Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 14, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 14, 1867 Page 4
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Chicaqa Cnbunc. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 14. ISCT. THE CITY EnruoTwarr.—AD persona having eaploymen of my kind for men or boys are reqneated to call at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association, Methodist Church Block, where numbers am applying dally for wore. Acotsnrr.—Os Tuesday j'trmoon two laborer* • engaged cm a building In oroceas of erection hy Mr. A. Booth, os Michigan avenue near Sixteenth street, fell from the scaffolding and were severely injured. The* «ere cairted to their homes where medical aid was summoned. Erma Rcnsausax. or Sr. Pxct.—'The select chorus, rehearsing the Oratorio of St, Faal, un der the Direction of Mr. Balttkn (to be given for tbe benefit of tbe Young Men's Christian Asso ciation U meets for an extra rehearsal this eve rtnc (Kebtnary Hth) atTH o'doch, at Professor McCoy's room in the Opera House. PmxßXjrraTiOK.—A. N. Mori man. Esq., the Principal of tbe Skinner School, was made tbe recipient, on Tuesday, of a handsome gold watch, as a gift from the aubordlnate teachers of the School. Mias Hubbard made tbe presentation speech, and Mr. Mertimaa acknowledged the compliment in suitable terms. Nxw Mtmc.—Messrs. Lyon & Ilealy. tbe well- known muse publishers, have Just Issued the fol lowing new pieces: Boee-npon the Balcony, Ho for Carolina, Coqocttc Schotrische. Jessy, The Belle at tbe Bar, The Independent Girl, Cote de la mer (a barcarole). Stiver Ball March, Sighing for Home, and Piano Gems, for four bands: all flret-claaa music. Fmx.—last evening about 9 o'clock, a fire was discovered in the fifth store of tbe building on the northeast corner of LaSalle and Randolph streets. Officer Casey Orel gave tbe alarm, and, proceeding to the place, succeeded In extinguishing the flames with a few pails of water. The cause of the fire « as the explosion of a kerosene lamp, and males tbe third time flte has been found m tbe ssmebu’ldlt-g. No alarm was sounded. A n*wx Caatao.—A large casting arrived in this city, yesterday, via the Michigan Central Railroad, from the Morgan Iron Works, New York, intended for tbe hue of the new water lover, now in course of tnchon r ear tbe site of the old pumping works. It is elliptic in shape, about eight fret in diameter, tour feet deep, and weighs six tour. It has six openings of twenty eight Irenes diameter, for tbe mains, and one of tbi«ty Indus for tbe tower. It !• a model of learn easting, perfect as perfection Itself. Tut state Stout BcnoT-anr.—Al. S. lang don, the youogaan who was cangbl in tbe act of entering Crosa, Dane A Westlake's store. No. so HUte street, as reported In the Tainanx of yesterday, was brought up for examination vesterdsv afternoon before the Police Court. The testimony pointed sfronglv lo the conclu sion that be was there lor burglarious purposes, and ihc Jostice held him for trial at Ibe Re corder** fonrt. In default ot fOOO ball he waa committed lotbe county jail. OtfttS Fxatttai-— 'lbe ladies ooanecled with the Plymouth Congregational Church Society will give iL oyster formal thl* evening, in the parlors of the Church, os the comer of Wabash avenue and EMildge cooit, to which thev Invite all friends ot ihe Church and residents In tbe vicinity. Be ing M. Yt-lcciioe's Day, tbe young people should Ih> cspccia-ly cutrfoitahle owthe occasion, soetq Mm* tire »b<ns of the oyster and happy as clams at high water. 11 they he not as pleasantly att ested, it will not be the fault of the oysters, the cooking, or the attendance. Ronnrnr.—A German, who bad been but two dav* In Chicago, and only a few days from tbe oIJ country, last night went on a beastly drunk, aud tiy some means staggered Into a home of Ill fame. In the establishment he was robbed oi j i:<> and am, erschanm pipe. The police authori ties found the man about one o'clock this morn reg and took him to the Armory, but be waa too drunk to give his name. On tbe representa tion* of the man tbe police arrested Delia Allen, keeper of home No. 2(JH Clirk afreet, with aix ID tnatrs—four women and two men. Also the women of No. .i SCUik street, were arrested, as the tutu claimed to recognize on* of them. The ™pc will receive a farther examination at the Police Couit this morning. St. Patrick's Socurr.—The Patrick s So* •{rfy met Issf evening, at the European Hotel, to elect oracers for the ensuing year and complete ifcc arrangement* lor the Annual Banquet on St. Patrick's Day. Tbs election of officers resulted as folio**: Preridont—Pocer J, Brass. Vice j’lesldcnl—Charles McDonnell. Treasurer—3. J. W. O'Douoghue. IfecordinphccrcUry—John W. EnrlgbL Corresponding Secretary—W, .X. Onaban, £secnu«e Comalttec—Edward Havdeo. J. W. Shcaban, John H. Donlan, 0. T. Blackburn, M. held at tbe Tremont House, ana tbs*, the price ot tickets be fire dollars. Tbe tollowlm* committees were appointed: Committee ot Ansrgemcnis-rhlllp Conley, W. J. onaban sod J. J. McUraih. Printirg and invitations—Messrs. O Donoghue, Onaban ardFheahan. „ , .. Music—Donlao. Eerwin and EortchL Toasts—Sbcahan, O'Hara and McDonnell. Badge* and Decorations—J. J. McUraih, J. F. Neill and John Walsh. Adjourned to meet on Wednesday, February SCih, at the Tremont House. Chicago HoirncrLTUzuo. Socrrrr.—An ad journed meeting of the Chicago Horticultural So ciety wss held yesterday afternoon tn the office of tbe JTvirU /timer, corner of Lake sod Wells * In >ha absence of the President. Mr. Edgar Saunders, Vice President, occupied toe chair. A communication from Hun. J. Young Scam moo. President of the Society, was read, explain top »S« ■»—« —■» ■■ S ipiMlity to do urer the address, which was promised at u*« iam ryfftir- Tpc leelrUStlOU Ot U. D. BrigdOß, B 9 Hacoultag beaetary, was received and accepted. The iullosiug gentlemen were proposed lor membership: Messrs. David A. Cushman, Jam-a M. Harvey. W. J. Ellmwood. Carl Mulder, John Hague, A C. Hoed and Henry ihomas. The Society considered a some length »he pro priety of boldine fairs and giving floral exhim- Uons during the coming summer, but arrived at no definite conclusion. Ur. I*, bolter moved thattheCbalrappolLlsome member to pre; are an eaaay. to be read at the meeting, on the " Cultivation and Propagation of tbe Hose.” Crrriea. Tbe Cbair appointed Mr. Frederick Snlzer. On motion, adjourned until the second Monday of Marco. A Bcmorr Maw Cavoorcf nr* Toils.—When young gentlemen come to Chicago to enjoy them selves they should be particularly careful to keep sober. There are robbers about, and they 1 * go” for an U.cmiate stranger with money in his parse. rccO was the experience of P. J. Naws, a youth (Tom Detroit, who came hither a lew days ago to “have a time,” and yesterday was victimized by seme obliging triends whom be encountered in bis rambles. Mr. Naws.bad succeeded in spend ing not of bis money here In a legitimate man ner, and bad JnsttfiO left. This be determined to squander In a friendly way, and he met with some fellows In a saloon who were precisely tbe men who ccnld assist him to do it. He In vited them to drink, which they did. lie drink himself, and drank so often tbst in a short time be toond himself In the same predicament as David CopperfleM, when be cntmainco his friends at home. In odtor words, he became very drank, an extremely precarious SvllloD for a Detroit to tall into in Chicago, is triends led him from one place to another till finally they reached ths vicinity of tbe Pittsburgh, Fort’Wayne A Chicago depot. Out of pure kindness, probably for the purpose of cooling hia fevered brain, they conducted him into an open vard and gently deposited him in a mud puddle, relilnc him be woulu feel better In half an hour. He thanked them tor their consideration and said be woulu never forget them. He swore eternal friendship, and allowed bis friends to embrace him. is doing so they relieved toe unsuspecting youth of his last douar and a gold watch and chain. ■ After getting ssliffac'only cooled os; tbe young man from Detroit arose with a vaqne feeling in his mind that he had been swindled. He remem bered enough of bis cdnipanluna to give a de scription of them to a friend, who conveyed it to the notice. The unfortunate youth, however, was to ciscnsted by this lime with bis experience o the Carden »Ttr that be borrowed as much mone« as would cany trim back to Detroit, and in th evening be departed lor hone, resolving that be would never come again to Chicago to have a "lime.* Dally Union Prayer WoeUng. Notwllhf landing the Inclement weather verier day tbe meeting was well attended, and the nsnal rokmuity and Interest prevailed- Rev. W. C. Jarkton conducted the meeting. After singing “Heavenls my home.” Mr. Jackson read from the fid chapter of the First Epistle of Peter, and nude some practical remarks relative to ths firm foundation of tbe Christian faith. Mr. B. F. Ja cobs said that in tbe rtlorfs which he bad put forth daring the past week In behalf of those whoa be fl wired to rescue from a rife of sin. and which bad termed so Inadequate to reach the desired end, he baa l«so cnsblcc in some feeble degree to realize tbe magnitude of tbe buroen which Christ had borne, not for the/eir. bat for the whole world. A gentleman rcmaikcd that one Sabbath a class of tight lltUc boys in h»» Mission Sunday School was in want ol a teacher in tbe absence of their regular teacher, sick, and as thne was no belter one »o be bad. be mvveda man who had leda dis sipated life to bear them recite their lesson from the tfchd chapter of St. John’s Gospel. It so hap pened that tbe class had committed one and tbe same verse, *• Except a man be born again he can not see the Kingdom of God.” Toe verse, a ser mon t • I Im, was preached by these little ones eL-ht rimes in a few moment*. It caused him to think ot its meaning, and st last to break away Pom his dissipation and commit himself to a Christian Hie. He war now an earnest Sunday School teacher. A gentleman rose and said tbst three months sgo be was a profane, unhappy man. He bad receded upon his situation, tni bad enjoyed a peaceful mind and blessed experience since. By unh tt.d prater he bad sought pardon of bis sins. The meeting it held in the Firs' Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of ClaiKand Washing* ton streets, from 12 a. to 12.43 p- m. Strangers are Invitee. TUB BAIN AAR TIIAV3. The oul winter, vhlcbbii Been a>nanwlone. threatens cow to hare an ususoal tornloitloo From pmeot appears net* the two weeks between this and the* first of March may witness the mcl • lac t* if ot the cßti tecaaDltiloi of *no* and a sadden Drisking np of the (Olid Held? of Ice in the rivr n>. Tta- amount of snow which has fallen Is Jarre* than is common. In this latitude, while It baa*not been so Ihoronghiy carried, off by fro* qneot and gentle thaws as Is often Un ease. 'the tee, too, has attained a great thickness, forming * -UOng barrier to the paistge of any increased amount of water. With Ibis eta e of things cxistKg. the tha v and beary rain which set in on Tuesday, promise, unless checked, to ptodoce a general freshet. The rain, yesterday, wa* caosiant, and ranch 01 the time quite heavy, and the e'leets soon showed its effect- The approaches to (he sewers being tight]* closed with the froren ma«sor snowaod flub 'tbe water* were fore, dto spread out upon the sidewalks and streets io dirty and omnvltiog roolp. constantly widening acd deepening. At present I’ la a disagreeable task for a booted mascnime to walk a block, and ladles, like tncar, easily damaged by moisture, scarcely - venture from then boudoirs. Feme few men were observed chopping away uas* sages for the rising floods, hut generally au»e at tcnilon baa been given to the water, and it takes coarse* of Its own, from which damage will bo likely to result to basements and low doorway*, u more serious result* do not follow. The great fear is that the Chicago River. a wollen by the im* Brute influx irom u* tnim’arie* norb and soon, will suddenly make a violent effort to burst t>; frosty bond* and suddenly throw no the soill bed of ice In a rnshlng, tumultuous mt*<. which • will aweep oot to the Ink*, tearing op and bearing away boats, wharves and bridges to destruction. Snch a scene oeeurrei here and elsewhere In the spring of IM9, and va*t damage was dope. StUt, though possible, joeb au occurrence Is col probable. At this writing tb icc in the river, though covered wi b wate., showed no signs of bieakingnp. tad a change W the wind or weather, or erou the continuance of a moderate thaw, mar gradually ar.d safely rot out acd break up the ice and carry it ou, or a sharp frost may-cal up the threatening agencies ft le wise. Low<-ver, to watch ana guard against trouble fiom this conree- Tbe authentic* should at once see to the opening of all drains and sewers which tbe water is only siow.y doing. Up to last eight no detention or tnrocvenieoce baa beet, experienced upon any ol Uh railroads lead* fog to tbe city, and tbe trains wih undoubtedly leave as usual to-day. THE OPERA HOUSE DRAWING. Salt Against the C. 0. H. A. A—A geene In ■ Jutlee’a Court-Value of ■ Ticket—No Damages— A Crosababr. It is one of the priceless poaseaaloaa of an American aUxm that he cau go t j law at any tmo and for any ptorocatoon. The amount of the wrong alleged does not decide hla right or bis |r. cUsaiton. Be belUvea in the eternal principles of Justice, and win see them prevail, even at the ex pense of hit pocket. Pemb fillhy lucre! J'aaxtota coefvm firt rwcL lie purchases a diminutive meunre of peaaala frost an enterprising apple-stand mac. Ue pays therefor a dl apidated specimen of postal currency. Be *has been assured that toe merchandise a fresh and sound. He eito; be finds much decay abounding; also some uo oleaslng animation; he baa been deceived; he la wroth; hla money has been taken without an equivalent. Then fore, ontruged Justice most be satisfied. Be calls upon t&e minUtera of U«; suit la instituted; lawyers 'rejoice end record lib eral fees. The case ia tried, and the platntldloce* not only the value of the nnsuund peanuts but tbe handsome hillofcoeta which tbe long fingers of the law have drawn from hla pocket. But what of that? He hat bad the satisfaction of becoming acquainted wiihjustlce incarnated In the august forma of taw. Be baa the inward conscio tube** of resisting wt one-doing; tbe sweet thought that he has endeavored lo bring fraud to retribution, fie ia content. So in other cases, large or small, tbe law Is the ready and qnlcklT-songut arbiter— the first retort of ibe outraged American clttx-’n. Whatever tbe amount involved—a peanut, a potato, a peck ot peas, a eat, a dog. a cow, a horse, a dwelling, an opera house—tbe law is invoked, its not uncostly decision awaited. True law docs not mean eqmty—at least not always. ILe tots of a penny would be nearly as reiisole ai.d considerably lees expensive. But the ms cbmcry of justice must be lubricated, onr lawyers —are they not all honorable men ?—most live, and so it la well perhaps that so many are ready to fly to tbe courts, and pour out their substance for the pleasure* of litigation. Toe ordinary legal combats in our justices’ courts are not of overpowering Interest to tbe gcocral public. A suit lor tbe sum of five dollars ranly is noted in ibe papers—seldom Is beard of outside of the circle of (hose in trreslcd—almost never affects the people of many different States. But cne occurred?esterday la which thousands throughout the union have a concerr. II was an action for a debt of five dol lars. “ The Croeby Opera Bouse Art Association " Is a eoyhimlam of which the reader may have beard. He may have Invested fire dollars in it; be may have tailed to draw the Opera House; be may feel icdistant at the managers for thus Defrauding him; he may want hla money hack. If ao hla feelings singularly coincide with those oi Mr. Daniel L. Snia, of Chicago. Bat there it this difference: Tbe gentle . reader, after experiencing all these occurrences ard emotions, tried only to forget them. Mr. Sills, made of- sterner staff, does not calmly »i: down under the load of Injustice, but comes forth to demand its punishment. There fore he appeal* to the proper source, and there is issues in the rotund and majestic words of the law the following document: State of Illinois. Cook coutny, as. The People of the State ot Illinois to any Constable of said County, gi cel log: You are hereby commanded to summon W. F. ('ooibaago. Jatma B. Bowen, John C. Dorc. Ira Y. SI nun. J. A. Ellis, Clinton Brtgea, £. G. Hail aed U. H. Crosby, to appear before me at my office in Chicago, op tbe 7ui day of February, A. 1). 