Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 13, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 13, 1867 Page 1
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PROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. . Account of the Great Reform Gatherin'' in London. ■Resolutions Passed Demand ing Manhood Suffrage. Specimen Mottoes Displayed in the Procession. Further Fears of a Fenian Up l rising. Hesignation of tho Entire Italian Cabinet. mi Min. Decision of the District Supreme Court In (lie Tent (hull C'iinc. Text of tho BUI for tho Reorganiz ation of tho Louisiana State Qovorumout. Outllnoß of tlin Bill for tbo Fund ing of Oempouml lu tnroat Nolott. IMiRIB Scimlc-Passagc of llic Bank rupt Bill. Hill Introduced Providing for In crease in tlic Pay of Army Of ficers, Ac.—lts Provisions. .llonsc—Passage of the Bill for the Reorganization of the Louis iana State Government. leas, 113 ; Jfays, 48. FROM SPRINGFIELD. A Chicago School Fund Bill Agreed Upon in Com mittee. The South Side Skating Park Scheme Properly Disposed of. Additional Amendments to the Chicago Gas Bill. Work of the Committee on the Internal Improvement Bill. ‘The Great Commercial Convention -in St. Lovue—Yesterday’s -Proceedings. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGUAPH. CHEAT BRITAIN. London, February 12. Ihe great Reform meeting last night passed off •qnlelly and cntlnsla-ulrally. Fenian riots were expected at Chester, but the authorities were watchful, so that in outbreak did not occur. London, February 12. No riotous proceeding* hive tiken place at 'Cheater, as apprehended. and (be t Ity Is quiet. The ptescccc ot a number of supposed Fealani gave rite *o those apprehensions, but they left town without creating ary disturbance. liOndon, February 11 Despatches from Chester state tb it 1,400 strang ers arrived on Monday from Liverpool and Man chester lo the style of the Canada tnvad-jrs. Their appearance caused great alarm. No outbreak his occurred as jet. There arc some troops in Ihe castle, which Js supposed to be the point of attack. London— Tuesday. -The Reform demonstration on Monday was a great succcs*. There were 20,iron persons In the procession, and the »trc‘U were lined with more ibau 20U.01U spectators. American, French and Italian Rags were carried In the p-ucesrion. Dnr leg (be march the hands played “Yankee Don dte.” “Marselllahc,” "John Brown,” and “Oarl 'laldt's Hymn.” Tho I’rittcs of Wales and Prince Alfred ob served the display Irom (he United Borneo Clnb, but their presence elicited uo cbt-era. Asnpetb ovallun took place at tho American Embassy. All tho men in the procession took off rbclr hsls as (hey passed. Thu following matters, liberally displayed on tho hannsts, tndlcate the sentiments of the people: “NoHnrreoder.” •* Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.” •* Manhood Bufirtse,” ” Hcitdom is tufimdiu,” 41 The voice ot tho people cautiol ho suppressed with safety,” ” Taxation whhontrepresentation Is lyrantiy,” ” I tlierty to those who daro demand It,” ••Trustln God and keep your powder dry.” Ilie procession marched to Agricultural Hall, nvhwc an immense meeting was hold. 'Thirty thouMOKi persons were present. A letter was read from John Htuart Mill. Tho o'Domihue, Mr. Tot* in. and Mr. Taylor, all members of FarliammU made s|*cclu». ItrsoluUnus were paoedj dr imuticlnif the Darby Government ami demanding London, February IS. On Monday afternoon the House of Commons was crowded lo hear tho expected aunomiceinoqt of the Government programme. D’lrrarilduHv crcd a long historical essay on reform and the English Constitution. Uo showed only a low fiaihca of his usual spirit, and was especially brilliant while denouncing Gotdwio bmlrh as a wild man, and Ironically defending Earl Russell. Towards the dote of his speech be said tba Gov ernment would introduce resolutions to test the sense of Parliament before presenting a Reform BUI, and fixed the S3tb Instant as the day tor offer ing them. Ihe resolutions are vague and niisat lataclory, and merely slate general principles. Mr. Gladstone, to a few commonplace remarks, - accepted the Goverment’a plan of proceeding, hut protested against delay. With the conclusion of hla remarks, the debate ended. Muring the session a tumor prevailed that the Fenians bad taken the City ol Chester, which caused great excitrmeut. The Duke of Cambridge hastily lea the Bouee during the session for the War Office. TIUKCE. Pams, February 12. The American squadron, It Is nndeitood, will visit Cherbourg ounnu'lhe continuance of the In ternational Exposition. ITALY. Frontsci, February 12, Ibe Italian Cabinet have alt re»igned. THI BCESIAN-AXEtUCAX TELEGRAPH. St. Petersburg, February 11. Colonel Knox, of the Embassy of tho Russian- American telegraph, waited upon Ibe Emperor, lie represented that the Una on the Asiatic aide ■will te completed next July. ePAis. Mad rip, February 12. Tbe Cortes will be opened by the Queen on the Sdth of March. It is reported that the Gov* crument Intend Imposing a forced loan. OEBXAST. Rebus, February IS. • Tbe South German States Conference havo ndopted an army system similar, to that of JTussla. Prussia will tend Plenipotentiaries to treat with the cx-Klnc of Hanover in regard to the diaposl t ion of hi* private property. Latest Foreign Markets. London, Fenruary 12—Xooa. minds Central, a*; Eric, 39*; 5-20*, BtU- Cot aols, 9. London, February U-Evenlng. Consols closed at 90* for mosey; s-20», “i MS; JUI - Central, £l*; Erie. S3*. Fkanktobt, February U— Eventa-. ULltod State* bond*. 76*. Pax is, February 12-Evealng. Amerlcantboads, 83*. A Brilliant meteor been In California. Sax Francisco, February 12.—A large and beautiful meteor was observed by many persons In this city at £ls yesterday. Owing to the sun- ahine the aUe vu not cloaoly defined. The He rreph reports lie lime meteor tetn At QUror tad Watsonville, accompanied by a Iremenduna noise, so heavy that lie ground shook. TEOM TTASniHBXOJI. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] <• * WAsmnoTon, February tt, bECOXSTBOOnOK. The battle on the bill for the reconitrsction of touif Una beean Immediately after the read I g ° r the Journal. Tic clause giving the new Provta tonal Government a delegate In tbe House was stricken out, and then Mr. Eliot gave notice tba*. In two boors be would call tbe previous qnexUoj. Time, by general consent, waa given to Demo crats, though this did not induce them lo give op the Idea of filUbnaterlog, and one of tbclr loaders declared privately that their opposition would on ly be Htni'ed by the length of tbe session and (heir K powers of endurance. A few Itcpnb.lranv bled to poatpone—among them Elevens, Bingham and Garfield—and after the Speaker bad explained that any postponement wonld kill tbe bill for the session, Sbelbbargcr closed the debate In a short and telling speech. Tbe previous question was sustained, and (be main qnestlon ordered, at ftmr o'clock. Tbe Democrats walled (1)1 the time for reading (he en grossed bill, and then called for its reading as ac tually engrossed. The bill being long, the Demo crats thought engrossing would necessitate send ing the till to the speaker's table at adjourn ment, but the bill bad been prltalcty engrossed, and Jat the call tbe Clerk dtew oat the article and began to road In the midst of great laughter. The last chance fur filibustering Urns passed, am! a vole could not tie prevented. Ibe Mil parsed by a vote of lilt to 48. The, He ptibbratis voting no were: Baker, of Illinois. . Jiitiirhmn, ol Ohio. Blow, of Missouri, and Thayer, of Pennsylvania. In seats and not voting: Dodgo and iMiymond, of New York, tlubbell and Nbench, of Ohio, Tbe latiei says bo wau<s no pskhwofk, but a hit) covering tbe whole subject, titid military rule fur all (he rebel Hiatea. The House Is debating the Kecuntdfttcllott Hum* miner's rejiorl tonight. and the expectation Is to rail the previous question to-morrow. Tilt PAttUAMRttTAIir TAMIII.N of (he past two daya baa been almost without precedent, and praise of Hpuaker Colfai'it man ngemrnt la mihmaal. •fill TKST OATH OASR. Tin* Hnpreme Court of (be IlUlrtcl tendered lie decision (ii-dny in Ibe lest oath cm. 11 will In remembered dial Allen B. Magruder, a Virginian and cx-icbel, applied fur admission lo Hie bar id theCuuiL In to doing, he asked (hat (he rule (blurting (he Congressional teat oath be set aside. The argument In Ida behalf wav lira! Die oath la nnconsllUdlonal t that Ha unconstllu lluiiallly has been determined by tbo Supreme Court of Ibe Bulled (Hale*, and dial (be Uoclslun of Ibal Court la mandatory upon Itila Court. Ah ilds Is (he On t action by any Inferior Court since Hu Bupmne Court rendered Us opinion, (be con cluding portion of cldel Justice CartetV decision, Mbieb ail (lie Associate Jdrtices cuto-iit In is given asfolldwii "The question tenialbalu be cib sldered tvlii’lliDf ibedecUtoh ut be Btipfeme UuitH Is inandatoty uputi (be judgment of (til* court hie question la (o bi Oc(sfmhie*l by (be legal fe taiion of lldslrtbuiod 10 (bat. To make (heir dicfsioh iHHiidaloiy upon Ibe Judgment of this Court, in sirttl definition nfitrelf auHiOiltv, Hoy loll") have power Id onujula II tlpon (Im (lellbefl* Hon of Hut court. Tbe only power ifry poim in lid* lubsir is given by ibe hoi of Coogres* and nguhdod by Hm rigid of api art, and confessedly d«i e nm ciißMl to (be sidtjcoi nmt«r rnn>iderA' tii.n, if there was any doubt upon (Ida point, that doubt has been removed by ibe repealed decision* ol ibst eminent tribunal. After Him 1 derisions, Ibis question may be eaid In lie riijudh'ala, (Tie inherent nght of each Court In regulate Hi own mlesof prarllcu, inrlndmg Dm terms of adm|*> s on of attorneys to ami dismissions from the har, has come down to us unqnestiunen through a lure lir.i of common law. With regard to this Court and Ua inhered power of making ita rules of admission to and dismission from to; bar. Congress, the law maker of this Court, has not notorly conferred common law poweu.hliherto deemed almost necessary to the eafetcnce of the Court, hut made tt 'the duty of the' Court, In the organic act of its creation, to ox/ else that power, leaving the Court lu Us dlscrctlo the sole fnbunal to pass upon the question, ajjbysct only to the penally of Impeachment for abuses', power. These considerations arc conclusive of the ass-ini')- non that the opinion referred to is authority whh the Court. W hile wc deny to this decision of the Supreme Court the office of such anthorily, wo acknowledge the potency of that tribunal as an instructor of judgment; and if it had milted its great wisdom in the pronunciation of the opinion invalidating the rule in contro versy, wc should feel disputed to bow roil. But it comes to ns advisory, and we must receive U upon the conditions upon which it Is sent. These conditions, In the way of advice, are that a majority oi one ol the Court counsels con demnation of the rule, while a minority of one less than a majority counsels its support, leaving this Court to form Us own opinion without any substantial aid from the decision. If wo wore to adopt the conclusion of tho majority, it wou’d bo at the expense of condemning a law of Congress in dcllsncc of the rule of judgment already referred to, and substantially upon the' opinion of a single Justice of the Supreme Court, for judgment, after all Is weighed in tho balance, is reduced to the opinion of one Justice—a result, however binding, not very imnessive of wisdom, when applied to 'ho condemnation of a law. This controversy of ju dicial opinion, largely attributable to political excitement, demonstrates to our judgment that the question in controversy la so involved wwh political considerations as to render it eminently proper that it should be rclcrred back to the polit ical power of the nation, and that the law-making power which created it be consulted in Its modifi cation or repeal. Without snggesling wbst would be our Judgment as to the modification o! ibe mlc, or whether anysbould be made, let It he sufficient to say that it is a question for legis lation, and not for adjudication. The motions •re denied.