Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 14 Şubat 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 14 Şubat 1867 Page 1
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FROM EDROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Further Accounts of the Fenian Troubles at Chester, England. Liberal English Journals Con demn the' Government’s Plan of Reform. Dissolution of the Italian Par- liament. FROM WASIIIMTII Work of the Ways and Means Doinniittes on tbe Tariff Bill, CONGRESS. Senate —The Louisiana Recon struction Bill Postponed till tills Morning. iloiiso—KxvltliiK Diilmlu mi tint Iti'coii.striiclloii OmnnillUm’s Military 1(111, Motion to Bofor to tho Judiciary Committee Defeated. The Bill Finally Passed—Yeas, 109; Nays, 55. “The Internal Tax Bill Considered in Committee of the Whole. FROM SPEINBIW The Majority of Both Houses on a Visit to Jacksonville. Jefferson Horse Hailway Bill Rs considered and Referred Rack lo the Cook County Delegation. THE RIVER CONVENTION AT ST. LOUIS. Final Prowedings—Rcsolulions Adopted. iComraittee Appointed to Prepare a Memorial to Congress. i.CiiOFU- BY OCBA.M TKLl'.tiKAi'U. THX rZSI±M BCAUX ATCBEftTXB. Loxdo*. February 13. ' Fenian arrests eon’nno There were many new •Irish arrens yesterday, Including two ex-o(Bcera ot tbe American army. Chutuu F-ncland. February 13. The Fenian demonstration amounted to nothin':. The city Is fail of troops. The Fenians have gone. No arrests weromade. There was no flehtmr. nor dlstorbance of any kind. The Fen* lane could have taken tbe town on Monday, bnl they waited for cooperative movements in other qmrtere. wbichtlailed. Adairs are much like tbe Canada raid. tboubzjs axPEcnm at livxrtool. Ixixdox, February 13. . More trouble Is expected at IJvrrpool. Tbe aympatbuen with tbe Fenian movement say the dockaare t j be blown up. ah tmsT or rmiAics nr nentnt. Dcblik, February 13. ' Seventy supposed Fenians were arrested yester day on the arrival of the mail boat from Holly bead. Asomxn Tznatox. London, February 13. Newspapers riolcule the Fenian scare at Chester, and say the crowd ol strangers there only went to see the prize fight. In Parliament. last erector the tact was stated by tbe Government that Lord Elcbo bad received a telegram from lord Grosvemor, commanding tbe Chester volunteers, saying that the affair was s>crious. but timely was thought, bad saved the town. Everything Is quiet now at Chester. eorxnxKEXT rnoonAxvn senockcxd. Londox, February 13. Tbe Lltwral organs bare generally denounced The plan of reform announced by Disraeli. An American ship has left a Spanish port for Casdla, for the purpose of removing the suflering Christian famines from the Island. Flodcncx, February 13. Tbe Italian Diet is prorogued to the S6ih of February, Barop JUcasoli, Chief Minister, has resigned at tin- King’s request. Fr-onxNCt, February 13. The Itallsn Parliament is dissolved, and an election for a now Parliament Is ordered on the Nth of March. Bcruh, February IS. In tbe election, yesterday, for a member of the North German Parliament, the Liberals carried • this city. XOTTT. London, February 18. It is reported that Ishmae) Pacha, tbe Viceroy of Egypt, demands that he be made Independent ot the Porte. trxaxxß abiuval. Livcnroou February 13. Tbe steamship North Amen can. from Portland, has arrived. Latest Foreign Market*. LtvxarooL, February IS. Cctt:nclosed Cat; middling uplands declined to ll’.c: Orleans to like, kl at Chester advices unlavorabl e. Breadstuff* gtnerany qnlet and steady. American corn considerably declined In prices: 39i £•1 for raized while and yellow. Beef-Firmer and more Mtlvr. Lard —Unchanged. Tallow—Doll. Petroleum—Qolet at Is Sdats Cd lor white refined. * London, Ftbrovry 13. ConsoIs,SI;MO’S,ISM; Illtcois Central, SIS': EHe, Lnicwoi, February U-ffoor. Cotton market epeos dull, with probable day’s tale of h.OOO bales middling upland. Lunik*, February IS—Evening. Consols doted at si for mosey; vxO«,*3X; mmols Ceilfal.blk; Erie, FtuasrosT.February U—Evening. United States bonds. “6v. Xjvxktuol, Febmary IS— Evening. Cotton declined. Middling upland. UHd. Sales, bales. Breadstoffs quirt. Corn, SSsCd for mixed. Tallow. Ms tor American. Lard, SOs per JW a*. Ba ron. tss per 100 las tor middles. Un*-eed ot). S 7« lOd per ton. Spirits turpentine, Sfti per 100 ns. Beatn. common, W6d per ill ns. Fetro- Jena, reened, is 6d per gallou. FBOanTASIUSGrOS. rspeclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washikotox, February 13. jrrx uEcosrmncnoic nrpour. Tte contest In the House ro-daj on the Recon struction Committee’s report was one of the se verest of the session. Mr. Stevens manieed the bill, opened it to amendment, accepted one offered T» Mr. Bingham conferring the power to Issue hebuxn corjnig writs on United Slates Courts, and then debate began. The Republican opposition, led hr Mr. Bingham, made a furious onslaught on the bill, urging that ’be Bialne amendment ahould be added, providing that each State might be ad mitted on Tatliylbg the Constitutional Amend ment, and with a proviso for suSrsge, which, how ever. would be inoperative till the present rebels have reorganised the States and nxed themselves firmly tn power. The fight was, to a great extent, against Stevens a-leader, and those leading it were utterly de feated. rhe Blaine amendment was repudiated bySGtoTG, many Democrats voting tor It. The filial vole secured nearly the entire party strength. The Benoblicsns voting “no” were: Banks, I)avi«, Bodge, and Raymond, of New York. TbrU'l passed by 109 to 55. It Is believed that can be bad tor ft if passed by the Senate and vetoed. It Is said that the t-enala will consider this with the Louisiana BUL and prepare such combined measure as can pass the Senile, and quite a number of Senators favor amending the Louisiana BUL to apply to all tbe blates, and moving ft aa a substitute for both tne others. AID TO XXXIOO. The House Committee on Foreign Affslra hare bad several meeting* recently upon the question «tf cztesdtßT pccnnlsry aid t 0 the Republic < f Wtalea, imd this morning, all member* oai>c pwent» fledied unanimously that it U teen - oleni lor this Government to extend sncha'd. la &ct that the French troopt are lelt g .■withdrawn in pood falib. thus relieving tha - ®-p ?*' *'om foreign intervention, and li view i the duaenaloa* of the Mexican Beonblie. tux wmuHi box ix to* srxarx. The Louisiana bill bad a drat reading In the Bera f e thw n.ornlog, bj a special rote, when further consideration tns dclajed Uli tvmorrow, by objection interposed under the rales. ■ judo* cicm'i mentor. The majority of the ‘Supreme Coart'are ezcea mcly annoyed at the unexpected blow from Jndxe Caiter'e Conrt. Even the minority are troubled almost to the extent of regretting, be eansh they fear the efiect will be to impair the re spect fer and confldreoe in the Sapreme Court. xxw ivdiax taiatt. A delreniion of Haw Indians, from Kansas, to day entered Into a treaty by which they cede to -the United States their reservations in Kansas, tod agree to remove to lands apportioned them !o the Indian Territory. AotncrLTUKAi* samflxs ron tux fauis rxposi- noi. The Commissioner of Agriculture solicits sam ples ot seeds and cereals trom agriculturists nnd •gricnitaral noddies for exhibition at the Paris Exposition. population or Alabama. A ernsns of Alabama, taken In 18C6, shows Ibat Ibe population of that State has only Increased im-e thousand in ibe past six years. The total popnlaiion u siren br this census at 873,n5. thiud acd mm wusoh. John Wilson, Third Auditor of .lbs Troasnry.lii corsldcrlng the policy of resigning. In anticipa tion of fccuriog the position of Assistant Secre tary of the Treasury, uevexes nr cxi its. Ti c receipts from Internal llotenno to-day were saavito. rxnsoxAL rrxxa. II is said the Senate will not confirm General Hugh Ewing is Minister to the Hague. Geo. Bancroft having declined tbs Boston Co 1 - leciurffaip, the President has asked (be Senate to return bis n ime. Sentluels are still engaged In guarding Ur. Pfwsrd’s residence. to* TAmrr qccsnoK. Naw Vonn, Kcbrnary !«.—The 77wei* special says the Ways and Means Cummluee will cou- Unite to bear delegations on tbe subject of Ibe (snA. Tl»o du y on Jnto was raiaed yesterday >roui Ovcilullars to twtnly-flvo dollars psr ton, on licd.p ana flax It was talsod accordingly. FI cka have been advanced from three coots to l» live cents per pound. It le probable (here wilt Imi an lorn-aso .In rates on ibrelgn bonks. A //*»«/./ special says the free (riders me tmiteprnsrnled hi Hie delnsatlnn intcroMedin (he Tarlfl Hill. Everybody goes m fur the blgbssl flguics, end orcyboily trcis all ho wauls. The loMiylsso great Ihai (he passage way to the UsysniKl Means Committee room)*obstructed. a T/lOuti* special says Hjit Ways and Mesa* (('luinlllre is not imliiipcded by Porsa, thmurli ilx-y progressed conslorrahly wild ihn Tariff Hill KHlar. ibe rrslmeiiuti yoau itlay of dm House rai>s on woo) lan and worsted goods seemed iu aitle a long vexed qimsuon, but d war. in rlleet. re-opi-imd to-day, hy ihu eflrtrw of Mr. HUier, of Msasa i-huaeils, ai<d dm old dlsereuce huiwren the wool growriaand wool manufacturers has bean revived aufllclontly to ttar.-aieo a cutucai In the iluuso. Many trcacheron* ond'Jiostllo lortueuccs are at work to delay and defeat the hill. Tbe W’aya and Means Commutes are rat.leg nearly all (lie Item* In tncHcDateTarUr 11111. This moinimr they atrnew out the clause permitting the Pacific Hallway Co Tin* nr lo n*e forelgu Iron. BUMOBXD OABtKBT GUANOCS. Homors are ennent of Cabinet chacgea, and tbst Seward and Raiiaall will go onL Nothing is known definitely about the matter. roarALrmi. Tbo Post Office Department will soon make changes in tbe avstem br which letters are regis tered and forwarded, to provide fora more cer tain conveyance, and a more strict accountability of Postmasters and clerks In the Department for packages going through their bands. Regis tered letlcts are to go in separate packages, and receipts therefor will oe given by every agent or clerk through whose hands they pass. . ronXIOX APPOINTMENTS. The Senate Comult/ee on Foreign Relations will report against the confirmation of Hugh Ewiug, as Minister at the Hayne. and favorably on Jtnn Giias, Minister to Liberia, and S.». Saiiforo, Minister to Brussels. SLTUCMS COUCT KATTinS. AVasunccTON, February 13.—1 n tho Supreme 'outt to-day tbe case ot Nash et al. vs. Towce et it., in error to Circuit Conrt of Wisconsin. Judg ment n(Turned with cost and mter«st. The Supeivlfots of Rock Island County vs. the United Slates ; error to Circuit Court of Northern Illinois. Judgment affirmed with costa. TUB FOBT EEAUSTT XJLSBXCBB LS VZSTIaATION. It is czpccl > *d that the Commissioners to inves tigate the Fori Phil. Keirncy massacre will leave Omaha at»out February Sstb. The subject of the instructions prepared for them by tba Secretary of ■be interior was discussed In Cabinet meeting yesterday. a svspectbt) rniVAmn. The Attorney General has decided to allow the steamer R. U. Cnyler lo proceed on her junrnoy, after givlig bouds to Government for a earn double the value of the vessel and cargo, not to violate the neutrality laws. It {4 not Improbable ■bat the Colombian Minister will agree lo take possession of the vessel hcre.ia which case uonds will not be required. HU. DA Venn FT DICUJTK3. Wismvarov. February 13.