Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 14, 1867 Page 3
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TAXiTIoN OF COVEttIVHENT BONDS, Letter from S. 8. Ilnycs, Esq., to tho London Times, Mr. S. S. Hayes, late of iho United States Revenue Commission, has addressed the fol lowing U tter to tho London TVmre in reply io the comments of that Journal on his. proposition to lactose a moderate taxon United States bends: My attention has been called to an article: from the London Timet ol January 10th. In which 1 am strongly censured for having re ported to Congtere lu lavor of a proposition to lew an additional tax upon the Income from properly in the Government luuds. The limit has not tho fairness to mention the purpose, conditions, and limitations uu dcr which tho lax was pmjKMed lo bo levied, or to set forth the general plan of which it vns n par . The reasoning and fact# pro* m illed with lt.,arc also lea unnoticed. The ntlemiit is nut made lo offor an argument on the other e do, hut, with an air of authority, the promotion in comlcmLed as arising from rci'Udlntkin of my suggestion is do* mantled, I aupjtosit of the Government, ns iietTMnry to retnoyo “one of tho causes clou •' I American credit with suspb U hllc 1 am m• uiifortuttite si lo Incur the rllsplcav ire ol thu limn. I have llie swllalhe. Ilun to lltul myself ma wllhmil company. 1 In* people of all the American Hlates, ox ccpiing AIHMUChiiNCtU, «r« leclmrd In tlit* JJ* eh«»U*e and com, llmcnlarr terms: v>e ho|m— w« Imlicve- Ihttleucliargmncnta will not prevail ; liiillAnrfj fttum/h Hi the * prurtur of the /*uif. and In Ihe rcaimiltig cur lent hi tlm piuseni, to show Aon* ttmtefu /As *' s.m./</j/ of a pon/nic/ it niftinlril tn the Walei, 41 11 Is probably vuhi tu suppusu that thu sop. 41 urale Flhli-n whl cipro/ of their rotvlurt t and *»U''kc up to lliclt creditors (In. smnv of * nlih'h (her have beer, tle/muilnl liylhesuh " stltnlbm ol paper fur speeio." 1 hate hid lime (o examine to *hsl etlehl lliesc clmtgis against IheAmerleau people an* wtijiHiiUd lit Ihe feels. 1 presume 1 riutild show, if I lihU,time and ppaoe, llial hu foreign (Jute/nmeiil bus exlillnted greater in feerhv ami tnodi fslion in iu desFlngs With nlher’ I’oWers, Iliad the L'nileil Blules, J prisdlne ) oiiitd also show that the several Flail■ have, Id llmir spheh l , ullofned iioiu Msidmi Hiiens laritiiles for enrufi'Uig their i imiiio upon the oili/eiir nfihose Blstes luliv e'jdal lo (hose enjoyed hy alien eiedihns In h'lelgn (odhtries. In regard to ihe siituuiih tjon ol paper (or tpi-eie-ir (hat Im h hon-t it \t ft f.ftiM (h<> example for whmh wa« set by Great HrbMn, wiilnli she pere!sia«l tn, without iutofmiiaioih for twentyfivu >»*•», umt wpi. h she followed hr cmllier •• ir.iiid," |(|h.m Gm dubior elaoo, of which we have not iri beep yMiHy. I will only aay lhal when tho 7Voi,4att)CiG, sail does, I bat "uverytiUlo iu ibc Ktiflb, with thu himuruhlo oxcuptiou of MusMcliusetts. •fulibiul among tlm faith ices' paid its creditors In a depredated cur rency’’ it uuiorte, w hether wilfully or out, uu untruth, calculated tu lueaou tho weight of its eUtcnmii'U, at much us its tudnuatlon that 1 am rcspoiuihlc, in part, fur thu depre dation of our bocuritics, when, by lUovvn diuuiug. our ‘•elxes” are now worth 73 in the English mutket, or 1% per cunt more than they were when my report was made. Illinois is a State in the North, and Illinois lias uniformly paid the Interest uu her btcrling bonds In coin—not in a depreciated currency. Other States have probably done the same thing, but one instance Is enough tu refute the statement so broadly made. * * • • The Time* admits that the bonds arc not exempt, by law or bv contract, in terms, from taxation by Congress. Yet tor Congress to impose upon them a tax equal to the State tax from which they are exempt, it pro* uounces to be a disregard of the sanctity of a contract, “observing the promised im munity in form, but taking it away in sub stance'.” It docs not condescend to explain how or w hy this is so. Neither argument nor illustration Is resorted to. It is enough to pronounce the dictum ex cathedra, and to fol low it up with denunciation and abuse. However acceptable such fulminations may be to some oi its readers, I presume thinking nen will demand something in addition, to enable them to verify the conclusions put f rlh with such an air of infallibility. If it be permitted, in tuis remote part of the world, to question such high authority, let me ask. how would a tax by Congress admitted to be lawful, take away the promised immunity iu substance, while ob t-.rving it io form. The promised Immunity is exemption from State taxation, not from Tcderal taxation. How is the exemption from State taxation taken away in sub stance by Federal taxation ? Can the TVrne* answer without exposing the absurdity of lit position? Without waiting for its argument, I will prove the negative of its proposition. I will show that the exemption from State taxation is not taker away, in substance, by Federal taxation. The proof of it lies in- - fad, with which ihc 7X‘ncx aiionlJ Lave been acqunuHcd, b‘-iore undertaking to enlighten the 'j-crpl* • f these StaU« up on their moral uu<. unai<. iai obligations. That fact is that tLj lax >• •Icin'and rove ••uv-r of the States have t-- connection what ever «ith ibi* tux vrsteat and revenues of ! the Gotenil Government, except that the General Government la superior, aud in case - r f coniiict, has priority of right. The State Governments, and their subordl*. xale comity and town corporations and mu-' uicipaiilies, collect distinct funds for distinct purposes, with which the Government of the Tcit'J «.vl’niug w do. >.‘-c -le:.- friil < : ovvrnmeal 11V *•'•s colSwW-a-i-trnrrr; •talc «, % .. a orporations ex - ring and actinC , State authority, nave nulhmg to do. It follows that the dcU that a Stale Goveromeut is prohibited by law Irom taxing a species of property, places the General Government under no obligation to refrain from taxing that spe cies of properly. On tbe contrary, the pre sumption would be in favor of exercising the power, because the property, being free from r.tber burdens, would more readily and justly bear it than would other property, jiot fo exempt. For example: a piano, worth five hundred dollats, Is taxed annually— tay tire dollars— under u State Government. The revenue de rived is paid, in certain proportions, Into the Slate at.d Comity Treasuries, to be applied in expenditures lor State aud couniv purpo ses; as for making and-administering the State laws, constructing roads, etc. At the same lime, tbe General or National Govern ment collects a tax of six dodara upon the same piano, which Is paid into Stales Treasury, to be held arid expended lor National purjoses; that is, frr the ex penses of the National Administration, maintaining an army and navy, preserving peace with foreign nations, and guarding the intciisls committed bv the Constitution to Ihc care of the General Government- Sup pose that by a State law. or any other law, the State tux of live dollars should be dis continued and the piano exempted from State luxation, would that exempthmoriaimuuiiy ?•« taken away In substance by the continu ance of the levy of the six d dlars tax by the General Government! Would the bcnciit of the exemption from the State tux ire at all lessened by tbe collection of tbe United States lax? And would It make any differ du e that the United Stales had previously imposed a lighter tux? Clearly mi. Anil it is equally clear that the exemption of properly In the turn)* fr-Mir Stale taxation would not he lost or lessened by the rnllec- Doiiniof an additional United Slates tax; flic promised iiumutilly would not betaken a «u> either In form or sulMtuiioo. I think I have shown the auumpllou of lire Timt* to be groundless, ifmi hie*, pnlrlc of I’t’llig MiftnriM'd by utgutncril. II properly in tire national lif.ds should, In :rne|lee, be exempt from taxation In tire l ulled Mates, although not exempt by law or eonlmel, it must bn for a dlliefenl reason 1 bun I iml given by the Thors, ami U devolves « ti those favoring thrft exemption |o produeo 1 but retiMdi, ami to show that it Is good mid Milllc lfiil. That, 1 eotileml, they emmol da. I>«en jllslieo require It? li> It just that thu hobdtioiJcr* should pay no tux, or n tax merely tiomltml, when their industrious neighbors me heavily taxed hy noth the GVmrui und Btato Govenmu-nt*? Is the oh ligation to support the Government and con tribute to lu revenues Icra strong on the «>w net s of bmiJn than on other citizen* and the owners of other kinds of properly? I answer tm. Why do not the holders of Statu Ixuids claim an exemption Irom Bla\c taxa tion? Because common sense and e».umon justice forhicHt. Common sense and com imm justice equally lorbld any claim of the holders of United States bonds to be. exempt bom United States taxation. When our country, with a total canltal of about eighteen thousand millions. Is paying live bundled millions lua jear in raxes to the General Government, besides all the State, county und municipal taxes, is It unreasona ble to ask that the retired capital in the funds, amounting to over two thousand mil lions, should pay the trilling sum of about twenty millions perannam, when free from oil the other taxes for State, county and mu nicipal purposes, and when the money so to lie ]>aid i? proposed to be bcld in trnst, os « sinking fund, lor the protectioS aud payment t‘f the securities, from the owners of which It Utobederived? 1 think most honest men, all over tbe world, will say It Is not unreasonable, what ever the opinion of the Loudon Time* may be. The only reason that can be given a ir alnst the tax, with any show of plauaibUltv, la, that freedom from taxation favors the public cteditor, although unjustly, and would tend to Induce eapUaiiris to Invest in the tunds it they believed the exemptions would con’ limit* to be submitted to. As they know that human nature revolts at outrage and wrong—that the d*y of submlfsion will pass away some time, and that a convulsion may follow, the end of which they cannot fore see, the attempt to discriminate unjustly tu their lavor, has Hie opposite effect, of excit ing their distrust, and depreciating the securities. But It the effect were to enhance the value of the Fccuritics, aud facilitate the burrow ing ol money by the Government, these ends ate not of sufficient Importance to justify so great and palpable a wr.'ng. 1 wish it were v iiticniu letters of fire in tbe view of the rulers of all nations, that they are trustees for their tax payers, as-weli as for their lax consumcis and creditors ; that the Govern ment that oppresses the m&ssufitssabJccLß,to give unearned riches or advantages, toa priv ileged class. Is a robber and a tblcf. no mat ter under what pretext tt may cloak itself; that tbe right of the producer to tbe fruits of his toll isos sacred as the right of the capitalist to the interest on his bo-:ds; oud that justice must be done by tbe few to the many, as well as by tbe many to tho-few. I do not mean by tills to advise that the poor should .neglect Uuir work to run after the i;jhia Jatuu* of social equality*, or the parti tion ol estates among the needy, or the dis regard of legal rights aud financial obliga tions. 1 mean that those-who are rc*pon tilde for the government of their follow-urea, t. ould tcck to do justice to all^illkc—taking and giving everywhere what is due, neither more not less; acd protecting* equally the ju-n-nn. the property, aod the .sins of all. With due deference to the Times , I sub mit that “ the equalization of taxes" Is con sidered an important object by all enlight ened and honest statesmen. lu relation to the tax under consideration: Ibe question, fairly stated, is whether or not al.erita imposition, the owner ol the prop tri) taxed will pay more than his just pro portion of the taxes. I demonstrated, in my repoit, that after the levy of the tax pro- J"Kd. the lK>ndholderb wou’d pay no more thuu their Just proportion, and this conclu dnn llioTW. lion nnl. ycclnrcj io dispute. As 1 bad previously aliotto that no I.w or rErcemrot forbade ruch a Ur, the argument in Ha favor was conclmhrc. I refbr ihe public lo the report itself for lbo fec t», U exrtfwo. The SrnlSS t?i nctß i conU ‘ n ■ portion of the JSSSf®}* ® nd Pethap* will explain the anl raoslly of the aT/nei. 1 deem it proper to m X reference to pauper* ft?. to . 0 . t “ l Hrtlaln, which probably excited mo . wu made from no vludicl «..«/«^. Dl ®i*»Ply because 1 had the flg ?£ C !L . ,®, nd { and H waa conrenlont to use liicin to i’lut-iratc tho effect ujK>n society of inc indirect or concrete system of taxes. Var “O** l oiatmlnn furoursetres sny superiority In this leaped, 1 am read/ to admit that wo have adopted the worst of the European •nodes of taxation, and applied them with more rigor and Inequality than would bo tolerated In Eurojto. lam also ready to acknowledge the many virtues o! the British people. (The extract from Mr. Hayes* report which follows was published In our columns at the time It was presented to Congress. J 1 think these extracts are suffiefont to show, not only tho Justice hut tlio ex fscdlcn vy ortho Ist pro|>osFd, without quoting Irtmt iMe testimony of n number of the fa»geM'*bomllinblcre. published with lire ro poll, nml which Is clear and |K)iltlvuln fUror ol (he tax. Tho exact character of tho proposition for whiph I am responsible, appears from Iho MM accompanying tho report. The follow ing arc Hn ninfri ioaturna: 1. An anmnii income lax of one per cent onthuemrcncy bunds, and auvimdcnltH nf one per cent In specie, on tlm speeio bonds of Hie (Milted Htntcs, lo hu collected whan In terest Is paid from the dividends of clilrnns ■md dcnlrcna nf (hn United Hiatus; bunds ow iihl abroad at the passage of thu net lu hu exempt. . - .’I bH revenue to he a part of lire sinking fund of (he United Plates, (o he guarded by peculiar sanctions, and Invested with the at trllinliß of a trust by an arrangement wl|!i hondlmldurs, and by granting, for a valuable euiislUorutloiii lo thu people of (lie several Stales, a residuary interest for thu tlsu of schools, U. The motipya derived, frith all other «e : cri-ltoiii to (he frihd, to be invested, at short HilelVnls, In Gorcriilni'iil bonds, tiliott which Hie interest Is to be colb-c’ed, toil whlelt, for snfi-ty, are to be stamped wilh n die, “ j’roii eity of ihe, United Blales* Pinking FutiJj Ifol .pe'glmhle. , ‘ . 