Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 18 Şubat 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 18 Şubat 1867 Page 3
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.BRAWL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSBTAET, FjLTcsdjct Erranro. Fpbmarr 16.- Tbe fottowlaß 1* Manager Ives' exhibit of-th* bonce** of tte Clearing House for the week end lug to-uaj ‘l.. Ocarioi»§. I Balances. ....51.8T5,«G.8i ?ISJ 0Q3.4Q .... 3.3CU27U51 ! 140.312 80 ..-USW.-Wi.Ji3 : 2T«L016.70 .. . 3,1 €7,1371 B 2 231,251.31 . .. 3,13%7Q5.40 387.e09.83- .... yrtrnwyU rcbrturrl®' Febnuiy 33. Pebrou7l*. F»bm*ry 35. PebroArj lu fT,Cf.«.SOd 5* |!.177.«n 09 080.23 *331.731.46 Total .. Lost week. Owing *o the disagreeable weather daring the. week just closing, the mercantile baseness ol the cily has ruled very • Thu may be seen, by the exhibit of the clearings—shoring a ol nearly one million as compared wl*b last week.* As eoouxfi tbe weather retries, a spnnglßg np of trade ts generally expo'ed. *. In financial natters there is very little move ment. The dullness in mercantile trade, ana tbe inactivity in BrcadstoOfc and Provisions, bare a corresponding influence over (be Honey market. Obc demand for discounts, except to tbe way or renewals, is light, bnt balances do not evince any marked signs of improvement. Tbe tone of tbe market, however, indicates a gradual approach ro 8 comfortable easiness. Paper continues to be closely scrutinised, and none Tint tbe oest names find favor. There la no change in tbe rate of dis co out, Call loans on Government Sec orHies are easy at 8 per cent. Exchange still continues close, atd round lots are placed without difficulty, between banka, at 25c premium. Tbe counter rates are steady,-at par baying and 9-10 premium selling. The demand for Exchange in the small voj i- moderately aedve, and tbe market is steady at the folio ring rates for sight * Gold. Cummer. London* per pound $5 00 JC.65 @8.90 3’aria, per franc 20 27}jfa272£ LerHn. per Prussian Shale**... 75 1.03 ®I.UO Hamburg, pci xnarco banco.. 3G M (ct 5i 37ort»av. pcrrixmynt 30 41 <&i l‘» Sweden, per specie dalcr .... LIO 1.50 @J5i Flour vu dull and weak. No. 2 Spring Wheat Id moderate speculative demand, and l&lhic liipbcr. Com was “cornered," and 3@3Hc hlga* cr. Oats were exceedingly doll. Eye neglected. Harley dull. Whiskey firm but inacive. Pro visions dull and without material change. Press* cd Bogs advanced s®Joc. Seeds in steady de m*nd and firm. Gold was without any very material change. The maria opened at 13C*j, advanced to 157 and closed at I3fls. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: .15«?; (11:30 a. m, '3GJt 12:15 p. m, —.3{ 1 •» --- 10:30 a. za. 20:35 a. m. ,13u2 I 'arisp.xn. .JPOfc ) 2:00p. m 1 J 1:15 a. id. 30:1X1 s. 20. 11:15 8. m. Here the market was qalctat 1395138JS bnyinc— doting at the upper figure. Silver was nominal ut 125(&138. TLt followin': table shows Ibe dally range and dosing price of American Gold in Jfew Vork timing the week ending to-day: Ranee. Closing. .l33uat3GJ£ JCS«i l37Jj .i36\0137>i 137 .ISSSCfcVJJJi 135?; .136«jai3'i-S£ 13»j?i .iaG;,ai ; i7 iss* Monday.... ’Tnerday.... WedneHJaT. Thursday... Friday ■Saturday.... GoTenuacnts were eleadj ami Ann, with iq ad* -vance o! H on Seven-Tusms*. The following 1 shows the closing to-day, compared with the three previous days 5= § 5 jf & s r i slxee oPM itfJs iwx i'lvt-TffenUe.s’W ’«** lU7J* 1U7 1 4 WW rive-lwentleVa 1«IX lut?i 107*i Tenacities' 1014 lOlfj 10<?$ 101?* S'Cven-lUrUei, Ang \QS?J *0 j'i 105“* 10'» Scven*Hurtlc*» June ...UC 4 * lUS',S 1(15*4 1 >"*fi Scren-lhlr:ie«, July... 105?$ 105!J I'lsV* 1051* jCcw iflte-rn-enUefi l£Cj* lU3?$ 105?$ 105?$ Here the demand was active and the market firm, bat the limited oTericirs restrict operations. "We quote; OOTEBKJfEKT eE( :mCAGO lU.BSET. Baying. Selling. T 7 S. Sixes, oflS3l 109«; l'»X XI. S. 5-2Ua,I&S. 1U»5» U. S.SSOS, ISO 4 Ufi 107? i. V. s. 5-206, ISCo iu*‘s 10‘5i XJ. 8.5-20“,5ma11,.... JW ©ltbf* XT. S. 10-JUs, large IMS U. S. 10-JOs. small IW»A .... XJ. 5.7-308.1 H series UC2£ 105 U. S. 7 30s, 2d series lU3*i I°s^ G. S. 7.305, 3d senes lU3& „ 10J?i XJ.S.7-306,ema1l lUs>i©tOS!* .... Compounds, Jane, 1504 \ C?x “ Only, I*M UG>4 “ “ Oct_ IsCl 11J2£ *• Dec., l-Cl ai3y. “ May, JStt 112* •* Aag.. is&s nos£ w SepU, 186' 110‘i . . “ Oct- 1665 K/OJi The Second National Bant quotes Governments as follows: C00p.,’61..100K© .... 5-20 coop., (large)... 107 ©lo3*l . 5-20 coop , (small). ..US ©IDSJi liwo coup.. (1arge)...... JO-40 coop. (5TD»>1)....103J4© ... Js’ewccrf., @ ... 7-£O, (larce).los?«©lU2^ Local Secnntlcs aic qalet but firm. We quote: Buying. Selling. Chicago City 7e 100 Cook County 7b 96 tj 97)4 Chamber ol Commerce 93J4 Tee earnings or the Chicago £ Korthiveskni Ballroad for the week ending February 14* were: ISOQ. 1307. *39,662,10 *12,019.53 73.37U.21 R5.W11.16 2,'USOO 7,021.50 1.53 .85 5,132.41 7-31, (small) 103!4'5105H Jose comp., .July 44 44 ..116* Ang. 44 44 ..113$ Oct. 44 44 ..111* tree. 44 44 ..113* May “ 1515..112^4 Ang. 44 “ ..110* Pcpl. “ “ ..11U* Ocl 44 44 ..ioa* Paefenjrer. PreJrht ■Exorccfi... Vail .$122,623.20 t143,257.1i T0ta1....... ISCT. Ihe loss or tt« insurance companies (brooch the destruction of the store and stock of S. B. Chmerdeu & Co., of New York, fools np £815,140. of which £SO',WW la sustained by Xcw York com panies. There is considerable difference of opinion re garding the eggrvgatea of toe compound Interest coles, and the late?t statement makw the araoant to lie redeem cdjhls fear, #100,003,000, as follows: June, ISW 83,wiD,00’.) Jnly, 18C4 17,000.000 Augntl, 1S« 40,000,000 October, 18-1 18.000,0110 December, 3SCI 20,000,000 Total. •took .vlaraet. f cbrnary 16.15C7, received by rokers: New York Si Cldelcgpnccs for cash, Ft Joseph 1L Lyons & Co., Brc Ist XM. 2d rid If. T. Central... HO 99* £ri«. (cam) 56 15* >LS. (com; 23 7.!* C. & PUU 81 RCv Jtoci: island.... KK C.&y. W S'* Sly X)c, preferred... 65* 65* r„Ft.>v.&c tty . O'jJckellver S7* Sfy I ■\r.c. Tei «y 43y C. & A. (com) 1 B. A: Quincy... ISO 130 I Central 107 107!*' Had»onßl^e^..n , Sy , 173 i*l. Central Hi* 115* I Bnil. & PcaOlnii.lOl 101 | C. &ToVdo i ToL Wabash. .. 39 .... I Murv-rt—lst Hoard, wear;; sd Hoard, steady. l«tßd.2lßd U. S. C V cent booda, .... C. C. fiV Ct 5-20 Coso- 185*....10934 U. S. 6 V ct 5-20 C-)Bn« IS4I ...HJTJf CT. S. 6? ct 5-2 u C0up.,7565....1073f U. S. J V cent io-ibi xax Treas. 7 2-10,1 st MflM '....106 U. S. 7 3-10, 2d series .105*4 U. S. 7 3-10, 21 series .105*4 ... Am. Gold 137 J 37 COMMERCIAL. Satchdat £vcn'lso. Febmarr 16. The idllowinp tables ebow the receipts and ship ments of I‘rodace during the past twenty-four Lours: RECniTS r*ST TWESTT*rOCII ooccs. IW7. ISCC. s,‘.«9 1.139 ... TOO 359 33,705 13,741 Flonr, brie..., Wheat, bn .. Com, bo Oats, bu . .. lire, be Barley, bn.... tliaes Seed, Jb- Urooto Com, lbs Heat, E>s Pork, brls T-ard, E>? Tallow, JS>a * Putter, T£>« Drocped 'Hrtrs, No, _.7Ve lines, No— Cattle, No Hides, Tbs liishnioes, Oris... Wool.Tbe i.nmber m Miinglef. tu. ... fciiXrSEJTTS FAST TWEfTT-FoCII nOUES. ISfiT. 1860. . 3,331 17 . 1,401 1,138 . 1,312 2,500 e W 25 , 41,2-41 250 453,1(21 150,111 Cl . 476 1 .107,977 9,700 . 3S,*J7O Floor, br's Sliest, bu. Oara. b 0... Bye, bo <sra?B Seed, Its.. Cored Meat?, fts. Beef, tariff Tork , bila Jard, tbs Tallow, Tbs Batter, ft?... Dressed Hoe*. 3»0........ LC79 JJvrDoea, Uo tfil Caitio. No 1.49 S Dines, fts 32,520 1,700 Divbwtaeg. brig 72 2 ■Wool, fts 8,250 2,701 Lumber, m 422 49 in 415 G Zjiib, m.. .......... 375 .... Salt, brie 512 IST Tob provision m artel was attain doll, and for ecme descriptions of product there was an easier feeling, while other* were held for higher prices; i biro was a slight inquiry Jor lavorilc brand* ol Pork at J 15.75, but at ibis figure holders wci o unwilling to sell. Standard brands arc free ly ofiercj at J 18.75, and In some instances might V had for a Ices figure. There is no movement in . Prime Mess—holders ashing f!7.50 for good 'aids. English Meats wcare dull and heavy, ith rammed transactions at a concession on pre vloae figures. Balk Meats were easier, with gather more doing, and we note sales at 9<£cfor ?liort ICib, loose, and 7is@T4c for Dry Salted Kbcmldcrg, loose—the upper figures obtained last evening for a lot of 30,000 !b. There was no move ment In Sweet Pickled Bams, and the market Is nominal at Jos4@ilc—some fancy brands being held at 31*5. Lard was • held with more firmness, but buyers refused to follow. For well-known brands of Eettlc Dried there are buyers at llifc. bnl holders ask 12c. » .Steam is of&red at 31J£c, with no buyers over ‘ 3i;:c. The transactions to-day were tnfltcg—l2s tret Keltic Dned at JlJ£c, and 50 tres Country •• s:eam at Grease was Inactive and nominal at our quotations to be found elsewhere. T be rex* Ipls of Dressed Dogs were light, and f for lots for shlpmcut there was a good dc : jaati. The market was S@loc higher, with sales * at J".U@7 75 —closing steady at S».CO@7.GS. i The receipts of Dogs, live and Dressed, for the I Tfcck ciioli g to day amount to 52,101, and tha I ibipuiccts 21,¥71 head. Mr. Mihrard foots up the 1 jioi k parking to date at C14.15S head. ; \\ klykcy was inactive but firm at 25c for boud £* «d, ai.a £2.2U far tax paid. f F'our was dull, and in order to force sales, bold l t-rt would bate been obliged to submit lo fi con r ct’Seion of jOCclSc. The tram-aclioas foot up 1,120 V brli- at f 1k.50@J4.00 for While Winters; f10.25® 7- for Spring Estre£,aud fTJKJ@S.QO for Spring i. fcnp'rg. f Tf eie was a mod-rate speculative demand for L ?so. 2 Opting Wheat, nrd the market advanced 1® I 3 Ko. J >pri«K was quiet but firm, and in Bc \ iccud there was rather more doing. WVi note ... jtc 0/ bu at $2.45 for Bvd winter by earn t pic: J 2.20 lor Ko. 1 Sprier; $1 for Ko, 2Jdo m \ city: 51.515i@1.63 for do Begum, and f i for Reject'd— closmgtlcady at 51.83 for No. 2 In j jvgulflr bouses. ' r . ; 3bcre was not much activity displayed in Ko. 1 ’, Corn, but as the market has got into the bauds of i clique,!; Is manipulated just enough lo tstab- Slisb prices for the settlement ol ddcrcncea. The 1 screws were put 00 toward the close to-day, and ' dices were forced up ‘ nothing doing. For Dejected there is a good de maud and tbcmsitci rules compjratlrely.eteady.. We note sales of 60,000 bo at ; B*®Bsc J<rr ,Wo. L aod6l@sscfor , I •@EscforKo;l Instore. ! \ . There wib'ecaredy ary hjqniry for .Oats,- and -the marl, cl wasexceedlngly with sales of a ItVf caxlo*dßatsaH@3sjjc,tot No. S. '- Nothiag doing loNo. I,’ whicbare* scarce*. v : J - Bye was entirely neglected, aod the, market mar be comically quoted iiEcforfteab receiptsof No.l. A car load of Brjectcd sold fit'7sc- : •• . Badey.waa datWwithllgntsalesat 63®65cfor No. 2, and 65c&51.00 for samjilh lota.*, - -• fteeda were' 1b • steady demand, with aa’ca at f6.00®8.t» for CJorer-tho inalde.flganTfor in ferior—l 2 othy, and S 3 75 ror Fta. : " . abeie was nothing ■ doing. In Taltow, and the market may bo quoted at 9H@92fe for,City Butch-' era', and 6©BHlc forConnfrj.Nojiackera* offering. The following telegrams were read on ’Change t °^ ay * NkwTohk, fobrnary 16. •_ >loor lower and dull, at *9.SwAll.OO.' wheat heavy and unsalable at *2.14(32.25. Corn Ann hm qn'et at *X.O9J4. in store. Cats lower, at BS(3 56c for old. Fork dull and heavy at *2056. Lard Him hat quiet, at 12«s@i2j£c. Bogs anebaaged. Whiskey dim. GoldJU6£. Floor nnecUled. Wheat irregular- Com flrm- Oata drooping. Whiskey quiet. LATEB. AtlbcaftemoanßoaJdtho Grain Matte'swere nominal at the doting prices on ’Change. There was uotbtng'dolng In Provisions. Beel.Cattlc were qmetbut Ann, at full rales. The receipts. were 148 bead. Prices range at *a.00©7.25 for Inferior to choice grades. Lire Hope were active to the foil extent of the oflerlnps, all finding quick sales at a slight ad vance ■* on Tcfilerdsy’s rales. Prices range at (U.00&7.0Q (or inferior to choice lots. Receipts and Bhlpinenis of lire and llrmed Hoc* from October Ist to Date-Approximate Packing. The following tables show the receipts, and shipments of Live and Pressed Hogs from Octo ber let to dale, for two years: htceiptb or noos. Week 1865-7. 1665-6. end’g. ■— — \ f•— ■— v live Pros’d. Live. Pros’d. Oct. 6 22,0 M .... 24,910 18 13,409 .... 82,795 80 25,821 .... 17,517 .... 27 IC, (M 0 7 14,900 3 NOV. 8 16,759 6S 84,768 44 30 29,293 238 17,683 10 J 7 15,792 193 37,750 20 24 18,403 351 23,918 23 Dec. 1 19.120 1,«5 15,757 135 8 32,105 1,713 6,122 180 16 24,613 2,590 19,616 623 23 06,824 16,383 23,273 5.0G3 29 3G.715 2'1,9G5 21,458 15,836 Jan. 5 55,773 27,651 52,583 23,257 15 C 0,993 51,910 36.411 SUU2O 19 44,974 37,592 85,672 18,665 26 48,419 23,451 30.361 40.553 Feb. 2 2U792 XB.GC2 86.515 48,261 9 22.477 17, *73 18,706 IT. iM 1C 18,855 13,516 15,474 10,158 Total 55‘,741 240,335 491,922 231,292 Add Dressed.. 2H .825 231,292 Total 633.0 ft) ... 726,214 mnwnm OT SOOS. Week 1860*7. 1855-6. end'g. < >t ■" - *' —i., Live, Dres'd. lire. Dres'd. Oct. 6 23,911 .... 18,836 13 15.012 .. 2S.7rtß 20 13,518 .... 15,431 27. 15,201 ... 7,259 Nor. 3 8.737 ... 11,410 11 30 10,774 .... 17,046 9J 17 0,253 83 13,003 24 4,* s O3 90 10.709 Dec. 1 - 12,489 75 8 8,005 618 4,160 10 15 712 103 10.052 53 22 2,GTO 5,312 5,0 S 8,3:5! 29 724 11,365 3,950 10,768 Jan. fi 0,003 - 1,918 3,533 J 2 306 10.801 4,983 3«,(M J 9 GcO 13.019 107 S.TSQ 20 12,018 1,376 8,42$ Feb 2 1,889 8.848 2,932 8.973 9 C,W3 10,249 I,CCS 7,<JS7 10 5,702 16,269 1,290 2,515 Total 132.-150 83,503 103,403 00,761 AddDreaaed.. 93.503 06,701 Total S3U.USB .... S3UG7 Deducting the shipments from the receipts, the balance should indicate approximately the nnm> her of Bogs packed and butchered for city con sumption; 1860-7. 1545-6.- Receipts 823/60 720,314 Shipments 230,058 213,167 Packed, butchered and In pen 5.692,111 43i,(UT .Messrs. Mihvard & Co., in their Circular of to day, approximate the packing tills season, up to date, at &14.4&3, The rccejpta as given above are exclusive of tbe arrivals ofDresficd Hoes by wagons, of which it is yet impossible to give an approximate idea. Chicago Provision market. Chicago, February 16, 1957. The predicted cessation of packing hasnot yet come to pats. Some of the largest houses are sail open and worlds? slowly, but as tbe shippers are c tertag Into active comteiiuoa with the packers and them to pay higher prices, we shall probably ciosec tbeecason daring the next fortnight. Tbe rupolyuf bogs continues liberal, more so than last yenr. bat the packers hive bat small tndauemeota to work, for rever during the whole 01 the season have we passed through so doll a week as tbe one Just closed. The several large markets seem to lear the influx ol stock as so:m »s canal ard river navigation opens, sad Cincinnati ana nt.Louia. then, both anticipate lower prices. The ohtnngs Incur market from the country points ore nnnsually heavy, and hsi e generally found porch isces. WirhtceexctpUonof room pork, all barrelled m*-au atd Urd have been depreciating In value daring the week, tho&gb>tthcdEcllnea large baelncvwasdone in ■ard. The pact ere are Jim at present much -zeroised about the threatened noon. and are laboring to pro tect their propei ty from damage. The several onstruciions to oar river at nreaeotmay cause the ice to gorge and wont anion* injury to the occupants along tue !»