*'! the tabut mu. The statement in to-day's New Tort Tribune, doubtless sent west, lo the effect that the Ways Hud Means Committee did not bear any more deU'catioua on the Tariff Bill, Is fictitious, made oat ot whole cloth. They beard delegations all ihe forenoon, aod will bear them -every day (111 rhe LIU la reported. They have not yet reached the iron clauses or the measure. Rates on wools and woolhushave been advanced abont np to those of the Donee hill of laal year. Rales on dax and hemp were also advanced to-day. fhal on Jute was raised Rom IS, Its present rate, to < {Cj per ton. DISV.iT AT TO* WIITTB ItOCS*. The opposition manifested at the South to thd President's now policy la creating consternation at the White noose. The failure of the plan ar- langcdbya few conservative Republicans to help (be Pre-ldcnl'a Hank movement In the House also has a very dcpxc«siug effect; aod. added to these, le said to be a in Hie Cabinet, aoLTUIU* KAIL CONTUACTOnS. Tho Postmaster General. In reply lo a resolution oi Inquiry abont t\e amount due to Tennessee mail contractors, submits a report saying that the amount due June KUi, ibfil, when tho ordinance of secession was adopted, was f22,C31, which la still stondlog to thrir credit TOC ItIVEH AND IIAIIBOII IMfnOVXKKNT BILL appropriates f 1,000,000 tor Improving the Do# Moines Rapids; gSnO.OOO for the Rock Island Rap ids; 190.000 for building and operating snagboata on the Upper Mississippi: $75,000 fur tho survey of Western rivers, aod fIOO,OOO for Improving the Upper Ohio River. INDIAN ATTAINS. The Crmmlssioner of Indim Aflklrs baa written along letter relative lo the present situation of the Indian question, lo which be pointedly comments o« tho recent letters of Generals Grant and Sher man on the same subject, and par ticularly upon Genersl flherman's order setting aside the permit given by special ‘ geets, allowing traders lo sell guns and ammu nition to the Indians. Ho writes as fallows: “It is ow ing to the unwarranted Interference of tho military (bat we have nnmoroas conflicts with these people. Dow anybody, military ot civil, could possibly object to the order given by spe cial Agents Irwin and Bogy lo trader Uutterflcld Is Indeed surprising. Tho liw authorise* traders to deal lo arms and ammunition, with trl'ws at peace, and this !■ all three Fpeclsl Agents say. 1 heir order is cotrect according lo law and rea son, and the military should not he allowed to In terfere. In this ca*e. a« to all other coses coming under my observation, Interference has been Impe.tous, and unless it Is rhockrd U will lead to the most utsssinms roust queues* •nothing less limn the destruction of our ciilitr Western •r(|io. minis. I am satlsflrd that all these military mdrrs arc* not only unwl'c, hui really mirl. and have the very worst nSrct, li'dlntts ate mm, amt when hungry will, like its, ie*or( to any piesna to obtain fiiod, ami a* the deprive (hem of Ibe power of procuring It* yon certainly produce crest dtasatUraelion, If ll were true that arms and ammunition could he accumu lated by them to war agaloat us, 11 certainly would he aiiwloe to give It lo them; hut this Is not the fact. No Indian will buy two guns. One he absolutely needs, and as he has no means of taking care ot powder, he occcraarlly takes, when offered lo Mm, a very limited quantity.” roar omc* ninxeronr. The Postmaster (foucral is engaged preparing a new poet office directory, to contain a Hit of all poet offices in the United States, January let, 19(77. new cotraTunrEiTs. Tbe detectives of (be Treasury Department have Recovered new counterfeit ten dollar National Batik currency notes, well executed. NATIONAL BANKS. The State Bank, of St. Joseph, Mo., bis been converted into a National Bank, with a capital of gtUO.OOO, wnlwut circulation. Total number of Banka established to date, 1,667, seventeen of wnch have been and are being liquidated. loam cmmricATEs. Mr. Fhennan, from the Senate Finance Com- mlttec, to-dsy reported a bill authorising the Usue of not exceeding eighty millions of three per cent temporary loan certificates, principal and Interest payable In lawful money on demand, to redeem and rctlic compound Interest notes. Tbe bill provide* that two-filths of the Hank reserves shall consist of law ful storey. mu. ron the Econo aieatiox ot the Louisiana tI>TE OOTTUNXCKT. *"i n .J KC S OSl ’ February 12.—The bm which Ul * Howe to-day for the reorganization of Louisat-a niovidcs that the Pre*ld«iu wl h tbe con?c«.t of the Senate, shall appoint a loyal Gov fl^S r ;v Wh « t “V )opa,tln ,he rebellion, who shall bold tneomce for one year; that he shall also an point a Provisional Coaudt of ulne persons, who shall have the qualification prescribed for the Governor, and exercUe with that officer ail legislative powers; that all „officers of the State chosen by the Council and the Governor shall be loyal mm, a \,i e to take the lest oath; that on Jane i, 1837. all male citizen.- of Twenty-one year*, without rittliocrton of race or color, who have rc«ldoi to the Sta’e one year, and have never aided «ebel hon, shall have tho right to rote for Govemo-, Stele officers and members of the Legislature; that in October next an election by inch qnallued voter* shall be held tor membsis of a Conventiua to form ablate Constitution: Ibat tbe Secretary of War shall Issue orders to reroute these elections; that the Constitution shall not permit any distinction of men on account of race aod color, and shall prohibit the payment of any debts contracted in behalf of re bellion, and shall recognize the perpetual unton ofthe Slates; that the President a lull forthwith appoint a military commander for the Slate, who shall enforce the lawn which the civil authorities neglect; that no lawa passed by the Provisional Council thall be valid until Congress has approv ed them; that all laws ot the State consistent with this act shall remain In force. ADVERSE DECISION IS THE TEST OATH CASE. Washington. February 12. —The Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, to the case of the ap plication ol Colonel Magtuder lor admission to Cfyiotgxr VOL. XX. the bar, has decided tbit the test oath of 18G1 w.t* constitutional, proper and necessary. The only donb* has been raised by a majority of the Su preme Court of the Urlted States deciding against it; bnttn oppoaltton to wbatbai been said, name ly: That It was an rx putt fac'.o law, and the opinion of the Court waa mandatory. Judge Car ter said the questions before that and this Ccnrt were different in case. Before the Supreme Coart of tbe United States the questl jd was as to an dieting member of the bar. In the case before tbls Court the question was as to an original ad mission lolhe bar. Tbe opinion of tbe supreme Coo it of the United Elates was not analogous or applicable to Ibis ca-c. It Is a common law rule that conrls shall determine who may become members of the bar. It was an Inherent right fur them to .regulate ihcir talcs of practice, em pties bid not only aOlrmed (be common law pow er, but made It the duty of tbe coutta lo enforce it. The mijoilly of the Supremo Court of the United Hlaics condemned the rule, while the mi nority, or ins than the majority. rminsclM Its support, leaving the Conrl of ibis to form Its own uplmon-m Inrt the Judgment ol (be Huprone Court of the United Hlafei li re duced to an opinion of the Justices. The ques tion was an involved in ootiilml controversy (bat li should Im referred lo tbe political power of Hie nation, it was a question for IcglstntlonAabd nol lor adjudication. 'lbe motion (nr admls*ion and the rescinding of the title was therefore de nied. eowAN to na ttttJKOTitir. The Henale Foreign UotnmllMm baa agreed to report agatMit Cowan n« Minister lo Austria. Tint tttftr oh worn,. The Honan Ways and Mean* Committee have Hrit id lo leave (be duty on wool hi it stood In the uuse bill of lasi session. orbfi'Al-OIIAHI ANM Till! lieOOR.TIinOTtON ItlLt. It U understood (bat Uermral (Irani nipressea surprise ll (lie tniliuaiinna 'lml be approves ol Mie Mllilmy (MiTPilimenl BUI. He dserni It niiwlas, ae the luminous would probably bring him into coni Ml unh (be Kiei-utlve, Ida {nimcuialu nntsll- Iniloniil superior. Healso eaurema a convtetbm llinl some bill reurgaulKiiis civil government, with iiitlllaiv (u protect ami aid, should be adopted at the itiiiesl miiinmt." Mii.itAnv rMAMora. By direction r>t Ihe President Brevet Mt)nr den ere! Mower, i ulonsl of tbo lldrlr-nlnlb Infantry, I-assigned to uuly according to htersl rauh. item lal slower Is Asslslaut UoinmMslyber ot tbo 'leedmeb’s Bureau fur Louisiana. Llentonaiit ( oioi.el Kidder, Kotiy-Udid Infantry, low been lelleved from duly In Ibe hreedmen’s Hureau and uxieied lo icport to Hie Cuiutuimllng Oeticral of (he Bepartmeni ut the lakes for assignmentlq ll til* With bis Mulineld. Brevet. Msjoi Uebefal ,1. if C, Jlavls, 1 wiUilj HiMJ Ibfaidryi AreMahl CtdnhdsrtolMM'flbe Frudmeira imrend for Ibe msleolUsblin kv, lifts lippi, relieved from Hint dIHV ehQ oidered io loth Ms propef *lailun. IVh Mr delay rn fvu(*, ami Ibfee luuiilbs' tcmegiHmed turn. KtHl'MMiilAltO mill . , A mure fnvoMHe (rmlng ovish iowamls Hie ad-- miretmi id I’Hoihilo phi"> Ibe imbiicaHimlbts fuoiMi'g of lbs Mires Mom Hepritieniidiie AOdey, flotbnihli of Mm I'oiUKDMse oo TeilHon««. lo hsl). eior Wsoe, shoving Hm vnibii'yof ibetlobMrtdo I-'uMUmuo, A'lvob* from ('olioAdo glvu auu. raoi pk ol favoraida arlion oiMlmpartof Urn lmg> ielwinrn mid nl die poopln io carry om ibeiu. qnii i mania ol lmpn< iial Bubrepe. Tire awßiiisM MiasioH. Washington, Pelimaiy 17.—A message from Die i'ristdi-nt to the Henate to-day rmnmnulcaud a Idler irom Hecratsry Reward to Minister James 11. Campbell, ol Stockholm, doled Jauuair 7, no lining him of Die appointment of John ll.Mcriiu nip as his successor, and transmitting a letter to Dm King of Hweden, notifying film ol Campbell's retirement, and requesting Mr. Campbell to ac quaint the King of the I‘rcbident’fi duviro to main tain unimpaired the Inendly relations so happily existing between the two countries. The Secre tary says this Is the only correspondence con neclcdwilb the displacement of Mr. Campbell. act ron the admission or n^ohaska. General Thayer, one of the tscnators-clect from Nebraska, left to day with a certified copy of the net for lbs admission o! the State. This cop; Is to bo laid before the Lcclslanire for action more «n. m.G H la supposed a meeting of sata body will tike place about the aflih Instant. _r BXCOXPTRUCTtOK. The New York 77 me$' Washington special say*: **lt Is now s'stcd, on good anthorily, that the President has become ready to co-operate with Congress in measures to avoid so extreme a report os is proposed in ibe Military Government JUill, aid that there would he no difficulty io se eming his assent to a bill hated on the leading principle* of the Constitutional Amendment, and at the same time, provide for a more vigor ous and effective projection of personal rights and llbeitiesui the Southern Slates than Is now en joyed. The delay In the North Carolina Legis lature to act npon the reconstruction proposition oflhe Southern Governors Is looked npo» in Cou f;rc?s as ominous, as that State was expected to cad the way in its adoption." mAXCiAn. The EtraUCt special says: “ The lonr per cent loan certificates, payable on demand and made a legal tender for the purpose oi bank reserves, will be authorized. The power to withdraw greenbacks not to exceed fonr millions will not be taken from the Secretary, but be will not ana pend action until the compound Interest notes shall have been disposed oh and the money mar ket is easy.” CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Wasukgtox, February 12. SENATE. Mr. RAMSEY, from the l’o»t Office