Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 19, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 19, 1867 Page 4
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Cljimijc fxibnnfc THESOAT. FEBRUARY 19. 1387. THE CITY. F ‘“ T nclr ° r Bnap.-Tto tet rra of «« j Wcr,^srredtl P at tke Tremont Honan nr, They came from SaykSjS. oa Ei-ipronrm.-Vr. A. r. Spacer b... C?' ."t"'” •“•“a* of die hJMaa'ai * h “«“ ‘?S Tm Deiter Dr.n-raa p^gg.^ Mth the ratoSjS. “““ohed ia connection ilnmoc,—A lino wronght iron iridne, two hundred nnd Iwenlp-eren feet lona bMnclninibr lie Pituborgh i Port Wine Bnaroedorer the Chicago Hirer eonth of sew- structure by the first of next month. “® The Policb Docszr.-Tne warm weather of fh^^i 403 Snndar bad a tendency to brim: out the dnmlea and abandoned, and there wa«tn coneeqnenceanalbleinaeaae In the nnmber of saaSfs Wr .(tomrpniiw will deliver the next lecture '£“« SOCIETT «111 Duel }“ I oS“?SiS! D,! ’ rcr,h ' ‘“ acUM,0 °- fte asf? t? wsrauar?jis sSSHSWiss rl. C t^f7 >EI) '~ A a,le ° r H 0 « ! ««cd against ff. wu?, 1 "?’ J ’ ollcc Co “« yesterday, and JJS “f 1 ”a“ tan"e^U.f'wS “fficSSJS?SjSf : ho "" it,,bor: ■*■racier r " «« yaiivaa-TB.—Ofßcora n-ho ere in (be service between Slay isL ifiGLsnd Slarch sd, jeCS, are entitled lo live dollars per smith extra for that time,. Parlies tvishiig P to have these, at d other claims, promptly collected do bcucr than to call on E. F. Adams «.rl Her ol Sisdison and Dearborn streets Mr Arums collected a revolutionary,S J " ar: f P“»'°-to ‘ihe^/or Tnx Strsc Snor.-One William Clark was re quired at tie Police Court yesterday morning to £lye bail or {1,500 for farther examination on ihnrs day mornlrg npon the charge of assaultin'* F m f ßPe * residing at No. ISC Clark stroeL with a dcaoly weapon. It was alleged that Ciart made an entirely unprovoked assault wiii/a th^?MB otnponAlr *r Caße on Sunday evening as arrant Horn church on Wabash avenne. Air. Ca»e was too severely injured to in. pear against the ruffiaa yesterday. J ajH The New- Bbtas Hall.—The frame tenements immediately to the west of the Sherman House have been ordered to be taken down betore the first of April, to make room for a largo edifice MeruJd hr v & n b{ Ic ball and other offices, to be fifVr n«.l* I Bryan, tsq. The announcement Brjan e Intention to bnlld on that site was “ adea Joar and half ago, but the project h£! been delayed from lime to time. The work win 5o2 ded wlth soon the old houses iie Alleged Adultery James Mitchell was par tbdly examined at the Police Court yesterday morning npon the charge of adultery, with a daughter of a German woman named Alary Naufx, residing in the West Division, it was stated thal b ® al r had been golngonfSSiwi SuS n^ 00 SQ,lda y ** oaeghter took a laudanum with a view to eelf-deslruc- the fact was soon discovered, and coun teraaingxDedldnes were at once admlm-Ho-ed. I,er Ul e - Mitchell was held for farther examination, on Thursday, in bail of {SOO. Bridge at Vas Bcmrs Streit.—On Satnrdav last tbe contract for rebuilding the Van Boren street bridge was awarded by the Board of Pub lic \V orka to Messrs. Fox & Howard of this city, their olds being for rebuilding with masonry the nwfifV l<* K £S d *?® 80y » and rdmildlng the 2)JJrfSr Ce Tl“*l‘2u the cod rectors lornlshlng the inaknal. Tne bridge will have iron roo and bot tom cords, and wooden braces, and In general structure win resemble that of Clark etiS “t “ abont *»»> the Pat ron Omcm' Sanrasrs.—Under the de cision recently delivered la the Court of Claim* officers who were In the service between Mar 1* 16Ct t and ilarch 3,15C5, are entitled to an addl* toonal sum for each of their servants. This ad- t l L° r^ n 3, i loQljts to Hty dollars. Colonel w * Covden. lately United Slates. Pension Atrcnr,ia bow prepared to forward these claims and secure a spe.dy return. He those who desire 10 avail themselves of his knowledeo la the prosecution of claims lo send their dis chanje ahd roll to him at hia office, Ax Mistake.— Some ten days ago •we copied Into the Tmbckt an account of a fracas bef *ecn a former actress named Fanny Marsh and a minstrel performer, sol by inad vertence the woman was identified with Mle« tonaerly Jeaflinz juvenile lady at Mc\ icLcr b Jheatie in Ibis city, and who, since lvt J^£* baß '? en « fllln - 011 engagement In the l ,or, > t,,jn at ihe Howard Athcuxum in Boston inc error was apparent to all Miss Marsh’s lc 15 10 be tcsreU’d that anything ® b ? n , ,d , appeared in our columns 10 give S&£i3!L ,be i /'.' cface which might result Irom a profession 0 ° f nsme * m of the same Miss Fanny Marsh Is. we should Judge. a? popular with the Bostonians a- she was in Chicago and haa a prolemocal uinmph there on the occa sion of her recent benefit. Axemen Dnc* Challenge.—R. H. Bender ebor.ihc “Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock,” having published a cird stating ttal he had been declared champion drummer of the United Sta’es and that he would accept any and all fmare chal lenges.excepting Jhoee w hich might come from hi late opponent, William Ncvaus, Is promptly responded to by a note from John C. While, of “W cry, who announces himsuli as ihe “Drum mcr Boy of me Army of the Cumberland.” White, in a communication addressed yesterday to Hendershot, proposed to compete for the cham ft«?sb,,). ° r *. te Slates, at the Opera v Vf e ’ at £3^w me , ft » rtca,)le 10 recip'enl of chalieigc, within the next thirlv days, ihe nro gramme to unbrace polkas, echotuathes. opera? ardai.les and quicksteps, playing by note, and band, orchestra, piano and file M-hltc evidently m ais busircss, and if the challenge « accepted fof which. notwithstanding s card, it is nndcielood there is some doubt), a lively interest will be excited in some circles until the trial of skill taxes place. “ The Cosjpeneatioss or Wan.”—A lecture on t'jie subject was delivered on Sunday criming last, in the Second Uiiivcrealist Church, by Mr. F. J. Mcbolls, for the benefit of the author. Henry GHcb, the pioneer o: lecturing In this country, and a penUeroati whose high talent* have been nobly exerted In behalf of truth, jus»scc aud liberty. For nearly two years Mr. Giles has b?en enable to conUnue labor In his profes lon a« a writer and kctaicr. and be ia now confined lo his bed without expectation of recovers Ho Is In needy cj:cum-tanc;e, and the Mend's of liberal Christianity In this city ore now afinrded an on portnmti to coutubnte to bis relief, and it x« hoped that they win do it llbertllv. *» Toe Com pensations ol War” Is one of Mr. Giles’ ben lectuies, and It was finely rendered by Mr IsichoJlsto the gratification of a large audience. Mr. A. is recently Irom London, ami is said to b“ a fine dramatic reader and Interpreter of ishaUa peare. Jlc gave readings In Milwaukee lan week, which were largely attended and highly ap plandf d. lie has tne wishes of maoy for succc>a in bis bei-eiolent mission. Ucv. Robert Oollycr. of Unify Church, baa con sented to receive donations lo the Giles’t-utimo rial fund. Stueet Spitteb*.- We called attention some time since to the Indignities to which ladies arc iicqncßljy sub-i ctea while walking In the streets, from the filthy praciice which many persons in dulgcln of BqnirUt" tobacco juice. It became for a time an evil of such magnitude as lo call fur the special al'ertinn of the police. A number of nilkaca paraced the principal thoroughfares and Becmeo to taken fiendish pleasurein disfigurin'* the appaicl of the fair sex. taking ca-e to select tlie most costly robes ss a target, We have not rcard any complaints lor some time, probably for the reason that during the winter ladles did not come ort In very my attire. but, with the return to;- weather, the 010 grievance begins to he felt a lady wae -oilowed for the dls tance of a block or so by ■ pair of scamps, who succeeded In defacing who tobacco juice a very expensive cloat, covering k trim the shoulder-down with the disgusting fluid. Not having a gentleman near to protect ner from such an outrage, the lady was obliged to submit to the insult, cud the ruffians escaped unpunished. The co.‘arrt‘,ot course, are discre‘t enough to avoid off fling such an insult u» a woman where there would be a likt-llhood of Its b*ing swiftly aveng ed. We hope some of them will be detected fn the act some day and properly chastised. CiKTtKAitr >l. £. Cuuucn.—The dedication of the lecture room of this church, near the comer of Monroe and Morgan streets, took place on Sunday in the presence of a large and deeply in terested audience. A full report of the exercises ■was pul in type for onr yesterday’s issue but crowded out by pressure of telegraphic news. In the morning Rev. T. M. Eddy, D. D., preached an eloquent sermon from Proverbs 1.15. At the dote an appeal was made lor subscriptions Jot completing tne audience room of the enurrh and paying a balance still due. The cos*, of the lot and building, including some material on hand, was about s3o,ofn. There was, it was stated, a balance still unpaid of ahont f m,CUO, but they really needed ♦12,000. A Secretary was appointed to record subscrip tions, and in a shoititme $11,43 i, in the following liberal amounts were pledged, besides a consider -able enm received in tbe contribution boxes* A. E. Bishop, $1,000; £. 