«">* The soring beet packing ha-commenced, and tor a short time showed symp toms cf being prosecuted energetically, but packers aver that they will have to suspend ope-atrns, ow ing to the high prices ruling for cattle, and the diffi culty or disposing ot tbe products. Good packing grade* sell at fJ.7b<gS.7s profs. India mess is offer ing at £SXOO per tierce; prime mess,*39 00 prrtlercc;. extra mcas, at |lc.oo per bri; mesa, at fl&OO per brJ; ►eernd brands at *16.00 per bri for extm mea*, and fIIXU tor mess. Beef bams are firm, at IXJ.OJ3JUO w xtie receipts ot nura mr tbe week sum up as fol iow»i,TU:—Creased, IXW6; lire, (8,663; total. 32. Wl; ard the ehiomenta, dressed, IR.XB ; lire, 5,7-3; coti’, JI.VH; Wring liUW need for packers, eitv consump tion and number left over 1:> t&e pti«. For thJ corre sponding period In 1966 We receipts were, dressed 10,159; jive. 13.(77; total, £.633: and (be sbipae.ts.' arcascd,3.sS; live, VoC;tOtoi3,lli:leaving for paef era’ ate, d-c., 31.905. The packtng-to the present time approumat** to ni.455 head, against 422,979 bead, W same period last je*r. The market lor lire boss bas been buoyant daring the week, shippers peine toehesvtst purchasers, saa prices advanced to I6IO&7.CO grois. for common to very choice, doting firm at Ckt>7e. The ire bog* cow being marred are generally of light and inferior Duality. The market for dressed b-*g» bas tuan w<nc. and vacillation, and a decline bas been rxpeneucea dnrirgthewcekof folly 15c ionic 9> too ns, closing emeu at *7 6067.73 dividing on JuO »«. „ . „ Products hare been doll and iltcle-s. Mesa pork sells ►Jowly at flB.M@tS.73, but the demand 1' m-wrly retail. Oc caaionally a round lot la wken fo: forward delivery, on speculation, at an advance, bat this affords oo crlte ilcn of the market. Prime mest lsheidatfl7.oO3lL23, rmt there is no demand. Extra prime dal at fU.CO£ 11.50. flump pork has met an active Inquiry and ail otlmsg bos l ecu taken at fl 500 Bolt mean less in auircn/or. Shoulders 7,'«®<VC; sides9aloo-e. Green meats, wltb the exception of bams, a-e n-el*cted. fhoulders are ofiered fruitlessly at skt, and sld-a »t«K Bams bare met a ready sale at 10c for those (torn miy slaughtered ho<«. English meat* advaocec ts 9c hr Cumber atds and 10c lor short middles, but the market dtdlned Vc per is, cloj. Inc ouleu A cunelderaoie number of ,Vmnb. and short middles were taken loose for Southern consumption at to SVcforthe former and 9V to 9Vc lor the latter. Lore bams are in demand and lira at lie, holders ai-kitc higher figures. Lard at a bas sold irec'y. Prime steam HVt* Uye. Kellis saidered UAtoLJc. Ko.l, Uto live. >vmcegr.-ii: is ilrm at 10c. some holders asking it Vc. Yellow in demand at SVto9c. BrownatSc. Taiiowfirm Tal- Irw Grease 9A9%. Railroad frclehts unchanged. Through freights to England In coosequeoccoftbe advance In Ocean freights from Kew York bare been advanced to 100 c par 100 fi e In cold. Hekbt Milwabo it Co. .8100,000,000 CHICAGO Dl£V GOODS MARKET. Battjdxt Errsnro, February 16. In consequence of the besty r&ln during the pas: fewdays, the Dry Goods market has been ratner quiet, although In the beginning oflbe wees trade was fair and prices ruled tm. Oar jobbers arc rapidly laying In new styles oi spring goods, prints, Sheetings, and Bleached Shirtings are la lair demand, and price* are lirmly maintained. Woollens arc doll. Weqnote the closing prices as follows; U'crrtinac D 1834 American ...17*4 Merrimac W 30 Amoskeag. 1634 Cocheco 19 Dachas B. ir> i-acl&c ....18 Mmralng 17 Garner’s 1534 Allen’s H Spragae’s.... la Providence 17 nuoneU's..... i~K James Saunders* 163< Manchester.—. 17 Gloucester. 17 Lowell—.. 15 W. Freeman* C 0.15 Arnold's. J6*4 Union II Lancaster. 17216 Wanjsutla II Richmond 1734 Colombia... ...IS OIXQHA3I3. Clinton 21 (Glasgow 2354 I-aecaster. 2»34l Boanoke—- 19 ncowK Eamrsoa. Banner ...22 AUaoQC Mills.. JO Lawrence 23 FeppcreUO—.....lß Stark 4-4 23 Great Falls M. 19 Appleton 4—l 22 *• “ B 17 Medford!—4— 21 Indian Orchard A 2234 Nashua. 20 “ ** €—.2o Inolan Head 4—l 2254 M _ *• 88...J8 CaJx)tt A 4—4 21V “ “ W—J7 nUanUCl—t .23 ** “ L—.IS Atncifekeag 4—4..—.2234 Boot Mills II 16 fcaltnoi Falls 4—4 2134 ** “ O 17J4 AC»wamF4-4 16 “ “ S .21^ APpieton D 4—4.. JO Western W0r1d........15* Illinois A 4-4 1834 ArKwngQt. >.20 Swift Elver 4—l 1734 Portsmouth P. Utf Peppered £.... -Zi Napoleon... 17 “ K .SO Quaker 16 •* N 18 XXStatdard 8134 American a .22 Nonatook .2234 >«.r >rntT> tHIETTSOB, N. T. Mins 4—C 3534 Bod Bank 7-8 16 Waiosulta 4— l S3j4 •• *• 4—4 1834 Bah« 4—4. SO Lonsdale 27 White Bock 4—4 2TK AricwmhU. ...31 Hills 4—4 ...26 Wambcck .33 - 7-8 .2354 J.*W. Slater!—l—..3734 Masrnvllle4—l 2834 Canceß-4.—. .1*34 Bay Mills 4-4 .....2S Blatsrrlilo7—B 2J Androscoggin 4—1.....2734 Hlacksioneßlrer I—Bl - 7-8 24 A J Landon 7—B 22 Plackstone AA- 25 •• 4-4 J 5 Ballon * Son 4-4—8334 “ - 7-B ja PATXB CaMBEICS. Lorsdale 20 | English 3 <S 'A Cambrics 1234&16 I ozsntß. Amoskcsg 40 | Connecticut., .2*34 Y'ors J>34 Washington ..25 Manchester so | UUioraimprovcd.—.Bs c-xtord JS34 I oincHiU- —.35 Union 30 corn City 20 Uaymaktr’6 J>o I Fawna .2834 BTJUPED fcnifiTlKQS. Amoskeag. ........S3 Wliittenden C. ....SI 34 Y’.rs - -81 *• A -S3 American 21ft22 Uncasyllle— —233.®?D4 Ha11*...... » Timmllke. «....22,'f Kounoke SO Sbetocket ....30 TICKS. Amoskeap Hamilton, regu1ar.....|734 “ Pembertone’”**.V.VJ734 “ C. JS2 )4 “ X 33 *‘ D 273tf Swift Blver. J 8 Trrk 30-lncn.. SW Star Mills 31-lecli. 2734 Albany - 15 *• “ 36-inch... ..XIA VorkS2-)Dch 49 cossrr jeaks. Amo'keag 23 (Indian 0rchard........16 Laconia.—. -23 I Androscoggin. .16 Bates. 16 BepperelL. S23f Naumkcag Sattecn... 23341 Globe. 15 CAiTXia fLAKVKLb. m Hamilton etnul- 30 I Tbomoike. T LUtrioaT—....... .23K iNaumteagbleached...3o BBOWX PSIUS. _ Bolt. 23K 1 HeuniDCton. 23>^ Laconia-... 2354lFeopcrclI 2134 i>ku>v:es- Manchester, new S 5 | Uamliton... .25 i'acrfic. new 39 [ All Wool 40330 DULUatLAL SKIETS. _ OlHien'e |2AO I Uaotah*MaHekcn.f2.S Wilcox 2.35 | Baldgh’s 2.00 IcMcorUc....,2.CV3iO3AO I Bruner *J3 33a»ulrigtoaMlUiu—2A0 ( BeUe of tfte season.. 2J5 TUPEADS. ifrv». toaU »U 0 I Grcen&DanldL.... 72}< J?sh 1.10 | White Skein 90 l«. Bdlt ,y vo 1 Cord 1.00 * sasa 1 §— hx 4,000 ,15J,H0 33,470 . 466 31 . J 3 600 0.000 . BWSQ . -L2UO 1.105 VK3 2C5 . 2,502 C 23 2 . 57,51 D 9,010 8 , 35,550 JO,IKK) S 9 33 COTTON TAEXE, ETC. Eotfe- B 5 Dope-- 55 M j CauaWwick;. SI%SS park ”J*sw!!* r 0 **»**=••—&J»a Lowell. SplV *215 jhnoeraao 41i«>SLS3 “ super.. .... l.ih I Crosssy s F«c Xaoest •• niedlom.... 1.(0 } Rroases....?. Usrtlord.extra3-p1y2.10 (Roxbury *l** 173 “ Imp’l S-piy. 5,00 I Empire Mibs....„ ’1 ;n ** super 1.57.** j Belgrade \ u meulom.... 1.1?S'1 CaRS/VEtTES. Fanners A Mcrch'*B....S2}4’ I Evereltl Wabash; ....50 | Everett O (:£ Ncxr Tone Dry Good* market. New Tor*. February 16. The dry goods market Is quiet but steady, though weak. SUtdard brown sheeting* command An cuMa acd Roxbury 30c; Indian Orchard vc down; ViKlCkc; W Isxc; L 14k. 18c lor KesrTork Mills. MoslLns—Bleached bring Sifcc: Wsmsntta Stlfe: Warrnvllle ;Cc: Andro<cogcln 23c; Bartlett S33fc; Lungdon *>kc: Greene iCc; J> 14«®14l<c; Bed Bank 17*iC, do 15. _ 1-rintlag Cloths—Firm atllK'-ellVc for 64 tqnare. ITlut*—fiteadv and firm at 19c for Cocneco. lye for Merrlmark D Pacific and Bprague’sfancies; 16k£tI7c fortampton and London Monrninn; 15c for Free man’s ana victory, and Uc for nave*'s, Lancattcr Qlnguams command ISjic and Amore de laines 87c. CUICACm CATTLE SUBKST, Bar the Week. Badlaic Beh|a|ur_ 16. , omci or -rne Datct Tetboivx,) 6*TOMiaT Ennrtve. .February 16. - { . .. OBBF CATTLE.' ] * ‘ The' fOliowia* table.abova urn daily recaeUand sblpmeats of b ea Cattle, donna - tta week ending to-, day, ddmpared with the ree<dpUaedshiOmeaSa T dr the . oomepopdlhg w'eea last year:! . , . r .■■'■' ttooeipta.. , Shipment*. .. , . : vi 1367. JB6L ! IS6? Sunday aad Uobdar... US 139 65 1,7® TueMsr. 39? U 61 2,1 U Wedeeeday. 1013 1.42$ ■ 16 .Thursday 1,339' Ut3 1,761 Friday~ 6^3. 6atnrday............... .148 3 ! 348 .... .Total 4.777 i&fl *B.OO 4,839 Lut - -&9B . • .... . ‘4.183 .... Weekbetore 1ut....... 'soo .... £eai.... W«ketdeeJon.J6... ajar, .... 2,489 ..... Week esdiegjan.l9... J. 937 .... 2.(89 ... Woe* enatuc Jan-5....... . 2,466 month ending Joa. _ .. rf. SU , 19,081 .... ; 11.490 By cotcrorißg tbe receipts. fbr ttds week and hut ws Ora IhcfolJowlne; le*® Than last wretr.-.V. .1,106 Shipments more than last week... 533 They compare wl th the receipts far tbs corresponding week of 3866. ai Allows: Becdpts this week. - 4,737 IteidpuiorcorTeeoo&disx week of 1806. W2t Brceipta leas this week. 1. 150 Por the came period In the year IS®, we find: Becetpt' Uns week 4.777 Becctpts lor the correspondiPg week of ISO;. 4,123 Receipts more this week. C 35 Tbe following table shows the shipments of Lire Stcckiorthe week np to last night, and thspolati to whicn the 'same were consigned: OOVStaNKXSTS. Cattle. Bogs. Sheep. ... 631 .... 437 ... 778 3,317 To Snspenvlon Bridge. To New York 770 1,703 M 3 .... 116 To BoSalo To Haltimore To Brighton- Ohio. To Philadelphia..., I By the ftDowlcg table is shown the receipts and shlpmentaolUatUe, Hoga and Sheep since January 1, 1567: Receipts, Shipments. Cattle 3J.«t 19. SW Hope 261.791 17.923 Sheep Sales to-day, and tor the week up to this evening Vere * Cattle. Boas, sheen Monday .. 1M 2,665 110 Tncmay 8« •Wednesday .1,025 M“8 ?£3 Thursday..... 1,679 4&7 871 Friday 90S 3.126 113 Saturday SGO I.CIO 250 .1,346 19,111 3,415 The market for Beef Cattlefor the week ending to-- nUbt has been a prosperous one ior drovers, and per* baps for no weet doting the eeaecc have the results ot their sptcn’ations been more eat»factory. True, trade opened a little slack on Monday and Tuesday, though this comparative quiet was in no way due to a lack of Interest on the part of buyers, but was owing entirely toiheabscocoofmatertalforactlve operations. The receipts np to Tn*sday night numbered but about 100 bead, so that operations were necessarily restricted. Later in the vccc, however, under liberal arrivals, and encouraging advices from all points Bait, trade be came animated, and prices for all grades experienced a’- advance ot 25®33c per 100 lbs on the closing rates of last week. The receipts bare Deco very heavy. and of a touch better than average quality, and to this fact, perhaps, as touch aa to any other, aro drovers Indebted lor the la proved tote of the market. There has been a liberal attendance ot shippers throughout, and all the best droves were readily absorbed at advance! rates, for the markets of New York, UaO&lo,Cleveland and Balll moro. There was also a lively Inquiry tor good pack leg btccrtcacd holders of this class ot stocktonadTcady sale for the seme, ot M.7535A0. The packing demand, however. Is at \v. confined to a few bouses, and It Is not likely that they will continue to purchase exten sively at the Mat-vcly htgir rates at present ruling, and with slow sale for the products. Good butchers’ cattle bare been la filr request to supply oar homo market, and under moderate arrivals cf such, values have appreciated lnc:mmon with the tipper grades; tale# ranging si f 1.2355.&f0r cotnmt a to rood lat Cows and mcdloia Steers. “Stockers” were to moderate demand, sod the receipts, tbongb oomparattveljr light, have been quite lufllclent to meet tht legitimate wants ot toe trade. The inquiry for new Milch Cows has been more ac tive than at any time daring the season, and the few ofienng were readily taken ap at (tlr rates. Oommoa to prime qualities may be quoted at (4D.003&00. Veal Calves were also in good demand, at |5.5d*7.00 lor ccmmcoto prime. CLOSING OP THX u<tnr. The ntikit 10-dsy—hninrday—was quiet, owing to tbe limited supply of stock in the yards, though holders were Arm in their demands, and toe few sales made -were at a slight advance on yesterday’s. TramacMoas wer» confined to ajoutSCO head, which were taxes at|J.sC(si.23 tor medium to giodfatCows, and common to Air batchers’ stock, 11.75&3.75 for common to good packing Cattle, and fC.W36.50 tor good second-class Steers. Themaiket doses strong, with the pens empty. The following are the CLOSTSO PEICTB. Extra Letrut-'V lne, At, well formed. 4 to 6 years old Steers, ana averaging 200 as and upwards *7.CJiS7.‘.O Prttne Jieece* —Gocd, well fatted, flnely- formed fctee/e, ftrcracloß irom laOO to I.«v 54..................... a........... Fair drculfn—t air Suers, in fair flesh, av- erasingl,OCOi3l..'CiO Pa. at. 5A0&a.73 JlttUum Vljt*— Medium S;een and good C&v*. At for city daughter and averaging SOOdiLOW Pa, at..... 4.5f&5,50 £;oel' Cattle—Common Cattle Id decent tilth, averaging 80U3L00O »»,at. LOO® 1.73 Jh/rrlor—Llgbltma. thin Cows and Steen, __ roach and coaroe. averaging TTOcjSd sa. 3-2i3(.0j We cote the following: CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. yinc brad medium Steen, averaging 903 as, f.-d and watered, at $b.43. Thim-sever head good smooth Steers, averaging LWJ jLB,at|LOO. Twelve common milch Cows, at |4o.oopcr bead. . 1 welvo bead good straight shinning steers areng lee 1,115 »s. fed and walereJ. at 1^.25. Twenty Lead good parsing Steen, averaging 1,003 aß,fedandWß*V‘3. hlchteviihcaa goon fleshy Steen, averaging 1,031 DJ, at 16.00. QOQB. The following are tbc receipt* and shipments for the can <st veec ana xor toe corresponding period lasi yCar ' Ucceipu. Shipment*. tsst, is« 7 ifibi.' Snnoavand Monday.... W 4 3,056 eij .... Tnsvlir SSG3 ail <»« MB WeCDod*j VIS <WC2 X. 753 51? Thursday 3,4« 1,476 798 Friday.. VM 1,174 761 4£X> Sainrcay 699 .... V9l .... .16.021 1i.471 6^59 I.sst week 2iKX) Wetk before last 22^77 Week cfldlPC Jan.lfC... 4t.*37 "Week ecdlti; Jac, 19....*51903 W«k endlturJan. 12....49KH tt>ek ending Jao. &. For m’lhcLO'g JanSl ’219,<13 .... i,i 79 .... The rec» Ipts this week and last compare as follows: IP-ccival this week. 16071 Received ia»l wvft... £U»J3 Received lew this week. 6,77 V The receipts this week compare wlto the receipts lor the same period in ISOG, as follows: Receipt* this wees .16,(61 Receipts fur corresponding week 181566 15,172 R-c- iht* more this week 519 Tbcmatkctfbr the week has ruled active and bnoy an’. The rreeiita were moderate and, under a strong dimanrl. both from shippers and packers, and with a lively competition between these Interests, values, from' day today have steadily, thonch almo-tlrapercepUSly appreciated, showing to-nlebt an advance of 23,g£jc oo the cloilng rates ol last week. The receipts fall nearly 7,(Xobf«dbcow the receipts of la&t week, and the sup ply has been considerably etaort of the demand. Ad vices from the East have been encouraging, and ship pera bare taught moicfreeiy than for any week during the; past t» o months. Over 6J500 bead have gone Into their bauds, chiefly for Kcw Turk and Buffa'o. Several prominent Packers have withdrawn from the market, though others are still operating liberally. The quality of toe offerings bas been hardly as good as tt at of last week, bo that the Improvement in prices 1* actual!