—Ur. Bancroft hiv ing declined (he Collector* hip of Boston, the President, 10-tiay, asked to have bis n<m« re . tamed. IKDIAN AXTAI&9. Wasihvctov, February 13.—The Cotntni«sioner of Indian Affairs bad a second Interview with the delegation of the; Indian tribes trom t>nt no treaty was effected. TltS TXIIUA.DVTEPEO DO DTK. The President tc-darsent to the Senate doca menta conccrnlce (he xchnatm'opcc transit ronto controversy. No final result la Indicated. JOUKSOa'S FLAK nBJZCTKP BT HOtmi CABOLTVA. Reports from North Carolina atate «n«t the Legislature haa virtually rejected the reconstruc tion plan devised by the Southern Governors. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS, __ February Uk -8 UN ATE. . are memorials vrtrc presented. , ihei* one Irom tho cltlaeud of Aricattus -.-*'«»• •bat a slmilcr bill to that waeed by (bo Ont>> • for ihe government of Louisiana, be fci it. organlzation ofadn] government fa Arkuss*. Mr. WILSON, from tbe Military Co.-ialUoa, rr porU-d adversely on the Uoase resolution of Junks to Secretary Stanton and (iuariermaatf-r ueneral Meigs. It was Indefinitely postponed. ibe Clerk of the Uoase announced the passage by tbe Bottle of tbe bill for the establishment of a civil government la Louisiana. It was taken up uyavote of 23 to 19, bntUr. Hendricks object .ng to ‘Consider It to-day, it goes over till to morrow. Nr.WILSON reported adversely on the Bouse re solution in reference to tbe appointment o! cadets to West I’otni. Tbe Bonn: bill to provide for the payment tor nones used In the serviced the United Stales; sice, tbe resolution in reference to brevet rank and to pay of the Home Guard, were all indefinite ly pjetponed. Mr. lIESuRICES called op tbe bill to punish tbe larceny of nt.y aiticic of Government property „y fine of Ji,UKJ and imprisonment for not lc*s ban one nor more than len years, or both. I’a-tcd Mr. RAMSEY offered a resolution for nrialrng .%OUU copies of General Warren's roart of tbe urvey of tbe Upper Mississippi. Referred. Mr. FOGG otiercd a resolution calling on tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury for a aiatemcnt ot sal aries, f«cs. Ac., of Consular and Commercial Agents 1c Europe for the four years preceding ! Juno last. Adopted. Mr. PATTERSON ofrrcd a resolution, which was adopted, calling on the Secretary of War to report br whose authority the Commission was appointed domic the war >o adjudicate tbe war claims of loyal calicos of Tennessee, tbe Lames »f the CcmissloDcrs, and the amount and nature of claims adjudicated. Mr. .MOUIJII.L reported from the ComfmUeo on Military Affairs, without amendment, a bill to tecnlate tbe disposition of tbe unclaimed colored \olnoteer bounty fond, cow in custody of tbe Pieidnten's Bateau. Mr. WILSON, from tbe same committee, re ported the Uonse bill for tbe payment of addi tional uonnties, authorized by law, to soldiers ttj.cre tbey have lost their discharge papers, with an amendment, ibis amendment provides that In cases when: (be claimant's discharge certificate !•> alleged to be lost or destroyed, and where tie claimant's application for arrears of pay and bounty, prior to the act of Jnly 28,18 M, has al ready been settled by the Auditor, then the claims for said additional bounty may be settled ny the Audror upon prool of such loss, as in olncr UVe ca* es, and settled subject to the regula tions prescribed by ih* Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. WHFON reported tvllbon*. amendment the Bonee bill extending to genetal officers or officers on tbe retired list the benefit of the additional n- Hon for every five years of se-nce. Mr WILSON also repotted,with an amendment, lb.* House bill creating volunteer officers in tbe secular army.wltbonl service in tbe volunteer ser vice, sud giving sneb officers the same rank by luc'el in toe regular army as they held by com minion in tbe vomnteersetvlce, Mr UOWARI» reported, without amendment, tbe bill authorizing the paym-ml of rewards of feted for the capture of Jeff. Davis. Mr POIJtMJ reported fromtbo Jndiclaty Com mittee a bill providing that a pereon held upon mm*e vtocf* or execution Issued trom United states courts shall be eMltlcd to discharge In the -amc manner as If arrested on a similar process of the Slate Courts In the same District. Mr AN i BONY reported from tbe Committee on Piloting,’he House bill making the Supcrin undentoirnbllc Priutlngelective ny the Bouse cf llcpreicntativr*. with an amendment making tuch officer elective by the Senate. Mr. TRUMBULI., from the Joolciary Commit tee, reported adversely on Mr. Alimony's blil t-la 1 log to appolntuunia to the civil service, Ac. rostponed- . , _ Mr. WADE presented a telegram from Denver, aoroniiclng a mass meeting, to the effect that the people ol Colorado very largely favor a Sute organization, and pledging tbe faith of tbe Na tional Union parly to the prompt acceptance. Its conditions ana ratification, of the Constitutional Amendment. .... . , Mi. I’OMEROY Introduced a bill granting nub ile lands to aid in the construction ol a railroad rno telegraph between lAwrence, Kansas, ana the boundary line between the Untied State* and . Mexico In the direction of Gnaymas. Referred. a be n-solnlloD continuing In Jorce till January I text tbelaw for tbe codification or tbe custom I '*Thc League Island Bill was considered without ' cession. Recess till 7 o’clock. EVENING SESSION. Mr. DIXON presented the credentials of Sena tor Ferry, of Connecticut, which were filed. The bill to amend tbe act Incorporating tbe National Soldiers' and Sailors’ Orphan Home pitted. It merely changes tbcntmeaof tbecor- to extend Ibe time ior the collection of the direct *ax tn We#>t Virginia passed. Several DUtrlct of Colombia bills passed. TbcCieikofthe House announced the passage ol tbe bill for the more efficient government of the In-urrectlonary Stales. It was read the first lime. . ~ Mr. SUMNER moved to proceed to Its confilde rtlon, but Mr. McDOUGAL objected, and it went over. The bill for the payment of prize money to offi cers and men of the signal Corps, tinder Admnal i bnocnt, ti. Mobile Bay, passed tslso tbe joint resolution for tbe parchatc of David's !<eigu-’ Island; al-olbe bib authorizing the purchase of rcrtali lots and grounds adjoining the United Stales Arsenal at Pittsburgh. Adjourned. * HOUSE. Mr McINDOE presented a joint resoluUon of the Wisconsin licglslature fora grant of land to aid in constructing the Green Day & Lake Pepin Railroad. Referred. Mr. MILLER asked leave to offer a resolution declaring it Incompatible with the policy of Uk* protective system of the United States and dstn* met laltu tne Industrial Interests of the country, to admit, under auy pretext whatever, free of duty, foreign iron, whether manufactured lor rati toad onrposes or otherwise. Mr CLOWBRESNKR objected. • v e SPEAKER preaealed the lav* of Montana Territory. Ktretrefl. AUo, » KkgrapUc iialch Irom Denver. Colorado, unoooclnz the pro credineeol .public mcetlnjln (kvot or tho»d. ”ftr&n'S IO rSSSrt coni.deraUon of the MU lor establishing MUltarr Governments la fie fc °Mi?*VAN HORN advocated the bl . l j?. a l r^ sa S the Illegality of the GovernmtnU la the lately re- withdrew his motion to recom mit In order to submit some he explained. Among *“ dISeTv tne second section, by which Congrts« d>f«c if detailed five general officers to command In the military dlatticu proposed to b« organized. Mr. GARFIELD suggested that tt was not for Congress to undertake to detail army officer*. Mr. RfEVEKS said he bad tried vainly to satiny the vtewaof the gentlemen around him, but finding be could not, he withdrew tbs prop osition to amend. . , . .41. Mr. BOU DWELL dosed the debate, arguing the Cljuago YOL. XX, rcccvilly ul propri.tT n'U'oaU the conrre rf bis remark* rhoaM declare, happen Ibat the. Suptcmr oart ]*t.-ly In as It possibly m ugbt, sad cniUled to rebellion were Slates In the and should sll Ihe rights and privilege* or Cow , rC is. base their declaration o “*y^ C fat* B,hc .1* then »be»e Blntes position In lbs dary could restore than to Government, *Bd no~ bL n t mat conclusion and the people except to »ykJScrtbable sad as binding, or else n» ,e f“J O ,S“ Judiciary of daccerous cootrorerry jntb ,hc emt- a i*w, ’"A the find. IL bowerer. Ibis linw» conrt w( , u id was pat In operation. the U , CB any cin have do capadty ipurposes. It government Therefore, forja “ Vccp in coold see to btaie. aud c reorc »rizsUoa of i's own bands (he political reor^ ou by Mr. those Stales. In re P l * l °pk n q t n tor Compel to said It wasi competent ior # declare that the late r ® t^!J. o .° t u al W^ e pielcndcd governed br military nu*« * nn — c 7* <o'issue 'he OoTemnenlF lul mI.P°V? JVit »rt <J S-S " g “ ,he Dm. declared bis assent ’““'f.Swcrela'elF tpodlrgmartlsllawnvci•the. name In rebellion, ant M* ' {“} peo ple ol lime Conerees onrb to lndlfje Uo -norrdlb.: P re * ''‘m," SvrliAM,' I" lb. »«' 10 .bii. vssssf di" “bT?; r. l ;r,n"';v..'u , , g rr !‘ll!ly* w .'.BjjrTor’ w, n ."uV"l !mlli"jT'lofin'll. Kminr'iijW .lj v lilubr.t t>ulit vvvr l» « I '' in m.ko tbo ma'orUv nl kbllo m'n bl. «nb|, cu fur 111., an, l coni|irl Ibrm » p.r lb- •Jlf'J" S' lln) a(] 1 There w«. »»1 w ."J"' 1 p.l, il ktevu In Ibe ronnlo - Ib.t - ,1,,w - IIB b leclrtellne II Ibe bend, ol conprea*. Ibey only nebvd eqnel ricbl. end ffinel P ro, 1 , ‘ c *l'' n I‘,, 1 ‘~ ~ ~ u Hr. ULAISe. moved In recommit urn b; > ■» Jndiclery Con.mltlee mrleed or tbelon ll«oon etrocUon, -lib inetnirlione to rvDOft back Imme dU.ely ullb bla llllnlnc'el nmendmeni ndden «. a sixth rccUott. lie moved tbe previous gjustion, which was recomled—ol to 63. Mr. bPALDJ.NG mov.fl as a lest guest oni to table the bill and amendments, intending ulmrell l/i vole against tbe motion. Ibe motion resulted, 38 lo 115—strictly a party vote. The main qneetlon was then ordered—w to .0. Mr. STEV. NS spoke iu favor of the h . It wa» not (Mended for a reconstruction hill but simply as ■ police bill, to prorect the loyal men of the South from anarchy, murder and rapine, un* t'l Congress look a little more time to give an es tablished Government. , , The question was taken on Mr. Blaines mo tion lo refer the bill to the Judiciary Committee, wtih Instructions to report back with the follow ing as an additional section: . . en. . Mcnox —. Aud Oe tt further enacted* That when the Constitutional Amendment proposed as AnlcleXlV.,by (ho Thirty-ninth Congress.shall have become part of the Conslitabon of the Ctiiicd Slater, and when any of tbe late so-called Confederate States shall have ratified tbe same and confoimed its ConvtitnUon and laws thereto in all reflects, and when it shall hare provided by Sts Constitution that the elective franchise snail be enjoyed equally and Impartially by all male cltieens of the united Stale* twenty-one years old and upwards, without regard to race, colot or previous condition of servitude, except such as may be disfranchised for pailicipaUug in the late rebellion; and when the said Constitu tion shall Lave been submitted to the said voters thus defined for ratification or rejection, and when the Constitution, if ratified by ihc popular vote, shall have been submitted to Congress for examination and approved, said Stale shall. It its Constitution be approval by Congress, be declared entitled to representation in Congress, and Senators and Representatives shall be admitted therefrom on taking the oath prescribed by law, and then and thereafter tae preceding sections of this bill shall be Inoperative in said Stales. . There was gnat excitement as the vote wa belrg taken, as It showed the generally to the support of Mr- i h*«i and it wonld be a very close vote. After alli turn answered lo llic.r nimee It •I>P r * re . a was a majority of two or aca Blame's amendment; then the to preecrre . nntfoimUy ot W ™e nre“l change thdr voles from y«» *.