Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 11, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 11, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago €nbunc> MONDAY. FEBRUARY 11. ISC7, THE CITY. Tut Stewakt Dnr one* Bct*.-Tbe decirion ol dodge Jameson, on ibe morion for a new trial in sii on Monday morning. Bnrt-Tt AoaiH.-Cart Shalt*, who was aoapeed lit and to unceremoniously divorced on Tanrn aav wa* on Saturday married to Mary Lowior, who. ills understood, la Ibe woman intimacy with whom gave ground* *or the acrioa taken In court. CoxnxrxD.—Lawieccc Finn, a Junk doalsr In Clark aired, waa charged at tbe Police Court on Saturday afternoon with teeelving stolen prop rrty. Be waa held for further examination on Wednesday morning in bail of S3OO. Aiauc or Tax.— lbe alarm of fire founded Saturday morning about 7 o'clock from the box 147 was occasioned by a small fire in a abed on Oak street, near North Wells. Before tbe engines could arrive tbe dames had been extinguished by a pailful of water. Cnxcaoo HoETioux.TuuaL Societt.—An ad journed meeting of tbe above society will be held at tbe /Voirt# Farmtr office. No. UQ Lake street, onMondayntSp.zn., furl he adoption of a con stitution and election of officers. All Interested in seeinga successful eodety formed arc requested to bo present. . jf EnnxTT*.—We yesterday inadvertently men tioned Mr. A. Charles Morgan's name as being among tbe witnesses In tbe Dearborn street trag edy who coaid not procure baD, and were sent to the county jail in consequence. Mr. Morgan was released on bis own recogrlxtnce. he being no party to the sfiair and bad entered tbe saloon on business Just previous to the dreadful transaction. Pmsoicau—Ulss Clara Barton, so well known for her services to our soldiers of the army of the Potomsc, Is in the city, and stopping at the Tre* moot Bouse. We hear that our Library Assocla* tlon are negotiating with her for a lecture dnrlng the pment mot lb, when we will have a treat fer all those vbo are Interested in the touching and pathetic ode of soldier Hie. Few audiences can resist her pathos. Fzxcd f2s.—Mr*. Kehoe was fined £25 av the Police Court cn Saturday morulas for cen erallr dl* {Tracing herself and ohu*lng her bus hand. She resides Id the West Division. Catharine lose has an inveterate habit of break ing windows. Beside* that, she la troublesome in her speech to an unbearable extent, and on Sat urday before Jcdite MQliken, was fined £25. “Snoornio a Stab.” —Under this bead the Xeibcss of yesterday contained a report of the shooting m Detroit of one Fanny Harsh, who, it was aliened, had been engaged some time since as an actress at HcVtckci’a Theatre. We ascer tained yesterday that the person referred to was not Hiss ilaish, the actress, that lady being cow tc-Bofeloo. The per®on shot at was acourtezvn of that name, who some time since lived and sinned in this city. Gorcn os Tenteiiance.— The veteran temper ance orator—John B. Gough—will lecture on his levorite theme on Monday evening in the Opera House, enderthe auspices of t&e Young Hen's Association. Goflgh always draws, and however much we may with lo see the treasury of the As sociation filled, wc shall not. because we need not, ask the people to hear him. They go in ci o a ds to see and hear Gough. Euronn Lodge Good Tempiab?.—At a tegu lar meeting of this Lodge, b?ld in their hill, northwest comer of Harrison and Halsted sheets last Thursday ‘evening, the following officers en tetedupon the discharge of their duties for the term ending May Ist. lUC7; W. C- T.. E. Stone; W.V. T., Miss A- K. Pointer; W. R. S., B. F. Phllbnck; W. F. R., Char. B. Miner; W. Treat.. Miss C. Smith; W. M., Geo. H. Pointer; W. 1. G., MUs Fuller; \T. Sent.. F. L. Angler. Ell&wocts Zouavls.—A meeting of the Ells worth Zouaves will beheld at the Trcmont House on Monday evening. All members of the corps are requested to be present. It is the Intention of this military corps to give their second-ball at Crosby's Music Hall, on St Valentine's Day, the e4th instant. A post office for the transmission of valentines "ill be among the attractions. The members of tbe corps are exerting themselves to make this bail second to none yet given in the city. The Assets or a Banking Issrmmos.—An execution was, on Saturday, placed in the hands of the Sheriff, for $295.04 at the salt of Henrietta Dc Feilgrom against J. A Patman, a banker at No. 2 Clark street. The taking formal possession of the assets was an imposing atTur. It resulted in the finding of fractional currency $3.4(1; silver coin $8.75; copper com three cents; foreign coin one cent. Total available $15.19. Besides this there was ou deposit bills, not signed, of a Kala mazoo concern representing $39; and a specimen plate stamped to be on exhibition of the deuomi naUon of $5. or Education.—A special meeting of the Board of Education was held on Saturday af tertoon, at the rooms of the Board, for the pur pose of appointing a bead assielantto the Haven School, In place of Miss U. L. Wilson, who has resigned her position. G. C. Clarke, Esq., pre sided. ’ . Tbe candidates were put In nomination, and a ballot being taken, (he election resulted in tbe choice of Mies Harriet A. Stowcll, of the Skinner a vote of eleven to two. Miss Stowcll was iccoidiugiy appointed as the successor to MUs Wilson, and the Board adjoomed. TTirna COBTCfi.—A writ Of httbeat COfpUt WAS Issued on Saturday, by Jndce Jameson, upon tbe application of Henry Feebler, the member of the Merchants* Police force, who waa on Friday Imprisoned In the connty jail, noon the Coroner’s warrant. The circumstances of hi* case are fa miliar to those woo read our report of tbe test!* monr In the Tiubuse ol Saturday. He is held by vlitce of tbe Jury'a finding that Ernst Blech* berger. an insane man, came to bis death by reason ol his be Inn unnecessarily shot by tbe prisoner. Ihe bealfng of the writ will probably come off on Monday, before one of tbe Judges of the Superior Coart. Sckdat School Chios.—A meeting of mem* bers and friends of the Chicago Sunday School Union, waa held last evening in the First Presby terian Church, tbe exercises being deeply interest ing. Tbe devotions were led by the pastor, Uev. Z. U. Humphrey, U.tD. After reading of tbe Scriptures and prefer, tbe choir sang tbe anlbom. “Blessed are the Sons of God,” a Hue composi tion, in excellent style, tbe tenor solo being espe cially well rendered by Mr. W. U. Meade, a young gentleman of high musical attainments, recently arrived in this city. Ihe meeting was addressed by Bon. J. L. Pick* ard. Superintendent ofPnWlc Schools, and Rev. Edward Eggleston, Editor of tbe Snnoay School Teacher, on ibe Importance of the Sunday School work, ar.d the great need for Increased exertion. A collection was taken up, and a few remark* w*re then addressed to the audience by Dr. Hum phrey, who also invited thoie present to visit the rooms of the Sunday School Union, Ko. Oil Wash ington succt The exercises closed with the benediction. Daily Union Prayer needOE. Two weeks ago the noonday prayer meeting hsd attracted each number* that tne fec-me room of the Young Men's Christian Association, where U baa been held for th- pan seven ream, waa I Jound inadequate to accommodate!die attendance, and the audience room oi the F»«t Mklbodlsl Fnlaeonal Cburch. corner of Clark and Washing ton etreeia. was secured for Its accommodation. Prom that time to this there has noen a steady \ecrease In the interest and spirit of the meetings, ■sd the favor and blcsslnjj of God has evidently attended them. Mach or increased interest la owing to the hearty support and presence of the pastor- ol our city churches of the diderent denominations, who bare evinced a taller appre ciation of this object than in previous years. With the assurance of a greater prosperity for this meeting there has come also cheering intelli gence irom many of the churches where a strong revival spirit is prevailing, and reports from various sections of the country indicate that a cresUr spiritual work Is now progressing than baa been known for years. The meeting of Saturday was conducted by D. L. Moody, President of the Young Hen's Chris tian Association. After the sieging of the hymn, “Heaven is my Horae,” and prayer, Mr. Moody read the last Pralm, and said that among the many me tings whlci he had had the privilege of attending there was one class which might properly be termed praise meetings, in which Christians met to re count the many favors and blessings which had been vouchsafed to them, and that he had alway* observed that they were attended with predou results. Such was the character of the present meeting, and the sentiment of every heart should be that which Inspired the good psalmist as be poured out his heart in bis last and besntlfnl psalm of praise. Praise should swell every heart lor the inestimable gift of a Saviour, and for the Ssce bestowed to ns from the path of sin. He I en read a letter from Judge Culver, of Pontiac. 1 Illinois, giving an account of the revival which is progressing In Livingston County, in this Slate, anf extending to sections where there seemed at first lo be botutlle hope of eueew. In these two townships there had been one hundred and thirty four hopeful conversions and the work was deep ening in power. ...... A young men arose and said that Ihe noonday' meeting . upon Thursday last was the mciQi of leading him to see where he was in reference to his soul's condition, and that he, with his family, had commenced to live Chris tian lives. A gentleman remarked that lor nine teen years be had bees a s cotter and an ungodly man, and mat one day whilst traveling on foot In Missouri, he was accosted by a Christian man who took tin to hie house, and was the means ot leading him to Christ. The meeting to-day will be led by Hev. W. C. Jackson, and will be con tinued loir week In the Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Church. DEPBiTITY. Dissipation ana Crime—Small Porsery. Alter a season of unusual quietness, we arc hay* lag a visitation of enme. On Saturday morning the Tiunovs heralded a murder, and at the Felice Conrt the same day was presented the case of a counterfeiter and tne arrest of a smill forger. The name of the last mentioned Individual is Georgj j. Thompson. About four weeks ago this Inter esting young "!■" was left at home to take ctre of two youip sisters while his mother went on a visit to an invalid daughter tn lowa. Means were left with him sufficient to comfortably provide for their wants daring Mrs. Thompson's absence, bat she had scarcely left the city before George took the money left with him, wert on a desperate spree and squanaered it, the children having to he cared for oy considerate and kind-hearted ce ighbors. Financial matters running lo •▼, again George was poshed to desperate extremities last week, and felt Impelled to resort to the most ultra measures. The recall docs not atfoid bltn much satislacnoo. Between one *nd two o'clock on Friday mom* toe Gcorce aroneed the porter of the boardlmr bouse and aaloon of J. M. IBibert, at No. dal State street, and tilted that he wanted to eee Hr BUbert forthwith, os he bad a messace for him. After a ftw momenta delay Mr. Hilbert hastened from bia warm conch to receive the “mm«aee." Be was somewhat provoked to learn that George claimed to be acoortnof policeman Robert iborao aob (boarding at his boose when not on doty), and InatbU Important communication consisted In an unquenchable desire to borrow, oh bis cousin's account, f 1.45. Mr. Hilbert not having the felicity ot knowing Gcorce, declined to let film bare the money, Gcorce went away, and about half an hour after again rapped on the door for admission. He had brought with him this time what purported to be the roost India* ratable evidence of bis relationship to Officer Thomson, In the shape of a .note, assuming to be f r om him, and reading as follows’ “DxasSm: Fend with the bearer f 1.43. lam sorry to disturb you. but ail the boys are out on special duty. Too bearer is my cousin George bmg at 69u State street—yon can trust him. Cap tain Jack Nelson la out of tnnds Just now. It ta u<j»- Yours, “Ronxnr Tboxpsox. “P. s.— My cousin George was angry, but don't mind lhat—yon done right," Saving no doubt of Ibe genuineness of this tender epistle, Mr, Dllbcrtlmmedialclyadvanced the money. At breakfast tbe next morning he rsertiuned the matter to officer Thomp son, aD d then learned that tbe order was a fo’- gcry. George was not only not a cousin, but was barvlytnjwcby name to Robert. “Thompson with up'' tree a coincidence of names, but Robert wxb especially forcible in denying anyco isauguln ity. He took the trouble to nuut for George, and In one of his excursions on Clark street on Friday night be found the youth. At tbe Police Court on Saturday morning the pretender waa committed for trial in ball of <soy. THE DEARBORN STREET MURDER. Arrest of (ho tfon-Slayor, SobofloW— Inquest on tbe Body of Wilson. DEIAILB OP THE FATAL QUAU DKL-IHB POST aiOUTBa. Tbe Prisoner Held for Trial. The Txuzdxe of Saturday contained a report of tbe killing of Edward 8. Wilson, a bar-tender in ibe taloon of T. B. Ogden, No. 146 Dearborn street, about Ibe xnldcigbl preceding, by George H hcboficld, in (be saloon In which the deceased was employed. The body was removed to the Central Station, where in tbe allernoonaposr mortem examination was made by Dr. Gore, and an Inquest held on tbe remains. Tbe tcrilmonv adduced la given be’ow. Some few points rot fully brought out In evidence mav be here stnled: The moment after committing tbe crime, the assassin Schofield ran out through the door in company with hit room-mate. Wright, and some six olb era. lie appears not to have made inquiry ■e to the efiect of the shot, and perhaps in bis half dinnken ■ condition cared little about it. Be went to-hls home. No. 572 Stale street. no attempt being made to stay bis progress, and be took blmself to bed. Be would appear to have slept as usual, ami to arise at the customary boar for biosktost. and evidently mtdo no alluvion to tbe tragedy of the nlg*t, as tbe woman whom they kept at tbe bouse a* a sort of Joint property was amazed when tbe officers came to claim tbelr prisoner. . ... Sevcialof ibe witnesses, on the bearing before the Coroccr, arc voting men who bare been fre qoet.t visitors at the Armory, as were alto tbe de ceased and the prisoner, Schofield was but a few weeks since fined in the I’oMco Court, and Wilson, wltbbi aforlrlght, wasbefoie Justice Sinrtevant on a charge of assaulting a woman of doubtful character, wbo was In bis house. No. 101 Sangamon street, as a servant. At tbai time bis wife appeared as a witness against him. There appears, from outside rumor, to have been much unhappiness lu bis tamliy, and some wbo knew the parties suite that there was a cause of quarrel between the deceased and bis slayer in relarion to the former's wife. bdjoficld was lasi Bummer Id the em ploy ol William I*. Church, Esq.. la the rccoidlnc department of the county. While so encaged, he was considered hy bis associates in the office as somewhat fast, but harmless, al though ihU peaceableness of disposition was i**r- ol the course ol his Uic as came to the public knowledge. Some time since, on a Sunday morning at abont eleven o'clock, te encaccd In an affray, with one George Ei * * * ... . Jcgleston, ou Llark street. Ills then associations are developed by the fact that ibataltercabon arose concerning a loo«e woman then resident id the house of the notorious Lew. Wallace. At the ilu>e of this last event he was i-ncsgcd as a i>ool.Vceper or clerk for Wood, Fianbro, Warren & Co., on Randolph street. THE INQUEST. The fo’ioulng Is the evidence adduced at the mqnest: ...... The first witness who testified was T. H. OGDEN. lie said: X reside at No l&l Madison street, and keep a saloon at 1-tC Dearborn street. 