Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 17, 1867 Page 3
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(iossir nm the ladie i. I’natilonnMe* Mnirlmnnta I, Nodal* and mhcrwlws Tin: nmiHAJt.—ln answer to sjvnral cor re’pomb life, we give U>v f dlowlng diurrlo t|.»n oi Mir emnpHr illvr y new and Ihlilih. aide rtnnre known ns the "Uormvi.” It Is ciistomutv, when a lady rontmnpUtn* giving n largo •'Cleimnn," l» Invito n uenti.mun friend, known to !»e n good damvr, anno days previous, to lead ; and ho having ac oepted tfir Invitation, c»o Introduen Ills own (Inures in the dance, thmiofig ires are d iuc,sl with ••JljbV “Iwlls,” “dowers,” etc. Gen tlemen who go out n great In society usually have thel* own Hags, hells an 1 badges,which thcr h im when Invited to laid. Tu dance the “German” every gentleman chooses a rmetner. and limy sit In comics, until forming a largo ring nro md die room. Every tlgnro Is eominenenl by the leading couple nl the head of (hr set nu t at a signal from the leader, one, two or three other eonph s start nt the »nme time. The couple called up usually dance a short galop or vnltr, and then form the figure ns the leader directs, each figure being closed liv another galop sir waltz, lasting about, n minute. Tho first figure may be thus described: The lending rnnplo start wlihu few turns of the gulon. They then separate In tho middle of the floor. Tho gent lonian elm >si» two ladles from the ring, and tho lady two gentlemen. They then plaos themsolvus «p* poalte ench other, In ibo centre of the room ; on one side, the gentleman, between two la dles, and on the other tho lady, between two gentlemen. The next iimvoonMit ward and l>ttck, ,, twice. The leader thou elevates hU hands, holding ilm.*n of tlm la dles on each side, thus forming two arches, through which the opposite two ladles pass. In this way all "haUuce,” then the hands arc let go, tho leading lady stepping be tween the two ladies, and the leader between the two gentlemen. Then follows the “grand chain.” and, at it Men from the lead er, each gentleman dances a galop with the lady whom he held* by the right band, and, at the close oi which, all return to their coats. This figure Is repeated by all tuo couples in turn. If the “ib-rman” be a Urge one, three couples may be started nt the same time. The step iu the figuro is a cftoic, more per* tons walking than danclur It. the thou of the music being almost entirely disregarded. Not so, however, with tbc gaiop or waltz which prcci-drs and terminate* it. After cacti cmiplc in the ring have danced the figure, tbc leader stops tlm music. An in* 1c: mission of five minutes takes place, when the signal i? given for th>- second figure. Each figure Is generally so contrived that nr. one knows with whom ne is going to dote it, and, in some cases, there is a regu lar scramble for partners. Ja choosing th- ni, the inclinativns of the parties be c <me pretty elenily developed, the young ladies always managi"g to place themselves in the way of the partner they prefer above all others. Anxious match-making mothers usually watch this part of the dauce with iutvicst. Af.’era s’asou of the “ German ” thcic is no difficulty In deciding what more sonoua ccgogements aie la prospect. There are many' other beuuid'il figmes, some of which we may describe at a future time. The Be.uttt op Irish Women.—Monsieur Felix Belly, on* of the writers ot the C’oottf tuiiotuVf., haring made a tour through Ire land, tost summer, pronounces the following cnloulntu upon the women of that country: “The most remarkable element, the richest., and certainly the most fall of life, of this land, so life-full, te the popiiMtou llsctl. No European race, that of the Caucasus except ed. esn compete »llh It in beamy. The Irish blood is of a purity and distinction,' especial ly among the females. whi.-h strikes ail strangers with astonishment. The trans parent whiteness of the skin, the absorb ing attraction, which, in France. Is bu:the a tribute of one w.-man in a thousand, is here the general tyjw. The diughter of the poor man, as wet* ns the tine lady, pos sesses an opal or milky tint, the arms of a statue, the foot and hand of a duchess, and the bearing of a queen. In Ireland, there are us many different j.iivsiog'mmlcj ns indi vidualities. Bags, mi-cry, uml annual labor have no effect on tuoso native endowments. Even beneath the thatched cabin of the poDr peasant, in the midst of the potato fields, which vie bis the sole nourishment, those tiails, at times, develop themselves with uu ml-iukabic vividness. “In the most wretched streets of the old quarteis of Dublin, tb i moot ideal tlutings of the pencil would grow pale before the h anty of the children; and, hi the com pact crowd which each day occupies the galleries of Merlon Square, there Is certainly the most magnificent collection ol human beings His possible to meet. Blondes, with black eyes, brunettes, with hW». are by no means rare. Thu mec is os strong a> it is handsome; as vigorous a* It i* chinning. Tho girls of Connemara, with their queenly shoulders and eyes of (ire, would put to shame, at this day. those daughters of tho East, from whom they arc said to he de scended. Ireland, in addition, owes to tho fervor of her religions faith, and, it mint he said, to her niisiortuncs and the persecu tions which she has suffered, u domestic mo rality quite exceptional. “'I in re arc. without doubt, in the great cities of the country,ns in all centres of p ipu lution, abodes of evil, physical and moral; their range Is more clicum-crihed in Dublin than elsewhere. Ail those ho uiieoas young girls, with »yes so tune, wl.h foreheads of marble whltenc**, of stature so command ing, know not even the name ofevd. Quo can clearly fee I bat the blond which flows in thrir veins ha* never been vitiated by the misdeed* of picccdltig generations. Add to this a t-nip.Tiite life—aim *-t entirely vege table in the country pints—u< <1 we will com prehend all the vigor and native purity t»os s-Hf-tilbya people, in ton many other rc specif* so poorly endowed.” Uosxnrj ami llr.vnoniu—Latent ad* vices from I’nrla hint hi n vng*m hiu) <ny.«turl on* manner nl n prohnMn nul»‘nl clung-.* m bot nets, tmil the Nr>» Vo k >•■1111110 world of fashion b greatly exercise I i»icreit. It U said tbit Ihn tnnlUlf*. getting tired ofa la»hlmi which penult* e*erv Udv to he bur own rmich milliner. have Inn) itu iii’Hituv lion mas* meeting, (i« 'hlc'ill ivhi •••solved that, By Crinoline! th-v would stand it in longer : bonnet elmpi * s'nml 1 «:'mu.*u ll th* Heavens lull, which was fully to tm cxpjct-Ml, in cnimulnrrnthm of Do* cr\ (nc wrongsofllm much illumed clais of funnies. Dull cun tell the milliner* Dial nny effort to revive the “ cun) *cutile M or iho *•’ poko" of «np grandmother*, nr even the high fionlrd thhgofn comi'e of years hack*, will meet will the numt d<eided imtagonlun on llio patt ef the feminine emnmunltv «t large. Thu Inc* is thp tto.M la growing wiser In tho inntter of bonnets as we 1 a - everythin * else; and the day* when |>o->r w.ou.ui wore paper soled rimes in the worst weather, linnets weighingeach three pmtnls «n brain lever, two of headache, nml five o baldness, are now cnthcly among things ot the past. The coquettish little head geir 01 today Is hr great a discovery a* the Atlantic CMi’e or the r.ecdlc-gnn, and I for one not willing to fight all the French moJltfe » to New York, if my liberties in the miller of weiring it are to be ruthlessly a«sa«lM. I call upon all the pretty girls In Newark to stand by me In tins emergency, and If need* -nasi when French milliners drive, we’ll f»r*n a Lady’s Brlgada which will rout the enemy, drive him from bis nr»adwayentrenrh*in*in%, leav ing oil bis feathers, flowers. rimtons, satins, silks and velvet* in the hand* of o-ir vinori ous horde. —From O'he Letter to Jfacark Courier. A Fasti ioxahle Wuuimno. —The long, talkcd-ot marriage between Mr. Cornelias Vanderbilt. Jr., and Miss Alice (1 wynne. t >ok place in New York, on Monday. February 4th. Long before the hour announced for the wedding-—one o'clock—the Church of the Incarnation was thronged by the b-auty, wealth and lasblon < 1 the city. Seldom bare ye mtefi a mom-cr »wded church. Every available inch of room was crow-led by fish* lonnbly ducted Indies ami geni’emen. The scene from the* gallery was very pay. The sun, shining through the coloret-glass win dows, shed a sort of hazy Halit over the whole church, the many brilliant colors worn by the ladles, and ih'e incessant bam of voices, made it seem more like a ouoHc mati nee rather than a fashionable wedding. About balf-pa«l one o’clock, the bursting forth of the music, and the rWng of the assemblage announced the arrival of th? bridal parly. The trains of the bridomalds’ dresses were so loop that, one couple bad to wait at the door until the other bad gone some distance up the aisle. The bride wore an elegant white satin, with point lacc p*plnm», and tulle veil. The bridemaids, five in number, Misses Sherman, Gwynne.Vanderbilt,Adams, and Thompson, wore white tarletin, with very long trains. The hair wa« drc«?e:l very lush, and ornament'd with a wreath of while morning glories, with green leaves, which went once around the ehlqnon and hung below the waist. They were imported from Paris, for the occasion, as wa- also the entire bridal fronjwr.w. which was v-'ry hand some. The reception, which took' place on ibe *ame af ernooa, at the res idence of the bride's parents. 24 West Thirty-third street.was a very brilliant affair. • i TnE , Fllin?f b- S «tPR op Womcv.—Rev. Mr. A«ger close* one of his rccea loemres as fol lows: Among tins memorable examples of friend ships of women f«- each ot;ier, he instanced “n t H, K ' w s Con.,teas Hertford, the Duchess of Somerset and the t i 1 “"If* 1; ,- M ”* Montagna and Lady Harley , Hannah Mu-c and Mr->. Gar rick ; Lluabclh Carter vid m,. 8 Talh.w • Charlotte Smith and I.adv o\\>U* Anna Scwutd and Honors Sucvd: M.*-. Ybralo and Fanny Burtey. The record- of tl ie <e friend ships are to be found la published iornn and are sufficiently known to ine w.»rtd. The first example upon which the »:>»•«!;• - dwelt •at length, wa- that of the friendship c\Ltin~ between Lucy Aiken and Josnui Dilute. At the very first meeting on intimacy sprang up between them which remained unbroken to the end. A sister of Joanna, said ilr. A’ger, Lad told him that their father, though an excellent parent, was wanting In a warm, sympathetic nature, and on oas occasion, when a dog supposed to be mad had bitten one of them, the father had sucked the wound dry; vet had never in their lives given them a‘kiss. This, it may be, made the affections else where niou- close and ardent. The lave of Bcttinc Bronlano and Gnnderbde is a sweet .and touching story of female attachment. Thus companionship, after the first meeting, ripened into a romantic friendship, and their letters collected and published form one of the best examples of ulrllah love to be met with anywhere in literature. The exuber ant nature of Bcttlne, electric and over charged it seemed with nature, found In the calm serenity of her friend just the love her ardent soul required—the Interplay of their natures was singularly delightful t>< then lx>tb. Mr. Alger then quoted extensively from their correspondence, showing tbe ex tent and depth to which tbclr love was car* ried. A presentiment of an unknown woe gave a serious tone in tho correspondence of ihr»c two friends. l‘oorGundef.«de,wrought ton aducss bya disappointed lovf, commit ted tuicideby flinging herself into the wq. lire of the Hhlnc. in after years Bcttinc touchingly relates tbe whole story, the peru sal of which has made many a heartache. The exceeding dcMcacy oi Mr.-. Homan's na ture drew a circle of dear friends around her wherever she went. Unc ol her strongest ult&cliiueuls was for a lady wo.I known in letters like herself. Mis# .lewatmry. The friendship of Madame dc Staul and Madame Hccrueier was another ol those at- l»rliiiH!Ml«W.wi'rlii)|itraillii tutumi Winn Miulumo de »;aul wts (j.mUliuJ fro n Kr*ncj hy Nnimlnoii, she wus vUU.vI hy t»r* r f 4 |uir,ii frloml, which act »tlrrctl tlm mesii soul of tlHuli'iM.ot to Imulnh her Ilium!**. A whl»w of Mailer do Mon'in(irotu‘l ) who wasafrhmil u| th<»u no’ed w.imnu, is dhur'lrlu i»nblt«ti n noycfl In which tlm lorn nt Mu lumio .1» nlmil avd Mailn tio Itecanulur will h.i ilh prominent fraiurn and U will bn l.mkml fir will* great Interest. Thn speaker *l*" brought up thecxampl *a or Ladv Bul'eratid Mrn. Fonsnnby; Mary MltmrJ aud Mr.*. Brown; Margaret Fuller mil Mtdim .tr eenail. H'-uild m rto.«)ntf that It win mt true that women, os haa beau i-ald by lata i wiliatd, urn Incapable of atrumr arid listing friendships. Ilia mm that Ihov are some (linn critical ami revere to their own net, for their nature In such tint they cannot bu liidlircrmt to each other; they mini either dlsllhti strongly or live strongly. When nil Is aald of women shall tu summed up, tho conclusion will be (lint In all Its tomlerncis and fullness there h no lrloudsUl|> lu the world equal to the friendship of women. Misrni.i.ANEons.