* greater thin would appear from comparing cur Quotations of ibis week and the preceding one. To-day tbe market was active at a farther advance ol S&UW. Th- market closes Drzn at onr caotatlons. The lo.lowing are the clcslnp prices for this week aid last. This week. Last week. -fC.7Sft7.OJ |6 60ft6A0 .. C.10a6A5 &23ft6A5 .. Good to Choice., McQljtu to Fair. Common. 800 SALES TO-DAr. No. Av. Price. S 9 common light Bon 200 (9.33 &t coarse onerm 10t... 210" &io St pcod r aeon Bogs 195 6.<0 TO same quality 179 6.30 107 good Cat lot. 770 6.73 57 prime eren Bogs 353 c. 95 47 choice hear; Bogs ,317 7.00 IS pood coarse lot. 7ti C. 70 ]44 choice* ttt Hoes.. JS9 7.00 20 light Stock Bogs ...159 8.70 47 good coarse lot 211 G.TO fiOtnedlmo 80g5........ .209 6.45 73 coarse nr ev en lot 51 fair ta?oo B«c3 519 6.53 43 coed coarse Uc;e r>i 0.50 51 good fat even lot.; 573 6.80 SUEE!*—Becdvrd this week. 2,263; received to-day, 831; shipped this wetk, 1,665; shipped to-day, 370. The market has exhibited a fair degree of activity tbrooch oat the week and prices have been tolerably well sus tained. There has been a steady Inquiry for good to prime Morton bbeep. both for' shipment and on local account, and all of this class offering were readily tasen np at quotations. Common descriptions havo been somewhat neglected, though not sensibly lower. We quote: to Choice $550(35.7 Jlrdlam to Fair. Inferior to common. CHICAGO DAI GY MAK-KET. All tale* of Groin reported tn (Alt market report are mode on tee basis of ictnier (Jc) storage, unless otherxeise expressed. Battepat. Fehnuir IS, 1567. FREHJIITS-lUaßOiu Feeiouw—'the follow ing leUietantl of Uic Eastern Koad*: Si 4th T>r*’d Hites from Chicago tt>— class, class, floor, liogs. Btitfalo.S.Y 6J* 42w‘ So 75 Toronto. C. W,: G3tf ««• 83 75 Montreal, C. E ....1.33 S 3 1.70 1.33 Albany, K. T 1.10 6t I.GO J. 19 NewVoik. 1.15 W I.CO ijS Boston rut Albany .....1.21 85 1.70 1,33 Bostot rfo Graid Tronic 1.25 63 J.7Q j^a Portland r/a Grand Trotk 1.70 lJ3i Philadelphia 1.05 75 IJO 1.15 Baltimore. .1.03 75 lAO 1.15 pitt*r>oreh a 45 90 to Cleveland. Ohio*... JelTcrsonrille, Ind. IS 80 « 50 43 31 70 Cincinnati. Ohio. FLO V K—Received. 3.839 brls; Shipp'd, 3,331 oris. Owing lo the unfavorable advices fromtbeKaet, the Flout market to-day tuleddull. thidcmaddbeliucan flaca principally to supplying local wants, and holders In enter to effect sales were obliged to make conces sions ofls(?2Cc. Sates were as to.lows: Wxirrx Wcr tees—lSO bfiß not nam'd at * 14,00; &c brli do at *13.50; H 0 brls do at *12.50 : Emus—loo brls “C. LambV best at |l‘ .SO, to arrive; VO brls not named alflOJO; iCOorls do at *13.23; Spuing berms—loo brie totramed at *8.15,S ; 6K»bmdo at *8X0; 100 brls do at *:.M; Rr* Flocb—llo brls at *6J«; Unsocsu— -250 brls at *6.00. \V tlEAT'—Breetvcd, lI,CSt bu; shipped. 1,461 bn. Market auvarcra JHconKo. 2 Spring. Ko.l was quiet bat firm. Sales were: Wtrrrrc wheat —UO baby sample at *3.15; 6fbc*o Wheat—Boo bn at *3.05: 600 bu do at *2.00; 40t bu Ko. 1 (fresh) at *120; t,«B bu KO. 2at *1.8« (city): <3.009 bn Co (regular) at*l.£3; 800 bn do al»t.Sl',4 ; MO3 bn Rejected at *1.05; 6.000 bn do at *l.s6—ciofltnj: steady M f Jfi for regular Ko. 2. DOHJi—Received. 17,"t0 bn;shipped, none. Mar ket s« incber on Ko. 1. Sales were: 3,100 ba Ko. lat sc; 10 OcO m coat f&c; VWOtbudo at 8V; WO ba do at 63KC; 6JOO bu do at Sic: Wo ba rejected at 65c ; 4,(00 bn do at MVc; WOO in do at Sljfc; l.Tuobu do at siuc; 5,C(0 bu coat Me—closing at BUIG&C Ibr Ko. 1 In 6t OA.*Tfet—Received, 8.791 ba; shipped. 1.312 bn. Mar ket extremely Cull. Sales were: 60 bu Ko. 2 at39*c; J OlObo 00 at 89yr. „ It\ E—Received,Bsoon: (Moped, 1,125ba. Market very Cull, Sales were; 4U>bu Rejected at 75c, UARbG» Received,796bu; shipped,none. Mar ket dub. bales were; S&'bnK*. 2atGsc; 403 bo do at 03c: 450 by sttnp’c at *1.00; 400 bn atß3c; 161 bags At 77 wc: 400 bn -at .sc; 800 bn do at »c. Ult n O Sl* CO 11N —U of) 1 alPar onge of |6o.Waiso.W.’ —Deceived,4.2oons; shipped,nope. The general Jcaiurcs ol the market remain substanttaUv •hesameaa rotctl In oor previous reports, Uiotce KolL or choice Dairy Ip Js™ or crocks. Is In steady fair demand tn supply the wants ot local customers, and as the arrivals 01 sneb grades are no more than eulllcleni to supply this demand, prices keep well np, aid are tole-ablv firm at quotations. Indeed. lor something very choice— •*'Jilt Edged Inltancy pack ages. an advance ot 2s3c on the rang** ol prices given bciow, may occasionally be res tired, thoneb snch sales are exceptional and farnl'h to index CO the gen eral market. The market lor common Too and com mon Firkin exhibits rot the slightest improvement loa*y particular. Tncie is scarcely any inquiry, for slitpueot or on local Account, and under the exco give nocks at present on tiers On! It ex tremely difficult to (fleet sales at anything tike fair rates. Uuy- r? arc pnerally offering 10015,: for com mon tou, and <rfltr» arc brine filled at these figures, talesuen-:-AC b» atifile; 300 B- at 22c; 3,2(0 BSln rolls, at itc; 100 b» do at 21c; 2.000 tts fit 20c; M 0 B 8 folitws*^ 1 ** pkgs at 43c. We quotes* Choice t o Dairy ; 24 ®27 c Good Tub: ~..20 e Common Firkin jo fjuj c Frio t yq (*2; c to note In, thechorarter ot thomArk-t, Id any essential partin'’’ la*. The market 1* fully stofkol. aan Inactivity in the demand, orlcts daring tne were fsihn utf fully *2 00 on cotton goods, aud on there 1« SUb»vlnccd, on the part of dealer*.^ a alspoMilm t* concede liberally. fined principally (u amatl ernert to y wanU. Burlaps and GtuuUe*, owing to/ twiairt iicmaa&weniibeutK beid a'lmteTßnre ffaniy.. We make bo change 10 cur ouoLmpn»,«<uaiw*i L K adotai A, 3M,'*pam]eanu>en........'.... -TU-CO UnlrraA, do.". -.- ’ Oq ...........V.. »-£ UUaoiaA, .do ■- ;.'da ; <*s2 ConSxdunee awo- Start A. cotton aeamlen: - ...... JJ-W l-evlstonA, . ,do - .. .V ...-• 65 09 Amalcan. ‘do . Beaver Villa. do* Pitxsndfl, -<» Beun WlTlfl, do .TwtMtt, • i 0,. .811*0.— -•'do*., - , 8»co, Unco m<J cotton .... ■Enlffewood, do ..... . BpnnßttW... . flnnim*. Pcxrlape, 4 bn, Ifo.l ....28.00929.00 Bop I» City......... '40.00 CEI-.KMs—'There la Hltle morexcnt as ye% 1q Uila braeca of trade, and »ltb* lull annplT mine market ' Uie peccrar ftcllnjr It by oo mean? nnn. About tbe only Inquiry w lor prime ..goods to fill ; sin«U order* from tb« country.and to mott-instance* dealers are reaUtfsc at quotations. Common Western. made Chechen noriademacd and quotations areollltUc ▼aloe. Tbe todowlae aret&epricescorrau New York Factory (*enmre).............4..17 ®lB c Factory(HlinoU).. ...........15 ai6 c HamtmiK......... -..15 915- c Western states wiy e Western Bcserre..., ~...;.i3 all '* “ToDSK Amertta”.. - &3a-c CUA |/—There Ib leu activity la tbedemasa-taopch astbeatecksaro becoming lotncwbat reduced, there I'HodltpcsUlon evloetd on the part rf dealer* to -shade price* to any considerable extent, tod the mar* ket, especially lor the better varieties, may be coated nr matron rates. Tbeatocu of Eastern bituminous Coal are tatter abort. andaaheht aovanoe In prices 1b not altogether Improbable. We Quote: > _ jam—Brookfield... ......... tu.oi do Ormsby 11.00 oo Vlaerat Bldro 10.00 do WII oir Bank. ' 10 00 do Tunnel... 10,00 „ SB Lamp Lehigh.. ISJIC@i6.OO Larkrwana, prepared 11-00 Scranton 11-00 luinota 6.00 a s.oo do on track... S-50.3 6.00 Touchtoebcny....... 11-tO COFFEE—The general market to-dav ml raoder* etcJyocuve, but pncesjwere without decided change. We quotes _ Java 39 (JIO c " fntr .......SjJflSa - Rio, common to £mr - JfcJftSa c Elo-cood to prime.. 37>j&23 o Rio. prime to choice. .2$ &39Xc, COOHEKAOB The market roles ttcaoy. Sales were: 75 Lard Tierces at ALGO del.; 700 Fork Barrels attMUde). E«Clß—W're to active request today on local ac count, and nedet a contmned scarcity extravagant rates were In eomelii&Unccs obtained. The ftjw ircsh lota offering foot d ready bay era at -IS&SOc. Limed Kirrs were in moderate demand at a ranged 2as33c. Bale* iDfludet pitgs at 15c; sdo at Me; SdofttlOc; 1 do at <fic: ISO aor at 47c; 330 doz at 45c. FRUIT?* AND NUTS—'Trade la Picking op a little, aid. In cons*qacncc,a firmer locling ontaini. There was n lair Inquiry to-day for general assort" n-enta, and, In most l< stances. Hut rates were demanded. There lit a more active Inquiry tor. Domestic Dried Fruits than at any period daring the last sltwoess, aid, with po surplus on band, dealers are Generally bolding at a elleht advance. Wlutcr Apples continue in steady fair demand on local account, but nnucr the liberal arrivals of tbo put week, prices arc easier to the extent of Zs®Soc ft brL Common and damaged lots are Being ottered at a still tartbsr redaction. Oran berries are in lair request and steady at previous quo ta! lens. orareta and Lemons arc In belter amply and llJXHfcroo lower. -Sots are steady and ontbiizcd. We give the tallowing as tbs prices current: Db- GEBXXFEDTTB. Apples, I 9 brl M-00 .(? 8.09 Lemons, Messina 8.00 Orange*, v box 8.00 <$ 9.00 Cranberries, brl. 12.00 <515.00 Cranberries, cultivated... 13.00 <3.21.00 DRIED FBDIT9. Fin, drum Fics, cartoons..... Dates Can Peaches. 9 * a cans. Apples, tew ...... Peaches, halves and quarters., Peaches, pared Blackberries, new f> Itaspberrles, new V lb Cherries, pitted Elderberries, B B> llalelns, layers Baltina, Valencia Sardines, it boxes Sardines, X boxes Almonds, hard shelled Almonds, toft shelled Almonds, piper sidled Fcinnts. V>iimuiKloD, V ao^SCiba. JiraxllNutS Filberts**" French Wslnuts. new Naples Walaota 23 (4 31 Pecans. small and large 29 C 4 &l Hickory Nnts. per bo - 3XO (4 3XO ClifrtnoU. Vbn 7.00 M 8.00 FlSH—l'eaiers are sun complaining oi a very doll market, iboiiKb in aatlcipatlonof a more active trade next month, andwith no surplus stock on hand, they are bclolre comparatively Orm atibe reduction ro> centiypotcd. Ahont the only Inquiry at present {a to inpnfv tbe city retail grocery trade. We quote the market steady at me prices given be'ow: •Wbllcflsb, No. 7, Mini $0,75® 7.W M >0.2. !?brl... 0.50*6.75 Trout,No. 1. Vbrl 5.00* 6.25 “ No. 2. U orl 4.50,4 4.75 Mackerel, No. J, X brl, new. 70.HUi0.75 “ No. 2.# brl 70.00*10.25 •• lamlly. * X brl u extra mess. V X brl 14.50C415.00 “ •• •• VKlt. 3.60*3.75 ** >'o.l.ldl*.tew 2.55® J.GS “ lamlly. kits 2.163 2.33 CodOab. Bank. V ICQ jt>s 5.50 w ».D0 “ George’s Bank 0.00(4 TTnke - . S.&'to 5.25 Herrings, dried, No. 1, V box .SO* S 3 Herrings, scaled 00(4 03 Labrador llerrltßS, V brl 79.50*11.03 Labrador Herrings \ lirt 3.60* 5.75 Norwegian llertlngs, K's, 79 brl 19.00 Norwegian Herrings. Si’s V brl 10.0 J CKHAME—NotbUg oomg— nominal at tuo follow* Inc quotations White. Yellow. Brown. niliils i V E"-iiecclVr<i, 3 brls’jcKlppwl.Tf bri". Market inactive but firm, at 23c tor bonded, and fci-20 lor duty paid. OOPS—Ajeselllngal CQsCCc for Eastern, and 533 CCc tor Western. I>(I£"*MBU ' Tions-Uecetred, J. 553; shloocd, J,6Tj. Market StfMOc better on Ui;Ut weight?, with a scarcity offrozen lota. Sales were * aTers£U> £1 under «P 0 BB at..., J 8 areraclug... fta at... lOOatcragiue... fts at.... ICO averaging... lb* at,.. SO6 averaging... ft* at,.., CM averaging... ft* au... IB dividing ou SCO os at., 11 dividing ou SCO fta at. 4® dividing cn soj ftsol. ISSCividiogoo ICC Bast. 6 dividing oo VO Bbai... —closing Ann at J?.60®7.6j, ii a v~Traiic is aiacfc thougu urlcca t«-daj*were well *n.'.lined, and for fowc on wacotH, owing to the limited arrival* of such, holders were general!/ using lilclier rates. Tb* sfocts ol incased liny ar= moderate though Quite sufficient to meet the present demand, tVe continue to quote: WHOLES ALB PBICZB. Tlraoihy, rolled ard better prcstod 113.003U.00 IlD.olhy. loose pressed UW4IUO i'raule. beater pressed ldOOwll.oo . BBTAtL PEICES- „ Timothy, rolled and beater pressed •}j!^l3*fs Timolhr. Lx-m lO.IMAIa.UO Prairie. r. ihr mid Tester prtasoi 11.00313JM Prairie, loose on wagon, dellreted 9AiO,aIO.(XI IIIDES-ltecclved. 51,910 K>a; shipped, Ba. There Is to material cnaoire to nolo tn the market fur this artic.e. The receipts continue light, and under a crod healthy shipping demand ah offerings arc readily taken up at out quota’looa. Lcc«l tanners are boring In a small na; to supply currml vanta. Green Hides are taken at one-third off. VTe quote the market firm at the prices clr«n below* Green Hatchers’. ...i... Gran Salted, iriram»d Green Call ....19 ttifl c KlpOreca, salted 1* WU c Dry Flint. trimmed 441*.50 Dry b*lted, trimmed UVMliiic oreeo Milted.oartcand..... 9*«10 c litONANI) jaTWSIa— m consequence oi the stop* pace ofLCirir oil the lollinc mills throughout the countiy within the past ten nays • the stocks arc be* oralni;eac*edici:l)' ilahuano dealers are askingloll prices. We continue to quote: Common liar 6Jfc Ucrsc Shoo Iron 03«$Cjfc Heavy Hand 6 <4 C;,c Hoop and Light Band. 6k«U c lioond aoa Square 5X(.4 9i*e Oval iX'it 6KC Haiti v<] and Half Honed 6#c shptrlror,common ••"!*■« .... Extra Brands .... Sheet Iron, galvanized, 19 <*£l c Sheet Iron, charcoal, 00 9jfis .... Sheet Iron, Jutlato, 26..... 113w13 c Norway Nail Hods u wliuc Plow Steel, German -U c Plow steel, east. ..n t:l9 c r-prlnirandTlrcStcci. Ene'lsh MX 3 15 c Tool CaatStecL ordinary 5ize*....... is <430 c Tool Cast bteel, American. 21 (®35 c Blistered steel.. .20 ®3O c Huttsia, N'db. 9 and 10 23 u 26 c Hursia, Atn., Isiqanlttv, f bdl f«18 c llowltt. Am.. I>t quality, V sheet f*)9 c Hussla. Am.. 2U guiUlry, V sheet (jjlS c . I/E4THEU-’lhere 1b very mile doing in the leather marker, but the stacks are not excessive, and in anticipation oi increased activity later la the sea son. dealer* are holding firmly at lull rat* «. Manatee torcra arc looking about, In view of future purchase*, but as yet their operations arc of a limited nature. We quote: City Harness, f> ft | 393 40 Country Harness Sift os Line, * ft 42® 41 Klo, medium, V ft U 531.29 Calf, Vft JAOftl.tO Upper, V t0 0t... 30ft 31 Country Unper.. 23® 33 Collar, p f00t... 2s® 24, SlsDghfer.Sole.. 51 [French Call, 31 fiamet*, v a... 4tya 461 as 3,11133 Upper 80@ S 3 | French Call, 34 Kip, No. I, me* I as ..........2.C352.10 alum 1.10(31.301 French Ca'f, t,e* Kip, No. 1, . molnes, V aoe^O.OOSDO.CO heavy ffiwsl.iD 1 I. (Jill HER—Trade In the yards Unlay was Quiet and prices steady at thefollowlng Quotations: Lchheb—First dear. 1,1%'. IJtf ana 3 Inch m . |W.KJS(S.OO Second c car, l, !■<, 1# ana 3 Inch 23.KUia.00 Third Clear, >:cb ...... 