Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 17 Şubat 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 17 Şubat 1867 Page 1
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FROM liliWH. ■ Latest Nows by Oceau Telegraph. Fiirtk i I’iirlicubrs of the Ri.- volt in Ireland. No General Uprising Antici pated. The Insurgents Being Scattered l»y tlirUovcrnimilTioup". Nftpolcon’n Rpeooh Boforo tlio Frmioli IjegWiUuro. r.'rfot Fiirtliqunkp In III" lulitml of O,iliiiloiil». TOM WASHINGTON, Items in the River and Harbor Appropriation Rill. Prospects of a Compromise Be tween Congress and the President. CONGRESS. Another Protracted Sessiou of the Senate on the Reconstruc tion Bill. Bouse—Passage of die Bill to Provide for toe Presiden tial Succession. River and Harbor Appropria tion Bill Passed. FROM SFRLWriKLO. Passairc in the House of the Hill to Amend the Chicago City Charter. Resolution Passed in the Honsi for the Calling of a State Constitutional Convention. Another Gigantic Horse Rail road Swindle oh Foot. The Chicago Dock Company’s Bill Effectually Shelved. FROM EUROPE. DV OCEAN TRtBURAPn, ran i-isu itEVOLT. Lonhon, Pchmary U—E.*cn s n". The Government denies the truth of the •dories of Use landing of ship-loads or Fenians at Valrntla. It I* admitted that there Is a se-ious revolt at and ne.rKil larney. The telegraph wires near Valentis were destroyed fa.* u lons distance, and riot and pillage wen* rampant. A coast guard policeman was killed. ' Lonti » n, February 1". About eight hundred Ke.d i*»s. . »*n , n i id-id lr* Colonel O’Conco., have relocated to the hill* near Kllla-rey. British troops have been posted at MaMow Junct'nn, In the county of Cork, conmandlrg fie hill dis trict. Tbc exiltrmeol In tho ncb'liborh *od Is ItOci'c*. Mirny m*o prcetplUlelv ’ear ng. An cx-Unflrd States Captain has been ar rested at Klll.ii acy, on suspicion of bring a Fenian. A la-go number of m-rlno at Ply m-nth have h on oideved to proceed to Ire land immediately. London, February l.*»—Moi Tlm» telegraph wires In tho insurrectionary dlbli cth of Ir. lami have been cat In all dl rceiions on«l the moigro news received Irom that quarter is suppressed by the authorises for prudent’-ii rea A largo Fenian p .Gy has been surrounded b, the Nation' I troops In Too.uieri Wood, lee chances lor their escape lo >k ox*ocd ligly smaV. The band of SOO which retreated to tho bills near K*iia*Tcy Is stiK at la •-«*. The uprising is Ihas far co jfini d to Ke-ry Cork Coan.ies.ard it rot brileved * at tne t oublc w.ll sp eid .u-lber. The Government stated tn Parllaircrt te day that Colonel Iloi’seford’s force is alt*»- getlier 100 Miisill to lullovr the armzd land •of Fenians into Toomies’ Wood, but the Col end bad already hopes of surrounding the icburgcnts and preventing their escape. The authentic*: In Ireland have assured the Diithh Government that the present rls l*ig is totally ttopp.d. London, Fchrua-y IC. Ireland Is entirely quiet. Chief (Jrganiter Stephens Is reported there, hut the danger teems past. Toomles* Wood, where the clo«cly pressed Fenians took rc.*j«*c, was scoured by the British troops, and insurrectionary lut.d* dispersed. The Government will immediately scud moreships aud troops to Ireland. London, February IC—Evcolng. Tho county of Kerry Is proclaimed In a alalcof s'cge. The policeman who wasshotls not k'Brl. A large sum is oifctcd by Government for the - -rest of his assailant. Uis now said that O’Connor is no other than Stephen?. No Americans arc reported as acting with Stephens. NAPOLEON’S SPEECH TO TUB CORPS LTT3- Pauis. February 14- Thc Emperor Napoleon, in his speech bj forc the Corps Lcglslatif on assembling that body, sa ? d ; “Serious events have happened In Europe, a'mosi leifilling the great Napoleon’s Idea 1 • unite all the great homogeneous nations hitherto icpa*at;d, and which is Jhcoi’y postlblc balance o' powe- in Europe. Ger man and luii&n events have |«vcd the wav to It. Their success ccnnol disturb France. 1 stood aloof, and hel]>ed the peace which Prussia and Italy made without dl«meinb r I g Austria. France was just and neutral. •Tn another part of ?hc globewo have h m obliged to employ fon-cto redress le-Uirnn*- tricvanccs. and wc have cndeavnrc.rto ra‘<c ananclcut EmpLc. The happy lob.ilf at first obtained were compromised by an In au'-plcloas concurrence of cire.itu. merm. Tuc guiding Idea of the Mexican exp.-auioii was an elevated one—to rc-cncr it .-a people and implant among them ideas or order and progress ; to open vast outlets to our com merce, and leave the recognition of «crvi rendered to civilisation to mark our (path. Each was my desire and yours, lint us soon ns tbc extent of our sacrifices appeared to me to exceed the Interests which had called ns across the ocean, I spontaneously determined upon the retail of our army corps, that the Government of the United Suites might comprehend that want of conciliation that - bad the relations which, for the weliero of both countries, should rctna’a fitondlv.*’ The Emperor thrn proceeds to say that 41 tbcGrcat Powers ought to ad In concert to tat’sty the CHUl'ans, protect the rights of Ihe Poi Ic, and t> prevent complications. • The Homo treaty, of September* has been «xcculrd, wl crcby the government ol the Pope ha-placed In n now phase; and lie Is sustained by his own •ireuetti; and lire veneration of the (heat Powers, fir the bead ofthe Church In Europe, wilt sustain Ills temporal imwer against detnigoguei. “Our H-la’lons with England sre intimate, nml both the Powers sgrec n*i oh groat 11ntis. Tim perpetuation of Aurtru h n»*e». mty to the balance of power. The Empe'or sh}‘ lie Lis I'cMulti the pence o| Itir wo’M will not liudislii.'ud. time of the pretpnt, mnildenlol the fn*uie, ( Imve fulfilled lour whhrs in rccard to the dcvclopcmcnt of oar h-MUalions on a liberal scale. Franco will 11. e hei iew rights wisely. She Is rc*i.cclcd alm-nd, but the condition of war being dunged el e mutt Increase tier defence®. Tl« army MU baa hern so drawn as to lighten tbo htmlovs In limes of peace, and Incrciso ibc Mcmuc/'* In (line of war. Our neigh* boi> atsumij far heavier burdens, Let tia cut keep our flag ss the best means of promlug peace. The prosperity of Franco advances. Indited revenue has Increased flf.y millions ol Imties, mid we shall soon ha tHle to satisfy till Interests, reduce tlm land tax tTiiciebr the working cbissoi arn to hi Wtitflled and liberty is to bo solid, Inst, n u mid glurluus. I trust In my policy, tuy Mghl, and my eousclemo.” TRllllir.l.R IJAIITHQIMKR. London, Kchrmuy I(l—Evening, A terrible cnrlhiiunhti lias occurred In lliu tfl ibd of Cvt'lintohla. Lrery town In the I'bnid Is In inliiSi the loss of life and properly Is tuy gical. The King of Urccco has gone Iheto. usi,Arums nnnsKUN r«AKun amp tub uni* triii PTAtfi*. I‘AMis, February Id. The Flinch lllnn llouk says tlm Hoverm it.i nl of I'Minco siiiuoFuly applauds tlm itc< iivlivtf Him Unlltd rtU'w in rcpjlring Hm i \ lln of i*l vll wai i Timm Is mm no MiihSmit ot iliMtinslonbclwucM Kramm and Hm United huiih. Everything lends lo Urn aaslmlln* il. n o| Hn lr pollcms. Ai'lDiN Ol* TUB OtIBAT POWERS WITH URFKR* RNltt TO Tlllt TURKISH I’ROVINOBS. London, Fcbnmry Id, The I’mich 111 uu Hook shows that Urn (■rcul Power* did no morn than tell the Porto lu conciliate the Cretans and Servians, The limine of Commons applauds thlacoanm, TUB BLKCTIONB IN JOIUbHIA, Ucuun, February Id. At Hm elections In Pnusla the Llberalt were triumphant. Ten districts returned Count Bibimtrk as their rcpixecntatlvc. THCC2AKOP KUbSIA. DISCOU.NTBNANCS3 TflS SEUVIAN UISIKO. London, February 15. The Czar bus written a note In which lie objects to the rising of the Servians against f m key. St.PHTßEsncno, February 10. Thu Cza* will prolcc. the Obnsllaai If Turkey rcfubcs lo treat with equity. FRENCH ARMY OUG.VNIZATIO.V. Paris, February 15. The army organization plan of Napoleon if rapidly breeding distrust. AFFAIRS IN CRETE. London, February 15. Despatches from Athens state that afTHrs In Crete me unchanged. ITALY. Florence, February 15. The ministry question L partly settled. Klcasoli is to remain Home Minister. STEAMER ARRIVAL. Livnufoou, February 10. Steamship Cuba, from New York, arrived at Qnueuslown laic this evening. litlctt Foreign Tlarket*. l.ivznrooL, FeJiraarr 1.1—",0n. ('oftenopC'<£null aud - . Sale-cs’.mn'cJ at laics. MMO’-lni; npljud*. Ill; :«m Manchester maiket loac lrc bir goods and -arcs, and pr'c* tendirff downward. iJiraosloCa—Quiet and fam; mixed Western ' o’ii attlis id. Pimbloas—Firm; laid advanced to 53s Cd for racsicaz. I'u.dscc—'Very Ena. rctrotcam—l? He for refined, and 10d per gallon r t-pbi’s; rarin its M, tor common linseed oil • t.stowable advance qnoftd; CSj for linseed tufts; K'Ss per ton ftor Iron; Sin for eiock pigs. Losdox, {ebruary 11 —\oon. Money—Ccmob*, Oil; F.rlc, L K -*34; 5-2 i», Tl'j; mi. iuls Acutrcl, «8?4. extra dividend. IjvxnrooL, February ifi—Noon. Cotton—Market dull. Sales. 7,C00 bales. —l>H_ Loxdox, February I*l. Money—Consol?rJo; Esle, 2S»« ; 5-21 is, TSj}; 1111- ;u is Central TSJi, extra dividend. Losnojr, February IG. Money—Contois, CT; Kr.e, 3S; li'inoid Central, , vitra dividend; United States Mbs, T3CJ. Livcnrooi., February lb—Evening. Cotton—Merkel closed easier; upland at ltd. Lnadilttr*—Qiuetaml steady. Corn 31HCd. IVovirions—S cady. lard 50s. Tallow—Declined slightly, being quoted at kla IVtro’com—Unchanged: tar, fla b:l; rosm - ; for fine v.L\lc oil, £3l "p 232 gal. , \ FfUNKfonr, February 10. United Statsal) nds, TS. ranis, February 10—Evening. Utiu d States bonds, S3 l j. mOW TTASHISGTOJf. (Special Dcspalch to Ibe Chicago Tribune.] Wasuikotox, February PI. ran coui’UOMisß sen km u. Mr. Wentworth's resolution has brought mit many expressions from participants la the late night meeting. It seems that they were assured that the President was willing lo act on the platform very near that of Congress, and some of those attending went in good faith, hoping some proper harmony between Johnson and the Union party could be secured. Others participated |bc* cuutc of a chronic convcrsntisni. They, however, seem lo have very little hope to night of the President yielding nnyllPng. TUB RECONSTRUCTION MRASUUU. The bill agreed upon in the Senate caucus has been printed. It is substantially the Military BUI as passed by tbc House, with the Blaine amendment, and a further prooo ulll n avoiding the great objection urged to >o that In the House, by making all outran* ebbed by the biU competent to vole for del* ligates to the Convention to frame the Con rlitution. At half past tcu Garrett Pavla bus the Hour, uml will probably keep It till midnight. The purpose oft he Senate Is to iuebcnln new bill, and have a vote before adjourning. in Tint norm?, .Mr. Taylor, of Tennessee, is glorifying (lie I’.esldenl. Twenty members on the Iloor. MU. COOK’S AMENDMENT TO TIIC RLVON- HTUHTION HIM. Tbc amendment promised iu the .Senile to the Blaine amendment, providing that all perrons inn ‘e competent to vole ou rati- Hendon of new Stale Constltut on, shall ilso vole for delegates to the conventions iMming these, was prepared by Mr. B. O. *.