—M. Dano, French Am* hasandor to Mexico, la about to marry Seno rliu Krrtcqui, a Mexican heiress, who brings him a fortune of four hundred thousand H.undß, with tho prospect of the succession o the proprietorship of the famous Koal del Monte sliver mines, which belong to tho lady's father. —Wooden wedding nt tho Church of tho Pnrlians, Brooklyn, Monday night, being the fifth anniversary of tbu marriage of Itev. Chailosll. Everest. Tbe gifts aggiegalcd a thousand dollars In raluo. Among tho largo assemblage present were the Rev. l)r. Hlorrs, Dr. Badger, of New York; Rev. Edward Taylor, Kev. Bishop Faulkner, Rev. Dr. Hutchins. Rev. Mr. McFarland, and many other well-known clergymen of various de nominations, who made appropriate remarks In the course of the evening. A wedding, in “high life,” took place, week before last. In Boston, between Mr. James S. Cumsiou and Mbs Charlotte Green. The bride was elegantly attired In rich white silk, which trailed at least threo yards, aud a tulle veil enshrouded her entire person. Tbofroumraa, although somewhat plain, was neat and very tastefully designed. The cere mony was Impressively performed hy tbc Rev. George Hepworth. A daughter of tho IToo. Reverdy Johnson Is about to marry Mr. Kerr, a wealthy and talented Baltimore lawyer. MUs Ilcnrlques, the favorite actress at Wallack’s, will bo married, this week, to Mr. L. S. Jennings, of the London Timtt. Mrs. nngcertT, of New York, (one of our F. F’f..)who has been for many yesrs abroad, has taken up her permanent rc*ldcncc In Washington, together with her daughter, tbs wife of tbc heroic CoL Shaw, of Siatcn Island. The beautiful Haggerty mansion, at Lenox, is wesl|known to the visitors of that charming rural abode of tbe Massachusetts muses. Mrs. Cobb, the pardon brokcrcss. shows hertclf conspicuously at tho Washington theatres. In rich and magnificent dress, with her long hair hanging down her bach. The American ladies who are at present most conspicuous In American society In Paris, arc the Misses Beckwith. They are the daughters of the Commissioner to the Exposition,and are pictured us large, showy, and pretentious, dressing in roost expensive style. In appearance, they are rather gaudy than elegant, hut they have at last reached the goal ol their ambition, and arc noticed wherever they appear. A young lady l« New Tork was presented w ith r basket ol flowers. Inst week, valued at nintyiundred dollars. It was the most cle caw and exquisite thing of the kind ever g<mcn up. /The ladies arc wearing evening dresses with very long trains. Silks arc much trimmed with satin; for instance, a black silk has black *ntin folds, alter the old style. Tnc beautiful “German” figures, led* bv Baron H ,at Newport,- last summer, arc about to he published. Colonel C. K. Gardner and lady, of Wash ington, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. last week. This semi ecu tennnial event was observed in abiilliant and becoming manner. Several hund.ed cards of invitation were Issued, announcing that the bride and bridegroom would bo at ’•home from three until six p. m. A Paris correspondent of an English pa per writes: “Chiefly among the American, colopy here, which is more numerous tli-in any former winter, docs dancing go on. and with far more animation thin In French talon*. One cannot hut be struck with the superior freshness and beauty of American girls.” Mrs. Benjamin, wife of Judah P. Benja min, ialc Secretary of State to the lata Con federacy, has the handsomest equipage in Pans. Those who denounce a woman's extrava enneeshould read this: “A London shift ing kcr has just finished a d rt zcu shirts for a gentleman, the price of which Is one linn* dred and twenty pounds. They arc, it Is stated, of the finest cambric, and h&vo frouls enihroideicd with gold threads.” A masked hall was lately given.' in St. Pe tersburg, In aid of tho Cretans. Tho receipts were $- r »l,000. In Alliance, Ohio, n couple were recently married in a sleigh by a clergyman, who stank on the sidewalk. Miss Thackeray’s writings from the Story ol Elizabeth down to the Village on tlm Cliff, now publishing in Comhill— and Annt Margaret’s Troubles, in which Miss Dickens Ims Just made her literary rttbut, arc quoted in support of the opinion that literary ability is oftener transmitted from father to daugh ter than from father to son. The daughter of a chimney sweep In Bt. Louis is to have a fashionable wedding. THE "WATER WORKS OF LONDON. Tho Proccaa of Filtration. At present London is supplied with water by eight private eom|uinles, each supplying u certain district, and drawh g their water from the Thames and tho sea. In nil eases ll is nccmiuy to employ pumping engines, us tlicre Is no iiainralhead| nnd many of the companies pump their water twice aver. The dtntnngo aten of the Thames ahoro btnimnis Jl.PSfl square miles, nud Its moan annual discharge Ih '.*00,000,000 per dny. Klvo ol the emnpi tiles take their water from the Trsmes, and ate authorized to draw 100,000,000 gallons per day, tho minimum lion- of the river being estimated at IttU,(ft),(XX)gallons per day. In moil cases Ihe water Is taken from’the river direct ly Into subsiding reservoirs construct ed directly on the river side, hut it. some works it goes immediately to tho tiller bed/. The necessity for tlm iim! of llicmi Ih quite Imperative, an was clearly rhonn la-t summer, when sumo of the revcicitt ravages of the cholera followed -be dilively by one of the companies of uu llltrulcd water to its consumers. They consist of u series of Uierj of giavel tnd sand of nhont live or six ft?el thickness in all, the arrangement being about an fob Iowa: First, coarse gMvul about twelve Inches in Uoptli is laid on the concrete hoi* tom of the bed, and upon this nlou Inches of much screened gravel, followed by inne Inches of line gravel, nr, In sumo eases, six inches of cockle and other shells: upon this* again Is a lajer of coarse sand twelve laches thick, and lastly, line taud two or tbruefcel thick on top of all. Thu water is admitted hy a main passing through the bed, and having a veruclo brunch rising aliovc the tillering mate* rial, the water welling over the top of this delivery pipe upon the Alter. In the coareo y ravel at the bottom are imbedded perfora ted pipes, laid with open joints and arranged as lateral branches of a central mainland these receive the water as it percolates through the gravel, and deliver it to the nump wells. The amount of Impurity re moved from the water by these tillers varies largely with the season of the year. Jn sum mer the turfaco of the water in the reser voirs, previous to filtering is olten thickly c- vered with green vegetable matter, which forms with great rapidity. The upper film of saud ..requires cleaning on an average ouce a week. For this purpose the bed is emptied of water, by‘ r a centrifugal pump, or other wise, and a layer of sand about three-eighths of an Inch in thickness scraped off and taken to be washed. Once a year the whole hod is made up aucw. The washing Is effected in a number of ways, one being bv placing the sand In an Iron cylinder seven feet stz inches In diameter and three feet deep, having a periorated false bottom nndcr which water is admitted under some pressure, and flowing up through the sand, stirs it up thoroaghly and carries off the impurities ns it flows over the top of the cylinder, the sand by its gravity remaining. When the water flows over clear -"the process is stopped and the remaining water dtawn off by a cock. Another plan is to allow the sand to flow with a current of water down a flight of steps, the rand lieltig caught in shallow ditches at the bottom, while the water flows on with the Impurities. Or again, a revolv ing cylindrical screen, slightly inclined, may be employed, a stream of water being admitted through the central shaft under pressure, and allowed to play upon the sand, which is gradually washed through the meshes, while any lumps or stones are re tained, and fall out at the lower cud ot the screen. (iJLACIitKS. dcawlr.’Tlrcorjrof /indent Glaciers on thu American Continent. Prot Acassiz delivered in New York, on Tuesday evening, a lecture on ‘•The Gla cicrs under the Tropics,” of which we make the following abstract: It was not long since the study of glaciers had been commenced. It was known that they were cuilous accumulations of miow amt ice, hut nothing more was thought about them. Now the study of the changes the glaciers had undergone, with the traces of the paths they had .ravrrsed, has ants tied philosophers that great changes have taken jdace on our globe In the matter of Uuntcmturc. Once onr globe was covered «>y Ice as thick as that now in the Arctic re gions. To trace the nalhs which gliders ilml , T « rf »dwe must become acquainted n V.~E. clcrs as they now arc. In regard to tMs globe had once been SSmrfra Illco ’ the iMtorcr Mid II WM » u’n>»M. lmp°rtt l r if it coulj Ulis BO tho doc offildM ,t l *g rl r "f ll '= transmutation 01 species at once fell to the irround The lecturer li-‘ n proceeded to tbe Blßclcre .id tbeir tempo itlon In “,1 ,m where the temperature did not rise abo?e thirty-two tone, the mow nerer meUcd In regions where the temperature re M »bo« tut mint the ice and tno, .onld nolac cumulate. In this country the only re[ .,„ n of glaciers ts amount he itreky Moonlalns. lu the tropics snow remains only atfin.>iA ration of 14,000 feet. In the Alps the snow line is six thousand feet, yet on examtna tion it would be found that there was no regularity in regard to this Hoc. In BOmc cases at elevations of 9.000 feel the snow is * melted by the sooth winds. In Chamonny I the snow remains at an elevation of 1.5&) : feci only, and in the Bernese Obcriand at 8,000 feet The lecturer fthen pro ceeded to explain the difference between ordinary ice and glacier ice- Com mon ice would be found to be'strati* lied. An examination of icebergs showed very conclusively that they werc~ formed of glacier ice, and not of frozen sea water. Gla clcr ice is granulated like padding stone. In nulling, common ice melts slowly, while glacier icc dUappcaisalmost instantly. Gla cier icc pern its the sun's rays to penetrate atul disintegrate it. This explains the rapid manner in which Icebergs disappear. In re gard to the movement of g acicrs, the Pro lessor said that glaciers moved from the con- tnuihmsid expansion caused hr nlti-roato mo/lng and lhiiwliit{. A glsclorM alwiys moving, ii' d nt n c iulnnt rate, llio thinker Point, lion ever, moving taster thin tin shies. This hss been demonstrated by tngimom rirlcsl surveys and invaMiroinonls extend- H.g over many years. In the cn.p lie the glaciers more about SJV) fit! |cr yenr; at the shies about one bunnrod ned eighty feat, at Ilia ollmr mils twenty or thirty feet. As thn ijlaoler moves, it smooth* the surface uf tho around ovut which U tMHscs. Fragments of rode Inllthrmigh nml become (Irmly fixed In Us undersurface. Tims the glades acts Ilka a p iwciftil Hie, and Us movements over the surfaeo of the around mav bo easily and surely lioccd. We have hlntorlosl ovldaoco tlmt glacier* once existed whero thorn are now none. In most of the valley* of Swllxur land, the Khunn, Chamouny, Martlgoy and St. Mnuilcn, the truces of the glacier more* monl might I>n seen sod traced at) across Switzerland, from the Alus to the summit of Ibo Jura. This being lhe cam, Mid the lec turer, U occurred to mo that Switzerland could mi Imrn alonu bean covered up with toe, while Spain, Franco, Italy, sod other countries, enjoyed tho same temperature as at present. In 1840, therefore, I started on a glacier hunt through England. Scotland, and Ireland and I fbund every where the traces of tbu gla cier. In Nova Scotia it was tho same. A few years sgooiir evidence wont only to tho extent that glacier had once coveted this Contlnen' to the In*Unde of fid degrees, or about that of South Carolina. A difficulty arose In regard to the fact that glaciers must havo moved over level ground. They must buvuhceti capable of doing so. It had re cently been ascertained that In Green land glaciers did so more. Therefore there was no objection to the conclusion. In hh recent trip to Drazll tho Professor found, to his astonishment, traces of glacial action. Bahia, Pernambuco and the Valley of the Amazon, were once occupied hy glaciers which had descended from the Andes. Ob servations which I made a few years ago In the State of Maine satisfied me that the glaciers Intbat section oftbe country must ave been something like 6,00) feet In their thickness, and I am satisfied now that we have bad snow fields upon this Continent covering the land to a depth of 12.0)3 or 18,000 feet. ANCIENT TOILETS. The Dram and Personal Ornaments of the Assyrians. The splendor and voluptuousness of the ancient Assyrians are not only chronicled,by the earliest protooe historians, and alluded" to In the Old Testament, but are also Indu bitably shown in the remains of her buried cities. The recent discoveries among the ruins of ancient Nineveh—the Ninus of the Creeks and Romans—have thrown a new light on this hitherto obscure portion of the hiotory ol our race. The Assyrians rivalled, and even surpass ed, the Egyptians In many of their leading characteristics—m magnificence, luxury and personal display. The extreme beauty and costliness of the ** Assyrian garments," as well as the elaborate nature of the toilet ot her kings and nobles, distinguished them among all other nations of the East. The Tendons imitated then In these points; and the former of these characteristics ultimately descended even to the Romans. The dresses worn by the Assyrian kings were dyed of the richest Huts, and beautiful ly embro'dcred; and the designs upon them were of the most varied and tasteful descrip tion, taktfi from both the animal and vege table worn!. “More than one necklace, of elegant lortn. was generally suspended round the neck. The arms were encircled with aimlcts, and tbc wrists with bracelets, all equally remarkable lor the taste and beauty of their design and workmanship. The clasps were lu the shape of the heads ol lions and other animals; and, in the centre of the bracelets, were stars and rosette.*, which were probably Inlaid with precious stones. Ear-rings of many kinds were worn.” The designs often resembled those employed in modern jewelry. This'luxurianco ami richness of the dress and personal ornaments of the Assyrians were accompanied by a corresponding amount of attention to {he cosmetic arts and the toilet. 44 They carefully and elaborately plated their hiir and their beards." 