1 identify the body lying in the next room as that of Kaward Wilson, xny right bar-keeper. I now nothing ortbisafialrexct.ptthat! waa sent for ana tola that Wilson was dead and htd been shot by a Mr. Schofield. 1 know of no trouble between the par ties prior to the occurrence. Deceased bad b**en in my employ since the first of February. 1 do not think the parties were acquainted until Wil son was employed ny me. a CtUBX.CS E. STAMP, the bar keeper at tbe saloon, was next sworn. He said be was an eye witness of the occnrrecce. At about twenty minutes lo twelve 1 was relieved by Wil son. He we it behind the bar and there was a dis turbance. Wright tan up and struck Ben Cur luw and drugged him off his chair. The crowd ran up and Wilson ran outtoquleitbem, and they crowdt d behind the conntv% and a number of those that were present left. 1 then went to go behind the bar and Wilson did the same. He then plcken up an empty whiskey bottle, nnd I tola him “Ned, don't throw that; it Is the worst thing you can rto.” Schofield then drew his pL-tol and said, “Drop that, yon —and with that be pulled the trigger ana Wilton fell down By a Juror—When Wllsou raised the bottle Schofield was leaning on the end of t&c bar. on bis elbow, and Wilson was midway along the counter. Wtfson did not strike with or throw the bottle, end he did not have Ume to pul it down, ihcre were three persons besides myseTpresent; . ne was Wm. Mead, who tells me be lives in Dix on. Ben. Curlew was present, Schofield leftafler tbe shooting, with Mr. vVnght Charles Morgan was In the saloon at the same time; J sent him after the policeman, and a man named Dewey staved with me. The deceased was drinking and playing cards with the party prior to the occur rence. During the game there was some little talk, but 1 think nothin? of a serious character. Wilson was under the influence of liquor, but to a lees extent than Scho field. The fracas first commenced between Cur lew and WHgt t, and deceased shortly after Joined it, and then Schofield joined to with George Witghl. When Wilson raised the bottle he made some remark, ball do not know what it woe. B. T. BETKOLDB. x. D.. next testified. He said: Abont midnight 1 was at my office, and my assistant aent for me. I toned tbe man shot through the bead. We probed the wound, and found It was a gone case, and deceased lived only abont twen ty minutes. LEWIS A. WZNTBOOP testified: I office with Dr. Reynolds. I was aposs the street abont twelve o’clock, and some parties came and said a man was shot 1 wont over. I found him with hia head about Ihe cen tre of tbe bar, and bis fectsouth. 1 found ho was breathing, and then 1 probed tbe wound with my email finger, and concluded the hall had lodged la the brain. Tbe wound waa necessarily fatal. g. n. OOBK, X. D„ tben testified tbathc bad made a iwMi mortem ex amination of the bead of deceased. There waa a punctured wound about two Inchea above, and In front ofi tbe left car. Tbe ball pen* etrated the brain and lodged against tbo opposite side ol the eknll. The death waa caused by the wonnd. nuuuih nuns pewit was then called. He testified that he lives at 211 Fourth avenue, being a bookkeeper by profes* rlon. at present unemployed. He was present at tbe shooting. George Wright and Curlew were In the saloon, skiing away from the crowd. Cnrlcw said something to Wright—was he cold, or something of lhal kind, and then Wright said, “yon re a a— of a o—, and 1 can whip yon. and will whip yon before 1 leave the house” In a moment be started back to where this man eat. He tried to get away from him and started to get to the I front part of the saloon, and Wright was striking at him. Curlew tried to get behind the bar, and I as be came there Wilson Interfered, and tried to part them. Schofield then- ran up and hit Wilson I and knocked hlabatoft it did not then a 1 moment until they piled down in a heap behind tbe bar, Schofield, however, not going be* { hind, bat as they tell, going to tho cod of tbe bar, where ho commenced kicking. 1 could not see who he kicked ■-!. but I took hold of him bv the arm and said, “My God.«hat ate yon doing!” Jcul then Curlew came oat between Schofield's legs, and he scrambled np-stalrs. I then stepped ! back to tbe other cod of the counter, and was no ticing the escape of Curlew, and tben 1 beard the report of a pistol. I turned ronod and raw Schofield take his arm down and Snt bis plsiol Into bis pocket I did not see the eceased raise a bottle and did not see Schofield shoot 1 did not hear Schofield speak a word dor* Ilng the wkute fracas. 1 went Into the saloon to meet t'urlew. In playing at cards Schofield was not Wilson's partner. Alter finishing tbe game, Schofield oflered to p’ay Wilson a game of euchre for a ten dollar blil; Ibis Wilson declined to do. i. CHARLES XOHQAK tben testified that he Kits ai No. 33 West Madison I street, and la aprlutrr. He was at the saloon be tween eleven and twelve to see Mr. Mead. Wolle talking to him Wright said there was a man tbero be was going to lick.” Wright was intoxicated | at the time. He turned to Cnrlew and said “you’re a eon oft—, and 1 will lick you before you leave tbe bouse.” He tben advanced toward him and seized him by the collar. Be dragged him toward the back end of the bar. Tbe whole party then got in a heap together. They then rote up, and witness sup posed the muss was ended, but Wright came to ward the stove, and then he saw tbe Cash ot a fire arm, not seeing, however, who fired it or who fell. A rush was then made for the door, and tbe party left. The barkeeper then said. “Ned la shot.” He then ran ont, and struck with a ham mer he had procured os the lamp post for a po- I iiccman. wiLLULK nans next testified that be was stopping at -the saloon, ‘leening with Ur. Stamp. Be was in the saloon, but knew UUIe concerning the row. He had been there all day, hat at this tune he had his back to the parties, not teclor anything until be tamed round after the shootlog. oxorok s. WTUOUT then testified that be lives at No. 170 State street, and is nut engaged at present In any business lb; has known Schofield about seven mouths; bis name is George 1!., and he Is a bookkeeper on Kandolph street. He and Schofield went to the saloon about 7 o'clock. Be then engaged In a game of cards, Wilson and he being partners. They beat (be others. and began joking them about it. They all drank pretty freely until about twelve o'clock. Be (hen said during the play Curlew was setting beside us and 1 thought he was telling my hand to my opponent. Be said something, and Hold him 1 would "lick him," and I struck him and then knocked him down. Cnriew got away and Wilson said "I*ll tlx yon." Schofield drew the revolver from bis pocket and said "you son of a —. dmo that," and fired. Heft Ur. Julius Uyers's employ In September. Curlew made a remark about pawning my over coat. and that caused tbc trouble at first; 1 did not like It. Wilson tried to scparslc ns two when we got Into an encounter, and Schofield wanted him not to interfere. enxswßinnr, tVe police officer who arrested Schofield. said: This morning. between four and five o clock, 1 was told Fcbofleld had shot a pi«n- \ge started to hoot after them, knowing that be was in company with Wright, I went to tfae Bridewell to see Bmgham, who la an asso ciate of Wright, and (tom him learned where Wright's rooms were—at 270 State street. We found Wright and Schofield and a prostitute there, she being there in the act of preparing breakfast. We arrested them, and Schofield said, “ Wnat could not he cured must be endured“lt was no use erring orer split milt.” I asked him his reason for killing the tnar, and he said it was “poor company and had whiskey.” The Jury then reviewed the body, which was Identified by a brother ol the deceased. ozones n. scuonsm was then produced. Be was recognised by George Wright as the person who Bred the shot. Schofield then stated that all be bad done was In sep-defcnce, under fear of bis own lift. I shot him In the brat of passion and under the belief that *ny life was In danger from what I had heard ori„e man. VKBDICT. The Jnry returned a verdict that deceased came to hie death from the effect of a pistol shot fired by the band of George U. Scofield at the aa loon No. US Dearborn street, city of Chicago, on the morning of the 9th day of February, 1867. The prisoner, George !l. Schofield, was then conducted to Jail on the Coroner's h arrant to await bl« trial on the charge of murder. All the witnesses except Mead were also held over in the mm 01*1500 each lo give their testimony on the trial. Frank Dewey, and G. B. Wright, rot be lo" able to procure the required security, were conducted to the County Jall.a most miserable place fo- the detention of persons guilty of no crime and suspected of none. FIBES, Several Families Rendered Homeleaa- LoRMt $35»000. Between three and four o'clock yesterdav mom* los, an alarm rang from box No. 147, calling the Tirt Department to extinguish flames Id a two* •tonr frame dwelling at No. 82 Oak street. The rj ip £ o . ,cd *? *“7® originated la a detective grate, the hot coals falling upon the floor beneath. It was toon subdued, bnt with the damage by wv- JMO. which wis losared. Ihe house and fttmltare were owned by J. H Green, and the premisee were occupied by Martin Anderson. . ' About nine o clock yesterday morning a cottage and the upper portion of a two-story brick dwell, tng, on Reuben street, between Taylor and Twelfth, were destroyed by fire. The cause of the fire was not ascertained. Toe lose waeabouHLsuo. which is believed to have been partially lusureT The “T. B. Brown" was the lint steamer to get a stream on the flames. About half-past three o'clock yesterday after noon an alarm was rung from box No. 78, bnt it was a false one. A UlUc after cight o'clocklaitevcnlng, an alarm aonnaed from box No. 127, warned out a portion ot the Fire Department, and fifteen minute* later the ringing again of tbe eame number gave evi dence that the fire was of natrifling character, and called to the comer of Cass and Kinale streets, the entire Fire Department of the city. Although tbe engines hasten'd rapidly to the ‘ccce of the co£flagralion,tbe flames were making rapid headway before a stream conM be brought to bear. Tbeionr-atory bnck building at No. 805 Einzie. corner of Cass street, occupied in the basement and first floor by Messrs. Page <& Sprague “Armour. In the manufacture tod storage of oil, had, in tome mtooer, caught tod was almost at the mercy or the devouring dement. Notwithstanding the extreme cold weather, the engine* were early on the ground, and under the direct tnperrltl''n of Fire Marshal llarrla, they wcie disposed in the heal possible manner for the euppre tloa of the flames and the protection or thtfiame buildings, opposite and In the rear, sit uated on * ass street. Many dwellings of wood were frequently flr.d by the clndert, the wind fanning them to oestrncllon, bat the constant play of streams of water upon the roars saved them. The second and third floors of the burnt; g bul’dtng were occupied by lam lues- up* on the second floor resided George nmilQ, a tog boat captain, Mr*. Koacn, and three or four young tueu occupying rooms, upon the third floor lived Mr. Kelloit, Urn. Casey. Mr Welch (a flioniani, and Mr. Houghton, a blacksmith. The fourth floor *as occupied by Smith & Sweeney In the manufacture of window stiades and blinds. The fin* was so soon Inventing the entire cm* tral portion of iho halloing as to give rise to an ImpiessioD that several Uvea were lost, hot so far as our reporters could ascertain, every person was saved. Mrs. Casey was disabled by a sprained ankle, and her son conveyed her out on bis back. Others bad to fleo lorthcir Uvea, pot Ills believ'd that the wild tnmors In circulation rccardltg aufiocatlon and perishing in the flames wen; without real lonndatlon. ..... rjic families mentioned lest all they had—their homes, and Mich comforts as they were able to procure. Messrs. Page A Sprague’s stock con alstid of a large quantity of lard, grease, and wbalc oil, bat no carbon oil. Their office and general place of business la at Nos. 19 audit Lest born street, and it la understood that their business will not be seriously embar rassed by this reverse. Tbc firm of IL B. Mitchell A Co., on Chicago ayeanc, engaged in a similar line of trade, have kin ur placed their business at the disposal of Page A Sprague fortemooraiy convenience. The fall of portions ot the brick walla created much momentary anxiety, but as the event was to a great extent anticipated, no one was hart. The evening was excessively cold, hat largo crowds of people assembled in the vicinity to witness the grand sight afforded by the mass ot land flame, making it* terrible combinations with black smoke, as If defying all other dementi to match its beauty. XXWBEB AKD liCSCRSICCt. Pago & Sprague, who occupied No. M 5 rootle street, lost about *20,(00 In stock. Ti»*y wereln enred a* lollops: Packers’ Company, *VOW; Oai den City Company. *2,500: Cincinnati Home loMirancc Company, *2.500: Mutual Security ot Cbtcaco, *1,550 Total. *10,550. Smith &b» eeney, who occupied the fourth Door, with a acock ol ahades acd blinds, lost about *sou; believed uot to hare been insured. The arrregale losses ol the families occupying the bntldlne ato estimated at SU4M, which is ptesnmed to bo uninsured. The building was totally destroyed—-estimated loss, *6,UJU. 'ibe owner is not known, tho pro perty being in litigation. S. H. JlcCrca is the cupied a potiion of No 26'. their stock being principally hides ard tallow, and believed to be hot email. 1 jjsb by wat» r probably about *200 ; The tobacconist occupying the part of No. 2‘Slhad bis Mock somewhat damaged by water. lx*s not stated. . Th<‘ dao.age to the balldiotr. No. 263, was esti mated at ?s2o. total lo*s about *33,250. . TEaiPKKANUE, « Eight 1 ears Amon c the Fallen.” A meeting of (he Christian Liberal League was held last evening in Unity Chorch (Rev. R. Coll jet's) for the advancement of the canso of tea pciauce. Rt-v. R. Collyer introduced the subject by a few remarks on the growing inclination amoug the members of the denomination he in part repre sented, to do away with the second service of the Sabbath. He thought there was much rea-on In the movement, for as Beecher had said, “ two spinous a day were like two pellets in a pop gun, one drives the other out.” tie thouvht lew ordinary congregations could stand two extraordinary sermons on one day, and bat tew would stand one ordinary one He bad desired, however, to maintain a second service, and believed It might be productive of good. To this end be bid labored for the estab- Tubmcnt ol the Liberal Christian League. The purpose was to inaugurate a service which shall interest and instruct. . . C. J. Hull. Esq., then spoke, bis subject being 44 Eight Veais Among the Fallen.