Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 15, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 15, 1867 Page 3
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RECOHSTBUGUCM. The Plan for: ClTil Gbverniaeßt dn Louisiana.' The Bill as Passed in the House of itepresentatives. Speech of lion. Shelby S. Ciillom, of nili>bls.' The following Is'the bill, *pfcpared byr Mr. Eliot and appended to the majority report of ibe Committee of Investigation on the Kcw Orleans iliuts, which passed,the llonsc on Tuesday: . 1. Ibat Uis President of tbe UnPeS Sti'c? shall noraluste,and by and with the advice sad cocpciil ot ibe-yennte appoint, s Goreraor for thoFfsU o( ]>out?Uos, wbo shall hoM n.s otllce lor one jisr, anlrra sooner removed by the Prcst* dert, by and with .thesdviee and consent of tbe 'Senate, nr tmloer soooersrmeniedsd by a olectid under the iirorVlotis ol this act B»cn Governor so appointed shall have attained the arc of thirty years, sliall be s ClUscnotihe CniioJ Ulster, and of tto Btale of 1 ouisfaua. ll* shtll not lave held any odes wbilcvcr undvr the G iv •mrucM of x» u so*c«ilrd Confedemie .Htit-n. uor ofniiV BUlo which IheaulborPy »f *nch inrtei.drii Government. He shall not naroslrued. vutiO for, or l>v speech, or oihsrwl-r. favored the act of aeot-sbin of any Hisic: nor siia.i hu be auy perron who b*« over hen any ofllc'-Jv the ftonyor navy of Pi" ImlUd Ma*-;v nnd Whunni'iwnrd look an oalh lo atippurt Ilia said pKlftilrd Uovemtnenl 5 baa pvisoo »W;o wasa I'tembi-rof rlflier ll<»ts'' ol t'oucicss iifth" I’ubed Mate« it’cr the flr«i M«m« dvy In D-c-aihcr. A. IV, *i*d ebo nne r . vanl took e.t. «>alh totnppi'fl ili-i s.ilcl pretrid d Government; ,-nr •In'i »'■ home who has n »r<jo •«ws ;*••* of. Iho Luli-d Males, or «>lta auv way given aid. •Onunacl. c«. jiienjie- <ir euc<inraif»'mflOt 10 tbO - Jain mix bi*; '-’ ail he one who has at n|| tltura l>onie truth v.d at'rgtanea *o tba Govern tii.-tti of tti-T fai:*'' Matea. Ana before such —.itrt!' n r'.Mil 1-’ acted upua by the Shi.lUj rh*’i Like llioMmo oalh,'(w2i'ch .'.<l ara tiled stbh the H»-croury of the .< p: ■> ihcd by tlm act of July i, A. I>. d • I. i oaili ahull aim contain a dret trs ti>ju tun I : uomluei bM dot." no net* which wmi'J »• . j illf'jiullllcalioa for Imlilliu* «odi ri'c’-- ne proTlnlmißOf thl« act. -ct*. • j ,*•.» the Pr< eldeutahall lurUwlPi no;u tide, t .i 1 ay and with Ibe advice and connect .-r • • <.nafo, appoint a Pro/eloual Connell, rirc persona, who shall have Ibo »aoir .■■*» ideation* as arc herein pruicrihoj for U-c . ~;e <1 Govntror. amt who, ueiore being oufititud by thu Senate, etoll cich make and t-lcn.cndlflc nfln ?aidScciclary.lbe saajc oath a* tnat pr-fcrlbcd for the Governor. Such ConnilPor.- 1 hlnll conllooc to ofll;**, nulefts sooner removed bytCc Prcsldcur, by uml wim tho advice auil consent of the Send'e, «a:II a I egb-ia ute ftnll be duly elected and qmliflj l iinocr (he v-rovl-laus ol hts act. Fact ProTl- Moral Council shall, with the Governor, have all ircblaflvc rowrr ir. sock State. Bulicno aveot feballany Coutc.Uor or sneb Oortmor. up on the iimlisof saclioQlccsnntil artureonQima i-on by the Senate. A majority of a-ich Council hball be a quorum, and the same shall continue iu pcirunritt session, with power, however, 10 order such adjournments as may b * deumed wooer, hut no aejoarnmcnt ahull b* for more than tfcirtv day* at one time Sec. 2, Iha» it shall be the duty of the Governor to see that all law* or tbe State acd of tbe Untied MaUsehalibe duly cxccmcd wlism vaid Siati*. Until all utac'sa rhtfll bccom* elective by (be peo ple a* Herein jnorideo, toe Governor shall nomi nate and, by aid wiih the and corrector m«? piovisimal Connell, shall appoint and shall cotnmuoloa all the officers now proriqn I for by toe existing Gov. mmejit of said Stale, or which may ti*<«siicr be created by law. finch officer* ehsU told their office* nulea* sooner removed by the Governor with the advice aud cottncut of the Provisional Connell, until taccc.isoM thill be circled snd qualifi-d a« herein piovided. And all Councillor* erd othei member* na.l officer* or the Provhlo* ui GoteromcM hereby established, no t , al*o all ih> member* of the Con-mulliml Con* 1 volition Ecrtii-afier piovidcd tor. ebnll be selected 1 item Mich j-erson-* as enn truthfully take the oath afotrsald piu-scriberl by Ibe act ot .tuly a, UrJi 'ml before cn:ciiiu> on the dutt * of eu-vi oilier snail tribe and subscribe such oath, which *»**all be filed withuod putt-ned by tbo Chief Justice of the Mate. <lc. 1. That unless otherwise hereafter pro • vide,* bv Cor.srtW. lUcper«oPS only qnaUfi-'d a* elt,c:o;> eco*Mi»g ft* the provisions of tan a.'U 10 Uie Mate of Louisians, sbjll, the firjiTngs- Osy of Juno. A. J>. IsfiT, proceed to elect a Gov. emor, Urr.;cnent Governor, a Senate acd Hou«e of ih-presetilrtives and all the other officers heroin provided to be appolo'cd. which tca*te and ilontcof Kei»:tf-tnlaiivca shall be composed of tit •• wine number of members, and be elected nom the rame usstrici*- as is provided n»dur the prefect Government of said State, end the Gor tntor. 1.i.-n'cnsnt Governor, Semlor* and It.-p --resentatives. ard a 1! otherofficeis ot such I’.ovla icral Govcn-tmtii shall icxpcctlvelr hold their r. let one vear aud until Uictr snccc'sors arc flr’v d,"nrl- a* -ncu office-** are sooner rc moveu or er*cipd !npnn?naoce of the other provisions of ibis act. All such officers so elected ; h"I! Law the same qualification-! and shall Ukc, sub-rrihfncd file Itc same oatn as Is hereto re s. in the 'use of the apporntm nt of such offi cets, oi,d the powers, duties. fee* and cotnpcnsa- 1 t. (Hall»iichoHice'srinili osino .-ame at now : dvhiw appettain to such oflfee*, respectively, in -6 lat a-s M’.dt ’awsarcr.ot tecondstmt with the provisions of this act- Scc. 5. That the following persons, and none others, shall be electors and entitled tovatcat elections held r.nderthc pron-foas of *hl< act. namely: Every inalecltizenof the "ntled State*, without distinction of rad er eolir, who his attained the age of twenty-one years, and who has never horrennasatiaiust the sl«ice lie wa* a citi xu thereof, aud wtr> can truth tody lake the oat 1 prescribed by the first section of the aforesaid act ol July 2. ISS-; provided tiisl any person othmvLe qualified as an elector as herein 1 Vrov'ttvd, and who never voluntarily gave ad, 1 connleuaiice. citc>»ur*ceuicnt or sunport to any rebellion tgalest the United Mates, nor any such , aid, coat.tctmncc or encouragement or support to : any Govcnmctit inimical to the Untied States iu any other named capacity or tank has as a private soldier in ooeu and cJtiiired warfare, may be ad mitted to the nrblaofanel- dor by as order ofany Court of llccord 'n the United »utes upou evtaV IL-L'iag to tlic sailsfoctlou of the Court by the tes timony of psusoue who have at all times borne true aregituev to the United States, that held one, coninv oitbln the description ofpetaona deslg rsledintcls proviso, and upon vitililwhinc as sloresatd, tlmt “tich pctvuas. after tlic 4th of Mardx, A. li 1&J1, never gave any voluntary aid. cunntcuanc c, support or encooragementto such ! ifhctboa; ror to any Gm*ernmoii». mimical to t'ie : Vailed fita’cs. Upon such proof being roade.aiid upon taking and subscribing upon Uie records of tUci'omta’i oath nat ah the things are true which briag the applicant within the exceptions of tbir proviso. And also, that such ugtsoo will, at all time?, bear true nll-*gbnc3 to the Govern ment of the United fitate«, and to the psipetnal union of’be Slate*. Tharenrider *nca pcr*»*u ►r ail receive c certificate which shill entitle him to the rig(.t« of an elector. St-c.C. Thai »Lenovcr any pc-son'a right to hold office, or to vote under the provis ions ot this set, shall bo challeng ed or called In nuefvoii, and il shall be made to appear to ti c oCtccis of ciudiou ot others having ihc mailer to decide, cither by the nslti of the per son challi EgeO. or by olb»r eriaenc'*, llwvt the per ron chslb tisreu. in fact, did any act, the voluntary doit g ot which work* a disqualification to voto. to bold office, to bca.'rabicd by order ol the coart to t v e right* of an election, or to be registered a* such under the provisions of this act, then mall such cases t-nch art* shall ptima fatlt br deemed to have been done voluntarily; and tt-hallde volve upon the person c>'Silrng< d to prove to the t-ailbfocuouot the tribunal having the matter to decide, aid by the evidence of iwrsou* who have atnavfi bome fru«* allegiance lo the United States, such utete a-shall caiirfj such tribunal that such nets of dUlavalty wi re involuutaty. t-tc. 7. ihai the’ ficcielaiy of War Is hereby authorized to make acd puMibh rates providing lor. Flrft—A lrroand}nst icgl tratlou prior to each gtrrcrel dec inn. of the nsm*. s of all persons who, under the provi-10-e o' thi* act. are cnilUed to vote at any cl. cilon named in this act; and he shall designate persons having the qualifications of elcctotr. by whom such rcgl-trauou rbalibe uiadc. whicn rrglstrstioo shah i>e completed and made accvrrlhlc to all tbo elccuirs of tbe State, at least one week before each general election. ci cjj.d—Fm the time* of Loidiog all elections, the lime lor bolding nLto I* now fixed by this act. and al*o tor tbe pi. ices and manner ofbnjdtug and cosdnclbii’all (be cwrltons contemplated by tbia act, ipciudiug rules tor receiving, counting, r-rtttilng and rcmmiag the votes ca-t, Uie granting certificates of election, the ap pointment and companion of all Judges and other ofilms of e'cclmna, and tor every other thing which shall be ncawary to it* holding of a tree election by the ncopic. But all officers and agents appointed to make such registrations acd to conduct, make ret mu* of, ceruty to. or do any id tonrhlng any election, tbill bo pcisc”* entitled to thengbls of an clertor under the provision* of 'this act; sod all such persona shal ."before enter litp upon such dntles, lake subscribe lo the oath aforesaid, prefrribed by tbe first section of the a:t of Jnly 13<2, auo also to faithfully and Impartially discharge the duties of their office. I Constitution shall provide that on debt, de- I inand, or liability contracted or incurred in the ! name ot the Male or otherwise In support of the icccnl rebellion tnall be assnmed or paid, and that no pension, compt nsallon. gilt, or gratuity, *ball be bestovrd upon or paid by the Stale to any , jverton h 3 rear on of anytlung done or suffered lit. aopuort of the rebellion; and such Constitution shall proride that the aforesalu provision* shall be Irreversible and incapable ot abrogation by amendment thereof. Sec. s. That upon the third Tuesday ol October, A. D. I?C7, unless the Congress 01 tha United Sts’es should by law otberu-Uc provide, as elec tion sbaU be held by all the persons qualified to vote nndci the provisions ot the act for the choice of members to a Convention to adopt a perma nent Constitution and fiame.of government for. the State of l.onL*lana. No person shall be eligi ble to a seat In such Convention who has noi at tained the age of twenty-five years; aud who has not all the other qntlifi.atlom prescribed by Una ad for Governor; and ench Convention‘'shall oc composed of tbe same number of membra, and a&aii be elected font Urn same districts as U now pjofided by law for the Uoaee of Representatives. And no person shall take a seat lo such Conven tion who ha* not AM taken, and upon lbs Jour cels of the Convention subscribed the oath lopre fecrlbedbyths lan Eection of the act of July*, The CoutimUon framed by such Convcntiob shall not penult any distinc tion of men on account of nee or color, and shall recognise the and duty of tbe Government of the Uuitvd Slabs* »o protect and enforce the perpetual Union of tbe Slates under such Government. Snob Conatltit* . tion sbali prorids that no debt, demand or. liability cottract.-d or Incurred In ihouamo of : theStatcoroUierwi»«sin«npportorthe recent»- bcil.on. ebali be assnued or paid, and that no pension, compensation, gilt or giatuily shail be oc?lowed upon or paid ny *he Slate lo any pigjoa by reason of aurtblng done or solferen In ean port of the rclwllion. Bnch Coa*mutlon shall 6e •nbmttied lor approval byth* Convention, asaach time aa It may nr, to the elctors of lbs otate Soallfied tovote under Che premium ot this act, ie ejection to »e held under rule* proscribed as aforesaid by the Secretary of War; and If ap proved by a majority of aneb eicrto; a. It may be ' presented to Congress lor tbe admis*ton of tbs state to representation In Congress thereunder Sec. n. Itallt shall be the dn<y of the Preal -dent of the United State* to designate forthwith .an officer of the Army ot the United Siatea who is of rack not below a iirigadicr General, who shall be stationed in tbs - State of Lmlslana, and aball Wlhe Military Commander within tne Mau.-; it ebail, moreover, oe the duty ol tbe President lonlaca In such Stale, under the cowmtnd of sneb officer, such military force as shall be requisite to execute the duties herein assigned to each com mander. It bholl be the duly of such commander, whenever the civil authorities In ench State sbali bo unable to, or shall, from any cause, neglect, omit, or refuse to sec that all tbe laws are speedily enforced for the punishment or prevention of crimes or offences agalavlthe rights of any person whomsoever to at arrest ■«<* hold auch of fenders until the civil anthoriciea shall cause such offences to be doly prosecuted. And it shall, tbe duty of such commander to ren der such support 10 the civil authorities In the preservation of order, and In the enforcement of ibe laws auc rule* n-gulailng elections; and also all other laws, both of the United States and of the Slate, as shall insure the full, speedy aud Im partial enforcement of such lav*, and of cqnal jostlce, and this without regard to race or color. Sec. Iff. That the militia ot the Slate shall con sist of all toe citizen* ol the Stale qualified as electors rmdcrthSs act, who shall be, a* soon a* practicable, duly organized and equipped, aud, .outing the existence of the Provisional Govern ment hereby created, sneb militia shall act under the direction of the aforesaid mtbtaiycomsuodcr within the State, Sec. 11. That all laws the Provisional Connell, or hr the Legislature herein providslfor, shall aa speedily as possible after their enactment. • l»e duly certified and transmitted U» Ihe Secretary of i the Senate of tbe United Stales tor the approval I ol Congress; and should tbe same be disapproved I by Congress, the lact shall beat once duly ccrti- I dec and transmitted to the Chief Justice or Louis iana, and the date of tbe receipt thereof shill be endorsed thereon,-and the ssme shall be filed and preserved in the records of the Supreme Conti, 1 i and all laws so disapproved shall be void after tbe 9 dale of such endorsement- . ... - R hec. 12. That tz&iilphe people of LouliUnaahair | he admi tied to •*»» Unitd States. ntCor each loyal and mrnb-’t ,-r OfMrißmer.t a: the Dcjtcd buies shall rccoz pue«DdXaenzaoto nsraaiec.