44 The hair was parted over the forehead, and fell from behind the curs on the shoulders, in a large bunch of ringlets. The beard was allowed to grow to its full length : and, de scending low on the breast, was divided into two or three rows ol curls. The moustache was caicfully trimmed and curled at the ends. The halr/ras well as the beard, appears to have been dyed, os is still the custom in Persia ;* but It has been doubted whether the hair represented in the sculptures was natural or artificial." The latter was probable. In many Instances, the cane, as their neighbors, the Egyptians, were accustomed to wear large wigs, elaborately plaited and adorned, and even false beards were not unknown among them. Tbc eye brows and eyelashes were dyed black, and a dark pigment, consisting chlclly of fluely powdered onflbinny, was employed to blacken the extreme edges of the lids, and thus increase the brilliancy of the eyes. The charms of tlic complexions were promoted by the use ol skin cosmetics. The checks and lips had their hues brightened or modified, as occa sion might require; and the teeth received a like attention. Nor were cleanliness ami hy giene forgotten—the luxuries of the bath be ing not only highly prized, hut profusely piovidcd (brand indulged lu. A description of the toilet of the voluptu ous Assyrians Is given in the amusing story ol Purtondes. On Naoarus upbraiding Par somlis for his Ingratitude, lie replied: 44 Am I not more manly, and more useful to the King than yon arc, who arc shaved, and have yom eyes underlined with stibium, and your face puinlcd with while lead?" On which Nanarus, beckoning to a eunuch, said r "Lead olf this fellow/ Shave and mb with pumice-stone the whole of his body, excepting the head. Rathe him twice a day and aflolut him. UidiTlltie his eyes, and plait his hair uk women do. Let him learn to piny on the Imrp, and to accompany It with his voice. Hint he may appear among the female musi cians, w lUi whom he shall pass ids tlmo, hav ing a Htu olh skin and wearing the same gnimeDl* us tbrv do." These orders, we mo it Id, were caicfully executed, an 1 the rough ruitondcs soon mourned tlut soft nn I elb'iid nau-nppi which he had derided in Ids uomen’or. There voluptuous and effeminate practices were common among the nobles and higher Humus of Hr Assyrian empire. Xenophon Informs ns that Aslynges had Ids eyes an 1 (sec painted, and wore Cilse hair. Accord ing to Antlinmvus, the gonilc, but luxurious, £iir<iiinn|mhis assumed the dress and orna iiH'iitsof u woman. 'Mis chin was shaved, ui <! Ids fklu, which was kept smooth with jnndec-Houe, was white as milk; and Ids ryes and eyebrows were painted black, In the manner above re. (circa to. This monarch, the last ot a long line of sovereigns, whose only faults were his extreme love of the arts of peace and civilization, nnd Ids volnptuons habit* and cllcndnncy, is said to have allowed his seep tre to pas* from ids grasp “as he was en deavoring to finger tbc fine needle and nyso (bread," surrounded by the gentler portion of Lis household. A Hog Trained to Pick Pockets, [Paris Correspondence of the Boston Saturday Evening Gazette.! I beard tbc other day—and 1 was assured It was true—the following anecdote which will allow how the evil communications of man Imre corrupted the manners of dogs. Moos. Georges Gnlllrcy, the translator ol many English novels, recently leave a party at which literary men and artists were present. Among them was Mans. 11. du la Charicrlc, a well-known painter. Despite the terrible weather (It was one ol the worst nights we have had this season; tbc wind blewits cold est, most piercing blasts, and the half-mcltcd snow thrown Into the face seemed to freeze the blood) he determined to walk home. There is an excitement In facing a storm, and to those fond of mournful music, the wind us it howls among chimneys and round street corners and the pattering rain arc full of melody. Mens, de la Charleric cxcla'mcd, as he reached his studio door : “Great Ileaveusl what a night I On such a night one could not refuse hospitality even to a dog!’’ A whine seemed to say Amen to this charitable exclamation. He looked at* icntivcly, and there, tube sate, crouched a ]K>oaie dog, looking in his face with those ejes of entreaty which arc even more elo quent than speech, and which, U beggars— biped beggars—possessed it, would make nil of us street passers much more generous. Bat .beggars Imvc them not; begging extinguishes tnc eyes, destroys thcirindlviduallty, obliterates their expression,'so that even tender hearted Udks can look beggars In the face and bear their whine and yet not be tempted to put a hand into tbc copper division of their parses. Doge are not professional beggars, despite oigan grinders who make them under duress do all serts of shabby things. The artist looked at the dog and said : “Poor follow! Poor fellow ! It my mat in the chimney corner. a plenty of water and bread crusts esn make you happy, they are at your service.” The dog Jumped np and began to caper for joy. The artist 1 opened the studio door, /bowed the dog in (precedence Is yours, sir; I’m at homo) and fulfilled all he had promised. The dog was soon asleep on the mat. The artist blew out tbc caudle and was soon trying logo to sleep, which is not an casv ftntaftera party. It seemed to him he heard the dog hunting and smelling about the room, bnt as this might be attributed tothcincursionsotarut, or as U might bo the caulnc manner of going the rounds to tee if “all is locked up,” the ar tist paid little attention to these demonstra tions and toon was sound asleep. Aoout day linuk the dog woke the artist by scralchlrg violently at the door- “Well bred dog! thought the artist,” ho refuses to sully my studio so he takes to the street—and yet had he allowed me to make a sketch of him I should have been all the beUcrsvtlsficd.” The artist dressed. As he was leaving his studio he fell In his pocket for his purse. He conld not find it. Had it dropped on the floor ? He hunted high and low, >*o purse; “I believe,” said he at last, “ I am the victim of a dog trained to steal purses. I knew dogs sold on the boulevards almost always ran back to their fiist master and the same dog has freqncntly been sold lime and time again ; but this is the first time 1 ever beard of a dog’s picking a pocket.” There is no ones lion that the dog which robbed Moos de la Charleric was trained to steal In great cities men arc obliged In self defence to be heartless even to beasts A Railroad Train Attacked by Wolrct« I Paris Correspondence of toe New York Evening PosUJ In Paris -we have only had the cold, bat, as you already know, toe south of France has I ccn visited by an almost unparalleled tali of snow. A singular accident is reported to hare happened to a train on the Luxem bourpßallroad on the night of the l«ih. This trait: was composed of nine cars filled with metallic ore. and three cars carrying sheen Bt.d oxen. At MarbtlUn great difficult? was cxpctlenceo In making headway against the enow, and between Lublamont and Polx the enow threatened to extinguish the fires, and the engineer was obliged to stop the train and fend on ahead for assistance to clear the track. The men who were left were busy. lnt> themselves In sweeping offthe snow that had fallen on the engine, when they heard behind them a low yelping. They turned they saw against the darkness a aeoii-clrcu* ur line of fiery poiutu. They were me eyes of famished wolves, five In number, who had 1 *■< n Rlttnolod by Um Mmltol Um cattle, nud worn m*w •*"it« , 'l at a few stops from Uio r.'UMucm, watching. The Munition was extremely c»lllo«l. Ex* ei'i't for tho lln iron* nml shovels, the bo* s'cgul won ei'llrely uuarnieil, nml eou d have no hope of lusMm.oo within llirou hours. They opened tlm sP'mii Jots and blew ibe wbl'llo In hopes of frightening the beasts, lut with i usuceoM. U was deier iium'il dually In In a* u retreat, ami Um four men crept In single 1)1 u along the train, clearly followed by tho hungry wolves. They reach'd the wngons wlUmnt dlllloully, and three of them had succeeded tnnnturlng, hut ms (ho Iburlh started, one of thn wolves sprang upon him and tore oT the Uap of his coat. Tnl* was the slruat for the nsnault of the entire band, an assault, howuver, that was iu vlgoioualy reflated, that tho human animals come otr victorious, killing otic of the enemy* The door of Ino wagon rolled on Ha hinged nml admitted them Into a place of temporary enffty, whero for two morUl hours they ms'iilned a blockade. A quarter of an hour’s aliened after the re treat of the wolves was followed by a fright ful tempest of veils aud howls from the ter rified cattle, which continued to break tho monotony of tho suspense until the arrival of assistance, it has been suggested that henceforth tho men In charge oi cattle trains in winter ahould bo provided with firearms, so as to be better able to make a Bland when, like Hed Hiding Hood, they meet wolves In the forests. Photographic Notra. (From (be New York Evening l*o*r, February a,] Most of our readers have seen the “magic photographs” which were produced by simply dipping prepared slips of p.iper Into water. A French photogmuher has Intro* dueed a magic cigar-boldcr, upon wbleh a photograph appears after the cigar has been smoked, for a time. Now let some one bring out a process thaUwlll develop by air, and a scries produced byfire, air and wa cr will be complete. M. Carradl, an engineer at Marseilles, pro poses to register tbc path of a ship, and its various tacklugs and cvolalions, by means of photogiaphy. He calls tbe instrument a “lexodrogrsph,” and by It registers the va rious movements of tbe com|)ass upon a roll of seusillve paper. George G. itockwood, of this city, recently devised an apparatus lor automatically reg istering, by photrgraphy, tho state of tno tbermometerand barometer at various times of the day. He arranged a clock work in tbc Interior of a box containing also a came ra and a series of revolving sensitive plates, which at regular Intervals would open ac »v --erto the camera tnbeand !c image of t e object before it. This appa ratus placed before a spirit thermometer would of course secure accurate pictures or tbe standing of the instrument, upon tbc plates successively exposed to tbe action of the light. Mr. Rockwood is also the Inven tor ot the photo-medallion and improvements In tbc art- A Dr. Marini having discovered a method of preventing the decomposition of the body aAcr death, ho ra;>de the following horrible use of photography to prove tho perfection ol hissysicm. An author of the history of Sardinia, Ph-tro Martini, died on the 17tb of February last. On the l*th of Jnne, the corpse was brought to light, and was found to oe so supple and life-like that it was dressed up “In his habit as he lived,” taken Into a glass room and photographed! A likeness was produced which could not be distinguished from a portrait taken when the subject was alive. A man in Texas haa just made application fora patent on a machine which he culls a burglar detector, which, he asserts, will photograph the likcne*s of the burglar. We imagine this suggestion has m-Tc novelty than pracMcabilliy about it, und that a first rate detective Is a very necessary part of the apparatus. If the latter part of the machine •* works/* the other operation, provided you cun hold the subject, is comparatively easy. Rev. Dr. Robert S. Howland, of this city, has commissioned a photographer to take n series of photographic negatives In the Cata combs of Rome, down under the surface of the earth, where daylight has never entered. The light to be furnished by the combustion of magnesium wire, which give an illumina tion of a very highly aclinic quality.' The photographs are Intended as Illustrations for • a very elaborate and carefully prepared work upon the Catacombs. A I’onng l£Dgll«U nobleman Seat to Prison. The London Telegraph tells the story of a merited nunlshment: “Lord Ernest Vane Tempest—there Isa cu rious appropriateness in his name—is a very unhappy young roan who belongs to a very unhappy old family. Ua has long been an outlaw, not of the Jolly grcenwooil tree do fcrlption, hut of a more prosaic character. In fact, his only resemblance to Robin Hood consisted in tlio fact that both gentlemen ob jected to the ShcrllT, and especially to his officers. Ten years and a naif ago. Lord Ernest— then a minor, but alreadv expelled Ifotu his regiment—mot an officer in the same gallant euros who was sland’og In St. •Tames* street, and alfably conversing—it was after sunset—with a lady of bis lurdslilp*s acquaintance. For reasons best known to hltntclf, Lord Ernest addressed his quondam comrade as a coward and a hUck- f;uurd, supplementing and emphasis ng these energetic' words by spit ting in his face. The other* officer does teem to have been rather vexed nt that form of address; though, on the whole, ho bore his Injuries with Ctnistlan patience and nobly abstained from warlike reprisals. No iolcl* Is slow Uni sure. “Lord Ernest returned to England from his outlawry; he expressed his sincere re gie'- fur the outrage he had committed ; hut tie wan not to be allowed to get off scot free. In the Court of Queen’s Dench yesterday Mr. Justice Blackburn, observing that u tine would out be a real punishment to a man In Lord Em cat's position, sentenced him to be imprisoned for three calendar months. The offence was committed a long time ago, and porsibly the culprit ban repented; hut wo cannot complain of the decision. Such a scutiuce will hcncefuith hang In Urrornn ovei the hinds of fashionable voung ruffians who would not mind paying a’ line, hut who have u strong objection to being looked tip. From this |xdnt of view wo arc hnutul to commend Judge Umckburn’n firmness.. “The ease Is worth notice *hlso -from nnotlur point of view. After such a «l*»ry, duelling must Indeed he considered (lend. ‘Sir,’ raid nu indignant husband to his reck*' less frknd, 'you liuvu abused my hospitality, ><-n have kicked mu down stairs, aid you nave kissed my wife before my face. Beware, sir ! A few more Mich outrages, and, hv Jove, yin'll muse fbe British Bon I* Lnrd'Krnost called the other geutHiunt a coward and a hlmktnatd, m.d tlion r-put In Ms face. A lew more outrage* might pr.srlidy have romu id the British lion ; hut the gentleman de serves our higher! admiration for the moral eouiHge which l:« has ilUphived In onlvpr-.H coming Inn rssatl tut in the Dourt of Queen's Ileneh. Decidedly, the Millenium Is ut liuml I" An liuntriae JCrolltc. The anuom cement was made a few weeks since that the largest moss of meteoric iron over Uncovered liad been lately louud by Professor Shepard, In Missouri, and was con signed hy him to Amherst College. This statement was erroneous, thin honor of own ing the hosvlest meteoric stone In any col lection being duo to Vale College. The bistory of tbls (the Gibbs meteorite) Is somewhat singular. In Dr. Bruce's Journal in 1810. ttc acconnt of the varied fortunes through which this specimen has passed, Is detailed at some length. It appears that two years previous to this date, the Indians of Southern Louisiana, now Texas, stated that a great stone bad been seen by’one of their Lumber to fall from Heaven, ard they volunteered to guide the curious to the place. Under tno impression that this was sn Immense lump of platinum, two rival companies started for the spot. Tbc mass was found as represented, and not far oil they were told were two larger speci mens which had been separated by tbc ex plosion. After a long series of adventures, they reached New Orleans with their prize. Sometime after the meteorite, as it was now proved to be, was purchased bv Colonel Gibbs, brought to New York, and deposited by bim in trust In the Museum of the Lyceum of New York. During a removal of this cabinet the muss of mete oric Iron barely escaped an ignomini ous consignment to oblivion by being bnrird by the carmen, who fonnd it too heavy for easy manipulation. The widow of Colonel Gibbs rescued it from its premature grave, and generously presented U to Vale College. Before being placed on exhibition one. end was sawn off and polished, and an inscription embodying the name of the do nor and the weight, 1,035 pounds, was en graved upon it. The mass measures three : bet four and one-lutlf inches in length, by two feet four inches thick, and stands six tccu inches high. In superficial area the huge {oolite deposited In the £mlth mnlan collection exceeds it, hut the weight of the latter docs not equal that of the Gibbs me teorite. Tbe Uoosnc iannel. Many interesting things are burled la ad* veriieetncnls, -which most people habitually and mirtakenlv negket to examine, unless In search of si>cclflc things. Probably every body has heard of the Hob.