Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 11, 1867 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AMD COMMERCIAL. MONETARY. Satvbdat Rrtsixa, FebrnarrS. •j-j. f folioirir.2 I* cn exhibit oi the baalness of ttc ClcMinp Ilonas lor the week ending to-doy : Oexrinre. Balances, 51,813.136.i9 lIRS,7SS.tI I.i£UW.SS H7,*v*W.7t) 1.107.481.80 1G1.81i.74 1.4fC..Ti.95 3)2.325 03 1,431,51930 15Q.01U0 1,3-f1,T43.40 1J1.U31.50 February 4. February S. jvhtJU'J C. jyl.nuiry 7. February 8. February 9. Total $5,5tQ,03».2A $311,731.40 1 •*( wcck ».R»i,«5.53 1, 1C 05 vvi-k.JM.S6 «»iuß j.ok,B*i.e< •• Jan. 19 Ht,4oC s Ctr».t»l • 1,141,55J.4$ .. Jan. 13 IMfiijOfU «,VS.U9I.S« In iLi? morning's ifsne we published a compar* r>l ivc übie showing lie condition of t c National lit, t? it stood on the lal Instant, wllb the ex* j,,Vi ot the same on January let. The total debt 1 ca>h on hand, shows an increase of f24.575.9i. Tl« >ulon< Items comoare as follows: Ten* so chance. Sixes of'uT and *63, decrease vj.tW. Sixes of *Bl, Increase $4,400. Flve-T«en*. pcs increase $1£,904,400. Navy Pension Fund, increase $750,000. Total Increase in gold* Karine debt $19,054,500; Six percent (cmrcucy). increase $3,300,000. Componndi, decrease fi.SKi.ttU. Scven-Tblitles, decrease 13.170,500; ' yatnred del*!, decrease $727,555; Ijcgal Tender, ' .renate sl23,24B; Fractional Currency, Increase 5.t’,f21,10; Cold certlflcstcs. increase $3,559,5001; - t i-IkT in Treasury, decrease $480,901 Ofi; Cnr* ! T.»cy, increase $11,172,422,54, Deducting Ivc gold ccillflcatcs, the outstanding jMpttiona of the Government' show an i*i r-c*> ol $7,100,731.40 On January Ist the I r..;;c .r.t of cold to the credit of the Government v .<■ S s t,:r.S.eS7.7s; on the Ist ln«U, $77,361,021 09— y. • . icr»*f« of $4,037,451.06. The currency reserve i- •veiled $11,173,423 51—showing an actnal in* Lf i-:.-a.*e of 37.136,158.13 In *• cash on hand/’ | /.side fmm the Increase In the debt, the most tiuMe it orient connected with it is the cxjmn* n of Upal tender to the extent of isiljr one million Tbe Inlcrence t.» he drawn frum\ Ibis fart Is that tbo (• 11 ipts iron* the Internal Itcvonne were not com* i M'i furntc with the Secretary’s anticipations, and v order to meet the obligations of t,ho Govern* r .,nt. an l*me of legal tenders amount »:i« absulutcly necessary. This will,' In all pro* lability, account lor tbcchangoof poller on the ' 5 .rt of the hccretary, which was lelrgrapbcd a few r.Kjr »go. Wc do not think that bo baa voluntarily tVsiidoticd bis pet scheme of contraction, lie l« ;,hi firmly wadded (obis Ido), am) unless a positive i ,«rU be placed upon him by Congress, bu will v hbeni doubt pnt on the screws again, Jlist os sunn a . i-< ijflitrnro U icstured and lh« revenue* begin ! • Into the Treasury with mure Iruodmn. For ii,c present the tkemtury' is governed by }.-*v/>Uy, which It la not customary to siip'nud, and tberofoie no resolution ~f timnks ought to be given him. Und be t.»; paralysed tbe commerce ond Industry of Ibc (. i.n'ry, by Ids Insane proposition to force a ro* .•.ini.ilon of specie by iho contraction of theeur :• ia'v. be would not have been compelled to bnr* *,<» r.’iini-)- tu tbo extent of $31,573, to pay Iht In* on tht debt. The prediction was made M me time r tnce, that Ibis country would, like tbe i><tii.dss. be compelled to borrow money, to pay tb interest on wuat It owed, should Mr. McCnl* i, persevere in bis contraction (toiler, but none , v r tu*i>cctcd that tls inlblmcnt would so soon place. Tbe Secrutary now proposes to sob* >.iinK- tot tbe Compounds, to be exchanged at Prir maturrty. certificates payable on demand, :<J blaring four per cent interest I Tb'-ao tbe i »*.!;• wilt be allowed to carry as a portion of ' rv.-ir legal tender reserve. In other words, | '.)<■ lunkt sic to be paid a premium [ >i tour per cent for doing vvha r :i* taw to which they owe titeir existence, calls u; ii> limn to perform. Tbit Is a most iniquitous t»vi>!ic upon tbo pnbllc. and the members of i u.'TiM. who will vote for It should receive no •i.':*.derailosaltbc bands rf tbclr constituents. i;..t*. will it avail the Secretary, should a run on iiiy oi the Nationals take place? In the c* ci.r of this contingency, tho*u certificate* t uuid at once be presented fornsyment. Will It ; .v h.ronvcnlence the Secretary to redeem these tt d u’ oid going to protest, unless be be clothed, i l'h dfcretlonnry power to order a iurthor Issue [> Tenders ? Will It not bo much better for !;:.«• tio.errmcnl and tbe people, to rcdcemtbe :< mpounds, ut maturtty.wlib plain Teodors :utl;uriKsd for tbe purpose, and eavc tbe < per cent interest or nearly alx ".’’Hon dollars per annum? There Is i mi an individual in the country, unless Jbe be In ‘..ros ed xn National Bank stock, but what will ■answer in the udirmatlvc. The cry is raised that tL' i.-fiic of euch notes Is “Inflation.” Wchegto <; i,Vr. It knot inflation. It will not alter tbo [ s: a :i> ot the currency one particle, so long as tbe I :-n:cnal Banks are obliged to keep, as a reserve • ? rd. twcmy*Cvc per cent of their circulation and • i o*.ts. In this connection, wc publish the fol ' .'.rg lct*er from a g- ntlrmau well known in Vandal circles m this city: Chicago, February a, 1547. , 7) tcv Editor of the Chicago iVibane; 'the Tunncz occupies the enviable position :r.. jig journds that UcanaCbro to *’andonthe : ■). ."to advocate the country’s good irrespective v'rtile irsac-f and inUncuccs. ibis is shown ,min*.iiily la ull the 'i'sinunc's anicles on toe ;:rnccv. that vital Question of tbe day in this i:dalmOnt every other country. Voar ardclcof 9 i'.;* nif.rniiig is at once patriotic and common j:k- National Banka enjoy large privileges, bat “■vatc nut coa cnl wIBi a most unheard-of re i;tt> lor Itctr capital. And this greediness will ;-rub»l*lv be the rulu uf a system of backing very <ror lo any Ib-tt (be United buses has bubeito jo-rtired. Tie National sbonld bacon ; rt to kPt'p their legal in plain Icral srj.-ler i.on-s, according lo the saint it the act. If we were returned to M-'ic and (bey kept Ibeir i -crTc in xpecte or Us equivalent, they could i-inoiatcrt'-t-Lfur (heir specie held, and why nn- Cu-il-- i-iolitnble time to them of unredeemable t, in-v, rhuuld the Government pay them a bonus if ip’erceri lor coufonntng to the law? Why Mould Ihc public get nothing for bolding legal -.-uden'. a»-d the banks already gorged with profit - ic a bon a«fo r comply} ng wi tb iho Jaw J The will fOfUln you in lb hope that the Senate v ill oniv accede to tbe issue of plain legal loaders I’liice'ci the maiming compounds. Finance. The gotcraJ trade of theclty shows marked signs r; improvraent, and from every quarter we bear (fa revival of confidence. Tbe clearings show rn increase of nearly half a million over those of r last week, and this, though small, is a good indl* cation of the feeling. The demand for discounts I tcu'.inoea quite pressing, but mostly In tbe way cf renewals, and there is a falling off in Ue o&iings ot fresh paper. The Pork lucking is • drawing to a dose, uul the country banks. Instead of drawing, are al* V'virg their balances to accumulate here, rli-roy, however, continues scarce, as the city de* •■bow very little Increase, and borrowers vt not, In few Instances, prepared take up tr«ir paper on maturity. Af the banks there is no Muxationln Ihc scrutiny oi paper, bnltbcrc Is r.ore disposition lo accommodate those who arc tr; il-.-d to any fbvors. The market is uncomfort* :' l;cio?c, though the prospects are thit a much fcvitng will be prodslmed shortly. There '-tf. charge In the rate of Interest, either at banks c- :ii the open market. Estrange wax steady at 25 cents premium bo* '•'c-n hanks, though In exceptional ca«csafew - w were made at par. The auoply I* still Inad '. ~>o tc tb<* demaed, but the banks rnanage to along without tblppingcurrency. The conn* ’itr? an- steady at par buying and 1-10 pre* -'t- M-l!irg. i‘j»:c i- a lair demand torForelgo Exchange In - -t. ail \v;tv at the following rates lor Bight: Gold.. thtnencT. j ' i°Ti, per pound sslfl ?3.'-*0 (JJ7.PO 1 -. !-•* franc 20 27«45J) 2 1 - ‘it', jnr Piuwlan huig. i*--* liiarcobanco.. 33 53 <is »• a;, i**r rlx mynl 30 41 ® 4- ' <:s• u. per specie dnler .... 1.10 1-M©l 59 A 'vii?aiion despatch in an afternoon paper "ih- c Uamers falling for Europe 10-day take ■1 out eu million* of dollars In speda." There I? not a' particle of truth in the slate at. Sjcrllnc Eacbatujo wa? quoted dull In •‘i i.i2i \'e despatches at IQSJiOIOoM* At these ■ tl would be ft dead loss of over oneper >t: totUp cold to London, and draw again*: ■- ja operation which tho foreign l/kcrs of yew York arc not In the -ibj. of performing, Wetnloklhat the amount • fixty lUoufcfind dollars InsVad of six tuitions. . :• well known that exports of Gold arc frequent ;• made Anting low rates of Exchance, bnt the il are small and for pattlcnlar purposes. Hour was quiet and unchanged. Wheat was ** active and a shade easier. Corn advanced S hie, Oats were doll. Rye was dull. Barleydo. Vew Pork inactive. Lara dull and easier. Dress* 1 Hoc* quiet and steady. Whiskey firmer and -ere salve. Seeds steady. Gold was a shade easier, and the vibrations sfic slight. The market opened at 1B7&, declined ; and closed at 137&. The following quo* •-•.jobs were received by Boyd Brother*, gold a. tn 137»t11*30p.m ■urja.m IS*H I ;Iss.m 137 J» ) iOOp.m 133* Here tbc market was dull at IS64QI3S*£ boj •.g-closlng at the nppcrflgure. Silver was nom* •sM»l«7e:80. . , , Tb- following shows the daily range and doting - ‘te during We week •intrtay. -e-dav '*rdw>daT lUiHWISii IV-n*j<j#r J^*!4 i rx'ar 3 •••.:ard«f.*..: .*. IKhfcKla Wifc Uovcrmncnt Securities were a *h*de firmer, at :r. tdv&ncc ot H c on all eerie* ol Flto-Tweoties. V otter bond* were unchanged. The tollowlng closing pnee* of to-day, compared * im tbofic of the three previous day*; MM -se-of'Sl IDS* 1»S 1«* »«H MciTvtmiic* , «....:..>wS ltw -4 103 H l '£H Si Si jig ; vcd i?iH;J-, XoV- -. ..uc£ iron ws» i«S -(•vcn-iUmw. •lone....l'®H I^* 'ev«j*Tt»UOc*, July 3Ki% lUSH *hH Fnc-iwcotlcs, IWS 105 lUjJ« r It" Siocli list la a shade lower. The • r.uwine ttiowß the quotation* of 10-day, com i ~-ui with the two previous day*: 4 m 2d lit 84 ft M. BM. B’O. B’d.. B <J. Bd. :.v.Ccr wsx iw i«x iw.x iu:< mix . fc. uom)..••••• 2*X «tX *jx 2SX *J<*k .thty SIX W.X &** SiQ S' !.-<k liiMMi. «* *x n< gx «x wa ;,4S.\V, —.SIX » 52* 87* **?i ' A X.V.%. pfd... «X fcV «x «* «* !.RW.ic«..»3 ®x wu »5 »« w ' -ick. iTfT.—— s»5 22* S 8 33* Six .... V .LVUmiri .. .«X «\ **V «X «»K «X River... '22 139 130 ISO IW* .... al r.-tri —".lltv lI4X mx lUX 1114 .... 1- fci£wj —ins* -»«X 21*- tfti;< 10J‘1 .... 1 «1 «* «v «* «* .... <.oToar»csT ftEcmirro-cniGA&o mabkct. . Htrt itc jus'kct for Government* wu Arm but <i*i:ct. Wc qaote Boyintr. i-clllac , Sixes. of ISSI IC3U l^S‘4 zJ&Zwa 10S* lasu 5-*iCe, ltG4 IM!4 - H»«£ ,*.***] is-5.: *«*« S. B-'JOs, email 105*4®107*4 .... S. iwti, Urce IW'4 M.« ». n-:rtt, email W2H • ••• s. T-COf. Ift ftrle% 105 105 H h. T-a*, id e«t I» e 104* Mali 5.7-S*, :4 series IMJi 185 H .. S. man 10lj< Compound. Jttne, I&G4 . . » 4 Jnlr, 11C 44 Aui,lß*M JISJ4 44 Oct., ISCI.* 114# 44 Uec.. li<H 118# . 44 Mar, lEC3 118 44 Ar.p.. lilUt 44 fi-pt., 1563 110 44 Co., ISGS W9H Tbc Second National Bank sires Uxe following quotations foi tho Public Funds: Coup., *BI..ICS«O .. 6- coup.. (large)....loSH® .... 5-20 Coup., a .... 10-40 coup., (lars«)....XCo>J© .... 10-10 coim. t (small) Cft .... 7- .. . Here Is more dcmai d for Cook Connty Seven-, Lot other local Securities are doll and neeioctod. We quote: Buying. Selling- Chicago City T OS 10j Cook County Ve 96 4 9*4 Chamber of Commerce 914 05s The failure ot 0. tt, Putnam & Co., broken of tbl* city, waa announced to-day. Liabilities uu* known; acacia do. —lbc British Government recently published statistics giving the annexed tlet of the principal national debts, with ibo date to which *-ach la made np, and tbe amount per head of population to each nation's Indebtedness: Year. Total Debt. Per Head. Celled Kingdom..lß6s £803,269,393 £27 10 0 United States >865 608,873,654 17 IS C IsCI 533.T08.fWi II 7 2 iluMa 1661 218.6U9,6U 3 11 1 Acedia 18-4 817,«»,474 0H Vi Italv ISM 176,225,0-70 718 5 Spain 1965 11i.V47.471 10 4 6 Holland.. •Turkey.. lYin-na i’onural Belgium. Brazil ... Dcnmaik. <!tccco... Peru Chill s,»33,4i<fi I 13 0 —lhc total value of the exports of British and )mh pioduce teal to the Bolted stales for the ten moiitjii> lt.illljj with October ban been £2l,2H,'T',u». AsMindnc that the two months which aru out vet included to the calculations will cite the same ar etace br the other months, this mil bilng op oar total of cxpoiie to the United Rates’lor the year to £W,UO 1 (’O0. A* the exoorts ot tsto amounted to 121,235, iW’, the result shows the very large In crease ol i pwnfrtf of JJ7,000,00(J, or 33 per cent, nml places oat exports to the United Htates at nearly tin- same amount aliove their bli;bcsi pntu brforu the war bcxau. Thu following arc the As tiri-r for booms of thochlef articles ol export for Ibo tlrvrn month* cndinn *hb November: Alkali <«oda) £ IW.g’V) «-oiiou manufacture 3.WJ.M7 ICnvihcnwarc ?j|| 434 liiliurdnahrrr 1,1C3,H0 Ctu'cry, tools, aid German ollvor and waic I Inni jnnmilaclnroa.... All kind* of Iron <ln jOatce Woollen mnnutaclnros New York Hiitck ftlnrurt, Clo»irit price* ibr nub. l‘i liruary B. urn, received by •i-yli M. I>) mi* it Co., Itrukrra i ui Mu, rano K. Y. Crnt«al..lulK WS Krtp (♦•mu.).... wiQ mv AI.M. <«,«•.>.,. 74 V C. 4. PUU HI Mu l«rlMit>d...,UHK IHk c.a.n.w mv MV Oop-iiirno... os Mu I*.. FI. W.&C. iu>«2 PS Otili'KallVcr U2W .... W. U.Trl 4«2 41V C.AA.(.-om).U3H .... ll A <Jumry...lst ....*.. liWJf .... lincfon lUvcMTS* 111. Central .Olv I*. & Kiting..m3 o.a ioicif>....nw T.A 'Vab»«b... 41V Market—l»t Hoard, itead] COMMBECIAL. Saturday Evsrixo, February 8, 1877. The following tables ebow tbe receipts and ship ment* of Produce during Uio past twenty-roar lioun<. nzcnrrs past Twcjrnr*rotmnoDii®. 18’i7. IBM. . 7 397 4,451 . 10,500 11.030 , 53,130 20,7-JO 12,150 30,712 1,575 2,525 1,2*10 2,030 . 91.301 , 7,000 1,8»l .100.5(10 133,811 , 1,011 MI . £3,110 68,053 15,203 0,527 , C,«B 8,011 , 2,678 4.775 . 