ. Insured for {23,000. Western Patents. Tbe following patents wero Issued from tbe United Slate* Patent UfflCf, fur the week ending January 29/1867, as repotted by G. L. Chapin. Patent Solicitor, Chicago. Illinois: Apparatus for Instructing In Telegraping—E. mil. Chicago, 111. Venulating Apparatus for Railroad Cara—J. Moore, Chicago. lIL Railroad Rnfl-J. B. Tart. Chicago, 111. * Metallic Pavement—J. B. Tart. Chicago, IL. - Tr.rker for hewing Machines—U. C. Goodencb, Chicago, 111. Mowing Machine—A. Wcrople, Chicago, 111. Wagon Scat—J. B. Beck, Wllliarnsvlue, HI. llow-T. F. Bertrand, Rock'ord, 111. . TV indow S&th Supporter—A. Boon, Galesburg, HI, Baling Colton—O. Colahan, Alton, HI. Sell-Adjusting Trestle— U. Dans, Abtagfon, 111. Wind Mill—F. G. Fowler, SnnacQeldTHL Gang Plow and Cultivator — G. W. Price, Bloom irgton. HI. bash Fastener—W. 11. Trnesdril, Etata, 111. Apparatus forStacklog ilay—C. U. Lyon, Green wood, JU. Cultivator—'W. K. Garrison, Abtagton, HI. Cbu-n-W. C. Chamberlain, Dubuque, lowa. Portable Fenced. L. Edgar. Jmesvlllc, Wls. Governor Cut-ofi' for Steam Engines—J. Fciber, SL Louis, Mo. Carpenter Square—O. T. Haves, Hasting, Minn. Rallrvad Bumping Post—S. Love, Indianapolis, Ind. _ Faggot for Railroad Rails—S. Potter, Wyan dotte, i Balanced Steam Engine Valve—T. Eodda, SU Louis, Mo. Qulltta? Frame—M. Schtnlrk, Fayette, Mo. Potato Digger—A. Snyder, Jackson, .V ich. THE BUCH6ERQER TRAGEOY. Death of the Victim • The Coroner’s t> qu st—Testimony of the Witnesses —The Verdict—A Merchant.’ Policeman Held for Trial. The shooting affray which occurred on Wednes day morning, at the corner of Michigan aod State streets, between two policemen aod Ernst Blach berger, resulted in the death of the latter on Thursday evening. Fall particulars of the occur rence were given in our issue of Taurrday. Blach . berger being shot at three times, each shot taking , eflict, was removed in a dying condition to the ! City Hospital, where he succumbed to bis wounds. The Utile that has trans pired concerning the deceased would seem to point to the conclusion that be was of unsound mmd. He has been in this city nr six months engaged a* a laborer In a brewery establishment Last Sunday be visited hia brother's boose, and at that time he was observed to be so unwell that it was considered advisable to consult a physi cian. The Doctor cave Mm some medicine, and at the same time made the remark that bo ap peared to be partially deranged. The circumstances attending his quarrel with the police tend to confirm that impression Without expressing any opinion here as to the degree of blame attaching to the officers, or aa to-whether their action was justified or not, it-may be re marked that the circumstance may be a warning to some of our cliy policemen to be exceedingly cautious In accepting a challenge to fight, not to say of provoking an encounter with a - midnight wanderer. It is just pos-lble that the exercise of a little more caution in the present Instance might have averted' the sad consequences which ensued. Had tbo officers known him to be deranged in mind they would never have resorted to tne revolver, unless they wete pushed to extremities. But they took it for granted that be was a cut-throat.ana with this idea in their minds, probably they did not pause to consider very cunooslv. m txqusar. CoronerWagucr held an inquest-yesterday on iLe Lcdy ot the-deceased, at the Central Police Station, when the following testimony was elicited: SB. JOB* SOBILLKB •worn. ’eslifled; 1 reside at 11U West Randolph; the deceased came to my office on Monday morn ing in company with lus mother; I found the man, after an examination, to be deranged, caused by a sofUrlr.g of tao brain, or br t&e first stages or ty phus fever; 1 did nol consider him at the time dan serous, but the excitement may have made him such. on. JOB* STOCK, sworn, testified: At two o'clock, Wednesday mornlcp, went to the Station on North Side: found the wounds on tbo deceased, and dressed them ; dnriog the time ho talked In a bewildered manner; 1 saw a dangerous wound in the gastric portions of tho body caused bv a gun shot, also in his left hand; 1 aid not smell any liquor on the man; when I first saw the man be wa* complete ly derangea,butalter long application of cold water he seemed to return to bis senses, and talked; the wounds on his head wore sufficient to disable the man. cuabixs n. ousts. Mvorn: lam in the employ of the Michigan Southern Railroad; was going homo early Wednes oay. morning, heard a noise, and saw two men i unniug; beard four shots; down the street I saw the d-ceased coming, and told the officer; the deceased followed mo In the street; I ran several blocks, the man following closely; be had something In his band at the time; two persons were following the man; (his occurred after the shots had been fired: did not ree the commencement of the tronblc ; 1 helped