‘ook for ofl'erlng in the House, but was duit out by the was subsequently adopted by Senator Frcllnghuyseu iu plase i*l one of like character which he had pro pared, ntvEn and iiAimon niLb. In the River aud Harbor Bill reported by Eggleston and passed iu the Hou-e to day, the items as telegraphed for Western improvements remain unchaugcd. MINNESOTA LANDS, The Cmmuissioner General of the Lind Oflice ha* ord-red the reslo-atbin to market .ICi.Thlo acres oflundio Minnesota heretofore withheld on account of the Lake Superior end Mississippi Railroad. WAR DEPARTMENT DECISION The Secretary of War has decided that every bounty claimant Fhall ba regmied a * having served to the end of Ihe war vin c >• listed for three years and was mustered <<al übh his organisation, because s **vlezs w * *e no longer tcnnliod bv tin* Govemm o al an 1 entitled lo additional bounty. D!®IU.’n?EMENTA. Disbursements on account ol the Depart ;; ts f-r the week ending to-day wc-c S!,SOiAU; navy, sl‘iD,lll», Interior NATIONAL RANK CriIKEVCT, Nat ionil Bank cancncy to the amount ol TO 150 has Lyon issued during the week, i king the total bum issued to dale lu»s Van tlcsum cancelled, 5’i1'?,*3*2:5,031. INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS. Tbc Internal Revenue receipts since Feb. ..aij Qr.-L, amount to sio.o‘2;» l ßSo.i>o. Total i.iciuts tbicc the commencement o. tbc . re?eni fiscal year, SUM,OI'J,s 22. ;ois or .uu-noria xtjon in vus imvsu and UAUuOU UILC. Wamuncto:.*, February Ifi.—The Elver nd Harbor Ihlt contains the lu 10.v.n; u t ». I ropiutlons; . r ur cxomluatlon and survey of works of itaprovd* xneui, u* follows: Oi. Aitaniic coast $50,000 psvlfl'* coast 23.000 Northwestern lakes 75.U00 \V«>M?rn and Northwestern river*..... . iri.tMi Forite extension of piers and imprjvciacau of UaiLoi>: KHe Utrenr, Ikmesylvanta. Conn am Kiver. Ohio Hai bor. xiiano l;*vur Uartmr, Ohio. -acda-ky Itivc- irum Frvmout tJ Elr 20.000 v aanKu Bay, Ohio 2 *.u>o S|. cuut Flat*, MidiletT) 1511.4) to • umh or £aciua»‘ l(lw S'.OO 't. WatVa Hivcr. Michigan S'MKI VonJh or Au f-alile lUur. 50.0.0 tlaiqui lit- liaibor, Lako Supeilor 8J.O1W • aclc lU bor. Lako bapc.'lor G5.CU0 loc la llellc. Lake Supe-lor 4rt,tr« •ubc.iorruy, \Vjtcnii?ln 6UX)» Anx Lrl«te. Michigan 20 003 1-1^1?i ,: ‘. u ‘‘J u,,,ur * M»c!il*ran 40,00) s VaTl! 0 '* M| cW«*n 51,0ml .,i •ii>K|in. Mich....... aii||i ttacinr. Win ... Mifljoyuao. Wl* *. VJS Manttmtre. Wli.... (■:tcn Bay, \VI« 4 Mi*nM»-ef Mlrh * * * 45,0iW \\bMts Blur llnrhor''Mlrli 1&1J}*} Mil-krrot lla-lmr.. u >rnlh Maun, Mich «0,0M New Jliii. tin. 4 kO’» I I'll:kl>k. N. V.... HJ.INM liuf.aio, N. Y !•«,«'« || • ... Vonth Ol t!ic Wl8s'S*Vp.'j' Vli-nr JH'Wt to,iomvi- r 2;run "nAS 1111 Illtcr ’ llrM I " |l " ,w 'Am';'''';'' ?n r r A”!! n A 1 ■'» !«n m, Him- ntirt to ti’enVi’rtnn A;lrb«t:nl IJlvi-r«e«.ji Fort Snel. lit p nml Kutk Itaplilj ji> .A, ' t-nMtn.f, t.akp ttJcUl/na fu*u n r*-'« 5*n miftip, t tike Michlcan Mi-M t rn • Hr, Ind ti/hj 1 In* MU uImi tho Secretory «r War ‘u ciii.te cxiiiiilnaMotifl or surreys to be m ij« ft tin- liioiMliiirthe Menominee River.Urueu Hhv; Mouth ol Kniiumsoo Hirer, Mlou.; Tort ( Milton, Uhloj tec Tcnnersco Hirer, horn (.'tnitnti 'ouft tolls rantith,nml c miluuo MicMimjF of tin* Mississippi Hirer nb-ive tlie I’fllls o| 91. Atilhouv, uml belnremi the Vslls ofJM. Anthony nti3 Hock tshitiJ IUp ub. nn<l of the Wbeunsio umJ Illinois Hirer*. Tllll TAIHFK HIM, Mm* Commltti-e of Wuv* mnl Mentis will M'|ii rt tlit* Trftlfl Hill oh Moiiilri) moMitior Ih'.v lirtvo rrtlticrd the Inx on coal luuj €'4 * VOL. XX. curia t salt from IK) to S& cenls, and ffuiaUl lo 10 cents. TUB PTOI.KN TRSTDIUNT, ....... TheNuw York Tutm* special sata J ** Wil liam ilHnsUcctlslhoslcnograPliot charged *Kli selling ibd testimony or the Now \ork Onsloiu House IbvrsliuAlioti lo inilßbl" our* lies, mid to Colloclor Hinyttm In patllcntni'. tin is birder iitrcsL Ho s«>s Mmylbd paid Mm twenty nr rtm ccnia per junm. Among (tut cvhlHiM" tlm* stolon Is Ihal of Ml. Ilrowit, (lolhTior nmilhe'a imvntn Muo ; ridcry. 'I ho B.ieomd In llils ciioi Inis cmijsui mill'll nx'dii'ini'iit am-niif «i**rl'tin pmllcs,snnmof whom lliMUitmi Il'MlliilM-. rlmliniHiin!' HiwcnmmUlim, with p'llltlual Munuhlcr. NP.w mom-imoi spa u* TiillMKi:*. WahlllMJii'i, Knbnury lu» h.U In refnniniu In H.Ditbom-e* winch paan* I i ihn Hnnsc, provide for mm at liovlrilira Point, Thinnlc* !Uv, nml ouo uUMmoluu, ioiku bupciim, Mom. COKUItKSSIOMAI, rItOUU HIMiS Wasimnoton, February Id. SENATE. The Senate ad)ourned at 8:50 this morning without any un.i'Tdandirg when ft vole m the IlecnnaTruction Hill would he taken, and usruub'ed at the usual hour to d iy. On im.llun of Mr. POLAND, ih** Senat'? Jiri.-t.-d on p.s amendinunt. lu tlm Bank nipt BM, ami agreed upon a committee of eon Mr. HOWE, from the Committee on Claim*, rcrot cd adversely on several bliis fur the rcliiTol disbursing ollicurs who lost voachors ftr Ooveinmenl money expended. There wss alicady an act which covered such easea, by providing lor their settlement In the t Mirl ofrialiri*. Mr. MOIUU t.L, from the Committee on the Dbirlvt of CotumVa, roporled advjrsc’.y -,n the pclition L>r the cnlraocUlsumanl of unnaturalized citizen* of the District. Mr. LANE presented the credential* o." £ r Morton, of ludhna, for six years *ioni the 4h ol March. File 1 .. The bill to provide for an allotment by the Court cf members of tbe Sun/eme C’aurt among I In* Circuits. j»rovi*J*j a M ir.-liVi lor ll?f Supreme Conn, was called up by 3lr. Trmiili.tK tind paasfd. Mr. I'OiIKKoT. from llie Committee oo Public Lands, repnrlfl Ibe hill granting to Kama*- public lauds to aid ilia extenriuu o; • t.M Si,:tiiu-rtr of the Union Patnm* Jtailronil l:-*m Tori Kiley to ibe Junction with lb • (Vnlrai Branch. Mi. IIAPUJS introduced a bill declaring A*luit;*« a purl of delivery, and allowing duties* on foreign lucrchiindlpe Imuoricd them, to be secured and paid in Albany. lP'«-irt*l. The Military Reconstruction BUI was .uk(U ti{>. Mr. DOOLITTLE made a speech Indicating :;’.v rrnw, In reply to the requester• tm ’.Vis* r.egi.dature it; >L he resign, and «»;>• t «'••> pc the Military Bill, concluding as lol '.,w»: “Af.p-fhc hundreds ofpcaccfil np;n2 tb j.s vliave btcn iu*.i..-U.iccd rtn-1 aban ib-Tind, »*.'• n y no.v proposed r• ’■tri'Ct with tbc pmver which should not be i-r’ros’f d at angol from IT' , Mr, SAULSBUUY al--o onp tsed the bill. nvn\-i:;<s fesssios, Mr. FAUWiIUiiV concluded his speech •gaa-* Ml. Mr. li.iVh- «nnke ncaitist the hill Mi. CuW AN V*r..twcU in the same way. 2m< i>ro;pecL ol a vote al present—l 2.-20. IloUtsE. Mi. STEVENS, fry’ll th mniittco on An -1 -:.•■■»*■. rs, ro-.i.r’c-’ Civil App-op. i. B: 1 !. I»fi Tn-d *o CNminrtlC'i of the \\ hole, and tautie the epecialouier fir Tues> dt«y. Tic Scnal’t nmt-ndn>onla to the Invalid rcn?l'':i JltH wore concurred in. J!r ivT!>’T \V()l*.T!l snhaiiLted, a> 0 qtiw I’n n orprixllvgf, Invol rlng, a* lie s-dd. the honor, purity and imlept’iidenru 01 the lloitht*, si b»njr preamble and rcsolulton, re* citing that ii bus been lorsotne tirn * ri ii ore*, ami has a'. la.-t nssenod in a public newspaper, that ccrtiiin inemhorii nl the lion?** have holding private mcelr ings,wlth a view t * a corrupt, bargain, pledg ing themselves to uw. mivurs«dy to tlm report of the Judiciary Cummin*.**: in the question of impeachment, If unfavor able to the President, and also to act adver.-c’y lo certain other mva*>nrej rending bel-wc the Ilojse to w!i**li they bad been hiihcils .avorablc, pr./vmvd ih-i President would do cerluin things to whlc'.i he has hitbcilo declared biniM'U ii.< i retrain fr* in dulng certain oilier things to which h** h;»s ItUlierfo d' ,f *Vired Jilrmelf farorab’e and Inriraciiiig tie Judicinv ComndUee U* Inquire int<* the i'icJ, who ..her such umeliiigs have taken place and Mieh c* rrupt bargains been made; ;vb*tt persons bate earrlul conimniiiejf ; **]M fr.*:n snrh member* to the President, and i,..m the Ihesidcnt to th**m; 1 tic nature of th 5 c« , inmiii)lcaUc»tTS, Ac., ami t o report such re»- oiuiioitß lur tbc action ol ibe lions** as the entiiniUtec ti-uy deem ueccspary for the pres ••rvininn of :t« honor and Indcp'-nilnnc.'. Mr WENTWORTH moved the previous jiifj'tu'n. Mr. KI.PKIDGE wanted the resolution amended so tbol a direct inquiry us to v.lutlier‘he members of the oilier side had not been holding meetings fur a corrupt pur pose, and had not with corrupt oI»ji els de termined to imoeneh the President. Mr. WENTWORTH huMed on tbo p’c vi- ij queeri* n. aud tho House soeundi d h. The le-olml'-n »u 9 adopted -SJ ngnimt ■ll. Subj.r'i|ii>Milly the vole was re ionsid-r d. and the resolution tcfencd to u select com inMee ot llirec. 'lhe Senate MH for the relief of certain eiuiltneJois for the consiuielio i of war v«. *- ►e’s was postponed till Friday next. Mr. JULIAN, f.uin Hie ('otnniltliv* on I’u! He Lands, reported hark adverse!? tin* bill granting lamb to tlm Kun.'im A-ybim b.r the lieit ami Dumb. w .»• -h was t ib e-l Several I>l-liiet ol t'oiumblu aud o lier u» Imp-riant bills passed. Thu hill to amend the net declaring the I'lllecr who shall act ns Prushient ol the United Slates' iu care* ot vacancies lo tb • • .'bee ln.'ii «• President and Vico Trodden;. i*s ra-sed without ill«CQ.*sliin. Ttic Senate bill tVtlhcr to twcvcit smog glint was purs- d ; also the House bill grant ii.g the iib ol el way overt ho military reser vation a* Fort Gratiot. Michigan. Mr. BODGE icportid a bill to refund 1 1 the M’lnona <fc St. Peters Knilroad Company ?n -12iin grid for additions! dtitn's piblo.i niilroud Iron, deferred to the Committee on Claims. The Committee on Commerce reported a large number of b*Bs, which were nci»*d on ; also, the llivcrand Ua-lM)rBill t a:):'ropriatl' , ' T over S4.SOO.PPO. which passed. The St’EAKEI* appointed Mc««r«. Wem.