Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 10 Şubat 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 10 Şubat 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tSTribrmc, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, IBC7. THE CITY. Tnz Stxwajtt Drroncx Suit.—The decision of Judce Jameson, on the motion for a sew trial in the Stewart divorce care, has sol yet been ren dered. It la expected that It will oe announced on Mcoday momma. SnrLTZ Auxnr.—CariShult*. wbo wai so speed ily aod so unceremoniously divorced on Team day. wa« on Saturday married to Mary Lawlor, who. III* understood. Is the woman Intimacy with whom gave grounds for tbe action taken In court. Cojmxrxn.—l-awjencc Fins, a junk dealer la Clark street, was charged at the Police Court on Pstordsy afternoon with receiving stolen prop erty. Be was held for further examination on Wednesday morning in ball of S3OO. Anisv ot Fox.—The alarm of fire rounded Saturday morning about 7 o'clock from the hox 147 wss occasioned by a small fire In a abed on Oak street, near North Wells. Before tbe engines could arrive tbe flames had been extinguished by apailtol of water. rznaoxau—Mlsa Clara Barton, so well known for her service* to our soldier* of the army of the Potomac, is in the city, and stopping at tbe Tre most House. We hear that our Library Assorts lion are negotiating with her for a lecture during the present month, when wo wlll ha ve a treat for all those wbo are Interested In the touching am} pathetic side of soldier lUe. Few audiences can mist her pathos. Pitted 125.—Mrs. Margaret Kehoe was fined SSS at tbe Police Court on Saturday morning for gen erally disgracing herself and abusing her hus band. She resides In the Weat Division. Catharine lame has an Inveterate habit of break ing windows. Beside* that, the la troublesome In ber speech to tn unbearable extent, and on Sat uiday, before Judge MQllken, was fined $35. Cnracn Fxsrrvn-—A grand fklr and festival will be held by the ladle* of SU Mary’s acd St Lonla' congregations, In foe new hall, comer of Van Buren street and Fcnrth avenue, commenc ing or Monday evening, February 11, and con tinuing one week Arrangements nave b*en made lor Instrumental cor cert*. An election will be held, and the person receiving ihe most votes, at one dollar cacn, will receive a gold-mounted cane. Gorcn ox TxxraJiaxcx.—The veteran temper ance orator—Jobs B. Gough—will lecture onbu levorite theme on Monday evening in the Opera House, neder the auspices or use Toucg Men's \sscciailon. Gough always draw*, and however torch we may wbh to see the treasury of the As sedation filled, we shall not, becinso we need not. ask tbe people to bear him. They go in crowds to see and hear Gough. Etxons Lodge Good Texplum.—At a regu lar nertJrc of this Lodge, h“4d in their h«II, ionb«m comer ol Gurleoo and Iltbtad streets last Thursday 'evening, the following officers en tered upon Ui* discharge of ttefr dories for the term end log May I**. IS>7: W- C-T.. ■ Sjoi.c: W. V. T., Mies A. K-Potoler; W. R.S., p F Iliilbnck; W. F. S., Cbas. E. Miner; W. Tress. Miss C. Smith; W. M., Geo. H.Polcier; W. 1. G., Miss Poller; W. Sent., F. L. Angler. Exxswonrn Zouaves,— A meeting of the EUa werth Zcnavee will be held at the Trcmont House on Monday evening. All members of the corps are requested to be present It is thelmeononorthl* military corps to give their second ballot Crosby's Music Halt on St Valmiu.e’e Day. the e4th instant A poet office for the transmission cf valentines will be among the attractions. The members of the corps are exeiiiog uremselv.?* to make this ball second to none yet given in the dry. Tnz Assets or a Easkiso Ijisrrnjnow.—An execution was, on Saturday, placed in the hands of the ShcilS; for J 295.01 al the salt of Henrietta Do I cilgrom against J. A Potman, a banker at Xo. 2 Clark street- The inking formal posse-alon of ;bc asset* was an Imposing aiTtir. It resulted In the finding of fractional currency $3.40; Filver coin S6.TS; copper coin three cents; foreign coin one cert. Total available $1519. Beside* this there was on deposit bills, not signed, of aKala maroo concern representing $29; and a specimen plate stamped to be on exhibition of the denomi nation of $5. Valuable Wobes op Adt.—On Tuesday morn ing Wo. A. Butters 4 Co. will sell at their sales looms, on Randolph street, one of the finest col lections of Chromoe audited Plate Engravings to be found west of New Voik. Tocy have been se lected with gteat care by Mr. Joseph Lanson, of Philadelphia, who has very recently relumed from Europe Among this collection are copies from such celebrated artists aslHemng. Sandseer. iavlor. Asdsell, and others. This really fine cnl eeiionwilibrou exhibition to-morrow, and all lovers of the beautiful should not fall to drop in and view It. Boaud op Enucanos.—A special meeting of the Board of Education was held on Saturday af ternoon, at the rooms of the Board, for the pur pose of appointing a head assistant to the Haven School, in place of Miss M. L. Wilson. • who has pestered her position. Q. C. Clarke, pro- The candidates were put In nomination, and a ballot being taken, the election resulted In the choice of Miss Harriet A Stowcll, of the Skinner School, bv a vote of tleven to two. Miss Stowcll was acccidingty appointed as.the successor to Miss Wilson, and the Board adjourned. Hams Cosrca.—A writ of habeas corpus was issued on Samrday r by Judge Jameson, upon the application of Henry Feebler, the member of the Merchant*’ Police force, who was on Friday Imnrisoncd In the county jail, noon the Coroner's warrant. The circumstances of hi- case are Ca •>Utar to those who read our report ol the testl tdoui in the Tnmuax ol Saturday. He isbeld by rii tu* «»r the jury’s find'ug that Ernst Blach berger, an Inßnre mss, came to bis death by reaum ot his t>elnc mmeeeaavriiy shot hy the prisoner. Th« hearing of the writ will probably come nfTon Monday, before one of the Judges of the Bapenor Dome fi»trgo Torant tip tit.—ou niw^ooa at the Wash'ngton bleating Park, will be laan- C«rate4 a abating tournament, which promises to be of much Interest to those who float upon the crystal surface. Hie Joust will occupy tbo pori-pracdia: hours of both Mon-lay ana lues cty, and the prize- to be comyet**o for aggregate In woe np«am of a thousand dollars. On Monday, a( two o'clock, the ladle* will enter noon the contest of skill. When they «hall have exerted Jhennelvesto toelrntmoM,U,e"boyß" will exhibit ibclr eklU in thefrlcndli stnfe. 6u the en-ninc cay the voung ladles will compeie for the prlz •* offered them, and their exertions m the pleasura ble pursuit will be followed by th amlcable competition of the men who hare dorthg this and other seasons aimed atsuccess la nte ot the cotters. Mnalc win be on hand to anl male the contestants, ana to intent the lookers on. If they need an incentive b yond the actual occasion. It is proper to state that the prlvllcrea of tvason tickets wu! he suspended. “ Ma. Fxmzit’s Rrcxpnon.—The name of S. M. Fassetlls synonymous with progress In the pho tographic art. Ptom the first moment ot his ad vent smorg ns. be has devoted himself with prsUewoithy assiduity to the rairi->g of the standard of excellence in pun picture! —and It la probably tint saying too much to state that much of the improvement manifested in the woric ot tome other artists Is traceable to the leellng that a better quaint of work was needed to enable them to compete with him. _ _ Ihe recent jetnrn ox Mr. Passetl from Europe, whence he haa brought freah stores of photo graphic facts, gathered from the leading men of tßc age, will give addltlonel interest to the sec ond anniversary of the opening of his rooms, which, as last year, will be marked by a reception of bis friends. On Tuesday evening next, he wilt meet hundreds of those who have known and patronized him In the past, and many of those who, not having heretofore called on him, will trnn an acquaintance which will be very pleasant Inlhelutme. lie inritea the public generally to attend bis levee on Tuesday evening. Snoonpo x Bran.—Fanny Marsh, a young woman who will be remembered as having walked the stage at UcVickcr's Threatre, In this city, for some time, with rather a questionable reputation, Las recently been in trouble In Detroit where aha has b* en "housekeeping” lor two or three mouths past. The Detroit correspondent of the New York Juliet Gazette thus details the story: " While In Chicago Fanny formed the acquaint ance of Gus. Lee, a delineator ol burnt cork oddi ties at the Varieties Theatre in that cilv. Gas., it Is said, was desperately smitten, and lour con tinued the particular f iend ot the accomplished mnhnlatorian. Finally Fanny returned to thla city, and for two or three months has occupied a house here. ■ Rumor says that a number of Weal thy citizens, entrapped bv the lustra of her eyes, have been paying devoted attention* to her. In deed, so prevalent were these reports that they reached toe can of the troubadour Lee, In Chi cago. Straightway be armed bimscifwiib a Coil's revolver. navvrUc, and using the walu. arrived here 011 Monday last. He proceeded at once to the domicile of the fair Fanny. Hie worst fears wete realized; be fontd bet tu company with a gentle man occupying a nigh social poeUlnii to this city. His anger knew no bounds: be drew his re volver, end aiming It a' the capricious object of bis devotion, fired it. Had nisattn been truer, 1 should now be recording a sad tragedy. As It was, the ball did no other damage 'ban to graze the forehead of Miss Marsh and **uty ItS'-Jf in ihe wall.' Lee was at one.* arrested, and his love sad Late are bo it having time 10 cool in the lock-np." A9IERICAN BLDBEir COLLEGE. Addmahy Rabbi FelaenthaL Rev. C. Fclaetthcl delivered a lecture on Sal* nrday morning. In advocacy of the establishment of American Hebrew achools and seminaries, at the Zion Temple, on Dc«plalnes strecr, between W Libia exon and Madison. After the u*oai Intro* dnetory exercises In German. Rabbi Felaanthal spoke as follows in the English language: 1 am going to addrea-* you in the English Icncnage isle morning, and consequently will not detain yon long. Wc, as Israelites, have much (6 n-olre tor. Our Father, who ted ns from our home* in oar tatheland, has permltt-du* to settle in this coot.try where we are free from pcre-cuiloa. lu the land of Washington, Jefferson and Adamt we have toleration. Here we have loond Justice. AUeady tbe Israelites number a hundred thoii aand soul* in the United States. Israelites, it is your sacred right to be grateful for ail these gilts, it Is tour doty to return something. Show thanks by noble deeds, oy great acts. We bnlld n »ble smagogues. rear homes for our defenceless ones, and maittam hospital* for the healin'* of the tick. Wecni yonr own peculiar ciobs. and now It Is onr duty to build schools. If n c allow ourcblldre-n to giow np witboul an cdncailon they cannot be expected to keep ui* the etutoon 0 1 the Church. Schools should be built' to train the joclli—to educate ministers and teachers. To* day only lew ate able to apeak the English tan* image. Friend*. Ill* J onr moat important duty to betid and maintain achools and semWarie*. Onr fathers teach ns that the holiuetaoftha school is higher than the holiness of the synagogue. It la proper to change a synagogue luto a school, butnoltoznakeofaachool a synagogue. The lotmer is a etep of elevation, the latter a step of degradation. Schools arc by far mote Important to the Israel* ites than synagogue*. When the Romans qc* strored Jerusalem, eighteen hundred Tears ago. and the temple service wta compelltfd to cease, the enemies of the Israelites endeavored not only to destroy the leliglnn but also the nation. One of tbe Rabbis aahec of the commander of the Ho man Legion If he could bnlld an academy. Per mission was granted, and these institutions spread ranldlr. Ibos saving Judaism, which has since been landed down from generation to gen eration. bo onr fathers acted eighteen hnn* .*•*4 Tears ago. in Germany one hundred vSre 1 pit the Israelite* established schools, and would not permit tbelr children to grow up in ignorance. It now remains for Amer ican Israelite* to save Judaism frem destruc tion. Friends. UU yourdutr to bulldachoo.a. Br nulled edona *c can build Jewish achools in Chicago. A commencement moat be made, and then Ic a few year* we will have educational Insti tutions li. Chlcaco. t*L liOOla and New York. In this undertaking ail the congregations mual as sist. An appeal is now msde by eminent men for the Israelites to come f-rward and brio the churrhct in hew York to bnlld a college. -In this chnixh lh*rc ought to l«e*oa.o who will come forward and aaiistln erect ing such a seminary. If tome one will give one hundred dollars then his neighbor will follow the example. Tbe boltresa of the school Is higher than the fc o’lues# of tae synagogue. If there are no schools the temple wu) prove of no ava-1 Tbe discourse concluded, the cxnrcDei were ptoceeded with la another tongne. THE DEARBORN STREET MURDER. Arrest of the Man-Slayer, SohofleM— Inqnest on the Body of IT ilson. DETAILS OP THE FATAL gnaw. BEL—TUB POST SXOBTBBI* Tbe Prisoner Held for Trial, The Tnncxx of Saturday contained a report of the killing of Edward 8, Wilson, a bar-lender In the saloon of T. B. Ogden, No. 146 Dearborn street, about the midnight preceding, by George □ dcbofleld. In the saloon In which the deceased - was employed. The body was removed to the Central Station, where In the altersexm a pott mortem examination was made by Dr. Gore, and an Inquest held on tbe remains. Tbe testimony adduced Is given bsfow. Some few points not fully brought out In evidence may be bare staled: The moment after commuting the crime, the asaaaaln Schofield ran out through tbe door In company with his room-mate, Wright, and somo atx others. He appear* not lobave msde inquiry aa to the effect of tbe shot, and perhaps lu bis half drunken condition cared little about it. He went to bis borne, No. STS State street, no attempt being made to slay bis progress, and be tookblmsclflobed. He would appear to hare slept as nsnal, and to arise at toe customary boor for btoaklaeu and cndmtly made no tllailoo to tbe tragedy of tbe nlgkt, as the woman whom they kept stthe bouse ae a sort of Joint property wss amazed when the officers came to claim their prisoner. Several of (he witnesses, on tbe bearing before the Coroner, arc young men who have been fre quent visitor* at the Armory, as were alto tbe de ceased and tbe prisoner. Schofield was but a few weeks since fined In the Police Court, and Wilson, within a fortnight, was before Justice Stnrtevant on a charge of assaulting a woman of doubtful chsiacter, wbo was In bts house. No. jOi Sangamon street, as a servant At that time hi* wife appeared as a witness against him. There appears, from outside rumor, to have been much unhappiness Id bis lamily, and some who knew (be parties sate that there was a cause of quarrel between tbe deceased and bis slayer In relation to the former's wife. Schofield was last summer in the em ploy ol Wlllum L. Church, Esq., tn the recording department of the county. While to engaged, be was considered by his associates in tbe office as somewhat fast, but harmless, al though this peaceableness ot disposition was ocr bsps not shown Insomuch of the course ol bts Uie as came to the public knowledge. Some time since, on a Scndav morning at abont eleven o’clock. hceoßaged In an affray, with one George Eggleston, on Clark street. His then associations are developed by the Ciet that ihataltercation arose concerning * loose woman then resident tn the boose of tbe notorious Lew. Wallace. At ibe time of this last event be was t-ngaoed a* a bookkeeper or clerk for Wood, Stannro, Warren & Co., oe Randolph street. TEX ZXQDXST. The following is the evidence adduced at the inquest: The first witness wbo testified was T. D. 06PEX. i. u. uu ij ..i.