to carry the man to the Station ilonsc. DCKBT BZACBBEnaSII, sworn: I live at No. 204 Milwaukee avenue ; tho deceased is my brother; be has been six months m Chicago; came to my house the Sddayof Feb ruary; my brother did not act natural on Tues day morning, and 1 accompanied him to the doc tor's; he had the symptoms of typhus fever: I took my brother home and guvctumtome medi cine ; soon be lelt my boose and said be would return to the brewery; ne acted In a deranged manner; my brother bad only a 9nu.1l pocket knife; he was tbit t«-five years old. on. n. a. nooue. sworn: lam Cotmiy Physician; examined the deceased; found three wounds on tho head; were bruised wounds, cun lag through to the •kull; on tho cbestwor n brniiic ; on the right arm also: on the left hand was c ballet wound: at the abdomen wss a. bullet hole; the ball passed through tho abdomen; this shot would produce death; tbe bruises on brad were pro duced by lontu blunt instrument; the deceased’s right hand wim not injured; he was a small man. butw*n developed; was muscular:- would welch 143 2ba; the wound In the -inlostlnea was e fatal wound; examined the bralo; found in flammation ; think it waa caused previous to the occurrence; the inflammation cf tne bnln would produce derangement. •• hxsut wzAvxn, etrorn: Knew the deceased for sir. months: on Tuesday evening between eight and nine o'clock Lc cams to my house, and took a gluts of beer and some bread ; ho naked to remain alt night; be left to go out tbo door, and I did not scohlm afterwards ; the matt was not iiT.o*icaled,‘bnt acted in a strange manner. wir.TJA.vr Z.EIT, ?wora: Am foreman in the Malt House; the de ceased was discharged on Sunday night; was paid un Monday: did not notice anything strange in ibe man; he was steady and friendly: there was no cause for bis discharge except the want ot work tor him; be had been employed lu the brew ery aboatlour months. ixocrK stnxrvAx, sworn: I am driTer of the steamer *' A. C. Coven* trywas sitting in the engine hon*e near the corner Michigan and State streets; beard shots and went out; saw a policeman and be-- told me be bad becucnl by a man, and that the man most be arrested; went op to the corner and met an* other policeman; told him to be on fats guard; this officer went np to the man and struck him; thedeceased inrned on the officer, who toll; the deceased then chased a man down Michigan rticct: I procured a stake and went in companv wlth toe officer; at tbe comer of Michigan and Cas* streets 1 attracted tbe attention of the man w bile an officer knocked blm down; found a knife in bis band; It took four men to take rim to the Station House two men eonld not arrest tbe man rCTER noxonuc. :om: lam bar-tender in a saloon corner of .iebican and S'ate streets; paw part of the fracas; aw a policeman shoot at the dcce ised when about went)- or thirty feet distant; four shots were made :t about the airae distance; the policeman wa* re reatinc and the deceased following; none of the .loilccmen were in my saloon nurlng the erctiing. Sone ot them appealed intoxicated; cannot *wcar to the exact distance. oiticcb cnnisriAN quiet, sworn: lam a city policeman; was on my beat and saw the deceased chasing a man in the centre • f the street; let them pass oy me; noticed him closely tliat be walked straight, all the time re peating some words;wbcu the man bad gone down Kinzie street, 1 followed him and asned btm whetehe wanted to go; laid my band on bis shoul der, when be turned, and earning, asked what It was my business; he said “he wonldfixmc;’* he drew a knife and I retreated; took off my mit ten and drew my cinb, when he made a plunge at me with the knife; 1 struck him on (he arm and band several times. At the corner of the •tree!. I struck the man five tines on the bond; be continued to follow me; I was tired ammadenp my mind to go to the saloon near by for heit*; 1 ran from the alley to the salocn; the deceased tollowcd about ten feetbeblnd; held my club m my Land; 1 opened the door of the saloon, called a merchants’ policeman from within and warned him to take care of the man; this man came ont and sttnek the man with bis cinb, when be said bis bands were cat; be tamed off the pavement followed by the man ; the merchants 1 policeman drew bia revolver and shot the roan; they were not overlive or sis feel apart; at no time while all four shots were fired were they more than ten feet apart. nXKTIT WATTS 1 testified to about the same facta as Officer Grief, nxjmr dcutzs testified: Am a merchants 1 policeman: was in the saloon, corner of Michigan and State streets; Officer Grief called me and waned me to take caie of (he man (the oeeea»ed),as he had a knife; 1 used my club on the man and be strnck at me withakniic, cutting me twice on tho left band; after I was wounded I drew my revolver and shot, bat it had no effect: I shot again—ail the time re treating ; 1 fired five