° J??/*,,.* vote was ammementof the nonse. Flnally the was announced as 6» to W. SothomoUon to refer was detrattd. TKAB. . , Allison, Hawkins, SSI* 00 * ir e nlse, Patterson, . . - Hihlram, - Raymond, • i,.,..: - Hunter, Rice,of Ale., t r>cor>aU. Janckea, Rousseau, Jm }«nd. - Kelso, Scbenck, ) iijiiirKetch mn, BUereavcs, I Kuykendall, Stillwell, i Cooper, Lafi»n, girapae, ( I'ariinjr, lAwrence,ofPa., Taylor, ofTenn , I Dane, Inwrence, of Taylor, ofN. Danes, , Ohio, Thayer. I Deftces, l-cftwltch, Thomas, Francis I Delano, Marvin, Thomas, John X*. I Drmin&r, McKee, Turner, I Dodco. Meitner, Whaley. I Ferrv, Morrill. Wilson, of lowa, I Gatficld. Morris, Woodorldgc. I Goodyear, ' HATS. Alley, Harding, of N.Y.Palnc, Ames, llanllng, of Ilk, Perbam, Atrell, Harris, . Pike, Ashley, of Ohio, Hays, lladford, Barker, Henderson, ulfer. Beaman, Hlgby, Berger, Holmes, HolllUK^lf Blowcli. Hooper. Boss, Bontwcll, Haboard, of Cl, Farryep, Hover, Hnmpbrey, . Scofield, Bromwell. Ingerdoll, Sbellabargcr, i hauler, Julian. 5 Ioa !!; Clarke, of Ohio, Kelley, Snaidlne, Clarke, ol Kan., Kerr, a,T » Cobb, Koonta, Btevcas, Cook. Le Blond, Stokes, Onllom, Lane, Taber, Ua»sun, Ixjnsnrcar, • Thornton, Dconlson, Lynch. Trowbridge, Dixon, Marshall, \ an Aernata, Donnelly, Mamoo. Van Horn, of I*. Dncgs, Maynard, , Y-. ... Dnmoot, NcClnrg. Mo, Eckley* Mercur, Ward, of Ky. Eggleston, Wilier, . Ward.orN. Y., Portage. Moorhead, Washburn, of Eliot, Monl'on, Mass., Farnsworth, Myers, Walker, Farontaar, Newell, Wentworth, Flnck, Nlblsck, Williams,- Glossbrennor, O’Neil, Wilson, of Pa., Crime)!. Orth, - 4U Wmdom, », Tbe Question recurred on the passage of the bill as modified this morning, and it was passed— -109 yeas against 55 nays. TEAS. Alllton, Grinocll, Paine, Anderson, Harding, of 111., Patterson, Amell, Hays. Pcikin, Ashley, of Nev.,ltcndcraon, Pike. Ashley, of Ohio,lllrby, Plants. Barker, Hill, Price, Baxter. Holmes, Ulcc, of Mass., Beaman, Hooper, Hlcc. of Maine. BfiiJsmlo, Hubbard of Conn Hollins, IHdwcll. Hubbard,oDVVaSawyer, Bingham, Uabbell.ofOhlo.Scbecck, Blaine. Halberd, Scofield, Boutwvll, Ingcrsotl, bhrlUoarger, I Bromwell, Kelley. blow, Btoomall, Kcicham, Spalding, (lackland, Koontz, gjarr. Bandy, LiHln, Elevens, Clarke, of Ohio, Lawrewe,ot Pa..btnkes, Clarke, o) Kan.,Lawrence, of o.,Tbayer, Cobb, Ixmgjrcar, Trowbridge, I Coow, Lynch, Gpaon. I Cnllom, Mareton, Van Aernam. I nailing. Marrtn, VanHom,ofMo ; , I Dawes, Mc<flurg, Von Horn, of N. Delano, McKee, Y., 1 Demine. Weßfier; Ward. ofN. Y., I Dixon. Mcrcur, Washburn, of I Donnelly. Miller, Mass., H«ton. Moorhead, Welker, t I Dumont. Morrill, Wentworth, I Eckley, Morris, Wbaley, I Erneston, Moulton, Williams. I Eliot, Myers, Wilson, of Pa., I Kansworth, Newell, Wilson, of lowa, I Fatonhar, O’Neil, Wlndom. I Ferry, Orth, Woodbridge, I airfield. Ancona, Bits, ’ Randall, of Ey, Baker,* Hogan. Raymond, Banka. Hnbbeii,ofN.Y.,Uiiter. Bergen, Humphrey, Rogers, Dover. Banter, Rom, Csnnpt«ll, K<viso, Rousseau, Kerr, SUanklln. Cooper, Kuykendall, Sltgraavea, Davis, Stillwell, Dawson, Lcßlond, Strouso, I Dodse, Is.Rmlct, Tal>er, Eldridge, Loan, Tavlor. of lowa, t-'tock, Marshall, Tyler, of N.Y., C-io*Bbrmuer, Ntbltck. Francis Thomas, Goodyear, Nicholson, John L. Thomas, Harding, of Ky.,Noell, Thornton. „ Harris. Radford, Ward, of N. Y. Hawkins, Randall, of Pa, . . Tbe bill as passed describes State* affected by I ii as tbe lale so-called Confederate States, Instead I of the so-called States, a# originally printed. It I alco Inserts tbe word locrl before the words cml I •xjbnnais.ln the thirxl section, and after the words I milltarv custody introduces the words “except in I cares In which the person is held to answer only I <or a crime or crimes exclusively within the juris- I Otciicm ofthe Courts of the United Slates with In I said milllary district therein or” I Recess till 7:59. BVEXISO SESSION, Jlr WHALEY introduced s bUL to »UM»h toall route*in Western Virginia and Virginia. **Tbe House went Into Committee of the Whole, Mr. BOUIWELL presiding, on the Internal Tax W S*r. MORRILL explained the hill submitting bin view* at length on internal taxation. ** Hr DARLING advocated an lucrease of dUnl ter*'license to one thousand dollars, and argued that inspector* ahould ho In pay of the Gov ernment instead of distiller*, statins that the tax had cot been collected on oue-elghth of the spirlu (’{stilled, which was owing largely to the p.rnl-- rlocs Influence of inspectors being in pay or ais -11 Mr*McKEE endorsed Hr. Darling's view*. A general debate closed on the bill, which was read by sections. Nine sections were passed over ltd the House adjourned. FROM 5P8156 FIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] SrßDtonzu>, 111., February 13. tXaIBULTTT* VISIT TO JICXSOSVniX. At tn early hour this monilag Ihe majority of the member* of Ihe Senate and_ House, and almost all the lobbyists, went to Jacksonville, having each house without a quorum and very little lobby pressure to torture the few faithful one* who remained at their posts. Horse Eddy stayed at the Capital to elaborate something more of bit third bouse, which baa as yel never been organized. CraCAOO LOBBYIST*. A few more Interested parties from Chicago, along with Mayor Rice, have made their appear mce. hut have to-day been unable to effect any thing ADpmowaL rn* itxxtuht lxsixx. General Daniel Dnatln, of Do Kalb County, a gallant officer and worthy man, has been added or tu Penitattey. ,clu * srairrutrol Fonert bn B»i«" trom « Wrad r SCUUST. 1 bU coMbtttM » < umisary or Sptlngfle’.d n pm for to-day- , , the state legislatdbes. ILLINOIS. (Special Pespstcb to the Chicago Tribune.] bpnwonxLD. Ill,,February IS. SENATE. Mr FUtXKH prevailed a petition ot citizen, tor Ibe abolition or the gallons. Hr PCFUM-11.1. presented a petition or cltizcoa .limit the passage ol a prohibitory liquor law. A mc -.fe w.s received from the Governor tar ing befure the Senate the roll living oomliiaUiras: Fnr TmFlcci < r the Insane Uoapllal-Joicph f. rile-. Montgomery Coentj ;J. Morrison, Mot nan Cnnntr tK.rntndo Jones, Cook Coanty. ia All vacancies occasioned by the resiiraatioa nf II Cbarch and U. C. Dane, Itastees for the near and Dumb Asylum—W. Tboinns, ol Morgan Cnnr tv : L. E. WorcesUf, of Green County. Trtielccs for the blind Asylum—Matthew btaesy, of Morgan County; E. I>. Hawley, Sangamon concnned in the appointments. Ibe Senate coucurrcd in (bo ilonae lolnt rcsolu tinn fnrtlic appointment of a special committee of two from the Senate and Ibioc from the Uouie, to whom shall oc refrned all petitions relative to s school for *hc reftxmaMon of .'ovenilo offenders. Mr. HUNTEII oflered ■ resolution which forbids nor one mu Senators and clerks of tbe Senate cointnlilcrsfrom demanding tbe perusal of bills in ibe liabus of the secretary of the Senate. called np the ilonso Joint rosoln- Hon Instructing onr Senator* and reijneillna our lirpr»se«Ull»es lo efidcavor toprocme asurr.7 of both sides ol (ho Mississippi Itlvcf on lbs Dos j Jtapids before the locallon ofthn proposed canal at llial point. auU use all honorable means to sreurn ibrlocallou of iho canal on llio Illinois side ot the rlv«r. The resoliubm was adopted. Mr KAH I MAN oflered a resolution empower* lug EnruilliivlandK ugfosstng Clerks to emiil'iy Niirh BssisiAtice as they may roijnlre In Uielr do* parlincnt. Adopted. , . . Mr. MUTCAI.r Olfcrcil • foiolullou tnatructliig the Judiciary Commutne lo prepare a bill relative i,»(lifiitii(Uiionof fugitives from Justice, to ac* o.idsnro with the recomroondatlons ot the Gov* tnioi’s BoHßge. Uefcrreu to UlO Judiciary Com milbe, Adjourned. HOUSE. Tbo Hoosc. when called to order, bid on y twenty-nine members present, all tbe others hav ing cone off on a big jamboree to Jacksonville, la accordance with ibe Umo-bonored custom, Ibe House struggled vigorously to Ignore tbe fact of there being no qnorum. ordering no call of tbe House, and bringing up nomlng which might re quire Ibe ayes and noes. , A number of Bcna*e messages were received. The Committee on Enrolled aud Engrossed Hills reported a Bessie resolution appropriating certain copies of the Geological Survey to mem bers. Concurred to. Senate messages were referred. Forty-rune persons of color In St, Clair County sent In a petition for fifty children °{.f olo f. {*• enaoled lo enjoy the benefits of public schools. He'med to Commlttbe on Education. . Ibe passage of the Jcflersou Horse Hallway Company Bill, establishing a J r , Cook County, was rescindea, and .he bill was re committed to the Cook Comity delegates. Adjourned to 9 o’clock to-morrow. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. J L v Indianapolis, February 13, SENATE. The Registry Rill was considered In Committee of the Whole, consuming the entire morning ses sion A number of amendments were adopted, one of which provides that only balloU primed on plain white paper rbould bo received, with no device to designate Its character. " ike bill protecting feamc was passed, as adopt- Apportionment Bill, as re ported by the co i.mUtcc, was pa-sed-tweatr nl?he)UEblaUTe Apportionment Bill.a# reported br the committee, was passed—twenty-eight to seventeen. Various amendments were often Ito loth these bills, but all were promptly voted a °Tbc Agricultural College Bill was made tbc spe cial order for Thursday next. . . . A resolution oGcredby Mr, Cullen was adopted, taisinu a committee of three on the part of the Senate, to act with a slmllarcommliteeonthepart of the House, to Investigate the charges of fraud uponpetinon of the leases of the water power from the Whitewater Canal, appointing a Commissioner to ascertain and re* norl noon the amount of damage sustained by ruch persons on account of tne failure ol the btale | to comply with Its The Select Committee reported In favor of erect- , Inc building lor state offices and Supreme court onthe Rronnua belonging to theStaie, andrccom mend»dlhe lease ol the G&ilun baltdlng ln thc raemndme, at a sum not exceeding four thousand dollars per annum, with a privilege of surrender* lot: tin* lease In two years. . ... xhe committee to whom was referred the reso lution of inquiry In regard to executive eiprases daring Governor Morton's term, reported favora- U ltw C iiou»* Bill, ro-dlatrictmar the Stale Into smaller Judicial circuits, paasei—fifty to thirty* fl 'x*ne hill defining fire limits in incorporated towns was passed. . . . The Stale Librarian, la a communication, stated that be had patronized the Arm of Merrill & ( ’-o. for stationery on account of their Intense loyalty, and they sold aa cheap as other firms. Mr. Hughes oflereo a resolution instructing the b*amunp Committee to prepare a tempe rance Pill, with leave to alt during the sessions of the House. He said he had changed bis opinion on the subject of temperance laws, lie was now In favor of a severe one. The people were sending up petitions In favor of such legis lation, and tbclr voice should be heard. The legislative session was rapidly passing away, and something must be done quickly, if at all. The bill repealing the law enforcing the thir teenth article ut the Constitution, after a lengthy discussion, failed for want of a conamnoonal majority. ITKAINE. Arorrra, Me.. February IS.—The Committee no Federal Relations reported resolution i In fa vor ot impartial suffrage to all the State*, and that the present State Governments of the South, ercopt Tenneasee, are illegal, and shonll be an nulled by Conceal. THE BITER COSTENTIOS. Final Proceeding*-devolutions Adopt ed—Committee Appointed to Prepare a memorial to Conarra. Bx. lons. February 18.—The following la ? synopsis of Air. AoboU’s speech before the Hirer Mr. Abbott entered Into a detailed statement of the surveys made by General Wilson sod the engi neer corns, abounding In figures* from which wc obtain tne following abstract: The featntes of the Upper and Lower Rapliw‘differ in the matter tbst, although the same volume of water passes over each, the Upper Rapids aro oolya,nuy f«t wide, while the Lower Uaplda are S,(XX) feel wide, atd thna tto water at the Lower Rapids is shallow and necessitates a dlfferentmctbod of Improvement At the Lower Kaplda It follows that the naviga tion must be improved by a canal six miles aud seven-tenths In length, and six bandied feet wide, with two lift locks. In which the velocity of ' rnrrcnt will be one mile an bonr. affording a large I water power, which could only be counteracted I by the passage of twenty-four boats through the I canal each hour. The Upper Kapids on the con- I traiy. has deep water comparatively, andean be I improved by cutting out lee ralural channel, in 1 doing which the largest excavation would be at the Moline Chain, when would occur th» phe nomena of rather retarding than increasing tne volume of water, at the same time that the channel would be widened, because the inclined plane would be extended and the rapidity of the current would be lessened. These positions were sustained by a minute statement of the survevs, In the course of which Mr. A. stated the cost of w ork at the Upper Kapids at atd making the improvement I there, as suggested, and not by canal, f375,(XX) wonli l*e saved, which would nearly defray the I eon of constructing a canal at the Lower Kaplda, I where inch improvement Is absolutely accessary. AFTBBSOOS SESSION. . Immediately after being called to order, Mr. Cook, of Ohio. Chairman of tho Commlltoc oa Resolutions, reported the following : .. In order to bring before the Convention thedls tinctpropositions to 1* considered, vonrcommit lee recommend the following resolutions: Sttoirtl, Thai the Interest* of thewholo Missis rippl Valley require the Immediate Improvement by the National Government of the MwlaMppl River, from the Bailae to the Falla of Sl Anthony, Inclosing, especially, the bars at the Bailae, the Upper and Lower Rapids. and the removal of oh •traction* above tho*-c rapids; and also the Ohio River, irom talro to nusbareh, and cspeclaßy the work at the Falla of the Ohio ; aald Improve ment* to secure the navigation of said rivers free from all tolls or tribute. Betolttd. that the va*t Importance of each ac tion as will secure the needed Improvement* at m early day of the following rivers. Is commend ed to the favorable and earnest consideration of Congress, viz: the Missouri River, from the month to Fort Benton: the Illinois River, the Bed River, the Tennessee River to Chattanooga: (he Wisconsin and Fox Rivers, the Arkansas River, to Fort Smith; the Camberlnnd River to Nash* Btsoirfd, That when the financial condition of •he country may Justily, Congress be requested o cause proner investigations to bo made a« to the necessity of improrirg bereaflcr all tlie other rivers of the Mississippi valley, jfeso/red, Tbat Congress shonld so legislate on the snhlect of bridging the Mississippi ana the navigable rivers of the United States as will, while recognizing the equal importance of rail road and river transportation, harmonise those Interest* by seeming proper facilities for both. Your committee recommend in furtherance of . the foregoing object*, the appointment of * com mittee consisting of one m«nber from each State represented in this Convention, win asnb-coo oftiee of five, to ptep re a memorial to Congress demonstrating the natiooa Importance of said ob jects, and tbat each member of said General Com mittee report to said sob-committee such statis tics as will facilitate Us work. . . It is farther recommended that the resolutions e adopted and the memorial forwarded to Con gress tn the came of this Convention by the Presi dent. and that copies thereof be iorwa-oed to t-ach Senator and Representative from the States of the Mississippi Valley. , . . .... Mr. Fades, or M. Lonis, moved to Include the Missouri River In the above resolutions, and sus tained bis motion by an argument showing the Impor'aocc of that river as a channel of comma- D *sbem’oiion of Mv.Eide* led to a warm debate, during which the claims of the various rlvcra were urged. A motion was made lo include the Illinois River, in case the motion of Mr, Cade* wa* Insist ed upon. , Fii-allT, Mr. Fades withdrew bis motion. A delegate from lo**a offered an amendment that the Improvement of the rauids snould be nrred as the primary object ot the Convention, rtls led to farther debate. The amendment was finally wlthUtawn, and Ibe resolutions were then adopted singly without amendment A Memorial Committee, consisting of one from each State represtnted In the Contention, was then appointed, cons Isllne of me lolloping gentlemen: W. 11. Bamson. Tennessee; D. B. Richards. Iowa: Chas. 11. McKin, Indiana; Theodore Cook, Ohio; b. P. Wcalherbee. Wisconsin; C.B. Lett, Kentucky; T. W. Bndeke, Louisiana; John Dongheilv, Illinois; Henry M. Rice, Minnesota: j. M. Knapp, Pennsylvania; Cnatlca L. Tucker, Missouri. , . Complimentary resolutions were then passed thanViigthe officers of the Convention'for the ablopmormanceot their Unites; also to the cld- Keps of bl. l.oni* for kind attention* to the dele gates. when the Convention adjourned tin* die. Before the Convention finally adjourned, the delegates accepted an invitation from the clnxens of Pu Lottis to attend a banquet at the Llndeli Hotel. The liOtiUTllle mayoralty Question. Set tlrd. LocnvTLLX, February 18,—lathe Coart of Com moo Fleas, during the discussion of the effect o! CHICAGO, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1867. the recent dccUloa of the Coart of A »:>esls, James 8. Uthgow, acting Mayor, wlthd ev bis defence, thereupon the Coart ordered Totnpport relmuted, who will resume the Mayoralty to* morrow. . BEECHES. iddras at the Brooklyn Academy of music In Behalf of manhood sad Wo* snax.bood Suffrage. H*w Toß*,FeUrnary 18.—Henry Ward Beocber delivered to-night at tba Brooklyn Academy of alnslc, an address on talverval suffrage. U>* took cronnd that all classes who expected benefit from legislative action should have a voice in making ttaetaw. He claimed that manhood has a right to suffrage, sot a permission, and itwaanot Jnrtto exclude cue section of the conntry from voting. Education vraa; the watchword for tbo safety of the ballot-box. It wai not dangerous to allow tgnoiant men to vole. Hof. JVnjre itself was a powerful educator. The rudest uncombed man id New York would know in or.e year, by education, tbo dlSbrcnce be tween a vole and a club. The second year hr would obieive the Influence cf party; tbo third be would vote more Intelligently; tbo fourth bo would know tbo for a candidate, and the fifth ho would vote as welt any one. Tbo speaker advocated woman suffrage, be* cause through her Influence a higher standard of men In office would bo secnird. Woman's sphere w*a something mure than to remain at homo and darn stocklrgn tad sow on shirt buttons. Ho also stulalncd bis views on Scripture authority, saying the Now Testament contained nothing intimating the locutullty of sexes. He did nut ask that a woman should undertake to bo a mao, bul that she should bring Into the nation’s affaire tbe Influence of her nature, that which she carried to church and to camp. Homeorjocltoo had been made that a woman would vole at did her husband and ncnlrallr.e the effect, nr that sha would t ok the opposite, so •« lo make discord to the Umlly, hut he said It would he the same In politics as In rrltgion. If line was adlflsrrnce they uonld go In harmony. II woman bad a a rcrctnlard right to Inflii-tico bar husband nod sons as to tint manner In which they should vote, she also bad • tight lo rote herself. Human society no-Ued lint eaertlvo poser ol woman. mid no would out it upon ilmtr enn* sclrnros to use every possible effort lo ame.lorale Ihc condition of tint pour, Iho downtrodden and the ignorant. II« did not believe woman should light tweauaa she voted. All meu who vole did not light; hie If women rotibl fight better than mm, then let them go It, On an usiago, her bead was stronger ihan i man’s. A writer slates lit it the family is tits unit. It was su in olden limes, but cow the in* (ilvidua) is the unit of the fatally. Ha did not wonder that woman had raid she did not want to vote, because she had not been educated to take a part in national affairs; but the dar Is not far dla tent when a reformation would lake place. , Hr. Uoecber walled lor the day lor woman to vote, because then be coaid vole lor once in a dec n( place. The moment she trave her Influence to the ballot-box a wide and a groat change would be felt, not only in politics, but in morals through out the laud. He concluded by urging Mb fair hearer* to take upon themselves the task of bringing ahont the cleaned mult. They wan'd contribute not only tu their own happiness bat to the welfare of tbe country by *o doing. HU only faith for future prosperity of banian society was their devotion in (because of woman aaffrage. FROM INDIANAPOLIS* Harder Trial—Sad Bcmlnlseenco of tbe Johnson Circle—Faracral or Dr* Gall -Eveniuc Gazette to be Suspended* (special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. J Istuaxatolis, February 13. Howard Stretcher, who was one of the panel pals In the row on the night of President John* son’s reception in September last, was pat upon his trial for murder In the first decree, on jester day, In the Criminal Court. A Jury was not ob tainable till tha afternoon, and It was not until nearly one hundred and fifty men had been ex amined that the requisite twelve coaid be ob tained who had neither formed nor expressed any opinion of the prisoner’s guilt or Innocence. The trial will probably last two weeks. The renr best of our legal talent has been employed for the de fence, and an attempt will be made to secure an acquittal on the ground of insanity. The btaie Prosecuting Attorney will bate the assistance of General John Coburn, member o! Congrers elect Ihc^ueraYo?