Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 9, 1867 Page 4
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(El)kago tribune. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 0, 1867. THE CITY. Avxittcax Ilxnnrw Colliox.—Tier. B. Pels cntbal will ledme In Eogllih on this subject at half-past in o’clock this morning- at the Zion Temple, on Desptatnra atrect., betwoea Washing too and Madison streets. Tin PnniWKT Habeas Corpus.—The hearing of toe erldence ou the writ of Aatnu coryrua, in tc the case of M, ». Hockney, which waa expec lid lobe called yesterday, was postponed upon the teqneat of the prlsonet, ntilll Match 8;b next. Tne PrtwAtir Divorce Case.—The argnmenl rhhe notion tor a new Inal In this eanso was ronlmnrd yesterday, Jnfige Arrington answering Ihe rbjectlcms Hlhc complainant'# connsel. and Judge tioodrlch making a lew remarks tn retrty. and to anstain tho notion. The decision of Ihe l oan was reamed. 1 loe Tit at. Estate TnAjtai-Eii.-A lot f,onllng filly feel on UHaile rlrrel, and eighty feci deep, near pUdlaott alreei, was • few fiavt ago sold by Dr. BlrHow lo J.V. Parwell, Fsq., for IIS.WJ. or f.’l?!,* W * I* dlnilntshed lolhlriy etcbl frel front by the city, ibe seder ha* re ahtsd nearly llO.lsju on Hi" properly, bailnr bunght It tor about fin.tßKl a few month* ago. lUatiku Hlft Wirt.—Harney tiillaphor.ft wrl'. known (aloon keeper* whore appesmnc*at Ibe I’ollre t'omlhae eorueiimea been a mallrrofeleln neceselly, waa again an unwilling allend ml ye<* (Hfliy (nothing, He is (he pruprlelur of ohe of the ttlesl.devfl in (he Hottlb lllvlslmt; Imt Ims tiflenre* tills lime eourirhd In eetereH ln-ftlln* a»H abtretne hi* Whe. lor uhleh he wa* flnetl f 5 l. He Fait) It umirf pioterl. Itot'klire.-Mf, & F, Adah!*, lire Wi ll hhotvii C laim Afiihl H( Ihl# ell/, Whii ntilnlbed (Ire file! )<<U hhdef (he hell )AW hi lire Weal* IllhiimHUa (hfiUhvfeiaimmdlihi (irerepnn (imt Ore pay.* mtH of hKitmref liA*,be#h*ii*iiem)e<i. m he (ire: teivtHfillremiUiD, 'lhmrewreiiiigiiiiif-Ufeiiiiya eeitifi *}u Melt hi giveiiun a c-aiii m«AiiK< e hi.ic (hy t«« *j#r (laitmih* jo (nr Him *uiihUm* ip.p hniiHre*, Outre rniirer t*i MadUmi sml I'ehfkpfH aireel*> Hopoaoii'a Mahwat Hmng and ofitctA) i)m» tai.iua pi pnw tn aep«ihi) year oi ire nrereoro, »prt I* vaiy well poi np, || c-opiaim Hta olfitUl Ml»re reUei oi every ynad rnpptng onl of Clilrago, «Uk lUircoi-pcrttoDs. and aratyahja map of all ika ASuttcio railroads. The balds (a distributed Hk'uiii.uelj at all tba prlnrlpal railway >Uttoni on tbc Hues mentioned—Hare inaurii g a vary large diftribum.ii among tba travelling public. It |* a rr>i-clu* advtnlcicgmcdiam. Toe office of Ibe pubUsber is at No. 148 street. Tux Sciiltltx Cass—Coonxcnox.—ln onr re port of Uiie divorce rase two errors weie uninten tionally made wldcb caused the notice to re.*m to teCect upon Judge Jameron. Ibe one wa*, in nut stating that evidence was beard In the case. Tbr recund waa. It. tbe omission by tbo reporter of ttree word*, making it to appear that tbe de- Ciee, which Lad bcej written before the bill was filed, was also signed before ua presentation in open Coart. *Jbe eentence ebould have been: “ it wa; now flgocd by tbe Court and the parties were apparently divorced." DmcnscEP.—Tbe case of Edward T. Jones, re tldiigun West Madison etreet, and cnatged with attempt* d rape upon a young daughter of a mao named Cobb, was called at the Police Court yea teiday aitemo''n, and the prisoner was dis charged. Tbe child's father staled that hla daugh ter upon being taken nefore the Grand Jury on Tnerday. entirely denied the statement she had pievlonbly made to her eUter. A physician bad Ken consulted, aod his opinion clvLated the cave of ire most npnUire features. What strange no tion* lr.ficci.cpd the yoneg girl to make such i-mirgetatraLXts against Jones, have not been atccnaiccd. Eruorraat Maos,—'Merchants, and others who hare Important European correspondence wilt be pleased to learn that arrangements have been made in the Tost Office Department by which one additional mall each week will be forwarded to and from Eurone to tbe States. On and after Thursday. the Slst of March nest a vessel, one of the Bremen line, will leave New York with the extra mail. Taurrdays will be the regular sailing days of the Bremen line from onr ports, and Tues day the days the steamers will touch at South ampton. l\e shall have three European weekly mans—Cnnard steamers on Monday, Bremen stcaners on Thursday, and by the Inman steamers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Swedish AsrrmcAjr. a very excellent week ly newspaper, published In this city. In toe Swedish language, baa (bis week bad a change of editors. Colonel H. Mattson, of Minnesota, who came here last summer, at Ibe request of the leading Swedes of this place, to take charge of the paper from its start, has fulfilled bis mission, got the paper in a very fine condition, wcllknowa and liked by bis people in this country and in Sweden. He retires now from the management of it, and returns to his home in Minnesota, where bis ser vices will be devoted to the emigration interest of tbst State. He is succeeded in the editorial man- Bremen! of the Stefdtth Ammcan by Mr. Herman Hoot, his former associate editor. Sadtt Patrick's Socxett.— The Gu Patrick’s Society met last night at the European Hotel, cor ner cf state and take streets, and, after some dis cussion, appointed a committee, consisting of W. J. Onahsn, J. J. McGrath and Philip Conley, as a central Committee of Arrangements for the an seal banquet on St Patrick’sl)ay. Ike annual election of officers was postponed to Ike next meeting. A comtbiuce, consisting of Messrs. R. J. Brass, J. J. Mcliratb and J. J. W. O'Doaogbne, was ap pointed to report the names of proper persons to be voted for as officers ot the Society. The meeting, alter some routine business, ad journed to meet at tbe same place, on Wednesday evening i■vxt, to elect officers. “Tire Gnretso Pnonac” aim “Musical Leaves.*’— A new volume of devotional song, containing the two books mentioned, has Just been Issued by Pnilip Phillips Si Co. of New York, Cincinnati and 81, Louis. The Pilgrim contains a series ol distinct songs, each illus trating some passage in the progress of Banyan’s ••Cbri-Uan’’ towards Canaan. Tbe Leaves con sist of choice selections of Sunday School music, tlw poetry almost entirely new. tne music well adapted, and bolh of a high order. The arrange ment. end typographical execution are unexcep tionable. Many of the songs in tbe volume hsve tlrcadv become favorites In our Sunday Schools, end the book will be a standard work Ist thou sands of places where tbe way of 111 c la taught to ibe rising generation. Inc lUttacpt Cabz.—Mention was made In yesterday's I'nmuKC oi a warrant which had been issued for the arrest of Herman Better, charged with bastardy. Ho was arraigned before Jnstice IJlilikcn jceletday morning. The complainant in the case, Catharine Uuschmelcr, a German vltl, IwcntT-thrcp years old, testified that about the 4th of Only, HW>, her mother, her sis'er, and her self shipped for America on the vessel “Vlr fli la, 1 ’ and that a d*yor Iwn atlerward* she made Be tor's acquaintance, and three or four days from that lime toelr Intimacy was of an immoral char acter. A child was bmo on Ins 4th of February, l l tr s somcwh.t prematurely, she alleged, In con sequence of her haring slipped to the ground while carrying a pall of water. The child la now a > rar old, hul the obdurate Heller denies fata re lationship. and ictuses to make any M'ttemenU, 11c was cuminSlted lor trial tnbitl of sjOo. A liAiuioAii po.Tor on one of the passenger (rains of the Chicago, i'ltlsbnrgh A Foil Wayne Hoad, hating made complaint to (bo depot policeman, Officer *tuart, Ibtl some person had stolen pooka and clears from hts chest, (ho i,nicer began lo investigate the matter. Ills sua puloi a insied strongly upon one Duncan Oou oiviork. and ho arrested him. I'hn prisoner had upon hi* pen on an oln vest, slniTed beneath hi* rosL* four or five hi. I«oufa baggage check*, and a pawn rickvi for a railroad lantern. The lantern w*a proemrd, and Identified by a conductor on the i*hU«CO. Allou tt Ft. LouU Uoud aaone hi )i«d lost lour wenka ago. GondMock wa* I,.ought hi'joro Juailcc Milukrn ye*<erdsy morn, lip. Jlu said that he found the win on Market rlrcft; he found the baggage checks in a hag-rag* rut whrns bn Oiled lamp*, and the pawn ticket was banded him hy some one In the country, who could not come af'rr tbs lantern himself, lie wa* commuted lor (rial in bail of (AOu. A Moon. lUtDOnoiM.-A ti lurapb of Western elclll and mcenalty ta now on exhibition at the t alee room of Meatra. Lvon & Healey, the eo'er pricing music deilere and puhllshera of thla city, where they bare placed the larreatand la claimed to be without exception the best reed orjran crer made in lhi« country. It was mannfactnred by Mccera. Burnett & Co., at their factory in Hcdc wick street, and has two haulcs of keys, debt sets of reed*, two octaves ol pedals, a knee awclt, kCbe tremolo, and sixteen draw stops, aa tallows: Cnoi organ. I Omall Organ. Diapason, I Cornet, Hate, j Clarinet, Tremolo, I Bonbic Trumpet, Comet Bane, Suborn, Harmonic, Bourdon Base, Bomdoti T reble, {Coaflevr. ITiudpal Ease. | P'dcl Organ. Trombone, Bourdon, Tbo pedal organ consists of two row of power ful vibrator*—one set of which circs a lone equal to an open diapason of sixteen feet, and the other to a dlaps*on m right feel. The compass of the organ Is fromC C C to Cln al- U»*lmo, feirj -one noses, and is equal In power to a pipe oigan costing two or three thousand dollars. The vmety and combination oi the stops Is truly surprising, as by them sny required eGect can be prod need, from (he softest and smallest to the grand harmony of a po«erfol foil organ. The care Is Ihsqilld It finished black walnut with gilt pipes in trod, and presents an appearance at once cbaslcand commanding. We understand that there la lo be a pnb;lc exhibition of this, the “Bmdi-it organ,” before lone, and wc may then nv more than we can at present. Boston claims, su'd is welcome to bare a “ big organ," but Chica go may boast of having the largest and best reed uipsniu the world. A Xrw Monos.—Change of place ts perhaps the definition of “motion" which will hold ccocr all circumstances, applying equally well to the movement of rap In trees, the revolutions of the heavenly bodies, or the action of a piece of machinery. When wc come to define the differ ent kinds of motion vc bave a great task Before us, and even when we limit ourselves to that class ot movements embraced under the head of mechanical, (be diversity is still great enough to be puzall' g. Tons w have reciUmear and oblique, circular and elliptic, concentric and eccentric, direct and secondary, amt all these may be perpendicular horizontal, or set to any angle between these The combination oflhe rectilinear with the circular and their mutual conversion, h-s formed one of the crrrtcsi puzzles, and wss the espcctil diffi culty In ttc early days of the steam engine, tbe experiments turning all tbe wav from sun and planet w beds with cog work, down to tbe staple crack now in use, tbe great trouble with the latter being that there are two points lo each revolution where tbe power applied if practically locScolvo, ireccssitauag the use of fly-wheels or other ap pliances to carry tbo crank past the dead point where tbe sine of tbe potential angle is zero. Mr. O. C. hoeber. of this city, has invented a something which be believes possesses the morit of civile a new variety of motion, and is capable of nclnc utilized lo the overcoming ol the diffi culty presented by tbe dead angle. A parly of renllrmen were yesterday invited by him to ex amine his model. Tbe motion produced Is a sllcbt rsria'ion from tint known as cydoldal. and may perhaps be be«t described as (bat produced ante centre of ■ cart-wheel, which ha* a slick tl-d at right k.jrlei to one of tbc spoke* luride tbc leiloe, anu the wheel backed np against a f. nee In snrh a way that while the lop of the wheel Is push'd towards the fence, the sil k travels downwards acclmt the face of the pilings. , 11 will hr apparent thallhe centre ol the wheel teredesfrom 'he fence, moving in a contrary di n cilnn la the forte applied, few la wbal Is claimed *• Ibe new roovpmcut. . .... Wc will pot ntiempi to discuss the merits of iho claim, or»a» whether ll Is applicable lo the pur poses slated. It Is due to (he gentlemen present (ops*, that, while opinions were divid'd on the former topic, liter gem-rally failed to see tfts record. air. l/oeher Is, however, a persevering mac. and may y«* P'ltecl tholbiiig ft a demon •ltalian tm re undeniable linn that liy whlci he sometime since allemptcd to prove Ihai a sta tionary weight can b* made to ommunlraie mo- Hen, which is m much as to mike a cluck go oy lutana of welgbra, without ruimlug do 'a, POLICE FIRE AND HEALTH. Boding of the Commissioners—The OflU question—Communica tion from IT nil) A Co. Their,m.r ecml-wtcklr meelln,of Ihe jjo.rf tf d H '“ u ’ c °“«lMlon«r. b.ld yc.tcrd.y stlernoon. P,oa<nl-T. BJBtown i>q.. in the chair aod Coonniraion-r Good * A * Til*worih," and Uenrv V • olrtran fireman on tbo ** a n . \t i ‘l-W 111 * 11 ' on the coioer or .. JPvtand Htewait avenue, la o(Tun. the^d» O |M« r «'ln u c f i ,o i V* c boaill ' comfort of (>*rell?re ▼*c , nl»y« and asklnp tbatsfep* 1 d•! length. Hobart r ***hltcumcdt. and found that It was •" PtiMihlc; (hat the proprle iS?».»W°r.T 0 £ ,, .V ,U * care In removing the blood and offal Irom slnugfilered animals, ear tying on an average one Imtuiml ami twenty wagon loads per day. ami during the present W ft* »re*«n h l vc dl'bosed of this arm tnylallun from about lut.uxi hogs mid iu.m callle, besides that of olher animals s that hn does not think (list the rstatdUhmeiil could l»e removed (u any mote desirable pnsiilon: (lint (he heavy atoms of Hie nrerenl sraimi have r«ir*rv eial days prevented the work of removal, but (hat they ere now prosecuting It rapidly j that ft Is Imposfible lo remove I bis tiiietulve matter with mil some tnntnvi-rili-pee to (luiso living to its titlglibmhondt and that either the packing busi ness must be suspended or removed beyond the limits oi the Hly, or Ibis Inconvenience must be endured* as he deemed It Ibe best roeUimlyet discovered. Ihe report was accepled and placed OU file. Wr. Wahl, of the firm above mentioned, ad dinred the Boa id on (lie same attbieei, He said (bat his firm had invested about |l(0,U00 lb the business j tire* bad built depots here and •I Alnswodb, fthtf bouses firs their (Illy or fit t men, laid ttarlis, pul In bollera, bad cars bnlll eai’h-Mlr for Uiem. atjrt bsd earned nn ibe WoikJn the T>es pnMlj. n maimeh Udrlbg »be bnlf »e*ls Uial Ibe; lijml lisen slifiaged, (lt»| bad sent oilt WU tikfsi ennialntne aiiavefage of fllleen At limes the Iraek bid Tieeh so nii sltUHefl liisi