Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 13 Şubat 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 13 Şubat 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. WEDNESDAY, FEBBUAEY IS, 1307. THE CITY. Da N. S. Dana will deliver his regular lecture at the cbapel of the Washingtonian Borne this xventng, ttT« o’clock. The public are Invited. Tbs )«nn Dul»m of Chicago wtll ioW s meeting on Thursday afternoon. at two o clock, to their roomt, No.«« Sooth Water street, on baai n' m of importance to the trade. BertvaL Notion.—Tne revival meetings at the First Dolled Brethren Church, coiner or Clinton .«d Wilson street*, will continue this week, wllh special e Starts tor the conversion of the young. Ducbaboxd.—Mrs. Ann Curlers, who pawned a trank tor her friend Mrs. Smith, and was subse quently arrerted tor the Isrceny of it, as men tioned to these columns yesterday, was discharged from custody yesterday .afternoon. Masokic.—Dr. Robert Norris, by invitation of the 1-odgc, will reate some ot his admired poems, on Thursday evening, to Blair Hall, In McVlcker’s Theatre building. AH Master Masons in good standing are cordially invited. Fatal Amor.—About seven o’clock last even ing an alarm of fire was rang from box No. W, in dicating a locality to the vicinity of Canal aod Twelfth streets, hot the engines were nimble to find anything to ** pot out,’ except the klndlitga with which they had raised steam. CownnXD.—Archibald McNeal, whose burgle rions entrance upon the premises of Peter Glover at 668 Mate street, was mentioned in these col nmns yesterday, was subsequently commuted for trial In bail of f 3AOO. John charged with larceny as bailee, was also committed for trial to ball of 1200. Bow at aMassxd Baii>—At amtsqocradebsll In a hall on Twelfth street, Monday night, one William Wicbendorf, abetted by his brother Adolph and a young man named Henry Dtessel, were arrested for a violent assault upon Christo pher H. Ausudt, the weapon used being a -•clown-stick.” At the Police Court yesterday morning William Wicbendorf was floen sl3, aod the other two $5 each. Tns Fncs Gcuus Cult.- I There was a large attindence at tbe pnbllc class held in Bryant A i-lraticm’s Bn»toe*s University on Monday even ing lasL and a deep interest was manifested In the popular method there employed to leaching the German language. The successful cilorts of Pro fessor* Campbell and Wllgolxki in thw direction an* worth* of more tbaa a passing notice. On Wednesday and Friday evening* at seven o clock the pnbllc class wUI be continu'd, and we are as sured that -hose who may sot be able to ioln tbe cJa»l will be well lepald for riving it a visit. New Ejtciaxd Cosoxeoatiowai. Cmmcn.—A material error occurred in tbe item to yesterday’s Isrue, respecting the sale of pews in this new edi fice. The handsome bids staled were as premi ums for the privilege of choice, over and above tie valuation, so thar. for Instance, on the firs, four pews, valued at $2,000 each, there was rev ised each. About two-thirds of the scats were -old at very satisfactory rates. The amount ol the rale- waa ££.ooo, aod the amount received above the valuations waa ffi.sso. Another aale will take place toon. The church show* every truncation of a prosperous growth. . Tor Last Staebiwo Attbat.—■•The psnlei run rjcg the saloon at the corner of Adams and Wells streets, In or infronlof which Robert Brennock wcs«tabbed cn Sunday night last, demand a re traction of our statement that the man was stabbed on their premise*. Sneaking conecuy, we should ,av that the stabbing was done lost outside the door, and Immediately on leaving the aaluon, where the quanel originated, over liquor dis pensed ftom behind the bar of that saloon. Id general terms, the saloon w&i the aceni of tbe alftay. though the last scene to Ibe ruffianly act occurred on the outside of the threshold. Tnx Catholic Faib.—The Catholic Fair, now in progiess in the new schbol house, corner of Van Bmen street and Fourth avenue, la a dcclied success, and the object for which It is held, a praiseworthy one. Of the **cane” to be contested for by the reverend gentlemen, mentioned yeslet dav. we can only say that so la?-tbe Rev. Father Rameau bn* It all his own way. Cathotics Irpm the weal aod North Divisions should come for ward Immeaialely, mad testify their appreciation ol their pastors, if they wish them to stand well on the "record. A Baj> Bor.—Peter Lett), a West Side boy, ouL fourteen year* old, was bronchi before tbe Police Conit, yesterday morning. charred with very badly beating another boy named Wlilinm Brinkman. William hid a large *’ bltck and-bloe " swelling under each eye. Peter undertook to explain that the panDhroent was given in payment for various and sundry “lick* inca” which William bad bestowed upon Peter's monger brother. Young Lcib was fined (10, and as be bears a bad reparation In bis neighborhood, and baa been arrested two ot three limes pro vlonslv, he was seriously advised to take care of blmrcif or be would shortly find quarts In the Reform School. Scttoat School Talcums' Thancnte Class.— Notwithstanding Ihe bad weather last evening there was a goodly attendance at the Young Hen's Christian Association rooms, lo listen lo Prof. S. 11. White, who gave hla views relatim to ** Howjo stimnlale tbe understanding,” a quite lmporfiv.ll subject for the consideration of toftbj.**. Mr- While is an experienced teacher. and tda »ahject received i>roto»i «u*nlion from »U preacat. Mr. S.'l*. C. Speare conducted the In a very able and Interesting manner. Tbe Chi- Sco Sunday School Union oeserre tbe thanks oi 5n icicbtrSorlM qitonOUlopportuu. y the/ M*o ■Dtnded, to tot* wct&ly class, for improvement iod thorough drill in toe presentation of Scripture Lessons. Bev.c. D. Iltlmer was announced to vpeah next Tuesday evening upon the “ Analyst* Seniors Act idkkt.—Between four and five o'clock yesterday afternoon, a one-story frame building, located at No. 391 State street, which bad been r« ieed for the purpose of placing snotcer story beneath It, suddenly settled to tho earth, owing to the failure of some rotten timbers upon which toe principal portion of It rested. A Bone* nilan named JobuSborte. who wa■ at work under svatb. had no time forescape, and besides haring the back portion of bis head fractured, had bts right ieg broken near the ankle. It was an hour before hr was rescued from the ruins, and. owing to somebody's neglect, it was three or four boars. Ills alleged. belore be received any medical at tendance. Officer KUchncr procured a convey ance and removed tbe unfortunate man to tbe County Hospital, where, at la*l accounts, his re covery was considered very doubtful. Mb. Faesett*s Rxcxftios.—The second annual reception by Mr. S. U. Fassctt, at his splendid suite of rooms In Saiith A Nixon’s Block, was at tended last night by a large and fashionable throng, in spite of the disagreeable weather. Tbe spacious a*id finely fUnibhed apartments and tbe balls ano stairways were thronged with a cheerful company which, during tbe evening, must have numbered fully one thousand persons. An inter esting feature of tbe entertainment was the exam ination of a fine collection of views of the most interesting objects tn Paris, which Mr. Fasselt has brought back a« one of tberoMfits of his stay in Fiance. Vase* tight Guard Band was present ai.d mlnesed tbe occasion with stirring music. Mr. has obtained a wide and enviable rep ntalionas a photographic artist, and his list or friends and patron* Is constantly Increasing, iie It a master In his business. PnorxartAXT OnmAS Asrunt—TUe Sunday School hooka arc foil of stories of the good deeds of childten In sending, their pennies to the poor heathen. Occasionally we bear an authentic tale of the good deed* of little *Wb to the distressed and destitute In our own midst. Our Protestant Orphan Asylum la supported by the annual contributions ot the benevolent and kind-hearted people of Chicago. An appeal was recently made tor money to support ibb noble institution. GigQt little girls, (their mammas will excuse ns tor mentioning their names.) Carrie and Annie Beardsley, Emma and Nellie Wadsworth, Nellie and Kaly Hutchinson, Maty Klmhark aud Ltlla Palmer, conceived that the appeal was addressed to them—aa It was. So they went to work, organised a fair, on a miniature plan of the great banliaty Fair, and realized fifty-seven dollars tor (be Unman Asylum, not by begging it from their parents, but In tbe regular way. No need to go ro the Sunday School boots to find out tbo good deeds of the good children. Another CovnosjiCß Max.—George Rlugshy reridcs in Fultoc, Mtucatlne County. lowa. Last Wednesday, at the Richmond House, in this city, he made the acquaintance of Patrick Ward, a con fidence man will known in certain circle?, who said that he was a Cincinnati merchant, and was hcie buying goods. Hehadomya lew momenta preiioutlv ttinrccd iroma visit to tbe honaeof Mr. Lewis, tbe wholesale dealer he had traded wnb. bu‘ lewis was not at home. To pass away ihe tic e Ricgeby and Ward took a walk on Mich igan avenue. Strangely enough they met the Mr. Lewis ot wcom Ward had spoken. He spoke of the “ bill," ana the usual game was soon played, Ringsby, however, being *■ let in” ior(Pi—all the momyhvhad. A few minutes afterwards Ward cuapt'carcd np a flight of stairs and was not seen to come down. Detective Elliott arrested “ Pat” Ward on Mon day, and be was brought before Judge Milltken Tt-feterdsv afternoon, and committed for trial in bell ofFI.W, upon a charge of obtaining money nccerfalfi-pKiincea. Pat hone of lb ; crowd v bo wneflred flß* ca b the other dar, the flue* c i yr7‘■esneuded for two dsys (o give toe rascals a firwiqrwi I»o^.» | n».i J'Wm, 1 LtAnmornyrntlUO?* at Jclitl. I'd* Tuaw.—The thaw which set In on Monday Is us.umirg raiber fomtdaMe proportions. The rtreets are is a worse plight lhan at B*l7 time ticcc the beginning of the present winter, owing to the immense accumulations of enow. It Is just ban ly possfbl* for pedestrians to set along, tied cow, tleichmc ana skating being broken np for a time, there is coining Jett In the shape of winter epotta. •Jhc melting of the mow mountains on the street* and sidewalks was a spectacle full of de el-air, bat, as If to aggravate ojr misfortune*, there came yesterday a shower of rain, a most iirooktec, soaking drtxrle, the effect of which was anvtblngjont exhilarating. The brows of men wore a’dcspairlng aspect. People stumbled and t-liiipco Into’be «iear7 pools, and rose with pro* face lacgusge on their lips. Wet feet and colds were (be universal complaints. The city, to vhort, was in such bad humor os only a city can pc when U thaws. If the frost docs not food come to the rescao the prospects are that «c shall Late, not a tseie I haw, out a flood, and such a flood! Let those i, «bo go down to the sea in ships," or rather those who own the eblps which go oown, beep a sharp look out for 1L the amonnt of snow which has fallen dining the present season Is something extraarJi r,ar», ai d when It Anally breaks up the river will l<e swollen lar beyond the usual bfttmds. Doubt less the ship-own* ra are already preparing them reives against snch an cmetceucy, and theretore need hardly be reminded that precautions arc necessary. ?otcttojt N. Wmos, ttq.-A Isttet received yesterday from Mrs. Wilson, dated at Macon, Mis sissippi,"February SJi, glre* the sad information that Solomon J». Esq., an old and well knows citizen oi Chicago, was lying at the point of death, acd leaves but little doubt that before this be has passed away. Mia health bad been failing for some years, consumption having evi dent!? laid ita hand upon him. and aboot the first of November he removed to Macon, with a faint hope that a milder climate would arrcsithe dls erne But consumption rarely leaves its victim,. and another of our valued citizens has, onduobts edly, parted away. . , Mr Wlhor was about forty-six years of age. jlcbas resided in this city some sixteen years, vi tactdinthepraclic* of law, bcluc a partner at Artl lc the firm of King, ScortA Wiljon, and subsequently of Wilson & Merrlman. Just be fore the breaking out of tiiewarbe was a mem ber of the Slate legislature, and early In iSCi was appointed d Colonel upon the slaffof Governor Vales and labored assiduously In raising and for warding some of the earlier regiments. Inihis work be probsbl: laid the foundations of the dls- LS‘fc which silerwards attended him. He was 1 man of gica* public spirt and a useful member of ►oorlj. lie leaf cs a wife, but no children, and un ample amount of property. _ . _ r Mr • Fills on was 1 brother of Judge John it. WlUon, Chief Jusllco of the Superior Court of this city, who adjourned Court yesterday on hear* it e the sad Inlelllc mee. He has also a brother at Wiccika, James is. Wilson. Ksq-, *ua a slsler at iladLwu, Wls., the wife of Captain Bryaot. His xnoi her, wbo resides with her daughter in Mudl hdh. is some eighty-six years or age aud a slater of Ocnetal McNeil, who baa the credit of winning the battle of londy’s Lane. ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. Month!? Mooting—Donations—Ozone Meteorology, Report ud DUcns. slon—The Heir Building—Do eeuod Members, Etc. Tbe regular monthly meeting of tbe Chicago Academy of Sciences was held in their rooms In Metropolitan Block, last evening. Present-Geo. C. Walker, Kaq., President; Dr. Wm. ttttapaon, Secretary: G.W. Frost,Esq., and Dr*. Bay. Andrews, Thompson, Jewell, Disney, Davis and Bauch. Ike minutes of the last meeting were read and approved Donation to ms xnssxnt. The Secretary read the following list of dona tions to the Mnsenm rince the last meeting: From VT. Jolich, two boxes of coleoptnroaa la aecta. From E. W. Blalchford, fifty swedes of Illlnola mosses, collected and arranged by Dr. Deo. Vaaey for the Sanitary Fair at Chicago, la ISGS, at which they were purchased by Mr. B. , . nom E. B. McCanr. flower of the Night Bloom toe Ccrens, preserved In alcohol. From Dr. «Tobn Bartlett, a Keoknk geode, and an atcorit loond In a hen’s egr- _ . From the Ottawa Academy of Natural Sciences, a ipcctmen of fossil coral from the Big Vermillion River, LaSalle County, Illinois. From C. V. Reiley, specimens of the perfect in sect, cocoon, papa, clc., of the new aUoaihoa silkworm (Attocira cynt/nd). . t , t , From Captain J. U. Simpson, two dried skins of tubes, and the skeleton of one of them from the Cape of Good Hope. , From C H. IHcnlnson. specimens of minerals and toSatta%>m tie New garland States. From Flint Kcnutcolt, skulls of mammals and bhds. POMATIOSB TO TBX IXBEABT. Ibe Librarian reported the following Hat of donations to the library during the last month: 1? quarto volumes, J 4 octavo volumes, li pm* nhltts and one map. The donors are as follows: Ike Natural History Society of Emden, the Royal rbvslcc-EconomlcEoacty of Koulgsberg.tbe Royal Meteorological Institute of Holland, the Austrian Geological Survey, the Associations of Natural Science in Maunheim, Bremen, and Lnnohurg, the Library of Congress, Professors Worthen, Wkl’rey and TlllmarC Dr. Prankley, Mons. E. Oueielet, Wilhelm Hess, Eltphelet Wood, S.H. Scodder, W. W. Do Lacy, and the Board ox Trus tees. _ ozosne astd mtxonoLoor. Dr-Hay, to whom was referred the subject of oxohe, submitted the following report: Tour committee* to whom was assigned the con sideration of the subject of oione and Us rela tions, beg leave very respectfully to report, that, alter having devoted