shots, ail at a distance ol icss than five or six feet. ivce lunii utc wi mi. Tin: vxbpict. Thcjnry.after consulting fora short time, re turned tbe tollowing verd:;t: We, the Jury, find that Ernst Blachbergcr came to his death, at the County Hospital, city of Cni capo, on the evening of the seventh day of Feb ruary, 1H77, from the e fleet* of a pistol sboc. or pistol shots, fired hy Deary Feebler, on the morn ing of the slxtn day of February, 11)67. near tbe corner of Michigan and State streets, city of Chi cago aforesaid; and we, the Jury, do hereby find that the deceased was evidently deranged at the time of tne shooting, and that, under the dream stances, the sbooungvras unnecessary. A Coronet's warrant was immediately Issued, and Officer Henry Feebler was taken to the I’ountj Jail to await tbe action oflhc Grand Jury. An tier: will be made this morning to cc'ecl tbe release of Officer Feebler by a writ of f*abta% corput. THE DULL SEASON. Basincu Now and Presently—A Bright Look Ahead* It Is decidedly dull. This is the dnllest season of tbe year, u.d yesterday was the dullest of the season,—at least, let ns bopcso. The last week ot January and the first of February are always marked as stale, flat and unprofitable. The ex citement of the holidays has passed avar, and me spring labors have fcarcdycommenccd. It is too late for the work of one year and too early for that following. It is just the time when labor of all kinds, and business of all sorts 1; nearest to suspension, and the greatest number of men are out of employment. In Cbtcaco things are especially dull just now; and there is no harm in staling the fact, though It 'hooid throw the people of bu Louis, Cincinnati and Milwaukee into ecstacivs. If they hare vital ity enough lettatthU hyoemattag season to get op a fecung of active satisfaction, we shall be con- It Is tine that business is what is in commercial parlance termed *• quiet,” but It Is not more so itan usual at this time of the year, and Indeed oar t>oik packing, of which Cincinnati is supposed to t>e lesions, sod wblcn some people In New York ridicule as our only business, is more active than at the same time last year. The dulness to which we now refer Is rather that which is noted as the absence of sensation. We arc just now in the relapse which suc ceed* an undue excitement, Finished {. sow the btewart trial: the 0.-cra House has got'n drawn, and the mau who did not draw it has .-(ttied down quietly into bis whilom retire ment; Ristoti has departed; Mollle Trussed has ■ etnrnedto bervlitnoosbome; the murder trials are over. Bat for the Feu'an question, which bids fair to be a standing subject of debate for a long time to come, enlisting men as well as sym pathies, and that other fact—the session of the Legislature at Springfield, we should absolutely hue nothin? to thin* about. No scandal, no elopement, not even a suicide or a respectable Hie or burglary has occurred for some days past. Wc have no lectures, no coarts, no opera, ano bat doll attractions at the thea res. rhore has been absolutely nothing but the skating pfirk to fall back on. and that interfered with by tin tnaw. The probable cause of all this has been snggest sdtobetheLegislaiivegaiherin? at Springfield. Independently ot the fact that many bright lights are there because the people have sent them, we may not ignore the other fact that a far greater number of exceedingly bright ana shining ones arc there because the people did not send them. Springfield Inst now contains a majority of the hiftiiis ot Chicago, the sknll which holds those brains being n reverently called **lhe Lobby.** Of course nobody can do anything before their , retain, any more than that dough canfcitnruilu 1 the absence of yeast. Wbat a pity it Is that Springfield cannot keep them there, and thus be come pcratnettiy immortal. While just in the lull between two seasons we mtv look ahead and tbtnk a little for that which u to come, like the wayfarer who, facing a blinding storm, lakes advantage of the Lterval bet sweat wo "nstatosce wbetehels going to. everybody is trvlng to form os accurate antoetas possible of the business future of the year 1567. atm will en deavor to thape his course accoro tagly. though the decision Is lUc a vane—subject to be reversed by the next bni-ze. Tbe number of men who can c«al)y see Into the milestone of coming limes euf- NUMBER 246. fidently well to be able to form a plan of action which shall not &«ed to be deviated from. Is very small We bat speak the popular opinion In saying that the indications all point to a year which shall ex ceed the majority of past years In haziness activ ity. There is no reason to doaht that every hand win be employed at good traces, every muscle and brain taxed, and every dollar pat tat a state of Incubation—making more. The little'.uncertain ties which operated las l rear are not now existent; we are able