11. Gammon, £soo* Captain McGraw. $500; Messrs. Foster, Whittaker and Holbrook, SI,OOO. to be paid in equal *narcs : General Mann, $250: Mr. Burkct, $250; Mr Goodrich. $250: Mr. Walker, $250: Mrs. Rams dlll, $250; William A. Shepherd, $250. Besides these there were thirteen persons who subscribed s2lu tacb; slx'een who subscribed SIOO each; iweniy-Uvo who subscribed SSO each, and a largo number of las and (10 subscriptions. In the afternoon a still larger audience, filling every scat, every inch of standing room, and icaching out Inio the vestibule, assembled to IbU-u to a setmun by Rev. R. M, Hatfield, D.D. At the clom additional subscription* were taken up, amounting lo between ?i,noo and $2,000. In 0»e evening Rev. s. Hitchcock, D. D., de livered a discourse, and announceo that the suo scripllou ami collections of the day were even greater than were asked, to over $12,000, and being anflJaen: to provide lor the rpeedy and entire completion of the decant home ot w orship. s k IKE HP»» WATER WORKS. Tbe Tramel— Near Completton-Tho Kcw Tower and Other Solid logs-Eng-inee—ffatcr Supplr, w,n «**« *• i«™.»» JS,!- 1 " 1 wiuJa *»nr weeks the creel tnunel Jsw£“! t,offl ° CbUiae ’ noDe^dannetj,’ iSI .. eme4Mof into their dwel itoffe the pore waters of Uk? lOchiM JS. sS?te£“: picte. not a portion of (he tnnnr nr *—. , Efto‘£V°t^““ np ,M buikhS IftlSsSS Sfc^SSffiaSSS leading to the gate chamber la uJ o !.^** 18 2 ne teet, wnile (hat of thTouw VSt ia & ° r , fiv « lliey are both forty leet iSw th! »SSSJ «?* pontd. The cate chamber, wMch tog and distributee reservoir »>« 4£ ? seel 7* diameter of eighteen feet aS« dk.iJw 8 .*? inside feet below (he ground surface wfn?in*/ or *^’si e lion walla of miaonry an JSSS 1 "' «®P«rt cates to regulate the recelrln? »wl? a li cumber of Sie water. Jn tSe 0 ? 0f mentioned which brinw* tn tSr-i?*“I drift Here waters from tte ch ? mber the to the present wS™ Workf'twf U ® «PPU soon to be eicavswi m thcr . e lre others andftnnreneS? On?of?^J I, ‘^? ainßt accJ denla trees for Z * une of these ie now in pro catechamber with fSm m° /the the present source of sunn?* J :ake of branch to aprojerted w^F P ihV^^if’^ er hereatter. Until thew ***l b « noticed cates and walls if the the finally completed. ffate c H*mber cannot be foundations have been laid «•« stone Clnes are beCS ™2L w , blch A e ne5V ®n* MMMSt mmmm wmmmrn The "h** - IMIISSSSs placed. a-hifl ißtt-J’°Vf r « 9 a^rea^ir been aS2sSS£fiffi?2® Je. Ine base ol the tower is twcotr.flvA rn>t tciMif, but dronnd ibid buc Ij a bmldlu" Vd! eetsqiuireao cOTp'fuctcd uto Iraae a EoSddJJ KaasarHs •nil be ofwroaaht Iron, fired npon thc lm™ sHJP Br* Md“eo^b«V™cslffOTt!?to ll to P S3S .Uacon -1 ° 616018 float b boiler room and a sonth rejuoxedand replaced by boarding so that It ma> remain until gome future day when the superior erection being complete, the w,np? Lonf e wiU make its exit npon the backs and In bode oltnwiy laborer?, xffi bSSfa/wS I”®*"* 8 *blrd well, to hare a diameter of thlrlr ttnn U.if l 3nd 8 d £Ptb of thirty feet, rhls institu tion will not now be rendered n«efol, bat a ncc *ssl of thi r?iv r bollt and souk now, becau'o st^of l^d«rd“^ r b h a,, h ? ii sj: wi»hftm® l »»** cr BD pPIJ than can be afforded wltbom these projected facilities The hniiJt. SniJI C “ M “ C a .“V" orTbii propofcd il! t 0 tte Eo »'<‘ boU?r roVm where cStS™p^pl4 t f’" e ' , ' hsrc »‘ l,il ,0 ° p " to,,lc wgSJSIiS^ffISiISS? 1 3? 1 25«25 msdtntiors, the whole works s’andlmr nS ? n £ occupying a lot of nroand W feet to the laic, and the width of the block between Chicago arerneand fvorth Person street. This croanti not actually occupied by buildings. ItS Intended to beantlly with pathways and snrnbbery r« b l re beea satd has reference !o,^k t i Btobe dune Uie future: bntweharo Thu t »?f rt 'v£ te i 18 l S be brought fmo the city. &&&!?£? t l o!je b> an ex*ra drift now being built from the shore shaft to the present water ba. "'te CC n“ uiH P B . BB to *« wSlit pS' b ,n as ®* The nccessaiy lauor npon thu work, it is ff*«4S ate *’ w,llnot ? c S apy lon « r than ihe time be let in, and. with ihe help of the engin-e now ready for sen ice and la use, this water will ba fs^n^ 10 * our i b ?P£ ! * as a means of exhibiting the utility of our lirlsh expenditure, acd at a ore- Tenure of ihe great complaints so frequroO? and, just now. so reasonably, made, of unwhole some, or, at least, dirty, water. “ e THE FLOOD. Its Extent Yesterday-The Waters Subsiding. When that piimtrive navigator, Noah, aaw, slO'AiT rising out of the llooa. the tree lops of Ararat he doubtless rejoiced mightily at the pros uec* of standing once more safely on dryland. Even £o the well watered denizens of the creat of * O,T . * an^ * n Ulc Booihweatcm portion of Chicago, which the floods hare covered for beginning to take heart In the be 1M that the eta am Is abating, and that belore many days Gi-y may all return Into the possession and enjoyment otsnch of their worldly belnc soluble, remain as they were Jett. And the many, who, while they have not ? , U rli e /« e Ki lhe Be £ on s loss and tronhlc of the* con- Mderable nitinher In the immcd-ale neighborhood i of the Am Plaines and the Somh Branch, by bar* «iu#.rS# r h«S ns fK surrounded with water to »he depth of two or turee feef, have yet t b r^r£n a;ly,X^?vc fl flicD P edb y tbe Invasion of tieircellars and the flooding of the low spots In their i.ej fe 'hDorhood, were re.f-rvcd ol apprehen tod that the unwelcome elo dryiDff '* from toe surface. re h°tted to have risen two rM«fll dur D -J be v ay ’ bot M tb e overflow was caaecd by a temporary obstruction tb e stream by Ice, and by the sudden ; b .® of tbe great Quantity of snow, together wiili tbe heavy rein, It la obvtons that tbe gradual wtarlne away of the ice barriers and the running oa °. f^. eß . Q ? ace u Warer from lb e higher places »\ouia dlmlulsntho overflow, while the orWnal streams migbteoutinne to rise. Übe Inhabitants of by far the most of tbs busi ness ana residence portion ol tbe city have seen no signs of a flood, so that the wild expression of Chicago inundated ’* seems even mure exag gerated than it is. The extent of the overflow can be appreciated by taklnga Madison street car ont to the city limlta. In the netgboorhood of Joyne street some low spots are mun da.ed, ana as you go fartuer west these tistances become more numerous till at the ‘‘™A, on tem «' e 5 e ’* great lake is seen oS from Madison street to the south B !;?l oU .^ vest , f ?,. r i m '. lcß * Many of the bouses on cltLer side of this junction of streets are sur rounded? and an cellars are filled, but the coodi t tn yesterday was considerably ImorovecL the •uiface water, as has been slated, being run oS. '0 that t-e extent whica the overflow reached Is not now obvious, the buildings at a distance worn this point in the direction indicated, present i singular appearance, standing cp like Islands tu VSi a ; .5 great hoM at the spot formerly m unrtedfor the Stock lards, is the prominent f ll uctme, and Is now a long distance from dry land. J By taking tbe trouble to follow Madi-on street, wts*. ol the limits, a long block to the Great Msterii Ifailroad. ana then walking down the track north for about half a mile a very comnre henove view of tbe overflow can be obtained. Bast, south, and far west beyond the city is ap parently a waste of waters, though there are eminences entirely err, aud tbe general depth is not as great as might seem, much ol it being only a few Inches, and merely standing water. Bv keeping on south about two miles and a half the Aux Plaines or Mud Lake will be reached and here the current is wide, deep, and rapid, and the condition oftha Looses really serious. For six r eight miles southwest oftirre, along the Am • lame', the whole larmlng country Is submerged. .*j many places to the depth of four feet and more, -o that the most serious and alarming part of the .load Is oat-idc of the city limlta. To tbe southeast, about tbe Colon Stock Yards, the overflow, as is the ca-e in the locality first rpokco of, to the north. has abated, being now iouflncd to occasional low spots, tbe yards being - «il oreincd, so that there is uo difficulty in get ting about: ana very Hale Is seen of it in passing along Archer road. Cellars, however, tu .bat region bear witness to unusual .voters. Passing down on the Slate street cars water is seen in places on the flat below Twenty-second street, and for a little distance the •reck is submerged a few inches, but the cxbibl :on of an overflow is very meagre and was con- It-oaHy lessening yesterday. Towards night owwcr a new cause for alarm arose by the lor nation ol an ice-gorge at the Pittsburgh & Fort WayneKailroad bridge near Nineteenth street, setting the water back among the packing houses un other side and threatening a serious flood. The packers bad a force of men busy last night trying to break a«*ay the Ice aud to place the property in safe localities. Tbl , though It must uc a temporary difficulty, was tbe most serious olc then pending. It was thought that tbe ques •ion of a break and overflow would be determined 'ty midnight, and it is hoped that to-day tne dan ger will be found to be over. In ibe main river the ice. which was very thick aid strong, has in a remarkably short time been •roUcn no by the nei’jg water and borne oat