Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 17, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 17, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1867. THE CITY. CossrcnoH.—in ocr issue of Saturday wo vpoke of the train doe on the Michigan Son-hem ats.Ssp. anivlogat ftSS. Toe first figure was a misprint. Tre train was dao at 6:33 p. m., and anived a* that Ume. Thz Poetst about the qualifications of a wife, sert by “P. S.,’* Is not original with him. Those three elmUtudes ran the rounds ol the American and English papers. In several dlfierest forms, twenty*three years ago. Carnal. Pcannsnurr.—Uon. U.H. Borer, of Wisconsin, will occapy the pnlplt of Her. Dr. Ryder's Church, comer of Wabash sve-me and Ttn Btuer. snaet,lhla evening. Subject— “CapUal Punishment." r Wonar asn Cnnjjs**.—A meeting of Mana gers of the Hospital for Women and Children will he held at the rooms of the Young Men's Chris tian Association, Methodist Episcopal Block, at 3 o clock on Wednesday afternoon. Business of importance will come before the meeting. 1 semis bt WsxncLL Pim-tors.—The next lecture'before the Young Men’s Christian Asso ciation of this city, will be given by Wendell Pb£i!pa,on the 3iat Instant, in tae Opera House The subject of the lecture is: ■* Impeach and Re move tbe Rebel of the White House; or, the Perils of the Hour,” I A DKiurno exm has been formed In the North Dlrielon, which meets every Monday even lug at 8 o’clock. In the chapel of the New Eng land Church, comer ol White and North Dearborn street*. All young men interested are Invited to attend. The tegular meeting will be postponed this evering, on account of the rental of pe-vs in the church. Uxirznaih Scmuoc Lziouz-—A Uutvetsal Suffrage League waa formed id thla city some time since, wilhP. A. Hoyoe Prct-ldcnt, and T. M. Thompson Secretary (both pro tem). Tbe jneetlnge of the Ltagne have been ruspeoded •nrtil proper rooms can be obtained, when aUIn taror <*t Umvereal Suhrage will be invited to at tend '.he meetings. Nrw Sokgi.—Tbe following beautiful new songs by W. C. Baker, arc Just Issued, and for sale by Root A Cady: “Come to my Snlrlt Sweet Angel of Love I” “My Home o.i the 11111.” “Forp-toot to Remembar ’* “J.vt ns he Iroe to Each Other.” •*Tho Uor nlr Crown ••Walling at the Door.” Vocal Cnnui.-ffe are requested to slate tbal two classes (postponed ou account of Pro fessor McCoy> extreme cacarednc'i In private lessons) w ill meet for first Irrea as follows: College GradnatcV Cls«s. at seren o’clock Wedr.rsrtty evening, 57th February, t-adles* and Geolleum’s t.laa), at seven o’clock h February. Vp to time further applications for mem bership may Ik- made at Proie-sor McCoy’s Lee* lure Room, Id Crosby’s Opera Itonsu. limn Canntuu’ ftxronr.— I The followiog flntrrv showtbe number of leiiersand newspapers coilcrird ai.rt delivered during (be month of Janu ary. ifC7, in this aty: SUB I- Hers delivered 333.139 city JciPrs delivered jjjpj Newspspeni rtrllrcred TO.bikl lei.ere colU-cled 294.537 *ilCM* flente* show a Urge iucrcaso ovi-rlhosc of the month ot December, isne. rAonoan AcciprjtT.—On Saturday morning aa tbe Waukegan accommodation train approached Kvat.rion, Mr. L. M. lormerly of the firm of llar.tht-u Si l—Dglc, while aUompilog to get on the tialn, Mr between the platforms ot two cars. The tfela foiiuiuicly stopped la n few moments, and ;he geptleman escaped with some InJiinej from the bisVe Inlrostof the wheel. Had the t'atn keen moving rapidly bo would uudoub’edly ha'c been killed. Illzkois Cestilvl IJaouoad.—The track of (his road ba« not been afiected by the recent heavy rain etorma, aid trains are rm.nlag on time. Paraenger trsias for St. l/mls and Bpilngflcld leave from the gieal Central Depot, foot of lake etrec, at 3phJ a. m. and id d. m. nicomfngton can reach tbclr ileriinitlon, by taking the fains of tbe Chicago. Burllngtou Si Quincy Bsilrotd. from tbe same depot, at a. m. and 3 p. tn.. connecting *t Mcndota with trains on the main Hue oi the.lllinois Central Railroad for Bloomington. Catholic Fazb ajsd Festival.— Tie managers of tbe Fair which was held during last week In tbe Catholic Church, corner of Van Barca street aud Fourth avenue, have decided to continue the Fair during the evenings of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this wesa. In spite of the unfavorable weather for fairs and festivals this one baa been a grand snicks. Tbe books to be presented to that priest in the receiving tbe greatest number of vo*cs, will be keplopen until ten o'clock on Thursday even- Seniors Accident.—About nine o'clock on Friday morning a boy named Adam BcU, the son of 31 r. James Bell, who Uvea iu a room on tbe upper floor of McCormick's building, met with a frigßUnl accident by Calling through cn opening tn the hall floors to the distance of about fifty fen. Mr. 0., P. Secor, "bo occupies a «.nnshop un the ground floor, beard tbe sound of some vody fill ing "itb a heavy crash upon the floor above, and going up be fonod the bey lying bruised and senseless on tbe floor. Be was carried to bis father's room,wbcre a surgeon wasaooo in attend ance to drees bis wounds. Mr. Bell states that be rent tbe boy down to look some stores when t>e accident occurred. The opening through which be fell is cut through tbe floors from the bssixncnt to tne upper story for tbe purpose of raising goodr. It i* narrow, ami guard‘d by a railing, and from ibe tact that he could scarcely have misted seeing u. some of the occupants sus pect that he was pushed over by some malicious person. The led Is In a very precarious condition, and Is vet In a slate of insensibility. HU left arm is broken and bia head and body are tereuly braised. Fmtixn Accidest.—A Are broke out on Sat urday evening ale quarter before nine o'clock, in a «a*l two-etory frame bultdinx No. 191 Well* street, owned and occupied by Mr. Charles Dyer. The Fire Department were soon on the spot, and extinguished ibe dames in a short time, ihs rear cl the building was not injured except hy tra cr. Mr. Dyer Vcpta i-oarjing-uouae aud saloon. The holloing and (U'Ditire «as valued at €i,£*X); 1 1 s urea lor *2.(o'. Mrs. Dyer had coucealtd la one of the teas tSSOIn gold, ana SHO in greenbacks. In ifce confu-ioa the bed was mislatl iij some in dividual, ai.d atlastacconcts the money had not been found. At half-past nine o’clock an alarm of Are was soundro] from box a firo near the come* 1 1 Chicago and Milwaukee avenues. This ptoted afa'se alan. CLa.les Dy«-r. driver ol the ho«c carriage **T. D. Bro» r,” while on his way >otbe fire near the comer of Chicago avenue and Carpenter sweet, wu thrown frem his sea*, and rnn over by the h>svy carriage, ibe wheel passed over hla breast. hi? face was ent and snoal'V'rs braised. DU comrades pb-ireo Mr. Oyer up and canted him to ilc olI,( ccf Dr. Co'iU>i who al’cn*i*-d to the Injured man. Mi. Dyer la badly hurt, bnt his wound- are not of • serlons ebiraetcr. Tne wnTTirn.—Tha meteorological condUlon I of Fatmday was a decided improvement on that of the day preceding. Uwas a •'■ondcrfal chang-. A alight r.-oetTiad hardened the r-'onnd, and a «rrotg wind was vny efficient In licking an tbe I tcLcraccrdanl molctnre. Tbc ewamps around tlie onlsklits of the city did rot disappear I entirely. but they diminished sensibly neder the benign influence, and tbo tm einesa streets woic an nlmust summer aspect ere nightfall iTtccurrent n the rue: coutluued, tbe surface of tbe water (icing sev eral led higher than (be line, but ih'rc was to e.gnk of a ■reabet sucb as have terrified and isjmcd ns is pastyea'v. An excellent chance now presents, itself to cleanseouttheriver. If wc only had a stirring opappa'atosheresnebas has often Ueeu talked about but never obtained, it might b j to ved along by a tug, and cot up the filth from the bo*- 10m, which mi’iglir- with th* moving water wcnld be carried down t*> tbe lake and save d;edging. Ihe work of a few hours while this flood cortmuca would rave days of dredging in mldaimmcr, besides avoiding the Interference with navigation which drudg’&g always causes. AmtEST of A3* Atj.tqto Robbes.—A few weeks ago an old man named Solomon Ellis, from Grin* cell, Ohio, white on a visit to this city, was roobed of a sum of money amounting to The robber could not be found at the time, and Mr. Kin* appears lo have giveti such conflicting state ments as to the amonot taken from him, that the detectives found considerable difllcnlty In pro ■ceeding. On returning to Gncuell, Mr. Ellis re lated bU misfortunes to the citizens. who held an im'jgnattou meetingenthesubject.and appointed their Mayor. Samuel Cooper. Esq., to take rUps to di-cover the perpetrators of this rubbery. Mr. Cooper came to this city a few dsvs ago and succeeded In ascertaining the following facts: On the day of tbc robbery Mr. Fills, in cotnpanv with two men, James Ucrnea-v and Mlixou, went Into Section & Pointtoy's offle*, on Dearborn street, snide aired them to cash a certificate of deposit for IUoOO. Ht-nnessy ana Milton voaihel for the hon eaty or Ellis, and a check for sl.l43waa given him on ibe *1 hi d National Bank. Mr. Ellis proceeded to the bank to draw :hc moner«aad nothing more t-ss known of him oil be repotted his loss at the Central Station. Ur. Cooper, becoming acquainted with the f-irt-*, ordered the arrest of Henne-sy, who was fatten before Justice fctartevant on Saturday morning. The examination was continued till Thursday, t ~e prisoner b- lug required to give bill la the sum 01 Daily Union Prayer Westing. The week coding on Saturday was 011 of steady imereti ar.d success to the caily meeting*. Close -1 v fol’cwltg the admirable system adopted by the Dcvotlcnal Committee, in avoiding all tide iscne* and diitiacting questions, th« single aim of ail exertion has t>e< n to develop the spiritual life and and prosperity of Ibe meeting la bringing up those iota* which are of practical Import to the everyday experience of the Christian, end to teach with Christian aympahy those who have bad eo personal interest in their aplritnal and eternal vcllaro. • The meeting upon Saturday was conducted by J. V. Farweu, E»q. Alter tbe singm- of hymn ** Anar, ay Soul. Arise." Mr. Farwell read a part oftbeUd chapter of me Ut Epistle of Pet-r and rems'ked that tbe verse o! Scripture which more «peoally suggested the thought, to wblca he would give uUaeuoe waa, "unto you, there fore, which believe, Be It predout.’* the rnll meaning of the wordprvcu»,v is apprehended by people in worldly matters, and that which fias this clement In It, is eag-rly eoapht for oy the thousands, but when applied to spiritual rateresu, the word seems to lose Ita charm, and bat few carclo know of those things to which tt is at tached The foil import of tbe word should be understood by Cbiletun*. There it too much In tellectual conception of religious mat era, and pot cnoucti .Ulb the heart. the fall power . a force ot tbe Go pel cannot be told. It can only be felt It U Steen tot • b-art experience, and tbe element olimcinm" con only be duccruod Obeilln Coltese reported a rwrtrr'rfal revival m progress there, ana at one KWe UW church of that city, at whim be vas present, rome five hundred ro*elorpfiyer. ihotioik has not slackened Is lojsrvtt, but is deepenlne tnpoocr. Her. R M. Hattlel 1, D. D., said »h«i he de*J?id to make a few suggestions in arrari* ‘. O Christian work, lie had beard much In about the efforts which were bring rtbl*y earn ca L Christian men in the prime, fcncewUMJd saloons, and though :hai he would mu irn«r blessings o on any who might go out 2S , "k! Uc to cell the altanlloc oFtbose orcstn! to a work which bsd not so much of w«h U, as mlttbt appear to some, to be connected with a work Ic ihe Br.d veil and saloons of our aly. ifcere was out Intlc romance lo Ibe tboutot of •■iLinrvriih the houfo-aervam abou, hvr aoui s wetfcie. or with some member of the family w»lb whom »bey we.e in dally late-coarse, or tae younz man winch b- in their employ, I Sough, con ccinfcg mailer* of l.mmcsi, thete was uc first intercourse. Many me overlooking the duty of bear Utiblnl lo those of their own aouwboia. Th command <-l the Scriptorc i* torevery one ••to build over against bis ox«u house. Rev. R. at. Datfieid, D. D., will lead me meeting on Mo-day- THE FENIAN HEWS. How it was Received in Chicago— Opinions and Surmises—James Stephens—The Fooling’-Meet ing To-day. The world of Pcnla la once more in a whirl of excitement. The newt from across the water has once more stirred np the blood to frrer heal The newa that Stephens, the C. O. I. R„ baa reached Ireland with three hundred offleera and tbree or tonr veeaela, and headed a force of Fenians at Knumey, seemed to take them all by surprise. J»;lf.?!2. < : ultto^ H f b6Uiertbe were In »fc2. eCr 5 l i? tll< S» though the ehancea are that ~ ey tl * ,d . knew aomelbtog aboat it, bavc , hecn seen lo frequent whisper ed consultation for some days pa tas If something was in the wind. The two arbiters of Fenian sentiment la this aty—Scanlsn and Mor mon—have been together on the street end in Private, all the time busy in talking and dibits* snip with that gravity of countenance whichoiia CeiUcface laaenreslgn that the wearer “could an* if ho would'* tell to nclhlng which would con* vulre some circles other than Fenvan. Cut If there were cognizant of the movement It Is nest to an absolute certainty that the rank and flic knew nothing ot the august movemeut on Lb* carott. The expressions of opinion on the subject on Satnrdaj, wvie many and varied, ihe halls where ; once the circles met fbr nightly drill, bat which torsomeume past have been comparatively de scried, were visited oy very many, especially Onring the afternoon and evening, nil discussing the news with animation, and passing their com ments on its probable truth or nnrcliabtUlv. there was hut one sentiment, welch seemed tu 6o so general that It maybe called universal: that was. a willingness to go over and h- Ip 1C the occa sion were really exitieni, and the tnenns ot tra-.s poitalioo could be m any -av obtained. Next In pointer nslvcrrality wa< th-canvlction that the news is true. The only difficulty was to nndmlsßd bow Stephen.-* cos'd hive a band in the matter after ail that had transpired. l’;u*n with many came the revul-ion of admiration for the mao. Ihev saw a« In a Cash ofllgbtuiog :lic whole of bis dark pail opened np to their gaz >. Be had dis-embled to some purpose. Judging It rnrafe to trnst any wiib bis oians save those who were to act with him, be bad deceived the very elect, and had home like a true hero all the scorn and contnmely which had been heaped ou his devoted head, content to suffer all without a murmur, if he coolu but sene the cause. He had ptanued and plotted, and what with Indiscreet friends sod Jealous enemies, bw plane had all be n revealed before tbclr accomplishment; then be would strike into a new path. Be lonnaliy slmdoned the cause, pnbliclv declared that there w&s no hope for Ire* ia*id, tnd t-nOeied talmectf to be superseded In bis high office tLafhe might throw the detectives off bis track, and came down on the Sassenach like a wolf on ine told when the were sleep ing* Ibis was not. however, the universal feeiln*. There wcicvetymacy ulio looked on Stephens as a gay deceiver, and thought that either his presence wa* annonneed onlv in order to giro confidence lo the »nccesa ol the movemeut, or that some one bad nets, nated him in Ireland for the purpose of geitiog toe Irishmen there torsi Jr round him. These, however, cared not about the pctsorallly. They looked to the probsole result of the measure, not at the man. and their *ammlty was not di>tnrbcd by the question chtliey could not settle: “Is James biopbcua irally in Irelanfi}" Thus the range of opinion. Tlio Impulse was strong: not, perhap*. so strung a« it wonld bare tM-cti had they not been so otten deccired by topes iM-vn realis'd. tVere It srnounccd that a rerolutto!) bad really broken oul in Ireland, that help is ncrcco, and ilia: men ana mnuUtouncan be itanrporu-d (hither, Chicago would nroliablv inna u-r five thousand sUlwart Cell* within three days. Ml willing logo at Ibe word morc'i. Out these nnuouiiccmei ts Were not made, and so * iiti thit lasrliuainal impatience peculiar to Ihcsltasilon the enbjvct was discussed and looked at In all its Irarings, possible and impossible, am) >b-resolve with the multitude was hut tislf formed. lint little beeluetho general aspect of aS'-iity could i ocaibercdyot. rear. Any attempt to «Pnv information fiom (bore aupponca to Item author ity was tnrtri snccessfu’ly evaded, if they leslly knew anything of the topic of gen-:iol diicu-s'on. iteiftß. however, no doubt that m<cilngaor reariy all the circles will beheld to day,and one *s announced lo take place In Übllcb Hail, at three o’clock this altu’Ticmn. Ii may ho that In tbc«o gatl-erlnes actions of grave Impost will tic de l«*im>»ic*l njurii—actions wlnrh may Involve the or non-existence of a nation. THE KILLING OF MRS. HAWKES. Suspicions that It was not —Heavy Insurance on her Life— Torrclulivo rvidenee—The litis hand Arre-leif on the Charge or Murder. A young mao named 31. A. Hawke.