*aeh people tsbili he ' milled tuooc (lvU«ateia the House of Hearts- Jh « 'l'" general tin *',en p.ondcd fd? In tills act. by foe qoal'fl d cltclore of the Stale ai provided In thla act. Snch- Ocl^aiemaßtoe who tu* the qualiflci tloH tor and could hold the ofOcj of Governor n't* o-r the pro' isjon of Ibis act, and ho snail bavo «cc tame, powers and lights now held by dele* nates irop the lml:ori« ollbe Dot «4 Suite*. t-xc.l3. IhoVall Uwa now la forco In Louisian, coarlhtrni with the ConaUtnilon nnfl laws of t v -c Slac*. end with the provisions of this act, ”•?» rrmnmin fo:co unill repealed ormodiscl; /rotidad, that no perron shall bo competent to act at a juror who la not an doctor undo 1 ibo pm vifioue of this net; And provided alto, that all . the .expense* ©l and Incidental to the aCmlnbtra* lion ot the. IVoviaiooal (iiivommeti heieln pro* Tided for. shall be collected nsd paid as it now done for ibo support of Ibe present Govern In oat of Loolalaoa. Speech of Uun. Shelby 01. Cullom, of lllinolN, In the House of ItspruEcntallvcs, January 88. Ibd7, tbc House bavins under considers* lion the bill to provide for restoring lo the Stales lately iu insurrection their full .politi cal rights, Mr. Cniloth, of Illinois, aald : Mu. Si*CAKi:tt: The great question of ro couFtrucliou still excites the public mind; It will eotillpnc to do so Until tho late re- bellions Btnies aro all organhod by proper authority into States republican In-fjrra. ’l'liisGnvcrutnenl sonic lime past and still presorts on anomalous condition ot things; about eleven milllous of hir people lire not jepresented In the national councl's. It may fcc smlously doubled whether sudi a atato of lliiLua cun wry long exist without great danger to Ibo Republic. At the c'osu of this last sibj»loii of Congress I honed and believed tbit by (bo time wc should as remble here nmln sncti a disposition would be manifested by Ibo pcopia of lira Hnntb as would give Hie loyal people of the coun try eoMldenec that tbc Union wbieh Ujoy so loijlj elrngglvd to muluiuln w«mbl »0011 lie ttulored lu all lu parts. Tlw people, ns Ims burn said by oilier member* on tbU Ibnir. dcsiro peace; limy itro longing lo evuiiicdny when pence, harmony and proa, puily sbull resume thoir away ull over tbu land. Hut, rlr, ns lu thu curly duvs of tbe lebelllon, wiumlboy hoped and (rsUcvcd tbal tbu rebellion would eoon cruse, so now they and wo are disappointed. 'lo day, »o far an we can sun 111 tbu ads and duVulopmenlMuf those rebellion* people, thu r-igi B of returning peace and harmony are no morn hopeful than at tbc adjournment of cur hist f-cifiion. Dining the lust acsslon oftbli Congress wo tent to tbc country u proposed amendment to the (.'oiiclilutb-n of the United States. That nmcndinenl ctnbPdled pnud;dc*flt to be made a part of the great Constitution, und czteuliul lo tbo protection of human rlght.s and the perpetuity of thu nation. Tills House cud the country know welt the wlbdi-m ol that amendment. The Leg!da luic'uftbe lojal States, as they iu their rcfejHjctlvo capita's, ratify It one bv one, and declare that they dcalrc It shall bicotnc a part of the great charter of American lib erty. While tbe States whose sons stood by tbc flag in tho late struggle* for national exia* tcucc arc giving tbeli consent to the amend* incut In aceotdsncc with the forms of tbc C( tu»UluUoD,* Ibe people of. the lath rebel Stales, by their pretended’ Legislatures, arc treating it with scorn and contempt. They repudiate the action of Congress, and icfusc to favor any scheme or propo|i* lion not made in tbc interest of treason. That devotion to the flag which cost this nation so much blood nod treas- ure miift be iufeuited by the repraeu lives of ibe people >rho made the taoritlce, or the South will not be satisfied and yield a Just obedience to the law. Mr. Speaker, 1 shall never insult the men In my district and the’ uaiion who straggled to Vave this country for the purpose of rcc >n ciliug men who labored lo destroy me na* Jkn. even though such refusal results In the failure to reconstruct this country durlug the present generation. It Is time, fir, that the people of tbo South were informed in laftguoye not to be misunderstood that the people who saved this country arc going to reconstruct It In Micirown way. subject to the Constitution, the opposition of rebels to the contrary not withstanding. The Constitutional Amendment w‘ll be ratified by three-fourths of the Slate* in their practical relations to the Government. It will thus, in my judgment, become a part of the Constitution. By it the *taiu* of all pcisrub born or naturalized on American .'■oil v,ill !>o defined, and protection guaran teed. Representation will be readjusted; the n.on who have sworn to support the Constitution of the United Stales and re- be led against It will ho deprived of the rizht to hold Federal or Slate office; the Federal debt will he held inviolate; the rebel debt will be prohibited, and whether that amend ment he bpll upon or ratitled by the late re* people, it will be enforced In ail its parts requiting submission—iu Illinois and Mississippi, Massachusetts and South Caro lina alike. And, tdr. if that submission Is not given to the Constitution and Jaws of the country voluntarily, it should be compelled by the power of t he bayonet. But, Mr- Speaker, after nearly two years have elapsed since theclosc of the rebellion iu Us organized form, we find ourselves, as be fore Indicated, with this large Southern pop ulation, Inhabiting tbo ten unreconstructed States, without representation, and, as at present situated, with no apparent disposi tion to place themselves In harmony with the loyal people ol the country. What shall be done? Where lies the difficnlty ? Who Is at fault? Shall wo, as the people’s representatives, stand still and fold our arms and wait for that great innovator, time, to woik out the problem, or shall we go for ward ? Shall we shut our eyes to the abuse and murders of loyal men iu the South and the continued destruction of their property by wicked men, and give them no means of protection when wo may? These arc Ques tions which we ought all to answer, ana set as become men capable of discharging the great duties resting upon us. If the Etotntes of the couutry are now sufficient to protect the loyal pcopla ol these dljnr- gauized States o*f the South fr-uu rebel out- rage ccd arc not enforced, it is ourduty to remove the obstacle wherever U may be. If men, either by the cholccoftho 1-eoplc or under the forms of the Constitu- tion, are placed in positions of trust ami honor and full to discharge llitlr duties, the trmedy is plain and welt defined and should be applied. Ifmorc law is necessary Ictus ecncL it. Mr. Speaker, in my judgment it !s the duly of this Congrrts to proceed at once and or ganize the late rebellious States into States republican in form; but we ate told that the governments which took the place of the old Stale Governments of the tcuscceded States, as they existed before the war, are republi can in form; and when a delegation from Arkansas wait upon the Executive to con mil as to the condition of things there, and inquire what they should do to reconstruct that State, we arc told }hat our wise and nrtute Attorney Gcnctal pertly tells those gentlemen Hat the State of Arkansas Is at reedy icconstructed.andnceds no reconstruc tion. KspuMlcan in form!—governments formed l*j ihc Chief Executive without authority of law ami upheld by the military power when deemed proper, aud set aside at the sugges tion of post commanders of military districts —these State Government?, conceived lu ignorance, brought foitii in confusion, and rocked in the cradle of treason, are to be palmed upon the country as legitimate, and taken Into the sisterhood of States os repub lican in form, with all the rights belonging to great States of the Union. err, Presidents and Attorney Generals may prate about the rights of the States, and declare that those organiza'ions arc Slates with all the rights belonging to States whose relations to the Government have never been Interrupted. They-may pre pare vetoes filled with the same stuff, and send them to this Capitol to be vetoed by the representatives of the people; yet, sir, the great mass of the people understand that the Executive of. the nation -has no power to create a State, aud that the creation of a State by suen hands should be set aside, aud States republican In form created by the Department of the Govern ment authorized by the Constitution so to do. It U the duty, sir, of the law-making power of the Government to sec to li that those State Governments arc republican In form; It Is the duty of to-day and we must per form It. In the first periods of the lato war the Gov ernment wah careful to do nothing to aanoy or the rebels. The bravo soldier went to the field w ith his sabre and musket to fight, but with them he carried the orders of hte ranking officer protecting to the peo ple In rebellion their property, including slaves. Intent npon the destination of the Government, the nation’s kid-glove policy was turned totho temporary advantaged the enemy, and. In the-progress of time and events, we learned that war, destructive, bloody war for liberty, was the war essential to savo the nation and claim the respect of the world. Such a war under the changed policy of the Government, and the soldiers of the Union triumphed, and the rebellion ended. AVhen we began to consider the great sub ject of the reconstruction of the rebellious dates at the last session of Congress we counselled moderation and great liberality toward the people over whom the nation had triumphed In anna. A bravo people always desire to escape tho charge of want of gener osity to a beaten foe. And then it was hoped that such a course would tend *to encourage aspirltof loyalty to the Government am harmony among the people of the different sections. .If any class ol men had a right to complain of our action that portion of the people of the South who bad all through the wer been true to (he flag had the right to complain. 'While they hud given their strong arms and blood to save the nation, which had been tho house of bondage to them, in the work of reorganizing they were passed by and given no voice. They had the right by all tbit is just and righteous to demand that In the rc-creatlon i ot the Stales lu which they lived they should [ have the right lobe heard. But, sir, so far as the amendment Is con cerned, we closed our eyes and passed them ; by, as iu the beginning of the war. Intent ■ more upon conciliation than doing full and ample justice to the friends of tho Govern ment. A 8 Ibe refusal of the rebels to lay down their arms early in the war resulted lathe overthrow of slavery and the freedom of four °t\ .wLm°’ al I 0 Government, so will the rejection of the amendment by the people of the South speedily eventu ate Id the enfranchisement T •of all those black men . who hut o few years ago were declared by the Supreme Court as having no rights which the while tnnn WOS boillld to ICS pec t. it would seem, Mr. Speaker, that tho men who have been Struggling so hard to destroy this country, were and still arc the Instru ments, however wicked, by which wo arc driven to give tho black man justice, wheth er we will or no. By the unholy persistence of rebels, slavery was at last overthrown. Their con. tempt of the Constitutional Amendment now before the country will place in the hands of every colored man of the South tho ballot. Sir, in the creation of States republican In form In the late rebellions States all loyal American citizens born or naturalized on American eoil will be allowed to participate. But wo arc told by the President and by bis admirers upon tola floor that we arc dts* unionists, because wo say that those pretend ed State Governments are not entitled to representation lu Congress, aud that before their people caa be heard here tlielr SliEc Gorermhcutl must bfl.m idolddl by proper hand?, acd as tho.CoDsUtutlon lobe, -• • 1 • '- : 'I ? -'T # - W The ten Slates mtulbo reeonatruoted, the. lojml nten wlUiont Pt’cani to race or c.dor must control, and tf tbe rebels d.i ,uot submit voluntarily they mustlr? tausht Bnhiclsjlon by tbo rtrongarm ol powef; *Slr,» few months of proper vigor In the odmlnUtmUoo of (his <J'»vcxatneut lathe rrebt v-ny wilt BSUIo this wuolc quesUou, ar,d a* H should tc. The.people of the South are like other people in some characteristics -at least; acd when this Girfernment adopts some. di'fliUe policy .^niicl.. goes forward In Us execution, the tebels end all «»f the rebellious Slates will ac* .qukitx. H heir conduct to day la the Iceltl niatc ofTeiiring of the-trcocherr of Andrew Johnton to the cause of the uniuu, In my Judgn.cnt. Thu (lots and viulooco of the people of the South, iu great part, arc chargeable to Andrew* Johnson and hta blind •real tor his policy. Idonot cliargo him wlih debiting ana craving the results ot hu policy, as they developed lathe long catalogue of , crlniiß which have been committed by rebels upon' Union men In tbc South; but, sir, bu b-re Cod and tbc country, I believe tbal if tbe President bid listened lo the voice of tbe minima of loyal rain who sustained the country' in its’ must Qory ordeal, and whose contidiucQ Ira enjoyed up to the 4th of March. lbC5, and had co-opciatrd, us (he Kxecuttro ■of the notion, with that great body of the pimple In the adoption ofsuch measures ns they deem* cil wise, that the boutiiuiiyiuople would be -xuprctuulud upon this floor and peace and pt« spcrliy would prevail nil over the land. Hut, Air. Bppfikcr, from what motive wo know not, be has taken a dilfermt course, and It is for ns lo do whut moms ties! with all tbc lights and dlllicultlcs before its. Whatever may be llio particular nhapo of tbc Mil fl'.aUy. agreed upon for lln* rot-on. slrncdun of the Bouthcrn Stales,*l trust (but die fen lure n<ny be lij<*or{)r»ratod In U, name* ly, n ptoviplon giving thorough protection lo loyal men ; and, air.wbou I suy loyal man J mean ull loyal men of all grade*, shades, am] coKrs ; mid. sir, In my Judgment, there Isnomruuanf protecting luyul black men for yesrs to come, In tba Houth, ox* ccpl by giving them tho ballot. I do iiottblnk !t would bo wise sluliiamanahlp to d'ilruorblso all the men wimtook up arm* nrotbmvi-o relx-llcd ugainst (lift fJovcrn* ment. i think, sir, that lira lesdcra of the rebellion should bo cut off from participa tion either In elections or tbo right to bold elllce; but them are 100 many of those who • longed lu the rebellion wbu did U because they were can led along by tbo force ot pup* ular excitement, and not from a disposition to destroy the Union. To d'afruticbUo them all. 1 lliluk, air, would not bo wUe. llcndcr Ineligible to Tedcrul olUec by tho ruliflcatlon oftiic Constltutiunal Auenduioot too great mats ofthclcadersof tbo rebellion; cut them off from participating In the affairs of the country In anywise, State or national; enfranchise the loyal black meu; pro tect tbc weak in thoir support of tho conn ,tiy ; place tbc State organizations la t thc hands of loyal meo, uud, sir, tho time will setm come whoo these people will establish ]>cacc and good order among themselves. 