Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 13, 1867 Page 3
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IMPROTESIEST OF THE MISSIS- SIPPI. Description of tlic plan for Deepening the month of the River. IFrom the New Oilcans Picayune, February ?.| We look a very deliberate look the oilier day at the boat, machinery and apparatus in course of preparation at the Armstrong Foundry, and intended for deepening the water on the bar at the mouth ot this river. The United SlalcaConcres# haring appro priated the meagre sum of $75.0)0 for tins purpose, a company composed of our well iuoa n Icllow-citlzms, Wtillatn Croevy, dohn Armstrong. Captain Edwin 1.. Brady and Horace Tyler, tooklhe contract for $70.0X), the rcsldbe—ss,oo0 —being retained to pay the expenses of a United States military in spection of Its efficiency. These gentlemen concluded that the only plan of operations, which had, in the past, proved at all effective, was that of harrow ing or dtnggiug the surface of the bar, thus pulling the stiff marl, which Is formed at the liar by the meeting of the fresh and salt wa ters, lulu solution, nnd thus enabling tbo current to carry it off. Yet tlie labor of doing this hv direct har rowing or diagglng was excessive, the pro gress slow and the effectiveness small. They iound that BUbon'e com*, armed with screws, cutting something like augurs, would best effect their pur|>o«o, and they thereloia made an arrangement with Inm lor the use of thorn. Them cones aro made of thick boiler Iron, pome four or live feet across nl the larger end, and about six Inches a*, tho smaller, and uro two In number. Tho two smaller ends revolve In sockets near cadi other. Tho larger ends arc spread out wh«*«i ot w«»r>c, forming tin arulc angle of something more • than forty-five degrees, and are armed with the screws made ol similar material running spirally along these cones. These revolve, nnd tho ktilfu-liko thread' of the screws, if we may rail them such. when they ore lif ted! or twenty Inches In depth, cut the sand sir clay upon which they rest ami plough It contlmmllv up, uulll It mlugles with Ihu Water above It, nnd is thus subjected to tho action of the current. Hero a how dilllewllv occup-ed. There Was no elllelent contrivance yet produced by which this means of soarrlfylng tbo aur- Jaco ofthe bar and ploughing It up, could be jiul to work, to either safely and property Jet it down hi?o the river, or work It while At the bottom. For that which has horn now snarly completed they ure indebted ehlelly to the well-known Inventive genlusnnd median. Jeal aklllofCii plain John Hoy.wliuhadlhenld of Mr. John Dlackaddcr. un accumpll*hed machinist working fur him nod lit' partner, Mr. John Armstrong, one ofthe contractors. We will not attempt to describe the Inge nious und powerful machinery nndcontriv since* which thi>c gentlemen have devised and nearly perfected fur tLU purpose, be cause, were we felicitous in expression. It would need personal Inspection or accomp.v j ylng drawings to make it dear to the read* cr. But we may say that it consists of a Krongund well hull frame work, which re -1 Hires upon the how of un exceedingly staunch and hroad boat, which one might think expressly contrived for the purpose, which is let down Into the water armed with the screws, and that these nra worked then* by two te|*aratc engines, placed on the how ofthe iKiut, by means ol chain cables panning over wheels fastened on the larger end of < ueb cone or screw. BEEF IMCKLMJ IX TEXAS. 1 ho ProccNK of Curing Ulcat by Infiltra tion, - The editor of the Corpus Chrlsll (Texas) Admffwr, in his paper of the gtilh January, gives a lone and interesting account of the liew process of curing beef by iortllratlon, as seen under his own ryes. If this ucw method succeeds, ami the men who have taken hold of it never fall In anything they undertake, the result will he of immense benefit to the clock tubing Interests of the Nueces region, and to the whole Slate of Texas forthat mat ter. Wc copy the account of the first day’s woik entire:' Per invitation of Mr. Turner, we were *‘in at the death’’ of the first beef at the Nueces 2tecf Packing Establishment, on Wednesday morning last. Quite a croad of visitors, at traded by curiosity, were present, to witness the novel operation of caring bcefbylnfil t ration. A fine fat bullock had been selected, and when we united the workmen had already performed the knock-down operation. The b -el wus upon his hack, and a saw was cut ting hs wav through the brisket, to enable 1 he • »pci ator to get at the heart. This done. an incision «as then made in the right ventricle of the heart, the carcass turned upon its Bide, and the blood allowed to escape. Then it was again rolled upon Us back, a small jrcislou made in the left ventricle of the Peart, and a small hose-pipe inserted. (It ziiav be necessary to slate that to the pipe tas attached a rubber hose; and by tracing Vue hr-sc ulK>ut ten feel In the direction of the building, it terminated in the bottom of a barrel of brine, hoisted there by means of a windlass.) Tbe pipe was inserted full length, entering the jugular vein, and then secured by a tioul cord. The brine wai then turned on, and the • process ot infiltra tion commenced. The first incision in the right ventricle of the heart was closed by a clamp. All watched patiently to seethe effect. Foon the carcass became still' uud rigid, and cooled rapidly. Mr. Turner, by a dexterous and skilful operation, ainimlalcd about au inch of the taiL Instead of blood, bnno spirted out with Puree. AH took a taste and “aekuoulodged the corn.” In ten minutes Ihebiinc that had been through the veins was as coofa’s when it came from the tank. Incisions were made in different parts of the carcass, and from each jets of brine would tquirt to the distance of three and four feet. The carcass was again rolled upon its s*de, Ihe Clamp taken off the incision in tho right ventricle, and out came the brine that had went In at the left, ventricle and bad travelled through every artery and vein where blood . circulates. By continuin'* to force in the Brine, the blood was forced out, so that in fifteen or twenty minutes the escaping brine was but slightly colored with blood, Bv this time the carcass was cold and stiff, ready to rkln cut up, pack, and ship to any part of the world. Destructive Conftacrallon at {Dallizson; (Feb. 5) Despatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.} A very destructive Ore broke out about Hvc o’clock this oftcmooti. Id the extensive •wholesale liquor store aud refinery of Char les n. Boss A Co., east side of Commerce street, a few doors from Exchange place. It was caused by the sudden and unaccount able exp’osion of a barrel of benzine oil, ~enerallv used lor mat king purposes, and which, 'hdng in the store, the insurance companies had agreed to allow, supposing 31 pcrlcctly harmless, and uot vitialivc of tho Insurance policy. The flames spread with Intense rapidity, communicating with whiskey and other com bnflible material in the building, in which there were probably six or seven hundred liarrcU of whiskey*; all of which was con sumed, besides the books and other valuable i-apcr* of the concern, scarcely a vestage was left. The total lots on this establish ment Is uot less than sloO,lX>l. including tho tmilding, which also belonged to Messrs. ilosgtkCo. They arc insured In tho Mary land Company for $14,0.0, besides having pol icies in most of the other Baltimore compa nies, and some in Philadelphia and elsewhere. !Noi much less lhau SI4O,UW will cover their loss. Whllst the fire was raging the explosion cf wlii.-kcv barrels, one al'er the other, Founded like the roar of distant heavy artil- lery. .As each explosion occurred it shook the earth for squares around. Not a single Vestige of the building owned by Ross & t. 0., with its content**, was saved. The ex plosion ol the barrel of benzine, which caused the conflagration, ami was known by Ihe Insurance company, becomes an Impor tant feature whether or not It* depository x itiates the insurance; but Uis believed not, ri* the insnnuicc companies knew the fact and agreed thereto. The large ft.»h store of Mr. ShurU, adjoin ing, was also consumed. It was owned by j\lr. Shnrts, and. with Us valuable contents, was valued ut fifty thousand dollars, and in fe'urcd in companies here and elsewhere to nearly the whole value. The large wholesale grocery store of Adams & Davidson, ad joining, was likewise destroyed with Its contents, valued at thirty thousand dollars. All the losing parties arc pretty well in sured here, and in Philadelphia and New York. It is supposed that two hundred thousand dollars will not more than cover the entire loss- It was raining heavily during tho fire, and has rained in torrent# all day. Jicnlti of.llr*. Sickle*, This lady died at her residence in Fifth nvenug. New York Citv.,ou Tuesday night, ■was bom In Florence, Italy,and was brought to this country while an infant by her father, 3,uigi Bagiola, who was at one lime a lino liarilone binder, and nftorward a popular mu* pie teacher in New York, When scarcely fifteen years of age. just Dooming into womanhood, and one of the most bcautiltal and charming of her sex. she became acquainted with Daniel E. Sickles, who had left his trade, printing, for the pro* feselon of the law, and had been elected a member of Congress. Mr. Sickles was re elected to the Thirty-sixth Congress, and took bis wife to Washington, where she be came one of the reigning belles of that gay city of magnificent distances. * She was not long a resident of the Nation al capital before an acquaintance with Colo mvl Philip Barton Key look place, which re sulted lu an improper intimacy. General Sickles discovered that bla bed had been dis honored, and in February, 1359, be met Mr. Kev in the street, near tbs Capitol, and .Killed him. For this* homicide he was arrested, and, af ter a trial lasting twenty days, he was ac quitted, the jury rendering a verdict of Justi ciable homicide. Mrs. Sickles sought and obtained the forgiveness of her husband,' af ter the most torturing repentance, and they lived happily together thereafter. General Sickles served in the army during the rebellion, and attained the rank of Major General of Volunteers, which he still holds. lie lost a leg at the battle of Get tysburg. Mrs Sickles was a woman of such sweet ness of disposition os to have won the ad miration ot all; and in the seclusion of her after life she Lad the gratification of receiv ing hundreds of condoling letters from sym pathizing friends, who refused to forget her tor her misfortune's sake. Since the terrible tragedy with which her name was unhappily .connected, she has steadily excluded herself jrom all the circles in which she was at one lime a welcome and leading participant. Pofttnl I'uiiotilln of Palis* La Jtevue de» Jhu? Jfondet contains an into ■jesting article by the welUkuown writer, Maxime du Camp, on postal regulations and liostofficc statistics loraris. It appears that above 1,000 letters are daily thrown into the ■post of which the addresses ore perfectly Illegible. Two special clerks—or, more prop erly speaking, sphinxes—are employed to decipher these hieroglyphic addresses, and to a marvellous extent succeed in discovering the intention of their respective writers. On an average fifty are thrown into the'waste paper box. but 950 ore forwarded with freshly written directions. The cumber of letters destroyed from radons causes in 1365 amounted to 2,853,690. This sounds an enor xnous figure; hot we must reflect that 911,095,078. letters passed through the post office during the course of the year. The details Riven of the “Cabinet Nolr” are replete wills Interest, nnd among others contain (ho following anecdote. An ambassador fi-om one of the great Powers to an Italian Court suspected that his secret despatches were read by a neighboring Government. He be lieved the traitor to be one of bis own at taches, ond determined to aicciUin the truth. Tbo road by which his bag travelled to its destination happened to be furcated by brigands at one particular spot. Ills Excel lency made arrangements by which it hap pened that fcls own courier was shot through the heart as he trapsed this apodal locality. Tgc hag was brought back to the ambassa dor, who londly deplored the assassination of his courier, complained of the atroci ties committed by tbo brigands, mean while quietly opened his hag, and ascer tained. all ho wanted to know. Hla Excellency Is a peer of Franco, and sat .In the Chamber of Peers, where he enjoyed the highest reputation for moral excellence, high Integrity, &c. One more anecdote, and I have done. A gentleman .called at the Bu reau of the Posto Uittaote with a young lady, who looked more dead than alive, and •n a surly tone of voice asked for any letters addressed to Madame do L—. The clerk looked at the couple, and, quietly examining the packet marked “L," assured the rabid husband ho hsd no letters for that palrony mlc. An hour afterwards the young lady returned, nnd tremblingly reiterated the question. “ Certainly, madamc, here Is your letter, hut I could not give It to anyone but yourself.*' PERSONAL ITEMS. IJmlcnwald. the homestead or the lato President Vnn Huron. which was purchased just after the death or Us awnerby Mr. Lena* urd W. Jerome, of New York, has chanted hands—Mr. (Icorgo Wilder, of Now York, being the present purchaser. Tlio mini of twenty-five thousand dollars was paid for It. Prof. Blot is cooking In Boston. Puller, the Host on pnhlishu, Ims u volume or H«v. Robert Collyer’s sermons In jiross. Hev. Hubert Mllinnn, nephew of tiio Dean, has been made Jllnliop of Calcutta. A young married American Indy, of the name of Latimer, who has Just made her In .Parisian society, was unanimously declared the hello uf a ball given at the (■rand Hotel. Seldom haiau American lady created a greater sensation. A Washington letter-w riter, who attended a recent C'olfax’ruccptlon. gives us the fol lowing sketch: “That Snanlsh-looklng woman yonder, with thu Jet-black hair ami eyes, dimpled checks, the Incisive and wilful vet pretty mouth—the one wearing a ma roon-colored satin, trimmed Vrlth while—la Pluube Carey. Site Is the wittiest woman in America, and one of our host pouts. Within the past two years she baa more than ful- IHleu the early promise of her youth. Some ofthe very best lyrics in the language, writ ten wllbln that time, are from her heart and pen. That tut), graceful woman by berside, dressed In black, with a white lace ahawl, la Alice Curey. For face and presence she would bo singled out In any company. Her face Is sad and sweet, her eyes the gentlest brown. One of the must distinguished of American portrait-painters said of her: ‘She is beautiful; 1 find myself constantly turn* lug to her face.