Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 16, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EFIM. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Telegraph Wires in Ireland Re ported (lut by the Fenians. Wo Further Particulars of the Irish Uprising. TOM WASBiCTOI. Further Developments in the Johnson Compromise Scheme. Export that Horace Groeloy will he Offered the Postmaster Generalship, CONGRESS, Senate—An all Night’s Session on the Reconstruction Com mittee’s Solitary BUI, aton?c—l‘usi.ase of Sclicnck’s Dill for the Equalization of Donotles. Senate’s Amendments to the Bant mpt Bill Disagreed to. MOil SPKIIiISFIM. 'Yesterday's 1 Pro ceedngs. liie Chicago Park Bill Bcportcd Back and Tabled. Slate House Dill Ordered to a Third Reading. Voidicr Consideration of flic In fernal Improvement Bill, FROM EUROPE. BV OOKiS TEhEGBIPD. •trCTTTKO or TUB TELEGRAPH WIRES m IRBLISD. Valektu, Ireland. February 15— '-MS p. m The telecraph wlr« ceased working a. Valcnils am uilUmry at bale-past sevm last right, and -are still down. The two land despatches nhtch weie sent tbronrh the Cable 10-day were received •by mail from Killarticy. ko nmtiiKo wKwa or m pebuk rrmiwo. _ Aauktio Txttoiupn Ornc*. i HKAttT * Cortijit, February 15— Up, m. i Ko fnubcr particular* ol (be trouble In Ireland have been received from Valentis. „ , . . -Sill- Vonic, Fchrnarj- IV I i.talrdcallatcbca lacelecd lino 10-dae , U | C (rat the llnea Uirottjh Ireland, co-.nectlnir larudon rill, ilia Atlantic (-'aide, went down la.t em-nlnc, but mne worUtic at non, to-,tar. tliiau Itnoa Havered lltc dletrlcl now In rebellion " tv«a au|.roeedlo bo tbc .work of oeor-aoalon. FIIOM UASinX(JTO*N. ISj.ccl.l lloimlcb In Hit Clilcafi Trilrain..| Kolirturj 13. tiir jousaori roMrnoaiai hciicmc. The Jolinn.a (’oiKiiiumhe arbeme ha< been miicik.cil today nmonj; the PmMoiit'i lll ‘ I 'd * ,r nut Preald.»l .|wnt tlio nboln d>r on Mm ’i 1 .!" 1 r PBlt room> - -Hi. military ol>| ttuii 111 mortlflcalior, Ihr lllrcb.m , m ni,dmr,.t ivrro »li(i«n to thorn clmmnj t r „,|. -norlijr. It niijir.ii tlm Hci.ator • I”")- lo Ilia rally nnnillttion T»UJ»4olmeon. Intheatcond meeting bold lavt 5,. 1 , th ? following participated; n„bb.,ll of <)bUi, Ddano.Hiickab.w, Uflln, Kelchum, Dodge. Jl.jmwiid of New Vert,. Wow of MarrUnd, and Jllalop. Itta undmiood that no Scnalora were lucaeot. On Johnion'a part there were W e Philadelphia and Cleveland Con vrotlaQ ac«m>il the tncmKra named .above, nho, lor the mnat par*. Hepped quWiy out •of ttiu rioneo .art night, and went aecretly to toe Pitre of meeting. Tlio plan ot tbe PrcMdpot. a> lo-.'ay loibeaicle, la the Military wm. with the lllalne amendment for umveraa auftiago to include all rebels, aed apl-dgeload. tuil to Congicaa a* aoon as the amendment la adopted. Tha tenna of surrender -o* cororromt-e, or the nature oflhenetr leaching a» the aflalr 1» rnrloualy alyltd, ire looked upon ir!*h groat anaplcloo, and believed to be tried lo break up the tvvo-'hnda majority and defeat pond ing meaenrea. The a>crel character or the mid nlcht meeting, the political character of the Prca- Idmtial mevrengertt, and tlio great activity of tbe -M-oikcra nuuud above, are thecau'aa for this sus picion. 'JltcPicrMtnt is severely dcootmced forming rpch means to reach Congrca. rbcstronclb of the movement will be developed by tomorrow, as Uie matter baa become known to-day. The ytreateat efluitn have been made to keep all reference to the matter from the pauera. At tulonigbl to-nlcbt nearly the tame t arty is In cession at the prlraie residence ■of Mr. Dodge, of New iorV, The ebauf-e is ■caused by a desire to keep the meeting secret. The fear of impeachment and unexpected repudi ation by the South are understood lo be thecsuies of the President's strange course. XXUTAKT m IK TIIK BIKATX. The Senate has debated the Mlliiaty Dill throughont the evening, and the ehancea for a piolongcd night cession are brilliant. v«J\T,2 r fop xnur orncras. New ionit,. lebruary 11—The JJtnli'a \Vi,v -ngton spec:*l save; rhe declfion of the Court of Claims, In the case of allowance for servants to oQjrere of the array Hr m the Ist of MiT.IdGLU , J 6 ® 5 * each offleer who ?Ss.$ a ' insc “ :l Period to lorty dollars extra employed, bUng the difference ;Vcelwcca e.evea dtnUr* and sixteen : Se“hre C npJd' ,d ‘ nrt tna!lnt nbl “ -re or Firrr.iry i* r . I>f ... ‘'-as *' the ;'>•!>! of ,b-au -i ..cwpoii, JZhouc Island. tUJitss or nog. toaii. rrmy. .he New tort J’/UfUta'i spccixl aa/ 9 S.l-c; *. Aral nasble to leave Lie room 10-dar on •icrount of alckne** broogfat cn by ttugaeande°- cilencpl, resnlUngfrom bissi»ei«hin the House yesterday. He faisxtin his library this mormng and was carried to bl» bed, and has been nuable vwcrhirf 4 * 10 ” *k ,Ce * He la sometrtut belter this Plxerrcra OP THE XUciU amp cixir mr ? c . r - ata to-day showed that there l.i mu ;:,h i B .? n:r .V^ pa,e ,he Mi*»rabb‘nCa week ,iad It ttiu be pnt on Us passage this tssttkokt mtsnra. ” QUBIIIJ Of the Tnnc f ImnofUni t»tti >uiuioa» tenon,' SSSS.^ DtDUXtllUn n'^,^concKte J a e.“^SS ,!^i r IkUw Indians, by landsnowocrnpiedln Wisconsin ’a’bomi™ ‘®r the trite been* citixece, and th. J? tjnne their organlxation. A treat* «mh*«f« pleted with Baca and Foxes to-day. be com- snTSicr KiairmanoW. The first register ot voters of Georgetown root* ■up 1,113 e biles and 6SU colored. ,00 “ OAEBUXU DEBTS. Tliomas P. Bower, ex-Congrrs*man frem Marv ;und, has plead in court that the ihr\e notes of -51,UA) each on which be was sued, wtrv lor gambling debts, and has gained bis case. TUE CXX.OOUK ESTATE. «Ub I.A4.UVLA MIAIIm .tohn C. Calhoun's o!a bomcs'eid to South Car •'lina, is to be sold at auction on the lib of Mateo. the rncaioEXT a.>d the itccossrnucnox mili- „ .. taut eill NcwTonw, Pcbmary IS.-The Potl't Wash rinctot. special reports tha’ the President has Tiromised to accept the military bill With Mr. .uialoc a amendment. ~, tub roanarrxn cnrnuunir. Ill# re polled ib«t Horace Greeley will be offered ibe Postmaster Generalship. The Demand Loan Bui which passed the Sen mi c, wilt scon be reported In the Home by the tvs and Means Committee.- The Committee viifalK) bo coMcllm -by io.tructlons of tbo Jlonsr. to rcpuitau anti-contraction bill, bnt will yvrobably recommend iu rejection. rrauc lands in iiusustm. Washington. February 15.—The Commissioner his neelted the first teioras from the reccaity «stabllabed locsl oOkv at Jackson. Mississippi, which shows mn> ty-«ix farm*, comprising to the aggregate 5.615 acre#, hare been added to th* pro ductive force of that t*iale under the Homenrart Act of July 21,13JC, which limits the entries to tight} aeiM each. mnoxATJc coubeppondence. Washington. February 15.—The Appendix lo ihc Diplomatic Correspondence is printed, con taining TOO octavo pages of matter In reference to the aiaanrlnatfon of Mr. Liucolo and lojane* to Air. be ward. XUJTAST ITEM. A detachment of ]IO men has been ordered f Tin the general lecTaltiug ofllcs to Port fsttvrn ''onh for assignment to the Seventh latantry. Another, of is!) men, lo Fort Smiling, for assign tncLi to the Twtnty-ercond i ifsnlry. ... cuLonino , . a ‘uiki.ton, February iC.—Mr. ChilroU. mem ner oi t ongw ss elect from the blate ©r Colorjdo, I 1 * - ..‘h.. o ’ l * <l,, ect from Denver, lie aiys the ii. *‘° L ’V’ L ‘ rL ' in favor of the passage oi the Wit foe sue admU’lon ot the blalo over the veto is atroug of'.*, iOr Quo ii^****.? 11 Culorido will b« ot«p prcacb or iL n l* IInI no,n. r.iS 1... i.T ’I 0 bri»ef«i of tta. racife Kill. brttcEo! U.a ” “ ew m * lnw o,w » COSORESSIOaiL PROCEEDINGS Wxflaraorov, Febnurr 11. SRNATS. ' tl H£ ,r *-ud BDOKA. * appelated a Con.'c.Tocf Coami'tea offices reffoUl,# * w,or *°* cartsla clrU Mr. rtUMNKIt presented areinonttruics from lUo French Canadian* residing Id Che Onlinrt State* iipalnet Che annexation of tiw ConfeinV* Hon or tlvlMtuh IVortgcM. IloSSod fo cS3 - 1 Mr. ANTHONY, from Uto ConuDillctoß Prini Iptr. od.ird . re.olutlo. ti print" w cool.. o‘r Uto report ol o.nnrel tv.ircn or tC.nrre. of the tpoer Mi*aU»|ppl, which nancd ur *®/ °» Mr. AN J IIONV rvported a rSaolnUon to tT)Dro . nrlitelbo occeinry fnno* Co nrlnt I# Union Croops furnished by Arktc**< ?f would com about «CO. iWJo Us Mld U Mr. CII, iron lbs ComtnlUgj on Com "mSoT n w.:. b « U lJ *" CDi «>f d.ym p“,rSiViui l, Mp ?.Uo3 l „r!h“; ««- Q -SS- , SSTS , 2S co™'ow. 1,,8S 10 «<" rt.olnlloo, end It "“tooJodlcl. w.«j «V°si5 d « mil reUima to appeal* sad , JJHIa of error bioui’bt to Uis Hintrnn.l S°n»*o? I^lalcs from anr final Jndr> !n ,: wh^.»* n^?^oldorco3rt^''r ® n > , Jmnclal dlicdet frequently Co Ihe rnr.dllloo ofsacb Judgin' in the regular aossion* oi aueb court* havu •■ecn ■DlocmJia b> fhc rebellion. mich anneii or win of error shall be valid. fh« time liu.ite«l by Jaw {or Lr n&* thV“ -ate expired, and in ca»o* where no appeal Tm In ,Thlr i!* “PPP®* may be brought with. In one sear from ibe passaco of thin hcL pnM?d. i,W,m h,pC “ fc .l ii, ‘ l Co be "L l l.'? 0N re P oriMl f{ ° m tbe Military com with amendments, the bill providin'* tor* of officers for the ses-eralSu es mined , to hear tea uccido upon the ralldltr of claim* for btuios, £c., lumlibed ,Le U,,|(ed s »m« anay™nrlsS 1« i , ? ft f. nmendjatnis include Ohio ul.h V..-„*iala, as dismcled by tie Ur. JiANB repotted tbe House ioi**! rr.nlniinn cst. voJng to i fae Court of Claims jurtsartlon ?? tU-cajc of claims for quarUrmastera* ItoSs fur ?.,"V® d V iefo 5 c, -? oru , enefa > J*w ,a,rt , hrouuh Indiana and Ohio. It? Dill « M token no nad read. Blah.B J^l^^slf o t l, ? l,aeU M a '* atu oadmenl the B ?ii e »f-rv- e Sr d . l^ 1 dert in the Hou«e. favor of tbe amend nmru'dmcnrfslfaa'to'add % whrt^i^JuS!- Jfiwsass! 111 Jtwful arocatloiis and «cl»e •be eqnsj bmcflis of pnblle schools ami cr without aramdnent. *•’ * 1 . tn y®* HOWARD object* d.o the Blaine amend ineut, becaoecjt recognized the validity of ih* >tate Govrmmtnts oftne rebel •'late*. °* 0,6 Mr. WII.LIAUS expiess<'d a bona fat no Mnerdmvtts wpsldbe adopted. Be hold prefer -uch a ptopoelttoi. as tbalol Mr.Blatac lf an ecdmenr pcared Independently. “ e Mr. STF.WAJIT again deprecated military srov- JS’S, 1 ;. SunUl .vilboiit aacb “n~SSd- V, l vnifi '; J 4B no '' baror “ UieSMiitr. 