4. When the outstanding bonds shall have fallen due, and nil pfcpchled shall have been paid, (hue hundred millions of seuurlUesof Hie sinking fundio he held as ft pefbeltiw rtbiiuHy, and Du felerrel (hefeou lo he tMtd oveFbu cvcMo Itm Piatea, In pfoporlbm io I opufaHon, to be expended only lor the ti*e o| school*, ft. Upounolfoa from tlm owner* of fifty millimi* of rim occurltN ol rim United "talcs, oftlmlr asbciit, etc,, "tlm said owu» me and their representatives and assigns, shall be deemed to Im eijnUaldy and beimfi* •dally Interested in Hm application nf the proceeds of ugld duties lo Hm purposes spe cified In this act, and this act bliall hu and remain o contract on the part of thu United Slates, to and with said owners, their ropre sentatives and assigns, (I) that the duties hereby Imposed shall continue unchanged until tho liual payment of the nubile debt, (3) that the proceeds thereof shall bo applied as herein provided, (3) that this act shall bo perpetual until after said final payment, and (4) that no new or additional duty or tax' shall he imuosed or levied by the United States, cither upon incomes or upon divi dends derived from any of said bonds, notes or other securities or other Indebtedness of the United Stale?, or upon tho principal thereof, excepting the same duty or tax be equally imjmecd and levied upon all in comes, or directly upon all personal and real property within the United States, subject to taxation." I am willing to be held responsible by the readets of the Timet in Europe as well as by tbe people of tbe United Stales, for the pro visions of this hill. I am also willing to bear the responsibility of the other propositions advanced in my report, vir: The adoption of a specie standard foroar “legal tender” currency, upon the basis of its market value at the time of the passage o! tbe act for redemption; aud the gradual abolishment of all taxes on industry and consumption, and the substitution of direct taxes, to be laid uniformly throughout the United States, in proportion to the assessed value of property. It is true that the wisest legislation can only be an approximation, often a slow and distant approximation, to what is absolutely right. Complex relations, important and diverse, are to bo studied, understood and treated. New exigencies are to be met. And often, amidst present difficulties, reforms of groat value must be left Incomplete for an other generation; yet none the less should Ihc statesman seek continually to know and to reach the highest and best standard. In the management of tbe public finances, I believe the following conclusions should be accepted os true, amt applied' Is tattle*: ‘ 1. The normal condition of every well governed State la freedom from debt, a condi tion which should not bo left but under the most urgent necessity and should be returned* to as speedily aa possible. , 2. A neither a-ißyteMPJF'ft luccnlator, but an administrator, and la bound, when it has incurred debts, to exhibit fairly Its condition, and use honestly and Emily its assets. of Which the power aud re sources of taxation arc the chief. It is bound to compel contributions from its subjects open- principles of equality, to the extent necessary to pay those debts, without dls additions or abatement. It bas no right, while exacting such con tributions. 10- diminish the relative valEft'Ot propertr, or deslrnv productive industry, by withdrawing or arbitrarily contracting the currency. 4. Us financial as well os political system should be domestic, and Independent of foreign Governments ard capitalists. Sell respect and safety equally lorbld it to solicit moneys from abroad, or to make Its securi ties payable outside of its boundaries. As lar ns the liabilities of the United States are concerned, they seem to me quite within our means of payment, without impoverish ing oar people, and without wronging our creditors. 8, S. liatss. Chicago, February 8,1807. The Deatli of Gerard, die «,ion Tamer, About two year* ago, the newspapers an nounced the ncath ot Jules Gerard, the fa mous lion killer, during an exploring visit in Central Africa, but gavd no Account of how U occurred. It appears tbit the French Otnsnlar Agent at Sierra Leone has been ab'c to obtain some particulars, which be has communicated to the Government. Ac coi ding to Information given by M. Huchard, a French merchant, established In the Shuboro. nod by Ali-ben-Mabonicd, Ger ard’s Interpreter, the hardy explorer fell a victim to the cupidity and ferocity of the negroes whom ho had engaged as his guides and protectors. . Ills baggage and provisions were at first pillaged repeatedly, during his journey from Sctaboo to Mama, by the chief ol the former village. Being thus deprived of all that was'necessary lor liltn to continue his route, Gerard sent back his Interpreter to Sierra Leone for a fresh •apply. On his way back to rejoin Ida muster, he learned h( the village of Nlo ■lujiaD that he hail been drowned bv the Kom)* who had conducted him from frooln to Muktilay, und that his body was found In theßiver Jong, which (lows on the terri tory ol Shuboro. According to All's nc eount, the body when found was quite naked —the anus tied behind his Imek, and a piece of wood, with a large stone attached, was ('listened to hi* waist. All tried to recover his Instrument*, hut could nut do so. TUo •revisions he had were taken from him by he negree*, and he himself beaten, houmf, utpl kept os a slave, Gerard had formed the •reject «1 traversing Africa from Hlerra -cone to Algiers, parsing through Tltnbuo loo. A ('hntlnnge to on Kdllor M. Fun) do Cnssagimc, a well-known Fr» itch JonruulUl, wrote a savage article on the Italian nation for the Purls J'ny* last month, and Instantly received a challenge from a Sicilian colonel. The challenge read thus: ••bin: Tbe JVopfr’s Atsrf//, of Tmtn. In Us number of this day. publishes an Indecent article Inserted by yon, 1 know not when, n tbe Pays. " In that article you are guilty of a cosrac ana unmannerly Incuit towards onr King, our army, •no our nation. “ I would fain regarded you at a lunatic, UI dlo cot know yon to be a braggart, whose dcßgbt I" In provocation. - " But I fear on Rodomonte, and tbe humblest of ml Italians, 1 will consent lor once In my life to nease myself so far as to cross swords with a ras cal of your stamp. In the meantime. I give a solemn contradic tion to everything awenrd by yon m ibe article tibovc mentioned, and declare von to ho a coward in tbefaceofttaeertlre universe. " I live at No. 10 Mini street (Via delta Zocca), lu Turin, and place myself at your orders. Should Italian ground not enityou for an affair of honor, I am ready to Mart, with my seconds, for any place which will suit you belter, "A.S. PoiiCELLI 1)1 SAXT’AXDUXi, ** Tdilo, Blh January How Soatt&eru CBULldrcn are Edaeated. The Boston Traurcripl publishes the fol lowing extracts from an Algebra, by Major afterwards General) D. H. liill, which may bcjintercstlng os. showing what Southern children are taught: Milk sells at Boston at acentsperquart. A milkman mixed a certain qaa&'ity ol water with b quails of milk and sold the mixture at c cent? per quart' without losing hy the sale. What is the quantity ol water added? A Yankee mixed a certain quantity of wooden nutmegs, which cost him H cent a piece, with a •quantity of real nutmegs, worth 1 cams a piece, and sells the whole for f U and gains $3.75 or the (rand. How many wooden nutmegs were tu*re? At the "Woman’s Rights Convention," held at Syracuse, N. Y.. conpored of ISO delegates,the old maids, childless «lvcs, and bcdlamUcs, were to each other as five, seven and three. How iuany of each class ? j A gentleman in Richmond expressed a willing cere to liberate his ilavc, valued at f 1,000, npon •he receipt ol that sum from charitable persons, lie tecelvco contributions from twenty-four peisons; and of these trere wcio J 4-19 from the North than from tbs South, M>l * .» average donation from the former . l ß * n ri , er than that of the latter. What was v .V n °H ct pvea hyeach! Answer—sso by tbe North. fooo by tbe South. t-.iKnnl ,a bal i le at 80e,, » Vista is six and a SalUKo - Tao Indiana soldier* . f^° ra Held of balUc at ’ °®P T »Bb«ir a mile per hour taster ionr I ' a *? SalUllo five mlnuLfl Mt il secomu sooner tln*n the other Ueonlrel the respective rate of travel t , ocqmrea . , . , Rrtl«ofFau»t, •* . A Lclpric correspondent writes the follow ing about a visit to Auerbach's cellar, which I* noted for its connection with Goethe and Faust: Dc.cctidlnp eight or ten Elens from the level of the street, one enters the cellar which is still occupied aa In Goethe’s davs* and In fact since lime immemorial, a* a res’ laurant. The front room is a vaulted cham ber of considerable size, with Its walls well adorned with pictures illustrating Goethe’s writing and representations of Faust’s feats,. these latter being said to have been painted ,in the sixteenth century. The room In which Faust astonished the atndcnisljy his feats of magic and where Mophlstophilea sup. piled them with the choice varieties of wlnos through holes which be bored la the tabic is further to the rcarofthc building and still dcet-cr under ground. Nothing can bo seen in this cafe without alight—and it is In every way adapted to the midnight orgies of such fast young men as Gucthc has depicted. The very cask on which Dr. Kanstus, after performing bis feats, rode out of the cellar, Is still to be seen In Ibis room, and it is ap parently as sound and strong as It was three hundred years ago. If any one doubts that it is the same cask he can setfell doubt- at rest by reading the Inscription which is written upon It asserting Its Identity, and which bears tho dale of 1535. In ibis room Goethe Is esld to bare sat with his compan ions by the midnight lamp, drawing Inspire lion for fats work probably from that same casket. One tan also sco hero a copy of Dr. Fans tns’s conjuring book, which La fearfully llln inlnated with all sorts of Infernal shapes. The book which Goethe studied Inordcr to cam materials for bis work Is also here, hir ing the >iltlp " The troubled life and fearful end of tho dtstlnguUhod master of tho black ort, Dr. Fauslus." This Is said to bo the only copy oIUUa work which now exists. 1 he Commerce or Prance. Wc have before us a statciiioul of tho com tncrclal movements in Franco for tho six J.uan from 1801 to JWJO; thosUtcmcntfor the latter year, however, includes bat cloven months. Ills Interesting enough to giro n few details for tho Information of our com mercial public. Tho table of Imports Into Franco presents Itself as follows, in million francs * XT.!*** ' Merchandise. Ppedc. Total, gf® I,TIB WO 3.081 JEi C9l f,«M 4m 1.110 jww a,m IHil a. 1.10 (ns B.SII From this table It appears that tho total Imports Into Franco fur cloven mouths only ofthe tear IWMi amounted to UJWI AKW.OUOff. or |7hO,1!00,000, uml mi-reiinmilsu »Imm lu #A4lMWij,uun. Tim ax (torts, however, sro eon sluemhly larger. Thor ft»ol up n* follnWH t )eat«. Meirhatmise. Bpoeie. Total, im vjo n.fvo i*is t.Hii oy a.iiH IHtl 1 11,710 fiw a.S'fl JM1..., M 9 g,tn 1«M ~....*.01l 8J mu .i.riT 4Ri t.jta Thus It will be seen, Judging from (ho na ked figures,'Hint thu Increase In thu Imports of mercliamtlic bus kept slcudr pace with thu Increase In exports, and that eonscinicntly the commercial tlalut of France ought to bu In a henllhy condition. It la only In Hie movements In specie and bullion that ocufc. slohally Hie balance Is against France,whleh resells probably fiom Hie needs of Hie Bank of England to a great measure. Still inking (be table forilio six years as a whole. Hie imports of specie exceed the exports by six *“m rj;d muA fint-uhe tnllllon francs and the total of merchandise cAporttif during these five years and eleven inonihs nmonuis to one hundred and *luy. nine million, eight hnndied thousand doV fare (Mu million francs) more than the Impm Is. A (JbAfnmV AnvicH—A prudent and well disposed memheroi dm tfocieiy of Friends omc gave Ihe hdlpwlbg i friendly advlcei ‘ Jtdiu, p said he, ") hear lliou art going to Im marrfad," " Ve»," replied I am," “ 'Veil," replied the man nfdrah, "Ilmvo oim lillie pfaea of advice to give thee, and that is never marry a woman that la wmth more than Hum urr, When I marrM my wile, I was worth Just fifty shillings, and she waa worth sUty-two ; aim whenever anydlf fucncu has occurred between us since, she has ulwaje thrown up the odd sh’lUnga." Gnocl Deacon Tupper lived in the town of J , lu one of the lower counties of Maine. He belonged to the Baptist denomination, and took great delight in attending the an nual meetings of the association. Hero ho met the intnlfcters and delegated brethren Irom all the churches in the district, and there was a buppy reunion.. But most of all did he enjoy the good things prepared on these occasions to feast upon. Uu his return at oue time, one of his “neighbors meeting him accosted him with, "Well, deacon, did \on have a good time at the association 7” “O, yes, look hero I do you bless you, yes! glorious! glorious I O ichat jmd- • I'unch says: “It may not he generally known that logic Is a most intoxicating study, it being so easy to get puddled on the premises.” COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL JtEPOFT.] Regular Meeting, Chicago, Fcbiuary 11, ISCC. Prcswif-His Honor iho Mayor, and Aid. Hnickci bocs