* This la not ovor-pralso. The eyes which discern It trace on her counte nance that imperishable beauty of the spirit which survives and surpasses the beauty of yguth.” ('•baric* Dickens shocks the honest country folks about his home at («ad*htll, by playing croquet with hla daughters, for health and recreatluu, on his lawn on Sunday after noons. Donald G. MUclicll (Ike Marvel) la prepar ing a volume on landscape gardeulug and ntiftl embellishment generally. It U rumored Unit John G. Whittier, the poet. Is to be married in his old ago to a widow of Philadelphia, with whom be lias been in love for thirty years. There are two young Japanese in a school ut Provincclown, New Jersey, who came from the Province of Hlgo, near Nagasaki. Tin- six who were studying at Munson, Mas* sachueetttf, came from the province of Salsa nia. which has been the most advanced pari of Japan, ever since "Father Xavier’s day. There Is one at Andover, Massachusetts, from Yedo; oue m route to enter Yale Col* lege, via California, and there arc six In New York who were sent to study naval architec ture and gunnery in behalf of a future Jap anese steam navy. Speaker Colfax’s mother is only seventeen years his senior. Madame Natali Tcstl, the contralto, is the sister of Matilda Heron. A Tails letter dated January 21, has the following : “The world in general, and the musical world in particular, will, I am sure, he glad to hear that 11 Maestro Rossini, at the ape of seventy-fire, is not only well, hot still a boy in spirits, thoughts and sayings, lie received last night, charmingly as usual, audit the inclement weather kept some of the nightingales away from the rose bush on which they usually alight, at nine and a half p. m., on Saturday, it was because the night was exceptional. When we talk to a man who sangducta wUhTGeorgc IV .when he was Prince cf Wales, we hardly expect to see a young man ; but Eccolo qua! One bears odd stories In society. I heard this : “I sing very slowly in Italian,’ said George IV. ‘Vour Majesty has the right to sing in your own time,’ replied the great composer. But mots about great men arc easily measured out; but I can give you one—a true one—which the grand maatro cannot deny. They were complimenting him, not long ago, at Tossy, about a‘Mass"which he had recently com posed. All were justly loud In its praise. It was, according to*lhc profane, ‘Heavenly I’ according to the heavenly, ‘An Inspiration I’ ‘Nonsense, nonsense,’ said the maertro: •France has now no taste. Loves extrava gance, perhaps. Hence this paradox.*! can not cum pose Masses. Ido so and please. I am the Thereec oi the Church.’ ” it is said that, Ustymtumn, the Countess de C , a fair and celebrated gambler, on be ing presented to the Pope, received from his | Holiness a shaiT* reprimand on the subject of gambling. She solemnly promised Pius IX. that she would never again sit at a gam ing table, and kept her word, till a few nights ago, when on being seen deeply en gaged in frortc, she was reminded of the pledge she had taken at therVatlcan. “I havo not broken ray word,’’replied the fair Countess. “Ho you not perceive that lam standin.g— Foreign Pafxr . , American actors and actresses are doing well in London. Mrs. Charles Matthews Is quite the pet of the audience at the Olympic, and is plating Lady Gay Spanker to crowded houses. Mrs. John Wood has made a great hit at the Princess’, in the Invisible Prince burlesque. Mr. Solhcinbasa crowdedhouse evety night at the Haymarket. and divides loud plaudits with Miss lone Burke, who Is getting very popular, and Is shortly to play Pauline to ilr. Solhcrn’s Claude, in the dy of Lyons.” George Sand solicited an interview with Miss Menken, and expressed herself highly delighted with her. Adah can’t speak French, so she inaKcs gestures to the atten the Gauls, and dresses with her accustomed | ornateness. NEW ENGLAND ITEMS. The local papers state that there were thirty-three marriages in Raynhatn, Massa chusetts, last year, “nineteen males and fourteen females’’—which is very difficult to understand. The value of the estate of the late Edward- Mott Robinson, of New Bedford, Massachu setts, is sworn at fonr and a half millions. The will, ns now finally sustained, leaves Miss Hetty H. Robinson nine hundred thou sand dollars in her own right; ten thousand dollars to the town of South Kingston, R. 1., for educational purposes, and the remainder of his estate to his executors, la trust, for Miss Robinson. The United States stamp duty on the will amounts to $2,250. The sailors and marines at Boston, who were in the Government service during the rebellion, are taking measures to secure an equal share with the soldiers In the benefits of the bounty equalization act, which are not likely to be very large to either party atpresent. Thu New Haven Journal says that the measles is now considered ouc ol the classics. It has been Introduced into nearly every class In Yule College within the last few weeks, and is now shunned as much os the hardest Greek and Latin lessons. The ico business In Maine Is assuming ex tensive proportions. It Is estimated that on the Kennebec River not less than forty thou sand tone will he harvested during the pres- cut winter. . . , _, Portland is going to creel a statue of Lin coln In its new Lincoln Park, to be paid for by dollar subscriptions. A Portland jury lately decided that the market value of a lot of 2,500 pounds of spruce gum was ten cents per pound. Deer hunting is very brisk in Maine this season, in spite of the heavy legal penalty for killing them at this time of the year. Thirty were shot on Mount Desert Island last week, and old hunters fear the total ex tinction of the race. The Boston City Registrar complains of be lauls,” applylng to Tnrfnnr YtfrnrdiiTea *Cr mamage, and misrepresenting their age, to avoid the risk of obtaining their parents’ written consent. The legal j'cnalty for false etatements-in such eases is S3OO. J. M. Korbcp, a wealthy Boston tea mer chant, has lately received a consignment of one hundred live prairie chickens from lowa, which he will send to his estate on Nanshon Island, near New Bedford, which is already well blocked with game of all kinds. One bundled and three corporations were organized In Massachusetts during ISGO. The whole amount of incoi porated capital now is $104,008,011. OBITUARY. Forccvthc Willson, the poet, died after a short Illness, on Saturday lost, at Allred Cen tic, In the Slate of New York. “The Old Sergeant” and “In State” were the best krovn of Mr. Willson’s pieces, and gave promise of something still better inthefh turc. He had not yet reached the prime of life, we believe, although we are not well in formed as to his history. Mason Brown, tormerly Secretary of State. In Kentucky, and one of the authors and compilers of the Digest of Kentucky State taws, died at Frankfort, a few days ago. His lather was the first United States Sena tor from Kentucky. Miockins imtrcM in Newfoundland. The last mall, says tbe Boston Traveler, brings the most deplorable account of dis ease and destitution In the Island of New foundland. In St. John’s, scarlet fever of a mott malignant type Is sweeping off fami lies,young and old, —the extraordinary mild ness of the weather there seemingly aiding the fearful ravages of the disease. In other districts, owing to the partial failure of the fishery. and the almost entire loss of the potato crop by rot, an amount of destitution prevails scarcely cred ible, did we not have the testimony of an eye witness. A missionary of the Methodist denomination, in a letter to a gentleman in this city, says: “Never did i* witness such scenes as I have since I came on this circuit on the southern shores of Trinity Boy. Let me give you one Instance as an example. On New Year** Day I visited a ‘lilt/ or cabin; it waa a wretched hovel, covered with rinds and sods, and one side of the ! roof was loaded with stones to keep It from blowing away. With difficulty I pushed open the door. Stretched out on the bare earth (for there was no floor) waa a man, obout fifty-five years ot age; his only covering consisting of a piece of oil cloth jacket and a atrip of dirty canraß. He «p --peared to bo In a dying condition. Sitting by him ou a tub was bis wife, her only gar- monl being a portion of a bread bag over her shoulders, holding -In her bands an almost naked babe. Two other children, in an equally wretched t tat e, were cowering over the embe s In the flie-place. They had not eaten a m r scl since the previous day. The house con* ss'rd of but one room, which was entirely destitute of fbrnltnrc—no beds or blankets; no choirs or cooking utensils—absolutely nothmg but two kettles. Buch a eight I never witnessed, and I thought I had seen as bad as could be. In the course of my labors. To add to the misery of thu» family they were all afflicted with a most loathsome cutaneous disorder. Of course I did what I could among the neighbors to relievo this distress : but tbo children are still naked, tbo people being too poor to help them 1 Cum meal and molasses are doled out by the Government, but even this is diminishing rapidly, while paupers arc rapidly Increasing. Wo know not where to look, for help, and how thu pLoplu'uro to get through the win ter Is more than I can Imagine. CITY COMPTROLLER'S Monthly Statement; or ms Receipts and Expenditures CITY OF CHICAGO, Cling for the South of Januniy, ISG7. Wattr Fund. Fiom Hoard of Public Work* mwi.fll Walter Kimball, Compl W.WM.W 910,021.(11 Sttcfraat Fund, From Hoard of Public Ivoika. flto.oo Waller Kimball, Coinpt. 2,'J/T.BI 8.107.83 Hoard of )Vorh» Appropriation. From lloaid of Public Work*. 88U.BO Waller Kimball. Compl. BJ.UO 209.30 VUxra of P-CO. Fiom City Collector. Spftiil Alttftmmt. From CItT Collector BiC,caM3 Hoard of I'njllc Work*. 4.230.83 Wallrr Kimball. Compt. SB.ll 01,91170 JHttr Jtnrirvvnnrnt Fund, From W. Kimball. Compt 10.V31.51 sjiool }Ux Fund, Kimball, Cotnnl 80.00 n*rtonal ll>dftnntiont, Kimball, Coropt. ... 013,03 CVv Jfrdmjittoni. From W. Kimball,Compt... . General Fund, 3,f181 W JLBIO.OO r-o.w) an so i*».no 411X3 81.03 12.00 Fir< J/fpartment. From U. P. Iltrrlt, Marabal.. 1 F\r* Inturance Prtm. Fund. Kimball, Compt 8,331X1 Matin* Jntvrane* Prttn. Fund. . Kimball, Compt S3S 03 ToUl . 1300, 0)1.49 From W. From W, From Licenses Floes, Pollrc Court. Ilrhtowell F10e5.... Kents Fnel Account Pride well North 4ls:kcl Fees Ice From W. From W. r.xrKNiirruDU. Warrants bare been drawn upon'the Treaanrer donee the mouth of January, 1007, for aundry ac count*. a* follow*. to wit; W arr Fund f S3,StR,SJ SewerafioFned •:•••••• 1W&M? Hoard of labile Worka Appropriation. 42,mt0 Special ABfif'-umcnt and Deposit Knnd, Bl.7to.(i'J Tunnel Fund ,4*5S?;! Hirer Improvement Fond 17,i«78.h| School Tax Fund Reform School Fond .......... Police Fund £*. Flatting Fond MISMJ! I'creunal Redemption* «j 0.90 Fire Department 22,5a7.^5 Certificates of Indebtcdncta tSrjno.W Internal „ £>• £? 63,823 St e^ 550.5 U 1.015.00 4,701.73 VIS 45 BJI.JI 6,970.75 112.50 2.223.23 4.502.00 WW.IS 3,271.77 5,3'5.85 134.63 25.50 280.33 Shoo sn.oo 1C7.C8 htnet Lamps Revising City Charter, Ac Bll> Payable Lent Expenses Cuy ('eim-terr Error i c Tm Warrants ContlngeatFand Salaries Saloon Licenses Printing and stationery Sanitary Expense.... Evening Schools Bridewell Recorder's Court Police Court North Market Health Department.. Indexing Council Documents. Election Expense Public Sqaare and Building... WALTER KIMBALL, city Comptroller. Total. Interesting Law Points Decided, A decision baa been rendered by dodge Brad* well ot the County Conn, In the matter of the es tate of Andrew Houston, establishing the effect of a foreign judgment rendered against an estate, also what la reasonable time within which a petition must be made for the sale ol real estate of a deceased person, lor the payment of bis debts. It also exhibits the necessity of exhausting the personal properly at the domicile of deceased before application Is made to sell real citato in a foreign county. The estate is one that has been in Coart since March, IRrL in which month the testator died Id Pickaway Comity, Ohio, and the ques tion arises on two claims, amounting to *7.201.16 allowed in Ohio in 1862. The public ad ministrator acted upon real estate in this county in 18C2, tbc letters were revoked and new letters with the will annexed Issued. Tho claims then came up to ho liquidated by sale of real estate. The Conrt find that the claims allowed in Ohio are not evenpHmartuHr evidence of a claim, and con sequently cannot be taken into consideration in the application for the sale cl land. The Conrt holds that an application to sell land to pay debts must be made within a reasonable time, and while he holds that, according to the situation of one estate, would render reasonable, which In another state of case would be un reasonable. Ihe effect is that the creditors being apprUed by the ownership by deceased of real estate In this county, and Its location being described in the will of the deceased. U was their duty to have Instituted their proceedings within the time specified by law within which the clslms were liens. Thirteen years of delay having occurred in that case, the Court holds the claims to belbarrcd. The result Is that the application to sell real estate notbanng been made within a reasonable time, aednoex* ense having been offered for the delay, and thellcn upon tbc lands of ibe deceased having been lost by cross lacks and tbc lapse of time, the petition is dismissed. FINANCIAL AND COMERCIAI MONETARY. Tuesday Evesiko. February!?. Tbc Xcw York Tiibune continues to tarpon the contraction of the currency as the only way to a speedy resumption of specie TWyinenlJ. An arti cle in its Saturday issue contains several £Unca at tbc National Bank* of Illinois, In which they arc denominated “wild-cat." In support of this assertion the THAtineglve tbc following as its line ot argnmcml: ‘•The condition of these Illinois banks Is ex hibited in tbc following tabic. Behold the slough in which they wallow. We omit fractions: Table Shooing the Condition of the lUtnolt Banht, October 1, 1600; Capita) Stock .....