Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 9, 1867 Page 3
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THE FAUM AM) UABDEN. Strawberry Culture—ftinlchlng-Cl-rii Field* In Winter— Under Corn-etalfce—Value of the Onsior (Joul* ter-Slxurp Bdgr* fur Cutting Tool*— The Weather— .t&ulchlue Winter Wheat with Straw or stay, [From Our Agricultural Corrospnndtnl.l CtLUtFAiGX, minds, February L Stiawbcnlcs should he mulched before the ground thaws, as a few days aud nights of alternate thawing and freezing will destroy a large proportion of the plantr, by beating them out, or at least, so disturb tbo roots, that they will pro duce but a small nnmberof half-firmed fer ries. This mulching should be of straw or prairie bay. case should Timothy hay or Clover be used. Two and a half tons of prairie hay {dough grot*), evenly spread, are ample for an acre. The covering should not be thick, but spread evenly, with the utmost care; for it is not to be taken off in the spiing, but left for a mulch of the soil, to enable it to hold moisture, which is so very essential to Insure a crop of this fruit. This mulch Is also valuable to keep the berries clean in case of a heavy rain. After the plants begin to grow In the spring, It will be necessary to pass alone the row and see that the crowns of the plants ire not too thickly covered, and to remove the mulch just suffi cient for the plant to shoot up through It. The strawberry when ripening its fruit, Is very sensible lb drought; hence the great value of the mulch at that period. Our lady Incnds should bear this in mind, and see that their strawberry beds and borders arc covered. It they cannot obtain prairie hay or straw, corn stalks will answer the pur pose. Sawdust is sometimes used, butsbould be put on sparingly. Some hare used the seeds of broom-corn, but this same caution is necessary in this also. Chaff is another article that can be used m a small way. When plants arc thus mulched no culture is allowable, unices hand pulling of weeds, until alter the crop is harvested, when they must have prompt attention, and the culture continued throughout the season. It is no matter how late in the Autumn they are made to grow, for the foliage is all lost during the winter, and, if the roots are pre served in a good healthy condition, tuey will make n vigorous growth curly in the spring. Late culture will make the late runners bear fruit buds that will give good returns, whereas, If they had been neg lected they would not bavcrcachtd that con dition. Watering of the plant* at thotlmoor ripening the fruit has been recommended, but since mulching has been resorted to, this has been nearly abandoned. If wo could irrigate at small cost, no doubt U would largely lncrca*c tbc crop ; but this is hardly practicable ns n general thing, and as the mulching can be done In nil cases, at a small cost, it will be found tbc most practicable. Refuse hay and straw, hay Iroin the marshes, pruirlc sloughs and holders of pond* is the cheapest and the best; for this kind of buy contains less seeds of noxious weeds, iTcniNO or colts rictus. I.nrgc nmnhcrs of cattle are partially or wholly wintered In the open corn Helds. When these arc rented the price paid per acre for the privilege is staled at from seven ty-live cents to a dollar and n half. In husk. Ing corn on (he hill, IhcnnWhM, or Imperfect cars, are seldom taken off, and these give value to the pasturage Add to this the tin* perfect gathering hy careless h inds, whoso greatest ambition Is to draw the largest amount of wages fur the least labor, and one can sec the value attached to the stalk flold as a place h r the wintering ol farm stock. There Is a rerlnti* objection to on Indis criminate pasturage of tbesu Helds. When 11m- ground Is frozen, the land Is heucHted hy the droppings, hut when partially thawed niil, the (>aeklng op of the soil is very dam aging to the next crop. Farmers who tent ♦mb corn ilel.!* fur feeding lots should bear this In mind when rooking eohlraoU. The fanner who owhs hull) stock and Held gen erally understand* thift bill hot 111 all cases. Com Helds I hat are thtis badly packed ntn with the iNhijdHg of eatile, do not produce good trohs, ulnl when plowed In spring me ftmhu lull ol elnrK Hull defy iherohef li im-d, Atm thfoughoui the eon am in the out of ilno-ojiuii euHurto I'l.oWlko I’klikll ft I-A Mr ft when miii> inddf have been led hy sloek^ «e tn-hoe slain!, Hie stalks Hill have'lo-eo so I.M.I’HI diiwil thef Willi 111'* l|*u (ifftllilMi «*.#»f|i IclUhjf lOditlef hHhi*M |M lln* jili.m, mu iMiuiMi. Hifiom iiiHlyF lln» (iif-- m»- To (to 1111“, t hi* «)*♦» ol tho MOtller must I'M iihotn llilu, itinl tP'.Minl on H. pnmiHMH tmiMlslmiMt Tin: triioilo gfehm Id lIM FMliMHlM'l i-iimiMiv. Till* l*llm (doHpeat mono of .tupmlMtfof Itiu sulk* NMi) rlH'hiHl ol'MlN u.rn lieiil, nih) Input It to ft vu|i|*Mo use, j| Mil) Jtavu the biirlaeo clear oflrNdl Hmt too ofieu dugs up the harm* mid culMva tors. The tiainrl way In which the corn stalk* arc disputed 01, 1* to break them down, rake them up nod hum us many of them u* pus elide. Thle, when done in the iie#t putsihlo maimer, leaves u large percentage til' ruhhlah m> the ground to dug the plow and other Implcinenio of culture, when no rolling caul* ter I* ust d, or, if used, la nut kept sharp, as buiule staled. UDI.UNO CASTOR COULTBR. These L'ual but a trlllc. If any, mors than tin- eommun wheel coulters, but ate much wore desirable, lor this reason : when onco adjusted to the plow team they can be taken our for the purpose of sharpening, by sim ply withdrawing one pin, aud, when re turned, arc ut oucc In place. They never turn the plow to the land or furrow, as with the old stirrup mode of fastening, for the coulter in oil cases follows the Hoc ofdrafland runs free. There arc three jiaUern* of these castor coulters, two of them made at Rock ford and one at Peoria. Tbo latter I have not seen. As I have said, their greatest value comlsts In tbc cosy and sure mode of adjustment to lb? beam of the plow and the line of draft. Tbc stirrup Is bolted to the beam and the coulter fits to a socket. Few of our common farm bands have the skill to adjust a rolling coulter to the plow, and hence with them It is an unpopular im plement, constantly clogging and throwing the plow out ot the ground. They arc but little better off with the castor coulter?, un less they keep Its edge sharp by frequent I application to the grindstone. Every far , mcr knows tbc trouble In fitting a coulter to his plow, that will not clog up la rough stubble laud, and, when well titled, how well he is pleased with Ihc furrow. All of the i oldcoultcis can be changed at slignt cost by any good blacksmith in the country; and the plow shops should send ont no others. The original cost cannot posdbly be any more than for the old pattern, which must aud will soon go ont of date. La-t full I saw a one-armed soldier, using one of these on a Skinner ridtng plow, and never saw better work. All tools and Implements used for cutting should be kept sharp, whethenorihc cutting of wood, ineials, fabrics, or soil. A prairie plow that dt a tvs four hundred pounds when sharp, will show six hundred wnen ptrflally. dull, atd eight hundred when very dull. We often see the share of the old land plow the eighth ol an Inch thick, and tbo farmer thiuks he is saving money by not sending It to the blacksmith. The former who uses up a large grindstone in two or three vi-ars will have good crop?, and his farm Lands will accomplish a large aim.-unt of work. No farmer should buy a plow without It has a duplicate share. Thu reason of this is an ordinary mould-Doard will require two shares, that Is, the share or a i.uw log, as it is called, must he hid, when thu plow is half worn out. It is impossible t<* make the new share to fit the old halt worn out mould-board, and for this reason siijiuy farmers sell their plows fur a small curn'rather than spend time over them in iMiiugtbcm to scour and do good work. Now, suppose we take a new -plow with two shares; when one needs sharpening It can bo sent to the ?bop and the plow bo kept at work, and in tbo next place, these shares being \ ufed and sharpened alternately, they both B wear down with the mould-board,and all give I out at tbc same time. It Is no longer the putting of new cloth to the old garment. I Flows as now made are In duplicate, so I that all the several ports fit; it Is therefore I no trouble to fit an extra share, and only the extra cost should be added. Now when wc get an extra share, we 100 often have the the handicraft of some Jack-of all trades to make it lor ns, Instead of having it made by expert workmen, with the use of exact patterns. Plow-makers | will confer a great favor on the farmer In ; looking after this want. Give us hardened steel mold-boards, duplicate unhardened German or American steel shares, and caH Iron coulters, also nntcinpcrcd, and wc will *how an Improvement In the neat appear ance of our plowed fields. TUB WEATHER. Since the 10 l h of December the country as far south as thcSDlhflcgree has beau locked last in host, au unusual time for this part of the State. Ten day® since there wasn falat attempt ut a thaw, but It proved a failure, ami gave us another Instalment of snow, and Just now there are symptoms ofmild weather, which may start the frost. The winter has been one of the beet ftor the farmer, except that ft has laid an embargo on those who had not completed their com husking caily in Tanunrv! In Central Illinois the. thermome ter reached (leveu below zero, but has not destroyed the pencil buds. The cov ering of snow has been of great ben efit to tbo wheat. rye and , • uUlroU'd tmuuluWs, atrd unless Ibis and the r-at)v t»*Fl of Idat-ob should nllcrimlG with fieeslng cod thawing. we tuny look for good eiops of Mk-po staples. 1 r.rvmnV OF Wlittcr. it 1* well known that a light eovetlng ol «lmw or ionit e liny will Ml all eases sate the 1 vosl of th « covoMtig ha* didetfed toiwts ftoih tanking tin* I'XpeHinpht <**».« largo .ml., No otllmnlii or ilia ('"-l h«f (ilvto, *11(1 llooploro, It •in outw.a.Mh, Nut *o Of llto (’owing of srao I Hi.- «tr»wlwrry. w ilcli 1* in the. covering o| wheni, that wn may taka 11 Tan* 1 tons nf prairie rtoupti w *>ny damaged hay will cover an acre. MU’ male thin, It you please, at lour dollar* a lj|h' Add to this live dollar* an acre for hauling and spreading, and wo have a not do Iten dollar* an acre. We commend these fact* to all who desire to grow fine crop* or wheat, south of tbo enow line, that they may save all the waste hay for this purpose and make a sure thing of the wheat crop. A crop ol wheat thus treated will ho little liable to rust, for the mulching will give It such a steady growth that ft will be out of the way of the hot scorching days of Juno. If wc cau cover tbo strawberry hy the hun dred aero, certainly the same thing can bo done with tbc wheat crop. It Is often the practice to sow grass seed with the wheat c rop and In this case damaged timothy hay rasv be usrd wltb advantage, while It will not answer for the strawberry. It Is not too Uto to make the trial now, by those who hate the material for the experiment. Rural. Tbe Present Hiatus ofFenlanlam In Uio United States. ' IFrom llicNew York THlnus. Febnurr 6.J At present, tbe Brotherhood In the United SUloe, Will tbe exception of thirty or iorty circles, rccoirnlxe bnl one head ana that Is President William B. Roberts. Over iSO cir cles recoL'nizo bis antbority, and ere the Ist of March 1,000 circles of the Fenian organi zation trill be In operation In America. The State of New York has already 100 circles In jmhhl ►lamllliK. Wdrkln, ncUrcly amlquli'llv. I omitylvaula .bunt Oie umi numticr. Dili i k«« 4S, lllniiilc . W, Mlcliljpin DO, ondthoulhcr HtatCß of ton Union nn i:( proportion, w'n arc Inltonnp for Ihe mnim oml. The dreln i tllJ ' , wlt, ‘°ul oalcntatlon or nnj pulillclty, ami unlloruu arobolarpro vldoif for tho membora of the org.nU.Uoii. in iiiinihande. Tho Brothorhood lias the moat unanimous confluence and dependence °n the promise* of President Rob eta chiefly owlrg to tho fact that ho Is, 08 a prominent Fenian said a few days ago, rich enough to bo honest.” Subscriptions arc being received daily, and tho amount of business transacted daily is almost wonderful. Tho Fenians of dan Francisco, Califouila, have Just sent SI,OOO in gold dust to the headquarters In Broad* way, which arrived by Wells & Fargo’s Ex press, und also sent Intimations that “more was coming bood.” The Fenians of Idaho City also expressed a box to President Hob* crls. containing $303 in gold dust, accompa nied by a letter expressing confidence In his patriotism, and confessing themselves satis fied and confident of the success of his plans aualnst the British Government. Every day that parses brings wltb it a recognition of tbo authority of the Senate of the Fenian i Brotherhood, and nearly all Stephens’s ad- I herents arc deserting him and Joining Rob- I cits, turning over tho moneys and books of | their circles. RAILWAYS. Tito Btilway System oftlio United States. An approximate statement of the miles of railway constructed in the different States, and the aggregate cost Is given by the Jiail • road Journal. The field ol inquiry is so wide that on exact statement cannot be ex pected, but this probably is near enough for all practical purposes. There is quite an amount of railway construction now going on in the different Stotes, and if wo add to this five years hence the different lines to the Pacific, It will make a very handsome aggregate, cutes. 1. U.lDf, ,—Mileage .Total cost Total. Completed of vorin 610J9 50.37 |ta,o9.K?l s'. 8. Vermont _ tot-W _ 5W.59 W.IOI b«7 .L 533.0 1,851.97 fr1.43J.69l . 131.71 113.31 4.851.79} . 717. M 687.51 31^70.013 S (QUO Itt.&TQ.T'M . 919.91 901.41 35,991,463 .4,619.14 4.03719 SIO.OS3.TW . 