4,013 2.U19 725 1,231 ,231,973 71,925 107 2r>o 3,(K0 4,071 CO 70 TOO Flour, brls ...... Wtcat, bn . Corn, bu Oats, ha. Bjc, bu Parley bn Cracs See.Mba.. Broom I'om, Iba, Cured Meat, Iba.. Pork, brlt* tard. lbs 'I allow, Ota Butler. Iba . ... B. llocv, Ko .... Mvc Hour. N 0... Collie, No H1dp|i,0>f........ 11. Wlori, brls.. Wool, 1b5..... . lumber, m. ... Sfainclee. m latb, xu litla lath, tu.. Salt, hr Is, BliintEKTS PAST TWEKTY-POUB BOVBS. Floor, brls Wheat, tm Coro, on Oats, bn.... Rye, Ire Harley, tm Grass Seed,lbs... Broom Com, lbs. Cured Meats, lbs. Decf, bile Py:k, brls l.ard, lbs Tallow, S>e Bottcr. toe, Bend Hogs, No. Live Hoes. No.. cattle, No Hides, Tbs T cbwlues, Lrls. Wool, F*s Lumber, nt. . ; hinjjlcd, m, Tbe Provision market was again stagnant, and hardly enongb was done to establish quotations. Mess Pork is cull, but holders ore tenacious in their pretensions, and refuse to sell for less than £lB 75(519.00, the upper figure for choice brands, the sales foot np COO brls at $19.00 cash and seller March. There la no movement In Prime Uesaor Extra Prime. Sweet Pickled Bams were dull, with sales of fifty tea at lOHc. Borne brands are held «t lI&UUc. Balk Meals were quiet, with sales oi* 40,000 lbs Cumberland al SHc, loose. The amount of fully cured otfer ng is comparatively tight, which (ends to restrict transactions. In English Meats we beard of no movement. Green Bams sold to the extent of 200 brls. robbed In salt, at $20.50 equivalent to about 10c. Lard was dull and easier—prices favoring buyers. We report sales ot 500 tres at 11 for Prime btesm— closing with no buyers oyer the lualdc figure. A lot of 23 brls Bcel Tongues sold at $33.00. There was nothing doing in Grease. Dressed Bogs were steady, but less active, niih sales nt $7.30(3.7.90— closing at $7.83 and $7.75 for good tots dividing on 200 lbs. Messrs. Milward & Co. estimate the pork pack ing op to date at 601.553. There was more life In Whiskey, end the mar ket wai firmer, with sales of 200 brls bonded at at SCc, A small lot of doty paid sold at *2.20. Flour was qmet, and prices showed no essen tial charge. The sales loot no 1,200 tort* at 513.00 for White Winters; |9.50®1U.73 for Spring Hr tras; 28 25 for Spring Snpew, and $7.50®3.00 for Buckwheat. Ibcrc was a lets active demand for Wheat, and the market was a shade easier, with sales of 41,000 bn at f 5.25 for Nebraska by sample; Jf2.l»@t22lS for No, 1 In A. O.&Co.; 12,00 for No. Sin A. D. i ro.; »1.69G1.53i4 for do In City; Jl.S7*4© I.SEJi for do Regular— the opt>cr figures for fresh receipts, and fl.C2®l.t>B for Rcj'-cted—closing quiet at *1.57©1.67t4 for No. Sin regular booses. There was a strong “ball” movement in the maikelKor No. 1 Com, and prices ran up some 4c, but at this advance the market became irreen* lar, and tfce “bear” Interest succeeded In effecting a concession of lc—al which the market dosed steady. Otocr grades were In fair demand, and a shade firmer. Wo note sales of 103,000 bn at 82® KJ«scforNo. 1; 70c for No. S; 65©55J£c for Re* jeeted; 57c (or new White; and 53©53c for Car, For lutnre we bear of transactions in No. 1 at 70c, Loycr Apiil, and seller last hair or April. Übe market closed eleady at ffifec for Ko. 1, cash. Oats were dull and without any essential chance. Sales were made at 4*c for Ko. 1; 40® IQI4C for No. 2, and SCc for Ejected—dosing at •roc for No.«. Rye was dall with light sales at Me for No. and 90c for No. 2 la store. Barley was doll with sales of No. 3at Csc; 45® 17c lor Rejected, and for sample lots. Seeds were steady with sales at f£.TO@3.oo for Timothy, and f3.CC@2.7S for Flarwcd, Tallow waa doll and nominal at 9®9V4c for Country and 9}*© y 3£C for City Butcher**. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day Stw Tobk, February 9. Flour Inactive and heavy it flO.lOAil.dO. Wheat firm bm quiet at tt.UftS.BS. Corn quiet at *1.13 in store. Data heavy at 61®09c. Old Fork firm at #l9 ST4; Sevr do salable at #40.75. Laid heavy at M?;®W3*c for steam. Hops heavy at #ii.W)®fos. Cold, 1»T?» Floor caller and doll at f10.C5@11.55. Wheat fim hot Inactive. Cora qmcL Oats heavy » Luk cy ateauy. _________ Tnc Grain mnikelf m tho sOemoon ruled dnll at iLc dosing prices on ’Change. Ihcre was noih iiip done In Provisions. The Catile market was fairly active to-day and firm at previous rates, llccelved to-day, SI bead; received this week. 5,903 head. The market closet steady at?C-0C©7.00 lor Inferior to choice Beeves. Hu market for live Hops was active to the ex* fertoftbc o-crlcps, all flndlnc quick sale at prices fully up to. those of yesterday. The re* edi ts to-day were B,CSS head, nhlcn were taken np by shipper* and packeraat fQ.00a6.35 for Infe rior to choice DOSS, at which ramie the market vloses nnn. Heccfred thla head. Ranso. Cloalae. 137*4 Cbiciuo Provision Mnrkci. Chicago, February 9.1556. Thrrewcmsto be so much uucertaiaty entertained ns to ihefiual summing op of the packing of the West ami Sorthweft, that operators throuthoui the country wi lndlspo*od to overload themselves with stock, ami fc >r couKQuetUy purchasing grainally and cautiously us Dior most immediate demands require. We see no retain tj change cur previously expressed opinion that cup will shew an laureate over last rear (inking the increase In weight into consideration) (>iMUCO to I.CooJKohead. Whetherihcmcreaieacon* sumption ol theconntry ana the comparatively lor j-ncta now current nil be sufficient to nuluO'the lame increase, !• a matter for the tumre to determine. lbu« tar toe consumptive demand hat been most hrsiltv, particularly tor cut nival*; but most ot the Ist se dealers liavjrg purchased freely befoic the recent advance In prices, mar be snppo«oi to be fully sup plied, at d being enabled to scl to thnr costomers at |..wir price* than other houses cto who were oot so f.-rtui ste.rcay foci disposed t * allow the market to take !•• course, an t cot care to make new parchtsesuil i lot s'cclj become materially reduced. Should »uca ie be case.the market tor the next tro or three months will be dull. dragging ana Unsatisfac tory. Speculators held alocl from barrelled meats, believing that the stock Is In cxcfcus. Tin re arcirs trote disposition to o> rate for Cue land, betthe sufferers by last year*! shipment* will only operate camionsly; and, Indeed, the accounts if,.ni ibc other side arc no’sufficiently cheering to in dc« turchascr* to sanction any material advance. Thetopplyc-f hoes to our mark*! continues liberal, and we hear nothing to indicate that oor packing nest crate lot want of begs, for sstcc weeks. The Cicclirall i*ri(v turrrnt is g*acraliy censured for otlnattDgourtacklngfhrihe seasonal 7VXC-M head, wlhch is. doubtless, ItoVOO too much, but It la a mis itke easily rectified, while Uie Increase of Milwaukee, Via, which point they have not yc; catalogued, win wire away ne-uly ball the error. They Cave anil •cme eighty point* to bear from. Thereceipts** bocs for the week earn up at fallow*, nt-Croied. 17.773; live. «,<•!: total. tCJSS; and the &pmri>Uh dressed. I0.«9; live. «£«: total. iWl leavlnc for packers. City consumption, and number left nvrfit mi. 23,(/>lb'ad. For the corresponding pe- WOT; dm»a. 17.ui.uri, total. 06.177-and the shipment*: dressed. 7.0? T • ivt I.o6:total. 8,W5-l*avlDg lor pacsers’ u»e.&c., S7&bead. IhepacklCßtothepresoii time apsroxt mates to a'h&S. against S»901 to tame time last year. Some few bcus<r» bave stopped work lor theaearm, and more express thelrlntonUoncfclodng t-ext week, hut enough will eentinneopen to take care of all the hogs we may receive. The market for nc gs was buoy ant car:y In the week acd high pricci were ri-ajlz-d bntm Friday a decline wat mtal llshcd ofh>c todOc V lU. Ps. Use prefect quotation' being fklS to f&wl gr -W, for lit e. and 97 SO to f 7.65 net, for dressed. Produeu meet but limit'd inquiry. Mess pork w very sluggish at 119.75 to fl 9 00—the outside quotation entirely, spec c rtlve tor t.elivciy ahead. ITlme mess 517. CC: extra prime and rumps heidat|U.soto|ls.ftJ, ul buyer# arc scarce, Hula meats qu el, withw lim ited demand at 7*e to 7\c lor and Ske w 9c for sides. Qreen mrau scarce and firm. Shoulder* idling at 7c; sldra Bvc:atd haras at lOc. h«ar plckKdbatnsUKctoirxc, tccoieipE to brand, age, and quamy. English meau advanceddnring toe week, but the market closes taMer thoarh without any change la quotation*. Cumber lauds sold at 9c: short rib 10c: and short clear lOKe lie. l£Bg hams Ctmatlic. Lard cloaea decidedly lowct, wtthtalc* of prime at llj-c lo UKc: So. 1 icarpaatllc. Gteas; H-arce and flno at 10c to lOWe lor white : Bkc to 9c for yrtkw. and 8c lor brown. The spring beef pjckloctj commencing. Ucod packing iF*d« of catUe 4Vc tol vc, grots. India me** can be Lad at s.73Xo.aut prime o.e*a at ffilJJO, TaJiw 9Xc w 10o» i'allow KTraae sc. FfclahU declined IfO ter IMbuo»«> xork, iKwton, Baltimore. I'UUdelphia eic. 0 HmtMimw ft Co. ”-CiaUmill):ol>iO .... June Comp., lSSl..llß<c July “ . •* Aug. “ “ ..U6>t Oci. “ ..114* l>cc.’ “ “ ..HB* May .« isns.-iia Aug. “ “ ..110)4 Sept. ** ..110 Oct. « “ ..100)4 Receipts and Mtt|*mcuu of tire Ilogi from October Ist to Dntr—Approximate Packlns, Tho following tables show the receipts ud shipments of Lire sod Drowed Hogs irom Octo ber l«t to dale, for two jeers: UECEITTH OF UOCB. 18CG>7. tflCWh Lira BtesM. c Week end’g. Oct. G 22,004 18 13,400 20 86,381 87 16,010 1 Nor. 8 16,750 66 10 89,893 233 17 15.798 lU3 Si 18,403 S3l Dec. 1 10.120 I.B*o 8 82,105 1,713 16 81,613 8,596 82 56,321 10,333 29 36.713 2X065 JaD. 6 55,773 87,021 12 fO,9W 51,940 19 <4,974 87,592 96 44,410 29,451 Feb. 2 21,792. 19.662 6 22,477 17, 75 Total 663,889 226,779 479.450 221,131 Add Crossed.. 226.771 221,151 ..1964 81,04,423 2-114 ..Ifd 49,500,(/X) 18 0 ..19(1 41,631.767 3 9S ..1961 41,651,110 011 6 ~.1(61 23.2:4.016 5 0 0 . 1961 22,'d28.710 2 5 9 ...1903 1U.87U.150 4 0 0 ..1863 10,7t»7.Mil 9 15 2 ...1663 - 6,857,613 2M 10 Week end’g. Lire. Drci'd. live. Urcs’d. Oct. G 22,911 .... 18,828 15 15,011 .. . 19.7n9 90 13,519 .... 15,431 97 1C,9C1 .... 7,958 Kov. a 8.7 a: ... ii,4W n 10 10,374 .... • 17,010 ft) 17 0,993 8S 13,003 .... 91 4.503 00 10.700 DCC. 1 5.515 «i'3 12,153 73 B 8,003 CIS 4,100 10 13 711 HH 10,059 S 3 23 2, WO 5.819 9/W5 B,MI SO 794 11,903 8,000 10.700 Joa. 3 0,009 1,019 8,553 19 nee 10,804 4,088 1«,0*4 10 (KO 13,11)9 107 8,7^0 12,010 1,870 8,4*4 V9B 0.3(8 9,939 8,97.1 0,09 10.219 1,030 7,1187 Feb « y Total JM.718 b 3,539 101,115 01.97 J Add Di rated.. W.2*W 01,920 1,015,910 «.R37,5i:i 9,713,91« t,t>U,«9!» miw. 71 lid U.H. « V cent llond*, IHHI...UNW .... (7. N. 0 F 0( 0-ftl C up. ICJJV .... 0.».A P ct wo . Coup.. '61....10CV .... U.a.Avotß.ta Coup.. '6J....WT.V U. B. 5 p cent KMm 100 V Ticu.73-10, Ul kflrlM ItOK V. B. 7 3-10. Id actl**.. KDK .... U. S. 7 8-JO, M *orl« 103« .... Am. Oold ITJ;< Ul). lid Hoard, itrooff. 1907. SBW. . 6.589 2,900 . 0.862 11,600 . 2,613 921 . 1.2i1 CSI . 1,813 . 4T,CGI 133,950 . 11,210 8,400 .485,130 771,332 . 015 143 . 3W 1,509 .190,023 105,410 02,853 29,500 1,131 19,900 1.657 1,681 1,411 644 903 851 25.416 BUI9 53 70 51.416 82,355 907 ,2*5 LATER. pw. Dru'd< >4.010 >V» 17,517 11,000 a &,7GB U 17,683 jo 07,750 SO 03,013 35 15,757 135 R. 122 180 10,016 Cit **,«3 6,002 >1,433 13.301 tO,«SS >3.*S7 26,411 61,030 35,672 18,665 53301 40,553 30.3:5 43,261 18,704 17, *sl . 790.668 TuO.DSI amritzXTs or noos. Ifrdk*. 1 Total. Total 229.515 51H.057 Dtductlnc the ablprociilafioiD ILO receipt*, tho balance *bould Indicate approximately too nma* ber of llojip packed tttd butchered for city con* sumption: .70U.0CH 7un,v»i .sw.w? sa,m Uccfipia.. Hipmewu. I’acUd. butchered and In pen*.Ml,ool I*2,‘Jll Mearra. blilward & Co„ in their Circular of to* day. nppioxlmato the packimr UiU ■oaiou, up lo d u*« at 0 tie ire Ipta a* elves above aro cxcliulvooftbo arrivals of lucam! Hoya by w«L'on». of uhleb 11 la >ei impoarlbiu to give im approximate Idea, (UlIUAim CAm.K dlAtlliUTi For the Week Bndltur Pobroary 0. ornca or tii* Duly TnncKt, t Batv&iiat Ktekimj, fibruarjU. f IlKfcF CATTLK. Tfe toliowina utila ahowi the daily receipt* and ihlpmmit* oi Be« CatUf dunni lie week eodlneio* day.cnmpnmlwltuthurocrlpua&d shipment* of the i-om-ipoudinc week Uil year: lt"C*lp'*. IW7. 1901. IHS7. IFM. SnodayandMonday... 17 <mi .... Incuiuy....; '.at Iri .... 779 Wediexlny 3450 317 639 I*s ftiurway I.KB 1,1*7 1.H13 1,306 FrJ.Jar 716 J.W7 ifXt GO Haturday 61 MSI .... (01 Total . 5.903 6,030 8,471 6,1® I**l work 8.10 .... 1,684 Week bdoro last &583 .... 5077 .... Week ending Jan. 10... '3.9:77 .... 2,489 .... Wcik ceding Jan. u... 5,70 .... axu ... Week mcllutc Jan. 0... F* r month ending Jaa. 81 19,031 ..;. 11,490 .... By < unsparing the receipts tor this wees and lut we find itcfollowlns: lh-r»»lpts more than Un week 2.731 btilruiiDia more Uian lan week..... 1,791 T compare with the receipts for the csrrosppadreg wet k of IMO, n* follow*; Receipt! till* week 5.M3 Receipts tor corresponding week of 1800 6.030 Ibreipta Ipm thl* week 133 For the »ame period la I* year 1955, we find: Receipt/ this week 5.98 Receipts tor the corresponding wetk of 1505 4.M1 Receipts more thta week W* By Uie following table Is shown th» receipts aod shipments oi Cattle, llogi and Sheep since'January 1, 1567: Receipt*. Shipment*. ... »its is.tss Cattle. How ” *.”**...'.'.*....’.348.770 10>7) bbwp 13JR4 I^STI Sales to-day, and lor the week up to this evening, were; Cattle. Don. Sheen ... 120 2,4*1 ‘.*6o ... 90 1.900 80 ...1.093 5,489 S» ...1.727 6.121. SJ9 ...lAT> 5.491 lb) ... SSI Monday...., To<*day.... Wednesday. Thursday.,. Friday..... Saturday... Total... the vabkjtt. Tbe market lor the week Just closed has been active and prices hire ranged a shade higher than the week previous. The soppiy has been considerably larger than that oi la*t week, and rather more than the mar* ket would absorb. While the arrivals have embraced several droves of very fine Bullock*, the great balk oftthe offerings.cor* sifted of medium, common, and interior grades, and Of this class are these left over In the Dens to-night. The receipts of good tint and second class Steen, however, have been guitea* liberal as In any of the half dozes weeks preceding this, and under a good healthy ship ping demand nearly all have been readily taken np at fail prices. Buffalo, Cleveland, FitUburgh, and Balti more, have each bad their representatives In the mar ket, aids large proportion of the arrivals were for those points. There was asllghtly Increased demand for batcher’s Cattle, and local operators have bought lib-rally. Good stock bteers were also in better request, and de sirable droves were generally closed not at a slight ad vance on lie rutleg rates. Milch Cows or “Spring* ert,” have been in moderate request, and the* few offering were readily taken np at remunerative rates. Hardly enoOßh U yet betas done In tils class of stock to establish reliable quotations, though the range may Le given at SS34O£CS.CO tor common to very choice Caws. Veal Calves have been In active demand on local account, and quick of sale at (3.30&7.09 fjr com mon to very prime Veals. CLOSING or TBE MX BEET. To-naT—Saturday—trade wu slack. The weather was Intensely cold, and but ftw buyers entered an ap tcarancc. There was an abundance of stock In the yards, but owing to the severity of the weather, buy ers could not be Induced to visit the pens, and In point of vales, very little was accomplished. This want ot Interest on the part of buyers, however, did not weaken the views of holders, and the market closes firm at the quotations given below: ccbccxt rates*. J2rtra B*ntg—Y loe, tat, well formed. 4 to 6 years old Bt.