Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 16, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 16, 1867 Page 3
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THEFABM AHD GAEDEN. Tbo Culture of Spline Wheal—Hrnnt- Winter wlirni Among Com—vomou qram sccd-Uou. fAiuicallmst Correspondence of thcCbtci'n Tri -1 bane.l • - Cnjumiajt, Illinois, February IV ai’BiNO wncir. Spring wheat has become a staple crop in all that part of the Slate north of tbe Tone Haute & Alton Railroad.. In a late visit to. Springfield 1 conversed with a large number of farmer*, and they all spoke highly ot this crop, saying that it was raaUllv gaming In popularity. Tbe secret of this wat thus stated by one of my Informants: ‘•The truth Is, Mr. Rural, we found out that wc ipnsl plow the gromd l-i tbe au tumn, sud sow as soon as tho ground b g i.s to tbsw alter the middle of February; not to wait for tbe frost to come out, but to tow in the mud, barrow in, and let the sub-e --<{ucnt frosts pulverize tbo soil, which mik s .U friable and >«st In the right condition for the growth of the plant. When weuedio plow the land In the spring and s »w tho last <jf March, wc lost a largo share of lbs cr »p liy rust. 1 ’ There U one other reason for early sowing, and that is, that spring wheat is an artificial grain, fn fact, Is winter wheat with new habits. The early sowing gives the wheat an opportunity to sprout, when the fubhcqucni freezing gives It a species of hibernation that in part compensates for the want of the winter frost. If winter wheat is sown just as winter sets 10, so as to begin to sprout. It will suffer little. If any, ftom winter or spring freezing, and will •come foi ward In tbe spring with great vigor. If sown iu February, the result Is precisely the same. Wheat thus grown will have a thicker bran than If sown In September, and the grain will be a trifle harder. Millers and grain buyers. In testing Wheal, bile a grain, and if found hard,' with a thick skin, Is called spring wheat, uud Is the only teat. In the absence of oats in one and cheat in the Other. SMUT. Smut is often found In the spring wbeit, and should always be prevented. Tnis Is done by washing tho wheat in a strong brine ol Mill, sufficiently strong to htur up an egg. The seed 1« drained in a bail- and spread out to partially dry. In this condition U may bo kept lor w-eke, If the weather proves unfavorable for sowing- Ihe salt brine kills the i;*cr::!cs of fcQiui, that would otherwise ?-o taken u|- into the circulation of the plant nud repmdnce its kind. Tho washing J* also valuable In aiding by tho use of a - t.iuimcr to skim oif the o*ts which, being KabUT than the wheat, will be buoyed upby • ae string brine. Ten yeari- aeo, tbe sowing of spring wheat was considered one of the most foolish of no tions, in tbe central pait of the State, but science, which teaches us tho true condition ol tbe plant, lias been too much for igno rance, and hence tbls grain has bccoracapop ailar one. Some day, tbe same great trnth that had its Inception In tbe northern put of the State will reach the basin of Egypt, and spring wheat will then become a favorite crop also. WIXTKtt WIIRVT AMONG COHN, In the central part of the State this crop la considerably grown among corn; that Is, tbc wheat Is 'drilled into the rows of corn with the means of a one-horse double shovel plow. on. the beams of which is a email hopper, with a diiil apparatus that do* the seed just Iwhind the shovel of the implement. The foliage ol the corn prevents a vigorous growtn, and the crop is usually si light one. but the high price of wheat fur the part few years has encouraged this mode, and now It is gaining favor. The shel ter produced by the a‘:»lk« in winter often presents the heaving out by the winter and spring frost, and a fair crop is often the result. No doubt the covering recommended last week will ultimately prove the most profitable. Thus far the present winter the snow cov ering has protected the wheat fro a harm, hut a few days and nights of alternate freez jug and thawing, followed by a few diys of <lryi*»n winds, will dissipate the hopes of the wheal crop. When fu-ms become shorn of their present extravagant dimensions and become sheltered by hedges and belts of timber, we may sec the wheat crop altercate with regularity with clover, corn, oats, and other iarm crops. SOWING GRASS SEED. Grass seed should now be sown on all lands that arc ready for its reception. It is always best to take advantage ol a light fall <>f ftiow, lor. when the seed is thus sown, it cuu be seen now evenly it Is spread. In sow iug by hand, this snow covering is of great value in this respect. Grass seed sown At this season will be covered by the spring rains, and the seutl will be covered to the best depth to secure germination. Wbcu sown ns stated four Quarts of timothy, and if clover is desired the same quantity is to be amount may appear small to mat y farmers, who have been in tbe habit of sowing from a peck to half a bnebel, and often felling to get n stand, but these men forget that grass seed covered an Inch deep with the harrow will seldom vcgcta*e, and when sown late a large percentage will be lost by drouth. Grass seed should not be sown on xiewly plowed land for the above reasons. For the past eight years I have only sown four quarts of timothy seed to the acre, and have in no Instance faded of a fincstanl. Thousands of bushels ot grass nnl clover eced are annually thrown away, s*mply be cause tbo nature and bablt of these forage plants arc not well knowa. Tbc oat crop is of considerable impor tance lo a commercial point of view, attd should have onr full atten tion. We too often sow oats * n pour and bi l ly prepaid soil, and Id them stand too litc in tbc field, and scorch tbe'tn In ttic sin nnd blcurh them in the dew and rain. Titc fid Is wc put in and manage this crop as a sort ol ncciih ol or uakc-weight, to cover a given timubcr« fncrea and to till up the last of oar *>parc lime. Give this crop good luinl aud good care aud we will be better plea-cd with it. Ht'UAL. DOMESTIC DESI’AIU. A mother Attempt* to PoUnn Herself ami llerTwo Children. (From Uie Milwaukee S*cotl jo ', February is.] Milwaukee came near being the scene of n fearful tragedy on Tuesday night, which was, however, providentially aroitcJ. The case wan uu attempt made hy n Mm. hen kcuclmcr to commit itulcldu, and u!m» to de «lroy the lives of two of her children. The circumstances of the affair, ns nearly as we can leant them, arc as follows': For unite time past there has heen trouble between Mm. lA'hkeuchnerand her Imsluud. who keeps the Union Elevator Saloon, on Iho corner of Oregon and Hanover streets. Tlitc * baa been jealousy on Ibe part of the husband, widen was heightened of late by her frequent absence front borne till a late hour of the night. The linsband remonstrated, hut to no purpose." Slattern were, however, brought to a crl-ls by a letter Irom.Mre. Mcytrlo .Mr. Lcbkeuekner, who, with a spirit *of dielnteresledaes.l characteristic of her class thought it her duly to inform him of the “goings’ou*’ of his wife. She related that she had frequently been seen !u the saloon cf a Mr. Casper, In the Thi>d Ward, and had been presented by him with a photograph album containing divers and sundry pictures. She further sta ted that, Instead of being on a visit to some of her ncichbors of evenings, as she repre sented, she invariably wended her way to Casper’s saloon, and spent her lime with him. This Idler reawakened the green-eyed Wbtster in the breast of Lebkeucaner, and ns soon as his wile returned he thrust the loiter before her eyes and demanded an cx } duration, lie openly accused her of Inti Jol ty to Idm, and stormed and fumed most fu riously. Alter searching through Ins wife’s clothing he discovered the album referred to bv Mrs Meter In her letter. Tabs added to Ills Indignation, or It Is reported—with how much truth we know not—that bo adminis tered corporeal punishment to bar. For sever?! days aft*r this occurrence Mrs. 3-ebkcucbner was in a very gloomy frame of mind, "lie often declared that she wa» not t v.r bnt n«' suspicions of her '«cc were entertained. • . . Jiog store and Uihk a «rrCL‘lc which She .'aid AT : Vd: rats wRh. Kererning I home iiiM' a strong .>f ■he drug In I a glass ot wine, and then tilled mot*:*'' glass, and after patting a quantity of the pel?jn I In tbe wine, told her Iwo youngs: daughters, j four and six years of age, to drink it. At* ! older daughter, about fifteen, having seen I her mother put tbe arsenic in the wine, and 1 inspecting born her strange actions that all was not right, took the poison from her sis ters, ana thus perhaps, saved their lives. The mother laydown on her bed to a few mcmcnts, and sent for her husband. She told him that she and two younger children .were going to die, and would no longer be a burden to bun. She bad taken poison. A physician was immediately sent for, who ad ministered a powerful emetic, and took other ancana of counteracting the poison. They dtad their desired effect, for although the woman lay In a critical condition during the night, she was yesterday in a fair way to re cover. Mrs. Lebkeuehner is a woman of about forty years of age, baa been married twenty years or so. arid Ins live children living. £bc stated that she did not want her two lit tle girls to live after sin was dead, as her husband would, perhaps, marrv again, and ttcy would be driven about and abused by a stepmother. She could not bear this thought, tat supposed they would be better •dead Ihao living. Happily her schemes were frustrated, and she will yet live to repent her rash act. On Too Xfefttrucllvc Fire at Ottawa, HI.-Lim 830.000. (From tbc Ottawa Republican, February 14.] Our citvhsd another visitation ot the dc sdrayinir element, fire. At half past eleven I o’clock on Sunday night, the 10th Inst., our citizens were moused from their slumhars l»y the tinging of church bells and the start ling cry of “ fire,” to find tbe cl|y aglow far and near with the light of an enormous fire raging on the south side of >lain street, west of Labile street, which resulted in the entire destruction of eight Building?, being that portion of the row of -wooden buildings between the brick known as the “Mills Block” ou the southwest cor ner of the Court House Square, and the United States Saloon. The lire was first discovered in the rear of the room occupied by Bailey & Brother, grocers, one door west of the hardware store of M. A. & £. £. Dewey, from which it was communi cated to the buildings on the west. Its pro. <jress to thoT-ast was slopped by the brick walls of tbe Mills Block, which bravely withstood the fire. The Undine and Fire Companies were promptly out, Abd did all that human power, corohlnM with their noble engines, mold do to arrest the spread of the (lames. The large rrowd of citizens asst milled, gave Ihelr assistance without stint, to remove the roods fmm the burning stores,-and work the “brake?,”.. bat notwithstanding all efforts to drown the fire It won Impns eihle to do it until a large amount cl property was consumed. The hol'd- Inge destroyed were occupied as fol lp»«; Commtiiclnjc on tlio eul. BtHci & uiotlirr*. erocors; llie mit room formerly occu|.lvd by A. K. McKaln, wns-rncaot; *'*c(fy 6s (»arrity, dry goods tad gro wrlre ; next, boot and shoe store of George Bristol, and harness shop of Couch 6c Berk- I. c v Nclt * ftmiltuie flluro ol Hall 6s Murphy; t.cxl,Max Kneussl’s drug ntore: •■rxt, C. G. linberle's saloon: next nroccry of n. 11. Hinx, the next the bakery of George Leflort. The building drat con sumed was owned by J. B. Hamllle, ami was worth about $3,000, on which be had "an In* torancc nfsl,soo In the LaSalle County Mu •ual. -The next building was owned by IV, P. Hcnciy, oflhe firm ot llenery & Garrlty, who occupied It—worth *I,2DJ, pattly in jured. Tho next wss owned by D. H.'lor* ter, who occupied It. Ills loss about $3.03j, prolably covered by Insurance. The 'b illd- Ing occupied by Bristol and Couch 6s. Berk* lulnicr. * ... The lofs of Hall «fc Murphy, furniture deal eta, U about fS.fiOO, but Is covered by la* buruucc. The merchants generally saved a large pro|*«rlloh ol their Roods—some, of course, in a damaged condition—but as far ; as we cau learn their looses are covered by insurance, except Henery 6s Garrlty, who claim a loss of about $15,000, Including the building owned by Mr. Henery. A Jewish Wrddloc in Hisb Life. iFiom tbe Cincinnati Gazette, February 14.) Tliroc or four months ago. according to tho cuetim of tbo-Jewish people, a betrothal took place between Mr. Jacob Kramer, ju nior member of tbe Him of the house of Block, Lehman «fc Co., and Miss Emma Bloom, eldest daughter of a 1 wealthy dealer in the Southern staple of trade, Mr. Moses Bloom. The ceremonies at the bouse of the anticipated bride partook somewhat of the nature ofa marriage, being conducted by a tubbi of the synagogue, Dr. Lillcntlial, at which all the members of both families and invited guests were present. The festivities of the occasion were ’ re|>cated tbe next evening at the house of the expe:tant bride gioom. Yesterday afternoon being tho time set lor the first ceremonies, at lour o'clock car riages in great numbers begun driving up to the Synagogue on tbe comer of Sixth street and Broadway, conveying Invited guests to the wcrtdl' <. The body of the church was filled with;, congregation of young and old, in rather more gay uttlro than usual in that sanctuary of religion. Tho gallery was also largely filled with all those who chose to attend. At the hour appointed, Ucv. Dr. Lllien llial, in his robes of office, cntcied the door, uud vas followed by the bride uud bride groom, their parents and families, who walk ed up the aisle, and ascended Into the chan cel .ii front of tbe altar. The young lady was dressed lu white, hermodest beauty shielded Item tbe gaze of the Assemblage by a prof use white veil reaching tp her waist. Hero they stood, |tbe gentlemen ol the wedding I arty, as well as ml in the audience, with i heir bats on, in view of tho whole congre gation, the mother next to the bride, tbe bridegroom's mother next to her; and, hh own father beiug deceased, next to the bride groom stood his fliture father-in-law and other male relatives, thus ignoring tho usual tub csmalds and bridegrooms. The ceremo nies began with a cheerful but touching in vocation to the Lord for bis blessing on the affair about to transpire. Then the learned Doctor ndflrcfßcd the pair before him at con .