er, rax. Carter, D’Woll, Barrett, WII - Calkins, Kami, Wallwoik. Moore. Schuler, Frlsbie, KaUcrly, Talcott, Woodard, Bixby. Hus fell, Gastfleld, Hnolley, Prondfoot, Franzcn. Snackford, Lawson, Clark, O'Snlltran. Abtent. —Aid. Wicker, Fmnocan, Hatch, Hol den, Itnb, EngrL wirurts. Aid. KLlckcrbocker moved that tbo mlnntes of Iho proceedings ot the regular meeting held Janu ary 28, and of ihe special meetings held February 2d and Bth. be approved without readme The motion prevailed. ° Aid. Ackhoff moved to reconsider the vote by Which the lesolntion otfered by AM. Cl kat s meeting, relative to the sOcienc ,• of the Frre .Department, and the propriety of memorial- IrJcg the legislature for a charter amendment,- transferring the same to the Common Council. _ Aid. Carter moved to uj the motivr if Aid. Ackbofl on the table. '• '• < _ The motion did not prrraQ. * -1-H« motion recon sider. It was carried. • Aid. AckhotT moved the passage of the resolu tion. The Chair directed the area and noetic be Called, and ibe motion prevailed by the fwhowiog vote: i -tyss—Aid. Wallwork, Schuler, lUOerty, Tal-’ ecu, Woodard. Bixby, Howell, Ackhoa: HrnUcr, I’rnodfoot, pranzen, tihackfonl, Clark. O'tJaul- Wn-U. - • =* A'tet— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. Bar rett, Wilmarth, Calkins, Kaon, Uoore, Frlsble—y. - ThefoUowmglvllwres«Jri»oa as passed : ' J.'tutted. Tbatf ;r Ibe pn-pose of adding to the eUiciecej nr the Fire DcjvrtmcHt of.tDecltyof Otkaio, (latthe leeiilatui t ot this State now In ,‘etslen, be memorialized anl requested by char ter amendment to transfer Uiecnaige and direc tion of said department to the Commou Connell. JUtolttd, *1 bat the Corporation Counsel bo re ft nested to draft «nch an amendment as he may tliiuk suitable, and submit iLc same loihla Coun cil for their adoption, at bis earliest convenience. PEIIItOJtS IKP COJDfUSICATIOXB. Fcllilon of JoboWab for abatement of taxes, was. on motion ol Aid. Knickerbocker, ' Referred to Comptroller. I’ctillou of Henry Scbullroft for abatement of taxes, was, on mutton of Aid. Moore, Helen cd to Comptroller. CummoiitratioD from Boa:d of Police Commis sioners asking appropriation lor employing witcbtuctj on cupola of Court House. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to refer to Commit tee on Police. Ihe motion prevailed. Petition of Jacob Hcbm, General Suprrlnten* den* of Police, asking reoral of ordinance cstab lirlirga Hay Market on Market slr-ct, for toe purpose of makiug It a dray and truck stand. Aid. Calkins moved to refer to Committee on Police. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to amend by send ing It to Joint Committee on Streets and Alirys, b. and W. 1). * 1 he amendment prevailed. Petition of Michael Bohoney for remission of taxes. ' Aid. Barrett moved to refer to Committee on FU> sincowllb the Comptroller. The motion prevailed. PcJth.n oClAnjnmiu bhnrUelT for reduction of tuxes, was, on motion of Aid. Kann, Helmed to Committee on'Finance with the Lotupr toiler. Petition of Wm. Lally for freo express license. Aid. Clark moved to refer to Iho Mayor,'with power to act. Tbo motion prevailed. Aid. bbacklord presented an ordinance allowing (be Ptltfburgb, hurt Wayuo & Chicago• Hallway company lomtittalu petroleum warehouse erect ed by them al the corner of bluwart avenue aod Iwrifib street. Aid. O'Sullivan moved to table. Aid. Calkins moved to amend by referring to Committee on Fire and Water. T He amendment prevailed. Petition ul Thomas Mlnbeycu fur reduction of titles. Aid. Lawson moved to refer to Board of Public* Wmks. | Tbo motion prevailed. IVtutnn ot 0. A. Crary for remission of (axes, ATI. (lark mowd to rclcr to tbo Comptroller, Iho motion prevailed. nkiMuranr runuo ornoatui. The Hoard of Education presented a report on the roporl of tbo ConimlUoe on Schools, on order onefeu ny Aid. Talcuit rrtatlve to leaching Ger man In lur public schools, which was, on motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, , Placed on fill*. * HhPOUTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES. nu axo warm. Aid, Huntley, from the Commutoo on Fire and Water, to whom bad been referred scommaulca •ton from Aid. IPWoIC, In regard to the improve ment of the South btde Reservoir rot. Ac., tub mtltd a report recommending that the comma nlralion be placed on file. Aid. Calkins moved to concur. Tto motion ptevalled. Alan, ol the same committee, to whom bad Ireeu referred the petition of tin* Merchants’ Union KxprtvaUom t any for permission to erect wooden bnlldlno In flic limits, submitted a report recommending that tie ptajerof the petition be not granted. Aid. Mooremoved to coocnr In the report. Tim motion prevailed JLDICtAUT. Aid. Knickerbocker, of the Committee on Jn dietary, to whom had ooeu referred a petition of Ike officers of tbo Chicago Uackmen's Union, sub mitted a report recommending the adoption of an oidinance in accordance with the prayer of the naitloDcis. Aid. Howell moved that the report bo laid over and published. ' The motion prevailed. The following is ibe Report and Ordinance: Tn the Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Chi cago ta Common Connell assembled: Tour Committee t.n Judiciary, to whom was re ferred thcpcitllon ofjthe officers of the Chicago Dackmen’s Union, arklng for an amendment, to ibe utdirance recnlailng the rate of lire of baeV nvj i-oscbet and other vehicles, having bad the fame macraovisemcnt, beg leave to teport that ymr committee have carefully examined the amendments and altcratinna asked for tn said pc inoß, ondyonr cummltice are of the upmlon ibtt the rales asked for by too petiaozera are no more <bnn a lair rtmnrcmion for the services of tu-backmen ard that they are Just and right, and tbmild be adopted. Yt or committee have therefore drafted a sub stitute forsecUonaeven of chapter forty-seven of an odinai-cc.entitled*'An Ordinanceforxcvislug and consolidating the general oidlnancrs of the city ct Chicago, accompanied with a clause re pealing said section seven ol Ibe original ordi nance. witch your committee herewith return to ti e Com oil and respectfully ask that each sobeil- | tn:e bcadop’cd.. . . i All ot which is respectfully submitted. JOHUC* C. KxtCKSIUIOCESB,, 1- PcounrooT, C. D’iTotr, Commitlee on Judiciary. Ax onnetaxer, to repeal section seven of chapter foity-revcn of an oidinance entitled *‘ An Ortll nance forretlslngand consolidating the general or Jit ancce ot the City of Chicago, and to pro vide a snbttitnie therefor. Br i* ortfoirni bv ftit Common Council of toe CVy of CMccco : --1 battue only prices to be charged, received or &bcn by the owners or driver* of any hackney oath, carriage or olber vehicle,, except omni buses, for the conveyance of naweogefe for hire vtibin said city, sbolt be as follows, to be tegn latvu ard eet'inaled by the distance on the most dii eel tunies, namely: For conveying each passenger from one railroad dtiio’ to another railroad depot, Any cents. For conveying a passenger not exceeding one mlif, flity cents. For conveying a passenger any distance over oi.e'mlk and less than two miles, one dolltr. Fcr each additional pawenger of Ihe same fami ly or paity, fifty cents. Fcr conveying a passenger In said aty any dls tai cc exceeding two miles, one and fifty cents. For each additional passenger of the same fami ly o» rany, fitly cents. I ci conve log children between five and four ie»n years ol age bait of the above pi Ices maybe charged tor like distances, but for children under Cveyisrsofarcno charge (lull be made: Pro-' ttora. Ibat the distance trom any railroad depot, steamboat landing or ho'el, to any other railroad depot. steamNiat landing or hotel, shall in all cases be estimated as not exceeding one mile. Fc r thr ow oy the day of any hackney coach or otoer vehicle drawn by two rorrrt or other nl malt, wun one or more jiasscagera, eight dollars pur dav. For the nse of any anch carriage or vehicle by the hour, with one or more pa aeogers, with the yrivi egc of comg from plsco to puce, ana stop ping as often as may be required, as follows: For the flirt hour, two debars. For each additional hoar, or pari of an hour, one dollar. For conveylac ono or more passengers la, or from at/ place in eito dly between the hoars nf eleven o'clock p. m. and seven o'clock a. m., f or each trip, two dollars, without regard to Uts dU- Usceornnmberof passengers.' For the etc ol any cab or other vehicle drawn - by one horse or other aidant, by tht hoar, with the privilege ol going Iroto place to place with one or more passenger*, and slopping wben re quire: For lbs first hnqr, one dollar. For rich additions] boor, cr part of an hoar fifty cco's. For tbs ttsc of any such carriage by the dir. four duPa’s. Bveiy pspsioger shall be allowed to barocou veyed noon such vehicle without coaree bis ur dluary travelling baggage, not exceeding la sor esse one trank, sad tweotv-flve poanaa of other baggage. For every additumif package where tho whole weight of baggage la over quo hundred -pontfds. If eonveyefl in soy place within the city limits, the ounet or driver shall be permltt-xl to chaige fifteen cents. Fiction seven of said chapter hercb) repealed. . ibis ordinance sbillhe In force from fihd after Its patsagcaiid doe publication. BTOtXn SUP itXXTt, B. D. Aid. Kaon, of tho Committee on BUecta sed Alleys, », I)., to whom had tn co telenert s run ut and ordinance foraldswilk on north aide of Twen ty-sixth ettrcl from HsnrcrloUatstod atreeti.sub mlllrd s report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid, lion i moved to couctu la ths rtporl and piss (no ordinance. ill'*millionpravallrd,andiho report was con rurrtd In andiho oroluanco was passed by tho mi. lowing vote i * .Jil'*- A|d.Knlrkerbr»rVsf, Cox, Carter, H'Wolf. Harrell, UllmsMh, rslklns, Kamt, Wailwutk Moore. Hchutcr, Krlahte. HanWty, Tslroti. Wimdl aid, lilxby, JtuuHl, Acubon. ua*tßsld, liumlxv IViiudloot, Frsnxrn, Hliactfurd, Clark, U'duillvsu i’urs—None. ... stnaxTSaniiau.«t«.*.n. Aid. Phnrkh.rd, ui tho Commute., no Hireeta sad Alleys, H. li.. to whom hid boon refern*d tho tit-il (Ion of t-bnfiidl «ud oUtert for p-rialaalon tuVmd raNln at Iho dUllllerv Ui (hn North Ulvluuu, sun. tn lfrda renoft rcrommendlug that thu Council take no action in (ho matter. Aid. Cstit-rmond 'ocuncur, 'Jhsmtillon prcvalUfl. ... . SltlßH*Ami AU.STB, w. D. • Ajd. AtLhulT. of llrt- Jnnimluee 0B eireets and Alleys, W, U. # to whom had lici-h reforred s renort sml otdUjance lur grading and luacsdstrHsinu Noitli Jeffbnun street, (rum (he south Hue of Fnf. ton lu tke south line of Jiubhard streets, subiulU ordlustce hs 10 tu ”"" ln u ‘* ■" d llie Clialt directed Hie aye* add ho»»4u he teimH »»• cuiicurrea In »hU the UMllhflliie Was iiHiVed by lbs folio>*|otf vofol HsiieM, WllliwHlii » aihlliv, Uahtti Wnijtvuia, ilooh*, Pihujm, Filshle, IlsfreViy, ialeotu Wood' eui, ij ihwljjispeih Aekhiiff, iVmiwr, rab=W u 1 v #llw "* own! AWuifione. Wnodnfri, oMbn mhhJ (lummM’.eß, io frlmm isfoirMd a rapmiaml ordinsoea mr •iUrwsik oh wo*! side of floyou straof, ftom Wafchmuhmio MadUon atresis, eHlxmiiad a re* port rtroromendM'g lost Hu* ordlnaoe-s U rs»#ed Alo, Clark muted m wucHrm liw report and pamheordiianre * '1 ha motion prevailed, and (ha ordioApce war I'Miea by the folUmlng rule! Ayt»—h\A, Unickmhocker, Cox, Oartur. it'Uolf. Ilamil, Wdmarth, Calkins, Kaun. Wall work. Muoie, hchulur, Filible, Kaifeny, Tfticolt, Woodard, llixhy, Hassell, AchUutf. Oaitflald. IlnntiL-y, Proiidfoot, Fjanecn, tibacluotd. Clark! u’huUtvan-M. * A’w«—None. Also, of the same committee, to whom bad been refer red a report and ordin .oca (or a sidewalk* on oast aide cl Paulin# sire I from li.d'uoa to First afreets, submit ud a report recommending the passage of the oialnance. Aid. HarraU moved to concur in the report and pass tho oratnunce. The moUon prevailed, and the ordinance was poshed by the following vote ; Ayes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf. Barrett, Wiimarth, Calkins, Kaon, Wall work, Moore, Schuler, FrUbie, Uaflerty, Ttl cpll, Woodaid, Btxt.y, Uussell. AckhoiV, IjaaLflelo, ilnntlry, I’roudfoot, Fraczen, Shackford, Clark! O’Sullivan—ta, Soee— None. of tbe same committee, to whom hid been refer red a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on south side of Fulton street Irom Ilober to Horne streets, submitted a report recommending the par sago of tbe ordinance. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to concur in the re port and pas* the ordmaiice. Tbe motion prevailed and the ordinance was passed by the following vote : -tyrs—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, D’WolL Banetl, Wilmartb, Calkins, Kaim, Wailwork. Aloore, Schuler, Pueble, Hafferty, TalcoU. Wood mil, Blxby. Ifnescll, Ga&tQclil, Hnniler Prondtoot. Franten, Shackford, Clark, O'Sullivan Aors—None, Also, < of the same committee, to whom bad been re ferred fa report and ordinance for a sidewalk on tl e east slue of Hoyi-e sires! from Washington to Wan en streets, buiimUtcd a report recommend ing iho passage of the ordinance. Ale. bchnlcr moved to concur in the report and pass the oidinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was paired by the following vote: Aye*— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cor, Carter. D'Wolt Barrett, Wllmarib. Calkin*. Kano. WatlworK. Moore, Pebnicr, Frnsbie. Rafferty, Talrott, Wood ard. Bixbr, Russell, Ackhod, Gaslfleld, Huntley, Prondloot, Fnmzcn, bhackford, Clark, O'Sullivan Noes— None. unriKisnED ntrsßntas. 