$10,000,000 Loin. f17.00J.000 _ Loans on Gov’t Securities... 30.000,WW Circulation Deposits l/ral Tender* s, iS'nSo Specie “There is a banking system for yon 5 A lot or banks lending thirty millions on eleven millions of capital, and owing twcntyUevcn mliUons on demand, with a reserve of one hundred thousand dollars In special To be sure, they have near six millions or Uncle Sara’s promises to pay, on which to base their twenty-seven millions of in debtedness, and wc do cot atm to belittle mts i snccles of security. They are as good as any- | bod Vs promises to pay can be, trAodnnr;»ay. “the Illinois banks have a loan of tSO.OWJWO. I'aeed on 111.000 Don ol caplul, *nd own |OT.ottl,o<» on demand, and have In their vaults $103,0K) In tjHCie. Deduct their legal-tender reserves from their $27,000,000 of indebtedness and the case la simplified still further. They then owe # over 131,000,000 on demand, and have (100,000 to pay “ Is U to be wondered at thst the spokesmen of such a banking system as this should resist re sumption f It is nothing but a species of the “wildcat** banking with which the West la 10 familiar." The statement above given, purporting to show tbc condition of the National Banks of Illinois, is incorrect, and, judging from the tone of the 7H bune $ article, intentionally so. for the benefitof cur colemporary wc give the following exhibit, complied from the report of the Comptroller of the Currency: *•" Balance of rblcatro. State. Total. Capital *0,150,000 $4,420,000 $11,570,000 Loans and over- __ _ lA'kUB UIU «<«»■ drafts MW.331 8,709,333 17,501,C&1 ChcuUtion 4,070,510 6,313.317 9,891.927 Deposits 11.-Uf,,ss9 9,52C,3CS 2t,2G7,337 Dec by tank* .. 1.157,9:6 2.315.455 4,503.471 Lrgal Tenders.. 8,257.300 *,579£53 5,916,053 Specie 19,561 sfrwi 118,060 By the provisions of the Cnrrcncy Act, fifteen of the twenty-five |pcr cent reserve fond may bo kept in New York. Adding to tbc legal tenders on band—fß.9C6.6sS—the sntn dne by banks, f-J.5C3.4H, the banks of this State bare as a re serve ftind. fin.3lo.nsj, whlcbAs A.tfhfc*ptSF, -P.WS: present tatty v good, it not a better record, t&an the Institutions oi New York City, as may be seen by tbe following statement! coscmoMorta* hew tors cttt basks, octo sen, DM, capita .w»,™ Loan*.. .......... .. .......... 137,212.533 Clrcnlslirn Dcx<oslts 29J.MS.faW Dne by Banks 13,V5i,i18 l.ecal Tenders Specie. ................. 4,5J1,9u0 *1 he New York banks have an indebtedness ot f824,«V,000, and have only $82,000,000 reserve, or a very sbght fraction over one fourth of their in debtedness. Tbe New York banks mn as close to their reserve as the law win allow them, while the barks of Illinois btve a margin of over 8 per cent in their favor. Will the New York Tribune tell w btcb Is the •* wlld-cat,” New York or Illinois ? A Washington special says: “The four per cent loan certificates, payable on demand, and made a legal U nder for tno purpose of bank reserves, will be autnorticd. Th« power to withdraw greenback* not to exceed four mil lions will not be taken from the Secretary, but he will suspend action until the compound interest nous shall have been dlsposid of, and th« monfy v.otlui The best thing Congress can do is—tie Mr. McCulloch up so closely that he cannot contract one dollar of the currency. As soon as confidence Is again restored, and the money market becomes easy, be will. If not restrained, give the country another dose of want of confidcccc and financial depression, which of conns will retail in bla again being obliged to borrow money to pay the interest cn the National Debt. We want no each policy as ibis “playing Cast and loose.” It cannot .fall to be followed by the most disastrous conse quences. The Money market presents no new features on the surface, though the undercurrentlindlcates symptoms of gradual Improvement. There is no change in the rales of Interest either at the dis count homes, or In open market. Exchange la close and firm with sales between at 25 cents premium, and very little oSee ing. Tbe counter rates aro firm at par buying and 1-10 premium selling. - Flour was more active at easier figures. Wheat waa irregular—closing at a decline of 9c on No. 2 Spring. Corn wa«withonlmaierial change. Oats were doll and We lower. Rye quiet and steady. Barley dull. Whiskey was neglected, Hess Pork waa £sc lower. Lard weak. Gold was a trifle higher to-day. Tbe market opened at 18&M, advanced to 137* and closed at IS7}*. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold broken: ICS co a.». 10:85 a. in. 10:45 a.m. Ji;oUa. m. 11:15 a. u. 11:40 a.m. .130 m I WiiSo.m. .136*4 I 2:00 p.m. IS6MI Stflfi P< m. .ISBL 1 3:15 p.m. •ggl 4:Wp * n ' Here the market was quiet at iaGOlSCj£ buying —closing at the upper figure. Silver was nominal atl3a{&i39. Governments were Arm at an adrsno of HGU The following shows the closing prices of to-day, compared with the three previous days: 2? 2 1 K H r* " o g glxa? of *Bl 1(H!4 105 U id&U lli'V Fire-Twctuiw, 'JO logs i®s£ ios* in:fS Fire-TwentlM, M lOftjf 10',5£ 106 s lOOx Flrt-TwentlM, ’6O JUTii loTjJ lOJU 107J4 Tcn*Fortl«B 100»* iCOjf icoj iai £flvi-u<Tfclrtit», Aug.....10C>>4 IbSU 10SK IQSW Be» cn-ililtttM* June.... 10B*{. 105 U lUSU lOSU Bpveii-TbiiUes, July lU6H 10SU jogS ipu? NewriTe-'l'wentlei,*.....losH 105 iosjJ 106*4 Here the D&tket «u firm, with a tctj limited amount otcilng. We quote: m oovibvvebt trctmmrs—oracAeo mmr. U. S. Sires, of 1881. o. s. c-sos, isis D.«. 5-5.0*, ISW ... IT ll Ittl i<*h lOttj* locv U. S.B-»*,18»8 1117 107 U U. b. 5-Wf, ratll 108<CQOTK& . U. H. KMOe, larr< 100 V joi It. b. ic-JPa, imill IW U, b. 7*SO«, Irt series • •IDSU 10*54 U. b.7-30*, *d serin 108 ioaC U. H, 7"30*. 8d series 103 ' 10GU 13. H, 7-tOe. small 10l*f Comiiotind. Jane, 1861 , .-..llfiji July, ieoi nr>s •• Auc,lßft4 115 V “ Oct., imii niv »* Dec.. IHM ink •• May, tWw 113 •* A lie.. IWB now •• Hupt.,iMs no act., ma 10054 The Second National Back gives tha following quotations for tho Public. Funds: Coup , ’81.... 7-CU* (amtll)lOIKQlOS &-SU coop.. Juno Comu,.l3’>*/ (large)....loßSO ... July *• K “ ..naff s»so coup., Aug. “ “ ..||j*. (»mail). ..107*i® .... Oct. •» “ ~inv I (MO coup.. Dec. •• •• ..liijQ (larci-)....i<>0>»0 .... May “ 18W..liav» HMD coup., Aug. *• “ ..m»v ismnll) .... Sept. “ u ..linu T-av, large.,hß OIWJi Oct 4 ‘ “ ..ioujJ Local Slocks arc quiet but firm, at tbo following rales: 7U.029.3i _ Baying. Kcfling. Chicago City Ts. tw jou Cook County 7’* uc.k uru CJiombij-of Commerce yi;£> its' IboUovennuaalhasUsncdslr per cost bonds to tbo following amounts In aid of tbu Pacific italb way and braucbca; Union Pacific wc*l from 0maha,‘305m11c3H.553.000 AlrhlMjn A; Pike’s Peak Hoad, west from Atcbiaon, 40 mild 040,000 Kansas Hirer Dtaucb to Dearer, “Elat* cm Division," 188 mile- S,lß Western Pacific, la California, SO mtles. a. 0.000 CccUal Pacific, tc California, 114 miles.. 0,2‘ijxw IXB,OI . Total mllcs.GU; bonds, —Ho rinladclpbla Ltdgfr say*. TLit money market wait very quiet ycslcrdsr, the supply or loanable funds were large, the only thine scarce being pood borrowers tvlih the rttrbl ktnnofcollatcial. MonoroocalloQUuvarQtnenls could be bad mulcr b cmi; on good mlscella* neons collaterals at 0 to 7 V cent. Hnort A 1 paper could Ims negotiated at about 8 f cent per annum discount, but Inferior paper was almost ututl able._ _ _ 103 60 The Cincinnati Oasetfe remarks: “I be money market works bard for needy bor* rowers, mod cad bo called easy onlr (or those woo rto tot require accommodations to any extent The volume of currency Is increasing, bar theafm of banker* In to reance rather than add to or keep up Uirlr discount km*. This feeling must con* UiiUo ddIII (be boat cial policy of the uovemmoat la decided by Congress. Kates of Interest bo* tween bankers ana depositors range from t) to 13 percent, while In tboopcn market rates vary from IS to 2J per c«-nt. Money is becoming very stum* dant In New York, bot this result* from a stagna lion in busmen*, und consequently It does not af* feel our market favorably. Irbaßlnesashoaulgct a lair atari, tbrru would, after a while, be no scarcity ut money anywhere. Tbe exchange mar kit works firm, with an Inadequate supply.” •The PsHlmo'C Price Current observes The total valu<* ol forclm exports for the week cmtliig with February 7, amount to f2iu,loi In eluded in tbo shipments were G,UU bris ilonr, 1.35 V bhds leaf tobacco. 12,527 bu coni, COS bigs quer citron barb, KSO ions guano, 717 bags of linseed cake, *6,1)25 Its lard, bacon, etc., 91.8T2 Tbs maou factnrcd tobacco, si casks tallow, BSJSi gallons petroleum, mu ca-ks canted goods. 50,000 slave*, 4.UK) shingles, f&OUU feet lumber, W pkga sun dries, ii'J cases chain), 150 oars, f 1,500 specie. —A correspondent of tbo Milwaukee Sentinel strongly opposes the consolidation of tbo Mil waukee A Prairie du Chlcn and Milwaukee A St. Paul Kail ways. 1* carlo! that these might be “gobbled ’’ by tbe Chicago & Northwestern Rail road, the correspondent mournfully observes: What would bo the consequence of such con solidation to Milwaukee? There would be but one railroad corporation in the State, and that would have its principal offices and place of bnsl oeeE_lta heart—in the dly of Chicago. Onto! that city wonld proceed its main lines; all others would be mere branches. On its main lines xnxinlng into the city of Chicago, trains would mn olUner and with greater speed than on the branch lines. liaihoad directors and agents are frequently Interested In the :>urchase of produce, and their goods go forward o market days, weeks, and sometimes months sooner than those of other persons. Produce wonld seek ihe market it could reach quickest, and from which returns canid be soonest obtained. Trade in merchandise would to a very great ex tent go to the same city where the produce went. In brief, it requires neither a propbetnor the son of a prophet to foretell that, in case of the consoli dation of all these three companies, the grass would grow green and luxuriant in the busiest of the baslnt-ss streets or Milwaukee." It Is the inevitable Cate ol all Rmatltowns to bo swallowed up by larger rivals. Apply for a char* ter as a snhurb of Chicago. The New York Sftl/ynn? LUt eays : The money market is steady at 6. with excep tions at 5®7. in discounts tbc chief business Is at 7 per cent, hiph grade names—a few special signatures, abort dates, are accommodated at O'fh f,;c, and names lees favorably regarded at B@9. Wc quote Per cent per annnm. Loans on call, stock eccantles 1 do bond and motursgo 1% 8 Prime endorsed bills, CO aays 7® S _ do do S(Q,t months.. 8& 9 First-class siocle names, Othergobo bills COMMERCIAL, Tuesdit JSvnnjrG, Febrnarj 12,1597. The following tables show the receipt* and ship* taenia of Produce during the past twenty-four hours. B£cnPTß past rwzSTT-rocß nouns. Flooi. brie £342 6,313 Wheat bn 22.050 20.n0 Corn, bu.. ....................... 10,700 2U.993 «... 7,550 2*,018 Rye, bn 2,120 5,031 Barley bu 3,850 400 • Grass Seed,lbs 68,007 00,453 Broom Com. 16a 4.000 7,003 Cured Meat, 36a 88,000 137.390 Pork, btlt i,OH 4« Lard. 16 49.479 1 allow, IB* 38,030 8,970 Butter. 8m . ... 12,910 8,00*4 D. llocv, No 2,441 2,918 Live Uogs. No 934 374 Cattle, No 3«1 92 Hides, the 73.81° H1,92S 11. Wince, brie W 30 Wool,fi)6 1« 19 lumber,m .. ... 5W 88 smrJtrsra past Twerrr-roen nouns. 18U7. 1900. Flonr, brie 9,717 3,532 Wheat, bn.... 8.910 5,«W Coro, bn 8,920 4,047 Cats, bn 12.620 Kye, bn 2,421 Grass Seed, tte .32,433 19,596 Broom Corn, ffie 5,731 8.282 Cored Meate, Ibe 1,807.202 872,Wl Beef, bile 90S U« Potli, brie 599 latiJ, 16s 311,610 339,890 Tallow, 16e 12,530 00,760 Batter, Os 9,260 10,830 Dead Bogs, No 0.869 1,207 Live Qosre.No. 842 6K Cattle, No. _65 2,176 Bides, 16e 27,900 72,144 I tgbwines, brie 221 t>s Wool, »e 33.010 18,551 Lumber, m. 522 437 Shingles. m... 755 639 Latb, m. 5 2 Salt, bile ... 701 253 The unfavorable advices from New York bad a depressing effect on the Provision market, and holders of Product were less tenacious in ibelr views. Mess Pork was heavy, and favored buy ers for cosh to the extent of tolly S 3 cents. We note sales of 850 hrls, part at (1b.75, part on private terms, nrdcratood to be $18.50, cash; and the bal ance at *19.50, buyer March. Extra Prime Pork sold to the extent oflCObrls at 114.25. Ramps were In limited demand, with tales at $11.75. Bnglish Meats were doll, and on Comberlands wo note a decline of fully ii'i with sales of 230 bxs at 6«iQß3£c. in other cats there was nothing doing. Bulk Meals were quiet, with sales at 0c for Rough and IC^cforShortClvarSldes—both loot*. Green Meats were quiet, with stirs of 40,000 16s Bams from Slaughtered Hogs at 10c. Lard was heavy and favored buyers, with sales of 1.100 tes, part last evening, at llKc for prime Steam—closing with more sellers than buyers at this figure. Kettle-Bikd was held at Grease was quiet, with sales of Yellow at B*£c. Dressed Bogs were firmer for light averages, but heavy weights were less active and folly 10c lowrr. Hales rarged from f7JOO‘-73—closing at 57.40 and $7.60 dividing on 900 Jbs. Whiskey was inactive but firmly bold at 25c for Bonded, and 19.50 for doty paid. We did sot hear of any transactions. ... wore a shade cosier. The sales foot cp 2.4U0 brls at Winters; $9.25®11.75 for Spring Extras :$7.50® $.50 for Spring Supers; S7.W tor Buckwheat, and |6.2P©6.40 for Rye. There was a fair speculative demand tor Wheat, hot the market ruled irregular—closing steady at a decline of 2c on No. a Spring. No. 1 was Inactive and nominal. We cote sales of PP.OOO bn. at $2.00 for No, 9 in A. D. & Co ; sl.*lH® 1.15 for do Regular, and $1.55®1.T0 for Rejected -closing steady at 11.84 for No. 9 In regular houses. There was a moderate demand tor Corn, mostly to fill contracts, and the market was compare lively steady—prices showing little varU'.lon from the closing rates of yesterday. About 106,000 hn changed hands, at 81£6Jc for No. 1; esc for No. 8, and 55®55c for Rejected—dosing quiet at S2Mc tor No. 1. Oats were dull and almost neglected, at a de cline of Me. with trilling transactions at f9M®4oc lor No. 3. There was no movement in No. 1. Htc was quiet with sales at 92®93s for No. 1, and 64c for No. 2 in store. Barley was dull with transactions at 6Se for No. S; 46c tor Rejected, and TOc®ft.OO for sample ids. Seeds were steady with sales at $2.