much and careful thought to the subject, they are of the opinion, unanimously, that to view of the important position, amongst the meteorological elements, which ozone occu pies, a system oi observations of Its conditions and relations, judiciously organized and tilth felly pursued, promisee rich results ol the highest vaino to science. , , That in corsequence of the limited Knowledge ot this element at present available, and of the sh eened of complete sad efficient iustrumraita for estimating i.s phenomena, all observations there npoa areieceasarlly experimental- That tbe data fhrnlahea by observations or the sneuomena of ozono alone can, at the beat, be only relative. Is the absence of any standard of comparison or unit of measurement such as are afiordtd for all observations upon beat and pres sure by the thermometer and aarometer respect- Observation- of Isolated meteorological phenom ena are almost valueless to science, because they are almost entirely Inapplicable oerpose, tsd science w bat the handmaid of atilt ir; lt is only whim congregated, and ■yiienulic ttly collated so that the correlation of phenomena may be correctly appreciated, that anch observa tions become available toward the establishment of scientific, and tho advancement of The vast importance and almost universal ullll tv ofihe knowledge, dcdndble from a correct un derstanding of meteorological conditions and their relations, have Induced jour committee to urge upon the Academy the propriety of extend hie their functions, so that they may comprehend the woole subject, constituting them a CommUteo upon Meteorology, Instead of npoc Ozone. And further, In view of the Inadaptallou of the bnilotnc now occupied by the Academy, as well In Its structure as tis locality, and the great diffi culty or Impossibility of seeming a locality more •uluble for such purposes, tbat provision be made, in the conslructlon of the projected build li.»» tor the Academy of Sciences, for a meteoro logical obscivatory, and tbat the necessary instru ments for its efficient operation be purchased. r i hat in the meantime, and preparatory to the Cfiabllebmcnt of such observatory, the system oi making and recording each observations, and of preserving th*m when recorded, be determined npon with the aid of tho bestlightwhich the pres ent elate o! science can throw npon the subject. Ibe report was accepted, and remarks were made by Dw. Andrews, Sllmpson, Disney and Bay. urging the Importance of mote thorough and extended meteorological observation* as of prac tical, as wi 11 as fcieiillflc value. It was said tbat telegraphic communications from different points might be made to give Information of approaching storms. In some places in Europe this course was adopted with great success, so that ship-masters were notified and prepared for storms before they arrived. The Board of Underwriters, It was thought, would be willing to assist la defraying the expense of making regular observations, as the result would be a great lessening of marine diras ers. Dr. Blancy stated that a recent dis covery had been made by which photography was adapted to recording observations by the barometer and thermometer. The va riation of -these Instruments is Indicated upon prepared photographic paper so as to dis pense with the employment of a personal observ er, the shading of the paper Indicating the rise tod fallol the temperature as shown by the Instru ment! The apparatus woald run by clock-work, renuirirc one person to attend to It and apply tno paper, ur. Usy thought that the expense of suffi cient instruments to msae the necesf ary observa tions would not be over <l3l. On motion of Dt. Andrews, the Committee on Ozone was changed to the Committee on Meteor ology, and tbo matter of taking observations was left to them to make report. - irgw BCItDISO. The President announced that tho Bonding Committee la now engaged upon plans for the now building lor the society, on Wabash avenue, near Van Daren street, and -anggosied that the Committee on Meteoioiogy consnitwith them in regard to arrangements for that department, tuc Lam do. noncuT kxaaicoTT. The committee to whom was referred the recep tion of the remains of the late Dr. Kcnnlcott, re potted that they bad token charge of aid kept them while in the city, ano decided on tbe man ner of their interment. As Mrs. Kcnnlcott, the mniber of Dr Kepulrntr. the lime, and is at pmeoi. very ill, no public demonstration was made. Tbe report was accepted and filed, and the committee discharged. Onaouon of Dr. Blaney, It was voted that in tbe next primed report of the minutes of the Academy a page he devoted to the memory of Dr. Kennlcolt, simply containing hla name, age, and oatcoi death. LRTEIta SZAD. Letters were read from Lieutenant W. 11. Dali, Chief of thv‘ Scientific Corns of tbe telegraph nation In linaelan America, Informing tbe Acad emy of the death oi Dr. Kcnnlcott, aud paving a high tribute to hla worth: and from tho Call forma Academy of Sciences, aympatblziog with this Society In tbe loss of their specimens by fire. xLCcnoir or tbustbb. The Academy then proceeded to the election of a trustee to fill the vacancy canned by the <t< ath of Dr. Kcnnlcott. Dr. William Sampson was unan imously chosen. xuenos or xntßX&s. 14U>I W. a.Mf.lHi Tbe following gentlemen were elected members of the Academy: Dr. John M. Woodworth, bur geon S. W. Jones. United blares Army, and Dr. W. C. Lyman; also. Captain W. W. Caiklaa, of Ottawa, a corresponding member. sscxasx or xxvmnu. The President announced. In fltttoe lermv. the death ot John L. Scripps, E*-q., and Colonel Henry amttb, membeta, and of Edmund Aiken, trustee ot the Academy. On morion of Dr. Andrews, tho Chair appointed Drs DUpeyand Jewell » com tnllteo to prepare obltuiriea of these gentlemen foe the records of the Society. AMBsmirjrra. A number ot changes lit the Constitution and by-laws waa proposed, cnlefly in regard to the qualifications of candidates lor membership, which will be acted on at tbe next meeting. pnorofiin wexbsr. „ Prof. Robert Bell, of Queen’s College, Canada West, waa proposed for membership. icinmno rArzna, *c. _ Dr. Ranch submitted to the Academy two origi nal and interesting papers which had been scot blm by Mr. Herman Hang, Engineer at tbe Rock Island Arsenal, on “ Constant Batteries with Fric tional Electricity," aud “ Galvanic CucrcnU aud Disguised Electricityalso, two pamphlet a by the tame witter on “Electricity as a Motive Force, and “ Resistance of Galvanic Cnrrenta." The papers were relened lo a committee consisting of Urs. Rauch, Btaney ana Jewell. Professor Andrews announced that be bad obtained tbo loan of two very fine paintings of Rocky Mountain scenery, representing the bead waters ol Ihe Arkansas River, from Mr. Ford, the artist, and the meeting spent tome in examining ,h lbc thanks of the Academy were then tendered to Mr. Ford, and the body adjourned. Northireatem <>!&*• Company* Ihe stockholders of tbe Northwestern Glass Company held their annual meeting for tbe elec tion of Directors on Monday last, at tbe com lany’s works, on Rucker street adjoining the West Division Gas Works. Tbe following gentlemen were clec'od Directors tor the ensmng year, viz: A. P. Kelley, X. Ludltiglon, T. Medlll. J. Farr, Jr., M. Talcoit, W. D. Kret*lnger aud P. B. Shorn- way. A report or tbe affairs of the company showed that ground was broken for tbe erection of the wmks in April last, and the first glass was made towaids the lact of August. Tbe capital stock was <IOO.OOO, on (which fifty per cent was paid. At a stockholders* meeting held last Octo ner, It was resolved to increase the stock to s3oo,ixxi, and to sell as much of tbe new stock as would be necessary to erect a second furnace with the accompanying ouUaluc*, and to lay in a win* .cr’a enpoly or coal, sand and soda ash, clgaty ibomand dollars. Eighty thousand of subscrip tions were made for this purpose, on which fify per cent have been paid. Tbe company has there torc issued <90,00) of full paid stock on a sub scription of Jialoif. Too new Board al Dlrec!oraj*»eL»e« J**q., Secretory. Ur. Kretslnrer was elected a member of the Executive Committee, which will consist ot Messrs. Kelly, Kreletoger and Sham way. The first named gentleman isalarge stock holder. as well as a heavy capitalist. Tbe Board, at their meeting yesterday, ordered as assessment ot ten per ceutoa the subscriptions of Ifae stockholders, jmyable on the 33d Inst., for 'be purpose ot funning a working capital. It Is thee .intention of the company to re duce ibelr capital to <300,000. and call m installments as they may !>« needed for tbe enlargement of tbe works and the business, nil 11 all tbe stock is fatty paid, thereby placing tho In silinrionon astronc and permanent lurt*. U Is proposed to start the second furnace aooutthe middle of March, as the spring trade will then begin. XJnrtng tbe month of January the works tamed out 2.940 boxt sot "stogiethick,*’ and 291 boxes of "double thick” window glass of very excel* Unt quality. The month's manufacture tv wonh st cnrient wbrlecile prices, abont 424,0* 0. With each month's experience the works are doing better- making more class, at less co*t. it believed that wben the second furnace gets talr ly into operation, tbe product ot the establish ment will average fully 7,tCO boxes wr month, worth upward* of tSU,uCO,* and employing about use hundred operatives. The eahd, which is tar rnycriorto that m-ed by tbe Pittsburgh glassftc lories, is obtained on the line of the Illinois Canal, in the vicinity of Oitaua, where there are exhaust ive beds of a quality not excelled by any sand, perhaps, in the United States. The window glass made oy the Chicago factory is much superior to transparency, strength, ovennets and ponty to that sold Id ibis market by the Pittsburgh bouses. The credit of originating and getting up the "Northwestern” glao? works ot this city, belongs in a great measure to O. Salisbury, an old acd well known citizen of enterprising character and enlarged, views. He mires from the Presidency arc manaermentot the concern in favor of A. P. Keilcy, before mentioned. Mr. Sloan, who hii taken an active and prominent part in the con struction and management of tbe works, contin ues in tbe employment of the company as the su perintendent of the factory. FVnoxrsaix l-ancxnr.—A woman entered the store of John V. FarwcU a Co., at No. 44 Wabash avenue, yesterday morning, and seeming not to be suited With the goods presented, walked away, stating to the clerk that U the would oot ealitfy beridf elsewhere she would call again In ihe aXtrrncon. hbe bad been gone hula few mo intuit when it was noticed that two entire pieces ol delaine Orese goods were missing. Mr. Keefe, one of the clerks, immediately went is pmsml of tbv woman and brought her back again to the «torc. Taking ber Into a private room she was rroulrcd to produce the missies articles. Sbe Lsd them concealed to a sort 01 hltr cloth cloak of very liberal dimensions sewed nicely on to her dress skirt on ihe Inside. * iib shoulder straps (o support ibe weight of its central*. There was eighty-four yards of the roods and at wholesale price it was wortoover |4O Yesterdsy afternoon at the Police Court, toe woman gave her name as Mrs. Ida May, and staled that she mrt»ed in this city yesterday morning, from Wateiford, Wlscorsto, where she baa lived on a small (aim for the last year or so. She stated ibat »be was a poor widow, and never atole anything before, and that she came to Chicago to buy some thread aud hooka •cd of a description the conld sot find scat borne. If the Jude® would let her off this time the would lake the next train borne ; hot the Judge aaw too ranch •• method to her*’ stealing. Ur. Keefe aUted ehe had vUUcd their store on several different occa ■lona, but rarely purchased anythin*, hue was committed for trlai is ball of *3OO. Tbe annoyance clvento dry goods dealer* by the shop-lining fraternity tsatsome seasons a great teal. Never positively known in their irno character, and aa* sannre toe ways and mannera of boneat people, the proortrlora orutorca and tboir clerks are com palled In acll defence tn keep a vigilant eye on *1 cis'emera. honest and otherwise, welch la not .nft< quemlv and unpleasantly offensive to people. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Knit AgaJnat Colonel Wood rorlnfriocto mmt of Copywn«ht—important Do* clalon on tlie city Assessments—An Intetcstlns t-nao in ChancerT—Di vorces Applied for-Jadimentt and ? f w nnlU-GUt Enterprlara. It the Ut tied States Coart suit has been com menced by Dion Doodcault, the playwright, against Joseph D. Wood, the proorletor of the Chicago Maseom. The particulars of the pro ceeding do not at present appear, hot It is unoer tti.od that tbe proceeding is for ao aliened in- Irtnacrntrlof the coprwrlght law, in presenting npoo the Museum stage the pieces adspted brine nfsinlifi known as ••Pauvrclte,” ** Colleen Bawo.” “ The Octoroon” and “Andy Blake. The damages are laid at £5,000. . _ , -lhomaa>'arfes filed hills against the Chicago & Alton Railroad Company, ana agnlaet the Pitu barch, Fort Wayne « Chicago Company concern ing Infringement npoo Ms patent right. The new salts to the Circuit Court, which was rot In session, wcie: B.F. Thompson vs. W. E. Walt. - To recover SVIO. The indebtedness la stated in an affidavit to be for a note lent to defendant at Now Boston, Illinois, for collection, which. It la sllegtd, he col lected without making retnra. ttiptas Issued. Alexander Roberts rs Dennis Careen. Oantot In trespass, with damages laid at SI,OOO. The action ts based upon an alleged asssiut made November 6th last, on plalntiH; at the Palos Elec tion Preanct. . „ . _ _ Chief justice Wilson, of the Superior Coart, vcsurdaydvllvered a decision in the matter of the objections to tax warrant No. 481, which Ufor cmbirgand gravelling Slxtemth street. The de cision will apply probably to a malority of the confuted assessments. The objection to this a-scssmeutuaa that Ills illegal and unconstitu tional under the decision of the Supreme Coart, announcing the principle in assessment case* to be that in street improvements there are two claws oi benefits, first. thegeneraL In which the public, ss a whole, participates, and second, the special, by which adjacent property] is benefited. U was answered to this that the Commissioners have astessea all the property deemed specially benefited, and that tee provision of the char ter requiring the intersection of streets to be paid for from the general fond. This is a sob* Hantlal compllai.ce with the viewof tboSnpreme Court as to the public and special benefits. The Courtsustalned the view of the city, and judg ment was rendered upon the warrant. An ap peal la to be taken. Jnoge Wilson did not sit daring the afternoon, owing to the reception of the intelligence that bis brother is dead. , „ , In the common law branch of the Sopcrlor Court, Hon. J. E. Gary, the following business was transacted; . ‘ , tiamnel Myers et at. rs. Arthur McGuire. As sumpsit. Commence! January Eth, in which de fendsnt was defaulted ou the Cth Instant. Dis- missed. _ _ . , - _ Tbe Same vs. Patrick Riley. Assumpsit. Com* menced oo the same day. Dismissed. Dora Btzel vs. John A. Kelson. Trespass. Commenced J&mutj Sid. Default of defendant entered. Steam Laundry Manufacturing Company vs. William and Richard Maxwell. Assumpsit. Com menced Goober 20th, in which both defendant! were defaulted