to look at the currency from some th ins Hke a rational standpoint, and those who feared a revulsion odnactlruy ruler the tremen dous excitements of the war have seen their error. The buildUff business, which employs so many of our residents will be very brisk, the architects are already evolving plans in great number for s tract ores of iM more substantial- class, while the great scarcity of vacant residences, and the high rentals resulting from close competition among teccnUwiH cause the erection of thou sands of bosses of the lesser grades. Building material wil7pf obabfy rule high, the stock of lum ber on hand being smewhat less than that of a Star ago, and* the stock of cricks bemg also imlnisbed, as a consequence of the wet season last Fall. But the drdcreoccs are not so great as to prevent tbelr being used, and that to the fall extent. Brickmaking sad bricklaying win be much more activnhis year than over before; Manufactures will also be brisk. Boots and shoes will tie turned-out very numerously, clocks are oowbeing made- here in steam, woolldus are about to be manufactured la the city. Oar long talked of cotton mil) Is to become a reality during 1 1667 nd usd there's re very many people In . Chicago whose expectations of manufacturing ■ popular opinion arc strong. Oar deferent mer : chants and dealers are all'antlcipatiagheavy sale.*, though prudence forbids their holding of each immense stocks as previously, in view of a proba ble-decline In the quotable price of gold. Tbelr ■ policy Is now, more than usual, to fill vacancies aa they occur. Altogether the prospects tre cheering, and we can look forward with plcsssnt anticipations to the business year 18CT. It srfll add many laurels to the crown of tame which sow makes Chicago the envy ol some other cities. The long roll ot the emigration ride, soon to set a, will wash up many golden sands at our feet, adding, as in the past, to our dvie greatness. Let those few who now are Iblltag Metlesslr,perhaps uneasily,waiting like Micawber. for something to turn up. take ronrsce. The grass ts now growing, and lo*>c before the steed has a chance to starve, there will be a bountiful and luxuriant crop. COLORADO. Fourth Lecture bj Prof. Denton—The Metals—Minins Processes. Prof. Deaton delivered hie fourth and last lec ture on Colorado last erenmg to a small audience. He took oesaeioD to evince bla anxiety for im mortality by wasting some time on a few newspa per errors in reporting bun, of which the Tbi bdkx cam o- In for two or three, tho most gigantic of which was a typographical mistake of “ hops ” fur “prapea/Mn connection with the manofac tnre of wfne. After this Intle nnprofltable ex cursion be proceeded to lecture on the gold of Colorado,concerning which be pave some interest ing facts. The gold bearing region, be says,' is supposed to be about 200 miles long and from 20 to 30 miles broad. All of tbls district does not contain vans rich enough fir working. Somd» of them are but half an inch thick, while others are from twenty to thirty feet wide. These large veins have not yet been worked, as the material Is too poor to pay for It. Many veins become Oiled with sand and earth to the depth of twenty or ' thirty feet, and they can only bo determined by taking what is caMed the ,k blossom rock." From it the miner can trace the line of the lode, and hy dinging at right angles to it, he may then And the vein and determine whether It is rich enough to pay for working. Many of the veins have been so changed by the atmosphere as to become of a dirt'color, bat the gold can he washed oat without much difficulty. The process of crushing the quart* Isa difficult one. It could not be done hy band. The affinity between gold and quicksilver Is taken advantage of to extract the gold alter the rock has been powder* d, as they unite whcnpnt together, and oan be picked out and separated to a retort. From the unchanged sulubarcts found at a coc sldet able distance down. It Is particularly difficult to detach the oro. It ts crushed by power ful crushing machines. working heavy stamps, from which the crushed rock goes Into a renervolr In -which Is quicksilver, by which the cold Is detached from the quartz, it Is thought . thathy this me'faod notmorp. than oue-qu.vter of the gold Is saved. In Move Scotia, by soother method. It in much more thoroughly extracted, so that rock which contains only Un dollars’ worth of gold is made to pay. Tneqoartr. tu Colorado Is worth from S4O to Si,OUU per ton. Anotncr machine operates like a pair of jaws, . which gradually crush the rock to - pieces, and then it is powdered under rollers, and the powder blown through a flame which destroys the sulphur and tarus the Iron Into oxyrte of lion. The gold which has been tarnished by the process la then burnished. Ibis process baa been made to yield from $730 to $1,200 to the cord. Instead of $250, es by the oid