-ac tunnel, yet protably veiy few know anything of it ex .ccpt that it has been In progress for soma years, that it Is a Boston ettempt to ob. j fin p direct railway to the We»t, and ihM the location ol It la somewhat in northwest ern Massachusetts. An obscure advertise ment for specifications for contractors for the completion of the work, tires some Information respect ing Its Importance and its present condition. The tunnel, when completed, will be a little less than five miles in length, extendieg ttrough the Hoosatr mountain ftomthe town of Floilda to the town of North Adams. The substance penetrated is talccsc slate, requiring no masonry or sup ports. Work is carried on from threepduits, the two ends and a central shaft. The east ern end has been penetrated three thousand live hundred feet, the opening to be about seventeen cubic yards to each Itncalfoot: the western end Is worked from a shaft three hundred and eighteen tcct deep, from which an eastern heading of six cubic yards to inch lineal loot lias been made and It is to be cnlaigcd to seventeen feet. The central shaft, cdpilcal In shape, twenty-seven by fifteen ft cl, now four huddred feet in depth, is to be sunk six hundred and thirty feet further. About thirty thousand six hundred cubic yards have been removed, exclu-dvo of shafts; and about filty six thousand re main. The Scorplun Trade. [Dnioago (Mexico) Coirwpoudoncc of the yew YoikUcrald.J Ttc scorpion crop In thecliy of Durango for ; ISCfi was over scrcnty thousand. These ven emeus Insect* make Durango a perfect terror In the summer months. At prestn th. y ore snugly slowed away In the cracks. waillnc for the thermometer to rise. Their bite to children is In most esses fatal and Is frequently so to crown people. The drink ing 01 large quantities of liquor prevents -death, but the person goes through a mru lar fit of hydrophobia, with much foaming at tVe month. So great was this pest, that Id the time of the iceroys they commenced oflerlng a certain price per dozen, and this practice bas always been continued. The old price was six cents each, but it wasfuund that the annual increase was enormous, and it was soon discovered that many of the ; poor pconle hod taken to raising them for a living having boxes prepared tor the pur, 1 pore. ’The price was cousequcntly lowered and to day it is only hull a ceul eaca; bu* 11 lit supposed Hint many people utlll Uml U profitable to carry on a acorplon liana* ftirlmj. it la • nirloua fact lual ; tlioauor. plona fmin itio oilier part* of lh«Htnto Imro nM that deadly Tcimm which they havo iioro Them appear* to ho » alight uiirortmcn In their anpearitnrn alio; fur | ttio oiporla who make llio puichaaoa In IhU partof the mly rnmiot bo impoaod upon by no Imported article. It la propoard to extend llio oily llnilla of nicbim ncl, V«. Tboao living ouUlde tho poi|K>railon nro bolding opposition incoi* Inga. Tbo young ladle* of New Orloani nro wear ing oniMtmrnla lo tho abapo of a crcacoul. Tbo .Mobile Tribune calla Garibaldi the 11 licoal Duller of tbo Italian Liberal*. Tho Southwestern (l*orglana are going to import laborer* fumi BcotUnd. FINANCIAL AND COidMSRCIAI. MOSETAEY. Katurrat Kvrxn»o. Fcbrturf 10. The fnlloulnc Is Manager Ivon* exhibit of U»*s bunreac ol Iho Clearing jioiuc for Ibo '* r «ok end* lux to-day ClMrtnc*. Primary 11 f I,lns, 110.31 |I3J OW.W FcbrnaryW 1.303,271 21 n'I.SUM February 13 FtbriurJ It 1,117.071.8) 801,211.31 F.brHury a rn.w9.aa February 10 1,051,803 38 20),mW Total f7,(F.I,»WM $1,177,031W Lau week SB,KD,«».2S rQUJMO Owing to (be disagreeable weather during the week Jnat closing, (ho mercantile bnilneaa of (be clly baa ruled very qnlet. Thla may be aeon by the exhibit of (be clearings—(bowing# decrease ol nearly one million aa compared with last week. Aa toon na the weather ectiles, a eprlnglng np of trade ta generally expected. In financial matter* there is very little more* menu ihe dullncsa In mercantile trade, and the inactivity In Breadstuff* and Provisions, bare a corresponding Influence over ihe Money market The demand for discounts, except In tbe way o( ‘renewals, is light, but balances do not evince any marked sign* of improvement. The tone of tbe mnrktt, however, Indicates a gradual approach to a comfortable easiness. Paper continues to be closely scrutinized, and none lint tbe best names find favor. There Is no change In tbe rate of dis connt Call Joans on Government Secmlllcs arc espy at S per cent Exchange still centimes close, ozd round lots me placed wttbont difficulty, between banks, at ‘■Zr. premium. The counter rates arc stcadf* at pci buying and 1-10 premium selling. r j he demand foe Foreign Exchange In the email way !• moderately crtlr?, and the market is sic rdy at tie folio a Jug rates for sight: Gold. Currency. London, nor pound {3 00 86.85 ©6.90 Paris, p-.r fra? c 20 27tt'5-*2» Beilin, per Prussian «bale?... 75 1.91 ©1.93 Hoiriburr, pfi mwo banco.. 35 53 © 51 Ncr»av. perrlxmyn* 30 41 ©ll‘» Sweden, persprcle tinier .... 1.16 1.66 ©ls: Flour was dull and weak. No. 2 Spring Wheat in moderate speculative demand, and l©«tt c higher. Com was “cornered,” and 3@3H C high er. Oa*s weie exceedingly dull. Bye neglected. Dailey dull. Whiskey firm bat Inae ive. Pro visions dull and without material change. Dress ed Bogs advanced 5210 c. Needs in steady de mand and firm. Gold was without any very material change. The market opened at l£6*f* advanced to IST and closed at 1863. The following quotations were ■ eceired by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: 19:50 n. B>if* 111:39 a. m 136^ tuti*. a. m :j6»i 12:15 p. m 137 1145 s. in lX?i! 2:15 p.m 137 19.99 *. m aoop. m lifts 11:15 a. m 130?, | lieivtbemaiketwss quietatl36®i36ls baying— clofing at the upper figure. Silver was nominal at 12z©148. TLv folltwing table shows the dally range and clottrg price of American Gold in New Fork dmlug tbe week ending to-day: Ranse. Clo«la*. .13CS«9lS7!fc IST Monday.... Tiio-day.... Wednesday. Thit'adaj IWH@»3T?j ISOS Priday I‘US4<&i3 , *2£ 133? i Saturday 13B£an7 1 1t\% Government* were steady and firm, with in ad* vancc ot >6 on Seven-Thirties. The followinz shows the closin'; prices of to-day, compared with lU-- threeprcvioui days: 3! I ? ; » c. § Slseaof’Bl lM*i iiifo iru* loan Fivc-Twcmiea,’to* 10*3 ivajg Fivt*Twe»illcV&l Mrri. iU7»i lOT’i FiveTwenUw, ’« Jo7?i jn:?j ior?j Tcn-Foitlc? lot** 10l‘i I0t?i lUI-j Smm-ihlrilcs, An? iCS?; 103T< 1037; 100 Scvpq.l birtiru, June 103); 1 ScTcn>J’blriles, July... lUSS 103! i 103 U 303*; Now FlvC'TwcDtlca lOßft lU3?i 105J* .!&>£ Here the demand was active and the market firm, but the limited oscricj'B restrict operations. Wo quote: oovmunmrr sEccnmcs—cntc.loo vmhcet. itayinz. Sellla?. ..1004 HWX ..IftOj: 2KI ~iin io7*i 107*4 107 .im ©toss -••• 101'i lots US. Sixes, of 1531 IT. B. Mills, 180 S .... u.s.saoe, 1901..,. U. S. 5-‘.*oa, ISGj U. 8.5-20 e, email... U. «. iC-Kh*, large., 11. H. UMde. small 108% IT. S. 1H actlea 1(0% 10) U. 8. 7 Sto, 2d terle* 105 ft .103% I*. S. 7-00 f«, Od i-eno* 103 ft 1(0% U, S. 7-3 Us. small KO>aQto3!( .... Vommmiius, Jane. ISO! V.Oft .... •» July, 110% “ Aus., 19-;* iisst : ... •• Del., IHM IlHt •» Dec, DM 113% “ Mar, m% . ... ** All*., 1B»0 110% “ belli, IWD nut* . .. u Oci.. isos... ..;..uja»i . .... Ihu Second National Bank quotes Gorer-menS as follows: con£, ’Bi.,ioo;tO . JWO coup., (large)... 107 ©103% &VU conn , (■mail). ..KG 0108 ft livid coup.. Tm. (small) 105 VTftlOJti June comp., 18d1.,1l <K July “ ** ..HOI4 Attir. “ ** ..liav Oct. •• ••*s t»cc. “ “ ,113‘i May “ 1853..113'; Antr. “ '* ..Uot< Kept. “ •* ..11UU OcU •* •* ..KWn (sarjfc)....lM?jo It'.;o coup. Ncwrcrr., @ . . T-D', (larBO).l(ir.? 4 0lo:?i . Lewi Sjccuml*e ato quiet bat Arm. Wo quota: UiiTlm;. Sulim*. . i);i i'jfl oo* s oth Hih injj CVcfuro C!ty7fl t’onk romily?* i liat. hcr of Commerce. 'il.c v*inlnr*of tho Chicago ,fe is'orlhwosi*ru Kalhnia Tor the «ccli eliding F* lunar; It, wero: IWrt. l&U. i-t,a:o.v7 Ki>niid 2,-1151)0 ?' 1.53 .31 3,131.41 Po»«*rt:er. Freight .. LIIXVtS... Moll Tola! fU’UU.3O 91 IW.ll limn e. 1N.7 (JMKtt'M 1 lit* loan of tho Insurance companies throopb the destruction of the store and sUKk of S. 11, Chiuerden it Co., of Now York, foot* up of ultlcb fSO'iOOu I? sustained t*y New York com* pnule«. Vliore 1b considerable difference of opinion re* pardlogtheacgrccatosol the compound Interoat i.olca. and Ibv lated sialcmi'iit m.i'.ox tbc amount to If: tedci-mcd ibis Tear, 11110,C00,000, a* follows: June, 1W #V«M.«OO July, 1801 11,001.000 AngnM, October, IS -t... December, 1801, Total Npw York stock olnrkct. CloflrcprtrCT (br cash, February 18. 1367, received by Joseph M. Lyons i Co., Brokers: IbtDd. Sdßd Ist Q 4. 3d Bd K.T. Cent ral...loo 99* U. S. 6f» cent M.S. (Cttoj 73 C. U.TV ct 5-2 J C. APUU fu «v 00np..1iK3....t09V ... lioct bland.... W< Safe 0. 5.6 Vct MO C.&N.W SiV Coap-13»1....137J< ... Do. preferred... CSV GSM CT. S. 6 V ct S3u P„ Ft. W. & C MJ* C0np.,1533....107V ... U.lckstlvcr S7M J7M H. S. 5 V csai W.C. lei 43V 43* 10-W) ICIV ... C. &a. from). Treas. 7 3-10,1 st H. AOulncy... 130 15t> senes IM ill<h. i>tur«l...lo7 107* C. S. 7 3-10, W HudsonHirer..usjf 1» senes lOJ.V ... PI. Central Hi* 111* U. S. 7 3-ltt, 2d Pldl. A, I'esolDK.tOl 104 scries 1-TIV .. C.ATolrdo Am. Gold 137 137 Tol. Wabash.... S 3 ’ ....| Market—lst Board, weak!; . ad Board, steady. COMMERCIAL. Sattroat Evextco. February 15. The following tables enow the receipts and ship* meiits of Produce during the past t'-venty-four Loam: mcrnrs past iivwiir-rocn nocns. IS*?. ISC9. Fionr, brt* 2,018 Wheat, bn 8,437 Cora, bn 17,740 I.WO Oats, bn 8.731 2,030 Ilye, bn 830 130 Barky, bn 79t» 3.V) (inu»B«ed,B>» 33,T(u 43,711 Rich-m Coin, lbs. 4,000 .... Cared SlMl, lbs 151,'. 13) 3M?J Pork, bits... 464 SI £ar>' ~ ~ anl, It ? Tallow, 1b5..... 3fc(»2o Honor, fcs i. 200 3.7J5 Dieted Hoetf, No 233 T.ito Docp, No iVKQ rattle, No Hides, Bis liicbwlDw, orU, Wool. lbs. i.nmber m . bhirplcs, tn, SntTJKZSTS PACT tTVXKTT-rOUIX HOBBS. . ■ . IS6T. 1988. Flour, btiß . : "8,591 ,^l7 Whfit,bo 1,461 1,838 Oan,bu 1,312 2,500 Kjc. Im 1,123 ..... Crua Seed, 41,250 2SO Cow* Meats, lbs 453,021 135,111 Bcif, brla 61 ;... Pork, bits 4TG 1 lard, b* 157,077 . 0.700 Tallow. by 13.979 DutiriTlbe 955 DrcrardJTosra, N 0.... 1,079 J 93 Mw Dote, No', ('attic. No nine.*, ...I lltchwlne*. brls 72 2 Woo), ft* 5,230 2,701 Lumber, m...... .... 421 ■ 49 J-LintJes, m 413 6 1-ath.m.. 579 .... Salt, brie 512 IS7 The Provision market was aiara dull, and For f'jae descriptions oF product there was an easier fcellrg, while others were held For higher prices* Iberu was a elicit inquiry Jor favorite brands of Mess Perk at £18.75, bnt at this fignre ho’ders we;e trowfflreg to sell. Standard brands arefree ly offered at £18.75. and In some instances mlgat be bad for a less figure. There Is no movement In in Prime Mess—-holders asking £17.50 For good bunds. English Meats wcare dnll and hearr, with ntinmed transactions at a concession on pre viens figures. Bnlk Meats were easier, whh rather znoro doing, and we note sales at 9j£c For Short bib, loose, and For Dry Salted Shoulders, loose—lhe upper figures obtained last evening For a lot of 30,000 lb. Here was no move ment In Sweet Pickled Hams, and the market is nominal at lOHOUc—some Fancy brands bclsc hrld at 12?$. Lard was held with more firmness, but buyers refused to follow. For well-known brands of Kettle Dried there are bn jera at ll*ic, but holders asktSc. Steam is offered at ll&c, with no buyers over iHHc. The transactions to-day were tnfllng—l23 ire* Kettle Dried at lt£c, and SO tree Country Steam at ll\c. Grease was Inaclive and nominal at our quotations to be found elsewhere. The recilpto of Dressed Doss were light, and for frozen lots for shipment there was a good tie irar.d. The market wasSQiOc higher, with aalcs at £7.