1667, at 9 o'clock, a. m., to answer the com plaint of Darnel J* bills, tor a failure to pay him a certain sum not exceeding one hundred collars, and hereof make due return as the law directs. CaiviH D'lVoiv, Jostice of the Peace. As we cartated last week, the trial of this action for debt wu postponed until Wednesday, Febru. ary 19th. Accoralngly yesterday morning the parties appeared at the bar (not bar-room) of Jus* ilea D'Vvoif. Messrs. Gookloa A Roberto represented the plaintiff, by Mr. Roberto. The mary defendants appeared iu (bo person of Mr. Hitchcock, of Messrs. Hitchcock A Dnpee. .Mr. bills wu aiao on band to louk after bis own interests. There was not that gravity and sense ot rctnonalbliltyon tbe part of tbe able counsel on both side* tr at woold be expected from a cun of forravearature. In fact, they evinced much cbceifulness, not to say levity, before and dnna< lie trial. One ot them observed that the case should be called ao "action fur partition,'' aa there ore quite a number equally Interested In tbe structure whose disposal waa fa question, and a division might be claimed. It was also suggested that Mr. A. U. Ire. a gentleman somewhat kuuwn o fame on account of the oecullinty of til* right a'.Ure. vhould have been made the principal defend ant ; hot being I" slialtened urcnmetance*. it •res probably not thought advUiUiu to include bun- 'ibe tact that ilr. James C.Fargo,onc of (bo C.O. U. A. A. Committee, was cot included la the imunDU, was accounted for by the statement ibalbatad left the city—probably to escape the cooicrjncnccs ot tie participation la the onus coons otience which was about to be condemned by toe trnmpet tones o! tbclaw. Tbe Jnstice called the case of Sills rs. Cool* bansb and others. Foot witnesses for Ibo plain* tin lifted np their haads and awore—not profane* ly, but legally. air. Geo>go 8 Wright w*» first examined. Did bereeidc In Ibis this city? He did. Waabeac* instated ullh au Snalitutloo koowu as the Crosby n Association ! U© ban beard of it. Did be know the maragersf lie bad not that honor, but he bad beard that Mr. Itowen The counsel for deiendants objected to the intioducllon of hearsay evidence In a case ot such Importance, and the conxt coin* dfltd. " __ Had Mr. Wright bought a ticket tn the C. 0. 11. A. A.! Ugrivvcdbttapoiay thaihebad. There* collection was bitter, tor be did not draw the O. 11. Did he know that the ticket was issued by tbe C. O. D. A. A. X He could not say that he dtd, but he waa so infoimed. Did the Association Issue a large number of tickets! He saw a large numoer befog sold In a room in the O. U. Dtd be know Mr. Crosby! Unfortunately no. Were the tickets sold like this one now held up! They were. Did he know Mr. bills! Yes, but knew nothing abont the demand made by him. What was pud tor this ticket! Objected by the defeddanl’s coon* set that this ticket might never have been sold. Then what did ho pay for one like it! Be paid fire dollars. Was no present at tbe drawing! He was. Did he know the committee! No. Wha* did be see done! He saw aome gentlemen come In with boxes ondcr their arms which were raid to certain tickets. Some they placed in a laige wheel and some In a small wheel. They rolled these wheels, and one man drew oat from each at the same time, a number and a prize being taken by chance from tbe wheels. What did the —*•- Um O.u wulj tUU "Hal waa aaid. Objected again that hearsay evi dence was tot proper. Allowed by the Coart to proceed. Tbe cumber drawn was announced with tbe cumber of tbe prize. He understood that it was a lottery. Tbe Court informed the wittess ihat be need not give bts opinion la regard to Its being a lottery. lUd the witness know how the Association wa> organized! No. Did he know If this is Ur. Crosby's signature ! No. Witness 01 mutated. Mr. Thomas J. Holt was next Interrogated. HU evidence was brief. He knew most of the managers of the C. O. H. A. A. Was not present at tbe drawing, and did not know whether they w ere present. He bad bought tickets. Thought ttut the ticket exhibited was issued by the Asso ciation. He bod area many similar ones in the room in the Opera Boose where they were sold. Be bought bis of a handsome yonng lady with a waterfall. Mr. Hitchcock asked if he knew that any of tbe defendants were connected with the aSsir. The witness anew it only l-y the papers. Ur. U. again repudiated the Idea of testimony from snch sources. Mr. W. 6. Sampson made hia responses. Ba was grants] to bU benignant star that he bad not bought any ticket in the C. O. E A. A. Ihe counsel und Cotut cved him with astonishment as tbe mort remarkable man whom they bad recently be held. He proceeded with hia evidence, lie was paermg Ur. Sills’door one day, and that renUe- . man showed him a letter, of watch be bad a copy. Mr. HltcbCMk objected to the production of a copy of a paper, previous notice not having been given, (so delicate arc these points of law.) He proceeded. Mr. Sills’letter was to Ur. Crosby, demanding the return of five dollars. Ur. Buts asked him to mall U Tor him. He did so Thought that Hus was a copy. Be pat it in a Post Office box on State street- It was stamped. Mr.C. F. Chilton testified. Uewr.s present at the drawing in the Opera House, January 21st. Be knew some of tbe gentlemen who conducted tbe drawing. Mr. Dare drew oat of tho large wheel and banded tbe tickets to a gcntlcmanfrom SI. Louis. He evidently bad a hand in it. Mr. Mnsn anoonnerd the result to the audience- Mr. Hitchcock objected that as Mr. Moon was not re turned on (he summons and so not before the Court, he conld not be testified against. The wit ness proceeded. Mr. Unnn announced that none of tbe nnsolo tickets in Mr. Crosby's possession bad drawn tbe first prize. Be did not buys ticket (happy man 1) but be had one 111] The witness retired, ihe connsel for tbs plain tiff and defendants were asked If they had any thing more to say. They bad not The Coart lookup ns judicial pen. It hesitated not It re marked that the evidence produced was not suffi cient to convict the defendants. It wrote on the brown paper abool the summons. "Judgment •gainst the plaintiff for costs," and Ihe sou was tided. Mr. Crosby and the com mi'tce may rest at case for the present certificates In the C. O. H. A. A. will again decline. They were not beyond price in the morning. At noon they were a drag upon ihe market—if paper can be a drag. Mr. trills, not unnaturally, is not convinced. He is not pietsed. Be has lost his soil and some do) iare of costs. Bat he does not give op tbe ship. He says this thing shall come up again, la anoth er shape. Tbe lawyers will be glad thereat and the public win be edified. Let the case come on I we notice th« a new scheme la advertised by B. F. Niedig, of Muscatine. lowa, which be calls the "Crossbaby Art Association”—a close and clever parody on the original prospectus of the C. O. H. A. A.,hutdlcMriDgiii this, tost It gives tho pictures which are offered as prize*—among which are ihe *■ Unmerciful Dream,” "American Au tumn,” "Gathering Apples,” Ac , very good car icatures in one color, which is black. VALENTINE’S DAT. A rear New Rotes to an Old Sonsr* SL Valentlae la about 10-d«y, taking the guise of the poitmsn. and dellrering to mllliosa of aoore, Üblrd which are millions of beating dearth, millions of missives asdi as are supposed to express the natoral cashing* of fair youths and maldet.B at or nboot pairing dmes, coachM to language fsnU&tito order on tht plan of the \ oath's complete letter writer, sod aceated with perfbmet of peculiarly ccpldean character. Bow many reams of paper are waited, postage stamps used. sr>d bottles ol poateboou, nard dea montagnea, balm de tnllle dears, and other stenches 100 nuu-erons to mention, were made to waste their sweetness, mar norer be known. The accregstel* coonnoas. Some people think ibat the sending of Valeo* dors has fallen into disrepute—tnat there are not use hundredth pan of thcfc missives sent that •* nsen to was.'* This Is a mistake, very natural, became \v« are always falling into u—that of be* llevtng that the world changes as we change, the Valcnllte writing, fan loving, roiiicklog youth of a quarter of a century ago has grown to be a steady sober mao, who looks upon ail such thing* as naughty, bat he Is cut justified la as suming that the Tombs and maidens of the pir»cnt day have any older heads on their ynnng •honloen than he bad at the same ace. *• Boys will be boys' {•asoldasthe hills and as true as the nrtdlc. Valentine wooing and tearing are not of those things in which toe manifestations of .latcDlUiy change. 11 would be Interesting lobe able to trace back the custom of sending Valentines to Its earliest dages, to see the lover ol ancient data la his rus tic woollies at a dl*<aooe when printing had beec untbought 01. and the benefit of clergy was una vailable by at-r save a few prelates. We may fancy the rustic Mnolrg the eye of a sheep, wisppedlna tuft of gras.*, to bis lady love, as a token that be was ratlins sheep's eyes at her. and the maiden, accepting this as a question which •be wi-Ded to answer In the affirmative, sketched a rode eve with a piece of charcoal on a bit of •bale, and wrapping It In a lock of wool, sending {Jfltaj mode of Indicating her reply—(eye Of course this would be befiare the trade in V*l- J l ’ rw if up. though we are not warranted in believing that the regular Valentine was un known illT after tbs ItmmUonof type printing and of paper. Ills very probable that a large ma jority of the designs now la use. and which have been trotted out each year with but little change from time Immemorial, were Ihe originals of these' rnlfstrrs, and that the versifications are after* thoughts. A heart transfixed by sn arrow was as tss'ly understood luibote days as now. and the caricature was much more likely to be made then when every one'was bis or her ownaitlikand none had taken lessons in drawing. The wonder would he rather. If any, if these e-saya should be other than caricatures. It nocs teem strange that that boy Cupid docs rot crow older, lie baa be*n running up and down In the earth for the last five or six thousatd years, and yet scemaas juvenile and foolirn as ever. Be avoids contact with old la thcr Time most braveiy. Vvnr, we know not. on* l*se It be that bstenr. who Is bellevei to nave been the real original l)octor Time who devoured tu> own children, has an orbit so lar removed fiomtbatol Venus that the two can never come into contact. By the way, we can scarcely know w litrb one of the planets was the origlaal Cupid. Ihvone most entitled to the nominal nonor U prol-ably Blare, as bis classic name is A’/vs, which Is also translate! to read “ Cupid." Be ihb as it may, the two were occc very neat ly ha contact, If we may credit the CabuluU. Oaco on a lime bataru and Mars, or n«( tad Cupid, eotcred'he enchanted ground together, end anored Id company, We beg Cuuld'a pardon tat the aug realign ibai be could be guilty of scoring, !>at lovers’ breaiblngt have always been noted tor their tremendous aize (sighs). Ikoy nut have taken opinm, or perbape Cupid smelt of some of old Satam's popple*, and Time swallowed a lore philtre. Her rolled about in (heir sleep, and their snows got mixed, ao that whan they woke la ihe morainic ard gathered no thelc.wetpons In haste, Cupid** quiver had in it aome of Time a arrows. Oor moral ia different from that of Eeop'a. ThU account* for aome people dying of love, aud olhera loving to death. _ Ft. Valentine war rercr ao popular in Chicago aa since the inrilluiloa of the letter delivery ays tern. The letter carriers w.'U literally hare their banda fnll to day. For week* paat the toy and bookstore* Lave been In the throe* of labor for the biz event- the birth of Valentine, and the event willhe bulletined speciallT to almost every house In the city. The few wb!eo escape are to he pined—or ra’hert&tlr occupant*. The Valentine. Uke the Christmas sift, may not mean much, out It {« always welcome, and there arts few among onr Juvenile renders who would not far rather re ceive half a down “horrid" valentine*, than be passed by silently aa unworthy of notice. LAW INIELLICENCE. Appeal bj ft Discharged Policeman— Judgment, in the Superior Court —Habeas Corpus— Crimi nal Business. Tbe new salts in tbe Circuit Court were: Thomas J. Slocum et si. vs. U. O, Eastman. Ato tchmv nt to recover £2,000 alleged to he due on an agreement said to have been entered lotofor the mlcoi the commercial college of defendant. An appeal was tikcn hr Patrolman William O. Kenny from the decision of tbe Police Commis riot err, discharging him from the force on the complaint of George E Cooper and others, for conduct unbecoming an officer, while on doty. dacnbHommerding confessed judgment In fa vor of Nicholas Crbanos tor f6l. Chief Justice Wilson held no coart yesterday, on account of the recent deathol hts brother. The Chancery branch of the coon wa* also not la ses sion. In tbe Common Law Branch of the Superior Conrt (Hon. J. B. Gary) the ioUowtng final action waa had: Gostevas Klrcboff aud others vs. Charles H. Striven, AaaampslU Default and Judgment for £117.63. % Thomas Marson vs. C. Ookes. Ejectment com merced January 23d. Defiutit and Judgment for estate In fee ana a writ of possession ordered. John nine man va. Jacob Velleygtr. Trespass. Dctaolt of damages eel aside and leave granted to plead. Matthew James vs. John Lynder. Debt. Cue dismissed. —. Alfred F. Wheeler vs. City of Chicago. Case commenced January 22; dismissed. EapiC Works Manufacturing Company vs. T. Maple. Aum»palt7 dismissed. Alfred 1* tiivyerrt at. va. Joseph ScfadUk. Judgment entered on default of the 11th fnatont for $129.25. In the case of Hubilschkv va Celia, mentioned yesterday aa on trial, the Jnry fonno defendant guilty and assessed the damage at tISO. Charles Pettit vs. John Dodllo. Assumpsit. Oo trial. The rew suits la the Superior Court include tor the previous day a divorce soil of Daniel Kelcber against Ulia Kelcber, in which, for the present, the hill is cot vrithln reach. Mary J. Whltlor commenced suit in/ounc*pat* irevto, against John M. Wanzer, aud Andrew it. toman. This is a bill affecting the ownership of leased lot, the east twenty feet of the west half of lot teven. block twenty-three, original town. Ihe complainant claims a separate interest in the propci ty, and she asks to be decreed an equity of redemption from a lien for all Indebtedness of her husband. Michael Treloor sued out' a writ of Jiabmcor put- Ue waa commuted by Justice Slortevant on tbe complaint of Dennis llocksdy, charging bln with larcrny on the 28th of January. The ground on which (be writ issued Is that faewasnclato Ibe Oracd Jnry, which having adjourned finding no bill against him, he Is entitled to be dis charged. Jonathan Richards et at. vs. D. I* Darlst As. sompsiu Damages laid at (300. Charles Bpcerva Jacob SchllswobL Assump sit. Damages laid at £1,600. Rodcvy Welch va. Th-mas J. Holt and William Armstrong. Assumpsit on a note for f 100, dated April SG, UC6, with interest. in the County Court the claim docket sIRI en grosses a'lcmioD. The estate of D. O. Coogbram was rt* rlirr « .» tied. »c l-'Cfid'r'e Court tbo following criminal ctu> rr-i !»