*Dr. A. D. Gall, who died jester day of apoplexy, took place to-dav. The P«*es* k 1 on was a very Imposing one, snd was nearly a mile in length. Masonic bodies attended In full regalia, and the appiopriate and bcaaUtnl ceremonies of the Com trUnrterv were performed at the grave. Sie KiWy £Wni"P Odette, of thia city, hashMu sold to the Journal Company and Its publication will bo suspended at the close of the present Leg islative session. It has been a losing concern for *°\Ycftlher warm and wot, and snow alx inches deep. ' FROM LOUIS (TILLE. A Cold-Blooded Harder—The Curran Wife Iflurder—The mayoralty Contest Brought to a Close. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trfbtme.l Louuvnxx, February 13. A man named Patrick O’Neal waa shot and hilled in High alley, last night, by a man named Andy Bolts. Bolts was firing a rlflo in the street, endangering the lives of persons passing, and was remonstrated with by O’Neal, when he rawed his -tin and fired. Inflicting a wound from the effect* of which O’Neal died m aboat five hours. The murderer waa arrested and lodged in JsU. Some days ago Pat Curran and Ann

abandoned proihtnte, whom Curran had taken Into his bouse, were arrested for assaulting with Intent to kill Mary Curran. Pit’s wife, and were committed to Jail in default of bill. Mrs. Curran uas seriouslv injured about the head and lace, and waa taken to Ohe Citv Hospital, where she aied several days ago from the effect of the in juries received. When Coroner Moore went to hold an leanest on the body o. the woman. It was found that the body had been riven to tne medical etudente and had boon dis sected. Curran and toe woman Btirkley will be beiatoanewertotbechargeofmurder. The lonc-contetted case of Tomppert vs. Lithgow, for the Mayoralty of this cltr. was lironeht to a close to day by the counsel or utb cow withdrawing the delt-nco in the Court of Common Picas. Tompoert will assume the function* cf the office to-day. FROM HASHYILLE. The Indemnity Bill—Disqualification it* juror—'ibe Unionists In the Legis lature—murder of a Freedman—Pro fessor De Bow. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NasnntLX, February 13. In the Senate, the bill to indemnify the loyal ailzeostof the State fur loeaea sustained during tne rebellion, by levying a tax on real estate, was debated with considerable violence, and post poned nntil to-morrow. The cbtncos are that It will fall by one majority. In tbo House, the bill to repeal the law making it a sufficient ground ot challenge fora juror that he look part in the rebellion, wa« defeated on the eecond reading by the decisive vole of twenty-five '“ihe tnlonlifa lo lie Lecleletnre, .limed by Ihe violent and threatening tone of Jae rebel ureas, have rallicdrhclr forces and igim present a boli front to tnc cncmv. There la now little doubt that the Mrtftla If 111 and kindred-measures poor fellow in his cabin a lew mgh»a before, and Hivcn biro a cruel beating. .He was shot while r. i-dti’g his mules in his stable, receiving sixteen buckshot In his bod?. No attempt has been made to arrest the roui doers. , . Professor J D. D*Bow lectures to-night m the Ball of the House of Representatives, on the sub ject of the Pacific Railroad. FROM KEOKUK. Expreaa Robber* Arre»led—lTlUalnlppl Navigation— Pro ml»ed Raid oa tbo Liquor Seller*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Kxoscs, lowa, February 15. Three young men were arrested to-day, near Kllbmirce. on the Des Moines Valley A Missouri River Railroad, on suspicion of having robbed the office of (he Merchants' Union Express Com nanv, at Ottumwa, last week. Some of the stolen orontrtT wo* found uoou them. P The Ice In lie Mississippi and Des Moines began to move again Ibis raornlcg. The ferry boat carries passengers to the snore Ice on the 'if || understood that the Grand Jury of this District, now In session, will than one hundred Indictments against persons selling Uqnor contrary to law. FRO3I SEW YORK* The Dry Good* Firm of Chittenden d: <k». Resume Bnalne**—Fenian Fund*, Arms, dee.—Robbed on * Sxreet Car— An Inhuman Husband, dee. Nsw Yobs, February 13.—S*. B. Chittenden & 0.. hire taken a storeon Leonard street, tempo r»rlly. for resumption of business. The safe of the firm is Just ont of the ruins. Their I foots are sale. They have half aml'Uonof dollars worth of goods la boi.d to commence business with. Niw You*, February 15-An Albany letter says there sre row In New York, tinder the con trol of the Fenian leaders, B*,(W Snydea breocn loadlng rifles, 100,000 therefor. 10,(40,UV rounds of ammunition, and 20-900 co ®r plete suits of uniform. The amount raised ana placed li» the bands of O'Maboaey, -Stephens * Co. was fSitCW). Tbo amount of money npoa which Roberts startedhls raid upon. Canada £126,(40. Alot of heavy siege guns, muskets, equipments and other material of war of like nature, armed in Jeteev Clrv rwz the £ne Railway on Mondav aßernoon, and vesterday afternoon w ere DelUj, shipped for some foreign port, supposed one or the bomb American Republics. Mt Yobs, Febrnary George Deboyrr, so exchange broker domglmil revs at No. S Park Bow. was robbed ofnearly *1,500. while riding no town on a Broadway car. rhe thief escaped detection. A man named George Lister, living In the town of Plessant Valley, seven miles frcmPongh keeps!*, has been detected In an attempt to starve bis wife to death, and performing fnhnnun opera tions upon ber. He is at large, but the police ore * clolb mills at Ducbwis feaiedn a suit brought to recover JB.WW In premiss were given to aid In li^onnted bank, and the plitnUff claimed bo discounter thtm. . FROM CAIRO. The Weather and Ba.lnwe. Cmo. Fehnfary 11-The rirct hu fallen one Inch the cat twehty-tonr honfa- ; . SnoMcij 1,1 nlcht »nd iteadll. this ...nine. The “ c . re .“J„ etvendnrinc the nltemo.n end fa now at .my. Business lively. ■ Largs Coal *ale. vs* Tone. February 13.—The Pennsylvania Ibe price* taallaei were. ff $5.1214 ; crate. *3.W4 ; erg. *5.85; stove, *3.10 . «fth#V*oal was disposed of to parcels ol b.Si*io The Pacific Hall Company an tSeSequantity. Ibepricesavetage p , er 10,1 than at theJanuaryrales c< l al -. bot •» lower loan previous sales In August last. MEXICO. Further Rnmon Concerning ffaxlmll lan’a Abdication—Lost Detachment of French Troop* Would Lare the Cap- Itnl February 15th~Forclsmer» Leav ing the Coantry-Cenfaaed State of Af fairs at Vera Crnz. Now Oslzaxb. February M,—The French {tom Vtvw Cm*, has arrived with tele man for France from Maximilian, asda £?* «Mnp»naoi doapntchea from tbe United Slues Consat *1 Vein Lrux. ilixlmllla* was at the Nafleual Pehccln Ihc uiyei Mexico, it was rumored tbit he would abdicate after the French depart A contrary report sajs be would remain and fight it oaf. Marshal itozakte and tbe lost detachment of French troops weald leave-tbe Capitol os Feb ruary Ifith. There were co Frercli tiantporla it Van Cm*. Toe United htatea fusbna; Tbomatna was them. Forcleaura were luring Mexico « rapidly m they conn.. Hieamer Ahbima,a«n New York, fail arrived a! Vera Ctax. £renrfliU>r •§ reported In eonfuba In the nrtnlir of VeraCina. Among tb» paMeogaraunUieTobaacoiiKJotanel Dupe), of Maximilian's boaacbold. FfiOJl LAFAIETTK, IND. loM ltlcli«mrnt—Pwrtlefl PnpirlngM Kmlgnifto non*«ii«-Frwhi!l In the Wabwh—C'owhldlnc Affrir* Jj»fAT»rr«. lnd„ ffchruury 18.—Major William I*. Cullen, of Montana, ban Hr«n mil ltd to lecture m this city oo Ui» uold-hesttog dslds of the West. 0/ Invlwilon of the Uciolstar* ho leclttml In the till of the liou»o it iiiolaoepitts Uil nlnltt* Tim gold ciclUituoal approximates to ‘ho California ■exodus. hoverxl companies, Including i nomtwr nr lidler, will go flout UUtolto next month. Moses Kowler, .Im, Ppcais, Ur. Maker mil oilier cxpllsllsia well known m Chicago. hivo Just pur chased Hires quarts mills m your ctir to develop ■ pallet tha valuable lodce owned by Colonel Preticl m Montana. The WiMah U atflood-Ude., Urge fields of tee are coming down, and both river bridges are to Chicago drummer w eowhlded In thla city last nlahi fo» enticing a yuua* nltl to go with him to HpiWfffteld and puilntbereahli wife. FROM PITTSBURGH. .Sloppy Weather - Dtulnew Mattew noTemenU of Hltamen. ITmacnon, February 18.— The weather to-day nai cloudy, with abowera of rain at Intervals. The aldcwalka and streets are In a mlseraolo con dition, rendering out-door pursuits cxcredtnely disagreeable. The wbanrea arc muddy and la swelled somewhat today. Atdark there were seven feet nine inches In the cbaooal by the new marks ou the Monongahela bridge. There is a fair amount of basinets transacted on the Undine, and freights appear-to he plenty. •Itc Urey Eacle came In this morn Ins from Par kerst)rue, and returned to that palm this evening. The Argosy leaves to-morrow. The Belle V ernon came In trom Cincinnati this afternoon with a good load of freight.' The It. C. Grey la dne from the same point. FROM TOPEKA. Reported Connell of Indian*—lntima tion* that tlio Ued Skins Will Soon Take the War Path, Ac* Topeka, Kan., February 13 —The editor of the Salt Lake FWdfr, who has Juat arrived, ejd the Smoky Hill rente, abates that at Downer's Station there were 7,000 Indiana who had met other tribes to decide upon war or peace. One oM chief wno appeared friendly, told the coach driver II he wantedJO save bis life he badbettcr leave the line before ffic Erase grew*. A Udy wai lold at one of the stations by a principal chief that he would have her for his eqnaw before lopg. The Kansas Senate baa passed bills apprepnat )ne I 2,000 to aid In the construction of a Blind Asylum. • ■ r Bnming of a Cincinnati Publishing- House. ‘- *■ *• Cisciskati. February IS.