-crs.ana averaging ns and upwards f 6.73-37.03 ly.ine Jkert*— Coed, we'l fatted, finely- femea feuers. averaging irom 1409 to I.4foCl,at 6.5536J0 Fair fcrwfr*—Kair Steers, in fltlr Utah, av erasing l,C(0(al.v0o ns. at 5.25f13.75 VrtUnm elm*— Medium Steers and good Cows, fit for city slaughter andaveraelag BdKit.tlottß.aU 44533JX) Stork CcUli —Common Cattle In decent _ fittb. aveiayloc axai.TO) »s. aU 4.0091.73 /►ferlor— Ugbt and ihtn Cows and stem, __ _ rough and coarse, averaging 720R8M ns. 3.0533.75 CAITLK SALKS TO-DAT. Seventeen bead Air fitshj Steers, averaging WM ftt, At ts.n. ■Jen bead pood stock Stem, averaging «0 as, ttd and watered, at W.'B. Sixteen bead pood smooth Steers, averaging 1£27 Cs,icd and wfc'ercd.atffi.W. Twenty-nine head fat -Oxen and Eteetr. averaging I.SO ci.tcd and watered, atffi-37*. Iblrty-nlne head ccmmon utoct Sttem, averaging 7SU ci. frd and watered, at ft-25. Thirty-three heao rough fat Steer* anil Oxen, aver* aging I.'MO »», ted and watered, at IMttv-hve bead fat ronehhb Steers, averaging I,WJ Ca, fed and watered, atf&.9o. Seventeen head ranch thin Steers, averagingl,l6l Ce. ted and watered, at *s.a. Thirty head medium steers, averaging lACO fts, fed ard waimd, at f3.',5. . ,__ Sixty-seven head au packing Steen, averaging fS.GO. imny-otohead medium racking Steers, averaging I.IM tta, ted and watered, at f&.sS. Eighteen head Air fleshy steers, avtrsglnfl 1,180 C*. fed and watered, at fh-CSit. El. hi bead Ulr stock steers, averaging 1,113 as, at K»X. dogs. The foilowlnc the receipt! and shiptoett* for the con eat weeK. ana tor i&e corrctpoßCia* period last year Receipts. 1906. I«WT. 1366. J..VI TCI Sunday and Monday..- tao Tuesday.. Wednesday UW Thnrvday 3.5C7 Friday... «,«* Saturday ♦. 3.W i,ia .... li 4,101 133 wm: 544 an vna .\T. cu Total .52dW) 13,736 4.JK 1.636 Last week 3tS7 .... S,CSS Week before last 41.68 Weekending Jan. 19... .IX9OO .... BO .... Week ending Jan. 13....4*034 .... 107 Week ending Jan.b U.IS .... .... .... Form'lbetd'gJanSl 219.419 .... 4,679 .... The receipts this week and last compare as follows; Received this week 21JOO Received lasi weft 33^07 Received more this week. 47S The receipts this week compare with the receipts lor the same period In ISG6, as loUow*: Receipt* this wee* 3tSTO Receipts JbreorrwpondinK week la 1566 ta.7o« U«ctlpts more this week ... 4J»4 The mark*! has been active and buoyant throaeb the week. The receipt* L* T c been moderate, and, tin ker a strong demand and • healthy competition be tween shipper* aad packers each day's amvais have been readily absorbed, acd an advance ot 33a»c estab lished on the clottns aalea ot last week. The receipt! •how a a'lpht taillne off from those of last week, and the quality ot the offense* has also tottered. The sap ply, however, ha* perhaps been quite sadetent, as two c r three packlos booses Lave already ceased opera tlotf, acd several others express their Intention ot so doing therewith*week. To-hat—The market was quiet, bnt not so much from Indisposition on the carl of buysr*. a* from the absence of stock with which to operate, Thera was hot a limited number in the pens end the few offering f'tmd qolck tale at t&ot£6.t) for common to talr lota, 16.vV46.fg f.-r good to choice Rocs. The f/Rowing are tbe dosing prices fer this week acd last: TM«wrek, Last week. 6-PCUS.W SJIAjt!D noo aaua to cat. rioMtoChelce.. Medtnm to Fair. Common I*o fro<vl even Hog*. 80 tneomm 10t...... tVCODITOOB licbt Doc*. I2t> nrnllnm coarse lot.. :-0 ccixl rrn lloi«. O rredlnm 00aue101...... fo choice heavy H0g5...... 49 crime heavy lies* 6* Mtra smooth lot.. st fair coar»elot-. UUI VMt(V 4VI 70 common lot.. 46 utr coane lou. 114 name (jn»llty... common Hops.. 65 fair coarse lot.. 69 light stcck Hoc*! 42 medium lot ?t medium lice* .....341 6A m licbt Mock floti .173 113 lalrbacmHog* 6.UJi t-HEET—Received to-Cay, 64: received this week. S.C3O; shipped to-day. rone; ihlcped this week, 490. 1 here has been a steady, fair demasd for Rood to prime Motion Sheep, far city slaughter, and a'l of this elate ot offerings Bare found ready buyers at mn antra* tire prices. Uat common description, with the mar* tet overt locked, have ruled doll throssboot, and prices have bees barely sustained. Quotations are substantially the same as at the close of last week, and range at f446ftsJo for common to medloa lots, asd *54565,75 for fair to prime grades. CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET, BairroaT Enrati, February 9. There la rather more activity in the demand tor Dry Gc-fx*, and the market Is recovering from the dtprte* s'.on which existed at the close of last weft. Prints are In tight stocks, and prices rule steady. Standard Shceticc* and favonte (brands of Bleached Sbeetlncs, are dim. We revise quotations and qnote closing prices as follows: American.. AmsiSear. Uocbeaa u. Mmmlat.. Alien’* Mrrrtmac t) .is* Mtrrtmac W .50 Coclcco JJ '“H ucocrir*...... J*x Macrhe»tcr J* l/rw«ll ** Lanruter }‘ ! lilcbmood CWoo *2* 3( BCOWXS Par.ocr._-. |* Providence H James Saaatlcra' 16S Glonceater. ....17 w. iv. Freeman & Uo.U Udlcil ........II Vanuatu. Colnmbia. Glassov, lioa^oke. tcmaa „ Atlantic Mill* .« lenwrt O IS Great Wfe U I* Eavrcseo. S:axV fr-4. annrora 4-1 Ndtlißi ..SO iDatan ilc*d 4—l ajf Cftbott A 4—4 ai>, 4—4 o AniookiftC 4—4 S3K balxnot FalUi—i iIH ■Afiftvttn K 4—4 .IS A» im-ton D 4—4 M I'litiOlS A 4-4 18 V Swift Wrtr 4—4 i"x I‘cpperrji K 72 M y. inulcui .. _ BLEACSIEtI N.T. Mill* 4—4 ®.u O aiLSuti* 4—4 S3u H«t«4—4 80 Wlijie Kock 4—4 77V mu* 4—4 «* “ 7—b... .".'.'.'.'"lav WM-nvUle *—L *s3 Hay Mills 4-4 .K Androscoggin 4—4 vijf Candoa 7—6.. .31 “ *-* Jft , PATtn ca*mrrcs. iJ coredale 20 Enellah Mv Cambrics. 13#3t4 . , DtMK*. Anwkcag nv .Sljf Waahlßrion.'trn*.! is* Ulliord im proved..-*,« 3S)i Uino «£!2s*t: , v 80 com City .**3 Uaymas»r*« so pawnee.. air •raipan sduitimos * A»«twr.... l aa WhUtendeaC tl* AmcncMV.V.’.V.T.’ Urxa*nlie..f“.‘J’‘73i,‘«Siv Hvlu. 7J Thorndike. nS Uoanukc. «0 Shetnckcc “jg* Amotkesg ACA Slij Hamilton,^ T taw T« rk ao-lncn at atar Mills SHach. ‘rtu Albany... 15 - - 36-iucn ’Jns York 83-iarh M ca 18658. . • coartrrsJKAxa.- Atnoffce«B SI I Indian Orchard in Laeowa si | Anilro»coe*u»..., * *!i« hates.. | | > cpncrell jjig Nauu ktas b«tteen...-*ov | Ulolw iv* „ ... . OA2fTO.N l-XAXXttK. * Hamilton stmt to tThoruaUe as UliertoaT.. 25K | Hautnkciutblcached *ga _ .. • BMWK liBILU, note.... Laconia. •£H Neoninwon 33* I Pcopereil .. . . ihlaikw. * Manchester. tew n | llnu*»iUm a 1 ACICC.DCW » | & H Wool .. BALUOEIL BKIHTB. Huberts (3XO M*B»»riftUullokcn (3.8 ttilrox..... 3/a fUlelgti’a ...... a.OO l‘unU*MUC.....3.fs£9S.&o limner jji Wellington Mills... 3JO lirllootthocewoa.. JJ3 .1. ft!*. Conte 11.10 Urnm ft Daniels 73W ' Ufl.’B 1.10 White UkciQ M llndltyft C0'5...... VO Col'U 1.03 WotMoU UrMrte .... M W11i1uin0Uc......... triK htsiitni to Kaclc. 19 VIA. VriSi kiln Park o*wi l/>wcti,Si'lY........(m " *m«T .... i.T9 ( " intilliihi.... ■ .ro Hartford,mura 3-pty f.lo •* in i.’ia-iuy. a.oo •• anper !.?.*){ ** medium.... Ml'* cammw: I anntraA Mi > rcii'«....&3U I Wala*li U I CIIUAfiO nAUKKT, All talt* ijftirun rrfwitnt in l/iia market report rr mail • f/u the hail* <\f winin' (lc) tluruye, unlti tfut xcUe rjj, r«smi, Batcbjut Ermnmi. February 9, 15**, FllElGUTrt—lUiLCO*l»FßKUJUTt—Tholollowlng itbc unu oi Uie£a«ten>Uo»asi W 4th Dra'd Ratrsftom Chicane U>— class. clan. Flour. Hogs. HmiaK N. V f.jw KJi « 75 Toior.U). C. W C 3« «s » 73 Jlamrca), *?. k. 1.2. » 1.70 1.53 ojtMiiy.N. v » i.ia ro i.oa i.ia New York 1.15 W 1.31 Busrou rlo Albany IXS S 3 1.70 lAJ llostcnrtoOrauu Trunk...., 1.80 tS I.To 1.31 I'ortianc rhiGtaudTrutk 1.70 IJS i'lilburcipUa 1.0 73 IAO 1.13 Dammotr 105 73 130 1.13 I'itUbunrb Q (i w to Cl- TC and, Ohio 41 SO W 30 Shipment*. jellmum Ule. Ind. Utcmiiatl. Ohio 13 33 M 43 I I.OUlt—Ueceho». 7.7/T brls; shipped,flAiObrl*. *IMs btlfg Saturday the market wo* rather qnlot and price* wore nominally nnctivncod. Bales wore a* ful luv«; VTiunt Wmr*i»—li-0 brl*. not named, at f IJ.M: bi'UlVi KxmAb—llo brls, not nrnii'd, at 310.75: too biU •■Empire Watertown” at f 10.53; 300 brls (in lot*)at JliUO; 300 brl*. iotcamp-1, at sl>\42; IMbrl* “IldoUCliy” at fi11.73; CO brl*. not named. at f 10.00; lUllrl* du at |9io; M-iiMi brl*. not named, at f 8.83: BccawitKAT Flock—t brtsatfdAl; 5 l>r>» do at 97.50 WHEAT—Ik* clved, lOAttbu; abtpped. 9,30 ba. Marßet leas active and a shad* easier. Bales were: 4(t> bn Nebraska at J34S; 400 bu No. I. A. D. « Co, at 98.37 k ; 410 bn do at 53.1#; 600 bn No. 2 at *B.OO, A. I). & C».: 400 bu do at flftiw; too bn do at HA) (atyj; v.nco bn do (regular) at 7,000 bti do,; «*) to do at fljeJ-all (rtab. iXOOO bn do at fl.Wtft 10 COO bu ro at *I.K7J(; 800 bn at f t.CS: bu do at f I.C2—closing quiet at f for No. 2 in reaular hoaxes. COll bn: shipped. 2.013 ba. Mar ket higher—cJo»inr oieady at th* Insld* improve-' mitt, balm were 3J.000 ba No. 1 *t Slue; 30.M0 ba do at Sic; 40 000 buifo at take: H’.CW ba di at tr.V; 499 ha No.3at TUc-.lAOPbunewWhite at 37c; tOObnoldlte- *V.481 IVt, ItfVI'UU UO. II Bh ViV. IW Ull U.l. Jrelcd at 56c; 5.000 bu new Co at 5)Xo: 3,000 bu da at (i3j»c;3.UV)budo at3sWc;4oo ba do at 15c;SO) hu Ear at 53c; 1.8(0 bu do at 38—closing steady at 82j<c for No. 1 In store. Fob Fin cbb—3,ooo ba No. 1. bayer April, at 79c; 5 000 bu, s-l'er last half of April, at Ttf-fc. OAT>—lUcclvrd. 11,150ba; shipped, none. Mar* keiauilata unchanged, gale* were: 1,200 bu No. lat 44c; 1,00 bn No. 2 at 40kc; &000 bn do at 40'*c; bn do at 40c; WO ba Bcjcct-d tt 3<sc—cloilue steady at 40c. 11l G—Received,lA73 ba: shipped. 1.7 K bu. Mar ket dull. ga!tßwere:6oobnNo.latWc; 400 bu No. 3 nt 90c. HA It I.F.V—Received, 1,200 bn; shipped, 1,845 bo. Market dull, bale) were: 45n nu No. 3at Csc; 400 bu Kejcctcd at 47e; 400 bn do at ite , t(0 ba do at I3e; till bam. by sample, at take; 400 bn do at 75c; 1.400 bado at 70c A lyTODOL—Nominal at f4-T.31.10. It HA N't Ac.—Sates were: 53 tons Bran at £11.00; 10 tens Mlcdlme* at 180.30. BKOUItI COH N—Market dull at 2M.CQ%100.00 tor ccmmon u fair; tlui.OuylWOU for fair to good, and f ISOXCGHOOXO for good to choice. HE A NS—bale* were: 40 nan at 83.60. ■ »DA 11J— D«1H WCIC. iw,, mm i'«.ww. HtTTElC—Kecetred.6.43BOs: shipped, 1.(30 ft*. The general market continues doll and Inactive, and 1 -rices are lower. In Common Tab and Common Fir* ;m there Is scarcely any movement at all, ana holders ofencnflndit next to Impossible to effect sales at quotations. Bnyon generally ox their own dgarea, ard In most Instances, dealers are bat too glad to re alize at the price offered. For Common Tab IdftlSe It ottered, and numerous sales are made at these Ccures. The steels of Common Too. and Common Firkin, vUcb arc already excessive, are still accomalatlne, asd unins Here should sprlns Up an unusual demand. Crlrus must feUH further recede. Choice 8011, or holce Dairy Intare,lsinstead? fairrequest ou local account, ano as the receipts of such are comp iratlvely light, prices are tolerably well sustained, ami Indeed for a tancy packace, an advance of )(s3c on onr quota* lions tray occasionally be ontalncd. Sales to-day In* OudcSOO cs Itcl!«at3?c;3 packages choicest 23c; Ml naComniomnTabatncjajfcrs atiSc. VTe qunleas follows: „ Choice to Dairy 35 C GoooTub » «23 c Ct mmoh firkin 12 fti3 c X’fln.t Flrfcliv llAlJlilNCJ—'lbsre U DO Improvement to me In Ibesrncralcbaractercl tbe marset Trade continue* Tcry sla w. and under liberal »lcc« an easier f«?llne ot tains. and on rotten seamleM ban. prices bare ex pemtuedsteoslMe decline. Tnedtmand l* confined almost exclnnyely to Oiling small orders from tbe supply current wants, and a further re duction in prif«-< Is by no means improbable. Burlaps and UunnutN tor which there U n sbcbtly Increased de mand, arc held more Cmdy. We now quote: .. National a,S bn, seamless linen J40.0Q Union A. do do 40.00 Illinois A- do do 30.00 Com Exchange Stark A, cotton *• aaleae. Lewliton A, Androscoggin oo American, do Ik-svir s»| 1«, do muflcid s. do I‘rra SUM#, do RU» Fort rut, do CUM £11(10, do 64XU haco, linen and cotton.... si.oj llloccwoid, do MOO FpriUilfield 53X0 HutUps4ba, No. I, Etnpirr City. 'There Is army light movement in this article. Indeed tot common varieties there ts scarcely any Inquiry, and quotations are altogether nominal. The martet la fully (.locked, and the weakness that has beeu spparr* t far the post week or two culminated to day In a decline of u«ic all rjtmd. Pnme Factory dicesclt In moderate request to fill small orders from the cocntrv, bat n*l<le tram this, trade is si a stood Milt. We revlac our H»t a* follows; Xw York Factory (prnmne). Fsctcrr(llUcoU) Ilan.rmtp ■Western states We* tern nwerre... ••Tocnr America’ CIDAI/—UM«r a continued active demand. the ttocke rt sott Coal are becoming dealers are growing more Arm in their views. Itriar UllU Mineral lUdpe and Bl*>a»bnrgare in Hcht stock*. and mil prices are demanded. Hard Coal* are la full mnpijr. oat with a llvelr inquiry prices keep well up, and are compira* lively one at previous rate*. We make no change io our Quotations as totlows: Kut*—Brookfield $ll.OO do ora»br um Ctxvn^LHD—ttrlar U11'.... 11,00 do Mineral Rldcc 10.00 do willow Bank. IP.OO do Tunnel IPJO Chippewa 10.00 lliotabnrg IMO Laron 15b1gb..... 15.(0316.00 Lactawana, prepared.. Scranton. ... nutten. Shipments. Touchloch«nr 11.00 COFFEE—Bnslawdurliiglheweelc hat been ac tive. and privet »pie firmly maintained. On Java and prime to choice Klo we note a slight advance. We re vise quotations: _ Java .39 90 c Ido, common to tair T> (s£>Uc Rio. good to prime .MJf«27.HC liln.prlntrtocbolN 23 CMMII'MIAiJE—The {eoml munt Is .inactive and neglected, and price* are entirely nominal. Sales of ho Tone Parrels too do at lias. ECJ(;r*—Were in good request to-day on local ac count, and. under a temporary scarcity, the few otter* Ins were quickly taken np at aa3fic, Limed Bgga were onlet and alow at 25a30c. PlttltTi* AND Sl)Tt*-Tl»e general market ex* hlblted some little improvement, to-day, In point of activity, and a better t« cling prevailed, the stocks of Dried Fruits are centrally fair. yet there Is no anr* pins, and for moat varieties prices are well sustained and tolerably firm ataaotatlons. Toere la an increased demand for Dried Apples, and holders are In most it* stances demanding a slight advance. Choice Winter Applrs continue tn good request, on local account, and theugu the arrivals are more liberal, prices keep welt npand are firm at full rates. Cranberries arc lode* maud and steady at a ranee of fIJ.DOs.JI.OO. Choice descriptions, tn small lots, are being ha d at 131.0). Kota are quiet and steady. W« repeat our list efqoo* tatlons: Applet, V brl Lemons, MaUea Cranberries, V Ml Cranberries, conivatsd, Pics, dnnn,,,,« Pin, cartoons. Dstcs Cta l*eaclK*. f dor.. 3 ft cab*. ArDlcttScw FnctM*. halve* ud Quarter*... (■cache*. pared revr. V ft Kasphctllf*. BC». ¥ ft Cherrtt#, Pitted EMeibemc*.* ft Piuttt, layer* Cauls*. Valtßda Saroisi*. V box**.. sanUoe*, x boxo*. Altcoads,haPd*beHed. 22 a 24 Almond*. shelled 3S 43 Almonds, paper shelled r. SO a 55 Peanuts, * ft. Truttinjtton. 14 a is Brazil hnts..... 22 a 33 FUbett* - 1* « if 2i a as Naples Walnut* .. a a 34 IVcars, noli tod Ur?*. * a.S® litcacry Not*. V bo 5-00 a sjo chestnuts, •bn •• r ®. ** S-® 0 Tb« condition ef use market remains sub ttautiall? Ust use a* that noted In oar prenou* re pum. Ibeieiatto noticeable ttnproTementlnCiede mand, nor anr Improvement IB Use toneot Use market. 