-C©7 77—dosing steady at £7.00©7.05. The receipt* of Hogs, Live and Dressed, fbr the weekei-nltg today amonnt to 52,i91, and the thipxncrls 21,971 head. Air. Mllward foots UP the poik parkit.g to date at C1i.4.'»3 bead. WLL-key was inactive hnt firm at 53c for hand ed, ata £ for tax paid. Flour was dull, and in order to force sales, hold- era would have been oblig'd to submit to a eon* orailuu of lOffetCr. Tbi IraiMaOldoa fool npl.ttO bil« a» 119 for White Winter! j HO.tflt to w fur Hpilaa I.xl/as,aml 17.W08.W lurttprlmr Biipeii. *J tiorn tviai mod'rate speculative demand for no, | Hjiilbr Wheat, *f«d ihe nmko' advanced 10 IH®* No. 1 hprlng was quiet but firm, ami In He* Jcctccl il.nto was tallie more doing. We note ralra 01 f.,nu hn at OMB lor Utd \Vl"lrr by aim* plr I run |..r No l Spring | tl BA for No. IJdo in city: t f.Wliai.W fordo IbROHr. and II.BBftt« toi It-Joel'd—'losing .toady at 0J.68 for No. S In tegular bouses. •Ihtfir «as not much activity displayed In No. 1 Com, but a. the market baa got Into ibe bands of a clique. It U manipulated Jual anoogh to eaUir* HeU price* for tbo settlement ol difference*. The rertns wrrv put on toward iho rloee to-day, and Pilcr* weie forced np BUBHC. in No. 2 there la lx Iblt ir dnlnjj. For UeJ clei there la a good >le* roanU nuu fit market rule* comparatively aicady. M'enot. ralew-f ao.rwobn at tfH3B3j for No. 1, and Wfthßr fur Detected—cloitog nominal atBlH Tor No. l In note. There \\a« rcatcely any loqnlry for Oita, and ?bn market was exccedlugly dull, wlibsaleiofa I* wear loads at stmoißlfe for No. t. Noiblng dome iu No. 1. whlcb arc scarce. lt;e nn» entirely nruloctod, and the market mar l<o itouilcallr quoted at tKeforfroah rccclpla of fto. l. a car load of Itrjectcd aold at 73c. nailer wa« dal], with Ugol ralea at 03fcC3c for No. 5, and Wcftf UW for ample lota. areila veto In Meady demand, with ea'oa at tO.(H!(SR.On fop Ctover-lbe ioalde flruro for la* foilor—ls Mfta 30 for common to choice Tim* oa-y, and J 2 73 ioi Flax. iboie was coining doing la Tallow, ami the xns>ko> may lie quoted at for City Butch ere', ond 139‘ic fur Country. No packer*' offerin';. Tue following telegrams were read on ’Chmgo to-day: ~ • N*w Tom, February 10; Flour lower and dull at moau.oo. Wheat heavy and unsalable at C2.H&3.5.V Corn"firm but quiet at.fl.Oett.' in store. Oats lower. at 55© £Cc for old. Pork dull and heavy at S2O 56. Lard firm but qnlet,~nt 12sai2«ic. Hogs unchanged. Whiskey firm. Gold UWJi. a ‘ UTXB, • Flour nniettled. Wheat Irregular. Oorallrm. Oats drooping. Wbiakcy qnleL lATrn At the afternoon Board the Grain Slsrkc's were nominal at tbe closing prices on 'Change. There was nothing doing In Provisions. Beef Cattle were qoict bat firm, at full rales. The receipts were 143 bead. Prices 1 range at (S.Co©7.£3 for inferior to cnolce grades. live Hogs were active to tbe fall extent of tbe oflerings, all finding quiet sales at a slight ad* vance on yesterday’s rales. Prices range at ?6.00©7.C0 lor lulbrior to choice lota. IXcccipu and hbtpmentt of Lire and : Urt-wvcd Hogs from October Ist to Date—Approximate Packing. The following tallies show the receipts and shipments of Live and Dressed Hogs from Octo ber Ist to dale, lor two years: uxckipts or noos. Week 1566-7. 1665-6. «r.d’g. <■' ■ - —, Lire Drca'd. live. DreVd., Oct. 6 24,091 rr?. 24,'J10 .... 18 13,192 C..v Sims 2« 26.341 v ... 17,517 - .... 2* 16,610 1&00 3 Nov. S 16.750 58 32.769 1“ 10 59,*293 £2B 17,0$ 10 17 15,122 103 27,730 20 24 13,403 331 22.913 85 Dec. 1 19,120 1.248 15,757 IK 8 32,105 ■ 1,713 6.122 130 15 24,613 *2,396 19,616 623 £S 50,324 16,383 23,273 5.062 29 30,715 21.963 21,483 15,S*K Jan. 5 55,773 27.621 52,r85 25,837 13 19,083 51,910 26,111 51,920 19 44.974 87,392 85,672 25.G65 26 **,4W 29,451 '36 354 49.555 Feb. 2 21.792 18,662 36.515 41251 9 . ... 22,477 17, 73 13,704 17, wl 16 18.853 18,516 13,172 10,138 Total, 56 ,744 240,323 431,922 231.234 Add Dressed.. 21' .823 231,292 Total 825.0*9 ... 736,214 81UTMENTS OX BOOS. Week 13 0-7. 18TV6. end’g. . « , , « Live. DrcVd. lire. Dres’d. Oct. 0 22,911 .... 18,826 13 15,042 .. 19.7-fi 20 13.618 .... 15,131 27 13,201 .... 7,259 NOV. 3 8.7J7 ... 11,4t(J 1! 10 .... 10,174 .... 17,516 90 IT 9,233 68 13,663 24 VL3 W 10.709 Dec. 1....... 5,513 <l9 12,489 75 8 8,965 618 4,166 10 IS .. .... 712 192 10.053 IS 23 2,0* 6 6.812 5,685 B,TH 29...*,... 724 11,265 3,966 10.705 Jan. 6 9,662 1,919 3.533 12 366 10,864 4.988 irjjvj 19 CLO 12.919 107 5.7V0 „ W 22,913 1,570 8,42 s Teh 4 VW 8.3(8 2,953 8.973 9 C.CI2 19,4(9 1,135 ’ 7,987 1C 5,792 16,469 1,299 2,513 Total 132,450 03,50$ 163.4 US 00,7G1 Add Dressed.. 03. W-8 «J,7GI Total agues .... nuo Dtducilne JbethlpmenUtfromUic receipts, the balance rbould Indicate approximately tao nam ber of Hog* packed and butchered for city coo* BUtUptioU * HfCClptf.., Hiipmtuta. Packed, butchered and In ponn,&Di,lU 491,017 Weisra. Mtlwarri «b Co., m their Circular of to* day, approximate ilte packing tbla season, up to din-, at (111.463. Tbe reet-tnta ax clven above arc exclusive of tbe arrivals of lircfseri Huca by wagons, of which It la ‘jet impossible to give an approximate idea. Obtcngo Provialon Binrlin. Cmrano, Fe’truiry IK, 1817. The predicted cessation of p»c*l.g uu oot yet come to pars, Home of the larscst houans are still open ano wotklttg slowly, out us the shippers ore o teriLg inioacUvoromtuiluoii »Uh the pn-Kers and forcing

(firm to pav higher pricer, wo Mull probably ciotou thv*ca«on during the text firtnkht, fhe aupolyof hues roMlou ■*tip*'*', mor an mai* loat y**ar. bat the potto • h.v.> bat small lotto cnienls lu work, far ■it-rtt e Uiowh tco: his<us m li>vo w<*pa*»ct thrvugh so dull a week as in** onejuat closed. Tnoscvtrtl Urge markits *t*e-.u to lor ih> nfluxol stock aa aom oi carol aid river tmlxatiun opens, aid Cindmntl and M. I.onts. ihon, l«oifi aitUilpoo* lower prices. The ot.inr a** li our mraiiwm in** rnnuirr points are mii.kuniiy heavy, and ba e xene*»lly f run l parch wee*. Wi hi)* eiripilcQufr.i.itiiiork, nil tnrroH d m*o*ti utdUrdbuvcbfcu dppr»il»llug In value during the week. M mn;lialU,crt(c'lno» U uoimtliiiit* was done In ■ard. Ihr fiwKi-re arc Jim a pnarnt nmch-icrclaoJ ab'iitlh* threaiet e«t Ifroo. ami are Kbortru to pro* ltd Ihm propc'iv irotu damage. 1 be several tv-strir it.msiuoiir tlvor at orraeat tray Canti* the Ico 10 surge nod work act 1 .ill Injury to thf occupants al ug U«* hank. The soring beet pi-kl ig l.a* cotmncurl, and tor ■» short time allowed armp* lomatf Mn* presented energetically. but packers , avrrlhat iiiaywill i «v* to snapen-i < pe-ati-n*. oar. Inix to tiie high pn***m ruling fir rattle. *n*l tliedttQ* cully ol iliaji alug mi the or.iduela. (food packing eraripi aril at *1.7763.75 fio a. India •nos* la offer ing a tai.CWi-rriliifci*; prlu.e mos*. *3) 00 n*r tierce; extra nw, at Om.wti-r hrl: por hrl s r>d brat d* ut *JnoJ p**r hn far cvirn mrs*. and Itlitr lor meis. Beef hunt are firm,at ltO.OJlftll.Jd per hrl. 7ha i*rclPU> of he-.-a for the week aam up ax fol low*. Vlrt-Hnatcd, tCMf; ilvr, iß.uSi; tuUI, ahh'l; ai d the nonm-nt*. drewed, tMHt'lve, ft,7>3 t tntai, XhaHl leaving 1.1,410 »cad fir |>«{*Vrr«, flitr nmtl'np lion and number I f oveM tie mi a. Fur th-» corro* •romling p<nod to 't&l l*« receipt* warn, droned li'iHN; itvc. )M73t ln'»l, ;t.dl)i and iho anipam U. «iie»scd,XUls; Ilvr, L.*oCiu)ju3,lk;lcavtni for pace* <ra' use, ftr . U 1 J*oft. Th** packing to the ptM-nt Htru approximatM to (41.4M> head, agataat 471,079 head, tu nine period lut >o-r Tim market mr live hog* has been buoTmt during Itm week, «..|pi cr* tulno toe heavc»t parcbaiera. unit prlnaailvanml t> frt lOiTOJ groi«, for comm in to very cboli-e, d oing arm at t- 7c Th* tve hog* tow being marKot ar * gnn*rai|y f ilrni and infrrlor onalitf. Ilie dr<*a«o'! h e*btilmninu, and vttflliatlnf, ami a decline baa bean experienced durl'slbewiekof fully lie to 31c > 10J tta, duilng qmcl. at (7 f<\*7.7s dividing on 700 t>a. IT* duct* have b**cn dull *.nd lltele-fl. Mw* pork aelta »!n«lr at HH wm.ia; pnt me demand !• m *r*-lT retail. Orcmaionallyartinad let la taken fo* forward dellverr, on apeenutton, at an advance, bnt thia aff triN nu erup tion of then arket. Frlmeraea- labetdat<l7.iA%W.73. bnt tbeteta no demand. Extra prlnio dal at lit.OXA thSO. lt"tcp pork h*a net an active inquiry and all «Hence ba* »wn taken at 1 13 00 Bulk meats >** In quired for. 6honldeia7.'»o7,Vc; »lde*9c.loo-e. Graea neat*, with the except! ;n of bam*. a*e n-cl-cten. Phooldera are offered froltie-my at 6Xc« and atd**a fiS.Vc. Hums have net a ready safe at 10c for those from city alaughlm-d box*. English meats advoocec to 9e fnr Cumber ar.ds and 10c tor shot t n Iddlcs. li-t th* market d. dined per B, do*- tnc enlct. umber of p'umb. and short tniddi** vererakenlooseftr Southern consamptloo at «)»sector the former aad9jfto9j<ctor the Utter. Lo:gb-*ms a»e to demand and hroi at 11c, holders a*kug higher flgnrcs. Ln-’ " a '■*»*•» has sold Ircety. I*rime steam ItV - ® lltfc. Kettle re tdered ilk to Uc. .No.l.uiollitc. u arm «i IPc, some holders a*klng :CVc. Yellow in demandat B<Klo9e. Brown at Sc. Tailow bn. at9¥(S|lo)f, Tal i'v Gr*a»e Railroad freights nncbsnged. Through freight* to Begtand In consequence of tbe nuance In Ocean fri*igi>l* from KewYork have been advanced to lOCc per KW as Is sold. HCVBT SIILWAUD fi f.’O. 40,00rt,*;flC 13.000. K) 20.000, .$ UW,UOJ,‘jOO transportation. ONLY WEEKLY MAIL LLN T E TO uvuuoou INMAN LINE. Cne of the Liverpool, New Tort and Philadelphia Co.’s macnlOcTt a- d pt wertm steamships, tails Ircm HEK 43. North Blr-r. Ntw Ycrt, EVERY hATTJRDAY (mall ilearner), AND EVERY WEDNESDAY fextra steamer), Throughout the year. Parties-mitlng Ih* Parts Exhibition will and this, for speed and aecmKrtsltor, equal to a*y other matt I nr, aid rrry much cheaper. Paa*cneerssaolce>lfrom Chlcer" to air European port. V ETDHN TICKETS AT REDUCED RATES. A limited n- mb'r of sl-eragi pass'Osers rtU-be taken at a« low fare at hr at a other tine. For vartlcsitrs ana to secure pas»aee anpir to JAS. BARRACK, Gcn’i We«t*s AcenLSl Uearbotn-sU Chicago. TOUK TO LIYERtOOL. NATIONAL LINE. TCSSSXi'S’ IjIND gTSASSEng. CAEI>.»«(GOLD): bTZEBAGE,|XJ. tlmmcf, 1 iTtrpco! o' QaeciMown to Cb;c*C'\ ItS. Fdi rather tcforatticn apply to . e». T. WEIISTEff. A«eat. 2K ClarK-st, Cblcgo. •G 33 2 5T,01t) 0,010 . a 53,550 19*003 llartnctsijip^ The copartnership hereto ft*r* tslitttj between the undersigned. py Um rxmnametf “ERSY & CALLOW” Is tblsdaydluiliedbT mu’cal consent. v niiaui Erev alone is acthertrad Pj settle th* affal. <f ulMm uS roa ita Mg|, <£•,,„ Ci.UX>W. WM. ERST. Chicago. Feb. 15, ISS7. PARTNERSHIP NOTICE. H,vine X oicpnaed of all m* iat»iest la tae htumeas auc tun of DICKhON, J ANEb ft CO to Howard M. Mar trl. lihueav retire f.«*iaaaU firm- Fcb.16.18u7. CUAS. D. ROOT. Dew ard M. Alrrrtu Is atmUted a member of enr ft. i Iros mudara. she buna si win *e condone \ j t cretcli.rc, at the i!: itand,ucder the name and stylet DICKSOH, JANES & CO., wbo are to collect all debt* and uase a'l Uablltlt cl raid Cn . DiCEaON. JANES A tJ. Feb. 16.1977. . Stcrkljoltcrs' IHfCtintj. GLASS CO3I- At a tcetunt cf ihe -oarrt of Director* of the North- WrUtm C.U« Company, held cu U.e of FcN ruary.l967. It w»- ordered.ttat a meeting of bojoera ol said Coi; p*r.y bo h»W *t tha office ox the company, N'o. S'lSSmth wawel* Chicago, Un Satttrday. lurch 9lb. 1S«7» AOo’ckck p. m., at which tiu e «al °j*® 4 «KPl2n??ii tlon will oc aubmltied to said mc-’tof. that capital *t(.<k cl saia Company be diminished to Two Hundred Tt.o.«BD'l IV»1 are. _ _ B. LimibOrON*, J. MhDILU a. P- KtLVKY- W. U. EBETSINQBR. P. B, aBOMWAT. M. T&LCOTT. Directors, FAIRBANKS’ -j-a' standard JP A. SCALES./ oraixsisc*. FAIEBAKBy. GRBBMXAF * XStl * LakHt, Chicago. ..**in7 H,m .i ,K MAININU IINULAIUIW IHTIIK rMi^uVrr* |w] C4 * 0 ’ Qtlla 0i tlllnuia.ou lh« liUi «l«y etiuta anynf U]M« HUri lbs appllfsnt 0>r 1 AiiTKirnaHit Lrrratw, 1 glia ths data of I•! t • • t nn«i ii»» inarml fur a'tvertiilM. i * r J, l M‘'*V«l‘wa>rwiil»i» unn Mo:.rn, Usy will V*‘ »«gtL*l* bitire. tW’”M>itrra»r*n<it •d»i*Mi»rd tint*! they bar* ra* Oialmdln <hr nOle*on* wri<h,audon gM'laya anl Aai* iifn»)»)Mlen |(il)*n(hnMi»f»ltro in thetam). of ID* TnuMvibuiC'iirKß. * i. M'lH.’i ii>tur» to'ito.ueel anlnurabar, *• •‘■H** II"’ l*mi UlTvi’afM Main. _ I. Ilk All i«u«r* with lU.i writer's Pobt OrriOlMd PTATB, MRKIT and HI’JIIiEU, lltß them plainly With fulluaim’, »nilrwju-*itfto miuwert to M dlrscledao* oonllij*tjr. ••Ixier* to itfMßirri or transient yUltjr* ta a town or 0.17. wlhjmhuvcUi adclr*** (Lay be uo'Bnwf.aUo’ild t * inatki d, lu (bo lower Icf.-haud corner, with the word •T»aD»lrnt.‘ | “4. I'Urrlhe poatase lUoit* on the vrsah moot. hajio coi.MKtt, ai>4 i.riu i>i*ac« t>rw<*-n tm atamp ana dirrvttnn tor porr<ru*Rn<o without lotorfarlng wtihitiowminc. .“N. P.-..V KlfgUßaT for ihe RKTUtlKoraletteMe. Hi'’ wriur.ll utirJ«loir*l wlititn tMity days or Ibm. wilttcn or printed with the writer I *.«a jc, fort Oyrtca and *tat* acron the Mt-h And end of tha piiti*lop\ on ih* Tbcp rldr, will UcouipllM wilu at lU# uiual nr a* ••aid rata or p n *tief. nayan'e »h»n t'u* lotlor la deliv* eml to the err. ja. law of VWV* Sir Vrre drlivrry of Lcitera m any ptrtot the <*ity cast t<e rerured by haring them adilreared ta the atrrat atdnuu.lH*r. A . Adam Urate mrs . Andrews mrs Aorr Lomu win Auarow* Hat* mUi Ahrrt n Mice mrs Appiehv Hattie II ratal • Alraandrr Bradley mrs Arnett M\ry O mr« A|ii»up KifUßiU> Armstrong ileaMutta mra Alien 8 ml.