*; sacted: s«s,tEdward o/loa Edwin audMolllc nue. tiamue] Guise guilty, and put .f-Lintnl assessed at five yean to (be penitentiary. Verdict of not guilty es to tbe woman. Daniel McCarthy. Larceny, in this case tbe rccogclzancu was forfeited January mtb last, aud upon excuse, tba prisoner being brought Into conrt, be was again balled. Rcberi U. McClure. Burglary. Verdict of guilty, aud punishment fixed at one year lit the pioiittitluiy. The care of John Vanllorn, indicted for an as sault wllh Intent to kill bis wife, was continued to the next terra, on the motion of the prisoner. Charles Robeit Ashworb pleaded guilty of lar ceny, being under ago. Ue was sent to the Ue foim bcbool. William Barton withdrew his plea of not guilty, entered on tbe 6th Instant, and pleaded guUry, order age. Eleanor Herne*. Indicted for keeping a lewd boose, waa balled from day to day byC. W. Nichols, in tbe sum of fBOO. E. P. Adams, Indicted for larceny, pleaded not gnllfy, and was balled. L. O. Moyer. Indicted for cheating, submitted bis case to a Jnry, amt was found guilty. Uneh Deny, for hmglary. was found guilty, and hl» imprisonment fixed at two yean In tbe Pent* Unitary. John Supple, Indicted for an assault to murder Jerald Walsh, who shot Collins some lime since, was balled again in the sum of 9600, Leonard Itolbgerber being bts surety. A not. j>rot. was entered in the case of Jennie Browning, charged with larceny. The recognisance of Iltram itosbrook. Indicted for selling lottery tickets, was forfeited. Toe surety is Itoawclt Carter, or this city, commlsalou merchant.(!) Mary Scotten. indicted for keeping a lewd bouse, nu balled by C. T. Boyce, on a bpnd Of 9800. AiaCNBAXBNTS. If anybody were able to amuse h!m»«ir*yestcr- u«v, mat person deserves universal congratula tion as being emphatically the happy man, and bis shirt will be of great value, eveu though It be not of tbe Lee fashion. Yesterday was Just tbe time to test the amount of philosophy which a man possessed; to make him fall back behind breastworks, aa a military man might eay, or—as an ordinary Individual would express it—to seek within bis own heart the solace be could not find elsewhere. Most decidedly tbe lines following were true: “ If happiness bate not her seat And centre in the breast: We may be wise, or rich, or great. But never can be blest.” McVicmi'fl Tuxamr.—The “Long Strike," under the fostering care of Ur. HeUxcoueh, with Its showy Incidents and voluminous despatches, is doing as well as could be expected In this drearv weather, it will be repeated to-night, Ucsrtw,—" The Uncuenot Captain” still holds extensive sway here, aha bids fair to run well for some time. Donng the evening, tbe orchestra plays a polka dedicated toFrank E.Atkcn, aatbe (IngnenotCap tam. and the Mis. Barry Bchottische, both com posed by Mr. Stevens, and both productions of un usual excellence. The polxs, especially, is marked by a very pleasing vein of originality— some passages are exquisite. >Tn* lUrutoaP axd KxpnzM Companies Clerks’ Association will give a Dali and sociable this even ing, in Washington Hall, Smith A Nixon’s Bnlid- Inc. Zooava Baix-—The annual ball of the Ellsworth Zouaves will be given this evening, in the Crosby Music Ball, with all tbe eclat ofwbtcb tbe corps Is capable. Tbe arrangements are thorough and complete. Skatiso.—Tbe hollow moegery of winter still keeps up in tbe name of the season, though the weather be that oi spring. There is plenty of tcc ver, but Ills all m store; there Is not mneh out side, asa what is left is In a stale of npid de composition, and nida fair to disappear alto gether, peilisps In so summary a manner aa to make other things disappear with it, or at least’ be visible only to the fishes far oot in the like. Onr parks are undergoing the process of flood ing without the use or hose pipe, and the nnks* even, are unable to stand the shock, the rain filling the old pools and making plenty of fresh ones. . 1 second portion of the grand tournament at ihe Washington Skating Pork did not come off aa advertised. There was not a gay and festive throng in attendance on the candidates dressed In blue and cold, their costumes picturesque and ►opccitlve ol tbe artistic in form aa well aa in motion. Tbe Ice was not smooth and bard, and there was no band. Master W— did not cat bis way over Ihe glassy ice: bis evolutions were not the envy of an admiring crowd. No plaudit* creeled Mr. X. as be did not emerge from the left side of the figure of eight gracefully traced in haif‘Lati.amberor feet, and the double Batch roll was not served np at the supper given to the Judges tfu r the event was not over. It was not at alt necessary toappcal to tbe crowd to enable tbe judges to 'arrive at a decision, nor was it needed to send ont to bay more ribbon In cooteqaence of there being a greater number Judged "ivorthyof commendation” than bad been expected. The victor was not pome proudly around tbe edge of tbe ice in an improvised sedan, and no blushing maiden met him at the door to admire bis new medal and to dll Into a hysterical ccstacy at tbe thought of the bistre which would be reflected on her in bis company. None of these things, (be thaw interfered with It all—spoiled tbe whole ar rangement and. we tear, broke the heart of. many a fair one who bad looked tor«ard to a triumph cither in person or by proxy. As McManus says, * ‘Walt lift a while ago.” Ymn Robdisoh’b CTncrs.—The poetry of motion on horseback is generally supposed to be exhibited In the arcus, and there is good reason for the supposition. Tbe poetry, if good. Is of tbe classic order, too, being moulded on tbe Latin plan—ln hexameters—tbe horse supplying four of the feet and tbe rider two. Yankee itohinsou has improved os this idea- In the celebrated four horse act of Mr. Peny, the verse may-be described as "font line-eighteen*”— the lines being tbe reins, and the horses and one niter Inralabing the required nnmbereffect- Another variety is ex hibited m tbe riding of James Robinson and tne infant Clarence on a bare-backed steed without reins—that may be fitly described as "no line eights." The riling of James Robinson Is, however, poetrv in another sense, and he is a genuine poet, aa he make* his o«n tiding. It is ol a character peculiar to himself and exhibiting teats wnleh no other ildrr has ever attempted in Chicago— pet bapsnot In the world. Hia evolutions on horse back arc oftbo moat wonderful kind, embracing vaulting* most extraordinary, posturings of toe wildest character, flying leaps, back som-rsaalis through hoops, lying almost perpendicularly against the sloe of the boiao. and springing from horseback to the ground, and from the ground bark to the original posiron without panic In the care er round tbe rieg. All these without saddle, .and cm a horse who travels at a pace by no means gentle. The exhibition la one which takes the audience by storm, as attested by tbe continuous ccccrirg which greets him while in the nng. Robinron’a tiding Is much better now than U was when three or tour yean ago be exhibited on Washington street It was then tbefbest; it is now better; therefore a paradox, as we havefbet-u taught that there cannot t>e a better than the best. It would, however, be entirely safe for any quo to hark him as a better on the best. We advise those wbowmtto see what can be none on horseback, to see James Kobloson in his eqnestnan feats in the Winter Cirrus, on Stale eiteet, beiwven MadUm and Washington. Uls stay is short. Further—those who wish a front festmar as well secure it in advance, as the de* mand tor seats has. Urns far, been in excess of tbe supply. bcaxpnravuji MA*qnaiAD*.—The society “Dacia” has made arrangement* for the fltto Scandinavian mtrqneradc btlKio be given at tbe German llou-e, corner of Weils aad Indiana streets, ob tbe evening of Tuesday next. In ad dition to the dancing there wip be a serlts of Na tional Tableaux and scene* on tbe stage. The so ciety bas made every preparation for a grand af fair, and will matltaie the most rigid scrutiny to prevent the place from being invaded by improper characicrs. A DnuMKixo Match is announced for Satur day next between Messrs. Nevina and Header ehott. In tbe Opera Goase. Short Crop Circular. A few days ago a “short crop circular 1 eaanaUsr from Milwaukee, made its appearance on ’Change, for tbe pnrpose of ** bulling” tbe wheat mtrfiet, which, however, tailed to respond, notwithstand ing that an order for a hundred grots was tele graphed to the dtv o! “Yellow Brick.” The f lovingparody made Its appearance a day or two ato. Those who hare seen (be genuine will ap preciate tbe burlesque: “ SKLTOC HOUJTB CITTT ) IS TUX STAIT Or IOWA V feonarry 1957. J “deer sur. “ 1 bet had Sum Kxperuence of lait Whltch In dooces mee to ccnd ont a suckelar in Belashnu to tbe Sh'vrt Cropp an 1 Hope it cu doo mee sum goodifltdcaot tofiny buddy else, tbl'.ga wo* a goin on beer wel enuff till a fa dam ago I got a Iciorfioui mitwanwky mch Wot wrltln Pitot, (Ana ibarefoor caleo aSaekelir) and vichltscd (bar wbs a short Cropp uv Wheel* in the Kanuy and a mens sv Stuff from haatlas an ulcer plate on the uper mlaUtpli Klrur that the hadal no vhare nerr ao mutch Wheats aa last yoer an So fourth Ac, Ukewtee that the Farrmvt nededawl iha bed got far aodesn thoFnsewnaa cola Dp an oblo an lojeannyan Orate hnloa vros yianrm farbiedtu coodnt wale far pig Weede* to Earn Dp In the Spring an bed too be carton off Wbeete trunt mileatiLy jioj to fode iharesclree an hlotch moore ten din (o the aaltn pint now the Pamnurs tottnd here wo* actio likea fxit uv Foo.ea,anthottbahed Wheetc ennff(slch as U wo*) an didst no tharwoa a short Cropp, so Kep DoKIr In than* Wneete toSe'lln al these lo PrUoa Iratldnvwaliln fur the Bulge wlch Wat fburetoo Knm wh« n U woa gfnerraiy nown tbar «o» i ahott Cropp.fur tha aed Wbeete woa hi vnuff ter rich liwu Stuf an tha dldot Kare a ctua aliout baatlsa an them uthef plot*—Do when 1 got; ibesockrlarl thoi 1 cood maik «cn money out nv throve atary Famnma an 1 waded In an but awl iha oford fur a fewdaze, like Wiael cent ward too a man in tmlw-aowky that 1 no. an W bo noze him an ew him to ui aam Whae>e for me, an Le payed f 2,00 an three secce(Sa>a hotbll cellar febnarrr an 1 pot tip Ida (ten) aenae a buah l Marrgln* on it w leb be ae<i woa enuff lor the Prize woa gols tip in febuarry an alch. *M bed (estgot bis letur Advlsiu raee or tbeeee fax when be cert mee a T. Ugraff earn Wheels woa down to £I.OO and tlgh'y atx tense (One doirr an 66 ats) a Bo»bH an be wontid 1 rhood pat Up sum moore Marrinra on it wicb 1 ReplWe too him to kepe the wfaetle an do to b— for Moore marrgln, —with tapoxe he Did an 1 pul It Dp la a Horn! It newer Rain* fiat U Pour*, an now the Naahnel bank follk* beer la danln mee far the money tha Irt met* bev to pa (be Famaura fur the cassid Wbeete wicb I rash tha hid Back agin an wen 1 abode the bank Man the xnllwanky abort Cropp Sockelar Jest to left him no Wbeete woa coin Up he maid a onreverant Uurion to oilwanwky an thare Snckelara an aed it want good EollatlrilL an Konkioded bi sain bee wood glv mee Jest tot (10) due to ael ml Wbeete and pa him hu mnony, an thare la no boddy heer to hi it an What abal 1 doo ? The Cnasid Farrmai* Kepe fetrbin in tbar Wbeete, and teLlo It chepernor I can afforde tco, an tha aw) Isrfat me an say I bet short Cropp on the brane, with is a It an tha aa maid a ass of mvelr lo bids the Wbeete an now sur 1 cend von this Sockelar too leu yon No thar la a short Cropp, an the Prise is too 10, an See if j you Kant git aom or ynre frends to cerd aam Oranra ta ibis pint an talk thl* Waeeto of ml bans an leittbe dam Fa'rmuranotheCroppis short so tha wtl Stopp hoilln lo Wbeete an sawin mee an let race oel ml Bred In Peeee. •* Po no moore at present from yore {rend Respecktolly Oulojteo GoaTtm. " p. s. “1 her cent word to the man which hot the Wbcetefor meelnmllwanu-kylbatiahantpat Up army coon; marrglns, fecrin be woodnt uudar tUud ml former remark. He oil 'oobev bot 1( bj er the month or cellar alter the fif Toenth," Oaktuary. Brigadier General J. G. i-anm n, of Burling ton. lowa, a brave officer of the life volunteer force, departed (bis life on tbe 9th instant. Hr. Lanmsn, a bank er of excellent credit, good repute, and in his vicinity, known aa a pattern for honest sod uptight conduct, as well as an exemplar of Christian propriety, when the wsr broke out vol unteered. Be desired to be lieutenant and tjtuu tereuaster of the Ihiid lows (Colonel Williams i InUntry; in ihi* he failed. He then'applied himself to the work of organizing a regiment. To effect this be retired from business, aud was shortly after found t>y Brigadier General Grant at Arcadia, Missouri in command of 1,198 men, tbe largest regimental command, save one, raised during ibe war from his stale When Brigadier General Prentiss, In Beptemlier, 18C1, took command of th* Division of tbe army in which Colonel lau man waa, General Fremont ordered a march to Cape Girardeau, with a vltw to meettbe notorious Jeu. Thompson at.d his rspscalTou rebels. The march was ordered by a special aide at midnight of a Sabbath. At five o'clock on Monday morning the command waa on the match, Liomao'a regi ment with 11, the only portion of tbe troops which had not a complete uniform lo its ranks, or a half equipment of shoes. The march was deicrihed in the Tiusmßof that data, it was accompluted without wagonr. ambnlao:ei, tents or medicines. In such condition tiorczl- > tarnl suffered so much as did Ixuman's. ills ball-clad and 111-fed men at tlmea felt like mutiny, bnt the Isppy control of the Colonel kept them sltrort content alter the exuberancy of thdr rage bad r assed. and discipline was so well maintained hv him that when arriving in tbe vicinity of Cape Uirardeaua tboaeandofttaa ehoddiastortheshodoy uniforms were tendered them, the men by vote rati fied bis derision that he wooid see tbe quarter master bung before his men should wear such clothes. It la needless to say that a better supply came soon. Ills men went with him and b* wlm tbvm, to Belmont. After the reverse there he was At Fort Dooelsor, and there bo woo his star by a biavo and discreet coarse, ttent shortly after that victory, he followed a new commander. Major General Uurlbut, to the field of Shiloh Hlscom rt.and was then a part ot the glorious old Fourth Division of the Army of tbe Tennessee: and to tbe day of hla death when unable to move by reason of paralysis, a strange fire would illu minate bis eve as reference waa made to the do ings of that division of which he subsequently be came the commander. Ifrfonghlbls men In tbe burning peach orchard at Pittsburgh Landing, and on tt>e second day, his men were over at the walk aiding in tbe conquest of the rcb< l boats. The edge of Corinth ana the march to Memphis followed. He was there, audaronud Memphis bis brigade did doty to the security of tbe people and the safety of the city. Ills men committed few outraccs,and wbco he discovered one who did ho seldom troubled hi* superior officer to attend to the punishment of tbo offence. He remained In ibe vicinity of Memphis anil) the moat active work before Vicksburg was in progresa. He was then separated from bis corpa. Ue left with, per haps, more of regret on the pari of those whom bereft than on bis own. He loved the excitement of Ibc baUle*fleld. He subsequently led a charge which was disastrously grand. He was thought to have been carvloes, amt at Washington be was called to account. Tbo blow thus struck affected biro deeply : it worked upon bts sensi tive nalnre strongly; the fear that any could suspect him of want of care for bts men when the course should be attrlbnied. If to any fault, to a want of Instruction, broke him down; bo was paralyzed, and tbo writer last met him borne on hla homeward way, helplessly, from the cars. (Jeneral Lnnman waa brave; as be was brave so be was generous. If he bad a fault It wia bts kindness, and If heb*d one merit more (ban an* other aa an officer and a man. It was that be never willingly Injured a soldier, and sever was known to approve a court martial finding without a algh. « personal Advertisements,” To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Tbe article on "Personals'* in yonr paper ot, senna to call for a few remarks, and I doubt rot that yonr ga’lsn'ry will permit me some word* •** defence of the mnch maligned sci. In tbe first place, many of those ridiculous manifestations are madaby men; for what pur pose, ia best known lo tnemaelves. Many are written out of mere love of fun and mischief; many from the writers knowing their brothers or other relatives to have done The same without reprobation. Borne misguided widows or lone unmarried women perhaps inssit iasll *ood faith, answers to advertisers, simply necansc the means of earning a living is rot so easy for women as for men, ami ther are thus In the false position of being the seekers Instead of the sought after. Many of the advertisements doubtless are from sli y, reckless women, who bare still more brains linn tborcthey captare by their artifices. Dm granting the worst possible motive to all, what has bronchi woman 10 this fearful pitch of depravity? What bat the folly, flattery, and fool ish Indulgence in the most extravagant caprices, has made her the painted doll she is to look at: and what oat man’s untruth, Incoc-tincr and familiarity from bis earliest years, with all kinds of vice, has made her tbe shameless thing, mor ally, watch is coullanaUy haunting oar Police Courts, bearing Inoeco, the outward semblance of woman, but within, roil of rottenness and death. hi cn parade their iniquity: boast of it one to another; are known to be thoroughly depraved and nnfli lor any decent woman to touch with the tones, morally, physically, or bow you like; and yet if their balance at their banker's be satisfac tory, or their business dealings what is called “ honorable,” they are **all honorable men.” Mammas smile amiably at them; young women simper and go through tbe semblance of blushing at their approach; and brothers with innocent sisters to be disposed of, are friendly for the sake of the chance. Obi fle upon it I Men mace the laws, frame the Institutions of society—why can the; make no laws to purge our social circles flora those who are the very root and cause or the crimes at which they point wUh such holy abhor rence. Tbe nature and essence of a woman is modesty and devotion to one man. bnt bow can the wives, mothers and maidens of the present generation be modest, Discreet or trathftii when there Is not one man In a thousand whose domestic relations will bear'the least scrutiny, or who treat their female acquaintances otherwise than aa curious specimens or vanity and extravagscce, on whom ■bey may lavish flattery mote or less fulsome? . When and where is the abomination to cease ? Not until men cease to pander to tnelr own vices by forming laws against oars only. Not antll they do sway with the pre*ent shameless facility of divorce, which evinces and encourages an ntier disregard of all laws, human and divine. Not until they ceate * ettlng ns an example of all tbst is evO, and fosterirg all the bad tbst l« in ns.' Woman has fallen low it is true, bat it is be cause she to whom she owes reverence and allegiance is wallowing in the nitre. Ip olden time, when men were cblvalrlc and true, there were not wanting true and r.obla women worthy oi them; botihave yet to learn that the most frivolous and abandoned woman of tbe present day. might not find at least her equal in tbe opposite sex. we are the weaker, and, generally speaking, more sinned against than. sinning, and Ills no great wonder if we walk in tbe path the lords o creation mark ont for ns. After all, the cackling of geese saved tbe eapl tol, and who knows bnt that these outburst* of the immaculate of this city may at lastronse the whole community to a sense of their danger. Mbs. £ K. R. The Dramming Rlsteb, To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: In all the notices so far of the drumming match between Mr. Nevtos and myself, it ts stated that all who intend to challenge the winner, must ap pear with their drams and contest on Saturday night next, at tbe Opera House, as Mr. Norms will decline to accept any challenge after that evening. It will be seen tbst this form of statement seems to presume that Mr. Nevlns himself will be the winner. ■ Now I wish, before the match takes place, thus pnblicly to express the opinion that, even should my fneno Ncvins. win the championship on tbe occasion, he shenld feel bound to accept not only all challengers who may present themselves on* Saturday night, tm- all who may chaUengs him for the championship hereafter. And 1 hereby give notice that, should the cham pionship be awarded to me, I win hold myself oonnJ to accept all challenges for ths prize, both those who may be present on Saturday night, and those who may challenge me hereafter. 1 wish to add. la Justice to myself, that in ac cepting Mr. Neatns challenge. J am aware that be possesses persocal advantages over the under signed. First. Mr. Nevlns la more than twenty Tears older than lam, sod he has been periohn lug on tbe dram more than twenty years lunger as a drummer in tbe regular ansr, ano with several city bands, tsv-ladmc the Gnat Union Baudot this city. Second, one of the pieces selected for tbe contest (Tbe Drum ming Match Quickstep). is a favorite Eicce with |Mr. Nevins, which be as bet-n practicing for several rears; while 1 never played it st all. and up to this writing never beard of ft. 3. Moreover. John Moore, the lifer for Ihe occa* sloe, ia oce that Nevina has been playing with for several years, while 1 never played with him, and never b« ard him play. Nevertheless, with alt these odds against me, I have accepted tbe challenge Is the spirit of bon* oratle i hairy, and with a Arm determination to win from my friend Kevins, if 1 can. the cham* pmthip of the drum for (be United Sttatea llsrpectfnlly yours, 11. 11. UKaOSMUOT, Drummer Bor of the Rappahannock. rrnsoxit- Captain H. E. Piak, editor of tbe Helena (Montana) H*m id, is la the city, stopping at tbe Trcmoot Home. Captain Flak comes di rect from Helena, distant, from Omaha. Nebraska, one thousand and eight hundred miles west, and bring* with him specimens of the mineral wealth of Montana. During his stay in Chicago, he will call on our prominent merchants, and will lay be fore them tbe importance of their assisting la t'le opening of the Chicago A Northwestern Railroad to the Missouri Rher, so as to enable a more fre quent Intercourse between the gold and silver dis tricts of Montana Territory asd this commercial centre. Captain B. K. Fisk la a brother to Captain James S. Fiak, late of tbe United Stale* Army, wbo com manded tbe great overland train from St, Cloud, Minn., last June. local matters. simple hut Effectual—Tbe entire free dom from all deleterious ingredients rendere “il'own'a Bronchial Troches,” or Cough and Voice Lozenges, a ante remedy for the most delicate female, or youngest child, and baa caused them to beheld In the highest esteem by singers, and public speaker* generally. In coughs, irritation oftbe throat eanaed by cold, or nnnaoal exertion of me vocal organs. In speaking in public, or Binging, they produce the most beneficial results. Corns, Burnous, Enlarged Joints, or ingrowing nails, go to Dr. Kennlson, office 119 Clark, atiect. Dr. E. has operated on tbe feet more than sixteen yean in Boston and Chicago. Rooms tor ladles, - Children having Worms require Im mediate attention, as neglect ol ice trouble ones causes prolonged sickness. Dro*n'a M Vermifuge Comfila" are a staple remedy. and wtU destroy worn* without injury toibe child. Bold AIM eeola a box by moat dealer* la medicines. m y«iiDOdeniato Tooth Pane preserve* the teeth. prarenUng decay, matins (bom white and bcaalifnl. II la tree from all inlnrious sab* eißQcra. It la used and recommended hr (he brat dentlaU. Manufactured solely by Cabwjxl, Mack- A Co., New York, bold by ah drngguU. The Franklin Brick tlaehlney Justly celebrated forperfect simplicity, great strength, and Immense compressing power, is odahaktskd, with el*hi nos and two horse*, to self-temper the clay and make 3.0U0 to elegant brick* per hoar. J. U. 1 Ulrica, Proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Boon S 3. DonH flail to procure Sirs. Wln»low*’* Soothing byrap (or chUdrea teething. U haa been need for thirty years wlb never-fading safety an! saccesa by million* of mothers for their children. U corrects acidity ol the stomach, relieve* wind colic, ieralates the bowels, and giro* rest, ncalih. ted comfort to mother and child. Thlrly-firo cents a bottle. Ode*, No. 49 Bey street, No* Yoik and No. 20C High Holbein, London, England. SUPREME COURT OP ILLINOIS. Decklon*. The following decision* by the Supreme Conrt of Ibis Stale are reported by Norman L. Freeman, Eeq., Reporter of the Coon: lOLXOABT TB. CXtiXI A WZSSOK. [April Term. 18C3.] The decree of the Conrt below la (his case Is re versed, and the caose remanded. Upon the principal question, the Conrt lay down the following role: When the mortgaceor makes successive ssles to different persons of distinct parcels of the mort gaged property, and the mortgagee afterward files a bill to foreclose, the different parcels are to be subjected to the payment of the mortgage in the Invet se order of their alienation. The ground upon which the rale rests Is, that mortgaged premise* are to be subjected to the lien m Inc inverse order of tbelr alienation, where the subsequent purchasers bare bought with no tice. As a consequence ot the foregoing principle, if the mortgagee, with actual knowledge or at) the facte, release* a part of the property thus con veyed, he thereby discharges bis lien pro (onto, and to the extent of the value of tho pari released, against those parcels held under prior convey . arcea from the mortgageor. In order that the mortgagee shall be thus affected, be mutt have actual notice of the auhee butni alienations by the mortgageor, as dl*tu- Sisbed from that eonilmclite notice with which e evbteouaU alienees are chargeable under the recordli g law*. The mortgagee I* not bound to take noike of (be registry of ‘deed* mau« queht to his own mortgage, while the grantees in each deeds must take notice of the registry of the prior mortgage. AUJOI C. XXTTDT TS. XBRAJIAW DABTUCICVT. [April Term. IBd-t ] I. Efidehc*— QjpdttcU for change of Prove. II is error to permits plalntltf to read an affidavit for a continuance to the Jury on the trial of the case- 3. TntsPAes— crim. con. An action Qf trespass for debauching n man’s wife will not He Others he has abandoned her, or they are permanently gep anted. *• s. Boxx— tttath of teirt btfort cult brought. When a person baa seduced the wife of another person, the latter may maintain an action for the seduction, notulihstaodlne the wife may have died after abe was debauched, and before soil brought to recover for the wrong. 3. ban— lent of tem:* it not thf git*, of the action. While the loss of service may be ail-xed injury, still the injury to character, the aegrada t-'oo, mental auenub. and the loss of tho society of the wife, la the Rial of the action 4 Ikstbccttoks—sAouW norjffid fact*—lt is er* ror lor the Court to luiorm the Jury that certain facta are proved, or that certain evidence prove* paiticnlar facts. These are qneatlons alone for the jury to find, and not the Court. The existence of some facta may or may not prore certain other facta, owing to tbo circumstances which attend them. 5. Faxi— admlttiom, and bow eonsltitrtd. It Is proper to Instruct Uic jury (bat they will con* liner the entire admission proved, with the expia* nation connected with it, and to give to either or both anch weight, as they, under all of the cir cumstances, believe them entitled to receive. 0. Bamx— crrdibUlty of irifnen. It Is error to instruct the Jury that because a witness has ■ worn knowingly falsely to a mniorlnl fact, that they should reject all ol hi* evidence. It should be modified so as to authorize tfiem In anen cates to disregard the whole of bla testimony, unless It was corroborated by other evidence in the case. 7. UaaabKs— es*mj.lanj, a yufi'ton tor th*Jury. 1* la error for the Court to Instruct Iho Jury what lacts will authorize them to giro exemplary dam ages. It Is for the Jury (0 determine, from ail of the circumstances, whether the conduct of the defendant fats been wanton, reckless, or vindic tive to each an extent as to require punishment, and. 11 they do, then anch datntges should be allowed. 8. Hamx—ror lo»i of otrviett. It Is error for tbo Court <0 muse to Instruct that If plaintiff, In an action for critn. ton., oas failed (o prove damages by loss of service ol the wife, that cotnpotisalloa should noUbc allowed fhcrelbr. Hnch loss is only platen as aggravation, the seduction ami its conse quences being the gist of tfie action. uuau jttKXs vs- JxaiMiau koonx. (April Term, IbCC.I 1. Uomaka»—/ortcloturt. Wficro fourteen notes were given, falling due at different tlmce, und n mortgage la given on real estate to secure treirpaymcut.on the maturity of the drat ten, a bill was died fbr a foreclosure. A decree was tendered finding the amount doe, and the sum not tnen due, and oidcrlcg the sale ot tbe proper, ty to par tbo amount doe, but subject to the notes still to all duo; held that tbe purchaser takes tbe property subject to tbo notes yet to become due. 2. ba«— purefuttr by mortgage. In such t cs*c, If the mortgagee becomes the purchaser, and the property la not redeemed, ho thereby satisfies hU entire debt, as well the portion doe as the part still to mature. In making sacks purchase, be first Mtlffles the portion of hi- debt not doe, and «U bo bids Is applied on the portion which is due. xosxa joitxa xr al. vs. tiioxas xouui, (April Term. IKJB.I 1. CoimucT— dejtooU o/moo*if on. Where one Eerson employs another to purchase grain lor im. and they make the purchase, and toe person for whom tney act deposited with them a sum of money cadcd a margin, the money does not be come theirs until they. In puntucce of the agree ment. sustain loss on the groin. And if they fail to sell at *he lime directed, when tbo grain could Have Uvo disposed of at on advanced price, bat afUrwajd sola at a loan, the money never become the property of tbe persons with whom it wit de posited. 2. Aastricpsif— common count, what matt bt rteoxtrtd ufttfar. In anch a case, the party mak ing tba-depMtt may sac for and recover the money nndsr the common money counts. XABIOS roXXKOT XT AX* TS. KANIIATTAK XITX maunaacx coxpakt. 1. iNsiniASCK —policy of— Us exeeyflon. A policy of Insurance, partlyfilled np in New York &Ld cent to ibis State, containing a condition that uihooldbe cold until countersigned by T. I*. Hiller. too the advance pretmom was paid. Held that the instrument waa tot executed until these acts were performed and the policy delivered. And forrter that the policy waa executed In this Stale, and smut be governed by tbe law* of this State. 2. Saws— aitiffvmmt qf tucA a policy- That at common law a policy of fusurenc* coaid not be assigned. nor even a part of a sum mentioned in a negotiable Inatramenl, bobs to real a legal title In the assignment, bat that an equitable right might be that aligned, and a court ot equity «ould piotcct the interest of the assignee, under the common law. 3. AfcsioHWKNT—hy a JMCTTIed woman. At com mon law, a married woman might pledge her separate personal property or cbose In action In equity, to erenre a debt owing by bet husband. And nnder an act of February, 19CI, married women may hold and dispose of their separate property, a* a femme *ofe Independent of her hus band. SINGULAR CONFESSIONS. A Yoons Girl leknowledges that she Fired a llooac— Plots Aealnst a Bal* let Gin. [From tbe Buflhlo Exprere, February 11.] A singular affair occurred yesterday at Po lice Station No. 1, by which some light was thrown on at least two transactions which have hitherto been shrouded In mystery. Doting tbe afternoon Captain Nicholson was approached by a neat looking: who said she tclt badly, and wanted to tell him something which troubled her, and thereupon acknowledged haring recently sto len a chemise from Mrs. Mulholland, of the American Hotel, on the Terrace. The gar ment was then on her person. Mrs. M. was sent for, and on examination the girl was placed In the cells, not, howercr, beloro she had confessed to Captain Nicholson one of the most singular stories of crime, without any conceivable motive, we have been called on to record. Our reportervisited her at tbe Station House, at a late boor last night, and obtained from her the detail! of the narra tive : She gave her name as Margaret Kane and says she Is seventeen years old. She Is a *irl of fine appearance, quiet and innocent n looks, and was neatly attired. She was born in Rochester bat lost her parents, when she was nine years of age, she at that time being employed In a family residing at Toronto. Afterwards she went to live at Niagara Falls with a nephew of Mr. Riggs, formerly agent of the Merchants* Union Express Company in this city. About a year since she came to Buffalo and was employed as a rervant in Mr. Riggs* family, then re eidlng'onSixth street. Sometime ioNovem bcrl&st. It will be remembered, Mr. H.’s house took Arc at an early hour in the morning, the rear being entirely consumed. No cause could be assigned for the Are, though it was thought at tbe time that it was the work of an incendiary lor whom, we believe, a reward was offered. Since then no cine has been found to the mystery. Margaret now ac knowledges that the fire was kindled by hen she says that she occupied the little room leading from the kitchen; that she thought of tbe matter in the evening and re tired as usual. Rising before it was light she set Are to some shavings in a wood box near the stove, and then went back to bed. She can give no reason for her conduct, and states that she “ does not know why she did it.” She had always been well treated by Mr. and Mis. Riggs. Soon after, tbe family, In consequence of tbe damage done the house, removed to the American Hotel, whither Margaret, still a trusted servant, accom panied them. A few weeks since she announced that she had been robbed of some clothing an** a num ber of trinket*. One of the latter was found In tbe room of a girl named Ida Rush, em ployed as a ballet dancer In a low resort on Main street, who was anosted and tried for tbe tbcfl, but was discharged. Margaret

now confesses that 9he was never robbed of the articles in Question, but homed most of them herscli. The suspicion which was awakened In the house •gainst Ida Hash prompted her to strengthen the evidence, and she therefore con cealed the box of trinkets in the apartment occupied by the ballet girl. So far as can be learned from her statement, there was no motive for the crime, as she had never had anv tionble with Ida. The story Is told In a straightforward man ner, with no attempt at concealment, al though the girl says little save In reply to questions. She says she had thought several times of coming to the station house and confessing her crimes Nothing in her ap pearance indicates any unusual sign of men tal weakness except an air of weariness and a constant habit of starting up at every noise and looking up as if expecting some one. She bas kept company with a young man employed in the store of Messrs. Pratt <fc Co. lie bad offered marriage and was refused, but the girl denies that her course, either before or now, has been influenced by any trouble with him. It is to bo hoped that the thread thus brought to light bv Captain Nicholson, may be followed up very thor oughly at the Police Coart this morning, when the girl will be examined. Pnneral of die Late Bin, Sickle*. [From the New Yoik Herald. February n> j The Itmeral took place from St. Joseph's Church, In Sixth avenue, yesterday moraine, at half-past tea o’clock. The remains were encased In a handsome rosewood coffin, literally covered with flowers of rare beauty and exquisite fra prance, and was borne up the central aisle of the sacred building, at* tended by the following prominent officers and civilians ss pall bearers: Major General Gordon Granger. Bnpsdler General H. £. Trctuain, Dr. John M. Csrnochan, Seoor Kabil Cotta. Edward VcrmUye, Major Gen eral A. Pleasanton, Brigadier General Charles K. Graham, James T. Brody. Wm. n. Field. John King. Upon the arrival of the sad procession at the farther cod of the aisle, the burial casket wai placed upon ft calala'Que. aurroonded with burning upera, Immediately in front of husband, acc«mpanled by hl» imire datigblor, bla imroula, now advanced iniear*, and Mr.and Mrs. Baglola. tbe P£ Sou of the deceased lady, occupied aeaU irar the altar. The customary mortuary nasa was offered by the part or oj tho church, Sic Her. Father Farrell, aaaUted by Falbors Boyce and Farsooa, In tU capacity of deacon «*• ler. waa enriched byadoctlora from Rossi IndCaracoao. Durfce the solemn and lm nrrsrtvo eorvlcea an antbem, * Pray for He. wsa rendered with touching aweetnew and pr ibo eburth wa« crowded to It* utmost ca ttily by multitudes who had come to do honor to the departed and to express their avmpatby and reaped for General Sickles In the hour of his heavy soirow. When, ac comosnUd by his daughter, be arose and followed down the aisle all that was mortal of her whom he had loved so well, with step Infirm and tottering, the feelings which the solemnity of the occasion had hitherto re strained broke forth, and the Immense con wre cation rushed tumultuously from the building after him, testifying the hold he had upon their hearts, and the extent to which they shared bis affliction. The funeral cortege then reformed and pro ceeded to the Catholic Cemetery in Second avenue, where the remains were temporarily deposited, to be removed eventually for per m orient interment else where. A few weeks ago an old gentleman and bis lady were coming down from lowa City to Davenport, when the care were crowded. A youngmsngot npaud gave the old lady a seat while bis companion, another youni gent, remained steadfast, and let the oldgentlo man stand. This did not suit our old friend, so he concluded to get a seat In some way, and, quick as thought, turned to the young man on the seat beside his wife, and said: Will you be so kind as to watch that wo man while I get a seat in the other car ? gbe takes fits/’ This startled the young gent. He could not bear the Idea o f taking charge of a fitly woman, so the oldgentlo man got a seat, and his wife never was Known to take a fit afterward, MARKETS BT TELEORAPH. New York Financial New*. [Special Despatch to tbe Tribune.] NrwYoBX. r\£fu*rylX The itcek market opened steady, with little doing, and In some cases there waa a small decline, and con- Unaedso till regular call, when the market fell oil K. asd heid Am tUISp. m.« when (he M bear* n com* taccccd hammering, and the market waa heavy. At the SJO call tbe list waa laijk off, with pressure to Mil. Afterwaid* a small panic *etln, and stocks declined rapidly, on reports of the deteat of Stevens' minor re construction. lb* market bad got to a need lock, and a change wa* beneficial. They could not tell, ao they thrtw overboard u elr stocks u> make activity and buy at lover price*. We look for a better and more active market to-morrow, when tbe time will be to buy. Gold opered at IStJ*, and sold down to 13$Y—tho closing price, tin the street tt told at IM#. Money ll plenty and easy, at 6 per cent on call. The last quotations were: Nsw York Central, 10IM: Erie, common, 57Atf; rulladciphia and Beading. IMM; Michigan Bontbero, -j* ; DaviUPbri, 96JV; Northwestern,Preferred. 68>f; Western Colon Telegraph, «7<g. (Associated Presa Report.! > aw Yoek, February 15. Moirrr. Mcney easy at per cent. roaxinx exenavox. Sterling dull at IHH9IO6H. Gold opened at IS7H. declined to 136)4, advanced to U.K and closed at IW4. OOVBINKXim. Government ■ lochs quiet. LATEST. Nxw Yoex. February 13—LSO p. m. xaxLWaTt. N.T. Central.. 10t.... |g. Brie .... N.WjjiPd 63 « ... Reading .iw*9s .... Tot«ST. 119 <A ... Mirn. cmlial.w* <* .... IK. 1.. »H(4 ... toothers..;.... 73*CS ....j Ft. Wayne M.Cent .11l <4 .... Ohloeerts Jb U ... ntuburgh,,... B 4 14 .... I W. U. Teh 44X4 ... Governments firm. Coupons. I Coupons, ’«...IWH«* Coupons, ’6>...lb7a«A I MIKIKO ( I Coup, *65, new.IQIX9IO3X u-wa ut «toij* 11-30* 103.S»I03« snAixs. Silr.trs market quite aramated. Qnartz illlltranMc- Unnsl*-Ug at 54CFA349, closing at the l*tPr; Walklll lead «tu and destined to 68c; Tunn-J Uiil m flrmrr, srillng up to Mt Gregory heavy at loin: considerable activity In De*Mc|nes, at ad£36i); Dymoad’s Park rose t j 171 and active. The Produce markets, NEW YORK, Nxw Yoik. February 19. Cottoo—Bteady and leas doing. Bates 1,900 bales mid dling uplands at Be. Flour—Dull and SMtOe lower. Receiptss,9s3 brls; sales 5.300 5 Htste aid Western. M.00u510.15; eztrs Western, 5i0.1Mt11.23; choice. 9*1.90(41141: round hoop Ohio, *11.m<11.73: shipping brands. 9tLBtUtL3O; trade brands extra Southern.—closing do 1. Whiskey—Oulet and firm : Bute. 40c: bond, 31c. Wheat—Dull and drooping. Uecelpco, 7,710 bo; sales, 19,009 bn White California at f 3.1543.15. Kyi—UnU s 8.000 bo Western vtji.rtAll9. Harley—quiet; 17,000 bo Western at She; Canada West free, | US. Uarlsy Mail—Dull. Bale#, 3.000 bn alflJO Corn—Dull and declining. Receipts. 0,300 bn. Bales. 33,000 bn niVifd nt tUO),tsl.l3. In store and ailoal, clcsing heavy at (1,11 afloat: sew white Jersey, Si.ia. Oau-Dnll. IWtdpls. 6JDO bo. Bales, 13,000 bn Western attC<»&vßtvu,GT(*ac. Coal—l’nchaogpiV teathft—Do. and auleL Wool—Firm. ha f«, »HOOO na domestic fleocs at GC(4skc; puUrd.STtittiOe: Texas. OA3V. nrocmr*—Dml. Cubs sugar, uaostte, J’ctroloußi—Dull. Crude, ISXc. rdmedlDbend.SSxa 90r. fork—Doll and heavy. Bales. LOO brls at 930.68 a SO.TSlbr Western: fIO.M tor old do; closing at Sl9A] for regular: 916J0«1f1,87 lor prime-, aad9i9.AAt9.7Sfor Prime mew: also, M) brls new mesa at 93ki7»a30A7. seller March. KUC4 watuu. Reef—steady, galea 600 brls. Tlaroa beef active. Bales 950 h— m ui joiXtyaXW* lor prime moos, and for India mess. Dm Hams—Fair demand. Bales at 974X0^33X0. iloccn—Oulet. Baler 100 boxes at lOUaUMclbr Cam berlandcuta: tlLcfjrsbortnbtwd. Dressed Hops—Tlevvy at 9M£?Kc for WMtaru. Cnt Mesta—Bleady. Bales aft packages at B*-»9Kc for sbouideis, aud lOJfAISc for haras. Lard—Heavy and lower. Solos 8M tes at It All sic Tor old. and JWDKC tbrnewvisudsmaUtoU UU^UXe, Rduct—oulet at iSraaae (bv Ohio. Cbeesfl—Moderate demand •• MJI.WACREB. (Bpeclal Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] ViLWAUKki. February 13. Flour—Doll. Bales 200 brls at 910X0 fbr amber and ••Forget-me-not*’ XSspring: city spring XX htld at 910X0; fair to good extras held at 99XV39A3—demand limited. Wheat— - Very dull. Monitor board tale* 6.000 bo. Noon Board sale* OOD,bu, at 91.08 lor No. 1 spring In store; f1.95X for No. 3, buyer'* option, month; 11.73 for No. 3 in (tore; 91.76, boyer** option, February— closed qnlrt and weak. Com—Stealy. Bale* 1.000 bn at SOc far No. 1 old; 77c for No. t do. Rye and Oats—Dull and nominal. Barley-Sale* 17C base, by temple, delivered, at 91.05. Provision*—'Weak. City mm pork 918,50; prime lard 13c: tweet pickled bams lOJfc. Pressed Hotr»—Dull and drooping. Bales, dividing ou3uo ns, at 97.7j07.50. yon dries—Timothy seed 93 00. pea* fi.35. Dried apples 12c. Receipts—l,soo T>rl» floor, 16,000 ba wheat, 1500 bn oato.utCQ bn com, 700 ba rye, barley, 500 dremed boss. Shipment*—S,COO brls flour, 1000 hu wheat. CINCINNATI. ccrcmra-rt, Febmary 15. Flour—UßChangrd and doll, with bat trifling de nand. and in order to eflect sales concessions oflSftTuc voola have bad to be made. Wheat—Bod at 11.40 for No. 1 spring sad wlnur, bat tbe demand Use fallen, off ana these rates are to some exteat nominal. C:rn—Dull and declining. Ear.ssfts6c; shsllod, 60ft 61c la elevators, and lift 75c In sacks. Oats—Doll and nominal at 90ft5lc lor No. 1 Is eleva- Rye-Firm at 91.(8. Harley—Doll; no demand. Whligey—Aarau«dto3sc; (air demand. Cotton—Hi Id more finely, owing to a large falling os to receipts at New Orleans and Mobile, and at the floe* there was a rood demand for middling at 33ft 39Ve. bat It was beM at 90c. Provision*—Quiet and unchanged. No demand tor mesa pore or lard, and pnec* nominal. Balk meats are la moderate demand, at 7#ft9 Ve (Dr shoulders and fide*, aod lOXc for clear sides—au loose. Shoulder* sold at 7N<V packed. Bacon quiet. Grease—Unctianged. - Linseed OU-slTaft*l.4o. Clover Seed-45.«. Geld—l 96 bovine. Exchange—Finn. LOUISYIUE. • Lopwtiil*, Febmary IS. Tobacco—Sales of 137 bbds at InD rale*; |373.00ft 850.00 for Little, Hart A Co.’s leaf. Moor—Soper, c 10.00. Wheat—primrjred, I3.SS. corn— Shelled, Me. Provision*—Me** pork, 911.00. Prime lard, in Uerc««.llWC. Bulk shoulder*. Fe. Bacon shoulders, lOftUMc. Bacon near sides, 19c. Bacon bams, lie. Eugtr—Prime New Orleans, l»Mc. COIL’D—f9C. Whiskey—Raw, 9J.25. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Lorn, February 11. ■Tobacco—Centime* dn|L receipts of wesk being only is bbds. a otospcctofnlgncr price* Induce* a large nemterof rejsetma. Flour—Quiet; low grades super 97.00ft3.50; sprlog double extra 91U0ftll.7J; fall, ; choice, 913-ttftll.Hi. * wn,ai— firmer: fairCall.s3.6o; good, 93.65: prime, 93.75: ct>oiee,9J.9D. Corn—Heavy and languid, buyers bolding ofl for lower freights. Mixed white and cbolceyellowrange from 77c to iQc; white. fldg.’Qc. Oat*—Finn: price* higher; good to choice, 66ft70e. Barley—Quiet and unchanged. Bve—Quiet at 91.5hft1.90. Whiskey—Dull and w-ak at 93-35. Provlfkm*—Quiet; city me** pork, SOe; dear sides, 11 Vt ♦ rib, like; snouidm, 10c; coulee city sugar cored hams: Isj,c- Hogs—Scarce at 6Xft7c. PHILADELPHIA. _ PHibaDxtPßta, Febmary 13. Ff«r—Quiet. Buperflne at <4.751 spring extra at P Wheat—Steady. White at f3.00ft5.40. Bye—Steady. B*Wat»lJ*iV. Com—Active. Sale* of LOOOhn yellow at 99e. oat*—eieadv. Sale* at Me. Cfflee—L*cuyr» mt ISWo lu gold. Whiskey—Ccntrabatd at 91*75. lxtnleum—Refined In bond at 3S){c. BALTIMORE. BsL-mora. Febrnary IS. Coffee—Firm, at 13 VftlSh'r m told far prime Rio. sugar—Quiet ard steady, at lOkatOKe far refining. yk>ar—balesof3,oDDbrls.atflOAfar city superfine and far I- w grades extra. Wheat—Scarce and dull. „ Core-White stead*. Sales In store atflfiSftLOt; yellow steady at faigsric—the latter far prime, oatf—No rale*. Whiskey—Nominal. Nevr York Live Stock IMukeL [.special Despatch to the ChicagoTrfben*.] Nrw Yorr. Febmary IS. BrcfCatt’e—Firm an! In good demand, fair to prime Western steer*, UVftMVc. Receipts to-day 3,XQ. Newly all sold. Pbe'p—Firm, at 6,qft7c. U«ca—Rrtelpts, 500. ITine. xe. New York Grocery Markec. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SrrToa, February W. Coffee—Quiet. Bio, Kft37,*. Eopar—Quiet. Fair to prime grocery. lOyftUXc, New Y'ork l*roTUioa narkeL [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbare.l Nxw Toxx. February IS. pork and Lard-Clcsed heavy. Ba<x-n—Dull. C ut Meats— Firm and w aated. New York BreacataH* SlmtHcU (Special Despatch fa nie Chicago Tribune.] N*w Toax. Fe-vaary 19. BrradstsSk—Recrivers foieinc aak* of flour, eipeclsl ly high grade*, ana at a dollar decline. NewTork Dry Good* JltrkH, S«w Ton. February IS. In roUoa rood* there U mher more totiTltj. Incita Orehvd >c lower; Boot*. • o,d 4 * avc, tre down to jOct the Ltemit B,leVc standard sheetings range from SOe to 4ics ftrppereli Bd*-wn toSW; doKtolSc; doo to 1U; da j» touc: AlUnllcLtclflnctt ll.’sc: doEtt l«nc; Btrtlctl 4-1 ttrs.s'cjdowittarc; todinaebttisc. _ . Narrow bleached rood*, which told jwiertiy tt Ufcc. are telhng to-day tt 13k c .t itodT. tt arerrlrta. whirh tre in cood reoaest. The print work* were til mojttf tuippfd Ure ptrt few days «.o tocoßLt of the grot tmhett on handtr. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago TrthonM S*w Yoss. February IS. Freights to Urcrpocl-37,0-0 bo corn at 8«d by steamer, and Shd by sail. Pliulmnrh Petroleum Xfarlcel. iirtucios, Fehroary U. There Is Itnia chance to now 1“ tniiierv, Neivatr holders nor barer* are 411x10a ‘ Aii^sh*B» doers seaersl dolae**. hales .WW fbnUl. deliTered Apnl, at 9e; si b ®*“ ‘ 7\Cy barrels m«md._BaUe j hSI lnc9J*c: beren only offering te The dlff«aenee can not be reconciled. Refined rv'nl ta CX<^^ P A^nrrtfnt srarrely ur ditposlUon erlacnl to sell ** price*, helps of OCO brl*. AstlU«*s “•* err lo Fbnadelpbla, at 40\e tor April. 31C t r May, aaa S3c for Jut, hairs of free w»re m«de_toj «**lier» at 43241 c. Gold .Tanas ta lure lots con-d oe boggnt at lawerflgtues. No demand nor aales of napiha crre*l doom. flilll■• In Orta city. Feb. Ml at the reMdepeeeflb* bridge father, toy K/r. Mnvßiii ilaaer, Mr. LEONARD AMES and Mias LkTTiELuuMl*. tv BufiWo <N. Y.) paper* plroae eepr. In this city, F»b, Uth. by lb- ller. Robert Burger, Mr. JOSEPH FaIMK and Mis* MABUTTA WEN- TiKii-, both 01 (Ms city. la thlsrily, Tub. Mb. toy Bar. J.T. Matthew*, Mr. OBURGB MOORE and MIM MARIA QKOBUE, both of Chicago. ... In this city, Feb. Wth, at Use residence of the bride • father S 7 Ceatre-av., by thr liar. K. J CY BUb tfkKMT. M?d; and MtU EMILY K. tiOGOEd- HALL, all of Cblcoto. On suesdaT.Feb. into, at the rtaldencaol the bride's bther. by the Rev. Mr. Mensdlct. Mr. A. A. VVB. of Hhcupulii, ud illw CAhIUS UOaD, of U prairie. Minneapolis peter* plraae copy. At Prtrcetoß, Di- Feb- mh.*tth*r«ridenoe of_the bride'sparrots,by theHtr. F.utMon,HENRY COE XIST or Chicago, to LIZZIE, caoghter of Sydney Smith, Ki q. >'<j card*. 8180. To this city, in Wednesday, Teb. Uth, THOMAS » OUM. .. n m.. on Friday, 15lh lest, Fi lend* of the umlly are re ip** mi >ly it Tlted ta attend. tVNtw York paper* pleaae copy. At New Orlear*. La n Feb. Bth. of consumption. Mrs. LTD LA A. WALKEF, in h»r Slat year, dangbter of the late Col. Israel Johnson, of Indiana, and with ofS. Walter, of this aty. At Fulton. Wbiusiae 00-JR, Saturday, Feb. Jd, of colt OOP Ucc, MENBY V. WIBOSQ. aged V year*. amusmenw. ■yAEIETT THKATKE. Full honsrs atteri the popularity of the establishment. NEW ATTRACTION, of tho talented MASTER JOHN DG* of the Ulenttd Actor, Mr. A- B. KEN- TLU evening will be played the CHICAGO FIHEMAN- Tbebeautllul FLORENCE TEMPLE will appear In MAZKPPA on Monday evening. pOL. WOOD'S MDSETJU. cbl- J. H. WOOD ..••.PlOßrittor Director of p. g, aikkn BiwM«i*eer.... .THOR. "AKBT A OK£AI SiT. The new Dramatic Romance, pro dnccdWUu Qieqnalied masnifloeoee, at great cost, wltto. ft splendid cast, and rerctved by a crowded bouse With rnttanslaitle applause. Thi* Thursday Evening. February it, at K befbreS, the new London Sensational Drama ot THE HUGUENOT CAPTAIN, produced with entue new scenery, ccetum** and deco ration*. To coeclnde with the roaring farce of The Qor*e Railroad. The WHITE BOY 1* in rtbear*al. VI CKE U* S THEATRE fiCVtcSER A MTKBS MANAGERS. ENGAGEMENT OF J. B. McDOKOUoH. Brilliant Success of Koneliaatt'a new drama. Tliß LUNG HPRIKEt Or. THE WUKEINUUEN OF MANCHESTER. J. B. MrDosoaf b inTwo Cnaractor*. BEAUTIFUL AND IMPRESSIVE BCENKBT. vmi-nitTT» raCTOPM iXD TKLXQUrH 07VICS, Of rcu, OPKBATIOW. Friday—Benefit ol J. S. McDonough. Saturday, Lone Strike Matinee. „ „ „ . . It Rehearsal— and T. P. Cooke’s Prize Nanacal Drama cl TKUETOTDE COBB. XTANKEE ROBINSON’S CIRCUS I AND MENAGERIE. JAB. BOBINSON, Champion Equeftrisn of the World, and his son, CLARENCE, will appear oa MONO AT. February lllh. The Chicago Times rays: James Boblnson tain his profersion what itlstorl Is In her*. Beats can be secured three dara in advance. auction Sales. ILBERT AND SAMPSON, \JT General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Dear born-el. Trade Sate In open lots ot 47 rraten White Crockery, 300 bases H'asa \> arts Pomnsnnnle* dr Pocket Cattery, • AT AUCTION, On Thursday, Feb. Hth. at 10 o'clock, oonil'llng of Tot. let, Dtnnar and ' r ea Ware, of the beat thaws and 'just liy s also, 500 boxes ot G ass Ware. r«f slating of Dowls, sugars, liobleis, champagne*. Wines. Creams, Dhliea, dc., Ac. Also, an invole- of Pocket Cutlery and Fort* monisles. Qo.dsrarkrdforihetormtrr. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Aocl’M. * SAMPSON, VjT General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Dearboro-n, Superior New and Second-hand Homo hold Furniture,Ac., AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY, Frh. Uth. at 10 o’clock, at our sales roctn*,47 and 40 Denrborn-sL, consisting ofa large asscrtmeptol very superior Parlor, Chamber and Din ing-room Furniture, Including a splendid assortment or chan her and parlor suites, together with a general assortment or Housekeeping Goods OILDKIIT A BAMFBON, Auctioneers. SCOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCIIASTB, 1«4 hakr-st., ear. Cbtcaco. Cash advance! oa Merchandise consigned Cur sale. Outdoor sales promptly attended to. Ruction— FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16,1867, At DAKIRT. BCOTT A CO.’S Auction Rooms. 161 Lake-st., at 10 a. m. Catalogue csle of Dry Goods, Dmi Goods, CasslreirfS, Ac. W« are Instructed to sell at oor rooms, at auction, on Friday, the 15tn In stant, at 10 a. in., a Urge acd varied assortment of casrimerra. utlbtla, Jeans, prints, fiannelt, bose, halt bose, acdcrshlrta, drawers, blankets, gloves, ladles* cloaks, carriage trimmlDgv,dc. Catalogue on Thursday afternoon. DANIEL BCOTT A CO.. Auctioneers. A UCTlON—Saturday, February 16th, t\ stDsnUl Beott Ot Co.’s Auction Rooms, 104 Laie-sL. alios, m. Wear* Instructed to sell at our rooms. IG4 Lake-sU, a Urge ounettf?-of BouKhold Fnnmott.Crockvrj VTare. Sugar. Cigars, Tobacco, Js, Full parucnlars on Thursday monuog. DANIRL BCCTTi CO M Ancttonaen. RUCTION SALE, On Thursday, Feb. 13. nl 10 o’clock, At oor salesrooms. 76, 77 and 7D Wt>Us-st_ near Randolph, a large variety w New and ttecopa-hand rnraitara, DrusteUi, Three-ply sod lurrain Carpeu. A '.«rce assortment of OU C>olhs- Ac. TtwUteads. Ua reans. Wtahsunds, Wsrdreoes* Bids and Corcer What nota, De»ka. Book-r asea, Uarhle-lop Tables Mahogany and Walnut Card Tables. Cane and Wood Beat Chairs, Walnut and Oak Extension Tables, Ac. Crockery, Gists. Plated Ware and Cutlery, A large assortment ol Mirrors, Ac. At« o’clock, 1 Dare Day Horse, six yrars old; 3 Open Buggies. 3 set* of New and Second baud Barneeiss. K-auisrssle* on Mondays and Than, days. Goods of all kind* taken on storoge- J. R HANEY A CO„ A act’s. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, 127 « Dtatbota-at., (Mil* Gold and Hllver Watches, Stiver* p aied Ware. New Pnroltare, dc , TO-PA 7, at IQ O’OtOOg, BHAB?. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer* & Commission Merchant! 44 4c 46 KANDOI.PII-MT.. Between Stalest, and Wabsah-ar., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, or dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, acl. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNTTURft, CARPETS. Ac., every SATURDAY. Sato IHUte, Engines, Set. 'J'HE LANE & liODLEY * Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machinm. Core Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery, LAKK Si DUDLEY, Comer ot John and Ctnctnnatf. Applicant* lor dwertpove circulars will specify the meohlTMT tb»v nee*. erSOVt-toxn jfat Sale. FDR SALE—To Lumbermen—Valuable Saw Mill property far sale. The undersigned will sell at poblli- sale, to the highest Didder, on Wednes day, Frb. JOtta.atl o’clocc p m-. at the Court Bouse. In Bay City, Mlcblxan. the saw milt belonging to ibe otate of John J. Fraser, deceased. This mil) 1* new. bavlnr been built la»t season. It Is situated within the corporation limits of Bay City, and is on, without donbi. toe best mill location on Saginaw River, hav ing a larve extent 01 river iro: tare. over twenly-fmr acres ol booming privilege, and 0v- acre* of banding ground. For funner particular* address „ . . Wk. McEW AN. Executor. Bay City. Feb. 4, ISE7. FDR SALE—The steam tugs W. K. Mmr atdß. F. Davidson, new laid op at Milwaukee, in good order. Apply to R. P. FITZGERALD A CO., No. DO Mlctugsn-iL. Milwaukee. FOR SALE—Prop. "Genessce Oblet, dow lying at Detroit, Michigan. Clast A 3. Ton nage (old mea»oiezneoi>, 554. App’V to WM. K. WAK RINEB, Detroit, Mich*or U HARRIS A BRO., S 4 Lnaioer-st, Chicago. 1708 sale—A dentist who is about to A 1 commence a tour In Europe will sell bisoffleefur- Lltnre, flxtnr*« and lease- Omco not surpassed In tbe city for convenience or locality. Address *-D D 8," Chicago, ML FDR SALE—Vcry Low—Boo pounds Jobnscn’* Agate, nearly new; IS noneds Agate Boldface, nearly new. HADDOCK A SON, IOS South Thlrd-st., Pbllade phta. T?OR SALE—Fcnque Tobacco—H. K, l 1 SAFFORD. Commission Dealer fn Tobacco and Clear*. 110 Kandolpb-«U. has Just received a quantity of Perique Smoking Tobacco, direct from New Or leans. Give him a call. fHariitwers. T7OR SALE—Turte b-hoise power up* f right engtr«*: six borUontal engine*, 8,1 C ard U*horM power. Larger or smaller engine* fur nished with or without ooiiers. 12, is, 16 and 30-borae tnhntar ana locomotive hollers for sal*, best make. Aiao one 4-roiler Union Matcher and P lam eg Machine. Sawmills, barrel and woud-worktag machinery, iron ptanrra. hUUng. saw*, ftiea. Ac. Machinery Depot, M Dearbera-su Chicago. GREENLEE BHOS. A CO. PDU fALS—A second-hand Buckley roXtag machine—in good coodiuon. Pi Ice, ftCh. Apply to the T Hi BUNK COMPANY. t?OU SALE—Portable ard Stationary P Engines. oj til tun. Alio. Puts am Machine r*s tools; «wo 13 feet bed. 31 Inch; one 6 feet bed, 13 Itch; two ev Iret bed, i« Inch: two 4)f feet bed, li itch ; ooe S feet bed. IS inch; one t f«t oed. II inch: one id fee: bed, a inch; one 13 feet bed. e. inch. All Screw Cutting Rncine i-athre, ooe Urge Dprlchi Drill, one small drill, two Iron Planer*. t»o Bolt Cn t ten, two Planers tnd Matcher*. Farrar** Snrueert, Trip Hammer*. Pumps, pelting, floae. Files, Ac, Ac. All kinds ot iron tod wood working machinery fur- Dished tt short sot ce C.L RICK A CO„ 10 tnd 21 Dearborn st. 'I \J ANTED—Machinery—A heavy and Vt powerful preas for ponrhingand shearing. Ad dem*. with description and pace, n. S. HircHELU I Ida. lIL . Ixcal Estate—ffiounttß. r?OH SALE—Frnit tanns and other r ltod».imoroTedtndtinl--proTed. Also, honaet aodlo«*,6y WILGUS « WIT,LIS, Real Enale Agent*, ItJrhrlew, WaahiPgton Co.. 111. J7OH SALK—Farm on Galena B. B, one r mQetrom Rwotl StsUon. tour mile* w»atot peca tonlct. MS tore*, two bou*e», * ere ham, timber. Ut tre wtier, tod Is one tf the best stock farm* In Illmjl*. WUibetold tt sad per tcre. tod It t bargain. D. K. PEARSONS. UN Btadoiph-tU,Chicago. 170 R SALE —Two Farms, both excel- JT knt ton, well wtterrd tod timbered. OnettO Km, netr Genera; the oth*r 90 term, netr Rockford. Offered chetp. Cl-AFLiy. 93 Waaatngtoa-st. P)R SALE—Ai Evanston—A nice coi- Uce, S rcos «. barn. rellar. w*Jl tnd cutern. Im mediate pomwloo- pried, fSjXO. 3LEBRIL LADD. 13 Cschant c-place. pergonal. T>EUSORAL—A yoTmg gcmlemmde- IT nre* to correspond with an Interesting iwy.for the pnrroteof c*mi toy tot mutual enjoyment. Aa drm - JJ C N." Chicago Pott Ogee. fliaims. T?0l! SALE—One ot CtuAoring’s ■inret w Piac<«, hear? carred cu» aid Ices. new. wlU'we sold cheap. Appij lo A. HAKT3IAS, Off Mjaroe-*t- Worses, grattiagefi. Set. FOR SALE—Id heavy horses, just from Indiana, at the cent* al StVble.foot of Sooth Water *U WILLIAM COX A CO. -- - Straccif an® Stolen CTEATED—From 210 We-t Randolph- U H.a null!, cream-colored Mare, while star on lotah-ad, right hind foot white. |ls reward to any one tttnnupff the tame. tto «ent-1Bott«e». rpolfENT—A .W^'SMu'JSSWKSTIJSK at 234 Plae*t. . 'T'OKENT—On Sonin Side. » «*“ JL t«o*«tory *od brick baaemeal boon, H 77 ««*: ■t-.poauininsritbt loom*; barn. coo4**“> lodru, itemutMrnoiw. cbeap. tlTca lannadltb)l7> Ap?lf BU’t-*t. rpo KENT—VVayerlty Noa. 308 X and aaa Klnxiaat. Apply at H 0» *415 yoartfrar^ TO UJ'^NT—A lutre, newly built ntmse, 12 roomt, vitu uul cai. *olUjrte for bomroln* booae.intf * nlca »u tr, •ltbonlre«trt to We* «MK I*t ofWr. ua at low him tor the Wjt jaar. Apply »t 460 or »T Soatb Clark. J»M. MAPdtIILL. ORKNT—House—Six or seven rooius, mod wood-boo*®, at 13 with gat, water rpo RENT—House 127 "West WasTmw- X P'a-tt- to a party who will boy the carpets and part of ftmaiore. N one omen need apply. Bud low. Applj at the noote. T) B£KT—A flist-class tlirce-rtory and basement brie* boos*. 302 W»baib-aT., with modem imptorenients, brier »übl^ -tTm May HU IM7. Inquire of POBINOTOS A SCRANTON, i)O9 Booth Waterst. TO KENT—Flrst-dass bricb bnildmc, four-story and baseu eot, 14 Sooth Water-sU w. B. Rial Estate AjreaU 3 Metropolitan Bloch. - rpo RENT—House ot ten rooms, with I siacieeot lend, ob mVlo* Irom rftcMj. To * eood lenßit, in BdT»aU«eooi Ie»*o vulte pTfa. feXYDEK « LEK, 4 MetropoUUa i BlodcTßeiilWUUt A*totiV_ rpO KENT Cottaee house. No. 282 1 Norti Frsnkllnal.soolhof Whlttßt.atllSper aoaUu Immediate poaaeMlon. Apply to THUS. B. BETAS A CU n Brjsa Hsll. rpo BENT—House No. 75 Warren-st. I snd cottage No. 20 Cnarles-place, E. Q. CUM* MDtGS, Boon 19 No. 13*A Soatn Clark st. . rpo KENT—Douse containing 10 rooms, X on tbe South Fide, opposite Dearborn Park. All or a part of the fumltdre for sale. Boor low. Inquire »t 1 a East Randolph-*!. <£o ISent-liooms. XO RENT—WeII furnished rooms in a convenient situation—stoves, service and gas In* ed. IQSCaas-st. rpo RENT—A seven-room bouse. No. I 333 Calumet-av- $3) per month. PSIBB Slimp, ff'i ilouroe-n. rpo BENT—Two very desirable rooms I in Lombard Block. Apply at Boom 31. TO KENT—Two pleasant unhimished rooms, soluble for housekeeping, or accompanied with day novd la same house. Inquire at Boom 3, Be. 199 Westßandolph-tt. TO RENT—A pleasan* trcnl parlor and bedroom, ttmlshed and kept In order: also, frost si: gle rooms to rent, wUnout beard, to gentlemen only, at 23 Mlcolgan-av. r pO RENT— Furnished iodgine rooms, 1 without board, with closets, stove* and m ana kept la ordci, to gcnllemen only, at lit soma natei-st. T) KENT Famished rooms, with board, suitable lor man and wife or single gentle* mep. Terms moderate. At 9i West Jackaon-at. r} RENT—Front room, at 150 Cass st., furnished or unfurnished, aa dfaired. Apply on the premise*. rpO RENT—A nicety famished front JL room anttable for a gentleman and wife or two young gentlemen. Addrea* -M C J." Tribune office. T) BENT—The first-class front rooms, No*. 11 and 13, In tbebaLdmg No. *3 LaSalle st„ near the Chamber of Commerce, Possession given immediately. Apply at the rooms. TO RENT—A pleasant from room, un tarnished, with larg- c oaet. Also, board In a pri vate family on the west Side, within one block of Ran aolpb-at. cars, Jfi Walnat-at, TpO RENT—A suite of rooms, and farm- X. tare for aale, all new, aunated on Desrborn-at.* Apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block, between hi and 13 a. m. and i and 4 p. m, or addreaa Box 3010. RENT—With board, a suite ot un* X gtntlrmau and wife. In a private family, on Waaolngton-*!., «e#t of Green. Ref. nnre* given and required. Addnua**B M." Tn bone office. 2Eo l\rnt-3tores. ®gjtes.Srt TO RENT—The lour-storj and base* n est brick store, corner of Clark and Madisoa-O*. how occnpled by MfHia. Marmet A Co_ will t>e leaied tor a term of years. Poaae-*lon given first ot May. inquire of U. W. UIKtiOALE, eorner Water and lUv cr eta. TO RENT—Second and third tloors al 301-ake-at. Apply at I*UEXJ% DODIIKA CO.’S. r T*O RENT—Very desirable office rooms I at 91 Kandolph-at, second floor. Apply to DU. JAMES, 93 lUndolph-at.. aetond floor. TN) RENT—Stoic, 207 Randolph st.nnd 1 fixture* lor tale, It wanted, p.oiesslon IramMl ately. Apply to A. U. MEAD, Real SsUto A goat, 131 Uandolph-st. Fpo KENT—Desk room m one ot the i mottdealrahle offlee* in the city. Apply al Room 3. No. 131 Boath Clark-st. TO RENT—Offices in budding No. 42 LaSalle-at. inquire on Ist floor. TO RENT—Cheap, desk room tn a nleelv famished office, corner Madison and Clark aU.jor will sell the ftrclture and lea**ot thentflooat a bargain. Apply at Delight’s Barber Shop. 133 Wash laglot-it. T) RENT—The Ftoro «nd basement. No. 90 Washington at., with the tour story build lug in the rear, Pom April Ist. Apply to OUOKINB A KOBEHTa.B6 Waaniattna st,. op stairs. ffiSaanteS-UEn Uent. TXTANTED—To Rent—Any time before VV May Ist, by a small ftmllr, so children, a cot. tagacf flveoralz roema. in good lomstlun aud repair. North ol Indiana and east of Clark cleftrred. Ad dmsa -MELVIN." Tnbtme office. TTrANTED—To Kent—Bv an A No. 1 TV tenant, a house on North bide, sooth of Erl* and rast of Clark, containing 10 or 13 rooms. Addroa **J L 8." 