4MMII Al/ ttUaitlHOi ' Aid, Rafferty moved to lake np unfinished boat nee a in the order In watch U u arranged on the Clerk'* table. Carried. . ; Resolution that (b«-ConncD will-estertahrao more Charter amendment* to oe sent to tbs pres ent Mature. . . Aid- RaSrrly moved tba* it be placed on file. Aid. Knickerbocker moved M an amendment that It be paaMd. “ —■ - The amctidißcntdld not prevail. ' lb« question recnnlag on the motion of Aid. Raflcny to file, . , The motion prevailcQ. g. I Report of CorumiUto m Judiciary on comnaal datum o(A.U. Hodman, Cftjr Clerk, relative to engrossing ordinance*, «tc. ; A Idi-Talcolt moved to concur. Aid. Woodard moved to amend Role 44 of Rales ol Cider by providing that the - rnlo* may be tem porarily suspended by a vote of tUrec-lourtba of all the memitra elected Aid. Knickerbocker moved, aa a substitute for the amendment of A'd. Woodard, that the follow ing worn* be add d after the no.d " meeting." in Rule 41 as recommended by the committee: "Pro vided that the engrossment o* any sneb order, or dinance or resolution may be dispensed with at anv time on a vote* of three-four ha ot all ibe Aldermen present when sneb vote ta taken." ' 1 be substitute was adopted. Aid. Krurkeibockcr moved to concur in the re port as amended, ana tbe motion prevailed by the follow Ilc vote: dvr*—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, D'Woit, Barrett, Whmartb. t'aiklns, Kann, Wall work, Moore, Schuler, Friable, Rafterty, TalcoU, Woocara, Blxby, Rnetcll, Ackboff, Ganfleld, Ui.ntby, Piouttfoo*, Franzeo, bhackford, Clark. O’ScUlvan—2s. ’ Koes— None. Repot i of Committee on Harbor and Bridges on report of Board of i’nblic Works in relation to dock burs. Aid. Clark moved to concur In the report and pais Ibo resolution. the motion prevailed, and the report was con emred n> aod the resolution pas-.ed by the follow ing vote: Ayet—A\6. Koickcrboc'cr, Barrett, Wailwork, Moore, Schuler, Rai!eity. Talcott. Woodard, Bix br, Rdsbcll. AckhcfT, Gatiflciii, Prondfoot, Fran zeu, Sharklord, Clark—lo. ,\oee— Aid. Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wltmtrth, Cwlklus, Kann, Pilsbts, liumler, O'Sullivan—9. 1 l.c loilow Inc is the resolution as parsed: Reaolutlnti Instructing the Board of Public Works as tn tbe width ot the North and Sonia Branches of the Chicago River, ‘lietolvtd. That In the.lndgtnsDt of the Common Council in Ibo establishment ot the dock hoes of Chicago Blv«r. the river and branches should be sufficiently nldotoafford easy and safe ••■vlta tint. In tb« river and branches, and bo bs to give good facility fur tb*- partago of vessels and steam boat* ibereln, and fur the transaction of business along tbe banks of the same: and that *nr those pur poses the Common Council does hereby approve of the trcomn endatlmi oftbo Board of Public Works a* expiessed In lh«lr report ol December I7*h. 1HI«, that the North Hraneb. from tbe llralta of the city on tbe north to the mam mer, and the Hontb Hiatcb, from Bridgeport to the main rlrcr,t>e made nowhere leu than two hundred (9fW) feet wide. MISCRLLANIOO nUStNSSS. Al<l. Hlxby ofibrrd a resolution requesting the Mayor to proceed to Bptiogfietd to mo tbnt the in* terrstsoftho city are fully protected In the Char* ler Amendments that may pass the Legislature. Aid. t'aiter moved It* passant. Aid, ria»k submitted the following preamble and resolution a* a sabsllintti lor the n-aoia iott ottered by Aid. UUby, and moved that It bo passed: To the Honorable Mayor and Common councilor llus city of Cbicago: Wimcsi. 1 here seven to be a tiecesilty tor (be appointment of further delegates to proceed (O' Bpnngfleld and advise with otr representatives mere assembled, in regard to our Charier Amend* mente, /.V<o/rvrf, 1 hat the Mayor and one Alderman r<>m each Division of the city, be tor* then appointed, to cooperate with the committee previously appointed oy (blaConn* ell, and they are hereby authorized to proceed to Springfield tortb*llb for that purpose. T he substitute was adopted. Aid. Knickerbocker notnlna’ed Aid. Carter as such defecate from the South Division. Tlic nomtaa ion was cnotirmed. Aid. liar ret i nominated Aid. Ruby as delegate for West Division. Tho nominatloo was confirmed. A'd.Kann nominated Aid, Bhaekford aa dele* gate for North Division. The tiomituuloc was confirmed. Claim ot J. n. Dole lor damages, for Injuries sustained by bis bone by the breaking down of Ruth street bridge. Aid. Bhaikford moved to refer to Finance Com* mittee with Corporation Counsel. The moior prevailed. Petition ofUrn:y Schroeder «fc Bro. for comma* tatloh certificate for two bllllaid troni Jnnnary Ist to July Ist, ISC7. Aid. scholar moved to refer to Comptroller with power to act. The motion prevailed. Aid. Moore moved that the ContcQ do-now adjourn. rhe motion prevailed, and the Connell ad* joutned. A. H. BODMAN. City Clerk. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL.' MOHETABY. WsdnsssatEtejovo, February 18. Last evening all the ucccstary arnu-ceacota for the retirement from business of the banking Arm of Solomon Sturgis’ Sods, to he succeeded by the Northwestern National Batik, were completed, ai o the transfer went into practical effect this morning, by the removal of the latter to the premises occupied by the former. It is under- ' Mood that the Northwestern witl apply for po *er to increase lie capital from 8593,000 to 81,000,009. It now has a rnrplos of $350,000, and has the repo taupn in financial circle*, of being one of (be beat matsfid institutions fit the West, [here will tor the present be do chance In the management— Mr. GeoTge stare** continuing as President, aad Ur. JohnDcKovea aa Cashier. Business at the banks was again rather dull. Ibe mid* renrrent of the money market points to giaanally Increasing ease, aid Ar4t-cl«a borrow* era And Iras difficulty In obtaining loans. Paper !• closely scrutinized. and ooie bat the best names are acceptable. The rates of discount are unchanged. Iherc was a method scarcity of Exchange to day. and several of tl*e institutions ware obliged to thin currency. Roaud lots were placed be lucen banks at 25 cents premium, but there was vi ry little offfcrtnc. The counter rales were Ana at par buying and 1-10 premium selling. flour was quiet and unchanged. Wheat was Arm at an advance of lOllfe. Cora was dull. Rye sieadr. Barl«*y was dull. There was nothing ofccnseqneccedolngtn Provlsiona. Seids were m good demand aad Arm. Gold was unsettled. The market opened In New Yoik at 13711. declined to 138 S» sud closed at 137. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold-broker*: 10 00 a.m.......... 10;S5 ircs IMS a. m 107 H | S.n»p.m 137 nisoSlS sib I ajap.m is; Here the market was quiet at l&tQtsS&hnying —closing at 186*. Between brokers we heard of transactions in the Urge way at 1&*. Over the counter there was not much doing, and transac. tionrweremadeatNew York rates. Silver was nominal at 129&157 baying—the npper flgore lor (fovemments were arslnhlghsr. Sixes of ’M advanced H ; Five-Twenties of *62, St do '6l. ; do '65, ** ; I'es-FonlM, ’.«; Seven-lhutles, August, ,*i ;do June and July, ;j. Tbr following ehowe the closing prices of (o*dij, conpared with iho three prtnofes days: » B 3 4 £• • o g ft r b s f* .PliMof’Bl IHU.IdBK IWC Flte-lwenttee/SJ 10S* 108 H 1»4 I°2 * Flre-Twcullef/W IWl* IOC* lUC» >£s% UK?fi 107* 1074 Tta-r0rt1ep.....; 100* lOOjj 101 1«4 Seren-llilrUeß, Aujr 'C5'4 100* 105*f 1®$?« Seren-l hums, June ...l«H l«*4 l»H ]£*•> ScrßD.Jtlnlc*, J01x... K»f* 10P-4 lUH !«?• Nrnr g |re>T«ci>tles lUO* lU&4 lU6J4 l^S. Here thete was an aetlre demand at blgb prices, bat the amount offering la bailed— restricting IranracUutiß. We quotes ooTausnaxT bzcoeot**— Chicago xabkct. During. belling. tf. R. Rura, of 1891 Itfe* IS U. 8. B-JUJe, IBTSS 109 IWU r.«.BSfV, ISO! 10T IJ2J4 U. H. B-kOa, IH». r.. 10l}( ICT7JU U. M. 6-**, amalt 100 ©lO9 If. b. l(Mi*. tatjte .10% 10-)i V B,IU •IDe. itiiall ICO ..... If. H. 7-OOs, let series HSU 1M If. H. 7 uns. ad series 105 2 !03}i ti. h. na serios mw no!, U. h. 7-30*, email IWSOIWH • Compounds, 4nnc, 19W now .... V* July, INH lI9U *| iiftfi .... Od„ KffU '* Deo.. 1*44 HIM .... || May, )BOA ml* | Aug., 1803 ,110 k || Peoi., IHOv,, . ...noff .... “ OcT., 1T0... iwjj Hit Heeend National Dank quote* ib* public futiila aa follows t Omit'.. 'M..ll*l(O .... T.ti,(small)lOikOlW'4 B W etmp., JmiVcowp.,*M . Uerßßi... IM O .... July •* •* ..lims Bun ctmji , Any. “ *» ..1W © .... oe f. »• “ „hC HWO roup.. use. •• “ ..11&H •••• w*r “ i(MO ronp. Aui. “ *• ..iiii»l ii(»ma 1|.:..1Mk0 ... BeiS, “ “ ..liufl Newren O ... Del. “ ..iuou 7-80, (larpflM(ia>(4MU(k * Ujcsl Rtcnrllies Ire quiet but flint. We quota» During. Belling. . li<| llil . onu wt( win .... CblcaroCllt7’». . ~t i Cook Cuatilr fn. Umiilwr oi Commerce. IV llilladelubla Jifdgtr il)i I to report la tntmfTi illicit is lateel/ in excfM oflli»Tttjpplr of A I lutrt. < all luuia un uumtnneul loaua tau be Na al 0 per_r«n« *»>U on aoort lalecellaaeotH pe- P»te«l»h:lil bipef rtllea ?). ?!v 4 !f"l to t * e / m R!, d Uif lime il ha* i ilia, holn no is be* wet iwr atmuin dinmiml. iS SIBC,tQ,$ IBC,tQ,, * d *»•“« Vb# uwi nuiuua tJ „,“7 to Naw Vofk.M the t-loip.tnihk td* MVW hl ' *| *'*•* ih»*a *et* Miinletl m i*f* J'MK IWhUU Ifiaim# jil Uhm Usm. Ihriuu M" Vfa’it W«lM"‘4 > •'" iWii-li, *i] Aw*u»fd«rt, 4"!* Slili*. 1 uy *"* * »"• Anmm% ring NMv Yoik W'Nl.) Dm ll» B following on Uitn mill .. 'Vf llrnl lha Afllna mjninlfftUpr Of ~,* , •**^* > , *•*•* liropo*(ihin lo aillh Ml.iiiuiiieburorr-omiMHioil luu-ra«< bntea emanated iioni him, and iiui trout ilia prominent national rVi wliocoqloijetJ w||u (ha flecrda'F “ r J. IiU .i T V’-*f Ufy *«U be ihl« u ft i»bj, llu-re la no doubt wb»favtr that ilia prouoalt If on uccorda exactly w tin ttm view* ami lutrreau tl'Otaß Mr.lUa of all iue national bank aiotkholdent In the country. The obj-cilon to paying interest, however, when no interest is Lecoaeary la bo strong that the hill oa tbU acroua alooe meritsdefeat. 1 tie next stronpesrobjeciloo to ft (tea in the_ weakening of the bank ruso yen to which u would lead; for as the certificates are to he ledetma lo in legal tender notca ou demand draper ten days’notice, and aa they may he held by Ihe banka 10 the full extent of their reserve, the la ut would employ nearly the whole of their plain legal p ndera fn loans aed discounts. Thus they would not only keep practically a smaller reserve than -hey do at ptesem, bat their reserve to the extent oi the issue of the-e certificates vonld yield Uum interest. Another objection to the Dill .kb m the embarrassment to which a sad der demand toi Ue redemption of a large portion ot three cerllflcatc\irould subject the Treasury, and il may be accepted aa more than likely that to tbe event of the passage ot the bill the author- Ixed reserve of fifty millions of greenbacks for the redemption of the temporary loan will hare to bo encroached opon. —fhe reports of the National Banks for the quar ter ending on the first Monday In January last, contrast as follows with those for the correspond ing period last year: UESOtmCEB. January 1806. January ISS7. I-oan* and discounts.. f4j8.bt3.517 <003,111,901 Orcrdiafi* 1,800,(5(2 Ileal cttaic, furniture and fixtures 15,01.206 13.861,187 r-xpeneo accounts 3,19\717 2,735,322 Premiums 2,423,321 2,331,315 Jlcmu*oi.ccß and other rash Items 53,53*,631 101,330,334 Due from National Bunks 03,251.551 32,412,415 Dnelrom other banka and bankers 14,058,123 12,001,115 V. S, bonds dcnosllcd tofecuieilrcnlallon. 293,876,850 239,180,700 Other U. H. bonds and 147,003,500 ' ®,9W,OM tecurltles. Bill? of 01 her banka...’ SU.’los’ita SO.HK7/6 Specie.,... 18,031,072 Other lawful money, . Othei tlocks, bonds and morlsascs 17,133,843 15,072,581 137,516,513 lafoliJftW LIABILITIES. Aggregate Jan.. loM. Jan., 1867. Capital Stock paid t0.. ..5403,357,813 $119,779,733 Sniplue fnrd 43,0U0,C7U 59,907,934 KaUonallUoknoiesont- SI 3,W, 523 291,033,231 •Uodlnr State B«Lk roue out staidlng'..... 45,449,155 6,961,499 Individual deposits.'.... 5ia,MH,3'S. 555.179,914 United States deposits.. ■ ;>!l nrtJnitedSlatcs • uubntiiPg officers.... .... •• ££75354 Dividends unpaid 5,613,613' Dnctoftatiouslßanka.. 91,799,071' - Bee other banks and bar kers Vi 34.371,614 ' ss^sriia 957,M3 ~ Profits ..i... Other Item*. Arcrectte.;.....;.Si;«R,4S3 t 9Ct SI,SOUIMiS • ‘Jbc'forclcD Import* at New York for the month or Jiuimry In tbo pNatiit «o 4 two prvced* Ice years are lb os oKcUJI? reported: IMS. WM. 19C7. Em'd forcona'o f5.217.tttf18A36.72S HWlO^iS Fill'd for wareb'ec Ul'.'.TTj 10.211A78 a.tWT.KM FTMtOOi WO.H9 1,733.737 717,810 feptrcif tod bnjii'on'. Tttal entered at portslo.6X.U7 $3V0.503 110.979/W7 TTd’o fiotn *ar»b>c... Ik will DC even that the imports wen fifty per cem lees for the rn-nUi thau In ISGO, amt a haunted percent litter than in 1553- fhe Import move* meat lor the »ercn months coding on Jauoar/31 was as nuacr elated: l c O. Ft fd for cottf’m J3U71J517 I*>.tbrwatelioaaiai. i?.9tSaSS 66,17'.f£3 Ci>9Ll7J Free tool* 6.419,617 6.6 toJSn i.Gbl.lii Specie and Bullion.. H 90.576 1,111,86 UJEttS Tofl eot. at d’L... &iJ3Bi*3i »nj.HW,I97 (16t.1b1.340 Wdn Im. wareh«... 40 t £)UB; &9.6iT^U —I he coslriua receipt* at the port la January and the prerlona felx montbs were: lbV>. I!W6. 1867. ,|:i 4393 Blx month; Jaunty,... 13.137.471 4.231.737 Tout. rjs.tos.wo r;;u.«a f 70.001.520 the cxfotta of domestic p-odoce in January show amirkcd fallmc ofi* as compared with the returns of tbo two pterions yuan, too export movement banne been as follows: undo. ias7. Domestic rrodore |lC,otvai flD,7*t.«7 fU9M,«) Foreign rarrch’Oae free. HS.m aj,£3l lit,"!? 1)0. dutiable 47S.MS IST .*9 «i73l Specie ana bullion 3.7t)rytK V«i,330 ToU< export fU.VW^M Do. en-lumecf fcix-cle. 3',1(W.71'T I3,UiW7 The foreign exports for tbcscrcn monlLa ending on demur; 31, ner«* 1960. ISM. IM7. Djmmic produce...|l33,Wl.(Hß $3^13^33 KjreifcDtintir.irec... 1.w.r1l .‘113,140 SJI.QS 1)0. dutiable lU3I.TOS I.VtJ.CT 3.T5XH88 specie tod bulUoß... 34.&V83 14.791.360 10.31i,61l Total npoTii....fin,s«,mi Do. exclusive specie. na.y7.6w iS7,iWH.m New York Hlock fllnrkrt* Clo4legpricca for cash. February U, IM7, received by Jt sepb U. Lyous * Co., Broken i lilDd. 3d Ud O. 8. 0 V cent Ist Bd. ad ltd N.T.Central...lOtv ids I Kr]«- (com) 59. H M. K. (co;i ) .1 71 1 U. MV Itixk leUnd.... W»< 99 I c. an. tv tt*s, »t • |»«s preferred... Wk 1 !