Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 12, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 12, 1867 Page 3
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THE CANAL BILL. In Appeal for Practical Lcgis- lation. Speech of Hon. J. W. Eddy, of Kane County. In tbe Illinois Dense of Kepre seutatires, February 6,15U7. In the Illinois Legislature, Wednesday, February C. Hie House having gone into Com mittee of the Whole for tbe consideration of House bill No. 659, entitled “An Act for Canal and River Improvement,” Mr. Eddy of Kane County, said: * Mb. Cuxiemxn : 1 understand the question now to be upon tbe amendment ol the gen tleman from Kankakee (Mr. Parker), and the amendments ol other gentlemen extending the provisions of this bill to their various lo cal rivers. 1 presume the object of going into the Committee of the Whole, at this time, Is to elicit discussion, and I doubt not a large latitude will bo allowed In the dis cussion ot this question, and as the object of these amendments evidently is to cripple, embarrass and defeat this hilt, of course any remarks that 1 may make Iniavoroftho general proposition that this work should he inaugurated aud completed, will he addi tional evidence why tbcseamendmcntsshould not be adopted. 1 represent a section of the State that will not be Im mediately benefited by' this pro posed canal Improvement, and, when 1 came to this capital at tue beginning of this session, 1 was much prejudiced against this work. 1 regarded It a? a sort of local meas ure that the j>eople, living along its pro posed Hue, were attempting to saddle upou the State, and that people lu the northern part ol the Stale woe nut to be benefited by it, neither the people living la tbe south eastern port ot the 3tate. Haring that view of the subject, I apprehended that It «as the duty of those localities who were living on this Hue to do tula work—with such assistance as they might he able to ob tain from LLc General Government and the Stales lying west ot the Mississippi River. After a mure candid consideration of this «übjccl, however, 1 came to the cuncluslou that I was wrong—that this was a measure lu which the entire people oftbc State of Il linois were interested: aud I came to this conclusion by looking at figures and statis tics. These satisfied me that It was a good Investment for the Slate of Illinois to make these proposed improvements, aud for the purpose of salislyiug tnv peojilc, who per lni}>s have hot Inveslltaled Hits subject as thoroughly as 1 have, add perhaps some inenilDfs of this House also, 1 wilt give them the beht 11l of the figures I have iiinae. I fidil, Mr. ChfllHiNt, by looking at slatts* Iks, that thete Were id Iwlfi received id Ohi ■oagu fkVtoJ.UUti bushels of grain. It would he itiit M-asodahle to (ntcdlatelliatthissixty* five millions of hitsheis are dot niofu (hah obc-hulf of ihecfdlie ireigliUgc or tonnage of (he Htalu lor that jesr, whieli would give a tidal, If reduced lo grain, of UkMNxriNM biMi'K ora tontiave ol 4 < (**>i.(*M, ns now apply onr Haboil and mdlmate (hti vahmof tliia CHimt and fiver improve* Ptclll ll HOW 111 opiTHlioll ! It U not ckintvagMiil ioMlni(U"llmt the** wuti r way* id lompaiuiuit with Urn rulL Wttjß, would save on iMiisporUUon at tlm rale ot four cents a bushel, and this gives an animal saving of tVJOO.cxX) on the pn-tenl iiUelnena of onr.Stmo. l.rl ns now estimate these proftosed works as an Investment and see it they will pay. The transportation to Chicago la found to increase twenty per cent a j ear, and Lite four millions of tonnage now will become in live years, (us soon as these works can be com pleted), clulit million tons. It Is not un reasonable to supi>ose that onc-lialf this amount will pass through these water ways to the Mississippi. I submit the following tabic of results on this basis: TOLLS. Four million tons at H cent per too per mile on short est hue of Canal from Rock Island to Chicago, ISO miles DLDCCTJOHB. Interest on coet (f r»,000,000) at 8 nc: ci *it $1,200,000 SapcilrliuCence and repaiis on IK) miles Canal and .00 nvcr liom Ueriiipln to xnoQtb of IMnol-, maUinj: B'Onjtlea at f»00 per mile.. $200,000 ■' Total interest and icpairs.. $1,100,000 NVLicb dcattc*. Iron cro>a earnlon, learcfi nett eorn -52,134,000 Inga Deduct from ibla nett cam* inir? the average annual earnings ol present Canal.. Kell earning* of new works f 1,161,000 Large as tills amount ie, I believe the re* salts wilt be still greater, bat if wc divide It by two, theganware still large, and enough then to speedily repay their entliu cost, and then remain for all time yielding a rich rev enue to the State to repay It for its foresight and enterprise. »Bnt, Mr. Chairman, this is -only a small item of the advantages t be Slate will receive from this proposed Improve ment. The great benefit which the State will receive Is in the cheap freightage. Upon this subject I have some figures. I read from the New York Engineer’s report for IStfi, page 359. By this report 1 find the uveruue freightage over the double track railroads of'that State were six mills per too per mile ;on the en larged canals one and three-quarter mills per ton per mile ; or, iu otbci woid*, the freight age over these roads is tbicc and a half times freater than over the enlarged canals ot that tale. Taking this view, the benefits re- 1 cclved therefrom ran up largely into the millions. Then, Mr. Chairman, lam in favor ol this measure because it will pay. In the second place 1 am in favor of this measure because it comes into direct competition with these railroads—these monopolies, which have troubled this General ■Assembly so much Gentlemen will only have to look at tne map of the State of Illinois, and they will find that there proposed improvements, includ ing the improvement ot the Illinois River, will cumc in direct competition with all of the princlcallinos of railroad in the State of Illinois. This canal horn Rock Isand to .Hennepin, and thence tip to Chicago, comes in direct competition with all the lines—the Northwestern, the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, and Rock Island railroads.‘ Then, again, gentlemen will see that the Qmncy' Branch of the Chicago, Burlington Ss Quincy Railroad, the Central, the Jacksonville road, the Chicago, Alton & St. Louis and the Chicago branch of the Ililuois Cen tral railroads are almost directly parallel with the Illinois River and Canal to Chi* cago. Then there Is another consideration to which I would call the attention of the House. This proposed improvement, If taken hold of and completed by the State, 411 require these great monopolies In these ITJ-oaos to pav for these very improve tL**. I rcgard’lt as an admirable piece of 'Vy to compel these great monopolists which*? for tbe with talothei^ 0 ® re to vW P them 31r behavior. In thetnlrd place, because in • 101,1 ln favor of t b i» measure <-ls ,Mt “ nd , completing CT *pnt (W OTk are carrying out the tion i? 08 of Province. This ques referred to bv the otherd* 0 lrotn ®°° De (Mr. Hnrlbuti the IVe fihd S' 4 * 1 »?* *0 It but briefly: 1 Cbiea £° Is situated in the Srt lR rto f tf 1 * Stale, at the head bordtSJdrcdoflakc?. while more than and CLW»fibi.ri of OQr western sands “Jthe Mississippi River, SSFt'ggSr? & Mena y Salem navi™, ‘Tf* 1 i D ?S I * be Uatancc between of Inland posed line, and this Is Tea ovt- this nm.- western elbow or)i shortened 1 * by ?h“l. avniina.°E,ver y tiro ctSm*. P° int bia P°' mt - * nd mav2^vf a * tUl ?l wlltcr w aya wF en these Snmmit? bt nere d J?i* Ufflcl i enl «*PP? T a, I er Inp water bv a |* a J c the means oi®t the River % £££*£ r fS** f rom the r i n; \' a lock ° r di* wititf* Bir. It shows a design HJS J* remarkable, only so, but the summit nl ; not I tween the Unc^. 1 I La^ ca lj but twelve mllS from ( and only about fifteen fcetihJi th?^ 80 ' 1 level of Lake Michigan. ThS I. „i?* Ur \ markable. By the deep cut at this point the volume of water from the Illinois riv<£ mav be Increased to any desired extent. And os a further and more direct Invitation for the great State of Illinois to do tula work, the Almighty has thrown across the Mississippi river at Rock Island » burner to navigation. Sm-* wttnrow nearly if not quite all of e commerce of the Mississippi into this cnannel for many months in each year. _ Sir. Chairman, the history of the New York Canal, to which I have referred, fur nishes an example worthy of our imitation. Jr.,’, T %J referring to the work, to which I have already called your atten tion, page 447. I ask the Indulgence of the I JLW minutes, and! hope they give attention to these figures, for they ? l ? qni:ntl P worda 1 loans to 18C2 interest on I find tbe lotal i lO , *?.«!,015.H. ia »71.T53,0T0.G-.; ?n? „ ! ' td from »“«• *12,518,5C0.03. ifo. thei m rt £'fP c " dltare » Impreaiinc Ibis mat to upon tb c °, Centlcmcn more clearly, J m-h; ot figures In round numbers: Totlt ISS ’i I .'.' 2 000,000; total revenue received from ti canal *71,000 expend. and supcrintenalSPi $13,(XX),000 •{,»,.{? deducted from the total * rccelnt leaves $59,000,000. Thus it is aboin that up to this time it has paid the entire cost, interest on loans, repairs, etc., leaving a surplus of $7,000,003 for the benefit of the •State ol New York. These arc figures which sneak for themselves. Ilia not to be sap. posed, Mr. Chairman, that this great measure was inaugurated and completed in the State of New York without great oppos ing obstacles an 4 embarrassments, which we in the State of Hlincis will know nothing about. Politicians and demagogues seized •u pon this as a weapon with which theymight destroy the administration in power, and so far was the matter carried, and such a hue and cry raised about excessive taxation, •that people went to the polls singing “ Clin ton's ditch will drown us all.” But, Mr. Chairman, tbc logic of transpiring events since that time has shown to the people of New York, and of the world, the wisdom of this measure. "Clinton’s ditch” has not ■drowned them all, and to-day it is the boast and the glory of tbc people of that great State, and it is with pride that they refer to their canals as their "Im perial waters,'’ and they ‘ arc to-day affording a surplus—a large amount of money—which goes to meet the general ex penses of the Government of that State. But gentlemen say Illinois and the Great West have paid for the building of tbc Erie Canal. Just so, Mr. Chairman, and so will lowa, Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and the yet undeveloped Northwest, pay for these ca nals ; for 1 tell yon wc have a greater West to-day than had New York at the time their canal was completed—a vast amount of ter* rltory which will bo tributary to these ca mis, not yet developed, not one acre la one buedredimproved: and if this work Hear tied out and completed, the revenues from this canal will be only limited bj their ca pacity. But the great question, Mr. Chairman, la how arc we cotre to pay for thlawork? This Is tbe vital question in which «e are all interested. As J. understand In this scheme Chicago shall give jfb,UUU,UUO toward the work, and as an earn esi °r the fact that they intend to do this, they have already commenced the work, and expended a large sum of money. It is also prtiposed to ask the Uencral Government for yj,UUO.UOO to aid iu these Impr»vernents. The question is. Will the General Gov ern- 1 went give us this aid? I think peraaps it will not do to rely npon them for this aid, but you will remember, I think, about four or six years ago a blit did pass the House ol Representatives, giving £5,000,000 for a similar work; and since that time, gentlemen of this State will remem ber, Senator Wilson has visited this Western country, and I apprehend he has a practical appreciation of tho importance of this work at the present time, and, if we can believe what General Butler sold daring bis Western tour last summer, wc can be assured of bis aid in this great work. Then the General Government baa expended large sums of money In their arsenals at Rock Island ; so there Is an additional reason why the Gene ral Government should aid this work. But I am one, Mr. Chairman, who will be opposed to making the comple tion of ibis work depend npon any such contingency as this. I believe this Is a work of importance for the State of Illinois io do. I believe we arc called upon to do It, and will do It. Now then, tho gen tlemen, of course, wish to satisfy their con stituents in regard to this matter. I have taken alittlc pains to aatisfy myself upon this subject, and have applied a sort of practical test. I have reduced this thing right down to my own locality, where I have the good fortune to live—Batavia, Kano County. I find that the census of that little town gives use population of about 2,500. The assessed valuation of the property Is a little less than $230,000. Let ns suppose that, while this work Is be- 1 Ing built. It will average *250,000. This i gieat scheme pronoses to tux ns at the rate • of two nulls on ihc dollar. What will be 1 the amount my people will he required to • pay? Five hundred dollars a year for ape- ] rlod of perhaps fix or eight years. Can I i believe Tor a moment, Mr. Chairman, that < tjey will hesitate to aid a work of this lm- 1 jiortance by giving this amount of lire bun- 1 tired dollars? i When wc take Into consideration the fact ’ Hint this is only a loan, to ho paid bnek < ten-loid wllhhi a lew years, can wc doubt 1 that onr people will sustain us in carrying o; t lids measure? . Gentlemen are very anxious fo hare their local rivers Included within the provisions of this bill, if gen tlemen desire io defeat this bill, I know of so better monos to do 11 than by i embarrassing and crippling il wltu ftiiiHidnlory tirovistuun fur the including i of Ibelr local streams, 1 appeal to tho getillomcti, If (her arc friends to this grunt iiicnpiiir, ttol to embarrass ll In this way. I have just an good reason* as tho gotilloiiiali fiotn Kabkikco (Mr. Barker), and greater