5. . JOliltlLL cdvucßicii Ibc bill ..iiLorwllh ot;f Itcanieiidmcnf. w * * w,u fra'-c UE,<I,EL,&OS “located nnlvenaal anf- I \n ' A , TI \ ? ’ly k ' in >*»or of the bill. ( After fnnbcr debale, JJr. WJUJAiIs, at 4-ao " u rec^ fs -K f ™>« boiiceibaf beiraiiilcx' “ tUI “f>«4 EVENING SESSION, HcTfoHolTil,, Thlth A Biii, ju-ouoblug conditions upon which n.« *, y * n rebellion may jemme practical Vr^h 0113,0, lj c 9 OVt ‘ remeil * o f , heUnil-'d Stales- J* f V ihut the fmneuntb article of am.ndmuit to the Cods Untloii bavin, hern duly ratified by ihe Jrcxristaliuesof vS r£ •.n rite number of State?, the aame la h»rel«T cf C a.?u«iS rt ““ fl . wl <,n *P" rt I °/ *h« Conetuffl cr at Lulled Mate*, and valid to all ltii->reo(a "" n , ar '° r ,tj e CnnailiutionorThe t id ltd»tales, and when any of the Mat -a laielv !■■ InsmrccUon shall havo rating Ihe at n i wd M all bare modified ihtlr Confutation and Uws in rotifomtliy thcre«-Kb, and Which shall *ocn!2 cutial and impartial antlnureloan male ciiueM of Lcitcd HuU-8 who hate atta'ned the atrear twenty one vuaia and resided b. the stata one year, andtown, pariah, city, dl»Uiclor cotSftr thicc moi.ifas i.nxl preceding the day of wl.ltont regard to race, color or previous coudi’ tlcn ol pen Unde, except each as may ba dtsfran* b * sr ,^L_rf or s**Hflp*Uon lu the Iste rebellion iu the election for President!*! Electors, Hcmcs“ni. lines In Coucreps ana hi any and all riect’ons for J.oTetnor, and for an State, conniy, district, par *^b * <?>*,, or town officer., and 'ha. nroMdrd by Us Constitution and laws *ll , citlxons of the United Stall, rbal] cqti&ily possess tbp. rlzht to panne all law* fa atocahonsaml business, to receive equal but. efltaoi thc public schools, and bare Uioctiu.l pro ect onora 1 ! c| ta,n, o( the United SuSI ln raid hlßU'.Biul when ea>d Constitution shall Ijc suhmttlid to the voters of aald Mutes ui thus diflncd for ratification or rlitmuilm ami when the Constitution, if the people of said Mate, shall have been "üb'nltp’d to l° r , c*suiluallon and approval, ssld *.A , ‘ lu *' Jl I* i' V 8 V OQ * ,^,I^oa bo approved by f OIIVIC3B. bu Ucclaied cntnied to repfcsriptilon ? .* ? bonalors arm llepnvontailvoi iv>c;ite?v;; , iii. n,crcrrom ° n i ““-s .crnM,'.fdl;.' d r I: o'<nr“r. b '''." l, ° lbo««oi.strri c . ,o n mil naitaken up. }J|> rMIMWM,M.T ou ' lnit ’ ~t w «* 'H«i»rned to. ■t , .... Ic H* atuccd bytu<arUnir i m-«md “Imptrnar .e mo the word ‘‘su3raitL^ •t the amendment of Mr. Iliriiio. Afbr debate, Mr. UK.NiminM, by renueil. ulihd.ow hi. arm-mlmeat to ln."ft Jho wjiU oil or Mntr. * *“' d , ‘" li l,# wou,d o,ftr 11 a * »«* °t l ,u, ‘‘»l llto tmpndmoul a. a * «n- r miir.» dc .» tr^ r V fum '} ,e loloMlou. 01 thn onuilUir ou Itocn^.nicilin, .u f. r a . n, e uitht oi rncniee was couc-rmnl. the r..-ul.nion ol ••huh nasaracml ilylit ot the Mtato. lie bad no fiats of a nulHa-v d-snotl-m. 1C U * 1 i, !.| ; {- , * ,t ' u,, y v^R N Miuvort an amendment io the Hlnlito amendnivm by providing tliatvolers -tall have m a Mtato vn-. iva". u, *“ottr &SWPSJ*-- amendment. . tbV V* tbc «ai*atc to vol-j mil «*. i )K, .t 0> p#ld hp roa ’J not vote for .Vn i m c,n t,,r f ew *« forth-j i-rn bint- 1 ? 10111 Wf cMI s ,ver, ' u, <-*‘‘t» In the South t :,oI,CP ° r an nmocdracnl to ■lu-ri' t. W. ,b3t m ,Hilary commapder. or .1 s.tb.ts sbal! roqtme urivcrsn] sniTratje la all is licbl under ihi lr control llm hill as a stfpt* ,, p WU ’ Jud lUh * cowardly Mr .WiWON vuctfoiUU that an ar '■ncsßH-m I>f tnadu to take a vote to-morrow nlrht. (>ccitrr«d. Mr. lII.NDItU'KM, «<n tin- minority, disclaimed .'iiy Intention to make a fictions opposition or to U,u Mi'*- ot ! n r M* l - At I ?:r.o ho mo »cd to adjourn, bees Ucd .ißhl affiio.t Iwenlr slx. ~*■, r. , 1 1 HkMfK'lt ON moved an amendment to he Pisine amrtidmmt, which was adopted, as loltuwa: “io Mrlkv ont the wore* all maleclt*. aons twenty-one years of a?oand npivardr, and n lio “l re E^rd . 1 0 - color,or nrevtons rondl- Hor of servitude, except such as mar ii« jIU rahcblscrt lor participation In ths St? re" betilon, or felony at common law," anditiifort la T 1 ~lPrc °f the follunln/; -‘All unto cttlxens of thei United Mat’s, of whatever race, color or condition, twenty-one ytata old or upwards, who may have been rss-drni. of the blabs for twelve mouths previous toUc election, except snch as may be dls-inallflrd for electors by reWllloo. le l°»y *1 common la *-. Idiocy, or insanltr." ’ Mr. 1 UEMNCiUOVsEN mov»-d to amend by In. sertlßß a nrovl.o that the Conmtalloa of the Matos shall be framed by a convention of d«le catcs elected by the perunns who may vole upon Ibo übrug.tioti or njecllon or tbe Couuiglian btfcsflcr provided. Adopted. Mr. SIJMNKIt moved to amend, providing that the ncndmir Couaumtional Amendment snail lie valid when ratified by tlin-c ionrths of the laturea of «ho Msirsnow represenlrd In Congress At half-past one Ih.- Bctiale reftued to ad ji-uin. ROUSE. On motion of Mr. WILSON, of lowa, (he Secre tary of Stale was directed to inform the House what Stales now represented In the Home have ratified the Constitutional Amendment, in addi tion lo those named in hU report of Febmarr sth heveral mlvale hills were passed, including credits ot*S,(W to Almouton baton. Receiver of j*nbllr Moneys, at Stevens’ Point. Wisconsin • or fin.Bso lo Thomas n. Fry,. Jr, Captain and As slsiani Qaaitermaler of * olnn'eers. at Acton, 1111- nol*. for roouer takei. from hla oflice ; of it 900 io Joseph J. Ilndnail, Collector Sixth District. Kentucky, for public money lost hr him m Pe :cr*bnrc, Kentucky. Angnsl iflih, iSOd 1 ire Donee bill constmlng anct giving effect «o .uttco o. Jaly Ist, for the relief ofStates. was and icicrred to Committee of the '•:--'leon tt«prt\aP calcnoar. ■i. e noQtP Proceeded to the copsHemlJon of the n-inotr Bill. _ _ Wr. SOIiBNCK explained tls provtsjoc*. iTwi*-. iheMmtbenii»« puinl the House lutMv ‘lop. and rot acted nn by the Senate, wito ivg t lfp'teuce*; One provision for cue* of iMt dis charges, «od one which made (he necessary a)- o«u;iceM)faddiiioEil bounty made under the acfof .uIySS, 1H». JTn* bill proposed to a car tarn extet-t to the hoonlle*. whereas the art of Jnl» SB, law, only gave aodtUonil bounties to all soldiers, it was impracticable in the prc<- • r.i condition ol the Treaa nry to brloghounties of ml soldiers np to the standard of highest boa-itics rala.som** soldi* rs barms i*xelvtd as hich as Al/JtUaoof Thesiandardadoptedbvthecoa* :mtier, ai d which met tae approval of the Donsc JastjeMlon, was to secure each soldier as much a? SICO a year bounty. The bill was not to giro bornl.v to those who had r cclred muce, hot those who had iccelred lltt eor nothin?. The commit t-chad adopted the simple principle. tbst to every man who served the Government thilhfiillv, and had been bonorabl* discharged, no matter how he e tered the service, shall be given a boncty proportionate to tbs length of lime of * U!V, c • Jf one month, to will receive eight and onc-ltuddollar*; if three months, iwcnty-llve uollars: one year, oi.e bandreo dollars; It two i car.*, two hundred dollars, and so on. ».^^\? ra *^ D F ,n^rß . dei,r,? '‘ 10 offer amendments, )-. a i»? lf 'r^ ch u r . c %. <lpcl,lieQ to >Uow 11. In the !,,lca U, » t tLc minute ot the Ifl ll " mo !! nt re, l?l r ed rntdertho bill o“l.r. •"« clflity million, of “n.VIs'.SSSioo ""■etemma.e.lio.cver, liltllPbV s i“£^s‘ 1 J d . ,h '. feelon. cine lion on mtin fineM*nV 0 -r*' bU i t rT J l ‘ c,C( i the all lor tbr so lt*e bill was left ctuoe fotnc G «Tl A ihr, \i? VCi ? a amendment to fi llers .““'lavU.® MUsoorl Uarylatd volan the strand strUlug orit for local bounties taa * e m4U °5 deuucUoo-i .be;rsTon v^r;\t'°rdii‘i b .rA nkl^';" 1 of Jnly 28.isw. . MClUoaai c auoiy Act Mr. TA\LOB, of Tennessee, mavni in •« n ont toe prisoners of war «.V > n #trllke vice of the United Stales. Jlcd iu “»« ear- Mr. HOLLINS then moved the nmtn.,. SfeS?* 11 WM BCCOndcd ' Md 1116 «*i” <S5£ *lf- PCUEKCK yielded ibo floor to Mr Ri« SON, who opposed Mr. Uo Ln s amendmenLcon" tending that tie efloct would be to tax t States for additional bounties to aoMlers of im* Fastetn Stairs, who had already received Isrcc bounties. The amendment was destructive or the pitncipics of the bill, aud would eventually d~. ' Mr. ROUSSEAU asked Mr. Kaston whether the eacclof theamvmloieot would be to pay Uij sol dier# »ho had received high bounties us much as these»»ho bad received more. replied tnst was the cflect of it. Mr.IiOLUNH asked Mr. Kassoa whelho* It would deprive the West* ro States of the tight to pov soldieis ss umch bounty as tbo Eastern Slates paid theirs. Mr. KABSON thought the quc'lloa wsi like th» Hcb man asking ibcpoortuao If he balnut tm same light to build a palace that he had. Hu t>(stem soldiers bad gone tut» arms by pslrloi Urn, which knew no botuds, and wanted no bonntT. Mr. tCIIKNCK repealed Us argoraeal in sno* pop of tbs bill,as reported, and astiosi tbs amendment Mss-ts. LKbI.OND.GUIN NRl.l. , n i nitOOU. Abbapoketn favor ofthe Oil unamended. VOL. XX. . li™ tt*'" c;o, f a - «"<* «k.' Home (itocccJcd io T ~c on U»® amcbdaouti, Ur. Eerjamlii’awar adopted without a dir!- ft Mr * Itollln.* nu rejected-"! atralmt 83— luenertem membrtt votinc sulidlr againstaol (ue Lattrna meuibern generally fot fi. JJ* u f,iC} {'‘pP withdrew amendment. Wr HItLIXAUAKURU moved as aaundment, spuing a danse to the last section relative loao* I liratioi.s lorbottniy. Adopted. Will pa*s< d—'J.*i ocalnst CB. Mr. fJj)|{||>(jK presented memorials of ttr w .?!*.