338 Waat Madison- t. WANTED— To Kent—A house su t* able for f u nr or five genUrmrn aa a bachelor residence, with necessary conveniences, furnished or unturnthsd. Adclrrst, with full particular* as to rent, capacity, localliy. Ac, Ac, Box -IS-9 P. u, Chicago. WT ANTED —To Rent—A good house, VY contalnlogSor 10 rooms, on toe South Side, north of Twelfth and east of State-at, by a prumpt payine, careful tenant. Address M W," P. O. Drawer o!sS3, Chicago. WJ ANTED —To Rent—A farm ot not VV less than 40 or SO ftcro, with goad dwelling boose on Ihwithln st- to lie* of Chicago. Address, im mediately, SI. MASON, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good house, VV containing Bor '.O room*. situated on Wabash or Mlchlgan-av*.. north <f Tweltth-si-by a small lag lly, without children. Would real a famished housc. It furniture Is alee, tor one or two year*. Address P. O. Drawer 3^26. TXTANTED—To Rent—A good house, VV betweenthtaandttePtof April or May.wttn 12 or 16 loom s, soluble lor a first-elassboarding house, south side, north of VanOoiea-at. Please addreu **u D,” P.0.80x IttOlj \\T ANTED—To Rent—By the Ist of V V Mar, a house on the Korin Side, tnluble for a email family. Addreu *•£ G F," p. o. Pox 6380. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By two quUt VV young gentlemen. a well luralsted sleeping atanmenf, in the Immediate rlcmlty of the Coon House. Address, stating location, Items, stc., “F ST,” Tribune office. TXTANTED—To Rent —A small tur- VV nlshed room, by two sisters. Mast bewtthlo nre blocks ot Ororer 4 Bsk*r's Sewing Macnms Rooms. Address MISS MAUD SMITH, monte office. iveal Isslate-ffiitj), mPBOTBD. TTOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real I Estate Agents, >0.4 Metropolitan Block, a first-dais brick housecf 11 rooms, hot and coil water, water closets, bath rooms, marble mantels. pel's, lur nare. and tot, with brick barn, os Kncter-st- near Jackana. pOR SALE—By Snyder ft Lee, Real X Estate Agents. Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block, a block of four brick buildings, corner of Indtana-ay. and Twcnty-fiftb-st. ~ FOR SALE—A nice new two-story dwelling bouse, and lot 50x179 feet, with gas and water and all ImproTtmtnts, with or without the fur niture. For inrtoer partleulara Inquire of JA9. A. " UITAEEB, firm of R*hltaker, Harmon 4 Co., 48 Rlyer-su ITOR SALE—Bv Snyder <fc Lee, Heal X Estate Agents. No. 4 VletropollUn mock.two new tratce bouses ot S moms each, and lots3oxl3l fret, on near Learttt. pOR SALE—A vtry desirable and com- X modious house. In pertost order. Ko. I Nil SonUt Jefferson-sU with U rooms. 4c» with lot tfxltStPtn alley, good barn, thorough aeweraee. 4c Only 13.000, U taken immediately. TTte cheapest house la roarx* one any will be convinced who examines the property. Tills pemet. WARREN 4 GOODRICB, Real Estate Brokers. 123 l>arb3ra-st. Boom a. ITOR SALE—Two-story bonse, and lot, X Ko. 259Fonrth-av. tlonse Is new and In z_-xn order. Lotaxioa. Only f2,Soa, if taken at once. Very cheap. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 123 Dcarboni-st; Boom S. F'OK SALE—Houses and lots Nos. 081 and 356 Wabish-tv. So. 3SB has 11 rooms; *0.354.13 do. Lots 35x173, with eoxl bams. Will bejjoid at low prices. Title beyond question. WAR REK 4 GOOLRICiI. 123 Dear&orn-st M Hx>m 2. FOlk SALE—Three-story hnck hnUd- Ing and lot, Ko, 093 Clark-st., ne\r Vanßnren-*C. ot Only >13.500, if taken Immediately.°T toro 7 er S!»y ei * bat CODl£l *>« re-rented at a wt^?i h J^J r iT?i*;_ T,Ue Perfect, WARREN 4GOOD HVCU, \23 Deaibom-at, Room a. t'OR bALE—Fine residence on Park- X sv.; aUo. one on Ada-eu, cottage and two aerM 01 land on Fnuezton-av.. and a first-class bottae, very cheap, oa talnmet-ar. CLAFUN, 93 Waahiagtoa^t. FOR SALE—The weli»butit two-story frame bouse, with brick CmndsUon sod all mnd era Improvements— lotMxlM No. IS Fartc-sr. Also, tbe lot WxllC. east efthe aazae.. The above will b« tr id at a bargain if taken soon, as 1 wish to reinvest on the South side. The bouse is a little over a year old. acd rests tar fUU'o per annum. Possession can be had first of SI »y next. Tor terns apply to J. CAB- Bin. 131 Lake-su ' T?OR SALE—House and lease of lot F IS4 Erlc-sL,tearLaSallMt, Price lI.TtW. la mediate possession. WABBEN A GOODRICH. 103 Dwporwt., Boon 8. |7OR SALE—Four-story brick house, I lot and two-»ury brick barn on Fonrth-av. for ••let also, a feed mill, doing a good basinets. J. TV. WACGDOP. 03 I?OK »ALE—Desirable bonth Side Rea- F deuce Property—Michlffmo-ar- near Elrhleenlb >u large, ewiil Dnek boose, with all modern Im* provemenu; UicMgan-*r„ near Twentythlrd-sc, de sirable tma 1 bsnse. very cheap; Wanash-sv., near Fourtecntn-st.. bouse on Itaaed lot; Wabash-av., near BeTentecctb4t., new house and ten year*’ lease cf lot; F-.nrthHir .near Polk-st, very cheap. J. D. DAB- V£i, ??■»LaljallesL rsmpBOTED. 170 XI SALE—Three choice lots, fronting L tbe CnlvrrMtr grounds in Evanston, comer ol msmas-ar. ard rnlversitr place, at a bargain f.r «*»«*• Apply to NCTT A BROOKES. 33 Clark-*L, Chicago. rpOR SALE—Choice 10 acre lots, five X tulles south ot cltyUmlu> fl.loo each. |;ooca»h, -aianee in 10 years at 7 per cent. WAKUES A GOOD RICH, 123 Dearoorn-su. Boom 2. SALE—The south hall of block 9, Klnzle’i Addition ata bargain; or win sell lota •eparatelv on 10 years* time, at 7 per cent. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dfcsfbon.-«t, Boom ’i. ITOR BALE—S lots on Lmcoln-st, Ash -1 land's Addition, at a bargain; also, aftrst-claai house on Park-ar, price *IO,OOO. A. B. MEAD, 131 Randolpa-st. EpOR SALE—Dwelling lot, 50x150 feet, 1 cor. North Dearborn and Mapie-st*. Title perfect Any person wishing to make a good investment, can bay Ibis property ala bargain. WaSRBN A GOOD RICH. 133 itoam 2. IFOR SALE—several fine lots on Pe- I orla-su, south of Adams. 90xiB each; denrable residence property. J. U. KEELER. Beal Estate Office, 139 bonth, CUrt-it, T?OR SALE—7S lots on Coolidce, Samp- F ton and Maxwell-sou; so lota on Lesvltpsh, near MadUofrt.; 60 lota on Bamson-su near l^ffia-st: i 3 lota on RcnPen-sh. near Uubbsrd-st.: 10 l»t* on Hub* bard-ss.pear u lots on Klnile-*C, near Armoor-st,; to lots on tear Unbt>anl-st.; 30 lota on HlUer-su near Polx-st.: lot on Fotxnh-ar_ ?53 r ,. 1^ ,aj ‘ u - xe2 X ch «*P- OUNGEBA WAIAtB, t*6 W Boom x. F3R &ALE—A fine residence lot on Wabaah-sv.. between Twelfth sad Th:rtceoth-Bts, east front. Dot Is 85 fc-t bv 170 to aa alley 30 teet &Elantci~&eai iHstafc, TT7AKTEU—Residence lots on Alicul v v gan or Waba*h-aT« between Twelfth and Twes- Uetb-sts. J- H. Beal Estate Offlc*. IV9 kootb U ark-st. HSlanteß-JBaU fßeip, ■mtEKßiriM muau Ac. TXT"ANTED—An energetic man wlln YY slootoWoo > toeßK»r*t«am<iQ«7 raUlocnnei ctn. WUI bear ainet taT«*tljr*tlon, Adpj at 192 £oaU C.ark-*t, Itoom 3, from •a. ».to3p. ta. TUf AN TED—Drag clerk. State vonr VY a*e,kaowled*oot tnabtulnsa*, reaoral qayia. catlona, real name, and roforeoea*; aiao, whatulary’ expected. Comuonleatioaa edoddenUaJ. m O T, Box 1353, Cbleacot'.o. WANTJsB— Salesmen for this aty; *l*\onafor Mllwaokie. Unit bciio baalaeia atoor*. Rairreccei reqalrnd, J. U. JONES m CO,* 130 Demwnm, Boom 17. 'tXT'ANTED—An experienced travelling VV acect to tollcUorJeraror floor Aid grain Ibr a cooj2.U*iro touic. it*p»wneaa required. Addre*i Box UOBO. = WAITED— A smart, tidy, reliable bor. who realdea with hit parenu. Addreta t. u. box 3074. . TXT ANTED—First-class travelling sales- VV men. Tboeewhoharenadexperlencelosoilclt- In* preferred. It quire at 109 Washington-#*., Boom 1 address STODDARD A CO-, Chicago. TRADES. TT/ANTED—An A X cairtagsjpainter VV and flnlaber, to take charge ef the pant shop In a flrrt-clsis carnage 1 artery; also, a blackstruth. to do flue work m carnage Ironing, In a pleasant city, near Chicago, and steady work. Address for-three days, 8. C. 6 BANT. 16 Lakfrst. ffliSantefc- ftclp. TX7ANTED—A wet nurse tor a child V V two months old. Apply at 70 State-rt. DB. BOAUDMAN. WASTED— Immediately, an experi enced woman to carte children. French pre* terrtfl. Apply at 603 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED —A wet nurse, immediately. Apply at 138 West Vanßorea at. • HOVfiB SERVANTS* \*7ANTED —A very respectable mid* II dle-aged or elderly lady—a firm-rate cook, wataer and irooer—who. In connection with a servant under her. Is competent to do the work of a small tain* IlyandOllthe place of housekeeper, for a widower, living a short distance tram the city. To sit attne same table and be treated aa one of the family mail respects. Most he neat and cheerful. Address P. O. Box 757. Chicago. T\ 7 ANTED—A good diningroom girl. Vv Also, a girl tj help the cook. Apply at 111 Wabash ay. WANTED —A flood woman or girl, to do general housework la a family ot tour—one tnat understands cooking. Apply at 130 South Jef* tferton-st. Bo Irish wanted. TXT ANTED—A good girl at 50 West W Lake-st. Wages liberal. TXT ANTED—A good girl, in a family VV of tour, to do general housework. Call, wltn references, at Beloen-av., S<l boose from Clsrk-sh, y tuth aide. TXTANTED—A youDrf girl, about 16 or VV 17 year* oi agr. to assistln light work. It mile* onto! the city. Any girl wishing a good home will flaa thta a good chance. Apply at 110 Wabaan-ar. TXT"ANTED —A pood girl, to cook, wash V* and imn, at No. 353 Indiana-*!., 3 dour* weal ofbtate-tt. Moat come well recommended. TXT'ANTED— I Two girls to do general VV housework. at 31 Fourth mr. None but Ihoie able and willing to work need apply. Emplcgmjtu asentfea. T XT ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, lire V V men to fell one of the best domestic artlctesevar offered lor sale. Ua« no compctUton. Every family wants from two to a dozen. Pr«flt very large, call lm medlatelr at 184 South C.ark-st., Room 9. upstairs. J. B. NASON. \XTANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 W collectors trakemeu, 1 firemen, 1 porter. 3 drlvm,tagenta.3en'Tyelert»,S condaetot*. Apply at 134 Dearborn-ac. Room 3. TXfANTED —Young men In the conn- V v try, wiabtng to obtain situations, auch u book keeper*, salesmen, collector*, expressmen, derca, brakesmen. Ac., Ac~ to applv at 134 Dearqorn-a*., It-om 3. or addresaU. E. JONES A CO.. Box 3010, end mot tea cent*, for lull particolara. IXTANTED—6O men, wages $1.50 to VV 13.C0 per day and hoard; V wood-rhoopsr*. 13.15 per cord. Applv at 100 Madison at, Hoorn 4. afflantca-ißifirdlancous. \X7ANTED —To lightning rod dealers. V V Experlrocni ascnlito *fil the most perfect rod In ns*. None except those having cjpwlencc m this ora •imiiar bn»lne*« need apply. Addreu**Copper bcroll Ughtnlng Ho»l Co.” Freep-rrt, HU \A7ANTED— I To exchange lor noose- VY hold furniture, one fire gold watch, valued at Fao. Address -G.” Tribune office. WJ ANTED—Two good Silvcr-Eaycrs, W Apply at office ol the cnlcn Despatch Co., la Warehouse foot of Handolph-at. WANTED— A residence, In or near some county town or village, convenient to lallrc ad—Chicago A Ruck Islaml Chicago A bt. Loul«, or imnoU Central. Mustba worth at a bat gain from |.VOtO to IIAOOO. Ample groauds attached, with trull, shrubbery. Ac.. pref<md. la ezcaange 1 will pay Crtt-elua Chicago property. Improved or unimproved, at a lair valuation. Answers will ata’e full paitteu lan, prtiv. Ar M ot the property offered. Addreea Box taoa. Chicago P. o. WANTED— To borrow two or three ihoossnd dollars on good security ontaide the my. C. WlLUAMs.Dtawfrti’i3B. TXT - ANTED—The celebrated gypsy wo t> has removed to 339 Bomb cisrk-tu whrre she «111 still rrmtttoe to aaioPtah all la her art oi palmistry. All affairs of lift tuld with accuracy by - Poa’l farget tbo comber, 33!?. over the hat store. Fee, cne dodar. TX7ANTED—Two thousand dollars for VV two years al iO per cent. Security given on city property wottn three or lour time* the amount, A'fditas tor out wc«k. **D C," Trtbnaa office. TXTANTED—To collect bounty for vet* VV erana, sailors and ooe-ytar men. No charge aotll claim la col'ected. Advsucaa mad* on claims. A. OOODRICII. Attorney at Law, 130 Dearborn- Room 3. cilice cpeaasenloga. VXTANTED—A ncat,comll»riab]?» W lug ol fl or 10 rooms, with closets, gasaad wa ter; tot over booth side preferred. Moat be a bargair. Address Bos 34, giving addreia, location anq prlcr. TXTANTED —To exchange—The excln- V V *lve right of a new Invention, which wilt pay 75 per cent on the capital Icvnted. for inti estate, or will *ellcb<apftrcssh. The state* ot Minnesota. lowa, Wis ocsln, Nebraska. Kansas, Illinois and Ulsaotm iclf«rnift.aadwlUbcsoU tingle or together, fbla is a bargain to a young man wuhlna to travel. Ad dress Ibr two wo» ca, p. O. Drawer 33, LsPorteCJty, TXT ANTED—Money—s2,ooo. Any one VV haring two thousand dollar* to loan, to be sfeured by first mortgage on a farm worth tea Una* ssed dollar*, nail a mile from Paxton, county seat of lord Co., will plcr.>e sdcreas “B CS,” Box SO, Pax too. HI., with tcras. IXTANTED—A good stennd-hand low V V deft, with draw-rs: also, map* of Chicago City ard Cock Coonty. Addreas ‘•H,'* Tribeae amce. TXT ANTED—Men and women in every VV towntoralssclnbstor the Chicago florae Cir cle. 10 cents. A good chance tc get a eood paper free. Sample copy. AdaresaS. M. KENNEDr, 194 Clark st, Chicago* TXTANTED—A young man, with S4OO, . » V to take an Interest In a business already estab lished atd paslng a targe profit. Apply to BPEEB 4 HBOS. IQ7 South Clark-st. TXT ANTED—Every one to call and ex \w amine wie>haoi'i Burglar Alarm. State nn-1 ceuntr rights for sale. Single Alarms tor sale. Office. lUU D»«rboro-«u. Room 14> up Males. .. TXTANTED—Those interested to send VV *tamrforclrc«lsra.drawingi,4c.,of thsMagle Linen Marker, or >3 for csnrtsser's complete onrt. Entire satisfaction guaranteed. Address MORTIMER 4 CO.. Box 3117. WANTED —A purchaser tor a “pat ent” which U superior to anything cf the kind er»r gotten up. It Is an artlc’eneeded In every home hold. Betels a chance tor a -II ye” man to make a furtons with a small capital. Call at IOS Adama-st trom 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. TXTANTED —Men lo establish an office VV tosln«s la different portions of Illinois. Capl tal required. >75. A tiptop chance for a lire mao. Call at OO M< proe-sL. Room ‘2.for two days. TXTANTED—Active plrtner or clerk, VV with some capita l . In an established auction bouse, to take the place of one haring oiner basinets to attend to. Address •HI.” Tribune office. TXTANTED—An energetic man, with V V six or eight hundred dollars, to travel. St'ary, flOC.cOamontb. and expex.r*. Best references re quired. Ad.lrrss “BAC," Tribune office, tor 3 days, w here to be tound. 4c. business (Etianccg. F)H SALE—A woollen tactory. near o'Btnnon Depot, IS miles from Tjonlsvine, Ky_ conslstlrgof 3fia:m land, a g-x?<l two-story dwelling lor proprietor, with convenient outhouses; al*o. two small hoose« tor tactory hands, who are all living on the place; also, st >ck, cocsUtlns 01 thrre horses, c-iws, two wagons, booseh' Id farnltnrf, provisions, Irgether with I.l*o yes cloth, 4c. The whole will be closed nut to a cash purchaser tor the sraUl tnm of |7,t00. The stand li one of ihe best in the Stale, belnr establlshwl near twenty years. Amount ot work turned ont tor the aeason of wren months is IS.WO yds cloth. 