Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 12, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE, Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Immense Reform Meeting in London, 'The Sultan of Turkey to lostitute Reforms in Behalf of Sis Christian Subjects. Sing George, of Greece, Will Ask Assistance from die Great Powers. D’lsraell to Bring Forward a Re form Movement in Parliament. Atlantic Cable Rates to be Re duced One-Half After March Ist. FROM WASHINGTON. Majority and Minority Reports on the Kew Orleans Riots. Additional Provisions of the New Tax Bill. Congressional Appropriation to Cany Out the Impeach ment Investigation. CONGRESS. Plain Talk of Senator Chandler in Support of Bis Impeach ment Resolutions. Bill Passed Providing for increase of Salary of Government Employes. House-Bill Introduced by Mr. Eliol for the Re-eslablish ment of Civil Govern ment in Louisiana. Passage of the Invalid Pension and Post Office Appropria tion Bills, FROM SFRIHD. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro ceedings. Brief and Unimportant Sessions in Both Houses. Summary of late Mexican News, /COM EUROPE. y y*g. OCEAN TELBOP^H, D ISRAELI'S PUS BCFOBI. London February 10—Evening. It ii rtated <>!«♦ p*Taell will products in Parlia ment a plan of T** o ™ l lo be adopted by rreolu tiro. The Id- u favorably received In political ■dixies. -HEATUEPORN OATnEUtNQ XX LOVDOX. London, Monday. February 11;. The great Reform procession will march in si lebee throngh the prlnclptl streets of the city, but win give three cheers as they pass the American Embassy. London—Evening. The Reform procession this afternoon was a £iand turn out. The crowd was immense, and yet there was not the slightest sign of disturbance. A deputation ol Reformers, hearted by John Bright, waited upon Mr. Gladstone to-day, and were favorably reccived. ounce. Athens—Evening. Intelligence Is received from Candia to the elfcct 'that GOO more Greek volunteers surrendered to the forces of the Porte. King George is about to send an antograpb letter to the Emperor Napoleon. Queen Victoria .and Oar Alexander, asking assistance to Greece. Tcnsisn nsronx. London—Sonday. A despatch from Constantinople announces that the Saltan has resolved to emancloata bis Chris tian subjects from politic*) disabilities, and has issued a call for the assembling of the Turkish Parliament. This intelligence caused a nee in Turkish funds. EXPECTED RETURN 07 BELGIAN TROOPS. Antwerp. February 11. It is confidently expected that the Belgian Le gion, sow serving under Maximilian, will soon return home. TBS KINO 07 PRUSSIA BEFORE THE OESVAX DIET. Berlin, February 9—Evening. The King of Prussia has dosed the Diet. He thanked tnat body ior Us cordial assistance given him, and hoped for German nnlty, pointing ont the necesalty of permanent peace at home and abroad. The King and bis speech were enthusi astically received by the people. STAXira EDITORS DCFBISONZD. London, Monday. Advices from Madrid report that three editors ire condemned to imprisonment and hard labor. ITALY. Florence, bur. day. Baron Blcasoli is about to introduce In the Italian Parliament a bill in regard to the property of churches. FRENCH TBOora in vexico. Paris, Monday. It is positively announced that ail the French eoloiera will leave Mexico on the 25th. EVACUATION OF DUXSPXN. Berlin—Erenlng. The Prussian Government has determined opon the evacuation of Dresden, which will In -future be garrisoned by troops of the North German Confederation. onxxx ENTOT TO TBS UNITED STATES. Athens, February 10. General Ealergis, the Greek Envoy to the Uni ted States, tailed on tbe Bth rartant for America, REDUCTION OF CABLE DATES. London, February fl. It has been officially announced by the Cable Company tbat on and after the Ist of March tbe rates by tbe cable will be reduced oue-talf. Latest Foreign markets. London - , February 9—Evening. Consols close at 91*; &•» coupons of 190,71*; Erls, •35*; lillnot* Central, »*. LmxrooL, February It—Kooa. Cotton market firm at I4*d tor uplands. Bales are ■estimated at 10,000 haica. London, February 11—Evening. Consols closed at 91 for money; *3o*. Wls-1S; Bit sols Central, 90Jf ♦ Eric. S9!«* Fexxktokt, February 11—Evening. De Ited Btates bonds advaacco Jf. Lrrxaroon, February 11—Evening. Cotton unchanged and steadr. Liteetool, February 11—Evening. Corn declining; selling al 35s 9d. Pork easier. Lard •fceavy and dull. Tallow is steady. Petrolenm-Be- Haed,lßssd«lßa6d- FBOn WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tnwme.l Washington. February U. the sxcossmccnos stbcccxx. The druggie In the Bouse to-day waa to secure early action on the bill reconstructing civil Gov ernments In the rebel Stales. Tbe regular order ior the day was the Military hill Iromlbo Recon struction Committee. Tbe New Orleans Commit tee reported also, and presented tbelr bill for the Reconstruction of lonUiana. Thebnatnesa of tbe .House was In such condition that If a bill was even temporarily postponed It could scarcely be reached again. Many proposals were made to obviate the difficulty, but so method to secure the desired result could be found, excep. to adjourn, which brings tbe bill up as unfinished •business the first thing In the morning, evea giv ing it preference over tbe Military bUL Tbe Bingham party Joined with the rest of the opposi tion to defeat this arrangement, as they had patched np a compromise which they desire to set in. The opinion to-night Is very general that the Louisiana bill, poaslbly amended so as to Indnde all the rebel states, will pass, Inasmuch as the previous question was seconded by nine majority, nr.d many Bepnbllcans who voted against sustain- Sng the demand will vote for tbe bill when put on Its passage. ■ TUX iI)MUUTXATIOy XTO ITS 7KIXKDS. Secretary Hcutlloch to-dav. In referring to his .statement of last week, that tbe policy of the Ad- ministration hencelorth would) e to aupplu Re publicans, Mid thcj had finally concede 1 to u. a care ot their friends. iiovntxTxoira. ilr. McCullough to-day sent the name of C< lo rd James M. Kudins to the Present fo* the Asac&porof ihoFJtth Dutnctof Ohio, ric nltdiam, rejected. Tlie Brea dent 10-.'a/ ecu ihe iiamc ol Waxworks Slotnakc as C»l cc*or it Philadelphia. Be has hem alreid/ r* jetted hy the Senate three times. NOUTB CIfcOLTNA. Governor Bolden brings information that the President removed the Union Postmastrr at Goldsboro, Norlh Carolina, and appointed arebeL This done, the rebels compelled the old Post master to leave the place, threatening deuh in case of failure to comply. xirnoFuiATXoys. The House this morning voted ten thonsand dollars to the Jndloarv Committee, to be expend* ed In profccntinglnvef ligations. This has special relcicnce to Impeachment. Indian cojnuMioJom noun. Senator Kcrml’h has staled in writing that none of the charges madearaitst Ur. Bole, late Indian Commissioner, In the Nesmith Indian report were sntutantialcd by the testimony taken before the Committee, the matter places Senator Nesmith In an ugly light. It appears he helped Dole make out the very Itst of poods complained of in the report. rotate LANDS. The Senate Committee on Pnbllc Lands re ported a bill requiring the General Government to aefume the trust of taking eight hand ed thou sand acres of i hcrokee neutral land* in Kansas, under the provisions of the treaty of last August, at one dollar per aero, payable In bonds. The bill farther makes these bonds subject to sale to actual settlers at one dollar and fifteen cents per acre, in the usual manner. fiANponn coxnvzn was fennd guilty of perjury In the Criminal Court to-day. The proceedings against him wero taken at the instance of Judge Holt. The trial occupied all last week. Be Is found gcltty on three counts of the indictment, and maybe im prisoned five years on each count. The sentence has not yet been pronounced, but will probably be severe. nzotSTCATiox or voTsna. The Supreme Court of the District, under the aclanprovcd last week, has appointed Commis sioners of Registration for Georgetown, and a new registry ol voters began to-day. The charter election takes place in two weeks. exit or xuEscn moors. The Kaw Department has received notification ftom the Golf Squadron that fifteen hundred French aid Belgian troops left Vera Crus for France on the 90th ot January. BKWASDS. The Treasury Department offers a reward of $2,510 for the arrest of Lee, the last robber of the loan bonds, and 19,000 for the recovery of the money. a bthahob ratxxxvt. A statement sent to tbe Senate from the Treasu ry Department shows that four Assessors and five Revenue Collector® who were appointed during tbo recess of the Senate In 1865. and who were not nominated last winter, were continued In office after tbo last adjournment. It also shows that these officers. In violation of law, were pud 44,046 In salaries, and allowed $12,56 in com missions. Most Of'hese persons arc still m of fice, though t> cl appointments have neve- iiecn confirmed, and woic not laid before (he Senate on • til wl;hm ament-*. tuk xppnopniATiOKa midp by tbe Internal Improvement BiT, report id In Ibe House to-day, are Ibe s*me as tee War De partment estimates iereto:or; given Inthlscjr respondent*. Tin tz®t oatb cask. Chief Justice Carter, or the Snprese Court of (be District, will cellvcr the opinion Ii (be test oatb case to-morrow. It las been argued at great length Tbe test oath Is maintained. .SBW OEL USB BIOT COKirnTEE—BAXOBIXT BE POUT. The report of the majority of the New Orleans Riot Committee Is published, it says :“ lo vie w of tbe facta proved, wo are constrained to say trial tbo tune bos fully armed when Congress should Intervene and should so legislate as to se cure lo tha people of Louisiana a republican form of Government. The condition of things existing there cannot continue consistently with the safe ty, eecunty or peace o! loyal men. Since the surrender of the rebel armies, the rebellion baa assumed another form, and now con dole the Government through the same agen cies that led their armies tu time of war; tbit Congressional action should be bad is settled by facts, not opinion. When men are driven from their homes, and their lives threatened, and their property destroyed; when In business they are proscribed; when recent rebel* hold all places of trust, and, having power, use It to oppress and punish loyal men occaose they ore and have been loyal; ween the whole body of colored men .who never flinched from duty oa radical loyalists when the days were gloomiest and ibe dangers greatest, in tbe time of war, are persecuted by system, bunted like wild beasts, and slaughtered with out mercy and with entire Immunity from punishment, there Is no room left for doubt thu eomc legislative remedy should he applied. In our own Judgment, bat one course Is open, sod tliould be pursued without hesitation or delay. \ccordlngto the judgment or all who bare fell *lie presence of Ibe rebel riot, and have stood finiiiv ana fearlessly for the Union when trea-oo was nearest to success, whose judgment, given nnon oatb. i* based upon facts within their per sonal experience, who gave opinions resting on knowledge, speak of wh*t thev have seen a 3d kncw,tlie present civil Government of Louisiana, existing without the sanction of national law, should be suspended by act of Con gress, and a Provisional Government established and maintained by military power, until the time has come when Louirinna la controlled by loyal non. and may he restored to the former practical relations to tbe Union without endangering Its security and peace." mXOUITT BTPOBT. WAsnnroroir, February 11.