■ He said: 1 reside at No 151 Madison street, and keep a saloon at 146 Dearborn street. 1 Identify the body lying >n the next room as that of Edward Wilson, my night bar-keeper. 1 now nothing of this afialr except that 1 was sent for and tola that Wilson was dead and bid oocn shot by a Mr. lust »» ItBUU «••• «•„»» VWM »»vt »; „ „>• Schofield, i know of no trouble between the oar tie* prior to the occurrence. Deceased bad been in my employ since the first of February. 1 do not thiatr the parties were acquainted until WU e on was employ ed by me. nwAvn-.M 2. STAMP, the bar keeper at the saloon, was next sworn. He said he was an eye witness of the occnrrerce. At about twenty mmuies to twelve 1 was relieved by Wil t-on. Be went behind the bar and there was a dis turbance. Wright tun up and struck Ben Cur lew and dragged him o(T his chair. The crowd ran up and Wilson ran onttoqnict them, and they crowded behind the counte-, and a number of those that were present left. 1 then went logo behind the bar and Wilson did the same. He then picked np an emoty whiskey bottle, and I told him “Ned, don’t throw that; it Is the wont thing yon can ao.” Schofield then drew hts pUtol and said, "Drop that, yon —and with that he polled the trigger and Wilson fell down. hy a Juror—When Wilson raised the bottle Schofield was leaning on the end of tne liar, on bis elbow, and Wilson was midway along the counter. Wilson did not strike with or throw the bottle, and be did not have time to put it down, itere were three persons besides myself present; . nc was Wo. Mead, who tells me be Uvea In Dix on. Ben. Curlew was present. Schofield leflaftcr the shooting, with Mr. Wright, Charles Morgan was in the saloon al thu same time; 1 sent him after the policeman, and a man named Dewey stayed with me. The deceased was drinking and playing cards with the party prior to the occur rence. Daring the game there was some little talk, bot 1 think nothing of a serious character. Wilson was under the infiuenceor liquor, but to a less extent (ban Scho field. The fracas first commenced between Car- lew and Wrigi't, and deceased shortly afterjolnod it, and then Schofield joined In with George Wright. When Wilson raised the bottle be made some remark, hut I do not know what It B. V. BETKOLDB. X. D. next testified. Be said: About midnight I was at my office, and my assistant seat for me. I lound the man shot through the bead. We probed the wound, and found it was a gone case, and deceased lived only about twen ty minutes. LEWIS i. WtSTHBOP testified: 1 office with Dr. Reynolds. I was *p oss the street about twelve o’clock, and some parties came and said a man was shot- 1 wont over. I found him with bis head about the cen tra of the bar, and his feet south. 1 found he was breathing, and then I probes the wound with my ■mail finger, and concluded the ball had lodged In the brain. The wound was necessarily fatal. J. n. OOBE, X. D., then testified that he had made a ]>oti mortem ex amination of the bead of deceased. -There was a pondered wound about two Inches ab>ve, «nd In front of, the left car. The ball pen etrated the brain and lodged against the opposi<e side ol the ekull. The death waa caused by the wound. raixs DEWIT was then called. He testified that he lives at 311 Fourth avenue, being a bookkeeper by profea >ion. at present unemployed. He was present at the shooting. Osorge'Wright and Curlew were In the ealuoo, riolng away fiom (bo crowd. Coxlew eald someihtng to Wriehl—was he old, or something ol that Mud, and then Wright said, “you’re a a— of a b—, and I can whip yon and will whip Eon before I leave use bouse " In a moment e started back to where thu mtn sat. He tried w** mar from him aud started to get to the I trout part ortho catoon. a wn*ht <w< ■irikimr 1 at him. Curlew tried to c*. beMnd the ,•£5 as he came there Whson Interfered, and tried to I part them. Schofield then ran op aud hit Wilson I and M ocked hlabatoC It did not then a.em a 1 moment until they piled down In a heap behind the bar, Schofield, however, not going be* bind, bat as they tell, going to the end of the bat, where he commenced klcMie. I could not see who he kicked t. bat I took bold of him bv the arm and sold, “My God, • bat ate yon dolus*" Just then Curlew came oat between Schofield’s tecs, and be scrambled up-stalra. I then stepped back to tbc other end ol the counter, and was no* Ucirg the escape of Curlew, and then 1 beard the rooort of a pistol. I turned tound and »aw Schofield take his arm down aud put his pistol into his pocket. I did not pee the deceased raise a bottle ard did aotaee bchofleld shoot. I did not he** Schofield speak a word dur ing the n-hnio aacas. I went Into the sahxmtu SmICuW In Plsymg at card. Schofield was not turnon's partner. After unublnc the.gamc, tuoofleld ofiered to p'ay Wilson a game of euchre for a ten dollar bill; tbla Wilson declmedto do. _ a, ou*ui.«s kouoak _ then testified that ho lives at No. 99 West Madison street, and Is a printer. He was at Ihe saloon be tween eleven and twelve to see Ur. Head. W title talking to him Wnght said there was a man there he was ''going to lick." Wright was imoxlcited at Ihe tome. He turned to Curlew and said "you’re a son of a—, and 1 will lick von before you leave tbebonae." He then advanced toward him and i-eized him by the collar. He dragged him toward the hack end of the bar. The whole jfarty then got In a heap together. They then ro«e up, and witness sup po-ed the mass was ended, out Wright came to ward the stove, and then he saw the flash ot a fire arm, not seeing, however, who tired It (>r who fel'. Amah was then tnsde for the door, and the party left. The bar-keeper then said, "Ned is shot." He then ran out, and struck with a ham mer he had procured on the lamp post fbr a po liceman. wnxiax vude next testified that he was stopping at the saloon, sleeping with Mr. Stamp. Be was in the saloon, bat knew little concerning the row. He had been there all day, but at this time be had his back 10 the parlies, cot seeing anything until be turned round after the shooting. ozonoz h. wuionr then testified that be lives at No 170 State street, and is not engaged at present In any business • IT' has known Schofield about seven months; nis name is George U., and he is a bookkeeper on Randolph street. Be and Schofield went to the taioon about 7 o'clock. He then engaged In a game of cards, Wilson and be being partners. 1 hey beat the others, and began joking them about it They all drank pretty freely until about twelve o'clock. Be then rata during the pity Cmlew was setting beside ns and I thought he wns telling my hand to my opponent. He said something, and I toll him 1 would "lick him." and I struck him-and then knocked him down. Curlew got away and Wilson eald "I’ll fix yon.” Schofield drew the revolver from his pocket and raid "yon son of a . drnn that," ana fired. 1 left Mr. Julias Myers's employ in September. Curlew made a remark about pawning my over coat, and that caused the trouble at first; 1 did not like it. Wilson tried to separate us two when wo got Into an encounter, ana Schofield wanted him not to interfere. exLaswmonr, t v e police officer who arrested Schofield, said: This morning, between four and five o'clock, i was told Schofitld bad shot a man. We started to hunt after them, knowing ‘.bat he was in company with Wnght. I went to the Bridewell to tee Bingham, who is an asso ciate of Wright, and bom him learned where Wright's rooms were—at 270 State street. We (bond Wright and Schofield and a prostitute there, she being there In the act of preparing breakfast. We arrested them, and Schofield said. " West could not be cured must Be endured "it was no use crying over split milk." I asked him his reason tor killing the man, and he aald It was "poor company and bad whiskey." The Jury (ben reviewed the body, which was identified By ■ brother ot the deceased. ozonoz n. scnorrzLD was then produced. Ec was recognized by George Wright as the person who tired the shot. Scboflt-Id then slated that all be had done was In sel'-defence, under fear of his own life. I shot him in the beat of passion and under the belief that my life was in danger from what I had heard of the man. VERDICT. The Jnry returned a verdict that deceased cane to bis death from the effect of a pistol shot fired by the band of George B. ScofleH at the sa loon No. 146 Dearborn street, dtv of Chicago, on the morning of the 2th day of February, 1607. The prisoner, George H. Schofield, was then conducted to jail on the Coroner's warrant to await bi« trial on the charge of murder. All the wurcsses except Mead were also held over in the : nmol 1500 each to give their testimony on the Mai. Frank Dewey, A. C. Morgan, and O. XI. Wright, rot being able to procure the required recuritv. were cordocted to the County Jali.s most miserable place fo-tbedetontlocof persona guilty of no ct (me and suspected of none. DEVOTIONAL MUSIC. Address by Her. 0. H. Tiffany, D. D, Sunday School Gathering. Rev. o. H. Tiffany, D. D., delivered an address Wednesday afternoon In the Clark Street M. B. Church, on Church and Devotional Mnalc. The exercises were opened wilh reading, by the con gregation, of a selection of acripinre; and singing, ted oy Mr. Pblllp Phillips, of Cincinnati, of the hymn, " Blest be tbo tie ibat binds." Pnlrer its. then ofiered by Rev. Dr. Hitchcock, and Mr. Pull lips sang "binging for Jeans." Dr. Tiffany then delivered a short deemed church music one of the moat ire.K>rUi.t (Ji.UIVU WWU..M WWV VI ,UV UlUkl llß<MiriJl|l and pleasant of cbnreb duties, and one ot the grealeat nclpa in Cbnatlan devotion Wound r stand that it is not only the privilege of the Christian losing, but beta exhorted as a doty to make nae of psaimt and hymns and aplruoal ■onge. We read the Scriptures to know Qod'a thoughts; we preach to explain God's thought*; we ptay soaa to realize those (hoogbts, and we sing so aa to express them. Hone of tneae exer cises can t»e omitted. We have no more tight to do away with Ibe expressing of oar thoughts to ward God In song than to dispense with the ex plaining or enforcing of them. Tbe Methodist Church started out aa the sing ing church, and Us bymna and songs differ from those of others. He thought that many of the other chorcbee were rawed up to take the people and the aongs which they had sloughed off—the namby-pamby, uae'e-a hymssfl >. Ihe Methodist Church has tnonoblo and exalted attains, and it baa, what others have not- an cm* Bodnacnt of doctrine in Us hymns. 1U hymn book is t* e best form of doctrine that he had ever •£»- It 1* also an expresrioo ol the experience of ihr-stlan* U I»i g-and theological work— ibe <■« si (xabodiaent oftheological views that the *orld has. Mngm, he thousht, ere not to eeveltlre ti ther need to be. and the choir do not own the '♦''".cn; <ntnat If there was fry bad feeling on their part t'.ey could easily be dismissed and their i hupplled. Dot it was foolish to niimtiut the singers should be allowed to monopollxe the rntlre expression of feeling in song, any more tbaittodoalltbe preaching, or reading, or pray ing. SHU It was de Irable o hare a trained choir to lead, borne of the audience could not sing— they bad what might be 'called a •* wolf atop” In their throats. Dow gnat a power music baa been In Methodlit history I Tbq Church was knoxn in former days by the excellence of thetr song. El- thought that bo bad seen more pnonle con verted when they were aiandlug around tbo altar and tinging, “Awake, awako. my soul 1” than at any other time. Dot someitmca the song was powerinl. Independently of tbe words and of the true. He bad seen converts fall of for and ex ultation alngfoglhe doleful strain, •• Where la the happiness 1 knew.” but presently one burst out with “ Glory ” showing that the sentiment of the hymp did not represent their feelings It showed teat there was a power In song Itself, Indepen dently of Us connections. Congregational sing ing was the most effective and only true method. Tbe speaker gave several instances of the effect produced by (be voice of a great congregation, and ridiculed tbo operatic performances of choirs, where the voices went op like rockets and came down like sticks, and one seemed to be trying (o catrb another and did not succeed. He liked a large choir, with full accompaniments of Instru ments. (o lead tbe congregation. The hymn and tune books should be mads so cheap that every person could have one. and small enough to be easily held—leaving out a largo num ber of ranee and hymns which are unnecessary and very rarely*used. Tbe books commonly lu use air much ton large, and would be bettor and more valuable If rllVd ol anpcrflulties. Tbe coDgrrgalton then sang “ Arise, my soul, arise,” (otbe tune Lenox, and Mr. Phillips render ed my effectively “ The Homo of the Soul,” af’nr which an boar was spent In singing from books provided by Ur. Phillips. In the evening a large number of Sunday School scholars and others met In the tame place and enjoyed a pleasant season ol tong. Tbe exercises were led or Mr. Phillip*, the audience being seated, and Joining In tbe sing ing with groat Interest. LAW INTELLIGENCE. The City Assessments—Judgments— Divorces Granted—New Suits —Criminal Business. The new suits In the Circuit Court on Saturday, Included only three petty appeals, Tbe bupcrlor Court was In scarion In all its branches. Chief Jnsilce Wilson Is still engaged in hearing the objections of tax payers, to the assessments made against them by the dty. In tbe common taw branch, presided over by Hon. J- E. Gary, the case wmcb was reported ai on trial on Friday, was concluded by a verdict found by tbe Jury io favor of the plaintiff, for $035.25. This is the case of George C. Hlzon against David Ford. Ibe following unit* were dismissed: Aeber Snckcubelmer et al. vs. Pekr Ycchem; assumpsit Bowen Brothers tb. J. Harrison; assumpsit. Henry W. King et al. vs. Christian gassing; aa soiopbU. 3 be judgments were as follows: Flgimnnd Jacob; ts. Thomas Bllgh; assump ett Default and judgment for $2.29L78. William Wagner, for the oae of James Tonne, ts, John A. Merrick and R.M. Whipple. Debt. Vcrolct (or plainufl, debt fLIOU; damages $M0.20. Charles B, Griffin et al. vs. Rodney M. Whipple. Assumpsit. Default and judgment (1,110 S 3. Nathan B. Bradley ctai. vs. Andrew T. King, Frederick W. King and Jacob F. FlatL Debt. Finding for plainlitt debt $1,554.22; damages (2U*. On the chancery side, Hon. J. A. Jameson pre siding, a decree of divorce was rendered between Anna M. fchull and Richard R. Shall, on the com plaint of the wile, who charged her husband with nahltcal drunkenness, a charge which was sub stantiated by the evidence taken before the mas ter. The default of George Belhune on the com plaint of hi* wife Agnes, in a divorce case, was entered. The particulars of the case have been already given. 