wav. Another process takes the quarts, after Wing ! pounded, and beats It in a furnace to drive otl fie i vapors, and then places it In revolving cylinder*. I burning out the sulphur, borne gold is saven from the vanor passing np the chimney, •bowleg that It maybe made partially volatile. Another process is that of smelting, by which the ore ts melted. The quartz is first pounded small, and the larger portions separated by means of water In a abaft, in which arms revolve, brushing out the smaller particles. The pure mo'al Is then dried in a reverberatory fum*oc,hk« a-, oven, driv ing off the fnlphur partially, the remainder u driven away by breaking np the lumps, and hr means of scrap Iron and ozyde of leal It Is teenced to a mass of silver, gold, cop per and lead, and those are seoarated by a secret process in England, where it Is sent fur the purpose, it is tbongnt that the smelting process is the best one, and the most perfect fur saving tbo gold. The mining companies have many of them fail ed to be profitable on account of the fact that but a email portion of the gold has been extracted from the quartz, and al-o because they have scut out ignorant men to superintend the works. Some, also, have been deceived In regard to the value of their mines and have sent out costly ma chinery before they discovered that their claims were not worth working. There are lodes in Colorado that esn he honsht for five dollars, and thtre ore some for which two millions of dollars would be refused. Colorado, the speaker Ihomjht, would compar favorably with California la respect to richness ana extent of ores. It bad probably produced from five to seven millions of dollars in tbe last year. The veins of cold tan down to an immense depth. Rethought that perhaps at a distance of thirtv miles down they were in a molten state, and that the quantity of ore was inexhaustible. Mining cm be carried on at all times of the year L and iu winter even better than in summer, as the air is then inter, and at a depth of live or six hundred feet s comfortably warm. Colorado Is destined to become a great country, immense crops can be raised, and sometimes three crops a year. There Is water sufficient sop. plied from tbe mountain snows. Game Is abund ant. particularly buffalo; also deer and antelope, grouse and prairie cbickms. The latter are very tame and can be easily shot. Trout, very fine and large, arc abundant iu tbe mbunialn streams. The future people of Colorado will be a noble race. Tbe mountain air expands the soul as well as the bodv, aid makes men take more liberal views ol life. A Sics llomb.—George Hunks and George Haloce were arrested on Thursday night for very disorderly conduct on Twelfth street, where ihey bad been ejected from a saloon as being quite too noisy for endurance. One of them offered the following singular explanation of the matter ot the Folice Court yesterday morning. He said that he brought a load of hay into the city, and one of bis horses was taken sick with a violent colic. As a remedy, be went for some whiskey, which he took himself, and vigorously robbed down bis horse with straw. Aggregate dues of sls were assessed against them. HTWAIT BROTHERS, Advertising Asl’a 136 receive advertisement* for all tbe leading papers throughout the Lotted Stales nod Canadas. iHasontc Notices. MASONIC.— A Regular Convocation ol Washington Chapter No. 43. IL A. M.. wVI be held at tnelr ball,No. 83 West Rand jlph-tL, this (SATURDAY) evening, Feb. 9, at "V o’clock. Work ot P. M. and M. E. Degree. GEO. B. GIBSON, M. E. H. P. JOHN WHITLEY, Secre’ary. amusements. PIGEON-HOLE PLATERS, ATTEN TION.-On MONDAY EVENING, Feb.U1h,1967, mete wth be a Grand Match Game at Pigeon Hole, The man making tbe most Points is entitled to a beau tiful double cased SZX*VSB HUNTING WATCH, Valued at |W. TICK IXB, 30 CENTS EACH. KLEIN A KAMP’S SALOON. Cor. State and MlcMgan-«ts. (General Koticce. Q.REQG’S EXCELSIOR BRICK MACHINE. There will he a meeting at our ofllce, at 11 a. bl, SATURDAY, February 9th last*, • Of persors Interested In the making and using of hricxr. to appcU.l a Committee ot three or more to visit rhlladcfpbla for the purpose of inspcetlagthli Matbtne. now In fa'l opcratloa there ant atPltu* Umeh. A fall attendance la requested. Alt expenses of um Committee paid by the owner ot the Machine, tf no pnrehase la made. S. H. KEF FOOT & CO., Beal Estate Brokcra, 71 Pearbora-st. /CAUTION.—AII persons are hereby \ ) cautioned against purchasing a note ol band lor three hundred and flay dollars, dated about the 19th ol Octol cr, 166& given by the undersigned to and In favor of Lorenic Bonfire, ol Chlcaao, payab’e from thirty to nla tv oars from tic laid date, as we hare paid tne taldn Jte and hols the receipt lor tt. ~ |M * YOUNG A GONgn. TFR. S. M. F ASSET! * L ' i * will give hU ANNUAL RECEPTION, at his Photograph Rooms, on Inewlar Ercotoe» February 12. The public are invited. pAS LIGHTING. plane, t>peelflratl*ttfl and Eetlumtre n» cuvorki prepared and their erection sopertn sfirKu® oi tt * ae * inspector People’s Gas Co., West Chicago. "vrOTIOE.