* ArndAXmr* Allen Cell*mlaa Arm Id Wtn Hmra Alim jvmn an Augustine Mary sister Al'eo William mn Atkins Mary mra Alien Eunice C uuas Avere b J mrs dr Alim K mi* Aubert madam* Atrii Aline* mn S Anowimlth A mra Anderson Auteurs Bailey Catherine Horten Rtnmv mn llarkcr bopbronl* A nut Bowman Ana mrs Halley MatymUs Homer Mama Kill( u D mrs liowmas O W P mrs Handen Ussier mrs Bowen Charles S mrs Barker John Hmrs Rrasard Lucy mrs Barnes C >* mrs llranaon B miss Barney Mary miss Urackcll Mary A mrs Barry Catherine T miss Brewster K mist Barnard Adalue Brovea mrs Barrows L mrs Broadway Nellie mUs Bartlett Mattie M mist J Hrockavay Abor amiss Bates Alice E mn Brownell rbebe hates Lizate mua Hnoeoe Lizzie mrs Beck M A mrs Browne Jeanette mt«s Beal Olive N mra Browne Warren M mrs Bell* G A nr* Burton Warren mra Benedict Hannah mrs Burton Lacy A mrs Bcmeti Jo»ei>mne a.Us Burke laabe’.l mrs i Bennett Lucinda mrs Boyle Julia Bllilnc* U W mra MraeNorahmtss Biro Janus D mrs ByrneStrthtmsa Blags EUe r - mis Burnt Mattie mu* ■ i Ifrelow N W mra Byrne Luke mra DlakeJKmrs Kmma mrs BakesceAda Liars Co*ULocrrars Dlsne mra Byera TilU* miss IBacchard Jennie Nmn Butler C W mrs Bh* s Martha A mbs Batl-r Clarfcy mra HlavetiJnslcturs Bnttrick SarTb miss Sooner Amelia Jmn Ba'trlrk Hattie i.lss Bo'ceLnlamls* bnttnlleld Haute M miss BorUe Emma O miss 3 Cady Emma Clalhore Lucy mrs ram»ron Mtlculm mrs Ctua! H ml« Cannon Hotrrt U mrs Clare Nelue mlsi Curmtcbcai Heatleuk mrs Clark Saucy Cam Mary mrs Clark G 1 mr* Carey in f«cct miss Cleveland Carrie miaa ' airr Lizzie miss CtoyS Chv ms mrs Cainvy iul«a (lord Almira mn Carney mra Cobb U U mrs 'Cstdlnalldamrs Cody Mamie mrs Carpenter Lcbbcul mrs Cobb E J mrs Carnsrt M Amrs Coh*i il.V'i* ttl« CsirEeila Colby Miry A mlu Camber Mary miss Colov n «:tle mha Carroll Settle miss Cote Lottie miss Casraov Maty mlu Colman Laborla mn Ca»ey Daor (ran mrs rommcrtbrJ Elizabeth mrs Cattanaib C mlai 2 . Conlun Mary ran Chance Annab mra clement Came E chan berlln >opht* C mrs TCook E mt»s Cbamberhn Harriet mlu CooksonC mra Ctuipman Celia a mn Copland Edith mlu Chcniot Ham ah II mils Coyn* Maeste A mra Cbate Joseph F mra Crawford Peter mra Cha<e Wi’son w mrs Crocker b'rezencs mn rbl-rtsMagglemn Cro«sMl*mrs Christopher Margaret muscrowuv Eliza tcUs Chnrrhwcll Lucy mrs Cu;nmlag>Clemcntinemlßß tlarkln Mary mill CBLnlngbanx Atm mra 1) Dat'eyMaiy miss Diamond3larymis* Uapgett BateN mra Dht-y /Anra mra DaniofC Mar’lnCmrs Lineman Aonlemra Laik» Mien mUs Dodge Sarah B miss liar ids Austin mr* Dolan Jolra mrs Davie Elizabethan Dcnalds.n 811 mra 3 Davis Freni miss 3 Donahor anni mlas BsTlsmim Dononshaa Anna miss Davlr Margaret mbs Dnrl* Blanch miss JUvh Elmira tri‘B I) imbaeh Anna B miss D&vis Cbarler mrs Dow fclmlrs W mra D*\is Mthliabh Lmrt Bower mrs l-sxenp rt Ssrsbmra D’OSTJMmrs D.iy Lvdl* mrs Brlscel Mi»y Amrs Drat Jtary Ben Dowvfin'z Neill** U mlts Dei Irk* on Bailie M miss Dunbar FI) mra Dcvotf C M mua DuffAsuei Belong LonKe mra DnroU Prissy mt« BettryjQlm A mrs Dottoo Jaxesmra Dtrny Xlsrla tuts* Dyscrt Masala mn Dlckuuon Morr £ mlu Eailj enteric**ml»» ElwoodHulciclu LnHfrfl«r« miss Empo Mlntilt* ml as I litwonh lUcrlataC mUsKwitjt Kitzibeth ran tllia M&:carct KTCfeltbaraliial.-s Fabian Emily ran Frearinr* Farad! Kntte K mist French Mary M ran Fanuiworth Came ran Frackenccr/ Berttu mils 3 Fcraonm Jttha L n.ra Frazier Lizzie tntia Fitch W T rara ‘ Friable Clara K tnlit Fi Sirs Tyrtla nil** Foster JM ran - FlciHuce Mary WlntnfordFuUon Mary A miss iblm Frost Addle mlu Ftsmbv Marraret nilts Fry *Ury Ana Flii ucry Kate n.Ua Fig Ellen A miss Forli.ce Arn mts FoniieoQalUeml*s Fogarty July tnUa Gaits Emma mlu Qotno Johanna mlsa UfiUnc* iUilldik Goodrich Gnrrto tor* (icr.acß Viola mUa Goodin* E 8 mn Geary G* Cl >*'ln Stephen mra Gliman Alien M tnl'a Urey Macslo tnlta Gibson Hamel mra Orejr KmatamlaaS Gillette L A u rs Gratia K mU» Gillette Charles nire Graybara Mary A miss Gillette AiUrew mri Grant Uorjr E mUa GllldloLlzzlemta Uralmmbarabmra Gl ocilFraiik tnra UrllUn Helen mlsa Gllea Atiftcaii J mra Green Molina A mui (ili>iA It mra « Green .lane mlia Gleason IJbbto mra 9 Green B* mra Ulorer Wro mra Uorzrry mra GlTtmMarr inlia Gritting An»r miss Goodwill Nellie mra orosreaor F B mra JS‘iC-7. 19«-C. .823,'C9 miti .moss aw,io7 narolltoo Acnte mra 11111 Abby liaartißO Loulte mra 1111 l lloaa miss llneov l.tirlnda mrs lltlcbtn* L»nl*oN tnr» . Hair Kltxa u rs Hiker tut*# itnli H(*>»nn*e mtw Ihtchrm-k ItnztPamlM itnilrnherk hrtn* row llooc*s H H m*a lli ini-.ionli Anne mra liottiiia'i Mvrltm min llamlium Mnrj mrs Ho tm* Boi»cy N mrs Hand ton Mltu l* ml** lio'UUndtr II mlu linniilton Mfir u L nits llotiey it mra Hamsun Hate M Homer Alice O ml*§ Ha* chctt N J mil Hommedlcu L rnus llafiHrmls* Horan Katin mt>a llsrtlson N B mrs llooso Kila nils* IlarrlsJibnectmrs llarnFJnirs Hnrrl* Mini H tun llornhr Miry M mrs II rnaKl. mrs Horae Martha mrs Unriliiuttn t>aioh E alia House Mary miss Haring Martha mrs 11-ivuy K S mrs Hatruon Hamah Furs Huvard Lmnamra II irHil IMvemlvs Howard v*.»y ml«s iißMlnc* mbs II rwant M*y O ml is Hao li it u mn llnv e I lira llswby K PeF mrs llnbbanl HeUlemr* HcUlg*n llitt'e J mra linbb.vrd 11-rmny H mra lldimilnusoi .In* oB mn Hn inutou Kn»nmmrs Hi ston USnls Hull F'Ml'rlraint«s 7 lio*ry Ma cclln u.Us Hu*»y Mn*y nit«i HrranghlT Mary 11-intlfg*oi» t Oml'l Herbert rarotlno Hy«* AUnv n mra Hr s« Him I.mbs Uoybrjok Mary tars liigclna Kluabctn mra [ verson .I'diaß Uißlcdim K I' mra .larkson Kite Jndklnt >f P mra JarKxin Mwlbe tori Jrui.tnsa Ktln Miui-I milt M tvlM Jnil*i htia I. inM AilicimiiJ Joiiet «in«"url ml** .ti.vcc A* Q u>lu J. hn«o» Ann- mtM •1.-rome Mary A mra John*o« u I* tuba dtmraciLuc mia Karr mlia K*tirtU AWiy rar* KnM- Mur; mU» Kcrwt-«r Mary mUa Kftvaivitii Mw«l« ntw Keene Min' n.W* Krentinmli mr< Kennedy lldlsetmn Keller JU mm 3 Kleum-r Kiecnz> Adeline rara Kirltptirlrk mIM Uccte June mr« Kio»|i» Lizzie mitt Kifie Man mU* Kins Annie mw . . Kin M*r Ham niwa Kno"-lin Kmnm Aml*s Ktlct:cmra Kylte Mairzle mu* Kelli-r Olln Kunnp A mn dr U rnmll Lncr rolM Kuley CaUiurlae mra Klcd«r Acntura Lacey Theresa mn Leonard Sarah min Lacey Mclbe A mn Leonard Thomas mn Lai.lirr. Marrantmtaa Leonard c R ml * Lattrll Loretta mn L*avltl Fan- to mist Larimer Rachael tl mUs Lindsay Mattie mbs Lent France* R miss Llpht Annie A mils Lawrence Adeline Emn Lmteton mn Lay Jolla ttlu LlTinriton Laura talcs IjiTprpne araipnrltemlss UrUtf-ton Virginia Laistuo Mary C mus Lone Bridget M mlrs latch Oracle mbs Laoml* Submit C mra LcFcrrcUeorcettrs Lusk K limn Lcderer Ade xlUi Lnca* Sarah Jane nua Lute* Isabella miss Li itf Joseph mrs Lee ()*or« term Lee Helen IF Florence ttl*s Lewie Sophia mn L«s>on Lizzie sis* Ltiznuay c L mrs dr Madden Anna rain MtmMre D YT mra Mary Eliza mm Mmahar Kate miss Mahoney Mary mi*9 Monroe E A mm Mahans Rate mini Mcntague Lydia ratss Msliolij Johanna mlas Montgomery Sarah mUs MarclnpEHamlrs MrndareL M mrt Mtr.n Emma mlrs Miran Delict, mis* Marti; Louisa Lmra .Maryan Kittle miss Mirtlncll Maritaretmrt Moms Rateß miss Mathews I) R ere Morris tlell-n mrs Mason EU era Morrison U M mrs May Ma’U mUs Morton Mary E miss Mattox Fane le miss Morery Emma miss Marson O T mrs Moulton Annie miss MeadßrldertmlM More Canle mis* Mc*hac JUry Ann miss Moore James H mrs Mrhrn Brldctt Moore Lime V miss Mcrrhcn Hannah are Moloch E mrs Miller Jennie mlsa M aeway Eliza mrs Miller Miranda miss Morphy Mary J miss Miller Fmllj Dmra Morphy H a M mra Mllsrn EMbermrs Myer Emma raise M'Uon M V mlrs My»r Mary E mrs Mlteheji Marsarct mm Myer John mrs MoaJJey Mary miss Myer Coldah ? mra Me *3 McAllister tVm K mm McDonatld L F mrs Mei*a»el Lne* mlsa McDnfxe- J L mrs M< Chappm mra McGuire Atnle mlsa3 McCh'snes tv W mm McLocan Hattie J ora McCormtrV Sarah 6 mx* Mcl.aucblm Lib hie miss McCntmlca M'ry Ana mnMcMans Kate miss McCoy Mary Jane mrs McNally!* mis* Mrncimott Artel! mrs McMorron t>rld«t mm Vermeil Elh n i«s UcUUoorli Hattie mlsa MefarUnd Mattie J miss NocrseEsttcrrars KJhtu Arm ir.'.s* >oien Alto tnrs Moß’Uon MtebxnlM Ke'K n illoole olta Nlcol Fannie •*.!» \p,V* A mra Nolan Maryim» Nivict Ancle mIM Nolan KMmliJ Oddi Jane telm Owea E TV mrs Ccficn S A mr* Owpb Audi* ml*s O’Domd Clara nrs Owen M*S£t<* ml.a Ovirurrei Macirte O'Conasll Ei cn miss C-»bcn.e Georple misa Pace EC mrs Pickard Alice nisi PaltawSalll* ralis Pierce CS mra I’atksPDmrah Pirtcj CarriemlM Paitrraon M A mra ivtr«'J nisi pattlson Joacptlnamrs Porte Jani EUcnmi'S Fame ilarr J mrs Po »ora Selile «»*» r»ui n Jcr.le aL-i Pratt N B mri - l*o»l Vo n mra Pride Ccarlart- a!*s sr.pMa C mrs Prlsdte Jennie bps PeiryLncie aa*» Prtte Ella lemm*Maiy Emit* Price Emily Pmra Perry Alice mlt* prlsce J L mrs Ptrrlr.e LsibcrH mrs Putney Ell* B mIJJ fetutsslll?»ran ml?* Pat nam KV m 3 FcUerson Emily miss Q Oulmby Mary Ella trUs Quinn Elizabeth mra Qoaciei.bcAtJJarjA.mlsa QalffpFrltnls RaCcr. B mis• Richards in Wb mra liai soma Sophia mra Kictiaia-on J H mra ImppLu-y llxrra lOllejr tors K>>pcr Maty U mra Rnberaon earth t:a w tins Oto mra Kobur-a Lydli A mrs liimuiDTJcn • ’ RoUraonL J mrs Itet cclds Hiram mra Robmron Martha Ana miss RirfeTmlly mbs Robb A Br*icnlmma J tr.ra Kortoanmra KfUtere kar* mra Rodiera Joan mra Remingtonclartaamra Rosen bmn Kerning O W mra Rewaanr Mary mra Ibtnlcn Harriet A RowaonUnra i;cto A U mra IMasell Lydia A mra Rjckarosoa M anion mis* 2 Rahpanm Mvy mrs I.lcl ner Fhcny miss Rnberry Catherine miss Ckte) LA mrs ICjaa BrWgetmlsa • H Sca'er Caiberlne miss Spier A B mrs SctuSarab mra Spencer Carrie mrs Scott Alary L mrs SpUtasß Jilas FanphrUsttle mrs Sprague Ik*c mra Site Mary mra Sponord Edcer P min amceEUxatnrs Biandir Jurph mrs bavjcr Aion mrs btClair Mlanle A Sawyer ICamira Star ton LCD mra banUrnCAmn Statltar E3tzamrs Suborn E mis* bt Anburt Mabel A miss Sa».ford Charlotte A mra Steele Oliver P mra Saylts rnsa'miH Stewart MJ mra SccuEattemtsa Stewart Sypil mra , Scan.oo tllzateth mra st-wari May mra S-lu-n El*ra 1 ml» . Steven* □ L mra redac. Uumaui Stevens Jenny mus Scaveres Aitbean ra Still Kitty mlas 2 Seward Perltnamlas stwoeEUrnmlM Sharp Ella C Strader U M mra si anab; l Mara Ann gtoopowElUabeta Sherry Mtnnic ml*s Stone Jrcr* Sheridan Wm E n.ri capt Sriome sarah mus iliotwell Feba p.Ui fctraaanan Jjmra 5 Slmott Main* J miss StooSloff M"11« B Slmmot.*N'u*leu.lst . Soulvan JoeaW ■ almctt Mittte mis* Snllivanlle. ra tcas* Stmpron Ilaarah mra Salor Uatue mist bintKle. Abi.-simr* summer* Loryjclis. fjrasr Jarc M mra BomrcrOEinss slmpWJi.#Jrtny tulis £*ccney urjdget cj ow . ji am Sweeney Celia a miss e’attMT Mary ral-t Sweet A A inn llellen mbs SylV‘’ , t' f Mary ran ; SpauldingULodaJ mn femtthJHUucmus jpcaUs. LIST OF LETTERS. UADIKH* LIST. lalum J M nua Lyman Blind* miss L)ddy Mary mra Ljmon L«abella mn Lyncb Ko»e mUs Lynch Hannah mn Lyon Paulina mils ftptlnier Prtidrnra R HUM ku.Mh May R mIM ppMlniao hell miss Amlin Lucinda M mist tpra«iM*Uaritaaira tuiUhnaiah J mra spring ThotuM Dura T Ta tath Kllta mri Thomas* AtmU«|s« TtvUr lknnl»iii('ti»rdar*i»'iiHMtt Hauls mu* To/rmnlna Mary bn JiK>h»y (Mila miss t minion ima Toilvaf Natl/ uin 1 lum Amir ion T.ner Teresa unit TiornCinra Towtamii Wa'yin*» liuraKnitM Travrr Harsh win T nat y May U tnlia Tracey u»« Dotui**# mrs fitfsnr Mafy Ann mill Jiosmll Me).la bium I ttomiou* Mary ml* Tnpier Ca'rta I* t ion«ai II mra Tupoe rha'lea mra Tbomium Itouibs tulaa Tylsr llaiiia mr* 1 homes .Una it ia Tyrrlii Annie mr« Tbomaa Dotald U tart UadervbodCarrier mil* UnderwooiLucy Aon mra V Van Itolß Addia mtaa Vanwn llleo Jmlu Vab lieraen May ala* Volenlma Mary \V tTasner Maraarrt mra Vftllii Mary 0 mU« Wa art ilericn M trln Wjlßa A»n 11 win Waliiar Canle n taa Wlarldc May mIM Wallace l.ii.a b>ra Vi'iiUi j U* J ml. • Warner Evalmetnra WlnfleM tlarah min Washburn laku M min WiiMor* k'aualo .tui Walktna Amelia ll tnra Wiu®< Lnn<ta tuiaa Warniaa sU*y biti Wlu*liw il»e<ure I) an WaUrmanLC n r» MUUisicr Mary mra Water* rtiarlr* C mra Winter T.izzle inlia Wathbob fallay miM Wtlltama l.m Watatta Abb mm wim»m*in Krancw min Wa|*»tcr Allwrt U mra Willlaibi LiMda mIM Wheeler Lonlae mt*a Whi|ato*oo Katie mill Wheeler FJlro mra Wliwa Buiaa mil* Wheeler CLarira Lira W|;>ob Ulara M »ri Whee'or Rra mil* Wiiaon J W mra Wheeler Mary Aca mra wiuon Cathilnemn Whlta Charlultomti W’liwo Mary I* mra White Hello mta* Wrar Kdsa mtaa W Lite Jair e* b bir* W ilder & ll ml«« Whitman Maiy mra 3 Woodward Bailie D alii W'hite Jamca mra ivoodi Alice mn While (irana'lftCmti Wwocailoo Wmra W'lghtaan Atilt mt» Tons* Ellen mra Z*neßopbUnU* Zel cr Ellen ran , lalllal*. R J C nr* litaecbe A Muljre M G imi LUzla Btt A GENTLEMEN’S LIST. Abbey L It Allen R Atdrawa Henry Q Abbott UetryC Alien James J Andrews R-ii»a AbeillPdr Allen James T master Ackley George N AU-n Lyman AnoUNDdr Ackley & Clark AUlsonuenry Analey Tho« s Ackeilry A Amar Albert Arnett ivm i Adams A A Ambler Prank B Arnold William S Ac amt Alex Article p Arnold Hiarla* J Adams Charie* n Anibndaon John Ashton John AdamsDasldS Anderson Pei»r Atkinson Andrew Adams H F AndersonCKl Atkinson Knlcht Adams W P Anderson Charles Aco 3 Adams James Anderson John T Atklcson Allen Auavorth Cbas Andrew Charles Atwell Jam-* B Aker* A Casey AnarrwCaa^iosWAtwood Cbas AkioTb-xnas Andrews Wm E Austin A E Alartdce Albert Andrews Joel Do- Austin Lawrence Alexander Alex la* Avmll Bradford Alexanders Andrews JC Tree Alexander SL AsdrewaJX Ayers Geoß Allen Ancrew Babbit: WmM3 Beaton John or.ree.lSM I'abccckAco rer Brett FE BaUhelder Jclux Brrry "Wm Brewe*Chu QA Berry Patrick Brldcemm H&o BsccaK Udr 3 Bertram Albert Bridges J A CadtcrF Ber«lnUu> Brice* r B 3 Dailey ET Bickford LP2 BrtiawOwcn Bailey EP hlekst II Edwin Brtxham Arteani BakerCbas Bldwell Ao.UuB lirlcht A Amnar baker Henry F Blcrdilej J J Broadb*ct Jai Baker H F Bigelow Saxton Brotrlf Aio BalcctnHC cap* Bronson It T Baldwin G J Bigelow A L Brcnsoc C Jr Baldwin JasC Blcelow Hcbtt Bremen IIZ Baldwin Myron TTBlrtaam E O BfOokhartUP Baldwin M W billing* CoddUg* Broak* JotmS lUl] John ton Broo'a mr BsUUcnWS Binder John Bnton Kamnel BaccroltChoa W Flnctam TLcaptßrosa a rev Bank* Frank Birch Buga Broughton W Ear her. Holmes Bird Barrer 4co Brown Wllcsx 4 4 Hove Blrce ToM»* C co BardSU BubopWW Br-wnGfoS Barter J W Black A'n Brown 4 Fisher Barnard Bl< h B.ackhnrat Hies Brown U W Brown I'hasM Brown E B Barne John C Blatn X B Bamott Ahrahamßlalr Chat BsrteyJlJ Blair Channecr Brown T. B Harnnm Gcr* Blakeley David C Brown John W UanettJohnP Blanchard W 3 Brown KG Barrett JOroT Bliss Aaron Brown RB dr Barrowa, Petlittßllu Wm Brown s A & co xhwfcom n Brown Nathan X Barrow* Geo Boardman Bond Brown J W capt Barry .lohn C 3 Ol Browuya J E Berrj Thomas Bo»ipgV?e»ley Browse Baratov J Bond wm A co Brace KdK2- Bartletthrcs BaomerT.C Brtant-l Pdr Bartlett ChasT Booth Edward Bochaoan Walter BatUlanis John Bottcrlll Tlioa BuiTiitn Whittier Pamm Jot nT Boucher WXI Banlmn IIT Ha'bimlVß BonchtenJohn Wilnnker Eil n Hattie Ora, 3 Birch G A BattwellJas Boult MT Bnrcka*d F BaytluJ H r«r2 U'BrieLawrence Bnrcs EogpreW BralßJ BovceUH Uursms Gilbert H BenrtSs'ey Gon BvTlu&Co?k Barg's# A F Beatty Win Dove Israel Burnham Edward heaver Geo R Rowers 4 co Bam* Jas Becker 4 Under- Bowie Ja« B Bnrnll A P wood D<-wmsnCAJ Bars-ochs 4 Becker Jehn HoydWavtran M-ars Bedel] NeUon Borden John T Barroush«Ensena Beebe Ol) Hoyden N B Burroauhs Joseph BelkEfcpA D Acoltoy e John B Pellorcy Cl;ai T Bradford Wm A ACartmaa FT C Benedict mr co Burton nros nnicer L J Bradford Sam'l C Bo.<!i L dr Burnett Stephen Bradley C B limit O if Ben-onlhomaa Brady Patrick Bn-hncll Thoi E B*DwnPA BrtkeJeoeJ Butler JE BcnUy J H A eon BtacdJo&n Brea Jss Henry Uertntnrliac Brsnkey J C ByrneJasl . 