*, a traveller for It. H. CutranV Heel engraving honsc, of this city, was at rested and placco in the County «ial* on Friday cvcnu>g, charged with the mur der ot his wile. it will be remem bered that some time about the middle of Acgnrt last ibe wife of H«wk-«, vho was then residing in St. Paul, Minn., was accidentally shot by her bnsbaoa in tbe .Mansion Bouse. As reported at the time, llawkes waa cleaning a revolver, when by some accident It went co, and tbe ball lodged in her heart, killing her almost instantly. A Coroner's Inquest was held open the body of Mrs Bawkes, and a verdict ot accidental shooting was returned. The testi mony upon which the Jury gave their verdict was that of a servant girl, and Hawses, wuo appeared to be frantic with grief Tno eM had Juatgono into their room to answer the bell, when she saw Ua«kce sitting by a table cleaning his revolver, and bis wite beside him. Jast as shetarnedtu leave the room the pistol nent off, aad Mrs. Bawkt-s fell dead. Such was tbv scconnt riven of the occurrence at tbe time. No suspicion was entertained by anyone that tbe sboo'log was other than aolden tal, and the hnsband's apparent.grief tended to confirm the Impivsaion. Hawke* returned to cnl cago, "heie he has ever since remained lu thj em ploy of Mr. Cumin. Circnmslaocee have since transpired In relation to the aalr, whlcti "ill tbio w a serious doubt up on tbe question ofaedden', and place Mr Hawke* In a very nnenviaM- po-ition. It was found shortly after the death of Mrs. Bawk»s that Join' policies of Insurance noon her life, amounting to Cll.biO had been Mr.llawkci. The sn*> piclon-oftbe losu-ance compatjb'S wo:e at once amused, and they deferred a settlement of ih • claim. ior tt.v puiposc ot privately investigating the circumstances. The a*?Utaa:c ol Mr.Turllc'i detective agency wa* called in, aad the more meets oi Hankcs were closely w&lcLcl. The lac ol the lady's Uie being so heavily ti.sured bv htrbOEband, taken In counectioc ultb the shoot ing, hich occurred very mon after iheir nn.-- nsgc, was cnccgh to excite a strong suspicion of imilplay. It was remembered, too, that about a year i-cnre.aman named Halsterd had bo n ••ac cidentally” Lilfd by ilawkcs while the two were out snipe shouting. They were stsmting bc-i *c s fence, when the haucloi B&wkca' fowling-piece was dlrd arced. lodging the cont tits in the bojr of Halstead, who fell dead. - *on examluaaon It w»f dirco'civd that the i-lece nad been lo.idcJ with oncksDot. Tbe clicamstsucc «vts attr bated to accident, an j tras speedily forgoitL-n. Not long after the ‘‘accident” a - t>t. Paul an ar ticle appeared lu the 7«f»//jpswc»r. published ai Lincoln, Illinois, in •*hlch Hawk** "a- charge 1 "i>b having deliberately plannid the killing of bis wTc in Older to secure ibe ¥11,0» for which her life was insured. Hankcs ihrcateaed the cd l or with a libel suit, but for some reason, prob ablr breanee be fi'*:cd too ttnei an Inquiry into the facts, be never cauiod tbe prosecailon Into tficcL The detectives succeeded le collecting each In fOiiuailon regarding the affair a, 10 warrant the anee of Ha«kos, ojoo a leqoislnoa from Gov ernor Marsluall. of Minnesota, to tbc Governor of Illinois. On Friday town ion Sheriff Robertson, of lUmecy Comi’y, Minn., ar.ivedin this city with the reqniFi'iun, which uas placed in tbe bands of the Shtrltr or Cook County. la company with Sheriff Robertson and o c * f Mr. TunleV dclec- live slafti Deputy Sheriff lAirgley pro reeded totno residence of Hawkey at No 153 \VcH< street, and ■ook him into custody. Ua rkes submitted to ibe arre-twilhout n munnnr, m* rely remarking that he bad «xpcctcd it for some time. lie wai lodged in the Comely Jail, nnd on Bnturdav mvrniug he ovyaitcd in company with obctllf Uo-Hjnsou for .1. Paul. UAL.SK PIISIiOSUPiIY, Perpetual notion and Art-slnu Wells. Ttrre arc tome men :o whom B.'lence H a great here—cigger than the Artesian Well. It is a i ightmare. perpetually recurring. T.vy UruU ovt • crtlais phenomena. and, withon' ralt o :raron, jump at certain eonc'tui-ns, not timliii g ibcmtclres to consider whether or not their m.-n al oandvringij bo In ttie direction ot kiu»- ? i: truths or it me wcll-dcllaed jams ot evar .bcfc people are generally mecbmicil cuihu -lasts, s’.d very few or tb> m have om tied to tarn .heir attention to tbeaitbir-cl ol perpetual motlou, 'ibile roo t of them claim to have solved the problem. They are the present-day successors of ;Uc alchemists ot the older Umo, who passed their lives in a hopeless Scfii'Cb for the philosopher'* tloue anti the of Philo. •i Here ere certain principles of motion which are kroon as accurately, and are a: muihbl as thcci-ometiicaxloroata. One is that a ooay once jciln motion tuns* continue to move lorwan! tor ever at the.same rate, on'ess Its motion Ibe Int-r.'cred with. Another is thit f.-ic- I non always, and f&e force of gravity generally, ! Interposes to destroy motion, she inventors at the pert* tnal motion recognize the first, and ig nore li e Mvond. They tax their Drains to con* otrnct elaborate mechanisms whose movements shall be sclfcustainiug, forgetting that every coDiplhatlonbmlnciea-e* the triedon and ac celerates the etand-Mill. Too kind of movement nUch mil ran the longest without cxtrancom aid b the one where giavitv does not Interfere to pr. - vert, atdftlciiouia refuted to a minimum—as, f. r instance, toe .-winging ofa del! aiciy suspend ed pendulum in art cxnausted receiver. . Quite recently an old shape ul the perpetual mo.lon theory has been revived. U has tx-eu at ■vtnpicd in prove that a stationary wolgbt can cause motion; that la, that a tram ot wheel wuik can be operated by the mc-epressure>>f a wclrtt | without a moilnu on its park Ot course if Ibis I were possible Petpctual motion would be a fixed 1 fact. The advocates ot such a phantasy forget j :fcat an ctlcct cannot t»e ere iter than lia cnn»e, I ax d can onlv seem to be so 'him wc regard the 1 > fleet of more than one cause as being due to only one. That is. the caused motion cmcoi be 01 eater than ibe causing motion. or xftberebeao intquality «. space or time, then it is exactly couidethAlvcccd, by a corresponding inequality to w«acr. •Jhis balance of.power Is caM'y exemplified by are-oit -o txjeilu cat with the lever—the roust simple of all mechanical anullancvs, ana than fore the least Interfered with by .detion. One pound m-y baiaixa a hundred, bmln tha* case ibe fulcrum tonal be a hundred times Dean r to the larger weight than to tbe eraa'lcr one, and if ibe ievet be mond.the one ooiinc tiawisovcr one hundred it cbes while tee large weight mures through one Inch ol apses. The momenta of the twr are equal to all cases; that >, tbe weight of citcer multiplied lst> the rale of movement or dirtai re I- I qua! to the prodnetof the weight into the rate of motion of the other. Ibis product of welgbtlmo velocity is a con stant quantity, anc lie eternal equilibrium con «iltote* what is ktiowu as the “balance of powim’’—a te»m which applies with equal force and significance Ip other than mechanics- act'oo. lbem*etlncl(il»c;m«ihcraailciau knows that ii one of tbe factors in tbe quantity be nothing, tbe I product 1« nothing: or if there t»e absolutely I motion thete is no power. Tbe only other ele ment necessary to be iutrodac d Is tbe resistance ofrriction,wHch always necessitates an increase In the came, it being always on tbe side of the cuvet, lima: tbe weight into tbe velocity of tbe cause, must equal the force Into the velocity of effect, plus the resistance of friction. ■ We hare received two or three letters recently trum a correspondent who seems to have got Into | a module abont the balance of power. He writes learnedly abont Artesian wells, acd the reason why Ihe watci tnihcm rl-cs above the surface of the earth. He has evidently got an Idea—or a ?lece of an loot—aud wishes ns to give it tm blici iy. Tbe same fragment of an idea has been out by him into two or three dlUercnt shapes. We give tbe last form, correcting only the bad spel ling He rays: r “ What elevation, height or level ts the water of lb»* earth In obedience to the law that leads U downwatds! AH mailer tends ita wclahi to the centre of the earth, and fluids class themselves according to weight. If tbe figure of ths earth were a tine globe, water would cover tbe smiace. Ijmd is heavier inau water, and retn above thj water: wattr is fluid and runs or stands in the t t,d to an cqnUibilum or Balance *uhth« Ivid; llie itexhAUsUtilo supply of large lakes and rivers I- upwa-c-*, their level If a balance, their regular flow I* cam*ed by the same Influence that governs the tides ot theocean: the influence of the moon adds to the weight of tbo land, the water rise# and flows, tbe fountains of small streams obey the same »awand issue forth- The tides oftbeocrau conform «o the .and- Great elevation of the land elves great elevation of the tide*, less eb'vauonol land less tides; no laud no tides, ini, to have ■ he watrr rise to the smiace iu boring tne Anesta well, tb« well has to treafl'i* uuiH the dilrveucr between the weight of water and We weight o* lard vrid fill the broken su-lace of the land to the plane of a tree globe. All mat>r rc>i"g snore a plueorllbearawL «| the bottom of the well at tight angles with ibe perpendicular shaft of the «»H in ire surface of the earth, lias bearing in verse to its distance from the well. Wa'c ri-c* in the Artesian well by the weig-it of the land, tan aaoicas water rises In the pump bj the weight of the atmosphere.” Out correspondent wtU need to read hat a r.*ry lew paces of any oook «m hydrostatic* to find ibsi the cause of the flow or nater il an Arte-ian well Is nothing tnoro than a beai ol water higher than, or at bast as high a*, ibe summit oftbo oat* flow. A strstam of rock iodised several degree* f ont the plane ol toe horizon to the *ar tace and acts aa a *h€l down wnich the water rnnr.vhicb the surface, andUit finds an outlet, either perpendicular or ol ncnviso, U will rise there to a height not greater . ban that of the original supply. The following little ex* penmen! will enable ourcorro.-pomlcnt lo make 1 an Aite*tan well on a small scale, acd test the (bloc for himself. f*tTecla patch c( ground having a clsr soil, stick a space down a* far as posrt.'ilo, at a coo rideiahle elope, and wort. It -bout a little so as to make sure oia thio slip. Into wh ch too may then poor water Pont a bucket. Now take a stick and n.ake a perpendicniar hole meeting the water mar the bottom of the inclined plane, formed by the si sdc. The water w».l rire In the hole to the same pcrjtendicalar height as In the slop.*, aid If yon pare off about an mci from the ground about the top of th* bore, and ucep poutlsg water into the slip, yon will find Uut water running oat of Ibe top of the lilile bore, and flowing over the ground* Now try to make the water higher In Ibe bore tbanin the slip, and sec what success wul attend the effoits. There Isliule reason to doubt that Uie Chicago Artesian well has its origin in the bed of toe Hock J ivr, «huh is moie tuan a hundred feet above the level of I*akr* Michigan. A sirsfnm of #a»d -trnc crops ont Just beyond the liver, and dips down toward Chicago, fh-ratc of shiKingmct with a. Ilock Itivcr, l< continued, woald ca*ry tne face ct Ibe b- d ‘nine nine ouudioi feet below our feet In Ills city, fhe Artesian well has simply been boietl down to mei t I>• at bed; the average rate cf the dip of which varies somenba'from ihatob*crr«d at the surface. Ibe water simply Hows from ibe bd ol itock Klve • downward along ih<* ton of (hat stratum of rock. UP it meets will tbcanifc al b»lu jnn oninde the cPy HmPs. the sunerjnrniunent earth has nothing to do *lib; the »ay oar correspondent sagccsU; It simply form the upper side of c’-annel. atd de* terndues the death of the snMerran-an f.»cstn. Wo ate atarc that another origin hat been claimed for the Artesian well water of our cby; it has been alleged locome Iron the Koeay Mono* talus. This is rot at all probable, b.ii even it true, thcpnncJpie woald bo (be same as above elated. We would snggest to onr correspondcn* and to all others who are dreaming about truth Urteid cf seeking for it. (bat whhe It is quite peruiUsibie t-tlook into things for onrrclvcs, we cac do so to tbe best advantage by first ascertaining ail that has already bien found out la reicrcoce to the t&aiior tinner conldtratioo. THE DRUMMING MATCH. jtobcrl He Hcndorsboit Hcdnrcd the Cbnuiplou of the Doited Slates# The lonr-la’Ud ot contest forthocbampiunrb’p of dramming In the (Jotted Stales came otTon bat* nrdaj evening at Crosby's Opera House In prci* encc of a largo concourse. It la oot aiten Uuit drumming I? bronchi so protunt-mly to the oar of the public. Wc all love lb* spirit-stirring dram, bat oot ao taoeb for lu own sake at for too associations with which It Ik usually connected la oar mioda. la the thunder of the war-chargc, or Id the dm of the brass hind on the streets the drum Coda ltd appropriate place, hut seldom In it made anohWct ol admiration In Itself. It mate* lively marching inutile, and in a necessary adjunct to an orchestra. Julllcn had a band ol drumm- ra ■'ho could produce tolerable tuneic without :h> aid of mint m-trumcuU: yet wo queuton whether a tencitUu car would cara to be assaulttd often with such melody. The. contest between Mr. Nevtna and Mr. Hcmlrrshoti. on haturdav evening, oMcttea in<*idi-tab)e interest: probably more on account of the linpot lance of the parllce|who were contest* l"P tor Hie point of honor than for any liking tor the ercrrlnr. 31t..Ncvli>s was well known in tbi* city years eguaatDe drummer of the Light Guard Baud. When (pc "»rfliet broke oulhu leu ihlcago to engage In (be service and performed active work in otunimlrig up reenma ana then dramming them on to battle. The aoimd of Novlus’u»um "us beard oil over the bniuitwuat ai.d iu the match through Georgia, and has been spoken oftiy tens of Utottaunds ofsoldli-rs since the cloeo of the wur. ll** retained som.* umuplrrotn r;i cago where ho has occasionally glv,- r>.,hiV.hi>>t* ol bis pinwc*a '.‘A:- cc:r.i. por, llcnderahott, I mere -hoy In ci t^i.M.n Mit'i sh« Mild Dill Nrvlna h bet'or l.mvrnc ”.Le drummer boy of Uu Uappaitau* m-c*.” lie first come to this city at- « number of the hand which tormaPy opened Eaatmaua Busluors Col* lege Iv. September or October, 15-13, and he has 1 itu f-tt-lnco identified with Chicago. While 1 .'