December Mb last Dismissed. The Conn overruled a plea In abatement of the Toledo, Wabash ara Western Hallway Company, sued by James A- Stoddard and Arlon 31. Cook, In an action of assumpsit, wherein the damage is laid at i I,OOO. The action is to recover for a quan tity of engravings, &c.. shipped from Quieter to Keokuk, which,lt is alleged, were damaged and spoiled. Tne return of the sheriff showed service of tbe process noon “one of the directors and agents''of the company. The defendant pleaded, in abatement to tbe auit, that the director served was and is not Its agent. Ibis branch of the Conn is at present engaged in the trial of Oswald Kuhltschky avaiust Louis Celia—sued as Sellca- This is an action of trover, damages being (aid at SSOO, The allegation covers the wrongful comet-lotf of a Quantity of house hold furniture. The case was tried al the Novem ber Urm, when the jury found lor the plalntlu, giving $127 as damages, A new trial was a warded and toe case Is on. ...... # On the chancery side of the Court the case of Bridget Thompson against Mary Thomas and oth ers, and the unknown heirs of William Thomp son, deceased, came op. The bill In this case was filed during June of tbe past year. It is based up on the decree of the Court subsequent to a di vorce, i rcorded January 15,1859, by which thede eea-cd was held to pay seventy-two dollars per annum diriugbie lifetime to his former wife. The pe'tncnt ot this sum was secured by a bond and mortgage upon lot twenty-four, block seventeen, Newocrty'a Addition. Thompson sub sequently married Bridget, the com plainant, and she sued out an Injunction to restrain her predecessor In the affection* of wil liam and her agents from proceeding against com plainant to recover the property under tbe mort gage, upon the continued payment ol the alimony. A tecclrer was appointed, and yesterday an order was made that the receiver pay out money for necessary repairs npon tbo premises. The new snlta In the Superior Court were as fol lows ; Thomas B. Thomas vs. Frederick Shlndlor. As sumpsit. Damages laid at SSO, with attachment In aid. The claim 1s for $25 rent alleged to be due, and (be attachment issues on tbe ground of tbe fraudulent conveyance of property. Alexander Cider vs. Sophia Clyboume and an other. Petition for mechanic's Hen on Lota 12 and 18. Block SO, Canal Trustees* Subdivision of Sec tion 83, Town 40, Bang* 14, to the amount of $133.42, William H.BlseeU vs, Mary Anu BlasclU Bill tor divorce on tbo ground of desertion. Tbe alle gations of tbe bill are that tbe parties were mar ried May 6,1855, in Ontario County, New York, and lived together until November 1,1861. Thomas O'Neil vs. Horatio Underwood and Oli ver lipplocoU. Covenant broken. Damages laid at S3OO. , Dominick Malatesta vs. Richards Iron works. Assumpsit; damages laid at S2OO. Charles C. Hudson vs. John Dempsey. Eject i went for lois ft and 7, block 75, Russell, Mather & I Roberts* Addition. Joseph Voetonnal vs. John Shefchck. Aisunsp i tIL Damages ’.aid at S3OO. | OHn |{«niwri »i. Mleh««l It. Uorla. Aaauinp -1 sit. Damages laid at SSOO, WutiamT.dmoarts vs, U. O.Eastman. Attach ! m«nt on an alleged indebtedness] of $563.13, for 1 tbo ornamentation of a Commercial College, writ istued on tbe ground ot non-resldeuce. George Coombs vs. Charles Egner. Confession of judgment for 52.91-1.35. _ . „ Tbe tame vs. Tbe esmo. Tbe aaxno confession lor $2,201.83. Tbe same vs. Cba> tea Egner and Conrad Eapert. Cotilcsslon for $4lO. _ .. In tbe County court, German Volkcr was ap- Eoinled guardian of Helena U. Volker, under a oudofjSCO. A woman named Bridget Dana was found to be ''irfthe Recorder’s Court, Melissa Moore pleaded cnilly oflarcery. Underage. Sentenced to the county jail for ten days. James MHlan and Gas. Leo pleaded gclltf of an assault, and were sentenced to the county jail, each for tweon'y days. William Thompson pleaded guilty of an assault with Intent to do boduy Injury. Maty Caatcllo pleaded guilty of larceny. Joba Flynn was tried on an indictment charging him as a borglar. Verdict of guilty, and punish ment assessed at three years in tbe penitentiary. ltuseU, Indicted for larceny of money and a railroad rickeltrom a German emigrant, was round gmliy and ordered to be sent to the penitentiary lot seven years. Tbe GrSLdJnry having returned seventy-eight Indictments, was discharged after having made the following presentment: Tbe Grand Jury for Hie term, having completed their duties, desire to present to your honorable Court a class of evils that have grown up In this I community, and wbkh seem to bo beyond tbe reach ot law for tbclr suppression, but one. n*.ver | theleas. subversive of good morals and detrimen : tal to tbe public welfue. Toey arc known as | “Glfl Enterprises'*—‘Chcrnes for the disposal of real estate, houses. lands, pictures, money, etc., I by gilt, award, or lottery, and for which tickets I a»e Disposed of for money, within the jurisdiction 1 of this Court They arc In every sense lotteries, I but in msnv cases without even the chance of the purchaser of a ticket obtaining a prize. Prominent among these so-called enterprises Is the scheme of A. A. Kelley & Co., known as the “North American Gift concert,*'which has been before the public many months, and tbe final, so called, drawing almost as many times postponed. The principal of the firm la now re-tlng under In diriment In this Court, and yet bis nefarious busi ness Is still carried on. Evidence before thejury goes to show that as mnch as $250,000 have been received by said firm, and tbo lory are credibly informed that irom five hundred to one thousand letters are dsllv being received, containing money for chancct In the so-called enternrtso. On due investigation, therefore, the jury present tilt scheme referred to of A. A. Ktiicy*«b Co, as a stn- Kona swindle, and nvrret that the limit of action can only KSnll in a fine which may be paid bv tbeir receipts for tickets through the Post Ofhcc bv a single mall. Aakiodreu to thcee enterprises, tbe Grand Jury aisv present tbe places quite numerous in the city, where gambling, under the name of “ Keno.” ta carrledoD, and where yonogboys, as well as men. , nightly congregate. These games, m some in stances are encaged In on the Sabbath day, on thd most frequented public thoroughfares of the city. The Grand Jury bare exhausted their power In tbe mat’er, but believe the police authorities will be derelict of duty If they do not promptly abate them as nuisances, alike i> Jnrlous to public morals and contract to the peace and dignity of tbe Stale of Illinois. The Grand Jnry.before completing their done*, visited the county Jail, and have the honor to re port that they found tt In every way «atl«CSctonr la regaid to cleanliness and In order and discipline, as veil as In toe care bestowed upouthc health and commit of the unfortunate inmates. In tbe Recorder's Conn there was one bill filed for divorce by Magdalen against John Rich. The charge is thatthe defendant.turn.pyj&q.ppvili? She also allege* ’hat be has been ire quent la adul terous acts, and has entirely neglected her and his family. Waihlae S. Weoer brought assumpsit against Area ead Peter Nun for $ TOj, alleged to be due op labor in bcildicg a frame house. Blurt and the Desert, Last evening Professor Dane, of Hillsdale Col lege, HiHedalc, Michigan, delivered a lecture on "Siual and the Desert ” in the audience room of the Free Will Baptist Church, corner of West Jackson and Peoria excels. Tbe speaker was In* (reduced by Rev. D. M. Graham. D. D., pastor of the rhnrcb, with a fen n marks: Professor Dccn first spoke of the valley of the Nile as a classic region, and tbe spot whence human civilization first liegan to spread. It comprises abont 15,000 square miles, and u fed by the ri?c and tall of the river. The soil is Dvcullariy fertile and deep, formed by deposits from the river. Tbe depth ot 'he soil la from flßeeu to twenty feet. Some writers claim that (hU collection of mailer deposited hy the waters of each rise, is gradually extending e»«t and w est from tht river; others claim that ihe bed i» narrow mg. The speaker thought lint a slate of equilibrium wasmalniaiaed. ice scarce of the Nils, among the snow-covered mountains of Afri ca, acd us tributaries, were all described, Tbe current of water was rapid.considering the declivity irom a level The Pyramids of Egypt, tbe probable modeai d time ot erecting them, tnd Ibelr durability were spoken of. The angle of tbe sides of tbe Pyramids was about fifty degrees: ibe largest in size was seven hundred feet square and four bordred and eighty feet high, weighing about six millions of tons. In the Pyramid* there is nothing or beamy or utility, but tbeir size gives them a grandeur not equalled by any other work* of man. Tbe quarries to the moan tains, lour hundred miles dUtani, were described, and the method of caiung ue huge blocks of stone, and thelrrcmorai to thelrpreseat place of position were spoken o'. Tbospeaker.after describing the obelisks and the nuns ot the cities, proceeded to give a graphic description of the oetsod of crossing the desert in a caravan. Horeb and Sinai, *i<h tbeir associate pea<cs« trade sacred by the appearance of God to the Israelites In tbeir journeying*, received much attention. The Convent of St. Catherine, stationed near, and the customs of the Hermits, who Inhabited the convent wt re briefly sketched. Alter a description of the physical condition of the country. Professor Dunn exhibited tho dress of the people living in tribes in the country. The people nave no social government, each one being separate from bis neighbor, and going it all times armed and prepared to avenge any Injury which mar have been inflicted on him or any of his kin. Tbe address, which occupied two hour* In the delivery, was listened to with marked attention. A collection eras taken np at the close, and the meeting adjourned with the benediction. Toucs, Fine xkp HsasTß.—The regular semi weekly meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissioners was held at their rooms yctleiday aUemootu Present—The President, X. B. Brown, and Commissioner Good. Chief Pins Marshal Harris stated that toe Fire Depaiimest had been engaged in clearing away Ibe remains of the lale Are on the corner of Cass tud lUnxie streets, and bad removed the standing walls, which appeared to be dangerous. He bad also notified the owntrs 01 property lately horned in tbe vicinity of Labe and Franklin a tree is to re in ore the mint. Michael Bain, poilcomai lu tbe bomb Division, waa arraigned, on complaint of Captain tllckey, for belcg Intoxicated wtule on doty. Tbe case waa condoned until the next meeting, In order to allow Ibe procurement of vrltneaaea. A largo number of applicants appeared for posi tions on the police force About a duxes were ex amined, aid tbe fire following named unpointed on trial—one lor tbe North Division. and two for each of the other divisional Jacob Uelbanaer, Daniel Kane, Edward Jennings, P. T. Peterson, Tbrmas Ungaa. Ibe Board then adjourned. AnVBKiCIBNT*. Mrsrt I “Tbe Huguenot Captain ”,|ias made & decided Impression, in second repretenUUon lut night being attended by m Urge an audience ai* the lecture room could well hold. The success oflbe play here must be one in ft greet measure to the talent of the company, for there la nothin* particularly original or Impresslrc in tbe dtama and it la eald to hare been almost a failure In New York. The plot la ercecdi’cly simple, and the denouement Is brooch t shoot by mesne of a rather sorry expo* dlent which gives somewhat tbe tmpreestoo ora ‘•sell.” The Huguenot Captain qoarrrla with a prominent member of tha Kins’* party, and a duel takes place In fha first act which appears to result in the death of the Istter. Tbe supposed death of this man Involves the hero la ft senes of difficul ties. which would be easily prevented were the real trnlb but revealed. He is Imprisoned, and { brought within an inch of belnc butchered by the friends of tbe opposite party, when the stain men unexpectedly turns up alivo and well. In fact a better ttftu iiin ever, end ftl|cnds upln a stale of matrimonial bliss. Wc are to exclaim with Desoemona, “ O, most lame and im potent concloslon I” Ihe drama, however. Is eo well bronchi out at IbeHnsenm, the characters so well distributed, end the scenery to artistically executed, that the defects are comparatively lost eight of, and a rich pleasure ie afforded to too spectator. There are some very tfiective scenes between Hr. Aiken and hire. Harry, stormy impassioned scenes, which are well sustained. Sites Jenny flight takes tbe part of a gypsy girl with much spirit, nod iutro daces, in concert with Hiss Marie D’Vemon. a beautiful dance. which falls cot to receive a hearty encore. The part assigned to Hr. Dillon la cot a very brilliant one. yt-lbe succeeds In extracting a food othamor oat of tu McManus makes as much of tbe character he assumts os it is susceptible of, and bestows bis usual care In tbe rendition. Tbecosinmes arc all trot np In excellent style, and contribute materi ally to tbe finish of the representation. From the cnihnstaeUc manner in which the play was re ceived last right, we abonld be templed to predict for it a successful run. . HcVicKxn’s TnxxTnx—The ‘‘Dong Strike” was not so well patronised last evening as might have bees expected on ihc second events? of ita presentationln this aty, especially as tbe plot la a taibct interesting one, and tbe incidents are I wiooghtop with uaeßoncicaalUaneTecUveneas. I Mr. McDonough has done ihe bc-t be could In tbe representation; indeed, some may think he does too much In assuming two distinct characters, not neeer*arUyrooLectea. This evening tbe “Look Sulke” will be repeated. BKATiKOy—I he art ekatorlal has suddenly subsided into nothingness. Even the great tour nsmt-ntat the Washington was cnl short like an eagle In mld.tlr, or a prize fight af er two ronods, and postponed to a more convenient season. II ts agreatpliv. and a world of disappointment to several, who felt as certain of talcing the first prize as two hundred thousand people did re cently in regard to their possession of the Opera Douse. We can only sympathize and counsel patience. Every disaster has Its brightaldo. aud ibe silver lining of the thaw, if continued, will he that bathing instead ot skating will be the order of the day—a decided boon to the unwashed. VakrebKopui'sok has drawn ft big card, in James Robinson and tbe petite Clarence. De boa secured a prize which will put money into his parse. The attendance so far this week has been unprecedentedly large, and the veteran rider's reception was most enthusiastic. Nor is greater applause accorded to him than bo deserves. Many of our readers remember bio as the champion bare back rider, hut they do not remember bis present exhibitions of skill, fer the simple rea son that that they are most of them new. . Indeed, bis ability seems to grow br what it rides on. Du balancings and posturings on boiscback arc really wonderful, and baffle de scription. He is so perfectly at home on the 1 qnadmped that be performs very nearly alien 1 horseback without saddle, which tbe most expert gymnast can do on the solid ground, turning and twistingblmtclf Into all mann:r of shapes, and seeming equally easy on ills bead as on foot. Not the mostaifflcnlt feat, but the most thrilling, la in that scene where Robinson places ou bis head the child’s leet and ndcs around the circle.both per iccily erectand with arms folded—a regular pyra mid. Robinson will ride at Ibc matinee Ibis afternoon, as well as in the evening. Wauon’a Mmnon op Italt.