fibd Mnmgef Nasons Utah Iho gotiiieinatt fit'll* Mluvruisoii (Mr. llnttey), for advancing llm claims of my own iocnllty=tlm Fox lllvcr \nUey=bul f ntiAll uni do so, I nm willing (hat Hock lllver should ha mulndud, bucansa I niidcrsland a hill has already 1-M‘Si d (ha Lower lion*aor Urn General A«> scmMy of Wisconsin looking to lha Imiiruve’ mi ni of Hock Idvcrfrom (ha HUto nun to l.aka Winnebago, Itthh U dona, It will im it great tributary to (hit* work of mira, Tim gentleman from Ibrnno (Mr. Jluribut), dm other d»y, paid a very merited cnmplhm-nt to the hcouty. and tho richness, and the great natmul resources of the Rock lllvcr Valley, and. In the course of Ids remarks, took occasion to auy that it wqb the “tineat valley In the world.” If the gentleman hod excepted Fox River Valley, I should have subscribed most heartily to this senti ment. With a volume of water, but little li sa than that of Rock River, with an aver age full of four feet to the mile, capable of being dammed up at any point, intersected ue it is by six important lines of railroad, reaching out from Chicago, the great Metropolis of the Northwest, and lined, os are Us cither banks, with thriving manufacturing cities and villages, wi»h luiper school houses and taller churches than any other In the laud, running as it docs through a section, the soil of which is as rich as tue Garden of Eden, with a natural scenery as beautiful os e’er tempted the pen, or pencil of an artist—certainly suen a valley os this most not he reckoucd second to any other upon which God’s sun Is permitted to shine. Cut, Mr. Chairman, as much as I love this beautiful valley, aud as much as I desire to see the facilities of navigation extended to all her people, I love this great State of Il linois and all her people more, and lam de tenuined that this measure should not be embarrassed by any motion of mine to in clude this river within its provisions. In considering this question, Mr. Chairman, I have become more fully impressed than ever with the future greatness.of this common country of ours. Other forma of government aic kind and bcnlficent, but ours is the freest and mott benificcnt, tbe kindest and the best. Other countries have their rich and culti vated lands, but oar prairies are broader and more fertile. They have their Inland seas and navigable xivers; ours are wider and deeper, and longer and broader. They have their rich mineral resources; ours are more varied and extensive. They have their grand mountain scenery; ours are loftier and grander.- Mr. Chairman, th£rc Is written all over this country ofoura In characters which cannot be mlstaKcn, grandest, greatest, no blest ; but as grand and great aud noble as )e this country—among all the States wnlch now comprise this Union, or those which arc to be annexed in the fast coming future, the State of Illinois is the greatest aud the best. ‘‘Westward the Star of Empire takes its way,” But if we do one-half our - duty as legislators, and representatives of the spirit and enter prise of this groat' wo will arrest its westward march, and Illinois will soon be come the Seat of Empire of tbe world. 1 ask. then, that gentlemen will divest themselves of ail personal aud unworthy considerations in this matter, aud rise to a • proper appreciation ol the importance of • this subject, that our noble State may achieve tho high destiny so clearly marked | out for it by an All-wise Providence. (3,609.000 150,000 A BOLD SWISDLE. Extensive Operations of Four Impos- tors who ProfeM to bo Itlaaons of High Standing. [From the Winona (Silnn.) Republican. Feb. 17.] One of the most outrageous pieces of im position which wo have had to record for some time, has recently come to light in tbc town ol Drcstach, in this county. The facts ns elicited at the examination before Justice Warfield, yesterday, will be read with much interest. *The affair had been considerably noised about, and tbe Court room was densely packed, during tbe examination, both by members of tbe Masonic Order, and others. The cause came before tbc Court on complaint of Henry Becker, of Drcsbach, against John H. Bean, Joseph Hart, Christian Banb, end Louis Ji. Klungman. The Impor tant taels were principally brought out npon tbc testimony ot. Becker, in substance as fol lows: “ On the Sd of February the four men stopped at my house on their way to La Crosse, and Uart calling me outline asked me if 1 would tike to join the Masons. 1 told him 1 would, out 1 bad never bad tbe opportunity. He sold tbe men inside were authorized, atd had all the papers and boons to show that they could Initiate, and they would bo back Monday sight. Be told me to try and get three or four more, as they could lulU&ts more as well as myself at the same time. On the following Tuesday all four, and more, re turned, ann Uart asked me right off U I was ready 10 Join. 1 told him 1 did not be- Ueve In It—thought It was a swindle—but as tbc three pressed me pretty bard to Join, I (old them that if they could convince Mr. Patton that it was all right, and get him to join, I would Join. We went up stairs—l, Mr. Patton, and the four de fendants. Mr. Patton gave them a twenty dollar bill, and I gave them two ten bills. They all told me I could go Into any lodge In the world, but if! wished to become a member of any local lodge, 1 would have to pay two dollars ex tra. They all told mo this, as they had bard work to get me In, and referred me to several Gcimsss m Winona and Trempealeau, and (said ll 1 would come np to Trempealeau ibe *exi night, they would take me Ip. Bean (who a to be tbe leader of the whole trana said that mere was but one man in the abV*a and 1)01 three in tbc United States, as far i tu Ma*oß/vwn* said be was sixty-iwo degrees to twice him'At* was any Mason lacre «it- The?n«d JLTr ,-onfd convince him tola tte wWTSScfI?,* i I" 'ire to Jotn toat *r>3When» v_, *ould from it— Could tUU «».v to *?«. t • ftev'em?* t y hoat Paying anything : Lineman said* Sire no three degrees. 1 ihey warned i 0 wilSu r 2? Urtl . 1 thought - *fc e T. y*Aed li ult, couldn't U about the uae t*ifc through with They cave the cruu or $Sf 10 ®«*n said the whole thine wSuS i.SW***? anting— -If a Person waafn want or give the signs be »ooldwL.* s . tblß,: 37,0 could a bro:hcr Mason. Mr. Pailon o ’.., 1 .? help from consented to be lullltltd 10 " wS d Dually M.h dam;,,, mMom “ lbl '-“ 4 »“• JaSfSS’Sj Crosse—that they bed given Captain Hull several more degrees that lie could not get at tbc lodge. They said that Bean had the authority to initiate, bat the others bad to be with him to make it legal. Bean said he had been a Mason twcnly-four years—he bad sixty-two degrees—lt did not pav much, $lO °fJ he i?pncy going to the lodge and the other $lO to pay expenses of himself and the other three. Afterwards Becker went to ircmpealcau and found that the whole thing *. whereupon measures were ‘“tely taken to bring the offenders to wtjLJfct. 6lo ? l °f ‘s° o»«lmtlon Justice 'Naktficld ordered that Bean give bonds In “ 4 * hc other thTOtothS mouths Mi? £ n C fi n business for several •ylnakY&ff* Phhoubtcdly tare edly come lo Kr j cf t ; but he bus descir that be wm tffo CdJtylWl l tnspcct Stillwater. “*ty-thlrd degree at _ Tl»e London Dirprin—. theLSdonlßAVit^ e^n^D^ ct f ln lug extract: * c maka follow. At the dose of tbc reign of .. Third a Directory for all En*rU«iT a I? have been easier lo have pnt n u>geihpT» o v? ld tbe one before us for London ia*i«& r Us tbres thonsand pages. At the accc.M™ of Richard tbc Sccocd (1377), aS”r centuries ago, the population of all England (about two millions and a tenth), was less than that of London alone at the present time, (3 millions.) Directory work for tbe metropolis must have been comparatively easy, even In tbe time of James tbc First, when It contained little over 150,000 inhabi tants ; about what Bristol or Sheffield now numbers. London then was“taklmrastart;”' and It was an excellent thing for it, as the Lord Mayor told James when bo threatened to take his Coart to some other cliy, that he conld not take the Thames with him! Thus watered, and other circumstances tending to prove, as the good French priest caid, the kindness of Providence, who al* ways gives navigable rivers to Industrious, commercial cities, London grew so marvel ously, that when James' grandson, the sec ond Charles, came to the throne, there were nearly ball a million of inhaoltama within and without the walls. Thus the London of IGGO was about on a footing with the Man chester of 1867. The population, and, with seme checks, the prosperity, of the city went op Increasing. In William the Third’s time it had Increased at the rate oflO,ooo a year. Some statistics arc gitally In advance of thefe numbers, but our own statement Is. probably, nearer to strict accuracy. Down to the latest period here noticed, the mer chants of London lived, almost exclusively, In the city. The latter was not a hire by day and a desert by nieht, as It is now, wltn some exaggerations in the latter lulf of tho a«*«-rtIoD, declared to be; and throughout that lime the proudest merchant was he who could say—and Indeed the pettiest deal er was as proud as he, if be could also ex claim—“l can quietly whet my kulfc on the tl rcfhold of the Fleet.” To “owe no man anything” was the golden rule for peace and bo j-nlncfß, “At tbe beginning of this century, when the first Post OfDcclJircctory waa issucd,the population was short of a million; that grand total was cot exceeded till about the year 1610. In the next dozen years there was a quarter of a million more months to feed, and souls and bodies to care for. In 1831 wc nnmbeicd nearly a million and a half: and In the next ten years were added four hundred thousand to the account. In 1649 wc had passed the second grand num ber of two millions, double, perhaps more than double, the population of England aud Wales at the time of the Conquest. And in iuenased ratio the number has gone on. till within what is called London wc have three millions of inhabitants fighting tho battle of life, or looking on while others fight the hard fight out. There are many more men in the one city of Loudon, at the present moment, than there are in the Kingdom of Denmark. These three millions arc not all classed In the present Issue of the Post Office Directory, but the most prominent of them are. In Ha way, it is aa perfect, or nearly as perfect, as human ingenuity .assiduity, aud earnest zeal could make it. Wc need hardly say that a contemplative mind will find as much food for contemplation in a volume like this,as in any hook that was ever published. How long is the progress to go on ? Where will It end r How will ll end ? A single day’s sua- Smsc of the supplv of food alone, for the ircc millions, would entail a confusion wc can hardly realize. A suspension for a week would be death. Tho beginning of that end would then have cornu, which, many think, must one day come: hut, as Uis not at hand, wu take the calamities of posterity philo sophically, and sit gaily down to dinner, with—“ After us, the deluge 1” FEBBOKAL ITEMS. Queen Victoria, It is said, will appear more lu public hereafter. A series otroyal receptions are announced. The Queen, by the way, read her recent speech, at tho open ing of rarliuieut. in person,—and the read* ing l« said to uavu been in a " firm clear voice.” Judgo Merrick, of MassnehttsnUi', tie* quealned to his native (own, Brookfield, hi Worcester County. IIU.UUU fiir a free public library and added to U Ills own valuable hits* celtHiieutis library. To tbe (/htidroii’s Friend Hoclriy oi Worcester, known no tho nrphntw' Hmne, he also made a lM"|de*l ol|l(V»Oti, Mrs. Hattie .limes, of Peterohnrkh, Va., (a (oloied tad),) |i|eseiil«d the Freedliiitii'e lid* uhm, tMkt Tuesday, with three hoimcldg ba bies at one btrth—a H/hrml fiief. Onxnal Uniter has mih d a spacloua man* skm to WnOiliigtoii, and lidamla to take tila family there next week. General Hhurman attends a wedding of a rotative ol his family in New Vork on 1 hura* day, and leaves for Washington op Friday night. Rev. Dr. Plummer lias bean appointed Pro lettor of Didactic and Polemic Theology, In the Columbia, ti. C.. Seminary. Genual W. D. Wood, formerly Adjutant General of Missouri, is dead. Wm. T. Bain, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, died lost week. , Commodore Charles Stewart has been sev enty years In the Amcrk&n navy, having en tered In 1797, and be is siillin the full pos session of bis mental faculties. This fact is mentioned ss an exception to rule that age is not always a disqualification for public tcivices. Charles Summer, according to rumor, is to retire from political Hie at the close of his present Senatorial term, in ISCO, and will spend a number of years In Europe. Gov ernors Andrew and Bullock are already named as candidates for the succession, and John B. Alley, is said, will probably be the next nominee of the Republicans for Governor of Massa chusetts. It is stated by persons who have good .means of knowing the facts, that during the recent game between John Morrissey and Bin. Wood, in which the latter won $124,000, a Philadelphia Judge saw the entire game played, and at one time advanced two or three thousand dollars to Wood, with which to continue the play. Love t J« alon»T and Arsenic. [From the Louisville (Ky.)Courlcr, February B.] Yesterday moraine Bello Johnson, dUa» Belle Hoover, a -well-known courtesan, died at a honso.of prostitution on Floyd street, between Walnut and Lafayette, kept by Liz zie McAvoy, from the effects of a dose of ar senic, administered by herself the previous evening.' The cause of the rash act, as sta ted by herself, was the inconstancy and de sertion of her lover, a young man whose tame, on account •1 his respectable connec tions, we suppress. Tbc woman, Belle Johnson, or Belle Hoo ver, as she was known In this city, was about nineteen years of age, and was a native of Indiana, and lor some time resided in Indi anapolis with her mother and step-father, her