.rt- tie It.s leaned a book detailing hls.expoiiooco* in Ik camn aud the battlc*flcld, and bearing the title t-y wI:lr b facia familiarly known. il.c iri'iida of both the contestants, a? well at ti c gene: si public, 'allied to ibe Opera House on Satmday t-unh-g, a largo part of the audience being composed of returned soldiers and their Judies. '1 be - outeal proved to be a mo-t exciting one, and the sympathies of 9the spectator wercmatoieated in a «ruber unseemly fashion. • vtncli.g a good deal of f« ellng and occa*l )iullr. ■ breaking «nt info something 1 fce a disturbance. The lagbt Ciaard Band occupied the OfChw’re. and the entertainment opened uith a selection of popular aim. *i he contest was then opened by Ncvlrs, who played one ol fats lavorltc pieces, and was loudly cheered by th audience, to which he respoud-d In a brief rpccch. Eendersboit was then called tor, and gave a performance In bis beat style, wblrb elicited great applause. After two or tin co rounds, during which tbe drummer-hoy appeared gradually to ne winning the r avor of the andk-ncc. Kevins advanced m a somewhat ex cited manner, and made a speech which war re ceived with mingled bis-ies ard cheers, erica of “One more shot will finish him.*’ Tbe Cabman of the committee of eleven ap pointed to make the award then came forward at the close ot the con’cst and stated that they baa great difficulty In deciding between the merits of the two champions. The) had decided however. In tavor of Urndcr>hult,who was accord ingly declartd the winnir. Mr. Quudcshoi tanked the audience In a brief speech ana InT tna t-d bis leaaincsa to accept any piopoaala for a challenge. Beirut: lb** audience separated Mr. Kevlna wtv pie-cnted on the part of bis friends In Chicago with an elegant gold chain, which he suitably acknov.l- dged. From the remarks which dropped f-um him Xr. Neviracin not appeartobs satisfied ••lihUicr-.-iutoraiocim'.j-l.aui a great differ ence of opinion was manifest'd by the audience. A CUALLEXQE. Tbe following challcig-' from Ur. Nevtna has l.cci. neeived nice the auovc "air wrrUco: The «• d- iricced deriies la state to tbe public t i- bi lirf t' al th-coni'**t between himself a id U. !I. llccdirehtt last cvetlrg, •a.- not ihcidid l>. strict accordance wita musi cal ruled, which enmi'.d govern such trials. Wnile ire cheerfully acronl? :o the comm lice acting up* •n. ibe • cra-iun, riucsriiv in ibeir decision, and a conscientious U-sire to do justice, still he claims but they were not musically educated men, and '■n tin scon* I competent w determine the mat :it. ll>-f er. iorc challenges .Mr.UenJersholf to a .»te"cl«tf'becoute?tatf.« same place, wittua :• n doys from t l? dn>e, far any sum ol money, :mn*j*-oio*i,ocn subject onlv to me folicr.viu oid'inns* lb.u hi' cjnpetltoc shall -elect three men o'mnslral education, while he will so ld a rirollariinmber. toast as Judges. The six ctM ren t-Luh In nridltion dm other Ihor » uh u.n*icl3n«. and tn tbe committee so constl 'rted, the coi test shall be referred for final de claim'. William Nevims. THE PETRIE DIVORCE CASE. Mr. Petrie in Court-Suits, Contempts, ami Appeals—The Wife Obtain* a Divorce in Indiana. A petition was on Fatnrdsy filed la the Circuit Court, on tbe part ofaienry Petr e, ths defendant, in a ilivoicv true, in which Martha A. Petrie, 19 the complainant, asking that an order requiring I rescinded. There arc in 1 this case, if the petition be true. In connection with the collateral proceedings, eevcral no'nts of interest, and some which arc worthy of earnest coitrideiatlon. Ibe dlvoicc case was commenced In the Supe rior Court on me S-thdayot February, 18C5. and on the Del day ot I&--fol month an order was mude by dodge Gary, requiring the Jef udant to pay f> icmpoiarj alununv ut *i?on day of that tbCL present month, and (30 on the 3d of Apiil Ibis nmonut Petrie declised to.or did i-ut. pay, and on the Sth day of March ho was orre.-cd lor contempt ol court. He remained I;-, tbc Com ty .Tall nnttl tbo i2tn of April, whes he sned out a vrit otkcb-atco>ru*. which was beard before Jcdcc Gary and decided adversely to bis iH-titu n. " btch war based upon tbo sroaud ot ihe want of jnriadictiou of 'be coart to decree toe an- thr result of the aroccedlng In chaticciy Mr. Pcttle b< ing remanded to Jail, ap jialcd 110 m tblv die slot, the case was argued at the last term oflicMjpremeOonn or this Grand Division, and tbe decision oi court bel-tw was alhimed. The opinion of ibe conrt having hen filed the defendant Petrie, now nreie t's :h‘s pe tition to relieve himself bom tbe liability of im mediate ariosi tor coitinucd contemn', nnd the mailer con ca np in the Circuit Conn by reason of a change of r<*nue. rbciH.«iilon<r alleges that be is tirty-lonry« ars of age, and nt employed, being •resident with his family, upon wbo-ccare and support be ts foiccd to rely tor tnc .means of livelihood. He states ioitber that the complainant has, since she filed her 1011, cone lo the adjoining Stale of Indiana, ai.dbysome means piocmcft a so-called decree of divoic from bla>, be having no notice or Lcov ledge of her proccc ‘lrg. and, as he believes, upon faUc cbaiges, and iu an illegal manner. It will be temembered that this Is a case with two beans. It Involve? a cross bill and an ac tion for ciim. con. against one A- Jndson lUcgio». who. in the ccoas bill and in the proceeding at common law, is charged tviih being a paramour of Martha A. IVrle. This latter case has Deen sent, by change of t*nu; % to WtR County, where it stands for trial noon tbc dorket. Mnrhof'hc evidence in the eivc has noen taken and tome of it baa been published in ihtsc columns. law intelligence. YcstordiiT—Criminal nivoicc Cases Dn>IURl->'«W Mlltßj Ac. Ibe scveial Courts were not session during the tortnocn hoars ol Saturday. Tbc Cirmlt Coart will ctnu-nefl on Monday, (or the February term, witli tbice hundred and twenty-six casus opintha trial cahndar. 1 h • 1 cw 1 nil* In this Court were: James A. Whitaker et al. vs J.W. ITodpe and F. W. Barnard. Attachment, as against nun-res iderss, o*l an alleged iudebiednoas of $33?.u; and ititepca’ Osrsrl*. Ameticar ctal. vs. Leopold J. Zslnor. Aitaebm«nt <n an alleged tndebledce»s of :2,*m1*.«7, «>u the gronnd of the Intention fraud ub • ilv lo delav creditor?. Western Mailuc and Fire Insurance Company, torthenscot the a-tlgnve. vs. Horatio N. and .\1« xandcr W. Hcald. Assumpsit. Damages laid lhchn-iue;softhc common law branch of the ruperior Ct nrt (Hon. J. £. Gary) wa? as follows: Jcbu Shea vs. Wi'llam Garuetr ct al*. Ca.e, crmturncco October 22. Oiemlsred. Ellen Malony vs. ibe same. Case commenced tbc same dav. Dismissed. Me chants' itaUonal Bonk of Chicago ts. Al* pht-ns C., Oclavlus F. and B. Hatchings Badger. Case. Dunnr.erloall speciri pleas excepting the »!rtn ovmntert. John li. \VhtUaker and Charles B. Phillips vu. Elllab|K. Brncc. Det>t, commenced September 13; verdict for platntlS, with damages at (1,133. set George W. Deal bvbla nest friend vs. The City. New trial allowed. Ibis Is the action 00 the c*«e ID which plaintiff recovered (1 600 for damages for Inlmlcf received bv falling throned a defec iye sidewalk by which be was pbrsicany Injured. In a nrcvloni case the flriner of the child had recov o:V-d $2,000 a- bis recompense tor loss. That cue If StcpbM?lj) f Pr«FOOsl vs. the Peoria Marine and Pfre fnsmance Company, Assumpsit, dismissed. The new amis in the Superior Court were as :ol lONathtmel K. Fairbank and ], Baolix. Assnmprlt, to recover (210453, alleged lobedneonacumnL A bill for divorce was filed by EIUSJ., »«lnsi Udrcw A. Fazakas, on the ground crae« y and onmtcnncja. The lull alleges a mtrnage in Ibe >etp '863. a ignsl iSth. at the city of UaHar, with the birth of six children. The charge Is i»*at defendant has been, dnriog two years, gtilliy cf habitual drunkeni>es». Bhc also charges sev e-al acts or erneity. In* staled that the resnon dcit is by oecnpaUoa a famer, able to earn, by diligent etcrtlon, yi3p-r week. D»plclkcv.i and Frauds S. Bond vs. Peter Col ima . Replevin to recover a quantity of dry goods. Archibald Murphy v*. Jeremiah Lyons and John Grace. Aaentnpsit. Damages laid at *375. Robert i'i-hop vr. wlhlatn P. Knight. Assnmp -iitoicCover an alleged Indebtedness of due on the erection of a dwelling boose on the comer of Ilnrun and Dsaroorn aacei*. . tdward Deiesue v*. Peter bhlmp. Assnmpsit on a rote dated April 21,1535, for (752, on which is a crcuit of Join £. Gnrcf and Joseph W. Gray ye. Elias Adler. AfiunpritcnanotecaledJnne 13, 1835, at ten daje, for *46*.*5. Hollis*. r-s«g«*>» vs. Ilerrv C. Smtlh. AUach rn'ttrn the allegation of the Intention r-audu* leotly to delay creditors to recover SSOO, more or levs. James PrlUran vs James McCully. Debt.— Damages laid itfß3o. i 11 uibfin aminit John Newberry. Divorce, on ttepnnrd of desertion atd|*imnkennrer. It la alleged lhat th** panics were married at Tons* wards, Ne« York, March Slat, 1819, an* that de* rentes irok place January 10, 1563. There are hre-e children, and of these the complainant asks II e custody. J&mce Sullivan ve. Michael Walih. Assumpsit. Di msgeslsle at s*.tdU. p« drey W. Whipple, for the mo of William Emerson, vs. Wemck Mardn. Assumpsit. Dam* ages laid at $1,500. Williom Emerson vs. ft. M. Whipple.. Aasoop* sit. Damage* laid at sl,£9U. In the County Court, as Is nsoal on Saturday, no new btuires* was taken np In the Recorder's Con>t the following criminal boldness v* *? t rant acted: A not.proa, was enter'd in two cases of Uenry Fool, John Fltxccrald and Silas Rroonmao, for bundaiy. there are three it'icr Indictments ]>ccdinc against the »-«o flr«i warned. The lather oflhefiret, «*asje W.Pool, is nowon Inal for receiving fiolun goods. SnWqueaUy Pool and Fiizsrrald pbaded guilty uodci one of the in* dletmoiits. Geoige Kggle'lop, Indicted to.* keeping a gaming form, was bailed by L. Itologcrber tu the mm of tooo. In toe dlvotco case of Wiihcltnlna Bbv-loff agvii'ft Beniamin Young, a d'-c.-o -as granted npoi the Mi stc>V lepoit. The testimony washy «jlc Somtrel Tomlinson, wnu proved bsbitnai druui.tuu->s. a vi usk-’i u.\ rs. Ihe we»-k fca- becT a singular ore for all kinds of amusements except thoro of the laxity ci clr (not that ol the theatre). The weather has been cxecjaMe. Yet n view of the fact that the aU»ac tiers offered have been oftbe extra class the dif ferent places have been Ailed nightly with the ex cpniOQ ot Friday, then 5l was “posbiwlr impt»s --»IMo” as the ladres might say. Even ‘then Ibe receipts at tbe ticket offi« « a were of the paying or der, and the week do es uhb an improved trea sury to alt kinds oi managers, vxc?pt to tuose who run the Utating paths and rinks. J'miiiAimoaic comcert.— 'Toe nexl concert of tie scries will be given on Mondarrvening In tte, Opcta House The programme will be found in our advertising columns. Tbe management hare tiled hard lo produce something which will oe wot thy ol the public pattonage. Aa Irom nrcseat indlralious, tbe I’biihsrmoQie Concer s will soon be among ibe Ihinca mat were, those who In tend a*, any time to patronize this species ol hotqe tfiieni may not long de ay. I!cVicreu’b Tun*thz.—The “Long Strike,” with Mr. McDonough as Us presiding genln?, and filling two of Hie principal characters, has occu pied the stage not unsuccessfully during each evening of the «cck. 11 Is a stirring piece, aid decidedly original in its situations especially tbe tciegrapn rccne, which lias never betore been pro dured on the stage. It Is admirably well ren dered. Ibo “ixwr binko” Is wlllidrawn from tbe stage, to make room for •* Arrah na J’ogue,” one of those Mmatlonal, unnatural plays which Door* clcaoUhv- tnedomoney by writing, solely bv \ir* (i oof the stage ifecw introduced. It will bo givmon Mutday night. Mtrsztm.—The “Ougnenol Captain”has held the stage nanr.g the week, aftcmocnand evening, oiid has drawn very good houses, tbe lecture room being two or three times crommcl almost to suf focation. It is most excellently well tint on (bo stage, and I* taking la consequence. The danc ing and the acting being alike worthy of special couiai-ndstlnn. Monday night the “Huguenot Captain ” will bo repeated, followed by the farce of * A llaco fora Widow. lARKKz ftostNßdh’a Ciuccs hea also had Its full share ol patronage. The unparalleled tiding of James Jtoblnson has nightly elicited thunder ing plaudits irom thousands of admiring specia* tuie at the enu ot each act, which, while II lasted, was wllocaavd mb.eatbless suspense. Wc need not to specify his feats, at Hie public at Isrire is. by this lime, iomhiar wlih their character, irom actnal obrt-rvallon during the pint week. James Kobitison lias woodcilnlty improved to his riding since be was last in Chicajo. ills Kata are of a completely new order, n pilling more mnrclc, moio nerve,and more darin-; The •our-borso rlaiugof c. W. I’ciry is wonderful; Uo Is, probah-y. Ibe best manager oi four borers in tloworid. Al ogotber. the clrcns is the best ibi. has wer visited Chicago. Hkatiso ban been at a decided discount. Thu world of slMere bero have done nothing except on parlor skates. The tournament at tbe Wa»h mgion was brought b> a premature* cuqclumoii by the thaw. Tnere i". howuror, room to aiitlc’pa*« that, ere long, the parks will ogam tie in good order, and resound once more with the merry Hti i>|. ami the bum of mvriidi* of voices. UKCTGIOUS IvnabIGBNOE- Wo din the following fiom the " JfortJiwftUrn C.ividi." oi this city— laat Isaac: “ Rev. H. W. fle. ru, rector of the Church cf the Afccmio*., in lb’s el'y, has received **a call.” a* it !>• popularly ternica, lu St. Paul's Church, Food ou Luc, Wircon»lu. We hope that neither that, uor any Über parish, will bo able to "call ” loud enough to tecuro an afllrmatlve noswer. We cun* Lot nllord in lose him from among ns. ”\Ve sbonld Uavo Intormed oar readers, some woetaapo, only that the circumstance escaped our tccoik-ciion, that Rev. .Mr. Cheney— *hose public attack upon the dioceeu and its clergy, *t<ll remains nucxplaibcd and unanologixed for—has *Tv.-lgncd his position on tbe Diocesan Board of Mn-eions •' Tbe following are announced for to-day. To all (bo eeivices! ere mentioned, ctrangera arclevltcd and will be furnished with teita. The oce hundred and flfi-cuth meeting of tbe ~-Yourg Men's chiUtiac Association "ill be held this evening in the Calvary Presbyterian Church, Corner of Indiana avenue and Twenty-second street. The woir of the Association in i>ehaii of the >onng men of onr city, aud in its large at>d rapidly developing mis I tnlsoD, relic f and employment departments, will be presented by those who have been connected with tbe Association since its commencement. First Baptist Church—Wabash avenue, south of Hnbbnrd court. Rev. Dr. Evert?, pastor. On tabbatb morning Itev. J. B. Jackson, Pro’es for elect in the Chicago Baptist Theological •Semi nal y, wiilpieach. lu tbe evening tbe pastor will comume the eerica ol sermoua to the yonng. Subject: “Ibe Future- Happiness oi the Right eous.” Sabbalh School and Bible classes at OH a. m. Blulc class at 3 p. m. Yonng people's prayer meeting Wednesday evening/ General pra er meetingFrldiyeven'ng. Second Baptist Ctmreh, comer of Morgan and Monroe streets. Pi caching at a. m. and7'.