by .1 at Lo'ciiy in the »'hlcag» Hirer, a swiflcarrem, into tbe lake, so that navigation is really open !lc o month probably lo Eighleentn street, mehonh Branch yet remains dosed and may cxniiuuc »o iof tome time, as *‘Gooec Island,” at .ts month, hinders tie passage of the fee. it was a pleasant omen or spring yesterday to i-ce the familiar, bat at this time of ;ne year very unnsaal f y>bt. of a jog-boat steaming np the river, 2? i twcn chartered by the Board of Public Works and started up stream yesterday for* noon with a drag to loosen the mod and sand which bas accumulated daring the winter Drag ging will be necessary in the river, but the bar which as usual, has been forming across tbs month of the harbor will require some labor to allow- free passage for vessels. During the past few days the river bas risei to the height of two fe°t above the usual level, and since Saturday has varied bat little from that mark. It is very fortunate that the or the great mass of snow and ice which caused the rise was not accompanied by long continued and heavy rains as would do likely to be the case in the spring. Ihe disastrous floods of 1549 and 1857 resulted lioro such a combination of causes, and were tar more extensive than the present one has been. We may reasonably anticipate a continued grad ual subsidence of the waters, as the snow ana Ice are almost entirely gone, and little fear need be entertained until another winter at least. ibe slight damage suffered by railroads in or near tbe city tbas been repaired. At Monroe, Michigan, tbe bridge of the Michigan Southern Railroad, over Raisin River, was carried away by tbe Ice, on Sunday evening. This will necessitate ibe transfer of passengers between Caicaao and Detroit, but tbe mam line to Toledo is uninter rupted. Bittko Oft xx Ran.—Peter Reyner visited ihe house of John DeGroot, at No. 11 Cornell street, on- Saturday night, a self-invited guest at a re union of a few of DcGrool’s friends, who had assembled to have a little conviviality upon the annirewaiy of bis (DeGrootV) birth-day. Several ot the invited partv bad partaken freely oi some of the fluids provided for the occasion, but no one lw except Bct rfre oflcnce to the company He hS.% «7£ ald iiilPsii M#H£ S3SWSSII. COMMON COUNCII Special Meeting— A Transfer of the Fire Department Proposed. 010 Comraoa Council wag held iMterenine, In the Council Chamber. The call was elßoed hj Aid. Ackhoff and Knfcker b°'ber; obJecf w “” *> consider amend “.'“ 810 ““ c, ‘l Cnarter. and for U,e Iransactoi ■ l "2 UleSS ' Thet ° "“c Present; H6r non, Baa, and O’SSfllSn a., a ~ Dapiimitirr. “ “ emend a.vSfi°L ? flc Common Cotmcll of mm MW loM»?Se%?“ a °”A c * SftJd Common Conndl may from nm» SpSSaS mmmm S'SSS’asi! co,mai Bhiu is ° «“• Dow m,°y. hC come msnncras the Board of Police smj Jer’lfan SS2'“ bcto K -f rUd-Xfl a- Th,S«„°, n boUl or Indiana avenue mdtoSce Jk“™,l. “ “ ,I ‘ rlas «*“• Tl ‘' . A ;. otc of thanka was tendered to the Mavor amendments to the CltyC barter. P rj Posetl The Council then adjourned, AMCSiSOOEISTS. J nE nw^ rT ' nArs,ONIC Cowcett.—The posthn- S onlC COnMr ' “ mc 01 '•« oveniag at the Opera Hooae; auatcnco email, but very e£ sSfllf* 16 * aS 411 Ema,l . andJe oced are apt to be, and, of coarse, mainly appreciative where there was no rccesal ty for It. There were many emntr 00^ca denial, and many fall seats gpa»«Saar gis^rs i-i * “Vb® Bet down as a general rule that eaol. g-BSs; &«?„”'«• jsdhsss »«■'"SJS2if uSs.tT‘ttb gvsr 5? d I " l k tbe mu *‘/ ln160 “ iSSd ptoSaT ?M d 3,9° have said this Ton have said about all. TbennlmoaSffloned marklnß of time hr th« eadcr was followed someUmes DredSv some! lines nor, by the orchestra, in the same coid life less manner. One longed for a Uttle of in* a£ le*a mSSTh a nd apult to make the playing nf ia*r is c “is “ss? iv^ r “ d jif Bnteuch i hinge undoubtedly would have been TvJ^, roi>o3 A o tbe chwactcr of the occasion. The . r 5 lo Orpnens fitted the occasion in Its «nb ject and conaequectly went very fairly while in o , V K nare to u The .Night in Qrexwda” the hrntal horns again ran wild and spread themselves all over the gamut. The most thoron-hlTenlo!! able effort oi the evening was Mr. playing, flls fine execution and handsome MtoguS) Urto “™ CoEC ' nft °"belmtan SR; bnftu, l.^rfoTrcase and principally among them are cnltivaniin a thoi ongh development of the voke. a lSf arfd correctly formed style, true reading of music and a true to selecting music. &“q£bSS Mrs. C, does not yet possess. She may! possibly t?r« l ? < 7i a r* r °H S and P atient study. it u worse f° r aslugcr ot ber calibre to attack anch ambitions music as the Ah/ quel ammo. She I* S d -i a l? d lo sing it now, and she never mar be Ba-lad music. In a small hall or parlor, she mav perhaps, cope successfully wltt bS hi tSX{ ?SSSi?SI.S e n?' oae » who i ahaa **“ her noi toSng in pn'iii, any more, lor the present at least, and » l iiin tboce i Wil v? spoil her by injudicious so ft' ■? “ ‘“tinea »s It was inmeff. l^dy sSnni C be " el ' ltta ‘“» El ° n 'J,® believe another po.-lhumom concert will bo £l^ n ,. a *L fi u m f ! nla !‘« date, after which the Phil naf?i2J« c *”°. cicly wI, l return once more to Its tl- St i.«te 1ce, ' ,1,,! L ?‘ e bape tt wiu remstn fake lu pte mov S h iot something bettor to ilCHEUic.—“The Huguenot Captain'' Is * n - d hn or a ,cw °*-btrt longer. It coniln“ej“ fi.l the hon«e tt ell and is supplemented each evenri g with a good farce. “ •i . £}» TuEATRE.-Thc week opened with Ibe Long Strike, which was very’ successful last week, it wiu be repeated lor a few erafi TdeCjjicct.—Mr. James Robinson’s wonderfhl v?i p i.Sl hofsetoaiiship are still the attraction at Robinson a Coliseum. The company at Ibis favorite place of entertainment has recently been aiicmmted by the engagement of Messrs North and Perdue. whosegymnastic performances Sl^~ <inat ? an * tb . l .? ffln 11101 line which haserer i b n^°-t‘ e, i bcre ’ <t / be y look 11,6 bouse by storm last evening on Ihe occasion of their debut T bo Fenian Brotherhood of ibis city will give a grand ball on the 22d—Wash nclon e Birthday. Particmars will beannoanced in a day or two. Ibc tote Solomon in. «Filnon« Bm The resolutions ol the Chicago Bar relative to the death ol the late S. M. Wilson, Esq., were yes terday formally presented to the County Court by Francis Adams, Eeq. Alter alluding 10 the sad occurrence, the sneaker said; Solomon 11. Wilson was no ordlnarymau He possessed an intellect of a very high order, a bril liant and Incly imagination audanch and exu berant fancy, and all these heightened, strengthen ed, chaslened ana polished by scholastic aodlher ary oUdnllhe and acquirements, and an exquisite ly cultivated taste. * A distinguished American author has defined lb « faculty of carrying the enthusiasm of youth t&to the mature ablluy of maubood. An other ha? drfined It lobe “creative inlellecL” Tried by cither of these definitions, Hr. Wilson wasagenius. .Nature was ’’heaatylohla eye and music to his ear, and in the clear and pellucid « j 8 was mirrored In eh the naenute sell mojeeUc loTebn ess of her ownim- II * An .Hlalta ... ..1 .■ . _ .. artist’s eye and a poet’s soul, sod tbo , r^ C iS Cf l‘ ly w^ lc * 1 Eeams only possesses, waicb, “ d ®5 4, » 1 « cc ‘‘ to* of ?mngexpression to his poetic and artistic conceptions. This is apparent from paintings, and fragments of painting, which £ ro ? literary and d>amafic com position with which he was wont to while awav h.B leisure hours. lie was a gentleman or delicate and correct literary taste, and Intimately con versant with European and American btlletleUree. 1 atnUttg. poetry and nmsic were fala delight. Beauty, however embodied or expressed, or whut r. 'orm lt assumed, was his chief attraction, mimi 1 . raj ll of \ e . ant ? ontvalncd all the utilities, to him “a thing of beauty was a lov lh « •lody and practice of the law Mr. Wilson brought his naturally fine Intellect and tne attainments and high culture of a scholar and a gentleman. The*© combined with his nn impeacbable in-eerily, and bis cnlvalroua sense of honor were a guarantee of professional success, and he was successful. As long ago as 135 t he was a practitioner of established renuta lon in ell the courts of the city. Had hi* physical been equal to bis mental strength and his literary and pro fessional r. sources. few men at lhl« bar would have been the peer ot Solomon 51. Wil-on. As It 5"» aC? who *“«? w , m “ost Imlmately appro- QQst hlgbly, and he was esteemed by hts brethren of the bar as an honor and an or nament to the profession of his choice. He was remarkably sincere in hU Intercourse wltb, and hie demcariortoward, his fellow-man. He never ££ y At!A be • a,cll | ,c *° wealth, or place, or power, nor old he crook the pregnant hinges of the knee "here thrift might follow fawnlii*.’* In responße Judge Bradwcil .