—Avery superior collection of cosmoramlc paintings, the subjects being of great historic interest, baa been on ex hibition tor two or three evenings past, In tbe Crosby Music Hall. This afternoon and evening will close the season here. The entertainment is a highly instructive one, and no one w ill regret the visit. „ . , Tint EtLswonra Zouaves give their annual ball, on Thursday evening. Ihe last meeting for airangemenia will be held at the Tieroont, this evening. Tho Stewart Divorce* Cane. Fcbrotry 12,1857. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: My attention baa been calico to an editorial In jour is*ueot this date, under tbe head of “Stewart Divorce Case,” in which both Mr. Hart L. Stewart and hla friends aro publicly charged with the publication of a pamphlet Issued by me, entitled the “ ihe Stewart Divorce Case,” aud with consenting lo such publication. In justice to myself, as well as to Mr. Hart L. Stewart and bis family friends, 1 request that yon shall give Ibis communication tbe same publicity. It a (act that aald pamphlet was alone con ceived, published and issued by myself, from my own office, and wlthont the aid, concurrence, or consent of either Ur. Siewart or his friends; ex cept that I procured from Mr. Stewart's brother, W. W. Siewart, the very able argument of Judge Arrington in said case. It laa further fact that Mr. flan 1.. Stewart, nor any of his friends, have any interest whatever In said pamphlet« and so Car as I am aware, did not know that the nook waa being published until U was in press and nearly or quite half out. After Mr W. W. Stewart became aware that my book was being published, Uwas his request that I should publish the argument of Judge Arrington tu full—whlcU had been reported on tho trial, and which was in bis possession at the time. • _ It was alone my purpose to give to the public a fall and correct report of this remarkable esse, as It occntrcd from osy to day la Court; and not »>th tbe purpose or Intention of baring the “ de tails di*bcd np in a manner calculated to recom mend it to vulgar minds,** as you charge in your cultonal of to-day. P. L. ILinscox. [ln answer to this wo bare simply to say that Hart 1* Stewart applied to one of onr reporters for a copy of hie of Judge Arrington's speech, with tbe remark that a report of *he trial would be issued in pamphlet form, and subse quent trdicated to bun the day on which tt would appear. From this we were led to believe that Mr. btewart (H. L.) was pnry to the isct of pub lication, if cot actually promoting Ik—Bn.] A Bitixto.—A bold attempt was made-?**! night upon the a(ore of Crore, Dane & YreetVanc;v wholesale dealers in stores, tinware, and silver .fere, No. 50 State street, by a burglar, who provet, however, not quite equal to the occa alon, and only succeeded In rutting himself ar rested. A man named Al. 6. Lamraoo, formerly employed as packer In the establishment, who bid been discharged about two weeks ago, con ceived tbe design of entering the store and carry ing otr the contents of the sate and other valu ables. Retying npon his Intimate knowledge of the ptemises. he confided the conduct of the scheme to another man, and arrangements were made for the crib to bo crack ed last evening. Unfortunately for tbe success of the adventure, one of oar special policemen, M. R. Riley, got wind of the transaction and laid his Dittos accordingly. About ten o'clock last night Langdon, who had been haunting the place daring the day, managed to reach the roof or the bouse through an adjacent priming establishment, and bad commenced operations alone, for it seems his confederate did not come to time. He got so tor as to seente a comber of lanterns and was about to proceed to more Important business when the entrance of one of tbe proprietors scared him away- Welle in tbe act of descending from the roon Riley, who was watching nls movements, lild bis hand npon him, aid the bsrglarwas lodg ed in the Armory. He will bo examined this morning al the Police Court. Ok to* Bitty*.—A drover, named William Jewell, was brought to the Armory between ten and eleven o'clock, last night, by a policeman. In a state of Intoxication which seemed to Indicate that he had been drugged. Ue was quite Inco herent at first In hts conversation, and apparently half stupefied. Tbe officer rescued him. from one of the lowest dives on dirk street, and the night keeper of tho Station took from his pockets *495 In current funds. Ur. Jewell may consider his escape from robbery a very fortunate, ono Employtuent>€orrt«p«BdeßCc. Tbe following letter from the Chairman of the Employment Committee of the New York Young Men's Christian Association, addressed w Itoioe ilZl !l£ Acylation, speaks for Itself: February. B 1567. FctckdMoodt: Could you find employment forcoodstrot.g young men, willing to work as tarmiTS, laborers,elc.J We are having large num bers applying to ns; also, a few shoemakers, moulders, brast-flnisbere, and it looks nowa» though we should have other mechanics on our hands; should feel obliged If yon can do anything for them. Yours, sincerely, Wx. F. Lu. The above state of things applies equally to Chicago. We, therefore, appeal to all persons haring employment of any kind, in ail parts of onr country, its dues, villages, etc., to aid os in trying to inrmsb this large class of onr fellow citizens and others with employment. o. C. Genes, Chairman of Employment Committee of the Chi cago Young Urn's Christian Association. Dally Union Prayer .netting. The meeting was led yesterday by Rev. 9. O. Latbiop. formerly Chaplain of the Illinois State I’eMuctiary, now City Missionary under the ans pici s of the Methodist Sunday School Union, of this ciiy. Alter the ringing uos^ Take, an that t£e great mission of Christ's people was most clearly taught in tbe Scripture read. The verses evidently meant as much now as when they were ottered by the Great Master, that there arc ever arrmndus the htc and perUAUg. ' and that Christians were etitreaud to search for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and bring them into the fold. Ur. T. King said that nc had been a constant itten dart npon the daily prayer meeting since Its cpm mcccement, and there was always a harden upon bis heart when be came into the meeting, for those he ktew were present who were cot Christians, and hy the standard of the Bible were lost. He was iu a few hoors going down into tbe country to attend the Convection for prayer and conference at Sandwich, Hi., and desired the prayt rs o' the meeting lor thit large and remark able gathering, and for himself, that be might be of some good to the canse. Rev. Mr. Ersklne, ot ihe Xor/AieftUm Prf*by tftutn remarked that there was one dau of people that CbmUana felt more interest to than any other. The; were coming, day alter day, to 'he dally meetings ard were seeking Christ and the forgiveness of ibelr sins. To such, be desired to ray that God's holy word was adapted to every case and would trach each one bow to ro before the throne ot Mercy, find audience and plead with acceptance. One chapter he wonld especially commend on tho present occasion to their careful consideration. In tbe finy*first Psalm they would find just thelan i-usgc which wonld »lvcutterance to their desires and tceltogs. Were ‘hey asking for merer, ibere was the plea. " Hare mercy, O God. according to tby loving kindness.” Was there tbe spirit of couesrion in the heart, they will find: ” 1 acknowledge my transgression and my sin ia ever before Thee.” Was there the consciousness of a want of forgive res-, how beanilfn! the prayer, "Wartime thor oughly and c'eanse me Rom my sin.” Was tbe prayer for a better heart—there was a petition, "Cteate in me a a ess heart, O! God. and renews right spirit within me." The Psalm will finds flulnc expression tor every dc* Ire ol the sin-bur dened heart Rev. ft. I), Williamson, said that be brought greeting from tbe Uecdoia Daily Union Braver Meeting. In that phee there was a large revival, and yesterday there was a deeper work than any day previous. Similar tidings were received from Terre Uanve, tnd. Ur. D. L. Moody, said that ten years ago he came to ibis city. At that time there was no daily prayer tneeili-g; no Young Mcn’a Ch»to tan Association, It la said that Chicago is a worse place than ten years ago; hot, be that os U may, there was never so devoir d and earno*i a class of Christian workers to tbe ciiy as at tbe present, and never so much being done for Christ and humanity as now. The daily meeting had been a great spiritual educator to him. rot seven year* be had been a constant attendant npon it. He bad seen It in iu weakest bonrr, when hot three and fonr were Use average amnonnee. In tbe darken days ot our country's late history a "fa'thfol few*' bad gained faith to see the band that wrought out deliverance whilst pleading In that consecrated place. He should not meet with them again in tbe place, hallowed by to many memories, bm if permitted to return again, afier an absence of two or three months, nonld fled them assembled in Ihe new building, now being ere Ced, with ample accommodations for the noonday meeting. He desired to be ofien remembered white those whom be had learned to love in the work sbonld gather fur prayer. Tbe meeting was very Interesting, and several rose (or prayers. FBOK LOtUBTILLE, ln»B(WtUonor (lie Baat tf JLlncoln- Bobbertos, (Special Deipitcb to the Chicago Tribune.] Lovutxlu, February lb. Tbs bust of Ureoln *ai Inaugurated at the Academy of Woslc to-day. A largo crowd wat In attendance. Governor OramleUe and Qon. James Speed, late Attorney General of the United Htataa, addressed the aodlence. A slock dealer, from one of the upper conntlea of tbn Slate, wo* decoyed Into an alley on Fifth •t>eet, bet- res Cbeirnntaod Broadway, by a ne gro pres Unto, laat night, and robbed of a belt containing ISM, which the negro matched from bit person and ran off with. Tne residence of J. D. Osborn* one of the pro prietors of the Louisville Journal, on Walnut ■treat, nos entered by burglars last night, and ar ticles ot soma value carried off. The case of Jacob and Fredeilck Pfleaterer, charged with arson, still occupies the attention of lbs Criminal Court. (By Associated Press.] Locismi*, Febmtry IJL-Colonel A. P. Hen ry’s marble boat of Abraham Lincoln was laaagn* rated at the Academy ot Music to-dsy. The hall was densely crowded with % select audi ence, a large proportion being ladles. Got era or Bromlette presided, and gare an account of the me ox the sculptor, a native of Kentucky, and unveiled tbe bast, which elicited the approbation of the andtescfl M * Wash of art. The Governor IntiOoactd K»%Mtoni« General Speed, who one of the bapnteai ex foils of uU me. Bit eulogy was appropriate, im pressive, and. al times, sublime,asd was received with unbounded admiration. Generals 1 homos and Davis followed In anpro orlate remarks. Tbe band played dirges at uter tolf. Sobseqaenllr the bast uu removed to the Custom House Building, and placed permanently cm a pedestal at the westerly end of the law library of the United blotoa Coart, facing east- Wild- FROM NASHTUiLE. Betvorda Offeredjfer the AsssMinatlon of Loyal Sen. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tnbnne.l Nasimixi, February IS. Letters received from Winchester, Frank lin Conntv, Tenncaace, confirm tbe report that leading rebels In that part of the State hare offered a reward for the assassination of Colonel Stokca and other prominent Union men. A rebel ex-Brlgadler General is among those who are actively Inciting rnfflansof that vicinity to deeds of violence and bloodshed against loyal men. FBODS. BAXTMOBE. A Bloody Affray— Policemen Shot. Box-thiobc. February 12.—A bloody affray occur red last night on Fells street. Two policemen, named Dodfou and Irving, were shot while at tempting to arrest a desperate ebaroct-r, named Henry Glady. Three pistol shots were fired at Glsdr, hut without anr eflocL He was subse quently taken. Affairs at Fort Laramie* Fort La&aviz. Kebnxir> 12.— Captain Soka loakl. Second United States Cavalry* died at this poat lut nigbt. Be served on General Steele’s •tail during me rebellion. Colonel Carnneton’a wound is batter, bat be Is sot yet able to trave*. Colonel Patrick, Ind an Agent, baa established a reservation four miles from here, and has now tight? lodges of Indiana on It. and more are coming. Great Damage from Freshet In Con* nectlcnt* Nomvicn, Conn., February 12.—The end wall of the nearly completed paper mill at Greenville, hiving been miaerznlnetl by the freshet, fell Into the Sbetucket River this evening, damaging the mill taO.OOO. Several workmen had a narrow es cape. The loss by tba freshet in this section will teach |SCW,QOU. Accident on tbe Pacific Ba&iroad. St. Louis, February 12.—The westward bound express train on ibe Piclflc Railroad was thrown Irom the truck, about iweuty miles from Jefferson City, last night, and all the cars except the sleep* log car landed bottom np. at the base of an en* banhment twenty-five f;et bleb. A number of perrons ware bauly bruised, but bone seriously hurt. Frabct nod Lons of Life la Vermont. CoxcbUD. N. H., February 12,—The river was so blockaded wltn ice at West Hartford, Vt., yes* lerday, that the water rose as high as the second story windows of the Williamson Hotel. The proprietor's oldest daughter was drowned while trying to escape. Prize Fight, Nsw Hater, February 12—A prise fight took place at Naugatuck Junction, to-day, between Bo’eter, of Washington, ana Warbarton. of Hart ford. In the sixth round, the latter struck a font blow, when Bolster was declared the wluner. Stakes, fSCO. LOCAL MATTERS. Another Wonder of tbs Age.—We hare been shown a newly-invented article which Is enough to mako ns think that the days of won der are not yet gone—a cat* of ioup which whitens the skin m a wonderful and pleasing muncer;' Ladles osintt U exclaim: tojt and vhilt If leantiht iVln.” ■- "A* long at lean get it Pll nettr me poicdtr." This exquisite beoutlfler Is known as King’s Cold Cream Soep. and Is sold In Chicago by Dvcho &, Story, Ski Randolph street, and Buck, US » fark street; wholesale and retail by Smith & Dyer, and by drnqcfsts generally. ffTarsdon’a Pectoral Balm forConghit Colds. InUuenra. Little Clout Liniment* or Steven*’ B. R. Cures ncaialgia. bead&cbe, Ac. For sate by all druggists and at 122 south Clark street. Call ana are testimonials. Agents wanted. IHetealfisisGreat Kbeamatle Remedy Is truly the wonder of l&e age. Cases of rheuma tism that have baffled the suiU of the first doctors of this city have been completely cured by a few doses, and it Is as Infallible ss auytnlue prepared by human bands can be. Lord & Smith, Agents. We have been shown a new hair crimper for the lady’s toilet which Is very simple snd prscllcal In Its use*. A besndful crimp can be made with slight trouble. All the ladles should try them, and they will find they are far superior to all other*. Can bo procured at Mrs. M. C. Becker’s, C 8 Lake street Children haTinc Worm* require Im mediate allenUon, aa neglect ot ibe trouble ones causes prolonged sickness. Brown's "Vermifuge comflis" are a simple remedy, and will destroy worms wit boat injury to the child. Sold at 23 cents a box by most dealers in medicines. Itch! Scratch!! Boyd’a Medicated Cream cores itcb, scra'cher, and all akin diseases. *ll Uneat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain* specially adapted to children. Sold by all drag giiu. . Celeste & Co.’s Winter Soap.