150 pair blankets. Custom work last season was 17,003. Tats place, well managed, wl’l pay tor itself lo one season. Aaorcsa A. C. KODOLF. O’Banooa Depot. Ky. F'OU SALE—By Gilbert & Benedict, 132 Clark-su Room 7. lease and Inrulcure of a new 'hotel in one of the best locations in Chicago; an A No 1 restaurant os Dearb:rn-it.. tor half >m nine; a splendid residence >a Tweaty-slxth-si. lot 50xlff> ft; one of the beat retail grocery sV'fea on the South Side; lease and furniture of a tour-story b lek Boarding house tear Lake-st., cn South bide; afaa, onoon We-t sear the bridge; oot-h«lf interest m one of the nicest fitted up ladlsa* and get to', renanranw In thecl'y, capital required tWWi; also, ose-halt interest in one cl the best located hotels in thv centre of the city. |7*OK SALE—Store boose and a light i. stock ut dry roods, groceries. where a basi n'■* of twenty .five thousand a year has been done, and with the rapid Improvement ot tbe country surround- Ids ran be increased. II preferred, store bonsew- nil be rented. For particular*. Inquire of BIGGS A Mo- CLAbE. Buckley, !1L _ L?OR BALE—At half price, two scholar- I ships, in tbs Illinois S:hoo! ot Trade, Chicago. XT'OK SALE—A good paving manufac- I I taring builneaa. Captui required, about *3,000. Address *• QUENTIN,** 1 nbnoe office. U'OR SALE—Drug Store—A Kara F Chance—The subscriber oSers for sale a firu-ciaas frescnntloi drug store, one of tbe best stands 10 tbe city of Milwaukee, bees now In successful operation fbr five year*, and dolnc a good business. Tbe beat of reasons gives (or selling. Addrus J. K. ADAMS. did Malo-st.,Milwaukee. Wis. F'OK SALE—Rare business chance for lire enb make money, by a new article lately invented. Terr tory (br sale at a a rest bargain. Note sesd spp.y without a opltal of rrom fifty to two hun dred dollars. Cali at 30 Rafidoloh-sL. corner of Wa basb-av., up stairs, or address “C," Box 5570, TT’OR BALE—The very elegant stock ol I ccods In Fancy Goods Uazsar, corner Clark sad Washlnxton-ats-. most b** sold by February 13th. Will ne exchanged Ibrclty property in whole or part. Ap ple to s. W. SEA. Real Estate and Mercnaodlie Broker. I Q4 Clark-st.. in store. F OR sale—The lease, stock and fix tures of toe Alhambra DlcioeSslooo.No 07 Sooth Clsrk-st, opposite the Court Bouse. For terms inquire at tbe Restaurant. f7*OR BALE—A stock of hardware, F trade established, in the roontr seat of one ot the bertconnties in th» state cfnilnnls. For particulars 1: qulic of E. M. PHILLIPS. 14S gtVlra TT'OH BALE—Boarding bouse furniture, F on reasonable terms. Rouse foil of boarders. oi> ject, to change bonnets. Call at 103 Eaat Jackson st. C*OR &AIE—For $3,500 cash, to an F editor and printer, tbe one-bail interest in* at it ciars weekly Bepcblicas new,paper, yio'diac a yearly IncoTce of from fT.OCO to fldOO}. Circnlatton i,w »td rapidly increasing. Fopnlatlnn oi town, 10J00. ' An. dtai-BEO." Tribuneofflee. Chicago. T7OH &ALE—Or exenange for real ea- F • laic—A flue, paying businesa cn Lake-st. Poor health tbaAßly reason ror selling. Address, tor one week. ** F D S," Tribune office. U'OR SALE—The stock, fixtures and F lease of one of tbe b*st dry goods stores la tre rlty n Ouinev; tie house is a three-rtory marble front, eligibly located on the Public Square; the city t>o« has a population ot So.oCDlnhabitant*, and u ran. tdiyincreaslbg. Ibis is U the only opp rtanity offer-d f»r obtaining a gr-od boose and bunnesa stand it the city, Keaacn fi>r»elUng. proprietor is desirous of go ing to Eorcpe For information or Particular*, ad (irta* or call v n BBUr*KMAN a CO-Qalpy 111., or a. B. POI.USTER, at Sowen, Wbitsaa A wlas- UW». Chicago. TTOR SAJ.E—Prom SIOO to SSOO wOl F purchase a bcitn*«s that will oay from *IOO to Uda Krmrntb. vatttutor addteas TRUESU6LI. A co :sl Estate Agents. 109 Uouroe-4L,Bo}st 13. -p* -Only one more chance ji tali state. **°* tTOR &ALE—Fmmtuie Hud lease ot a S»Unamma aawmten, niLRK. CITDATION—WnnIed, liy a middjTT, ip«B,or ttanjr yean experience i n u, trade. Gao alec food recreate here'* V Addin*, •• X. Y.Z.r Ooarxa. l\ o. Uu* 7(> Ula * SITUATION—WanUd, aTimSw kj bT* fontf mto wbo wu Utei; «j»tcap*MtT. Dndoobledcr? rrfctctca*rti2 c,1, » (trraa "MK C," Bor N3A. Uhlcairo. Q ITUATloN—Wanleo—By , c^r ID ten«yran»maaa* Pock-keeper or eoorti» i!**’ leftftnceoKlTta. Addmi**B K U.“Trthoae Q ITUATlOK—Wanted —By a r>'£. ««ii. a.itaadoa u bar leader. a-m7{’ |fei 393 WeatLake-ft. J?I J « f£v SITUATION— -Wanted —Bv a =w£ K-. m&o, • rttaatloo Id a book lo aaaut lit Uio atazaplßK. and to nt»ki birrwr "V? al;y oaetoL Apply to “JB," 393 W«i L«wt**cSl V/i CITDATION—Wanted, the Ist ol Km* O by a competent drat clerk. Addrca* ** it nano* -:f- OIBT," Trlbare < fflce. CITDaTION—TTanfcd, by a fintdaw O myineer. H*abad elfht years*eipeilrn«.rT fnrnUhihebeMoireterencea. Adcre*s-ENGlsptro?. Tribute oOce. SITUATION—Wanted, as bookkeeper ' O shipping or entry clerk, by a man ot Itr.z •££>. ence in various tranches of business, with tb>*bat.? rrterepcea. Lnr« salary not required m ax»L aa. ’ v dress-TDD.’*Tribune omce. u SITUATION—'Wanted —By a vnnS ■% O msa, weed S!.* alnuUoa In any offlr<*, . good b/.ad, la qolck at flenres, and la wiiilsz u> m.*, - oimaelf QMtai. B*lar> dsi 10 much tn oMtci »* ploymcot. Address “F T.” Tribune ogee. | . CITUATION—Wanted—As buvcr or O talesman In a wholesale nr retail store. iiui thorough practical knowledge of the mar.-iviir,. 0 . ladle*’ taney and ajlk dressjgoodt- Good M-reac r> Address’ T B. 1 ’ p. O. Box 1440. CITUATION—Wanted—In a country O store, tor a lad between U and 16 year*, lire* f.t Us 8«. Intelligent and of good mora* character. Utile more than hi* Mart and knowledge that wouM Hac quired In boatnesa la all that would b* eir-ecid « present. Directlo”Q WC.”Tribute pare. FE9ILEB* CITUATIONB—Wanted, by two girl?. O one aa cook, the other as second girl. Can he mb tor two days at 163 Wentworth-ar. CITUATION—Wanted —A young lady O who Is a superior seamstress and good drea«mv»er desires a situation as seamstress In a private family, where she can have a good home.. Can give satuf*c • tory reference. Address tor three days “L E, Tribune office. CITUATION —Wanted—By a respect* O able glrL to do chamber and table work in a first* class family. Apply at 42 Monrjc-st. C ITUATION^r-Wantcd—By two girls; IO cse to cock, wash and lion for a pr.vate lamliy; tbecttrr as first c’ast cook In a hotel or restsorant, Addre»**M C.” Tribune office. agents asaante®. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s lo s2io pci XA. month, trtrrwbere.rssle andftrasl<v to intro duce tb'onchout the United 'late* the GENUINE IM PROYED IOMMON tENSEFAMILTSKWINO MA CHINE. This machine will stitch, hem. ftH, lock, qnllt, bind, bmJ aid embroider in a moat superior manner. PrLeohry tls. Fully warranted f»rn»e year*. We will pay fl.ew for anr machine that «1U •«v aattosgrr. more ixauutul or mote elastic *pam than ours, it makes the "Elastic Lock Stitch." Every * court stitch can be cot, anc aOU the cloth cannot be nailed anart without tearing U- We par agccta from tl&tolXJOper month and ekeenaea, or a commiMoo from which twice that amount cache made. Addieaa sFCOMR * CO.. ClcreJaad. Ohio. CAUTION.—Do not be Imposed npo-i by otb»rp*r tiea palming ofl wrrtblciacaa-iron machine*, under the lame tame or other* tae. Oort la the only genu ine and realty practical cheap machine manutketared. A GENTS—Wanted—“Bentsthe World” J\, LLOYD’S UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN 19CO— three mapa In oca and the cheapest map in the world. One Agent at “aglnaw, Mich., reports to «qv smterslnoncday. Trv It. Addtraa QOOPat’EUD h CO.. l-IW Lake-sU Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—For BARRETTS LIFE OF LINCOLN. The heat, moat complete and authentic work yet pablthed. Prwtdent Lincoln having hlmaeiffuiniaued ror Una work «;«m, the lacta ot hia early life. We give 40 percent commi*- iton cn above work and pat Exrkina cßAvnsx ot Hooka sivtio tu* Aot*T. Addreea J. GOODMAN a CO, Publishers, 3 Custom Uowplaea, Chicago. A GENld—Wanted—To engage m the J\ aaleol "THE HISTORY OF AUttAHAM LIN* COLN AND THE OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY,’* in oos vol„ octavo, cl 736 pagva. By Hon. I. K. Arnold, late member of Cocgrers, a. d lor over twenty year* a confidential trlend ot Ur. Lincoln. Thl» Wpoiunl work wa« undertaken three years ago with th<! ap prcvalol Mr. Lthcotn. and U Jo»t tabued. It I* *1 ready selling aa rapidly a* the publishers have l*va able to fill order*. • The flm edition ad.d lo l*mty days For lu>] deacrlbtton, npl don ot leading psoera and men. and terms, addreaa the pah Ishei*. CLARICE ACO„>«Oand til Waabiogion-si., Chicago. A GENT!*—Warned—For “LIFE AND /A DEATH IN REBEL I’HIS.ONS." A apicudid Peck to soil, sent f t ctrco-ar. A. KIDDKIC, US Washington at. Chicago. A GENTo—Wanted—3lalc and tenmle, ii to sell a new article la great demand that every latnlly want*. 94 per day male without lesvlsc home. Traveltipg agseta can make Dom to to S2O per day without Interh rente with other uo*lneM. Tbe artic c ihowa f.r luelf. bample*. with turma and partti-ulsts ot the bnatneM. sent fl<r rt ceuta. A«tdroM It. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 11.T.'1.f, Chicago, lU. A GENTS—Wanted—-With *8 to *lO X\ capltaLfor apcruisnentmooey-sakiugbuslne*" at home, sorsbie lor isdis*. rvoUmen. clergymen and teacher*, and very dsairabl-for odd weather. Knct actie Ageeu are making KHolQptf week, fait .m or addreea. wtt'i for p>*Dera, R. WAYVKLU IT Lombard Ulrvk. CMcagu. A GENTt*—Wanted—For “WOMAN’S WORK IN TUB CIVIL WAR" This w-irk. prepared nude.* the sanction nnd tporur.v ot the United Bt\U" sanitary OommV*«lur. ihf W,-r*-m sanitary Commission, arid the Chi lsUanComini«<|i'n. will be the r-.-st rcnipletf sod lutv.resUog »M( «< toe kind pnbi:»h«d. it will Ponlulnaietchesof nrarly two imadred JsSlr*.notice* of sMiut fbnr h-is lr«» others, and a r .t, trlbuta biths u<r>ns«»d« *>r nn >irm* whuan naruca vre uskuMrc. Members oi Aid h««:Uifa and other intelligent ;kersor.« srs dMlred tos:t u aceuta. Qocd vtcrgeth agsau ran make from l.oau •UN per month. Ad ora* ZEluLElt MtCCRDYA Lombard 111 '* k. Cl. cago. ui. A GENTS-Wanted—For THE AMER XX. ICAN FARMERS HORSE HOOK. Now ready. One elegant octavo voiqipo of ran page* and spi-mlWly lllnatraled. ity Robert Stewart, V, s. The Inwi •elite g aubeerlpiioo book tn tb» market. It rover* the whole ground of Stock ltal>i'-e aad Managem-nt, m aay,s«!Bffi2‘-' ■ . ’'fKJissi^ss ap/dtofrwfrkextac - • • - book* are slow sale, the people will bu. Issomethtcg prac tical, that will save them money Agents are meeting with ap endto success, one reports 31 aubscrl vr» Dm Cistday. Another JOoutof theoi§l33 solicit'',!. An other an average ol 10 r*r day for the nrst wceu. An other tb from the first 11 solicited. While an areraae ol three snbeenber* per dav wilt pay an ageit peryear ever and above all One veterinary aurgeun) writes: -I hare vxamtLrd the bock, and It Is everything that I rou;a wtsb. Ko ward Louka ls.mcdla>rly, aa I can hzrd'y keep the •ample I havegot.” A'l are delighted w-jn ir, Applyatm'-e for territory. J. S. GOODMAN A CO, publisher*. 3 Custom Dome-place. Chicago. I L partners ©aautcb. PARTNER—Wanted—Wuh sls 000, m I a foci dry and machine shop, or a competent man. ule eharga of the louadry. A. B. M PAP, 131 Bacdolph-st. T>ARTNLU—Wanted—With a capital A cfS3O,CCO. In a first-class business, He mu; he a manot steady baolm.ot good boaireas qoVlficatloas sofflclertto take full charge of the financial dii-art m*ntofihebnilnewi. Give name and reference*. Ad dress Pox 1228. Chicago P.O. PARTNER —Wanted—With a cash cap ital ot to engage In the flour and fe d business. In one of the Terr r»«t incitl'a* ja the city. Hefrrencrsglrea and required. For the right kln-i <1 a man ibis to a rare chance. Addresser apply to A. KASTLER, 7 North CUrtt-st,op stairs. PARTNER—Wanted—To take one-half I interest la a Jobhleg hurtn*es, well established thronghontlbe city and country. Capital req-ilred, >LSCO. Address -a S.” Tribune office. PARTNER —Wanted—With from $-100 X to WO. In a light, profitable business To a Jnnng man this is an opportunity seldom offered. Ad* oas R. ATKINSON. Tribune office. PARTNER —Wanted—With a small X capital, to act as Treasurer f.,r a firet-chus h«ll show. Everything complete to start out lxnttdlate:y. Adcreir *• J H B.” Tribune office. ISoariung, T>OARDIN6 Pleasant rooms, with AX b? obtained at the St. Cloud Rouse, mprleton ll ' l VINTON 4 HAYNES. DOARDDiG—At 8 Eldridire-conri, be and soltefront flrst^m^board 013 Bo,uble £>r wo gcaUcmea, with TDOARDING—A gentleman and wite or J J two single gentlemen can be acommolaled with a large lecocd-su ryffr.nt room, wiih board W a ort rate tamily. References required, -jfl? North Wells-st. pOARDINQ—With a qice tront room, suitable f.w a gentleman and wife or single ren ttetnan; also, one small room. Apply, at once, at 143 nabasb- ay. T>OAKDlNti—At 278 StMrit, We keep XJ a quiet and orderly house, and board on psaaon •ole terms. Slnsle gentlemen cr gsnUemen with their wlTc» are invited to call. I-JOAUDING—A large front parlor, M.J baedmmely furnished, with board; alto, a pleas ant suite of rooms, can te obtalted at tte St. Cloud S n . c -c^fr. ll^L, £' 5 Frankllo-st. VINTON 4 HAYN E&. tToprtetors. T)OARDING—An elegant trout room, X-) furnished; alto, a one suite of rooms, unfur nished. to let, with beard, st OO West Wathlsgton-st. Terms moderate. T>OaRDING—One large front room, 1 j nicely foinltn-d. with closet attached: also, va cancy for one or two single gentlemen. Kntraoseßt boarders taien. Apply at 143 between Madison and Mo&roe-tu . 1 HOARDING—A large, pleasant room, XX tarnuhadoruntomlsbed. with board,on illchl gaa-av.. rorth of TweJth-st. Refer to GEO. C. COOS. So. OO Mlehlgan-av. OOARDING—A gentleman and wite, J ) or two or three stugie gentlemen caa be accom s odatea »!*h a very nice suite of rooms, water, gas and t atb room connected with same, aadfinvclaas boa-d. at 13.1 West Monroe-tt. T3OAKDING—In a private tam*ly, tor 1 • two renllemec. Pirm'aat rooms. Apply at No. 3 fi nbbard-court. T> CARDING—Four respectable men 1 > can Tm accommodated with board bv the veeK. in a private family, at No. 4BC North Dcarborn-st. I)OAKDLNG—Any person woo can X> bring Ilx or eight boarders to a respectable home on the south bide, within tea minutes*walk of Court ca° have bis board zraui. “T T,** Tribune —Gentlemen wishing good JLJ board In a private famOy and Pteaanut Tocanou Statist!, budge* 1 239 two biocti Crvca E»OAHDLN'G-Gcod board and pleasant *• 88 "DOARDING—Room to rent, with hoard, IQM tor * few ** at "DOARDING—A tarnished joom, suit ii^ aWe . gentleman aid ladA to rent, with ** w«st Bandoipb-at. Reference* re- "OOARDING—A pleasant room, with J-J boatd, can be obtained at SSO Illinois-*t. ISoarh ®23antnj. "DOAUD—By two young gentlemen, in J_> a private family, or where there are out Bsw boarders. Wc*t bide preferred. Addreaa. liuar terms,loc*ttcn,Ac^“CFG,”Trtban«offl«/ et “ m - T^°'f I i I, r‘ Wanted ' H a joung My i.> who desires to give lessons In r«*>aS Instra roental music in part nf n «? «*-»• Adieu-ait C." SiaS;, omik 01 y°™£ man, smsie room, c °“ d - Pontb Sloe uogq raereoee* gtrai. Aldrees •• H s,- Tilbanecffloe. —By three youce men, in a pu md-iU.tC ‘tbm fiTeJi fK-is of tak-- and hat* Xgxat. res * TBIO, n Tribune office, sutlre 'R9 A BP-^Vaatcd—By a young lady, a andFn'imh>.AiteL Ujr itwlmeti-ja* in mode be eon'Merni a compen sanor. Address-FW.** dot gjßs.chtcaro. 3Lo?t an® ,-fFoum-. X OBT—Fiom 52-4 ATndisnn st, a clack Jujand brown Shepherd Dor, wl*h t-n color ouueck Aa-wers to the came ot •SU.Ee.” Radon leather collar. A liberal reward will he icr bis morn to the above place, or tn 121 T ObT—slo Reward—The above reward -L> win tie paid c > any ote who will return xnr BUeg sodTanDoc-pip- to 1-13 West Latest Ha bvs Rxr-Mnightears, andwctgbsa&OQteigblpounds. F. 8. B&KgOjl