1 shall not, Mr. Speaker, undertake to In dicate the minutbe of a bill such as wo should putF : but, sir. I think this Congress is fully capable to develop tbe whole subject and perfect sueb a Ti ll as will be m ace -rd with the Constitution, tfitb our |»ast action upon tbi* subject, and ns will secure protec tion to ail the people, and at the same time, whrn enforced, orcanize State Governments In those leu laic rebellious Slate* ropahlican in form, and enable the people of those States to conic hoc and claim the right of rcpiesenttfcion in the National Legislature.. Mr. Speaker, Ibcicarc many good men on this side of tbc House who entertain tears b it by 1 lie passage of a bill to organize tticsc late rebellious States Into Sin'es" republican in fmin that wc shall by so doing uilopt the territorial idea so obnoxious 10 many of our irunds. Sir, I do not t'.ivor the theory of dissolving these Slates into Territories inysclC but. fir, thci now Lave no legal governments; they are without representation; they placed themselves in the position Ibnv occupy by their own pervprsc and wicked ar.d causeless rebellion; they de stroyed the old Slate Governments under which they were entitled to representation ; they setup governments In the Interests ol thrirrchclilun; by the valor of the soldiers of the Union, with Grant and Sherman and Thomas and Siictidun at their head, these or ganizations were swept away and the people wen;loft without civilgovcrnmcnts; and now, sir, it is ourduty to organize them in harmony with the Constitution of the United States. To protect the individual rights of the people, to produce harmony and good order and prosperity among them ; and, sir, to accomplish these great results, I shall labor, and snail not stop long to quib ble as to the precise manner In which those objects are attained. The blood of murdered Union men all over the couth calls upon ns to act. Union soldiers now in the jnils of the South, await ing trial by rebel courts and juries on charges of murder of citizens of the rebellions Slates while the soldiers were in lino of battle de fending the Government and the flag, call upon us to act. The million of bravo men who went at their country’s call to give their lives as willing sacrifices upon the altar for their country and liberty, three hundred thousand of whom now sleep in patriots’ graves, call upon ns to act wisely ana quickly upon this great important subject. Sir, the two hundred and sixty thousand gallant sons of the Prairie S'ate shall not have it. to say that they went to the field to save the nation and the Union men of the South from death at the hands of traitors, and after they had done that iu war that 1, us one of the rcpicacntallvcs of that glori ous State, shirked my duty in the halls of the National Legislature, and those Union men after the war are left to he hunted down by the men with whom they bad been contend ing doling the progress of the war. Then, sir. In conclusion, lot us take hold of this bill, and If it is in anywise Imperfect lei us perfect It, having due consideration for the Constitution of the country, the rights of the people, the lutcrc peace and prosperity of the whole land. And let us go forward tntrtirg that, as the instruments of that great Ruler ot aU men and uatlous, we may yet place this Government upon the solid foundations of justice, where men may live in peace and prosperity together. KUSSII AM) ROjIE. prince Gort«c)ial<oO'’» Circular. Subjoined. Is the circular despatch for warded by Prince Gortschakotf. together with a lue'morandmn, to the representatives of Russia at foreign courts, relating to the between that power and Rome. The memorandum occupies seven newspaper cohmirs, and Is entitled an ‘TTUtorlcal Sum mary of the acts of the Courts of Rome that have brought about the rnptnre of relations between the Holy See and the Imperial Cab inet, and the abrogatlou of the Concordat of lc4T.” Piincc Gortsebukotf’s despatch is as follows: St. Prrtßsncno, January 7. The acts ot the Court of Rome have tendered il impossible for bi» Msjesty tue Emperor to con tiiue diplomatic rcUUcna with tbeFomiaul Gov ernment: the norw?Uy*ha4 rcpultcd by abroga ting tbe Coicordat of IS-*?, which zcltled the rela tions cflhe Imperial Cabinet, with tbe Holy See. Thenkscc ofble Majesty the Emperor sanction ing tbla decision U known to you. ibis docu ment confines luclf to elating the abrogation of the Ctreordnt. it wa* not accompanied by ihe reaMiDfi destined to explain the adoption of that rneasme. Tbo reserve dictated to the Imperial cabinet by regard for the Holy See has not been observed by the Pontifical Govcrnmcnl. U hae Jn-t mane public a collection of docum mls.' tbc Idea and gUt of which n intorded to relieve the Holy Si-e from all rcsoonriblhfy. letting It rest. solely t pot the Imperial Cabinet. By .this means He collection Males the progress of this regulable conflict In a partial and inexact manner.* By t-o doing the Court of Rome releasee us from tbo scruples by which we bare been held back. It summon# ns to ground of debate, and even mikes t: onr duty *o follow it therein. Tbc acw uf our august master do not fear the light. Hereto, annexed you will find a rigorously exact explana tion ol the dels that have resulted in the rnplnro of diplomatic relations between the two courts. Vo arc authorized to give to tbU document all fitting publicity. Toa will be care ful, at tbo same time, to print out that In follow, ing me Court of Romo into tbls painful dlrens atcD Ibe Imperial Cabinet is nrt actuated by any Idea hostile to the regard for tbe Holy Sec. It has no other object than to establish truth. Prin ciples of religions toleration and tbe constant so- Jlcitudo of He Emperor for all the creeds pro fessed in h!s Mates, no less remain the invariable rule of hla political conscience. So tar as deoonds upon his ilijctly, bla Catholic subjects will not have to suffer ftom the cessation of. the relations our.ugnsl master endeavored' to maintain with the Holy See In view of their religious interes-e. Receive, &c., OoarscaaKorr. Banmiu fur Concrcn, . Mr. P. T. Rarnum, Iho well known propri etor of tbc American Museum, is urged, says the New Yock Independent, by many Repno lleans for a nominatian to Congress in the Fourth District of. Connecticut. The fol lowing letter is from the editor of that paper: Eaeakazoo, Mlcb., January 33,1857. Mt Beam Sin: J ought to hare an-we-ed your letter earlier—l mean the letter In which yon asked my opinion of Mr. Banmu as a candidate tcrCougtth*. 1 have been well acquainted with, bliu for Tears. Nobody who has ever tarried un ccr3Jr. Barnnm’fi roof ca-t have other than a warm-beattrd opinion of the host of that nxan tlonitißridgeport. Noram 1 acquainted with any man ol cieater public spirit. \ou see. Here fore, that. I have so grodeeto avenge upon him by condcmnlig him to Congres.-!. On the contrary, from the'high moiar mne *of hi.* recent lectureMn the West, I bad-began, to in dulge a hope that l e would some day bs a clcigy c»an. 1 bare everywhere heard hu sentiments as enunciated in these lectures, commended by all the coe d deacons and He mothers of grown-up ■ton*. At to Lis political views, 1 cannot forget that, when CoEXu-ctlcct was casting upon the whole laud a shadow of shame, Mr. Uomnts’s speech for negto snffiagc fell like a ennbi&m loto berkegiflolnre. Tne ouly sorlona objection Hat 1 can see to hla election Is that, should Ihe t’oe grettnopai committees 'get 'once entangled in tbe net of bis comical and-irresistible anec dotes, there might bean end to ail public easi ness. IVtbso?. also, It would be an objec.ion that Mr. Rarnum, in taking hi* oath of office, might decline to take the vvhl-keyvrb’cbfiotne dnue attaches to it. On tbe whole, yon.mar tuvfl a day's wa)<c among mankind ano not had a man of grander. common sense than Mr. Bar man- And, a# Congress itself is something of a hnnibng.ltisjusttbo;-laceforbim. ■ Yours ever, Tueodoux To-tos. Tlie Bridgeport Standard advoc-tcs Mr. Baruum’s nomination, and aays, in its tame of tbo Sib instant, " it appeats altogether Srobablo that be will bo eetccicd as the can- Idftte.” ‘ Tbo Illlnolf* Penitentiary. At a public mccllug of the citizens of Joliet held In the Court (louse, on Tuesday evening, February 6th, ISC7, -the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Kttoltfis That In the opinion of this meeting the Illinois Slate Penitentiary, as managed for Force years past, has ;been a sink of moral aud poliiicsl corruption Injurious alike to the indus trial Interests of the cflisens and to the (inar.cial and moral interests of tbe Slate, corrupting, so far as bat been In ite fiower. Its legislation; and by its i&bomacity to prisoners has become a dis grace to the civilization of the nineteenth century, while Us influence, like the Upas, poieooa all that comes within tbe elide of Us operations.* J7««ofo*4, That while we bail with joy tbe re cent change In the managementof Uuj prison, we tuvlic at the hands of the Legislature the moat * laid tcrullsy into ths character of the new ar rangement, lest 1. shall bclouud when too late that the charge was only a temporary one, made torthepmpoeeof luflaeoclog legislation, the ac compllibmctit of which desired end to be Irarne diaicly followed by a return to the old condition ofthinrs. . Hoc! p«f. That tbe fact that (be prison has been and ts being built without specific contract, ren ders it, if popslble, if more Importance that tbe fcupsilDlendeal and other officers annotated to guard the interests of the State, should be men above suspicion and every way qualified by tden tlflc attainments, sound Judgment and Incorrupti ble integrity, to guard the interests entrusted to tier care; and 11; at tcca ofllcets ttbonM Im pro j-fl I’rri rrd-clt* rersroat par.ilr|»« from tavlcf .*».y parto-10-o <*l»d*recUy or mdirscHy. Ifi the cco(r-U for consi octlttforminajarthß prison. j oJj it, ’ilitn mUi**opb.lnn often raaet'ng, llif/Wo d'-n of lh' Pocibisiiary shbnld ir bi'.ind Irani living anv lutir.-at whatever lif any cit tra'i ; or rj«x)fjionc.f, -e vr b nippii of then wlth-fbod or donffng, wh-ic Urns f-da» debit'-* d yt a ciki .icior', am a ■•■■iM in •ll 'ri aba in »iu-b apofllUoD ilat hi? owd per sonal lnlero*(«c»nld rot io any mamf-rc<wflrl «*l b thrmiotesis of ihefifate or tbehnmiae (real* n.eti eftbo prtrriwr*, iitt ived, iLilfcbiJo wo cclrbowledoo the ne* c.osiiy ol fliiUblng the west win; ot ibsprLoa. for which parixaeaa anpoprta'loa has bom made by :bc presm. Onrrat.AasemUr. w-eat the aano t m-'t>ii.tlbe le:l:lataic called upon teener* tali, why ihi« wotk has not already been dose with Ibeappioptiabons neiciofore made fur iadi ob> ' jeet. Jietolnd, Ifcel the members of ibo LcgUatm* Wrenne*fed lo namin'’ the report of tbe Slate Commlwfoner, anted January I§t,lof>3, and ea* ptcisllr harlof said report upon t*a*e« Hand 10. when In u is atuted that ot jy t177.H33 «t*pld ho rennlrrd in compVo •l ho work. the Warden’? honcc, chapel,dfnlnj-roniD,Ac., and if pmstblu reconcile.tic i-uletooH wftb thegict that aucb app-oprlallon was made, while Pm Work I* etui Incomplete, the Warden’s house, dimnff* rrom ami rbipcj still unfurnished'. and wtfat U of still iftraier Infereat to the (az-payora, ascertain wbal baa become O'tbe money. /,'rwlcfd, ‘Jbat onr Ftnalors and Ilepresenta* Uvrt be nrgetiUy reqhestrd to carry out tbs epblt of Ihc forecuing rcsolmions. rtnvltid, Tbnl Ihe toregotng resolutions hs pnliibhrd In the Hilcaao Tniacac, Joliet Ucpvth hcam and hjnlncfteia Journal. Westciu INiat <KZleo flhangns. Tbc following changes in Western Post* masters were made during the week coding January !Üb: GAlo-lbtrln. Morrow Cannfy. J. Paxton, rk# 11.. lUckiuu, roalgiied; Hicnmurrird. Msatsua ’Cotmtt. A..l,Chowman,ilc* P. 11. Pruirb, tt-slgn* nl; Brjl'iook, Apbisbtoa f'onnly. IJ. iltvas.iow H. Munson, tcslgrrd: hlhcns, Criwfotd Cono'y, .1 11. burrow. ilc« J. w (Uclipy.decoasrd* l.utiai, bos? County, U klowhtav. tic? A. HwJwcr, do a'Bso<l:G(>tiitoolo<’ti, Mon'gomcry County, It, K, tic* f>. W. Ibui'ber, doß'-isml; llrark. Hark Comity, It. P. Dudd. r»/*s 0. \\\ Wellnr. rr* slciitd; Kuonuniburr'n, Nuitlo Cunatv, J. Bham* hart, )L*<A,.l. Hu’iyou, left me county; Cauling lor*. Morrow Cminly, T. C Thompson, ties* A. baton, umovnrt; Jacohibirgh. flchnoni County, Mis. M. J, MeMuimoa tic? N. Piimr, rrslgatd; Pakersvtllr, Coshocton Cootily. H. Hnwh. il<*« H. H. Cbajiiuao, resigned 5 Wc»i Point, Columbiana marly. J. f, Warrick, the* U. Ucnnatl, rcugnoJ; West llroohdi-lit, Mark (Aunty. Alia* U. Uupe, rbv b. Hmliti. resigned: (iwiVwtowu. Portage Coiiniv, h. t.'uiton, tier j. Holly, rerisoeil. .l/i.v'.Ji.u/i—K«wa Hirer, hU .loaoim County, c. Mutb'e rlct H, Mownri, rmgn<-d; Waite I‘lueou, bl Josep' Cnmiiy, J. rlc'r alts L. Sl.Qoci.* sioU. mnnrod; l'«lo, lonia county, J. tire L. Ml!ia>d, rreltp.ul : flutter, Branca County, J. A. Conn tl-v it. il.Calkius. r<'sL’ii<:J. JUinois— Hi. flavld, Fuflor Coai.iy, W. \V. Bh/* rt cl: tic* W. Prcaton, teslcotd; Oak, Pope Conn* ly. W. J. \Vil*on nceO. W. Owvdi, icsu’uoi. AVrode—American City, Storey County, A. D. .flr.cin ncs tl. b. Wcuii, rcrlgueu. IdikvfQ— Fort Banaerf. L. U. Hocktrell tier Q, Wilacti. resigned. h'diaua— VS'eMfleJd, BawilUm County, MUs A. Conklin ltd J. Dum.i’, reeljniea; Olive Jlbl, Wejco Conctr. «T. P. liolftr vice 1). Calliertfon, rcn*i:td : NorIQ-ld, Boone Comity, J M, Kami* rice J,-W..T»ptcn, rrtfcued; Alamo. Montcota cry County, J. AI. 8 aliblw cic* J. Wi Copatr, reduced. i) iteontin— I’lne Bluff, Dane County, «T. C. Drown > U'« M Andcron, removed: llcnrlß’Ls, Ibchland County. T Klureytls* B. Greaves, re signed; Jcda, Green Comity, O Gaos rice C. Dudgeon. resigned; Wood River, Burnett Coun ty. G. W. Far. ell clttt N. H. Hlckereon, removud. Or qor-ron Oxforrt, Cusry Comity, il 13. Bur nan ac* L. Knapp, declined. pAVftws— Iroy, DoLiphao Conniy, A. Brentano, rice A. B. Bmr, resigned ; Columbus, Doniphan Countv, j, Urab'e r.c- ,1. T. Sumer, resigned; boot : Land, Jefferson Coon'y. G. 31. Leo vice P. B. Chadwick, re-sign’ d. louc— Mount Hope, Binggo'd County, D. IfcMer rice AlcGaughry, rumored; Ringgold, Bn PffoW Count*, NV. Tinney vice T. M. Glaze, di cllncd ; Big ifock, Scott County, T. Manchester, nee T. Follc'U removed ; Dodgevillo. Do« iloincn County. B. Miller, vice U. F. Mahl, «ealgnert; Al bin, Monroe Coontr, J. U. Moms,'nice T. Cratg, removed. JTnttttote— Franconia, Chicago County, E. White, Her M. lleasluc, resigned; Pleasant Val ley. Slirrhuinccoanty. j. Doty, iter J. T. D. Sad kr,resigned; Foret tvtllu, Fillmore* County. F* filer,(torD. B.ltuuali.declined; Cherry Urorc. Fillmore • ouoty. 