♦.. n. w. ac.. wv w Hi.trksitrcr tot* 41V l H, Tel 4«h 4>H C, ft A. (rum),..115 IDs ' It A (jutney ... I»V .... filch,* icm, i li.dMin Hl*er ..179 171 I. Central 116 ID* n.11.A I'eading.tUV tOtV ». ATibdn lI9S 110 V Tel. Uahnsh.... 4Mi 41V Market-Ist Hoard, steady: bonds. 1<H|....109 109 V U. V. «V ct 5-» * Conn., 1*4....M0V 109 U U. 8.0 Vc( 5-30 * •* unnn.. 1*44.... 107 mv u.ilrd mj * ..Coup., 15AJ....107V l«Jf U. B. 5 V cent tom* ici mv Tfeas. 7 Mo,lst series HO# l«# V. «..7 MO, 3d .scrips. 100# W# U. H. 7 MO, 3d series 1(0# 103 V Am. Uold IM# m 1 9.1 Hoard, weak. COMMERCIAL. WKDKUpar RvgMtNd. Fobntarr 18. Tlie (hllowinir table# show the receipt* and ahlp* Tsctda of Produce during ibo pail tircoty-foar honrs: &zcnm fast nvumr-roun aoens. Finnr.brls 8,107 4,893 Wneaubn M.3UO 17.093 Com, bn 83.100 13,030 Oats bn 13,U« 10,018 live, bu 1,030 1,450 lUfI.T. bn 1.051 9,850 Becd.lbs 87,845 47,937 BtooQ I'urn, 74 4,500* .... i nred Heat, Os 141,C00 114,8J0 Pork, brli »10 so Uni, lbs 129,057 41.9*1 Tallow, lbs *6,taS 3,410 . '£3so Uiettrd Does, No I,BM 2.U35 l.ire lion-. No 3.33 S 8.303 Ctttlc, No _W7 1,4« Bide?. Os Blnbnioes. Oris. Wool. Os Lumber, m ..... bhbielc*. in samczsTS fast rvocrrr-rocn nouns. 1867. 1868. . 6,9« 3*^(9 ~7*658 L97* . .... I*ll3 . 1,039 661 . LOO . 373 . 10.881 1.000 . 18,638 ,335.051 483,015 . 03 . G 53 411 .3fl*'s4 173,751 . 14.000 1,400 . 1,«8 ’ M 853 859 89 . 50,753 33,977 . 139 ir.i . 16.908 3,000 .013,035 419 939 455 . 807 71 SIS 43d Flrmr, l»rl« Wheat, ha Coro, ton Oats, bo Rye. lm BtHcy. bn Gnn Seed. Broom Corn* Iba.. Cored Meat*, lbs.. Beel, brie I’orb* b.l* Jam. tf*» Tallow* *.? Boner, Dreraed Uotr*. No. Live Hors. No Caitle. No Hlnea, t-a brls... Wool, Tbs Lnmbe*, m...... . SLiocli'a, m Lath, m Salt, brie non and ciunt w «oa*. The following table, compiled from the official npoits of ttte warehousemen, ehow* the amoant ol Pltur and Grain in this Core on Saturday even tor, compared \'tih the amend In store at the same date last year: " 1967. IM6. Floor, hrls !>6,511 53.1 W .678,4*3 MORTIS 493,051 .7ii,717 ¥21,013 .13*537 .512,W3 275,9J1 Wheat, bn. Com, bo.. Oats, b 0... Uye, bn... Bailer, bu. The Provision market was “flu, Mle Md un profitable.” Ue*s Porte was neglected and en

tirely nominal at sJSJo©'fi,7s. Rumps sold to the extent of ISO brli at <15.00. English Meats w«e dull and neglected. There waa mthlog do ing In Balk Meats. I-ard was heavy and In favor of bnym, wno were holding off for farther con ceedcns. Wenoie tales of 700 tes at 13c lordly Settled; 11 »£e for Country do; H4c for City btcam, and lIH for Country do. Grease was inac tive and comma!. Drcjecd Hogs were less actlre and s®loc lower, with rales at 5T.3007-S0- closing at $7.3337.50 dividing on 200 Sbs. □lfhuine were inactive snd nominal at 23c for Bonded, an d S2JM for duty paid. Flour was less active, but prices were un changed, Some I,GU) brls charged bauds at $13.0b014 S 3 Jor White Winters; $3.90313J0 for Spring Extras, anil IS.On for Sprit g Supers. Wheat was quiet at an advance of lOlUe* *llh sa’es of 54,00 bn at $2.1503.31 for No. 1, as to location; IMHOI-SU for N 0.3 Regular,, and $1.5501.70 lor Rejected Spring—closing fl'ta at $1.83 for No.p In regular honsea. Cora was anil, but orlees showed no quotable change. About 57.W0 bu changed hands at SO®sic tor No. 1 and 55035HC for Rejected la etore-cloelc* Uae with free sellers ol No. I at. 824 c. -OaUiTd.cannßf 'tiia > trlllo boHcrVvrtli tnlc. •lEJiaiOHcfcrNo. s, ml MMc forß cJotlluf u SOJiatUB for the focmor. » .’lf* « waste rot wo. I—the (aride figure for Winter receipts. . *« dull, wltQ sales atCs®fl3cfor No. 8 t for Rejected, and 72J4c®$L00 for Pample lots. Peedawere In good request and steady, with sales at ?7.60«8/O for clow? fi.75®880 fbr Ttmolhy. snd fB.C3®B.iB for Flax • Talltnr was doll aod notmoilatJt'J'aWidfar; City Butchers’ atm for Coantry. Ihe following (degrams were read on ’Change' to-dsy. tn««. ... . . Niw Yobk, Fcbraurtl. ■ ™ nr eaMcr and dali «tfi.OoaiMO. Wheat !?•. nfE. d . , ?. l ? t,Te at fCom nominal I,tore Oats rear? at COc. Oldi’ork «3?J& a .V ISc V , doelrotij*al 930 19. T*r»i lower; Sm? JoSd,imT dUII w * sa ® m . Wl,bkß 3 r : •i -* on £/V o< y*. n ß* Wneal Inactive* Cora aasol tied. Oats dull. Cold, IST. , , I.ATIMI. la the afternoon the leading Grain Markets relfd dull •• Ui« closing ftHcci on ‘Chau**?. Pro ' * er ® nwleetcd tod nominal)/ nnchaagod. too Cattle market was active and buoyant. The receipts weto MU bead, and the entered jales t,W.*h« id. nt prices tanning from W. 19 for '*}**}** lots, to 17. W for choice Undocks. All desirable tots were closed tmt and the mirkit c IIV 1 * ** of yrlree given above. The 1 .ire Hog market wu active, and for msdlnm (trades sOlOebleber. with sales at I4.UJ (fti.DU lor common lu very clmlon Hogs. The re* c«lt>U were Mid head. The market eioioe 11/0118, THE Clllll Kill liIVK MTIICIi SHItIIRT w tin lunr Tnayin. 1 —tiftanu, FHirtnrj 11. I ,it,w •»"»• tUllr ree<HpH «iT inijtmenittf Limfiiorniurim tin wnelt op to Uila er^!'l P v* f T Ilia fl*erelaff of lbs Uaion atoekTtmCotapacft * •• feSiiy I:;:;::;;:;;;.;;;:;:j.S} 88 jJB w«* Ms Awi WS Ttrt ffcrtptMo/tji w*h» Him (.jjtawHi font M • mMi*Wi«iiPtioiiiM«„, u ‘ r J Si «.m itefej j j TuUl.t,,, , |,t|) mm I,MI T(i«* iitii'iiipiiii i j tiijf, j4ft-Y iir ib« wii* up » uli* ttnlMiiitfii (wiHuwtUvur **»*; 1:1;";" J 1 vw w >V«V if ~,» V„, n»e Allowing Were the litlpmont* 10-dar I ny Mirklggn Severn R, “gP* W, ft df muimrgb *Ft, H.m ij& Total.. ....... is 1,7# "at* »alra u entered at tbe dlifcreat Scale-fcoiu-a were a* follow*; At ITtnoU Central Scale fS' 1 S& 4 * Bh *3gj Aißprnngtenscale. .4« |&o IS At Alton scale iu ’iiu JtJ At Moutiweitem Scale ssj i.osi .... T< Ul 4,|OH 809 BEEP CATTLB—Tbs market opened active and buoyaat thla mornlnr, and continued thus to the close Tbeweatherwaamott unfavorable for oat tlona, a cold, driving, drizzling rain faille, with not mtte intenutMloo, aarln* the entire .day. The nafa vorable (.-ondmoa of the weather, however, seem* not to have interfered to any con»jderable extent with the regular eourWwf trade, aa aJ dealrable stock waa icadiiy HbtortKdfrt price* toby up to, and. In *ome In stance*. la ewes# of the ruling rate# of ye*lenSy“ Bayer* were out la and altogether UiV jardapreacaUdaa anlmat-d •appearance. There w&* aTTberai (apply of sU>cX?ln the pen*, and, thooitTmu entirely aaUsCactorr In. point of rqaalitv . CuTHnea were laDyr top to the ' avwaS The character of {the demand did not differ, in anr m eenilai particular, tram that noted .lo'oar prenmari porta. Falrto choice (nipping siocm, and 'co>d -to prime butchers’Cow*. were the erad-j to which the icqolry waa principally confined, and holder* cf drove* aura r tins the above description experienced little dim cnlty in retiming at satlgtaclory prices. Bayer* from Boflalo. Plttaburuh, Cleveland and Albany were la the market, and the great baxk of the offering* Were taken for lhc*e point*. The demand for batchers’ Cattle, far home consumption, though exhibiting more life than durUg the ttueeor lour days precsdlng tnls was far ftom being brisk, and bat a very small pro portion ol the purchases were made on local account. 'Block fcSteeis were .• la fair re quest fland salable *at7& I range of sl.*!aa.oo“toj common to good 1011. There was considerable ln"mTT77 fjrYeal.CftlTes.tLDd too tow in the market were resdirr tjjcen np at goidj rate*, ranging at >sjj a?.tu l 3r mua to prims Vcaj. The cut area tales loo: no itm tiefld. which were< divided fbctweea (blpperuTrS buicneisand feed. rs,*al price* I; r Inferior mixed lot#, me odlng “*c»lUwarpCo»«r three cornered Steers, Stag*, Boll*, and ron-m Oi,„ fUS<3S.OO tor common to good botcher** Cattle, n-n c:mmcnto good stock Steer*; f 3.5036.50 tor i»lp Rood smooth Steer*, and 46.7337 aj i o r prime to Zu. Bullocks avenmlug from 1.273 to UM s>i and n D »,M Hie pen*, are wc.l chared and.hhe market clnaa* .b-Tn. at the quotation* given below: - l&0 °*. cu»«*ht rxrcxj. ' • * ' bUßuiii l AIgKJ. Extra D*er*tr- Fine. fat. well Corned. 4la 8 jtsn 016 Bteire, end p?t P m< J^^rVr-Q^oi*'wei^Vt^*'n£Vr r .^' :3 '3 ? - 0 0 tornMbUera^Tenps{froal T iNt o i, . "Air &w^ai£«twVin ‘Hit fltih'V;: * ,895 ‘ M erasing uoc«i.aob »•.-»* ‘ ■ - M'dinrn ««•*—Medium Steen and rw>4 ? -• ■ Cuwa, St uty aUaahtw «ad aveniin* >■ Slock OJ«*#-Co«nK.n Cattle tn decent fl«v **°® s - ro - aTcrunc euurtUWJ a*. at ‘ D< * a » /»j>r»nr-U*bl «>d tftta Cows and fctee'nl sTVi aaa rOoi ,lx * Stws ’ *™raglag l,l» 1 t> head lair ra king clock, areratlac XJJS as, at 1 ft Thirg-lhrc« head lair pacing stock, averaging 140 a ' ftatf7.of . olo< ‘ lillaoU St!m * * reT *& a S j *K^ <l f*}t»* a ' aedXum flwh y averaging 1,910 ul, IlfCOS* - 1»|7.9 'Fltt*-tiU>e head ro-x! stock Steers, avcriTlac LO3O if. frd and -wHerrC. it |ioo. * • * t r Ifcm? ax i 3 #u *'P ,n S Steen, averaging *rblrty*Uiree Iran food fat ablpping Steen. averatr- IccMQu fta,nff can, also£i. Fmy.two rough Steen and bt Cownreraelnr 1.256 Or, at 16.625*. Nicety bead tbia light steers, averaging BOG di, at Elg v ty-two fin Cowa. avenging l,no a«, fad and wateic<i,atf4.7s. Forty-all bead prime shipping Steen, arwairtnc ijm Ihlrij-nucßOcd atraleht amooth Steen, averaging 1,*6»a,a1f<.45. ® * Thimine bead fair fleshy Steen, averaging M*! at, at 1 5.75. bead good at«*si«n, averaging 1,060 I’oortcan head Interior light stock. averaging 617 Bi, at »:U6. M73,3tS Sixty-three beau medium Cows, avers ring 910 ai. fed and watered, at ft S. Seventeen bead ronsh IttOxea, avcraclajr.l.KH Us. .fed and watered, at 56.00. Seventy-three head prime State Steer*, arerasttuc uc«a*,*»|c.«. w teventy-nve head rough fleihy Steers, areractna Fnriy-acven head stock Stesra, averaging 1,130 B«, fid and wateied, at (3.T0. ’ Fourteen head good Cow*, averaging 1,019 Bs, oQ ears, at MiO. Sixteen Lead medium Steers, averaging (3.40. Eighteen bead Mr fle*hy Bleeri, averaging 1.073 as, oir care, at (5.70. bcadmcdlnm Steers, averaging I,olft Os, at Seventeen l«ad medium rough Steers, off cars, at V-.fA. Flftrm head good shipping stock, averaging 1,115 ft*. atfSJV. hcvettcen good straight ehlppleg Steers. Avcrajrlog 1.16* as. altAO. Twenty brail flair Cows, averaging 901 as, toiand Watered, at s4*lo. lUmis—Tne market opened strong this meriting and nndcr moderate arrivals, ami with a lively compe tition between shipper* and paeans. prices (lir medium grujea experienced an advance nf SaiOc no Ibo closing raua ofypatcrday. The range of price# paid would seem to Indicate an advance on prime to ctmlre grades aa wad, but these advanced rate* are dne rather to the Improved quality of tbe offerings, than to any mtlerlaf appreciation in value*. Kalos wem male at (S.okiSfd for common to fair lou, averaging 1W tn 3*>»ss and ♦e.Ttka? 00 fbr good to eiUa ||«»/s, averaging Irom » to 850 ft*. The market rloiea Arm, wim neatly all sj d. IIUU WALKS TO-UAY. Ko. At. Prior. 49 good Uo#« mo A 75 M romnmn tiacon flogs tt4 ATI 91 gujd heavy Huge till A. 73 tM sood even t0t.... 3M A.AS u liinlnim IU>M 31J API vb fair rough ifogs... ■ai n>s M fair coarse 10t.... AM In common ba. ua ll"gs 905 b^s Ue nifdlum bae.*n Hogs... 374 A.IO Sgnofl even Hogs.... tn* *.79 choice heavy Hogs ...«0 700 9d common coarse lot 375 AJO 171 eontnon baron floes... 719 AS* 53 medium let 353 AtO 41 medlumrotgb Hogs 777 6.45 I*t goed even lot 316 ATS co prim* tat II ee sn f.jn 175 common coarse lot .315 AIS &Mr rough Hoc* 610 MO iw tumor tot an «xo 63 common tlcht J 95 MO 107 t<.ortt*lHogi M 6.75 S 3 'ommoD co*rs« lot 30 MQ 173 crmiLonncbt not* .......310 6.33 7i tuoe quality .835 MO Bt »ajße qiwiitr... 310 MO 196 cc»r>e lot 366 Mo U itmeqQtlUT. jr: fair coarse Hops — ?D Interior let Hi common coarse lot.. 49,800 <2,065 IAS 51T 36.9% 1.4T0 IC3 33 2« $7 common nos*... 515 fair cc»l re Hoe*. 11l uir creator. 191 crramoti Uoga .*l7 SJO «6uXeri«rlot 190 &00 ca umeqntllir ....7IS 6.05 ST rood CTra floga .305 6.90 'Bl prime Ut Hog* .314 C9O SB EEP—There a beiUr laQQlrjr today, av) pre noaarate* were well curtained. TBe demand li chief ly to r pooa to prime MdUod qcillties os local account, nice* range at f-i-3(*5.T5 lor ccmmon to choice lot*. CHICAGO DAILY. MARKET. AV •cltt of Grain reported fn Ufa mart* report ore -mj* on tbe ban* of winter (4c) norage% uniat oiLetuUe eztrttted. Wk>s*si'at, Februsir IS. ISK7. PREI*3UTS-lUxuto*J> Fanon-rs—The lotlow isc ta me unit of the Eastern Koads: 31 4th nrs’d Rites from Cbl-'aco to— class, e’ass. Flrtxr.Uoei. TtoOtlN N-T «IW HW » 75 Toronto. C. w 62v 42* 83 75 Mottie2.CE. \.t> a uo Albanr, N.T UO JO t.RJ JJ3 New York 0.15 W 1/0 TJS Rouoa rM Albany. 1.33 85 1.78 105 Bcstot rfaGmdTnmk US 83 1.70 1.3 IVrtiatrtrlaGratdTniik 1.70 L 34 Ih'iadflpbift 1.05 75 lAO 1.15 Bait mure. d. 03 75 lAO 1.15 lHUNirsh.... £5 43 M 70 Cleveland. Ohio. 43 SO ' tO 53 Jeffersonville, IrxJ 45 3 70 Cincinnati. Ohio- 45 31 66 45 FLOlTK—Received, Bi&7 brta: shipped, 6,912 brli. There were no ileus of animation wnatcrer in tbe Floor market to-diy, and trices w«re qnotablr nn chanced. Sale* were aa follows: White Wtsrxns— 3brls not named at 314.45; HO brl* ooat|li2s; 100 hrUiln atfixoO; Snaso Exraos—7s brl* “pjcrwlck*’ XNXN at fIJAO: TO brU El Eider" on p. t ; ID br:a net namedatf)o.7s;lW brU do at 310.60 : 300brl* (in OU) at 31CL25: at brl« do at 39.53; Uxsocso—'TOO trl« net canted at (3^o: Srxxso Scrans—73 brU not named at 33 OP. WHEAT—Cecetred. 70330 bn; iblpped.7.o6 bo. Market quiet at an advance of iai*c. Sues were: 410 bn No, 1 at fin a. D& Co.: OMubado at 33A0 dtr; 40b bn do at 37.13, regular: 400 trn, br sample, at 37 JO; 4tQbn do at >1.90: bn No. 3, recnlar. at 31.85)4; S.OCO bo eo at ft,R>; S.fVO bn do at fIASY: 10,030 bn eo at 3154 *; 400 t<n I>l cled at $1.79; S.XO bn do at Hie: 4fObado«t flj*—doting nra at 3U<a lor No. 7 in recular how*. CO BN—RocuT©d,l3,lMbo; Market doll and earner. bale* w*re: &000 no No. 1 at SJV C I 17.C00 ba do at RSt: 4,ffo bo Rrtected at iSS'c; <.OOO bn On at i 6JXO ba do at stc—cloalnj; doll with idler* <>| No. I at SJke. «AT»— Mar ket a trifle flraer. ba et wire: ».00n ba 53.2 at Wuc: ;aouO t-a do at Ur; ZSCO bo co at Si vc. <OO ba Steeled atsnsc—cudit.cataaiaw'cfor a«. a in »tore. It VB— Eecmed, 3,sSO bo; ihJpped. bo. Bar* tatqaletand neadr. were: No. l (L) at 93c: 400 bo dc do at93Sc; 900 bo do at *.