*’ Twenty-one years ago, when ho arrived in Chicago, he visited, ou the second day, the Jail, tbe next day be bad visited a school, and on the first Sabbath he went to cbnrch. Since that day be had passed hta life In labor among >bc claps of people whom be first noticed In the city. Eight years slue* bo commenced visitations at the Brldcweil. excepting, perhaps, twelve San aaye, be bad been weekly there. The result of the luvc-tigatlons made daring this time bad con-- firtned him in the bellel that the sin and destitu tion of tbit city base themselves upon intern- Ecraucc. Fifteen thou ond and thirl)-five persons ad been arrested for drunkenness In the last I hllc months, aod tbe general feeling is that I tbe majority ol these are Irish. He desired to | show the fact, there were of these: Irish, 7,iW ; Americans 8,377, Germans 1,083, and children less than 20 jears of age 2.100. The inmates of the Bridewell, as they come from all nations, also come from all classes of society. Ho had seen sluing on a Bi ide *-eli bench a lawyer of great promise, by reason of his Intelligence, the brother ot ajndse, and now reformed ; a Itank clerk that was. who had been entrusted in Smiths' bank with hundreds of thousands of dollars, he bad also seen In that £' lace. These men were brought there as most of if-|r associates In prison were—by drink. The I diinklns lo the home circle was the first cause of this result, and yet the alcohol fur which I tbe wise, beer and cider Is made use of contains I no clement ot prosperity to the body in tbe forma- I tion of muscle. Here be deprecated the example seTby moderate drinkers. ' . , The use of tobacco he next touched upon. 01 15)9 of bis Bridewell parishioners that moraine, hat perhaps ten did not nse tobacco. Toe use of the weed be thought to be naturally connected with the drinking of whiskey* and be bad found Ural the crest majority ol convicts nae both, and both of these appetites be believed descended from parent to child. lie himself, who had not in twenty-nine years taurd a drop of intoxicating liquor, was com retied to dodge the temptation of drink, the ap petite for which his father had communicated to him The sppstitc being then congenita’ he would urge that no one is fallen ln*o the habit of drinking so deeply that be may not be rescued, or tbalbe is not worthy of it. lie remarked upon the number of rum shops tn tho city, stating that npon Clark street there ar* om;hundred and fifty of these legalized places or demoralization. 11c and others bad objected to the license system, and they were to d that theetty received an Income of $35,000 from I’, bnt against this he would set the $250,000 paid during the same time fur the PollcoDcpartment. Independent of this, there is the unchristian re soil of hypocrisy intbcaalool intoxicating driuka, which Is not licensed. . . lie bad an idea for a remedy, some had sug gested a bffib loom. He had tried this remedy m the Bridewell, and it had not removed lbs difficul ty. lie bad tried another theory, that of the me chanics’ shop, and that had been Insufficient. 1 Earnest prayer had been advocated to the same end. He had tried the efficacy < of this means. He attended the prayer meeting of Friday, and there he beard a , rich the owner of a large saloon, descanting 1 noon the aioa of Parle and Germany. He had tor roll, n his own city, and he left unheeded his own ratoon. The next moraine he read of the homi cide at 116 Dearborn aln-et,near to his friend’s ; ra oon. had become satisfied 1 that prayer alone would not remove the evil.. He believed the only cure lain total abstinence. To procure it is an agency must be created to operate among the childicn, and the agency must be from the men who have passed through the fire of Intemperance. These men most be lined up and encouraged and then placed in the front ranks of tho battle, fie would for mer recommend a United States law to cover every foot of territory wnlcb should make the sale oflmoxleating liquors a penitentiary offence; the second arrest to be treated to a hie sentence, or U tbc second punishment was less than that, the third oQcnce should be death. Be did not, how ever, expect to stop the evil by legislation any more other crimes are suspended, bnt be thought that the disease would be lessened as the crimes are kept some what under subjection by fear. He thought, too, that end) a law could be procured by the aid of the press, the pulpit and female suffrage, and the last ot these he looked npon as the moat efficacious agency. Mr. A. Green, a Swede, of Galesburg, who was introduced as a reformed drunkard, then related his experiences i u the nte of intoxicating drinks. He attributed his drunkenness to his father, who was a minister of the Gospel, and he stated that the result was that he found himself passing through all tho calaboosca ot Sweden. Based npon the experiences he underwent while he yielded to his appetites he made an argument In favor of tool abstinence. The meeting then closed. Tlie .Dearborn Street Murder. Senear, February 10,1967. To the Editors of the Chicago Times: Having heard yesterday l&alurdty) morning at about OH o'clock, for the first lime, that a nun hid been shot the night before In a bar and bil liard room on Dearborn street, and seeing in the morning papers my name connected with it, 1 wish to give a true and unvarnished statement of my connexion with It, and how I happened to he there at all. 1 lea my room-male In the early part of the evening, slating to him that I wished to go borne early, as 1 wanted (o get np early, In order to he down town at eight o'clock a. m., and told him I would meet him on Clark street, which he said be would do. I walled on Clark atreet until half put nine o'clock for him to come, wheal started out to find him and get him to come home, as 1 did not want to leave him, for 1 had the key, and if 1 went home wlthonthlm the folks In the boose would have to get up and let him In. 1 found him at 146 Dearborn street. I went np tobimandaskedblmUU was to-morrow morn ing that be Intended to meetme. Be answered. •*So, to-night.” "WelV’eald I, “ I waited until ten o'clock for yon, and now want to go home. Ho remarked that it was not len o'tlock yeL 1 tola him It only wanted ten minutes of ten o'clock. "Wcll,"uys be, "I want to gel a chance to speak to Wilson alone a minute, aud then I wilt go." 1 waited some time, and in the meantime Scho field and Ogden engaged In a game ot cards, Mr. Schofield coming ont, I believe, ioser of four games. They had drink* on each game. At the time of their sitting down to pliy cards there were some twelve or fourteen persons in the st loon. While they were playing cords 1 asked my room mate several times to go home, and was on the I mint several times of leaving him and going loroe alone, and abonli have done so, had it not, been torlho key. By the tune they had finished their (bur games of cards, it most nave been somewhere from half past eleven to twelve o'clock p. m., and not being able to get my room-mate started, 1 took a chair which was silting some distance back, say fifteen to twenty feet from the bar, in a retired pjaltion, walling for him to get ready to go. While sluing there, Schofield and Wright, considerably intoxi cated, cot fooling—Schofield using Wright very rough, so much so tba' some one told him lhat be would hurt him. They were at that time up close to toe bar, near the door which leads oat on to the street. Soon after this a casual remark was made which drew Wright’s attention to myself, and, as it were, all the pent up ire caused oy Schofield's rough usage, vented Itself upon me. Says he: “Yon son of a b —lean lick yon,” and made straight for me. 1 bad no Idea of bis Intending an aasanlt upon me aa 1 had not taken any put in their previous doings, but when be came oack atu made directly for mo 1 became aware that he meant harm. When he got near enough he struck at me and cllcched me, and dragged me ont toward the bar. I not being able, or at anytime Inclined towards fighting, tried only to escape from him without getting marked or Into trouble and notoriety, and in the straggle, which I think moat have been rather from the fierce and unprovoked aasanlt upon me. 1 went down on to tne floor, and he, and I think several others, on top of me, behind toe bar. I, all the while, trying only, not lo get bon and also trying to escape. When they were on top of me, 1 felt some ones boot, and thought they were kicktngat me. I snug ont “ take them oil me." and asked what 1 bad done. I finally got to the door, hut was so confused, that 1 ran against It, which impeded my progress, and detained me, which confused me allU more, as 1 was afraid they or he were stilt alter me. 1 finally got ont of the door, and ran as far as the comer of the Post Office, tod stopped a mo ment, to gather my scattered senses, and see bow badly 1 was hurt; hot In a fo* momenta 1 heard the voices of Schofield and Wright, and without looking round, thinking. In their drunken treaty, they were still after tne, i ran ronnd to the rear of the Post Office, and there walled lor some time— say ten minute*—when I started and went directly home. As 1 said before, I knew nothing of the pistol being fired, or there being a man shot, null) the next morning. 1 met a m| " on Madison street, who said a man waa shot round on Dearborn street last ntfibt. . Relative to the testimony before tbe Coroner. I think It exonetates me from all blame, and in this communication I wish to state bow 1 happened to be is aucb company?*! 1 profess to be a gentle man, and am not In the habit of associating with gamblers, confidence men, &c. 1 state this that tbe pnbhc may know that, in this instance, there is an exception to the say ing, “ that a poison U known by the company be keeps." Yours, Bra*. fi. Coblkw. Horn Colt lilor To the Editor of the Chicago Trlhane: 1 see 111 tout pip«r of February 81b,a letter de fending ibe assertion ot the above gentlemen, namely, “That there nre persons laboring m the talooa ana workshop* of England who do not know Ihelr own names, but axe only dealg nated by tbe numbers they bear." VhU assertion of bia Is made to appear true by others o( tnchmor.- tUotu character, that 1 can't help thinking (be moat Ignorant most know better, nz: “That many or these peraous never aoe the light of day; Uial they are born, Kve and die in tbe aloes; that tbelr opportunities of knowledge are ao limited that tbe savages who roam over the face ol tbe earh may he regarded as Intelligent beluga com pared, with them I' Forty years ago, I bad friends living In an ex tensive mining district, with whom 1 visited, dur ine a penoo of several) care, Ibe one I stayed w.tb was what la termed "the Captain of a plu" I bad an ezcelleul opportunity of becoming ac quainted with tbe mlnera and their families. Tbe neighborhood, for forty miles around, waa one vast mining district! and. aurely, If any of the above statements bad any founda tion in troth 1 must have known it, lo all tbe pita, that were “close worked," tberr were two aula of men and h<>ya, one set go ing down lh" mine at sis In the miming, and coming op at alztn the evening. Tbe night set going down at alz in the evening and ascending at alz in the morning, the parties changing nay for nlsbt work every month. With regard to (heir not knowing tbelr own names. I assert that ilia false, without the shadow of unlh, and as to ihelr being bom, living and dy ,lc in toe mioea, itla equally false. With regard lo their general intelllgeree, 1 affirm that I found them as shrewd and intelligent a* any class of poorly educated men with which I have been acquainted. It la true many of them arc exceedingly wicked, but amongst them may be found many oflbe best, moti pious andQiflta locclyveccJifTt, clan leadtrt. Sabba'h School Sa frrxnttnd'-nU and teachn* that can be found In any country In tbe world. As to tbe men employed lo the workshops, I was bookkeeper in one for many years; have been to America seventeen years, daring which time I bavc become intimately acquainted with many American citizens, and must confess that I be lieve tbe English much tbe better educated class ol the two. Qeoook Mohses. Weuona, 111. Revises.—lt is one of the privileges of poets, players and lecturers to exaggerate. Some writers Indulge in this direction, also. Likewise those who talk to more limited audiences than lecturers. The ignorance prevailing among the lower claeea of Enropc, in some districts la deplorable, but It is not so deep as was asserted by Mr. Taylor in the lecture to which we took exception. Ur. Taylor is not the only person who has been In the mines and woikanops cf England; bat he probably is the only one who would make each a broad assertion - with regard to the - working classes of any European country lied tie slated mat thousands of adults in England, Ireland and other countries cannot tell the time of day lby looking at a clock, he would have told no more than the troth, bat it U not true that there is a single sane adult, nor even adi'g. In either country who docs not know his awn name Wt gave space to the letter mentioned by onr correspondent, because wc believe In giving every man a chance to be heard; the publication 01 that letter vas not a sign that we did nor, as now, deem Moses Colt Taylor to be a humbug. TUB LIKU TUNNEL, The Last Fxcundon Through It. The very last excursion of the season, or of any season, through the great Lake Tunnel,was made on Saturday by a party of gentlemen who. In com mon with many citizens, had a laudable desire to explore the bore once more before the roar and nuh of waters liozn crib to shore should close the door to human foot. The tracks are to be taken up In the early part ot this week, so there can he lo more underground excursions to the crib. Those who have not seen that circular wall of brick must henceforth be content to believe it there. Those who hare seen it will never see It again. The two fleet steeds—w*e mean the faith ful moles—who have for some two years back been moving to and fro in the depths like a pair of shuttles, helping to put together that vvondertnl hose pipe, will mix again in the upper strata of society; their occupation down below U gone. They hive finally rested from their labor, and the waters follow them. It was appropriate that the last visit to the tun nel should oc made by s party of gentlemen, the representatives of a class the most n*tcd to right ly appreciate tbe magnitude ol t&e nndcrtaWng mccbanico, architects, builders and contractors. I* was Alderman Carter's doing. Hewa-deslroua that these men should descend In a body to enjoy a eight of this triumph of engineering skill, and with this view be invited a select company to pay the last visit to the interior. It wonld have been a cold day in deed for a Journey over land, or a voyage over sea, but it was tolerably pleasant under both sea and land, and agreeably suggested an approach to the central fires. Tbe company assembled at the mouth of the shore abaft, where they awaited with eagerness the word “ go’*from Alderman Carter, who bad undertaken to marshal the boat through tie dark tube. To most of the patty It was quite a new sensation, and various were the surmises as to bow they would go in and how come out again, whether It might be February weather or If they might not expect a Fourth of July in tbe realms oclow. They soon disappeared from the upper air by half dozens, and seated themselves as comfortably us circumstances would permit in the little boxes drawn by the patient mules. Tbe process of going through the bore Is a very simple one, and wohld nor be at all exhilarating were 11 nollhal your imagination Is potently ex cited, and yon are liberty to imagine that the wild team Is plunging with you down to the dwelling place of