- «citli. Ward, ot New Fork, aud mr, the special commiUec ou Mr. Wcot •.u>rlhV rcf-olution. The bill of appropriations fur tho revenue rcnlee passed, ns a‘s»» Tlie MU to rhaage the u-t aii- n of lights and aids lo navigation ou j beSouthem coast. rreef!* til! evening for debate on the Pres i luit's ilCFSage. evenino session. Mr. MERCUII sp..te in dt’f.«uea of the u-uise of Congre’** on rve Ti>ii-uctbm. Mr. BUMONT spoke against the recen*. ■ Tu>U ii>ui'ihr Supremo Court as the l*op/a dl nguisi>i tli-s t-vmel.ussening that the b''*(!:ug of a juillebil oifu-o did not ue.*e*«.:ri y rrev«-n* a .‘ndget*am -».*lng aa igooramus u.’. r.n a**. Mr. TAYLOR, of Ti-nnessce, snnke in de .‘u.'.c <;f ttie President at r '••.-is-.i.-nt with ■•ujl'n-d pa'.rioGsm, and the former pjlicy • t ;h ; R"pnb ,i Cijti parly. A«'b UTiicd. FROM SPRING FI ELI). Despatch In the Ch!cAga TrPiaa*’.] Si’itiNi.rTi.n, Fobrna-v 1». *i**i*\oo city <■ amende:;r*. ’lit- smctulnien.* (» the CBy (’barter of • b-ugo passed ;k » House t!i‘* a r •.’•no m by i early unanhnoTi;-. Tb >y in .• th* . w bm of tb • ! Com ,i‘- ix' Tii*j o IcgWale out of nfilee the present Hurl . Pul’ic‘Works. They will vo In 1 uSm ■ cn Mocday, nml will go through that ly Without delay. A Nr.xv nor*; bill. I hear that a new Dock and Pier Hill Is • < ehlr.g ord will roaKe Us first peep on Monday or Tuesday. I learn from outride -oorecs some of the names of the persons •rpnged In giving it vitality, bnt as they a- 1 (.■cognized in Chicago as highly rcsp , 'jv.b' x .i riltmt n, their names must remain a secret . r tbc present. fdS.DOO lUCJO 5j.0n0 0:i,00» CHICAGO HOnfE ItATt-ROAT) SCIIEVtB. I also g. t. from tbc same source, that the ’•nit* parties on* engaged in concocting a big erse railroad scheme for the South and West *idcs of Chicago; the Initial point for this c-rse railroad, T understand, to be Clark iroct. at Us Wa.-blngion street crossing, v.d (o extend tliem.owest on Washington 51.0 <1 Sit.O d -sicet, through the tunnel lothe city limits : vom Washington, through Wells and other ‘reels on the South Side, nnd. In fact, cx ‘ending Its Iton embrace In a’mott ; evcry ircctlon nrt occupied by the present horse railroads. Thlsblll, I hca-. Is likely to reach the light on Monday or Tuesday. resigns or tub Lonnr. Severn! projects of like character arc pri vately whispered from car to car. In fact, •hero appears to Ik* a universal design among the lobby to go in for all so.-ta of big Heals during the coming week. It will re quire at least forty good, active, vigilant men to watch and expose them. Stealing here Is universally recognized as one of tin* line arts, and the prnfe«Bnrs display a skill iu Heir vocation which Ihe devil ought tore* »si»d with his most taking smiles. 1 hear of no skating park projects before clilcr House jus-, now, Onc-tho Washing, ton skating Park Association—went through t*'o Scnnle yeHordav. and U now in the Home; hut ills as harmless as a sucking dove. * 1»>MJ »l *T» m,,,p TUIAI. IXATITITJOX. TlinP|,oiliiU'o.umillcCTO I lie Imliul.kl ‘ll iVl' TWI "■» l„. T w f I?. f>r U,la '"'"I"""". ma.le .r i 1 I" thulr regjrl llit'i flltfluli I lie fnUi'wlnL' m*ti ralimllo't In muli l.lil: Clutu|<ili,ti, *Jsfi.uw, |l|„„ m i l , 1! nt"’ i* 4 ', m 1 " 1 '‘"'.'""'i •!null Mill llltu.lllClUlllllJ lllulllltlliUfullejje, ♦III Uf)\ wP bout Hut liifH' ntlon, S'llT/r’. V- 1" ■» -- ih iflond Hut llin Jacksonville people bare not yet tlm rUHiI In dtur the I lin i\ tUMI-gn. Jf Hmy tfhlinn that rhiht, their bid, hi Hi > minds of Ihn cmnnilUec, will be the bVgest j if not, litonnilnglmi ivtli eland the h’ghMt. Thu coinmtUue tiNkn no rce^mineiidattnoj. wimiißn. ~ 'I lie itrnHirr lu« h rt "n vnr-y ph'nsinf, hci'l Innhiy, Mini lit" InnJ. win <|i Iru I. >ll f n .-l Cilliniiibpp fiir the |*rtat llifco ur fnh iln;o, is I*«•! drying up. A MU pant'd Hk* llmisn this tifv'in i m of iiimdi publl i Imp and wM u ~■.. ‘ 1 •hhTii , >* rn ii i' .. tT bill aaj a •-bp i.uder I'm |m!urn-n ni’Min. Pa kaid, 4 laly. m.w well I.' - > mi it iljn Ua's. iyi* • *‘.;s enudiiul in t'.f J k'. •nvIH «fnom.* U-. ( Hal in Ihreu ;e»n a k . iln I i•. o "f l» u IMI I and, f.« m whom t'-jjH II,iV n*V‘ r^»d. ; uiHlP.l an ;r’. f„• lift u;‘ »'•r-mul Kljcrlj. Tho rdlowuig am tbo , limdpul features of tbu LUI : \ Ntriion nna prr.vrlei ihn* no Sapcrlniiruljat, I'cdiral tilrcctiw. .'•:i'oro; ui , j'*r s»|k*j ri»ion or aftoMlo-r, i iloiLltab at JackM.uvlUf, or »cy rnln-r Ilo.‘p,»at for the in ihn K're, ihall roculrc, or *1 tain tn cnatorty. at »ac*i lltnpital, any oerron wa» i.aa not w*n deduct Ineaim Uy (be verdict of s juiy ami >L.i univi'of a- nuri, oa pMvid dby an a t ci* tre A .sembly oftblj btalo.apnniv . i!.;nii:ary lA, i nv bcMiontwo nrovjilei that any person laviog «-t or - mansvntnei-t or cmitral '•T an > • Icb; Pai l-rlhclrvaTtc in thl< ocSronr drta ? n rerson ic «n«ti A-v.u»n M :«a -.r .SO v.1.-..>•' of siiC:i bcfiO'-, • «t : |>. . ■ficc’ftor ihn ;r:a! r. quire ! try the a*l («. ! ••ba'il- ! gurby cf a big!* ml i f>mean r. to bi paz rbeil ly a ilae of net Icsa thin fMi hri'nr 1 ,or Jmprisunm ;u: of iu. ' f* • moi;rr.« car :aore than out ”*•!". 0’» » !>vt ol i c to go to tbe informant aed qmer to ,i,c KnspiUil. Sccli.-.n Ur?e provides (hit nny «•*-?.-**« vow ■••nllnetl in sinTlnsno-* Hospi’a' 1 i*. C:n ~;vi -v : > averot tee.: Insane h? t‘»2 vtr- I .’*’«»r .. •,'v. J.rowur i »•<;•. , -a.i . .mV- •» I :«i aw s;;ra trial »b *in a r maV s tl-nr. In f.e r.'.iutv wben‘**nch tarsaa I* candn •(!, ’.*l! !•. '••■iiovile far a t>lal la t*ic coauty-vlriru; 1, ■ ne:.»ca ra*n.». as-c«:ut< mar p*o\;d*:- t’nHf enyperjia si m i>’d feVall be proven nut ia?aae uiey sunn u.* s 'bbcuy. Sccli«-a five natnes the A’liraf*”* of !*ii rv.':al counties to proscci'.c ilia case* u.i>ler '.ai If this bill shall become a law, it Is m i i.-loud that several s. w.eo.iUnetl the Jacktoitvill Insane llosp U : , w*;l i*o Vbvrgol. Tbc vote ua the (ass*,;: ofike ;il War I/O to C. ascotueh owsincs. A moderate el.eil .jsuu'.'j is went through ■*•* Jlousu la*.e thU sil-rn-ma. Anviar the .il:j m it wero tho Pilnimg P-i 1 irU.*d-i>-i ■y Mr. Porker, an 1 pa’ 1L : *: • I : - i !m: Several tv *.*'; - .vjc * ; aL* » on: Id 2s c prices for MibUiklug delinquent 1.-..-, Dullv papers ario to have tnvn\v.!lv«! i.-nls pertmc, urd vwe'veai’tl a ha’.:' e:u - .5 ; town b-ts; we;**ctr p.iprrs arc t /> ’n\*> w.iify crnU j->: uad tea esai; I’jr .mvulots. ■j:k coNSTiTunov.ib < ccupicd a larjj.’ sha-: oj th i tl*be of l!pj i-'nweto-diy. J«c.\aie np nud.*r a isnla i iou, < HV.vd by SpeaVer Corwin, in; .iuu;j ..ry Comrnhlvc to roport a ui I, ii;n«r u S ate LoiHlUattornl-t.’oavenfiyn what is known as w tbe short cav.” Tun .-•A-:- c‘. w-.:> de J. by Corwia a-^3 ; Dliisui• ii .rlbat, Cl’vyi.-ii, :.1 m, Ckiids, Sicvticua; aua In i f toe n-i-V-ULion; and -by M : fihirbiT, Epler, Bond, • Fiiiley, Ming., and otuerc. ag.d* si i!; > I-;i \lp rcr- hi .' nof Mr. v-r.rwin was rcj.*:l-jd y a v*»*.e of twenty one to sixty-on*:. / re?o'r.::on was then pa?<od-bya imaui . . a vote, to call a Couvontto’t in the man :*• pnsetioed in the jTeseulCoustitutioa. .1? disposes of the whole mailer, so Cir as »Ii • House Is concerned. ran cmcAoo po.x swindle ncßren. Tho Dork and Pier Company swindle was ~UTcd in tie House t*» day, with scarcely a lent* on hand to mourn it: file. The first ’::rt from the T«ibt:ng tramiiit sealed i f s itc. The Coinmlttec on Municipal Au'a'.rs, whom the bill wai sent, 1 at once can- to reject It,'and io-diy Mr. E idy, •a:.-man of '.he committee, report-.-d It :u-k with a rccommen l.illm that ii h: in * finitely p/?tpfjic'J, and lhls_ rosomnu.iJi '•■n was udo.bLd by a nnanliu’nii vote. In ‘ i- ;n:i‘ferMr, E-idy • and Ills co:n»ni*t A i} -.*••: done a gonlservl:: to the' city of CTu sr. lovis nniTiacciLL. The SI. Louis Bridge Bill iteeuplod the at- ■ ti'inn of the Senate to-day for i .iiF,niidit dually passed by a vole of-d ■ * 2. This Is the amended or Boomer bill, flu- directors arc to he made up of aa e jaal timber of Illiuolshns and Missourians, and finks down wliat Is known,ns tlu Uuliur ridge Company. The CullorA Kmm, who weroln this hill as oorp >rat<»rs, rerr stricken nut, and It. I*. Tan».*y ami L. Boomer put In their place*. The bill aill doubtless pars the lln,t*e. uf • ureo the people ot Chicago >vc no great Inlere-it In • thin •udy so far ns the suuec.s of Mr. Do.ouer may .m id them grnrilW‘b>n. Hot tin ;• •>. •r. iMitheru Illinois will hiv. great c.ia».! for Ing over the pfi»*p.-:l thocirh erec •• n of the mneh v* i.-h • lhn ige over tli * al .*l. I. > u-. An hil ;r at;.!,-; 'i ;:•* heeotue knoun v-\ u *w lull baiha-m *.? or IS pis-ag-;, which h.'u h.:fore b.-en !n uno;s:ly 1.. *-: In !’. • dark, vi*.; that tin •li.ti'uti, on ivl.Vt the Cu'lv; * M'pahy p*a**e fo much s!r.-v., }> •■w wi.rtbhsf*, the new ConsUiu* .«:n of tint Stale nbr-rjaG-r- aM mate incorporal:.<n under which • 'ft operations* hod commenced orlop lo the ••doplbm of that ln«lrumeut. This ophi! >n lias been given not only by soma of the moat, eminent lawyers ot IlUnol*, bat by Wm. M. /ivarts and ottrir leading counsel of .’Jew Voik, The now charter now about to be qranied by the General Assomb’y h among • *rcor:oralors General Palai.T, Jadge Gillespie, .Tohu William*, .les-c K. Oabois Governor Koerncr, Hnn. JeJm Baker, T. B ?i:ekttene, and olh -p cltirens of like high ’■"putatlon, and there can he no d.iiV . at wiih such men as Its vouch ■•rs the C’lterp.lse i* at la.l r rom the Wbzgius licrry interest. The hill .vfcleh they have put in has been app oved ■ y Kew York capitalist'*, and every d-y. I-n cccssaryto the completion of the work’s alieady pledged on Its passage. Th? bridge will cost from Ihioe to live million d-Bars, ■no Is tobcbnlll by Me*s>. Boomer, B \vlng r.'ti «V* Co., the famous 'bridge bm d rrs of ' tdrago. Aluady Egypt Inumiihs ov-t ■figgijis. TIU STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [£] edsl Def pitch to the Chicago j Si’RJNOFiEJ.P, February Id. SENATE. PETITION***. Petitions of the cIU/.?i< of W’i-m *Vit » »»ici Sanganm i C.tuuti-- wore rere'.ro 1, :i •*, ■ ■■.; tl;i* i-*i,sV f -Lmca; of Ueljria Sebo > i y : : 0 Slu'-C. Mr. PINCKNEY prc*cnt ’3 petit: >3J ofih. > .?ccs asking the pa sage ol a IKtuar 2a»v. pii.i.s intro-mt *ei> . Mr. KKTLT Introduced a lull to rr-iront’ i.rfuvent Insurance cempailc* f.\>a d/mg a-lres* in this tiUte. The r.Pev were .•};<• . i tuiid and the bill ordered to a third read- st. tons jitt.