“ I<,el . ,,li:ufe ,u rcre-i-i-ee ti ttio Paris Exhibition. and tc irlrrencr (•* tb«* grant or land Itatlia y oatienaiou of ‘ U3 Qricit Uk* I’cpin Tl.n hmatp atnendmenl* to the House bill to eMabllrh a unlfo-u *yslctn nl omUniptcr Bulled State*, romlig n;», Mr. s7]iM,AS tnoxid to lav the amendment oa the table, JteJ ctcd, 'Al.tlte. I KVLMNO IM.MUON. Tbo SPKAKKIt presented a eoramnnlcttloa front tbe hcrrrlary of the Inicnor, with the pro* Jimli.arv report «>i J. V»*. i’u>Joi, bred i CoaimU* atutirr lot Iti collection of nlalUllcs on the «.»ld aid silver mines and mining vartof tliu llocky J'oiu iilns. Iteieried, and ordered printed *.r. WHAI.KV prfsntiled tbP Joint rrrorlaDntu of Die 1-cgta.alureor West Virginia asking anil* Ilona) pensions for tbo anrvmmr so.dtvrs ot the var nt ]S:S tasking an additional appropriation or land lo alo to eataliliebiog Agrlcnltaral Col* Iff* s. sod taking ao appropriation lo at J lo butld* tbo war * J ro,^B an, i bridges destroyed daring nieraorlal t.f th, Wl«- rotitr** rK , I{Q:e or # *w eslabliibmunt of a mall Mr, McnUATI reported the llonto bill to an* t'onr.o the establishment of ?fco oesao mail r r*ms.ljp service buimu thj Unliea stiter and iuV'U-(J Dfddea printed and recom* Ibe Senate amendments to the Bankrupt Bill v • rc itOD-coi.cniT«-d In. , * Jtc Senate niuendmonta to several unimportant notiFc bills Were concurred In. roijwwin A Cninuiftiu- p| Conference was ordered on the 'Ceolttupii lor Ihe collection ol a direct tax la •»c*t Mrulnia, Tl.e Ilonre went into Committee of tbo Whole on the Inertial Rcvemo Bill. ,e Mr. Myers’ amendment proposing making the .as or. cigarettes, cigars and clveronta, ot slide, rcrljjtlocs, made of tobacco or any tabsiiiute. S 3 pcrl,CCO, wae debated, bat on roiuln** to a vote • o quorum was fonnd, and tho committee rose and tie Boose adjonmod. * FEO3I SASHVILLE. Lfcttlaiive-A Bank Officer Proscribed ou Account ui Uu Unionism—Frvesl ******* Join Ins iho Colon Loßgnn Abuse or Union Plcn. I special Despatcn Jo Iho Chicago Trihone.l JJi*Bnus, February 16. The bill to prevent and polish the alferaneeor {r.tiJce of iidiuouuUujfuaje calculated to pro voke assaults of mob violence against the State Government. or Its officers, wa? debated at length in the Scr*e to-day. ana p««ea an second read- brbflcriptJons for Borne lime hare born taken for stock far the Fourth Nat Iona! Bank of Nashville* «• bid* ostensibly was to be an organization lor the irt-ntftl ot basilicas, without regard to pollucs A of Directors waa chosen ycßtonlar. Ihe Ucaril mei Ip be qualified, and three of the mem bers refused to qualify because they had teamed ’t rrs tfco li lemlon of the Board to select a UU'On man for cashier. The gentleman ihu* inscribed is a man of acknowledged business capacities and financial ablmtea of long erne nonce as ■ banker of eminent retpectablhiy. j r» BLd “oral wonb. He has long re- Md< d in Tennessee, and taken out lido partln fcMical matters, his onlv thence being that he «a-boin nonliofibe Ohio,and is loyal to his tiotcniOH-'Lt and country. In consequence of this ectu tef the three members the meeting of the up in eome confoslon, and the Fomth National Bank la still without organize- If we are to take Ihe etatcrocuts of the rebel a f^ au, i 10r j- V| 11 does sometimes tell the nun, the freedtnen are bemr ccrollcd In Liree numoers In the Union Leagues. not oul/ In this city, bat ihronebont the state. «^r** npJe o 1 Union member* of tho LegtsUlure. cominirirtim Mnrtnesboro to tblsdtv. adiv or ttto HDCC. wcre Insolted ill the grossest terms by ZSXS e t r ? n V ,S n >°? rd 11,0 Ualn, and cum b? Hsian to the foulest abn»o oftnotitelc and national Governments. IltOJl ST. LOUIS. flp)ioattlnn of St. Lnula Iflercliantv to (lie IfllMtMlppl Bridge mil {Vow Fend- Inc In tiio llllnula Legialaturo. Kt. IsOl’M, Fcbrnsry 15.-Thc followintr resolrt. lions wore ottered on 'Change to-day. which wore to a meding to bo bold 10-morrow, before wlilrhlmuotunt mailers will bo brought, adecu tug; dltecuy the lotercsl of this city and Sum; 1 " I L- u . I i A V 1C V cion ilx. hanee has Irarpcd that a chatter aniborlr.lng the bmidiogof a hr]dec from East «L to »*. Loole. Is now potdlne before the Legislature ofthe stale of ||. lltiols, which charter propoms to grant anurcln. sivu privilege or a monopoly to the corpo alors canted therein for a long eerie* of rear* • and that.those cmtioralors who an* now earnestly walkingtooMaln said cxcluslv.* charlsr. Intend imi i° hnUd a bihlge, Iml m snl ont their charter to llir Itlghe.l bidder; Ibrietorp, Arso/tvif, Thai we mmiustly ami respectfully pretest Beams! the glvlnp of the charier for an V* c l‘v V 1 |,, . 1 \ 1,, 5r V r " bridge from l.SbISfl. lAHilitoSl. l<onls. to any manor set of nun, as we beiiuro It ulll be Injurious to the In* lererls, both of unr o*n city auj of Ka*( HI. Jirtolr'iU turthn, Thai wo ililr.V It rlirbt and nr(i|>ui Him jour honorable lioilr ulionlil trlve an rmyilnnlcraaatnajr lio deMrml hr roniwctablo cltircim for liniittebnl dli'K from Han'M. bom* lo ih *icily, imulmr in all aae'i n.arlrra that (he hi loan thereby chartered nhail bo nc'.nalir com. mchnil Ik p«hhl fii.h »Vhln on«i t«nr from ih" j»«r-«iv of Mich aw. and ahall be comnlaied with* !n five jtaia thereafter. FItOUUICHIUAN. ****** (VmTrnilon of Rond Templar*- <1 liter rwund l>rlrj;ntrn JKlrrtrd. Kir.* lipiioir, February 15.—The mate Convention of yooi* templars, which has ln-i a-ljnau cd at Jacksm, circled (ho followlm* ohlcara for iho en. mint* year: U, T., Rev. John Rns*Hl, of Detroit; g .. 1 •• ■ , i'®"torjlluwanl. of Flint: (5 W.V.T.. «ra P. L Palmer, of Paw Paw; G. W. John I.vai.a. ol Ikllovup; G. \\. T., 0. L. Uaxter. ol fc c mseh. llic follontar were cltctod npminlilxu lo "ii lodcoorNoilli Aioßilca: Urr John Itni.oll. ut Uelralt; John Kren*. ol Belling; Hr. J. A. Aliicitcon, of Uetrult; Itov H. 11. I*lich"r I) o of I.Vuiro, Alicin.lcc—ltor. 11. C. Wri-lit. or lion. 8. W Kuwl«..,rJ«twn"'K?c. r«*i' ( r«'» or ’ ° r Bal ' Cr “ ok • 8 - u U|,rt| “»»i «f i «i ihc noil plico or loldiog ibo Grand l<odge aras lon. td \l ,c lollowlng minor cilice is were also appoint* O. C.. Iter. John S. Goodman, of Hast HsH. i?\i ; ( |J \ V * Vss l ura Allman. of muisla; (}. Helen K. Bi.T'lo* Uaptn Hapids: G. 1.G., Mlr.a Hayes, of Hastings; G. W. o. 0.. Atuaici, of Grand Ilani'is; o. W. A. H.. James 1.. M‘>Dioe. n| Pay City* (j, Mwacucor, D. L. JeLiilugp, of Hochestur. KEW ORLEANS AND 31KMPHIS. The Weather and Bualneaa— Arrivals ana Veparlurca of Sioumm, New OnusAKe, February IL—The weather is elourtv; thermomrtcr TS. UnsibesK Is rctaracd on the landing on aeconnt of the mud along the streets leadin'* thcr« , o Arrivals—Pauline Carroll, from 8L Lonli- Wcstmerehind, Item ClnannsU; General oult man, from Vicksburg. Drpaiimej-Molhe Able, tor SLLonlc David While and Norman, for Lcuisnllc; Goocial Quit man, for Vicksburg. iloiruic, February » -Weather clondy. It has been raining lot t?*o daya. Ihc river ro-e two feel the past twealy-four boars. Drvartures—P.ob Roy, T«onidas Missl«sipni cud Henry Ames for New Orleans. The Dearr nmes had 3,W0 bates cotton. The Leonldss and made a trlii; Virginia, for l.oulsville; Coiun bia end Deer for St. I onls. ,* Memphis, Anna, Wannclta, Mary I.rwln, Rose Ramblaon, Natoma, Bam J Hale FKO3I NEW YORK. The Reported Airlral of Fenjini in ireinnd—lnjarlca from a Falling wall-Dlainond Smuggling— Fenrfni Dtrettlmlon Id Konth Carolina. rSSZj rm *\T‘* nM ’l 13-—The Fenlm Oeneitl Glcascnsajstho tcmcls repotted arrived in In. .ard. were despatched from Sew York: also that sicuhins is ic Ireland, at the hcaa ofSDO officers, all known so have Ml (sere. * . 1 kf, Y“'l a new Imlldlne In Sixty-second i~ *od teroral trorkoen were bad- A mat: was rout'd In the Custom House to-dav or n. A letter which came from Frrope In the nail 'o-day to an Israelite of this c’v. tie* been eelced by the surveyor of ibe oort ao& found to eon atn a package cotiialt«trg *3.000 wonh ot diamonds Report to the Sou'hern Keller commission «av >hat the destitution In South Carolina L< .iptnlf i»g. Two tbomand bushels of com have been sent to the S»,infer District. New Yoek, February IL— The man train over he Eric Road, doe at noon to-dav, strived late ibis evening, having been detained*by the freshet an chcuianj. Flats. FROM CI>*CL\SATI. Tmani llonac Burned-One Woman PcrlOiew In Hie Hames-lixecutluu of a murderer. Ciscisjfan. Febrnary 15.—A tenant hon*e on the corner of Central avenue and ileianttbon ■vtreet, containing a dorm families, was cH *’iojed by fire this morning. One woman was bnriiid to death. lore not ascertained. ........ w .v MV« .ncIMUUCU. Han*on Bumrardner was hanged at Marietta, O, to-day. or the murder of John T. Eubanks in September last. nexlcau Item*. New OnuiaKfL, February 15.—Mexican new* Is received, rio Si»a’, wnlca elaUs that Genera) Us (ilej, with six hundred Imperial!*!*, hold Cam {•scry. There had necn considerable sklimisbtag between the Imperialists ardljherais. iho people are wed of Siaxlmtllan. and are •‘audln* locclhcrto strike the final blow. Seve ral leaders are organising troop*. t atfadlan iTHUlnry and Naval Adair*. Tononro, February 15,—The present stroncth of ibe volunteer forces In Canada Is 63,500 men, , mclodirg t« nty-two troop* of cavalrv and eight '•attorlfft of artillery. The provincial gunboats cow in winter nnartcre arc to be placed to nu im mediate slatoofcfflcleney lor service on the lake*. Stconicr Arrival. , P° r tiakd, Me.. February 13.—Tbs steamer •12. i tf *» frPm WTcrpoolSiU* ult., uatU. Johns, amwd • tats morning, February 15.- T .,0 steamship Jfesto day f rom j Tcr i'°° l * or Portland, pnt la here to- Snlciac h r Juiiipixie from a Window. ■U.i I ™!?.' 13,—Shortly .rur I o’clock igst^lissi Uratlta In L.mtasrllle. l atolly Injured W |»uc Halulp. HcNtspAir, J’a., Kcbtnary 15.- u ih P funeral of I'aplaitiißfien.. till.* moreJap. while tsSKw ahß ’" '«• i-cm.lurxly rti ” ! ... ■ , • , ... j .... f - ....... .. Mxihmu. Great Freshets in the East Towns and Villages Flooded, Bridge* Carried Away and • Buildings Destroyed. , Loss ot Life and Immense Dam' Accounts by Telegraph and Extctt of the Flood In Chicago and tee Hood in Chicago. v/.» C ?. l “ so ,to[rD bss been cipcchlly . c . vein. It timed ail day yeetntdsy, with scesc'ly a ct-ssslinit. ana that only or a at. timO'Se if the clonde were reeling awhile lora r iicwcd etfnrt; that clfmt, when it tras made '"“ 'J J" ll " htagnltadn to compensate folly tor the delay, as ll teas noticeable that It began to rain eiole. tl, alter each little inlenal , “ 0 " n ' 01 «blch tell yesterday ire are Jf 1 ' 1 ? tu,c ' M °»r tain gauge was Inacceaat wl 1° iV' P ,Q bablj noi far short or an inch *? d '. pU ' J t ° v,r Ul “ cll f- The sloppineis of the lo Ule Uqnlfilng ice and snow, tea. doubly inlcnstdcd by tbe.rainlall from the sales nm condition of the streeu In the esntml ponton of the chy teas not ror) bad, all things being coni iljctcd. Hound Ihe bostness tiortions within the faett-o or three years great changes hayebeen wronghh our Slone aidewalts are efoaed so as to throve oil tbe water freely, and the wooden blocs l sufficiently hard, and enrred enough d«p to mm" But^hla 1 Itttle’exem attoQ iff* M the business portion of the sections of land the nonh»e«ttrn HUveei[ee tml avonno M WrKti “ft*, totiasello'tbai S%!ne°.