parents having been divorced. About throe years ago she left home on account ol the ill treatment she received at the hands of her step-father, came to this city, and com menced a life of infamy at the house of a wo ' man named Jenny Riley. About a year ago she formed an Intimacy with & young man, a youth scarcelv out of his teens, a resident of this city. This intimacy continued until a few weeks ago, when the young man, either, as his mends say, from a desire to abandon his dissolute habits, or. os stated by tbc girl* allured by a more attractive fade, d'sc< nlinncd bis visits to her, since which time the girl has been low-spirited, and re peatedly expressed her desire to be relieved from her troubles by death, and on Wednes day went to a neighboring drug store and procured half an ounce of arsenic, the greater portion ofwhich she swallowed. STEWART DIVORCE CASE. AJTew Trial Granted—Judicial Reasons Therefor-Decision by Judge Jameson. Tbe Defendant’! Counsel Withdraw —Tbo tnlcbUrmn Cityobarge Ex* purged from tbe Plea. Yesterday morting Judge Jameson delivered bis opinion in the matter of tbe application for a new trial on the part of £ml)ieJ. Stewart, the complainant in the notorious divorce salt of Stewart vs. Stewart, which so recently occupied tbc attention of the Coart and public. The deci sion, granting a new Utah Is as follows: rax memos. A new trial Is moved for ip this case, on severs' mounds. It is claimed that the Court erred in ad mitting Improper evidence to go to the jury—evi dence ul the feelings ot love and affection enter tex t&ineo by the defendant for the complalsaoUhlß wife; m the character ot defendant for chastity; and of acts of divers persona, alleged to be agents of the complaisant, tending to ahow the ex istence of a conspiracy to procure ihe commis sion of adultery by the defendant. It U also claimed that tbe Court erred In giving im proper instructions to tbe Jury, whereoy the complainant was Injured. Other grounds were referred to in the armament, bat as they were not urgently pressed, I shall omit them. As to th« first cutes of errors, those arising on tbc admission of evidence, the view 1 take of thts case makes It unnecessary to consider them at length. Although It would be strange, if rulings hastily made upon tbc trial, on a view of toe authorities far from exhaustive, abould enbse- Sientlv, on a calm consideration of all the law on e subject enforced by tbe arguments of counsel, seem to be wholly free from error, and aJtnongh 1 may now entertain doubts as to some of those ruling*, 1 am aadsfled tbe Interests of Justice would not he saturated by ordering a new trial of such a case as ibis for such a reason 1 should deem it my duty to sustain the verdict of the jury utless compelled by rules of law practically im perative to ao otherwise. . . , To the objection raised acafant the eighth In •(•notion given by itc Court for the defendant,! am constrained To give more tenons considera tion. That instruction was as follows: "if the jury believe that any witness hav, or that any of the witnesses have, sworn falsely In any material respect, the jury are at liberty to disregard the testimony of snch witness or wit nesses respectively." A few days after tbo rendition of the verdict in tht* ease, me tblrty-fercuto volume of Illinois Published, and the tael became 7 V£i h \ Loan , * nd iofhv counsel on both f lj le decision or the Supreme Hn£ rt L r . e i*“^‘ d i?' hM volume, such an insane mtJnoiloniblj erro’ tbe ca.p In tie /wnT°e«mi 10n p , BtM 4 n P MI in >be« word?? 1 ""‘“•o' illlnou nil. witnUs evidence that i»iveir, t”™," ;r er s us??*. ••>4 m tmlrclj d.imiuSfuiL'S.'f ""ranted 'I hL- .° .esuinuDy.-' tbc s c £s?.” n ,’ ,r S™ 11 *® «® the the court toys— acd it opinion: re «e, Justice, delivering the JSsSSf 5® ,h ' ■ cor roporaieo. As given, it was not law and wu calculated to idm injuriously the dclendaui’s defendant's counsel that the f.tV l Comt was erroneous, and determined by It, it ought to be set aside, and a new trial granted, unless toe toon should be clearly of opinion that, on the »bolc cue. Justice bid been done. But it la contended that the instructions did not prejudice the complainant; that the Injurious ef fect which it might bare bad, had it stood alone, was obviated by other Instructions given at the request of both eomplalcant and defendant; and cases are cited establishing the position that the lottrnctlona are to be considered together, and when tbe error la ono it corrected by another, the vridlet should generally tot be dlaturotd. It be comes impcrtant,tbtn, to examine tbe instructions , which are supposed to core the error admitted to i foicci ihe dch udam’s eighth. They are Hitre in number. Of these, the first was the defendant's seventh instruction, immediately preceding mat | complained of. it was to the effect that locon : Jbtracj to the leeiimonr of any witness Indicates i muccmacy, and raises a suspicion that the -hole 1 fi„Vi c icsUmcny may be iuaccnrate, unless the mccnflucncy is aatufacrotlly explained. It is 1 that a rule laid down thus in mild terms , for estimating ibu value of teetlmouy which I I “®2*y inccnabtent or ieaccuratc, but with »o --i *o which there maybe no suspicion ur in [ ttMfona] mls-statemen, cannot have theeUectto cot reel ihe errors oi a mlc dictated to thr Jury for the jolgbli gorte*Umony which I* false infect'd by the taint ol wilfnl perjury The Jury would say, here are two kinds of testimony, one charac tented by tbe errors of honest witnesses, result ing from forgetfulness, and tbe other by inten tional falsification induced by pasab n or interest. Ibe rules lor weighing the two must be kept dis tinct. Ibe next instruction, supposed to correct the cue ion p)ai. ed of, is the tenth, riven for the com plainant. it :v lo the eff-.ct that the testimony of a witness, believed to be uncha*te, should noi ne rejected t>y the Jnn- for that reason, If intrinsi cally Comintern and reasonable, and If corrobora ted In malerlal loiuu- by tba* of other wnucatos. In this Instruction, defendant's conned think may be fonnd an antidote to their cigh h, because UforMdt the rejection of testimony, If corrobor ated byitut of other trim-sses. This would be so, pobaj s. if the the testfmo y to which it re ferred was of the same kind as that snoken of in the eighth, via.: fal-a testimony. Bat i; t* noL U Is teatubony which U tninmlcally consUtnat and reasonable, though tlonblless, al*o, if 1 may so say, unchaste; that la, testimony given by a person believed to be unchaste. luted not say such an instruction—in effect tolling the lory not to reject the troth, because uttered by a J pn-ad lute—would have no tendency to correct an Jn rtrmnou laying corn an enoneons role lor esti mating tounony, of which a part la Cd<e ibeiaai Instruction aled as core nag the de fendant a complainant’s eleventh, and isaa xollowe; “The jury oro further instructed ti si tl tne\ belleTe the testimony of the witnesses. Ixnlsa Killer and Minnie Wood, to be atmstan? tlally true, U<en (heir testimony alone is eDtQci>*nt to warrant tLe Jury In finding me said defendant cnlliy ol adnltery ujih the said Rosetta orltoeeiia Dudley. It U difficult to discover id Usa in ilrncnontbecnriiivecffecumaclued by defend ant's counsel. The law in no use requires that testimony etall be absolutely mie. hot only true Jn fubrlance, omitting from consideration those Inevitable minor dUcrepancies which characterize all uutbfnl tcatlmony. This instruction, then, wasiuiflcct like the one last considered, and merely directed tht jury, If they believed the tes timony ot the two persons alleged to be unchaste women, to be true in all materia) points, they should not reject it because of their supposed no chaste character,—a direction upon the effect of which I have already sufficiently commented. It is thor, to my mind, apparent that the instruc tion complained of would nor have been cured by ite others referred to which were given by the Court had they all been given in immediate con nection. Bntthey were not given in the aame connexion, tn o of them being found in a different setiea—that given for the complainant, and the other preceding, father than following, the erro neous instruction, as It should have done had it been intended to operate as a qualification of It. In a case in the 3itb Illinois Reports our Supreme Court have comiucntedjapon such a collocation of instructions to the Jury.and substantially decided this motion, so tar aa the potn now considered ts concerned. Alter condemning the flßh, stxtb, fourteenth and seventeenth luatrucliona given for the plalntffi be'ow, the Court say: “Nor aro theee instructions aided by the qualifications to tbe eleventh and tblr tecnlh. Ibey were not given In (be same connection, nor do they In any manner refer to the others. And (hey were not so trained that the Jury could see that they mast be tab n and considered together, and even If they could, they arc so framed that they may hare betn tegarded an Irreconcilable and repugnant, rtor ooes the twelfth instruction, given for the de fendant. obviate the difficulty, as fiom Its position and the connection in wblcb it was given, we are not able to sue that (he Jury nccce&srlly consid ered it in connection with tbe plaintiff's. and propeily understood and reconciled it with them. Whether one Instruction qualifies another. with out reference to It, marl d> pend upon lu poMilou In the series, and Us connection with Ibo nlhers. If ll la apparent tbst the two Instructions must have been considered togeiher, and have been •roperly understood by the Wry. then their find m* stoma not be disturbed*, otherwise. a new trial should lie granted. When Instructions are umnetous or nrnllx In their character, they are of tumeoiMOieapltomlstend tbcjuiy, unless pre pared with meat cure, (ban when they are few In number ard simple In their structure. In the former case, the l utirl would be more apprehen sive tbst they were calcuiaisd (o mislead, unless careful)* uuahfiid, than lu me latlir, and would mimi' teaflllr set aside a Vetdlcl for llial reason.*’ -:i ill. u. t i»a. 1 uevd hardly say that every clfctimMatipa Hull Miokeh of as likely In mislead the jury, and tittlli ly the efleci of (hsfitidlohs really quallfrlnl nllisfs lhal w«f(i errotieuti". eilsled Ih cimmfclß* hi s" In lid" fave, even if u were conceded lhal •lull qualifying in*tiiailutip enisled, lint, mns tave seer, liny did tint eiUI, but such a* were siipppsed in qiialiiy related to kinds of lesllimmy wholly ilWHmi. .Inal an invirinileit wlihli Urns mlntil mlslesd H<p jury, did mislead Uieni, hecmiies probable w licit we r»eur to the course of argument pur •tiM by deh'UdnM'e rmmael in hl« m<Ml eained amt ami|n«nt final address to tbe , my, In cnmiuenilna upon (be terUninny •ti Die prtnrlnal whites* lor lbs prn»*cff. Hop, WcniMoiilt, after pointing mil certain du crej.acrle* between pis narrative ami those of Ilia two Uoid<-i<, Judge Arlington, aa roporudlu liana comb’s edition of the tilal, raid; “A* the case now stands. W omwonh la contradirted by the ah si.lii’p testimony of two unimpeachable witnesses, and In a material point, where it was Impossible for litm to be mistaken, limes tbe maxim appllea to him, ralKus In vno,/altu» In omnibus— “A liar In one thing may be deemed a liar lu all things." A similar course of rcasomm* was pursued In re lation to the testimony of all complainant's wit nesses. lali not highly probablethat such reason ing, enforced wltn tbe moat Insinuating elo quence, and then confirmed by tbe Instructions of the Conit, not only migbr, but did, affect the verdict of the Jury, to the injury of tbe com plainant! But, admitting the Justice of this reply ta the position of deleudaufs counsel; that ts, that the eighth Instruction for defendant Is erroneous, an J is not cured by other instructions, it Is insist ed tbst complainant is estopped from complauuog of that instruction, because a similar out) was ask ed for by hiio»clf aid given to tbe Court. It is true such an Inetrustion was given, as fol lows: *'The Court further Instructs the jury that It they believe, from the testimony In this cause, that the witness Rosetta or Rosdia Dudley has Intentionally sworn falaely in any material part of her testimony, tnen, for this reason, tnuy should reject her testimony altogether.” This Instruction Is doubtless very bad, aa tested by the late decision oi the Supreme Court, bu* U is observable that its scope la narrowed to the tea* tltnouy of a single witness, charged to be an open and notorious prostitute. Considering the whole case. It would seem too severe to punish the com* plalnant for asking amnstrnctionalmfd at a sin gle witness, of an alleged Infamous character, by giving a similar one which perhaps authorised the ato disregard the testimony of all of com* ant’s witnesses*, most of whom were clearly unlmpeacbed, except of errors common to all hnmauestimony. Butit Is not necessary to re* sort to reasoning ot this kind to ohvlalc the objec tion in question. Ithas been oven nlod by a direct decision of the Supreme Court, in the case of O’Keillrs. Orr,(4Scam, 3,1 an erroneousinstru:ilon had been asked by the plaintiff In the Court be low : ibis the Court cave, but appended to U a qualification relating to the same legal principle, which was'also erroneous. Toe verdict being acatnst the plaintiff. an appeal was taken to the bup< erne Court, and lh‘rc the defendant’s counsel tatted the objection that, as the qualification was appended loan instruction of a similar general character asked for by the plaintiff, the latter was estopped from objecting to eoch qualification. Thu Court, in overruling the objection, say: “A. psny Is not precluded from objecting to an erro neons Instruction which operates against him, metely because It Is given 1c connection with one which he may have prayed for, notwithstanding that prayed tor may also be Illegal.'’ Befoie passing from tbecon-lueratlon of defend ant's eighth instruction, it is proper to note that It is objectionable in form as well as In substance. The Jury are Instructed that “ilthey believe.