0. I*.Colby, rtcrJ. II Boncrtl!, crci Di d; r.jma. Pent-County. J. It. Whipple, rLre V. F. Squlii**, declined; UrowusTlllf, Houston County, O. ikbl, vice C. U. rcsjgncl: Hazel wood, Itlcc Connty, Z. McCabe, rice E. Ditley, re moved. i/larewri—lron Mountain. St Francis Connty, C. A.riMllty, tie-* C. U Hobuebon, deceased: Ash ton, Clarke Conniy, W. M. Strlckier, clat B. F. SUlcVlcr,resided: j/oulfiburgh, Da>la* County, j. Wert, ruv E. J). Brown, resigned; Palmyra, Marion County, O. It. Hngg’na. rW J. M. Tales; CliLton, Henry County, J. W, Fike, rice P. Zeal, rctigmd. | munlcr of a Child bv an Inhuman] mother. The Napoleon, Ohio AortAicof. under the alove head relates "that Bcutenstm Zim merman, a girl of eighteen or twenty, who had been living with her uncle near Delta, in Fulton County, was arrested some days .ago, charged with murdering and concealing her infant child. The testimony elicited went to show that the night after New Years she gave birth to a female child; that she left the house the same night with the child and returned without it. After a search it was discovered that tbo body had been hid in a hollow stump, but was re moved from there to ft bay mow. whore It was Zoned, rat c&ten and mutilated. The body was examined by ft number of phy sicians, who gave it os. their opinion that the child had been alive. The inhuman mother is now in jail, charged with the most revolting act in the annals of crime.” StrEEJIE COURT OF ILLINOIS, Declaluus, 'Tie fallowing decisions by tbc Supreme Court oftbi? State are reported by N’onnoa L. Freeman, Eiq., Reporter of tnc Court: DEsaux sccnxosn vs. xuquat m’cosxixl. [April Terra. 15fiG. I 1. Deed— nor jtroj'frljf cclncicl’d^d—not pre~ femillo prmr dffd trmilarl’j actnmcl'dg'd. A patentee executed a deed tor an undivided half of tUoquuicr of land for which beserveß; ’even dara aftcrwaiU ho conveyed to another person lor the whole quarter, and acknowledged it before a MoUiry Public, ard Cftecn days later before a Cc/iDJnlralorer ol Deeds. Tbe flr.»t deed was ac knowledged before a .CommUrioner of Deeds more tbnn two months titer thalniter acknowl edgment ol the oilier deed. Tee deed tint exe cuted was flrrt recorded by about Inn years and a half. Hcld .tbat aa the officers taking the ac knowledgment wetc cot at tbe time authorized to act turner on: Uwe, the deeds were not entitled to be recorded. .2. Same—Geld that the act of !Si2 did not change the rights of the grantees. That by too act both deeds became joamled «i the same utne. and left the rich's of tbc parties as they were at common law.-tte first vrnatce the owner. 3. t?A*E--(l<Urtry~{!cXrii iclcti.jmiaC. The ns* ttna! no<l legal picaumpUoa ii, cnal a deed wa* ilelivm-d at the time It hears dale; bat the pre sumption nay be rehnttc *by proof, la Ihu ease, ihcrefoie. tt-c presumption U tbalthu deed first exsenteawas delivered then It was made, aad cot wb».u it use snh.cquer.tlr acknowledged. 4. Sami:— Copy or dtfd teal. Wbeu a certified copy ol a recorded deed Is presented, with a scroll with the word •• seal” written therein at the place where the seal to a deed Is tonally placed, is c ur'cnce that a suCltncr.taeal oZ waxor wafer was. affixed to the dc'd. B. AsnpAVfr— of V,i tof dud, An affidavit thaMbeoriginal-dcotl was not, nor bad been, (n the power or romrol or tho Party or his attorney or egept is a sufficient compliance wl’h toe law of Ififit. to anth;-rlfp a certified copy of the deed to be read in evidence. - C. cuted fitter another, lint both defectively ac Krowledgcd, i» not by Ui • act of 15>T mide op-ra tivc to the rsclntlfin-Of the fleet deed, which peered tic title. The ecope of that set vh to operate oil deeds enheeciDcully executed. and not on dice, previously made ana recorded. memvAY coxMißßtoMtuu vs. s. r. tux ex et ax. (April Term, ISU> J 1. TTionwATb—location rear routi line. Where the Highway Commissioners locate a road ad* Jotsing to, but tot i n, the town Hot, it Is wholly within t be jnrisdictlou of that tows, and under ua contract, 2. Sauz.— ln such a care, the Comauselonere or. the tout) within which I. is altuatod had jurisdic tion to locate it, Independent of the concurrent ac tum of the oilier town. It la only in case* where the proposed road la on the town line, and partly In tacn tows, that the Commissioner* of the two towns have jurisdiction to act jointly in location aud establishing a road. c£onuE w. nux vs. zixii n. xokss. (April Term, 156*.] I. Tnrsrasa— Jijtieesion cf property. Where t 7 0 persona enclosed lacd belonging to another fiereot, hyofetce. and, by an arrangement bc ween them, one waa to have the no-th and the other the south half, each were in exclusive pos session of bis half, although not separated by a fence, and each could maintain an action for Ires pass against any person hot the owner. 2. sa*z—Any person entering on the portion in the possession of either occupant, and catting, grass growing thereon, would be a trespasser; nor could he JniUfv the trespass by showing a license from the oiherparly not hiving possession of the portion on which the grass was cut; sr.d the person in actnal possession may remove the bay thus cot, and appropriate to his own use, and incur no liability thereby to the person who cctiLebay. rostra a. ktste vs. wnxiAM cm. (April term, ISwt,] Accorsrs— ettilfment of. 'When a settlement of accooits between parties has been proved, i; U error for s jury af terw aid to allow in their verdict Items embraced In the settlement. And proof of the settlement of all accounts is presumed to In clude all items of an anterior date to the settle ment. Cotrvnxrr—rfrfonncncf—brHjc/i. When it ap pears tbsr*part!ea on a settlement of accounts were eten except one item, aud as a part of set tlement one pat ty agreed to convey the other forty tcre» ot lano, but co time wta fixed when the deed ftonld be made, the pm chare price of the land cm not be recovered until dctanlt la the agree • menl: end in each a cue the party has a reason* able tune within which to convey; and a demand ebon d nrually be made to place the party in de* faniu to as .o recover back iho purchase money. stasaßD uokxllly ve.nonxßTa. namuarr ax. (April Term, VXU.\ 1. D usages —irerda will not ae'uv. Larpnate cf plaintiff will not justify an astaoU at.d imprisonment by defendant, nor wilt words mitigateactnaldamages: bat they may bacon* f.Qctcd in mitigating vindictive damages, as it U the malice or wilful rccklesa conducted defend ant which anlborues toe Jury to give each dam ans ts a punishment. 5. jjjsißfcnPKS—llls error to Instruct the jury that they can only find sneb damages aa plaintiff has proved, as it is the province of the jnry to de* tei mine, from alUh’j circumstances, whether the conduct of (be defendant, in commUtlog an as sail, actuated by malevolence, and carried the assault or tmpi houmeot to an excess. 3. SjL*B~eontrcdieionf error. It Is error to !n --ttrnC that the |nrv have the power to give pnna livc and, at the same time that they can ct ly as have been actually proved by ibc'plalrtii. towj< ur vwaaXu mu. vs. joint bcisos. lApili Term, IS - **.] 1. ot ftiitrtce. A verdict will ho« be disturbed unless ills dearly against the weight of evidence. When evidence is conflict ing tt !s for the jury lo reconcile it, and find ac cording to its weight. 4, JaitnccnoM.—lf an Instruction falls to state thclsn tothejnr-. li ie notcalcnUtcd to mislead when the olhei instructions in the case slat* It comctlv. Hod it staled the law incorrectly it might be otnerwisc. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, hohetaby. TmmsDATErxxTxo, Febrnarr H. The Money market la wllhcnl any material change. Business at the banks Is -duli, with a falling off In the demand for accommodation. The market is working easier for first class names, hacked with undonhted collaterals, bnt other signatures arc ignored. The rales of Interest are unchanged. , , The demand lor Exchange la in excess of the annp’y, and the market is dose and firm. Round lots were easily placed kelween banka at 25 ceota premium. The counter rates are steady at par buying and MO premium selling. The Commercial National Bank ha? leased the nremlsca on Dearborn struct, lately pccapled by the Northwestern National, and will occupy the same Immediately. . ' Hour vn dnll and weak. Wheat declined 1© me. CorowaslOU* 6 I°™* <>»ta ruled doll. Bye quid. Barley steady and rather tnojo active. Vroviatona dull and heavy. Seoda more active. Dressed Bogs were quiet tad Irregular. ■ Gold was again Irregular, Che market opened •t IS?** and eloecdah 1N& .The, tolioirinff quo- Uttone were rece’.ved by Boyd Vf& '/ RoiJ-bru- It'® I S? < I I SSS' '•* ‘'tiS 10:8s*. to Jn«4 ( JbOOp. id...* *JL*» ILtXJi. m 137*1 2:top. m • Utl&ata BaWp.n 11:£0«. iu ~.13«?4 | fciap.m.. Iktf a. xa *137*1 Bure tb« market was quiet at boy- at ISfft. Between broken round ou were placed at K 7. The eelllojftartea were about the aame a* Hew Yor*.” BUter nominal it 125® IST. ' , ' Goternnente' were flriser and a abadohither, the storing prices erf to*d«7» compared aUbthaihres promos dajs: - S 2 g iff a. S c- : m slice or*Bl ids* io?* iw< Fire-lweniiee,*ft, ICBS 'WH W»*i M»* IWJfi ICfi* lu7 U Five-Twenties. *05., JU7«i iWJi 107* Tcu-?vilUe I0O?j HU 101* WlJi Sevcn-l UtUm, Aug lUB* I05«< in* JJBJJ Sevtn-llmtKa, June ...105* 15* t«»* 105‘* Bcrec-ilirfW. Jnlj... jitt» 4 Jos* lUG* ■ iDj'i JvVtr Five-Twenties...~lTsS 105* . 105* 132*. Here the maiVclwaa’ firmer, with a good In vestment demand. We q antes ooviAnasn arounma*—ciucaoo jtinarr. DayiflU. Bellloj. ..100 . .• ..inaji . iot.v ..itn 101*4 . iu:;j iß7Bi ..iw 0103*4 .... ~!»»« iWH ..103 103 ..11*4 lOSH ..10W<. IWh TJ. K.'Sixu. of 1891.. u. s.*, isfs V.B.SSO?, IBM U. S. c-sOf, IKS IT. B. MOs, small U. h. *lMoe, large... I 1 H, 10 40(1. small ... 1 1 . 8.7-30*. Ist act Iff. U. 5.7-J»a, 2d Mriei. 11. 8. ‘•3o*. m series. U.B. 7-u*. 5ma11..,., Compounds, June) IMI UMf •••« •• Jnly, |«0I llfl*i *••• •• Aug., J6»*l 11094 ♦' , Ocl., IfaGl IllJi ... •• Dec., JHM 1W»1 . •• 'May, IMS m»» *• Aug., IMS ,imji •• Hcnt, IWl* lipf? ... •• Ocl., I (HU. 100 U .... Ike Hccond National Hank gives ibo following quotation* lor tho Public Vuods J Cun?., '(>!..ICO uh .... 7-fW,(small) 105 QKttV D*2« roup., done comp., ISHI..II^*4 (large)... IK»K® ... July •• •* ..lid'* Sun coup , Aug. “ *' ..HSU (smonj.*..|WJi® ... Ocl “ " ..HH4 10-io coup.. Dac. “ “ ..natZ (large)....lbOXQ ... May “ )8U,.1»H 10-st) coop. Aug. “ ~1U)»4 (•r08'1)....1W1i<(5 ... Kept. “ “ ..ll»!4 Now core, (r* .... Oct. u •• ..lOi'U T-in. I*ocut Blocks are qmel botfl'm atthe follow log quotations: Unylog. Bellmg. <n»lcapoCltyrs 113 . 1110 Cork t’onnly Ts. od'4 U7H clamber 01 C0mmerce........... OHi .... —Hie Milwaukee Satllntf of to-day observes: mbs only moderate to Uaj.oirlug part ly 10 the rain atotm, which rcatnclcci transaction* m tte sired markets, white the produce markets were atacnaoi. the money market remaina en- Urt-ly nnc’ouited, currency being in moderate supply, and the banka accept stiictly prime paper read’ly at 1U per cent* “New York exchange la scarce and firm, and wo coLllnneto quote counter rotei at *k ducount buying, aud }4 premium acllmg. Tte N’ewTork Jiidfjjend'nl remarka : “HocU Island stock la strong, with constdera.- ble trsnsacilcna at every boaiu. If Us mimswra w.'nld divide (heir eurplna money, instead of iudnecil* it 10 bolster up sundry worthless s’ccke, they would very much pliase their con* tjtitutuU. They might not, however, by so doing, piotnotc tbelr Individual prosperity, which now Bttuis to l»o their cblel aim.” —The Boston Adcertiter says: “Although the supply of idle capital continues I o accumulate m New York, ami the rate there U re potted easy at G per cent on mixed coltaierah. erd at 4 «o G per cent on governments, the dally de luaudlnlU* city keeps so closclv up to the sup ply nfierlog, that iberc is little if any. casing on from previously qcotcc rates The banks aroj'no plymg their best customers to somi extent a; 6 per cent, but the ouMde rate.*, wh’ca furnish more nearly toe criterion of the real value of mouse on business paper, are still steady at 7 to 8 per cent, many lenders finding foil employment lor tbelr rurpuu Bu ds at tbe litter rate on paper which they consider as good as tbe best. Call loans still rule at C per cent on even tbe best collaterals.“ —The weekly statement of the Puiladcphia Banks, made np to the-lib Inst, presents tbe fol lowing aggregate as compared with lho*e of tbo ptcvlon week: Feb. 11. Feb. 4- CufJtal ?tcdt flS.sli.lM $11,517,150 j.oa: 8 5»,i51.i;a Iftii.SOl *rccie ; Filial b75,6n Inc. 2.0 W Du: frcm other D*ia -t/M’.cxi n.W.tu Inc. SM.SM Dnc lo other B.rt*. 7.t74.1TJ 7.2M.559 Dec. 4»0.5f4 Deposit* SD.SDJ.7n gi.5U.595 Inc. 2K«rfl UicuUiko 10,iS3,£Xl 10,tW,96J lac.. CJ.O-9 U.S. !cc*l lender and *- dcc-und notes ID.CCD.m 13.raD.210 Inc. 530,127 —The following shows the condition of the Nuvr tYork City banks ibis week una last; IFef. 2. Feb. 9. I*o.lo* 1251261.555 f2SO.2vAS2J Dec..?D9VSD hrec1t*........... JiiuflltoS 1fi,157.J'»7 tin;.. 175.747 Circulation 52.9J3.547 5J.7T7.0a0 Dec.. 318*117 DtposUs. ....201111.53.1 Dec,,.2,2i3,761 Legal Tenders., 67.6J5.y33 1ac...1,691.01 —During tbc week ending Saturday last, there was IsFntrd oi National Bank currency »2u7,730; making tola) to Oa’e, t-Wl.aiX.SSh. From this Is to be deducted tbc currency returned. Including norc-oul noies, amounting to £2J>;B,(>32j leaving in aclual circulation at that date, S3CS,T7h,iSL —The statement of securities hdd by the Trntenrorof tbc LTnud Stales la trust for Na tional Banks, dated February 5, shows as security for circulating notes n balance ta United State* bond* ot f 510,347,150, and as security for deposit ol nubile moneys, 1 8”,TCI,150. Total, Hie following is toe return ol the Dank of England (or the week ending January 2 >, 16071: LSctTB UEt'ASTVB'T. Notes 155ued.....83,6(31.5751 Oorcrnm’t debt.U.OtS.lfOl Other securities. • Gold ctiu ood • bullion RBBI.STW departue-nt. Proprlctori’cap-' ‘ Government 8*- ‘ its. iU3S,MOr ennU-a tmn.(6» Diet 3AI3,b»U (JUiex iccarlUaa.l3.-U1,779/ IMMIc tepoailfl. S.T9Sf.74i Soles VfISWIU i th«rdeiKwtl«...W,Cß7,6Wl Gold and silver bt- tcd ’day and . cola 1 ,00). 6734 otter buU 490,768/ 43,48.4241 45,195,171/ Tho return, compared with that Tor the previous vretk, thtu'f the following charges: Circulation I»sne.£- , :5,8! > 1.675 l)ccrem>o..£d33,7To Circulation active 22,818,tH5 Decrease.. 331.135 Public deposit?... 5.235,671* Increase.. SU.67* Other deposits... - 18,637,5t6 Decrea5e..'1,423,561 Government seen* 1 nltcsmbavMcij department .... 13,111,069 SfacfcniUM. Other securities In hanking depart ment 19,111.7 S Decrease.. 597,91' Coin and bullion in both ileimrt memf 13,891,519 Decrease.. 2:9,197 Seven day aid * other bills 4T),7fi3 Decrease.. 15.631 The Rest 3.515,>81 Increase.. IVS 3 !\otcs* Id reserve.. 9,962,910 Decrease.. 