-poke as follows; ilia with melancholy pleaiureilhat the Court orders the resolutions of the bar passed upon the death of one lamented friend and brother. Solo !”on . . ”. i,Bori ' ®Pr cad °pon the records, and adds is tribute to what has been so ably and elo «ltte* tly said by 5Lr. Adams, Ibe representative of tee bar, upon this occasion. In life oar departed brother honored his profes sion. lie has passed away—his profession should honor and cherish bis memory. It was my good fortune to have known the de ceased intimately for many years, and 1 can say , m was the polity and goodness of bis life that, in speaking of him, we can tell the "•bole truth win out fear of revealing any delect In his character. .1 cannot forget how, when the waves of rebel lion swept over our lacd, ho gave tip bis practice of the law for a time, and wftb hU great erecn- I live abJlilf nod natural military talent, aided our Governor in raising and equipping onr Illinois soldiers for the field. He was posee-sod of many and varied attainments, tilfl mind was unusually clear—he comprehended a subject at a glance, and whatever be did was always well done. As a citizen he was loyal to his Government As a lawyer he was Industrious, able and faith ful, never consenting to defeed what bethought 10 beun unjust cause. With him success was of no val :e if tt had to be purchased at the expense of Lis honor. As a friend be was sincere, faithful and true— hia heart was In sympathy with all that was good and fall. Ills was made for harmony. Wt at Is more fitting ’ban that the records of our courts should show lor ai! time to come the re spect that Is euleitamed by the bar for its de ceased worthy membeis, and m making up that record, whose name is entitled to a brighter page ;han ihatupon which shall be written the nameof our deceased brother Soloman M. Wilson. T2ie l*ate Colonel Shepard—Resolutions by the Board of Trade. In the TnmuNS of yesterday was reported the death, on the preceding day, of Colonel B. S. Shepard, at hia residence, No. 8 Park Row. Yesterday the flags on tbe vessels in the harbor, and over the Chamber of Commerce, were act at half mast, In respect to tbe memory of the dc- ceased. Ihe following resolutions were nnanl monalv adopted by the Board of Trade at tho meeting yc»tciday noon: WnmiEAß, It has pleased Almighty God to re move from this nfe oar.late fellow-member. Colonel B. S. Shepard: and Wnxuxas, Hie members of this Board of Trade desire to express their profound sorrow at this tad event—as also lo pays fitting tribute of re •pect to his roemdry; therefore, Hetolvtd, That in the death of our late associate we mourn lie loss ol a business man universally respected for hie high-minded andlibml deal ing, for hia Integrity, which was unbending as bis purposes and acts weie honorable; forbls genial ana generous nature, and tor.fais good qualities of head and heart. In oil these he has been as a beacon light on this Board, pointing lo a high siandaidot commercial excellence. solved, That bis departure has made a place vacant here that cannot easily be filled. lie has been a member of the Board dating hack nearly to its foundation, and in commercial circles, botn East and West. His was one oi tho names that wrre of strength in npboldlar this Sa«M*i n ti. and influential: po«tlo« T»» M a tribute 'TiSSSS'to the nraor, or *o doomed, tbla Boant aTnSiiS! ti 'belt reaclatlona be pieced noon t bSSS?r r p.S,yiJM^“ 4 •'-PdSS^ta I Cohbickattoh,—The Ot'ntnwa dom'i cwu*\»» CWM E o'diVto- Ul ' r “ U °' rae about a wall knowa M*rd lOih. siveri s?Sft! j£ n ~e projent to assist in tbe eerrlcea. Ser^JrVJif 8 ’ P rob *Wji dedicated non ChOTCbta w^trSwSSl r .*r aa to lbe As be SSb3^S«SJ/ ew3r ? rB i*° ov#fllx ' Michigan unoai uallroad, eastward, in company with ■ ouTin hfi M d tteEasLas the Dodo/pomted Bororai cities, townsaad tU. i^r’eo. h ?v 0 n a Mead noticed tbatlnalmost CTer J M* e 'ii’ Doctor would call Wi attention to *?t?r e i? ,irt V wh,ca hc b>fl dedicated. At length, after leu or treiyi! prjch In-tacced, they approacb «?»£ . to ?w °t? d f? e frieni1 ' ■•UlapitiogiheDoctor, ®£j. d dld orer dedicate a ?. D . r .'^^no.aotexact^,*eatdhe, l l .9 1 ® lraln kroke down, and I did sot get in until tbe semcos eere all orer/ ” A Cikbxaqz Robe Broun.—On Saturday afler* noon n wolfskin robe worth abontfSS was nriasod I from the premises of Mr. Batej, residing at Ko. 307 Ontario afreet. Hu coachman had a few mo menta previously seen the robe lying In the car : SR B *,?. 11 ? ® t, P* >oß ?‘i *«* U»e wind Bad blown It offa Utile waw when he first missed It, bnt It f{ 3 n ? ( C aß ttl he reported the load at the wirth Market Station. OStcer bedgwtek. of the Honh Side Merchants’ Police, had observed a £2S£ n^ cd “afT Wood with the robe la poa- febe said It belonged to her, and 1c was °£ hl t bnalnee* where she got it. He then W bertothe station. At tbe Po ] “til ta 7 b “for«*o°™* " ia w " .1 J l: WUrrs.—lt Is dne toC. C. Welle, Esq., of the bbennan House, to say that the Item In the New Haven Palladium (Comt.y quoted by na a few dajs ago, scarcely docs him justice. Mr. Waite was e» conductor on the-railroad In his youthful days, and was subsconentlv for *Knnf C^r. 8 r C S“7 ° nhe ClTy Plro Inanraece oi New Haven, and to him- waa large), afcat- sncceas which that comrnmya" wtUi fhe nhemST S“ 7 bo 't l4 or s conneSlon £*{“ «2^??£ me, L llonae i be took bold of the f’fj™ w bcn the chances seemed to bo against It has seen ita patronage grow np to a point Ho wUI retain his in i^taNewS* 0 “h” 41118 ,olheßr '- Kibe.— At two o’clock this nomine the alarm WM sonnoed from 80596, cawed by the discovery offlro la the small one-story house, No. 82. Deko> ven street, rear Canal. The dwelling was owned and occupied by a poor man named ltyan,wbo has been bed-iiddcn lor flue years. Qe would bave pemned mbed if ha had beeb cTrrfed ” b ° discovered the i!_lv # Ar f s m . “ me 10 save him. A small pari of the furniture only removed. The bnllalin? } “ destroyed with fts contents. it *fb * Klni e J“ ! T roi for £ enmll amount in the S°c pSm.Vy. PCrl, ' P '’ * 3o °- bl “ >"BC for A Bbokek Leo.—About ten o’clock last ni"bt known b >’ tbe eflfnldcant name or tiS *iii?l?. 011 * OD * hla leenear e * t^lc , wel teM of lus excessive beofynoss £ under him in the strucelo. He was taken to the Hospital of the Sisters otMercy. Ftktd.— Two keepers of honsee-of 111-fame, on Clark street, were bronchi before Justice’ Mllll ken yesterday moraine, charged 1 with k-eplne diaorderJyhoueca. Emma Beardsley was fined 175I 75 w d ys. re *5 each. Jolla KircWe w « toed SIOO and the inmates « 10 each mrcDle waa „ Union Prayer Iffeetfn*. Rev, R, Jf, Haifleld, D. D„ presided *f ♦»,»« “«?«*>* jesterdav. Alter the aiiSn- of “‘Alas Bn . a -i d faa.Tlor bleed,” Mr. uatfleld read the Ijth chapter of the Gospel of John, and remarked Uiat t*o one could read ibis chapter without belmr M«« V i? CC ?». lhat th , c and of every Christ 1110 £? suJt of a union with Christ. This «ItMhlS?nc Ita The ? c . co ? noctlo » of the branch «..r2..rS y lne * The onion does not exist In the bat in the heart. The success of every Christian depends noon the vital connection belujr sustained m all its completeness?? wordiy matters In which they mar engage" sne- i maynitcnd thclr endeavors, but wSa they come to spiritual matters, success wholly depends upon this union with ChrisL God logforifledin proportion as this union la compete ff dla .v£f WlUemaDMiai,edeslr cdto say a word for the enconiaremeni °|- all those who had been la- I h ’t P e had not only been a disbe had opposed the religion of ?^L* o lS*£L 3 ** ta ' Re «mly friends and as eoclates had been urging Llm to lead a difl'erent {& « d ho felt that the*’ Holy Spirit hil sbovra he had repented of his past folly and had accepted Chilat as his Sanor gentleman slated that he had come tothe ™£? p . on f. rld ? v J BBt ' aad had made arrant, nienta to altcodthe theatre In the cvening,.bail»o SonSn V lcd o b7 8 eemlrman to attend thS noonday Onion Prayer fleeting, and was "rcatlv ho f»a s.deih?S more n'tenUon to his spiritual Suc'hid huTiK 1 i, p . I r nre “ wWch h “ d 80 appf.Kl? ! e m „‘h d o C h;3 nSS idative to Hie matter of accepting Christ, which « P °>L ded j 7 members, who expressed a f® B*™ 8 *™ lot “d commit themselves to a Christian life. The attendance upon the mcet !D T C^V B n la ??%?i? a vcFy Inpre,Sve. Rev. O. D. Tiflany, D. D., will preside to-day. Tbe “Casino” Bill. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: *°“ S rnlsappiehension seems to exist t 0 char *rter of the so-called rhi J. t n OWbe f or * the Springfield Legia* t jro J P°* ea w commence at ero at »c extend on» Michigan avenue to a distance of about three miles, there aga* present no road there or Und condemned •n**SJl?a p, i f^}o^ e V not t®btng advantage of an 2 !£ 8d alreft * bnUt or commenced, or laid out. m' d t>?*!, P^ oeed t ? I, l >re fltnply for (ho purpose tbe *® B i °f putting down a good road 11 to lepalI epal . r * We “r* °ot how heavy restrictions may be placed upon 11, so that “ r u ad wblcb will give ns a accent fni Hrf o e >, hßV i4? 0181 pro ‘ ent in or aronnd ,iDd 11 should be remembered that no one will be forced to nee that road when bnUt. State street lies just west of 11, and Cottage Grove ave- to J be c ?“ »«d Parallel with It. 1 .. ®ookenof by your correspond which h is proposed to lay down ahalt-mlle track, and tbe ase of which will be given two weeks in each year lo the Cook Cooatv AgrlculiaralandHortlcnUnral Society. p J The Alleced Perjorr Case* To the Editor of the Chicago Tnbnnc: ot.