% P. m., by Ibe pastor, Uev. E. J. Quodspeed. Sab uatb School and Bible clas-es at da. m. and p. m. Young ueople'a meeting on Monday cveolug. (•corral piaycr meeting on Wednesday evening, at 7 u'clork. Indiana Avenue Baptist Church, corner of Thlr ticihMiecu Piea. ttug hy the pastor. Rev. J. A. Mimh, D. D., ai U o'clock. Sabbath School at S«J* a. m Youi.g people’s matins at 34 Sal'lulh ji. m. Crutch meeting Sabbath and Wed nc» day evening*- at 7VJ. Kith Bap i< o n ch, DeKoven street, tear St mb Dcsplaincs. Preaching br tbc pastor, U*jv. N Culver, D. D., at in*-i &. in., and 7>J p. m. Sntday School at'! p. m. Adulu are Inv.tei to take feats m Bible classes. Earnest anil ploas teacL»r«* are vanted. Regular prayer and coi teiriicc me* dues arc held on Wednesday and Friday evenings Union I’arh Baptist Chnrch, corner of Well Waaliogtcn and Paulina streets. Preaching morning act owning at luu rnd 74, bytho pas tor. Rev. K G. Taylor. Sabbath School and Bible class meet a: at 9 o'clock a. m. Notihbl-<r Mission, corner Division and Sedg wick stret ts. lb caching at IC* ia. m. and 7*4 P-m --*ll c mdinauco ot iiap'Um w.ij be administered at tti.' close ot tbc eveningservice. Sabbath School at 3 p.m. Prayer and conference meeting Mon day, \V« orei-arj and Thursday evenings and young people's p.-ayer meeting Saturday evening at 74 o’clock. Wubash Avenue Baptist Chit'eh, corner Wabash iuciinc nod Eiglnwmu -trccL Freaching, by tbc p. (tut, Rev, Samuel Baker. D. D., at 104 a. m., and 7J4 p. m. Sibbatn School, *i»j p. m. c -xuttsnA'miran. Firs* Congregational Church. co - ner of Weil Washington and Green streets. Pleaching morn ing vid evening. by Professor llaveo. Moi.’ing ! Iblc class at 9a. tn. Sabbath School and Binle dartre at Up-n. Momlagpraynr mecilogs dur ing the week in I’c ctmrcli parlor, tr m 84 to It o clock. Cbmeb prayer m-cting Wednesday cvi ting at 74 o'clock. Yonng people’s meeting IMaayevi-niigat 7*4 o'clock. Plymouth Congregational Chn»ch, corner or Wnlithh avetnto and Eldndgc conrl. Rev. f„ K. Meisnr, pastor, Hon™ of services at U>4a.m. and 74 p. m Sabhatli School and Bible classes at 3 t>. m. Young people's prayer meeting on .Monday at S p m. On Wednesday evening, chuich prayer meeting ai74. Illinois Street cbnrch, Illinois aireet, between W.-IU and Bible classes at 9 o'clock, for ladles and smtbnun. Prayer meeting at in o’clock. Pleaching by the parlor. Rev. 0. n. Wheeler, at to 11. Snuilay Scnoal and Bible cla*«es t>t3p m. Preaching in the evening, at *»H o'clock. booth Congregatioual Church, corner Calarari aveeve and Twei.n-.-ixtu stren*. Bcr. W. U. Wtj.ghf, pastor- Services al 104 a. m. and *4 p. m. S-abbath School and Bible claaes at 2 p. m. Coil’erctnc and prayer seeling on WeJae?"aT ev. ting. Young people's prayer meeting on Fn cat evening. New England Congregational Chord), corner of North l>cn'boin and E**t White streets. Rjv. .1. P. Gulliver, pastor. Services at I'JH *• m. and Sabbath School nrdßlnle classes at 3 p.m. Confcrenceandprajcrmectincon Wednes day evening. Yonr.p people’s prayer meeting on Friday evt-urn'-. Salem Chnrcb, Clcavcmlle. Rev. C. B. Thomas, pastor. Reslceece, 23 Wabpanseh avenne. Pnh l;c seiTici-a at OVia. m. and *4 p m Sahbarh School and Bible classes at Sp. m. Conference and prayer meeting, Wednesday evening. Union I*ark i hnrcfc, comer of West Washing ton andßenben streets. Rev. C. P.llclmcr,pastor. Residence. (ttPa’k avenne. Public services at lo‘4„acd74 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible c'assca at3p. tn. Conference and prayer meeting. Wednesday evening. Voung people's prayor mee trg. Fndaj evculcg. laberoado Church, comer of Wes. Indiana and Morgan btieet*. K«-v. I. W. Heal/, pastor. Res idence, 213 West Indiana street Public services at IG4 a. m. aid 74 p. tn. Vahbath school and Bible classes at 3p. m. D. W. Whittle, superin tendent. Young people's prayer meeting. Mon day evcnitig. conference and ptaycr meetings, Wednesday and Friday evenings- St. John's Chnrcb, corner of Lake street and St. John's place, U-lon P»r<{. itev. Q. N. Bishop. I). D_ rector. Morning service at half-p-i-t 10 o’clock. Evening-ervice at half-past? o’clock. Sunday School at Pa. in. . St Jehu's Mission Sunday School, connected with St John’s Epltcopal Ccn'ch, Colon Park, at No. 75 West Lake »’reet, a few doors west c.’ Clinton street, up stairs,, senday School com meiitea at ball-past 2 o’clock In the In the after noon. tt Mark's Protestant Episcopal Church, Cot :aro Grove, E. Tuttle. Rector, the evening ser vices will be changed to S4p. m. -Vorclng scr vice al the usual near. Sunday School at 24 p. m Cbnst ChnrJi. Rev. r. K. Cheney, comer Mich igan avmuo ana Twenty. nnb street. Morning f etvlce at a. ra. Snndav School at 24 p. m. Evrulrg tcvicc at-T** o'c’c;k,at which'.low al l*?c real- are frte Clmrrb oftha Boy Communion (Episcopal), comer of Randolph street and Wabash avenue. Services at itJJi a m. and “4 p. m. wnnomsr Clark Street Cornet, Method!-, block, corner of Wasnlngton nod Clark tcr-ta. Prernhlav mom* inn end evening by the pas. or, Rev. W. J, Dandy, sabbath School and Biole classes at 2)4 p. m. I’iavcr m- c tin" a: o*4 p. m. Cemetery Methods! EpWcord Church, oa Monroe Greet, tear Morgan, Rev. B. Fa*ler, f actor. Opening service? fa the Minor An Uince [com at litso a m., sermon bv Rcr. Dr. Eddy, tdiior of the ATortAtr'aM'n Christian Adcoca'e. Atfip. m., smnon by the Rot. Dr. Hatfield, of tte Wabash Avenue Church, and at 7:33 p< m„ aernunby Kcv. Dr. UllCDco:^. Grate church, corner of Chicago avenue and LaSaUe afreet, Icev. O. B. Tiffany, D. D., putor. Service at 10*4 *- w. and at 7H P- m. Evening sermon "The Breadth ot the Commandments.” West Indlata Street MetbwdUt Episcopal Church, corner of Sangamon street. Rev. Tlobe.t Bentley* pastor. Services at 10*4 a. m. ana 7*4 p. m. Snhjectofevrnfaediscourse: "The Sabbath In our Jseletiborhood.” Kcv. J B. Baylhs will preach at Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church at 10*4 o'clock*, m. audatlvt p. m. Sunday School at iVi o’clock. Rev. li. Whipple mil preach at We ley Chapal, corner of Blrckbank and Sedgwick streets, at 10*4 »• u. and 7*4 p. m. Sunday School at 2*4 p. rn. Wabash Avenue M. E. Church. Preaching by pastor. Rev. K. Barfield, at 10*4 o'clock a. m. suitday School and Young Mens’ Blule class at ° p. m. Bap.l«m and Sacrament of the Lord's Snnpsr at 7*4 o'clock u. a. Park Avenue M. E. Church. Preaching by pastor. Bov, J. B. Bayllas, at 10»i o'clock a. m. and 7H p.u. rnxsßTmuax- First Scotch Prusbxtenau Church. Rev. S!r. Waters,fonacxlv ot l ahhoes?,©: I’ort Ilope, C. W., will preach in St. George's Ha*l.2£G Sooth Clark street, at 10*4 a. m. WlUlam ■ Street Misalou. rseacblng at the William Street Mission Chapel, at UnlS a. m. Sunday School In afternoon at 3:15 o'clock. Prayer meeting at 7:8) p. n., also prayer ro.'cUnz on Tuesday ovetdne »l o’clock. Fullerton Avenue Church. Sunday, at 10*4 a. m. st-imon on the Life and Character of rhe lito E. D. McMaster, D. D., oy Rev. N. T. Uasktll, of PresbTterlan Church. {Old School), co-. ner of Wabash avenue and Congress at «u Sar. vice by the pas’.or, R-v. Mr. TU.-shi, a: a, m ann7*4 p. u>. Snudsy School 9V» a. m. Jcileitou I’aik Prcsbytcriau Church. Ibeect- ;. Ic ” h ' ,a « P“ml In ti. Free Vi ill Baptist Chaicli, co.ncr of Peoria and Jackaoo MroeU. or Itc. Rooett Fa - te jon. D. D.. *tKOp. m. a.nb.iu ncoo at ““tins Tbtir..l.]r o>,nmjal7:a W« atmuialerLbiirrb. cofrcrof Aorth Dra-i o n and On ario Intel, Pr.-athoo oo Sabb.m moml.p and evening bi Prof. Snlt.g at 10'4 and lK O CIOCK. • Olivet Presbyterian Church, Wabash avenue, comer Foartceolb elreet. ilev. T, O Rlct w|l\ preach at the m-nal hoars of worship, vlx; 3 U K a. l - r “* ' Third United Prrshyteriao Church, North Side. r*! 1 t o^ n w We, T* f na u Ff .? o^ Un *»reeis, an Snpcrlor. ? w ,iL K rVi^' Ul ' S * M c‘ oonoll. Public worship Sabbath at lUHa. m. and m. Bible cists tsu Ssnbath bchooi at s p. nr. Nltth PteshyierlatiGburcb,c.ornerot Ellis av enue and Oakland street. Service morning and evening. Preaching by |he piamr, Rev. Xilred Eddy. A Sunday Sebool Union meeting win be held Ibis cvcrirjr, at the Secoud Presbytertan Church, comer of W abash avenue a m Waablnclon stree', at .H o’clock. Addmsca by Major 1). W Whit tle, E.S. Skinner, and Dr. RltckalL UXTTAP.U2f. Church of the Messiah, corner rf Wabash arenoe and Hnbbard coart. Rov John R. Effluccr, of Washlncion, D. C., will priic*» morn ing and » vening. Morning aervlcesat HJU o’clock. Vc*i>era a* 7h u. m. Unily thnn n, corner of Chlca—o avenue and Dearborn s'rcct. Preaching by the uutor. Rev. Robert Collier, at luy o’clock a. m. CM VI n*AUST Church of ike Redeemer, com;r of West Wash ington and Sanyamon Mrecin. R-v. T. E. SL John, pastor. Het-idenee 53 Warrco street. S-r --vl<s -, at idh s. m. acd 7*4 p nt. Mr. F. A. Nichols, of Dofllon. will deliver Rev. . Henry Cilra’ lertme ■ n the ‘Uompensailons ol War,” ibis evenng, in *.he S-coad Unne-sausl Chmch, corner of gton and Sarga mcn Birctic. The pioccrdsarciorthc benefit of the anUnr. Services will be held In SL Paul’s Universalisl Church, by Rev Dr. Ryder, this morning a» n-uai Hon iL if. Bovce will occupy llv* pnlalt this cvcirng. Subject--*Capital PanUhment ’’ BWEIIEKBOnoU.V. New Jerusalem Tempi--, on Adams street, near Ihc lake. Services at j ft 'i a m. and7tjn. n SuiJect of evening discouisv, “R.-pmtance and tbclTemlssidncf Sins. ? ’ Fire Church, corner* of Thirty-third street acd Kankakee avetine. Be>vicos at 3p. m. - M- . XfiaCtlLAWTOCff A Waabiagtontau mealing will b> helda*. tho Chapel of the Übmc, b 73 West Madison street, at 7 o’clock, kplri na) meetings at Crosby’s Music Hall, Gblldrcn’a Progreealvo Lyceum meets at 1Q&) a. m. Conference at l p.m. Mr. Im P.irter, ot Michi gan, will lecture In tbo evening at 7:31. Independent Society. Cbas. A. Qxjdeo will preach at Washington Hall, Washington street, opposite the Conn Uoua?. at7H o’clock. ne/oimtd T'Ot'-stanlDutcfa Church.cotrcr of Monroe nc-l Sinq-nnn slrccts. Rev. Jam:* D-i --maresU Jr., pj tor. Scrvicss >IIOH a.m. and 7H p.m. First United DrcUiren L*hurch. corner of ClUlrm and Wilson "reels. Rev. E. A VauSant, pajtor. SondaT»rrvlccsnlloHa.m.and7H p.m Uaudsy School and Bible Cla-aall o'clockp. m. Chil dren’? prayer meeting every Saturday, a- 8 p m. Chrutluu ChU'ch. Services to-day at 10H a.m. in Ihelrchaptl on Craa street, between Kicoigjn and llUauie striets. Rule* for Uic Street Cara. Ite following rates of conductlo be obicrtjd by persons ruling Ja the City Hallway cars are worth reading Some of tbc hints here thrown oat have been given before; others are piobab y new. Tlicy arc banded In with a icqacst to pub* hsb. We do po gladly, merely suggesting another rule, to (he eiteci that It la an excellent thing to take a big mouthfnl of tobacco on entering a ciowned car. You can always secure a little room in front when ft U known that yon wish to spit on the lloor: ‘MV ben yon enter a car, If Ibo seats oro what are commonly called full—my ten or eleven on each slue—take a rapid survey of the fortunate nc:a* paoU, tclcct two of the most peaceable looking persons, march boldly up, lean forward, extend voitr hand toward (be point where they come In I‘uniacl.makea waving motion with It to ahrollr iliat a place is to bo made for you, and then plump \QUteelf down—don’t be particular wncUier on ■ hem or Ik tween tbem; they wlil be delighted to haveyour company, hesidun it will add largely to U*o sum of human nappine*s ; there was but one in romolrtahlo poison before—now there are mob* ably fiora tour to six. ** If the car Is quite tnl), and the standing room is oil occupied, cross year legs aid project yonr foot ns far as yon can, being particular to ruoyuiir diriy bools against the legs of the gentlumo. and Hie dresses of the ladles. If yon see a man op* posltc lo a like position, manage to have ft* *' Up so ft" to bar Ibe passage; ll will chow your lade .►fmlFllCC. “If you have a seat, ainl can roc no other way of showingyont politeness, turn yonr body lo aa uncle of about fotly-fivo degrees with the se*', lean hack ogams! tbc person behind yon. cross your legs, and throw forward the upper foot against the person (he other si-lo ot you. and look onto!the window—>our neighbors will be de* lighlid at yoor politeness. “K, Unourfh the exceedingly accommodating spiritolihorailway company, there are no scats in bo had, but plenty ot standing room In >no car, don’t co in; remain on the platform—lf the plat* •orm Ii fululond on the steps—if the steps arc iiiUstaiid In the doorway—iMa lady wi*hes to pa>>B in or out, make a passage ot übom three ticbcsfor ter, Uis all she needs—if a goniloaan In passing in or out Jostle-* against you look at him sharply, if you uiluk it will answer, and say to him it U astonishing *hal manners one meets with on railway cars. “If, under (be above rnle, you arc standing on the ftte|»s, and the spw! ol the car is only slack ened for a gecticman to cot on after bo baa bailed the driver, don’t stir, continue to stand on the inidcie of the step, so as to moke him run a short distance for tear or stepping on yonr toes—ex-r* else is good for sedentary people, and yon should do all von can to promote ll.” LOCAL MATTERS. Ask for Pnwdns’s Pnre Cider Vinegar, warranted pare and lo prcscivc pickles. Largest works of the kind la the Untied States. CuxnLxa G. £. Pnceaiso, JCWand 311 Stale street, Chicago. Corn* Extracted Without Pain by Dr. Ecolson, office 119 Clark street. Bordens, en* la-gcd jolitla, ingrowinz nalla, and all dt«ea?cs of tbc lect, treated by Dr. K. lie has operated more man sixteen years on the icuu Rooms for ladles The *>kcptlral have been forced to ac knowledge met Ur. Sibbct doc* restate the hair Unulieds in Ibis clly unite in one common testb rnctlul, that the uao of tbe D- dor’s remedies is rapidly restoring Ihcir hair. Entrance to rooms South Clark street, No. 75. Forty <lroiM of nelralPH TkTienmntie Remedy contain as much virtue as forty babies of many other medicines, and will lostamly core Ninon** Headache, Neuralgia, ic. Try It. Lord limith. Agents. no Not Lot Four l*rpJntllco Stand Be* tween tour suffering child and ‘be relief that will hr absolutely sure to loilow the use of Mrs. Wins* low’s Soothing Syrup, it corrects acltllr of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the lunr. '•lh, solicits the eune,gives rest to tbcTnotborand bcsltn to the child. Tfa*rty-Src cents a bottle, nn ers, IS Dey street. New York, and 205 High tlolloiu, Txndub, England. N'ointsra* co t« J, li.Xnrchtn & Co., 133 Dearborn street. Rooms 8 and i‘, for yonr bounty i bey arc connected *uh ote-ol the most Mp»n --• iblc and be-1 posted Anns in Washington, and are prepaicd to prosecute claims of all kinds. Don’t foil to procure nm. Winslow** Slotting Symn for ctlldren teething. It has hi cu need for' nirt v years wiih never-failing safety nmi tnreete by millions o' mothers for their cbli •■icn. It corrccis acidity of the rtomach, relieves wind co’fc, resnlaies the bowels. and gives rest, h- alib, at d comfort to mother and child. Thirty* 3mi cent** a bottle. Office. No. 4S Dc j ►treet New Voit, and No. rOS High Uolborn, London, Eng* laud. The Prnnklm Brick nacblne, justly •rlchratco for pet feel simplicity. g»eat suergin, ano immense compressing power, is oCAUAjfrxcD, with i Ight tner aud two horse*, to self-temper the clay, and make 3.OCU jo 8, PO elegant bricks per hour. ,1. L'. Henick. proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 23. Children hoTins MTormn peqnlre lm» mediate attention, as neelect ot itc ironble otten causes prolonged sickness. Brown’s ** Vermitiiee Comfits 1 ' are a simple remedy, and wilt destroy <rorn»s niibont injury toibe child. Sold at2s cents a Ijox by mwl dealers to medicines. MARKETS BY TELESRAPR. New Tork DTuanrlal iVctci. (Special Dispatch to the Chleazo Trtbme.l N«w You, February 1«. l*te steady. wanting actinic. Oa the cal: the nears coromc'cri L rnnu-InT *evrrely oa Erie, Cleveland * PltDburch, and Ko-lttwcste.