Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 15, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. ,scrioue Uprising «{ the JPcaians at Killarney. (Government Troops in Pursuit oU the Insurgents. ilrmal of two Ship-Loads of FeEians at Valentia. Humor that they will Attempt to Gut the Atlantic Gable. News .of a Serious Rebellion in Paraguay". S3B IFAiIGM. Anotlior Lnpoitant Political Development Stbeme for tbe Formation of a New Part? willi Johnson as the Centre Figure. Sow the Affair is Progressing and Who are the Principal Actors. IH Seaate-Tlic Louisiana Bill Cog tddered and Postoned till To-Day. "Passage of the Bill for tie Fund ing of Compound-Interest Notes. floa-ic-Tnrdicr Consideration of the Internal Revenue Bill. Amendments Agreed Upon in Committee of (he Whole. fiSDSESS BF SQVERNOR ORR, OF SOUTH CAROLINA. His Advice to the People Touching the Question of Eeoon struction. Grand Banquet at Si. Unis to the River Cosvcnlion Delegates. FROM EUBOFE, BV OI'EAA TKLEIi RlPlli FENIAN BUIKO ATKILLkUNir. Dublin, February 14. JCcwa is received thU the Fenians assembled tbie morning at Kdlamcy, and marched toward Kcumare. lYoopa aiid artillery arc scat iu par tulu ▲nemo, or fenians at talektia. Ixhtdon, February 11. The Government bis been advised «>f the jaud it.g of two shiploads of Fenians at Valcnlia. sir llnch Rose, Commanding General In Ireland, and Loid Naas, leave for Ireland at once. There Is a renewed rumor tbit the Fenians will attempt to cut the cable. TRIAL OF EX-GOVKBKOR ETBE. London. February 11. - The Government will assume the legal expense ot the defence of Governor Byre, o.'Jamaica, vho»e trial la now piogresslag. COLONIAL COSTED tuvrios. The bill for the Confederation In British North America only embraces the two Canadas, with Nova Scotia aad Ncw 4 Brucsn'ick. REBELLION IN FAUAOUAT. Mail steamer (rom Rio Janeiro brings intelli gence that a rebel! los has broken ont m Paraguay, -woleb seriously threatened the power and lilo of President Lopez. SUEZ CANAL. Alexandoia, February 15, ' A number ot vessels have passed through the Suez Canal. STEAXER ARRIVALS. laveupool, February 14. The steamship Denmark, from New York, has nnivvd at t^ueeurtown. Lsvtnrooi, February It. Ihc steamship Ediubnr,*, Irom New York, bis strived. The steamship Germania, (torn New York, has anhedal Southampton. Latest Mur* i»u fflarketa. Liverpool. February U—Noon. ( Otton—Marktt is a crciit-tpy tendency, though mid dling uplands wra «uu qaoied at .biles as yet arc triCing. LmearooL, February U—Evening. Cotton—Maract c'oerd firm : middling upland* still at HXd. CrtadslutP-Flrm. Pr< virions-Gcncrally onrhanged. Tallow—SQows a stlEht decline; quoted at 43s 9d pet c*t. Afclir*—as* Cd tor pot. *lhU»Tutp*nUnf—€> #l. rttrolcnm—UcOn*d.>te»oy at 1< M. London, February 11—^Noon. Consols closed at 90V tor money; Itllnol* <.ectnd.Tix: Erie, Os. FiuNKrocT, February ll—Bveolng. UulledbtsU#bo3ds. <£X- Pasu, February ll—Evening. Ikntca decUuinc. London, February U—Krentac. CormU closed »t 91 fur money; M}f, : HUaot# Central, ‘pjjf; Enc, 40. ntOAl WASUIXtiTOJu ISpedil Despatch tn the Chicago Trl Irons.] WasrajvoTojr, February it. rnt TtmtDwrrr'n utut rnooßAna. About twenty-lire person*, »1I told, tost, intUa interest of the President last night at eleven o'clock, at Ihe club rooms corner of Flfteeniti and I streets. The President is reported by his friends to be completely broken down.aud ready to aban don moat of bis policy. The ocas from the that bis new policy U likely to be repudiated, and the failure ot the attempt o! there in bis interest to arrest either the loulsis&a Bill or the Military Bill of tbc Recon struction Committee, bare led to this. Some two welks since several Republicans, among them Bingham, Banks, Biowand lUytnond, were parties to so interview with Mr. Johnson, and its mature may be lEfcrred from the aciioa of these gentlemen in their attempt to defeat the late measures. About a week since a second Inter* view was bad with ihe President. Both were In landed to be entirely secret. Yesterday, when the pattaee of the Military Bill wu assured, there appeared on the floor of toe Douse a messenger, who represented bltneclf as tnthortaed to speak for the Pred fleet who went to a number ol the mere conservative Bcpnbllcans and Invited them to come qnlctly to the meeting slreadyreferred to. ihe messenger was a well known habitu •of the White lioase. Only part of those Invited consented to go, bo* among tho'csaidlo have been present about mldnlgh vtre Raymond, Laflln and Keicham.ofl.Ve-v York, Dawes, ot Massachusetts, Blow, of Missouri, and Dobbell, Delano, Bnckland and Blngaatn, of Oslo. Banks and Lawrence, of Pennsylvania, wc:e in the movement, bnt could not alicod. Several <-ons<rvaUve and Democratic newspaper corrcs rondenis were present by request, that thev JniRW tare the plan unfolded to them, and co-opcntc la preparing lbs public mind and ral- Uj ?. pCOplc t 0 Iu? sn PP ort b T simultaneous ti?ilSSf' f atemfEU - 3118 P’opositloa which *othoriaed to be made, has i ° in parL Tbose invited were inf formed in direct and unequivocal terms that Mr. AiStdlLm* 9 ICady 10 ldopl ,h “ Constitutional " ad °P“ ou ail the Southern tbit?/? ,51 Ee , Er ° ' ntrrtce 5 « •A lbion, and UjLJ*..Ronid make the proportion public the S?STiS°i? Wm were pledged *** “embers of the House, the chief V 1 lo * r ' 0111 li “ BMlal». .. . .nil l ii c, f P ' l ' larrender or thePrail. ■'"'“Vttd bjm. jtobibta vwkwhhk 11 1-T ft. South tie will' richly be,Udl< ? ,ilo * oroe terms the south JoUmo^TT - . °L bcn dtcUr ' it onlj . felot on •ranuJJ^? Ito 1to CbK:k ti ” P““2» «f (hi new orJ“r*' Um>ll S 1 ‘ a ” Senate, end he wlu - “ i -“' d •l«stUtl,"* appointed for ntea-eoep™ . 1 e •*<»« “ a P'*“- Somo '■ latt *. l ' °” Ul ' Ooor Home Jml Miotinimcot, unielli ind oonWenliill) IniLinc (bote present tut ntgbl to come tad bring all they conid pomido wit blhom. nrs KurriKo ro-statrr. Ke»*ly the rune parties met at that room at asremblcd last night, with some addlJ. nsl. I awrence, o! Pennsylvania, decl ncd lo g»when be beard the ricwsp-iper men were get.!«g (be names, and some others havchc-m frightened oif by the tame mesne. Shrewd observer* amiog t*e soundest Republicans, judging frow what UlUe could, be foend oat, loel csofldni* It D a plan oi the Johnson m r n to defeat the new recon struction measures, COST OP AX astUVLT urott A. KZWBPIKB COBIIM . tondent. "* The case of Beveridge, the bally who committed an assault upon tne correspondent of the Phils* dflpbla Jntjuirrf. tn the CapltoL last session, came np bclore Judge Fisher to-dtr. lie pleaded guilty of an assault with Intent to kill, admitting the facta of the Indictment, and making no at tempt to prove palliating circumstances, Judge F,.h er sentenced him to a fine of one hundred and fifty dollars, at which cheap rate, it fa remarked, assaults npon newspaper men. A™ Hkelr to be come popular among rebel bailies about the Cap ital. ' " iwpojTTAjrr PECiaiov sr tee coddt op clahu. Sblpmau. Uovßier & Co., of this city, have ob tained a decision lo a very important case In the Court vf Claims, by which every officer of the arm> wii* receive five dollars per month addition al for each servant, from May Ist, lid, to March 3d, ISGS. Ibis will Involve an additional «Xi)ccdlmrc to the’QoTernmeu of about two mil lions of dollar/. XAUT ilAmas COXJIITTED TO TEE INsA&S AS TAW. Mary Uairia, who shot her lover. Burroughs, In the Treasury, two years ago. apd was aajuHicd by the Jury which tried her, baa last beer com mitted to the lutare Asylum In this city. ILLNESS OP mop. BACUU. Despatches have been received here that Prof. Cache, bapcrint'pdent ot tbs Coast Snrrcy, U ly ing at the point of death, at Newport, Itbodc Island. mu in business; Mrs. Cobb, the pardon broker, secured a pardon fora rebel, on Mr. Johnson's own order, ou the 7th cf this month... bail ißTtzocLanmss. Tbc Cincinnati marl has not arrived oo the old time (able but once for several weeks, ihc Chi cago mails now arrive regularly, about twelve boars in advance of Cincinnati. THE NEW TOES COLLECTOR IS TItODBtE. A few days since. Importau t evidence was ml«sod from th- room ol the committee Investigating -the New Votk Custom Dense frsnds. The evi dence Implicated Collector Smytbe In frauds ton large amount. A stenographer was charge 1 with Abstracting the evidence, Thereupon he admitted be had been bilb.-cl by Smylhe to suppress iL It i: reported that a deputy Herceanc-at-Arau has gone to New York to arrest Smytbe. VtUGISLi raiONL«N. A dcriistch received Jn Washington from Ulch mono, Ya-. tayr that a very s rong feeling of rad* tea] Republicanism la developing itself la tie portion of Virginia, particularly in the comities bordering on Norm Carolina. In (..arroll Rocr.ty tbe organization known as “ Red Siilnuf" rvomUy>he.d a meeting at UlitnMe. which was addressed by an ei-r?b**l officer. U« proclaimed thetr affiliation to ibe Radical party a) Ibe Norib, dcnonaced tbe pie*ant Lsgisla. mro as disloyal, and advocated the adoption ot the Constirntioi-al Amendment. He demand ed they tbonid have representatives would adopt that document, and was irtrncalarly revere In hi«*triciarea upon the President, who. he eslfl, should be impeached and removed before there conic be any security for Union men. They (ben psradea through Ibe rirteis, nnrnberfDg abonr five hendred, carrying a United tittles flag. Mini were verv expressive In their demonstrations oflovalty to ibe present Congress. They adopted reso!r.uoi» celling for a largo meeting of the organization at a lulu re day, when they will take tucaterer to ma*;c known heir gncvaaceslo Con* green, with a view to procure immediate action tor ibeir protection ana relief. • NSNICAN LOAN. The New York Ttibune'M special says; 44 The fnty million Mexican loan proposition vvaa before the Committee on Foreign Aum yutternay, bat, ’as there was no prospect of getting security, ow ing to the unsettled aQrlraof that country, the Cuiumitlee unanimously decided that It was tacx pcdlent to extend the aid asked.” tub Boston cor lectobsotp. nvoiva buiuwiuufinr, non. George Bancroft having declined tbo nom* •nation ol Collector of Customs of Boston, Hon. D. V’. Gooch and Mr. Cilfioro are strongly urged fur the position. Indian rnoroemoK to rnorxcr overland TBAVEL. The Sionx Indians have made a proposition *o guarantee the safety of travel through Hulr c mn* try, ana a'so tbe frontier settlements, provided tbe Government villi authorize the organtzatlun of not less than 250 men belonging to their bands under an officer satisfactory to th mselvcs, they to fix tbc compcnFaiion at sixty dollars per month ana ratiora for themselves, families and homes, ’they trill furnish tbrir own arms, aiDunniUon, horses, transportation, ere. nnstattATtoK or a uavluoap ornax Bcttalo, N. Y, Feornaiy 14.—8 F. Smith, for eight years General Freight Agent of the New York Central Railroad, has resigned that posi tion, to take tlTrct April Ist. ANDREW JOHNSON’S PRESENT POSITION. The IXisVt Washington special savs; The Presi dent s^tedyest.-rd-y that cia nominations 1c fu ture would be each as be coaid expect the rieuato to confirm. Several conservative Republicans had an inter view with tbe President lasi evening. The Presl dent fecund inclined to meet Congress halt way, bet no plan was suggested widen both parties could endorse. ADMITTED TO THE BAD. Washington. Feoruary H.— Ex-Governor Brown and Judge Lawson A. Walker, or thegn picino Court of Georgia, have been admitted to me bar of tbc Supreme Court. ABTUXEUT DOAUD. Brevet Brlcadlor General Uagmder, and Bre vet Colonel Baylor, are detailed as members of the Board of Officers to meet in Washington for ibepnrpojeof deicrmtniug the calibre*, number of each calibre, and proportions of rifiea guns icqniud tor the armament tif lortificatlons. nXCONSTRUCnON. The CommerctoV* Washington special say*, Icadiug Republicans manifest a disposition to apply the pm.cSplesof tbe Louisiana hilts to all tl'i Southern States, and thus sapercedoa gen t-ral rvc'Oetincilcm bill. Cf«TONS USCTFTS. • Washington, February 14.