‘7; 1,000 bo dotw.>al»le. _„ UAIII.EV-KecdTfd; USlbo; ehipped. STS bo . Market daiL Bakawere: 400 ba No. 3at fiec. A.D.A Co.; 400 bn do at toe; tog ba R-jecled at IV:; <OO bo by (ample atSLU; USbacaat TSVc. A l.tOtH 1.-Somlul at ftAkMA track. HKdO.II (TORN—Market Terr doll and priced en tirely rc-mical at *60111*150 DO a« to quality. He AN"—Aretelhntf at*LTsiui peroarbeL 81-TTEU—U-crtTcd. tt»; (Dipped. it,COO ft». The markctprew’..uoo bow feature* to-oiy. Choice Roll conUbbee in good d tnand on local account, bat aalfle tmm tbli ’here t« icarrety aiytblo? doing. aa es Include » rci» at34c; SC »• 801 l at3«c; 100 Bl Cboice at 37c. IVe quote: Choice i flood Tab Coasmou Flrtla. I’rln.t Firkin... BAHHINU—Then ■■ no dtnun lo natt In Mie gcpefai character of tn>) mvitn. irada uilatK.aid KiEEJHf f 0 t rem "%i!& , 7 a,,D » W« makeno nines L? ®? r Qootajod aa fblluwi: K»tlm al A, I bo, lenmleat linen 110.00 ynlraA. do do .... »/0 IlitboiaA, -da do ... ' SIOB Corn Uicbanre .... S*W Wary A. cotton acamleae. asno letUUmA, do run AIUUOICOfgIXI, CO Amairan. do ... . ... him Beater MdU, do **.*"*" ’ opq ao t «100 PcnnHuS do . <‘T’! SxS . do gun Saro.linen and c0tt0n................... gtoo ISSS3SS?’ 110 sta epnosceia . . ... aijlm nnimteo . ***** * '*’ siju Bnrlapa, |bo, N 0.1.,.. TS.PO Umpire C11t... i ;' 4 (1 t tt <tt 40JQ 11 limited, and wlUianm e*- “• * w " vr«™n..l,tsK r ' I"” 01 "') nwaii;<f i-»etoT7(IIIlnoU) llaniLuts . tsu^iitwe Wjatetnlimm .....issSuwo TSJIV America**..,.. '*s» c ~^04,1e' lb« market wal-not ao acme'l i72.!2.‘* n * WM f *iHwraeler. Ttie poorer varleUai aro " Uumih jjooJ qualities are well mtuittfd. w« quote* Ksta-iJrnokr.ew. ftl.Ol oo urtnipf I!.!!!!!!!.!!!..,!!!.! tun tLtraiuai*-iifi»Mi,|| «... m.m U 2 JU'iciAt to.w liana tan .... 1una«,...,,,.................. RW!;:::;:;;;::";;;:;:;;::.;:;;:;;:;::; t'S h -**-iVfr4 MM * |*rfcW»n«7lV(ipi»i bcfitiUrti. 3!i«« : VSS3 iffi jMiimtf »7itlilech»i«s. We repeat quouilotHt *JR»« M >«ia n (»]»!<•'nijtrtuu jj 4MUO tiiHHntu . . .O'i3fi'so JMfl, in Inin Hi i holm .tl ml 4 de C'OOI'HII A(IK-lhn ruffil market ritlniVaik, Bwmwemas(olitiwa 1 Mfans linnwt at ll.soilsllv. *i »iI V<2iVi 1 * at »i.iVi iw!to «( SlißiVn* lo * l * I,u “ dl,l IM *‘ J » l li.iiowWnj «uo KtitiH--Ih»in was a mm# S'ipn'rin tha iiijreM iii iliy, (hough th»rn |« still a sejirHlv. 5* I „,K H ' l. T ? AMH’N' tikkln, mi • L , SL , .‘*» ? ,,, l 1 »*tnee. tir.ttitr Iwlttia utilams, Itfrowat R hlr Itt jrtlry tnUr lor Cftmral aoorlm*it{«. and pr|trawer* well sustained ill aro irfl. ItrlHl ApolM wn In inoteaellrn r«|unsj, altd a shal* lusher, ifm- Ipr Aft-lt-a wi*n Ih sowl ileaiamTtßd flfftt ai lull fates* nr continue to quote • . . . uataanfiia. LUM'ltiS, *»*u.umi.;;**.* !M»} 14IQ til UHhiM.l'lwiiuit.Mi.u.uitiumiui H.OO «4||<<q tSSiIS; Jfew";";;;;;;;;;;;:;; b s i® ... . iiemu pfei’itii y.;,^ v |s| V/V«t^»«lV^V/j l 4 l l4 > ui!!!!n! < ) > ii!rn lip & i.ja l|USf lefSi! Jnn'nlll li! (9 # I? raafiSta'p;=;;;r;;;;;;; Hr lt"W f I- - mu i> .mm> M IS M iWste'Ki, *f. 3 '■]! bartiinM, 1* miimmiiii pi 3 vl hwillftrt, fc t» 4« Alroonrfl,li»MeUeslM,, Mt „,^n a <1 .MmoiiiU, «.rt tj a U Amiongs. paper uti1a1..,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,, M <« 69 •uuiiiu, Wtlmitgkm, f mj„ td fta. 4.M im 4.35 tmil Hula £) IS llbem**" n fe 19 rmii Walmtu, new.,n a ii v«jilo»UalDuu» aa (A Si 'erans.iiuaUandlarse.., ft it 80 liraory Nuu.per Uu., ... auto os sjo 7.aj .4 din PISH—The market la quint at the decline nuttd yes terday. We repeat onr list of quotation*. as t jliowi: Whitehall, No. l, Wbrl.. rj.ltUA 7.J5 „ “ No. VS brl «.■»» 7.08 Trout, ho. U }* brt B.OOia 9.35 “ Sr, 3. H* on 4.90 a 475 Mackerel, No. 1, * brl, new WAkaIO.TS •* Ko. 3, X tort 35 - lamnr<FHtorl #m5"S •• extra aeaa. V X tori n.»ais 00 “ ..** . “ ♦*«!. 3.804 5.73 “ NO.L IdUW MV *.iva 3.65 ** famUy.taU...; a.iia j.u Codfish. Dante, r 100 81 ;jiu s 00 •* Georce’s Bank a.ou^ Hat 0..... 9*OC«4 8 50 liernnca, dried. No. 1, p b3i Xi. 4 *55 (terrlnaa. acaltd... ova « Labrador llerrleot, V brl to «Sstl 00 Labrador aerrlox*, >t brl>4 5 75 Norwegian Herilng*, K’a, V brl Norventim Herrins*. M’a, T brl i«"*i PEATUFttH-Bale of 130 os Live Ueca-. at 73«-‘ «.KEA»E—MaxkclQOiel at tic followltu quota- - ....|H£aio c YdlOW. •••••« gva a •, Brown.. ...8 a BVc niUIIWI>ES»-i4oceivco.l3i bin x tMupeS. mS brls. Market Inacave and nominal at i*c for tiiinli. cd and «3.» lor dnty paid. “ jnG Hilt*?*—Are seiutg at 60365 c for Eastern, an ISSA COcfur Western. DUELED imiJS—Received, 1,876- shlrmed. 1.W6, Market declined 5<%10c. Bales were: II averaging S<6 ft*, at. *7jn u - 25fia*. at U 7 •• ....a*, at. ejyf no tmder 200 im. at 7 j» Hi - 1300 72 419 dividing on 300 aa, at 7.<Sk7l7J 72 *• 300 as, at. 57 •• 7d»a7.M *6 ** SOO a*, at 7.10*7.50 to •• »o a*, at 57 M mo ar. at . TaStjS —clrMncatf7jr«Tsodtvl<i]neon2Coß*, IIA Y—l* quiet, with prtcaa unchanged. • The tupply la »n-.crate, out quite »afllclcnt to meet present de mand*. Weqcotet WHOLESALE PRICES, Timothy, rolled ard beater preared. JIiOOiUJO iTmotbr loose pressed iXSOuaU M iT-arle, beater pressed 10.C1UILOO vrran. prices. t, i.iu rfitiAfi. Timothy, rolled and beater pressed-... .’....fis coat? 00 Timothy, loeie pre&teo IH.OOtalS.c*) ITnJrlc.r. ilrrandteater pmaei lt.00&u 00 ITMne. looieoowscoo. dcltreied 9-uOaioio UJUEa*—lkcelTtd, 49.50 ai; shipped, M.7ad ai. The receipts continue moderate, and under a eood *uppUs demand, ail ate readily absorbed at our quo* ta’iois. ■ Qnioby aide*,which are oeßlanlne to arnra freely, are takes at one-third olf. We bito the C>llow luc aa the prices current: Green Untcbcn* a a swe Greta Bitted, trimmed, lOVan e Green cut.. .. Js SxS c KipOrees.ialt*!...; n SS c Dry FUnt-trimmed. .'...17 ais<<e Dry Bitted, trimmed.. Kifauwe Green'fcalted. put can 0............. 9VmlO c IKON A.HII MTBfttsHTae aukei. ♦trady. wererlieonotaaonl: ' ... Cimmoa 8ir..,k,. gVA'sve ilcne Sboe-lroa (vl;}. l«a>7 C«nrt & a fSS Hoop nod Clfitrt ... «jf<sui c 1(0trod ana 5cti&r5.^...,'.'.r.«................. gua qua »*•* •i&si H&U lt*l ud naif Itoand.. ts I roc, common.. utrftßmd*. lino, ff&lTasUcdi, Tim.. M --U t* saeettion, niTAoizea.ssztt. 40 <».... Sfeett Inn. charcoal. 36....... tva .... Sftrttlroo,Joilata, 36....... tl£»U e Norway 5iirh0d^.T^;............ ll*Mtiwe Plow Steel, Gtrau is 011 V flow Steel, cut ;..t.w ..17 «19 c sorlsc&ml Tire Steel, KacUab , 13.VtH13 o Tool Cut STeeL ordjairyalzet.... ;ai ujg 0 Tool Cart bleel, American «» «w e HTstered Steel om a l(Qi»1a, Nos. 9 and 16 £*s c Uflula, Ist quality, V Ml g KowU, Am., l>t quality, H sheet 019 c Humls, Am.. 2d quality, V *h«U §jg c ''|'.K«T»lKU—j:ilLtuuei’qizl«H’traiprfoes are Him aod QBCbaoßed. We Quote: tUy IlarncM, V ft i a»a « CotintrytUrocM 340 9U I.lDf, ¥ ft 43(* « Kin. medium, 9. u&»i.3a Calf, V ft IJftsl.CO Upper, ¥ f00t... 300 51 Coi.niry Uopsr.. S3o 35 Co.Ur, V f00t... 330 34 Flißjthlcr.Sole.. fis& £>t Harness. V ft... 40a 46 Upper 90(2 « Ki]>. No. l, me dium 1.1031,70 Mp. No. 1, bare (CWI.IO l.l;ftlDEll*-Tr*da to-a trices were atcady. went l.mim—First Clear, 1, la fn ...,f«Ua»«XO Herond C ear, l. IK. Itf 5S 00*60.00 Third Clear, Ueb 90.0Q4tt.00 First and Second C.rar Flooring, lo* pplher.ioarh, the same as Second Clear wide n0.0aa55.0n CcmmtnFloorlnr, rough 8i.00*37.00 Watched and Brewed Common F/oorloi 4Q.C0*1?.00 Matched and Brtiaed 8 inch Co ram o a Flooring »;.oo*as.oo Pint and second Clear siding, together. 3).ooa?fc!.00 FlntCommao Bmsod stdlne ©.a.ti».oo Wagon-Dox Boards, select, U loch and upwards .■KOOeiXOO A stock Boardi, 13 InchM .W.Ok? 31.00 H Stock Board*. 17 tnrhe* 16.00*37.00 Common Hoards,.til*w, scantling. Fenc ing, and Small Timber. II to 16 tect lore 31.00*71.00 Jclsls and bcaoUlng, JO, 71 and3l (bet.... CAMa.'BOO Joists and Besotting ..... as.uO bnuioLV—A cr Star shaved Uh1ug10a...... «AO A or Star Sawn] hhltglce...., 6 00a 5 50. No. 1 Pawed Shingle# 3JOa AOO Laiu—iTrtn In yams &00 !♦ car-load by Norlhwcatcrn llatlroiit, delivered in any yaid where raracaatw switched, nr any depnt: Aor Star baw* . od Shingle*. hr car-load, on track 4J7 V£ 4.50 Acr biar bliavcd bbioglea,by car load. on track 9.TVA 4-00 No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by ear load, on track ..... las Ihrco dollar* a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows tun Miiughw In frngbl ulli. MitKdunrTA?nA«i». ThlrkncM-FlrebniDKir* to bo two Itxhta in IhICk tPM. 14-f gib—hiitcen tnchra. Ilains-Twenty litrbea. t dtirse*—lwa< ly-nve. HIKTA LS AM) TIN Pr»s to-day was moderate! Ortu at tiia following quota! TIN. IWu Tin Plato, 1C liixll IUJO tta’n So a)l Ptir* lUrlln COSl“*«. Metallic AT IkitU... S» Cupper b0tt0m...... M Br**ier» over 10 a».. 431 Sheet, II lo is or «5| TlosJdk* 101 luniUT KCTAU I. litqnaUty Milv ALUmunv <lO 120 71 Kite Holder 30 S fence Wire 10 .>Alli'-Art In lair demand, and op amall lon price* woaid be shaded. We nmUooe to haute: M, p ten |Td» 3d f9JS m1.V..... TaS 3d, floe hloed 9.35 M 7JO w.ftneNned 10J6 i;b cot spike* - *—' ... SJi K’Uacheo « i.zn iisicatspikei u s.! BJi K'lloched Set. 9.35 OI Li*—The general manet u Terr quiet, acd tor tr.osi awcrtpUona quotations are altogether nominal. FrrLlweedOU, bowerer. there la an active inquiry. 1: terlor dealer* ut laving In liberal «t->ct?. and with no Borpma in the market price* to-day were advanced 6c. We tow quote; Ureted on Llisced Oil, boiled.. Olre 0n.... Wfca.e 0.1, W. B Lard oil. extra Lai d Oil, Ko. 1 Winter. Lard Oil. So. 3 Winter. Bank Oil. rctudlota. ,JOO ««j .JlO fi£o .za &no .ac &808 ..525 6 JU ..Wl 6.55 ..331 660 Machine on -..UKUI.tO Oil, W. B »3JO ujbticmincoji ...h.- .. sa&tM CAKBON Oll<—lsqnle% wltbprlrt# itod; u><l nochanced: • SlbuD, VciMNl ...19c r»ry.p, until MU. 30c Banto -Xc t KOTIMOKS I —BecrITed, ULCUO a* Carol Meats. 840 tirif Port and 119.657 fts Lard; shipped, 9754151 at died UnU,93 hrls tieefc Cdbrls .Port, tad 3T0,1M as Lard. rues* Porfc—Doll, n*jdected asd nominal at SHJO were: 120 hi la at $19.00. i .am—Marie: dull, sales were: 50 tea city kettied atl3c; U* conauy do at live: sotßdo at HXe. Poultry and «.a«e—Sales were: UJtf dot Dressed thickest at $1.50; 3 do* do at $4.09; 3 dor do at $3 73; jdosdoate33s; 6 duz co at *SCO: S do* do,r,ry choice, at 15.25; 250 as Dressed Tnrk*T» at 16c; 600 as coat 15c; 50u at do at lie: 4 do* Rashits at fI.W, SODA AND **A I.BILATC;*—The demaud U modulate, and stocks are We continue tOQDOte: BtbbJ ft Medicinal 13\91S c •• Pore. llk.eUkc Delazd's Chemical c - Heathy itH'dUVC *♦ Pore j*OOAMs*—There uno marked charge to notice intueceoeralcnaracter of tre market since the date of our last report. Prlceaarcnrm as follows: Cuba. i:VO«HC Porto Rtro tSV'SHXe X. V. Refined. Powdered and GiantUsted....lS*(4l7 e IVSItrA l'4Wl« « Circle A .. Fxtra "!.... c Feliow C. .. ISi-AlSkc- Oxnard C it «Uxc Oxsaid C. extra...... llSfail c New Orb an* prime... U*ais e N*w Or can* Adr 14Ui*I4Nc ' e»VltCP§—Aren only limited demand, aodpnees rulcwear. Weoootlnoetoqtmte: „ Ntw iortSjrun* t 6331-15 YeQow Drip* 1.1j®!.25 Cut* w ol*«*es 759 S Porto Bico 899 65 >ew Orlean* 6Q9U00 Philadelphia Bee Hire 654 70 CtreacoFennexy, Amber IJOaUS Chi--ajr-- llcflnery. Golden 809 90 ‘Chtraco Hefncry. t>nxar 80u5e....... . .... 759 85 i-Fv.DS—Received. S7AS ss: shipped, 10571 as. Market active. Salt* Icclode: Tuiotht—a baca at X2J.O ; 90baesat33.15; 191 bar* (laIon) attLW; 99 hacs doal $350:06 bays do at 3A60:17 ban do at $1.73; Clcvse—l4 at 39.30; 9 r doatflA: 41 bars dost 17«; 4 bapado atS7AS: 3 bac«do U 66J0; 56 bars coatlTJO; Flax—2o bags at $175; 5 bifi do at R.<3- s^ALT—Received, sane: .shipped. 513 brl*. The market 1* moderate yact ve «d prlres areonchinir*d. Sa'ecf.vdbriaNewtWat HSB, delivered; 100 sacks Grcnnd Atom (old) at 3US: New Fine. Coarse _ GroccdAlnm Turk’s Island, bass 7JO Ground So 7.u Dairy, with sacks 6.® Dairy, without sacks. 6.19 TEAS—Are atcady at the annexed quotations: Yonnc Urioo, • opener t - nnc, 9 & |X.9a4J » 00 extra to choice. V n Imperial, *up*rtor to cne. 9 a I*s22VS *do eura to choice, |» ft 1-^4l-W Cuipowdcr.aupulorlo no*-. 7» a extra to choice, v INJ^XJIO .M art e .9) «J 3 e .lit c .» as! c /spar, ostnrsllet!* flee to extra flue, 9 ft.... row ™ do • do - fine to choice, ft ft unua - do do colored, ft m.. l»5i« .TOB*CuO—'Tb«* la do chants to note In this do partiMatm trade, U aay MaeaUal particular. Tiers U ptrbapa a UUA better toQulrytor prime nods, bat common varieties an extremely doll, and price* an Dr ns means tm. Wecontlanetoqnote; Fur* err cnrwnro—■ Bwra. fu» «iw Choice. U» «t.i» . Medium... 80 (ft 90 ’ common so m 15 Sftosno Tobacco— Vlrcioa'a Fatortte. D (*iw etc Ice J 5 u 90 • Medium n ft a common (items. l| g a Pico Tobacco— lloysl ClUren. » 9 m FstmeiV Delltbt. TO t* 7S Natural teal L» &1M Half Bright 80 01.13 Oiolceßiaeft, smnd naff Medium TO <j T> Navies flJMta Iff VlrßlnialOaaad ft*.................. W h tu ...JPonmiers 73 0 BJ WlMlll—la Injnodcratc rrourst, and steady at ibe recent decline. We repeat oar list st fallows t Maple, ft cortl,delivered |l|AV*ll,m M*M», ft roni. in var>*.... n.r>oau.i<o Jiteeh. ft cord, wdlmal IK* b. ft cord, in jsrd 0.90410X0 Ulrknrr. fteo-d...... irurVUUff „'MHlte-lte«l»«L tiOM sat shipped, 10.96 S as. Msfkntgwtot. No sale* reported. llHmlffltt's Vtttrnrl llnrhii OI»N hralih aiid vlsnf to the leama and lil'mii to l*m psltld rtie-k. tie Mill/ U srcotiipam'd by mam •’arm. lfH*Mnptotti«, Bhd if no tresimani I* itibmittodto. cumiiiupM ‘p. 