*.. Mr. MACK nmv r, d ttmt lb ? v v.e I s y wfil .Ji l>.'Senate the S’. Loum,- i>.i» i;t special iTticr for Monday at tea o’e.ork ,o rcce’«*-lU**reu. Arb'pl-d.’ That section of the lull repealing tbc othaai b ridge chatters was s’. Ickm out. The name of A. U. I«ee, draw «.* of tie* •-hosby Opera lions'* was hrs**r .*d .'i «.h ? bill a curperator, on Mr.’!* tn »:i *«. J Mr. 'liNOilElv cliered an :iniendru:.i! making i: obligatory on the company ; »o; I end ScO.OOO toward* bnlldiag the budge in ?he year IS4*T. Adopted. (.’orsldtraMe debate ar?«c ns to the chtr uctiT efthe corporators named iu IV p’:;, and *thcr mailers connected wish I;, Mr, ALH'K defending lUo gentleman, c!:»l a- vj ; • « lcrgth> >i>eeeh that they wcio ua lug in I’» uou-g action the Senate adj >arncd. AFTEUNOfN* SKbSPJN*. st. u»t'.s miin rs nt .u Mr. im-ved :in to amer Jmcnt that nottilnc In t.M s* all be con<tru.\l to prohlbi*. the A Illinois Brhl .c Company from baiMP'g a brllie at St. LouU Ifgu- Us charter prove to be valid. -vMr, McConnei urged that thN bill should nor mm withmi: his proposed amendment lavau-«e it ed with the rights of Hie lUlrmt. ,t; .Mi<>is ►lpnl Ihidgel oroi’Quy which had been einr tend by the Missouri Legislature in !•' .!. Mr. METCALF M»okeug:nust theud-ip '.m of t In- amendment and the adoption of the i/ J as It stands. , , Mr. TINCUEK demanded the previous ques (loti, which was sustained. *i ti • voie was then taken on Mr, McCCNNiIU.M amain' menl« which was rejected. yeas -I; n,iw3J. Messrs. Addams, 1* niter, Mel’ moeil ami Biralu rnlv voting lor lh- amendment The hill’was then o derea ion third read leg. whereupon the rules were suspend id umi the lull passed—yens.*.v; -• ILLINOIS TV AH .f.tSrnilt. The elnmt i'|l lommUtic* mad • u of report#. Anmm: other*, Mr. WRIt^TH!., I nun ihe I'rliillits lointtmU'f, ivpurlo.l >i cumimiuli uliun Horn Aillulanl. iJonornl lUv nil, in ii Jon iK'e 10 tlio pulilicaiiun n|* lih rn tnjll. (id iTltl llu.Ulio fad>b hu how II «* i III* liiMmj I'llhlil' iiyini'iiti n» nplctr, tinj ttIH M , ijit|»i‘ c'lihl ccild luhiti]n|Ti‘)i«iit(’i-ii nmiitlio to '•oiii|<'i , '(‘ Ho' wo»k ioiJv I'.ir tin* I'lliihi*. T»--> *»rl i''mi|Hiin*i'l.i|-i vnimms, liii cost (it printing «Muh « il. h'J lit o Juli CHICAGO, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1887. ■ ft'* tier vitlmti**, ni* <*l«»-tl ddtiiri |»J* • • nml f"7 fir ‘V -A ■*. .. ... Mr Ui.lMlKil niMVira tli*» t nrf*!" rfntlmrlrlntf (tie julhH’«lim of till* history. Afl >{ilni|, Mr, WK'/i-ri'.ll'ml ft j ’lnt rirv’l'i 1 H f'*f on (In)I!I<I lualuiiw wuifi |l"a OV'Y UM'M* 111.I . . Mr. to 11,1," oh ih" i",M • !•. p'M»i ii'ot ■■*/*' ' * •m*-'. n o ' nip.j no hMiwMii* ll** ‘‘ ' H ■)).. .hi i.-fiii i m }t 11. Ai ' • n t-*' v« •■ill . 4 V.mii w*« •iK'U'ii, w h i.ll flflMil'.im.T i|||fii'M(os llm <►!» *1 r fl■ I* - 711 M< | M<- ..I'.OIV ill' l.iM 'll) Mml/ i mr.lnf, * 'fh'! H ohi*l t'i.ii*M|j|!»'e I » V il*. Mm p'.i -v.-i *■.ru ■ i-tlmf fill I'm I’hmU'l ' " !•'■ ■ inline.rill! l JiUurcl V. MU UI"T mj» *«'t I" writh.?y. Tim repmi t.iy-i tbv. tbo mi. Vii, i «>.. .j«-i uia culloifc tuUmi, ii noil • i - 4*ill. wo-itt tr.-.U-O, b. r hI.M - f f.i-r I. <’■ »’orl M • ■ the ni'jfrfk'uto £iV> 'VV), MoT.iun Count? '.i I mi •V 'TI • ::* 't of Cl.O,'»»; Jjehmnr ’.I: bM -i ’ul Couuiy bid lIiY.OOO. hut.l *. , ti.n tai.b*. Mr. iIAL*; cuilt-d up rcwbitlon pro tldlnj' ■: lmn>!crriuu tbo Itlitmii (?cn;ral HoMroua mod i.-um Mi * F-nd tn th** Kevcnuo Fund. Reierred tu tbo ritiaaot Ootunittifi*. Mr. BE rMNShT. enl’M un tbo uow Stal '<• r.o Fill i-n Kh I tij-j ic 1 I*4. T. e 1 -lx t-ic; -.cus, Ii; nxys, 8. Adj.tuuui. HOUSE. FETlTtov, Timml-er presented n petition and ;* i-'oun'v cmeorn iucatioa » f t:» • e’atuCuiltal at Do' Af=7!irn.Tcu\L iirpout. 'no iistr'id'ic-'i hv Mr. T?”* K, • !’.• t**. MKjcar'd c nT'-ba <• !.* A r«: • * S : je;atTtor !■»..>, tTd'* ■ .. .rca l" in- • viuniiviee on Fjiuuoj. coMMirrERS, unre-n of .V:i g Committee:* wore - ; ami passed hi vegu'ar realms. CON?TITt f T;n*;.\». CONVENTION. The ( misti - ;jt?-ml Convert.lon quc3'.l.):i r«• »> •» as lb .> -.'ciul order. Mi .’a;;:..- 1 . waireiJ. t .nh. r r.-;>viN made an able ’r?;!), rvir.g the great .ioce s #lty for t now Cotutl iifion, mid severely censuring thjdNv-si •on of lurmbeis to occupy the time of the ...-Von ni liieovjtoraim-g‘ferry a*vl h • p or,;;--..a-Uc d:.-Uvd U iil’Mihr ’.I so drawn Lb »- the people might vote m question it the cl --rum i t that thi d-legates.- If the p* .. .e as Clued to tbe (Miiroulion. in*;:*:' b: icc.-d at I lie neat November el -*cm u.; • d tijc i V‘tiveu;i »*i assemble in Uorcmb '-. . ■• -.aid iu the c>: sti. tiosi h' t*‘<{ .'.iii'd d •'•■'». • * *r wlpcb n •; „ r ., b r racoa tan Iy < io’ «■;*■. »»•■* Hie vioi *• »«i; er.ciisei. o. idi aof i.ett’issi V-*. in . rciusioa lie libetiedVlio elate eff ■!». •’'-rmn v.i dor ;.i i v jij to a cit:t •riviny o',v.r wbatiiclattursand ! • 'C' ■ r ■ men’s < 1 b : s mfanrj. LAi’.N.i, tbo.iyin oithor th® pros: »* <:o ; . ir .«n a eotin.ed to naurriiV olto i: .'•find ns to «wo definite mode of amandi i; 1. a: *! r (i •. m f r.j *r this. .-.lininga Uf a :h ; s -esonn, ud sunmUsiog i: to this pooolo tor ra'.Llri . il cr«-*.. JuU.i cieeti-u. iln w.>.- ; .a *.o J.uve iua .. L >\z iiUll-r ref-rr.* 1 f t ..y . • ::uu.. t ee, t<* repo.i. oo k u? -v rf s<*l: rt me. /. :*• : thing. . i'U..L‘.»JV V atic .nnu , .;i',*" "sutv. , d! I oil,* ..'. *a lie to »Tr iccasion to .umn ‘ l ,U!i;:i;i «uc ofh»bo‘i<ts ail .■ •••. •: a- irui’d them under *,u** I. n- cic'l ,’M • -.lie ».i;;--:ion. »:.«• T--:- vnil <*tht*r -i.-m --t* •* in :.ivor of ti..- iid Oving niiie -jj *. r-t. i-* , i:i|tv, while the —.f .-'ll* j,. iiousO took a ri-c.'ss r.'ll ;v.o t'i'tvl.. AETL:tXIv.**.N srssiox. A’.U'ROPJMATJOX RTT.I. TL-j Ml’nmk'ug the necessary a*r,)ro 4 v;.i. o f. r the n A-ssaiiibly wa alv.:: npand - vd to a *hi:d rcahng. Ci'NVSNTiOX. D!'c:i-3!r,n of Hi'? CouM.iuuiuaal Couvcn n qi:.*A,.on was r-j< -o.ird. Mr. fiAILEi opposed slronely the pro. .fid uicaus of »ceiirj;»g a Co'Hti'.at'o-iai v viul:ii-Ti„ early oav, s lying that lie t.ito from the Jadh* ! ary ConiniiMee V.i-tVu rvert suNi a ueisure as tlia'. i'-’S'i . .'.r. C-. wie. A cal! . \a« pnwlnua qimstlon on mo. i >*» jo to the Jndiclarr cj/nnuuttee, ‘br i] urpc.-c or n *—n-uv an j»»m*’idment in ' <.•••! danco wltii -Ur. Corwiu's suggcsiiou, vns lost by *.l» i«.2d, . * Mr.TAYI.uI, made an eloquent and keenly •reunicntalivc speech, appealing to the .lomc t > net in nccord tnco with thcConsll iition. iic admitted lb*; great nceo-dly /nr itijtf.rtan.. amendments to'our ConslHutlon, huv at the same lime drew attention o the fa'ff Unit tlio present Con- A’lition prescrilu's in the clearest »’.d i;i. r.t deiinitu r.iannoy bow such amend bh.ill he made, while the experience (' ibe i a.- 1 leu yea is, dining which our.llalo i-grown grea-, populous, rich and proa •oi.s, notwitliflumUng the evil? of our « i.rtiuiilwi. prove to m* that we can afford '» wait u-r the iiniem’mcnlH » Mitllci nt time • abow them to he made lon legitimate and list I: nni'ilicr. Mr. f. ; TACKV made a very able sprcch In •v.-*r of tin* short cut jUau. .Mr. Cm w!h‘a i»h.Vv imi was lost by u rote 1 til nmi* to ffi uyc*h. Mr. 1-Ii’LKU a icsMnUnn, which itc an i-micl copy ol the i *s,»: i,.hm o-*} in, To,-a'i -*»1 •»> t’ t.Vtven.iiM, Ad ,i • a voicof «Ouy»siotm noos. Tiiii’ms.m. nu„ The rural Hill was made the spscUl o, «n r jei Mi ndiy. atti f». r.i. cnii'ii.o noi'K mu. Mr K!)!>V, from it»c Contmittea on Mnnl* • .-I Ah.ilrs, r.*po.-.i-d b-iek tha i!'p*,i..» er Ilartv.-Pi.rand l).i.?k LVmoanv’a (JM, .rcommend’ng IU Indeliniic po*i.p:iV;:n ui. .' osipuncincat agreed to. Ho then mured .o recoitaidcr that p •♦ipiMeinenl.aaJ ui .voJ • 'lay 11. at moii.iu i*. ivouiui'iraium on tha .able. Carrh-d. So ci-deth the chant ..*ot i!v M'ahasli Viillc- f.’h'.ago DoalclLU.' l ln* report of the Special on .giieult jral College was ordered prmU nn.L? PASSED. The f-Mowing bills were passed, together •a ill: a great anruher nf others of minor im» purta?*cc: the Jo'la. »V Am<>ra Kali 0.. d i.hunt-nay; incorparatlng MiAais.-lppl Hirer Wiseousiu Sla-n 15 . Ihillrou i \ : nr-mdlng f•* the ot i-u cf 1 ersor. »1: >-riy, i.i regulall >.i e'natiers of commUnjeat t*r .the insane; • iMirts ;o rodif'e nil n-inlin«r regnla ’i to one rri; it. at;. ;g' the -eola Grand Tru ih L.iilrotil (Jvmnny; 1 aiu.-viKe, Kushtown cc Keokali 11. 11. Co.; HTD-ViUS BILL. The vote Indcsliiitely postponing the Luxe! Sid* Park Bill, of Chicago, tin i thf lull was reeam- d to rha Cojk County membeas. Ad'ourued. EVuVIXO «Ss«lrtV. An cronlnc session wa» held, at wM* 0 ! n thins was done hut to refer Senate bllU to commuters. Adjourned. niSCOMSIN, I Special Despatch in the Chicago T.-lbano.] Madjsom, Februfj l?t. Friday cr,: cin-c’s iiuc-itj; ;c:. SENATE. In the Senate lan ovenlnsr Ihe bIM to »*ni«ul the arlL-lcj ..f *.# *c‘at.oa .»f t<i»; Mu wnufcpcft St. Paul Railroad Co np^uj. .ho special order ol laasa.-j. After a lona and f j'irP-d c;-. :>daa the hill was ordered ro a tuhd rcadtrj—is; nocs, 11. niiu.'*-:. In the Assembly I*«t evening Mils tro-e M-.tii to amend section dsbt, ciu;:..r rilitet l , RovL>.-u Siat, relaf-nsr to town* *i’ad town odicors; to eh uuje the time **, l-oldlnir court in Vcrnan County. Rills were passed t«* authorize tf-e Secrets«rc of : Slnte :o TToenreund furnish to the Clerk of the •I..era of Supervisors a list of namesofdts rjtors ir -m the military to:rice, and skit:*; such lisiapn^u/aeircvldcawci’da .•illoii. , SENATE. TEj-TERDAVV PRO A resolufm was- id'o-U’d authorlrlatr the I no tecs ot ;hi Ro.p iai lor the los-ine to and light the new wings to that in* •liit.iion. prepa atory to the reception of Bill were Introduced to amend chapte* -Wirty.two ot the laws of eocc-nlnx lv ergauictugor maiiitacLaring companies; 1. -r.ji.uul section b. chapter 100, R y., ic’a in gto hmeut for Urccov ; to provide ter tevjtrg a tax annually to reimburse the • vfeool fm ds. The Milwaukee A Bt. Paul Railroad Bill, «lii.\was ordered to a third reading lan « v»ij:Dg, was made the special order for T.;i*daj. The Winona Bridge Bill was also eon-ld rul for a time, aid’pending discussion the .1 ale udjourerd to Monday evening, ASSEMBLY A large proportion of the members went •dl c>ii leave 01 absence. A resolution was offered to make Inquiry into the propriety of supporting Idiots at the public expense. A icm lutlon to adjourn on Satnrdays al half past eleven till MornUvat half jasiaor cti in 1 lie evening was adopted. bill* were in reduced to regulate the se lect irgol jurors, and half a dozen local hll’s. Adjourned to Monday evening. l>«alrnctlrr Fire at Sparta, win. ♦ Mu.WACKtc, Fefernary Id.—\ destructive lire occurred onThuraiiav night, at Sn irta in Ibis Stale, dentroylng the Sumuan linage 11ml u Norwegian hotel ; the Union block. «felcfe was occupied by a large number of l iiollles. and who o»e thus tn-dc penniless * 1 fee diy goods store ot W. F. Llndcrnun. be side* tt t oniliiT of small buddings. Mo*l all the goods were saved. The building* were a