^ nS?!s."™ii lh * en J"T m enl ot wet leet at that? to Mnt??a?ra!r c i po ?‘ on °J ,he community. rh e same isirnc, in a lesser decree, of the 9onihtvf>«t tin portion ot the city, a “tVa°t o 7 ihn extreme section of IhcSomb UI lltfie better than a swamp. Heat mibi- •!» ♦ , i« quartets Is decidedly j scrcm' “ 5 ’•'«» "• thereby C de- Cfe **V l or not, we leave to the hftM»ws J ..j wonhi-bc httyeri to determine? oldera antl* 01 11)9 r > T «’ is much better Hi»t. nljsht late been anticipated. The Bin far a nrSlS^ gtrronttcs, ~ c W 1 U was not sufflch-ully alien* lo can*, ; unyalaim. It |ta\clbd at the rale of perhan* hree or fmir per mmnte, or uarTtj The ice in ihc main channel bad nearly all dl4iin. peated : a lliiJe collection around (ioo j e i.lami l«Jn K all ihat was visible. It was ih e iSJ c,Tec,Q " , Jf fmm the Honih B-Sto f°m< distance ncjom' Van Cmen street?and vv« ! l '.? n r rxc L rd ' n{ l , 7 '“‘PCtUe-l coudiKon far haTfa iiiHe farther. the same observation will annlr in a Icerer decree to the Nnrf. Branch pp/ ’ It would seem .hattheie la bnl Utile danrer of • tresne. in the Chicago Hirer, <*nchashad caused serious damage elsewhere. Tbe bed is ao on a level that it would require e*HSrdhS}» draining from the surrounding countryio caS m daißeroo* torrent. The water Id the rive?«,? rise a foot higher during foliar, especially if th« thaw and rain should cordon*. bat the ice lieim* nearly alt oat of the rim those ms«i ?£ pmlturcd in watching its litre fliirtniitinr. apprehend but Utile danger. Old *‘Lwa’* wfm i'hSm ■Mir rrpo.lcia conseiped jeitcrday. aeJmSd S laucii at the Idea of any serious It-i’irV to ffi voY? iMti , | ,o n« C »iif ß i ,^< i r * ?cr * No damage wa» anllcl retd U 'X’ „pS ,0 Jbc hrldgn, ex fnhrT v ß 'r l t>] * t aUtl I "^ nh !»«rrJ*'«^ h «ss toward (be lahe Aw* did not cam auajr other property more valuable. The »u , tlnn to ,h ,. .talement Is perhsns. lS S?a u brll ?r 0 tl i. Vtn Uu, * j n street, which is. and for some iUib baa bean In a ilmmirmii condlilon. U h bara to say howlluieot anfm* penis mu bo saniclrm lo break It down ciulrelr. tri«pl. n . r if 1 "!* ®. ,fl * # ra «ny of Iho on* tranres lo Hie drains are chom d up by the snow f P^, l ch ■ r «J'«l*cd in so closely ii to me tnn^ n*nce. Ho tar a f«w men have p b ,. o .‘ir. c * , . , l tW 4 or J‘ l ,nvir ‘ on - porllous oftlie city i ,t,r L' rV rom places, btit Hit should he Increased tm-fi'ld. lack ho allnired as an oxca o lor neg frtlVur,^ lt ; ft ** <0 » wu oa*anaduiuonaiappro. c c • ::l,Tparpo,a, w# * fcccntly voted hr the Common t’ouncil. Our drainage sysloni is not half so extmsive as it should hi* covcrlri’ as 11 does but little more than scvciiib of the entire area of (be city, bnu if that sll'iwcn iu opcrsle unubslmcllvely lhl.U ..tHe4 l pn n A. , ,V hC f '° m "‘ C m ° rC tii« luixjtoina, O, T to" aiaeretl rellroid. cm. Scr.ijir in Chicago baa been very slight—rxiraordl. ,fH ”m <l,fl,cn * l lo account for Iho fact that so little wa«hlng a*iyof railroad traces ia rt'iHiiicd. it may lie, am) probibly I«,that very the rlil Cl '“'r? lH f h n* fa , llcn n,ou,ltl Chicago IlitD In v notes embrace all that corjld oc gathered ol tie cordltion of the various lo 11 ho,,r last evunln**: ~ ls e Ntuburgh, Fort Wavno * Chicago Railroad Imc all airlved on time. ex 'iJC.Vu' V x,ac^l',nc scr<?5 cr<? 1,1 ■‘"’flock taitnvrif !J,‘K*n h ono h " lir frJ® trelght train, rbe slomi ha» done no Injury to Ibo road. All Haifa denar: on time, * . V*‘ n " m lhe F h,ca »i 0 ’ Alton & SL ),onls Road °" v ®. * wc: * *l°PP*a .on account 01 the trashing Atra<r of Ibo bridso over the [‘“J, I*'** 1 *'** Hirer Wilmington. Three |J“'V d, * d “f n “• now enured In erecltrg a tom. I»oraiy bridiro over the river. Until this la An* nnlVW*?®*." , ' oull ‘i »»kli.g either the Illinois Ciuttal or Chicago, Ourllogton & Qatncr Railroad trains, will connect at witfi thi«o ulthe Chicago, Alum & si. Louis. Th" oi ncnfanlae CCmtaCM ,UoU * rrlre * ■ nd departs *«<* Chicago, Hock Island ± I arlßc iiailroad Is safe. 1 tie evening express of AJSrt? 1 W n .M I ten W. ‘““Ml' il WM reported that the Rock Kiser bridge, west of Joliet, bad tan moved by the flood, and the track bets eon (bat midge and the bridge over ihc DaPaze was warned away. Ibo passenger train rtno lit Chicago asi evening at alx o'clock, uas two nnura late, place ,be trt, ° bc * u ff detained at Ua starling J he Illinois Central Road is all right. A freight train doc yreterday morning was two hours tie hind on account of the wot track. Passenger train No. 2 twenty rnlunea 1al«: No. 0 thlny mlt ulrc laic. Ihc water In the Kankako* River is Using, a - d tho Ice floating. Thu bridge a bankaweo Is considered cafe against the ice floods. iilcblcan Somhem Railroad la good order. None of the b:ldgrsalong the route injured The evening express due at S:4slast evening did not airtvc until &SS. Michigan Centra] Railroad-Train due at 8:90 last evening, twi nty miuntes late: tram due at 11 o clock.twcnty-flTe minutes late. The r Idea go & Great Eastern Road has suffered some detention of trains. The bridge over the Waoash Wrc-. at Logansporl, was being poshed very hart U day yesterday by the Ice. Trains cn route for Chicago were detained onthesoaib era side of ihc river Last evening the tee hid moved away, ana trains'crossed safely. The ex press train, one at 6:45 last evening, did not arrive until tone o'clock. To-day all tralnawllJ atari on time. The malls on the vaiions rente* hare been re ceived and despatched aa usual, excepting that there have been no matls on the Alton & SL Loot* Road; no evening mail over the Rock Island Road; no mail* were received or sent over the v hlcago & Great Ea*tem Road yesterday. Su leuu mails are now cent tic Uendota. THE FLOOD IS THE WEST. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] KjunuxM, ill., February 13. It has rained hard here all tbtsalternoon. Ice ilj coie^ below town. and for a mile or more above. Bildces ail right. River raised about four iProm the Peoria Transcript.] , ..... . Pxobll, February 11, I** 1 * I #} l »• *»*» « the P. P. ft J. Railroad, when wlihlu throe miles of this city, while crow- Si?,” °Pa lh ? creek. Just escaped a 'rightfnl accident. The bridge looked perfectly secure, but when ttc engine woe In the middle, t« o of the best a suddenly snot onl and the ondge sud denly sunk- The engineer. Mcßride, wit£ mat present® of mind threw 'be throttle valve of his engine »ke open. and notwithstanding the tender mu off the trace, be ancceeded in dragging all ofthe bain except the hind coach tcroaa to* brlcge Bet for bis coolness the whole train would hare been precipitated into the crcak .While they weie at work at the tender th; -lm’. here of some bridge higher sp the stream, cam* floatingj'oan, indicating damage higher no the vtream. The bridges are washed away between Vlrr'n’a ana Cianrtlcnille, ao that there can oe no travel between those places. Twenty ears were ditched on the T. P. r. R., and the damage to the toads all over this sec tion by the floods 1* considerable. (From the Galena Gazette 1 Galena, February 11 The warm weather and min of last night ana to day raised the Gab-ra Hivcr to a high point, caus ing a great do-uuenon of property, At abont elerm o di ck this morning, the foot bridge at the npjwr end of town care way. aud was carried down the #t»eam. A Tittle later, a portion ofthe new railroad bridge was carried a*ay. The steamer Alice Wild broke shorn her moorings and was carried down stream as tar as the spring t ireet bridge. She was stopped by a stick of tim ber on the bridge, against which she struct, breaking in ber slcru-nnJ tearing off the pilot house. Ibe steal er Cbarlk- Rogers, which has been cn the ways for repairs, was *et afloat, by (be height of the water, mil was secured tc season toprenntberlrom dtifiiug against the bridge. Some ten or twelte barges broke bon their moorlcgs but were also secured. On* oi them, however, was sunk by the ice and is a total loss. The breakwaters, extending from the Inm-tsbles of Green aid Spring street bridges were consider ably Injured by large cakas of ice, which were drilled agaicst them brthi rap'd current. The railroad bridge cannot be made passable for revival cays—certainly not till the water anburies A large cable train arrived from Donbith soon after the bildg* went a«ay. Icoctttle '»cre n> icai’.vd and duten across Green street bridge for shipment Cast. Ibe train reuunei to Bnnieith. J Tcwa« ** [From the Dnbnqtic Time#.] BIDVqL'Z, February It. Kea*ly every year |hl* region Is made lo suffer ftom ficrlnU This year tney have cotneunoo us rmiicr ti an n*ua). The heavy lab ol mio-v ol ti'n weeks ago, has bit-n melted hysunaudraiu umli the cncke and livers to tbo mu-run have be come torrent# which hive ruabed over their THE FLOOD. and West. age to Property. WlaU. Vicinity, At liable Ihe wrier la aafd to hsvo forced two pwrages through the (real Sprague dao. ani peoj.le lu the tenemcois on the flat beluwwere moving out on Sunday, while one hundred men nl w-oikrepnlrt’ig tbs dam. ]fthi« Haltlc asm goes, the inmafaciories below wbl j»vr to look out for breakers. Thru hopes far tbo best are mum* on the fact that iholcoLasuo' ■ P Abroken np above the dam. Tno Drjdgu aeroo* Ite Shotnckck jail below the o ini JV w,tJt J * nr ? ,a •‘metorek wm hnlt of It carried away wben the damwonCatH Ibe other half fell at 3.30 p m. on Snrday, tho< nrilli* off access to Englorlllc, but II wa« ascer tained that King's dam. at Eaglevfile. cave wav «h« frcibet undcrmlu-a the mill, the walls of which op one side full rn with .he roof, ami a third pm of the mill at ne** disappeared, with ouch of tbo valuable ma chinery. Ibe dry house and stone rioiv house went at ibe same time, so tbatibelotalloisto the King Woollen Company will, It U thought, reach tsi.ut'O. The mill Is mined by Norwich niro and waa bm Inst being repaired from the ececla of the duaatron* Are there some wceka or . Tll . u * al . an ‘ M Insured agabst Arc tor iw.wjti. bat so Insurance can be obtained against trrshrts. „Aboro King mill, and also on Lllllc River, la Ur. Obtroaar's pajw mill and dam. The la ter save way about ft o'clock Sunday mornlor. and the mill wa*n t Jong la following after It. Two et.pfnca and all the valuable macslnorr oft paper S'Uswa."