-n, com raojaedpriCericd. The drclloo vu from I*4 lv, and oa the balance ot the lltl Alt were weak a.ter ward. Larffe|imour.t« ot rash stocks were shoved upon t'r market, almost causing a panic. At o»e o'clock the market was same better, but laelirr strength. In tlicl.nj room u rallied eoms K<Y. sat »con wcatrned. But little effort v»« made to st*m the tide, and It oclv lays the foundation for specula tlretnisoctlonslnthetutare. A Urge short lot-rest wilt bo created, and the reaction w;U b: Qu'ck. The grcersl Icel'uc Ufjr siill lower prices, as t*-e Imor: •- Mon U that wlP do notb'mc decisive sa>nt the finances this sestlrn. Until then, norertatntr dis turbs the whole community. Gold vat dull, w.ih no speculation. Money eaty and abundant at 6 priced for coll and 7 fur prime paper. (Associated Press Report} New Yota, February 16. KONST. percent tor call loons. rouaox ExcnoNtiE. SUillnc tn firm request at lO3.*)A108V« OOLZ>. Gold a shade timer; opened at 13<V, advucelto 177. acdclotrd st 156,’.. Expert* to-cay SSS6.tOO. GOTEBNKENTS. Gcvtrnzxa*! firm. latest. Na *• York, February ifl. EAU.WATS. C oMne M.-cK nnoiailot b : N, Y. ».catral.. .... 1 Pltisbarch ?3’<4 .. Erie ... |X.W a .. Readlnc .tfeva .... I K. W. pf J fillip .. Mi’ li. irotiai..*! 14 ....‘lt. I. 9S#«4 V. Fcmhera... "tYA .... • ft. wiyre M .. I J. Clot .115*® ....I W UT ooTEistmrru t * • (toTernmoutu hrm. , a r Coupons, lOtKAIOSW coup, I«n 0171 V Trea*ory. Coup.O., IC7*« 137.<4 I atxixo euana. . The minim market la kC-erallT heavy and knrsr. The predial feature was Quartz mil. which felrW rot, the cacw ct dcc'loe tear Mtracea to the tact that bj.CC tew shares were created some time sines, sad distributee among the public dories the past week at l£o and under. The Produce market*. W£E£LY REYIEVF. Siw York, Tehriavy I*. Tie markdhat bren xaocb deprrfwd dnrtaa (be week,arc] r.e.»rly every articledeclard. a more Jl> • rsl arrival o*or.*v»tna«ana n->favor»Dle new* irom Kuprpc have adc-cd to *he dvpreaalon, flnu'bas teca precflnd) oflerel under a atrnrent > cmy marktt aMi «lih liberal receipt* price*! rare ilocMncT. sic to SOc. Oo tac nominal and m-ettlef. The ia lam for (hr* ■>a*>>n ail lia« h—n nut shsutiy redo e\ Th? demand lacooftoe I chi Cjto thj IcjcU 3Q r - coi.-twi?c Ira sc. lu* *h<at market Urert much ooacit eJ an! price* nominal at the doe. Bovine** ha* been eoalaM to local millrra trbo hooch* eauooualjr. Th* aloe* la »MebUrtacrra*edovlcc to liberal arrival! from cal iionna. • Ctrn BnctuaUd aad declined materially. XTlceaJ «Cc lower. . .. Pork lower and very doll. . Cofl-e— Drazllflrmat a »H;ht advance. Basinas 1* rot heavy. _ __ Cotton—'The rnatket baa Coeloai*d. The receipts here ai d at (be Southern pot.* a*e Hnt. Bailors* wa« orlytnodeea'-dnrlostftewee*. clmloc qa*et. retioleom—Crnde dechted, which canted aa tm proven demand. „ „ __ tVblekey—More aettv® mad firm at 3XJ»c for State nt botul.

MILWAUKEE, (Special peapatcti to tbe c&loato Trihaae ] Uitwjknn, Februarr 16. Flcnr—rnebansed. Sales of TOO brU at <UX3 .*or Bcrtict j* be*t superior winter; tIJXO tbr Western Surdo; 610X3 lor Poti.<classX3l; ISSOlar Tabam X; fs.oo lb- super. Wheat—Pall. Momia» board tales IMOObn; noon board sales 11.030 ba, at <IXI3IX3 for No. j instore, sellers' option la Uarcb. Oats—Doll and nominal. Kobnjxn. C.*rn—-tradf* HtkssolWbaaaw abeUedalTOc. Rye-Steady. Sal-alOWbomt 91}|£93e ftrNo.ila *t ire; BCc {or s*o. 3 do. iTorUlooa—Ball and lasctlra. City mesa pork held at IJSAC ; buyer* at fIS-.’S; ao Mies. Dretard boa* >:nitfy,withsalesotfairto cboiceat 17.C0A7J0. Lire boc* n« xalnal at f6.3Sukt.3S. Better— >tecdy, Bale* ot 2,C00 ft* at As He lor good roll: JSc for ooatcca- hcccipts—2.Co3 brls floor, 6.MC bn -wheat, r a‘a, J.CfObticarr.4o) ba rye. SOI bo pi batter, SCO dreewd lug*. - Shipment-—S-CCO btb floor, 10.CX ba wheat, 1,03 bits pci c, <OO tret pork- NEW TORE, N*w Tons. P-brtmr 16. Cotton—Lnsacjveaai uoai&acod. S»;-» TcVcUltt apiaaia at Sli. Ftoat-Usa aal lajl-clower,. Ewlp;-,7,W &:u. P«le*-S.TO)?)rl». gaper Btsta Weifra g.9d;estr» Wpitpm m <9.X4to.W; ctol-* at*iLo«» 11,10: round-horpOMoshlopiop or nd*xtlo.73#n.«a: VmrttftttfftftttlUboiXX; e*»* foathota at fI!,3G ait O'-rioted dati. WMtkvy-Qolet«od steady. _ • , Wheat— aily 2jno fo»er. Sale* im ertola* 7,1(3 ba tctj choice So. 3 Milwaukee at IU3K. Itye-Qoictard drooping. „ lUncy—Qul- t aad drooping. Did fbr 8.100 ba Canada We»Hnbon«s,MVC* Core—A shade lower; receipt!, 1,500 ba; islss, 39 o>'o ba mind We*trro In store. at (1.035'91.1f; afloat^ai.ilK—latter an extreme rate. Gate—l.b3c lower; rcclpt*,V,»j2ba; talc*, 21.903 bn t\»»unj alii^s6c; choice new Ohio at6lc,do:lr«red; 6s uroccrle2-Dn!l but steady; sales of Cuba sugar at JOfc&'.lc; New orUaia molaaic* at83837c. Peiroborr-Duil and QLChaaged. Oalct and steady. , vo<'l—More active and firm: sales, CCO.dTO its at 4l'*i7Xi for domestic fleece—the latter tor cboleo; lie (hr pick toes; 518575 c for pallod. L- »uet —Qn- t ar.d raebanted. Coal—Quiet end enchanted. IVrK-801l and heavy. aa!e* L®o brli new mess at 73-tloslt.j: lor Western (20Cj;oM. $19.6)4 19.'«5— clotlneattne latter rexular; prime, $16.61417X0; prime tnc*>. «]d.00i4t9.75: alto SO txru new mess at (31.C0,bnycrMar«b. )'>eef—lTochaape-1. SaeaSSSbrla. Tlercc Brrf-htcady; 360 ua at <35.03353X0 for India me-a, a: df3I.(tBS3.OD fbr prime meet. BacdiQ—Qalrt and heavy: 370 bit at 10K8l3;{e lor Cun.trr ami, nod liailKc lor iho.t ribhrd. Cu* Mcrts—Unciiaicva; 330 pkgs shoulders stSKd 10c; ham«. lOKdlflf. L)r< »*cd lion—Heavy. Vf rstcro,9,' Imiil—l'nrlian hale* 900 &s. ili Ucr-Duli. Ohio 1133 CC. Cheese-Dull at 13 i'Jtc. CINCINNATI. Ci.vrwsATl. February 14. Flour—Unchaactd a-q quiet wun a liaol demand for local aupurflQA n ith sale* at <9158-0 25 Mraprinc nn i uinnr. <nXC.T«.I3NJ for trade hfandj, and <II.OOB 16 01 fir fancy. 9Vh—t—Firm ami •carcc at |2.t5 far So. 1 sprint:, ant <<••(. furs'*. 1 vliirr. C ra—Dull et CL'c f»r So. 1 shelled In elevator end 75c I races Oa»t—Pull a.SCc f T So. J. R)e- Firm nt<1.5V%1.25. linrl'’r-Cccluugeiand dull, with sales of choice la'l at (1.(0. Cotton—U he'd more flnnlr and tslddltna cannot to Ivrughth b>*' Me, but the demand rat no; imreataJ. TLe nnvlrt> ,v. m SewY*>rk areqalle farorxlde. The receipts dnr>trir.e part week were 9 801 bale#, and from iheflr>tttb;pumbe 87.?69bi1es against 11&,UJ bale* the ccrrcbpomiimf time last season. tVtlstcT—htcadr a; 22r. FmrMoca— Inactive and hardlv any demand, ams'l sales of D.cft p3rlcet|?o.C3Bfli.vO. itaikmestsnimla ailyunehaernd. Shoulder* 2j*c, sldesStfc. a d clear ‘ res iOVc. B»-on at?*dv at UVc fer shoulders. lo\’o fbr side*. 12c l r clean rib tides and lllfc for clear tides. Groceries—Unthweed. Sagar MVB lie. CoIPeSIV &37Xe. (’ssssteadystSSatOc. Datt*r H4S3: f»r prime to cltolce Central Ohio roll, and Si 8 3Jc tor Western reserve. B-oe nm. Clover fS.X Q (9.00. Timolliy |3AO. nax(JX3 B«^s. Gold 13CK. Exchange steady, Ths money market qnlct. ST. LOUIS. St. Lotus Ftbroaty 16. Flour—Very doll, and price? on all below choice 3V450C easier for bayi-rs. Sates were mottly of a retail character, at Irr.gulaeprice*. Wheat-ConPonet Arm. with calcs of No. 9 spring at (t. 13 and choice Ml at (IXO. Cun—Poll and lower. Jilted. 75c; mixed and y*l. low. 7t-itT7e; choice yellow, “tc; prime and choice wlnte, 79M9C;. t*at»—uulet. Coo«lta choice.6&3dsc. live ami Harley—Urchauged .. _ r.-ov.slnn*— pull and drtoplne. Ilc« Pork, (19.t9t 20.00; tee n shoulders. clearsldcs. 12VI K-uc; rllsllVcihsms. U»10:; lord quiet at H3l3.Va to* kKtle. Wbltkcy—Dnllat (3X(. BALTIMORE. Tl vLTtuocr. FebrnaryK, R'o Coff'-e-Flrm at 15K811Ve f*«r prime In v»*-d. Sugai—Firm at 10>j«10;aC (jr fair to R>od .jf pc- Onmr. tVh-'sl—AoDsylvabl* rtxi, (9.7039X0; prime Mary. Striniy gond. Sfarket lower. S3j96c; jellow,9l8«5; mixed WfJlcrc.99r. <MU-;irssJ*c. Rye-ft.2S<* 1.30. WhhLey— loacUve. KctrYorU Dry Uouds itlarkett New Yon* febraary M. Tbs dry goods market is quietbutsteady, though Zuider*! brown sheeting* eomrawt SIX4>U3: An con* ard Itoxlmry 30ft t Indian Orchard Ve down; H UltiHCi W L Ills,AC.; We lor Nnwlork * Mu*||n«—'nlwcMvl bring 87*<«l Wmimtlv 31Vo; MimiHllo tie: Aodr»»<*«ecin 'j3ci itartint euicj l7Kc. do I*. iv,using C'OilK-Pirro at 11 V-aiHfc for «t iquira. Print*—btrady and r.rm at Walor Cnrhcco, I*: for Merrimack ll I'anflc and Sprague’s liecles J m.V'kUc f.rra'nrion and l/md'.ii Mournings i iscforFreo min’s sum Victory, and lie for Hover’s. I .virt' (it Ulng.'ams command Xl!*c and Amors do* ».’i---'J7c. _____ Jl A u ll I K 1> • In Or err e Comity. 111., on thft 17th Instant, at the r-ndi-nre of Hi" brtdn’slrieiul, 11. A. Mamin. H«t., by the P<-r. I. It. Armstrong, I'r dcwor It K. WILDEII. of <>r«rntlcbU 111.. D Mr*. LUCYTttUMUULL,Iof.nerIy (>l n'st/n.Mau, Mcstnti papers plr .sfl ropy. Ily Itev, E. J. 04V)d«pft:rt, February lllb. WILLIS GUAY »udMU» MAUY K. VEKHUKY. alt of Cldcigr. At Kenft, Vcnan.-oCo . Pcddm Feb. K«h. at the rest* <‘ctTso T.lM’liinnc . R- p, r»v thn D.No/lns. E.J CAKTL'f, *o i ©.'Co*. K ll.Cutl** oi this c'ly, at dCAMUtE J. SULL’VAN.o* Coe >e t.T, N. Y. At Davenport. lowa, Feb. 13tb, V the It .v, D.'. An* <lC'*ou.Ur. a. C. ANDEIi**ON. ofXtucato. and Ulu £. HANNAH.c.'ibßlomerpSse;. It Detroit, February t*th.UT7. atthcredlereaefthe Pride’* father. b« the Mt Ujv. Ulsnop McCoMcry, Mr. Wit. W. SMITH, son ot J. A. Smith, Ksq M of Cidcago, to Mix 31. SUSIE, da >"ht-r ot 11. S. Faruiworth. Esq. DIED. In thl« city, on thft |rstool. GEORGE infant sou of Seymour ni:d Addle Cueney, ugvd sixmonilis and tweiity-lourdiya. In this cite, op Satntday allernoon, athU teildencc. No. a I’S’-x Row. of congestion of the brain. Colonel 13. 6. SOKI’ARI), In th<‘ Afty-aesond year of h‘S ase, Moure of tbefurrral In Monday’s pipers In tits city, on the 16lb lastant, SAUAU UIGQIHS, Wl*e ol David Hisc'rs. Tt>« renia’r 9 wl'lbe taken from therealdeoce.No.7ll Wert lake* »t.. to Davenport, town, for Inter moil. Of*Davenport, Iowa; ttlcbmond, Indm-u, and Diyton Ohio, papers please copy. In thlacltr. on the 16th (taunt, atslx o’clock a. m~ Samuel McKEEUY. only 800 of htla and Jamss M.*Kctb»,or dre pay on the prate. Funeral at oce o’clock this (Snnday) afieroosn, from the resilience. Mo. 131 VVarrcn-af. Friends of the tarn* lly arc Invited. amusements, THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION TbcbeauUlUl, accomplished rLOBEISCE TEMPLE to her great character of MAZSEPPA, Introducing her i pleudid trained iteod. FIUE-FI-Y. “t o puce abiords with thrilling combats,novel scenic rliici*, with lcw srenei snJ evtumei. QUO&EY’b Oi'EHA HOITaE, j?lalllinrm<vnlo Society, MONDAY EVENING Feb. IS. 1857. U. DALAIKA Conductoi I—Symphony la D tnaior. opo» S 6 fNa. 3) byL.Vo bccthoveo. (a) Via-Mo motto *t Aiegraroa fnr (C) Lsrcbt’tto. (c) cherzo Allegro. (J) Finale* Aliraromolto. s—“Ah quel clorno.” Cavatina from the Opera of Stmuamide, by RoMtd Mrs. Carrington pact n. I—Overtnze to the Op«ra ol orpbeos, by Offenbach. 3— M Thon art the Star.” Ballad ny F. Dum ber! Mr«. Carrlnj'ou 3— SmjT«-nlr <Se ‘•PMschnu.’* Boln tnr tht* VI jin... ........... JJeClerv 4—dr»ftaw**to”tie Opera* of **bae Xl*bt la Gra nada,” by 0. Kreotzer P~ Tickets at the door. fl.oo. f'lOL. WOOD’S MUSEUSI. CCI. J. 0. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amuaemso«s F. B. AIKKN eUc*- Manaser ....TUO3. t»AHBY Fnl! every e*»n‘nc, and atthsGrad Matinees. A TVanatlP Triumph oi rare cccarr-nce, even at this anl»r<*taMifhT.' , nt. Norm.—To prevent dts-»n. nmen% the patrons of the Mavnm sre sollcliea to tecurMhejrsealMwiorelo’clcck la theMtcrooon, as aitlcbt, ■■‘nnrs the past Trek.standing room alone could peftutbben. Or Mondar evcnl c. Fe-» 13. *M eviryo’hcrnlfiMdurlcc the we k. alto at the Grand Matinees on B*tmday an 1 Wedne<diy aftern-ona. win ieperormed the *rMt Sensational PiayofTllß QU OCLNOT AIN. T»e-*nrln :e with (first tlm’) a new Fatce entitled A RACE FOB A WIDOW. VIE KKR * S THEATRE McVICKER A UTEKS MANAGER? Sec-.nd acckcf J. E.MCDONOCGH. LAST NIGDTa OP BOtfoTCAULTS GREAT DRAMA OF TUB LONG smiKF.j Or, T HE WORKINGMEN* OF MANCHESTER, J. £.McDcnonpbasNoah Letroyd and Moncypenny. x raCTOEixs ani> telegcopu scene, in FTLL OPEEATIOV. Is Rehearsal—Bondcamfa Arrsh-ns-Poiue. YANKEE ROBINSOX’d CIRCUS i AND MENAGEUte. jas. uobinsox, rhsrrnlrtn E<ioe»irls» «if the World, snd bis son, CLARKNCK, will appear on MONDAY,February 13th, snd every cvcrlru: durlm; th*» week. The Chicago limes ssv« • Jitmei Robinson lain his prrffetelon what RUtorl Is In hers. auction Sales. O ILBEtxT AND SAMPSON, VI Onttal ACcltcnecn 47 and 49 Deaiboro-ft. Jruptncev at <1 record baud TTousehold Furniture, Site., , AT AtCTION, On Tuesday. ts». at 10 o'clock, at onr Bale*, room-, 47 ai d 49 Dearbora-aUconMrtln* oi a Urge b*» rto’cnt of Fail.r.Chamber aod Dlolcr Room Fur* nliarr, Jrclitilii p * splendid svortmeat if Chamber a* t Parlor bnlte-, tojr»th:r with a general auartmeat cf Uousckcotnr z (10-'ds. 4 GILBERT A SAUPSQK, Aoct'r*. J~JANIEL SCOTT & CO- AUCTTOSKKKb ANDCOUIsI&bION TiKRCHANth, 164 Ukcsl*. e«r. (ta>a>tf,Chicu* ( «, V tub advaccrd os Merchandise roa. tuned for sale. Out-docr sajq prcntpUr attended to. A. OCTTEKS & co.. Aucnonasrs tfc Cotamlssica ScJichaatt «.| A 4« KAMIOI.PII^T. liclwfet Sti'.'-'l. and *1: «J re.-a sr »»;»*. at ibeir 9*i«roott», ot m:r clothing, boots, shoes. al„ v„ r « *EI*SESUAT ai'i TfIPRSDAV, fCUNITCUK, CARPKTS.AC. tntj SATUBLAT. r 31. RET-NOLDs, Auctioneer, 127 el • D-.aitojn-*s~ Neir Furniture and .WlsceliaoeoaA «;»•(!», TuwmnTt ►eV. 19. at 10 o’clock. thorp. I-nfonnatiow KHautro. INFORM ATI OX—“Wanted —Of Charles A- Sh»pberd,tsyear* *1 acO O, 11 la. bjeb, dart balr.ivbt r-mpl-tioo. Bieodej. »a person.dare tt*t Sr«Wa.lartt«rdlromal Gaira. U.Oct ?.TaK meadUctoco to Burlln«too.lo»a. Aty Inlurma- Uoa rODcemlos blru U ut the Otmo*t Impofbsc*. anl v?n henostthSaMh!* received by'‘Si. O. SHBP hfVp CITAULSS A.SHiiP mvn, Daftoo. WU. Gaira paper* pleat* copy. INFORMATION—Wanted—Of bamael I Voort. Utelv from Lancashire, KnzlaiKljWbo his l« n {or the rast »x mwt|*7yn»fo last ISn vuvotUs: mtD nise>ott. la Saiw’i pacXia* bow6"ort«“w»‘ i *»- tfu l u *!ioal4 mart hn or anyinformation of bli «herwa.»ou, ai lre,« 13ff«ro«i“t.. Chicago, where «rt bear ofsaae tiMEto"” *HT»BitwT Wafa un som ha wow a cw> Ercll.b waking «•*. iroa cray »*«jV*b'*ek •Vthcao,w>tbehec« awl araoad It.hU 9iVf>u« rf*ire: wes*s ear »lnrs; h»l a v-iros «, We>t Side. Cb*caeo. 3Lo*.t ana jFouna. LOST— HO Reward—On the 25th ol jMiiu.ry, on Wwhlnown»U nenr nwt.n « mr/o h..'ta Bin*. «Ub TT.laer and * m iis* *tLI mi the to •, an t mptare and eo _!?; flayer*! I ten ire v eaNjre tetaralag ta nnr I > IGO Statc-it, T. D. I»A>DALL. If’eT— On the 13tb, n blaci-and tan j l>oc. 4tv>m p months oldt bad on a Praia c>U»r. lie. wi’b a-trlLCt U»#ssne.**\,htrll*. •Mtowfl Jit .thf collar very elm. Any °0 p rtttuvn, I 130 up *uirs, whl b--wc.l rc v artful. Kcal ISstate-ffiltg. inPUOTBB. J?OR BALE—r>v B. H. Kerfont & On. I Heal Estate Brokers. 71 Dearnom-it. 89—Iwn lots on Bur slde-a., 23*110 lect each. Cat _ tehsd cheap and <m caSy t-r as. , _- .. SO—Lot with two coUa-iu on It, slatted on Foarlh «t., mar llalsted. Will be toid chcaj torcash. S2—An i lecant lot on Mb h'Rsn-av., near Uadtjan-it. 73—Deslrar le reMaeLCem i near Union Kara; Loo>e b»s urooma. c oset , hot am co;d water, rath room, «c. Lot 56x157 ie*st to aFey. 00—Wahs-h-««- M dweMPR ho i»e of 10 room: brick bssimrnt. Lot XxieOro.lto alley, dtusted w- iwcco F umrJth and Blxleenth-sia. 66-I « tim Mirhietn rnuixl 0 ftstt. Ve*j desirable f«.r Dmro'acmrlDß p irp-wes. C3—Ao eley nt re»i *>iK - o on We*t Wa»hlozton*sL, w.ibuoirrnlnip ivemeats, IxjUIO foitfont. Will re I dwelling wiU suicrtofcroun'l.ana will s ii thirty, flfiy, or sztyie-l of the lot at a lor 01—L=rge*ard handromo brick dwelling on Wert Kat.