177.40 15040 ».«M£64 4. Mutacboteua. ti.*llliOdc lalimil.. ft. CocDcctlcnt... 1. Ntw York... . 8. Ktw JtTbcy..., 9. i* 10. Itclavare 11. M#TyliiiMl»WlDUt.Col.. 7*7.70 BtJ.M 36^71*73 is. west vtreinu s;i.T5 seen ai,«sww 13. Kentucky «2JO C25/J0 Ji3y 2,121 0iit0..... 8,102.9 a 133,311,0 n .1.561.51 906.12 41,973.721 .2,4*47 3,211.60 TJ.15G.767 AW3.13 8.190.16 133.C81.4U IS MlcMean IC. iLdlaca.. n. Illinois.. ..Mil 41 1,04941 40.081.3 CU „.l,4J9.ft* 83 J4>o 12.CU.0U ..MW.IO 1,191.10 49.4.H-.M is, AVifcocsla. 19. ailLnecota. ui. lowa ,1,tt19 917.71 91.391/77 , 340A0 9.710.00 . MUD 77340 12.901.0tt 21. Missouri., a. Kansu.... TX >«br*«ka. 11.045.00 331.90 31.m0M . 299A1 1940 KTO.OOO 84. California. 83. tiw 0n.... .2,091.(9 1446.70 49,771,137 .14M.U V 77.30 20.0W.410 .1.P72 M 94193 21.W7.V77 .1,691.33 1437.23 39,177,663 afi. Virginia 27. NortnCarollca. 88. bomb Carolina. TV. Ucotkls nni Florida. ,i.« roV.To ji'jwj’&a ai* Alabama. .Y.on.t j afl.u liYiCol LBJ7.?| 31,|51,115 82. illMl'rtppi' .73. ‘IrtlLCnK.. 701.31 101.00 4.(00.000 . RtS.OO 833.71 .3,7X7.00 479.50 17.90.000 M. Arkauiu. :p. uhilmsdr. 80. Trial ToUl United State*...Sl,«o«,M3Wßß.3o»l£ Dlrtilbutcd Into geographical regions as follow*: ffNrw EnelacdState*.... 4,157.41 3.R3101 $159,091,133 b Itnulie Atlantic Slatca.. tf.Hut.u Wtrt.W «M.<QV«ai la.NorllifrulnlfriorbtalcctJWl W Italian CU.ICT.M /l-ictnc Plates 811 00 7t.t90.0ta nt-oath Atiai.tte mates... i,iaM m<9 isutMO? Cboutlii-rti Ittcitor States KttJ.ct 3.9H.31 11MTX755 Tottl United state 8J.C06.W 1,501.101.093 Tlicbc figures show that Iho counlrj need not he ar-lmmcd of (ho results of its energy and enkrjirlßu In tills particular branch of nuilonnl ocvcloptncDl. Thin continent, com paratively new and Inching capital, tins now more tulles of railway ronslrmled than all oilier t>Hiis ofthe world together. SUI’IILML (JOUItT OF ILLINOIS. Declilutlii ihe following decisions by Iho Supreme tonrl of thla Slate arv reported by Norman h. Freeman* Eu(.i lleporler of the t’omii iL'ttlCß BOwWAJt vs. usonntw. woob. . (April Tertttj IPfHI.J t , ,L Pt’MHOits—SffHrr tthot la In tltnti (I hye* Htifllhe timer Inc tisy of Ihe rerrlce or Ihe day on witlMi Hu: (MW of tljc femur tmntnMite*, mnf. tn- HiHlti n ihtMiliief ol these tints (here is leu di/sj thesHtMe Isinilinei .. . »; »fi-itp*ifc(it-tf*/nn(/ in #sH«i vn'ih (endeHne /ndtjinetunt qerahf ha« ihe i|lfL-ie(lotjH>y tumi-t (u sm it H-nieJm will nnido sin hhim* wtonil ft' < iHjiisiice will **ti tiiMi hwl ttMi iliMi the i.'onlt will Ininnoi eutilis: ikli-HHs- un siit-hinnMini IheniMe mi (hUOie km hsii e M nil Hhh li he ii»s|ied in mw dn«s inn iHiuirt IheOniUi in seissnlsaileinliiNs (he pfm ins/ H-intef nn s rhw si-Uim, Mni (♦lU,>ybhen mher /nfiflmMHs of s neftioUliiii hull MMlsnl Mi V )U Mil liliu, SS he MIS/ SM his ()*: V!mi— lll* fnf'l'M, Whofe over ws» dinnuiMti d uml irlven, and a ilumiiU ws« IskMi mie hour sfl«r, for wsnl n t a |ka. Ods .iJinifi will md (Miin.osu in «n| s»iiio a defanll, as ilia p»riy fchnmd have nhismod fnrlhsr lima In (dead. Uu nto Impn feirvt-d (un data, and the defanU wa» no| tiniuied n»iM| <ha second day of iliu term. Tie was lUHtiiicslly In default, and having nsiiher ne n.lined norflltd a pus, (ho defami could, under tbu prarlire, bu properly entered. MAKE SBINEEII VS. THE CUT Of 0010*00. (April Term, Hskl.) 1. Citt ounikAXCK—uAm If (ak*nfftd. A city oidioanco under the charter ot Chicago, does not take cllrcl until approved by the Mavor. or auslu tiabH-d by the Common Council oolwltaaiaudiiig the Mayor's objections. V. Baeb— otmnanc*t % orJsr*, rtiolullontef (he Common Council. 'lhe charter of the city requires that all acts, ordinance*, or resolutions must be npproViO by the Mayor, or posted notwithstand ing hit objrctlous—/Am that an order for an as fctfeimuit to pave a street In the city la aa act or lesolntlon wlihln the tncauliigor the alatute, and, to become cfrcUrc, nmet no approved by the Major or passed over bis objections. U. AtHKfesufcSTe —trtun to 6* made. NotMtb, standing the Bib sec-ion of chin. 7 requires tne Comnila.-toncrsfortliwlib. on the passage of an order for an assessment, to proceed to make It- Dcy have no power to act until tuo order baa be come operative by the approval of the Mayor, or Its enbacqucnt passage over bis objections, and any asrcisincnt made befote U became binding as eccb u uuautborized. 4. bAEß—marfe 2 tfforeVu order it operative. Where an order was pasied on the fifth of tbe month, was plact-d In the bands of Ihe Mayor for !u» approval on the eighth, and he never approved or remmed it to the Common Coand>, belnd an- til the expiration of Uie thirteenth to act npon it, and It did not take efloci until the expiration of that time. 5. Saxe— otteitment before the order tales ef fect e aid. l"he CommUsiorers, on the fi'th ofthe mouth, cave notice that they would make the as sessment on tbe eleventh, and the order for tbe assc*sm> nt did not take effect nnlu the thirteenth —ll»ld. that tbe asaessm'ntmade on tbe eleventh, two days before 'he order went Into effect, was void, and comerrcd no Jurisdiction to enataln' ►uba* nuer.l proceedings, and cannot be enforced, andtTc Comt below erred in ordering a sale of tbe propei ty for tbe payment of the assessment. 6. Oath— of Cornitmteioners. Although the Com mUstoneis may be sworn before the order is com plete- that will nut affeettbe validity of the assess ment. . . , . , 6. Coeleexon's WABn*NT —countertigned hy Comptroller. Allbough the Comptroller pre cedes bis Mcnatcn* l»y the word “countersigned,'' (he slgratmc fulfils tbe requirements of the statute. BESTOK OUKHXE TB. THE CITT OP CHICAGO. [April Term, ISCC.J 1. Couxcroß'fl wAnnAJTr— lloic sign'd. When the BtAtnto requires tost a Collector’s warraat ,-bail be slcneo by the Mayor, Comptroller, and the City Clerk, and before the name of the Comp* trailer Is written tbe word ** countersigned,” it is In compliance with (he statute. 2. Comussioai-fiB —thtir oath. When the stat ute requires Commissioners appointed to assess the sum property holders shall pay toward mak ing or repairing a pavement, to be sworn to prop* cr'T discharge tbe doty, it will be snfllclent if they take the oath while the order fortbe improvement is in tbe Mayor’s hands, and two days before he approve* and returns it. a. assessment — dasnagft. Under the amend* mrnt to tbe City Cbarter, adopted in 18i5. the Comic issloners, in nuking the acsesment to pave ! or repair a slreit, are not required (o assess dan* a-res sustained by property holders by making the improvement, and their report is not defective In toiling to report such damages. 4. Same—tnc/iioinp amount far vnouthonzed tmrpo**, An assessment to pave a street contain ed an assessment also for the purpose of paving damages in a suit then pending, for using a kind of pavement which had been patented, without pei mission from the patentee— Held, that portion uf the assessment unauthorised and void. 6. SAUz—r*-a*ittiment. wren each an assess ment has been made, before -the property can bo snhJi’Cicd to its portlm of tbe harden there aboard he a re-asscssmvut. . . C. Same—rwisd'scrijiMon of lots. Where lots have been improper)/ described in making such an assessment, an order for its calc will not be rendered, but to render-the property liable tt should be re-aescsscd. _ 7. Notice—<7’; /»ocnon far confirmation. Al though an older confirming the report of the Commissioners was made neforo a certificate of the notice for the application Is filed, will be binding, provided a proper notice was In fact n. HECSE TB. JOHN 0. MItCUBX- T [Aprtljl'enu, ISGO.J 1. rnowiMoitr aracr. Until the rasface of Uie act of ISCI, promissory notes made in tins Stale werenot entitled todays of grace • ('iuttil MonntoE —ifAei due ana d*fav *. A note clvcn on the 14th of November, 18M. due in one year, falls doe on the corresponding day of the same day of the same month in the next year, without days of cracc, and a mortgage on chattels inven to secure Its payment, and tnthomlng the morlcageor to retain possession until dctanlt made In payment, should pay the note on the 11th of November, 18C0, or he will be In default, 8. hams— poettttivn 6jr mortaageor after de fault. A default in payment ol the money when dm by the tuortgageor, anp a, failure of the roorl catrre to rednre the properly to possess lon on the tiaj after default was made, mu?er* the posses »lon br tie mnrtgatreor fraudulent as to creditors and purchasers. And the levy of an execution made two days after the money becomes doe will hold the property. THE OPEBA HOUSE DBAWIIW. Suit try » Ticket-Holder Acalnat Mr. (’n*abr ««d (ho Committee—Null In l.otilarllle Aealiuil Ike Aeent. Crosby's Opera House is a (area structure Crosby's Opera iionse Art AssuclaHoo was a latest eiiierprlse. a lid the drawing thereof «a« a liinelhe tatgcM settMltuh of the season. Being inige* it Is nol easily hitgollen. He lender ilea tiuHbd tnstiy phckrls and h'dHsj lie fciultij} was tuutml lur wtih inirtise luieieMi Hs ehniaa was (t*wiu*weflntf i llsipsuilwas bllleily disappoint' tog lo Uionsandsi ii* ineniofy is linffs* In lltelf nu«Hil». hill, Ibmiplt the r run aNpenmeM mm folium* !■ miMMUf Hip ihhitf# lithl wiie>lis pb"si. •haiinw, sbatlr*. sliil liiiibis ii,b nnlmhy ilumi»s\'il«. 'Hip Oregon may im » h |.i |«i>s=«i| ih* bluer rim Mill ilmlur* IMr daily diaowliia. In Mm woifla of |i, WyMer, H •uinl live*,“ 'lii»* wjapUora are MiUwl-hiil so aru thu td*M oi i)io unhappy •peculators, I|h||i nut tin m wish down Mm uncomfortable ghost. It will not lm «aid. It tlnurUhe* In im> piural youth. We may wish in vam to see H no mine, but t:o* and then, when we least expect, It w til me autl bring up a Iralti of unwelcome mem* of The ghost rose yesterday. Justice DaWolf was the sect who culled It. The hour was nol the witching and appropriate one of midnight, whim chuichyarda yawn. It waa ten o'clock <mu mind tan ‘lot weary list of peiiy rases waa disposed m ind the officer ot the law called up the case of L.ii oealuet Coolbsugh and others.*' Hr. bill is one of the unhappy multitude who are t-txed by the urobri or the Optra House. U? Imeslfd . nelloor received tbvrtWr Ui.t »p*clona linlidinß nor So voile ol .-'t promised to rach .uculioHer, in.uit • the beautiful and now rare engraving roll* »i..d “timbering Apples.” The loss ot the Opera iiouae was tnougb. In all conscience. Dot to be rpinaec on whatever excuse, the engraved memo* nel of bis unproductive speculattou, waa 100 mueb. Why ibis refusal doc* nol yet appear. Whether only tempera*y, nnlii a further supply can Le obtained, or final and Irrevocable, we know not. But It is the ground cf the *utl—rather one ol Ibe grounds. Mr. Sill also takes tho high 1 moisl position of tho illegality of the whole trans action. He appears as the champion and rcp:o* si-niativc of an outraged people whose reverence fur law has been Insulted, whose barriers against hand rod imposture have been broken down, i True, Mr. Mil and the people might have thought ofthis before and stopped tho transaction, frue, (hey not only winked at it. bo< put their bands in to their pockets and paid its hills. Bat this may have been done in a species of moral somuiobn* : lifiD. Arc we responsible for what we do In oar i Bleep! Sarcly not. We mast look at Uln • rea- e enable llcht. here la Mr. **>ll. Uo had live dol lars ;bo paid it lo Mr. Uroaby; ha had nuihlna la return bat disappointed hopu. That Is nut a sal bfectmy cqaivalcat; it U not a merchantable commodity; II it were, the stocW In market would be ro large ihat the valae would be taarfiitlr de preciated; lu> cot Are dollars; Mr. Crosby baa that, and be must refund Mr. Crosby was elded, abetted, encouraged, by a committer of teiponsi bio pen lemcr. Their character* are uf tho high est lor integrity end influence, but they aaiPtea te caualnatha bitter disappointment. And so Ur. Bill baa commenced action for dobl agtloat Ur. Ciotby and tbe committee for tbo recovery of fire dollars. He case being called, Ur. Sill appeared and aa>,cd a continuance, ar bla atlorncy, on whom be depended, was unexpectedly absent, and be denned it nm-a'e to allow m> importart a case to Co on without an the aids which the law coaid Cite Mr. Uitcbcoclc, attorney for the iMendantr, objected. Bottioocotinat the torn of fire dol lars waa sot prodisionaenoncb to warrantade lat - Jhe arbiter of Justice beard ibe claims pro and c*m, Detuned ihrm over in hl» discriminating mind; be welshed them secretly in bis Invisible a calc*. Mr. bill and tno iwo hundred thousand with their eternal pilnclpl:* of right and Justice boro down iho beam. Mr. Crosby and the weighty committee rose m the llphiur end of the balance. The case mast be fairly and fnlly tried; therefore be U continued Into Wednesday next. Of what is done on Wednesday next, the in terested public mev yet bear. Meantime let them £ reserve their certificates In the Crosby Opera otue Ait Union Association. aorKTaODUGEPTOUXTUKD. I The Louisville ifcaiocraf of the 3d Instant baa ; the following paragraph of rather serious import: “ Esquire Mallack hae jnsl decided a ease that will be ol Inleieet to the many thoosands In this city who bold tickets la the Orosb? Opera Hoase drawing. Mr. H. Sielnau, a broker on Fourth street brocchteult against Scott Davison A Co., agents for the sale or tickets In inis city. On the Bib of January be bonghtfonr tickets, for which be paid 820, ibe ticket* to be delivered to him be fore the news of Hr; drawing should reach the city. Tbe draw lug took place on the 21st of Jan uary, and on iho morning of that day be called upon the agents and demanded the tickets or his moit-T. They refused to return ibe money, alleging that they had sent it to Nr. Ciotbv, end bad not received the tickets. Daring the afternoon of the 22d the tickets were sent to him by Scott, Davison & Co., the agents, ano be related to take them, as the drawing had taken place the day before. Be Immediately brought suit to recover the money paid on the 14th of January for the tickets. Iho Justice de cided that tbe money should be paid back, aud gave judgment against the defendants for 820. Be gave several reasons for his decision, among others, that the *2O were paid in a gambling transaction, ana could be recovered under tbe statute of Kentucky against gaming, as the Coart of Appeals baa, by its decisions, placed all such silalra ofchaccc noon a rambling btul*. According to the rule here laid down, all persona who have thus invested money can sue and recover It In those Stales where laws exist sgrinst gaming, and all games of chance come within the statute. nrxTcu. c. j. Sweet.