- ‘'“ o io “ “ The Qnmnubang haa apparently been belter bo hav.d than either of iuslsu-r* tnoagn !t« tribuia r M b-*vc done ihelr *baro of damage. At itanle'- scnvflle, Ihc Whitmore dam at f.mle River was carried away, and on IheUoo'up River, in Pia| Q . flelo. the dam was carried awav, doing much damage to the mills there and sweeping array el* The Thanes haa no mills ou Its banks, and «o Lad lo content iwe'f with flooding the railroads atd rtorcboaccs on its banks, and carrringdown ibe nassr* ol icc, w.od work, Ac. Thefeqaot Machine Comp nv unavoidably farnUhed It ser erai bnndtcd dollars' worth of “flasks,*'which were carrie • nwsy lu a twinkle after the water eA over ll.e connection track. *■ At Montvthe the a’one dam of the Pcanat min on the Oxoboro mer. gave way at satmday, wnen *he flood at once gntted the base ment storv of the mill, which U owned by parties c "3i damaged It from fIO.tKW to 515.K0 worth. ■ It Is Impossible at present to estimate the total looses by this fre»bet. which, as the details come In, incnuc lo number ana amount, bat within a circuit of seven miles from this city. It cannot be 803 Iti m ntmoreo lari night, the Baltic dam ha* gone, flooding port of lbs nl. Jage, it Hill exceed teat snm. , Tie flood or Saturday night and. Sunday was very rev. re la fatmtoa. Mass., and its neighbor hood, a largo part of the town being Inundated. 'lhe fannton Gczette ol Monday evening »the foilontng account: ll»e h.avy rain of Saturday night, combined nub tbc previous scow thaw, has swollen the ••reams Inttbls vicinity to an height greater than na*. i«cen known before lo thirty-five year*. Large tracts of low lying Ikod are flooded to a great ex cnt« and an amber of streets and bridges arc lm pasrsh'e. lhe Old Colony & Newport Bailrood baa suf fered very considerably along almost its enure length from Rst-doloh to Pall River. A bridge Is swept away at Sooth Easton, aed one is reported “PwAl* « Randoloh. The bridge on Three Mi>e Elver is reported gone. and the long bridge at Somerset, against which there baa bean a tre mendons pressure of flood ana ice, damaged In its cmbeckmeritSj which areso badly gullied as to ex for the saperstnictnre. The whole line on the bank of the nrer Is badly gnlUe", aca a din tram with a gang of laborers are busy lunpairing damages. the mills in the dtr which hare a water prm.cge find that thrre is such a coodl non as too much of a good thing. They hsve been obliged to stop work, taefr premises being more or less flood* d. At A. Field Aeons tack manotactory on Spring street, tbe water i* very deep, m someplaceswaLtdecp, and cot dderahje d mage has been done to goads and machmety. The greater portion of the stock of tacks and calls was removed to tbe second story yevtcrday. The toad auo bridge at Spring street ore overflowed. Fmthernp ike stream the sash and blind esc ort of W. L. New comb A Co. is badly flooded. At the brick m 111 tbe pressure of Ice «m the dam been such, that u was feared U would be car* 'ire away, bnt i.y vigorous exertions Hie channel has be«n partly rliared acd the water is pouring cuts'anemendoosrate. fhe lower portion of toe mill is overt! .wed Tt>o tenants of British block hare bad their i.nt-door premises swept with a flood. ZUinoU* At bbepard's Factor* the water Is Terr ice toad as'l bridge, both shore and below. Un enviable. *lherc i* a Ute report that the dam bu btrn carried a way. At WhimstOß and East Tauntonthe floods were high, hot we bear of no extraordinary damage be* joud the stoppage ol the works. At the Wur the basements of all the oraln stores and other buildings on East and West Water streets were flooded. ard eome d»ma« occared lr conseqnesee. The lumber sards of the Messrs. Williams and Arlaony snTeroo considerable loss, bat a sood portion of the lumber will probably be iccotcrtd. Halo street, from lie residence of Tncodorc Dean, Kpij., to tbe station on the Old Colour A Nt wport roadl* Hooded, and from U>e latter place nturty Impassable. Inceil street .Is impassable. Jfcerewas no school in the Grammar School

bniletter to-day, it bcloe Impossible to balld fire*. Ihe Ttbulhr baa the lollowfnz letter from South Ablecton clvtng Information uf consider' able damage In IMyrnoatU County: Tbe freibcl of Hatnnlay nlphl did much dam ans in tiiie vtcluliT. Hoads and bridge ila very mnsyt-lscct ate'entirely wa-hed away. Gicat damaco la done to dams and water privileges. The M'cmdvc tad: and nail works ol Dunbar, Hobart A Whlddcn, In Sonth Ablngion, la so much nnncitnincd by the storm tbit the works cam*ct be pul in opera:lod for several days. Thu rulllt-runll of Unger* 4 Sheldon, in TL»«l rrlilcevau-r. was odlt roved by digging away 'he read, ard Icltn p ih« Croat cuireut of nai-.-r ) *•*> oil. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, bankaand.'n m»cy i action*, fland.-d thelowconu •‘F* ice rain on Tuesday night, whlcT nt hut * respectable shower here, was a failona norm irow iiyersrlile west. and tbe consequences w*re the Use or (be Dabnqae & Slogs wiy Itailrotd yesterday. Low pralrleareseiabljd and branches were torrents of no Incocula* I crsule size. Tnc catfish crcrii baa overflowed n« I banks, and la wandering a bent llockdalo very I Ailing cellar* and almost making a Strrj I *»«®**M7foMbe road. I But perhaps (be greatest damage In Ibis vlclotty fas occam-d at Oyerarillc. The south fork of the uannokeia baa nearly reached the hub water Dark oi twoyears ago, and rttskc* madly when- ; lp .f 8 ®* 8 aealo.'day fofeoooo tb« Ice and water MfHtd away the lone watroo bridre wj*t ?£ and anrpt away tbe ml'l dam rho bridge was about two hundred feat lone, i £!1 o,i •?• heavy one, ai the erection ol a new iinotre win com a large sum of money. The dam wa«re*hullt alter ibo freshet of two years aro. Jhoteplacrcffl: wiiimakea large hol»* In the In co?.ri?r * fl . e • , *WI proprietor i.-v ater the Uatjnokela waa pouring over I* 1° several placm wbou U»e train pas-tod. uaiipUyltcando but Utile damage Ibcretbonts. M vc toffee, on low grounds. At Waterloo and Cedar Falla the Cedar Hirer l , l.Kb* end constantly rising. i*.« . .1“ , Ibo water wa« four feet deep op the o£. ~li i hB l o * - * Hiver, which was breaking np. i«f.rL d S corce J r * , t fl H ,n * rapldlrwllh rushing d.m.V. w,™u "' , °" r * Wisconain* {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.j Ouarw Bat, Win., Fobmaiyia. No tiurlet heie. Bridges alt right. '* t>ptclal Uopatcb to the chlcasjo Triooaa.J Pojfir du lac, Wis., February 15. No frerbei hero to rp. ak ot. r- ~« Indiana- I- ptclal Despatch to thr Chicago Tnbane.l Wadasu, Ud., Fcb.uary 13. N n uanisge done here by the freehclyet. JwouiiApou-, February 15-The feeder dam at Broad Hippie, on White Ktver, was car «.'.n U r °» n "« dn c*day right, and or.r hci.ored prrsona are conseoeeutly ue iwn Cd ««fh Wor * { *». lDe d-n "as broken aoout 'a 011 j s * a '°' !, t.*Tonng bem repaired, wat consdend sate. Ibc gave way flrsL » ,t , Uie rc tn*tnder of the old. lnin?« l .»^^l? 4, 5 ed t “ ,CM th »° «« mouths, snu tbojalt c»stof notle. B than $50,000. rt-i,“r*V w »baw baa caosed tbe creeks to over - ‘ oloe damage has been done by the ° w "ynf Umber and fence*. If the 7 rain pro6,b1 ' I Prom the La&yetie Delon.] rif’ci'm” r * to ' coml^aOw IV'K. i’r ,ra , , ’ 11 l »ood In th« Wau.b. ~„ s;:r >•“iolr. Ibe Ice !>. tbe upper a n ? lunall y “"-v.-t, and nnlMj etaibed “.V 11 '.” "““01b wind, nurendansef r ' rr We notice IbacSie 'be rf S,S,"‘-,?. rids ' «‘"«o»mUaTUlfc Ob.o, bj .■ two tn the Sciota and conaeqaent ' tofISCO? 1 baJfc.lw *l,™° P«k» were swept awsy. Tho *n? niaee wor ? Co7ereil with Icefaniin «W“v *} r ' ° tota *we**packed d.*nti. «r mo8 ’ J * landing on edge, from a i° twen,y £ Mt - A 8 number oi w 2Ge , fl e" water ai d the roads •terc rcjucred nearly Impassable. _ . Ohio. usciKjrATt, February 15.—Tue river Is Hstn^ retc Q inte?v 1 M l i'V lr ‘* V CI C,D11 ““- nJre it afibft «» s * re “Diiwas rising last night five fLt n nJIs Irc , chwi P» hoar, with Ihtrtv u%e teet in the channel. A flood is anticipated. * I “^« r ’^s£s“ls: w “ ,h “ c!o ipyiHSS'® VashinS'i^r^ & ?* 7 ta*t nlrtt tloajr the •r. - . Uallroad h*vf been repaired. fl , e *°*s ra Vloi>vlUe Spencer Connly. Is K« nniier vr.lcr me tfcVhet. 15 K l ift.,i“. ll i ni * r ! ‘ , -- Tbo "«r bss rose ru„ r „, ?,l b i ‘ Iwcrly.foar hoars. sail Is row •«iIS. a . !S . 1 p,, !l ,1 ”" r - A 1 Tonlsort it rose .ucholcel iliirlnf; the Krei.ljt.fonr hoars oodlnc perho’uf n<,B » UlJi Blter noon five laches TFE FLOOD IN THE EAST. Connocticot. 1 he Norn leb (Conn.) DulUtin of Febrnary IJth elves th«* Jollowiug particulars of the fresh.-L and ‘hod mac? caused by U, In variooa parts of Con* nectlrnt: ,ui lv ? r ffonerally more mild thin ennf ß «?K tr^ Ibuisrles ofthe Thame*, bnt alonglts At n ßran fc l!nttm?te«^ oc en ,°«Bl»' Saturday nlrbl. Un? co ,nl ° the tower Story of SKni W n * % *" a dIJ Mv «r*l thousand dol laps worth ol damage. bweaplngonlnllHcourso '•*«■ ■iMcsaO. „,rr Ihs AIS ili mm “mi and In greater volume than for many years The •ffl} ca , 1 ‘ t l 2. F 1 a . nß^‘mly wlllrspay a visit. In Ihs cove the waters are swollen so n« to !ffl?sfrnni h *i. p f 0p ! O,D 0,D lhc tctiumonls at the ?1 S»?« r pigpens and ontbutldinga.many ol Ti.- £fc • Br ? c ?2 ,,,,! rd and lloatea away. 7 TbeHhctuckethas h«*»-n inti i» <*• tt»i>ieu<iis and all along Its course the ire and viu« *L.