(l‘>li>h !U, 13 rooms hot ana col; water, bath ro<>n. do. 38—A very eieeant marbhyirort on West Was Mi r e»*lot Parr,ottea rooms, hoc and cold wucr, eath rooms, luroacc and c»llar u ider b»«cuent. Lot 4x155 to alley. Go:d biict Barn. l-ficr moderate ano term- easy, id—seven aerlrabletotsoo West Jaekson-st.,raanlaz fren. the comrrofLlneoln-sL cast. Wilt bx sold a< a derided Mrya o torca-b. 46—A Cf<y-ioot lot on Sberrean-sL, near the new 40-Newlramedw«l Ini olio rosms on Pralr.e-av. Fa.tfmH. Lot »xHO fsol n alley. . 3S—Larrw'brUk hul dlnc on North tlranch. saltablo fbr a manufactory ol any kind. Plenty of croQuo, with a cck d Canbehal very cheap and oo easy t*:m«. „ 37-D« lr*bH ]*>t ca Mlcnlgan-av., IX feet Irene Will sell £5-100l lot* „ . ... 33—Larj-er.Mi.e clwelliaj on wltt M lectefproniid, flue t cv,atm > «ry. Uoa*e ba, 12 rooms, h.i m l rcld wa er. hath rooms, lorcsrv, Ac. Will be dl a p-j*ed rnleun «oe wplilo the nevl ten d*ys 63—Artnetn.ctTvcilfarmora.’Oacres, n-ar Pwlßht. Kxrvl ci t bnt:sc. t am, Ac. Only two * miles from railroad Elation. . 74—1 weoty acres within r.lO'i milts of city, well Ira pr>>vec, with house acd barn. A decided bar- Several desirable residence* In Fv*nsU>% Waukoran, Aurora, Wheaton, ana other towns in the vicinity A uumt er cfcholcopieces of farmlnz land,well located In Lyots wansVp, Coox Couniy. Desirable rites for rold-nccs at llarlera. Alm a larce Hit, embrai-lng imprtred ant unim proved city property, coaatry rcddcaccs acd farms. F)R SAI.E—In Thos. B. Biynn & Co.’s Real Fatal* Ofllce, Bryan URi. Cheap Uoasei la Uie We-t Division. LAKE-ST-. wtrt ot LcavltHL— Two-stwynewframe hotur, wlUistoru front, oatn and »hed, and lot 53x11J ftel to a’ley—(LSl l. LAKE-sr.. westo! R'olwa it.—Largo trame hoase, bsin.andloiMxlC2tcet-85W. west of Curtis «u—Frami home, and tot aoxiwim-(vco. . » . KaMrOLl'll-ST., weit of Peorla-st.-Two-story fr me bou-c. and lot 23x103 feet—(LOCO. I! A \ i ml Flt-Sl - east of Cniou-sl.—Tro-stfirr ani b:»rmct.i frame hi use, ana lot mD2 feet to Centre-it, "ciIU'ENTEUST, 1 south ol I ikon I. -Two-story frtm* hou«e, barn, and lutsCxt27 fee’—ss 590. ADA-bT.southof Hxc-tU—Two-a:ory fr.vmoli with b-ick naicmcnt, hvm. aad’ot 4'jvlia foei— 17.0JJ. PAUK-AV, west of KoOey »«.—Twostory irauie h'.o-t.Pars, and ioint»7s l-«5—(3.703. HCOBAltl»-BT.,we*to. U«nt>e;-*(.—Two-itoryfrsms bnuto and t><rn, and lot Btlßl I t t-$J WO. Ft»UltTll-ST., of Mliwaukr*vav.-Two-;tory frame n* ore. ai-l lot 20*103 feet— FOft i Elt-iT_ nor ih ot tl arnren-at.—Two-story trams home sen lotJVvlW f*et— jl.CM. CAN’AL-KT., rotih of Twelfth it.—TWkj-§i:rf frame bftii*c. anil ’ovTixiou fret— 14.500. «eit or two-story frame h(u*», one lot 2Jxl’.3 fret—ll <B3. TWELFTII-ST. pa«t of Urnheo-U.—Collage frame home, aril :..l JUtiM fect-}I.IOO. MKWDti:UV*bT. DOtlli ot Twcllth-st.—Two*»lory (c*nehott*c,andloU-xiafcFl-~5-53. Ilraldc* which we have to ojr?r n largo 11« t ofhjth improved anu unimproved troperty lo all parts -.f this city iu<l 111 mlmrlwi. LTOR bALK—livTV'm. L). KerlooLNo. 80 J 1 W«»hlnttcn-»t. , „ . fine two- torv honK’.wllh eat and water, on Peoria* it., near Madison, with lot StxU'S foot, aojded ami rn**nl Fine ihrrc**lcry brick home and lot on SUtMt.near FhiMtoitra and lotos Waba«h*av. nortli of Eight w iifu*F ra n. lot aixiw r**oi. Iwo-itury frati e hon»e on Morgaa*ct, new and la pirfiHtnrCrr, with hit. Two •lory trauivliuiu'oa Indlana**t., near Frank* llti. .... Two fine irsme houses, with lots, on Superior*)’., near Ime. Iwortnry frame butse and lot on Csnal-st.nrar Harmon-*!. p ronix It use and lot on take drove*av., near North »iin limits. . . t . „ . Two-story frame hm»‘P, with lor, on HaUted-iUbe* tween Adams nnn JaeM*«a-sL«. Als>. iwo-slory frame bmi**wlih rooms ah.ivo and store PenFsili. suitable Ur a grocery, with !Dr» >t lot. A largo ll*tof Improve)] and unimproved property can always if round at my oißcc. i?OR SALE—By Hccs * Ayres, Reel J 1 K»tsto broker*, Oltlco J O Crcny'i On*ri Honse. RESIDENCES— jDdlana-av.,m > arTwonty-*lxih-H., a hfw two story frame house, with attic and icrcoms. iMMUisof.-i-i. Tm* u one of the twit rosl* dinceslnlherlty. rnee,sS73o. 4 w .Mb nearTw»lfth*»l. a new.and o*o ot lha flnrst tnarelo front roldetiuca on the avenue. l,oiaj fv front: tntv.OOO. linllana-av.. mar Tweaty-FountniU a large two story hrlck dwelling, 16 rooms. Lot, TOxITJ foci. I flci fIMVO. Wnliash-av.. near Fonrtecath-tW*a twoatory frame home. 7 or 8 rooms, and closets, 73 foot lot leased lor lour years, t-rlce.f3.g3o. IVorla-iU, near Van Uuren-st., large two story and bnck \>asen tut house. LotSAsva. Price, *7 S"W., two story 10 rooms, water, gas. AC, Lot 113x170. Price, |IA3). 17 UR SALK—lxiase and ibiDitme of a hotel, central location, capaole of accommaditlcg 100 gundy. It It a tKirgalo. A first-class hoarding boosn on Michlgan-av. Very iowrprt. Good c'anc** for some one. Aflrrt elasa house ard lot on Twenty-sixth at.: lot .'•OxISl ft«t; alley cm side and rear; modern Improve* motU; price fII.CCO. An A Vo. 1 grcr*ry. good location for flr.t-cUM trace: low rrnt; will pe *o!d wltbont bonus. UM.D. lun tru*. .ih w -wm wiimi--** uvut... A cottage on Htiboard-M.; 1-t i"*siUo; cheap, 1 1.503. LfnK- sac furniture of a boarding tons: 03 Msdlson* *t.. ShsPerlne rcoms, new imiMinc. new tarnltor-*: it is a bargain. * GILHKRT & DESKUICr. 170 R SALE —A first-class brick hvuse, I* 25 loci fro'.t by 7h ieet In depth, elejranUv On- Ifehcd. on Ulchlsan-av.. near Klztu-enth-si.—|l?.CjO. Twc-siory brick bouse, with lot 40 feet front on Wa* hash-av., near o*miOL-ccart—sl33oo. Two-t’ory franehonseon near Twenty-third si., on )ch‘cl I:t—S2.GTO Two*Bf»rr and basement bonss on Wibasb-av*. with barn, and 10t233f tentiront, h-twee: KonrtefStb ann Bill* cntb JU.—FJ.OCO. II- C- MOREY A Real Estate Broker*. S Metropolitan Block. T?OR oALE—Four-story brick house, lot acd two-sfry brick barn on Fonrtb-av. for ■ale; aiao, a feed oiill, doing a good boslness. J. W. WAi-QiioF, oa ciwst F'ORSALE —A bargain—A tvcll omit, ■nbetartial frame bonse. In perfret order, water In IdichF*), les house in celKr, and other convenience*; lot 31x160. w<] improved: price, $1,309. C.II and see theprealßC*, IIP Weat Dlvbloa-st. pOR SALE—A nice new two-story r dwelling bnn*e, and lot. No. I*JH2 Indianvav., 50x179 ICvl. with gas and water aoi all Impror-mcnt*. wither without the rarniture. For mrln»r parilra* Ur* iDQnlre of JA-. A. WqITAKKR,firm of Whita ker, Harmon & Co., 4S Uivet-iu LTOR SALE—By Snyder tfc Lee, Heal P Estate Agents, So. { MetropoliUa Bk>*k, a nnr frame cott*ec boos* of 8 rooms, and iot S 3 feet, on I'arkav., pear Leavut-st. trOR BALE—By Snyder «te Lee, Heal* -C 1 Estate A rents. No. 4 Metropolitan D'ock, 'wj new two-storr ami ba*ement hoc*** of u ioom« each, on Wahtsti-*v., near 1 weaty-sixth a% I7OR SALE—A new two-slory houst, X? No. •Ltfl Foorh-ar.. near Tsjlor-st., la excel lent cra*r. with lot 10x106— Utle o fleet—at the very low prices! f 1.250, it taken lmni>dtat-iy. fSiWevire m*ln nttit Pepl-mbe* next—a rur** bargain. WAR* »:EN ± GOODRICH. Neal Estate Broke re,l*s Dear* tcrust-, R>*m 2. TpOR SALE—TIie welLbniit twin-tory 1' frame l oose, with brick fjnrdatio;' and all mod ern itnprnvcoieut'--lotSoxl33, No. Alio, the lot £0x132 ra tof tbesame. The au.’c will b: sill at a bareali. If taker uoa. as I wish to reinvest on the South side. The h n»c Is a rrtle ovei a year old «*d rents for <1,003 n-rannam p.i»*es*lm r-»n i? had fl-*t ol May next. Ft r terms apply to J. CAJCtIU IT, 131 Latc-st. [7OR 2?ALE— In Evanston, at a bargain, I fonr *-ouva acd lots, wsll located. Prlc* stAOO, «,W, fwro, aix! fV»\ Apply w C. E. BROWNE, Hoorn n,J7 La«alie-it F’OU BALE—On Michigan ave, a new two-story hon«e, containing ten rooms, rn t*u years’ less** oferontd. north ot Slx(eecth-«(, Price <3.300. AKTUI'K & HOYDEN, 21U Stato-et. irOU BALE—The two story and base* mertbricV house No. ISS pourth-av M with lot 2f0x115, with ham Prlee $3 000. If C2»h is off-re t, will make an abatement to price—n« w. WARREN' A GOODRICH, IgA Dearbom-st-. Hoorn *2. SALE—Cottages, -with 1 or more r acres of land. ms tb«*.»o. oa easy t *rrm: al*3. »on.f c&oli'c fermine land at JiO oer acre. Oflle* Ifltolt. O.J.STOUGU. lIS ClTh-st., K»>a HI. 170 R SALE —A tine lot lor a residence, i on Cottage (Jrore-sv.. near Chicago University. Can he rough? cheao tor cash. Apply to DAKSER A TULET._IO7 Itandolph-su FOR SALE —A rew collage house, with Brooms.tear Washington, on peorls-st. PrDc tiWO. L. □. ROBINSON A CO„ 84 Dearborn it„ Boom 1. FDR SALE —By A. P. Whitney, No. 87 WashiiHoa-sUanewtwo story Innse. htdlottll xiOO, on Pralrlo-ar.. near Tweity-iounh-et.; * tbet class bouse on FaUon-sU pear Cnrtlw. oa Icasrd lot. IT'OU SALE —Bv Snvder & L°o, Real . Estate w>*rnt«, No'4 Metropolitan Block: Snow tratnehonscs of S rooms each, and lots 90 leet front, on near cakley. FOR SALh—By Snyder & Lee, Real E- tote Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block: A new modern hclU brick banse. csnUlnlng II rooiut. and lot. with btlck bom, on Mtchtsaa-av., near Twentl elh-sl FOR SALE—By Snvder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. Ko. 4 M-rtrrpolttan Block, a frame house of 10 rooms. and lot. No. *2120 Warren-st., bs twesm Lincoln and nobey. FOR SAf£—At a decided bargain, a neat new two-story frame bou*« of 10 rooms, brick lout.oat!on;hotnr.d cola water, bath r.»ms, warm clesetMLarbl-maitlr*, and loiSt orDfct f'inton Lake-st.. So.dai We*l fc 'twe-.*a F.'ieaheih sn: Ads. SNVDKR ALEE. R;al filiate Agents, No. 4 M*tropolltaa Block. f'OR SALE—A two sf>ry nouse on Pr*lrle-ar., tear T • enty-fllio-st, 23x31 icct, well flnlshid. tobem vt-d Maylst. Tvo-«tory hioseanl btlck b»rn on Fonnh-av., near rolk-s:, lot 23x101. $4,1X0. Twcstoiy luu-e aad lot on Slite-st., n?i- Konrteenth-et.. n. C. MORtTA CO. Room S Melrcpolitan Bl«-ck. FOi; SALE—On Wabash-av.,house No. 461 |*ecK end Eldridge* court*, tiretcla*»frame h««ua, with nrlckhuu. Lit tOxitt r. A. J. AVEKELL, Beal Estate OOce No. 7 Metropolitan D eck. I/OK SALE—On Wabash-ar., atf story i tries h»use. No. 514 Wahash-av.. near Harmon ciort- possession April Ut. A. J. AVEItELI* Real Estate Otnc-i No. 7 Metropolitan Block. PJK SALE —A now first-doss houss, tw. .story and crick batemeat, is twin*, every ecus* Dirr.ce. lot Sozl?t, on Pcorta-au sear Van U tr-n. Price iot and tom* n*y. Apply al 13 Soatn Un tot -rt. I/OR SAXE —Two-story brick house ol a 9 rootne, water, ea* and mtrble maitsls. and lot 35 by 13f. to an 15-h->» alley, on FoortS-ar. J. tl.-ttEE >-EU B*al Estate OtSce. 1*49 South Clark-at. T7OR ALE—House and lot, rtnirat part J ot the city, at anctloo price. J. M. REYNOLDS, Anctliscer, I*l7 Dearborn-st. __ C'Olt SALE—Two new houses, lust a co- pietx, on Wapa-h-av- north of Tweoty-mnth st LM 36*191 ea.b. Only $5,000 neb. WABKhN A GOODRICH, *143 Uearboro-at., Rum 2. FOR SALE—A large and handsome Kn»f.No. 1 83 Jer-‘To:)Q-»t_ wiiii 1* 1l p«rt> t orc»r. who ci?jUs3. Good Sara, th »roaslt Bfweracr.frc. Pilre»j.»o--:-elvra:aeb ln» Wan ri ne f ibr picprny. WaUKSN * GOOUSICiI. 130 Dearooru-at., B’ 00 2. *’Ok SALE—Two new two-story i ioot»i>. n> ten mor* each. with brick bKanu aad on Fulioa-*U tar Curl*. J. H. KtIBLZB, UcC Estate USce, I*2o Soata Clarks;. •/OR ;?ALE—On 3licni"au-av M the c!c --i nattnarairtrcstboa9e.Nr.323 Mleblna-ar., Virvp »a tbewlde rr of ibe iat< John LecrJpns, Boom'Jr frn coed and palited. Can be ♦old at « srrat harr'l"* Al*o tna-hle fr.iot boat* No 16S Ulcs icat-kT. on c»sv lenni. A. 2. A\ BBELL, Beil EiUte Office No. 7 Metropolitan Block. F’OR SaLu—No. 113 Twenty •ninth-st. New tro-«iory bot*e containing ’tea ro>m». Price st.sCO. naif cash. Al*o, Vo. ;116 tet ABIHCB ADGTOEN.2IO bla e-gu I? OK SALE—A two story house con taining klsicoms. wUb fire acres ot land, a’.lfaa ceu sad Improved, near the Artesian Well, for 11,700. AHTIitUA IMJVDEN.2IO slate* t. r'Oli HALE—By Christian & O.— ST Some good niraauu 't boa«* aad lota, farm, wild Itoifa. ► aio'.r.f. boarding honses. Call at Uo in 3. Uort'a Block. RaiJdo.pnat. brtdjro. ~ £aiaHtcß>=ttcal instate. \.\ A>T£D—A boufe act) lot -worth V* abrcttVU).*worthabout «.COO Ap tly XoE A. KlCt'.aX Klcoartsoa’* office. ISjom 11. >o. 155 South C mikwc \\' ANTED- To i urchasc a Qnose and • V lot. ao»taC.-oia flfi,ow to ladalre of DlCA.J.BASlKlt.ltybouthtla-lc-st. Worses, tgartiaatg, Horses for sai.E—One □; ima lareo.fltc carrUee aodbnxgy bones, at QOUiA) * CO.*SbU]if, Cnt-.»L stcug Yaw. LTOR DALE—A Worse, saiDrble :or ex- T Dffs« w«.-or>. soaa* irUcnUr. C»'l »i 7S * .«■ enrj par 170 R S*xLt —Cheap, a square bi X open 2 bcrs \. nrartr o'W, t" 'ja *e 'a **7l*siT»: Q 7 T. S.«. 5*36 jftut. F. lUTd-t-WAY. Ueal lsgtate-<gKg>. II.MiTIfKOVEfc. 170 R b ALE—By William D Kerfoot, ob Fnnklln Enron ana Suprfior*t4. 47 feet C n Cttft jo« »onU» Of Chlc*go**r. SI feet on Kindest., near LaSa'ie. 13 feet on Cii-at., north of Chlcaao-ay* 23 tee 1 00 LaSalle eUjuit norta ol calexco-ar. . 401 ct on southeast curaer of Ohio La - aLC-Jta* tt feet on Illinois i-L, near fit CUlr. » feet on Ml* Mjran-at- &f»r State. . FODTH .01VHION-6O feet on Maotsoa-aU, -=*• eof-cloi, o'rn'f Vanburen and Grlswold-ill. 60xl 0 ire* on SUcM'an-av., jost toatn p t Fo aiteemn. 93 leet on corner State ana ’I w* ortflltt l -*!U. . ICO ice on comer Caiamrt-ar. and Twjnl.-Dinla-flt, ia»«ofmtcnVtnceonea-r ad. nearcUrllmtca. 30 fret on comer K»nkaMo-ar. and Twcatr-ioarui-tt. 3 Tfeet on SuQth Waiex-et-. near Waoaah-aT. WEST I»IVISH»N—29 icc* on Ad.vtL, near Lake. Co fretct> Werrc -at, near ifo»’ e. co fee* on patt-ar.. t rar Oaclci -si. SO feet on Wa ci<t. new Q >rne-eL Mi teet on Folton-*L, near Hoyne, 35 (bet on Green-aL tear Madison. ■Wfb-trn UaMed-iL, ce» r E«lne. S 3 »e*t on Adam Mt. near cltr limits. . , Alto, lOarrra of flnolaa J.Juat •mc-nait to lo welt or cltr llmlta aml/hintm* on Madlsoo-iu, lulttnofora gcb-diTlnoD. FOR SALE—so lots on Indiana and Prairie in, near Thlrty-third-it., at a bargain. A. K. WIKO 4 CO, S 5 wa»titngtoa->t~ U-»ocn ‘2. ITOHBALE—Corner Lois—2sxloo, cor* f* oerVao »-nrcn and J-ffr.»sDL-«t*.; SSxiU. cora*r Lakean* Ans-ata; ValSi comer Indiana ana Pinr. Bt».;a>*lftlfee». corter TbDd-ar. and Poarteemb-st-j WxllS, corner Seveateentn and narp*ld*-sus JOxU» fe*.t,cott«r Amna'aatwlNohlMta. U.C, MJRbX * CO., s Utlropobtao Rlock. COR SALE —B> Snyder A Lee, Rcul f Estate Asents. No. 4 ifet opMllar B'org. a lot irdltlteeUnn WasMßgtm-at., n-ar Woo:; a lot cn Waabingtoo-rt., n ar Union Part, 50x1*3 feet. P)R bALE—A lot In the North Divis* lonauitabtefor tnamifartartng purposes, ICO loot ootikCcn’* S’lp near tne Archer-road. Lob on the Areher-rcad »-c«r Twenty-lourihsL U. C. M'JKEi 4 C-*n Boom S Metropolitan block. COR SALE—len acres ot land, lying in I 1 3IK. J% Bec.sS.tM mitesweat ofllmltfl,ftt |3l9per acre .H.O. STONE. 107 State at. FOR BALE—Lois m floath half or block 7, shermaVa toh Uvliloa. thres block* weat of Etate-Bt.,an4 one block north of Tolrty-araHt.. for KiSO; (V) down, htlaare In 1.3 and 3 ycara, at 7 per rent. B O. STONE, 107 Statfrit. F'OU SALE—II3sI73 feet, corner Hnb bard-coart and Wspaan-ar.—the finrtt nalmproved nroperty oo the avenne Price li.w. Termsltvorabl*. Title perfect. WAUBENA UOODBICQ, 125 Dear* bcm-eC, Boom 2. IT’Olt SALE—ISO leet on Ulmr-is-ft., ' cotnerCa*e->t.,ata low price, aad on tea ye*rs* tlmc,at7per cent. Win sell Jl fc*t or raorajf djv sirrr. Tit e utqoetUonable. WAKREX A GOOD -81C11,125 Dtarborn-aU Room tr. TT'OR SALE —A line lot corner of Elm r and North Dcarborn-ats., 50x150 tret, east If >nt. Will be sold at a mat bargsln. WARUES A GOOD* RICH. 125 Dea'lwm vt,. Uom2. IScal iSatatc—Ccmitrg. 