50.00@25i» First and Second C>ear Flooring. to gether, rongh, the same as Second Clear wide 20.C0358.00 Common Floorlnir, roach 5~i.00337.00 Watched and Preyed Common Flooring iJMsa.OO Match*! and Drcsaed 8 loch Common Flooring M^Oa3B.oo First and second Clear biding, together. 30.03 3.13 00 FlrstCoomumDrcised Mdluc 53.0t@23.00 Wagon-Uor Boards, eUect, 15 loch and upwards 33.00313.00 A Stock Boards, 12 inches SO OiiOlJM B Stock Board'. 12 Inches 2G.0Cki527.00 Common Boards, Joists,Bcantllng.Fenc log, and Small Timber. J 2 to 16 loot long. 21it0@33.09 Joists ano scantling, 20,23 and2l feet.... 28.00@00.00 Joists and Scsnihaa 25.10 Snctconza—A cr Star shared shingles 4AO i» or Star Saw ed shingles 5 oo® B 30 No. 1 fcawed 5hing1e5......... 2AO@ 3.00 Lath—Fer mln yards 6.00 By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, (leUrerwMnapy yardwhere cancan be switched, or any depot; Aor star Saw ed Shingle*, by car-load, on track 457)(& 4JO Aor Star Shared Shingles, by car-load. on track 3.730 4XO No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track 3X5 • Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows too Shingles In freight bill. .?S6 6~-0 •I.TVxSA* __ gITtVGLX STASDAED. Thickness—Five Shlngies to nctwo Itches la thick* icss. Let-glh—Sixteen laches. Bai-as—Twcnt* inches, Courses—Tw city-live. METALS AND TlJfNEßfc* STOCK-Thero trss considerable animation In the market to-day, and <'ealers were generally obi t,nue to quote: Box Tin Plate. 1 C 10x11 $14.53 Large Figs 3i bn all Pica 88 Bar Tin 39 coprar- Metallic Al'Bolts... S 3 Copper Bottom 53 Bntz ere over 10 as,. 43 Sheet, u to 10 or.. Tinning* BABBIT MCTAL- I Ist quality.... SO. ADUmony ao Flue bolder SO NAJLJj—The market is 6d, tq. wo, M 8.251 OII>-Tte general ms «ltlino IftproTcmcat In i except Linseed OU, which i. firm, tbere lx scarcely any m dealcrs,dorli g Ibe cast two' liberal stock# of Lln>eed, a drained me market and In make no cnasge In oar qaoti .Linseed Oil Uieeed Oil,* boiled. WbaicOii.'w.*B. LaxC oil. extra Laid Oil, Ko. l Winter. Lard Oil. No. a Winter. Bank Oil', roimd lota. MacDinc Oil. Spent Oil, W. I) &3J50 LubrlcaUncOll 5Q&1.00 t’AUBoN OlL—Tbe market remains quiet out ready ana firm at previous rates. Tbe eopply Is lip. oral. Weonote: «oibon, V carload.. Carbon, mall iota.. Dcnzolo, 30c I'KOTltflOK?* Received, IM.9M Bs Cured Meats; ICC brls Fcra, and BsLard: shipped, 459.gJl &s Cured Meat* 61 hi is beef; 476 brli Fork, and 1C7.97J fc nii>n Pork—Market nominal at tISJO@iS.7J. llulu. iff cate—More doing. Sales were: 110, COO bb fcbort Hid at 91fc loose; 130,000 B 8 D. 6. Shoulders on o.t M understood to be7J<c. loose; 50,000 bs do (last evening) stTJfc. loore. Laro-Icacnve; buyers and refers about kc aoort. Sales were: U£ tres KetUo Dnod at like: 5u tres Country Steam at like. IMIUI.I B.Y—There was a tttr Inquiry to-day, and dealers were rcaiUltg full prices, sales wereasioi towa: Obesskd Cuiceexe—t doz. at |3-<JO: I Dos at S3.OJ; Sdozat f4JO; 5 doz. at $4.35; eifoz. atflOO; I)CE£SEb Dvcks—2 doz at *4.50; 4 doz. at II00; LtTE Gems—2 dor-at *9.00; Dbemped Tcbkeys—lso as at IGc; 430 Bfi at 15c; iCO Bs at UC; KO Bs at - l3kc; 400 acter of the market remains the tamo as previously noted. Stocks are light and price* rule firm. Wequole: Babbl Vs Medicinal i3Jti»U c •* iSM^uxe DclanJ’aA^gntcal.. - UU^llifc jT active dcmatid, especially f"r . '*toclM of which ate ample.. **C” ana dealers and It «!• are well main- Qrcie whitr - l“Pxui - ' , .Om*ns C, «*>& OmiiC exut.;... li*if tir.ekßs vir<. vM^UKWUre f*T l{tll*!«—Tliefflartcl lJ wllboat tpecUl cbamre, iod pncr»sre*eak.wid BomlD*liT oacluaced.. Wo cpuuncetoGHfie: \ - -v' Stv wJ t (j9US. c&jOD £TU», WJO fiS.« ... ■■ s?.w ... ....... 3C.CO rftwiortSjnipr Yellow DrU*i.v.v COb» Wola«ce.... iWKVftICO.—..... Jicv Drleaci--*-'--909LW’ Philadelphia Bee Dire. . gj« TO .CO'caEoKennerr, Amber.. ;...LOOavis Chicas*. Refinery, Golden.-.......,....,......' 809 H -> Chicago Refinery. H0u5e......... .. TOA 85 . - PJEtllH— Bsce»red-S7.TSS »■; «hJop»MW3S a*. Tbe • marketwa*..onJ» mod»r»tetr icttvu. bales-Include: Taornr-fB bsgs si t&si i rebags do st tut: 11 bags doat£Us; Cfcovxs-l>bagß at «8W; labogs do «f n.TS-.G ou*heU<toattLTO;9bmdo*ttf.»;lsbaCS ; do at f? id ;7 brli do ; Shags do atfAW; Flax ;-.-«bagsat*rTO. , .. i ■■ •.•••' • ’ HA I.T—BrecWcd. cost; shipped. 511 btla. Market ' doll. Nos»l« reported. weconttoiiotoqa^te; -New Fine fLM -C0ar5e...w...... ••• . ■ ?*5 Ground A1um*...... M 592-0 -Turk’s Iflsnd, bags ZSO Ground 50ar....... *•» Dairy, with sacks • 9.00 Doin', without eac3tt .... . S-TO Tf denauo continue* active. Stocks are Tncdemirly isrte, and fall prices are cbialntd- Were* peal quotations: | .. Ynnng Dycon, inrerlorto fine, 9 Cldjo®l st oo ■ extra to choice-, Plb 1.70-tt.lH Imperial,superior to hne,-* ft Lip®!.*® tlo extra to choice,- 1) B «„.i.UWW, Got powder, superior to hoc. 9 B do dlratocholoe. V ft *4s®s’°?- ’ Japan, natural leaf, flee to extra tine. 9 8.... L050J.19 (jo do floe (o choice, f> B L»9L4O do do colored. R ft ...... L35M1.40 TOBACCO—A*W» front a moderate inquiry from prime gooes there Is comparatively nothing domg,and quotations are JUUe better than nominal. Common Plue,otwblchlherel9anoTcrelock.l» being offered at reduced rates. Prices range as follows: Choice LOO ftl.TO Medium..... * 9 22 Common w 8 « SitostNO Tobacco— „ Vircli-la'a Favorite » ALM Choice...; M Medium ® a Common stems V* & *» Piuo Tobacco— an * at Royal Citizen g 9 ® Fanners’ Delight ••••,3? S?„2 Natural Loot. L2O <?2.00 Half Bright. g ®LTO choice Black, sound TO @ t» Medium TO « TO Ctmmon 50 # 2 Navies g 'Virginia iO« and fts M.»€g Flounders TO ■ & ffi WOOB—Remains quiet and steady as previously anoted. We repeat our Hit; Maple, V cord, delivered tl3iO®l3-CO Maple, V cord, in Twd BtCch, 9 cord, delivered. lOAOotlOifl Beech. 9 cord. In yard ■,2«££i?-S2 Hickory. 9 cord A I*RIVAL AUD DEPARTURE OP XX TRAINS. Winter Arrangement, ciuciAO ash sonnnrssTEixs railroad—council EUiJTS AND OJtAIIA.LINE—DEPOT NORTH WELL 3 STREET. I«ave. Arrive. Omaha Fast I-lno » *8:1 •> a. m. *7:20 p. m. Omaha Kicht Express.., 7:80p.m. £0:00 a. m. Dixon-Passenger hoOp. m. 11:10 a. m. rBEEPonr xjns. SI a 85 SO & 3J S 0 29 4.05 (£ 4,71 JO a 13 IS 0 19 43 (4 45 81 & S 3 C 8 (A 68 63 0 06 15 & 16 4.65 0 4.71 IB 0 19 20 w *a SB 0 40 Freeport Fasretgcr... .. *10:00 p. tn. *2:10 a. m. : Freeport Passenger. *0:00 a. m. *3:40 p.m. Bocklord, Elgin, Fox Line... *4:00 p.m. *11:10 a, m. Geneva and Elgin Fas eengcr..... *5:30 p.m. *8:15 it. m. WISCONSIN DIVISION—DEPOT COIINBII or CANAL Day Express •fcOOa.m, *C:3od.t&. NlebiExptess *4::wp.m. *jtlsa.m. Janesville Accomroodn. *5:30 p. m. *2:35 p. m. Woodstock Accommoo’n .*OU p.nj. *9:20 a. m. lULWAL'KTX DIVISIOK—DEPOT CORNER OP CANAL AND KIN XIX STREET. 33 <2 21 3S (4 15 60 0 95 4.00 ® 4.25 33 S 3! Day Express,... ... ... IfcOOa.'m. 12:00 m. Itoecbill, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:10 p.m. Night Express 4:00 p.m. &3dp.m. Kenosha Accommod'n... 4:40 p. m. 0:43 a. m, Waukegan Accommod'n. 3:30 p.m. 8:30 a.m. Milwaukee Accommod'o, 11:43 p.m. 3:30 a. m Geo. L. Dunlap, GenT Snp’t. B. ¥. Patrick. Geuttal Passenger Agcou XI NISAN • MUTUAL BAILRuaw- UfuOA TOC? OPIAK3 rram. i 7 » is at a S 3 Morning Express *s:ooa.m. *8:45 p.m. Day Express. »7;00 B.nx. •U.t’Cp. m. Evening Express 15:30 p. m.t*l2: -C p. m. Night Express **9:45 p. tt. tii2s a. xa. CINCINNATI AliD LOUUVIU.S TBAINf- MorningExprese •WOa.n. *'U;Ssa.m. Night Express. x&oop.m. *li:otp.n. mCHIBAN BODTK3BN AND AK3 BEOSX LtNX—DM POT COSKSB TAN SUUEH AND SEBSAAN STSXSTA. TOLXDO LUTS. Day Express *7:00 a, a. *li:00p. a New York Eiprees 3: .5 p. m. tlfcbO p. O Nlch: Express ,t*lo:oop.a. *fi:9oa. a DBrnorr LOTS. Mali *4:486. Ei. tfeOCl a. m. Sight Sxpccs* lUCOi P* n. *8:55 p. n. PITTb3U3SOi JOLT wantß AND OKfAfiO. Mail *t2oa.m. 6:00 a.ra. c xvreS4.... *;:00a. a. liiOa. a. Fast tine 8:15 p. a. 7:10 p.m Express ...*i.ihoov. a. 11:00p. a ILLDtCCJ CXaTBAL, Day Fasscngcr *9:20 a. a. *ld:a' p. m, Night I’spsciiger... 410:00p.m. *C:43a. m, Ktmkakce AccomDOd*c. *?:05 p. m. *«2i a. a. Uvdt Dark aua OaUWood *6;«J a. a. *7:ts a. a, .i •« “ *is:iop. a. **cs2 am. « »» *3:3op.a. *ksCp.m. u » “ *3:53 D.n. *7:3op.m OHii aoo. aijamaioK and goiaor. Day Express and M 011... *3:*oa.a. *9:00 p. a. Gslesboie Passenger.. . *3:oop.m. *-LoQp. m. Anrcra *i:oop.o. *9OO a-D. NightExpreoa Jl2.oomld’hl ts*.soa. nu ohxcaso and rr. coma. c .Jixw u c UfuLAgy V.. fcWUM, aiprtea and Mail B*os a. n. 8:45 p. Night Exprea. 9:15 p.xn. 3:50 a.m. foilat and Wilmington Accommodation Wo as. CBICAGO aan BBXAt 8A3T38S —ILATt COtCUtHAT: AIB LlNX>—kltWAnxm Z/ITOT, ooc. '•ANAL AND kINXZiI ITBSSTf. Day Expra<8........ .... 6:3t6. 2L 10:55 p.s. Night i&preed fttiop.m. 8:50 p.m. rca :mi)Unaw>w*, tornsviuji ash uwctkkati. Day Expree?.... e:3oa-m. 10:55 p. m. Night Express 9:60 p.m. &5G a. m. Octupboa Er r ....... . 0:30£ g,ulftSs p. a. tju-siM Accommodation 8- m. i*:CW a.zc« ** strap. *2. Eiw p. m. .7.53 37.71) ,7.10,47.70 .T.M'-oT.TU •7.S>««7ja 7J037.M ccjrauo, nook island and pacific raiuioad. Day Exprajs and MaS'... • *9:00 a. m. •5.3 | f p. m. Nlgbl Express. 12:(XI p. a■ *5:45 a. tt, oßei Acconoodalion.. 4:40 p.p. *9:40 a. tt. •Soposy isccoied. rai(mdhvcscootod,;BaianUi •xccptert. UNION STOCK TAHD TCtt TABLk. Ixavc Madieon titrvet .Leave Slock Yards. .8 a s*c 4:45 p. m. 5:40.... p. m. BOSDAT TRAINS. B:su a. m. J 9:33 ....a. a. 10:20.. a. m. ] 11:45 a. in. 12:30 .p.m-1 th.lo p.m. 4:00. n. m. I 5:15 o. m. The followlne lathe new table for ibo arrtva and departure of mail? from ‘.be Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: w>rrja CLOSE. P, O. CHICAGO, ILL. VAILS JLUIUVZ# a. m. p.m. &- m. p. m, .... 2:U0,...M1ch. Sooth. R. K.. .... liso .... 8:15.... “ “ “ 6:55 .... 12:00 m “ “ •* .. 6:00 11:00 .... 12:00 m Irtlch. Centralß.R 12.00 ... 8:3.... •• “ “ .• 0:00 6:15 I” 2:Cd/.l!pUts. &Ft Wayne 12:30 .... 8:15 “ “ •* 7:10 .... 12:00 m “ u * .. 6;00 11:00 12:00 4:30 .. Great Eastern R.R.. 6:30 10:00 12:00 tl:3o...,NcwAlbany*Salem 8:20 11:00 8:(>0 7:45 t.alcnt KailrDCd 3:10 2:10 12:00 «00....D1x0r. Air Une.... 0:00 7:20 •.Stbh g:Wi.... Rock Island Railroad 5:t5 2:30 12:00 ‘■:oo....c..B.&Qnlccy «.R 6:50 ftOO S;MI 3:oo....NotUlwceicrti R. R.. 5:45 B:3Q £:0O 2:45... MJK-anLce Railroad. 11:30 6:20 12:00 7:4.1....111in0is Central R. R. 7:00 9:00 12:00 7:00...,H|, Ixrala Railroad... 5:85 3:45 ROB’T. A, GILMORE. P. M. MACHINERY. A. T. BATES & C 0. 7 Slaughter, Uauaiobole...! 40® 40 Slaughter. bole. Chicago No. 1,. 40® 42 Slaughter. Sole, Chicago NO. 2,. St® 37 Baents Ayna.... 3% 4(1 Orinoco Sole .... 3te 33 Orinoco, good, damaged 31® 32 ?0 Sooth Oanal-st*y Chlcagxy« DEAIXBB IN FARM MACHINERT, AND GEN ERAL ACKNTB FOR THE NORTHWESTERN bTATBS FOR THE CELEBRATED MANU FACTURES OF HLFMER. DAT & CO., MANSFIELD, O n AND BLTMEB, NORTON A CO„ CINCINNATI* O. Our Lilt embrace* the Cook Evaporator. Victor Cape Mills. Eureka Cnttlng Bos, Star Corn bbclier, War ner’s Hone liny Rake. Wood-Sawing Macalocs, Com Crnibera. Ac. Partin applying for descnpllve circu late will please eped/y the machinery they want. A. T. BATES A CO. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE, The General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW FORK AND • . Havre, calling at Brest. The splendid new vessels ot this favorite roots tot the Continent will sail trom. Her No, 00, North aver, as follows: EURO! E February 9. ST. LAURENT Bocandl.... February 23. PERKfKB Dnchme....March 9. TILLS PE PARIS. .Europe March 23. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, fICO; Second Cabin, fIOO, Including tahlr wine in cither class. , * M.V *** UWI.* . The steamers cl this line do net carry steeracb pas sengers. Passengers intending to land at BREST will be car nlsbed with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggagr checked to Ports, at an additional charge of t 5 for hist and |3 for second class. Modieai attendance tree of charge. Forlnrtber Information, apply, tn Chicago, at tbt FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE. 235 HUncis-sl.; ll New Tork, to CEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, ft# Broad* way. rpHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO* JL fore existing between the undersigned, by the tirmnamecf wing tail prices. We con- zisc. Ist Quality, c»s« I3v Ist quality, sheet. 14 Shu* 14 noatrr wise. 1 to G it 7.8 and 9 12 20 and ll 13

Is fids clay dlrsolved by nrntnal consent. William Erby alone is authorized to settle the afialrs of said Ann and carry on the busp es«. EDMUND CALLOW, WM. BRBF. Chicago, Feb. 15,1EC7. 12 13 and 14. 13 and 10.' Storkijolticts’ jßmtog. GLASS CO3I- At a met line of the Board of Director* of the North western class Company, held on tto lilh day of Feb ruary, IS6T, It wa* ordered, that & meeting of the stack lioldcrs of said Con paty lw held at the office oi the company. No. 24 S South Water-gf., CMcaeo, On Jlurch Otb, 18«7» At 2 o’clock p. ro., at which tine and place a proposi tion will be submitted to said mertmc, that tho capital stock oi said Company bo diminished to Two Qaadrcd Thousand Dollars. 19, LUDINGIOK, J. F&RR. JR- a? n Fence Wire 10 CUny active, Wcaoote:* |3<l t9jS 3d, one blued 9J5 sa.nnebiuea iojn 'tntaptlces 7.35 Clinched Net 9.35 artet cottlnaes very dull, prices. Indeed, If we may is In active demand and noveinent at all. interior > weeks, bare been laytne lo which has in a measure ndneed hlcher rates. We tattoos, as follows: I 01.« ii« ... r aiuw J. MI-DILL. A. P. KELLEY. W. H. KRETSKORB, P. B. SfIDMWAY. iC TALCOTT. j^3C«I.U) .lAUIO .1.1Dft1.13 .I.OOaUO "DLOWb. PLOWS. BOD BREAKING FLOWS and all varieties clfitnb ble and Double shovel Plows manufactured and lor sale by -UIDN DEMENT. Dlxoo. HUlols. .i.'isc'tilzo .UKtalltO Q.OITRLAT BROTHERS, Shirt Manufacturers, Vf BARCLAT-ST n SEAR CHURCH, NEW YORK. N. B.—Prlcc Lists mailed on application. Q.EsT, HATTER & UO, Wholesale Commission Karciiaats Bctw-ca y »od G-.a~4 DENVKR. COLOK&UU. I>ATOHI3LOR’S HAIR D’Slß “Tats soicndld Hair Dye u the best In the world. Harmless, reliable, ioitanUneoßr. the only Renter Dvc. KoolaappolttiLcnU No rldlcnloas but true to nature. Genuine slgred WILLIAM A. BATgu* ELOK. Sola cy DraeglsU and rcrfumeri. Factory, 81 Barclay-sL. Hew York. . HILL’a HAIR DTE—SO Cents—Block or Brown—lm tantaceons, durable, touimo. IlieMtud rnneb iu as any dodar size. HILL S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING 01NT4H-20-, reliable lor genoril uintment -nnitoxa. Depot 60 Jobn-at,Ntstr York, Bold by all Orngglsta. A2X9UVIC u^!t Ev^-i ..... goo; g. IRailroatris. AND BXSZIK STREET. .a. m. 7:10. .a. m. 11:30. p.m. p.m. ,d. a. 4:00 p.m. fHadjinecg. ©rcait Steamers. yattncrsljip. “EEBY & CALLOW,” Directors. laiotos. iSußiness ffiarhs. Mo. 60 MoOflO-dtot ffialr 33pe. :' I I IST '0I': tET®EB3, ;-vr;,-W :V- ! ■'.) % ■; LETTERS HWfmnm tTKCLAIHED IH THE P attoaat at CM cam State of minott, pa too 16th day : .cf Pebn»»fy,4*7~ -Mt 7 5 „ . ..rjr- •••itr cotam any of thaw letters toe applicant rooftcaDfor •ADTaannm'Lrynas.