—The Wheaton Northtrn JUlnoitian has the following in ita iast Issue: I “We learn that General B. J. Sweet, former!/ Colonel In the arm/ of General Roaccraos, and well and favorably known as Commandant of the poet of Chicago and ihe rebels of Camp Douglas, daring the laic war, ht« Intel/ purchased a farm at Babcock’s Giovc. and Is no * - a resident of Do* page County. The veterans of Ibo old Ouo*Uua* dx-d-ond-Klftb Illinois Itcglmeut will romcuoor that Colonel Hwcct commanded the works at Gal* latln, Tenn., when the old Pirn Brigade garrl* soued that place. In I'M; The Colonel was an a> dnu adimier of the One*llunflrcd*an<l*FlUb, and General Dustin, then Its commanding ofhicr. lie used 10 swear by tho gallaut-y and fldolllv ot the boys ol tho Onc*lloiidred*aDrt*Flf , .b. With pectillar tlca*nrc wo welcome Gooeral Sweet as a ctiUen of onr county.’ 1 WW^I/W Guace QttntKwooD.—A correspondent ulu: “WUJ you bo good enough to Inform iho public —as.of coutae, you con, since yon aresuppoicd to know evujthlug—uho Grace Greenwood isT one a*** if ►bn is Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, fly tour answer you will set the matter at rest, amfsathfyan inquiring mind.” He Grace Greenwood of literary fame (aknown In snclal life as Sir*. Eipplncoll. Her maiden name was Sarah Jane Clark. Her husband ta the well-known publisher. FUOM IJUINUY* Tito 4'oniliiK fltote Fnlr—Fork Fucking —The IVcot her-Copperhead Folly— Appointment—lce—t|nl»icy Oollegei (Special Despatch to llio Chicago tribune.) (Joiner, HI.. February 7. Every preparation Is being made l.i Insure the success ot the Slate Pair to Lm held here next fall. Enercellc men hare tbu matter In charge, anil I venture Id predict tint perfect satisfaction will be gitch iu exhibitors ntiQ Ike Stale at large,. Hues Mill continue in tome into market In tun- Biddable ijuantlll*'*, and pat hi rs eunttnne busy. We «»e t-ow enjoyttie fprlnt* weather, and a fett Inpffc days like (his wfl) opHilhe Href. UiHtopperfaMd Sn|teiM*ofSia(«h*eeiit meel lt'L*i ntikted the, Uminiy As»es»ut lo la* eilimi-lil ontids: tin* eonsxitlire Is that Injihtt: Hobs bare IMUi-d against the colhfcuita (u(e«( the (jm slloiii ;l hnn I nnL ouiMile an insane mhiuh, fotin ili a l-intHf selnl unmieHitmtH ilwh liiesa s«liießniiHvfi]jis; ...... . . Gt-nikA Ai (Itinli litMhl and ItH Mr, M6u lias I(m h ai'jiHiiieti ivnslnn ABM* fw (ha huihHm n) Afisibs.iifiiHtht'aiiiiMiH, fiiiinni.lianein.’itj [tan: ni-f»njt, mint, Alsnu (, Mt-inninuidi. I'lltM. *mhv: Mi HitV nt/T U*Nfi>ii duliHsuH: k- Inimft ill- jft . . . ... Alioni tPni'iMta Minnsaml ions nMM Mvn |UuniHev I'OlNmi ihhlm jh« tfHpwrhilamlawf nf Hbv7 lit Aimlibm*, Is mow in s most )lunri«nixk fomUmnm, fi urn niw vonu. Drnili of MonimaMiler wvvwrioiU-Hallef li,r tint Groiana— fflainorlHl Atfwlual »M« Tariff Hill—Iloltbery—l*»»»lo In liar* i,nin’s ffluariim—Arrest of R*proas Iftobttora—Alicinpiio livado Ihe haw. New Youe, February 7.—Commander Bwar tout. United ritatos Navy, died at the Naval Has ptiat lu Drookljn, on Wednesday ovemmr. 'Jhu Traaauret ot the Greek ftellif Comrallloe anuouucea Ihe receipt ot marly |li,oJo fortho Cictans. Hie Dotid of Trade baa adopted o memorial ag-lLfttbe Tarid Hill, which it tbiuks would dl mlnirhthe revenue from import* In the bonded wurchmise. I Squires .t Co., Washington atrocL were robbed I on ruesday night worth of goods. I A panic occurred to Uarnnni'a Museum last I evening In conserineiiccof tho fall of a heavy piece I of wood behind the scenery. The audience tied I fiom Uie hall, but nobody was hurt ’the • anting ufllcc of Nicholas, Bowen & Co. I has bnn relieved from distraint by tbe Internal I n venue olheerr, the charge of tbe non-payment of taxes pr> vlng lalse. Martin Allen and John Grady, tbe escaped Adame Express tobben, have been arrested la this city, and will be sent to Connecticut, where they were convicted, to receive sentence. Inc steamer Atlantic bad been attached on a sell to recover $‘ l,Coodne oa lepaira. bbo sailed this morning with two officers aboard, but ran I agtomid oQ'sandy Hook. A revenue cutler will I c»corv her t-ack when she gels ott. I New Yoke, February 7.—Edward E. Anthony Las resigned bis position as Vico President ot the 1 mjk h'tnratice Company. The scrip-holders con tend that the company should go into immediate liquidation. Woikwaa commenced on the Broadway bridge Jceteiday, at corner of FuPon street. It will e completed In about four weeks. The J-egiMativccommUee charged with investi gating tte ferry system, held tireir first meeting at toe Brooklvn City Hall yesterday, when several prominent c,'lrens made known Ibelr complalnle aralnrltbe feiry compaiq^t. The New York Ttiliinr give* a half-way sup port to the new iladica] ectu-me of recoostrocllon. 'ihe TToiW calls it i4 a desperate and extreme ex pedient. 1 ' The 7 lmtM thinks aa a whole it will not meet the requirements of the country. The same rnper says Ibe Preeidint cannot be sua fended wbllc a trial for Impeachment la going on. he 7VIM/rie la in doubt about the mailer. Ihe Herald is tn favor of glvtuglhe ('resident a parole or a nominal bolding of the office. FROM CJLSCIXJiATL Con. Cane— Police Bill In the Legislature Defeated—A Crazy Ger man—Attempt to Kob a . County Treasurer’ll Safe Prevented. CiKCixRATi. Fel) re ary 7.—Another disgusting aim. eon. divorce caee Is progressing m oar courts. The pontes ore Ur and Mrs. Sicrubcrgcr a young Jewish couple, who were married here Id ]£<X with meat eclat and fashionable display. Mrs. Sternberger applies for a separation from her hus band on the ground ot bis repeated acts of adul tery with various parties. The Metropolitan Police Bill has been defeated In tbe Obio legislature. It vras to have given the police control of Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Davton to the State. John Hoafbauer, the crasy Teuton who Jumped from the suspension bridge. Is now confined in tbe County Jail, being cared lor on account ot hia wretched condition, predated by whiskey and ice-water. The safe of the Treasurer of Adams County, Ohio, was bio ? n open by thieves about 3 o'clock on Tuesday morning. Before the rascals could rearh tbe fjO.OOO it contained, several citlreos. aroused by ibe explosion, came upon them and gave chase. They escaped, however, leaving be hind them a very line set of burglarious imple ment!. FROM LAWRENCE, KANSAS. Fund! Subwrlbcd la Ala of the Leaven worth, Lawrence A Galveston Ball road—Yield of Use Recently Discovered Salt Water Spring. Liwnuxcr,Kanas,January7.—Douglas Coun ty yciietdaj voted in favor ot subset ibtngs3UO,UOO In rands to the capital stoct ot the Leavenworth, Lawrence A Ualveston Railroad. This insures the immediate commencement of the work at this point. The salt well recently noticed Is yielding one hundred bushels of salt naily, with only a small cistern pump. A company has been formed, and wotka will be erected at once. FROM THE PLAINS. niacoTcry of RIcU Sllwr ntnw>la* dlana Enllatod for Frontier Defence* Bt. Lons, February “.—The Dmocra'*s special cars; “1-atc advices t'om Montano mention the directory of silver lodes which will yield trom three to ten (honsand dollars |>cr too."' The Omaha cay*: “Caotam North has been authorised *o raise a battalion of Pawnee Indians lor service on the Plains, and that he has commenced the wotk with fine prospects of aae* CWi.” FKUB HOMIUKA9. Indian Depitdallous-Arriral of fttor« Troop*, New VottA. February 7,—Halite (llonddtu) advices Id (he HMh ullltno say (he Indians were •Hi) rotnmltltnr depredation, with Itniiddlly. al* Ihotieli (here were Ibtre or font bundled British ttiiohs in liielifltncks. Plf Peter urattl baiftf. Heed wilh reiniorcetitehls. ami bid cultstilUKi with (be Letflslsllve Assembly on The stile of a Ibtlis. FROM CANADA* I'unlisf field IMifovirlMi Kihusin*. Fsbrtisfy t.=Tbs Ailly AVwi Mil## (bit (fold bMUsen dtSMUerml |n (lie (omtslthi of MdijiWo, ft tiuis noMbeftst of this my, It Is oUiiftmMitinrtdlhMßOld has discovered In the township of Visions, and there |t every reft •on in believe Ihftl tfftld lo ha found In ilia re* plop Iretween Ojeas (wo points, whiclr are about nue hundred mile# •pari* Coi.UMlttTS, Oblo r February 7.—The building owned by W. A. Nell, next north of the Neil llonae. was partially dectroyed by Are this room* Up. Fully insured Ihe portion occupied by E. H. Welker, at a photograph pallery, was entirely destroyed with the eitlra contents, timall In* surance. Ibe third elory, Tnttle’a Hilliard Uoom, was considerably damaged by water. Fully insured. The lower door, Halo & Mod’s dry goods was much damaged by water, and tally tusnred The office of the Western Union Tele* graph Company waa damaged some by water. Oodkksdubo, N. Y., February 7.—A Are this morning to’ally consumed tbe Telman Boose, for* merly the Norton Bonre, ar.d adjoining premises In Marble How. The Ore broke out a second lime, and consumed three additional aacuo&a'of tbe row. Loae.fSSO.tXiO. Freedmen’a Affairs in Texas* Gaitzctos. Texas, February 7.—General Qriffln has pose still funhrr than bis late order. Tbe Bureau u virtually withdrawn from all control over tbe freedtueu’s interests, and only retains an advisory and reporting power with the supervi sion of schools. Of coarse. Its abdicated powers may be resumed at pleasure. Kentucky Congressional Nomination* Ltbaxov, Ky., February 7.—T7ie Democratle CcnrenUon bn nominated J. Proctor Enatt, of Waahlmrlou Ooonty, to represent the Fourth D la bia la Congress, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Fiudat tivxtnKa, February 8 Ho following statement, shows lbs condition of the National Debt, as It etood on the Ist but. aa compared with Iho condition of the same on January l»i: dot Bzinnro oonr nrmetrr. February lat. . January Ist. Ten-Forties 8118,091,850.011 |1C3,01i1.U0.00 Sizes *G7and *B3. 16,770,441 80 15,7A4«1.80 Sizes 1881 288,7*5,250.00 2-3,7^,850.00 Fire-lwenUet... 910,t59A00.00 531,123,100-00 Navy Fond Total 11,420,145,511.80 81.400,490,711.60 debtbxjuutio ctnmxnoT mzazar. Six per cents.... 812,322,000.00 810.022,000.00 Compand* 1143,f1Gt,M0,0J 144,000,6(0.00 Sovcn-ThLUoa.. 003,660.100.00 070,836,000.00 Total 1810,672,740.00 *832^79,410.00 Debt not preaent edfor paym't.. 15,791,154 81 16,518,989.81 KEBT BXABZKO BO UITUUT. T ._i nai tan mm ivt tm s«a nn Legal Tenders..., 8331,437.090.00 8391,497,812.00 Postal 98,74.3,753,74 28,702,812 82 Gold Certificates. 19,093,060.00 16.442,680 00 8430,1-3,803.72 8425,673.33133 ToUl Debt.... 3,685,771.559A3 2,675,062,505.41 Coin Currency. 8142,433,791.37 (181,767,832.79 Amount of debt hsi cash on hand 5£45.849,748A6 2^13,835,172.63 Increase during the month. ,24^673.92 The Money market presents no new feature, but the undercurrent Indicates a reviving of confi dence, and tbe airingency which was so marked a few days since, is gradually relaxing. The de mand lor discounts, both In tbe shape of renewals and fresh paper was qnlte active to-day, and in every quarter there was a disposition to help all applicants, who were entitled any tavora. Paper Is narrowly scrutinized and at the discount booses none but the very best names are acceptable. Tberea is no change in the rates of interest either at bank or In the open market. Government checked on the National* to a moderat extent to day, bat not enough to cause any Inconvenience. There was a bel-er supply of Exchange to-day, and Ibh market was scarcely so firm, though no transactions were made between banks for leas than 25 cents premium. Iho counter rates are steady at par buying, aud 1- 0 premium selling. Our Cable advices this morning announce that the Bank ol England yesterday induced it* rate of discount to 8 per cent. This would indicate ex treme case in the Loudon money market. A Washington telegram says: The Loan*Ceidflcatc bill will bo submitted to the Senate Finance Committee b/ the sua-om* miiteo to*dav. and there fa the beat antborit/ .or saying the bill will be reported unanimously. Thu bill has been engineered by a few Bank Presidents of New York, expressly for the benefit of tbe National Banka, and we hops that it will rot be entertained for uno moment by tho Senate. There is no truth in the statement that the passage of this bill will relieve ihe Treasury Department of all embarrassment In tbe retire* merit of the compound interest notoi. This will be eocn by leferccco to a paper prepared last sum* mer by dir. ilculioch, for the use of Congress. Tbe statement la very valuable Jn*t now. it la dated SBlh May, 1800. apd reporta tbe aggregate of these notes at $167,012,111. Tbe time when they fell due la stated aa follows: From January to j Juno, lEG7, |C,W»,UOO; from Jane to Ueastnber >B, 1 1807,547,5WMW)J from December, IHH.toJune 15. M*. |Ci,o«!,owo, and from Jane lo December, 1339, at t40,&PU41. bloco tbe dale of this paper over 20 miliums of Ihe Compounds bare been re* tired, which would actually leave ouly some CO I millions to be retired during the present year. I According to the Ocioher iialementa ol the Na* I ilunal Banks, these insUlutlous were indebted to I the Treasury Department in tbe stira