—The minority re* port of Mr. Boyer, on the Mew Orleans riots. Sea the illegality of the Convention, and rtates it. In revijwing the origin of the j* I ***- it was the acts and deliberate l&ten'ion of the Conven tion lain that produced the excitement and brought ont the commotion. He dissents from the opinion of the maiorlty, that the Hot was deliberately R tanned by Mayor Monroe, and refers to the cv- Icpce to show that the first shots were toy a negro at a policeman, and we* iwjdu to Lieutenant Governor v 'J for oririMted timely precaution- H carried oat, would have prevcnled the riot, and which failed from no took u ‘ ®* B _He says the President's acts exhibit him as the Chief hlaglatialn, actuated by a nmcere de sire to preserve the public peace and uphold the ■aw. In no degiee whiterer are the riots attri buted to the Governmevt of Louisiana. If there be any members of that Government in whose act the remotest causa for riot ia to be traced, they are Judge Howell, who headed the conspba cy to overthrow the Stale 4’onstltoUon, and Gov ernor Well*. uho lent his oQlclal sanction to the conspiracy, but on tbe day of dancer dmrled hh post without an effort to restore the public peace; and U there be any members of tbe Federal Government wno are Indirectly responsible for tnebloodrre-ult, they are those members of tie present Contras, whoever they may be, who en couraged these men by their counsels and prom ised to them Ihclr Individual and official support. TUI XXW TAX EILL—ADDmOKAL POO VISION*. Among the additional provlainns of toe Tax Bill nported to-day, are the following: Butchers, apothecaries, confectioners, plumbeis and gas fit |tn, wh°M annual sales exceed ?25,0(W, shtll pay, in addition to the special (ax now required by lav, one dollar for every thousand dollars in ex cess of S2S,WO. On all sugars produced from sugar-cane, and not from sorghum or Impbee. o'ncr than those produced by the refiner, a tax of one per cent per pound; on refined sugars and on the products of sugar refiners, not including syrup or molasses, a tax of two par centac? tclortm. Gunpowder,fire cents per pound for snoning,in kegs one cent p»x pound; for blast ing. In tcgsurca«ks, one-half cent pur pound. Coppcr and brass tubes. Instead |of five per c.nt ad valorem, are to pay one-quarter of a cent per pound. Cigarettes, cigars and chcrootso: mil de -motions, msde of tobacco or any substitute therefor, of all descriptions, the market value of uhich. including tax, ia not over eight dollars per thousand, a tax of two dollars per thousand: when exceeding eight dollars market value. In cluding tax, a tax of five dollars a thousand. B.ota and shoes made wholly or in part of India rubber, two per cent ad valorem. lists, caps and hot-nets, of all descriptions, two per cent ax raii>- mu. The following are among the articles exempt from internal taxation: Alcohols, etherial and vegetable; extract! wholly for medicinal pm poses; bale rope, seine twine, and lines or all kinds; canned aod preserved meats, not includ ing shell fish; carpel ban, Ac.; frames, barrels, tanks and kits made ol wood. Including cooperage of all kinds, and packing boxes and market boxes, whether made of wood or other material; castings of copper, iron or brass, where dnty baa been paid on the raw materia); iron, bollowtd ware, tinned, enamelled, ja panned or galvanized; dock trimmings, verges, pendulum*, rolls, Ac.; dotting made from material which haa been as sessed and paid a t**, Bo t including articles woven or knitted; copper bot toms for domestic and culinary purposes; drain ing ana water pipes: glue, gluten of all descrip tions, in solid cake; horse rakes, ladders, borne blocks, cn which tax has been once assesee 1 and paid, and framed or made up and fitted for use; leathcrofali descriptions, and goat, call, sheep, horse, and dog skins, tanned or partially tanned, cuiriedor In the rough; msnuraemres of jute; molasses, concentrate a molasses, or malado, and vyruu of molasses; sugar cane; mdtee oil, naptha, bt-nzlne, or gasoline, marking more *hia fifty nine decrees Baum's hydrometer, the product of the distillation, re-dlsiUlailon or refilling ol .rude l>eUolcntn. or of crude oil, produced by a since, disiillario t of coal, shale, peat, asphaltum or o il er titan 1 :ons substances; pottery ware of ail de ecnptioi s; salt lock and root diggers, or exetva :or*; seal w, pumps, slides, wheelbarrows, hsnd rails, sole* and heel-taps made of India rubber or other mat .‘rials: steel; all descriptions of strain ■ocomoUvea and marine esglnes, U eluding boii era; Stia-, tic., binders, board and blndsrs. doth lags, marks, and other tags of cloth, paper or metal, whether blank or printed; tinware for uomcMic or ordinary purposes; ultrama-ine blue, van i b, etc.; wacon*. carls and drays, t»be .used for tanning, freighting or lumbering par poses, and valnwi at less Uiau two hundred d li ars: and washing, mangling and clothes wring ing machines. * about Ri-cosrnccnoN. The New York Timet' special far*: “The SoDtberoer< who hare been at workmen recon struction ar* still at work. It appears |hrr are n-ady to Bi>>e all concessions a*ked by a malo - iiyofConcteas. except adoptin': themselves the dyahility danse pffie amendment ir t B nnder rtoortthey will Hve tbe negroes suffrage, accurd -Ik£* «i. e » d,cto . ° r ■ l ma;ortiy of Congress, sad ihey will be content with any legal enactment by Cpncwas which ehall dlyuaJifV the leaders in the holdlne Federal offices. It Is said •he lYrsldeot will approve such legislation." I is thought that a compromise bill, embracing ■he chief features of btevens' and Banka' mess ires will be agreed on In the House on Wednes day. Ur. KHot a bill wj-i probably be the basis, a? it combines boih the dill and military rule. 0^f ebnu 7. n ;r A Washington spe cal to the Jtat says: Mr. Bineham will submit a H?L r S CO^ f r JC V 00 . Proposition, providing that " be “ lo ° "hall adoot the t.cnuliulional Amendment, and have agreed to !gS f tbe J admitted to Con . r nt ‘ l l? e T , do tbis they ebail be under InaS TOtlTdoS .n 10 Ms Proposition ihe Douse Kin»nlSI e .i,« i*®.J b 5, mo,ion to recommit, Mr. Bingham thinks the Douse will pass the bill CKTOntDO BUKOS. The rumor that Secretary Stanton and Seward will soon leave the Cabinet is discredited. . coxvieran ox rmucuT. A special to the Commercial savs Sanford Conover, the detec tire who SbricSSd mony complicating Jeff. Dsrts 52 tte UiSofn assasslnatloo. has been lonnd guilty of nrwani) omtni roa x ncrimnm Wasranoroa, February XU-Kivo Jioasaad five hundred dollars reward I- offered by ihe TmLSr? Department for the arrest of William LeefcHas George Barker, an aliened defaulter. w * FROM ST. LOUIS. Arrival of Delegatee to tbe Commercial Convention—Cburclt Litigants—Con tested Election Cane —Tbe Weather and Bnslneaa. | Special Dispatch to the Chi Ago Tribune.] Bt. Ixtcxs, February 1L Delegations hare already commenced arriving lor tbe Commercial Convention to-morrow. .Among the propositions submitted will be one memonlixlng Congress to dredge the passes at the month of the Mississippi River. There Is every disposition to make this Convention a grand re-union between the Nortuem and Southern ports of the Mississippi Valley. Tire suit of the Southern MeutodUtsto recove possession of their -canrch, now occupied by th. Northern Methodists, in Lagrange, has been de ferred again. The Northern party clam that the VOL. XX. present occupants comprise a majority of the onairai owners. *' Toe suit of the owners of the steamer Magnolia, burnt by Incendiaries, lo recover Insurance of eighteen dlflerent companies, mostly in Cincin nati and Pittsburgh, baa been postponed on ac count of absent witnesses. Toe defence state that they expected to prove that the owners set fire to the boat to deltand the Insurance com panies. A Commission is now lo session talcing testi mony In the contested election case of Bogan vs. Pile. Fhe evidence thus Car is too trifling lo mention. Cold weather again fills the river with ice, though 111 s not sufficient to interrupt navigation, bontnem bosincs* lively. [Associated Press Report.] St. Louis. February 11.—fhe Convection for the consideration of tnc subject of improving the Upper Mississippi River will meet in Mercantile Library Hall to-morrow morning. It la expected that several hundred delegates will be In attend Quite a number of Delegates have already arrived, ite States of Illinois. lowa, Minneso ta, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Mississippi, Lorn elans, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Ot-io, Pennsylvania, and Missonri, will be represented, and probably several others. Tho Governors, and some of the State officers of several ol the Western States, will also be present. It Is not expected that the discussion will be confined to the removal or surmounting of the natural obstructions to the navigation of tho liver, bat the question of artificial obstructions lu the shape of railroad bridges, already constructed, and tone constructed, will oe thoroughly exam ined. Statements of facts upon this subject have been carefully prepared, ana will be presented by poreons fully competent to handle the question. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WiBinsGTOB, F«bnur7ll. SENATE. Tbe CHAIR presented Use ceritfcate of the Governor of OMo,at'retlng the ratification of the Ccnstltnnoual Amendmrnlby the Legislature of OUo. Tabled. -Mr. TV I? SON reported adversely on the bill to allow memberi* of Congress to serve at Directors of tbe Ai-ylum for Disabled Volunteers, where the; have been elected Dlieciors before their elec* tlon tu Congress. Tbe oil! was indefinitely postponed. Hr. SUMNER oflered a resolution instructing tbe Judiciary Committee to Inquire Into tbe expe diency of amending tbe Civil Rights BUI to ex tend Its operations so that when the residents of an; State, being citizens of tbe United States, are debarred from an; ptivtleges of the citizens of sneb States, then all cases arising out of an; ofience against an; sneb residents of tbo one pan, and any citizen ot sneb State not debarred from an; of the privileges thereof on tbe other part, stall be beard ana delivered by tbe Courts of tbe United States, and not by the Coarts of tbe State. Mr. SUMNER asked for Us immediate consid eration. Mr. BAULSBURT objected, and the resolution goes over. Mr. CHANDLER moved that tbe Senate take np tfac reso.ntlon offered b;blm on Saturday last. Instructing tbe Judiciary Committee to inquire whether Andrew Johnson, Vice President and acting President, bad any authority to appoint Provisional Governors for the States recently In rebellion. Mr. Chandler eald: “ I think Ibis resolution very Impoi tant at Uilb time. If »hc President bad no authority of law under tbe Constitution lo ap point Provisional Governors for tbe States lately in rebellion, then the action of those Governors tails. There bare been no Governors established over these States, if tbe inception Itself was illegal. Now, sir, 1 desire that tbe Com mittee on tbe Jndldnry should make an early report upon this subject It is due to tbe President, to tbe country, that these points shall bo settled and settled at an early day. 1 am nor t lawyer, and am hardly comp-dent to decide for myself, still lees lor the Senate, whether (here was any such authority. We know. Mr. President that when Andrew Johnson, through tbe bullet of J. Wilkes Booth, became President of tbe Umtea States, tbe rebels bad laid down tbelrarms. and all of these rebel States were held by military powers, and under these military powers Andrew Johnson bad a right to appoint milltarr Governors, not only lor every one of tbe States lately In ro belllou, but