Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 12, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 12, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago Cribtmc. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13. 1867. THE CITY. Tax Chicago Tim ft Is abasing toe newsboys because they cannot sell that paper in the mbs quantity as toe minors. This ta very absurd In a Journal which professes to believe In free trade. Does the Ttmss want an act of toe Legislature pawed to compel the cewsbori to take more copies of that paper than there Is any public de mand fort That Is toe only way lo remedy toe state of Ihlnga which lbs Times complains of. "Szxas aim nut Duixrr." Bov. Professor Dunn, of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, will deliver a lecture this evening tn the Free Will Baptist Church, corner of Penris and Weal Jack* •on afreet*. Hubjrcl—"Sinai and toe Desert" The Professor has recently returned Iroman On* emal tonr. Professor Dnnn U an tmercsting and paphie speaker, and will afford his bearers a rare Hanxaa Conrca.—the case of special police* man Uinry Feebler, Incarcerated In the Connly Jail, on a Coroner's warrant, for causing “ on* necessarily "the death of Ernst Btachberrer, an Insane man, by shooting him, wa* before Justice Jameson, yesterday, on a writ of Aatsas corpus. Tb* *^“ eoc * upon wnlch ha was confined was heard. It was toe same as that received upon the ooronev’a Inquest It was published In fell on r ilday last. The Court ordered toe discharge of toe prisoner. Tbaixxno Culm or tqx Chicago Scndat Scucol Union.— The fifth session will be held this (Tuesday) evening. In the Prayer Room of the Yoncg Men's Christian Association, commencing at 7H o'clock, Mr. S. H. White, of this dly, will speak open "The Understanding—how u> stimu late It.’* B. F. Jacobs, Esq., is expected to con duct the "Practice Session" upon Matthew xxl., 2S-T2. The very large attendance of teachers last week is an augury of still greater numbers for this evening. Hiccnrs’ Musical Review. —The March nuta- K-r cf tols Interesting periodical will be issued In a few days. It will contain musical intelligence from aB quarters, and sketches, facts and general reading on musical matters. Tbe series of criti cism* upon toe choirs of tola city, which have ex cited great Interest, will be continued. The an nual subscription price of toe Eninc Ic only sev cniv-five cents. Mode copies are sold at ten cents, and can be obtained tor any date at UJg gits’ music store, 117 Randolph street. Pnoxocnxrns.—in another column of this Issue will be found toe advertisement of Mr. G. B. Green, photographer, whose gallery Is located at 3*o. KB Lake street. Ibis gallery h«« become quite a fevortte resort for those who desire good pictures, with unhampered and artistic postures. The proprietor of the citilery has made a redac tion in his scale of charges, w-ich warrants a visit to bis room. Those who aim lo receive a good portrait, as also (hose who desire copies to be made from the work of other photographers at low prices, can scarcely do Letter tb** call upon Mr. Green. Lntxs Mansm.—A thorough use of GrosskopTs Mselc Linen Marker will warrant those who have purchased the article In recommending its gen eral nee. With ink which is warranted to be in dellble, as It ta of a jet black hne, an Impression la given upon the cloth almost equal to that of an engraved card. This article haa claims, because of l:s ntl ity, upon cveryttamily, and as the first article ol lie kind presented for public tavor, we commend It to our readers. The office of the agent of this household friend is in the basement or Millers Block, on the comerof Clark and lian dolph streets. Tttt “Tnavrujofa Busnrxts Gem a.”—This is the title of a new advertising publication about to be hatred In this city, and will probably be one of the bee: advertising ever offered. We need say no more m endorsement than to give the following, which has been signed by J. V. Far well, of 3. V, Farwell A Co.; P. Crumb&ugh, of Richards. Crnmhaogh & bhaw, and 11. M/Boae, of Boss & Goseage: **We have examined the plan of publication of the Traveller’s Business Guide, can eay posi tively that It Is one of the very beat mediums for advertising with which we are acquainted, and would therefore recommsnd It as worthy the at tlon of the business men of our city. 1 * PnesiwraTioir.—'Tester day,on *Cbangc,Colonel J. F. Beatty, Secretary of the Board of Trade, was prevented with a splendid gold-headed cane, •by Ure commercial reporters. J. O. Bore, Esq., President o! the Board, made the presentation speech io behalt ofibe reporters. Colonel Beatty responded in a neat manner. The wood of the cane is from the original Lin coln log cabin. The handle I* of solid cold, beau tifully chased. Upon It la Inscribed: ** Presented to Colonel J. P. Beatty, Secretary ol the Board of Ttade, by the Commercial Reporters on 'Change:** alto the date. Jnet below tne handle la a gold band bearing the Inscription: •‘This cane is made ftoa the original Lincoln Log Cabin.** Tocxt Ccrmix.—Lieutenant Byers, author of “Sherman's Match to Ibo Sea,** who came to Chicago from lowa last summer to take lessons m vocal culture from Professor McCov, at the Opera Bouse, la succeeding well In rcdliog tram but own and other patriotic productions. - “ For all which," save ibe Lieutenant, "1 am deeply in debted lo Professor McCoy, a peifect mosier. In myoplnlon, of the science ana art of vocal cul ture ; and whose brilliant record, bv the way, as an orator in snpport of the late war, I had rather have than to receive from Government the commission of u Major General.** The drummer boy of the Rappahannock, Robert ilenderabot, has began a course of vocal collate with Profes sor McCoy. wi'h a vie v of turning hts talents and fame to account In public. Fina on Stxti Btsuet.—Abont eleven o'clock yetterday morning fire was discovered in a closet in a threc-ilory frame dwelll gat No. 013 State street. An alarm was very soon after rang from box No. 38, but before (be fin was czttn- KB bed there wta an aggregate losa of (I.DW. e building was o*n«d by Mr George Bell, and was not very stnonaly Injured. It wa* Insured sufficiently to cover all 10-e*. iae first floor was occupied aa a saloon, and the second and third il< ties aa a boa:ding Loure,by Mrs . Uook.a wldaw. ed slater of Mr. Bell, llerfmutuire and personal piopeity, as will as that of the boarders, was nearly rained fiv Ihe combined ralda of fire and water. Miss Bell, a slater of Mrs. Cook, lost a quantity of dre»s goods and other valuable per sonal cffefte, upon wblcb there was an Insurance In the .Etna of (tU). Mr*. Cook 1 * property was Insured in the ,tme company for (S2X). As Ihe file originated in a close' wcero there was no sum-, lamp, or other known article which could have occasioned It, lucre Is reasonable sround5 round tor l< lie! that It *as ihe work of an ioceo lary. This suspicion is (hither cor oborated by the lactrhata tew moment, before the fl»e wss discovered a straerer to the premises «r,« seen to leave the building by tbe front door—a man whom none ol tbe Inmates have any lerollectlon of hav ing seen in the home, Very soon after Mrs. Cook noticed the emi-II of burning cloth, and in Ihecuscl, at the hick ol the house, stored with clothing, the flic waa olscorcted. Mixcricnmi or Clocks asp Brass.—Tbe first brass ever manufactured in Illinois was last week turned oat from the works of Ibo United States Clock and Brass Company, which was established In May last, shorn six miles west of tbe Court House, on tbe line of tbe Northwesters Railroad. A piece of this brass, rolled and hand somely engraved was sent yesterday to the Board of Trade, and Is on exhibition In their Session Room. Tbe brass mill boil ring of this company is of brick, <0 feet square, sod nas facilities for the manufacture aoo tolling of one ton ot brass per day. Ibo material for the manufacture or brass, copper, and zinc can bo prepared bore much more cheaply than at any of the Eastern founder! es. Tbe manufacture of clocks is also largely car ried on by this new and enterpri-mg compiny. Two buildings, thirty by one hundred feel eactu ard fonr stories high, have beeu erected, and another oflike size is toon to be added. 'They are wanned oy steam, weU lighted, and supplied w-itn the most Improved machinery. A few clock* fcavc been turned cut and dL«po-ed of, and twco ty-flAc thousand will be ready fordclKery inabout a from date. a village Is springing up about this man ufactory. The company has built twenty-five ten ement!! tor its workmen, aod commenced six more. Tbe forty acres cf land on vvhlcn the works eland, were donated to tbe company, and will be im proved for tbe benefit of the employes. ihe Pm«lflci.t of this Important enterprise Is C. N. Holden. Esq . amt the Secretary. W. A. Giles, or the well-known firm of Giles Bros.. They hare lalrly set in motion a hn-lness which will be ol great value to tbe city, and we trust to those engaged, abo. Sad AcciDEjtT.—An accident occurred yester day. about noon, on Madison street, near the scammon School, which should be a warning to young boys who may chai.ce to hear of it, (or some time to come. Some of the school children were enjoying their boyish sports In the street, and sroonc others Master Harry Arnold, a bright lUtlc fellow of eight yean, whose parents reside at No. HO Monroe street. Two or three of the the hoys were trying the always hazard ous amusement of catching a ride on pasting wagons. Among the rest, Harry at tfii'pu-d it. Noticing a wagon coming op very clo&cly bcolnd. be jumped down from the vehicle he on and rprang out ol the war to the other rallrozd track, where he al'gbtcd ouly to encoun ter a new danip-r. He fell directly in front of an advancing double team, tbe driver of which did cot ffo him, and m It*s than a quarter ol a mlnulc the bones and two wheels of tbe waguo, thr lat:er I csvilv laden with bricks, had passed over him The scene was witnessed by several oyetauders who vainly shouted to the driver, and when the unfortunate tad was at last pierce up. It was with a horrible sickening dretd that tney would find a Itfelea* corpse. Ills Cfcape from death was not only mliaentoua. but bis Ikjßrira are far leas severe than we could bare bcllrvid pvtpiul*. In moe< acute physical pain, Ibe child *as Immediately taken to hie father's knute on Monroe street, where medical aid was quietly procured. It was ascertained that the wheels ol the wagon bad tiavereod the en tire length of nla right leg, breaking one of the bones below the kin e sod so Crashing the other and bruising the flesh as to tsnie eo- Hona tears that amputation will be necce *tiy. Etrauce to say, Che left leg escaped, vzeept that one ot the bones stepped on bis toot, badly Injuring one or two of bis toes. The little sufferer Is pajlug dearly for bis rtst refotta sport. BinoiauT—A* “AnuuT to Matcr.”—Abont half-pul 1 o'clock yesterday morning, I’eier Qiorcr, residing al No. mg stale street, waa awakened fiotn sleep by ibc unpleasant conscious ncsa lhal the hand of tome unseen and unknown person bad soft!/ (oacbid one of bis feet, and tbal the bed clothing ••there or thereabouts” wti In a Mat" ofnervous activity fort moment. Not bring atom of sup-rubious nature, Mr. Ulorer Insitnlly sprang out of bed, w lib the firm belief Uat • substantial into liad cmawfal oc cupation of the premises • end. hearing a slight noire, a« if of retreat, be Cnrrnrd to ti>e kitchen, when all was arm and coin nurd to remain so. Die stillness was of adla msl character like tint preceding the attacks of (he sivbim-s, at described In Cooper's novels Pos sibly »otne diabolical scheme waa being planned whereby he would be suddenly smtKh-tnd, and the enemy would have cumplde possession of tbecasile. Quickly be lit a lamp ana etamtned the klicbm. Under each chair, nnder the Uhls, bpblnd the stove. In the wood box, them was niillunp. With the full conviction that liters wa* still a mystery, if not a man, Mr. (Mover relucl sully “rave up the ghost* —lf ghost It wti, and returned to the timing room. As tie was pivMiß through lie glanced •boot (he room, and was somewhat snrprlsed to nolne am-bjert lying closely aptlnsl (he wall In fine cun er, widen he did nut remember tu harp iHiltred there In his previous familiarity with (he piemlsf s It looked itiadowy and im-uhManllal. and plscliiL’ the lamp on a chair he went tu il and HrfcHl. lot* “ d It” which was resjuinded by (he object on (he floor, efluided Mr. (Mover mu eh saMsls-tHm. Tbs ghost was •» Intd ••—against (he wall, lie said his name was Archibald MpN -iI and dial hewasiltmik and did nol know how he r tine Ihrie, and that he lived in llrldgsporl, lie appeared (o have Item sufficiently sohe- to scale a sla fool fence, and hurst a wooden Intlion ttom (he kill i pimlooi lo gain admission I" Urn hun«e< As Mr< (Mover wae quite tin*wll (lei wilhMCNeaPs ai«|en>stil of lbs iita*(ei, he handed him over to a (lolhch'Sh. Ilsfoie Just Ire nillllrvaiil, tss'pfdav irooHl-p. (he prta-'tier «*■ pumlned oh Uie« haftfe id i»lMHlsfy,Shfl Itehllo l>al< 1(1 the sum uf |J,MP fot a fiilthrr healing Ihisfnofhltig, Mi. John )uilbg.wh»sm saloon at Nn.liuta dlana avenue was some day* as»* I vt muney and a want. Wnittfl ffod Ida wife «fie asleej., and t artly aiuprnwl aMtirhlninform lhal hsd(>een anmlnutcrprt, recognUM in MpNaat a i-llow w|.