Committee,re ported favorably on Ibe bill to authorize tho South ern Minnesota Railroad Company to construct a bridge across the Mississippi at LaCrosse, Wis consin. Mr. HOWE introduced a bill for the improve ment of the harbor at lbs month of Fox River. Referred. Mr. CHANDLER introduced a bill to grant lands In aid of the Wisconsin & Lake Superior Railroad. Referred. Mr. CHANDLER gave notice that he would to morrow introduce a bill to repeal existing and all o>h«r lorilT laws, and Impose a uniform duty of fifty per cent ad volortm on all imported goods. Friday cvcnlrg’s session wts assigned for the consideration of bills from ihe Committee on Pa tents. Sir. POLAND offered a iceolutlon Instructing lbs Judiciary Coalmttce to inquire Into the propriety of ameuaing the Constitution to limit the tenure of service as President to one term, to extend its duration to six years, abolish the Vico Presidency, aod provide for (be election of President by pop ular vote. Laid over till to-morrow. The Bankrupt Bill was taken np. lh-3 vole re jecting It having been reconsidered, the question was on Its passage. Mi. SUMNER endeavored to offer amendments excluding rebels fiom the privilege of voluntary bankruptcy. The CHAIR ruled that nuless tbe vote ordering the bill to a third reading was reconsidered it was not amendable. . Debate followed. Mr. DIXON, white bo Admitted that negroes were badly treated In some bans Cl Texas, utter ly dented that ench treatment was In general anything like It. Mr'. hATES replied, alleging bis belief that Union man were badly treated In the South. Mr. HOWARD believed there was nothing like adequate protection to Unionists in the South, especially blacks. Uo bad beard from aceutle man from Texas that not less (haul,COO Colonist*, black and while, have been murdered hr rebels dnriug the past year, and not onoof the mur derers have been Drought to Justice. Mr. DOOLIiTIJS read a fetter from Lagrange, Texas, the home of Jack Uamtlton, contradicting the reports of the maltreatment of Unionists, and stating that Uomllton had brought a free in gro woman to tagrauce, held her aa bn slave limit compelled to liberate ber, and that bis llcontionmcr*, not politics, ban made biro objec tionable to the people, and especially at home. Mr. BUMNEusald be was constantly receiving letters from tie Booth giving accounts of the per secution and mnrder of Unionists. It Senators would vole down bis amendment, well and good. He had been voted down before when ho brought In tho bill to repeal the Fugitive Slave Law. Mr. CONNEBB said ho was tired of the whip of the leader In the Bcnatc, and of beating Mr. Sum ner accuse the South of cowardice, lie bad tried to do bis duly hen*, aud was determined no longer . lo submit lo Hntnnrr’e U*h. lie thought It unbe coming acd Indecent in Mr. Sumner to accuse him and others ofderellAion of duty. After further debate. In the course of which Mr. LANE opposed the bill as piospcctivo, b.-can«o of Us voluntary provisions, because It was not uni form In Ua operations, and because lla eilbct would be In tavur ot the fraudulent debtor and against honest men, the bill passed. YEAS. CnUrll, Fielinghuyeon, Roland, (handler, Harris, Pometoy, Corners. Howard, Ramsey, Crenwell, .luhitson, Ross, Dixon. Me'lougatl, Hlewart. Donllitlc, Muriran, VonWlnklo, Fessenden, Norton, Wilson.—Tl, Foster, KATP. Brown, IlctidiieUs, Hniagur. , lUickftlcw, Kirkwood, Trumbull. Ursula. Lane. Wade. Paris, Muttlll. Willey, t-org, Nesmlin. William*, Grimes, I'aUrtron, Yates--*'. Ilrtidrrmn. Haulshury, It goes lo tho House for concurrence tn ilia amendments. Mr. HIIKRMAN. from Ilia CommilUm on Fi nance, irpoited (tie billowing hill t ll* it tnat'nl. That for the imipoteof redeeming mUliiffl’iVnre W&eTSryVfnm 'TrcMury ulterahy siitnonaed and directed to Issue temporary loan certificates lo the manner procrlhod by heeibm four of (be act to authoilw the Itauuof United Btste* nous and the redemption and refunding iheieof, and for funding tho Coaling debt of the United (Mates, approved February 25, itsit, hearlnr interest at a ire not exceeding three par cent ncr annum, principal and Imereti pay. able fn lawful money on demand, aod each certificates of temporary loan as may constitute and bv bold by any National Barit holding or own ing (he same aa part of tho reserve provided for In B, ctloca hi and 82 of the act to provide a national currency secured hr a pledge of United Butea bonds, to proride lor tbe clicniatlon and redemp :lon:heroof,apnrcTeo.Tune 3,1*04; iVorhtaJ.lhat not teas than two-fifths of tbe eutlre reserve or such hank shall consist of lawful money of tbe United *:ate-; and prodded f<n :hrr, that the amount of ench b mporary loan certificates at any timeout standing shall not exceed eighty millions of dol lars. _ it*. rOMEROT, Rom the Public Land Commit tee, repotted n bill creating the office of Surveyor Gei.eial ol Montana, and establishing a Land Office for Montana and Arizona. aa a substitute tor tbe Bouse bill for the organization of a lead ctsmet tn Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Montana. Mr. MORGAN, from the itoramlttee on Comtue-ce, repotted a bill amending the act to picvldo for the safety of passengers on steam vessels, Ac., by making all vessels naviaating all bays, rivers Ac., of the Unit'd Mates, exc-pt those subject to foreign jnrirdlc lon and engaged in lorcigu trade, amena ble to u.o xiavtraUoo laws of the United States, iSr.WII.SON reported from the Military Com mittee a new draft for the temporary Increased pay to aitny officers, and for other purpose*. i-ection 1 gives all officers below Major Gen ets! per cent Increase on pay proper for two years from .Inly Ist, ISCT, and gives all other mounted officers cavalry pay. Section 3 continues the present pay of en listed men time years from August 20th, ISS6. Section 3 allows commutation of rations to prisoners of war who died in prison, or subse quent to release. Section 4 repeals the act authorizing brigade bands, bullcaves a band at the Military Academy, as now authorized. Section 5 establishes the office of Assistant Secretary of War. Section 6 amends the act of July 23,1566, si that Surgeons ot volunteers in the regular army car. be piotnoied to Captains after three years' eenlce in the volunteer force. Section 7 authorizes credits to Paymaster* of erroneous payment* made in good faith, and not the result ot negligence or in violation of orders. bectlon 8 strikes out the word “ white " fiotn alt militia laws. Section 8 placet tbo ten Judge Advocates on tbe same footing aa to tenure of office, as other officers of the army. Section lOauthoiizestbeSecretaryofWarto sell alt property ol the United States at Harper's rvrty. Section It makes It the duty ofthe army and navy officers to prevent whipping and maiming of ’per sons for anv crime or misdemeanor by any pre tended civil authority In any State until such State shall be restored and recognized by Con gress. Section .13 abolishes and forever prohibits peonage In New Mexico and elsewhere, and de clares null and void all laws, resolutions and regulations which have maintained or enforced the same, and provides penalties for any violation olit. Section IS makes U tbe duty of all persons, civil or military, lo aid In enforcing the foregoing section, and any person abstracting, or attempting to obstruct, lo be liable to the penalties of (be foregoing section ; and officers so offending to be tried by court martial, and, on conviction dls missed, and be forever ineligible lo any office of trust or profit. Eeclton K dlrecta the immediate disband ment of all millUa forces now organised or in sorvice In Virginia, North Carolina, Heath Carolina, Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Loni'iana Mississippi and Texas, and prohlotts farther or ganization among, or calling into service, said militia until nntnotlecd by Congress, and tnikea It the doty of Department Commanders to enforce the «am«* Mr. WILFON Introdnccd a Joint resolution to facilitate the settlement of claims for quartermas ters’ stores, subsistence and supplies furnrtbed by loyal persons to the army of tbe United Htale*. In the late rebellion. Committees are appointed by name under tbla resolution, fur West Virginia. North Carolina, Hotith Carolina, Ocorglnr and Florida: Kentucky. Tennessee, Missouri, and Arknn-ast Louisiana and Mississippi, and Alaba ma. to examine and report on elalm*. hut no pay. mrnt la lobe made mull anlhurlaed by Congress. ItrfeiM d to the Military Committer. h Vnnil nm" 1 " tc, ““ a 10 Uk ' 11,1 ,ht NUmm Ship The League Island Naval Depot BUI waa taken Mr, HHMNKJi offered an amendment for a com mission hirlnd ng Admits! Farragnt atxl (lumual £ given aa a naed gift io ibe tinvermuent. Alin debate a mm waa taken HU evening. . r.vKHimi aitNAiOH No quorum. Adjourned. IKJIIHK, Or. imdlim id Mr. WKNTWOIITII, lbs Hecrsta. ry ol Ibe Treasury waa requested to oomuiiiiiiraln M s <oit under Ilia tana, of Hie Uentiat ami Union I’anfiL' reilioads. On ni'iiluu ol Mr. HIM, Hie Htcielary nf (be Treartiry waa mjnnrled to atale whether purttuai tris arc required to arcouui lor and pay Ma on the salary nl eleiUs. Ac. Mr. KLIOT Introdncrd a blllrelaMvo lo the uieicfttdlle marine of UiR United HUlct. He krred. On million of Mr. DAtll.lNO Ibe Bommltlee ot Ways end Meann wereinslrnctod (o inquire tnlo (be propriety of allow! nga rebate of leu percent of duties on all goods Imported In American bot toms, Mr. Noi'l.L ashed tears to ofiw a resolution fur Hiqmty by the special Committee Ihto Dip allosa tli'iia ofutltisdeg lif Dip MlaauiDl militia Upon nffii-efa a/nl ijiiZMia of Urn Uiiltetl Slate*. Mr, fcl.lut lu ii M 100 late tu (tie pfjfluii ly atiimloia retecl roiiUHlUee. . Mr. f.mj.rmu femßfhPti it wag never 100 tale In tin gMifl. . 'I h“lltitt*p leiMititrd (lie fotieldeMltoii of Ibe bill ij'i'oriMl vpeiPfdav fft.iu n»t* opleei cmnmlneq on Hi* hew uiitaiti not. 'file voiemaeitbg ild {onto ijiipeiOHt ha* reronriiWd, wio'h, oit Mr. nt.turn imtiinii.die Mill mm'llom. inmdipa M tiiMerilyn of HHeeaie Iron) t«ouniarta to U(» lli'lOP, PA* ■lMll'ti om, Mr, LMo rn*rii renewed I to* demand f»r (lie iircvimia qnestum, hut, alter some debate, albmud Die o| pniienls mu (inure (nr tpeivbe*. HOVRII. IIAIIPINU «nd PlNOKepoka •ealnnli.aiul aia oMock ibe lloHte amended iliiijiruoiimt question, Mr. KI.IOT being entitled lo close the debate, Hindi) remarks In support of the bill, yielding the dour HurcrtHludy to LaMtONl) and NORM., who option, d, and K]|RI.LAIiAUDKI(, who advocated ihu 1.111, The bill passed—ll 9to 48. Recess UU 7:80 EVENING SESSION, On motion of Mr. STARK. the Commttlaa on ranking (were Instructed lo inquito Into Die ex |H-diency of preventing by law the sale of cold by the Treasury, and by National Banks, ana of ex empting from State or local taxation that portion of the caplin! of National Banks invested in the United States loan. On motion of Mr. DARLING, the Committee on Territories were instructed to inquire into ibe propriety of changing the name of New Mexico to Lincoln. The House considered the Stevens Reconstruc tion Bill. Mr. KELLEY advocated its passage as a neces sity from rue perfidy of Andrew Johnson. Mr. MAYNaRD supported the bill. Congress bad either to move forward or he thiost Irrevoca bly backward. Mr. ALLISON spoke in favor of the bill, either with or without modification. Mr. BLAINE would vote forjthe bill whether amended or not. but hoped It would be amended to the effect that when the Constitutional Amend ment shall be ratified, acd Any one of the South ern States bad assented to it, and provided for im partial euffraee, tbar that State snail be declared entitled to representation In Congress, and its Representatives and Senators admitted to scats on taking the oath prescribed by law, Mr. G ARFIEIJ) said: My remarks in tho House on Friday appear to have made an Impression that I declared myself in favor of showing no mercy to the Southern