** etc., without sayfog •* If they brlieve from the evi dence,” an error well understood by every lawyer m the Slate, and which only the haste in which . the Instructions were drawn by the counsel and fassed upon by the Court could have occasioned, tee Ewing vs. Rankle, fit) 111. It., 45U.J I ace no distinction bctwicn this case and any other. A Ji ry ere doubtless at liberty to verutamze, in do leimlning the truth or falsity of what a witness t says, as well his demeanor on the stand aa his word under oath. But, in sued a case, not only tin* words be uses bnlhla manner ol testifying— all the traits or his mnonallty—become evidence in the case. 1o antnorlxc the Jury to rest their finding on mete belief, without requiring that belief to depend on evidence in the can-c. would be to permit, the testimony of wiinc-aes to Be ibrowu out at the caprice oi the Jury, because of the cut of their coats, of their complexion, or of the opinion of their truthfulness cxpieased by the bystanders In besting of thu Jurors, or by the newspaper Ureas. The elchin Instruction given for the defendant, then, being clearly emmeons, and its effect not having been obviat'd by otber Instruction* In tbe case; but It appearing probable that, taken with the arguments cf counsel, it in fact catued the (ejection of evidence which the Jury outfit to have considered, a pcw trial mast be muted, an* less, on the whole case, justice seems to have been done. Condderlngtbotucon npon which the case w as tried by the defendant, tu., that there was cot only no adultery on his part, but that there was subornation of poiiury on that of the complain* ant; considering, further, that the effect of the verdict has Seen, perhaps, to brand with a crime of which i am satisfied there waa not sufficient. If there was any evidence, a lady whom oron the counsel lor the detenoent waa constrained on the trial to acquit of Intentional wrong, I cannot with cunfidi nee affirm that justice has been done. In taying this, however, 1 do not express any opinion as to the counter question whether the defendant was pnlltyof adultery or not. It Is enough that a verdict has been given which Is. I thick, unjust to (be complainant; perhaps, because of toe enone neons instructor! npon which I have commented, but npon which argument has not been heard. : As another reason why a new trial should not be granted, it Is urged that It wodld be belter tor all panics that the case should at once go to the Supreme Court, that that tribunal might settle the numerous point- of law raised on the trial. J?ot to mention that there Is no certainty that the Supremo Coart wonld notice possible errors when so clear a one exists, as in this caae, It Is a euffi dent reply to say that Ibc decisions of that Conrt make It the imperative duty of the Jndgewbo tiled a cause to grant a sew trial when the condi tions described above all concur, as they do here, Jbe great expense of anew trial, and the pain ocastoned thereby to the feelings of respecta ble persons, frierdeoflhe parties,tbongh no* prop er reasons for refusing to obey the law, certainly much Increase the reluctance with which I sus tain the motion of the comolamant As for that other consideration which has been brought to the attention ot the Court, namely, that tne •* verdict baa bet-n ratified by every respectable paper throughout the United States, and by cue people." 1 can only say that 1 caunot give it any weight whatever. Our Taws nro\lde that causes arising between our dozens shall be tried by the Judicial tribunals of Illinois, not by the newspapers ot this or any other State, nor by the people. And, 1 may add. ft 1 were capable of determining a judgment of mine by such a consideration, even ir a case where the law left me a discretion. 1 ought to be dragged from a place which I dis graced. The motion for a new trial la sustained, at the cost of the complainant. TnxazQVZX. The decision harlot been delivered, Messrs. Arlington and Dent, counsel for the defendant. (Rev. Hart L. Stewart,) withdrew their appear ance. They offered to be hied a paper containing Ibclr reasons for this couifc, which the Coart, nionobjcchon being made, declined to receive. Judge Got dtich then moved to amend the hill by (irr.retac from It the charge of adultery In Michigan City. This the Court allowed. Ihe generally expressed opinion was that the cefendartvollnow allow the case to go by de mult. 1< Is thought that his ftlenos will scarcely care to r>and the expense of another trial, and tint he »11l consider the first verdict as m suffi cient vindication. If these eurmisce be correct, theet'd of the celebrated divorce case has been virtually reached. It wil! loo? be remembered as Mcotdciily to the famous Batch suit, which m heralded In all its details from oue end of the con tinent to the other. BOARD OF EDUCATION. [ OFFICIAL BEPOSTA Special Meeting, Chicago, February 9, 1807. Messrs. Baliantvne, Blackman, Bon field, Brrntano, Briggs, Cfarke, Drelrr. Foster, Gnllford. Leavitt, Kenyan. Ryder and Tinkham. Abvnt- Messr-, Bond. Holden and Walsh. Vice Preside* t Clarke la the chair The resignation ot Miss M. Lonlse Wilson. Head AssMantof the Haven School, was received and accepted. The Board proceeded to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Miss Wilson. Mr. Briggs nominated Harriet A, Stowell, of the Skinner School. Mr. Foster nominated Alice L. Barnard, ot the Deat born School. Mr. Baliantvne nominated Henrietta Q. Hub bard. of the Skinner Scnool. On motion of Mr. Blackman, It was voted ib«t the firet ballot be Inlormtl. - On the informal ballot Mi«s Stowell received 8 votes. Miss Barnard 4 and Miss Hubbard 1. Mr. BalUmyne withdrew Miss Hubbard's name as a canoidstc for the position. On the fifth ballot Miss Stowell received n votes and Mlfs Barnard 2. Mira Stonell was declared elected. 'iLe cl.iir icqnrried Mr. Drcur to serve on the vail- ua cu induce? ii. which vacancies occurred by reaH'b oi the ra&natitn of bu predecessor from the Twelfth Ward, mi the next renilar mtetuur. • Adjourned. J. L. PICKARD, Secretary, Rusawat. — Yesterday n oming a team attached lo a dcllvciy wagon belonging to Mewra. Loredav & Sherman, merebanta, on Twelfth eiro-t, be came unmanageable and nn away. Kear the cor tcroiD.aibom and Madison ctreetr the wagon rM bronchi into such abrnpt collision withaa o be.- that tbe horse* ware at once secured. The di.r:» ana Ibe horses were sotnewba’ inland « d the wagon first mentioned was nearly ruined! FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETAEY. Hohdat Etexjro, February 1L Tbe following abows tbe bnslneaa of the Sob- Tresflurr In UiU city, for tbe week ending to-day: Cnatoma Icterus] Kcvcnue. blh cellanccufl.... Total. Special warrant*... PUbu t' hi; officers. luUceUuteoos Total. Col'.. . Currency. Total.. Last week. Business at the backs was quite doll to-day. lo other respects there was nothing cow in tbe lone or condition of tbe Hooey market T here vu a more active demand for Exchange) and. as the supply was limited, the market was quite close- Bound lots were Ireely placed be* tween banks at 95 cents premium, and at the close there weremore buyers than seller* at inis figure. Some of tbe banks were obliged to ship currency. Floor was doll at unchanged prices. Wheat was qolct and declined IQUic on No. 2 Spring. Coin opened iHc lower, hot rallied and closed about the eame as on batorday. Oats were very dull. Rye and Barley were flat. WhiaKey was dull. Provisions were stow and unchanged, bceds were steady. Dressed Dogs were in lair demand and steady. On Friday, the 15th the Interest on the An* gust series of Seven-Thirties tails doe. All con* pons presented at the Sub-Trcasory will be paid on and alter the date xnenlloaed. Gold was lower to-day. It opened at IDQJfi de clined to ICCft, and closed at 196$ : llfcWa. m 130« 1S:1S p. m 189 ft IthlC a. m l>ft 1:30 p. m i%ft 11;0U a. m_ ISftft SrOOp.m 139 ft 11:15 a, m 13Bft 130 V 11:80 a.m.. Hits a. m 18S«i -liOOp.m 199 ft Here tbe market was quiet at 13Bft®13Cft bay ing—closing at 135ft0139. Silver was nominal at 120®lSa. FUc-Twenllea were ft lower In KewYork to day, bnt Ten-Forties and Seven-Thirties were ft better. 'lkefollowing snows theclostrgprlccsof to-dsy, compared with the three previous days: 93 | * S • 4 3 Fixes of *Bl 108 ft 103 ft Hiflft 108 ft Fi*e-T*eulien, *O2 103 ft 108 ft 109 ft 108 ft Flu- twenties, 'M 100 ft IWft lOfift 100 ft Hu-Twentles, 'OS .10Tl| 107 k IWft 107 ft iiu-FoMles luoft iirift tuov mow Pe»en-Thlrllta, Aug..,,.!05ft lU'.u KOft KJjft Pen > a-itilrliea,.Tnne....lO'>ft mu 105 ft mu PereiHmiitles, mk loak mu New Foe-jweutlei......lUo iu.'ift Jioft IdOft Tbe stuck List was without any very material disuse, and lue market lor itillway abd other shuts was quite steady. Tbe following shows lb# quotations of today combated with those of (ba two daysptevlutlsi % C f ß fi' 4 ll SB Kfi !* 15 Hs !lS BP t * R$ SS w tiw H» IJ.*A.UH.o.„..Hr up In* ,7. IkT l u* ui w ii fi„ iH HJ* 858 111* IS* l*.4rtte*il 1(1 |DI« IWK ~,, lft|V lul^ i:|BVc.*‘lolt*to.,.m ini} tihu ~,, inv ilav T.A\v»hMri....:.4m 4!« lr «J Hero the maifcet for Oovemment HeeunUea t?aa quiet bnt steady. We quote: GOVERNMENT bKCURITIES—CHICAGO MARKET. n c at , Boylnff, Belllnc. D. S. Sizes, of 1681 jonu lUBU C. b. B-SUs, 16&t 10SH 11)6? U. b. 5-vOs, IfcCl 10014 lOCv u. a.5-s»if,is*s m iots U. b. M 0», email lOSuaiWM ..2 U. S. 10-lfti, larce 100«4 10i,3£ U.b.HWOs, email IWV .... D. b. 7-iJOs. Miseries 105 105 V U. S. 7-U)e, ‘idseihs l(Hv look U, S. 7-30 s, 3d series 1&1X 105? V. 8.7-tOe, email I0t« * Compoond. Jose, 1864 nov “ July, ifcM ncji 44 Ane,isci iisi£ 44 o«., IN6I H4v 44 Dec., 1864.,. 118* 44 May, 1865 1W 44 Aop., 16C5 110J4 44 Sept., 1865 110 44 00., 18C5 109 H The Second National Bank gives the following quotations for the Public Foods: Coup., *Bl..lD6ft® •• 7-fius (BmtU)loift®KMft 5-20 coup.. June Comp., 1951..116v (large)....loßXo .... July “ ‘ k;* 5-20 coup., Aug. w “ ..115V (►mail) ® .... Oct. « ** ..114V 10-40 coup., Dec. “ “ ..118V (1arge)....100)4® .... May ♦* 1865..112ft 10-40 coup., Aug. “ “ ~UOV (small) ...10S){® .... Sept. “ ‘ k ..iiov 7-OOe, large., It4ft® 105 Oct. “ “ ..109ft Local Stocks were firm. We quote: Baying. Selling. Chicago City 75..... 59 10u i Cook County Vs. D6J4- 9TU Chamber of Commerce ' 51H 95^ —Tho Cincinnati Gazette of Saturday observes:, “There was a very t irons demand for money •gain 10-dty. ana the steal balk of applicants for accommodations found the market very cloa& To a moderate extent bankers arc supplying the want* of customers, but beyond this they are not disposed to go. For some nine pa?t the policy baa been to reduce discount lines, and to keep surplus means In Government securities, ami this is end achered to. However abundant money mar become, there will not be an easy market fur borruwera until sufficient time elapses to develop the most revere cases ot weakness, and until, conpled with inis. Congress settles upon a financial policy. Rates of Interest range from 9 to IS per cent in the regular way. but outside pa per sells all the way from 13 to 21. “There war a very fit m market tor exchange,with acemand in excess ot tho supply, at par fa 80c premium bating, aid fiOcOl-lupremlnm selling, borne oi the nonsce bought all they could get at COc premium." The New York Evening Pott remarks on the proposed “Loan Bill," engineered to put -1 pey cent into the bands of the National Banks: 1 “That this loan bill is an unnecessary cxpcdl ; est to meet an Imaginary difficulty relative to the compound notes Is believed. It seems to be proved by the fact that tor a year to come the banks wbica bold Ibese notes cannot embarrass the G« vrmment by presenting for payment more than (bitty millions; which amount Is abntu equal to Ibe sum they usually bold of Govern* ment money. Moreover, thirty mil lions oi dollars Is so insignificant a sum that It cnnld easily be dealt with. And in any case no new legislation is necessary, lor amnio powers to preserve the iicasnrv from embarrassment are to be fonno in the laws of March S, ISCI. and Jane SO, IS6L Coder (he*v ac* the secretary of the Treasury baa the authority to issue Tieasnry notes, hav ing anv lime to run not exceeding three years, and beating any rate of interest not exceeding tlx per cent per annum, with which to retire any maturing Treasury totes. The compound notes »crc issued under a law, one section of which ptovioea for renewing or extending the notes vbcu they fall due. and enacts positively that *in lieu of any amount of said Treasury notes redeemeu or paid at maturity, the Secretary may issue an cqnal amount ot other Treasury cotes- Bence it Is evident that the Treasury is guarded a> all points, and can in no conceiva ble exigency be taken at a disadvantage." —lbe Philadelphia Ledger says: “In monetary matters there is no‘btng new. Business in commercial and financial circles shows no chanse for the better. The demand for accom modation Is in the aggregate less pressing, wnlch gives an easier tone to toe market, without, how ever, granting any actual relief. The discount brokers are pursuing a very conservative course, and none but the beat paper, backed with unex ceptional collaterals, And accommodation. In the open market there Is a gnat deal of paper which it oni of favor. Such la negotiated at ISJ&2O pvrcentptr annum, when done at all. inferior signatures cannot be done for lees than super cent per month. A 1 paper is neglected at • per cent, and money In large snots on call, with Gov ernment collateral, at 6 per cent." —lbe New York Herald observes on the “Laan Bill:" “The new Loon Certificate BUI U arousing strong opposition on all sides except the one oc cupied by tbe National Banks, and the measure is regarded as Involving a wanton waste of four million? per annum for tho sole benefit of those institutions. The scheme has been referred to Messrs bberman and Cattell, who are to report their opinion of It at tbe next meeting o! tbe Senate Finance Committee. Bat whatever action one branch of Congress may take upon it, u is to be hoped that the other wilt defeat so palpable a job. Iho proper way to deal with the com pound interest notes Is to snbstltnte plain legal lenders fur them as they mature, and thus save Interest and avoid embarrassment to tbe Treasury in tbe future. The latter would have lo keep a laigc reserve of greenbacks constantly on hand If the.