everlasting night. But if the uccy has free play, so has not the poor tenement of clay, for you are forced into a most uneasy position with your knees up to your chin, and the only thing a plain matter-of-laci mao can do Is to try and estimate‘be rate of progress by watching the while morks on the side, or looking at tbe wet spots hero and there on the roof. It look thirty-five minutes to go from the shore to the cnb, and there an acceptable collation was provided for the party, including the opening and emptying of sundry hollies ot champagne. While these were being discussed, Ala. Carter took occasion to comment in commendatory terms on tbe mag nitude ot the idea which had thus been so success fully realized, and paid a handsome-compliment to air. Dut), who was present. Tbe healtn of Dull & Gowan was drank, tbe health ot Hr. chea hrongb, and the health of tbe visitors collectively. And so. alter passing a pieasant quarter of an hour, admiring the wonders of the crib, and look ing out upon the Übc, which presented a bound less expanse of small round pieces of floating Ice, very Uko buckwheat cakes, but not quite so hot, thty once more disappeared down the shaft, and took scats In tne underground railway. T&e way home was enlivened by choruses of 44 Johnnie comes marching Home,” and “John Brown.” which made the bride walls re-echo with a sound which may not be ht-ard within them again. Every oue was delighted with the visit. In the afternoon another parly went out to tbe crib, ac companied by Ur. Chesbrongh, and this was the last Journey. A JUKI EOIIOLOGICAL QTJERE. A Question Asked and Not Answered. A correspondent signing himself “ Philos ” hu got Into a metorologlcal “quandary." lie is puz zled abont the weather. It Is a troublesome sub ject lo him, as so many thousands have found it before him. He says: “ Admitting that the axis of the Fouls always perpendicular to the plane of its motion, and the Inclination of the earth’s axis to the plane of Its orbit. In Us annular course, la periodically the rame—and also that the surfaces of evaporation, and the polar and the equatorial currents of the wind,are the same—will some one of yonrlcarncd correspondents please explain the causes why the tempcia’nres, rains, winds and the seasons of one year are so vailent from those ot another»” Tbltos Is evidently what hu name expresses—a lover—and bolus so Is blind, as all lovers are. Wodonotlntend this as an Insult, nor should It be taken as one. The fact is that seekers after this kind ot knowledge arc all In the dark. Mot a simile ray ot light has ever yet Illumed their path, unless it were that of some ignit ratvit theory whose deceptive flickering* led the wanderer into a sttli deeper bog than that from which he first saw It, and lell him in deeper darkness than ever. Thcsnbjectof meteorology has been studied by l * pbilo« 1, -ophers m every age during the past four thousand years, but It is s science now only as regards the'geceral average of a few facts, and the probable sequence ot certain phenomena to a few uncertain causes. Wc know meteorological bets only, by their general averages. We. know.that a certain amount of non falls in a riven locality, “ one year with another." hat we do not know, nor can we predicate that rain win fall at any specified Instant or on any specified day: nor can we tell what will be the quantity; thonch gener ally we expect heavy rains in the harvest season, and bnt showers in the spring. The barometer indicates tain, (sometimes days) In advance, bnt oar foresight thas gained Is not Uie foreknowledge of primary causation; It is simply the pre-recog nition of an accompanying fact, os when we seea pennon far away at sea, we know that a vessel Is oci catb, though wc cannot see the vessel and may not see It for many boar*. More; It may pass away without our seeing the hail at all. Wc recognize a connection between two sets of phenomena, and consider (hem as standing >n the relation of cause and efiect, bat the sequence does not always bold good. We know that generally the coldest season of the year Is at some one to two mouths distance from the winter solstice, and we think we can account for it as we account for the nanal greatest dally best—two boars (more or leu) put noon—on the gradual warming or cool ing theory.. Bnt the time or intensity of the great est cold la not always the same in the same local ity, even under the same conditions uf wind and clearness of atmosphere, and quality o( terial moisture, and amount of deflection of tbc mag nctomctric Index. The sequence is not a certain one—that is, it is not certain to ns— though none of ns donht the absolute operation of law in these matters, regu lating every little variation of temperature and moisture and electrical condition and venial ve locity and direction in obedience lo causations as accurately known to higher Intelligences as are the cause and iffect of the simplest mechanical motion. Ills thatweare ignorant, and not that there Is no law. bball we ever attain to a comprehension of these mysteries! Pertaps. We already know much ot the physical laws which control the move ments of that great ocean of water which lies be low; and one of the latest achievements of Investi gation has been the discovery that the two great oceans of air and water are counterpoises. Have we In this truth tne else to the unexplored laby rinth of meteorological science! Probably. . If our correspondent asked thcqnesuonlu good film, we regret to be obliged to say that no man in the present day esn give the answer to the problem propounded. If be he disposed to in vestigate as well as (Inquire, we commend to him the study of meteorology as being per haps that ouc depattznem ol scientific research In which least Is known, while the greatest amount of material Ilea leady to hand. Thousands of facts lie scattered around, and hundreds of corrcl a Ives or phenomenal groupings are ” familiar In the month aa household words/’ hut the master mind has net ret arisen which can grasp these facts and arrange them in thelrapproprlateplacos, give to each tie true value in the long chain ot physical sentiences, and. deduce the operative causes v bkh govern and control these trains'of phenomena. lhat master mind has yet to arise. We do not believe that any of the secrets of nature can be eternally hidden from mortal ken. We have snatched too many Jewels from the mine where they lay hidden under monntalns of Ignorance, and guarded by the griffins of fprcjaulee,to de spair ot being able ultimately to exclaim Eureka with regaid to any and all the solutions to the problems which now vex ns, and keep reminding ns tbatwi are purblind mortals. It may be for ant correspondent to lilt the veil which now hides the unknown Unlbs ot meteorological science, and make his name immortal. Inserting It by the side of those of Archimedes, Newton, Davy, Fa raday. Le Terrier, Felton, Franklin and BeracbeU. “So mole it be." AnCSEMENTS, The pact week has been one of ouiet success at all tbe different places of amusement. We have bad no sensation worthy of the name, and yet attractions, good and bad, hare sufficed to draw large gatherings. The weather has been of thst peculiar character which everybody Joins in landing aa appropriate to the season, because they can all enjoy IU Thus we nave had enow with* out storm, frost without intense cold, and thaw* lug without sloppiness. Tbe melting gushlness oi talure during the past week has been of tbe aristocratic order—opposed to excess. It was a model of conduct which we hope to sec pat* tented after in future seasons. Ptuuianaoaio.—Tbe nest concert of the present series by the Philharmonic Society .will ce given on Tuesday evening, the 19th. McVicxxn’e.—The French Spy has been the idol worshipped at McTicker's during the week, with Iftlen western as the priestess who led in tbe devotional exercises. Indeed she performed her part with ench success that very many mis* took her for the goddess, and paid their devoirs accordingly. Perhaps the mistake was all the more natural aa tbe priestess was attired In very idol fashion—as near to the purl* itafursiihus as Is consistent with tbe wearing of dress at all. They used to drape their idols in that way in an* dentfdays when steam looms were unknown, and fig leaves were oto mod*, We now sing another fODC—« now GLUT which does not tacalcile been essericd In justification of MUs Wnutti'( display that she dresses asvolammoaa- It u did Cubu, and some others whose enact' moots of the French Hpy has been applauded to the echo. 1 bit mar be so, bnllhoae persons had twi> redeeming qualities which Mias western has not; they were actresses without reference to drcaa, and their forma wore not nolle «o grossly suggest ve. They were not worthy of. praise (or their nudities, Uln aplte of them. Bbe has no oihcr recommendation. On Monoar evening J. E. McDonough appetrs In " The Long Pinko.” Wo give the following critique akd argument from a Condon paper: *iho Long SrnUc, Ur. DouctcauU'a new drama, will certainly rank aa a success with—lf not tbe af'onlsblng Colleen Dawn—at least with any o'bcnlromtbeßamcpcn that have precededill. The anibor confesses his Indebtedness to M»s. Gaskeirawri'tngs; hot, as far as onr memory ■crTca. It can be bnt to so slight an extent as scarcely to deserve mentioning, except to shuMhe months of the many who are fond of finding oat dramatic likenesses. TheLongStrlke scarcely in* volvos politic*! matters. nor any more “sotting of class agalni* class." than tbe mnrder of s mn 1 ter by*n operative: and instmlghthavebippencd without any reference to " bard times." N". It Is essentially a lore story, and Is very follfdevel oped tn the first act. It Is the period ol a strike, tbe operatives being beaded by Noah Learoyd. a furious par lsan. who is ready to go to most vio lent lengths against <be masters. This Noah baa s daughter, Jane Learoyd, In tbe factory of Uadley, ana with her, as may be supposed, the love* making begins. SLe Is adored by an excellent Irish sailor, Johuny Itellly, and a fore man of enrlneecrs, Jem Starkle, whilst Hadley himself cherishes some designs which all bnt himself would think anything but flath ting, but which Jane, in her innocence, strongly tavois. *1 be leading features of import ance amor get tbe rapid nctlou of a long niece may he given without especial chronological aec incy. Jem blatklc rejected. la persuaded by Johnny Reilly.not to shoot himself, and bia pistol is left with Jane whilst the two men go to Llvo.pooL w here Johnny tbe sailor Intends going afloat. At tbe mills things arc going badly. Noah l«oaroTd finds out ibatllartley is going to proaecnte tbe ringleaders In the strike, and also something about Radley's designs on Jane; and so he, now literally mad, shoots Radley wltn Jem Btarldes pistol. Jem otarkle, therefore. is ‘•wanted," as tho ••active and Intelligent" constable Is certain tn cay when bunting for tbe wrong man: and he rctninsfromliverpool Justin time to be taken into custody. The real truth of tbe murder la at last discovered by Jane. Her comae is dear, bnt difficult. Tbd Innoceut most be saved, and the only person who can save him is Reilly, who can prove an ofl&l. Here occur drenm* stances and characters which "will keep' until the. play be under actual observe Uon. Suffice It that tbe electric telegraph Ispnllnmolion-andlnascene which for abso lute vitality could not be be snrpaasea—and after distressing delays between clerks and dorks, Ut ile bojt. Ac, Reilly overcomes all objections of bis Captain, who is short of bands, by taking a holder, and swimming to the pilot boat. He teaches Manchester m time to persuade the jury— twelve more “ Intelligent" people, who were prob ably not thought sufficiently "active" to be made policemen—that Reilly was to Liverpool at the time the pistol was fired In Manchester, and that therefore tbe prisoner la Innocent. - ibc play Is over. What happens to tbe pandpitchara.ters may be guessed, or—again—" wid keep;" but amongst the principalcharactersmnsibem-ntlon ed MoueypeunT, an honest and generous lawyer, who aOects to be a pattern of hard-heartednets, but who cannot deceive an English audience. Ur. Bonctcanlt baa constructed hla drama with nat ural and well cultivated skill; and his dialogue is, . as usual, truly dramatic—that Is, always to the P °MCBT73I —The lighter nnd of dramatic per , formanccs—tho DlUunhlfo variety—have pre : vailed during the week at the Museum, and large accessions Save been made to the already well* filled purse sf tho propii tor. The benefit of Mrs. Sioneall on Friday night was also a source of con siderable proflfto that estimable lady. a , „ Monday evening brings the’tilognenol Captain, a piece spoken of as powerful and thrilling—, somewhat of the same character aa "Hie Duke's Motto," and expected to be as great a success. Tne Mnsenro Is rather lamous for the bringing out of new music. During the past week a new composition by G. P. 8001, "I ask no more," baa bren played each evening between tho acts, and has been universally commended, both by tbe mass, for its lighter pleasantness, and by the lew who can trace In t> the hand of genius.both in Its composition and arrangement. Tbe latter Is, of course, due to Mr. Stevens, tbe leader of the orchestra, a thorough musician, both Individually end directive. He baa just brought out the Barry Fchotttsch*-. a little gem of melody, which will be interpreted to the Museum audiences this Miunon ot Itaj.t.—A magnificent collection of paintings, giving views of all tbe more prominent objects In Italy, tbe landof art and song, will be nmollvd in tne Opera House Music Hsu on Mon day evening. This Is said to be only the third ex hibit since Ihcr arrival from Europe. Sifvrrwn has been brisk during the colder por tions of the week. Martin, a Canadian skater of great powers, wonderful dexterity, and some ori cioality,has delighted thousands ailbe Rinks with his dismays of skill. . _ , 4 . , Ihe Detroit Adzfrtiter of tho 4th instant. In noticing tbe comic dress carnival at the Kink In that city, has tbe following about two young ladled who belong to Chicago, the latter being a nom ilevl’tme : •• Misses Nelly Dean and Maude Melville gave a final exhibition of their atilt on akates, eliciting much applause. A very pleasing episode ot tbe evening was tbe presentation to lilrs WeMvlle, byanumber of her Moods, ol a beautiful watch and cbalo, as a testimonial ol appreciation not only of her superior skill la skating, but of their esteem for her as a lady. TheprcfiCbtallon was mads byagenlUmaninan address quite apropos to tbe occasion. Mr. S. H. Davis, proprietor of the Rink, also* presented the same lady with a large and beantlfol gold medal, suitably Inscribed.” ..... Dnumnxo—A dramming match for the champ ionship is announced for the Kith instant at tne Opeta House, between William Nevlua and Willie ilcuilerabott. Tbe winner of the contest Is chal lenged by John C. White, late drummer of the Sixteenth United States Iniantry. Robixbon's Cibcus.