for every city, had be seen fit so to do. The laws of war arc as well understood as the Constitutive and laws of peace. They rego Inte end control all civilized nations. When PrcMdcntLincoln desired a Governor m Tennes see be appointed Andrew Johnson Brigadier General In tbo army, and aa Brigadier General In the United Stales Army be appointed blm Military Governor of Tennessee. This be bad a nsbt to do ns Commander-in-Cbiet; bat, sir. It is a different thing to appoint a Provisional Governor. J believe, sir. it is an office unknown to the Constitution and laws of onr Government, ord an office which, in my Judgment, be bad no authority to create. These Gov ernors were not sent lo tbe Senate for con firmation. Nor would It hare made them an; more Governors, if we bad confirmed tbero. because tbe Senate and Andrew Johnson together coaid not have created an office If there was not authority of law. Then it required the House of Representatives and Senate and An drew Johnson, having first enacted a law creating an office, before an officer eonld bare been ap pointed. Under the law* of war, asl. hare said, we bad a right to bold these States by military power and lorccs. These laws of war have been changed from ago to age. They are arbitary. They are simply tbe will of tbe conqueror. Un der the laws of war in ancleot times, prisoners of war were remorselessly put to death. These laws from age to age become modified, ‘ but as late •• July, 1806, the laws of war empowered the conqueror to levy all expenses of the war upon the conquered. If Au di ew Johnson, In violation of the laws of war, in violation ot the Constitution, and without author ity under the laws of war, has assumed ana exer cised a power that did not belong to him, bm which belonged lo Congress, then. 1 do not hesi tate to mt. anA «rttW demrenaon. *<u.t lur tbie one act, and for this a)nt>«, Atmrew Johnson should be im]>esched. I say It, sir, as one of bis Judges. 1 say it, sir, understanding the force of wbat I say. Mr. Chandler continued: But there are other allegations made against Mr. Johnson. It lr alleged, 1 know not whether true or false, that Andrew Johnson delivered over properly seised from tbe rebels, in railroad rollin'* stock throughout the South, without authority of law to rebel railroad agencies, and that Ibe railroad « oiling stock sent.from tbe North, worth miiy ndJUous. was, without anihoriiy and In violation of law, by the express authority of Andrew Jouo son. sold on credit lo rebel railroads. If this be true, 1 say Andrew Johnson should bo Impeached and removed. tu lUf aliened again. 1 know cot whether true or laiw, that Andrew Johnson, without authority of hw, and m violation of Jaw, ordered thecolW t on or tbe direct tax levkd oa tiese rebel StaW to be stopped. If true, Andnw Johnson should be removed and impeached. Jt 1b alleged, 1 know not whether true or false, that Andrew Johnson made appointments, daring the recess of the Senate, by removing Incumbents! and dining the late lons session or Congre««dJtl rot »«'d ID© names to the Senate at all, hut on ad journment, without coniulllng the Senate, and In d J rc £ Vl( >latlon of the Constitution and tls oath or office, her. appointed thrs; men, never bavins sent them to the Senate at all. If Übe true, An drew Johnson should be Impeached. Mr. Chandler denied that the President had soy light to have a plan after it bad b cn rejected by Coi.gress. LethtmoboT the laws, or disobey them at his peril. There Is a oread, ho said, that we. In executing our Congressional powers, win bring some dreadful calamity on thm nation. This nation has come vlctOiions ont of the most terri ble rebellion thewoitd ever saw. The removal of the man who bos violated the Constitution of the United States would produce about the same amount of excitement in the coonoy that the removal of Custom House offl- Jj • , Jfty would prodneo. More. These people hare declared, and that de cree bas been registered on high, that this nation shall stand; and no man or set of men. and no combination of men. whether beaded oyJeQ Da vis or Andrew Johnson, or any other living rnyp. can overthrow II It «U 1 stand any and every as sault that can be made upon IL The resolmion was taken up. Messrs. DIXON, FESSENDEN aod POMiROT opposed ihe rerelnuon, for the reason that, as the Senate might be called upon to fulfil the Junctions of a high comt of impeachment, they ought not to order an investigation of anything which might terd *o make them other than impartial radges On motion of Mr. GRIMES, the reflation was tabled wiibont division. Tie Senate requested the return from the Honse of the bill to amend the postal laws, which n.v>*ed Saturday, when itappearvd there were only eight or ten Senators present Mr. WILbON, from the Military Committee re ported a bill authorizing tLepaymentof travelling expenses to privates and non-commissioned uffl core of the Twenty-first New YorkCavalrv and Fi ™ l , Michigan Cavalry, from the place of muster out, in Colorado, to the place of enrollment, less the amount paid (o each for commutation travel when mustered out; providing the same he paid S&ISJSiiS” nol Mr. WILbON reported favorably on Ihe bill to JSSu!* e DaTW * 14,40111 Untr lr ‘“ d Sound, for MrTKIUKWOOp, from the Committee on Pub lic Lands, reported, with an amendment, a joint resolution extending: the lime tor the inert of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers ' ilr. GRIMF.S introduced a resolution to anthor- Ize the release of the Iron steamer Dnnderbnrg to i'• J\V bb * n P° n ,b « Wment. within ninety days, of the amount advanced upon her Re- Tbc Inntld Pension Bill >nd Post Offlce Appro priatlon Bill were pasix d. A bill parsed authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to delegate to an Assistant Secretary the power lo sign warrants for the pavment of money into the Treasury, and tbe disbursement of money certified by the proper sccoonling officers. y a S k “ lle 4 ‘k® Joint resolution to .mend the Consutotion by mating the President Ineligible for reflection. Commlt ; ec pnpmd to .menJ eo elected PrMldcnt or Vice l*i estaent, who has once served as President, shell aftt-rwards be eligible to either 1 ? I v XON TOS wiiling to rote for this, pro .ided H he so voided as oot lo refiect upon the present Executive. He hoped it would be «n pwivrinlt^outrjums. o^loll “>“ P~- «i?5/S^ Nlfwonld ***** «o the proposition w ll WVTt 90 tm ® na *d as to make the Pres- Idenlial terai six instead of four tear*. lb® proposition, but be cbt * Bl more important amendment in tbe w .°v°‘ d h® ,0 provide for the SlX'4sSSffS^^ T,, “ tota “ the The vole passing the bill waf re ™'th“lSu adopted. Recess until 7. BVENINO SKSSION. Mr, DIXON gave notice that he should Intro- JfifSaS’'SP’l'S ronnlt «>0"«l «mendmrDt, SiVk *™^ r fS bcd " “ « • mendment to Mr. n rdc a propjsluon. “‘‘collation, giving twenty per cent ;“ r ? n S Mo £ to employes of the civil MT.lce la WMhlßcton,wa- t.licn domed amended ft feverai rcspcclr. A proviso that toe to salaries increased since July, 1861. was struck out. The bill passed. Adjourned. . , . BOUSE, b P* resolutions were Introduced, including the following: i>.« Mr.Dr.JANO, to declare the ratification of ihe lonrteeoih article of the Constitution of the United States, proposed by tbe Thirty-Ninth Congress. SiPf«’TCommittee. rtATUr Providing a Government for rlSries to °* Kocned to Committee on Ter- SJi'iS K"ft !£■:;,"1 Commit.™, with lS.Stn £ tn rJh. , rc *° 1 adOD •of tbe Wisconsin foe r^{.uri? AWY F B '. reßolnt,t,B °f the WUconvln By Mr. HIGBT. instructing the CommUtre on Claims to asrertaJn whether there Is a Claim Com. mission ot the War Department now in session if*. M&uBU, declaring that tbe Govern ment should be actuated In the prosecution of Ita claims against Great Britain, for the depredations of the Alabama and other Anglo-rebel crnleen, by the same despatch and emphasis which charac terized the Government of Ortat Britain in Us de mand arising onl of the capture ol Mason and Sli dell from the British steamer Trent Adopted. By. Mr. HENDERSON, declaring that the people of the States which resisted the authority ol the Constitution and laws, and made war against the Government have thereby forfeited all their rights and privileges coder the Constitution and laws. Beferrcd to the Committee on Reconstruc tion. On motion of Mr. BRIGGS, Information was requested from the Secretary of the Interior In regard to tne removal and appointments o ntucers of the Land Office, and agents airre the last session of Congress. The resolmloi a offeredloyiMr. KOELL last Mon day, for the extension of the rights of sosrage to women, esme up. Mr. ELBRIDUE. in the absence ol Mr. Noell. sent to the Clerk's desk and bad read a memorial of the American Equal Rights Association, pro testing lagamst legal or political distinction on account ot color or sex. Mr. KOELL spoke in support of his icsolntlons until the expiration of the morning hoar. Mr. MORRILL, from tho Committee of Ways and Means, reported a hill to amend the existing laws relative to revenue. Referred to Committee of the Whole, and made the special order for Wednesday evening. Mr. EUur, from the Select Committee on the New Orleans Riot, made a report, with the evi dence taken in the matter. Mr. BOYER presented the report ot the minor ity. Both were ordered printed, • Mr. ELIOT, In connection therewith, reported a bill tor the rc-cstabUabment of civil Govern ment In Louisiana. After an onsnccesaful effort to make a satisfactory arrangement for the consider ation ot Mr. Eliot's blit, the previous question was seconded, and after a series of dilatory mo tions, the main question was ordered without de bate, by IS vets to 5D nays. Mr. FXNCK moved to table tho bill. Mr. ELIOT moved an adjournment that me a hers might bare a ebaneo to read tbe MU. Pending action, tbe SPEAKER presented a communication from tbe President, of tbe United states, transmitting tbe official correspondence with reference to tbe visit of Prof. Agassiz to Brazil; From the Postmaster General, with a report of all fines and aedaetioni made from the pay of contractor!, Ac.; From the Secretary of War, with a statement of tbe Quartermaster General of the contract! made during Janaary, 18(77; From (he Secretary of the Treasury, rela'lvo to the amount of bonds Issued to the Central Pacific Railroad, and to the Union Pacific Railroad Com pany. Referred. Various petitions and memorials were pre setted. > Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio, complained that the report published in the Western papers of Feb t uary bib represent blm as speaking against the Re construction Bill, giving military protect lon to the loyal people of ibe rebel States. He was in favor of the bill. He said be eonld have preferred to have passed a bill for tbe reorganization of civil Mate Government*; then to authorize tbe military po*cr to aid tha civil authorities when neces sary. The report published In Now York was correct. Ibe House adjourned. FROM BLOOSUHGTOJT. Visit of tbo Lcglalatlvc Committee— Bloomington Bias $550,000 for tbe Agricultural College— Festivities, dec. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribane.] BLOOMnraTOS, February 11, Tbe Special Joint Committee of the Legislature, appointed to visit tbo various points competing for the locition of the Industrial College, arrived In this city at eleven o'clock this morning, by special train from Springfield. Tbe party were met at tbe depot by General Grldicy, Judge Mc- Clure, Judge Scott, Captain Routt, IL E. Williams, Esq., George Park, Esq., and many others, who escorted them to the Ashley House in carriages, where they met with an enthusiastic reception from a largo number of citizens, ladles acd gen tlemen. A neat little reception speech was made by General Gndlev. and responded to by Sena’or Chittenden, chairman of the Joint Committee, after which the party visited the Normal University. They were conducted through tbe building and intro duced to several of the danse*, which were ex amined in ttacir bearing, and pot through some oi their physical and gymnastic exercises, which were hlehly commended by the visitors. After these ceremonies, the forty-acre lot noon which It is proposed to erect the University was visited. This point la Immediately southwest of tbe Nor mal, and would undoubtedly make a beautiful and eligible site for tbe building. Tbe one hun dred acres which It is proposed to appro priate ns a model farm, and which lies Immediately west of the Normal, was also visited. This land !* now the property of tbe State Board ot Education, having been do nated for an agricultural farm, but Is condition ally purchased by tbe citizens of this place for the Industrial College, in tbe event of its being lo cated here. Arrangements have also been made for tbe purchase or another farm of one hundred and fifty-eight acres, contiguous. In addition to this, seven thousand acres oflandin Missouri and Illinois, worth at least leu dollars per acre, and $50,000 in freight!, given by the Chicago Alton A St. Louis Railroad Company, with tbo cash offered, makes tbe bid of Bloomington $550,0W). It is argued that the chemical and mechanical apparatus of the Normal could be made available for the Agricultural Col lege, as well as the llbrarv and museum. It is also said that the model department of the Nor mil could bo used as a preparatory school for the Agricultural School, which would be a material saving to the State. property offered. At three o'clock a sumptuous dinner was served up to the patty at me Ashley House, kept by General G. A. Smith. r J A grand nail will be given at the Aebley Hou*e this evening, in honor of the guests, when a car ana brilliant occasion is anticipated. To-morrow the committee mllvlslt Lincoln, aid Jacksonville on the day following. THE STATE LEGISLATOKES. ILLINOIS. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sfrinofield, 111., February 11. SENATE. The Senate met at S p. m. The Speaker being absent, Mr. Strain moved that Mr. Bnehnell take the chair. Carried. A motion to take up House messages was then maoe ned earned. Several hundred were referred to committees. A few bills of an nnlmportantna nre were introduced, after which the Senate ad journed. „ HOUSE. The House met at 8 p.m., and. the Speaker be lug absent, was called to order by Mr. Childs, who r * Hurlbut bo made temporary The motion prevailed, when It was farther moved and carried, that the House tike up Senate messages. A large number were refeircd to appro priate committees. Messrs. SHEPARD and BOND presented pe tilions from cit zent, asking the Legislature to take some action that will better control the Honor traffic. BtHa were introduced to repeal the law prohib iting the circulation of small bills; to enable Jcf ferson County to build a railroad; to provide for calling a Constitutional Convention. tJSSUffIP* were received from the Governor transmlrtmg reports in relation to theSoldlcis' Home and Stale Penitentiary, and from the Adln rent General relative to trophies of the late war tbey were refeired to appropriate committees. Mr. BUNN presented a petition of citizens, ask ttc passage of Ur. Eastman's Warehouse A petition was presented from the citizens of Law” Coaatr ' aßkUl fi ** repeal of the Begtstry Adjourned. INDIANA. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, February 11. SENATE. The Temperance Bill was considered in Com mittee of the Whole. Afler a lengthy discussion, the amendments making the granting of licenses depend upon the application of a majority ol the voters of the town, city or township, to be a man of good moral character, to be resident ot the township for one year previous to the application: to prevent liquor from being sold even after the polls are closed on election days ; to strike ont the word which punishes the selling of liquor to persons who are In ihehabtt of getting intoxicated, and adding the penalty of imprisonment for thirty days, to be mauc peremptory, and authorizing venders to Stll to minors on a written order from parents and guardians, were adopted. The sev enth section, which provides that liquor seliera cannot collect for liqnor bills, and will forfeit double the amount if they take security for such debts, was also adopted. On the motion tbat the bill lie on the tabic indcflnUelv, the following was the vole; • Ayr*— Barker, Bowman, Carson, English, Gif ford, Hanna, Uney, Huffman, Humphreys. Hyatt. NcwJln. Sherrod, Smith, Staggs, Tamer—l 3. -Vdys—Armstrong. Bonham, Brown. Carson, Church. Cravens, Cotton, Houghton Johnston, Milligan, Noyes, Oyler Reagan, Reynolds, Richmond, Robinson, biein, Taggart. Terry Xliompiiom Ward, Woicotl-Sl. A strict party and test vote. , HOUSE. A joirt resolution was Introduced, Instructing our senators and requesting our Representatives to use tbririnflcenccloprocnre the passage of a law reimbursing citizens of Indiana for damages done by the Morgan raid- Ihc.Senatc bill proposing to increase the salary of State librarian from twelve to fifteen hundred dollars, was tabled. MINNESOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] br. Paul, Minn- February U. Senator Bristol, of Bed Wing, opened the ball pretty vigorously, to-d«T, against tbe Normal School, by otrering resolutions inquiring into the amount of money that had been expended and wonld be necessary to complete tbe pro posed buildings at different points in tbe State and whether they were conforming to tbe law. Which requires them to teach military tactics—if they have the benefit of Conrrrssional land grants. The resolutions provoked a lengthy dis cussion. but were all pass'd. Next to railroads, -be Normal School matter will bo the largest bone of contention this session. A bill was introduced in the Senate, making tbe Superintendent of Public instruction a sepa rate Department, giving a salary of £3,000 a year to the Incnmbeut. In tbe Bonse a resolution was passed for a building commission, under whose supervision money appropriated by the State fur the Normal School buildings and Asylum is to be expended. Tbe Douse oas passed a bill proposing an amendment to the Constitution, striking out tbe wo<d ** while." wi'hout a dissenting voice. Sev eral Democrats voted in its favor. Tbe Senate, on Saturday, passed a bill author lalrg the Southern Minnesota Railroad to bridge the Mississippi Blver at La Crosse. WISCONSIN, [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Uanzsox, February 11. ASSEMBLY. The Assembly did business this morning with less than a quorum. Forty-four members were present, seven lesa than a quorum. Some local bills were Introduced. Mr. Maron introduced a resolution declaring tbe present tarlfl hostile to the interests of ibe State, and requesting our Congressmen to vote for a redaction oi the tariff on Iron, steel, ma chinery, Ac. be rural Senate bills, unimportant, were con enrred In. . , Both brandies of the Legislature meet this evening. Colonel J. O. McMjun, Bon. T. O Thorpe. Hon. R. B. Randerson, J. C. Cover, and Bon. H U. Barron, have been appointed Resents ol the Dmveralty. KANSAS. Bx. Louis, February 11.—The DfmxraTt Tope ka special MTs the Bou*e to-day refused to con cur in the berate amendment to the Joint revolu tion to change the Constltnlion so as to allow cegroes to vole. The Senate wanted to strike out the word CHICAGO, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1867. “male,” aa well ob “white,” mad to make an edu cation] teat. The rcsolnnon goes bide to the Senate, and they will probably recede. Both bonaes passed resolutions asking for the r«noral of Colonel Leavenworth, agent of the Western Indiana, on account of in competency. DllCillGA*. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune, J LaxaxHOr February 11. SENATE. Tbe bill to amend tbe charter of Kalamazoo was introdneed, read and reierred. The billreorganizlDg the Agricultural College, and creating a State Board of Agriculture, was passed. Much time wee spent in the consideration of the Cocsillntional Convention Bill, which was finally recommitted, with instructions to provide for two delegates from each Senatorial and three from each Congressional District. BOUSE. Easiness lo the lloase was chiefly local. Amonc the bills introduced were two provialn? local aid for raUrotds from the Milage of St. Joseph to the Indiana line. FROM ST. PAUL. Route to Blontana-ntlttary Protection- New Po.U to be EitabUihed-Suillsiy Precautions—Tbe Weather—Fatal Ac cident. [Special Despslch to the Chicago Tribuna.] St. Paul, Minn., February 11. There now seems to bo a certainty that the Min nor ota route to Montana will be fully opened daring the coming season. Tbe mall contract is to be let next month from St. Paul to Helena City, schedule than being 11 days. In response to an Inquiry of a committee of the Chamber of Commerce, General Terry, conunaud logtbe Department of Dakota, replied that Gen eral Sherman approved the plan of glvln-mili tary protection to this route, and General Terry writes as follows, relative to tbelposta to be estab isbed: “Fort Abercrombie, on the Minnesota frontier; second, a sew post U to be built os the Cheyenne Hiver, abont ninety miles northwest of Abercrom hie; the third post to be placed abont midway be tween the poet last named and the point Where the route will strike the Misaoarl Hirer; fourth, a new post at the Janettas of the route with the P r **•» tt« Iradlne post “J? '• nnh ’ fort DaforCot '.' , ow Stone; elith, Cmo “« JotUtt: and .“fenth, a thTiS W** s “ R l vcr - at tbenoim ,rom fort Benton to Hole nnSSlU 1 aodiifa W ll all be eaffldentlj nmaoued, and In addition to thetronmc atatinn counirr contlguona to the imd for%* nm£ dtans. The force to bo stationed ai Omnn p«ait g?" rv&mZ**" l6o * o * b *»KrtiSSr 85f foicc, I should recommend their comtrnpiini. l i hope that 1 shall obtain the nSiHnfAl. I 1 0." Pppo** durlnir fo? wm/ng but until inis is done, should it u ftSnd SSSt r;7^ C ’ J . Cbn '”“'' ,n •"> tbrowo ontud pSSfd f- ™ P V*"V‘ : the made between Fort Sirav^S p °° 1 ' “ ll bn "'“ n C ““P cool I he H. altb Injector le vigorously at work ro mortis imliMM. while In a cond UoS and trailing the cilylnn pood ennltarj c jnitSjii for toe coming season. J T Sr. Paul, Februiry 11.—After a day’s thiw threatening the sleighing. It again turn* coldbn Saiuraar. The mercery on that morning fell to twenty-four degrees below zero. It ia gUU very On Saturday afternoon Edward Welch, on his return.home from here, drank, to his farm In Da kota County, collided with tho team of Bishop Grace, a few miles ont, which displaced him trom ms scat so llm bis head dragged on the ground when his horses arrived home Welch was dead the top of his head being worn entirely away and bis brains running ont. The Legislature is taking steps to call a Conven tion to revise the State Constitution. FROM LOUISVILLE. Trial For dnon-Inaagaration of the Bust of Lincoln—Appeal for Proteo- Uon Against Land Pirates—Payment of Kentucky War Claims. ISpeclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Locisvillk, February 11. Jacob and Fred Pflstercr, Indicted for arson, were on trial In the Circuit Court to-day. These parties occupied a bouse on the corner of Outre and Broadway, belonging to Michael Fllsn, as a confectionery, and In September last set the t etablishmeot on fire for the purpose of obtaining the heavy insurance they had obtained on their stock. The trial inll conclude to-mor row. General D. B. Sacket, Inspector General of the United Plates Army, starts oa a tonr of inspec tion through the Department of the Tennessee on Wcdnetoay. J. B. Thompson, Superintendent of the Freed men’s Bureau at Southland, Kentucky, has been relieved from duty by order of General Ely, and Solomon Littlefield appointed In nts stead. 