people; that I had hitherto been In favor of a magnanimous course, and that hereafter the door of mercy should be shut again? t them. However deeply they have wronged the Republic, 1 would not have anyone suppose I favors fierce or revengeful course. What Isold on that point was wholly In reference to the Con etttnlionsl Amendment, which all the rebel States, except Tennessee, have* now rejected, as a basis ol restoration. I said, and I'eay again, I myself am morally boned, and 1 believe the Thirty-ninth Congress was morally bound, to re ceive them if they adopted It and pnt themselves on the same ground that Tennessee did. Many members know X have been opposed to taking fmilicr decisive action until ever; rebel had a mil opportunity to act on the amendment Now that they have ail rejected it, and considering their ac tion as final, as Isaid on Friday, that oficr, as a basis of restoration, is forever closed so tar as my vote Is concerned. Tho time has come when wc most protect loyal men of the South. The time has come when Irnlt leas magnanimity to rebels is cruelty lo oar Mends. No oiher victorious nation has over so neglected its supporters. For a quarter of a cen tury the British Government gave special protec tion to iho Tories ol the American Revolution, Having them 115,000.000 out of the rojaktruasary. Wbatloyai man of any Slate, except TVnnesiee, has been honored or defended by the Federal Government ? It Is a notorious fact that it ia both safe and honorable in the South to have been a rebel, while It ia both dangerous and d'acracciul lor a Southerner lo bare been loyal to the Union. They are every day proscribed as unavenged victims of rebel malig nity. I desire to say I am in favor of placing there States under military jurisdiction only a* a temporary measure of protection, until republi can governments cai be organized. baaed upon (be will of the loyal people, without regard to race or color. . .. Mr. NOKI.L spoke against the bill. Adjourned. FUO3I Sl’illtWiELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Brncfonstp, February 12- Tilt- fAhnr. The lobby strength seems temp more numerous and powerful to-day than at any previous time dunrg the session, and wbat Is more strange and remarkable, very few of the number are here to represent private schemes or Interests. Most all of them are looking out for the public good, as they understand It. A delegation from the Com mon Council of Chicago, consisting of Messrs. Wicker, Holden and Lawson, arrived here this morning, to look after the amendments lo the City Charter. These gentlemen, with (several other clUacna of yonr city, had a con ference with the Cook County delegation this sUcmoon.fand certain matters concerning the Charter Amendments. Health Bill, Ac., were agreed upon by common consent. The Health Bill will remain Ibo same as It was repotted, except the control of the financial portion of It will be In the Common Conucll. This, 1 think, Is the only change of anycooscquouce. mu. to rnoviux additional school facilities ron cuica'io. The Common Connell Committeo here and the Cook County delegation have alsofagrecd upon a bill to give power to the Common Council lo Issue twenty years’ bonds for the sum of five hundred thousand dollars for the pur pose of buying lands and bnlldlog fCbool houses Id Chicago, this step being deemed absolutely necessary, by rca son ot tbe straitened school accomraod.illons in thatctly. It is represented that these accommo dations at this time aie scarcely sufficient for one half Ibo number of scholars who are desirous of gaining admission. Tae movement wilt uudonbt vdly prove a popular one. Till INTZnNAL tMPIIOVSKKKT COMMITTRC have been at work all the afternoon on the Canal mil, in endeavoring to perfect, not only Ite gene ral principles, but He detail*. They hope to have It ready for tntrodnctlun by Thursday, slier which U will have to take Its chances as a popular measure. There arc »o many varied Ititerrsls at work In endeavoring to give certain direction to Its provision*, that it has been vny difficult to reconcile them all ro aa lo secure lor R Uir milled support of the friends of Internal miiirnvrmente. It Is to bo honed (hit tbe new hill is oprn lo very taw or none of the objections urged against the first bill reported. riIICAUO park mu. Ibe friends of tbe South Chicago, Hyde Park and lake Park Uill, have bad an eminent Chicago lawyer at work on that bill to-day in per* fsctlng Ua detail*. Qnlte a comber of change* bare been made In III* respect, but tbe vital features of the MU remain. a* there aeemed no chance for improvement. Ihere seems now to be no opposition to Ibis bill, except from one roorce, ana that Is by parties rep resenting tbe Drexels, of Philadelphia, who are tbe owner* of a large tract of lacd in toe immedi ate vicinity of tbe contemplated improvement. It Is understood that these parties trill withdraw tbclr opposition If the park Is permitted to adjoin ibclr lands, bat not Include them. TUX BKNATB. Tittle or no business of public importance was transacted In tbe Senate this forenoon, and thai body was not in session in the afternoon. to* norex could hardly muster a quorum during the whole day, and it adjourned at an early hour In the after* coon. TUB INDCSTUIAL COIXZOZ QCXSTION. It is sow understood that both houses will go to Jacksonville to-morrow, to sec the elephant which that cltv ofiers for the location of the Indus trial College at that place. I fear that neither body will do but :ttUe work urlll tbsl question Is disposed of Ibeicmptatlons offered intheseex* eotsions are'too strong to resist. to lincoln to-day to look at the offers made by that 'mart little city lor the lodostilal University, returned this evening eridcnlly well pleased with their trip. Which lo cality will eventually capture the priae Is vet a mystery that doubtless a lew days will settle. 1 understand that the Champaign party will tack the Chicago Polytechnic School as a rider to their elephant and they think In this way they have tie thing In their own hand*. It Is a strong card. THE STATE HOUSE QUESTION. The question of building a new State House will come up In the Committee of tbe Whole, on Thursday afternoon. An amendment will be offered to Ihe bill reported by the committee, to locate the State House at Decatur. 1 don't think the proposition win show much strength. As 1 have before said, 1 think Springfield ought to have Ihe prize, bnt It ahould put a good deal more of their money In iU 1 might add that they think tbey have ottered all the money they can spire. SOCIAL OATHEEISO. Hon. B. S. Edwards has his cardsoot for s large and fashionable social gathering on Thursday evening* torn SIDS BKATTSO COXTANTe Mir, Among the bill* which pasted the Bouse on Thursday last In the omnibus of 307 passengers, ta one which should challenge tbe attention of the people of Chicago, particularly those residing on Michigan avenue. The till Incorporates the fcouth Side Skating Company, and give* CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1867. It paver to take. hold. morUNge ted eooveyreal or person! *prop«rty,'to erect buildings for skating rlnke, tod other purports connected therewith, tod to manage tod control the etme, tnd skating ponds for hire or regard, tod deal In or with to; commodity connected therewith not prohibited by law. Section two of the hilt gives the company the power to possess, exclusively, and control any artificial body of water open eneb land aa It may acquire the ngnt of poem* lon and nse of, and also any portion of the water* of take Michigan, within the limit! or Jurisdiction oi the city of Chicago, not Both lailint lo the usee of commerce and the general navigation of said lake by reason of any artificial etructoro hereto foio established by authority of Uw. Section three makes the capital stock fIS,tXJU, with power lo Increaee It to flOO.ddO. Becllon tour provides for a board of directors, officers, A®-* Kcctluu live empowers the Board of I’ubllc Works of Chicago to lease, col trad and dispose of to the sr>id hkailog Cutnpsuy any welds within the juil'dlrtlnnof thedif, for one or more yetts. for Midi mil as they may agree upon. The cor poratorsare Jesso Hpatildiug, llrnj. F. Cjulmby, and lliajamiu F. Hniih. This bill means simply to give power to the above named whaling Company to (aka poaarMlott of the bistu Bunting on Waaltltigiou avenue, both shies of (he railroad track, aa far out as the nreakwaler. In build akallng rlnke, Ire linnas#, nndanch other hnlldlngs sa limy may cbooae lo put dp on Urn grounds adjoining (he tuiln j also, lo (aka out lee and deal In It, or with any artlclo or common liy cunnotUd iheiuwlili. The bill Is now In Ilia liatda of iho Rebate t'uuituUieean ilaeks and for porallune, wiiere I Ihluk II will be squelched. II would not be Improper for (he people realdlng on Ihe Mlrhlgan avonne lo'look out for the bill, or hev may find Ihelr beautiful water front lined nub unsightly aha'lu? rlnlia, Ice houses, Ac. Mince VvilUng the above I learn tint Mr. Hey ; nold», of Chicago, ofleted ■ resolution request- In. Ihe Bei'ttte to return to the Rouse the above hill of ehumlualluhs, ahd the Renate at once coni oiled, and the bill liuw sleeps that sleep that knows hu waking. ook'Ano das hill, Ihe kill aqitmhaiiig the eliy of Cklrago lo insniilat inie and supply gas, was called up to tiny, and read to ike CotnmiUim on Ranke and iiifpuialluns, fur Ike purpose of illsckliig Ike following aflienomeni, and addlllonat secilun, to niiiri.d Ike elsieeiilk seflion by adding As fob It|« si IS fifhivu 1 liM. In Ail rAfi<*a where any mmi«f I* mi»ml I 7 unitirai taxlW the ure uni Mi«rtio! >nin itio'M iwreiii nmnnr< |>ei) In I* levied repay rerllglillug ii,« rireemiMl oilier |oiii)io »«.<#, |||.« Amount *n paid for ■««»» gaswurkaalianiiecQpridtired a* an aavanre by «aM niy on arcouat of aaiil gas wot ha, mm shall nu repaid to (he peniral fund of ailil city out of Mui revnim s or rem-lpu of (be a»M gas work*, And II e following; Hkotioh 1. In c« a the said pas companies, or •-hliiTOl them, shall, alter the said bill baa bren approved by the people «e aforesaid, eo'er into a contract with said city. to be drawn and approved by tlm Board of I’nbllc Works and approved by tbe Common Connell by a vote of ibiec-fourtba of nil Ihe Aldermen elected, which contract aball bo *nch ns stud be sufficient in law to bind the com* party or cotnpaniea executing the same to furnish can to earn coy, and also to the citizens thereof, at a price to be therein fixed, which price snail be such a* npon an economical arrangement of the mid business shall yield to each company or companies a net profit of not exceeding ten nor cent npon the capital actually employed by tfiem in said business, to be deter* mined from time to time npon an Inspection of the books and accounts of the said companies, nnder the direction of the said Board of Public Works, which contract shall further authorize the said City Council to appoint a City Inspector of Has and Gas Metres, and to regulate and control by ordinance the measurement of the gas con* enmed by the said city, and by the citizens there* of. and shall further antnorixe the said Board of Pnblic Works to have the direction and con trol of ail excavation of the public streets, alleys, at d places of said city tor the laying and repairing of gas pipes, aod shall further authorize toe said city to require gas furnished under each contract to he of suitable quality, and shall turtber autho rize the said Common Council hr a vole of all tbe Aldermen elected to require the extension of the ras pipes to or upon any street, alley orpun hcplac-io said city, and shall farther authorize tno aaid aty to require the lighting of the public streets. alloys and public B laces of said city, and to regulate and control ie same bv ordinance or otherwise, it shall tn such rase thereupon be lawful for said city In its option to delay the appointment of the said gas commissioner, and the establishment of the gas works as herein authorized, so long as tn the judgment cf the said Common Connell, the faid contract shall be lalthloily kept and observed by the said gas company or gaa companies entering Into the same, and If only one of the said gas companies shall be willing to enter Into such a contract, then It shall be competent for the said Board of Public Works, with the appro\alof the Common Connell, as aforesaid, in their option, to permit said company to sup ply the gas for the section ortho said city, which can be supplied by the said company, under con tract, to bemade and approved as aforesaid, aod containing (be protlstois aforesaid,and to provide for the supply ol gas to other portions of said citv, by the esublismnent of gaa works ueder the provisions of this act. And 11 at acy time the said company or com panies entering Into said contract shall m the judement of a majority of all the Aldermen, fail, neglect or refuse to perform and fulfil the said coed ad. the Common Connell shall thereop on annnl such contract, and forthwith proceed to appoint the officers aod provide for the establish ment of the gas works, as herein authorized and provided. It la understood that the amendments proposed will remove tbe objections urged by many against ibe bill, and the friends entertain the hope that It will pass In this shape. 