■idcruble length, each in torn, ou the new relations they were about to assume in society, and then asked the usual question if they took each other fur future husband and wife. The an swer being received, the Doctor look a gobht of wine, and ebant- ing some ceremony In Hebrew, presented the wine to Ibe lips of each, then taking the wedding ring from the bridegroom, he placed it on the finger of the bride and re peated the presentation of the wine cup. A divine invocation closed the ceremony, the old Jewish form of breaking a wineglass nr other fragile being dispensed with. Tbc newly made husband kissed his yonng wi/c, and the whole company kissed <&ch other, with great animation and glee. The invited company then, to the number ot over two hundred, proceeded in carriages to the Mciodeon Hall, where a most sump tuous dinner had been prepared for tbc oeca* sum by Mr. Joseph Rice, confectioner, on I'iith street. Every luxury of tbe season abounded, and the greatest sociability pre vailed for two hours, closing with toasts and sentiments congratulatory of the happy Calr. Among the respondents were Dr. ilientba), Major General Whipple, Chief of Major General Thomas’ staff, and a personal frlird of the bridegroom. Judge Cos and otlo-rs. At nine o'clock the company was largely increased, and the festivities took the shape of a social and merry dance, in which ail enjoyed themselves till n late hour. Daring Hobbery tn Wisconsin. [From the Fond da Lac (Wisconsin) Common wealth, February 13 J Early yesterday afternoon 6omo*workmen on tbo railroad,near Oakfleld Station, ob served some men go under a culvert near by, and alter they had left one of the workmen upon going to the spot found a package containing ..receipts and other papers, most of which were dated at Glenbulah, which showed plainly that they had been taken from that place. Besides these papers a small Iron bar was found. Tbe papers were immediately taken to Justice Filby, who, upon an examination of them, issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspected parties, and Constable Wil lard, with two or three men to aid him. start ed in pursuit. They went to Oak centre, where they found three men just sitting down to breakfast at a farm bouse near the railrrad station. The constable told them that he hud a warrant for their arrest, and proceeded to search one of them, who made no tesistanco to the officer. He relieved him of a revolver, and tinted him over to one of his assistants, and proceeded to arrest and March one ol tbc other moo, but he did not submit os quietly os his comj*anlon. He oficrcd resistance to the officer, and slipping oh hat'd into his pocket drew a pistol and find, but tbc Constable, observing tbe movement, knocked Ids hand down, and the ball lodged in the floor. He then, by a desperate effort, released himself from the officer, and the two rnsited nut of the house, and sen** the field, closely punued by 'Willard and one or two oilier*. After ntnnlng away, the thieves, seeing Hint the officer gained upon them, turned uround and fired, which fire was re turned by the constable. Some five or ten Mints were exchanged, one of which wound* ed Willard through the car, and two slight wounds wire lulhctcd on one of the despera does,—one hall marine the wrist, mid the other the thigh. Nolliwllhslanillnir they had two pistols, and tired lively, Willird I ruvclv Mood his ground, and they Mailed again. After they had run u short distance, they were observed to throw two or three little packages on the ground and endeavor to Mump them under t lie snow. They were soon overtaken and captured, uml tLiclr arms taken away, ntidlhcy were taken hack to the station. Search was made over the truck they had pursued, nud between three and four hun dred dollars were found, and in the papers Ihutthcy had Idddvn under the enlvcrt, a ilmft for several hundred dollars was found. The three men were brought into the city yesterday afternoon, and were routined in ‘the County Jail. Absut (he time that these men were brought Into the city Mr. Dillingham, of (ilenlmlah, arrived in town. Ills safe had been broken ojm>d the night before, and about $2,000 In money taken therefrom, be sides a draft lor several hundred dollars, and notes amounting to between £2,500 aud $3,.'*00. Of course he was agreeably sur oised to find the thieves In jail. Mr. 01l- Ingham, as soon as he discovered Ids safe broken, despatched a man to Milwaukee and came on here himself. Rrutnl niinhr In Louisville, Ky. {From IbeLcnUvllle Courier, February 14.] Od Tuesday evening, about six o'clock, a inoi-t unprovoked ami cold-blooded murder was committed in High alley, between Sev enteenth and Eighteenth streets, by a man named Bolts. Tbc circumstances of the af- lair, as developed at tbo Coroner's inquest, held yesterday morning, areas follows: On Tuesday evening, Andy Bolts, who lives In High alley, was Bring in a most reckless manner, a repeating rifle, in tho street, which was filled with women and children. A man, living In the next house, named Patrick O’Neil, remonstrated with him In regard to the reckless disregard ot human life displayed in the tiring of a loaded * capon in the midst of a street fllled with women and children. When Bolts, with a terrible oatb, re . plied, 1 will kill yon, and raised the weapon and fired, the shot taking effect In the body 01 O'Neil, about two inches above the naval, from the effects of which ho died about eleven o'clock the Hime night. The mur derer immediately left the scene, hut In a short time returned. By this time tho affair bad bctiN-rery generally known In the .vicinity, and created great excitement. Search was made for Bolts, who was fitrrt»y discovered concealed in an outhouse. Th n re was ot first a strong desire on the port efthe excited crowd to take the law into their own hands and lynch Bolts upon the spot, but letter counsel finally prevailed, and he was given into the custody of the officers of the law. Bolts was before the Police Court this morning, and the case continued until next Friday. O’Neil Is represented as a worthy, quiet and Inoffensive man. He leaves a wife and two chlldicn. Suicide at Knoxville, lllmoU* iFioathu Ecux Republican, February 6.} On Saturday evening last, a man named. JchiclF. Patrick, boarding at the house of Mi. D. M. Byraro, in this city, committed suicide by taking strychnine. All the family were seated at tbe supper table but the dc ceased, when be was observed to go to the well and take a drink, when. It Is supposed, he took the fatal dose. He came In and eat down to the table, and In five minutes he was seized with convulsions. When able to -p»uk he said “I’m a dead man,” and at other intervals between the convulsions he s*id, “Tell rny friends I’m guilty of no ci line,” and “ Tell mv friends they have kill led me.” lie appeared to wish to say more, but the violence of the convulsions prevent ed him. U was not more that twenty min utes from the lime he took the poison until he was a corpse. Coroner Ma&sic summoned a jury who rendered a verdict la accordance w »th the above facts. But little was known of the decca .ed. lie came to this city about the first ofJonusry, and engaged boarding with Mr.-Bjram, was a carpenter, and bad been working on the Poor Farm building. IJc was very secretive, and gave no one an insight to his previous career. A carpenter working with him one day asked ifhc had a wife, and after some time he said he had. He was about thirty years old, light complex ion, sandy whiskers and medium height. Among his effects were found two Utters, one from Michigan, and the other from Penn sylvania, but they fall to reveal any cau«e for hla rash act. Corner Massic has written to the writer of the latter letter, and hopes soon to hear from his friends. Jttaln Mine ol the M, Irani and PaclQi Railroad. |Fiom the Si. Pan! Pioneer. February 0.1 We leant that the main Hue of the Si. Paul and Pacific Kailrond will’probably ho ex tended the coming'scaeon more than fifty miles west of St, Anthony. About three hundred men are now engaged In chopping wood and clearing a pathway for the iron horse, Ihrrugh the Big Woods. The work on the bridges across the Mi-elssipni between Si. Anthony and Minneapolis is rapidly progressing and there Is Utile doohl of-Ute completion of these structures by the first of May., The bridge across the slrcitn 'between St Anthony a-.d Nlccolet Inland'will oc three hundred fret lon/. The piers arc finished and the superstructure almost ready to be stretched across. There U hocv-sta lion lor tbe track ucn»s Nlccolet Island, of about twelve tcet in depth which Is nearly eoinjlelcd. Tbe bridge across tho mala channel, from Nlccolet Island to Mlnrnv spoils, will bo six hundred and fifteen feet long, with four piers and abutments, each plcj being twenty lira feet above high water msik. upon this peril m- of tho work a large number of men are employed, and 1U completion is rendered certain, within the time allowed the contractors. It is confi dently expected theyoad will be opened for travel to Lake Minnetonka by tbe first of June, and thcnco through the Big Woods during ihj summer. llobhery of $IB«000 Worth of Goods from a Uuiulca Warebonae. [From the New York Worli, February IS.] . Some time between last flalurday night and Monday tnonPng, the extensive United States bonded waicbouse of Messrs. Miller 6s Conger, located at tbe corner ol Waterand Clinton streets, was visited by a gang of bold and expert burglars, who -succeeded In rob. blng tbe place of a large quantity of silk and catlu goods aid Jewellery. It Is supposed that tbe robbery was committed during Sun day night, as a clerk In the employer the firm was lathe store during the afternoon and did not notice anything un usual about the place. The robbery was not discovered until the warehouse was opeued fur business yesterday murniog. From a subsequent examination of the premises it appears that the burglars passed through an open lot connected with liriirg’s coontragc Immediately In the rear of the warehouse. Filed close sgalnst thefence which separates tbe yard trum the warehouse. Is u stuck of barrels some twenty feet high. This tbe burglars clambered over and then dropped down Into the area in the rear of the store, where they worked for hours secure from obicnration or interruption. This posi tion gained, obc of the doors, which Is fastened with but a single bolt, and wos.barat open by the aid of a “jimmy,” hut here toe bnrglars met a temporary check, as several hogsheads of sugar bod been placed close against tbe door, so that they could not enter. A similar door a little further on was then forced open and the burglars, of whom It was snpjKMed there were at least three, cplercd the warehouse. Tbcyascend cd to tbe filth floor, where they burst open twenty cases and sacks of goods, containing silk, satins. Ulcus, i-oplins, cloths, etc., and ransacked them thoroughly. Selecting three rases of elegant goods, being a portion of a consignment to Messrs. A. T. Stewart & Co., tbe ~hurglars erautled some fifteen or twenty bags of rice, strew* ing the contents about the floor. The bags were then filled with the costly goods taken from the cases, a valuable quan llty of jewellery, which the thieve* found in a box beloußing to a brother-in-law of Mr. Miller, which had been left on storage in the establishment. The burglars then divested themselves of their underclothing, and don ntd new clothes, which they found In one of the cases which they had broken open. The burglars, with surprising coolness, then 'rcgolcd themselves with wines, liquors and chars, and must have enjoyed themselves immensely judging from the numerous empty bottles and stumps of cigars found lying about the floor. After carousing to their heart’s content, tbe burglars left the premi ses undetected, taking with them goods nmountl-g in value to between $12,00J and SIS,OGO. LAW INIEUIGENCE. New Suits—Dirorces - Criminal Busi- ness. The law business of yesterday was small. In the'Trent! Court two appeals were brought on petty judgments, and an action of assumpsit was commcuced by Krasins 11. Smith and William VcAlpln against Andrew 11. Granger and Levy lUce. the damages being laid at 51.500. The but etior Court was not in session yester day morning. The common law branch (Hon. J. K. Gary) sat daring ibe afternoon, ana the case of Charles w. Dreed egainst Sherman O. Wheeler, in assumpsit with damages laid at f 12,000. h on tnsl. Thl-1? acasewLkiharisea noon tbe alleged appropriation of wheat margins upon a loss oc curring noon «hat Is charged to be an Independ ent transaction. Tbe new sniia in tbe Superior Court were of: Thomas McKay vs. John M. McDonnell. As sumpsit, on a note, dated at Davcnoort, lows, February 6th, 1853, for 91K.2U, with interest. Horace U. Towns, et *l. vs. P. a. Barrows, IhuryW. Adams and George W. Wood. Assump eit. Damages Wo a> 6500. William Jones vs. Joseph Goodman. Ejectment for lot 11, block 331, School Section Addition. roM-eltus Merceroleand James Sibley vs. Ed ward Tl. Hart. Confession of judgment—slo3.73, Henry J. Clements vs. Benjamin Dil worth. £Ac ticcof accomL. Damages. 