0,1i3 Total reserve (notes and coin) m bankuig do* n pailmenl 10,Tti,5SJ Decrease.. 7,Sli The London Timet ©Metres upon the return; “ Therein™ shows thaMhe bank's dlsconntand loan butincaa continues to decline, and, as there bus been s considerable Influx of Government de* posits, Iho heavy diminution of £l,42Q.Sdi. the pilvatc deposits (which probably ts caused la pail by the payment of divwcnda on failed es tate?) pas caused (he reserve to be trenched apoit to the extent of only £7,812. The decrease— £469,lo7 »n the coin and bullion Is less by about £!sG,t)ro than the amount of gold known to bare been withdrawn bom the bank during the week, for exportation, and irom this circumstance it may be Inferred that coin Is still flowing back from the Internal circulation.” , „ —The rctorn of the Dante of France for tbc week ending January 9-1 shows the following chances: Coin and bullion Inc. £140,000 Bills discounted Dec. 410,000 Goverment deposits Dec. 44,tw0 Notes In circulation * Inc. 19,000 Vilvaie deposit* loc. lUO.COQ : Advance* l ...Dec. id.uuo —The English bnlllon market Is Ann. Large enms of gold are being transmitted abroad, he note, however, bm a very trilling change In prices. The Mexican dollars brtmgbt by the last West In dia steamer, bad been disposed of at 00? id per ouECe. showing an advance of Hd. —The follouiDK are the latest quotations for money in the leading cities of the Continent: Pans, 3—s?j; Vienna, -I—4; Berlin, 1—3)4; Frank fort, 314—»•*; Amsterdam, 4—4; Turm, 6—o; BtoeselSjC—9J£: Madrid, 0-0; Hamburg, 0-2=*; St. Petersburg. 7—9. New York Mock (Market. Clotlcg prices ibr cash, February 14. 1567, received by Joseph M. Lyons at Co.. Brokers: Utßd. Jdnd lotDd. 2JBd N. T.C« l(M\ U. S. 6 P cent Eric (com) 57Y a* bonds, 15H....1C9.V* m?< M.S.WOC) 755: 73 V.U.6¥ctMJ Cfti'ltu W ras COUP.. 1553....103K 110 ■ Dock island.... WW W D. 8.6 FclM2 __ C.&N. W S7k C0nn..15«....107jtf 107 H 1)0. preferred... Chi* 67x G. W. &C.. 97H 97S Coup.. 1565....107V W 7« Q-drkitlver «>J 40Ja U. S. 5 V cent W. u. Tel 44 43J4 10-lflJ i.ICIX 101* C.AA;fcom)...llsV mjtf Trrhs-7 Mo,lst B. & Quincy... 177 x .... sene* 100 106 Mich. Central...lo7V 103 D. S. 7 S-10, 2d Hudson Rlvcr..l?sv 123 V sene* l»V 103*f ■ t’J. Central 115 V 7«N D. S. 7 3-IC, 2d Phil. & Heaalcg.lOtv I°>H series .10J.V 105»( C. 119 119 | Am. Gold 137 H I>.V Tol. Wftbasb.... 40VI Market—lst Board, weak;: 3d Board, firm. COMMERCIAL. Thtrsdit Etxktjto, February H. The following tables show tie receipts and ship* meuta of Produce during tho past twenty-four hours: Mcnm fast inuTi-rocc oouca. 1957. 1563. Fiour.brls 4,731 3,W7 Wheat, ha 7.000 33,220 Coro, hn •• 19.110 9,150 Oats, bn 7.6 M 12,544 Bjt, bn IJiS 4,825 9835 «» Grass Seed,s>e.... <-1,010 177,912 Cured Meat, lbs 104,970 . 83,930 Purk, brls.... 2,745 All Uni, lb! .33,570 73.073 Tallow, lbs. ‘2.6*0 Bottcr.Vs Dressed Uccb, , ®2 Lire Bogs, No •. 1.4*6 Cattle. No 1,812 1,122 HidSfi!:..:::: «i,«? ElchwTne*, „ 2 „2U Wool,lbs 8,090 35,300 Lumber, m W 33 bhingler. n 145 smpxßne past rwxsTT*rocß notißS. 18C7. 1666. Flour, brls 3,na 2,W Wheat, bu 6.9 W MS! Corn, du -’OO 332 Oats, bn ••• !•*! Bye. 1m 35J 855 Barler. bn... ... .... .... •»••••» 430 .... Gras* seed, ib?::::::.: 5Q,&» Broom Corn.-S* -cJiiX Cured Meats, lbs.. C7S«*4O 382,600 Beef, J.]2? Pork bill .... 1,276 605 TO s® «j 4» t.iiow,i»!.. ep.™ Butter, lbs 1.-® **,»o6 Dressed Hors, ?*SH 1 Uixßoc>,Ko V® Cattle. So 2® Hlne.,, 77s S’.™ S’-®* Ulrbwloes. brls ~ , fT* , ft 2*7 Wool, in ».so 13,(01 Luoi\»ct, SUMles, *® IC S lath, ta Salt, brls ‘ There was a good attendance on Change .o* day, but business was dull, and the Produce mar kets were generally weak and lower. * » The Provision market was a**ln exceedingly dull, and sales could not bo effected etceptata matcilal concession. Mess Porn TO WeeM and nominal, with sales of 2to brls at f 13.50 ttsh. Rumps sold to the extent of 56 brls at *2s®. Sweet Plcklfd Dams were slow, with sales of ISO tes at 12c lor CUT «t»d l«i« Meats were inactive,with sales of 60 hr* at Tkc racked. Lard was dull, wllh rctallsales at llfcc for Country Kellled and Up for Steam. Dressed Oops were quiet and with «ales at $7.5507.95-closing at $7.40® ~45 for was neglected and tominal at $1.20 for free and 25c fbr bonded. Floor was dull and easier, and in otdetlo tote* sales, holders would biToboen wntpellod to sub mit to a eoncfsslou. About brls bands® 14.25 for Wwl * T * 4 ® 10.50f0r Spilng Extras; Supers ; $J,40®6.5° lordlyc, and $8.23 tor Back* ’'SJL ... dan, ard themarkcl declined l®ltf c, '!?SkTS «*W ton .1 *9.28 f»t No. 1 In A. D. ; nStor dull, with Mlleia of , "ShwwmW «“> ">• ">«*•» 4 « ltned lal! « Theme* fool t|{M»,oovbti at No. tr ands4£*CE\c wlfii free 6cH 'en’ni 81c.. . . J Otia were dull. vrilh’mfllnr iiias of No. 1 la

store, atC**Q4Ce. "* lij e wee very quiet, and lafie wef • restricted to a lew car load lota al 92K<aS3cfot Ko. 1. Nothin* rflcimrla N 0.3. . - >. Earley waa quiet and steedy* wlih rales at 830 TlcforNp.2, acconUair to !ocaticfn;'4sc for jected. at.a 7ica* for female 10u... , . Becdswtre in good dented audflnot'witb sales at SI.VQ6.tOfM- Clover f W»®«.26 for Tlnrotty, ltd ti.Ti for r lanedd.’ 1 Tallow was non acllrc with aalej ot 09 Ms at She fur City Batchers* sod oj*o lor Co os try. 'ilic tallowing telegrams were teid l-.*3sy on ’Ctacte: • 1 1 Usw Tori, Tebmaryll.’ Fleur ICQiSe fewer and quiet at 50.VQ11.3i7. Wbcat unsettled and nominally lower at H.UtrS ILoS. Cum lower end osaetUe.l ai SUWHiQI.IU, jo store. OnU hear* atCOc. old I’o/k nominal; NewdoLesvTaLf9U.CS.. lard nnlst sal steady. lis&HDim. \VbuLcyflrnatSJfttSJc. _ umim. Floor drooplrg at I'iaVdll.U Wheat wot Iqil Cora ateadjiu at fl.OVlaalotv. Oatslowor; new UoaSoat. i’uiL a •U-iio.vTjfcr. Laid dull \ steam l£Ji3W*c.. - • LATKII. In ibeafternonn, the Cnrttrioaiketi 'wore lime* tire atd nominally unebanvzd. I’rovtaloua were doll, with sales of 2U.000 Ibr Short JUb Middle! at VJie, parked la birds. lit* market for Beef Cattle «m aettvo and bnoy an!, and on tie better grades to- advance of fully SScwas talabllsbcd on yoatordoy'a rates. Com mon and medium grades, tboogb selling mure freely, wire not srnstbly bixbor. Tbo receipts we>o l.Wi head, and the entered safes I.C7U bead, at tor very common to- mudmio, and (MSQ>7.W for good to Choice. The umbel dotes strong, wUb nearly all sold. Uve lloga who In brisk demand, and good to choke droves were closed out at a slight advance, 'ibcpsbs Were cleared at IS.tttO7.oU for iuiurior locbuloo luts. The feeling waa firm at tbo cluse. l*ork I'nrktuu In Ike UVi(* ll'run tbs CiiieiimsU I’rtre CurranC) (AUumuati tuTviM*.) I? » || f| Fa I || fI 1 is ;5 :S Com rii iVnfh.,, lowa n,<(d fl,uo ircoo * ’ a!i Atutmof, 1nd........ 7.7U1 7.W nun" ~ •£> |-ri(rti<lc»rtilf, H 1... 9.UCI 4,010 |JiO3 .. 10 atsiioii.jno isa uj w *3 !. AkUmb, Kansas.... mu m noue u Ko-iniifiua, iuwa.... BADO tione ~ Ujumtu, out avw iVkrttlurg, tv. Vs.. U'ioo M3 ;; New Curie, Id 3 3,000 3.CW none .. 20 Kcw Borllnctoo. 0...00n*r none none Prtino>t,Ohlo V.IMJ t,400 ijj-ij w * Lambrldge Ind WOO ?,M3 • W Dublin, lud 2,360 , . 53,673 83,013 KftS\ I’reTloußlyrep’tod.l.MiJkta.tSfsUO i,fc?,/J3 1,975,97* £*tltuaUd increase so f*r. T»*3 Ntw York Dry Goods market. tFrom ttielßdepmd*nt.J Trade l« more active, especially in too !wt few days, ana some Urge hoores. mrconitnodtUne themseiTci to the clrctmioUncea of the tlm*. are very busy etjeoar aglcs cash Payers nj liberal aUcoont. making-it more nrcLUble 10 pay at once rather than U*c credit. The Irartrz Lou-c of U. !l. Uatllo & Co. Is doin* thU; aa.L though fade was bad g;acr»lly throughout the month of janna»y, yet Its rales-amoattea to only tIOt%CCO less •han in Jatuarr oi ha - . year, whrn price* were much hich-r. *IOO,nOT diC’er«a< , c. where the are millions,„ U but a small perceatag*. I“rtc« at weak, except ibr a tear sUoles. The tn nbled »Utc ol tb« Governmsnt ftnarw and currency under* trada not a IlttU. A better condilbn vl trade will easne when Concrcsj stall bare finttbod thMr tinkering of the currency. Brown shirtings ant khte'ings Improved In demand and irnhlte Uit*r *-nduf the we-k; st.*ek«, however, aroiatce. Dealrabl- qualities ol Mraohed gnods are mere firm, as will a? active III* largo »to* k j>t an ccrlnolorrodslsfclllji low- Imlls ate more actlro, as w ell asstrlnes. Dcnlrrs *tßl mre sicwly. I’nms. during the la»t ftw clays, are ranch nure active; u*ortßi«ste are Urge and Rood, an-i attract attT.uon as regards tteoeilrablo oiyiea of tbs aortog reason. Dark and heavy c>o«l* hang on nanJ. Oins baasare ir.orc brisk. Dclaltcs of spring stylo arc low tn good demand, and priors are steady. Italian rictus are n.mb more active.( Clothiers are bO Inc f'ttly of brca-ldoths, bnt prices are nor strong. Brim* faery c.rMmrre* are alto ra’her mo'e active. The envois’ ot ooavoaahle styis* la largt and ccod.bntlbedecand |a onlv beginning to wans ap. Mtlneta are dnll. T.lttle is ye r doing lr. for Icn goods; bnt the market will icon open, as nuetton olTltldsj ore waiitdfor. Fblladclphis Pisar Market—February IS. Tb- rt Isa t;UI absence of «t»y flanaort for shipment, ami the home consumers cannot he prevail'd upon to purchase mere than eurnijh to supply Immediate wants. Sales of WO brl*. chiefly {iorPiwtst&vtrai'am»liib, including rcnnsrlyasla and Ohio do Co at f11.7ia13.73; fancy arandi at |lt_vaiCsJ; extras at fa.Of-*IG-50, and superfine at $8.0038.73. Uye tlour is selling In a small way at 57X&37.25 ft hr!. Netting colcgin com meal. Provisions in Philadelphia—February 12. There ts no material change ta notice Jo nnco or de msnd; small sales are making at (D.25>£31.50 9 hrl tor new mm pork; lU2l«e Pt ftr plain ami fancy can* Tasseo baccn bams: IsaiSKc f.r plcklud do; 3,*dkc tor salt rhouMcr*, and 13£&15c 9 ft for prime lard, in barrels and lla era. Philadelphia Cattle Market—February 12. Tbc anival and sales of heel cattle at tae .Arenac Drove Yard-were small Ibis week, reaching about LUO hcao. The mantel to consequence was moro ac tive, and prices 1c 9 & higher; extra Pennsylvania ami wi-attrn steers Belling at a lew choice at 17kr-Dc; lair to soon atlSfticc; a.d commau at frem l?cU4c F ft, as to quality. Doe* were doll and lower. Abont SJOO head sold at Urn Union and Avenue Drove Tarda at from S3AIO F U 0 fts net, Including a Ikw chnee. Feed* In Philadelphia— February 12. IMm<* doverfced icsrce j 500 hi son at from SB-30 V bushel tor good to prime. Timothy sells at sl, aud flaxseed at |3 9 bn. ■ TOE cniCatiO 3.IVE FTOCH !>IARti.ET Office of tub Daily TEtnnmt, ) TnucsuAT KTusiso, February 11. { The following table snows tn* dallr rerclpu and rhipmeuuof Lire Slocfc dartn; tbe wjet no to Uill evenitg, u reported by the Secretary or tbs Union StcctTara Company: Cattle. Ho zs. Shieo. ~ 121 an ~ 2)7 3,2X1 su .. I.BIS a.aia i,v*i 1.739 1,466 10S Sunday and Monday. Tuesday tVed&edar Tbnrsoay..... . Toal 8,971 • • 1t.5» 1„«2I Some time last wee* 5.071 - 15,113 3,715 weraby the foUowli* mw: Cattle. Uosa. Sheep. By Htinoia i'e::ra! 251 540 7» r.yllnrltngtoai ijolcry Hoad 1,504 ]tr b'. Lv nfs & Alton U;ad 61 .... By bcrtbweotom R0a0....... 01 401 30 Ky Doric ti and Road .... .... By Michigan Southcrr • * S 3 .... tiyMtuburgn/tFt. W. Kjad .... u .... Total '• • 1.72) 2.166 KB Thr ailpmcnta tc-cay, and for tbs wotkup to tala vcairg, vere:. Cattle. Bin. Ghesp. Sunday and Monday 65 ; fill tnwdayi.v Cl CZ3 Wulnrsdsy 10 1,733 3JO Thursday •••• .... Tclal 143 . A‘2C3 aid Same time last week CO ft)l 331 Salta to-day, M to ter id at the dUfarcat Scato-bo itrs, wcreaslolloas: Cattle. nogs. Sho*o. At irtnol* Central Scale »<l BoJ 500 At llUtllDßUii Scale 1.473 G3 At Alton scale 36 00 .... At Northwestern Scale IST 1,610 su BEEF CATTLE—Tc-ricbt closes an active day's trade In all department* ot the Lire Stock market, bat for Dcef Cattle, the Inquiry has been unusually ani mated. Tne weather was more favorsble for opera uois, the cut ply oi stock more liberal, and ot a better than avertge quality. Eastern shippers,city batch' eri, acd packers, were ont In constderabla farce, and the best Uteres were readily taken up at an advance ol £sc per ICO Its. on yesterdvy’i rates. There wav a good demand on packing account, and though but comparatively few packers bare yet catered the m&r> k»t, a iklr pro: ortlon of the «Bcrtncs to-day were taken In tbclr interests, at prices rasgtsg from 14.73 for common t* |sio for prime pack ing Cattle. Tbs chief i demand was tor shipment, and the peas were entirely cleared ot all desirable lots. Aboal I,«CC head changed hands. These were divided between shippers, packers, city batchers, andCleeders, at prices ranging at f5.73ftf5.C0 Km In*' ferior mixed lots, tncladlng rongb, half-bt te:cd Cow*, thin SUers, coarse Oxes, Stags and Bulls, to good (at butchers* Cows, and good-«tock steers; |SAC9;C.:O lor fair to good s'.lpolng stock, and fG.TuATjo tor prime to choice UulJ.cki. sale ol (he day. and for weeks, to, fact, was sixteen head premium steers, raised and fed by George Abbott, ofWoodsvock. The drove averaged 1,730 as, and sold at fS.(O per 100 AS. The markst closes firm, at aa advance of 23c on good to prime qualities. Ccmmoa grades remain steady at previous rates. CCHUBST PBICM. Brtra Cffre*^ Fine. far, well fumed. 4*o 0 years oM ste*rs, and averaging aoo as and upward*..... 17.0027.25 i*» o«e Jieert*—Ootn h well-titled, tlnely formed (mm I,IN to UUO Bs, at, 6J038.7J Fair erode*— Fair Steers la (air flesh* av* eregitg i,tcc&i.29a s*, at Jfcffum CAr/» Med-.nm Slecn aod good Cows, fit for city slaughter and averaging h/CGtIjXW bs. at 4.3033.33 Sloe* CWhe—Common Cattle In decent flesh, averaging BvG2l,OfO BS. at. Inferitr— debt and thin Cots and Steers. _ rough and coaree,averaging B»,at 24531.00 CATTLE SAl£3 TO-DAY. Thirty-two bead (kir fleshy Steers, averaging 1,C65 B*. Forty bead good £st Cows and medium Stesrs, aver- BgltUcftS Ba.atfs.tU. . AlLeteea head mediant Steers, averaging I.CCI BS, fed ard watered, at $4.80. Twenty bead gooo mppleg Steen. averaging B*,ai|aOO. TMity-tbree head common packing Cattle, averag- It g MS Ba, fed and watered, at $4.50. 'twdre beau prime Cows, averaging SO7 B*, off can. atisf 5 -', Fin««furhead (air fleshy Steen, averaging 1,170 B*. acnAjV- *• . Jtltcta head fair smooth shipping Steen, avenging 1,128 BS, at 16 ft). ' Fifll-cnc hcart po<d straight ihlpplog Steers, aver- MUE 1.54 Bs. St idgS. Twetry.fve bead good shipping Catte, averaging i,r.«B», Twemy-otehtadfletby hatcher** Steen, averaging (£9 Ba, ted sad watered, at $240. For ty-ote head good smooth shipping Steers, aver aging LIOO Bs,(cd ana watered, at $o M. 1 fall ty-ot ebe *d good shipping stoca, averaging 140 S jlk. ttd aid watered, at - r>fty-<me bead good packing Cauls, averaging yu Tweatjdwo bead stock Steen, avenglag I.MI M,»' *Vhirt} -three good ca'ves. avrraßlnx-tjt St. « *7.00. Thirty-two head very prime Steer*. areraglDg BS.iffcatr,at|74o. „ , '»:xiy-t*oheadgcod ilock Steen, averaging S7O B*. (M ate vrattred, at $4.73. _ . _ Thirteen teaa roagLUh packing Steen, averaging 1,110 Bs. at $5.50. ’• Fifteen bead extra Illinois Steen, avers ring 1,673 B*. rnfiiea head prime shipping Beeves, averaging USS 2 B/,ledatdwatct«J,atf7urf'. ~ , mr. FoutHtn heal good straight htcen.avcra.ln* I.DS B«. cer*. atiCCO.