—Receipts of Cus toms from the first to the ninth ln»U >1,004,911. iktebnal detinue eecchts. Itcceiptfa of Internal Revenue only >235,9^* beixoalion orsioux. A delegation from iheSionxlndlAnsoftheUpper Mlftouii. confuting of several chiefs,!* expected here on Saturday lor tbe purpose of settling tlio ulfliculitcs existing between them ana the Indian Bureaus—growing out of the Intention of Government to remove them Into the Indian country. The Ice In the Potomac la reported well broken op auufioaiiug off. TUETABIFP QUESTION. New York, February 14.—Tbo. New York 'Jitu'*' Washington special says the members of he Ways and Means Committee arc greatly dis iicfifevii at the announcement that thcywonld hear no umber delations on (hetsrltk The disposi tion to keep the laris np still prevails. lie Wajsaid'Mcana Committee adhere to the rct>ate *1 ariff BUI as regards Iron onasicd. Tuc talcs on cutlery arc those of the old House bill. SEW RADICAL FAFim. Washington, February 14.—The first number of the Ke-r.ina LrOd'r. radical Republican to pol itics, appeared to-day. DIED. Csp'alQ Henry £. Hamels, lately In charge of the Frecdmcn's Bureau in the district of Meridi an. Miss., dkd here to-day. ynx reconstruction jhhtatit na*. The general impression Is that the Senate wilt to-morrow adopt the Blaine amendment to the Mililaiy Government Bill, which was yesterday m (ea>eJtn the House by a dose vote. U was moved to-day as an amendment by Mr. Wil liams. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, February 11. SENATE. Mr. WADE reported from the Committee on Turitoties the bill to tegnlatc the selection of grand and peiit [urors in Utah, with an amend ment In the form of a substitute, being substan tially the amendment recently oflered with the amendments to the bill amendatory of the act pro unlrga temporary Government tor Montana. Mi. CONNESS introduced a bill anthoririeg the Postmaster General to invite proposals for steam ship mail service, monthly tripe, between Nan Francisco sndßQonotnlu, no bid [exceeding occ bordred thousand dolors to be considered. Re ferred. Mr. MORRILT. introduced a bill amendatory ot the act ol last scssior. for tbe repair, Ac., of cer tain public works, which aulbouncs the use, by tie secretary ot War, of appropriations there made for other purpose# than for examinations aid surveys, when required by the public interest, it passed lo a second reading. The creuentlats of Mr. Tloss, Senator from Kai<sa a for Mr. Lane’s nnexpired term, were pre tested by Mr. Pomeroy. Mr. Ross, who has np to thlatime held tbe office by appointment of the Governor, wat sworo In. Mr. ROSS presented tbe credential# of Mr. Pomeroy. Senator elect Bom Kaneae for six year*. Oidercd tiled. All pi lor orders were postponed. On motion of Mr. GRIMES, the League Island Bill v as considered. After debate, during which a motion bj Mr. « ADE to poaijKinc and take up toe 1/tuimns BUI was rejected—l 7 spainst 25. Mr. FnmnerV amendment for the appointment of a Contrail ?i««n (o select a eke was lost—ls acalnet 23. 'i he bill parsed. Tbp Clerk of the House announced its refusal to recede irom lu amuoameccs to the tenure or oracc Mil. A committee of conference was appointed. Hr. SHERMAN made an ineffectual effort to pet nplns Compound Interest Fundinc Bill. The l.omslarta BUI was taken up at Mr. WADE'S motion, and read a second time. * Mr. TRUMBULL alluded to several amend- IBi ‘ ------ icnu ceccs-srv to perfect the bM. Mr. SUMNEII gave notice of an amendment, consisting of three section#, Tee first repeals all •tbcl legislation, beginning with tbe ordinance of recession, except rndi as may t>c necessary to krep tbe Government in motion. If there be an; sacb. The recond annuls tbe intermediate <ie c ccr of Con»ts, and circa certain covers to the same, and tbe third reqnlteran oath to rapport a republican form of Government Mr. WADE, by request, conrenlcd to a post nommeotof the bill till to-morrotv, and thatlt beprlnied. The bill of the Reconstruction Committee was ml _ik*n np, rtad a second time, and ordurel printed. . . . . _ .. , Ibe Compound Interest Funding BCI was taken up and no. .Mr. SUEIUtAN. by direction of the Finance Committee, offered in amecdmont increasing the amount or tempmary certificate* at anytime out standing to one hundred millions, which was agreed to. Mr. ?heman raid the object of this bill was :o provide in part for the payment of compound Interest notes. Be had an official statement ot ttc amount «t them, and when they xnatored. slowing that during the present year <5£i.C83,000 •cold mature, anon which there would be an 'merest or making JIUMWMWO to be nrov.ded for betore the first of January next; <50,000,000 (li'lne interest matured on that day, and prior to Jfovemh*.r. S43,UUO,UUi. The question was how must Uls be paid. Ur. Sherman stated the amount of curretcy on band, and wbeieltwaa, and from the official statement of General ~pmi er there was cot more than sufficient for a necessary worktop balance. . Be also read mi official siaicmeat of the amount of coin on hand, ehon lug riWOMiOti, of which <20,000,000 belonged, to Individuals upon gold certificates, and he cm mated the amount in gold necessary to ho used by ibe Government before January. ISGS, at <80,000,000. Be contended that the cold balance should not be diminished, bat kept as a steady reserve to maintain the power of the Government, to prevent flnctnatluDß, ai.d prepare for the enniifiscscy oi a declining ruvenno and of specie cavment*. Tbertfore, urn baUvtc of money on liana could not be relied upoc to any consider •ole extent *o pay accrah«4nicre«i on compound iiilwcstriotes/ They could not be discharged by Uemncnowrold-bearim; bonds. Tbi whole of the "wrDt debt, he said, will eoon be funded n • gold-bearing bonds, and wlil arnoant to I2,rco,coc,«t). TUe in no event ought yObeta created The compound notes should bo met SJSrf by temporary loans, or by current receipt, or by further Issue of leal Icndcc nohjs. Thc oub llr'aebu if not increased beyond Its presvut Um K, wuV be rapidly convert'd Into Mdt a lower rate or iolcrcsi, *nd would nolb. a mau nm/ol inr»l tender unlMi to revplelou which eonld not ho ind 3be maximum of currency had been reacne ™S,.!idthol.wprovideo ter• podnolredne uon. ihla pollcj .mail:J' P ThUi£cS g\iu^«“.rhn , rit , ~ .’s/fesja necessity which no nation deeply In doblcoaia stoW. The only remaining resource wss the tens* pm would be called up to-day, He supposed U VOL. XX. wan ureters to oQferany opposition to R or attempt ’o discuss It, , v Tbc bill passed SB' amend* d, and goes to the House. Mr. CHANDLER noved to consider the Niagara Ship Canal Bill, pending which a rcccsa waa taken till seven o'clock. EVENING SESSION- The hill to establish aud protect national come* tcrlca paused. *750,000 arc appropriated. A number of private pension* passed. Ibe bill to authorize a submerged tubular bridge across the Mlsslaaipi I at Bt. Loan passed. Adjourned. house. Mr.KASSON.Irom the Commltlce on Appro priations, reported backlhe Scuttle amendment lo the Post Office Appropriation Bill, which was concuiredm. •• On wotloi. ofTJr. FCHENCK, the Senate bill to regulate the tenure ol cvrlam civil offices «a« taken licm the Speaker's table. The Senate had refosKi to concur in the Douse amendment mak ing Ibe hill apply to Cabinet officers, and thu House Insisted on Its amendments, and asked a ccmcuttieof conference. . On motion of Mr. LAWRENCE, the Senate amendments lo the Douse bill to define and pun ish certain enters thereto named, w«re taken from ihu Speaker’s tabic and non-coocurred 10. A committee ol conferjdcs waa usaed. Ihobroßlc Joist icsolutlon In reference loan ccean moll service between San FiancUco ana Foulard, Orcrou, was passed. ‘lie House took np the hill reported January Jsth from ibe Select committee on War Debts of the Loyal Ftate*, lo rclmhnnse the States that fur nishedtroops lor the Union array Ifor advances n-ade and expenses Incurn «1 iu raising the same, the question being on a motion lo iccnnsidur tbc vote by wimh the hill wai recommitted. Mr. DELANO asked Mr. Dislue übatwai the cggiecatetnmthe bill would add lo the Indebt edness of the Government Mr. BLAINE said the bill provaed for the Issue of five per cent Iwnds. not negotiable torviveutr years, to the amount ol one hundred and fifteen million dollars. Alter debate, Mr. WILSON moved to table the bill. T-ot-t7 s - agatuAt 75. The vote of recommittal waa recoujldercd, and the b ll came before Ibe House. Mr. BLAINE withdrew bia motion to recom mit. hr. RANDAU, of Pcnnsylvaila, moved to lay the bill on the table—yeas. Cl: nays, h 7. Sir. THAYER moved to rclcr the bill to the Committee of Ways and Means. Agreed to—SI to a. Mr. PAINE, .from the Committee on MlH'la, re* ported a bill to provide for organizing, arming nr.d clfcdpliningil.emlHUs. The Bounty Hill was postponed till to-morrow. The SPEAKER presented a yommunlcaUonf.'om the Secretary ui the Interior recommending an appropriation of slst).b(X). to enable the Depart* meet to eccd Commissioner* to all the Indian lilbcswe«l of the Mississippi Ulcer. Rcierrci*. The lioiipc went iulo Committee of the Whol - *— Mr. Donlr.ell m the Chair—and resumed con* slderattnii oi tin- internal Itevcnoe Dill. Mr. SCHENCK moved lo strike out the proviso exempting butter and cheese from special tux. Rejected. Mr. WARD, of Kentucky, moved to strike out danse ralsinc distillers' license to £fUO. Without action tnc committee rote. Recess. EVENING SESSION. The Tax BUI was resumed in Committee of tbc Wtote Mr. Ward's amendroect was adopted. The tax on distillers remains as nor. fin On motion of Mr. HUMPHREYS, the paragraph limiting till the 3Jlb of April nest the right of gas companies to add the tax to consumers, was stricken out. riiiVßvii viu. Mr.|h COFIELD moved ,to reduce thedntyon refined rock oil from tw only to ten cents per gal lon. Reject) d. On motion of Mr. SCIIENfK, it was agreed to that any person who maimtactnred or sold nap lbs, mixed with oil, cxplodlrg at less tempera tme than 110 degrees Fahrenheit, should bu pm* Ishrd with flue and imprisonment. The paragraph In the existing law imposing a (ax of ten cents per gallon on oil, naphtha, ben zine. Ac.,the ptodnet of crude petroleum, was struck out in order (bat it might be pnt on the fii-ehst. Tbc paragraphs relating to sugar were struck put and a new paragraidr Inserted, taxing all sugars produced from sugar cane, and not re tired. one cent nor pound, and refined sugars two cents per pound ad valorem. The present lax on wood screws was reduced from ten to five per cent ad valorem. The paragraphs relating to gunpowder were so anrerded as (o make the (ax on canutcr powder twoccLlsper pound: snorting ponder in kegs, one cent per poned; bla-tlng ponder, in kegs or casks, one-half cent per ponno. The paragraph relative to cigarettes, cigars, Ac. vas discussed. Mr. MYERS moved to amend by ImpoMng a uniform specific tax of five collars per thousand Without action, adjourned. J IHE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. Madison, February 11. SENATE. TVEDNXaDAT KVENXNO. In the Senate last evening a lesolnllon was In troduced for o recess of the Legialature trom the 15th to the 2nh Instant. Ibe Tax BUI occupied the evening, and It war finally referred to a select committee, consisting of Jndd, Browne nr.d George Reed, s ASSEMBLY. WEDNESDAT EVENING. In Ibc AFFemblj last evening a WH was Intro duced looking to on amendment of the Constilti tion giving members f 350 per aonnia instead of two dollar* and CTy cents per dor; also to cede jnrledlction over the cites of llshlhoases to the liiiicral Government; also to amend chapter 49 ol ite lawsot 1646, relating to costa and fees; also to amend section 1, chapter «W, of the laws of 18C5, increasing thehonnty on wolves to fifteen dol lars : also to emend section 81, of chapter 131, Be* \I-ed Statutes, relation to cxecnllons; also a bill appropriating money to pay freight on hooka do nated to the Illstorical Society Ibe bill to repeal the act of 