61.5U0. Magdalena Relckardt va. Jnlius Relckardt. BUI for divorce. The allegations of the hill are that the parties were married July KJtb, 1651, In the city oi New York, an* that they have lived daring eight years in (his edata. Tbe resalt of the mar riage ose been thr birth of three children. She charges brr husband with extreme and repeated cruelty. She claims that by her earnings she has saved money enough to purchase the bouse No. 453 booth Jeflereon street, in this city, which she asked to be, by Injunction, retained ftce of tbe defendant** control. She also prays to receive the custody of hcrchfidren and a divorce from her spouse. Alary va. William Conley. Bill for divorce. The bill alleges that tbe parties were marrlou Februa ry xg, 1852, and that aha baa bad lame, five chil dren.- She charges her husband with habitual drunkenness and with cruelty. Sue asks a di vorce and tbe care of her children. D. H. Brant & Co. vs. John Qnackenbnsb and A. M. Ncwmsn, nt Kane County. Assumpsit. Homage* laid at <75. Tbe same va. A. Gladden, of Jo Davlcse County. Assumpsit. Damages 950. Tt e same vs. William Kinney, of Winnebago County. Assumpsit. Damages ioU. The same va- A. W«y, of 0.-Ie County. As sumpsit. Damages 9150. Tbe same vs. (J-.onpt Uobinson, of Henry Coun ty. Assumpsit. 950. Tbe same v». Wll’tsm Ulggmson, of Henry Conntv. Assntnp«lt 93)0. It. the County Court the will of Robert Kennl cottwaa admitted to probate, and letters testa mentary were it sued to James HeoflcM, George ir. Woiaer end Homas G. Mcl<onry, ea<hunder abend ol sl,4«ti. Filter KiefCl koff was appointed gnarolan of Gcntge IlcflbbT under a bond of 11,3)0. 11-e criminal business in tbo Recorder's Conit wa«eatollo-is: Isaac Abraham pleaded mtltyof petit larceny. Jatrev Bavin plcaued guilty of larceny. William Calcotl pleaded guilty of forgery. I’ ul Krelsewaa round not guilty under an In dictment for receiving stolen goods, and there (t'gtiixanro of Margate! Stone, charged with the same otxcce, was forfeited. A decree uf dlvoicc was rendered between Awards K. am! William t-lmpnon, 00 tbo ground of tbe cruelly of tbe defendant. Lit Wood,lndicted for keeping a common gam ing rcoro, waa admitted to bail lit the sum of 1500. John Snibb and Patrick Sullivan were found Utility of burglary, and the ptinln'-mcnt of each st*t CM*ed at three year* In »he i’ecltcutUry. 1 Mary, ohat Mint tc Ltwier. was hailed In the mm 01 IDA) liy a. Van Harm, sho being Indicted ■rr kerning 3 lewd house. Done! Cornell pleaded pnlllyof peril larceny. tuorgu Ferguson pleaded puil'.y ot larceny, an* tier ope. Mck Hunter and James Gallagher, indicted fur ke> plug ft earning room, wero balled by I* Roth cerho% cacb In the Him o! 1300. Peter Hi ruin pleaoed not cullly to an indict* mcnl for kocplnc open a tippling bnose on the Sabbath day, and to a second indictment, fur keening a disorderly house. He was balled In each care, with William Wcljiln as surety. Fridcrlck SchicrdeMraa found entity of an as* (■anil with intent to mmder, audhU term of Im* pi Isonniciit fixed at fourteen years. A rol. j>ro». was entered on an Indictment against Charles 0. lllccins, fur an assault to com* iml robbery. He was held, however, on bail, to answer any twiner Indictment. Thcmas Reynolds pleaded guilty on two indict* inerts for larceny, underage. WlllUm Ryan, Indicted with John Scanlon, for conspiracy, was admitted to ball, with L. Roth-* per bee as enrety, in the sum of £3do. An action on the case was commenced in this court by Anna McCarty, in forma jxsuprrl a against John Bair. Tho case is based upon the bastardy bnsinpss so recently exposed in the dailr journals of this city.. A coptai issued on the affidavit that Hair debsnebed Mary McCarty, a child fifteen year* of age, the daughter o> plamtitE Two thou* sand dollais are asked as damages for the loss of ectviccs, and for expenses, &c. A capias Issued. f»ROOn>G AN DNCLR, A Terrible llevengo by a Boy. Michigan avenne was suddenly startled front Us wonted repoeo on Thursday evening by a do mcdlc quarrel of an aonsual character, which oc curred at No. 105, the residence of Mr. James 0. Hamilton. The nephew of that gentleman, Ed uard B. Hamkton, a yoaih of oixteen, has become an heir to local. fame by attempting to kill bis uncle. Tne cvenmetancee of the case are somewhat singular, and might convey a useful lesson to the commu nity in record 10 permitting boys to play with cangcroos weapons. 11 appears that on Thursday morning Mr. Ilao ihon took occasion to reouke his iicpncwatthc hnakfaet table, ana he din ao in terms of severity whtco roused tne anger of the tan. He brooded sulkily over **.-.;<■ tcolding he Lad received, and meant to iK-rovcnged. At noon le went and borrowed a r“jorv«r for the par -1 ore, U is said, of scaring ms node and asserting me right* of mm. lie cad 'been reprimanded rreqnenily bybi* relative, probably because bo dtMittd it, ana he considered himself a deeply wronged Individual. Mr. Hamilton, when he ?aw the pistol tn his nephew's band became ►cmrwbat alarmed, and attempted »o wrest the weapon from him. 1 hi*onlvexasperated theboy -UR more. Be freed himself from hU node's grasp, and stepping back a few paces, be delib erately levelled the pistol at Mr. Hamilton** head snahreo. Tbo unfortunate gentleman fell to tho Poor insensible, and 1’ wastbougnl for a time tbit life was extinct. The ball bad passed into the right cheek, lodging somewhere In the ten dons of the neck. The affair caused tne wildest consternation in the family and aronnd the Imme diate neighbuthood ol the house. The boy stood perfectly aghast on perceiving the effects of his las-bncs*. and dropped the pistol npon the floor. He had apparently polled the trigger In the nor \ona excitement of passion, more by accid nc than design, andhe was naturally horrified at lbs tcnlbledeedhetadcomralUed. . . Information cf the affair nos soon transmitted to tho Centra) Police h tailor, aud yonn" Hamilton vg 9 taken into custody by one ot the ceiectives. Vcfiiexday he was taken belore Commissioner Williams for examination. HU apnoorance indi cated inal he had undergone intense agony of mind daring the nlrht. He seems merit younger than sixteen, and tnl-’M almost be taken lor a boy of twelve or ttictcabont*. On bring asked what prompted him to commit tbc act, be replied that it was be cause bis nnclc was perpetually scolding at him. The examination of tho case was continued till ineodav morning, the prisoner being held In bat! to the amount uttl&X . ... , , UrttfamUton U seriously, but not dangerously, wounded. Tha ball wa* not found yes’erdsy, but (>ts expected that in a few days be will be In a state of recovery. Western JPatcnlo. The following patents were irsned from the Untied States latent Office tor the week ending I'ebiuarj s‘h, t6C7. as reported by O. L. Chapin, Patent solicitor. Cbtcaeo: Fill Hoofing, J. Scanlon. Chicago. HI. Water Indlador for Boilers, A. Guthrie, Chi ca*c ill. forcing MacbinCjJ. Stone, Chicago, 111. Chain Drier, 11. Wright, Chicago. 111. Coffee Boaster. N. T. Whitney. Effingham, m. Dl'chtne Machine, S. Worley, rnseoU, HI. beenring Boxes in Metallic Hubs, J. btaatl. Banket Hill, 111. , , Plow Attachment, H. B. Smith. Eureka, 111. Hemp Brake. C. August, Waterloo, 111. title ls'Cb. 0. Roberts, WTnebester, 111. Plow, M. hiobards, Princeton, 111. , Boot and Shoe Blacking Machine, M. Myers, Dnslnr, 111. Window bash Supporter. B. Britten. Galena, Ilk Grain Drill, P. ScUmidt, Waterloo, 111. Manufacture of Soap, J. Ryan, Waukegan, 111. Apparatus for Handling Hogs in Slaughtering, P. Ils-kip, Rorcoc, 111. Hoy Pipe Machine, G. Goodrich, Joliet, 111- W aler Elevator, F. Gilbert, Elgin, 111. Corn Planter,-A. Bather, Port Byron, lit - Steep Sheailng Apparatus, P. Anderson, Eala mozoo, Mich. Semper, J. Macron. Wavne. Mich. Waiting Machine, M. Pirsot.e, Hillsdale, Mich. Clothes-Pins aud[Cittuu, A. D. linn, Vernon, Mich. Midlcal Compound, A. U. Brown, Litchfield, Mich. • Imnbir flick for Wagons, C. Comstock, Qra^d R*n|«Ji. Mtch. Cloibri* Urjer, J. Elliot. Grand Kapid*. Stick. Fleraßncos. J, Kaos, SL Joseph. Mich ' Grala-DHII, H. 11‘Wbeeler, Oowasiac-Mtcb. G*»e. J. Ulbbird. Prosp-ci l.*k % Mick Bid Bottom. D. Tboiua*, Dowa-Itc, Ulcb (•as t*love. C. Yonnc, Detroit, Ml -h. Chore. J. Kweetlonrt. Pontiac. Mli-A- Bfo|>eller, J. 11. Phillip*, Si. I.a>ii«j[Uo. Unto Fasirnltijr. J Brown-, Gale 1 aldi, J. Klein, Osksloots, lowa, filicand li'ick. R•lawtoy; I’abor, ion’s. Itinera Vroc.C.M Bnni>iß ■, W»<lllusion,lo-ra. C*-ro Planter, F. Weatflsld FonDo.'ffp, tows. Foiim Gale, J Dicks-oa, Vr«*ar, lofl. Crake fur KiProad Cars, C. Peddle, Terra Haute, lad. Cul'lrator Plow. G. Utißrlri, Holloa, Isd. Grain Drill. J. itorie, Liberty. lad. fcaw Mill, W. Yatnan, Conccrsnllo, lad. Q Combined heed Sower and CnlUrstor, J. WhU beet, Kriioeba, Wit. Foot Heat for Horses. J. Tucker, Uomford, Prcotn Head. W. blron-l, O bhoih. WU. i miairv Axle. T. labor, Itncinc, Wis. pinw. W, Cooley, Dinker Hill. wla. Attaching Snouts to tiheet Me-al Vessels. W. Menu, Muwdnkee, Wla. The Stewart Divorce Case, No. 90 West Wasiukuiow bnnsr. » Cuicaoo, Feoraat j 15,15C7. f To the Public With the publication of IbU aMlclc, tbo nofor innate legal coclrorarey to wfclch i have been an nnalltlng parly, will, to Cur as til practical effect ta cot cere* d. bo coded. From Its inception to tbo pxcfi ot time, tbo conical has been to me one of mental lor.u e and aroolxLi* anxiclr, bm nev er on> ol donbl m to ihe ultimate nanlt. Con tclocs ofay onu Innocence, and sustained by aa nap’icilona abiding faith lu that destiny which o’en tiles all ol tbls life. 1 availed loos andpa- Utclly lor ay vUd’catlop, and was notdhap polo cd. Mr corfidtDM aa to the result which vonld attend a fair trial was te.’arded by tbe verdict of lav Jury which acquitted me, noUrtth standing the rvtnurkablo otiona whlca we/o made to btcuieay convlalon. Bat tbls end bis not been attained without sac* rificc. Tic newspaptr pnhlicailoos of the last few d*y* have already made tbo pnolie avvaro of the resell of an application tor a “new trial in the Stewart Divorce case," and of the subsequent ac tion ot ay counsel. Their appearance in tbe case baa boon formally withdrawn, and tbe motives which have actuated Hem have been publicly assigned It Is not for me to question the wisdom ol tbeir action, (or t can hnl at knowledge the potency of the reasons which moved Ibem. Nor can their elccerltv and devotion to my canto during the late trial be for one moment qceeuoncd. To tbeir legal aenmen, fidelity and able conduct of tbe caee.l am more indebted (ban pecnnlaiy considerations can requite, and gladly allett tbe tact. Bnl (heir action must of ucctf Mtv be mine, and for me same fondamen lal te&kona. They Lave elated la open court, that their withdrawal was baaed only upas the ground that tb-ry thought "tut character of tbe defendant bad been fully and fairly vlndicttcd b> tbe verdict of a moai b.ielligeot acd honest Jury; ond because, moreover, a new trial ta* tern granted on a dry point ot law, relating to a fli'gle Instruction, whlca new trial will uccmanlv entail a very heavy expense o»j the defendant, an expense which Lc 1« "holly unable to meet, and tbe payment of which the; do not deem it ihclr dnty to assume.” I -houM do violence to the truth did I for one moment attempt to prevaricate, or to cover up the real t-'aie Of facia. 1 heir assertion* arc true. My funds have been exhausted by tbe piotracted llncation in which 1 havn t»cen encased, and I am tbere'ore without mean* further'd combat (bUmoei uojustand re* leniicto persecution. ] publicly announce my detcmtnatlon to withdraw (rooi Ibe contest, and lo present no tar* Hut barrier in tr.e way of the amt, save la mr an* swer which basbeen a attained and which 1 leave lo stand in full force open tbc record. Cut in so cotoe Imnat crave the indulgence of a generous puoiicin the last statement 1 shall have to make. It e 111 perhaps b“ remembered tbat when the bill in the case was died, and pub licity given it in the press of Chicago, I icdlted a Idler m which 1 beggid for a suspension of pub lic oi ln.oo until tbe matter bad been board In tbo courts. At a later day, when an unfoi Innate tz pore of private tetters seemed lo call for notice from me, 1 icltcrated the same request. In both (hose letters I expressed my entire willingness to abide ibe decision which mlcbt be readored; neve In Ibe darkest hour losing confidence tbat Ithouldbu loily exonerated. In this Arm re* lianc*-1 submitted *ll to ibe arbitrament of that law “whose hi art,” I believe vn«h Hooker. “19 in Ue bosom of God, and whose voice is Che har mony of the world.” .Nm mm 1 led to take the step I hare determined upon by any misgivings or fears as to Ibe resale. I should sppr. ten a renewal of thlsconlcatgirded about with stronger feelings of confidence than before. But Ido not cmro to disguise tie Ctciihst 1 am poor. Arrayed against me is wialtb and th<- Innuence u brings. With this, controlled as it U by an nnrelcntmg enemy, 1 am nnable, sin gle-hander*. to cope. With feelings or the deep est gratitude, 1 acknowledge tbc idndly proSers of pecuniary assistance wlm which X have been met by relatives and friends, on every side, but 1 am unwilling to accept obligations 1 may never be able to repay. Though my own sense of justice will not permit me to avail myself of them, .he record of tne generosity which prompted them can never be raxed from tbe lan'eta of my memory. There have been times wttlun tbc few mouths past wnen all teemed dark and ocsolato, but the devotion of the lew firm Iticnds who with me stood, and with me would bare fall si, has been tbe silver lining of the c.otnl whtca lowered upon me. Now that (bat cloud has oven distilled 1 am free to; ■peak, believing that the public will at b*a*t give me credit for sincerity if they do not'approvo my course. Freni the commencement of thl« anil I have In variably stated that the only object sought to be obtained by me in a defence was the vindication of my cba.acter, and my manhood. Tbat has boro done, ana the verdict of tae jmy I feel con fident has been ratified by uine-ter-th* of the com munity conversant with tbo details of tbe case. 1 bad stated hero'ofore, and now reiterate, that. If the end sought was tbe procuring of a divorce. Sir*. Flswart ebould have It without contest by me, upon A*r assertion that she desired it. Bat tbat such a decree should be entered, based upon the tacit acknowledgment of my guilt of crimes forbidden liv the laws of God and man, was re pugnant to cvetv impulse of my nature, and tne blow, wlale crushing me, would have tailed with terrible force upon those i love, and who trom hiiancyhavelovcdand watched over me. My in nocence bos been established betore a tribunal sanctioned by the laws of my coautry, and recog nized by the tenets of myCnristlacfeUb, and X am Cement. 