« r prw V* doT , ~ul,on * a Visit to Eagle* vlllo yesterday sllordcd an upnmiiml'y lo see the JiuVrt ?SJl on i f .’. s^ tf,r, . c:,T JU c ‘be dam alood like solid rock, but the water {lowed close around tin* ** imtows of Campbell. Hall A Co.'a p tpor rnhlaod base dohnsna a twine mill, and has evidently damaged both somewhat tW road ami bridw over the itvor, Ju»t above Ha Junction with tha f.ulrniclsng, arc Hooded, and a large quantity of iZ'.l , 1 "! ' l S. m ' ll ’ r b ” nodliit’Sir” rT.Si r, I . ,ll “r cr o".’< lain, which .011,?“ scmowhal from water flowing Ini" the tower floor rid mo*o from the loss of lumber Ul ° Ilo,ipCT m,n >■ wllmatcd at htmo UlMbticc above the mil) t« thocrnatOe. ‘‘V? £,»!"• UVcr throe hnmlretl feat 10117, on*-baU °l ' . j* or INI loci, * nt awnjlt i|\VnV aboul 4:BU a. m. Honda/, at oure floodin'* thr room* of J.ll. Looverao’a woollen mill Imn'dl aicl/ I'tlow. cleailnc odntock, dlMolnn™dye . d , oln £ damage to the rxtuol of und,n « cr,n «f 'l»c tall brickcbtni. iiey or ire min. Btaasachnsetts. Lli>h Cushing'* dam iu Uiuson, ou which FEBRUARY 16, 1867. «!».l?li e .£. ,#,J # ,,c,0, 3 r ••tinted. wa-emireiy *wsy for a apace of about aevonty-flvu 8 SSS ,‘” JJM cn fbreo as fo csrry awav enllrolr his blnn. buiwV.n l V n i DIJ bou,c « “ud the railroad back na?the'cStiSli* 0 ? Hoatrong nMi«B»£ n i? tDI ot water oed so deep, that the an* riMa'uca ,o rh Ji* a 5 Carrt ® d down Stream for a long f-Vs, .s,* ,r fir w “ criM ’ «*»«i •«* Pteif/s^r 1 in* o ‘heirmam bnlMing. com }' f.. A 1 _ mcrp D if the lower atory, and at ’one vould^e*w , o»iied 1 ' lh ® entire works Vonaemt. ihe llAstun Journal pabllshea tbe followln »cor. respoi.ocDce.i-lnagpaUlculara n UwCrtabot In .skSiF l .".‘sir ;.^^.'sss“fe,"j Isisisi^ss SSS'X?:,!? 0 “PP I’. 1 ’. *.*noi or ““bS£-? r S ea, J a » eeneral conrfß.narlon. The w.r-- itolwa^hlßb I .*®*/ 01,an , houpof tnore.tbrotrtnf dtrlpgUieroaiUlmpacsjble. K and ren * j tu«»« :rail ** WHHeinspn, danghterof B A Wti I iiiligssi saasjw fflK'.fiisffs morning <>'(■?« • . v.° c^oc * i on Saadi? mnl±iSu l^ralir,:^"co*nd«"ll"i!d b! ' prSSr. srts„jj!i sss afegs who d. dares them worm “"?i%SSSf; f everybody’* money I" lfi||Js £Si «hlrb, (or some years, has ho n maklacobclsane* )P‘“"'dhmtr aenu mo rlvei, a lm°c below ite r pnrMti b t r dce ' h3vir£r lu coroers dipped by h«tr'.Ksj nilr oco ’ raided lui ■■ potter 11 H J S cr^«ravoon Sunday raoniln™ On I tbe Berlin, the etrecta ato piled with lee and I r.moam.hle tnoeh 0 f t3c wa y rrom _,; OIJ , ’, i I oiloctpoller Junction. Near the Junction th ;b “l"V ,mm the railroad track to the foot of the cemetery prounde, indndlop t bo rlror'e chaS nel ana Itie carnage way on each eld** ia nlied I ly full with accumulations or Ice. la I a grand sight. At the farm of Georgp C. Shepard I Et*j. about a mile and a half from town, thirty I abeep were drowned. ' lu,a J Pennsylvania. rrmnnica, Ft-brnary is.—the rive- l« till 2m£ - ° r I,J 0,0 p '" TUE STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Trtbone.l & rmNorm.o. 111., Fobrumy ij. ... EQUAtIZATtOir, 11 • r«-.25i9. J,N^’*‘L T l, r ofcll a reaolntlon directing m.»i«J*7 U * ce A t 7 l udiclß 7 »o report a hill re -2lilL n s . A Jl d,tor ,0 revafno and reaasesss the property of all counties in the State from tho As. ' ct , arnß i a* possible the value of each species of taxable property In con,, f l ”i ,n o»«klng the Antlttor o^Jmfictaiy* 081 * ° D * * c,orred to Committee BILL or UXUT2OK TO IIXIKOIB CSamits KAIL- _ , , UOAD, _,?° e JIP« W °.C d ?. rfop V?." o'clock, the consider* atlon of Mr. Mct.ouncJl a bill to require the Illinois I cnlral JCaltroad Company to soil it* kx m roanir-u i>* made a spooch explaining hiv»'-'J U * company had a vial auamUy of valuable land* id (bis wuio. iiomwhichUio biato durlTt-d notazoa. Ilodld in! piopose In Tlolato the rompany’s Charter, but 10 enforce 11. He dirt not fear that If (Uu Semite ibomd paas inis MU I»jo company would gel rid l«r cent of tu grim otrnloifs to Mr. MACK raid thaf Illinois had received iwo mll ona of dollars from thin road alnca it «a« bum In taxoa oiilla earutnes, and would In all probabilities receive a million « year within lh« n«t ren years. The Senator went on ro abowbow fairly ibis eorpnrntlon had acted with the Stale, uo raid U waa utterly Impossible for the HUlotu ••f . t: bo laoida of thW company until (oey w«r« fold. II could not bo done without a rlo’atloi, of (lie company s charter, and If It wore done, It would peril >he 7 per coul tliat Uio road waa now paving to the Mote. «fr rr I )rcMril doubt* aa to whether tho bill ought to pass. Ha would dke to role for It. If there wnano danger nr Jeopardizing the Interests of the Stale. He thought more lime .•benld he bad to consider the matter. Mr. CUSU3CU. wauled more time to consider this Impoitanl question. Ji compelled to vote now no would vote against tho lull. As ho loosed at it now, tt jeopardized the dearest lutereata ol U.o people. Itrcoiumitled to the Judiciary Committee. Ad* .ounied. AfTRItNOOS StRSStOV. Mr, Fort's lerolntllon, nropnring an amend ment to the fonMltuilon of the mate, forever pro mblitiig Uic Legislature iron releario? the ll llnoN Central Kaluos'l from its obligation to pay seven per cent of its earning* into the Slab l 1 rcasury, came np «• the special order at half past wo o'clock. v Mr. POUT look the floor, and nrgod the adop tion or the rwolutlon. lie Mid wa< danger 'hat some future LcgUlatnre, In th harry of om nlbns legislation. might t a*s a law to rclra«e this company from Ila obligation to the that*, lie was, therefore. In'favor of pnltlrg the thing be vond danger by amending the Constitution It woe agned h? common consent to make It an amendment to aeetlon seven ol the Conriita'lon. The resolution was adopted, with but one Qlsventmg voice—Ui. Eastman voting in the negative. ../honew Stale ilnnae Dill then came up on a third reading. Wr. COllllS staled that Robert Boa), one of the Commlsalorera for bulldlc? ihe State House, eonld not serve, lie mo«ed that the name ol John J. S. Wilson, of Quincy, be Inserted lo place of Ural. Adopt, rt. Mr. MoL'ONNKLI. rahed the cneatlon that Ibe appointment of Commissioners by the Irglala tmewas Wr. tOUr said that some of tbo Commission erj wire pat In the bill to gtv j tt strength. Mr. WARD denounced combinations of tbt« A motion to leave the appointment of Oommls eft.nerr to the Governor was Uid on the table yeas, 15; nays, ten. A motion \o strike ont the names of Philip Wadsworth and Wm. □ uambletoo, as Commis sioner*. was lard on the tabic. Mr. FORT moved ro strike ont Ihoas sections ol the hill piovicing for selling lie present State Houre to Mr. FULLER (stored the motion. He thonshc the State House worth half a minion. He would take occasion to say, also, that be was opposed to bnudlng a Slate House now. on accoont of the enormous taxation nndcr which thr people were groaning. Ho farther denounced the appoint ment of Commissioners with reference to tbdr political predilec.fona. He thought they should be apoobned solely with reference to their busi ness qualifications. Mr. FOR! gave hit reasons fbr offering the amendment. He thought It imprudent to sell (be old btate House until a new onels built. Mr. COHRS.dctcnded the bill. Mr. METCALF moved the previous question. Itejectrd, jeae R. nays 19. Mr. WARD made a speech In Ikvorof the amendment and against the bill generally. Mr. EASTMAN advteaied the bill, after which Mes-rs STRAIN and FORT offered amendments tothc bill. Mr. WESCOIT demanded, und the Senate sus tained tbe call for the previous qces'lon. Mr. Fort's uncedment apoolms Julias C. Web ber Secretary of the Beard of Commissioners. Adopted. Mr. Strain's amendment providing for a loan of two millions of dollars to onild the State House aiid the submission of the question to ihe people in ibe year ISCB. was next voted on and rejected. Voss 13. nays 18 Tbe Senate then came to a vote on Mr. Foot's atnet'dment, striking out Ibe section providing tor telling tbe old Sute House to bangamon ‘'curry. Rejected—yeas 11, oats IL The Mil was then ordered engrossed fbr a third •ceding. Yeas 13, nays It Adjourned. HOUSE. BILLS OIUODCCTD. Leave was granted for the Introduction of a cumber of bills, some of them of a private- char* acier. BSPOKTf OV COKVTTTXXS. The standing committees resorted a fresh load for the Omnibus, ot some hundreds oi bills, the only noilcable feature in these reports was >be extreme cannon of the BaLTOad Committee jostnke out from all new railroad, charters tbe rights of trawler and consolidation, of accept ance of farm mortgages. ibe Committee onPubiie Grounds and Build nc* reported in favor of Indefloi'elT postponing ■be Decatur ofier for a new State House. This cOecioally waved op Macon County’s energetic representauve, BUNN, who spoke for tome une cn ibe loins Jce of Springfield Influences, through iLtereslea parties, choking oft’ la this atauner a ocnajtde oiler of a million of dollars from Macon County, merely that Springfield might succeed in msklrg a large steal from toe State, lie moved tolsythe committee's report on the table. Car ried—yeas 42, nays 37. The whole matter was flo*|iy made the <peelal order for Tuesday next. ■i9p. m. _ The bill for the censtltation of a State Board ot Fqualltatlon having been rc.engrossed oy the Ficai<ce CommltUe, it was taken np, read s third lime and passed. 4 Ibe Finance Committee reported bills maklog appropriations tor payment of expenses of Ibe next timers) Assembly ard expenses of the State tiovcrnuunt until the next ses.-lon. Ihe former wt> made tbc special oidor tor to-morrow, tod the latter ordered minted. Ibe same committee reported ftvorably on the Chicago Soldiers’ Home Bill, appropriating sl2,* O 0 p-t annum for us support, aud the bllLwas ordtted to a third rea ling. Ihe Urcxel Hyde l*arkiiill was reported back, and laid on the tabic. All tbe mi of the morning session was taWu up i.y mere routine commutes naftoci*. Au jouiKd. AFTinVooN an^siox. .. . , nwottmoss. | K* # ojlotions retarding the dlicrlmlnaUnz ncllo-i otibeiiiMourl Legislature, as agamst rallroids leading into lllli olr, were adopted. bills passed. Trc following bill* were pat through in the om nlhns fathlon: EgtabUrbltuc a ferry across th.