—The publishing houec ol the Miami Priming Company, on Canal near Eighth street, wvs destroyed by fire this mornlrc. fne presses were saved in a damageo condition. An edlion of one thousand copies of Bail! Duke’s history of John Morgan s cavalry, and a large number of other book*, wore des troyed. Loss, 135,000 ; losnred for *30,000. Hew Orleans Item*. NrwOntKAKS, February 18.—Hon. O. William son. of bhreveport, formerly of General Polk s utafh waa yesterday elected United States Satalor. Several distilleries bare lately been eelwd by the United States Marshal tor Infraction of the rewnuelaws. The frauds upon the Government are proportionally equal to those In the East and West. ‘ . Triple murder and Snlelde* Sr. Lons, February 18.— A mtn named Nichols murdered his wife snd two children In Brookfleld, Missouri, on Sunday night, and then killed him selL Steamer Bailed* Bonin, February -11-Steamer Alfred, fot Liverpool took no specie. THE GALLOWS. Execution of a Wife marderer at Wll* mlnctoD. Delaware. (From the Philadelphia Press, February 11. j On Friday at half-past twelve o’clock, Andrew P. Armstrong waa executed In \V it mlncton. Delaware, for the murder of his wile. The Wilmington Daily Commercial Is sued an extra Friday evening with a full ac count of the execution, from which we make the annexed extract: , The prisoner waa about fifly-fonr years of age of medium size, about five feet ten inches In height and rather heavy set. His features were not of a brutal cast, though they habitually wore a sour and disagreeable expression. His bee was bronzed by ex posure. , Armstrong was born In this State, In >ew Castle County, a few miles below Middle town. He was apprenticed to a blacksmith, but did not serve out bis full time. He was not considered a vicious boy. He remained about Middletown until ho reached man hood. On the acquisition of California, about 1&19. he went out with thb coast sur vey as chain-bearer, etc., and remained there several years. After, hia return from Califor nia be married Miss Douglass, and ac-, qnlring some land by the marriage, he set tied down and went to farming, at which he continued up to the time of his arrest. He was not accounted a vicious or dangerous man by bis neighbors, although ho was not very well liked. He was very fond of brag-“ cine of the bloody scenes be professed to have witnessed in California. It was a mat ter of common report that he and his wife lived together very unhappily, and he hadat several limes beaten her. , He was very quiet and orderly while in prison, freely conversing with all who gained admission to him. and frequently adm tted that he killed hls-wilo, though he Insisted that he did U In the heat of passion, after she had already attacked him with a hatchet. Hla version of the affair was that his wife attacked him with a hatchet when he was entering thr room; that she struck him on the bead with the pole of the weapon, and then at tempted to strike him with the edge; that he warded otf the blow, and In a rage wrested the weapon from her and struck her the blow which killed her, and then, fright ened at what he had done, he burled her In the pig-pen to conceal his crime. This statement Is not consistent with the evi dence, as nothing was more clearly proven than that the blow was struck when the woman’s back was turned towards him. From the character of the wound It could not have been otherwise. Ycsteiday he had his last Interview with bis two eldest sons, boys of about twelve or fourteen gears of age. Both were witnesses All the preparations for the execution were made by about II o’clock, and a few minutes after the - doors of the hall of the Sheriffs house {were thrown open and the crowd was admitted into the jail and throngh the corridor of that building to the yard. Between twelve hun dred and thirteen hundred people were ad milled. As they passed directly under the door of tie pileoncr’e cell, he could hear the tramp and thulllc of their feet dlatlnctly for nearly an hour before hla execution. The reather vras as riCrt'OiT as the character of the doty to be performed by the officers of lb? iSr. The rain fell steadily, and the cert, thonch partially coTered with rouprh hoards, waa tramped with mud. A few minutes after twelve o’clock the Sheriff; accompanied by a jailer, entered the cell of the prisoner, and placed the hand cuffs on his wrists. This occupied some three minutes, and the moumlblprocession of death left the cell, on Us way to the , fatal platform. ~. . , . On arriving at the scaffold the whole party , ascended, and the prisoner moved forward i to the centre of the group, the Sberitr landing at his left, and the Kev. Mr. George on his right. The latter then read the flfty-flist Psalm. In a solemn and impressive manner,’and followed it wun a short prayer. Daring this time Armstrong «tood quiet end unmoved, looking down, and giving no outward manifestation of emotion. The opportunity was then given him to make «&y remarks he might desire, but he was found to be too weak to do so. He whis pered a moment to Mr. George, then stepped forward and stated that the prisoner nfehtdblmtos&y he forgave all men, and hoped all would forgive him. Mr. George then descended from the platform. The sheriff and Jailer then stepped ™r ward and adjusted the rope about the pris oner's neck, an operation which occnnita -some time. At this time, during the terri ble suspense that was natural to the occa sion. the nilsoner showed the first signs of emotion, trembling violently, his legs shak ing beneath him like an aspen. The shenff placed the white cap on his head and drew u down, covering his lace. He seemed here u> hesitate and draw back from his fate, and, apparently desirous to Steal yet a. few mo ments from the greet world of etern^. leaned over and whispered to the Sheriff. This occu pied perhaps half a minute, though to the anxious spectators It seemed a lone time. The jailer then guided him forward on to the drop, and retired, leaving him standing there. There was scarcely an Instant of pause, when the sheriff struck the rope with ms hatchet, and the prisoner fell q uiy "l n s J D *° the »lr a distance of five feet. The turned around slowly, backward and for ward, as the rope twisted or nntwuted, bn * there was not lbs least sign of life. 2<ot a muscle seemed to move or a nerve to quiver. His neck waa doubtless instantly broken, ard at twenty-one minutes past 1- o clock. Andrew Peter Armstrong was dead, accord- five minutes before one Dr Ferris, the iall physician, announced that life was ex tinct, aid the remains were lowered Into a handsome cherry coffin, placed Directly un it Is generally rumored that he left a writ- ten conftvtdon, bat this Is not the case. He has at no \‘ime denied the murder, but np to the time of the execution he persisted in tbo statement recited above, and persistently de nied burying the clothes. HU whispers to tbo sheritf on tbo scaffold, were to the effect that he wished It to he understood that he did not deny the murder, bat that thero were circumstances connected with It which no one living would ever know, but were known only to himself and bis God. THE Fight Between United States Troop* and Indiana* The Idaho Stattxwctn famishes the sub- Joined partlcnlara of a battle which took place on the 2filh or December, between a* small lores under command ol General* Crook, and the Indian*:: General Crook, on assuming took the field and crossed the river at Ola Fort Boise on the 21st December, with Cap tom Perry and forty of hln cavalry and ten Monts, moved forward. tending the sconts ohcad, and moving the cavalry at night alone the high* lands between toe Owyhee and Mfllbcor. On the KJd'tho* Scouts came In and reported- a small band of Indians abend, passing with stock rwm-lhw'Malhcar '•'word the Owyhee. (Join*: forward that * and sending the its ahead. It was night and sending the scout »*■ ascertained that the Indians ha* pawed down a canon totbo Owyhee and tavi gone up that streams Using, tbo order and precaution the command- pursued the trail tip the Owyhee Ibr two- nUeftts, when the scouts came In and reported- that they had heard the neighing of horses hut amid discover no lights in consequence of the pro* vailing fug; wnoroupon the command moved forward under cover of night InlVoloul the enemy and strike a- blow before discovery. No Indians were found at Ihn place hidlcatod —a high ridge Hanked by gulcuvs, about sly* ly miles up the rlvcron the westshle. No lime was to bo lost, however, aod-ths cimo* maml wan dismounted—the ground wm un* suited fbr cavalry—and were pushed iwr** deep ravines, passing out like lingers Into a bend, whore tho river ennonod to the east In a big b< nd. As thu fog llfUd at day. break, o few horses were discovered on the tableland. Soon after an Indian waa heard and seen to drive three or lour horses back over the ridge. Word was sent to hurry up the horses. In the meantime an Indian was seen on the rldpo ahead, who disappeared suddenly, when It was evident they bad taken alarm. In a few momenta an Indian with flying leathers, followed by two others, made his appearance on the ridge, end raised the whoop, charging right and tell. Captain Perry ordered a portion of the men to go book down the ravine and hurry up tho horses,, and with the remainder charged the ridge-ou foot in order to cover the movement of the- horses. The Indians broke from their lines of defence,and the horse* coming up- on the run, the men wore mounted and led to the charge and pur suit, the Indians flying np the mountains from their camp ju*t south of tho ridge and over tho rldgo to the sooth, and a brisk filing commenced which continued for ibout a mile. Captain Perry leading one ‘quod and Seieeant O’Toole the other. The result was twentv-fire or thirty of thy enemy killed, nine prisoners of women and chil dren, twenty-nine horses and mules cattured, nbout twenty-live wickiups and all the pro visions of the cncmv, including a large amount of beef lately slaughtered, burnt and destroyed. _ . , Sergeant O’Toole, a worthy and efficient officer, received a mortal wound In the en gagement and died on the return. General Crook la now organizing an expc ditkn to go up the Malheur and “for the Indians.” I Woman Becomes Insane WbUo Wlt- ncasing a Flay- < iFrom the Sagitaw (Mich.) Enterprise, Feb- I roary lUt.J Last Wednesday evening there was a , dramatic performance given at Bellevue ] Hull, by the German Amateur Company of this city. In which the celebrated German actor Schoen, from Toledo, sustained the cuaracter of “Perclval” In the thrilling drama of “Grlseldls,” and Mrs. Gnhlen, of Cincinnati, personated “Grlseldls.” The dot of the play U laid in Scotland, n its earliest days, and daring the reign of King Athos. Perclval was a Scottish