—Tbc following letters from Tho Bank of ZSontreal, To onreara. will be delivered to the parties to whom they are addressed, on proper Identification; D. McLean, John Larson, P.Leolesty, S.UtwLW. I). Kerr, Wrs.C. McArthur, A-Becgwlth, L.P Eli llsnJ, S. M. Dart, JohnQotnn. C.Tm&ler, Jas. Thorn ton. u. W. Towtsced, B. Walker. GEO. C. SMITH Ss DRO., Baairert. 48 LaSiUfrtt. tmpuetakt to grain shippers I AKD COUX BAISCRS.—UstIojc rtonred Irom Msseoit* to tyro. Hi.. l»m now- prepare to mrnlO tse celebrileo ILLINOIS POWER CoiLN-aHBLLBtt; ftUo, large Wurboue Fanning AI.ilU, For tanner tatormallca Mdrcu toe at Peru^ni. JAMEIi TAUUIRi. Ci)e Stating Season. "Yy ABASH-AV. KINK. Attraction Extraordimry! 1 his Evening I This Evening I BENEFIT OF MB. Me (LOT, The Sc petialeadeat, and Manager oi the Ice darlnr the last two seasons. .°- f , lbe ***• tt4t *&*)' bare ueunainod to make the Benefit -A. GREA.T SUCCESS. Wm “’- Aadall the Ladr Amateur Skaters Of the city. Lave kindly offered to give i: ExhljUlon. commencing at S o’clock. Miss LEONARD and MARTIN vfll give aa Exhibition in Dancing, dc., Including Waltzing on the Toes of their ekates. Ur. NEVANS vffl give a DRUM SOLO. Full Band In Atteudanoe. ADMISSION 50 CENTS. A MEKICAN SKATL\G TOURNAMENT! To be hi!d at (he WvMngtcw Skating Park. Chicago, on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. Uth and Uth, ISdT, at 2 o’clock pvm. Orer One Tfconsand Dollars In Frizes I This Tournament will, wither be R*. most Intmstlog and exciting that b» ever rolisted the efforts ofst tra In this country. Already all the lavorlte ekateroot this city, and aerenl renowned In me East, have catered their names (bribe contests, ana it 1* eaicaiatetfmat there win be nor leas than forty competitors (ladies and gentlemen), who will display in their intricate and graceful evolutions, skating in Its gtrtecUon—I*the 1 *the very poetry of motion''—and “They float, they float, lake a miry beat. O’er crystal coM and clear"— WlUbeJhfplredtogreatereßbm by the »ul-stirring sndimsorpaseed muxmot the Great Western Light Guard Band, Which wllfba present o« both dara ot the Tournament, In fUB force; and add to the pleasure ot the occasion. Had dents of the cities and towns ad]ace*A to Chicago should take advantage of this opportunity of seeing the Best Skaters in America, In their mostvondcrfCi Mats, and bearing the Best Band in the Country, At the same time. Admission to thcTonniaincnt, FIFTY CENT?. X3T The privileges of Frasnn Ticket* trill be sns pridsd on both cays of the Tournament. sEDE RINK. SPLEISTJDID ICE. HOT AFFECTED BY THE THAW. THE HA RP S Will Flay nr the Cwmiml ihlg trenlng. patent ®car (gutter. rj* O PATTERN MAKERS. QBENCHAIN'S PATENT URM “GEAR CUTTER” —AND— “GOG” DRESSER, FOB CUTTING AND DRESSING ALL —OF— Core, Spar, Bevel, Pinion and Mitre Wheels, Insuring perfectly shaped and accurately-spaced Teeth and Core Prints, and smooths r running Geortaj taaa can possibly be made from Patterns gotten up by hand, the machine Is very almplo and CHEAP! Is cspahl* por O-tng the work of THIRTY MSN. - Ttsvo M, mines are now tn practical operation, and for sale by J. N. PATTON, S 3 Hsnth Jelenos*m rr ratios desiring the exclusive us* of this Mo rh;t>6 for country, can have ll hy paying a small ad- Ttnre m price ot Maeblze. Jctetoart aiborcc (Ease. gTEWAIiT DIVORCE CASE, In pamphlet form, sow ready, containing a full Report of the Trial, Arguments of Counsel, with Judge Arrington** able argu ments for (he Defense, In fait, with por traits. Far sale at the News Depots and Bookstores, Trade snpplted at 131 Dear born-el. P. L. lUNSCDM. ■\rONlir TO LOAN i VI For one year, on city property, IN etD.'HS OF NOT LESS TUAN 64,000. Apply to O. K. A. HUTCH IN SOX. Boom IS Fullerton Block. 03 Dearoom-st. T FREEMAN SILKE, Accountant, * 106 CLARIi-ST., (ROOM 171, P.0.80x 6333. Cmcxoo. Book* and Accounts examined and potted. Settle mex-ta made and partnership accounts adjusted. pTAiI btulntas strictly confldtnttal. $2,000 TOLOAN ’ For Tlireo Slontbs, Upon unquestionable security, at a low rate. WARREN A GOODRICH. 