*'sire too date of „thv ilr.Biyfpay cue oat fiv adwtuinjr. *- rFT**irnotcjOic.i fijr-Trlitort .oa»r*cwm they trill ;be «*ntio the Dead letter Office.- -r-i ’ r • >\ - •• Lerun adtertiaed tart*i t)*ey.b*Tß i*? maintain the office roe week.-rod on PmayeanajatV orcaya letter* to be *dTerti*ea are la;tfieiaadaof the Tmacnbisa Cltrta. _ . - • _>. < - “i. Dl*i£x letter* pWnly totbettrectandnomber. 1 __ • H£AD idler* witbtoe writer’* Post Omcaand .Bran, imxr rod mnan. alto themplainlywith tali naoie, *ad request too aoawers to be directed ae- to atnegera or trawrtaafrltitan In atown or atr, trhote apodal addreaa may be ooeno wmahcwld be majked, la thejo wer left-hand comer, with tnaword •Transient.’ ' “L Place the postace stamp, on. the pppeb inonT* .iuxD oojMrs,and mtx stack between the stamp and direction for rorr-jtaaanro without interfering with thewntinjr. . ■ • • .. -N. B.—A REQUEST &r the RKTDiafof a letter to the writer. If unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer's jtakz. Post Omcx and stats acres* the h-tt-hand end of the envelops, on lb* face side, will be compiled with at the usual pre> oald rate of postage, payable when fie letter la dellr* ered to the wilier.—{sec. 88. Law of 180.” ty Free delivery of letters to any part ot the city can he secured by baying them- addressed to the street at d number. LADIES’ LIST. AdamtUzMemr* Andrews ton Adcr Lomu mils , Andrews Rate miss - : • Abcrton Alice mrs Appicby Mottle B miss Alexander Bradley mrs Arnett MvryG ora AllisonElcnmlaa AnustronguoarleUa mrs Allen V mUs - AmdAltmra Allen Delia miss . Arnold Watt mrs Allen Wm S mrs Auuustme Mary sister Allen William mrs Atkins Mary mrs Alien Eunice C anal Averr B J mradr AUenJSmrs AubertroafUras AocUAlinoamr»2 AnowimlUiAmis Anderson Ante mrs Dailey Catherine Borden Rrome ran Barker Sopbronla A mrs Bowman Ann mrs Bailey Mary miss Bonser Martha Ballon Dmrs Bowman GWFmrs Banden Mauler tors Bowes Charles B mrs Darker John Bmrs Bracard Lucy mrs Banica C F mrs Branson D misa Darner Mary miss Brackett Mary A mrs Barry CatherisoT miss Brewster K miss Barnard Adallue Drawee mra . BanmwsLmrs Broadway Nellie misa Bartlett Mattie M miss 3 Drockawar Aboy h mlas Bates Alice E mrs Brownell thebe Bates Lizzie nuts Brucoe Lizzie mrs Beck M A mrs Browne Jeanette miss Beal Olive N mra Browne Warren M mrs Bell** o A on . Burton Warren mrs Benedict Hannah mrs Burton Lucy A mra Dennett Joscuhlnc miss Burke Isabel! mrs2 Bennett Lucinda mra Boyle Julia tmunn a W ran Byrne Surah miss Biro Jonus'U mra Byrnoßsrabmus Blcga Ellen tms Uunu Mattie miss MgelowNWmn Byrne Luke mrs Blake J K mra Bushy Emma mra B'okcs ee Ada L mrs Bash Lucy raw Dime mra Byers Tilnemlss Blanchard Jennie K mrs - Butler CW mrs Bliss Martha A tutes Butler Clarlcy mra Klavett Jetnle mrs Buttnck Bar*n miss Bonner Amelia Jmrs Banrlck Hattie a.l*i . Bocae Lula ml»i Butterfield Hattie M miss Bortle Emma O miss 3 Cady Emma Cialbora Lac; mrs Cameron Malcolm mrs Cheat H miss Cannon Robert M mrt Clark Nellie miss Carmlcheai Henrietta mrs Clark Nancy Cam Mary mrs Clark Q 1 mrs Carey Bilcgetmlre Cleveland Came mitt t aity Lizzie miss Cloyd Chat tea tars Carney mire t lovd Almira ora Carney mrs Cobb It D mrt Cardinal Ida mrt Cody Moggie mn Carpenter Lcbbca* mn Cobb E J art Carhart SI a mrs Coho Millie mire Carr Zcila Colby Mary A miss Camber Wary mlaS Colnv Hattie nlu Csrroll Nellie miss Cole Lome olu Cairadv Mary miss Column Laborla mrs Cufry Haoccran mrs Commerturd Elizabeth mrs rattanaih C miss 2 Conun Mary mrs Chance Annah mrs clement Came £ Chan Berlin sopbln C mrs 3Cook & min Chamberlin Harriet miss Cookaon C mrs Chapman Celia a mis Copland Edith mlao Chariton Hamah U miss Coyne Mamie A mrs Chare Joseph V mrs CrawfmlFetcr mis Cho'e Wi-Fon Wmrt CrockerFmcncx ton Childs Maggiemn Cross M D mrs Christopher Margaret mlaaUrowley Eliza miss Churcbwell Lucy mrs cummlne* Clementinemiss Clarkln Mary mill Cunningham Ann mrs D Dailey Mary miss Diamond Mary mils Daggett Bate N airs Di tty Mura mrs DanlorlP Mar*ln C mra Dlmrroan Annie mrs DaUts Ellen miss Podge fiaroh £ mlu Daniels AuaUn mrs Polan Julia mrs Davis Elizabeth mrs Dcnaldsim E H mrs S Davis Frans raise 3 Donahor Ann* miss Davt» miss Dononghuo Anna miss Davis .Margaret miss Darrhßlanch miss Davis Elmira mils Dumbach Anna li miss Davis Clmrlc* mrs Dow Elmira IV mrs Davis MehltableL mrs Dower mrs Davcnpcrt Sarah mrs Dress*r J M mrs Day Lydia mrs Drlscol Mary A mrs DfOL Mar}' E mrs Downing Nellie u miss Per If kf on Hattie M miss Dunbar F D mrs Devots C 31 miss Duff Agnes Delong Louise mrs DnrolaFrlisyrolss Dewey Julia A mrt Dutton James mrs Derny Marla miss Dystft Maggie mrs Olckctuou Marr E miss Early Catherine miss Elwood Kate miss Barter Flora idlrs Etnper Minnie miss Bllkwortb Henrietta CmlssKwirgElizabeth mrs Ellis Margaret Everett Sarah mire F Fabian Emtlymrs Fresrmre „ Farwell Katie a miss F rench Mary M mrs Farnesworth Came mrs Frankcnnerg Bertba miss 3 Kercmoa Jnlia L mrs Frazier l.lzzlo miss KltthWTmfk Frhbic Clara Emiis Frkjns I.ycJltt rots* Foster JM mrs FlouconeMary wincaiordFulton Mary Amiss miss Frost Addle miss Flnnsbv Margaret miss Fry Mary Ann Flanncrv Kate min Fog Ellen A miss Fortune Aon mrs Forsneo UalQe miss Fogarty July miss Oates Emma miss Colon Johanna miss Gettings Mntllda Goodrich Carrie mrs Geimsg Viola miss Gooding E a mrs Geary G miss Oisllu Stephen mrs Gilman Alice M miss Grey Maggie nuts Gibaoc Harriet mrs Grey Emma miss 3 Gillette h A mrs Qrstin tt inis* GllMle Charles mra Grayham Mary A miss Gillette Azdrew mrs Grant Mary B miss Gllktte Lizzie mrs Gralmm narahmra Giiccit Frank mrs GrllUn Helen miss Giles Abac all J mn Green Melissa A mlu Glars a O mrs 4 Green Jane rolls Gleason MWnc mrs 8 Green U s mrs Glover Wm mrs Gercery mra Glynn Mary n.lss Grlthng Amy mlsa Goodwill Nellie mn uroaveaor F £ mra II Hamlltoa Acnta vara Hill Abby iiaceuau LouUe cure UUlltoaamtss liagey Lucinda mrs ilttcbeus Lualio N mra italr Llua rare Huger muft Hall lto»ansvb miS3 Hitchcock Ihizen* Hallentirck Zdn.Mt* -ii—~rom'l Hammonds Anne mrs Hoffman Martha mlsi KamUtoo Mary mra Hotmen Betiey N mrt iiaml'ton Minnie miss llollslsoder Hmlss Hamtlum Marta L mrs Uolsey U. mrt HamsoDKnteM Homer Alice C miss Uat chett N J mrs Hommcdlea L miss Harper miss Horan Katie mire Hatrlwin N Bmrs House KUa rain Harris Jennett mra HurnFJnrs , HaiTl* Mma 51 mra Hornby Maty M tare lUmsELmrs Horan Martha mra HurltDztnn Saiah E miss House Mary mlas Harlus Slartha mra HoveyESaira llainaonllanuanFmra Howard Loaua mra Harrold O.lte miss Howard May mire miIMIUUUIVUUH " " ,u i ******* Hastings mIM Howard M*y c miss H**li U U ton HorieTnoroaj tun Haw]-** E DcF inn Hnbbard Heille mrs HcdiesQ Hattie J mn Hubbard n-rmaa H ran IlcmmlouwavJAneSmra Ha'incrumEratnamra Heaton U S ml-# Unli Fred'rica mlaa a Keen Marcella miss Homy Mar? idim Heraughty Mary Huntington t O tain llptbm Caroline Rye Manse u mra Hicks Elia L tutu He j brook Mar)' mra Higgins Ellzaheto mrs IshamJMmrs Iverson Jolla 6 loglcdun £ F ars Jackson Cate Judktns M P mra Jack«on Mattie mra Jennings Etta Maud mlaa JanisM miss Judd EttaL mbs Judd Alice miss 3 Jones Missouri miss Joyce At nnifrs Johnson Anne miss Jerome Mary A mra Johmoa B I* mUs JemrautLno mrs Kane MolUe T miss Kendlg Abby mr* Kane Mary miss Kerwlo Anna or Mary mUs Kavatskh Mtgglc miss Keesc Mary miss Keen Sarah mr* Kennedy Bridget mra Keller J M mrs 3 Klcisner Ago»»mlsa Keegan Adeline mra Kirkpatrick miss Kct-fc Jane mrs Klosila Lizzie miss Kitce Mary miss King Annie mrs Kemper Maria mU3 Knowles bmtna A mU9 Kel.rgamrs Hylic Maeclo miss Kelley Celia KosopAoirs dr Kendall Lncy mlaa Kuiey Catherlno miJ Kinder Ann mra Lacey Theresa mrs Leonard Sarah miss Lacey Mollic A mra Leonard Thomas mrs tanner* Margaretmlss Leonard u U mlts Lacerll Lorcipt mrs Leavitt Fantie mlaa Larimer Rachael H mlas Llnd*ay Mattie mDs Lane Franc er> E mlaa Light Annie Amiss Lawrence Adeline E mrs Littleton mrs LayjulUmlsa Livingston Laura miss Lavergnc vargnrlte miss LlvlojMon Virginia Latshan Jlnry C miss Lone Bridget M tala* I** Ich Oracle mbs Loomis Submit C mra LcFcvro George mrs Lung K U nn I.rdercr Ademlss Lncss Sarah .tone mis Lfshcy mra Luka Isabella miss LtUTJoseph mra Lyman IHlnda miss Lee George mra L>ddy Mary mra Lee Helen W Lynuon Isabella mrs Lee Florence ttlss Lvnch Rose miss Lewis Sophia mrs Lynch Uanaub mra Leston Lizzie irlsi Lyon Paulina miss Lcrannar C L mra dr ni Madden Anna *nis* Monslre D W mra Stacy Eliza mrs Monahar Rate miss Mshoney Mary ml‘B Monroe B A mrs Matana Ratumit* Mintogue Lydia miss Mahoney Johanna miss Montgomery Sarah mUa Manning Ella miss Mcndaro L M mrs slann Emms miss Moran Qellac. mlu Martin Louisa Emra Morsau Kmiomua Martlnell Margaret rara Morns Katcß mlaa Mathews U B mra Morris Rell-n mra Mason E U mrs Morrison H M mrs Mar MaUa miss Morton Mary B mlaa Mattox Fnnrlo roisa Movery Emma mla# MnxionOTirre Monlton Annie mlaa Mead Bridget mis* More Canicmlss Meehan Mary Ann miss Moore James H mra Mehen Bridget >ioore Lizzie V miss Merehcn liannah ora Mulochßmra &tiller Jennie miss Macway Eliza mra Miller Flnutdamlas Murphy Mary J miss Miller Emily Dmrs MarphjrllAMmrs Mlbcn E-thcr mra Myer Lmma mis* MtlsonM VmDa My^rMaryEmts Miichcll Margaret mrs Myer John mra Jloakiey Mary miss Myer Caidah P mrs aic ig srcAlll«ter Wm K mra ‘ SfeDoueald L F mra AtcCasri’l Lory mbs McDnegee J L mra McChatiDin mra McGuireAcnlemtssa McChi sney W W mra JlcLogan Hattie J mra McCormick Sarah B mis McT-aushliu Libble mlaa McCoimlcg Mary Ann mrsMcMans Kate miss McCoy 3lsry Jane mra McNally p mbs McDmnott Adell mrs hlcUorron Bridget miss McDonell Bib n Ini McCUoagh Hattie miss McFaclandMatUe J mlaa Nonrac Esther mra Nlhna Anna miss Nolen Allct- mrs Nlcbolaon Cste 9 mlsa Nets* n Minnie mlsa Nlcol Fannie miss NedtsAmre Nolan Mary miss Ncvtos Annie miss Nolan E iimlss J O Odell Jane mlsa Owen B W mra Ogoon S A mrs * Owen Addle mire OlmsiradClftTamrS Owen Maggie mUs Overstreet Maggie O’Connell Ellen miss Osbcrne Georgle mlsa Paco B C mrs Pickard Alice mlsa Palmar Same miss Pierce C S mrs Parka P D mrs s Pierco Carrie roles Patterson M A wr» Potter J miss Pattlson JusopMne mrs Porte Jane alien rows Payne Mary j mm Powers Kellie mlaa Pat«n Jcme alas Pratt N n ora PostWmllrors Pride Cnariotwmlw Pearson sophla C mrs Prladle Jennie mtis pcrryLnele miss Price Ella Person* Mary E miss Pr ceEroUyPmrs Pern Alice miss Prince J L hits Permo Lot ter H mrs Putney Ell* E mlaa petfemtlllSarnli rotes Put nam It V mrs Pettcrson Emily mlffl Q Oulroby Mary Ella miss Quinn Elizabeth mrs QaackcLbnshMaryAmias QulggFrlnnle Batten B miss Richardson Wm mrs RaLSoum Sophia mrs Richardson JH mrs RarP Lu* T L mrs Bliley mrs lUjvtr Mary U rora Roberson Sarah p«o imc Geo mn> Rohens Lydia A mrs Rernnm T J mrs Roblcion L J mrs Reynolds Hiram mrs Robinson Martha Ann miss 1U tse Emily robs Robb A Keeton Emma J mrs Rodtranmm |{(]tberp Mary mrs Rodccra John mrs itemtncton Ciarlsarors Rogers S mrs iteming G W mrs Rcttoertr Mary mrs lUmlcnllarrlel A itowsoHßrors Heed A H mrs Bussell Lydia A mrs Tticksrdson Marti on miss 3 Rnbhanm MaT mrs t;icj nier Fanny mlaa Ruberry Catherine mlaa jiUhej L A mrs Ryan Bridget mlsa 8 Sea’cr Catherine miss Spier A B mrs Srctt Sarah mrs Spencer Carrie mr« Scott Mery L mrs Splkensßmlss SsroplerUaitlß mrs Spraenelsacrora Ssce ilury mrs SpodordEd&crPmlss sseeEiiza mrs Blandly Joiepb mrs lawyer Aion mrs bt Clair Minnie A Sawyer Ida mlaa Stanton AC D mrs vnnbcTD c A mrs Slaillar Eliza mrs Sanborn E mlas St Anbnrt Mabel A miss Saofbrd Charlotte A mrs biecle Oliver P mrs Ssyle* ?nsac mlas Stewart 41J mrs Scctt Katie miss Stewart Sybil mrs Scanlon fcllzateth mrs Stewart May mrs S-Iton E]>za i mlas Stevens II Lmr» t Sedam Ixmesa rotas Stevens Jenny miss Bcavcrna Althea mrs BUll Kitty mlas 3 Seward Perlina miss Stone Ellen miss Bbarp Ella C mws Strader H M mrs sianahtß Mary Ann Btoopeer EiUabelb Sherry Minnie mlas Stone J mrs Sheridan Wm E mrs capt Stroroe Sarah miss thotwrUFeharolsi btraoanan James S Slmott Mattie J mlaa Stocking MaLle E Simmons Kcrienius Baliiran.lansmUs blmottMatuemlßß Snllivan Hei'en miss Simpson Dancah mrs Sator Battle miss Bincklei Abiraimrfl summers Cory miss Sircar Jane M mrs Barattr 0 Em'ss Simpkins Jenny miss Sweeney Bridget a Stowillbopbta mrs Sweeney Celia A ralsa Slattery Mary min Sweet A A mrs S,,ule llellen mb* SylvciW Mary »ri Spaulding ÜbodsJ mra Bmlth Jennie miss gotfnlSrPrndcnce K miss Smith Way Bmiw?“ vt rS. ijman Belicnao. BmlUtLortnflairinlai f *»‘ •... iypr&gnomußtm ‘ ' v » T I. m -ji e'.; - -fiuaii r ♦-ii ThomaonAnhiaroro ■ ■ ThonuKx* Hattie talsa , ■ Ttorfitna-zara--«- ToiJTerNolyrar* , Thorn Anny tnta T.nerTereaaini** tP/ sEfste- wsas^r^. TbcmiaonKonitamla* Jli'i.HSlJiiiSl, Th cants jacr mr* TjxiulAnniemi» TbomikVQLaldOtnra l U < . DndcrwooO'CatrieT miss TJmJeawood Lucy o*» . . v - » ,i.t : •' • VurHon'Addte otaa •■£ "Vsnsan'-Allna Jmiss • ■ i ■ VanUcTitn May ttla* VolentmrMary ■_ , w WapnerHaryaret mn WIIIU ilsrr C mla* •** , Willie Arm Ifmlo* : v ' Wftlher canle a let : ~ WlertckMtrnJro ~ t i -Wallace Bit* mra- Wjliardlsa J mla* , Warner Etclujo mm ■' r Wlofleld Sarah mta* ‘ Washburn Helen Mjnlaa WtiroonFannlerara WatMnaAmelia Umm Wl«e*Loniaaintro- ; Waymaa Mary mia- Wln‘lawiLinturei>mr« WaPrtnanLC art WltlsmrerSUrymW, . -• W»tertChariea Cmrt "Winter7«islaruac :.:i - Waaboon Caller intro ■ rWiniaiaj Lcmi. t WatdMfAnnoni 1 ‘ winiimaon Prances nxtoi Wfteter AlbertGmrs Williams libblemlaa WhSerLoolaemlw wiffiaoson Kaaemlro Wheeler EUen mm WUaon Saaao mis* Wheeler Charles mrt Wl son Clara M mr* Wbee’et B?amU» WuaonJWmta Wheeler Mary Ann mra Wilaoa Cathrlnemrs White Charlotte mta wiisotjMarrPmrn White Belle ratas - Wraj Eliza mlat While Jan e»6 mr* -Wilder t> a ml»a Whitman Kaiytnts-i • -Woodward Salileß ml* White James mr* Woods Alice mr* tVMteOra&ailacmn Woods Geo Wmn . Wlghtn-an AUlc mr* Young ET.en mrs Zone Sophia miss Zeller Ellen mrs ; Initials. B j c an Blanche 9 Madge HO mrs Lizzie BBA CENTLEMES’S LIST. Abbey LB Allen £ - Andrews Beary O Abbott HcrryC Alien James J Andrews Eddie. Abed Tf dr AUca James X master Ackley George 3* All*n Lyman AnnlsN P dr Ackley A Clark Allison Henry Ansle> Thos 8 AckerleyA Amar Albert Arnett Wm t Adorns A A Ambler Frank E Arnold William 8 , AcamsAlex AmctCP ■ Arnold Charles 3 Adams Chariesß Amondsoa John Ashton John . Adams David 3 Anderson Peter Atkinson Andrew Adams UP , ■. AndersonCK3 AUdoson • Knight Adorns V 7P' Anderson diaries Aco 3 Adam* Jam ns ■ Anderson John T Atkinson Alien ■■ AutwortbCbas Andrew Charles Atwell James B Akers A Casey AnotrwCsstluaWAtwood Chas Atan.Thbxnas Andrew* Wmß Austin AE Aldrldze Albert Andrews Joel Do- Austin Lawrence Alexander Alex las Avertlt Bradford Alexander S Andrews JO Trcv Alexanders!. Andrew*JN Ayers Gtoß Alien Ancrcw B Babbitt Wm MS Benton John QDreedSM Babcock A co rev Brett P B BaUhelder John Berry ffm BrewerChaa OA Berry Patrick Brldgemaa FI Act) Dacca KU dr 3 Bertram Albert Bridges J A Badger P