—Bo commended fur chapped bands and for general toilet nee daring cold weather. It may oe ob tained ol all druggists and fancy goods dealers. A Warning to Tonne LadlM (Can- UonJ)—Alady of this city became to all appear* ancce tuddenly 111. A physician being called. U was found that she had been using one ot the many articles advertised for Improving the com* plexlon, known as Ring's Cold Cream Soap. Upon inquiry U was found that the article had made enen an Improvement in her appearance that she actually-fainted with Joy alter using It. AH exclaim. "Bote toft and tchite it I rates 1h» iHnf “At tong at 2eon get lr til n*vtr vtt powder//" Bold In Chicago by Dycha A Story. 98 Randolph street; Duck, US Clark street; wholesale and re tail by Smith & Dwyer. A»£ your urnpgist for «. Juniper Tar Reap cures chapped bauds, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections. rcodcrlrg the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Casvxll, Macs <b Co., New York. Sold bjall druggists. The Franklin Brick ITfachlno, Justly celebrated forperfecl simplicity, great strength, and Immense compressing power, is ouauaxtxxd, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay and make 3,01X1 to 3.5 W) elegant bricks per boar. J. D. Renew, Proprietor, No. 71 Broad way. New York, Room 2s. - Don’t foil to procure ISrs. Wlnalotra’a Soothing tfyrop for children teething. It has been used for thin; year* wlh never-failing safety and success by millions or mothers for their children. It coneets acidity ol the stomach, relieves wiud colic, reroutes the bowels, and gives rest, health, ted comfort to mother andchlld. Thirty-five cents a bottle. Office, No. 48Dcy street. Now York and Xo.KS HUS P°"’° n ’- LonaoßiSTwM. • MARKETS ST TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. [E-pechC Despatch to the ChicagoTrlbuntj Nrw Tosx. February 13. The stock market opened shong and rose X over the dosing quotations ol last night. Oaths first call the market was firm, but tower on Eds common. After wards there was a raid on this stock, and it sold down to 3sx< quickly reading to S 7. At the ose o'clock call the market was strong at 59, seller sixty, bid fbr Fne, and 79, selltr sixty, tor Rock Island: 88, seller thirty, for Northwcatem common; 69,’.teller sixty, fbr Northwestern preferred. There was not much done, and but little stock pressing. At tbe ASO call the market was tbe same, Northwestern preferred being the strongest. R?ck Island told at 100. Afterwards the market was firm all through the list, with a'profpectol higher prices. Gold ODeantLwrqge wrre gloomy, bat the rli# was checked advance ot bonds la Europe, and elosed at IJ7 Money was easy at 6 P cent on call stocks and 5 p cent on GorcrnmeasU. No apprehension exlsu about contraction, but there Is difflralty 1b rowers. [Associated Press Report,] ... Vocs, February u. Mcney eaiy at S&< per cent, * ronxxQk gxcaaxot. Sterling quiet at laSfcfiios,*. a shade firmer, opeUng at 136. V. cloatng at Government stock* without decided change. Ton. rrtnarr U. Money doted very easy. GOLD.

Grid mere active this afternoon, and roae to 137 V closing at IS7>*, oovzsnoarrm Goretomenta steady. Coupons, *SI,..Wh3 llWOa Itl Alfilk Cocoons, *6f...106V(£107 17-3>l ....105UaSlCD? Coopcna, 'o...}tfs«»iKX Missouri 6a.... 91 f 0.!.?. Coop, *Gs,new.lflijidM(JsS ITeno. n»w s»c*»oc* groom The World report* the atock market dul bat steady. Six p. m. prleea: Ohlocert* *O9 Ulch. Ccntral.lOSitfftjO* tv. V. Tei «4.\S 41 h Old Southern., i&a 75v 1-ariCcMall....!« IlLCeat. .IU «4II(U Atlantic Mall..lts (albt Toledo PB N. Y. CettnO-.m *i*lW R. I. 99V Erie «\M «» ®V Heoaoa 119 folttX N. *»x« O* Beading .ifc.SutWJX Ft. Wayne 96*£ 95% m>iso sains. Miutiip shares more ac ttve.particalartr oaonartamil which advanced to 375— doting at BMam. Corydon ftrm.atioiSaiOO: tirrenry steady,atlCd; Snaondt* Fork active, at ItCaith; Des Ujtnss rose v> J*OAJCs and largely dealt to; Smith A Parmlee. 733. Tke Produce market*. NEW YORK. _ ■ s**w Tag*. February 13. Cotton—Finn, with laJ -a Of 1.100 bale* uplands at SSc. lower. Receipt*. bnt. Gale* of 7300 btls superfine State tV eatern at t9.(OAI(L7t; extra Western. f1030AU39; choice. (ILtfU'SBD; round hoop Ohio, f lUX\JI2J3: shipping brands. trade braada, extra GontLcrn, SUAt«lAae—ch>»ed ouQ. Whiskey—Firmer. Sales of brl* Weatern bond at SidSSc. tad 100 btls do at Uc—as extreme. Wheat—Doll, in buyer** tavor. Beoelpu. bu. Sale*: LOftbn white California at 83. U; IJOO ba So. 8 Milwaukee at f 1.13. and 7W bo No. 1 at fUI. Kyc—More active, with sale* ot HAS bn at tixa IJ3U for to choice Weatern. _ . Barley—Quiet. Sale* of POfihn Canada West bond at taSc lower. Receipt*. S£lo bo. Sale*: 41A00 bn mixed Western atllJlwl-U« in «are,»sdlU3M ul.U.y aCoat—cloelngatUsMeqnot^loa*. Oats—Lower. Reoaipta. *BO ba. Weatem. 6aj«e; 5 <*all. Ootte dull Sugar firm, wltbMlea of ACOObrI* Cuh# at W<c. Jxtrclcum—Dull; credo at 13*c; refined hood at 90 <430 HO lor new I n-C**, cloalug a*|auaroriww ; |IA6<A 19 75 Ibr old mrss.clotm* tx pt*»e rno»: also, 1,330 brU sew oa* at soUer Icaey? *Tiat e beef fins- bales: S3S belaat <3prime me**; »CCO»3aM> for IndU "oeef Uam*—scarce asd quiet; sales. 133 brU at 83X00 ; aale*. *3O pkg* at Byß9Jfe for shoulders: lOVOI3C for bama. Ctosu—Meadv: aal<*. CO eoxa* at 10yc for Comber -1 lace cut: 10\(kJ0.Hc lor long ribbed; for shett nbbco, and U\9itc for short clear. I imM HoB-OncUMtrf i *i(l**** 0 tor Wl “'*™' natwr-Oulat .tlMafcfot O&l-J Clirt»*-Qalel .tuom 1 MILWAUKEE. (BP«CUI D«P«CLUO** Mn-TTABOI. rtbTUMT U. Floor— Very doll uni lUtwnm. “>'■ Uioottr.nperlor wU.KnU.I3 l.r CsloaHl* c»olc. ». Morning BOOM. B-MM 1W» bunelo. Noon Doort, ZIJXI> bunnlo tl u.l« tor H«. I • orlnn In .ter. r (LUntjUtf »<•• * .<» '■ •' »* •“ Idler. onUoo,mrnnrri »I.»aL»X. *-'““i uucb illASbnjor'ooniloo, Fobrnnrr; 11.73 fur Mo. s S rtoit: tl.lliaoono HtWSMref. option,F.Sta. “ontS-BiS!"SoLOM bnonolo; 15c nr «o. 1 In' ■toro i oflc do dollrered l Wo for rnjocwl. Coro— Steady. Bales WO bushels ; TMtoroldNo. 1; S “on ** boonnlo Ho. 1 nine. Barley steady at 91.10. provisions— Firm. Sole* V» tori* city mw* pork at tiSJO; AOOtierceiswoet pickled hams *t 10XC; 0,000 Donntii dry salted shoulder*, loos*, at THo- Pressed Coes Steady. Slid it JltlW*®* Stmdrlro-Good WUconsyi hops, 40c; da. roll butler, 90c: ccci<29c nvdozeo. Beeetpts-UM barrels fioov, 11,100 bushels wheat, rtfv, aitA,aJOO do com. **?* do r/6,400 da barley, • 400 dressed hogs. . „ bhlpmeot*-WOO barrel floor, WOO bushels wheat. oiifCINNATI. CjccnraTi, February 15. * Floor—ls ateady, with a tain super at 53.V5 Aio SO : for winter and trade breads* including extra £wi famiir. aiLCOaiSJO. Wbeaw-ln fair demand and Ann. at )) for >to 1 snruur, and (WO for <<o.l winter. com—Dull, ana price* lower; So. lat lie In eleva tor. acd«c In sack*. Becaptr, large, oata-Dnll and nomlßol, at sto for No. 1. m©_ Firmer, and price* were higher; h0.1at91.t3 comra—Doll, but prices were one hinged; middling *wß2Sr-sw*iiT.*>a». Pnmslocs—» Arm. Mess noikdalL with no de mand; email sales ot city at (3, sad of country at KMiQ Bulk meats were offered more freely, and nncTs ware easier, a good deal*of country meat offar inr. The closing rates are 9«c and 10*c for aboal deta. tides and clear sides, looae, and XSfic over these r .|M for packed. Bacon doll: shoulders at 93tfe : side* at lOka, and clear sides at U'Ac. Lard dull, and prices nominal for prime city; prime steam sold at live. Green ousts at Sife. and iffVc. CloverEecd-In demand at (bJS. Timothy Arm at kAifi Flax at (V. 2&. • xJnaeed Oil-Finn at tJ A holders asking 91-40- Batter and Cheese—Firm sad unchanged. GOW-IS6 baring *»« m selling- • _ Ezcbange-Finn, at par najing and 1-13 premium "'Money— The market Is steady. PHILADELPHIA. PutLanacpaiA, February 13. Floor dnlL Tf esters, 91UI0; duta. |tWO; Ohio, fl TrhMtdSft- tVlater whiM, (3.13^^5.10. SramcUve* l yellow at 97c. Prowuloni unchanged. ■VfUUkey. Contraband *l-50. . Fetroleum, Bedned in bond, TTXc. JIALTI3IOKE. BoLTDtogx, February 13. Flonr eatler and steady. . Wheat ► carer, and n^mloaL corn, while |IJJ6®I.W; prime yellow, 9G£97c. • OaUSSe. Ann at gold, in bond, for prime cargoes. ST. LOUIS. ST. Lom February n, Tobacco—More animated, but prices ranged within pttTlans oHoiaUoas. , and prices tor medium and lav grades eaalir. I*ow «r»de top«r. sUoas9.73: anner, |3Aoa nc.m: extra. (l0^on»tU30; doable extra. ti2.n3U.vT. Wbcal-Firmer, fiS3 for aprtng; f 1.89 for choice Corn-Inactive, mod the lower grades eaaler. Mixed, r.«lSs:;yeUoW,ia3?oc; white, 81336 c, the latter for Oats—Firmer: 67«70c. Parley—Active; |tJ& for prime spring: (1.39 lancy do t 11.15311.85 good and prime foil. ' Say—Firmer, more active at 121.03 for choice Tlmo- H.SS per hundred. PTOvlalona—tJuletand unchanged. Lard-tjulet at ia®»Kc. Ut gs-hcarce 16\d*c. MEMPHIS. Utxwn?. F*bra*rvl9. Cotton— Steady »td quiet wita sail* of middling at Receipts to-oay, 1099 bales: exports, I.tSO b^orii— firm at 9SQ9OC. liar—Pni: and heavy at |3WDa32ilO. bran—l33Xo V too. tiats—Active and lira at 8395-* V- Mr»a J-ora— Steady, at polk Meats—Quiet. Shoulders, 9910 c; clear sides, uaitc; iiatts,i;wlsWc. Dmied Uots-SWsSWe. Bacon-Clear sides. 1 italic; sugar cured hams, SO ajljsc. Gtocariei— Steady and unchanged. Flour— Dull, With sale* of super at *9 50910.0, ex tras, (11,00911-10; finer brandi. (15.C0917.00. NEW ORLEANS. New oulsaxs, February 19. Cotton—Finn awl unchanged. Sales I, I MO b*»e» low middling. at rate; middling,3lV<«39e. Receipts for (bur days, 10,100 bales, arxlost tU W tha corresponding period last wees. Export*. 20.00) bales. ‘hugar-Flnn. FslrßVc. Moiaaic*—suffer. New Orleans T4cj prime to choice Firm at FSc. Day—Firm stXljlßc. Fork-Hishcr. at (71.75. Uacon-Shooldcri 13;; itdcalKiUHC, Lard—nither. WhlsSty—(L4o. Gold—l&Jf. BankSleillne—ltfV- .. Kew Fork Exchange—Jfc discount, fcetchU— Unchanged. BUFFALO. DciTAiiO, February 12. y Flour—Dull and unchanged. new Toledo 83e on State Lino track. OaU—Dull and unchanged. to *3JSi at retail. Dressed Hogs—Mulct, dim and unchanged, provision*—Pott steady at (ttAO tor round lots. Lard quiet at 13c. SAN FRANCISCO. SjLXiFXiHcuco, February It. An active movement la candies, resulting In the concentration of twenty thousand boxes in Hist hands, h*s advanced tbs pries Jf9lc par pound. Flour In fair demand. Market unchanged. Choice shipping wheat (i.O) per bundled pounds. Kew York Provision market. [Special Dmpatch to the Chicago Trttmae.) Nxw Toes. February 17- Pork—Closed firm, at (30.73, regular, and 9)0.39, sel ler April. Bacon and other hoc products, more steady, owing to large shipments for Great Britain disposing of lots now arriving. New York Grocery Market, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Triatue.) Sw Toss, February 17. Coffee—Quiet and a shade firmer. lUx 23997 c. Bngar-Wbre steady and qulst. Fair to prime gro cery loyauxc. W«kly Cxporu from New York. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Naw YoaK, February It. Exportsfbrtbepastweek—3£oobri*floor, 2H.OOOba cora, SAOOO bu rye, 71,000 bn barley, 3.4v9brUpork, f9C,o.Xifi»bacon,iJi,aosilard. A large Increase over the asms week last y-»r, except la Soar. New York Breadstuff*. Market* [Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Tobe. February U. Flour—Depressed by large receipts. Wheat—Steady demand, but sales cot large enough to suit holders. Oats and Barley—Pirn and more active. Ocean Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.'] Raw Yoke. February 13. freight*—’To Liverpool, by sail. pkgs hog pro ducts, UM. To Cork, 71,003 bn coin, 5* 6d. [Associated Frets Report.] Ktw Toes. February 13. Freights—To Liverpool. 850 bales cottoo, S3Wd; 1,70 b bit bacon at 355. and per steam, 500 oales cotton at ; so bales be* Inland, at id; 3SO bales clover teed and LSOO bin cheese at 40s. To Bremen, per steamer, frOO oalm cotton at l^d: acdpersaU,sU>ca*e* tobacco at 10s; 100 tcs'lard at Austrian bark to Cork, fur order, with 3,400 ba corn atStCd. New Vork Dry Good, market. N*w Tome, February 12. Tberrenteitr-atureln the marset is the complete do'iucUou bv nr* of the ctormoos warehouse ofs. B. CbtUendec ftVo., Broadway, who held the fullest as sortment of urmtatie goods of anv bouse proAaOly tn the country. This conflagration hat Interfered with business along the street, but In other locations there Is a fair demand tor staple goods at steady rates. J*rlnl*~Are particularly tn good request at 33c for Werrlmae.lSe f-r Cocheco, 15c fbr Victory, litfc lor Ht'T&f, and it - c w rtovey'a. Brown K. une--Tairdeniacd at *OA3Sc for South* ern and best ha*Cfumakes. Lawrence L are marked tl< pleacbtd*3ijßsiUis -In moderate request at STJfc for New York; SS* - tor Wamentta; me ter Lonsdale; Waltham, 49 a*<-* 39,We; do 8-4, 4Sc; do 9-1. 03c; do 0-1,66 c; I *-■* .cce L, 16,yc. New Y»rk Live Stock fllatket. *tßpoeial "Dispatch to the ChicagoTrtbuoa.l Lx-v Tubs. February 19. flcg*-steaij *; SX3tßk'e- R-cUpta, 1,550. DqjUlo Live 3tock market, BrvraiA February 13. to “* •'** trains ot ibe Lake Shore Railroad, and the yard t sav ing been cleared by shipments, there was no business traaiacted In the marks t this morning. In the after, toon, however, receipts were much heavier, Indeed, than aas anticipated came to hand, and towards tbe rli«e of the day buyers began to operate, ard some UiV lets of cattle changed hand* at previous rates. There v'*re about AOOObead lying over In the yards this evestbJ- Biost of item of fair average qnallty. Tbe shinmTbta to-morrow are expected to be very ven, u are anxlons to pom on u lh“ “'W"" 1 demand cononues. Price*A™ ratca. We quote a* under: EtlT? unadty. I> cwil s tC; tat, heavy oxen aad elects. v» 7JS: good. 111X0411.00: fat cattle and steers, f fwt, IS.SVU3: lair, >9400114)0; cows and heifers P CWt, Hecnnu. 5.143 bead; ahlppod. 610 bead. Sheep—Tbs market is very depressed, and there Is nothing ol consequence to report. There are about I.UO brad Kentucky long'Wnalfrd In tbe pen*. «tdch owners bold at fUU, but as 44JP ta tbe highest figure offered by Buflklo dealers they *UI be •hipped east in the morning. Heavy extra long-wootled Kentncky. 1350074)0 -. Indiana l >a«-woolle«1. 445005410; Cttr floe wosUcd Western. |4Jd%343. Bocelpn by Late Shore Railroad, I,MO bead; shipments by Erie Railroad, bead. Jhe mi rktvrula vUre at rates varrit»ere«m fehort Railroad. 3AM head; shlpmeaU by New York Central lUuioad. 7Z3 be«d, DrctMt Hoc*— mere Is a good business doing tn dmsed. n«o, quotations rangtag from gSdOA3.t>xfr. Sale* were: aoO Dead, averagtng eeo Iba and upward, at SAG#: :$ head, averaging iU ina, at >B4O, CambHdse lire Stock Starket. CixßSoo*. Mas*., February ij, Ricrlpt*—Cam-. 789; sheep and 1amba.4,459. **ne»k of tV't-Extra. fI*AOAtX7S: fir*: caalltr. lilJQbaiAtt. second quaiDy, jiO,£K*aiO,73; third quali ty. Gborpaad Lamb*—*®7«, which It VAS'C leu than last w**t, although the rvcelataara lAM head lest than av«k ago wftea Ctowbo mutton ao’l at a saermoe. TbemaJktlcloacsrtuU. The number of cauielrom the Northern State* la imailer than latt week, but the deficient* u xnide up hr wt»t*rn cattle. JPittladclpblA lire stock market. PnxnADhs ntra, February U. Cattle market more i-trre ml* waek; prleea higher. Abo-t at «KMl*c for extra; ;7**i&c for »lew D'gfldunand lower: MOO add, at 89.00(310.00 net fereonusot; choice, «W 55. Sheep dell; 8.180 aold at «*%?