total loss. Amount« f Insutauce not kuuwa. nnuarlmwits llettia. llostow, 1 cferuary tn.—An oldtnan, nim»d Ir-galts I'unwi). was burnt to death In a (urn. ut North Reading, on Wednesday morning. Murhsjboul the Lead caused suspicion ihat he l 01l Ih'cii foully d-alt witli. Abigail Serihetier Ims beep held f-»r trial elniged with poisoning Latini .1. Hi,.wn. wjioin she sirs peeled of too great lulluise) with her feuslaiid. THE FLOOD. Great, Fresbot lu tbo Kanka kee lllvor. ' f'Vslrimivi) liiiimliilloii nt Wil> Illlllglllll, lllilllllH. f'oaei’H nnd llrldgcs Canid Awny aud Iho Town Submerged. Supposed Z.os« of Life. Tun Freshet in tho Illinois and Fez Eivors, iCavaßes of the Flood in Other States, .".r,prehensions of a Freshet in the Chicago River. THE EIOOES IN THE CITE. The tain erased in Chmago at an v.inr • our on Friday cvem:«g, its iv;': visSMc much inor-j failv ou jjaturlay thin .luie the s-tonn was ragn : g T.i; sun sVra: gloriously during the diy. ana, u* .ei i»> :> strong wind, ca-ri*:d off lb; water? from .ho business portion nl the eily, leaving tl-e viewalka clean, Un business streets but cdliy covered w'.’h mud. and reducing the .nanuty of water lying oa tha v'alilts in the tindralned outside jav.un of the city. Down br the . i* c k Vards, wlrem on Friday ni»h*, near’ c .* . et cf water aid the traveller at every stop, vj... whore the basement of the Hoag.* Anusc was copsidcraldy damaged by v.a'cr, the quantity bad dimlalsiud t:> three to four inches on Saturday. Where ou •L*i- oIev«iv»l portions of the prairie lumber wc»i »i *:s»a lain three or four inches iwt ',IL r.h..0.'4 cnlinly ci-appcircd. Bui. ns the wa;c:s receded irom the soil, they fc 1 xt<» the river, materially enlargin' its vol ume and hrinclmr Its surface nn very nearly to the dock line, through nearly tile whole iff its Icuglh. AtlLmdolphstrccl, the water v.cs i’p to within ab,>ut a foot of the surface •f Ike dock, while, at abont Eighteenth ect and In Bridgeport, it was even with the sun’nee. Urcat fears were ei'tcrta ; iifcd by the packers that their cel'ari would he filled, audsome of them commenced taking away the turns ard $1 enld'.rs, wlrch are kept In the lower pins i f Umir buildings, moving them to the doors ..hove In undcipa: son oi the dood. We uavo heard only by rmnorthal one or two cellars, uiaie than usually esp sc;i. were in vain 1 bv •1.0 current, bat generally they escap'd. In onr l?«ne of "•aturday <vo referred to the •‘bulky” strueluics t*\ e-miffimrnt I.'ridges. tiia’ic!''acr«*-s tin river at , i , : elfidi iti d lvlk slreeis. Tim awuiieu e".7. ea ; be came too mack for tam a Hid.’ before dark on Saturday. At hr accomita they were m-t car.: :1 away fmm thc;r Tiioc-rlngs, hut trerc strainsd «o inttek that it was imprsdhlc to move them. The water swayed them right open, und rushed through with a force very seldom known to the current ufthc Chicago River. The hiid£c uvei .h i South Branch at Ualatod street, though much higher above the nor mill surface' was In a similar condition, it being swung open as unsafe for passage. It was repotted that this tremen dous increase iu the volume of the river was duo to the bursllug iu iff a large quantity of water i>om the Anx Ihaiues, a result which has been for two or three days pa-*!. There Isnoreamn to apprehend that the rlVer whl rise higher t him ut present. Ihe only iec now to be scon In the river Is around what is terin-d Gooso Island, a bank ol land formci Jy the accretion o: son wan’i id down mini the North and S lUttiß.nnches ■*. hc-c they Join with the main rive:. Tuc.v i a j.-leh of ice on that corner prolnib'y n •midr< d ltd across, and iu suaio {daces t’.vo i three lunip.tin Ihlekncps. . TUP PIrOODS EISBWHS3K2). lllliKtln. CHEAT Fl.l<u!l AT WiI.MINOroX. On Friday cv.*rbig lU* c'#!»il>tn <.l <-rrv . Haw ami rain had ill -lr vVb'i i;Vj. pon the Kankakee W'l.rilp ill. The fact that the bridge ,al nut point, hen-lot »rn consldcnd on* (, If i.ol. the tmml Mii hliuitia! bridges upon road, *ai» down, was, during the even i,, eoimminle.iti-d t" tbe company, an 1 rough them, this morning, to tin 'hv,*?. !<•- company, In a brief notice, inform* <) Ui.* ilftc that, on neconm tif the bws of c-i lai porUnt bridge on its lino, no tlmn"h trahu aonlil I caw l'»'" city l«r ti(irln-;.t-lu and Louis until imih’-r nolle-. Tue loc.r:o*) of (hr accident was b/ the fjidhe r’atrmcnt that tin* Wilmington train \v»>ild cm ns muni. It wa* tin n to»late to ohratn inti particulars of the oamiUv, an I. as w»- imr dL-over, tic conlu-iim ’m tin i*vj aas too great lo allow of Unit co-»i.,10n o*” n-lnd unieri fit on lb« c!.*ciil ih-ei ol lacts* In cot nectloG wbh general losses o.‘ la’raMe proper!v. The o&tont ol the .Inlary done wo bare now been enabh .1 to Icarc. The bridge over ihc Kankakee f iver Is destroyed. T.ut over Forked Crew in Stewa.Va Addition is a thli-j rf the ps_t. :>• \ the trestle bridge over Prairie Crcrk nolr.rg.*r prints. Wilming ton Is an isolated lowruandlla inhabitants arc enjoying M'hrin purgation in the upper .“•iorlu? ol lliei: no ises. At chout live o'eli ck. «vperhaps .icaror on foto.-, the W2*eri rf •■.!•* i'mk.u-vv, w ;cb had h.-trn ti.:.--’e ring to orerdow lav's..* al jne n‘l i • t.nigiti, nngiuij > ed iln-ir :*'rcc ut. \Vilmuig*..u. Trie i. e whl*rh i ;ul aeei'imi ! nt»-d < r*--- In i.a rit-rht R‘o> 1 ro‘" by y -n- -.f t.*nj greater we'gl t id’ the wa.- . r.r ’ » : -*g choked i*- >w, the 6trv.i:u eormnencji to swell. Ti-i sudden rise of water ami j-e was viewed wish dUinuv ami fear by the «rxions and not air- gci-ier unp.-cp.ii ,*: pc »• pie. Their prep-.alum, however, sms « -'Tubed to lb- ir apprebnislon. red os tier torrent, roared and "rushed madly by a pruie seized them. Thundering along in* a su' -u fury ti-« wjst-r, sw..Hen hevund the bank*-, swept away the railroad bridge, TU’s wa» a Howe truss, upon abutmen.s of solid masonry. The road bridge, above that of the railway comoanv, bad jnst before been comolctely demohshed, ard way aTo-s KorKcd Creek, In Stew art 1 ? andiliou to the city, was also destroy ed. The people in the eastern part of the ■i'T'viic now cut off from neighbors of the west. They were tcrmr-strm k, wan dering about fecktOff the road lo safety lor ;,-eu>*)ivrs. I'ho inhabitants of the low land rushed ii»:o;he mote populous p.»-u of Inc eily, and a scene of wild coa:usioa was es * ib'u O. Tire river continued its rise. During some xcniut.ts the water ns much as a 100. i-cr minute, overtlowimr the b mus and reek .ix levels in the stores and Unclliugs of the •r.kahitanU. i he ancry flood soon found further prey. t featured’ against, and entered AhlcnV aurL-feouse. ami that l.i now eutiiwly ru’ncJ. A low portions of lu walla remain erecS, but j-.y, thorn purl? that were swept away, aero Ccetrovcd. The noils of Messrs. Fisher •V* Co. an* also mined beym-i redemption; <nd the ferlek brewery adjacent to the river and fellow the railroad bridge, owned .*y Mr. Alb u and rented to Mess s. Bell-’. & •>., shared, if not so extreme a fate, a los •vhicb can orly be estimated bv a Mil of re- wfclrfe will probably amount to two .birds of the value of the property. 1 fee scene In and around the town is on* of .uat contusion. Small buildings, articles • f furniture, barrels and pacMgi:. i o and umber, shop Crimes and ourLom-cs hive '»rnj washed to spots far from the location '•f their former utllTy. and tbev ouve been rendered useless by the -iamjKmicg piotc-'S. where there is ■ll some places a deeper wate. led. these ar ticles flout about in hu’xrticable disorder. Everywhere cellars are flooded and even the of the pnee>pai hotel, the sdrermau Home, Is Uvmluted Awav otf from the city, on A trims* lahn-ri, two lamlllca a-c sub ■•■ ring. Resident ut,ou the Is'aul ’.hoy are -ut off from commmiicatim witn any of the ? o them outer world, and the torrent was so great that »hen our infirmant left, no one on the main land dared, nor did they care to venture to open a com muulcatiou by boils. Di’r’njr the night the MolbodUt and Fresbyicrlau meet ing houses wire tilled with lamlllcs whose residence* were so suddenly removed or flooded, ami the bouses which, fey reason of Hair higher location, were In some sort of eh ly. were crowded fey those whoso houses were In le?.* favorable condition. The hclgl t of the water mny be judged by the stiitvliient that. Water and Main street*, us hlm> the Imcrsceling Ihorourhurcs. are ►i.ow linpassabie for teams, and on 1 fee fci?ro-f» of tbc water, which rorders them unsafe andl'ic mvcul-iitfor pas -'ape there are (lotting large caker of ice, varjlnghi thitkiie-s from six to twenty ii-u rn, and of such Ice there are perhaps *-%cr two hundred acres lu mid around the rfev, thclmgcst Held lying Just below the inlliohd elaiiop hou-c. of mi eAluiited area I ofror tiunnred acres, ne-hh’s this, the firce <-f the water carried cakes of lee Into pyr amids, which real now In the city. Five men. whose names we were im.ifele as ytl toll am. me at present ml-ong. U \- rnueh frarerl Ural they have gonnd r-nr wlt»- Mie rUrrrtit. to their di'dh. Th» |im o. I topr riy I* r:oloii«b •’ftlmated, II emi,.» 'nil slM'it ul IH4I, tmtl pi'illiins Ho- ivsill. 1 I the ife sir mi Inn nil) mo be imVirred fey til addiife ii < I me ther fem ilr'-il luu ip Oid. Tlo trgiilai thrill fHn NVUiufe'gioii not ihlfl 1 »d hr Um* nlmrid liHh* il-Mrn'-lbi creek I‘rltlirr*, tjnftli of Wllniln'f'nti* Tim Pum-ME« tfi m i ro TiMcticd U(i,fnn» II tin ilnn lo rrli.> h |il(M'i> ihojr walkn |i, by Um Pay u n h't' mid in l!m( cuf ilm/camo into ih 1 < ity hut tvi ulm:. At vinmir, h‘]iri)iit l)es)i«lrli to D-o ';lilr*';<t IVlhtlhe. 1 tjiMhor, In,, F bnmry Id, 1 lm li'M hittm H»n b»"k'Mi|» la-(. nvm* n?, lo*. lb" '‘luMiml 14 ul»»v. Tin Ill'll Ol hit* OMO ll' svlt-l tiltl?» i i-} i 'ilm p|uph wheel Imp"'i i, 11./* i*i tho Mmnih tir tim luy, wm piinni* »*i ■h.*ih b/ Ihc'i-d |4|*i!<!c||li ft"'.'" |i .mi ( r*’o'| n Imiv, nlmiU one Umiit.ii*J •I'ilaia. 