1960, relating to the Mineral Point llaiiioad, substantially releasing ibc company from Its liabilities to luwa County, naa kllkd. SENATE. rncnsDAT’a session. Several petitions and remonstrances on various subjects were prwented 'i he Senate resolution for a ten days'recess was klUcd very dead. Bins were Introduc'd to appropriate John M. Fcltroeek *540 for cervices as archliect on the north wing of the State Prison; to amend section 33, chapter 133, ribling to costs and feca. ibo Committee on Roads, Bridges aud Ferries reported in favor ol allowing a bridge across the Mis»U«ippt River at Winona. AesemolY hills w ere concurred In to Incorpo rate the Cedar CicckHydranl c Company ; also to »n.cnd the charter o: Kilbonm City Seminary. A resolution was li-trodnccd seekit g knowledge whether any lands are dne tbo State under the act of Congress of September4th, in the year IS4I, whereby Cvehnr.drcdtLousaud acresWfre dona ted to each State for Internal improvements. A hill passed authorizing the University and Agrknltnial Cotligc lanes to l»e Invested la bonds of DaneConnty to the amonctof |4fl,Qoo: also, to authorize a phonographic reorter for tbo Cir cuit Conn of Kcnosba and Milwaukee counties. GkTbe bill to amend the articles of association of tuc Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company was considered in Committee of the Whole. The amendment requiring the assent ot the stock holders to an additional issue of stock wa* de feated by a vote of oto 13. Another amendment was oOered, that the new stock to be Issued shouldonl* booted to pay dividends on stock already, which waa rejected—ayes, 10; D< Tbe bill was reported back, and the Senate ad journed without limber action thereon. ASSEMBLY. TnmsDAT's SESSION. Petitions wesep:eeected in favor of the repeal of tbc present system ot County Sapcrlntendems ot Schools, cmi reluming lu ibo system ol Town Superintendents. A resolution to hold otenmg sessions was killed, * , . Rctolnllon# were adopted for an investigation, by a select committee ot five, into the affairs and management of tbe Soldiers* Orpksus* Home; also lor like investigation Into tbe Hospital for the insane ; tbc committee were alto directed to ob tain from the officer? ot other charitable asylums a statement as regards ihe legitimate coat neces airy to maintain tbo children in the Soldiers* Orphans' Home, It was alleged oaring the debate on these rceoluttore, that tbc cost of Keeping the orphans na» more than three times what »a« legitimately necessary. It was also charged tbit ihcrcwas extraordinary diligence shown to pre vent information coming before the public. The Senate resolution tor aid to the North Pa cific Railroad was sgreea to; also, a bill appro priating (10,nno to the Soldiers'Orphans'Home was concurred tn. Scvcial Asevmoty bills of a local nature were introduced. BUI# were Introduced to amend section 4, chap ter 164, laws of 18C3, amending tun law requiring owners of certain machines to guard against acci dents; to amend section 1. chapter 138, laws of Uf>C. concerning actions for recovery of real prop erty : to amend section I,chapter T-s.laws or 1865. relating to evidence ; relating to, and amendatory of <«*tlAKt,*ll**i4* 13S. Uw* *f ICS, the State library. Ihe Mils in regard to the eight hoar labor sys tem were made the special order for Tuesday evening. Adjourned. l,\i*t.VN 4. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune, 1 IsroiAxarous, Februaryll. SENATE. Bills amending the act Incorporating eltlea and defining tbe Thirteenth and Seventh Jadlclal Circuits were passed. The balance of the morning session was spent Indlscnseinc the bill amending the School Law. rTj.c Jnrticlary Committee icpoitcd hack the bill establishing a Bouse of Retnge, with a re cotncumJatlon that It pass. Ur. Cullen elated that the committee on the part of the douse bad refitted, for certain reasons, to act vnth the Senate committee appointed to Investigate tbe charges of fraud against tbe late State Printer, and oUe ed a resolution, which t>-«a adopted, that another joint committee be i aUed for that purpose. A resolution was adopted irstmedne tbe State Libra:lan to take the portrait ot Washington from he foor and hang U on the wall. a nmnber ol petl'ions were presented In laror of negro eqnailiy and a prohibitory llqnor law. *1 he Finance Committee reported In favor ol the raseage of tbe llonse Joint resolution in frror of ■ aTlngthe mteiest-beanngna'ional debt first. '.The Temperance BUI was taken op. Theamend ment making license obtainable on pejilonola majority of U»e legal voters of the town, city or ‘owDshfp, on account of Its unconstimtionauty, was laid on the table. The motion to lay on the table wasPosl—l3 to iG—and U was ordered to bo engrossed. HOUSE. A number of petitions on temperance were pre tCA e memorfa! from Nathan Brown, ol Sullivan Count;, tta leg that he bed discovered the cause of milz sickness, was read, and a committee of Are was appointed to investigate the matter. The Committee on the North Stale Prison report to the prison In pood condltion.and the prisoners well cared for; that Sll convicts were now In the orison, and rccommerded an appropriation of *£7 COO. The committee aleo reported that money had' been appropriated without authority of 11 w - A meteace of the Governor of Illinois In regard •o erecting the National Lincoln Monnmant was re'erred toa select committee. Discussion on Morgan Raid BUI occupied a good poitionof the day. inicmGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] l-assren, lllcb., February nib. SENATE. Tbe Senate passed a bill to antiorize local aid tor Ibc Gracd 'I nmkJtallway extension. A bill was noticed to authorize local aid for Ibe radioed from Paw Paw to Sooth Haven. A bill vas Introduced-to change the time of tbe delivery of bonds to the Pemnsala Railroad. HOUSE. The Honse pasted the bill organizing tbe com ly of Washington. . . . _ A reaolh'ion waa introdoced in both Boases In iavor of admitting females to tbe University. Frederick Poaglass being present in tbe Uonse ibis morning, be was, on motion oX S. T. Parsons, ■emitted within tbe oar, introduced by Ibe speak er ao d received with applame. KANSAS. Tornta, Kansas, February 14.—Tbe Senate pasecd (he joint resolution to amend tbe Const!- lorion, striking oat the wordr white and male, with an amendment making IntcElccoce (ho basis ol eufhunr. FAKMEBS' ASO WOOL CfEOWEHS’ COaVESTIOS. Permanent Onranlzatlon—Subjects Se lected fur ItUcanaon—Wool Growing to be Conaidered To-duy, (Special Despatch to the Caicago Tribune.l Ann Anson. Mich., Februtry-I-L A general Slate Convention of farmers and wool growers, and all Interested In agocuUarc, under the Joint call of the Michigan State Agilcaltaral Society aim Ibe Michigan State Wool Growers' Awcditlon. assembled at the Court House, in this city, to-day. Afioulscvcnty-fivcpcrfionswcre presents!the opening sereion,mainly irom the vicinity ol Ann Arbor. Mr. J. U. Hendricks,of Caihoun County, called the meeting to o'der, and was elected Piesldcn*. pro fem., wuh General O-D. Uiil, of Adq Arbor Secretary pro xem. 'i here appeared to be a misunderstanding In re gard to tto notice of the meeting, macy suppos mu u to bo exclusively in the wool growing Inter «-t, bm It wav aedded to discuss various matters pertaining to agriculture, including prominently wool growing. Thu following gentlemen were appointed a Committee on Permanent Organization: Messrs. Tap. of Plymouth: Arnold, of Ann Arbor; Allen, if Wnync: Bradford, ol Bclo, and Holmes, of Ypahauti; audu Commlllce on Order of Business, consisting of Messrs. Green, of Farminrion; Johnston, of Detroit; Goodrich, of Ana Arbor; Wood, of Lodi, and Sut’on, of Norlhfleld. lie Committee on Organization reported the followin' lor permanent officers, who were uii.uit tnon-ly elected: G.W. Green, of Fatw.truton, I’rcelaunt; H. Arnold, Vice Pre-lient; C. 11. Llcimomland E. 11. Pond. tJucietariCA— the U.i three of Ann Ai bor. Ihe Committee on Order of Business renamed the following aubycc a tor discussion dunsg the afternoon and evening: First. &tock breedlig and its gencril reference to all clashes of douio-llc animal s nod their care and treatment. Second. Grain growing and general Ullage. 1 bird. Drainage—its ciltcls ami Us oconomy. Ibe time wasvprntla deceasing these point*, drnwirg out many points ot inters t and value. The Convention then adjourned until evening. EVENING SESSION. The Convention devoted the evening loan io (treating discussion of under-draining, which was participated In by Messrs. Taft, Johnston, Alien and Oreeu. The vameard importance of thorough drainage by tiles wasetroagly advocated. It waa Mated that over one-half ot the land in Michigan could be profitably under-drained, and that ibe Increased crops of one year would pay the cxpcpsc. The com was thought to be twenty or twenty-hvc dollars per rood. the Convention then adjourned until to-mor jow morning, when the subject ot wool growing will i>c titeu up. Ibe session win continue through Saturday. FROM MADISON. UnalnesM Interrupted l mportant Unllroad Bills Before the UegDlature—Other brgislativc mat* »cr>—Action ol Use Hoard of Univer sity lieacnis. (Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribnnc.) Madison, Fclrruarr 1. Ibe thaw and rain of the last two or throe days has interrupted telegraphing, and last night they stopped the trains on the .Milwaukee & Prairie da Chien Railroad, on which there wa« one break east, ana two west of this place. They are rc paired, and trains are rnnnlrg regularly now. There I- considerable excitement among the railroad men abont the bills before the Legisla ture, and quite a nnmucr of prominent railroad officers, f tockboldcrs and attorneys are bcrc. Toe argument baa been going on two atlornoone be* tore the Raitioaa Committee, for and against the bil* authorizing the Milwaukee A l*nurle dn Cblen Railroad Company to engage in ibe con struction o! a road from Monroe ro Dubuque. ihezejuefeUaUvv* of a large amount of stock ate here opposing it. There was considerable discussion in tbc donate on tiro bill to amend the articles of associations of ibe MUwtukcc J: bt. Pool Railroad, and the nme-i-Oucut requiring tnc assent of the stock holders to l«sue adulUonal alack was lost by a veto indicating that the bill wilt pass substantially In desmd by the Directors There was a very lorg debate in regard to the Soldiers' Orphan*' Home in the Assembly to-day. and a cisposition intimated by some to farm out tbc toltliete' orphans to denominational char itable Institutions, was strongly condemned by some soldier members. Tbc full Board of University Regents is in ses sion. and visited the ln» illations with the Legisla tive Committees 10-day. Governor Salomon was rc electee President of the Board. The following Braid of Visitors was. appointed, one from each Congressional District: First—l. A. Laphara, of Milwaukee; t-econd—J. J. Gnppey. Portage City: Third—Rev. it. W. Eaton. Ijincasrer; Fourth—J. 1 G. GlUet*, Fond du I*c; Fifth—Rev. G. 11. Steele. i>t Appleton; Sixth—Conrad Mosher, Jr., of Alma. FROM QUINCE. Terrible Accident on tbo Hannibal A .si.Jotc|>h ftallruad—A Train Thrown Pown an Embankment—Two Tor m*iin Killed and Ten Wonndod—lXo* vlvoi of Religion—The Weather—lee In the River. [Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.] tiuiscr. 