—Mr. James Robinson, the champion bare back rider, tbe man without an eqnal In equestrian feats, has been engaged (or a limited number of nights to appear at Yankee Robinson's Zoological Gardena and Colise um, commencing ou Monday evening. The*ridlngof Mr. Robinson is something start ling. The same feats performed by others on the pad-saddle are performed by him on the bare back of the bone, including somersaults, hoop leaps and other movements. Be brings with him tbe infant prodigy, "Clarence," who will assist In tho tqueslnan display, capping the climax of even those feats of Sir. Robinson with which so many of onr citizens were made familiar daring the short umc that Mr. Robinson was previously among us. Crlzn. Con. and Divorce, Tbo Tuistns on Thursday lost mentioned among tho new anlts commenced in the Circuit Court, &n action on the care instituted br Chauncey C. WlDanson against George Whlt beck, in which the damages were laid at SIO,OOO. The declaration In the case was Hied on Satur day last. It appears that tho suit Is to recover far the loss or the service and society of the wife, by resson of her alleged estrangement and seduction by IDO defendant. The plstnUO In tho emt is the keeper of a restaurant on Dearborn street, and the defendant is said to be a wealthy mer chant residing in the West Division. The special allegation of the declaration la that aimtnal con nection took place between defendant and the Kite ot the plaintiff on the flfleeuth day of Seilcmbctlost, and at divers limes and sundry Pl AUhesaroe time and in the same Court, Wil kinson tiled a bill tor divorce, setting up, of course, the charge of adultery as specified in his declaration to the solr far damages. The New Steam Generator. To the Editor oi the Chicago Tribune; In jour issue of the slfi instant, Mr. Danford again spreads blmsclt on the absurd charge that my generator Is an infringcincnlnpon his patent, I nave no inclination to annoy your readers with a dreary repetition of alterations, and what la trne or nntrno In them, bat will simply repeat, in different version ana with some additions, the mam points noted In my* letter of Janaary 39th, Id oioer to have this matter fblly understood: 1. There are old extinct patents on generators. The patents of Mr. Danford, as well as mine, cor* er, therefore, la the meaning of the law, mere Im provements. McCurdy, in 1634, used a dry heated vessel (a horrixonal tace) in combination with force pump and water-injecting pipe, for the pro dnctlon o> steam out of spray water. Bis genera tor, from some reason or other, Is abandoned, and baa become public property. 3. Mr. Danford hits upon the plan of employing tn place of that horizontal tube, or more spacious vessel, to allow.lbe rejected spray to become aup«r- fleam before touching metallic surface. * Otherwise his operations and combinations are the same aa McCurdy’s. He does not claim a pe culiar form, because such claim would be vague and worthless; nor does he claim (In America! the principle, because the patent officers could not allow any such claim. He simply claims— the primitive combination of tinted generator, force pump and waer.Mecting ptjtet, tons quali fied, that with proper adjustment of the quantity uf water Injected, tuperneated tteam will be pro duced brwuKflotefy. The first part of this culm cannot be taken by Itself, because it la old. it Is onir good aa a patent noder the conditions set forth in the subsequent Qualification, wherein It is specified that steam must not only be produced Immediately, bat be at once tupetiUafed. Mr. Danford most undoubtedly would have preferred terms ol broaacr compass, as for Instance the word “sfrom,” in place of Lk tupeth-.a ! *<3 tleam," but the patent officers were extremely rigid In ob serving the regulations of the office. The want or healing surface in the Danford Generator must be supplied by higher tempera tures of ihe fire, which is at once Wasteful of feel and dtairucUve to the vessel. S. 1 hit upon the plan of taming the very tube of McCurdy’s upright. To obtain betting surface I combine a number of them with a Joint receiv ing vessel. In those tubes I produce steam which is tatur ated, aa the opening of a try-cock will convince everybody, and the process of superheating, here made distinct from the production uf the steam, takes place in the receiving vessel arranged above the tope of the tubes. My tubes arc nar row, contain no volume of euperneated euam-~±t spray in them touches metallic surface. Ttuy are SlcCurdy'i rubes. I do not directly produce evperfuoted tttam, nor do I produce ft Im/usdi ately. 4. 1 will cow ask the fair question, whether common reason and common sense are so scarce that nonody can peiceivc the absolute distinctions ot my generator aa compared with Mr. Danford’a ? Is therebetween (hem the slightest shadow of similarity beyond toelr common origin! I trust Mr. Danford alone here makes an exception. Con trary to bia theories, wishes and expectations, the new generator operates and performs admirably. This Is a dreadful tact, too drcadftil, Indeed, to be

true. The brain becomes ‘‘superheated Immedi ately,” the *en«es turn blind, the seven McCurdy tubes stand there. In the vision of Sir. Dantord, the ghost* of seven Danford generators. Macbeth saw the ghost of Btnquo; nobody be side him did. 5. In my letter to the Timet, of January 33d, I announced that I am now building another gen- crator with eighty-four tabes, which 1 shall term the ciretrfailoii pentraior, in distinction from the piosent combination penera'or. la the '•tier a* above stated, the prodaction take* place .in (he tabes below mod lie superheating la done la the Teasel aborc. In the circulation generator this principle is reversed. The production is to take place in the vessel chore and the superheating, by means o! a peculiar circulation. In the lubes or/oir, which will be snnonnded by Are. This amusement will sire me more thin doable the healing surface sad allow a still easier and more durable construction ol the apparatus. Mr. Danfort may, meanwnile, study the problem and decide whether bo shall see a big ghost of one, or eighty-four small ghosts ol eighty-four Danford generators. Let me, in conclusion, tender my host thank* to Mr. Daciord for haring so kindly jriren my gen erator the desired notoriety. F. Bxuxisx. Rrsotmox or Tnarncs.—At a meeting of the Chicago, held on Wednesday evening, a vote of thank* was passed to Captain Wells Shenntn, of the Third Police Precinct, and the members of bis force In attendance, (or thetr efficient co-operation in pro*erring order and promoting the comfort of the guest* at the mask ed ball at Turner Hall on Monday evening. local matters. The Purest and Sweetest Cod hirer Oil in the world, manufactured from fresh, healthy livers, upon ibe sea shore; f»is perfectly pore and sweet. Ask tor •* Hazard A Caswell’s Cod Liver Oil,” manufactured by Cas will, mack* Co., New York. Sold by all druggist*. Xbr Franklin Brick Hacklne, Jnatly celebra’ed forperfecl simplicity, prrai ttrcnjrUi, acd imm cum compressing power, ts ocamjrmD, with debt men cod two horse*, to self-temper the day and make 3.000 to 8,500 elegant brides per bonr. J. H. Rcncx, Propriety, No. 71 Broad* way, New York, Room 69. Ilcb! Scrmlcli I! Boyd’s itCedleated Cream cures Itch, acnMches, and all akin diseases. It is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain* B|>ecialiy adapted to children. Sold by all drag Colgate & Co*>a Winter Soap*—Be commendcd for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may oe ob tained oi all druggist* and fancy goods dialers. 9lctealfe , « Great Bheamatle Henxedy ta the most wonderful remedy ever brourfil before the public. A gentleman of this dty who bad to.tu.o UM or bl. Itabl, “JJI** 1 ** "tfuISTSSS b“rooebolll,. TnU'ronrlOiited t-lmlt to try It. Loan ft Bairn. Agents xntaA Pocwr.l Balm U e.rlata to effect. , sa-.553 =s&:fcßsMsej|ra reroute*tbe bowels, sod *ires rest. health. »?m nlrh ntll'orr. I/irdon. KnglmJ. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial New*. DcapaUb to the Chicago Tribune.] 1 nkwTobk, February 9. Market opened dull and tnactWe, and oa 1 the tint call, the aame, wlta no vi tality on the regular call, and ateady. with no nresetue at I*o. Tire boars commenced their ban* merlnit. and New York Central. Erie (common) and Michigan Southern declined. Both reported keep seilicc. Michigan Southern on both calls, pressure to •eIL with eonrlderable realising. Now York Central, Brie (common) Michigan Southern, Cleveland and Pittsburgh were the weakest, the balance of the list steady. Afterwards the market was a shade better. It waa anticipated tbat it would foil off before there vat much of a rally. Gold waa quite steady, waiting Congreaalcnal action upon the Reconstruction Dill. Money easy at 6 per cent on stocks, and 4 per cent on Qovemmints. [Associated Press Report.] Nsw You, February 9. XOXXT. Money easy at 5®6 per coat. ' roßxiox xxciuxai. sterling quiet at lOSKdIOB*. GOLD. Gold lower, opening at 137 H, declining to 137, ad vancing to 15»S, and closing at 177. apgcix Kxi-orrr*. Export* of specie to-day, 9716.000. (lOTBBXVKKTB. GoTenu&cßt stocks s abide flrmer. LATEST. oou*. Gold closed doll at IS7»IS7*. aoTEZMJucrrs. /2Armnm.ntft ftfm. Governments firm. Coaponßi’Bl...lWK«H | BK I Conn, •«, new.l(nV'aio3k Conpoß«T ,«!<»U» HMfti llOVwlOl Coupon*, 'M...lOOH(iUO6H Coupon*, , BJ...IWV»imK I uiidLiAHeoca biocd. Stock* c’oeed Arm. _ • _ Otilocert* „ »Jf PimbnrKh BMH Erie 58j<« 69 1 Toledo .119 Bodfton 180 Sm R. I- «k« 99 N.T. Central.. UiSf K.W JIH9 Beading lOtxaiOlK K. W.pTd 111. ceoi. 1 Old Southern-. 71* Bales at auction w-dav: Ohio6*ot te .IMS | Illinois 6* Goan) 99V Ohio G* of W 96k 1 Kentucky C* look Indiana 5a.. 90 I OUMH. Mining Shares quiet and ateadr. Corydon higher, 9C<h. Grctrory ÜBOaiSTS; Gold UUI 170; Quartz Ulil 333; Gooacl 47»49. Tbe Prodoee ITtarketsu NEW TOBK. New Tote. February 9. Cotton—A shade firmer. Sales of J.ktO bale* op* land* at SSc. - Hour—Dull and lavßrS buyers. Bales ot bbls. superfine Bute Wertcrn stS3.)Salt(U6:ertr» Western »lfcaattU.So; choice *UAs<»ttSJouroand hoop Ohtk shipping brands f'l lnssi3.ou ; extra Cloeeo qnleL Ret cipls 24M< bbls. Whisky—Qolel and onchsCßed. u Whcst—Unchanged. Sales of 7,000 bo No. 3 Chicago *1«.15.and6,000 Do|wtßterred Jersey at *IOO. . Bye—doll, bales ol 7,000 bu Western at $1,30; Cana da $1.36. Farley— Unchanged. Saletof 1,730 bo Canada atSOc; In oond: |I4S, free. Corn—cnchaoKi’d. Salef of 43,000 bomlxedat|l.t3; In store:ft.HaCoal; new mixed m bars tl.ll, OrtKerles—Qalet. Sagan steady at italic. Fetroleom—DalL Hoo**—Finn. Leather—Steady. Hemlock, 30&39VC. WcoJ-Qmet and firm. aCO,O(M ns domestic fleece at JTaftKCtnolled, 40<U0c. Fork—Opened doll and lover, bat closed firmer at ISOJufbrnev mess, and t30.?ia3i».37 for Western old nets; closing at 930.90; primp, 116.63A17.00; prime mcM. <19.10(^30.00: also, 1,830 brli aev meat at $30.87 OTI.OO. seller February and March. Beer—Steady. Sales4(o brla. Beef Hama— Firm. Kales 3ES brls atJ73t.00A36.00. Cut Meat*—Finn. Sale! 210 pkgs aoonlders at BX9 9Wc. Hams. lOXAISc. _ Dressed Boss—Easier; Westers, 9K®9«c, Tierce Beef— Steady; 9io trc- at {30.00932.60 tor prim' meet; 631.00933.00 for India mess. lard—Dull. Sales 490 brla at llKcfor old; 12.S® ISKcforrtw. Bacon—Quiet. Sa'es an brla Cumberland at 10XA 10kc. Short nbbtd.HXc. Butler—Firm. Cheei e, IV22OMC. WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE GENERAL MARKETS. New Took, February 9. The general markets hare been characterized oy a I belter tone daring the week. Monxr. 1 The money market has been easier, giving a slight Impetus to trade. Business dolt however. BuaoeTTFrs. Brcadstufls generally lower and Irregular, the de mand being confined to city trade, and we note great Irregularity In price*. The flour stork Is estimated at 900,000 brla. Large for the season. There bu been a marked addition to the supply of California floor, which sells at (11.00915.00 per brl. State flour u abun dant and sells slowly, at .Louis extras f12.7V%16.73. PBovmoas, Port has been In mode: ale demand, chiefly for home use. Prices fluctuated somewhat, bat are without material change. Tierce beef la In better demand tor export, bot flrmly held. nionwxKn. Whiskey—Less active, the business being nearly all contraband. OBOCKXUS. Coflee bought more freely, buyers paying the ad vance demanded. Dealers are anxious to sell,and prices rule high. IhMnoulry is principally from the trade. Prime Tho IStfc; fair to good 16418 c. gold rates. Wcat India grades flrm hat not active. Moia*seshas been nrm aid Jor distilling grades holders demand an , advance. The new cr ip I* arriving more freely.bat i Belli slowly. Cuba Muscovado S9®9oc; Porto Rico I 45960 c, and New urleans 80AS7XC. Improved demand I for raw sugars principally from the trade, and prices I have advanced. Moderate demand lor crude. Market closes steady at 39c. Bcflned la bond moderately active, Supply email. Prices rule arm at 27»3i)4c. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Milvauoc. February 9. Flour—Dali, and nominally laxc lover. Sales: 1.000 brie at tlo.oo lor choice XX spring; Daisy air Xat $9-50; rye flour, at $3.80; buckwheat flour at $6.00. Wheat—Firm. Morning board sales, 23,000 bu; noon board, sales 23.000 bo, at 11.91)431.95 for No, 2 la store; 1L97 seller’s option Marcn; (1.95 seller's option February; $1.96 seller'* option next week; $1.99 buy* er*soption March; t1.9V1.H buyer's option Febrn* ary; $1.73)4 for No. S in store; tIAJ for rejected Instore. Oats—Firm. Sales: 3,100 bu at 4Sc for No. lld store, and 46c for No. 2 In store. Corn—lrregular. Sal**: LGOO bo at 7S*Boc for old No. 1 store; 6lc tor do delivered; TSctorKo. 3 In store. Provisions—Dull and quiet. Very tittle demand. City ness pork held ot 11840; pickled hams held Qrm atIOKC. bo sates. Boxed salted shoulders offered at 7Xo t prime lard nominal at ikguxc ; beef bams scarce and nominal at (30.00. Dressed Bogs—Dull, and 89t0c lower. Sales at (745 9740, dittoing on 200 ns. Becelpts—l4oo hrls flour, 11400 bu wheat, 2,500 ba oats, 700 ba com, UOOO ba rye, 400 ba barley, 990 dressed bogs. Shipments—s,loo btls flour, 1400 ba wheat. CINCINNATI. CiMctxvaTt. February 9. Flonr-Unchtneed- bat less firm. Super. (9.73; win ter. (10.23; spring. (9.*na9.73; trade brands, (11.359 fancy, (14.tttei5.007 Wheat—Qnlet.bntpnres unchanged. No. 1 Is held at <2.40 for spring, and (240 far winter; at the close 293 c below incse rates would have to be accepted In order to eflect sales. Corn—Dali, and nominally 2c tower. llrcelpu, SSCOOnu. £ar.ssaS6c; sneiled, C2c in elevators, ana 77c In sacks. Oats—Quiet, but firm, at 51c for No. 1, and 62e In tacks. Rye—2c lower; No. 1, (143. BarPy—Da.l. c< tton—Held mere firmly. At the close middling could cot have been bought to any extent at 20c. The r-crtpis'or lie wc-k were 6,618 ha'e*, and irom the Ist ot September. 73.468. against 115493 bales the cor rtspcrdlpg time Isst season. Whiskey—Firm, with smallsales at36c. Provisions— Generally unchanged. Moderate order drmanc tor bulk shoulders at 8c: stoes at loc,and hamsatllHe all racked. Itacon—9tfc far sboniden; Iji-c tor clear Mb. ana l?Vc for clear sides, all packed. Mee« Pork doll at (30.50, and lard at 13X0—those the tatr« asked. . _ Green Cheese—Firm at 16916 We. Bu-tet—Scarce at BSQ3OC far Central Ohio, and 839 33c far Western reserve. 1-gcs—Very scarce, and cannot he bought below 40c. Lmsced OH—(I43AI-54, and tbe supply Is light. Groceries— Firm. Sugar, 19911 c; coffee, 33937 c. Gold—l 37 but tng. a'd 137 selling. Exchange—Firm at par buying, and 1-10 premium selling. Money—Market unchanged. Business has been greatly lulcrlcrcd with. NEW' ORLEANS. Nrw Orleans. February 9. Cotton—Richer Sale* 6,710 bales low middling at SOVc: nilCdiUip.SlJtfc.- Receipts, 1,133 bales; exports, 124(0 bale*. Sugar—ln active demand; fair, 13c. Uolaosm—Firm. Fair, Tie; prime to choice, 759 <6 yiour—Firm. BoperOce, (U.7S; extra, (12409 X *Cofn—Easier at (148®1.15. Oats—Firm, and in good demand at 85c. Hay—Firm at (33.0ua53.0Q. BaMC^Komin£! I, hhoalders,llC; sides, 13915 c. Lard-Doll at 13914VC. Whiskey— Unchanged. Tobacco—U unchanged. Freights* imd Exchange—Unchanged. LOUISVILLE. LoTisTTixx. February 9. Tobacco-fiales of ss hhds at |J53403373 .UJ. Flour—Super at |W.M. Si m buik at QdTOe; ear atese. Data—ln bulk at 63c. »SoD^i£oS I Siuwm « loajwc; MwacUir fiea at iwe: bacon bams at U3uWt Lara—ln tierces at 13c. - UKQUXC, Cottoa-*S®39C. BUFFALO. Bcrrato, February 9. Flour—Moderately active- Hi eh grades are neglect ed. bain ofßso prls Slate at *11.30. _ _ Wheat—Fair Inquiry for car lots, at 12.4032. U fbr No.I Milwaukee, audits* lor Canada spring. Corn—Steady, at 81c tor new Toledo on the state line tracks. OhU—Dull and unchanged. Itj e—ft M tor Wf-tern. BarlCT— for Canada, parley Malt—#lAoper 83 fit. Hlgbwltea—B3 so at retail. Provisions—Quiet. Mess Fork—TOiO. Lard—Qntet at lie. Dres-cd Bogs—Dull at |S.O®BJO. PHILADELPHIA. PniLaozima. February 9. Flour—Dull: enperfite unchanged. Philadelphia brands 11l.13$»l5—0. ... u — _ , wnest—steady; rossrlvanta red, f9.50i39.51: red Boutbers. |A3O; fall white, 53.11 L Bye—Fnehangrd. Corn—Dull: sales of 30,000 bu yellow at 95c. Ohts-BlradT at 57c. ivovlslocs—Coatraband. AThlszey— ST. LOUIS. St. Louis. Februarr 9. Tobacco—ln cood demand Cor aauutacturod Ohio le*|9,TJaia.7s. . Flour—wy quiet, and unchanged. - Wh»ah-Holdcrs «Ufi. but buyers stood off. Spring ran geo at tXIOi£L3O; stricUrprime mu, $2.77X- Corn—Doll and lower, at^&ac. Oat*—Heart and lower, at 6Bs67Kc. Wklikey—Heavy, at 9L26. , PtotUlou*—yulft and unchanged. Hors—Firm, at 6X@6kc. bomber packed to date, no,ao. MEMPHIS. hlmcpins, Februarr 8. Cotton—Flat. 29»**Xc for middllnt. Beeelpu to i,U6 bales. Exports, 256 bales. Week’s re ceint* KLSCS. Exports, ASIC. Other market* unchanged. Little doing to conse quence ot the inclemency of the weather. Kerr York Lire Stock market. (Deputed by Telegraph tor the Chicago >*rw Toss. Friday Evetlnc, February B. Bur Cama—There were yarded, and mostly •old to butcher* to-day, at the Derrea Market, (oppo site New York, on the Jersey side) 1,900 bead, la addi tion to 500 head left ever trom last week, making a total ol 2.40 c head- Tne weather Is rainy ana uni*- rorable tor operations, and trade Is duIL First quality •ell at 15516 c; second quality at third quality at H«ls3|C- A few extra sold at i"c. The market doses qutst and lower, with not all sold. Emzp—There is a full snpplr Is the market, aad trade dull. There are S.ftO at Bergm alone. All were sold at&stTXc- tome extra sold at 9c. Bogs— Becelred to-day, six cart. The receipts are moderate aad aU are wasted lorthe retail trade. Price* range at &28XC. Western dresied at 9«» Kc. * Solos Eobusos. Ocean Freight*. r«o*dil Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Tool February#. Frelaht room scarce. To UverpooL 25.000 bu com by steam eight pace. _ £ (AwocUttd Pres* Deport.] Freight* to Liverpool firm. Com by sill. «x peace. KewTortt Breadstaflh market* tSoeclal IXspatcb to the Oucago Trttrane.] iopsaw Toxx. February 9. Local miller* are baying wheat steadily. Sales la dado straight Ko. 2 Milwaukee, to go Saw, at SIAL Fntii crotmd flours firm, bat Western Coir decidedly tower to kQ. Corn and osts heavy. New York Grocery HarkeG yy«fpat rh the Chicago Trtbnae.l Saw Tea*. February#. Coffe*-Tn fair to good demand, do «*3>c. fui flm> Filf Wprlw ifOCJfj lllf aiiHc. rrew York Llwo Stock Blanket. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J Knr Toss, February ». Uo|p—Receipts 1.700. Declined to Bc. New York Drr Good* Market. HewYujk. February #. There!iafairInquiry for »lao>e cottons »ndUfhl fancy woollfiu at su-ady price*, but ao general trade or animation. More activity l *,S ltp6ol 2i!° o £jn.«. .t Ne change Uprice* at Providence, 6Hc« entreat like. Pittsburgh Petroleum Market. Pittsburg o. February 9. Bmlawa la the oil market U qatet. Small lots Smith's Ferry cb»wed ba-id« at turned. Venango and Kanawha I* au'l arid firm at,9c In bulk and barrel* returned, but refiners do not reel disposed to purebaae at tbli figure atd prefer waiting the opening of navigation and lower prices. They are at preset)i well suppled, and cao aQoru to wait Ueflned In bond la without anr material change. Pricer are «C lortree on tward cara hermorsiolor April, SJo Ibr May, Sic for June, delivered In HhUadiv nlila. Ihrae are low flgarcr,and holder* are nol anxious FrtcVih* d'lill. Sales ot small lots continue to bo made at tJlOttc lor good brands. There la nothlrg dome In naptha or rceldnum, and we are, therefore, wlthonl quotations. San Francisco Mining Stocks, Sax Fkaboisoo. February 9. Mining Stocks—Savage, 1910; Crown Point, ICKWj Yellow Jacket.RlO: ChaUar.kß; Opblr, 143; Impsrlal, June Issue, 73J<; legal Point Mining Company has declared a d ‘l tfe f lm^Hafco■ dividend la 119.00 per share. mABUIKI). In this city, by Her. T. B, St. John, Mr E. EVER ARD, ol Louisiana, and Mlaa ALMA ti. TAFT, of entcago. No card*. DIED. InlhlscltT.of vlioopihr coach. Saturday orenlns, February 9th. FRANCES CLARK, danphwr of James- William ano Sarah J. Sykes. -pel 7 months and 7 days. The funeral will be announced In the Evening Juur tig I to-day. In this city, Feb. Oth, WALTER, infant son of John J. and the late Ada 9, Caitoll, aged 3 months and 23 di d tii'thla city. Feb. 9th, DANIEL RONERT MURRAY, •on ot Alexander and Isabella Murray, aged It mouths *%efnn«al will take place on Monday, Feb. 11th, at 2 o'clock p. m., at the residence of the parents. No. 13 Fount-ay. Friends of the lamlly are invited to at tend without turlher notice, pr Edinburgh. Scotland, papers please copy. ilailtoaUß. A IIRIVAL AUD DEPARTURE OF XX TRAINS. ■ Winter Arrangement, CHICAGO AND HOBTHWE3TtI» HAILBOAO—COUNCIL BLUTTfi AND OXAHA LINZ—DKPOT NOBTH WZLLS BTOIKT. I«ave. Arrive. Omaha Fast line •&!.» a. m. *7:;10 p. m. OmahaNiebl Express... 7:80p.m. s6:Uoa.m. Dixon Passenger...*..... 4;oOp. m. 11:10a.m. nUXTOBTLIKB. Freeport Passenger...... *10:00 p.m. *2:10 a. m- Freepon Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p.m. Uochlord, Elgin, Fox IttverandSiataLlne... *l:oop.m. *11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* ecnger.7:...... *s;3op.m. *B;l3i.m. wiscombih Division— depot comrxn or oaaax. XJID SIBEIS RTREBT. «U.nn a *P.<Vln m Day Express.... *0:00 a. m. *C:3op.m. NlchtEiprtJM •J.Wa.m. Janesville Accommod n. *&3(rp.m. *2:35 p.m. Woodstock Accommod’n .3:00 p. m. *I2U a. m. vnnrirKT.7. DIVISION—DIPOT OOBMXB OP CA3AL xmd KJCtmx srnxrr. Day Express - Bosebllf, Calvary and Evan* ton 1:30 p.m. 3:40 p.m. Nlcht Express 4:00p.m. 8:31)p.m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:40p.m. 9:45a.m. Waukegan Accommod’n. 5:30 p.m. 8:56 a.m. Milwaukee Accommod’o. 11:45 p.m. 5:30 a. m Geo. L. Ddslsp, Gen'l Sup’u B. P. Pathics, General Passenger Agent. ccHieiH CEBraUi ruibua->— orac* *o», ifoo* ot un STBJnrs. coming Express *5:00 a. m. *8.45 p. m. Daj Express *7:00 a. m. *ll;0Cp. m. Eveuinc Express <5:30 p. m.<*U; 4 p. nu Night Expreea <*9:45 p. m. t±2s a. m CDifIUHATI AJfD 10018 TILLS TUAIHf. coming Express *7:00 a. m. *iu:!lss. o- Kl»ht Jaxpress 1&00 p. m. *U:Ot p. m. KICHX6AS SOTJTHSBB AND ill HHOSS LUTE—DS ror ooßinra vak hjntca axd aainius BTBZxxa. y..UUI#. «oii ; *4:lsa.b. *8:53 p.m. Day Expres *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. n New York Expree* 3:15p.m. tl*Sop. m Niglit Exprees l*lid» *6:00 a. n i^SXAVII Mall *4:45 a. a. Night Express <10:00 p. a. *8:53 p, a rinbßimeit. pobt wath* akt dsicaoo. Mali *1:908.0. 6:00 *.m. Express •£Wa.m. Fast Line ±ls P* !»• 1L Express 11:00 p.m ilJ.t»Oa _JKTRAL, Day Passenger • *Jk9oa.sL *lißßo p. c.. Nicht Passenger <10:00 p. m. *6:45 a. it. Kankakee AccoamocPn. *t:os p. m. *0:25 a.m, Hyde Park and Oak Wood *6:90 a. m. *7:45 a. n. »i *» ** nihil) p.m. *9:52 a. c. « •• *» .... *3:3op.m. *l:sCp.m. w « « *5:55p.m. *7:9op.s Chicago. BoaunatoM ahd uuzhci. Day Express and Mail... *3:20 a. m- * GalesburgPassenger.. . *3;oop.m. *4-J0 p. m. Aurora *5:00 p. m- W'S-C. Nicbt Express <12.00 cld’ht t&soa. m. CHICAGO AM-J ST. LODIL. stpkab and Mail 8:05 a.m. 8:45 p. m. Nigb; Exprws 9:15 p.m. 5:50 a. c Toilet and Wilmington _ _ Accommodation 4:00 p. m 0:45 a.m CHICAGO AKO GHSAT XASTKIUS—(LAT* OKCOIHAr AIB LIXI)—«LWACXBI UATLSOAD UXPOt, 008. iaxadakd Kmrn btbsxts. 4 . _ Day Express &*>»• a lfcss p. m. Night Express 9:00p.m. ±SO p.m. roa ntwAKAPOua. louiitill* ah© cihconatl Day Express &30 a.m 10:55 p. tt Night Express 0:00p.m. 8:60 a. m Columbus Express 0:30 ** m * p * *** »i « ftoo p. m. BSO a. m. !am leg Accommodation 0:53 a. m. fcCW a. m. « fcisp.n. ±OO p.m CHICAGO, BOOK XSLAH9 AHD PACITIC HAZUiOAD. Day Express and Ma 11... *9:00 a.m. *s;3op. m. Night Egress 12:00 p.m. *±«a. m Tone! Accommodation.. 4:4^p. TO- *0:40 a. m •Sunday excepted. tMouday excepted, tdatnrday •xceptod. UNION STOCK TABS TOCX TABU. Leave Madison Street I Leave Stock Yards. 7:40.. 0:10.. U:SB.. too.. 4:00.. i 5:10.. tIUZNB. 9-33.. 0:30. 8:30. lUtOO. 12:30. 3:20. 4:45. ...a. m. ...a. m. .. p. xa. ...p. m. ...p. m. BUBDAT ....a.m. | .a. m. I U:43, :?;S;1 & The followta? is the new table for the trrWa sod departure of malls from the fblc&co Poet Office for the winter, and now in force: *K ‘SHOKIIO T ‘JhAOU 9959 fis:& -■paoinaa •i»o , l 18 0051 0051 oo« ooa *h*h ora osai *p«ojb«9i '"era 005 085 S>HJ “H •» nrotMjaipiotf "••nos n.»:8 00*4 W 55 *H -JI A3IJU?) qc -a “o OCXS 0051 OCS 9ra pBOJQtTi vtnii|3i3oH””on:B 005 i OKI 0059 ••••aon llV«o*ia*'**oo*-9 0051 ora 015 P«CJTI«H «aai*n‘*"S»st 0058 00511 ora 0051 ora ~U *H, u» lw a i»®l o "* 085> 0051 oo:u 005 *• « «« »» ® uosi 015{, „ „ II * 9158 OCST OtL£«^uyniW* , oos 915 005 •* « II II *—9.58 •;; 0051 a*a l«Q«W0 •‘PIW « 005 T **•* 00511 005 ** II II II ”0051 •••; 995 ii ii ii 515 oral a*a tnuos ipm****nos. *** *m'd .’Hi’s *m*a *m*a *»*mtrvwnvw Tn'onronio *o *j *IBOIO gnn auction Sales*. RUCTION— Wednesday, February 13. at 7 P. M., At DANIEL SCOTT A CO.'S Auction Boom*.!84 Latent. Plated Ware, Real Silver, etc-etc. We are Instructed to sell at our Booms, on Wednesday even* Ice, at seven o'clock, a large and beautiful assortment ot aiirer-Plated Ware, including amongst abostot other goods, egg stands, liquor stands, pickle stands, card baskets, salrers. bouquet stands, drinking gob lets, napkin rings, fruit dlibca. Ice cooler*, champagne coolers, tea sets, coffee urn?, soup moreens, fruit knives, iorks, spoons, Ac- Ac. Goods on view lo aiter noouT DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneer*. A TJCTlON—Saturday, February 16th, J\ at Daniel Scott A Co.’s Auction Rooms, 161 Lake-*!.. at 10 a.m. We are instructed to sell at our rooms, 104 Lake-st., a Urge quantity of Household Furniture. Crockery Ware, Sugar. Cigars, Tobacco. Ac. Foil oarticular* on Thursday morning. DANIEL SCCIT A CO., Aactioneers. * TJCTtON—Wednesday, February 13. r\ at Daniel Scott A Co.'s Auction Booms, 164 We are instructed to sell at our rooms, on Wednesday, the I3lh Instant, at 10 o'clock a.m.,a largs assortment of tie; act new Drawing-Room. Parlor and Bed'Kotm Furniture. Also, a new line of Carpels, Bugs, Oil Ctot j^fe L scOTT A CO.. Auctioneers. RUCTION— FBIDAY, FEBETJAUY 15, 1867, At DANIEL SCOTT * CO.'S Auction Booms, 164 Catalogue oale of Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Casslmtres, Ac. We are instructed to sell at onr rooms, at auction, on Friday, the 13 th In slant, at 10 a. m., a large and varied assortment of caaslmem. satinets, Jeans, print*, flannels hose, half bote, undershirt*, drawers, blankets, gloves, ladle*’ cloaks, carriage trimmings, Ac. Catalogue on Thursday altersoon. w * Daniel SCOTT a CO.. Auctioneer*. rppATYR AUCTION SALES. NEW YORK. Br EGBERT HAYDOCH & SON* 101 Überty-St. New York. TUESDAY, rKBUUART 19, i wi packages Boston and Pittsburgh Flint Glanwart WEDNESDAY, FEBBDABY 20, 250 ca*ta Havlltna's Frsach China. importation ol E. ft J. Willett* ft Co„ la original packages. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 68S cratev W. o. ud Common Earthemware, Jurt landed. 60 crstea Sbaipe’a beat Bockfcsbam tad Yellow Ware. 17 casks Engilth Chin* Tea Beta tad Tcijet Ware. Gilbert & dAiiPsoN, General Auctioneer*. 47 and 40 Dearbom-st. Superior Honsehnld Furniture, Car pets, Ac., &c., AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, Feb. 12th, at 10 o’clock, at oar sales room*. 47 and 49 Oearbom-eC. a large and splendid assortment ot medium and rich Furniture- for Parlor, and Dining-room ; BrusseLa and other Car pet*. with a general assortment cf Household Good*. r.TT.TtKKt ft SAMPSON. Auctioneers. n ILBEKT AND SAMPSON, General Auctioneers. 47 aad 49 Dearbom-et. Trade Sale In open lot* ot 47 Crates White Crockers, 300 boxesG»«i Ware, Portmoonale* ft Pocket Cattery. AT AUCTION*, On Thursday, Feb. 14th, at 10 o’clock, conilstlag of Toi let. Dinner and Tea Ware, of the beat shape* and qual ity - also. 300 boxes ol Glass Ware, consisting of Bo wla, Port =»«““• e °“‘SS!&S?&&?SSs. a XJCTION SALES, ■“ On Monday, Feb. 11th, At 10 o’clock, at our salesrooms. 75. 77 and 79 weiuan. s' *r Randolph, all the Furniture of a private house, consisting of one Ptaao Forte, onei Use Parlor Set. three Chamber Set*, one fine Wardrobe, Brnssells itd oSerCarpeta. F-oor OU Cloth, together with a varletr ot other goods too numerous to mmtlon. AtU o’clock, one Steam Trough lor betels, one Barer Wacom nearly new, aad fbur seta of names*. Baggy wagon. f IKA »TCy * CO., Aucfra. B- Goods taken on storage. pni«. gale?. Monday* and Thursdays. J-JANIEL SCOTT & CO- AUCnOKKEBS AKD COMMISSION MERCHAKIb, 1414 LnkMU.t cor. £*as*alle. Chico**. Cub advanced on Merebmdlu contisaed tor ule. Oat-door ulet promptly attended to. genital. KNOWN TO FAIL. la coring th*r tormenting complaint, the I T O HI I SWAYNE'S OINTMENT dittrelr eradicate* this losthsome disease In from 12 to « boSTwitnAot fall, sold by all draggtsts. Wbelettle by BDUKIIAiIS ft VAh BCHAACK. ttt Hent-jßouseg. rpo KENT—A good two story frame 1 hoo**. on lb# West Bide »«« Lloooln-st., 9 ro«n« bnlrfe* pantry atd cJmoU, brd£*«t water, conhcmMWid bare. 4 lou, tooO r»rd«i. wi'b goaty nt alee Iren*. Inquire nt Me. 39 Rejwld* Block, nor ro»t offlc*. - TO KENT—A mraished cottage, or for nltorr for aa'o. Both beoia and lurnlture are new; liqalrc at 1409 Wabaah-ar. TO liEN'l—The thrcc-story tmd base 1. mcnt. ttone frmst honae, Mo. 505 Carroll-st- two blocks north ol Union I’srk. Possession Immediately. BAlKDAll'lAULAY.CorncrLaseand LaHallo-«ti. 0('0 KENT—The two-Btirv house 441 1 Division*L. second booto writ ofLaSslle-st., with furniture, caipete, fixtures. Ac.; also, splendid «srden. 60»3(C. Oo«C references nnrtsrcutliy moat oo given. Inquire ol J. W. EacnENUJT.G, 38 A 40 South La aali»st. TO RENT— House 137 West Washing- I ton-st., to a party woo will boy tne carpets ana part of furniture. Muse others seed apply, Uonllow. Apply at the home. TO RENT—On North Side, to a prompt I paying tenant, a cottage on Indiana, b'twocn RFah and pine-its., flfieea minntee’ walk from P"it Office. Wood, mal, and a small lotol new furniture (Or sale. Inquire at Boom No. 10. Tost OOlcc Block. XO KENT—A small cottage within five mlnntca’ walk ci the Post Office. Inquire of B. 11. IMINOP. Beal KsUte Agent, 132 South Clark-st. gTo 3£cwt--iaoomß. T) RENT—With good board, a fur nished room for two persons; alio, two uaiur clshcd rooms, at 51 booth Carpenter-st. TO RENT—The lower part (tt rooms) of a convenient home, with privilege of ib« whole premise* alter Mav Ist It contains all tho modern Im provements, and In well arranged tor one or two fami lies. Inquire on the premises, 490 Micblean-av. TO RENT—WeII furnished rooms in a convenient situation-stores, service and gu in cloded. IQSCaas-st. rpo RENT —A suite of rooms, and fhrni- I tore tor sale, alt new, situated on Dcarborn-st. Apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block, between ID and 13 a. m. and 1 and 4 p. m.. or address Box 2010- TO KENT—A good room, and furniture forssle. Call at Room gd. No. 17 LaSallt-st. Co Ltcut-Stores, ©ffices.&t TO RENT—fctore on North State-st, Ko. 49.jnstnorthoi Ulchigan-st. Inquire of 8. SAWYER, 267 Mlchlgau-st. TO RENT—Basement 115 South Clark el..2ixßofeel, with gas and good light. Apply In shoe store, or to WM. trOXILH, 12 llUl-st., tear of 349 North Wclla-st. O RENT—The four-story and base ment brick store, corner of Clark and Madl*on-st«, now occupied by Messrs. Marraet will be lusted tor a term of years. Posse-Moo given first ol May. Inquire of 11. W. HINSDALE, corner Water and Riv tuste TO RENT—Second ana third floors a aOLake-U. Apply at PHELPS, DODGBACO.’S. TO RENT—First-class brick store on South Water-tL. tour-story and basement. Storo Sfixioo. Will give five year*’ leave. Poi at mco. WM. H. SAMPSON, Real Estate Ageat, Ko. 3 Metro polltan Hock. <s(Hanteb--&o Uent. TXT ANTED—By the Ist ot May—A VV building suitable for the auction business, any where between Lake and Madisnn and State and LaSslle-su. Address, with pirtteulara, DANIEL SCOTT A CO.. Anctloneers, 164 Lake-et. WANTED— To Bent—A nicely fur nished room, with or without board, on North or South Side, west of S!ate-iU, by two] single gentlemen. Address -11 H,” Tribune office. TX/" ANTED—To Rent—Dock suitable V\ lor coal yard- ArtdMn, with fall description, location and rent. Pox 03. Chicago. WT ANTED— I To Rent— For 1 to 3 VV yean, a four-^torrnoreor3or3well lighted lofts, suitable tor a manufactory. where no at-a-n is need. Give description cf premises and elate terms. Address Pox 20U6. ®2lantcS-=iaeal Estate. VXT ANTED—Real Estate—l want to VV liny a good commodious d«-ellir g o.i Sonth Side, east of State-st, worth from JS.CCO to HOMO. Win pay cam. and U most be n bargain. Address -REaL EsTATE." P. O. Box 14330. TXT ANTED—I will purchase a house V V and lot at a great bargain for cash. Addres “T W O," Trlbnne office. jFot Sale. ■JT'OR SALE—The steam tugs VT. K Muir X and B. F. Davidson, now laid cp at Milwaukee, In good order. Apply to R. P. MTZuBUALD A CO., No. 90 Mlchtgan-su. Milwaukee. FOR SALE—Prop. “Gcnessee Chlet,” now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Cla«*A3. Ton nage (old measurement), 351. App’y to WM.K. WAlt- RINHR, Detroit, Mich., or to HARRIS A DUO., 8-3 LucDer-at. Chicago. fHarStncts. FOR SALE—Three tt-horsc power up right eagihrs; ai»o’ six borlzontal engines, 8,1 C «rd 13-hcrse power. Larger or smaller engines nr nlshed with or without boilers. 12, is, 16 and 2b-borsc tabular and locomotive hollers for sole, best make. Also one 4-rcller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron Bianrrs. belting, saws, flies, kc. Machinery Depot, 39 eorborn-sU Calcago. OREEKLEB BHOS. A CO. r?OH SALES—A second-haud Buckley r folding machine—ln good condition. Price, |IOC. Apply to the TIUBPXK COMPANY. F)R SALE—Portable and Stationary Engines, et all size*. -Alto, Putnam Machine Company’s tools; two 13 feet bed, 31 Inch; one 6 feet bed, 15Inch; two 6« teet bed. 16 Inch; two W feet btd, li loch ; one S feet bed. IS inch; one 6 feet ned, 14 Inch: one 10 feet bed, 33 inch; one 13 feet bed, G Inch. AU Screw Getting Engine Lathes, one large Uarljtht Drill, one small drill, two Iron Planers, tso Bolt On t ters.two Planers and Matchers. Farrar’a Snrfacers, Trip Hammer*, tbxmna, Delting, Hose. Flies, fte. All kinds ot Iron ana wood working machinery fur nished at short C.L.BICE* CO M 19and21 Dearborn-st. amusements. COMPLDIENTARY BENEFIi' to the -toy Teacher’s ol Marline’s Chicago Dancing Academy, Career Clark acd Monroe-etf., MONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARYIIIh. Fncndsand pain.ns arecordlolly Invited. J. EDWIN MARTINS. .p. m. .p.m. VOTING MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. JOHN B. COUGH WILL LECTURE ON “temperance; IN CIIOSBT’S OP EE A HOUSE, On Monday Evening, Fob. 111 b, Commenclcg at 8 o'clock. Tickets 50 cents each. Reserved soils, 23 cents extra. Rcs-rved Stats will commence at 9 o'clock tn SATDRDAT MORhINrt. Feb. 9 b. at the Ticket Office tl Crosby's Opera Bouse. A- C. McCLUBO. Cor. Sec. •* T. M. A»" '^yAUGH’S MIRROR OF ITALY. Third exhibit since Us return from Europe. Tbl cagnlQcent senes 01. paintings will be unrolled at CHOBBT’B mUSZO HALL, (Entrance cn SU'esst.,) MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, Feb. Uth and 14th, at S o’clock. - Doors open at 7. Grand Matinee, Wednesday altcmoon, Feb. 13tb, at 2 o'clock. Doors open at 1. _ SIR. MORILLO will introduce his wonderlnlLlLLl- PCTIANB at each entertainment. Evenlcg tickets, 50 cents. Single tickets to Matinee. 25 cents. Classes ot ten or more from schools, 13 cents each. „ WONDERS I To be seen only at the Branch of the New Yotk Museum of Anatom l NATURE UNVEILEDj AT THE Kew York Museum of Anatomy, tickets on the right hand side, np-si airs. WITKOW3KY IT ILL. -yAKIETT THEATRE. THE BEST BILL EVER PRESENTED. The Thrilling Drama ot SIX DEGREES OF CRIME. ty-THK DEVIL AND BIS SEVEN DAUGBTEBS Is In rehearsal and will be shortly produced. Me VIUKEK'b THEATRE, ICKER * MYFU3 MANAGERS, ENGAGEMENT OP J. E. MCDONOUGH. Production ot Koarc(csn|t‘s new drum*. THE LONG SPltlKEt Or, THE WORKINGMEN OFiIiSCaESTER, WhUh In London now con.-tltutes the dramatic eyi n IIUU U 4 l/JUWU UUW ,uu U1.U1..U. el tte season. It will be produced with ENURE NEW hCENEBY. For the famous telegraph aeene, arrange ments hare been made tor receiving tbe latest news from all parti oi tbe world cp to nine o’clock each eve nine, telegraphed direct* to the Theatre and read to the audience. Mr. McDonough will appear at Koah Larord, the leader of the strike, and alio as Counael ior ftoneypenny. supported by the fait strength ol the Company. Saturday, Long strike Matinee. WOOD’S iIUSEUM., «j{. J. H. WOOD „..ftopnetoj Director of Amnsemeoia F. S. AIKEN Stage Manager........... .THO 3. HAHRY Production ol tbe new Dramatic Romance, regarded aa tbe greatest, moat sncceMfol Sensational Flay of the age. On Monday evening, Feb. IHh. and every evening during the weet, also at the Grand Matinees on Wednesday and Saturday att*rnooas,will be performed the great plar 01 _ THE HUGUENOT C APTAIN, Prcdnetd with unequalled magniOceoca, at a great coat and witn a snl*raid cast. To condole with GRIMSHAW, BAOSHAW a BRADSHAW. The WHITE BOY 1* In rehearsal. Yankee Robinson's cikcus AND MENAGERIE. JAS. BOBINPOX, , Champion Equestrian of the World, jmd bis son, CLARENCE, will appear on MOND AY, Febrajur Ulh. The Chicago Time* rava: James Robinson Is In his profession what Hlsiorl Is In hers. Seats can be secured three days In advance. auction Sales. M. A, BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 Jb 4tt EAXDOLPQ -T.. Between Stalest, and Wabaah-av., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot dry goods. Clothing, boots, shoes, *c„ Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, every SATURDAY. A FINE COLLECTION -OF CHROMOS AND STZLL-PLATE ENGRAVINGS, AT AtrOTZOM', On TUESDAY. Feb. ISih, at 10 o'clock, at Butters* Salearroms 44 and 4G Randolph bL, between Stale st. and TVat ash-av. valuable ORIGINAL EN GRAVINGS and CHROMOS, oy eminent living artists, trom LAN DSKBB, HERRING. AN Da ELL, TAVLOB, and others, and fine ct pies of me moat celebrated pic ture* ny the old mtatera, now in the galleries ot Eu rope. Among the subjects maybe fonca a great variety of HISTORICAL and RELIGIOUS PICTURES, with Marine View*, Fruit, Game. 4c~ In every variety of style and finish, all of which have been selected with great care and on the mo«t favorable occasions. Tbe above will be oa exhibition all day Monday, Feb. Uth. WM. A, BUTTBRS A CO, aatsntet-lEau fteiy. \\l ANTED—A first-class bool*md shoe ▼ 2.. cierk-aiood worker ud thoroughly expert' rnred In tbo baaloeaa, No one need apply batmen m c»n01l the ijll and forrl'b beat of reference tram sv??S p i5 pl0 IS!8 JPPP “ Kl«n«.U STttVEXS* CO.’S,JI4 aid 90 Mlciilgan-ar., Feb. Ulh and IStb. TX7ANTED—Salesman, oceTlhat can TV iDTftl t 39, |pa bu*lne*a <hatcin di*lloQb#p week. Apply at Itoom 14. 153 booth Clark*!. P WANTED —A good experienced sales. dud. wbo can engage for one year or longer, itetnuucratton In proportion to ability, it. u. CUR. HAN A CO.. 125 Dearborn-st.. up-stalrs. TKiDKS. TXT" ANTED—A good Cutter, capable ol VV cutUng tor mcrcEsnt tailoring and aUo.sdlea* clous. A single man preferred. Must be of steady bablls. Moderate wage* and steady employment. C. J. I‘ETTIiIQSK A CO., Food da Lac. Wla. ' WANTED— A Finisher on furniture— one wbo thoroughly understands hU busln'na. to »nch a one constant cmp’oymoal will bo given. Ap ply to GILBKUT A bAUrsOK, 47 and 4U Dear born-it. TTT ANTED—Cabinet Makers Apply VV at4Bßtatevat. .I.C. VAN BCHAACK. Js. asHanteb-jFcmale ®elp. HOUSE SERVANTS. \XT ANTED—Amrlto cook, wash and Y T Iron, at Ko. 302 North Dcarhore-it. Apply Tmwlav and Wednesday afternoons. City reference required. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, a good ox- V V penetced dining room etrl, who can bring good references. Apply at BS9 IlltnoU-st. Employment agmtea. TXTANTED —2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 VV collector, S brakomen, S firemen, 1 porter, 3 drivers, 4 agents, 3 entry clerks, 2 conductors. Apply at 131 Dearborn-sU, Itoom 8. TTTANTED—Young men In thccoun- VV try, wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers, salesmen, collectors, upreumen. clem, brakesmen, Ac.. Ac- to applr at 13d Oeanjoru-v., Itcom S, or address U. E. JOKES A Box 2010. enclosing ten cents, for lull partlcnl&ra. TTTANTED—Good woodchoppers,^ V v per cord; 300 men, wsgra JlJd to 12 per day, and board, railroad hands. Apply at lOOMadUon at.. Boom 4. aiaaiitrt-iHigCEUaueoug. WANTED —Rcirs—Complete list of heirs to unclaimed estates In Europe, sent tor «, ny REDDEN P. O. Box 530, Waanlngten. U. C. Referruces—Allen, Copp A Ntabet, Bankers, at. Lonla, Mo., and Henry Ashhrook, Washington. D. C. TTTANTED —1 want men that are alive, VV thatba*esnapta teem, that are full of vim sod trade, and want greenbacks, to call and see the best thing In market. Bring on your property In any shape, and I will show you bow to convert tho same into cash. Call and see ot address CHARLES MEb- SENGER, 9S Washlngtoa-aL, Boom 3. Chicago, lIL WJ ANTED—The celebrated gypsy -wo- VV mtn has'removcd to 329 Sonta Ciark-sL, where ahe will still continue to astonish all In her art of Palmistry. All affairs of life told with accuracy by the Qvpey Palmist. Don’t forgot the number, 329, over the nat store. Fee, one dollar. TTTANTED —Employment, by a gentle* VV man of many years* experience In office routine and as a merrhant. noth in the United States and la Eng'ard. Thoroughly acquainted with the produce markets. Ace3l. References ot th* blgh**tstandlng. Address-UK,” care of Messrs. Tucker A Sbufe'at, Chicago. WANTED —Ad opportunity to invest 35JtO to 110,000 In some well-established mer cantile cr manufacturing hosiers*. References given iud required. Address “W S N.” 35 Lake st. TXT* ANTED —A second-hand mortising V* machine acd B'cond-hand teaetlag machine. Apply br letter* stating where they can be teen. S. K. W. BLAKK, 48 Stalest. XX/’ANTED—An energetic mar, with V > lice to ?300, to engvgeYn a money caving business; will bear strict Investigation. Apply 191. booth C.ark-et, Room 3, Irora 9 a. m. to3p.m. purchase, half or the whole of a mannfacnrloc business requiring a capital ot from to Address P. O. Box WANTED —To exchange, valuable Usds for stock cf clothing or dry goods, or cloaks, or notions, <tc. Old styles no objection, for tanner inlomatlon address “J a." Box 596. Chicago. Steal Estate-Cgitj). CNimPBOVESt FOR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot,J 80 Wa*hlngtr.n-it: 50x180 tret on Mlchlgsui-*v„ Jnst sonth of Fourteenth st.; 60x190 leet on iladlsou-BL, near Franklin; 80xl&5 feet on Belden-ar.. near Clark si.; 100 feet on corner Ca.nmet-av. acd Twenty-ninth- BL; ICO feet on Fnlton-at., near Qoyne; iSxSI feet on Hsli>ted.near£wlcg: aix's ftet on corner State acd Twenty flftb-Bt.: 60x130 teet on Park-ar., near Oakley: 133x600 fret on Incennes-rosd; 4T loct on Com-sl. near Culcaco-av.; 35 feet on Fraaklln-st., near Superior; 35 feet on Cus-su Just north ot ooßliizie-st.nearLa&alle-st.: 60 feet on Warren, near Hoync-st.; 20 fret on Ads-sL. near Lake-«t.; al-o, to acres H mils west of city limits, fronting on Madis-in st„ suitable for a Rubutvlsloc; water lot, *5 feet on the river and extending through to Clara-st; 85 feet on Itll noU-*L, near St. Clair. [pOR SALE—By Snyder <fc Lee, Real X 1 Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, Tot northeast corner ot Madison and Paallna-tts., 60xUt tret. Lot northeast comer of Lake and EUianein-*ts.. 56x165 Lot 106x121 feet, comer of Jackson and Wlncliesterdts. . 170 R SALE—Three choice lots, minting I the Unirerstcv grounds in Evanston, corner ot Ilimnan-ar. and TTruveralty place, at a bargain f.r cash. Apply to NUTT A BROOKES, 55 Clark-tL, Chicago. 170 R BALE —By Snyder & lec, Real FaU’c Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, let 100x161 feet, on nortneaat corner of Ulchlgan-aT„ and Twenty-second-sL T7OR BALE—SB feel by 170 on 31ichi- X can-av M near Elgteeath-at.. B. D- CHAM BSRS," 17 Reynclda Block. T7OR BALE—IOO feet on coiner of Prai- C rie-av. and Twenty-Second-et, Price, f 13,000. B. B. CHAMBERS. 17 Reynolds Block. FOR BALE—Lot 50x102, to an alley, on Mlchlgan-av., IPO teet trom corner of Twenty. alxtU-»t,atf7s_per tort, if taken at once. WM. J. TEWEEtiDURYTItoom tl.No. 89 Waanlngtcn-st. F)ti SALE—Choice Residence Lois— E 3 ft on Wabaah-av, near Elghtecnth-st.. *i» per toot; Mlt on Wabash-ar. n-ar Twcntleth-st, at |IX per toot; 2C«lt«*nlodlaa*-av, Bear Tw«nUeth-«t.. at *l2O per foot; 100 Ron lafllan»-tr, near Twenty third st, at *BO per toot; HO (ton Pralrte-ar, near Twectv flnt-st, at *l3O per toot. A. .1. AVEBeLL, Real Es tate Office. No. 7 M-tropolitin Block. sSeal lEstate-ffiiir. IHIPHOFBO. SALE—A large brick house, with lot. corner Washington and Carpeat«r-st«. Al*o, one other, west and adjoining the above, at *X'LSO3 and lisUOO, mpccilvtlr. One two-story and basement bonse, with u rooms, with lot 50x1*5, on Fcona-tt, south of Van Boren, *7,500. Ernie and let, WcslTavlor-st, near Jefferson, *2,000. Brick bouse, with tot. on Indtana-at, near Plnr.*l3,ooo. Brick house, with lot, on North Dearborn it, near Chestnut, *12^500. No. 713 Waossh-av, frame house on leased lot. *3.230. U-iosc and lot on Calomel ar, near Twenty-ninthit, *4.500. Boose, with lot 50x100 leet, corner Prairle-ar. and Tw»ntj-funrth-ft_ *j.oao. U*f ble-front on Michigan ar., sooth o( TwellUi-st, *20.000. Lot4oxiß3,onMadlsoc-il, sear PrankTo, at *290 per fbot. Lot 20x100, on Clark-n, near Lake, at *20,500. L0t40x172 on Wabash-av,near Hamon-eourt, *9,100. 