1 learn that the Chicago delegation, with a single exception—Mr. Taylgt— ate unanimously in its favor. TUC STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [Special Despaicb to the Chicago Tribune.] SFBiH«rizij>, XU., February IS. SENATE, mx luiinoAD dux. "Mr. FULLER called up the Kallroad Bill that massed in the Boose a few days since, and movedthal itbc^ en from . t ? B J^ldaryCom mlltee and referred to & committe ®. hlr. MACK moved to refer it to tho CommllUc. Mr. Mack's motion prevailed. mmuxg. .Mr. MUNN presented a petition for, and a re monstrance against, the abolishing of tho Court of Common Fieoa ot Cairo. Mr. WARD presented a petition of citizens ask ing for the abolition of the death penalty. MILITANT PIPOT AT CAIUO. Jlr. MUNN called up hU resolution luslrnctlng Senators and requesting Representatives to n»e their influence to have a depot of military sup plies for the Southwell established at Cairo. The resolution passed. BILLS INTUODPCEB. To further dvfine aud punish tbo crime com tnoulr culled tho “couDdeuce game to appoint official reporters for tbo courts ol Chicago, and fur the pie-ervalioo o! ovideuco in certain cases; to slmpiiiy me rules of pleadings of the courts In mis Stale by a uniform system of practice. BTATIOHKRT. Hr. FORT'S resolution providing for furnidi tog auamuuutuf tUUutiety not exceeding |IIW to each member, was uk-iu up and passed. HILLS TAKEN IT AMU PASSED. Ihlti were taken up ou third reading, and the Mlowing were pass.dt To Incorporate the Bbclbyrllle and Tolono Railroad Company: to amend an act providing for appeals to the Supreme Court; to levee the Wabash River: to provide lor bullJlur a bridge over the Illinois aud Michigan Canal at Ottawa; to incorporate the Rost Si. Louis TrUmnt Com pany. Adjourned.

HOUSE. MONNINO SESSION. SOUTH SIDE SKATINO COVPANT. Mr. REYNOLDS imrodneed a revolution re questing the Senate to rtlurti House Bill No. SO7, au act ol lucorpuration of the South bide Skating Company of Chicago, which was rushed through In the onihlbiii on Thursday last. rsTtnoßs. Petition* were received from cUlren* of Oft© Comity, for (he pareago of Kasiman's Wanhuu*© Rill 1 also, ftom ciileeui of Lake Couuiy, fbt a law against some fishing. cuuNtrm ntronTs. Htandloe commlilrrs reported 10 routine comio on a (jolt number of bill*. I|u- Finance t'orninltiee. tbtoneh Mr. PAYNK Us Chairman, rspmivd a Mi) amsmlltitf Dm rev*- turn law* and crvallNß a Hoard of Rqitaliaallon, *'J l )riJn«r3 printed, and made the special order for Tbumdsy next, at in a. m. ’llm saineconimlnre reported back ihc MR for Dm ala of the t'biraeo Hyp and Karinflrmary.wlih amendment* virtually sacrificing at the ahrloo of Jacksonville, ordered with amendments to a third readier. The same rommlttre reported back the bill in Ud uf tbn Chicago Nuracrv and Half Orphan Aaj urn, with a rt-comrorndatlon that the enacting clause ho stricken out, ao u to kill It, Concnrrcd in. Mr. KNAPP, from the Judiciary Committee, re ported back a anbatitute tor the .’bill fixing the compecaaUon of County Judge*, so as to pay them five dollars per diem (or all the time they actually served. Ordered to a third reading. AUo for tae bill fixing (be fees of Sheriff* and Collectors In specified counties In central and Southern Illinois. Referred to toe Committee of the Whole Hou*e. Also, a till making the minimum limit of grand larceny $25, liutcad of $5, as hitherto. Otdcred to a third reading. _ Al»o, a bill increasing the fees of County Clerks. Also,'a bill making eight bouts a legal day's wotk. Both ordered to a third reading. BXtfOLCnOHS. Rcfolntlors protesting against tbo action of toe Missouri Legislature m attempting to divert the trade of the line 01 the Hannibal £ St. Joseph Railroad from the Qnlncy & Palmyra Railroad by legislation injurious to tbe interests of Illinois, and prejudicial 10 already constitute© channels of trade for mere local benefit, were Introduced by Mr. WARREN, and slrongiv urged by aim as Decenary to impress the Missouri Legislature with a sense of toe feeling of the General Assem bly on the subject. . , . General HUflLßUTalso denounced toe unwise, petty. penny-wl*e and poand-hwlUh pohv tempting to control trade adopted oy the Missouri Legislature. , , ivnding action on this question, there being no quorum present. Adjourned. AFTERXOOX SESSION*. The qB «.U0« WiHSATO £' Home was made the special order for next Xnes day afternoon. TheEefonnschool'BUl, fot “■ day, was postponed ww-motrotraftenioon. He Chicaro Gas I5mS «*er"d “ “* c Col “- mitieo on Banks ana Gorpota'lons. febllon. for t ***£.«£e dUaen, of Macon and Sincimoa coanUca were reccircd end telenet rf rtd , resolution apDotaUnp a eo“=B Sto l “e *om tne Homo and tosten “sr&itffisssTk * Dera 11,11 °** *»• eo“ idet ‘.'nf qSSSS. of tne es.ann.b.nent of Work Houses tor petty offenders. Adopted. hbsolctiox*. %»_ WARRES ottered a re?oloUon reqoertlne Retire?enutfres m ConjneM lo Adontod. _ re introduced and referred. ft?”Sffif!>-»trodnc.d a Joint neeolntlon ttil't, l-ict.l election He people of tie Coo»»nUon° n question* of a ConatUntlonal .Adorer and made Iheepeclalorderfor Wednos dayafteruoon next. 'The noose adjourned. WISCONSIN, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madisoji, February 11. 8 EIfATE. • Senator Webb was appointed on the Committee cm Benevolent Institutions, In place of Mr. wheeler, elected President. JA memorial to Conrme was sdopicd, asking Michigan** 0 * 6 k^ ol "'of Pcre Marquette, In t i®Ul*,were Introduced to amend chapter IM, or relating lo supervisors laying out likbways in certain coses? tolutborlwjgaarulacs lo Tease the lands of ihelr wai ds t to prescribe the manner of rendering aAConnts of witnesses, Ju* ihrt, interpreters, and for paying the same : to appropriate |fi,l ne to the Hislp nisfortcnlH cmiy, Jo InycstlgaUng mineralogy and cllmalol (>cy« Ac . with a view to induce ImtmgrnUnn beret to provide for ihe Itmirctlon of steam boilers ? to amend, chanter 111 of the Reused Blilulcs con certing lea] property. Last evening, In the Hensle. tietlllotis were pro sems-ii lor ihe reduction of loif lurgrltidluri also n pelllton for and i«nion*(ianre attains! ilio Im provement of ihe Hell" «m Chippewa River. . B|R* *cre mirodiircd to appropriate certain nralnnge fund* in Wauparca Uouflfr to Ills Im tnntomsiit of the highways i to amend aeciluii /11, rbnpier UH, llevtaed Hialutes,'relallne lo elec tions nod Mippikiiicnlsry proceedtiurai to amend muon 1 Ckspler US, RoUscd HlllUlfrs, concern ing probate of wlll* slid tellers leslnnierilary I to siilltmlsf }ho (lovemor to support Wisconsin •oldieia at ilia C'hleagu Par and Rye Inflruiaryi lo anis id (bn law miimnlfiu i>vj'M*nee. Bpnale bills were passed Hr repeal chapter 1161, taws of |M>l, anlhmlsliiff (lie tlnvernor lo lake rsreof tbs sick and wound'd suldlmai loan. Iborlee million CM» lo liiiih bunds i lo amend thsmera«M, of Ihe laws ol lrt>', relating loan penis, wills ol error and proctn ilim-s thereon. A large number of Itllie wore ordered lo a third reading. , ABHEMIILY. . A rcsntiillnn was presented for repeal of chap- f r »». uf laws ui JMJI. which created the present Countysupervisor system. A Joint ie<nlolioii whs uttered by Mr. Pefry, .V*!? which fo recruit lht» r»t|Jefl energies bf ihe members, Caused by ovcf A feeoltllloh lo Ibslnicl tiiPinkefs of Cohgfesi to vole lor a tediitMioti or iftrlir on iioiii sieel flml inaflilireiy, was leteiieiUu ihe CuimmUee oh Plate Aflalfs. tlllls Wef; lidfodtii'rd jo amend llm RogJ.iwi <6 amend thaitler idil.of laws of |nnj, miQ rel*t> Ihg lo (lei’OajlUdia In In? used In eviiloioI#, 1 #, peiisio bills »efe putsea lo n.eioorUllHd Ooo» tyfto* HO| , ioyem"iii of ilm hsiboF «l J'nr# alafigne le, end a l*ili lo imoriiornte ihe Wle» I'onsiß r»o»iisioi.« wioVßfnmpanf, A Joint MsotnUoo I‘Hlram anti emoiy Urn ftllh Jn*m the Uajdiol lido 1 trim lali© was concurred A«»«nui|y bills were jnataad (q amend ihe laws relalimr lo roniilv oftirerai in amonri aorilont M. U'. 17. It* and V 8 of chapinr 74. Khvisoil Hmi niee, alii} feppirung seulons l.i, Jd and V« of ihu same cbapler; to mirrhasu IDO copUs of Wi<t>- »Ur’s Unatnidged Diclionary s ro repeal chspter Tv, ollaal a< asinn.concornli-g cnargimr towns with llcenie money ; to revive and amend the charter ofilie Monroe & male Rina Railroad Company; to incorporate three peat companies. borne tight was made to leal iho question win flier they would Indulge in local legislation. The hills pasted—ayes. 67: noes.2o. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iKDiANArous, lad., February 13. SENATE. The usual temperance petitions were presented. The hills for tbe reorganization of the Courts were the special order, which, alter lengthy de bate, were laid npon the table. Tbe bill establishing the Soldiers’ Dome at Knlgbtstowo, appropriating twenty-five thousand dollars instead of fifty thousand, authorizing the Trustees to bold one hundred and ten acres of land instead of two hundred, and requiring the occnpnnta entitled to pensions to transfer them to the Dome, with other amendments, was pa-sed— -37 to 5, The Legislative Apportionment BUI was read a second lime and made the special order for to morrow afternoon. \ The Senate went Into Committee of tho Whole cn the Registry Bill. Tbe flret section was amended to as (0 require voters to reside In Ihe township ten days betore voting. After discus sion. the committee asked leave to sit again. Mr. Cravens introduced a bill to legalize the consolidation of railroads heretofore made. HOUSE. A Joint resolution was offered, reimbursing Mr. Morrison. late Treasurer of Ihe S'ate, for two thousand dollars, stolen from the Treasury, and was refetred to the Committee ou Claims. Also a joint resolution proposing the taxlng of all securities of the United btatca except bonds, was passed to a second reading. The following bills were passed: House mil for the prevention of adultery; to Increase fines and punishments for selling unwholesome meat; empowering Comity Commissioners to convey to Trustees ol incorporated towns lands for ceme teries ; allowing turnpike companies to levy ad ditional toll* 0? bridges where repairs cost over one thousand dollars yearly, and allowing Agri cultural Societies to puicbase lands not exceeding eighty acres andilnclnolne Horticultural Societies. the bill on reorganization ol tbe Judicial Cir cuits of the State was recommitted. The Joint resolution Instructing Senators and requesting Kepteecutatives to have soldiers of the war of ISI2 placed on the pension rolls was passed unanimously. HIIOiIIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lanbcto, February U. BENATB. The Senate bad under consideration the Penin sula Railroad BUI, which wa» amended so a* to prevent municipalities from taking or bolding stock. The vote on the question was a test one, and is regarded as ecttliug tho fate of similar hills, but docs col touch the ques lion of Issue of hoods for railroad purposes. HOUSE. The House was encased daring the af'emoon in the discussion of the University Bill. Ac amendment making compliance with law requiting that a Protestor o( Homccopatby he au pointed as n condition precedent to receiving the appropriation, was adopted. In committee the motion to make the tax one* fortieth instead of one-twemietb mill, was lost. The bill was placed In order for a third reading TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nabiivtixe, February 13. Tbo Senate took up the Suffrage BUI to-day. It will be remembered that an amendment was taken oq it In the Uousd by tho onilcd Conscrvalivo rote, aided by a few Union men, providing that the hill should not be construed so as to permit negroes to sit on Juries or hold office. Senator John Tnmble,orNtßUvlllc,tC-day moved to strike out this proviso, and the motion was lost—7 to 13. A motion was entered to reconsider this vote, and It n hoped that tbc disgraceful proviso will yet be stricken out. The Union member* of the Senate are all in favor of rejecting 1U but fear some trouble lo case tbc bin goes back to the °Mr!