1 he inquiry Is limited to swan order* to supply current want*, and under lull stock dealer* are not remarkably Ann In ihMr news, generaJy offertas liberal coocas nors on round lots. We make no change In oar quota »-;SI US S :£i(Sj£" At«t*co. Prt< •*tt f6.KJV .ato ,-SOJ .ISJ 6.10 .716 &S) .V* CM ..S3] 6.35 ..SlO 6JO ..3M 6J50 .274 6.40 I*ls 610 !?S 6.40 .370 6.40 .3(5 649 .374 6.43 .164 645 .300 6JO “ ttSflj'.VKtei-.V-v ** oux» me**. B H brl. « •• - *ku... «• Ko.l.Vtt*.new •» Codfish, Bntk. B I*o 2*..,.... M Georpe'sEank......... Hake Bmttp. dried. Ko. 1, V box. labrador nmfe’&’v ~ - *bri Norwtslan Berrlses. K% * brl *s*g *• •• M*e.wbrl . _l*.W were: 1.000 Muskrat (prime winter) at ?sc; ICO Mint at fIi»3UOO. _ ii UK As»B—Market quiet. We quote: . . „ WhlteUreasc |»«»® £ Yellow Gr»a*e. * e Bh>*r •» ® ?K? I»HUI iIXKS-K*««Ted, t« brU; »WPPM.SO bm. Market more active. Rale* were: SWUonaea Castcvetlnßj at2Sc;l3nrls.doty paid, alfUw. imps*— AtettUlßKat6oa®c tor Eastern, and &S nORS-RMrtTrf, UK; shipped, l‘K. M»r«et »uadv.butleaaacnvo. bale*were: 1 *) under »o»s, at *i-*J IN “ 200 is*, a: toaveratlnß ?« * iTS s\»atneuascnsta »s,au f‘*® and «.ts 4M “ SOPi.aU •■35 and 7T3 S 3 ** . ..» and ..Ttt H a Y—The market mnatn. qWeUaad tor loose liar* ot -which there la an abundant supply, prices are rath er eulcr. Timothy—preaied-owttt* to snoit Mocks la Crmly held at prevlona rate*. We quote: wooLSaat* ruezs. Timothy, rolled and heater prcaoca Tircuthy. loo»e prcwcd.. Fnirle, beafcr peeked erail rstcss. Timothy. roller and bea*er pressed. .|.I«XOSI7X3 ltx*‘crr«»rt 16.01.413.0 J iTalne, roder ana neater pressed . ll.CU4ll.iJ tmlne. Inosc os was'>n,dcltTered.. 9 00510X3 niUES~KcceiTea.s9l.KJ3 ft*; thlpped. ».«S &«. The diluted l> not particularly hn«s, Unnch anal iltn’lf cndilj abtttbaU Cue aa . M “ R ~\7 todlin Orcbiri A tiv !! ** “ “ }*•••••«* BooiMm.n ....■.""'a 1 ’ ,T » g- hx Atkwnettl. I.jj 1 l'-»rlsn«lh p » .Vapolfoa iV* XX M»i>otrt *»iv KooitTok..*, *j J MIILTIN'IS. Ilea B*a* 7-a *7.1 « Artwrieht. ax wunbeck J. & W. Sl»Kr i —1....J7V autrtlUe7—B. m* HUcksJoos Klr<>r > ri*ctat!)M'AA!!..llll?i D»1J0B & Son 4 “ “ 7-8 *r price? in mt aenneoce, in veil sustained, ard were comparatively firm to-<lay. it onr questions. Locsl in i» I* are ipcrstlig In a small way, tioagh t'l- la* cotrr I* principally en shipping account. We con* tlnnetoqaote: limn Bautu-ra' a »hc Greco tailed, trimmed. .13)f®iiKC Green Calf. 18 a» c Rip, Green, salted 11 * l>rr Flint, trimmed 17 «13« - Bry baltnl, tno med llK«*tM»r Grren Bsi ed. put cured 9k®l3 c ICON AND *TEEL—Ihed-inaad ti u>i p icra remain ni.cbai.eed,. We quote: Cojlc:i* liar... ................ .. .......... SX(J 5Sf • l?or&e 81.00 Irot. illBT)- Ha d d a ®X'C Hoop ana Ueht llsgd Hound atm bquare.....* 3>*<* *K C Oval IHIB CUC lUif cvaiind n»n Round sxa 6x« Steel lion, common... 7-%u .... EsiraUr»c<ct 7%® ••• fcbcetirtn,s*lvsnlied, 17x28 TO m .... Lhcct iron, charcoal.; 91A# ... Sheet Iren, Juniata llStSt* c N-rwny Nall Bees 11 3121<c Plow tWI. German. 13- ®u c J Jo«r tUtUCAtt. 17 c SpMnganc TtreSt**., Foolish 11 <415 c loot Cast ordinary size*.... . tS tf3) C loo)Ca>t£l*d. American rats c Klp-lmd *utl .30 &3U e Russia, Nos. 9 btml!6 *3 (*t3 0 Koala, An*., lit quality, V NU ®IS C .Hu*sla,Ain.,lttqualß«, * shea 013 c nuts. Atm. id quality. V sheet aiS c liEATHEK—Trade U stagnant, and quotationsof Uttle Tatiic. Ihcitocks are accumulating, tboagb In at Oclpatlcc ofan active trade next motto, deilera nte den andtrg Bill prices, and do not iwm psrdca larly anaioce to aeil at pretest figure*. We quote the marketOim attlie prices gives t»-tow: < tty Hamer*. * & I 39a 43 Country Harness S kt. 88 Line, 4> b... 43® 41 Kip, medium. V ttl usauo Call, V ft lA«AI.«U Upper. V f00t.... am si Country Upper... ZK4 33 Collar, 4* f00t.... S3® 31 HlaopMcr. Bole.. U) M Uaructe, V &.... 49a is I’nper 30® W Kip, No. I, . (flam I.lo® 1.30 Kip, No. U . .... heftTT o*l.lo I 1,1) jj it Eit—lliere b«i been • Mr movement in thl* department dailtc the tree*. ana pnetl lure ruled Urn throughout. We repent quotation*: Ltvuea—Puit Clear,l, lu, is and 3 Inch l< fCO.OOtf4M.CO Sn Clrnr. I. ijf. 1H and! inch wjxuw.w Hurd I'lur, Inch Hr»t ami Second Clear Flooring, to* ceiher,rongl>,Uiv aam« u Second Clear wide M.OOnJVCfI Common Mooring, ronjh S3,OOT*J7.DO Matched and Un** d Common Ff-nrlng.- ta.COuli.OO Matched and DroMcd B Inch .Common rioorltß .* nflxceiss.oo Flrat and Heeend Clear Biding, together. Bow*j?.Qo FlntComtnoti Dreaded Hiding lOxCtfttXiO >t auon-Uox lluarua, »«l4Ct« U Inch and Upward*.. A ltoaril.ulm.liea an.n\»nj^9 MBtoeK lh arda.ll inrbe* lti.QouJ7.oo Common 1 loir'll. Jol»ia, Hcanlller,Fenc ing. and Small Tlniocr, 11 (o 16 left Joia'eaud Scai-tllug, *),'|J and 7l feet. ... 3lod®:<u.lA Ji lit* and Scantling iSN Hi'M.i.r*—A or Star Knaved tihlngUa 4AO A >-r Mar Moeil HUlnj;Ut O.CKVt 5Ay Iff, 1 »a»«l h* lligtra JAOuSOO l.ain Fir in in jarda OXO |i> i-tr-l' ad l>v Norinwraiera Ualiroad, _ dell i erod in any yard a h*re ran can tw notched, or any denott A or Hlar Haw ed £hiiiale*.hy ear-load. on track 4.10® 4AO A or Mar nhavtd Mangle*, by car-load, (litrmg S.7J® 1.00 >o, i baaed Hldmike, by car-toad, on track 3.13 Thrte (1-illara a car-kiwi added when iran'ffcrred. »LKb charge fullowa the hhlngka in freight bill. much, rrc. Kai'ero M ; Carpet Warp....... m iCandlnrirk r 4,.i/J Irhicotfo H»tU ft'.'* •Kill. suiwrfl'fl | CtiMillrr’a FaVlV*;« . liniMua 1/1 ftoibnry I U Bmphe Mil.* t.lO Belgrade i.iu KverVtt 1.. Krt-retl I). IIIIMIILK *T*iu<Ain. * Thickness— Five bhingiuato be two inchM in thick* ne*>. length—Sixteen Inches, Bamia—Twenty inches, looms—Twcntr-Ore MKTAI.H AMJTINNEIIH’ HTOCIt-Thm I* but little change to notice | iho amor«l of the raarkettMtceourlaatreport. Tfasaewand li£»lr,ami prkta aic qialably ULclanged. We quote: TIM. ZIKO. ' Cox Tin Plate, 1 C lit quality, ca5k.......13V 10x14 lIIJA lit quality, 5heet......11 Largi lug* 87 blab ....II htnail Pig at DBiuuT vnti. „ Barilo. 39 Itofi it cnrj'CS. 7.8 and 9 19 Metallic Ai’bolts-.. S 3 luanan is Cupi'U Bottom 3) U ~..., ..14 llnubrsover 10 ft*.. 43 llandlL. IS hliret, II tu 16 ox 45 ISsndlS. IS tuning* 20 17. 17 as 7J BAHRU' METAL. 1«t quality SO Antimoty 30 Kite bolder 30 NAI I.N-Arr In fair clan low me uuutwOonat M V km 17.00 M 7.3 M 7.50 M. | 5d |9.25 ! ,*w, noe h}a&] - 10,29 ",n Col SplKm 1.29 Oil 8.V91 Clinched Net 11.33 Oil.?*—With the excepnoaof a Hunt movement la 1 Oil. trade I* Blnio-t at a stand alllt, audfor rmst vn'lcneaituoiatlonii nrollttl'imorc than nomlM/. Laid Oil If quii t, hut steady *td firm to-day at full trim. Weiiuoicattolluiti: t QUO JJnst-cU OH. lK'ttC'l (41. U OllTir Oil »I.«d Whale Oil. IV. .l-T^UO Lard OH, 1.M^1.29 1 jrd Oil, No. 1 Winter .1,)V4120 Lard OH. fvc. 3 Winter .1.0941.10 Hank Oil, round lota MVsI.W Jlachme 0)2 '. 1.004U0 fcpertn Oil, W. U (*UI Liibrli-ailun Oil 50^1.00 Castor oil _3.39(4Ci0 tlAllllON <lll.~-Uctr.alo( Inactive, with prices steady and uccnasged. We qaoto: Carson, car loud 4Sc Carbon, small lota .90c Benzole 30c I'KIITCiIONv-IlMdred. 19T.500 a* Cored Mean, i 1,514 br;a pork, and 33,430 ft* Urd: shipped,49s,l*o I>B { coral Meats, 913 brl* Heel. S 3 brla Fork, and 199.033 ft* I Pork—Market dull, though firmly bell. Sales 1 were: ICQ bri* choice city at f19.0D; MM brl*, seller March,a(f 19.00. Street Pickled (lams-Market dull and easier, Salta ware: 60 tc* at lt)*c. rjUccf Tongnca—Salta were; 23 brla Hula hi cms— Quiet, Sales were: 40.0» b* Cum* bcx.utiC* tt BSC- lecwc. Greenllimta Sale* were: 300 ft* Green Bams, robbed in tall, aIfSOAO. Lnrd—Dull and easier. Sale* were: 103 tea Steam at ilkc;4Co tc* do at U}fc. yuUtiTUV AMI tJAhlE—Sale* Include 6 doz I>rr*ird Chickens at *1.60; 10 doz do at *4 : 9 doz do at *4XO; 5 doz do at *3 7a: 8 doz do at SX63: 160 ft* l-macd Turkics at Uc; SMI fte do at 13c; $ doz Uab- SAIjKB-ATUS—The market 1* nnlri, and slacks are light. We continue to quote: Babbitt's iiedlulcal... I£*®l3 c “ pure l2X»l3!i'c Iceland's chemical 13G(.<*13 c - Healthy 12U«i:hc •• Furr UMfaUEC FlilJ AU?*—‘Trade during the week ha* been steady, and deal'ia bad but UtUe trouble in obtaining fall nrkca. We repeat oar quotation; Cuba I2M»«Vc Form U1c0... M NY*. IMliied, Powdered and Granulated...lSKtsWfcc WtlteA ,15;f@l3*C Circle A 15H«W*C While B - 14«®15‘4C Extra C 14K&14XC Yellow C 13,’*l*UJ c uxuard c, extra.... UH<*HVc New Orleans prime itsfetixc Lew Orleans lair 11 uiffee Itlll*!*—Are In only moderate demand, and deaina u order to effect tales, would make conces sions of N£lOc on round lots. We continue to quote: Lew York syrups I &XJ1.15 Yellow Drips Us® Cuba M Usecs T»* g 3 l ortoidco 843 S New TOaI.OO l bhadelphla Dee Hire .&& «J Chicago Refinery, Amber 1.C0w1.15 Chicago Refinery, Golden 80® 9] Chicago Kefln.ry, Sugar Uoum 73® 83 BKeUP>-RecelV«d. WJJ64 ft*; Shipped, 48,064 fts. Tic uiarktrt rules nrm and prices remain steady. Sales include: Flax—36 bag* at 53.75; 13 bags doalfr.6o; 16 ban do at «2.G0; TtvoruT-«3 bags at *3.00; 66 bags oo at ; a bags do at *2 93; 43 ban do at ffij-0 ;35 hnc* do at *3.75; 25 bag* do at *3.70. s-Al.T—Received, none; shipped. 1.600 brl«. Mar* Vrt steady, bale of X4O brl* at |3A3. delivered. „ _ New Flue Q-55 Coarse 3.66 Ground Alum - 3.Q6&3.10 Tt*i k*s lilsnd, ban 2JO Ground Solar *.65 Dairy, with sack* uJM Dairy, without sacks 8-73 TEA?*—The market presents no new features, and (Halos are firm la theirnewa, at tnc louowinepnoe.*; Vourc llyson, tupertor to fine, P ft.. ...,...*l^®Lss Co ‘ extra to choice, V ft 1.7031.93 Imperial, superior to fine, F ft LlQ3Lflo do extra to choice. F ft 1J632.00 Gunpowder, superior to fine, p ft 1.1031.C0 do extra to choice, P ft LSkStOO Japan, natural leafi fine to extra fine. V ft.... do do flae to choice, P ft lA3®I.U .n oat do do colored, V ft TO llAri-O—There U no chance to note tntnl# de partmw.l ot cade, In any essential particular. Prime cccus. to which (he demand at present Is chletlr con fined, are In moderate auppiy, and held tolerably arm at quotation*, hut common varirtics are easier t round lotebclns offered at concwilons. Price* are nncaaLged and we continue to quote: fly* nrrCurwixa — Extra., Choice Medium Common SMOKTKG rOIUOCO Virginia*! Favorite, Choice Medium Common Stems .... IT.VO Touacco— _ „ _ Koyal Citizen S 9 5 Farmers* I'cllcht £0 c* 75 Natotal l.eaf, IJO «9.Q0 Half Bright SO 01.15 Choice Blach, sound TO O 90

Medium JO at «5 1 52 O 2 Narjr* O.Vj» RJ Virginia 10s and as 5« O W FlonnCera 75 O S 3 WOOD—Ccnttnuc* quiet at tho recent decline. AVe n peat onr Hit of prices as follows; Maple. V cord, delivered ~..{12^<213X0 Maple, v cord, in yard ri-^Oia.oo Beech, F cord, delivered.... l 2*£9^is*s2 Beech, F cord, la yard ,H3 : 5} 0 '22 Ulehorr. V cord.. WOOl.—HceelTod, 3.6C0 ft*; shipped. 6U90 fti. The market condone* dnll with sales ot 10,000 ©a Pine at 45c; 1.(00 ft s. tub washed, at Sor; 16.000 ft a Fleece, medium; at 4t*4l3c. and 9 hO ft a Tub at 49Q51C. .t7*»lß*c .15h»16*c .UtfgllJie .U..«t3*C . «i» ( &(»a ajo siod «uCO A N IMPORTANT INVENTION. iX Letter* Patent have been obtained lor a Machine which will perform the very difficult operation of *ep •ratine Cotton and planting it in a much better mas ner than by band, ana tare the labor of ten men. Thoie Interested in Cotton enlture abonld add«jM^^ Poi 6229. MB. N, B. CBTBLER, who has been giving instruction In Bocntlcn, with marked au>eea», in many of oor College* and Sen Inane* thrrech this state, completes a courte at Wheaton College to day. where an interesting class ot about one honored has been taking daily dilOs donor the past two weeks, with decided Improvement. This evening the Pioteaaor wi.l give s Pochc Reading at the College Chapel. . (3.00 a AW 9.C0 MlttV) ujm aii.oo IWO ttJLOO si a s SO W » a a » U 5 <* 1.73 * OS I* le a i» .« a « st a s 68 a o 63 t) 66 is a it «.<3 a 4.73 18* c« 19 20 a 31 S 3 a 40 TJLAIB & JEFFERSON, connissioit nERCHANins OFFICE, 304 FROST-ST., ! SIB.WPUIS, TEP *. Liberal cash advancements made on consignments. QEeT, BATTEN & CO. Wholesale Commission Merchants ivo. no 3ioOas*HC*« Between F and G-raO DEKVKB. COLORADO ptows. PLOWS. ROD BREAKING PLOWS and aU varieties of StnV ble and Double bhtrel Plows manufactured and lor sale by JOBK DEMENT. DUoa. HIIIoU. O SLY DIRECT LHvETO FRAUDS. The 9.10:4 9.% 13.0V<13J0 6.T54 <XO *.oa m S.Ca 3.S 7 NV4 AGO A»4 9XO General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL bTEAM&mPS BETWEEN NEW POKE ABS HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid sew Teasels ot this lavorite roam KB the Continent wui sail xromPlerNo. 3U. North River as follows; 5X04 6XO yt« ss 604 a EUROPE. .......February*. ST. LAURENT. Bocasdi.-.-Fcbraary S 3. PEBFIRK. Dnch«e....M*rch9. VtLLK DEPABlS.^nmpc....^Urcha. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First CaWa, f i»; Second Cabin. SIOO, including taWs wine Is either class. » The (teamen ol this Rue do net carry steerage pas iytani*lng tatand at BREST WIQ be fm nlahedwith railroad coupon ticket*, and thetr baggae* Checked to Pan*, at an additional charge ol $5 fox cm aadtS for second class. Medical attendant Wof chargm _. „ For further intortnaOao. appjy, to at tht FRENCH New Tort, to GKO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 3S Broad war. ■DATCHELOR'S hair d\e. outs fpleadld Halt Dye Is the best In the world. HarcJfs*. reliable. Instasuneonr. the only Perfect Dre. No disappointment. No ridlculcna Untaj_but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. solo cy Druggists and Perfumers, Factory, til Darciay-aL, New York. .ns.oa3tt.oa . 13X0411X3 . IWOJILW SILL’S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black or Brown—lu< tastaseoo. Datura', durable. djnl. The best and cheapest In use. Contains as much a* as anr dollar size. BILL a ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OISiTMEST, reliable ftx pnrroses- Depot 60 Joha-sx, N«w York. Sold by all drogsUts. /XU. sUnchier, Sale, Batlala 40a 13 Plsughter, hole, Cntcago No. 1.. Slaognter, Sole, __ CnTcajn No. 1.. SU 17 Paenos Ayres.... 33.4 <0 Orinoco bole S 7& 38 Orinoco, good, damaged 31® 31 French Call. 31 «• 3.1»33.2S French Call, M »«. *.3.0033.10 French C*’t Le* „ moinca.p Coi 3) .00390.00 18 18 19 « 30 33 Fence Wire 10 iand ui) uteady il tic lot- .f 1.13 gIUO . I (0 6(1.15 .» 80 (4 90 .. 55 (A 7» re oixo a a so si 9 re 19 a 33 (General 'Notices. lousiness Cams. potos. ©rcan Steamers. Sgc. LIST OF LETTERS. -UTTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED IN TIIE Poet Cdc*: at Chicago* State of XUlnoia. on tbs 9th day • f February. ia>7 CD" "To obtain any or these I-Uctj tbe applicant simtcall for • AnvxirmKO Lmits,* give tbe data of tbt* 11a*. *u * pay « ne cent for advertising. t3T •* 11 nm calico for wlthia oxx stormt, they vlll U.- .ent to tbe Bead Better Offlcc. * Ur •* Letters sre not aavcrtlaed until they have re* rutictd in be office one week, and on Frl lay* and Sal «r« aya letter* tubeadvertisedare In tbs band* of tbe Tratscnbue Clerks. “i. BIKVCI letter*plainlytotbeitreetandntxmbcr, aa veil a* the I'oet Offlceane State. “2. Ub AD teller* with Uie wnter*a Post Omosand State, mm and stmnxiv aUn them plainly with ftj: name, and request tbe anawera to t« directed ac* cortli-cly. ••better* to atrancen or trasaleot rlsltTi In a town addrru may be aneaows.aboold be marked, tn tbe lower left-hand comer, wltb the word •TiaaMent.’ *• i. I'lace the po*uce itamp on the ct?*b Einnr lU2»o cosxkfi,atid liatb space between the aump ay dltivlinn tar roer-jiAtEir.o wißisat Interfiling with U canting. a RtvIUEST for the RETURN of a letter to the wriur.irnnclalmed within thirty day* nr less, wi men or printed with the writer's same, Post Omca ana rTAT* acres* the Mt-hand end of the rarelope, on IL* face side, wIU be compiled wnn at tbs a*nal ore raid rale of penage. payable when the letter la dcllv. md if tbe wjltrr.