'lhe Inauguration of tbe marble bust of Abra ham Lincoln, execn»ed„hv Mr. Henry, of this »j.r uirf iThcola Boat Association Of this cl tv. Will take piece at the Academy of Mnslc to morrow. Governor Oramlcite, Major General Thomas and staff, General Jeff C. Davis aed staff, and other distinguished civil and military personages will be present and participate In the exercises. Loutsvnxx, February 11, -Application is abont to be made to the United Slates authorities for a force sufficient to prevent depredations by robber* la Anderson Connly, the Governor being unable to furnlih btate troops, for want of an efficient military law, and tbe county officers will not call upon the Governor for a posse to arrest the ma rauders. Governor Bramlctto received $155,000 to-day SSJSyfSS It OrJean^! 1^ I** 1 ** °* M, " jat ' d - “* Lonuvnu, February 11.—A colored High School opened to-day in 8L Mark’s Church, under the auspice* of the Episcopalian*, and was ad dreescd by the Rector, Rev. Mr. Badger, of United Sia>ea Army, and Hon. James Speed. Miss Cor »«“ 'iC n . r . 1 . D * e \ a graduate of the Colored Insti tute of Philadelphia, is the Principal. FROM QUINCY. Republican Rejoicing—River Transit— Distillery Seized—Delegates to the Itlver Convention. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Quikct, Hi.’, February 11. The rejection of Thomas G. Durant, by the Sen. ate, os Surveyor of Customs at Quincy, gives un ononded and unanimous satisfaction to the Be publicansjof this city. We hope our Bresd-and- Dntter Postmaster will also soon walk the chalk. The ferry makes regular trps serosa the Missis sippi, conveying passengers and freight to the depot on the other side. The weather is mild, and It has been thawing all day. A distillery In this coomy has been confiscated tor vfoiailon of the revenue law. Valne about *5.000, the first case of the kind In the dlsirfct. Our City Council have appointed ten delegates to attend and represent thedly of Quincy lathe

iiUsUsippl River Improvement Convention, to be tela at Su Louis to morrow, the 12th. FROM MEMPHIS. Steamer Sank—Doa $40,000-Incendl ary Fire* Distort’* Receipts—Free Speech—Arrest of a Notorious Villain. Mr*rm», February 11.—The steamer DloVer non, from Napoleon, for this port, struck a snag at Australia, yesterday morning, and sunk oat of sight. The cabin parted and floated off. She had on board twenty-five bales of cotton. The boat and cargo were a total los*. Owned py Captain Frank Hick, M. Watt, and J. S. McCone, and val ued at $40,000. insured In Cincinnati and St. Loola for SIB,OOO. ou Three incendiary fires occurred here last night. Loss not heavy. The damage to (he Commtroial ona Arput office was about fully covered by insurance. An attempt was made about the same time to set fire to O’Donnell’s saloon, on Front street, by means of benzine, but U was discovered in time tocxtlngnlfh it, 'Kutori’s receipts for the four nights were nearly At a Radical meeting, on Saturday night, a ne gro attempted to speak, bat was ruled out of order. Sam. Sweeney, a notorious character, has been arrested and committed, charged with robbing Dr. Woolfolk, ot Kentucky, and throwing him off the train, from the injuries of whtch-he will prob ably die. FROM CINCINNATI. The lEcather-Deleestea for the niaala* •Ippl Hirer Convention-A School Girl seduced by l>e r Teacher. Cixconcgn, February 11.—lhe nrer has fallen umri'el two Indies. The weather is clear: tber aomercr thirty; It was down to ten this morning at seven o’clock, and yesterday moraine down to zero at the same boar, and on the hills outside the city five to eight degrees below zero. A delegation ot twenty-five business men left for S'. Louis this morning to attend the River Convention. A school teacher in Storrs Township, near thl« city, has lied, alter seducing one of his female pupils, aged about twelve years. The commu nity there Is creatly excited. Ihe snow of Saturday lies on the ground to the depth ol four tnchrs, and sleighing Is again ex eeriest. The wealbtr is bright, but very cold FROM NEW YORK, American Contributions to the Fails Exposition Embezzlement Case stale of Dr. Checvcr’s Church—Heavy Mlk Bobbery. New Tons, February II.—A Cable despatch to ,7“iP oßeee * lhe **fe arrival at Havre of the ships Harpwcll and Mercury, containing article* contributed bribe Ctmcd Stales to the Tans Ex position. At the examination of George N. Carleton. to day. on the charge of embezzlement of public money while Special Agent ot the Treasury D;- partmn t, at Memphis, the prisoner claimed that the matter bad been fully investigated by Mr.Rls ler, of the Treasury Department, and by a Com mittee of Congress, and that he had been com pletely exoneratnd by both. Rev. hr. Cbcever's church was sold to Tlfiauy A Co., who will erect a store on the site. The bonded warehouse of Miller A Conge, on Water street, was robbed oo Sunday night of auks owned by A. T. Stewart, valued at £15300. FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Bard Times and lUzh.Hutdod Pro ceedings—Negro Banting Segals tors.” New Yonx, February 11.—The pecuniary strin gency la so great iu Pitt County, North Caro- Una, that the people recently compelled the Sher iff to burn up all us writs and executions returna ble at Court, refusing to be elected Iron tb<'ir bouses, and being unable topay. Destitution la evident all over the State- The Legislature has passed a relief hill, postponing the payment of dehu for twelve months. . . The negroes were • greatly troubled by the ex ploit. of a band of regulators, who had made oath to dispossess every negro In me Stale of his prop erty, and with this end tn new were stealing their horses. Dmraellve Mre la Wohlla, Mobuz, Februarv 10. —Tne flrelastelgbteauied t loss of CSOO.UX). Insured for *> The principal sufferers were J. E. bmub. Marshall A Co., Jackson, Burns A i/oodo, Freeman A Foe dick, M. Fershetmer, grocers; McKiodley A jjooa, y. W. Older*. Goode A Labey.r, cotton rn' Dendall, Clark & Co., Daba<es & ».rVT*tiPw*#, J Elder i El-avcr, wholesale hard* \ • H - Crockerop, S-etson & Co., bootand jtrSftSf* Sellel & Co.,; 4?M er » Benaon, SagarA Co., sad alfl*SkltS?*' crockcr /- tiw ort s in ° r “* MEXICO. F " nell *»d Austrian Soldiers Joining Mberal Banlu Juarez Takes “**ty leave of Zacatecav—Report “■‘He «nd ms Train were Cap tured by tbe Imperialists, Ae« ™?r^l.?^. Feb J a "y IL-rhe Herald's Mexico SnmK^nfl of 12111 nltJmo, eaye a large •£i?inVin f »£ re ?, ch ft f rt Aasln *a deserter, were S 2Z I Ssi°. , «* > f Republican ranks, and manyMcx* officers were applying for employ m?.ViC >he £ai °e placo. nat were not received. r jf^™ rr ° x » February 11.—Dates from tbe Rio Ji.?t toll I of Mexico to tbo Sd, ,■ " 1 anil Baton! had been eent lo vSf'^beh'im!! 0 " 1 m " U * 110 con /ve^Ti 1 t! rejoicings in honor of Juarez were going om? Mlramon anddenly appeared with 3tV Jture * evacuated the pursuit lfaiaon ’ possession, started off in There seems much vacillation among tbe Liberal lose era. ine Imperialists nave resaaed the ad xaiiccf iLd U Is considered certain that San Luis Polos! will again tall Into their bands. .Ji -mPu*® “7 ‘aojr captured Juarez and bis train, with three-quarters of a minion of dollars in sliver. The Imperialists are conscripting men and seizing hone* everywhere. A French frigate arrived at Brazos with a num ber of Liberal prisoner* to be exchanged tor Frecch and Austrian prisoners at Mulamoras. F £ brUf y "-—The French frigate Phlegetoo, from Vera Crus the 8d Instant, arrived at t raros on the sth with thirty Mexican prisoners to be exchanged for French prisoners at Monterey andlliaies. A gentleman from Monterey, Ibe Bth instant, s’alcs that hitelllgtnce had reached there that tbe forces concentrated by the Liberals between San Lnls and Qaeratari, which were to march upon ihe capital, amounting to 14,000 men, were defeat ed try the Imperialists, 9.00 U strong . F E 7.£ a ?? A,,f ’ February 11.-Fears are enter mined thatdnare* was taken prisoner bv the lm periallsts under Quierom J There are rumor- here that Cortina Is en routs for the seat of tbe Republican Government, to mm over ms command to the Minister of War and Ma ine. UtJUUMdaio hire abandoned the came of Maximilian. It Is thought ft largo Imperial force will soon be sent to the Slate of Tamanllnas A special from Haiamoraa to the New Orleans 'Jimei says a gentleman who left Monterey on the nth Instant stales that the bells were ringiug In tnat city, and there were genera) demonstrationa of joy by reason of the great victory pained by the Liberals under Tlevino over the Imperialists under Miramon, near Agna Catieates. The same news has been officially stated at headquarters In Mammons. CEKTBAL ASH SOUTH AMERICA. Trilow Fever at Panama—Expected movement of the Allied Fleet—Elver Exploration. New Yens, February 11.—Panama advices »ay that ihe yellow fever •Is raging on the United States ship Jamea’own, the deaths averaging one or two dally. The fever was epi demic on the latbmos. Advices (ram Urns state that Colonel Botta had received permission to come to the United States It was believed he would pot himself at the bead of the revolution against Prado, assisted by Gen eral Cartillo. Anearly movement of the allied fleet was ex peeled. An exploration through tho Moyro, Pochira and Ucayoli rivira to the Amazon had shown that river communication with the Atlantic Ocean was fea sible. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Fire—marine Disaster—Wb eat Ship* menu, Ac. Bak PnufCTtco, February 11.—A Are this mom ipg in Folsom street, between Third and Fourth, destroyed several houses, loss f 20,000. Saw PiUNCisco. February 11.—A Victort* de snatch Mates thattbe American ship Nicholas Bid dle was canghi In a terrific gale In PngetSonnd, and drifted on Uosedalc Bocks, was afterwards floated off and towed into Esquimau Harbor by Her British Majesty’s ship Sparrow Havk, bavin* sustained serious damage. The bark Almenia, with a cargo Jf wheat for Philadelphia, sailed yesterday. The steamship Oriflamme, from Portland, Ore gon, with 4,000 barrels floor roifN'ewfYork.’arrived iaat night. FROM BOSTON.' Serious Damage from Overflow- Booses Blown Down and Unroofed—Assault and Bobbery. H.—The lower portions of the city were flooded by the great fall of rain on S -tpnfay. On Chnreb, Fayette and other streets on the Back Bay, houses were Hooded to the depth of two or three feet, causing considerable damage. In Boxbuzy the damage done by tbe storm was t? rc ™ A ,factory, the soap factory of K. K . BlSflo*. the foundry of Anthony Garrett, 5 n L . *sl D ? mber of dwelling houses were flooded and badly damaged. Boildtnes in East Boston and Cambridge were blown down and unroofed. Boarott, February 11.—Geo. H. Wlgcln was as saulted by throe rontjhs la Chelsea, Saturday night, ana robbed ol nearly {4,000. FROM PITTSBURGH. The Weather—River Navigation—The Freighting Btrelncee, . PrrrsDiiiajiT, February 11.