* A.u*iMhip| lliter it Alloa; incoreoralloir lb? isiUoual tlocoto Monument Association; amend-' cbinur ard reesed statutes tUluir the Udv , ol boldlcg court In ineSevemb Judicial Chcullof l ook ar d !-akc Coumlea; emending tlitl act ol tccorpoiatuo of ttio Noilbern Itsliway Cornua ny; n corporailng ibe Chicot Dl«uict Csoiu ».round Association; atdms the Illinois Slat UonktUmnl Society; alula* theCL'cifo Kye an K i“f£ s Vn7£" d •'•“'•■‘■h “«t—i “r tbeerlmlnal laws cf tbe Slate in »o £?,JM° L? c 1 m^a^ • Ac. : Incorporating tbe As Coioeany: re<iam»u's|| lauds co£ a sutc to ® e fi*»n*fl>ffsd‘lor taxation*&c , Si! , ”° 7 oth[ " - , VtT» XZKBAO*. 1.1... omulbi, d«T!ISr™TbJ dirtied by a*voi. Sf or*rto'r sSJrtt 1 ,' I 'S.omlly'S SS’pSt .. c TUX rCRQUHITE DILL. nci in mo “t [ODISS 8 ¥ I |',V!V''“ J ‘.vln.-nlnc ■her. rch.7!)7br , P^?r J M . o.7in .i" "° MO 3ssa."» * M l i O :sip°„?.? ro !il 0 I m KVBjrreo SESSION*. fsllirssss fEv"”ri.?SS' WITUEns. DINSMOOK, 3T\ wU 8 u i R^H CO! i KUi ! G * nd MOOSE DOLAN #t or 11-. fl J favor ' and .Mr. ° r Ihi INDIANA. ISprdal Despatch to the Chicago Triboaa j Iscusapous. Feorusry 15. SENATE. A resolution m .dopicd nttfc- npon on ire or?“»'“• tbc inotluonna necco •Hj of the equalization of bouhttca „;'„!o , J^ S, °^ dnC t a a! *lhonzin(r too appotni u-cocof 'Dice Comm!?Moncr» t * luvoitint* ik« S3S ™vi ■s* Smtra ttblcb pnlilc foods have ocen dUbu--ed l.taTulsmVwK;”," 0 ’ * inthor p..redbui; t , S?. b,Uhi « • HoS. TStigX,, HOU'E. md t,rMomcd ra tabjcranccbd ip E nS?ss n jz sisasKr™ e,mi! ‘ b ™ •& **°°< WISCONSW. UloiMnc. February 15,-The snnn.l rcoort m S;;' I ',"';; 11 »• u ‘« Director. of the Wlrcour la Soil i™ f » memoilnl lo nnthjrlu In hjraarerferallatloiulAsjlQm lor Disabled Sol- A memorial wae presented from the University ™£ c 2!f..5 r * aTI .,? n, 3 oal ®Po»opriatloii to 1U aiip* port, equal to the Imereei on the amount n«ed lor fnrds 60 * 1011 ° f ltabaiWni fi» * nd the care of lu Among the bill* Introduced wa* one to provide * to County Stfpencientlcnts. si. - ? i.. ““eedme the article* of simulation of mn*i M ij^2 kce an, l s ’ l- Hallrosd occmiled moßt of the morning ee.*-Io». An amendment *.•* adopted, limiting the fcsoc of stock to 10.000 111 ?»' CO lino ’ jB llnes ol ™ fld * was rejected— li. the As'einblr. a rcsolalloa was oT'.-prl •*“*’ r o £? ,:p,lt ,V l,on 80 a * lo «do*le from the right of aiictage all persona convicted of briber* nr inr<TOT. nr any .In'amotn crimes. dc«enloo Vi ) * J \U‘ e United States service or Interested la ny bet on any election. i«TO*iV^* Wla * naan, * ra °ri*l to Gongraw wu.i!!'V 0 f, on ;«ruct canal# connecting the Fox. \Tt , u? nf n * H°ck and Mississippi rivers and t»ake Wlchlgap, wcpeconcmrcd In. a ” kansam. Topctca. Kacsas. February J5.-ne>ola(iona ex .l r ?l ? rIiI (j n nr.* C k f th ,° Teto ‘i 1 tho GulomdO Dill, and railing upon benatora aed KenrosentallvM in .11 lit both brsnchc* of the Legislature under a siupenston of tbc rulcs, to-day. XKutayrar llobbcry. ~»omxAKD, Me., Fobrnary IS.—Alfred Pols of Umerlck, was waylsld on Itla way from Fort .and. last night, by a robber, who filed at and b.Vb c J*cd him down, •ml rnka«a Mm *r f joe. lAo nu u were arrested no rurplclon. Fall of Table Hock, •f r«t.u l i? , J* l ’ r . n vi ,r IS.—Tbo romaintn/r potUon of fable Knelt. 111 Niagara Falls, fell on Tiiojilnv !iU (Sc n on , ltI C^ne 0t Mi 80 “ ,ou ' vbu “ tbero wai KOMtf. Hip Interdiction of l»rotr*(atit \rop- Milu-ilow il, e Matter was Coni pro. inlftod. A correspondent at Rome writes as follows inilcr date of January irt ; . «>y tout Cardinal Anlonelll lioa shown nlmtell somewhat mo.e pliant. In an inter view with Mr, OJo Uii&m'll, at the close of •nst week, when printed to uy whether unr services, ns now held, without the walls, would he unmolested hr the Government. he :in»weicd that “they had his sanction.'* Our Swo extramural Sabbaths have pawed olf with perfect quietness, and, according to thu more favorable reply of the Cardinal's, we mav expect that the services, fuorU muri will continue undisturbed. Tbl«, hi itself. Is an Important point gained, it baa never before been conceded. Hint Proto* luut service Has lawful anywhere, except under the wing ol an ambassador. It was connived at, never sanctioned. The cate of ;ho two Scotch chnrchcs was one of pure iufforanco. Sanction was never asked, bo ratue It woa kuoan that P. would be refused, riio reply of Anlonelll seems to establish as a rule fbr the future that unprivileged fcrvlco may ho held beyond the walls, and onlv privileged service within them. The result of the recent conflict must bo looked upon as again. Something has been lidded, ana we at least know our imsltion. I trust ffVr? * .. demanded by our country for liiltlsh subjects, and that the question will uot rest until the right of worship within Che walls be conceded. The small: point gained show* bow the creator may be forced iron, tbo reluctant Secretary of Slate. He had evidently not anticipated so much annoy ance from that alfalr. The Prussian and American Ministers have been at him. Be fore a place had been found outside the walls for the Semen services the Prussian Minister bad courteously signified bis willingness that they should beheld in the chapel of toe Location, and. according to hU custom. i,‘. ‘IV* tt:d l^e ®ume personally to Anto nelll. Hl* appearance on the field was quite unexpected, and staggered the Cardinal societal? In bis course. His Eminence nad hardly recovered from the shock when the United States bore down upon him. General Rufus King sought an interview for a corresponding object. The badgered Secretary began to fear there would be no end to the matter, and thus he was found by Mr. Russell In a more conciliatory mood than upon the first Interview. The American dllficulty was pot over by Anto nellrs suggestion to General King to trans fer the- Legation to the house where the Amciican service was held. This was done. The Stars and Stripes descended Irom the General's residence, and. now adorn the front of Mr. Maepheraon’s photographic establishment. In which house a large saloon serves as the American Church. This, ar rangement, however ludlcrons In this par ticular case, indicates the rale henceforth to be observed, namely, privileged service alone within the walls, unprivileged without. Tie Americans arc very Indignant that they should have been even threatened with, elec tion, and should have been compelled to' re sort to a fiction to protect themselves from ‘t- They threaten a national agitation for reciprocity of religious rights. l Great Bear ffnnt Wltliln Sixteen milps of St, Lotus, f From the SL Loots Democrat, February 13.] p St range as it may seem, but* nevertheless it Is true, that tbe wild bea?ts *of the forest still infest our country. Our friend, Mr. ”cpry Hambright, who resides some sixteen miles from the city, near Crevc Coot Lake, has, during the past winter, lost quite a number of sheep, pigs, chickens, «fcc., and bas been suspecting some of oar people of paling his stock, Jost previous to the last lal! of snow he missed In one night seven line sheep. The snow fell and covered tbe ground, and the text moruing two more •beep were cone. Ho saw the tracks of some animal to tbe snow, bat conld not de-- tcrutlne the name of the animal, and bis suspicions went to CiaUn the theft on a negro who lived a few miles off—the tracks rctemblcd a man’s foot with a stocking drawn over the foot. He forthwith sum moned Judge Phil. Lanbam and George Lanbam, aid the three could not decipher the tracks, bat they all armed themselves with purs and rifles, and with four fine dogs starUd on the trail, and followed It to tbc ‘bon-e-shoe ” of the lake—lnto a deep cave, rhe dogs told there was something in it, uora the manner In which they went in and hacked oat. A Are was bnlll In the month of the care, and with their hats they blew the smoke Id, U was not loop be'ore the •• w,-** ■ party In prised by the appearance or a huge black bear rushing out at them. The does grip pled him, and the banting patty fled In doa ble quick. Old ‘•Bruin” soon took to a bb* blackjack* but not until he bad killed one ot the dogs and severely wounded another. Italan fashion. lUmbright, Phil. Laohaia and Oeorge Lanham got behind trees and crept nearer and nearer, until thev supposed they were close enough lb ‘bring him down,” and. at the word, •hey all three tired at once,- wound ing the bear, but did not bring him down. Ilainbrlght reloaded, and put a ball through linen’s black head, and he fell to the ground 'ikean ox, when Ltnbani rushed on him and 'thisthroat. Thev tnnv cut Ills throat. They took the prize away, and returned a few hours alter to dhr out the the cave, but they were soon driven luck by the crowls of more bt-ars. They then re ported torraoke acain, which brousht lorth ilnce dno cubs, weighing a hundred pounds each. The dogs fought them Tor some time, iud they, too, took to lices, and In this manner were shot and captured bv the party. On examining their nest they round botoii •beep, throe plus, one small dog, a oat, six or eight chicken*, nuts, corn, Oco., lu abm lance. The beai a were •uonqht to the city, and »ur cUlecus prv fvaallug uu bear steak NUMBER 253. ■l*niihtm.d within twco j mllca of the c r lu B iDhomuc town.hip. Whnl city In ’b, country can beat It f ' T m !ao A*tempt m Pinnn > Family. ; £ ro “ Detroit |M'th.) AJeerllterffh. «1 w ! y,,r '""/"Xn’I'TI a .lu.imlt” pcrhOTt^ "^ro«nT.lMw •ohjuaeo »», r„ in tho tramp. ,ui hfX- Tlio°mntl2 «!* l h "t hor ! wl *ad been watered, ino material had undoubtedly been intru. ?o U " d wi" r,ne I H M "»*« Into tue pomp hr eorno perron unknown; y 1 ' V,* 0 . w *Jcr w« pompvil beibro day In.iiVtf 0 " ctft,nent w « not itlicovered u *ul suspicion wc» aroused hr the Mckni-nVof ti.i ifs«“SE=i 001 J° to home bualuea*. JtU no The D °M?l v au^ur *^k*^ r^* ...A? P? 11 contatnlnpthe sediment am) w». i)r WS I ‘ br ,°"? ht *«• tno offlce or lir.Ji. U. Goodwin, of Reading, for examl. twonomra£d'ltre'h“ Pl ' lyl l l ' ? cllcm t'=‘l testa, E l ",™, 1110 bo arsenic, end at once re m, ’S residence of Mr. Brown, and Drown and her mother autrerine o, ..i Jf? eestrlc irritation andiconslltm lii "™a ‘Detorbance. Anlldotes were admin more Were trf ‘ **“k Litter from srnuor Ncanilllk. I,...