*5®3.90 tor Timothy Seed, and £T.«sfor Clover. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: New Tome, February 12. Flour quiet but firm at $lO/0® 11.55. Wheal firm but quiet at f 9.1895.86. Cora unsalable at f 1.12 In store. Oats steady. Old .Pork nominal, at $19.75; New do, heavyat *20.75. Lardweak. Uogft quiet but firm at f9.25a9.57}*. Whiskey active at S2QSSC. Cold, Floor lower «t fIO.WCn.W VThcat qoicUoJ Irregular. Cora heavy at fI.U In atom. Oats loner ateOftGlc. LATEB. The Grain Markets In the afternoon were quiet, doting atfl.B7* for No. 9 Spring Wheat. No. I Com waa steady at tbe dosing price on ’Change. Pro virions were uuH and Inactive. The Cattlemarket was active to the full extent of the offerings all finding quick sale at sllthtly advanced rate*. The receipts were 251 head, which were taken np at t4.00®5J0 for very com men to fair lots, and |6.00®8 50 for good U> prime grades. The receipts were limited, nut of good quality. Tbe market doeea firm at for inferior to choice. Live Hogs were In fairly active demand, and, under abetlihy competition between shippers and packer*, prices were fully sustained. The pyp, ytm cleared at $5.95®6.83 for common stock Hogs to choice droves. The receipts were S.aro bead; The market closes strong, with all •old. .185* .136* .U6!£ .137 H -157 H Premium Hoc*. w- Sawyer A Maxwell told at anellon thda'aftet* noon, at the Micblsan Central Railroad Dttol, a lot of forty premlom hoga, averaging ® 9, The attendance of bayera were large, nod aler a rpirltcd competition, the lot was knocked down at 19.90 p 100 r>e, to A. 9. Tracer, for D«»et i Tracey, of Boston. Tbe bogs were raised in Kano County, and were selected and shipped re this city by Yulintme A Lawrence, of Aaron. New VorA Grocery Jltnek (From the chipping LitfcJ . Corrxi—Wc n*ve ami to uuuce n strong nurket for Bio. The receipts pretent and prospective are ojodcr. ate, and. with a «tc»dy good demand for home nw, toe slock deasaie*.and t9e 101 l cntrecey of To«ed»7j*K Uanrponed. Ihe e&lfsol Bin aro 1,000 ban. pr Pt- Urmia, 2.000 do per Traveller. 5,70! do per Chn*Uan, ?AOO do per Amur. 4,100 co per Mow*. to arrive, on terms cot msec pa: tie; ATOdoper A batroas. w lot*. lltel3cs lA.C do oaUoce p*r Mary IHo-.k, i4c; do balance per steamer Cubing star, supposed and io Kaltitnorc. AOOd ms* per Hrdwiog, 13Kc; SCOdopemms.tOMc; atd 3A(W do per r»* v ont*. Ifv.d. a il goM. In bond. For other descrip tion* there U a lair dc-maud,«nd ptlct a are maintained. Wc notice LVTir, amuJava, ter Dunm-re. oa ternia nut made puMle-.R) bags Lagusyra, 17Sc; SO Java, 35c; and J.iuiht. Djnilre«,lo Boston forexport hence, lie cold, lubo-d; l/oido. just arrived here, are going forward to Furore. Kipartfrom January Ito Janua ry SI. 1M57, .1,011 packages; fame period, IbW. nose. Sroaa—lve nuiicc an increasing demand tor raw, chiefly from rrfinera, with a jaiger hnaloeaa than Dr acme time rait, the market remaining very Arm at the full currency ulTocmav lasi. We have not advanced our’qoctfitloc* for rcCt loc grade* Coha.bin It U on dmtoor. that there It little or no Dir now to he had telov lOMcrota. Ihe belter grades are a little higher than hciujr. aril we adJnstonr quotations accordingly. IVcquclc lair rtfluicg Cuba. ICH.aiOwc; good do. 13\ fair to good grocery. irv(4ll>«c i pnme to ennee do. llNttlJc*. Mola**evs,gar, tn b«xv*.V.V« I(Xrtthe»anielQtil.dß,lkglOVr; No.l3Dox.llVc.4miw. etc. Kenned la lo pretty active demand for ail grade* below hard, aud prices fiare adrancod i-we quot* hard tl UKaiSfcrt left white. »tbl yellow 1W Thrssle* of taw are 3,SSI Uli r, <» Cuba at v\ and U tret, tbe anq'Dl at rival of new cr< p, averaeteg guod refining. at ivvc: 13 new cropdomed do at liM*". IS> I'orto lllct at lutf <?H2i- 1 7* ltarl«d».t at lOVc : arvlWObfli t)em erara on private wm*t Übnß*clartn*d liaodalup* at Bifbta llnvana at OVkIIc, and 3W hhds hand some n*-w crop Cuba Sieltdo at h«c, I mm. The mirk jrevterrtmy wa» about ajKOhhda. ».oa bu and b*ktf, lll.troiiic' sugar, and «J hh<ts Slslado. MoL*t*Mt—There hascnnllnnrd a fair demand for low grades for (Hul ling, atd the market remain steady ana Ptatty uniform at previous rates, hut the better grades reraln dull. There arc few bluer* of new rnp. and the sales are small. We notice the drat arrival <>< new mp Form I’.icn, t«r brig Thou as Turull, <tli In stunt, being ron»lJrrably earlier than l3»t*ear—of her cargo UObh'l* have Imcn sold, but the pr|re la with held. TliCtalcs tH-»iUesarets hbdaTorlo lllroatnoc: 30 do tnlrnor. 13c:147 tart clayed Cuba, 40r*Rc;3W Cuba muscovado, mostly *ftA47r 5 ?43 csctr-Tagai and rlsytdCuba, mixed, 4te;73 Neuvltaa, part new crop, 43c; 37 Imrr.i-rars, 30m ttc. 4 mo*; audlTubri* New Or |rai.a,rC<hM-r,ca*u. liy amttou.sao ona New Oilcan* sold at Ktt&Ct cash, and 737 Ltd* Dcmcraia, ZajTlc,! mua. Burin*. BelUne. lUStf •lOSfi lIWX Dresurd (loan to Albany—aebronry O, llrre pts by Ontral Ballruad a'nceoai last, asl brad. Tb« market ot>eurd vary tame and closed dull. The attendant c of aillcr* wa* lair, but buyers were warce, only rce Kaitern dealer haring teported liiiiitolfi and his* wtroeontldtreq too low. The weath-r 1* de cidedly unfavorable, with no prospect ot a tpeely firornhli-ehancr. The «rlysale reuortod this ni>rn mg ws« II h-sd btale. fre*li, at (9.33. Wc have fur ther sales lu report la> t evening nf 4-1 tisil hlalc, avnazlaj bCt Os. *1 ().2S :o head Ftttc, stalu. averaging 3’io hi, at u.OO JC li-ad Stats, averaging 273 ft*, at 9.00 .|io,coa,ww 79 head Cbiraxu. averaging 200 Os. at 8/,7 GOltiad C'tlcsgn, averaging SCO fts. at (.S3 The reported md« yesterday of 300 head Western, part to arrive, la an old aOalr. Over a were ago this lutwas under nvguUstlou. and on the 3d inMvu 4UO head of them wete sold and retorted <>n that day. Th* batinc* of the lot, 100 head, amlrr JO) &«, were sold yesterday at and takrn by the tame person who previously bought the 400 10 arrive. rroTlmonn In IlaXimore. FebronrrO. Bandied pork Is inactive, but iue*»l» held flnnir >1 fSS.CO. prime Bital el I*o CO, and prime At fid N per rrl. Lard weiiuole with a very moderate loqolrt At 19* ctou ft>r citT, Id Darrels and Hero*. At iJvaWV ccnl> for Western do., ana at U* centa lor Baltimore refined, Id keg*. Baum I* unchanged, shotildrrs roll* lnufir-lyair«ll*foit<».Plb*ldas AI lUIIK cents, ckar rlh Co. at Mitmts. and hamsal IV4l' cents, the inner figure for prime dir iiigsr-curnl. Hulk meaU arcsteam’ All*ccnu for shook en. at Hl*ntlO* rrnti lor rlu sides, and ll*(«tl* cent* (or dear rib and clear sides. Kccds Id PbliuUeipblo, Fcbrnnrr (1. In Clover mci there It rattier more dolus*. I.ooQ(bU'h cl* widai (N.CPtsA'Aln advance, the latter rats tor reclruucd. Timothy Is scarce: aco bushel* sold at |1.75 &4.C0. riaxsndislnihlr oemand; L*W toahel* *iKl ut |3.9CcU.tO per Im-licl. CHICAGO BUY GUOUK MARKET. IfifiSDAl Tlie general tone of the Hi substantially Uw same a* pr only a slight Improvement 1 are without perceptible cl price* a*follows: mi Merrlmac D I*'i Merrlmac 3V W Cochecn 19 Fseltc U Gamer’s Istj Fpragnc’i 1' l >ont) ell’s 17 Mactbe-Ur.... 17 Lowell IS Arnold’* taS Lancaster I'lfvlß Blchmond Clinton.... Lancaster. scows succiir.Gi, j BAimcr 92 Atlantic ! Lawrence S 3 FepperoßO id Stark 4-4 29 Great Fall* M 12 Appleton 4—l 22 •* ** t> -J? -i M.rtfumi—l 91 lultan Orchard A 3.'* i Nuihot... 91 “ M , Indian Head 4—l 22* •• 14 88.-is* Caboit A 4—l 31* * ‘ Atlantic 4—4..... «*3 Amokcsc 4—l .22* Boot Mills T 1 16 Salmon Falls 4—4...—.1it* ** “ 0 16* Acsvam F 4—4 18 “ ** 5...........22 Appleton D 4—4 .30 Western World. 16* UhnolaA4—l is* Arkwright.... 20 - Swlrt Uiverl—l 17* Portsmouth P. 19* PeppercU E » Napoleon 1. *«• H. 20 Quaker.. ...15 ** > 16 XX Standard .91* American A .29 Noaatook .22* nmrntn suikiln'OS. K.T. Mills 4—4 .36* Bad Bank 7—B 16 WamiuitA4-l .51* “ “ 4-4 M* BAtcs 4—4 so Lonsdale .37 White Bock 4-4 27* Arkwright. .31 Hills 4—4 96 Wambeck .32 - 7-8 33* J.*W. Blaler4-4....27* Masonrtlle4—l 28* CjmoaX-4...... 12* Bar Mills 4-4 28 SlatcrTllle 7—& .20 Androscoggin4—l S7* Blackstone River .21 f stirtnn 7—f V.V/.Y3 niackstVno’ AA* .75 » 4 —| jb Ballon* 50n4.26* “ “ 7-8 20 PAP IB CAVSBICS. SO | English M* Cambrics 12*916 I demur. Amoskeae Connecticut. 31* York .37* Washington .23 Manchester...—...... .SO Miltoro unproved. S 3 in lord 28* Dine Hill - 29 Union SO Corn City .» Haymaker's .30 Pawnee. .32* rmra> tnimsos. Amoekcap -....53 WhltuadenC .21* | Ycrc......... •••••••.•••51 " A........«-33 I American UncasTllle. 23*971* Bills ,25 Thorndike —...22* Boanokc 90 Shetuckci. so AmoskeapACA 93* UamUton, regular....-S7* I *• A 43* “ 1).... .32* « B JR* Pemberton E .27 * ** C StH “ X..... 83 »» D 27* Bwlftßlver. .26 TcrkSO-lncb .39 Btar Mills SMtch .27* Albany 19 ** ** 36-tnch......37* YorkS2-iach U 0 COKOCT JXANS. Amotkeag 23 [lndianOrchard 16 Laconia 23 I Androscoggin. 16 Oates. 1 16 | PsppordL 21* Naumkeag 8ai1ee5....26* I Globe 13 CASTON ruxsru. Hamilton riant 30 iThoracUe KlisrtonT .23* 1 Naumkcagbleached...3o nrowif dkilia. __ Both 23* I Pennington 23* lAconla. fit* I Peopercil 24* DELAINES. Manchester, new 23 j Hamilton ...25 Pacific, new 33 I All Wool.. 40@CO DAUIOIIAL DEISTS. nnbcrt'B 19.50 l Mantas AMnCeken $2.25 Wilcox ..9.25 I Raleigh’s 109 Pontoosuc—..2X2*»3Xo I Hruncr 1.3 Was nlngtoa 3UU»....3A0 {Belle ofttotesson.. 2X5 TnmDiL 1 .LAP. Coats *l.lO »Breen & Daniels 72* L lark's 1.10 White Skein 90 nadieydCo's so Icoru i.<n Worsted Braids 83 I WUilmanUc- S2* Stafford 70 | COTTON TAC2CB. FTC. Eacle. 62*|Kaalrra 55 Hope 62* Carpet Warp 55 Franklin CO ) Candlcwtck 0^55 i park - 69 | Chicago Batts 212.033 CAETTV3. _ „ Lowell. 3 plr. fll3 Superfine *1J)0«1A3 I “ gaper. 1.79 Croaicj’s Fst, Tapesl i •• tnwUßm.... 1.60 Brtnwe.S...... lAS I nartford.extra 8-ply 2.10 Roxhary 173 I •• lmp'l3-piy. 9XO Umpire Mills 1.10 i “ imper. lA7* Belgrade..... lAO 5 ** medinm.... 1.49* 1 CAMwnu. ‘ Farmers A Mcreh*i....92* I Kvcrctt 1 53* i Wabash 30 IKrerettO 47* . 8& 0 .105*12 TUECIIICAUOLiITB STOCK. MARKET, Omcz o? Tim Dan.rT»rarKs,) Tl-km>at Ermnso. February 11. ) The following table shows the dally receipts and shipmate cf Live Stock dertup the week up to this trains, as repotted by the Secremry of the Union Stock Yard Company: Sunday and Monday. Tutcday ToUl 574 4.»4 40 fame time last week 4*3 *.791 80 Wtealxfors l«t 4K 6,179 KO The receipt* to-day if ere by the following routes: Cattle. Qocv Sheep. By Illinois Central .. 96 *» • nr Burlington ft Qalncr Bond. 71 1,171 7* By ft. Lome ft Alton Head.... IB 5.. 160 By Northwestern Bond 17 s*o .... By Kocklaland H0ad..... 51 ST. .... By Michigan Southern........ 199 .... By Michigan Central I*4 SO3 Total »1 WOO is The shipments to-day, and for the week np t> thia erenlng.were: Sunday and Monday, luaday Total W *•> .... Samellme Uttweet...... •• 761 .... Wnktdorelut 47 .... .... Bate* today, a* catered at tfce different Scale-licuse*, trereulbllQWß: Cattle. ITaci. sbeep. 69 Wi £8 1M Wl« U At Illinois Centrsl Scale. At Darlington Scale— At AUoq 501 e..... At Northwestern Scale. Total weather wti mlijJ.jpjJ/’R' tendance, trade tot this day la the week was scare. By itlt we do net item that the volume of business transacted was Urge, nor that there vti evinced on the part of barer* generally, noataal sagernew to “swallow up’- anything or everything of the borlae specks offered for sale. wlthoot repaid to quality or pnoe; hot that an desirable shipping stock—and to this class the Inquiry was chiefly conflaed—foaod quick sale, at satisfactory prices. Easters adrtces were of a lUmnlatlag character aad shippers took hold with more thaa ordinary rim, aad the sopplx tn the peas wu readily absorbed ata trifling advance os the do*- Inp rates ot last week, aad indeed bad the offerings embraced a mueh larger number, all, no doubt, would bare loasd purchaser*. The receipts were light—73l head-bat ot good ar. , erage quality, to which tact, perhaps, more than to atjr other, may be attributed the apparent appreciation In Taloes. Good first and second-class Steers, suitable for the Eastern markets, aad good tat bntebsrs* Ccws, were the grade# chiefly inquired tor. and drorers will subserve their own Interest* best, by confining their purchases chiefly to these descriptions. There was a moderate demand tor stock Steers, and lair to good packing Cattle, though light receipt* will suffice t meet the wants of this class of buyers. •* Springer* were la request at f53.00d0.00 tor common to choice, with limited arrivals- halt* were made at price* ranging tor common tough Cows, in terior bteers aad light Heitor*, to &U fleshy steer*, aad pUne tot Cow*, and tor good to prime shipping Beeves. The market closes strong with the P»ti« empty. Ko shipments were returned. rn-v««XT race*. cvKurm r*. . , lotmedSUerftaTeraglngtromWMtohWO toir HesiC av eraging LWCfitLSW ft*. *Kv^.'*Vnfi‘’rfCii itrdium C/rt»r-Medium stem Md c«n CDwa. fit tor city slaughter and averaging f M ft*. at, Su ckLOitlf —Common Cattle In dece-l cesn, CATTLE SALES TODAY. Fifty h*sd secord-cl**# Steer*, tot hat rou*h,aTe w * TO * slM ’ t &Kggi» sum *K 1.0 or “ SSSJJISISVai SOW. •"ram UO Ofc "JftStw. tin iur iw to pwl tab. -«TKios IMi Ok ‘iSfkt can. .T-TMIM W Ok -IJPJO. CO-!™ 0011 X*. narazOt « p ,VS.”' Co ”’ Oi, irt .tuktn Oii noraOK. boiiSrUX'rw* r»0 ««04M« ot pK«r> and shipper*, ardncderallrely eomjwtttlOD between tbeaatntercata, tbemarketnecame actlTß, end a armer feeling obtained. There w«a a somewhat limit'd bop ply to the pen*, an* tnoae w'era quickly taken op at fnUr IheeloMn* range or jailer day. The olWlngi were cltld’d between thtppera %9d local bayeri at |S.9BaiXO for common itock Hoc*; S6.USCO for common to fair lota; andftLCuofiJU for *o 'A to ctaolca Uoca. AUtre aold, and th«BtanetclaaesCrai at tbe abore range. : . 77 common roeqh 10t... S 3 Inferior light Hog*... S 7 common block Hoc*. W lair rough ml 3i4 commoncoarvo 10t... U choice erea Hogs..;.. common lot. 3v eomiuon Boev 1U f-tr Bacon grade* W prime Uoga 60 common stock 31 Uoga... tiC inedlnni lot W go»d Hnn 73 rough uicveii lut M fair ro.-rre lot 110 good htavr lloga f-9 iru,d fat If'/ga,... 3* rummun uneven I >t... 'Ji Mr rough lot. N prime latlloga 35 good Onv* W fatrbaroo Hoffs AOtbotcebeavv 110ga.... HI Dir coarse lo’ 37 ronunon renth lit. SI Inferior light lloga. 77 fhlr baccn aradca.. 6llEE!’— There waa little doing In ttAa branch of the Live Stock market, and qooiallodi are little better than nominal, at lor common to prime mut ton gradre. The Inquiry U principally tor the baiter cla** rf bbeep. WEEKLY REV IF. 3V OP TUB CHICAUO MARKET. All tolet fif Gram rrport ed In (Kf «wrr*W report or* mods on ffce 3o»l*o/ tr(nfer(4c) tlorojre, u»fe*» otKertehe fft'rttird,