1 bo? Draton C Durtla aan'l Berry, Watted co CahcrlAeo CtsppWD Cooley Cbaa O Cniwalladcr D W Clapp T W Coo;ey D J dr ClarrAOrtlQtb Cooiy.J Cady David Clark & Your e Cooley .111 Cady Fred W Clark troi; A Coolr John C Cairns Jobn Clark Farrar AcoouoyPatrick Caking James I.eathn Cocrev put C»mpbfUl.W Clark William Cooper KO Comibell Dover UClark John t> CO'perUfA ltord Can ennMnleolmClark John C Corcoran John Cameron C F Clarke James CorllesJotmF canfl*ld Ccoryc Clarke RO Con ell LJ CasOekl tro UN Cark Kdwd F Corn can Michael Carroll DilcaU Clark F F Corwin KW3 Carhartlll. Clark thaaß Costr.ive W It Cnrmcn Daniel Kt'lark Alton E Co»telIo Charles Carpenter Win Itciark Henry Cotter James Csrpcntrr Jeroinenearralrtclc Cotton *imoo H N Cloarwater Warn-Court John Carpeaterfteo erAco Covert John ter 3 Carpenter CD Cleaves Georee UuurtilEht II Carr Lafayette Clemiii'in* L D Coventry Wtl Carr Robert J ClxkJlt Coveurr J» Catrnll Andrew Cobh C A Cuwm Robert C Carre W s Cobb Andrews ACovdrey HOW CarawcllLß co CralrUO dr Cartir C K Cody James Carter Chas A Cce James B (raUeapta US Crail Cha» U vaiii:i i/iiM a vtvunmcp r t vt-i kiu* u Carter mr Cocblaa UlcUar.lCala Dudham J Casey Tbomai Colborn Abram RCraty A Ca»ry*Fro»t C< Icon! Ljbde ACravcn .Times Cassidy John co Crawmrd lltrnra Carman Uooirc Coirs 8 P Crawford (leu W Cater ll* my Collins A P Cretwna mr Catlln Uco C< lima Krttnond Crrcar Monroe Cl are Dcuiyco ilns John Crlmmln Patrick Thurston Collins WB Crlpo Albert Cbadborn Henry F Collins William cr*»ckcr F CharlwukKH CotterJrhnrapt CroffarrtW Cbslmera James Cotton J W crr.nio John Chtmbtia Kouiiryiviwell Arehr C'rooln Con 1) comlr Clifford Crook John disinter* David Com*.t.ok it F Croi*Kll*haW Chnmleriln F» I! Com» , "CktJC Crowley Patrick ChampllnWß ( .no Itusscll J Crowley A 3 Clutuplln J’.l ('..n-re; David U Crowley wUM.itn C 2 UinKiwA bro UCulUlenry I! Cnendler V b Cuitlun J-hn Galley David F rpaptranll Connell John U cununlce* It M Chapmap lit. Connor A to Uoo Currier 1, W Chat irsn KM a C irrter DavM P Chat* K.twnrrt C O. nine Kurco® ACuirm Andrew Chase KM Ira Cook A K CuriDJimsi Ciis-o Ira J Cook AD Cnrll* It M Clinnslilon mr Ork UK Ouah ng Clue II ClirlMlc Augl'Slup. cok F A Cutter Kl* < iriPturMnoC(iC.»<>cnoo W Cummins mr ClimthCC CockJ Poles Am'rew DermDasU Do’tinJna Hairy Bryan Deerl* u Ja» Donal Ron C tl liailufTLll Decoder* Me* liomrl y Hugii Hano Kd» *rrt ('lnti t I'.in-r llios Dintcnh lire) rfrUrlattiy Martin vvr» l>«nptflr|<lF Di-lauoy Mwanl l);n<>7lv Thot Danli't JoLlTowMM.dcv P inoa »rtil lK:o*uy i'alrlci JhMttltm Jan TtPtnnJ IVi.ra il t. Doolmtn It S 4 Darky .lw prMilll'K „ ron Daral b'arvOk Itunink John U D.>olll>T<« HAcJ Davl'trnn II K DmilaKJ Ji.i»a-iTL -in- ripi.ii va n r - *”* ...... Davit Ja* Dn.tou Uwrcr.e«d»rrhy J dm Dtvta JM.n 111 t Horl-Ml Cho-ter linviaJoiiu Dtnprce K D-»r*e Alet Davu U K D.nliu * i-rot D .ukiiiy I'liarllnU IJa*l» Aneratna Jl- voo-tdr* Wtn Doa-:ia**F Dnvt* iteriamm Dowry W F D.mtnu Jan L rtpt IhswlicrytU Hutrl-* Wm Davit raniflAw-Dryoseth . D-tratChnn l<ro»«a lili-ahyTtmalhy Du’aM-y, lla.rli DnVUPI* IH.-kliieonJ S &C 1 Davit HrnrT l>l< kltucn Henry Duncan Jan 3 r«T DauaVVmU o DumauS Hi DavlaWm DlcltltPonDD IhmamOroC Davit Waller W tnekarmaa AmotDunn Jan 3 Uhvl’podCU HliucMa Dunn Uush. DavlPim A I. 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FarrJat Fitzgerald U FoatcrSetbA Farrell U Fitzpatrick JamcsFoptnr RN Fatprirwilllam JFietnmln» Dome* Foster C It Fact Irani meet Foster Charles L Faai D F Flatter John FuxArelAS Fancrtt A»hnry • Fmto ftodolpb rerFox E S Fayier AiUlam FlnkeLß FooseJsmes Fez by A U STynn James Kraney Michael F«nn Wm Flynn Stephen Franz-n Henry FctDick J«me* E Foltoml. A Fraser W A, Fcot Anrn«tnn A Frazier Jos-ph Ferrers entries WFoote & Gilbert Freedca £ ter capt Faroe* SA3 Freeman John Field .named G Forbes John n Freeman JD Flclo I> > Ford Michael Freemat Isaac Flmry SM Kurd Fpgere Fr-*nch Chat lea Fin ncate John Ford E French CE Fish James Foreman Alfred French Jil FuhDMl ForsnhflK FmgosJl Fbber F Foss Martin Q Fnxtsbaw G Fisher Chas J Foes M Frcit William J Fisher Henry Fnater & Mltott Fuller John S FtskHE Fo*tcrCQ Fuller Qomert FilzceraldMlchaelFosterA cc J O FnhcrK FTtzgeraldnr Foster J U Fuller BN N GahrlelscnC L Qlcar Michael OonldAnstUE GaceAT GlrvcrUst CcoM wm G ± co Gahacra Thomas Given U U * Gramoash Wm Caller Wllletp GdddenAEatfl Granp-rTC GaleaCharlra QiynoMatoew Gnneer Jahn Gale A Kranse Goody W C tir»sger B GslUcher James Goodman J Ahon Grant Lcrjy Gtod Wm Goodman James Grant M GasoAarcn Goodilcn Lo»ell Grathan Gerald GaidsrrMSt Goodrich John J Oravesmr Gardner »> H Goodi leh Isaac Grave* EII3 VardleerDß Gcoorlch Herman Gear Thos c GardtfrG-0 A J B CrayJame* GaiberG I>- Goodrich Henry Gra>ALewU Garter EG GooJricnHJ Green John W Garvin Thomas Goodrich II C Greemeaf Levi GasUll Hucson G« odruh Samuel Grlgg John Mr’S Gavlcai- Patrick W Greir’r Michael GsTßOrFrancl* Orodrich Georg: GfCJT’TT .lona a 3 Gebilc JaroraF W Greg^rySteoaeuA GrntberWm Gcoorlch S Gnbben Frank Gibcrson L'snlcl Good'ich Frastus Grier Aco Gtberaon Jsmn GoodriebEoward GrtfßthJam«*RMS Gilbert Wilue Goodrich Peter (hiiv.HTU • Gilbert Herbert Goooricb D J Gtl»wcli Date H Gilbert Barlow Goods IrbAithonyGmffam Oliver J GlllWm G capt Ciixit AT Goodrich Ansel Grout Aloa*j>C GKUttl.cfUc 2 Gooctldgedr GrootThos Cllutttdr Gordon AlexatdcrGrover H H Gibson LJ GortnoJohn Grn*byWmH Gilman Gorow Charles Guild A G GilruvnEA GoitonF GumnMithtw Giin-.. rc Duilsp Gcnld George GurradJoanL A co Gouia Frans UiboiA Hackett Ecrord Barty ffn Pill Jcha C • Fame J. ha Harvey Patrick Hitler HQS Bair Jonathan Harvey B , _ JltocWa Heir KlchAJd Usfrtlnn* J B Hi rhcoeaCJ Usl.beAW HasfcliwCß llltchcoe* UoiM Baxes Isaac R Haskell T N rev noalley W F lUleJcsenb Huklns Merritt noh»onQeo BaleLC Haslctt Joan 2 Bol*c-Bb Hale EM md Hasten HxfeesAc* HaliEhlthP HasasaderPU Hod Artvcraon Hall S X Hasson DeroardlnHotfmtfi Brice Hail F H Batch JF2 H >tfman U-ary C Hall Henry T Hatch A 1 nro Horae W B HadJas Haven Ed* ard P Uoxaa Cornelias Hal. Thomas Haverty Daniel Holbrook Saoael Eali,Jona&HUi-Ha»k«iTHrer Adr __ man llay.S’ebbea Holden RH Ballcday J Hayden. WtawnAlfota-n Frank Haller WirL Allen Holland James HaUoranWtn Haynes RP Ho land Joan HamGarnty Haynes BT Holhngawotlh A Hammer ChasrcvHaynle WS et Hamilton JV BaywoodWm Holmes Lewi* HatrlltcnAlblcnPHes Jotmllcapt Holme* Wm WaJ- BatnlltonGeoS Bealy Ltwrcats _>ace Hamilton Aeo Hraly This HoimeaKO* fismllnGeoAco HealyFred SSBHWffiSMtfl fSLi* “tit;** T “- las?JS!»1 J1855S A^n«. HSSwra h ° HWWHVtrt Hrodetton M S Hopkt«aoti Aeo Banidfan PatrickJLnarlcU B O Ho*T>rd Gallon Hints LI Hcndncts John HoallhsaTiios “assass" Batson Michael Heodry Kennedy Hrwes F.I Barder-bnrjti B Pllcary A J Hnwrea Nimr vX jIItSSeGwC Benry.Harvey Hizdits Cco AACHena * John Hnums J C narlsnJcbn BerotdJaa Uadsoa 11109 Hamer Jrbn U* rrtman Miron Uods-mJoaa . Harper Edward Herron RB Ha lWm BarrinatoaChas Hassle Wm B HutseJß E 2 HewesN W liaise LA Barrlrirtcn&brciH<-w*oaEL HonnHH . B arm JcLn a Hickman Albert CHoot L VT Harris Uu Hlckbk Barton Q Bnct Silts W BarrlsJC Hl.kv PMilp HontSdrJ Hanly lienrv Q nicks Dial - Bant txra HarrisWmL liuciabolham W Hoot Caller Hsrrismß Vr- Hunt Clarence E BanUonAC Bant AM Bamson Jacob BUdebranaLKeUbnarley Wts Harrison John 8 Aco Horst S I D»rt battnet Hill A R Uiw Owß Hart 6 V- HlllEraito* Hntchln«on John Harter & Bectctt Bl‘» Oco W Brmanmr,Sß&ny* Baitnett MscriceHiil Urary aids _ii Hartwell Wm I Tins Henry Clay damn (I W Johnson A 00 WmJooH 2*l U •MunonVff Johnson *1 Jova l * Jamrtion Khbfrl JojiMuo ItenrrK Jones V M JionM harlsiP Johnson Frank JonoaKu J» nrey Uaurxn Johnson UinrlaillJoata hamuil Jtniiliia u.iirga NJol.naut Chsflsa Lionet Joe A JpiiiaJdtin Jnhnaon M W JonsaJ „ JeiotiieOiaurcsylJuUbscn llinrf Joan*O fl Jams* (Wins Johnson Mll Jtidon WII JenrlUlWU JooellO JawulAU Jutussou lUsbl 0 „ _ K ItnimaTbomaa Kennedy j** Klnaepeok A Ms* bra.prJM HpomdifhKTrWm tber <n . A ymwdy Pa'er || Kinney Aeo n .‘! 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WlUUch feaht-ny John D Mentis Cft A Key Mthuy Dennis Mrmu Q F Moore LJ A Mab ny JerctmabMerrUl Aral S Moore Koocrt 6 Male* lloratlo N M'rrlu Ed LA co M*k»rGeo broj Moran Dominick Malone Patrick ymittWmQ Moreen Wm Macn Frank E MertJUAH M>*rj*o Henry G Mansfield Amos MesMnrer Cbat M irrsa NaM Mamot G ro iUctuli I’eur Money "'m Many Ja» HJr MitMcenJll F Manic VT H Mladledttch Geo BMorrt<s*y CM* VT Mtrcner Gro II fetddleton KtS ilemwa E L Marks ± Barxls&>Milea U £ Morrl«f>n Boa trn Millet o Moiton Clark Matrs Earned Miller Harrey Mo*csJ>b Marsh -’dm j Miller j J M.sber Henry Marsh V K MlllerTVaUer Mims Fra .as Marsh T A Miller ITb Moas M M Marshall Jcfltr- Miller J***n w. Marshall Jclltr- Miller J Aeon W-*tt Robert •li Mil er Jobs S A MalrAw Marsh F J Conrad j Fry MtPnern B J ManhS&B Minikin Oliver UullloaJv* Mart d peter Mills .T W Mamfor.lWm R Martin Wilts B Mills Maa'jJss MnadChas MaritnGco Mlnakcr Jaa A Murdock El ward WarfnSß Miner, smith 4 Mure David cant Martin Eaward co 3 Murray Jahu u Martini* MfnrdckGeoQ Murry 4 Stewart Martin 1, n Mmeo c r Murphy Ja* 4 cu Martin Cnarley MtfehellE Uurnhy John II Marvin .1 D Mitchell Fer.gen Murphy .la* B Mason Harvey Mitchell JH Marshy JasH Ma>cnlhoa Mitchell K A Murphy IVicr Mather Wm Mitchell O'dM Mcs*ic lh»* F Mathews RrbcrtpMob'ey LawrcsocMvera GeorM Mathews HH l» s«cw Xlaihrw* Josn Mccter Henry Myers Chas M*lwnE'f MoffatlTS My.eaJas MaiteaonWP Mohan P 3 McAHstcrC J McCullough Pet'fMclntonch W C McAid.r Michael McCone J McKay ietrr3 WrAclry Hash McDccald P. C McLennan Tl» McCale Terrance McDonald G*hn JMrLure Johnßvm McCabe Patrick McDonald Willie McMahan i! MrCiilltn Wm 11 McDonald John McMahan McCally Michael McDonald Win J McMahan Hugh McCarnirrnir McElroyrtr McManu* lllunacl McCann william McEvoy Stephen MeMarrowu Me 1 lunaGeorgrpMcFarlendmr McM**wr J McCarter Henry McGary D McMillan Flavins McClaa AUnC Md'llliaay Wat J vetenirv Jiss A McGovern John McMurrlae Juba McCormick Roht Mcllnvem J C McMul'eu J B MiCov John McGowan John W.-Murray i-asalß McCrsh John McGrath MlnhaM McSoh’c Franc.* McCullough JohnMcGraw John 3 McSal'y.Wai - M MCJalcr Mcl>ln McSevinYi'm McCullough C 0 KMaeJT >’cl«fln I> Kadcaa A Aatbr.ny Kewc'UV Nolan <*at N»y Jeffrey W ’Kewlaod? John Noon Wn Na»b hi»nW Xcwtoudse Norman 118 NaKoJnesS N.ckcr»*D Norris KB NannEL NletrlanUF NotihronTG Nathan JaaW Nicholas rrr Norton Jnllua Nav The* L Ktrliol* K B Marine Ksii’BC NenlleJas Nichols Theron N >tticßti.uc P P Needham WB Xlchola HoraceW Noyo ffm Stir ff m NlcbolsOeoW Nosvnl John NcllUJohuG o*Hrlcn Hartley OTccner Patrick t'M« Harry o’Hrl pOt*;ey C’HaraJ** Omrall u'Biti'i *lhr a C OMcrriu Jotia OrrM O hrlrn Mleh-ei O’Kiri Jeho Orrtok Pas -M o'Prlen l.sarence (Julies mr Or«u ll.crv O'Hrtcn KJp-ha. I O’Roarkmr n.horvr Wlnu i. O’lUlen Kdtrara -Sullivan PnsencOlU Walt.T .1 O C»l aehwc PAJ V’cuaoau;h A Ott Chta Aco O’Cor nell John Swaiet Owen R*n|ia In o - C<uuer iKiuU- o<lom JrlmT Owens Uu iik Olds Ucnty Baidak J D Pcarenr Pllklnjjlon Rcb I’kce heMencatit I't-we James U ard Patmer It II I‘tate Wm hnld am t. ,’a.mer JamesT Peek (Kona A I’lVklu J‘>.«hna ’-liner CJ I’ukOted nil Wll . -Mill! * Mk 1M I-* _ « lib 1* |l IVmcrWA Poet Will W I’ollcek |.evl§ Dark Robert I’rcanlstah Pope John It larkeFD PemlUon All Toiler P Taikrr O 1. Trtnllton TL Potter O W Darker t harlea Penrose JC* co Prulcon Char'ea J arktr Porusll TerklnaW I» . Tower Wiliam Talker Krvln 0 Trrama Lather Towers Merritt C Darker James Tcrklcs A KortdnPowly Rcytiulds TarklnreirJameCl Terry C K Pratt Pros parks J H Perry Joseph Pratt Frank parrl* Janes Perry Jnotl master parsons 11 R Perry WnUon AcoPrenllce C TaUcrita Harry IV* tra* Joseph PrcttymsuA 011- rapt Teteni WII tto’iu Patton John N Phelan James Pratt CM I'anl decree Phelps A Parker Prlobhi s*llßl Two! CD Phelps Kvi'yr 0 Prl-s perry I'atiiolneT P Phillips tiroß Prior Wllium Pauls John P PhPllps II It Pro-sm T T I’sr.aMH llllstn'lThlMpsF H ProvostJ P Peabody II Phillips 0.1 PryreJsmes lYnae Henry PMnnev Oo puffer 1! C Pests WT Iherec WU ard Pulling <1(» Prarcc Mrses Pierce K D Pullum Charlat I’camnChas Pierce James W Cuackenbos Qo) Qnto Wm A Quinlan Patrick dr KsdcMff John IDynnldsAJ Robinson John Kaofonl JtmM Rhoads U h llorh;* Franrit lUrJigan Win It Richards Wlltlaslt'H'kif'ilow Cam Kann Frauds Ulclmrds fßnphn \V ItalntwcaLD (I Uocivdl AL Ralph U Robert Richards It R 3 Ilodtfa WII Rsmedail Wliltan-RuhardfOtt LH Koran i* l(atme> L It A cv R:cli*rdv;n't Rogers Robert Rardetciw w 0 Mohardeon DsTlJUogo. - * Uutiert B RatM;t luliert liirtim.act F rapt ItaneAird Hascsli Rlchfur Lewi* Ho* r* Harry R.rsun- A>sW Rider Jamb M Roland Jams* l-a|p George Kluf.u-n Denis Rolm»TK IRymuudjM Rigusj W Ho nor oweu KarnurJulin lilgrov Mathew Rootidlvrr Rayword IS D RlunJtlnS | K I' ItCHil Jtv raft Piter L'-lhef Rouk« mr Reed«*J-hn Rivers T.-imtn Kou’.dt \V r rapt R'di»i:lunCh*rlr»RoarU RfnryJ Ru**ell Sun in D F Roartftlght II lint ell »*<>« RecnteJoslah llo* icti FfrOcrl.-klMts 11 Jji u ilxpr Win |tol»m«on & (Vroa it •••oil Jam-** C 3 llrl.i) Wil'latn lb-l>rrtnrarliua UHlt-rlulit lUrry IteiiT Mlrhftrl U'dieftn II N ityvidolml |{ni'ylli« ma* I) Ituli.