'the next suits in this court are In attachment, a* follows: Stephen tVDka vs. John O’Bnen. on an alleged indebtedness of $242.29, and on the ground of non-rendence. John Mephensrs. Charles Mnchmore; alleged Indebtedness, s£3.lS; on the ground that de fendant has absconded. John Golding vs. George Gorman; alleged in debtedness, $110.50: on the ground that defendant is about fraudulently to dispose of his property, the actions of assumpsit were as fellows: Francis A Hodman and sis. vs. Peter Berger. Damages laid at (5,000. Charles U. J. Miller vs. the same. Damages laid at(s,u.o. Cook, Coburn & Co. va. Amory Bigelow & Co. Damages laid nc SBOO. John R. Dillon vs. John J. Maypole. Damages laid at $2,000. Claries B. Churchill & Co. vs. Isadora Rosen thal . Damages laid at $7,000. WMiamD McCord vs. Isaac M.Wolffi Dam aces laid at SI,OOO. Administrators ofSsmncl Moore, deceased, vs. the same. Damages laid at SSOO. Charles D. Dunbar va. Alice B. Smith. Dam-, ages laid at (1,000. * Jacob Erm brought suit to elect Patrick Mo- Cmlougtafrom the can half of lot 2, block 15, School bection Addition. The proper)v ts on West Taylor between Despluinea and Halsted streets. John Davlin ts. Richard Bailey and John Stephens. Distress warrant for $153. An action on the case was commenced by Aug ust Fuchs agvinst John T. Kenny, the damages being laid at (500. . George Sherlock appealed from a policeJco art fine of SIOO and costs. Imposed on him as the keeper of a house of ill-fame, and Edward Htg- Sms appealed from a fine of S3O, imposed by Jus co Stortevant. iu the Recorder's Court, the following prison ers pleaded not guilty to indictments for lar ceny: Isaac Abraham, Thomas Blleh, James Davis, Mary Jane Filbonrne, John* Fanning and John Kcliy. William Olcott pleaded not guilty to a charge ol forgery. Thu following prisoners, indicted for burglary, pleaded not guilty: _ Hcrry Pooic, John Fitzgerald, and Rllas Green man, against the first two of whom are three In dlcimeitts*. Frederick Rehem was found guilty tinder the bastardy act. Sarah Hall was acquitted of a charge of larce- ny. Mary Willard pleaded guilty of larceny, as did also liniotby Ryan. Decrees or dlvoice were rendered in the follow tor* cases, lately mentioned In the Turn use: JoFcpti ts. Emily A. Sylvester. Maine B. vs. Atom r-. Jfobli*. Bose M. rs. A.J.Swcltzer. AJnOSBMMMTS. The past week haa been one of anlet success at all the different places of amusement. We have had no sensation worthy of the name, and yet attractions, pood and bad, have •ufllced to draw lane Catherines. The weather has been of that peculiar chara<*»»* which everybody Joins lu landing as appropriate to the season, because they ca«* enjoy it. Thus we nave had snow with out itorm, frost withont Intense cold, and (haw* Ins without siopplneas. The melting gnahlncss ot ratnre during the past week has Been of the aristocratic order—opposed to excess, it was a model of conduct which we hope to sec pat • terned alter in future seasons. PmuianwoMC.— The next concert of the present aeries by the Philharmonic Society will lc clvm on i'nesdar evening, the ISfth. McVxcKzn's.—The French Spy has been the idol worrhlpcod at McVlcker's duties the week, with Helen western as the priestess who led In the devotional exercises. Indeed the performed her put with each success that very many mis took her for the goddess, and paid their devoirs accordingly- Perhaps the mistake was all the more natural as the priestess was attired In very dol fashion—as near to the purls nalumltb’it as s consistent with the wearing of dress at all. They used to drape ibelr idols m that way in an elentfdays when steam looms were unknown, and fig leaves were ato mode. Wenjw sing another song—a now ditty which does not Inculcate nudity. l.has been asserted In justification of Mias Western's display that she drosses as voluminous ly as did Uubas, and some others whose enact ments of tbo French Spy has been applauded to the echo. 1 bis may be so, but those persons had two redeeming qualities which Mis* Western has not; they wore actresses withont reference to dress, and thcirforms were not nnije to grossly suggest vc. They were not worthy of praise for their nudities. If in spite of them. She has no other recommendation. On Monday evening J. E. McDonough appears In " The Long Strike." Wc give the following critique and argument from a Condon paper: " *ibe Long Strike, Mr. Bouacanlt's new drama, will certainly rank as a success with—lf not the astonishing Colleen Bawn—at least with any others from Ihe same pen that have preceded it. The author confesses his indebtedness to Mrs. Gatkcll'e wrl'tngs; hut, as far as our memory serves, it can be but to so slight an extent as scarce.y to deserve mentioning, exoepl to shut the mouths of the many who arc fond of finding out dramatic likenesses. TbeLongStrike scarcely In volves political matters, nor any more "setting of class agates' class," than the murder of a mas ter by an operative: and that might have happened without any reference to "hardilmes." No, ulj eesentlally a love story, and Is very folly devel oped in the flm act. It is the period ol a strike, the operatives being beaded by NoahLcaroyd, a furious parlsan, who is ready to go to most vio lent lengths against the masters. This Noah haa a daughter, Jane Learoyd, In the factory of Radley, ana with her, as may be supposed, the love making logins. She is adored by an excellent Irish sailor, Johnny Reilly, and a fore man of enefneeers, Jem Starkic, whilst Radley him sell cherishes some designs which all but himself would think anything but flattering, but which Jane, In her innocence, strongly lavots. ’the leading features of import ance axrotgst the rapid action of a long niece may i« given without especial chronological accmcy. Jem Harkle rejected, is persuaded by Johnny Reilly not to shoot himself, and his pistol is left with Jane whilst the two men go to Llve.-pool, where Johnny the sailor intends going afloat. At the mills things are going badly. Noah J<earoyd finds out that itartlej la going to prosecute the ringleaders In the strike, and also something about Radley’s designs on Jane; and so be, now literally mad, shoots Radley wUh Jem Starkle's pistol. Jem Starkic, therefore. Is "warned,” as the "active and intelligent" constable Is certain to Pay when hunting for the wrong man: and he relume from Liverpool just In time to Be taken into custody. Tbo real truth of the murder is at last dlscovt red by Jane. Her course is dear, but uilficolt. The innocent moat be saved, and the only person who can save him is Reilly, who can prove on c/IW. Here occur dream ttauros and characters which "mil keep’ until the play be under actual obsorva Uon. Suffice It that the electric telegraph la put in motion-and In a scene which for abso lute vitality could not be be surpassed—and after distressing delays between derks and derks. Ut ile bo)s,£c., Hcllly overcomes all objections of his Captain, who la short of hands, by taking a header, and swimming to the pilot boat. He ■caches Manchester to time to persuade the Jury— twelve more " Intelligent" people, who were prob ably not thought sufficiently "active" 10 ho mads policemen— tut Reilly was in IJvcrpool at tbo time the pistol was fired in Manchester, and that therefore the prisoner Is Innocent. The play It over. What happens to the principal characters may be guessed, or—again—" will keep;" bat amongst the priudpal characters mast bo mention ed UunerpeiiUT, an honest and generous lawyer, who affects to be a pattern of Uartl -heartedness, hut who cannot deceive an English audience. Hr. bonacanll Las constructed his drama with nat ural and well cultivated skill; and bis dialogue is, as usual, tinly dramatic—that H, always to the poli-L" Ucszrx —Tbo lighter end of dramatic per formances—the Dllluul-Ur variety—have pre vailed dnrlzg the week at the Mnscnm, and large accessions have been made to the already well illlcd purse sf the proprL tor. The benefit ol Mrs. Stortsll 00 Friday night was also s source of con siderable profit to that esllmaoie lady. Mocday evening brings the rilngnenot Captain." a piece spoken of as powerful and thrilling— mine*hatef the same characicras "The Duke's Moito,” and expected to be ai greats success. Toe Hnsonm is rather lamous for the bringing out of new music. Daring the past week a new composition by Q. F. Root, "1 ask no more." has b*cn plajed each evening between the acts, and Las been universally commended, both by the mass, forliallchtcrplfaaantnws, and by the tew who can trace In H the hand of genius, both tn Us competition and arrangement. The latter is, of course, rtne to Mr. Stevens, the loader of the orchestra, a thorough musician, both Individually tod directive. Debts Jut brought oat lbs Barry Schoimcb*-, a little gem of melody, which wifi be interpieted to the Museum audiences this week. Mumoß or Italy.—A manlflreet collection of paintings, ctvttg views of all tbe more prominent objects In Italy, the land of art and song, will be antolkd tn tne Opera House Music Uau on Mon day evening. This ts said to be only tbe third ex hibit aircelber agival from Europe. bKaniro baa been brisk during the colder por tions of the week. Mania, a Canadian skater of great pow ere, wonderful dexterity, and some orl- gltalltr,bas ddlchted thousand* atlh* Rinks With his display* ef skill. Ibe Detroit ActwriUer of tka 4th luMankln comic dress cmitral at the Kink In that city, bu the following about two young ladles wbo belong to Chicago, Uk latter b alng a fomdfplvmtt - Misses Nelly Dean and Maude Melville care a final exhibition of their skill on skates, eliciting much applause. A very pleasing epUode oi tbe evening was the presentation to Ui.r MeMvQe, by a number other fiends ol a bcaotlml watch and chain, aa a testimonial oi appreciation not only of her superior skill lu skating, bat of their esteem for ber asalidy. ThcprescrUtlon was msd» by a gentl-man In an nd' ress qnlle aprc}>ot to tbe occasion. Jdr 8. EL Davis, proprietor of Iho Kink, also, present'd the same lady wltn a lain and beattUfnl gold medal, suitably In bribed. >T Dncxmno— A drumming match for the champ ionship Is announced foi the ir.ih m-tint at i>e Opera House, between William Nevfos and Willie Ucndersbott. Tbe winner of tbe contest Is chal lenged by John 0. White, late drummer of the tilxiciniu United States In'sntry. Robixsox'n Cmcus. — Ur James Robinson, tbe chsmpion bare back rider, (he man without an equal In equestrian feats, Eae been engaged for a MmlltQ numb'Tof nights to appear at Yankee Robinson’s Zoological Gardens acd Collse mn, commencing on Monday evening. Tbe tiding of Ur. Robinson Is something start ling. Tbe same feats performed by others on the pau-esddlo are performed by him on the bare back of >hc bone. Including somersaults, hoop leaps and other movements. Qe brings with him the Infant prodigy, " Clarence,” wbo will assist In the equestrian display, capping the climax of even those feats of Mr. Robinson with which so many of our citizens were made familiar daring the snort tunc that Air. Robinson was previously among as. . RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. Services are announced in the following churches to-day. The public are cordially In vited to attend: A meeting In the Interesta’of the Tonne Men's Christian Aasodatlon will be held at o'clock p. m., tnthe Free Will BaptUt Church, comer of Wert Jackson and Peoria streets. Addresses upon the eflbrts which the Assocla'ion are putting forth In behalf of yonng men, and In other directions, will be given by the pastor, D. M. Graham. D. D,. and others. Another meet ing of-a similar character will be held at the First Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of Clark and Washington streets. Addresses will be given by the pastor, Rev. Wm. Dandy, and others. nirnirr. North Baptist Church, comer of Superior and North Dearborn streets. Prvachlcg by Rev. John C. C. Clarke, at 10H *• m. and V.i p. m. ■ Free Will Baptist Church, corner of Peoria and Jackson streets. Preaching at 1014 a.m. and7J4 p. m.. by Rev. D. Al. Graham, D. D., pastor. Lec ture on Tuesday evening at o'clock, by Pro fessor B. Dunn. Subject. "Sinai and the Desert ’’ Union I‘ark Baptist Church, comer of West Washington and Paulina streets. Preaching morning anT evening by tbe pastor, at 10H sun 7J4- Faubalh School at 9 o'clock a. m. The meetings at this church will be continued every night during (be coming week. first Baptist Church—Wabash avenue, south of Hubbard court, Rev. Dr. Everts, pastor. Services 11 a. m.and?M p.m lathe evening the pastor will deliver the second discourse on the *• Scripture Doctrine of Future Punishment" Tbo ordinance of baptism wilt be administered at the close of the evening service. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 9H a. m Blole class at Sp. m. Yonng people's prayer meeting Wednesday evening. General pra*cr meeting Friday evening. Second Baptist Church, comer of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preafolng at 10J4 a. m. and V,i p. m., by tbe pastor. Rev. E. J. Ooodspeed. Sab bath School and Bible classes at 9 a. m. and 3 p. in. Young people’s prayer meeting on Monday evening. General prayer meeting on Wednesday evening, at 7 o'clock. tUjroniOATIOKAL, Firs* Congregational Church, comer of West Washington and Green streets. Rev. W B. Pat* 100, pastor. Sendees at 10*4 a. m. and 7J4 p. m. Preaching by Rev. Dr. Haven, of the Chicago Theological Seminary. Bible class ol oa. m. and Sabbath School al 3p. m. Conference and prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Young people’s prayer meeting, Friday evening. Plymouth Congregational* church, comer of Wabash avenne and Eldndge court- Rev. I<- E. Matsor, pastor. I*ubltc cervices at l'i»4 a. m. and T’tp.m SabbathScbool and Bible classes at 3 p. m. Young people’s prayer meeting on Uon* day evening. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Sonth Congregational Church, comer Calumet avenue and Tweiity-tixlh street Rev. W. B. Wright, pastor. Services at 10W a. m. and 7J4 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible clashes at S p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evising. Young people’s prayer meeting on Fri day evening. , New England Congregational Church, comer of North Dearborn and Ea*t White streets. Rev. J. P. Gulliver, pastor. Services al 10*4 a. m. and Tttp.m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p. m. Conference and prayermectlng on Wednes day evening. Young people’s prayer meeting on Friday evening. _ , _ Salem Congregational Church, CleavorvDle, Rer. C. B. Thomas, pastor. Services at lOtf a. m. and p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 2 p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. „ , Union Park Congregational Church, comer of West Washington and Reuben strecta. Rev. C. D. Hclmcr, pastor, services al 10W a. m ,and7V4 p. m. Sabbaih School and Bible classes at 3p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednes day evening. Young people’s prayer meeting on Friday evening. _ Tabernacle Congregational Church, comer of West Indiana and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. Dcaiy, pastor. Services at 1014 a. m., and 7J4 p.m. Sabbath School and Bible masses at 3p. m., D. W. Whittle, Superintendent Religious mceunga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening*. SL Luke's Church, corner of Sixteenth street and Wabash avenue. Rev. U. H. Cole, rector. Mormog service at 11. Sunday School at 3p. m.. followed by evening prayer with full choral ser vice and anthem at 4. , _ Church of the Holy Communion, comer of Ran dolph street and Wanash avenue. Services at 10*4 a. m. and 7H p. m. . _ , , St. Stephen’s Church, comer of Blue Island av enue and Forqoar street. Morning service at 1014; evening service at 7}4* Sunday School at 2>4 P Church of the Atonement, corner of West Wash ington and Robey straeta. Rev. T. Russell Jooes, i ector. Regular morning service at 10*4; evening service at7JS. Sunday bchool and Bible class at 2*4 p. m. Tnnliy Church. Rev. O. B. Thayer, of Louis rillc. whl preach in Tnnliy Church morning and evening. HVOTRAMMI miP.IMI i ▼ xrmonisT episcopal. AliUUtfiDt M mvv. ■ l.i Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of Indiana avenue and Twenty-first tJireet/Bev.S. A. W. Jewett, pastor. Sermon by Rev. L Hitchcock, D. U., at lUH a, m., by the pastor at 7ft p. m. Subject, ‘'No third party.’’ . _ West Indiana Street Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Sangamon street. Rev. Robert Bentley, pastor. Services at 10*4 a. m., conducted by iter. Hooper Crews; 7t4 p. by Rev, A. J. Ityuctt, of the Upper lowa Conference. Love Feast at Ua. tn. sacrament will be administered subsequent to the morning discourse. Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of LaSalle street and Chicago avenue. Rev. O. H. lirtany, D. D., pastor. Morning sermon by Rev. Mr. Rjnett, of lowa. Evening sermon by fee castor, on JJraxoa Aerpeut.” * Rev. W. C. Dandy; will preach In Clark Street Church, comer of Wishing on and Clark streets, at :cu a. m., on “The Sabbath, its Relations to National Character and Stability.’* Young Men’s Christian Association at 7*4 p. in. Sunday School and Bible classes at p. m. Prayer meeting In the Lecture Room at6>4 P- ™- _ , , Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. The pastor. Rev. R. M. Hatfield, will preach in the morning on "The Grace of our Lord Jeans Cbri’t," and in the evening on “Vue Pulpit wni/i The Stage, or Reasons for the Antagonism that exists between the Church and the Theatre.” rnESBTTXBZAS. Jefferson Park Pnubjterian Church. The ser vices of this church are held at present lathe Free Will Baptist Chuich, comer of Peoria and Jackson streets. Pleaching by Rev. Robert Pat terson, D. D., at 3:80 p.m. Sabbath School at 2:15. Reformed Presbyterian Church. Fulton street, near Clinton. Services by Rot. W. 12. Vandoren, at 104 a. m. and 84 p. m. Olivet Presbyterian Church, Wabash avenue, comer Fourteenth street. Rev. T. O. Rice will preach at the usual boar of worship, viz: li»4 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School at 9u a. m. A Sunday School Union meeting will be held (bis evening, at the First Presbyterian church, on Wabash avenue, at 74 o'clock. Addresses by Rev. Edward Eggleston, editor of the Sunday School Teacher , and don. J. L. Pickard. Third United Presbyterian Church, North Side, between Welle end Franklin streets, on Superior. Psstor, Rev. John S. McConnell. Public worship Sabbath at 104 a. m. and ~hi p. m. Bible claas and Sanhath School at 3 p. m. First Scotch Preshjtenau Church. Rev. Mr. Waters, ol Port Hope, will preach in 8L George's Ha11,22C South Clark street, at 104 a.m. ana 34 p. m. Seventh Presbyterian Church, comer of Blisted and Harmon streets and Slue Island avenne. Divine service at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. Preach ing by the pastor. Rev. J. W. Larimore. BWEDESBOROUK. New Jerusalem Temple, on Adams street, near the lake, Services at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m Subject of evening discourse, "Liberty." Free Church, coiner of Thirty-third street sod Kankakee avenre. Services In German at li a. m.; American, S p. m. psrmsALter. Church of the Redeemer (Second UuirersaUst), Rev. L. £. 8L John, pastor, comer of West^Wash ington and Sangamon streets. Services at 104 a. m. and 74 p.m. Subject of discourse in the evening: " The Scriptural Doctrine of Punish ment-'’ Su Pam's Cbnrch. First Universalis! Society, Rev. W. H. Ryder. D. D., pastor. The morning service commences at 104 o'clock. Dr. Ryder will preach. In the evening Charles J. Wr odburr. who la about entering the Christian ministry, will give a statement of his advancement from Presby terianism to Untversaiism. rs mamas. Cbnrch of the Messiah. (Unitarian.) comer Wa bash avenne and Hubbard court. Rev, John B. Kffinccr, of Washington, D. C . will preach morn ing and evening. Morning services at 104 o'clock. Vopcre a» 74 p. o. Unity Cbnrch, comer of Chicago avenne and Dearborn sweet. Preaching In the morning ai lU4 o'clock, by the pastor, Rev. Robert CoUyer. TKXPE&airCE. A - ..11._ II T 11. 1 .«u—A. f 11 A decline of the Liberal Christian League will be held Id Dolly Church, corner of Chicago avenue and Dearborn street, on Sunday evening, at 74 o'clock, at which an address will be made br Mr. C. J. llnll. Snbject: “Eight years among the fallen In this city.” Addresses will also be given by Rev. Mr. CoDyer and others, and alter the addresses a discussion. The public ate invited. Scats free. Washingtonian meeting at the cbapel of the Home, Mo. ST? West Madison street, on Sunday evening at 7 o’clock. Dr. N. 8. Dans will deliver a lecture on Tern* oetsnce, at Father Matthew Temperance Hall, Nos. 99 and ltd West Van Boren street, at 7*4 o’clock. jcuciixakxocb. TUlnob Street Church. Illinois street, between Wells and LaSalle. Bible classes at 9 o’clock, for ladles and gentlemen. Prayer meeting at 10 o'clock. Preaching by the pastor, Rev. C. H. Wheeler, at *4 to 11. Sunday School and Bible classes at Bp. m. Preaching In the evening, at 74 o’clock, by Mr. D. L. Moody. Subject:‘‘Lord remember me,” North Star Mission, corner Division and Sedg wick streets. Preaching by tbe pastor. Rev. O. L. Wrenn. on the Sahbatb, at 204 a. m. and 74 p. m. The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated at the close oflhe morning service. Tbe ordinance of baptism will be administered at the close of the evening service. Sabbath School at 3p. tn. Pray er and conference meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, and yotmgpeople's pray er meeting Saturday evening at 74 o'clock. Charles A. Hayden wlllspeak for tbe Indepen dent Society lu Washington Hall, Washington street, opposite tbe Cooxt Boose, Sunday evening at 7*4 o’clock. _ William Strec l Mission. There will ho preach ing at !'•:« a. m., by Mr. Page. Sunday School in the afternoon at S o'clock. Prayer meeting at 7:30 also prayer meeting on Tne«day even ing at 8 o’clock. ‘ First Society of Spiritualists. Meetings at Croahy’s Music Hail. Children’s Lyceum at 10:30 a.m. Conference at l p.m. Mr. Seth Payne lec tures In the evening at 74o'clock. Snbject; ”Tbe Law of Principle and the 1 Practice of Trade.” | Church of God, Warren and Robey streets. Preaching by (he pastor. Rev. A. X. Shoemaker, at 114 a. m. auu Th p. m. Subject, by special re quest : »• History and Doctrine of the Church of ooo,ln the United States.” Sunday School at 224 p. to. First United Brethren Church, corner of Clinton and Wilson streets. Rev. £. A. "VanSant, pas<or. Sunday services at 104 a, m. and 74 p.m. Son day School and Bible class at 2 o'clock p. m. Children’* prayer maclicg every Saturday atSp. m. This evening, the orolnaace of baptism will he administered, and the church doors open. 9U Lake’s Hospital. The following contiibnUont to Sl Luke’s Hos pital were received during January: Fanrcll & Co.. {22; Hr. Hampaon, 91; cooking stove from Mr. Mean; half barrel or door from lake Street Mills; books, etc. from Mr. Walsh; three gallon* whiskey from Mr. Phufeidl; bam and fresh pork from Mr. Marsh; cotton and linen from Mrs. Host; rockmgcbalrs from Mrs. Hale; live tons of coal from county Agent; kindling wood from Chausey Bowen; (20 from Grace Church Hospital and Society: (82 from Mr. Sid ney; (sfrom Mr*. Foster; (U) from S.W.Fnl* )e ; (5 from North Side; Mr. Greggs. (5; W. R. Keen, (5; cash, (3: cash, (10; Henry Hunter. |B; W.F Storey. (10; Fuller, Beneiict A Co., (10; Mr. William Turner, IS; Mr. Hibbard Por ter. $8; Mr*. J. L. Wilson, two and a ball bar rels of potatoes; one gallon wine and fourteen doien eggs cron George w. Buckmastoc; Messrs. Horn. Boddln A B«lnUto% »«: Clirt.lifnllh, ■s* jjy. Undßrwood, 13; Dr. Allport, 93, Hr, KilSr. tJ; Art SwrK »1; Mr Yonkor,*!: Mr.. B \f iiiTQiocdi SI • Dr. Bell, 91 S one cam wine from Hitonrd * Ro*nolgfat 2£p Our Police Force. To the Editor of the Chicago T. Ibone: UlsnoneedlrguU’og the fact Uialbnrglariee, toMnnll deeds ot violence are etendllr op the Increase, and at no time la the nlitoryof Chi cago ie crime so rampant as at present. The con templation of this to cl leads to the pertinent la* qairy, "Have we got a police force P A few days sco (be morning paper# were filled with a long account of a mode by a horde of men, armed with revolver# end a aort ot municipal au thority. epoa eevcral house# ol Ul-fsm#. Tho ln- Vnates mostly women ball-dreased, were harried in the cold mgbt air, through snows foot deep, to the Armory, where they remained all night, and were allowed the next morning to depart, after naylnc a fine of 810 each—said fine pilluc *to pay the salaries of the gentle men who made the ••raid.” The defenceless women were obliged to Boccomb to the superior strength of the “myrmidon* of the law,” armed with revolvers and clubs. The raid was a success, and the police force, from “sup." down to nigh private, foil greatly ela*ed. ... y Dow U it we never bear of any raids made on thebannts of the bore lacs, thieves, pickpockets. sureters,5 ureters, tt id gtnu* omne, which Infest oar dty ? re the police so modest and so Indifferent to news paper praise, that raids on the characters above mentioned are never brought to light? WtUsome- would like, to hare it cx nlalned why policemen, detectives and officers of notice can be daily seen drinking, smoking and loafing *Hh envse’ers who ongnt long since to have men lnca>cerated for Uie In Ibe Peniten tiary. Your correspondent would limber like to bo informed why some bouses of til-repute are exemptfrom fairs, and bow It is that prominent member* of tbs police force are allowed to “go snooks* 1 with a certain “everybody’s-balWor-a pecuniary-consideration,' 1 who recently left our shores for a tourm Europe, and who, It is under stood, will lecture at the Pans.Expotirion, on “Money made easy, or the history of a profession al bailor” _ , . ■Mr. Editor—There is no use In denying the tact that our police system, from tho Police Court down to patrolman. Is tho most corrupt Institution that la to be found in the United States—the Com mon Council of New York not excepted. Ilia a running tore on the body politic, and nothing save a powerful application of muriatic acid and caustic can civs any relief. Oh, for a Hercules to •‘clean out” this reeking, fillhy Augean stable 1 IXQUZBXB. Resolutiov or Tnairxa.—At a meeting of tbo Chicago Turagelmende, held on Wednesday evening, a vote of thanks was passed to Captain Wells Sbermsn, of tbe.l biid Police Precinct, and Ibe members of hi* for*-* *n attendance, for tbclr efficient co-opera lion ;.-i preserving order and promoting the comfort ol toe cueata at the mask ed ball alinrner Hall on Monday evening. LOCAL MATTEES. Oh, Doctor Detr, I’to Got the Itcht Pray foil me what will core It. I've scratched tmtil my flesh u raw. No more can I endure It I’ll tell yon of a certain core without a disappointment Go ask your druggist for a box Of Siocyns’s All Sealing Ointment. Bold hr nlldrupgists. Wholesale by Burnt «*w« & VahSchaace. IQarsdenis Pectoral Balm for concha* colds, consumption. Have yon ever considered the risk ran by is apparently alight colds ? it cot, lhlnk“fore the seed of dis ease eliminate? in the system. M&rsdeu’a Pecto ral Balm bn.-* been found snccessfal in the treat ment of a I cases. For sale by an druggists. Burnham & YanSchaack, Chicago, Illinois, gene ral agents for the Northwest Two months since Dr. Slbbet came to this city. The thickly set now heir on tho beads o‘ hundreds who have used hla remedies, furnish abundant proof of hla skill In restoring the hair. Entrance to rooms on Sooth Clark street, No. 73. To Real Estate Owners—Attention la called to advertisement with above heading on onr firstpage. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Toss, February 9. Market opened dull and inactive, and oa the first call, the same, with no vi tality on the regular call, and steady, with no pressure at 12:45. The bears commenced their ham mering, and New York Central, Erie (common) and Michigan Southern declined. Both reported keep selling. Michigan Southern on both calls, pressure to •ell, with comlderable realizing. New York Central, Erie (common) Michigan Southern, Cleveland and Pittsburgh were the weakest, the balance of the list steady. Afterwards the market was a shade better. It was anticipated Ibat It would fkll off before there was much of a rally. Gold was qnlte steady, waiting Congressional action upon the Reconstruction Bill. Money easy at6percenton stocks, and 4 per cent on Governments. (Associated Press Report,] Nxw Yosx, February 9. MOJTXT. Money easy at 6®6 per ceat. ro«nox Ezcnaxok. Sterling quiet at 10S#»108*. GOLD. Gold lower, opening at ISIX. declining to 137. ad vancing to U7)i. and cloituc at is;. SPXCIk kZPORTB. Exports of specie to-day, tUSJOQ. OOTIUIiIHU. Government stocks a (bade firmer. LATEST. GOLD. Gold closed doll at 1370137)*. OOTXXintkHTS. Governments firm. Coaponsj,*Bi...loßKaiQßX I Coup, *63. new.lOlS'olO3E Coupons, *63...108x5t09 I U-40* 1L0E(4I01 Coupons, 'M...IO6XOIMX 7-30* .lOSVaiOSX Coupons, ’63...1U7M0101K I MraCELLXaEUDS STOCKS. Stocks c'os ed firm. Oblaceru Pltfsbnrgh..... tttfa 83 * Erie ESKQS9 Toledo 119 0123Jf Hnflaon 130 ®ISI R. 1 91E0 99 N.Y. Central.. 101# Beading IMKOIM# N.W.pfd 68* lilTceoL 11IM011S Oil Sonthero.. 74# Bates at anction w-dar: Ohio6s ot *B6 KB# I Illinois 6a Goan) 91# Ohio 6s of *Bl.. 96* Kentucky 6* 103# Indiana 9s BO I vtßiso nuKxa. Mining Ishares quiet and ateadr. Corydon higher, 9(0; Gregory 1250® 1273; Gold Rill 170; Quarts HIU3»; Gunnel 47<a<9. Tlie P/odaee markets* NEW TORE. New York, February 9. Cotton—A shade firmer. Sales of 1.400 bales up* lauds at 33c. ' Floor—Dolt and favors buyers. Sales o( bbla. superfine State Western atW.ia«|lOJ«:extra Western 510.5591U.50; choice f hoop Ohio shipping brands f’l lfi«|l2.lXi ; extra $13,059113.40. Closed ctUrt, - Whisky—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—Cachanted, balesof 7.000 bu No. S Chicago at (3 IS. andfi,ooo on (winter red Jersey atfSJDO. Bye—dull. bales 017,000 bu Western at $lJO; Cana* daslJ6. Parley—Unchanged. 