'J hit feli-AIMiT Mollht Meril;>t tir*lv’t >1 iV "ll ' Ifie|nt;uU I’4iniimp lllu |||iir|ilii-f, Tim »• al«i Kr«rr»l.i «-vjieen:*l to utrlve 11 iiu.r icnv hotu ,i. !.• ul^, *ri>«.-r«t teijl |..t no j’urllm l 'l'llnrrtpM to of mivlaallim to Uis polul, U U im, winter. XT MOURId, irpcciul Deaputch to tlu CUlc.ijo Tribtr .1 Momuj*, I!!., Fcbmnry H. ’ Tbo Illinois UltCi Is said to bobijlmr ibiti ut any Unto for Ibltly years. Il is w.tbm Iburc feet of tbo wood woik, of tbo uud routlnually rlihi". It La 1 ? rlsja o;cr tb; inclined plnuc oi tbo jilor? aud tin* f.«H fi-co «*I the fletdi of Ice come its pcjnin lop. It ha* '»trca*iy ta!?**n out a nnm •: o: - LUme* from theTnUhlle p’er. Tho ice al.i.utfi?e miles up the river, entirely a.TOss ii, and illicit! lu iwcuiy feel ilnck. britijie aud .uu iiuuietrse (pirn- Mly ofli.n»lcr a»;d parUofh m-es have il-rit. fd acainst the west bunk. Orm of i'.*o ibl.s mornitur can*e uguin-l a .iij SC- - »r. j wall wbicii wa 1 ? lue ba-cmc! t to a <nvali?iiL' !s -u-ie, uud went luc wall da though is was |.awr. The tv’ed has Motm furiously uo (*• luralld'*}', uicatly ibo force of me di-a’.ioy: tec. at ojuno. Cairo, February Im.—Tim terxlhla and in. .Uf-rr. lain-Uinu of the pis-. three ; «Lty:s d Inst night. At ml tnVa; it was a! :i -st ’■■arand mining cool. It Js cntii.*ly r;*.*ar I.> morning, tiro mercoy aland:-™- -v ili’.r. 'lbe Mobile %c Ohio Kaitr.iad Is ir :?*i t«y the Obiun Diver, and have s'.oy^al 'j i;o Illirols Central Dallroad is a T so undo.'’ •rabr real I!Ini, tome l»ccnty .miles •l evy bore. For abnat tbr-ja o.»*as’.cr* • f a mile trains hive f>» rnu uaii near tiiice te tof wa’or. wJiicb «' ,'.ivi -m hit In Lbo euiiiiio. The .nortn.taiu h .aai •rainleft rouse li.uo.soasto ; -.yc dsiTl-pbl to ran th ?’.o ~»e iiii’n trom tin north, due bv* -v. •Vl' cK in the raoiulnx*. did t»ot a.-rivj until ;• o’clock. The river Las iM!y for day.*. The rise f,»l:nr* the . • iT:;r.i:t i’liK.nv.s to nearly tblr'y fee:. Uls bidl’-vod tbc city !s sar.* f o:n -or.iuw, .•s the liver tf yef .-j'.c' feet he'owtue li-gh-watcr a*rk of I'Jtfl, and the lerco h:i3 been rabed two fed since tuen. A htge qnantlty of wa’er has aca’imu iated Imldc of the levee fr.,*:;i tha rl-o. whlch cannot run ont. as the sowers have been cloerd to previous ingress of the water from the river. The accumulation of «ater Is being thrown out by the big ?leara pump at the four of Ten'll stre.*?, at the late of one thor.iand barrels nor m nir.o. Cairo, February 3«l.—The Oui<> River is over the Hack of the MnVi'e nU*-» Rail ami l.aits h.vvi: s?- I bine?runnin :. Tne il'inol* Cvntial i- ao * mandated above Alien, and hair* inn through wa**ir o; -u H. c'cnt depih to extinguish the firw in the lo comotives. At calumet. Dc?uateh to ihe Chicago Tnbnt.e 1 Calumet, Febrnary.Kb—Mldntiht. The track of the Michigan CcnTa’ Ra‘l rrgid at the Little Ca’uraet, about I'llrJy miles horn Chicago, is sub merged, the wa quarter of u mile, L-ing nearly np to ImV •< of tlie ears, and repoiLcd si'll rising. The i»:*lrs are obliged to run very slowly, i .’••lmg their way along ranllon-■y.'le'-t drht wood might have Ihutcd upon too track, or Utc water have dissolved the frost ami loor.cned the find unde-h iiig the truck. Men are cn gseed in watching through the oigi’t, and uav® kirdl-cl lives by which tn keen them selves warm. If It should fr«*e»e liatd to day, as tew trains tun on Sunday, thu track niigUl bce -me scriou-lv obsiticivd, l‘i ’ igU m> urial dlfilculiy experienced List tilgh*. at nocKronn. t q i*ccLal Despatch to the Cli cago Tribune.l Kuckfoud, 111.. Febnnry Id. All the strsams in niWvietui(.y aro very igh, but no damage has yet been reported wept the carrying away of one or two -mall bridges. Too iec below the dam in '.be river gorged on Wednesday, and railed 'he water to a height that interfered some •.vioit with the operations of the ntati'tfre’.o i.s above the dam. The Ice remains s# f ,*H r l AT LA HALI.U |or<clal Pispa'ch to the CMcngo Trlbanc.J, February M. The llllnol# Liver Is higher than K* r .'rv i Heels'll, Two spun* ol the wagon bridge .ere are gone bodily, being shoved od’by tins a* riding up the Jcc-breukeri'. The ioanda li’iih jrc mainly unlniuied. Tne damn *c i» ; -»l mi gtcal here ua hy iht: ilood of I •!?. All wagon bridges over the Illinois ah r.v ’»,r! below n.«, fin inrnu lizard from, are rmre r Ji-hh Inlnrnl. That at Pent lu-* gm* 3 cn trdy. Tint wal<*r U now at a stand und wdl -non commence falling it' u* moio rain falls. AT OTTAWA (S|.i'ctal Pespatcbtn th« < go Tr Umne. J Oitawa, ill.. K«-bruarr n -*i. j». m. . T *;st night Ilia water in (lie UlliiTs a;il .\a iliverb rose n-ialn about two feet a-i.I a ...df, and is elill rising. It is not as higho* t was on Thutflday. when the Ice broke up. t he heavy rain atortu ofyeslerdAy ha i r.»ls-.l L*u erccha iu ibis virlully to a .very high •lage, arid considerable damage hjs I* c.n-c ov carrying otrtbc f.-nces, anuil brhigej '•*d cohorts. The wagon b(”ge aer the JHluols Klver at LaSalle was carried od’bjdi* ly by the lee. The dmnage done to thc llllnols Liver bridge la thi : c!*y will be repahed Uy th’s alicrnoou fo that teams can again cro;». fhe Ice Is still running a little. AT I’EKtX. JSpcc’al Despatch to the Chfcsgo T:ib;im*.| Pbkix, 111., February Id. The Mackinaw bus not been so high In flirty years. All the brlduca on Iheslrcama : is ih’s sec'.im have been washed a»av. No Minimnnication £outli ot lic.esitcc Wcduca* cay. It will lake Uuca or four days r.» rc a'r lire damage on the raMroad. The Kick* - r.c f : bridge and trestle Is portly gone. Ib> i ..hua*** g.dng forwa-d rapidly. Tw<» tenuis were drowned at Lick C- ;ek, -.-• ween iLi* t.lacc and Peoria, yestc. - di v . AT ItELVIDEKB, [ ■pedal Dhnatdi to tha TrJhon? 1 EEwVidcjik. Ills., Vebraary lilvcr falling—no brlujjes *;on3 out ia r'-nty. No serious damage doaa by tli: l<»wn> [Several Di-jvrch to the Co'cnza Tnbnnri C£i>AJ( UAi'ios, r’ehruj-y 1 !. The water has been very bi;!i ha •Idtfg now. Too bridsca over Praiileaa l Indian creeks were swept away, and cats running as usual.’ I Special Despatch to Iho (hiraeo T.iMre.l DL*ut;'2Utr. February Despatches from lowa Falls and Cedar jl’s state that the lowa and Cedar river*, ‘thomrli still hl*h, fell orcra foot bn! irckl if.l siill faliliitr. Rrid<re* on the D.ihn.pio Sioux City, aad Dobanue «& Soutawosierv alt flic. Vbc Mississippi river at this point has tumi -'•me one and a halfto two feet over tbs i ;o. Cr.-ssinp with team* Is, however, keot :t:> t»v Lf-iiu: fridges to nut from the land oil the ice. Weulbc-r clear and pleasant. lO*MurL [Fpicfal Bcfpaich to the Chirico TiV-iaej St. Lo".s, February 35. ‘ 7he river lore teu feet up to t d large quantities of grain were dam*’- y the rising waters. The Ice In th? Missouri has generally broken •r, and the rive? Is sappo-cl to be operx I*. Hop >rt* irom above luduMli ■> heavy rise, cud thc*o is now au afejudauca : water every a hero. Tt e Katv liari Ims come from thoWhlt-* Irudwrcek. She reports the steamer’f at to ncanv a total Ins*. K*n~v* CTrr, Mo., February 15.—Tw* ■ Mirsofthe wagon bridge «cro»; the Kaw .liver, at Wyaneotle, was .-went away fey he flood this nltemoMi. The bridge’w,i*! ..-cc’ul last till, at u cost of S7J,UdJ, and, It ;• tcared. will La a tola* 10.-s. Ti e Missouri River, at tills nMnt, has risen apidly tfe s s evening, ami work on the piers w iho*Cameron Radioed brlige has caused * n account of nigh water. 'I lie Flood In lit* I'urnhngn River. (From iho rUwel.»nd Leader, February ir*.l Tie Cuyahoga Ulvc'‘ rose rapidly jester* .lay, and* during the dav the Ice gave way iifeuve the city. Ii still remained l>«t, how .aor, below Columbus street, and the lingo ti'usses piled up, a shdrt distance ul>oru lms bridge, lor.ulng an Itnmcnsu gorge, ul •runt completely damming the river. Tills mused an. inundation of the. en tire flots to a depth of several Ivct, aud much anxiety • was felt tor pioj-cny liable lobe swept away, or darn aged by water. Lumber plies were anchored down ; vessel* were secured by additional hawser* and chains, and ctitv possible pro* caution was taken to prevent disaster. At dark last evening matters remained m .'lulu yuo, except that the water was cun ptfmth rising up 11 the Huts, on account of the gorge. Bc’ow the Lighthouse street bridge the river had been clear for a day or »wo, the Ice timing broken up und passed into the lake, but bcwcon that point and the Columbus street nrldgo it rein lined nlact. tfeuiidh exhibiting many symptoms i ni pioiichlng dissolution. At utl the 'nidges, mro wttc placed on duly flir the night, to Keep a Ci*relul lookout, and to fee ♦ adv to open tlnMii P ntiy vessels should he Mn'tl ficm tin It tmiiirlnus ntid limue down •ho sin mu, Wntdmien worn also placed >I oi- till the Meatdrrs ntid tunny of llie sa*l v'i sicl? lying lu Iho titer, In give tLo aluiin NUMBER 251 ly In* uio nrd* 1 ’ Ihe in,” 1,0 Pilch ii h •:;,»* u'i« <> Hie coryo lh* !hirilierli oir > Iron Mill wax t (i plop wmi-Ig i'iou"d 110 -r of lli*j i-iilidlue h.-lng imlirrdy liMiiolal' dt Mullcra bujiiti lo iindiuM n sq : 1 ’ '' ns It Wii3 evil 'U‘, Ihit 'pil'i-l It- ycVo »r<»v h"tihV iiiil niloivcl lip. *»eht |m How off, Va-fJI rdityua IM3 ul pinD orl.y I'uui.J ii.d Avoided, Atoutoin. »i*C|, CM t||M Hi-iMilUff III" pl»|h: t-"f!l h,» . I*l'.; •} kite tr.M-gV n,»vc ir.»/ .ViLilll i fiOiiCiiijmja Ci,i h, ti ”1 iv« iniM i'H-14 Id^'*- <’«! ioliiiiblv e<ovn, Hocixi-ni'i i «o ruv> •■ver>thhiif hep ,k ), Tb" • -if;,t f wet /■ it HO|!ry<d) it •UOMI- 01 l‘t d» In'll tiling. !<•< HI. b'do <| H<>it iintiiK'd io 111 >r mill i'i | |tl)iMl».- iuiuicpstj «!’ i.|> UdM) i.lnujr, buriiii’utr, grjo :in</ ,ud ; fljr«lnp.r mclj uiunr end tit * vca-i l.i ,i\ ;*j4 (liirkn Wll ll H (Jolt IVihf Ni, wt »\ gni',!. dh ancc, Tho I,'llip-* irem tl luiho hugo masioa ntno-UtU: u'mtmjuU, -.i d veififla ~ulvi;iu I iVpm tio;a to sum u> tb. y i.iMlcst Mj.* - .- oui reporter rHted tho aivn -, not mtro than half an liour af:or j ij.we hr cou'd not Iturir that any aurionn laid occurred, but the Hurfu-'.) ut tii-i nvar vrus covered with drift, aud it is pn.biblo rhat a J*m»« amount i.t i.nan property Ua* been carried a**ay. Annmb'V of polti‘2- tntn were on duty nlomr the river, caiefally the in'ereauof our citizeaj. Uisimo. fortuna'.o that tu*;re w.w no ratti tlio *• ihav," ur bad turn hern the capo tbo rcaall musL have * con Ui' tP’r'oiß. Tlis Ice waa of un common and held i*« peaiiion ■with the T;tni-’H‘. l'siriei:v, AU dagger h.v n .