123 Dearborn-«l, Room a. $25,000 T 0 LOA * On First-class Real Estate. Apply to ROZET A CUMMINGS. Beal Eatal? and Loan Brotera, 9S LaSalle-aL jy£ONET TO LOAN ON LONG TINE On Improved Chicago Beal Estate. Apply to WRIGHT A TYRRELL, No. 3 Metropolitan Block. Chicago. ffliHantelr. ANTED— To Sell one of the Best Paying Businesses a-goins-. CASH REQUIRED, 81,000 TO 81,300, No one need apply unless they mesa business and have tbe cash. Apply between the hours of 9 and L J. H. NASON, rpo LUMBERMEN— ‘The advertiser, bavtoc a large experience in the trade, and an extensive acquaintance in city and conn* try, wishes to arrange with a party who can furnish the lumber or capital to stock a Ant-class yard. None but a first-class business desired. Addwe* P. O. box 1107. Jetoeltg. y^IAMONOS —A very fine selection of MAGNIFICENT C5-JEJIS, At low prices. NOWLIN & HcELWAIV, 37V Clark-»L Jfor Sale, TTOBSES J ” L 3TOXL SALE. Jost received at the Union Stock Yard Stable*, three (5) car-load* of Dcr»es weighing from 1,100 to 1,500 each, olao.afewgood Buggy Rorses. W. Q. GOULD A CO. ILLINOIS STOCK FARM FOB SALE X —6lO acres, a'l Improved, near Joliet, 111-, 30 miles from Chicago, known as the - Jones Farm." valae-t at UCJAC. Mot* be sold at a sacrifice to close on estate. For particulars, address MATTOCK* 4: MASON, P. O. Box 1969. Chicago. 111. pOR SALE— A Foundry and Machine Shop and Planing' Mill, At Waukegan, 111. Um facilities for melons;two tons ol Iron. Shop-right Patterns and Fiasts lor Leonard s Pat. Seam’eMSkelns. Match Hate «cd tiMpFtMksfor Bare 1> or Hangers, and 'arge variety ofdesiraMe Pat tern* and Flasss. Machine shop well aloeWM with coSmachirery and tools. Two Placers. Le-«awlag MKhSeTand /nltafcl- machinery ( ttr themaatUactare ot bash. Doors. Ac. Wil. l>e sold low for prompt par. Apply toTIFFANI & LUCAS, Hardware Merchants, Wanaegas. UL "DARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. 3FCHK SALE; A CiEETCLLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac. Invoicing about flLOOO; a'l purchased within a year ra»t.aidleaaeon store. Store located In a thriving town a short distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons stven for seller. For ptrccnlars Inquire of B- V. BOBBINS, Ccmmlstloa Merchant. 83 LaSalie-sU,Chicago. fflSXoob aim (Coal. COAL. 51 3.00 per Ton! I have about 50 tons more Coal undisposed of at EOBT LAW’S YARD, which I am selling at tt J-00 p.r ton. It will be delivered anywhere inside city Umlu. Cation F. B. MARSHALL, * 132 South Clnrfa-**.. Doom 12. jpccfr. p ROUND OIL C AKE is tbc Cheapest Feed in the Slartet For «oc* or .11 tlnd£ T&g*~ b * ho, 70 Nurtb Gd - .ton-*u gattnerehtp. Dissolution op united go- PABTNEB3HIP.—Notice it henur riTpu that v.t, firmer* hip lately ezlsttaz between Wnndte, Kbru B. Smith and James the city oi Chiesgo, in the State of Dilnali. tad Edvard Goad, of Smith tovi, m the State of New York, under the Btme, style and am of PAETEUIQE, SMITHS: STREETER, Za hereby dissolved by mutual consent. All debts owing to the tala petnershlp are to be »• eeindby thecaldTimothy L.F»nndge an Ram B. Smith, who alone are authorized to elan th j flna oaate <n ■SJenunT, and all demande on the eaxd partnership are» ho presented to them tor payment. * TUforaT i> pabtbidq^ kbev d. smith. JtwM p. STBKETSZh General P«naua. TOWARD GOULD. Special Pkrtxer. Chlc*3»r Jib- Bib, A. D* MJS. COPAETSEBSHEf NOTICE. The subscribers hereto hare fanned sihnltod uart oertrlp under the taws of the State of UHaels, aid too lollowicg are the termethereof: L The name or firm nuler which the *arfoenhta> la tobecpnouctedU“i*AKTßn)OE * aurtHr* a. The nature «•«,, business Intended to be I i* sod general dealing In Dry Goods, In theciTy «-f Chicago, State of mmols. 3. The names of the general partners Interfaced Sa me said partnership are Timothy L, Partridge ana Ehcn B. Smith, both of etoo reside in Chicago, stars of DUnois, aac the name of the special oartner Inter ested In the said partnership is Edward Gould. «ti» resides In Saithtowo, tiofiuik County, State ot New York. 4. The amoustef capital which Ihe ep*clal partner. Edvard Gould, has contributed to Ue commas iu>ct is U Irty thousand dodan. 3. The period at which the partnennlp Is t» enm mecce is the first day oi January, in tne year eighteen hundred ud sixty seven. and the period at which the partnership will terminate will tie the thirty-first day ol December, la the yuar eighteen hundred and sixty eight. TIMOTHT I- PABTETDOE. EBE3 U- SMITH. EDWARD GOULD. January lit, IX7. /^OBAIITNER6>HIP.—The nsdeisigoed \ J have tins day catered Into copartnership und* the firm name of ISAAC GEEESEBAUM & CO, And will cool lose in the WtlßbEfiALß GBNEKAI. lIA&DWARE, At the old stand. No. 73 Lake-st. ISAAC QRKENEBATJM. ALEX. GOLDSCHMIDT, A. C. OKKEMEBAUM. Chicago, Teh. 8.156 T. -\TOTICE. Barrett & Ccssitt have Xi admitted Into tbelr film JiSES i. FISHES and GEO. H. WELLS. And viUconOcae the Wholesale Grocery batinsos us 51 South Wstcr-sL, in the name cl BAEEETT, COSSITT & CO. Thaaklngourlutxereaatrteßdsffir theirllaeral pat rot age. we would beg a coutmaance of the ■«"*■ • Close cash havers will ffnd )l to their interest to gtvu us a call at corner South Water-iuand Waoath-av. Feb. 8,1567. DARESTT. COSoITT A CO. Di&soletion of copartner slllP.