111.. February It. A terrible accident occurred on too Hannibal* St. Joseph Railroad on Tuesday evening at half* past eight o'clock, by which two men were In* staotly killed, and several others more or less In jured, By some imperfection of the road, caused perhaps by the recent thaw, lour cur*, iuclcdlcg the baggage and sleeping cars, were thrown off the track aud completely wrecked. The accident occurred about two miles this side ot Osborne Station aud iblry miles cast of St, Joseph, while the tratn was aoeemc a trestle-work bridge, and the car weic precipitateddown an embankment some ten or twelve tct-t, Mr. C. It. P. Wentworth, of Chi cago. and another man wbose name is unknown, were killed. Two brakesmen and eight otter persons were Injured. A Mrs. Baldwin, of Jones boro, Ind.. bad her collar bone broken. She Is now In this city. It was a dark and rainy i»lgnt, which added to the terror of the catastrophe. It Is the tint ae. cldrnt on the road that we have bad to record for some time, the management being equal to any In the West. subjoined »s a I'st of the wounded: John Dav enport, Platiebnrr. Mo., slightly; J. It. Allen, Fulton, Mo., ellchtly; A. Broky. Montana, slightly; S. It, Phillips, severely; Ed. Hawley, brakesman, severely; Dick Moecr, St. Joseph, hadly: C. F. Wywan Kidder slightly; Dian Merritt, brakesman, slicbtly; W. J. Hil ton. correspondent of the New aork Herald, severely cut in tbeCicc; A. N. Mack, St. bonis. Mo., slicbtly ; Mrs. F. Baldwin, Indiana, collar bone broken; J.W.-Mosrs. Michigan, slightly: Mr. Davis, Indiana, slightly; U. Rldgty.'sllgbtly; J. P. Giles, St Joseph, slightly; William Poller, Ardrew County, slightly. Upon receipt ol the news at St. Joseph, a train beating a number of physicians was despatched to the scene ol the disaster. A Methodist protracted meeting la being bald in this city, and a bopet jlicligiousrevival has taken idace. Ihc Unitarian Society of this city are placing lu ibvlr cnutcU a new otgan which cost %i,VX, I tic nvt-r here is rising rapidly. The ice seems to be breaking up. and inoro la now a clear cross ing forth? ft. riles. The weather U cloudy and mild, with a general thaw. l ltoai ST. LOUIS. Rrantl BHnqnct lo the Bluer rooven v* iitluD Delegates —The Sentiment!* and Spcechm-A Convivial Time* St. Lovts, February 14. The River Impiore mmt Convention adjonrrud, yesterday afternoon, to tcarsembic «t the Licaeli Hold, at eight n m. A laoqnoi bad been prodded by the Union McrvLants* Exchange, tor the convivial inter change of sentiments of good fellowship, and in brnorof the hospitality towards (be members of tbc Convention. The Invitation was cordially and nnlver>atly accepted brth<» delegates, ana the guest# were In the best of humor. con#eqa:nl upon tbe harmonious and successlul completion oi tbe woik which bad brought them toSt. Lonls. They gathered in the reception saloon between S and 9p. in. and alter a pleasant season spent In mutual cougratnlstlons and in perfecting happy acquaintances, (be company fell into Uue and marched into the grand dining bail, filling the spacious apartment. Chas. L. Tucker, of the Merchants’ Union Ex change, presirtea. Among the regular mast*. Merc: “The Federal Government,” responded tohyE.B. Kichards, of Dubuque; "Commerce,” responded to hr Uou. Thto. Cook, of Ohio; “Min nesota,” Judge C. E. Flandrean being called, re- I sponded In a rich vein cf humor, eliciting ire- j qnent and hearty plandite. lie I instated on first reminding the delegates from all : alongthe Mississippi of their obligations to Mm I neeota. They owed Minnesota a great debt. If I it weie asktd what, be would answer, •• that's I where the Mississippi comes irom.” [Great langhler.l li it had not been for Minnesota tbey ; couldn’t nave any Mississippi Hirer to improre I upon. I For “Wisconsin” Jadee T. P. Wctherby hap- I pUv responded. ll* eloquently spoke of thehard ships and trials of the lumbermen of that region, tod of their trials at the rapids in vindication or himself and colleagues to eecnre the improvement, of the Upt*r Mississippi mid tributaries For “Iowa" Mr. btarr, of Burlington, , spoke most effectively. Thirty years ago be came to live on the banka of the Missis sippi. lie visited St. Lome, welch bad then from I 7.ICU to IC.OUJ Inhabitants. lie nw then like a | spoiled child. He bad l-een in Ciacinns't. and i thought 81. Loots too small. Uc went to Burling i ton. the seat ot govermaeut of a vast and growing territory, and bound, he thought, to ec'ipsc St. Louis. St. Louis was nowhere, and Barilt.gton was blooming aid banting with bigness. He settled tnere, and«a< there yeu He had learned •oweihlng long ago— that they had to look to bk Louis for everything; and the faces of St, Louis merchants grew “lamfliar as household goes.” Bnt is an evil hour the lowans transferred their affections to Chicago, but bed discovered their mistake, tnd were com ing back to the river centre, the natural man ol trade. lie made fine bits, and was loudly ap plauded. “lUinois” was eloquently and with marked ability responded to by 11 >». Mr. Doherty, who aaiacd it as her highest glory and pride that sue is one ol the States of tie American Republic, fjtr cen*ra) shuai* n n made htr specially Inter ested in whatevti river Improvement the West adopted, and she would gladly share the expense and the profit. Mr. Gtehora responded for “Ohio.” He regard ed the Missiseippt Hirer as the rrealeat river in the world. He did not come so much to attend the Convention as he did U> see the river. He had sc< n the river, though he bad not scan the rapids Ue was willing to take his fnena’* word for it who hailed from Ecoknk, that such rapids did ex ist and need fizmg. His speech was full of pleas antries at d was frequently applauded. Among ihe volunteer toasts, was “Louisiana” to which Gecetal Jeff. Thompson responded, aod was greeted with uproarious cheers. General Jeff, made a very humorous ape«ch,stadng tbatiai far as be was couccmtd, he bad a very sau lienee on the river known aa the Ml«si«slpil He saw many frees aronnd the table which he Lao seen In battle, and be preserved to see (hem alwsr> around tie table, lie had fought up and down ihe Mississippi from Cairo to Kew Orleans, on horseback, on foot, and on deck, and he was wil ling to own that he never cot wLat be expected lie continued at some length, and waa vaciiVr onsiy cheered throughout. A toast was offered tor Dubuque by c C GUI man.ot that city, after which me Star SpanHed Banner was aurg, aU standing, wnh spum Vfl-r which the banquet adjourned with three cheers for the perpetuation of the Union. ers Opening of Trade Between Norfolk, Va,,and Uverpool. * . Forteim Bosnos. Februsry li.—The steaaei re»mia»i will take from .Vorlolk to Uvereooi 3.0 0 bales of cotlon with oa\al stores, leavlm?m Sorfylt u fall cargo lor the steamship Delaware, CHICAGO, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1867. expecled to tirin'obtrst Starch Ib*. D'.nr:i trade from Norfolk it probably raangur.ted. FBOM CEZBLEsTOH, S. C. SpMek of Go vemor Orr-ieceabt of Hl* Visit to iVasbiDgton—He Cobomlb ore Adoption or tlie Plan of Becomacrnctlon. CiuaurTor, February 1 L—At the analveraatr banquet ot the Chamber of Comtncvce, •*** “S a r Governor Ovt made a speech, dctloK which he al luded to Ha visit to Washington. aodthc forma* lion of aertemeot pro* ecnled.whlchii wsa thought eooWetcmre iheanp* port of the conservative members ct the radical party. He was received kindly.and-treated cour teously. and every disposition was matsfes'rd to have a perfect end complete sctUemtat. hot some of those gentlemen, when neat they went Into the .ball of Conerer*. wonM Indulge in speeches of , the moat violent obarader. The Governor aald: ‘*My ouo Judgment u th-jf If the Leclsla'ure had adopted the proara-mme with any'degree of nesnlmity, sod if the other Southern State* adapt it or manifest a dlspcwl* ‘tionto adopt If. U will produce (he beat remit* ■ npon a considerable portion of the radical party, ana save the Sooth frota many of the prepo»«o radiral measures. J know a great manyofonr ’ people are to tavor ot folding their arm*. They eay they are in the power of these people, let them do aa Iney plca*e. 1 do not believe in any unco doctrine. 1 ‘am not one ofthe dignity sort. 1 have believed ;in our doing sometolng tor ourselves. 1 have be l eved in Indicating to ibe people that there la no ■ suUenness at least on the part of the people ol the sonib : that we were prepared to give them-an honorable guarantee to seenre their nghla in the 'Government', and when we old 60, at least chal lenged the rc*pect of ibe honest portion of that party. I haw bo* it enraged myself for two long 3 earrjto ptvduce that icaulL Whether it will follow I do tot know. In taking- the position I t ow occupy It was to serve the people of South Carolina; ard 1 liitenj to continue to serve them: and. not» Khstantilnsi Hie growls of grumblers, I shall nut be sweyea from the performance of my dntyou that Hue. If it accomplishes tbs result* hoped lor, I etall be fully compensated for acy sacrifice that may have t o n mad;. If It falls, I shall feel that any ridpouslMlity tor rite further humiliation and opo'en-ioa ol South Carolina docs nut He at ID) door.* 1 [Applause.} To-nlghi Governor Orr, by mvt’atlon, will ad dles* a public meeting of (reedmen. THE FLOODS. ftxir.ior<linniT Ills»e In ibo Uliwtiulpplt StllnolM and Ollier Ulrrni-Drla;c« Carried Atvay, Home* Inuudaloaand Swept Away. (Fptdal Despatch to tbr Chicago Tribune.] # Mobkis. 111-, Frbrnary 14. The Illinois River U veiy high- It has risen fourteen feet h» twenty-four hours, and la still ris ing rapidly. It is now as high by Dine Inches as .1; any time in the pa> t ten years, and lias covered ■he bottom lands and roads for a mile south of fbe bridge. The Ice fa about twenty Inches thick, and coining down In large does, catling ofl’ oak trees twenty inches In diameter, and has carried away a -pan of the treptie wozk. which is about twenty feet bich si the aonth end of toe bridge, leaving a team with a man upon the rest of the trestle-work beyond the bridge entirely surrounded by water. Preparation* arc being to rescue them. The bridge Is being rnlircijr rebuilt, and was nearly completed. About SI,OOO worth of supports and timbers have been carried away by the ice, hot the bridge Itself is considered safe. The pleri bieak In pieces the heavy fields of Ice which come down upon them. Ihe foreman. Mr. .Tocca, fell vesierday from the bridge to tbe Icc below, twenty feet, breaking his flcnrqrz, lowa, February 14.—Tbe heavy rains and melting enow yesterday fesused torrents of water to leap down the biers, which Cowed through our streets, filling several cellars ou Bluff and Locust streets. Ibo Htmm was more furious west of Dubuque, flooding low ptalncs ai,d breaking tip the rivers. Ai Dyersvlllc the water and ice aweot away the lorg orldge a:.d the mill dam. The loss there is heavy. At Waterloo, Cedar Falla aod lows Pall.-* the rivets were on the rampage. The loot bridge and a portion of tbe Illinois Central Railroad budge, at Galena, was carried away. l«o steamboats and barges were swept from their moorings, with conslJejahlc damage, ihc breakwaters were also Injured. Alboua, IrL. February 11.—' Yhj island in this City was I arilully overflowed from the river last night, covering tbe first floor of some of tbe chops and business houses, and compc-ling famt lies to leave their dwellings. The Ice remains In tre pord hut looks threatening. The river has failen fifteen inchi's sicee one o'clock this morning. Topeka. Kansas. February 14.—The Kaw River is higher than it has been since P&d, (and Is still rising. The railroad bridges at Wyandotte, and tbe eld sens’ bridge at Manhattan have been swept away, the latter carrying with it several persons who were on it at the time. A portion ol the pontoon bridge at this place has been swept away, and there is no crossing ex cept In a skiff. Kansas city, February It,—The railroad brtdco across tbe Rcpnhlican River, at Fori Riley, was earned away by bleb water this morning, taking with it two men who were trying to make it sccnre. Part oi the bridge was secured at Wamcfo. No lives lost. Ihc brtdse actoss the Blue River at Manhattan is in imminent dancer. The Blue auc Ean<as Rivers are higher than ever before known. The Hood is a general ore. _ The railroad bridge across the Kansas River at the rotate line, and the wagon bridge ot Wyan dotte, are seriously damaged, acd fears are entertained that both 111 be carried off. Tbe Missouri River at this point has risen three fret since morning, and Is still rising. (Tbe story was current in Ibis city last evening that tho bridge across the Mississippi at Rock Is and had received serious damage from floating icc, so much so, indued, that tbe Rock island Road would not guarantee (be delivery of freight with tbe canal promp'ncss.l MEXICO. Nc\th from (lie Western CoMt-Aca* jmlcoMlllOccnplcd by the imperial lMN-n«xlmliiap*« Departure for turope Asatn Announced, dee. bAN Fuxkcisco. February 38.