*Trimble offered Inltca a bill proposing to extend the franchise lo all persons, black and white, except such as are excluded Irooi holding oglcc under tho Constitutional Ataenumont pro posed by Congress. The substitute was rejected. 7 to 13, and then the bill passed, Id to 7. KANSAS. Pt. Lons, Febrnarr 13.—The Dtmocrai't Jef ferson City special sa«s Hr. McCormick, a Con servative, oiivred n bill in the Senate to-day to sub mil to a vote or the people, a proposition to ratify It e decision of the Unite 1 Males Supremo Court In relation to tho test oalh required by (ho Con stitution In be taken by lawyers, preachers, Ac. 3he bill also provides that no person abstl be disqualified as a voter unless convicted of lreason or Mony. The bill wasrcjecled by a vole of 0 to 93. The Radical* promised that while their party will abide by tho decision of the Hoprcme Court, they do not propose to give rebels the right to vote yet awhile. THE lUTEU CONVENTION. The llrprescnlaUou Oraas Izatlon h perch of (lie I’reftldetil Eloquent Ad dmw of James 11. Eados t Iliq.-Mr, llroekmeyrr’a Mpooelu (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Louts. Mo , February H, The grrst River Improvement Convention, long talked of, mil here this morning, In the Mercan tile Library Hall. The delegates comprise a good representation of the beat business men of the M isslssippl Valley. Few politicians are present, and though occasional allusions to freo trade and high tariff are beard, there is no partisanship man* I, I General Vandrvcr, of lowa, waa made tempora ry Chairman, and wade a brief speech. a . The following places were represented by dfUealra numbered a* follows I Hi, I'aui, Id; llrdWiug. 5; Hastings, fl: Hi. Anthony, n; Min respoßi.a: Vinous,h: Hudson, Madi »on.«; McGregor, lows, 5; Dubuque, 8u: Mn*ca tine. 7; Hnrllngion, u; Keokuk.*: uiilpey.lO: Ktlihsimre. a; Davenport, 13; Rock island, •: Nath, 8: Cairo, 0; ilamllloo, 3; Belleville, XU; Andalusia, 8; Now Albany,3; Chattanooga, l; Memphis, H; New Orleans, 4: Ciuclimatl. 30; nnsourch, 30; St. I-ouls, 30; Nashville, Tenn., Glasgow, Ho., 4; Washington, H0.,4 5 Alton, iiayor Thomas welcomed the Convention toSC Louis. Fraycrwas offered by Rev. Dr. Post- On motion, a committee was appointed to nom inate permanent officers. Adjourned. . . On reatstinbliog, the committee to nominate permanent officers reported as followi : President—William McPherson. w Vice Presidents—Uon. L. B. Weatherby. Wls cousin; E. O. Stanard, Mksonn; George l. Johnson, Ohio; W. c. McCar by, Pennsylvania; Jene Mclntyre. Minnesota; R. B. Briggs. U»uls i&sa; John L. Davis, Iowa; David On d. I llnois; J. E Montague, Tennessee; James Force. Indi ana; James A, Foy, Michigan; R- Wooifolk, K^creur'le* —Colonel Marsh. Illinois: George S. Packard. Wisconsin; W. U. Fry. Indiana; W. B. Baker.'Michigan : J. Knox lavlor. Minnesota; Geotge A. Thurston, Pennsylvania; B, Ealner. Tense*see; A. G. Nye,Ohio; C. a. Peck,lowa. The persons nsmeu were duly elected. Hr. william McPherson was escorted to the chair, and spoke for some time In relation to toe d mnid upon the resource* of railroads and river for trarsponatlon. Without an Increase In rail roads or improvement in the Mississippi River, the rime would soon arrive when noth epmnicca would be unable to carry the products of the val ley to their maikeU He referred to supposed jealousies between Chicago, Cincinnati «na ot- Jonl-, bot deprecatedthc Idea thatsuen jealousy waa possible. There was ample room for all three, and even three more great ciues. and they, should unite their tremecuous energies to cheapen transportation. The country would §row so rapidly that in a few years those cinos and the coQwry around would find themselves unable to handle the products of this valley without an im provement in the water transportation. James B. Eadcs,lo behalf of the.MerchanU’ Ex change, avoke at lensth concerning the objects or the Convention. He cave many fact* and figure*, showing tte duty of lb© Government to Improve the navigation of the MUaiwlppL Quoting the appropriatkma aiding tho Pacific Ilailroad pro jtcts as prccertmlSv ne stated tha* paid lor extra insurance by the people of the Mis sutlppl Volley would remove every obstruction. He expatiated upon (be military importance ot the river, and slated that Austria had expensed on ike Danube more than the United States bad spent noon the Mississippi. He bad examined the character ot thee© obstructions, and . was nanamed la saying not one of them was above engineering skill; No obstructions existed greater tban those which had alroidy l*een removed, and it was the duty ofjb© whole I-eopleto command their servants at Washington to appropriate money to remove all obatrocUona. He claimed that the enhanced value ot the lands betdenngenthe Mississippi would pay for all the needed improvements. ... . HU cloelng remarks were much applanded. anu 1 were- a* follows: . > “TUia grand and Imposing ccncentrallon of tntnial force and energy. drawn hither f*‘'ra all parimpftheyaney. Is an cloqnfßt illustration of that jriant stream v bleb has for some wise por poec been siren ln6> the solo guardianship of thlo people. lie restless wares arc borne to our fboreshy southern breczeitkal hare danced along ita lorficc IJir thirteen honored mile*, lla wealth Bw cllod hr pine-clad hills, whoeo northern elopes eend Ihelr sparkling rivulets to J* 1 * Arctic Seas. The Appalachian chain pours forth Its stores to swell Us power, and mingled in LiV. gt Y ® la ® e arc the crystal floods that hare brightened the Jewelled sands of the Rocky Mountains, ion come to ns from homes as dis tant and as various as the sources of the mighty , river, representing ihe wealth, 'he Intellect, and the energy of the Empire Valley of the con tinent, and when the united force nl your wisdom and yonr witl ]< foil In }*■* MpUol of (be Republic, as, thank Hod, It rood will he, It wilt give an Impulse and powerto this movement that will be as rcslslle« as the old l ather of Waters when he gathers bfc* annual floods and moves in overwhelming gran deur to thn writ).* - Mf.ll. t. Urocktneycr. In behalf *f the (*om mno loondl. slmi wdnitmd Hu- ContPiiiloti In a sprtcli of a hair hunr, full of Inicrcstbig sln'lstlrs ss lo(betlirg|inpn«p«t upon Urn people by the ran. } |r «,» r to* ynvtfniiiMiltritPidofe the otwlnidlons In (ho MlsMmlpoi. tin dwell upon the social and comnipicial itfohbtti Involved in chraplrHtuporia- Uon. Re rrfenrd to the Influence of the Ore nav- Isa lon of Ike Mississippi during Ihe war, and brlbved I list It wak Ui- duly of the tiovdtimrm lo undertake ihe lemuval of Urn nb tlrVlj.’VJi? l n,,| to 110 Die mpuiss at Anjurned till Monday, Ht. I.oiiii, PebniaryJS —There are between fmir nod flvu Immiienldelegalea Rirvsent, repreitrnilim n great vailcly oriniercsU. and Ike dis. nssion in Hie L'ouverillun will jifobakir take a wide fjimi-, The iJHcpales are Ike guests nt tln< til? and will ho well provided for dmlng their atay tu town. FROM HIiOONIMUTONs llurnliiff of the At. I'harlea IllltOUO-Tlin liPßlslallve CrimniHlnp- TiiPbraiid llallat the Asliley ilutiae. [Ppecls! Bespalcb lo tk<? Chicago Tiloune.] IlLnuMlNQTug, Febrtury 19. Tkeßl. Charles Rolel, liualed near lk<‘ Chicago f: Attoh llaliroad llepol, in Ikls diy, wa» enllrdy itrslfojed ky fife at four o'clock this tnofnlbg, DulyastnallpaMuftkefimilldre Wa*saved. Ike loss ts esllHinlfd at f llWii, building wa« iti> silted lor Irt.OO- 1 , aad Ike fiifsHittp for ll.ntri. j i,p (lie originated Irotn liie ci>ete«si-ess of one of nm (M)mje sefVßhls, In kindling Are in a a|o»e in mm of Ike second Moiy.rooms, The properly was owned livJolinT. iP Ulen, f l m Jotiil Ugjakiilve CommUioe left ikisoMy si sight o’fliH'a Mils mmiitng by snacUl nain for idccoln, where limy will eiamine into Rm md ihs> c'Hi has lo make lor the loeallon of ike induslilal (‘olmec. IlmerandhaU given alike Ashley llmne last night, in honor of Urn visitors froui ppmiuiiaid. was a very brilliant analr. ihmc kelng numly o<i« hiimued amt flriy rumilci nnon Rm dour umll raipur a late hour this nmrntiu>. FROM OTTAWA* I*nrtlenlnra Concerning the Destructive I'lre of Sunday Night. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa. HI., February U. lb* l disastrous conflagration that occurred in ibis city Sin day night was the third Urge fire that Ima transpired within two years, in each instance laying old buildings, and believed to be the work of incendiaries. The fitc broke oat abont eleven o’clock, and our fire department was quite too limited In Us sphere of uscfnlU'sa to give any permanent check to so large n devastation. On Main street, from LaSailu to Clinton, every hnilalng was destroyed, except the comer brick, owned bv -Mr. Cbecver. the loss, as bas already been telegraphed, was about $50,W0, and the Insurance f !S,OCK>. The insurance falls principally npon tbe Mutual, LaSalle, com pany. though two or three other compan ea have some interest in It. It Is understood that about a month ago an attempt was made toburaCheever’s building, the only one now left of tbe block. 'The burned buildings were mostly occupied as stores and dwellings, and a considerable quantity of lumltore and household goods were saved. FROM KNOXVILLE. Fmbmlastlc Union Jficctlng-Warra ■indorsement of Govrrunr Brown* Administration - The Impeach ment ol Andrew Jubuiwn Demanded. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Knoxtillk. Tennessee, February 11. A large and euibualaatic Union meeting- was *«eld here to-day. The delegates appointed to the Nmhvßlo Convention were instructed, by a,unani mous vote, to support the nomination of Governor Brownlow. Resolutions were adopted, with great enthusiasm endorsing Congress and the adminis tration fc of the State Government, the Colored Sufirage Bill just passed the Lower House of tho Legislature, and the hill was pending, tor tho or ganization of the loyal militia. James A. Cooper, late Major General. Tennes see's moat distinguished IJclon soldier, was President, and made a strong speech again*! “my policy. 0 The Circuit Court Judge made an able speech, fully endorsing Congress and the admin istration of Governor Brown low. He declared for the Impeachment of the President. His sentiments were heartily endorsed and applauded by the people, none more bo than when he declared that Andrew Johnson should bo Impeached. FROM SEW TORE. Destruction of Chittenden's Extensive Dry Good* Store— Loss Nearly a million of Dollars* KrwTocx, February 12.