1 have no other purpose to sab* sene \Vj atevtr of conscientious scruples I may en tertain agaiDßtlhc of the holy bonds which bo.u together a husband ana a wife I freely relinquish, conditioned alone ihal 1 may have my character. My eflf. rta at reconciliation have bean frustrated, and the spark oflmgering hope tn my breast ba> gone out item iconoclastic bauds have rudely broken down tbe images which years ago I set upon Ur altar ot domosUc happiness, and Ibe st altered fragments at my feet still are typical of my soli:ary life and broken hopes That saddest of all consolations “It might have beer,” alone is left me. Tbe new trial In tbe case which has just been granted by the court is based npou a single erroneous Instruction, or, to use the words ot my conniil, l, nnona dry point of law,” invoking In no particular the malts of the case, and which could In no degree, in the case of any number of new trials, afiect the question ot my guilt or Innocence. At the time too course! taw nt lo submit It and the coon to give U to the jury, nothing In the published reports, known to the (bum-el on either aide, or to tbc court, con tradicted lu A decision 01 the supreme Court of Il lnots published since the conclusion of the trial is now said to be lo coolltct This duaeiun hav ing been made to assume something of an export facto c; aracier. has moved tbe court to grant the amllcailonof the c tnp'alnaai*# counsel. With this absence of anything which conid develop lcw phase*, save tv enable me to tav.on more pcuUdlytiud definitely the responsibility of Uto cm* piracy concocieri against me (and which 1 am bettor than over piepaicc to do) tbeia remains no nt'cctsliy tbat 1 snoutd again enter Into a defence already made n*d triumphantly sustained. 1 I bate malilaitifd that It bus been sought 10 make me ttic victim of an unjust and foul con-plmcy. Thos.t efforts could sot be entirely snipped uf their mask and nil the corsplntors conld not be brought before the jury, m i k t» enough that the prosecution tteui lie liiry in vain, ard that the whole matter was eofnllv and patiently heard and considered that it would scarcely be desirable for me to seek any limber opportunity for vindication. \< t one more consideration equally weighty wtib that of Irapecuniof Ity impels me to thecouwo 1 have already announced. Ido not believe l the cause of public morals would be subservrd by a repetition of the trial and tbo renewal of public discussion npon iu details. Tbs lanlt of publicity In the outset was none of iqiqc, md Indeed 1 used all honorable means to prevent it. With the othercharges burled mjain-t me this has not t*een tne least, and dautal Is the only means 1 have of meeting It, ao long as a just sense of right and wrong falls to prompt the really guilty to avow my Innocence. The Interests of society st large, and particularly of the common!* tv in which Mrs. Stowait and myself arc bom real* dents, torblds a renewal ol this controversy; and more than thl* Is 'he consideration of me Hilary which must accrue to the two church associations oi which ire sre members. For. If 1 have none of that ylrtne left which might aid m »«« to the tklef,” I trust the public will believe tbit I have none of that opposite quality wnich would **draca».gcl*down.'' To the many, many friends who nave sympathized with and aided me, 1 can re* turnbnttbe poor rcqnital of thanks. They have aiood with and encouraged me. In the darkest hours, when all scvmcd without hope and ambition dreams of., no fruition, I have | found with them a shelter from the merciless pelting* of the storm which beat upon me. And even now I write with the generous ten der ol maUrlal aid from them, with which to con test thin matter If 1 so elect, to the court oflast re sort. Believe me, lam not insensible of, nor un grateful for, these kindnesses. I should bo “more than devil and less man mat," did I ever In alter years, when the onward ilde of events has swal low* dnp all memory and record of this litiga tion. fail to hold as bright events In a life trtiich had seen much of sorrow.-tho images or these good deeds andth .se who did them, enshrined In my Inmost heart as Us cnolcest treasures. The false tricuda and parasite* who, wrongly advLu •. g in the outset, induced Mrs. Stewart to h*an gnraio this controversy, have m« t their pnntsn rol-nt in defeat. And if pnbllc censure has not already %Wte.l upon them that condemnation which tbeL da tardly conduct so rtchlv deserves, perhaps the scorpion touches of a call'y conscience one nay will. Hut m ihclr downfall the? have dragged with them the w.fe I once to fondly loved. I hive no reproaches to heap upon her in rclnrn lor the coarse she His pntsntd toward me, nnjust as It has been. I leave all ot that to the commnmngs of her own heart. If there be one sentiment more than another from which my heart ts wholly free. It ts that of resent ment or malice toward her. And on that day when the dark and secret heart of man labored be fore the light of judgment and uf justice; when the sirs or onrbncl hut evil days come trooping forth to stand as onr settlors, whatever may he arrayed against the record of my name, that shall notnefouEd in the midst efthem. _ For myself lam yet comparatively yonng.. At one time 1 bad hoped mat my calUug might have been the S'-rvicc of mv Divine Master, That hope hxs becn t^^^ c j Js j. a 3 C? 0 { nfe there will re main the pleasing consolation that o , e o “ 1 T inc of the witnesses on the stand, or upon the published report of ttulr testimony!taken down at the time of the trial from the!, own Ups. Very rcspectfuuy, J UanT )» stswaht. Ga« and noomhloc. To tie Editor oftb. Chlc«r» Tnbaoe: Cac \on inform me if -be «©*t W|vLMu «aa Cotnmiiv *s d ll in existence, or ha it died and ,]rn> or Is it because the last few arc, Hciion of the, died moon °i?l,tb.tlbc street burnt; b,T- b "" „ A'cuod mat,v of votir readers would be glad to lno« bo“ much debt the moon gives as when .■MSS.*.: Ml. but there U .omclhtot- teconi-either to tb, rule or Us application. S” 4 * For-ery ol Vbtu County Band, —rara from nr. Ere. To tie Editor, of lb, Cblaso Tnhrae: In root account of Ibe forcelT of Dnena VUt. SS?b E Vn C »ito to SScb « they do tne e ,», to'. «ta-e tbe .topic net. in this u,n.«c;loa, * ‘L- I* mm ronceincd 1 ciroe to Chicago to ip’iVnrib&sw-w the pitnlthr. » K j t cvef had anything whatever *° c £ °*ul*jS}' Home, and never knew that i to do last Satnrdar, amt tv ch turned of bim nud»aw him In this way. 1 ft«.!?sct£ indefinable rumor that something braul a vflcui «-rotig in connect on with w”jr\Cta Bond., but what I coaid not loam. t* n ur a remark modi to me that the H - tmeb Ur - Cotrr, or thatbe know dej|roMof MCW . B nosMble, 1 went to find IS 1 * 5 rffono find out Whether he knew anything ?JiS\ gj m,uer. I was told by a rentleman on ft® SJS Ihtl Cofer •as In HorneV office. I «l*.M7c .nd tor the fln.l time saw Mr. Home. «V cSerVfa not there, and 1 learned nothing. 7vJ,*\innd*T I went again for the same purple. ColMWSsnol there. My only object Ingoing there was to pro HI ennid nn| get any Uciiop ih® enbjectby talking with Cote. i never saw Horn* •t any o:nrr time; iu*v?r hadauy traa<se >°« *•« him whatever ia trla'ion to boatUoraM.nmg el»e. 1 never had aajUting to da «Ub ww ofibese bonds found m Horne's office op a po*iea>t«'D, n«ra»-y knowledge ot ibvta until mr -arrest. Mr. Cuter wa* In no way connected with .the rale to Ur. Whipple; tmr had be any interest or claim Id or conlrol o» ci the b >orts •bleb I *olu him. Uta not into that Ur. Whipple refused in deliver np the boar* or pay me for them, a< mey weir peld lor on delivery. . . Byslvii.g tins statement a piece la Tooreolomna, yon will do an set ofjustlce, and oblige Yonrs, rrtpecUallj. Wif. I*. L«. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOKETABY. Fntnar Eransa. February 15. A Waihlnstbn tpedal eaye: *‘Jbe Ways ana Means CommtUec bare not yet taken any action oo tbo proposition to p'event btcreiary McCulloch iroiM making an) coaUac tlcn of greenbacks during the prereit year, and H is not at nil probable that anything will be dot.e with it at this reseton." This “masterly Inactivity” of the Ways and Means Committee is nothing teas toau criminal indificreaco, and Is deserving of a aeathmg re* bnke. The currency qnestion b, and ongbt to be, paramount to every other measure that can be.brcngbt before Congress. - The country Is tired of the “fast and loose policy” o.'Mr. Me* Culloch—now contracting and again expanding— atd wauls a settled policy, sneb as will render money plenty and cheap. Increase pr/Jnctlon ct <3 icdnco taxation. The term of the piescni Congiess expires in seventeen days, and as there are onmernns individual axes yet to he ground in ibe lobby and elsewhere, it Is altogether likely thsttbe currency question trill be tossed over* board—to be picked np by the Fortieth Congress. Our dispatches tills morning announce (be passage. In the Senate, of th-t Lban Bill, as amended by Mr. Sherman, providing lhat the amountof certificates outstanding shall not cx* ceed ore bnudird uiilllune. Tfce hill socs to the when*, it Is to be hoped, it will be strangled. Private dcepalchcs received last evening from Springfield announced the passage, in the House, of Eastman's Bill (or the regulation of the ware* homes. Tne action of the House was short and decisive. The bill was adopted without amend* meats. This u a great triumph of the people over the monopolists, and we trust it may prove to be the entering wedge which, sooner or later, wilt-break down ail corporations which affect to despite public opinion or trample upon the rights of the people. Owing to the disagreeable weather over bead aril nndi r loot, business was extremely doll to* i ay. At the bunks there vu no exception. The lone »na condition of the Money market present no new tcaluies. For first class paper the market legtadually working ea-ler, and borrowers with ondoubu-d collaterals find scarcely any difficulty in negotiating loans. The banks still pursue a very conservative policy, and confine thdr favors to best n.mcß exclusively. Second cia*s tig* natures are negotiated lu thi open market at IV(X£ 3 per cent per month. Exchange was scarcely yo c’oac as yesterday, hnt there was no alteration in rates. Hound lots were placed between banks at 23c pre-uinm. The counter rales a:e study, at par buying and I*lo premium celling. Gold was a tnfic lower to*day. The market opened at HSCi£, declined to 18GH, acd closed at 13<H* Tie following quotations were received l y Boj d Bros., gold brokers: lf;30 a. xn 11:45 a. m 13dVi KKtoa.m a»v i&oo m ice*; 11:0) a. m laiJi ShUOp. to 130*4 li:12 u. in<s2s 2:10p. m IJHU ll:£0a. m 18C*i JfcWp.m 130*$ lirreibcxfioikctwaa dnll atIStKZ&iKJi buying —felling at about New York ratio. Sliver was Doialfial at ISjGISS buying—Use upper figure for Isrjre. Flour wae In better request and steady. Wheat was quiet and without any marked chance. Coro opined dull and 1c loner, but rallhd l*ic—cloa* Ingfl-ro. Oats were dull. Rye and Barley quiet and unchanged. Provisions were dull. Seeds In good demand and firm. ftovernnouta wore steady and fiim. The follow* mg shows tbe closing price; of to*dsy compared with the three previous days: 2S S ? 3■a = r .ids?* J w?i Sizes of *Bl. Fiv c -lwcnues,'b2 llflj* loOji |oi« Jo9k Flve-TweuUei*, *W 100 ft 107 U IU7U 1074 Five-lwenUw,’fi3 1074 107»f 107»£ lU7li len-Fortk? 101 101 H 1014 1014 Sfvm-lhlrUe», Ang 105*4 IDS’* 105,\ 105’j Sevi»n*lhim* h, June ...I 54 Bevon-lUrtlee, July... inr.4 Vf*i 105‘i 105« Jfciv Hve-Twer’.iee lU>4 105* 1034 IU4 Here ihe mark;: f* poorly and In order to meet the jSc broker? art obliged to have tbolr larger ordtaw iu Tort. \7e nnolo: 1 oovomiEKT isccnrma—cmcAtw U-ircrr. Buyinc. Selling. .HW4 ,M 0« nri?i ,1(17 107«4 iur>( vnu .106 ®IOS,S •••• >ioi’i ms ,1054 U. R. Sixes, of 1931 U. S. 5-ais, 186 i .... V. 8. S 20*. ISM U. S. 5-20*, 1965... . C. S. 5-20?. small.,'. U. 5. KMOc, iarpo.. U 8. 