It bad te.jniied fuitf biL-omollvef lu ft*; 31m jmjt-efs of tn# I'lHsbnfdb a fort wAlbe llsllfoso ijesefiert miieh «tc*dil /of wldefi tlie» bad sltosb in i(im hulk, so mnspebsHbie to Ibe I Hv, aljitoiieli oll«» M dPJH lb Hi n »eii I eb.fw (o ibeb» : j| any more it-SMole plan ol diijmsiHg o j the nnioMOsu smmibl of om»} arrmimjsieff by i» ( » pg bonses rnnbf U awMi h,m' firni *mU lie fcUd to loir H, li bad iituo propoßbii p, csrry M Pin in tpo* sto n duianpe lb ibe («U, but || w»a bjipniitn ibM dmiiiß tb« vary aegaim wfimi tbo print ipaUKiiiuiiMvps accnmni4l»'t il«a river and *»t>alWhre frown up, Hu firm bad rsaliaoq only utiuti) four pur cent on tbeir largo invo»- mcni, and thoughtK waiunjnst that (boyshould da now üboeed for doing what was a most minor taut woik, and which, when U waa started, waa loudly applauded. Mr. Wahl presented a communication to Ihe Iloata upon Ihe anhji-cl, which waa placed on die. U Is given poi'euUn. and abonln be read by wary one Inteiecled in this greet question of disposing ol ibe immense amount of ottsusire mailer which la the necessary reaolt of one ol the moat Impor taut bianchea of busineaa tn too city. The Board seemed to think, as mnat be evident to every honest observer, mat while the removal of the oflcnslvo matter la necessarily disagreeable to those living In Ha immediate vicin ity, ilcesia. Wahl Brothers & I.lghihall were do ing it In tbe moat systematic and effectual manner that has yel been oevised, and that it waa highly nnjnst to raise an ontcry against them for what is a necessary onl which they are rendering valuable service m removing. Tbe lolllowlng la the COXXUVICATIOir. To the Honorable the Board of Police Commla eloncn: We notice in the proceedings of the Common Connell, a petition from a number of property holdora and otbera claiming to live in tbo vicinity ol onr depot on Twenty-aixth street and Stewart avenue, describing eaid depot as an intolerable nuisance, and asking the Connell to abolish it. which petition was referred to yoar honorable Board for action. As our platform has been repeatedly visited by members ol your Board, and is daily Inspected either by the Health Officer In person, or by one of his assistants, and as we have reason to be lieve yonr Board is satisfied with the manner in wbten onr business at the receiving depot is con ducted, we might salely pass Ibis matter over in silence, wereitnotfor the fear that onr alienee might, by the public at large, who ate not ac quainted with the machinery by which Ibe city is rid of tbe blood and oOai created by one of Its largest and most wealthy producing branches of industry, be coaid rued into an acknowledgment of tbe troth of the representations made by your petitioners who, strange lo say, almost to a man, either di rectly or indirectly make their living and owe the nee in their property ano the general prosperity of their suburb, Bridgeport, to tbo packing Inter* cst, which, by their Irrational hostility to the only poraiole method of getting rldofttsodal, with out which packing u impossible, they seek to destroy, or at least to cripple. We will not reason withyonr petitioners, for we have ceased to believe (hem np to rational ar guments, but we may bo permitted lo state to the public at large that the difficulties of getting rid of any offensive matter, whether from the slaughter houses, hotels or private houses, are ranch more formida ble here than at places favored with swift-flowing riven, like St. Louis, Cincinnati, etc.. In which places the blood, etc., la simply run into tbe riv en, and by their correct carried away almost as soon aa thrown in. Thcpublic have surely not forgotten the time when the odal was thrown Into the Chicago Kiver. and when it did not need a miscroscope to discover portions of the same in every glass of water they drank. They have not forgotten the time whoi tbe packers, prevented by the authorities to lomernse the river as a re cipient ol their offal, and utterly at a loss bow otherwise to dispose of it, deposited the same near Thirty-lint street, and that tbe city authorities, la order to suppress tbe atenen arising from the exposure to the sen and rain of these acres of tilth decaying in tbe immediate neighboihood of one of tbe best residence por tions of onr city, bad, at great expense, to employ a large force to bnty the stud. All these 111 are of so recent a dale and so fresh In the minds of the thinking public, that we call your attention to this state of aSalrs a few years ago simply In or der to better enable yon to appreciate what we have done and what eCOrts we have made to rem edy a nece&saiy t vil, for tbe existence of which we ate In no way responsible, and which will continue to exist aa long as tbo majority of the property bolder* wlil refuse to adopt tbe narrow-mfodt-d views of your petitioners, calcu lated lo entirely drive away from the city tbe packing Interest. If cities, and especially targe dries, aSbrd to their inhabitants many advan tage* not obtainable m smaller plac-s, such as gas, water, eewcragr, places of amusement, etc., the living together of large numbers of human beings occasions also Inconveniences, which are unavoidable No one, for Instance, will contend that it !« a pleasant or easy matter for tnc authori ties to dispose of the night soil, garbage, otc., but yet It bas to be done, and however well this may be done In the best regulated cities, it is, and ever will be, an exceedingly un pleasant matter to contend with. 8o with the industrial iucrests in large cldc*, which, in most cases, are tbe very basis of their prosperity. Tanneries, soap facOnes, glue lac tones, packing bouses, slaughter bouses, chemi cal factories, etc., are not located In clUet be* came 111-plea-ant to the other inhabitants to have them there, but because hides, billow, hogs, cat Ic« etc., are tot obtaioatihj anywhere elec, and because the product of these facPiriea cannot be disposed of except In farce cities. I'be commu nity has to bear np with these unavoidable In conveniences, and try to remedy them as wet) as they can: and this fa precisely what we have done and what we nro now doing with (he most formidable of all the Chicago Ills, and sc claim ilia* In no city on (be face or tbe globe la this done better than by na at present. For nearly o rear and a half wuhavo earned all the packers’ oSal to our works at Ains worth, a distance ui four Icon miles from the Court Ilonas, atid, with oue single exception, occasioned by last vceVs heavy snow storm, which made even the running of passenger trains impossible, wn have run special trams to our works with tlm utmost regularity. The whole animal oral tnsdo In Chicago ever since we com menced to carry tlm stuff out by rail tanow removed fourteen mlKa from Dm centre of the city, and we Malm that this could not have hern accomplished bad not soma men of public spirit and enterprise taken hold of this matter and in precisely the same manner in which U was done by ua. 'laklng It lot granted ihsl no one seriously Intends to drive the packer* away, we would askyour peiuimicr* how they propose in gel rid ol that <>(Tat. Would It b* less mt«>n*jve to carry Urn rame lour miles ouuhleof Urn preteni cpy iimtis, or a dUfancn ol at least Mven mil’s iroin the ncaresi parking house, in vagnns, spilling halt of it on lim road and through stroma InU'iPml by people, ihan to miry (he same In one train on a railroad which U and will mu bu bordered hy house*! Miould this i«llrosdiranai>orialionbo stopped, two hondrrd wng.’ns would uot do it during ibo parking sea •onai.d the strecia would he blocked np by an unbroken string of wagnos, carrying nuisance part the dooia of these vltv jmlliloners: hut to do this would he an nttor Impossibility. In tbe epring and fall season of tbe rear when the heav teat slaughtering fa done,(beroads are (□ such shot -1 tomleea stale Ibat car depot In Its present location > cannot bo reached by any vehicle, and (here were times last fall when the offal ha J to accumulate at ibe packing houses on account ol the impossiblh , ty oi reaching our platform, even with an empty 1 wagon. When, four years ago, the offal waa dumped near Thirty-first street, it was not done r became parties wilt oily desired to violate the laws, hut because it was utterly impossible to , haul tbe eluff any further out, ana these roads are cow, as they were then; and we would like to know on what roal, lor Instance, your pcUtionuis would propose to haul out tbe stnQl and what they would propoie to do with tbe staff after they got It four miles outside the city limits. Would they then Jump It again, and would tbe smrli not come back again Into tbe dtv, or would they bury ft, acd w bo would give his property for ihfa purpose ? It has been ealu, the stuff shenid he loaded on fcows. taken outtu the middle of the face and there damped Bid it ever occur to tbe persona *bo made this suggestion that tnc rivers and csnals are frozen up solidly daring tbe entire packing season? Jbe only possible way to get rid of this stuff is the one we ate punning. The stuff is not, ts your pedtioDcrs represent. unloaded on the platform, but It goes dlnctly into one of tbe twenty cars, constructed for us at great expense and expressly for this purpose, the pUtform some 4ix) feet lone, and the cars while loading are sur rounded by a tight board fence fourteen feet bleb, and the loading ts cocductcdjwUh as little offence to the neighbors as may and if nevertheless we cannot, as if by maple, suppress the smell entirely while in transit, or take the material to Calnmct by balloon thte Is not our fanll, but one of those unavoidable inconveniences pertaining to a large citv. Finally we would beg lo say that we have done tbis thing faithfully—wc may claim. Intelligently. We are far (ram considering ourselves ©Senders agxint-t the laws orihe welfare ot our lellow-clli teits, bnt on the contrary we claim to have ren dered tbo dly material service. In conclusion permit ns to say that we are heartily tired of the constant barrasslngs, and that we exceedingly regret to hare launched In so no grab ml an enterprise. We have no favors to ask, either ot your honorable body or the Council, but, on the contrary. If yon should, upon inves tigation. find that our enterprise Is against the In- M test of the city, we desire yon to say so. and we will discontinue tbc same at once and without sny legal proceedings on yonr part, and thus re lit vc ourselves of an anxiety which cannot be home by na much loeger, and which was never <epald by any pecuniary equivalent, although pretty much everything we earned daring twelve years 1 bard labor is lnvc*»cd In It, Your* respectfully. Warn. Bnos. & laaatHaii. The Board adjourned alter bearing the report. BBUOISn IN CO.H.BON LIFE. Grace Greenwood’a Lecture—lll ultra* ilous and Comparisons. Mrs. LipplncoU, better known to the reading public aa “Grace Greenwood,” lectured last even ing lo the Opera House before an andleoce which, many other room oflhe city, would be described as large. TTie lecture was for tbc benefit of the 1 abcrcaclc Mission School, and Us subject was “Heroism In Common Ufe.” The ala of ihcad dress was to Impress the ld<a upon iho public nurd, that In the humblest walks of life moral itlor and magnanimity arc not extinct, but are glowing and increasing, to tbe honor of mankind and ibe happiness and advaccemcut of the world Jn commencing, the Icctmrea set before her auditors vivid pictures of medlnval Borrows, mill gated by the heroism of those whose names are - icrcribed upon Heaven’s roll of honor. The plague of Marseilles to 171 U, softened by tbo he roic band of galley slaves and soldiers organized by Cln filler llose, was described In lls enormi ties. sonows and gloom, with Its accompaniment < f lore and unflinching heroism, and wav com (lasted with (he heroic course of the Light Brlgsdr In their gallant charge a*. Balaklava. The career of Florence Mglilhigals, lo mention whose name In In hrratbe a prayer, In the hospital* of Scutari, was m at spoken of as an illustration of heroism, Vc all coiild not bo so rrnowrcil. Many an un suspected Hose blossoms which loss their scent in the atmosphere of Heaven, and many a mule Nlchllngslu rxisla whoso harmonious notes ring In the eara oi Ood. ... Thciceuesat frorfuU, when (he yellow fern ton ''* ri ' «umpt»i or thin nrih.iiVil '. h r '•!'«” —onj.o—tho Micl.lono. Herndon rocmatalne rm?^ b i 8 I b p wb s n «c*POWM open, the world could find precedent* for emulation? Other In* stances of • or tore akin to these were apeciO-d lo f* 0 " l^5 l dt'ine attribute of the eonl la not loftto the world. heroism the Icclnrena distinguished from courage by tho forcible illnslntxin of the two gnaidtmeti at Waterloo, who, riding together upon tho haille-fleld In conrerka’(on,pas*e(iiheio woid*, one saying. “You ire afraid, to which the reply was made; “Yea, lam afraid; If you were only bait as much alrald as 1 atn, you would ta>n and gallop off the field. Having dra*n this distinction, ahe pointed oat bow tbo engineer upon the locomotive and the navlet tor upon tho lakoa and ocean*, were oltenUme; exemplifying their oobl*rluipal*os at the oxpeme ottbelr judgment*. Away on the nralrie« a* the Wert, toco as uoh.e of heart ai Walter Kslelgb travelling to tho nnknown Hoalbern water* bad been nod now arc. From all the Instances referred to, ahe dro w the Inirrenco that heroism cannot bo stereotyped. It ba* It* place In Ihe Himatr a* upon the baiflo field, amt Its lodgment In the heart of a tU'lbaldl engaged Jti camllniiißking, as well n* tn (ho breast of a Henstor battling for (be right tn spltn of Hzrcutlva dlclallon and frown*. The analogy between the matters bUaoneil to tbo world, to tne ■cU at the fireside, was carried further, until the speaker came lo tbo heroism of tho advocates of reform In women's drers, and the upholder* of the right of women to vole. ITic speaker thought dial the man ware but teasing the wenker sex In Ibis regard; aha knew in the eiid that the aufnage would bn given them, but she advoetled It only for three elisves: (be single woman who pay tiaea; (ha married women who have tnlnda of their owq, amt all women whnwant It. Him wa*, Inmover, willing dial a property miiliflcatlon ahnnid bo made the lent, and tin t) 1( ►lionM bn required dial the woman should own a sewing machine and a clothes wringer. Or If an Inlilllirenee iinallilci- Hint were ashed, II should he that she should be able to roncoet a pudding, wrlle a jettrr, or k«"p a tioardlng house at a plum and support her hus band. If n mural qualification waa asked to he Imposed, ahe was willing that It bo required of Ibe female dial ahe shall nut dsnee round dances wllli every one who a*ked her, nor read iho New Turk J/rtruny, the iVHcs UatfUf nr Ihe Fred dent s Message. Hbelhmiehl the women of Ihts age had greatly leceneraled Ju rnnreular HhHadanMv, Imt Urged ha) In dinafTslre of life dßrelophtg Ihvltncej 111 li be reeotded lb her flililfcss, llreV bail, aloce he/ lasted ol die furlildilrnfrnllsof pbllosopli/. betMsedln viyor, Slid In dtp same resjreel sfi# Vreweil Ibe euniss nr nrem Phe ibsii Urged dist Wefluiiol diHi dniii IliH sinsll eiiilii-es of duiuo Pirnd lit Ibe semeb bti uieslei übjeris to (be |dm of all, e*|ffesMiig dm tiles (hal lit jW befolsm n| i-ojijinHi llle is ijjA liestl a bbinflnfiU wtiild, beleilme UftsilMeiteil lo wnb gfesl allfiidmi, AIMW lefeFem-esltilbe sdlllitila of (Mir HPlllforllsllfw,Sbd Obe ftllilsifiu (•» “die pisr ivied l : fufHd»,“ In In* bunor-p UritideF.iifew fuMb snmeijpj.lMise. -AalfantHujiidi (o iV imirjlv: pies of Audjew ijibnson In fsvor of ‘'aA naMiH r„nr.rtjbei;jrfjfl,‘ , > «ini in die ye«nng twitir." ilr baward, fiirdi isimbjar, Tb« lady realised a pb sMitl welr-ome npm, tbo nepMlmi of (bis boy first iMibllr. vi<u »lnr.n«>b« spoke in dhipago In aid aoidrer/* 1 Wl * cr ‘ 3 * tor IJ ‘ B orphans of LAW INTEUIOENCE. Sails fn IKclnilon lotho Oainatropbo on lire ierner or Mate mod Blwdlaon hireefa—JudtfmenU and New Salta— A Declelon ou die Pound Ordinance— Divorces, Ihe Chcuit Court Is not in acMlfm. nor will It be next wick. The new salts In this Court were s Hamilton and Craft) vi, John J. Schwarz, Augnelßaner and Charles Daslmg. This |ls an action on ibe cue, damages being laid at S1&,000, and it result* from the falling of Schwarz's build lug near the corner of Clark and Madison streets. James £. Hamilton also sues tbo same parties tin the same metier for $20,000. An action of assumpsit was commenced by the Manhattan Brass and Manufacturing Company ts. Amory & Gilbert F. Bigelow; damages being laid at SI,OOO. In tbe common law branch of tbo Superior Court, presided over hy Hon. J. E. Gary, the fol lowing in dementi were rendered: David ilireeb vs. William Van Fleet and Charles B.Seymour: assumpsit: to. recover npon two drafts made in New York, dated May Slth last, tor the aggregate amount of 5713. by I), lilrach £ Co. upon defendants, The default of Van Fleet was entered, and judgment against him for $713.03. Ad. la as lo Seymour. George Stnrgcsa ts. O. f dwards; assumpsit. Default and judgment for S2OC. Joseph Haigh vs. William Temple: assumpsit on a note dated at Morria, March S 3. 