„ ino . to Bay ? JP? words in relation to the alleged of Robert Wilson, foreman in Uaiison a Brewery, said lo have been commuted before United States Commt-slouer Hoyne. Ja cob WclJinger vaa arrested and brought before ihe said Commissioner, and by him held to ball on a charge of defrauding the Government. Wli’ son being the principal witness. Ihe said Wei linger, and some of ms friends (of at least doubt ful reputation), prosecuted Wilson before Jar tfee Ureeser for perjury, and as they had n all Inrlr own way. he war* wan bound over lo await the action of the Grand Jury. J have no fears a* to the result of their investigations. M. M. P. A Correction* To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune 1 lake the liberty of calling sour attention to a typographical error in your lnsc;lJonof mr an swer to elalements made by Moses C. Tyler and friend-. I said ’’American artisans,” and not clU r.ens. -My friends here have called me to account for this error. Please make the correction. local matters. New 'Fork Jloaenm of Anatomy.—Tho b i?« T £ b t. o^J bc Nc,,r ' o,k Museum of Anatomy which has been open for some time at Wllkovruky Hall, has now removed to No. 9B Randolph street, corner of Dearborn. The Museum la full of the most interesting studies in almost every depart ment of medical science, and forms a highly In structive place of resoit to all who desire to Im prove their knortledge. The exhibition Is open every day from the honre of 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. AdmlssionSO cents. r Trnmbnll’H Family Record.—This magnificent engraving possesses merit of a very high order, and readily commends itselflo the mind and admiration of every lover of the beautiful. If comblcee so much refinement, ex prtssion of sentiment and beauty of conception that onr wonder is not aroused when wc see with what favor It Is received wherever It has been In troduced. Wc can assure the public that this is no catch-penny, imperfect thing, but an article which should find Its way into toe parlor of every family in the land. Sec advertisement elsewhere. Brick for Sale.— We call attention to the advertisement In another column by Ethan BniDocß. Masonic Temple, 85 Dearborn street. The Painting" drawn bw the Exprsss and Telegraph Club and the Railroad Clnb, to bo disposed of to members on the 22d Inst., are now on exhibition at the American Express Office. A Chance to ITlake money—A small investment Jn “ LJming’s Patent Stove Damper’ will pay «00 to 500 per cent In ninety days. Cali and see It. J. N. - Whiddcn, room 2, No. 13] Clark street. . DoNotLctTonr Prejudice Stand Be tween yonr suffering child and the relief that will he absolutely sure lo follow the use of Mrs Wins low-’® Soothing Syrup. It corrects aclUtr of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bow els, softens the guns,gives rcstlo themotberand health to the child. Tb’rty-flve cents a bottle. York - mi 205 ui <* Juniper Tar Soap cures chapped hands, salt rbenm, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Casweix, Mach A Co.. New York. Sold by all druggists. ’ * w Children barms Worm* require Im mediate attention, as neglect ot the trouble often causes prolonged sickness. Brown’s “Vermifuge comfllB” are a simple remedy, and will destroy worms without injury to the child. Sold at 25 cents a box by most dealers In medicines. The Franklin Brick machine, foully celebrated for-perfect simplicity. great Strength ana immense compressing power, is ouAiuNrsED 1 with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to S/00 elegant bricks per hour. J. B. Renick, proprietor. No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 23. The Gr«wt Eastern on a Gridiron. [Liverpool Correspondence of the New York Express.} Ttfl Gecat Eastern was successfully placed on the gridiron on Saturday morning last January Wth, on the Cheshire side of the River Mersey, a little above Rock Village and about six or seven miles from Liverpool! The gridiron was especially constructed for her ; It Is placed about one-tbiid of the dis tance between low-water mark of aprina “?? the bipb-water mark, aad Is about .oO feet long and GO broad, resting on a Brm brd of clay and shingle. The operation of placinnfso huge a mass on this frame work must of necessity have been one of considerable skill and delicacy. I n . deed, Ibere were some doubts entertained whether it could bo performed. The risk surely was great. She was put on sideways at tip top high water, and as the tide fell the monster of the deep came smoothly aod easily to the bed prepared for her, without a single hitch or Jar. She was at once so* cured in her position by powerful cables: and early in the allcrnoon was high and dry on the land. I found it quite an exercise especially with the mud ankle deep, to walk round her. Her bottom was very fonl. She is covered with a peculiar kind of gray weed resembling loose hair, which, to any one standing underneath, gave her shell the ap. pearance of a huge polar bear. Just emerged from his fey bath. The winterish surroundings gave strength to this comparison fn every sense of the word. Myriads of oysters, mussels and barnacles have found a home among this weed, and thongh her bottom is much'clean er than was expected. It will take some time and u ore labor to clear the vast surface The work done on her bottom while an* eboredetThrogg’s Neck by the Messrs. Renwlcks, looks well, and is pronounced bv the roaster mechanics a good job. The big ship is undergoing thorough repairs—new boilers, portions of machinery, etc., etc It was designed to get her out by the 20th of April, but it is thought she will not bo ready until the last of May or the first of June The work upon her has been much delayed hy a strike among tho mechanics at work toSkit’ *“■ WUCh “ Utol 7‘» ■«»« Our nods or laifc .nd lu looTlloblo - Tendency, (From the New TorJc Timet.] From the fact that landlords ere and readily obtaining rents of SI,OOO tol3oOO pwuonß.tbat marble ware St.iS!.?™ on orery band, «d .re^tedVwfogJoSd^^t^ U may be Inferred that wo are a v«vT?m nale and successful people, or else that w« are leadlne an unhealthy and unsafe life. arJ both Tlews of the subject arc correct. We know of several oniet nUr. Government aocoritiea hr Sa lkls. employ a vast retinneof "',O Porters, othcra count annually by amonnta that In ;2™i er . da J s * would have been fortunes In and others spend, and can afford to spend, more money innmontb than thalp parenla handled In S Ilfe-tSie.Tbf jZ marrlancablo men of the day sniff it thf }?“ w/tb™??® matrimonial rcspouslbill *4cm U toneme of less than ,i, i P° r annum. and vnnn , la dip turn up their poses atatroSal costing less than »5,000. Onr fith,™ JJffl “ntent Z ia “o’derate in“omS and lived comfortably on atm smaller Silo• onrmothcni married and manoged toll?,! well enough without wardrobes fit foranrln cess, and together they contrived ?°*V B , e L e *pectablj, cosily, and to tftelrentfpS Eatls/actlon. The change that has come over the very essence of our existence Is as nnfor innate as It Is radical. As "Z J wa emerged from the original simplicity that characterized the Hvlo# of ourTbreSllirs and we are far along upon the hSh’ extravagance, and tending ran" socrall V if not polificaH? Let ns look lor a moment at the absolnte* extravagance of onr times. The dresai oV the ladles are not only singular incoiffnrf tion, but vastly expensive. The littla iim» W •as-" sAa-l E” o«° i ß ’ P er^un, c to hair-pins, is rated at b *«r!!t flfiure .v y tbe deiler aad Pa> d fi q f , P r o al#ewor thJ serenity by somebody. «P*i?« r as ’ ou , r , observation extends, there la nothing nsed by man, woman-or child in the thn't ?I fo °d* clothing, ornament or utility that la appraised at a rcasonu'ile rate bv rho manufacturer, dealer or owner. Kents are quadrupled. It is »i» won of 8 *? theori2 “ “bout the necessity lieve 10 " in nts ! '“idioms don't be crcaEe. Q CMU!f ’ “d insist upon on In hefebt to hM?t,f 0 stop t 0 rt °P' from 52? nfiSti e r S, vf “ n d t ;er(; seems no pros be that dry goods trill^n! 1 dsmple of flour, that butter and 1 ' “d that insomi obt u. , l , K" ,: rentals trill remember i w ,-i- i“ n V™ “re not over-sanguine In ■min . ™™'im we T am * fe “ r that on? men will continue to expend their cans recklessly r and that our young women will continue to dress extrevaeantlv and im»vjf b ifi niCß *°a £° 011 ® w iinmingl y, until the renlw ab i 6 cras , le *® llß all down, and affords nn fl 6 & regc nerap'd 1 cmeer? “ be(!ln “ in K- The Scene of tlie late Beroll in ip©» land. [From the New York Herald, February 15.] y sm S take® place !□ a rugged mountnlnoua country, tlie county of Kerry oAho lJrrK ea '“" t ' 7 ;/“mfllar with evero fooi deflani.l T7 ' cm ,', d easll ' - «™4« and bid Tl,» s“considerable body of troops. WlSl ™ .i 0 ” R T . cr on Ibc north nod tbe At rrnm .hl ‘bn west r °ndor it accessible to aid tbuf rt ’ ““S' °” d l s a elitnldcant fact !S a f ‘-f s . v “? 1 a haa been rumored bron Tn tl £«“ from tlle Shannon have P a ®n , tufsS country In the nav of \frt.^* n l fID8 ‘ Sllvcuaraon and Mountains are full of historic Interest It the Earl of Essex. E 1 wi »i y Ibousand troops, suffered defeat beln s L“i;^w Spot "‘■eee the battle was fouebt pclng known os the Pass of Plumes from