—W0 have Mexi can new* per Golden Oily, rid Acapulco, Feb ruary Sth. General Alvarez's forces arc In the immediate vicinity of Mexico. The imperial General Pauline Gomez Lamida had bver. shot. General Pforfiro Dial had tabes Tehuantepec and continued operations la the direction of Pmbla. He bad exchanged French prisoners for liberals, 'the Austrian prisoners remained in hli hands. Acapulco was still occupied by the Imperialists. It was expected thatiho French squadron would poslth clj sail on the soth tn«u tUvxKX, February 8, rid BaWTSton*, February U.—Tb« English steamer Silent, from Yet a Crux, od Inst, arrived yesterday. Maximilian will leave the City of Mexico, or has already lett, lor a point from whence bo embarks for £mopo. Tbe French arc contlmlcg preparations for em barkation, ana look lor the arrival of a Urge Ceel of transports. . _ Pforflro Diaz Is to occnpy the fTt? of Mexico after the evacuation by Baadne, and be Is now approaching the capital. A circular issued oy BaxaJne announces that alt Frenchmen who Jo-n tne Mexican army dlstran eMse themselves. Marquise wants money, and demands £60,000 from tne Mexican merchants of Vera Cruz. The Prefect suggests that American, English and other merchants ehouli be levied upon as well as Mexican merchants. Miramon and Ma'quUe will be obliged to leave the country for their o«n safety. N'tw Oruuss. February It.—fhe correspond vol of the .N*ew York Trtbmt has arm ed from lha City of Mexico, JanuarylU. Tbe liberal advance *aa then at ?an;Fdipc, and the opposition under Qnciopa at Paries. Mejia was etill sick at Querataro. Mi-amoD r wlth a force not exceeding 8,500 |wa3 i

in Gnanaioaio and it was rnmoted pieparlog to atlcmpi the recovery of San I nls, occupied by one of the Liberal Generals with an*~eqnal force. FACobedo, at tbe head of as manr more, was at Matebnela. moving to reinforce the liberals. Els position seemed »nfflclenOy *ecure. end he was concentrating in ample force for the re-occupation of the Capital. The Liberal fo<ce within two hundred miles of Mexico, the Capital was in a panic In view of Uni speed? dissolution ot the Empire and the Imperial foiced loan or one mil ion dollars. Alarm is fish at the prospect of tbe interregnum, subject to Marqncse, ana the Fiecch were ap pealed to hy foreigners to hold on till Juarez conld occupy thecity. The French bad also been asked to surrendur the city to Porflrlo Diaz, which Is not impossible. The papers were publishing, as the expressed opinion of Bazsific, that as the choice of Mexico appealed icdUputable for ihe KepubUc, the Em ptier ought cot to remain. The Imperial Chief of Police wa» arrested by Baaaloe lor demanding the release of a prominent LihctaL who was seized by tbe Government for political reasons. Goods were detained by the Custom House In Mexico for Vera Crux dalles, already paid to the French, not were released by French force of ana*. Thernptme between the Government and Us protectors appeared complete. The remainder of the French are expected to leave the capital on the flttcentb of this month. • U was understood by the best Informed that the Fmreror would probably leave before, escorted by the Austrian troops. FKOX YORK. Portbccmlne Deznonnlrmtlota-Itt Favor of Free Trade—injury to Firemen— Cone of the Suspected Chilian Pnr«- leer—Arrival offirtlnlster Bigelow. New Tobk, February 14.—The Execnilvc Co«- mittee of tbe American Free Trade League held a meeting this evening, for the pnrposc of arrangements for a grand demonstration la favor of free trade in this city in a abort time. At a fire in a ucemeitt in Eleventh street, ibis morning, Wm. Betnscn, John Pierce aid Wn. O’Neill, firemen, were dangerously injured by a fall irom a ladder. It appesrs thst tbe owners of the R. R Schuyler were not to receive pay until her arrival at Ls gnayra. In the meantime acomplracj was form-d aboam under tbe lead o: au cx-robcl officer named Bead, to torn her Into a Chilian privateer when at sea. The owners are now satisfied that they would have lost the ve#*tl. bnt for the Inter veuiiun of ihc authorities. Collector Smythohas rt-ctivcd orders lu conformity with tbe Attorney General'* dtdaion. , x _ Nxw York, Fehrnary II.—A !Ve*s Club has been organized In this city, with Horace Greriey, Presided; James Gordon Bennett. First Vice President, and Wm. H. Hnrlbot, Second Vice President. Twenty-focr thousand dollars nave been raised for Southern relief. „,, _ . . x , ihe steamer City of Baltimore,, arrivedl to-day. Among the passengers arc cx-Minizter Bigelow and lamily. Jfewa andclpated. FROM CISCIKSATL Arrrat of Soppo«ed Jlarderew-Foand Be&d-Drmociatle lonvenUun-Unn Over and Killed. CutcixhATT, February 14—Three Germans were arreted In Covfcirtor yesterday evealog, who are probably the perpetrators of the late botrible mutder of James Huches, oalbe Li<i Barroad, near the city. U H repotted that they ackaowl* C^enftnf D Ge t Deral f lbe loopcr. General Stenosa leavea for St. Louis "“chri.'loofer PnC nlcbt mlchmin of WhMler * MWtoS tWtLlool-tJorj. ou Riehuood deioln Ibe p:lvr J.-Slef- Cty. Hcbjd fcllco down the pwoou nfchl, “AJSo!Jfulia , 's>>''l Sf oovoroi™, “SUtt convention of Democrats has been in here for twodays, led by AU*. Long and Wm.r£orry. Ihe resolutions of I7\y are eull Ihctr corner-stone, sad tbe -complete 6.irerc: ! raiy of each State their watebword. - An elderly German lady wa» killed yi-stc-dsy by being ran over by . a botcher’a wagon. The Carrie** driver 1> In custodv. i* talker warm and raining. rnoai JACKSON, Michigan, Election ol Officers of the michlgan brand Tronic RaOway Company— 'Work of the Company’s Engineer*, special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Jacks or. Micb., February 24. The Board of- Directors of the Grand Trank Railway ot Michigan concluded their session o£ tw o Cwyrbst night. B. W. tairdon. of Niles,- was elected Treasurer, and O. W. Bennett, of Jackson. < Secretary, The Treasurer reported- $16,000 on hano for turrtys. ' Ta o panics ot engineers are now at work—one between this point and Chicago, and* the* other between here and the St. Clair Hirer.- Jobp E. KStm, Director ttom hr. Clair, reporl cdfavcreblc propoallons forE*sternennneedcos. Tec enabling act for tbs road U the apeolsior der in the senate to-day. -FEO* PITTSBUUGH. Tlie Weather— State or the Allcghnny acd !Honoapibcla Riven—ButlneM— ftlovemcuu vf Steamer*, n IJiwwMn, February 11.—Weather rainy. Both ilvcre are rblnr, the Ailcghat.y rary rapidly. “ * * The new* from OH City Is tnat the lee has bro ken. and is rnfiblsg down on a Hood ofw-atcr. At esc o'clock this afternoon Ico was f asalng Mahon lug auo Brady’a Bend. The rreat body will doubtlcvs paes here to-night. The damtge will probably be quite heavy. Btuicese la not so brisk for the past few d>js, owing to tbe bad weather. —Csvaxd. from Paikeraburg; eteamcr R. C. Gray, from Cincinnati. - Ko departures witl take place until the Ice nms ont. • -Hiofollowine boots were loadio- tor polntshe '• ft>r Cairo .ml Su Louis: Ida Jleos, for Clnclnnall aud LuulasiHo; Col am bia, for Nnshville; ravannab, for Galena aid . Duouqoc. and the new steamer Dubuque, for &t. Pad. FBOM HAKUISBUUU, PA, Forties Exonerated From the charge *»f corruption— Ice on tbe Stuquchou nala—ltollrond Accident* mn&tsßuun, Ffbriulfy 14.— the Joint Com tnlUceof the Luglrkii ure have repotted unanim ously that so evidence isfoundof corruption ua the part ot any petrou earned in connection with the fcenatorshlp, or any memhu-of the Legisla ture. 1 he ice in the Snsqnchannah has broken npand moved off. All appi-ehtusloDß oi a flood arc dis pelled. While a fast train was passing lc the oeigbboi booc of Waisonio's-n. a broken rail threw a num ber of core down tbe bank ot the canal. Several passenger* were injured. , CANADA, Montreal to be Strongly Fortified— Troup* to bo U lilulrawn from ranada. Hosthral, February 14.—'The fortifications for the protection of the city are soon to he com* n.cnccd. Si. Helen’s island is to be rendered Im pregnable. Forts are to be elected at Mount Roy* al. lAprere. and feveril points on tbe shore. AdvJn.-s from England state that four regiments are to be withdrawn from Canada on the opening of navigation. OCEAN STEAMER BURNED. Probable LoMOfTwentT a ttvo Lives. CuAuiEtTOiv, February 14 —Four men lately hclurging to the crew ot tbe steamship City ot bath,haveutrivedhero from Georgetown. They, report the steamer burned Sunday morning off Ca eHatfrras. Ofthc twenty-six persons aboard *>iar» hrliciedtobelostcxceirtt' eso rnnr Tbe City of Bath was on her way from Boston to Sa vannah. Kan Fraticlaco Items, Saw Fiuxcibco, February I*.—Steamship Gcl-rcn City, from Panama, with passengers from New York, January 2ist,has arrived, Brrk Formca. from Hong Kong, takes SIS4,OOT in treasure, over 4 07,000 of which is in Mexican dollars. baxVHaxcisco, February 11—A fire this morn- Irg on Mission street, between Second and Third streets, destroyed eight or ten wooden building*. Robert Dlnsmore, Treasurer of Sutter County, absconded on the 10th instant, being a defaulter ofsl2,lo»\ ffionutctlcnt CoDcmsional Nomination. J Nojiwtcu, Conn , February 14,—80d.. H. H. [Starkweather has been nominated t>r tho Eepnbli [cans for Congress, over Braudcgce, the present representative. liAinTonn. Conn.. February 14.—The Republi can* ofibe First District renominated Henry C. Denting. I*. I. Barnom was nominated in tbe Fourth District. Ibo Democrats of tbe Second District nomin ated Julius Hotchkiss. Incendiary iteicaacd on Habeas Corpus Kansas citt, Missouri. February ll.—Hicks Gaiutler, Implicated in the Scott-Cutler fire of No vember, Ufl independence for St. Louis yesterday. In charge of the sheriS, In response to a writ of la't<ascorput issued by Judge Holmes ot the Su premo Court. TBE CHICAGO DOCK BILL. a Stupendous Fraud ou tho People of Chicago. The following Is a copy of the “Bill for m act to incorporate tbe Chicago Harbor, Pier and Hock Company” : Be »: ei.Gc'td by the’jieorJe of tin State of BtinoU reyretititea m the General Aneinbly : Hcnos 1. That all each persons as shall be come stockholders, mutably lo the provisions of the corporation hereby created, shall neaud are herebv declared a body corporate and politic by the tame of the •* Chicago Harbor, Pier and Dock Compsjy." with perpetual succession, and uv that name may contract and he contracted with, sue and lie sued, plead and be Impleided, define and be dclended against, answer and be aesweted unto in all comta and places, may make aid nee a common seal, and alter amt ruse* the same at pleasure, and have al; tbe powers and privileges necessary to effectuate the objects of this act. Sac. 2. That J. Young Scammon, William F. Cooibangh. Thomas Boyce, William Bross, James H. Bowen, James M. Walker, William F. WLitebouse. Charles U, Ham, David A. Gage, Mclvulc W. Fuller, Uahion D Ogdcn, and John Ayer, their successor* or a majority of them, or their survivors, be and they wo hereby appointed Commissioner* tor the purpose of procuring sub scriptions to tbe capital stork of raid company, andferthe purpose ofcficctiug an organization ofeald company: and it shall be theduty of said Commissioners to -open books of subscription to the capital stock of ealu company either In Chicago or in Mew York, or both. If necessary, drat giving notice ot the t-mc and place, or tmes and maces, when and where such hooks will he opened, hy publication in one dally newtpaner published in Iho placo where such books will he opened, for at least thirty day* previous thereto. TTieeabi Commissioners shall atttnd atthe places and Umea appelated for the oi-ening of raid bocks, and shall coul'nne to re cine snbacriptions, ettber prrsontlly or by such agttte aa they may appoint for that purpose, on ;u the turn ot twommdicd Uoa-aud dollars, or