170 K SALE —Fine mnt and stock fcirms r of a 1 sizes and price*. -M*o anme birxalns Ineity propert*. Uy A. I’. WHITNEY, »7 Waihlnjt* toa-» > ., rot in I. H’OR SALE—A house and two lots in Wmkraan, with bam. well and rUlorc, null tree* and shiubncrv. In a vrry pleasant pm «t the city. Term*, half ra*h, naUncynn long time. Apply la or addreta C. 11. HOWARD, Wnukegsu, 111. f?OR SALE—Or Exchange—bO aerosol V soed farming land In DeKalb County.mur station. Will exchange f r bo d second-hand biuntlcs or ■I. I). HAII>TT, 7N La3all—t. T7OR SALE—Orcxclmnco lordly prop* I 1 erty, an Improved farm of DOacroa inJeft.-ram Township. Cook County,*inttrafri m the Court House; fiamohnuae. barn, orchard rfbcarlPß trees. aboutu aerrsutder cnlMvatirn, all fenced. Iblc-aml term* llltetal. ALONZO HKNNKTT. U>tl E*utj Agent, 11-om 1, Talcs* Building, corner ol Randolph atiJUa* tTOR SALE—Suburban rcsidcnce.s, at I 1 Ilaclno. Wiamnatn, rooslalVc of a larca brick dwA> mr, with ten nrrei oi land, on Lake enure, near KpUrup.ti Co leiro, Imtue cooUlc* 17 roam*. One eel- Urr, Ac.; there 1» aU-t a aervunu* h»rac. ataliL*,ci:« nac«bo3»e. Ae..ull orbricks'walarßoelataßraiiftMea, w-th ch"icefor*lirn gr.ine* in mil bo*rintf; croimda are filled wttli rr otre ratletk* or fruit*, orn tnu-nUI trees, Ac.t one t't the h'infca in the Wear. It wM If epld v-ry cn-'au.and aomeflrat-claaa cnlrnttu properi* liken in tirhanj,*e, I(dulled. J. V. UAKVKV. 7S Lahailo-lt. FOR SALE- At Genova, Illinois, some Tory (Iralratila low-prieod dwrlltnca and hulMmc ion, Geneva la cnly 33 mild* from ctilc.tco. «!la«te on Fax Hirer; U well acrammoilaletl witn railroad tialna, and aflorda an cxc-llonl oppottunliy rurd.loe bu«ltr*H in ihu city and tlvloc In the ciuhtry. F-'fty arira wlit.ln had mil* ol depot, a' (len»va. nmnlmr down to weal bank of the river. Can be auMlvl’ed lutnmcral choice bulkdink lata. 4. D. UAUVEV. 7S LaS>:ie-itt. ®c Kcut==lt)oasrs. fT'C) ]?ENT—A neiit one story cottage, I fttmUbcd, contalamc 5 roams, on «outt\ cf CMmco-av. ImacJbue posM'Ailon given, laqulre at lU-1 Flnc-st. rpo KENT—House ot ten rooms, with I f-f acres of land, oa N. W. R. R., 13 miles tram Clilcuc.. To a pool ccnait. an advantaceou* Into mil be sivrn. SNYOKK s t-Rg, 4 Alutrupolitaa Block, Ileal bstate Actnts. r) KENT—Prom May Ist next, a tnr oiahed boose oo North liSallc-at.: als**. a far* nlshert bouse on the North Side, lor six months from April Ist. April to SAM'LQEUU, 114 Dearborn-st., rooms 10 and 12. TO RENT—The lower part ol a house, on the Sooth Side, cental nine tour rooms, pantries, clothes-presses, nathit c-room, hoc cold water. For particulars Inquire at 201 booth Cjirk-st. fpO RENT —A new cottage on Mend- I lan-sUncarcorncrofUnloa-st, inquire at 142 peatboro-st. TO RENT Cottage boose, No. 233 1 North Franklln-st. south of Wtntine, at SIS per month. Immediate posseiston. Apply to TAOS. D. BKXdN A CUh Bryan Rail. TO RENT —A convenient house; has tbr modern Improvement*; part co»s»*islon given on or bcioro March Ist. Icqnire at 499 Michigan av. HTO KENT—bo Huron st.—A good two* X stcry bouse; c->utalDs 11 room*, oath -vater and «as; In a pood netahborhcod ; po.- session Immediately. Apply at SI Uoran-«c TO RENT—With part ot hirmture lor Mlc, Lon : eNr-. HU 0 riom*. well ar. mnred, t.-«deri Improvem-nU. good ttah*c; near street cars or Dyde Park tram*. PA'Serslon ctven Much Ist. Apply at S 7 South Water -u. ®o Kent—Uaoms. TO KENT—The first-class front rooms, ' and 12 In Ihohul.dinz So. «*2 LaSalle «t. near the chan bet of C •a.mercc. Fosses-usa rlrco Immediately. Apply at the rooms. TO RENT—A Front parlor and bed* rcooj, with boanLat 219 OnUrlo-st, osar Clark, in a private b<ms« , with all the eomlorts ot a borne. Refctcnc-s exchanged. TO RENT—A ironl room, tarnished. rauuhlf fbr two gentlemen, with Arc, cat and closet, on Stalest.; also. a »mal: room for ore cent.e* man. Wll-he kept cleft?, without board. Please di rt cl a note to <'blcar> Past Office, for inrther pirtlcn- Jart. ‘•MRS. M L B." TO KENT—A room nr moms, at 893 Chlcaso-a?., North Sire, with or without board. Suitable also l:r housekeeping. r) RENT—Lower part of a house con taining f ur ro >m*. Apply at 130 Orlswold-st. TO RENT—In a good location on ibe South Side, throe rooms, with rmlera improve ments, snltar le lor hou ekceoing. References reaulred. Addr.rsP O. next 348. TO KENT—A rmlc ol rooms, or one tingle room, tuitab’e for a gentleman and Isdr, furnished or notum.ibed, with boiro. In the finest lo cation In the city. Apply at 432 Ulchlgan-aT. KENT—A pleasant front parlor and L bedroom, furnished and In ordrr; a’*o. ,ront single rooms to rent, without board, to gent emca otiy, st 23 Mlchlgan-av. TO RENT—Furnished lodcing rooms, without noard, with c oiets, a oves sad gs«, sad kept In unler, lo ge&Uemea only, ct I3£aath Wal«r-s U 'T'O RENT—With board, a suite ol I three well furnUl cd rooms. In Rismond Block, wT'h pnrale entrance. Inquire at 128 State-.t. r TO RENT—An elegantly lurmshecl I Ironl parlor, at ho. 431 b >uth clark-it.Jnu the thing for a e»ntleman and wife wholtto o I ire retired. To a suitable party it win twicntal cheap. TO RENT—Cheap, furnished rooms, with gai anil closets, it 83 Jacks ja-81,. near Stale. Ir quire at the hca-e. TO RENT—A handsomely tarnished front room, with baard. snltao'e for two gentle, men or a g»ntleman ani wdc, where the comtort* <-f a home can be enjoyed. Reiorencei required, X?. 113 south □ anted-tt. ■T'O KENT—Four rooms, one-hall I b'oek flora P. ar.d furniture lor »ale, at 172 Sonth CUrk-st. Don't call. If you do not wont fur pltore. Kent, flO ter moatk. TO RENT—A pleasant furnished room la brick hon»o. southeast corner ot Weds a* a Illinois streets, suitable foe one or two gentlemen. Apply up stairs. 'T'O RENT—Front suite ot rooms, and I fnmltnrc inr sale. laDlckcy's Building foppostte Tremort). Ipqtlre st roam 23. after 7 o'clock p. m. TO KENT—Room 20 P. O. Block, and faralton; for sale. Apply at the room. TO RJhNT—Part 01 a large rarmalied room at 84 and *1(1 LaSalle street (opposite Court Boote). bsltable f r two c-utleuicn. Apply Mraday morning at; com 33. 'T'O KENT—A well-furmsbed tront J room, to two sltgle rentleiacn or a man and hts w iff, 217 Lokc sl, second floor. TO RENT—A pleasant iront room, fur nished. soltable for two or tenr gentlemen. For psrtini ara Ir qnlra a' 72 Van Bnren-et. TO RENT—Offices in bmldme No. 42 LaSallc-st. Inquire on Ist goer. TO KENT—Dock, s.mated on South Side, adjoining F.irt Wayne Bridge, with rill r- ad sictn? f..r - er-eflt of docs, at cresset occupied by Mcssre.Bardlck & Parker. First Coer and o-tiemuit, acd also Iront rt om on srcoid door of tbe flrr-story brick hmirtlnr No. 14 South Clark-et. Also bilckhnlldlDg wltr basement N 0.29 booth Ca»al-st. A number of j-rlTste nirellmgs olro tor Ap^ly to TBOMAS LO NERO An. No. 16 South Clark-st. ryO RENT—Store —For dry goods, no I tlcncTflPCv cw. strode. Inquireat 5S Michl- C*o-ar. H.C LaNttON. TO KENT—Part of store No. 745 West Late-er. Apply at the preclsgs. TO RENT—Second and tMrd floors nt 30 ijake-tu Apply at I'DELPS, OOOGE A CO'S. TO RENT—'With five years' lease, kur- Btorr and h,sem»ct btlekstcr-. No. S 7 *.inth Wa* trr-st. third Pc or west cf State-ct. Apply on the prcnmcs. TO RENT—Perilous ol a very desirable -boiMlne. In afir»t-cta*« and central b3smr«9 Ic catKr,'tillable for a rarl*tr- cf bo#lne*a pnrpo»»*. ro* «ss oo riven now or on May lit. Adlicas “X,*’ Tilbunc Office. T'O RENT—A good light store No. I tut* the «au>ebTi Idtnr. Applr t> GEORGE SI. UiGH. 1C» l;ai dvlph st., Coom IJ. TO RENT—Store. 100 Alotroe-st, only wcstfrmn tJtePasto(R;e. Ruon lici t and dni ilili. SnitsMr i r anr ilrsvcuui ottii* ctfp. Apply at 167 £oulb ClarVsu" 'T O RENT—Dock, for a lumber yard * ISO feet trout ml 30 f-et d*eo. aUnnlrd on 'hi North Branch-i.catCbioacb**T.bmse. Apply atSP. 11 Uurabceit.. ccmcrot ehtcaco-ay. JFot Bala. FOR SALE—Prop. “Genessce Chiet,” tow lylrest Dfltcu. Mtchietn- C-aM AS. Ton- Ap>T ti» V, RISER. Dttrolr, MlciJor W BABIUS ± BRO., Jvl Lua o«i-&t, Chlcaeo. 170 R SALE—A dentist who is about to 1 CdEE-caoe a toot la Europe will sen his office for- Dtntp.flxtur-aa&dlcaaa Office not »arpx***l m t*;n or locality. Adorets **D DS," FOh. SALE—Office' desks, show cis^, Mie tn good order (Qall’s maie), thairj, t*v.e, bin*, craw err.•heiTlnjt. itorre, *c : am, exnrcu wagon axd harucu. Apply at S 7 South Wa* Ip OR SALE—Schooners Kate Richmond L A 7.lAUßbushel*corn orlSO ta lumber.and Ro:oh Caanbel), DJ. lAOOb tmihele ejr: or 70 m lumber. I*>ll be»oldcheap a-d 01 easy terms, ifappJedUr toon. ELED>&Akumtm.T- F'OR SALE—At a barcalu, 100 lons of lump I>bi»h coaL AppiyatNo. 11 Larraoes-at, cor. Chleago-aT, F'OIiSALE —At a bargain, a large magic lantern, with some yj«w». -Cselhl for t«r*» stow*, sals oos, Ac. CsU or address' soon, 210 Sooth no-stalri. C, hIHArLINB.' 17OR tALb—Or exchancc tor real «• Jl Uts, a trust deed and note olll^»«sare^t>T ~ropmy lyit g near the city. 11. O. STONfi, JOT htatedt. fflJHantja-iHaic IQJip BMIKUBEFEBSt SAJLB»«lE?« TX7ANTED— I To cniplnv a competent V V man lo bore or raperlrtend ihj Artrtlaa well near C&lcajto. AddrtMßol6l4>.Cai» cago t* O. _ ; \XT ANTED—By a -wholesale house, a VV talesman of einerleneo who can Urcereentry ana atr trad*. One with time and anrr gooe* bnainem prelWtejL; Fl»f MUM dty refer • ncca a* to character and aOUItr roost be riTen. Artipw. with mil name sad rtlorence, P. O. Box 0309, Chicago. . \%T ANTED—A £ ood drag clerk. famil- VV far with the German btwln<‘6fl. GALS « BLOCK 1* ‘JOil Bandolpb-tLt Chlcato. WANTED— A Hrrt-CIMS carpet nphol *verer. to Ur carpets, bus entiles, 4c. A. atMAT n'ATi> Till he elroT to a good man. Aoo'y to UOIXIbTEB 4 PHELPS, 135 and 137 Lakfrgt. TX7ANTED —A smart, active man as V\ shipping clerk and BtleJtntn In & ha-d wood temper yaid. Address**n S n»' i.O.Rox-STI. ~V7t7 aNTTRD—a salesman, who can cn* VV care ocrmanentlv In hnsmeia. Applrto OR* VIS 4 C 0„ Ro*m 17.123 PearSO rc-st. _ trades. TX7ANTED—A man to paint bonsc. VV Will inmlflh paint. Call at 101 Washington sl„ tasement, Monday forenoon. ggaautcfl-.jyetnale %elp. XIfANTED—A neat, tidv girl or woman V » corrpeunt to do plain aewlnc and lake care ot acblld t»o tnn old. Apply to 601 We»t Madison* at. corner of Reuben. WANTED —A middle aged woman to take c*re of rhllcren and do other lieht work 1 in a *mall SOO Wabash-av, Reference* re* paired. Wf ANTED—A pood dicss-maker. Irish V» preferred. Most cndcntaod tfimraln*:. Ke. liable ornm p«tt»rra on ra'e. Apply to MADAME CANFIELD, 210 Wctt Oetwern Balsted aLd Gtccu-st. HOUSE ABjATANTS. 'ITT’ANTLD—A good girl to do eeaeml y T honsework In a«tntll lamliy. One who sal's wfii fl?d abo )d home and steady employment. In* quite at 7*24 or to 811EPERO. ail TXTANTED —A first-rate cook ami np V» Btalr* girl. D'xi’t cme unices wc.l recom* mendfd. Appiy at 2QS Enc-st. TTITANTED—A pood giri, ooe who tm- VV deralands plain cooking, wajilnr and Ironing. Wages t 3 per week. Apply Immediately at 66 EUts* st* Cottage Grove. TX/’ANTED—Anri to do kitchen work. V y One that can bring good references can flml ePipioiiLcnt at No. 151 Warren-*t. WANTED —A good girt to do general honsa work at So. 93 Sooth Jeffers jn-st. TT7 ANTED—A good cook, washer and Vt Ironer in a irosll private family. Apply, with reicretre*. Immedlaiclv. at 1002 imllann-av., be* tween Twcnty-flfit sad TwcDtj-sccond-ils. \\7 ANTED—A good cook, -washer and V » lroccr.at4-l(iWaouh Pock-cjurt. TTTANTED—A good clrl, to do gon f » eta! hou«cwn*k.whn cmenak, wash atil iron. An riuy situation 1* olfrred. and good wages wl>] im pnl-l. tn one who can come well recommended. Apply at a? 1 Wot Wadungtoi .-t. iStnplc.mvumt Zlcratlss. V\r ANTED—ICO smurf, energetic, lire V v me? t> sell nnonf the dci*. dm*wd<* artlr’e* ever offered t>.r sale, Has no competitor. Evorj fimliy watt» ftwm two to a -toun. I’r tt very lane. call \*n* mediately at 121 South C:nrk-st., Hoorn 0, up stairs. J. 11. NASON. \\f ANTED—lndies m want ol relnblo V* aervai-tf. o ltl» city ref'nine**, can l>o-nt o'iol nt Mils D.DUAn’S EUI'UUtCM, NO. lAO.roo.n Claraat. WJ ANTED—Fnmiiica can be snpnHod V» with he’s at rhort n-»tlcc. (Jennara, V-*rw«j* slana, Hwerfee. Vfrnelt. KnfflUha-id Soote*i eetran s ran l>« had atMUS. .IOHNsON’S, *j.'M Oik-st. near toeNuttli side. 33:lajucli-"j3 ; .UEcrnsi:c!ruo \\J ANTED— A Ecat,c- mlorldb)o dwell- V> imr ol Hor 10 r onu, will, cl gua-t wa ter; lotover#3.roo. eonih Side nreferre-l. Must lea bateau*. Address Box II I, mving kJdro s, iocsUjd snn ptlce. W/ ANTED—Money—$2,000. Anyone TT havirs two thouiand dollar* to loan, to bo secured by rtr»t on a I«rm worth tM tnou esrd dolltre. nslt a mllo froa* I‘axt ‘o. countr *eal of ford win i |ra«e address **D C 8," Box SO. Tax* ton. 111., with tera s. \\f ANTED—Those interested to send V t stamp fjt cl»cul*ra,drawloc*. Ac.,of the Made Liner Marker,or (7 ibr canvasser** coxitdete ..u-flt. KnUres»tlsfactloD xaarsntcuL Address MORTIMER A CO.. Box U 67. —By a single gemlomnn t* beard and ap irfpients with a randan French family of high rrflncircnu living wl'hln ten minutes* ntnancc ol the Court Douse. Ad-lros (lo Fre:ch or Enplfb) UABRRN PAItKF.U AMK3. Esq. Ch'cno. WANTED —To sell doors, sasb,blmds, mui lngs, balnsten*. brackets, caslngi*. door ana winri->w ir#mes of every vart-?y. Cali and •»«* ua and ce* a rood jo-- at a fslr price. wM. WISDOM te SON, 97 Ko-th Kranklm-st. TX7ANTED—To collect bounty lor vet- TT erans. sailers and one-year men. No charge until claim Is col'ected. Advances ntule nnc'aims. A. Attorney at Law, 120 Dcarbom »u Room?. Office open cvt-Dlpca. "ITT ANTED—A good horse and harness. V V Also, an axnress w-ieoo. nearly now. Apply at SOWcatßaudolph-st. H.P.DEWEY. WT ANTED—A good horse and top bue- V* cy In exchange for real e*tav* la the city. Ap pi) to J. a. KEEI.RR, 129 feomh Clark -at. TXT ANTED—Madame Theresa Dc- T V sbarnp. the celeb’aled Fortune Teller from Paris, wilt tnrvieil the future of any lady or nnlleman byrcndloc her a lock of their hair sndepecl-ueni.r handwriting. Inclosing 50 cents. Address P. O. Box 230. Chicago* TX7 ANTED—Locomotive boiler, 10 to VV 50-borsepowcr.capablecf reslstm; 106 pound* pre»rnre, for cash or In exchange tor s-hor<t: power nprlcht D-Ucr anncaah. Avdre-**, Immediately, UAH* RISON A CO„ 125 ladlana-qt. TXTANTED—To machinists—A place Vt for a Rood smart boy, sixteen years efage, to learn the trade Lives with his parents, and can etve tie best of reference. Address or call at 49 Western* av n stattt p place of bunness. XX7ANIED—I want 100 pood men 7* that mean business*, that are wUltas to wort tar good wsge,. to call and see lha bc»: Invention for domestic bm In tbs market. Error tsml t warm on* or more. The article is new am) Just ont. Orra* Irdnrcmei t* toageu* Callonoradores* CHiitLS.