Derain Gto Briggs TBJ BaUcyET- Bickford LP2 Briggs Owen Bailer E P Dicta- u Edwin Brigham Artemns Baker Chas - Bldweil Au-Mnß Bright*Armour Baker Henry F Bicrdile> J J Broadb'nt Jo* Baker n F Bigelow Saxton Urotnly Aco BalcomHC 'cant BroceonßT Baldwin OJ Bigelow A L Bronson C Jr Baldwin .Isa n Bigelow Henry Bronson Q Z Baldwin Myron WBlkbam B G BrookbartQP Baldwin M W billings Coddlig- Bronka John S Ball John ton Broolcamr BallUcoWa Binder John Broon Ramocl Baacrolt CbasTT Bingham TLcaptHroas H rer Bank* Frank Birch Hugh Broughton W Barber, Holmes Bird Harvey Aco Brown ffllcox A A Howe Blrgo Tobias C co BardSU BubopWW Bnwn Oeoß Barker J W Black F7m Brown A FHher . Damantßkh B.ackhnm Thos Brown DW BarncJohnC BlalnUß Brown Chaa H Barnott Ahrabamßlolr Chad Brown B £ auiauttuuutui .hui.u um BmeyHJ Hlaf Chaancey Brown LB Oarnnm Oeo Blakeley David C Brown John W Barrett JohnP Blanchard WB Brown K C PsrrettJOrer Bliss Aaron Brown RB dr Barrows, retllttßUas Wm Browns A «co Nlodom B Brown Nathan N Barrows Geo Doardmoa Bond Brown J W cape Barry John C 3 01 Brownya J £ Barry Thomas Boling We‘ley Browse j-ha BarsfowJ Bond wm &co Brace EdE 2 Bartlett hros Boomer L C Bryant J P dr Bartlett ChasT Booth Edward BncbauaD Walter llartolamls John Botterlll Thos Bnffatn Whittier BoscomJoboT Boucher W M BuohuuHT Balbam W B Dough ton John WBanker £IIQ Battik Oztas 3 Burch Q A Battwell Jos Boult M T Barckard F Bay ties J Q rev 3 Bi>nrke Lawrence Burgs Eugene W Beal R J - • Bovee M H Burgess Gilbert H Beardsley Geo Bovltz A Cook Burgas A F Beatty wm Dowe Israel Burnham Edward leaver Geo K Bowers i co Burns Jas Becker & Ujakr- Bowie Jas B Bumll A P wood Bowman CA 3 Burroughs A Becker John Boyd Wsvnran Mean Bedtll Nelson Hoyden John T Bnrrongh*Eageno Beebe OD BoydcnNß Burroughs Joseph DelknapA D Acoßoyle John H Bellamy Chas X Bradford Wm A ABurtman H C Benedict mr co Burton nros Benner LJ Bradford Bam'l C Bush L dr nriinyr 4. u w.tu 4 w m “• Bennett Stephen Bradley CB Bush GET Beuion Thomas Brady Patrick Bu hnell Thos E Bensrn F A Brake Jnnu J Butler JE DcnUyJßison BiatdJonn Byes Jas Henry Uer mlaghamßrankcyJ C - ByrneJaa2 Thos Breton C Burtls sjatn’l Betty, Walts 4 co CahoesAeo cisppWH Cooley ChasO Catwallader D WClapp T W CoolcyD J dr Clare * Griffith CooiyJ Cady David Clark & Young Cooley JH Cady Fred W Clark ico C A CoolyjohaC Cairns John Clark Farrar Auconey Patrick Ca'klnsJsmra Lestbo Cooney Fatt Campbell I.W - Dark William CooporEG Campbell Boyer UClark John S Copper Bradford Can cron Malcolm Clark John C Corcoran John Cameron CF Clarke James Corlics John F t.anflrld George Clarke R.O ConellLJ Car Of Id ft co U N Clark £dwd F Comean Michael Carroll Deles B Dark F F Corwin BW3 CarhartßL Clark Lhos B Cosgrove WH Carmen Daniel KClark Alsou E Costello Charles Carpenter Wm BCiarkHenr/ Cotter James Carpcnttr JeromcDeor Patrick Cotton Himon H N Dearwatcr Worn-Conn John Carpenter A co erAco Covert John rev 3 Carpenter c D Cleaves George Coumight B Carr Lafayelto CTemmona L D Coventry wII Carr jtohert J Clock JB Coventry H Carroll Andrew Cobb C A Cowan Robert C Corse WB Cobh Andrews 4 Cowdrey H C W Carswell L E co Craig RO dr CarterCE Cody James Craig captS HS Carter Chas A CoeJamc*E Crell Chas C Carter mr coghlan RlchardCraln Dadham J Casey Thomas Colcom Abram RCrary A CareyAFrost Cclcord Lynae ACraven James Cassidy John O £®„ of - .... S&*r? CalerljtnrT**’ Collin* A P Crebono mr I'atlin Oco J Collins Edmond Cregar Monroe ctace Besryco'tlus John Crlmmln Patrick Thnrstoo Collins WE Crlpe Albert ChadbomHecry BCoIIUu William Crocker F Chadwick ED Cotter John capt CroSbraW Chalmers James Cotton JW. Cronin John Chambers RoducyCotwell Arrhy Cronin Con B Comiy Dlfford. Crook John Chamberi David Com#t:ckßF Cross Ell-haW Chamberlin 811 Comstock C C Crowley Patrick Champllu WE Cone Russell Crowley A 3 Champlln DewlttConcer David B Crowley William C 2 C inham A bro D Call Henry H Chandler F 6 ConlonJchn CuileyDarldP CbapmanD Connell John M Cummings CM Chapman H L Connor Aco Oeo Currier Iff Chapman FM A Cimer DaWIP Chas* Edward C Cnnine Eugene ACiunn Andrew Chase Eld Ira Cook A K CurU* James Chare Ira J Cook AD CnrfUßM _ Chooetiton mr Cook BE . Cush ngCtusH ChrliUs AnguatuscooKF A Cutter HP t nnaUan*onoCOCo«k Oeo W Cummins mr Church C C Cook J Daley Andrew DeemDavll DolpraJaa . Daleyßryan Decrlig Jas DonaMsonCß DaihoffLH Decoller & Me- DoanrlyHagb Dane Edward Claud Doner lho» . Danlorth Beni revD,)aaey Martin Donahoe wm Dangufleld F Delaney Edward Danovio Tbos Daniel JohaTown-Del-'iicr D , Doolimr Tnos send DaieacyPatrick Doolittle Jaa Dann D J I».ea H L* Doolittle a B & Darley Joe D«M»UPB t _ «oa „ . 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Fames HJ* Edson Hem an n Encs will Earl Aco dr Edwards W J English Charles W Eastman 11 F Edwards W R Knnght JobnO.K Easton HO Fighter George Eurtent Dents EckhartValenUneF.lared D J Erwin David Eddy Thomas C EldrldceLoretuoaEsoy Sidney Eddy William Kills Sumner Byster capt Ben F Falcon JVter £ Fitzgerald A Ora- Foster Tim B Faction Jas capt bam Foster Geo L FarrJa t Fitzgerald M Foster Seth A Farrell M Fitzpatrick James Foster BN Farrell WUllatn JFletnmlug Dome- Foster CB FastDant mens Foster Charles L FaetDF Flatter John Fox Abel A 2 1 Fanrett Asbnry Floto Rodolpb rev Fox B 8 Faylev william FlukoL Q Foose James FenbyAM Flynn James Francy Michael F-nn Wm Flynn Stephen Franz eh Henry Fetnlclc JamcsE Folsom I-A Fraser W A Ferstu J L Foot Augustus A Frazier Joseph Ferrers Charles WFoote & Gilbert FreedenErev capt Forces S A 3 Freeman John Field Samncl G Forbes Jotn II Frecman*rD Field H H Ford Mlcbatl Freeman Isaac Finley SM Ford Pngece French Charles Finncane John ford E Fr each c E Fish James Foreman Alfred French JU nrh H M 2 Foray th H R Frogas JI FlrhcrP FosaUamnfl FrooshawQ Fisher Cbas J Foss M Frcst William J Fisher Henry Foster A illcott Fuller John S Fisk HE Foster GH Fuller Homer 2 FiUeeraldMichaclFoitcr AcoJ G Fuller E Fitzgerald mr Foster J U Fader BUN G Gabrlelson c L Glnar Michael Ooald Austin E A T Glrver Slat Gould Wm O A co Gahaem Thomas Given H e Gramtmsh Wm Galier Willed* Qildden A Hale G ranger T C Galea Charles Glynn Matoew Granger John Gale A Rranse Goody WC Granger B Gallagbcr James Goodman JAbou Grant Leroy Oand Wm Goodman James Grant ii llano Aaron Goodttan Lowell Gratban Gerald •QaidnerMM GoodrlchJohn J Graves mr Gardner Wm II Goodilcnlsaac Graves EB3 Gardiner Q B Goodrich Harman Gray That C Gardner Geo A 3 B Gray Jams Garner UP Goodrich Henry Gray* Lewis Garner EG* GooiflchHJ Green John W Garvin Thomas Ooonrtch H C Oreenleaf Leri UaskUlDooson Goodrich Samuel Grigg John W 3 OavleauPatilck • W Gregor Michael Gaynor Francis Goodrich George Gregory John fl S Oebiln James i* W • „ GregoryStepocaA CfDther Wm Goodrich 8 Onbbcn Frank OibersonDanlel OoodtichFraatusGrter*co Glberson Jams* : GoodriehEoward GrKQthJamesßosa Gilbert Willie Goodrich Feter Griswold TH Gilbert Herbert GooorlchDJ Griswold Isaac n Gilbert Harlow GoodilcbAnthonyGroffam Oliver J GUI Wm O capt GillettAF Goodrich Antel Croat Alonzo C Ciilett Leslie 3 Gooorldgedr Groat Thos Gllirtt L dr Gordon AtocscderGrover H S Gibson L J Gordno John Oracby Wm R Oilman John Gorow Charles Guild A Q Gilman BA Gotten F Guerin Mathtw Gilmoro Dtmlap Oonld George OorradJonnL &co Gould Frank GlbosA Hackett Eattond Barty Wro 11111 John C Ha&neJtlm Harvey Patrick nitlcrueo Hair Jonathan Harveys HlaoWm Hair Richard Haascltlne J B DichcockOJ Hal bo A W Haaklna C E Hitchcock Bod M liases Isaac It PaskellTNrer Hoadley WF Hale Joseph Haskins Merritt Dobson Oeo FlaleLC Hailett Johns Hodge* ES .. Hale RUsd Hasleit Uodzes A eo HaUElitahP HaaianderPD Hoff 4: Kyerson LUiISJ Hanson BemardlonofTaiaa Brace HaltFß Hatch JF2 Huffman DcnryC Hall Henry T Batch APnro _ Hogan JTB DaitJaa < HavenEdwardP HoeanCornelias llali Thomas Haverty Daniel Holbrook Bamoel Hall, Jouta&llln-HawktßT S rev adr roan HaySepben Holden HH BaUeday J Hayden. Wlsaon &HoW*n Frank Haller win L Allen Holland James HalloranWta Haynes EP Do'land John Ham Garnty Daynea U T Hollingsworth * HsminerChss rCTHaynle W 8 o • Hamilton JV Haywood Wm Holmes Lewis IlaamonAlblonTne* JohnHcnpt Holmes Wm Wal- HamUtonGco S Healf Liwrcate lace Hamilton &co HealyThos Holmes EO 2 Hamlin Geo A co ilealy Fred Holmes UB IlanllnKoyroonr ueany J&co Holmes Or< Harrison 51 Adr Heart Geo W Homer A A HmmuginTim- llegan Thos ' Homer Frank otby H*Utnc* Sami J 2 Hooker Adeibert Hat-cock John HoodcnomOUrerßoosos Wm llance WUI H P 3 Hopkins Edward Hands B HendcitonMS Hoptliflon Aco Hannlgan Fatrlcklirnarlck R C Hoaibnl Cal Jen HaiksLT UeadncksJohn HonUbanThos Hanlon Thos B*nj Hona«< John Hanna Andrew Jr HendiicksdPoiterHoward Sami Hanroban FatrlckHendnz Albert BBoward Robert flamcne-H Hendry Alex . Howard BC Danson Michael Hendry Kennedy Howes F J Hardeobnrgl RPHenryAJ Howrcn Nimrjd Harding Geo C Henry Harvey Bobos Isaac Q Harding Geo AACHens-1 John HnclnnjJC HaftHnJohn HcroidJas Hudson fhos Harney John Hindman Miron Hudson John Harper Edward Heron K B Ha l Win Harrington Chas Bessie Wm B Hulse J B E 2 HewesNW HnteeLA BarrlrfftonAbrosHi-wsonEL HnnDHQ Hams John A. Hickman Albert CHnnt L W U.Ut.4IUUUa, UU..UIU4 Alow - vnau, u .« Harris Geo . Hlcktk Barton H Boot Silas W Harris J C -- Hkkt Philip HnntSdrl H&nly UenrT H Uicka Danl Hnnt Hzr* Harris WmL Huglnholbam W Hoot Culler Harrlsrnß W' Horn Clarence E Harrison A C BlejrtnsonOF Hunt AH Hannon Jacob HiiachroodCtKelthnarley Wm Harrison John 8 Aco Hurst SL Hart Samuel BttlAß DusonOeoß HartSL lllilErastna Hutchinson John Harter A Bennett Hid QeoW Hrman mr,Sunny- Hartnett ManriccHHl Henry vide Hartwell Wtn UUIJN Bymanßamin Irlns Henry Clay j*c*»ob WB”Jhiaa* ■.: .Jamesumincapt F ;.. , - -Jon« James CW> • - JolwaonfcOiTfinJon**Wmff -Joka« O- ~ J«aa« a -i.v -- '3ias«e RkMRJMuBaurKJaMi Vi •,, Jims Charles? JohamoFranfc.- JootmwV J* firryGeorge Johnson CbarlosHJoueaSsaaN ■« ’* Jenklne tlwreWSJohnsot Chatlas Aloses JowA * JwhsJolux f< r'JokBMRWi JooesJ-- 'JermneCkanocryLTohnacn f#<nry Jmtea OC _ ■ Jamas Charles Johnson Mtt JadscaWH tfilllPl VMBUfal f* *» VMUWH '« « . 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Lorett JsmateapC hoe Linder OE Lowe Joseph t* Larrabee BIIU' Llaea H Wales LowaFb . - LaBoeAH Lint Bomao LaiTEdmoßd Launder T Lliton Maurice Land Lewi* 8- Lannoco WDUan)L*ttJe John Ljddr Patrick Lawretce Joaepb Litt'e Itaae LyndWm B Lttilchale Geo A JLyra Oeorce Layton BP LlTlnzaum ChaaßLjon* Waiter A: - Leahy SX Llrlrgatono JohnLoblnzerGeorse ® LeaTUISO Mackey Wm HawserG A Mblynenxßß MackleAAco Maxwell EG Monroe A Macombrr Harry HayfPid Jacob Montgomery John Mscomber Ed- caps M»oro Lon 3 , wardJ Maynard JS Moore Henry C . Mackey Tbomaa Mead G O Moore BA Madden John UrOlnaTrasfcJ MooieHearyD Madden Jas H Uellcz Egbert Moore John £ cap Maeecmr Uenamlm B»- > ■ Mooreßarnuel L Maber Edward Merrill Fred-O Moore Milton H 3 Maher John' Merrill oeoH Moore, Wllatocb. Mabony John® Merrill CH A Key Mahcny Lennra ■ Memii B P Moore LJ A Uaht-oy JeroambMefrtß Ami 8 Moore Booert A Wains Horatio N Merritt Ed L & co . W«kirOeo bros Moras Bomlnldc Malone Patrick Merritt Wm H Moreen Wm Mann Prank E Merritt A H Morgan Henry Q Mansfield Amos Messlnger Cbai Morgan Jlete- MantorGro - Michilspcter Money Wm Many Ja« Dir Micblgea JH - Moms J P MarbleW H Mlodleditcb Geo SMorrls»*y Chos W MarcnerOcoH anddlctonKE MomsbnEL- Marks A Barrlog-Milcs G E MorrUos Deo ton , ■ Miller O - Morton Clark Mam Samuel Miller Harvey Moses Job Marsh .John J Miller J J Mosher Henry Marsh v li Miller Walter Moss Francis MarsbTA Miller Wm Moss MM Marshall Jeffer- MMlerJASon Mott Robert sen Mil er Jobs S A Muir Jas Marsh FJ Conrad J Fry Ma'hernEJ Marsh BAB Minikin Oliver Mullins Ja« MMau o » v Aiimsiu um u Marin Veter UllltJW MamfordWm B Martin MUe*B Mills Mon'yjas MandCbaa Martin o<o Mlaaker JuA Murdock Edward Marlin 8 B Miner, smith & Mare Darldcapt Martin Edward co 3 • Murray John If Martin P Mlnplck Geo 0 Hurry ft Stewart Martin EH Umgonr Murphy Jas ftco Martin Charley Mitchell B Murphy John II Marvin .ID Mitchell Fengcn Morphy Jaaß Maaon Harvey Mitchell JB Morphy JaaS MsfonTboa Mltchfl) £A' - Morphy Peter Mather Wm MltchtUGeoU .Masson TboaF -MatbewaßcbertPMobley LawrenceMycrs George Mathews H 8 P New Mathews John Mocker Henry Myers Chas Matson ET UofiattTS Myles Jas - MatleaonWP Mohan P 3 Me McAlister C J McCullough PetcrMclntoach W C McArdle Michael McCone .f McKay Peter 3 UcAulry Bush McDonald P C McLennan T D McCabe Terrance McDonald Colin JUcLnre Jobnfioon McCabe Patrick McDonald WHUe McMahan C McCullen Wm M McDonald John McMahan Thorn as McCally Michael McDonald WmJ McMahon Hush McCsmley mr McElroy dr McManus Michael McCann william McEvoy Stephen MeMarrowß McCsnnaOeorcePMcFarlandmr McMastcrJ McCarter Hen nr McGary D McMillan Flavius McClavAbend McGllllwayWm J McConkey Jos A McGovern John McMcrrlae John McCormick Bobt McGovern J C McMullen JB M( Coy John McGowan-John McMarrnySamlß McCrab John JfcQrath Michael McNablc Francis McCallougb JohnMcGraw John ‘i McNally Wm U McGuler Melyin McNerln Wm McCullough CO Nadeau A Nelson D Noise J T , Nacelo Anthony Newell J V Nolan Pat Kay Jeffrey W NewlandsJohn Noon Wm Nash has W Newton due Norman U B NascnJasSS Nickerson JaiD Norris KB Nason EL Nicholas BF NOilUropTQ Nathan Jas W Nicholas mr Nortcn Julius NayTbosL Nichols FB . Norton Eugene Nealls Jas NicholsTberon NottinghamPP Needham WD Nichols HoreceW NoyeW m NeirWm Nichols Geo W Nugent John Neills John Q O'Brien Bartley O'Conner Patrick Olds Barry O'Brttn oaley OUaraJas Oram U O’BtlenlhoaC O’llerm John OrrM corporal O brlcn Michael O’NldJoho Orrlng Pascal O’Brien Laurence O'Riley mr Orvls Hairy O’Brien Michael OTtoarkmr Osborne Willis L O’lUlcn Edward U’oulllvan FogeneOtls Walter J O’Cabagbao P&J Ocumpangh £ Olt Cbas Aco O’Connell John Swasey Owen D-nJss In O'Conner Doznls- Odom John T Owens fill lek Olds Qenty V PaddockJD - Peuetnr PHklngton Rich Pace seldcn capt Pease James H ard Palmer RU PeateWm PlnkbamL Palmer James T Peck George A Pitkin Joehua Palmer CJ Peck Obed PlttWH Palmer W A PeetWlll W Pollock Lewis Park Robert Pecan Islsh Pope John Q Parke FD PemlltonAll PorterP PaikcrOL PcmlltonPL Potter OW Parker Charles Penrose JC Aco Ponlcoo Char'e* ParktrDornsß PerklnsWD Power Wl’llaa Parker Ervin Q Perkins Lather Powers Merritt C Parker James Perkins A NortonPowiy Reynolds FarklnsonjamesTPerry C It Pratt br»§ Paras JB Perry Joseph pralt Frank ParrlsJamea Perry Jnou master Parsons HE Perry Watson AcoPrentlcc C Patterson . BarryPeitras Joseph PrcWyman ft Oil capt Peteru W H more . v i“ffikTker Prluble «1M PaolCD Phelps3»eiyo,C McePgs*T PauiclncTP Phillips GeoS Prior William Paula John P PtosscnTT PayzantWtlUamTPbllilps P S Provost J P Peabody U Phillips OJ Pryrc Jam« Peaec Henry Phlnnev t»eo Puffer D C PeskeWT pJcreeWlliard Pulling Hu Pearce Mcsea jlercoED Pollntu Charles Pearson Cbas Pierce James W Q Qnackatboß Geo Quin Wm A Quinlan Patrick Radellff John B-.ynolds A J Robinson John Radford James Bhoad* OS