10-10*. email.. U. S. 7-Soe, in series. U. 8.730 a, id series. U. 8. T-:JOe, 3d sene*. 17. 8. 7-SOe. small .105*2 103£ ,105*4 105 V, .105*4 „ 1U34 .105 ©los?s .... Compouiidis Jnc", isfl! UGH *• July, ]*U UCu •* Ausr., 19T4 USV “ Oct., iwvt niH Dec., IS6I 113 H May, 18TA U2J* Aaff., ISO .UOJ£ SepU,lHi' HO}* Oct.. 1565 109 H The Second National Bank qaolca GoverntnenU aa follows: T-SJ, (small) 105 QIOS«J June comp., Joij “ 44 ..IKU4 Aug. 14 44 ..115*; Oct. 44 4 * ..ill* pec. 44 Coup., ‘BI..IOCHO 5-20 coop., (large)... lOOtf® B-20 coup , (email)....lueji® HMD coup.. (larpc)...,lllSO ... May “ 1305..1i5U 10-10 coop. An*. •* “ ..UOfi (ema>l)....lo3i£tfb ... Sept. “ ** ~nojs Xcwccrt., ® .... Ocu u ** ~l0y»£ 7-0), (larc®).lCßJ4®los«< Local Securities aio qoJel but firm. We quote: Buriat. Selim?. Cblcapo CllyTa. Cook Comity »s Chamber of Commerce Thu Philadelphia Ltdgtr remark? Under favorab'.c bank slab moils, both here and at KcwYotU.we have aa easy money market, and holder* evince a HtUo more confidence In se curities. Money la freely offered at 6 per cent on cood stock collaterals, and la quite abundant at S per cent on Government securities. The banka discount all the really prime business paper offer* imr. Second class paper la done on the street at “GiSncr cent per annum discount. The at. Loots lUinocrat, of yesterday, on* serves: Yesterday morning tre amounted the rumored failure of a prominent commission merchant of this city, bnl withheld the name. To-day wo learn that the minor baa grown Into a well known tact, andean no lunger uceli.Ho to print tbo name of the patty. It la true that Wm. Matthews h\s tail ed, nt.d for a larce amount. Uow large has not been pnciselT ascertained. There are few com mission merchants In our city that have Hood bet ter tbnn Wm. Matthews; and his friends, open leaintncrof bis mtelortune, immediately tendered huu assistance to a largo amount, but be declined to anVarrass any one H issouposed hi* liabili ties amt unt to something over s£o,ooo. Wn*t hi* assets may bo is nut yet known, bat u Is milic cur tain (hey will all bo faithfully applied In the liqui dation of hla debts. — l The Now York Joumalof Comm free says: Foreign exchange U mostly hold at firm rules, leading barken* ask Uitsfi for CO day*’ sterling bill*, and I0M*; lor ebon sight do We qnolc; imis at CO dnva on I.onden. 107s«10‘'S tor cum mcicinlt insitft'OS*) ft> r banker* 1 : do. at short t-ighi, imiUCtii'iiX: Pari* at W days, C.7o©s.if.Vi; dc. aishoitMghi.B iCM<ftS.l4*6; Antwerp, n.Titi OS.IHU bwlm. 5.20®5.1tH; Uamimrg,a>3:itsVt; Amsterdam. 4UM2MIMI Fiankfort. Bremen,7fiJX®7y: Proaslan Ihal- rs. The Boeion AdurtUfr observes: The money marketto-dar show* no special pres sure, bnl the demand Is still aufllclenuy active to ndbro foil employment to the surplus funds of the banks, and to furnish private capitalists with abundant opportunities to make profitable Invest ments. Tt e rates ol Interest are steady, call loans rn?irgat 6 percent on Government collaterals, and all the way np to IS on mixed anil flnctnatinc pledges. The hanks are supplying their cus tomers moderately at C®7 uer cent, while in the onlaidcmniket there Is scarcely any paper that passisatlcssthacTpcr cent. Very fair paper, considered by many as good as the- bret, is freely offered at 7H&* per ceo<. Paper lacking the ne cessary qualifications M negotiated with difficulty and take* tbo tunal wide range, according to ctr enmstanrea. Inashorttimcthe bill concerning tbe rate of Interest which has already passed the Senate, will come before tbe House for action, and it U thought may be adopted, in which case tbe banVs will be lelU ved Xiom maxy of the axmopmg if not bnrdensome restrictions to which they arc sub jected. Tbe bill, it will he recollected, is a step id advance of tbal which recently pa-eed the llonsc, it practically abolishing the nsary laws, und protidicc tbal it shall ht lawful to contract for the payment and receipt of any rale of Interest. When there is no agreement the rale will remain at six per cent. _ —’ibe following is a s’atement of the approxi tna*e earnings of the Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne Railroad Company: *Stt.SS.S3 $351,512 45 171,(5719 170,715.91 8,H77 GO 9,028.14 R. 525.00 7,845.00 7,083.33 7,053.33 9,150.00 1.155.31 From fTetebt. From passenger* From express matter Prom mall matter.... Fiom rest or railway. From susctlianeoo*.. .|5C0,11&33 Total Inoeaec, IW*. COMMERCIAL. Fbidit Evkstko. February IS. The following tables show the receipts tad ship* taents of Prodace danag the pist twenty-foir boars: itacima past tw*stt*toto nouca. 1837. 1368. M* 900 1«,800 4,010 13,533 1,500 10,455 «,4'« 2.000 850 1,150 97,133 2,iiJ 6,230 70,100 30,300 Floor, brl« Com, bu.. Oats, ba . Rye. ba... Cvli'T. ba tirvi>seed,k>s. Broom Com, Tbs. Cared Meat, Tbs.

Pork, b:U larU, fits.* Tallow. Tbs Boiter.lbs ....... Drewrd Hoc*, No I.ito Does, N 0.... CaUlo. No Hides, lbs Ulehwioe*, oris... Wcol.Tbs Lumber m ........... iiurazsn fast t w m i f*rocaHocsa, Flour, WW MJJ Wheat, bo **252 k 3s * Corn, bn Oat*, bo Rye. bn 5S I ** 3l Parley, bn. ~ ** Grass Seed. Tb« Broom Corn, fca *»*B Cured Bests, lbs ■ TTi *\s2 CCa,^ Beef, , £7 * pork, hi 15........... ••«..• ........ 1,153 316 lira, tea.... 85.333 Tallow, 1b5....’ 81,513 4X533 Batter. lb* **t?! **ll2 Dressed Boca, ho *»*ll STB Jive Boca, No W 400 Cattle. No. 1.761 8»t Uieea, It's 71,85* 30^3 Urrbwlne«.btls 506 439 Wool, Tbs S9,lTfi 13,371 Lumber, m... 63Q 131 Btiuclee, 330 10 Salt, brls 697 2C3 | Ibc Provision market was again exceedingly doll, 1 and there was not enough business doing to ca* I tabllah quotations for any description of Product. Ness Pork was rerrdnll. with sales of CO brlsat iis.73. 'Roncd lots could be easily bad at $15.50, • but there were no buyers. Sweet Ptehled Hams -1 told to a moderate extent at 10»i®llc for City, ; audiuijc for Country, loose: acd for City, ! loose. English Nests were doll, wl'h sales o( 108 ! bzs LoncCnt Bams al lie. Lard was held with Imore strength, but bnysra and se'lera were snarl. The oolysalc reported was 100 tea Steam at HJiC, At the dose UHc was bid for favorite brands, *UUcoihc4< were freely ottered at this ftente. <l«nerally eptallay, buyers aci'sclle-s were Sic •P« r t. ’ire nnfarorablo wealhechad a d'bfceslng in* tlueiico on Srcfted Hojt, and the mark*;! wi* qmei at a decline of&QlOc. bales ranged al SMi ©7.06. There was a firmer feeling la Wht»key, and wo nolo sale* of lie hue Banded, at 29c. JltU figure ficely onered for round,lot*, aeltera furnishing ireisoonatton ponds. There was nothing doing in pain, and the market l/nomiital al 42.20 7be nn laihcr more domr la FJ&nr at prenona pnoea, n iih»alci r>f %rxu brla at 8H.33 for White w inters; f 0.4(i&i0.53 for bprlag Extras, and $7.25 ®P.M for Sopci lice*. Wbvat was quiet and without any material change, though at the cloee there wai a stronger feeling. We note sales of 23,000 bn at 43.17 for No. 1 Ifrjnltr; HB3QI.SW for No. 3 Regular, end | for Rejected—closing firm at (he upper figures lor No/3. Cum opened dull and the “hear” interest sue* ce<dtd In lotting a necltaebf Ic, hnt a reaction pnbseqncntly set in and the “bulls” forced the tnaiktiup IHc. About Brt.tCOba changed bands ntEotJ>B!cfcrNo. I, MmjJS'c. for Rejected and Kc cor Ear—closing with buyer* of So. 1 at S*Jie. Oats were doll with soles at 30ttQi3}£c for So. 3-the npcer figuref rreceipts In a favoriiebonse. Rjo was firm bet qniel, with transaclions at Ufcltijc for No. 1 fresh, and flic for do Winter. Barley was quiet with sales at 63®71c for So. 2, acd4sscrOc for Rejected, according to location, bample lots acid lu a small way at CSItQTc. Seeds e ere in good demand and firm, with sales at{7.6oG?,oofor Clover: for Timothy and 42.7C33.T8 lor Flax Seed, t The following telegiama were read on’Change to-day: Nxw York, Febmi»y 15. Floor Inactive and lower al t9.60Qi1.35. Wrest Inactive atd uomlusl at Corn firmer hotnoietal 41.10 in riore. Oats lower al 58c for Old and CCc for New. Fork firmer al 41 (.75. Lard heavy and doll al Hogs scarce andjsteady at rJ.53QU.37K. Gold, 130^. * LATER. Floor heavy. Whrat earter : good No. 3 Spring st 52.55. tom tame at gl.ttflli&l.lO in eO>rc. Old Oats lower at 670&5c. Provisions qaleL LATKIt. Afrcrtho adlonrnmcntof tne regular Board, the leading Grslo markets were inactive and neglect* ed. There was no movement In Provisions. Beef Csttle were active sud firm at the advance noted ycaterday. The ncelpts were 6tl bead, and the entered sales 90C head. They were taken np at M.OO'g'.T.Ofl lor common to prime grades. The maiket closes firm at (3.3J&7.35. Live Hogs were in good request and firm at an sd) aitce of s®lCc on medium grades. The pens were cleared at £C 102,LU0, at which range the market clusca strong. Received to-day, 2,533 head. VcM>el Sales. The schooner Ellen Williams was sold to-day by Messrs. Prlrdiville to Baiker& Boyle, f-ir $30,000. Schooner Y'aukce, Ly S. O. Wintlow, of Detroit, to L. Tyler & Co., of Ashlabnla, for f I'J.OOO. Brig Jlatlner,by E. W. Hudson, of Detroit, to Meters. Msrthnil & Wcffir, for (17,000, New York Produce Movement, Kzvr Voss, luoday, February 13. The export* from this pore oi some of the leading articles of domestic preduer hire been a* follow*: Past Since Sametime _ . , *«i. Jan.l. 1866 Cotton, hale* !!.«< 01.373, 66,192 Fknr. ci a ... s.(«0 33,125 13L»I Cora Slcl. hr) 2,139 14.617 9.731 wheat, do itu*! &9 6n c*ro.i-o auMo 750.322 674,816 ItJ 6,1)0 57.C52 Tl.lM 35,07 Oata. bu 350 49.017 .... Parley, bti 71138 263.315 IWef, tes and brls 1.57# 9.7 S m!-.. S,»JI 10ASI 9.1(6 llac(.n.Ac.,loo»» 6.«J7 3t.W lartl, ITO Bf 4S.C2# 27.051 Lhe-se. 100 Be 4,656 &->«9 19J!.'9 Batter, 3UO B* 77# Thed-llvenreat ibts market of someot the leadlnr articlei of donustl; produce have beer u follow*: Pa-t Mice Same time „ , weer. Jaa.l. ism. CoUCB. bales 25.315 119,?3 129.33 Floor, brie ssjMO 147,550 mSB Corn Meal. &m 7.JCO m. 410 43.00 Wheat, ho 24.795 7UJ3 43575 Corn, bo 31,750 187,710 268.7H0 Jtje, t 0.... i.sTo 4.7 m lUiley, We., bn 11,000 77.910 #t,l3> Oalj. bu........ 19AO 133.U0 07,67* Pcef, tes and brU 730 6.753 Jprk.brt* 7.920 45A35 St’#® lUcoD.Ac, pkes Liro.pkcs «.S3 3L77i I<K3 ireeae.bxs 6.50 ;7.7i« 9.WW Butter, firkins 9.1 a) cc. 510 t?eed» la Pbiiitdelabia—Fcbroery 13. In clover seed there ti ratb-r more doing; 600 bu sold 81 (61069.23. the latter rate for prime, llmotar li scarce; 2CO bn fold at>3,7504(0. Flaisordl* in fotr demand; 900 bu sold at |3oto4XC6perhu—aa advance. I’litladclplila ProrUlon itlnrkrt—Feb. 13. Ifceic Is so materia! chance to notice la price or oo* nano. U'OuleufDew ness porKsoM at*33OH3M9 > brl; prime mean at tWJO. Aid prime at H7.ou. Dr»e*ed hogs are tclllnc at #3io »< iflfl a*. Me-taheer sella in iota at V6.CU220.0n tor Westers, and siiJOO* ilXC9<bi! for city paclcd. Reel bams are he'<l it r J.(vj*iM.oe • til n««<- continues laactlre; anuu rales of plain act fanci carvtaied ham* are may. IVIHc; *ld*a at aud ahouidcn «iuail*ct» 1. Cro‘u lutat* aie mere active; no* pickled ba a* sell at Ust'SHc. and rail abnuideta at from B.V«9!»c V ». In Uni there U nore dotnei salea of harreliaed tierces axe matins at V a, aid kesaatM &15c. THE cniC-.CJO MVE BTOCK. MARUBT. . ' Omc* or rn* Dajlt Tatars*,)" Fbidat tviMKo, February is. ( The ftUowlng table show* the dtllr receipts and shipment) of Lire Stock daring the week np to this evening, as reported hr the Secretary of the Union Stock Yam-Company: Cattle. Dosa. Sheep. Sunday mod Monday J3J 954 ... Tuesday »J 5,i63 Mi Wednesday Ull3 ld»H> . 1.131 Thursday J. 739 3.4 M 109 Filday... .Ml an .. To*aJ, Same tine last wees.’ 9/737 19460 8 The receipt! tolay were by the tallowing roam: Cattle. Hoy*. Btaeep. By nilDOia Central ISS 317 .... Uy BorllntftoniQalccy Koad 141 1,204 144 By retool* & Alton ftoad... 121 179 .... By Northwestern Koao b» 3» C 6 By Rock Road. in 4XI Total Ml US} 2U The Bbtpmenta tc-dar* *ad for the weak op to tnu evening, were: Cattle. Bon. Sheep. Sunday and Monday 6i 8(3 .... Incaday 81 KM .... Wtdntaday.. 18 1,739 356 Thofaday 1.781 798 ynday .1.08 7«l «39 Total 8.403 4,788 Same time Iwt week .3.03 2 833 433 The following were the ahipmeota to-day: Cattle. Bon. Sheep. By Michlean Central H. B IS .... pci lly Vlrhtcan Hcuttcm ILK 836 * 101 176 By lituwirph * Ft. Wayne u. R.. :M !*8 .... By t’htcag'-A Great 197 IWS U7H 9IH «5H Trial '. 1.496 7SI 437 Bales to-day, as entered at the different Scale-homes, were as follows: Cattle. Hog*, sheep. At HTncls Central Scale 137 8 J .... At Burlington boalfl 617 l,«j us At Alt* n wale eo its At Northwestern Scale 67 939 10 Total 006 8.136 LVS BEEF CATTLE— I Trade opesed sharatn tie morning and. notwithstanding th) verr disagreeable character efthe weather, continued lively up to about midday, by which time all, or neatly all. desirable loti had been taken up. Buslne** during the remainder of the day wa«s9tr.cwhal limited, thongh this lub tntisde wai in noway the rcsu.t ol an Indlipomion on the partof burcrf.bat was due entirely to the absence of Stock with which to operate. Shippers were ont la there, and the great hulk of theofferlng* were taken for Buffalo, New York. Cincinnati and Baltimore. There was also a liberal liqulry on picking account, and not a lew ol the arrivals went Into ths hand* of our city packers. Feeder* were not buying to-day. to any considerable extent, nor was the de mand lor butohera* Cattle as active as hm-Dforo. Tbe entered aalee too* up 906 h*ad, which were divided between shippers, packers, feeders, and city butchers, at (4.00*3.00 lor common mixed lota to gm-d (at butcher 1 * Cow* and good stock Steers; (jno ®649 for lair to good droves. ami |44Ui7.00 for prims to choice Bullocks. Prices were fully sustained throughout, and themarcet closes itlffat quotations with only afew ••calls” remaining in the pens nasoid. ctmaa.vr rate**. Estra Berm—Fine, fat, well formM. 