-e certificates were Issued, and not only would It reap no advantage iherelrom, but It would be mulcted in the positive loss of the Interest upon them, while the banks would be weakened in their reserve in consequence of their issue. 1 here is. consequently danger both to tbe banks aid lo ibe Treasury In tbe passage of such i bill." —Mr. Ppirner’s letter for Congress, dated Jana* ary 87, shows that tbe aggregate taxes paid by nlta to the National Banking Associations lo July 81, 'SGC, amounted to (7,255,59ft.-SU. A communica tion Irom the Commlseloier of Internal Kevenne shows the rax on profits and licenses to Joly i, IS6G. Inclusive, vers (8,434,08146, making the total amount of taxes from such associations Cirf-O.DOI.SC. Tbe Indirect revenue derived 0; tbe United slates Irom the use of Internal Here* nne slumps In tbe dally business transactions of the National Bunking Associations Is chiefly paid by tbe public, and not by tbe banks. The Treas urer states that tbe duty for the six months pre* cedh g January 18,15C7, is in process of collection and cannot now be reported. —Tbe footings of tbe weekly statement of the Boston barks shows decrease in loans ol (11S.SCS; a decrease in ►pede of (101.670; a decrease In le- Sal lenders of (481,KTT; an Increase in amounts ac from other banks of (348,41(1; a decrease In amounts dne to other backs of (443,896; an In crease In deposits of (453.C23; a decrease in National circulation or 125,522, and an Increase in State circulation of (3,716. Tbe following are the footings with those of tbe two previous returns: „ Frt. t Ju.S. Jaa. 91. capital wwaueu rn.9M.000 Ppwlf IMja l l flW r I M I OTiIM IxT»i Tender Notts... ifrwitWj Wue from other banks. lI.CO^SI Due to ether rank?.... 7i034.6W im,M( Circulation (National) m/si.iks at.Ti&js? a(,* circulation (State).... so&i/u 939498 aaunt —The earnings of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad for tho week ending February 7, were •• followe: Passenger. Freight..., Express... Mafl .39,718.12 H. 553.21 .81.273.01 83,11.112 . 2,930.23 7,631.50 . I.SST.SS 3,190 41 , Total Increase. 18G7, $12,927.93 — The following it the comparative statement of the expot ts (exclusive or epcde) from the port ot New York to foreign port* for tbe week ending February 5, and since January 1 : 1865. 1966. 1967. For the week... $5,418,t>60 $5,917,607 $2391,109 ilcv. reported.. 14,900,519 17,105, OtHi 13,902,343 since JtC. 1 180,317,175 *23,322,818 *16,789,651 New York Stock ilarkrt, Closlep prices fbr cash, FtbroarylL 135 J, received by Joseph 11. Lyons A Co- Broker*: Istßd. MM . „ Istßd.Sdßd K.Y. Central..TOlv m* U. 8. 6 F cent _ “SWrSs “i j&lVSti?** '** Si uSSfslsifw ICB * C,4b.W 38 S7* Cobb-Wl.. ts losJf 106 V PopreftTrcd... CSK fiß XT.S.»wets*Bo P..FI.W.AC. M *8 Coal-’0....107* 108* oulranlter .... 49 O.Sjt* 9 cent w. C. Tel 44* «* 10-KV........130Y 100* C.&A. (com.).ns ITS Tie**. ,*-10,1*1 B- A Onmcy...l» • , t » l< *-:- I VV; IX X U&H Mien. Central..loß* US U.b. 7 8-IC, 3d Hudson Blrer.m* l»S ■ert«*..,,.....105* 105* 111. Central .113 U»* U.S. 7 MO, Sd P. A Reacta*..U4V 1M lertee. IQSH US* C. A T01ed0....119* U9K Am. Q01d.....U»j< 138* T. A Wabash.., O 41X ilarkU— lst Board, steady; 3d Board, iteadf. COMMEHCIAL Uordat Etexiko, February 11.1837. The following tables sbowtbereceipts and sblp menia of Prodace during the past fbrty-dsbl boon; nKMPia rur aonrr-xioirr noma. Floor, bits WtcaC bn. . .. Cars, ba Oats, ba Ejc, bn Barle> ba Grass Seet\lba.. Broom Com. lbs, ,f 10,508.56 . 4.M7.00 . HO^iulTT ,$133,081.58 ture'l Meat,*. 132,635 73.3® f® r - JWJ* B*7 * 193 Sh* 03,021) Bntler, lbs R.WO l^Ofn D. Eoev, lio “020 3.CH 1,0 —• .... 3.M1 8,1>91 UUtli, >o Q 7 ij^g S l ™* **•?•*. 1.11V.V. 82,734 m,SX

5-* W , lß^ 8 ’ Wa 8* 8t ? 00 J»* 8 7,940 2,003 JomWr, jt* (s 43 bhiD*les, ni 555 ojq Buuautn rm roorr-nexT boobs. pi___ . . 18W. 1868. Floor, brio 5,806 1.601 453.89 . 5,733.63 , 6^39.41 fIMBO.M .J 970,140.74 , 853,763.T4 .tC95.939.43 .fCrI.JBS.B7 oau. ba Rye. ba ' /jjg VSO Barley, bu ... " ... Cnee Seed,lbs ****** moti £3!r’«A Broom Com, S>3 SVIO n2I? d >, M . ettS ’ ......075.157 £21^755 Beef, bila jp ’ Post, brie, lard, fre ■ oiU, *♦.*.* •••••••••• 'SO^TT I. Bb **V, S.CSO 83,930 u?c r .SS? 1 "!,''! C6£7o 83£W sv°®*: e,aw 0,003 «fcff b ? r * m * • 801 soa shingles, m 205 70| nfiP’vF? 4,000 57.000 ® ?ls 139 891 There was a good attendance on ’Change to-dar, bnt the leading Prodace markets were very qnlel, and pncca rather favored bnjers. The Provision market was doll, thongb there was lo decided change In values. Towards the close there was rather more doing In Hess Pork— mostly for forward dellrery—with sales of 1,500 brJa at 118.75, caeh; 915.C0, barer Ull March 15. and *19.50 buyer March. Extra Prime Pork sold to the extent ot 80 brla at fIiJXJ. and the same amonnt of Romps charmed nanda at slfi.uo. Sweet Pickled Hama are dml, with ealea of lUO to, from Dressed iloga.atllc. English Meat* were flat, and the market was acarcelv so firm. Ihe sales were confined to 100 hxa Cumbcrlands at Pc. Bnlk Meats were steady, with sties of 140,000 &>s at Itfcc for Short Clear end BMc for Cmnberlnnda—both loose. Green Meats sold to Ihe extent of 90.000 lbs and GOO pea Ilatns at lUc. Wd was dull and heavy, wilh sales of 100 tes Peoria Steam at lUjc, delivered here. There was to movement in Oicase. Uretifd Hogs wm* qolat tod without any tery malaria) thattpe. Pile* tatigcd from |7.iu®t doting ■( |t*tO abd »7.7 U fof good tula dividing otiWOtos. ttUuimjr wm dull ai lalina Haute., with allies >1 tor ilm, snil , 3c! , or lIOUUBd. 'lUdruifthdrdflNuufWMlißbf, nb<t (be iflarUrl ful«d dull, Iliuutih I here wii no olmefVMble fbiiitfo lit value#. AbmilNVltkdiiimfedhAhdMt |imu «H.v6 far WMh* Wlmera | ♦W.noalii.bTU fur !?H! , S rK .V fl L l| . IT,Bf,& Jf 00 ft,r huWm I J.Sft fur Uyckwheii, nud *irt.w» per tun tor Cum AU«I. 'I li» W iwt market wm very and on No, * We mile N detllm of *UJ, of tti,u*«hn«imnfnrNo.i m a, I),* Oo.j aj.n Nirno IlcuuUn lUTlifuf No.Slu City I || (ai.wiforrti lletftiUr, and ||.fW for Hejected rlu.luß a«»«l »t I \M for No. lln r«jrnlar bmiaaa. L'nm opened lint at a decline ol 114 c, hiU in. ward* Iba clo>o Ibo *• bull" party aoceesded In al. recovering lie depreciation. Abonl 7J,o(ki bn cbei.i-ed bands at lor No I; Mu© fide for Utlected. and 5Sc for Ear—closing unlei at tSGKKc for No. I. “ H Oats were dull sod almoit neglected—the Iraus actions beltg rcatricted to a few car-loads of Vo 9al4(®4(Hc. Kyc was very dull, with retail aalea of No. 1 at BSc. Ibore was nothing of any consequence doing In Bailey, and the market was doll, with sales at 65c for No. 9, «Hc for B ejected, and Co®B2»4c for sample lots. Seeds were in moderate request and steady with sales at f 5.5033.16 for Timothy, and SS.OU for Clover. Tallow was dull and nominal at 9)4®9j(c for City Botchers 1 , and 9®»)4c for Country. There Is no Packers* in the market. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: . „ February 11. Flour firm and quiet at *10.10@U.55. Wheat ebonecrand qUet at *2.17(32.35. Corn quiet at *l-13 la store, Oa*r steady. Pork dull; Old. fi9.75; Isew. 1i0.31. Lard easier; Steamed. Hogs firm at *9,2539.50. Whiskey firm. Gold, 186 ft. _ Limn. Flonrweakir. Wheatfinnlyheld. Corn heavy. « hUkey firmer at 31®32c m bond. Provisions generally quiet. LATER. In the afternoon, Wheat was dull and easier—' closing with sellers ot Ko. 2 Spring at- $1.83 14. There was nolblne doing -In Coro. Provisions were quiet, with sale* of 350 tea Steam Lard at UKc. Tbe Cattle market was-Inactive, with prices nominally unchanged. The receipts were lim ited, as was also the demand. Prices art entirely nominal at f3.00QT.00 for Inferior to choice grades. Live Hogs were In fair request on local account, ana prices were well maintained, though toward? the dose, under the Influence ol uuiavorable ad vices from tbe East, an easier feeling ob tained. The offerings—embracing about 3,500 bead—were all closed ont at ffi.00@6.90 for com mon to extra lota. Lnmbrr Inspection. The Executive Committee ot toe Lumbermen*! Asso* elation have drawn np the following rules Ibr the in spection ot lumber, ihiagles, Ac, to be submitted to a meeting to be held on Thursday next, the 14th instant: Fitsr Cheat:—Net less than twelve inches la width and no imperfection* a'lowerf, unless fourteen l*ch<B wide or upwards; will then allow Imperfection* equal to eap one loch ou one side, extending thewhnle lensth of the piece, on plices fourteen lochca wide, aad well nanunctureo, but th» fhee side most be perfect. as wldib Increases win allow larger Imperfections In pro portion to tbe wtd-b, (.dt not t<Dp*tfoctlon» eooueh io decrease tbe rslue below the shore described piece. B*cox» Ctwau—Not less tbsu ten Inches In width, and perfect op to twelve inch's wide, will then allow imperfections equal to aap one inch on one side of the whole length oi the well manufactured, face ewe perfect,a* width Incrcsrc* will allow other or larger Imterhclions In proportion to the width, bid u) decrease the value below tbe above described piece. Tditd clrau—Not le*s than ten Inches tn width un less over one Inch In thickness, of poorer crane than se cond clear, but ot bo'« value than common lumber that van be eat no lor use one-half clear—tbe Impenco tlon* ithhu quallt) should not exceed fifty per cent over those allowed ti, accord Cear. mtTt n.PW.4>ui.air. Ci.rad Fiooscra—To beooeasdone-slzteenth Inches thick,six itches wine.a-sd no imperfections. Sccoxp Cx-rac Fiooeixj—To be in an g width same as clear Scoring, ana will allow ol one small knot or sap nail an Inchon one side, with clear face. Coemos Flooedjq—Should be alt Inches In width and cue and one-sixteenth Inches thick, width uniform, email sound knelt I'M Horn rot, shakes and *pllt*. Cl run sidlvt.—To be plump half-men talcs, six inches wice, and no imperfections. Second Cleab Siding—Will allow of one small knot sue of a dime, or tap one Inch in width on one edge; tbktncae and width tame at clear siding. Cooutox tmtxo—Theeame as clear sVttne as resards thlckncM and width. The piece not to al'ow of over Hi small knots size ofa dime, or sap not to exceed two Indus on one edge, or knots Is proportion to aap. Comxox Lcxbsb—lncludes all Boards. Plank, Joist, Scantling, Umber, fencing, and three, roar and five Inch ■trips, that arc of a general sound character, well mantuaenred, and not clear. Boards and Plank should be tquare edged cn oae side at least, plump thickness, tnd hare no large, loose knots, nor bad shskts. Oawide boards, ssj twelve Inches and over, m ill allow aetralght snltt one-sixth the length of the piece when otherwise sound. Fencing should be of good.sourd character: nieces that will not break easy, six incites wine, one and ono-slxteecth inches in thick* ness, beattheg. Joist and Timber should not have In perf-ctlons that would weaken the piece so that It cannot he used for substantial building purposes— plump and uniform tn width and thickness. Timber should be n catered at the small end, and ti much wane le the piece rettonabl* allowance be mode tor It. Cvtt>—A quality that cannot be received into any ot the foregoing, ccu*l‘ttne ot even lengths ol ten leet andupaartf, and so imperfect ss not Ot for ordi nary uses wlthtut waste. Situ. CcTLe—Worthirs* or refuse lumber. All tap* ring |leee« of lumber to be measured one* third the dUUnte from the narrow end when twelve inches and over In width at the centre—when less than twelve Inches wile to centre, measure at the narrow end. The piece, b all cases, to Oil the rule or measure full. Alllumberio be measured In even lengths (ex* cept culls) from twelve to thirty feet. Inclusive, la length; and abate* that length timber shall be counted for wnatuwiiitreasure. Calls commcnci ten feet In length, tnd then mess* cresamcas othetqualities. The manufacture should be taken Into cct-lderaUcn In ail qualities; asd. If badly manmaettmi. should reduce the grant?. Piece: of lumber that h«re anger boles near the ends should be measured for Vngth between the notes. If twelve feet, and ever and what its: measures be called in lt« prt pet quality, if surer hole* la the centre as well as at tbe ends, should gqlaio colls and be measured fall. SnixetEt—Pine or tedar. save lor shaved, warrant* cd a, shall be sixteen or eighteen tnchas In length, threewtgbths ol an m*b thick at tbe butt. and none less t ban three Inches in*»ldlh. all perfect. No. 1 shall be sixteen nr eighteen Inches In bnzth, one-lhirdof an tnchlnthlckncsa (boneless than seven-elchtns of an inch for lhr» a.) may admit rf forty shingles tn M. If perfect, lest than three inches tn width, or same num ber cf clipped. Ciina tet to exceed three laches, all shir glcs to be smoothly tawed or shaved, and packed In roM order. Crixs are a quality manufactured fbom winding, worm-eaten, shaker or dry rot umber, badly maatuac* lured or less than sixteen Itches U, length. It is recommended that ote-fourth thousand benches be nicked In bands twenty inches tn le; gth. with twee* ty-five ccurses, cne-htlj St bunches In twenty-tlve Inch bands with Icrtr ccu'te*. Lath—No.l shall hs tour feet (no more,no less) Is lengb. not leas that tbiretlctu of an It ch thick, and cne and a half inches wide, free from shakos, rot, wane, or wormholes. No. x some length as lo.l—may ba leas than three eighihsofanlnehihlck.»dmu»ibe not less than one and a quarter inches w)ie—wul aaralt of wane and wrrmholcsDOt to exceed tea pieces In a bundle ol one hundred. Crixs—All that will nit pass in the above qualities, (ilgntd) Jmi SPAtrLPtXM, aoxrxL A. Bwowx, Uxtoom McDonald. Grain tn Non and Afloat at BalTah. The following statement show* tbe amount of grata In store and afloat at Buffalo, February 2,1967, as com* pared with the date oilatt report: Ff*.