—'The partncrshtn heretriore exUttaa na il cr the nm ot J». LtTDIKGTON ft CO., I* this day dissolved bymatnilcoa**ot. AU personslndebted to the firm are requested to make Immediate payment at the oQce of the new firm. X. LUDINGTON, DANIEL WELLS. A. O. VAN SCBAICK. Chicago, reb.U!S67. The undersigned have this day formed a eopartaar •hip under the name of U. LITDIKGXOH & CO., To transact» centra! Lumber btulnwa. u heretofore, nt their old Yard, at the Upper Burlington Blip, w!Ui a Down Town Office at 53S tooth w*ter-«t. _ NELSON LCDISOTOIT, DANIEL WSLLi. J«_ ISAAC STEPUESSOK. AUQDSTIiS C. BBOWfI. Chicago, Feb. 1. IS 67. I HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED «1t& Be MB. WM. B. BROWNING, for the por po»p of doing a General CnmtntsMan baalae**, anise the fttn» name ol 0. 8. BUTCBINB A CO. February U 1367. C. 8. UUtCttlNB. c. s. hutchtus & co„ General Produce Commission Jlcrebaata Agents lot THE OSWEGO STARCH FACTORY, (T. Klngiford ± Son, Manufacturer*), Hog-211 and 213 South Vater-st., Chicago, yrcto liuMtcations. LOST POLICY HOLDER. A store of thrilling and absorbing Interest, Is coe mcnicd In the FEBRUARY NUMBER (lust oat) cf the NORTH WEST EUN Insurance and Mercantile Journal, Which nlsocontataabUtorPeof theCnasotHIDBARD A SPENCER, awl UAYDEN A £AY; Tub Pxjmcr- Ttos or Doaxaz: Book Noticx«: miasows: ins GaociavTuans; Fi»xzcial; ComccuLX.;and vari ous interesting aod valuable articles and item* ca FTra, Lite and Accident Insurance. making a number that will Interest rtistbodt. jingle copies, 10 cents. Subicrlptlon. per »nnnm, tW~ WESTERN NEWS CO„ Gen. Ac’t. Address all comannicati.ns to the Editor. P.O. Bax ItiO. Chicago. 11L “ AHD SLAVERY." Agoats Wanted To engage in the sale of the ••IHSTOnT OFABSA DAM TJNCOLN AND THE OVESTUKUW CJT SLAVERY.” By BON. ISAAC N. ARNOLD, Lau* Congress, and tbr over twenty years a cot'fideiuis’.S-read ot-Ur. Lincoln. Thu important work was commenced aver thru* years ano.wUhtheappmrsl.cfMr.Ltnoola. Uuw ready. The Ftsst EcmoS. fay* ta Joarcxinr, tan, aznsraraawlthta addays. tv mfW-aie'wss only work of the kind Issued. EXTRACTS PROM NOTICES. [The Northwestern ChvtsOaa Advaeata.) ‘ Mr. Arnold’s work U invaluable.** {The Cleveland Leader.] *♦ Wi»cannottoohighlycommend thl*workuulu iluable addition to oar tf Uon\l literature.” [The Chicago Evening Journal.] “Mr. Arnold has succeeded far beyond any of bis nredece«*of*.” „ . , . For fuu description, term*, the Pub lah- Ct.AKKB Sc CO,, SO sad S 3 TVashluglQP-iL. Chicago. 5L muter. ■J^miBERI LUMBER! Ifc bare a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which wo cCcr to Country Dealer* at price* which cantottdltobe satisfactory, for good assorted qual **Our stock consists in part ct Wide Ist. id and 3d Clear; Clear aod id Clrar Flooring «ad Hiding; Select and Common Stock ana Box boards; Wide SafinaV Common Hoards, Joists, Scantling, Timber, Ac. Wf have a large stock of U. It, lo and W-feel Fencing, which weotfer low with other lumber. X3T Orders »ollcUed. Office nod Yard on Mason** Canal, ia tbe new Lumber DUtrld. SCOTT & PORTER. Ibarutoare, Stolls. & 1 * J-JAItDffAIiE & CDTLEItY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 tabc-St. The attention ol doss buyers li invited to cur oom* plete stock of COOPERS’, MACHINISTS’ and CAR. PESTERS*TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUTLKBT and BUILDERS* HARDWARE, direct troxthe M manubcniren. We offer, also, a complete usortsesS of WOSTENHOLM’S POCKET CUTLERY, SPEAK A JACKSON’S SAWS. JOSEPH RODGERS A SONS* SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS A ROTHESTB FILES, also SKATES and Straps of every description. We aI«o keen constantly on band full number! ot SCHOENBERG Ell'S JUNIATA NAILS. C. B. Hero. Eow. Pbxscott. B. BEcm»aXX» sJapcr ffiangiugs. MAKUOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration, ; Largest and choicest assortment ot Frencli Imported Paper Hangings, Of all kind*. Warerooms.3.3 and 7 East Fourth-st. NSW YORK CITY. (gnglisi) loooks. T ONDON BOOKS. JAYNE fit DEKHAK, IMPOSTEES OF ENGLISH BOOKS, OLD AND NEW, 4 Cortlandt-st, N. T. Prlcra Catalogue No. Snow ready.and itnt tne ot chary ato any address. New Invoices trequeatly ar riving. patents. PATENT MACHINE. CMte ,-j OOIW 33 soum JMMOMI. nr ai aJcrlJUl. 33 ama Jesen(m-K_ aucin. iausineas Carts RESOLD, PAYaON & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attorneys-at-law, 32 Dear bora-a U. Walker’s Building. Chicago, QL I.K. AISOLD, Geobob Patsov, Cuas. A-Ox*q<jkt XT Attention given to Chancery. Common Law < rlmlnal and Patent caaea. fsimtatlonal. TTKIYERSITr OF NOTRE DAME, I t NOTBS DAME, IND.—The next term ol this well-known Institution win commence on the FIRST OF FEBRUARY. Students, however, can enur at any time ‘Jnriagmw vear. For Caulogucs and ro.-rv*artlcal«- tioaarp:yto fHusiral. CDPERIOU MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. tt sntai Music. tor terms, he., apply by ie.fa-r. to «“■ 21DS. Chicago. . Senttettg, jQU. j. O. I'AlO'S'ft'OßTH JSS'SSSfffSSSSSSI&SSSSSi Sale of Ptlus. England cbuech- THE first SALE OK PE' V! * _ -ia.\c«* ' v vJ , ' k °'vin |?£S* efcnrci wUI & f>W. SJtonlJJ «nsUonO«>. Mil s.