4io 6 yean ols Steers, and averaging Bsaod upwards , $7.99*749 iViinc itrerce—Good, wcll-fstled, finely formed bt*ersAveragmg from I,lo} to 1.4u0 at 6-50*6.73 /bir (frttiUn— Pair Steers, in fair Ceah, av eraging 1.100*1400 a*, at if'dturn Oflir—Med'um Steers and good Cows, fit for etty slaughter aud averaging SA.4IJWO ftß. at 440*9.90 Aocm Common Cattle In decent Utah, avfraciocSXUl.OOO m at. In/erUT— Uxht and thin Cows and Steers, rough and coarse, averaging 779*530 fes,at 3,75*4.00 CATTLE BALES TO-DAT. Twenty-five bead prime I llnoli Steers, averaging 1457 ks. off car*, at ft .00. Ihirty-mncnead good packing Bteerr, averaslng ! I.IW k»,iM and watered, at t5.«3. Tldrty-elgbt head sm-'oih Cat shipping Stecri, aver atlns &s,frd and watered, at 86.25. Twentybeaa meaiom Steen, averaging 939 aa, off can. at *4-39. Tltlrry-acven head felr fleaby Steers, averaging L 069 pi,fcd and watered, at 8i.68k. • Nineteen head go.d tualght rhlpnlug Steers, averag- Ipg IJ2SS as. fed a? d watered, at 26.50. One honored boid good smooth shipping Steers, av eraging 1,557 »s, at f64il. fcfxtv-three head medium Steen and tat Cows, aver armc'J.ftd a», ted nna wa'ercd, at $3.60. Twvnty-dfibt btad good smekCatUe, averaging I.UC a*, at f}4o. , Twcntj-Ove bead pood Steen, averaging 1481 as,at bead smooth fkt Steen, off care, aver a*lncl.rm Eighty brad prime Illinois Steen, averaging 1445 as, off cars at8..00. _ Twenty bead good packing Catt.e, averaging 968 as, eff care, at 89-Tf. . Fourteen head rough Steen and Oxen, averaging at, led and watered, at 2340. Thirty head good stock Steer f, averaging 14U as, led and watered, at 89 W. ■ . Forty head mrclura rough Steen, averaging LU* a*, on can, at 23.60. 1 Forty-five head prime State Btesn, averaging 1432 as. on cats, at fUO. . _ ~.. Twetvejiead good packing Blfen,averaging I.MI good tat Cows, averaging 944 as, ofl cars, at (9.(0. , HOGS—The market waafelrly active and firm at as advance ofStJWc cn medium grades. Good U choice droves wereteld stiff at prerioos raus. The offertoCT w ere readUy absorbed at K.10®640 fbr common to lair lots, and (643®7.00 l«r good to choice Bogs. The market cleecs firm at the range of prices given above. HOG e* l -** TO-DAY .105,7*9 7.000 . 58.010 7.000 . 0.063 7,000 1,751 581 . U6S .4.174 . 1,739 1.510 . 7X230 34,-XO . 59 - i . 51.413 **• .«« *••* 6EEEF—Were qulctbat steedjr tad Arm •iprrrtoaa r*l«. There were but' few o*rinK.»ad»heM™re flo»(0 out it I3.TSaJ.B tor Inlexlor to prime fcheep. We note the (bHowms Ifp. T 7 pilrocmtitunSbcer. «• fair 33 iLicaoriot. ClllCAUa DAIIiV MARKET. 4 All iriisj of f?r<7<n reported (n fAI* n»ffrlrfr rf/vrrt ; - o4‘w&m K£vww*t (*C) nonvA •”*« j txirtMtoU rno.T, yrtm»T H. SO. ' Bni!iciiTH-IUn.ioAD Fanotm—The follow* lag umo unß of tie Aa»tem nrt . d i Ritei from Chirac© to— claw. da«. Uy *i * Pooler WaGmdTranh.....l.» O *-3 H? pr.rti»an<»Ur*sdTmk... .. - *••){ Hi Philadelphia. .!« 5 J*g *•“ Hal Insure XM I< H X ‘lS jnmrurßb 6J as sS J 2 CKTeltnrt, « » S M JeUereonvllle, lad... W « 2 G(ucl&4aU.Ublo.." *3 S » »• .PMlllir—Received. 6,o*rtl*i Sensei. 9/11 bra. Ttrere wis more dome to ne F.oaf "market ta-d»* hit SrMt:* i«e»oii i&a ly nachaned. Eoiee ver- at t4* *•» ;TTiim V> i.\ ,uk»—B bm tot umibs .»l Jlkil: tmr*o Kxntaa— too bil« tot tam'd, at ato-tt; tj. 'tlf'J** at sioah; ter orla no at a lO.aj t JM'VU i • •1410.19; lU'brU-neloitci-j* atSlO. 9 : I'D brla not at 81UU); too brl* do at ISAt t *OO keied-)*' fO.tti; t Ktofxp—aon hrla r.ct ra-’ee et*9.»:9nnto ►Pjjn—iro brla i.ol rameo, *1 fAM; 3no hfs do at 1b .£v 6 ? 1,J,,, ‘ , 0aia7.55{5a brla do at |7.'o; Hum.-. —ioobrl»botßaa.*o *t 5 1 :’j ; l.r* Ku»c»—.*o9 brli at »h&Vt'ti j£ ,l,v * T aa at (1.00 p US •*: II EAT—lbcrlvaHSfiCO bo: shtpoe«. B>W b«: Market qmtt out aochmced. ki’cs tve.e: fu bi sliriuc. »y unit.|e. at fJJD; 3(r>3 bo N’>. I it Itli (nrnmrj; bu K«*. a at 9MO nn do at (IJCIJf; l.Ofbhn do nl SI JO (rrsular); t.STO bu UMectal at Ml 4 I,ooobud . at fl.Mj 1/00 bu do at f 1.44- d« Mneitim at «l joj» lor Ho, *. C:«HN—ltoe>ned, 1300) i«; ihJrpaik 4,vn bn. Market opei ed Salt,and devltaea te, lUMTqneiUy r«i< Uedatxlcloacdnru. bal'i uer<<: as,ooe bn .Vo. 1 «t Me t 3.000 bn do at SCWc; 29,000 bu do at Wc; WU bn Urjeetert at Wc; <OO btt do ituos I.»V bidoat with bnjrr* but no ar.irn «tfflwc tor Vo. I. . OATH-B-crtred, 10.4® on: -blppsd. U«bu. Star* kPtdull. hale* wire: l.«k bn No. t [M. A 8.)»UOVo; coo ho at 49c: 4.C00 OD at 39Xc. * . K YR—Urctired, I.COObu; »blppM,S9o bn. Mirket arm but jqUL Bales wrte: 4COSu Vo.I at 9Jii^: l.uoJ bn do iiujc t <uo hu do (winter) at fir. BAH LhY—l’CcclTi-d, l.ta) bu: ablpped. 490 on. Mane di:u. Sal.a aere:4ol hu Vo at». T.) at Hr • 4XO bu at 03c (Urjju'ar); 400 ha Brjectert at We; 402 bo at tSc: (0U tn by tampieatClc; iwoa do at 69c. A l.t!0 il OlVcmlnal atlt.vnt.f. ItKAN—bairn were: lOt-ot allllhO. JlKANH—'aeawere; 60bo at<ll9. Prltaejfavy arnl.eldat«S.Oax4o. BUTTElt—fiiertlTed. 6,063 n«; tMpped. 93» &«. roe ecDerui n arket rrmaini quiet with prices notnl* oaliy nnchinced. We continue to quote; Cliotc^ Dairy II (A 77 e flood Tub jo jau e C<-Rmit>o Ktrkln lit «is c rtlnttlrklo T 2 taJi o uAtliltNt;—With continued laartlTtry. prices cotuoue to recede. Tbestocks are mil. We rorUo nut hit aifollows: Katlotal A. 3 bn, leamleas Hw* f 10.00 I'nlrn A. do .do ta/C lllUiotsA. do ‘do .34.00 Corn Kxcbanee 3S ro S’ar* A, cotum UiUloqa, do 65 00 do .6100 Aicnlrun, do Reaver Mills, do .6100 I*llt>fleidS, oo * .6100 IVnn Mills, do , pm Kltm 1 * 11 *. S° «JJ» bUgo. . . do baeo. linen and cottan » m do . M m Hpnnrtrld tl’oo llunnies nTtifl Puriapi, 4 In. Ko. 1....... sjofta"S.M Emplr-cuy .V.V.V...T^?«S _ IIH EE*»E—The market t» quiet but comparative!? noted ycaterday. We repeat our New York Factory (cenalse) « c Fictorydlllnols) e Hamtaic a\6 c Western t?taU* Sis S Western Iktstrve. ""u 2u e “A'ouns iQuln” c L’OAI.-l« ts> KpodrequHki, and dealers am ?mer aiy dei arducfall rale*. The stock of Sou Coal ate Ne^ml: g sr-TDc»hat reduced, ana price) are ana at qcetatioua. in- fol owing are tte prices carre: It £r.ix— Brookteld *11.03 do omxby u.oo Cleveland— unar Hill n.oo no Mineral Uldge 10.03 do WU ow Bank io oo do Tunnel 10,00 CMpncwa 10.(0 Hcpsbiirg 10.00 Lump Lehtcb IS.OCOIS.W Larkawana, piepared u.oa Scrastut it.oo Ptiuon 14.00 rnir.ou 6.00 a 8.00 do or track 9409 6.M loucMnclieny h.q (!OFP EE—Owlre to the t'.cUsency of the weather the morkrt waa rather quiet, and prices were firm at th» fcUowloy quotations: Java 99 aiO e TUo, common to (Air 3tV<A?9 c lllo.Rood to prime. JJS 4K e Klo. prime to choice a a:swc CUOl'EßAfSo.—Market quiet, and price* role weak. ba:esof 600 Fork Barrels (city male) at (t,j\ del. ElJC3!*—Ucdcr a brisk demand, and vita a scarcity In tc>* market, tbe few ottering were reality taken up at 4?(45Cc for ireah. PICBITS (NO KOTJ4—Trade It picking op a illtlc. and a better ftcun* prevail*. and the general manrct Is firmer. Tbeto was a talr loqUry t>d%r for general a’scrfnenta and prices were ttionnshly aot talucd all raoDd. Uomeatic lined Fulu are ad* TsLClop. Winter Apples are 1b ccod rcqucetatqnrta* Ucn*. Prlcea range aa foUowa: oms FBCm. Apples, V brt Lemons, Messina Orancr*. P box Cranberries, hrl Cranberries, colUratod nsiKii m'm. Firs, drum Flirt, cartoons l>at»B Can Peaches, ft Apples, tew Fcarbea, halves and quarters.. Reaches, pared nine it hern ■«, new « B Itaspberrles, new r B Cherries, puled Elderberries. V D Bakina, ayers. htidtis, Valencia Fardmee, k bores Sardines, Xboxes Almond»,hardßh?llcd 32 a 34 Atmcnda, 10ft ebellrd 53 <4 45 Aimoooe, paper aaeltal w a 51 rctnuU. XvlUcmgtoo, ¥ oa„ 26 B* 4JO uo Brazil Nuts ii u 31 FIIbCXU"". n (6 w French walcnts. new si (4 3i Naples TFalnuM js <4 2t I’ecaua, amall and latee n 0 jj nictory Nuts x*tT M <4 3JO FiM»—Tne-market ' s-d ia«cn N « ten I decline. we note no further change in pner*. nr.rt continue to qooie: •,-Ke.r, - «,7V» 7.00 “ No. 2. tf brl c.»wwr- Tronl.No. 7. W trl 3.W*9.t3 - N'.Lfcbrl 4.3 rt« 4.73 Mackerel, N«v 1. S brl. new IBJ'UIO.TS M No.i.Hbrl 10.WaW.41 “ umlly.* *hrl 9 fO> ».M •» extra act*. * X brl ujoisms.oo •* - *• t»Ht 3.90 a 3.73 - Ko.l.klO,tev 2.394 *.6S « family, kite *.«3 3.53 Cod Cab. Bank. * 100 Ba JMA fI.OT •• George’* liana 8.90 Hake 9.33 nettings, dried. No.l, V box...< &(U S 3 Herrinas. scaled 634 63 LabradorHerrlcfS, F brl 10.9QdU.0a Labrador Berries', H brl 3.504 5.73 Norwegian Herring*. K’s, F brl 18.00 Norwealao Herrin**. M’s F brl 16.6} fJKEASE—Market InscUvs and nominal at tba following quotation* White.. Yellow. .9V£lO e Drown .8 « SUe HlOllWlNß**—Recelrrd, 39 br!9 ; ahlppod.soß LrU. ilirkit stronger wlm more Itqairr for Bonded, sales were: 195 bfi* at Ce. KoUUsg doing In free, sod market doll at SJ.2O. not*?*—An selling at CC&Uc for Eastern, and3s* 6Cc W«t»rn. _ DUELED lion•*—Tlecelred, 1.731; rtlppod, l.’.H, Market quiet and KjUOc lower. halts were: 40aTtragii)c ... »«. at. |l.» S 9 “ 735 a*, at 1M 13 •• 234 as. at 7JO nsalltmdrr soo "JO W averaging.. ..a»,at 7 S 3 29 dividing on WO as, at 7.5M7.73 87 - a»as,at 7^0#7.«0 37 •* WO *B, at Td]V»7.«o 576 *' WO as. at 7.40*7.60 O M 200 as, at. 7Jt:«7.M 13 M 7J**7^o U A V—Bematm quiet, llmuh steady and tjhraUy fit ro to-day, at tbe prices given below: _ wnf>rx«Aijt nttcßa. 4.619 15.151 Tlmothy*rollrdaed heater preatod. Vlmolhjr looae prrnod iTnirlc, heater preMtd EJCTAIL FIICM. lAtdlb rftlLH9« Timothy, rolled and beater proved .SI6.OCUtIT.OO Timothy, loese prtssen t(UV)jtI9.OQ prairie. r« tier ami ? enter pmse i 1I.(W*1V0' 1 riftlnc. loot* on wagon. delivered p.iOnifMO lllUE^—Ueolvtd. TU9O »•>. •bipDtd. 71A53 a*. Ihrro 1* no change to note In this branch ol traie. In aty pjumdlUl Particular. Thera la a steady f«lr de mand on shipping account, ao that the atocka «ro not srrrmuUting. TVo quote prices Arm at the following range: Greet Butcher*’ H ® P^c Grain Bailee, trimmed 10X(*tl o Green Calf. .13 Mt 9 c Rip Grave, salted II Ml) C Dry Flinu trimmed 17 (ialb^c Dry halted, trimmed Uli^nXc Urrea balled, nattenreo 9ki«lo c IKON AM) ?*TK»*U—ThedCTand«mtlnne*lifhl ardprt'w are without eaten'.lal change. Wo repeat uuotntlota: Common BX® &V'c Here* Shoe Iron r> ** 7j(c Heavy Hand 6 (4 B*c Hoop and Llatt Hand fiVttll c . Hound aim Square 9*ae 1 Oval AVI 6ife Haiti vtl and Half Bound 9X<.» 6fcc Hievt Iror, common Vi-* .... Extra Brand* T** .... Mieellroß.galvanlrad, 57x21 19 ut .... Sheet lion. galvanlm*. 29*26 .70 c-, .... «hett Iror,charcoal. 'Jb OX'-* .... filled Iron.JuiUla. M UkioU c Norway Nail Hod* 11 vianc Plow steel, German 48 oil c Flow Steel. east 17 ralfl c eprttgandTlrefiterl,English . UVc-419 e Tool Cant hied, onllnaryatrei St cwW e Too'fait bleal, American 77 m2* e ft'istcrol SUel ...70 otfO e Kn»‘t«, No*. V and 16, 79 6.76 e Kmsla, Am.,lstquallii, F U 11... 6*19 c HuMla. Am., in Quality, F sheet («I9 e Itnssta. Am..7d quality, F sheet 6*16 c bKaTMßlt—There 1* little Improvement to note uitboroarkft. for tldaarUel-. Trade li stack.thomrh in anticipation ol an loci eased demand next monte, CcalersarcLolillog (irmly at toll rates. Wc make no change to onr quotation* a* CiUo a a : UUILOCK. City Harare*, F Slaughter & t *>a *o nonaioboio...f 40w*-jBB Country Harness &4® 96 Slaughter. bole, Llnc.F & 4*2 it Ch cacaNo.l.. 40* 47 Rio. nodi am. F Slaughter. Sole, t»... 1.19*1.70 Chisago N 0.3.. St* 77 Calf. FT. 140®1.M) Boon's Ayres.... Ske 4U Upper. F feet... 30* SI Orinoco Sole .... S'* 34 CountryUoptr.. >3* 25 o;tnoc3. good. Collar, F f00t... 2)* 3t damage! 31* 37 Slaughter, Sole.. 941 French Call. 81 turner. F »... 4rai6| ns 2.10333 a L'pper EO® S3l French Call, S* Kip. No. l, me- f fts 240*2.10 «Llam 100*1.381 French Calf. Le- Klp. No. 1, molaes,Faor4o4o*9(<43 heavy SSaiU* 1 l.raißEU—There is bet Iltue change to notice in the general character o! the market since the date of last report. Price* are steady and dealers are firm In their vi-wa at the following Quotations: Loans*—First Clear. I,lJ<. 1 and 7 Inch Berend u;car, 1. W, and 8 inch W 004*040 Third Clear, tich 90.00®a.W First and Second C.ear Flooring, to geUjer.TOUsb, the same aa Second Clear We 5040*0.00 Common Flooring, roach 5140*:r740 Vauhed and Brewed Common Flocrtnr 4040*42.03 Matched and Dressed 8 inch Commoa rioorißg 35.00aa9.00 First and eecond Clear Siding, together. 3)40*3340 FintCommonDmsedMdtnc 334K&294C Wacon-Box Boards, select, IS Inch and uiwards S.W4UJO A suck Board!, 17 inches 30.afcau.oo B Stock Board*. 17 tseh» W.00*2740 Common Boards, Ji-Ista,Scantllng.Frne* Ing, and fcmall Timber. 12 to 18 teet long. 214027143 J-lsw aao Scantling. 30.72 tad 51 feel.... JB4o«ao.qo Jot»u and BctsUins 3S.nO SiiniGUj—Act Starahiredbblnglos 440 a cr Star Sawed Shingles 5 oo®ssti No. 1 Sawed Shingles 340*3 00 Latb—iw mto yards sOO l.y car-load by NorUiwcetem Ballrotd, dfUrcrro laai y yard where cars can be swltcheeUoranydepot: AorSlar Saw ed Shinxle*. by car-loan, on track 4.37X® 440 A cr Star Shaved Sbmglea, by car-load. on track -•• •• 5 - 75 ® 4XO No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car load, on Crack SJS Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows toe shingles In freight oul ranrui-Kstaxdasd. . ... Thickness—Five Shingles to DO two Inches In thick sees. Lcztth—Sixteen lochs. Beta*—Twenty inches. Lonr*«—tare* ty-Ore. _ METALS AND TISNEUS*-BTOCK—There vubat UiUe aolnfi to-diy, ena price* weresteapy. TVc contlooe to quote: ■ns me. Bex Tin Plate, I C . Ist quality. esas. J 3« 10x14 «I|AO US quality, sheet. U Ixree Pun........... Si Slab .... J 4 Bar Tin a M I ? € *ro }l CPWit «.S*nd 9 1* Metallic AP BUta... 3 lOandll « Copper Hcttom 55 IS.. “ Braaeraorerlost.. 