*2. Dec. IS. ■Wheat, to 825,438 371JDS Corn, bn. oata. bn. Kye.bu.. Peas. bn. Barley, bn I S7.S3S 1f17.5» Total, bo. VST3» 887.W3 Decraatc. THE CHICAGO IjITB STOCK MARKET. Omcsor < msDaiLTTnsusx > i - Uoxdat Etxstso. Fabtoary 11- ) BEEF CATTUv—To-flay’i market has not been as exception to the quiet that ssosDy prevsl ■ on the opening day. The essentials to an active market were vac tine: first, in tha supply and quality of the (took, and iccondly. In the attendance of buyer*. There was but little stock left over from Saturday** sale*, and the arrivals of to-day were meagre, so that, had there been a CltpctlUon to active operation*—as mere vru not— on tho pan of the ftw buyers In attendance, their transactions must necessarily have been limited. The ferlinc. however, was firm, and dealers evinced no disposition to make any concessions from prerlor* rates. We quote the market steady and lira at the quotations given below; erasure Faroes. Esxra erf*—Flee. £*t,wcU formed. 4to 6 jean old Steen, aoo averaging 200 Bi and cp»art» Prime ere*—Good. welMaUol Orelj loriced Steen, averaging trom 1.100 tol.loo SJS3BJO Air Frcd-t —Fair Sieerr, la Stir fleslL ar erarax l.artlLTCd fi«.at ' Xfdium clou—Medium Steen aad good Ji'.l.lH »UU .ww. Cows. fit for city slavehter and averaging _ H<y»l/00*>a.aC...... H505.W Stock Cattle— Common Cattle In decant Cean, iniidneMftUU) bl at. Inferior— 'Llfiht and ttm Oows and Steer*, roach and coarse, aver ax Ins TTbiSW Ft, at 100at.75 HOGS—'There wasafalr* demand Ihl* rooming. both far abipmest and on Ireal account, at d the few offering were readily taken up at substantially the doting, rate* of last week. There weroah.ut 5.300 head I- the ■ale pent, ana these were closed oat at pice* ranting from M.OCAS.4S for common U> fair lota, and 56.60& 690 <br good to extra Bast. Towards noon, owing to anlavorahle advices from the East, shippers wltndrew irom lbs market, ana the feeling at toe close was eatler. Transaction Include the loljprlas drorca 800 SALES IODAT. yg« . _ at. Price. 71 extra H0g1..'....'. |8 > 9M t'i clotct eren lot 33 aw Vi comnjon coarse lot 195 too 19 came quality Hi AGO M common cnerea lot. .57s 6.13 V Maarae quality jh 0.15 C6u.ttmoa 737 _ A2l KOceeituneomoßof* * . A3O . ®£klrtacofttot,'.'.......; .T9B &so , Atocdkt.: .am U 3 J4»UDf q0111tT,,,,,, JJB J.M ■ <7Rtvxl eren Hops ...,5N MO SHEEP—Tbe market ru Istcilrß and altofetber Bomioal at Saturday*! rate*. Price* may be quoted at $L25ftS 71 lor common to prime Sheep. 7,036 4,'ilC IS 2UO 15^0u ju,o» ia,cas 9.K0 *0,126 7UO 3,023 8,773 V« 74.007 119,908 9.000 D.UJ3 CHICAGO DAIbX niBKET. AU ectee of Gratn reported in Utit market report ore made on the btun of trlnlcr (4c) storage* unite oikerteleeeaprteted, • Moyp.iT Errmro. FebrnuT 11; 13S». t Fskiohti—Ttie (olio vlnz la U>e tariff of to a Eastern Bo*<U: CWiito to— eSt daxa Floor. no*si Baffaio,*. x mi/ a 75 TotOLto. U. W , 6j3 (|i| jjj 75 r*.E. a I .TO i» 1- XlO 80 -LG) l.l» fiew Tor* 1 U BO ' 1.60 1.2 J AlbiWj.. IJ3 85 XT) - 1.33 Boiloa via Orauar™* 1A 85 J.TO • tji jJaGtanaTniLt I.TO ’ IJS bLuSSS 1 * !•» = “ M 5 - 1.05 75 I.M IJS nuiwm .... .. 65 45 90 70 Oltre ud, OWo 4$ m ’ 60 SB Jeffersonville, led. 45 s 70 - a «*? t SV i ‘ obl °* IS S 3 66 45 •? »5r B ? COTed * ?.®« tola i dipped. XSOi tola. V to ? u Xezceeduelr dull, ua dealers Uaei ?L Tleyi -*< Saturday* Prtea*. Sales w » e l?, a t to^°7i ’ Wirrr* Womaa—CO bru aa: named •tfllJS; sobfUdo at 11}.£3; SRSO Exma—TO hrls T Ol W: d . m *! 50 - OT H: Mbrl*doat»UUs; 50bm “C. LMiba at»l6.j: ioobrU“BU Lo*T?; IDO Mffl\^r?,u d^. 0 « B £ p, Szl®L^ rle not earned &c SmUw^lV*** 4 * 7 '?.* ‘Mrs?* ton * coarso at *17.00. t WllEAT—UecttTcd, bo; stooped. 6.932 bo. kwiiw “ W*»-cloalB« quiet at |U96 Sr ,UOKN-Keedred, 18.03 ba; shipped. XM ba. Umrket (peoed lover, but subsequently thede- were*. WWbaNo. I J«H#L 5 1 *' I SP ba do at Be; 16JM0 ba do at St ue ; MWbudo »»eic; a.>flbo Rejlttledal 55c: B.TOO ba do at fi&lfe; 11000 ba do atSSftc; do al UUc; L3OO JnEaratMc-closln* steady at SfeSSKefbrSp,iu ta - “““ _ BA (I LB v—Received, £t» bai shipped- 900 ba. T* 1 * 5 4W ,b“ I, °-» M Set 000 ba IV-f-SeS at 44<<ei l«U)U by sample at a*c; itw ba at 75c; sou ba do at A liCOltOly—Nominal at IIKOUSI L'tlKN—Market doit at previous quota nits. H • IIIIAN Nominal,at |l34Dper ton In balk. IlKArl?*—Sales are made at |1.7:m2.W Ill’TTKlt—Ueteirsd. e. 500 »«* snipped, 8,89 i as. Thecenenl manet ronllnnes quiet, ana ptlcM are a slinat* lover. We quote as follows: Choice Ui Hairy..... 3t4?7e Wood Tut'... .. .....»4ttc LointiKji Firkin*c Prime Firkin....... , y*«Mc IIACUIMJ—Tbe demand It limited, and under rail •ti.ra.Uie gfmrsl fbeilujt u by no tneau* firm. We quotei Nation*! A. I l*u, teamlM* 1inen.4............. ...ItAOU nidrtiA* do do 444444444...4444 ~ 40.00 llhmda A* do do 4444.4444444444444* 69.00 Ctini KlllJUl|e. 44.4 4 4.4 4.44 44444 444 4 4.444 fH.OO Stark A« cnttwl) "• atUI(«l4 444 .4 44444.4 , 444 444.4 44 444 *O.OO Lawtrfnli A. do 444.444.. .44.4......444.444 67.$ Alllln-H o**lo OO 144 4 . ... .44. .4 . 1.4 ... 4 . 44 , 6)10 AltieMrlli,' do 44444414444144.44444.444... fdoo Kf.WVL 1 * ."/ 0 44444444414114.4.4.4..1,,,* M.W I'ltUfleldß, do 444444444, . 4 ~4 4 4,4 1 03.n0 rtllll.MllU, 1)0 4 4., 4 4 4.4 1 ..4 4,. 1,4,4 4,4 ~, h'liwu. Jo sm PlltO. do 4 4,14 1 1 , 4 4 ~,.444,1,,,,,,,, BCfl) Mfo,(lfieltibdcottdtt.,,,,,.,.,,, Sin) uni, nimi ,im» lumand Ijiint.. W* mom) ilt« mantel frt.»i lit*tMfi* iuMctl <m tuiuriUr» ' n-lmitf. is 22 rtgn Item Male* ll^wiaCft Wfikm Re**fve . Stfi» i2o ••Yonnir Amt-rita" ".."IU !" \aVrn lUIAIr-Inffowl ream at, ami fur lb# Iwilar vart* tie* i.rli war* wed miulnwl and comparatiTeiy firm, aa previously Quote., t t8U—11r00kne1d.,,.,,,,,....... HIXO rto omaltf .................. uxu Cwtslamu—HMarHlli, .. juu do Mineral Rlrtpa KM Co Willow Hank.. itijM do Tunnel.. IOJM Chippewa 10.00 Dloisbnrp ujj) Lump I/hlgb U.UXjUJM Latkavana, prepared 14.r0 Scranton.. 14x0 Pltuton 11x0 Illinoji 6 00* ssn dp ca track 6.U4 &00 Tonccioehtny hj»q C-OFPEK—The ceneral market waa active, and in con*fgne&ce of tight stocks ot choice grades price* were firmly maintained. We repeat quotations: J»Ta JB *49 e too, coma 00 to lair. s *35Wc JUo, good to prime ,W*«T7*c lilo. prime to choice .» azsue COOPEKACJE—The market rales dull and price are weak, bale of 15,000 Shared (Hickory) Hoops, at KJO.10; 130 Lard Tierces (prison made), at|2.lo aellr errd EGGB—Were In good request today, and owing to the tcsrclty, fresh lots would command 33A10c. Limed tecsarequletslKaite. , • FKtIITS AND NUTS—The market exhibits the same general characteristics as noted la oar previous reports. Prices are unchanged and we costume to quote: oezxs ntuirs. . AnnW. V hrl . exnrt a cm Apples. V hrl Lcilocs, Malaga Cranberries, F nrl Cranberries, cultivated. PUZO FSCtTS. Figs, orcm Flm, cartoons Dates Can Peaches. f) doz., i ft 0n*.... Apples, new „ radxi, balres and quarters Peaches, pared Blvttemrt,ncw, * a. KaspPenlra, new, V Cherries, pitted Bldat*mea.V a Panins, layer* Buil&i,Vil<DcU Sardine*, K b0x’*....,., Sardine*, boxes. Almonds, bard stalled. Almonds, son stalled Almonds, paper stalled.... Peaams, % 6, Wlimsgtoa. BrsxliMlU Filberts Frcttb Wft-uati. new Naples ffstomi...., Pecati. small sad Isna... UicaoTT NnU, 1> ba '--♦frill*. B DU.. chestruti bo.. TJX) a S3O FlSH—Trade continue* slack, with price* nncbang- . so. as follow#: Wbltetoh, No. 1, X brl . $7.35® 730 _*V No.r.xbrl I,l** iso Trout, No. 1, jfbrl 54)0® B.» ** No. 2, * brl 430® 4.75 Mackerel, No. 1, jf brl, new. ji.oomii.3s “ No. I, X brl ID.2S®IO.SO , “ Jamil/. f» X brl 9.00® 9.75 ; M extra me*, V X brl I5.0(k»1530 “ * “ Ffat 3.75® 430 “ No.l.klta.ncw. 3.65® a.TS „ *• t ftmllt, mta. *.»« 3.35 Codfish, Bank. V ICO tbs. 7 50® 8.00 “ George’s Bank 833® 930 ‘ Hake. 330® 630 Herrings, dried. No. 1, 9 b0x.... 50® M , “ scaled 60® 65 Labrador liming*. l» brl 1030®U4» .. “ . „** Jfbrl - 830® 9.T5 Norwegian Herrings. K’s, 9 brl 18.00 . M’s, F brl 16.60 . FDRS-Salcs toclude 61 Mlbk at sl.oo® 1.00: J 5 • Muskrat at 16c: M Kits at 10c. iiKKA?*K—Market quiet. We quote: | White Grease,. 9*»10 e Yellow Grvase- 85® 9 c Br*wn Grease 8 ® BKe njnilU INKS—Kecelred, 63 brls: shipped, 539 brls. ilsmtoull. Sales were; 50 brls Bonded at 25c; 15 brls duty paid at $7,91. miP*—Are selling atCOQCc tor Eastern, and 55® (3c lor Western. (>KE!»s*KI) HUGH—Rewired, 3360: shipped, LWO. Marcct QQiti. Sales were; scavenging ... Bs,at s7*9o 76 M SM ft*, at 7.75 I ST “ 340 as, at- 7.65 319 « ... ft»,at 7.40 1 11 “ 139 ft*, at 7.40 so dividing cn JtO ins, at. t«.tO and 7.75 , K» “ 3fo »», at 7.10 and 7.73 IN) “ 700 at 7.40 and 7.60 i —dealt eat 17.10 and 17.70 dividing on COO a*. ] IIA Y—The market i» quiet, the supply moderate and price* unchanged, no quote: WHOLESALE PUCES. Timothy, rolled and beater pressed. Timothy, loose pressed. 13Ad,414.U . Prairie, beater pressed 10.00i3i1.00 ; SBTAIL PRICES. i Timothy, roller and beater pressed $16.00817.00 Timothy, loose nressed 16.0QC4U.00 ITalne, roller and beater pressed 11.00rai5.00 Iralne. loose on wagon.delivered 9 (0410.00 XllUEfr— Received, 83,734 he; Shipped, 66,776 as. There la a steady Air demand on shipping account, and with moderate receipts, prices today were well sustained, and steady at our quotations which areas follows; Green Butchers* A 9tfe Green baited, trimmed .lOytdll fee Green Calf. . 19 Al 9 c Kip, Green, salted 14 (sl3 c Dry Flint, trimmed 17 &IBKO Dry Salted, trimmed UX©li*c Green gaped. part cured 9X311 c IKON AND SiTEELi—The market is steady at the fblu wing prices: Common Bar SKA sJfc Horse Shoe Iron 6kt* 7Vc Heavy Bar d 6 ($ 6Xc Hoop ana Light Band 6K©ll C Bound and square SWU 9Kc Oval sxa «Kc Hair Oval and Ball Hound. ska «jfc Sheet Iron, common 7iaA .... Extra Brandi 7%<a .... Sheet iron, galvanized, 17x23 .20 a .... Shceuron, charcoal OVA •••• Sheet Iren, Juniata. 11KA13 C Norway Nall Kods 11 AISKc Flow steel, German is «I 4 c Plow Steel, cast. 17 «hi c spring and Tire Steel, English UKAIB e Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes 2s ©3l c Tool Cast Steel, American. 22 ©?i c Blistered Steel ao <930 c Kuasla, X 01.9 and 16 33 «o c Russia, Aa H Ist quality, 9MI «is e HnfSla,Am.,lstqaailn.W*ho«* <sl9 c n«la. quality, sheet qjlß c LEATUEU-Is quiet, but steady aad linn at full prices. Wt quote: 1 ity Harness, «• ft » 398 43 Country Harness 3kt 86 Line, F ft 443 44 Rip, medium, F ft usauo Call, F ft tJsf®l.«u Upper. F t00t..., 3« St CotmtrT Cppcr... 233 35 Cellar,F f00t.... 2*3 34 OAX. slaughter. Sole.. S&3 54 French Call, 81 Harness, F ft.... 40« 4ft fts .3Jo®2£s Upper 80® S 3 French Call, 86 Kip, No. 1, me- _ fts £0083.10 mom French Cad; Le- Kip, No. 1. molnes.F do&S3J»®9O.OO heavy SSBUO MJffl BEK—Trade UwUr was brisk, and dealers were generally obtaining fail price*. Weqnote: Lctezb—Psat Clear, X, lit, 1H and S Inch F »ftO.(IO®fiS.CO breondClear,l,lK,l>fan43 inch 9S,caaoo.N Third Clear, inch 50.0Q338JW First and Second Clear Flooring, to gether.rough, the some as Second Clear wide... 50J085SJO Common Flooring, rough... 35.00877.00 Matched and Dress-d CommonFlowlug. 40.00®43JM Hatched and Dressed 8 loch Common MocrUg. 56.0C855.03 - First and Seccnd Clear Siding, together. S 3 MceseJO First Common Dressed Biding. 78.00339,(0 Wsgoo-Box Beams, select, 15 inch and A btcck Board. 18 Inches 8300333J0 B Stock Ikarde.t) Inrfae* 39.C0377.00 Common Boards. Joints, Scontlluc.Tenc- Ing. and Small Timber, U to 16 leet 10ng...., 71.00413X0 Joist* and Scantling; 3S, 8 and 31 feet. ... T8.0fV3.T3.00 joists and Ecanumg 33 00 SmaotEs -A or Star Shaved Shingles..... 4AO A or Star Sawed Shingles 5.00® SAO No. t sawed St duties, 3JUB 300 Lath—Perm tn yard*...; 5J30 B> ev-lcad bv Northwestern Batlroad, delivered ta any yardwbere cars can be switched, cr any depot: A or Star Saw* ea Shingles, by car-load. 00 track. 4J38 AM A or Star Shaved Shingles, by car-load, cn track 7. 8.753 4JM -No. 1 Sawed Stdngl*t, by car-load, on tr-ck 1 8.15 Three dollar* a cor-Irad added when transferred, whJchchorge follows iheSalngl'* in treightblH. ; snzxaLx SXAOTDAUD. Committee. S 9-4139 .399,9 a Thickness—Fire Shingles to be two inches In thick* ne»s. Leapth— Sixteen laches. > Pscde—T*erty inches. Coorsce—Twentr-Sre 9ETAL9 A*D TINNERS’ STOCK-Tber# <w • &U txsde drug to-dsjr, sad paces rmed Arm. ■We conOtne to Qnote: - nsr.- Dox Tin Piste, 2 C 30X14.... fUJC MS&UPIs* S 3. Bar Tin » Metallic AT Botti—.. 83 Copper Bottom..— S 3 teazlrn oyer 10' 43 .jraztortoTcrlO tti.. «■ sheet Utclfioz <s Htßins*-. ID BHHMT XXT4Z- • 18 -,.JS ' Ist Quality . 80 19. 21 ABUmorj SO so 23 rue Sower S 3 Fence Wire jo NAlLtS—'The demand I*moderate tod dealer* are firm in their views at tte tniiowtrur Quotations: fid* krc. .*7.00 1 2d .. 49-» Sd -.... 7.25 [so, tine W 001—....... 9.35 fid "JOihLfine blued— .10.31 44 7.75 Cat Split* 7.35 3d 9.231 Clinched Net..; 9.35 OlLS—'The market taoan and Inactive, tad Quota tions air of little Tame. There U a light moremeat in Linseed OH, bat aside from uu there la acarceU any* tblncdclrr. Wequtte: Linseed Oil. ........ .$ OLIO Llnstea OlLbulted I uifl OllTr Oil- ——... Whale Oil,tF.B .LaSl.4o • LardOti,extra. .....i.t0a1.35 Lard Oil, So. 1 WTmW......... .1,15ai 30 Lard OI», bo.l Wlater., -1.35ai.13 Bank OIL round i0ta....... 1.1A41.U Machine Oil. -1-XL*L»O Sperm OH, W. B ... Ar.. <a3AO Lubricating OH .3- SQALOQ tattoroU... CAHBON Oil*—Bnralaa quiet and price* a*s §w*oj and nncnanged. We repeal oar Q»t: Caroon, p carload Carbon, small lou " * Benzole. *sst cfilK t ,°L l^,o^srii? cclTWl * ,:B -‘ as »• Cured Meat), S? € f- 9 f a l-*rd: ahlppod. 