fn thTbiro? ° f Th lt nn caTaI T®eu who fell in me strife. The SUvenamon hills were thi» scene of fcmith G’Brien'a rising fn 184$. Kcn- SfdVhJm^ 8 " Uch , tllls revolutionists arc said to be marching, is on the Atlantic count u fs^rofaMV 11 . 0 ?* 10 I r la,ld 0 ‘ Valentin, nil crossedrotbelrfSSd. “ "** 00,1,1 that >“» New Iron-clad* lor Prance. f f Lv« l . C " l f, r J rom ,. F ‘ oc ! ,< -' r ° rt of ‘be 23d ult. says. Orders have been received here from Paris to lay down tbe keel of a new cS {roard armor-plated vessel, to be called the ™5 I H/» Bnd whlcb win be adapted chiefly to run down an enemy by great speed. Three other vessels of the same klndarc at present being built in our dockyards—the Seller at Cherbourg, the Boule-Dogue, at Orient and M B Sf?? )ere at ® ,-CBt * These - vessels will be ?l horse-power, and are on the model of the Taurcau, flnlshed at Tonlon. The coast. ships are specially in tended for the protection of the French n^ Cy » arC fur H iflbcd with a formidable f£? rat th c ®tc x n. and two screws, working Independently oi' each other, enable them to d y * tllus making t\iem as suitable Strt^hlSSM 1, a,t ? ck « The Taurcau has ber success Is perfect. Her speed is good, she turns easily, has ad wishlV C «if e nR qu f l , ltlcs CTen lo the worst hSS!?«in « d , welßbt aad rapidity com bined will enable her to strike an enemy*« vessel with the most destructive effect.” Honors to General Sheridan. PhiPsh^S- /°, bnia T IS.—General roil. Sheridan arrived here to-dav accom- A°«'.emin y “! jol ?, t Co . mmiltc » Of the General As cmblj, by whose Invitation he came. Uo will be received by the Senate at two p. m. and by the Ilonsc immediately alter The Governor giTes a reception at the MaSSS.**"" CaPltol ’ MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New Tork Financial Now*, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . Nkw Tome. February 18. Tne stockniark-t opened heavy before the call. The hears were hammering severely on account 0 f the bad bank statement. After the call the whole market was weak. New York Central selling at ICOtf; Erl* room. oftLe’lV.! 1 5 J^i ChU ‘ D BcDUiern ot fIV. The balance 1,1 7“ eonUnulng so Uli after the one o clock call, when the shorts commenced buying. and tbcwholemarkcl rallied quickly. with a strong d 2 mand lor stock*. Before the SJO call the/ were a shade off and dull, except fo? Michigan Southern. Chi wm ( P refcrrc ‘ l ). »ni Rock Island. On the call the marker was doll, but alterwards there was a pressure to bay, the advance beluglrom naiv orer the moraine quotations. A large short Interest has been put out within the last two days, bnl the low- ? e f’. ,^r I “ ontma^I ‘ r and the mar ket Is drifting Into a condition where there maybe Utc y times between the bears and balls. New York Central Is held very beavllr by two banks, and can’t to l rnneb. unless a panic takes place, which Is not at all probable. Geo. Moksxb. Gold cor tinned doll and Inactive. The money market continued easy at 6 per cent on stockp. and 5 per cent on Oorernments. Tie six o'clock market waa strong, and tfc hither than at the last call. * K [Associated Press Report] Nevr.ToEr, Febrnary 18. .. MO?rrr. ilcDpy steady at per ceat. roaaios KKcnasa*. Stcrllnc stcadyat 103^109^. ** ,K *-*>• _ OOVEEXMEXTB. Government stocks a shade firmer. LATEST. . Tfi* WEEKLT HAWK STATEMENT. The bank statement, contrary to general erneela. fi«n B .*. ,^'; ery .? ol 5 Vor » ble - ™ mark-S chanra In I hS n »?.SS d i ccderß ma y bo traced to the fact that the banks bare been piutloc some Idle mods In Got £h?/nl n t Tb !l tailing otf In specie Is dna chiefly to the customs demana. while toe laree do. f off .l n S * n PX} t 0 the transfers oi .national Bank notes to the Suo-Treasnrv In <imn« from ont-of-town banks oarlr In the day * THE STOCK UAUKBT. . T?p ttock market la dull. Governments are active Railroad shares declined, but subset qncntlT therewasafiactlonal recovery. There beme “9IS tnWti 0010 8 ? 11 th V? * ’ bay. Improved the d«s of 3<®3? r GoTcrament# * wblcb pcsnlted in an advance „ . STATE BOSD9. vS-cl det n Statc very dnll and prices k£*kV CVSOW: Virginia 6*8,55^M; l«ortb Carolina C's, M&Saa; Missouri 6’s, WkiaOjv; Wk®sSjf Mi St * •* ocscp& ~@78; Paelflc muump SHAKES, mere w*i a farther sharp decline onitcsnuhln "I* 0 /' 8 - •nConoUiioM were the lowest lor a longtime! 1 acJOc Mail* 145#; Atlantic Sfall, 97#@97#. " . COAL STOCKS. 1,11(1 *ower. Delaware and H \M 6oD >*. lto^®,4 S } * 5 PenmylTanla, 15iai55. “ • WJs. cllancous sbarci were all hear? with a decline in prices ttircnch ibe entire lost. „ OOTXBNMtJm. Tplß evening Government securities were active and higher. dogirc Quotations: ronpona. I Coop, *63. Jana .9*°p> ,f* Ulk«!lix aiyand Jnly.losK®io6 hftnn’ 1 io-iO4 ...loiHaiot v Co °Pi ® VTlX'i Ids* I 7-308, An* 106 (JIO6V TV- . V. . "“CILLXSEOCS. . rflu'Sr* “ *t^ et strong at the !«t open board. *!.. ?v Wer !r Ue U* r efterral'. Amoogthe mlcclUae ha,ej ' loe Pwlflc Mall was the feature, it rallied BAILWATB. Prices at 4 SO p. m. Ohlo CerU.... 71)4® 23 [ Pltisburgli 79V® 80 43 Toi C do.........iiTv®m N. r. Central..lOUJ«QlooX K. I «X« 97 Erie..... 66 ft 56X * JJ. W BS®U .. r,V 11 7 W ■ N - w - PCd »«® 63U lil.Cen-. 113 @ lie (Ft. Wayne 96 © 96V ... . . MINISO SIUBM. “arket generally heavy and lower. Qresrn i,fti he r ,cai * OI ! ! h ® downward track andaell it tsv-.tJ? - lu Quarts Hill aud quiet Cotj ?on, strongest -lock on list, rose from nSu I”"" 1 !?! Amertcai Fla, nrm at 135 andbyrnonds' Forkat JtigiTa “ rv, tt- ... .. Kew Toss, February 18-6 p. m. the following prices: SSeIII* fee-si i* Xho Prodnce ITlarket*. NEW TORE. ra ' i n SI'SS^ I flS= l ®Sft .ffikya?" ,*fSf bu» .. wax, U 5,030 gS wmio bo ln W ‘»“ •> Harley—Dull and tower; aalei ■ 13 ryn Kn. c.„.a. Wral oooddoUrorod, aodiffioj? **,«««°{ Barlej Halt— Doll. wo-rowed Corn-Uecßjpt*. 3,300 bn. Mark** u. rather easier. B*leaofis.9Mrmif&(&r* active and 6^"^W>'wu£'to¥^i,* 111 M 4 boar?. o. w, bni “SK&W 0 * pe«,W,4*b«. 1 1,576.013 bn bnr^Cnha C aUO(siovc. mcrtt)rol<l Sale* ol«o ilDte. , * l< *” Wnn ' or 550 hhda DOW crop Cuba bD«Ma bonoT^ 11 * l3O * or cral ° 'for re- IftSTSKS. I at SO® 7oc. {W-SW? T 5 ° l ? o U r ° l ‘ n'lw te4l s,vj 4lc « W brU at Wcatem ; HIGH PBJCKS. S onr-c>.,« * “• ■ tore ' *“ “■>“ »"»«. for Oau—Dul!, at 56ft57e for Western. .“-wt« for new, and «19.Q*c for old Beef—Steady, Lard—Heavy, at 13 Vftl JVc. CINCINNATI. , nonr-Flnn, bn dneba£TS, bffjdJKi%. 13A0. acd fancy braeda fU.waiC.oo. r *“ a * 8U JO3 _F. he, W3 rn li* o PP , £ >l*ht. No. 1 spring. lio- do wtater,Bs3). The*to* of wncat la feeler tfSmalL A C ut^ 7 ‘ PnDg; WlSter cannot **SjMlS any s te fe^““ eln nctoMcia.aadSia [to,! Harm domt oner over • mmiSTSfJS 25 f ° r NO,l “**• 1110 hom Barley—Unchanged. whle»ey-ln good demand, at 35c In bond. #ssprrffitsffi.“.K , vs h ' tKClpl!r « S »°“ OT Provisions—Bull and unchanged', There la no d<*. mairf ot eonaeqoence tor moTa pork, li?d orbalk e i tt S r i ’* no P«»»ure to A modwato ofrlcr demand tor bacon from tbeaoath; aalcaofifi bblaatjuo tor abooldfrs: lok»Ue tor clear rib sldjc. and 12*Al&c lorcJear tio.’ Mem d 15®t6c, according to brand acd cokU^ Lard—Dali iar ISvetor prime kettle-rendfered. Batter asd Cheese—Lncbanrod unit Dfrir LlOTcraeed, 83.90ftP.P0. k ’ Llnaeed oil—Held at 81 riScTar'cSSS™ 11, •* f’XSfWbfbf ‘VS*. «nd ana Ucld—l36. Btufn^ ai>EC—SWady at P* rl)u y‘nff. and M 3 premium LOCISVILT^. S*? 9 hhd*^™m T at' r i l i'^; b ]Sssf jf‘2s light to medium leaf; 83.00fti3.73; adacnon. Flonr—Active at m.oOftracperflne. Wheat—Prime at |33>, Corn—Shelled In bulk RftTlc. Oats—63c. I> T^ ,B,o J ß_Me 'JP ork * 2 1- o, ls hoik chonlders SWr- KfSad“" o°^ 0 °^S°“ 111 l lfc - 3»odi d,™,IJS Lard—ln tierce* 12c. Sncar-NewOrleanffprlme UXc. Moloasre—Plantation «lc. Whiskey—Raw. free, 83.26; in bond, Tic. PHILADELPHIA, *Ste IwSllft, $3 -°° ; M ; C"rn—Doll. Yellow. 73e. Oats— 67c. 2,Kc * currcocy; 560 b *Sß‘ **sbj« MW Sncar— Havana, 10;* c. TV matey—Contraband, $1.15; BALIIMORE. Coflee—Nlofirm. Salesoi»ptT'f*2teraS ra * ry !5Q| ar— r irm. A decline ol 2J*soc far enrlng wheat b ™?w»: common Howard street al 10 declined? prtmo'rcdSfis. at ♦ 3 - w ® 3,3 °! P»»«e white $3.10; Corn—Dull: iccllnlnc; tonnage scarce. White. Q 3 Fnm?lets—Unchanged. Bonancats— Artlrefor Sombcra wants. liro-SisSxS 81 - M 9 ,LO ® r C«r and Wen era. Whiskey—No sales. ST, LOUIS. Tr>>a.r.r.ra_ v a. Sr - Lopo. February 18. rooacco—No change to note. 10 « er * »«' 1 mediom grades abont 25c fit. i J Dnycrs. Super. ertriLtiitavii «««* na [an ry br.M, tisbociC,l«* ‘ M ® StW-'chiVc" ■» .p"?r.nKn o^. , ir, t ,?s ra * ,l r "= l '‘ t! - r 'b»« Kr^-tfulei; f 13a»i .30 tor ctirlee, bWe doing. Lard Wbttkw’—lleary, at $3.31313.23. ClowSeed—Finn, at 13.00r39.00. MEMPHIS. ! salcaalll.OMUU. Oats—<sftßoe. Hay—533.00(333.00 per ton. Floar-Soperflneat |9 NVaiOJO. isSa«^ caU ~ slloall,er? ’ * C: Bld68 * 1J ® Ilc ; hams, Dreaded Hoct-B@9c. Bacon—Prices are-Mtlsfactory. I *2s;s. s ';s; l s, , ‘ rtd ’ ” 92ic: c, '* r m»i £ard-14Alic. Apple*—M.OQftfiiO. Bran—<4o.oo per ton. Groceries—Firm l with prices unchanged. SAN FRANCISCO. Sam FRAUcisco.Febraary 18. t s e bn,k of »moam U njpcrflne, s3jv with frolrhttor 10,(00 brls engaged fjr tho next New York iteamer. New York Lire Stock market. SALIS OF CATTX.X AT TUB JTATIOJTAI. TAEDS. [Reported by Telegraph exclartyely for theChlca, Tribune.l Nrw Yoxx. Monday Evening, Febrnary 19. BEKF CATTLE—There are oa tale 1973 head of beef cattle. The weather It clear, mild and muddy. The snow baa (tone, and everythin* la favorable for trade, which waa lively. The anpply wat moderate and quality good, with a alight advance In prices In the lerenoen—the market closing bettor fh«n laitweik. The current prices are: l>e one cent better than a year ago, and," coaatderln* the quality, not moch better than lai tweak. 