BocheFrancis Rodino Wn H Richards WllUamßockaftdJow Coas Karin Frauds Richards Stephen W . Kaiahacir L D B • Rockwell AL itaJohßßoh*rt Blchsnls BBS KodCa WH Ramsoail WUUatnßichartaonLS Roean P . Ksmiej La ft ct> Kichardscn M Rogers Robert KaidsteadWß Richardson Davldßogers Roberts ftaiklo Robert Richmond F _capt Raoilbrd Hascall Blcbtor Lewi* Harry Raoautn A»* W Bldcr Jacob M Roland James HatpGeorge Worden Denis RoMasTB R-ymond J M Biggs J W Rooaev Owen Raynor John Rlglcr Mathew Root Oliver Kay wood ED Blun-TohoS RoafF Read JWcapt Filer Luther Kooks mr R«de John Hirers T-mnan Rounds W H cspt BedlDCtonCbarlesßoach Henry J Hassell Simoon I) F Roadnlghtu RaSfCll Broj Rceme Joelah Boa-lch FrcdertekßasseH John _ _ Beeso Wm Bobenson * Bros Rasreil James C 2 KelcyWuUam Roberta Carlton Rnthntlgbt Harry Relly Michael Roberta UN Ryan John 2 Reilly Thomas D Robcrteon Robert Bvcsmaa Como- R-ltlyFraikW Robinson Curtis Bellas w _ Kegnaft Croft Eooblnsouft Uoltßyerson J W S Saberton Geo A Smart H C Spencer D D Salford Deforest Smith Wm S gen 2Spencer John B Salisbury BA SarthEiyabi Spanslor John ft SalßbnryM H Smith ER bros Salter B D Smith Anthony Sperry O Sample Leri B Smith A D SpllmaaTrer hsapson Geo H 3 Smith Cbas m d Spink •tUred Sampson WB Smith Cbas Spooner WL Sampson Wm Smith Cbas W Stassbtur Geo F EanbcmSA4 Smith C A StantonJaa Sanborn Arthur LSmlth Cbna O m dSUoles John A Sandb-rgh A W Smith Phil H Staughton Neville banders John Smith BF Starry John .ssDgerLdr Smith OS St Clair WUUe Sargent B T Smith Edwin U StebblnsLC Sargent A B Smith Tots Stebblns L D Savage Jas SffiUS.Gwrw J SteeleChasH Bawdy fl BmitbOiUett Stephen* Allen J EawteQeJA Smith Geo Stephens Johns SawtelleOD Smith Geo A SterretlJoba Sawyer Byron L Smith Henry SterenaPA Scanlon Pat Smith Jaspjr SterensJohn Scott Jaa Smith J B Stevenson WmOH &cottDavtdß3 Smith Isaac StewartAW Beaver FA Smith JF Stewart SamlßW Se*ul Sami Smith John 2 sttftJobn Sexton cant Smith John T John M Sharp Robert Smith John 31 Stlie* EH Sharp Wm Smith John Ee-SUnsouJas ScwaldJobn hooß Stoter JohuP Sbay Mark Dee Smith John Q Stone Wilson N Shelly £ Smith Danl W Stone Cephas Shepherd W Jay Smith W H Stane D Shecnan UF Smith Wm A Story Cbas Shaman Wm Smith ZV Stott John QUaillMU ITIU V ShermanEß EmlthFMfteo StoweQLorenzo ShetcrWT SulthFftoo Strader Jacob Sherwood Wm Smith Si ft co ntrals&t Isaac Sherwood M C smith ft bros Stratton S F Sherwood FB* Smith ft Drexler Straw Chas co Smith hßft co Streen L S SheltcnCA. SmithFftco Street W D C Shipman EMas Smith ft Block Strong Wm £ gen Shipman DU Smitn ft Sloan 2 BttowhrtdeeChasq ShoccraOiMN SteJlScapt Stuart David hon Shoemaker John Snow mr ‘ stall Wm ShrtnerWT fcnowJFeapt Styles Wro H fchufeldt Henry Snowden broe Bummers Daniel Shn&ldt Henry C Snyders □ Summer* Geo Shut! Jib Bomera Oliver P Summers MF Singer S SommctvUie Wm. Sutherland John Stiver Jas SordingJ Swann Chas SlnosonWm Spad*rTV SwartwontThos Slater Joseph Spafford LymanWS weet A A Sleeper Wm A Spaulding L Sweet Theodore Sleeper Jas M Spear Edwin BweetlandJos • Sloan T BpearOscar SwiftßAorAE Slntbonr’AnthonySpear Lewis ■ Sytsonds Geo 8 Small Charlie Speed ft co Bon Jacob Tabor Thomas N Thompaen James Todd George Tapg John F Todd S B Talt John F • Thompaen GeorgCTomslinsoaSvocal Talcott Walt bon C Tomsliaion ft co Tanner Sodore Thomson Somer-Tonge T IB4IUU CVUU4D wi/wu*. Tsnqnaryß W 3 vllle _ Townll C Tappcn Barry B Thompson ChasDTowne T Martin TaoerTD Thompson col prof Taylor Joievh T ToapeonßSdr Town J M Taylor James Tompson PP Tracy L 3 , Taylor James Thompson Peter Trask Frank Smith TncmpsonAU Tram William E Taylor Albert H 1 heal/John C TreigeyJohn TenUlmr ThontlonJA TrotteDavld Thsver Thomas BTborntonF Troxel Jacob A Thayer Sylvester TbroopJ E TroxelJohnA Thayer Alien! ThorberWpdr Tucker JC Thomas O F Thurman M Turnei J B Thomas James MTlfihny Willis W Turner George £ Thomas John dr Tide James Tomer M U Thcmas RoblnsonTliton Theodore Turpin J E C TltosFß Tosdal Antony Thomson WllllamTobln Samuel C Tuttle BBft co Thompson John MTm'd, cook ATottle Tvomas D Thompson Henry Waldo TyierMC E Udell C G 2 Underwood HarryUrch Ephraim Underbill WUllamUpbam Geo H Urc John C VandczrUTJamcsTanNlcholas Vincent Wesley dr VanuervestchasS Toilette JD VlntWHHam Vanhorn C VanebnmCE vinlon Frank Van Wyck 8 D Varney ,1D Voorhees Henry Van Wagner A co Vaughn CO Tore Elliott C Wm U Vaughn Albert W Wagoner Wro W»lcbO Williams Richard Waits Doualaas B Welch John L Williamson Bob* Waite I’P* West Henry B 2 art Wakeßlcbd WtstJ Z WuletsJobE WaKefleld Will Westfall K K Witson A Cosor WaWoJW? Westfall D F fir Wilson fan WaldouGeoS Westmoreland Wi son J Stewart Wallenlty Eflwfi Harry WllsonOZ Walker l basH WetsellHPfl Wilson Obed a WaikerE Wrtsell Barry Wilson John WalfccrTJ Wharton .1 £dr WllsonWmß Walter Fergus Wheat A Berys WUsoaCbssM capt Wbeeier E BA 2*-WilsonJohnlr, . Walker George dy • Wilton John B WalterT WbeclockWmH Wlnchesti-rmr Walter Thomas DWhlllcrjas Wlnegif Robert • dr2 WblteEuceneO Wingate EEor C, Walker Uenry White Willis A E Walker J 7 White John 8 Winter jos Walker Wlr White Jas Winters Frank Walter W» WhiteJNS WUeHant Wallace RW3 White Chsa WoJcpu J JrerS Waller Henry II White Alex WoodWmQ Waller Wm White Adam w ood Q G WstUbanSSdr WblleAH . Wood S R _ WnlieleyßHJ Whitehead JohnPWoodQeoßdr War J »IA WL Whltlngton Henry Wood A Hughes Ward E 3 Whittier BW Wood John A Ward Frederick • Whitman WJ Wood Geo W & co WsrdJas Whitcomb UJ Woodbury WmH Warder Wo H Whitney Hdwln Woodruff Wm H Ward Ephrlaxu WhUttetWenfiellßWoodniflACaner WarlnsßC WbylaodChos Woods John Warner PB Wlgclna A Boles Woodward PS Warner P L Wixhlman Sam WoodwardJohnß Warner BG WiipurAdr Woodward A • Warier W Wilcox o A Young Warner TA co .WllcoiPC • Woodward Caleb Wartbing Btdney Wilcox Geo Worudrell * a> • C - Wilde Geo Womer Julius WatemauC A Wilkins EP 8m dWonh Theodore WaiermanLß WLklas Tbcadr .WorthierSamnel Water* Cummins WQltard M A eo Wright Gea s Wsikli s Oscar FJWUlJamaHtala A Wrlgbt David D Waucn A M co WilghtLS Watts Wmß .‘WUllamsMarquls Wright John Way Harrison D •- wngbtSolon Webber 1C WlHatna A Whit* Wrlaht Prank J WibbcrEK bold WrlghtKflwma Weber Geo W Williams R Wvu,an Byron Webster John Wmiamssß Wiggins Bradtord WedeewoodJA WllliamiOwenP AcolS Weeks MM Williams WD Y Taira B C cant Yonag BE master Toancl'iveJohnH Tates JFAbro Tonne B ynocglove John P Tonng Henry Young Jackson Young man Lewis Young F W z ZeUWUUam -ZotoltJJS ” CwS' Al 2 * h ' * J 1 a > * ' l®» vl . ■ iT?n,MnA.m- * , : NoWMUMou* aremue Vaxuu :■ . * i.c. 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L, l-.ftrm lM trade' that they are prodadac ac« JOectro-pJaled Good*, com prtalng fall Dva: crarufleasrnlcea and Tatis Waisol every daacnpnoo. of a vny sapeno* QoalUy a&d o< new and eesaat dedziuu TLe ba*» u Kickai tjurer. opoawhlrblaadepoaitol Puro -fQTer ol ancb tblcz* aem that tiuqr noeaeas mO toe •drantjge* ol solid anrer m nioitr. ana from beauty oi o*aic& and anperiornia* Ub an nndiatlßKalaliabie from it. The Oornaia Manufactonag Company rtfer wttn con- le tbe prodsetlea of solid silver wan, tn which they have beea Ibr many years tozaeeo, and they now a*- me the public thailbey will ftliy rostam mat npoto* non by tbe production of Electro-plated Wares of sacb Quality and ezfeme dorabilty as will injure entire •attatocUou to toe oarebawr. .AH arnefcs made by them are camped t&ua: ■ And all such tn Nlly guaranteed.- Ibevleel It neces sary particularly to c*U too attendon ol pondusers to the above trade-mark, as tbalr dealgra have beea al ready extensively imitated. Thee* t ?vis can only be procured-front responsible Ccalera throughout the country. TbeßealtDg Poolindßonse offlerey* Howard Aascdadoo reports, lor young men. os toe crime of solitude, and the errors, abuses aad diseases whicb dsstrpy the manly powers, at d create Impedi ments to marriage, with sore aicans of relloL Sent In sealed letter of charge. Address Gp.J. SKILLES HOCSHTOS, HowardiAModatioa PbloduL phla.fn. - Dr. Jutes* Whose repntaUoa fit so well tad widely known in the treatment of Chsobic, Mxxccblal, Stwuijtxc, Blood act Skcr Ih&XA»xa, SnsjUTOtsaeSA : or Sen Inal Weakness, and all diseases of a private oatore. Is spoken of editorially iothsL*fijette(ltd.) Gaily Con rier, Jan. 2,1567, as lollows: **Br. James, tbe well-koo wn specialist of Chicago tn •• the., treatment cl private ' disorders, fonae.-ly ol ••James*Lcck Hespltal, Custom Hon«c-sC,New Or “ leans, and known throughout the United States as “ tbs most snecessini;practlUoner In bis specialty* has •* removed to 01 and 93 Bandolpb-eL, comer of Hear “ bcrn-sL, nearly opposite bis old office, Chicago, UL w We have known Hr. James personally lor the last •• six yean, asd can say with those ol the medical pro •‘f.tslon and the press, who - have known Mm for a “ much longer period, tbst he has no superior tn the u trraoue&t ot the class of diseases which be makes it M a specialty to treat." Hr. James can be confidentially eoa&Mted at Ms office and parlors, 91 aad 93 Bandolph-au, from 9 a. m. to Ap. m. Sundays during the forenoon- P, O. Box 696, Chicago, DL Yoor Destiny—Want is it? Good or evil? Rich or Poor? Debased or exalted? Are you to rise to eminence, honor, weattb and power; ot are you to sink Into ooronmy ami oaUvlon? "What areyoor future prospects In life—to be or not to be—that is the question ? Who will solve It? Dr. Raphael can aoive It; ana guide cue unsuccessful to wealth ana eminence, and the unfortunate to banal* seta. All whose fond hopes have been disappointed, crashed and blasted, get satisfaction, and those Jades whose injury keeps them from getting married, can be cured so that oo one can know It. Call on DR. RA PHAEL, 313 EoatMadlion-sL. upstair*. interviews confldenttal. Consniutlon tee; one dollar. Dr, Thomson, Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, I7*j South Clark-* t_ has treated ad terms of venereal dls> eaae with unprecedented success lor nearly forty years. Spermatorrhea and impoCenca treated with the oappi cat results, particulars of the institute and theGuldr mailed Dee to any address. p. O. Box 72, Chicago, imeota. . Louis hanger, in* !>., Member B. C. Surgeons, London, No. SO Randolph*!*., atunua exclusively to the medical treatment of Pri vate and Secret Diseases of both sexes, long hts spe cialty. Female Remedies are certam la all cues. Prize lecture on the prevention of oifeprlng, sent to any addns* lor so cents. censultatioaa private. p, O.Rca 2573- Dr, Bigelow, Having the confidence of the tmude and the medical faculty at large, la tho most reliable pay*ician In the city for chrome &-rvo» and sexual diseases. Collet bis office, 17ff South Clark-st. corner of Monroe. Roomsseparate. Cocva’Utlop free. P.0.80x 13J. Bis guide to health, published monthly, acut free u any address. Private natter*. In an Private Matters eo for write) to Dr. CL ABBE. 97 Clark at. Both sexes consult ntm coardcnaally. %3T Send stamp for circular on late invention for Married People. Fsroafe PJUs n per oox. pr genu stamp for book tor vtcilms of sell-abuse. Address ielttrs DB.CLABKK, No. 4 Lanao*. Blocs, Chicago. fftopossls PUOPOBALB FOH AK3TY TKANa- PORTATION. ... .. WaamKQTOW, D. January 13.13 CT. ( SEALED PROPOSALS will he received at this oClce mill 13 o clock nu, on the iSlh ot Feoruary, 1857, for the transportation of Military Siipptlss during the y«urcommencing Aorti 1, ihs7, and ending Match 3U lisa, on the following mutes: _ ROUTE 5a L From Fort McPherson, Nebraska Territory, or such pouts as may be determined upou during the year on the Omaha brunch cf tho Halos Pacific Ral road, west of Fort McPherson, or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter* such poet* or depets os are now or may be es tablished Is the Territory of Nepr&ica. we*t of longi tude ICO degrees. In the territory of Mnntaaa, south of latitude-15 degrees, la the TcrritoryofDakota. west ul Uwatude IW degree*. In the JerriWM of AUb(b,*Misft tfMrttottflTßHaor’Uiab and Colorado north ol latitude .40 degrees, Including, il necsaa&ry, Denver ClW * ROUTE No.*. From Fort BUey. State ot Kansas, or such points at may be determined upon during the year on the Uoloo Pacific Battroso, E. to any posts or depots that are now or may be efttblfebed In the Stafouf saa.aa or In the Territory of Colored *, south of latitude 40 de crees north, and to Fort Union, New Mexico, or other oepotthatm&y&edtngnaitdln that Territory, and to any other point or points oo the route. KODTE No.S. From Fort Union or such other depot aa may b* established In the Territory of New Mexico, to an posts or stations that are, or may be established in that Territory, and to such posts or stations as may be designated lathe Territory ot Arizona, and tfi the State of Texas west of lotgreoe joyie^eea. From St. PanL Minnesota, to such posts aa are now or may be established in the State or Minnesota, and in that portion of Dakota Territory lying east ol the Missouri River. The weight to be transported during the year will sot exceed on Route No. 1. W300,00J pounds; on Route No. 3,30J00.C00 pounds: on Route No. A S.OOIUUO pounds, and on Route No. 4 3A00.000 poundj. Proposal* wtu oe made mr each route separately. Bidders will state the rate per IUO pounds p-r 100 milts, at which they wul Uaasportthe store* la eaca roonthofthe year, beginning April Ist, ISS7, and end* tog March 81,186 a. Bidden should give their names is mil, as well as tfulr places of residence, and each proposal should be accompanied by a bond in the sum ot ten thorns iud (llQ.OOO)doUars. signed by two or more respondbU ptr* sons, guaranteeing that u> case a contractu awarded for toe rente mentioned in the proposal to the party proposing, the contract win be accepted and entered into, and good ana sufficient security tarnished by said party In accordance with the terms of this adver tisement. The contractor will be require* W give bonds in the following amounts: On Route No. 1, fJM,OOO On Route No. j. 300.000. On Route No. 5, 100,000. Oh BouteNO.4. KUDO. _ Satisfactory evidence of the loyally and so.veccyo! 1 each bidder and perewi olfered as security will be re : qnirtd. I Proposals must be endorsed ** Proposal* for Army ! Transportation on Rome No. L 2,3, or 4, as the ease may be. and none will he en:enained tznleas th<y i fttuy comply with the requirements of this advertise ment. The party to whom an award is made most be pre pared to execute the cot tract at once, sad to give the required bonds fbr the faithful penbn&a=c« of tne fre tract. The right to reject any and all bids that may he offered Is reserved. The contractor on each route must be In readiness Ibr service by me Ist day of April. 1567, and will be re- Sulrcd lobave a place of business, or agency, at which e may be communicated wltn promptly and readily for Route No. 1, at Omaha, N. T.; lor BoataHo.2, at Fort Riley, Kansas; for BonteNo. 