noble, and it appears while hunting near the castle he met the fair Grlseldis, a poor coal banter’s daughter, and becoming enamored of her married her. Years after, at a grand tete at which the Qncen Genevra was pres ent, she rated Perclval for having married a low born girl and asserted that such a wo man would not prove constant to her hus band. A wager that ho or she who should lose should kneel at the feet of the woman was made by thcQueen, that the wife would prove faithless and Inconstant in adversity and temptation, and accepted by Perclval. The wife was sorely tried and tempted, her child was taken from her, her husband condemned, to be executed, ana herself treated with dis respect and scorn. Through all these trials the wiffe bore up proudly, always manifest ing unbounded love ana confidence in her husband, until at last the Quocn scknowl edged she was in fault, and proclaimed that Perclval bad won the wager. When it was known to the wife that her husband was privy to the persecutions and an accomplice of the Qncen, her love changed to dislike, and they were estranged forever. The play was very infecting, and many eyes were .wet in the audience at the conclusion of the play. Among those present was one newly made wile; she was perceptibly af fected at the performance, and remained weeping in her scat after a greater portion of the audience had gone. Whether the In cidents portrayed in the drama were proto types of her own sufferings, cannot be told, hot certain It is that when she was taken home reason had forsaken her, and she talk ed incoherently of her past life, of her first husband and adopted child, together with the “Perclval” and “Grlseldis” of the drama. Several physicians have visited her, but ■ shake their heads thoughtfully as they pro nounce it Insanity. ... , The woman’s history Is well known In this city. For a number of years she has lived here as the wife of one of our German citi zens, hut some weeks since a separation was : eifcctcd, and about two weeks since she mar* rlcd another man. The poor woman is thoroughly crazed; she will attend to none of her usual duties, nor even to her own comfort. The sad story of Griscldls, and the cruelty of I’ercival, as she saw them on the mimic stage, have apparently entirely driven away her reason. 1 man Smoihercd to Dentil In a Snow Drift. I t-!g Bine Correspondence of the Nebraska City News.) -- Some persons living on the West Fork of Iht Big Bine, residing In a temporary dug out, forthe pnrposeoftrapping, wcrccaugbt in the snow-storm of the 231 h ult. Their dug-ont being on the south side of a high bark, the snow drifted on to U very fast ; when one of them, by the name of G. J. Pariah, proposed to go to a neighbor’s house. The other said that if they left, they would freeze to death, and he woald sooner stay where he was. Parish sold ho would run the rLk, us the Umber over their heads was bending ;«ndcr the weight ot snow, and be thought it was certain death to remain. The other, Lewis Wanes by name, said he had been In the service of the United States for three veara, and In some hard fought battles; but he never felt himself In so much dancer. With that Parish and his wife started off and left Warren there alorie, preparing for a smoke. They started in a southeast coarse, and bv keeping on the Ice they managed to get to*the bouse of Samuel Englchaufl. This was about ten o’clock In the morning of the 2T)th of January. On the 2olb. Parish went hack to sec about his horses, which he had left In the woods, lie went to the bouse and It «as cnlUely covered with snow; he called several times and got no answer; he had nothing to dig with. He then went to the honse of J. R. Johnson, a distance of four miles, for shovels and help: they got back to the dng-ont abont one o’clock p. m., ana dag down several feet and they came to the roof, when they made a bole large enough to admit a man s body, and two of them crowded In. They found Warren lying on the bed ap rarently asleep; bat on speaking to him he did not move. They then picked him up and carried birn to the hole, and passed him through to the man on the outside, where they ascertained that he was dead. There were two voung dogs in with him. One of them the other was not able to stand up when taken ont. The Double murder In Maine, [Uwi;toa (Me.) Despatch (Febrnary 9) to the New York World.) In reference to the Aubnrn murder the ne ero asserts that he did rot think the murder was contemplated, and consequently he ■went to the house unarmed, while bis accomplice first seized Mrs. Kinsley and demanded where the money was, when she screamed for Mrs. Caswell. The accomplice then struck Mrs. Kinsley with a chair. Mrs. well, on coming out of her room, was struct on the head with a hatchet by the accom ollcc, who then left her for dead, when both the murderers returned to Mrs. Kinsley s bedroom and searched for monev where she ndicated. hut found none. Mrs. Caswell had returned to consciousness and was attempt ing to reach her room when the uccto fo.- lowed her and killed her with a chair. In the meantime the accomplice had finished Mrs. Kinsley. They then tried to light a lamp, but failed, and. after further search, save up all hopes of finding any money and left. Vcrrlll, whom the negro charges with being the instigator of and accomplice In the crime, is In jail. Detectives arc understood to be at work on his case. Death of General J • C. Ltaman. [Frcm Itc ‘ruary 10. J General S. G. Lao man, after a lingering Ill ness, contracted while in the service of his country, died at his residence in this city Saturday morning, February 9,15G7. lie was born in Tarrytown, Maryland, January 20tb, ISIS, but removed with bis family when young to York, Pennsylvania, and In 1544 settled in Burlington. At the beginning of the war he took an active pait in enlisting volunteers, and on the 11th of July, 1861, was commissioned - Colonel of the Seventh lowa Infantry, He acquitted himself gallantly at the battles of Balmont and Douclson—being severely wounded in the,.and promoted to tnc rant oi Brigadier General for meritorious services at the latter. He subsequently commanded* brigade or division at the battles of Shlloa, Hateble, and in numerous matches and mi •ior engagements. General Lauman retired NUMBER 251. from the army in July, 1503, taring teen two jean of active and em -lent st rrice. The principal business In Notches at present appears to be the wUlng ol moles at auction. A young man In Savannah, Oa., playfully pointed a revolver at bis sweathcart tbe other day and pulled tbe trgger. To his horror the pistol was charged, and tho dis charge resulted in a bad fright and a shat tered ear-ring. IW WAIT BROTHERS, Advertising Ari’s 130 Dmb«m-«t n receive advertisements for all tbe lending papers (brsaghuot the United states and Canadas. jpHINTUTO, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Paetlliles lor doing Work of Anr Descrip* tlon lltfqnsHfd In the City, Cije Seating Scaaon. EaT BIUE UINK, IcsKot Affected by the Thaw, ore* AU, IMV A*U BVRMKQ. luodo.WHst, cars Uo'l rou st tho door. IUNK. 100 In I’orfout Orel or. OPEN Alii. DAV A*l) IVKNINtt. jUs Mer ft tills Comte Coctnmc Ancmhly on Friday. KiU) Vuiilicationo. U A R E LONDON^BOOKS. Thr eabaertber lua latoly rccutred Cron Europe a tcry lain atauttum ot Rare and Valuable Books, InaUlananarpaanl every department of literature, »uUableforGet.tletafn** Prlvan Librariei, and oiler* thru li'r »alr at Ttry low pt|(TJ.iurcMb. Catalogue* of the ause are rob tsbM fron time to Utnt>. wllhineloweeicaah prt<*» aannted, and which Till belorwardcd to any addreeacraua,onappUcatloa. A. L. LUYBTER, (LataT. W, Ueere.) 131 PORTER OP LONDON BOOKH, Ho. 138 Fnlton-at.Hew York. jy£AbSACHUSETTS ES T THE REBELLION. A RECORD-OP TOE Position of the Cpmmonwoalth, Ami the aepvlcea of the leading STATESMEN, the MlT.trart, the COLLEGES, AND THE PEOPLE, Inlbn CITIE -WAJR OF 1801-05. By P. C. ol “Josephine," etc. Thls Important publication has been prepared with the otmost care, and will be pannonnerd Incomparably the moat valuable local contribution to the history ot the Rebellion ret published. Its interest to every_«on or danabler ot MMinchn»ctts, or. Indeed, of New Eng land, cannot be exaggerated, it contains Eight Steel-Plate Engravings, IncludinglUcmeae* ot THIRTY-TWO eminent civil. lans and nnlitary men, Itvinc aud deceased. Price, In cloth. H 90: sheep, *9.50; half calf, *7.01. PUBLISHED BY SUBSCRIPTION. Copies sent by mall,pottage paid,on receipt of price. GEO. C. RAND 4 AVERT, Publisher*. BOSTON, MASS, rf Agents wanted everywhere. Address QEO. A C. W. SHERWOOD. 105 Madlson-sU. Chicago. General Agents for the Weat. gtte ISall Season. raKD ball BY TUB ELL9TV O RTH ZOUAVES (OOVEOKOBrS QUiHD), At Crosby's SXnaic Sall| TQUBSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY U. TICKETS $3.00. ForMl»»fKln*lfy*s«n(l W. H. C. Miller’* Jewelry Stow. No. 108fiootE •• fiiv.ung. pHINTiNG, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for dole* Work of Any Descrip* tlon Pneqaailcd in the C?IIT» ffiasonlc Notices. HrASONIO—A Special Conclave ot Is I c.ourcas Sovereign Chapter of Bow Croix De.II. It. D. M. will be held at the Masonic Temple, this Snoraday) evening. at IK o’clock, for work. 1M meets of the Chapter are rvqaralo.2 to meet the »■ w. « I*. M.. at 4 o'clock p.m. B, order cl me M. W. *lh “ft. MILES . fttcreury. 1 rASONIO. —A Special Communication l\Lot Kilwinning Lodcy. No. 311, A. F. A be held this (TlimtbDAY) evening. i eh. 14.1M7. at .* o'clock, to arrange lor the luaeral of oar late Brother, Past Master C. It. r. Wentworth. Br OKUr of the W. . p. QKAHAM. Secretary. Consignments. A PPLE.S— APPLES. Q.RINDbTONES.— On hand, a stock ol GRINDSTONES, Sellable wter-tL o ALT. —1,000 barrels INSPECTED SALT, Under cover. In choice paciaitee. tor eale by car load crotberwlee. Xo. 13S sooth few!. ffiSaantEh •07 ANTED— ’ ’ A SITUATION To travel In some wholesale business. H*.** out trom this city the last ten year*, principally l i*, e grocery bnsln**». and hate a good ■"ce. Address "TKAVELLER. * Box 1U» Chicago. J>ARTNER WANTED—In the HARDWARE BUSZNDSS, With a capital ot (4,000 to *5,000. to take the place of : retiring pertoer. 11 °°.yg- g .. A a''boSc omre- goclctß iHcctings. Ug. L.—The “ Universal Suffrage ” • Irftgae roeett This STcalnti Ftbrnarj l*l»h, at S •’clock. p. A. ROYNE. Praldtot. ffijotograpjia. T>HOTOGRAPHS SI.OO PER DOZEN, ptotocrapb* |lJoperd<sxen, Photocr»pbf> |IJ» per dozen, Pholqitraphs |IXO pet dozen. At CBABUB MOSBER’S, I IP U3c**U PHOTOGRAPHS— RAIN OR SHINE, Are triad taken for I LOO per dorem « HORIKE'3 PUOTOQKAPB OulekT. 143 Latc-sL Satisfaction guaranteed. 