“ s S*V? bdblishcs the Mlowtneox =cn C n tor “rnit r « c ‘ •» Orct-on from for .MrSaasss SS^eSS^S^ Sf C Poiv ,l f, 11 my “trolly, to me fann S? unly » wlic re i can ’ wutch atu:ll 1 llioie who en«u(*e c tbc struggle to be what I hire been • • tbjt 1 had no lbatt,,erewMno show. Some Republicans commended mr course j n th, fi\ PP m rl °* lh «* ar f * the suppretsfonof the but donouncod me frcelj becau«e I notill^^ Vo^ofi,s P after the rebels ceated to resist. * On the other forp?r^T, Por r CD », Of u the Democ racj could not forrfre me for haTJug the war eniT becense I did not report the rebellion Irr ' n ? e ™ ld . 1 fell to the c round at° !t , oc “’ irlthcr cf which A ever attempted, to elt upon.’ t»i?^!°^t^ S KnY lr;rlaJa ure expcrlmentio^cn the practicability of pawing their trains on«> »h»dlSS£w£ 91 hab!t - ttnd some- ■ ST M A, T OKOTnEttS - Ad-rnl.ta. An-. ?or an Vk. b *,"*?'" ”™ W ” nd\(irti.emeati " ‘ , " 4 **» »»•" •l>e.aa.c.nt ih. L.n«ltd -ind ratiatfna. Hotirc to laapcrsiHafeerß. TO PAPBK-JIAKEKS. Omc* of - “-mBosTATio Paper Coup i*rr > / Febroarj i, ut»j. f Te I’aoer ' , %■ fi * , We aroint DlartntrTa ;r . L . nivachlngl • --in;- Patent tamed lo him; • notify all peraoaa interested, that the v , Mecchiaa l>fr«t ami Positive Infringement of the Patents anil Klgltaof this Company; Tbathla whole proceai la embraced lo the proccaa of til* Company. and oorcrod and piotectrd la direct trnni hy onr Patrol#; and that we abalt preieeate tor Inirlngcmeou alt peraoni who attempt to uac the pßratraiic proMM under grant# liom aatd Mooch. Wo truat ttila wilt he aulScloot ootiOcatluo to all hoo* orable men. and we Rite It elicnlaucatoiatettura aadualrom tciallout and aipcnaivu litigation her* iHh. I** ci. woimuiipp, A.M. lTA«mns, VirelTMldeat. FrrnMem. b. rnTitmas. 1 rrasqrcr. Stgriculturat l?iuDlrmcntß. pUIteT & nnADj.£V, M'NLTArn'KRUS OF PLOWS. •Snlkj- CnlilvulorH, Sulky Hay Rake*, OrnsUlk fuller., Field Rollers,' Harrowi, Scrapers, Wheelbarrows, And oihrr Acrlculiaral Implemsata. rosalant'r oa ban«. Übaral dl». aunu and laducenienM ottered t; prater*. SKND FOII PAUTICDLAIW. Ifoi. 58, C 8 00 * OS North Joffonoa-ot, cmcuio. iij, (ffeidjeation. BIRTHDAY THE F. B. OF CHICAGO " 1.1 calrbrate th" Birthday ot Washington by a PARADE ANO BALL. IwiKSy? 01 tbe 1 ‘ «• A. will parado dor- In ibt evening a ()TI.\ND BALL will be given In t*>a Board p( ira.:n lu<ini«. Soii*b Waler-it. rtppnrr-ds will bo appriM rlaitd to th« purchase cl amisanil tmi. * lf r u .l*'l m . ui !s* trntlrman anil tadl>f. |i.prt h,<l v{ H'jOniies of ifjf< cirelM, ami of Major M or**, corner rf Randolph and Canai-tt*. amusements. OF REMOVAL. lie New York Museum REMOVED TO 90 Rtuululph-st., cor, of Dearborn. OF WONDERS! To be Met only at tbe New York Museum of Anatomy. jbousc .<Furnisjj)ing:, JgVERYTHIF G rornoUSEKEEPERb* USB,(Toma COOS S9ATE3 fILTSS TO A PATENT TOOTHPICK^ —AT— DALTON & CO.’S, jyjONAY TO LOAN. 330,000 TO Z.OAM On rood fcosiDOi»pap?, lj w B. BSTHT. Room 3, Ko. 9S WiaUlosioo it. CIUESES, A RUPTURE: . Curedbytbe HARD HUBBERIRCSs. Scrseon *»r It Is the only philosophical trots (note. Sai«Csctioa cmrahteed te ererr rateor money leCnnded. Cases of thirty years'etasalac ran be shown tint have ben o»*tjear. Pamphlet: tree. I. B. SlhLCl. 126 South Clark-it., Cbio^p.jji. SuHantes, TEAMED- A GOOD CASHIEH’S DESK. n ”° 4i u pARTNER WANTED— WITH. $4,006 CAM?, l£i Bre f? **s ■■ Commlsrtcn otab.Ub) aacd <b» ci» , hearrbnsji-ss. * Addrej s LT, loa ISS7. Chlcagu, d< PARTNER •I tser \. ,el1 !* «*•««« with a ca<heM ■ 10 f*? *k’»i* Interest la a Wholesale Manafaetrirlcc aod Jobbing o*oi* In Chicago, are years established. T.arly sain f aJi a i»od Hcst. Mhienee «*▼«• Addfois Drawer 3QJ3,CI tcago. In. AKTED— A. SITUATION To trarel In •onie wholesale boiloesr. Hare travelled oat trots this city the last ten years. principally in the fftciecy bmlcM, sad haro a sood constry acnaatot* ance. Btr 19. Chicago., ras oar l * iHasontr Woticto. ri(EUR* DE LEON SOVERKION I } CHAPtEU. ROSE CROIX DS B. S. D. U., will CQLTt ne at regular p ace of ccnTo.'Stna This tsATUKUAY)' Breolne, fi«h. Mlh, 1 * At“Ko'c-oek preclie'e, f r WOBKj- BycrJcr cl Hie 3i. W. sad P. M* • ED. OOOIMLL. Qrsed Secretaire. MASONIC.— A Special Convccalioß ol Wa*bie*toa Lh»otw N«. 4», IL A. U.,wUibo hud ht t!«ir hall. No. 82 Weußandolpir»t.,lta3S (FUlDAT)erenlng, r’eb. lb,at7Xo'cloat. Work t a E. A. Decree. JOHN WHITLEY. SwsUtr. Wuting. pHINTING, Book and Job, M Tribune Job Office. FaciliUr* inr dolne Work of Any Oewrlp* His VoKMllrl la Iks ini*. gPECIIL Nona*. N. MAT. ON & CO. <BOK«MOtItoM4.IEOK»BOE3). IVo. 117 Lake-«t. CHICAGO, nx., H.»tairb K . •PCOlLUd to,Wbol.reJ. Atom ftt ttoo WdUn coutr/( lor u> ■ American Watch Company Watches, OP WALTHAM. HASH., D«re la AaM to ihe psbuc that Ibex bare ,t all tlmM a fall cirt’ctov'lete aujrtmrot ©f a bora Wauhcs. «•«! lo OCtiD «•» SILVER CASES of erf rr coacelr. •bla iiyla iad ffslibto be touad«aiui at FAClonv fpicbs. JewtUcrw auf T»*tcL*auker# ot lb* Nortbwm caa new be aarpiicOsT ©rediflj iaao rate© aa at tbs Fae* t©ry, and utc tbi lehi/ aCadla* BsK. . Wenreiheorfraaibarlzrd Arent* h»»ho Wrm far ihe«e ttulr rclebra cd Wntehee* »bt*be«t ot the Atottibi pr»di rtioQ k f. MiWfiX. 1. J. SORTW, ,ff. E. IIIG.'SY, 07, CHBitgo, IIL %ousc ,-ffurntefiinrr. STORE. f3ew Goods. s apcr Hangings, decorations. Window Shades. Bedding and Bed Furnishings. Upholstery. Damask, Laces And Cornices, And everything per- taining to the above. Steam Cured Feath- ers. free from smell. E.C. L. Faxon & Co., House Decoraters And General House Furnishers, 74 & 76 Lake-st., Two doors west of The old stand. <• - t LOni#^ tot w£!S!S r ,S;V. , . l f' 1 " ccl,ri • Kara and Valuable Books, frrr T department of literature MW™ oo '?’- Jurat? Libraries ami offer* tbi>mi"f witfatT.r.rhnrptir«i.n,rca»h. • w * ouer ‘ .iM ‘ > f u '* •un-ar? pob tah*fl fro-a tlmi lo lowoat ctah prlro aunesed, and which will be lorwardnl to any addroM (train,ouappilciUou. A. Xi* LUYHTER, (LalcT. W. Ilrero.) I.ttI’ORTBR «K LONDON IIIIOKH, Ho. 1-38 Fulton-at, Wow York. jlrlntiug. pnnmxu, Book and Job. At Tribune Job Office, Pncllhlra tor dole* Work of Any Droerlp. Hop Cargunlk-i! In Itio City. gScnrral TSToticrp. ARE IREI’AUED TO SHIP WHEAT TO ALL I’OISTH, KAST'AND SOTTTII, Without Transfer at Omearro* nr wi;i«n •wuiici. Mat tn application. * • mii tn mere DaoTßflai, MILWAUKEE TV IS. J^OTICE. CnioaenkAcrowlUnjioADrnapAWT. > diriusTiaiuctrs Umn, Chicago. Feb. u, Info, { Ot account cf iho !o»* of an Important brl.fn. on this line, by through trains will leave CM* ca«o ftir Springfield UU further notice. Tbo Wilmington Accommodation Train wilt ruo on I® regular Umo. nOIVTHVLB, GeotSopX OFFICERS. Qso extra, Too arc to >3OO a month more pay tor daft trsrrcd belwwn M.y Ist, ISM. and U»fch:tf7u6%. \D ply to or aldre«s HOMKK cboK. Room ifc DHdceVs Bclldiny. No. .jQ Dearborn-sl.. Chicago. 7 “ "Vi OTICJS.—An instalment ol fifty cents IT upon a thaw of stock ta th- northwestern Plana Road Co. la called lor. tn be p*id In in tai Treat tr* ° ! Marcil teit * 41 bu So. 33 South By erdrr of tbeDlrectcn. Chlcaio. r.b. I-S 1567. M. LUH- Sec'y. CIDER.—I will send a reape \ } toanyaddreis, for one dollar, t> preserre Cltfer •X.rrtam' tlcr.atanexpetMat ten e-nts o»r barrel. CHARLES LAMAR, ChexDt, Bnx I 7« Clinton. 11L * jpale of pEWsTO RENT. KEW ENGLAND CHDECH. TBS BSCOM9 SAZ*S OP 7SWA In tbe on North OearoorasL. oppoeita WaabjDgtonJWfc, will take place PlaocUr Erraloc. Feb. IS. ISO 7, At 7V o'clock, after which »alt the muold Pews and GuLtry will be BESTED tor th* ccrrrot year. gtotSfjoUicrs iHcetiug. fWICE ILERCHANT&’ SAVINGS, KJ LOAN AND TBUbT CO. _ Cmcico. Feb. 9.19CJ. Tfce-AaanalUeettozot the Stacrholder*of the Mor- Loan *ad Tn»t Comrany.for the ete* Uon Ot Tra»tect, will be held at the office of said Cm- T»anj,laChlra*o.on MONDAY. Marco 4th, between the hoarscfio and is to. L. j. O^GE/CashUr (Cfoinatoare. TIAYILAND. CHURCHMAN & EN .HI. OLAIND, Old Staad. 47 Nets Tori: FRENCH CHINA. ■WesrerecelTtauftoca our factory la Franoerlchly dscoraled a Inner, tea and toilet sets, vases. and a lull sapply of watte Utica. IShuratUmal, XTNIVEKSITY OF NOTKEDAJIE, J NOTBE DAUB. IND.-The neat >Sna 01 this , weH-known ln< tltnCoc will commence ca the FIRST OF FEBBCABT. Slu<*rnta, bowerer, can ctt*r at any darlnr thf rear. Fcr Catalogues and nor** .articular Icforma troa apply in Brr. W. COHDY. U.s.C„ Pras'L Eo Kent 'JO RENT— A. HLAJR GE STOT^E FOB WnOLESALH.TBADE. tS~_ Apply at No. 65 ScatfeWattr-sC jgiatumeri?. Jy STYLES. TZ2QTZQ> QBgwiTf Adding, Parly and Visiting Card», Dearborn si. The moutelfr fSßtCargggrplttagd. Piea4eca*l;Aadseesanyici. s <?ronsiguucnto. JjTTFytELD’S - CtLBBRATtD OAOI9, Ttr oV‘Bt Bratd. EstablKhcl la li?7. Ycrretild. carh4. For isle in any «oanuiy hr • •• I«.F-.IACOnS A CO. rommlision Merfhsnta. 1U | B:nth waters*. iSriuttng pRINTiNG, Book and Jab, At Tribune Job Office. FncMtlcw (or doing tVork of Any llcscrlp* JJKMOVAL— ITh* 1 Th* Ttak Blon el "WM. WRIGHT . from ft CUrk-«i Ukiiiij eltafeiMtai Trunk Store and Factor IM NRI <" —l n Mhnntetpiw, Wbotanle o 4 _ 11Sli*5L — Grew ?s»Sifi?Tr^tf iimm. Bi(L aitcbtli, oa, os rataead mw a? jjgjfjyjl °* w W9unSa«Sc*u SSStpmLm ww, wiiGim Hot* CO— n JJHAUIIJi STATE JJllAUlU; bTATE ‘ T ?i.*:i, 1 "” hmm jSJ to " “*"'”• ««. wllhlj.ek'r? '3,‘if'K5™ u */3"; Boh Cm] 3uu_ ftra " taOn “ 0 “ , 'D!LL^Sfe UraiU '- ——— - - Janet, m. feiiSjl -pRIKTING, = Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Fowttlltc, for dolne WoSkol Air il^®K.®*s=ai “ G eneral femmisslon anJ *»mifAelnr era’ Agencjr” bnsflfcsg; Cede* tbc namaaed jtyie cf JV K. SMITH a" SOB; r)^*i£to m SS, 0f partnership. n'nfe .on p .”tt'‘i“?ite|S^'SS B Ka>d«e to. rKEi£ X VI. no. Toe loi™ cr He ana ,ni ba unu> on a, L N. 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