-rlfon ltnti*r« Un-amta Cvraa ilMHy Frbt kv; Itoldnaon cnrtl* K Hun ItrgcaA Crtfl Uo.ldtM}n& II illUjmon J W t* Sahrrton Orvj A Pmnrt U C tlp’nrrr D D Fatr-nt DrF-rvPt SndlU Wtn S cen tSi-rncrr Jovi D fndnl-nry I) A Hnvth KllUh 1 M-no.lor Join « hmlihKU hrua saltri'lill Mnlm Ynttiuny Pper y O bajiptcl.rvlH PcullhAl) • Mpl man Trey n* mp'on C.n »( S Smith Cb«« m d Bulnk IlfeJ Fnmptcn W U SndUt Chas Bp>>m*r W 1. SaiiijiooWm FndiliChatW Bianshmjr Con F SanbctnßAt Fm|ih(‘A stanunJa* B-tmxirn Arthnr LbmlthChna (ImdS'aol-p John \ ban-’bTtrh A W Smith Phil U hUnrUtni Knvllln Sanders John HtarrrJo'm '•at perl, dr BnllhOt* St Clair Willis farernt II T Smith Krttftnl! HtnhhloLC Sarcrat A D Smith Tom StohhtnnLD Faith Clp-rrza J steel-* Chn* II savoy n FmlihV-Ulcli Steplu-ns All<io J raw telle J A fcroiUi ties stephctM Julia 3 SawtelleO U Smith Ueu A ferret .Io!m Snnryer Byron L SmlUi henry Steicsa F A , fOßtlanlat ScnUhJan I*Jr Sfecnidohi Sri It Jan Smith J 5 Bier-Muon WmGtl fcc.tiDavldß* SulUi Invtc btewariAW _ tcancrFA FmlibJ F Stewart S.»ml 3 W ScalSatrl SmithJrtmS St!ftJ*hn Seaton rant Smith JnlmT bd <S J.»hn M Blurpltobcrt Sa.UUJhaM Bil.eaEn Sharp YVtr. hiLtth John Se-Sllnr?tida4 Sewald.Tohn hoeß Ffo:er John P Stay Mark Dte Smith Jobs 0 Stonn WlVm S Shelly E Smith Haul w Smtio Ceplui Sluphcrd W Jav Smith W n St r.e D Shrenan M F Smith Wu A Sto-y rban Km SmthZV Stott John >Lcrmao K S Smith FMSi co St or jll J.ircaro Fh-ierWT SnltliP&ro Jsiw-Tsw Sherwood Wm FaiithSlAco otr»isntl*»M Sherwood M C Smith & br-u fc'r*t: -n S S Sherwood F3* Smith & Drex er St*»wr;a« t-o EndlheS*co Strrrnl.S SLcll-nCA Smith Firo Strejt W D C_ ?r ipiran EUan Smith & Block Strui* Wm K SbitmanDU BoUo&si3aa2 Stn«hndr*Chv-‘i Shtecra&MN SiellScapt Smart Dand lua Shn-niaker John Snow mr stall Wm ShrtrprW'i . scow J Feast Style* Wm II shnfrldtllcoTT Snowden brea Sumum Daniel Shnfrlnt Henry C Seyder# H Somninr* 0» Shmtjaa SorcersOlleerP Sommers MF F’ccrr S Somracrrllla Wm sotlierund John Silver Jn> SaxdinsJ StrannCba* Sla pson Wm KpadTTV SwartwautThos SlaterJefcph Spallom I.ymanWSweet A A Sleeper Wm A Si-auielne L Sweet Theodore SkepirJaaU Spear Edwin Sireetlan-JJaa Sir anT SpearOpcar SwiftEAorAE sinthcur Lewis Fymmo Geo S Small Charlie Speed & co Son Jacob Tabor Thomas JlThotapsen Jmme«T«ld George ‘laggJobn F TjddSll lailJchsF Thompsen GeoreeTomsltnsosavmuel Walt boo C Tomsitniun ACO Taiucr Soduro Thomson Somer-Ton/e T HUiuCVUi'n ovuic.'tvii«, - Taacrtrr l'W! villa Town n C Trprm Barry D TbompeeaCbasDTowoe T sl»rxla TaterTD Tbotapeon col nrof Tsylpr.TcMrrhT Tompson ftSdr TowmJM TatJorJame* TonptonPP Tracy L 3 layh-r JamrsThompsoareter TroskFrank balth TbttnpeonAM TravtrWldnaE Tajlr-pAlbertH IheanJohnC TfejgevJof.n Ten HI nr ThrrntnJA Trott: David TtaverThctna* BThcrnlon F Trovel Jacob A Thayer Bym»lcr Tbroop J E TrovelJohnA IhsyerAllen4 ThnrbcrWPdr TnckerJC IborsisuF Thurman M Tame* J B Tlioob JamesMTlfTaoy Willis W Turner George E Thomas John dr Tlgtejames InroerMM Thrmas BoblnsooTl.tmTheodore TsrpluJE r lltu" F K Tosd »1 Antony Thomson WllllamTobln SamuelC Turtle 884 co 'ihompsen Jol.nMT.wd, Cook ATottl*T» oma* D Thompsen Henry Waldo TjierMC E rded CO* Underwood HarryUreh Eohrtlm Uncerhill WlElamDphamGeoll UreJthaC Vacdecrlff James Tan Klcbolu Vincent Weslevdr Vaco*rrmC£a»l Valletta JE Mat • Vsnborn C TancliomCE Vinton FrioC VsnWyc«Bl> VameyJD \.jjrb«s» ll«rr Vsd \Yiner 6 co Vucthi C d \oreEilloitt* VmU Vaosht Albert W WacrnerWm W.tchG , Wljllaras RleMrd Wiiu Dr.onlaas DWelrli John L Willlams-Jt KJm* Waite Fl* 2 Wtsl Henry E J « T . hP Wkkclbchd West J Z wjUeU J-f> r. 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M. —Office open from the li trtnber. (lorn 1 a. to. till Tk to April Ut. (ram • a. rntein epen nntil 9 o clod e,S a. m. bli 10 a.m. Special Notlccg. Dr* JaDiM* Whote rcpuiailoa la »o well and widely known to tbs treatment of Cua..»tc. MficrtttuuflTPßlLrric, DUMA asp Sxi* Uta«A<Be, arsKMATOttasA or Boalaal TfOLkncu, and all iharaire of a prlraio natara, I* ipokca of ediiarUUy in the Labyettsfltd.} Dally Com* ner. Jan. 3, 1H37, a* luttows t ••Dr. Jamea,tha well known 'the treatment ct private diwirden, ol James* Lock n<*ipl«a'. CutVna llun«*>«U, sew Cr- Jtan*, acd known thrunxnuut the united State* as 1 ite moat sacceaafal practitioner la hi* specialty, hao 'reioved to 01 and OH Uand«>iph-«t„ comer of Dear* 1 btm-it., nearly oppciito bl« old oDte*, Criicseo, ui. "We have known Ur. Jsmee personally tor tho last • six years, and ctn lay with those ol the medical pro> •Auion acd the press, who bays known hint for a 1 much looser period, thst ha ha* no superior ts tbs • treaitnect ot (ha dais of dliosiea whici. he makes it • a specialty to treat.” Dr. can be confidentially consulted tt hi* office and parlori, 01 tad 03 Randolph-sC, trom 9 a. m. to d. p, m. fiandayadnrla* the foresees. P. O. Box liOti, Chicago, 111. \onr Destiny-iVuai ts It f Good or end? Ulcb or Poor? Dthased oe exalted? Are yon to rise to eminence, honor, wcoitn ami tmwer; oi are you t> sink Into ob«caniy and oblivion? What are your future prospect* in Ufa—to be or not to l»e—that Is tbe question ? Who win solve It? Dr. Raphael can sjivc U; and eulda tne tmsticciwafal to wealth and »mtoez<e, and the ontbrtanats to Uapil« mis. All whose feed hopes have been disappoint-"!, cmahed andblastot. get satisfaction, and those iwla* whose Injury keep* them from gethnz married, cam bw cured *o that no wee can know It. Call on OIL K\- PUABU2I3 EastMaduon-aL.up *tair». interview* coucdtnaal. Consultation tee. one ds lar. Hr. THum*uo« iTsr-Mftnr of the Medics'. sl« Satirica! I-.if.tate. 178 ton lb fcsi acnted s i torm* of T»i.ereal dis ease with onptecvdented sbcccm ter nearly t -rlv y rpenaatdrttrs atd tmpotmo treated *jtc ibe h*ptj c»: re»ciu. particular* of the Inatltste aa.t tbeUolde i:.ailcd fres to any address. P. O. Bex 72., IlllccU. Louis Sanser, 71. *»•, Member K. C. Surceon?. Locdoc. Jfo.SO atunca exiloeleetj to the nicolesl treatment of Pit* Tate and bidet Diseam oflutb sexes, loo* bia ane c'a.lj. Female l<cscdles are ccrtac In all case*. PrUc L»ctnte on tbe p:trenU - n tf **;-t u» any addm- frrWcccte. censulbtlon* prlrate. p. O. Bex 2373. ■ Dr. Blsrlow, HavlniJthe cmlMexceofttc paDdc and the -medical facility at lane, u tea most rehable ncjMdaa in the city ftir cbrcctc n* rvoo* and sexual ch>eases. Call at bis oRJfe, 17W South tTark-st Corner of Monroe. Kocmsseparate. Cocrn’tvloe free. P.0.8)i154. HU guide to health, published monthly, seat free to am address. • Prrralo matters. , In all Private M»t*er» g*> (or write) to Dr. CLARKE B7Clarkst. Bolbsexes consult Mm co.-’dcLttally. pr Send stamp for circular on late invention Ifer Mnrrlii! I’rop'r. F*mal- I’ll!-* 11 per mi. ny Seid rtarap for beck tor victims of selt-atose. Address iclVrs DK. CLARK*, So. 4 hanno- Blocx. Chicago. • 33iOpnS£tS PUOrOoALS ±‘OK AlOli TUANa- PORTATIOM. Qr*nt«Ru.v»TCß ucrrra.vr.'s Optics, > D. C~ January U. lSd7. f SFAIED PKOPOSiLS will b- rcoolred at this omrn cntli iloclccr tbe Fenraarr, 1*67. fhr the transportation of Ml nary Sitppllrs dnnn< Uid ieafcvffiuicneircAorill,’!*!;, and online MtrcaSU to, on Uui to.lowiiik r*utc»: „ „ ttOCiE'So.U Free Fort Mcrner?on, Nebraska Terrltorr, or nek pouts um»y bo determined npimiarlic the rear ott the Omaha branch cf th<* Union t'HClfl'* INI r2*n. vmt cf Fort ilclTierscn. or f.-Jtu Furl Laramt**, Dakota Tor rltory,to *och t*oil« «.t dep is as are now or b* css* labll»h»*d mthrTerrUorr of V*bra»r«. w».{ of tor el ude UU dexieen. In (hr iVrinry of UnUns, of UtUudeviden.-cj, In Uic Territory w£D-tkou. wmi »i I ncUnOr ici «i#crsn«. Ulh? Territory of Mato. south ofUtUJ’l‘*4t rtevt*-r».ar.rt ra«t of l. n-'ltn fclti ord lh the leruwir»cf UUli ar.-i CoMr.tlo n«lh ■'l Utitace m orgreo, IcclaiUn,'. U necessary, Denver „ K *(JTS No. I. From Fort Riley. state Kanu«. cr »ach rolnU u may bed*tornlß* , d upon darl?g lie year on in* L : nt m UactCe Railroad, K. 0.. tn aay post* or depot* that arc low or may lw nt«MUtirt In the Stale of mq n.i «r th the Territory of t»lorad •, tooth of latitude to <tA> CiCfa torth, axu! to Fort Union. Sot Munr,). or other that n.«v hod*»ic'n*vt*u In l’i»t Territory, aid to may other pointer points oc ther.-ate. RUITTK *0.3. rrotu r?t Unirn or snclt oMicr depot as may be e*talm»h* to the Territory «r New Mexico. to an ?•»(* or iUiqx that are, or may h* rsuiHiatnM la that Ten ;ry. and t» inch ro«u or tUilou* m mar ■*« c« slimati ; In the Territory ut Atl/ona, ana t. tite S;»M of Tex m • rest ot lotrttxuto lt» degree*. _ Uourfci M 0 .4. Frwmet. nral. MlnitaoUi, to »uch po«u a* aretmw ermay!>cpKtatu«B"«i ta tn-i butc of Ml on* u, no*l In that rorttov of Dakota Territory tyim&ftMt ot ttie Mlwonil Utter. ’ TLo wclcht to be during the rear wrl not esr*nlim Ilonic No. t, •n.J'O.tttl p»(u.d*;on Houle *•>.5.20X00,*00 r«uB(U;»n Route Nn.J.S,hM.;M) pounds, •hit on iumte No 4. pound*. l'ro&9»»’» mil tie tm*dt tor each route »eparately. Uiduera vtU fate the rate pet IU) pound* p r IJO trlt>K, at üblcb tUy wit tiaLap.rlth*. *t>r.alti raca montboftheyear. beanatr* April Ut, W*sl. aa>l cud* lux iUnhUt.latb. ' Ulild'f *h"cid sire Ui’lr situ in tall, as woil itf Uulr disco* «Troekctice, andncti pr’p.tal »n mid be rallied hy a loud in tteimaoi t»Cthousand (I10.0UJ) dollar*, aleorrt hr two >ir a ore re*p>a«tm« o r* •otr. Kuarabtencs Hut in ease a emtrart u awarded for tie rouio meulioucit in t»o prjpoau to tho pirtr ptop its?, the contract will ne acceded aid entord | Into, aa>l ctol ant er.Cljmi arcunty luraishod by Kata party in oecorJasc? with thj terms cf Uut alter* I tteement. The contract-it wui tie reouiiwu to rive toads ta tno follow), k mu'icnts: On Louie No. t, ffM.UA Oa Route No. ». SW.CtO. on Rente No. 3, lCo,<ni. Oc Route No. 4, M.a*. Siilsfkrtory evulereor the loyally and wo venry ot racti bhidirand personcffereil u secuntr wit: bo re* qmred. - I*r;posali trust be mdnraei **lY'jpo**!* for Amy Transportation on Ihmtn N<-. t,l, J, or s, t» the csm lay tr. mil ooe wTI be eu wtattual at lew th y fUlty rouiply with the rcejuliemeuta of this vlverua— amt. The party to wh *n sa award is nwis mo-t he ore. p*rcd toniH'ui** th*.ro. i.-ari tot arc-, avi u* gtveth* miutitd Ouuda fur U.u UiUUul panonuaj- o i>f Ue. o*.* tract. iho right l- rc>.ct any anil til bids that ra»y be oUeted la resirveu. lUa Cv airncU-r caeach rouhirnu.t b» In readliMua Prr terrier t-v the Hr day ( April. l »U, and win be r.*» qnlicd to hare a place orb'ialu'**, or age*.cy, at • mm bemay Uicwmimiuicauil wun urooiUtiy *aj rouliiy f r I,‘vule No. J, stOi;.*.' *, N. T., lur it-ors No. L *t Fnrt Iflcy, Ksi.r**; Ihr Route No. a, at F-rt Union, New lor It mo .Vo I. at Stint Tam, Uluoa •<>U. <>rst sncnoth*r p-|nl for c-»cs ot tno •e»i*r»l i:ootopßJca» bolD‘U;au>4%*{aeii»rtloe point of in* rcutr. Ulank n ma atiowln* tnaanedUtirna ot tfa« contract to l* culuul li.tof.-r t.v u caa U- U»*i on «pu catinn at thli --me-, or at ihr r»f tho Unart’rn Urat N*w York Snlnt H 'li*. F itt Loavruw .rtn, (>•> alia, .ta IV au-l F<>rt n-.truu *, nod luu.t accuiu* Vtov aad lm a part i t inn hr uniwof ibo uuartarn.a>t. r Uctioral. _ . ai.k\aniu-;u nuadf lirctct Ctlcnel and Ai*’t UdarUrj-aitur U. b. A. PROPO>AT.S POU A UUIDGB AT VAN MI.KF.N N'rhßET. Orncsor rn«iuiAaoo» itius weac*,* i.'liicauo. Frbtuar/ 1 teal. | Scaird prop-ooua will b- n<vlv*j by Ut< U-a'd-4 l*uollc U\rk».at tlulr otUcn. U>-m« Nua. i arvl 9, p'U.uitn orJ.N *. I.? »n>l 17 a-rwt. un-u it a. in., Mtmda*. Fclirunry mtr, f r the Ukincd.iwa rf the |.n**—t l>ndse or-rail* thn S.ot-i IDan.-h >f Chica*-- ItlTrf ai Van Curat and reoiactn* tba panic w.lh a n«w h-l;rn, IneiKlo* tho n-OM'-arr rtamto in H.« auntre Her, »u>t 't>« atmtrnu and a:>v>* to p'jik ao-t aorctfcatio; a to bo cr Ale at paid ottle* or anda'ter Fnnmnry 3tn. I'lupcpnU luuoibeo<t>lr<t*to (•> >t>* U-xtrd of pnhlte Wrrki, e «tor»?»l *“ I*r i*..»at to? Vm UJr-nt StrtJt Drtrtsf.” nr.d hn accnmmrd«>ljrF.h thn nnnnl Oil nor a, w.ib»artd«. to l»«approvedbr U.e thr fomd ru ervo lic-rl.ut v> r->nr;ooy bid notlo aerntdotiniwUr thcruodSti nr ol lUS a tr- rt •vtnrt.t. c»r to reject a!l MJf. tnd no bn accc; tM Tti Iks f.e parta or«la* lt»bnF met -vidfnceHtU'Uo t< ry totre IVi.ud m..: hr hii th-i sec-j>»py skill. ffijoyfc, «-«rey '• d anility for Oo.n< the work, la tiUd;vortny.'uidho»6;U3clcatpec.tni4:r n-^nrcea, J. f*. U..NDKLE, n:K>. *J-rrz. O. J. tUJiB. IV a-d tf i-ablie Worka. PKOPOcALb FOR PLAIiKING ALLEY**. Orrxctor rnaUoaaDorPtnuic Woua. > Cm-3AUO. ceoroary if. ISS7. I Scal'd rrrconali »hl be received by the Hoard of Public Wort*, at their antll 11 a. m. Monday, Fetrn.ry Zjib. W 7. Lr p.w.k'nc the alley thr »a*h 0 ock 4. Ktnzle’s Addlron to Chicago: also mr plank* leg the alley thrones Block 1. Wolcott s, aid Block 3, Rinzle's Addition to Chicago t aao also fur nlansln* tte throoch Blocks 31 and S 3. Canal franee’a fnbrtmsi n. Sec. 17. T. S 3 N-. R U E. acrordinc to p.nn* ard ti pclflcatlont on & c at sari office. SsldlmproTemrnts «»ni >• paid for tom special a*>e*a; mis evicd to defray thtlr eostwbenthe tame t-talll.ecoUectrd. _ . _ rmiKtnlsianstbeaddresaedto the BoardnfPabUe Works, endcritd " iToposat C,r Haakln* Alley la Block.** Ac- (namlaz tne partlcnlar .ocallty), an t t*» accempatied with the n>nal {3O booc, wim r arctic*, to he approved by'be UiinL Tbe Board reaerve the nsht to reject any old not in accomancewltathe conditions of IhlsadverU-'iemenU or to ndcct all bids, and no proposal will be accepted noJeeatie party ottering it shall give evidence *ausfce» tory to the Board that be has the n«:«»sary skli L erpe rlcmrc. cserpr and ability lor doing the work, la trust* worthy, and ha* sufficient pecuniary „ J. u. UIMIKIA FRED. LETZ, O. J. ROSE. lot Board of Public Worts. (gobrmmmt gale. p OVEtOTMENT SALE. Tm property known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NEBTAND STEAM SAWMILL,** with sev esty-Cve acres rf lan-L near SAN - ANTONIO, TJOLAh. BealedPrapoeaia, ladavßcate. rll be received 09 to the Elat day ot March.l367, tit the purchase of »S acrtaot laid, lit ore cress) together '*tf> the build* loss elected tt and tac appurtenances appertam mg, that la to say: OSKTANN fcKY.c ntalnlnttaelve Stone Uce Vats, FIFTT-CWO WOODEN VATS. SEVEN »TO>E POOLS, and ewib'e of taarlar UJt4 bides per ananm. ONE STEAM SAWMILL capable of sarteg SXbO feet ol Lumber daily; OMK SMALL SI ONE BUILDING. Xbe above property is mmated aoont two r-.Ha ateve can Antorio, oa the s>aa Antocio Elver, aad um vatert* eonrtoctcd to me establishment bra race of brVL Btcne laid la C'SK’_ Tbe lar.d vm tnreaacda*-! in-nrave—e: Is made by tie late sc-ca-ied Ccmecerate G ventsent. aad ate eittmited to nave ecst iiW.OW ts g-io, Tte property aas nm oacer lease tnr the year at a monthly root 1 f *3OO. na»«tle in Jdvacc-. A se cured Ctle to t*o simple a 111 be given by IheU.S.Gov *rp«pcsal» will ce marred “licoosaa lor Govern mett Tannery aad SawmllV* aadjd^wed Bvt. M«J.Gta-Aas’tCcm’r Bar-acß F.AaTL. Gatveston. Texas. fftcouinai. TATE ASEEIiT WITHOUT FEAR OF VV COMTRAPICTIOS. Iliat the Ba Mol SWAYXE’S ALL-II EALING GISTS ENT, In this elty.dnrlex the post two month*, have more star ccnbledihe combined axles ot ailotneriemedle* ttccmmenced &r ibe ITCH ! TETTER! And aU Slscanesof tlio Skin* 13T A warranted in every ease. Sold by all Dtngnna. Wholesale rr ECUS'HAMS & Va> SCHAACK. A BISCOYERT. DR. A. KMGHT. At 493 South Hark-st.Cblcaro.Hl-ha*discovered a sore aed nertranr t remedy torn certain prcvalcxt dlarsse that afflict* all cl*s«*a. Send flvo cvnta nrtlrcniar. , fflotos. pLOTVS. X ~F a ' r .Q'VTST'g. pen nmciMJ PLOWS and all varicn« ofStah garbs. p EaX, hatten & CO, molessls CommiMioa Merchantt, flo. 60 3[OGM*t>. DESVBB- ralLOgAgSi Hjair 33se. TT ILL’S HAIR DVE —50 CcnU-Bl^ droiiUta.