6W.151 tti Cared Meats; 1(9 brU L«t ifin brls Port, and SJLBJ C 8 Lard. * Bale* ware: 300 brlr at ssfessys&iigss;« Extra Pnnie Porn—so brli it|lUo. •Harass—conrlaai 815.00, Bw«t Plcttled Ham*—Sale* were:lCO tea (d, h.) •tile. English Jletr*-Sale*were: 100bxsCumberland* at 9c. -Hoik meats—Sales were: *O.OOO as (Sear side) at lOUc, lone ; UXUOO ki Cumberlanda at BXe.ioo«e. <*reea e»eata-8ale« wen: 30.000 BaaadfflOpc* atioc. Lard—Don. Stleavere: UO Be Feorta steam at like, eellrered here. POCLTKY—Balesvera: Sflore? DressedCbict:- eoa at«JO; 1 dotea Dmaed Oeese at $9.00. HOUA AND SALKKATUK-rnds illksdr, aadsrita iicftt stocks price* rule flrmufiuwvi: Babbitt's Pedldral.... OlX*l3 e - r H Dclatd*» cbealcil c - Healtty JISaWKc “ Par* ltU(4ti*c BHI3AKB*—Tb# demand eontlnne* ftcttTej*ad.wlitj mcdcrateiloct* prices rcsulaoacbicgcd weqaotc: •Cuba UlluUte Porto BJco .13 (4UUc N. Y. Befiscd, Powdered and WtUo A JSiOUK Circle A White b .lixail'ic Extt» c. MK»i«.He lelknr C. b;mi3 c Oxnard C ...lOvau c Oxnard C, extra. UHailV'o New Orleans prime. Unative New Orleans talr. j| satire HYB Urn—The market present! no new fcatun*. and dialers In order to edict Mies are freely ihaalni Srieea. We continue to quote: ewTork byrupe~ 1 60ft1.15 TeJlow Drips I.LXIAI Cuba Hclasies...... 3X4 S 3 Porto Bice 900 « Kfv Oilcan# „ it&i.i’O IhiladelphlalleeHlTe 6CO TJ ■Cbtcaco Refinery, Amber J.00^1.15 Chicago Beflnery, Golden 800 0} Chicago Beflntry, Sugar Room 3XO SI HEEDH—llccelvea. 74,007 fti; shipped, 33.&30 fra. Tbe market» moderately active, and prices are with* out perceptible change. Sales Include: TUtornr—2so ban at $303: 343 ban do at 43.10; IS bags do at; 68 Lag* CO at S3XO: U ban do at $3.10 t 46 bags do at SSA(>; Clottb—sß bn at $8.00: 19 ban do at 17X0, HALT—Received, nonet shipped, 183 bfl«, Jlar kctflnn and prlcea remain unchanged. Ko tales re* -portrd. We quotes New Pine..... „ »ira Coarse *.*l Ground Alum SXS&3.IO Turk's Maud, bags jjj Ground Solar „ 2,55 Dairy, with sacks .. s.pj Dairy.without sacks 5.73 TEAS—The market Is moderately active, and srices5 rices are unchanged. We quota: oung Hyson, superior to fine, ft ft.. $1X001.19 . ’ do extra to choice, ft ft 1.1*41X0 Imperial, snfennrm fine, p b 1.1041,44 „ do extra to choice, ft ft 1A3.45X0 Gunpowder, superior to fine, ft ft...... 1.10*41x0 do exira to choice, ft ft IJ9 41X0 Japan, natural leaf, fine to extra fine, ft ft.,.. J.rk4l.i9 do do Onetncholce, ft 8....... IJO4MO do do colored, ft ft 1.33*1.40 TOBACCO—The market oontlnnes quiet and no* alral at the range of prices given below: Fuji trrctuwtan— Bktra 01.50 U» p l«* .......a...,..., in (41.13 Medium... n & w Common s * 71 EMoktsu rotuveo- Virginia's Fav0rite.................. 01.00 Chotee...Ban Medium....................... 11 a n Common Stems ..................... i; o h Pbto li)lMrct(-u J10ta1C1t1ren................M • 9} rafnieis* Hej1giii...,................ 79 0 79 U«f................... 1.5} Uaifl'f fc1i1........................... go tjuilieillsrh, •0iimi................. b 4 Medium,..................1,,,,....... TO 14 « I OlUllllrtl.i 11 a...,.. 1.1111.1 .. ■ 111.1111 M H TO ffaVle#,.. mi R)U.« M V rglbla 10# ami tM.........w 14 M TM' p * Vwm, ifriiverrd.... ...........IIINW i/r) ~W,tLefoM,lt.f*rd. , .W ,t LefoM,lt.f*rd. s>kj u wjfiJSrle=%mKftlC'4Jwh4*»• V! VWpt>*li *t®T »?, MarkruWty, AimaN fepuriHl. liolml>oM*a Ritract llhcliii Olvp* health and vigor to the Iranis and bloom 10 the pallid check, Debility I* accompanied by man? alarm- Ingainipinma,and if no ueaimaat U mumiuodlo. coimimpMim, ttisanlty. or epllepilc uts ensna. llnrreblrd ami Dellcala CionutinitloiiM, Ol both setes, use Relrnbolrt’a Extract Bucbu. It will Siva urtskaad e&eigetlc feelings and enable you to *.erp well. 4 Formerly of James* Lock Ilaapltal, Custom House-st., New Orleans, for the laat alx year* located la Chicago, and known throughout the country m the moat auo> cesstul Specialist extant In the treamcal ot Syphilis, Spermatorrhea, and CTery description of Private Dis orders, can he consulted confidentially at Ida office and parlors. 91 and 93 Raadolph-sh, corner ot Dearborn, nearly oppoalte his old office, £rom 9 a.m. to 9 p. m. r.O. Box UQ6. Shattered Con*lllations Restored by Helmbold’s bines Dacha. A'Bcady and Conclusive Tent 01 the properties ol OeimboWs Fluid. Extract Bachn will be a comparison with those set fbrth la the United btatea Dispensatory. . Confldeutlal Consultations. Dr. Louis Sanger, No. 89 Randolph-st. treats all Xorms of i’rlvste and Becret Diseases la both sexes, with the most brilliant success. lecture on the pre vention of offspring cent to any address tor 50 cents. Aiso. his Female Remedies are certain in ad coses. Office hoars from 10 a. m. to 8 p.m. P.Q.Doxa373. *5.00 & 6.C0 9.00 910.00 liUJO (913.00 hhOO ©21.00 . 24 A 25 SO S 35 SO t) CGS «» 4.73 9 a is is a 19 43 a 43 S 2 <9 83 « a 6s a a K is a i 6 .era « 4.7 s is a i 9 . u 38 » 40 Helmbold’s Fluid Extract Bncba Is pleasant la taste and odor, free from all tnlorioas properties, and immediate In its action. ITlaxibood end Tontbfbl TUgor Am egalned by .Hclmbold’s Extra Buchu. Havlngthe confidence of the public and the medical fhcmty at largo, is the most reliable physician In the city for chronic mrvou* and sexual diseases. Call at his office, 179 Bouth Clark-cm corner of Uonroe. Booms separata. CututulUUoo Dee. P.0.80x 134. His guide to health, published monthly, sent Dee to aaj address. a a m Si M 45 SO 3 S 3 14 A 15 a a a it a is a a a 23 a 34 38 a 30 3.00 « SJO Take no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Remedies for onpleasantnnd dangerous diseases. Use Belabours Extract Buchu and Improved Bose Wash. Tbe Glory or dlan la Strength. Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should Imme diately use ilelmbold's Extract Bncbu. jyjUSICAL. Mr. WAITES H. MEADE, Quite recently from Europe, and pupil ol Its lint mas ters ; gives Instruction tn the CULTIVATION OF THE VOICE. English, French and Italian Singing, Declamation ard Klocntion. B* ferences. terms, interviews. ic., at Root ft Cady’# and Lyon ft Beaty's Mane store#. SURE CDUE G 1 SWATHE’S Ointment Corea 1 Itch, SWATHE’S Ointment Cores Tetter. SWATHE’S Ointment Cores Salt Bheom. SWATHE’S Ointment Cores Itching Piles. SWATHE’S Ointment Corea Bather’s Itch. SWATHE'S Ointment Cores J Scald Hiaa. ALL DISEASES OF Bold by all Druggists. "Wholesale by BURNHAMS ft Vi A R RIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP XJL TRAINS. Winter Arrangement • Chicago aks wonTuwxsrxßH sailboas—council SLBITS ASS OMASA ZJXZ—SKFOI XOSTII WELLS ST7IEET. Leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast line ‘B;L* a. m. °TriO p. m. Omaha Nighl Express... 7:80 p. m. 15:00 a. m, Dixon Passenger 4:00 p. m. 11:10 a.m. ntEsrosT Lent. FrecportPasieoger... ..‘10:00p.m. ‘3:loa.m. Frcepon Passenger *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Rockiord, Elgin, Fox HiverandSfaieLlne... ‘4:oop.m. ‘11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. *5:30 p.m. ‘8:15 a.m. wncoxent Division—depot cocxm or canal ASS tcrvrrp STBXZT. Day Express *9:00 a. in. *&3O s.m. .Night Express ‘4:3op.m. *5; 15 a.m. Janesville Accommodn. ‘s:3op.m. *2:33p.m, Woodstock Accommod'n -3KX) p.m. *3c2oa. m. mhwauxie stnaiox—depot coaxiß or casal ASS SUIII BTTIXET. Day Express. 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. RoectlU, Calvary and Evanston 1:30p.m. 3:40p.m. Night Express 4:00p.m. 8:30p.m. Kcnoeba Accommod'n... 4:40 p. m. 9:45 a. m. Waukegan Accommod’n. 5:30 p.m. 836 a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:15 p.m. a. m Geo. L. Dcslat, Genl Sup't. B. F. Pannes. General Passenger Agecu MICHIGAN CXXTBAL —UiQOA ~.kFOT, TOO* oriAza mxxr. Morning Express ‘5:00 a.m. ‘9:45 p.m. Day Express *1:00 a. m. ‘11:00 p. zn. Evening Express 45:90 p.o.7*lit>op. m. NightEiprceii 4*9:45 p. m. 71c23 a. T-. CGtCISMAXI AMD rfITTTgTTTT.It nmm. Momine Express *7:00 a. c. ‘10:35 a. m. Night Kxpres? 15:00 p. m. ‘11:00 p. m. MICHIGAN SOVTHsaX AMS AXX BUOSJ UXI—SS« TOT coaxza TAX BUIUtM AXS SSXBMAX fTSXat*. TOLXI.O UXB. Mail ‘4:lsa.m. *8:55 p.n, Day Exprwe *7;00 a. m. ‘11:00 p. m, New Vork Express S’s p. m. tlfetA p. c Night Express t*l(h9op.m. *6:00 a. s siraorr uxx. Mali * ttcOu a.m, Night Express UOKX? P- m. p. mi rrmsunex, xoas watx* axd omica>>o. Mail..- ‘ 6rtX) a.n. Express.. - ‘1:00 a.m. 12:30 a. m. Fait Line 3:15 p. m. 7; to p. c Sxprcss *tiO:OUs.a. 11:00 p. n TTT.TWftTg OXSTBAL. Day Passenger *lk9o a. n. ‘lixsl p. m. Night Passenger Ho:(Bp,m. *6:45 a. c, Kmikakes Accomaod’n. ‘irt«sp. m. •fts-'a.m, Hyde Park and Oak Wood *&9O a. m. *7:45 a. m. »* •• •» *12:10 p.m *!ss2a.E, •* “ ** .... ‘fc3op.m. ‘U5Cp.m« « •• « *5:53 p. a. •7dOp,TC CEZCASO. BtrSLZXWTOX AXD QUEBCI. Slaughter, Buffalo Sole. slo® 43 Slaughter, sole, CmcagoNo.t„ 40® 43 Slaughter, Sole, Chicago No. 3.. Sl® 37 Buenos Ayres.... 39® 40 Orinoco 501 e..... 87® 33 Orinoco, good, damaged....... 81® S 3 Da? Szpnauand Ma 11... *£» •ftOOp. n; GalesborePaMeoger.. . *3K)op.*l3o p. a; Aurora. yigh t "gypVft**'J 12.00 cld’ht t&SOa. Eu CHICJLOO ASS ft. LOUIi. BirreM and Mall 8:05 a. m. 8:43, KightExpceaa 9:I3p.JD. bSO ft.C jouet and WUmlnctoa . ; ... fc€UP«S*- 8t43 &.H CTTTTA6Q AMD 9IUI MAMtOS—iLASS QSCXXXAT.' ira LOT)—«n.WAUXM» *A.TL3t&A3 SXPOt, OCt tAMASi AST) XDIZ3 Rim I Day Express 8:30 a. a. 10:55 p.aJ HUbiKipreM fcOOD-n. SiSOp-n. xoa croLiNAPOLza. Louirmix aao sacuraa*:. Day Express. & I£tss p. n UJchi Express fcOOp.m. a. m Columbus Express &30 a. ns. 10»3p.m. ** « fcCOp. a. a a, l-Arttrig 9W3 a. a. ScOU a. aj ■- »* i 5:15 p.m. boo d. a. rmflM. Rftffg IKtAKB in weme Binnoil). ‘ Day Express and Mail... *fc«)s.a. *s:3op.mJ Nlehi&preaa - liOGp.m. *5:45 a-m Jouel Accommodation.. «;40p,e. *ifc4o a. m. *soutlay excepted. TMonday excepted. tS&tsrday •xeeptod. mnos stock rasp no Tun.*. . •Leave Madison Street, Leave Stock Tarda. ■ . &30 a.m. 7:40 .a. a. mo. lit qualltr. ease 13V l«t quality, ueec. it sub .it ito« *.Bftnd9... ID 10(111.... ISuhllß~. Tbr followtor let&e new table for U»e arrtv* nd departure of mall? from tbc Chicago Post Office for the winter, and sow tn force: «*rM» CLOn. P. O. CHICAGO, ZEI. HAILS AIIUIVM. a. in, t>. is. n. m, p. m. fcOO....Mkb. SoaUL B, B 12:30 .... ais;,.. “ “ •* ..... 8:25 .... 12:00 m “ ** , “ .. 6:00. 11:00 .... 12#u mKlcb. Central 8.8 12.09 ... &'5.... ** - ** .. 6:00 fee .... fcoo....Plttt.*Ft.Wajnc I*3U .... 803 . “ ** •* .... ifcon m w „ “ * .. too ii:oo 12:00 4:90 ...Great Eastern 8.8.. &30 - io;0o 1&00 t*;3f'....NcwAlbany*Salem fe2o 11:00 p : l(0 7:4s..v.fealena Kallraad..... 900 2:40 ItOO Alt Line fcOO 7:20 I2tfo fcoo...'.Kocklßlan*l EaDroad 3:15 2:90 IfcCO B.A Qalccj ER. 5.-50 ' ftOO 8.-*0 400....NoitliweeierB a. 8.. 5:45 8:80- &0O 2:45... 12:00 7*45....111in0is Central B. B. 7:00 9:00 tfcoo Ttt)....St. Louis Ballroad... 5:99 8:45 EOBT. At QILMOBB, P, M. Special Notlrru. Dr. JamMt Dr. Bigelow, JHusical. iHciical. GUARANTEED. THE SUIN' rAK BCHAACK. ivailroabs. ..a. m. ..a. m. ~p. m. .p. m. ..p.n. ..a-m. .'.a. m. ..p. m. ~p. m. ..n m. hixvb. M 3... iCKDXT ...a. m. ..a. ml 111:43. ..p. m. proposals. PUOI’OBALS -b'OH ARMY TRANS PORTATION. . „ (jcuninuiTn (iccnaz. s Oma, I o,..*^ w '* aß i 3 oToa,D.C, January.D,isct. j SFALEt* PBOPOS AL3 wtil be received at ttu« pace wnu i) o’clock m_ on tbetftb ol Feornary, 18*7. for Uie transportation of MUtanr Supplies (tartar tbe irtr cotnnieacnMr April 1. ia?7, and ending Haron 31, !-«■, on aeio loYna^rnatea:^ From Fon Mcpbcr»on. Xebraoka Territory, or *ocb tv#iL*? n,k F ** determined npoa daring tbe year on v“tR rmactt of d* Union pad Oc Bal mad, west or from Fort Laramie, Datoi* Ter- H?2 e A l 2? u cr dep-U asarenow or may bees* wdi icaeiSr t^ T . e4 ’n. ,ory 01 Nenraara. Wait Of lonei taarKde la } to lerrttory of ilontaas, seats of V>nw»raSSAl° JfpnofTOTDSoS. w«t of Of iStitfrt.SSigns’ ,r ‘.! h *Territory of Idito. loata Scd miS -t 111 degrees. f.TtT*ifi.r l si of Ciab ana Colorado oortbol Cnj* C 843 gStx *' loclndlac. U negeaaary, IKmTOf _ w K' OTBMo.t. From Tort miry. State ut Kant,ta,er»odi x>olnta u “•> dam.* Hie ywon Ftcific BulroM, K. 6Z, to anyWordmtf UafS tow or may be csutmheala toe Sute ui toe Territory of Colored), south of latitude 40 de crees *prto r and to Fort Unlou. New UexicoZor oto« depot that may t>e atnrnvea la thatTerrltorr.*td to my otter point or points oc the mate /.maw .tt BOUTE Ao.X F/oa Fort union or each other depot m may be established la the Territory of Se* jltoxlco. h> an u » or . BlAi,eo< tftat are, or nay te csiabiUhed la that Territory, ltd to »och posts or itotlona as mvr be ccMcsateu la the T'mturr ot Arizona, and ia the Sure of Texas west ofloi|«nflM» degree*. From St. l*aaL Minnesota. to such post* as are now ormaybeesUOlUned la the state ofltlcsesota, and In that portion of Dakota Temtory lying eaaCot the Missouri Diver. The weight to be transported daring the re»r will Mt exceed OB Rome So. l, 9X90,000 pounds; on Route No.J.SC.WO.iCO poMda;nn Rout* No.&8,OOOJOO pound*, and on Rente No. 4. xy»,000 pounds. will oemuttoretcb routs separably. Ridden will »>ate tbe rate per 1W pounds ptr 100 elite, »t which they win transport the ft->T9sla each mont h of the year, beginning April Ist, 1397.' and end* In 8 March si, l«jj. " Bidden should give their namea In mil, fts well M their pifteaorrrsl.;cDce. aadrach propusal Should be ftcccmpftnk'd by a hood in toe snm ot ten thousand (|lo4Uo)dollan.slzrtaby twocr at re responsibleper •ocr, guaranteeing that is c:im a c intract t» awarded tor the route mentioned in the pr -xxia! to the party propcsior, the contract will re ao jpted acd entered into. and good ana suillcieni wc nty tarnished hr said party in accordance with U-s terms of this aim* Ofemest. The contractor will be requucu to give bonds In the followiEft amounts; On houteNo.t,* On Route No. 3. tnUDO. On Route No. s. luo.uuo. On Route No. 4, 50.000. satisfactory endecce of the loyalty and so’veocy ot and person olftred as security will be re* Proposals trust be rationed “Proposals fbr Army Transportation on Route No. 1,3. or l, as the cate may he, and nene will be entertained aniens tlxy nthy comply with the requirements of this advertise- The party to whom an award in made must be pre pared to execute the cot tract at ot>ce,aaa to sire the required bonds Ibr the tnlthlal performance of the con tract. Tbe right to reject any and all bids that may M nllfered Is reserved? The contractor on each route must he in tewllneas Ibr service by tbe Ist day of April, li mi, and win he re quired to have a plan i>i business, or acmoy. at which be rosy becommtiuicale! alth'promptly ant readily tot Route No. Rat Omaha, M, T* t tor Route No. j, si Fort Illley. Kansas{ tor Route No. 8, at Fort Italon, New lleiitti) Ibr Route jfn 4. at Palm PatM, Minne sota. oral tttch other p-tnt tor mop ot the several lUmiea as may be Indjcated as tbe starting point of the roubv, . Blahk>>ntisbowlDgtbeouii<lut''hs id tbe contract to be riilernl tlito Ibr inch fuutr* tan l«e had on ami |. ration at this office, or at the nffi w or the ijiiarletn.a*. ter at New Toth Paint Isiot*. F«tt Losvrawxfln, Omaha. Satita Pr ami rt»H atiemrg. abd imat bcx-oiu* pan? uid t« a part nl the ptci*n*al.