<! groat. .San Fnnciaco niolngSloeka. Sax Fkaxciaoo. February 11. Thu following are the price* of mining Blocks tCHlar : Garage 1K» I Ophtr poo Cr«wn I’ola*—— »«I Belcher... uq YtUow Jacket. 7« I legal Tender 5.......... 71 PKtslmrjcb Peimfeam market. Pirtascgon. Fcbmary it. The oil market H xawSangod, Tb* rcxlowmc are th« m:«w of crude: <BO b*ls Veuvnco oil. to be delivered on first water, at Rye. trackage* pjtnraed; 41 belt treat Virginia otl at lie, incladw; 10J brla Smith** Ferry oil. ar 7e.package* returned. Rsfincd In bond Btfbaazwteod there was bat one sale of UttJ brlt atandara white, for Anrttsl delivery in Philadelphia, atUVr. Free o» unchanged. So Bale* and no fixed price* Ibr rtahlouTn or sapatha. BISb. AT the realdcnck af »he brWeW mothWjal ViekihUTk, MU*., Feb. 4th, by tha Rer. Dr. Cams. Mr. TBAbD-1* lit."-1v ielate captain Bol'on's Chi- SoSauiryi. aauMiasMABFB-FISNET, of Vlcfi tonig. -• ' HIED. In this Feb. it « » «b »* ml dtneeof hlabrother. J»*ne»F.HC»;rT.lt7i vralrtw*T„ cf myS. tnOM&S j- the atthyeaS ° f, &n«vd*svroeeat> l o’clock p.ou, at the r«*. lec r«e* cf »l* At Msnowaa. Mice-BunJ*v. J«,tx 1567. of conga*, tlon of the lungs, Dr/k« agedtllmr nttiy ot Ohio. Sato fBUIs, engines, &c. 'J'HB LAirE & UODLEY P<*rlal»le Circular Saif Mills, ' iOETAStii SX£A3* EjIGBTES, fcWsgU . AaehjJC*. Con Mt*f. Shattng. Wood- ' UASK& BODILKY, ~A‘. » i aAtdWatcr-ata, Cincinnati. ari«- ; ■ I SSSLSi* oKtltv, ■ BSSBeWpira fltmisemtmg EC VI OKE K' b THEATRE. CHRP * rnuaubment or j. b. mcdowouuh. Production o» Hourclt aou’s new or*»A Or, ot «re*it bCRNEBY. For ttofomoua telegraph menu bare bees mads tor nct\r\ag from oil parts oi the world op u> nine o cioca . nlng. telegraphed direct yto ibo Theatre'»d i re** v the audlecceT Mr. McDonooth will appear r'-iaoiel- Larovd. the lesder of tbe strike, and »i»o asiCoopiei lor MoneypnuiTn taoporlM by °* lllß Company. Saturday. Long Strike Matinee. . pOD. WOOD’S MUSEUM. cBl. j. «. wood tfp WSSU °AG BEAT BIT. Tbe now Dramatic Bonunc«. Pf(>- dnredvltb weqaaUod magplflceae«w •* ■sShfaw •withasplendideast,andreceived byacrowdtdnoaw '¥&.”lfeSv‘tet.o. Fobrjur o,«Bd MatirM itl)t o'clock, and a’l) in tbe Evening, it W iSoti THE BUiBUENOT C APT AW. ptodneed with entire new scenery, rations. To eonclode in tne erenlng with the roaring Zareeof Tbe Horae fUllroad. ; TbeITHITB BOY 1» In rehearsal- -Y’AHIETT theatre. THE BEST BILL EVEB PRESENTED. The Thrilling Drama of SIX DEGREES OF CRIME. g*-TOE DEVIL AND HIS SEVEN DAUGHTERS U in rehearsal and will be shortly prodneod. ■^7" ORDER OF "WONDERS! To be seen only at the Branch of the New York Museum of Anatomy. JSATUEE UNVEILED, AT THE New York Museum of Anatomy, XF Secure your tickets on tho right hand aide, ap«aialrs« WXTKOW9KY HA.X.X*. ATIBKOB OF ITALY—Crosby’s Music JjX flalL (entrance on Btaie-st.), This Afternooriy at 2 o'clock* Doors open at l. Ladies and children, attend. Go early to secure a good stat. Yankee Robinson’s circus and MENAGERIE. JA6- HOBINPON, Champian Eqontrlan of the World, and his son, CLARENCE, will appear on MONDAY. February Uth. Tbe Chicago Ttmea lays: James Robinson Uln hi* profession what Uliiorl is In hen. Seats can be eecursd three days in advance. A TART IN E’ S TERPSIC KOREAN M *MLOS 5.10 O hlo at. _ TUB JTTVIKILE FANCY DBES3 FAETY Of this Academy, will be he’d on Thursday Evening, February 1-tih* Parent, and friends are co* auction Sales. J-JAHIEL SCOTT & CO_ ACCTIONKEBS ASD COMMISSION MKRCDASTS, 104 c«r» LaSalle, Chtcaao. C*uh advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-door aalea promptlr attended to. RUCTION— Wednesday, February 13. at 7 P. M., At DANIEL SCOTT * CO.’S Auction Room*. 164 Lake-»(. Plated Ware, Beal Silver, etc., etc. We ate Instructed to sell at our Rooms, on cvm log, at seven o’clock, a luce ana beautiful assortment ol bUver-riated Ware, including amongst a host ot other ceods, egg stands, liquor stands, pickle stands, card ba»kett, salvers, bouquet stands, drinking goo jets, napkin rinse, fruit duties. Ice coolers, champagne coolers, tea sets, coffee urns, soup toureens. fruit knives, torts, spoons. Ac- Ac. Goods on view la alter* noom DANIEL SCOTT A CO-, Auctioneers. A XJCTI ON—Wednesday, February 13, at Da:,lei Scott A Co.'s Auction Rooms, 101 lak<s«t. Weare instructed to sell at our rooms, on Wednesday, the ISlh Instant, at 10 o’clock a. m .. a large assortment of elecanl new Drawing-Room, i>rlor and Bed-Room Furnltore. Also, a new line of Carpets. Hogs, Oil clot jfcj|-fe L bCOTT A COh Adctloneers. Ruction— FBIDAT, HEBETfAUY 15,1867, At DANIEL BCOTT A CO.’S Auction Booms, 164 Lake«t., at Id a. m. Catalogue eale of Dry Goods, Drm Goods, Casslmtres, Ac. Wc are lustnicied to sell at our rooms, at auction, on FrWay, the wtb In stant, at 10 a. m., a Urge acd varied atsortmeat of casMroeree, aattocU, jeans, print*. flannel*, hose, half hose, undershirts, drawers, hlanxeta. gloves, ladles cloaks, carriage trimmings, Ac. Catalogue onlhursday aitcruoon. Daniel SCOTT a CO- Auctioneers. A UCTlON—Saturday, February 16th, J\ at Daniel Scott A Co.’s Auction Room*, 104 D,£>iu at 10 a. m. We are instruct'd to sell at our wtps, 164 L>ke-et., a large quantity of Household Furniture. Crockery Ware* Sugar. Cigars, ToJacco, Ac. FuR particulars on Thursday morning. DANIEL SCCTT A CO- Aucttonsers. JII. ISEINOLDS, Auctioneer, , IST DKiKUOBS.ST, SeUs Sew Furniture, Plated Ware, Also, Retail Stock Genuine Gold Jewelry. THURSDAY, February nth. at 10 o’clock sharp. /"i ILEEhT AND SAMPSON, VX Central Auctioneers, 47 and 40 Deatborn-st. Trade Sale In open lots ot 47 rtniee White Crockerv, 300 boxca tJ'asa* » are, Pomnonnaien A Pocket Cutlery, AT AUCTION, On Thursday. Fcb.llth, at 10 o’clock, eon* RUng of Toi let, Dlnter and Tc» Ware, of the beat shape* and qual ity t also, 900 boxes OlOI»»« W»re. cabal atlng of Bowls, sugar*, Gobleu, cbampsgnts. vnnes. Creams, DRhes, Ac.. Ac. Also, so invoicu of I‘ocket Cntlery and Fort- GILBEHT & BAILPSON, General Auctioneer*. 47 and 49 Dearborn-at. Superior Kew and Second-hand House hold Furniture, £c,, AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. Feb. 15th, at 10 o'clock, at our sales* rooms, 47 and 49 Dearborn-sO, conjistln* ofalarge asscrtmeotoi very superior Parlor, Chamber amom- Ins-room Furniture, loclndlna a splendid assortment or chan bet and oarlor iulics. together with a general assortment cl noa»eaeeplDcGood*^ mw . GILBERT * SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A. JBtJTTEUS & CO., Auctioneer* & Commission Merchants 44 Si 46 ttASDOhPn-HT., Between State*it. usd Wabaah-sv., □old regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot DDT GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES. &C., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. STHNITUUK, CARPETS, Ac., every SATURDAY. A FINE COLLECTION -OF CHROMOS AND STEEL-PLATE # ENGRAVINGS, AT AUCTION, OO TUESDAY. Feb. ISflt, at M o'clock, at Battm* Salesrooms. 44 and 46 Baadolphsu, between Sum Bt q^cdn^Vo^ a ritroprli»-s valuable ORIGINAL EN GRAVINGS andCRHOMOAny eminent living arU»M. from LANDSESK, HERRING. AM DsELIhTAILOB, and other*, and line « pies of toe moat celebrated pic ture# by the old masters, now in tbe calicrtes ot Eu rope. Amoi e the soblecu maybejpund a greatyartttr of IIISIORICVL and UEUQIOUa PICTURES, with Marine View*. FtruL Game, Ac., In ® Te ry varteW of style and finish, all or which have been selected with great cate and on the most favorable occasions. The above will be on all day Monday, Ftb. Ulb. ffM. A. BETTERS « CO., Auctioneers. yatiuttsSßantrlu -pAETNER—WaWod—w >iu *!’: 000 ° r X tAOCC tn cash, In an established general aiw store. Bales last tear 400,000. Or will self entire stock and good win cn reasonable terms. Goal refer ences given and required. Address Drawer 5, Gene-. eeo, Henry Co.. 111. v "pAUTNEß—Wanted—TVith a capital JT of >5.000. In a safe msnnfectotlns business, the ad vertiser having a large contract to fill this season. Ad dress “H A." rnbnne offlee. T>ABTNER —Wanted —An energetic 1 business man who can famUh good references, >5,000 each, and be willing to take entire charge of the business, win hear of a rare chance by addressing “MERCANTILE," Tribune offlee. PARTNER—^ Wanted—In the hardware with a capital ofS4.OCC to >5,090. to take me place wf a retiring partner. Location good. Ad dress * W B B-” Tribune offlee. PAHTNEIv— TTantcd—We have two nutlet who want men with the capital of >I,OOO each to take one-half Interesitn wmu apoeare to ns to be rcod paving besttess. ARTHUR A BOYDEN, 210 T>AKTNER—Wanted—With $15,000, in I a foundry and machine »hoP, or a competent man. withSACBO, to take charge of the JTOndry. A. B. MEAD, 151 Randolph-tt. PARTNER —'Wanted— W nh $2,000 cap jt«i L to take halt Interrat In and full charge of one or the meat elegantly fitted ladlea' and cents’ ratao ranta in Chicago. GILPEBF A BENEDICT. 132 Clark-M-Room 7. jfot Sale. FDR SALE—To Lumbermen—Valuable Saw Mill property for tale. The undersigned will aell at public isle, to the highest bidder, on Wednes day. Feb. JOth. n 2 o'clock pm- at the Coart Bouse, In Bay City. Mlchlcam the aaw mIU belonging to the estate of John J. Fraacr. deceased. This mill la new. haring been built last season. It la aitaatol within the corporation llama of Gar City, and it on, without doubt, the beat mill location on Saginaw Hirer, har ing a lane extent ot river irottace. orer twenty-four aerti oi booming prlrtlcgm and fir* acres of building ground, -for farther particular* addrea* „ _ _ WM. McEWAN, Executor. Bay CUy.feb.i. ISS7. T7OK SALE—The steam tugs W. K Muir JT* sad G. P. Darldtoa. now laid np at Milwanxee. (a gnod ordrr. Apply to B. P. riTZUEItALD A CO., Ro. 90 Mlctugaa-an. Milwaukee. FOR SALE—Prop. “Gencssee Chlel,” now lylrg at Dcttrtt, Michigan. Clan A 2. Ton n»ge<oldmeasurement),SM. app'tia WM.B. WAB KISER, Detroit. Mich.,or to UARIUS & DEO., *s4 Lnmbcr-et. Chicago. T7OR SALE—A dentist who is about to JP commence a tour in Europe will seir hi* odee for titoie, fixture* and lease. OQce not surpassed m the city for convenletcs or locality. Address *T> D 8,” Chicago. lU. T?OK SALE —An engineer transit, man- X 1 niaoured by Jaa. W. Queen A Co- Philadelphia. It Is a Uabt Instrument and la very good order. Apply at Boom 42, Rcynolda* Block. Eost ana jfflutm. T OST—Fiom 521 Madison-fit. a black -L/asd brown Shepherd Dor. with tan color on neck ■uairga. Antwen to the same at w SHBP. n Had oa a new icaacn leather collar. A liberal reward will be pvee fbr hi* return to the above place, or to 124 T OoT—On Moudar about 4 1 J o'clock, on or near Msalsod-s*. beinguja fur mnf- Ber. A reward of fire dollars wiU be paid tor tt* re tura to 12 boom wster-au r OBT—From 1M West Lafee et, s liver I <«««i white Pointer Dog. shout tea moot*s old. An ■wer* to the name A .liberal reward will be glvex lor hi* retain to the above place. • • T OST—On Dcarborn-st-between Mad ■ 1 J Ison and T*v» a Gold Sleeve Bottom with pateat Slide,patentedFsmW. 1961. Finderwillbe rewarded by leaving ame at 7 02 MlcMgSh-aT... T OST—Between 10 HobTard st. and _Lf dermowt, a Pocket Book, containing money ana valuable papers. The finder will be hheradyr*- waadedoa teanag the at 79 Uabbard^aW T OST—On Monday evening, the. lltb Xj Instant, on the sMewalk. between 263 Ontario •i.andDtarborn-*c, or between Onlarto-ac, on Dear bo m-«l_ and the New England Church, a cameo breast pin. A liberal reward will be tires lor its return to (he shore Bumter, tao Bem-ißouseß. Boom 3. So. 184 Cl»tHt« npu HUNT—A neat •t 134 floe-it. TO WENT—House containing 10 E»M lUndolab-et. - iTOKENT—On South Side, a first class L t*o-.torj >oH Stic. l'“'¥g t J?,S? <I ’JSJ* cow«*ioaai'(w>iin“ a< i 1 * u,l s* Ap,» BU*e-it» rro KENT—-Waterky House, Nna. 298 I and Klnilwat. Apply * t No. *215 Fourth-ar. ToltbNT— A lanre, newly bnUt nonse, ia tombs water and cat. loiuole for boardlnr «-£d a nl« »£re, • llhoflt regard to pnco uatA \fa at low :»IM far the next year. Apply npo RENT—House— Six or seTcn rooms, J[ with ga«. water and wooC-bouso. at 13 ParX-vr. ®o !£cttt-lUoms. rtIGNT—A good, convenient and - desirable (doable) room. Ur* rent. FarnUnte tor isle at a bargain. Apply at 33 Speed $ Block, aboal 7 o’clock to-night. 'O XO RENT—WeII furnished rooms in a convenient situation—stoves, service and gas in* cd. 108CUHI. rjno RENT—Room 20 P. O. Bloch, and X tnrattnre for sale. Apply at the room. XO RENT—Furnished rooms, with or without beard, at the Lincoln House, corner Ban* ib and Canal-sta. rpo RENT—Furnished rooms, with 1 board, in a private family, on kllchigau-av., near Fonrtcenth-st. Addreas *• X Y," Tfltmae office. '0 RENT—A nicely tmnished tront 1 room, with closet and store, with a private torn* ly, without board. Reference required. Apply a;77 Jackson-st. ___ TO RENT—Four rooms, wltn hydrant water, at 21 Cottage place. near Thlrty-flr*t*#C, convenient to Hyde Park train. Inquire of SMITH* KTT. with Bcwen, Whitman £ Winslow, 15 and 17 Ranoolph-st. T) RENT—A seven-room house. No. 353 Caiomet-av., S3O per month. PETER SUIMP, 93 Mcnroe-sL £ '0 RENT—Two very desirable rooms in Lombard Block. Apply at Boom 51. TO RENT—Two furnished- rooms, with board. Apply a»349 Oalo*«t. ■ TO RENT—A suite of rooms, and fttrux tore for sale, all new. situated on Dearborn-st. Apply at Boom 13 Foiierton Block, between u and 13 a. m. and 1 and 4p. ta n or address Box 3010. rpo front parlor and bed- X room,withboard,at2lfMJnurto-*h.nesfCUrk, In a private hunse. vim aU the cosdom of a hoae. References exchanged. O RENT—Two pleasant unfurnished rooms, snltablefor housekeeping, or accompanied wun day Poard fn same hotue. Inquire at Boom 5, So. 199 West Randolph-*t. XO RENT—Without hoard, tarnished front parlor, soluble for two single gentlemen; .one single mem. Beterence* required, Apply at 112 Last Jackson-st. go Kcnt-jptores. ©ffimi.&t TO RENT—Basement 115 South Clark at.. SixSO feet, with gas and good light. Apply In shoe store, or to \TM, rOTTLE, 12 UtU-st., rear of 3-1« North WcUe-st. TO RENT —The lonr-story and base ment brick store, comer of Clark and new occupied by Messrs. Mannet A Co., will be leased tor a turn of Tear*.- • possftMdon given first ol May. Itmnltcof U.W. UINSDALE, corner Water and lUf ersta., 'O RENT—Second ana third floors al JO Lake-sU Apply at PHELPS. DODGE A CO.’S. TO RENT—For ft lew (lavs, second floor of store Kor. 4, 0 and S Lake-st. Inquire as above. TO RENT—Cheap, desk room in a nlcelr famished office. comer Maolsoa and Clark «w ;or will ecu thefhrature and lease ol ths mßc* at a bargain. Apply at Bellght'rJßatber Shop, 122 Wash- Ingtoi-st. rpo RENT—Desk room in one ol the 1 most desirable on r« tn the city. Apply to J. U. KEELER. 120 South Clark at. r PO BENT—Very desirahle office rooms I at 91 RandolpU-st.secsnd floor. Apply to Dlt jAMEg, 93 Bandolph-at.. second Poor. rpo KENT—Millinery stand, 103 State- JL st. Store to rent and fixture* lor sals, with 01 wUhonl the stock. Poeaeaslon given immediately. TO'RENT —Stme, 207 Randolph &t.,and flitnre* lor sale. It wanted. Pn»»o»*lon immedi ately. Apply toA.l*.MEAO,llc&l£sUluAgcnt,l3l Uaadolph*»t. TO BENT—A store on Late st., one of the best location* on tbe street for dry goods trace. A. B. MEAD, Real Estate Agent, 131 Ran dolpa-tt. ffl2aantch-i!i:o Kent, XXTANTED —To Kent—Dock suitable \ \ lor eo&l yard. Addre?