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Ofa*v para*## am tprraevl iflunaMPa" lioraumi.f Mm w«lt-knowii jnfliu enra nfl una (lire niiMii) i ah>l Inara la Rit oua hut fuels Mit plljicl t*| ejiuer ur u»H a*pecia of the planrM. Thu M>lei, the wualher. Imman me-jialily, Itmoaii bfallb. litmanrteidliiy, all arAnnaleilae aiefiar Infliir ruce. Thunfurfi, fh«**e wha have (teen gnldej Jo health ana wealth hi Iff, Haphael, the aa’rolnxer of Mia »9ln century, aru well rsaarda.l ftir thrtr iMlferin (hooi'euli artenre. They were wlie in avaMlcg ihecaaaivaa of n.s ctriam aid. ho one will ever regret an Interview, or conanliallon by letter, wtih rU.UAI'UAtii,-Jl3 East Madltop-at., op-atalra. tllafinlaM. bliattered Couatllntlona liestored by Uelmoold'a txaack Bucbn. Specialist to the treament o| Syphilis, Sjermator* rhea, sod every specUs of Private Disorder*, can be consulted at his office and parlors, 91 and 03 Ban* dolpfost., from »a. tn. to S p. m. P. O. Boi GOO. Ctlcaeo, 111. Blftnlaood and YoutUfal Visor Am egalned by Helmbold’a ExUa Bncba. A Ready and Conclusive Teat Ol theprcpeTtueotaelmbold * Fluid Extract Bacbn w 111 be a comparison with those set fbrtn la the United fetatca Dtspenaatory. • Chevalier's Lite tor the Hair positively restore* gray hair toi ita <wmaal color at d youihml beauty; Impart* lire and strength to tbe weakest hair, stops it* ruilna out at once; Keen* the bead clean: U unparalleled ua hair dressing. bold by all oruseUta ana lasblonable hair dresser*. and at tut office. No. 11211, Kroadwsv. N.T. SARAH A. CHEVALIER, M. D. Helmbold’s Fluid extract Bncha Is pleasant in taste and odor, free (tom ail injurious properties, and Immcdlste In m action. Having the confidence of tbe nubile and the medical facujty atlarre, t» the cost reliable phystclaa in the city for chronic mrvous and sexual diseases. Call at bis office, 179 South ClsrW-sL corner of Monroe. Kocm* separata. Onsu’UMoß free. P.0.80x 134. Bis eulde 10 health, published monthly. scut free u any address. Tlic Glory of Alan In Strength. Therefore, the nervens and debilitated should Imme diately use Uclc bold's Extract Bacon. JJOUNTIhS. Official Blanks! We hare new for tale the ibUowtae additional Boun ty Blanks, which bare ALL been approved by the De* pertinents: Soldier's Claim for Additional Bounty, > Widow’s 4 * •* M Pat he Ha ' • r'.**. -. . « • _••.■ y ‘mother's - u ' * • •*• -:t “• - iPnrengf . j ,, .(Jet4tlr) *‘. . j Guardian’* “ _ :i ** •« ( A communicationlkoca : 6eeo(*tl Atidltor's Office, re ~ ia oot tor exaamoaa, "MJ*: , ... ~ f* The form* sura decidedly tbe best that bayobeen presented to this Of .flice*** ■’ ' _ **; Seetprepaldoa reedpt, of the. money, at fiIJX) per quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Pension and Bounty Laws ot ISG6, with latest Instructions and regulations stnt Agent* on receipt ol stamp to pay postage. J copy Inclosed with each package ol Blanks. Address TRIBUNE CO., Si Clark-st. Chicago. i Slaughter. umraio&oie...B toa 43 Slaughter. boi% ClucacoNo.t.. 409 42 Slaughter. Bole, Chisago So. 1.. S 4& 37 BocaAyna.... s** 40 OnonocoSole ... TU4 S 3 O.lonoco, good, damaged 31*3 57 IK. French Call, 31 xio^jjo t breach Cali 3« B» XCKS32.IO i Trench Caif, I^. molnca, ? dot6o.ooa3o.aJ day *m only moderate, and mutt: K, Wand i Inch. and 3 Inch.. pLOWS. PLOWS. BOD BREAKING PLOWS and all varleUea of Stab* hla and Doable ehnrel Hows manufactured and lor sale by JtißK DEMENT. Dlioa. DHnols. TI ILL’S HAIR DYE— SO Cents—Black II or r.rown—lmtantaceoa*. natural, durable, Scaiilllnl. The lieat and ConulnaM murh aa as any dollar vice. HILL’S ATICTIO, or ALT. UE.VUNO OINTMKNT, reliable fur ren*r*i ointment ratpoaea. Depot Btt John-at, New York, bold by all drcggliu. Arrival and departure op TKAISH. Winter Arrangement. ontn no A*D XOItmWUTKBX nAJLBOAD—COUSCn, DLlirWl AKD OMAHA LlNK—Dxror noitrn VTSLLB smXET, I .ci re. Arrlro. Omab* Fast Uno *B:l.* a. m. *7:*i p. m, Omaha Wicbt RxproM... 7:80 p.m. m. Dlion I’uecnpvr m. 11:10 a. m. Freeport .. *10:00 p. ra, *3:10 a.m. Freeport I'aMCDccr *lhoo a. ra. *3:W p. m. Horklord, Klein. Fox ttifcnmlPUU) Line... *4:00 p. in. *11:10 «. m. Geneva and Elgin !’*•• _ veneer *3:31 *8:13 a. ro. vmcoNrtn mTinox—nuroT coiikbr or canal AinMi ■ ,«...11 Day Exprcea.... *U:UOa.m. *f:3oD.m. *4:Wp.m. •ftlsn.B. Jwavillc Aceommod n. •0:3(1 p. m. •fcio p, in. Woodstock Accomrooo'n .1:00 p. n. •*»» a. n. iulwaou* mnaion-nzpoT coonxu or canal AND KINZIX HTltirr. Day F.rprfa* UcOOa.m. 13:00 n. Ho*ebm, Calvary and t M Kmnvton *Wp.m. Nlchl Kxpreas -jsw p.m. btOOp.iu. Kcnoahn Acrotmnod'n... H}». m. Waukegan Accoramocrn. B!«p.m. B:sft a. n. Milwaukee Aeeomrood'n. s:3na, m gro. u Dunlap, wal Sup't. n. f. Patrick. General Fautoger Acer.u mmiflAK CENTRAL RAiUKM^—bNIOA ~*tCT. >OOf OP UU tTRTIf. , • woruJneExpreee *s:ooa.m. *843 p.n. Day Kxpreae *7:DOa.BL *Ha.Cp. ro, Evening Express 15:30 p. I. p. a. NlghtExpreej :*fl;l3p,ro. CsJSmm. •TNon’NATI AJTO TRADiL. 4SP.RV HTOUK-lbul 1) active, and prices ruled tlonai tnrc. m qtu’ity, cwr.......i9w Ml quality, •beat...... 14 blfttK BCtUUTWUB. 1 trt « ; it *.**od » 13 lOaodii u u u i Hand n u U. sod is is 17 17 I Ift 19 Homlnc Erpreee *7:no a. o. *ui;3Ba. a. Mrtrt Erpree* .• 13:00 p. m. *1I:0L p. n. UCBIOAN COUmrRN ATO AKB B BORE UNR—DR* TOT OORNRR VAN RUUKK>in> aaXBKAR BTIRXTX. TOLRCO LZKR. Mail *4:13a.zl *& DayFxprrte *r;ooa. ro. p. c New Yorit Expres* _ i tfcttOp. c • Night Express 1*10:00 p. ro, *6:OCo. a ottnojt or. Ut«nUiX i»in>t Man *4:45 a. m. tftw; a. a sight Express tiltoo p. a, *&55 p. c. rmsruß. toby vatbb A2R> can auo. Mali •ttOa.n. 6:00 ».n.. Past line 8:15 p.m. 7:40 p.c |xt,rc« *2'fcOUt).m. 11:00d. t einoa cnraau .1 ai.o . (list .U^tUO .L3&1.23 .1.031.30 .L« 1.1531.30 . - . i .in. vjm tn*>- Day passenger. **9o a. b. *l«So p, m. Mpht Passenger: jlttOOp.n, *0:45 a. c, Kankakee Accommod*c. *!rt*p. tc, *~2i a.m. Hyde Park and OxkWood •fir-0 a. m. *7:t3 a. n, ,» ** •* *i«lf» •ttSSa.r., u u *» .... **3op. m. *I:SCp.B, w ** “ **ss 0.10. *7raop.m <?HIC*gO. AlTf Day Sxpress and Mail... •*» a- m. *0:00 p. c*. GateeburePaMcUger.. - *3:oop.m. *t3|lp. m. Aaron *j;Cop. a- **0 r l a. z., Sight Express *l*oo mtd'ht tfcKa. m. jsjcaoo axp «t. taca. ixpreas and Mail B*o3 a. m. &«?.&- Meb; Express 9:15 p. m. 6:50 a. r. folles and Wilmington . _ „ Accommodation... .. lioup. El- • 8:43 a.c. OKI'-AGO AXI» 6BXAT lAKItR—<IATB GXCZKRAC am tU<X)—XILWACXM aAvLBOAJI DXT3T, 004, •ivn AJIO BJKXTB aTBXZtt 3iv Flip res i 6i3j a. a.” 10:55 p, a Sight Exprete. 9:00p.m. , ±sop.m --•on nnuARATOua. tonuTiixs aad uinoimmaxu Day Express &30 a. m- 10:55 p. m Sight Express „ MOp-m. &» a. n •Tolanboa Express £3O a-». 10:55 p. a. •* « Scoop,St. &50 a. d. ’•XLStnZ Ariwnm«w4i»tj: l v« &Cs 3A. B. *tW a. 9% u SclSp. s- 6njo d- c. 093C450, BOCX XSLAJtD AKD TA.CITIC BIAILBOAD. Day Exprees and Man.. •9:00 a.m. *5:30 p. a. Sight Sxppeao 1&00 p. B- *5:45 a. m ;oue( Accommodation.. C4op. m. *9:Hi a- m •Monday excepted. tMonda? excepted, xaaiartay .cxcentod, CXIOX STOCK TABS T7XX TAHLt. _ Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. 0:9) a.m. 7:40 .13' »Ui« BtatDAT TBAIVB. aa, m.m. I 9:35 iCtSo! a. m. 1 -*■ 12:30 . -. .p. m- *3O -P- “• 4«j . .Mp.m.l 5113 Tbr following is tbe table fwtte to™ and departure of malls from tbe nueaco Post *; "• p aS:...MiciL bomb. r.,k. —■ «=66 11:00 ”** itco m Midi. Central B.R 12.00 ’*** 6: 5 ... “ •• MW' 8:15 *'* *oo....Pltta.4PLWaTne I*Bo Hl' 6:15 M u •• 7:10 * l*on m M “ * - &00 lUOO iioo 4:80 ...Great Eastern B. 8.. 8:30 10:00 I*oo tl:a'....New Albany * Salem 830 11:00 SdG 7:45....0a1ena Kallrsad 8:10 *4O I*oo igflo....Dizor Air line.... 6:00 7:90 '230 fttiQ...-Hocklsland BaDroad 5:45 *BO I*boo K.R, sdo *OO &<0 K. 8.. 5:<5 6:30 6:00 *45... PD'-anLee GaOroad. 11:80 8:90 UAH 7:45....1Ui001s Centra) B. R. 730 *.OO I*oo 7:00,...5t, Louis Bailioad. . 5:35 3:45 HOBT. A. UILMOBB, P. M. Sprflal Koilrea. Ur, JnmN, neastlfol Flair. Dr* Dlqclow. Ulanfts. 3Qair 33ge. ISaUroabs. amo xiNxii rrnxrr. .m. m. .m. m. ~p. m. .p. m. ..p.m. .JU ra. 9UJ. ..a. m- .p. m. ..p. m. 4:00 ..p.ta. 5:40, .*• r r scoi)aoalo. PUOFOBALB FOR ARMY TRANS - FOKTATION. , _ , QnAftTßuuarra amuL's Omc*. I kb a 1 w»^? a, U? OTOir J D - f., Janaary B, I*7. J will bs received *t Offs office tta U yiiSjfS k . B *« oa . UlB *U» ol rebnury, 18*1, tor vrar rrmmtfiU^ 00 . of Ml itarr Snpptlse darter tbs «* W a. pouu™aami^^uiL^Ks rm '^* :terTllorT ' or KrlnL!. t* determined upon anrtoe the rear on SVSSffinSSL'I IS™ exsi UUlude 40 defraca, Including, U neuuury, IMuisr * * . * HI’UTE No.f. _f£°®/«* Wlsy. Blata f>t Kan«M.orrucb Mint* aa may be delermlned upon durluß Uia tear qb ina tinlnn PaclOe Itattrosd, E. Lb, to any post* urdapota that are th" BtataU Hawaii or tn tboTeriilory of Colored >,ionih of laittude ud» Jraw rortb, and to Fort Union. New or other ppollhal may he animated In that Territory, and to anycUier polntorttMrnnte. 7 Chlon oe. snclf otPier depot m may b* »br Territory of Nnw flrxUo. to aa P. fl, F*£t. # . UUoM J"*» tee, or may h-» retaiulM)*! to V'* 1 Tmllcry.afrt to inch poiu or sUMona aa may ne dnlrnairt in the Territory ol At luma, ami 13 the niate uflnaa wtel olh*inMjyjUm^Wefw. 'MontaoU, Dot la as aranow P.fJllir£r.M* w, V ftw L ,n W" iMate <7 iia, atet fcl^*»ff’l»ilr”'’ f t> * kol# *»"'Hryfyfoi eMI >7| the Ihe nrutlil la ba lraij«ogriaddtirlr»lharearm P"l etrinl «n Itmite So. I, poamlsiott itouls and on hmlm H*» L mAii.wu wmmti. l*r» iwisa'a willmarts Mr earl* ro'itt sfl'srilely. j idderi wiif iiatn tits rate per |wt ier too Flits, aiwblrh Ui«» *|i| haeapirlth# ilefraln mom jtmrmtof Jhr year, (lesinniP* April lai, Hdl. aad mid* In* Mirril 81, IWfc. lUdrt»raa}i<ißii| aite the|r naii.ra In mil, as wpjlaa tm |r piaeea of roalcenor. *ml pm-jt pn>i» ,aa| an raid |« 'f .* l \'?d I* t'esn v "I ten ti|<in«aq.| (|lO,UiO|iii>||ar«, itjnnlliy (wn-'f *i ore reAiHiMdliln p-i* J'ir a. rnaranioeine iliai m eve • r*in np||i awarded pii li>e f’liifl mriilimirii in cm pri|in(i tniheiurtr ■iiiioalpt, inenmlraol will n* {me-.,, nl asd ediaftrl r w '' ■") -;nn r ttirniabcoi by Ml'' l , ar»y In aeronfanee wtl'i U -1.-j.j* uf this aim* immeot. F 4ll l** iu rite bvmlilnthe ivi* , i"'! K amcttuis 1 jinfcmilfSa.f.MO.WiO Uli Itottm Nnj l Hff.tW, On jiisV.l,l iWf.'.iff. VP Houle fIM; 4i W.tre, IjniHod m Mm IsiUtWl i»»FbiMbab< e nMUe mm "" " , ‘ l *" Wlfe '"e ## .1 iis i-.difaft-f »‘nt>vli rmiumim li* In iMdlnaa# y Wnfs fi-irb a. yifl sfc iuU, »rat wiitridihar p'lnt A>r m*tn o( ma laverM HwjMMlb** be Ml*4totl M UtßiKfUnn IMlßltif |b« ni4nkbnii«iM»ln«limc.ti.dii| .u« ol (he contract to U Mitered lulu fur rath e, can Im hat on app t ration a( (hla .Ibiie, or at the oillcc.»f tlw Oiiailsrrj.aa mr»i Ntw Vua 6*iu Lorn., (hiaba,t;auAFeaa<lbortßLculiy,aaa nm.t atmoiat p»ay at d Is a part oj the pnipoiala. Hr order uf (be Quartern.a*irr Oeucral. _ ALKXaSUKR nuad. _ Ilrerci Colonel and AmH (joartemaator U. 8. A. Proposals for a“briooe at VAN MUIUkK KTbECT. Omcior tub b>iaaooy Public Koua.l .. , . (TmcAOo. February J, l9b't. I %J ,, S ,e ?.■ p^opo • t ‘ , *lll he received brine lloaidd l*notlc M urba. at Utelr oOlce, Noa. i and “* balunlay. February Uu>, fur tlie taalmruovn of the present Lndae cr..ilt({ the bo tun Branch ol Cnicay.. Hirer at Van BnrcnaUcet. and renlaclo* the same with a new bitcnro. Icc ooizut the U’cesrary cnanm tn tbe enntre pier, and tbe abatxeota and approaches, seeordlar to plana and aoecifleanoiu to be so flic at aatd odtee on and after Feorntry 9tn. Prcpoaala maatbeaOdreaaei to the Board of Publlr Works, endorsed tor Van Daren Strut unace.” Atidbe accomcAaUd with the usual tiOJ oocd. Withaureti«.tol>e»pproTedbT tee Braro. fhe Board re erre inert tat w reject any bid not it, accordance with the condttiuna ot this adveruteme&l or to reject all blda, And no proposal will 1m accented nnleaa toe party oOertnc U ah all elve -vtdence sttUfae tory to tbe Board tnat he baa tbe necAeaary nklll ti peflmcr. crcrcf a-d ability for oo.n* th« work, is tnutwortby,anahaasai!lcleotpecuuia;y resoarcea. J. a. h.snpi.g, FiiKo. u-nzP O. J. UOSE, Beard of x-übtic Works. T>ROPOBAI.B FOR CAoT IRO2T X ‘WATER PIPES. omes or tbs Boazn or ptbuc Wooes,l „ , . cuicaoo. Peo. tta, j will be received by the Board cl Pnb-lc Works, at tbetr office. .Nos. 13 and 17 WVls* et.,nnum a. m.ralarobt. keoroary usd, for the do* llverrattßedocc ot the board, in salacity, of one thoassndJLWO) tons ot Ca,t Iron Woe* Pipes, of 4,6 at a s turtles Internal etameter, according to gnccllea tions on file at onto office. TbepipeawUlb.tenbJcctel lo a trst prw«ure of 30 petmaa per ?qoare Iscn. cost oe uniform in tulrkness. decatty and tenure, andot a good quality rf cast iror, so as l * cut and di ill well. Delivery t • commence at Joi ° f Bpnn * niTlCAti - 3n * *Qd be completed oy iSe piece ▼HI be twelve 02) teetl>ne. and welsh re spectively, for 4, 6 and b-lnch pipes, 233, «JO. aid 60U pound*each. A tunable number ef blanches, caps. sTeeres, tapers. Ac., will be required f;r »aid pipe . Bids »h-n d*l to tbe price for tbe straight pipes, aid also for tac spetud castings. Proposals must be addressed to the Board .f Pnbje Worst, endorsed "Propotai for Cast Iror Water Pipes," a&e tie accrmpanltd with thr usnal JWO Deed, nth serf ties. to be approved by tb>. Board. The Board reserv-the ngnt to rer*t any bid not :n accordance with the com.'timis r f this advertisement, or tc reject all bids. and no proposal wtn be accept d unless the party olferluE It snail give evidence •aaafj.c tory to the Board that he has tbe neceu»:y skill, aperies cc. energy and ability fordoing the work is truitworthy, and baa *01901031 pecuniary resources. J. U.UINDLLE. FRED. LRrzT^ * • 0..1.R03E. ■ Board of PnbUcWori*. HAIUJOK WO UK a AT GRAND UA YEN aod Black Lake. Mien gat.- 1 OmqtSopxcisTxsDua Enooxxx,Bassost TnrroTKMErra.LAXx Micoisan. .3 . &Arbors ef tira.