—-tree. S 3. Law of ISS3." ■£Jf* Trie delivery of Letter* to any part ot the city can be mured by bavin; them aldrMsed ta tne street aid number. LADIES* LIST. Alien ULmlu Anderson J C mlai Allen Mary M mrs Andrews K a mrs Allen fr*mael mrs Abercrombie Analemlfj Aldncb Hiram mis Austin Rattle mlta Aikire Deiptane or Annie AtklLson£a*ieaiUa Baldwin S C nrt Bowes Bridget miss Byrne Isabella mlu Boyd Mattie miss Burdick Mary mra Boyd Ruth miss Batra Cksaie miu Boyden Lenars A mr* Baker caiat j Bracdoo M miss Babe) Bane A mn Brant Cu<l« miss Bailey Hiram mra Brady U mra luiuw In Nellie mlai Brannack Mary Ba'card User mra Bret WHtnra Harnarc M aiuia u mrs Brennan Mary mis* Barnes W Finn Britton Augusta Wmr* Barney J Paul mn Bryant J miM Uar&iy T I. mis hro;lts Id* ralsa lUmet Etta miss Broomfield Llliabeth mrs Darreltoti W &n Brn«c Andrew mn BsUs bsrah E mn Brunet Mani la mlu Bo^se 1 ! M Ja; mra Brown Mary Jsno mrs ' BvckWlih M J miss Brown Msrlha mlu IkTtrsm Mary mrs Brown Hattie mrs Illerman Rol«rt mn Brown Llew mn 81l Bias Ntiuu miss Brown Carrie A mn 111* ke J K mrs Brown Bardlnla P mn 3 H)J**Joelrora Buhls K A mn BlcniclllMymlss Bureheil Joseph on punneyMsrtbamlsi UurtonclaralJ IkHjth J H inUs Burton Louisa mlu UoncxiMlratO* mlu Bowie JU mra C Codr K"l» irlae Colbom Klhhs f] mu t allel 11-la mu Colman Mien mUi Carey Mary Cole Lewnlll nilw Carter Mart mis* ComaUKk Emmamlia Cati-enter J F nira Conley Kl'on Votfun Marr ii>)m Conn-irty Mary mra Cater Anna miaa Connell lUohard i&ra Ciiami r* Hat ah J mra CVuk J.ucy mra cbanitiirUu Maictna 1) C-wk rinf'iuraa mra mra r (‘ourrier KouHe mra Chamberlain Ann mu cou then Marla tt ra Chapn-ai Frank mra Corbel Tlnma* tnra Cbamiey William mra Couch C K miaa Clark Anna’mr* Cornrj) h M mra Clark Jcaonhtno nilaa Cordell Jennie mUi Ciatk Mart- U mra Crutrcr Catherine mra Clark Urliia mra cummUjia K mu* Clark Itorrai mu t'umilrutunm Hriiiint mlai cm»»J*ltiyn>l»* Corry j»rirt«» mm * ci)Ui(!al* Henry mra Ca»Ulo Mary A miaa Cherry nils* * Cavaaah mra Dated tTwKmn pevem Kate mra Dail-ns Naomi mra Dlckcnwn I) 11 mn Davit Fanny miaa Dlckcnum » C mra Dav Hon A J mra l)oo title Nelatnmrt J)uvl<i*en tarah tslsa Domner Mary J mn Dran Allan Dureainiarr mla DeanlMeoM IK>rcheat»T William II mu Ikon Flora miaa Downey Kill* J mill j)f»o JcnlcniH* Dunn William mra Ik-arnoir Jane s mu Unna MUabetb mra Derby Marla miaa Dyer Kl-ra mn DilcoyK-ienmua Dyer Mary mu Ut&nlaß tu Eaxtabrooka Ambroic mra Kmmerson Rnby u mlai Fame 9 mra Emcrt LUicy musj LldreO h J tun F*!it Mary A lulM Fooler Addle mlu Fali'i»an Lucinda ran toner UK rare Farrell Lslhcrino Freeman Frank mrj Fault AmaJa mro Frazell Fannie ran Failey Mary B tnrt i Fratwborongh (Ino W rare Farwcli Chariia ran French Charica Q ran Frr.nrrty A J mlsa FrDhle Annie V. mlu FUher Uxrte rare Froat Harlow mra Flntdcmn Amanda Fulton U A ran Fogg Mary mn Froat l.ue mra Gager Maggie Good Ann mlu Gate* Emma miss Gould A K mn GrfoUir.r Harriet mn Gordon Ndlllo mUI (itlitm Eliza mlu Grave* >* A tun Gllmort Wit* mlu 3 Gray Minnie miss Oiebcit C mr« Granger ikpjamia mra Glitoy Krtdrrt mil* firmer Mary rout Gideon Mary mlu Greene A U mn Glny»tit:r SMlIe n>n Grilling Emm* C nlu Glerson Margate! mil* Gulliver Isabel ran GocrtDo M A n r* Ouerney U U mn Godfrey Mattie C miss *lllcks Sarah miss HaleG w mn Halpen Wary mil* Hero Kmlla mlu lisle Rachael mis* llevnu Mary J rat** 3 Hageett Luitty ran Uickuy Jane F tnls* Danul’anula Amis* Hick £U mra Uan<w Elizabeth rota* Hill Joaio A mil* llama Emma 8 mlw Hill Annie B mu* Ilartupec Mary rot* UHger tm*a Hrrdlt Mary A tnlu Holms Lai mill Hartwe 1 Man E m'as ilohancler Lirrlc mils Hartwell Mollle miss Homer Alice C mlu U&nl* Hannah rota* Hop an Ellen mis* llarva Jentlo ror* Jlumliton Eugenia miss Hailed! Charles 8 mn 3 Horan Mattie mra Haskell Ratine C ran Hoaeb Lome mra Hanlon Eliza Howland barah J miss liavleyLacrmrs Howell Marlon roll* Hawley LU-oie miss Hughes Sarah ml«s Hay* Emma M mlu Undnott Marla W mra Haw '.ey Mary M mra Hurst Virginia H Hempa Sonba miss Hull Frederica B Bendilck Sarah L miss S Irish Atnle S locersoll Elite miss Irvine Lisle M mra Jar town Mary £ trUs Jarrli Mell«a mra James Catherine K rolls Jennings Catherine mn Jackson Eliza mra Jennings Joseph mra Jackson A B mrs Jones it E mm • Jackson Mattie mra Jonra Ids mlu Jackson Mollle rots* Jones Prank miss James Sadie A mUs Jonra Kate mra Jacob* Cary Johnson Brttu ml** Jarvis Anetta mis* Johnson Georgia Ann ora Knnpltzziemiss Kelley Elizabeth C mra Kcfkr Kate c>ra Kendall Mary mtas KtilhlLFmr* Rent Emmett mra Hole Elitrn mlu Remedv Louua Mmn Kelley Mary G miss Kenyon Nellie A mra Kelley Bridget mlu 3 Kenzls Juhttte a mra Kelley tut* Ladd Mary A mlu Lewis Alfred mra Lamar CS mra Leroy Aitco L»rkm Bertha mlu Uddy Annie mtts Landcn mra Etna Ada K mu* Lander U K mra Lockwood Hattie A mlu Emma Dsn Losey Cbrßtlnla tnlu Lawler Marta Lou Socrates mrs Lawr*ue» Jnlla mn LovcJoneN Leary ilviy A mlu Ladder Mary J mra Lec-oc F rora Lurd Sophia tnlu Lemmon T A mrs Lost Mari mlu Lemmon M mlu Lynsd Campbell mlu Le«: Anna mrs Lyon Mary A mrs Levitt W 8 mrs Lyon Ne lie mtai Leshay Maggie mn Lype Elizabeth Clark mra 31 MacblcJemlmamiu Merritt Laura mis* Mack £usan mlu Mercer Chabrcn mrs Magoonßßinra Miller Rate mn Mabuney C mn • Mitchell Mary a mrs 51&honty Uanuthmlsa Moll Lucy a>tta Mall* Luettda ora Morton Fannie B mra Manfon) H K mn Morris mn MannjnlitA Morse Fannie H mlu - Monahan Wcore mlu Morris Marie mrs Matth Richard rora Morse A M mrs Marshall Frank B mra Moore Hannah mra March Clata miss Moore Nellie mra Martin Alice B mra Myre 8 F mrs Martin Lydia mn Monger D F mrs Mason John mrs Munson KUzaucth D mra Mattox Fannie miss Molgueo ilary a mrs M*yo Ilenrletu J mra Murphy Eliza mn , Medway Lonliemra Me McCann Mary Jane McDonnell Hanora mitt McCarty Nellie mu* McGuire Sarah ml«a McCalia Mar} A tors McGowan Taylor mn McComar Lua mua Mclntyre Maide mill McCnstur Mary miss McLearMmltt UcConike'William mn WcLcaryi’atrkk mn McDonald ClirUty mUs McMstter Madge mitt McUaff Maege mn McPhellnmr* McFarland Came miss McKinley Lizzie min N Nash Me'istamn Nichols Cordell* C mlu NelthtCiarlrulamrs NippleMosell ran Neylon Ellen o-lss Norerore Rate miss Ncv«U lizzie U mra Noyes Cbailotte mlu Nichols Mary E min Norman Ellen mlaa O Odl« Evo'tne miss O’Brien Ellen U mn Oliver Eliza mlsa O’Connor Michael mra E ran O'Reele J H mra Owen* Addle mUs O'Dea mra O’Brien Caily misa Paddlcford Sadie K Perkin* Clara H mUa Pace bnian a mn Peter* Ann sn Palmer Mary I. mn Pctteraon Anne mtu l-aimer Flora D mr* Plnmroer Sarah mr* Palmer Flora mn Pnrce Anna mra Parrot Marr A ml** Prlree >eme mr* Park* P Don Pendents** KJoatnr* Panose Satan A tnr* Potnam E W mn Pntnam Cornell* mlu Panoos Mary J mr* Patton Mary D tar* Qnlsley Margaret ml** Rand S R cn Rtodaad U E an K*ri> Thomas an lUonUa tl C mra Raymond Fannie mUi Riley James on Ke«*u Tliom J mra Robe Ella miia Rcnnick Loolsamlss Roach Mbit E mrf Keynotes Lumen* mrf Rockwell Unit mrf Reynold* Jennie ™ua Roloaoa Boas mlaa Reed l) iter mr« Bnyena Mary mra RcedAßmrs ItozeUe Battle mlaa Richardson Melrlna E mra Ryders Charlotte art Richards Antic tal*a Kyaa Uirearet miss Klehmao H am Byaa Catacrine mill .Richaids Marlon D ml** # Savage .T'Mphmn svanaoa Anne mlu sargent Ella A mitt bynon Hanaab mn Sar.furrt vtj-n, Frmi mn Smith Belt tain S •bootlitrd i'bebe mn smith Ante mut) Scdcsborr u*rr mn Smith J A mn SpcenJmiamn smith CUzamn Sl«*rry ilattic m 1«« Smith Emil; A mn Harriet Won smith Kmn buck GolUbnl mn Smith Sylvia mlu Stanley Anna mlu smith Lime mIU btasduc Mflvloamlu Smith Thom Finn St. John M L miu Smith Marcus W mn StfVirtHAmn Smith Mary D huh StevartFCmn Snyder mn Mcvm KitQe D mlu stvate Harriet on Steven* JKtiA mn Slaughter Mary mn Steven* Henry mn BeoUma EUeo mlu blcvt&t >eally miu Scott France* U mlu Stephens Frances um Scott ElUa mlu stoVrelt Belle UL SeymourNellle mlu Sieve LC mn ShonpMarymn stove Eieoanora J mlu bbaftr Btomn SU bc Truman mn Shannon sa'en mn blooe fnuua J mlu sbeahon Mlcbaei mn Btorr J T mn Sharp Emma A mn Stones C mn bellies JeimieM STanierJotn mn SboreEmluS Stnms Macdc min Sheridan Geo A mn stovell liar; 11 bus Sblngle Fraocii mlu fctyicr Catharine u.n Sheehan Mary nuM Snlttvao Elizabeth mlu Seymour Lizzie Sullivan Mar; A mn Slake; Nei.le mn Selnvas Het*a mlu sircon b uhodt mlu Sntnmen Lottie mu* bbarp Sarah mn Swjtttn Vt J mn Talbot Joseph mr» Towner BWinrs Terry J U mr« Tnrftnt Carrie mla* Vhnnton Dtasa era Tradwdl G a tan innpper Enunamra Turnbull Ann min Thunns Anru»tami»s Tunc* Alice min Tfionpcoa JencT A tart Tamer Samuel 8 sir* Thompson Hattie bus 3 Toler Kate on Tbomp*< a Minto am Tw iter KUza milts To* ne Belle K miss TyanUary Tomlinson Delight tan Underwood Lacy ambus Codex till Ana am V Van Brunt Sarah S ton Vanhorn Net miss Van Vrankcn Haggle talaa Value Msllie suae W Walter C Rmrs Wilder Kettle M mn Wall Margaret am WUktostn Wttoer out w allace k. on Willard Mary B Wallace Ella winchester L A an »i||iw;c o.w* nitftunwt u a Waltlnetonl M mrt winters Frank art Ware « a mrt WURam> Lizzie mra Washington Ainea WUilaiS M J oW Wen Jttmttt tars Wymaa mrs Well* M ary mra w oodbary Frances miss WtherU t A mra VoowanfOeoßmra Wotcvtt Una mlas Worthier Satn'i urn Walsh Aune als* Wooleolt Annie mra Whitten J anemias Woodbary Maria nut While Juba mSaa VoolooitM A mrt WfcitceT O C mra w ©liver Henrietta mi* W hite Edith L MIM Wylie Jam** mrs White Marie lira Wyant Sarah mra WUomanHmr* Wright Jennie ml*t WUUe Hnldah miss. Yager Mary U Initials. WI ECSmrs3 Maud Miss t HHnIM Croquette A loeberg QarabeUmtta CBNTLESXBK'd LIST. AbbeyFK AlleaE A - Armstrong BcnJa- Abbott B F AllhcuH ._ , .win Ackers * Cssey Amttrote JD L Arthur A L Ackley Geo S Amea Edward I Aah Miller Adatr cr William Ambrose nr J E Atkinson, Knight it Andenon H kco AdaznsAMllcr Anoersoojoha AiwaterJohnL Adams Ebe&L Anderson Adam CAUChmoody HI- Adams C L Andrews S B ram.. . __ Adler SG Andrews Ft AughiabaughWUl Attcbison Wtnjr AsdiewsMartla L Airer B F Antler Tbos Aarur J B Alfred J R . AnplebyGE Aafibroot Kcb- Alexander CbarlriAmour James tr ard . Ami A Boyle W Auittn Fred ,Aii»n AUADder A Ayers Cyrus B Babbitt DS BaisonEJ BrittlS BaDbinWaM Benton Geo W Briloa.tohn _ Mine ck E t- Benlley Hiram F B-oomall Geo D fJcouHßct Berry Jehu S BrophyUF TrtoccfLVa BertrandF A Brown-Fernando uliler Jotm i Plowed AFanreUßrown Edward tu‘i-t Edwail B BioweU A B Brown David itAker M u DieserAiex Br.wa M M nttfr Wm iniow Robert L Broiru Wm M A Balch Frank Blnm B M co Baldwin s.«mofl Bingham JnsQ Crown ft Tho np- Badwm Silas D BlrrhartJL con Us'dwinJ O liunop U 11 Drowacll Oka* T Baldwin I. J Clack Cbos gen Bmwn'ncßC Dalowß J Lftc*Blac* OH Browning A MU- Bamford JaaT ► IscvallAA bam Brush Davi T Blackman O Bancroft C W PUiUI I*-\. 1* ;>MMIUIUU |>CUJ UU«I I * Haim'S tbarlta BUiHc Atdrew Bryan Wjb H Btoktmr Blstn Ctasuncey Bachanai Joha HantiaJ L BlakrncrJM Buck L 4 A Dart s.WhltchotucUloo. Ja» a Bncldoel am H w«* u uacMJii ».ii ,* ibiaWm BnclncyDF BntcdcrTJ Rickimaiter Sor It'DdEE ace &co _ Barney J W Baraet Walter If I. KO , Barrett J< nuW U.mlG A Bulkier RQ Barrett JO aaauTh-d BaltULllccpt Barrett Geo DJ Boom«r L B Balla.MChar.ce or Barrow* & Sage 3 Boon D T wile I Barry OatM Dooiam Barney Bnnsy tleury eapt Batcntlder lirad Booth s Donnell IIJ U Booth Gas Cham- Banning Benja- Batei, Blymca & ley min CO Bo.'tonGeo BardsaUßQ&co Ratca Vm Uotburoyd John Bark if GatcaGranTlUe Doocnjuaepb c«pt3arfcbard J W Baxter T MarvhaUDonler Michael nnr:tDe*me B HaylleJG Bowden ft Com* Bum'it Stephen BatUiEbtn mlnot Bent Frank w Bean Ell Bower* ft co Borrow* Charlie S *eardsley A M Bswen Wm Barton Cl* leckerJ W Bowen D V tee 3 Barton Henry Hecket Isaac Drawer I. Barton Nathan J 2 Beckley E B bow ter Wm Bart* R D Becamitb 11 Bowman Oea W Hash Lorenzo D Beckwith C O liiwnuu GW P 3 Hash U R Bcccworth ftbonißoyden Gee D noshne'l Elmsr Bedell Nelson Boyer D K Duller S J Bee bo OPT Hoyt ton □ G Boiler P C Beckman Alotro Brack Wm A Butler C W Belcher Geo A- DradiogLM Dntler John Henry Be<cber H Bradley T 8 Bntncr p BeldinT bralnerd Ezra L Butterfield JohnC Bell ft Joabtia Bralnerd J A Boys T A BtpedlctOU Brewer Enoch 3 BauPartd Densen Patrick BngrsMS Brooking* DJ Bennett Barton S Brigham WUIle Cadwell Horace CbeaborooghSom-Conroy SI Cad* F w ter Converse Toung CalbmnFCS Childs AS AQvdo ’ Camcrcn Allen B Childs M W Conns Albert H CamrbvbGcorsi.HClu&n Scott Cook Charles J Campbell HIT Chip John Cook KlhottL Campbcil Robert Choyce John Cook John Campbeil Ufliib CbrutonJmsa Cook William A Campion W n Cborcb Elward Cox ft co Timothy C aney Thomas CoomerWS Cannonß-bert ClsppHenry OouCU CatdenJ'hn ClarcKrtwardF Cope Adam Cardy Charles Clark UM Corbin U-mry C C*r< y P 3 Clark 11 E rapt Carley Harvey Clark John 3 Corwin Tho*C CaruilcfJtoA Clark Wm U Coiatlo Patrick CartwnterLN B ClarkMC CottonEiward Can erter 11W Clark lb>l*rrt conahlla John Carpmtcr Jcslah Clarks ft WUletsT Coornwn jamea Carptnier A A 3 Clark ft Foung 9 Cover »*m H Carpettcr ft co T Cia«sen.lSftco CotJ-ihn Larr Marina cunooUll Cox Emmons Cartoll C U Clement Wm 11 Coyle Patrick Carroll Oliver W C.cmrnl* ittcrvan Craig 11 A Carrolat Philip CroOiot ft co Crandall J E Cstswcll L It ClUser Wm Crandal J a Csrtcrftbm Wo»sooJohnS <?r*wn>rd Hiram CartwrlßhiliaafJCljmer Jchn SI Coelkln Patrick CarvnrEb rev 3 Cres«wellLC Cary Horace Coals J U CTUIp John Casctur CobhJ Clirlsloi tier Bd Casey ixwls K Cohb Andrews ft Cromle Abr Cash'-n James . .. Cromwell HU Cavanaugh ft Coffin ft Hubbard Cfomell Arthur Pecker CoDwrn Ahrsm it Crosby u a Cavanaugh Ml* Colby Knock 3 Cross Jiitm carry I'slrkt Colo C» CrowlrCha* Cay E ColeThomoa CrowUiet O (1 ihadwlckK.l Cote Harris. . Croxler llo&t Chah Mlci.nfi Coleman ft Jcnc* ermn Casper C Chambers lletbcrt son „ t cammlugsGoargn o Coiumer Charles a ■ Chambers Hole-it Co vlb Albert OuniilkeyWlUlsU Champion PC Cclvinjamci J rumpUnOW CumiusUlHr. Curtler\n Chaplti Kdwto Commons wll cunts Wm C Cliaptnau I. F ibml'll WUUahl Cull-r K P ChatUMort L Contun John Cutting Otto 8 Cherry AUx Connell John >mbiTll IWtflwoii II I* Dorman A'mnt lauliD Lnnli Ueveniwck lieu* Doracy Allen unlela J F t)'L 11 IfcniKKl Jut.ii larlltg Loren Devrna Hugh Dougherty Abram raacy D>n UowetJD M lattyJobn Dewey JWT Dorrnbnrgli U latloaon CharlnDewar A llroi DonslaaaD latlaDrJohn DcWolU* J Downs Michael Darla Thuma* Dexter Ur R WW A O Darla T'l Dick* A Kemper DrUcollWm larisonjilm Doaneß Oiitnoml Leo It* Major Uqi flDodge li C Duncan Joseph lean Harter Dodge Fred Hannan in d T C lease John L Doherty i'atrlck Dunlin John A leglle Kitre A CoDolg Andrew IDunlanOH Dig ting Cuarlcx DolunJam*-* Dntm Nlclnla* DcOolserWllliamDomlnlcJc J Dtmo Font Anglia- DetiicliOvorge Denthoe Thorns* ins A Del*' oHH A , . , Durant It E Drlott T il DonaghneJohn JrDurfee Andrew a DcnaaderX L Donnelly Deter Du«on’jorr K Dcklnnu prof II ADoollllle N J Datcb*r George S Denneley WllhamDoraa Joseph Dit tit Ueorge Dcunia 'lboma* Wliore 9 C . Uyckman fifaeit Dcpuy A M EarlOO Edgwewotlh Boa*En«r*oa Lyman KarleJnofl • „t*enM _ W Earl it co dr Edmond Ocorcts F.ramonallF Eaton Jolm Kodovea Joua Engle Much Kber Earner Edwards