3, at Fort Daloo, New Mexico; for Route No I. at Saint Pam, Minne sota, or at such other point for each ol tne several Jtouia as may be indicated as the atarttng point of the route. Blank terms showing the conditions ol the contract to be entered Into for each route, can he had on app t cation at this office, or at the office of the Quartermas ter at New Yots Saint Louts, Fort Le&venwortn, Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort aneUicg; and mart accom pany and be a partol the proposals. W«Tte«J.<l Mrt ««gjgg§ggl Brevet Colonel and Aas’t Quartermaster D. s. A. Proposals for plankinq ALLEYS. __ OmcKoyTncßoaßOoyPtTßua Woßsa,! Cmcaeo, Feoraary 14,1337. j Scaled Proposals will be received by the Board of Pnbllc Work*, at their Office, until 11 a. m. Monday, February 25th, 1867, for p.anklng the alley through Bock 4, Ktnzle's Addition to Chicago: also lor plank ing the alley through Blcckl. Wolcott's,aid Block 3, Rinzle's Addition u> Chicago; and also forolanklug the alley through Blocks 31 and 30, Canal Trustee's Subdivision, Sec. 17, T. 33 N-, B. 14 £L* according to plans and sieclflcatlonson Hie at said office. Said Improvements wuihe paid for from tee special as*essc.ents evied to defray their cost when the same shall be collected. Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed ** proposal for Honking Alley la Block.” ftc., (naming tne particular locality), and be accompanied with the usual £OO bone, wltn sureties, to be approved, by the board. The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not u accordance with the condition* of this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted nnlea tne party offering It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board thatoe has the necessary skill, exp®, rlence, energy and ability lor doing the work. Is trust worthy, and has sufficient pecuniary rewnree*. _ J. O. QINOELS, FRED. LCTZ, O, J.ROSE. :10t • Board of Public Works. CSobEvntwtnt gale. Q.OVEKNHBNT BALE. The property the “GOVERNMENT TAN NERY AND STEAM SAWMILL,” with sev enty-five acres of land, near SAN „ , ANTONIO. TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, m duplicate. win be received as to me urn day Cl MarcO, 1567, tbr me purchase of 79 scree 01 land, (more or lees). together with me bulld lokb erected thereon, and toe appurtenances appertain log, that is to say: QEETAKN EKr.c attaining twelve StonefUae Tata, FIFTY-rWO WOODEN VATS, B®fEN STONE FOOLS, and capable or lancing IWtS bides per ana am; ONE 6TB&M SAWMILL, capable nora'Bofflsa 01 “”<«»■ s^h Tbe above property is situated aboat two relies above baa Antonio, on tbe San Antonio River, and tbe water is conducted to me establishment by a race of bewn stone laid In Cement. Tbe land was parceled and improvements made by tbe late ao-caJed Corned era to Qjvenanent, nsd ate estimated to nave ccstiitoJW in goto. Tbe property nas been nnder lease tor tbe year IE6A at a monthly rent of *3OO. payable In advanc*. A se cured title ta tee simple will be given by me U. 9. Gov ernment. Prowealavrlll be marked “Proposals lor Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill, and addressed to „ . _ J. B. KIDDOO, Bvt. Ma|. Gen. Ass*t Com’r Bur-an K. ?• &A. L, Galveston. Texas. Citg Notices. /COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State ol Illinois, County of Cook—rs. On CoLLtcroc’fl omo, Court Horse, ? _ . I RoomNo.M,CWcsgo, February tm,1987. f , u hereby given mat me followingde aenhed Warrants have been placed la my baads tor collection, to wit? Warrant No. Ml. South—Dated February!. 1567, and issued fbr me collection ol a special assessment levied lor sidewalk ccssrructed on toe east side of Wabash avenue, between Eighteenth and Twennetn streets. WairantNo.MStbcuth—Dated Feoruary l, 1967, and Issued tor me collection cf a special assessment levied lor reconstructing sidewalk on me Eut side of State Street, between Fcuneentb acdSlxt-enth streea. WanantNo.s«,Soutn—Dat*d February L 19«7. and Issued u r U;e collection of a special levied tor reconstructing sidewalk on fast side ot Wabash avenue, between Twentieth (3Cth) and Twenty-first (21st) streets. W arrant No. Ml, South—Dated February 1.1357, and Issued lor the collection of a apeo*l assesimept levied tor constructing or sidewalk on west t»uo of Wabash avenue, between Fourteenth (lUQ)aad sixteenth (i£th) ,t WsSraatSo.’W,Wen-Dawd February I.IWT, and Usned lor the collection eg a special assessment levied tor constructing and reeot slructiei sidewalk on south side ol Sampson street, in Sempeoa A Greece's Addl- West—Dated Februaryl, 1567, and limed for me collection ot a special assessment levied toreonitrueUng sidewalk on Centre avenue, oetwesn' Harrison soeet and Tyler _ Na7S7, Wm—Dated February LISCT, had issued for the co lection ot aspeclal assessment levied tor constructing sidewalk on east sloe of Johnston . ■met. between Tajlor and Iwe rth streets. 7,_ tvSrshtKo.Tla; West-Dited February 1,1*7, and jisnoo torlhecoilcctifnrl a special assessment levied tor constructing and reectutructtag rigewmks oo Cam. ertie street, dusted stmt, and ou Wrleht street, in Canal Tmsues' Subdivision of w.W. Me->kP> J 5; Wan ant No. »ffl. West—Dated February MS6I- and tseaed tor me collection of a special assessment levied lor reccostructlng sidewalk on south sldn ol Twellth peng»* interested In Said above, special asse»- ments ait requested to make immediate oayment at my office, fa default of such payment the said assesa men.s will be collected at the cost and expense ol sersons liable mere lor, A. B. BEALU, City Collector. ; jHchitoL ; .U.:'/- tat OpRyai(JAL:YfGOK, PBWil VIGOR I» the main salhgaord of health. It-repute andjtjAU off U/ morbid element* vhleM superinduce disease. Tbogrand ausstlcn, theref ik How" shall ml* rfpellontpqaer. be IncrsaeM wb*re It la bat f&eble, and'acquired where It scarcely exista at all ? Thsre was a time when this question coaid pot hesatiifrn ' totlly answered. fiutlhapnbten tt now solved. It has hfen. proved tj too experteee cf more than fourteen year* that ; HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS So tborraghlr relnfifco boto tbe cosstltntioo and tbe secretive and llje nervoos systems as to render tbe body comparatively Invulnerable to tbe unwholesome Influences whlcb*pro§frate so many thousands on beds of«leknesa,tn rations parts ot the world, it all sc ions ol the year. As an Invigorating, resalatinz and mtcraUvc preparation, suited to all cUsntesandto all eoniinEefiCiet, It stands atoss among mod era medicines., It Is the only tonic of which toe ittmoUt- Inf prlndplo la perfectly pure, lls basts Is the etsentlai principle of sound Sge* admmeit by asatytl -cal chemists and medical practitioners to be toe mote genial asd hwmvtff ot •„ and this field la purged of an the crudities which belong to it as It cones from tbs manufacturer, beiore being used In tbs composition ol the Bitters, Tbs alterative, corrective and restorative properties ol the preparation are de rived exclusively from roots and plants toa virtues of which are acknowledged by pbarmacsallsu *rd phy sicians, and which ara often proscribed srporoirlp by the proGesslos. Kerer. however, were these tnvalr ablo vegetable agents combined tor preventive and remedialpurpose* until tbe bygelan compound. Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters, was given to tbe world. The anti-hilloos operation of the great restorative has long since rendered tt a standard medicine Ibr complaints of thfl dleesltve orgjaa and. tbe liver, la all parts of the Western hemisphere: but .Ills no less deservedly celebrated as a preventive of epidemics, asd of the various disorders generated by malaria and unsure water. KriGESTION—DYSPEPSIA. PBoGßesahaslu penalties. As the world advance* in civilization, It becomes more luxurious a'd the pampering et the body seems to be an inseparable ac companiment of the cultivation ot the mind. This ought not to bo; tut it tr, and no argument can alter the tact, though wholesome advice and Judicious, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may mitigate the erU. Lavages, we are tola, are not troubled with dys pepsia; but this diet am la opes to doubt. Privation and hardship, as van as high living and dissipation, engender the disease; ana It would therefore seem that the man ol the wilderness, as veil as the dweller la dtlea, most be more or leas subject to It. One thing, however. Is certain; la no country under heaven la It so prevalent as In the Halted States. Here the dis ease has become domesticated; it la to be found in almost every household: and, consequently, a Household Remedy for Dyspepsia Is o', inestimable value to the American people. Few disorders involve greater suffering; and, U not in Itself Immediately dangerous, It Is tho forerunner and source of many deadly maladies. But even if is dld not tend to shorten Ufo—which It undoubtedly does—the mental and physical misery which it pro duces, and which renders life comparatively naenjoj. able, is a sofSctcnt reason why oo pains should be spared in the effort to prevent and cure lb physicians, as a general rule, admit that no disease gives them so mnch trouble as dyspepsia: but they attribute the difficulty of curing It to the unwilling ness ct their patients to abandon the habits which occasion At,—such aa excessive application to boat seas, hastiness in eating, ftp,, Ac. It is no doubt true that the best treatment of a complaint may fall to cute it, If the patient refuses Co exerclae common pru dence. But It Is also true that what are called tho ojtoai remedies for dyspepsia do not under any ctr cnmatances produce permanent rell«L On the otbec hand. It Is a fact established by thomanda witnesses, whose testimony la simply a statement ot their own experiences, that Hostetler's Stomach Bitters trill cure (Ac malady , and that aa occasional use cf the preparation after the core baa been effected la • .?Z%sSj u ss*!£-ssim. tertsaissirtis: bersol the faculty have abandoned all the stereotyped prescriptions of the pharmacopeia, and nuw Inva riably, and, with great success, administer tula popu lar tonic. FEVER AND AGUE—INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Farrs axd Aon, unfortunately, l» too widely known by experience to render a lengthened descrip tion of Its symptoms oeccsaary. In order to escape lever and ague In any region. It la only necesamy to fortify the system against atmos pheric poison by the regular use of Hostetler's Stomach Bitters. Ry this means an danger Is avoided. Some mica have exceptions: this hat none. So sorely as the BITTER* are taken ac a preventive, so surely will the individual who adopts this precaution be exempted trom the puss and penalties ol one ol the moat harassing complaints to which the dwellers in unhealthy districts are sub jected. as a remedy, the preparation has no equal. Without entailing any of the unpleasant and danger cna consequences which accompany and follow tfic use of quinine. It breaks np the paroxysms and rapid ly restores the strength of the convalescent. If the preparation bad no other merit than Its wonderful efficacy as a preventive of, and cure lor ? latemiitoiV fever, it would be ao ~i lcla c fum flnt asceastiy In alt new pettmenti, and low, marshy districts. Add m this Its value as a stomachic and an antl-btllons azcoL and who will venture to gainsay Its clalma to th» very Jlni place among Family Medicine* i BEIODS REMITTENT FEVER. Tors is a disease ol a mors malignant type ttivw ordinary “chills and fever," but it springs from the same cause, malaria, and maybe forestalled by the some means, vm, a precautionary coarse of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. In order to render the system malaria-proof, it muss bo endowed with extra vigor, and pat in all reaped* Is perfect order. To effect these objects, the BITTERS moat be resorted to. Bemlttcnt fever, It U firmly D«- Heved, may be certainly-prev&tea by the dally use of this unapproachable protective preparation. If the disorder la already in progress, it should be taken be tween the hot stages. As tbe pulse la up to one hun dred and twenty or one hundred and thirty during hot fits, it would not, of course; be prudent to admin ister the tonic then ; but when prostration comes on* atd the poise la thin and feeble, it may be given wlttr great advantage, and also when the patient la recover log, as a means of recruiting tbe strength. Indeed, In all cases of convalescence this powerful but harm less ionic should be administered. Itistheiafeataa well as the best ol restoratives. BUIODSNESS. Tint liver is the largest gland In the bedy, and the most Important of the secretive organs, except th* membrane which secrete* the gastric juice, mo which dissolves tbe lood. When it tails to pettors it* functions, me whole system suffer*. IU peculiar office la to take me superabundant carbon of the blood* Tbls car ben It unites with other elements, and thereby forms tbe bitter fluid called hi//, which is poured Into the upper bowel, and greatly facilitates me pro cesses ol digestion and excretion. When me Uw does cot work, me bile baa to be takes out cl the blood by the kidneys; and hence in bilious disorder* the (trite is ol a deep yellow color. The kidneys, however, cannot ulspose of all tbo bile, and, conse quently, much of It oozes through mo suffice ol the body, giving theefcln and tbe whiles ot mo eyes that saffron tinge which is one of tbe most noted symptom* of a disordered liver. It is absolutely tuentfat tm Health that this powerful gland thould da Ut dutjf tnorovgfily and with clock-lUr regularity. Probably one-fturth of tbe people of this country Know what It Is to be bilious; and la tropical cdsatc* the proportion of sufferers Is much greater. If what arc called “ana-billons medicines'* were really what they purport to be, tbe disease would, soon become obsolete; jor their name Is legion. But neither mer cury. the official remedy, nor me drastic plUa adver tised under so many titles, seem to produce the de sired effect. Is feet, calomel and blue pIU have pro bab.y beta more latal to me human race than tha va rious fbrms-of liver complaint combined. Hoaietter’a Bitten alone,ot all tbe medicine* at present In existence, folly meets tbe exigencies of whttls termed “ah<Mou*A«ft« o/ body,” This pre paration, like the bile Itself, has ajmiht pnv perty, and therefore (when tbe secretion of that natu ral cathartic Is Interrupted or Impeded'! it la exceed ingly useful as a means ot preventing bard accretions in the Intestinal rap*! and consequent oosUvencaa. it also acta directly and most beneficially upon tte biliary organ, as an invlgorant and corrective regu lator. Persons with a constitutional tendency to lire* disease may secure exemption from Its attacks bytak ng a small dose of the BITTERS once or twice a day. HOSTETTEB’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS bold by mil Sexpectable Dncßlsts la all pans et the World- HOSTETTES & SMITH, Proprleton} Ptttaburglip ft*