*, with full description, location and rent. Box 03. Chicago. TXTANTED—To Kent—Any time before Vt May lit. by asmall famllr, no children, a cot. tago cf five or six room*, in good location and repair. North ot Indiana and east of Clark preferred. Ad dress “MELVIN.” Ttthnne office. TXTANTED—To Rent—Bv an A No. 1 \ V tenant, a house on North Side, south of Erie andeaslof Clark, containing 10or 13 room*. Address “J L B.'* 229 West Madison- t. TXTANTED—To Rent—A house su’t- VV able for four or five gentlemen as a bachelor residence, with necessary conveniences, furnished or mturmsh-d. Address, with full particulars at to rent, capacity, locality. Ac. Ac.. Pox 454 P. Q-, Chicago. TXTANTED—To Kent—A good house, VY containingßor 10 rooms, on toe South Side, north ot Twelfth and east of Slate-sL, by a prompt paylnr, catcful tenant. Addreu ” W,” P. O. Drawer 3583. Chicago. \XTANTED— I To Rent—A farm ol net VV lees than 40 or 90 acres, with good dwelling bonse on It, within?® miles of Chicago. Addresa, im roeaiately, M.M A9U.V. Trlbnae office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good house, VV containingSor 10room*, situated on Wabash or Mlcblcan-avs.. nt>rtb cf Tveltlb-st- by a small fam ily, without children. Would rent a furnlsbc j bouse, U lurnlture 1* nice, fbr one cr two years. Address P. Q. Drawer 3826. VST ANTED—To Rent—Any tune betore VV March Ist, br a small family, no children, a ijnall cottage, or rooms suitable for hourcseepiog, within SO minutes' wait ot Post Office. Address, stal ing terms and location.-J G K,** Tribune office. trr ANTED— I To Rent—UntU the Ist of VV Mar, two or three rooms, suitable tor house keeping, id a good location <n the We*t or Soath bide. Apply at Uoom 2. No. 1 HI South Clark-iC TT/ANTED—To Kent—A angle, well- V V furnished room In the South Division, north of Van Bcrcn-st. Possession to be given twfor* March lit. Adorea* ** G,** Box 1003. • TX7ANTFD —To Rent—A good house, VV . nhlaand the Ist of April or May. with 13 or 1 js, suitable lor a first-«la*s boarding bonte, houth stue, north of Vanßnreo st. Pleas* address "H B-” P. O. Box 1601. ISral isstatc-ceitg. I.UPBOVED. f7OR SALE—A new marhlc Iront bouse, JP with all the modem Improvements, on Michlgsn av.; price. fW.OOO. A. fi. MEAD. Beal Estate Agent, 151 Randolph *t. r?OR SALE—-By Snyder & Lee, Real J? Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new, neat frame bonses ot S room*, water, gas. sewer, marble mantels, and lots, on Washtagtoa-st., near Ho boy. FOR BALE—Or To Rent—By SuvderJc Lee, Hesl Estate Agents. A Metropoiitan'Block, a tram e ho use of 10 rooms. *420 Warrea-tu. near Lincoln. FOR SALE—A eood house of 7 rooms on Calmret-ar.; lot —xlS3 to an alley. Immediate pofsetslon. fVSO. PETER 8H1MP.92 Monroe-st. T?OR SALE—By Snvder & Lee, Real P Estate Agent*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a flrst-clais brick house of 13 rooms, hot and cold water, water closets, bath rooms, marble mautsls. bel'a, tur nace. and let, with brick bars, on itacser st-, near jickson. T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real A 1 Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a block of four brlcß buildings, corner of Indlaaa-sv. and Twfnty-flfth-gt. |7*OR SALE—A nice new two-siory JT dwelling house, and lot Sozlt9 feet, with gas and w atcr and all lmrrov(m*n£s, with or wlthoat thetur- nlture. For further particulars Inquire of JA9. A; WHITAKER, firm of Whitaker, Harmon & C0., -IS Klver-st. F’OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 MetrcpoUtan Block, two **awe booses ot S rooms each, and lots 30x131 feet, ,u ne>f r?f)R s\t7S— * ycry Jic and com* JtffienoiMl. with 11 roost. fte_ ..“-‘P 1 qm* UOW alley. gnod barn. tboroogb aeweraee. ftc -•• U Ulen Immediately. Tne cheapen bouse In tu, •« oneasrwill oe convinced wbo examine* ttepropei, . Title perfect WABRBN A GOOOBIC3, Beal Estate Broken, 1*25 Deafbtra-et. Roam g. T?OR SALE—Two-story house, and lot, J. Nc. 239 Fourth-av. Bottle Ua«* aadtacool order. LotSSxioc. OnlrfAlbO.lf taSeastonce, very (heap. WARREN ft GOODBICH, 123 Boom 3. X?OK SALE—Houses and lots Nos. 584 L and.TSG Wabash-ar. So. 356 ha* 11 rooms: No.3S-1.13d0. lots ißxia. with aood hanu. Will be sold allow price*. Title beyond natation. WAB KEN A GOOtlucn. 133 Dearoaro-tu. Boom a. TT'OK BALE—Tbree-stoir brick build r In* and lot Sn.'>9Z CJafb-St.. ne%r v«n Bimuml • Bert* now for oxer ont eoSuTne re-rented at a tnneb Usher rate. Title perfect. WARREN A GOOD RICH. 123 Dearborn-si. Rocto 3. UNIHPROTSP* 17*0R SALE—Three choice lots, fronting X? toe University eronnds is £ransCon. corner of Uismamar. and Unlversltr place. at a barcsla fjr cash. Apply to NUTT * fcBOOKES, 5S OarK-lU Chicago. XT'OB SALE—Choice 10 acre lots, five X. miles south ol city limits: |UOO each- »I»eajb. balance in 10 Tears at 7 per cent. VTAKiiBN A GOOD RICH. j‘2s pesrooru-tt.. Boom ’J. F7OB SALE—The south hall of block 0, r Klnae’e Addlttcn-ata barjaln; or ,vrin »ell lot* ■eparatel t on 10 years’ Bine, at • per c*nc nABBES ± GOODRICH. 125 Pearbom-iU Room tf. FOR SALE—I comer low, 7 inside lots caßunion. Ssnonnoa ud Ttylor, »nd joi* ttir iad cae aou»e*n-i lot on Green* •t. r-" oa T.f*. BALDWIN. 104 lUadolplnt- IL_C4]J F)B SALE—On Wabashav., a flue residence lot. eait tront. 23x171) feet. b«=x tbe com half of id feet. eorn»r Wabasa-ar. and Foar tecßth-tC X. TV. rnkEMAX, DeniUt, 102 Washing tOJMt. J7OK SALE—Several flue lots on Pe r orla-at., south ot Adame, Mxijseacm detirabto reeldencm property. J. H. KEE LEU, Real £»Ul« Office, IS9 South Clarx-it. FOB BALE—S lots on Lincoln-st. Ash land's Addition, at a bargain; also, aflrst-elasi house onPark-av., price 910,000. A. B. MEAD, 151 Randolph-st. tScal Estatc-ffiountrß- TT’OR SALE—Fruit farms and other JT land*, improved andnnlrr proved. Also.hoase* and loti, byWILGUS A WILLIS, Real Estate Asrnta, Rtchvlew, Washington Co.. 11L . FDR SALE—Farm on Galena R. R, one mile trom Bloott Station, fbnr mllei west ot Peca tocica. Sts acres, two home*, a flue barn. Umber, llv* Isr water, and Is one eftbe best slock farms la mmol*. Will nSmoid at 930 per acre. and is » bargain. D. K. PEARSONS, 118 Bandolph-su Chicago. T7OR SALE—Two Farms, both eicel- X 1 lent solL well watered and timbered- Oae M 0 acre*, near Genera: the ntb*r 00 acre*, near Rockurd. Offered cheap. CI.ATLE?. 03 Washington-*!. Estate, TEX—Residence lots on 3l»cni» . !./ . crWabai h-ar-between Twelfth and Twen* Uetb-«U. J. D. KEHLaR, Real Estaw Office, ltD tooth personal. T>ERSONAL—A gentleman between 35 X ana W yean or &r« whhea to corrcspoca ■wltb nine respectable lady ofsnltablc tsr, wltaariewto aiatrtirooj. Vlrtoe the only oaalincatloa looted tor. widows. Address T.T.HBMBV.Cfci • atov• • 'PERSONAL —U tho.person wflo took a IT package cmtalnUe some ladies’ carl* from the trait stand at tbe soolli end or tie Post otQoe. will re* tarn uto tbs offlre of tie Waters ppantx Insarsace Company. So. UO Lasalle-n., they wIU reealTe a aaty able reward, w they are rallied at the pift of a ttlood. gglantro-jgalf »ri|. ■nOEKBEFBII. imiMH TXT ANTED—A good salesman, of picas* VV tn*addreaa,un aocure a permanent • I Wall* •ndsoodpay by etlllti oo JONES) * OUVIS. 135 Dwbonut., op iUltt TXI ANTED—An energetic me* with Y v two to ISO), to emi«« la a money. ma iln« boil rtu. will bear »uicl Inyeetlxatlon. Apply at 184 BoothCiark-al.,Boons o.from »». ■. tolp. n» TXT ANTED—First-class trarclling sales- VV men. Tboaawbohaveaadexperlsocolnsridclt. Ids preferred. It quire atlo9 Bfrom 11, or ad Oft* BTODPAHD A CO.. Chicago. TXT ANTED—A mercantile bred young VV man. whohaaklll andlaißitry.tSto ayeara ol an—one who can fire food reference*— miy ad drcaa P. O. Pox 11074. TXT ANTED—Men (salesmen! who can V V laveat |IOO in a bortaesa which will pay |l3 per day. Apply St itoom 14, Ho. 1.75 Sonin ClarX-it. No chargettt lutbcmaUon. PBTgttS. TTTANTJSD—A salesman or bookkeeper VV who can loan me 1300, or a partner with from «00 to 1500. In a provision and busiMM that win clear |i» par week. Address C. METEU, Tribune office. WANTED— A mlddle-ased man lor porter .tth« St. Clone uoaat, (00. wbodoea not ariEk preferred). 114 franklln-st. TBiDBS. TXT AN TED—A good Cutler, capable of VV cutting for merchant tailoring snd ■lso'&diea' cloaks. A single man preferred. Most bo of steady hiMU. Moderate wages and steady employment. C. J. PETTIBOSK & CO.. Fond da Lac. WH. WANTED —An A 1 cairlage painter and finisher, to take charge ef the paint shop in a flrtt-clais carnage factory; also, a blacksmith, to do fine work in carnage ironing, In a pleasant city, near Chicago, and steady work. Address for three days, S. C. GRAST. 1C Lake-st. ffiiHantEli-jFcmale ffielp. TT7"ANTED —A wet nurse for a child YV two months old. Apply at 70 Stalest. PK. RDATiDMAS. HOUSE SEBTASTS. TXT ANTED —A good gul to do general YY housework in a private laally. Most be a goM cook, washer and ironer. References required. Apply at 1 jS North Morgan-st. TTTANIED—A good American or Ger- YV man girl to do housework In a small bully. Call at 734 Fnlton-st., or on SHEPARD, 341 Lake- \ \ T ANTED—A wet nurse, immediately. V V Apply at the commog-room of DUKLOP BROS., 40 Lake-st.' -TTTA NTK.n—AI 1206 WaOashav., a YV good nnr»e and seamstress. Best of city refer ences reqelred. Host be French or English. Address - W a C,‘ T Trßonc office. T \T ANTED —Chambermaid and waiter, VV attbeKaOonsl Hotel, comer ot Washington asd Wdls-sw-. one square west of the Coats House. Also, day hoarders wanted, at $s a week. TXT ANTED —A cood woman or girl, to V V do general housework In a family ot fonr—ina that understand* cooking. Apply at 159 booth Jef* ferson-st. So Irish wanted. [XT AN TED—A chamber girl, in a prl- V\ rate tolly, at 133 Hash-at. "ITTANTED —Cook. A good German V V or Scotch girl can get a good situation as cook by applying with reference at 654 Wabash-ar. WANTED —An American, English or German Ctrl to do chamber wort ana wubioc* Apply at 363 Micbigan-av. TX J ANTED—r A neat, tidy girl (Protest- Vv ant preferred), who ran rrv'At. vult and Iron nicely fbr a small UntUy. Call atWlUoox AGlbU’fcew log Machine Hot ms. 133 Laic-si, WANTED— A cirl to coot, wash, iron and do general “housework. Apply at 579 State-* t. TXT ANTED—A good girJ, at S 3 Warren- V\ st. Wagesllberat. isinplosingßt agnuUg. TXTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 Vt collector, S hrakemen, 2 flramea. l porter. 2 driver?, 4 agents. 3 entry clerks, 2 conductor*. Apply at 134 Dvatbsia-su Ivoom 2. TXTANTED —Touug men in the conn- V V try, wishing to obtain situations, such a* book keeper*, salesmen, collector*, expressmen, cterss, brakesmen.Ac.,ac„ to apply at 13t Deanjorn-* l -, Rcom 2, or aadres* M. E. JOKES A CO-, BOX 2010, enclosing ten cents, for lull particulars. ~Wf ANTED—GO men, nagea 51.50 to f \ J2.CO per dar and board: 20 wood-choopsr*. f2.IS per ccrd. APPIv at lOQ MadUon at-. Doom 4. tESHantEi-^UsiEllancoug. TXTANTED —A second-hand mortising VV machine acd sreond-band lenetlig machine. Apply b; letter, auting where they can be seen. E. E. W. lil-AKK, 4S Slau-et. TXTANTED—To exchange lor house- Vt hold furniture, one flee gold watch, valued at |250. Addre««“O.’ , TfibaDCofflce. TXTANTED—Two good Sflver-Lavcrs. VV Apply at office ol tbe tTmcn Despatch Co., In Warehouse fbol of Randjlph-at. TXTANTED—A residence, in or near Vt K>me county town or village, convenient to jailrcml-Chicago i Rock Island, Chicago & st. Lonl?, or Illinois Central. Mon be worth at» baicaln from f.\CCO to *15.000. i«mple grounds attached, with trait, ebrubbvry. &c.. preftned. la exenange I will pay llrst-class Chicago property. Improved or unimproved, at a lair valuation. Answer* will fall particu lar*, price. *c„ ot the propaty offered. Address Box 1383. Chicago i’. o. WANTED— Immediately, eight com petent male teacher* lor ftcedtuen’s schools In Louisiana, two ot whom may be person* of co’or. Hie very best of tefrrecce* required. Apply to Her. J. K. 6HIPRERD. at the Rooms .*f the American ilmlon ary Association, 28 and 20 Lombard Block. WANTED— To bnv a lot, or a borne and lot, on the South Side, east of Wells and porta of Jackwn-tt. Adcrrsi Box 2053. ctviVß loca tlcn, size of lot and house, and price, or apply at 30 lAke-st., 3dlioor. WANTED— To borrow two or three thousand dollars on good security outside Iho CUT. C. WU.IJAMS. Drawer 0285. TXTANTED—A man with $3,000 ready VV money to buy an entirely new Patest iflght, worth SIO.OtO a year. Apple to ur luiUrcT., “lUi-U --AUDi-UN.” Room 14, No. J 33 South Clark-su, Chi caio.llL "IXfANTED—The celebrated gypsy wo- VV man ha* removed to 328 South Clark-iL. where she will still centime to astonish all In her art of Palmistry. All affair* of Ufa told with accuracy by the Gjpsr Palmist. Don’t forget tb* number, 329, over the hat Here. Fee, ons dodar. TXT"ANTED —A purchaser for a “pat- Y V cat'* which Is superior to anythin? of the kind ever gotten op. It Uan artlc'e needed in every hoove hold. Betels a chance for a "lire’’ mao to nut a fortune with a small capital. Call at 10S Adaas-st., trom 3 a.m. to 5 p. m. TXT ANTED —To purchase o house on V\ leaied ground, with privilege of purchasing lot. Addiesa♦•CL ty* Drawers-62. TXT ANTED—Tito thousand dollars for VV two year* at 10 per cent. Security given on city property wortn three or lour dnu-*the anuonL Addreat for one week. "D C.'* Tribone office. "VX? - ANTED—To collect bounty (or vet- VV erans. aallcrs and men. No charge nntll claim la rol'Pcted. Advance made on calms. A. GOODRICH. Aitorncv at Law, 126 Dearborn-»t., Boom 2. Chlie open evenings. 'Business iirijaurts. F)U SALE—Store house and a light stock ol dry good*. Rrocorlee, Ac, where a busl o. a* of twenty-five thouiand a year ha< been done, »ntt with the rapid improvement ot the country surround ing can be Increased. It preferred, store bouse w aid be rented. For particulars, Inquire of HIGGS A Me- CLABE. Bockley, 111. F)R SALE—The oldest Jewelry Store in the city ot Waukegan. 11L—a rare opportunity to procure a good bcsl&es* place. For rmrticulan* ad ore** C. L. JOHNSON. Wankcgan. Id., or 11. KRON t-EKG A CO.. 124 Lake-st.. Chicago. Term* easy. TT'OR SALE —A first class mauutactu butdne**. Capital required (rt.OG) to fiaoto. Sat isfactory reasons given lor selling. For Particulars apply to PARKER, CULION A SPRAGUE, No. 12, Chamber Commerce. T7OR SALE—At half price, two scholar ly ship* In the Illinois School ot Trade, Chicago. Address Box 401. Peoria. 111. P)R SAJ E —A half interest in a cood hardware manufacturing hmmeis that wTu In voice Bom 14.000 to lAHOO. doing a good business. LOUIS B. KELLEY. 192 South Clarfc-*L. I 7 0R SALE—A good paving mauuEic -1 tnrltg hn«lne«s. Capital required, ab;nt 12.C00. AdCresa •»QUENTIN," Inbone omcc. F)R SAJ*E—Drug Store—A Rare Chance—The subscriber otters lor sale a fint-class presmptlor drug store, one of the belt stands tn the cityol Milwaukee, been now In successful operation for five years, and doing a good bustocss. Tb* b«st of reasons given lor selllLg. Address J. E. ADAMS. 414 Maln-et., Milwaukee. Wl-. F)H SALE—One-hall interest in a sa lo- D aod dining hall. No. 17 Dearborn-si. la quire In raloon. TTOH SALE—Rare business chance for T to makem'ney. by s new article lately Invented. Terrtorrforsaleatasreatbarzals. Nuco o«d app'y wllbonl a erpual of trota fifty to twohnn dree dollar*. Call at yO cnrn»r of Ws bub-av., op stairs, or adcrea* Box 3570. ‘siratfln X : C” I <E—Tfie TC" c,e f^S* I' roods Va Fancy Goods dazes?