Tpsidat Erkirntn, February IL M 97, Kit El n tt> Fn«mU7»—Tho loLowlng U the tartfl of tbs EastcrnUoad*: 84 4Ui Drs'd Kales trnm Chicago to— claa*. clai*. Flour. Hog*. Buttslo, K. V WS S 2 Toronto, C. 3V fi4H 47h » .2 WonircSi.r. e in m t. 70 i.n Allwnj.K. Y MU w »-M 7-l» New Volk 1.13 « J-bO LM Boston r(fi Albanr 1.19 H 3 I.W IJD lloaton r/o Uraod Trunk IJS 83 1-2 7-2 Fortlanc rfu Utaua Truiik x* l-« 0 IJ3 ndlartplphla 1.83 79 lAO 1.19 llauttnure. 1.08 79 INO 1.19 FUUPUrgD CA 43 M 70 Clive aud. Ohio. 45 80 60 60 JcOersonvlde, lod 43 S 3 70 .. C'liritihatL Ohio 13 St 64 43 Fl.Orit—lt*c*lvrd,BJM3brl*v shipped, 9,71, brla. The Vionr market curing the wn-k ha> bren quiet, and prices have ruled steady. Tmslay wa* only a inoderalt-demand, ami prieos favored buyers. Male* were a* Pillow,; Wiirra Winteu*—u«i hn* unnamed al ill 00 1 100 bfl* do at 418/43; 100 hrli do at f 1.1 W;; 30 hrl* do st 4U-W; lUs WtkTtis—ts hrl* not named at 11.73; beeiNn r.xtßxe—loo hrla “Marnle's X-VXX” at *11..3'. too t.rls rot oatied at fll.(U; 130 hrla at *10.73 : UObtli dnat flb.C9: KOtirls do at J10A0; 200 hrla on at ('0.73; 300 hrl* dn at (10.WJ; 100 hrla dft otll'.a;»0 brls (iow» at *9f«i Mraixu Mrrrns-iou brla pot named at|BiC; BU brtsdoat *HJ3t UU brla CoatlTJß; Ut* Fla>l'U-IW brla at (C.tu; lu) hrl* at (6.70 un track t Uccrwiiiat Fuirr—l6 brls at f UO. • We qtjnle the clcstiiß prices as follows: _ Wmian WitkAT— Choice b«a*l.crn lttlnoU.|l4XoQls.oa Choice bt. Loui5...* WiM-otidn brniNU ExißAfl—Fancy brand* ilookij.oo tliclco Minnesota 10.00ui0.73 Choice Illinois, WUcuh. •lo andljwa IDjtV^tOAO Fair tirades 9.73m10 79 Low Grade* AOU 9JO Korins Sapeifn* l.’A*. M 0 Bye Kh.ur AN © A 73 Htickwhett FlMir H.W.t 7.00 U lIKAT-Km-lvrd. im; shtoped. MU bu. Market uinmrd dull and dtc hied ftaSUc. aub««quoatiy rallied Ike, fell back 1c ami clox-d steady, sales w«re:l.nviu So,3at IV.CO(A.I). A Co.'»); AODhu do at ll.»; 3U.KOMI dnat AtrOhn doatil.Hiu*; to,ecu I'll du at »U*l : IAOiO bu Ji» at (I iQif, Itcgular; 4l«lm Bvjtcled at fl.tu; Jbixu »>« do al (; W hit do at 41A3—cioklug si« ady at 4U>l f>r 7 In regular hoiues. ril«S-KecMv:(L lATKi bn 5 shlrpi-l, :t,«O bu. Market without any material change, bale* were: 6,000 bu No. t a' Hac 1 ».nti)bu«loat«Vc; 3XCOO Kudo at M7Wc 11\MU bu d» at ; tco t>u No. 4at roc; tuo bu I Selectedji W-c: A*Oohu do at 3o k'c; AcOO hu do at 63Kr; J.CQObu co atSOKc ; 3.W0 bu do at Jic-dioalug oirtfl at F7we tor No. lin itore. OATK—llcctlvrd.7.Mo hn; vblpprd, none. Market rtnll and Kclower. Haluswcre: i.iSOd hu N 0,2 at Uic; 1.3C0 hu do at:*\c: 3,rf*)l.n doat39><c. It YE—Bccvlvcd, ;,146 bu: shipp'd, none. Market qnutaidst'ady. oai«*w(gc: AnrJ bu No. 1 at met MW Im do at JCe; Kt) bn NniT at Sic. U-vKI.KV—IUc-lvid. a.«M bdt shipped, none. Markotcull. saiu-veie: 400 bu No, 7 (A.I).A Co.) at£*c; 400 bn RcJeAed On al l-c ; ICI „*gjil |LOC; 4X bu do at Me: 4W lu do at TPo. I A l.ffOllOL—Nomina! at(tJ»rti.4o. UK a i-slcs were: 10 ton* at 913.50. It ItOHM CUM N—Dull and nominal at (GO 00(4100 CO lor common to lair, and *Uii.-.oJUl3b.voJor (atr tomxxL BETTER-Ucctved. 14,'Jiu E.*; sMpp(aL9L3w> ft*. There is a steady loir demand tor prlxeto choice Roll Butler tosnprlv the waul* of local customer*, aid at the arrivals cfanch arc only sufflclent to meet lb!* de mand. pilcea are tolerably well saitained. Oomtnjn Tub and common Firkin however, are In excretive stocks, and with scarcely any inquiry either lor ship ment or on tout accouni, «a!ea drac, and are generally made at inside figures. We make no chaste lu our quotation! a§ follows : „ __ Choice to Dairy JWIc Good Tub 20.4‘11c rctrroon Firkin Pvklec ITlme Firkin *.444C ILA<4(«IN(3— Tbegeeenil character of the market remains substantially tho aamo as that prcrlon-ly noted The demand Is limited aod with a full supply In the market dealer* are pot remarkably firm lu their ae mond». as ou round lota concoction* are readily grant ed. Wc note a decline of ic In Colon A, and quote as lollrwa; .. ..... Naitonal A, 2 bn, leamleu linen (40.00 L’dlouA. do do i5?-?9 XllmolaA* do do »-.M Corn Exchange *'-W Stark A, cotton a-.amleM ®.OO Lvwltton A. do 57.00 Androscoggin do 64 CO Atncrlcau. do SJ.TO Braver do - 61.00 FUUfield S. do Ettnino. Febtuarv 17. irj Goods market remalna revloaily noted. There Is m the demand, and prices hsoge. Wo quote Aosmg Araertcaa. Amo.kuag. Durbcsv H. Mrumlng 17 AUrn’e :7 l*rovl Jcncv 77 Jame< Saunders* 16 VJ Olouctquer 7» W. \v. Freeman A Co .15 Untnn 11 Waountta 11 i Colombia Xi IUAVS. I Glasgow .33 Boanoke. tkCTC.GA Atlantic Mi11*..........M Feppereb O i 1! Great FaUe M. 1* Pern Mills, do Fon Pitt. do Bllgo, do Saco, linen and cotton. Biesewocd, do Springfield G acmes Burlap*, 4 bo, No.V. *^-95 Empire City 40.09 I f!EE?»K—The market exhibits little life, even at the reonetjon recently noted, and under fun etucks,a further decilim teems probable. The demand U eon* lined principally to prime Roods, to Oil small orders trom the country, •with an occasional sain on local ac count. On toned lots dealer a.would cheerfully concede vc. We continue to quote; „ New York Factory (Rename) Factory (Illinois)..; *«stSlcS!c Hamburg - £*Sil&S Western Western Deserve.. 13X«1«XC ••Tocnr America’* wdu c roA I.—Trade was a little Mack to-day, thoneb lor Anthracite and the tetter varieties ol Sou Coat prices were well sustained, and tolerably Arm. Inferior Qualities, ol which there is a surplus, were Ireely offer ed at liberal concessions. We Quotes Eta*—Brookfield fJJ-JJJ do urmsby - iiw Cisnusn— prlarUlli u.OO do Mineral RJdce... 10.00 ao Willow Bank 10.00 do Tunnel l£-« Chippewa 10.00 Biotabnrs.. Lamp l/hlßb 15.(0*16.00 Lackawana, prcpaitvL* JfW Scranton IfOO Pltlston 14.00 do ca track SJOJt 6.00 Tonchiochtny , ii."o 4TOFFKE—The ceneral market throughout the week haa teen actsve fer this season of the year, and srice*5 rice* are firmly maintained. Wo. continue to quote: 1T5......... ....«» (4U c Kto.comtton to talr S-,95£H C Ulo.goodto prime Rio, prime to choice .......33 <£2si«c CUOPEKAIiG-'The market is neglected. and pnc'sareenUrelynsmlnal. s*leawcroa* follows: l car Floor Banel Hoop I‘oies at fIB.OO per thonwmJ: I car light do at ISLUI; ViJXO Shaved do at |23.v* 100 Lanllltrccsat 11.15 del; 15C Fork Barrels at 11.75. We nrvpc quotations; . , ___ , „ Pork Barrels * 1-gg *•» Lard Herns .. —• Whhker Barrels i*S!2,Sn , i Batter Rep*. F doten. Lard Kegs, each J-OftjS 1, 15 Flonr Bancs, round hoop TO Floor Barrels, flat hoop «*4 » Hoop Bolts, faicko.y noop Poles, Oak Tlcen* flit A1fa..*............ • WP/1 *.50 rANDI.E--—Arc steady and prices are quotably ULrhsnccd. Wecontlnuoto quttet Fairbanks, Feck & Co.'s bteanc Lights .16 «l» c Extra Tallow. Stcarlne Mj J(c Tallow, F UH£;!£® Vaxlme. F fi> •••••••; Star. Si s. (Schneider & C0.»).«..............1» <3411 c IJMCIJS AND throughout me week has been steady, and drslere were Arm In their views, at the annexed ita£ U Soco : trlne. GnmTragaiits. GV*TOc wn 90c Gum t-he W.... Alnmi! 4\R6 c Gain Trag. flake LsojtlJs AnnaUO.l 9IcU»LOO Gran Myrrh-Xky TOc Arsenic, p0w.... t**l3c Gam Opium 9.40 Arrowroot. Jam. SOc Ipecac«».•.»-•»«» 5.00 Bat.Copavla.... CG3t.f« lodine.... ii,i Tula.l.oo lidlae rotas Wfl Enc.Bl-carb.Soda 9UC Ja1ap........... 5J»W.00 m-caib.i’oiash. ftc Juniper Berry... SElOc Borax, refined— Morohine.. _ <4O Camphor, n 0.... 1.05 Oil Ca5t0r....... 3dO(JIJS Copperas, Atn... 5&4c QulcKllver i-M Orram Tar_pnre the Quinine J.3Vi3.tO ChSK*-..... Sso Vitro],blno U*lsc Glue, white 60i55c Soda Ash SkiASc Gluel com 15,430 c I Olanber Salts... 3)»(«4Kc Aqua Ammonia. lixUc Caustic Soda. ... loc Chrystal Silicate 9VMWC Carh Ammonia. 31 *3Sc Bal Soda fjt'MHe j bp. Turpentine.. a»*l.» ElUJS—Limed Errs were plenty and stow at Freeh lots were scarce and the lew offering were readily taken up at i»a*oc. The inquiry is exclusively tC FIUTIT? t A I SI) NUT}*—The market exhibits some little Improvement in point of activity, and a firmer feeling obtains. Domestic Dried Fruits srotn better request, and though there is a fair supply ol most tfescnpUore, prices are Ann and rather tend to a hi*her ranee. Choice Winter Apples continue la good demand, and notwithstanding the more liberal arrivals prices keep well np. Oranee* are again maktnc their appearance In tb« market, and were being offeredon the street to-day at tIO.WOII 00. CraatxrrM are oulet. Kutsweresteady. Weqncteasfollows: H itKisrcmt. Cattle. Hoes. Steep. .. 13 954 .. «U WOO 453 Arri«. * M Lemona, Mesuna. oranges, per box. Cranberries, V Ml Cranberries, caltirataa. Cattle. Dost. Sheep. .. 65 8U .... yiui.u lAbt.;* ** ® g Flea, cartoons » » a UtfM « 1* 3 Can Pcarhet. * do*., 5 ft cans 4.65 u 4.75 Apples, new f® • J 2 Peachcl. halrca and quarters .. 16 » 19 Peaches,pared ..... g « » Blackberries, new. V ft » ® » Kaspbuilcs. new, sft 66 ft 68 Cherries, pitted ® g f« Elderberries,? ft ” « .If Paistnt. layers » 4-£ RatMna, VaItDCU W » M famines, V box*a » ® % famines, X hexes 53 ® 40 JfTTS. _ „ ~ Alwi*« >K*Uad.{ S2_£l_ J 4 jSS-vß!ffi^unwsc™.r. Brazil Ml ******** n « H Fmtb«-aJnnul*MW. » S ll Naples Walnuts....— ..*••—•••••*• 94 ca 90 . «5 pc “s*w«tt l^ba Wg, *’V.V.V.V.V.'.V.V.V.sxa Saxo i Hicaory 7XO « SXO i C^?n-lhm w wfinnei*' ViacuVliy la this depart- , "’as"-®: ssamsre: ( wut «.b, T^° L x?:kS5;i:::::: ( iu«»,i.»o.i.xM}.»«* v;.v.v.v.v. 'SioSSSS : i : «“•»«’Sis, 6 " “iftfla - Ko.l. *• fimllt.k’t# Codfish, Bank. * 1 1PO ft p&I “ Georgefßank .... txSasxo Uemngf,dnm,l*o. L ? bo* q Labrador W Norwegian Herrings, C7TCFAHE—Mart Met, Sales were: 39bitsYel lew at s&c. Weqssta: ov«lO c While Grease *SS 9 c YeDow Crtaae. !~g X ®luc l£? ora l ' Kr iw>« 1"=1S0«. t“> ! u fceary demined sAcnaltc. Sales were. , ry.2% ; 1* 13 averaging S6ofta.*t t.7i J ID M 775 > •• ... »S at. 7* 1 B 17 « SMB*, at. "LOi, 100 “ I » - ... f-g 3 tco “ o! T 5“ 1 i S - JS3 ft*, at. ' si •• 56b b*. a: C “4 under SCO ft?, at lits • % 15alT«lB« 0 0T , 5« t ibk-t ■ 300 - SSellt 1-SSdiS-' 1 !§ “ §BlV.'. -i’SHsiS" 1 : SS2IS ::«Sd7.«is —clcsli c at 17.10 and $7.60 dividing on 2W ft* HAY—There iscomparanrely Utile beter“ ■ this article, but as the on keepwellnp, andtor rre**«l holdeia are wne- j rally demanding 101 l tales. I-oojen •/ 1 hiwevcr, owing to the more liberal little easier. apdcottceeslOßt are crucially made trout onrquotaUins. We repeat our list t wuoloal* rtios. Timothy. roUed and heater prosed ; Timothy. loom prosed JrSgljTS Fralrle,beater pressed -j--- VUX&IIM Timothy, roller acd bearer Jessed. Tlmothyllooee pressed I’ralne,roller and pester pressed.. H-gg}*-* Pr»lne. loose op wagon.delivered...... it I UE&»—Ceceivra. WJIO ft*; »“PP e i*2’?“ Price* were lower to-day, thougnnpdei a good boalthy shipping demand, the te'dpta, which axjsomewhtt limited, are tcaally taken ap at our quounoa*. Grub by HI Cos ate buying at one-third off, wc pate a 6> 800 SALES TO-DAY. At. Price. 3« ,i9j s\i «.«» .....139 6.MH ......314 aa WO 0.15 tl* AW jay JI6 A3J i?J At« su aja 3*3 A 53 ,tcs «.ca .....SCI A 75 »n. R«s ,3« &S 3 ms- *199 A OCT ‘.190 5.93 .310 AJO 08X0 ra.oo 61.00 Ki.M SI.OO 53X0 37.60 (5.00 ft 6XO 9.C0 ftICXO 10X0 (iu.oo 17X0 a 15.00 UX3 «}I.OO pctxD mrin. dine to Orem Bntchm* acd Green Salted, and quote aatolcvK . __ Grtm bvictim* {0 O BVC (!tm called. trimmed c -Green Calf. ,W 5*13 c Ki|>, f«rwn, uIM « MU e Urr FlloLtrlzumad a? c#UWe Dry tn mated ukmlMic Qre«D Bat cd, part cared ..... 9Kv*U c IKON AND nTKLL.—Themmetli wlOioolpw rtr>itMorti*ci.T, anl price* arcfli-ra, a* tol! .w«; rotnniuD Bar ftj-fO SJfc Horae Shoe iroo 7ic .» a*,. «.✓- Heavy Da-d e*t«t>¥o ileupano Uahl 11« d... dV' t «U c .Bound ana bquare sum 9S<c Oval sgia eve naif Oval and 11*11 Rcand Sh» «ic Steel Iron, conimcn •••• RxtraUraude ~...7h»! ... Sheet iron, galvanized. I"x28 bhoct iron,charcoal 9Fa .... Sheet iron, junlata. MlxtaU c Nunray Nall itoda l| Plow bteel, German @l4 c Plow bbei, east it o!3 c Spring ani nroblee w Kngllih UV<**s c Tvol Ca«tSu«l, ordinary siaea 33 (AW c T*>ol C**t Skcl, Amcncan 73 mWc Hlbtered 9trri ®3o c Ku«»la,Kn».9andlß 33 (sl3 c Rcnala, Am.. Ist quality, p Nil c Itotal*.Ara.,;*tqu«ntt. v ihe-t rtl9 c JCumls. Am .>d quality, V »b*ct «1« c I.EATtlfiu—The market continue* dull, with p ice* cm a. dnucha: sod. V« quote: .. ueatock. City flan eta, r ' aianghter. f Country llamas Sk.* 38 Ultaghtcr. bole. Line, Vft 433 44 CbicagaSo. t,. 403 47 Kip, medium. V BlmugtiW. Sole. ft 1.1&31.30 cafcaevNo.j.. sift 87 Call, Pft lAC<4I.(V Itaeao* Ayre*.... 594 40 Upper, V 1b0i.... ifd 81 onnnro 501 e..... 373 3d Country Upber... Zk« 73 Orinoco, good, Cellar, V t00t..,. Ua-HI damaged 313 37 Slaughter. Sole.. 50a 51 French Call. St Bareeva, V ft.... 40 <a 48 ft* .3.1037.73 Upper..... 904 » French Call. 34 Kip. No. I, me- • a* JJW37.10 dium... UO3IJO French Ck'tLe- __ Kip. No. L motnM.Udoz 33 J<X3 90.00 beory tßrtt.lo „ I.UfflltKlt—The market during the week ha* b*«n active, and price- wvre Rrmly (uitalned. We note a •llsht advance on “Star hawed” Shingle*. Wc contin ue loqaola LtvßKn-Fim Clar,l,lH, iw aod 7 inch * m •tt.OOciU.Ca KrcundClcar. 1. 1V,1S *ud 3 Inch M.od*V).Cd Third Clear, Inch M.OOAW.OO Flnt and Sfwoud Clear Flooring, to geiher,rough, the same as Second clear • wide Common Flooring, roue! sa cn^TTUB Matched sod lim-v-d Common Flooring. 40,Mial7,iW Matchai and Drived y loch Common . .Hoorltc. at.of3^.oo Kim and Beet nd Dear Siding, together. 90 rnritCommoo liret-ed Mldlar*. W.OCUWJU • Waicur-Uoa IKaroa, aalect. fs loch aod upward* .'w.oaao.oo A Mock Hoard. 1; tnche* 33jnu4H.a> It Mora D*-ard*. Winches TtidttjTT.go Cutumcm Hoard*. Join*. bcanUlur,Fenc ing, and Small Timber, 17 to 10 leel mng..... TT.OOftTT.'iO JoUuaod Heantltog,vo,37andllleet. ... ncn^w.eo Joist* and St'antung ji pu SuiAULza—Aorbtar Suaved bhlnglc*..... 