43 I3an<l it Sheet, Uioieon.... 43 u and is « W « !i Baß&xr xzraz- . lb *? let quality SO 12 *i Antimony 2 so -1 Flne»o»»r SO Fence Wire. -•• •*• AAlLS—Trade !r moderately actlre, Ml orlce* have au upiram We centime to quote. m 753 ao.ttoeblned 10-* 63S Clinched.Nct-........ 9.55 OILs-Thr* i* ao actire and Rleadll» Increaslnt denusd for UsmM Oil. and. wUh no■ i-untof. «n hand, price* u« eilflat pfsent gnoHaot*. with higher 1 rate* la prospect. Lard Oil 1* In demand and flna at 1 the prICM pren below, other desalptloaa are quiet ! andeachascea. Wc quote: , I ueeeed *}•» 1 Hi Reed Ol), boiled - »*•** o Ire OH % | Wha.e Oil, W. 1 ! Lara oil. extra... lAid OIL No. 1 Winter. AIDALU 1 lira on. N 0.3 Winter AXQ^I.IO, » B«aEOiU rruxdlotr 1.15ft1.?3 Machine 0i1,.... UfeD** Sperm on. W. B aSJO . LvbrteeUocOll.. ..... 3391/0, CAUnoN Ol L—Ecmalns quiet, with prices tin tbanced. ” * qxotet ' t aihon, V car u ad v ..J3c 1 Carbon, imall 10t5.... AOc * Benzole *c PHOTIMONJt—TM receipts and shipment*dor* i iDEthapatlst bsuriHeni: _ . „ ■ • Receipts. EhlpmCnta. I Cartd Menu. 70.150 773.1 M 4t; Purt............. is i MM ntraa Pom—MutelcoU. rales -were: CO btl* at W\rpn( Pickled flama galew were; 50 tea at lift * IWicfat 10\ci 15,100 tta at lOYctM tes Country at ‘Vai-J—M,ttelln»cur«lml«ro«. U«»»: >* TmeicatH3v• Ido* ® as TURiiedTur* ; ttn itlC« {sW »i do at 15c; 0-0 ft* do at lie; t t»x*s 1 siIDA AND H sI.KKATI!S-Tb'j ,[* , MeSaxiutewe^SWW^* At. Price. sic mao ~..JU 6 CO ... IJ* 610 Sll 690 - 6Jb m 6^n itn 6» SO 690 2S) 6.61 3» 7.00 36> 67S 633 jao iu iw 6U .SSI 6A5 SOO 63U IW 610 ns 6<6 ntt 670 :en 6?o ItO 665 .SCO «J 0 At. Price. in <va m s.» K *.3 mt*i i'# Medicinal..'. ; nron e " nro. •. . .. ,„.iiQ«itve 'Do!ic4't Ctuulctl... .... ...I.'. f * ' Pure. iiuiiiiv> t*OWA*«?i—'Th» markclla turn. and a fair order baa emUtotftdDaefi* ibu perlo4orui)jrejr. Wj coatlnu «o quote: / # iSfisra-As uM»tme nra H a >UUi4livc X. 7. IHned. Powdered iodQiuo)tiaiL,.,uxi4t7 o WhiU A e Circle A ...UiliilWe WWW ii IIIu **lsU« t*u. c; Veiiow c. l?x-4UUe Ozrsrd C...- it anQe u»nd C.atu. liven) e New Ot*m* prime ukitix c N-w or c»tu U'T UMuSliHc 1C UFtt—'The geatrsi market rnlei west. at the following price*: New lorktiirupe ...1 €>41.15 Yellow Drip* 1.15.41-15 Cult* w o!*JSCe 754 tS pnrtoNieo W< 85 New Orlcao* 99.41.C0 Philadelphia lie* Hive 6ui« 70 Chicago Eetmcty, Amber 1.003115 Chicago Refinery, 00l »ea 804 90 CMraco I.tfneri.acrar How. TV4 S 5 8KICI» B«Wr«r. 97.138 BS; shipped, 93.771 Dl. Market active and 1 nets firm. •»*.(■> »c exs f» low*: Timctjit-120 bag* at $.Vi5; illbasi do at f 5.79; 39 bat* Qo atf3J7; 196 tug* do «t BUS; 309 bicidoat N.ll'.'; IPDbar* d . atfn 10 kitting* d» at *XO3; W; *sbaa dnats3.9o; 17tnza at $9.83; 30 bars do at (SJC ; Cmm-131 bar* atsS-00: 90 brl« d- at 98-00; 31 bag* do at s7io; FLAX—t 7 bag* at rtTS riubaitdo at $3.73. K* I.T—Received, noneitblpped. 697 brta. Market frm. rale ol 210 hrls New Fite at S3AC. We quote: New Fine StJS Coane 3-65 Ground Alum JJ&JI.IO larl'i lilaod, bap.. .v. ; ISO Ground So ar 2.63 Dairy. * IU- sacka S.OQ Dairy, without sacks 3.73 TKAS*—Are in sodcrate demand, and Is eorwe* qcroccoi the reduced condition of the stock*, dealt ts are firm in their view a, at the following pmv*: Tonne uyion, inpencrtoime, v b si.ttaiss co extra to choice, V 9 1.7041.90 Imperial, anp»rtor to fine, l» 9 do extra to choice, >1 9 1.10*43.00 Om powder, snpetlor to fine. ? & LHUIXO do extra to choice. V 9 lAVkI.OO Japan, natnralleat line to extra fine, p 9.... i.u* do do floe to choice, ft 9 1Ay.41.40 do do colored. P 9 lAJaLIO TußACXO—TbereUlltUcdoinx In thi* department and (mutation* are altogether nominal. We repeat our Hat aa follow*: Fun err cnzwcto— Extra |LIS (%L53 Choice. LOT (41.13 McClain '..*.*..*.*,*. N no Common 55 a 73 1 SUOKTXO Tonxcco— I vtrcltla'i Favorite sa A 1.03 Choice..., 53 a 50 Medium 71 & a romtron stems 19 (A Xd Tobacco- 1 Uoyal ClUren 80 <4 IS Fanner*' DUhebC 70 tS 75 Katnrsl LcaL 1.30 <49.00 Half HllgliL - 83 <41.15 Ox-Ice ikacr, aouDd. 75 (4 to- Medium to <4 73 1 Ccrnmon S 3 (4 70 I Navie* M > irdaia 10a and 9* 50 (4 60 ' FJoundent 73 <4 B 1 WOO’l—The demand la light, though with mod eratestockt cn hand, cealersaro not generally deposed W) cotcede to any contMerable extent. We quote: Maple, V cord, (Mirered tTI&ViUXO ilapl*. Pcord, 10 vam HAft«lLoo Pierh, P cord.ddlrcred 10.0Jr413A0 Beech, p cord. In yard aAOreiO.OO Ulcknrv, p cord I.UXV4K.OT »* (lill.-Received, T1.31S fca; ablpps«L *J,176 9k M«rtft eteafly. Sale ol 1,700 9* wathed at-toe. - T7VEEYBODT IS FAJIILIAK 1j wrra BWATIQZTS FAI&ZZ*7irtSDZCmX3a Which have, for upward* of 35 TEARS, b*ea In nn lunlnse tbrengh-ut the enUre world. One of the molt popu ar ot torse Is Swayne’s Olnliuent For the speedy cure ol ITCn.TETTER, SALT RHEUM, and all Skin Disease*. Sold by til Drogglits. Wholesale hr UUUNUAMS A VAN* SCHAACK. A DISCOVERY. DU. A. KNIGHT, At4B3 South riatkHd., Chicago, 111-ba» dl*covored atnreand perrrane't remedy tora certain prevalent dl*e**e that afflicts all el***e*. Send five cents tor circular. (5 03 a 6.00 900 oio.ov 11.00 (411.00 12.00 (415.00 13.00 <*21.00 SO « St <3 f 4 43 (.S3 9 4.75 pOTVDER! The Hazard Powder Company are at all ; times fatly stocued with Sporting. .tllnlaa ■ aidniantlDK Powder* All orders Oiled and forwarded promptly* V. A* .UAH>tl & CO., Agents, ■it Womb Chicago. iLcgal Notices. AUDITORS’ NOTICE. —The under* Xjl tlgued, Auditors appointed by me Orphans’ Court ot Lancaster County. Pennsylvania, to dHtil bot* the balance rnnalalotc lo the hands at C. B. Hoff man. Trustee appointed by mo said C->nrt to sell tbfl Beal Ea'ate of chrtnian GiottUte of W. Earl Town ship. County ann State sinmald. deceased. to and thatVurpSw ealftled lo the war. win all for WKDNifiDAtVfebWarr jj. lasy." At tea o’cl-ck a. m« m Ui-> I4br*r> BkO— of foe Court Uoote. In the City cf Lancaster, where all pertous lu* tcrenUdlhsalddlnrlhat’on may its end. rHAtll-FS DRNNRN } tV. UKAMAN. > AodUoi*. t.ZHA BURKHOLDER. ) StochljnUJcrs’ Itlccting. ■^TORTHWESTEUN GLASS COMPANY. At a meeting of the Board of Director* of the North* w»tcrp Company, held cm tl*e 11th dav of February. ‘IS67, It was ordered, that»tneetl.ig of the btockhoia* era of said Coir piny beheld at the office ot the i'om* pasy, No. 24 S Sbuth IN Chicago, On tfniurdoy,-March 9th, 1817, AtJo’cbck p. m., at which tine and place a proposi tion wilt be submitted to said tuertuLr. that ths capital Hock cl sala Company bo diminished to Two Hundred Thousand DotlaiS. N. LUDINGTON, J. FaRR, Jbu, J. UhDILL. W. H- ERKT9INGEK, A. P. KELLEY, P. B. sfIUMWAV, 11. TALCOTT. Dree tor*. T>LOWb. . PLOWS. ROD BREAKING PI/JWS and all varletle* of Stab* hie mod Double shovel Howa manufacured and lot »le bT -loUS UKMENf. tntoo. UIIIoH. .t 13.00911.06 . 13MA11.10 10.OQall.OC PilßßiSls' fST BTAKDAUD. jT’i. SCALE S’./BI ' ; - r orAthnna. fAIRUANKP. GIIKINLRAf A ggQ A 2*2S Lake-«t., Chicago. ISusluEßß €arbfi. Q.ESX, UATTEN & CO., Wholesala Commission Merchants, ISO. CO nCoGaiwtU Between F andQ-eU-> PUNTER. COLORADO, AUKIVAL AND DEPAUIDKE OP Til.MNt. H'/ii/er Arrangement, chicaco ajh> soimxwKarxmi haiuioad—corsriL BLCmAKDOHAILAUAK—XkKTOt KOUTU WSLLS BTIUCST. Omaha Fast Un« Omaha Niabt Express, Dixon i*aas«ngef rnxxronx use. Freeport Paasecgcr •iwoop. m. *3:10 a. m, Freeport Paesemtor *0:00 a. ra. *3:40 p.m. Uocklord, Eljiln, Fox KivcfandSiaxo IJne.... *koop.m. *11:10 a, m. Geneva and Elgin Paa tenger..*&3op.m. *3:15 i.m. WfeCONrUi DITJ6IOS—DEPOT COOKES OP CASH. AMD KJKZIX tTSEET. Day Exprca* **oo a. m. *f:3o p. m. KlchlExpieas. *4:3op.m. *s:lsa. m. Janesville Acconmodn. *s:s) p.m. *2:35 p.«n* Woodstock Accommoa'n .%0u p. m. *3:20 a. m. MILWAUKEE SITUIOM —DXPOT COBKZB OP CAXiI an mm mtzrr. Day Exprcsa - .... Bo&etuu, Calvary and Evasion fc3op.m. 3:40 p.m.. Nlcht Eipmi 4:00p.m. Kejioeba Aetoaunod’o... 4:40p.m. sfci>a.Ta. Waukegan Accommod'n., 6:30 p. m. S:SC a. m» Milwaukee Acoommod'o. 11:45 p. m. S:3>a. in (iso. 1— Dcwlat, ocn’l Sop's: B. F. Gaaertl Fiattnger Aggct. mcaisAX cnjnsAt. sam^a..—o-hui* w.rcr, iroct oruu II&3R. aoroinsfisjaea# *5:00 a. m. •ft«D.t3. Dot Express *1:00a.». *it;Coj*. cu SvrmlnjL Brprcert........ t5U53p. a.t*l2t£ IV a. Klebt nxprew 1*9:45 P- ti'iSia. t». iTOiINNAa ten LCOmLLS rooti. HnmiTig Espreii *l:OTn.t3. Kl,jhtEagreae. l&00p.a. *ll:Ct>si. XICBI9XS aocrwami and aix aoosx trta—on* tot oouru tan antn aits imaati btxxxt*. tcxjo.o uw. „ u.n. « *frw r>. m anil nay E-Sgrcas. Neve York KrprwM* NUblB9t«U STTFO-'T UJi*.' •fctta.a. tfcOJA.m. sShtfesatcai UftWf.a. rrrrEoraaa, iom wnu uo csicaco. ctmlm'* . - ••:00 a.m. IfcSC a.a. iffir “ fcup.o. 7*40?. a Eareti.'. •I.OsOUP.o. IfctWp. a jmjoa cDmu _ __ _ Cay jfasseuji*..*B^o^*a» *i??i P* Kicitl’as«en«r tlfcOOj. a. *&£•• ”• KSSUee AtScntft. !»:«Pt a - Ujae I’iik o.kCoo<l/&».£ el u m *» "*'*.V. ♦&Mp. J a* •!^SCp.TIU u w • »£ssplnl *7:2op. El CHICABO, SCTU»«tO* AMO QUISOJ. fHv Express and iUU..- IT A^?“ er ** D3! ‘:;.: ®S&S: sSte".’. juanud-tt two ». E. CBICACO ASi.- Ft. LOUIS. ispKia and Msa B*os a. a. Sl~ht Express fcM P>JB. &W a. a. foHM and WBjaiartcn , _ 4 Konanodaion 4#> p. a. 9:43 a. a. 'Bjaso AJll> SUIT UivTSSIK ib tan)—xn.wATxza aAaaoAP nv?o«. ooa. •axax AX© KJXXU staaw- ta.*a.s. p.n. :Uibttoraae. fewep.B. 450 p.a^ JC? mDLAXITOUS, ©OaSTlitS Aits Oay Express 8»S0a.o. 10i5S p. a .£?? *• *r * "■^•iT-ihrr« Exuteai . - EL- lfcss p. &. « a ■ fcWo.m 830 a. m. ><autns Aecosasdallon 9:53 a. a. a. a. • . . u 5U5 p. a- s:wo D. a. CMCA6O, BOCX.BLASP-ASOPACIFIC PATTSOi©. fs*i gmwMiwiiUMl-.. * *s;3op.a. aipb'-KSpross - 12:00 p. a. *5;45-a. ai. •olid Accommodation.. •* onday excepted, tM onday eictpted, rtaarday needed* PX3fIS.BTOOtTASD TTSaTaBIX. L»ve I a&aoa Start. LeaTcSloch aa*»a. &30. 3-m. 7:40 •»•£* Sdfi. 3.m. ?•“• 30:00.. a.m . ii*So..., m. 130 £•“* i 8:20. ...p. a. 4:00 rP* 5* \ SS:::::::::::.:::©.®. wo *«• BDXPATTttI£B. I. ftSJ.r, ...;...a.m. ££ Kk2Q •*•=*• PiS ;*•.«. msa p.» u’tee tiew (ablator Che‘ arriva and departnre of mall? .(?. ,ca *° Posl Offlcete the wt. Ur. and now In tor. c. imscWßi. F. O. CHICAGO, n— XAIUABBI^. p iS* .Mich. South. 1- B. ....* wo . a,i« *» ** *.* 8:55 **“ **** liOo a Mich. **’* 55..„ “ * 44 •• fcW 8:15 ’** 2;M....PU«.&»t.Wajrnc 1*;3) *ls * > * 4 7:19 I*oo m M “ ‘ .. &l» 11;00 ii.u> 4:80 ...GrctAßaMcnißß.. 8:70 10:00 12:10 t;:'rf > ....T?ewA!h(UifASalcm 8:20 11:00 e*(<o 7:45....Ga1ena hallnad 3UO 2;JO 12:00 tti)U....l»fcxon Alt Line.... 6:00 7:20 i2:W« 4W....80ck Island RiDroad 5:15 k» UtCO B:Co....C.,B.&QniccylLR. WO JkCt) 8:10 3"»....HoithVrc*i«nß,B., 5i(5 8;30 KCO 5>45... >!l« antc« RaOrcad. 11:30 8«20 - R« 7:00 9;CO 12:00 T:00..,,81. lioula Ballroad... 5:» 8:45 u * w " * P9BT. A. O»<MOHS. P. U- the Only Bfedlem® to the World >Tiaf la warranted a Bore and 1 rrfhrt Cure for all k'« • of fllftß, LEPROSY, SCROFULA, BALT RHB 14. and an Disorders of the Bkf-. la FO »LK*» FII.B A4i> UUMOacLKB. *wy of none whodoaot ftfud the. money in ever* eai'.of UUarm. for Internal and v tmai eac. No failure lor eUhl yean la File* or B i> it-ra. >I.OO « noice. gold rrep where. . PUOI’OBALS 101’. Ainn TKANo _ POBTATION. Qcabixemajtce Gksexal's Orncx.l 1 Te _?A*nutOTt«»,D.C..Jaimary 15,1967. J PKUPOSALS will b* received at Uua offlee stub 17 u clock on the ;Jth ot Feornary, 1967, for the tratu>i>cstanon of MLitary Snppilaa anting the rear cvmtucociuß Aonl 1, *96L and m.iin- March SU w, on the 10 lowing nuio; I „ . .. _ t.ODtK So. U I Ftotr Fort McPhereon. Nebraska Territory, «r such poi-t* aanuy bo determined upon oaring the year on the Omaha branch of the Union t-act&c Ual read, west of Fit t McPherson, or from Fort LaramW. Ihifcota Ter ritory, to inch onto or dep taaaareaowor tray beeo tabllrbed is the Territory of Sepra* of iodbN tmle IQ degrees. In <be IcrrUsry of 51~ntaa», aonlb of latitnde 46 degrees. *a the Territory of Daiots. vmt ol Icngiinde 1W degrees, in the Terrltor? of Mato. *onth of tail lode 43 degrees, and east ofl n&ltude 111 degrees, aciUniheTermcrlf&of Utah ana Cal-rado n>wth of laU'.n,e 40 degree*, tncladlng. U nec*uary, Denver ‘ 7 ‘ Rt'UTENo.L From Fort Riley. State ol Kantai, or inch points a* suvybedrtemlneilnpondnrlsgtbeyeirna the Union Pacific Railroad, E. 0- to any post* or depots- that are sower maybe e*ut>Ushea In the Mate of haa*.<u or in the Territory of Culorad >, aonth of la made 40 df. giee* tortb, and to Fort Unlou. New .Mexico, or other depot that may he O'Bicnaud In that Territory, aid to snyetber pointer point* oc thermic. _ IIOCTE No. 3. From Fort Umnn or each other depot as may b* established In the Territory of New Mexico, to an jK.ttil or rtatlcui that are, or may he established it that Territory, and to tach poet* or atitloos a* may pe dealgsaled 1b the Termcry ot ArUooa, and ix the State oflexa* west of lot mure 100 degree*. . wv. c . , BOniE No. 4. from t>L I anl. Micr.taeta, to aneh po‘t* ai are now ortnaybentahliioed t& the state of*cia, and Mtt*oni?R4Ter ° f Territory 1j tog east ot the The weight to t>e transported daring the rear win not exceed 00 Ronto No. 1, aojiQ.MJ pound* -. 