4 lots on MtfHgaa-av, sooth cf Twcnty-tlxth-sc, at „ *75 per foot. Lot 50iao, cor. Pralrlvar. andTwenty.f3urth-»t,*3,GDO 70xl» fret on Prairle-av, north ot Twenty-lhlrd-st, at *7O per fool. 22 acres inside ol the city llraiu. on Etat«-st., suitable to» subdivision. at a very low Ogure. Sacw.betog north end Block IS, Sec. 32, 31, 14, at $2,100 per acre. 60 acres near Brighton, at *fi2Jo per acre. 6 acres in thefl'-anshlngTllUce of Wheaton, Jhj Page Co, near the Depot, and very near the Col.ego Buildings, at *2OO per acre, by _ IvEES A AYRES, Boom No. IQ Crosby** Opera House. FOR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerioot, 80 Wasblngton-it. sme two-stiry frame house of it rroms. on Wabaib-av, on lea«ca ground; lease runs 10 years at very moderate price. Brick house, with lot 25x125 fret, on Wabasn-ay, near Twenty-thlrd-st.: bouse contains 9or 10 rooms, gax. water. Ac. Tbree story nrlck bouse on state sc, north of Fifteenth, with lot. Frame house and 73-foot lot on Lake Grove ar, near North Hide limits. Fine brick house on Huron-st, e*st of Dearborn: alt Improvements. Marble front on Indlana-tc, near C*ss ; all Improvements: 25x100 foot lot. Frame house sod lotoclndlana-st,between Mar ket and Franklic-sts; bonse contalts 9or 10 rooms. Frame hon«e and lot on Canal-et, near Osrrjon; hom.e containing 9 or 10 rooms. Two-story frame biuie and lot on Halsted-st, between Adams and Jackson. Fine bonse and lot on con taining 9 or 10 rooms, gas, water, ±e. Two storv bonse and lot on Fnltop-«t, near Union-park, containing S room*, aad an modern improvem* nta. Uotue and Tot on Jeffersoo-st, near Maxwell: rooms above and store beneath, suitable for a grocery. T?OK SALE—By Snyder & Lee. Real Es f ute Agents,No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new brick house* of nltc rooms each; water, gas, marble mantels, I stb. water coseti, and lots on Aaam*-at, between Tbroop A Loomis, fronting Jefferson Park. Price, *6JCO each. Payments made easy. T?OR SALE—Two nice cottages and lots, Jl on Leavltt-st. One 1* now paring over X per cent on price asked. B.B.CQAMBEBH, 17 Reynolds’ Block. T?OR SALE—House and lot on Twenty- P Beeond-tt, 10150 fret frott by 200 deep. D. B. CHAMBEBr. 17 Reynolds Block. TTOH SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real JC Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, anew brick house of 11 rooms, all modern Improvements, and lot 50 fri t frost cn Mlch]ga&-av,oear T wenty-ofUi- FOR IpALE—rionse and lot on Praine av, near Twenty-Nlrtb-st. Lot 50 by 180. U.B. CHAMBERS," 17 Reynolds Block. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real E*tste Agents. No.4Metropolitan Blocs: Anew brick boue ofll room*, modem improvements, and lot«lib baio on Waba»n-av„ near Twenttetb-st. 170 R SALE— By Snyder & Lee, Real JL Eatate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block: A new brick home of 13 rooms, hot and cold water bath, water closets, rnsjble mantles; and lot with brick barn, on Bucker-sL, near Jackioc. T?OIf SALE—On Michignn-av-, two first ly class marble front homes one near Coasreu and on* near Jackaon-eL These brnaes are am‘mg tbe best on Ulcblraa-av. A. J. AYERELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real I* EstateAgtats, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, anew fow frame hettae ot 11 rooms. Lot 60 feet, on Park-av., pear Leavlttat. r?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Heal 1/ Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new neat fraaehoo«cso!B rooms each, and lots on Washington-*t- near Lincoln. FOR SALE —On Wabash-av., two homes, near Eldridge-court, fIUOOO each: brick h* cte. north ol Harson-conrt,f9.uou. A. J. AVEBEi.I, Real Estate Cfflce.No.7 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real I Estate Agesta,No.4 Metropolitan Block, a de sirable residence on Washlngton-eL. west of Union Park. Lot la 110 teettb-nt by 130 teet. with barn. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & i,ee, Real f Estate Acenu. No. 4 Metropolitan B'ock. three newbrick houses 01 U ri oms each, hot and cold water, waterdceeta. marble mantles, furnace. ete., and loti, with bare on Wabaah-av., near Twtnty-aLita-au, Tj'Oß SALE—A two-story bouse, enn- X lalmug Grooms, with 5 acres of land, all fenced and Improved, near tae Artesian well, far «L3aJ. AB THUR A BOYDEN, ’4lO State-st. TTOR SALE—A new two story house on X Wabash-av., north ot Slxtcenlh-st. on leased ground far 10 years—price fifCO. Also lotsou Michl gaa-av. ABTHUR&BOYDEN,3IO Sttte-su P)R SALE—House and lot on Hub bard-st,near Paullia,only 11,500, of which $l5O can remain tor one, two and three years at« per c-nl. WARREN & GOODRICH, liW Dearborn sL,Bo imß. FOR BALE—Bv Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two nearly new twttstory and basement booses of 9 rooms each. Hot and ct»d water, water closets, marble rr ante Is. etc- and lots on A'lams-»t., between Thtoop SlSia&lKlwSnjJellenooPßt Price, K,K» each. Terms of payment made easy. East anh dfounh. LOST —In tbe Post Office, a Herrma s FafeKey. By leaving the same at the Tribtmeot Dee me neder will be liberally rewarded. LOST— Saturday afternoon, at McVick er’sTheatre, or on the atzeett, a Bound Gold titPla. with Garnet and Pearls, Thants aal suit able reward to finder on leaving it at G 7 Taird-ar. LOST— A foreman’s Badge, No. in, was lost yesterday morning. The fialer wvi please band to some Policeman, to be left at rAwg John Engine Honae. . LOST— $10 Reward —Lost Salmday, Feb. 9th, a small spotted Coach Sint, answers to me name of “Topsy,” one aide ot lace black. The above reward wiu be paid »t No, 147 stat«4t. Aocusaeers. V*' iilliilpgl - ii IJiSiSsS!S‘ I 9 S l p.i to : HWBSESta’ 9-gcnta gHantni just wS&ssn&o Vi than ours. It makes the “Elm-io F/^IT, 1 !i V ( ‘ *eam o s* cond stitch can be eut, ant .tin ,£ V *, , ‘t r ' Kvrry Vc 2?iW/- artwlUloutl «*rtcclt 1 c r c j''«> c «.mus ' ' f»5 tol7Jlper month aid P? T *zn.Uwnm , from which twice that arn.mnt cX.?'S bECOM BA CO.. U ****• Aodi4 ' CAUTION.—Do not be lmpo*«jv_... _3- tie. palming oil worthtc o*h-rat*_ ' the tame tame or other* l.«c! onre Ine ana really practical cheap mar Mr, 1900—thrfe maps in oce.ardtae A earw-i- 7 • world. Olc Agrnt at i-aglnaw Ml'S sciiberalnoneday. Trvit. 13 sub- i A —Wanted.—For the meet 1 jfi thorough, complete, reliable, m . Die tkmlly mtdlcal work in the world huk 4 ***** missions paid than on any other toV n? com * W. MARSH. Quincy. Illinois. AlWtcf » J. a new and magnlhccttl steel H h“ .EfSv 11 * 1, rtsccmmendaUnas M.lct cssfe’lttHi admired by everr Amerlean, cf whaterer Agent* everywhere are meeting with tapj?«.iJ?i?.* om, FnblUherV hlgbe-t commlwloa nr« 1 f,’ dress. 6.8. BOYDEK, 73 Clark-at, Ad * A GENTS—Wanted—For the new* J\ work. ►‘WOMEN OF THE WAIL- hr iv,— Moore. Says T. s. Arthur, la hi* at Fnnx •'Without lust of thelateclvtlwarwonMbe tncmcp’-t--ii l iT^£, 4 pleated to know that the work of preparl-a baa been committed to one so P resneew.aa the author of -The Xtruat the book will have a Urge sale, tor it ti a <*•«;, Whute to abaidof noulewomes. who f/r th-t-cm/ try’s and hnmaaitj’s sake, couatel ret dear.” For an aacncy call on, or addreM. p . TREAT. 117 South ClarkiL, Ch-ca*OL?Sae£ A — Gcnflemen atd XT. ladles throughout the United stales for mi new Book,-IJVES of the PRESIDENTS,’ legton to Johnson, by J. S. C. About, its crea; rlin. Complete In one iarge rolnat. (ny-MT trated with steel traits of the seventeen President*, b*ri-, .a t m. This Is the only work cf the kind yet aflords to experienced agenU a rare oppor.nxtr to make money with a splendid book, and no co-;wti. tlon. Exclusive tei ritory and iiublisbere* Urh-’ rrs. mission given. Books ready tordctiTervcow' «'« BOXPEN, 73 Clark-tU, Chicago. IU * AGENTS —Wanted lmmediately, m ' ercry town and county In the Uutelstlfcs,v* sell something tew. f!5 per day m*de cast. hnmbng. A fortune this winter. rcd>u-a»r particulars. Address AM. PEN WORKS, ISj -&e. sL, Chicago* 111. A GENTS—Wanted—Smart and actire jt\. Agent* wanted in every coontr to :> roi. TDK PACKED SAFETY HAND LAMPS. KTeryVdi wants them, as they are the moat economics; iciicov venlcnt, give a brilliant light wl* hoot cMmifj. or odor* and warranted sale, Several oth-rc*» * dries for agents. circulars seat tree on arr-Vall-* » EDGAR * CAVAN. Mi mfkctnrers, 93 M»Mca Ua. New lark. AGENTS —Wanted—To canvas? tor tie new celebrated Baker’s Underfeel Swi:r v*. chine. Sample will bv lent open the receipt ot ns to any part ot the country. Similar in *trle ozd workmanship to Wl'cox A Gibbs* Machine Lv-*i: dncemcnU to Agent*. Nodcceptlon. A‘Mrf?*.firrtr. rolar and terms, T. G. PIUMU'INO, Drawer fi.’Ol General Agent for Bsktr S.M. Co.. Chirac n AGENTS—' Wanted—For“ The Pict-ra! Book of Anecdotes and Incident* ff tli» warranted the most attractive, tot li:->i pi the aae, and larue-t rotnmlMlors. particulars JVA. STODDARD A CO, 104 Vrashin-;oa-«:,CUc*- go. in. AGENTS— Wanted—For “L-E AXD HIP GENERALS.” bv L'npL Wm. P. i vol., SCO pans, and 17 itecl platen. No <>:her von of this kind is published, and no care nort-tpe-v— tu»' been spared In tbs preparation ot tnls -ulailr*?.!,- roi* nme, onr atm having b»en to make it j- er- • ery respect. Address, wlih ttarop, LYMAx DRKHiS &CO.. (lateral Ageata. Detroit. Mich. liusinrsE tfiiaiut;;, FOR SALE—Store bouse and a licit etock ol dry goods, groceries. Ac., where \ fn*i. tun of twenty-flve tbontand a year ha* liocn rt.-ne. uC with the rapid Improvement oi the country surr.-uxl. trgcao be Increased. U preferred. •!<*<« hnu-ra- z\i be rented. For particulars. Inquire cf IUUD> d He- CLARE, Buckley. 111. F)R SALE—The oldest Jcwelrv Store In the city ot Wtckegan. 11L—a rare opn.r-.sntT to procare a good hcilccs* place. For pfcrucul irs w orres C. J.. JOHNSON. Waukezac. lil_or M.K3OX -1-SBG A CO.. 124 Lake-ec. Chicago. Terms tuj. SALE—A first class manuiwta- X business. Capital required SH,ouo to |16,0t0. .**- l*tactory reasons given lor selling. For partleux apply to PAHKEB, CULION * SPRAGUE, No. 12,’ Chamber Commerce. ! I7OR BALE—A manulactnnne brumes. X heason, loablllty to give it sufficient aUjnfloo. Or would take the right kind ot a man i* pinner. Gooda produced are staple, and will alwny * Ik* ra da mand. Will Invoice about ILSdi. Addnwi I‘. O. Kox m;t. with name and address. T7OR SALE—Ahalfmterost m a relad X Drug Store. Price. *IJW. *WO &cl">v r-n. to QQlre of BURNHAMS * VAN SCUAACH, Wlio.rtLt Drcggiits, 10 Lake-er., Chicago. FOR SALE—A chy goods boose, fecated In one of the beat towns to Souihcrn Michigan, and doing the leading business,!* offered for *-!•• rt« balance ot stock will be doted ml no lavombl-' twin*, and the room rented for a term r.f years. lor parka lats. apply to A. C. FRDTZMAN A CO, Three Blrm, Mica. FOR SALE—For SO,OOO. one ot the very belt locat'd Soar atd M-d mills in r hlcar). ditce a heavy wbeleaale ard retail baslce-s. La- t y-tresaid net prodneo within one-tnlrd erougti to tipple lu trade. Satisfactory reasons circa lor »sl')r.g. Add-ets M LHB,"Ceatraldousc.‘No icsnddph-sm'U-t CBKO. 111. y F)R SALE—Lease, Inrnitnrc and fix tores of a hotel, in a tint tlaat local! in. who’s Interest, or to a rood, reliable sini;H mm half Interrstl at a creat bargain. GILBERT it BENEDICT. I3il Ciark-st, Boom 7. [?OR bALE—At half price, two scholar ly ships In the Illinois school ot Trade. Chicago. Address Box <lOl, Peoria, 111. F)R £AI.£—A half interest in a good hardware manufacturing bostnex- mat wul i> volce from 14.000 to *3.000, doing a cool hiuluek. * LODIB B. KELLEY. 192 South frarktU L'OR SALE—A good paying mnnnftc- j J taring bu«lncM. Capital rroulrcd, slum AdCress Inbnne office. I- 'U'OR SALE—Drag Store—A Karc A Chance—The subscriber offers lor sale a nr-t-o!**» preset ittlot dme store, cue of lb*, l««t pund- n tua cityot Milwaukee, been now In *ncci»sfnl operation for five years, and doing a good basins*. Tb* b'»tof reason* given tor sejltng. Address J. H. 41 -I Mafn-st, Milwaukee. Wl*. iieal 35statc—Cnumrr. T?OR SAXE—Or Exchanse—Dlmnls JT Lands. 1 SCO acres in Efflccham Co., prolne and timber. 1,000 acres tn Fayette Co, do <!■’. 80 acres In Hay ro- do do -2SO acres in Marlon Co, do do. 4(0 acres In Cnmoerlaßd Co, do do. 160 acres m Alexander Co„ timber. 40 acres In Adams Co., near Clavt*m Ststloo. 60 acres in Clinton Co., near centralis. 200 sere* In ra** Co., pnirle. 253 acres la Franklin co- timber and prairie. W acies laJcCerscn Co„ timber. 120 acres In Macoupin Co, own woods and prune. 4C acres in Platt Co, prairie. 40 acres in Marshall Co, timber. _ 160 acres la Woodruff Co, pralne and timber, part Improved. For sa<e cheap, for cash, inlets to salt, or will ex change for dry real estate orgned mercnacdi-e. Tie above described lands are welllocated and near rail roads. DICKENSON & WEBSTER. Beal Agnts, QS Wabhlcgtoc-«t.ChlcagT>. 111. F'OK Z?ALE—Frail tarms and other lands, improved and unimproved. Also, howr* and lots, byWILOCB A WU.LIS, Real EsUIC Agt** Elthvlew, Washington Co, 111. *|?OR SALE—Farm on Galena R. B, o2* i 1 mile from Bioott Station, four mllci wtst o! ivra- \ tonica. 54S acres, two bouses, a fire barn. Umber. liv- Irg water, and Is one cf the best stocklarm* n WUiflNpold at *3O per acre, and Is a b&rzslu. D- N FEASSiNS.t IS Randolphet, Chicago. ffittin ns glgjantca. PARTNER— Wanted—With $5,000 or JfiXOC In cash, In an csta’-llshed general dry cwJ store. Ssl»s last ”?ar *60.000. Or will sell eadJ* stock end good will on reasonable terms. Good ences given and required. Address Drawer 3, ieo, UearyUo,lll. PARTNER —Wanted—With S.IOO cash. In a business that will doable bis money ev*rr two months. Call ot“G S L," at Boom 6 Tlrae* bullatnr to-d»y. jjoataing. OOARDINQ—Good board, with- larce JJfnnjlafced room*, can be bad at 285 Mlchigan-*'- a snort distance trom Scab at. bridge. "DOARDUsG—A pleasant room, to let, JJ with board, to a single gentleman, at 364 OhiJ-»- T3OARBUfG Pleasant rooms, with I > board, can b» obtained at the St. cloud 112 and 114 Prankitn-st. VISION A UAl'N&a proprietors. T>OAKDLNG—Two or three eentlcmcn U can be accommodated wltb good rooms sad S I 3« c l 9? a J? o “ tt ' ■ A d , ° * lew day hoarder*. Ca : l *t 1 10 Mlcblgan-sv. ' X>oAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms, with X) board, at Briggs House No. ‘A 89 MoaroMU also a liable to rent. T)oAßDlKG—Comtortable rooms aoJ JJ rood beard, at moderate price, at 1 IS State-st. one block Pom the Pc,« office. TJOARDENQ—Gentlemen and their Ji wives or single gentlemen wishing rood boml 3 a private tamlly, can find inch at 239 nilnols-tU t* 3 blocks from Statist bridge. T>OARDlNG—Pleasant room*, wift n board, at Briggs Douse No. 2. 99 also, a stable to rent. Pay Boarders acccmafrtstft. TDOaRDING— P easant rooms to real, I) wltbfirst-clats bnard l atj3B9 Illlnols-at. Uoarß SlkHantcß. BOARD —With unfurnished room •cite of rooms, in a gooa location, by * get'-lc and wile, wbc. If suited, would be permanent b* er*. Keflrencc* exchanged. Address P. D •JbO. __ BOARD —By lady and genihniac In a private family, where there are •’ other boarders. Must be sooth of ASaraMt. within two ortkree blocks of Bine IsUcd-av. ca* Address “GENTLEMAN,” Tribune onicc. _ T>OARD —By two single gentlemen,* _L) nicely tnrnlihed room, wIS board. 02 Ncrtb « tenth side, east of ntate-st. Addres*. with tens*. * D.” Tnbane offlcca. personal "PERSONAL—A genUenmn who li»fc X that money, without society, will not evenings pass pleasanUr. would like the of an Intelligent ladv. wllb when o spend one or . evenings a week. In playing chess, sttgtne. *5? respondence strictly eonfidenttal. and ritureea u sired. Address -W a.” Box 9«i9. "PERSONAL—The two young ““ AT were looting ior a hotel laitwec* wU*»o we * fall at 122 Clark- st- Boom 7. Sato fiUUs. Ensftegr&t- rjtHE LANE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Milb. PORTABLE steam ENGINES, sms, Mada»^ I.ASK it BODt-Ea, 01 John “* «