-a Ones and Otaec The Rrprovez&tats at Grand Htyvia will constat a uaoo foes, tnrre or less, «rf eiose ptnnc to protect ttu eootb bank RrOenrorn-ar tae onkritcce nna an *x> tee slop c.fih'LSOUUi pier for fiOO CeetirroinafliMi wiry. at iitach Las* *ll] b* ot»eaci«i.» oftnejwwot piers, 5l? run nine foettn all.aaddredr Inc- Tbe dresens wtu be between tne pier*, and tor placisc tbs new cribs, aad wilt amount to 90,9'P cubic yarns, mart ex *•*. PtausandspecincatiOßsareon file tnth»od'^s,tad will be ih j«n tool, wbc with t>> examine tm>m (or the' ptnprs* of Mbitaure. . tuf wn be separate rcr each work, audio, earn class cf m wen a or luo-'r l?r e«eti work. Btsr . will oereC’iveau>» a part vt l<r tbe wool- of ettbei wor». The work to t*- hnlsbvd by octobe: 1, is®. I T-eae wor»* w»ll Miet tj at I west te.rottlblt.bia* ! der. r'savtns t> tbe Cnl'ed statrs the rlcat tn reject : any er all bids. 1 Bidders are requested to be preset t upon tha opemns of the bids. Tbe cnplicsie proposals will be endorsed, enclosed u •eesrate cavolopes. and addresaid to _ epw MAJoKJ.U, WHEELER, (7. «. Eosisrerj. Ui.waulrue. Wls. igitjn iNoticra COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—SIate ol Illinois, County of Cook—*«. Citt collectok> omes, COCIT RootaNo. It, Chlcsgo. February tin, 1567. f Public notice is hereby given that the following de sert bed Warrants hire -been placed lo my bands far Collection, to wit: Warran* No. til. Sooth-Datm February 1.1567. and Usn.dfir theCoUectioaol a special aaecsim-fM levied torsldrwa.k ct n» f rcclrd cn Uo cast ltd: of Wabash avenue. between Eleventh and Twentieth etmits. W airant Nc.&IS, (*nth—Dated Fe-mary J, I«W7, and Isised far tn« collection of a special *«#»w*ment lerHt tor recoL-ltualnt sid*walk on th : Ba-1 side of State llre*U between Foi r'ctttb atd Mxt-cnlb streets. Wsnsnt No. MS, Sonin—Dat'd February 1.1?&7. and twoed far t. e collection of a special assoMmrut levied far reconstructing sidewalk on east aide cl Wabatb avenne. between Twentieth (Wth) and Twenty-first CJltlj streets. __ i WauantNo.Mt, South—Dated February t, 1967. and 1 Issued tor the collection cf a sp-ciil aisesiment IrvlM 1 far rouMructlre or sldewats on west side of Wabssh avenue, bet seen Fourteenth 0 ttfi) and Sixteenth <i«ih) ■ West—Dated February 1.1*57, and | Issued lor lUo collection ut a special a-setstn>-nl levtvd I for coi.suuctin* and rrcot strueUc» sidewalk on south ' side ct Bampsoa strtnt, la Sampson A Ur«jue*» Addi tion lo Chicago. _ _ Warrant No. 7*5, Wcst-Dsici February 1» 1557, acd leaned far tnecollection o< asp*rla' as«e«*tnrnt lertad Sr constructing sidewalk on Centre arcane. Mt«e*a arrtson sticct and I ylsr street. . „ Warrant No. 791. West-Dated February 1,1967, and Issued far the co Iccttob of aspeilal assessment l»vl*d far ronstiui ttnr nitrwaik mi cast tide of Johnston Itrrrl. Jwtw*ff»Ta*lnr»Ml Iwctlb street*. Warrant No.Tw, Wesi~ji»ted Febrnary 1.1*57, and Ilsueu far the collect!' tit a special assessment levlnl far constructing and rrccnttrucUnksldawaiksoo Cain* trite tirrrt, llaiswd stro»t,and on W right street, In Canal Truslrca* Hul*i|vi*nm of fl . »V. ■*. hoc. 31.37. 11. i Wansnt No. 7W, West—Di'ed February 1.1957. nod tsailed far lb* rolleetinn of a special ssswrumt ln«lrd lor jen n«lfoctlng sidewalk on aboth sldaol Twelllli t ** AD* persons interested to laid above sp»«lal a»«rss* tnrnl* an redii'Sint to make Iwu.'diata payment at my office. In default of ench payment the said s»*r-s- Birr a will tw collected at the coat *bd "vne-iae of • persons liable thrMor. A. H. HHAI.D, (.It? Collector. (Dobcrhmcnt Sale. p OVBWNMENT BALE. ThTnrspMly known aa the “liOVKHSiIRNT TAN- T NE»Y AND BTR/vU SAWMILL," caty.&ve aern uf land, near SAN 1 ANTONIO. Tk.tAS. Sealed Frupoaaia.tadanUeaiA wilt he received up to tbe nut day ot March, lobl, fjr me paichaae*of , *.» acrrsoi land, in:or® or cm} L-tethcr wlto tbe nalld logs etccLid Ucrton, uutue tpparumanret appertain* log, thati» tour: ONK FANNKUVjC aulnlngiwrlve btone UEi Vat*. FIFTY-IWO WOODEN VATS. feKVEN ftTO.NK POOLS, and capable of lancing UWIO hides per aneam; ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of aavicr xAuO fret ot Lnmberdally; ONK SMALL fcIO.SE BUILDING. Tb« above property u nuuted aount two mile* abcvecan Antonio, on the San Ar.tomo Btrer.and the water i» conducted to the eetabUahmect by a raced hewn aten* laid lu e»cetu Tbe land was carcaaedaid ia.prQTca.eßU made by the late ao-caled Con euerate G'VernmenL and ai» •tloated to nave coal |i3u,oou in r-10. The property oaa bem under leau tor the year TsM, atarounthly rest < f t5uQ, payable m ndv- iCt. A »e --cored Ctle In tee almpls will he given by the C.S.Gov* ernmeni. pTonoaala will be marxed M J*ropoeai9 tor Oovcm meat Tannery and Sawmill,** and adorraaed to • _» n ernnno J. B. KtDDOO, Brt. U»LGen. Asa't Bor-au U F.4A.L, Guvaum. Texas. ©wan Steau Ets. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE (>eueia] Traiuuitliuitic Company’s MAO. fcTkAMSHItt. BffnVKBN SBTW FORK AMI HAVRE, CAI.USU AT BREST. Toe ipltudW new vessels ot this Uvorite rente lu tbe Continent sriassll irom Pier So. SU.S'ortbElTe: U Minn; EDIXH B. February 9. ST.IACBENT Bcc&ndl....February 23. PERFIRB lruca-ne....M ireb 5. VTLLE DE PARIS..Rnrope March 73. euiCE or fasaark is gold. rim Cabin. #i»; Second Cabin, tioo, isciodma UfcJ wine In either class. Tbe steamers ot tbU line do tel carry steer ace pu ■enters. Patsepnntnte&dnatoUidat BUEST vUi be nu nltbed with railroad con pea cckec. ano tbelr bageaz: decked to Peru, at Kaoditlcbal charge cf #3 for fire and #3 for i«eond class. Medical attendance tree oi muugs- . a . Fnrturtter lidbraatloc. apply, in Chicago, a. »■ FREKCS CONSULATE OFFICE. i-T.i b Ke« Tort, to Q&O. MACKJih'ZIS. Agent, ,TS Broad way, ' iHenical. /lACTXON TO THE AFFLICTED. If yon apply U> a druggist Br eWATKE’H OIRTMEST, and he attempts to palm off some worthless compounl In tbe place of It do not be deceived, bat asktbrlt at tbe next nearest drug it<ire. SWATSE’S OINTMENT can be bad ot all reliable druggists u thecitr, and wboleaale ot BURSBAM9 A VAH BCRAACK. gicaleg. FAIRBANKS’ J - 6TASDARD IT*!. SOALES./ri OT ALLETZXS. FATED AJiKS, GBEEBLEAF A 220 A 2‘AS Chicago. business (Eaxte. C. HILLS— Licensed Sewer Builder and Drain Layer. Orders left at 69 Stalest, Garrett Block, or at resi dence, 673 Ststeeu Chicago. lU. OEsT, BATTEN & CO. Wholesale Jfforchsrti jyo, 50 jloGaa-«L» Between F a xc6*uO (WLOBADO. JoebUal. 'J'ILL THK HOUR OJP SICKNESS COMES, PBW OA&M TO Read Anything ' U 1 Tilt SUBJECT OF DISEASE. Ift IM fHf (AW, Mi# WHiSf of Mill aIHH« ehibuhH 1% Ih* H6E6 MlriUisa lit ihfl elfy hi rhtililelpai** tfti t*i Ibrt tali Id feSM faiotl nf hit Ue« hH beai U lb# maßbhMHrtf# hi Uh# VaHotil BulM and FiHM tU> tfaeU. fhllHk-<l|i#iHMfibiil,Utd Id Which ItSd^lrfft In Fail Ih# (ilfUeQU# slletiiloa of la# Fft-nliy ami lW MhMtr, tfa ih< MilfSefc Mm-htt hbil Mm MMftrt iiifiiliilibUittf «ltl#h Afl blrt'tl# ertfcmhMaie.J {wypai MtiHff (b» iNffldllßU MMfIM IbH Ifiell Miißt Oil# lI6UH of Ihn Wsltl ftiifHi Mdebiifti aais* Hflihl# fully In iifefuHß (1) (maaiiidri m ih# *|FbpOFd(fß(tlOß|M 8#B«I1| Blfttt#, 4»*| «« ‘ ilFHißtii# Mnaaghwi Mm fldiimryliav# ai.»iKl 11 is mtklr'i Mr#lr »f rswi-f ißiido# rui) a<M#>t (9 4 pint & vtMif, la mily m Mb> IfHliffß Plftl orlfk,<N> nißcft bmi |q (rum* F*»r« to WfKy, wrf'4 iv and #fddi(/y i/t# NiftM l*9hn, In Mlllng »ll*RH.)n to rny s, | fti«b||dls|M)ct)ynodipitoodthat |&ay*raMl f»t-m Medlrlnta, {udtt of which ar® (:aippui|nqe4 oy pc|aoo« too Ignuysnt toresdaphyiirtan’s sunplnt proa.||pe lion, much lesaccuipotontio prepara pcancacmtical prepamiOM, Theae peraons sdyaroae. Tbla lam compelled to do to hrlnfmy came befcraihep-opte* ipeonvenatlcDonTSrtcrj octaiUna I have been at* lotd»hfd at retnarka similar to the fella win/, and made in many eases by peraens cf no ordinary luWH- Kenco-to wit: that Use medians baslneas tj tbs most profitable—aH that la neeeaaary if to advertbe. Tbonft at da bare embarked with mb Ideas, and millions bar* ’ been expended In bringing them before the pablle. The result of such accnmalsted errors ts. tost when trough* to tbe teat, laektoc merit, they bare been laort-Itrod. How few, cf tbe many thousand* embarking, are com pelled to abandon the business in a £»w years. cnUrofy bankrupt! Look back fifty yearn, and bow few bay* been successful! Aek th» exieos oi their eoccess. and you will And my statement. In regard to merit, eorreefe Tbe Scleree cf Uedtclte, lUe tbe Doric column, should atatd vimple, pare and me/esrtc, barlngSact for Its bavls, (adactum tor IU pillar, and trutM for Ita capital. 1 contend there is so business requiring these quail* flcatlons more. The medicine* are brought in contact with Druggists everywhere. lam also wen awarw that persona rtnaon In this rasnnex—that which' benefit one may be ot no advantace to anot&er. Bow mistaken tbe Ides I . A Diuretic for one, adaretlcfbraH. 1 A Narcotic for one, a NarcoCe tor all. ■ A Purgative for one, aPurEatlVefuTT Just as mnch so as wholesome food for oce is whcl^ 1 some lood for all, with co more diflerenee tt»<g rsmg seme cocsUlntlona require mors than others, and «*>■* pertess In disease are Etren to despondency—expect ing In a lew days cr weeks, and perhaps with a alojdft bottle cf medicine, to he restored to if not to youth and beauty. These persons rarely recover* lacking patleiee, and considering a ftjw dollars ex pended for tbe benefit ot their healtha waste of money, ibtsc sums may have been yean In breaking down tbetr c* astltnitona, and probably expended thon> taccs cl doitrs is 01 ess and dissipation, im<is nothing of It. Such forget that 'GOOD HEALTH IS TEUB WEALTH. ,Wuh npwards of SO.CDO recommendatory letter* sal unsolicited certlflcsUw, 1 have sever rworted to tttcer pobllcatlcn. Is this case 1 than, however, append a few remarks, trusting they may be appreciated. I am lo the afflicted and sntferlcg humanity* Their Humble Servant. H. T. HELMBOLD* Manulactarer of Helmhold's Genuine Preparation* LI ITrem tbs PhlUdelpbls.i.ed^J- pnrrstsemed friend and feliow-eltlsea. .Hr. O.T Helmbcld, Informs osihatbecocteruplaiesreicuvlagte' . thecityotKsw Toth, with anew-of salargtac hlnf business. We have been aeqnaintad with ' wardvui aeenpiifsa aim aiy turn lliyUEO t*«r • CVr-w»Jaj hi hts articles mnstpofteMverlt to Insure the oucceesh* - has met with, ana from ottr acqualntaece with Ilia can cocfidenUyipeaEthatwedosotbsuevo be ta a mas - 'mho would wish tolspos* on any onr, much lata tha afflicted, and ready incur tons bnstssM expertanea as an advertising medium we have never heard ot Un success of any medicine without merit. [From the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin ot June 20th. IS&L] We sre gratified to bear of the continued success tc New York of oar townsman, Ur. □. T. Uelmhold, Druggist. Bis store, next the Metropolitan Bold, Is 28 feet front, SOT leet deep, and five stones in height It Is certainly a grand e*tabU!hm*st,an<l speabi fayar* ably ol the merit ol his article*. He retains his oSow .and laboratory la this city, which ate ■’»« model **• tabUshmests of their class. [From the largest Mamuacninng Chemists la Its World.] lam acquainted with Ur. □. T. Belmbold; he .plea the drag store opposite my residence, and ‘cental tn conducting the business where other* not been equally so before him. I hare been favorably Impmsedwlth his character and enterprise. WM. WEIOUfMAK. Finn orPowraA Wnotmtak, Manufacturing Caem- IsU, Ninth and Philadelphia. I Rem arks frost Chemical Analysis.] After a careful analysis of Uelxbold** Preparation*. Ihiy enjoy onr utmost confidence. Wo consider them safe and reliable. KEVEKUS » TATS*. XlilUtfclpU* Jom43Ui, IHW. HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract Buchu A pn*i ure and ipeel Be remidy tor riDeasea o( tbe (Pad* d»r, Kidney*. Gravel, Drcpey. Tbe almost eoa&laae* ran l« rrpoaed la lla curative power* la to <ve<llaaaaoc» alio in reaiorlcic tna txhaaat- il power* of tutore which am accompanied by ao many alarming aymptona anicax whMi will be Omul Indisposition w Kxertloo* Una cf Memory, Wakefulsraa, Horror * PUeaaa, or Icrtlmdinga ofevil; in fact, uarveraal Laautode, Froe* tiailoD. am inability to eater into the eejoymente of auctely. II no remedy la neat in inch cues, Conaomp* Ucaor inaatdiy enaoca. Visit oar boapilila, aaylomw and pn»ona, and be convinced. Tbe reader moat ama he aware, however alleht may Mtheattaea It la coxa to affect hli bodily health, happiness, and that ot hla pcatrrtty. Delmbold’a Extract Dacha wl l give joa btlik and energetic feeling*, rcable you ts neep wed, and la more strengthening than any of tie Prep w uoruofOarkor Iron. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT RUCHE ASD IMPBOVED BOSE WASH, Cures diseases ailstag from habits ot dissipation aad Imprudences, allaying pain ana inCammaQon, and fits ■which those onpieaiant and dat zeroes remedial an frequently used. It core* at UttJe expense, little or no change in diet, no Inconvenience, and no exposure. All tbfi above diseases require the aw cf a Diuretic- OEUBOLU’B EXTRACT OF BUCHU Is the Great Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA Ceres Scrofbla, Sait Bberns, Scald or Sara Head, Tet ter, Pimples on the face. Erysipelas, and enxcUoca c t -whatever nature on the lace cr «Wn, purging cat Be tumors which make disease, enriching the Blood, aad BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Bow to use these remedies so as to guarantee a per fect cure: In all disease* except those arising from babPs of dissipation or loprndenccs, n«o the Extract Bucbn. In these nse the Extract Bucbn and Bo** Wasb. In Humors on the tace, or any and every port ot tbe body, me Extract S*mpamia,aaplymgto Flop pies aa 1 External Humors or Erupaoa#, Improved EoseWath. Wbolesome toed recommended mall the abeve dleease*. Instead of restricted, avoiding aC Utxj and hlga seaeoned fbod, and adduloo* and sitmmating dnnks. In recent cases, a cure is effected la an asimp ab-ngly abort period, botlnose* ct long staadlngia • better to torebase a half dozen botties, and use Mtt inlly according to explicit dlreetlccs. In which case I an enabled to gnarantee a pert*** cure. Direct letters to HILMBOITTS Drug andCbrateal •Warehousr, 304 Broadway. Sew Pcrtan BOUI or HELM BOLD’S »■»•.!<» ,3LUiI.oUML.A»en.I)IJ Ball<lte»PUl«del,hU- _ Describe tymptoms mall comnmnlsailons- g v ld bj- all Dragglsta ETerjTthcre. beware of coubterfeits. Alk for Hclinbold’a-Talto no otfcer*