-xr pars c. u-.: ,ar- lumber vai fe] ouncr-. an-1 «•'lseri. iiavlcg prop.*. : y ijv Uelodan.TU'j by hood, catUbrcathe freely lurain. 7U2 JSTAIE LEGIrfLATUKSS. nznjtcAV, !”: cm! Ce3'*a‘cU to Uu : Cu'ca-m 7;l*»nn\J T‘ore is a pr i -p -U f a c > i'iL. ' two £!;»::<• r: nn In-? C* * - t'-i'ir 75!!*. TV a • -. r.suemlnvni . tb« VToj-'j -r : Cjnour. T!*cra:filu f.r a C ..uX;. . ct Cuntor-'C '- A now L ! <;a tbe r»m« ssiV.'cl w*i intro duced in Lot Sana-e by .Mr. LVi ! A’.iT’.: imi'j’.'iri*' navy b'i- j >va.-o Intro dr'- ’d in b I .T ! T o!* ;\ :r. f«a 'imfr.-,- rcivb.jr new l"!Uc;pvr" cri IV: i j t. Tht* : M*!- iso.»j i *•» s-»n»'. •: T» ,1 “yvld m for |t:iv in .‘ it of Irjo iiali juitl iV*l s>aam.> I tu.l -; fortli ? durca ier o* la _ da on tics original Unit of tbe iVi.-i'rorism no] i.n-j r. a !: tlio !i;n!‘s o.’ tbiKiT-nn;; to amvai tho charier of Alar -6b.1). In tbe House, Uin fiUowrin** blUa Vc.v reported .on favorably: For hue i n of the county of School i-aft: to cbmae Ibe n true "f ine* town of .utfir •’UctoTatv Paw; the Upper Peninsula Aliit isrr Road ;)!'.! Tbe ioli-uin~ BUI to authorizi towns Lin ni l to ;Uc II it: 1-; (*re*;k Aiff.c tlla ral and Mechanical Ass »hUU>»;t; to siuthor* I~c tbe f)rnu*,l<*.n of corpiTi'.M.n for pur I'Cfcs of ••tintniercß: to aid n ivi^utl-m; rcso- Intlc-n in favor of ibt* aluilssion to the UiiivePoUy. n: .'aTc^y, Fn.'.%*~rr.r.r. Ky., TVaratry IT—The paesoJ, 03 s»za’n?f. W, the re*>- •jiL'on ‘but ill Jp ;Op!u of Kentucky are tin uUenl.y to movements in \Joa "■ j£ :u pI sco the'u o: ttio 3oi:t!i-*n; sfial-s u;‘ , ’!»»ry 1.1 c. tue tendency vb>-rc. f v; I > inTifary despotism, cotrrarv to the spirit -*f Cm Gnfo', and saDverdre «** lit 1 ?lt dpi- •; whereon tb • was > and tlmy s, wi'enn pro- U-l all 9.:ch acLl >a. fiUWL ST. LOUiS. nf U-o memorial Cotnmit&v< tut- c.atu ISlv«r improve-nent C.m.Mi l-V'’ -.* !:l.Ulrn»|ilai HrtStery. , I?; cclal Despatch to Ibo Chicixo Tridttn.-.l b«. I.orH, re irairy l>, T!ic Hcmoilal of Luc la'.c 1 Imptovcmcut Couvcafwn kiv; aJo;>Lcl a the various rive., lobe for .firdcd respect iveiy to Citclot.all, New .Orleans, and Si. Louis; also that me uhew of the Convention be ro!;tu:ite.l to procure an cailor*jiuent of tliCtK-'lon of the Convention by the Cham bers of Comiaorec, Muninr.Ml Corporation-*, i Lcp.i-iuturub, etc., a-.’ti tho com inliitie to b-ua - »ui uU'.i person to present vu-: saipe to thepresout Congress. A fcusa"'»n -'as nrouacai ycs ; cr»lay l>i JeUersin »Vy i» * th» ana »n:ic;ment Cut liiu llanai.ui aid or. -ii.jeph -..i --pan) bud rent a lai£C ttnu of money t-> be used in iiiUucntmu the *t > pi-s Mm- biM i:* *-04iem terminua from llaiitill'n) t' H" :'J iincy. F*r. Lor**?, V'•!.*-At a mceMoff of Uic t.’outnahiig (J«mniiU»v, njM> ;luln.l " Ud 1-ile Ulvpr convention, Afield C'iiaiict; Tucker, of Llib city, m thccliulr, the I'iusitiuot of Um(Jouvuntiou it'jjoi ltd ib:it lie bud anjto.tiled tlieaiib-com* nl live us follows : K. O. Stunnr.l, » f Sf. Liitii.s; .Th. of St. Louis; K \V. Fnx. r»; sirJ/Xii t; (J, IV*. Caen, of £i. J.ouM; .1. (iilitUh, of SI. l.uiii.i. and Uio (.f Uie t'ouvciiU'JU uj ec-ojifr/ij and A .i 1•• rccL'Ur Ci. .r;. <i in/.••jiu;iiii:i.c.i-i «u.» l.i IMIm-in. k w.i- •.•.j> i cd tin:, for tin par po.m*of cuimriur.»ilncr lit * lu.nrc RtalLucs, ail ii'i«;' , iQuUo:t ]>crt;iivtnu lo the Olilo iiivur »hon'd bo c diccicd through Then. <Vol:, at CJneltr all; uh relating lo tljc lower MkoL&l; pi and ibe;-. through Tli ;o., ab istw Oriciitui, sn*l alt pertaining to Mu* Mh. i» : -ku I’aiM. Ibrnigo ('liirlc.s L. i'm iirr. «t St, Limb, where they ahull he rcjn.iSt'nl »fg:'.r»cf Wi.hlho.-'! Uotll Ci'tsln* 1 '.'ij Orlcaus. ft. wna that the pirllca lit i .utb d;vM<- •. n- t.aitu d nlru'e, be :i? lu t •■umim Ituiiiuiriuatlon *nt t.r i .'j Ij U.e puiu;o in dh'uU'd. The following resolutions were also cdopifd: /.Vartfr»'t, That. Iho M Couctchr In be rrcjioicd i>; toe comma L ml* shall cm* mace Hie gMtvrat k«>:>o-;Uou co-’axid b the rerol'iUotia adopted by tbo Conrctitiun us i none other. Jiesolr*d % Tnaithe totho CanvcnUon be requested to present. lu recced vc B •aril.'* of fraac, ChditDiTd 01 Commerce, or other com* (VuTvtidim Tj* (he uarjiuie of aecarluj* an on (!omm?Dt by rnch docmcs of the action or the Contention. ttbteb enaorscrao’it la ;o cl*o speedily font aid'd by their respec l»ve tfdles to ttolr Heprcacr.U'.ive* In cou tom the several Ht-ne*. i?<.o/C'L , ,* s Vftai :bc»ub rommUtwat St. T.otl? Ik if.tnpsitf u» Ptcpsra tbelr tnetmivlil to Con p<e*« IratcedlJtojv, «iti t»ieh statistician t-irr ar • ib otcc&tmr. and to pend the same to ttic Con^rcs.-ns >o*ui as lory a»e prepired b.* ,-stct conuutci.l person oroeraons 1.1 they & n’t wbo-e dntv It shall W to enlctvor to so.* fell the Appropria'ion Bill now *fcof ireV;.j:r»-.• n ri? atnontits rcossary to accomplish Ibo mined to the memorial Teal Ui« Commltkc cn Memorial be rCl;l!«‘*lMl to Wjivl tO UW Va:l;»Tl* Of Trp'V and C-ambere nf Commerce, a opto' tie rr.iiuonal end proceed?!!;** of til-* Cs:ani l "i, ui.d retjnc#*. tta! (-nch B unit of Tmd',* or C:n;n- Let* nl •..*ilarretc.; ah- J saiiab • p‘T?»nto vfb:t Wa-lii' c*or t*» uj Coarr-'-i the ap prrj.ti .Uur4 Ltcwsary to carry oiit tUr reejm* i. eziJadtn. FROM MAOISOX. Ceslsloiivt)—Acarapappp riianse—Tan* rrry Treasurer i£u2>« [h'pedai Despatch to the Chlcari Tilhnne,] Madison, Wi«„ Febrmry M. Tin? rote in the Senate last evening on the bill to arrived the articles ol assoviatioa of lie St. Paul Kailroad Company resnlltd In n (ilumi-lt of Us DircVvrs by u tnaj »ri ty. and Us opponents claim tbo of •Urn*, bill i 3 the diet htijt to the into* of n brand >checi2<>r con 3 ol‘d.itioti of ;i’l tie tuil;* - adi of ihu Stale. The I'nA.n lc-nigh*. announces a change of propriuiors. Mr. .1. V. M-mtantu *t:cci-c 1.-s Uyer ami Fcmantz. as proprietor*. Air. liver gave tbu printers of the Unini ofEce a » upper last nuht. The .paper c:mtiuccs Democratic. The tant.ery rfGerwgc V. Oil was drstrov cm! by Art- las: night. Loss abjut Injured Ibr $1,509. 'i he 'J r».u3orcr of. the town of De-jrfldd, H G;ji c-.uDjy, was rot-bid of sD>j two or tiiiic days ago. FROM KEOKUK, tlaMrond Siidsca Stepalrcd—Liquor Uculeii* leU'.clcd* ' D’rcclal UespaTb to the Chicago Trilmna.l Keoiick, lowa, Fcln-iutr, p;. Three bridges on Ihe Dcs Home* Valley llailrcrd, damngcJ u few days ago by Ice, b «vo been replaced. The transfer of freight across the river was resumed to day, the Ice coil argo being entirely removed. The Grand Jury have presented indfei against sixty Ibiaor dealers in this c’ly alone. Proceedings. Lowever, have Lctu stayed till the next term of Court. FROM SKIT YORK. Arrival of Steamer*— Aldfortho South- ern l*oor. New Tons, February 111.—Steamers Vir ginia ami Palmyra, from Liverpool, hare arrived. No nows. The New Fork Stock Exchange has given ST>,rOO for the purchase «*f food ior the poor of ihe South by the Southern Relief Cum ml’tee. New York, February Id.—The grounds on which the United States base* its demand In tio Cham-ery Court of Great Britain, fir the restoration ui the cotton held br Tronlioitn and Prhdcaii, the rebel ngenta In London,are, in efleet, that our condscatlon lav* apply to all, from the country or not—that, by the laws of tattoos, rebels, cannot transfer to others property belonging to sove reign. and that^reven such Uu*cr exists, the complete suppromlon of the rebellion and the annulling by the rebel States of ail tbelr pretended contracts, restores tn the United States, as the only possible owner, all prop city in dispute. Edward W)lan, the defaulting clerk of the repair shop of the NeW York ntld Erie llallroad Coin pant, states that Ids defalca tion will be found to amount to mile than JVJ.UUU, lie was n tool of a Hug formed by the employes of tbeenmimuy. ‘ The news from Ireland has caused tiiUdu c*cft«nfenfln Tsnlsn circle* ho-e-ird In UrooUvo. Meetings are being |Hc!d rou- I tuntiy, sod public demonstrations are to be rppoinUd* t'BOX MEXICO. The Defeat of Jnarrs at Saeatecai r >n« firmed —continued Preparations f«r the Embarkation or the French Troops. Nr.w nnr.RANn, February 10. Advlc;j from Vers Crua of tlio 1 .Hli a-u The rapture or Juarca U n it cr dlled. The French tr.rsi.otl Yo;ie ar.itfd at X®™, 9“ ll,c . aml wjll ta’io hoicee large detachment of truopi. 'I he hnpnWt Onvermnettl reeettel A dc*. patch Ircm Miicrln whl. b al ilp* (hit Mira imm wii nt /acrvcaaoii IheUTth nr.Unu< ary. Ho lud gained a urer Hie l.Uu eral; (Kid Mused the U'gbl of Juurel and Ida Mmlsicra. * The Pocliulnd tinwapiper atrtf flint tho Krctich exhtfdUlutuiry dofpd l 'a¥»g WoJiiciMin tlio Intii joflt. thoOiij'of Motli'u would aontt he cvae> baled. Orders Oil* tho movement of troop* had hceii revived, fled gfMl entitlnri would be Used In WnAlporllmr flielrt. The City «d MmHe«i letter of Ja»ii unry Until, pav# PiWflro Hies with Ift.irri meii wee near (hit eHv.and m Atuek w. 4 mmntflterity exscind. Thu (immnaiidAnt heU eaimfii he can hold tho oily Du-mi mbUihiHitHliißt ftO.KH wen. I'IIOM (.'I.ICISNATI. Pinriifii f•• ITcnili -fifiuvii»rt In n Orllnp-r < ity Impi’oveiiißiitM, C)M,I,SNaw, l\b,,ii,ry JewUh Widow, by ihe i.a-im i» Mi-. Mikol, was bmrrd to (frith y»: Ccfiv, % *»a tenement liniua In which the if-v.i.d partially ca.ittiiued, and *hu wut cud e:\icd white makings third vU’i tu her room, tu t >u » l.u.uehold clfccla. . A laborer named Burke fell, ycatenlAT, Into a cellar lllled with water, lu tbo lovve.* j art of the city, and was drowned before ai wstance could reach him. h Tbo City L'nuucil, ycsierdav, passed o.dl ar.ccs ptovialm.' for the constructioa of two magnificent avenues, to connect wlthsubar- Van drives lo the oa*t and west of tho city. TUe Improvements will coit a million dollars. From the Sandwich islands. Sax Tiuxoiaco, February 15,—Advices from Honolulu. Junnary‘23d, state that Her ■ Finish Majesty's ship CHa sailed torEug lagil on the Uth of January via W.p-ra'so and Tebblti. At a meeiingofllic Chamber of Commerce, .of Honolulu, resolutions were adopted re commending 1 the Government of the Sand* wlch Islands to open negotiations with tbe Government at Washington to. secure a trea ty of reciprocity o f trade and commerce, pledging themselves to a-»Ut Her MaiC’ty T s iiovctotnect by all means lo their uoivor.* An Important iVUum. Nett Yous, February Id.—Hoary St. Ha ric, the criUJti.'i by whose cv J -Jo*ic; Use i !vn- U-y of i?:** albiiioil ac^omplio l * of wa* clo.e~:ni ird, Poot*. A arrived at i!::-, p.. c yrclrr.j ;v i»i thu Sscarne,- St. Laivrvt r*- u- I wnt dt- cot to Washing t<n by the ev .