1800, for 1479. on which $223.50 had been paid. Judgment for $357.07, The default and Jndcment In the caw of Adol* phillullvs. J. W. Lambler, was, hy agreement, eel oi-ide, and leave was given to the defendant to plead. DelanU was entered In the case of Clark U. Chapmen vs. L. P. White & Son. noon a note of $;Ui, c'atcd at Holland, May 27. ls5S, at seven mouths. The * Tbe loir in the case of Mchlmvn vs. The Com* mcrclal lusnrance Company, of Chicago, which has occupied since tbe afternoon of Monday, re tamed into Court a verdict for tbe plaintiff, with 12,000 damages. The suit was on a policy. A replevin salt, appealed from Justice tlolslne ton. Involving a question under the ponod ordi nance, was decided. Th? case was or Samuel B. Appleton against William Warnlck, the South Division Foundmaster, to tocover possession of a cow which was found at large within the pound limits. Itie ordinance provides that there shall be paid in such case, as compensation, to tbe Ponndmaeter, fifty cents, a Übe earn dally for keeping, and three dollars as penalty; and if the animal be not redeemed it shall be sold. Tbe appellant held that the tender of one dollar and a half should release the ani mal, and that the penalty must be collected as other penalties, by process or law. Turn position was overruled, and Judgment was given lor de fendant. _ James Clapp against William Clawson and Frederic P. Brown; assumpsit, on a note lor f 1,600, dated February 2, ISU'J, at four months with interest, on which fc'J9.7U bad been paid; Judgment against Clawson for 11,076.44. Default was entered in tbe case of* John F. Ilathbonc against W. H. StreveU and others. As enmpslt. The Court was engaged daring tbe afternoon session In heating the case of George C. Ulxon against David Ford. This Is an action of assump sit, in which a capiat issued. Tbe ball, however, was discharged July last, tho .writ standing for a summons. It Is to recover upon a note alleged to be for money loaned. Ibe new suits in this Court Include only two ac tior-s of assumpsit. Kllx.bcth Miller vs. Ferdinand Bchecker and Louis Erbst; damages 8500. Charles lUetz tnd|Bros. vs. Iho Town of Cicero; damages tMV. Chief Jo lice Wilson was engaged flaring the nay In testing tho objections to the dtyawesa mui'te, as published a few days since in the Tm hukk, which are In the court for Judgment. On tlie chancery side of tbi« Conrt,Jndge Jame son presiding, a decree of divorce was rendered in the case of Jennotte Earll egalnatCharlca Earll, on the ground of desertion. In the case of Williams ts. Nelson et at. an or der uas entered, and Homer N. Hibbard was ap pointed receiver. In the divorce case of Caroline E. Cunningham airainst Enoch T. Cunningham, proof of publica tion In the Chicago Weekly CAnsiion Time* end'i* was made, and upon that publication the default of the respondent was entered, and a ref erence was ordered to a master, i'be bill in this care staff that complainant, whose milden name was Grabam, has been for over two years last past aiesidetit of this city, who*eabo now resides. I hat, Jsnnary 1,1863. at Bird's Point. Missouri, she »■ os married, by the Chaplain of the Eleventh Illinois Infantry, to her present husband, since which time she lived wlln him until September I*. It W, when ho deserted her without cause. I’be bill also charges that the hoshaud committed adult-vy with a woman who wa* called b» tha sol on ra at Vicksburg "Mrs. Cunningham' 1 during Ibe summer of Iffri, and also with women at St. Louis whoso names arc uukuo an. A decree of divorce was tendered in ibo case of Forbes agslusl Forbes, upon the Master's report. in the case of Allred P. Huntington against El mirs Thompson and others— the case which will he tomciiihetcd a* that which waa rocenllv pub lished In which the name of Hon. tlurallußoy mour appeared is a defendant—a decree was made appointing Commissioners lo make partition of property In tbe east half of Uu* southwest quarter ol beciiimthtity-flx iu townshipthlrtr-nlno north, range thirteen cast. In the county Court, before Judge llradwell, Irtieia testamentary issued to ICauolftio Column, Hi Ibo estate of Ira Coleman, 'Hie cißlo of Maty beahey was declared •olllod. the o*iatn of William A (Jruaa was declared closed, and a uuirlhullon ordered. In (he liecorder’s Conn, the following pmooera pfaadrd nol guilty on arraign monli William Bunion,larceny. Daniel Cornell, larceny. Derrick Mils, burglary. IVnlck Flits, larceny. George Ferguson, faicctty. harsh Hall. laicenv. Iln.ry Bussell, larceny. Tboroa* llcjnnlds, larceny. (three Indictments!. Frederick Hchrooder, assault lo mnroer. John HmPh and Patrick HnUlvan, burglary. W illiaro Thompson, assault to injure. An Injunction waa ordered In the divorce case of Irena vs. William H. Yates. In tbe case of Mattie U. against Albert 8. Noble, for divorce, filed January Oiih, on (be ground of desertion, the respondent's default was entered, when the nlll was token pro confute. The same course was Had lo tbe bill of Wallace T. against Lvrila G. tarkln. Proof waa afterward hoard and a decree rendered on the charge of Lm potency and desertion. A dcciee was recorded In tbe divorce ease of Frances Batchelor against her husband. Merntt P., which wts referred on Thursday. This was in confirmation of tbe Master's report, which pre sents the testimony of a witness, Charles A. Bald win. who swears that be saw defendant In bed with a woman at the rooms of defendant, which he need to visit. Michael Marcan pleaded guilty of larceny. Michael ilcQuade. Peter McQnade and John Coyne, on trial on Thursday tor larceny, were loved gnllly, and their punishment asses fed at one year iu the Penitentiary. Janies McCabe. Joined with them in the Indictment, waa found not eollty. The crand Jnry retnmed fifteen true bills. Jennie lewis, indicted as the keeper of a lewd house, "as admit ed to bail, with E. A. Jess el as emciy, In the snm of S3OO. ft llilam Dnmett was acquitted of bavin# used personal violence aqalnst an officer, A nolt* rrotfjui waa entered In the case of Jennie Bortaell, indicted for keeping a lewd bouse. David C. Smith, who pleaded not entity of lar ceny on the 14lh Instant, yesterday pleaded guil ty. THE SOLDIERS’ HOME. Lcctnrc by Dr. BlackaU—Recollections of the Great Siege of Ficksbnrg. Dr. C. R. Blackall delivered a lecture last even ing in tbe Soldiers’ Home, detailing his recollec tions of the siege of Vicksburg. Besides the res idents of the Home a considerable number of other citizens were present, and all were deeply interested In the recital. A few words of fitting Introduction of his sub ject, addressed to his “brave comrades from compand field,"and a reminder that tbe lec ture was not designed to be historical, so much as persoiial* dealing in scenes which might be famil iar to most or nil of those present, nod an appeal to them as witnesses to the fidelity to troth which would be maintained, and the subject was fairly opened. December, 1562, was (be starting point of the “ Recollections” for tbe hour, when the brat great efiort was made against Vicksburg, designed to rirlke the city In (be rear, na Jackson, Miss. Tbe experiences of the new recruit* were then sharply drawn, as they labored along, heavily laden with burdensome loads of clothing, arms and ammunition, borne of (he horrors ot war were vividly portrayed, In the de struction of fences, bams, out-houses and dwel- Huge alorg the route, which waa marked by a track of desolation and suffering. A word sketch of Gram was well given, showing some of the reasons which have made him what he is in the hearts of his men. Tbe difficulties of travel over soft, muddy roads were shown to be no trifling mailer when a large army was the mov- Inc subject, and the pluck and fertile resources of Gratl in overcoming all obstacles were well shown. The pictures of camp life were often atnuFing, though evidently true to life. Glancing rapidly at the events of the march lo Yocona, and tbe temporary difficulties arising Iron Van Dom’s raid upon Holly Springs, where to ibe further progress of the army was prevented, and lit subsequent reinru to Memphis, the speak er passed lo in** 17th of May, IW3, when his divi sion embarked for Vicksburg by tbc river route, landing at Young’s I'olnt, opposite the city, they «cte soon altetwards re-embarked on transports (or PbtOcr's lilufla, up (he Yazoo Hirer, and took possession ot tlie descried heights, Ihe rebels having Jasl fled from their camps. After narrating some interesting personal erne tierces, tbe Doctor spent the lime In discussing scenes ami Incidents relative to the sieve, which had more or less come under bis direct observation. The end bees of aitOVtlng on tbe part Pi the slmi-up citizens, ts shown In many • ays, but flnsily uy the sending out oi a large ntpiber of non-combatants, men, women and clilhimi, toesca|xi Ihe starvation, but who were promptly returned aa the quickest way of bring* /tig them (o (emi t were clearly given, The so- t-ere labor and great privations of onrdWn force* wore also shown, In a manner which could hot be reecribm ty an? one who waa not prcaeal lbrou< bont tbo whole of thla terrible period. A noticeable feature of the lecture waa a detail of one of the frequent cooreraaUoaa between the nickels of both tin os, truly a moat ludicron* feature of the Btrurrie. Ibo scenes of the third and fourth of July were ducriood In a graphic and deeply Into*eating maaoer, aod Ibe picture of apparent tbo mldal of war's dread car nage. was faithfully drawn. On tbo day of tbo surrender, Dr. B. visited the city, aud marked Itanoßt Important characteris tic*. He called It r> ally a “hospital city,” every bon*e almost having the yellow flag Bring, and every available *nol being occupied by hospital lent*, filled with etek and wounded men, the number being stated as from C.OUO to 8,000. He waa (old br a rebel surgeon, in an«wor to a qnea lion as to the a prevailing disease, that it wa« “chiefly fV|f dlirasc,” which he characterized aa “ralbfr a grim pun,” The Doctor cloaid with an extract from an an published poem, written soon aftertbo occurrence of the everts dcrcrlK <l, In which bo spoke of the anticipated return of peace, and the rich blcia Inga which would follow In her tralp, amounting which ho haa lived to ace entirely The lecture is announced to be given In MonM. Will County, on Monday evening uext. for the benefit ol aHabbslh Bchnol, * ’ or w MIDNIQHT MURDER, A Dar Tomlcr Hhot IfoAd In a fialoou- An Old Qtmrnil llloodll/ Adjust. cd-Tlio UtsiilU of InobrUtod Frpurj—Kaenpo of tho AiifißfiHln* Unlit wllbln ■ few days there hat hecn a remarkable scarcity of murder* In Chicago. The city hat been ominously peaceful foracou. alderable period, and (he dtlaemi bad probably deluded Ihtmielvea Into (he belief (hal (he mil lerjlrtm wit nl hand. One of our most tmlorloui criminals, a nurutress had Jirelbe, ti returned In he hosum of the cnromnnlty j for Ibe 4 pnrpiree of jjluslrailng anu fuilililnr The jirnpheey oi ihe lioness (ring down with Ihe lamb, Inllmathlg dial fts lhehlgnoferhnewssnt (in ebd. the iinnish mini ol ttlms was snlierilmius, .IlnflliU bilef in; tel v«| of peace Is over, II was lull Ibe bttili bm r ( UH I rt i p ldm of murder baa sh«iu ana iHu'd, ahd wfljilne lew days ibe IrsHijnmi/ id Ibe Himiiiiinliy its* been disihMmd by slioullim jmajrs mid rlsblilng dOtßya nr vailoii* Qegleei of I.RstnmblabniiUwelveifielotfc sn (filpb*? «: i-llaiHHil was piuaUil hi llifi vminijy m iio iimf: ' l ‘ f i‘f,M' , U , ' M|miuiH,wu ‘«bltl/4tii mail bad iireii miHdered (uiWßniß, wtmllvNMNrt, I'M Hanirft> l(lt*ll HIM, ftljd UMlgwed ft* yif:|S|((i«f tH IHO sslominf r.ll,imrtsp, mi, hfi jUfimni sirsot, was k)ioi duftd by (janFH« NpiiMu, flarli In a whmMslatmnlapd rjinu atnru (g inUeMy, Tbs cticiimsui.rca are as fnllimM A number «f man wan* r-olleciert in lire aalnon, and having drank quire frody began in urnw qnarreUome, An ailercallon apranu up, wiihoul any tvlduri esnee, between one ftoorire Wfluhi And Hen. poilew, andafiubt waa ensuing, when mljon, ibe deciiesert, who was alandtng behind Uiu bar, near which they were, ateppad up to Inter. Icre. 'ibtrenpon a general row began, and neo field, who waa cloau at baud, drew a ptatnl irom hiapocket and fired. The ball paaaal into tba hrafn ol WiUqq. just over the right ear, tiaiiiigtoadcpth of Ibreo inches and longing. BcofieTd aod Uie otheta who had been engaged fa tbo quatrel Immediately tied, and up lo two o'clock bad cot been arrested. No cause except Intoxication can be asaigued for tbo terrible deed. Aa soon aa porelole after tbo occurn-nee Dr. B. P. Iteynolde, whose office la near by, waa the wonnaed man waa lifted from behind the bar where be fell, and laid upon tba floor. He waa totally unconaaona and barely breathing, and sur vived bnt about half an boor. The place where be stood wo* cowred with blood, and the gore slowly oozed out of the dvibg man's bead, form ing a dark pool ujion tin: floor. As soon as life waa extinct tbo body waa taken to the Central Station, where it now lies. Thu murdered man waa about thirty years old, ana leaves a wife and child. He was about five feet eight Inches high, of light complexion, with a light mustache. He came from New York city, aud haa been employed in the saloon since Feb ruary let. He tonncrly kept bar at the Gagle Ho tel. Fonr young men who were in the saloon and witnessed Ihe transaction were arrested and taken to tho Armory to appear as witnesses. It is 6* td that there was an ol>i standing quarrel be tween bcofield aud bia victim, and this oppor tunity may have been purposely taken for tho pmpose of revenge. Bat the trial will show more dearly the facte of this terrible transaction. AmUSEfIIENTS. Museum— Notwithstanding the bad weather last overlap the benefit of Mrs. Clara Stonoall proved to be a very substantial one Indeed, the lecture room being Quite crowded. “ Rory O'Moro,” and ‘•The American* in Paris,” two very acceptable pieces, woie presented in excellent style »y the company, ara the beneficiary waa warmly called before the curtain. This afternoon, “Married Life,” In the even ing, the eame bill as last night. McYickcr's Tutatbe—Mias Helen Western toon a benefit last night in the “French Spy,”and bad a crowded boose. This afternoon and even ing will be her last appearance. A FmomruL Rdhawat.—a span of horses at tached to a wa»on belonging to one o( the ex press companies, was left untied, between three andfonr o’clock on Thursday altcrnoon.ncar the corner of Madison and State streets, and, becom ing frightened at something, started swiftly up Slate, nearly In the middle oftbc road. The driver of a streetcar coming north saw the approach of the maddened team, the wagon bounding behind them like a rubber ball, and as they were rapidly nearing him and directly in front, be considered that not only tho lives of bis horses, bat his own existence wore in some danger, and hastily un coupling bis whUQetrees from the car he drove his team to the sidewalk and awaited anxiously the result of the onset. On thundered the fright ened team, only a few passengers Inside the car being conscious of the approaching danger, and they had taken themselves quickly to the rear, buddenly the collision came and the sbeel-lron railing and a portion of the platform were carried away. In another moment tbe furious animals were flying by, tbe heavy wagon still up right and not essentially damaged by the bumping it bad received. Ibis was near Jackson street. Between Van Boren and Ham sou streets a gentleman and lady were riding down State street in a cutter. Not seeing the ap proaching danver until tbe runaways were almost noon them, with great presence of mind tbe gen- Uomau quickly turned his hone to a right angle and drove him up a enow bauk as far as possible. 'lbis, perhaps,saved thorn (rom destruction, as the express wagon barely reached the rear of the sleigh, and quickly sped on. Near the corner of : I’olk street tne team collided with another street car, it Is reported, breaking the pole of the express wagon, and so arresting tbe speed of the horses Ihatby suddenly closing in noon them several men succeeded In capturing them. It is remarkable, and something to bo thankful for, that no lives were lust, nor serious injuries sustained from such a frightful runaway. " Jack Nelson Let lim Out. I '—The name of “O. A, Jaynes 11 was called yesterday morning at the Police Court, but there waa no response. "Jack Nelson had lei him oat*’—says an evening paper. In quoting the language of an officer, and limber states that O. A. J. left no deposit; that nothing could he coVectcd of turn, and olber lamentations. Ihc roan Jaynes got arrested. One ortwo offals friends sought Captain NcDon, who wrote a note to the Station keeper, that If the man was in for liolug drunk or disorderly to let him out on deposit. A deposit of fU was left, and the man went away wild bis friends. A few minutes after bis name waa called yesterday morning Mr. Jaynes ramo Inin the Court. Thus it« as that " Jack Nelson lot him out.” Ihc practice of letting men out of me police sta tions on deposit is very reprehensible, but it has be come a custom, ana is gradually becoming a nuisance. It the peace of the city bos not been violated eutnehmiy to warrant tbe locking up of Ibe oQender why arrest him? To accept a de port!, and to plead guilty for the gentleman In broadcloth who has bieu uu a night's spree, is no punishment, and the payment ol f:j or til) fine a mere joke. Il his quarters and hts associations at ibo station are lean agreeable Ihan at homo, he may be deterred from Indulging in the luxury again. Why should his money purchase him de liverance from punishment, when another, who la no greater otfroder, baa no money to gel out wilh? Puch features as these in police mailers Pud to foster a belief that the Contis are but grinding mills to fill (be city treasury. PTfAMku l.ujuon.—Thomas Blight* was arrested About lour o'clock yesterday afternoon, upon a charge of larceny, and alter being Indicted was locked up in jail for want ol fJ.ouo halt. It is al leged that a wholesale liquor hom e In Cincinnati procured a judgment against Thomas Bllghn for a long-standing hill, and that iho mailer wa* act tied by tinghe's giving a mortiraco on a quantity ot liquor* which wore stored In (he collar of hi* aloio, ou Monroe sired. The cellar, it is stated, w*s lucked np, an agent of the Cincinnati bouse tak ng the key. How long (be liquor* remained undisturbed Is not known, but when the cellar waa entered one day for the purpose of removing the liquor, It was ascertained that the cask* wen* all empty, the liquor, aa Captain Outtie would say, having "flowed." Much patient Investiga tion of the case led to ibe arrest of Tbum&a lillgbe. It fa said that a portion of the stolen property had been stored in bond at tbe Custom House. Mr. Ulighc’a affairs for the paat lew months have beeu frequently hrovgbt bciore tbe public, hnt Ihfa is tnc moat serious criminal charge that baa been brought against him. Oar New Servant—By Grace Green- wood. I think I must tell yon of a wonderful servant we have. She Is not Irish, or Get man, or African, hut tbat exceedingly rare bird, a genuine Ameri can servant—bandy, clever and cuu. Her virtues are manifold. In the tint place, the U wonder lolly quiet—goes silently ana steadily about her work-doing all that Is required of her with “nearness and despatch.” She Is good tempered —is never “on the rampage"—never insolent— never unkind to children. She has no followers —nevergoesoli'witoont warning; neverwaa:es, never blunders, don't drink, and don't break the eighth commandment. 1 call her a servant, bnl she seems to mo moro like a helpful Mend, a kiudiy companion; and yet she is but a soulless thing alter all—a mere wonderful piece of hnman mechanism; she is— ent of Tl l tleox ft Gibbs' actmirabU Sncinn JJa eJiinet. I was very late in availing myself of the service of this great, beneficent baoa-malden of modem womanhood. 1 have longed for oncvsgnely lor yean*, ana mace many resolutions to procure one, but have refrained, from palntol doubts of my own ability to mtnaec a creature that seemed to me so *’ tearfully ana wonderfully made.” Being but modestly endowed with mechanical ingenuity and insight, 1 dreaded the trouble and vexation of learning to work any mschice, and my inquiries of friends were always for the moat simple invention. Tbeweiebtol reliable evidence bvlng overwhelming tor that of Wilcox £ Gibbs, lat last decided upon it, procured It, and am moretban satisfied. 1 began my acquaintance with it with some trepidation, bar u soon pul me quite at mv ease. Wc were capital friends at once, and as yet. have had no tailing out. Together we fell right to woik, ard manufactured an article of clothing tcry creditably that very morning. The simplicity ot this machine Is only equalled by the unerring accuracy with which it works. Oar little daughter, after a very few trials, was able to manage it nicely, and tbc two are now on excellent terms. Tha only trouble Is that wtmmi cannot supply work last enough. She laughs to see It hungrily devour the tedious long seams which were once her aversion, and then lick up the little seams, hems, tncks and fella with such appaicnt relish. Ah, mothers and wires, when work presses— when muslins linens and prints camber your drawers, and little ones clamor tor spring *• for gery,” the (bought that in your sitting room waits ever to help you, a silent, trusty friend, of forty sewing women poner, u wondrousty sustaining, Isn’t It? Atd while Ibe novelty lasts at leasts sewing ma chine is a great Incentive to Industry In tbc family. Restless little girls delight In a kind of work so exceedingly Hue Olay; and boys ercaMake to it, and think it ” jolly good sport” to bo able to manufacture their own shirts. As for myself. I mu*! conics* t bare not yet come to any real bard work with my machine. It •tlllamusie me. lam still experimenting with U, and wonocrlng at Its Puck-llke swiftness. 1 de light to set it at a long setm, and see It go like a greyhound on the scent—like Flora Temple on tbe coarse. In sboru 1 don't believe there will be toy end to my enloymunt ot my machine while the dry goods hold out. Dally Union Prayer Meeting. Tbo large cumber to allemlance upon this meet ing yesterday Indicates an unusual degree of re ligious interest, not only at tbis central point of prayer, but throughout (be city. Hcv. H. M. Hatfield, D. L>., of tbo Wabash Avenue M. K. Church, presided, and after tbe singing ol “ Alas, ami did my aavlour Hleou” nud prayer, read from the third chanter oflsaisb, and remark* d that it was one of the dtscurerba of mobmnrniaUnfldslHy that no mention of tbs noms Jrsws wa* made by the wriioraof the Old TvslnaiinL It waa not a mailer of Importance to meet and answer this point of objection— the terord of the Old Toriament touching this matter inelournecvarily. There wiadoepdowo in our i.atme a dislie lo Uks hold npuu something wbith should prove • ante anchor among (he vacillating rpituuss of thta world, infialie wu* dora and malchle** power were exhibited IB the record of the atonement—wisdom in nicotine ever; dcelro of the aonl, power la lifting ft into eternal jov. He remarked that it waa aaldby one, “ Cultivate a Urge and checrlul faith In the atonement of (7brlat.“ With tho*e element* to our tallh mlghlyuesnlU moat follow Chrlallin effort. With largrfrllh la Uod’e plana, and cheer ful-era, wo ehoald so forth to oar labor. Ho knew not what woald be done npon the other ►ldo of the river, bat be bad a atrong conviction that there would be aomethlngtodo. From hla point of obactvallon fAia aide, there waa a large work (o be done. The bar-veal waa all rich, roiden end waring. The leader then made an Impresalre and earnest appeal to all thoee who bad not a peraonal Inter cei In Ihe aloncment of Chrlat- Mr. Field, of Hbeboygan, Wla., said that It bad been bta privilege recently to attend for two daya. Ibo Fullon atrect prarer meeting of New York i;My, and Induing from the nambera and Inlereat upon (be Chicago noon prayer meeting, It waa not a« court to lint of New York, lie remembered well when the average attendance lor aeveral week* daring the year f«CO upon the Chicago nootidar prayer meeting waa only throe; ami Ml grealeet hope* rrallxcd In aerlug the Interest nhfch «ua aitcndlng (he tnoetingn nt proven!. At the clnan of the exerciar* Dr. Hatfield gavo an op portunity to any who dealrod to commit them* aelvca upon Ihe aide of Christ and Hlacanae, (o raptraa It. and the Invitation waa rrapondedto by aeveral young men. To-day the meeting nailer (be direction of the devotional committee ol ihe Young Jnen'a Chrlatlan AmocliUoii, will partake of the charnclnr of a mooting of (hinkiglvlng Incnmmomnrailon of the favor and blesafng of Hod which hM attended It for the pant few week*. An invitation In the (f-nchara and ecliulira of the public rclnmta of the city la cord ially extended. 1). L. Moody will lead the meeting. Host ron rut Fnr«snL«a*,-Tlie regular monthly met-ling of Hi* Hoard of Manager! of (be Homo waa held on Wednesday nllernoon, at ihe Home. Dunaliona (tom Hie city to the amonnl of tfflß.W were reported for the month, and 109.39 Hem Ihe romi'ry. 1 utai, f !i:w.flfl. 'ihe Matron'* report contained the following alaicmenla: . . During Hie month (here were odmlllod Info (he Home nlnely-llve nereonv* of whom lixfrmne were adiiltr ami. thlrLy hiiir dtlldten. uf (lie » Humbert nine enlldrett had been mirtem to Ihelr paieiila or puardlaiif. two of wbotti have agaili been tfliidUefT lu ibe llpltiet Two of hecliLOHdl ailttillten Were toioledi.aUleeu uf Urn cfiiiaieit were latolilm) into. *ml left die in* Mlluilotti wllh Ihelf imiihef*i There haye ueehi UtiHitg tile asms iieilod, hthe.lkdhree of the (m biajea »lH}lhia*ed. of Whom ebflihdive Were n-ljllw Middhirly nve idtiidfeh: Tbefe imva tiseu (wo dMlhemfilHtf (he iiionlfii ftiid dufihdjbe »4!iN •i-Hod uoee f hijrlfeti Imre rah «way «hd an iuve Ufh IhflfhHHeil. a • ‘Jhe lolifiwlMrHMfmd aenllemsowera alaeifd 10 an fihilm linaiii of I'omianjoMi Merit «k(ft= pMi WUJlijn lifnd. lyniAii /il»jr L Httoro« L fiun« W|ii d. j ; >n»mi*M»fi. Or Hr Moodyesr, T, w, lUf* my and K, h, hhuntaf, LOCAL MATTERS, PlilWran having Worms require lm> meniaiaattanlinn, aa neglect 01 ihe trouble oliun cauaee prolonged elcknearr, Comflla" are a almple remedy, and will destroy wnriua wlilioul injury to Hie child. Hold atUedola a box by moat dealer* to medlouea. For an irritated mroat, coach or cold, “Brown’s Bronchial Trocliea'* aroodered with (b* fulloal confidence In tbolr efficacy. Tnoy have been thoroughly leele l, and maintain Ibo good reputation they bavojnitly acquired. Aa there are Imlta'iona, be anre to obtain the genoloe. I,a V^ > r ie P be « n *»kcd why ;it U tbai Pectoral Balm baa proved each a success. The only reason we can give is, that it ts a medi cine which bat proved by teat to be anperlorto any preparation known for the relic! of Bronchial dis ease*. For sale by all druggist*. Bchuvuaks A \axSciiaack, Chicago, 111., General Arreola for the Northwest. The Beat Tonic.—Oaswcll, alack A Co.’s Combination of Iron. Phosphorus and Cal- L>aya. known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Callsaya. The iron restores color to the blood: the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and the callsaya gives a natural healthful lone to the digestive organs. One plot contains the vir tue ofonc ounce of callsaya, and one teaspoonful a grain of iron and phosphorous. Manufactured by Caswexx, Mack & Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. nark vonr clotinnjr with the manic linen marker. Call and sc* It one rate at the tou'bwest comer of Clark and Randolph streets, under Miller’s Jewelry Store. The Franklin Brick machine, Justly ctlebra'cd forperfect slmpltcl'y, great strength, and immense compressing power, is ooatiASTXED. with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay and make 3,000 to 3,5)0 elegant bricks per hour. J. 11. Rsmcs, Proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room ti 9. Beat. Health and Comfort to mother and Child.—Mr?. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for children teething, softens the gums, reduces in flammation, allays all pain, and cures wind colilc. Perfectly safe In all cases. -We would say to every mother who has a smTerlnc child, do not let your prejudice, nor tbc prejudices of others, stacd between yon and your snff'erlng child and the rcli f that will be sure—yes, absolutely sure —to follow the use ol this medicine, if timely used. Thirty-five cents a bottle. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York Financial News. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnnons.l Nxw Tost, February 8. The market before the Open Board was dull and In active, At the Open Board there wasjoof a sale on the Uit until Michigan Southern was reached, when but a few hundred shares were sold. There was no vitality or life, and this state of things continued throughout the morning until the one o'clock call, when the whole list showed signs of hardening, but with no disposition to bear the market. The whole ma’kethas seemed to be on a stand-still, waiting, like Micawher, for something to torn np. There was a very general absence of orders, and the chances ware not cnonyh to Justify operators in doing anything. At the £3O call there was more disposition to buy and sell, owing to the report of the passage of the Military BUI tor the South. Tbo loan marxet la abandanUy supplied, and rates remalu about the same. Gold bu been anlte Irrcgdl&r to-day, with changes of about X per cent. The market baa been under the Icflaoaco of WaKbisgten rumors, and so very excited with hcary transactions throughout. [Associated Press BsporC] Maw Tori, February 8. IfOXW. Me iif 7 easy at 5d7 per ccat, chiefly Sab. FOBKIOX BXCtlAJfa*. Btcrllns doll at QOLD. Gold without decided chance, opening at ISTu. do lUdug to IS7X. advancing to lax. and closing at 133. OOTKBNMnm. Government slocks quiet without material change. LATEST. HOLD. Gold closed firm at lakaiasx. OOTXKXXXbTB. Govemmenta steady. Coupons, ’Bl...lo6KQloßtf Coupons, *63...rC8K(4108>{ Coupons, ’M...IOGR(*IOG’< Coupon*. New issue 103 aiO3K IWOS -..icovaioi 7-30 S U&XOIUV Ulsajurl 65.... 9i Tennessee. *90.. 87 I Tennessee, new 66 ..vr, >^w....... w .cuunncf us, ~ rauo snaßza. Mining shares slcadv. Cor;don 839; Gregory lUSka 1273; GunnellO; Gold 1IU1373»580; Quartsmilsagt msccLLanaons stocks. Blocks dull, and a tractlonolfav last open board, and sub*cqaent,y closed dull. Closing prices at 6 p. m: Ohlnccrts »*« 38* 111. Cent 111X34115 N. T. Leclral,.lolu<i|iw Pittsburgh 81 <4 85K Krle M)i» MS Ft Wayne wva VIM IjudKJn 180 01181 N. w 875(4 87* Heading ..101 QtIOIX N.W.pfd Oftfc* Gttf SI. b0utn...... 73Wa 755,- «. 1 83**84* M. Central... .1«T<*108 W. DnlonTel.. IIVj 41 Tlio Produce markets, NEW YORK. „ .. „ .. . Nkw York. February 8. Isnd^atfl/Via&c 0 lower ‘ B * , “ 709 - ,^ ,u 4 r .“ 1 ( u, . , wi • »*>6de lower. Receipts 000 lift* « *»£!• t superfine BUI* and Western 88,704 10.101 extra Western. 110.14*1150| choice. *11.3*4i3,Mh %rhlikey-Qulet. Bairs m brls. Woatsra la bond at atsd droopina. Bales 3UMO bo No. « Milwaukee at I/.10 1 No. « choice, 91.401 winter r«wl J>i)»"a, jiao 1 *mts Canada, »J.OOi*}.io \ whits Mich igan, B.l.#cii Mariey-Utcbafiged. HaU-is.wo t.n 1 W«staun,Jßai

Canada East inw.lUO, and Canada We»l cltolcs free, 1 itarhy Mall-Dull, C«>rn-M»rs ■l'tivs and unchanged. lIWwlpU ijw im. Hales (Lu» Hi 11,usd pit torn In (torn at »IJO. rtemsnd. llncetpis Lll/Ohil. Miles 3i ( ui>huAvr>t«rnai«>t4Mr. Wa»-B«les7.i« hu Canada, In bond, «l iva, liromirs—Dtlll. ||iii«.sle«d/. jvtroleuui-QuleL Crude is«ei roßnod f7««c, in P. rk-llsavy and lower. Rales 8,100 brls n*w mass at M'.WtaD.l3—closing at. 170 Kt fiir Weitarn, regular; old mess, lU.Ts(*l'e.K7—cJotlcg at the Ut'gr; prime llA.fal.iW; prime tueai lit»au»j»j alio, I,tLbrli new me** at »Jl.wl. soiler Fcoruary ana March. liref-Hieady. hales 7iO brls at previous prle*a. Rei l Hamv-mrin. halra 173 urla atSM.V)AJ6T)O. ( ut Meats—firm. Sales, 840 pkgs; shoulders at 8U (*9Vc; ham* 10L(4t3c. Hoe*—Heavy at OJJ39KC Ur Western. and 10 tititiSe for city, Hacon-Hiulcl and heavy. Sale* 90 boxes Camber* land lOKdWjsc; abort ribbed loos ribbed IDXc; abort clear 15c. Tierce Beef—Unchacjjid- Sales OO Uarcea at 9J9.5C3 81.00 tor prime mess, and MS£o&fi.oo fir India met*. Lard—Steady, bales *>o brls at Ur old and llh'ftlSHc nr new. Hatter—ls anil. Cheese—QtUet. MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] „ . . MinwacKJte, February 8. Flour-Doll, and 10ai5c lower, with tales of soobrls. at flo.oofbr ,, BpliULage , ‘XX spring; |93S tor M Cier* moat" extra; city spring double extra nominally qb changed. Wheat—Declined 33axe,clo»lngweak. Sales at the morning Board reached bo. and at the soon Board 19,000 bo, at |3XB Ibf No. 1 spring In store; SIAI lAIXB for No. 9 In store and seller’s option next wee*; Jl-9t seller’s option February; t1.u31.53 for re jected. Oat*—steady, with tales of 1,000 bn No. 3 in store at Corn—Entirely nomlnU. Bye—Firm, with sates of 800 bast 98c for No. Ili store. Provisions—Active, with sales ofdtyaeca pork at 51SA0, and prime at 8U..6. ftveet pickled hams, WJfc. Drcsaed Hogs—Quietest 87.30ia7.e0. Sundries—Dried apples lie; dressed turkeys iset cblckuslSc. Receipts—l,6oo brls floor, 16,000 ba wheat, 800 ba oats, t.COO ba corn, SSO ba rye, COO ba barley. 800 dressed hoes. Shipment*—l9oo brls flcur.TOO ba wheat. CINCINNATI.* CiscixsATi. February 9. Cotton—Doll, bat unchanged; middling held at 23 v 6123 c, with buyers at 2*r. * Mcney—Market unchanged, with rather mors de- Kxchance—Firm; supply rather less than demand. Flour—Very trm,an«j at the close higher rradea were held at an ads aace ot laaibc; winter tuperdoe t9.ffei(.4s; tradebrandstll.SCaitdO; thney 814.003 Wheat-Firm, and demand good at 87.40 lor Vo 1 sprue; anr g2£s for winter. Com—AcUre demand from the Booth. and nrlces le higher tears*.*? Sc; shelled 63*64c; m elerataraad In sack ffAfflc, this demand trom the Sonth altogether Oats—Firm; KolatSl&l3c In elevator: and eia «eln sacks. ’ w K}e—ln xood demand, and prices are sa7c hleher elostne at fl.Odl.K. * ' Barky—Very UaU. and prices comical; the best fid offered atßl.Su, andsprin* at II JO. Whiskey—Advanced to ffie, bat only small sales were effected at this rate. protuion*—'Theleellcgoaths part of packers and purchaser* could not be made to any extent at oar quotation*. and It may be added that aales ot any mas tdtnce could not be made at them, There is a general at the booth tar bacon, bat veiy little ftrnsrk. Country meas pork sold atKO-00, and city at r»a<i Polk meat*—Could bare oeen sold at a moderate ex. tent tor life, 9 he, lOV&UWe, bat holders asked wave higher, then-lore bnl little was done. Thrae rai«i repiesent she olden, side*, clear sides and h«r TlfL Lard—Lera firm. Prime ketUe could hare been tnnght at llyc, but lOewasthe best offer made, and the demand even at this rate was light. Bacon—Was in moderate demand at 9Ve, IhjllSk'c. for ahonlders, side*, clear rlbbwi mS clear packed; sugar cored bama. I^gl&c. Butter and Cheese—Steady. Seed*—Steady. Btgt-Salcsat |6.50a7.00. gross. Receipts, 990. BUFFALO. hcttalo. February 8. Flour—Firmer. Extra state filis. corw x«* Wheat—Moderate Inquiry. Sale* 8,000 bn Ko. J Cbl. cago at 82, and S car loads Ko. 1 Milwaukee at n. 40. Com—Firm and unchanged. Barley—Canada 91.0 J. Dnwrd Hoys—Firm at |8 60. Ulibwloe#—Dull and unchanged. Hyp—Nfßlceled. Mrs* Pork—ynlrt. Lad—tintetatiSo. BT. LOUIS Tobaeco-Qolf l with sales Jo* 86.(r«10.tJ lor leal 1JJ(I _ fotlno—Colct s mlddltag 39c. yi., nr -«»e*djf but demand limited, with aaiaa at M.tMlo.ll rur sureri BKJAJ«*itt.'a fjr irrtoi artrai ItlxSatlA) tor fall eitraj flt-OkIUJ tat mSmJ u i rat H t.rau error treble extra. . wants ox Wheat—ln rather belter demand, at Ujoiih e, f prime to cbolct*fftlagißl.l» lor prim* fail jaad ijjo fsreboiee* . .... Cnm-li by the larss reedpu and htah trnthu. tr,era range trom p ” n, *“ Oats— IPjU and lower at M 3 Toe. provU'ioes—Firm, but leas activs. Maaa pork IX M onto i clear mra* luooi Kitm meu IIUm. mi k mea*ji-haleiat!ialiMctUr eteai aides, and UWo for b*'oig. Uaooß-BaiM vi clear tides al UHo; ittgit urt K““^Tew“oS- B anb. IfBW OtuuA Pebrairr I. ftfeiiS I^“,V“u..^Siu.r. IJi?7S£2?i«£‘ doll at IHJO. Bicon nominal. shWd« SjWjS "'■ ■• •“‘•x* »JJoa».wi mr.»JJ«»ii.i». |”*i^!f;fiSm^t d i‘”“».101 to urapjol, t»:«^o. ][AßolBco Bas FtAsmapo. February 8. <rt*tt~-«i.ctai.n f 100 si, om utter fur choice Wfelri Itetis It |IW j eopetftno at W«. K^; l >®»So w ra^. i i^ hi ‘ ,u -" ItJWI.nX |TOTI»H)«»“IU ".u , ol."'SCTai l,u X"l r*Bnod UXo lolwmli ftw ‘ ,<,nc ' MEMPHIS. UaMfiita, PehrnaryS. IJo-ton —lltilf *l4 h »"• Uujilllnr.LlWNo. nlO’ no'*" "> ,ha other ni.rl.u, T i HOI , K , lUbTfSort. February 8. l!n(Tw—ytrm. l'rtrJß_rtl 'l.WiMmni^'' ferar'T.'.t&’a FOTi «"««> Wrllcrn 9lstWe. TnlmmH.AeUvejaal'H ofsAiiuMi H HOWIMS* f joiirpfltmei-at IlO.W* trtiiki kited* AlbHny Mv* Nlotk |Br*«lilUHiPilWtlollW UHIHB9 a 'l Ai'RAMYi Fshfut 'lliLfrt WM * Mltf flemiPd f>*P PSllit* (ontlby 1 rlally A*r ibp Faafem'l wmi l.koe hu»4 wlrt»«solMlmlrtlf*«ll‘‘ft. 'lh« New Th* dMln* la frnna k 7 y,e|ter(HmniliHv*waiahlt Total iwppira.aoo, lock \ Ing aavara) amMI rtrofoa of choice aura fiom Ohio an ‘ hcpuiciy, oarrv-K aataa. 11, O. Conn tnl4 46 Kentucky men, averaging sa, at and W, avaragf ng MlO na, at SHo, Jauiea FarUiln* mid 14 bead Hllnola, avuraalng %4, at 11.10164 bead, averaging I,»M ni, at7ttc(SS peadUblooxea, averaging 1,475 n, at 7*o } )| head Kentucky, averaging 1,460 Aa. at 644 c 114 bead, averag ing 1,500 B«, at Byc; id head Ohio, averaging J,MO ni, at 7J4C; IB bead Canada, averaging »■, at 6^c; 49 bead Hllnola, averaging I.TJO hi, at 6Xc: SI head Kentucky,averaging M 3 fti.at7Kc, and 80 bead HU noli, averaging 1.167 fts, at To. D. Walxell sold 53 head, averaging 1.300 hi, at7){c O Lead, averaging 1,150 ft*, at T.Hc; 170 Lead, averag lot 1,290 Pt, at |WCO; *0 head, averaging 1,093 tt«, at 6kc; 30 bead, averaging USO Bi, at fSI.OO. Frost A Co. sold 127 head, avcraglcg 14G0 ns, at 7e. Ko droves sold above 8 l(c. Sheep are plenty, the receipts reaching 7.0C0 head. Prices are down j<c 1» », ringing Iron 9c to B*c, Che outside tor a bench of fine wools, averaging 111 at. nogs—The mild weather checks operations, and scarcely anything U doing here. [Associated Press Report.] Ai.Bsirr, February 6. There was a brisk demand tor cattle to-day tor the Eastern markets, and 1.500 or IjBOO head were taken for that direction, out >'cw Yorkers bought comparative ly tew, and in the absence of competition prices re reded HAKC, live weight, prices ranged at 9e tor In ferior, tofiketor best extra Kentucky steers. Tout supply, £BOO. bheep—ln fair request at a decline of Vc. Common to kooo at 9K&6VC. and extra to heavy premium One wools at 7<3£&c. Receipts. 7,000. Bogs—Market dull at ;s7kc. Receipts, S,KO. Ocean Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Tone. February 8. Freights—Dull. To London—3s,ooobubarleyat6}<d; to Cork— bo corn at 9s Cd. New York BreadstnlTa Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw York, February G. Breadstuff*—Demand more regular for flour and wheat, hut only to supply Immediate wants; holders firm. Corn—lmproved demand, which Is freely met. Oats—Only salable at lower prices. | New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Xxw Tobx, February 8. Coffte—Very heavy busteeas la Rio and Java*. Rio Ilßl3.VC,gold la bond; Java quoted at SGOSSC, cur- Sugars—Lets doing but firm; fair to prime grocery, MXdUtfc. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Took, Fcaruary 8- Pork—Lower and doll—closing at f f1.46tja0.59, cash and regular. New York Dry Goods market. NewTonc, February 8. Dry Oooda—There Is a lair Inquiry for staple styles of heavy cottons at fUH prices. bleached Mas ins—Of least desirable makers are rather easier. Prints—Firm and la request. Domestic Woodens—ln moderate demand and price* rule low. Foreign Goods—Are still languid and irregular in price. Standard Sheeting*—2lJ<92te; seconds, 20311 c. hrtDts—lt V«2fc. Bleached Muslins—Bates’, 2Ci{ct Androscoggin, 55c; Greene. IChc: Watlbam. 42-lLCb,33)*c. Ticks—Amoskcag A, 49c. Gan Francisco in Inlnc Stocks. ... . Baj( Fxajicibco, Februaryß. Mining shares: Savage 19191 Chollar 235 Crown Point 951 Bulcher 131 Fellow Jacket. £OOI Legal Tenders 73X Petroleum market. imuntran, February 8. Theollmarketl* more active. bat owing to the dif ference in regard to p;lc« there are Tew sale*. Only one sale of crude. 35 brta Smith's Perry at on plat form. There la more inquiry lor refine > in bond, vrltn the followingsales: soo brlt on Tbunday evening at 83o t Juno delivery In Philadelphia; Uoo hrli standard white, in lots of 501 brls, delivered m Philadelphia dar ing May, June and July, at 3lc far lint, S3a for seernd and BH-lor third month. Free oil quiet. A it'o of 31 bria at 41c. Sales to retailers at 4134110 per gallon. Holt log doing In naotba or rcilduum. ItlAllUlßD. In this city, on the 7lb Inst, at the residence of the bride’s istber, by the Itev. Arthur Swaznr, Mr. ISAAC B. ADAMS and Miss HELEN W. OSBORNE. daughter of Wm Osborne. Esq., all or this elty. At Geneva. 111., on the 8d Inst, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A. U. Beebe, A. 11. MER RILL, of Chicago, and LIZZIE 0. NIAS, daughter ol John Uiltuau, Esq. Atiheresldrcroof the bride's father, Dcanlngton. Vt. Kef. 7th, Lieut, A U. OATMAN, ofStocKton.Mi,. and MART A. RANSOM, yooneeet daughter oi the of ficiating clergyman. No cards. At tbe residence of Mr J. U. Melkla, In Pecatonlca. 111., by the Rer. Q. L Wiley, Mr. DEMPSTER HEAT TY, oi Chicago. and Miss I.OUTUERA WILSIE, of Do Moltcs, lowa. DIED. In lid* city, on IhntilhlDst., AONBSLOUISA, dingti ter if D. 8. atd A. 11. Lee, aged I years, 1 month and S*i days. Funeral firm residence. 19 Hay st., first street sonlh of Twcity-nlnth, on Sumlav. 10th, at IV o'etooK. Friends or ihe family are Invited to attend, without further Holier. amusemrms. Me VI OK K TIIBATIH. CKEUA MYKUN MANAOKRR, La«l afieinmn and evening ofIIKLRN WESTERN, balurdar anernoon Maiiiter, .. , THE FRENCH BUY. • url ai.Albia. ) ... i *met, f Helen Westers Msiiide do Merle, i M[Jianiiiin), ..Mr, O. 11, Rernn Ka iirday evening, tns perfminanee will oommsnno wiu> TRK FRKNOIi Mr*?, will* Ml*a W«urn in her great triple rharat ter, .To rimrluds wilh the Drama In B acia. riituled DON C.EMAR UK HAZAN. ||..q Cu-sar ds luzan, Helsn We«u rs. Monday,.Mr. J. K. McDONOI’uH In Tilt: LONG bTRIHE. ‘ OOL. WOOD'b MUSEUM. col, J. n. WOOD ..PrAprictei Director o/ Amuecmenl* F, K, AIRKN ntage Manager TROB. BARRY COMEDY ATTRACTIONS! With Brilliant Cuu, equalled by fow Dramatic Stub* lUhiiietiU, anc excelled oy none. “Ibis (Mimrdt)) afternorm, Feb. 9th, at Jsf o’clock, attne Grand Matinee, Bnekatone's slortoni cjmMy of MAUKIMi LIFF, received with shouts of laughter. In the evening, ala x beloreß,the new comnlv ol AMERICANS IN PARIS. To conclude with the IfUh drama of UORY O’UOKBtpr. Tbo Smugglers of ttlen Folly. Monday,TUß UUGPkNOT CMTAIN. ♦ "yAHIETY THEATRE. This erenlne, and until farther notice, the Grand Spectacular Piece, In three acta, entitled BXONTB CBZSTO; Or,THE GIFT OF GOLD, , New Scenes, New Effects, introducing the Beautiful Illusion, THE SHOWER OF GOLD WONDERS I lo be seen only at the Brand,the Kew York Museum of Anatomy. NATDBE TJUnETLED, AT THE New York Museum of Anatomy, tw*9eenre your tickets *n the right hand sldc.ns-eialr*. WITKOWSKY H AXiXj. SIEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. JOHN B. GOUGH ■WILL LECTURE OS “TEMPERANCE.” IN CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, On Honday Ercnlng, Feb. 111 b, Commendcg at 8 o'clock. Tickets SO cents each. Reserved seats, 33 cents extra. OT The sale of Reserved BtatawiQ commence at 9 o'clock cn SATURDAY MORNING, the Ticket Office tl Crosby’s Opera Qooae. 0 A. C. McCLURQ, Cor. Sec. ** Y. M. A*" MIRK OK OF HALT. Third exhibit slice Us return from Europe. This magnificent sarlea ot paintings will be enroll'd at 080387’* SIUBZO BAZJL, (Entrance cn Sta!e-it.,) MONDAY* and TUESDAY EVENINGS,Feb.IIIh and lllh. at 8 o'clock. Doors op* n at 7. Grand Matinee. Wednesday alternooo, Fab, Uth, at 3C’clocV. Doors openall. . SKI. MOKILUI will introduce bis wonderful LILLI PUTIANS at each entertainment. Kvcnitg tickets, SO cents. Single tickets to Matinee. kSrrntt. Classes ol leu or more from schools, l> cent* ilianod. FOU SALE—A. second-hand molodcoa, lor 896> one piano, lor 8110, riaoee and melode onstorenL Tuniot and repairing done promptly at ITQ Madiaon-SV. WM. UASFBiL "PIANOS—Fire new Pianos lor sale at ft JL,, iwnia, or win eiobeagt fo; city property. IX »BU bLUir,»« •.ua.w-el. Heal ißstate-Cttg. IHPBOTBB. OR BALE—House and lot No. 8M •WeatlDlkel. Hooie 10x». two •tortM. l^t IU with la foot alley, inqalre atUll MUcnell-ii ,or 1 South Wellaat. .. I?OK BALE—Anewflret-dasshouse, two I 1 itory and brick baiement, U roomi, oTcrTco“rjn, lot SOitO, on Feorla-iC, near Van Horen, Frloe low,teni.B eaiy. Apply at la South Uulon-at. 176 n BALE—The two-stonr Iromo I 1 Jiouiea, No*. 130 and 141 lUndolpfi-aM adjoin ing Shermanllrmae. Moat bo removed by thoSthol April next, r. 8. riTCII A CO., ton Dcarborn-it. T?OU BALL—By Snyder* Leo, Heal I 1 Batate Actmta, No. 4 MetropoUUn mock, two frame boneee ol 11 rooraa eaeti. aaa lot 92x140 foot, cor ner ol Lake and Ann ata. Will be lold cheap If applied Ibraoon. r-ou SALE—Two mcocottaijCßnml lots, r on Leavllt-al. One 1* now paring over «per rent on price allied. U.H.CIIAMBBIW, 17 Ikynotdi' Block. 17011 BALE—House and lot on Twenty- I 1 Becmid-it..lntM frnl frott by »W deep. 11.11. CHAMUKIH. 17 Kcypolda Block. T7Oll BALE—House and lot on Prairie- JM ar., Pfar Twenlr-NlMlMt. LotMbylW. 8.8. CIIAMiIIUOV' 17 Heynohla Block. •fT-OU Bimlcr * Leo, Beni .1 Raul. No. 4 Mctrooollun llloct i A no twoatury andtiaaettwhlhrlrk hotua,of il fooirni, anil lot W fool front un Michigan-av. near Twcnty-nnii-it. I/OB BALE—Miclilunii-av, icsliloneo I 1 lolat IW by ton p«-t nirncr of Indlana-av. and Twenff awpnil tt.t 4H M Hirm-r otJd | cii!«'ii | ar. and Twmiy-imuvt. HNTDRII A j.RK. Ileal KiUie Agenia, No. -I MrtropoMUn lllock. Jrou SALE—Vnouif Jots two houses 1 and lota on Wabaili-av.i one houar and lot on r*i Jnemon-ai.i ooehotimand lot on (irrcnsi., and rmr corner ami artm iiulde lot* on tmip.Tnylof nnd UrccniU, 1. F. tiALUWIH. iOl tlanuolimii. I7OU BALl!>—Two how nud welMmlll i 1 linuaeion Wahnili ar.rtorlhol tareutr-nlullMl.. wiih lot# tfltjai eieb-rmir Ifl.'iw each. If uken at once. WAHKBH A (lUUDIIIUIIi l‘i3 Dearborn-at.* I mum If Oil SALIVA very ilesirrttile, well- I 1 bidlldwoitriryhouaer Not.lftff Jef!»tane-«l 1 he fweee ilar,k»tin and Van Bti-en-abutari rfo«lil?rt*oio«, fidtasiiirsK! JTtHI RAliK=lluu«) Niid lot, lor lu.tmffl liALls=ln Hyde )<nFlt=ttmi^, I?Oll (iAtiT4=A new nmrnlo irnnt linnse, B ' VeA,> ' u wl -‘ J[?OR HALE—On Wotiasli av,, smnh of V TwotfUi-ac. mm« deairabla iiweliinira «ud reeb ance lout on Ulrldaan av-, rnuih of Twellu-vt.. iov «ual Una residence loUj on rralrleav., aonth of 1 wen. Vuecoitd at., Iwo liouner, new, with 60 ft ground each. I). HAIiVkY, 7M LaßaUe-il. UNIIDLFUOVBD* Ft OH BALK—A few choice ten-acre lots . 'n Gen. Hunter's Addition, S mile* sooth of the ntT it on tho Cine I*l*na Plsnk-road and Great Klitm 1 Railroad. Price onlyfUOO per lot. ftoo down. in 10 years at 7 per cent interest. Thecheapest iftUoitk « kind ever offeree. SoU exc»llent, Location ▼err den ™ b l?- Title perfect. WARREN A GOOD RICH Ka Estate Drotera, W 5 Dearbom-st., Bjom 2. * _ .. I?OK S. —Lot Coxlo2, to an alley, p on mic. blgan-av., 100 feet trout corner of Twenty* sixth-* t. « 1 « P« r ftiot u la#e “ at °BC«* WM. J. Boom 11, Ho. 89 Waihlcgtoa-st. pgr sat. G—Three choice lots, treating P the TTnlven tty cvoundi in Evanston, corner of Hmman-av and University-place. at a bargain f»r {STami? tol I °TT A UfeoORES. 33 ClarlwC Chicago. ~ 17OR SALE- -5 lots m bloct 15, Ash f 1 land's second Additional a bargain, and terms easy- Apply to A. O. MEaDTBeal Estate Agent, 151 Randolpn-su I7OK SALE—SB ' feel by W 0 on Michi s' gao-av.. near Ell B. B- CHAM BEKS.” 17 Reynolds SI ?«£; F)R BALE—IOO feet on comer of Frai rle-av. acd Twenty-8 econdft- Price, fn.OOC. B. B. CHAMBERS, 17 Reyat >M * Block- FJR SALE—Come. ' lot on Dearborn and sts.. 50x150 ft.« 'ast front. Thlslotwlli be sold at a bargain, as the ow. n ? r m °ney. WAR REX A GOODRICH, 123 Deai FDR SALE—ll2zliß~ 1 ’eet on the north east comer ct Wabaah-av. a. ''d at a moderate nrlce and on favorabl* terms. WAUBLX A GOODRICH. 123 Dearhoro-st., Bmp 2- FDR BALE—By Snvder & Lee, Heal Estate Agents, (Xo. 4 Metropo, 1 1411 Block: Tot IPO by 160 lect. on comer ol Michigan-, iv.and Twenty •econd-st; 48 feet comer of Michigan* iy * »od Twcaty fllth-st. T?OR SALE—2OxSO lect on . Market sU. A on the comer ol Monroe-st.. at |l3» ® ey ,OD t. tor two days cnly. Apply to J. 51. M \tt SHALL, 97 Clark-st. T?OR SALE—OOxIOO feet on Mm lison sf., J 1 n» ar Market, t r sale at a bargain. One a 1 Carroll st,|M)o. PETEK SRIMP, »2 Moaroe-st. FOR SALE—Excellent building 1. 'its on Wabash, Indiana and other avenues. Two 1 '*i Blue laland-av.. very low. Call and see hsti. QEOL'GEA WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark-st. • 170 U bALE —By L. H. Robinson & L >O., A 84 Dearhom-sL, lot 60x125 on Washington, at-, near the Fark. at *25 per toot leas than Ita value. It must be sold this week. Also, two 93-tost lota ou Ran dolph, near the Park, at a bargain. TTOR SALE—A very valuable lot on 1 MlcblgsD-ar.. near MaOlsOD-iU HKsllO fo-t to alley, at a low price for cash: also, one on Madts in st.. SUSP lect, adjoining alley, between Wabash Cnd Mlcbl cae a rare barsam- Title otyond Question. WARBEK A GOODRICH, 123 Deatbom-st.ltooin 2I Aj'OK SALE—A valuable lot on Indiana- I av„ tear blxteenUi-sL, »xIBP ft, p»r foot. Title perfeet. WARREN & GOODBICiL 123 Dear bom-st. Room g. Worses, (garciageg, scc. PDtt>AL£ —Splendid stallion—l oiler tor sale ray Jet black horse KL-KADIB MORGAN a grandson of the cehorated Blackhawk—wnose weight is 1.200 ponrds, and bright 16 hands, and In matchless beauty, pcrtadlob of bone, limb, muscle, form, ca.nage. style, and In every other particular has to rival. I will so.l him for the sole reason that so valuable a stock animal Is ont of my line, and will do more good In other hands. He can earn, in a goad lo cality, f I.COO to *3.000 per year. I will sell him low'lor cash, or will trade him to a c'lmntny and Ukc good breeding marca for pay. D.T. HELM. Lake Forest, Illinois. F'OU SALK—At a bargain, an A No. 1 hnrse. wagon and harnevs. with cushion, blanket hitcb-weighL *c.. all currple'e. A urst-clas* nz all through. Call at i:<S west Madlson-st. WiU ex* change lor hardware. ('i OOD, cheap, thnilly horse lor sale, at 1 JONES A GIFFORD'S Packing House, at 3 p. n. each day until sold. X7OU SALE —Second-hand top bm?uv, ' m good order. Eastern make. Apply at la'll Xndlana-av. Pile**.|lTs. jfflactmcrg. I7OH SALE—Three tt-norsc power up 1’ right encicrs; bju> six horizontal engines. B,IC ard 13-hcrse power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without boilers. 12, IS, 16 and TO-horse tubular and locomotive billers fur afle. best make. Also one (-roller Union Matcher and Plamng Machine. Sawmill*. barrel and wood-working machinery, iroc pianrrs, billing, saws. file*. *r. Machinery Depot 39 Dearborn-sU Chicago. HRKKNLKB BROS. A CO. I7OU CALB—A scciituMmiul 13 licit ley J finding marhln**—ln good condition. Prion. fWO, Apply U) the TIUUUNK COMPANY. FIU SALE—Portnblo nr.d SlalJonury Englni". nf nil sites. ADo. Putnam Maclilno Cimipai v's to»l» 1 two rj feet It'd, ill Inch t one 0 feet tied. 13 Inrti j two flu feet hed, 16 Inch t two 4.<v feet lull. 14 loch 1 one N fort iinl. 16 Inch 1 one 6 p»ot ned, ll Ineh t one 10 feet bed. si inch t one IS feel Ixxl, it Inch. Alt Brrew Culling Engine Lathes, one large Unrlaht Drill, one ■mail drill, two Iron Planers, tvo IVill Cul lers, two Plansrs and Milcheri, Farrar’s Hiirrarera, Trip llsmmer*. Pumps. Helling, llo»o. Kll"«, ,%«<., *e, All kind* cl Iron and wood working ttiartiltiery fur* nlslied al short hut co U> L. RICE * CD., 11l ami ai DearlKjmst. (Eomnpoii&nuc CStantch. pOUlllibl’ONDUNOU—Wmilml-Wllh \ J retd*, lo attend a Free Lurch oi iiilhert's Dlnlns ItaM,-lOsnd-IHCjaik si., lid* (halurdai) evening. Addreas "FMKK I.PSCII," aa st«vo. 3loat anh .iFounb. rOST— On Tuofilav lm»t, n liorse blank jet trimmed with red. War Joel on Wabuh-av ,or IM-iween ElghU-eMh-st. and Cot'aru Grove. The Onu»r win emfer a great tavor by leaving wird at the Irl- Puce office where the owner can Rod It. A liberal re u aid »IIS be paid mr tbe recovery of the aame, as It is onsot a pair and cannot well im replaced. 1 OST—Etiwccn Dearborn Seminary lj and the corner of statu and Winhlnelon-in., a FlirbFnr Col'ar,. The nnrtcr willin'liberally reward edby leaving It stßrumwlck’s Billiard 11 all, adjoin- PC Chamber of Commerce. J OST—On Dcarborn-st,Thursday even* j Ins, between New England Church and Ol a Oink For Cuff The ned- r will be suitably reward* ed on leaving it at 240 Oaio-f. I OST—A Steel Safe Key, about 3-d ot _jan Itch tong, kof an Inch broad, and H of an Inch ick. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leav ing It at the Tribune office, LOST— Yesterday evening, at the north east corner ot Clark and Washington-*!*., between 6* and 7 o’clock, a Juady’s Quid Watch Chain. The gentleman who waa seen to pick It up will be suitably tewaroed by leaving it at theTrlbaae office. T OST—A stone Marten Fur Collar, on 1 j Bamson-st. between Wabash-ar. and State it. The finder will te revardeo by leaving the eame at M3B Mtcbig»n-av. Sttages ana Stolen. . C TRATED—From No. 420 West Lake- O *U cn Friday evenlig, a spaa of bright bar, ftnclr matched cat rlageboraea. to One condition, asa sbaip shod. Any Information reswctmg tbtm will be libe rally rewarded. J.P. BLACK. * auction Sales. SCOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS AKD COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1M Lakt*su cor* l>aßatle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Oot-docr sales promptly attended to. RUCTION This Day, at 10 a. m. The household effects of a family leaving town. DANIEL SCOTT A CO. are In* true led to tell at their Booma, 164 UtML, the whole Household forultare of a tamlly leaving town. Also, three Parlor Suite*, in Rosewood, Mahogany and Oil Walnut—new; Bed rot m Suites; Ingrain.3and 3-Ply and BmMell* Car pets; a choice collection ot Parian Ware: Extension Tables. Dlntng-room Chain. 3 set* Baggy Harness, Looking Glasses, all sires Crockery Ware, Cutlery, Plated Ware, and a large lot oi other goods. DANIEL scorr & CO.. Anct'ra. QROOERIES AT AUCTION, SATURDAY, Feb. 9, at 9>f o'clock, comer Jefferson and Tay!or-*ii„ on aceonnt of the lisnrance Co- a general assortment of Groceries, partly damaged by the recen*. Ore, such as Teas, Coffees, Bogan, Spaces, Syrup*. Molasse*. Candies, Tohtcro, Candles, Oils, Soap. Stirrh, Fish. Kota. Wood and Tin Ware. Sale positive, tain or shine. B. T. LEE, City Auctioneer, A. EDTTEUS & CO, Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 Se 4B BANDOLPH-ST.. Between State-«t. and Wabaah-ar., Hold regular sales, at their salerooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS. SHOES. AC., Every WEDNESDAY ahd THURSDAY, FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac., every SATURDAY. Sato ittilla, iSnglncq. See. 'J'BB LANE & UODLEY I'ortnWc Circular Saw Mills. • POBIABLB STEAM ENGINES, fihlagle Mathinra. com Mina and Shanirg, Wood working Machinery. liANM dt fIODLIIY, Comer ol John and WsUMt*.. Cincinnati. Apnuranw i«r dwitpMrt dmlatl Wl[l U« ftgcUawy they seed. «98il8l-«»m co mwt-ffiougeg. TO KENT—A good two story tramo 5» wi«V r .rL.n»m < .u>;<>™ r . S^SS^rffisas?« •ear Poet Office. TO KENT—A lurmshed cottage, or tor nltnrcfbr sate. Doth hotua and iumliaro ar« nowj Inquire at 1408 Wabaah-ar. T'O KENT—TIic tlircc-story and Jims- J. mcnt. Hone front hotw., N 0.005 blork" nurili ol Union nit, IIAIKD A DHADLET. comer Late and La9slle-it«. O RENT—Dwelling bouse No. 880 Etale-et.. 10 room*, wen adapts hr a hoarding honM. Wlilaeli the entire furnUare of the lioom tot mo. worth 11.300, i'oeaciilon given at ones, w. 11. BAMI’bOM. Ileal Eilalo Agent, Ujora J UctropjUUn Dtcck. - rpO DENT—Atwo-slory dwelling bouao. I No. Aff I’tlro placo. For particulate, apply at 137 Went Jackeon-sU rpn HUNT—Two Blnry dwelling, No. 1 mil Weal MacllioD-sl.. containing IQ goo&atzed rooms. Applr on the pfHnlwi. rro KENT—'Tlio lower part nl i\ frame I bowse. In m*»«t localltf, amt onlr ten ftilmitea; walk from 6ourt ilotiie. containing four room* am! canirlf*. to a family without children. Inqulra at 11 ;i itandolpii-st.i Oudley'a cloUiln* Htore, umlor iiu scum. . nnn HUNT—A llrst-clim Immnl will Hud 4"'WIMW K-‘¥« V»l ilia eontti ®o iLlcut-Koomfl. rpo in«SNT-To Ijinnlwr Dealers—'Tiro 1 luwlitr y• f<l ■ln r«.t, Aiijnintnß M. t, AiHjiwm A Sb’hnfi nr<t * L> ‘ A * fti,oL>1 p * ™ ,,ul,n rpO ItlON'l—Ami lurultmu (nr wli>, I JI-HIIU No. 1 9 i'liomoy'i nmiillti*. roritnr Ulftrte ■«» l Wmi-r-dMi Itnol Ilf room .ftM Iter moolli. Fvrulutre |l». Iminlfo nl toutct belifeoaOstmlp. m. . rpo 11ENT—Allcf Miifch I*l. a ilesllulile I I'iltn n( rooms, f ilh hotrtl, imjua South Bld«* hear MhhtRHU-wTi AiHri*sim« |TQ<i rpo RENT—A tilcely ItlHitsliml firtthi nnit-iL. . fro niSN'i—A putie orrooiin, HiuimfDi= f I’D liJ4N'r=Piifnlsli§d riimiii = Ons motive Mn fid-Ida, Ilin-lfWil ftllil fcpjit lit (Iftlofi Wlllt'ldl iHAftli to T(VfIRNT=A gftod room in rem and lalWmilWfOTMl'' WIHUHOt ITiHWiB M fraifc-al. rooms m 1. rtot, (flqima *1 Of k*4t Ifcßifo'pft-ai,, second floor. | T'O giina hnitnl, a lur- I nlkhedroom for two fierannat also, two uolur? tlibcit rooms, at fll bomb <*>rit»iUar-«i. gTo Hent-Stovcg. Offices, Sic 'T'O RENT—In the Mercantile BuiUinc, X oppnalta Chamber ot Commerce, elegant oOcea forcommlaalan,lawortnsnranca basmeu. Anolrto WM. C. DOW, ttoom 17 Mercantile Building. J 'T'O KENT—btore on North tilnte fit. I No. 4!>, lost north of Mlchlgan-st. Inquire of 8. SAWYER, 2G7 Mlchlgab-at. * TO RENT—Second and third floors at aOLike-et. Apply at PHELPS, DQDQB ACO S’ r T , O RENT—Office room in one of the 1 boat offices on Clark-st. Front corner. DBLA MATER m RANDALL, Real Estate Brokers. I*2l Clark-tL. Room 1. 'VO RENT—Basement 115 booth (Jfark -1 at.. 25x60 ftet, with gas and cool Uaht Apply In ahoeatore. or to WM. COTTLE, 12 Hill-lt., tear of 349 North Wella-at. TO RENT—Office room in one of the best front offices on Clarb-tt, near Washington. Apply at Real Estate Office of DELAM ATEU A RAN PALL. I*2l Clark-sL, Boom 1. TO RENT—The fonr-storj and base ment brick store, corner of Clark and Slxdisoft-sM. now occupied by Messrs. Marmot & Co., win h- iea«ea lor a term of year*. Poase-slon given Urn ol May. Inquire of IL n. HINSDALE, corner Water and Hir er-sta. 'T'O RENT—A good, light store, No. 164 X Randolph at., trem April let. Apply to GEORGE M. HIGH. 164 Randclph at. Boon la: D RENT—Desk room m one of the most desirable-office* In the city. Apply to J. H. kkeLEB. I’2o South Clark-au TO KENT—Tde second and third floors ,-l. over No. IIS Lafce-st. Each room Is 21 by 150 feet, well adapted lor any light lobbing boaloras. For tem«. do, apply to J. A. SMITH & CO. TO RENT—Second ana third floors a gOLake-at. Apply at PHELPS, DODGES CO.’S. RENT—A firsi-cJass wholesale store ,4- on South Water-et, near State-aL, will be leased HPO RENT—A baroer shop and two T° —First-class bnck store on jAifio°wii'?% ter a fbor ’ B . t ? r ybaaeraent. Store w\i it BAM?irn£ T ?, ye ? ,r o ,e * se * Po'kesst.-nat'ince. SftoS'blocY ° N ' BCS3 E * late AReot ’ No * 3 Motr °- SSlanteh—gEf) Rent. W ANTED—To Kent—By a small hnrJL ./-xiiT’ chlKker. a gcr>d r f urn'shed Trt°braeofllc? lrßl>ie location. Address“CAßLfON,” W' 4^TED —To Rent—A good home, » 'WEtalngSor’grooms. the Sooth SlsSl^ , L5 f fatate «"I north of Twelfth st... by s ?mt°. l tn r P tr-^? Bg| a*^ 0 ’ keostox. Poaecsslon want'd by Ist or Marsh or April. Address P. O. Drawer»Bgg. AATANTED—To Kent—Aurst-classtwn itorr bOTse,without basetranr. fcr two years. Meat bo on vtio Weal Sloe, oast of Union Fart, sourh'of Uke and n-Mtb of \an Burcn-sts., with nveorstx roctt* on thcaecond floor, family very imad. Pqj- T£T7W%"nVo\\n. AWI - 11 Addftua WANTED— By tne In ol May—A building va itable for the auction buslhews. aor yH?l?. Lake and Madison and State-arrt L»hiJJe-iitg. AdVro»f. with jurtltolars. DANIEL SCOIT A COm Aictlooters, 104 Lake^t. Wf ANTED—Po Ken*—Dock suitable Tv lor coal r«rd. Addren, with .fall description, location and rent. DOx fl 3, Chicago. TTt/ANTED — To Kent—Rooms —A V v widow lady wishes to real one or two room* to a good locality, roivcnlent of access from the out side, and at a macerate root. AdCtcss “Mrs. a-F." T\T ANTED—To Rent—A small-sized tt store, snltsbeftr hooks and stationery. Ad- PMtVfflc« nB parUcular * 1 ten “J W C,“ Box ITJr, \\T ANTED—To Rent—By a small tarn* IT lly,without cblkren. a forulshad boose, be tween Chicago anl Hide Park. Pcwsmton desired from Ist of A lay. Address “ A." 9‘2'i Mlchlgan-ar. WANTED —To Rent—lmmcdmiu'y.or wltMn two weeks—A two-story hf.u*e of H to loroemi, wrhalltuied tor residence, wcatol Dalsted: Tlß?rr”o%.r«Va7oa! M - AlUr "’ “= I ‘ 0 “ K - ANTED—To Rent—A cottage, con* T V talnlrcsorGrooms, pleasantly IwuUkL by » first-class tenant. N»» children. South Bide nreriirtM Address “JAMBS." Ttihune office; preferred. WANTED— To Kent—l hvee turnished roams, Rjrhousaitecplnr. lor a ntiUßtaanand wire, ror which a fatr price w| h- paid. Pleass mi arete “G McW.’ p. O.UrawtrOaO.V \\T ANTED—To Rent—For hnnsekoep tv inr. nntnrrjslied roomr, or part of a convenient house. cnti»l*llnK of two or thro“ rwims, wilti cm ami water, sitnattxt on the West Mile, east of Ilat«i«*t|.st. rtefcrrrd. call or addrrsp. stating lormi."DKMTII)T," IhHin g. IQlf Maclson-st. \\T ANTED—^To Rent—On the North V V Bide. uMufntitled rooms, with hoard ft»r n «rn- Orman and tils wife— yuan* c«*upir. Iteieronc*. s»*. n nt «pd. Address, stslln* firms ami location, "U II," rtlhuneolPre. * .* WAN I ED—To Rent—A small cottage, nmuinitiir thrw or fimr r«vmi«. by aamnt fami- N' r " »"'■ ,IV«'muvAiWio."JA IV 10 Lake il., or p. o, Uoa 57011. VXTANTKD—To Rent—A shop euUablo y V i«r a lluht niamiUctiiritut liii<luna«,.un ths ttouiii Hide. Krruhd floor pfpf* Iffd, nf a llihl tiaiamrnt will W’??/*. ibOilrraie, Address “J M M." iiox 14‘JU. CldraKO, WANTED— To Kent—A amallcollngu or thjvr or t«ur rooms, uufurm*li«i. N«Mh <>r ivmMite, wUMnhO' walk ol Cuitrt Mouse, Address 0, IIAi.PWIK, *j;K) Matn it. ’ Uu6lnc3g gl)aucc>). ' l?OK BALE—Millmcrv stock. An old I „ wtablhbi ii bouse, with Unte trade. Population n/Pu. 1 hi* l» » chnnre, roitml. Adilma 11. W. *J. M. UKrUKIIKLI* CWc»K«* or J. J«. AVHUY, Oshkosh, f\U. F'OR aALE—The Forest Valley Works, Paclnaw citr, Mich., eontutlnz nftwo salt blocks, and saw c 111 of large capacity, wlta ten acres of land, lavorably Iccated. Address S. M. LOCKWOOD, bazl naw City, SALE—Store bouse and a light X stock of dry goods, groceries. &Cn where a bnsl n# ss of twenty-five thousand a year liai been done, and with the rapid Improvement ot the country surround lr* can be increased, Il preferred, store bouse w. uld be rented. For particulars. Inquire of IUQOS A Me* cca he. uockicy. m. FOR SALE—A hall interest mit Retail Drnc Store. Price IUbOO-«500 below cost. In quite of HCnSHAMs AVAN ticQAACE, Wooltaale PnmgUta. 10 Lake-sC, Chicago. F'OR SALE—A Saloon in a desirable Iccatloo, newly fitted op and well stocked with liquors. Will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire at 111 Sooth Water-sl. FOR SALE—The oldest Jewelry Store tnthedtyol Waukegan. UL—a rare opportunity to procure a cood boatcess place. For rmrucolara aa orr*s c. 1.. Wankorar. liL, or M. KRON FEBG A fTOR SALE —Water Power Grist and I? sawmill. sixty acres of land, three tenant bouses. Ac., In Northern Indiana, fbr tr»de for city propertr at s bargain. Apply to W. HT UNDERHILL, Bojm 23. No. 116 LaSslle-st. IT OH BALE —A first class manutacln- X 1 business. Capital required to SIO,OIO. Sat isfactory reasons given for selling. For particulars apply to PAttREB. CULT ON A SfCAOCE, No. 12, Chamber Commerce. FDR &ALE—A choice stock ot jewelry, comprising every variety of Jewelry goods, with lease of store and fixtures. Central! v located and wor thy of Inspection f>y parties who wish to eo In busi ness. A great baream can be barf by applying at once to J. M. MARSHALL, Boom S. 97 South Clark-*:. FOh SALE—A good store and dwelling, and stock of dry good*, notions, clothing, bcnti and shoes, groceries, haroware, Ac. The above estate lUhment is la a first-rate country acd U doing a good buslress. Apply to KING. HARMON A CO,.33Lake su, Chicago, or ALBA. LODECK, Andover, Henry Co., FOR BALE—I want to move to Minne sota, and will sell my CatxUy grocery at a bargain. Location goo and rent very low. Apply to GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 south Clark st. F'OR BALE—A maoniactnnnc business. hcason. Inability to give it sufficient attention. Or wccld take the right kind a! a man as partner. Goods produced are tuple, and will always be in de: maud. Will Invoice about Address P. O. Box 10:1. with tame and address. IT OR SALE—A soap manufactory, con • l_ vetlenlly located, with all running fixtures for the bosioea*. trade writ established and a paying boil css. T. H. DEUFIELO A LO„ Real Estate Agents, 10 P. O. Block. JF or Sale. F)R SALE—The steam tugs W. K Mair atdD. F. Davidson, now laid up at Mtlwangee, in good order. Apply to R. P. fITZuBUALD A CO n No. 90 Mlchigan-su Milwaukee. TT’OR SALE—Tnc interest and material X 1 of a well located Job Printing Office In this city. Presses and material almost new. t\>r further name ulus address P. O. Box No. 777. Chicago. FOR SALE—Canal boat “Norway." Apply to B. OLSON, tail West lodlaua-st. FOR SALE—Prop. “Gencssee Ohiet,” now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Class A 3. Ton ntcr mid roessuimcnt),3M. App'r to WU.K. WAIU RINF.n, Detroit, Mich., or 13 UARIU3 A ÜBO., Lumber-*!, Chicago. F'OU SALE —The best sleek of oflloo goodi, cogravlncs, blank books, •isUnnirr, Ac., Ac- in tbe city. Will exchange for leasehold property or real •slate to the rlty. Call am] exnmlne the Block. B. W. PEA. 101 Clark, comer Washington. UOK BALE—Cheap—Parlor and cook X stove, twditrad, tnatnass. tmrran. louo«n,dl«aett sins quo botse. TobesoeastllUllFullco-it. . F'OR BALE—One counter, block walnut (op and II drawers, and ono plain con'tor, 81 drawers In counter, top dslttros, wlin ctus dosrs, at •i? 34*cst lundolpa-st. pOR BAJiE>—A choice tree luoob, at J., <t«l and 4H CUrb-st. (Tali UilstbataidajMmlb*. alBy T cioc«> irOU BALE—A ioiol countprs. Apply . •IT4UMlfUh»ke<at. I.U, L. FAAUM A CU. affilantea-jeaie ffielp BOOKKBEPEBB. gALBSWEtI &0. WANTED— A salesman T?ho has had at least o -ie year'* active etncrl<>arc In loHloa food*. lleftrrncoirwin’reil. JOSKS * UIIVI3, ISA Jcarhoia-aU, Itoooa 10 ami 17. \\T ANTED—By a produce commission VV home, a k*>o<l c an—one who haa a knowledge) of float trade ami can Influence eoroe Wevtcrn traic. Addnai, wltli reference," D," Tribune offloi. WANTED —A boy between 10 and 17 ycinnljß Irora gold bcallo*. Apply at no. la tßtßtc-ii. * WANTED —An active, reliable young man. who understand* gardening, takhc caro of hortea ana general work about a private reniaence. Mono need arply udlom thorough!/ competent and bearing good recommendation from funner employer? Apply at] 3.1 fcoath Water at. TttiDlß. TAT - ANTED—A good Oultcr, capable ol VV ctitUnefor mcrcß*ntUllorln«nnrl alao ’adlra' cloaks. A »lo«lo man preferred. Mtut I* of stoadr tiat'll*. Modrrain wagr* apn at*•fly jmploymaot. U. J. I'girniuNK a t’o.« yppd dn wi». TJirANTBD—A flrst-ctos* Mnnblnißl, to VV lahqchar/m nl machinery Jnnttf factor/. COM* QHKBB UOMiAlf CO.« | J Laßallc-tt. \\T ANTED—A Kcnmlmr on lurnUuro— YV on« who thoroughly wndcratandi his bulimias. To inch a on<* ronatanl ntip'ormonl-Win bo given. An idy to (ilt.UMll A BAMI'dO.S. 47 nncl 411 l)Mf |)»rntt. ___ \\f ANTI'jP—A Kiri lo do kllHien vrnrk VV In h itfuli fmnltr "ii Urn Norlti Hlilfl. Mini tm a griMl f«mh. «?nil At {MI UmnlnUihil. ANTKD—tnblnei Maker* Apply >1 .IH Hlnlfrlt. .MJ. VANHUMAAUK.Jfr. Wd|i. HUIIIIH NBHVANTN, '\\l ANTJ3IJ—A i»irl l« cook, vrnsli nml ANTKD—lliiliieillntoly) 111 the Mnl; YY llouift a Util thM neiil IrotiPfi fiutie Mlibf tH-il AA/ANTED=At DO! MiUtiljgdH-HVii f Y V rkklclM iit-i» Irlalth I<j du tliaiiiDttf kmfk Ain. Willing: lA/ ANTflMi'lireg I'imks liif tlit> city ttfesßgew«^ \\l ANTJSI»=A mil wtiomn niiefstson ,V V (ifuv.f » U»fcuf«smi tim<* •»'! 1™ ij w.iiSmf- l ’ 11 " TXTA’NTEIWI’wn goml girls m a iifi* Y V ?fa« t'Fj nr« m «i•).» !■* pM*»f i ■ 4*l up- SlilfS Work, TWl»i>w» RqdcraUpd iMiDWB'HkM Apply kliHtw'luwMlii jSmyloßweiit flgencieq. 117 ANTED—IOO men, with cash capi YY »bj of |M to fdfO, to engage In a Imilntsi that will pay |5 WHO per day. Secured by two patents. lUa uo competition, and la tlio only article of the kind ever ottered fur aaie. Every family wants Irom two to adxien. fall, or address, with alamo, J. H. NASON, I’Ja Soath Clarte-ai, Itoom 0. Cbtcaeu, 1 1. WANTED —3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 collector, 3 brakemen, 5 flrsmen, I porter. 3 drtvere, 4 tKenU,S entry clerks, 2 conductor*. Apply at 134 Dearborn-au. Imam 3. TTITANTED—Young men In the conn . »» try, wishing to obtain situations, noth as book- Keeper*, »a.earner collector*. expre-smen, cicr<a, brakesmen, Ac., 4c.. to apply at IJI Dcarnom-v., Urom 2,0 r adrtreas M. R. JONES A CO* Box 2040. enclosing ten cent*, for tut! parti calm. TX7 ANTED—Wood choppers. $1.15 \\ Per cord; 500 men, wage* ujS) toMper day, and fi-tO to $53 per month and board. Apply at 100 Madbon-at., Room 4. Vi r ANTED—One or two first-class trav wjf el’lng salesmen. Those who hare bod experi ence m soliciting preferred. Inquire at i O2 Washing ton-au Room 11. or address SfODDARDACO. SgaawlcE—gatgtEltgnesus, VaTANTED—A young, energetic man, T T with ftKO to tSOQ. to engage tn a Orst-clas* pay ing establishment. References riven and required. Cal. oner address, immodiale.y,‘*C U e,” 208 stale- between the bonxa of it and 12 a. is. and 3 and 4 p.m. \\7 ANTED—Deirs—Complete list oi tyy belt*l to unclaimed estates In Europe. sent for 1, by REDDEN BROS., I*. O. Box .ISO, waenlngtoa. Reftrr new-Allen, Copp A Sts not Banters. St. axmls. Mo., and Henry Aahbrook, Washington, D. C. V\7 ANTED—I want men that are alive, *.» that have nap In item, that are fall of vim mC wao l Kfccnbacks, to call and see the ih!U h r n^i?. rE u Brlr JC on property In any abape, and f will show you bow to convert the same J. cwh. Call and we or address CD ARLES MRS HENGER, 98 Waahlngtoa-aL, Boom 3. Chicago. 111. TXTANTED—Musical—Youne men can ▼ y Hod a grod teachcrof Banjo. Plaao and Guitar ‘erm* moderate, by appdcaUon to F. G. PP.IM -ICLKIO, Speed s Block. Room 23. ~\\T ANTED—A practical Printer is de yr y rtrons of going Into the country to publish a paper. Any part? willing to ccntrlbute Ilberall? to ward an enterprise of ihls kind will addrcaa **A K,” P* O. Boa 367. Peoria, 111. References given. '171, J ANTED—A purchaser lor office fix- T T tar» r Including glass paeutlon, shelving, •t^T-» speadld arge >ale, desks. Ac. Can be eeea a £ Rrd Dcarborn-a;., opposite Post office; W-ANTED—The celebrated*'gypsy wo- V f man has removed to 329 Paula where she wllleCll continue to astonish all In her art rfFalsUstrr, Ail affairs of lift* told wl C> accuracy by theOvpsyl’aJmlsr, Don’t tirgei the number, 329, over thenat store, dollar. \\7 ANTED—Men to manufacture and » » se/VaH artlclecsed In every taml y. wScfo from fo to flO a day can oe mwde. PncloM 35 cents *or sam pie. S. P. t>OMSTOCK. Box 904, Chicago P. O. \\T ANTED—S7,OOO, tnr ten years or Ti Ic**, *Tth ten per jeot. Interest; security given on U recticn rf good famlog land, and coal nnarr it. within forty rbd* ol a litCfe town ana two anticipated railroads, adviameVerronilon eoai fl-Jds. Additas* Mr. W.JOBNMIN, Wenoaw,Marshall CJ..IU. Infer, matloa wanted Iwtnediattty. XV/ ANTED—To buy, by a practical T v miller, a water-power grist mill of two or thrtsr run of stone. A n ill somewhere la Michigan preferred. ■ Or will Uke a eltr*tlon. Achress W. lULUEIIKAND. Colnmoiß CUT. xnd. W/ ANTED—Parties wishing Informa- V » Uon In r*par:sto thegr«*tfTn»l crowing reffiou of Southern Illinois, and the chance- f>r Invcsttu-at there, to snarcss r. K\ TlilMo3S r Real Esuts Agent. Centralis. 111. • b WANTM)— Employment, by a gentle man of many y.epv experience to office routine •no a* a merchant, ooli la the Unlbd States and it Rotate). Ibuiooghir acquainted* witb Pie protore ramjets, Aire SI. Kch Pences td U» hfstunataodlne. Address “Il K." care tf ilessrs. Tucker & nbofeidt, lulrteo. WANTED— To sell, a'Die Sinking and Engraving establishment.' br.«ice«* of which was-fstatilishcd m HlllPda'e. Mlrh:. Ur isr>& Is now , rtoln* a paying bni|p»* oi M;«00 per year.and inrreas liib rapidly. Iwoalileoll :ne entne pientlset, with all nwwaaiy topis for carrying on the bmdneaa, together wltdi or without my entire ecrresp'>odßJce lo tbebosl- H 0 "** A.*JLi ,T ?® T / or tenyaars* (imaonapartot the fil’EAlif"uVi;.'.l'.K-Mlc" «“«“ -»• WANTED— Immediately—To borrow Uirco thousand dolisro,-oi» good real estate se- T^C^MLarieo'icrV'' I ’ , “«»'M~»-B.C.DBEWS. WANTED— An noiivrtnnlty to invest 13.0C0 to fto.«o In soma wrir-maMUhed mrr caniuacroieiiDractuijnf hu»ir«*> Reftrcrcos itrcn *nd required. Address“W 8 y," * ANTED—To exebango vnlaiblo real (state lor a stork oi eon.i« matabtc (br «a buc tlou More. Address P, O. box 500. ClOcaao. 111. \\f ANTED— To borrow SIOO lor three _v w anrths, on good security. A Siren “J 11 W» M Tlllmnn clDie, * WANTED —A wcoml-lmml mortising machine ltd s»oond-han<l tsnetta* tna< hln”. WANTED— A lowß nml llicir Irtrnds to call nt UilherPs lUhlh* flnlt. in nnd IN cut* st.. t.. Hie Free I.ubcli tlilsiV»uin*. lioarnmn, hood lionrtl. with Inrfo A Jfiir* shni rooms, ran he had »Mt?*a Mlchlkamat. a short ill*lam e troui hush st. hrn)q» *»«■ I )OAIJI>INO—A Hinio oli ttont parlor I * nnd hMrnom lo rani, with tmanii alii. am. ulc o on,, ami da, Ixiardiiuf, at 17; Dvaruotmaf., up IyOAKDING—A plcasantMom lo lot, -l Jb oa.i^, u» a slrijlo iienUemao. at HOtOMivst. I A peasant rooiii, .. i. .* i vriiMw*." f n ‘ Um ~* * *“i T>OAUDING—A sumll lamily have a XJ pleasant room on first ttoar. to let, with board Icrms moaerata. Apply a* Og«n SOthigan-aV. IJOARDING—Two suites o! rleasant -» > rooms, furnished- or nnfnmtshon, will, board. lor n-otlrmen and wives or slnule ccouemeo. PlSa .l £ci!X-A°‘ *m.i KrK,“* ,1T rtn - l,l ‘" 1 - TJOAKDlNG—BythowDekorday. Man XX andwllb cap be accommodated, or sltsle men C? n acrorr moOale*. In pleasant rooms, at Xo. O Kart llandolph. Meals from X until 7 p. m. ■ROaUDING-Tlio boartlmg house on cWfiMh. 305, baa lately changed hand*. rooms 0 * 0 Wn ° ' rUbt aa find sood board and pleasant ■fJOARDXNG Pleasant rooms, with iiw l 22^W^f b if! nea ‘ be Bt * «otm House, PrwprtSori l4 Fraakiln ' lt * A UAYNES" SOAKDING— Good board at $4.50 per T> CARDING—A furnished front room, XX with board, suitable lor a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Apply at 174 West ffuhtntioa-it. OOARDlNG—Comlortable rooms and go«l ocaid, at moderate price, at US Stale-st one block from the Post Office. M "DOAHDING—Board can be obtained in ±J a private IkmUy.near Mlehlgan-av., by one or two gentlemen. Pleasant rooms. Address •* A A.” Tribune office. TDOAEDING—Having assumed ibemao- XJ agemenl and control of the well-known boarding house. No. 34 Waihlngton-su, 1 am prepared to ac commodate my patrons In good ettle and at reasonable GEK.* D “ y f 5 pef werk * C * T * "DOARDINQ—At 207 Washingtons!., JLI comer Franklin, where nicely famished rooms can be found. Terms reasonable. Also, nnfumL-ced rooms at 109 East Adams-*L, calculated for a small Can tly. IJOARDINQ—Upper, raita* J J ble lor a gentleman and lady. iomlahsd or unfur nished, at 37 Pine *i„ corner of Ohio. Uoartr jsaantfli. TDOARD—A rate ot handsome! v-far- P nlsbtd front rooms, aiso single room, will first class board. Cor a gettlemaa and two ladles. Refer tnces excbsrged. statmz location, terns. Ac„ Box 2C77. Chicago. BOARD— A young man wishes to ob tain board and lodging to a private Csmllv where there are no other bo&rrars. Good references." Please state terms. Address “HC,” Tribune office. TJOAKD—And lurnisned room, iranled 1-L, hr a gentleman nad bU wile, within five blocks of personal. ■pEUßONAL—lntonnatioa ot R. P. X 1 Hamilton, “the world-renowned hone-lamer,’* would be thaukfhllj received by MraMAGQIE PRICE. Croton, Foltaa County, IlllaoM. PERSONAL —A youm? man of good X. moral character, wtsues to bold correspondence wttbayouglady between it* ages of sixteen and twenty-kuT, ibrnmtual Improvement. Ad'lres* **T. W. L.,**box 120. DelavtikTarewea County. HU T>KHSONaL—WUI “1.113,” from Can -1 ton. 111., or “ Mm. b—n.” serd placed residence to **W,” Box The Dutchman fcrgot your aamber. “J.” . TJERbONAL—Two \onng ladies desire J. corrcipondwce with ceDtlsmeo. wlUi a view to mutual Itnprc ventral anif frjepdshlta Ac. Adrtrese MAUI L WILtAKD and fcLUE WILbAuD, Mcmlota, Lsbslte Co.. UK TTERSONAL—If that lady wbo feels to I bad al«nt thn dingy condition of her windows, nTd tllvsr ware, wilt Just call on any druggist or gru> cer. and atg lor Woodsums lixtanUneoas Window I'nirth. she can clean them without any trouiJe. Wbowale tor the Nurtnvcst by UUUNUAMH * VAN SCHAAUt, 10 Mke-sl., fbie.vgu. PERSONAL—WiII Henry J. and his I lrl-nd« ra'l at Ol'barl’s Dlhlag Hail. 4« sn>l 48 Clark-*!., totbs Free lunch, to-nighbatjio’clock. PERSONAL—A gentleman wbo llnds X . lb*t mono?«wilUout sociplf. i»iu twt make lone • Tr-hlnc* P* , i plcajanllf. would Ulw Ut<t antiiarnlanea or sniD&llißtntlady, with whom Id ipottit wmor two otsslngs a werg, In playing rhess. aingtng. kn. n't! • WALES, ~ ■■ c mJ’i rt i.S. , JsSj» c ;SS SL "W?' Interview can be hanT ,u,la » <mHn«ai ,*** IPS&'SSIg uirruATioN—wKmJTnr, *7, kef*'f irratrxprrletimin a *^Hh AuilffM W. JOIIHtUN. lUj"/C,*M tael»®J: *aa»aS IKiSiMTa; mr of rfilhlirn. A.Hf>‘! * M RMurnuu 'Jsisnm b l wi l m».!» iSmfijj;[j* || »wn ( cmJAWrrNr-wi^r^ Mil i t , utiriniHi . am SITUATION—. ■ mjniiltifam Mt.tii »c rmr-- i fl * . / ;l »,tn. !'!■ il». Miulii.i. 111 9fi«iW aatniiifn. «»ui »ii fni,u7^’.? t. I.*;s' jill^V:"*!: «iik |H l)i<* «(|M* kMh!- a!. Mil« , ieJ V‘ ! < 1-U tVu'U UimV «ii'| llS'tljjj'ij Mtos QEN TtUVumal— Esre nenSSTr cja** c*nvM*er..-e,n»UnH .. . ■ CfS hfJlNUlOh'b *• » newaiuimairothcciitiibel engr*fic» • l h« U Haa peculiar irtroronicnii*U.-iu *? c -* admired by every AmerlraiJ * AgenUevery wtcreare mating wuhouVuiSip*- km* Publisher** lilO'k.t cuiuinUaldß *^** dreea. S. B. BOWEN.?J L\*T£_au?.?i, «• AGENTS— WftDted—For BAHRFTTh UFE OF LINCOLN’. Sil^ 5 complete and anihemir work yet nnhii.w p. *** Lincoln baring hln.«c f faruirfi.d the lactaot life early life. We rive ia turret •joa en above work and pat F.xi’iVU * 5®P“ B F*?,™ Tn “ Agest. Addra* j. is 4 CO, rtbllahen, a Ctuloo nox*ei-; V tV£-o A GENTS—U anted—£7s to month, everywhere, male an.lfem^ ducethroaghont tbeUctb-d «-tat*» thM;iAn\p Vu PROVEO LOMUuN nJ?n?h> , macl ’ ln « "HI imcli. tießfy’r.V qnllt,bind,braid aid embroiderm a r manner. Prb e on'y fib. Folly ytam. Wo will pay ft.OUl f..r any rawhlteiv in »cw a stronger. more txaouiil or mure .3lr thannem. 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No im ,i-> t-i k wl-ere they are known. P. ATKINSON, 1 til Hoorn 6, Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted Gentlemen ani ladles throughout the Umietl states l.r cc new Book. rUVESof the PRESIDENTS.* fnn VtA- Ington to Ji'hnson, by J. 9. C. Aboott, the great *i;>v> rlan. Compiatc m cse larspi \.»mtn». snp'-rslv ilia trated with et«l tni raring!*, among which are traits of the fqrcnb’cn President*. bsU!i* f an-nes. ft This Is the cnly wort ct the kind yet published. «c atterdf to exp'rtenred agents a rare opportunity to make money with a fptenrtW book, and no comVh Uon. Exclusive u rntory end publishers’hlchfst«- mission elver. Books ready ror drltvcry now. S. * BOYDEN. 73 Clirk-fL, clieago, nr A GEN Tii—Wanted—JlaJc and female to sell a new article la great demand that enoily wants, ft per Jay madcwlthont leaving how Trsvfllicg acetis can make frernts to s2l n>r<<W withoutlnterf*rente with other ndnne?*. Tr«*antff shows for Itself. Samples, with terms«ad nariicc.a*i Mnt sr.‘**5 r .‘** cent* A-ddress R. w CHAPPELL. Drawer 6.733. CtlcoTQ, IU. A GENTa—Wantsd—s,oooAgcatswam -OL ed—An article that no one w»li be witaout f r Twenty times the price of IC.- Every csf wa\t> li rl - nnlv «.*• u> ?13 ctpiui re-u-rfc. p .?^® c,1 -** n . t . l o a °T addrtaa'lor tl. A<ltire»j n jt 337. Peoria. 111. A GENT&—Wanted —-Ladies who mean bUßlnetc>.to canvassf rttaSwhich win ir»n% AppiTtor InforotaQon, Satnrday. "A -eb >. iheeirJsndSr. at 208 Ea«i 51aal»ox.iv.cT al , dress, wub sraa-p. Mra. “£ C h." ctilcaco. A GENTb—Wanted—To canvass rnritis ix m?w celebrated Baker'* Und-crfccd sfevoa* v». ; chine, fample wli! b- sett upon the rcovlnt of 15 to any part srihecoantry. Similar in Uric and -final a Worka*n>h!p tb W 1 cox * Gibbs’ Machine Lars*is dnernwnto to Kodoceprlon. Ad-lrewTi-c-- fTrtar ami i*rras,-T. O. PRIMHTNO, Dntwcr General Agrrt fb« Bake r 3. M. Cuts*:*. A* GENTa—W anted—For‘T?ieFiclo^l jS\. Bonk of Anecdote* and Incident* r[ the w*r.“ irurranted Ihfc most attractive, Cut Millet boos nl up 9*. For partlc.*mi ».Mrts J^-*-j*! lO'l WastUngtcn-st. Chics- A GENTS—-Wanted—For “LKE AN’D ,HI» OEK2IiAL£. ,r by Capt. Wm. P, Snow. J ToUJCOyacee. aart lltteelplatee. Ko othe.* wsrtcT UiU Jtsd la poll jetted, acrfno care nor extern* hm been reared In the preparation ot lots admlr«Me ml nme. r>ur aim 6*en to mate it complete 1: e»- l r 7-. r . eJ Tf rt - Adders:wtitrstamp. LTIIA.S. l-RIGOS A Heucrai Aiaßts.lleirott. Mich. A GSNT^—Wonted— Immcdiatelj. m firey town abrt'bormty In the Hcilc-t •ell •omctbineiew. !<9p*rd'»yTn<ulp ease, arc ao humbug. A fortune Hus winter. Send mt ‘tin pine Addrewjvll.PEA WOIIKS. ISUs-M --■lm tbleats, 111. A GElfTß—Wanted—Wc oiler lilitml jJA Indue *QJml§ to Ayenlafor cisnra«slnz Inr «nr IJI> Ilinjiraied family Recadjlysf pnWlshwf. Ilni'KlNS * M Publisher*, 7»Dtartrorn-«U Dot 1175, LMcsko. A GENTS—AVan led—Wish $5 to $lO AA cnpl(al;fnr a permawsntmmtey-mnldnz ha‘lnws at home. suP.itvlpfur IsdltW. jnTTtlft»PT,rh‘rrfjm>Ti ul teachers, and my drsituH* for. rcW wratlirr. K»«■ acne Asents rwe makmk M»ta net w—k. r»l o* It. WAVVEI.U47 A GENl*3—Wanted— Farmers, nrenef lnf|,Jn ‘he cornilry. »j enicaze f- r ,*ts n,h! * ,ft * wpl t»i Urn irsa l*v i°r , f S 30 ,» M ' r »oMb. Address ZKmltlh Mctl'a l>\ ACQ.. Loniftstd Dioclc, Vhlw* i. HI. A °J'; N T. H -' V lusted—For”fluTlll'tnrj the a'SPw—Ttsdnif 11. I'M SV- * U * r J * 11/ AlMSll'l'lf*. v 15!;,lei’ll f‘ia , .,t'Cner« s*ml f|» pch»»nf It 'S. r..‘, i.V± f , U * I'r nourr Ctrsplvd. { ItSiWr l , r/. t, ’ rr V- Ad.lrm NA Fl'iv a HjIU.IMUM) CO.. IQ UthNird lll—a,UiHatW. 11. litcal Isolate—iffioumn), KitctaMigo—UlimU lS* Ew’iH Prajl.t»«ul itniher. jl>« acres In MArV.u’to., SjJ Im'. iio aerrs In uimbertaml C<v, If,* .j,; 5 5S" c - r f‘'l l Alcsanoff C>„ flmhan m £.!!! ? A' “, n ‘* HUtloa. »!S • rfp " a !;linh*n Oo„ near cautralla. acres n Cast «ki„ nratrla. m S£I1! J" to„ limber am) prairie. M actoa In JeUanton Pmttor. '« IS *"nlS n^'T a “ d « acres In Marshall timberv Improved *“ Wo ‘ hlrQl, l*‘o H pf»ln« amt timber. Pirt «J^!.*.A ,e _ lf 9 p e a*fi* In lot* ta anlc, nr will «*• for r«at esiato-or go. it Tn* ar»wsinoeM«l aid near rati aim'll, Q 8 Washlrgton-sb. Chicago. 111. Xj'GK bALE—Snburban Homes Cot* X Ufca, with one or.more urtsof lacd. verjehesp. on easy terms, also, some choice larmlnz *a <1 at I’* XT OR BALE—The subscriber oilers lor JL sale hu farm oM6o acres, abnot nv miles ‘Mil esst frora Locknort, and about 3 miles from Juliet. I>U In the town «f Bb.akun acres under 5«c«l cal* ttvatioc, 17 acres gotil timber, «ood bouse, barn, car nage boose, abeep honse. corn crib, bog bouse, cellar* cistern, 2 eooc *cllr, a living springs o! water, orenaro oi over 1M anole trees In full bearing, cherry tree*, and ether small fruits, and all well fenced. Pnce and term* leasonab’e. Apply on tb» premises, or to W. S. MT EH&OFF 1 Agent, Lotxpon, m. M.B. BKLSK- ITOR BALE—Fruit farms and other X * lauds, improved and nnln-provol. Also, boost* and lots. brWILGTTS a WTT.T.T«? t Beal Estate Aztata, IttchTlew. waetungtoa Co„ m. FDR SALE—An 80-acre trull tann» near BlchvJew, 1. c. B. B- Improved; has oeanrg orchard, beside* 300 xoung peach trees. Dou»* •?*} ‘UUon. TFm ne eofd reaaonabir. Tlmeesn twhodoa money, if wanted. Appljr to WIL SALE—A Steam Sawmill, with J -cp acres o! land, in the best oak and poplar rerion of coßihen IDtcoia. Buildings, team*, and every mine ? 15^*5ti 7 for cairyler on an extenrlve InmbertagtaM k7siV^ n - ll, fP temfiea * The Property win be sobl tor fls OK. and U an nnosnat opportunity for Arrest J. SiOCGH. 11SCiart-iL, Room 19. F 'OR SALE—At Highland Park,, on C. A M. B. B-. a two-story brick tons*. ifi roomf, nam. garden, fruit trees and small frmt *r Anatv at the Office of WICKIiAM-S BnBQLAfr Dearborz-st., Sboml-I, up stairs. F'OR SALE—I.OSO acres lowa.lands, at low figures, or will exchange for pthee property or merchandise. Taxes are all paid. Title perfect. partners &aaiUra. TDARTNER—Wanted—With *15,000, in X an established Foundry and Machine Ship, or a competent mat with *3,000 to taxe charge ot the Form* dry- Apply to A.D.MEAD. 131 Iteodolph-st. T3AUTNEK—Wanted—A laay witi* A from 1400 to fl.oto to Join to* advertiser In • rt apcctaMe business Addrtwills* *5dN,” F. O. Draw* 3950. Chicago. PARTNER— Wanled—>Vith *O,OOO or J6.CCV In cash. In an e*tn>Uahed general dry gaods store. Sales lait year t6o.fiW. Or will sell entire stock and goed will en renac-aabfeterms. Gonl rofr ences given and required. Actdmi Drawer 3. teo, Oenry Co., 111. * T>ARTNER—Wanted—ln tbo mest In* F crattve business la thin city. Has beau sstsb luhed seven years, and htanald over t50,0J0 above ail expenses. lam compelled to lake a part-«r. None but gentlemen need apptv. and ot good adore* and habits. Otly fl,noo for bait Interest. Moceynotsomncbtaorjvct, but tbo right ktrdof * mao. Other buslttss compels me to home lull the Urns. Address Box 22M. city. p ABTN EK—Wanted—W itk la X„ a ipla did paying fcnalne*s.wtli«st!U)U«ncl,cea l*ve*lwjt—■% flrat-ratc chance fj- a haiiness mat. KsW»v>filce. 10 P- I) ARTNER— persevering. IndorlHoue man would W *md to meet with a S^ ,,a . h, ?J? tntcrc * equal capital tisoo to io>Jc. him la the irroc«ry* to be nuiill«l«d-.i^I’* 1 ’* wne olaceant of Ckuago. A-iJtv* 4 w Tribune office. . pARTNKR—AVsntwt—To go to Oil- JT hert's Dining U»i\ 4fl awl 4H Clar«-«»., b?a five tuarh, this (Hslurdayy evening, at 8 u’etock. None but tbtic who are hungry need apply. PARTNER WnnlVtl - A praclloil X palmer with some meat* will »?j lent oppoMuulty torugsge le an rsUWUhwl wuluos* be efldffsstpg ‘TH," 'frltnmtoffice. PAHTN Eli—WnnlcU—W Ithi n raplW bf If.VOO, In Uks half InlfreUtn.sßd^lM^rrrol M'lSc'lW "SifttSuVr KiliOiOr. Ili’J uari it., itoom 7. _ IJAUTNBU—W«nI«I— In 11)0 wholcmlt