4/4 A or Star oawrd Hhlngla b.PVft S.Vi No. t bawed btlngla lAoic 7 00 Lam—lVr tn in yard* AOO II) ear-lead br Kcrthwwdem Railroad, di-Mvareal In any yard where ear* can be •witrlied, or any depot: A or BtarMaw- N SliiDtlc*. by car-load, on track 4A7VG* 4A9 Aor Mar Shaved bMogles, by car-load, _ CD track 8.734 1.09 Nn. 1 Sawrd Shlnglts, by car-load, oa trsrk 8.75 Three ilollars a ear-load added when transferred, which charge follow* the Shingles in freight bill. _ enivitLkirTAHnAnn. Tlitckncaa— Five Shingle* u be two inches la thick net*. Lenctli-SUircn Inche*. Hanila—Taeoty tnche*. (onrae*—Twrntv-nve lIETALt* A<all TINNERS’ HTOCK-Trad* durltg the week baa he«n moderate, and price* have ruled arm. Wo repeat qnotauona: TIN. rtNO. Box Tin Fiats, I C litqnallty. ca*g t3tf 10x11 IH.W lit quality, sucet It large Mg* 87 blab II Small Figs 8-i BiUdBT WlHl. Bur I In.. 39 1W4... 11 con-gs. 8 and 9 It Metallic AF Holts*.. S 3 to audit .....IS copper Bottom 10 W It llrazlpreovet 10 bi.. 43 wandlb 13 Sheet. lltolCnz 41 15 and 10 IS TlunlDC* 10 17 17 ItaHBlT mcrau „ 18. 1H let quaitty 80 19 II Antimony JO 30 Cl Fite bolder 80 Fence Wire 10 NAll.f*—Are steady, aud prices are unchanged. Wcqnote: f.l K keg r.WlTd....* |9.» Cd 7.301 Td. Quo btaud* 10/43 ' 1,1 7.73 Cut Spikes 7/3 3d .1 «.Vs l Clinched Net 9/45 NAVAL hTOIIBi-Dealers report a Dir trade lor ihuae-aou of the year, and prices aro onchssgcd. Wc continue to quite: Tar SiOO LAtn Yarn Man- Yaukfe Pitch ACO tits JIV'Mlc N.C. Pitch 8.00 Maulllu Uayßop«34 <«lsc Italian F.-ax Facklrg stc Manilla 80pe.....53VC*71c Italian Hemp Packing 4Ce Marline sue nne Heroes Sup SCc Sa-h Cord 81c Am. Hea.p, No. 1 70c Oakum J7A)39.n0 Am. Uoup. No. 2.... lie Hemp Twine 33 at,V y Paper Twine 33 ttioe OII.S— I There U considerable movement lo Linseed Oil. and under moderate stocks dealers are botdlug Unnly at fall rates ; but aside from this there Is scarce ly anything dclng and quotation* are little better than nominal. We quote the general market dull at the Strict* given below: . . imced ou I Llnncd Oil, boiled (%l.tS Olive Oil ©7.34 Whale OU, W. B .IJR.iI, IO Lard Oil. extra Lard oil. No. 1 Winter .USttl» Lard on. No, J Winter «..lj&,xl.ia Bank OU. round lot* 1.1ii1.20 Machine OU LOOiiUO Sperm Oil, W.\t ©3AO Lubricating OH Mril.iO Castor 0i1.... * (4.7.13 tutor Oil cr,\ IC BON CIH-—R^matnsquletwith ptlceaaoiaiiv allv uncnacced. Wo continue Co quota: ] Carbon, V carload Carbon, smalllota JOc BcnMle -830 PROVlSlON*—RwlTed.RteootssCure'tMc'iut ’ l.»Btbrl«port, andll&KOß* Lard. Eh10ped,1.367,3)2 , »a Cured Meats; 9u3 brls Beet; W 2 brU Pork, and 1 511.640 ital ard. „ i Mean Pork-Dull and lower. Sales were: EOObrU 1 buyer March at 112.50; ltd brls at I IS. 75 cun; 150 brls i do on p. t.—supposed to be JIBJO. Extra Prime Pork—sales were; ICO bris at t 14.25. __ Rump*—Sales were: 03 bill at Jit'S. • Emrlinb Oieato—ComOertands dull and rally Xc low. SSeara-TlMtoa at B*c: iMtaaatsVc. Boltr 31rnts-U*rtct qnlet. Bales were: SitOOO ftt ko£b Sidwitte; W.OM M Clear Sldtsalioxc, Mcma-6alei were: 43.0C8 ns Hams (s h.) a V.ard—Market dull and weak. Sales were: 603 tea gt,.rr., ia lota, at I)Xc;SO3 tea do (last evening) at uxc— closing with more sellers than buyers at UiU Ccurt. Kettle Dried is br.d at ll\c. wecuote closingprices unlay: Clear Pork. $20.08 O«.W Ueul*T*nir.....ll ISJO »12.00 Extra Prime Pork Itto (*LM Hump Port ‘ISHHS Mcsslleer. JJJO 016.00 Extra Mrs* Beef..., 16 00 ggJO Beet flams SLC® C, }5H5! ItalaUesa Bc*L IP tie. Prune Mess Bert p tre •,«P2P.-f9^ sweet Pickled Hama Cumberland Middles (packed)-. BSvi g*c fchort KID Middles (packed). 9X6*10 c Short Clear Middles (packed) ttSrtll c Stretford Middles (packed) Lone Cut Hams (packed)...... ® Dry baited Shoulders (picked) •*« 2 * Dry Bailee Shoulders (loose) Dry Salted Hams (packed) Loose Bough bidet **£ 2 c Gron Shoulders,* » 1 Breen flams «kf* 1 2..5 Breen Sides S *£,s&£ New Steam Lard..... ••••£}?*? No. 1 Lard ~v®o c I*OIII.TRV —Stic* were as follows? 12 do* Dress, ed Cblceens atj4ST; 3dozdo at 14.00: tpkgdoat >30.0; IX do* Dressed Docks atSXOOt IX do* Geese at 10c each ; -410 na Dieted Turkeys at 16c i 46) »s do at 15c : 516 BB do at 14c.- _ . . „ IMIWDKS AND *IIOT—The demand is limit ed and prices rule weak. Wc continue to quote: . Rifle Powder *2*2£J2-S fiiastlnc Powder. Shot (I)rep) I Buckshot iVW^ 5 - Bar Lead, vs .......... u (ju c PAlNT*—There Is very little doing In this article, i and under ample Blocks prices are easier. We quote: A. L. Pearl 5n0w....511.W Superior »UJjl , Rvad Lead 13.00 Premium Pt® l O'Fallon’s Standard _ Lede £•*{ i Lead Ht» Missouri BjJ l St.LoulsStar 15JO French Zlnc,rmrc... OM I D. B. Shipman's war* _ Amcr. Snow white.. UJO » ranted rare in oil. 15.00 American Star 10.00 ) Chicago I’alnl Wot ks Barden City 1IJ« i ia oil 11.00 Diamond ILM r Dearborn In Oil .... 13t0 D.D.bhlpman*aZinc, v.«« Im mv IA 00 T»n?P ............... IS.OO • St s St. Lonff Dr lon lUX) Zln<% pure »« : Charles Blver, Bos- Lehigh 10i» « ton ......... 11JM 5 ' PKS IRON—I* In demand, and in moderate sup- I ply, and firm at our quotations, which are a follow*: 1 scotch Pic. No. 1, * ton f«U»«.ca.oo i Massilloc, No. Massillon. No. e Ironton.No. I iJyS c Tuscarawas, No. 1 •; g;gj c •• "o. jV.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.’ si.oo 0 Lake Superior, No. t Morgan.,.. COM O •* •• No. t Greenwood . /O-OO 9 PAPER—The raark"« Is fairly active.and steady 3 and linn, at the p:ic« given below, we coaunue to ana unu, at uic p;ic» ~w ■« ( ftook Paper, 9 ft ®2\ c News Taper. V a ~ Wrapping.common —— •*.V* a c VAPBR STOiiK—la In good request, and fi.tu. at Sttvious rates, a* follows: otton Uao. mixed SK<Jslfc liopc and Lagging , * ® Cable Rope APISaC UltlE—Remains steady at the following prlca: Art scan WXAIt c ** (dllKc RaSSOOO c cSSum,.-. US*U*c sTAßdil—lain moderate demand and steady at the loilowme prices: „ Kingston!, Corn }J Klnestoid, Refined '??,/*}*&£ Klngirford. Miter olosa UUwiS.Sc l*ure .9 g» c Ottawa Com M « 3 c Watts 8X»13 c SIMCJEs—Are steady, Wo quote: Pepper. * gS ® Pimento , 56 Nutmegs, No. 1 I*S9SVS Nutmeg*, No. Cassia... 75-4 » CIOTCt - » SOAP**—Oaring the week trade has been doll, and the demand was confined principally to supplying local want*. Wecottlnue to quote: E.Schneirer ACo.’s Palm--.-...- 8 c Proctor A Gamble s German Mottled ...... c Castl e Soap. Am iS «J* c Ko:dro Castile •* ®» c DwlrSt’e fall weight... c Old English,fell weight. .U ®ll}<c Old English, snort weight. 10 «10)<c Kirk’s German Mott ltd Kirk’s Kirk’s No. I Palm Kirk’s Pale Family *2»,£}2^£ Yankee Chemical....... Emery’* Improved Erolre B.tft 9 c rSrbink, Peck A Co.’s German Monied 9 c«lO c <• •• M Era51ve••............ 6 ®9 c •• « m palm "® £ e SODA AND SAI.KKATUS-Trads is only moderate, «mdprlce> are unchanged, weqaote: *«m ast •*—Dunne the week there has been a fair order bnalnesa. and price* hare rnlcd Arm throughout, To-dar, we nou an advance of J<c on all sugar*, we 1 : r«ijs<iuiiii.ucu: uwauve [ vuoa..— • l2sli®lt/iC j 1 Welte A • j Circle A iwltvc ; White B mvSS 1 *? i Extra C Yellow ' *i»vSH^e > t oxnard C, extra. \\*Sil e * i New Orleans prime •i*J»*f ® I i v.* Orleans lair.. —...mafaUJiC I!* SI UUP**—The geiera! market during me oast S ; Vakhas been quits, and dealers, to etfset \ j sales, were trrcJy shading prices. We continue m J I quote? , I i New York Sympo * 5 , Yellow Drips » \ Cuba H lasses -g* S o I ono Rico gftjg i New Orteau r'*HS ® I iblladelphla Bee Hire. t S{li « * | Cblca go Refinery, Amber , *SKm “ ' Chicago Refinery, ooideo— « 5 1 s i £2 I* at ixos. *5« Ground Turk's Island, bags £-S Ground Solar I S Dairy, with sacks.... Dairy.without sack* v;'*r*J*Vt , *£l Martel steady. Sahs include: oais la lots at $3.15; 107 bag*do at *3.10 *3:®* hsgsdo at (300: 33 bag* co at (a.* *; 41 tACT Coat $5J5?5 bag* do at |3JO; 20 bar* do *■*-^: c^^ ,v * K Jg bo at *7. *3; to bag* do at sh7s; Fn*s--3 bag* com “a tncSrkremadj Milrollowinc jaat.tuu. i ? s™-™-= aaa Gunpowder, anperl>' r to Coe, ¥ ft S ~ do extnto choice. V ‘flaff® Japan, natural leaf. fine to extra flno.JP ft... • Ugg-g *do do fine to choice, ft do do colored. V ft 1J&5.1.40 TORATCO—Tradel* stagnant. About the only ’ menu? U tor prime goods In ■ mall parcels, to sopp y current want*, and quotation* are of little value, in round lota rooccaslonacotUd be readily Obtained. We repeal our list at follows; 1 Fvte crrcuzwcto— - CbM?c. 1« «Lg j . Medium - j® a 2 t common... » 6» •• &MOKTSO rOBAOCO— ' .. Virginia’s Favorite g 91-^J Choice 5 g 2 S g § = » g Farmet a* Delight. ™ ® Katntal Leaf. Half Brit hi ® l -J* Choice Black, sound g g * Medium S S 4a - ®® 2 S Karles g Virginia 10s and ft*. ** ® 2 WOOUEN*' AND* * WI Lb'oW’jVAß».-Tne market U quiet, frtw*,undoc«i9 ruling otths nflfi» era TTcodea Ware Manufacturers' Association. ars firm. Wequotej „ Tata, extra Hze. .116W5U7.W Tnbt, No. I. per dox IL»-«L5JU Tube, No. I. per dox. uoaaojo Tuba, No. S, p.r dox. 1t.00411 50 Pal a, iwohtop. painter 3.&4 xa Palla. (hrep'feoor. pointed a.*M a.TJ ffulihomiatliic. XAatlO TCl’loV market baskets. 5.504 7,50 { Corn basket*, 1 bushel 6-00,4 7.50 , Corn baske»a, tv bushels I.vy* 0.00 ohnrna, No l.ri tirb ItJncttUO Churns, No. 5 aOioch UJXM'SSO Chorne, N 0..% 19 inch VhCCaU.SO Chants. No. £lt inch 11.00^11.50 TVOUD—The demand conanuu tight anc the feel* ICE I* outer. We Quote: _ Maple, V cord, detlrcrcd tthSOwtaXd Maple, W cord, m yard Hmi * cord, delivered.'. Beech. V cord, ia yard * Hickory.« cord.; u.OOr4iJJ» aINCSAM) I.lQUOllSs—Trade ba»beenqoSBt aaa price* were steady, ai tollova: Doxxsnc ooona. rontox goods. BaxsDT— FcmlU. P- |lAj Coftuae.. |,-i(k4ISJIJ Do.SOFcentT. 1*.... M n Gtv— .. ___ MoDooeabela, V. 4.U. Holland 5-ttX4 G.TS ByeWbl»kty 3» Br»- . Bourbon do (Chic).. ISA Jamaica B.WaWJO Pore Spirits (pro**o... 510 bt. Crolr 4.75(4 9AO Coloane bplnta, W p Wtxaa— . -i% „ „ cent T....V. ICO Port. u^t*S ChlraprOln* ?if<4!.ls KLerry ■t-UM 8W do IlraoolcayjGwS.ra Maderia 1.50.5 8.00 do Rnm»....aA*w2.«s cargoou** do - do Bh*y do.. a.OO Red Jacketsroaacb 9Ad do Ua1aia..175.43.00 l>rnke t ananUtloo..lOAa OinaerWue i,7«UO Qotteßer'aHtoaxach.lLM Cherry Wine i.r-«7PO TViaza— „ „ BiackNrry wtBe.JSO4XfO strawberry J* 1 ? Kaapberry Wtne..lUU.lo6 Chertr 7AO N. ESgtand KamJOttitASo Kaapberry 8.00 Penn. Kjc Wbta* Blackberry OJO Gixa— Keainrkv Boor* Ota Tom Gha........ 10.69 bon Whl»krj»..BJft4flU> UollaadGin 16J0 Ohio Catawba Wire AAtaiM Jhlpped. S3JIB 01. Tbe market |itvmUßonew tratuiwaiiflothe date of oar tut review. Daren andarlkn ato apart In thnr view* and price* are entirely nominal. SaJa 0f19.0J0 Oa I'nwa.bfd >lr<lnim at aoe Special Notices. TheUortiam nanunetarinsCompaitrt BnvvitmUba.of IToTiilence, It. L, lafonn the irwl* that they are producing Bae Kicetro-plated Oooda, rom proton fall Dial W amT 1 ra fervtcea aad Tabla 'V are ut ■my description, of a very superior quality aad 01 Heir and ririrani'lMlgnr. Th* base I* Sicke: Bi.vcr, boob abt'liU adrpoeltoi |*ure .Slim nt iDCb ttdrfc neat Uiat they ros«eea all Urn ndraotarea o( solid ailrer in utility, and from beauty ol d**lgn aad superior fin ish are aadistlngulshabu’ from U. Hu’ Uornaui Maau&sctortog Company refer with coo* fldesco to u>e ugh ft puiauuu they Uave aeubll'tied m the production uf holld silver wans In which tbey bam bren (hr tnaur year* they cow av ■ure the pnHlr that they will folly sustain that reputa tion by the prodorUnn of Hlselro-plated Wan* of such quality and esl'eme durability aa will Insure enure satisfaction to the porcliaear, All articles made by Uicta arc sumped thus: j&iViUHrocg And all *ech are (Oily guaranteed. They t*el tt oooee* aai y particularly to call the attention of purehaaen to the above trade-mark, aa tb«ir dnlxM have been at tvady extcruivaly imitated. Thoae good* can only be procured frum raponalble dc&ieri throughout the country. “A Valuable Nledlclne. “Dr. Poland** White Pine Compound, advertlPed tfi our column*, Ua*orc»ufUt attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtue* of the White pine Barb. It hu been thoroughly teaia! by people la ttli city and vicinity, and the proprietor baa te*tktonlUa of tta value pcnonawell known to oor citizen*. We recommend ttx trial In all tboee caace ofdlaeaae to which UU adapted. It la tor tale by all our drug* ; jrt»t».“—(N. T. Independent. The OrcafNew England Itmedy 1 Dr. J. W. PnUod'i WHITE PINK COMPOUND!* new offered to tbe'af fllcted throughout the country, after having teen proved by the to>t<M eleven year* ta the Now England SUM. where 1U merit* have become a* veil known u the tree Bern which. In pan, U derive* tta vlrtua. The White Fine Compound cores Hare Throat, Uoldi, Ccogba, Diphtheria, Broochim, Spitting of Blood.and Pulmonary Affection* gwral.y. It la a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complaint*. Dtabeteo, Difficulty ot Voiding Urine. Bleeding Boa the Kidney* and Iliad* der. Gravel and other cemplalnti. For PUc* and Scur ry It will be fboud very valcable. Give U a trial If yoa would lean the value of a goo£ and tried mwUcioe, 111* c.catant, eale aud >ure. Sold by DraggUU »ad Dealer* la Medicine* coin rally. UUUNUAMS AVAN SCUAACR Wboletale agent*. Lodlca o! Delicate Cenatitalioo And uncertain health, are strenuously adrliol to throw I aride the nauseous and useless preparations with I which they arc accustomed to drug themselves, and ! tett the hvcctan, bodr-a d-mlnd-turenitthcnlmr virtues ot nosTrrTEfrs cex.eur\tku stomach uir. TERS. In all the complaint* and disabilities amine from vatloukcaasemibcy will flnd this cheering, re freshing and invigorating preparation ot extraordina ry efficacy. Deregulating proptrUci are wonderful, and as a remedy for the languor, nausea, tremors, con vulsions, hysteric*. Ac., which often accompany the develcpuicntof womanneod. It has no count among the treecrlptloßSCt the lacnlty or advertised men ders. For tbe many distressing feellnga which usher la aid often tollow the period ot maternity, and also tor tbe palatal and cankerous symptoms which some times accompany “change of hie.” UOSTETTEH’S BITTERS axe earnestly recommended. No other re atoractve seems to suit so well tbe constitution* and tbe organization of the feebler sex. In oil cases of FemalcDsbtlttyfWhrre there U want ot brlic vital action, tbe BITTERS produce a mod Importantcbange —relieving local weakness, and re-establishing tb- sen era! health. Dr. James, Formerly cf James’ Lock Hospital, Custom House-at., New Orleans, for the last six years heated 1& Chicago, wbose success in tbe treament ot Spermatorrhea, Eypbtlls, and all spcclts of Private Disorders, has given him a world-wide reputation, can be consulted at hi* office and parlors. 