«. r'l'lWiifiali hum, tllgttl CvktUel ttfad Wiguamriuastei U. s. A. Pnoi*o?At.» voirxunidoe at VAN UDIISM NI’hKKT, „ ormt vf the itosNh t*r h'BMti Womn i MiMiaf/J, (mi, I & I“V* , Ivp>l I'/tlig jloshf'H I'lMinr;,at IMr ••fni's.H ••m* H.n, \ hh>l •>, MtiiMinMirlNts, IS atm I* tVrtis.a.n»i, nnit) u S' VLWiLV? I ! PM'fiiary t-r the uiing down tw* |'f**rat tindgr rnniltg il.e poiitn (-tdi’ago Ittvrrat Van ttiiraqaifort, amt n>pla<’tnd tl.a Mill o «nn a new hlldtfa, tn« ndlng tit* iimmmVv i baiigM in Ilia t’lipWr pW. ami tba aimtmsnu *mt apMoailu*. ar. nrdlnf to oUti* and •pcul'Vati.m* to )ia on flip at said nmnaonandatWranriisryatb. ,JTop«ai*mtt*M»«addrwM*»io hid board ufinudn works. BhitfipMsd “|» r ,.p (lM | mr Van Burra Kira,4 iiniiga, ll and ha a.Toronanltd with the usual &M ihir.i, With »urntlrs, tuba approved bv ir.e |»,»nl. Ihr ikiard rc-trva iua rliiil u» rajoci any lilt nat |l aivnidupce with (he condition* nl inis advuTUcmant. or to rrlrft alllililH, n<> proposal will ba aminied noire* Uie parly nPertna It *hall glv« wvtdenre ••it.fac lory to tbs Board mat na ba* tba necessary skill, as* Krlircr, eierey and aldliiy for doing (ha work, u lattvortby, and has sutllcluut pecuuary mnnrcaa. j.a.ts.snßLE, FRKD. I.ET/, _r». J. uobK, Board of iTiblle Works. "PROPOSALS FOR CA6T IRON JT WATER PIPES. Umn or thw Boxed or ptblio Woxxs. I Sea.edpropoaaia will be received by the Board cl Pub-10 Worn, at their office. Nos. 13 and 17 We'U etnntll 11 a. c. satoroat, February lad. Or the de- Urcry at the does 01 the board, in aald city, of one thousand O.M0) tona ol Ca.t Iron Wider Pipe*, of 1.8 and 9 laches Internal diameter, according to specifica tions on file at said office. The pines will be subjected 10 a test pressure of AO pound* periquare Inca, mast oe uniform m thlrkneu, density and texture, and ot a good Quality of caatlroc,. so aa to cut and di 111 veil. Delivery t»commence at jS yKth° g 01 ,pna * n4Tl ‘ atlan t *nd M completed by The ptoes will he twelve (IS) leet long, and weigh re *P«d e, 6 and Much pipes, SSO, mo. a&d 600 A suitable number of branches, caps, sleeves, tapers. Ac., will he required C-r said pipe*. Bids nun <• .-,t« the price for the straight pipe*, and also tor tao special castings. Proposal* most he addressed tc the Board «f Pus *c Worn*, endorsed **Propo«alforCastlroo Water Floe*.” acc be accompanied with the usual |3OQ bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Board merve the right to reject any hid net :u accordance with the cocoon* of this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal win be accept, d unless the party offering tt shall give evidence »ati&fac torr to the Board that he has the necessary skill, experience, energy and ability tor doing thewori Is trostwerthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. FRED. I LKTZ~' 0..1.R05E/J Board ofPnbUcworis- TTARBOirwORKa AT GRAND HA JLa TEN ana Black Lake. Mictlgan. Omci StneimsDDO Esqisxxs, Hasbobc lupptmutESTs, Uzx MTCHIOAH. I Mawamuta. Wisconsin, January 1,13*7. I sealed proposals, tu duplicate, of the form fttruisuec bylhe nndertUned.wUlbereca.ved at this office until Tnursday,theltthday cf February, 1367,at 12 m„ for tmproyinn the harbors of Gia'.a Haven and Blacs Lake, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Haven will cousin 01 IW*» feet, mere ur less, of cfoae piling to protect the south bank cf the river nrar toe entrance an ex tension of the south pier for 600 feet by cribs filled with stoce. The Improvements at Hlack Laxa win be extensions of thepresent piers, 5U running feet in sIL aaddredg lug. The dreogingwiu be between tne piers, and lot placing tbe new crib a, and will amount to 3&000 cubic yards, more or less. flans and specifications are on file In the office, and will be shown to all who wish to them for tht purpose of eaUmattrg. The proposals will be separate for each work, and lot each class of material or labor for each worn. Bids will oe received tor a part or forthe whole of eiihe work. The work to be finished bv October I,i*m. These worts will be let to the I jves: re.rocslblt bid der, reserving to the United States toe right to reject any or all bids. Bidden are requested to be present upon the opening of the bids. VI UIC V*VA» Tbe duplicate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed iz separate envelopes, and address'd to MAJcIK J. B. WBESLSR, P. B» Engineers. Milwaukee, m Citß TSTotltes. Q|RDINANCE! oksxas. On the sth day ot Octobe*. I*s. an ordi nance was pasted by tbe Common Council of ib j city 01 Chicago, granting to - Tn» Lak? View Avenue Com pany” tbe rl<hl ot way one hundred and fifty feet wide text and adjacent to tne present high water marc of Lake Michigan, commencli e it in- south line of tbe grounds used aid known as tae Chicago City Come t»ty, on North avenue,and running thence along the BbcteolLake Michigan to A»mo place, and com mencing at FuLerton avenue and ranalog along aald shore to the m rtb line of the S. E. -ec. 23, T. 4t, >. K. 14 E. of the Sd K M., upon certain conditions named In said ordnance; that one of tbe eonCltlana <.f said ordinance waa that tbe said Lake Avenue company should, on or before the first day of Ang.i»ui9o6. make and compute In good order a road acroas sold property at least fifty itrt vice; and Wuraxoa, bald Jabc Avenue Company has tilled and negUcted to comply with tbe pnmnlona sfumsald. and has also tailed and neglected t> comply with the otner previsions of the said ordinance; thrre*ore. Bf it ordained by ike Common council of t*e City of dicoffo: Section 1. That the ssid ordnance, entitled ’ An Or “diuauc*- concerning the rtebt of way ot the t.ake ••View Avenue Company.” pasted October 5, 13®. be and the san e l# hereby repealed. Sec. i. This ordinance ihall take efTfft and bo In torce from and after due pobUcatioa thereof. Fused Jan. tßtn. 1867. Approved Jan. Sfth.lSCT. J. 0. SICE. Mayor. Attest: A. B. Bodvax, City Clerk. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State ol Illinois. County of Cook—is. Cnr Collectors Omo, Cocet Boras.) Room No. 11, Chicago, February tin. 1961. j Public notice is hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants have been placed in my hands for collection, to wit; Warrant No. Ml. Sooth—Dated februaryl. 1567, and issued for tbe collection ol a special oaseiimait levied tor sidewalk ct Detracted on toe east tide of Wabash avenue, between Eighteenth and Twentieth streets. Wairant jfc. MS, Sc nth—Dated February J, 1967, and latued for the collection of a special assessment levied lor recosktructlng sidewalk on. the East side of State itreex, between Foorteenth and hlxt-enlh streets. Warrant No. M 3. Sonin—Dated Feoraary L 1967- and Issued fur C.ecollccUon »f a special assessment levied fbr reconstructing tldewalk on, east side ol Wabash avenue, between Twentieth (SCth) ani Twenty-first streets. HorrantNo.Ml,South—Doled FebruaryT, IS«7, and Issued lor tnecollectiouofa specttl asscsiment levied (br con#tructlrc of sidewalk on west side of Wabash avenue, between Fourteenth (Uth) and Sixteenth (i6lh) streets. , Warrant No. "53, West—Dated February 1,1*57, and issued lor tbe collection ot a special assessment levied fbr constructing and recot stmcUn* sidewalk on south side ol Sampson street, la Sampson ft Greene’s Addi tion to Chicago. Warrant No. 796, West—Dated February l, 1367, and Issued for toe collection ol a special assessment levied for constructing sidewalk oo Centre arcane, Between Harrison meet and lyler street. Warrant No. 791, West-Dated February 1,1367. and Issued for tbe co.iectloa of a * pedal assessment levied for construcans sidewalk on e*»t side of Johnston street, betweer Taj lor ard Iwc tth streets. Warrant No. 738, West—D-ttrd February 1,1667, and Inueo for the coilecti' □ cl a special assessment levied for constructing and reconitractliur sidewalks oo Cam erl;e street, coiaud street, and on Wright street, m Canal Trustees* Subdlvl-ton of N.W. s.bec. ILi). It. WonontNo. 799. West—Dated February U 1667. and issued for th» collection of a special aaseasaent levied lor reccastructlns sidewalk on south sldeot Twellth OSlh) street. All persons interested In said above special assess ment* ait reqn’iied to make Immediate payment at tnyoOcc- In default of such payment tbe said aasets xccb-s will be collected at the cost and exponas ot pertetu Uahle therefor. A. U, BEALS, CU? Collector. (Sobtcnmcnt gale. p OVEHEMENT SALE xSeproperty taorrn u the "GOVERNMENT TAB ygftY AND STRAM SAWMILL," Vita KT> rniy.ftva Ad a of iu><L new SAB ANTONIO, TEXAS. BeaitdFr&po?ai*,todopUcate. will be received. ap to the DTit day ol March, 1967, for the purchase cf »a sensot land, imore or less) tfcetner wltn the solid- Inca elected thereon, and tneapponenance* appertain ing. that is to ear: ONET ANNERT.c - n taint n - :welve Sion© Uh« Vita, FLFT i-rWO WOODEN VATS. SEVEN STONE POOLS, and caoable of uaotoz lAtlO hide* per annum; ONE ffTEASi SAWMILL, capable of eawter SJMO feet ot Lumber duly; ONE SMALL STONE BUILbINQ. The above property is ntnated aoont two miles above ban Antonio, on the saa Antonio Elver, and the water is conducted to the establishment by * race of hewn stone laid to ceseru , The land was ptucasedacd improvements made by the late so-ca-led Comeoeraie Ovremtaent, and ar* estimated to hare cc*t 1130.0U1 tn cola. The property nas been under lease lor the year iHCf* at a monthly rent cf *SOO. parable to advance. A se cured title to lee simple will oc siren by the D.S.Uor ernment. _ Ercposals will be marsed “Ifcposal* tor Gorara mat Tannery and SawtaUV* andjSdirrMed to^ Brt. Gen. Ass’t Cca*r Barren B- F.&A-i. Galveston. Texas. gcales. FAIRBAKES’ fST STAIUJABD yir*i. S C .A. LE S ./I. V. oraixems. FAIBBAKES, CBEEBLHAP & rn 226* 238 Lakfrsw Chicago. business (Eatiis. QEbT, HAITKN & ca, Wholesale Commission Merchastt No* 50 MoGaa-Mt^ irdC-eLuO DtgTVKB. COLORADO sJlotos. pLOWS, PLOWS. BOD BREAKING PLOWS and UlrvictfeMcf Stub ble and Double ehcvel Ftova mmmCic:urvd tan or aaleby JoQy DEURHf. Plxoa. miioli. %air Bge. ■OATCHELOR’B HAIR DVE. . xoia spie&dtd Hatz Dye u toe beet Bars.iea*. rebate. ta>tut*m»nr. the otlr Firrett Dye. KodtaeppchtaeaU W* rldlculcne-tlnts. tot true to sarnie. Genclae tiered WILLIAM A. riWrJ - jHebtcatr CAPE Of GOOD HOPE The Hottentots Hats loaf ue4 b u o a xj lor a variety of diaaw. It wfti borrowed from those redo practitioner* byth* Engltih and Batch physician*. on whose rftmrnrnrrsH Uon It was employed in Europe, and has NOW COME INTO GENERAL USE. It 1» glTe& chiefly in Bra Tel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, Morbid Irritation of the Bladdar and Urethra, for Female Weak* ness and Debility, for Fro. lapsus and Bearing Down, or Frelap* > sns Uteri, maBABBS OP TBB Prostata Gland* Retention or Incoaita* cnco of Urine* Abd att dt*eMN foqnlflttg lh« aid o( i dlhfeUd arlelsg Botnwlofsol tune Its Uie parts cutanefbeit lalto«fac«* alloH. it is also fWbditnctoded la caiee ot DYSPEPSIA Chronic lihciiß, Cutaneatw Aflcdlons and Dropsy, ToraretbmmtAMM vetmut brtn* Into aetta* tk* muscles which Are engsgHl in their various (tuwt}oaa» TO NEGUECT THEM, . However alight may be the attack. la sura to affect the bodily health and mental powers. Oar FLESH and BLOOD are supported Cron (bean sources. Persons at every period of lift, Dona Infancy to Old Age, And In every state ot health, are liable to be tahteeto ot these diseases. The cause* Is many instances arc nnsnown. The patient has, however, an e«+TwiTw>s^ remedy in HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract of Buchu, And when taken In esrly.stagns ot the fllsrin. NOHESUFFERTO ANT EXTENT. It allays pain and Leila tarnation. Is Dee from alklnja rlous properties, pleasant tn its taste and odor, and Immediate in Us action. It Is the anchor of hope to the physician, and was always so esteemed by the lata eminent Dr. Physic. The proprietor, with upward* oC THIRTY THOUSAND UNSOLICITED CERTIFICATES And hundreds ol thousands of Uvlae witnesses eflU cnrauye properties, accumulated within fifteen yecra Has not been In the Habit of Se serting to their Publication. Be does not do this Horn the tact ihaljhls reoelt* rank a* standard: THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE PROPPED UP BY CERTIFICATES, THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLUMN, MOULD STAND Simple, Pure and Majestic, Having isct lor lu bails. Induction for Us pillar, end Truth alone tat la capital. His SOLID&ILDID RTRICTS Embody tbe full strength of tbe ingredients of which they aru. nosed. THEY ABE LEFT Ta the Inspection of AIL A READY AND CONCLUSIVE Test of lUeir Properties. wUlbeacompartwa with those set forth ItfKs United, States Dispensatory. these remedies are prepared by H. T. HELMBOLD, Druggist of Sixteen Tears'Experienc*. And we believe them to be reliable: In met we ban never knowefan article molt to meet with a Permanent Success Mr. Helmbold’s Success is cerUlalr Prima Facia Erldenee* Dmg and Chemical 'Warehouse, In tke City of ItowJTezfc* jz. \ ; Ii not excelled, if ensped, by any la this cotmtry, Md He would adrlae rirfeaden what Ttsldn* tbat o clTe Ua a call^djadjp pit tbe^aotnt* y