H cento Enwrlsat I’atrlck Eddy UlTMt* D EtrtndKi' Edward Kit'lvA Kddjr WiUnm KlMollCb»»T KvanaCUarlM EdnrWJ Mil* John CC Erane Edward Edaertoa L KUiwn go . Kvomt it wdr Elpine Dick Ewing Frank Farmer, Fox fs ro FUh George M Foster Hugh Farnham EdwlnU Fish Fcler Fokler It u Farcum J P Fi.»her Henry Fountain Wm S Farrar John M Fi*her &co 0 K Fountain Tin uias Farrell W F Fisk B I) Fou Martin H Favor C li Filch Elmer J Francis John W Fuwrclfc W L Fitzgeraid H Frame .Mr Faxon WmL Fitzpatrick JamesFraakllnJohn J Fay Charles Fitzsimmons Bar* Fyantoln George E FcnsomJoUn tnolomew Fra*er Janie* Ferguson J Flags Caasander Free A son Ei‘ L Femra A D Flaoagaa Patrick Freeman £ £ Field Samuel U Flether Henry U French Geo K Field* 8 C Flood £ F French C’liarl-w Field U b Flynn John Frost Benjamin W Field* George 2 Fogg J L Frye, Ptdppet c Field George FootcJohn ro Finn Martin Forbes LP Fuller KD Finnegan J£ Ford John T Farucr U J Mt>ncr»n WT/iamForsi Ch A Patti* Flnualano James too 9 G«ge Richard Glllespec Antonie Graham Stephen Games Asa Gilman it F dr deary GalUgher John Gilmore .Th&rop- Graham John Ai- QallowayJa* _»oa fted Ganccti Edward Gilmer Wm Granger A W Gano Aaron P Gilmer W P Gray Ul. Gardiner G U Gilmore Albert Gray David Ban. OarcnerJotn Gilson Joseph GameonAti Gittlns Thomas Grcua Frank T Oates Frederick Gleeson Dennis Green; Jonas rev Gate* A co GlresoaAC GrrgorCD Gaven John Cobey BM Gregory John II GccrClias tiodirey Anpletontirtggi John W ' GenncUJ Godfrey JJr Gnswold Newton CcumgGW Golorloe w A OroffaaiOliver J George Thos Gomersall D cap; Olbbuft Martin Gordon W Gtoivenor Oliver Gibbons Wm Gondle Jaa Grow Daniel D Gibson Thomas Gow A M orurably Geo N Gibberl Frank Graham Geoo GumacrCL Glle U U Graham bltnon P Gunell John Gliie»pee S W Ulckley P Haven Aaron bonHolden H W HackceyQCS Hawke*bW Holden James* Haiuca Pcarbon Hawley A P Holden & Harlan Dale Edwin M Hawtin Walter Ho.dsworthJJ prof HayesJoun Holensbade John Haley George A Hay* FPA co master , Haley Jaa Hay* John Holme* J dr Ha I Geo O Haynes KP Holmes J U Hall William Hayward HenryQHolmea O R HalllnanPatrick HeilandJolm HonelJO Ha'phlnJohn Heilman J U HoodWJ HameU Alfred Helms bamnel S Hooper R& H M Hammond G H Hemp»te*d Proa- Hopkins Henry 4 Hammond E per P UopMtu Euward Han an Alfred Hcnceberry Edw Hopkins P F lUaey R Aco Henry James Hopkins A Spen- Uautßh K&A Henson O.lver «r Ilaukloson F U Herbert l*atrlck Hopkloson Chu Hanson F 8 Hewitt C 8 Ujpklnsoa & co_ Hanson F HcyJosenhll Houper JeromeW U*uaon Charles Hlubea Ed Horan Michael HanverEddlel. Hickey Maurice Horton DeWitt Herbert O Hick* W W Homlna L HardcasUeTboa Hlels Martin Hovir John R Harding J Higgins bro# Howard N M * co Harding Stephen Higgins John Howard Wm W B Blsgina Wm B Howard Cha* HardaonGeo HiumnsChasW BoweJW HarklnaW HlggensonG F i HoweTho*J Hamden(iiasA HigntGua HowellJb Harvey J E HlikenaNicholas Hubbard Wmtolt Harvey Joshua Hill Ll* Hubbard J M Harper Abraham Hill Jacob HunnardLewelleo UanUAJdr Ulll Kraitoa Q Hudson llama G H Hill rbomaa UumphreriUe T L Harris j C 3 Hill Andrew Hunt Bdr 2 , HartJ HlldetbrasAD Hunt Cutler A 3 HartJP mill Norman 3 Huntoon W F Harts L 3 Hinckley Frank HsrlnntNL Harvey 8 Enos mtcbcock M V Hussey Albert HasemneJasK Hitchcock Luke Huaterlaaac H HasardJohnKG UltchenaED HulchlnaonJona* llaatioga Wm C Hobrin Hrnry A Hulchlnaon r HuUdciWU Hogan Peter llvwklna B t Hatch Geo Hoagmsan Cha* Hill Alfred £ Hatch Jam** M UogleAlexM J„ Hathaway W E Hoffman hro* Hopkins Wm Q Hatheway A Holden Gee Iverson Edward Ives John Jackson Wm Johnson William Johnston A 8 Jackson W s Johnson Wn T Johnston John It Jacobs John Johnson TF JoneeChasF James BJnton Johnson D W Jones F W James JohnS Jobn>on Wj Jones JD James Chaa Johnson W F Jones Thomas Jameyfield John Johnson John F Jones Lute Alrln Johnson Bros Jones T w janolocsA Johnson JJ Jones PG jenkmson Dadd Johnson K W JonesUEcco TV Johnson OFT JordanQeoJ JenksGeoA Johnson FP* Joy A Emerson .lenka A T Johns toDHlchxQ an Jadee John Jennins* John B Aco Julies HJ Kearney Pmtrlrfc Kelly John Kimberley Geo S Kearney ETdr Kelly Wtnl KlneCß KteeuWnS Kelly Michael KlnyJO „ Keeler bbnble BJ Kelly nr Klns»bnry Calvin Keenan Patrick KeUey Jerome Klnkey Edward Keetan Wilson T Kemp Beaty Rtanemacl 1) L Kell Cb** Kenny Michael cant _ „ Kcita W H Kent (tears L Kiraiaad F S RellotcPVAco KentSldney Klm A Burner Kellogg HP Kecjcnmr Kitchen Uanl Kellogg Geo M D Klnrle J M Knapp oyrne Kellogg EB KeitlestnneJ Knight A Glllett Kelly Fraud* KUloosb Tbooaa Knowltonßarry Kelly Samuel Kimball Q J Laldlaw Tboa TT Lawaon John Linen William Lamb H Q Lawttef J E Unit K LambtrtWm LeßorrowJ Sdr Lister Joieptt t Lamoa ft Chapin Lee Martin Little Aloerts Lsndon Wllilnt- LeetVm B LU’leJobnß f>>rd ft Co Lee ft Shepherd Little ft Cnrrle LaoaJcKpbS Lee ft Howard Llrlncaton John Laneßß LejntUt ChaaT . UoydUß laturUoser LtmaoEd Loomis J O Laogtord S Lemen Edward It Long Abral am LasclasdK Lemmon G*oD Long Henry Lanier J Spear dr Leonard J) ft M G Laid Noah Lanuman Perry Leroy A Lorlog D A LaphamP Leroy Michael Loveweii George I-arraway Henry Leslie L Harper Low Charles Laraon Lewla if Lealle James C Luawic J Weiley LalhropDdr Lewie Chat Lombard Frank Lawrence Jame* Lewis Henry Londe Lewis B W Lewis Geo H Lyman Geo S Lawrence E 0 1/fwis ft w Lyrco ailctael Lawrence ft LeyaPDdr LyUeThomasftco Crompton Libber ThotnaaL Mabry William MethanPß Moore 9 C Mackey Thoa MelsonOW Moore* Clark Magbao Edward Mercer Will Moran Thoa * Magoffin Bcrlah Menlttp Q ' Morgan Newt boa Measlngcr Chaa Morgan D K MaberGeoH MetzgarChaai, Morgan Thomas Maloney Darld MetaaarChas Morgan T Maloy Patrick MUr* Harry Morgan Jaa Manlgold Chaa L Millard N rt M-rcan M U prof Manirgton jcaephMllardD W Morgan Lawrence Manafleid C U Mlllemann Daniel Morlar Hoht _ MorreV Jaa A limb M *co Miller Charley F MorreilJotmFS Mvah CbaaT Miller Chaa Morrell John Marab Sylvester Miller H K rev Morris IV i r Maraton Geo w Miller Jobnt Morris L Markley AosUnßMlllcrWmU MorrU Geo Marks Enoch Mills John Morris J _ Mamn J H Mill* js * brot Uorriaon Frank Martin J C Miner Beniamin Mom R L Martin r S Miner Wm Mott Houses Martin JD Mub Jas MnlrJohney Mason ED Mitchell Jotl&h Mairhead Hm Mason* Cady Mitchell Wm AdrMulligan Mat bon Mason * ton Mitchell Leri D Monce Chaa a MaiberP Mitchell U W . Monger TW UiUtNnWmS Mixer* Wyman Murphy MJ Matblna Michael Mohan P 3 Morphy David Mathews 4a*F Monroe A Morphy Tboataa i Mathewa UB MontgomeryHen-MurphyJohn M Mathewaon A> tt _ Murray WmJ lb nr m d Moody Chat S Moeselman * I Matteton EL Moody Charley Woodward 1 Maxwell EG Moore U C urof 3 Myers Geo C I Mayo Geo G M ore Sami C ilyen Henry Ueaehflotacc Moure Alrln Miser Bosh McanyP McAnlsy Jthn McDonald Wm n McK'rrow WIN McAuJUh Robert McDonald etas llttn McCabeTtneacrtMcDonnellJames McKUtnck Jo* MeCailm Wm M Mcfclroy Eolon Ljmaa McCarthy J J Mcßlwala GecrgeMeLean John D McCarty VimethyMcEnlle Mr Mctellao Wei W McCaaley DatleJ McFariane Hugh McLanen P McAlveae Fell* MeFee James McMahon Wm K McComberHarry McGrauth Patrick McManus Tho*3 McCormick O McGraw Andrew MrMaans Patrick McCrahlejohn McGee Thoa McMorrey John McCulloch C G McGinnis P P HeMol ea Wm McDonald Al- MeGregory P McMullen DS bertJ McGuire 4 Smith McMullen Darid McDonald Cor- McGuire Joseph McNamaraJames tieUus McHaleJohnr Mcßae Samuel McDonnell Ahr McKarry n HcSwyneT C G Jackton McKcser John McWada John Nathan Geo Kellis Francis O Norris JB Nathan O Nelson Geo W Norton HO Nanchtoa J&s 3 Nei«aWm Norton S N Nacle James Newman TmenceKortoo N Neal Tboa J Cap* Nlchola G W Koyea Geo M Stall* John Nlcid Reuben. Nucnelee A G Near ESA Co Noble JP NyoMonlUer Neil Daliltl O’BricnLawrcuccO&klsyM tct Orville Samuel a O'CallachaaJotmodcti Samuel Osgood Wm M \ro OlcottJaaß * Orenuyer Amos O'Connell John Olda Barry Orertou J M O'DonseUßlchardOtlTer wilbame Owens Samuel O'Malta Mr Ormsbr M M Owen Jfha A - O'NlelJasS Orr S E OsbsrnJas Packardtsaact Paul SIW FUlshutT A-Ket- PaceSelden espt PawlinJohn tlftoat PaseOJ Payne Robert t Pinkerton, Colmaa Paliey Ozlas Pays* A Wood- Aco Paine CNcapt man _ . , PlrmerEY Palmer W D PearscnFredcridtPodoH o Palmer Jtstua W W Pomeroy H W Palmer O Tracer Pease Bory t Fonilpee Pat I'alord. Pick &co Pe-sc John F. Pgrter P Parker Cyrus A Pickup George Porwta Robert ! Parker Daniel W PerSiss Broa Post J W p«rktr Sidney Perkins Joseph A Potted M L Parker L P „cani powers Rodger Parker M H Perry Eben Powers All. Parker Blm Pesos (JUr PrariGcorrsH Kirkburst Alton Petcrktn James- Prebbte TTHIC Parkinson James Peters F w Prescott AS_ Paraen* Charles Pe-.tlboue John proton C»eo H ranrldce&'rankPhelpsCbarlesWSprestou Arcry R pasaatant W APUilifrn John dr nr Phi lipa Frank X Price I«aac I auerwßhtcpbct Phillips Geo 8 . price JW Suteu Alvin A I'lckettJno Pride Acs ktum P H col PiCxco L«tl L Pnztes E Patton wtnw pttrceLL Poriagton Fred U Patton John K ITcrveMal Q I QulU* U f Quinn Frank R Hare Jss A Richard* David BoasaanJVß HittJW Richards D Roster Terrence , Uadtefl John Richardson 0 9 KoaeaWm i Fa/rh Michael Richardson FroukHoands tiaorse * KamsbottcmJafoes O • Round* W React RerChaall Bichardaonß Royanae Edmund lav Lewis * Richmond S W Rome FFft co 1 Read John Rider Oeo H Rush BarrvJ Bead Rob rt B P Ktcooot Samuel Ka hmore mr Heed Tlmma* Rlri U L Rnmscy Martha! ; Reed Horae Roach M ft co K t cardoa J‘ ha llo*crt*oa Wa S Rowell RJ . ; Reave* T J Kitvcruon J Russell W p L Regan Dcnnts UoMusonJas PowclHC Recchanjas Robinson □ M Rnthertbrd Albert Rcoo* S K Robinson B Ruth-r Joseph , Keen* ft Crafts Koblasoo J 8 Ryan Fame* ! Hay Cbas E Robinson ft Rice Ryan Daniel * Reynold* John MKochs Leon J RyanE liezoor W D Bodg-r* s*ml Ryan Jsaee Rhodes Jas if K<gcra Barry Ryan wo Rhodes c D Root U S Rya» Michael , RUeR Knot* Barhonr Ry*n Mathew i Rice Cbas* Bose Wm II Rickman Come- ; Rice Chas L C F lias IHce Bcnjamta Ko*«alcx Riqc* V Francis Richards is luN*l»uuvsa Sabin CC W ftcobmlth Jasß StoscLJß Sajjord Ovary O Bn ith Frank B statord Jllft eo Salford C B Smuh Joatab Stalfo d Nutaraa Ssceß SmttbJobnW* star ley Wll Sammcod P W Smith John P sianton .T M bampie Roderick Smith Jos Stanton Timothy K.mptni. it J smith Jos O Marks M SavagcOeqH Smith FM SUlierßftßroa Eavace Jas o Smith samnel stearins Theodore savacc WhumorcSmtibTnos U Scammoo Cfca* T Smith tieo P Stcsrts John Scott M Smith C»l3*rtE fitephoas John ft Scott Tbos Smith Geo B _ cj __ Scully Charles Smith Sylvester EStepheas GlUha Scary W E Smith <4co Stephenson u A beats Dean 8 Smlih Tho* K Sl-rllncJas D Scars GW Smith Richard* btevens Henry Beaver FA* Smith Dudley Stevens Geo 0 Seeley S M Smith Anthony TVstercns Q II Sevenoke Prank Smith Benjamin JSterena Frank Sealer Vm Smith Tbcs Jea-stcvess 8 E ShaterCU kina Stevens. Van Dyke bbsinßooy Salih Michael ft co Bramree Joseph Smith Uft co Stevens. Ooydvn Shaw A K SmltbTSftSons ftco Scaw Wm Steel Smith VTm Stevenson J M shay IVm Bmythe won Stevenson Jf U BbajnCC SoapleMlke Steward John It Sheppard Joseph Snider Wm Ht-w»nl Oeo Shepnerd \\ Jay Snow P W St George Nelson Sheridan Q SnoweJaa II . Shelton C A Soyrtcr ll rev Stickler Oeo Micckansy Wm border CadwaUa-sticsncy M s Shorn s *lrr 0 btun*on Fred J , BhotutlarryU Sollitt Frank stnkeatVJ sickl'BKirbanl SomhaM.i U dr Sill Ull M SoDthant Macy stone A J bliiby Lewis Sower Cut* St-mo Horatio B Bimniona a U SpailoM Jos sumt Henry C birrs 11A spear Oscar* btrawn laa Simeon W J SpmldlngTho* It strung Geo IF; Sinclair Jcierh V spdleecy John Strother G C Skinner Wm 3 BtnnctyChaaT ntaart Samuel J skinner Char.e i Spencer J W Hartley Wm Sloan A K Spirit Enceno A sjmmrrfield Ja* SUcmn J sprait 11W swallow Orlaada siiiallv win ... Si ah an Roderick s»aniyj . snuflMotrlll W ttaci Wm swectiaod J W smith Martin Ta'lGVroTAraai-ThoitiM Frank Tranp Angnitui ter capt Trliuv* John Taller fb m 11 Thoiua* Sidney 9 Tripp Wm U Tatum J«l»u C Thompson J silt-Trudeau C&u Th) rr J w 9 „ more ftf ... ftieker u Tail'd Rcld John Tlimnuson LUftrnTuekrr W* II lay or* Alio Tlmmpsuii l Her lull* Ui*rle* K Tailor WadvrMilhousun lUiuul Tiinuiull T a’yrr J»hu W T lioni Kll Turner Jacob Tailor John Tuurstoii Wm W Tumor A lift CO Tailor h C Tiwinian * Walk* rTunur mrs Tailor ( hailca N TiintdmJ J Turner U H Trimr Llt ur TUnmon* W’m * lurer Austin 11 Terrill WTiHe h Toil ert btepium TurpivJames TbaVtr.MlrnJ Touilius‘•Mu K TaaDaTni-oD Tbaycrbamuvl A Tomkins W rav Twiggllngh Thh'Uin A To. kerW lllUm T Patrick Thtrsti Freeman Townley llobt F Tyrrell Thomas 1 Mrsli T) omaa TownsendChsrlrsl'rotl John Thomas Jolt. SI Towtuezd Juba i* r Upbara Addlton C T’rtfU Calvin Underwood Cochrane A co VasehockA FmlihVan Blrka Isaac BValcntlno Lawton VaaltorenCH XmVltet Jam*# B , „ Van drr BocarlVaa Wagencn WAautlnJF David U VatmhanUC Van de car Israel Van Wagner W Wlalrev James VtmJrroi s Van Zaodi Jacob Voojht Edward Van Mops John Wager Milo Well* n O Wilkins K D 8 Wagoner Henry .Well* Hubbard Willard A Has* WMie 11J Wtrlle Georg** A . ar.t WakemauMC AVndcyJobu U William* Henry Wnkrmac John AYeiley W C William* John It AVa brldge M M Wootun Nathan William* Joseph Wallace John Wulworih John William# Wm AVaHsreA UapplieU’hmtoo #«rgtWimam# Thomas W»llcr Warmt Wellington 3 N. • „ Edwin Wheeirr Hot H William# Robert Waiker A It Wheeler both If A Waiker Luca# P Wietltr Frodar* Williamson Ed* Walker.) F lek w*ro C AVaiker Theodore WteelerWm W WllsunAeoJll Walker baladln A'Vhocler William WHaon A Ca<ly Walk’i.rL* ivr.ealer Jam» Wllay# Anguftna Walker ChrUtO’Whlddcn JN 4 WiU'm Frank W rher • Whipple A Wlt*WH#an eapt Ly* AValiupAß ham# man Walkup il U While Wm WUtonEdTI WaMiJchnß AVMieChaiE Wllwa Wilfred Walter toward While Frederick IVlot-cbarg WIN Wampler« K White «eo U Ham Warner Edwin White b H Wine 4 fitebbln# Warner i» L White FW Winkler Daniel Warner Wilbtxr White Edward F WtnopD.iulel AVarn*r L K White Ur CbnrlealVln*! jw J Warrem capUchtWhile A 8 Win Hon GT _ Waterhouee Ilar*WhlleOeoA WdcoltrerJJ per C White A Nelson Wolehen C W atkltu Ucbert Whitley John 1111 o olio iialph WatalnaLD W'nlllngJohn L WolfeJolm WatrousC Whiting Wm U WctilncenWmO Way man Ssmncl Whittle I) W Wood C! C WaymouthltW* Whitley lliotna# Wood.FS Weob brntry Whitney WmC Wood Jam*-# II Wtbbtcp Wlckea WiUlamAVood Walter W AVebb, Watson A B 3 AVood# dr Ueuben co Wlcclna, DradfbrdWnoley or Webster 4 co 4 co Word Oornclln# WcckolyKJ Wikks4co Woru,Na*h 4co Weed Geo B WllcoxWmßJ Wright J II WelnekAdam Wilcox I’C AVrlßhtAVm AVelchUU ATlldc George W AVnghtGcvL AVelrb C C . AVllder Ijrmon C Wright Horatio AVetles George P AVllder L Q AVrlght P Well# George L Wilkins Frank B Wyman Gilbert Tales Jerome Yeung Becj J rouujr Newton Zofcltjj {Ulscelfanconi. AM A fclders of the Church o( A h llbwe, machine agent Chmt Alpha Franklin Chemical Works AgentcflhcOmitWeslern HUE Silver Masnfkctonsp M B Company M F Agent of the Chicago Cot* MM ton Mills Morton American Tubular Well Ko. 113 South Clark street Ccmpajir Ortoa Bo* ISO Pallor or Clerk of thoFlnt BoxISSZ CTirtiHia Church Uik-ato Specimen Pajmuier U 8 Army Commercial Borsl&c Oil Plixnm Co Prodocen’ Bank 'leacber T G Drawer ©7O Editor Democrat Union Banner Union Leather Tannery 77 Madison street Editor Herald Editor Me Bulletin Editor Literary Messenstr Eoltor CbtliUau Herald HOIiLANUSnE BRIEF. From January 27th till February 3d. 50—Georcc D Boos 1 53—Plc*cr Rltaema 