- B. Eighteen be»d good fat butchers* Cowa, avert ring 91. arcrlng Ul> .. W packing Cattle, avers ping * read prime shipping Steer*, averaging 14-71 can. at $640. . , M|fc BCGg—Under the llghtarrtvals, and with abrts. demand both tor shipment and ca local acciont, the pets were cleared at prices folly up to those of yester day, indeed on prime to choice lata a trifling advance was reaUxed. Common lUht Hogs were bo better. Sales (on op 44?7 lead, which were pretty evenly dtviced becwecnsbipfen and city batchers, ata range or $5.7UiR.r jer inferior light Bret, to common lota, av eraglßgfrom I®6 t 0375 Bat |CJf36.7sforfslr to gool drove*, averaelss trom BS> to 830 •as, and for prime to choice Hew, eventing Irom i25t0267 Bs. The market closes tiroag at Uw above Qoctadocs,with the pens empty. HOG SALES TO-DAY. At gWrlot. •-•■’••g «SJ»B Mssm-ncadty "’"S iTti" «? medium Hots.*. -Hi « coart* rough lot. *ig 6Q fair eoane Jot *ss 41 coarse Hon *£[i tmv W cvaatonlUhtllogs 61 coßmcn lot S :j »i good rat nogs - J 2 Sju «» ill 5* W jhoke heavy Hogs 44? 73 fair rongb lot «« : S SPS'S.'ifSL - ’»£ as co a man coarse 10t,,., - 4 |g gooo ccane Hogs 93 pnmeeven lot. ifi M cti&mcß light Bogs ."iS rS W tnedlnm bacon if} rS 47 tood heavy 2*P V 43 lair 10t..... Hi idchoffo Bog* si ectnmon hacan lot i'J rlf 36 common uneven 10t... c?i e wane Bog*. 134 choice -3 ' 60 common coarse 10t..,.. ** °- u fllkEP—There was a better Inquiry today, under | which all desirable |i>u were readily closed oat at lull I prices. The demaad Ispctecipally (ar goad to prime ( VutUm on local, accaunt. and fjv rothHhß mtrtet may be quoted dim at common CmOAIJO. DAtIIYSIARIIKT. 'All mtm nf Orrrtn frportfd in' tllt'marl** r rpW MKautit nij/j terw *^C**7 tforttgt** »Uu ; _ • ■ •* Tmn:rt>Ar,' Y«brtjarrl4,‘l9d7. '■' PKtEI')UTB-H*njmAD K»nam»-tfbe follow leg u tuclviL of iho&a&toro Boad«: _ ’ . S 1 • 4U» - • Dt*M _!«*«* frrra CLlrago to— cUfii. o'aU. ITeor. Uogn EiiCW'*,l..Y.;..... 6iu 42'f • C& ® Toronto, c. w m ~75 Montreal, C.E. ....UV* PJ 1.H7 I/O Albany. P<Y , # i.ib Pb ■ |.o» I.W HO ISO I.* TUwtoo ria Albauy i.»- . Ai 1.10 tX Rcatoc wumjTnuit t.s> ft Llfl fcO l*nriiiaijti-jOratdTfmk I.W • 13> MilltdctebJa.........■ • itß H lAO I-I* DaU.tao* £ I.SO in ritiahorsti n 4* CleTritod,Olilo.-. 43 » 63 JeCcttonvllV- lod 4) j» • 70 OncinaaU.oLio «a a w . 45 rwrlrvd, Cwl uU; »blt»»e4- l»r». p*e P.onr Ma?trrt tc-dM tr>i j» artlre aotf i«|e.3£<l. Holden w»rp ukltr fn/ipnet* fbr thobrt*r- ImntU, ont buyer* weretofwl Hr*sto nert Ib-m ; flu lower podn wcremiV.TnecvUcr. Kale* wpm a» f»I!oiri: ).uns Hbiu»..a bn* cef name*. bfla “OUrdr,"«t sii,sn; Srrrso K:rmA*-03 btH tot fjojS; JOfl or*- tto>at du CruixuScpxEs-tfJ I>t!« vert **'£.*! (9.10; jaiirlifloastAi; Hr*Pu>c»— «JtU ••Uwkl.n.” at g*£o; tt» brh do at «9.40{ bcnv*DiAT Klt-I'h—i» brl« *if<p:a. ,%VHK/IT-lt««retW.oai bns •Moped. B.W 1 mh U.Mkrtd# Jud IBiic I;>»V* »Me* *cra: 430 tmNc.’l at (2J3, A. f). A Co.: Iti.CU t>n No. 7 At fl.At* I B,OOPhti cnatflSl; lAMObudo a 9 (rc«ulu); i.OM b? : 9tli,«-ao‘la4<liUJ at IJ.SC* lor No. a »' reei.Ur P"(Up#. • . COKl%— [tew-hed, j»,llornv*,»blrped 300 bu. Mar ket cull. «8l m«ki«or. baltswer* : 6fi» ha No. i at Mkc; tsjtwotmdo at glKct 7 .TO bn do at KJc; 10.0 M £(* bo ao alHisci WcabodontSic: 400 bn lleit-oifflialy.jics tOObu uo atUjac; 3,oct bido at M«<«*; Vn Ac »Cau*Ui£-dull, withseller* of I'll. I si Bio • OA*IV-“U*<r»rert. 7.53 Shn t •MroetK none, Marfcat dull. tales wsr<rs o.Ot#co No.I at«OoI bu dust »|c. . ItVll—Urcelfod, i,T«bii i tUppcd.MO ha, Market dull, bales uriD, 400ba No. 1 at We', 400 lw do at nvr. , IIAII t,ttV—llfCßved. I,MV htu 'hipped tSd bu. Market quirt. SaiM wsr*t 4*o bu No.g.fC I.V stllr-i 4t« bu d<> (A. l , .aAu»ia<«i «oha do at Atoit.coO bu do (ik'KUlari »t Ptfi roj ua ICQlwtnd »H>t lOibars s( 9t.‘bs AiUgt at fI.OS \ ICQ bn stflMt 400 on ali&t 4CO bu st nr. qmtt. Baleuf 10tonsttye nt911.00 ItKOOAI COUN-Dtnl and nrgleoted at prsviuds qimUUii#. IJKASw— htrady. fialfsoCttbufalrat in'T'rl’lt-lic. nvid. i,?eo »m « ipi'ni. t.jrn ns. Die niarkrt t« wttk.iiitriiM-jsq eilUcr Is tune <>r prtcJ. IhAO' tnan.t i* runtlnrd almost »xcl'Mv«ly tocbotie qustitlr* on tiM'sl sfrouni, sad ft<r cither rtr* ripWm< omuiiotJ am altogether namtAsl. We repeat uur n.tssfu.lpwsi Choir*' t«* Dairy ...It lATt o llcurt Tub... SO Mil 0 Common firkin .1411 0 J'flirc yirkiu tl tali 0 IIAIIiJINIJ-'ilitre!*nomatrrml tmprovomeaiW- Bote in tbo «ci.rrsi chsrarur <>f me marker, ilu d«“ Siful is imiticd. son pr.oc« areues reuurtabiy tinu. slliusl A.l bu. vrsudeas Unaa... 11) 00 du du* UtikoisA* do du 3.. M Coen Kscuange 3H-0O 1 hurt A, cotton •esmlHi a* 00 A, du 47.00 Aid(o*o«in. do 61.00 Artel liuo, do L’ravir AillU. do i*tU»rei(lß, 00 Peon 51111 s, do i on l ilt, co bitgo. do Hw-u, linen aad cotton.-. Rtdaeuccd, do ..., £pnr.irC('}(l Uunniiv ■♦nrlsji, 1 bu, Ko. 1 aJ.OO Em pin* City liMM ftilEESt— continued Inactivity, anl wliti full ktet ks lu U:e mar«*,prt-f • uv<wr. suft-re«l a fur* tftrrieanruot of >»r, AumlUf only in.ialnr u fir pntr.e n,*o<ls to fll‘ small orders from tbe country. We row qnnt'.: NewY»fK Factory (trriuitre). P«norT<llllflol»). Jlamtiirv-- ... V.;«t lo fitafra. tVrttcra-fX.-s-rvß «tl c “Yours am-rtca" 9 ra c I’OA I.—lbs demand cununne* good, atd prlcrs are ! seU«B»r»lnraalfaT«.iind.ana tor the belter varieties , oficrtCo*!. are firm at full rates. We ratio no change | tn our qnot&cions; Bus—Brookfield *ll.OO do Ormiby 11.00 Pr.FTW.Awa— Hnar Hill II.CD <lO Mineral E1d«c...,...„. 1000 do TVU owßank.... .* i;a> * do Tnnnel 10X0 Chippewa 10.c(S ricr.Wp iron Lamp Lehigh lMf£l4.OJ Ltfkawtna, prepared..... 1 t.oo Ecrsrtcn. 11X0 Plttfon - - ll.oa Illinois do ot track. YougfcioclimT ILiO CuFFEE-The ctoeral c.*i»mrter of tao rmmti tb« antte oa rr*»louaiy nou-d. Ttf ftrctaof choice grvto are rather li£bl,»iulprlusi are will maintained. Wc quote t Jara ......33 SID c ■>•*'s?-' - Uio, good to prime a lilo. pi line to cboh c 13 ct&Ke Ct'OTEIt Al«E— Marftet quiet, and price* are wlihcnittclcled chonsre. Sale* were as follows: 3<n Lard Ttcrcc* at ?t.lO: SCO do atS3XO, dclUcre I; 3XI LeatTicrcesat H 3 ddlveied ;l»ork Btmrfi Oe.ncrwl; 1W do at «t. 25, delivered at Milwaukee; *l.l* do atdelivered. , . . • ► ClS**—Cndtr a goodlacal demand- and with a cos* tinned scarcity, fr».b lots command a tljL dgure. Balt* wen* quick to-day «t t33IV r and, in some la atanre*. still higher rates were realised. FUUITia AMilMl !•!*—With a»li«ht»y Increased demand a better fctUn* obtains, and price* arc 3'mor. Moat descriptions ore la fair tnprl?, aod the market may be quoted kteady and lira, at the prices given oe- low: ccxur rrrrrs. Apples, 9 brl Lumens, Messina.. Oranc-s. 9 box Cranberries, V brl Cranberries, cultivated duxsd metis. —... 9.03 yjlO.Ul ...... 10.00 (Jttl.oo ....... 124 X) (j 5.11.00 iZSO itfJl.OO Flcs,droro.... Flea, (ortuens. Dales..... Can Peaches. F dot, 3 & cans. Apples, i-cw Peaches, halves and quarters. Peaches, pared Warkbcrrles, new 9 ft Uiupbenlcs. new ¥ ft....... Cbernc*, puled Eldcrberrlt*,F ft Baltins, layer* t-alslne. Valencia ;. Bardinr*, k boxes ..... Sardine*, boxes sera. Almonda, hard shelled S d 31- Almtnds, lofl sbellul ~ .... 33 <A 45 Atmonnr. paper s'ctled ......... 50 (« ss taauuta, \> timluttop, V 3a„55 05......... 4AO <4 4.33 BrazilJ*nl9, SI I* »t I Filberts—* IT (4 13 French Walnuts, new........... (I <3 33 Naples WaltntH, 23 C* 24 Pecanc, BJUaIULd lance 33 *4 33 nioory Nuts per bo.. s.M k 3ao Chestnuts, F bo., 1 , 7.09 a 3.00 F iMI—Tb« market pretcoU bo new feature. Trade continues Ueht, and pr.cse are not remarkably Arm, evcaatibereccnttlecUne. We plrs tae following as the price* current: ■***• _ Wbltcfjib, So. 1, kp*}~ *|-?s d *♦ No. 2, h brl 6.5) i# 6.75 Trout, No. l-H'* l ; S.OV* “ N 0.3. >/Vl 4.M-4 1.15 Mackerel. No. J.« brl,Dfw .W.SO^IO.Ti *• So.AjfbM. - lo.avaio.a “ taiully, P if brl O.ftV* 9.25 “ extra bum. V Hbrl AtA0i413.09 “ - • •• FKIU 45MU - Ko.l,ldts, tea*.....' 1,0 •» • family, kit* 5.153 3-25 Ccdflsb. Bant. v KO »s 7.533 a.oo •• Ucorgu's llonx 8.09$ *.V) Hake i.ft'n s.t nnrmti, drkd.No.l. F box Sori 56 Bt-rrlncs, rcalid nys f 5 Labrador HcrrlrgH, V brl fO.W^II.OO Labraoor UerrlDK’, }* brl SA& 5.75 Norwegian Herrlr n, K’e, F brl 13.00 Norwegian herrlnse. M*«, F brl..' 16.6) FKATIIKUH-Pat(9ot I rack Lire (Sera*, at7oc. of li) Mink at «».osii.4.ou; 8 HI Beaver at fi.W. _ HKKAf*E—Market Inactive. Wo quote: White 9JV-310 c Y'Jiow.. e Drown .. £ £S Hi hfecetred, 1 b*l; shinned, all hrlf. Inactive and nominal at 03.39 Dir tr«c, ■ndtSof.rbonaal- _ llO|s.4_Areielllccat CC«Jb5c fjr£ajtnm,andiia GCcf r\Vf*t»rn. . , ' IMtChSKII umet and lather lr* teeiiUr. t?»l*swcr«: ffl sverajdngblO A*, at f*-93 • 03 «.45 I 13 “ tCC t*,at 7.43 i IKt dividing on WO As, «t 7.50,» Id •- 200 c s, at 7.13.. 7.(13V 19 •* 3)0 At, at 7.na7.w) 13 •• ax>ns.nt .7.134*35 13 «• awtts.ftt 7.trft7,50 23 •• :oUti.*l - 7.4»i*7.m HAY—Is quiet, with prscesuDchangtd. The »nn?ly ts light, tut aaiple X) incut the present waau of (Its ; Uade. We quote: wiioj-*«.m.b rwess. Tlmcthr, rolled ard beater pressed f15.003tt.00 timothy, loose pressed UM^ll.V) Prairie,beater pressed...... 10.C0m11.00 sktau. nau’Xi*. Timothy, rolled and beater pressed 314005417.00 Timothy- l<>cse prenea HS.OOjsIS.OT Prairie. r* ibr andtea-er pri«sot lUKULVO) Prslrtr. looieonwatron. delivered O.'jO'llO.tO HlDE*—Deceived. 3MM ns; shinned. S7.7*il As. Tlic central market rvmalts suottsnuatiy the scree us noted mycsterdav’a report. The demand Is no*, per , ttcularly brisk. .hooch sufllcientlv outre to readily | at sorb all the otferlrsrf. Grubby tildes are buying at I H off. Vic quote the marktl steady at the prlco* given I below: Qreee Butchers’ 8 ft 9},c Gretn Bailee, iriiiißvd lOtfull e • Green Calf. * .IS <419 c KtpGrw.ealtcd 11 4413 c Dry Flint, trimmed .*...17 Dry balled, trimmed UVttUWe I Green haltrd.partcnree 9\‘tfto c I IRON AN It STK* L—The ceteral market is quirt I asd prices are without essential choose. We cjniHne to Quote: 1 oumdoo Bar. •*)<£ s\c I Horse t-boo Iron 6Xi£ a £c I Heavy Band 6 « 6/,c I Hoop and Llcbt 8aud....*...—... flvftlt c I Tlocod ana Square fivfftSVc | oval SVSS tlj^'c Halt cr<*l and Half Round 6^c I bheet Irot,common 7kx .... Extra 7ya .... I Sheet Iron, calvantred, 73x34 : 19 ($ .... ) Sheet Iron, eatrsalsco. 33x30 30 (o .... I Sheet Iron, charroal. 30 .... Sheet Iron, Jm lata. 20 UgceM c i JCorwav Fail Rods 11 I Plow fctreU German ; —...13 (Sl4 c 1 Plow steel, cast 17 AIS c 1 sptlreandTlreStect,EneUsh e I Tool Cast Steel, onllnarystsef 24 ft'Q c I Tool Cast steal, American. 72 o3S c I Blistered Steel 71 riso e I Knsils, Fot.9andl6. ‘A (aTO C I Hmsla, I Kufsla, Am., l»t qnallty, F sheet Rl3 c I Cnaala. Aa n 2d quality, F sheet (416 c I I.KaTHElC—Bemau«qmct.tmtpnceekeepweKnp •and may be rex arced aa Him at oar qaotattent, which I are as fellows: HEMLOCK. City Earnras, ? Siausbtcr, ». SSW 48 HcttsloSole...? 42s 43 Country Harness S4<* se Slaughter. Line, * a 4*£ 41 Chicago No. 1.. 402 42 Kip. medium, v „ Slaughter. Sole, ft 10*411.78 Chisago No. 9.. sta 57 Calf. 9ft J.K»*UO Boon?* Ayrts..~ SK* 4 J Upper, V fcot... WjS SI Orinoco 501 e..... 37.4 39, Country Ceper.. » O.laoco. good, Co.Ur, 9 feet... 24 damage! SI3 S 3 Slsccbter.Sole.. ZSA Si [French Call, *1 nucM, V a... <c« sol as ajtaaas Upper.-. X:i S 3 1 French C&lt SS _ Kip. No. 1, me- I »• ..........iWa2.lo ■ cium... 1.1031.20 J French CatL I^- Klv. >O. 7, j xaoines,pdozJo.oo23Q.o3 htary fiSAlJfl . t l.liMßElC—Bosltesr today la the yards was fair, anu prices ruled Ora throughout at Uie tallowing quo* iximra-Flnt Clear. 1,1 J*. IX and 2 Inch ' fCO.IS'JOXO Serond C ear, LIX- 2X ufl inch 58 CO*«AJ Third Clear, l:cb W.OAK3S.W First and Second C.-ar Floerlnr, to* I ani»ep.iooßh,lbe»ameaßbeconaClsar • wtee 50,a)*35.M Comm&nFloorlns, roach 5».».4TL08 I'atrhro ana Dresred Ccamcu Fiosrlne 49.PldkLOO ilstrLed and Dreescd 8 inch Ccmaoa Flooring JW.OfciSS.Oe 1 Flril and second Clear Siding, toeeibsr. First Common Dre?*od Mdinr. - 33.01325.ih Wagon-Box Boards, atlect, 13 ineft and A Mock Board*. 12 inches BEtockB l '-ard».lllnfbe> 76.03i27A> CorntDOß Boards, Jr Isis. SeantHnr.Frnc* * Itz, and-fcmaU llmbtr. H to 15 led ai.MfcWJM - Jslsltana SracUlnK,3B,23andSl fret.... I Joists and Eocthnr Sntsonss—A cr Smr shared aUnjlcs. I aor Star Sa« ed Sbirgles S 552 I N’e. 1 Fa»rd Fhlngtrs I Lath— Fcrm In yarus aw I By car-load hy Northweatum Cailroid, | duivereo inaty rardwbere cancan be 1 nrUeted. or any «l-pd: Aor S'»r Saw- I ed Shlneles. by car-laad. on tracL..., v lJijtd *jo , AcrStar ghaved carload. I on trade «w I Ke. 1 Sawed Shingle*, by car load, ou I a car4oad aihied when traMterred, I which cbaige follows tat Mungles in el°* I EDO*6LX BTjdDA-XD. . , t- „ ,„ w I Thlcknew—Fire Shißgies to o« two l«h» la uick | nets. I Lcrctb —SlxTmt. Inches. I • Baior-Twentylnchea. I ! aiK^TLs 1 A.ND , stocg-boji- . I ntta to-uay wa-s madcraw.and pr.ces were without I Certdcdchsone. ffe quotes _ ose> I Box Tin I C Ist qaa’ltr, ceiK 13X ; 1 ..........a:LM ut quality, sheet*.....ll I S' ®* hlab.».. - . II bSSmS-.: . » namira. I iupTld.... 55 Ito 6.....•••••,,..,.•..11 7.sand 9 17 MrtaJtle Al’Betts... » 10and.ll 12. i Copper Bottom S 3 11 J 4 I erasers orerlOfts.. 43 IS and It A... 15 I sneet, Uto is 05.... 43 15 and is ... M .i< I Fine bolder. 80 Fence Wire... 10 1 NiILN-Aia Heady at tefbllowlngpcloes: • _ 2fr.rrr.u« Stssrassc:.—« I sd 7AO 10^5 1 'I ‘S Cut Spike* •«£ I aJ SILS— There is a fairly acute Inquiry for Ucsccd and, with no inrplua on b&ad. *l* I “SifiS 1 firmly at tba recent advance, and a sttlt IJrtber apprej I clatiot Üby no means Imprabatla Lard IMIU in ftir s®Sb““. 0 .”; ».«s-g | UrscedOU, boiled BV|5 1 wllmSVtL* w’n.’ 'V V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V. *idh«i.4a I*l WBllSOll, 1 ml w nSSrS 5 ,1 UtdUU,No.l Winter. 1!| Lard OlhKo. 7 winter rTvlr^ J BshtUli roßpsloW*««**M»*Mir»»ttvMr*M.\«w^*-P| ...uuaui flpm Oil, W(Or»*.M.... • ulvt LubrleiUusOU V.*; wUI.OO ■ cAkruN wltbna cbsajre (onptelspntcs, weqaote: • ■ . fjiboa, Vet/icad. gaafc‘*^- |oM - ■.••"« •-■•— •» tfciiVi>iuii’sk-tU’cw*XMcvuu »«W *"'»l*ork, and 85.570 BilirtJ; utlM-d. 578,741 a» coiedUou, 1,110 t>ru diet i.jij brtsi'sne, aaiet jw Wc*« **or*-Dn L Ea’o wera:*Mt»i» at fuj) SWfel I’hkW iiomw-dfeioa were: uo tea at ) ic; 80 tet Conntrj at 10,',c. Kampw-saiaa wcr*:66bll»at|li.oa. Bala ltcnt>-£*lctweret(tfbu Sboaldere at lt<c. lAKt—Uttu ami neglected. B.n«a were: VSCcrfWaim stilesU tc* esaorrr Retllea *» 11 Vc. IfOUl/rKV AND {cnotcej DroacdUblcatnJatSi-OO; »dosdo *t >l.w : ddoadoatf4 23j 9<l..zdoat*4UJO: 3 do* do at; *-vn ; U dot do at tdJo:3roE Dreeaid do atf4.S3: Jso »» 1): cosed TorKc?t at J9ct nu mat 15,HC;lWBedo atltc rttdtta do utilef Idol HObit4 atfIXO. , >OUA AND ►A WCUAHi^*—Stiflf* are Terr light, and j»nrcs arj etesd/ at tbo DUcrcTna: quota iSSbi v» ludumau. ......... nx@n c *• rare. Delgld’s tLen;(ce! c *• lira tlir... UU*«tJVr •• rur. WCIIAi. Jj— J f*cl« 10-d«r «*m imdttftteljr ftcuve, »uu pm«» Urc lr »tnUUWk TTe reput Q«ota* tluait. . , . Ctihi. ....... • •U.vai^c l-orto Bieo., : K. Y. ifcflned. JVwtfmd an*lonr'P|BtW-t..W*t}>7 c • wmw a it**ai6 * tVvJc ttftfrU.tfc ? ail« II felS^c* Sira U , ..........Jl'i-bIV 4 Yditnr C ,»UX<s»kc frttttnl C ....It «nftc orat'd f. extra ..,...ti)f.