« had been loafing about hi* premises (i.r soon-days previous itiilm robbery, |l« waa he'd In KI.&UJ bad ” upon -this oouim.” COMMON COUNCIL. Charter Amendment*--(Jarman In the Public School*—retrolenm Stor age-Dock Lints—For Springfield, A regular meeting of the Common Council vu bold last evening. Prcacnl-HU Honor the ? vor ’ ? U>c chair, and Aid. Knlckoibocker, WDm “ u >- U*lklM, K.nn, «?' r,, vMoore, •'Chuler, Prl»ble. UaiTerty ral* s^sHsysssM S oved * teeonaldaratlon of the wblch tb® resolution of Aid. Clark, charter by placing Use Fire Depart “SVSiSf decontrol of ibe Connell m loot __t°. e .“ 0 ,. lo reconsider prevailed, and toe ro Ijdcff bad, the resolution nasrod. I* 1 * 1 too City Coonael shall draft an amendment to cover Ifae l* ro J tcl ' 11,0 n»olm«on The Board of’Education aubmUled a report in reaponae to Aid. Ta»cott’« resolution In relation to leaching (»erroan In the public schools. The docu ment was placed on flic without bring road. A communication Has received irons toe Board oi Police asking that watchmen be appointed for the cupola of the Conn House, to striae toe hours and Arc aiarms. Referred lo the Committee on Police. A petition was received from toe Chief of Police asking the vacation ol Market street as a nay market for toe use of express wagons. UeftUTca to toe Committee on Si roots and Alleys. An ordinance was presented to allow the Pius* burgh. Fort Wayne and Cnlcago Hallway Com* Pany to erect a storehouse lor shipments of petro leum, Ac., at their depot on Twelfih street atm Stewart avenue. Referred to the Committee on Fire and Water, A report was received from toe Committee on Fire and Water In response to a resolution of Alderman D’Wolt, In relation to the occupation of the South Side Reservoir lot, the snbsta ce of which was that the lot la not now needed for use, and belonging lo the dey toe lots have bccu used tor the benefit of the city. The report was placed on file. The same committee reported adversely to the petition of toe Merchant*' Express Company to be allowed to erect wooden building* within the fire limits. Report concurred in. The Committee on Judiciary reported in rcla uon to the ordinance proposed by tbe Uackmen's union, regulating the fares upon backs. The or dinance of toe CooncU provides that the following rates may bo charged: Each passenger from depot to depot, 50 cents : for a distance not exceeding one mile. 60 cents; over one mile and not exceeding two miles,ft.DO; each additional passenger, SO cents; one passen ger twomlles and over, $1.50, and each additional passenger 50 cents; for each child between five .and fourteen years of age half fare, and no charge for those nnder five years of age. to be charged per day $8; and by toe hour for tbe first hoar 12, and tat each subsequent hour sl. Be tween 11 p. m. and 7n. m., per trip, $3 Is to be* charged, and one-horse vehicles arc allowed to charge half rates. The ordmaace was ordered to bepuhllehed. The Committee on Streets and Alleys ortho Weil Division reported an ordinance for grading and m seeds mix Lag West Jcfferton street, between Fulton and Hubbard streets. Passed. The iepon of toe Committee on Harbors and Budges In relation to (be establishment of toe dock line of toe Chicago River at two bond'ed feet of width, as pubheosa In the Tsibcss Janua ry 30to last, approving the recommendation of toe Boaid ofPnblic Works so to establish tbe tines proposed, was concurred m. A resolution was pnsen’ed by Aid. Blxbv re questing hia Honor tbs Mayor to proceed to toe Capital to urge tbs passage of the charter amend ments proposed by me Council. Aid. Clark moved, as a substitute, that the Mayor and one Alderman from each aiviaion of the cUy be appointed as a committee to proceed to oprugfieldtonrge toe passage ol toe charter amendments matured by this body. Thei substitute was adopted, and Aldermen Car ter, Btxby and Shacktord were selected a commit tee lo stlend him. The Consol then adjourned. IN SEAKCHOF A FATHER. A Lotc History and a Carious Predic ament—A Child With bntOne Parent* A case, rather novel In its complications, wta dedded on Saturday by Justice Stnrcevant, after having mu the gauntlet of one or two other offices where justice is dispensed, without record. Ibe evidence adduced at different times la to the fol lowing effect: Agnes Evans was a young widow In May last, and came to this city at that time, taking board at No. SS West Washington street. Soon after her arrival she became acquainted with Jndaon P. Eemay, a man of abont twenty-four summers, then in tbapmploy of Walker A Bro., Nos. 31 and 30 West aahimjton— next door to the place where the blooming widow resided She used to watch for bis appears*, cc, and walk away with Mm afier ibe labois of the day were closed, and he, ure lorn, w ould wait on her to some of the places ol amusement which abound in our city. Tbeynsaj occasionally logo elsewhere, to places where no prying eye conld watch them, or ear listen to the ulea ot love and mutual plighting* of one and the I air. So swiitly did the coons ot true love ran that within seven weeks fiom the time abe first saw himshc was under engagement to board with aim, and Urns avoid the trouble of walking about the streets in order to enjoy each other's society The wedding was arranged to take place In July, and the widow commenced her muliiurloas prep arations for the happy event. Alas (or human felicity. The wedding was first delayed; then abandoned. Eamay tola the lady that he could not marry her, as be was uturie to support a wife. Ibis plea waaTkccepted »» valid, though the lover claimed to be an invalid, and the acquaintance was continued, she, peruana, hoping that the difficulty would be removed, aud that their two hearts could yet beat as one. Per haps this was tbe motive, though there are tome who think that Esntay was only waiting for an op portunity to get tid of her, auo that she In like manner was looking round for a reason to part company from the being she loved too well, if not wisely. The end at lasi came, or rather the end of ihat section, for in a subsequent chanter the loves were again taken up and the results chron icled. homo time In November, a young mao named Matllgan or Maddlgan, a fellow-workman with Eamay, saw tbe widow and fell madly lo lore, iwo or three weeks sufficed in this cave also to bruic into cxlitence the 101 l fledged cherub which points to tbe Qymmcsl altar, sod lo this ca<c without disappointment in the pieo-laea, though iho disappointment was severe enough in too eequel. They wtre mauled on the Aral of De cember, and the new couple moved to Dlxoc, l-oc Conn y, to reside. All went happily tor a Urn wciks. the two were Mossod In each other's love, when ibo destroying angel hovered around the pair and the union was dissolved in an Impromptu manner. Thciude hand which sundered tbe hippy pair was core other than last of tbe righiftoi Jura. Msddlzan, who bad come on from tbe bast, and Ihtn lirat found that her lord was a bigamist, l ike ]>ob Ctcrar. tbe last eoaaldeiauon decided him: Uc departed at once and leu the *rue and the p-t-ndo At re. Maddigaus u» sett], the lutle did], cully. The former triumphed, and Mrs. Maddlgan Lumber (no left the fortress in possession of tbe rtirmy. came back to Chicago, and railed on her old tlatce. tie was not unwilling 10 renew the acquaintance, and the two were oucc more on friendly t»rms. lint J'xnay still did col want to marry her. When asked to do ro, he flatly related. Mrs. Evans, since Mrs.Uaddigan, wou'd-bo Mrs. Eemay, was In a sirttcht way. She was to a queer way, in an awkward way; also In another way which it is not necessary to describe more plainly (has to say that it was the res’ot of one o! her alliance*—wo know not which—others uonbud. And bete was the bone of contention. She tried to convince Ktmsv that be was a father, if not a husband. Hu railed to see tt, and point ed to iladaican, who, havum been a reputed hutband. war the most proper man to pitch on ns the putative father. sbe thought that perhaps Justice Snts would look at the case from her point of Tiew, nndaled heiore olm. But the EsmavdW not believe In SUts’Justice, fearing perhap- ibai It had something tn common with a tliz bath—not particularly agreeable in cold weather. !le look a change or Ttnnc before JufUceSturictant, by whom It was decided that av ibe complainant had voluntarily mimed Mad dlgan she bad oebairod hersell from the power to sue Efmay for Ibe enp; ort ol her chUd. To the objection that Maddlgan not, aod never was, ber hnsbatid, the Court held that he had nothing to do with it She had married Maddl~a't In good fstib. and by that act had left Esraay flee. The position In which Ihe mother la left by this d< cielon Is ap. collar o*.e. Maddlgsn is not her husband, and therefore t ot the adopting father. Eemay Is not allowed to assume the privilege* of sj anklpg ana paying which have pertained to the paternal office from time Immemorial. In other words the child has no father, and in future years may rove the world over w ith worse prospect of flt-dmg him than bad Japhet him«eif. People hare grown into ihe b«l!eC since the age ol miracles passed away, that a child must have a father as udi as a mother, it seems that ss Dr. Jobrso’, tala lo the nun seller who urged in ex tec nation of bis conduct, that he must live—“there Is BO occasion for Ik” Let us hope that the care w HI cot be taken at antecedent, or a&.Amlnidab Sloth might say—all sorts of babies may Du burn, of all sorts of moihera, in all sorts of ways, withont father*. Tbe mother Is to be pilled; the child to be com mb elated: the father to be fonnd. The only chance we see for her Is to get married to some me else, and for It, to claim parentage from the father of fats country- BUUTAL STABBING AFFRAY. PromUenotu Use of the Knife—A Don* Ceroua Wound, Another brutal stabbing aflray, arising, appa rently, from no particular cause except an exces sive indulgence In strong drink, occurred about tec o’clock on Sunday night In Mrs. Murray's sa loon at (be southwest corner of Adams and Wells -ireets. Ayonng man named Robert Brennock entered Ibe saloon. He had bten there bat a few minutes, when two met, came in named WU :tam Hart and John Kartnaugh, bo'h uf whom wet e somewhat Intoxicated sod constd rrablyquarrelsome. Tbe Ihne men mentioned crank together, «fter which there was some dts ptit®, about the amount of the score and who -Louldpayit. Abnurr aod Insulting language was ftecJy Inda’gcd In, and it only required a lew moments time ter tbe exchange of blows. It be ing a free combat one or two others look a band Ir. and the mtlrc party were ordered out of tho •aloon. Hart had conceived a sptciat animosity ■Jtkipst Brennock, ami challenged him to flgnt. In w bat manner Urennock accepted It, or who struck ibo first blow, has not been definitely *tmtainea« hot in a lew moments Bren nock was seriously stabbed in tho groin with a i-ockct knife. That the combat was not single is vvKlcutcd by tbe (act that Hart received an ugly cut In tbe band, and Ravatiaugb's lace bears the trtees of three dldinct wounds. IVrhaps conscious thst their share lo thp sanguinary af *r»T b«c*> rather hazardous to their personal liberty, the two men. Hart and Kavanaugh, lm mediately fled from tbe stmt. Half an hour later officers llagerman and bwansoo airested them JnM as they were retiring to bed In a dwelling *lt..aled on “Shin Dol.o'* alley, not far from tbe trenoof (heir bloody encounter. Upon tbs floor of the house Ihe officers fonnd a pair of brass knuckles. The two prisoners were bronchi before the Police Coort, ynterdav morning, for examination Hrcnnock was unable lo appear against (hem. A physician present icallfled to bl« condition. It was elated that be waa slabbed with pome sharp Instrument in the rtolti, though to wbtl depth rnuld not be readily ascertained. Jhc wound was abonl theo-fourttn of an Inch long, wim a slight irolnlieranco from II of adipose tlasne. There waa little lirtmnoirhtga. Ilm doctor waa finable to say uhat ti s remit might be, bnt upon riming Ibe patient, yesterday morning, bu found bltn in rather an unfavorable rendition Hart and Kav anangh were held to ball In 19.0C0 each, for further examination ten days hence, charged with an assault witli a deadly weapon. Ksvat inch la said to he one of the atms parties who were arrested fur Mot. some monies ago, near the corner ol Hells and Adams atresia, at (he time a number of men assaulted two or three offl ccta who were fakirs one or two of their com- I auluua tu (be Armory, Tni iTmouo Faih.-A commutes of five was aelNled tail evening from the audience prevent *1 the Catholic Fair, on the comer uf Vau Buten sited aid Fourth avenue, to designate an appro prills recipient for a handsome cane. They re ported the names qt ala clergymen aa worthy candidates for (he honor I Hev. lir. tintlercna Mev. P. J. ttoirs. from the North IMvlgiooi Hev. T. Halllganantl llev. K, Wild'tvi, Ifom Ibe Bomb Nvlsion, auu Hev. Falber liatnen and Very Hev. lit. Dtilihe, (rout the We«l Division, the nletnia of eacbol (lieae eehlletiten areitivlied tocoms, and by casting their vole , lodlcale their appiecu 'iuboi lheir clergy. l.Atuant as Atidethuil waa bimight before Jnsdce Mlttlhso yeeierday filler hhiu, chargid with larceny as bailee. It appear ed lhal, acting for ft dealer ai No, a>u Clark aireel, l a had delivered a gallon of cherry brandy, worth |9. to aumhar wit', to whom ne owed aaveniy «sills, and had failed to reiuru Hie balance uf Hip p.rvp duilara to hla employar. lia was bald fur milAat eaamlnailoß ims aifornoou In ball ol iwo. NEW COURT HOUSE. PROPOSED NEW COURT HOUSE. City and County Kcquircments—Pro .press—Plan of New Building* by Mr, Gindele-A Mapniflccnt Dcsipn. Tbe question of Court House accommodations for the offices ot toe etty of Chicago and Connly of Cook, has been long in abeyance, and is now a problem aa difficult of solution as over. Tr.e Committees of Conference representing the Com mon Council and Board of Supervisors, have been charged with their duties for some numb*. Lot so far no decision has been arriv-d n. The nearest approach to a movement looking to a ter mination of too difficulty, was made yesterday af ternoon at a meeting of toe County Committee, at which U was resolved to ask toe Legislature for authority to borrow money with which lo bur ont the city. 4 We have already stated the case in full, and need therefore only recspltoiate. The present Court House Square is the sole property of the county, endwas so deeded as that it cannot be conveyed away from the county, or used for other than pub lic purpose. ibe old building, with the addi tions made since, cost about three hundred thous and dollars, the amount being paid in the propor tions cf eight dollars by the diy to every thirl eon dollars by the county. The share of the cilv was therefore about one hundred and fifteen thousand dollar*. The present value P f , the building la perhaps equal to Ite first coat, as although this structure is worn, the fint cost of such a building would now bo fully double thatfigure. The leading idea naa hitherto seemed to be that Le city should vacate, finding quarters ehewbere: leaving ihe county In the lull possession of ibe present square and buildings. A plan has how ever been prepared by J. O. Glndele. Esq , which if carried out will probably keep both acts ol officers loprther till the city and county become one, and there be no furlberneed for separate do main or field of action. This, however. Is not cs-en'ial: the plan contempts ea the possibility LLc entire occupancy of the new building by the ■ftie project Is to purchase the four blocks bounded by Madison, Market. Adams and Wells Mre. being 8W feet from north to south, and ptu from cast lowest. In the centre the building iw located—lUU foci I vug trom north to ai.d JSSleet in oxlrem-s Mfltb of main ur d Mega, the three being connected by namwerrtrctchca about 110 feet In width. The LAW INTELLIGENCE, The Circuit Court was not yesterday In session, and there were no new suits commenced there. Betorc Chief Justice Wilson Ihe objections to dty assessments are still on hearing. following order* were made by Justice A?kcn vs. Grand Trunk Railroad Company, of Canada. New trial granted- Beckwith va. McGinnis ct al. Judgment on default foi (109.85. Eaton vs. Walker. New trial denied, and ap peal taken. Hanson ct al. va. Higgina; impleaded, Ac. Judgment for debt (S,OUU. damages (3.820.78. Kambone vs Slrcuell. Judgment (1C9.1G. ve. Bradley. Be ft alt and Judgment Bean et al va. Daley. On trial. In tbe Chancery branch the divorce case of Van Horn against Van Rom, came up on a motion lor an extension of time to aoawcr the supplemental hill, the motion was sustalued. The new suits in this Court were: Motion And reouvs. Edward J. Newball. Re plevin for household furnlmre. JohnM. French el ah va. Joseph IL Jones et al. Ti espus. Damages laid at ISO,(XX). W. I lil ct al. v*. Mli fiael HtmbrochL Assump sit. Damages laid at (300. ItuelMarrvr. the unknown heirs of Morgsco, au Indian. who originally had fcl- wigwam in this county. Toconfliui thoullcln the south half ol er'lou 27. T 3d N., It. 11 F.. Grover &■ Baker's Sewing M icoluc Compaup vs. "ardiord E. Lee. Aseutnpsii, (500. the criminal business ot the Recorder's Court was as follows: Wllham Howard, forgery. Plea of not t-uilly. Duncan Gondcllck, larceny. Ilea of no* guilty. Msriiu Jennings, arson. Verdict of not guilty. Edward W. Ed« -ids ai.d Cnuard Ga-dne>, In tention to procure a miscarriage. Plea of nut CWiIT as to l)r. Edwards Michael Ueflle and James lltll, larceny. Ver dict of notmllty. Patrick Shinn, ssrault with a deadly weapon, bubmitledtotbe Jury afflUaKfllKATM. Mubsck.—Tbe cow drama, entitled the “Hu guenot Captain.’’ was presented for tbe first time I si evening »o avert full houfc. The character id tbe play is somewhat akin to that of tbe Duke's a.U o, alihourb It Lae no superiority over that .l ama except In the mattei ot brevity, it Is not deheta-t in imereti, the story Is lomautlc, and some ot the situations highly effective/ but be crnclntioti is rather abrupt and lame. Meters. Aiken, Dillon and McManus -cd Mrs. Barry, Jennie Eight and MU* Alice llollaort have the principal rolet % aid each of t cir nsrta were acceptably rendered. The play wilt br repeated this evening. WcVicmai’e Theatre,—Mr. J. K. McDonough msde bit flrstapptaranee last evening In tee play °i H l ' “Long btrike,” a Manchester awry of domestic life yery well diama ized. It was piesemrd 'in excellent style, with new sccner;, and was received by tbe audience with i**cal approbation. Ur. McDonough absorbed tw o of the Lest pans In ihe play, “Noah Learoyd” and “Moneypenny ’* both ol wnich he rendered with acceptance. The scenery Is very effective, particularly the telegraph scene and the view of Uancnester. The same bill la repeated to-night. Kobiksok ai ducts.—ihit popular place or re sort opened the week last evenke with an exhlbl tion ot eqnestncmem, such as basnoi been vouch safed to the people ot Chicago In tome yean. James Robtnum, the bareback rider, made his bow to the audience and was rapturously ap plauded. HU nnapproachaole feats should be witness! d by every one during the abort term of bis stay. tSKAnKa TonwAHzsr.—Thaws always seem to come tt the wioig time. There are not a few (air ones who devote a considerable portion of their time to ekatonai sports, who think thaws never wipbt to come at all. To them a perpetual frost would be a perpetual paradise, and an earth all covered with rmooth ice, with trees dropping Macmillan Club Skates, would be a more accept able heaven than anything ever pictured In the Kcvelnilons. Yesterday It thawed terrloly. and the south wind blew powerfully mild, making the prospects of a gala day at the Washington none of the brlgbtr si. In «utc of the fresh weather, however, tbe great American skating tournament was a success. Ibo Washington Park nas covered with specta tor?, and u the wind was too strong aod the ice too mccbcnt np to sCbrd the best of sport lor thtnn, all the more Interest was concentrated upon the contestants within the Hog. Tbe contest was lor prizes amounting In valno to a thousand dollars. Yestcidaythe ladies, and afterwards the boys, competed, and to-day (be tournament will bo closed by a contest for girls and gstuiemen skaters. A spacious enclosure was marked offal tbe south east comer of the park, ami within that the Ice was comparatively etroo’h and unbroken. About three o'clock tbu ladles entered tbe lists, and the lonrnamiui began to the tnne ot the bU Pan] waltz, tbe only melody one ever bears upon ice. 1 be contestants were Ulss Lily Elliot. Miss Nellie Dear, Mias Louisa Toble and Ulss Tillio Leonard, four of the most skilful skaters in the city. Miss Tobie and Miss Dean have just relumed from a visit to Detroit and Mtlwan k«c, where they have been i sth-rlng laurels and delighting the natives. The ladies were accom panied by Powers, Martino and other profession al*. in concert with whom they performed a series ofgtarelnl evolutions. Ihe wind, however, was veiymoch against them, and prevented the lair competitors from baring a good chance to show their skUL Miss Billot and Miss Ne’lie Dean appeared most to attract the attention of the spectators. The former is exceedingly graceful ami easy in all her tuovi menls, but Miss Nellie is undoubtedly ahead ol htr lu all kinds of figure skating, and If the warding ot Ihe prize had been lento the audience the would cerlaimy have bees adjudged the vic tor. The Judges wne at tome loti to decide be tween the two. Tbe Out prize—a gold watch or awatdeo to MUs Elliot, and the second prize—*lo —was given to Miss Dean. .Mm Toble srd Mlsa Leonard both acqnltted themselves sdmltably, and their performances were much admired. The contest between boys then took place. A large number of competitors entered the ende mic, moetot whom gradually nve way, leaving the contot with four—Willie Brown, James Bow en. Harry Allen and Chatlle Hatch. A very ex cellent exhibition was given by rheae young gentlemen, all of whom are promising skaters. 'Jbe first price ms awarced to W*title Drown, and the second was carried oil by Jitneaißowen. This alternoon the toamament will be contin ued, and aa we may look for something extraordi nary from <be gentlemen who are lo compete, the park will be crowded. B*xx or Pxws.—Last evening the aale of slip* In the New England Congregational Church wn* held In (be audience room of tbe new church, comer of White and North Dearborn street*, 'the attendance was no! large, neither did the aale of alius equal In prlee the valuation made by the church society. The following la a complete account of Ibc aale of the Aral twelve choices: ettnreb Choice Pnrthiser. Price. Pew, Valna’n. 1. Col, C.O. Hammond.... tl.iou tu ft,uw ». E. w. IMatcbfUß] I,wo M louo 8. Cot. c. o. Hammond... . l.ico 6ti low 4. H W. Hlatehtord I.uuu 01 fi,ou> 6. (icofge 11. Carpenter raw ot i,&cn 0. 8.8/itll«a UJO wv 1,000 7. A. P. Kelley «W to i.nuu 8. u. I). Ureen no n i.too 9. W. U. Bradley ... TOO P 7 i,iw lu w B. Haimdem ino m 11. Ivtaab Usrrtl 160 89 |y. Hllliam Dickenson .... luo 89 900 Tl r church valuation uf ibe pews was made at such rates as lhal ibe sum total would < r(iial (he tosiul (he chmcb and furniture, loeeiher with fifteen thousand dollar* aa the value of the lota. DtflAmAttANOtt ARP IHrrt'ha.-On Tuesday bight lasi Francis 11. Holt, a milkman, residing at Me. 941 Ewing stree*, suddenly and mysierluu*ly d)*appeaied. Aner Wing alwetil a day ana a bight, to Hie great atattn or tilt family, be reltiitied safe at d sound, but without anf. ree<*Hertlok of hi- tohoitlnb ut lotilluti dining (ne interlin. Il is thought that he waa kboched d>wn, drugged •Hi leu insensthfa. Hits ort'lirrenee prohahly gave rise Ur lha aiory HtfiteveMWtf i*aprr yesirrJay tbal a man had ptysiertdttsiy dtaappsaied wlbi rotiaidarabia itumey ;p lus bpssvesimt. and lhal hla dead Irmly, e*.v.rvd with wounds att’i hruUea, had been dfs., cuvpirn In a barn In lha northweaipni part uf (na city. Humor ol(«u grows to gigauUc prupoilltua How a very sleuderluondaUon. height to be three stories besides the basement, lh* floor of tbu latter bring elmott even with the ground. This would give ample room for all toe courts, the Common Council. Boards of Public Works, Supervisors and of Education, and toe aiy and county officers, including toe Health and Police Departments. rJ.S ls fu , n A* r {loosedl lo set off a apace of elgh.v feellnwldti all around toe square, which with toe exception oi toe break for au avenue of ap proach In toe ceotre of each side, shall be leased for business oarpon-3 for a term of years. Thera wonldthns be au entrance to tbe Coart House directly facing ibe end- of Monroe ana Franklin sirecte. Ibe space between the Coart House and toe bmlncA# buildings would give ample room for ornamentation, including a doable row of frees half a mile in ier gth, and a fountain lid each corner. * ihe estimated expense ta 12,700,030, allowing one and a half million.. for the ■•ol.dme, and the palai.<% for ine land. Or if the county should not think it adylaahle to join io the undertaking, the central building would be smaller, aud the cost *«*• ,Ift however, the coatiysboal'i join the city, Mr. Ginocle then proposes to make of the present CoursllonfOE polytechnic institute, and to ear round It with business hoTdluga in the same way as the n»w pla'. it would cite loriy-eight lots, each twemy-rwo lect front, the rental of which at present rate.-' would be •*nonnons Mr. Glndelc estimates that the lease of the bust nes.« loi» would, in twenty-three years, return money enough to pay the entire cost of the land and public buildings, and this ovci and above .ho an.ount needed lor interest on the prime cost: In ether words, that In twenty-three years the city ai.rt county would own the entire ma< Tnifl centlol, Mia its improvements, without one cent of co»u If, at the end of that dme, the whole of ■he land should he required by the people for the use of these officers, it conld be so taken, while. If not needed for public purposes at that time, the rentals would yield a handsome revenue. He furthermore stales that a company rtandsready to take hold of the matter and pat it through on the above basis without any cost to tnecily. The above ent shows the situation aud relative proportion of the proposed building to the vquarc. At the top Is Madison street. Adams •meet runs along ’ho bottom, while Monroe street ren- midway into the east and west sides of ine square, wnlch are lined by .Market and Wells streets. The dots show the location of trees; the circles In the corners indicate the situation of tonnuins. The distance Inside the reservation of 83 feet wide, I- 7U) fee.' from north to south, and SCO feet from east to wot. The entrances will be midway in the four or Inclpal laces ol the build i?P* diiecily opposite the avenues, which arc con tir.nation* of the intcraedii’g street!-. BANK HODBEUB. A Delegation on the Way to Chicago. Informallonbas just been received In this dty that a number of beak • robbers, who have been plying their business In the Eastern dtles, have left with the probability of coming West. The favorite and most successful ‘plan ta that of drawing "plica of notes or currency through the wire-work or the windows of ibe tellers* coun ters by means of hooked wires. Some of the Eastern banks were obliged to prelect their couu ters by extra gratings, which make the thler- Inp operation much more Uauie to detec tion. Jn one case lately a wire thief had drawn a packsgo of bills nearly through the grating when no was observed. Many bank tellers are in the habit ol being too careless In placin'” funds within teach. Their windows often have no side protection, so that-«ben the toller's back is 11 ,B “ot difficult for an ordinarily akiltul thief to reach through and, cither with the band or an Instrument, draw the rich prtae and decamp without detection. Uubota few cays since wo narrated the bold robbery of one hnntlred thou rand dollars in Flve-Twcnty hoods from the btnking house ol Leonard W. Jerome, Now lork, by this simple operation. It Is ollv to ho wondered at that snch cares do •■ot occur oftcuer. Occasionally In some bank* only one peison la left behind the counter, and hU aUcstloii Is too easily diverted to make the Icat Impossible Tbe ratlings should be made high, aid with small internlces, and the window* thoroughly protected for a considerable distance from the front of ibe counter. A Imle ozncndl • me in iho way ol protection may save from great osv, ana It will be well even then to keep a sharp lookout for tbe light-Ungcred gentry. * 1 1 Chicaoo UonnctrLTUtiAx. Bocizrr.—An ad journed meeting of this Society wa» held yester day afternoon in ibo office of the Prairie farmer, comer of Lake and Welle street*, for the par pose of bearing ibe report of tbe Committee appointed to diafl a Constitution, also to com plete the organization of the bodely. The Committee, through ittolr chairman. Sir. Kdgar banders. submltUd a oraft of Constitution and By-law*. i "‘•t lilutlpn nioTian Ihit tbe name of the sodet; shill bo the “Chicago Horticultural society.'* and states that the object of the organ i/AtiOD it * tu piotnole Horticultural taato and cub tme. AI o, u provides for (be Tatlous officers, thelrdutie*>, Ac On tiioUco of Uou. J. V. Scammon tbe Constl luiioii wa» adopted by each person present al"n a g bis name thereto, " uu motion oi Ilea. A. U. Dolton, tbe Society proceeded to the elector of officers. 1 The chair appointed tbe following gentlemen Jo make Messrs. A. 11, Dolton, Samuel Muir, F. Sntzer, John Blair, and L, p! fcanman. * Ibe ccntiDlltee rrportefl tie following, who were elcned unanimously: •iTrtid/nr—3. Y. Scammon. L ice I'irmieni— Edgar banders. Trtatvur—B. D. Emery. CcrrtsjvndtKa *'crttaiy—C. D. Bragdon. /itcmaU-c S/crrScuy —H. a. Meets. J.lpjcrfan—ll. Lombard. R. Kunize, John Blair, and P. Sttlzer. ihe Society numbers twenty-three members, and It is expected to increase this number largely Jbf roeeiltg adjourned nil Wednesday, when an address win t-e delivered by Mr. Scammon. Goucr ok TzwpzßAJtctu—The announcement that John B. uonvh would deliver his celebrated lecture on temperance last night, was sufficient to fill the Opera House with an immense and appre ciative audience, which the eloquence, wit and I athos of the speaker swayed lo silence, laughter ord tears. On no other theme bs* Mr. Gough so mneho. powtrandefleo as on that of temper ance, for the reason that be has felt in his own person the horrors of the drtmkatd’a experience. Tbe lecture was In the tualn the one which has been oner derivered here, but It was diversified by some new thoughts and anecdotes. The old story of tbe lesifn) power of strocir drink will low relateO and listened to mac? times. w??. C A e 2 rl l ll,J .v lir^, J rioa S h gradual course of the dr.nkcr down the sliding *cale of rulo, the shame fully debased cocdUlon ot the Inebriate and the utclfhcdncss Intpcsed upon all around him, were vividly poitrajed, while tie fact that no one Is so low that he Is not a man and can not be enconr ageo to rra»on upon relormatlon, was lllastntcd In Lis own case. It October, isS. whin he was twenty-five years old. as he walked the streets of » Mcnaivas, degraded, hopeless la,rt , h * o , a , on hi* shoulder at d called him a man and led him np from ruin evctt one, the lecturer said, baa an Influence; it may hens mighty as was this unknown friend’s, and he begged them to use it for the right aod to help destroy ibis terrible curse of the world strong drink. Intoxication at the National Capi ’?» In for s strong hit, and the •• poor old rub. rune, was not forgotten. P*bjcbt. —A remarkable Instance of the reck lessness with which some people testify In Couits ofJaHlce,mttwiihßnmmary retribution yester day afternoon at the Police Court. On Friday night, at Omalis's saloon, at No. IM North Market street, Thomas Garvey* while drinking with some soldier frieuds, conceived the Idea that a man named Patrick Urahan had taken some eftauge from tbe counter belonging to him, (Garvey i, and be Immediately spoke to him on tbe subjeet. This was the beginning or a mn#» between them, which recalled in Garvey’s pushing Grahan against the counter and punishing bis eyes with his lists until Onhaa could scarcely see ids way home. When the man's eyes were sufficiently recovered to permit him to see bis way to a Justice’s offlee he pro cured a warrant for Qarvey’a arrest, aod the latter w»a taken yesterday afternoon before the Police Court. Urartu testified (bat the aesanlt was non* unprovoked on hts part, and that Garvey threw him to the floor, kicked him, drew a re volver on him, and threatened to uVe bis life be fore he would let him up. Uc called four or fire mmerees to substantiate his statem* rls. Cmalla, the saloon keeper, John Ploy, Joseph i.sntrv, and one or two others, all called by rirs nso, testlfli d lo the statement first given, bat bad no recollection of any kicking, any drawing of a revolver, or try threats (against OrahtnTs life. All v ere present during Ihe occurrence, and be lieved that If anything of tbe kind had transpired they would have seen tod bean It What powi ble motive prompted Graham to swear to so much that was false, and all easily controverted by his own *!lre*se», cannot readily be imagined. The res nil was (bat Garvey was fined Iff aod Orabaa hail of ! fM0 ,W f ° r trl * l 00 a ctJU * ls ° r P ef J or l» I* Botrn Cricaoo Pahs.-A meeting ol eltlaens Interested lo the Booth Chicago Park movement waa held yesterday afternoon In Parlor No. 1, Tremnot House. There were present Messrs. Btoas, Bcammon. Haddock, Patrick, Botsford, Ipttle, Wllion, Ufln, Hoyne. Denaiow, Rlnbark. Clark, Hallrer, Monroe. Bmlth, Cornell, Derby. Smitori Ward and Eastman, ilepreacntallve Tay lor and others. ’ 1 bones Cbnrth. Ksn., was appointed Chair man. and Charles L. WPsnn, Etn., HecreUrr. On a call from (he (yialr.Uealrt.aai Uoveraor Droaa staled the object ol ibe meellng briefly, and explained the tenor of tbe hill (No. 1,081), bow pending la the Uglalalore. Itetuatka for and agaioit the bill were made by Messrs, (leorge It. Clark, John V. Bcammon, T. llotna and P. U Cornell, tokmel Ueurge It. Clark offered the following t Aeipfrerf, That it Is the sense of the parties prevent at (hla meellng that the proposed park shall N‘ bounded on (he weal hy ludlana avenue, and shall be either a rquaie or a parallelngram in form, and shall not extend north of Douglas place oo* somh of Junction avenue. * The inotnm was laid on the table. Bcjcral ndnnr ametdmetiis were ntopo«ed lo •he bill as uubtUhed lo the TmiVNfi, and ac cented. On ttolloh. Ibe bill a« amended waa recoin* mended u» (he tsclslaloie for Ha adoption. The meeting then afljmi.ned. Ppm* Hoaaißifta.—Aboui four o'clock yealer day afternoon two young insn came Into (ha jew elry store of T. H. Pwaim. No. 119 Bite island ave nue, e here no one was preavni but a Hula girl only swan iadrs old, and Plghioning her Info •HaPCf, took lha anltra alock of wafohaa which hung lu ihp wih'luw for rapalr. and deeawpaa ■ wiihiham. lha child give# a itMArtpifon of the • yMlj.g vlllatus which may possibly aid in bridg ing ibam in jn»|lca. * Abonl two mouths agotba aame tUirajMfM tcrod In t similar macncr, while boamvii «*•.»( foorn-tiche. .U«, to Mr. bwblb ha,been exerting himself.aSadany- In*bu lunllj nrnij «rnifotu-ii. r turln. ll.i "" «««p«r o*7. n»htd Jtut b.e“ibli u ay for the U.t witch when Utla oocond daaurdlv heft 1. continued, Th. detective, who werjen -I'lojrd on tte ent ooMilon did not edeet in? dli. .uvcilr. It la hoped that thoj mat ho more aucci octal now. Uiiltjhl tShhonoa o«ht icarcolyto go unpunished. Tit.PoucßFonoi.-Wo pobllsbed a commu nication In oar yesterday's Issoe os the subject of our police force. concluding with the following harsh and unjust comment: * "Mr. bdltor—Thor, la pa dm Id dourluß tha f.ct lh.t oar pa lea inlni, from the Police floor, dowp to patrolman, 1. tho moat comtpcrip.tUa, ilou that 1. to h- round In tho UnltM HlitM-Uie Common Council or ftow York not .routed It l« . mnntnir «oro on tho bodj politic, am{nothlnt r.' fß • power!ul appiicatloo of morUllcdd and cau.tlc can Rjve euj relief. Ob, lor a Hercal.i to ‘clean out’ ;lht. recking, Illthj Aturean atanlal** We roprodoco Una enract lor fho parporo of raylnp that wo do not coloddo with 11,S common c.f nor concrpocdcot on tho ftollco Court, or tho l ollco aj.lom of Wo belloro lh.t one 1 ollco Juotlcro aro hono.l, h.rd-tvorkinß and np tlßht men, having tho onlito cotmdtnco of l£o Common Cponcll and the clUzona orCMc.Ro.and that our polite force la bettor than thu avoraoo of .nch cataoltahmenta In auuj. * Piotoi* Suoottxo Match.-On Saturday after noon a pigeon shooting match between Jacob Cra- Hon and Mr. Stage, for S9O a aide, took place on tbo Andnbon Club grounds. Mr. Oration was anrrnnced to shoot at sixteen birds and Hr Stacw at fifteen. The birds were allowed ;arda rise and eighty yards boundary in which to fa I. Ibe following la the score: > i.Cration 1 llllOlQOliniO 1—1) Ur. 5-lagg 1 11211011011100 —ll Polk wing this, Messrs. William Turt'e and (•rant, of this city, shot a friendly match a* suar rjwe. each bi-lng alloned five birds, with the fol inwmg re»nlt: Ur. Turtle - 11111-6 Mr. Orant 0 10 I—2 Next Saturday Mean* Cration and Slater shoot a recond match, when each will be aiiowed imocn birds. Dally Union Prayer Meeting Kev. W.C. Jackson, of the Flat Dnited Presby terian Church presided at this meeting. Tester day. Alter the singing of “ Rock of Age* cleft tor me 1 and prayer, he read from the is!h chat*- ter of the Gospel of John, and remarked that It was eald by Augustine that be often read the eloquent productions of Cicero, and commended them lor their eloquence,but thattheyafforded no permanent pleasure, as they were void of the spirit ol Jesus, who should be tbo central inought of Christians, and in the language ot ihe Apostle, we should ever ba “looking unto Jeans, rue author and finfrher of our tilth.’* Intbevwr name there Is tenderoeaj and sweetness, and name awakens the holiest and noblest thoughts which ever Inspired the mind of man. A gentle man reported a great work in progress at Pair view. Minnesota, which had commenced during the “week of prayer,” and was growing la power weekly. Mr. Moody remarked Ihal‘•to morrow ’ a County Convention, for prayer and consiuiatiQn open the great question of what efforts the Christians should put forth for the SSreW 011 of , lh * »P**lt»*lly destitute por ing vi.£ el v? 0,lllty » W0 5 l(1 be at Sandwich, and besought prayers that wisdom and a great iD aW Ibclr dellßera iions. incy bid sent up an urgent reddest that hom Ite Yono/Si ‘-brkilan Association of Chicago, should come d .°^ n k “ d w tK l p i hcm gathering, and be hoped there would be a homy their call for help. Mr. M<x3y re wuffihi Pk* tn< ? t sign of tho times Church ot Christ h*u peon Insolrcd wben a c^rtoM? f abor *that the time had come aatufled with spasmodic eiiortsand a few weeks of revival Interest and then se.tlmg down into a condition of inactivity. ?tronL C paif yi ° B b * ndß and hearts to a long, of atte , nded BffoOilly degree Jin SeSiiUM lift. to be. LOCAL MATTERS. niarsden*a Pectoral Balm le br no «5?7i. pr ? p V ,u<m * ,lh *» been before the fim. 'S?, 1 t 'l' en 7 Tears, during which Aye million hollies hate been sold, and “PcmUlure of one dollar In ad '®V,, To® prounetor. confident of success mallcaees o! bronchial diseases, has Instructed dealcia to refund (he amount In any instance where It has failed to cure For sale by all drag, meta. Burnhams & VsnScbaack, Chicago. Ilf! general agents for the k Pabllc Speakers and NloKon will And Brown s Bronchia] Trochee** beneficial In dear- Inc the voice before speaking or singing, and re- Bering tte throat after any unusual exertion ot vocal organs, having a peculiar adaption to aeicdons which disturb the organs of speech, for coughs and colds the Troches are effectual. , ShcrlfP* Sale.—Tlse entire stock of boots and shoes ot the late Ilanly & Billings are d jF «** ou * u lthoul recard to cost, at 105 IvandoJph street, between Wood’s Mnrenn and ‘teson House. The sale will continue i»at n few weeks longer, so any one who wishes to purchase a pair of boota or shoes at half the rec tilar price, should call Immediately, while ihesale Cblldren bansig Worm* require Im mediate attention, as neglect ol Ifce trouble otten caußM prolonged sickness. Brown’s “ Vermilage * omaiH • are a simple remedy, and will destroy worms without injury tothe child. Sold nlos cents a box by moat dealers In medicines. Jnnlpcr Tar Soap enres chapped bonds, salt rheum, pimples, and all cataneous arcctlpns, rendering the skin toll and smooth. y“£^o u id M br'aid“^. JU<:x 4 No " The PrmDkJln Brick naeblncs Jnatlr ctlebra’ed for perfect stmplicl'y, great strength, ana immense compressing power, is auAitasraxp. with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the may and make 3,000 to 3,500 elegant bricks per hoar. J. U. Runcx, Proprietor, Na 71 Broad way, New York, Room 69. D««i>tflaUtoprocnre Mr*. Wlnslowa’a soothing Syrup for children tecihlng. It has been used for thirty years wih nevor-feiling safety an J snccess by millions of mothers for their children, it corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, legnUlcsUie bowels, and gives rest, nealth, •nd comfort to mother and child. Thlrty.flvc cents « Bey street. New Yotk and No. SOS High Uolborn, London, England. MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New York Financial Nows. ( Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) . . . New You, February 11. Tddflock market was alnggiih and doll, with ao chanCT except In Illinois Central, which la iy better. The bank statement vaa very favorable, showing an Increase to lef al lender*, and decrease in deposits and loan*. ITio market baa been doll all day. and not erongb change to pay broken*comtnlailona. Gold baa b«a steady, until rumor* 01 settlement of difflcnitm* between Congress and the President. wben It dropped off If. GoTtrnmenta were quiet, bn tna. There la m> disposition to operate until mattera are a>ttled In Congresi. After Ike MO call the whole Hat became qnlie active. Improving X par cent to y per cent, and looks like a mm* market, and a Tory general im provement If expected. [AaeodatedlTeaa Hepnrt.l N»w Voss, February It. MOj, m, Money steady at 6 pore* at. _ rotSlOt Sterling doll at 103 W»IO6X. _ . UOLD. liutliuium. Government stocks quiet, without decided change. LATEST. Gold closed at 136W@lSei£ D * Government* colct and steadr. Oiiponn, I Conp, ’63. nrw.ltH VftlKV oQpoaa, I xc4da..rTT uo3Swr

oupotrt, ’64...106.H91CKy 7-90*. 105Vt*103V jraczuLixiora stocks. . : ;* ock * oreoed ateadr ud Improred HlebUr nrlr 'pUie day, but mbieqacnUy declined tiltttUy. clatmi doll bat twady. Slxp. m.pnccs: * Ohio cert* av© M U. Tej U.S3 <3 Toledo ~..l!Bvsa N. T. Central..iiO)»»m Pltaparstu.... siCa tut; Erie K.I »s*»£ liooßon i» «i»* n. w saw Reading. 105K»KB>< If. W. pfd_.... SS\a (B Old Somfcern.. ■»*« 72* tru Wayna..... w** ww Tnt nVrJtf lire toe pressure of sales and extreme ewccfmcnfy IsUTorasieionißherpßcea. American Rxptcsj.M ; united atatta Ksprcst, Mv: Pacific iiaiL 166#; Atlantic Mail. 103; Missouri fe,»L u Mining shares active: ext o«e to SCO: Corydon, 1000 'annalee, 715. tel ted on Quartz Hill, which 0; Gregory. i»0; smith & The Produce markets, MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chiago Tribune.) MtLWacnts, February tl. Flour—Firmer; more active. Sales l.voo brU TT eprtrgat I10.W; City AX, HOJOjertrasnomlntL Wbesl—Steady. Morning board s tales n w »,a. Som board: aales SXCOO bo at tl •»* tor No. a in store |l-»V4L96,S *»• 0. February; J 3.00 io. April; SlJda <v all week; |1.75X®L76 tor No. S a (tore; |lA3rorre- Oata-Flna and active; tale* AWbuaUSctorNo-i d store; IS®tsXc lor No. 3ln an re, 1 Coro-steady. Sales 1,000 bu at 88c tot new iheDM d store; 70c tor do bagged. ,neaM Sales LW bn at «c & r No. 1; ffic Prorlalon*—Dull but firm. Sales of a ttsreet e. , lard at Uc- i, °- 1 Dreawd Hog*—Steady. Bsl«aat|7Joa7Jß. Sundries—Baled hay, timothy, |&oo®ieo,o, Bntu _ In kegs. 18c. Dressed tnrke/a, lttr Kccelpta—LßCo bria flour. MOO bu wheat. Lsao b« oata, L«0 bn corn, 1,000 be rye, bn tartar aoo Urwsedhoga. bria flour, 700 bu wheat, 1» uerces NEW TOEK. , «™’r. «SS % SStlifSS'i'Vo, vMUt “iSt,”* 1 " “WnO* «sa&S« “■ *“> “• B, ‘“ ■» *»> •> • borer*. Ealea 0 f 11000 bo No. n/t w!S£S>a. W * ~t No -* do » M » 3J0 5 wW “C*llrjr. Kjfr—Dull. Bile* oflsoo In Inferior Weatern *t fi 19 Warlejr— goieu balet of 1500 l»o liwu WesCfrco. Curn-Dnll awl C ecUato*; laiee of 27,000 bn mixed Wrttern in »tore at; aloat at ki.uwiai my. bw-dfone Treat era at |UB* deiirmi iU rapta. 4.000 do. iiw-iifitji JiocobttW«urn at Basse • SUtaat UVCyc. IteorlpU, 1700 DO. M*C* ol wheat 1.W1571 bn: coin. 1i«,777 bu s oat*. '■ “» ‘ “** Mrm aid qo'et; lalea °f Cuba mar at 8 fndbeary; lalre of crude at iSva l»c *- refined ta bond at stafc Mom—Quiet aad firm. IJ»tk-U quiet ai d Mead? 5 **le* of t.Tso brla at KO4J A2C.77 for new tn«w-clwlnc at »IC.b far wAlrrni f 1171 A’l>s tor old »e»*—clo»tn« at HIP? for rcrular • !of r rin ' fl toijoii mr prtK ! alajlTtfl brla tew m«* at 830.75*11.00 teller March aLu April. t»e»l-Meadj. SaJra MB bna. I'rri Harm—tcatee and firm. galea 80 btU at W ■“• “ ,,s< " f " “■* Cut Meat*—Unit, taiea DO pkfi at Ixatue tor •hcmdmi lOkSllwfo- ham*. »r prraard llpft-Flnnef. M'ro atluatueftireltr Lard-imil aad hrary. Sale* oo tea a\ twniWfl fiMndt tuallNo fcr cWt iiltaUHe tor new SC price extreme.. .. .. Chei at—« toady ntMlte. CINCINNATI. , *S /r!r:7.i , -T n ‘^r h a ™“- 1 '« »«• > > t*im—Hull. aad wire* le tower. Xo. 1 at A*«le in •|e»aU>r* \ ear at MAflur. “ (UW-lMill. , me— Imli at|lJl tor prime. I’arley—Hqil j prime to 1 hole? *t|l.ofe*t.Cs. whUie|—IMwiioMtoftelu nobd, with v .... talr demand i the decline.. . „ . .... Onttn»-n*kl •IWcftjf nlddlinc, wlUwnk kaibor* in *i (iterate. i'«rb—Meu U aetlecled. tad price* nominal at ftt.oo «rd Pflwnnominal allluliwe. Hulk *»Tte >rr ponnlrr (BmtPhquhifMi Ifccftir cllr j Mlm of lo hbd* clll rt Bp MeBM I ildM mho* Itwutlil! *| iwc loo*f, v || ir< . n -tiul>. Bbtmldm Bl I.HCj and He*f tld* at ||]<<4llV —clndiji »lt* w Mlteiim otet Hue. W”w« In uafkH. W»k«l (a faTf demand t Tlmelh/ 'Valir *nd CbeC#*—Hf mat Iml qOflUUotil, isSSssi^w.'S!^ nr. uumn. • w tan* u. •* ••*&•!** Uf M4 |IM*JU,tt Wheat—Firm m «.» tor club l. elevators, ud $2,85 fbr cbclm nil. Dorn—Not tnitmUlr chuged. MlioO, 73c; yellow, ToaWc; choice wblla,lßtogto. llutaf-Bettor; aacosf.lO tor {Mr to good, tad |MI tor prime. Htp—JO tor choice tad fancy. WbUkeF-Dall .t (I X. l*rovl*lons—lnactive. Pork— Unchanged. Ilaeon-Sbonidcn,lOWaiOVe; rlbsldev,llVo; dear •Idea. like. .ad one tue lor delivery latter part ol 13c. Jard-Dkc lor choice city kettle. Hog*—Firm at eke. BUFFALO. Buffalo, February 11. Floor—Quiet and easier. Bute, siuaan J 9. Wheat—ltoiL with borers and sellers apart: white Canada oOered at flTOatJO} Milwaukee offered at UJH, Cnro—le Mr demand, with sales of 9$ car loads sew Toledo a* KV% to arrive. Oats—Dull and unchanged. Itie-NomlnsJ. luncy-Qoklat SI.OO fbr Canada .ad SI.OO for Slate. Provisions—Mteady. Illghwipes-Nonjtnal. Dressed Iloga-Aruvo and better, with sales 000 aver* arise SO tti,at s3.o}^. BALTIMOKR, Ualtimou, Febroary 11. CoSte-Flrm, with sales ot prime Klo at HkaUVc. cold. In bond. Floor— Steady. Western toll extra., $12.0091140. Wheat—Nominal. Corn-fib-adf. Mixed booth era, 87aq| L 00; gaod to prime, $1 thetjt. Oats— ho tales. I/KJISVfLTJI. Licutilu. Febrnarr 11. Tobacco—Acllre, with sales of M hbds at IlSO.OOt) I 'Wheat—Prime, IJ.SB. Com—’‘iii-lied. In balk, at 09971 c; ear at 6Sc. Mt« Pert—RO.OO. baron—i: bo alders, lo£lo#c packed; clear (Idea, liji ,3 £arrt—Tkrce, 139J3KC. Sorar—New Organs prime, ll.Vc. Cottoo—Sale* at 2Sih79e. Whiskey—s7.2s. PHILADELPHIA. PiULAoatFniA, February 11. Floor—Dnl] and declining; soperfloe. $3.75. Wheat-Dull. State red, $1.809133; spring {S jo * r*** Com—Steady; 91}fe for yellow. Itve—Doll. oats—Scarce. Salo*of2,ooDbaai , ‘,, - Perk—New mens S2IA •3*c |jud-l3,Vc. .. Whisker—DoU. MEMPHIS. _ Mxmfhq, Febroary u. ssssia FIOQI*— Snpertne S9JO to IlflJC. Cop’ J _ Bte *dy a t a Jtfc to 85c. D’.«*-£6990e. steady and nnchanyed. Pork SJLSd to Otber markets unchanged. NEW ORLEANS. Nxw Oblxasb. February lu Cotton—Attlve and suffer. Balm of 7930 bales low !IX * EC - Sogar—lilirher. Fair at 13UC. twwS*" ~ Fum - Far “ ‘* c : Prtm. » choice at Flour—Soperfloe at fU.75. Gold—l3S. Bterilng Exchange—l4CV. New Tork Exchange— x dtscoont. SAN FRANCISCO. „ , Saw Frasoisoo, Febroary 11. Gord shipping wheat sold today at SI.M ner 100 pontd*. Floor—Extra, $A00; snperflne. SJO. New fork Live Stock aiarket, [Beparted by Telegraph exclusively tor the Chicago Tribane.] Nrw Yoke. Monday Bveslng, February 11. Dexf Cattlx—There were yarded to-day at the StUcnal Yards, Yorkvlile, head. There were from the several Stotei, as toUows: New York, 303: Ohio, 967; Kentucky, 72; Indiana, 200; Illinois nod other Western Slates. 7,000. The weather Is clear and cold, which is equal to Jfcln favor of sellers. For flntclaas beeves prices are well sustained, aid the feeling is Arm, but nil other descriptions are slow, and for these the market doses dun. The average quality of the offerings were good. The following ere the current prices: Fim Quality l&aiTUto Second quality uail*i nwqaaii it.. I The average price paid vu isvc. which I* tally three-fourths 01 a cent higher, though the AdrALce ta not as great as was generally expected, tating into consideration the ehert supply. Snaap—The market t< overstocked and trade la dull, with prices lower. Sales are slow at ska Tc. A few extra sold at I#c. n ooß— The supply Is moderate and the arrivals are readily absorbed at 7xoßJ«e. The total receipt* 01 node for Uw week eadia* to day, at all the Sew Tort market*, were as follow*: Cattle -c„ sheep I"::::;::::;:: s «” aanu or bzxvxs to-dat. .1. Martin sells 63 head Ohio, averaging 730 'ns, at UQITc. Ueyets & Fox sell 61 head Ohio, coarse, averaging 800 Br.atl3.Kc. * Us«icc pe * 1 * Ohio, averaging thjbs. Fam. Honley ids 124 head Dllnols, uneven lot, aver aging from soo to 1.000 as, at itaioe. J. T. Alexander sella 413 head Illinois, averaging 62S Ba, at 14c—at Bergen. F. M. Situ sella 71 head Ulluoii, averaging 575 bs, at IS®UXC- SOtOS EOBISSOJt. [Associated Press Report] Bafmarkrt dub throughout tha week. Karlr this morolßg bosILOU was fairly active at an advance if fully kc, but aCer the first selections bad bsen worked II?,!, 1 * beeffle dum.b Ilka, ml loMar. Sre wining to sell at an ImprovemcotolNcoalait weea'a E.