91 and 93 Randolpb-sL, nearly op posits bis old office, Chicago, 111., from 9 a.m. f) 3 p. m. Coußultatlots private and confidential. P.O.'.'ov 1190. Chicago. 111. Tbe Only Medicine In tbe Worlil That is warranted a Sure and Perfect Core for all kinds Of PILES, LEPROSY, SCROFULA, SALT RHEUM, and all Disorders of tbe Ski?. U FOWLfTS PILE AND UUMUttCURE. buy of none wbodo cot refund iba money In every castor foliar*, t or Internal and ex ternal use. No failure for eight yean la Piles or Hu mors. |U)O a Bottle. Sold everywhere. Confidential Coniraltatlons, Dr.LouU Stager, No. S 9 Randolph-it.. treats all lorms of Private and Secret Diseases In both sexes, with the most brilliant success. Lecture on the pre vention of offspring sent to any address tor so cents. A i*o. hi* Female Remedies are certain mad c*«w. Office hour* from 10 a. m. to Bp. m. P.O. Box 2573. Dr, Blsclow, Havlngtba confidence of the public and tbe medical faculty at large, U the most reliable physician in tbe city for chronic mrvou* and sexual diseases. Call at htt office, 179 Boutn c;»rk-*t- corner of Monroe. Room* separate. Consultation free. P. O. Bax lot. Hl* p-uide to baaJth, publULed moathly, apnt free to suj adcrcss. Xbo Healing Pool sand Xloaao ofjTlercy. .Howard AMoctadou reports, tor young men. on tbe crime of solitude, aod the errors, abuses and dtsea-ea which destroy the manly powers, aid create impedi ments to marriage, with sure means ol relict. Sent In sealed letter cnTelfpef.frre of charge. Address Dr. J. SRILUN noUOHTON. HowardtAssocladoa Phladel phla. Pa. Uusfness ©arts. Q.E&T, HATTEN & CO.; Wholesale Commission Merchant;* No, GO MoGaoHJt« Between T tad G-sts.,l dkSVKB. ooLOBM?n. flutes. pLOWS. PLOWS. ROD BREAKING FLOWS and all varieties ot Stub ble and Double sh«-vel Flows manufaenred and tor sale by jolly DEMENT. inxoe. DlltoU. Ivailroahs. A ItRIVAL ASD DEPARTURE OP JA. muxs. Whiter Arrangement. Chicago asd jroimrwrsTxas kailboad—cocscn. BirtTS AND OBAUA USE—DEPOT soirrn VTXLU STIIEET. I.eave. Arrive. •S;lj a. m. *7:*)p. m. 7:80 p.m. {(1:00 a. m. 4;iO p. m. 11:10 a. m. Omaha Fast Tine Omaha Xicbt Exjuesa. Dixon Passenger rnccroßT uxx. Freeport Passer ger *10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. Fstepori Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Rocklord, Elgin, Fox Kivcrand Slate Line... •1:00 p.m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas- _ gcn>»uf,..,,............. *5:33 p.m. *rctss.m. WISCONSIN DIVISION—DEPOT OOBHEU OX CANAL AND KESEIX STREET. Day Express *ftooa. m. *&3OD.m. NlchlExptess *4:2op.m. *ilCa.m. Janesville Accommod n. *s:3op.m. *3:35p.m. Woodstock Accommoo'n *3^i)a.m. MILWALKXE DIVISION—DEPOT COIINER OP CANAL AND KINZIX STREET. thOO t.m. 12:00 m. Day Erprca? •••• Kwebill, Calvary and Evannoa 1:30p.m. 3:10 p.m. Nicht Express 4:Wp.m. ftJJp.m. Ketiosba Accommod'n... 4:40p.m. s*; 43 a.m. Waukegan-Accommod'D. S::W p. m. 8:3*5 a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:43p.m. a.a Uto. L. Dcttlap, Uen’l Sap u B. F. Patrick. General_PasficngepAgect moinaiK cxstbai. x*iibo*^—omo* ?coy *&00 a. m. *3.45 p. a. ■7:00 a.m. •llsDOp. c. 73:33 p.m.;*USOp. m. 7*9:43 p. n. a. e. Mondwr Express. Daj Express Cventsc Exprvf! Sight Myw. ccirruNiTi A 3» Lo’cismis thaw*. {nomineErprtsa r * •HKMa-Q* Si£ht mcmsAN eoTTreswi 43T0 in aaoaa u>e —'?• rot COKKXB VAN BtJIUW ANT) 6BSSWAX Kt»»W. IVhIUV WAA Mall *1; 15 a.m. «:53p.a. DaTExDTt*s •7:00 a.m. •J , :oop. a Sw York Ex?r«B arlSp.Q. tlfc'Op. n Nlrtii Express t*lo:oop.n. •€:*.<) a, n - DTffcOH Lot*. ~ _ v-u *4:45 a. c. f€jPo a. a. sjrhl Expreaa tWK p. m. *S;» p. m. l£f7i t«# *** 1 * I ' r fclSp. a.1:10 p. IB K .‘nuMu 0.0. »,.= mnimonniL JLUSOIS wanTOLaa- _ _ : G ;£ sft:g s^ssss^ta *i u *» ****.. *3;3op.ta. •liti'p.m, H *1 ** *5:55 o. m- • »:4J p. ta CHICA»O, BUiU*B*OH AJIO v and Ma 11... »?Sn‘ m‘ £±.r gpM,raeer -- • SS&S. Niw tliM ««1 n:»*. n. * OTicASO uti> rr. toot*. Express and Mall SSS*®* &Str‘ Meh*. Express.. .» 8:15 p.m. o- yj a*®* louet and WUnizßton _ Accommodation.-. ... *»*••* •HICAOO aw» eatAT S«?*QQ-* ant li.t*>—xilwack** baujwao xtxror, co— CA9At A3H> J39X28 «ra»W. Sa.?SSS;::::::.:::: ±so?:£ &Thtlxnrea* 'ftiop.m. 8:50 a.m. *•£££ Lansing Accorunodatiim »• ®* *• ®* *. “ 5:15 p. m. cuo d. m. CSICAGO, SOCS lELA>O> AK» PAdTIC TIATTdiOAO. DayErpreseoadMaC... *9:ooa.a. BtUOp.m- *5:45 a. n. ioHet Accoramodarion,. -j»« •Sunday excepted. TMOQday excepted, joaturoay rroex takd tecx tablt. _ Leave Madison Street. Leave bloc* Tarda. fc» *“*s* a. m. OHO “• “• K-. 00 a.m. 11:30 •*•“• 12:30 ,p.m. P-®* 3:20 p. m- 4:00 P* ®* 4:15 p. m. haixo. 9:33... SCBDATI I ...^.m. I & :::::::::::::.p:m.i f5g ::::: ::::::::::S:.S: 4 Se'‘foiloirtee*' *S t“e new table % and departure ol mall* from the CWcaRO Fo.t Office tor the winter, and now la lorce, KATLS CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, US ..Mich. South. vMnm’ ** “ ** V. &0u .11:00 I*" liCOm Mich- Central IgW lw::::Ktts.&rtwayp o :: .... i*:3o cm«s l * '• ** .« .... 7:10 i“un n “ “ * .. 6:00 11:00 JA-*co 4:80 ...GrcatEasternß.R.. 8:30 10:00 i?oo +7-3n....NcwAlbaßy ASalem 8:20 U;00 1 ‘sS 7 : 45....tiaJ«na Railroad 8:10 fcto \Z M g;uo....UocklelAn4RaDroad 5:45 2:30 ?jn 3:oo,...l?otthwe«iein K.R.. &15 8:30 Sid) 2:4s....MUttaa*ee Raßroad. IH3O - Br£o 12:00 7:45....11Hn01a Central R.B. 7K)O 9:00 imd 7ioo....9UXi(raiß Railroad... 5:85 6:15 lew 808T 1 . a. qujiobr, p. h, Utogosalg. T>UOPOBAi.B JPOR ARMY TRANfc . .“rrpoßTATioir. QTaSIKULUTR QR**al/lOr»|C«, » WAAHDfOTOJI, D. C., jßOary 13. 13W»J RKAT.KD PROPOSALS will be received it nnm n o'clock tn_ oo the xSUt ol February, ««. nr the traneportatwa c t MUttary Soppllae a ?. rtc f. t S? year commencm* Aprill. 196 T, and. coding kurcaAt Trota Fort MtlTjcrSon, Nebraska Territory, or neb R? i yL*? m%y 1)0 determined npon darts? the year oa tM uoilii branch of theUnlon Itdflo Raliroad, woes of *o r * MtPhereon. or from Fort Lunlr. Dakota Ter* f® c ** u or depett aoarenow or may be ea **o Territory of Nenraala. wc*t of loa*l- ?«?***• 1° 'bo territory of Montana, toaLb of !n 'bo Terri torycf Dakota.- wc*t ol loMjtodo 1W aejtreeß. In the Territory of Idaho, loot* “WJ* «£ 4t25KS >, * n ' , . e# * 1 of 1-1051 tade l» degree*, fS?tSi? l^ T 5 ri Jz£l! cs . of , Luh 1111(1 Colorado norm oi jatttode 10 degrees, including, u necessary, Dearer ‘ „ KOUTK No. t. From Fort IMley, EtMe ot Ransat, or tneb points as i S‘li ,e S' l f mla d o^a'lorto« I&T Sojsq Pacific Batlroaa, E. U., to any poets or depot* that are novormarbe ntabl|»h«n t a the Stale In the Territory of Colorad», fouth of latitude *) d<y Jtee* north, and to Fort Unlou, New Mexico, or othrr rpot that may bed* ainated to that Terrttorr. and to any other point or polota on the rente. , _ „ _ BOUTS N 0.3. i Prom Fort Union or inch other depot u may h# established In the Territory of Sew Mexico, to a» I potta or Btatlopr that are, or may be ntahtbhpd tn that Territory, and to inch post* or stations u mar be drtlmaCed ta the Territory ot Arlxooa, aud ia the State of Tcza* wort ogjotarttudu ifti decreet. | _ u . . ROUTE N 0.4. From »t- ran). Mlnutsota, to each po*u as era now or may bo ottabllidert ta the state of Ml-.nnaita, nnd In that portion of Dakota Territory lytn* ml ot the in**ouri iu?*r. . The weight to bo transported daring the roar wt'l not exert'd on Uoatc No. I. -\U3UJ,O3J pound*; on Itoute No. 1.20.100,100 pound*; on Kouto No. pound*, and oq lloute No. 4, &MXMHD poaud». Proposals will Dr made tor each rout I separately. Bidders win »»ato it>« rale par 100 pound* >r 138 B.llis«M wblcL they will ttaasportUie store*lu ena raoDtliuf the yo*r,beglnnJcjf April lit, 13CJ. sod end* log MsmASl.lfat Bidders should tier tli*lr name* In iqlUmwcUm Uitlr pisor* nfrrtli.ri.rc. ati«l earli pf«po«il aaould l>« strrn.nsnlrd by n hombui tbeaam ot ten Hioumoil (HO,CM?) dollars, signed by n>o r mvn; rcipouMble twr» *-ts. ttisrsntmcg rtai in cm* * oo’rsct l* awarded Ihrtlie route mentioned in tne imp- til lothcp.trty iirop.sing.tbenintrnetwlli no and enterfil lnu>. sod wood and aufflrtent »<Tt>n'y tarnished by sntd party To accordance with Ue term* or Uits alter* Um-iuu.l. cor‘” If' 'TbVcontmlor wm b« rraoiraw to tiro bond* tn Ujc (blinwirs; mroonta: do l.oiilr No. 1 t (AO.H6 Ul Haute No. i, 90. CW). unucmeNo.o, iuo.cua. 08 KouU No. 4. 60.80#. •. Bmuurujrjr endeicoof me loytUr #nJ »a'reacj ol >ncb Mudrr tad penoo ofltswl u *veumr viU Ce re emrnl. * iTcpotali suit be rn<b>rw4 “ Prnpowli mr Amj Tnuui ormtlon on Itooio No. 1,3,3, or I,*# uw cmc il»j be, *i>d ncntowlU be (&ten*med uiJr*» liny nuiy comply with the reqalieauiu of UiU *UT<jrU*- a»-ou Ibe party to whim an award I* ante omit b« pre pared iovxeeate the cnctract»t»rce, ana to give the required bond* for tbe taithlnt pe romance of tae cue* Iran. ILe right to reject any and all Uda that may lx ottered ta tiKntil. Ihecintraclor ourach route mail be.ln readlmwa for *ervkv by tun tat day ot April. WM, ami will bo re quired to Lara a place ofbnalnr**, or agency, at widen be may be communicated wtta promptly and readily rot Home No. 1. at Omaha, N.T.; lor IbmtoNo.?. at Fort lUI'T. Kuiiu : Air Houle No. *, at Kurt Union, New Mrzicu; lor Itoutc No 4. at Salat I*auJ, Mlunn* rota, nr at inert other point for each ol the tercrai Koute* m may be Indicated a* the *l*ftlng point of th« route. lUank tome showing the condition* ot the contract In be rntertd Into for each route, can t>e bait on app l* cauoo at mta oOiw, or at the office of the Quartern**- Ur at New Ynta Saint Loan. Fort Leavenworth, Onahs, Santa Fraud Fort hnelilcg, and mint accom pany and ho a pattol the prupoMla. n, ,«cr or A. nus ,, Brevet Colonel and Asa‘t Quarter ujuter U. b. A. Proposals for a bridge at YAK HUntN KTbECT. , „ Orncx or mi iioausor Prune Woua,) Cmcaoo. February J, Wei. I Sealed propoaai* win tv* received by the Board cl Doolie Works, at their office. It>nma Noa. t and 3, •tcobdC'orlNci. l.*i and 17 Well* a.rcet. until U a. m.. batunlay. February Win. for the taking down of the prcK-nt bridge cruMlrg the Sonth Branch of Chicago Ktver at Van llureo auceuaiul replacing the same a.trt a new bildee, Inclosing the oeormary ctangcp tu the ctmlrn tier, and the abutment* aud approache*. according to plana and •oeciDranor.a to bo' Ob file at aatd office on and after Feornary 9th. Dropoeala moat be addmaed to the Hoard ot Public Work*, counted “rr*»po*at tor Van Horen Stm-d Bridge,” and be accompanitd with the mat! fjoo Dot.d, wttti purctles, to he approved by the Board. I the Board re-erve tae right u> reject any Md not la . accotdatice with the eoudltUo* ol tfda advertuemeut. or to reject all bid*, and no propoaalwill b« accented untuM tee party oUerlng tt aUall give evidence »atl*fi*o tory to tr.e Hoard tnat he hu the necessary skill, cx ' perUmcr, merer acd ability for doing the work, U : trustworthy, and baa sufficient I rwia^LETAT* I O. J. KU&B. ! Beard of Public Worlu. Proposals for cast iron YTATEK PIPES. „ i urnon or tub Doled or Prvuc Wobm, > Ciucaoo, Feo.tth, 1365. { 1 Bea Ted proposals will be received by tbe Board Cl Public Wcro. at their office, Nos. 13 and 17 Wells st.,uhtlllLa. m.saiardu, February dAL for the de livery at tbe dock ot the board, m said city, of one thousand iLODO) tana ol Ca»t Iron Wider Pipes, of 4.8 aid S Inches inurntl diameter, according to spvclbca- Xionsonflloat taldoOlce. Tbe pipes will be subjected to a teat pressure of CM Sounds pvrtQsare Inch, must be uniform in thickness, euaity and texture, and ot a good quality c feist Iroc, so as to cot and drill well. Delivery tr commence at tbe opening of spring navigation, and he cotupietedby July 15th. Tbe ptoos will be twelve (12) leetlocg. and weigh re spectively, for 4,6 and b-lnch pipes, 200, HO. aid 6JO pound* each. 1 A snliahle number of braccbor. caps, s*eevei« v tape'a. 1 &c., will bervqatrvd fbr-aid pipe*. Bids ebon d-t .w the price Ibr tbe Straight pipes, and also L>r tbuspcciA ■ caitlftg*. , Prcpoiais must be addressed to the Board vf Public Works, endorsed “Propoasl fir Cast Iron Water ITpo», M asd be aecompasKd with the usual |3CO bond, <vlth •ursties. to be arrrov«*d by th»» Board, Tbe Boardrvaerve tbe nett to nncct any bid not in accordaccewltb tbs com/tlana cf this advertlacmext. or to rglrct all bids, and bo propcAu will be accepitd unless tne party offering it «>UaU give evidence *aa»ffcc lory to tbe Bevel that be hu tba oeccasery ’ rtdfi, experience, energy and ability fordoing ttoewnrg. Isfrunworthy, and has auffleleet If'rkd. LFrrzT** . O.J.HOSB, • Beard of Pnhllcwcrki. HARBOKWORKoAT grand ua- TEN arid Black take. Mleatgas. OmcxSnrxzcmxDTxq Exomn,Bassos( iNi’Bovwxmm.L/xx Utcaioxx. \ Milwackzx. iviaruesla. Jvanary LVISi- f Setdcd proposals, in dumtcsM. of the formfurnlstied bj the uDd-nlgned, will Be :cc«a’c<l at this unul , Thursday,the Ulh day tf February, tad, I improving tbe harbors of Grasd Raves ak! Bisex' I Laxe, Michigan. I Tbe improvements st Grand Havra will cousin ot I lACCO feet, mrre of less, oX close piling to protect the ' southbankeftbenvernvar tne eotrasca and an ex i tension efthe south pier for 600 feet Dy cribs filled with I St Tbe Improvements at Plark Lake win be exteaiions of the present pier*, 5U* running feet ta all. and dredg ing. Tbedrcagtng will bebetweeri tbe pier*, and tor placing tbe aew cribs, asd will amoost to 50£x) cubic yards, more cr less. _ Plans and speclflcattous arc on file to the office, asd will be shown to all who wish to examine them for tbe P fee separate for each wort, andfor each clam cf material or labor far each work. Bide will be received Mr a part or tar tbe whole of either work- The work to be bnished by October 1, ISM. T-e*e works will be let to tbelawest re»roustblc bid der. reserving to tbe United States the right to reject “Judders arefequested to be present upon the opening 0 The dnoiicate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed In i.nirftt* Mfelotxv. and addressed to separate envelopes, an major J. D. tVUEELER, u. S. Eapueers, Muwanfice, TV la. Clip yottccß. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—StaIe o t Illinois. County of Cook—»s. Cjtt coiuctok's orrtex, Cotnrr Horse. I _ Room No. 14. Chicago, February 4th. W 67. f Public notice i* hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants have been placed In my bands for collection, to wits _ , Warran r No. Ml. South—Dated February!. 