of 33 mil* I lions, and there is not much likelihood tbit this I amount bse since been deci cased to any extent! I It Is reasonable lo assume from this fact, that the I 'treasury Department will not be inconvenienced I by n-tiili.g these nj millions of Compounds fall* | log duo Ibis year. I Jhu pullry of converting a iltno into a call loan is extremely questionable: at all events such a piactlce has never received (be sanction of sound 1 flnanclcia. ’Jheso Compounds weie purposely Dined In inch a manner that at ho time could tho whole amount Jail due at one lltoo, ahd (hat at L tbedate of meluiltt hti etubarhusment Would ha tell In tbelr lliiiildflllon. Tlnitheape-t wayehd Ihe bait Way to tethd ] (Iml'ntntibitlidslslo tedeew them at maturity l**al‘fendeis* mtlhmlited eijttessiy Inf this jiiitimsm ’the Udfaipmitnls aft* dump st-tticd as cnhhiyi and llisD tniiranldii Inin plain Ugai'i'ahdata aid tint add any tu tin* velum* tit tiiHHity itnw aDnaD an imitf a* He* hanks iff wilt'd (n kosji a ft-wn* hmd nr |im pant ot (htlF nlMfiihillnH mil It }i alMfifd to jtaflhp hunks Imimspf (ihif |»§r e»*m 1g liifl'iew lliMiifM MMdply with Ilia laws in wdli-li limy aid luDl'Mlnr Hdlf mUMum. ihuwi n*iik« mm nnhiy Ilia paa nf iWdMVirij Oflvmwil mmmy, from wliirti III* PhWlMwlvm hh hauam, ard »m winch ilia htM.ha rmllie a jirnflt (if diini par rant par annum. \\hv mm ihamlhO mlhluna addi tional. anrt pay Ihorcuu four per rani. Il may ha bound ilnanmal policy to pay intercil on a dahl upon which ihotawo la not obligatory, lmi"w« can't tee h." In ournplnfon t lliia country ia In nord ola financial administration that will devote all ita energioa to a reduction of Interest. The Kuw York Jndtjurdful rrmarka t The pieavnt maragamcm ofllie Pittsburg, Fort Wavne A Chicago llillinad ia Tar from being sat hfactory. U U raid ihry now went to norrow Sfi«UUO. with which (bey propose <o make cun* lecilon in Chicago with ibu Northwestern. We presume our coicmporary allude* to the proposition made some time ago, relative to the imlldlii# of a Union depot by the roads named, latterly we here beam nothing ot the scheme. flour was quiet hot unchanged. Wheat leas active and H&le lower on No. i spring. Coro was a trifle easier. Cals were dull at a decline or >&c. Itye fell oIF Ic. Barley was quiet. Mesa i'oik was dull. Bulk Mea*a were firm. Lard dull and easier, bressed llom a trifle lower. 'Cold was a trifle higher to-day. It opened at 137?*, declined to 137 ft, advanced to 133**, and closed at 189. The following quotations were re* eelved by Boyd Bros., cold brokers: IC;3Oa. m 127 ft I l:00p.m 138 ft 1*45 a. m 137 ft *ls p. m 107 ft 11:00 a. in ISIS 1 ftoop.m PHft 11:16a. m 137 ft ( 3:15 p. m 133 ft ii:ao a. m rrr* 1 toop.m ..isa I*ls p.m 187?; \ Here the market was quiet at l37®W7ft bay* in*—dosing at 137 ft. Ibaro was no demand. Silver was nominal at 127G130. Tlio Tobllc Fnnds were ft higher Flre-Twen ties and Slxea. Ten-Forties were steady, bevjn. Ttirtica openrd steady but tell off ?j»ttbo sec ond call. Tbc following shows the closing prices or to-day, complied with those of the three prcvl* ° nrd,lie: 4 < H * || | f Sixes of *Bl H>Sft WSft 10’ft 1034 Fivc-T»cntu*, *O2 ItSft 10*ft 103 ft Flvc*Te colies, 'M 10»ft 106 ft lOJft 106 ft Five-Twenties, ’CS 107 100 ft 107 ft 107 ft Ten-Forties lUlft U'Oft lOJft 100 ft Seven-Thirties, Ang 105 ft 105 ft 103 ft 105 ft bevcn-ihlrties,.7nne....losft 105 ft 107 ft 105 ft Seva,-TnhUes, July HOft 105 ft HGft 105* New Five-'l'wentlce 104* 10i?* 105 105 ft The Stcclt Market was firmer, and on the lead* log shares a slight advance was obtained. The following shows the quotations of to-day, com* pared with the two previous days: Wed. Thor. Frt. It’d. B’d. B'd. B’d. D’d. B’d. K.T. Ceo 101 V 103 102* 101 1«* IW* Ln-(com) saw ook »* u* u* w* M.S. (com) 72* 78V 73* 71V 73V 75V c. & rut* a* ss* sj* w* B4* ®* liock Island. OH 98* 93X *SBV 98* 98* C.4K.W 57* 57* 51V S 3 57* S7.V C.AN. W.. pfd... 67 68* 6S* &J* «X 68* P.Ft. W.A C..... 97* 88V 93* 98* Quicksilver 89 39 89* 87* S 3 ’ 39k w. Union T« 1 41* 44* 41* 44* 44* 44* C.4A.ICrm) 114 VIU Hi* lUV IW* 1U Bur. d: Quincy....l3o 130 130 ... ISO ... M. central ICS 108 108* 1W 108* 103* Uodson Hirer... IS 157 V 177 129 130 ISO 111. Centra] Ill* lit* 111* Itl* 111* 111* P.&Beafl IM* 101* MW* I®V IC4 10434 dere.ftToleao...ll9V 119* 15U* 13) 130 119* T. 4 Wabash 11* <3 13 43* 41* 41* Cere the demand for Governments was quite active and the market was firm, bat as there is a very limited amount offering, the volume of bust* ness is conseunently restricted. We quote: GOTZBjnrdT sxcurunxs—cmcAQo msrkkt. Buying. Selling. 0. S. Sixes, of ISSI 108 ft WSft T 7. S. 5-SOs, 1802 105*4 108 ft 0. 8.5-40 s, 1564 10BS W!i U. S. fi-Me, ISbS Wi 107*4 0. S. 6-SOs, small 104*40107*4 .... 0.8,10-109, large 100*4 100 ft O.b.HWOs, small W2ft 0. b. 7-SOs, Ist scries 105 105 ft 0. 8.7-30 e, Sd series 101* l»ft 0.8.7-309, 8d series ...IMft 105*4 0. 8. 7-tt's, small 104 ft Compound. June, ISBI . . •..116*4 »* July, U 64 116 “ Aug, 1561 115 H “ Oct., lUft »• * Dec., ISO! 113>4 •» Way, 1965 1H •* Aug.. 1560 110*4 “ Sepu, 15CS .110 • “ Ocu, 19G3 109 H The Second National Bank Rives the following quotations for the futile Panda: Coup., *81..1064® .. *o»(ftn«U)lMS® •••• Mu coop.. June C0mp.,15*4..1164 (large)....loßH© .... Jaly '* --JJ® , 5-irt) conp., Aug. “ u ..1154 (►mail) © .... Oct. “ “ ..lU4 10-40 coop., Dec. “ “ ..1154 (1arge)....1004® .... May “ 1963..115 KMO coup., Aag. •• “ ..1104 (small) O .*•• Sept. “ “ T-9V,]argp..l(4S® •• • Oc>. “ “ ..IW4 Local Slocks are doll, at the following quota tions: Buying. Selling. Chicago riiyr a...*.* W Cook County Vs * W 9*4 Chamber of Commerce. 94 954 —■The New York Ifrtvld observe*! The loan Certificate Mill Is pimply * job organ* iKPd for the benefll of ibv National Dank*. by sir* li>e thrtn lour pprcinl Inletest on their reserve, IhPtrsd nt compelling them lo keep the lalter In grcelibackp. For this lour pef ceul Ine Govern* niehl would tecelte no equivalent wlial’ver, •ml tnoveovet b wonlfl embarrass Heelt hr hiving lo teilettn the eeftlflcafes nti pre«ehlatloti. The tmipH totifpe tut fobglee® to puratte wtlh regstd lo lie otHtiahillhg tomjunihfl Ihleiesl holes I? to pMivble tot (belt coiivetsiott altniltitliy luio plain legal leh(lers« =llisNr»YtMktfi'Mj-0 fWfMVf! . HisdiitUhlt lo fyfiwly «l»«n *MI ffjliwal grounds Up P»lfe of pmd advanced «mi >ti# hiMihftnelil of II*? adoption of tmitpall a resoni* linn, It {»lrua lUi lh«»i*» 1* a vsrr general tins* roni'ipnon lhai ll»e value of ilia fuireu- j !■ rt«* r.enduM nptmua value I amt iliosa who belter® In Itit*4«|n«iu»liav»' apt tuniiy f‘i*d during ■ ul yvsmrdiy, over, (ha price of gold U recnUiftl by the credit oi the (loveinineq-. in ila relation tnjfreeubscks, and hy lb® supply and demand ol gold. Contra* lion, ao tar m U baa been pnt In lore®, baa mnpUd the trade of the country •nd seriously endansertd the nubile revenues; lu ibis way U baa a directly injurious bearing upon the public ci edit, and consequently lavon an advance lu the pteminm on go d : alihoneh the eft ct might not at first be apparent. No coaira* lion means the absence ol arbitrary Interference with the currency, and the exemption of bnslneea from monetary embairsaaraent; which train Impllea an ample national exchequer, rna of ibe beat enpports of the Government credit. Pot tbla reason tne stoppage of contraction is to be retarded aa tavoiicc n decline la cold, and whatever may bo the pla cet effect of erroneous vlewa upon this question, that must be Ita nltlmate result. Th e gathering of underwriters la New Toric, last Jnly, was bo productive of practical results that another Convention baa been called for the SOth lnmnt,lbe invitation to which is sent to I about eight hundred companies. The following are the words of the call t M Kj k Txoaai.Boaiu> or Etna Dtfnmwnirxna, I Naw \objc, January 31,1567. f “To the Fire Ut dcrwriier® of ‘he United Suites; “In accordance wtlh the provisions of Ita Con etitnUon, the National Board ot Ftra Underwit- U r> will \iold Us Orel annual meeting lo the rooms of the New York Board of Fire Insurance Com -1 wsnlea. No, 166 Broadway, in this clty.on Wednes* . day, February iCth, aliu « cl«* in Uje mornlnc. I **X genital, free end cotolal InvltaUoa U extend* Fires, KONETAEY. cash on naan. SS7,SD.C(ia.b9 $97,511,567.73 ist ad nt ad Ikt 3d ed lo all Dio rompanlaa and local Board* Ibronffh* out llie Untied tttatc*. lo be represented oy dote, gain In Ibe Oonvrnllon. lie deliberation* prom wctobu important and Instructive, and their practical result* will donbllesa bo Inflnontlall 1» Rlsmlng the stability of ibe aystem so lr inaugurated by the National board. deliberation* and resolution* of w* 000 JStiSr held bore In July last, Nabonaj Board derived Ila existence, and. dnrrn. tne seven month* lhal haw »tec« wapijd. Ibe fruit* of tbia organisation bare neon wide-snread atd abundant. The KiecaUro Cota mittei-ieel confident lhal the miniue will be equally irolUnl of conn In grafting pcimanemly upon the «?iS “tSerer' may bo ntedSd to perfect It. and Urns place the business of underwriting la America upon a fit and firm foundation, .. acknowledging tbo nlcation, please advise as w too probability oi jo nr being roprcaiutrd in the Convention. 1 •>! mu, fo.y retpfcttnllj. jonr“iicdienl “Fiujnt W. Bar t-ABO. Secretary. —Tfce Ullwaukie .SfnrtnrJ of to-day renar-m . Ibe money market remain* iwdungei ag cnnency is In moderate aoppiy, tbonsb ihe baniw are #1)11 limiting tbrir business to of tbclr best customer*, and very llttte paper is accepted Loans on cad are quickat 10 percent. Ilio produce market* are ndrly active, and In the street market* a good bMlncs*Boston 3&»rfttrr observes: market shows nomsterial from borrowers being snfflclenUy to absoro the smplas funds of the banka at tbesame «tc* which baio recently ruled. Commercial paper couitnnes In good supply, and tbolnqob-y b m irately acUve, prime paper not hating mor- two three or four months to run passing at 705 per cent. Longer date* and "tldS wanted, and are negotiated wilh rates, tall loan* rule at 6 per cent on the best Co lb?SnVlah Board of Trade " tarn * n Jif 7 n c been Iwaed. The export* for the . vember have been nearly half a man than the corresponding month of laat year, ine amonnls are as loUows * ' Total declared value of produce, ex po.tcd November, 1563 Do, November, lbo6 Ufi^lSO Decrease £ 4S7,SW The resell oK&eVdeven months of ,Js e ,?sf r ™* mg ulth November, as compared with last j“<i shows a more hopeful r« salt: Total declared value of produce, ex* ported For eleven months, 1565... . £ 150,53-.31t Do, co, Increase. ‘lock market. rebnitry B. 1367. reeelTed by ofcert New York :*l Clocleg prices Ibr cash. Ft Jcaepb M. Lyons * Co., Bro lit 80. Id Hd K.T Central..ioJK ioa« Erie (c0m.).... 9»H M.S. (c0m.)... 7514 •>* C. ft Pitts 84K BJ*« Keck Intend.... WH 98* C.Ah.W 3*X 51J4 liopiclerrej... ©x &u F..Tt.W,4tC. KU Uolcuiiver S 3 89* W.U.TeI 41* C.&A.(com).ll3* 113 P.f. ODitiry...l-’4l .... Wirrt. Central..VW* 10B}< ilcCsoo Klvcr.l3o 133 IH. central .lit* lUK I’. A Itearlog..tol IP«J< r. & Toledo. ...KO US's T. & Wabash... 41)4 41X Mark(t~lst Board, stead: Utß4. 3dßd U.B. 6 F «ol Uoadf, 1681. ..103.H 108# U.B.C»ctV3O C:np,’Q....lC3H 108# U.S.ffpctMO , __ . Coup-’C4....10C# IK# U.ti.&VctS-U Coop* ’63....107# itn# D. 8. fi V can 104 W .100# 100# Tie».mo,Ut Mrie«...lCS# 1»# "ifei.’SJiW .»* Am. Gold in# IB* 3d Board, strong. COMMEECIAL. Fuidat Evkwdio, February 8,1897. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past twenty-four hours. _____ nscEiFta fast Twnmr-roun noons. Flour, bits 7.3JW WbeaU bu 9.771 18,113 coro,im iwt« »).«« Oats. lm a,ato 17,aw me, bu 1.3 W I.VW Bailer. bu 1.5 W Grass Seed,lbs 110,460 BJ.OH lboom Corn, lbs PMJJg IjkS.tti Cured Meat, lbs 183,800 109,011 pork, brl* i.wu am Lard. !b» Hl,t/TU 53.7 M *la'low, 8,280 3.010 Uutler.Jbs 7.W9 10.W3 U. UoffS. No 3.011 a.OTT rivc& N 0...... t.»M s® Cnitb l . No !,tf.W 1,817 Hide, t 0,511 ts,sui 11. WIBM, till. '« Wnol, IMI Lumber, • ... . » .**. Bhingles. 1,1*3 M eutrxuts rirr Ttvigrr-roun nouns. out 4 444*41 4B ■ M 41" 441 4 4 * M )m. lm. Flnlir. 4... a,MI 3.41 T Wheat, tm 8,313 a,iyii t'otti. lm .0.10 Oal4, tin... ... i. 8,130 11,371 llje, lm, ....... .... i WlltJ. illl .. . .. 444.44 4444 .JW .317 Meant fi' i-ii.lft» .19,0(3 iI.TO L'tleed otula, ha,.................041,89 ro,IW leer. bi1e........4.114414 mu . in) ’Uth( Uilsm in in iiuiiiii.m. Stllh . liwi xW frt- iiiiiiiiiiit muj.iiiiM ( o39 towu Omttii Jhflmiiiiiiiu iiiim. in im Mpl hllltfhtMimimi.m.mmmi 6*7W'J iilW »r«iUllll<i,JlOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii . 739 ■ W 1 litfll Oil N(J im imiiimmiiiii 1i919 -JW jjflMi U<Sj limit in in it. mum HiUjW rilllli Wimmi :i:m 11 n 11111: MM MM iJMIIW, HI. , mmii imm glj ?l» M, IH miiiimcumiiiii Ml W / kHI imiiiiimm mi i UwuMmuliMmmiUnrWMs ftirlu ••»*! I«hi? unnmii wwt leaiftdtii in Jiu) Inis al III) iw fuF a Plmlro In aril, hlamlmrt was fn»*t|]r f6“fM Ai wKtniiiU'lfacitiiffliiiycr*. Tow was no movrincnUn IVlme Mi-aa or Kiirn Prime. Mm Riiuf W«* rtnll, Wll)» «»la« or 60 lull At 1)6.00, KualUl) Meats were firm, will) isles or IM in* «i o&tC mr Birdlorda and 0c for Oitroberlands, Thorn was a (rood Inquiry lor Hulk Meats) there U a scarcity of fully cured, which of necessity limits transactions. A lot of *21),000 lbs Cumberland* aold At B«ic loose—sellers At the cloio asking Bj£c, Green Meats were qulft, with ialca of 80,000 B>a llama from slaughtered hogs at 10c. Lard was dull ana easier, with aalet of 500 lea at lie for Krill d amt llftc for with no bay* cr* overlive lor tbo latter. Gicase waa quiet but firm, whb sales of Yellow at B*fc. lUcihcd Hogs were active aud the market was n shade cooler, with roles at ?7.0*107.tK} clo-lngat $7.35 and 97.73 for good lota dividing on Uiu IBs. Wbltkcy was dull, with sales of 40 brls duly paid tta lots) at IS 20. Dondtsd la held atffd^33e. Flour was qnfrt but steady, with sales of 1,430 orlr at fICSCGIS.OO for White Winters; £M)OQ lUTS far Spring Extras, and SS.3-5 for Spring > bnpvrs. Curn ileal sold at |2S 00 per ton. Wheat waa quiet and ;s®lc lower on regular No. S Spring. Other grades were unchanged About 04,000 bn chanced hands at 13Aj for No. 1 tnA.D.ACo.; |2.14@2,1G tor do regular; S9OO for No. 3inA. D. & Co.: $1.6701.59 for do regu* lar. and f 1.6T©1.70 for UejecleJ—cloaing steady al fI.bTH for No. S to regular bouses. Ibe demand for Com was less active and the market was a bade ataeicr, with sales of CG.OOO bn et'i’OTT'Uc for No, 1; BSKcfor No. 3 andU& !i»ic for RejeeU'd—closing at TtUiQTOitc for No. 1. Gats were dull and fully He lower, with sales at dO<Q-}G<4cfor No. S—closlog quiet at tbo inside figure. Rye was less active and the maxkctwas 1c lover, with sales of No. 1 in store at 93&93)4c for frvah and 00c ior winter receipts. Barley was quiet and unchanged, with transae* lions at 4Cc for Rejected and C3c&sl.oo for sample lots. Seeds were in good demand and'firm, with sales, at $7.73(36 25 for Clover and lor Tim othy. Flax Seed waa dull, with sales of a retail character at $2 JO. Tallow was quiet, with sales of 70 brls at 0-|£c for City Butchers', and for Country. There la no Rackets' on the market. Ihe following despatches were read 10-day on 'Change Nett York, February a. Floor inactive and heavy at f 10.1U@11.CU. Wheat qniei at t5.15Q3.32. Com Ann hot nale; at f 1.13 in store. Data heavy at 61@63c. Fork Arm at SdM 0@31.b0. Lard heavy aua doll. Hon firmer* Gold 137 ULTXB, Floor heavy. Wheat qniet. Corn strati? at f1.135fc1.134. Gala heavy. Porka shade lower. Lard heavy and drill: steam, at TJJjC; kettle,, at iSUc. Hogs dull at f D.S3. L.UER. In the aflcrnoon, there was a strong ‘'ball" movement in Corn, and the market sold op to 82>ic for No. I—closing strong at SSc. Wheat was qnlctatll SSfor No. 2 Spring. Provisions were quiet, with sales of 100 lbs Sbott Rib at 9j£c. BeefCatlle were faiily active, and thongh the supply was liberal prices were tolerably well sos* taioed. The Inquiry was chiefly on shipping ac count, and tbe best droves were closed ont at about the ruling rates of yesterday. Sales em brace 1,572 bead, 0tf4.00®7.00 for Inferior to very choice grades. The market doses firm. Red red, 716 bead. Live Gogs were in rood demand both for ship ment and on local account, and all the offerings, embracing 4,000 head, were lakes np at full prices. Sales were made at f6.05<Jfc6.43 for inferior to fair lots, and $8.6ft®6,65 for good to choice Hogs. The market closes strong. The Pauaee or Kutmin , i Bill. The tollowioc despatch, signed on ’Chinee this morning br Albert E. >'eelj, Culver & Co.. Car* roll, Beadle & Co., and some two hundred and flit? other prominent members of the Board of

Trade, was telegraphed to Spnngfle.d this alter* noon: Chicago, February 9,1557. 800. Grceubnry L. Fort. Sprtn-field, 111.: For your vigorous and successtul advocacy of the most important feature ol the Warehouse BUI, (that of opening np the business to public com* petition.) you hate the hearty thank* of a vast majority nt the members of the Board of Trade of Chicago, and of every farmer m ilUnola and the Northwest. New York Dry Roods market* |Frun Uie Independent.) Trade is opening. The competin'n 1* great among sellers, to the advantage of all ta«h buyers. A. T. Btrwsrt re Is at a dl«count of one per cent, fur cash tn thirty data, and of two per pent, for carhdiwn. Other t«.l*rs are calling sixty days eaM. The action of Mr. Ptcwa't It very politic, and will prevent ezreaive Cnrthare* on time, the advantage fbr cash payments ting ro great as to secure all the good trade, leaving the refute to others. Credit fs unsale at pr-sent. Brown rhlrtinn ana •beetlnc* are Terr awr'lled la prlrr, lb** demand bell r mail while eforfc* here In* rrrs*ed. Bleached Dilit'tm and ilmetlnr* are only •elite for the belter quallllre, Medium and tow anal* Him ate heary tn pnc“. Bills a e tfl limit*,! re que»t only. Stripes are weaklt. Print* are not yet •elite, and prlees art lower. o-iotallmi* are nominal, literal* a nrinl amt ample •••ortm-nl awaltlnc a re tltal of trade. at price* fattilot ra*li liutera. Ulne hnta are motUff a little. Irclataea are mare entire and prints Meadr. “print #t»|m of shawl* are .In re* i|»e«>. I’aihn r)r*the are tn<«re brut. Uros'jeoth* altrant Imylng from tn*HoUilnq Iradeonly. There It more dole* >tj r*e*linet«s< Pot prlc-s are weaßiaol tin desirable style* lower. are dull. riantt'd* Mil Iti mall parrel*. Hl*M»e|* *etl tno-waldr, but at Bheolaf pfb •*, In IhipnMfl «»K 9 tb"fe I* mote In ti'ilrt Inaft il»ihiUli tin ‘lief* are bntlnf drti*an>l piaiti iii.rii*. is»h* amt desirable sine* .rf ere** *•**!». Ti.«»n af* a lew aioliod ■*'"• of ••amiable trbHifeallrefiilfpride*. ;>b»rei*ftd bttoyatny. New Verb Heiier tlereet. |f(..i.i |l>a haw V-Mi IfH<*|M,l || |> ii|ffai,}| m imi.tey a If♦<» Mt* MUcf mar. i kellliU week, ! ■» lw<i rb»l,«»•••*• M'»'»'M> rt«nfd lum liS'lKSI* •*>•! M|l|Df,aMl llmt* W ini afa lining anything )«•>•<■■ all.** Miyu.e bi Hj*k« I wnuat If |ii«> r*uh>H fat eli*t ••»*» *»nl, limy i fake a* near U# price M purcnaier* can iw wnrk*l | uji io. litiua iiic/o are *i<*r*aly any Jupl pf|i-iu, 1 T»a |cn>lt«nry, however, U rtiiwnaard, wllfi fa- ( retpU of packages fur Uio week. Another wry eirtlruil llA*g (• io #lr« farmer* » uiw Ida* ol (hr gffal tllnarence In the qua Hf. We mlsht pick out a until, crack. gilt-edged dairy, which would »vct now aril at |ftr, aim a person tending what ha would rail a food long dairy, and gelling Out Wa fhr u, rouU not DBder>itnd why uirre wm »o macn diHrrtnre In price. Thera I* a*<H a pretty goo 4 da inatid hir choice hotter, but common dan I «H. boiue are uttering J'VUc Air poor lot* of Western batter, and aomenflt will probably be tent abroad, which may hrln the market a Uttw. There it n> dlteubtoe the fact that maker* hate erred In using the cheap 8a Ina | salt. It udUUafoUhedlalho bnttrr. M To tboeewbo Inquire what “gtll-Mfw pseksgra ■ are,and «by there it aorha wi TQaouiiont. w c wid tay that the term gi: t-ed sed*p PU “ tf> * b« b ut - ter. and not to the Brkin or tab which ennuma it. bill t« u well iaown tint pine, cedar, and er« ato. are either porous w- od*. and admit *dr, oilora, &c., through the ttavet, or them»e.vM lm?art a woody taate to the battar. Oak pact*?'* %T* *be *'*7 bevt .in thu account* and butler Intended fjf keeping tviald alwav* b- packed In oak tlfklna, or na.f-arklot. &nE re&& m tt e hillyl»sJM * •ylvanla. Sum-x County. New Jersey, and Orance County, New York, are natural cratt ud dairy are- Ctona. w here the very bret bower can be on .e. The " tuwl wwttre cr tw* st»*|re uout: and dealer* getting bußer—rosy, waxy, B«eet!eTtn btlcht yellow color,wlthuo tra'-eofoat- i«»t right with the beet ot salt, are ae- ip-ik orfl M -«Ul cdted,*Mtte a hook la th# hicheat itvla of budlng- A dairy of inch butter, S&SlSito ffl iinuwS««•»*» «* £ City for Me per A. or the price of uraace Couity pall*, vbl< h H Nwliiid m evwrr retpwct. the butur which aeiu at rtetoXcP« » umufi?coou ftomlocalloeallttt*, where the grata and water are. not. the beat, I hultnora th*n all, there ts dot anffldent paint taken, flrat with the cream, next wtth oonmlar, 1 • butahoT* an. with not luma* «m al\ tbebntlernillk, thetx>«l taltlt n'l rued, O'or wood l« lilin tor Uie tacka^ea—bare eras aoeo nail kef«oaei —on* layrr nay bo wait* the aext yellow, then ■treaknd. and finally a poor cknrnloe, and the br.tteniilik and wood of lha packara Impart their rdora to Uta whole, aed It ha» t* bo aold fcr lha lowmi atyleolronklot butler, util’ tbera are larro quanll (lea of batter tola in thla market—far all It la worth— •tlOo* ft lott than it woold bnnx if tollable paint were taken wltblt. Care ts the preparation of batter *lll pay a better per oeataga than 7-30* or ollatockt. Wa qnates • bia«r. Crkltp, prime, V ft- , state, batf-bnma.cbolc**, ft ft ■ btat-, medium to rooa, v ft* ItlmeßUtnioba, We'iKft ft . Fair bUte tub*. Weiah. V ft « e*temße*rrTe, V ft Mlcblcan, 61U1 *, pnm-, ft » ■ Middle and Southern Obio. ft ft Itoila, is wrapper*, fine, Ohio, ft ft... KolU, medium Western, V ft White and mixed, flora packed, V ft Chicago, W Itcoctta. ft ft honhtjT Pcnori Irani*, ft ft. “Glade*,” P*., ft » Son them Pencijlranls, ft ft. New York Produce Trade. The djorts troa ttU of tome of the landing trUclea of domestic produce litre b«a u toyowi: Pais Since Same time week. Jti. i. ISM. . «£» 57,773 &UM 1 Sow »!«S . 2.896 IJJIi 7.193 , £«j M.JM IV, in E7L2S3 009^591 . iiio wn ».U7 . 42X07 <9.347 .... . 51,440 mm 917 4.707 4^24 1.767 8,103 8.403 5.0)9 36,891 17,491 8353 XUSSi t 3« *7*s liAO 233 CS 2,6» Cotton. bale* Floor, bn* Cora Heal,brU.... Wheat, ba Cera, do liye, bn (>ata,bn Barley, bn aadbrla.. i'ort. brl« Bacon, Aa, 100 Ba, Lard, 100 Bt Cb«ae,lCO Ba Baiter. IDO Ba The deliveries at this market of aoxe ot the leading articles of domestic prodace bare beea a« knows: past Sloes Bame time Week. Jan. 1. ISS3. .. *1,343 91.M0 110,511) .. JLiSO 123410 1»45J &1M 19,160 SWB .. 49,135 . 50.070 41,7)5 . .. 860 l,m 14« .. 13.135 6*4*o 53.35 J .. 11.600 115493 25M35 .. 1495 6.013 8430 .. 1,000 89,615 33.170 .. * 15,09 6,190 .. 7.W0 35,133 15,5)0 4,693 41,153 9.653 9.349 57,U0 43,(90 Cotton, tale*. . Floor, bria... Corn Meal. brli. Wheat. bu~.... Coro, bn Bye. bn Barley. etc^ba... Oats, bn.... Beef, to and brU. Pork, brlii Bacon, etc* pigs. Lard, pitas Chctao bxs. Duller, grlrina- Bsflolo drain Statement. Brrraho, February 4. The tbQowlug statement of grain, afloat and in store In this city, has been compiled by Wm. Thnrslon Eeo-, Secretary ot the Board of Trade, aad la published in the Charter .• Wheat 719.000 bn, com 77(,030 bo, rye £9.0)0 bo, peas 9.000 bo, barley 97,W0 bo. £ 33,080,378 Vessel Sales.— Wears indebted to Captain B F. Davidson for Uic following list of vessels which have changed hands daring the past three weeks: Schr Surprise, to Chicago parties, by J. £. Slroif, of Buffalo, for £IO,OOO. Schr rnnngton, to Chicago parties, by F. Can* field, of this city, for £IO,OOO, cash. Pcbr Denmark, to J. K. Singer,by J. E. Conk* might, for £4,000. SchrWeliioglon, to Chicago parties, for £II,OOO. Schr Reciprocity, to Chicago parties, for f 14,000. Schr Beloit, <o Petcraun & Co., by J. C, Max* well, for 18,000. Dilg Montezuma, to Seifert Gunderson, by 3. -P. Elcheel. for *8,300. edit Lookout, to A. Itohinson, by Buffalo par* ties, for £11,500, 8< hr Fleeter to Charles Porter, by lienry Glaser, for £4,800. Brig Lowell to Captain James, by Caplalo Bob* crls, for £0,300. Brig Mechanic to James and Brown, by J. May* pole, 'or flP,otw. One*ha)f Interest icbr Portland to L. A. Bolt, by A. F. Bather, for £18,007. One-quarter Intereet schr M. P. Merrick to Fow ler tod Esiellrtt. by t. A. Holt, for 10,'lSO. One-quatieriDtercst schr Mediator to L. A. Uolt, by Wl'llata Carey, on terms not made pnbllc. Barks Fame and U. C. Winslow to Detroit par* les, by K. W. Hudson, for £13,001. Schr L J. latbrm to Ulplnik! Bros., by M. U. Wbcelcr, for £IO,COO. Bark Summer cloud to J. Mooro, by U. M. String, for f88,«w». Bcbr B. H. J. Bomlsto JohnlSlewori, by John C. Estes, lor £II,OOO. Scbr Light Guard to E. Trowbridge ami Orrlllo Wilcox, by James Mj Jone. 4, fut £9,<XU. THE I’lllCAm) liIVK HTdfK 91A HURT. Office or tit* iu».r Taint’**.» Fniwat Kvmttan, Femtmy 9. I The fbllowilg table shorn the dally rerelpti ami shipments ef Lire Slock dufltu tha week up to this erenin* aa reported by the Secretary bl the Union fltbtk Yard ComtmHy t Sunday and Tueaiiay.i.i.iiiiii.imaii.m .TOl 8,111. .11l WHiftewiiriiijiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiLuj mo! U'fi I dLMdaf iiiiuiiijiiiiiieiiiu ia« B.iai i, m FHdayi.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuii.i ii| ixif ho Tola! iiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiTiit IfJIM i#)? the fecelldt 10-tlay k ri e by llie ftMHm i H* liiUud. Hu.Ual UaHi«. |M:f(Umß»Atfb)i l/ok’lnti .Pi ..lO im '/fe-'t.;:; 'B ''li !!!! j ?|H'M* RblilMHiitttim mi SI iin y Mlt’ltlilH LduilAliiitiiittiijui nti W TtdAl iii.miir,iiiiiii:riiii 1 hM»h»|HoPiri4 i*y-rtwytwn*li«f m«* wt><di up Ii Util tVPMlItf' WBf#i| htil.ilay and MOR(Uy,,rMiM..mMl*' tei'iK.iv:w ■a.ji 'lhuroUf AhdVrhWtt.. .m.MH l,ati tai 7'otale, ,i, t r •<, tie, ee tMMint iV,tT6 V.Ut ' IJO Balia 10-day, aa vutcM at tha oiifufcnt ticalo-bou»Bi, were at follow* j At IlUnnla Central Srale. 81lE jfe At jiurlliiaion bea10..., OTJ JAX) Ti At Alton bealo as» AtbotUiwratern bea10..,.,... kiO 1,0)3 .... loUl ..1671 B.MI 17J HHftF O ATTf.K-To nl«hl cloare another active mar* kit day. The weather waa mild and flrvorable for ofcratlcna, atrt buyeri werq out tn round numbers. Vberewaaallbeiaiaupplrot atoekln tna pens, and tndeopcurdaUarpandcoatlnued lively tothe close. Tbecfaarscter oi the demand waa substantially the same u that noted to our Hovioue reports, aa war also tha quality of the offerings. There was. a fair supply of coo.l sblppics stock embrace] to the receipts or yesterday and to-dsy. though the proportion of common and inferior descriptions waa largely in the asirndant. Transactions embrace L 373 head, the bulked which were taken os shipping account at price* fanning from tl.WCsS.tOforUferlor mixed lota, including half UU tesco Cows, thin, rough Stcera and light Uelfera to gcod hit bnUhera* Cows and good stock Bleer9,|SJo» 6J3 tor fair to ceod, smooth, shipping Steers, and {S Id @7.00 for prime to very choice Bull *cks. Under a good htaltby shipping demand, thebert droves were readily taken epat about yesterday's r*t«, but on medium and ccntnon lots prices were generally shaded. The market closes strong at the quotations given iwlow; cuhexnt mints. Ertrn Ine, hit, veil funned. 4 to 6 years old Siren, ana averaging 209 fti and upwards $6.7537X3 Pr>me Uo:d, well Catted, finely* fermeo Steers, mvenslng from MM to t.ttfl ftt, at 6.233150 fbir (lrai!s*—i *ir St-ers, in fair fleab, av* craving I.UftiI.JJJ fts. at. 6X5(35.73 Slniivm C/'irs—Midium S'eer* aud good Cows, fit for city slaughter and averaging KOOriLOU fts, at 4.7533.00 Stock Cvult —Common Cattle tn decent Utah, averaging 90ft%1.009 fts, at 4.0031.75 Jnj'erit>r~ Ujiht and thin Cows and steers, rough and coarse, arerarlnz T 203533 ft*. CATTLB BALES TO DAY. Flftr-twohcsdlklr. fleshy Steers, averaging 1»130 as, stKiJlO. Twelve bend. mixed let*. Cots end Sucre, averaging i,rn>a*.atssS. Thirteen head Inferior Cots, averaging 919 Bs, fed and water'd. si |4.W „ blx head light steers, averadnePn ar, at fl-JI.V- Tolrty-sti head Steers la lair flesh, averaging 1,180 as. at |S.O. Thiny ilx head roogtlsh packing' Steen, averaging Sixteen head medium rough Steers, averaging 1,160 as, stive. Seventeen bead rood smooth shipping Steen, aver* |MO. Thirty-one bead good straight shipping Steen, sw aying I, TOO aa, at |S.4O. Fcrty-nine head good second-class shipping Steers, avi raßltgWl6»s,att6.ts. . , Tbiriy-fanr head lair fleshy Steen, avenging L2W fta. at $5.70. Thirty-two head prime shipping Stoers, averaging I.SCO Be, at J6JO. , my cead good shipping Steen, averaging 1,335 a». atfS.6o. w „ Seventeen head common rough Steen, avenging Twraty wigh’t' brtid fair stock Steen, avenging I.SM head Calx roogblsb Steas, averaging 1,723 ,toct * averaging 1,062 SS, fed and watered, at {V3O. HOGS—The maxtet opened strong, with a moderate supply in the pens. There was a good attendance ot both shippers and packers, ana ander a good healthy demand, prices were rally sustained throughout. The yards were well cleared at pt tees ranging from 1U8(26.4S for l&fsrlor to fair loU, and for good to choice Goes. The market closes Arm at the quotations given above. We note the following transactions: 800 BALM TO DAT. No. 49 choice bC*T7 H0c*...... 44 good £at Jot 51 good even Hogs M BOM lot. 67 interior light Hogs 67 common lot. 131 same quality ra medium bacon Hogs 43 jatr bacon grades U same quality 61 ume quality *••••59 5*5 58 ftir coarse lot .SB s*f? 54 good ctco Hob* 367 6JO 56 same quality -270 «J 0 M time quality 61 lame quality 375 6.69 SO (air bacon Hop *n 640 SO IkirlM, JW 6JB 58 tame quality 317 5-» SO fair ercn lot. ** ®**s 77 lair bacon H"B» 1* 6.3 J 58 *o<xl bacon U;ira ♦** f*fi 59 medium lot *793 fJO 115 p<x)d eren lot 2* 5^ 70 common coarae lot 770 6J5 6BEKP—Tbe market waaqaJet to-day. Tbe npply tu liberal, and. under a moderate demand, price* vere caller. Tbe few falea effected were hanlly »af ndent to ertatllah rellabla quotation*. hence we re port tbe market nominal at about yesterday'* rates. CHICAGO DAILY IRAliKliT* Alt eatet of (train reported In lA4s market report ir* made r>n the fouls qf telnler (Ic) slonipe, unlesi thtricite egpTts*eU. Fkisat BrETtiro, February P. 19*1. Ftti;innT*-lUn.coADFß«taim-Th«lolioirtßß la the tanD of Ui« Eastern lined* t „ .. M 4th Dr* o Rales from Chicago to— class. clas*. Ft oar. Uog.*. DuflaJ.sN. T ........... PIS g ” Toiontn.C. W,. .. ........... ,*3* «H . » 2 M00irwU.C.E......... 1.1) R .T 9 © *IHU,N ..... 1.19 FO 1-2 *l9 ftpw Tnrh... ................ 113 W [*W W b-slou n.t A1bat0r.......... I.« ?7 1.77 •© leatnn Ho Mmit'l TNniii.... I.© W |79 -JR Milam fMMlthd tmh..i im u I*7J •?? 'hllere'ttble.t.a ).W 79 j.W >]3 tftintnnte. l «iiii...i..ii(«iii if) 79 1-W .19 ’IHn-urRUi.i.............. .. W Jjj |V It.fVT.?.! ‘-Sit.? t v-ifit? fo t.»U *Ol at WASH. *H* tin at ♦Ujpo. KrbtbM fc*ta*a=iWßfis •>A'iV»* SI * ftiti i^.at ** 1.1 flu/n, ia t.»t* n«t im*a*\ at llOrSai |tn uu .»r*u «, im i.rb «tn »t fiu.i*. vrl*. og f/»» «i*luX6. uljLifiVfU .r> •» li.iA (fb> M.I bir<t>. bria sprint# al 17*1; aratati Bi;rsaa-TMt) )>«!> *.i| ai (b,«i Bnair-Alaack* Hoaal b.«l Nl itIPM, Milho. Slajict .inlet aut lower on No. I 6(irlnf. o*' B * • era: 4<)obo No. lat | l t« (4. I>. 4 Oi.); UuJ bn do at •4.16; jlw*) tiu Jo at tS.ll (rsfUlar); I.JM bn No.tat |l.»; ula»U 4<* bu do at |S-w (A. I>. 4 Co ); 1.400 bn IMectol ■ t JQObu <u at fl.fca; 4JO l.udo at •t.CT-clMiog iirady at fit)), tor Kn. 4 hprlm In regular Doom. C'OUN—lteiclTUJ. 11A7J ou: shipped none. Uwltj a mflt enter and qoli-u bales ucrer no No. * at7»sr: 10.(00 Du dn at 79V n; 11,0)0 bu do at 7»c; 7,4e0 bu aw at feke; 1.100 bu ItefocieJ at Wt»c; v*Wbttd »at MVc; H.OCC du doat Wc—cloatnc at fbr No. 1 «ATt*-ll«el*ed, MW bo; ahlpped.MiSbtt. M*r* kn doll and Wc lover. 6a)o»ver«: w bo So. 1 at tOVc; 33.00 bn do at tuc-clc»lnc at the Inside Assure*. HS b-Received. USM to; ahlppod. rut#*. tlarlut decline*! lr. Salta weir; 400 bo No I atSHfet bo do at 'Joe; 3,t00 bu do at Me (tmb): I.WO ba do at Wc (winter.) . . IlAKl.*T—Received. US bo; shipped. 41* bo. Market quiet aoo nnttian«'Cd, Sale* were : IJO b-i oc* ectedaltGc; 400bubj aa:op'aatllA; -KM hajat ; SO) bn do al tec; U 0 bu 00 at 90c; iMbadoatflCC} 4W ba do at 75e: too bu do at ftje. A I,l*o UOl*—Nomltai at W^Cfit-W. «► ANs*—bale* we.e;‘JO I itHOO.U t’OUN—Du I aodoaminw. Itu A S—Bale* wire: 10 Una at 113.00. . urs-TKIC-KmlTed. 7,078 »»; abipped, 5.7® ®«. The ciartel cobqbum Tcry quiet and wltu a ear* pica 00 baud, tbi Rttcrai teellac U eaeier. ouly i>p e’.nrtlr prime toodv can cuuide quotanoas be Ivd. cmateuodujace tnourUatof price*.a»Cul- ®2 ® GouiTnb - * * Comm I '** Plrtto. -2 c Prttee BACiCllN*s—Betuain* quiet. *lth ptlcnscomloany ntebaoxedt Uteosh oa rousa lot* liberal redoeUOM may sewerallr be obtained Irota the prjcesglvsnbelsw WocoailiiOPUiqooUi AIAM National A,» Lu, icamleaa. »JHS Union A. do da g-55 Illinois A. do do Corn Eathanee. is*£r SlarKA.colu»n*tamles« S'™ iuSUSA. SS |g American. do Atnencu. oe bearer do fun PltuflcM b. d i £Uw Penn Mi’lii do JMJ} Fort PUU da gU» Bllgo, do IHS baoo, linen tod cotton.. Ul'cevoid, do S"S Bpnncflcld ÜBnCICS Bnrlapt, 4 bn. No. 1 **XO Umpire City W. 09 CUEE^K—There li considerable lethargy tn tbit departments trade, and cnderfntistocka dealer* an or no tnesoi firm In their views. Concessions of Kt4>»e may Kenerallr be obtained when liberal pnrehases are n»td». We quote: . New York Factory (genuine) .18 at* e F«c*err (TUitoU) .18 al? c ILtmborc... .IS all * Western suit* 12 <|l< e , Western Beaerre. .11 9U c **Toenr America*' A3O e CO A L-H la rood request, and steady at previous rat**, which an aatodowa; ... „ Ena—DroofcCeld $ll.BO do <*nt»br iiJO CIXTSbasD-ltrlarHll’ J3JJJ do Mineral Ridge 10X0 no willow Dank. 10*25 do Tunnel..... 10X0 Chippewa HUB Dioiabttnr... . 12.00 Lamp lyhlgh IMOjILM Laekawana,prcpaxed. 14 00 Scranton. ILM 111in0i5........ ......... AOQck SUM do cn track........... .................. SAM &00 Toucbtoebrnr 11/n 4JOFFBB—'Then wait fair morement la the mar ket, andprlcca are Ora aa follows: - JS«aS9We Uio, coma on to fair S C436KC Wo, coed to prime Bio, prime to choice. .Vtkaac I'liOPElCAltE—Market quiet, and price* nuset tied, bales of 223 Pork Bamla (prison made) at 91X5, delivered. . . ER(SS— Strictly fresh lota were Terr scarce and the ftw offering were quickly taken up at S5A»c, and In tcmewt'ancesTifeScwaatealizcd. Limed Eggs were plenty asd alow at &%30e. Fit 13 ITS* AN O NUTS—I he market present* the same central features as noted In onrpnnoas reporta. The demacd la moderate, the stock fair, and prices are steady unchanged. We continue to quote: Qinsnnn. _ Apples. 9 brl 15X0 O BXO Lea-oca, Malaga 9XO (410.00 Cranberries, 9 nrl 13X0 «aISXO Cranberries, cultivated IXOO (43L00 DBITD FkCITS. _ _ Flea, drum 21 d 35 Fin. cartoons » (* » Dale * 8,2 Can Peaches. Apples, tew f <» 13 peaches, halves and quartern 1* (4 19 Peaches, pared *3 » « Dlactbcrnet, new. V a 34(4® lUipbertles, new, 9ft 2 » « Cherries, Pilled « a « KldobfirlCAF ft « « 1* TaisltMayers 4.65 (4 4.TS KaulnalValincU » 19 Sardines, U boxes g * g Sardines. H boxes « (4 « ..U4loc ..383SC ..thASe ~»A»C ..U*He ..1&419C ..21A29C ._2H*23C ..11415c ..miße ..31(436c ..21430c ..uj’joe Alsouda, bard rbslled S ® Almonds, toft abetted « 0 g Almonds paper ibUlcd..... " 9 " Peanou, Wa. WUttißgton... J 4 « 15 Brazil g g » ; Filberts J 7 a if . Fmtb wa'nnts new 5... 7i W £ habits Walnuts J? » ]>ecata. »m«li and large -J* » » Hickory Hots. p bo AW [ LherttnU. W on • WO M AW UMI-Tradeextlbltaa sllabllmpMvetccotand a better fecllt* preval a. . Prices however, are tin* chawed. We repeat oar list as fbllowi: 'iSS S <:SJS:S.„d. so., VoSilkS « un.Uyr? abrl... ».wj ».» ' M extreme*,** «fcrl 15.0d«u.M •• - “ P kit 9.7 V» 4.W » Ko.l. kits, new 1.63 am ** famlU.kits t.»» 1.99 ! Codfllb, Bask. P too IW4AW I M George's Hank 9.»*s.W : Hake * , A6O4AW ; llerrlDEt,< 1, ptiox M 4 M . M scaled 00.4 61 Labrador timtnii,*»brl... lO.Matl.oi 1 •• M jfbn 6 9.73 Norwegian Bcrrlm*.lPs. Pbrl 18. W •• •• M's r brl 10.00 , ( CJHJp4HE“Markctq«tetbntflrni. Bales were: n , 409 brl«t shipped, H Market dull. Bates were: 40brla.m lota, at 11.79 TfiSVi'lU ate nrra at fiOjOSc for Eastern and 99 a A«t: shipped, 750. Markrt Its* active ard a shade enster. Bale* were: , *<l amagltiß I*o ns at...... . 7.9 J 81 •• wons at... 7.H3 tw “ ...ns at 7.40 410 11 ...mat I.'fl ea dlvtd'g ot BO n« at ILta and ltj its no ns at L.-oan'iLM m ‘ KO ns a] 7.:fl and 7.79 IM *• jionsal 7an and 7.79 iu *w ns at 7 Si and 7.nt -Vloalnral|7Jß and f7.TO lor good id£a dividing oo trlrkei It dHlrlj «Md fi.f FrilFK-nWing in tltft ttitikf llmai ittriTils. ati MiJcr frelltis dlilaiusi llfTioU)i-iit'rs*re-ll cohiparailtely filmatprevloos Ij, ( ITaiiUibeaUr preijwliij.mijmiiiiiitji iO.UOjII.6U alulM BHI hr pfew^liiiiiiiiiJliWaliiW p 1 "*? i bHttij h'kfli'y (hhiAliff.HH rliliiMlii sh huhV l|| IfWll.l'AlfiT.-iMiiiiMimm:: uiiiiiimin 9 5 9 g iMhljrwhiMllMl.MnttiMtMiiiMMnuiitii 1 J 6 iU itJ"i”» I»ki '>|g ipiiaK.yr.S,.^ }jmi|(B)ii| Luhi 1Ui.i1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6Ui41l fl )iuiin4an>( hquaremmMtMM'tMMMMtttM luia due rival,... fiW«s Aun Half rival ami 11*11 Itound...#v* •3%t» bhcet Iron, r0niiiu.n.,..,,,,.,MM. Knr* ... Sheet iron, galvanised, .....M a ~,, fchcel iron, itiarcnal..,., Olf"* fihert Iren, .lunUta.. ......Uv4IS o Ni.rwav Kali IM Willie Flow blevi, German.......... ...............13 @ll o How EUel.rast 17 Ul3 c bpring aod Tiro btaei, Fngilth. 11 uIS e ToolCakt Rlcel, onlmary sl«s ta o T 00l Cast bti-el, American «31 e liliktemt <ll6l 90 @3O 0 Hns.ta,Kni.Bandlß .... 98 i*/i e Hnula, Am., Ist quality, V'dl @lB e Knssia, Am., Ist quailit, V sheet @l9 o Itiisals, Am., id quality, V»heet @l6 C LRaTII KK—The market la quirt, Uiough tlrm, at tnhprlcn. Toe it* cas are improving »omrwhat. We make lo change to our quotatfona, as follows: licatooc. City names*, V slaughter. Bole, ». ....I 593 45 Uilffal-i .4 4C@ 43 Cnuntry Harnese Ska 36 bltogbier, bole, Line, V h 493 44 Cotcago Ko. 1.. 40@ 43 Rip, medium. V Slaughter, Bote, ft! 1.15(41.70 Colcao No. 3.. 313 37 Call, F ft iACaI.Gu Ituecoa AVtee.,.. 593 49 Upper. Ii f00u... aa 31 Orinoco bole S7@ 38 Country Upper... *73 95 Orinoco, good. Collar, (p f00t.... 733 31 damaged 31@ 37 OAK. PUnchlcr. Bole.. 5Sj 51 French Cali, 31 ntriTees, V ft.... 40a 46 fte 3.1037.95 Upper 303 S 3 French Call, 36 Ktp. No. L, me* ft* 7.0039*10 iflom 1.103 tJO French Ca’t Le- Kip. No. U moln»,?) d0z^5.00390.07 beavy. 8531.19 HIJWHBIt - The demand today was filr. and Inrrs woo well sustain <l. Werepeatqnotatloni: .cxbxb—FUatClear,l,lU,lHaudßloch _ a tn t69.00c%68.C0 becond Clear, I.l#. IK aud 3 inch 55.0fta63.00 Third Clear, Inch 50.0ft355i)0 First aud breond Clear Fioonog. to* ceThcr.ronch. the same as Second Clear wide... * 59.00%53.Ct) Common Flooring, roosh 55.0ft%31.00 kittened and Urea-d Common Flooring. 40.C0@17.00 Matched and Dressed 8 Inch Common Moctlrg. •*... 56.0033.4.00 First and Seccnd Clear Siding, together. aaoftasyjX) First Common Dm fc ed Bldlcz 73.00375.C0 tVagon-Hox Bo arcs, select, 15 Inch and __ upwards. t 53.003t3.09 A block Hoard. 13 Inches 30.03397X0 It Stoat Boards. Itlnehes 36.00@77.0i) Common Boards. Joists. Scantling, Fenc ing, and Small Timber, 13 to 16 leet, ; 31.00*33,10 Joleti*and Scantling,'.l3,22 and 24 fret* ... 35.00@30.00 Joists and Bcantimg 75 00 Siitoglks—A or Btar Soared Shingles 4.50 . A or Bur Saved Shingles 5.00.3 SAO No. 1 sawedSUngle* 2A9@300 Lath—Per m in yards SXO By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered tn any yard where cars can be 1 switched, or any depot: Aor Star Saw* __ ea bhtngle*. by car-load, on track. IS2 4JO A or star bhaved bhlnglca, by car-load, on track .. 3.7i@ 4XO Ko. ißawed Shlnglfß, by car-load, on ... track . 2.75 > Three dollars a car-lcad added when transferred. , which charge follows the Ehlogles in freight blth ' SBIXOLS BTASDABD. . .. . . Thickness—Five Shingles U be two inches In thick* > Deis. Length—Sixteen inches. * Bands— Twenty tncfces. Courses—Twenty METALS A*D TINNERS’ STOCK-The market ts without perceptible change, and prices are firm at the following quotation!: Ti?r. zcrc. Box Tin Plata, 1 C Ist quality. ca»g 13* 10x14 HUG Ist quality, meet 1} Large np* St Slab It small Plea ffi bhiobtwiu*. Bar Tin 89 1tp6.... « corras. _ ..8 and 9 W Metallic AT Bolts-.. S 3 luandU.-..- 13 Copper Bottom 35 li I* Braziers over 10 ns.. 4S 18 and 11- IS Sheet, It to 16 02 45 IS and 16, 16 Tlenlngs- 10 i» }* BAimtT WCTIL „ 19 ....18 let quality » 19 n Antimony 30 33 Flee Sower..SO Fence-wire 10 N AILS4—Are eteady. Wecootmne toquote; UV keg |7.00|3d............. Bd.T. 7.35 13 d, fine blnei. 9.35 6d 3.9013 d. floe blued- 10.35 44 7,75 Cut Spites 7.35 3d 8.5r51 Clinched Net 9.50 OlLS—There tsfa fair inquiry Itor Linseed OIL bat aside trom this there It scarcelyanv movement and quotations are of little value. The following are tbe nominal rates: . „.. I »}-J0 United OIL boiled 9LfS tmvo - Whale Oil, W. B .ta*gl.« Lard OH.extra ~., Lard Oil, No. l Winter. .U**!» Lard OH. 80. 3 Winter l.»i$1.10 Bank OIL round lot* Machine , - wu l**2 Sperm 0U.W.8 *»«n Lubricating OH 5£ 4 VS Castor CARBON OH/—la quiet witn prices steady and norbangeo. We quotes Careen, p carload J6o Carbon, imall lota fgc Benrole .sue PROVISION**— Itecelved. IS3JOO ns Cured Meats. 1,091 nrs port, ana it-wro ns Lard:i hippen.frAXH »• i tHrt Meats; CO bristled. Wtfbrls Pork, and 15L5338* Pork—Mark't dun. Bale* were; IDobri* at 819 00. Balk meal*—Market firm. Bales were: 39.030 ns Cumber anas at B*c. b o*c. . English tlleaia—Finn. Sale* were s KM bis Strut term at »kc; lOobu Cumberland# at 9c. _ Green Meal*-fitlea were: 2WW n« Hams (#. h.) t dull. Fa’fsweres lOOlw K*ttled at i Sic; ls4ile*Bte*monp.t,and6otcsdoatllNc. POU LTtl V—Bales Include ♦ due Dr»*»l Chick ens (choice! at (S.CO; 4 dor do at 94.75; KJdocdoat 94. !0 1 6H doc do at |4.tS; 14 doc do at 94A): W doc do , (ppori ranging from iLSCTOAOjiNdaaiiivedoatjMJJh 9ilmlive lieee*at IP.OUiT* docl)r«Mddo it W.Wi I 450 as Urwel Tnrkev* atf**ic; ISO as ooat 1W; 1.100 , a*doaMset t»a«do»tlU*. „ . _ Areran. Price. Si t&s M 660 t» 6.13 V 3U 6^3 B* QO Bl IOC! IS »*OO RIIIC. . „«,* ISL lI^S'WS and Welle Ai..ii.iitMMu...»•ilium . .in iMd j« ftbV;:.I;;::;;:::-::::::::::;;:::::::::: n 3 "| l»»l-*'»J Cm in in. in w.fjNj IUMMII. M(f«i...i.i:i..i..iunin*• IlfW UlfwMl* pfltll-.iMM.mmn... ....... I‘|J « S#W OfIMM Ktfi. I ** demaad H only mod«fM«, »r 4 r>y|r«* r*i# wrak. Weponlißtit W qi|OM*l m N.w Orleaoi. jftil-JQ ttliadelphlaliee Hive..... « Cblcago lUhnery, Amlwr., 1^0d1.15 tblftßOlU-fineiy, ftuiuen. JJM M Ctileaao lUfln. r>. Sugar lloiue 10 MEKUw-ttecclT.d. IW.4M D*; ihlppod, 43AlT At, Tte market la active and nrtcea ruUflrm. bake In clude; CLOTxn-4 hrli at Va.tS; IS op do (cholc-) at gsiw sJO hart da at fI.W; Tmorur—TJ bag* at M.IOt £ btaa do at ISA; in bag* do at |}.9o: in bag* do at tj* ; g bar* do at 13.01 FLax»*fi>—lOhagaat fWC. f»Al.T—Received, nonet atdppcd, M 9 hrt«. Mar krtnrm. baleofmbrli Fine at|Uo, deliyered. We < to quote: New Fine..... UroundAlam 5.053X10 Tutk't 1 aland, baft Ground Solar . 3.0 Dairy, with tack* 8.00 Dairy, without sacks ~ A*9 *1 feX«v-The market U firm, ard the demand Is 1m proven. Pileee are a shade better. We revise qaato* Young Qytoo, superior to fine,« A •? 2&J-S5 no extra to choice. V A Imperial, aopenor to fine, ¥ extra to choice, A 1 -?MfSS Gnspcwder,anpertirtotna,V A J-l®**-® do extra to choice. F l-®Af® Japan, natural fine to extra fine. A A.... 1-fVaj.O *do do Ane to choice, 9 A J’SW*}? do do colored, V A *Jr5*H?. TA LT.OW—Market quiet, sales were s Mbrtaaty bntchtra'atnikcjjOprUcountryatsxc. TO is \ CCO—lbe roar let continues very dqQ. and. with fair au cka on hand, there u a disposition evinced ■ on too part of dealers general yto ahade oneee. We, r maaa no chaage la our quotatlaas 1 Yura CutCbkwxhu— ■** KkWa. »1.« Choice l-DO «I.U Medium W ts M Common... 93 (i w BUOEIBU lOßxOfxw Virginia's Favorite » cilXO Choice... 2* U 30 Medium Jt (4 55 Common Sterna 19 M S 3 ptxo Tobacco— _ _ MojwcuizcD o a n Fanners* Delight .22 Natural Ixst IJO utM Halfßrltbl * »I.U Choice Black, Round 29 w Medium 22 * 22 common 52. 22 Navies Virginia 10a and *S a *2 {louden HOB WOOD—Remain* quiet at the decline recently no. ted. Tbe following are the price* current: Maple, 9 cord, delivwjd W3S&S Maple, » coni, in yard.. 11-£&W*g> Beech, 9 cord, delivered 1 2*£S2JS , S Beech? 9 «rd, la yard ,*nS2}?m rrirknpv at cnrti............. ft............... lUnaWJX) W»OlT-Mirkct neglected. Sale of 10,003 Fine at He. Special Xoticcs. Shattered Oonntltutlons Restored by HelmooWs Extract Rnchn. Heim bold’s Extract Bachn Gives health and vigor to the trams and bloom to the pallid cheek. DebUify Is accompanied bymanr alarm ing symptoms, and If bo treatment U submitted to, con* amp’inw, tnaanity. or epUcpllc tits ensoe. Dr. ThomsoDt Proprietor of the Medical and dorgieal Institute, 17? South Clart-iL, has Qeated a.l loros of venereal dis ease wlthnnprecßdated snecess lor nearly lorty yean. Spcßnatorrbtra aad impotence treated with the happi est results. Particulars of the Institute and tbeOaidf mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 72. Chicago, Illinois, Uelmbold’a Fluid Extract Dacha Is pleasant In taste and caor, tree from all injurious properties, and immediate in Its action. Klanhood and Toathtol Visor Am egalnedby HelmboH’s Extra Dacha. ' The Only medicine In the World That Is warranted a Sure and r rrfect Care for all kinds of PILES. LEPROSY, SCROFULA, SALT RHEUM, and all Disorders of the Skl~. la FOWLfCS FILE AND HUMOR CURE. Huy of oone who do not refund the money In every case of failure. For Internal and ex ternal nse. No failure foreixht years In Piles or Du* mors. tl-OOaßomc. Sold evsrywhere. A Heady and Conclusive Teat OttbepropertUsorQelmbold s Fluid Extract Dacha will be s comparison with those set forth In the United Elates Dispensatory. Enfeebled and Delicate Constitutions, Ol both sexes, use tielmbold'a Extract Dacha. It will site oruk ana energetic feelings and enable you to s.eepwell. Dr* Blftdow, Ravine the csnfldeaceof the public and the medial famuli at large, is the most reliable physician to the city for chrome mrvout and sexual diseases. Call at hli offlco, 179 South Ciark-sL corner of Monroe. Rooms separate. Coosn’ts-lon Dee. P.0.80x lot. His guide to health, published monthly, sent Dee to any address. Talce no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Remedies for unpleasant and dangrtous diseases. Uso Bel tn bold's Extract Bochu sod Improved Rose wash. The Glory of fflan U Strength* Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should Imme diately nse Belrcbold’s Extract Pnchu. Uuslncss GTarhs. T>LAiR & JEFFERSON, commission iriF.ncnANTs, OFFICE. tO4 FRONT-9T., MEMPHIS TBSH. Liberal ca»b advaacegfats made on contlgacenb. Q.EST, UATTEH * CO., Wholoule Conunluion Merchanti pro. BO MoQna-at- U’tWMD rutDKSVHB. OULUIIAIXI. inimical. jyjUBICAL. Ur, WALTER H. MEADE, Quite recently from Europe, and pupil ot Ita Brit mas* tcrat Rim Initiuctlon in the CULTIVATION OF TUB VOICE, Rnetlifa, French and Italian Singing lleclamatlon at *V Interelrwß, *c.* ai Root A Cadj'a Leader In Church Choir- - ■ - - CWi i«CB. rs-tVINEB oniA‘. X n,i»im»lieil IBIA i.iiiei J. fmefi, 4d fisekhiiu-it,, H> i, t.lkK lof t>F4<U, S(U Mfkljhih Phlli iafpet, ami UiiUrai p|«iltib* i f)»i rphHlAftHii Miht*ri«?«t nearer* Wniml Woilfcn. gOTVATPIf NO MOUBI” ITCH, TETTER, •Rcnld Komi, Holt Rheum, Harbor's Itch, And all PUeaaci of the bkln, eirectnaUy cured by thi u«e of »WA7MB*S OZNTXaSNT. eoldbytllD n^Numr^ a cnA A CK. MR. N. D. CRYbLEH, wlio Ima been glvtna luatruclmn In Klocutltn, with marked amceai. In many of onr Colleges and Bemtoartei through tbta State, eomnietra a conne at Wheatoo College to day. wb*re au {ntcreatlDg claaa ot about one hundred hat been taking dally dilils during Die past two week*, with dtrlded Improvemetl. Tula evening the Piuleator wt*l etvc a I‘UPlic Utuullng at the Oolligo Chapel. ’AUDITORS’ NOTICE,—The raider. t jL signed, Andllora appolntfd by the Orphans’ Court of tonrenater Coimtv. PennarlvaUa, to distil, betr the balance remaining In the hands et C. B. UolT mas. Trustee appointed by the said Court to aetl the Kf*l Ea’ateof ChrlMlan OrofT, late of W.KariTown* ship. County and Btato aloresald, deceased, to aid among those legally entitled to the same, will alt for that Darpore on v *WEDKEBOAT, February 97. ISC7, At ten o’clnck a. m tba Library Itoom of the Court Uoose, in tbe City cf Lancaiter, where all persons In* tereated In said distribution may attend. CUAKLKS DEN'NES. J W. I.KAMAN. (Auditors. FZHA nCKRnOLDETL i fflotog. pLOTVS. PLOWS. ROD BREAKING PLOWS and all varttUO. of Stnb mo .od doom. ''ag N 'ssgfgsa,,Ea,“ r %air 73ge. pATCHELOK’B HAIR DVE. ■TTnia splendid Hair Dye U the best In the world. Harmless, reliable, laitantaneonr. the only Perfect Dvc. Ko disappointment. No rldlcnloo* llnta. but true to nature. Oennlne signed WILLIAM A. BaV«-H --ELOK. Sold oy Drurelsti and Perfumers. Factory, 81 Barclay-sU New York. Kailtoctßs. 11 RIVAL ASD DEPAKTURE OP TBAINB. Winter Arrangement, CmCAOO ASD JJOBTIIWkSTKBN BAILROAS—OXAJXA FACI2TC LINE—DEPOT SOUTH WSLL3 STUCST. Arrive. Omaha Fast Unc a. m. *7:-a p. m. OmahaNicbl Express... 7:80p. tn. J&UOa.m. Dixon Passenger 4:oOp. m. iLlua. m. rBEETOBT uss. Freeport Passenger. •I£oo p. m. *aiO a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a- m. *3:40 p. m. Kocklord, Elgin, Fox KiverandSiateLine... *Loop.m. *11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Fas icnccrTT *s:3op.m. *Sr«s.m. WISCOStIS DIVISION—DEPOT COnSEH OP CANAL AND KDtZIK BTRXZT. Day Eiptcs, KlchtErprees *4:3op.m. *s:k»a.m. Janesville Accommodn. *s:3op.m. *2:33p.t0. Woodstock Accommod’n .3:00 p.m. ‘•3:20 a.m. KILWACKXX DIVISION—DEPOT COBNEB OT CANAL AND KXXZIX STBETT. Day Express 0:00 a.m. 12:00 m. RoeabllL Calvary and „ Evanston 1.30 p.m. 3.40 p.m. Klcht Express Kenosha Accotnmod n... «40 p. m. mLi am. Waukegan Accommod’n. S:3O p. m. &5b a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45 p.m. &3da.m Ueo. L. Dunlap. Uen’l Sap C B. F. Patbick, General Passenger Agent. MICHIGAN CXHTBAL BAILWA^—wSUO* POCI firms rant. Morning Express *5:00 a. m, *£U5 p. m. Day Express *ls9o a. m. p. a. Evening Exprwe tsdl) p. p. tn, SlghtMPrcai 1*0:45 p. n. fcS2£ a. bl .TNCIKNAn AND LOUISTTLUI TEAKS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:85 a. n. Klghl £xprei« Js:oop.m. *llrfX>p.ia. MirHIBAS SOUTHNBH AND ANN SHOES UNI— pg- POT CD EBBS TAN EUUIN AND BEXENAN STEENtI. TOLEDO LIKE. *i-ii *1:15 a. m. *&B p.m. Drr kxrreaa.. *7:00 a. m. p. n New York NtoblExpreaS t*lft(»p.n, *6;C<3a, m CtTEOtT LINE. *L«St. m. tfcCOam, Night Express nttOOp.n. *S*3p.m. prTOEcaaa, pom wathn and Chicago. mmi * &Uoa.m. ft *7:00 a. m. 12:20 a.m. F‘stUne !.... 8:15p.m. 7:40 p.ta p. m. 11:00o. m OLKOI* canteal. Day Passenger *9:30 a. n. *uc3ij p. m. Klcht Pas«ettper IHktWp.n. *0:45 a. n. Krmkake. Accommod’c. ‘iißp.a H i. a ' I ’S tk ° ,kffm S‘p.a r. «. •< u ” .V.V *3:50 p.m. *l:srp.iL* ; » it « *5:53 n.m. *7:30 p.c CHI CABO. BUEUNBtiIH AND qUO^I. I>ai Expreaa and Mall*.. *».mp- n OaftiboirPMseDgct.. . *b-™P-”‘ Anrora *ieW)p. o. •woo a. Hi, vbicabo Asti it* totna. . Sapren tad MU! 9-bSB. «« p. R!eht Bxbrea.,.-.* 1:60 a-tn Jo.n« «)!“«««■" iit.iii Hi -a..,- AtCOtoWOuilUolJm . 41Wp la- K 43 ft. Si Btifkl dAiiftftS-H!AM Mfftiittifi aid tuiiftoAf eftfoy* wt, 'AMAt ANb ftIAAU . .. f)ar KiSlWfi..*.» n]BH|t,*a> HMM y, tb tfiahiHPPßM. iiiiinii WUWpiia, ftW MBiimu i«u cw^nam. Wpwis^i.!.-..... . ?■»;»;» l.i.iiiw AtMunjooitiiNne {JJg •; g; psid»i.o. «oo« tin Mtim Hiebißnunui.,.. .... b. JfJtJ*'®' ,ph“V AwuromniiKiiof ~ hii'p.w. •«« «. m wnmur TMeeAtr iwjut w »wrt« * ,cep,M 'pinii, »too» T»»» TW» TrtM, UftVft NsdUon blitHft, Uav« tiWH > ftsfW,JHU.r .rn.miMl.Bt 8;WI, .....ft. m. 0;10. »»»• 10? w, ~,*.r0. HUM, JfcßH. tf ,...p.Tn. P'®* fcif1,......p.m. C 45...... p.m. «mn>AT TRAINS. . _ Tbe followtnc is tbe new table fwlbe iitlß and deptnnre of malls from, tbe Chicago Past “• P iS:...Jllch. Sontb. AK. ■ P ltM ■”* fclG.... “ ** lk v •••• ••• i&uo m “ ** , 6.-00 U:00 ! litoo m Mich. Central 8.8 12.00 8;J5.... “ M •• 6:00 8:15 *ll. £oo....Pitts. *Ft.Wftyne 12:30 8:15 . “ ** “ 7:10 12:00 m w “ * .. 6:00 11:00 12:00 4:80 ...Great Eastern R.R.. 8:30 KkOO ,9roo t?:»....Ncw Albany*Salem ibuo fcCO 7:45....Ga1ena Kallraad 8:10 3:40 • ifcoo 6:00....DU0n Air Line GdX) 7:30 iiOO 8UX1....C.,8.* Q0i0cj8.8. 6:50 fcW btp £oo....Noithwctiern K.R., 5:45 &M 8:00 £4s....Mnßaake« RaQroad. 11:» B^2o 12:00 7:45...,1U1n01fl Central E.B. 7KJB 9:00 i£OQ 7*00....5U Lottie Bailroad... 6:85 6:4f mW BOBT. A. QILMORK, P. M. flcopogalg. PuoroßAUi foii akjiy trass bEALEl)?fjll I 'Obifi «U 6 WM*«4 •> °®=;- until >1 o’clock m., on thezSih olFeoraary.WJt. rot the trsosporUboa of Ml itary biippllj* daring ut yesreommenrug April 1, 1817, and ending Msrwh ax, Isttt, ot the to'lowlng mute*: uours No. u . Prom Fort McPbertou. Nebraska Territory, or inch ponu as may be determined opon during t lhe year on the Omaha Branch of (he Union l*»dflc Ksi road, veil of Fort McPherson. or from Fort Laraml*. Dakota Ter* rllory.lo such post* or dep. Uaa are now or tcay oe es tablished in the Territory of A-bratls. wc*t of loagl tnde ltd decrees, in the territory of Mintaua, soalh of latitude to deem a, in the Territory of DskoU. Writ ol Icngrtnde 1W decrees, in the Territory of Idaho, touts of latitude 44 decrees, aud east of UocltudelH decrees, and In UieTcniv'rte* of UUh ana Colorado north ul untneo 40 orgroes, Including, U necessary, Denver Clts ‘ - RMJTENo.t. From Fort lUley. State <4 Ktnui, or >neh points at may be determined upon dnrlag the year on the Union pacific Railroad, E. D., to any posts or depots that are cow or may be ntahUebea la tus but* of or in the Territory of Colorado, south of latitude 40 de grees rorth, and to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other oepotihatmayboanmatedln that Territory, aul to any other point or points on the mute. ROUTE No. i. From Fort Union or such other depot as may b* established in the Territory of No* Mexico, to aa poits or (tattoo* that are, or may be established la that Territory, and to inch posts or stations as may be designated In the territory ol Arizona, ana in the state of Texas west of loLCitua* 10s degrees. „ ROUTE N 0.4. From St. FaoL Minnesota, to such posts as are now or may be established in the State of Minnesota, and in that portion of Dakota Territory lying east ol the Missouri River. . _ . The weight to be transported during the rear will not exceed on Route No. 1, 3OVXC,OOJ pound*; oo Route N.i.2, jdCOC,<OO pounds;on Route N0.5.8,000AMpounds, and on Route No. 4.3A00.000 pounds. Proposals will oo made tor each route separately. Bidders will »tate the rate per 100 pound* p*r 100 cllts, ai which they wU transport the stores In eaca monthof the year, bcgtnnlcg April Ist, !So7. and end* lac March 81,196 k. Bidden should give lh*lr names In tell, as well as thtlr places of reticence, and each proposal saunld be accompanied by a bond In those mot tea thousand UlfljW) dollars, eisntdby two .t s. ore responsible per sots, Guaranteeing that in case a contract is awarded for the route mentioned? la the proposal to the party Ecslcg, th* contract will os acfutM and entered and good asd sadrier tnmlshed by said party In accordance with tho terms of this adver tisement. The contractor will be require* to give bonds in the fbliowirg amounts: On honte No. 1, >250.000. On Route No. i, VOJM, On Route No. S, 100,1X0. On BouteNo.4. SCAOO. . Eatlifsctory evidence of the loyally and seventy ot each bidder and person offered as security will be re- Q< Prcposali must be endorsed “Proposals fbr Army Tramporutlon on Route No. 1,3,3,0r4,as the case nay be, and nine will be entertained OLless th*y ftuiy comply with the requirements of this advem*> ment. The party to whom an award is made must be pre pared to execute the cot tract at once, ana to give the required bonds for the taltidal penormsace of the con- right tn reject any and ail bids that may be tuc iiku. - * v-.. —; ■— - —.