* Wa»bln£ton sta., ran** tK sold by February 15tu- . M exchanged tor city ordoerty fa whole or ovrt. Ap ply to 8. W. SEA, Heal Estate and Merchandise Ureter, 104 Clark st.. in store. FOR SALE—Alive business onLate st.. In good location. commanding tbeblzzen trace In the city. Theowncrls aide and Seattle to at tend to It, and trill sell at a sacrifice. For particulars addrws -JOHNSON.” Trttmne offlee. TT'OK SALE—Tho lease, stock and fix- JT the Alhambra Dining Saloon. No. 99 XT OK SALE—A jewelry store, stationery lU and news depot, well established and dolus a poxl business. The bulldlna, also, tor isle or to rent. For Esrttcnlan can on THCESDELL & CO-. Boom 13, oa-bard blade, 109 Alonroe-st. f'OR SALE—A stock of hardware, trade established. Is tie county seat of one ol lie best counties In tbe State of IlUnols. For particulars Irqulteof E.M. PHILLIPS, 14SL*ke-«t.. op stairs. FOK SALE—Boarding bouse furniture, on reasonable terms. House fall of boarder*. o*> Ject. to change bastaesa. Caliat IQSEast faction it. FOK SAJ.E —From fIOO to ?500 will purchase a business that wtu oar fromtlOO to tSOO per tnnsti. Gallon or address TKUESDfcLL A Co>< Real Estate Agents. 109 noaroe-ac. Roam IJ. Foil SALE—Lease and fixtures ol a cood mea t raartet, Most bt told. a» the owner wants to lore the city. laqalre at Sl3 State-M. T?OK SALE —A contectionery and cigar s' (tore,near the Pom OOce—cheap rent and cood fecaUos: tUo,aAoUy grocery for exchange for im* preyed city property. ARTiIiS £ BOi'DEX, *ilO a latent. 1708 &AIE—For $2,500 cash, to an f editor and printer, the one-hall Interest la atlist mui weekly Republican newspaper. yielding m yearly Incerce of from JT.OX to fID-OW. Circulation JAW, acd rapidly increasing. Population ot town, IWH). Ad dress E G." insane office, Chicago. FOB SALE—A smell grocery on Sooth EUe. rery desirable tor tome one vtib fTO ot ISM camtaJ. Low reel. Will be aild at wholesale Invoice GILBEBrABENEDICf, 132 Room 7. JB SALE—Grcceiy on South Side, la an A No- I location, doing a lam boJlneM. Will he told cb«P on account m I'l health, whole or ball Interest. GILBERT A BENEDICT, 132 Clark* aU Boom?. T7OR SALE —Whole or ball Interest in i 1 one of the bat paving hotels to Chicago. |e an A Ko. 1 location, anddoUgae»od homines*. It is a Oar* rats. GILBERT A BENEDICT. 132 Clark-su luiom y. FOR SAXE—Lease and Inrmture of a flr»t-daM boarding house In aflnt-cl**< location, full of hoarders. One-half on ttroe. balance caso. Very low ietl. Cheap. GILBERT A BENEDICT, i;ia Ciark-st.. Room 7. FOB BALE—Tliree B-hoise wmtijP ntht esstnea: also six tortzobtal S,tX T?OK tALE—A second-hand Backk? h cuchin'-a roM condiaon. Price. «M. APiAyioa* TIUBtJNg COMPACT. t ->r\u < aT.Ti»Portable and Stationary H oi all eUee, Alio, Patnao Ueehlno AmfSr’* tooli; tiro u feet bee. *1 Inch? one 8 feet «M met 6«d. W Inch; two tot bfi 14 loch ? oneßfeet bed. Winch; one Bfeet oed, U t*owsio feet bed. JS inch; one 13 feet bed, «inch. AU &rtwCßtUßeEa*lne,V»th«, one larr»Cprttht nrin. one email (trtU* two Iran Planar*,**© Bolt Cat. teruWo Planer* and Match era, Farrart SarUccn, Trip Hammers, Pomp*, Belting. Hom. Files, *c- AU ktodJ ol iron ana wood working machinery for ntahedalihortnOLca C.L.IUCS* CO., 10 and H Dearth ro-it. Smumona aawttoT SITUATION—Wanted, by a middled O man, of many year* ex pen nice i a ti* lio®* a! IS youaeman traroiunxaaleeman. £»familiarwim either cHS/* -i> and can furnish tsadoubted rtfenaod 2. Dirrclianta. Addrcaa b." Trtoane office va “Ha SITUATION—Wanted, by an ex£rt* O weed gardener, In ei>y or ooon&T-uie cit»o£ ftrred. Ue Uan experienced band la tfcocarf *ba aenrentof hone*. Inquireotoi address (V‘ 28 Wear Van Durea-eu Chicago. ~oaj< * CIIUATION—Wanted. by ayounemii O from the Haat, as cutter or aiili&ul ciuw u ionenm-elwahOQ.e. Salary moderate. (Jouri,.g_ ence# Riysxu Address C. UKNBT OARDNeS. ifa Stalest. 118 CITUATION—Wanted, as bookkeeper O by a yonnjr man who wu lately dlsenraced » that capacity. Undoubted city reftreccea risen ao drraa "MR C." Box MSS. Chicago. CITUATION—Wanted, by a lady, aa *• forewoman in a manufacturing cioab roes, or aa saleslady. Has had several yrar>’ expeneuce. Both !■ the hast and Weat. Address "Him sN" chican Post Office. ’ CITUATION—Wanted,me private iam- O ]y, bra young as teacher. govern*** or boose* keeper. The best city references. Address ~ MISS fi L,'* Tribune office. CITUATION—Wanted, as second girt, O or to do plain sewing, Can give good retewse#*. Would not object to tbo eoontty. Adoiej “ M it h,” Tribune office. CITUATION—Wanted, to cook, wash or O Iron, or to do general housework. Wages not «o ranch an object as to get n good home and permanent situation. Apply at I*lo booth Morgan-st, Ci:y references. SITUATION —Wanted, as second girl. Apply at 104 Carroll-st. CITUATIONS—Wanted, by two "iris, , IO one as cook, the other as second gurL Can m teen for two day* at 163 Weatwortn-av. CITUATION—Wanted, by a young O American girt, to do light housework and sewing. Address “DM c." ChlcasoPost Office. SITUATION— Wanted—By a respect able rir! in a private umlly. Have po objections to rclng general housework. Call At Üborth union* si. for two Qaya. CITCA.TION—Wanted— By an Eastern O lady of refitemcnx and aaperimee. as house ke* per. or to tak* the care of »o Invalid. fno b«s*i of reisrenccs given. Adflresa **M A, Chicago P. O. CITUATION —Wanted—A young lady O who Is a snpertor seamstress and gooddres'mWrr dealrea a situation aa seamstress Inactivate Umlly, where sha can have a good home- Can give *atl«f*c lory reference. Address tor three days “L £,** Trlbane office. A GENTS—Wanted.—For the most j\ thorough, complete, reliable, popular and %»lea- Die family medical work In the world. Higher com* irtsstccs raid than on an; other book. •Adorers J. W. M ARSH, Quincy, Illinois. 4 GENTS—Wanted —Experienced flrst fitu WHiTmuw.- wntltnirß Md ladle*, tor SHINGTONS PRAYER AT VALLEY FOUT.IL” a new and msgnlbcentt steel engravln* ; price. (AM. Em peculiar t recommendations whten cause it to be admired by avery American. of whatever sect or party. A grata every where are meeting with ouparalleJ&l suc cess. Publishers’ hl«re«t commission given. Ad dress. S. 8. BoTDEN, 73 Ctark-SL, Chicago. lIL AGENTS— Wanted Gentlemen and ladie* throughout the United Stale* for our new Itook” JJVE/otUiePHESIDBSTV- fW= W«*h. Incton to Johnson, by J* s. C. Aboott, the great rlan. Complete tn one large volume. superbly illus trated with steel ensra-nng*. among which arc por trait* or the seventeen Presidents, battle* icene*. etc. Thu Is the only work cf the kind yet published, and affords to experienced agent* a rare opportunity to make money with a splendid hcofc. and no competf. lion. RxclnslTe i«n lory and pnbUshers’hlgnwicotn oitsslon given. Boot* ready for delivery now. s. s. POYPEN, ?3Clark-»L, CS'Cago, IB A GENTS—Wanted—Snmt and active J\. Ageata wanted In every county to aell the t OT TOS PACKED SAFETY HAM) LAMPS* Everybody want* them, as they are the moat economical and coo* venlent, give a brilliant light without chimney, sack# or odor, and warranted sale. Several other new ar ticle* for agent*, circular* sent treeon appltcaUor to EDGAR A CAVAN, Ma-iafkctarer*, 95 Malden Lane, New York. AGENTS —"Wanted —$75 to S2CO pci month, everywhere,male andffcmala, tointro dnee th»oucbont the United Mate* the.OENMMv IM PHONED t-OMMOX hENSBFAMILY SEWING MA CHINE. Thl* machine will stitch, hem. fell, tuck, anllt, bind, braid aid embroider in f moat superior manner. Prheony»l>. Fully warrartcdf»rtue vtarf. We will pay *I.OOO for any machine that win sew a stronger, more beaotituL or more elastic «ean than cur*. /It make* the “Elastic Lockstitch- Every Sieond stitch can be ent, ane aim the cloth cannot be pnlted apart without tearing It. We pay agenta from a,5 to (StO per month and exp«r.*e*,oracommw*ioa from wnlch twlcs that amonnt cat be made. Addin* bECOMB A CO.,Cleveland. Ohio. CADTION.—Do not b« imposed upon by other par ties palming cfl wcrthle** cas- Iron machines, under IheiaTneiatneorolbtrwlne. Ours la the only genu ine and really practical cheap machine manufactured. A GENTS —Wanted—“Beats the World*’ * J\. LLOYD’S UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN 18CO—three map* la ont. and tae cheapest map tn •world. One Agent at reports 10 »nV scrlbcr* Is one day. Try It, Addxe«a GOODafEEU « J4S Lake-sU Chicago. A GENT6—Wanted lmmediately, in every town and county la the United state*, tv sell something tew. fa per day made easy, ano rto hnmbng. A fortune this winter. Send red stamp lor particular*. Address AM. FEN WORKS, 15»Cauui tL, Chicago. 111. GENTS—Wanted —For“ The Pictcnal Book of Anecdote* and Incident- of the W*r.” warranttdthc most attractive, fast telling bsok ol Ute. aee, ana laree-t comtst»il<’o». For particular* addr, w> J. A. STODDARD A CO., 102 Washiogton-ft. Ctuea go. 111. AGENTS— Want ed—For BAR RETTS LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, most complete and authentic work yet published. President Lincoln barms tumse.rfUrnuhcd fbr this work alone, the tact* ot his early life. We give to percent commis sion cn above work aad cat Exrii** CJI vroxs OV Books sxxt to TnxAoxxr. Address J. S.GOODMAH A CO-, Publishers. J Custom Bouse-plaee, Chicsuo, IIL A GENTa—Wanted —To engage ra the _rV ealeot “THE THSTORT OF ABRAH AM LIN COLN ANDTOEOVERTHROW OF SLAVBItY,“In ■jo* ociavo.ct 'KS page*. By Hon. I. N. amnlQ, late member rfCrngre**, a-'d lor overjwenty year* a coaQdcutlai trlead ot Ur. Lincoln. This Imporuot work wai csdertaken three yrara ago *lth the ar pnvaJol Mr. Lincoln, and l« Just U»oM. It hsi ready selling as rapidly as tbe publishers have been able to fill ordet*. Ibe flirt edition so’J in twenty days- For fo’l description, opl don of leadlm pae-ru axd men. and lerma, atldreaa the tub Uheis, CLARKE A CO., SO and 8a Wa*Wngton-s<„ Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted —For “LIFE ANT) }\ DEATH IN RwEL PJiIsONS." A sp’eidld H.calo sell. Sffi" fcr circuar. A* RXDDtII, 9S Vasblngton-st., Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—For “ The History of the War Between tlie f-ta tee—Tracing It* Ori gin. Can*c* and Results.” By Hon. Alexander u.ste phf t«. And for The Life. Letter* and Speeches of Odd. Alexander 1L Stephens. By Henry Cleveland. send for rtrcnlafi and aee oar terms. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO, 509 Ollre-il., ht. Louis, Mo., Lombard Bbck, Chicago, HI. AGENTS —Wanted—Farmers, or ener getic young men In the conn try. to engagefbr one or in ire months, in a boalnc«a that »W pa* them tram »300 to 1150 per month. Address ZEIOLBB. MccHR DY A CO, Lombard'U'ock, Chicago, ill. A work. -WOMEN OF THE WAB," by Frank Hoore. Faya T, 8. Arthur. In hh Unm» i/rtpirinr, Philadelphia: u Without just such a txxkoarrrvoM of the btcclrll warwonla b« incomplete; and I am pleaded to know that the work of preparing taevolnmi bas been committed to one so competent, in an rrspec(*,aa the author of -The Kebrlll-n Record.” 1 tnut the book will hare a large sale, for It U a fitting tribute toabardofnoolewomcf}. who tor their coun try's and humanity’* sake, counted rot their lives cear.” F« r an agency call on, or address, U. C. lUEAT. 117 South Clark-at, Chicago.Pabltaaer. T) OARDIN 6 Pleasant rooms, with I * bo *fd- can h* obtained at the St. Cloud H-mae, IIS and 114 FTaakila-st. VINTON A HAYNKS. Proprietors. fHadjincrg. HUU. FEJSALEH. agents blames. Q ENTS—W anted—For iSoarUtna T>OARDING—We have one nice tur- A A nished room, suitable Ibr two voosg remlemeu. wlibboaro. Addrca* P.O. 80x557. T>OARDING—A very desirable room, A-f well tnrnlsbed, inttaolo for a gentleman and wife, or twoslrgle jeotlemea, with flr>t-cla*a board, to Id at 649 corner ot Thirteenth-st, TX OARDIN Q—At tt Eldridec-court, be -1) tween Michigan and suite front rooms, and room suitable for two gentlemen, with first-ciasa board. T)OAKDING— Pleasant rooms, tur- X) nbbed or unfurtished. with good board. In a prl vateiamlly. House new and ne»iy lurnlstJs>L with modern improvements. Pleasant Ijcaileo. Also. *ta bllns for horse. 64 Park-ar. T>OARDLNG—One nice suite ot rooms, 1> suitable far a gentleman and wile or slagle gen tlemen, with the coaiorte of a home. Apply at 597 Michigan corner ot Pine. T> CARDING—Two gentlemen can find r> rooms and goed board at *l9 Basb-st. Car boarders solicited. T> CARDING—A gentleman and wile or JJ two single gentlemen can be accommodated with a lar«csecona-etur> front room, with board, in a pri vate tatatly. References i&quirtd. d 67 SorttiWeils-sU T>CARDING—With a nice front room, JL> snltable f>r a prcUemao and wife or single cea tictnan; also, one small room. Apply,at once, at 143 _ * *n-av. — ■ -doakdisg—i. J*™ e 1) with bedroom aid c!o*ef“a*tsr—~ *’ ,ro Vl 6 !? antnrnlihed, can be bad. witn Cnt-cU*i boards! 1 * llu * Fonrih-ar. Also, one back room. TJOAKDINQ —A lew day boarders want- I 1 ed, at 233 Washington-**., op stair*. f irst-rsts beard. T>O.M4Jl>li9 r dAtenyfe<?£^. < iscz*i>oard on reason able terms. single gentlemen or gentlemen with ttclr wires are invited to call. T> OARDING—A private fitmily on Hich- I 1 Iran ar. bare two suite* of room* to nut, with board. Location rord- Raereccea enhanced. Ad dress *• Mrs. B A." nwt OOce. . ■ TJOARDING —Two rooms! together or l> abide, famished or anfttrcUied, adtSWe lor reo- Uemen and their wlrea. or line's gentlemen, to rest, with board, at 07 Plne-at. Brierence required BOARDING —A large front parlor, handsomely furnished, with board: alio, a plea#' ant suite or rooms, can he obtained at the SC Cloud House. Htf and Jl4 Fraaklla-sc VINTON a lIAYNEb. Propriety ra. "OGARDING—An elegant front room, J.> furnished; also, a fine suite of room*, uutur ntahed. to Jet, wim beard, at 90 West Waabisstua-sc Term* moderate. "DOAKDING—Any person -who run JL> bring ilx or eight boarders to a rerpeetabta boose on the hootb MUe, within Utamlnatta’welfcof Court lloa«r, can bare bis board gram. **x T, M Trtbooe "OOARDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good X* board In a private family mad pleasant location cma sod inch ml 239 IlUnoii-iL* two blocks from Siate-st. hi lagg. _ Uoartr ffiElanteb. TDOARD —And single Inmished room X) wanted, by a young man. la * private family, where there are no otb»r boarders, where comfort la not sacrificed to vyle.and where accommodaUoramaT be obtained at a rcmaoeable rate. Reference ex changed. >ddrcsl, with partlcolari, *• HOARDING.'* p. O. box C 023. V., "D OARD—(Day or week) in exchange lor O an orocr on a flrttdlaaa Deatlit. Addrw “ B," £p. Box 2073. city. auuw O, T>OAKD—In a private family, where r) there are no other he aiders.fbr a moderate nrtce. will brlrp disnera to th-eny. Aadret«.aUUng location. Ac-, “AG N," Tribune office. * TDOAIUD—By twc young gentlemen, in ID * privste family, or where there are ont ftw boarder*. Wot side preferred. Addrwa, iiaUng icfmi. location,ftc^“Ct O," Trtboo* ofice. kd? desires board in a fiun- JL A lly whsie there are fewer noboarders, and where term* art mode ate. Address M U2Sn Uif a,” Tribune (Eorresponiinxce <E®anteC pOURESrONDES UE Wanted A \ / widow lady, axed about3o, wuhes to cottesnood, withagratleomn of cean*, ased about <O. cskl ccmrahT and aeonatncaace. Pltase addreta *• vipj PANM.** Pott Office. ansa. OBRESPOND.ENCE—Wanted—I am \_y a yoane man irem the country, bare no lady ae* qoalnuficetlntbe city, and d'nre some. Ladles or laulllcesee and coed loota—cot too cld—oicaje ma dron. In corflderre, 'with Dti'toensta im real HARIJY A. WALUN, I’.O.Drawer639l. jSjotscs, (Carriages, See, T7OB SALE—I 4 htayy horses, jnrt from S. Indiana, atthe South Water 81. WILLIAM COX A CO. 1