—S. B. Chittenden & Co.'s dry goods store, corner of Leonard street and Broadwar. took firo this morning, and Is still burning. Tbo loss to Chittenden is estimated at i mllllin of dollars—insured ; Jaffroy & Co., dry ■roods, lose sloo,ooo—partlr Iranrcd. The build ing was valued at *850,000, and was totally de stroyed. New Yons. February 12.—Tbe loss to-day by Lbu Are of Chittenden & Co., is $750,000 to SSCKi,U<I. Insured for $610,050 in a large number nfcompanies, in amounts varying,Uooto $45,000. The building was owned by D. Apple tun & Co., whose loss Is $200,000; Insured for JUU.OOO. Lose of Jaffrcy &, Co., $50,000 ; insured for $25,000. George Bliss 3s Ps., loss. SS,O>H); Insured. Charles CoHiaa * Bros., sUtlonurs, lost $10,000; insured for SIO,OOO. Stephen Cono ver, owner of the Leonard street building, which was damaged by (be falling walls, lost $l0,00j; Bis tenant's losa was ss,ooo. MEXICO. Doubtful Report of a Liberal Defeat and the Capture of Juarez New YonK, February 18.—The Now York 7H bunt's Maiarooras special of the7lb, says: "Mir* amoc took the city of Zacatecas, with two thou sand prisoners, and Juarez. who was there, bad lo leave m a harry, taking (ho road to Chihuahua. A specie train of |SCU,WXJ, which leftZacatrca* bo fore Juarez. has probably fallen Into the hands of the Imperialists. “11 Is reported that the Liberals, fourteen thou sand strong, have been deleafed by nine thousand imperialists between Ban Lnls and Qinetaro." Washington. February 13.—Tbc Mexican Lo galiou discredits the report of the defeat of tho Republican army of Mexico and capture of Juarez. FROM INDIANAPOLIS. Stale Treasurer— money In Hie Trenail* ry— I Trial of a fflurderer. iKPUKArous, February 12.—Grne al Nathan Kimball. Ticasurcr of the State, entered upon Ilia t’nilcs of bts office yesterday artertioon. The itnonnt o! mousy now In the treawury Is two hundred and twenty-thousand two hundred and twenty-four dollars and twenty-seven cents. Scurvy on Shipboard. Ban Fuakcisco, February 13.—The shin Ros well FpMgue, of Uo*ton, ha* arrived. The cap tain, oUlcer* and crew, with the exception of two nco, are down with the scurvy. Convicted or murder. DoVLTstown. Pa. February 12 Albert Tenfi‘l, Ibe murderer rf Captain Jnsoph Wl lev Id Novem ber, has been convicted of tmitdcr In tbo first do* KfCfl. Meatuer Dmnnttrd try Ice. llALTiNontt. Fvbrnnrv H.—TIIO sleamrr EIU KniL-iii. tor IV(et*bnrg,Wß* cut through by Ice off Fort Can oil and run ashore to prevent sinking. I'APTOIUL CtlANUK.—'l'll® society reCOflllr furuictl tinder (he mime or tbo First Scotch l*re»- oyicrian Clinrcb, of Chicago, and si profiit wor* • hipping in Hi. (leorgc's Hall, lias invited Rev. It. F. Rums, D, D., nf Hi. t'aiharlnea, D. W., to a*- •nmc Ilia paatota) charge. 'lhe Invllathm hia hvvn arcciip’d. Tho Hi. Catharinea DVoUy ul February Jib, ha* me following: •* in v. Dr llnrria la to be tranaUtrd to Chicago. ThU mlelllgence will be received ©Rb regie!, »y Louple of all denomlnationa, throoghoai 'ho Niagara DUtrict, a* well aa the town of Ht. i-aihtrlnra. Dr. Rurna la ao well known and so highly esteemed by the memlx-ra ot all oar chuicnua In tbe two counties that ha haa been al waya called upon to aaaiat at every social and re llcion* Catherine, and be bu given bis able assistance on every occaalon ro cheerfully, that hfa lo«s will be very much fe'l Indeed. “ Bit eflorts In promoting the Sabbath School canae, in orcaniKing tbe Sabbath School Union la the two counties, and In establishing preaching stations In connection with the Canada Presbyte rian Church, in fostering and encouraging weak congregations, and in establishing many perma nent churches with settled pastors, will not be forgonen by the people of the two conntle*. Nor did be confine hi* sympathies to bia own denomi nation merely. Hia largc-heartedness and attach ment lo the cause ofhls Master, prompted him to lend every assistance iubia power to other evan gelical churches, and whether it were to assiat in the pulpit, at a soiree, a missionary meeting or sabbatb School gathering. Dr. Burns was always willing to give hia aid. “ HQ own congregation arc very much attached to him. and have done everything In their power 10 leUin him among them, and we are giad to find . ;hal the mailer or money has not entered Into the aaesllon of Dr. Burns* removal. It is well known tat tbe sum offered ty Chicago, S3,EdU American currency, will not be better, if as good to a per son living in Chicago, aa what wu* paid by the congregation In Si. Catharine*. The stipend paid baa been $1,900, with a present of s9ou or $3 X 1 every year, which made the amount about $1,500 per annum m gold, and when we take Into consid eration the high recta in Chicago, and the price of all necessaries, we arc of opinion that Mr Burns Is aloeer in a pecuniary point of view by the change. However Ihe question Is now decided, and we feel that we ai e but expressing the opinion of the peo ple In the town, when we say that all wIU very much recret his removal from our midst He has been foremost In every good work among our Kople. In tbe Bible and Tract Societies, in tbc don prayer meetings, and every organization which has lor Us object the promotion «f temper ance, morality and religion, bis influence haa been felt and hia connsel enjoyed,. “ Hi* labors in connection with Sabbath Schools (swell known and appreciated by al), whilst hU amiable dispoaiUcn, Christian kindness, and warm-heartedness, have won for him the esteem and love of all with whom he came in contact." Csion Pacific RAtLBOAP.—The Salt Lake 2)oi/»/ TtUgraph of Jannary lit reports progress on the Union Pacific Railroad and its projected branches In that region as follows: •• On to-morrow momlncasnm'yr'artyand tr the direction ot Captain Thomas IL Bates, Dl vision Enctnect*starts from this dry for Weber River Kanyon. from whence a branch surrey of the Ut ton Paoflc-KaUrotd, Is to be made inis winter to ne \ alley of Snake River (bdow Fort Ball), Idaho Territory. The line *UI run throouh Off dec, Brigham City and Malad. np (be Malad and Kosseanx River, on the East aide, crossing the old California road at the heed of the Malad, thence due north to the Snake River, mating a distance of 15S miles from ihe month of Weber River Kan yon to the lei minus In the valley of the Snake, The anrvey.llls belived, will be continued the coming summer dne wen the Snake Rive*, to Port '.and, Oregon." NUMBER 250. %>ouae Jfutwisft'.'ig STORE. New Goods. Paper Hangings, Decorations, Window Shades. Bedding and Bed Furnishings. Upholstery. Damask, Laces And Cornices, And everything per- talningtotho above. Steam Cured Feath- ers, free from smell. E.C. L. Faxon A Co., House Decorators And House Furnishers, 74 A 76 Lako-st., Two doora west of Tho old stand. gT|)f 51uuing Sfa»o». QKNTRA*; PAhK. BALLOON ASCENSION 1! TUnefUol the Efficient Hapertucndont, MR. ALBERT BANKS. Hl* inf nr friend* take thli opportunity to lender ttietr regard* to him tor lit* uniform kiudneaa and at tention. Htxmii wlilbeopenea ats.H o'clock, Mt'MC! AND DAXCIIXU. SIDE RINK. Ice Not Affected by the Thaw. OPES ALL DAT ASDSVEMSQ. Racdolph-H. can land joa at the door. ABASH-AY. RINK. Ico in Perfect Order. UI'EN ALE DAY AND EVENING. Rt sliter for the Comic Costume Auetnblj on Friday. gElje 33a1l Season, Q.KAND BALL BY THE ELLSWORTH ZOUAVES {OOVERNOICS GUARD;. At Crosby’s BZnaic Ballj THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 11. TICKETS $3.00, ForaaleatKlntley**. and W. H. C. MiUer’a Jewelry store. No. 1 OS Booth C ark-et. auction Sales. npRADE AUCTION SALES. NEW YORK. By ROBERT EAXDOCn A SON, 101 LXbottT-Et. New lock. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, Vd] packages Boston and Pittsburgh Flint Glassware. WKDNEsbiT. FEBBOiKT M, 350 casks Havllana’s Fnacb China, importation ot G. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 31, (S 3 cratea W. O. and Common Earthenware, Jmt landed. CO cratra Sbaipc’a beat gockjtgham and Yellow 17 caakaEngllih China Tea Settand Toilet Ware. fHusical. OPLENDID SECOND-HAND PIANOS, CHEAP. A very flne«-cctavc STEIN WAY Asgoedaanew. Price, new, »rs. Will be aold for $487.50. Alio, asms low -priced iscond-haud Pianos, cf vatiiua make*. SMITH & NIXON, Clark and Waahlogtoc-ste. Uoots & SIjOCS. HY 00 EAST* KIP BOOTS, $43 per dozen CALF “ 61 “ Same kind Hoots la ncaionat|isaad (M per dozen. Call and examine work, or send for Price Llet. E. CHAPIN, 1 11 Itlpitwal. gtetoart Dlborre Gnsc. gTEWAKT DIVORCE CASE, In imraphlet form. no«r rendy, containing n lull Kcporl of ibe Trlnl, Argument* of Csngseli mill Judge Arrington** nblr Argu* mcnln for the Dcfenrc, In foil, nllh par* iraite. Per ante nt the Sens Depute and lloakstore*. Price 50 feme. Peat by mall on receipt of price- I*. U lIANMCD.iI. Hit IlcnrWrn-at. lUljotogtapljs. IHC HONOR TO WHOM *|AQ Ivin honor is duki ion Latest. LWq Rrmmihrr, the msii wb>» commenced this onslaught on tie price el Photographs wn« BRAND, so hug well known an the proprietor ol th* elegant (latlerr, 1 <IS lake-sl. lie has brought a nreianre to bear upon the other trsmtKTs of th** fraternity which has ftterd thrm to frbow. Go to the w*l. Carte* do Vlslte, |L per dozen at liRAND'B. -JA9 G. B. GREEN'S. iA»> "ITInS redttfed to Itssibao ball for the ucirtmrty riiotogmphs only One Dollar per Uox< Vlgnotlea, tl.flO; 4*l SI.OO. PorcrlalDs, fhrmarly IM. mr il». and Colored Work la proportion. Copying and Uhiiofcn'i I'klurri a spnUlty. Remvml>er the number, 103 LA l( K • H T , . Opposite Hl»kwlea*<. WIIYISTmSTnDST.YI 1091 1081 PIIAND gtrra splendid Ihioios for ft per iwrn. He rrudced (he price beeaii— hq fcpew ha could artorrt to, and u»« tr« same reaiorlus oi bafnre. The put.ho must Pstn, soditsr or taw, that ino plaeo where they say what ikry mean and do what they say t* at mUANIPw PusnUrlloomi. lUMLakfrU. ffiSHnufcb. BOOIC-KEKI’ER.— A gentleman, resi dent of tbe city for the lut Is years, dolres a ill nation Id lotne COMMISSION HOUSE, where experience iron'd be appreciated andacqntlßt anee to the city desirable. RMercncei unquestionable. Address *H,” 23 J toutn Water-it. Alt TED— To Sell Mortgages or Bnainess Paper, Or Boy Bargains in Beal Sstatei Goto SINCLAIR A TOMPKINS, Room a, Masonic Temple, JpChNISHED HOUSE, WANTED. A nicely furnished home, located on the North oi a responsible tenant. Address **M,* care Brtgga liocae. ryo LUMBERMEN— "The advertiser, bavins a lam experience In foe trade, and-an extensive acquaintance In city and coun try, wishes to arrange witba party wbo can furnlih the lumber or rapltal to stock a flr»t-cla« yard. None bat a flfit-claaa business desired. Addnes P. O. uox 1107. Consignments. LAND PLASTER.—A supply Oi the best Michigan Land Plaster or Gypsnat on band and tor sale by NEELY * WINDIA.TK. 240 South Water-st. QRANGEe. W EXTRA QUALITY. 200 *.«. nclred »!.£««« ©BEtcr .-jfcstlbal. *pLTiIOUIK CHURCH 1 OTSTX3S FS&TZVAX., Thursday Bvoniaff, Fob* 14,1857, lathe Parlor* ol ihe Cnnrch, corner- of WahaalwiT. and Bldrlas^-esort. Cg~Admltt&ncc. a carle. <El)i«atoate. HAVILAND. CHURCHiIAtf & EN ULAISD'S Old Stand. 47 John-sU, New York FBE>’CH CHINA. are receinns from onr tsctory tn Fraeee dfcoraled dinner, tea and lou« sets, vuw, aid Mall supply or w&lte china. ISuttons, gBTTONB Dross Buttons, Coat Buttons, Vest Buttons, Punt Buttons, Jet Buttons, Velvet Buttons, Silk Buttons, Steel Buttons, Oilt Buttons, Ivory Buttons, Fcurl Buttons, Agate Buttons, Bnbber Buttons, French Horn Buttons, Medallion Buttons, Lasting Buttons, Wood Buttons, AT IOW I'll lI'KH I'OIC OAHU. DY SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO., Imputler* aril Johbns nl Hoildry* Whito Qoodj, Kollom, Twtnoi, kt. t And boti' Ag-tits far Blffolow** “ltor M Paper Collars' QQ LiAILB'IST. Nrto jJttbllfntlong. ].JOBTIOUhTUIfR FOU TUB WEST THU AMBBIOAN JOURNAL OF lUVUTIITILTUIIK. Bubutiptiou prior. 