*nh*l Tto range waj eommaa to prime, with a few fancy steers reported as high as 13c. A mi ;orlty of the sales were at W@UKc. -^i'*2?S!r; Elr ‘ y 1“ Ul ® f Mkthe market was very dull and prices lower.Txc being tha highest price p*UA though a very choice lot mlghlTuve brought 7*c, butstnee the change in the weather, the rates improved somewhat—ch-slng dud. We quote common to fair ;£ST ASS^oSSSi','’•• •* a ” = “ Buffalo Live Stock Market- The cattle market ruled acOTotthdsr.’ former quotations. No arrivals by bake fibers Road The ae cars in ana to arrive to-otght by the Grand 1 ruak Railway of Canada are all Illinois cattle. There was a inp-nur stow of extra ateera in tbetsar kn, and one tot ol premium touched liun live weight. Maty line lota enaoged handvacd alt la the yarda *? tu the moraine. There are not over S4o bead la ibeyaroe all told. The ‘**r ibyeipt*—By shore Road yesterday. 1.093 head er Grand Trunk today. 468 bead. J ,w*a ncaa, t u?h2S“ By Vtw * OTt CpMrt! * 9# b “ d 5 By Erie, She* p—Very slow, at a con*lde»ablo decline, and sales limited to tor, with about double that amount In llogs-lnliriig demand. The receipts art not equal to thcd'tn-nii.enn the yards are almost cleared out by the heavy ahlpmenta. Prime heavy bogs arc quoted at tAXOiama U-rtHred, t,ioo t shipped, uRo. Dressed i r .'« r jsa“. w ' Sft^8 ■ d ■ “ •»! Ocean Freights. f Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] __ , w N*w Tots. February It.' Freight!—Available room very scarce, and checkins boalntaa In com and provisions. New York Prowlalon market. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnnsne.] . Nxw Tons, February 11. rone—Closed firm at UOJB, regular. Other hos pro ducts dull and diooplng. New York Grocery- market. [Bpeelal Despatch to the Chicago Trionno.l Srw Tots, February U. KCoffbc-Firm and (julet Blp,n®27a. Sugar—treat, with lair basinets. Fair to prim* Grocery, lOyauyc. New York Breadttnfla Market, [Special Doapatch to the Chicago Tribune.] wTots.Penrnaryll. BreaflJtn Da—Wheat in moderate but steady demand "dreryflnn, but otherwise the market is very atag- New York Drr Goodi market. .K*wToes,iTebruarrll.' * *°o? *>us:nes» doing la coitoa rood* on £S?^. b . n KA, mod 'J? le . •*«««. ret noi .o £T« « lbe elo#e of lMt *« r - The week 00-ru low. more promt* In* Indication* of aettretrade Sheeting—lndian Bead and Atlantic A command 23c; Lawrence C and Pacific aTsi ur • Jt.rv ?. s<c; J t? e * Steam Mills, »Vc; W £iSf m^o9c;C J , P5 >er » »-«wb.l3Vc. * ’ Prlau an in good request, at 11® Jon, How Tort Weekly Bank statement. Lo«i «. February 11. sSrzvr; ! S Ssssf- *BS-a! ClrtDl .u 0n...,....... £n %S2U— ISIS imiw...:r. leJSSn mSS£- U 'P™“ auiiSs SSSt.'JSg San Francisco mining Stocks, toSSf* 01135 dol, * r * per loot, payable on the iS Crown Point, 973 ;Oould ft Carry. ato • T,iin» : °p Ur ' Boston mining Stock*. „ , Srw To*r, February it. Tte toTlowlng prices tor mining nocks wars bid In Boaten to-day: Canada... eo | Huron w g m iiihfiSiyui I Mltnesola Hancock ...llfrl Quincy ............a* Pliuburgh Petroleum market, A, 11 * 5 ” <le » 1 « p » kro not Widing to take iK? W *°* tnns matter* stand at present—both par tin hcbing 017 tor better times. We note a elnrU brl «.gmltb’i Ferry otl at7kc, barrels re- J?* 11 - J* *ckrt»ly anything doing la reSnad in QQJydT wemtna to care abmt aeiltnc at rreerat pnota. 15,000 bria »ofd to be delivered In Philadelphia i ai^l fsj£*iJ D S? Ul, J? f^ u T* Jtu »k knd July. ssObrls tor* atSc tor Mar, Cc tor Juda and stc tor July. Free oU remains quiet. Occasional tales ot erendard biwndr. .mail lota, at ui m®7u?. r “ I ’ U “ " 11 u l»I>o»Uile ibabbied. f* »■ rmMnica »r lie ji& A N D I- * “• 5.T.5 DIED. Ip thl» city, Feb. 9th, at hta late residence. CD Sooth v Smltß. of comnmiippa. aoolb XT Canton aao Lcwuton (III.) paper* please coor In this cur. Feb. lllb. JOHN V. EASE, af«l « 11 T* 11 uk « J Pl*« on Wednesday, the Mlh IruU, nswiT " iuttl!w tne rnldrace ct John Garland, at Wi. '*• ll * o'clock i». n. Frlead* oMhe lamiiy are lamed to attend without farther no- L™tT,JliiKLoTi^ l on!mKl ,m ° nUl ‘ “ IW '“ rnrtrai Dcra th» reticence <* the family. M w*. bMh-.T H on Wednesday. tba Uth inst.ittjfWoek p! In ihl*rltr,on Satnrdar evealnr. Feb. StK. »ii*a> CEB CLAKR.danthter nl Byte*. acre 7 month* and 7 dar*. fWI J * Tnrtre'from No.wr North USaile-st.. this. me*, day mcrnlns. »t 10* o'clock. in uni city, rethink. nunRRT TUOMA*. acwl 41 m fnocfal from kia late rraidencf. comer and Meridian u*. on mcedey. nth insu at leu am Filrnds nr the f»Q lly ire ItTUtd to attend oUiissi fßttbrr in tire. * JElje Hall Reason. rjHAND BAI.L * BY TUB ZOUAVES (OOTBItMOtTB (JUAfID). At Oroaby*a Satie Ball) TIIt'RHDAV RTRHINO, PIDBVAItr 14. TICKETS II.PO, Rnf W. H. C. Jcvetrr Plot*. 50. towp».qlh U ' £nto fHllla, liiiQluca, fcc. r JpUB I.ANK & UODLIIY Portable Circular Saw Mill* fOITADUt ITEAM KIfODISI, ■MMI» U««blft«. (Vifft MIUI AB4 WM4 wo*bin« «.A** I noni.RY, C*n**r W JoiM •»« WaUMW. Cl»flin>iU, lacal i&Btatc-CWg. inruoTßD. F)R SALE—A large bnck house, with •I*- corner Wsabloctoo and Carpeoler-sti. Also, »?W ■bove, •*W**®* •“ basement boose, with U rooms, wunioiwim, to i’eona-sc, sooth ofVaaOnnm. nM. • Houteand let, Wat Tavlor-st., sear Jefferson. $2,000, Brick bouse, with lot. on Indlano-st. near Ploe4i3,Wo. 01 ’ “ MOrU " ,U ‘ “' ,r No. 711 Waissh-ar.. frame boose on leased tot. tyao. lot on Calomet »t., tear Twcoty-nlnth-it., u 22?®* Wu* lo * Wiiow teat, corner Fralrle-av. and BfatbWroat on Michigan ar., sooth o( Twelilh-et., l*Hbiisß,onMadlsoß-iL, scar Frank'la, at $290 per pit 801100, on Clark et, near Lake, attSOJCO. Lot 40x173 on Wabash-ar.,near llarraon oourt, $9,400. tuts on WKPlgsa-av, sooth of Tvimty-elxtn-eL, at liltcrlDOL Lot Miao.cor. ITtlrti-aT.andTwcnty.fjarth-*L, $3,000 TOxtio (het on Frslile-ar., north of Tweoty-tblrd-eu, at „ »70 per toot. 22 acre* inside ollhe city limits, on Utoto-lt., soluble to* subdivision. at a very low ogorr. •rrn», being norti end Block 18, bee. 81, S 3, U, at $0 screi scar Krlghtao, at KIU per arm. e terra in me flrnmhtng vlllsse of Wheaton, Horace Co., near the Depot, and very near the Cohere nmW. «»=«.per « roKfegai AyBEg _ Itoom Wo. IQ Crosby’* Opera noose. |7OK SALE—First-class bonso on Park -*« WMt of Beutea^i-with lot lOQxm. I«t 50x13) on Park-ar., near Deoben-at. ataf >t 60x161 00 conier °1 North Ls&UKa and Onthno- Hpoae and lot corner West Lake and Ann-iu. UkM; bQ * l '’-’e*e property on Doarb3m*st., near bonae ot West Waablngton-aU, contain- ID n?iiModern impiorrmenia. , ana tot <soxfiO) on Welts it, near Madla^n-st. • Jjouse aid lot rttxLHO) on Madlau-at, near Frank lin-* t. Also, property on Michigan, Wabash. Fralrle and and State, uadlton, Monroe, Adams, We.tMadl.oD .nd Wml ag. SAMpso „_ Beal Estate Agent, 3 Metropolitan Block. F>R SALE—A desirable residence on Wabash-t T.. and lot— A desirable two storr 10 room boose, and lot, on Twenty*olnth*Bt.— W. 200. Cottaeecf oroom*on Rarkakee-ar., tn favor able lease—price, $1,300. Cottage and lot on Barailde st,, ail new, coctalning 5 room*—sl,7oo. Two-story home 01 $ rooms, 20 beating apple trees, and 5 seres of land, tear me Artesian well, all fenced—fLaOO. Cor. ner tot ot <9 feet on Michlgan-ar.. north of Twenty ■lxth-st.—cheap. Lot 35x10 on Indlana-ar., month of, for SI,OO. ABTHUB A BOTDEN, aiO Stalest. C'OR SALE—A new marble front boose, X with all the modern Improvements, on Michigan av.;pnce.s'(o,ooo. A. B. MEAD, Beal fistaieAgent, Ul Babdolptut. . Ij'Oß SALE—several fine two-story JL booiM, and lots; alto, cottages In good neighbor broda on Wat side, cheap, j. a. KEBLEE. Beal Es tote Qfflee, lU9 Boom Clark-st. ITORSALE—Od Michigan-av., two first- A dais marble front booses—one near Congress and °n» nw Jackson-st. Tbeae hcases are among the bat on Mlchlgan-av. A. J. AV&BELL, Beat Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. P>K SALE—On "Wabasb-av., two hoorea, near Etandgocoort, SII,OOO each; brick n« nir, north of HamotHwoit. $3,000. 4.J. AVEBEIu Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Bl™** SALE—Bouse on leased ground, sltoatedon WatMadlson*sc.nearCnioa-st. Will sfU cheap. Good leave can be got ot lot lor a term of years. VT. n. SAMPSON, Beal Ettote Agent, 3 ilelro- SALE—Fme residence odfcWa-st. a: done on Park-ar.; cottage and tWaaora of tana on Fullerton sv- fruit ana •hrobbenSxrntv— Cheap. L CLAI-*LIN, 93 Wastongton^u 7 OR SAjjE—By Snvder & Lee, Real Ervate Agrute, No. 4 Metropolitan Ulock, two tew, neat flame booses ot 8 room*, water, gas. sewer, raartle mantels, and lots, on Washiagton-sU, near Kobey. - PSK SALE—Or To Rent—By Snyder «fc Lee, Be«l Estate Agents, A MetropoUtoo'Qlock.a frame house of 10 rooma.SSO Warrcn-sc,neari-incoin. FOU &ALE—A trood house of 7 rooms on Caluznet-av.; lot =xlS3 to an alley. Immediate possession. re,SSO. FKTER SHIMt*. Q-j Monroe-st. IpOR &AL£—On Michigan-ay., a new two-story house, containing l(Trooms, on 10 years* lease. Will take in part payment a carriage ■ and span of horses. AUTHOR 4 BuYDKN, *JIO State-st. V amusements. \J c VI (J KEK 1 S THEATRE. McVTCRER A MYFRS MANAGERS. ENGAGEMENT OF J. E, McDONOUQH. Production ot Konrctfantt'j new drama. _ Tn thk liinij MrniKßi Or. the WORKINGMEN OF MANCHESTER. .““hlnLondon now constitutes the dramatic event o* t J r «»«»pn. U anil te prodncedwiih ENTIRE NEW s*£r*i Ki • . For the Camoai telegraph scene, arrange b*ve * >een made tor receiving the latest news ftom all parts 01 the world np to nine o’clock each eve- telegraphed direct j to the Theatre and read to the audience. Ur. UcDonoush will appear at Noah Laroyd. the leader of the rtrite, and auo aa Counsel lor Moneypeuny, sapported by the full strength o! the Company. Saturday, Long strike Matinee. r'lOL. WO«OU & MUSEUM. fflb-.J- H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. S. AIK EN Ktage Manager THOS. «AKRY Prodoction oi the new Dramatic Romance, regarded as tbe greatest, most successful Sensational Play of the acr. OnTuesdayeTeDtnc.Feb.i»h.aaaevcryevcalng during the wees, also at the Grand Matinees on THE huguenot captain. Frodoctd with unequalled magnificence, at a great cost and with a Bpl*totd cast. To conclude «iih GRIMMIAW.BAOSHAW *IBRADSHAW. The WHITE BOY Is in rehearsal. JpKEE EVENING OLASa Practical Instruction in German. On Wednesday and Frtdayorenlngs of this week, at ° ,n 1,18 Practical Course in eoxaan, wiu t>e held in Bryant A Stratton’s College. ..JfcenaM -will be under tha charge ol ProfessorQ. . Camohelrs New Berman Courae," and Profearoi A. F. WllcoUkL recently an officer in the Prussian army. * 1 A corals) invitation ts extended to aU. W OMDEK OK WONDERS I To be seen only at the Branch of the New Yotk Museum of Anatomy. NATURE UNVEILED, AT HUE New York Museum of Anatomy, \a Hecure year ticket* on the right bund aide, ap-eialrm WITKOWSK.Y 114. LL. LAUGH’S MIKKOR OF ITALY, Third eabtblt since its return from Europe. Thla rotgnlßcenl series ot palming* will be unrolled al OBOBBrs ZQUftXO oprfal7. ÜB ’ Keb ‘ UUl,nb * l( 8 o’clock. Doors r «>>- w<mdtrw ' LlLLl - Y A SS s *SgS HBOS ’ 8 CIROUS _ . JAB. IIOBINSON, £v¥9wffi»*l 5 ‘ ,0 .B lrt4 ® of JT orW - *Bd Ms son, a rpear on UOKDAT. February Uth. The Chicago Tiroes *sya: Jamet Robinson Is In bis profession what Klatorl is in her*. Beats can be secured three days In advance. auction Sales. SCOTT & COJ AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 LnUr-al., cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced cn Merchandise consigned tor tale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION— Wednesday, February 13. at 7 P. It, At 1) ANTEL SCOTT A CO.’3 Auction Booms. 181 Lake-it. Plated Ware, Beal Silver, etc—etc. We are iSt^iSS 10 *£! lt J )ar . Koo ® , » 0Q wSdesday e'en a large and beantlfm aaaortment including amongat a boat ol B|poda, eg* stand*, liquor stands, pickle stands. ««db.Aeu. salver*. Doaqnet stands, drinking got pk^. rl if,V al,hc *’ lce cQeM.rtaSpa’gS? wfitEf** * ct *» coffee diu, aoap to are am, fruit l^rea,fork*, apoonSjAfc.4c. GoodaooTlewlnalter- pood. DANIEL BCOTT & CO., Auctioneers. A UOTlON—Salurday, February 16th, MiJ* 1 D ,¥Vn . ®“ u .£ Co '*? Auction Rooms 164 =r.?2Hlnatrncted to aeUatour rooms 164 LwmL a lane quantity oflionaebnM Fnrnunre, Crockery Snkar. 3m. Tobacco Ac. Full particulars on Thursday morning/ ’ DASIEI scci i- ft CO., Anctlonegrs. A 9I 1 9S“-™ t February 13, «t Daniel Scott ft co.*s Auction Booms, iol wiS2ii.r re tS re iH»s , t tn,cl<d 10 Ml ' kt our rooms, on i WU * l . nmn i’ ktW o’clock a. m., n large awrrtment of elesant new Drawing-Boom, Parlor and DANIEL SCOTT ft CO- Auctioneers. RUCTION— FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15,1867, At DANIEL SCOTT A CO.’S Auction Itooma. ini ®- CkUlorne o“e bow, ntderehlrta. drawer*, blaagcta. cloaks, carriage aiovet, ladles’ Cauiogne on Tbnreday arteraoon. Daniel scott ft co„ Anetioocere. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127 DSABDOBN-ST. Sells New Furniture at 10a. m. To-daj. Btinmoa, Buna SUM., Ertu.ltm T.Mm ci»Tm Lo "*"' ■»'“« DM. ami «Si G.ILBEHT & SAMPSON, General Auctioneer*. 47 and 40 Dearborn-* u Superior Household Fnrnltnre, Car pets, &c., &c., AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Feb. ItUuat 10 o’clock, at otsr *.w rwm«,47 and 49 large and splendid Merriment of tsMtlnm and rich Fornltwre-for Parlor Chamber and Dining-room ; Uromt a and other car! pets. with a KPtHTaI assortment cf HooeeOold Good* OILBKItT A BAMFBQN, Anctlooeers. O. ILBEht AND SAMPSON, \A Central Auctioneer*. 47 and 40 Deaibom-st. Trade Sale In open lot* ot 47 %xVl t^*»yhitm ('rocker*. 300 bo km niaia ” arc. rontnennoira A Pocket t’ttilery. AT AUCTION. ,l 10 o’clock,oono<tla« of Tob i^i t liM r «n l h!i7M <?n ra * nf the beal *hape« tod qaaU JJhiiS I !**.?*? *** Ware.cotstaUß* of Howie, ftokara, (•^ v :.Vi« t .?f l<n s^ lftM i Cream*. IMitic*. ntmffiM ri.’ L’utleff and Port* tnontalr*. rprkwlfrr the t-onnir*. OlLu«»t_4 HAMi*bON. Anct’ri. A. CUTTEIiS &u 0 ~ Auctioneers ft Commission Merchants 44 * 4.1 KASIHII.IMI-HT.. ■p n-twmt Sul*,,. us w.huh.T. Hold regular **)«, at thHf ealwroomt, of DBt UIHItM. UMITItINU, HOOTS, BUCKS. AC- R**ry WRtmRfiDAT and TllUlimiAT. Wl “ FUimiTUIUt.CAfITBTE. Am. <my BATUUDAT. JTiNE COLLECTION -or- OHROMOS AND BTEAL-PLATB engravings, AT AOOTXOW, pVlock, al H.iUer*‘ •l. wrt?Taia**a??'* 4M lUn ' ,u, H»ot.« h-l*eeo BtnM WMivisis LtewiS ■Cf * 1 1*? 0 awi »m in* ■ o«i r**«f*uu ikwimiiim, Auotisas «r*. ®o Kent-Wouses. TO KENT—A good two aloty (rams 1 house. oo Ujo West side ifif (.Ineolß-eL* # room* bcMrfe* pantry at d closeto, hydrant and cistern wiiw, c.->»l botuc si,d ham. 4 Ints, toot garden, wi’h ploaly ot nice tree*. Inquire at Ne. 33 Reynolds' B:ock« ne*r l*o*i omra. q"0 KENT—Tbc Iwo-sb rv liousr 4*ll I Division-st. second bouse west cfL»S*ile-st., with furniture.' at pels, fixtures, *«-.5 also. spl'nilJJ garden. CCxTifC. Uo*r reference* »nd swu-Uy moat ee given. &a/le*t °' J * W * EoCUEHUUHU, 38 A4O South La- TO KENT—North Side, a cottage, six X room*, oa ladlarn. between Roan and Plne-ili. A Mi.alll<il«l new lartdturo lor sals. laqulra at Room 10F. O. Block, TO KENT—A large bouse, newly built. la complete order, suitable far bearding house. 11 roor aat d n mre store. water and gas. Kent until tat of May without regard to price, and for the next year low tatca. TTO KENT—A three story and basement I brick home. Apply to AKDBBWB A OLIB. Room ft. No. till Clark-at. TO KENT—One two slorv house ot 11 X roonil,ptniiliaandclo»ftJ,either for oaeortvo tecdnentai amall cottage bouse and bam; alao, two treat noma and two itark rooraa, pantry, an nearly new. Inquire at 34 0 wen of Kltzabeta. TO KENT—Two story hoa«e, with barn, 488 Mlcblgia-aT. Apply at 131 Raadolpb-at. nn<J KENT—A neat one-story cottage, JL fhrnl’bed,contalßlDgSroema, nn Pioe-ac. aoutb cr Chlcago-kT. Immediate poaauaaloa given. Inquire at I34t*lae-at. TO RENT—For ?15 per month, a two- I two-»Tory hooM, In gv>d cocdltlon, So. 134 Morgan-*!. Inquire at the grocery, next door norm. r) KENT—House containing 10 rooms, 00 tboSonth Side, nppoMt n Drarbor n -park; al' or • partof furnliure lor Bile. Kent low. Inquire at 13 E»rt Randolph-**. 2To ISent—tiooins. TO RENT—WeII furnished rooms in a coarcnlent jlraauon—stoves, service and caa In eluded. lUSCasa-st. TO RENT—A suite of rooms, and ftirm -1 tare fbr sale, all new, moated oo Dearborn-*!. Apply at Room 13 Pullerlon Block, between ZJ and 13 a. m. and 1 and 4 p. or address Box 3010. nno RENT—Room 20 P. O. Block, and X tnrnltcre for sale. Apply at the room. TO RENT—One large furnished iront room, with do«* and atore lor one or two goiUcmea a lodging room, near Foal Office. Call at 187 btate-at. T’O RENT—Furnished rooms, with or X without beard, at the Lincoln House, corner Ran dolphand Canabsts. TO RENT—Fnrmshea rooms, with I board, in a nrlTate-famlly. on MJchlgau-ar~ near Fourtcenth-at. Address X Y.” TnPone nfn^., T° KENT—A pleasant front parlor and L bedroom, furnished and kept In order; also, frost »*?»« ys®?** *0 Wkt, without bo aid, to gentlemen only, at 25 Michigan ar. TO RENT—furnished lodging rooms, without board, with closets, stsTes and eas, aa-i kept in order, to gentlemen only, at 13 Booth Water-at. T lO KENT—A nicely tmnished front X room. With closet and atore, with a private lam -1,7. without board. Reference required. Apply at 77 Jackson-at. * r) RENT—Four rooms, wltn hydrant water, at 31 Cottage place, near Tnlrty-ftrsbst. convenient to Hyde Park train. Inquire uf SMITH- with Bcwen, Whitman A Winslow, 13 and 17 nPO RENT—Part of a large turoished X room, opposite the Court Bouse, soluble for two gentlemen. Inquire at Room 33. 84 and 86 La- T) RENT—2 eood room;, (rent low), convenient ard deslrab'e. fnrnttnre Pir sale at a bargain. Call to-nlgbt, between &S 0 and 3 o’clock, at Room 35. Speed’s Block, Dearborn at. T) RENT —A seven-room house. No. 333 Calumet-ar., (30 per month. PETER hli TUP, 9*4 Monroe-* t. TO KENT—A nice furnished room can be acen by applying at lib Moaroe-*u opposl.o the Pott OfSce. nro RENT— A turn-sued lodging room, A In a pilralo finally, lor etc gentleman. Boom kept la order, Orer 24S Statc-at. TO RENT—Two very desirable rooms In Lombard Block. Apply at Roam 31. gCo 3Eent-°>tores. ©fixers, &c TO RENT—Basement 115 douth Clark *t., 2jzSo feet, with gas and good llcbt. Apply In JP y M - irOTTLE, 12 Ilill-eL, rear of J4Q North ffellm. ''O RENT—The tour-story and bas£ aent brick store, corner of Clare and Hadl#oa-sW. now occupied by Metaia. Mamet & Co„ win be let'Cd lor a term of year*. PoMe*aion glren Ont ol Mar Inoolre of H.w. BINaDALE, corner Water and Rlr- r pO RENT—Desk room in one ol the TO RENT—Second and third floors al 30lAke-it. Apply at PHELPS, DODGE & CO.’S. RENT—For a lew days, second floor ov Of ■tore Nor. 4, 6 and S Lake*t. Inquire as gglantcfr— gEo ijent. W tte lft 01 May—A A isaa.^ ui iA M iafgg- ua - s ' iel Wf ANTED—To Rent—Dock suitable lAA.m'asts.i'as. «“■ below p™< p rr rt . p S: WANTED—To Kent—A nicely lur- V ’JL “U he d ”»». with or without board, on NoPh or South Side, cast of btate-ac. hr two arnsio gcntlemm. il.» ■mbnneoaLi ° " asl ° W^"fED— Tn ilent—By an A No. 1 • * leojot, a home on North Mda •onthnfKric WANTED— To Kent—A house sut able ror anr or .fire geoUimra aa a turhoinp rraiaencc. wllh ncci-arary ccnvcmencr*. furtiiabed or QDtnroiahed. Addma«, with full pattlrttlar* ai to rent, capacity, locality. Ac . Oox 4h4 P. o!. Chlcaro^ WAKTaD— To Rent —By a young Crßtletnan, i tlmlg bedroom lot nrlviuhnntr untrnui fttnilf preferred. Add«* withmuSSl Pneo per week, Ac* Mr. FIKI.U, rrlswme offllw. Kcnl-Uv the Ist nf u*g ! taS'.v"’ t °“* u ' ‘° m *- «• “lisumcia;?! \»7 Kesidcnco lota on Mlcbi “ouin ~ KKBLfc “’ luu *.«« once, 1j» jAcalEstatc-ffiitj). CMiBI'HOTBIIi —Three choice lots, (routine I. Uio UtU'rrMtr jrronndi in £rmnatoiu corner S Hiamac-av. and nmeoeity to * NUTT * a?SSIA; S-ytE—Choire Residence Lets— ■£. awa 1 ; ”5?/asaffifk.*!? «s •t, uwo per <OOll in It on ££ll* “ 1?,. /Jil l?' Qnt-ov, at «a per toot jl J7avrß J tale oricc.Vo. 7 Metropolitan ®** pOR SALE—several fine lots on Pe. X m orlm, tooth ofAiUmt, Mxl2s each; d#«in.M« Office? tJw *&s%ttsst *CM>R BALE— 10 acre lots, five JT mUMwothol cltTUmlU: fUM nth, uSo£lh E'OR SALE—Corner lot an North Dear ■*. boni-iu, £oxlso leeL Title perfect. Time win Ns iXd»sired, We will sell tula dwelllor lot for ooodbicbSS pOR SALE—4 corner lots, 7 inside lots inr,^,T^ r,^P a * B “E»“on and Taylor-and UoS it. lota neaf Mac lion-«u, and one boose aas Jot on Green* ■t. CaUoaT.f.BALDWm.XQ4Randolpl l^tr FSR BALE—On "Wabash-av., a fine residence lot. east front, 25x170 f»»t_ hMmrtti* nom btif of 50lle t, coratr teoaij-st. A.W.FBKEHAN,DcDIUt,IOa WasblDg- %orseg. Carriages, &c. pOR &ALE—A light second-hand family £rsassi«':; '. n p "S gj^«^jawsaff Te>t & a-*® pOR SALE—A second-hand top barer, M.lest! horD,,£hrePß,r ‘ ftt A * McFARLASE’sT 2« second-hand express JW3fitat^t. aa '* Vr * Uot<ler,,UA * MtFABI.iLSE’B. FDR BALEr-A second-hand open bngry, tetj cheap, at A. Me ? , AHLAN£’S.243 SUle st. pOR BALE—A light second-hand rock- JT away, nearly new, at A. SIcTAItLANE’A 213 SlatMt, * T7I7ANTED—A pair ol pond, sound, ,TT welltimten horse* for canines tnc. Al*o.n l!«hl denH’Crat wapon, two-aeated, in jsood repair. Ad* drmPvetOffice Box -436. trOR SALE—I 4 heavy horses, just from X lodUna. at the Ccnttal BtVbla,footif booth Water* »t* WILLIAM COX * CO. Comsgonbence agilantcif. pIORRESPONDENCE—Wanted, by a V.J middle-aged Americas lady with an American eettltmaanot Ipm than 48 year* of age. Object, a home. Addme “A C.” Chicago, Lt. iHacfrinits. C*OR SALE—Three tt-horse power up -a right enamel; s>vo iix tortiontal engine*.B, U •fdU.hone power. Larger cr entUet englnee rot allied with or without bnlien. I:, u, i* and JO-horet 7,^5 lar a . no locomoure DoHen fbr *al». belt mate. Alao one 4-roller Union llalcher and Flanmg Machine m.T —»»d wood-working machfr-ery. im F 94. —A Mxvml-bnml Hucltkiv /bbi^'^TMDi^jbTp.^r,' lloo ’ r, ‘"’ '“*• FOIL SALE-Ponablo ard Stationary S ll t,M *» Al'o« Ihiinam Machine heTtt tLh 1 . 0 ?.. 1 *T° u -d. at inch; one 0 b-1 i-rt‘i? I?eh I U inch i two <* fe*t anar*?*« inch i nm* ill f-et bed, n ln< h. ***• oi- large (Tprleht irr«,twii I lanen and Mainlieet virrti'i Hturacrta. Trip Hammer*. ihnim.'luuihg. ifoJi ' All kind* «Mrcn tmf wool working itnehlhrry fur ilQBt anti ,-fFtiunD.a T OST —flO Rewanl —tiatunlnr, lj Ftb.flti. a imall innlUrt Uoarli Hhil. aniwaf# itio (jf out (li]« ni (*>'* buck. Tita abort- reward will be pamal No. I4y glaunt. IObT— Firm D2I Mmlinon Ft. ft black .jam) brown Pbrnhefl Hor, wl*h t«n coW ran**'* miTlfif. Antvrrt In !»•* lama el Had on a new inwtl Iraibar collar. A liberal reward will im ■lret for lita mura to lb# abort i<tau*. or lo lUI Lak&it. IObT bntimlnr ercnlne, I'rlinmrjr OtH, i on Laka al* between Franklin anti Murean-ati, a memorandum book. The (I’rter wbl If till tabjr re warded br Irani g {t at PJOW ALT, tlllMP 41W3 go North Jeflereowat. OsT— %10 of Gtolm, a j ladj'a f«I(L»b*«VF IM IlnnUn# oa«# Wal h. marked '• From w. 11. Ilowlahd. March 9. on llm* lurlila, at'il matted *•« J irVnti lit# t'UUlda. Ilia abort reward will begireoou tearing li at U>« Tn* Inaae n(nc». It >bT«MU lujWflnV—(»n LbmdAy nigni, J ob MH>'»an M • Mwimi !’!*• an<l (W, am g->M eraerenedPleera .Wallow. . lire f«def Will lH« alMirer«watii oa InrluaihaMinralMttY MMJngan «t. I/OUND—A llenlns iitle ktr. whieli 1 u>a «w»t>r ran tiava br antilmu at tftia offloa. 'I'AKKN Ul'—A fmnll Iwy marß, wlimli .1 Ui» ownif ran bavaljf A?.'j M«:r*w»',Sww.r u,< U * UL Vll,,u ' aaiantfti-ifiiaU ftelp. BOOKftBBPBIS, SAtlsnEN *O. TXT AN TED—At 210 Smith" Olark-Ft, V V Koora 40. two experienced atleamen to go into the co an Ix 7. WJ ANTED—Pint-class travelling sales ?> men. Those whohaveaadcxperlencolo *-»ilelt- Ids preferred, itquire mi 103 Washington-*!., Room 11, or addfraa STODDARD A CO n Chicago. \KJ ANTED—A good salesman, of rleos- V* tog address, can aocsre a permanent *lto»tlin and good pay by calling oa JONES ft ORVIs, 135 Dcarbora-et.. up alalra. THAPRa. TX7 ANTED—A good Cotter, capable ol V? cnlUng for rooreliani tailoring and also adlea* cloaks. A single mao preftrrred. Mint be of atoady batlta. Moderate wage* and suady employment. C. J. I*KTTIIW)NR A CO.. Fond dn Uc. Wli. Sjelp. TX7ANTED—A lady to do writing. V V Call at OOODSI*EED « CO.’S. US LUe-it., up ataln. auusK njkbvants. T\7ANTED—A respectable lemalc as yv bourekeeperwboanderaianca the management or a prlTtw boarding hen*«. Mnit bo a member of a ihrutlan cbnrcb. Addrcu’-A 0 C," Tribune office, Chicago. ' WANTED— A good girl to do general hfutewerk In a private family, Blnat bea good lr °her. Ratertnceareqolred. Apply at 138 herth Morgan it. * * WAN! ED—A good American or Ger man gin to do honaeworb in a amall finally, at 731 Fnltoo-at., or 00 SHCFAEO. 341 I,l^ "W J ANTED—An American, English or f ♦ German girl to do chamber work anawaahlnc. Apply at 303 Mlchlgan-iT. \\J ANTED—A wet nurse, immediately V % Apply at the coontin*-room of DUNLOP ÜBO3. •19 Lake-st. T\TANTED —Cook. A good German > > or Scotch girl can get a cikkl simatlon as coot by applying with reference* at «84 Wabash-ar. WANTED—AI 12DC Wabash-av., a M good nurse and seamstress. Bcstofcltv refer. Mn«t be French or BngUsh. AddrS* ”>> dC," TrlPune office. \\7 ANTED—A good German or Welsh . “ 7. , 81r . 1 , t0 do ihe cootine, waablng and Ironing ot a an all family, hone but thoae coming well rtcom mendtd need »pply to Mrs. W. J. JOHNSON, 71 Eait Washington-* t. wANTED —A housekeeper, tidv and .1 I Ror d looking. Must be willing to do the work for a small family. If of ibe rlebt son, cau hear of a good place by addressing “M 12,” Caicago P. o. Wf ANTED—The yonng lady who T 1 wants a goc d home and la wining to make her self mrfol.caa nrarof a good place by addrestlnr ~B L A. * Chicago P. O. jsmplogment ageucteg. AA7 ANTED—A man to drive a milk V V wagon. Also, men f> go South. raUioad men. choppers, dc. Apply at 15A Roam 5. \\T ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 .V T collector, 3 hrakemen, 2 firemen. 