31— Anna* G atoimpd 31— Deerke Veldmaa 32 J acob O DeTurck I —OQlco open from tho Ist of April to the let ol No vember, Pom'am. Ull 73. p. m.;- from November Ist, to Apni Ut, Cora Ba. ra-Uil Ip. m. Tne vestibule will remain open nntll 9 o’clock p. tn. On Sundays from SX a. m. tilllo a. m. A. H. GILMORE. U. M. Special Notices. Dr* Jamesf Formerly of James’ Lock Hospital, Custom QonseeL, Xew Orleans, cores SrxnriATOxuuEa with an Infalli ble method, taring time and expense. Impotence, canted from spermatorrhea or loss of semen. This debility Or. James will obligate blmsell, la erery case, to care, restoring fall vigor and power to the debili tated organs. Syphilis, either entailed or hereditary—this terrible poison eCectoally eradicated trom the system without aid of Mercury, lodide PoussU, or any poison, bat wlibaXEtnßALizxa,a poerm* cuss tor thlt much to-be dreaded disease. Dr. James office and parlors are al9l and 93 Ran dolph-iU, comer ot Dsart»rn<t., nearly opposite his old office, Chicago, 111. Separate rooms, and all'con sultatlons confidential. Office hours from 9 o’clock la the moruln£tUl 8 at night. P. O. Box 696. Chicago, 111. Dr. Thomson, Proprietor of the Medical and Sorftcal Institute, 178 South Clirk-su, bas treated all terms of venereal dis ease wltb unprecedented sucscsr lor nearly forty yean, hpermatorrbsa and impotence treated with the nappt* estreenits. Particulars of the Institute and theunlde mailed tree to any address. P. O. Box 72, Chicago, Illinois. Confidential Consultations. Or. Louis Sanger, No. S 9 KaaJolbb-SL, treats all Icrms of Private and Seem Diseases lb both sexes, «Kh the meet brilliant success. Lecture oa the pre vention of offspring seat to any address lor SO cents. A I*o. hie Female Remedies are certain in a'l cases. WClceboor»frocalOa.m. P.0.80xg573. The Only Medicine In the World That ts warranted a Sure and i nfect Cure for all kinds of FILES. LCPBO9T, BCBOFDLAj, BALT RUEUU. and all Disorders of the Ski-. Is FOWLICB PILE AND UtJMOU CUBE. Buy of none whodn not refund the money In every east of failure, for internal and ex ternal use. No failure for right yean In File*or Hu mors. 91.00 a Dottle. Sold every where. Dr. Bigelow, Having the confidence of the public and the tnMlcal facility at large. Is the most reliable physician In the cltv for chronic nervous and sexual diseases. Call at his office, 179 booth oiark-st.. corner of Monroe. Booms separate. Consultation free. P. O. Box 151. {lll guide to health, pabiUbed mosthiy, scat fine to any address. TbeGorham Manmuctnrlnsf Company, Silversmiths, of Providence, B. L, Inform the trade that thtyare producing One Eiectro-plated Goods, com prising lull Dinser and lea Services and Table Ware of every description, of a very snpenor quality-and ol new ana elegant designs. The base is Nickel bilver. upon which la a deposit ot pure Silver ol such thick- Dd«a that mer dooms* an tne advantages ot solid silver in utility, and from beauty ot design and superior fin ish are undisttrgnlshable from 1C ~ The Gorfism Manntoctortng Company refer with con fidence to the high reputation they nave established in the prodncifon of Solid ailver Ware, la which they have been for many years engaged, and they now as sure the public that they win folly sustain that reputa tion by the production of Electro-plated Wares of such quality and exoeme durability as wtlt insure enure satisfaction to the purchaser. AH articles made by them are stamped thus: And all such are fully guaranteed- Tbeyleel Itneces •ajyparUrularlytoeau toe attention ol purchasers to the above traae-mark, a* theirdesign* hare been al ready extensively imitated. The** goods can only be procured (torn responsible daalan throughout toe country. Tbeßcallog Pool usd Bouse of mercy. Howard Assoctatlon reports, tar young men. on toe crime of solitude, and toe errors, abuse* and diseases wuich destroy toe manly powers, aid create impedi menta to marriage, with sure means of relief, gent in sealed letter envelrper.Dre of charge. Address Dr. J. BEILLIN HOUGHTON, htowarajAssodsUoa phltdel phla,Pa. * “A Valnabls nedlclne. “Dr. Poland** Whitoptce Compound, advertised In our columns. Is a incotsaful attempt to combine and appl? toe medicinal virtues of toe White Pine Bark. It has be«o thoroughly tested by people to this dtyaud vicinity, and toe proprietor has testimonials of its value from persons well known to our citizens. We recommend iu trial In all those eases of disease to which it is adapted. It is (br sale by si our drug- T. Independent. The Great New Sugfrai Kenedy! Dr. J. W, Poland's WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is new offered to tos af flicted threughost the country, after having bees proved by toe tost ol eleven years In toe New Pn»i*nd States, where lu menu have become as well known as toe tree Dob which. In part. It derives Us virtue*. The White Pine Compound curt* Sore Throat, Colds, Coughs, XKpathem, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, and Pulmonary Affections general y. It Is a remarkable remedy for Kidney complaints. Diabetes, Difficulty ot Voiding Urine, Bleeding from the Kinneys and Blad der, Gravel and other complaint*. For Piles and Scur vy It will be (bund very valuable. Give It a trial If yon would leara the value of a good and tried medlclhe. Ills pleasant, sate and sura. Sold by Druggists-sad Dealers In Medicines g®e rally. BCBNUAMS AVAN SUIAACK Wholesale agents. - dnblmal Cocaxlpailoa. Bow to eiftet a certain and cecnnaUons ol lift predlstcae to Coatlveuejs, i, thaee which allow but little exercise. Per-ocs wco S.^wS«tote of bJdy, uader such po*slblf be reaeved by chrmclne their eedtstary employments (tor ctaers of amoro act- Jr* tt^d-hntihts Is by uo means certain. Haoltnal conSpailoa la * very toe of mi. err soiiUed remedies latvliWr agerovate It. NotomiSnbemore Injurtoosi thaatoeeootoßiMdate of ttrous aperients. They at ftrsl irritate, and Anally *-mSlte»£«a»be b-wel*— roodertng then so torpid tosnenonnOTS doses cfcslhartlc medlisaes bare no effect uroh them. A mild aperient, combined wl to a and a comblaa n-n In too hspplest proportion, of these Inrredleuts, ”■ mute to HOSTETtEU'S STOMACH BlrrBES. Tills lamous stomachic invigorates the whole Intestl nsl aisaV wtl-e qalrtly rvmovtsgmnntUconrotoaonx all Imocdlarnts to a ireo pssiaso through them. No mere auxatlve ha* ton double operation. No ordinary stimulant effects toe desired object, Ca«ct ol con»Upv tlr d sbandontd as hopclesa by dlsttognlihed medical nun havebtrs cured In a few weeks br toe Bitters. to those who Lave tried all the medindes of the d{!- Denrarvlc rair. wesat try tow metUtlble atlmnlant imd aperient. There Uno sudden: rea*ia why eon stlpauon sfcou'd be toeccnseauencobf sodsnUry bablU. HO-lErrtElt'S BITTEitsToy snepljtog the visor which would ctoerwxse be derived iron exercise, will in an cas's erfbl" the ivstem to oertjra lu excret.ry (tmcUoni regularly and hualtofally• proposals. PUOrOSAXiS FOR ARMY TRANS PORTATION. . . tJCABI ZULUTES UXXBBSL S OTTKX, I Wa>m>iaTox, D. C., January 13.1*7. J HEOHObALS wid be received at this office pathlit o'clock m., on the iSih ot Foornary, 1357, for the transportation of Ul.itary Sapplla* during the ?S. r S'?i Denciß,t April 1.'967, and ending March SI. Isw, ob the lodowtnc mate*: - HOUrE’No.I. From Fort McPhcr*oa. Netrojfcs Territory, or snch Pouts as may be determined upon nortec Inc year on the Omaha branch of the Union pacific lUI read, west of Fort McPherson, or from Fort Lararal*. Dakota Ter* snch posts or dep. U as are now or may b« es tablished m the Territory of S-Drasca. weit of loncl tnde ltd decrees. In the icrrltory of Montana, somh of latitude 4C degrees. in the Territory of Dakota, wwtot loDCitnde 104 degrees. In the Territory of Idaho, south of latitude 44 decrees, and east of loncl tads IH d-rrrees. and In IheTenitnrte* of Utah and Colorado north ol laumee 40 etgrecs, Including, U noceasary. Denver cui. KMJTE No. 9, From Fort miry. State m Kansas, or *uch points at*ron lb- Union pacific Railroad, E. 0.. to any posts or depots that are now or may be established In the State of aan*a* or In Use Territory of Colored >, tooth of latitude 40 de grees north, and to Fort Unlou,-New Mexico, or other Cepottbat tnnybeorma'edla that Territory*, and to any other point or points oc the route. ROUTE No. 8. From Fort Union or each other depot as may b* established In the Territory of New Mexico, to an porta or stations that are, or may be established In that Territory, axdto »och poits or station* as may or designated In the Territory ot Arizona, and ta the State ofTcxas west oflountudc 105 degreea. ROUTE No. 4. From St. Fans, Minnesota, to snch posts as are now ormaybccsutlbnea in tne bUte of MPnewta, and In that portion of Dakota Territory lytmt east oi the Mtswnrl River. The weight to bo transported during tn* wui not exceed on Route No. I, SLOIO.OdJ pound*; on Route N,100 ronc«l6;cn Route No. AS,OOiU>D pounds, and on IteuloNo. A 35QU.000 pouudj. ItcpoeaU will oe mod; tor each rout* sepvalely. _ Bidden will Cate the rate pet 1M ojunusp-r 170 ribs. »t which they wm tianspirtthe si.rain esen nonibofib* year, bexinnlDiC April Ist. 135>, and end* log March 51, lt». Bidders should ztvo th lr naicea tn lull, a* wellai thilr place* of rrsUence, aude&ch pr pcaal s&ould be atcmpsulcd by a lorn! lu t e f-i;i ot ten tlioa*and (tIO.CCV) dollars. Bounty two r a or. r&*pocL.lble per sot*.suaracteeirn(hstir. tiive a r.o tctlsawaMed for ite tome mentioned’ It t;v j»r »l to tho party Erop slce, tboeontract wlti nc acce “1 a;*l toterol nlo. and good avd sufficient *ic< r.iy turnishevt by aald party in accordance with the terms of Uu» alver- U'ement. Ttie contractor win be muueu to give bonds lathe foliowirg aoKmnra: On Route No. 1. fIiADOO uu Route No. 3. VXt.uO. on Route N 0.3, ico.ta). On Route No. A 60.000. . Butsnwtoty rvuietcoor u« loyalty onJ so ot each blddtr and person utftrad m ivcunty wil. t» re* QiumJ. _ ITiposals trust he endnracd ‘‘PropoiiM# for Army Tratuponatlon on Itonto No. 1,9,3, or l, m Uio cx'u nay be. aud mne will Im «n.enatn€"l uiloss th.y fnny comply with the tvtjuUeutriiu ot tide advertise anil. 1 lie party to whim an award la trade must be pre p«te«l to exmitc Hit cot tmrl at orco. ann to glvothr rujmrvd umiis (or too laithtui parpmnauce of lae coc- U lho rieht i' reject asy and all bids that may he olltredU rvs«r»eu. . , lliecx-hiranor cneach route must foe (u rra>ltnc*s f>• service by the Ist day of A,ifli, iwil, nhd will !>** fi» ijuircd to bate <» pla>« «fhuslttrs*, or at wldcii hen's) Iwevtumubtcatol rfltli t»f >*aptly and rovllly h-l l.sntefoo. I.nt Un.a't, N. T., tor Route No. 3. al Vi>rl Riley, K*u**« t for Unutr No. 3, al Kurt Uiilur, New Mrx.eot Inr ib’Ute So 4. at Saint l*aui. Mliuu*. ioU. urtt suciioibrr p K lnt nir ckvu ol the several 16 uiraasmayfoe ImlicalcU ssUjosurtUu point of iu» r( jilabk !■ rn ■ ahowlng ilia madUiunt ol thn contract to tw entered Into tor each route, ean he hau cn app l eanon st this oilire, or »t the office <>f tho Uuartonua*. trratNsw York Saint Lonu, Fort Lo4Veo<r»rtn. Uuaha,SanUFr and Fort stelllrg. and uu-t accoin r,oy and bo a rutiof the propoaals. My order ot the yuarterma-u-r ilenerjl. * - ALRXANDKU bliss, i Brevet Ccbrrl and U. t». A. 1~ >ROPOsA7.S> FOR a bHIttUE AT VAN UtHKN MThRKT. Orncx or tut tfciaabor Prune Wnag#, i CtllCAito. February U, IN.',. f Sealed proposals will tx> n«vl*«d by the Board'l Punllc AVcrka, at their.ulDce. li-vitn* >«.«. I aud 8, atrund Itror; Nta. 15 ana 17 Well* a.ixu until u a. m.« Saturday. February Hit®, fur (lie tail'll ,t>wu of the preamt tindjc crt-islt.* the tt*-uta Unmchoi Chicago Elver at Van Buret *tieet, and replacing the tame with a new bttuue. lacoulng the n-coaiary d ance# in the enntre pier, and the ahutetta and approaches according to plan# and aperincatioii* to be cn (lie at #ald office on and afWi Feonury Ji®, l'ro|>o»iil# moat d* addressed to the H>Kir.t of Pablli Work*, rndoraed " Proposal tor Van Bttrcn Stm-.t Bridge,” audbeaccoauuudtd with the ti»a«l *WJ dolU, w;lh surrtliw. to be approved by the U->nrd. Ibe Board re-ervp me rUUt u meet any bid not it armidOßitiwltli (he condlU,m ut lid.* ad*«rli»cm.:U. or to reject all bid#, amt no proposal util bit accosted □tint# the party ottering 11 »Uall give evidence # itl<&u> t«>ry to lie Hoard that ho hi* the cccvsiary skill, ex. perimf, eteTfjr and ahlltty for doing lh« work, 1/ trustworthy,and ho# •aiaclcnt poeitcjiry re «onrrca, J, 0. (j,NDKIA .FLKU. Utl‘2, O. J. liOSli _ Beard cf Public Work*. T>nUFOSAI.S FOK CAST IRON I AVATEK I'JPKS. . _ Of nexor tux Boacd or prsuc Wonxs, \ CmcAQo, Feb.ttb. l«7. 1 Pea'eil propo*«'.s will be received by the Board cl Pub ic Work*, at their ottlce. No*. 15 and 17 AWU* at., until n a. c. salurttav, f ebruary ijd. nr the de livery attne dock ot the board, m said city, of one thousand <1.000) ton# ot Ca»t Iron W«te* I’U-o*. of 4,0 atd» Inrhre fntrmil diameter, occonLng to epeclilro* tiocn on file at raid onice. The pipeswlll bn cnbjcctr Ito a teat preMare of Scorni# per iQoare loot*, trust oe uniform to tah'knca*. enbtty and trxtare, and ot a ctvHl tjaalliy cf ca»l iro', »o a# u» cot and drill well, uellvery (»commence at the opening of spring navigation, and be completed by July iMh. The pioes will bo twelve (1!) teething, and welsh re ipectlvtlv,fbr4,6uid s-luch pipes, AO, 410. »;d 6w poumtseach. A tnltable number cf branches, cap#,».ceres, taper#. Ac., will be rrqulml tr *ald pipe*. Dull r!un d *t.te the price tor the Anight pipes, and also tor tue epectil ca» Uses. Pn'posalemtutbeaddreMed to the Board i f Pnbbc Worai, endorsed “Proposal tor Co# t Iron Water Pipes,” one be accompanied with the usual (2oa bend, *tu •uretle#. to be approved by th* Board. The Board reserve the mat ta raec( any bid not ;n accordance with the cf uds advertisement, or to reject all bid*, and no proposal will be aecepi.d cnlee# tue party offering It euall give evidence 'atunc torr to the Board that be ho# tbe c<-cc&#a:y aktfl. experience, energy and alilUty tor doing the work, la trustworthy, aad has saUlcieaS J. O. GINDKLS. FEED. LETfZ, O. .I.UOSE. B-'ard oi Public Work*. HARHOU WORKa AT Ha ves tna Hl-wct Lake. Michigan. OmcxScrcciNTXSDiNO Knoisktc, Bacbobc IMProVC3(EST9,LAXS UICBtnAX. < UavACllz, Wisconsin, January I.isWJ, ( Sealed proposals. ic duplicate. of the fare: furatshec by the undersigned, will be rrce red at tfil»omco until Thursday,the lltfi dsy cf February. I'J m.. fat Improving the harbors of Grand Haven and Ulaci Lake, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Daren will consist a IWXJO feet, me re or les», of tnoao piling to protect the sooth bank of the mern-ar mo entrance and ac ex tension of the south pter tor COO tcei by cribs filled with etoce. The Improrerrenta at Klack Lake will be eztooMoci of Uie present pier*, 51V running feet la all. and dredg ing. The dreoginc will be betwecu the ptera, and tot placing the sew cribs, asd will amount to 50,0X3 cable yards. more or I***. Flan* and specifications are cn file la the office. sad willbeshawn to all wbowUh to examine them fur the porpeae of eatlmaltPß. . . v The proposal* vill be leparate for each wort, aadfor each clam of material or labor fur each wars. Qiat will be received Wf • P*« cr lor the whole of cither wort. The wort to be finished by October I,ISCS. Tceee wort* will be let to the lowest teipoasiblt bid* der, teeorvloc to tbe United States the right to reject any or all Mrts. . . Didders are requested to be present apea the opeclni °Vbe duplicate proposals win be endorsed, enclosed Ic “>' M “ ,1 WHEELEII, U. 9. Engineers, Milwaukee. WU. Cits Kotters. Q^dinance. tiresas. On the Kb dayot Oclobc', I*s, an ordl nacce wu pasted by the Common Connell of the City 01 Chicago, granting to “ Tbe bake View Avenue Com* pans" Uic right ot way one bandied and fitly feel wide tat and adjacent to toe present high water mars ot Lake Michigan, commenarcat tbe south Uae of tbe grounds need a*d known os me Chicago City Ccme* wry, on Norib avenue, and running thence along tbe stoteotLake Michigan to Atylam place, and cum* mencing at Ful.crton avenue and running along said Bhoic to tbe m rtb line of the S. E. 1%. v-c, SI. T. 40, N. U. 14 E. of tbe 3d p. 11., upon certain conditions named Inlaid ordltsnce; that one of tbe conditions of sold ordinance wai that the faid Lake Avenue Company should, on or before the first day of August, 1866. make and complete In good order a road across sold property at least ufty tm wide; and WuiBXAU, bald Lake Avenue Company hot Called and neglected to comply with the provisions aforesaid, sod has also Citied and neglecred tj comply with (be other ore vision* of tbe laid ordinance; tbergrore, SeUonUxtruftbytie Common (.huncU of Me City of Chiaigo .