13 per nnnunt, -jAM Anr ami I'Eiiunnr nmunw NOW ItKAIIf ATHI» lU'ulrailuaa ami Sletti" Portrait of Hon. MARSHALL P. VIXaDBIt, With til* Olograph]. ftif h 'nOtf »IW# llii* ripniuM hM Hi Irt IHp WM I"! n >tMvnf»*L xp Mximi'i nr ii*aii imt Uu» Mid whuli Mis I pl»# MMmtH«“iPP to WpaUftt iMMMti (lit* f p Him t*j aul'lilr, Him with | lip "f tilt It «fll»(» m nlttl Ma HlßrlitNiS PMlxl-t, IHtIIUU. h*Lv»l |, i ttAtfPßHii >l *mr. (MM tll*. di l l . Mil, NiL»uH ami nljiati. t»»lfl|«» In l>« M< >* I" tiMM'IJ ***ff iIPItItMM Wliti b pltsll M (PilillM't. iVp trill Also>•»* III* «ica» i>Mii>iM.p(ii t* fHef i nit ('•im'il.ttftl ami rof tt'lhliir* Hi \‘;»7tMr »M-1 Ml-i'llt tUllttlUrf iHf HMlfFf. |H«ma If' llolf art.ifta Him* Ist l«) sol ••< Ktla CMctiOlta. if tit« muon M ».).) I.) mlt till* M flp{|»t« )l>l. wp ttmiM l«jHfi«m |u(umnmio, aMiiflaf l|>al lli’lrULtul s.titUmp la in farm •I'l’ttß ltllAli *b itiatix to place |l, pamiilo numlifl •«nt on rapellil or w OfnU, 1 ,1, fc. Tiling « I ii-i I'ulilitl.flf., Uttlnn. | J** Aff»nU waiim.l in e*ef* town ami i|latri>'l K* cantata tut •miwilnllxna. ftlnrljlurvs. rpo PATTERN MAKERS. Obenchaln’s Universal GEAR CUTTER AND CCC DRESSER I For catting all kinds cf “wooden" patterns. For Core, Spur, Bevel, Pin ion and Mitre Wheels. 1. S. PATTOS,S3 Jcflc-rson-st, Chicago. AMES’ * Celebrated portable an! stationary STEAM ENGINES, all tlzee. Superior to all other*. SMITH A nIQR?. St. Umie. Mo.: WM. P. HuYEV. Milwaukee; JAMES JKNKS. IVtndt; C. L. RICK A CO.. Chicago. Agents. Call or eend for circular. Hcmohals. J^EXOYAL —Tho Trunk Store ot •WM. WEIGHT, to Lla old established Trunk Store and Factory, 319 BOUTS CZ.ARZ-BT., Manufacturer. Wholesale aid Retail Dealer to every Taiiety of Ladlea' and Gents’ Traveling Trank*, Va lUea. Bags. satehsli. Ac., at redneed prim. Old cus tomers aid new arc invited to call before purchasing elsewhere. • Wilt. WRIGHT. gill Waata ClatlMh JJEMOVAL. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, SUCCESSORS TO BOWJ3N BROTHERS. WE SAVE BEHOVED OUR STOCK OF Dry Goods, Notions, Woollens and Crockery TO BOWEN’S BUILDING, 1«, 17, 19 AND 21 KANDOLPH-ST., Where wp win be pleased to aee onr old friend* asd the trade generally. pOwen. whitman a winnlow. General Notiecu. TO COOI’EUS. Notice ll hereby given that the Journeymen Coopers of Chicago ARE OX A ORSEKAL STRIKE. rj-0 VETERANS Of Companies C & F, sSlh 111. Infantry. For information about your Original Dischargee, ad* drtM Ron ROM. Dnnleltb, IU. -\TR. ti. M. FABbETT "*■ will Rlva hi* ANNUAL RECEPTION, at hie Photograph Rooms, on Tuesday Evening* February 13. The public are Invited. J^OTICE. —Tlie IbllowiDg letters from Tho Sank of SZontroaly Toonrmfß.wllll'edelirertMlo th« parlies to whom they sre addressed, op prefer IdcaltlUatloti: D. McLean, John Larson. I*. Lenteary, 8. Urd. W. D. Kerf, Mr«.C. McArthur. A. Heruwlth, UP Hil liard, 8. M. thirt, Jnhnlfulnn. C.llualer, Jos. Thom* •on, it. W.lowtmnd, K. Walker. RK», V, MVfITII Sc imi)., Rankers. 4N Laßalle-«t t important to grain BIUPPER3 JL AND CORN KAIBRUB. Hating removed Inni XtasO'dla to Pern, lb.. 1 am imw prepared to furnish IhecelebratMl IlltNOf* POWER CUKN-BUKLLICH| also, large Warehntiin Fanning Mills. ... tot further Information addrt** m« at I’era. ill. JAMES VAUUIIN, ■VOTICE—Is hereby given that my w,ft, iirrriK nkloox unuimst, havtrg Irft my i*d and imard without hut cans#. I will rot i<e rt*i".>n*lh'e Air any debts that she may contract 1 r ' , "'“' r ‘Taih.s- i.iMmnxr. Dcutl^tru. q-'ERTII. 'NO EXTRACIIAIICfC fdr Kilra«llngTselb WITH* OPT PAIN, by the nss oi Slirims •>«Jd« Mas, whou ar* tiAvuionss am Imer'eit. ti mmurrt Dental Rooms, 75 pouin Chlrago. >tw Teeth inserted sunt day as wiraelwl. DR. J. O. FARNSWORTH EXT 11 ACTS TEETH WITHOUT PA.IN, nr tte nieof Nitrons Oxide Uai,cr Vitalised Air, for |l. ArilfliUl TeethinteneJ,from 111 to lifl a let,on Knbasr. MO UsndoJph-it.. opp. Wood’s Maieam. jFor Sate- JfOR SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprising shingle mills, heading mills, shingle end." heading Jointer*, stave Jointm. stave entter#, Bsadlnic re oncer* ana planers, equalizing andent-ott ssws,*c. All new. of oor own manntsctcre, and warranted. FULLER a FORD. 282 and 384 MaaUoa-St, T>RICK FOR SALK. 300.000 first qualitt of hkick. for sale is lot** to ?*un% By LYMAN BRIDGES.Maiontc Temple, 8a Dearbora-eti. Chicago. ILLINOIS STOCK FARM FOR SALE X —WO acres, al Improved. nsar Joliet, ® l! '* from Cbkajco, known a* the -Jornn Farm. valued_st I6CJIOC. Mnstbe»ol4ataaacn2ceto ctese an estate. For particular!, address MATTOCK* * M-WN. P.O. Box 1969. Calc»go,m. TJ ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS.. * FOR SALK; A CAEEFCIXT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac.. InvclclDir about 112,000; all purchased within a year ia» ifc re. Sure located tnathrtvuiy town a short distance Dora Chicago. Satisfactory re* •ocafitTtaforseLtc*. Torpirtcolarslnqnireor B. V. ROBBINS, Ceramtailoa Merchant, S 3 LaSalle-eu. Chicago. jFinantial. 825,000 TOLO^ IS SUMS TO SUIT, ON CITX KEaL ESTATE WAITE * rr.ARKE. 100 Washlogioa-it, 825*000 T 0 LOAN On I'lrst«clasß Real Estate. ADPITto EOZET «t CUIHHSQS, Btal any wd loin Bwcct. 98 L«S»3»»t. ■■yJ-OKETTO LOADS’, OS BEAL ESTATE HECIIttITV, In Sums from 8200 to 82,0Q0. B. B. COAMBKE*. 17 BtJflJ lit' Block. lumber. ■|^UMBERI LUMBER I TTe hare a Largo aad Choice Stock oC Luber, Lath & Sbiigles, Which vs offer t» Coaatrr Dealers at price* wkh* eaaaot fail to he MttJfrctorr, tor gwed averted out* me*. Our stock coastal* Is part ol Wlds lit. 3d and 9* Clear; desr and 3d Clear Floorlu aadSidimt; Select and Common Stock and Box boards; wiae Saginaw Cotrmon Hoards. Joists, Scantling, Timber, We bare a lam stock of It, 14, is and 13-fret Fenetifc which we offfer low with other 1 amber.* fW~ Order* solicited. « OBce sad Yard Huio’a Caaal, lo tks Dew Lumber District* SCOTT k POBTEB. Ibatbtoare, Stobea, &c. JJAUDWAHE & (JUTLEUY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 17 S Lnlio-St. The stfentJo* ol close biyers It tinted to M #Mm. Plete stork of WOPBIW. MArßuWfw' l imTOii? I’KffTEIIS’TOOLS. AMKkICAH TABLK Art I. RUT and dfw «omw ta2 OiatmAtrlurere. Wnofh-f, a!«o.a P'lmpim *s*>trtm*ut oMvnnKMKt.V? iTORFI Ctrfin IT. ? I'KUia JACKSON’S MW, JCMRI'II HItIHIRIM A WIN* *JI' 1 KA/t'iu»,, srrpui a mmiKKr’s FII.Ff, also PK 1 FKs and Sfmiw cf *»*rjr d’wenpuia, M W't aJ*.. kr*p coft*tutiil/ on Hand mu oaahenot KCHOKMIhItURR’d JPNIATA NAILS. ” |*l»Tlrrf. K. ttKIVfiULU, DurMitmljiti TUSenUL’TION OF OOPAUTfIF.It- J / Hmi*.->ilirtiH<«artQetililt> liMplvftif* HWliiß under tnenatito and at/troi C. MTIIOtIDL * IIIIO* »«• Htimtf nl hr rnnlttilr>in»Phl nn tha lUt rtar nf )M lllpOTHßUHini' .1 -TI'T.-Tlit un't.MlgflMt hats (inn Urn in Oar ol Jaonarr. («!?, ftjrmwtaoo j<srtneniilp tmtUf luo Drni nattto «1 tj» MTltUtmtift eo„ and will rrtfiliaileJh* Uiißlnew oflia lale dmi alike •Iditauit. ti ho. fd Dearborn ft. pol’AHTNblumit’ NOTICE. = Thu I'j T»Ay|S* A I'M , Iti Ptink Ltinta, 1* <hl« ilif gi**tUw of umtitaievbmn, taiinijfffMJsn-iaftJfL I*wf ; I'Mm** M*. mu* uta wmii VAVI9, IAWTBH * 00*| TiltoitifeiJimr? l«i \m, urn! will *nn|jnM *A«i* MAI'IINiUnM AM Mfllti* .«< C6H-A|o t ’ \h iw?, or rAUTtfi^mp. I / The par|ner»Wti liantrrfnra eiUttnv nndar liw Rrmn*ni«.. , K.l ,*AiT,QUT»mH,U Ihto d«* * I,sr nill, . u * 1 «"««. t, A. utrnmia. CiUfatfti l frrli.fl r U*lf J,C. QUTU«I£ Ttae nndenljn-u vtU continue Uia Commission Business ( Wltb cffire st An. :m Cbur.bsr of C'ntnmerrft, snd b* pie««tj in nu onier* t..r p.ocfcue of Flour, (Irslo. Pm tUlcm, Hlk-hwliut. *c, fnlc«<o. Fel> a. u*7. «i« c. oinnniß. JJotcnts. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnyeniors wtao wish to take out l.ettera Patent are aitvUetl to counsel with MI'.SN A CO n EdUon ot the SclenaOe Aaericar. who have prosecuted claims before the Patent Office for nearly twenty jt on. Th*lr American and European Patent Atencylla the mad extensive la the world. Charges fees than any other relUoto agency. A pamphlet, containing tail Instructions to Invent or*, is Addresa iiCNN* A CO, 3T - Park-row. Xw York. JJECKEK BROTHERS, No. 91 IILBECKEU-ST.. NEW YORK. TO THE puaucr. A rarefbl and cffldil anarch made at tie United Paten* oificein WartlDgton ha« proved that do PATENT FTR AN IMPROVEMENT IN PIANO IOItTASwaa ever granted by the United stabs to any Jpr«>n by f e naire c£ Decker. EXCEPT TO fUK IKitßfcßa >f the Arm of DECREtt BROTHERS, ot Sf* Tot* < Ity. The pottle are, thereto re. repeatedly camli nrd a ;air«t bnyloony Decker Pa tot Plato not baring txxo manmactared by DECKSU BROTHERS. No. 91 Dlnctu-it, Near York, And net having on the trm plate on the left aide* In railed lettm, the word*. DECREE BROTHERS* PATENT*' JUNE, 1565. bTUEETS CLEAN'. Smith’sCtlcbrattdStortSwetpinpacliinw Furnished to Ccrporatlons. Contractors and. others, on reasonable terms. These useful Sweepers arc constructed In size* to bo opei ato by hand-.ahorcr by bone-power. Eaehm*. chine warranto to perform Ua wore thoroughly, on . »oy street. Price SICO acd upward*, according la »Ue. raleatlCcbU fcraale. For particulars. Ac*, addroaa U. A. SMITH. Patfntec and General Agent, 611 Cheatnut-gf.. Philadelphia. QAKD's PATENT BBICK MACHXIWXJ. Office and manufactory 33 Booth Jtflarscc-et, Iff Information asd descriptive circular addrcia B. K. CARD, 63 Booth Jeflgmr-«*_ «TMfs»*. (LEloob onYcoaL BAT "WOOD !•* AT REDUCED PRICES. OT H la the beat Wood brought to this market. BEST IACKAWANA COAL! By Ton or Car-load. CU&TJS. DROWN A. CO., yOUGIUOGHEN X COAL is UOKS co„ omeo 17 Chamber ol Commerce, and comer Wat Ktnxie and Grcen-ets. Coal at redneen price*. Lchlgn,L*rkawanna.YonchlocbneT, Briar mil. Erie, CuDcl, and Mineral Ridge, FUuonrgU and Cooneß** Tills Coke. AMEb * CO. Ehuratlonal. HALL, A Church School for Girls. The Boring Term beslat on Wednesday. Feb. t3Uu For admlnljo, aodrra* MISS DIHTAIX. Kencsha. Wla. TTNIVERSVTV OF.NOTRE DA3IK, I I NOTRK DAME. IND.—The next term ol UUa well-known Induction will romtn«nc*oa the FIRST OK FEBRUARY. Bladen to, however. can rater at any time during Oio Tear. per Catalogues and mor* infirm. Mon apply to Ukt. w. CORBY. S. t». C- Fia’L M-Unbola Glass. J AYILLARD FOX. WINDOW GLASS. 208 LAKE-ST. UUStoCSC QfLBERT & FIELD, OHNEHAL COMMISSION MEECHANTI, (Successor* to liUhctl, Ppdlk# A 0d.,1 1 Hll W UMhlnutonettbi chaw .1. luumiiT. turn. mki.p STgrlcultural implements. PI.OWB AND BULKV CULTIVA- Tti|pwHut>rn>.p t» ail others, nrai prstnluoa awar>md at the d«*Ul trial «.vrr sit oiMietiiors at in« Mate Fairs of tuwa amj Mimi«soUi alsc.atthCltUM Fstrs of Illinois and wi»i'ou*ia. Au.u^ w co.. MsauUcmrtra, liner— .rs to tVm. li. V.iiine * L‘»>-. f l.lesg<>.__^ — _ Jrtockliollirrs itteetliifl. OFFICE MERCHANTS' SAVINGS, LOAN AM. THL'bT TV Annn.l Stwttr* 01 Uio R-cfßhnUtor* of Uio «oo ehiau* btilSßi. Loaa *ml fnisi Comaany.ftif the rteo Uoa or Trailer*. will b* held at tbs ofllca of *aul Com pmi.inClilraio.oa MONDAY. Marcn Uh, between. Uie hour# af tOa.m. and 13 m. L. J. 6 aGL. '.aatilcr. jFccb. QROUND OIL CAKE u the Cheapest Feed In the Market 11 mil no. yQsortbCl^UD-«t. sScal Estate Tj'OH SALE— Jir Snider* Lee. Real EiuiaAzenV.Jfo. *tMeTroi«!l tar ntoefe two new two story and basement trie* booses ol alte xcodi each, hot and cold water, wat-r closet*, irarhle mantel*, etc-,and lots on Adims it,, between Th('rpandLocmtfrstfl..rrenUnf Jeffernamrk. Prica ILSOO. t«* 8b cf paymiat mace easy. ialanfes. JgOUNTIES. Official Blanks! We bare u? for sole tha lci:o'*lcz additional Bonn ly Blanks, which bare ALL tees atom rod bl Q< = D*- partisans; Soldier’s Claim for Additional Boaau. Widow's *' Father's IQetfarr** Parents* Guardian’s “ “ jolntll) “ A eoßLT.aalCTtl'MJWci e>*»ka Aa-Uior » re »rrto« to ccpte* of o=rB:»ai» • aua: 66 Tho forms are dccisodly the be*t that bay© beau preaontod to tbi* Of- receipt of the mosci, at |IJC pee cottamnj feasisa tid Boot* Law* oi IS< witt latest mstrwUoc* aalrwlaoat* Kot Astottoaw^P 5 ol * uait> 10 w > *■ copy IncioMsS mid «*A ptd»« oi W*ok>. AadrtM TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago.