Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 18, 1867 Page 1
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MOM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean telegraph. The Fenian Outbreak In Ire land at an End. A Hew Ministry Formed in Italy/ An English View of the Cretan Insurrection. FROM WAHGTON. Sherman’s Substitute for Stevens’ Military Eocons traction Bill Passed by the Senate. The Beecnt Meetings in the Interest of the President- An Explanation. MOM SPRINGFIELD. ■Passage of the Bill to 3uild a New State House by the Senate. The Iniquities of the Omni dus System. The Prospects of tlie Railroad Bills. FROM EUROPE. BX OCKA.JV telegbiph. ARRIVAL. Liverpool, February 17. The steamship Hector, from New York, lias arrived. THE FENIAN OUTBREAK RETORTED SQUELCHED Dublin, February 17. The outbreak in Killarney has come to an cud, and the bands of Insurgents have dis appeared. One hundred and lony Fenians have been arrested, and are now in jail. FRANCE. Paris, February 17. The Budget presented m the Chambers yesterday by the Minister of Finance, gives -a very favorable report of the condition 01 the finances. Hailes, in consequence, have recovered from the recent depression, and .advanced. SPAIN. Madrid, February 17. Spain Is about to augment her Heel in the West Indies. ITALY. Florence, February 17. A new ministry has been formed, with Baron Bicasoli at the head and Agostinp and Deprets, the lormer Minister of Marine and the latter Minister of Finance. The radical party arc much dated at the dissolution of Parliament. PRUSSIA. Berlin, February 17. The Prussian troops will withdraw, but Prussian garrisons are still to he maintained in Ldpelc, Bautzen and Konlgste'm. Berlin, February 17. Prince Frederick Charles has oeen elected to the North German Parliament. AN ENGLISH VIEW OP THE INSURRECTION IN CAN DIA- London, February 17. It is now considered certain that the de termined resistance of the Cretans, and the •spirit of concession recently shown by the Turkish Government, will result in toe com --Jilele.-indepcudenoG of the LUud of Candia. BaXQDBT IX HONOR OF TUB TACHTITEN. [Special De-patch to the New York Gerald. J Paris, February 17. A grand banquet given in honor of tbe American yachtmen took place last night. Mr- Morion. Secretary of the New York Yacht Club, was present. M. Chuff, Presi • dent of the Paris Clnb, toasted the New York Yacht Club. from Washington. [Special Despatch to tne Chicago Tribune.] Washington, February 17. reconstruction in the senate. The debate upon reconstruction In the Senate yesterday was wearisome, the occas ion done giving it much interest. The bitter speech of Mr. Doolittle was about the only exception, and was regarded as an indication that the President would not yield any part -of bis policy. During the scs.-ion the galleries and lobbies were filled till ten, 'when Garrett Davis obtained the fleor, and speedily tblancd both. A lew moments be* fore midnight Sherman offered a substitute for tbc bill and pending amendments, which had been agreed upon iu a caucus of Renub- Ilcau Senators held In the morning, at which the whole subject was referred to a commit tee of seven—Senators Fessenden, Sumner, Trambnll, Sherman, Har ris, Howard and Perelinghuyaen. Tbc object was to harmonize the Republican side of the chamber, if possible, oa the basis of the Military Bill, with the House amend menst and a few other changes in the House bill. The result woe to amend the bill as it came from the House in two particular?, giv ing tbe assignment of Military Commission ers In Southern Districts to the President in stead of General Grant, and striking out tbe provisions prohibiting United States Judges issuing writs of habeas corpus in rebel States. Tbe Blaine amendment, in its modified form, was then superadded as the last section. A motion was afterwards made in the Senate that In all capital cases the President’s approval should be necessary. At midoigbt tbc Democrats moved to adjourn, urging that Sunday work was not proper, bat on being- voted down proceeded to occupy tbe whole time till 0:39 in the morning, the Republicans patiently waiting for them to become exhausted. Tbc final vote, 29 to 9, does not indicate the real strength of tbe bill, as several Republicans were absent. It it. understood that the whole Republican side, Sumner possibly ex cepted, would have voted In the affirmative. The West Virginia Senatorsvoted aye. The bill will go to the House tbe first thingMou day moming.aud be taken from tbc Speaker’s table at once. the president's position. The President, in consultation with high officials on Friday, stated positively that he utterly repudiated the statement that he Lad offered terms of compromise, but that on the'contrary he held firmly to his policy. -Justice to a part of the Republicans drawn Into the late meeting demands the explana tion that they were distinctly and repeated ly assured that the Fcrsidcnt authorized tbe parsons who assumed to act on his part, to say that Johnson was willing to agree on the Constitutional. Amendment, and suffrage Id some form, and some Republicans who went to tbe meetings did so in good faith, belicv- IngtJohnson was coming over to them. Not withstanding the President's positive denials ill* tme be has been a party *.o creating tbe impression that he was ready to abandon his plan for that of Congress. Tae opinion is strengthening that the whole, on Johnson's, was a trick to secure delav. The Select Committee of Wentworth’s wUI begin to take testimony to-morrow. Tho name of Blaine, of ilaiue, has been mixed up, either in transcribing lists or in tele graphing, w ith Blow, ol Missouri, as attend ing these meetings. It Is well known that Hr, Blaine was not present at aoy of the meetings, and had nothing to do with them. CORRECTION. Washington, February 17.— An important error occurs in the report published in the t*apers of tbe proceedings on tbe Tax Bill last Thursday evening. The bill proposed to remove tbe provision of the existing law hy which the right of gas companies to add tbe lax to the price charged to the consumer, to to ininale on the 80tb of April. The House, howtrer. afer considerable debits, struck out thai|r>aragrai-h of the pending bill, the result being that the right ol gas companies to add on the tax terminates on the 3Jth of April. As printed the word “not” is placed boore the word ‘Terminated/’ making the paragraph read opposite tJ wbat was writ u-n. THE military reconstruction bill in the. SENATE Washington, February 17.—The origin of Hr. Sherman * substitute, adopted in the Senate tblejiiornimr/u. as fallows : When tbe Senate adjourned after Fridry night’s session with Blaine’s amendment pending, the Re* publican Senators held a caucus at U o’clock on .Saturday morning, to agree about a common basis, •if possible. At this caucus the whole subject was refeirodto a com mittee of seven Senators, Viz: Messrs. Fes- Modes. Trnmbnll, Snmner, Howard, Sher man. Harris and Frellnghnyaen. The coxa mlttee was at work most of Saturday after 0000, and finally EffreM npon tfie bULwhlch Senator Sherman'offered as a 1 snhmitata a* ■ Satnrdar ensuing** session, and which -was 1 adopted afier~the whole night's-discaaaloa The last section of the snhititnti la simply tbeßlatoe'amendment," somewhit -changed in phraseology, bnt coreriog Just ttK same points. From present indications there-will be serious resistance In the House to-morrow tothe past age of the Solitary Reconitrnctioa Bill as amended-by the'Seoate. MKBTiso or thk coso&nssioxaL tbserai- ' - 1 ANCB 80CIBTT.' Washington, February, 17 The first meeting. of the Congressional Temperance Society was held to-njght in Representatives’ Hall. The. galleries were densely crowded. .Senator Wilson presided. Representative Price, of lowa, said he had never witnessed a scene like that before him, of so much brilliancy and so full of Interest. ' Thfe Chairman next introduced, In compli mentary terms. Senator Yates, of Illinois. .. Senator Tates said he had signed the pledge for good, and bad made bis cove nant with God. Some months before, when bo signed the pledge, he raised himself to his fall height, . for ho was free. Although be had considered himself a moderate drinker, it was published throughout the land that he was a drunkard. There was some truth and error In this. He had the falling, when drunk, of letting everybody know it. His speeches were not frequent but long and lond. The great Commonwealth of Illinois had for twenty-flve years honored him in all public positions and ho bad now prom ised that State and all who loyed him, Kate and the children, that he would never more touch, taste or handle the andean thing. He intended to fight it out ou that line till the last hour of nis existence. In conclusion, he read a cheering and joyous letter from his wife, lu response to the good news that he had signed the pledge, which moved many in the audience to tears. Seve ral others addressed the meeting, and In re* sponge to the calls from the audience, the pledge was read and the names of the signors, embracing a number of Senators and Repre sentatives. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, February 17. SENATE. EVENING SESSION. Mr. COWAN opposed the bill and Mr. Sherman’s amendment. At two o’clock Mr. SAULSBURY moved to adjourn. Lost. ' A number of amendments to the third and fourth sections were offered and were dis agreed to. Alter further debate the ques tion was taken on the adoption of Mr. Sher man’s proposition as a substitute for the bill. Adopted—ayes 33; nays 3—Bucka lew, Davis andSaulsburv. Mr. DOOLITTLE moved an amendment as an additional section, that sentence ol death under this act shall be carried into execution without approval of the President. Adopted—2l to 10. ij At 5:43 a. m. Mr. McDOUGALL took the Hour, and made a speech against the bill. At 0:15 a. m. the bill as amended was passed. TEAS. Anthony, Howard, Sherman, Drown, liowe, Stewart. Cartel!, Kirkwood, Trumbull, chin.tlier. Lane, Van Winkle, Coucess, Morgan, Wade, crugiD, -Morrill, Wiley, Cresswcl’, Poland, Williams, F«>£g, Pomeroy, 'Wilson, Fiejinghuyscn, Ramsey, Yates. Grimes, Hots, NATS. Duckalew, Hendricks, Norton, covan, IfcDourall, Patterson, Davis, NetmlUi, bflulsbury, Doolittle. On motion of Sir. SHERMAN the title of the bill was amended so as to read, “An act for the more elllcieut government of the rebel States.” At 0:30 Sunday morning tUo Senate ad* joumed. The lolloping is Sherman’s substitute for Stevens’ bill as it passed the Senate: The preamble declares that no loyal State Governments or adequate protection for life or property exists in the rebel States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina. Georgia, Alabama. Mississippi, Looisiana, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas, and that it is necessary that peace and good order should be enforced until loyal and republican State Governments can be legally established. The first section divides the States named Into five military districts, as in the original bill. Section two makes it the duty of the Pres ident to assign to the command of each dis trict an officer of the army not below the tank of Brigadier General, aud detail a sulli cient military force to enforce his authority within the district, Ac. Section three makes it the duty of snch officer to protect all persons In their rights of person and property, to suppress insur rection, disorder and violence, and to pun ith or cause to be punished all disturbers of public peace and criminals. He may allow local civil tribunals to try and punish of fenders, or the organization of committees or tribunals tor that purpose. All Interfer ence and State authority is declared null and void. Section four provides that all persons ar rested shall he tned without unnecessary delay. No cruel or unusual punishment shall be inflicted, and no sentence affecting lUe or liberty shall be executed uutil ap proved by the District Commander. Section 5. That when any people of the -■•aid Slates shall have formed a Constitution and government in conformity with the Con stitution of the United States In all respects, learned by a convention of delegates elected bj zusic citizens of said State, twenty-one tears old aud upwards, of wttateverrace, color or previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year previous to the day of such election, except such as may be disfranchised for par ticipation in the rebellion, or for felony at common law; and when such Constitution shall piovlde that the elective franchise shall be enjoyed by all snch persons as have .nc qualification herein stated for electors of delegates; and when such Constitution shall be ratified by a majority of persons voting on the question of ratification who are qual ified as electors for delegates; and when each Constitution shall hare been snbmitted to '-•orgre-s for examination and approval, aud Congress shall have approved tbe same; aud when said State, by a vote ui Its Legislature, elected under said Constitution, shall have adopted the amend ment to th* Constitution of tha United states, proposed by the Thirty-ninth Con giess, and known as article 14; and when said article shall bo declared part of the Constitution of tbe United States, said State -halt be declared entitled to representaion in Congress, and Senators and Representatives chall he admitted therefrom on taking the oath prescribed by law ; and then and there after the provisions of this law shall be in operative in said State. To this is added tbc section proposed by Mr. Doolittle, sent in tbe Senate proceedings on Saturday. ° FKO3ISPBIRG FIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 Springfield, 111., February 17. THE BILL TO BCTLD A NEW STATS not/SB. The Senate, on Saturday afternoon, passed tbe bill reported by the Committee on Pub lic Buildings, to build a new State House, by a vote of thirteen to twelve—the same vote by which it was passed to a third reading tbc day before. Two Commissioners were added to the number, making sev en in all. Tbc two new Com missioners are virtually Springfield men, giving this city three, and fonr to the re mainder of the State. The amount to com mence with was Increased to $750,000, an ad dition of $250,000 to tbc sum named original ly in the bill. It was reported to the House in a few minutes after it passed tbe Senate, and will be called np on special order on Tuesday. Its friends boast to-night that it has secured fifty-six votes In the House, and they will put it through on that day. I think not, but I may be mistaken. If they succeed it will demonstrate tbe fact that while our representatives here are unwilling to vote one or two millions, or even a much .smaller sum, to start s great and vitally es sential public improvement, they will vote for at least five millions to ornament and popularize the city of Springfield. Let tbe people remember tbls fact wbcu they are cslied upon to pass judgment upon the con duct ol their representatives. OMNIBUS. There is a grand opening in this Omnibus business for a man to make himself immortal, if he will but accept tbe opportunity. This omnibus system Is the moststnpendousfraud ever practised upon a confiding people. It is filled with corruption which hourly in creases by reason of the meat upon which it feeds. If only there con® be found one Representative or Senator In our General Assembly who would stand up and boldly resist Us farther progress, he would render himself immortal. It inflicts con tinual disgrace and almost irretrievable wrong upon the people, Oue man can de feat it. He has only to object to its opera tions, and the thing is done. No bill can go into an omnibus except by unanimous con sent, and one recusant compels tbe vote to be taken on each bill, and not until after It lias been read in detail. I repeat, here is a chance fora man to render himself immortal. Who will do it f I fear no one here. carers. The Republican members of the General Assembly had a caucus last night. The at tendance was thin and little or nothing was done of any public importance. The ques tion of final adjournment was taken up, bat laid aside without any action by which any judgment could he formed. A shrewd mem ber present offered to wagera small sum that the two booses would adjourn at tbe latter end of tbls week, until next December. I think he is wrong In his prediction. The committee appointed to get up a represent ative appoitionment bill reported, bat it was discovered to contain several marked de fects and it was referred back for amendment, to be reported again to-morrow evening. I am of the opinion that no bill can be report ed upon which the two houses will be able to agree. If it were possible for each mem ber to fix a district In accordance with bis own wishes, I have no doubt that a new ap portionment would be made at once; bat with tbe present diversity of views tbe thing seems impossible. RAILROAD BILLS. General Hurlbut’s Railroad Bill, which passed the House about the first day of the month, and Senator Black’s bill on tbe same subject, arc now in tbe pockets of that dis tinguished Senator, and have been for tbe past two weeks. He has thus far defeated every attempt to draw them from their teclualon by thwarting every effort to get together a quorum of tbe VOL. XX* Senate Railroad Committee. It hoi been Hack’s intention to kill them both by throt tling them in, this way, but General Fuller caught the honorable and single-hearted Senator in a trap on Saturday afternoon, by Introducing a resolution which passed by a vote of thirteen to • twelve, per emptorily ordering .him to report the hills back to-morrow morning. Mack saw he was caught, and. for a few moments a red glow of fierce anger overspread his usually placid lace, and.then all was calm again. To-day be bas been bard at work la an honest endeavor to win over one of the Senators who voted for the resolution,’ In order to carry a reconsideration on to-mor row morning. Whether he has succeeded, I am not informed, but as ho rare ly foils in this class of di plomacy, I think it will be sale, to bet on his success. If he does, two Senators have declared to mo that they will resist by parliamentary strategy from now until the end ol the session, every omni bus and every other attempt to override the legitimate order ofbusincss. If they adhero to their resolution, the nice schemes burled in five or six hundred bills will be dcomed to the tomb of the Capulets. r BECOMI DUSPATHU. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Springfield, February 17—10 p. m. RINGS. I hear to-night of tba organization of a number of new rings, during this pleasant holy Sabbalb day, for mutual plunder. The new State House question is the great cen tre of most of them, and the parties to ail talk confidently ol success. They embrace the new State House, the Industrial Universi ty, the Cairo Penitentiary and Metropolitan Police Bill, the new Chicago Horse Railroad, the new Chicago Dock and Tier Company, &c. In these rings are writ ten tbo names of many gentlemen of whom I had hoped bet ter things, and I am almost tempted to dis believe the strong evidence which places them In such position. But from the con taminating influence of the political and moral miasma which rises from this Stale centre, few escape. I under stand that the first performance of two of these rings, combined for the purpose, will he to jump the Canal and River Improve ment BUI, which is the special order for to morrow at ten o’clock, and pat it behind both, their day being on Tuesday. This will be resisted by the friends of the Canal Bill with all the power ibey can apply, and thus hope to defeat the ringites. As I have said above, the friends of the new capital Jcluim to have fifly-six voles for their project. Their list embraces many names from whom I had hoped better things. You would hardly believe that Chi cago Representatives would entirely ignore this Canal Bill and sustain the capital swin dle with all the feeble power they possess, but euvU Is the case. RBIDEBT. I ought to have stated, in my despatch last night, that one of the Cook County Sen ators was olfered twenty-fire thousand dol lars of stock in the Washington Street Hor.-e Railroad scheme if he would sustain that measure. He declined the offer. DOCK AND PIER COMPANY. I understand that the new Dock and Pier Company propose to submit the question to a vote of the people of Chicago. TUB CANAL DILL. This bill will be the special order for to morrow at ten o’clock. I might add that its friends despair of carrying It through. The rings which 1 have mentioned, formed for common stealing, of course, will drive every measure of this kind, intended for the good of the State, oat into the cold. POOR JOE PORREST is literally played out. He has all along been laboring under the melancholy delu sion that the sojourners here were enjoying his stale attempts at witticisms in the col* urns of the Times, whereas they weic simply laughing at Lis asinine antics as second clown in tbe basement lobby of the Leland House. Joe’s early friends refuse longer to stand drinks, and his melancholy days have come. Alas I poor Joe! INDIANA LEGISLATURE. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane. I Indianapolis, February 17. Senate aot in session. In the House petitions were presented on temperance and for indemnity for losses in Morgan’s raid. A number of bills were reported from the' committees, and tbe House bills amending tbe School Laws were laid upon the table. Fight new bills were presented, one amend ing the act relating to lotteries, making the Qce five bnndred dollars; exempting sol diers’ relief lotteries ; and another ‘amend ing’ tbe general valuation act so as to allow County Treasurers live per cent for collecting .Icliuqnent taxes and mileage. FROM N AMI TILLE. Legislative Proceedings Arrival of Delegates to tbe Union State Conven tion. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nashville, February 17. Tbc Senate yesterday passed the bill to prevent and punish sedition, on third reading—ls to 5. There was not a quorum In tbe House. The Military Bill will come up on its third reading in the latter body to morrow. Delegates to the State Union Convention of the 22d Inst., are already beginning to ar rive. FROM LOUIS fILLE. RTeetincof the Union Party—'The Flood in Ute Ohio—lTlan Drowned—Arrivals and Departure* of & learners. Louisville, February 17.—The Union par ty held a meeting last night and passed a sc ries ol' resolutions, asserting their belief in tbe right of tbe loyal people, through Con gre?s, to settle terms for tbe restoration of the Southern States to the Union; opposing tbe policy and project of the rebel Democ racy of Kentucky In their effort to render treason respectable; approving the call fora Union Stale Convention at Frankfort on the 2fitb instant; approving tbc coarse of their State Senators and Representatives, who vot ed to ratify tbe ninth article of the amend ment to tbe National Constitution. Dele gates were appointed to tbe State Conven tion. Tbe river has twenty-four feet of water over the falls, and rising at tbc rate of one and a half inches an hour. It is nearly up to the second story of tbe houses on the levee. An unknown man fell from the steamer United States, on her arrival from Clncln natl this morning, and was drowned. Departed, Saturday—Cora, Memphis; Re becca, Cincinnati; to Nashville—Maggie Hayes, Pittsburgn. Sunday, arrived—lndi ana, from New Orleans; Minnesota, Mem phis to Cincinnati. Down—Darling, Cincin nati to Memphis. The steamer Major An acreon will not leave before Tuesday. There is great difficulty in handling freight, on ac count of the high water. FROM: JiEW TORE. vrrrfft of Gamblers—A Match made Between Browu and Hamlll, the Oaremcn—A Hew Indian Treaty Die., ISte. New York, February 17.—John Woods and Thomas Young, proprietors of a gam bling bouse in Prince street, together with fifty -eight gamblers, were arrested last night. Further heavy whiskey frauds bare been reported. Two distilleries and one thousand barrels of whiskey have been seized. The final arrangements for a siuglc-oarcd race between Brown and Hamlll have been made, by a deposit of SIOO, to row a five mile race, in May next, at Pittsburgh, for SI,OOO. Thirty-one thousand dollars hove been re ceived for tbe Southern Relief Fund. A Herald special says; “The Indian Com missioner yesterday commenced a treaty with the Sacs and Fox Indian delegations, with a view of inducing them to dispose of ihcir present lands, and remove further southwest. The Commissioner has decided against dividing the Indian school fund with the white fund on the Kaw and Kansas reservation, as has been practiced. FBO9L BOSTON. A Supposed Fenian movement. Boston, Febmory 17.—The Herald says that on Friday evening last a number of men, apparently Fenian officers, left the depot ol tbe Boston & Worcester Railroad in tbis city, but their final destination is un known. A large number of persons wit nessed their deoarture, and upon taking leave of his friends he who appeared to be the leader of the party was requested to “keep the field. Captain,until we come.” The party entered the New York train, and lift the depot amid the cheers of thespcc taiois. Surratt Expected. Fortress Blonroe, February 17.—Au anx ious watch is being kept at Cape- Virginia for the gunboat Swatara, with Surratt on boaid, now fully due. Baltimore. February 17.—Tbe pilot boat Blaryiand ainved from Cape Henry this af ternoon, and although it was expected that she would bring some tidings of the Swa tara, she did not. Fortress Monroe, February 17. —Tbe • pilot boat Wm. Starkey tenoned this morn h'g having spoken the Swatara at Cape Henry, with Surratt on board, from Alexan dria via Lisbon, bound for Washington. A bark rigged gunboat, supposed to be / Swatara, was seen at daylight this morning anchored near Willoughby's Spit light ship. The pDot boat Maryland pnta pilot on board at eight o’clock, when sne got under way and proceeded up Chesapeake Bay. THE STATE LESISLiTUBES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, February 16, FBI DAT EVENING'S PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. In tbe Senate last eTcnimr the bill to amend the articles of association of the Mil waukee & St. Paul Railroad Company, was the special order of business. After a long and spirited discussion the bill was ordered to a third reading—ajea,_lß j noea, 10. HOUaR. In the Assembly last evening bills were Introduced to amend section eight, chapter fifteen, Beyfscd Statutes, relating to towns and town officers; to change the time of holding court in Vernon County. Bills were passed to authorize the Secretary of State to procure and furnish to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors a list of names of de* setters from the military service, and making such lists pnma/acie evidence of de sertion. SENATE. TBSTERDAT’S PROCEEDINGS. A resolution was adopted authorizing the Trustees of the Hospital for the Insane to iurtilsh and light the new wings to that in* rtituliem, preparatory to the reception of patients. BUI wero Introduced to amend chmier twenty-two of the laws of 18UC concertmi ! the organlzmgof manufacturing companies; to amend section 8. chapter IGS, R. 8., rela ting to imnbhraent for larceny; to provide for levying a tax annually to reimburse the school funds- The Milwaukee A St. Paul Railroad BUI, which was oidercd to a third reading last evening, was made the special order for Tuesday. The Winona Bridge Bill was also consid ered for a time, and pending discussion the Senate adjourned to Mmiday evening, ASSEMBLY. A large proportion of the members went off on leave ol absence. A resolution was offered “to make inquiry into the propriety of sujjporting idiots at the public expense. A resolution to adjourn on Saturdays at half past eleven till Monday at half past sev en in the evening was adopted- Bills were itr roduced to regulate the se lecting of jurors, and half a dozen local bills. Adjourned to Monday evening. ITHCHIOAN, [Special Despatch to the Cuicago Tribune.J Lansing, February l«i. There is a prospect of a contest between the two Houses on the Coustitutioual Con vention Bill. Thu Senate adheres to its amendment, the House having refused to concur. The Senate asked for u Committee of Conference. A new bill on the some subject was intro duced In the Senate by Mr. Pringle. A large number of new bills were intro duced in both Houses, as the time for re* cerving new bills expires on the 20th inst. . The following bills passed the Senate: To provide lor the payment of the unliquidated swamp land contracts; for the surrender of lands on the original line of the Wisconsin aud State line road; enlarging the limits of Galesburg: to amend the charter of Mar shall. In the House, the following bills .were reported on favorably: For the organization of the county o'f Schoolcraft: to chance the name of the town of Lafay ette to Paw Paw: the Upper Peninsula .Mili tary Road Bill. The following passed: Bill to authorize township aid to the Battle Creek Agricultu ral and Mechanical Association ; to author ize the formation of corporations for pur poses of commerce; to aid navigation; reso lution In favor of the admission of females to the University. KEMCCKI’ Fbanktort, Ky., February W.—The House passed, 59 against 13, the joint reso lution that ibe people of Kentucky are un alterably opposed to movements iu Con gress to place the people of the Southern states niider military rule, the tendency vrhercoi is to military despotism, contrary to the spirit of the Union, and subversive of the principles whereon the Government was •ourded, and they here enter a solemn pro test against all such Cougiessional action. Destructive Fire at Sparta, TTU. Milwaukee, February 10.—A destructive fire occurred on Thursday night, at Sparta, in this State, destroying tbe Sherman House and a Norwegian hotel ; the Union block, »h!cb was occupied by a largo number of families, and who are thus made penniless ; The dry goods store ol W. F. Llndcrman, be sides a number of small buildings. Most all ibe goods were saved- The buildings were a total loss. Amount of insurance not known. Hi ameboxtts Items. Boston, February 10.—An old man, named Incalls Damon, was burnt to death in a barn, at'Nortb Heading, on Wednesday morning. Marks about the bead caused suspicion that he bad been foully dealt with. Abigail Scribener has been held for trial, cbaiged with poisoning Laura J. Brown, whom she suspected of too great intimacy with her husband. ft oremenuof Steamers at Hew Orleans. New Orleans, February 17.—Weather cloudy : thermometer 03. Arrived yester day—hden, Walsh,War Eagle, St. Louis. Ue nnitnrcs. Atlantic, Ist. Louis ; Westmore land, Cincinnati ; Magnolia ; Vicksburg. Arrivals to-day, J. C. Swan, St. Louis'; Ames, Memphis. Recovery of Stolen Ronds. Boston, February 17—Tbe United States bonds stolen from tbe house of William Dar rell, in Millon, amounting to SIO,OOO, bare all been recovered through the agency of d*c tcctlves. A servant girl and two others have been arrested fur committing the robbery. movements of Ocean Steamers. Portland, Me., February 17.— Tbe steam ship Restorian, which left Liverpool on the 31st ult., and Greencastlo on the Ist Inst., arrived at this port at six o’clock this morn ing. The Moravian sails for Liverpool at ten o’clock to-night. masonic Barqnet at charleston, S. C Charleston S. C., February 17—A ban quet was given last night by tbe Charles ton Masons to brother Masons from Wash ington and Baltimore, who arc now visiting this city. Arrived. New Tore, February 17. —The steamer Helvetia, from Liverpool, 30th ultimo, has arrived. The Dengue Island Naval station. The long struggle between Pennsylvania and New England for tbe naval station prize for our iron-dads was decided iu tbe Senate on Friday last In behalf of League Island, above Philadelphia, and against the New London tile. Tbe bill had previously passed the House. The following Is the vote Iu the Senate: Yeas— Messrs. Brown, Bnckaloff, Catlell, Chandler, Cooncst. Cowan, creswell, DoollUie, Fowler, Grime?, Hendricks, Lane, UcUjugall! Morgan, Morrill, Norton, Paflereon, Rjtii-ey, Rose, bhennan, Stewart, Van Winkle, Wilson and Yates—sl7. h'aus— Merer*. Anthony, Davis, Dixon, den, rose, Foster, Hams. Henderson, Neonlt-i, Poland, Pomeroy, Kiddle, Saulabary, Scunner. Trumbull, Wade and Williams—l 7. Absent and not Voting— Messrs. Crarin, Ed monos, Frehscbnrsen, Gothrie, Howe, Nre •Sptacneand Wilier—B. The bill now goes to the President. A« passed it is in the following language: • ■ “That the Secretary of the Nary he and is hereby authorized to receive ana accent from the city authorities of the city of Phila delphia the title to League Island, in the Del aware River, and adjacent marsh land, in cluding the whole of creek kuownasthc Rack Channel, from the Schuylkill to the Delaware River, and all tho iparlan rights of said League Island, adjacent marsh and Back Channel, together with so much of the opposite shore of the Back Channel from the Leauge Island shore as shall. In the opinion ot the Secretary of the Navy, be ample to enable the Government to have the sole and exclusive use ofeaidßackCbon nel and both shores thereof. The said island iindappnrtenanccs to be held for naval pur poses by the Government of the United Slates; provided that the said League Island marsh adjacent and Back Channel, with its shores as aforesaid, shall not be received or accepted cd until the title to the whole of the same as herein descnbed iscompleteand Indefeasible, uor unless the acceptance thereof shall be recommended by a Board of Officers to be appointed by the President; provided, fur ther, that 51 Leauge Island be selected the Navy Yard atPhiladelphlashall bedispensed with and disposed of by the United States as the public convenience will admit.” The Compound Interest Note Bill The following is a copy of the Compound Interest Note Bill, as finally passed by Con gress, and now awaiting the President’s sig nature to become a law; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of lie presentatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That for the purpose of redeeming and retiring any compound Inter est notes outstanding, the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to issue temporary loan certificates In tbe manner prescribed by Section 4 ot the act entitled an act to authorize the United States notes, and the redemp tion or funding ‘ thereof, and lor funding the floating debt of tho United States/’ approved February 25,1852, bearing Interest ia a rate not exceeding three per centum per annum; principal and interest payable In lawfbl money on demand, and said certificated of temporary loan may con stitute end be held by any National Bank bolding or owning tbe same as part of the reserve provided lor in sections 81 and 32 of tbo act entitled “An act to provide a Na tional currency secured by a pledge of United States hoods, and to provide for the circula tion and redemption thereof,” approved June 3,-lSC4,prcrfdea that not less than two fifths of the entire reserve of such banks shall con sist ot of tbo United Slates, am’*’ that the amount ot * ''-‘ideates at any time out "Sjiw,IXW.OOO, .... ; ■" ir i . CHICAGO, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1867. SPBIMFIEU. I The New State Home ail its Location. The Eailroad Bill. ,' The Chicago Charter Amendments and the Tax Question. The New Canal Bill, t The following correspondence from Springfield icus delayed in tit transmission by the interns* turn ot railway communication between the Sta's Ca^n'aland Chicago:) [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] SrciNonxtD, 111., February 15. THE NEW STATE lIOIJ3B. Springfield received a scare this morning, in tbc Bouse, on tbc State Capital question, which threw it Into a flutter and correspond ingly warmed np tbc hopes of tho Decatur people. Tbc Committee on Public Build ings reported back tbe bill to remove the capital to Decatur, with a recommendation that it be indefinitely postponed. Hr. Butin, of Dccatnr, tbe champion of that people, moved that tho report of tho com-* mittce bo laid on tbe table, which was carried by a vote of 43 to 37, and tbc bill was then made the special order for Tuesday next, tho same hour at which the bill to provide lor the building of a now State House comes up for consideration. This disposition of tbe Decatur bill was what the Springfield people did not anticipate, and It causes an unpleasant sensation. 1 told them, several days ogo, that the result of tbe paltry bid which they bad made for a now State House would end in failure, and the action of the House to-day seems to confirm my pre diction. I find that tbe almost universal ocntlincct among tbe members Is to postpone tbe whole subject until a more convenient season. A large number of the members never expect to be relumed here by Ihrir constituents, and they think their successors : nre entitled to no better accommodations than has fallen to their lot. Nearly the whole afternoon, up to 7 o’clock, has been exhausted la the Senate in discussing the new State House question. Speeches were made by Messrs. Fuller, Fort, Mack, Eastman, Cohrs, Ward aud others, and the whole subject was covered by the discussion. Tbe most marked cpcccb was made by Colonel Fort. A large number of amendments Were offered and rejected, and tbe bill was finally ordered to a third read ing by a vote of 13 to 12. This has, in a measure, elevated the spirits of the Spring field people, which were cast down by tbs action of the House this morning. This bill may bo forced through tbe House, but I doubt it. Our Senators divided, upon tbe question—Eastoan voting for the bill and Ward against It. I might add that tbe men who are known In the Senate as the friend* of tbo monopolists, voted for tbe bill. TAXING CENTRAL RAILROAD LANDS. The hill whieli has hecu before the Senate for seme time to tax tho lands of the Illinois Central Railroad at the expiration of two years, was killed to-day hy an indefinite postponement. SWINDLES. A legion of swindles has boon put Into the two Hou«cs within the past week, and a large portion come from Chicago, and from about tho same parties. I will enumerate a few of them. The first la to incorporate tho Casino Park Association. The corporators arc Melville Fuller, J. S. Ham, David A. Gage, Philip Wadsworth and othew/hnd they propose to extend Michigan avenue from its present southern limit to Junction avenue, at which place a park of fifty acres —that is, a race track—ls to bo established. They are allowed to establish toll-gitoa and collect such tolls as may suit their dcslrei, on this extension of the avenue. One of the toll-gates, of course, will be located at ihe very starting point of their extended avenue. All the right* to lands, Ac., are in this bill, and tbe eorporatorsarc only required to obtain the consent of the Supervisors of tbo town In which thek t-chemc is to be located, to walk in and take possession. This Casino Park BUI treat through the House In one of thobigomni buses a few days since, without its charac ter being known. But there are men aOor it, wbo will chase it into Us hole. Anotlcr steal repotted to me is the Great Western Elevator Company. I have been unable b get sight of this bill, but I hear that it is of the same character, and was brought down here hy the same parties as the steal I hate detailed above. I am g’ad to hear that it don’t stand the ghost of a chance of gettiitf through cithT House. STATIONERY. The stationery question was up in tlo Home this afternoon, on a motion to concur with the Senate bill giving to each membtr SIOO worth of stationery, in the shape of gold pens, gold pencils, peu-knlvcs, memorandum books, sliver spoons, etc. Mr. Thorapsoi moved that the members take the SIOO ic cash instead of the trinkets. This was voted down. Amotion to concur with tho Senate hill was thcnirejected, by ayes, 23 ; noes, 50. riicstutijncry question is a delicate one to handle, but T suppose tho members will try tojsecure fl sufficiency of it or its equivalent before they adjourn. Special Correspondence of the Chlcigt Tribune.] THE WAREHOUSE BILL, Eastman’* "Warehouse BUI passed the House this afternoon as it came from the Senate by a unanimous rote. The bUI now only awaits the signature of the'Gorcrnor to becdme a law. This bill, os Is well known, is not all that the friends of reform desired, but it is a good deal betterthan none, and Is, beyond doubt, all that can bo got during the existence of the present General Assembly. TUB lIAILROAD BILL. General Harlbnt’s Railroad Tariff Bill, which passed the House more than a week since, is still in the grip of the Senate Rail road Committee, whence It probably will never escape. Its friends give up all hopes of its becoming a law until tho people de cide in a still more emphatic manner upon Us necessity. Mack’s bill, which means nothing, may possibly pass the Senate, but it don’t stand the ghost of a chance in the House. TUB EQUALIZATION DILL. The hill for an Act to amend tho Revenue Laws, and to establish a State Board for tho Equalization of Assessments, passed the House to a third reading this afternoon. There is no power given iu this bill to the assessors to fix a cash value to the property assessed, and in this respect it Is seriously defective; but the committee which pre pated the bill says there are constitutional difficulties in the way of putting that fea ture in a bill. The present bill marks cer tain progrew in tbo right direction, and will correct the swindling inequalities of the mode of assessment now practised !n the various counties of the State. Colonel Payne deserves honorable mention for tho intelli gent manner in which he has prepared this bill, and for Ibe energy he has displayed In carrying it to a final passage. GAS IN CHICAGO.' The Gas Bill, after being reported from the Committee on Corporations, was recommit ted to the same committee this morning, in pursuance of a written request to that effect, obtained by the request and Influence of the gas monopolists, who ore represented here in their strength, and hard at work to defeat the measure. Since the amendments which I tent you on Tuesday were added to the bill, it has been acceptable to all but the monopolists. The Cook County delegation— with a single exception—are for the bill. Although the Committee on Corporations was instructed to report the hill back as soon as possible, there is great danger that this important measure of reform will be de feated. The same means, and many of the same Instruments, which defeated the will of the people of Chicago two years ago on the matter of the Horse Railway Bill,may effect the same result ns to this important meas ure, unless they move in the matter in their fall strength, and let their will be made known. Let petitions bo sent, and let com mittees from the people come down here and look after their interests,, or the gas mo nopolists will defeat every attempt to allow' tbe people to vote upon this vital question to the Interests of Chicago. I repeat, let the people move in the matter at once. PA&DONS. A bill was put intettho Senate some three weeks since, which is of considerable im portance, but which has not, I believe, jet come from the hands of the committee to which It was referred. The bill was pre pared at the suggestion of Governor Oglesby. It is to define the manner of seeming par dons, and provides that when' tbe friends of an; convict—not committed for a capital offense—wish to obtain pardon for him, they Shull cause to be printed is two newspapers published in the county where his convic tion was least one month befhrc tbe time named, ;Ucir Intention to Apply to the nh unt Gorerrbr, on a certain ,day, for hid pard"n. On that day oil persona can bare a hearing either for dr against tho pronoaed pardon, and on the issue thru mado-upthe Gorernor will make his decision. ThisbiU, it seems to me, ought to become a, law, and I trust that It will not be neglected until the closing hours of the session may endanger Us pas sage. TORNADO LEOI3LATIOX.

The Senate this afternoon run through that body tbc biggest omnibus over seen in this or any other country. Zt took nearly the whole day to load It, and contained two-hun dred and [Oily passengers. la other words, two hundred and fifiy lows, which it is ex pected the people Jof Illinois will regard with the same veneration, and obey with the same alacrity,as If they had been passed with the same routine and consideration usually accorded to wise and just laws, by wise aud just legislation. The House also put through a large omnibus, but it couldn’t begin to stand up with tbe Senate wagon. A BEPCPLICAN CAUCUS. The Republican members of the General Assembly had a caucus this noon in tbe State Library, and agreed to sustain the bill to create a Metropolitan Police in the city of Cairo, and also passed a resolution Instruct ing the committee appointed for that pur pose to report, at a meeting on Saturday evening next, an Apportionment Bill for the House of Representatives of the General Assembly only, on the aggregate oi ninety members. It Is understood that the com mittee have a bill nearly completed for the purpose named. THE PENITENTIARY QUESTION*, The Penitentiary Committee agreed, on Tuesday evening last, by a vote of six to five, to report a bill to lease the Peniten tiary for debt years from tbe first of January last, to Messrs. Bane, Burns, Hatch, Osborne & Co. I learn to-day that there Is some bitch in tbc matter, and that the report will not be made uutil after another session of tbe committee upon It. There la a very heavy lobby force here urging tbe granting of this lease to the parties named, but that will meet with opposition at all points. [Special Correspondence of ibe Chicago Trlbano.l SnusomxD, HI., February 13. .THE NEW CAN AX, DILL. The following Is a correct copy of the Act for Canal and River Improvements, as it was reported to tbe House this morning; A dill for as Act for Canal and Elver Improve ments: Section I. That to secure the Improvement of the Illinois ana Michigan Canal, and its extension uuoncD tbe valleys of tho Bureau aad Groon River to the Mississippi llivernt or near Eock ItlaurJ, with a navtgaolo feeder to tbe Eock Elver at Ols on and Sterling, and to secure tbo improvement of tbo navigation of tbe Illinois, Hock and other rivers, the Governor Is hereby authorized aud em powered. and shall, by and with the advjcc and consent of tbe Senate, appoint seven discreet and f kibul persons, who shall be known as tbe Canal Commissioners, who shall continue in office for tbe term of six years, with the exception of four of tbe number first appointed, pro of whom shall serve lor two jeare, and tbe other two for four years, and allot them until their successors arc appointed and qualified. Any vacancy by death, resignation or removal from the Slate, may be fillco vr tbe Governor and confirmed by tbo Senate at Its next session. - t-zc. 2. ihe Canal Commissioners eojappolnled, are hereby constituted a body politic and corpo rate. vuhfnU power.and aotbortiy m tbelr cor porate name to contract at.d be contracted wltb. cue end be aud be dffended, plead and-lKrifmpkadMi: in~all matters and rc- Commissioners, amfthoj shall have a'TOunnon seal of such device as they may adopt. i-tc. 8. Tbe Canal Conunlsrionora so appointed shall annually elect one of thelrnutnoer to be President thereof, and shall also have power to appoint a Secretary, who shall not be a member ol the Hoard, whose duty it shall Do to keep a record of all tbelr proceedings; lacy shall bold quarterly meetings, and special meetings when ce cr any four of them may desire It, and four members shall constitute a quorum to do any business. The certificate of the secretary unaer seal ahall bo evidence of the matters and things therein stated- SECi-4. Before entering upon the discharge of their office, each cf said Commissioners shall make oath .or affirmation, faUhtully, boneatlyaud truly to execute and diacbargc all tho duties and obligations herein imposed upon them or either of them as Commissioners, and they shall severally give bends, payable to the Governor of tho -State of Illinois;'and hla successor in office, for the use of the people of tbe Plate, in the earn of twenty five thoaaana dollars, wltb good and sufficient se curity, for me faithful discharge ol tho duties Ira liOßcd upon them by this act: P. otxJed* That tbe lovetnor may require additional security of the said CominUbiunciß wncuevur no may tmuk It ac cessary or advisable. Fzc. 5. Eacii- of said jCanal Commissioners shall receive <5.00 per oayywhich amount max do changed at any session of tbe Legislature, pay able quarterly, sod shall be subject to removal lor official misfeasance or malfeasance by tbe (.o«. vreor, wnenever, in Lis opinion, charges of cither character shall he made ana sustained. Sec. 0. No member of said Canal Commission ers shall bo concerned or interested, et'taer di rectly or indirectly, In any contract concerning such improvements, cither in tbelr constructluu or lor materials, supplies or privileges growing out of the same, in any manner: nor shall tho Sa periotendeut, or any of the engineers, draogfata men, clerks, Secretary, or employes of said Canal Commissioners be so interested or concerned. Bkc. 7. hatd Canal Commissioners are hereby authorized and empowered to make aneb chances in the location of the present canal, or adopting a river improvement instead of the canal, between Chicago and LaSalle, as ma; be deemed expedient, audio moke tbe necessary preliminary surveys for the adoption of plans, and when tho general plana are adopted by said Commitsioncrs, to lo cale such locks, dame, weirs, etc, as may be specified In said general plans for tbe river Im provements. and to locate canals, with tu» ursfacbet, or feeders aud dams, with full power to letd said canals with water from tbe Eock Elver, Green Elver, Winnebago Swamp, or other such sources aa may be oci met ucceasaiy oradvUable. Such surveys and estimates to be paid for onto! any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appro priated. Sec, «. Tho said Canal Commissioners shall lake efficient and proccr measures for Ihe com meno-ment and completion ol tbe improvemeuts named in this act, and shall put such parts ol them as they may deem proper, under cot tract, as here in provided, and snail have the management, care aid superintendence thereof, and may appoint a General >nperinlendetit, ana employ such and so wary engineers, draughtsmen amt ocher persons as Ibey may deem necessary to enable them to discharge tbelr Unties, and may pay such compen sation as they shall deem reasonable, to each per son so employed: Provid'd, That no contract, ex cept os bercluatier provided, shall be let until tbe necessary surveys are made andthe plans adopted, nor until tbe accessary funds aie.provlded; and (be work may be divided or let in sections, as may be decided by jaid Canal Commissioners; and tbe work ot> all contracts may be suspended when ever the state of tee finances snail require It; which ripht to suspend sbail be iuecrlcd lo all comrade. Sec. 6. No contract for any work exceedin'; three honored dollars id cost shall be let until tbc name shall haye been advertised la some daily paper published In tnc city of Chicago and In the city of Springfield at least four weeks and at most eight weeks prior to the time named lor letting such contract, and all biddlup shall be by scaled bids, and those of the lowest responsible bidders shall be taken. Ibe Canal Commissioners shall require all parties taking contracts to lamlsta sat islactorr bonds for tbc completion of the work undertaken by tbcm, and shad name Ibe amount to be inserted in such bond at the time the con tracts arc awarded. etc. 10. The said Commissioners may com mence the construction of a dam, with lock, on the Illinois River, between LaSalle and Peoria, and may make tbo necessary surreys therefor, the cost of which ebail oc paid out of any funds now in me licßßury, or vvuicn may ncrcoiier oc paid Into the same, not otherwise appropriated. Said lock to be not less than three honored and fifty feet long and scvenly-flvc feet wide. Sic. 11. Tbo outstanding bonds of the State which arc now a lien upon the franchises and revenues of the Illinois and Michigan Canal may be rclucoed or replacedbynewbouds of a similar character aa to mode and place of payment as the old ones by the Governor: ProtUua, That the consent of ibe bondholders can bo had to such exchange or refondins; aod such as consent may make the exchange lor new bonds, provided that such new bonds shall not bear Interest to exceed six per cent per annum nor bo renewed lor a longer period of time than twenty years. fete. is. If the owners oi holders of such bonds shall assent to sneh refunding of the canal bonds ora majority of the holder* thereof ahull moke such cxcnanec. tnen it shall he lawful lor said Hoard to lake possession of the Illinois aod Michigan canal for, and on behalf of ibe btatc, and manage the same as has been here’ofore man : aged by the Canal trustees, eo faros the same may he practicable lo Its enlargement into a ship or : (i-amboat canal, and the changes of plaus wmcb maybe adopted. Sso. 111. wnenever the Stale shall take posses sion of the Illinois aod Michigan Canal, all of the powers and duties of tbo xrustecs thereof relative to canal lands, and issuing or graining deeds therefor, shall devolve upon the Canal Commis sioner hereby created, except mat ail moneys due or to be paid on any sales, contracts, certificates, or other evidence of Indebtedness, dnall ne paid to ibe State Treasurer; and all of the dories of said Trustees relative to the management, tolls, contracts, repairs, etc., shall dov. ive upon the said Canal Commissioners, and he by them dis charged us fully as the said Trustees were author ized bv any law to discharge tbo same : and they ebail 'have like power and authority In the management of all new improvement-, or parts thereof, which shell be by them constructed, en larged or improved. Sec. 14. W nenever the Cana] CommUKlonors,on beball of the State, shall take possession of the Illinois and Ulc-tgau Canal, the revenues derived tbercljcDro, after paying the repairs and necessary incidental expenses, together with ms unexpend ed proceeds of the sales of i a ial lands, shall be psfd Into the State Trca?qrr, and shall be and are hereby appropriated to the construction of the works named in ibis act. Src. IS The Board of Canal Commissioners shall decide all qntsUona as to the location and plans generally ofisuch Improvements, and the amount to be expended os any particular improve ment iiiAg'Ven il*e. ficc 10. Whenever It shall be necessary to take possession oi or flow any land or lan is, or con struct dams, locks or other Improvements, the said Commissioners shall proceed to and shall condemn the same, inaccordonce with the provi sions ofthe act to condemn the right of way for Sorroces of internal Improvements, approved une 22,1652. £-ec. 17. in case of the death of any contractor who shall, at the time of his decease, be Indebted to any persons tor work done or material furnish ed for anv of tbc improvements herein mention ed, II shall too lawfalloracd said Canal Commis sioners may pay such persons out of any mom:* Ibnl may be due or owing to raid decea-cd con tractor fiom said Comroi-siorcrs, aod shall be a good and sufficient otßct In (be settlement of the edateof said cot tractor; and in case any con tractor ebail fall or abscond, the persons so doing worker furnishing material shall have a valid and first lien upon all moneys in the hand* or under itc control ot said which may be dne or owing to such contractor or con t xu'orv, and tte Commissioners snail have tbr ru-ht to pay such person or pc sons, as in ca,“6 of di-ceaeea contractors: Pioiiikd. 1 bat in either care, the parlies claiming the benefits of inis sec tion ebail in alt cases famish the Commlasloacre satisfactory evidence of the genuineness os bona fidet of such claim. Bxo.lß. There shall bo appointed by the Gov ernor two persons, who, together with the Gov emor, shall coDrlhmca committee tn present a memorial to tec Congress of tha Doited Status, and urge the necessity ct an immediate and lib eral approptiaaon In aid of these improvements, inch commission to n*e Us best endeavors to so* core an appropriation of st least seven millions' of dollars in afa of the Improvements i herein named; and in furtherance of the object* of this section, the Governor is hereby authorized to draw his warrant ocwarracts upon' the Treasury to an amonaenot exceeding ten ttbOMnd dollars, and the Treasurer la hereby authorised to pay die same out or any moseys not otherwise appropri ated. ; bzo. 19. In case the United States afafl appro priate a sum of money equal to oae-balptbe esti mated cost of eaid improvements, or either of' them, then said Casa] Commissioners may pro ceed with tbe.wprkoupon said Improvements In such order and fo anen extent as In their good moment the condition of the finances ana the beat interests cf the State of Illinois will warrant. Sac. SO. For the purpose of carrying os and completing the Improvements herein mentioned, end of raising the neecsesry funds therefor, an animal tax ot one mil) on the dollar of ail tre ble, real and personal property tn the State, be and the aatne la hereby authorised to be levied; and shall be annually levied limit said improvements ere completed; and the proceeds of such tax arc hereby appioptlaledforthe purpose* of this act, and snail not be need for any other purpose*: Provided, Thai the levy of such txa shaft be post poned nnill after an appropriation in aid of the con*traction of such improvements as are harem mentioned Is maae by the United Slates. Sac. 51. Said Canal Commissioners shall, from time to lime, tnrnUh the State Auditor with esti mates of the probable amount of money necessary to make the payments on the contracts for a period not exceeding one month, and the Auditor shall draw his warrant on the dtate Treasurer for the amount nomca In each eetunaies, in Savor of the sAidCommiasionera: Provided, Tbit the stun so drawn shall not exceed the amount of the bond of me Commieaioner drawing the money. . Sec. 29. The said Canal Commissioners shall hoidtbe money* ao drawn from the State Treaaa ?r, and pay the same only npon the order of the resident of the raid Commissioners, which order shall be accompanied with a statement of the wc ) , . k .i or, l hlcb Pajnu nt la to be made. And the esid Canal ' ommiailoners (ball make monthly returns to the State Auditor of all money paid out by them, together with the vouchers for the same, sou of the nnexpenced moneys remaining In.their bunds. And the Auditor or slate Treasurer abalT, irom time to time, as requested by the Presi-. nent of said Comxmtbioneta. furnish him wim a eiattmcm of the amount of moneys In the Treasu ry uLich may be used in the construction of said improvements. Sec. 23. The towns, dors and counties along the line ol the said improvements or contiguous ibercio, or cither of theta, may. whenever any improvements contiguous thereto are com* meuced. and they arc hereby authorized and ns* powered by the B.ard ol Supervisors m counties adopting ihe township organization and hy the County Court in other counties to subscribe or contribute stuns of money in aid ol the construc tion of such improvements, which subscriptions shall be a lien upon tbe rerenacs of the improve ment npon whicn such money Is expended, after the payment of the debts contracted in the con i'trucllon thereof:JVcndrd, That ifa subscription is made in any county, u shall be submitted to •he people of snch county for ratification at the next regular election and be by them ratified by a majority of persona voting for or against each subscription. _Sec. 21. Whenever any county, dty, or town stall, by Ils votes or by Us officers, make any sub scription or donation in aid of any of tbe proposed improvements, tbo money so raised or granted shall not be used upon any other improvement than the one in which they are Immediately inter ested, or which they may designate. Sec. 25. All subscriptions, donations or other moneys contributed or subscribed under (Section ii of lets act, and the proceeds of all bonds Issued and sold in aid of such improvements, *h«n la like maimer be paid into tbe'ireasury, and shall be and are hereby appropriated for the construc tion of the improvements herein named, subject to pavmcßlupoti contracts for works in ala of which such money was raised. Sec. 2G The Board of. Public Works of the City ol Chicago sha I annually report to the Board of Canal Commisaiouers hereby created, all the facts concerning such improvements-under their charge, and the Board or Canal Commissioners herein uno hereby created," shall* aabmu s' full written or printed report to tbe Governor of the Stale of Illinois, at leait one mouth before each regular session of the General Assembly, which report shall be by him submitted to the (menu Assembly. Sec. 27. Any person or persona who ahall wan tonly or maUctoiulr interfere with any of the per* •oob employed lu the construction of tire works nerein provided tor, shall be deemed «ah»y of a misccmcnnor, end, upon conviction thereof bciuru .toy Justice of the Peace or other officer, shall bo lined not lean than five dollars nor more than five iiai-dtcd dollars, to bo collected aa fines in other caaev. Szc.SS. Any person or persons who shall break lown, destroy, attempt to destroy, cut tbronga u>y embankment, or maliciously injure any oi the •vorks constructed, la the processor construction, or under tuo charge or control • of said ComraU -iouers, shall be guilty ot a tclony, and upon coa- ■ > icticn thereof, sbail be confined In tbe State Pwii iuntiary for a period not leas than one nor more than ten years. Sxc. 2sJ. Whenever any water-power shall be created in Ibe construction of any of the Im provements constructed, owned or controlled bj ihe State, such water-power with tho.e now ownedor controlled by tbe Stmcor Canal Trustees shall not be eold, but shall be leased at a rate of six per centum per annum, on a valuation to be appraised hr the Commissioners, azd each ap praisement shall bo renewed every ten years, when such per ventage shall oe paid on snch new valuation: Provided, That no lease shall be for a longer term than one hundred years, and that all such leases ahall reserve the right to shut oil or divert the water for repairs, enlargement ot Improvement of the works upon which such wster-power is dependent for its supply. £»ec. 80. In case any town, dty or county shall rnb.cribe any amount is aid of the construction of such improvements as authorized by the twen ty-third section of tide act, such town, city or county la hwrcbj-anthnrizad to lm» DonAe for tho amount Of such SUbaorlplJon, each Load* to boar Interest at * raws toot exceeding ten per cent, an j tn be ol such nmotmu and payable at such times a&tlie coiporau: authority ot aach to>vn, city or (oiugy shall direct. Sec. 31. Ibis act shall bo in force from and after Ua passage. RECONSTRUCTION. Johnson’s Surrender to the Radi- cals. Cnlvrml Suffrage end tbo Ooqitliq* tlbhnl Amendment. The correspondent tho Chicago ZYmcigives the following version of the late conference between the President ond a number of Re publican members of Congress, referred to in our Issue of Saturday: Washington, February 16. TDD RECONSTRUCTION MOTWivt, The reported compromise, or conference rather, which has been going on between the President and certain Republican Congress men, has continued to excite tbe deepest interest, to-day, in all quarters—in as well as out of Congress. |The impression which it has created may be judged from the pas sage of the resolutions introduced in the House to-day by Mr. Wentworth, of Illinois, raising a special committee to Investigate the statements in this regard, made during the past few days in tbe newspapers. This committee will nyoceed at once to their work. It baa been deemed proper by those par ticipating in the efforts at a compromise to furnish for publication tbo facts in the premi ses, in order that the public may bare a cor rect idea of the situation. In the first place, tbo conference was not proposed by the President, nor by any member or Senator In Congress. The proposition was suggested by intermediate parties, holding no olficial position. They went to leading Republican Congressmen, of their own volition, ana positively without the knowledge of the President, and stated that, from their recent . informal conversations with the Execntire. they were satisfied that by slight mutual concessions, without any sacrifice of princi ple, Congress conld present a plan of recon struction to which the President would readi ly give bis assent. At first the members of Congress were not disposed to take them into consideration, on the ground that the Presi dent had authoriztd no such proposition to he made, but on second consideration, a meeting of twenty or thirty was called, at which the mediating parties were present. A dctoilcd conversation resulted in showing unmistakably that nothing short of the ratification of thtf pending Constitutional Amendment, and the adoption of universal suffrage by the Southern States would se cure reconstruction, and entitle them to representation in Congress; that In fact nothing else would be acceptable to Con gress. This conclusion was reported at once to the President, who stated in reply that he was willing, in order to se cure a settlement of the question, to yield bis position 'and favor of tlie ratifi cation of the pending Constitutional Amend ment, and, in addition, fb exact suffrage of the Southern States, as an additional condi tion precedent to their representation in Congress. The President did not lay any stress os to whether he favored impartial or universal suffrage, hot distinctly intimated Ihst the difference between the two would □ot prove material. The President’s conclu sions were then reported in turn to those Congressmen, who were earnestly assured that they bad been correctly given. It was then suggested that an interview be had at once with the President, and that a com mittee of the members be appointed to see Mr. Johnson, and learn from him, personally, these reported declarations. FA committee then waited on tbc President, and hi- substantially repeated the statement which he had made to the mediators. This was reported to all the members at a second meeting, who were present at tho first one, and it was looked upon as being conclusive. Tbc fact of the President’s having stated his concessions was communicated to between sixty and seventy members on the Repub lican side of the House, andnearly every one stated that they wonid vote fbr a bill em bodying them, if it could be brought before thellousc. If there is any point in doubt in tho whole matter, it Is thequestlon whether universal or Impartial suffrage shall he agreed to In connection with the Coi... iulional Amend ment. The way in which tbc agreement is to he carried out is now being illustrated in the protracted session of the Senate, where Ihc Blaine amendment is {lending, and which is virtually the plan that the President is de clared to have accepted. If the Senate adopt it, and it is agreed to by the House, the President is afforded the opportunity of making good the representation which bo has given to the members. In any event, It is expected that the views of the President will be communicated to Congress in a mes sage, either approving or vetoing a Recon struction Bill. Among the Republicans who have been present at the times of conferences alladed to are Messrs. Banks, Blair, Dodge, Bing ham, Delano, Hubbell, of Ohio, Kelcbaca of New York, and others of equal prominence. The statements above given are. derived from prominent and strictly responsible sources, and may be relied on. ANOTHER DESPATCH. VS AflinsoTON. Pebrta-yl6. SHERMAN'S RECONSTRUCTION BILL. .The Senate la in session to-night with a determination to sit all night and all day to morrow, If necessary, to pass the Recon. strnctlon Bll*. It be Qg apparent that the bill is the House could nut be passed, a committee was appointed to-day to draft something upon NUMBER 255. which the Radicals could Unite. Tbe result to the following, which will be offered, some nme to-night. It was drawn up by Mr. ShertoaD, and embraces the provisions of tbe Military BUI of the House, with the Blaine amendment incorporated in it. It to snhi by Mr. Trumbull ana others, that tbe President agreed to sign It,, It may not be offered till towards morning: . Wnsssaa, No legal Stale Government; or ade quate protection for lira or property, now eiL-ta to the rebel States of Virginia, North Carolina, Stoutb Caro lira, Georgia, Alahamtf, Louisians, Florida, Teams and Arkansas; and, WnanxAa, it Is necessary that peace and-good order should be enforced la said States- imtll loyal and republican ■ State Goremmen ta can be eatabllabed; therefore, Bett enacted, etc.. Thai said rebel State* shall be dlTldedinto military districts, and made sob* ject to tbe military antbority of the United State*, os herelnsiicr prescribed, ana lor thy purpose Virginia shill eonstlmtothe first district; North Carolina and South Carolina the second district c Georgia, Alabama and Plorlda the third district; anssli'Bippl and Arkansas tbo fourth district r Louisiana and Texas tbe fifth district Sec. 2. That itaball be the duty of the President to assign to the command of each of said districts «a officer of tbe army, not below the rank of Brigadier General, and to detail * sufficient mill* lary force lo enable such officer to perform lus duties and enforce his authority within tbo dis trict lo wbteh be is assigned. &io. 8. That it shall be the dotyofeachoffieer as signed, as aforesaid, to protect all perrons in their rights of person and property ; to suppress insurrection, disorder and violence, and to puu iib, and caneo to be punished, all disturbers o( the public peace, ana criminals ; and to *m* end be may allow loyal civil tribunals to take juris diction of and try offenders; or, when In hi* lodgment, U may bo necessary for the trial of offenders, be shall hare power to organize mili tary commissions or tribunal# tor ***** purpose, and all Interference under color of State authority with the exendsCof military authority under this act, eba'l b« noli and void. ■ Sac. 4. That ail persons put under military ar rest by virtue of this act, shall be tned without unnecea> ary delay, and -no cruel or nausea* pun* “b®cnt shall be Inflicted, and no sentence of any military commission or tribunal, hereby author toed, Meeting the life or liberty of any person, ■hall bo cxe< uted until It Is approved by (be officer *- c nm.nd of tke district; and the laws and reg ulations for tbe government of tbo army shall not be affected by this act, exa-pt in so tor as they may conflict with j's provisions. * hap. 6. That when the people of any one of aald robe] States sball have formed a (constitutional Government, in conformity with tbe CoostltatSoa of the United Stales in all respects, framed by a convention of delegates elected by the persons who may vote noon the ratification or rejection thereof, as hereinafter provided ; and when said ConaUiutlnß, so framed, shall have been ratified by a majority of tbe mate citizens of said State, twenty-one yeare old and upward, of whatever nee, color or previous condition of servitude, who may have been resident m said State for one year previous to the day of voting os the question of ratifying sneb Conjuration, except incnas may be disfranchised tor participating m the rebellion or for felony at common law; and when sucu Constitution shall provideffithat theWelective franchise shall be onJoved/by all such per sopb that have the quajlflcatlona herein stated, and shall have been submitted to Congress for ex amination, sod Concrete shall have approved the same; and when said State, by a vote of Its Lee islature elected under said Constitution, sball have adopted tbe amendment to the Constitution of the United Stales, proposed by the Thirty ninth Congress, and known as article fourteen,nnd when raid article aboil become a part of the Con* atiiotlon of the United States, such Stale shall be declared entitled to representation In Congress, and Senators and Representatives shall be ad mitted thereupon, on their taking the oath pre scribed by the law; and then and thereafter the preceding sections of this bill sbaQ be inoperative or WAIT BROTHERS Advertising A«*t’a 120 Df«rb*rn*«l„ receive advertisement! for all tbp leading paper* throughout the Catted States iiad Canaau> asttologg. 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French ExhlbUoni* a difficult matter, tor ukm wbo do not»pea« the French, language. lama bnsl> Betaman; ZnaTeUrei loparitai yean*and can taka 1100 00# *® *“ persona ta *“ talret— , Ofl Of Oeieflo ALeco^rir^K-tr^V-. i r. on, STONES Something New, b> the EM BUT Oil, »TO CC „ 144 Fnlton-st, Chicago. Uado m any drtlr-i -rrs’l* of grit, and la forms to »uh any shaped tool. FAIB3ANKS, OBEEM.&AF A CO. General Agents, gap aad 2SS La*e-»t. J^'OTICE. —The following letters Tbe Bank of BToatreaij To ouf core, will bo dan* efsd to tba p*ruS*%*- Uiey areadiresskd,on proper WeaUCcaUan: . A-J. Alexander. John Larson. B. Walter. C. tink ler, B. W. Townsend. D. McLean, a. Beckwith Joaw Thompson. GEO. C. SMITH & BKC., Bankers. 48 s’do OFFICERS. S6O TiXTHA. Ton are entitl'd to fS.OO a mvarh mote pay Mr ; f x* servedbetw«ecU-7 1st. ISSt. aid March 3<l-1® '.. \»>- ply to or addreas laAAC R. HUT A CO„ 63 C: r ‘ Chicago .hi. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventory wre wlih to take out Letter* Patent am a» , - U l ?ltc •oumel with MU&K A CO, Editors ol the 1 irr’V; Anerlcar. who have prosecnted claims oe:<it. Patent Office for nt arty twenty years. Th-ir A • andEnrcteanPatens Aetocyna the mosteztcvlvrln the world. Charges leu man any other relLOla agency. A pamphlet, containing inU instructions to ‘nr-nt ors, is AcntgraUJ. AddrtM «. 3«rair A C 0.. ay Park-row, Hew \ rrK ARE IREPARED TO bßl'’ WECBAT TO ALL FOISTS,- ' EAST AND SOUTH, Without Tram for at Chicago. CP" Order*iron Millers solicited. Samples a.^.-oo application. * area bbotsbes, MILWAUKEE, tv | OTICE. Cnicaeo A Alton Uaiuoas Coup.- ; ■ finpejLiaTdPisT’s Oma, Chicago.Fea.i-, 1 ,r. r On account of the low of an Important brl this line, hy freshet, no tnrongh trains will Jer.rr Chi cago for Springfield till farther notice. The Wilmington Accommodation Train will inn ■» tu regular Ums. BOUT HAL.. 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V’gffflwWS.lS'* the hours of 10 a.m. and 13 m. L- J- QaQE. CaaXe.. l?ousc jpumisliins. TpYERYTHiNG For Housekeepers’ Use, from a coon 4&TEB PIITSE TO A PATENT TOOTHPICK, -AT DALTON CO.^ 71 LASI-BT., AT (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.