6alesofl«7SobuCanadaatßSct la dodo ; sl.2t, tree. Corn—unchanged. Balesof 45.000 hnmlxedatsl43; In atom $1.14 afloat; new mixed m bap SUU, Underlet—Quiet. Sugars steady at 10911 c. I etroleum—bulk Uo.»—Finn. Lssthcr—Steady. Hemlock, 303J3XC. - Wcov—Quiet aad firm, acoxoo &• domestic fleece at 4'««;Sc; nailed, SOOSCta. Pork—Opened doll and lover, but closed firmer at ft 0.50 for new maa. and s3o.*soiSi< J7 for Western old mess; closing at $3040; prim*. $1X0817.00; prime mw, fiis.iOisM.OO; auo, l.fea orli oev mess at $2047 ftfl 00 seller February and March. Beef—Steady. Sales 4Tobrls. Beer Bams-Firm. Sales 335 brls atJWXMBtS.OO. Cut Meals-Flra. JiSpSj; •sosldersatfix* 9Uc. flams, lO^AUc. Dressed Boss—Easier t Western. 9XB9KC. llerce Beef—Steady; *0 tre* at $30.008 32.80 lor prim* mess: fdl.oooSs.oo for India mess. l-ard—Doll. Sales 450 brls at lljfc ibr old; llua 13Kc for sev. * * llscor—Quiet. Ba'es 373 erls Comberland at IQua lOVc. Short ribbed, IlWc. * Batter—Firm. Chceie, 15330XC. . WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE GENERAL MARKETS, *• NsvYoaa, February 9. The geecral markets hare been characterized by a bet’er tone during the week. * The money market has been easier. giving * slight Impetus to trade. Business dull however. Breadstofis generally lover and Irregular, the de maud being confined to city trade, and we note great irregularity in price*. The flour stock la eitl mated as MU.WObil*. Large Ibr the season. There hu been a marked addition to the snpnly of California flour. « bleb sells at fUJXBIS.OO per brL Stateflonr u abua datt and sells slowly. et.Lonls extras $12.75816.75. Por« has been In moderate demand, chiefly for home use. Prices fluctuated somewhat, but are wltboot material change. Tierce beef Is In better demand tor export, but firmly held. Wblakey—Less active, the business being nearly an contraband. _ . OBocrstrs. Cfffej bought more freely, buyers paying the ad vance demanded. Dealers are anxious to sclLtad prices rnroblßh. The inquiry U principally from the trade, Prime »o 13Vc; fair to good 16* 13c, gold rales. West India grades brm but not actlve/Mola'ses has been nrm ar d tor dirttlUog grade* notders demand an

aoyancr. The new cr .p is arriving more freely, bat •ell* slowly. Cub* Muscovado SftJsOc; Porto Rico UOiCOc. at d New orieani saaKTtfc. Improved demand for raw sugars principally from the trade, and price* have advanced. Moderate demand lor cmde. Market closes steady at J9c. Refined in bond moderately active. Bapplv ■mall. Prices rule Crm at MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MiLWAUKBg, February 9. Flour—Doll, and nominally l3J,'c lower. Sales: LOQO brls at SIO.OO lor choice EK spring; Daisy fair Xat f«0; rye flour, at |5.80; buckwheat floor at fl.oo. Wheat—Firm. Morning board sales, 23,003 ba; soon board, sale* 2XOOO bo, at f1.9tX81.95 for No. 2 la ■tore; fL97 selleris option March; suo eeßeriz option February; fl.«*en«r’s option next week; SU3 buy. et’s opUon March; t1.97«1.9S buyer’s opUon Febru ary; 51.73 X fur No. 5 in store; |LM for rejected in store. Oat*—Finn. Sale*: 3,100 bu at 4Sc for No. lln store, and ISc for No. 3 tn store. Cora—lrregular. Bale*; 1,600 bu at 7SA»c for old No. 1 atore; Sic for do delivered; 15c for No. ila store. Provisions—Doll and quiet. Very little demand City iceas pork held at $1340 ; pickle* bams held Ora atlOHc. ho sales. Boxed salted shoulders offered at 7*c; prime lard nominal at usiaxc; beef barn* scarce and nominal at 030.00. - Dressed Bogs—DdQ. and 5310 c la wts. Sale* at *7-25 ®7JO,dlrlolngonJOO ft*. Receipts—Usoo brls floor, i4,TO bu wheat. LSOO bn cat*, 700 bu corn, LOOO bn rye, 400 bu barley, 900 firmed hops. Shipments—Woo btU flour, bu wheat. CINCINNATI. Ccrcmart, February f. Flour—Unchanged, but less Ann, Super. t>.73: win* \£ssi wwwuSS” TO " toT *“ •»in Cora—Dull, and nominally 3c lower. B*ccldul SlCCOtra. Ear.astSCc; Bulled, E3c la devaSirtaad 77c in tacks. Quiet, but Arm, at aic for No. 1, tad 62e in R> e-Je lover; No. L 1143. Barl»y—Dud. ottoo—UMdmore firmly. At the close middling could not have been bought to any extent at foe. Tha r i-cipiMor the wc-k were 6,613 oaie«. im mom iha N 01 September, 78.463. against U\S33 bales the cor resiv-t ding time last season. Whiskey—Firm, wta small sale* at 36c. Provisions—Generally unchanged. Moderate order demand for bulk shoo'ders at be: side* at 15c.and hameattuie, all packed, tiacoo—9|fc for ahoumers- UVc lor clear nb, ard W\'c for clear side*, all packed* Mea* Pork dull at $3040, and laid at 13)40— these the rates asked. 4 14 1 w»nji Grtcn Cbeea*—Firm ttldai6we. Br in—Scarce at»O3oc for Central Ohio, and B 1 B>c far toners reaerre. 1 ggs—Very scarce, and cannot he bought below Seed—Unchanged. Linseed 0H—81.35*131, and the supply is Hchc Groceries— Finn. Sonr, IMIK • cosee. Uu:e. Gold—l 37 by mg. aid 137 selling. Exchange—Firm at par buying, and MO premium felting. Money—Market unchanged. Buliness has been greatly intericrtd with. NEW ORLEANS. Kxv oxLusa, February 9. Cotton—Hither Sales 8,700 bale* low middling at so,vc; middling. Si J»c. Receipts,LOS bales: exoorta! la&Obsles. • sugar—ln active demand; fktr,Uc. Moiasses-Ftrm. Fair, 74c; pome to choice, 75* Flour—Firm. Boperflne, 9U.75; extra, fILOO* ls Corn-Faaler at 81.06*1.15. OaU-Flna. andtnrood demand at SSc. Hay—Finn at S3S.O(SfS3.OO. potk—Quiet at XU AO. Daeon—Nominal. shoulder*, Uc: Mdea, 19*isc. Lard-Doll at tsaitke. Whiskey—Unchanged. Tobacco— Unnchangcd. Gold—lS7M. _ w Freights and Exchange—unchanged. LOUISVILLE. Lomxvnx*. February 9. Tobacco—Salas of M hhdl at Floor—Bnper at gID.OX Wneat—Pilme at |LBS. Corn—Sbell.d la bulk at 19*7901 ear at C*, Data-In bulk at Sac. Mesa Port—as.oo _ Daeoo—Bacon aboulief* at IQaUjfe S baooa clear aldsa at WMc; bacon bama at U*Uc, * Lard—la tierces at Uc. Whiskey—atJs, Bngar—prime at CoUsa-tBQpUC. PHILADELPHIA. vssa* •««>>«!!• «*• tv***-.!* Bontter*- MJ® wW *®» ssaasga-* wuwey—t l * 7s * ST. LOUIS, Br. Lovn. FcbniWT P. pAmo ton. W p«±o4 to 4.«, iw,ow. MEMPHIS. UKxnna, Febroirr B. -V6?B«Sn»-WJS Little dolor In cooio- Ocean Freight!, rspedsl Despatch to the Chicago Trlbune.l ia piwM y- jjjnr Yonc. February 9. PreUM room scarce. To Liverpool. 31,000 bu corn by •““•“'“’wioel.wlPrMßW.rtl Freight! to Liverpool firm. Com by nil. W peace. ______ new York Breadstnlßi market, rsaecial Despatch to the Chicago Tntrane.l 1 K*w Yoax, February 9. Local miller* ore baying wheel steadily. Sale* la dodo straight No. 3 Milwaukee, to go E»it, « |UI. Freeh ground flours flan, bat Weatern floor decidedly lower town. Corn tad oats heavy. new York Grocery market, rsnoctal Despatch to the Chicago Trloone.] 1 New Your, Febrnary 9. Coflbe—Tn talr to good demand. BTo32a3tc. fugar—Quiet and Ann. Pair to prime grocery 10 V HWe. New Tork live Slock lHaiket. [Special Dmpatch to the Chicago Tribanc.] New Yoex, Pehraary 9. Hogs-Becelpte 1.700. Declined to Bc. Kew York Dry Goods market. New Yoex, February 9. There li a Odf Inquiry for staple cotton! and light fknev woollena at steady prices, bat no general trade oranlmatton. More activity Is expected soon. No In prices at Providence, *Xc; square at HHc. „ San Francisco mining Stocks. Sas Pexscoco, Febrnary 9. I ®‘imS ) «tM l ßc l ra*Thlrtl«, Jon. Iwoe, TOM; left.l Point Minis, CompmjbuilKltrctl. OIBBISDi Tnihladtv bT Ber.T. B. St. John, Mr E. EVE BAUD, otLonUaSu, andMUs ALMA ti/TAFT, of Chicago. No cards. DIED. In this city. Feb. 9th, WALTER, Infant son of John J. and the late Ada B. Carroll, aged 3 months and 3 In this City, Feb. 9th, DANIEL ROBERT MURRAY, son ot Alexander ana Isabella Murray, aged It months * TbeTnnera' will take place on Monday, Feb. llth, at x o’clock P. m.. at the residence of the parents. No. 13 Fonnb-av* Friends of the family are invited to at tend without further notice. xr Edlnburgn. Scotland, papers please copy. amusements. VOTING MEN’S ASSOCIATION 1 LECTURES. JOHN B. COUGH WILL LECTURE ON “TEMPERANCE,” IS CROSBY’S OPERA SOUSE, On Monday Eyenlnu, Feb. 111 b, Commencing at 8 o’clock. Tickets SO cents each. Reserved seats, S 3 cents extra. nr The sale of Reserved 8' ats win commence at 9 o'clock rn SATURDAY MOBp-ING. Feb.9.h.St the Ticket Office cf Crosby’s Opera Boose. A. C, McCLUKQ, * Cor.Sec.**Y, M. A*” -^yAUGH’a MIRROR OF ITALY. Third exhibit since its return from Europe. This magnificent aeries ot paintings will be unrolled at OBOfisrs muBZo ball, (Entrance on State-st.,) MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, Feb. lltb and mb, at 8 o’clock. Doors o r*n it 7. Grand Matinee. Wednesday altcrnoou, Feb. 13th, at 3 o’clock. Door* open as 1. . . _, _ SIO. MORILLO will introduce his wonderful LILLI PUTIANS at ea**b entertainment, # , ~.. EvenlDg tlckeu, 30 cents. Blngle tickets to Mattnee. XS cents. Classes ot ten or more from schools, 13 cents each. _____ ■yARIETY THEATRE. THE BEST BILL EVER PRESENTED. The Thrilling Drama of SIX DEGREES OF GRIME. gy TOE DEVIL AKO HIS SEVEN DAUGHTERS Is In rehearsal and will be shortly produced. Me THEATRE. (CKER A ttTKRS MAVAOBUS. ENGAGEMENT OF J. B.”McD6'NODGH. Production ot Kourcl<au't'sne» drama. TUB UN» SPEIKB { Or. CBS WOUEINGMEN OP H VNCHBSTEB. Whl«J»lnL.,n(loa now constitutes the dramatic event rt o-e season. It will >e produced with ESriBB NEW bCBNEBY. For me famous ic'egrapU scene, arrange ments have been mart* tir r»c*ivlng the latest newa from all parts oi the world up to nine o'clock each eve ning. telegraphed direct y t j the Theatre mod read to the audience. Mr. McDooourh rill appear at Noah Laroyd. the leader of (be Mrlßc, and ai>o as Counsel. ;or MOStypeotty, supported by the full strength ot the Company. Sstnrday. Long strike Matinee. WOOD’S MUSEUM. cm.. J. B. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusemeot* F. k. AIK KM uimtui w. . a. BturMnuer .TUOS. *» ARRT Production ot the nc«r Dramatic Romance. regarded as the create* t, most socce<*fnl Sensational Play of the a**.- Oo Monday evening, Feb. ill h. and every evening during the weec, al»o «t the Orasd Matinees on Wednesday and SattmUy attornoons,wiU he perfonatd the great pla f oi _ THE QUOtIENOT C VPTArjf, Prcfloctd with unequalled magnificence, at a treat cost and vita a«rl*iald cast. To conclude with QRIMSHAW. DAOSUAW A BBVD3HAW. This WHITE BOX 1* la reh«-»r*al. Yankee circus AND MENAOERIE. „ JAS. BOBrNPON, Champion Equestrian of the World, and hi* son. CLARENCE, vll! appear on MONO \Y, February lllh. The Chicago Tiroes says: Jams* Robinson Is In his profession vhat Klstorl is in hers. Beats can be seenrod three days in advance. auction Sales* A. BUTTERS & OCX, Auctioneer* & Commission Merchants 44 & 46 RANDOI.PB-HT.. Between Stato-st. and Wabaah-aT. Hold regular sale*, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS. SHOES. AC., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPEfS. Ac., every SATURDAY. FINE COLLECTION -OF CHROMOS AND STEEL-PLATE ENGRAVINGS, AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Feb. Uih, at 10 o’clock,' at Batters’ Salesrooms, 44 and 46 Randolph at., between Slate st. andWatash-av, The cnllectlca comprises valuable ORIGINAL EN GRAVINGS and CHROMOS, oy eminent living arthts, trom LANDSEER, HEKKING. ANDaELL, TAYLOR, and others, and One o pies of cne most celebrated pic tares oy the old masters, now In the galleries ot Eu rop*. Among the snblects maybe a great variety of UlSlomcaL and KELIdIOUs PICTURES, with Manse Vlrws. FnnL Game. Ac.. In every variety of style and flntab. all of which have been setectod with gr*at care and on the most fsvortble occasions. The above will be oa exalttUmn all day Monday, Feb. Uih. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO, ILBEHT & SAiIPSON, VjT General Aneuooeera. 47 and 49 Dearbom-st. Superior Household Furniture) Car pets, ifce, Ac,, AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Feb. 13th. at 10 o'clock, at our sales rooms, 47 and 49 Dearboru-st_* large and splendid asaertmentot mmlomand rich Furniture, for Parlor, Clumber and Ulnln groom ; Brussels and other Car pets. with a general assortmet rf H'msebold Goods. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. Gilbert and saiipson, General Auctioneers. 47 aud 49 Dearborn-st. Trade Sale In open lots ol 47 Crate* White* Crockers, 300 boxes Rlu*. B are, Portmonnate* A* Pocket Cotlery, AT AUCTION, On Thursday. Feb. 14th, at 10 o'clock, ootulstlag of Toi let, Dluter and Tea Ware, of the best shapes and qual ity : also, 900 boxes oi Gass Ware.consisting of Bowls, dogars, Oobleu, i/batnpagnca. Wines, Creams, Dishes, Ac* Ac. Also, *a invoice of Pocket Cutlerr and Port tnmil ale*. Go.da packed for the country. Gilbert a sampson, Anet'rs. RUCTION SALErf, On Monday, Feb. 11th, At 10 o'clock, at our salesrooms. 73. 77 and 79 Welts-su. n-ax Randolph, all the Furniture of a private too sc. cods) nine of one Plano Forte, one fine Parlor Set. three Chamber beta, one fine Wardrobe, Brusselta and other Cartels, F oar Oil Cloth, together with a varletv 01 other goods too numerous to mention. At U c’clocx. roe Steam Trough tor betels, one Dairy Wagon, nearly new, and four set* of harness. -a JOHJJ &qq Ancm. ry Goods taken on Storage. Regular Sales. Monday and Tburs-lays. J'JANIEL SCOTT & CO- AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Ukr-M M car. La*«lle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned tor sale. Outdoor sales promptly attended to. Jll. REiKOLDS, Auctioneer, • isr dbasdorn-st. frclla New Furniture • o Tu radar, Feb, JA ■t to o’clock a. m. Extension Tables Bureaux, Bureau Wash Stands, Centre Stands Mattresses, Lounges and Miscellaneous Goods. XX7 E WILL SELL, On Monday. February nth. 10 o’clock a. m. at No. 193 Soum dark*it M furniture, stove*. qaecnsvare, cloiblcc,icllons,shclvmikjras fixtures, Ac. Also, Wriutfun. co. Auctioneers. 3Lost anh jfounh. T OST—In the Post Office, ft Herring’* I j SaftKey. By tearing the fame at the Tribune of* Define 0t oet wth be ilncrally rewarded. TOtT —On Friday OTening, on Madison * SV. n»ar Laflln. a small For Collar. The finder will be suitably rewarded br leaving the aamo at 6COTT, DAVISON A lO.’B. 139 Lake IU T ObT—A Steel Safe Key, about 3-4 of I jan Inch long, k of an tneb broad, and H ot an loch Inick. The finder «Ui be suitably rewarded by lear* ms U at the Tribune olSee. LOST —slo Reward —Lost Saturday, Feb. 9th, a small snotUd Coach Sint, anawersto the name ct**Topsy,** one side ol lace black, Tbe abort reward wiube paid at No. Id 7 Stalest. fgeal £state-<aug. IBIPBOTIO* LOR BALE—By aH, Kerfoot&Co., r Bfsl Estate Broker*, 71 Dearborn-it, . qq—Waba-b-ST. uorta ol 81xtj«atn*« Contains 10 room*, closets, Ac. Lot to®*- 73 dwelling, with brick l»*«aßCtj on Park-ay.; 13 rooms, hot sad csld water, bath room. Ac. jat Mali* (tat. _ „„. K 78— Aeelegantteldeocpou Indiana at, near Kaio, furnished to handsome *tv le, wild all modern lm pror< meets. Will be •.Id ala decided bargain. 63- dwelling bouse on Washington**-* tear Ctum Park. Modern Improvements, Ixjt lit (tat front. Will seU M vacant feet IT wanted. 67 lot of» ftal IronUge, east front noose contains 11 rooms, closets, Ac. Will be sold at a low figure. ...... 