«tl e NowO'leatia prune....! .1 (K 4IS o Haw e»ecodln«t}F IliiM, and prices ut nuntwuy mchanged. Wo centime to ovitc M*Vortßjrm* » niUJ YetPr* Wp< lilfetlh; Uiil.V*ol*»*w., H) PiifloJiiCf*. **V» II J»ffW (THPfM ">») m lliilartiphi* !*» Ulv* trjo :*» ctiiraaelirraciy, A»bcr.~... uA*i n VdUfatlu Ufßwry.Uwlk'n hu Ik; cumolirffirrf. susar llmt** Bi* mi uvuo'tei shipped. turn »*. Th»*uriifrtl tnmketrtiicd t'cady, an.) pi less an* Pnu. *4|p» *•*•*» r.l M*aj l'lttivrtn-100 bageirllplri* »t fn.3*! Wbanaitoat |3.?0 1 IMMnmdo ntfl.lS: V> *ttrt do <1; OINHIOO at f.i.nftl /Vltava do at «3 00 ; Y 4 )><«• tin ■( |moi to ho«* (i«>or) at (3.W. cuivgw K4 l'titiif Uat fans ( H Ur.« >! • «r fMmabrl* <Jo at* |7A3I »• liOfin » UO at «7.V>. Kl.-S-flO l«u« at H.7V HA I.T-lieertve, nutict amtl-rd, W 1 I*l*. Th* market U thtity miivq and pneta unchanged. W.* quoin t firw Hnf |7.U tluarae «.M Otoond Alum laik’a Uutui.bafjr ......... ia» Uroord boar... -f s.Oi I»airy, wjtti •«**.. &.uu Uatry.«ithotu acU..:.; .... B.:! Ilirrti ti but 111 lie rblhgoW) put! Itt Ut4 (envoi ib*tii*ik»t.Aßild»*ler*»rearm'lo their view* Hlhoftiikwlpg prices; TonneHjwo, 1 u»*rur v>hue, V ft...,. n ...|1.')cai.u oo extra to choice, V ft Imperial, *upertor id uce,-J» ft 1.10 »i.*o do ex«r* lortiobf, k ft Out powder,»Up*rlor In nor, V ft 1.1CC41.1V7 do extra to choice, |J n., liU*«-j.oo JapAt.natnrallcaf.fliwtoortraflße. y< ft..., LQVU.Ii do do fln*lotJhelca,|i ft do do cjlorcd.-P ft...-. TAl.l.OVV—Maiketreorc acU?*. SaJeawcre: M bt!« city Unifier**, a; ‘JUcxiß brU at 9j*c. Idlla I'CO—Tbe marttt remain* dalL with prtca EOTT.IoadJ- nocnarew. M’eqnofe* Jpune <-CT Cu C» ISO— <IOO et. 9) 5100 3J.00 slot 3;.« Extra.. Cbolte... .Mealuct . Cunmco S!»'n<ii Tobaco> Vlreltt&*i FaTcrlte. Oiolce. Medium iU ms.cD bums..... pLfff ToB-icco— _ Koral CttJjcn GO <4 SS Farmers* Dtllcht 70 ti 75 SiturU Leal ;LM OJXO H*lf Hrtrht- M eus- C’bolf«£.tcl. soiout B (4 (O Mottinm 70 « 75 C.3U203 M O 73' jtjmr* W Virginia 10* aatl Dl 50 4 GJ Flounder*.....’ . • .... 7S U. B 5 SC9) 5«: shipped, s,sa as Market ntrlaaod. .17 018 C .is 016 e .IS Oil e .11 oil c IHchical. /"VTEK THIRTY TEbTIIICCSIALS arc in osrpei»e»Bioa, showing that' Swayne’s. Olateuciat e.ona aoo sjxxji Das cund In this city, Ihe wentcases of ITCH, TETTSE’, A*d other Dlsesre* of theSkm. In from 12 to *4hoars. Sold by all DtS77t*l*. Wholmaleey BURNHAMS A VaN SCILWCK. glottis, THAWS. E=>x J .<o -, s^rs t. ROD BREAKING BLOWS and *ll rarlenc* cf Stub, hie and Doable chord Blow* ntinufArmrcd arn lor •aaleby JoliN Dlxno. llllicli. ?»aic £3})g. HILL’s JIAIK DYE —50 Cents—Black or Brown—ln*t*staneoos, tutor**, durable, braulituJ. ihebMland Cottalus as murli as as at»r dodar sire. RILL’S ARCTIC, of ALL HEALING OIVT-MENT, reliable far general ointment purreres. Depot 66 John-st; New York. Sold by all druggUU. Scales. T> A IR BANKS’ STAMJAKD IPI SCALES OF AtX ttZKA.. v FAmD ASKS, OBEEM.EAF * S2O * gt&B Lakt-st., Chisago. (Hits I*l otters. COLLECTOR'S KOTTCE.—SIate 01 Illtnol*, County of Cook—is. Citt coLUtcroe’s Offtci, Corner non*. > Room No. 14, Chicago, February nti, 1567. ) Pnnho noticeii hereby given that tho following de scribed Warrants hare been placed !a mj bands for collection, to wit: Warrau*. No. Ml. Sootb—Dated Febraaryl.lSS7.and usmd f;r the collection ct aat-eciol aasttumentlerled I'Tfldewa’k croumctedontiie cast kid* of Waba«h avenue. between Klenteenth and Twemirtn streets. Wairant Sc. M 2, Ik ulh—Dated February J, ISJ7, aid tsmedtbr lie collection cf a special »s««*atne'»t levied lor recon»tructing sld*wauc on ttw Ka»t f*do of State . street, between Fo-rc* ;.ib and hlit’catii streets. Warrant N*>..V3, ■" : Datid Feoruary 1,156 t. and leaned ftr t. cc-: retina of a special o*swaiacat levhd for arenue. between 'lwcutteib (fctb) and Itrcalj-tlrn (2iit> meet*. Warrant No.Mt, booth—rated February 1.1W7, and Issued lor me collection cf a sptciu assesimmt levied (br conatructli e ot alduwaU on west ski« of Walu»b avecue, bet a cca test tb (140) and Sutoentb u6ib) air-ets. Warrant No.7Ss West—Dated February and Usucd tor 10c collection o 4 a special aisoetmenl levied ILrcoU-tructuigand rccorstrucUns sidewalk on south ddo cl Sampson street, in b»mpson & Greene’s Addi tion to Chicago. Warrant No. 738, West— Datti February 1,1367, a:d Is sued for the eoilectitn oi asprelai asicsimeot levied for constructing sidewalk on Centre arcane, between HtrrUon meet and lyler street. . Warrant No. 757, Wrsi-Dated Februaiy 1,1507, and issued for the co loclloa of a special *a»e»smeol levied for cor.sttocUn/ sidewalk ou cut sloe of sired, betwter 1*?lor srd Twc ilh *trecH. Warrant No. 7S>, WmV-D it'd Febrnary 1, Is*?, and Usnea fertile collect!- n • t a special assessmed levied for cor*trncttPC and reccmmicUneslnewaikson Cam , sruo kireet, Uauud »trwt,ana on Wriest strwr ln Canal Trusties’SuN'.lvl'lon of u.W. >*,fc«c.2i.33,14, I WanantSo.TSU, West—Dawd February 1.1ij.. ano ! issned forth* polleelloacf a special assessment Icn/d lor recrnstrncllt'g Mdewalk co snntb sided TwellCi intereitod la said shore special assess nieut* ait reaended to make Immediate payment a mvoCce. In default cf such payment Uie said a*i«*s men.a wilt be collected at the post 0 perjent liable lbtr»lor. C i'ireior ivailroahfs. AU RIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP TKAIMi. Wilder CniCißO AKD JJORTIIWESTSnit RAIUIOAD—COCRCIL BLerFS AND PILUIA U.VX—DEPor xouru TTIUJ BTUXET. , . . leave. Arrive. Omabk Fa«t TJne *3;L»a.m. •7:hVp m. Cuiafcu Nicbl Exiueee... 7:80 p.m. JG;')0o. m. Ulion J’astengcr '4:{XJp. m. 11:10 a. m. PBkCTOIIT XJNZ. Freeport I’assetcer... .. p. ni. *2:10 Freepon Passcnper, *9:00 a. in. *3:10 p.m. Bock lord, Klgln, Fox _ IttvcrandSiatoline... •4:oop.xa. *11:10-i.m. Geneva and Elgin Pae- __ • • seoger., *3:31 p.m. *8:15 4.®. ttbcosms mviaiox— depot counxii op can an AND BINZIS BTUKkT. Day Express *9:00 a. nt. *f:3OD. m. KlshtExpioes *4; *iKa.m. Jauesville Accommod n. *5:30 p.m.. ~S> p. ui. Woodstock AccommoQ’n .tftip.n. »3:id a. m. XILWAVSXB DIVISION—PKPOT CORNXB OP CANAL AND KINZUC BTUEET. Day ftlOt.m. -12:00 m. , BoseLill, Calvary and Kvan«ton... 3:30p.m. Njebt Express 4:00p.m. &t3op.m. Kcuoeha Accoatmod n... 4:Up.m. tetixm. Waukegan Accommod’q. 6:00 p. m. &5d a. m. Milwauice Accouuaod'tt. 11:43 p.m. S:OJ,a. m Geo. L. Dunlap, ben’l Sup's, p. F. Patutck. General Passenger Agent. XUiaiOAN viAHtHAL mu tiAitoa jrChl OPLAUA intlj, laortiux ErpfesF *345 p,*a. Day Bxpnas •}-*« a- a- P- Svcn'xg ExurrtH? SW£ p. m,t*U: *i p. 2, KichtExpc«-....-, t«2bx tx AND LOfSTIIU TtAU\*. kORUU £sdk>* *2:00x10. * , «t:3Sa.m. Sifiht Expre55........... t&uip. m. *J2:O>. UiiTHieAS ftotjtnaart AND Ala »BO«» LLt*J—US TOT COBJiAA VAN AITUTN AaD SASIUAN BVIJS7*, VOLADO I-tKJ. _ -w-it * • *4:I3X *5:55 p.m Wav ZxDrc*x*• --V.. • •I'tOOp, e fiigatEspfcit. - r-m. n JaTSOir talk Siehtfixpccs* j\o:Wp.o. *B^3p.m. ‘ rmnatnw»e. yoj* »*!** AgT> - cs *r f ?c * v«ti *Uioxn. ftiv AO. .: *hoos.n. li**.® KVsiSnc sklsp.x T:4C p. a 15r5..*....--.- -* *2 £oo£m- UsOtp. a aiSluld CKRTSAL, • „ _ Di? FaseeiJ-u *&2o l ras.-e«ger......... Cl* c:. Kankakev Accomooi'a, c* r;* Byde Park auc OikWood KiCa. n. -‘Am** 5* J. « .» 'lnlUp. C. *h»3xfo. u u ** *3;jop,n. *t:sCp.z:. •• •» *s£ *7:2op,n CBICAEO. Sti?2.l>W’ioli A»a E 37 Express aadMsil... *aoop.m I&hiSxpwaa ;12.00atd’fit ti:sGa. rx JEICAAO *T. LOCU. Siprwi&ndiUii 3-Ma.a. X4ight Sxprvss 9:15 p. o. -W x*i. joUat and W.Unimjtsn ... . ' p.ccommosa&oi4... .. LOO p. «r. 4. k- 031CA60 AND OKSAI SUISLUUiS T trwx>— kILWiCm iiA'LACAO D7TOV, tCX CANAL AND WJilUl „ J . _ C4T E5pm5c........ .... G:3CfI»H- Eksj P*^> Kigtu&tprese- ......... 9:oop.ii* p.m. ViA INDUT.Ai-OUi, LOOXAVI'-LII Alfa ClA.ui>a;*. Day Expreec tWa.a p. a . slrtt Extrcs,' to«P*a. fcdn a. a CotanbafSTOMS.. ;; ... ' IfcaSlLL*. S>:CU. XSL - .. . 1:15 c. a car as c. tiomustijo aaz» »AOsrsc HAaa#iAD. Day Dxarees and 3UC—‘ *ttoo*.ix •Ml ~,. «. . - 1- sollet Aectmunodariac... •Sunday rafaedhv cxccptaiLi kaxcu ; txccpted. BToes tabd tcg.TAwtn. Leave Jladisoa Street. aatda. too sum. 1:W »• o-sn ....... .....jl tn. 9:10 ~..a.xc.. 0. m- 11:30 “• a..«. Pttn. .w::::::..:: ...*£ 4:02; 4:13... ....... p. in. 5:«0 p,D. asj r •K«o 5 -ej- 12;30 ,P«B- L y 4 Sy'rof;oaliic'ls't?o«a't •nd Horn the cinema Poet OQlcc /or the wli/ter, udA b® w luftjsoun . SS2w«*. r. p. Chicago, nx. *xns Amur*. _ SI n -m A. 31. D. ID. ■;“•• Sooth. Iljll.. .... Ifcso ••" iSroln' “ “ SS n-oo ’** 12:CO 0 mch. Centralß.H.. .... 12.00 **:* & 5.“. “ •* “ - 6:00 ili * 2;Co....PltU.&l?t.Wejue.. *.... l»:3> ‘..1 8:15 . “ • ,** blO •:: taro a u ** » too ittoo liUO m ...GrcatEastoroß.il.. SiZO 10:00 12-oq ti;»....NcwAlhanj&aalen 8:i0 U:oo ftCO T545....Ua1ena Hamand.....' SUd 4:40 12:00 (tno....‘Dlxot Alt Line...... 6:00 7:40 12:0b &IjQ....Hockbland IlnDroad 6:15 4:90 13:00 ,6:00....C.,8.*Qn10cj8.n, 5:50 Shoo 8:10 3:oo,,..UoilLwwl«n K. 8.. „5:C5 &M 6:00 2:45... vn«-aohee Kallroad. 11:30 8:20 7:4s.,..UllnoUCenlrel R.B. 7:ot WA UUOO 700....8U laonla , ,W ” KOB’T. a* GIUIORK, r. M. •ri, •- ferial TXatlcm. TheOottaaxn JTlannfacmrlD* Company* SllTotmintffOf FnvaeotOrß. t#-tofcn« th« trmde U»t ttit y «re prodscitw ate Bisdro-plAtect Goods, com* prtFlnp fun Dlax er and Ie» btrrtxv aM Table W*ieof teacnpaoDyoC** terr superior quality *ad 0* 6bw inac-ecaaldengßS, Tht-om t$ iilctaJ Huyer, nccawhlihU a deposit ol Pure SUrcr of inch, tbte*- n-wrtsat they dooms* aO t&e adranlaicS ol ntd eilra jnl a(in:y, and ftm bteaty ol dealxa and superior la un »«••cdi§npnlihsWe from It. The Cornua Uaatifactonoir Company relfer with COO- Menrats the Li« v . n Dilution they hare eftahllihoO la Ol Solid slliex 4f«ns n wWch tael we btea *jr. m*o*r ymn ene»t*r, atrf Ory ooir as fPJ* jh»t th-y ttuj fan, nutam fiat fepoto* ®««re-pi*tßa Wmof rich guSSS^'AWBre . ■ ® . • t %ct«^ 0 Aad All aath art fQliyire«r»oi!-o. T»e*l>-<1 ttrw«. tßty tn ctli pirc!ui»M Vs the awre trace-mart.** timr (Inigos hate bc-T £ rssrtj cxtcnalvely TUic *ooo*3 can on r tm prrcrttM from tetpootlhl* dealers throarhom lh cootirj. 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No tOwr r*.»flirrn*ato#tiiKM »»!( tbit ccnttltuttena ami ihoonanttaikn »• tt»e fiwbler act. In ali crjaw of l-rtrall- lui ilit», •fi»ro time U want ot hflia rltai action, ihf nntKltl unnitre a m>m| —fpile-.*n« incaj ucAnniitiiiiai juitUbtna rial health. • • DW« JNlllr*i Whore m*ei< In ufHypuAta, tiiannaa, *r.d all of a primiit nature ha* uadoMmcaJrbrafnl thfutt|hci:t thorouLfry, ran M miiitiitcd *; hKoOtcoasd parhirt. 01 and PU Kao ,d.(ph»i.,(B',wiy«.pp.»lw IU eMoitseei,fromva.m. >to Ip. in. I*. U. Poi 000, CMca’o, 111. tcraratn ’room* and corviiltatloe# renddcUUl. The lleullng Poolnad lluiuw or.Hvrcf. HcwaM A»acoitllou reports, tor young men, on the o.Hmo of aollludo. and the cnopt. aboeai and dk »a»«a w|i|>hitotrov the manly pu«en, aid ert>»i* tm;wdt« mmia to trarriase. with »mo mraus of ro:i-.r. tioiAtn aeatri Udrr mrcli rrc.lrMrof eUmrce. Addreas li tJ. bUiLt.m iiouuiiA/A.nuwMmaMwiatton ktiadrt pUlw, Vft. Ur* llluelow* caolldeace c( <te ud the tsedlcsV f*ca.t> «cUr«o.u tt.otxA>«» »el'*hi« pbjnjclan »i Un* c'-tr Ihr chtnnlL □•ftpui aa>l »**o»l aUtaie*. Call at bu J7f» South Claris-*!. corner of Munroe. Hoctr*»spmt». lea ftee. P.0.80x i.VI. Hl* cold* to health, oxCitabcd EJOC»»r.*«>t ttte in an? aticma T « % fltopogalg.. PROPOSAL FOK ARMY TRANS* POKTATIOy. oe.vxrai.’x Omn, ? Wa*jictotoh. D. t,*.,Jannnry C, ISbf. J SKALKD J*HOPOBALS win b* received at thi* office .fus ®i27 .L« ALU . (M .A- « . a t* w 85 CM.OT 15 & SB 11 A » 19 A W utib n o'clocs u n OB theilh of Feonaary, l!W«. for the transportation of MlltnrrlSappHja derlnc the Jf*r ccißine&n(« April 1, 'fCt, ami ending Marco SU h«« t on the ih'.lovtoK routes: ttOUIE»n,<. Pros Fort McFheron. Kchrr-slra leiritory, or inch pout* umsy be determined cpon auric? the year on the; Omaha Branchcf the Colon ntelflc llnl road, west ut Fort McTLcriH-.a, or from Fort Laranil-'.rtskntal'er soon poets or de»- U aa aro do a - or car be es* UMbteJ id the Temiory of N'Kihi. west of loccl tuileiw Octrrcrs, is the territory cf Montana, sooth of latlUde 46 degree*. *o the Territory of Dakota w«stot lnotodelo4 di-zreoria the Territory of Mato, south of latitude 44 ue;;ree*.and east ofresitude 114 decrees, and la theTcn.tcrte-Of Utah ana Colorado nnith ol Induce 43 etgrccs, including, li oeesasary, Denver City. ROUTE NO. ?, Fnun Fert El>y. State ot Knasaj-oranch polnti «> ibbj be (litertblue'l span dnrtij the year cn the caton faciflo KxtlrofcU. any iK»t* or depots that are low or u ay be iatiUi»hc-i la the ttai« of niam or in the Territory of Colored», eonth cf*UUtade 49 de gree* tortli, and to Fort Vnlot;, New Mexico, or other oepot that may DertrmenV*a In that Territory, at a to any aotal or pomta oc the rente. liOUZE -No.a. Prom Fort TTnicn or such dipot m mar 6* established m the Territory cf Ne * lioilca. vo an pom or Ht&tfciu that are, or may be utobilobal U ibmi Tcrrtv.ry. at«J to soeli ;>ojts or •tatlenaao mar h*' tlfriciiMeti in Utfltmter; ot Arizona, and la the State ofTexM wMtodotntnde 105 decrees. __ ** . . UOUTK 50.4. From Et. i*ncl. Miantsota, to euch rc»U m arQBOV prmay Dec* is the Elate of MJ-nctitaLaod Inibauwaotof Uatota Territory Jjias ctut ol too iiteoutl layer. The wtVitlit h- t>c transported daring tb« rear will on Route No. J, &>.oto,dA puaortitoa isoate No.h.2u,U».K\J poands;on Route No.AS,WO.MO pounds, and oa Route No t. 5JC9.C00 poandi. iTxpojo;* will nemoi: lor evil route separately* bidders will »»nfe the rate per iW rounds p-r 130 nibs, at which they wjd ttaisp'jrt the esca Apnl lit, ISH.aadeod* las MarrhSt'iSb. Utiidfr* shon;d alre thslr names In tell, as well as Uitlr piacesofreshience, and each pp'p-jcid su.'oJtt be aicc c-paiued by a-lond in tae ears ui tes ihoa*aaa (HO.IXC) sighed by two or twr> hors. guaranteeing that is case a contractu awaf*;. d for tie route mentioned ta the proposal lathe party n:np-fir?. lh*cct tract will no acQ.*pt*d and entered Into. ana good iviii suCLdtut security tnemsbed by said party la accordance with the term* of Uuj tl-cment, • .«. The isuuuctot wui be requires to lire boads 12 She followlicamcuitM: ■ Ob l-oeto No. t, Ob ItouteNa. *, aXU**, Oa RCUt»X<>.S, ICO.ftAl, Ot UoaViNo.4, scaiC. wttlsfruMorv evtdcrce or toe loyalty tui-l M'vcncy ot c.v-h Mftilir ami personoffirrod as lecont? will be ro ■quired. Prjirnalf trust he **ni-.TScd **rropoeaU for Army TiftiwportatlOß on Route Mu. 1,2 ,3, or 4, as the c»*e n.