mor«, sha’l have reen robscrM)^’; wberennort the - aid Ct n'mlffloperp thgll giro twenty days* notice, by publication in some Puvvrpaper pnoUsbed In therity ot Chicago, clanekenon by the stock holders of a Boa; d of Directoir, as hereinafter provided, for tie management of said cttyotaiior. At such time and pUce so appointed lor Ihe purpose, tbe Commls sioi its. or a majority of them, shall attend and act as Inspectors of said ekction, and tbe stock holders present shall nrocced to elect a Bond of seven Directors by ballot; and the Commissioners present shall certify the resole of soeh election, under their bands, which certificates shall be re cotded m the record book of sain company, and shall hn sufficient evidence of the election of the directors therein named. The Directors thru fleeted shall hold their office for one year, and na lil their socceesors are elected and qualified. Src. 3. Tbe officers ot raid company shall con sist of a President, Vice President, secretary ard I tessnrer, and not less than seven nor more taau fifteen Directors. Bald Directors shall be elected .nncally by tbe stockholders of said company, ir.Q at each election each stockholder shall be vo mit dto one vole for each and every share of stock owned by him, and standing in his name on the books of sala company at toe time of such election, and said Directors shall elect ibo iTwideni and Vice President out of their own number, and appoint the Secretary and Treasurer, and *uch solicitors, attorneys and •cents as may be desirable. Tbe said Board of Directors are hereby vested with all the corporate powers conferred by this act open exit company, and are authorized to make ai>d establish all such by-laws, roles ate regulations tor the manage mentat'd control of the atlalrs of said company, ana tbe prosecution and completion of the work contemplated by this act as they mar deem necea *ary ard proper, and to fill all vacancies occurring in said Board by death, r&dgnauon or otherwise. fcte. 4. The capital stock ot s«d company shall bo five burdird thousand dollars, and shall be *ilvl?cd Into shares of one handled dollars each; xid may be Ificzeated by the Board of Directors of i&id company lo any sum necessary to com plete ifce work herein an'horixed. and the same snail be subscribed for nn Jcr the direction of tbe Boatd of Directors at snch time and In eucb place and manner as the said Directors shall Irom time to nine determine, and stall be paia in each instal ments and tn such manner as said Director# snail detcimlnc. t kc. 5. The t aid company f tall have the power, and ire hereby anthoimed to caclos-: ana protect, occnpj anduse, posses* “d, V’y? 7 *sotuneno' •Le bed and wateir of Lake 31!calssn aa he op* posite ana cast of fractional section ten, town tuny-tine i.onb, ratxe lombcu (U> east, of the third principal meridian, sooth ol the tontu hoe eftbe Chicaco Hirer, extended eastward on a lice paiailel to the pier on the north side of said n\er, (leaving the river ottbe same width as U sow Is at Its month), nod opposite cod cast or fractional sections twenty f«» («> and fifteen OS) In the tame town and ranee as would be included with in me imes of said fractional sections if the ilcea thereof were extended into the Laue Michigan, to as tomskeeaid secilot a entire and complete, south of the sotub lice of Chicano ihv* er as aforesaid; or In oiher words, all of the o d and water* of Lake Michigan south of the south hne of Chicaco Hlvcr, extended eastward aa aforesaid, which would be included in the lines ot said fractional sections ten, fifteen and twenty* two. If extended Into card lake i o as to mahe said sections whole and entire t and may build, con* struct and maintain bre kwaters beyond me same, soasrortoobamctarxl prevent the navigation of said lake, ard may build, con struct and malstslo thorax and thereon piers, wharves, moles, docks, breakwaters and seen other erections, works. »tinctures and pro tections, canals, slips, and oibtr conveniences for the accommodation and safety of boats, vessels, ana w tier fftftot all kinds, and for me purpose of proxioiag w barfing and dock privileges, ware houses and other buTldlnw and ttrnctnres; and may connect the same by roadways across ran road tracks, body of water or land, with Mlcbl* pan ave: oe OT o mcr *u*el east of Michigan ave nue In the m> of Chicago, with the same powers or condemnation for Ibat purpose as arc provided in the act relating to internal Improvements, *p Pic. o, bald comprny shall have power to make, construct, excavate, mati tain, preserve and keep open, within the limits herein provided. flips ana such oilier ways, »u*h u.eir embankmenu, supports and anpnrtenarcea entrance of boats, veesela and other water • i lake or Chicago lUver and harbor; !® l* Tr, J'srt of their property, lanes and premise* “¥*yky the Board cf Oln>c»rß of satd compa* , necessary and convenient fdr me # ,le * nd enjoyment of slid property, »a for ute Interests of - said company. 7,,1f 1t 5 om P an T abali also have power loony at • t»H.S.« r * ,,,VWc sale, and to take, bold, possess ina injoy any end *ll landa necessary for tac tw«s asd porpo c of aald company, and Iho complete execution rf the power* hereby conferred upon aald company, and to suiter upon, tahrposscasion of. bold and a*e tnatpor&oooflbe bed and waters of Lake Michigan hereinbefore referred to. Sac. 7. Said eomptny *haQftkrcpowerloleaae 23 T portion or OH of their land*, piers, docks, ca nals,, wharves or other property lo* snch tliao, and upon Bach Unas aa may be agreed spon between nld company and other panics derfrinc to lease the came; to levy a lax and cfargt a 101 l upon- all boatfr rea'els or other water craft, oaaaiag through their canal* or Blips, or lylsg la th«tr basins ot harbors, or lying to oraJODgslde cf itiir decks, wharves or piers, or in ary lonvacr namjp or cccupTingihe piopeer at «*ld roapaey. ere. a. Sr id rorepwy nay build, bay, cm, opeiate, tea, aa-.igaie, ar.u ry and coiiveuka.: for t-t purpose of rowing boat*. vc'sals, or oih-»- water rra»:, to and Irvin, : 'uardoctof their seid etml' . or ba*lns, 1 snd toned frem the nw r. ■ ary of the adja <*M trmtet* of Laic v .-./an, tv live Chicago ur bsrhor. *; d m:>. charge and receive ibtrtfoT cuiu tale* a» msy be csi&b'Aihsd by the Board of Directors. Sic,‘J. The ntoperty cf Ml«i compaii'ahall be subject to taxatloo, and they vhtil fM tU?ciiy of Chicago asmutlly. an *r in? -is-plrnon of the weth cor.lCQipktled by tuU ar»,..uti per centum of the net proceeds or prette ut their bcelness over sud above a leu per eeai •Bvideud tmen the rtcckefreld company, to be derated by said city to Improving tut >-rnrasoha»bor.'J’be 1 city ef Chicago mny at tlexpbuUiin ct fifty y»re from the compleiion ot ik r rovldedtcrtn .thu a*t, take pcMceslon of and said property ■ udq rrtntc-leei of said coupanv. upon caymcnt to > said company of the ooat tt-rcot togcUier wl-b i ten p«» ctnt annual isterret M.cieou,asii the pet -ceumni said city may uavc toceired from tho business ot said cotnoany 9io. Ik. This act ehall-*>e derned* public act st.d liberally coueirued a£ eucn.ava tlull iiho el feertrom and rf cr fi« pas s ;gc. MOTLEY, THJi u-. f. ill*- Opksloß of Our tie it tTaroiid of IccpabUean - The Cincinnati Coalmen-*!, i *;-Vhmar7 IS, publishes the, following iSruin fic-*a. 'J. 11. Anderson, ot Ohio, ettclostr. • u«}>y of a hitherto unpublished letter from J..i.olUrop Motley, tbe historian, who, as the American Minister at Austria, was lately thcsnbject of the Seward-McCiackea libel.* iUNsriiu), February 11,1367. Mr. George W. CrackcD. ol N«« York, -rillcg to thePiestdeat from tl, sud com mcotiug cadre views and coadacto! our repres entatives abroad,eajr that Mr. Motley, American Minister at Viet sa, “Copbes American Democ iacy, and proclaims lonely that ao EngtUb noble man Is the model of human perfection.” Mr. McC. farther tays : ** There ia n*H In all Europe auoretnoiongn flunkey, or a more nn Ameri can functionary.” ara that be (Mr. M.) elan -1 dof the r.-esidcut ano Secretary of State, in tbe i(ie** Ece ot every traveller. Mr. McCracken mar have heard alltbir, bol m my opinion the state meute ate utirue. Tbe reputation nf this groat historian acd CiPlomallst is very precious, it onght not to be blasted or ettdn>d,-eren by Hie tales of lolbimers. A very modest nun. and in a distant ia*.d, bis Menas should come to bis rescue. The subjoined letter, hitherto aupub llebcd, la hk beat rladKation. and 1, &s a friend of bis.beg you lo give it a place re your columns. X bavu other letters from Mr. A!., but thu annexed lis tuffialent. Rcepeafnliy, (blgued) J. IL AjiDtssoN. 3.ccAitOK or tu* UiftruoSTATES or AafEinca, | At Vienna, June ITT, lS£k f James 11. Anderson, Esq.. United Suttee Consol . ct Hamburg: receiptor vonr kind Invitation to psrticiuale In the celebra tion, at Bamhurg, of our national anniversary on tbe 4tb of July next. 1 regret extremely to say, bowe*er, that my boeineM here will not allow me to onUniy po-tatthiMlme. Were tt othcrwLse, nothing could give me more elncereplcasare tnan • ccb a meeting with so oasyof our countrymen on this sacred day. The loyal portion of (be American people—still constituting a large majority of the inhabitants of •.be land—bate not renout-*:ed tt>* right t*» font mcmoiate the birth-day of our Republic. IF", at cast, still xecogntr.e tbe great truths bo solemnly mduted nearly a emtuty ago in tbe name and by the authority oi “the good people” ol the Colonics, artlvg, as they exposed ft, as *S>nc people,” If« still believe that all vun are created equal, and ibat they axe eocanp by their Creator with Inal * tnublc riclis—lile. Jibe: ty and the pursuit of hap* j»lce*»s. We tsve not substituted lor our old no* - uiical evangel tbe new motal and philosophical tiulUthata common wealth. In order to endure, ’ fbould be louuded, not upon human freedom, hut . upon homuo slavery, ’he Atncncan people never so truly deserved respect as now, when tt ey are so gmeroasly lavishing tberr blood acd ■ their in arutc to maintain that system of national ilhcily and those wise political instllurioos which their fathers bequeathed to them, ard which an insurrection to extend end perpetuate African cla very has at last endangered. History has no record ol any great people whose , virtue and the strung.h ol whose institutions ; have not bees tried, at one period or another, by thefiety leatof cWtlwar. ills the destiny of ail mankind. They who emerge purer aud stronger from the furnace may have confidence in theirfa tuie. They who are destroyed by it perish be cause neither they nor their polity were found worth preservuu,. It Is difficult to imagine that a majority of the American people will ever consent to theuiamera bermrnt ot that country which namre baa so -tt(kingly marked out as the residence of on« na tion ; to the ireciton of a Chinese wall of custom houses ard fortresses twoortbree thousand miles in length across tbe bioaoest part of our territory; to (he pcrpo'nal maintenance of vast standing ar mies watching each other or contending trim each other cn each side the line; and to the permanent (‘ciablUbmiut of a system already par itaily liegnn —of intrigues with foreign iiovcrtmcnta, oy which one portion of what was so lately a strong and powerful com monwealth, shall be played on against another ,iottlon utitll Americans, cheated of their liber ies, their rights atm their nationality, shall come •o forget that they ever possessed these blessings; Weak and treasonable longings for a premature and impossible peace will be powerless, I believe, ■o seduce the American people from its plain pain i»t dntj— persistence in this most righteous war ofeelf-defence, until the slaveholders’ iuaorrec- Jos shall be entirely suppressed. Despl-e tb»* ifiorts of treason at borne tod as or ganised calumny abroid, tbe American Republic, ire acd indivisible. Is destined. 