60—Two new brick dwellings on West IS rooms each, closets, oath room and alt lm* * erovementf. Price moderate and t*rms eaijr. 68— A Terr elegant marble-frost, on West Washing toa-tl, bath roon a. but and cold wat.r* collar under casement, large (Urnacc, Au~ Ac. 67—Mlchlgan-av, residence near TweiftMt- eajt front; 90 (eet of ground. A very desirable 75-^tvto*frame dwenogs on Twraty tourth*t-8 rooma each, with marble mantels, Ac. wui«be sold verv cheap. 945—New brick home on North Bide; 13 rooms, closets, bathroom, cellar onder basement* Ac. Lot 39zt30. Pnee low—toms easy. _ 64 Six lots on Jacasos-sU corner of Lincoln. Can be bad at a decided bargain lor casn. 77— A very excellent country residence, atWhealon, 39milesm»rn Chicago, (lour trains a day); one and one-fifth acres of ground, well stocked wish fruit, flowers. Ac. Dwelling contains 8 rooms, - closets. Ac., all convenience*. Cheap. 941—blcrant place at Aurora, 111. targe boose, barm carnage bouse, a floe grapery, containing tbecbclcest foreign varieties. grounds stoektd with rnuts cf all si nda-ln short a very complete and deilraole residence. ... . AUo » Urge amount of improved and unimproved property in all part! ot the city. Call in and examine l?OR fcALE—A laige bnck house, with J 7 Ut, comer Washington and Carpenter-st«. Also, one other, west and adjoining the above, at 913£00 and |l9ACo.ieipectlvtlv. One tvo-storr and basement home, with u rooms, with lot 50x123, co Peona-at, eontb of Van Daren, *7iOO. Home and let. West TavloMl„ near Jefferson, Brick home, with lot. on Indiana-at.. near PI ar,| 13,0)0. Brick henee, vita lot, on North Dearborn su, near Cbratsot, lI3ACO. No. 718 Watash-av., (Tame home on leased lot. SV3SO. IlnnM and loton Calomet av.« near Twcnty-alnth-it, Dome?wlth lot 50x700 *leet, comer Pralrioar. and eonth ol Twellth-st, 820 000. Lot 40x183, on Madlsac-aU, sear Franklin, at £9O per Lot 20x100, on Clark-sL, near Lake, at 830^00. Lot 40x172 on Wabash-av., near Harmoo-coort, 89.400. . 4 lots on Michlgan-av., south of Twcnty-elxin-at*at LolloxScOL corlpralrjvav. and T wenty.fsorth-eu, $3 JWO TOxiSO feel on Pralrlh-av., north of Twenty-thlru-etw at ?3acres P imide'tf tbecttylimtt'. on enltahle to* aundlTialot».ataTerylowDpire. 8 acres, being north end Block 13, Sec. 83, S 3, 14, at 82.100 per acre. 80 acre* near Brighton, at Kl5O mm 6 scree In the flourishing village of Wheaton, Dupage Co- near the Depot, and very near the Cohere BnlWngli »t ItW per Kn, aYEBS, Boom No. 10 Crcaby’s Opera Haase. FOK SALE—By Wm. D. Korloot, 81) t ms two-story frame boose of 11 proms, on Wabash-av., on lea»ea groana; lease root 10 yean atveiy nodeiate price. Brick boose, with lot 23x125 (Mt on Wabash-av., near Tweoty-thlrd-at.; house centalns 9or 10 rooms, km. water, *c. Three, storr hilck boose on state sc, north of Fifteenth, w'th lot Frame house and 0-root lot on Lake Grove av., near North Bide limits. Fine brick boose on Haroa-st, east of Dearborn : all ImpruV.meats. Marble front on Indiana**!., near Cass: all improvements : 33x100 foot lot. Frame house and lot on Indlsna-su. between Mar Set and Franklir-eta; boose contaiis 9or 10 rooms. Frame homo and lot r>n Caaai-st., near H*rrjon; boose containtDC 9 or 10 rooms. Two-itory frame home and lot on Halstcd-at. between Adams aud Jackson. Fine bouse and loton Fcorla-at. icar wadisic, con tslolaeOor 10room«, sat, water, Ac. Two storr boose anCloton Fultop-st_ near Union-park, containing 8 roomi.acdail trodcrnlmprovem<nu. Souse and Tot on Jefferson-su near Maxwell: rooms above and store btntalh. soluble for a grocery. FOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new brick house* of nine room* each; water, gas, marble mantels,hath.water cosets and lota on Adann-sU, twtwren Tbroop A Loomis, fronting Jefferson Park, price, f 6,500 eacn. Payments made easy. F’OR SALE —A new first-class house, two story and brick baiement, 15 room:, e*ery coaven* lecce, lot £0x125, on Peorla-bU near Van Bar-a, Price low, terns easy. Apply at 15 Booth Uoton-st. LOR bALE —The two-story trame r houses. No*. 139 and 141 Ranuolpb-sn, adjoin- Ins Sherman Must be removed by the sth ot April next. T. 8. FITCH A CO.. 109 Dearbam-st. FOR SALE—Two nice cottages and lots, on Leavltt-st. One 1* now pavlufe over SC per cent on price asked. 8.8. CHAMBERS, 17 Reynolds' Block. • T7OR SALE—House and lot on Twenty 1* Second-it.. lot SO fbet froit by 300 deep. B. b. CHAMBERS, 17 Reynolds Block. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new brick house or 11 rooms, all modern improvements, and lot 90 ft* t front on Michlgan*av„ near T wenty-ofth- FDR SALE—House and lot on Pratrie avA rear Twcnty-Nlttb-st. Lot 90 by ISO. 8.8. CHAMBERS,” 17 Reynolds Block. FOR SALE—Two new and well-built booses on Waba«h-av.. north ot Twenty-ninth-st.. with lots 36x194 etch—onlr fSJV)O eacn, it taken at once. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dcarborn-st., Room 2. F)K SALE —A very desirable, well balls two-story house. No. IS3 Jeffersor-st, be twees Jackman and Van Na eo-st-.. can front. lOrooras, water, gas, Ac- thorough sewerage, in perfect order, lot 33x189. good barn. TUI- perfect. Imm*rtala pos session. OnI«|3SOO. H -use will rectfor fSTO per ai nutn. Adecloedbatgain. WARREN A GOODRICH. 1*45 PearboiD-st. Room 2. F'OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, N 0.4 Metropolitan Block: Anew brick bouse or 11 rooms, modern Improvements, and lotwUb bam on Wabash-av., near Twentieth^ T?OR SALE—House and lot, tor $3,b50 ; V one for 14,00(1, one tor *—all on the South Bide. One on tbo West bide, PETEK 6BIMP. 92 Monroe-st. T?OR bALE—On and near West Lake- X at., afrw cottages, with lots. Will be sold on long time. Possession given May Ist. Good opoortn. ntt> to slop paying rents. ApplvtoJ. B. ANDREWS, 7 Methcdiu Chnrch block. P) R bALE—bcveral .ne two-story houses and also, cottages la good neighbor hoods on the West Side— cheap J. U. KEELER, Res! Estate Office, 129 South Claik-st. IT'OIi SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Rea) T Estate No. 4 Metropolitan Block: A new brick boose of 13 rooms, hot and cold water bath, water closets, raaible mantles; and lot with brick barn, on Bucker-sL, near Jackiou F)R BALL —Op MicWgan-av., two first dais marble front bouses—oce near Congress and on* near Jackson-sC These h uses are amoug the host on AJlchtgftD av. A. J.AVSSXIJ* Beal Estate UOce, S*Or 7 Ifettopolltaa Block. FOB BALE—By dnyder & Lee, Real EstateAgeota, No. 4MefODolilat Block. anew low frame heuse of 11 rooms. LotSOlfeet,onFark-ar. near Leavltt-st. P}K SALE—Two-story and basement br:rk bonre on F'-nrtb-av., Dear Jaclaon-st., 18.000; twoator and b«aement b'lck ooum oq IndUnatv.. neirTblrty-nm-it., lot 41x133 feet, on a corner, t&ooo—i-nm*diate position; iwo-jtotr and Daspnont unck boaaooa Weat adatnaau, la dne loca tion. *7-000: twoftoob.MMca on parx-ar.. near Union Park, rWOO a*d f n. c. MOHEF & CO., S Metropolitan Blocs. pOR S/ ' ' " oALE —By tinyder & Lee, Heal - Aseat*, No. 4 Metropolitan Dloclr, two ntw nett fruDtlion'Molij roocu cacti. ud loti on WuhlngtoptL, near Lincoln. F)U SALE —On TVabash-av., two nooses.near Elortdge-couri, fn.MW each; brick hr ore, north ot Ilarmon-conrt.f9.UJO. K. J. AVEBEIu Real Estate Cfflcc. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR feALE—By Alonzo Bennett, Real Estate Asrat, Room 1. comer of Rvulo nh and Canal-»t».,ancvtwo-stoiyf.*amehruse ot 10 rooms, vatcr ant gas. ot Curus-sL, near Madison. ¥7*OR SALE—By Snyder ft Lee, Real JT Estate Agerts.No.4 ilslripcllun Block, ade slrablc residence on Wa-hlngton-et.. vest of Umoc I’ark. Lot is HO leet fn-at bylJO leet. vith bam. t?OR &ALE—Two-story boose, ten I* rooms, and let. near Cilnion-et. car*, at $7,500. Also, the furniture at a large duco-nl CHRISTIAN A CO., Room 3 Lind’s Diode, Raudoiph-st bndze. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real JP Estate Aseots, No. 4 ilet-opMltar B'ork. three new brick houses ot il rooms eaci, hot and cold water, water cioseta-marble mantle*,lornac*,eto„ and lots, vltn bara on Wabaah-av., nearTwtnty-slxtn-sL, J7OR &AIE—A first-class lesldeoce on A? Twenty-slxth-st., modern Improvements; lotMx 135, a)ie> In rear and side. GILBERT A BENEDICT. 132 C.atk-tU, Room 7- Tj'Oß SALE—A two-story house, con- JP talmng 6rooms, with 3 acres of land, all fenced and Improved, near tee Artesian well, fir $1,300. AR. TRUK A BOYDEN, 210 btate-st. TTOR SALE—A new two itory house on A, Wsbaih-ar., north ot SUtcenth-st, on leased arcund forlOTrais-prirefLSCO. Also lots on Mlchl gat-av. ARI BUB A liOYDKN. 210 Stato-st. F'OR SALE—A new two-rtory house on Wabssb-av., containing 10 roams, water, sewer ana cat, and .ot. Prlc* $5400. C*<ean*st house In market. ARfHCRA BOYDEN. 310 F'OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Ae«ets, No. 4 Metropolitan Blocks n rew brick bouse of 11 rooms, and lot 50 foet Boat on Mlchl gan-nv,, nearT*epty-Cjiu-st. F}R SALE—House and lot on Hub bard-st, near Pauli- a. only of which f(3O can mialn tor ooa two and three year* at 7 per c-nt. WARREN A GOODRICH, 1*4.3 Peat boro sU,Bojto2. FOR SALE—House and lot, southeast corner Fourth and Peoria-sts., lot 30x116 ft. Price $3400, half case, balance o' e and two years at 7 per rent. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-sL, Boom 3. FOR SALE—Bouse and lot, northeast corner of Hubbard and Peoria sts, lot Ssxlol to alley, few***. Ac. Price fliOO, easy terms. WARREN A GOODRICH. 123 Pcarborn-st. Boom 2. T70I» SALE—A new two story house f 1 on Mlcblgas-av., north of Stxtecnth-ec. contain ing ten rooms, on leased ground, tor ten years. Price RMC. ARTHUR A BOYDEN. *4|Q Stote-st. T7OK BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real F Estate Agent*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two nearly n»w two-story ard basement bouses of 9 rooms each. Hot and cold water, water closet*, marble mantels, etc.,and lots on Adams—t. between Tnroop and Loonfrtntlns Jeff-rsoo Part. Price, $6400 farh. Terms of payment made easy. ®2aantelji=lical Estate. TXT ANTED—HeaI Estate—l want to VV bur a eood commodious on South Side, east of worth from I&.0C0 to lIOCKO. ■Will pay csss, and it must oe a bargain. Address -BEaL ESTATE,” P. O. Bo* '4336. TXT ANTED —Real Estate—l want a V V bouse and let, well located, on the North Side, wrrth from $5.00(1 to $7,000. Address stating ptace and price. fl. H. HAAF, 133 Sooth Clara, Boom S- TXT ANTED —I will purchase a boose V* aid If.t at a great bargain for cash. Address “ T W O,” TMfcune otßce. Jfor SaU. T7OR SALE—Fnrmture lor one room, J? also ore carpet and nice cock-stove. All nearly new. CaUimmedlately t at3i7State-n,3dao3r. F)RBALE —TLe steam tugs \V. K Muir aid B. F. Datldioa, now laid up at Milwauaee, in goodordvr. Apply to R. P, rITZOSRALD A CO-, No. 90 Mlctiigan-st* Milwaukee. FOV SALE—Prop. “Gencssce Chiet,” dow Ijire at Dctrrlt, Cl**» AB. Ton n«re(olijn)evamnect),3M. App Tto WH-R. WAR* KISER, Detroit. Ulcluor to QAJI&IS * DBO- Sj-4 Luir Der-st, Chicago. . J?OR SALE—Two htmdred first quality 1 Lake Bonenor Mink Skins. Inquire ai Rojo No. Metropolitan Clock. TTOR SALE—A Wilcox & Gibbs* Sew* r lag Machine. Cost s3l and will be sold far 940. Can be seen at 210 State-n. fHacfiinets. TT'OR SALE—A second-hand Buckley JP fo,dlng machine—in good condition. Price, ftOO. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. F)U SALE—Portable and Stationary Engines, ol all Urea. AMo. Putnam Machine CompaTVs tools; two ll feelb-d, 81 loch; one 0 feet bed, 15 Inch; two 6V teet fwd, t« Inch; two Gfifeet b«d, is teeb ; one 3 l&t bed. 19 Inch.: one ttet oed. 14 Inch ; one 10 fret bert. *1 inch: one 13 f*et bed, {5 Inch. All Bens* Outline Engine l-athee, on- large Unrtthk Drill, one small drill, two Iron Planers, t 'o Bolt Cm* tent. two Planers and Matchers. Farrar’s Burfacora, Trip Hammers. Pump* Belting. Hose. Files, At* Ac. Allktndsot iron and wool w ?rking machinery far nUhrd at short not ce C. L.KICEA CO., 19 and 21 Dearborn-sl. _____ (Eomsponbencc gjgaantcn. piORRLSPONDBNCE—Wanted—A \ j ycona centl-man ot mstne, in bnitne*a tu ibis city, at db stranger. wishes to Ibnn the acquaintance of a lady possessed of a warm heart, a genial Htpost* Uim,asd one wholablcaaed with a coocly share of com* -munsetse, and ran appreciate the lame gjod qoallUas In another. None but tboto 01 tbe tnehwt rwp-cta* biuty need addrtaa **CONFIOKNGA," Box 1391, Chicago. itoal Sgtate-Cltg, psineiW ti « FOP RATE Bv Wo. D. Kerfont,; 89 on yuutStSbJS* »>«ib of «XJ |O lodt on near FmakUai MsUSAet on CWS. at.; MOfttloncon-cr Ca niattav. ara Tjrensr mo»n at.; MO ftet on Falton -aktiirkr &&***. L-" 1 ?. .tTand lialateo. near Ewir.f; fr e too corn era. an awi Twenty flfl tut: aimieet oa iMxfiOOfral os Vlnctanra-road: 47 lee* on wHUpwr * Hrato-aT.; Ofeeton F»anUi»«t., near fet on Cua-aMnir north oi Ctikcar'-aT-r sixlOO so^t f n KlS.iS*. M«r Lrt.HMl.. 60 I**<« B>vnt »L: 20 ftel oi Ada-at, sear WMfc, »Nt 1® Rcrea H mile weft of city limlu, rrooUn pr„ »oitable fbr a ■ abt 1 • lot ;walo f r tct aod txtcndliur Uuouab toClar**al ,25 feet oo i.u nou-it, near at. Clair. C'OR SALE—tO leet on Indlam-iJT., near r Fonrtr*nti-at.-e**t front; 25 fasten Nonb Dear* bTrt-ft. near Dm: 60 root os WaahlnztpMU, near Wxid; al’O.flna «e*ld«sco cn Park*ar., aod another on Ada-f Us also, one on Pralrle*ar n rerV and a b ausifQl cotlaje, with l»o ac»« oHand. on Knller. too-av. an abnmlasco of ahrnbbery and frnJU I. CLAf UN, OJ WaiLlDglonß-. r?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real J 1 Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan pioct lot oorlbeast comer ol Ma4lsoD WiW4 teeU Lot oortbeast comer of Lake and LUtaoeta-stJ« Bfiiiar-eL Lot 100x133 feet, comer of Jackson ami yt Inches ter-sts. FOK BALE—A few choice ten-acre tote In Oen. Hunter’* Addition, 5 miles sooth of the cut limits, on iho l»ne Island Plank-road and Qteat Eastern Itallroaa. Price onlylUOO per louilOO do*A. balance la 10 year* at 7 per cent Interest. Tbocneapcn louol the kind erer offeree. Boll'XO'ilent- LocaUoo ▼err desirable. Title perftet. WARREN A GOOD* RICH, Beal Estate Brokers, lUS 2. COR SALE—I,ot COxICS, to an alloy, JP ob UIchICAD-AT., 100 feet iron corner of Twenty, slxtb-st, atvn per toot 11 taeen at once. WM. J. TEWKEBUPBY, Boom 11. No. »9 WeiUlngton-et. P)R SALE—Three choice lots, fronting Use Unlversltr grounds la Evanston, corner ol Hmmaa-iT. and Unlvotsltrpiace. at » bargain f»r ca*lt. Apply to NUTT A DUOOKES, 53 Clark-sC, Chicago. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & lee, Beal p Etta*e Agecta, No, 4 Metropolitan Block, lot 100x161 feet, on nortneast corner of MJchlgm-av., and Tweniy-accond-st. COB SALE—SB feel by 170 on 3licht -1* «n-ar_ near D. D* CHAM* DEBS.** 17 Reynolds Block. FOR BALE—IOO feet on comer of Pral rte-sv. and Twenty.£econd-st. Price, U. B. CHAMBERS. 17 Reynolds Block. )R SALE—II2xI73 leet on the north ra*t corner cl Wabash-ar. and Uobbard-tinrC at a moderate price and on favorable terms. WABREN A GOODBICB, 133 Boom 3. T7OK SALE—9OxI9O feet on Mndison-st., t 1 n»ar Market, f r isle ata bar cal n, One on Carroll su,fax. PETEK SHIMP.O'J Moaroo-st. 17011 SALE—Excellent building lots on I 1 Wabash. Indiana and other areaaes. Two on Ulna Islaodav., rery low. Call and ace lists. GEOBQG ft WILLIAMS. 