1567. and Issued for the collection ot a special assessment levied lor sidewalk etnstroeted on Inc cast tide of Wabash avenue, betueen Eighteenth and Twentieth streets. Warrant No. M 2. South—Dated February 1, 1367, nod is-ued for the collection of a special assessment lev led lor rtr -n'tructlng sidewalk on tbi Ea»i etdeof state street, l-etweeo Fourteenth and sixteenth Warrant Ko.MS. South—Dat»d Febroary U ISf... and Issued for t.e collection of a special aMoaament.levied for reconstructing sidewalk on east side ol Wanna , avenue, between r Twcntltlh (%ih) and Twenty-first I Ko. Ml, S-mth—Dated February 1.1357. and Issued lor the collection cf a speclil a»es«nent levied for ccr.strucllrg of sldewalg on west Side cl Wabash ' avenue, between Fourteenthfllth)and Sixteenth (l6tb) #t WaWactKo.7!«, West—Dated February 1.1567. and Usued tor the collection ol a special assessment levied for constructing and recocstructlni sidewalk on s>uth side cl Sampson street, la Sampson A Orecoe s Audi i U ' WarrantKmW6, West-Dated February 1,1*77, and Issued for the collection ot a special assessment levied i for constructing sidewalk on Centre avenue. between Harrison stiwt andjyler street. Warrant No. 757, West-Dated February !,»«.. and • Issued for the collection of a special assessment 1-vied , for coctiacanz sidewalk on east rtoe ot Johui.oa i sucet.belweenTajlorand rweithstfoeu. Warrant Xo.TSS, West—D«b-d February J, 1567. sod issued for the collection i t a special i for constructing and rcccnitroctmg sidewalks oniCatla- I erlte street, Haishd nre-t, amt on Wright street, in Canal Trustee#’Subdivision of N.W. M,sec. -1.5J.11. t WananlKo. *B!J, West-Dated February Moo?, and 1 Issued for tb* collectl-m of a special ashmen t levied tor reO'h-'trucUug sidewalk on south sided Tacatn I am* pemrnt tntsievted la said above special asi«s- I mcnt» art requ'Sted to make lmm«diate payment at t»y office. !n default cf such payment the amd asiusa - men.s will be collected at the cost and «rpec*e ol ' ■*"»“ 1I » ble ' hMal - A -c“iv ß ral" nr. (Cobcnimnu gale. p OVEKNMENT SALE. i'"7 r r-;.T*.V Wna"r. u Ito -GOVEIIA'MENT TAS -ILe KERVaM> STEAM SAWMILL.-with act •rir-CTe acres of land, n«ir SAN ANTONIO. TEAAs. . . Beale*! Proposals, ta duplicate. will be received up lo the nrsl day oi March, IW, for the purchase or 75 aertaot land, (moreerlew). together wltf. tins baud* lezfe erected tltrcun, and me appurteoincei appertain ing, that ta to MT t OSETANNEUTjC’ntaInIn? twelve btooc Urr.e Vais, FIFTY-fWO WOOOEN 'ATS, SEVEN STONE FOOLS, anil cirabieof tanclnr 13.U0 hide* per annum; ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of aawlng 3JUO feet ol Lumber dally; ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. __ Tb« above property U situated about two miles above tan Antonio, on the San Actoclo River, and the waterta conducted to tbe establishment by a race of hewn atone laid In cement. . The land vu pnreaaed and Unprovexcala made by : the late ao-caded Cc-moderauj G-vermncut, and are 1 estimated to have ccat (131,000 la toC . The property has been under lease ier the year l?M, at a monthly rent < f ISUL payable in advance. A se cured cue m tee almpla willhe given by the D. S.Ojv “??o15S.1»wiI1 Ke niMtM u r ?F oor«n --mQH&5a<iru4s.«mui, Pit. 11.1. G<e. PJ.-1 Com'r Bart.;|F. * ©rrsu t%>* QNLY DIRECT LUTE TO FRANCE (iencral Transatlantic Company’s Mill. STEAM SHU'S BEITVEEB SKW TOtH AST ELiVBE. CAIUMi AT BREST. The splendid tw vessels ot UU; tojorttt the Continent will sail wa Pierce. 30.>orth Blres as follows: ir.LADir&T.V.V.^ ' j»RiCE OF PAbSAOE l> GOLD. First Cable, V 16 0; Secctd Calls, 1100, including tsbll line do ucl carry ft«ra«e pm "Sttn tnteadme to Urd a: wHI be «■ niched with railroad uckei-, and their,t*«s*n checked to Parte, at aaaoditiwtaJ charge of 95 £-. try and 93 ICr tfcood claa*. Medical attendance tree of caarf e- .. Uew Ycrt, to GSO. MACKENZIE, Affect* 39 Bread way. ————— fHchtcal ttc n I I T C 21 1 Scratch Ko More! rss STTATSE'S ALL-HEItISG 01XT3IENT. Wholesale A VAX SCHAACK. Stales- Fairbanks ■ STANDARD JT^ij scalesjlJL or au. sms. T AIBBANES, GHEES LEAF A 256 A MS LaXe-ri. Chicago. 33gg. TTILL’6 HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black |~l or 'Brown—^lnstantaneous. naturaJ, durable, teSOtal. 1M bat «nd ta 'l’tv-S!? much as as any dollar alre. HILL'S ARCTIC, orAiu BEAUSQ ODmiEST. reliable for cea'WJj olnftn«LS purpoKS. Depot 60 Joha-st, New Tor*. Sold by all druxglal*. X>ATCHELOR’S HAIK UYfi. •*ftU tpieodid Hair Dye Is the b«t ttawortd. slor. sold by DtunUU and Eorfomsra. factory. iaeiuai. QPINIOHS OP THE PEOPLE CONCERNING HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. JPEOTECTIOiSr FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RELIEF FOR FRF SICK. IKTRLLIOBNTTBBTIMONT Ifr ABIMPORTANT IN MEIHOINK as in Uv, Tbe tmt Patrick Unary said that tbe tamp by which hta Act were salami *n tbe “tamp of experience." Tie sUteseata at men of cbtnricr and sundmg Is relation »o ihe-propernc* andeflectsol a medicinal preparation which they themselves bare tried, and the operation or which they have bad abundant opportunity cf wltneastngla a great variety ot caseo. ara absolutely cnaclnstva. They are m> considered by the public, w» very natw mly prefer tbU species of testimony to any other that ran be offered in behalf ot a proprietary remedy. Volonicaof *iu bevidence have been published In favor ot DOsTKTI KtCS STOMACH DITTTERS durtn* twenty year* that the aurquallcil Tonic and Alterative bam been NTorc the world; and although tta reputatlco aa u STANDARD SPECIFIC baa lons been established, throughout the Western bnnupberr. It is still darned advßabie to exhibit, tbrougb the press, from time to ttec, sew proo& cf Its sncctns. Recent Cacti add per tlct-sre and fbree to tact* more remote, and terra Co show that the great remady is prepared with tmilbrm cxbCtttude an 4 care, and that u la stiU.wbat it crew baa been, the PUREST AND BEST OF ALL VEORTA BLE INTRIGUANTS, au Incr liable cure fur DYSPEP SIA and all derangement* of the Stomach and Liver, and a perfect antidote 10 the nnwholiwome Indoeuce* w bleb produce and aggravate epidemic tevera. The subjoined letters arc ad uotu clUxens well known aod generally respected In the localities from which, their ecmuiunlcailcrj arc dated, and are pabtl-hnl at spcrlmrca of an Immense moss of ccrrcsp'-a !cace of « similar tenor. 'Some Idea of the quantity ofthre kind of testimony In lb? hands of the proprietors of Ros- TETIEU’a BITTERS may be formed by the reader, wbcnltUßtatcdlhstltiecommaolcaUors on the »u!k jeetef FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by the firm du: mg the last three react, number up ranis ot TWO THOUSAND. They are ail to the same effect aa itatoi Mr. I-»;iPße, given selow, and u ever anything ru <s>ablUhc-l on ucccetroverttbio evidence. It H the Important L*» t that CHILLS AND FEV£H can be broken up am. radically cured in & very short space ot time by tbeu>e cftbls incomparable tome. NorlathU ad- Enure exemption frem the dbtieaslnjtraalady.amt aUtornucl Intermittent Fever, u guaranteed to aneh realdentaot Fever aod Ague Districts as may be wise enough to take the BITTERS as a preventive. Though malaria may be proetatlog their neighbor* on the right baud and on the left, those who have taken the precau tion to lorttly tbetr systems and constitutions. In ad vance. with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS PHERIC POISON, will surely escape the scourge. Tbe pbysicUca and ethers whose names apoe*r in the annexed correspondence, are ready at ail times to con firm verbally the statements made over Untlr signa ture*. Perhsi* o®«of tha most striking proofe that can be clud at me tutrisite axcelleaco cf tne BITTERS, is the gereftiadoplloo of tht prtparatton by metilcal mat. The aa a rule set th«ir tacee against aorer U*a cxcdlctbre, tnxvhie obecmalltd vegetable lonte hat. vauqulßh*dlb«irpretadlcea,'B*id Ot«x-rrroat&rsa JTV * admlntsieruiotbet' t attests as the purest sttamlnZ* acd beat stomachic th»v money can preore The Dieted season ol luc year u a tryi-j cut » thd feeble and enervated—lndeed tnalL In July.tnAugsit and Sepltmbei heavy di aushts are made upon Ua ayv tem, and It la necessary Ij have a.reserve ot strvmnh a&d vitality In order to meet them without nmc&tnxoc breaking down. nriRTKTTCuva. umu. — S-TAJIINAL MEDICINE, sustains the vllil aud mas cular energy ot the frame with this powerful acd gro eral vegt table restorative, and any temperature, any climate, any condition ot the atmosphere may be en countered with comparative Impunity. Read tte Slewing letter from S. Sorsnc, a weS known cltUenot tiiUbarjrfi.Ps^ ■fit xaacgan. May 10,1306. M'urs. Hostetler & Smith: r.KTitMux: imicgavlsit to tte WesUlast fall. 1 contracted cmlia and fiv«r. which biotuhtuie to my feed, and finally terminated In typhoid 1 veraud coc aned me to my room lor several month*, daring which ume 1 was, physically, to prostrated that I almost de spaired ol ever recovering my healux: having entirely lost my appetite for days, not being able to est amor ret: added to which 1 was much diHtressed with a red ing sensation In my head, and pawed many steeples night*. all from debility caused by mv prostrate condi tion, brongOt aboot by the fever. At this stage ot my condition, amend recommended me to use your ecie bnnedrfbTOMACH PITTKK3; but, belsg morally op poeed to the use cf attmalaou in any farm, I at drat de clined, bnl allcwardi yielded my prejudices, and af.«r taking the medicine for several weegs as directed, my appetite returned, and tnr-. it 1 am rapidly regaining my former strength and vigor, My flcep (trom tne lo* of which I bs*t smferat mach) hat never been better tlun it !« now. and the mUngaentauontbtforeallaiedtOMuaentirely left me. My bowels, wnich wete much consapated. and trn-gnlar, are now uulie natural. and In Cu t I am clad to say that I feel my«a.racew ttnstestlmonlal of my appreciation of your valuable prtparation In otder that others sulfcruig ulhave may avail then-selves of Its- virtue*, which prejudice prevented me trom enjoying tor so long a period, t may al>o add that my physician, after seeing the bene ficial tfiect your Bitters had on me, recommended that lose then* regularly. , >a Y ““‘' v “ y '“*l mil'itSE. cm Another letter, from a well known citizen of PUU harsh, dalsd September 4,1866: liters. U*.n«iUr A rsmlth, tlttjbarzh, Pa.; a >JUI4 *u. & uw* .. “t . **• . UcMtm.N: I liillt lam calf Cuing the part of • good citizen when I testify to the great oeneQb 1 bav received from your Munich Hitler* during the lose fire years. Iktnz la the Oil regions In’(Si. I bad a severe billions attack, and being dupeptic, which left oe very weat.l via advised to try your Bitters. I procure! one Dottle, and they Votltud u * charm on me. In ona week 1 sol eight is) pounds heavier. and I seemed to have j;btnew life tra-h so that I nave used them ev cry summer since as a tonic. 1 think they ara Invaluable. This summer, bavins another blUtoaa at tacr, &ud much reduced In a eight, betas under th-cara )f uu A h’o. l physician, 1 scam bad to nave recourse :o the old Differs, with the same cood results, gamuts di (K> tKucds In a few days. 1 have bought a h&ifdoc. en beetles a tew weeks since, and Intend to Ke<:p them regularly a* a tonic and beverage. Wlahlngyoa evtry l—lnl-°CT-aif! ,v M„,m, Errocnut, Err era raj* Corair. 111. Ga.vilz*k*: With pleasure lean say that your DIT- Ttlls arc superior to any otters. t have used them, 1c inv taint r for a longtime. and always with bene- T "“’-l’usr t fGlLߣl.-T. BCCKLASD, rSISCT WIIXUM COCSTT, V.u» > Jaaoar j I>j6. i Meests. Hostetter* femlth. . . . . _ £na: D'eiievcjour BITTEHS aretbe best In o*»- I tried them XW*. aadttey cored me. U w notliubUi»teJd it. Ait Dud oo tilth In them: 1 tiud ibcmu please atfUnd- 1 bad bees pro-trite fer seTeiai weeks with dyspepsia aod chronic dlar* rbeea. I expected to die; bnt less than one oottle so Bit restored me that 1 could attend to my btutaew. Laac October I ovtrwoi k»d tnyaell, which resulted is the retom-eftte same dtaeaae, accompaniedwith bron chial affection, when I a&am used your BITTcJI?. and wag soon restored to health. I bare recommended Uiem to hundreds of my acquaintances and bare never Known them to fall In effecting a speedy cure- THUT Tears. MIHASOA CHAPPtL. PH.IM..IW atniipl-litml. VI. Kldcbtom. Pju, Korcmhcr 6. ISOS. Mes?rs.Ho;tetter* Smith: * , _ ■ (lumvci: We b»eben cEInryearSTOMACH UITI fcBS ftr eighteen months. and And them an exce.- Ject medicine. All that ia necemary »• »1« *** !*-£ pie know their virtue. aad they whl use them. I tuve tried them myseli; aad sow recommend them to au who hare weak stomachs. to any ho*me»s. I»M advised to tue roar BrtTEa& which I did. and fraud them a J£si in bellere had It not Men frelhem I »hoo!dhaTe mr grate ere this. I * rite not oqjj to testify to the wlue of yoar unTElte. tot a!s* to J°v2£\? ft two dozen as loon as possible, w*y.s fctore. Tour*, respectfully, JOHN SLURHACEN. Mcwn. Ocßtettcr A Smith: f tiasTs* It la vita the exea.Mt pleasure that I re comm”d STOMACH DITTEdS u the »ohi cj. 1 s?ffl.. tnel**t BITTERS oftheday. Itls specially Wanted to the booth and Weal. whei meats of the liver are prevalent. TeayeYr* «*£«*- em.-e It the use of compound-, as cnr»«y«. couapei# StotSc feci- urmlas marltj merits. _ *- **'****•* Gallaixa. Saline Co nary. HI. latticed medicinefor many veaSlSrtMiVe»*« TOufBITTEBS In a nnmMr ot with crest success, and tahe pleasure m recom c“HlsiU‘£V“S>ti^“ 1 m. d. Mattoox,HL, January a, ISO. s^SSSSSS' r AuS5i onoor BTOMATI BlT tkiis than of any other medicine. Panins who have tried them ‘pen* la very hlch praise of their exce-l«t virtues. I have used them m;sel£ and prescribe them with nn paralleled mectas. . V “ I I “ l * C^ r M. D. ~Tim, Clay County, IT. Messrs. HosUttcr ft Bcltb: _ .. , GASTLtam: I lave used, and orttn prescribed, your STOMACH BITTERS, and Wte pleajare la re* commendlse It to all whose stomaena are debilitated. It is an excellent appctlrer and Mnlc;and i praae It u oce ot tte t»t meOlclne* ot tg, OOKE- M . D . Ptivtttv, Clinton County.lcuL, I Dscembez 9, Uel. 1 Me*;rß. Boetetter A Smith: . —.vtai Ursrs: Some eighteen non‘hf tttce Iwm moub^ purchase them, or Ifyonauiarau rcanrecoamecd will be pleased to have 1 y££rs; mlr, them tote what they are prepared asd sold be EOSTETTEK & SMITE, PITTSBUGEH, PA. Tor sale by an druxslits, froocn and nowtoe?« the wcttde