—The sun shone out brightly during the entire day, molting the snow and ice sane little, hot the air was quite cold, and ice lomed rapidly in the shade. Last nleht theeky was clear, the weather being very cold. ' Tho over? are falling slowly—scant eight feet in the channel by the marts on Monongahela bridge, lx the weather continues cold a few daya longer navigation will oe closed. There was considerable stir on the wharf to day, andfreiibta appear to he fairly plenty. Shippers would do w«H to have their fretglils sent forward immediately, In order that they may reach their destination In good lime. Accident to a Coal Train. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] CnAxrainK, 111., February It. The coal train from Champaign to Danville passed over a broken rail near Philo, and threw six cars down a high embankment. This is the same road on which three lives were lost a few days since. The track of this road is in had con dition. .RlMiMlppl River Navigation—Rove- menu or Steamers. Sr. Lous, February 11.—The river is still fall ing. t*ilh i pood d« a] rf heavy Ice coming down from abewe. The weather la mild. Some rain IclUbia afternoon, and the prospects are for more, The Kansas River has opened, and tne ice In the Miesoml l*clow Kansas City moved down to-day onatlseot threefeet. ..•Arrived—Arabian, Pittsburgh; City of Alton, Memphis: Big Horn, Jobneonvilic: John Kilgonr. New Orleans. “ * Departed—Bell Memphis, Memphis: Zephyr. Arkansas River; Clara DoUen. New Orleans. llMtpnia, February ll.—Weather clear and pleasant Thcimometer to-night 48, Business very active. Freights plenty. Tonnage equal to demand. Depart'd yesterday. B.L.Hodges, Luminary. Atlanta and Edward Walsh, for Now Orleans: Jn ba lor St. Louis. Ip-day. Phil. Sheridan for vtcksbnrg; Lizzie Gill for New Orleans: Mlnnc ola and Bertha for Cincinnati; Indiana for Louis ville; Oqlavla, Belle of Sc. Lome, Mercella, Cham pion, Anna, Robert Burns, Wanneta. Commercial. Henry Ames and St. Patrl k. ’ NrwOnnzaxs, February 11.—Weather cloudy. Arrivals, B. 8. Turner from St. Louis; Silver Spray from Cincinnati; R. E. Lee from Vicks bmg. Departed, Olive Branch and Marble CUy. Accident to an Army Officer. Fout Lauuiic. Kau., February 0 Colonel Carrington, with the headquarters of the Eight eenth infantry, Majcr Morris, commanding sconl, arrived at this poet to-day, from Fort Phil. Kearney, m routs to Fort McPherson, bis new headquarter*. On the 7th, while riding back to close op tbo train. Colonel Carrington’s revolver Miuckbis saddle ard discharged, wounding him in the (high, the ball passing near the femoral artery. Ou his arrival the Surgeon (Schell) removed the ban, saving amputation. >m*Jl»Pox and Vctlow Fever at St. Tbomu« New Took, February 11.— 'The steamer iloro Castle has armed. She left Havana cn me 6th. 'bolcra, small-pox and yellow lever prevail aISL Thomrs. Over 700 persons died or the former In fivcweeki. Perry-Boat Capsized, with Loan of Life. Baltixouz. Febrnaryll —Tames Young,Joshua Jos. Clemens, Thos, lio band Mr. Hogan, passer gers. It is «upposed lost ihelr lives on th ferry-host which capsized in the harbor last mchU Disaster at Sea. New Tons, February 11.— The ship Dashing Wave, from San Francisco, struck on a uar at Lo cal Shoal and, being got afloat again, sunk inside Saucy Hook. No lives were lost. County Treasury Bobbed. Kxomur. lowa, February 11.—The Marion County treasury was robbed last night of over forty thousand dollars. No cine to the robbers up to this hour. Large Fire at Ottawa, Illinois. - HI., February!!.—The largest fire ever m ibis city occurred last night, acsiroving nine rouses, mostly stores. Loss, £40,100; insured for A British Colonization Scheme. »February 1 i —At a meeting of lhe board of Trade a resolution «a§ adopted to pro* mo , lel £? scheme lor the colonization of British Columbia and Vancouver’s Island. SPIBITTAUaM IX THE PATENT OFFICE.—A curious application far a patent has been made by a New Yorker for a process to de termine the falsity or truth of spiritualism. of a room closed perfectly, so that all light and air Is effectually excluded, ex cept air for breathing, which, is admitted “p® * ftop-cock, opened from time to time, f-jijot is only admitted by being passed through a darx blue, violet, or black liquid, so that the room Is perfectly dark to the un accustomed eye, but becomes slightly Illu minated when remaining long in'it, the in venter asserting that the particles of common light are much too heavy and solid compared with the much finer constituents of the bodies of spirits; therefore common light passes through them, and is not reflected Jf°“ sui face; to see spirits at all, the light mttii be filtered. Tno room Is to be tainted with spirits of turpentine or any other spirits mixed with substances akin to enrben. The Inventor asserts that wilh these precautions it may become possible for the inmates of the room to see spirits, Si 1 .?* 01 ', Ebosts. He claims the use 01 filtered light in a closed room for the pur °» divination. The patent was re ln»ed, on the ground that when a company or persons were for some time enclosed in *J K,n, » without sufficient air to breathe, they win not only see ghosts, hut also give up their own. b WASHINGTON. Meeting of the Chief Officers of the Army. Their Views on the Southern Question. General Thomas’ Plan of Eccon- strnction. How the Generals Stand with Respect to the President's Policy. {Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.! Was macros. D. C., February C Generals Thomas, Sheridan, Schofield Canby, Sickles, Warren and Pope are here! and Genera! Sherman la expected on Friday or Saturday. The presence of so many mill* tary officials In Washington at tbe same, time la not the result of chance, though some of them were called hither by one or another of the nnmeroos Investigating com mittees now at work. Nor Is their presence of such special and paramount importance as some persona would have the country believe—as will, perhaps, appear If it Is re called that a similar meeting of Depart ment Commanders took place about this time last year. Notice was given at Headquarters in December that nearly all these officers would bo called upon for testimony before the end of the session, and the gathering takes place a lit tle earlier than It did In 1860. Most of them, however, would have been called here If they had not been wanted by Congressional com mittees. Last year General Grant desired counsel regarding the new Army BUI and the reorganization of tbe various departments. This year he wants counsel on entirely differ ent questions. I may, perhaps, say that the Indian ques tion is at least of no secondary importance various letters from Grant, Sherman, Pope, and others, have been published, from which it appears that they believe an Indian war is impending. Hundreds of reports from minor officers, oa file in the War Depart ment, express the samo belief or apprehen sion. The minority report of the House In dian Committee Is very strong In Its declara tions as to the danger of an outoreak. The ; evidence taken by that committee la full of indirect warning. The House debate on the bill transferring the Indian Bureau to the War Department showed that many of the wisest members of that body look upon a conflict as exceedingly probable. Gen eral Grant does not hesitate to say openly that another six months of Interior Department management will render it absolutely inevitable. How this grave difficulty thus threatened is to be warded off, how the outbreak Is to be met if ,it comes—these are questions on which Headquarters desires the counsel of its chief subordinates. The Indian Bureau will go back to the War Department; of that there seems little doubt. Whether the energetic measures already taken by General Sherman, coupled with the change that must follow a transfer of the Bureau, will be sufficient to prevent the dreaded outbreak remains to he seen. It is no secret that nearly every Southern commander is much dissatisfied with tho Southern situation. The military is almost powerless to repress or correct wrongs. Tho President’s order and the Indiana decision of the Supreme Court have practically put it under control of the rebel State Courts. Generals and their subordi nates see and hear, but may not act. Hard ly a man of those who occupy responsible positions is content with things os they are, or with the prospect for the coming year. Of course, more troops would be of no avail unless more power were given to the mili tary. The old rebel leaders are rapidly re covering their standing and influence; and, as a consequence, Unionists and freedmen dally find their condition changing froth bad to worse. General Sickles wants power and troops In Carolina; General Schofield is snubbed and taunted in Virginia; General Sheridan reports that Texas Is a little hell; General Thomas says there is no place in hU Department where a loyal man can get any thing like justice before tho civil Courts. What can tho military do In the South to advance a true reconstruction, how can the troops he mad^agents of civiliza tion, what advice shall the war force of the country give to Congress and the Executive In the present emergency—these are questions on which Headquarters asks the counsel of its chief subordinates. General Thomas appears to have ponder* ed the Southern question long and deeply. He alone of the great Generals, so far as I can learn, has a definite and comprehensive plan of action for the crisis. Everything Is managed, ho says, In the interests of the ex-rebels. UnionistSjlive merely by sufferance, und most content themselves as best they can, perforce, with the crumbs from the table. It has been stated in some quarters that he advises the exercise of “a supervisory military con* trol.” This phrase is deceptive, or, at least, It less than half expresses his Idea. His plan is briefly as follows: Let civil officers, styled Commissioners, be appointed by the Presi dent and the Senate, for each of the Southern States; they should be of sound judgment, large knowledge of law, and of unquestiona ble loyalty and sympathy with the Unionists and freedmen; give them jurisdiction in all cases between oz*rcbels and Unionists, or ex* rebels and freedmen; make their decisions final in all matters involving less than dollars; in more important concerns let there be anappeal to the United States Courts; cs* tabllsh it as the paramount duty of the military to sustain-these quasi-ju dicial Commissioners and enforce their decisions; keep the military from any direct interference with civil affairs, except as they are apoue under control of the Commission ers ; allow every man to bring his case before these Senatorial appointees; continue this mixed supervision of all affairs till the State makes all men equal before the law, and ceases to know race or color In the adminis tration of justice. This, as I understand, Is, in the rough, the plan of General Thomas. Von will observe that U contemplates a par tial return to the condition existing under Grant’s famous General Order No. 3 of last year, bclorc the Issuance of the President’s Peace Proclamation, except that the word for Interference must come from a civil appointee instead of from the Commanding General of a Department. The first difficulty in the way of its execution Is that the President would I never appoint Commissioners of the right sort. 1 shall only pat into print what everybody -ays in private conversation, If I state that every one of the great officers now here sustains Covgress and the country in demanding guar antees from the South before readmission to Con gressional privileges ; and, so lor as I can learn, not one of them will be satisfied with the constitutional amendment proposed by the President and the rebel Governors. General Sickles speaks in very strong terms of the necessity for thorough work ; General Sheri dan says It would be madness to restore the leaders in Texas and Louisiana to authority; General Schofield expresses himself cau tiously and moderately, to the effect that Virginia Is sot yet reconstructed on a loyal basis ; General Thomas admits grave fears that loyalty will be entirely extermin ated unless Congress steps in asd gives it succor; General Grant himself, reticent as he Is, no longer conceals bis feeling of pain and apprehension In view of the situation. 