7 Booth Clark-st. T7OR BALE—A very valuable lot on r oar alley, at a low price for cash; also, one on Madismsu, leet, adjoin luff alley, between Wabash and Ulchl* gan-avs., at a rare bantam. TIUe otyond ones'lon. WABBKN A GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-«t..R3oa 2. ITOK RAT.T!—A valuable lot on Indiana- I 1 av- near Sixteenth-«L, zSxIBC ft, lus p*r foot. Title perfect. WARREN A GOODRICH. IJ3 Dear born-st., Room g. T7OU SALE—Several line lots on Peons* f 1 sL. louth of Adams, BO hr 133 each—desirable midrace property. J. H. KEELER, Real Estate Odes, 129 tooth Clark-it. 170 R SALE—Lot 50x163, to an alley, on P Mlchlgan-av., 100 leet from coracr of Twenty slxth-st. ats73 per loot, if token ot once. WM. J. TEWKESBURY, Boom 11. Mo. 89 Wasnlngton-st. TTOK SALE—Choice Residence Lots— I 1 63 ft on Wabasb-av n nearßl?hteenth-Bt.. $lB5 per loot; 60tt on Wabash-av. oeor at (ISO per loot; 3001tonlndlana-av., oeor Tweotleth-st.. ot tltO per foot; 100 ft on Indlans-av., near Twenty-third st„ats£o per loot; ICOfton Pralrle-av., new Twenty* Qrat-st.. ot $l3O per loot. A* J. AVEBtLL, Rtsol Es* tate Office, No. 7 M-.tropolitan Block, 170 K SALE—A lot on Clark-sl., near 1/ Fourteenth-«L, 40x260 feet, $135 per ea:y terms; lOPlectonOgden'sSilo, tear Archer-rood,and IC2 feel In rear, making an excellent lot for manufac tory or >ard purposes. B. C. MOUEY 4 CO., S Metro politan Block. t?OR SALE—47 I*s acres, two miles JP south of Hyde Park, good dry land, situated on main road. Only f ITb per acre. WARREN 4 GOOD RICH, 125 Dearborn-st., Bonn 2. I£ent~s9oussesss rpo RENT—A good two story frame X house, on the West Side near Llneoln-sC, 9 rooms besides pantry and closets, hydrant and cistern water, coal bouse and barn, 4 lots, good garden, with plenty ot nice trees. Inquire at No. 32 Reynolds’ Block, near Put Office. TO KENT—A inmished cottage, or fur niture for sale. Both boose and lamltore are new] Itqnlre at 1402 Wabaah-av. rpO RENT—The three-story and base* X meat, stone front boose. No. 505 Carroll-*!- two frocks north ot Union Park. Possession Immediately. DAI HD 4 BRADLEY, comer Late and LaSalle-sts. r T*O RENT—Dwelling bonse No. 880 I State-sL, 10 rooms, wen adapted tor a boarding house, win *ei; the entim fnrnltore of tbe house for $7lO. worth IL3OO- Possession given at once. W. H. &A3IPSON, Beal Estate Agent, Room 3 MetropaUtan Blcck. TO KENT—The lower part ot ft frame house, in good locality, ana only ten minutes* walk from Court Bouse, containing four rooms and pantries, to a family without children. Inquire at H 3 Itandolph-su, Dudley’s Clolnlng Store, under Mu seum. T) KENT—A first-class tenant will find at 75 Warrcn-gL, Urion Park, a new house that will pirate Mm. E. □. CUMMINGS. Boom 19, No. 132 Sonth Clatfc-sU * TO RENT—Two story house, with bam, 459 Mlchlgsn-ar. Apply at 171 Randolph-st. 'T’O RENT—Or lor sale—A two-story A dwelling house and lease, in rear ol 196 Clark st. Will exchange for live stock or ferming imple meata. Apply >1430 Oark-sUßoom 15. TO RENT—A three-ftory and basement I brick boose. Apnlv to ANDREWS 4 OTIS, Room 3- No. 194 Ctark-st. TO RENT—The two-story house 441 Dlvlnlon- sL. second house west ofLaSalle-st. with Inrnltore. carpets, fixtures, Ac,; also, splendM garden. 60x5X0. Got.i rererence* iwdsecuntr must rc given. Inquire ot J. W. EdCHENBUBO, 38 4 40 South La ballc*st. 'T'O RENT—House 127 West Washing- I. ton-«t- to a party ■who will hay ton carpet* ana part offurniture. Nuns others seed apply. uentlow. Apply at the boose. TO RLNT—Dwelling No. 51 Thirty -1 flrst-st., five rv>rmp,hydrant water. T.S.FfTCU A CO., 169 Dearborn-si, npo RENT—A small coUasc within five I minutes* walk r 1 the Poet Office. Inquire of E. Q. CU.M MINOS, Beal Eataw Agent, l32_Sooth Clark-st. HpO RENT—A first-class boarding house I within one block of the Post Office. Chain rent, and 2fi g arden no ha^d: furniture for sale. ,AH. TiiPBJ BOYDEN. mostate-et. ®o Ueut-U-imms. TO RENT —Furnished rooms One trout parlor and oooroom, also one Mid* room, at N 0.23 iilcnigan-av. Abo, at No. 13 South Water. room-, lun lancd and kept la order, without beard, to gcntiem* l only. 'T’O RENT—With good board, a lor- I alihedroom for two persons; also, two actor cUbed rooms, at 31 Sooth carpenter-st. TO KENT—Alter March Ist, a desirable •nil* of rooms, wlih board, on the South Side, near Mlchigan-av. Address oox 1752- TO RENT—The lower pail (6 rooms) ot a convenient house, with privilege of tbs whole premises alter Mav Ist it contains all the modcmlm firovemems. and Is wen arranged tor one ot two taml lea. Xnqolre on the premises, 490 Michlgan-av. RENT—WeII furnished rooms in a I ccnvcntcnt situation—stoves, eervlcc and gas in cinded. IQSCaaa-st. TO RENT—Room 47 Homson Build tng. 127 Clark-st. Apply at Boom 4‘J. HpO RENT—Cheap, turnished rooms, A doob e and single. »!th gas and cloeeta, at S 3 J»ckßoa-BL. near State. Inqnire at the hoase. TO RENT—A pleasant,partly furnished room, for one or two gentlemen. In the new Mor rison Block. For particular, inquire at N 0.91 Wash ington >u 3To JScnt-Stores, Offices, &r r TO RENT —btore on North Stalest, I No.49.J«stoirthol Mlchlgan-st. Inquire of S. SAWYER, 267 Mlchlgan-st. r) RENT—Basement 115 South CJark st.,22xßo feet, with gat andgnoi lleht. Apply In ehoe store, o» to WM. rOTTLE, 12 rear of 3-19 North Wclla-st. TO RENT—The lour-storj and base ment brick store, comer of Clark and Mtdlson-st*. new occupied by Messrs. Mamet A Co., win be leaied tor a term of year*, rosse-sion given first ot May. Intnlreof H.w. HINSDALE, corner Water and Elv er- sts T'O RENT—Second ana third floors a X 50 lAke-it. Apply at PUELPS, DODGE A CO.'S. rpO RENT—A first-class wholesale store A cn Soath Water-sL, near State-st.. will be leased tor a term 01 rear*. PoucMlon utof May. Apply to C. HOFKINSON, -128* Wa*hißgton »C TO RENT—Fust-class brick store on Booth Water-*t,foor-*tory and basement. Sore t&xlCO. Wllielveftveyears*lease. PoiiMii.n at-mce. WM. H. SAMPSON, Real Estate Agent, No. 3 Metro poll tan Hock. SSEanUb— SJTo Sent. \\T ANTED—To Rent—By a smalt V» family, without chUdrer. a go*L famished hoase. In a desirable location. Adores* “CARLfON,” Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A first-class twv V v itorv boose, withoutbaseacnr.fbr two years. Mott be on the West MCe, cast of Colon Part:, sooth of l.»Ce and north or Van Bnreo-sts., with five or six rocs son the second floor. Kamtty verr »ma I. Po»- ee&rloo desired the Ist ot April, If possib.e, Address do 117 iO.*CMcago,lU. * TXT ANTED—By the Ist ot May—A W building soluble forth* section business, any wh»r» between Lake and Madum and State and LaSalle-sts. Addrcte, with pirttculart, DANIEL SCOTT A CO, Ancttoneers, lfl-1 Lake-st. TXTANTED— I To. Kent—Alter May Ist, VV a small, well-furnished bouse, on the North tide,tcr6or U month*. Address “F," Box 1266. TTf ANTED—To Rent—Dock smtable V \ tor coal yard. Address, with foil description, location and rent. Box 03, Chicago. TXJTANTED —To Rent—A small-sized ww store, saltab elbr books and stationery. Ad dress, stating particulars, Ac., •* J W C," box 1737, Post Office. TXT ANT ED—To Rent—By a small lam- Vt lly, without chilerea. a furalthod house, be tween Chicago and Hjds Park. Po«-M:on dotted from Ist of May. Addr-sa - a.” 9*22 Mlchlgaa-ar. \\7 ANTED—To Rent—lmmediately, or v V within two weeks—A two-story h*>n»e of 8 to’ 10 rocmr, well *Ua*ied tor resldeace.watot Baltted, betw-ro ►niton and Ad*mn>«ta. Addfes* “*oECBE „ | TAUT," P.O Drawer 0762. . TX7 ANTED—To Bent-Three tarnished y T a gentleman and wire, ter which a fair price mu t>* paid. Fleaae ad* creta *• O McW.” p. o. Drawer 6305. TXT ANTED—To Rent—On the North f V Side, nrtnmlahed rooms, with board ter a gen* Uemanand Ms wl ft—young con pie. itefereaees ex* Addma, lUtlo* term# and location, “H H," Tribune oOcc. w ANTED—To Rent—A small cottage, T» containing Oure or tear room*, by a small ft ml- It. on North bide. Beat mail be low. Address “J A B." 16 Lake tl. or P. O. Box 3763. \\T ANTED—To Rent—Two or three V V unfurnished rooms, suitable tor bookkeeping, location North Side. Gallon or adurcas.aiatlnxrent. .n. yucRKBB, aa and ar H \\T ANTED—To Rent—By a gentleman W and wife,* small furnished or partly turntihed bouse, ou the south Side, east oi htate-sL Possession ot erbcipreUarUt. batltfsctoryreference* wUI be glren. Address P. O. Box 2104. \\T ANTED—To Rent—Alter May Ist V V a small, well tertlshed hoose. on the North Side, tor ecr U months. Afldrcas M K.** Pox 1800. V^7 -ANTED—To Rent—Between this A,Ur “ Mr.. D. t w ANTED—To Rent—Any time be* BoothSMe. T *° Ua,c - U - iliattos. ELANOb— Five new Pianos lor Bale at a mi®»i fci fK ' Kilantca-iHair net?. BOOKRBEFBBIi SiLMWIW Ace* TTTANTED—A “nt*class bool 'uid shoe VV clerk—«loofl worker sea thoroughly orp«rl. pored In the boalseta, Mo odd need apply botaorba# can fill tba ill and fornl«b boat of referescM ifjoi fbrmerMnp'eyr'e. Apply at KIMBILUBTKVKS9& CO.'S, 84 aid flfl Mlchlgao-ar. f Feb. Otb and Ua, ■fyCTANTED—A good experienced sales- YY mao, who can engage far oof year or lonrr. Roimtseratioa In proportion to ability. B. Q. Cutt jfttli m m_ 1M Dear bo nut.. npoalra. TKADBS. *\T|T ANTED—A good Cutter; capable ol VV eottln* for merchant tailoring aid also Bdles’ cloaif. A single man prffhrred. Mast b« of ■(oar habit*. Moderate w*<w an# t>v\j jm payment. C. J. PETTIBONE * CO., Food do Lac. Wl*. WANTED— A Finisher on lurnltun*— oco wbo tboronfjtjljr nrulcrstantli his boslnca. To inch a oce constant emKoymen: will b« men. Ap ply to GILBERT ft BAMTBOH. 47 and 4» Ooar* WANTED— Cabinet Makers Apply at4Bßtat»»L J.O. VAN BCIIAACK. Ja. OTanteß-jfemale S}elp. HOUSE SERVANTS. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, at the Mat- VV teson House, aflrsLdass beadtroncr. Bono Ct&er teed apply. TXT ANTED—Two good girls in a prl- V V Tat* f.n tty, one aa cook arrt toe other t; do nt>- •taUa work. They nut underataad lUelr boats;** acd come well recommended- Apply at 217 ladlana-at., Ktrth Sica. TT7ANTED—A firl to do general house- V* work id a amah family. Apply at No. 38S West Yea miren-st. ANTED—At the City Hotel, dining room girls. _ WANTED— A mrl to cook, Trash and Iron, at No. 563 North Dearbom-st. Apply Tnnxiay and Wednesday afternoons. City reference required. TXTAN'XED—A flrst-clara cock, wasner VV and Ironer, at leSUtchlgad-sr. The belt ol references required. Call immediately. TXTANTED—A girl to do genorakhousc- YV work. Most beagoodcroksad will receive gcod wages. Apply at it S7 West Randolph-st. WANTED— Immediately, a good ex pertecced dining room ciri, wbo can bring gooarderencOj^ApplyataSyannols^t^^^^^^ agaantea-iaigtellaneoug. WAITED— A young, energetic man, With 1200 to |3XX 10 engage In a flrst-claas par ing establishment. KcfercLCca glrea and roqalied. su between the boors of It and 13 a. m. and 3 and 4 WANTED —Heirs—Complete "list ol heirs to unclaimed estates la Europe, sent Cir fl. DT EEDDEN BROS., P. O. Box 530. wasnlogtoo. 1). C. References—Alien, Coop ft NUbet, Bankers. Bt. Lools, llo„ and Henry Asbbrooc, Washington, D. C. WANTED— I -want men that are alive, that bare snap m Item, that are rail of vim aoa trade, anc want greenbacks, to call and see the best tbmg In martet. Brirg on your property la any shape, and I will show yon bow to convert the same Into cash. Call and see ot address CHARLES MRS SENDER, 08 Washlngtoa-st., Boom 3. Chicago, UL \X7 ANTED —A purchaser foe. office fix* VV trues. Including gloss partition, ihelvlng, stove.» sp’endld lorge sole, desks, 4c. Con be seen ot 155 Dcsrborn-s;.. opposite Post Office. \X7ANTED —The celebrated gypiy wo- VV man has removed to 329 Sooth Ctark-sL, where she will still continue to astonish oil in her art of Palmistry. All affairs of Hie told with accuracy by the Gypsy Palmist. Don't fcrget tbe number, 329, over the not store, fee, one dollar, WANTED— To buy, by a practical miller, a water-power crlst mill of two nr three run orstone. A mill somewhere In Michigan preferred. Or will ukc a situation. Adorcsa W. HILDEBRAND, Columbia CUT, ind. T/I7ANTED —Parties wishing intonna* V V tlon la regard to the grCht Iruit crowing region cf Sootbern lUlnols. and the chance for Investment there, to address I. vT. TIMMONS, Beal Estate Agent, Ceotralia. in. \\f ANTkD—Employment, by a gentle* Vv manof manyyearv experlrncelDcHceronare and a* a merchant, noth In tbeUnlt-d States and la Regard. Thoroughly acquainted with tbe prolace markets. Ace Si. Kelemrcesot ttiehlgh-rtstxndlng. Address “H K,” care of Mestrs. Tucker 4 ahufeiut, Chicago. WANTED —To sell, a Die Sinking and Pngraving establishment. ba-dee-s of which was efitabltened in BUlsaale, Mich.. In IS>B. Is cow doles a paying business 01 13,000 per year, and Increas ing rapidly. I would sell tho entire premise-, with all necessary tools for carrrltgon the bnMn-iss. together with, or wlthont my entire correspondence lo the busi ness. Canilvcfivs or ten years’time on a part 01 the pay. Other rates low. For particulars address A. GLEASON. Bills dale. Mich. TXT AN TED—lmmediately—'To borrow V V three thousand dnl'ars, on good real esttte se curity, fbr ninety dan. Please address U. C. DREWS TER. Iribnne office. WANTED —An ouportunity to invest $5,000 to SIO,OOO In some well-established mer cantile crmanofacturmg huslcess. References given and required. Address **W 8 N," 35 Lake »L WANTED —A second-hand mortising machine acd second-hand tcn'tiagma-'hine. Apply by letter, stating where they can be seen. E. E. W. BLAKE. 48 Statt-st. \\} ANTED—To say that Dr. Dee, the VV the Clear Se-rand Reader cf D*stlry. may be consulted upon the Past. Present and Future, Roatncss, Marriage and Lore, at 155 S'Oth Clark-»L, Boom 3, Chicago. 111. Terms reasonable. AX7ANTED —To purchase, half or the V V whole of a maonfacrnrlng boslnes*. requiring a capital cl from $5,000 lo SIO,IXO. Address P. O. Box ides. TX7 ANTED —To exchange, valuable VV lands Ihr flock of clothing or dry goods, or cloaks, or notiena4c. Old styles no objection, cor lurtfier Information address’-J A," Box 596, Chicago. TXT ANTED—A limited number of pu- V V PR* lor tbr guitar. Inquire at 176 EastMadl son-st. Ttrmtsi per lesson. WANTED— Parties owning patent right*, at d wishing to sell territory or right, to can on CHRISTIAN 4 CO.. Room 3 Und’s Block, Hnmlolphwt. bridge. TTT ANTED—Veterans, sailors, one-year Vs men. to call and see checks received In payment 01 additional bounty. Advances made on claims. A. QOi'DBICH. Attorney-at-Law, 126 Dr*roorn *t., Hcom 2. Office open evenings- *IX7 ANTED —Ladies inwantotreliable VV servants, wiihcity r»f«reccea. can b* supplied at Mrs. 1). PKATI’J* Emporium, No. 130 Booth ciark-Bt. Bcllsbleglrlssupplledwithgooaplaas lo Uie city and country. TTC/'ANTED —100 ladies to invest thirty- V t Qveccois In a cake of Kins’* cold cream soap. Coins U’slaigu size toilet soan at M cents per oox, at tht-ci rug Here, No. 107 Deart>orn-sl. isoamtng. "L> CARDING—Good board, with large AAftirrlslied rooms, ran be had at 255 Michlcaa-et a snort distance trum Bash st. bridge, T) CARDIN G—A suite of front parlor JL> and bedroom to rent, with board; also. am. glercomsandday boarding, at 17 Dcaroom st., up T>OARDLNG—A pleasant room to let, AJ with board, to a single gentleman, at 301 Ohlo-at. T7oAßDlNG—Bytnewaekorday. Man AJ and wife c»n be accommodated, or shale men can be ao-oir roodatec, la i le-uaat rooms, at No. 9 East Randolph. Meal* from 1 until 2p. mT —The boarding house on an/ changed hard*, rooms * WB ° board and pleasant Pleasant rooms, with r 1« *w b l^ Ded 4t the St * Wood n«n»e, ferhtor** 14 VI.VTON A UAVNfi^ JDOAKDING —A nice suite ot rooms. fiaa SiS.'gfJg »“• - • T)OARDINQ—Two front moms, with LJ fim-cltse board. Inqnire at 244 Wabasb-av. Itcfen nets required. 