81,5005° LOAN ’ IOI two y “^ WILZiZAS a. HOLDniff, Attorney at Law and Notary Public, Vn, TOO yiAPIS*OX-ST. $50,000 T 0 LOA * On Flrst>cla<*B Boat Estate. Annlr to ROZBT A CUMMINGS, y Rfri Eriat* and Loan Brora - *. PS LaSallest. JBcntisttg THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION _ B Orizlnated the amcsthetlc nae ol Nitrons Oxide Gas for the Extraction ot Teeth, and hare siren It to over SO.KO persons la their different offices. accldenL It l» our epeclaJtr. £^g: Cvinoto h'adauarttrs. Office. IIS Sooth DearDorn st. orer Tiroes Office. JHehlcai. TPRESH VACCINE VIRUS—From im- J ported Vaccina Vtrasof the GENERAL OF HANOTEE, .W.WVKL B..dbrTEBO~Ug^MB R M» ! °* E^- printing. pEINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Pacllltle* (or doloff Work ot Any Descrip- tion ifiwfitonß. ~ wm—m——^ STEAM PUMPS, EABL’S PATENT. HAWKINS & JAMES, Ceneral Agents. PORTABLE ENGINES, Iron Laths, Planers, DRIH/LS, Woodworth PlAncra and Matchers. Ssrfscers- Redrawing Mnehlneo. HrfOll saws. Moulding and TVaontng Mil* cblnes. Wood I.mbs, &ti HAWKINS & JAMES, 01 NMITU WELLS-HT. jpltAiniE tiTATJS COHN WMKLHHR. We ate now rstnu truly emtaawt In the manufacture of com hbdieia, ilat li hlifl'rfi. Ha-id-('•nltuc »Ud He If' yecdlo* Twv ana four Halo pi.wer bhailm,. Ouo, Two and Pour llatM Invert. „, _ . „ lb« above m rrnmrou a Kmr floli* Reared ithcller wfth Hacker. H«*tf rredai, and RstMVlon Cob ('tarter. It rbelU. clean* and aacaa with on* operation. aw. baa a capacity ot one Umsaatul tintori* prrrtay, awttl ea pectally adapted to the a act* of warebauae-tnen ami caieualrororn erowrr*. For funner information i«mt ler dram yuve circular. UU.I.M AN A 00., _ Joliet. PI. ftlmisc jFumisbing;. STOKE. New Goods. a aper Hangings,. Decorations, Window Shades. Bedding and Bed Furnishings;. Upholstery. Damask, Laces And Cornices, And everything per- taining to the above. Steam Cured Feath- ers, free from smell. E.C. L. Faxon & Co., House Decorators And General House Furnishers, 74 & 76 Lake-st., Two doors west of The old stand. printing. JP HINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office, Facllltlea for doing Work of Any DeocHp- tlon ricgoailed in tbe City. (General Notices. pEWb TO RENT. HEW ENGLAND CHURCH. THB SECOND SAXiS OP PEWS In tie near edifice oo North Dearoorn su, opposite Washington Dark, will take place monJ&r Evening, Feb. 19. ISOT. At »V o’elock, after which sale. the unsold Pews and Osllery Chairs will be BESTED for tbs current year. ■\TOTICE.—’ The following letters from “** The Bank of Montreal, To oor core, .in Oo atllvetnl to lb. p.rtlo, to wOom they are addressed, on proper Identification. D. McLean. John tarson. P.Lentesty. S.tlrrt. W. D Kerr, Mm. C. McArthur, A. Beckwith, L.P-Hil liard, 8. M. Dart, John Quin". C. Tinkler, Jas. Thom son. U. W. Townsend, B. Walker. GEO. C. SMITH 1’ ORO-, Bankers. 4S LatSallc-st. -VTOTICE—Is hereby given that my Xl • I % ETnE SBLSOX UNOfIST, III,I"C l.n ray t,V. .n,I bc.rd without tael c»a«e, I .111 tot be rrenontm'e fiir ooy Cebu that .he may contract ttom «... dim. jTor gait. REAT BARGAIN—One ol the most valuable _ WATER POWER PRWILECES Id the Weal, situate within forty mUca ot this city, and suitable lov any klid of tnauaNcturlng wora». lit of fered for sale, for cash, by immediate application., at jspercent ol Us actual mine. (»ood stone dtm.S-V --eruacm ol land, upon which are p>od stine In abun dance. for tepalta cr Improvement*. Apply at IJ Exchange-place, between the houra of 10 a. m. ana 1 p. m- or flora s to .«• rjO AGENTS AND CANVASSERS. A few Tbouanod Saleable Pwtcphleta far •ale ullnaPi At TRiaWNg JOB BOOM^: lIfEKCHANTS’ UNION EXPRESS 1U bIOCK FOR g\LE QLHIBY dr HAWLEY, Rnfccfi. 146 Dj*rbJra-«t. Jj*Oß SALE — A Foundry and machine Shop and Planing Mill, At WankecaD. 111. nu lacl'iUu for meiuaa two tons ot iron. fchop-tUhl Patterns and Fl-n*» lor Leonards Pat. Scam’f** hkrins, Match Plate atd snap Fia«t* for Ban U or Hamers, and aree variety ofdedrah; a I ri t«t» and Flasn. Machine Shop well iloctwl with rood machireryatd tool*. Two Planer*, Be-*awlnc Machine, and soltabl* machinery tor the manatactore of ea<>*. Doors, Ac. Wi!. be imld tow for prompt r* T > ApptT toTTFFAM dLUCAb,Uardware Merchant*,' HOESES FOE SALE OF TUE GOLDDBST BREED, At Eden Stock Farm, debt miles from the city ot LonUTlUe, Ky. These bonce Inclade the ten head that hare challenged the world for spe».d and bottom, thronch “Wilkes* Spirit cf the Times"; also. Lydia Goladost, that won forfeit ol Monpol s celebrated Braoo to three races; aao. Matt; Gol'Aloat, Uiat woL over ter. of the best two year oi ls of Kentacgy ta the fall of 130, and the noted style aod Sne Oolddnst, Rm Golddnst. These, with mary oth ers. male np the best and most decant >°* ever offered; for sale In America, fan oowbrasdlni otct -a mares annually cf the most <£?!??. a " I ?gsgmEr.-jß._ ■pOR SALE— BMfIgIt. stnva and Barrel Machinery, BUihgie, hradjn* mills, shlcele and stare cutters e,a<Uhr woaimnc andcat-on aaws, Ac. •Ddw.moud cffiit v.R & FORD. SSSaodSNiMaanoa-it. STOCK FARM FOR SALE _6(O acm. a llmprored, near Joliet, UU 30 miles mrm Chlcaco, known ma the • Jonc* Farm." rained at ‘vostbesoid at a sacrifice fo clsse an tstate. for parUchlars, address MATTOCK** Ar MASON*. P. 0. Pox 10 CP. Chicago. HI. T> ARE CHANCE FOR .MERCHANTS. X FOR. SALE; A CAREFULLY &ELKCTED 6TOCE OP Dry Goods, Groceries, Inrolctce a heat tltom-. al porchasec withn a yrar raitaio lease on Bt-re. Store located in a thrtnn* town a short dtataaee from Chicaeo. SailsfacrofTrea. sons iiTes tor lel.lnx. For p.rl.calar» tngoU^of^ CcmmUaioa Merchant S 2 LaSalieat^ Chicago. ©Brier jFcstlbal. ■pLTMOUTH CHURCH OTBTSB MBTXVAL, Thonday BToainffr Fob- 14,1857, laths Parian ot earner ot Watoah-ar. *“ • • aod Eldrldce-Ciort %T Admittance, merit Buttons. BDTWHfB, BUTTON^ buttons. Dress Buttons, Co«t Buttons, Vest Button*, FutMtph . Jet Buttons, Velvet Buttons, Silk Buttons, Steel Button*, Oilt Buttons,. Ivory Buttons, Pearl Buttons, Agate Buttons, Bubbcr Buttons, French Horn medallion Buttons, Lasting Buttons, AT LOW PBICE4 FOB CABII, BY SEYMOUR, CARTER A CO., Ircpcitctt ucd Jobless o! Hosiery, White Goods, Notions, Twines, At, And bole AgmUfor Bigelow’s “itar” Paper Collars, 22 LAK.E-3T. Stirling. ptUMTUKi. Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for dclar Warh el Anr PcWttik ilrni Unequalled In the l.'try, Darmetgfilp. Dissolution of copautnrk *nil*.-rn» r«|vefiMr»Mp fttrcULre eitsUaf nwirr tfi* eeme cod stria st c, H'nioivrx. imo. vm Hr mutual eoi#ri on the tui..*» otp* cerotxr. I'W. CtlHAimef R*niP NOTH'®.—The omlanteaa* bare from tbet* day ot Jatuaryi IW7, partoorahtp cedar ihoßrm name tl L. BTROHEL « CO.. and will eoaßsne the bnatneaa oHßalata BnaafSß •Id llano, a* So. 70 Dcarbom-it. _ „ T.ons BTItOdKW PAUL MBBKKIU Ciopautneiiship notice. Th*- I eopartoanUtp beretntbrertliUnaunderttitOrm lame ot DATIB, &AWTEU * CO., tvXbtcaCfX ««* % C. DAVIS A 4*0.. m saint LouU, U till day utaaolTß* br mntoal cotaenC, taking affect January UC1387. 1 BAMUBL O-UAyiV" • rn.uu>B R.SAWTRB; NATHAN W.PKHKINB, ANDREW aPBOULB. Chicago, Feta C.IW;. The nndcritgn*<t bar* this day entered Into eopact acnhtp, under the Urm name of BAVX9, SAWTBB & CO., TsWa* offset Jraarrlrt, IS*7. mod win oontiaan t&e Hcotssd t>boe Wofsetunai sad Jobblic Uaslacvi, St C&ICSfO. SAMUEL C. DAVf-J, CUAEUtd D- SAWYER. Chicago. Ftb.U. 1967. of partnership^ the -partnmhlp bervtolore exltUne trader the firm nazseot E.B. AJ. C. QCTUEIE, is this day dm •cited by motasl oonent. E, B. GUTHRIE. Chicago, I cb. 9, 1567. J. C. GUTHRIE. The undersigned win continue the Commission Business, With c filer at ao. 3S Chamber of Commerce, and b« to fill order* tor p err Case of Floor, Grain, m> Thu lj. nishwlnes, *c. > triracr. ¥• J. C. GPTHBIK- Removals. VAL—Tke Trout Store ol ■WM. 'WRIGrHTi Prom Cl Clnrk-st. to his old established Trunk Store and Factory, ais south cx.a,n*-sT., Maaslactnrer. Wholeaale ud Retail Dealer fa eiery vailctT of Ladles’ and Gents’ TraTelUae Tninki, Vs> Use*. Baas, batcbsts. 4c., at redared prices. Old ess tc-mers and caw ai« invited to CjII before pnrcbaalac eliewtere, WM. WEIGHT, 219 Son!* CiMt*. patents. I>ATENT OFFlCES.—lnTtntora -who •wish to take ont Jitter* Patent ar# mw wita MC>N * CO., Editors oi -tte Bclenoae Aircrlcar, who ostb prosecuted claims teior* dm Patent Office tor ntarly twentiyrara. Th*lr Americas and European Patent Accncytls the moftenenstTete the world. Charges less than any otter relUMa containing lull laitrucUcns to Inreat on. Is sect gratis. Address MCNX * CO., 37 P»rt-row._KewTarfc pARD’S PATENT a BBZCS maCHINIL Office and manntactory 33Sona Jeffer«oa-«C. W tnfbnaatloa and dowlPttT* clrcuia^addre-a^^ AS south JeHenao-n- raiaw. printing. pRINTINQ, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Fncllltica tor doing Work of Any Deecrtg* tlnn FnegonHed In the Clty» «eal Estate ESTATE WANTED. We hare a large number of applDattCM tor tint- Cists busltea* ana rtsldenro property. r “>“ “ ““ ’.VUsCEK* wSt-EK*" SO Washington-St. Boom 1» ■p'OK SALE— {* Snyder * Lee, Beal Estate Asenk.No. tan Block two new twoatory aedbaaerorntbrlct hoMg of nine rooms each, hoi android, water, ****7^.??^? marble mantels, etc-and lot# on o«tww» Thorp aad Loomis JeOkraonPark. Pxiet |6JW. T« m» of Payment made easy. ISathhiare. Stouts. &c. ~p| AItDWARK i!c CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lalio-St. Theannumof cto*e buyers is invitedto onrec& pll£ sU-oTof COOPEBS*’. MACHINISTS’ msd CA» PFVTFB*' TOOL**, AMERICAN TABLE Lu cLWOt iio BCIIOEBS-liAUnwaßK. direct ncmtbebj; TnanofAftonn. We I'flcr. aist— a complete assortmiW ?rWOSTESnt LM’S pockeV rriLEHY, JATKOOS'S SAW'- Jtisr.HH BODQKIO A iciMia BAiwM. STUBUS * BOTttKBTt SKATES and Straps of description. We also keep constantly on hand fun cumber*Of SCnOENBEIUiEK'b JLNLATA NAiLb. C. B. Qctd. Edw. I'mgsooTT. B.jkC*PaLfc gigabtskcg. JJDFORD, GUTHRIE & CO., 3>ISTII<3jTBIIB Of' Pure Copper Whiskey, Midway. Woodford Co., Kentucky- Orders for one barrel and upward, solicited, flampin* free. Sold In or out of bond. ozs. ass Dcroro. • JT*5. WAJOTt AENOLP HATtO. iESutational. HALL, A Church School for Girls^- TlieeprtDrTennfceElJU OD WedDMdv. Feb. ISUU Fer MLmlMton, BMTAIX . Saa M.m. TTNITERSIT* OP NOTRE DAKSV I J VOTBE DAMK. IND.—The next term ol B» Au-toown Insulation will commenc- on the FIRST OF FEBBtTA KT. stndenu. bowerer. can enter at OrntdarinjcOe ‘ tUtl ° S l^ l3^-’ COBBY. r S. S. C„ FtoTt. gdorfcljoliicts fHeeting. Office merchants* savings, LOAN AND TBCbl CO. Chicago, Feb. 9.1981. The Anneal Meetlr cot the Stockholders of the Mer chants’ SaTfogs. Loan *nd Trust Comraoy.for the riee tlon oTTrtPteta. will be held at the office of said Com pany. In Cbiraso, on MONDAY. Marco Uh. between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 m. L. J. GaOE. ’.ashler. jFcrt. Q.ROUND OIL I Is the Cheapest Fed In the Hartet Fcr .KbCf.ll Bbdu Mm .wwbOJja* W "* .Northcr.foix*. \3apct Rangings. J MAKOOTTE & CO.. Furniture and Decoration. "" u,d cbclcif U'OTUnrnt ol French Imported Paper Hangings, 01 aQklaJl. _ W veroDK.3, S »■ 1 CITY. Jlehiclrß. -pvTAMONDS— A rery fire selection ol GBM-A Allow price*. NOWLIN *