— offered is rcsirmi. . . ibeccntrsctor on each route most be In readiness far service by the Ist day of April. 1967. and will bo re quired to have a place of business, or agency, at which be may be communicated with promptly and readily for Route No. l, stomata, N.T.i torßouteNo.X at Fort Riley, Kansas; for Route Mu. A at Fort Union, New Mexico: for Route No 4. at Saint Paul. Minno sota. or at such other p'tut for each ot the several Routes as may be Indicated as the starting point of the route. , . .. ~. _ . Blank Kras showing the condlth-ins ot the contract to be entered Into for each route, can be bad on app l ctuon at this oQlce, or at the oUce of the (juartermas- Ur at Mew Totk Saint Loom Fort Lcavcnwortn. Otshha, Santa Fe awl Fort bncUUg. and moil accom pany and be a part ol the proposal*. », M to«J« ( w»tt.» jKi Wosfgg i BUS ilrettt Colonel tod Aas’t Quartermaster (7.8. A. PROPOSALS FOU A BRIDGE AT VAN UDIIKN BTUELT. _ ‘ Omci of rat iwuao or Pmtto Woies, I Cntcaoo. February 3,190. j Seated propoiaH will be received by the Woardol Fanilc Work*. at their office, Nos. 1 aad 2, •tcotdfl’orjMt*. 10 ana 19 Well* e«reeu until u a. tn.« baturday, February ism, tor U>« taking rt iwn of the present lirnlgt cr»*steg the »<mta U*anrh n( Chicago Klvrr at Van Burca street, and replacing the lame with a hew btldse, Ine'uulng the neemtary change* In the enntre pier, ami the abutment* and annroK hr*, according In plana and *i»erlflcatini.i tj be cn file at said oince on and after February nth. I’roiKMal* must i« adiiraacu to the Board of I’ubllt Work*, endorsed M |*Mpo»al lot Van Harm B*rrit Bridge,” and be aecntnpanlrd «iu» the n«nai twO bot il. with sureties. to be sttproted bf tte Board. Ihel'oarilre'eryetnorlrht to reject any bid not In accordance wltlt the eondlll j>* ol title admtUdtnouu or to reject all bid*, ami no proposal am be nec**"i*i halm die ptrlr Mierlug It •Unit Eire •vnlence * HBfae lory to the Bonn! tint he hat the ttecMviry skill, ei- Colrrue. emit and ability for doing the work, I# BJtnotUty.aud ha* sufficient i»o<Mia;arj resource*, Villi#.'i.lnir 0. j. uuitk Itrard or i'nhllc Work#. U A tilt OH W (MUSS AT UItANU Ha VHN anti Black Lake* Mlpi lear. Urnei tsmntrrMtujni lUnaust Mka.Micimum - I . . MlLWifatfi Wiscqnalr, January lilW. J . Bfalctl prow sma, in iluntlcaK ‘T In*, torm fhrnHhrt br the ttml-rilettediwlil beret* ai UtH.otfleetttritti 'dmPJ 1 fiSU t a U a iaJ3 IWww«»H»»rem biilng {<• fMi-rl lid f'lutnhti«/-/lh fc /i»*/ht*ri!iH "Sl'Li'LfA fa-t *|>'h citli* luttiU I'M for WJ reel by cribs till W tnll KiS ail lidbtf* wW* ttitfif alllbii«h;*H)n ai l hht» »l»lt !»• ih«lh T-mW WH FUwt'f iliflKfU' Wt'7b nUI *U,IS “J Vr» yw}iMt»( l*» M pr««M upon IP* ftpem** JSaswaffii^^ D, d, ifo»aaer>, lluwaub**, WU, pnoPOBALS FOR OAaT IRON X WATgl* ,'„ lBOU ; n 0# 11IMS Wobu, I Cuicauo, run. Ua. l!»7. I Bea fld nronmaia will ba rwelved Oy lha IBjarc cl Pnb.le Work*, at their oltlce, ho*. 1,1 and 17 Wall at., ni.Ultl a. tu.BAluraay, *enru»ry i.kL nr Ihoile livery attbbdocit ut the beam, in wM city, of aao ihouihtirt «Uml> tuna ot Ca«t iron \V»iw l'l(>e*, of i, 6 ni.dßibrl.ta loirrnsl oUmcUf, atcordms lu ttonaonflleai eatJoClre. The pipes will be tnhj.'cte! to a Wt pminra of-W noutifta per tqnaro lun.. anal bo unlfotm >n tal urn*tty amt i*xtarp.andot a eoodqnall'y < fcn»t tro., to mu> cut and drill well. HoUvory l> comra-ttre at the npcouig of aprtng nayUatljd, and no completed ny July iSth. Thf pmea wilt bn twelve (13) teotl icu. and welih ro ipectlvely, for 1, 8 and h-Uch pipe*, *W. Rtd 6*» pound*each. A autiahle number cf bianchee, caps, a eave*. taper*, Ac., will bo required for said pipe*. But* ahsu d«t.ta e tor the straight pipe*, and alas tor tuo epect a Ca pn. l iS l ßil»tmatbe*ddre*9ed tniba Bowd i f Wora», endonM **Prupo»ai tor Cut Iron Water Pipes,” ate N> accmpßitlrd with the ntnal f?U3 bond, «lui anrrtie*, to be approved by the Board. • The board mervt the right to rweet any btft net .n •ccordatce with the com/Uonac.fuill adTartlasTroitt. or to reject all bid*, and no proposal will be accept* d onle*s the party ouerlng it aoaU give evidence «atuftc tory to the Board that he bat the Occeaaaty still, eipe fierce, energy and ability tor doing thewer* Utnutwortby.andhaaniOeteQt pecuniary r«*o^rc« v. U,IiIaUuLL FEED. LKTZ, 0.J.U088, Board of Public works. Citg Notices. g^DINAKCE. uxueaa, OntheSlhdavol Oclobe’, 13(3, an onJi eatce «u paued lit the Common Council of the City cl Chicago, granting it "Tb« Lake View Avenue Com pany" the tUh; ot way one handled and fitly feet wide i txi atd adjacent totne present high water mark ot Lake Michigan, comm-ndr g at Utt »oatti line of the pounds uaed atd known as toe Chicago City Cemo* u it, on North avenue, amt running thence along the scoie ot Labe Michigan to Astlutn pi act, and coin* mendng at Fulerton avenue and running along said shore to the n< rth line of the S. E. i<, -ec. hi.T. V. W. It. 11 E. of the Sd K. M., upon certaic conditions naie.l In raidordnance; that uneof the conditions of said ordinance wa* that the said Lake Avenue Company should, cn or before the first day of Angi>t. ISM. make and compute in rood order a road across laid property at least hfly lert wide; ana , . Wuxblas. eatd ]Ate Avenue Company has failed and oecheted to comply with the provisions aforesaid, ami has also Ciiied and neglected tj comply with lha other prcvlslot i of the raid ordinance: th instore. Be U ordaintdby the Common Ojuncil efthe Vity of Section*!. That the said ordinance, entitled "An Or* “dinanc*- comerning the right of way ot the imlre "View Avenue Company, M passed October 5. lA2, be and theratiels hereby repealed. . gic. i. Thlaorutnaccetkalltakeeftect anlbclntorce from and after due publication thereof Passed Jan iStn. 1867. ArptowdJ-.stt.Ml. J. B, racE , u„ or . Attest; A. H. Bonita*. City Clerk. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State ot Illinois. County of Cook—™. „ Cut Comcrot-'a Ornc*, Co cut House. ) Room No. It, Chicago. February 4th. 1967. f Public notice is hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants bare been placed la my bauds fbr collection, to wit: _ _ . . Warrant So. Ml. Sooth—Dated February I.ISST. and litomJ for the collection ol a special Mscstnrac levied lortldewalk c« nstructed on tue east tide of Waba*b av»nac. between Eighteenth and Twentieth streets. Was rant No. M 2. Scnlh-Dated i eoraary 1,1567, and isiueo for tre collection of a special ajsewment levied lor recos'trnctlng sidewalk on me La* t »«de of htate lire* u between Fourteenth and alxt-enlh Warrant No.M3, Sonin—Dat'd February 1,1967. and Ifwued for t. e collection of a special levied for recorvtmrtlnc sidewalk on east side ot Wabash avenue, between Twentieth CXth) and Twenty-first ariwaiKo.Ml,South—Dated February I,IW, and Issued lor me collection cf a special aase»*msnt| levied Ibr constructing of sidewalk on west staeof Wabash avenue, between Fourteenth OUh) and Sixteenth (l6th) et Warranl So. 735, West-Dated February 1.1967. and issued lor the collection ol a special aiseesment levied for constructing and feeorstrnclln» sidewalk on south side cl Sampson street. In Sampson A Greene's Addl- Ul WarrantNm796,West-Dated FebruaryLlSS7, and issued for toe collection ot a»p-*clai as«cs«ment levied for constructing sidewalk on Centre avenue, octween UarrU«n meet and lyler smeet. . Warrant No. 737, West-Dated February 1, ”d tuned tor the collection of a special assessment levied for coustroctlnt sidewalk on east sme of Johnston street, between Taj lor and fwe tm street*. Warrant No. 7SB, west—D»ted February 1,1967, and livepo for the collection. t a special «^*^Vc£ih l fbr cozsmicdDC and recomtnirtlng rath ertte street, Ilalskd street, and oo VVrtttbt Canal Trusties’ SuholvlMon of N.W. J*- WanantNo. 73?, West—Da'sd and Issued for tL« coUectlon of a special levied lor rec'Detracting sidewalk on sonth aldeot Twelth interested tn said above special assets, meats art reqnrsted to make immediate payment at my office, in default of such payment the said assess meo-s will be collected at the cost apd -vpense ot p«,o M uablt tbmlur. A ciVcoUretSr. ©obetmuent Sale. p OYEKNMENT SALE. ' •n?*t.fst«rtT known u tbs “00TEIWS1B5T T4S* fiEftTAhDBTEAM SAWMILL." wllliSST eniy-fise scree or land, near BAN ANTONIO. TEXAS, . , _ Sealed Fropoesis,ln duplicate, mil be received tip tollie Wat dsyol March, 1861, fjr Uie tm?cbM« of .5 scrisot 14T.i1, (more or )&*)■ toeelbvr eltn lb« build ings e»«t*d Usr*on, amine arbartenanrea apperwo it*, lhat la to ?ar; UNKrANMfiHT£ ntolnleetwelve Stone .Hue Vito. FIFTT-rWU WOODEN VAt?. ty.VKN rrO.Nfc FIKILS. prJwfiy H elWale# ‘VAIMmi iSmSJ.-iI ■>.-!- lit Hl.VTtllit.PSy »'ijf“4liiw«W« MV tit&yt’ r-d b.bfk-! »*tf yoveift’ B»l. s.n, *-■! MB’' uanu at auction. T AND HALE.—The undersigned will I j o ir«r at Alien ION. at the nniih door o| tha Conn iToute la Chicago, Ills., at U p’cloe* a. nu, Saturday, the Oth of Fehrnarj, Proxio o, if not prevloaily told at private aale, tbs E. it ot 5. W.bee. U. 41 N., 13 E.,»itaabi shout ouo mils and a ba.i vest of Bvinatis, and twelve north cf Chi cago. Cock County, ill., containing eighty oerea, more About Cftv-flve tr alxty aero* cf tbU tract ore bear* Uy Umbered, the remainder In prairie, whte aUdl- Uuool tnancemenu are foand In us proximity to the beantttul tUUe railroad and late ibura town of Evace ton and the er»at city of Chlcaio. In reference to a place ot residence, tbe fOclim ot sale and delivery of tbe timber ■"«< the prodocti ot tbs *-U generally. . tr Terms of aale pnblubed tbe day of aale. Feraenadesiring to porenate tbU land atpnTatetaia will direct th-lr to toe nnderM«ed. Box>o. -J35. Scales. -pAIBBAKKS* STAHD&KD SCALES, or au duo. | FAIEO AXES. GBEE*LEAF A CO. 936 * 9'AB LaboAt, Chlcace. ißehlcal. JJELMBOLD’B BUOHD. BUCHU. From Dispensatory of tho United States. DIOSMA CRENATA. BUCfIU LEAVES. PBOFEBTIES. Their odor Is strong, dlffuflre, and somewhat arn- matlc, taste bitterish* and analagoua to mist. W7T>T(**T. PSOPESHE3 ABB USES. Buehu Leane are generally stimulant, with a pee» liar tendency to the Uarxarr oxaaxs, producing dla> rests, and. like other similar medlelruw, exciting diaphoresis, when circumstances faros this mode oC action. They are given tn complaints ol the Urinary Omni* inch as Gravel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, Morbid Irritation of tho Bladder and Urethra, Disease of the Prostrate and Reten tion or Incontinence of Urine, From a loea ot tooe la tbt part* concern*! In Ita era» nation. The remedy has aUo been recommended la Pjspppsls, Chronic Rheumatism, Cuta neous Affections, and Dropsj, llclmboltl's Extract Dacha Il uied by perioea from the age* of 19 to is, and from ss io Is, of In the decline at change al Ilia t after Cwv flheme&i of Labor Filial i (led-«eUla| in chlldemi. In Mfeoilons peculiar io Females, ih‘feSfilAl’t M'hllU l< «nr.mllf.| b/ .fa# tts« IS ChlerstU ae Hsteatleß, bFigiluii?, U»laf»l= shi si Ebppfiiilsb of Qsitoasrp Svst aiilesi, UlHHtftt or §oMftom ItßtO OfIbOBtOFBS, t«B> oonhMorWMtrs, Diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, GBAVEIi & DROPSICAL SWEUWGS. This medUioetnereaaea the power of Dlgeatton. and telle* the AbiorbenU Into healthy action, by which ite Watery or Caleeroua depositions, and all L'snaV FnlargemcnU are reduced, aa well as Palm and Inflammation, HEIiMBOIiD’S EXTRACT BUCHD Has cured every case of DIABETES In which It has bees gives. Irritation of the Neck of the Bladder; and Inflammation of the Kidneys, Ulceration of the Kidneys and Bladder, Ketention of Urine, Dis eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stone in the Bladder, Calcnlns, Gravel Brick-dust Deposit, and Hncns or Milky Discharges, and for Enfee bled and Delicate Constitutions, of Both Sexes, Attended with the fbUowlng symptoms: Indlfpotlilon to Exertion. Less el Power,ot Ho> ory. Difficulty ol Breathing, Waak Kama, Trem- bling. Horror ol Disease, WakcfWneia, Dlmae* oi VUlon, Pain la the Back, Hot Banda* Flushing ol the Body. Dryness of the Skis. Eruption on the Face, Pailld Countenance. Universal Lassi- tnda of ths Muscular Sys- tem. etc., etc. HEIiMBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU IS DUERETIC AND BLOOD PURIFYING, And cure* alt dlaeoees aflato* Iford tUfltrt oi Dial?o* +JO „, Kiciartt AND liPßtrbiJfcis 1* Lift iMriritftM vi ißt ULoob. At, StlpefsedllU tJofriW*lfl UfMileM •pf Which ll 14 Med, Idcb M SoHOilMi*, OUUfM flf IcfißiUfldlß*, Afid BffMiLlflO IhiM dle«44H, Hied lßWlfi#4lttiß wllit llclmbold’a Ross Wash. seen at HEMIBOLD’S DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE 594 BBO&OWA7, And by DrnggUts Everywhere. ask for HELMBOLD’S 3*. C - Take no Other. Beware of ConntorftitaL