1 porter 2 JTISSiZSffi.NSESfi 1 - 1 w WANTED —Young men in the conn , y V try, wishing to obtain altuatlooa. an eh u book* keepers, salesmen, cohectors, expreVemra. cl»i brakesmen, *c., Ac- to apply at 131 Uearqorn-v Bcom 2, or aadrcasV. E. jOKBS * T:0~Box3040" enclcsinr let eeatt. for mu partieolara. T\7ANTED—This day, 10 wood-chop- V v pers; ClO men, wages. XIAO to C3AO Berri»T mouth and board. Apply at 100 Madlaon-et.. Boom 4. J Sga awteo—jHtstellangoug. \\T ANTED — Reirs—Complete list ol gvjf to unclaimed eatatea In Rnmpe. sent for .by REDDEN BB09„ P.O. 80x330. wShlSon ■C- Kefeiincea—Allen, Copp * Nut>«c, Bank<-nTst. Mo., ana Henry AJhbroog, Washington. D. c. WANTED—The celebrated gypsy wo f T man has removid to 3*9 FonUi Clark at she nillitUl continne to aatonißh all in her art of Palmistry. All aUairs of Hte told with ac?aracy hr the Gjpey Palmist. Don’t Ibrget tbe -»q over the hat store. Fee, one do»T, ncmocr ’ J - a * \\ r ANTED—A second-hand mortising TV t L uT E P~ To e * cl ”>npe lor house tin. w«ch,T.laM.l j^TBD—Two good SdTer-Laveis. W ANTED—Dentists m city orcotm -I°.* JSiaPSmS? VV ANTED—A residence, in or near ,Ji/eJP 1 %.. Coailt ?, ,o,rn or ▼UNee, conrenlent to railroad—Chicago A Hock Idand. Chicago & 8t ivni« j£oMiK*«iSa tw t ai I » , * lw wSth atahaigtinfrom to f 13.000. Ample grounds attached-with fvnit ■hraoberr. «c.. prAmS tS SSSitSmSi a”a t la?rr^i!iwi^ pro * p * rfy * An!Wf>rs will stare mu parllcn- IjiKcSStor.uf PrOPC, ‘ I Whrea - ASSrenlloi exchange .030 acres of Sis .at* gSdjg& a&t” WANTED—A good second hand low efflee. de ‘*’ Wta llf ■ ,ref •• Addrcw “U,” Tribune WANI ED—Goods to sell by sample on commtMloa by as energetic rourg man «» n awreatoirarelthronsh tho anything new which they wUh to hwrc minSiiirSf plraieaddress “L a ii.” Chicago Poatomce wdoeed. \\J ANTED—Three good men with a buinM^hatVin 1 * *d engage lnaca*b W SSi; n “ T «>dSssSof Mo”r? ary Aetoclation. US ami 20 BuSk. Mu,lqi< W^^JSi?T All ener man with Sb^eb a ,b ks » a W purchase a house thal Jaffi g-'gg^S'Sa. W ANTED—To buv a Jot, ora bouse Jti i® »“.& a&gys? ?,jg? W borrow two or three cTr V "•'iaiuteg,?' ll ' "“«*>* ta. \\7 ANTED—Parties having houses to laustnrsß ffitiaiueg. F9£^s.A LE^tore bons€ a°d a light toffanbefim2St OT 'f?S5 f r 01 ill® connu T r nrroond- —The oldest Jewelry Store to procure *c£od b^iu^* D^^''“£n r * re < JP oJ , rttmlt 7 or*** c. 1.. v For particulars id fEg^o^Va-^a^^.fiS.V- ?*y £°<*ds house, located i ,be . be#l towei la Sooibero Ulehirao. Kiln 2. tb / ,<v * dlnc OMlartj. l« offered tor ffie The Sf)ffi£L ßtoclk w »'« t* closedr BtoBUTo»ble terii »cd the room rented for a term of TMii Fo- nirS' Ml&f PI>IX “ A ‘ t; - ™CXZMA-NVS, , ThS P a? c S I^9<9t^J'J's~ For ,^ (; ' ooo ' one °f the very wad 2. ro fc«n«tJ r » tt * n oDe ’ lt * rtl etonjrb to supply iu ”LH re *-‘ 0 ClTeaiorselling. Address iw Kaadclph-st Ou* *? alf Price, two scholar* ffiSif ng-” 1 «• Tr “"- ouiaso. A naif interest in a good hardware manufacturing holiness that win tn_ —A good paying mannfac- Aadr ° M .-w^-S.-.S , SV , ;L r ■ b=o! «w F9-S.p. S^i L ®tr Dni S Store—A Bare A Tbe i? b,crtber oCeri *or sale a ar«t-cla* M ?i^2£.‘¥l c ' oneof . l& * 66,1 stands in the 414mfi\z jnnjSM' W?. dJ ™ j- K. ADAM-’) DH SALE—One-ball interest in f loon and dining ban, Jfo. 1? Dearbora-s** quire la taloon- - FDR BALE—Bakery at ds tn tbe best location •" ** DlocJf. CUearo. .-»» b*>t croc «"», srhlcbiheparcbaser may mject f.omaClne iW»«j •a 000 vntlb. at tbe lowest wboKM/e prim, bow Id a wWa&SirtVrrcVfT Store, well sltuatcti »r tr*a*. sure, and family realdeocc abore or rtx rr«ms, w» { ei. km. eooe stable and large sued lot, at the very low rent of ftCC per year- ITOK SALE—Rare business chance for H lire am Ij mate money. by a new article lattlr mrmw Twrlorr tor sale at a treat bargain. >ooe bhO»PP*7 without a espual of »rom Cft f to .l’Tir f w2’ Srea Sofim. Call at 36 BAOdo-ph-.U eorejr of Wa- DmS-iTh °P or adores* “C. Box SS7Q. I7OH bALE—The very elegant eti^ t* txoas in Fancy 'iooto coroer Umw WMhlnaton»u.. meM b- •old by F'brnirrlMh- *»U h*pxctuoctd for ellr propefty 11 whole or parL Ap oft to ™ «TsEA* Ue»f ElUlc »adMercflMdUe uroier, tO4 CUHc-rt., loitore. FOR bALE—A (list-class boardme hnnte with fnrattnre.Bear Madiw>n-#L Jlrttvery .... b WAIIBS*OOODiaCII. 124 Dearborn-jU jloom ‘<4. 1 'Oli sAI-E—A live bnsltess on I>akc r .1 la iroo*l location, commamUnrlbeblKcil r- e/»n in# cur IbeowntfU Mck and ooaale to at- ard will •ell at • Meriare. For partlcnUn LXrffV“JOH»aO^"^ >t>wumc< - SALE— The mraUurc in a house r containing is roome. a; ntraent occupied by a rrt- StSfi* aid af*w gettcoi boeMer*. acd iltnatod ’llion.rlr.DU* walk nf Lake asd Drarbora-ita.. tn The ow«*r kivlnc to leave the rlty Bfhcdre iocai y j j| ot tt iwegai j and give !ribTSK- A.Wr«* “VENDUE," car. of Tfihutie ,#ot aalc. —nil RA le—The slenm tugiTf. K Muir h«k no •*- MUwwltfe. u fiSSIIJa • i)liu%» « Mu* ka lb— Chcnp—A tiaildlnsr (on II t«» Iflr'rnl vim » hoii* do isslSsfegg'' yrt ESl®isS^Sss 11. IIAKH. 17011 HALB-Hj Cn.^mno i, fit e bargain* of aai! raloorr. boarding luiiitc*. «tc. <■•*' at uoum a. w*» * ■ llli’tlt, Ilad'lolpli-at. bridge. -j- iron HAI.E—A llnircr it miKor Mnntl e'clotk. altatauofc*. - - =—— ■-■ It rV, • i,,„* iii Fill aril till olflcofnr. aw| tt |Ma» o*n» bol «rtt|ia**M 'At'ie u» W.«U'f **<>"• "l> OV> 111. I •'Oil HA|,|y-( DCflp. Plflil ib'WO RtoPsft. ,l^'^W^ rthlW|l, WM ‘ (jcrounai. TkßHl'ONAli—A'ftmtlemftn between 1 an.HofUf» ofaga »UhM lo eorrMtMM wim «Tin» r»*Mt f tar* «lartf «f inllaUl-, M», wlla a flaw Vo ago. Situations HBlamto, OlTtTATlON—Wanted, by n middSHS O man, of many jean experience la taw trade. Can give good reference heroop inVs?^ Addle**, J- S, ‘ olc *‘W. Cn'UATlOK“Wiinled— A comneion. C 5 young man wlshe- employment aa a IMoIkLV. Cnt travelling salesman. la familiar with eith^? w and can famish undoubted refureSe from merchants. AddfeaajMirTnouncofflce m t ® lc ‘W SITUATION—Wan tcd,~by n n exrTri C) eiiowlranlener. Incuy or conofry-uie rif. ftrred. HrU»a«»prnencedhaodlnihoc*rl«.fr pris agrment of bone*. Inquire oini *ddrM. a^ fm.®I*- 1 *- CT 28 Weet Van Daren-sh. Chicago. JlJl< a * CITDATION—Wanted, In a conntt^ C 5 store, top a Ud between 13 and l« years M« age. tntolltgcnl and of good m ..ra* cfmr£t>l*7r. ?♦ »o[etb*ohl» board and knowledge SWS^lSsSL^'t^s mil: °' Kcarnr ' '■ “lusrp^.’gi ability. Address »«J C," Tribune office. ftC “ f **** pbmalbb, h s ?S“i« r fwi'offiH a pls «- ea ’ ill^ 4a m. Mirren^ CITDATION—Wanted, hv a Indy ns i^rßTßi?sawssS an American up. irt*s o -sir “■ • SITUATION—Wanted, by two German R widow, rears old, u nouscrerper or cook. Uoold rolntouig country. Apply ter two dayaS Mrs. niiJTTAKERa Office,32oChlcago-aT.* J CITUATION—AN anted, by a yonng En kJ gluh woman, with Ce*b brea.c of milk, aa wet nurse. For IffiOrmatloa, call at 144 Orchard-«t_»ear North Wells. CmjATlONs—Wanted, bv two young O ladles, as booikerpers. cssnleraT copyists. aale£ women, or sonrihlne bv which tney i*-»n earn their liTlcg. Beleret ces glreo. Address, lor lour ca»a, *-M A.” Tribune office. aanws. asaanteb. A GENTS—'Wanted—s7s to s2to per jCX. month, everywhere, male and female, to Intro, one** th>ousbont the United ->i»te« the GEN^ls’P rw HBOVED roilkos *f. . Thl*. macnino wIU stitch, hem. feu. tuck. Quilt. aid emhrolderm a mottsuDerto? manner. Jw« e on:y szs. Pn U y warrv ted ytara. We will pay 31.CC0 for any machine lhat will sew a stronger, more beautirul or more elaauc «eM« than ours. *U makee the -Elastic LwkEtl tcm" rSS >,cond autehcan beent, anc SOU «Te cloto pcUed apart wllhontltartng it We nav Z?JS35SifS rt ? o ,'i, Ul , “ d ««=«; S’XmJSS yEas , i'i?3“cStiss.°Bis ,: ' b ' mide - A “~ uS A Sffi;sriSsS.&janis , s?sjs i as the tame tame or other* Ise. uurs ite ano really practical cheap machine mVnnr A 'i f^TS—Wanted—‘-Beatsthe World” a STATES CONTINENT iw 19W>—three maps to one and the rheaoMt iiv7 iT i. A G S T r^" W^ ted lmmediately, in eTf ?T town and county la the Utu&i siaim Mliaomethjng tew. fa per 3ay aria aw M bu s', ba f- AfortanethU wltterT sSwrtSnff KfcISSS. Ilf."' 1 "" rES WORKS. ise“tt£ A G SS^S2 , *rlss«^na warrahted the non attract!?®. sagffflssiswßnsi^a^s^ 6 JGf*Tt7 w™ A O*XV- Addresi J. S.GOODMAK rnbllxher*, 3 Caitom House-place, Chicago. 4 GENTS—TV anted—To cn trnn! m the prcralci Mr. Ltncoin. and !i in” For,n, l description, cpMoo of leading i#£S“~isbi-sSJs **•»day. Another7oontof the ftm as othtr an areragw ol 10 p-r day for tUe o*2t a2‘ other lu from the Ur»i ifioitnfni rr»if. *“*• An |!M3iS'=.si2 oihcrs tribute to ihi thouiMd« of KSS lombard Block. CUcaguj.ii. aicuuitDY * A (Tamed—To sell “The L<‘rt tfeVt^h?’R-‘a °.sir ■*J«d*rd Southern ntatory ol on IU poiKDi ana .old f' A r*lS!» litr’ iI^SSWK LU.LK Y. I‘ablUbw,,« A OENTt— Wanted—For “ LIFE AND w«i l g t gMi,‘cMttS: arc “* r ' A ‘ KU,UEK - 0!< flartnetgjSjaantrti. TI>AUTNEH—TVanied— With *'■««« .torr. W ’sij£ ull' »ec, Peary C0..Ll Ad<Jre« Drawer a, Geae- mislSss J>AI?TNER —Wanted—A reliable arl Cfmp*ien*ttan,wlttoac*Dlt^of «a.(w * .*» gsSa^^aaA!ag«aJ , " ,a -* PARTNER—Wanted Wit 7 , -L cash. Something Hut win na T “'rf-i wry month. Cal.oo•‘ajh.' 1 *• W.OW casts, sod be Sntas to taka entire business, win of a taro ebance by f- ,rOT “MERCANTILE,'’ Tribute offlw. Saoatmwg. T>o All DING—A room OMo-st. jjwltn board. :o a .juste t p'W!„. TJ CARDING peasant-... uJS JTj bomro, can h» oble*»y*l at,!* 10 * • UAYWBS, 112 and 114 Proprietors. - save one nice tur ‘OOARDDfG —We tor two jonnic gentlemat, i l meted^x>m.r«*-O- Hox&S7- with buaru Addr , —tS —A very desirable room, T) OAnPH'd, suitable for a gentleman and wife, I) -»cU tmentlemen. with flr»t-clats board, to let «r two sltfc-iL. corner ol Ttlrteentt-at. —7?Ki)ING—At b Eldridge comt, be- TM-ten Michigan and Wabash-avs.. one suite front Xm*. and room aoitabla fbr two gentlemen, wltb ftfciaaa board. t>OARDING —Two genilunen can be I y acccmiLOdated wita ftm-class board at K 0.7 jSndoipn-sL, correr of Uicnlgan-ar. Also, a few day r», att-t.OO per week. pOAßDlKG—Comfortable rooms and JJ good board at moderate prices, for a gentleman and wife or two genUeaeo. at 116 btate-sl. 'DOAKDENG— Pleasant rooms, tur- X-SAnlsbed or anfnrushed, with good Boose new and newiy tornlsnoi, wlUt bltngiby horse. 64 Parx-ar. room to rent, iur yentli-map ■»<? wim IraanL smtablolora ences nqolrad. gintlemen. Bieter* fJOARDIJfQ —A few gentlemen ran XX Ond ioc« board ud pleasant rooms aite.ooDer wee*. st aaa Sooth Clark-at. "OOAKDIIfG—Five gentlemen mti fog J_> acc- nm.o«lated with pleasant rooo.a and first. Class board at JI2S West 3ladlaoa-at. AH:, s fj«r da» boarcera wanted. ' •lock ot 1) CARDING—Any person -who win JD brine Mi or eight tear den to a mpoctabm hana* on the booth Mde.wUMn ten mlnnlea' of House,can have hla board (raut. “T T,” Trtbtms IJOARDING—One nice suite ot rooms, D mltablefbr a gentleman and «Ue or etaaia lieneu, with the coaler}* of a borne. Apply St Joy Michigan »L. corner ot Pine. V 9 J •* aw# OUAKDING—For pentlcmcn and their X > wivn or itntle gentlemen, In a private famlir .e sap lUlnoU-et.. two omcki from bUtei * brio" . r * “ BOAKDLNG— A stmt ot rooms, trout and back parlor*, to rent, with firet-piiM )<«■« witnlo nve mlnniet* walk at Vwt OfTlro, whprrth#pn arc no other boarder*. to gentleman anOwlft or Mngie atLlletcen. Heiermctw given and reanlrWi Aadm»“U h."Trlfcaneorocc. * Ma reqmrwi. BOAUDIMj— A pleasant Ironl ro<im •bd tingle roc mi to let, with board, to yannw Softhmae“ cU Mo/rtKM * •» it ITowiC IJOAIIDINO—A ircntiemea and .1A c»n b* tccrnimcxUlM wttß • bleunot i»mi rtcib, with hobfil. In • priT»m Mnillf. *ADblr ttt« Booth UrcrtJ-il.. onn uoor from iUtulot/n. V«rm> tnodef f. *«rm» IJOAIIDINO—Tne well-known hoW J 3 n i WBitili ftofl-at.. tattle* r*e«Qtlr rhan-f? hi* ptiror.l in iwjfTttfl* *mi •» mn'lcfgfe ratS m t2JS board. H. OT. LKII fKKWKKnBH. * itM * *** iJoatfr Mtaiutp. Sspysiwl A claim "UESILKMA.M." Ttibua* **' CM ‘ JIOAIII)— -Ami ilnclo lu;tanned mom R o.VSi riuii?' 1 w, “ PM'lmlx*. “iwllffiHiuJi I iOAIID—(Dnt of weeki in eiclinotfo |or if^‘V/;ujn” 1 7/. u ;'“' u “""‘ “«■* IJOAlvl)— in 8 lintnlc Biwiiv, whin r? h 0 Waiilef«.ft»» a brie#. lh j'fhiid'tli.iiJMk.lMlr, XiKi(»».wiiuntEn», n,N. ffllmbp i.Obia, ttmt iSmatf-igoumni. r7olt bAlE—Fruu tAriiTT nmloihep laid*, »Dji r ’.l. n A I*), h-Hi** §M<iioia.b£JrrlUibN«Vtf Mp, fteai fetal* Agmw, HiOiriaWtWHiiikMioAWnllU ______ It’OH HAfiK—Kftim oncrslm R/n .one I . mile |rnn KlAolt ol»l|nn, A»of fitllM «ca| M pwig, fobka, M» arm, two )>*■«»»•. Apb«.o*n».llkiS»f,lif. l >“ at fj>rvrarrr, baa 1* a bargain, b, K. Hiißß.