1 feel sure, to urvlve Its fiery trial, and fetnre generations will he deeply mu'eful to our brothers now in arms who arc otlering up their lives iu Us defence. It is only t*y holding lost to the great principle f f.evdom for oil men, by faith in the people, and by unlimited trust iu Dim who holds all the people of the earth In Ills band, that we can look iorward steadily beneath the war-clouds which uow envdope our land toward a brighter and sappier jntcre. I beg once more to express my thanks for your in vitation. myrtgrcl at no! being able to accept 11, and niy best wishes for an agreeable and success ful commemoration oi onrnatlonal holiday. Pray believe me, very truly youre, (blficcd) J. Lotubop MoTusr. HEAVY FORGERY OF BONDS. Three Swindler, at Work on a Grand Scale—The Arrest—A “Rcspccta hie” Citizen Implicated—One Still at Large. An extensive counterfeiting operation has Jnst been brought to light through the efforts of onr Ut-bctive force, and some of the leading culprit* nio now In Jail awaiting examination. Deputy superintendent Nelson was informed, three weeks ;i£o, that a quantity of forged bonds of the county of Baton VUta, lowa, were In rlrcnlalioii, and that parties wore at wd.k dis voting ol them In this city. The case was en ttUriea to the bands of Detectives Elks and Dixon, who Immediately set to woik to tra:k the . larger*. Witmn a few days their sn-pioion# icbted upon two men, Williams. Loo uni John n. Cofer, who were both scan frequently XU'TIi'JJ the of n. m. Vi nipple. Esq., No. 18 L*?al!e street. U subsequently •rauf-piruu that bad ejected a sale of (10.000 woith of gcnalne bonus to Mr, Whipple. They bore the State seal ot lowa, with the signature of :he Clerk of Buena Vista Court?, and were paya ble In ten years, with anrwil interest a» l-n|per cent. It appeared on mvu*..nation that Uic trans setiens between tee and Mr. Wnlpple were per fectly square, the bonds he sold to him being all genuine. The attention of the detectives was therefore directed to Cofer, who was livmg at the Mattvaon llonec. Detective Dixon Introauvcd btm*elf to this Individual under the assumed name of Joba Williams, a male dealer from Ohio. An acquaint ance m>ou sprang un between them, n:id it was not long betore Cofer introduced the subject of boi.ds, thinking that the simple muleteer would he , willing lo invent. A quantity of "crnice fond# were produced, and Williams Inti mated bis wUll'gnese to bay them at the terms ■■ifcrcd, seventv-flve cents on the dollar. Coler ursired him lo call next day, when the transection was to he closed. On Tuesday afternoon, pnrso aot to agreco ent, the supposed mule dealer called on Cofn*. who desired him to walk along to ;bc office of D. H. Horne, auctioneer, and :eal estate r’cale:,on Monroe street, to set the lord# stamped. J hey proceeded thither and mil Mr. Uoire and the atoresatd Lee In tbe office. • tier produced I IO,Dw) worth of bonds which the dtieciive at once saw were counterfeit. The -tgnatures were ncllke those on Urn genulue ■lomis, and they bor*', not the county -eal of Bneua Vista County. hat .be iwcrlpilon, “D. H. Horne, Genclra Auctioneer ata Beal Estate Dealer, So. 9T wash •npten rlfuet, Chicago.*’ . Dixon, aifhontb be perceived the bonds to be forgeries, at once accepted tbe proposition to pay our the money, and he and • ofer started toward Clatk street, where, upon Dixon's invitation, they went Into a saloon to drink. Br a preconcerted arrangement 'em Ellis, the detective, .vas wailing thereto re ceive them. As the two went forward to me bar, Ellis advanced and placed them both under ar i tel on the charge of dealing In counterfeit bonds Cclerinas evidently taken by sarnn*e, but he na? csnfnltoa-serttbe liinorenceofhls tnpposed victim, the mnle dealer. Uow«*vcr, they were bolb brought to tbe Central Station, wbetc Dixon uLoerwtnlthuformofbeiug released. l ee uaa arrested on.Wvduesday in the office of v*r. Home, ann In his pockets were found accep tances o! Sir. Whlnpfe’s amounting to f 1C.500. ricm these It would appear that a tran'frr of bonds, genuine and otherwise, had been msec to he amount of nearly forty tbou-and dollars. In jddliion tu ibis thcie were found among [zc s papers a quantity of Cncca Vis a County orders to tortf thousand dollsrs, and beating .fceslgratnre ol “M.J. Jamison, county U:tk a fictitious signature. .. . step taken by the police was to secure the ariest of Mr. Darnel fl. Borne, who has hitherto been tsiecmcdarespectahle men Der cf •otlety. He was seized yesterda* In the office of Mr. Hibbard, and a search being made in his office revealed tbe fact that fony-one of ihe coan •endi bonds were concealed there behind a coal box* The trio ofswlndlen, Horue.Lee.ind Cofcr.were ar.aincd ictlerdsy morning before Justice s:urte vast at the Follcc Court, on the charge of forgery, to which they entered a plea of not guilty. Mr. Gorre ofiertd the following explanation of his «tare in the transaction which may be taken ■ for what it la worth: He stated that two weeks ago Cofer and Lee called neon him and told him that Mr. Whipple bad obtained possession of f-lOJXXI worth of genuine bonds which he refused either to pay for. or Bar tender. They then asked Horne to a«slet them ■n filling out certain blank bonds which they proposed to paas od upon Whipple .or the gamine ooss, and be (.Horne) did so vmn oot any intention of commltUag a fotgsry. He :unher staled that, on seeing tbe number of blanks they bad. his suspicions were aroused, but be was traasnrea hy • parson who represented himself as Mr. Jamison, the County Cleric, and who told him ihe blanks were all right. , . . Tie case was continued for ten days In order to • give the police time to hunt up the four h man, me person represented aa Jamison, who seems to be the prlmi mover In (he whole transaction-Tbe prisoners were held to bail In the snmof tWw ;tavh. The real extent to which these forgeries • bavebetb carried will appear on further aiveau | gallon. T. BJ. C, A. 'tteport. ; >*cmcrona application* arc hem? made from ..laces in the countty where the yonmr men are ■ ciming Voung Men's Christian Associations, for copies of onr tael annnal report. We hare had so large ft demand for them tail NUMBER 252. wc are aow entirely 00*. and«renotal»ie to pr> ride the Association* which are otcamrtaz taa'x wort wlft ( Instruction as they deaiK. To meet this oemsed we would most carats tit request the members of the Association wbohare the last jar’s reports (o. send tbem to oar office. Rood No. If, McthcdUtChurch Block. - T. .M. C. A. Chomt b Xirr nnua*©—■ A Oxnr>.—pn siMdlTP, coltr*-!? eutf correct 'T.Otn**r.t*oL, w;« aa arUaU.rcauiiy Italy sow on ai C/c-V. Ku»Jc livi, i*shi»/d Ijr ,%i. , W4C # , l> Ik Maty. ibofin.nt we ntur raw either l£ thU co?n-Ty or Karope, The . U-gatt# ocese. Year*. Jua. S-o glittering of ; Ud Oprl. catbeV-0?, "the Vmtjgs, and all (bat > ajiccriallspi ib« Ism of poetry and Basic are &»!nicd (he gfear artut, sow core. The UmmlriaUon.t;-aTUj«»* and moon light tfl>c£» *re beyond de*criot:oa, Acd we •-♦dally commend •“ ~ **• r*reclallr commend ijtothepiblic. St o. P. N. Dealt, 1L C. Foun r S. Dr PXLSBOS, A. J. I’jCKBCUaG.- W. Q. Baird, J. Ji. FIOAX, 11. A. ELKt*V D *lf, BICELOV, 8.11. St. Joke Fnon>Am> BoiHD.— Mr-. Kyan*acd ter* tn*? eons,-Janca and John. were brdn.git before'the I'ouce Court in ter day morning aharsrtxV xrlth riotous and disorderly condCct in the vicinity of ibe Canal iocs, at Bridgeport. They were fined flOncD.and ihc two boye were each required to gtre bail oC SIOO to kocp the pence. Patrick Uuga was fitted 110 and required to eJto «S(U ball to keep the peace. In tonacqocsoe or ala :nolcnl conduct nno toccata agatest hie neighbor, -Mr. WlUoc. wUU whom be had much trouble on .tbc eater question. One Camnnwck-. cccsected ' with the t&me afibir. was fined $5 lot teftatag to : assist tbu officer in arresting Docp Fzsso.—Xentlon was made In thest cnluzno yesterday oftte robbery of a German at a of D 1 fame on Clark strict, atd. the arrest ofDdlia Allen 1 * and Madam Gali na'b establ’shmcnu*. At tbc Police Court, yesterday morning, lb arc was no proof that* the robbery uu committed, hot the keepers of the tile dvna were fined <3O each, and eight Inmates 15 each. (J r tt AIT BROTHER. AdrrrlMni Act’* ISft DriH}jru>«i n receirr BdTrrtWitirnd tor all ibd leading pape/e ihr*a(koot tbe Ceiled Wnni and Canada*. printing PRINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job OiSoe. Facilities liar doknv Work of Any Dncrlp* lion DttpqasUcd in the City. 2Eijc Season. •^yABAdH-A v. nunc. Grand Masquerade and Fancy Costume Assembly, THIS {EVENING* The Fittest lee of the Season Asndawll'ntoMhkely be the last ot ;t«c pcoolai e&terutimseiu. the public should lo* fall to aUesd. The Great Union Band: Has arranged Music Specially for this Occasion* * Flxib (<stb) extra night u ticks; holier:, Doocsopci at ~fj). m. •^yEaTaIDERINK. ICE LIKE A MIRROR. The Finest of the Season. OPEN DAT AND EVLM.VU. , t2T Register roar name* for the MASQUERADE to-morrow evening. (Scnctal Notices. J^OTICE, Chicago & altos Ratuoxu Cowpant. SrpxusTSNPEST’s Office, Chicago. Feb. 14, I3fl. - On account of the loss of an Important bridge, on this line, by freshet, no through trains will Icara Chi cago for fprtrg'cM uil iiittyer notice. Tbe WUmlnctruAcc-iatooJattOßTrala will roc, on It* it solar time. BOBT HILL, GqrtSay*?. JHasonlc Notices. TVTASOJiIC. Oriental Lodge No. U 3, ill f.AA.M. CotntnnnJratioa Tbit (FBIDAV) Evealßff, fet». 13. At their ball in Masonic Temple. Bualnew of Import ance h> relation to the new ball will be in order. AH mm berg are particular!/ requMted to atteed. Visit ors alyay a welcome. D. B. FAIRMAX, Sec*/. MASONIC. —A Special Convocation ol Washington t,h*pte t No. -O, U. A. M., will bo held at tnelr hall. No. W«t Randolph-*!., this (FKIDAV) evening, J'eb. IS, at“K o’clock. Worsen B. A. Degree- JOHN WRITLET. Secretary. astooß anh ®oal. r£RA VERSE BAX WOOD! AT REDUCED PRICES, t r It Ik the best Wood brought to this manta. BEST UCKWANA COAL! By Toa or Car-load. CURTIS, BROW* & CO., 1 a wm MaTtsog-st. (ggmnastic (glut jyp/TROPOLITAN GYMNASTIC CLUB, ISi, ISO and ISS Elnde-st. OPEN DAY AND EVENING. Clast Exercise from 4 to 5 and from 7:0 to 8:83 p. m. Out and Cold Baths at alLttoara. Memhenhlps until Dec. 1.18G7. |7. L. A. KOItMEXDY. Superintendent. Co laEUt 'J'OREN’F ALAEGESTORE FOR WHOLESALE TRADE, ZT Apply at No. 63 Sooth Water-st. _ Stationcm 7\TEU’ STYLES. - TINTED CHTBT4I TVeddlng, X’arty and Visiting- Cards, At J. BAIXIDAY’S. 9S Dearborns!. The mostele cant Cards eter Issued. Please call and lee Eatao.ef .* . Consignments. A PPLESI A apples: Choice Ea'laff atd Cooking. arriving and for tale cheap la loU to amt purchase™, hr J. T. MOBBTS * 'JO, IB Dcarlnra-st. lIpSSINA ±A ~ OKAXS'GES: 16Pe>rtwrn-»t. ■pvUfnELD’S CELEBRATED HATH 9, The old'St Brand. Established In 1537. Very slid* “"a- Fot 10 *« ““"SMiroBS * co. Commlwlon Merchants. ICI Santa Water-e*. JEiHantes. DABTNJiR I WASTED. Wanted, a partner, active or alleftt with a ca«h capi tal of to take a hall Interest la a Wholesale Manufacturing end .iobblsr H«u*e In Chicago, fire years established. T«arly salts 9S<UO3, and a cood ran ot rostomera. Best r.-ference siren. Adarcis Drawer 3933, Cllcago. 111. WANTED— ’’ A. SITUATION To travel In «oxe wholesale buMoen. Bare travelled oat from this city tbe last ten year*, principally In tbe jrrccery bustn*s>, and have a tr- coa-.try acquaint* ante. Address -TRAVELLER." ...x 19. Chicago. pAKTNEK WANTED—In the hahdwahh Bcsnrass, Witt » capltnl ol KOOC to f3,OM. to Ukc tie pUcc of ttU.loc p.rtnu. lotion. 