-t MESSENGER, 98 Wa-hingtos-st,, Room j. Simd stamp for circular. TXT ANTED—Patent right men having T V tight* to dupo'c oL and wUhlnir office room, t apply to CH “IS IT AN <a <JO. Rwn 3. IJnd'i Block. Rsndolpt-sl. bridge. ffiSHaiurh— QLa Ketit. \\T ANTED—To Kent—A bouse sul- V* able fbr or (Ire genUtmea a* a bvhjior residence, with nece#»ary c*-t»vcciprce«, fßrDist'edT untarnished. Addreas. with fall ptulcaUr* at it rcn% capacity, ocallty. Ac. Ac„ Box 184 I‘.Chicago. \\T ANTbD—To* Kent —A good hi-use, V * con-alnlngSorlD rooms, on the South Side. northW Twelfth and east of state-at., hy a prompt* paylar, careful tenacU Address - W," p, o. Drawer 3583, Chicago. WANTED —To Kent—A suite ot y e rocme, by a gcntleicsn ana wife, with flrat ciass board, la som*. *<kul locaUU. References ex changed. Adiress B*x 18-1. "IX/'aNTED —To" Kent —Any time be .» T. t%rc ’ n no «’ » nrt ‘he l-«tcf Msy. a mo<l?rate sired house, on South Pi<*e, norm of Twelfth and Es.t of SlatML Address P.o. box 1771. Wf ANTED—To Rest—A neat coctnce, V V of 3or 7 rooms, it a pleasant location. ve*t of Peorl*-ft. WenMbny rome gi>ad farniture. Addre s “A P. A 3 South .fciiersoa-<t, \aTANTED—To Kent—From the first VV of March or April, a twi>«rory h-m-c ol s or 10 rooms, near tne city Unite, W*«t bide preferred. Rent mmt ba low and pay win be protnot. Apnlr to £. O. bAOCOCK, 107 Sooth Water-st. 3 \\T ANTED—To Kent A well lur- Y > clshed r:oraorsa!teofrooms, tnltable f.r thrm yocegmen. Must be north of Monroe and rut of w«ii!u»t. Ikst of rtftrecce gtTer. Addrets I*. O. Bsx 349, Chicago. TXT ANTED To Kent —Ry a single V V gentleman a tarnished room,witho'»t boa rim a lint class family within tea m*imtm wnlg of Court Boose. Addicss “B. E. K.” rost office, Chicago. Y\/ ANTED—To Rent—By a prompt V V paying tenant, a small house fn goo-flocatlon, Nrrth or west side. Address “8.,” 134 statlcg location and terns. WAN^TD —To Rent—A comfortable dwe'lltg. nnr'h of Twenty-fourth and east of Stwtc-tts, Sonth Dlvt-lon. Requlr* ments—not less ihannlLt-rooms, witn modem Iranrov-ments, amt §p arranged tl at there ore at least f ,nr rooms tp-iriors and two bod roemsl (Iml Coor. Address “ UOME," Tribote Office, stating location. TXT ANTED—To Kent —By a single pen- VV man.atarnfehsdrootn. withont vianl. dleiw*. actlylocated. West bide preferred. Addrwa “FA M,” Trloune office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A house on V V North or Sonth Side (latter prefer re-1), in a first class neighborhood, by a responsible tenant, to he oc* cutled by a gentleman and hi* wife, without chll tren. Bca»eaarlietarDl<hednrnot; lease fur one year or more. Address “X _ 7L" Trthnueotace. liusincsg Gtiancta. FOR SALE—The lease, stock and fix tures of toe Alhambra inning Saloon. No. 97 Socth Clark s;. opposite the Ujutl Bouse. For terms lequire at the Kctanrant. F'OR SALE—A stock of hardware, trade established. In the coentr scat of one ct the ben counties tn lb* sta'** ifllllnei*. For particulars liqalieof B. M. pniLUI’S, 448T-abr-s;., np stairs. F'OK bALE—Boarding house furniture, on rca» enable terms. H'C»9 tail of boarders, ob ject, to change bnHoesa. gal! at IQa EastJoctooo st. Tj'OH aA-frE—Fc-r $2,500 cisli, to an ’ F editor am! orln’er, th**ooc-haJ interest In a ant class wccklr Rcpubliran tcwvpspcr, yi**du jrav»ariy Inccr.c of fretn #7,00 to IIC.SJJ. Circulation 1.5 M, mtd rapldty lEcrca-lre- i*i>pu*atun ot town, I>V M. A - dic?s ~R E G,*’ Tribune office. Cmcaco. T7OR PALE—Hare Chance— stock and « Cstarcact an A No. 1 fancy and amity grocery rtcre, tow doing a largo and pmnz bnaln-* e. Hood rraicoi given jor selling. Apply at 37S West Lake-st. I7VOK SALE—A Steam Sawmill, with 1 <SO acre* or 'and, la the beat oak a; d poplar ration rf Southern Tlllnot*. Buildl-g«. team* and everything &rce&> a-y for carrying on an ext-tilv? loa»>enDsbn<i* teat *«• pretties. Ta- property wOl be sold fer #16,000, *cdl* an csusnai onporujalty for a great barrsln. ACdffi I>. L i-EHI'T. Wettnp, 111., cr O. J. SIOTTGD. IClara-»r„ Boom 19. ITOR SALE—A good clean stock ot dry f ru&, loteUst r w tth the Irate of a floe brick«t*re. located (bop* »t thcb»it testae's cl.le* le the North' we»t. Good trade established and a rare chine-for tl.o-c w entoc t' Co Int- bustae::. Apply to V. OAT LOUP * SON, Oaßkoih. Wis. F'OK SAIiE— To pnysiciacs and drmr d»ls—A r tail drug »tpre, well lpc*fct tor an oldee practice, and dotnc a rood buflnmt. A roxlpractice •ltta<l> twilit op. A ecod chance for aao ter to arm Into prattle" ntesec. Araonat ofatock, t llfj, ao rirtS* ‘•DuCIOK/'UQX »A 577» FOU SALE—A drug store, cheap tor cash. Moitbesdo on account ofsickuesi. Ap ply or address 7ts9 Cnlcago. i?OK srALE—Lease and fixtures 01 a F meat and reectable marset. Inquire at No, Sl3 Stalest. ■_ TfOR SALE—SIOO to SSOO cash will l 1 sectirc a protltable ba*ißes4. To parties looking i< r lninj»diaus and large remits, thia i« a rare chance. TliUErDlLL&COnltoog* ;3 Lombard IHocx. T?OR BALE—Cheap for cash, a Board leg Bonsc, rnntltare and cheap with gojd boarders that pay lo advance, and p enty ol tn&ta. Ad drui Immediately, “CASII,** Tribune ouku. F'OR bALL—A one-third interest in a macnflictnnDC basinet, dolaza xo-*d ba-lnwa. Rraaon* cirSi fi*r aellmc. Call between Sana 19a. a, at 26 North .tefferaon-st. OR SALE—One-bait interest m a dtarstore. Beoalnd capital and party to aitetd lLu Who'o buitoea*. nrwoald »eU whole, and takeco£bn'l rcxl cat*tc. Call at 12a Soata Ciare-st. t?OR SALE —store bxtares and stock of P Tcr y desirable qooda. Will exchanga tor eltr MPpcrty. St-Tot * real. Apply to io4 tUtfc-»t«.ccrner Wtohtasrtr n,tn Fancy Goods Bazaar, lilarijincrs. FOU UAL?.—A aea-nd-hand Backloj fo.dtac tnachian-,ifc aoou cvUiuon- Pxlce, #uC. Apply to IheTKiBUSK COUPAgV. FOR &AJjE—At Lall-pnce, a number of brass spiontti: iathes,nooU aal autciUia-v trachlt«.wUh ,oU ol ticli cr v%rioai 'l*WloU'ias. Apply at B job xl, IT LaSslle-n. SUvatlons^^tnti WALES, UITUATION-Waoted, hTT^>s p B«B,cf sanys any year* exp*rionv .?*•&><!; trade. CapjOto e«xl reWcneo b/» a t: * r'' AOd.«», “sCIf.Z.." OMmlp.-o^n^j CITOATION-Wactol, 8S J' •Oby a JOOBZ mao wbo was totelr.ii. *»■% caasatr. UodonbteUmr rrferea « **M K C." Box N 33. CWca-r. '* B P»<3. V* • *•> UITUA'I lON—Wanted Lv a v.. KJ; who Is * soo’l peniroa vd stud! look-kccoiDC. Dot 0 , dWMft UORNEIt, Kocfc Jsiißi Ct>M C ITU ATI ON Wanted^TpS—^ ; O ccck m tol«l. witaaruLt or **.■!. norar. Utgo dcoor, aad \r 2-1 j v.i-r dr»i ** M H.” Trlfinnc offlre, * oo< * *£f CIT^TION-Waotod-El^rr^ O clcso op oor bnslne**, we n.h 1..' 1 bon Or oar shipping clerk, ongbly fUlal le and comaeUnt. AriJ/ Bib & CO., f*7 South Water street/' cituation—wAnted-prr~-'' O American mas ar.l wif--. wi,u*„ J . " JC>» } JL l«r pay- Good city references given ' } .-2 D,” Tribune office. FKiTIAIsHS, fiU UAII ON—W anted, f O cr govern eta. by in Aar-rn-i* »,•! ~**!« ft, obHet lon to the country. AoirtSi , * t, ' A iV’Trltmna office ‘ t3 ’’ t,r «e ! - k. 7 by a very respcctaVe ia-y. » U - T „ > " take tse entire charge or .t hui.. ri-; it iLjr at 1296 w eat Madwon-st. f.r tftr-J'.>l x ! r 3 /*'s. S: ot city reference* glfcn it requtr <j. **• li- >i OITUATION-Wanted, \ lO tbeß an American Mr-*.'», I In take care of a lady. C»llatS-» Ce* ,1.2 Jvi ' : =' - of Canal. '^ 3< - >t.». SITUATION—Wanted-aP///-1 O or narßc for children, or to di »** -a,",. *-*3 lady, who baa been a teacher and a^ Apply to h \V lu CO.. IH.T HI '• SITUATION-^ Wauled— ‘ V rrtpeclapleTonnr woman. a*riv\-«. »*, iiy. Kcferrnces riven If required. Cal •' 7H North l(a)>trd-sr. **• •* »:h, SITUATION—Wantcd-Bv aWT?-, L i bat bad experience, and can kiv> in* j rtferepcc, as Bookkeeper or auburn. Alarev’-7l s Post Office. l v SITUATION— anted—By lady, as caablcr, saleswoman, i r rm-.i.-* , .‘ l - • leg done at h*-meit preftrml. Addre«d ia-? . JO Willard place. x SITUATION—Wanted—Bv * c irU( Cl fourteen, to take care of a baby or \\z-, rt J tvrwoit. la a ciwvj sewer. Waaea iu;^a"*‘ W obw: a« r gwxf !»?ne. AdJrcs*. or aip'r « 7,; WeatWubltkton street. * C'ITUATION Wanted—By s iT’ladyot gord qnahflpatioc*, wham hcr.-*V ~*• ttsthcrln thi'EngiUhbraiichesor In rrti-l-t.-.j!i ‘ a sufficli-t t rrn at ernUun n-r net baa*d. two >ta) *. “TKACREIC* Chicago P. o. u agents aiHautri.. A GENTS— \V anted—sls to s2vit **. il month, *v*rtwherp. male and fein>.». due- th’oucliont tl.e Uc.lUil Muir, |*> (;km r\t PROVED I OMMII.V bKNSRFAMII.TSEITIM;«T CHIN*. Thl* machine will anirh. iirm f-» -i| quilt, blnJ, lira! “ anl »mt»n.ld«-rm jni,i.i»iivS manner. Pri son y fib. Ful!r w.irr,i w r;.v,; y»ar». will pay f-rarvimrM-., •cw a stroi err, more n« ac:n it «<r m*ir•* ((m.- than eora. it nuke* th** "Kin* lr 1.-,UM|r.ti ■■ y.i mmnd »Ul< hcm be m.t. an. Mill ih« rlniii.Wi^ polled apart without ttannr It. We|..n u fit >;i to 170 prr month uml ui'" n»«,,>r ;i <-, rr . from »Mth twicethat am- untcar p*vi.,'* fchl'OMß A CO.,riev.lftMi.i>j,t . u ” '* * l -»•» CAITM N.—lh» net b» Implied upon 1-y *>ili-rn»r tics palming ■ n WTtMe*, MU Iron mar*.)'qaZ the mm* t erne or olln r» Jsr. ()i:r, |, 11 •. v, -,J! lt« aa-lrea'-l) t r>c‘l-.aUh(«pm4:iiU-*m.t-L. narn AOENT>— Warned—.for “ LIFK AND DEATH fH ftFIICL ntIM«NS” . rjf.ra to »eli. Sen f. r c»rcu ar. A. fl> Waihimttooat. Chicago, AGhNTs— Wanted—To canrasr Co-k Countr for a new lurenllini, na.ii in .\rrj u ly. Wilt *«« readily. Apply at 4’i turd atory. J. F. j-AKKI.U. AGENTS— Wnn’co—To cell tickets in LlrTfpooJ, Ireland. Pranrt ana o.'nfl«nr. t »hc!i a cood ooinml**|.>n wul ha pal,?. U-vr ,* ecetit* nrut n**attra*l**r« »hon!J apply to S I *.\»x BrK».gyci<fk->t..rM*aßo. * 7 jJartnrcg giUamct). PA RTNER—Wanted—%Tith J? 151 fi‘.\ tc afinitdrv and machine »hnts ora comnet-v t tnv uithfH.KO. Pi tase charga of the foundri. \.i MEAD. I qt ia.dolph..U T> ARTNEK—Wanted— !?.%00(» *2.i ff : J cash down, f. r half nt s mnnnfuctiHn * Averaceneltprctlt,j:o per day. An wr.* n.- nra* d.«o 1* rtqoesteu to call la ntrsot on IIU.L ,t (.•■ 107 State-ai. ' T>ARTNER—Wanted, witn $;5.«-un r . : J fiCCX to join tbs advertiser la nun-La-'n •r. right« f lbe Ci tint States In a very uarfal aaCvVec- Invention. Call at lOS Adsmut. T>AUTNLtv—Wanted, with sn,fiuticisi J to Invest ir ac- mmisstun hotue t-K-.url In * ■ city. Prm well »ftabllshrd and doing a heavy Acdres* “LT." Box INS 7. Chicago, ill. VOAKTNER—Wanted—A man \rii s A #6So,who u temperate and wllUrg n ' take a half Interest In a meat and vep-tabl- rviv H*sa trade of |S3 per ds?. Call at Room 2. No is South Clartt-st. "PARTNER —W anted—An ener,ndlc JT man with ?W. to lake a hall Interest In Vo tab Isbcd bnsiaeas. Prom* large. Apply at SPEEBi T>aßTNEß—Wanted, With a capiuVß I HJKO to In a meat market aad lari c-a'.-- lLce»t*b Übmcnt. Best location In the city. at 135 C.ark-st. Room 5. PARTNER—Wanted—With SSSO. a I yoons man that will travel on net f iO>o?r:n.*su *<» asesc). No risk*. Adores* 15. AL LEN, Tribune office. "PARTNER—Wanted —A p-od reliable I man to tskrebarre and one-hair inter*-1 hm Sar store, at invoice, in a good location. Altt JI U' J OTDeN, 210 State-st. >? PARTNER —warned—To take hill in terest In a store nud a t-nod maanracturi ir bi mess. I'apttal required, |3,CStI. Adorer* **A iL - r call at lA6 South VTatcr-sL. Room 6. P~ARTN£R WantcU—S-*/,60b, cash ot >* -nt. f*- UMlshedma*ufactnrlie huMues-t p;ivin; fV)i-?j.r day. ItnmcOlati* nttcotlon oecntc* u tars ciuuf. HILL & CO M 107 Siate-«C, basement; iSaarmuK T>o^fKDlNG—At2'<B Stale st. IVe keep I ) » quiet and onhr.y house, acd btunl <>ti r.-v --soletcrtns. Slavicgentlemencr ctntiemcaaiihuwr wire* arc Ins-Red to rail. I^OAUDING—A large lir-ni parlor, A > hnndßomelyftainUhed, w[i*i board: alo.*p’rw ant tulle of rooms, can re obtained at n»at ami ]]4 vi.NTO.V t BAINES, Proprietors. I3OARDING—At the National Hotel I > Rooms t:- rent fbr families nn>: sincfe rtvsrt Weiftp a rm-ratc tab •, cod waili-r*. j.n.l if-n-j; Ct od nccommodatlODS. Pot das board-r-* gj i-r »«i. Board and ro-mi* from ?A to fid per werk. Tri-M-ar U:ard, $2 per day W« solicit a cali fror tr tf-11-rs. I>OARDING—A few gentk-mni ami I I larle* can ftnd Pl»a«anl room* and i-m-lN art n 227 Mlcilean near corner ot North swi*. clcic cleLC to business. Terms aodcrale. TIOAKDIKG —A pleasant room to rent, Jwlth board to a eretfeman a»rt r-tfe«‘rt*'>M:ri' gentlemen,at llf)Stata->C Alw-.afewdaTb'arum accf mmodatfd. References require. "DOARDiNG—To rent, with brarl, a X J »ultc ol rooms. Two gentlemen rreirrr' 1. refcreuces required. Apply at SOB Wab-vdi »r. 130ARDINGr—One or two oentl.irw 1) desiroas of comfortable- heme. w’-Jh ex.-e '-rt i beard and elegant front rooms to a re* trnb e f-m l !* \ Using cp o ar- not rery far I'ma titl*-. if Pest rtfermces reqolred. Address "tV I*. •*. Uai ji T>OARDING—A gentleman and wite 1. f can bearrommodat**Twitli pl<»ai»nt.-jxju'ri* "t rcom and toanl at 42 Twelfth-ec., between Wah*.-s and Michlcan an. TDOaKDING—A furnished lack pir-■ J_> ler suitable for three gcollemcn. AL-« * thirl ! »uiry front room, onfUroUhetl, an t a slash- r -om u reat with be srd. Apply at No. ill WatUßh ac. "OOAKDING—A pleasant room m pri- JLJ rate family. No. 901 Stalest., corner lor two Jouag gentlemen, or gentleman aid Call early. T>OARDING—Good beard and rooms Uai Briggs House- No 2.8 S -j»?j» few dsy bcarrtrs. TJOaRDENG—A gentleman ami vnfe * ■.• and two Pit pie gentlemen can be acco-nrv-U’*' with board In a p-lrate family br apolvlag -t' > ». ti Sonth Green-sL, one door from HaLdolfih; tereu in •> erate. T>OARDING—One irent parlor mr- 1 XX nlsned or nntnrnlsbed. with board; I otbtr large rooms on the second d> or. ran oaohu'.c>.l | *4237 Cufrrtsees required. f T>OARDING—Four eentlemen can ft-* JI ) tain board In aor Irate famll* whe e thrr. a**s i > l other toarders.byrqlilLgat 46H N rUi DotfOa.-a*' j TJOARDING—Two front rooms to rent a I 7 with board, at 37 cor. Ohio. iHth-r i-r . ni«hcdoroctaml.«hfd. together or stnge. sn*t»?c>* I kCDUemen ana thetrwlres or single grntfemes. i: > ences reqnirtc. ; TJOARDING—Two pleasant r^oms. J I well fnrclahed, with biard, can hi* obtniTl *t 13CastRaodolph-st. AIM, a few Uav hoarfefi »' per week. TJOARDING—A furnished room I' 1 ! 1 > twogeml-men or gertleman and who. »■» rro with first-c beard. Also. t=o ui taf-l-hi->l »tsl SontnCarpcnter-sC,nrartheTb'rc an Church. . 130 arß aiHamrij. SBOARD— TVantcd —By a young lady, i heme In a fat ||y wner* inttnirtl ~ c4lr Eng U-b branches wontd be considered a roapes eatioc. Address ‘•Fff.** Box 256*», Chicago- T>OAUD—In the crmntir for a 13 man and wife.four chlidm and nurse. like t*» go out April Ist, or sooner. Mmn br on t-.- ..=* tf a RalUcad. Address K l>.Box 2772, T3OARD—By a young ladv teacb*:^. oo L > Mich lean crWsOash-ATTt-cexrTwcl’.h-t t “ tot be wiluag to pay mo«e thai- $ lAO .r S 5 ■» Acdrcts “MUa M C C,“ Tnbnne ollli.e. BOARD —Ly a.young man lor his su-icr. where there are few or nc o her b wherethecomfortarfabemecaa be-cl-vrl. ,>; V* addrm*. staling tems, 1 oca Hoc. Au.-M C U." Tr.- bone office. IJOARD—By a smele gcntlcraar, m » 1.) private family whrre there arc few cr i" boarcere. Reference* clreo, U required, .vllre-* **li. G. Ci Tribune Office. _ ■DOARD—Gentleman and wilt den? i) bear!, tarnished oranltaml«bed room* di a Tate family, South Sid . wmine to pay a IK*™ 1 ritce. Adureis-W. B. 11.,'* Box 3931. BOARD— Fora young Jadv attest? tchod, a pleasant room wua board, in ap. - « TJAJ mmily. Acdteu-e. A. C ,*• Tribute Office. I3OARD—Day beam 17001011 5, 5 * I > yotJrsin*»*pflT»le fam'ly. to. bn pi' l ’ fm-clajadertutry. Addrm • OKNTIST,** i-* Office. ofts?ongi PERSONAL —A iriddle-aged, reittb-e niar. who will make the West hH fature M •' oirfc* ite acqnalntaa* e of a lady CVnd who w , na'ly like to travel. AJjtr.tßi.mnN UA.—' NE*~, lt-l 303. LockpotUN.r. PERSONAL —A young ecntlemi* i!r'» to conesprpd with a y.wpglu-ly, icr th ■ 9 and cloymcnJL Acdresi **A -'• Chicago Pest Dolce. _ FLKbONAL— A yenng gent^ :;s '* c * •bent atartlse on a tour through the S nffi-r 5 Malta, wlihe* * yonne ladr »traye!jng Aaorew-wiihniiiname. nutta*; whn.-e aaift-' rT,v ' may be tad. “N L a. w care City Hold. OEhSONAL—A couple of‘‘nee boy* I . would like to correspcod with a num »r T-* an acnaalntanes. .\drtfe‘« V ' K K * KMAIFTIT. or EUGENJS A. WILSON, toilCd- v. TSERSOKAL—George, I saw Otrne X yesterday aOrraoou at the MaOnee ns *• ‘ . wUhre toaceycttmach. ItoM her It '.'-ji lc« she procurer a conleol tr*Tf Rtoc. hr. • glr* b»r a of *uch exquisite woule fa»ein*i« all admirer* of prrfoct Frl jeoi an th« city, the cay *r, i.ireatltel c; •< all hcarta, bar© who knew noli ccUlha tacs o. BLANCH*. IJianoE. FOH SA3.E—At a bit-gain, a h“ d “ l '® e . new seven r clave ptioo forte: also. <ju-'- jp s cnd-bsnds-vc-cctarcpia-o. ApnK «t w. T. Vtant. MsinfatUT}. KaVl»g VTcst Madls.'n-st. POE SALE—Acd to Sent—Xew »» F second-hand «d twos 7i (made by Prices, ofßuflab). bT J- PKESI'- Markent. and flu n aabtrcUn-st. r'OR oAljE—o* exchanee r ffiw.rSos%y^.pct i yen«o* Q. 0. 10T etatM«s