-a n r Tram. t<T *v.\ it tIKOToKhs Advertising As*»a I SIR I’pnrb.rrD-d., rreeir* n»M rnmen-.-uca t*»pn'l.|tie lemlins ihreoKtit ut tbe Co.tju Stated nut! I'ana^.i. ~ printing. I>U^TiXG, -a. Book aiinJ Job. M, Tribune Job CSics. Facilities fur doltnr Worn of Anr Dotcrlp tff*o UncqanUcd in Ibo City- «f lit Seating Srason. Yy r H=T SIDE RINK. Open always I >jlj and Evculay. HASqSESASE «ED^£33RTt I.HUES’ (OBTEST F 0» pniZES, F, '.’iD * V. ■\yY AK ' l -^ r, - AV - luKK - sn.iNDin ice. Open Xl ay unci Evc-nlnr. MASOUFJUDE TUESDAY. fHasomr L-sottes, SIK F NIG UTS I Members of Apollo Cosraardery Ko. 1. Chicago Ctaitta'Cfj No. :0, ac-l all other Knlx'ats Tempi in, are taa.t-d to irrtt *t ite Ma-onlc Itmp’e, Dearborn* rt. on SUNDAY. FKDoTJARY ITlb, at U o'cJodr. prrtnpt, In Call 001*0101. (o attend tbe foneral ol oar late cctrr«.!cn. Sir Knlsht C. K. I*. Wratwcrta. Tbe body win t 5 Dari i at Rote lIIU. DyerJerofth3E.C. MASONIC NOTICE.—Nodes U hereby pl»'.n 10 fre m* tab".* of Rtlwiarlox No. 311, find Co* lalhlaa Chaster N 0.!.), to afead a «pcc*a’ Bicctlnral K»lwioo*tie Lmlx* Room at lltf o'clr ». to>dat (Socday) Ft b. IT. for the pure*'** n( aUcml* laeihefiueralofoarUte limtlicraadeompinlno, C, It. I*. Wrtlwoitli, I'. U. and P »*. p. Member* of tho Patrrrttv united to alt td. Ur order of JOUN J. tIRAUAM. t-ee. KtlwicDlrx Lodffc. W. 1), Sec. C«jr. Chap. , Notice (b iJapEt=fttafectg. TO I'APEU-MAKEOS. Omciof ttik IlmuftSTAnn Paper Cmirtvr. > MtOABA Falla, February 1. IMi. ) To I'aprr nfaanfactorm t We arc Informal that Oder* hare Seen tajito to Man ndrturm by one Ml-ECU. forUi? Mie ofrlebtsfor nlcai hlrif I’aprr Polp by Pneinitatlc prowurn under a Patent t*«ned to him; »c therefore Enem if proper ui not’fyall pcraoca Inhn'eicd. that the prooera of sild Mctch H a Direct nntl roslUve Infriiikomcnl of (ho Patents mid Illgl-ts of till* Company; Tba: hl« wh'ile procom u eudir.iccJ in ttn proc<i*« of tbl* Company, and corercd am p»oi vtu! in aired terms Vy nor PatcnU; and that «o *ha!l pro'ccute fur to rlpicrcentt all return who attempt to nio the Pnenn ntlc p*oce«« ender erants (tom aatd M*ecb. We tfd* will hernffleJemnotitlcatlcn to all hon orable men-and we gm it clrcal iticn to rave t«ent and na**oa» TCTalloat and exp*nilre Htljratlm Ucro •fi<r. I* C. WOOUIIUFP* President. A.M. H-nnsop, VlfePrwMcst fc*. l,n TTco.Vii, T retire - . S’: 0,000 T 0 LOAS un rir»t-flass Ileal Estate Apriy to kozrt * rrMMisos, lUa' Estate and Loaa itrubers. t*n LiSa le-st. JJTHfJiT TO LOAN. $30,090 CO ZiOATT On poed bormes * ty W H. ETTET, Eoom ;i, No. OS WdtUlocloQ •* SSaantco, npHE OPERA HOObR IS DRAWN, 1 fcnda fojipt and ;c)>ole Cl oltilclr j a * Situation in a bank In Iblr cr rente 'tbercPy- I* a p;-. -m, andr>. jit# g't'ii references, Addr.-a J. 1. KINGMAN, CUI- C2RJ. 11. pARTNEK WANTED — witu 8-1,000 CIMI, To Invest In a Com it,hum noose locat'd in ttl» city firm w> .1 ot iVlsii'd and do cc ■» heiry Daalnru. Ad«!rc;p-*L IV Pox ISS7. Chicago. Hi tJTrunfts. JL A FULL srocs AND ALL GHADES. Chas A. Taylor, 61 Scclh Cark-st.. ocp'tllc chermaa Ilonte. 131)Otograp1)5 gTEREOfcCOPJC YIEWij OF CHICAGO CHURCHES. Trinity CLnrcli; St. Faoi’i Church; First and Sacoml ITcobyterUn CuiucliCa. WalMit>-*v.; Tun l*r*aiiy te ri-m Ctmen. W.>t St. I’atrick'a Cbuirh: V L'pisMiru cimrcb; Cwlnemi or tti« Name: ch-i« •’Dnr li. Mieatgvi-ar. *nl *l«euty-fcLitb-«t.: Wobtibav. Ua bxiut * h*rcr»; First L apt id Church. a*»a murly one boobed c.:ner view* rf •h!c«r.'». Iserndin* an interior v;c » of sue I.oV-Tcn-eL I’Uotj-rapb.d at«l far u «it J. CAK- ItLTF. 131 aalat a]] tiook'ture*. Ibotisc M urnisl)ing. j£VLKYTHII G For ITotaekcepcrs’ Um*. from a COOS) Wa?£B FJZ.TSH TO A PATENT TOOTHPICK, -AT p altoin co.»s, 71 lAHD-BT., AT miULMALE.. AND DETAIL. Srntistcg. ri-BE COLTON I. . . . OBVl'Ab A-*«tIUIATION Orklr.Rt*.! the aiimrlietlc nj-t »*• Nil: m Oxtd* 0*» fur Uih Extraction «>t feetb. ami have clven ti in over 3D,i<o petMiu in Uieir dlttuioot olDc-*-. witDa: an a«-ddrut. It H our *>-claitr. Wn sit'nint** n>* Da*n O-nsoto htadouart»n. oalcc,llHßoatnl)<w3,;a -it.. QTcrlimc? One*. fHeDicfll. TV I YUIOAI.—DR. DE OABrilO, fliv -1» I ilctas, aul Aarlat,Wub3«b-av. Tin L’ci tor mar be comsiipU tn ail tie mo tern lanna-rea. Epeilai auraUati p«tt tnuiMateiftl me EBAD, THROAT Cl IAJUOB. 1» wtticb he employ! tua eulirely lew ijiun j( luba latlon. iLahirs’ iffatcfyrlg. | ADIKS’tATOHELS. NEW ABU) ELEG AWT STVLE3. rilAb*. A. TAVLOIL dlß)ttlbCt*r«-iW U,piMtle Sherman rtiuSe. BoaiUlUMlhi. rTNiVLt;mf» of notuk dame, 1 I JurrllM |>AMF, tNlt.—Th J hflil ol Pill *cD-kai<wli UiMllbtlmi wilt ••nEiuMe* <>i ill* . riusr or Fsmit AtiT. SPj 4 H»ta,»*<wtVe»,ca*iPtl f »• t»r »m»* l« f| M ( '4i ii-nt, F«f t'atdoitlM i‘td lil A? r Jj*a | *‘ W-t *» tiu=rtppyla Mar. W.CUIIUr, 8 8.U., PiefL ®nteroVNotUte. OIL bTONEa Something New. Olt BtoBM, Paror rrrtnca. 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CmrAOO&AtTCP»IUn,BOADroSPAXT. ► SrpETnrTESDSXi’a Urnca, Ctucaga. Fc:,.l«, i-i*?. ( On account ot tbe lou of as important brlilße, cat th'e Unc. by truuvUl ;orvc Cbi catro for SprlntcSeld UU fwrtber notice. Tbo Wilmington AccimmoOittoa Train will ran oa Us rrgnlsr time. BOBT (IALX, Gcn’lSiip-t, *\TOTICE. —An instilment ol fifty ceai3 ii npon aflliamofatodr la theNortawe<Vin FuaC C*». UcaUed lor, to bu paid latotnrTmmtr on the lb ot March but, at bis office. Ko. 33 noatb Ciark-sU L*3 order if ttacDlrectcrr. Cblcaao Ffb.I?.ISST. XI. LULL. ?cnT-_ ■JFo t Sale. J-JOUSEa FOll SALE. £ ever a! very desirable mciliam-prlt-M r‘■si'meet far nOZKT & CT if uncus, Beal Kitafr sad Lain Brokers, as L*t-*Ua «t. file. Apply to A KGIT.LO "WORKS The Arg-.Ho Xi Works, at Carbon CUff. Koclc Island Coons*. LL laanr.tactnre Yellow, Uorkinehara and Slone Ware. Terra Cotta for tmildla?. drain pipe, and KIBE B K I «: K . all efwMrb ttuy tell cheaper than ctabo bought at say ether tuaaulacury lathe cnJUUStylet- Gli EAT BARGAIN—One ot the most valuable WATER PaWIR PRIVILEGES In the West situate vlthln forty miles ol this «tty, and suitable twT any kLJ of nunaoetnrtDa work*, ts of fered for tale, tor canh. oy immediate at .5 per c*nl ot !tt actual value. Good atoLe dam. aor .ml *cr»7* ot it, ujv>n erhieb are jp<od strne tn abun uanec. fur u paU* ir ImproTemcnti. Apply at 13 the l.oara of 93 a. m. azMl I p. tm, <>r r.ojo su>4 p. m. JpOKSALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel MseMnery. ComprlslßK shluglt utllia. h-adio< ndllw ehlMta and keadme Jotatem, atavc Jointers, slave cutfeir- a-aitme rtmulrra ana tlan*r», eaaahnce ami cb* ,-t J »«a. to. mi •"Mj «g rSk-tJ- Ft LT.Eh ft c a »o, jna x lua-oa n. OE FO R jIEIiOUAEIs ITOXS SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OP Erv Goods. Groceries, dLc., lat-rdetcc arc at IlCaVO; »I patebawo within a yr*r ta>ua:»lli*a»con »l re. Store located Inatnnnc* town a short distance fom Cbicaeo. SatUfsetorv rca> • ••- ;r'.n for #el Tr.jj. For p-rt calar* inquire of K. V. KUrftUNS, C r:l; ‘ « S2 LaS.vll'*-«c. CMcaeo. S' bcilising agents. K O TIC E TO AIDTKSU SSERS, We are pleated to anactmce that ten coir harp oar M (*b«in ot AicLarlc*” ao perlfVtttl .1 NRW YORK, CINCINNATI aid catCA' w- can bare .vlror. t!wn toners of an; k.ud. Intern) in ary ca« fr ontier in the Eastern. Middle, Southern nr western SUH n. at short uidtce and at ijw tiM. lit vent 6ea of all aew«ratvni are t*ot constantly at car oiflcr. Cor tbeeaamlbaiiiMi »nlran»eolence«>f Advertiser*. Par tie?*«!«slmnficfLatins Umr INVENTIONS. WaRE OR MFKCU \NPISK ADVERTISED m any section ot Ibc United Sintra cr Canada*, will do well to call at our office, wh«-r- any laired Int.rmaMor. will be drea 05 to flie ctrcnlntinD ot ih* paper*, rote*, term*, Ac. CIEc», 87 Ucarbwro-st., Room Se. 11 (up Unlit.) roi»8. corpus v €<•., Newspaper Advrrtlslnx Ajrtt*. lacmobals. Trunk Store ot WM. WRIGHT, /rent Cl Clark-eU tolls cld tUabllrtod Trank Store and Factory 319 SOUTH CZiABK-ST., Mannfaclnrer Wliolpwl<* *cd Ketall Healer in erefj «*I«J °f and Oni»' Travelling Trunks, V*. ilw. ,vr., at redact.! ofl> et. Did eu#- W.W, WKimiT, 210 Kftun C'UHwn. fttadjincni. pitAIRIJS STATE We are row extrntlveiy .tsand In Oie mnafactitre Of Corn Phetlef«, Hat d II i*.d-Ke Mid Feedlnr Two ana Fair Hole ptwer . itilpr*, cj<*. Two and Fear 11. m* P<>«cri. Ttse above cm rrnrrrcnt* a F'rr lln]«*Or<iral Snr» cr with Sackrr, tirll F«-rdtt, ami Cob Carrier. It thella, clean* and rnra* wtcti nn»- o;>criti.ia. sql h«s a capacity cl on«: httanna prr (Uy a <1 l»«fc peclaily adapted to the waau of warrbouae-mea mod utrnsiTe rern «n>wer«. For flirtLer laloraiatlua tend lordWiTipttvdctrenUr, UILLMAN A .f >.U-r gale cf IJdas. jpEAVS TO RENT. It bW EITGLA-Sx) CHUECH. TED SECOND Sat.s OP P3W3 In tte new edifice tn North rwroorn »L, opposite WasblsgUja Park, will take place Moodily Evcnlmr, Feb. I®. 1567, At "Jf ©’elect, after which »ale. the unsold Pews and G.llcry Ctiilrs wiUbe BKXTEUtT th current ye»r. 3To -It tut rpO RENT—After Maich Ist, A DESIRABLE SUITE OF BOOMS, •with Kan), on the South Side, nrar aiichljavav. Ad drru box 175*2. ___ rj-6 RENT— .A. LAEGE STORE FOB WHOLESALE jy App'y at No. B 5 South Wattr ac Consignments. jQUFFIELD’S CELEBRATED HAOI3, Tb* old* si Brarrt. E*Uh!nhe*l m 1337. Very mid cored. ForiaJeinany otmQti'yDr u. f. Jacobs * co„ rcmmlifloa Merchant?. 161 S3utL Wacert. i&ocfriioHiera' fßcettnjj. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ &AVLN6S, LOAN ANU TBUsT CO. Ctncaoo. Feb- 9.1=C7. The Annual St retire ot tn- HtodcnoMers of tbe Mer chant*' Savins*. Loan mJ Trust i-.mraoy.fnr the Uon of Trn»t?f a. will be held at the aSre of raid Com pany, InChlrato. on MON'DaV. Marco 4Ux, betvna tbeOocraoflOa.o.andlCm. L.J GaGETcA-saicr. ipatmrrjrsw. pOFARTNEKSHIP NOTICE—The k ! ore«rßlat«dbiTc this dayf.rtacd a cwpartntr itupior the parpoie wf a “General Commission and Mamifacmr- ers J Agency” business, Under the Dime and style cf J. M. fiHITH & soil. JAMES M. SMITH. Formerlyolarm of Bar?*tt,r»*«rtt* <oith, OflUo. 01 Sooth Wau-r It. JACO-t L. fMJTH. Cnlcngu. Fell, i. li-g;. IDatmtr Q.AltD's I'ATEin BBICK IHSCCUKE. O—c*- aiul manaixctciy .1.1 souls r» Ifiturssttss aadd^ertpore 03 9ca» jeflo*4c-*L. (;kica«.. ,-jfrrii. pnODND c> I Ij Is tile Cliropest Kcl in H> f Market Jtr link ot «n •’"‘aVii’.f, I ,’. ?im • “■ ’ *oT?U RorCi I?I tna-U. Urimiiig. JjlilNTlNO, Book mid Job, At Tribune Job OiHoo. Farl lilrw tf** Wiirw tif Ah« tleaeiliw Htfu tUeuiailed »« the Uiif*