08 -. proposals. PKOPOsALS fok flanking 'time* or TTI* Bo aso of PtbupWoses. » omcawiu a } Sealed PropewaU wld be receiyeo by in« ®. f SS u «’S , »j *y m 'aftSißSSl; ««,vSivlMflf BtoSiKUutfk Addition to Chicago; Juotorrlanklnrthe » ,|#T J h^ Z i l 7 l T o MV* , R*u £ °*b»ld Improveaitßl will be paid for from V.e (poclal u>r«srnu cried to defraylU colt when the sane ,t prope«aU mnirf'be addreeacd to the Board of PoblU Work*, etdoned “iTopoaal fot Mtnktac Alley la B'ock ’* Ac., (naailne toe partleolar locality), an I bo acecmpaiied wltbUe tunal 92C0 bone; wlta sareUcs, to bo approved hr tbo UosnL • • • ... Tbe Board reserve the ntbl torclectanybtd not a aeceraanee with the condulons of this advertisement ortorriectall bids, and Mr praM*alwlllbeaomi««. naltsa tbe party oflerinc It tbaU give evidence aaUatac* lory to Um Board that Mtw tbe oeceMary AIU, expe* rlenn. energy and abUity • tor doing the wort, la imsv worthy, and bmSdtDl peewdary FRED. LETZ, O. J. BOSK. 17, Bou-iorPubUcWprgs* Jgoiise STORE. New Goods. Paper Hangings, Decorations. Window Shades. Bedding and Bed Furnishings. Upholstery. Damask, Laces And Cornices., And -everythfag per- tai ttfng to the above. Steam Cured Feath- ers, free from smell. E. Ck L. Faxon & Co., House Decorators And General House Furnishers, 74 & 76 Lake-st., Two doors west of The old stand. Kcto lUttfrUcaUsng* JJOKTICDLTUKE JO 11 THE WEST. TH3 AMSBICAN JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE. Snbscription priccj $3 per annum.' JA.WASV VXD FEBKU.VEY XCSBEBS WOW READY. Wtti Riatxedeeeend Sled PBftraltoT Has. WAUBHATiti P> wIU)SB| wua cis Bi&jrrepbr.* For % toe* One the riesasdhat bem tett in the Wmt Irr « Homcanti of tktn tore »tm Ht»- ettltaeat. wh:ch that wlwc tDWmtem CultarUtatthia dr.niad «e aim to tspplr. and with the avUtaece cf such writer* u Wasmti, SimLixii, Krxiorr, Bmiuu. Dauwu. Ciirnu. Dux lap. f &*<*<•, o*Lr.«iu, Ucll, Hciwa-n, Uat. Kvpo* aa«l ether*, we trait to he able to eaupiy every dcnuDd which shall be required. WewHl alto hare the moat proml'-ent writer* oo Pomologyl an 1 F ortco.tnre la the£ew Bncuadacd ilWdle nattet. Tbtnklaf oar Western mnf« tar ibtlr eflorti tha* t*r la a>d o( thin enterprise. which ha* d>rw tract) to add to our sub scription Iti'- we would hesthemtoeonttnae. a«tartac themihatißMrKiod awbtaare It ncc««ary toearry **Tn* AantcaxJotrvrai. *r BomnciTni" where we Ceslieto tlace u. hatnple number erst os receipt f t aJcetti. J. £. TILTOS * ci)-, Publisher*. Uatton. JP" Arerts waved In every town tad dUrnct to caavtet for moactlptloot. R ARE LONDONBOOKS. The nrtucrlhcr hi* lately received from Europe a , iftj taxes »>MttmcoCut ♦ Bare and Valuable Books, la a’l laaenaaes and nm department of Hteratnrt. tollable for Gentlemen’* Private Libraries out offers them lor sale at Trry K>tr print*. for cash. Catalocmrs of tee same ar* pah Ish'd front time to lime, with tee lowest cash prlec arncxed, and which will be xorwarded to any address gratis, on appUc ttioa. A. L. LXJXSTER, . (LiteT. W. Keeve.) IMPORTER OP LONDON UUGI£3>. Ho. 13S Fttltoii'St, Hew York.. griming. hinting, Book and Job* At Tribune Job Office. PocSlJlies for doing Work ol Aar Dr*crip lion Unweellnl hi the HIV. jglotfics iaanglct. J^ICEKICAN CLOTHES MANGLE . bans Clothes Without Heat. It will da It Id ooMoartct ihr tine r©» Hatred with beared iron a. It give* n aloe ••od brilliancy of lustre to tloeua. InpOMb ble to be obtained from heuod Irano. NO EXPENSE FOE FUEL. No Hotel. Laundry. Iteatacsut, Boarding Haase. Hospital ar Private lamlly can afford to be wildcat one. IT SAVES TIME. CT SAVES CLOTHFS. IT SAVES MONEY. FT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LABOR. FT SAVES UEALTd. For rsrnph-’eti, containing fail description of ma chine, address AMERICAN CI3THES MANCIE C 0. t 149,131 and 143 Faltor-sL, Chicago, 11L, Or J. IC.EBIC. 161 Lakost. tfax Sale. TJRICR FOR SALE. 300.000 FIRST QUALITY OF BRICK, FOUSALE IS TO HU IT, By LYMAN BRIDGES. Masonic Temple, Pcarhora-sl., Chicago. GREAT BARGAIN—One ol the most valuable WATER POWER PRIVILEGES In the West, iltaab* within fjrtv mite* ot this city, and suitable lor any kind of manufacturing worst, u of fered for rale, for cash, by Immediate application, at k 5 per cent ot Its actual valne. Good stone data, sev eral acres ot land, upon which are good stone to abun dance. fbr itpairs cr Improvement*. Apply at. 13 Exchar gc-piacr, between the boura of 10 a. m. and i p. c. or ftotr. 3 to t p.m. rj-0 AGENTS AND CANVASSERS. A few Tbonaaml Saleable PAirpblcta Ciir a ale ElUlPi At TBI tD.HE JOB BOOMS. pOR SALE— Shingle, SUve and Barrel Uschinsry, Comprising shlncl? ml'm. htadiaz mills, ehlneie and heading Jointer*. state Jointer*, state cuiter-. o-adlag ixnnOt-rs and rtan»r*, equalizing and cni-off * All new, ef our own maautartnre, and warranted. FVU.EB A FORD. 282*nd2S4 Maatvm it. T> ARE CHANGE FOR MERCHANTS. JX FOK SALE; A CAREtTLLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dr? Goods, Groceries, &.c„ Invoicing ahont fl*.WO; aT purchased within a year Lavt. aid lease on store. Store located In »thriving >wn a short distance f-om Chicago. SatufactoiT rea aoa*ytveafor*eUag. For pixccalars Inquire of . K, V. BOUuISS. Ccmmlnrton MerOant. Sg Chicago^ Senttetrg. rpEETH.^ "NOEXTRACnAnGEOr Extractlnc Teeth WITU OUT FAIN. by the u»e oi Nitron* <*xldc Gas. when ar tiflrislcnea aielnteried. at IUEGO'S Dental Boom*, 73 South Ciark-sL, Chicago. New Teeth inserted same day ns extracted. nr BS D8.J.0. FAKNSWORIH EXTRACTS TEETH WITHOUT PAI>% Bt tbe cae of Mtroos Oxide Om. cr Vltallred Air, tor •j. Artlflt tat Teeth insert*!, from 913 to 930 a t«,oa Kntocr. HC Ksndolph-st- opp. Wood’s Maseom. Sirucatumsl. INSTITUTE OF DKAWING, SUfl veytne and Cini Engineering. at Tolle*ton. Lake Co- Indiana,sß c lle< from Chicago, eroding of M. c. andP-aw.A C. B.Rj.o|wis April U.ntUlSepr. 15. *3O to be a Draftsman. 935 a Surveyor, *« a Civil F rtlneer. Drawlnc teachers ?<ot to clubs of 10 to 20 Kbolara. Addrtes. A. VAX DEKXAtLLEh, lor a cir cular. TTNIVEUSITi' OP NOT HE DAMP, 1 J KOTBE DAJIE, IXD.—Tbe next term «l Uu* welbknown Institution wilt commence on the FI BUT OF FEBBU APT. Students, towever, can etler at any time during tbe • rear. For Catalogues and more .articular informa tics app'yto ___ Sale of ctos. J-JEYTS TO KENT. • KEW ENGIABB CHUECH. TBS BSCONP SALS 037 ?DW3 la Re new »diflee on North Dearoomst- opposite Washington Park, will Uko place Bfonday Evening. Feb. IS. 1567, At TV o’clock, after which «ale. the unsold Pews and fit Ltrr Chair* will be RENTED lar tbs corr e nt year. <stoc&fliiKieta fHeetiwg, OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAYINGS. LOAX AXD TECbT CO. Cnicaco, Feh.9.ISCJ. Tbe Annual Meeting 01 tbe Stockholders of tbe Met* ebanta* tnJ Trust Comoany,Tor the elec tion of Trcitets, win be held at tbe office of said Com* pani.tnChkaro.oa MONDAY. Uarcn 4tb, between tbePonraoTiOa.m.indUm. L.J GaGE.«laabl6r. ifeeb. Q.ROUND o>jC3l« cJ&. e; Is the Cheapest Fetd in the Aarhet F. r stock tf all kinds. Ortsn nrornDtiy nlicitjrcath. *we*. w bLAToHPORD A CO^T^ 1 . No. ?Q North Cl-to B-st. fßarijmerg. • \ ME S’ XX Celebrated portable anl stationary STEAM ENfilitSS, all sires. Snoerlor to all others. SMITH A UIOG3. gt. Loots, Mo.; WM. P. HDVEY, Milwaukee; JAMBS JBNRS, Detroit; C. L. BICE 4 CO., CWc*;o, AgeaU. CaU pc scad Ibc cltcoltf. Matftfnns. pBAItOE STATE CORN SHELLEE, W« are cow eztaal rel/ ooirod la n« mauafbctm of Con Staters, Hard SbcSsa. Haad-Fsedar *od B*tf- Tewiinr Two m»<t Foer Sole power Staler?, car. Two tad Form- Honefowerr. Tbe chore nt rrprraats a F-ww Hole Geared Staler 71th Seeker, Self Feeder, aodfcoearton Cob Carrier. uaucaawtm oweopertUso. enacts •rapacity 01 ooethousand basßetf. perday. tpdfaaa wcltily adapted to lb* wants cf warcbouaenaen tad QtnuiTe corn s rowers. For Oirtfa«p Irmnotuon send terdaenparedruoter.. r>'iiwts * co, _ Joliet. TIL griming. jpiaimuc Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. FacltUleii for «t Anr Dettrlj*- lion In tbf City. |Ja~inersl)Jp. TVjOTICB OP COPARTNERSHIP.—I I e lure tUt* dar auoclsta(rwUb mo ttt barinee* Mr. HAC3H. nndcr ite Crm name or J. T. M< *B BIS « CO. J. T. MOBBIS. February !sf, »>7. J. T. MOBEI9 & CO., Pfcdcco Cbminission SBtfrchaats, And Dealerrtn Foreign- aa<f UeaeMle. Urcta and Dried FRUITS, 16 DEATUJORX-3T. T'bISSOLUTIOS OP COPAtrr.NEß snii^—Thn tgyyitife ntcl^p i under the same tad at; leal C. STBOBEL & 880. tu diiaolredTrr mutnaFecckaert os thaSlst day cfDe* cssber. 1%0. ' CUAKLKS STKOBEL, LOUib STBOBKL. roPARTNKMmp ICOTI(.*E.-nie BjlrtOTtaK, tira-fromthelrl day ot .Zaesaty, 1567, armed aeo pirtamtitp unde* the arm nose ol X-. 6TROEEII «fc COn aac?«l7l coonnoe ts»-bn?ta«o cftte late firm at taa el No. , r , .. , ions sthobxl, PAUL MB3AEK. OPAHTNJSRSHIP NOTICE. —The Vy eetartnersblp'beretofbren'ftojnndertheflna nazce nt DAVIS. »-J»WTKR-A CO. la CblceffO, sad 3. C. DAVjs A t*o., in Satnt Louie, l« Ida day oieeolTtd bymtoalcoueat.oddag«C*** January lsnl£67. SAiUTSL C DAVIS. CRARLtS B. SAWYER, XATHAN' W. PEUKISa, ANDREW SHIUUUL CtLXUSO, Feb. 12,3 MT. Tbe undersigned bar* thirds* entered itto copart ctrsMp, under the arm came or »Avxß,aAwrrs & co-, TaHn* effect January Jit, ISC?, *ad will cnnUaoa tbe HcotudoboeMaacractcnas aril Jobbing TTintnnM. at Üblcsco. ft-VVrtL C- DAVra, ~ _ CH.\;U»(t3 B. &AWTVB. CHeaco. Ftb u*. iSS?. T'VKsOIOTIOX OP. PARTNERSHIP. The parrsrtvbip heretofore existing under tbeßlE.l» till <ue «!**• ioro«j by mutual fo-«cnt- e. B. GtrxilKlK. Chicago, etb, f. 1567. J. C. QCTfIHIS. Inc ocdcntgned wIH contlaao UuX Commission Business, :■ o .'IS Chamber o< «m Bltasedrofl .- virion*. Dla Vc. 1 j. c. guthbik. iicmendts. J^EUOYAL —The Trunk Store ol TV-M. WRIGHT, F.Ma SI Clark-st. to tU old established Trunk Store and Factory 2X9 BOUTHCLAEK-3T., Manntiftarcr. TThotnali* ned Keull Dealer In every raster? ot.La4UV and t*nia’ Travelling Trunks, Va* lists. Baa*. fcatchn».,Vr., at reduced prL-et. Otd cna tomcrsacdnawafelnviivd to c*D before purchasing eUc»her«. WW. WBICJIIT* 319 Soma Cmrk««t« Thttcntg., STREETS CLEAN. Smilii’srflebraiolSlrttlSffefpingllaeiints Famtahtd to Corporation*. Contractors and othan. oa rtasonabla terms. These twcfbl evvwn are constructed In clxea to M oooi sted hr hand-wuxir or by horse-power. PVh m*> cidae wsnanttd to perform Ua wore Ltorouxhlr. ott My street. PrlcalWO snd upwards, accordingly *lx*. patentltiehts tor sale. For Dantenian, Ac., address U. A. Shlf?!!. Patentee and General Agent. - 611 Chestnut-n., Philadelphia. T>AT£J»T OFFlCES.—lnventors nbo -L «l*h to oat loiter* P*t*ot »« adrttcd to cuontel with MONK & CO., Editor* ot the Scfeooac Anericw. who luxe proaecoud cUtnu Mfoc« tie I*atentOffire&riWftrljtw«at« jf*n. Th;ir Amerteoß and Earcpetto Potent AseacytU lha mo«t the world. Chorea* Icm thsn *ay ojier relUWe •ceccr. Ap«mr’>t. conUlnlpflali ImtrnctSoas to lareat* art, u «nsjr*o«. Addn«* , iirs.v & co, 37 Parfr-r&«<. .VeT Ycrt» Q.AXD’6 PATENT BBICH MACSIim OSee and manufactory 3.1 Scuta JefferecMt. I’ar Intormaaon aaldetcrlpara circular addrew Z. U. QAHD. 83 South Jefleracu*et, nrnrugw. 3L muter. I LUMBER! We have a Litre and Choice Stock of Inmbcr, Lath & Shingles, Which »e ofler f» Country Dealer* at price* which cannot till to be aaUa&ctoty. Or sued molted qual ities. Oar stock cowUU la partol Wile lit. 3d and 39 Clear: Clear and 2d Clear flooring «sd hiding; •ad Common Stock and Box hoards; wiae &uinxw CoreaibD Hoards, Jolati, Scantling. Ttmlwr, Ac. We bate a Ism stock of tl, 11,18 and 12-Cwl Fender, which we offer low with other tamper. Order* tolicllad. . Office and Yard on 1fa«oo*» Canal* In tbe new Lumber District. SCOTT & PORTER. liiisinsss Cas? UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Kerchanfs, Cor, LaSalle acd UVashizsioa-stL- CHICAGO, Give particular attention to both buying sad aeUtsff Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork r Lard, Beef, Tallow. Frcpertr bought and held on mnrgtnr, aad sold alt XB Ic this ot Eastern market*. tr Special rate* ot Commission made to theta wfe* tornlih their own money Or large purchases of JOTP’ erty to be held Or sale by us. P. L. Cnderwend. Ben, W. PLiltrwaati "Yy'TETH & VANDERYOORT MALTING COMPANY, Nos. 2 and 4 MicMgan-av., nannfactrirera of 9lalt and Healers la Barter and Bye. ry w< keep constantly on band stock! M Fno» Bsrltp and Bya Malt. wtlch we are prepared UiaU «t toe Icwtet market ram. QILBERT & Field, GEKEEAL CO2QCISSIO3 HESCHAHTS, (Successors to Gilbert. Updike A Co-) 103 WashliiKton*Bt» CQAS. J. GILBERT. _ UEQ.FHLP agencies. AGENCY PRICE BROS., BAXXITIOBE. Fresh Can Fruit, Cove Oysters, And Jellies. IS STORE AXD FOB SALE, 1.000 CASE* CAH FBTTIT. 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