00 ttoute N0.9,50XC6,f«0 ponnd»;nn Route No.S.SjWOAW pound*, sad on Route No. 4.3AC00R1 pound*. . Propo*al< will pe mao* wr each rout* separately. Didder* wiU the rate per lUO nouaup-r IX mU>*, atwnicti they wul transport the etore* In exen month of tot year, beginning April Ist, 1967. and end* ln« March SR 19ft». * * v Ulddtr* shnoid give their names la tall, a* well as thilr place* of realoecco. and each propvsal should be accompanied by a bond In the com ot ten thoa«an3 (910.0 UV) dollars, algntdby two or n ore re*pna«R>le per. Boc*.guaranieeiug that in case a coaim-tu awarded for tte route mentioned ta tne proposal to toe party K;slcc.theeoctraetwlli ne accente,! a*d entered and good ana eafitaeui seenmy tarnished by aatd party lo accordance with the term* of tol* aiver- Otemat. The contractor win be requ»m* to tire bends la the ihliowirr amounts: fftehlrinal. ffolafrrr. Scales. ISaUroabß. leave. Arrive. •&h>a. m. »T:hJp. m. 7:80 p. m. ;ti:*Oa. m. 4:oup.m. 11:10 a.m. ftOOt.m. 12:00 *4:15 ft. n, *&sß.p,m. , tu H 3. in . Vsp. td. thtiOp. n 1*10:00 p. a. *f:00 n. m ffptttal Notices. HelmbohPa Bzinet Baeho and *fgor to the irame awfblooek to th« paiiid cne*k. Debllltr I* aerompaai“d by tn«n» a'ana ™**J* *>and if no treatment U aobalModto. eoonnp ion. Inaanity. er coney 1c Lti enane. j?. n !!V Cbled and DeUcale oonatlKOtlona, Hel “ bc **'»B«raet Bachn. It will • ©t-Vwel'.*"* 1 e *°K‘‘Uc feeilSc* and eaaoWjoato’ Take no more Vnplesiani anti (Tnaafe 5l f «J.anp , e , toaDX ani da-.cnnai dUca*fa. TTm llrl^bol<r^Kxir»cl^achoj*n<iJ®pfoTfcjjto43 Minltercd ConMtmtlans bicktorcd by neimooM’* Extra*:. Iteenn. nenltood and lonlhful VU«r Arti eeattedby HelmboUTa Extra Dnfhn, A Brady and <’<oDcln«lre Tnt Oltbepropcrtu* o*Q?lmhoW a Fluid Kxtract Bscbn »111 he a ermt artno wnb thow aet forth la the Ualled hutea DDprnaatcry. Hewnitrol Hair. Chevalier'* Ule lor fh* !l*lr positively ir*torei rray hair to |ta onciDalcclevstd joulhiul ncanty;l*nparta life and atm atb to the wcaant b*lr, stopi it* tUMtur ont at once; keeps the &ra*lclean: 1* n'lporsllelnl *a a hmrCrcMlnif. bold by all cnirsUu ana twhloaxble hair dmaera, and at im otSce. No. 11 a;t. Krvaoway. K.T. SARAH A. CUEVAUER. 51. P. Helmbuid’a Fluid F.xtract Unrhn la plrrsaat In taste and cdor, free from ait isjortovs prvpertte*. aid Inmtdltt: mIU action. • The Glnrj of .Han la Ntrensih. , Therefore, the nervena and debilitated *bonl3 tmme> dlatclj use ilekLbo:d's Extrscrßnc:u. Dr* OWflonr* HavlßKlbe confldenc*- or t- pno;l>: «na the medical r*co.t) atUr*e,n rot aVc ;. ruclan is the -xo«l ..a*e*. Coll at hi* cOce, 17<* South C'arii-»t. co* r *if Moa*oe. Kocm* Rl* wild* to health, pnh.Uhed mon'.tUy.acht Cre to aai mere**. i3;oposal&. Iln l ntiir 'inTTin i on nouteS'a.3. On KcuteNo.S, ICOAC. _On Houle >o. 4.«L Batlrlhrtory endures of the loyal-' cacti HddtT and person o&kred as ».i . qoiTtd. Proposals ant be endorsed “Proposal* for Am.* Transportation on Route N0.1,2.3,0r«,hs t&o cue may be, *nd nene will be entertained unless tb-y fhUy comply with the reqaircmtnu of this advertise ment. Tbe party to whom an award is aMe mast be pre pared to execute the cot tract at once, ana lo Rive the required hoods forUie UlUdul PurformsUkO of tne too- UftCl. The right V» rej'.cl aoy and all bids that may be offered!* reserved. The contractor co each route mo*t be tn readiness for terrier by the lit day of April. I*e«. and will here* qulred to have a place of business. or agency. at which he may be communicated wltnproupL'r and readily for Route No. Uat Oicafa, 2f. T . ? r K.>jt«No. 2. at Rcßt « No. S. at Fort Chios, SSlStfliittotCTrES -US} SS“*MI. ttootea v may be bvUcaied as the starting pum* ( 4 e td 1 route. Blaoktr naa showing tbe cordlttans ol the contract to hr tLteitd Into (Or cacti rue'», can be ban on app I* cauon at Utla office, or at the office of ity> Q.iuUrc as ter at New Ymk. Saint Lotus. Fort Le»venw<ma. Omaha, SauuFr and Fort M:elllcc.and mu.t accotn psuy ard be a part ot the prcporal*. By order of the Qaanerma'tcr General. i * alkxanueu bliss, _ Brevet Colonel mod Arw’t Quart urm as tor u. s. A. Proposals for a bridge at VAN BCREN SThEST. . Orricaoy xua B»aaaor public works, ) Curcaoo. February 3, ISBi. ) Sealed proposals win be-received by the Board ot PuoUc Work*, at il.Wr office, R-*ctns Nos. l and 3, second ff( or; Ncs. I.T sad IT Welta street, oatll It a. in., baturday, February 16th. (or the using down of the present bridge cn islrg the bcutn Branch of Chicago Hirer at Van Boren sb eel, and replacing the same with a new bridge, Inducing the nrew-arr changes in the cantre pier, and the abutneots and ap|if oacbes. acconltog P> plans and spectfleatious to be cu Die at said office on and aflat Fcorusry 9th. ITofoaaU must pe addressed to the Board of Fubllc i tVcrts. cadoned M XT<>p>»ai tot Van Baren Street Brldre." andbc with the atual f? 00 poed, I wiihßoretlef,tob*appmredbytte Uuora. | ibeßoordre'ervet&ericbt to reject any bid not It l accotdahcs wltli the eondltibos ot this advertisement. or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accented I nolcss toe party uSerlng Ushall tire arlrtencc mtl.fac tcrytothe Board that be ha* the nectssary skill, ex > pcrlcrcr. ererzy and ability for doing the work. U trustworthy, and has suffleleat pecam*ry rr *oarcos. J.O.OjtDKLh, FRKD. LKTZ, O. J. KUSE, PROPOSALS FOU PLANKING ALLEY*. _ Omci or riu Boabo or Prw.lo Wohu. { Cjucaos*. KcDruary 11. 1957. I Foaled l*roi*o«»1i wljl be received by tbn Hoard of Public Work*, at tbcir Office, nnUI It a. m. Monday, Ferrtury Jtih, ISu". p anting (be alley tlmuuh D ock A. Ktoile'a Addition to Chlc«e>>: alao Mr plank* It g (be alley (bruuab (Hock I, Wolcott’a, and tllock 3, Klozb a Addition toChicago; and alao fl»r Planting the a.W through Blocs* il and SO.Caniil Cnulee's SubdtTiii' D. tec. 11. T. 33 N-. U 14 K.. according to plan* and sc'clflcationaonflie at said oOce. held Improvement! will he raid lor from t.e apecUl evied to defray ibelr cost when lbs aaaic fball be collected. . „ * PropcraUtuuatboaddrewedto the Board of PobMt ttnrke, endorsed “I'ropoaal for blanking Alley in Jlioik.(naming toe particular somlltn. iccmtipfttitti with ttc □•cat f3CO bone, with lorrUea. to be approved by the hoard. The Hoard reserve the right to reject any bid not u an oniauce with the condition* of IhU advertisement or to njrcl all bid*, and »* proposal will be accept!* unit** (lie party off.-rlng ll ahall give evidenceaatlafat* tory to the Hoard (bat he baa the occwaarj a*lll. cipe. Hence, energy and ability lor doing Uie work, la truat worthy, and bataaOclcnlpectmlary rrennrcea.^^ KIUOJ. LETS,'** O. 4. HOSE, 10t Board of Public Work!. ■pROPOSALB FOR CAST IRON X WATER boabd or PCBUQ Wots*. \ Cmcano, rnn. ttb. uwj. $ fieniedpropotaia wli] be received by the Hoard ci Pob.lo Work*. at their ofllee, No*. 15 and 17 We’le ■t„nntllll a. cubaiordai, February Zd. Or the do llvorratlbr dock ol the board, in aald cltr, of one tbuueaad u.OOO) tone o( Ca«t Iron Wuv Plj-ea, of 4.6 and tnehra Internal diameter, according to •peelfica liana on file at earn office. „ Xbe puwa will be iab>?clel to a tnt prewaro of .SO Sonnda per square loch. trnal be uniform >• tslckneat, oiikll; aid tegtore. acdot a coodqualHy <,fcMt tree. aoailocatanddiluweU. DeUverytoeomm-nce at lar ol apmy: navigation. Abdbe completed by J lse woea will bo twelve (13) hwtlore. and welth re i fpecttvely, for 4, R and adoch plpaa, £lO, 410. iu.d 6uo noandkeach. . , i AaaJiablennmbercf btanchea.CApejSJaovea.tapera, Ac., win be required Lr ealilplpcs,. Bida »tun d « 1 the ortce Ibr the itralgbt pipe*. 4tul afro Ibr the special \ mnit be addreaaed to the Bovd cf Pnhbe 1 Worw.oadoraod “Propoial torCiatlwi Water t ace be acci'inpaaled with tba> canal &jCO bond, with i aortnea. to be appfuved by the Board. Tbe Board r»-»erve tbc mb. to accordance «Uh tbe co&.'Uom tf tbla a4vertt*aneit. i or to reject aU blda. and wo tropoaal w»L be i accept, d oaftwa tbe party otfertng It a till give evidence «alufac i tory to tho Board baa tas necessary t tfciE. expertesse, energy and ability iirdolßK tbe won. * la trustworthy, end baa soiiioteol | wSo!ICT2^ O.J.ItOSE. BcuwofPnblle works. ©obcrament Sale* n OYEKN3IENT SALE. as the “GOVERNMENT NBST AND FtHAST?.VtVMILL,” wltn acT enir-OTosctea of land. near SAN ANTONIO. TEEAs. Sealed Proposal*, (ndupllcau. anil be receive! ap to Use *i»t flay ol March. UdT, L»r the purchase of .5 acrtsol Util. iai'>fc or .cw). mlta the hclld* len elected and toe arponenaares appertain ing. t\ai ts to «37; ONKTANN£Kr,c -ntalaUi*twelve btooe Use Vt». FIFTY-TWO WOODEN /ATs. &EV£N STONE POOLS, andeaoableof UnelßlJSXld hides per asocm: ONE SI«VJI SAWMILL, capable of savlse SAOXAet oi.Lusherdally: ONS SHALL SIONE BDIUMNQ. . . The above property, is restated about two. rtllea aheve can Antooio. on the San Antoco Rlver.cnd the water i» conducted to the »üblUha.eol by a race ct hewnttenc laid la cettetl. The land woi t created &ud titproveaesu made by the lat<* ao-ts-lrd G vernmeat,- ana art »*ttmmtedtona.-eccat,|iao,Q«i tn «10. tocr Tbe property nas been coder Tea« lor th*vjfcar 1566,. » . mlntoa rail if Eta. W“>l; it™ 1 * „4 ff cored title .pm* altsplo willhe ylven by the p.b.Cov on. mx. ffiit* Notices riO ELECTOR'S KOTlCJS.r£tate- ol 1/ of Coot— t „ - CITT-COIiiSCTOC*? omc*, Ccuzt RoomSo.M.Chlc*so, Pebraonr.4a.lMt; S Pa’juc coUceunerabyerreo foliowincae* scribed Warrants, bare been placed in lay ta*« wt W WiSran ? No. yji'Sootb—Dated FpbmaryJ.ls4a.and untd^rtbeeuHcctson ct aspecial lorsldcwaJc or nstmeled on toe east *Me c£V*b*sa ■Tinue, b«tw»*> Klctupenth an«>TwentiPtn. Wai rant K«. U 2. Scntb-Date i if »n«dforUicollectionof a »P r -d“ g*?%“iecT?S lux «cos>trjcUmt UdewalE cn St *“ il^t,betweeßFocrr«ibartsl«'m£»B*“n S ( *WarratXo.Ml, Sonib-far-d February U 1 3a’ i “* Issued : i>«Sf ftr aamcttKiDd rotor ttrucliat aJde»al*onsoutb street* In b*cißtcn&Gretses Adu>- U w £» NoTw. t-Dated February 1,1361, eod ...TZrt ror tne codec non ot a special aswsinent levOad for ecaitrocting sidewalk on Centre arunae, between nvrUiin »ucct aotliyter stteM. Warrant No. ISI. West—Dattd February J, ISCfc aod U»nfd for the co. i*ctloa of toapnclal aMeumeot,>rl«d tor <oof irncuns ssdewaltoa cut side of Johns too meet, between 7a*lur and. Ewe'Uh streets. Warrant No. S 3, WeaVrsDated February 1, J 857, and UsarafcrtbeaoneeUcnDtaipeclal fbr constructing and reeciutmcUassideways oa Catb trite street. Uaiskd »x**t,and on Wriest street. In Canal Trustees’ BubdtrJyiOQ of sr.W. >,.bec-3U53.14. Wananlho.'W, Weaa—Dated February L, 13&1. and issued fer Uu collection cf a special ts*9ssment levied tor red-ostrucUnz sidewalk cn sautb side ot Twelltb flStb) strut. All person* mtarasted In said above social u«* meats ait to main! Immediate oafuent a\ my office. indsiaaUoftucb payaett lb* said aisma-. tncu.ft. will be Collected at the cost and • ct pentrU liabiO Ibsßlor. A. 11 ■ BEAM’, City CollecWt. ffiait Dae. pATCHBLOU’S HAIR DVB. •Mu .Matol n»U Die n tl« 6»> 1J *• a&£ ni'rj. §1 Datclay-st..«ewTotte« ' . &.15KM!SrS druggists. Wtbltal. jQBUIBOtiyS BDOHV. BtTCHP. From Dispensatory of tha United Stataa. DIOSMA CRENATA. BUCHU LEATfiS. PSOPESTIES. Their cdor la etroay, dlffntire, and aomewha* ara- matte, their taste blttertsb. sad asalafosa to mint. ITETWCAT. F2OFEBTZEB AHD TJBKS. Bnchu Leans are eesera'ly stlmalant, with atmes* far tendency to the Übutabt Oxsjlss, prododsc dt» ran. and. Ilka other similar ezEtBBB dlapbortala, wbta action. They are glveain complaints 0* the Urinary Orgsmu inch as Gmel, Chronic Catarrh of t&* Bladder, Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, Disease of the Prostrate and Retes tion or Incontinence of Urine, Frca » lost ot tons In Ota parte concerned in Him» oitlaa. The remedy has also tm rnrnmsimisi M Chronic Rheumatism, neons Affections, and Dropoj. Eelmbold’s Extract Bicha Is csed by person Dora the tees of 18 to S, and Si to 59, erm the decline or change etllte; after Oca* aoatentop-tabor Pains; Bed-wemog • • reccr ol will be rr- In Affections peculiarro Females, The EXTRACT DCCQC U uncqaaUcd by aoy other remedy, as la CbldrDrisorßsMntioa, Irregularity, Painftd neaa orßtrppr«a*ion of Customary Breo .* nation*. Sddrroa Stxia at tb« Uteres, Laa* carrhsa cr 'Whltss. Diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, GBATETfS DROPSICAL SWEUIA6I This medklae Increases the power of Dlgeodoa, aad excites the Absorbents Into healthy action, by «BMk the Watery or Caleeroos dspositions, and all thawt- oral Enlargemcntj are reduced, as wall as Palm sb4 Inflammation. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT BCCHC JZaadarrd every eattaf DIABETES Ist which U bu bees fives. Irritation of tlie Heck of the Bladder, andlnflammation of the Kidney* TTlceration of the" Kidneys ead Bladder, Hetention of Urine, Dis eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stone ia the Bladder, Calculus, Grasol Brick-dust Deposit, and Mucus or Milky Discharges, and for Enfoe- hied and Delicate Constitutions, of Both Sexes, AUaatled with the following ayaptom* l’fl!*y‘~‘ ttlen to Exertion, Lost ot power, Loa ot itaa- oxy.Duacnityoi Breathing. WaakJfgrrtUt Tnnii- Hoi ror ct Irtseaae, WakefhlneM.Dtnmaa ohVßlon, Pain in the Back. Hot Baada, yfnsMnf Ol the Body, DfJMU of Ola kwt>, Eruption on th« Fac*, Falßd Countenance, Dotvenal. Laau* tode of th* Muaenlax Syt> tea. etc. BE&HBAIiD’S EXTRACT BDCHU 15 DUEBETIC AND blood puelfyihg. An d cure* all disease* arising from Habttb of Omra> Ttoy. Rxexssaa arm larggppcne p tin. lay can isn oy in*blood. Ac., superseding Copablsia aaetilece for'walcbitisased.sacb •• Goaonsou* Gluts at lorjc, standing, ind.SCTHnjnc dUaases. used lb connection wltb Bose Wash. SOLD AT IIEOIBOLD’3 DEHS AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE 594 BHOADWAT. And by DniggUts Everywhere. ASK for HELM BOLD’S Take mo Other. Bi ware of* Count*rlbiti Csvor this mad* of