1> CARDING—At the National Hotel, I * corner Washington and one square west of court Uoose. Booms la rent for Umlllea and single gentlemen Day board cf the ocst, th per wetk- Ecom* and board, |8 to |lO per weet Tran- Meat beard, |2 per day. T>OAKDING—Two moms, furnished or 1 1 nultuTl-hcd. with beard, at 1537 Mlcburan-av. Bcftercnees rcqnlfed. ■ TJOARDINQ—Two upper Iron! moms. 1 > cither together or single, to rent, with ooard, at 57 Plne-sL. coroerofOblo. References required. ■fAOARDING —A lew gentlemen can be t » accommodated with flnt-class board and warm roome, at -102 Elate-ft., on reasonable terms. Good rtiergncc given if required. T) CARDlNG—Gentlemen and their A_7 wives or tingle gentlemen wishing good board in a pri vate family, can Bed such at 239 UUnots-st., two blocks trem Stale-* t. bridge. T>OARDING Mrs. Franklin, at 48 1.7 has two vacant rooms, one tarnished, suitable tor two gentlemen. Beferences required. T> OAKDIEs G—Two or three centlemen XJ accommodated with goo<T rooms and Also a lew day boarders. Call at 110 Mlcblgan-av. T>OABDING—A pleasant room, snit- X> able rcra single genUemaa, to let, with board, at jo-lOnio-lt. x T)OAHDING—Two young lady clerks I > can be accommodated with pleasant front room and board. West Side, near the limits; private family. No ether boarders. Inquire atf23 Lake-st. T>OABDING—A large turnished trout A> parlor to rent, with 148 East sl»di- H3E-»L Terms <l6 per week. Day boarder wanted. - BOARDING —Pleasant rooms, with board, at Briggs noose No. 15, SS Mooroe-sL. al*o a (table to rent. "DOARDING—P.easant rooms to rent, XX with flrst-clasa board, at Illlaoto-st. TXOARDING Pleasant rooms and XX board, alsoa few day boarders be accommo dated, at 78 Adams-sU, sear State. iooarh ®aantrti. TXOARD —A snte ot bandsomelv-fur- XX nlsbtd front rooms, aiso smile room, with first cuss bo aid. for a gentleman and two ladles. Refer* races exebaoetd. Address, stating location, terns. Acl,Box 2677. Chicago. TXOARD—And lurmshed room tv anted O hr a gentleman and bis vile, within fire blocks of the Third Prwhvtcnan Church, West Side. Apply to 260 West Wasnlngton-st. TXOARD —Wanted, by a lady, board and I> ftxrnlthed room. Good reference* given. Ad orrsi **lXll ta.” Tribune office. TXOARD —And single room, by a yonng XX man. In a private family where there are no other boarders, where contort is not sacrificed to sty le, and where accommodatlooa may be ontalncd ata reasona ble rate. Refbftnera exchanged. Address “BOARD iyp.n P. O. Box 6022- 130ARD—'With untarnished room or X) suite .of rooms, in a goo* location, by a geattemaa and wile, who. If salted, would be permanent board* era. Kefirences exchanged. Address‘•u,’»p.o. Box VUO. "OOARD —By lady and centleman 1> la a private family, where there are no other hoarder*. Matt be south of Aoams-et. and within two or three blocks of Oise tataad-aT. cart. Adores* “GENTLEMAN," Trlbone office* ffersowal. T)EKSONAL—A gentleman who linds X that money, without society, will not make Io« ♦teiilng* pa«» pleaiantlr, would like the acquaintance of an IntrJUcent lady, with whom to ipend one or two evening* a week. In playing chest, iiccinc- «c. cot* rwpotdence strictly confidential. and returned u ue* Mfrd. Adcrtas -W H." Box QOS ■pEBSONAL—Cnt this Ont— Owing to Jr lit lira detnana .ad llmlaea yapo'T • Old Cream Soap, we have, wltntn the pvt lew day* bent under the necessity of rnrul ° aVrir T>ERsONAL— 14 LUUeShort:" Yonrsro lent? An«wcr through P.O. Alfanot*. TJERbONAL —A joung gent ot respect- I •hiiltT would be pleased V> make the aenuamt* ance of aytun* lady socially inclined, with a view to ??ii7ti‘ b tbs morotony of long winter evening*, being a stranger Id Chicago. Uo assures the Out sex that howtiieiretheroampleusurance prior to coutlau* if AddrcM “WtLUE." Doi Bll7.ChV^*oP*Q- gorges, (gariiageg, Sit. F-OR SALE—Or Esohange, tor a good bone and buggy, or double team. Chicago im* proved or unimproved property, AIfTIiDH A DOV* I)KN. 910 buU-st, C U. * Irlhnoe ofiiro **,lf 'eoairiki* Istenr• rwcaobehM* *ui22J!kA<*!s ITl'l llA'l'liia’ CIITDATION-Waßtet ' AMr,g ' r, "‘ S§ ^ baTeDnVi* tor mu. I ?’* ‘ r 1 “ u l i: L ll > ”Juw.--cur K ?>*.7^rtoiih,a»“ , y ( gsj o. Bo," S®'®; 'S£i lion lor otr ihippiti clerk *° °M«n t,i.J® mhalbW. luilireM -M M." Trttmne effier! Wp I * l cr 1 «"'•«'•'"Hr >t»ine;br hmi or V? 1 "! m A < B» a* honp«-kpep<TOf coi.rUt tvinlr ,lc ' lo r»ocM B." 133 Wabaah-ar.ffur {uo da'v-l 00 uf ClTUATIOiS—Waotei!—As mt T* r l*airoodr<.nt Goo.lws? lft * Adrtrea* »'C K.** Tribune ttllciL wa * J w ab>sx Agents liaantciL CHUNK. Tbt* rsachlnr uili ~' Lt T Mi ‘ quilt, bind, braid aid m\ n manner. Prl- eon j Us, Faj] y w3jt?Vm , ?rnor Tt*n. will par 11,000 r.raly •ew s stroDCt-r. more iwantini or more riLnJ* 13 than onn. |t make* u» -F.laatir L^vsriifV ~ c *£s •«food itltch can be <mu anc ttill the cfe. J&P polled apart without tearing il w«t b»V .wT B #* f»»ngj« r »»»«■ "55i twice tbit amonnt cat be tcit* Ti?** 03 bECOJIB & CO.. Cleveland. ObK 5 ' ~CAuTl(’>’.—D°not be lnjpo»edopoa6yo'h.,«,, ties palming off worthies# cii- lronDs C Sb~ LSI* tbe tame tame or other* Ue. Onn Hie and really practical cheap machine matnftetV'S, GEHTS—Wanted— *3oo iSr mmh on *3 capital. Aeet.ta wanted In ill pirn C f &. Addrwsßox3l«, Ind'wUeacZ 1oS? with two three cent etaropa fjr particular* * v A W^id -£X LLOYD'S UMIED STATES rONUXENT in Tpcrld. OneAmm “Sijliwfm£K'Utl? ‘a££ gateSffi““ O <WaS A GEN Tb—Wanted—To canvass tor tbe J7\, new celebrated Rater’* Underfeed wt u, chine. Sample will b- sett op .n the reerlnt ot ra J, any port ol the country. Similar ir. title icd -q-\i workmanship to Wt cox 4 Oibbs* Machine UireMt dnerment* to Agents. Nodeception. Addm«,firn,. rular and terms. T. G. hBIMKTNO. Dnner 6 *Ol General Agent for Baker S. M. Co., Chtrag >. AGENTS —Wanted—For“ The Pieloral Book of Anecdotes and Incident* ef the Wir" wtrramed the most attractive, tut renin? h v>g ol ti* re.anc larce-troT.inl'Sleos. For particulars iiic!rr« A-STODDARD A CO., 102 WatlimgtoPHt,Cbicj go. Hi. AGENTS* —Wanted—For “L C E AND Ills GENERALS." bv* Capt. Win. P. Snow l voL, 5W pans, and 17* led plate?. No other wortef this kind is published, and no care norctpcne nu been erarcillo me preparation ct mu odcloble tci nine, our aim having bren to make it completely «t. err respect. Address, whh tttmp. LYMAN,BIUGUS 4 CO- Geterar Agents, Detroit. Mlctu A ENTs—Wanted—To sc 11 “THE LOiT r\ CAUSE." toe or Jy standard Southern ntstorjc: uie war. by E. A. Pollard, ol Virginia, la heavy-f diction and graphic delineation It baa no eq-ni t American history, Tbe work speaks far itgell: it ii-t« own advertisement. OneAgrm writes: - Ihaver*;; i on »tx persons ana sold f-or books.” Another writes: -1 have canvosaed three day* and a halt; and havr tv ken S 3 genuine subscribers—half ol them extreme Kal. leal* and ibe’eadlng men 1c the Tillage." T his A:-ars commlfilm on the S 3 books aceoan’ed to SBO. Sender our circulars, nao the recommendations fr>m the ptPss.sccareyonMemtory. and engace at ours, it will pay you. Address C. W. LILLEY, Fubtbher. 26 Reynolds* Block. Chicago. lousiness (Chances, F3R SALE—Millinery siock. An old established bonne, with large Trade. Papa'iu in 14.CDu. T1j1« Is a chance seldom round.,~ <[l w. 4J. 31. WETHERBU* Chicago, or J. N. AVEiiT. Oshkooh. WU. • ITOR SALE —Store house and a lIIM J stock ot dry goods, groccrle*. 4e- where a b~ml n as of twenty-fire thousand a year hat hero done, and with the rapid Improvement 01 the country surround leg can be Increased. II preferred. i?o-c hmiw w nil be rented. For particulars, inquire of RIGUs 4 Me- CLARE, Buckley, 111. TT’OR SALE —A Saloon in a desirable X location, newly fitted up and well stocked wit* liquors. Will be Sold cheap tor cash. Inquire at 111 South Watcr-st. F)R SALE —The oldest Jewelry Store in the city ol Waukegan. HU—a rare oppwtuaitr to procure a good hcsircs* place. For particulars ad ores* C.X. JOHNSON. Waukegan. TtC<»r M. KROS NERO 4 CO„ 124 Lalc-st., Chicago. Term* ta-y. F)R &ALE—Water Power Grist and bfewmin, sixty acres of land, three tenant nous*. 4cln Northern Indiana, for tr .de for cltr property at a bargain. Apply to W. XI. UNDERHILL, Borin 25, No.'S 161-aSaJle-st. Ij'Oß SALE—A first class roamibcla j business. Capital rrqulred SR,CiX) to SIO,O 0. Sat isfactory rearra* riven tor selling. Forp*rilcn;*r» apply to PARKER, CVLION 4 SPRAGUE, No. 12. Chamber Commerce. F’OK >ALE—A choice stock ol jewelry, comprising every v»*iciy or Jeweirr guo.l*. widt le«*« of nure and fixture*. Centrally locatnd and wor thy of Inspection ny parties who wish to go la trial ness. A great barvam can be hs« by applying at ; tic« to J. M. MARSHALL. Room 8.97 Soath Clark «t. 17OH SALE—A good store and dwelficp, A 1 and»ted of dry wood*, notions.'■lot'oaz.ho’ti and shoe*, groceries, barawsrc, &c. The above o-?t at> Ihtnnent Is in a flrst-rste country acd 1* dome a «>d buMr P 93. Apply to KINO. HAItMON A ct»- 33 USf- Chicago, or ALfcX. LODECK, Andover, Henry C;^ 170 K bALE— I want to move to Minnc srta,and will sell rar fat lly grocerv at ahaream. l/ocation goo and rest very low. Appir to GEOtCGE AWIIXI*M3.7 -oath Clark-st. T?OR SALE—A div goods house. l«y»ted A In one of the best towns la Southern M chlgun. and doloir the leading*,is offr-red for «-.!• The balance ol stock mil t>c clo*ed • at on txvcrable li-mu, and the room rented for a tern «:f Tears. For parks la-*, apply to A. C. PKUTZiIAN A CO.. Three Rlrrrs, Mien. F'OK &ALE—For sC,ooo.oneofthevery beat locat'd floor at d re-d mill* lo Chicago. <ldse a heavy wbolesateand retail basinets. La-t j>*rc->nM not prodace wituln jne-lnlrd enough to sippiy It* tnde. featlslsctorv ren>ons given tor selling. Acdre-* “tHB," Central Moose, No Band; Iph-st, CM cage, ill. F'OR SALE—A half interest in a good hardware iramtftctoiloe btuinesn that wilt Is- JS-WOf doing a food dculbmi. LOCIB B. KELLEY. 192 sJcu a Clark-»t, F'OR SALE—A good paving minofoc tnrltg ho-IncM. Capital required, an.a; <2XOO. Address'-QUENTIN.** F)R SALE—Drug Store —A Rare Chance—The subscriber otfers lor sale a ar»wlu* preset jftlni d.-ng*tcre.oneofthr be*t stand;* in tw city 01 Mllwaakcr. been new In *accc!>sfcl (*o<’riilon for five years, and doing a good ravines*. Th* best of rwjsonß given ior selling. Address J. K. ADAM-. 414 Maln-st.. Mila aakee. Wls. T7OR SALE—A conteciionery store will o'uWEVAShg I r 7.‘l f r ° r “ S ' (70R &ALE—By Alonzo Burnet*, Real 1 Estate Agent, Boom 1. corner of Kanrm ph aal S ■h>ck and Oxtnre* of a wcll «tt> u»beii taclly grocery store. Including barn. hor*?. wagon. Ac. X7OR t»ALE—A first class restaurant on J cr eof the beat streets la Chicago, oflen d for U n^PwK l !W?VS r ?S£ bM °lber business. GILDEBf ADEN EDICT. 132 Boom 7. F'OR SaLE—A hrst cJass grocery on n . ow ' doing a large and IncreaMue uitfinese. Will irvnlca good* at low»st wholesale GILBERT A BENEDICT. 132 Clart-eU FOR SALE—Lease and fixtures ot a boarding house. In the beat location la Chlc*h>- roor-ttory brlcv. Che*p rent, rarnitnre it low lSorn'7 GU ‘ bEBT * BENEDICT. 132 Clanwu TTOHSALE— mannlactory, c<*n l venlenGy located, with all running fixture* for the bn«ne««. and a paying basin* s*. T. H. BELFIELD & Real Estate a»cdu. IQ P. Q. Block. instate—ffioumrj). ypOR SALE—Or Exchange—lllinois i SCO acres In Effingham Co* pralne and timber, acre* in Fayette Co„ do do. 80 acres In <Tay do do. 290 acres in Marlon Co- do do. 4<o acres in Comoerland Co, do do. 160 acres in Alexander Co., timber. 40 acres In Adam < Co., near Clayton Station. 80 acres to CUrtU n near Centrails. SCO acres in Cats Co., prairie. 380 acres lu Franklin 10. timber and prairie. 80 acres In -tetters m Ca„ timber. 120 seres in woods and prairie. 4C acres in llatl C<) M prairie. 40 acres In Marshall Ci- amber. _ 160 acres In Woodiud Co n pralne and timber, part Improved. * or *fee cheap, fbr cash, in lots to Bolt, or will ex changofordtynalesiate orgiKd merchandise. Tne above describ'd land* axe wMI located and near rail roads. DICKENSON A WEBSTER. Beal E'iste Agents. 98 Wa*hlt gtqa-st., Chicago. lIL FOU fcALE — Suburban Homes Cot tage*. with one or more acres of land, very cheap. «*n easy terms. Also, some choice farming »a->d at peracre.- Office boors. 10 to 13. O. J. UTOCOH. IIS CiarKit- Boom 19. T7OR SALE—Fruit tarms and other X 1 lands, improved and nntTrproved. Also, hoasca andlo«s.byWlLGCßA WILLIS, Beal Estate Agents, Rich view .Washington Co„ 11L SALE—An 80-acre truii lann, near Blehrlew. I. C. B. E., Improved; has an o'd txailrg orchard, besides 300 young peach trees. House and barn. Also, t3a*resol winter wheat, Id cool con dition. 'Will b* sold reasonably. Time can w nsd on apart of pun-base money, if wanted. Applytowlb* GUS A 'WILLIS, Beal Estate Agents, EJctmew. l.t. TTOR SALE—A Steam Sawmill, with X 420 acres ol lane 1 . Is the best oak acd poplar re«on of Southern Illinois. Balldlngs.teams, andeverytainr necessary ftr esirytngnu an extrailre inm wring bad ness, are on the premises. Tbe propertywlil besom tor |l«oCo,and u an unusual c EP c^r “ al,J ’ bar tain. Address O. L. PEUB*. CL, Of O. J. BTOCOH, IB* F)K BALE— Two fanns—One Macros, wrtl laoroTCd. IT the VaV ev; also, one ot wo acres. Genera, excellent and P3I? sat.e—Pann on Galena R. R , one mile from Rlflott Station, tear mile* »nt of Pra nuerrom m a Are bam, timber. Ut* wale* and U Wcf the beat stockfanas la lUtrwU. w iti he *rtdat *W ner acre. udUa bargain. I*. K. PEA BSOVS. 1 IS Chicago. FOR bALE —1.050 acres lows lands, at low ngures,or will exchange for other property ormerchtodite* Taxes are all paid. Title pertcct. T. H. DELFIELD A CO.. Office No. 10 P.O. Stock. _ partners ggaanteb. PARTNER —Wanted—To take halftn ttreit In. and tell charge of one of tbebwt fitted* up rnuunntaln thecity. Apply at 13*4 curt-it. Bcom 7. PARTNER —Wanted—A laav with Horn fSOO to |I.OU» to loin the idtur’w In * re* fPktable business. Addrtaai!ls*“MXJ*P.O.Draw« 39fe0, Chicago. T3AUTNER—Wanted—With $5,000 or X tWCO In cash, In an eataMlshtd general dry store. Sales last year |«,000. Or win self caure •toek and good will ca reasonable term*. Good *n £ cscoa given and required. Address Drawer a. it’bt* see, Ucnry Co., 111. T) ARTNEK Wanted A r,ra ctl “! X painter with, soma meats win Ijara of aa extv lint oppcnu&ltyto engage Jo ao estibllahed cosine** by addressing **lß.“* Tribune office- PARTNER —Wanted—With #lo,oClr.ta a spl« did paj log hoslnna well s*Ub«yo' nis'-rale chance pr a bosu»e*a mao. FULDA COnltcal EstatouPce. 10 P» °* BiXX * _ PARTNER— Wanted—A go<^teliablo X man, to take charge andone-hU. r ®» l “.J wcll-sstablisbcd cigar JA•A^aoTM.*»°'»lO nlfity of bnstacss. ABIHUB A BOTO*.-*. — . UAKT.N ER—WanttU—i'o take a mil dnss H D U,” 71 htatfr*V«