1 must not be understood as Intimating that these gentlemen indulge in denunciation of the President, or demean themselves un worthily of their great offices; but that they are not on the Presidents side in this con test Is evident enough to anybody who chooses to see—lf by no other reason than by the fact that they have no fellowship with the Presidents friends and take strong Republicans for their associates. This rule Is thus far without an exception. Iseael. .tilDc Sickness—An Important Discov ery- t Frcm the Labyette (Ind.) Courier, February 9.] The cause of this terrible and inscrutable malady has long been a profound mystery, and the large rewards offered for its discov ery, while stimulating Investigation, have as vet thrown hot little light on the matter. A large amount ofmoney has been spent in In vestigation. We learn from the Indianapo lis Journal that Mr. Nathan Brown, of Sulli van County, In this State, living between Carlisle and Wabash, In a neighborhood which has suffered from the epidemic ever since It was settled, thinks he has discovered the secret. He is a plain, sensible old farmer, with no pretensions to scientific knowledge, and his experiments, consequently, ate only what every maa may make who choose. He says it is a vegetable of quite common growth In the affected local ities, easily recognized and removed. He first satisfied himself of this about four years ago. A calf, which he had allowed to ran at NUMBER 249. large on his farm, died in the fall of the disease. He cot it open, and found in Its stomach, entirely undigested and almost unchanged except by chewing, a quantity of a weed or vegetable, which he recog nized readily by~both smell and appear ance. The coats of the stomach were as dry as a board, and apparently incapable of di gestive action. The smell of the weed struck him peculiarly from Us similarity to the odor of the breath of men and beasts sailer ing with the disease. The line of investiga tion suggested by these discoveries he deter mined to pursue. The next fall ho bought a large healthy calf in a neighborhood never afflicted by the ** sickness,” and fastened it is a pen where there was nothing to cat nor drink, except what was given It. It lived and flourished finely for a few days. Then Mr. Brown cut a quantity of the suspected weed and fed It to the calf. It very soon showed the usual marks of “nxilksickncss;” *°d died. The next fall, which was that of Ifcoo, he put a lot of sheep on tho poisoned pasture. They were attacked directly, but driven off before they had eaten enough to kill more than two or three of them. All. however, were so weak that they gave out in travelling a short distance, which In good he £l . would have been a trifle to them. Their breath smelled very strongly of the weed. Last fill he experimented, in the presence of witnesses. He had cut some of * dried it. He procured another calf from a healthy locality, and fed it the dried substance. It waa speedily attacked, and the witnesses, both old aetUera,and fit miliar with the disease In every form lo the cattle and men,.at oncclprononnced it “milk ?. Having satisfied himself that he had discovered the mystery, he applied lost vear to the Legislature for a committee to investigate the matter. Nothing was done, however, and he proposes lo apply again. The French Senate* A Paris letter-miter says: •• it. Imres Is the one hundred and thirtieth Senator who has tiled since the foundation of the French Senate, and amonc those one hundred and thirty are fitly of the original memhers of that body. The army has Tost nineteen Mar shals, who are members by right of their rank; six Vice-Admirals, ana thirty-two general officers. The number of min ters, or persons who had been min isters, who died Senators, la not less than seventeen. There are now five cr six vacancies In the Senate, four hav ing died since September last, namely: the Marquis du Boisey. M. Thouvenel. the Mar mils .de Larochejaquelcln and M. Ingres. No one Is as yet named to fill the post of t»/and Referendalre, left vacant bv the death of M. Thouvenel. General Montanban, who commands the great military division of whldn Lyons Is the centre, has been offered it. He declined, as he prefers retaining his command, and naturally looks forward to the Field Marshal’s baton. The post is. in fact, asinecure.” Plm Llehnac of noaeow with Gas. The London Jfomiruj Pom pohliahes an ac count of a curious ceremony performed at Moscow on the 27th of December last, when the old Russian capital was for the first time lighted with gas. At two o’clock a “Te Denm” was sung at the gas factory, which was, moreover, solemnly consecrated. Then ‘“Cff was a grand banquet, after which the officials and the principal guests proceeded t° the Kremlin,where a platform covered with red cloth bad been prepared, close to the cathedral of St. Michael. At half-past four tbe’Mayor armed himself with a taper and ap preached the nearest lamp, of which the tap was already In the hands of an aide. At the word of command the tap was turned, the gas was lighted, a military band to play the national hym, and the music was continued until the whole Kremlin was illu minated, as well as a largo portion of the exterior city. Assisting a Fnixro.-A Mrs. Smith, residing on Jackson street, hid the misfortune a few days ago to get Into the Bndewell, and left behind her a very young baby. In the house where she hid dwelt was Mrs Ann. Cnriese. who kindly cared for the young Infant, though pot to much Inconven ience thereby, nntll the happy idea struck her of pawning a trunk with clothing belonging to Mrs. Smith to raise money to get her ont of Bridewell by paying her fine. The tmnk was taken to the store of one Lyman Abrahams, on Van Boren street, whose license, U appears, la omy for bay. iogand selling property. Realising 57.50 for the articles, Mrs. Cnrlesa still required a small sum to makeup the necessary amount to. secure her friend’s liberation. Brfore accomplishing the de sired object she was arrested for the larceny of the trunk, and was yesterday afternoon brought before Justice Mllliken She was held lor fur ther examination this aftemooa In hall of 5-200. JRasonlr Notices. IITASONIC—A Regular Comninmcation LvA of Ashlar Lodge. No. SCR. f. AA. M.. will be * ,r OD (TUESDAY) eveuiag. at 8 Brcthren will please take notice that until otherwise ort'red. the Regular Comranntcatf’ns oi this Lodge will be held on t no 3d and 4th Tnrsdavs of each month. at the above Hall. DENBY TUCSEK, Sec’y, gioriftj) fHcctings. 10. OP O. F.—Officers and Members • of Duane Lodge. Vo It, yon are hereby notified 10 attend tbe Regular Mwtlne. of thi« Lodge/ This Evening. at 7X o’clock* Afbnslnet* cl importance will coma before the Lodge. All Brothers are Invited to attend. CHA>. R. HERRICK. Secretary. oP£ter jFcstibal pLTMOUTH CHURCH OYSTER FDBTZVAZ., Thursday Evening, I*eb. 14,1067, In the Parlor* ol the Church, comer of Wabaih-av. and E!dr)dge-C,urt. jjf ‘Admittance, is casts. 'Falcntines gT. VALENTINE’S DAV, FEB. 11 “IRK DOLUR STORE” AHEAD I>- VALENTINES, Let every one wbo donbu look In and see the crowd telectltg valettlnes. at N«. 167 South Clark-sl, “THE DOLLAR STORE." 825,000 TOLOAN - IN sums TO SUIT, ON CITY BEAL ESTATE. WAITE a CLARKE, 100 Waahla?iQa-«t. 825,000 T 0 LOAN On First-class Real Estate. Apply to BOZET A CUMMINGS. Beal Estate and Loan Brokers, OS LaSalle-st. jy£ONETTO LOAN, OX REAL ESTATE SECURITY', Ixi Sums from BSOO to 83,000* B. B. CHAMBER*, 17 Reynolds’ Block. IJijotograpts. G.B. GREEN'S. 102 Prices reduced to less than ball for tbo next imrty days. Photographs ouljr One Dollar per doz. Vignettes, $1.50; 4-4 $1.60. Porcelains, formerly |3B. lor |l7, and Colored Work in proportion. Copying and Children’s Pictures a specialty. Bern ember the comber, 102 LAKE.BT., Opposite Blakeslee*s. Co Kent. TO RENT—A new five-story and base ment BRICK STORE, Fronting west on Mlcbfran and fast on Central-ars.. the second store nortb of G. C. Cook A Co. hire 30x131 fret, finished complete, sad can be occorle-t br tvo •tenants. lagolreol WASHINGTON A SMITH. 'J’O KENT— The most desirable Corner Store Id the city, and ore other ooTCaihlogton-st. also, one Terr commodious office on first floor, and room *bove. in smith & Bixoa's Block. Apply to s. w. sea. la fancy Goods Bazaar, cor. Clark and Washington-*!*. g<Hi)isfecg. JgtJFORD, GUTHRIE & CO., DISTILXBBS OF Pure Copper vvuistey, 91 Id tray, Woodford Co., Kentucky, Orders for one barrel and upward, solicited. Samnlea free. Sold In or oat of bond. GET.ABXDITTOED. j. a. fifTiißtp, mbs, uajob amolo xlacsu. ®2Hantclr. ONION EX. CO. WANTED. AddrcM, «»Un, nnmber of Shwes for «*>, price, ' •‘BAH,” Tribute Office. ■RANTED— To Sell Mortgage® or Btuisess Paper, Or Buy Bargains in Beal estate. Goto SINCLAIR A TOMPKIKS, Boom y, Masonic Temple. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By a first class IT tenant.withoutchildren. A COTTAGE CtmtaltlngrtToriererirooms, situated in the Soctb Division. Address, statin* terms, ac JpCHNISHED HOUaE WANTED. A nicely Ihrnlshed hotue, located on the North or Sooth Side, by a responsible tenant. Address “M,** care Briggs House. •ppLP OFFERED FREE FOB A FE W WEEKS. Office and store, by a person of reliable character purely tor occupation in preference to idleness initmau with dry goods. Address to-dar. **Jamwh I," Tribune office. rpO LUMBERMEN— , The h * Tln f » l«e creerl-nce tn the uade. ana an exfeDUTe acquaintance taclty aad coan tn. wUbea to arrange with a party who can foraUh Itelnmberor rapJial 10 »:oct a flm-cU« yard. Hone btt tmaiceu c wired. Addrica p. o. box Stating Season. J^MEHICAH SKATING TOURNAMENT AT THE Washington Skating Park. THIS AFTERNOON, At two o'clock; win taka place tits GIRLS’ CONTEST. FIRST PRIZE Wo| SECOND PRIZE, BvW. AFTEB WHICH, GENTLEMEN'S CONTEST. (For which «n lie Skatta; Celebrities of the cooatry bate entered lieir muncs.j Pint Prize—Cash 9-100 Secend Prize-Cash aoo THE ENTIRE GREAT WESTERN LIGHT GUARD BAND Will perform during the Tournament. Tho Zee will be kept in good order; no matter ho w groat th o thaw* SEASON TICSETS NOT AVAILAD!H UNTIL THE iiTESESG. TO ALL, FIFTY CENTS. SIDE RINK. THIS EVENING, THIS EVENING, Grand Exhibition of Fancy Static*, by POWERS AND MOnVAIN, AMlsted by all the Amateur-Skaters of the dtp. at 9 o clock. FULL UNION BANI>. ■^7 ABASH-AV. RINK, Ice Like a Mirror ! Not Affected by tße Thaw. Conic Costume Assembly otr Friday Xexc- QBNTRAL PAivK. BENEFIT OF Zr. BAKES, the Superintendent, TO-MOBBOW EVENING, pf See Wednesday 's papers. Educational. HALL, A Church School for Girls. The Spring Term begins oa Wednesday, Pfcb. ISih. For admlsrion, aadrea* SUSiI BRITAIN, Kenosha. Wit. TNSTITU'IE OF DRAWING, SUR JL Trying and CItII Engineering. »t Tolßston, Lake Co r Inoiana, J 6 n. lie* from Chicago, crossing of M. C. f? d SP *4lFvB-BJ,opeaa April 15, ntttl Sept. 15. fw to be a Draftsman |ioa Snrreyor, f® a civil pnginecr. Drawing teachers sent to crntu of io to 20 scholar*. Addicts, A-VAN DEH NALLLEN, lor a cir cular. TTNIVERSITY OP NOTKE DAHE. I ' KOTBB DAME, IND.—'The next term ot well-known Inttltotlou will commence on the FIRST OF FEBRUARY. Student*. however, can enter at any time daring the Tear. tor Catalogues and more in&irma tion apply to Rrv. W. COROY. S, s. C- ITes’t. ■v Hoofing. pLA&TIC- SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE TEARS has oemonxtrataa me nperiority at this material over every outer sow known. A mastic—lt adapts ItscU to every shape aed slope, from Oat to perpendicular. covering the whole root without scam or Joint. Noa-combortmio—it la cut the means of &*tromng your property, bat of protecting It. NoD-expaastve—heat noreold; no mat ter how intense, can compel It to expand or contract. Imremons—water nor even *rmm, ran penetrate or dissolve it- • UDdecaring—tlme and the elements only mature and periect 1U To sum up the whole matter. Fire, Water and Frost Proof, and IscA toper than any otbergood material, and bettn tnan the most expensive. TheNewYork Tribune Us speaking of it says: “We wjUHttihls invention the greatfst boon ot the age.** The Fitrmer'n Club ot the American Initltate pro- Eoante the Invention one of the most Important evs discovered. For Ue past year we bave been engaged in supplying this material to too people ol Illinois ami Wisconiln. and from the many nattering testimonials now on me In our office, we feel warranted la saying, to their en tire laUitoctloa- KOOFINQ FELT, and also tha new SHEATHING FtLT used lor halng buildings, and COAL TAR. con stantly op band at lowest market rates. Circulars sent on application, acd for rights. Apply to WniTACRE * RAYMOND, 08 InSalie-st.. Chicago, 111. (General Notices. 'J’O VETERANS Of Companies C & F, oSIhDI. Infantry. information about your Original Discharge*, ad- **».” Box 30S. DanleUh. 111, S. M. FASSETT will give hit ANNUAL RECEPTION, at hla Photograph Rooms, on Tuesday Evening, Febrnnrr 12, The public are invited. qas~ lighting! Plans, SpeclOcatlenn and Estimates 01 Gasworks prepared and their erection superin* tended. Drawings oi every di-eeilptlon of apparatus made. W. B. MOUNT KNKY. J^'OTICE. —The following letters from Tho Bank of SZontreal, To our care, will be delivered to tbe parties to whom they are addressed, on proper Identification: D. McLean, John I.arson, P. Leulestr. s, Lind, W, D. Kerr, Mrs.C. McArthur, A. Beckwith. L, P mi. Hard. S. M. Dart, John Quinn, c. Tlnaler, Jaa. Thom* son. H. W. Townsend, E. Walker. tJEO. C. SlllTn S: BRO., Bankers. 4S LaSalle-at. IMPORTANT TO GRAIN SHIPPERS AND CORN BAISER3. —Having removed irom Maccolia to Peru, 11... 1 am now prepared to furnlib the celebrated ILLINOIS POWER COBN-SHELLEK: also, large Warehome Fanning Mills. For further information address me «t Pern. til. JAMEs TAUOHN. llapcr Rangings. MARCOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration. ’Largest and choicest as.ortmeat ol French Imported Paper Hangings, 01 all kinds. Warerooms.3,3 and 7 EaslKoonh-it. NEW YORK CITY. gjctoglip. "|~yA3IONDS—A Tery tine selection of MAGNIFICENT GEMS, At lon* prices. NOW LIN dt SIcELWAIX, 37K Ciart-st. jFor gale* JfOR SALE— A Foundry and Machine Shop and Planing’ Mill, At Wankecao. IU. Has facilities for melting two tons 01. ron. Shop-right Patterns and Fiasn lor Leonard’s Pat. Seamless items. Match Plato and Snap Piasks for Bsttj D or Rangers, and arperanety of destraMa Pat terns and Hun. Machine Shop w«u flocked with rood machircry and tools. Two Planers, Machine, and suitable machinery tor the manolacttir? of ba<b,l>oora.Ac. sold low fbr prompt par FA2flr YUCCAS,Hardware Merchant; TLLINOIS STOCK FARM FOR Hat.r X acres, all Improved, near Joliet, IU., 30 miles from Chicago, known as the “Jones Farm.” rained at tsejoo. Mbs*, be »oid at a sacrifice to close an estate. For p ml ctd an, address MATTOCK** A- 9JASOX. P- 0. Box 1069. Chicago. DL JJAHB CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOR SALE; A CARKFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &c.. Invoicing ahont 112,000; a’l purchased within a ta»U aid lease on iWre. Store located Inatbritica town a short distance ton Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons s itch/or fd.lcc. For particulars Incalre or „ B. V. BOHBRiS. Ccmmlsalon Merchant. S 2 LaSalle-suChlcazo. igtocfcijoHiEts /Heeling. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS, LOAN AND TRUST CO. Chicago, Feb. 9,1307. The Annual 31«tlreol the Stockholders of tie Mer chants* Savings. Loan »nd Trust Company, pir the elec tion of Trustees. will be held at the office of said Com pany. In Chiraro, on IIO.NDAT. Marco 4th, between the boars of 10 a.m. and 12 m. L.J. GAGETCasMer Sentfstrg, J)R. j. o. Farnsworth Makes no lor Extracting Teeth withemt £sfisasss. o ‘ sim “ o ““ o “'ssfjssss Sate of IJetos. ENGLAND CHURCH— TUB FIRST SALE OF PEWS wi&SSlL'c!?.!?* °?. North Bearborn-sh, opposite Ks£' 'TV 1 uts P' Moodar Evening, February 11. iSCT,at7’-io I ci-'cg. The church win fis open for Inspection on Friday, Saturday and M today, bom 9 a. m. to o p. m. " patents. Q.AHD'& PA TEN 1 bbior rnAca<wx<. OtSm and aunnactnnr as so*tn Joß«rsjr,-rt. *<. UlArmaaos and dtacrtpUT# circular tdiSna K. H. OARC. 53 Boats CMcasa. agricultural Implements. Stubble PL' Advantages of this Plow! »>.ll w,n *■»« fwjajhwe to sir rimes (•saw 8t S? 1 plow ' lanrlure, by i£J£ u ea Z: •*** °f l *o been proved by actoal nse m grltyr sou. occasionally to be foana on tke marato* KL t 5???.L >a .^ iye,t » to which sheet-steel Plows hare ttnuutt'* tn plowing elcbty acre? Srr^’fJK ‘ Tlnc Plowed over tore® bordrat tore* ol the tame soil wilbontjet being ball wots. TrUrfSa l oaJ?jSl. l & T , fS 1 a«« d,fflc ” l ‘ ,ol1 *- eAasmJSSs£KSJ a , gK ll,l,r PIOWW *"« weldeo on. a?readiir a, e n n^AJl? ene< * ~ ? r a.POlat biscfcsoitlh. *• u Pkiwg, &y any works “kindly,*’ ,wtl “ maileabl#, nd BBePaSISS UnMbouO Sc cilia "oSS,. “«1 sas;-" ■= , It pl«waataaTd«Xh from ibrw,» laches, work* perfect!/ m cither stubtiteor laraTtirrS a e’ean Jnrrew. sad taros under Kobtte and tom t«2 completely. JST I* ***<*«« cheapewf plow In use,- jn»r a* fwinn a# there is eronomy la payieg six collar# rafter than five dollars fire or ctx dsn tlT orer. an., tn doing a Quarter or a firm more work XJrwtlb tbsssmepower. The demasd has been increasing steadily dnnnc tte pas. x>ar years, warn lact atte*t»lsraUllty and permanent popmarlty. J Application# fop the endnslre asener In ah town* ot Hanots. Wisconsin, low*. Minnesota, j. |r»n and In d-sn*. not alreaiy oecopled. mar be addressed to tbe TOCerslsraed- These Plows are not la any Instance, bat &rs sold stnetlr ftr sub, or on not » exceed tbiny days' time. HENST B. TATTOB, 55, 57, 59 & 6S SOUTH CAXAL-ST., CHICAGO. Kcto jyjAbSAUHTJSETTS IN THE REBELLION. A RECORD OF THE Position of the Commonweal th* And the services cf the LEADING STATESMEN'. THE MILITART. THE CXJLEEQES, AND THE PEOPLE? * T “* lathe CIVILi W4UI 03? 1801-Q5. By P. C. B*aslst Janthor ol “Josephine," ete. • Thu Important p*ibHea*t» ha* been prepared wttfc the utmost care, sod win bo pronounced lacumparabiT Js*? ( S}i, TalnAl)le! ® caicoQtrsbu:l3o h> the hlstotrS i^ E 5 b t 1 . ~onl ”IN interestf.ewfs<s or caoshter of M wacbajptu, or, inoeed. of New Ear land, cannot be ex atff era ted. It ccnutas Elgin StrtNmte Engravings* Including llt-ocMea ef THIRTY-TWO emloeot ctrflt Jana and mtJiUfTnje=.'UTiDjr»ndde«o*«er nice. Id cloth, ft M; »hfeo. half caICfLOQ. PUBLISHED BT atTBSCRIPnOX. Csplo seat by mall, po* can paw, on receipt of prter. GEO. C. BAND fcATERT, Publisher!. BOSTON, MASS. B r Axer u wanted everywhere. Address GEO- IC. W. SHERWOOD. Uadtaoa-at. CalcscoL Gecersl Agest* tor the welt LOST POLICY HOLDER. XstMTOf tkrlUlncand aasoretug interest. u. “»*“» r kbbdabv NOHTHWEBTEBN Insaranee and Mercantile Journal, Dbsase; Book Sciicu ; shadow* • m : Fmaxcial;Cowtrcial; ami vart ’vtlrieisedrtroucn yym, 1^4“™^!“"' 4nakbg 4 atmber^ copie, * aoccnu - Subscription, per ■rtTmrr., tF“ WESTERN NEWS CO,.Gfn. Aat. IGIL EdIWV.P.O.BOC SSusmese <Eaisz PMMWOOft & CO., Gericisl Commission Merchants, Cor. Italic and Washington-gtg,, cntCAan Give particular attention to Doth buying sad seD^ Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. &“ a **■ ow-Special rates ot Comatsslca mode to money tor large purchases m pa 3» erty to be bold tor sale by os. P. L. Underwood. Ben, w. rnirrmrt. MALTING COMPANY, Kos. 2 and 4 KicMgaii-av., Bunlketnrers of malt and Deaten *q Harley and Bye, „ Mpitancy oe hand (toclrv of FriM Barley acd Bye Malt, which we are prepared to at the lowest market rales. * Storage, forwardleg and commission merchant*, tor the purcba.-e and sale of all kinds of country dkmm Md give especial aKeatjcn to sale ol Broom Com, Ulghwlaec. Dreeeed . and UveStocu. * Alio agentaforsaleof SAOIN AW S A XX. . Oor raaraofpommlaaloD ar» those estahttOMa JT Board oI Trade, from which wMn not mr« Consignments so I’>*l ted. uu * gartnersaty COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. Tie copartnership heretofore eztatlse underthedrm name ot WAVIS, bAWIEB A CIX, In Chicago, and 9. C. DAVIS A CO., In Satot Louis, ?* this dardie*o4rod by mutual couent, taking effecWannar* Ist. 1867. SAMUEL c DAVIS. Ca.AKI.PB B. SAWYER NATHAN W. PEKKINV _. _ ANDREW Chicago, Feb. 12,1667. The nndertttn'd bar# th!a day entered l»to cooart nmhlp, under the firm, name cf wparv- DAVIS, SAWYER & CO., Tsklngcffect Jsnnamst. 1257, sndwJ!! ccatlnua the Bcot and bhoe Manufacturing and Jobbing Businas, at Chicago. • SAMUEL C. DAVIS, OBASUSB.'tWfcB. 'J’HE PARTNERSHIP OF BZBMB fit RYD9R la trem this date dissolved, by mutual consent. Th* busisess to bs settled by Brdcr. Chicago, Feb. 7.1967. BKSS4BTDBE. OF PARTNERSHIP. JL/ The partnership herttoiore existing under the Ann name of £. B. AJ. C. GUTHRIE, la this day dM «Clted by mutual corteat. i. B. GDTHHIfi. Chicago, t eh. 9,15€7. j. c. GUTHRIE. The undersigned wllh continue the Commission Business, Wits ifflce tt ,>o. 3S Ch»ml*r of Comißerre,«ad be plrtMd to fill orrtrr* tor purstaw cf Flour, drain, Pro vbloas. Ulshwlnes, Ac. Cnlcagn. »ft. 9. 1*67. J. C. (jPTHTMg- 3&ooD anu Coal HAT WOOD! A.T REDUCED PRICES. PT It Is thebest Wood btoatkt to this market. BEST HMftM COM! By Ton or Car-load. CURTIS BROWN «b 4MJ.* 13 West Madison COAL & UOKfi X co„ Office 17 Chamber ol Commerce, and corner Weak Etsrle and Green-sts. Coal at nxlacecprlces. Lehl2b,lAekawanna.Yoaghlo«hMy, Briar HUL &!e* Caanel, and Mineral Bidn, Ptnaborzh and OonneHs- TiUe Coke. ambs A CO. Real Estate. jpOK SALE— MICIIIOAX AVEXUE LOTS. ICCII6O feet, northeast corner of Mlchl/aa-aT. and Twenty.second-* ta. front, corner of Ml chi «an-ar. and Twenty-flflh-sta. SNYDEB* LEE, Beal Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan mock. POR SALE— W Lee. Real Estate Afents.Xo. 4Metropoli tan Block two new twostory and basement brick Dooms omice rooms each, hot ami cold water, wa>r ctoaeta. marble mantels, lou on Adamwt, betweea Thorp end Loomis sta., frennne Jefferson part- Price tW Teitns of payment made easy. dFttiu QROUND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Xarket Far stock of all kinds. Orders promptly ruled lorcM*. by E. w. elaturford a coIT^ No. 70 Sorth CTlrtorn^ Ulanfes. JJOENTIES. Official Blanks! We have now ibr sale the following additions! Boon* ty Blanks, which hare ALL been approved by the parts cuts: Soldier's Claim for Additional Boons?* Widow's ** “ ** Father's «• “ *• Mother's »* “ •* Parenis* M Ciolntlr) “ ** Guardian's “ a u A PrrmrrrtnlntHnn from Second AOdlfor'S OSes, 19 erring to copies of our Blacta sent fbr examination, ■ays: “Theforms»r* decidedly the beet that haye beea presented to this fice«* Sent prepaid en receipt of the money, at |LOf per quire. AM»t pamphlet, eaatamtag fauiaa tea Boonty L-% 9 01 13 CS, wits bast tnitractloc" as* rwalacloh* stilt ARtnt* on receipt «l itamp to pay po«Mf. A copy tsciosed with each paecaca of BUon. A-ldrtaa TRIBUNE CO., Si Clark-st. Chicago.