* I Skctiom 1. Thatlheaaidcfdlnance,tntlt]ed**AnOr- I “dinance concerning the right of way cl 1 *• Vteor Avenue Company," pished October 3, b>o, be and the same la hereby repealed, . I Bic.; i . This ordlnanceihali take effect aoflbe Intorci ftom and alter due publication thereof. Pawed Jan tPlh. 1967. Approved Jan. 29th, 1967. J. n. BICE, Mayo; Attert: A. U. Booms, City Cleric. CtOLLECTOR’S KOTICE.—SIate ol / Illinois. County of Cook—es. CtTT COLLXCTOC*B OITICI, COUTT UOTSK, » Hoorn No. It. Chicago, February 4Ui. 1957. f Public notice i> hereby given that tba. following de scribed Warrants have been placed la my hands for collection, to wits . _, „ Warrant So. Ml. Sooth-Dated February!. IS«T, and Dined for the collection ot a special assessment levied lor sidewalk ccnstrnctedonue east side or Wabash avenue, betw eea Eighteenth and Twentieth streets. WairanlNo.bC, Sooth—Dated February MW. and isroed for the collection of a special assessment levied lor reconstructing sidewalk on the Ea*tdueof state street, between Fourteenth sudPtxt-’eath streets. Warrant No. Sts. Sonin—Dat'd Fcnruary UIW7. »n<t issued for collection of a special assessment levied for reconstructing sidewalk on east side ol Wabash avenue, between Twentieth (30th) and Twenty-first Issued tor the collection cf a spectvl aaaesiment levied for constructloeof sldcwa'l on west side of Wabash avenue, between Fourteenth (lun)and sixteenth (tfith) * Warrant No.*7Ss, West—Dated February 1, IPfiT. and issued tor the collection ol a special assessment levied for constructing and recot structlcs sidewalk on south sided Sampson street. In Sampson & Greene’s Addl- U 'Warrant*NuTtS*. West—Dated February 1,19(57, *and issued tor toe collection ot a special as*e*sment levied for constructing sidewalk on Centre avenue, between Harrison slim and Tyler street. , Warrant So. 797. West-Dated February I, ISCT, and tssoed for the collection cf a special assessment levied for constructing sidewalk on east side of Johnston street, l>ctw»ea Tajtor asd rwelth streets. Warrant No. 7SS. West—Dat'd February 1,1967, and issued for the coilecttcnot a special assessment levied for constructing and recent rructlnc sldewadtsoncatn* ♦rite street, rfaisted stmt, ana on Wrtcbt street. In Canal Trustee*’ subdivision of N. W. M.bec.7L ». 11. Warrant No-7W. West—Da»*d February. Issued tor IV collection of a special levied lor reconstructing sidewalk on south sldsot Twcllin ment* are rran**ted to make Immediate payment at my office- In default of inch payment the said aaseas nca s will be collected at the cost and expense ol persons liable therefor. A. H- . City Collector. (Sobmrneut g?ale. p OVEHNMEST SALE. iTie property known M lie “ GOVERNMENT TAN -BKBT AND STBAM SAWMILL.” »lto WT eair-fiTB acres of Lind, near SAN _ ' ANTONIO, TEXAS. . „ Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, will be received op to toe Qr»t day ol March, wn. for toe purchase cf .5 acresot land, (more ones*). tozeth-r alto toe build ing* ejected thereon, and toe aprunecaacei appertain ing, toall* to say: OSETANXF.KV,c ntalntoff twelve Stone lime Vaa, FIFTY-FWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONE FOOLS, and caoablc of tanotoc U-.CUJ hides per annum; ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of sawicr &XCO tost ot Lumber dally; ONE SMALL STONE BCiLDINQ. . The above property U situate! about two miles above baa Antonio, on toe San Antonio Elver, and toe water is conducted to me establishment by a race of hewn stone laid In cement. . , , The land vu pnreased and Improvements made br toe late eo-ca-led Coniederate Government, and arc estimated to have cost |W.W) In sole. The property baa been under leass tor toe year ls«A at a monthly rent cf *3OO. parable la gnaw. A re cur ed ctleto tee simple will be giranby tae D.S.Gov er vSSJ£atawm be marxed “Proposals for Govern .SEssyiiysaj.' BTt. biy. G«B- AU-t Co.t .jFuritjtute FURNITURE. GEO, J. HESEELS, LACY & CO,) ISra and Chestnut-ots., PHILADELPHIA. We bare a suite ot Nine fiooms, Elegantly Carpeted And tnrulihed complete as PARLORS CHAMBERS. Purchases can see bow a suite ol furniture win - a> £nr in their bouse, and can from these rooms, make a euer selection than they can trom furniture promts ecualT placed in large ware-rooms. . Scales. PAIRBAHKS’ •f^T STANDARD ylT^*, SCALES ,/jL^fc oriunzn. FAIBSANES, GEEKS LEAF A CO 83C A S4B LakML, Chicago, JOcsteaU JpHralOAL VIGOR. row VIGOR It the prsta taftsnard cf health, n repele cad jig** off the morbid elemente «■*<£* mperindne* dteeae*. The grand question* therefore, is. Hoc (hail this repeUant power be increased where It is bet lhebie> and acquired where It scarcely exists at all ? Thera was a time when this question could set foe satisfac torily answered. Bat the problem is now solved. IC has been proved by the experience of more then fonrtecn years that HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS Eo thoroughly rdnf:rce beta the contUtuttoa and ttra secretive and the nervous system* as to render tb« body comparatively Invulnerable to the unwholesome Influences which prostrate so many thousand* on H« of ilckncM, in vaFlous parts ot the world, at all ions ot the year. As an Invigorating, regulating asft restorative preparation, salted to all cllmatca and te all cccUngeicles. It stands alosb among modern medklnes. it Is the only tonic of which the stimulat ing principle Is perfectly pure. Da bMls (a (he eumtiai principle o/sound Eye, admitted by analyti cal chcmUu and medical practitioners to be the most genial acd harmless ol stimuli t and this floid la purged of all the crudities which belong to It M U cornea Dora the manufacturer, beioro being used In the composition ol the Bitters. The alterative, eorrecttvw and restorative properties ol the preparation are de rived exclnsivsly Dora roots and plants the vtrines of which are acknowledged by pbarmacsuilsts and phy sicians, and which am often pnucrlbed eepnratety by the profiwslott. Never, however, were there Invatf aMe vegetable agents combined Ote preventive and remedial purpoeee uoul thehjgelan compound. Hos'tctter’s Stomach Bitten, wa* given to ths world. The slotnscMc and antl-blltous operation ol th« great rnt;raUv« haa long since rendered it a standard medicine tor complaints of the digestive orgiosamt tin Uur, in all parts of the Wcoterh hemisphere! bol inanolrsideairvo-llycal-bratod as a pMvoutlve of epldviulca. and of the various dUsiUers generaltd by malaria and impure water. INDIGESTION —DYSPEPSIA. Pxroksss ha# U* penalties. As the world advance* It civlllration, It becomes more luxurious vu in pampering oi the body twmi toMu Inseparable u> compaoiment of the cultivation oi the mind. This ought not to be; but it fs, ami bo argument eon altar the tact, thoach wholesome advice and Judicious, pr». cautionary and remedial treatment may mitigate th« evil, Savages, we are told, are not troubled with dys pepsia; but Ihl# dictum lsop*n todonbt. Prtvatioa and hardship, aa well aahlfh living and dliiipattuo, mender the rtt#ea#e; and It would therefore aeem that the man ot the wlldcrtc**, aa veil aa the dweller Is cltlea, most bo more or leaa subject* to U. One thine, however, la certain; ta no country under heaven la it ao prevalent aa in the Unite* titales. Hufoth# dis ease Uaa become domesticated: Ult to be found ut almcat every household; and,consequently, a Household Remedy for Dyspepsia 1# o: the#Datable value to the American people. Few disorder# Involve grater stulerlng; and. It not In Itself Immediately doogemua, it t# thetonnmaer and aoerre of many deadly maUJlca. But even If It did sot tend to tborxn lilt—which It undoubtedly doea-ihe mental and physical reDery which it pro* daces, and which renders life comparatively uneajof* able, la a sufficient reason why no pains should, bo spared In the effort to prevent and core it. PLyt'class, as a general rule, admit that naultaas* gives them so much trouble as dyipepslnt bat they attribute tbe difficulty of curing It to the unwilling ness of their patients to abandon the habits which occasion It,—each &s excesvlve application ta bust* ness, ha*tines# In eating, Am, Ac. it l» no doubt true that the b»st tnatment ot a complaint may fall tn cure It, If tbe patient refuse# to exercise common pnx dioce. Bat It Is also true that what are called the njTtnoJ rrvurtlf* for dyspepsia de not under asy or* cuinstance* produce permanent relief. On the other band. It 1# a tact established by thousand# of creditable witnesses, whose testimony is- simply a statement of their own experiences, that Hostetlers Stomaeb Bitten t cflt cure tie malady, and that an occasional use cf the preparation after the cure baa bees effected u a perpetual laftgusrd against the recurrence of the symptom*. On (hi* account many lnt«rtgent mem bers ct tbe tacoity hire abandoned ail the stereotyped prescriptions of the pharmacopeia, and mw lura tUbly, and, with great success, administer this popu lar tonic. FEVER AND AGUE—IHTERMIT TENTS GMAILY. - FtTzc and Acer, anlortnnaiely, u too widely known by experience to render a lengthened descrip tion of Its symptom!* oeceatfry. la order to escape lever and agneia say region. l*fs only necessary to fortify ut system against atmos pheric poison by Use regular ass of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. By this means an dinxirUavoldod. Some roles bar* exceptions: ibinhamonc. Sosorely isIhaUIXTK23 are taken os a preventive, so surely will the tcdlrtdaM wbo adopts this precaution be exempted trom the paJM and penalties ol one ol tfce’most harassing mmp.fof to which the dwellers in uahealthy districts are no- Jetted. Asa remedy,the preparation baa twequal. Without entailing any of the unpleasant and d» oxer on* consequences which accompany and follow Cm me of quinine, it break* np the paroxysms and rapid ly restores the strength of the convalescent, tf the preparation bad no other merit Uun IU wondertal efficacy as a preventive of, and cotq tor, latermittot fever. It would be an article of the Oral n:cw»ity tn all new sctcemcnts, and low, marshy districts. Add (a this Its value as a stomachic and an tnU-bllloas azesb and who will venture to galnaay Its claims to CU very jirtt place among Family Medicines f BILIOUS REMITTENT FETES. Tuts is a disease ol a more malignant type thaa ordinary “chills and fever.” hot It- springs from the tame cause, malaria, and may be forestall ad by the lame Brass, via., a precautionary comae of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. la order to render the system maUtriatproqf, It mast te endowed with extra vigor, and pet la an respects la perfect order. To effect these objects, the BTXTBB3 must be resorted to. is firmly be lieved. may be certainly prevented by the dally use of this uaspprooefciftte prouctize preparation. It tha disorder Is already la progress. It should bo taken tweenthe hot stage*.. As the pulse leap to one ha» drrd sad twenty or one hundred, and thirty daring hot fits. It would not, of coarse, be prudent to sdmln later the tonic then; but when prostration comes oa, and the pulse Is thin and feeble* 1* tray be given with great advantage, end alao when the patient is recover ing, as a means of recruiting the strength. In all cases of convalescence this powerful but harm* lesatotlc should be administered. It Is the infest a* well as the b«tol restoratives j BILIOUSNESS. Tan liter la toe largest gland in most important of the secretive organs, exaep* toe membrane which seoaetes toe gastric Juice, tow flat* Which dissolves toe tood. When It tails to polbcmlto fhnctUn*.thewtol*»y»toasuffer*. Its peculiar oOew la ta toe' superabundant carbon of the blood. This carbon it nnitea with other elements, and. thereby fcias toe bitten- fluid called bite, which 1* poured Into toe upper bowel, and greatly facilitate* toe pro cesses ot digsatton and excretion. When toe liver does not work. toe bile has to b« taken out el tte blood by tos kidneys; and hence In billons disorders toe urine ta ot a deep yellow Color, The kidneys, however, caaeot dispose ot att.tba.bUe, tad,conse quently, much of It oozes through, toe surlhewot the bcoy.glvla* the skin and toewiUcaol the eyes that saffron tinge which is one cf toe most noted symptom* of a disordered liver, it la. a itolutdy essenriat tm teal to tint (Ats po’cerftl jtaml tftauld do tu duty tHorovgUg and tedA cloek-Wtr regularity. Probably one-fourth of to* people of this eumittj know what It Is to be biU»oa;.*nd in tropical climates toe proportion of snffegarais much greater. If wbak are called “antl-bDloca. medicines** were really wteß . they purport to be, the. disease would soon became obsolete; lor their nama Is legion. But neither mer cury, toe official remedy, n» the drastic plllaedw ttaed under so mtcy titles, seem to produce the de sired effect. In act, calomel and blue pill have pro bably beta more latal to toe human race than the rlous fbras c# liver complaint combined. • BostettvT’a Bluer* alote,ot all tte medldae# at present in exigence, fully meets the exigencies of wbst is tinned "abHioiuhabU dfSody-" This pee- like toe bUe Itselt, baa a)mlU pro perty, sad thereon? (when toe secretion of that natu ral cathartic is Interrupted or impeded) It ts exceed ingly useful as a means ot preventing hard ac«etf*A !n tte intestinal canal and consequent oostlvooes*- Ik also acta directly and most heceflelaHy upon ta# binary organ, as an invlcoraat and corrective regu lator. Persons with a constltutlanal tendency to Uv» disease may secureextmpti from Us sttada by tag ng 8 small dose of toe BITTES3 oaco or twice a day* HOSTETTEa’S CELEBRATED -STOMACH BITTER* -old by nil Respectable Bragwlu* la »R part* of the W*rl4* EOSTETTEB & SMITH. proprietor. FlUrfMtt*!., ft.