*y ua, and neno will bs. entsnamed tu.T«s tb’y funy comply with the reqolrec.tniii of this a*lvertls»- amt, „ The part; to whom an •want ts tend* matt be pns VI rvd to execute the coi tract at once, ua to give the required bonds for the lallhiul performance of »««. at tract, ■ The right to reject »oy acd all bias that may be ottered 1* res<rre«u. • vuciruu muivu . llw contractor .on each route must be In. twadlnea* for servlet* by the lei day cf April. IsoT, acd will be re quired to have a place oCbtudnSM, or agency, otwblcn be may be cctmnunieate-t wtlh promptly amt nauluy for Route No. I,at O-’sfi*.N. T.; tor lliatoNc.i w Fort Riley. Ksnsat; for Route No. S. at Kurt Untoe, New Mexico; lorKnoteNo 4, at Saint Paul, Ulnae fut*. oral such other p'Mnt for och ot the several , Rentes as may be Indicated as ihestartlog point of the font* showing the cccdlaant ot Iho contract tottutciedlßtoforrachroare.ean be had cn app »• cauun at this oUPv, or at the office of the Qaartenr as ter at NtW York, Saint Loot*. Fort Leaveaworto. Omaha, Santa F«* and Fort etching, and ninth accom pinv « d lc a saitcf the proposals. By order cf the <4aar.ctca.wrGcacral. , ' ALEXANDER DUSa, Brevet Colenel nod Asa't Qoamrginetcf U. s. A. T3ROPOSALS J?OK A BRIDGE AT Jl VAN HUIIEN <TbECT. _ Ornoao) tbs Uoaasor Puzu-ui Wous,) , Chicago. February 2, 1561. I Foaled proposals win be reedrod by the Baaidcl Italic Work*, at their oQce, C-vtos Ncs. \ aad 2, stcotdCforJNt*. 13 sod 17 Wells s.reeh nn'tl 11 a. in., haturday. February ifitu, for the tatlng down of Itw present Lrtdic cru«*lDg the South Branch of Chicago ttlrerat Vanßarm: struct,and replacing the came with a hew bMoee, Inducing the n-«wary manges in the enntro pier, and the ahntcenta and appruai hcs. actordlug to plana and epecjflcanops to be an file at said office 00 aad after FeomaryPtn. Proposals must oe addressed to the Bonn! of Public Works, er-dorsed “Prnßo*ai lor Van Harm Sired Bridge.” and be aecomnooled with the usual £MJ potd. with sureties, to i><* approved by tie The Foard re erve tuerlrht to reSwtanybM not la sccotdaoce with the coodlttiei ot this advenuemeat. or to rcJ-ct all bid*, and no proposal will bs acrestart QCirM tec party ottering It shall give evidence satlsfko t'Ty to foe Board that he hat the aeciasary skill, ex* renever, cicrcy a - -d ability for doing tho work, Ir trustworthy, aad ba» sufficient pec-trua: yiv^oorccs. J J. O.iiJiDSLE, r.wrz. 0. j. rose; IVa-d of labile Works. PROPOSALS FOR CA6T IRON WATEII PIPES. „ _ omen of 'tin Beam* or tmuc Wears, 1 Chicago, Fe>. tth, ISW, I Sealed prui-Ofais will be recti'td oy the Board el Works, at their rffice. No*. 13 aed 17 We is* l c.p«taru*>. Veoroanr 43d, fir the de livery at lb* dock ol the board, in said city, of oue thou,»n«l (LCOO} tuns ol Ca»t Iron W-ter Pl;os, of 4.6 acd atorhes Intern*! diameter, according to specifica tions ob flleat said office. The pioeswlllb? enbjtctM to a teat pressure offfifl Scum's p* n quire Inch, must bo uniform >n t'd'dai**.*. entity ao-l t-vture, amlot a eood quality'•feast ir>:, m- uto cat and <lt U 1 well. Delivery t»commence at tbt upemne ot spring navlgatlnx and bo completed oy July IMb. - The piocS alTll>c twelve (12) WU't:. and welsh re lpecil«Hy.for.<L6and a-iach pipes, SW, 410, acd «J 0 poQDd»earb. A suitable number cf bianchef, caps, a seres, tapers, &c„ will be required f.r*aiilpl»«r. Ri-s »b.u d the price for the straight pipes, and also Cjr the special ca*Uncs. •' * fropoialsmoatbeAddreMed to the Hoard cf Public Works, endorsee •‘Proposal fordastlnn Water Pipes.” »lc Oe tect mpacl- d with the otQal 1200 bead, with sureties, to be approved by th*. Hoard. The Board reserve the natt vj r-ject any bid not :n with the eos./tloci i f this advcvtiseratit. nr tc reject all bWa, and no proposal wia be accnn-d . unite* me i-artr otferlnr It shall elsa evldcsce «»U»/ic t»-.:r to the Hoard that tab« tho ntctt»«-*y •Vifl, expedience. energy and ability fordoing thewcrl. U has ratteteat r&ourct*. • PKED. LFrrzr** o. j. BOSK, Board of Public Works. ARJiOi: wORKa AT GRAND HA VES and Black L.tkr.MJcciß*c. omc* Srrrrrnxsutso Exgimxb. ILabbob f hiPFormnNTS.LAks Micaio.vx. < VtLWACkzx. Wisconalt, January ( Scaled proposals, ic dustttcate. cf the r-rm ftirrasnefl by the aaderslnul, will te ;ec« red at this office until ■n.nrsdaf, li.< 11th d*y * f February, 1367, at Wr-br iTsprorinr the t&rboM cf Ciaul Haven and Black Lake, Mieblgao. The improvements at Grand Bsvea wiD ccnsin ot IW«1 feet, rarrs of less, of close pllioe to protect the eonta iheLS .f the mer near tne entrance and an ex* tension cf the snath pier for GOO fuel oycrlos filled with I— proreaena at Black Lake »UI be exteostona cf the present pier*, 5t2 ronajc? Act in all, and dredx- Inc- Thcdxecgink win bo between the piers, atd ior pacing the new cribs, and will axottat to SO.OUO cubic varus, more or k**. _ Piaas andspetiflcatlons are ea Ole In tbe offic«,are. wiU beshrwn to al* wbe with Vj examine them for the purpose ofestloiauPK. . . . . The Dropceals will be separate fer each work, acd for esch class cfmsterui or labor for e»ea work. Bill will be rec-lvwJ i w a part or Mr the wuot* of elthts work. The work to bn nnlsbed b? October 1, lit®. . T»eae worts will be let tu the lowest rearocslble bid. der. to tbe Cnlted hutes the nzht tore^ct -1 are requested to be present opoa the opening ‘rbeatSi'* l ” (nMHM «U mcaoMU li, Kf-M ““ SSSS!/5.‘S. TOEEtEK. U, S. El&kiceers, Muwaoke<h.'WA.. (S obftnment •p OVEKNSIENT SALE. fr-Mity known ss tbe H OOVEIISkBJTT i S4It" nSt AND sxEAll SAWMlLL.”witaser* . cUy.flve sera of land, near 9AN A.NTOSIO, TEXAS. 9-aledlTopojais,iadoi.llcsic. wjß bc-recclyrd up to the nr at day ot March. fjrlhc puichase cf 4 acne ol lAtd, i more or '-easy v-cctacr w tta the boaN* lues aectcd itenox and ineappurteaancetatpiraaa* tsy«thK l» to aar: oyETAX.VIHtY.c More Ur-e Vatt, FIFTT-fWO WOODED, VATx hKVEN STO.NK POOLS, ami espab’e of UCcln* JWIO hUfcl pffi annum; OSS STfiaM aAWMiLU enps&le. of Mwur ADDS foet ol Lumber daily; OlfS SkIALL, SIONK BOItbINO. . _ „ ■ The above truperty u situated aooufi two miles aocv&taa Antjoio.on the saa Actooo oivar.aoQ Uio uateru condnctod t-> tho estabU*hxeel*oy nrsce of : hewn laid la c«m«.t. _ _ The land wa* tnreased atd ixprovexmts mule by the totaled Onwieraie u-remaent. aud. ate e-aasted»c»voccßh*i2v.oX' ir iroia- lew Tbe property be* hem under l««s lyv^*r , * r Iw. at a monthly rent t f «a*X parable a A *e tor tactic in ut etapl# will l« r.v»a W Bit, S!J. G»=- ilf> Ca=f '©rcan Sttaacra. qvLv ntiffiOT TO FBASCIi. fJcneral Tnuisat?iinwc Cewpao;)» uaiv bTKAMSHif> pgrysny yr* tors, asx. ® HAVRE, CALfcJtIU Al BaKST. ' rae Irltodld oew vesscii ol this thTortte rente *s ta* ccbiiueat wU sail Bom Her So. dO.Scrth Bits u pillows: Etlr.Ol E .Fehrwy X ST. LAUSESI Boeasdu.—Febniarsxs, - PFiBKHiE- DoUkee....lurch 9k TILLS DE PAlU9..£ttiobe Hatch PBICE OP PASSAGE IS G£>LT>. ■ -Pint Cabin, Si CO; Second Cabin, Site, ttclcdtns Uhh . wine to ttthet class, -.The steamers oi this linedo.pctcarryne-rasepu i>ijieaeentot«ndliigtolandat bhbst wui he (dr *hlahed with railroad coupon Ucke *_ and Uwix baggage checked to Pans, at an addlttcsaj charcu «■-{ S 3 ta Cat asd|3o)r*»<otrfclasf. • - Hedesl attendance tree cl c^nrsa. . Fortnrther Information, anal;, in Chicago. at tat • FUKSCB CONSULATE nFrICK, 332 UUdl-U£V.; It KewTcrfc, to GEO. MACKBN2AS, Agent, 2*» J»o«S ••way. Uuslucss ®arh£. C. HILLS— Licensed Sewer Bender and Drain Lnrer Olden left >t «9 sattet, Oerntt Bloct or »t reel pBST.-HATTEN * CO. ■Wholeule Comminiott K«r«h»aU, 2fOe SO MoGaa**^ B«we«» DETW. ww» jac BtttlWli aUT OF fcTAill.'-A, Coßslilnticnal Weakacss. EFFECT OF HOSTBTTER’S BITTERS IK CASES OF General Debility, yat»;r» ti #«i lap-rthti. Oi iffirui sttbrrn fraiwM. ptroo* frte* - nertca j on other*, toot mtie pnytteal jwwof. of conaO taUcaal Hamlin, or D'froua rfyor. the batri* t*hßtoeart,howeTef. a they cannot toocoioa Daioaona, they can. lj the oae ol ampor mcao*, make op la ■ mcaaeretor lb* fttOcHocim ot aad may pe»> chance Itf* ai lost and enjoy lU* %t noeb u ttoetr bk ro tlcmlMa aelahtoori. Delicate oi«. h tfl(» utalor proper cars lOmeflmw eutlaei thoee of ■ iwm Mitd Ktnipjederod* UrtiCttir*. ASM watch willraawwcw thin a ttcau dSttoaof a Um»and h->r*« p«iwcf. Thw OMoiijaetot cte vakaad fiasUtKct »m»ui-iUt, to a< ijtlre adduioml iirmiUt if poedbie. It it It incy be »tated •• a proved and OflabllihM tact, that acleocf haa then w the world, in HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS A rryrfob.’rlncrdyiuMl.wkkAfi/rmdtKmfy 6f«<v* kj» «n<| ainMi it Ih* >ttp«f<;ni', trktthrrU* »urk Of ttrrnytk itnl itominn 9r nn m hrrtnt'ilr/tct or l*a e«#ttfr <t/ rjf*inttiut mui/i, If general debility la sofadireue, It ti ronethm*; acocdltlon which produpoaea the to-aty to surenmbtuaUiafiaeneca that prodaee Otesare. We arreeatlanally rarroumtod ami bract, ranm or Icm, py ' tnrcefingatemcatj. Neither lha porcal air tot tbs p«. And taieclam where both are a&aolutely riitK the weatly coa*«. tutlo.naad trail tjatrin realtllhclrdeadly tti tuilcm fjrtlC-sf by arUflclal aeaoe? II the lIITTKKN are the n lafjrsxnc, vitalizing* aasUlaing prepara tloo they ar« claimed to be—and on pole bead the tee dm any la (heir firor (a overwhelming and treontroverttble—then it 1* abooratcly Jhtultotu la any mas or woman, anserine from pbjetnl weakness, not to resort to ao potent a rrmWy. When an epidemic U prerinin?, orla pr«- pect. the test *afcjfuartf« creapeilcet dirrsUon, Arm. nerree; and* a wise employment of the meant whltlt the disposal of thepnblle as an* tldotcs'against atmcupbenc lefeettoa. Amome the latter. BOSTETTER’S BITTERS DeserreiJy enjoy the highest repataGos throughout the Western World. t7~Beaetabcrthat physical rigor Is the best deftnew against disease, and that It may be Increased to an ex traordinary deaice by the ore oi celebrated tonic. Hotccl Complaints, Colic , Diar rhoea, Dysentery, Cholera ifor amV Constipation, CCiioas Colls 13 a disorder characterized by what Paracelsus rail* ctroot*iu» pain. The torture extend* over, the whole abdomen, and a strong stanwrllbew under It a* If upon the rack. The KtrCESS at* useful to reltere the pirarm, bat it is u ■ tore diim or pretesting a rceorreDce ol the attack, that they art particularly .zrcox3ZßeadeiL~ Tone the arcrasdths bowel* wHh thl» gentle. stimulant tad cometlre. aod yen wUlnoref be troubled with the agonizing and dan gerous complain azn own aa miloo* Colls. Chronic-'&iarrfsaa. Then is scarcely any diflhrreca-of eptaloa'among rnralar physicians ai regards the treatment of chroc tcdlarrhma. Most erthtza bar« heeetotote raera mended a tablespooafni or teaspoonfol el brandytoM a«cs scrotal times a day. They one and an wtmlt that sstr’ugenta and Tories are repaired. This being admltte*’, the mala thing Is to Eire the bc«l totlcmd astrlpmt that cache procured; and that has been rroT'd byexperuntc. and under the best ebezucai Utts, to be hICSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS The symptom* cf cbmio dyspepsia are frequent discharges (enerslly. with some pain tad crlptsg. restlessness, thtrs», poor appetite, debility, loe* of ttesh. dry, rough, uut somewhat sallow akin, the tongoe dry aad dark colcred. The food often passe* through the bowels nutty la the condition la wbtefe It was swallowed, thus showicg that the gastric jrnee Is either cot generated In accident quantity, or that It has not the solvent prrpsraes Decenary to decompose tie masticated food. Tbalm rls generally cat of or der. sed the bowels attlicud with a low grade 01 |j> flammatloo. Under these clrcumataacesa medicine sllrhtty aperi ent, as well as tonic and antt-blllous, is absolutely re quired; and such a medicine is ROSTETTER’S BITERS. Let It bo horse to mind. however. that chronic filar rb<nu as well os the acute form of me dUeac which leadst) ir.may always he avoided by tecplmrai»th«s toneof the stomach and; ol the mar.u mrn> s noeo7 the Intestines with this saimary and harmless wvUo raut. Itl« »jrreattblsitonstoretoretal*rtryaci*- ordered function, bat it is still belter toexeiadeiho ne«s*lty for icttoratlnr by All slurxxrds reonlre robs stmmuted; aiyl ret •trsoee to ear, the bcwcli are oft-c.subjected to a treatment which m the end Increases their tor pidity, and renders a complaint, easily cored In taw begtnnlrjr, obstinate! v chrome. Let the coastloated beware of diastic plito and potions. The Invariably atcravstetbe disorder. A coxWnsllua of a whole some stimulant with amild, »a<thlnx laxative liwh&t l» Leaded. la ROSTETTER’S BITTERS tbe roflerer bsatbls important desldentnm. A coarse cf this genial corrective win eveataany core every formcf ccnstlp&uon.and rtmove the headache; dlstJ nrsr, nau*e», and m'umy-mind'djistr, bx whlcbltlFnsnally accompanied. Some persona whoarst by eomtltntlcsotkccestipated habit may overcom* the dlffiuUy and achieve pcrlect rcgslanty by ostnjt the 61TT£BS dally la ccxlonstty with the dlreetlasa. SVje Three most important Periods of l.ifc. FbyMcUasdlvtde Ute Into five distinct periods—the firstcxtenlk); from birth totL-satecf teveayears, tbescccn-ifrom. the icrerlh to tbe fourteenth year the thlrdlrom the fourteenth to tbe twenty-fin; yea* the fourthtrom the tbe fortieth year, the fifth frtm the fortieth yrar to the cloee ofUle’e “itranfir, cventfal history.” Stukspeare divides life into H wvea a£ca; M but five is the Dumber sdoptedbr tbe foealty. In what is railed the •• third, period” tbe UnporUac ebaepoe-ocesr which mark.atul separate the sexes. TbU Is the stage ol ditelopnKnt, when the frame, m acquiring form. Proportion, acd strength, makes ex* traerdluary demands upon tho nui and ccisutaaoaml i cfOiiCc The weaker teat ■afi’ers most dor Ins this period.. The vitality ofwstnao,beiugt*xedtoaerea&. er degree Bar that ol man* often requires to bereda rocued by artificial means. Whenever tha Is iecesmry. EWETTEB’i BITTERS otap be orasclentlcaaly reccmmsnded as the stotk harmfers and effective of all tonics. Th« fourth tha.mardrity ofi Ille, ’whim the poem cfhcdy and mind la both sexes ought 'tobe la fun vlcor, ?C*o has Its special difficulties. It ■ Is during this the lesula is. subject to most ‘ofttefcaraislajottmentspecaUan to her organization. .* Swnsmerous andtUstrezatogare acsecompZatots,thst J the patience wish which they an borne, while It ex ’ (jtet the wonder, demands tho earnest sympathy, cC ■'ihelessaCUcttlbelnga who »ijle thcminlves par <=> 1 cv//r»e<*the “JcrdsofacsUca." . la fortitude It mast be admitted that the “lords. 1 are by no meats equal ta the -‘latUes.’ I '- To the lauer it is Ixpqrtintto know Uat la ttc troubles whaA precede and follow maturity, the BITTERS Jlre tzetCcct. both ass. bod Uy and mental laTlzonac. Tb<T will be found a capital mean* ~ot rejialnlßg tbs jemalepl>*tflweondc» the heavy drain* made open 1C at the seat istereftlag and perfloce periods of sarttel Ilfr. Thsftfth stageli.thatla which all tteftccttcna de cay aad the film! gradually beads trader the weight of years. 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