55£ EI ’“ ,n Ucbt sn PPI/* All sold to-day at 6«a7vc HOGS—Kecclved a cars, selling slow at 7K37Jic d£7aS"(39*c TCr 8la “ SfttUrd,r - Weitera dreaaed The receipts lor the week areas follows Cult e. MlCrp. Tioga.. BALTS WZSIKKS OEKTXO. [g^ n 4 Hoabarj, 63 b»sa Keovacky, 830 fis «t 163 W. K. McKoy, m head IlUnols, 675 as at Itaific. n fccond hands. M. Ronkle, 111 bead Illinois, 725 as at ll^iskc., 56 head Ohio, SOO as at 15®l"c. John Moss. 700 head Ohio, 630 as at 150i6e * D. W. Clark, 110 nesd Illinois, 675 as at 15c. [Associated Press Report.] „ Voss, February 19. «d £m^?,9.!S6hoS" IP “• 1,083 b " T “- 18,183 !h "!> c .l for P ea * opralug very doll on account or ssfratwr™: Sroa®ffi-«s^,aasa 'medium are 9aioc; medium ill. .1!5 tec ”’. llfi *’3 c ? gfKia steers and fat oxen. 13W<« J£®.»Prtmesteers. 16c<(17c; a few choice. ITAISc The mjgrtty of the sales were at 13N@l6c. A«Tage price® co»n3i The market opened quiet, but re* adrancea under a scarcity ot su£ ratM Ihh hShi? l^ 1 'very Armatlhe prevailing toS , . w il2J l, J tWn ß o,rer,a c- Common to /air sheen, ?rlmc ' T^9c; 9Xtra - BgOc.-Lambs ot £L Ka .l? l Qn . ,et ?«naj the week at a redactlon ol WTc. bone JO car loads were on sale to-dar. of which a onmmSTf'S-,. an i e r the loliowlnz rales: Ordinary and common. 6(3.c; Inferior. SASc: Lesvr com-fwi iieok 8c; llcht and medium. 7H«7*c! 1 cornrea ’ 7 *® Philadelphia Live Stack llprkot. bhece—Firm. Good sold at «V®7Vc T Ivp Tlnr.a I fl-111/. n --iV t wwueuiuaios Live Hoes—U&llKc. 2,500 soli New York Paper market. paper dull. S New York Dry Goods market. h with lino. clear »ctl,er, N SS mafftl^w"™:« demand, •S5 < *n&J? f f “ ll _«taodird weleht, Ann at Atijnsli and Bozburr sheetin'* 'Mr i■«'*' a are a 1-adp at Sic 1,, ji!i? rotk milli. 28c for Bates; Z>c for Lonsdale; 2iwc lor Lan?- Soci’ah 0 f ° r atcsm mU) . wm like forSWach S 0 "nne*t at J9ta3oc for Merrlmac navid. nS?vc}'8 ana lUchmond ’ a ; >SO tor iSllerfiiS Md g^SSSsSi prMcntlmp*ovedtoaootttiomarket. ne,p>Wie New York Grocery Slark;ct, _ 4 Naw York, Vtihraiw Coffee—Wo, 2?(jS7c. Fair demand. 417 18. Sugar—Active and very Arm. Fair to orir IT, je Molasses—Active, Including Ciir aen u> 52c. 8,18 v uscovado a New York BreadstnjO* •- arlffl . [Special Despatch to tnoCW^- Creadsmfls—There was a jrk. Feoruary 13. graph orders, which caused, s, t ’* u !‘® v -* though with considerable; v& -?i fy hero are ices anxious. JcUon la BloCtß hoWera New Tori IV , lLl , on Marllet . tSuccl.l Deo,ucla- tou ,„ Chicago Tribune.] p«fir Nrw Tobk. February 18. KMn'cr. “” r •« »»-®- Olbc '’Ocean Freights. v New Test. February 19. B>(d Mverpool, by steatn-13,000 bu com at NQ*.v York! Weekly flank Statement. T J’KW York, Febraary 13. iflana I3S3.l3l.oW—lncreate s2.feh3o3 SpocJ.e 14.T93.fi51—Decrease 1,364,631 Circulation.... 02,956^0-3— lncrease 179,309 tender*.. W.6l2.9lo—Decrease 5.936,033 Deposits 195 075,295—Decrease 3.169,M3 31 Inins Slock* In San Francisco. Sam Feancuco, February 18. • jmaso btockb. Savage. Crown Foist... Tcllow Jacket. Gould Curry... Pittsburgh Petroleum llnruct. Fimßciao. February 13. Business more brisk and Increase! Inquiry tor crude, with the following sales: 400 brls on spot at 13c, bar rels inclnded; 3,000 or.s June delivery balk or barrels returned, 9c—<0344 gravity. HcSned In bond dull and declining, owing to unfavorable news from the East. The only sale was 900 brls August delivery m Phila delphia, 31Xc. Free oil unchanged. No Inquiry lor naphtha or resldnnm. POnthe evening ot the 16lh Instant, at the residence of the Bev.D.C.Mirquls, Mr. WILFRED C. POTTER, ot Dubuque, lowa, to aim BA UAH S. KO»E, ot Chicago. t3T Buffalo papers will please copy. In this city, on the ISth instant, at 5 o’clock p. m~, of consumption, WKSLST MATTICB, son of Harriet and William Raymond. Funeral at U o'clock a. m. to-day, from the resi dence, bo. £OO South Deeplalnes-st. VICWMI for prime, asd fIST 01 ?. me me “- Also WMbrls new meu f 0» seller too borer Minb sad AonL B«ef—fcscady. Ssi«i 650 bm at prerlons pricer T)mo Beet—Qolec Bales MD tierces at S3L9OA3WO fcfprtme ness, and $34 Va3L9» for India meeT lyffjiims film, Bales 310 brla at tsuoasssn. Bacon—Heavy. Sales 470 boxes atlouSioue lor OomberUodcnt and 110 f-r abort ribbed. * Cut Meat*—Steaiy. Bales iio pto at SVAlfc for ■lionlderi'.aadlJailKrbrliaau, w 1 WesWn? Hogs—Unchanged. Sat Mal ft3>*c Ibr a * l “ s ‘“ 6rU “"auxofarola,ant • Batter—Dull, a’t!s®Kcfor Ohio. Cheese Quiet at l.^SOc. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to fee Chicago Tribute.) _ . Mitwaime, February U. FlotirfiQnlat. flalea 450 brls at SIWO tor Western Staraopenor winter; $11.75 lor Stone Mills cityXX SIO.OO top Empire com try 33; $5.00 tor rye Hear. Wheat—Dull. Morning Beard aalee 14000 bo. Boon Board sales WOO bo at SSJO tor No. 1 (in A.); S|,WO 3,bayer’s option. February; SLStaLMv ••Hot’s option, Febmary. Ost»—Very doll. Sales WOO bn at 44c tor No. 9ln store; 40c for rejected. Core-Firm. BalcsWJbnatnhctorKo.lold; 70c tor new shelled, in store; G9o tor new shelled, to ar rlre. Byo-rtnn«r. Saloa W® bn it Mo for No. Ila itore: • 88c for No. 3 In store. PtotWom—Doll, with tales of 65 brlc clear pork at *0.00; 100 lea No. I Lard at 10*r. DmMd Hogs-Flnn at 87.30. Hotter—Steady. Sales 3,300 bs, at for roll, Receipts— flonr.B,ooo ba wheat, 13)0 ba oaU. WOO ba corn, WOO ba rye, SM ba barley, 3,000 & i butted 800 dressed bOfa «s * Shipment*—l3» brli flour, 8,000 ba wheat, 600 brla pork, 700 tea pork. 400 tee lard. h LATEST MASK BIS. „ .IVSjO .13,450 Solos Uo&nrsog. .18001 Chollar . 951 Imperial...... ."101 Empire Mill. . 535 | Legal Tender!. n A B U I EX). D 1 ED &o sKenfc=s^oußfo. 'TO RENT Cottage boose. No. 383 sooth of Whittle, at sls per RENT—eB Union Bt—A good two rwL.»rt rT » bo®*; contain* n room*. room. neighborhood; po#l taaloo Immediately. Apply it HI Horaa-W. T2«SSL'S“IK?. p * rt °* tonitoreior boweHo. 611 CalameV*r„ JrMmsvul tr. unproremmu, good stable: near cxri or Hjflo park kuu. Paiim(qb —«_.., tohlrt. Apply it S 7 Sonm W^lJ-^^ 100 r r2.P ENT "‘ Hoc * e “ Sa orseTcn rooms; X with gu, water ta woodaoaae. it 13 'T'O RENT—First-class house, No. 75 .4 1-0 * **•’*• tome and lot, between iff 1 H-CPMMD.S^. Bo'S -Twenty-five dollaii a month Aft.»*««•«» toar handredand Spte ■Hi'siii?: CT.«r- Avm “ gCo iSnu—j&mms. T2fJ^v^^*7v?? ie 'fiyst-class rooms, j«?Vhl bolldlmr No. »»a LaSaUfr Estate % s? Ir5 n !, l!,rge fomlsieti lodging clmS.ri t 9Q t CK < ai^ I £° r °“ 8 P l ‘rate firmly, a far mrSMoS» f,ttoB ‘ boart * rt 18 TO Three rooms on the lake chore, at 823 Pralrle-ar.. near Sixteenth-at. Saoipf “ Bo ° m la ffdObrton T9v. RE £T-Two neatly famished 'TO'.^NT— A pleasant tront room, tor orV^ttrmt’K^i 6 t? 0r ™° r . or , ,our cenl!em«Lwlw Barest 1 * h® 4 ” 1 * For inquli e at 7a Vai? &o iggnf-storeg, ®Stceg. tet TP RE^T—Offices ra build inn No. 42 LaSalle-ef.- Inquire on lac floor, ® T aid9 j! iSS7 :Do . < *? j itßat£d 011 s ° n| i> * . “‘f. 6 ’ adjotolne Fort Wayne Bridge, with rati. g!sK^?i!i&?sfesas?Shwa| Mcl.balldlng vitb basement No. Canal-a? T 9. R 9^ T—&sCOlltl and tMrd floors at SO Lake-et. Apply at PDELFB, QoDGE ± CO'S. T',? n r. KF H l J T—l^ |th five years'leare, four . * i - r °J7.* Rd *lck store, No. Sr"Boaih Wa- K r mtS«. ,rt door we,tf of Apply on TO RENT—Dock,, for a Imnbervard jfont and deep, altusted' on the BnLnch ncar ;11 Latrabcg-tt., comer orchicago-av. »»«o. HP9 The entire second floor of -OTLake-sL. at 860 oerinonih. Al*o nffles (hr nttnretorasie. GRANGE BfltSD, Jr., BS’Mtohlg^l leJtffll-Jta. the Ist of May next, . n s tnr 9 a “d atable attached. If desired! tha J?JSJ°i Cat * <1 ./ 4I P u y * r «err atorcM the doing a bnMnewof IOT.oOO per annum SSau.Kt,S^ THtW suits.of front offices, T? **? n »JiL‘* l3 ®kS td * e ßf on cut side of North Jor*» C u, 6131 ® ilßted »nd lultabl; *°r a lumber, wood or coal yard. Will rent«i l fop fc^£i?Sf r S n “** opiate of narlgaUonfand WOOD 5C0. 51, OGDEN, FLEET- amusements.. QOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. COL. J. H. WOOD Director of Amtucmeota ‘..S”.t!'k* o aiks* StaceMnnaKer !... THOSBARn? ftt tho GfaVd Matinees^l Triumph oi rare occurrence.erea at this popular istablimraent. • Noncx.—To prevent dlsao* J2-2J2 nPif.??,? Wf o ,?* lhe Mu«nm are aoliclMa to l?S^t ,, slfJ!£ au .5 ef<>,e 40 c *°ck la the afternoon, aa i* B 3? 4, *‘ week. standlce room alone conld be furnished. On Tuesday erenlnc Feb u « n( . err 17 other night during ihvSe-k. also »tthec?rtSd on Saturday and Wednesday afternoons will ODEmmpT»f«?T Sensational Play of THE HU uuaAOT CAPTAIN. Ti conclude with fStwonri Hm*i ■ new Farce-entitled A RACE FOB A WIDOW/ Hm>) * "yARIETT THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION Tbe heantiful, accomplished IXOBENCB TEnTLS la her treat character of mazeppa, 'lntroducing her iplendld’ trained steed. FIRE-FLY. jyj c VIU KER-b THEATRE. DoVickek J mnna makaqkjjs. Second week ol j. E. UcDONOOGH: LAST NIQBTs OF BODcICAULTB GESAT ORAUA OF TBE LUNG STRIKE t Or, TIIE WORKINGMEN OF^MANCHESTER, J. E. McDonough u Noah Letroyd and Moaeypcnny. MAMCSZSTXB FACIOIinCS AXD TtLin»ißii m»w TW FTJLt OPXBATIOK. Ip Rehearaal—BocdcamfaArrah-na.pßg»y». Y'^SJgiSP lßo,2 ™' CIR °US ssai, , «rs i '' ,wi pr l o^?o^lXlo?l s S ; te J 'iggL B ° bl °" a U,n “ auction Sales. boots AKB shoes £j f ?S:SrSSSK K ! Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 10 a. m. SCOTT A CO.’S Auction Rooms, No. 104 Late-st. We are instructed toseii serve 50.000 Cigars ; lO tYnit - go; 4 Condensed 5111 k; 20 .:oz ' assorted; 10 cbcsla Tea; h ca.cs cures ™ lOeSS' Glassware, ftc. bCOTT i w>“ Auctioneers. RUCTION, tell, bauneu. Caiman*. Jen., tcT.t al “ DANIEL SCOTT & CO.’S AUCTION B oonis, 164 LAKE-ax. On Thursday, Feb. 21, at 9 1-2 a. m. “ d DANIEL SCOTT CO^ - Auctioneers* RUCTION. Saturday, February 23, afr 10 a. 35. Al DANIEL SCOTT & CO.’S Auction Koorcp. 1 f « JjiKw*. We are Instructed to sell 'a Jo' /}r new and second hand Furniture. Carnets, etc. ftp iof DANIEL SCOTT G.ILBEhT AND SAMPSON, Central Anctloneers. 47-and 49iDey born-st. superior nev anil »ocnd haot Household Eto« AT AUCTION, On Taesday, February 19, a; 10. o'clock r » room*. 4Tanrt4»Drarb3^.9L,ccffi» r , ,t °? r ?»,es ataortment of Parlor, Chunber ,a8 r> olft I » r 8 e Boloodw awcrtoT ‘“8 Wa® F 2l! arc,Parlor Suite, toceiner with Ql , of Chamber of Housekeeping 6oods. assortment JpaON, Ancl’rs. Cash •dwDeSwSSSv' *» s ‘ a,,e ’ Chiciufo. gn^rsal^pro^y,;^: l^ - ~ - QtKUUtri ,U. A - fiCTTjeus & CO., Anoticae'rr a <Sr Commission Merchant a 44 * 4« RASDOLPH-MT.. _ . B etweea Sute-st. and Wabash-ar- HoJdreenlarr &t theJr Ba , Mroomo< 01 BOOTS, shoes. &c.. rnur-yZ? .LSDAY and THURSDAY. - ;RK,CARPETS. every SATUBDAY. JSieaieau D If. ANTONIO’S ! x''emale Periodical Pills ARE PEttPBCTLY Safe and Reliable in all Oases of Irreg* ularlilos. Wholesale Agent*. BURNHAMS A VAN BCHAACK' —lO C hi ci go. g>ato fHillg, iSngtwev^c. 'J'HE LANE & iJODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, POBTABLE STEAH ENGUTE3, ShlDgle Machine*, Corn MXUj and Wood . working Machinery. nuoQ , WNE & BODL.KT, • ot John and Water-*u., Cincinnati. to. Scales. FAIRBANKS’ STANDARD IjT^ SCAL ES 3 /|Lil. OT ALL Bias, / FAIRDANKS, GREEN LEAF 4 CO (sPSfIHk _226 A 2«BLake-*t-Chicago. Smtspolßeta’ ißeitlHg; S«™™eks GLASS-COiir. 1-omp.Dr, No. 218 Sth W.tSit“csitas“ 01 ““ ... , M* rch 9tb, 18«7, 4 tt sAS!.ffls , ifgs{«: ssssi “wff,? paar 68 ""^o*■»iwoisssa ?;iJgg£ ro * 1 aa^gg^ oßß - j griming. piUKTUfG. Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Fucllitleo for dolus Work of Any Descrip tion Uoeuuoiled In the City, iSrol IBslatc-®jtg. lara^nß. ITOR SALE—Is Thos. B, Bryan ft Ca'a lEiSftSSKS®^^" B*^ 8 *^ . lASg-sT- weft oi Leatio-st—Tvo-stofynev frame nooar. vita store front, oam sad shod, ana lok Mriia ftetiostlev-atsM. " 5 .‘- -T P *L° 1 B/Bboa at.—LiTK» frame hoase, bare, and lolSCi 132 rest—B 500. ot CartU boase, sal lot BAWXMffI-ST, wait of PeortHt.-TTMtorr ft-me home. and let ttilOO fMt-HCBCL 7 % HANDOLPfI-ST- oast of Uniotut. Taorarf sad bswmcotfraaa hcnae. and tot lOzlUAettoQntre-et. ??AEPJ2J»I!E&ST . south of j-akost—Two-Starr frwna now, barn, and lotMxmibet— »500. w '* mmTl vitiPh V t frame hoose, *?if4is3riSiSS^^sSC^^! house sad bare, and lot wnm <».>_« ttffjßßgSl ZnSrSi rggt°>g"-*W»y boose and lot IWjjIFTB-BT, west of Cuat-ft-Ima tVMtarv fMmebtnjf. and lot JSxt3 tvwtory TWELPTH-ST., east of BeabßMtXcotta« ry. mA feet-luair^^ 0 tnaa NEWBKRET-ST.. north ol Twtfth-St.—Two-stor* frstrehotue.aadlotCxlOOftet—fiJßO. a wo-story ♦n2S^ST b i ct 7® hmTß i° o®waiarw list of both O^SaflSStoS. 1 * property In M p-rta of unj XT’93 SALE—-Four-stoir brick bouse, barn on Foajtb-a rTTar watoifep. mS5i «f* * I “ <1 lnsto “*- •>- w. 1795,, SALE—A nice new twcveiory Am “? ‘“S’ K “- !*•» lodlMp-.T., a ssszv&isX?™ p 8 - •» On \Vabash-ay.,hnnsi3 No, A 6l Peek and JOdrldre fin#'rf It a j^nf£fw a & T 1 iiSrotSiit..' **** om “° h«.» Wabash- a 3-storv hons«, J>'°. Sl4 Wabash-ar. near Hannon aaiSeg^gii^AA^^sa F9st^4^f3l“ 011 the ele- F)f? SALE—-A bmlding lop sale^with e* b * e or •oa* mknafactsrloc ftsr tbe Clctlon matca tmiiMM* ao. aC 490 Sonth Cttalit A& stock and Oxtoret for making aatchea forsale!- * E*OR SALE—R&e residence on Park- A Art -, ,tt? r *®P®®2 a Due house on Fourth- Sisa&fsAiaßiSEa!* ““»• «* pOK BALE—A first-class marble front ittalßsthtg Office. 80 BobSi a. ’ ®s lotso feet Irani, on T venty-flfth n. K?, BALE—By Snyder ft Lee, Keal nrw neat^sw^’n^ 0 " 4 »reCro»QcaQ Block: Two wZ)!SmSS?SZV,SLK°° a ’ “ d “=■ F£s a great bargain, if sold tniß(dlaMf. Good boate and liron Wahaih ar Mfs®s&.s-s B Bes srdl-r.jI.GCO. : iVizS^i 3 ‘l t * 9 r °oni« and lot, cb*ap. ““ace. 6 room*, *1,200.' •»?t w r .7?; nlnl^ >t -i lu «*>™« ana lot. chero. .s un~ \TV V A 8 mHt " • rooms and lot. tLxoT r t^^ 6 *' s^ 60,1 ;ot . tl^OoT^ IJ4—Tiurd-ay n 10 rooms and Jot, ctt^ap C'OR SALE—At a bargain—New boose -4L lota on DavlMt, 21x130; a’so Inrnitnre. F?SLS£?* I s“*'o* tfl S e » s rooms, on leased J, srotuid at* low rent; only #7oo—the beat h»«i« to tbli otT. A. . 10 Hichlgaa-aT n an ele* J?irtt?iV?i e * fCDtm * <leDce s >l*o,_oco or tt® bat B.'tJolpa tt at ‘ rm ° g - mm - A^-MEADPISI E-Choice residence, which m ’PP le . Keel Iml-ac, lOroCn., hoi aM-cflaVatS? KuftiS moTblo mantel, Csim. ma xoom - —By Hill & Kffftl SiSff&S PHiafHOVBI). ?OR lot* on Indiana and £b^s¥v£* t £v. di 2£32W* lWr<| -» t t « * bar (tain. A. iMTia St CO., B«y* Waabingtoa-it.. Boom «cm.V. 8. arbN^lgraS?^ ll " l ”- *?Sfi>«r SALE—Lots in south half ot block *••pMti'Won. Um block* w«fc of S£®fTmsui’“ 110 "‘- “ r:p ' r Vital Estate-Counttg. F'9,SL S^J^ !—20 FarmE Within 20 to 100 F 0B „ —Farm ol 80 • acres.. three ft«SSSS<SS F < i f l, 8 / ljli r Fllle mnt and sleek arms &aanteifc=3£eal JEstate. W AN'i'isiD—l want a comionable r.a» Partners ffiiSantrtj. Warned—A man wilh> •K*V»P , .7? 0 . utPt l l>er,Ue,la * n o»»fr»W to t sas& , ssg fc g Tcsetabie X>-ARTNER—Wanted—An active nart» WW J*PIW. In an established whrfoUi* rrf/ oni lr this city. Call on ,k T n E c.” 239. mi. of htf^SEl7° m ll *?.* Wednesday or Thursday creMce ol _' Jus week, after basincaj boors. 1 * JJAKTNER-Wanted —An energetic tbe amount of cash capital yoo can ferntatu * TDARTNER—W anted—An energetic ilb-i.iSfh Wlth » bait Interest in aa e* ate^McSt% ~r|i =- A PM'.MSrEEB £ TJARTNER—TVantaI With S4UO, in a mi. a hSlJSSs“*'f!? bll,l,eil - eatmcuop BTni Drawer 620T b ° K ' AtlclreM ,or “P G,” PAUTNER— Wanted—Tt> take a hall -ISJST® 81 ttt 4 e0 ‘ xl P*yt u « has loess. Thu la t rare cusocefbr on energetic man witn,a small capital Fop partuolaisaddressfbr two daj*^fci^$ lb *£ PARTNER— Wanted—I must bare a partner within three days. Hare a 00-ton mu pa ;® r ;2 m f* wek. CapitS’rJ^ed. stnali. Apply at 134 Dearbom-gL, Room 2. CT * UMW * pAOTNER-TOmtea—w« n BomssuO "PARTNER—Wanted—A good, business ■I to Join the idTCftlMi la a sood «wti esta hnst SMln Chicago Interrleff can be bad. Tbla I. . r.r. jSj.'S'. wherc M wiill $3,000, m *? “tabllshed end well parlez bulneu * Fnr KS® M ' B - meIK'S.iKS-^ ILoEt anh jpounh. L9^T— A For Cape. Feb, 13. 1867 ho. assasggg«siag^g«g“gfe^a L”iSws M !’? da 7’ February 18th, a sayjfgffiSS T ,S!? I—od Wednesday last, on Dear ie !Su£l «VTrt“ Mite '“?“aft«t«ii»Tfd. «189 EapaoiDh-tt »Elrrn forms restoration. Lake, between LaSalle and ffA. te M , aa^^PriSX°gg’ M 3?aagg L d2?trfS£? leward—btrajed, on Son- MUon huV p ,‘&™ tL'Sa ™ rtl ™*« 5,1111 of money, which £ sii'srstps& iUactiners. C’OR SALE—-Portable engines and boil* rrTjrr?is'J c L to 2o-hora«cower, at very low prices. br F’Oh SALE —I planer and matcher. 1 h» Mine and shingle mill aad heading rooader.l *»“*«. «d*Sj •wrod-tnrmne lathes; roriaandlS-bomepowereneinia, with boiler*, com assseiM- POK SALE—A second-hand Bnckley JL foumyr maciunfr—in rood condition. Plica. aiM Apply to the TKlBPyg COHPAKY. fnce » * UOm Pianos. pOR SALE—At a bargain, a handsome * , sewli*5 ew li** Tcn piano tone; alao, one rood ace end-handaereaocUrepuno. Apply at W.T REirvc inaao Manntoctory.yo.l3c WwflJßiwaStT* 11 * S C*OR SALE—And to Rent—New atiH Faecond-hand pianos, aad two 5 Mtare (made by Prince, ofBoflalo). by MaracMt. comer ol Wa*hla«oD-tt. J -r HESTON, 75 —° r for real es lo7su J Mtf o<MTan ' OCUT ® PUo<> ' H- o. sroNE, €®antEß-iBaU Sets. BNKKIKfIU, UUIUII ftc. TXTAK TED—A tlrrt-catfa carpet upb01,,5.*. ~5.*. aHrer. to lay carpets, baas eartatna. *c. A. ?as s&sauag r *• W Alt TED—A salesman. One who i*» caainrasl ago In a bwlnva that will oar nooer fJ5a^KS E “ HiBDSOS ’ a '. a »“ wK,S» VV 45 ;£5£ — A Ea,eßn >an of cbanetcr «UI Per noma. g. JOKES. or .atowj. wogood »l«Boen wno otWd bSSWS? m J" Ltar * ood * M- A ■ad Clark-ats, ® *4, Telegraph Banding, ear. Lake tkadbs. g@^SAS3SS; Wp^ P ssusgz gagawtea—jfgmalr jgtlp. HOL’SK WHTAIIT& W 5 08 CarroD-Jt,a com riree.lwTifgSei? ,Irl - “ *®» «• W^I £ . D— to do krtcheirwork. i VV itood girl, to doden- W ?eneral hon -^ VV J iiS3'Js j ?- In « small private tamily, andtros^ W ?i£ , tlS? oa<1 * r,taed:,, c ,,o, vashinr Stssgi i wffi W tatch b«h-a“ eU! *' Gwx!watol pald * Appl y 11 684 Wa- "^TT - ANTED-—A cir] to do bTain cook- W lag. Apply gy Soata Jegjrso!>-st. W good girl fo db general a;pi ? » “° m * ’ tu we—mw. lEtnytogmem asendsg. J. lit Raspy. ** aoin “ Room 9, nO’Stairs. ia-1 Dfar&ora-fIL, RoomS?- Ai“S b»BtV« cioselO’cents and addreas Wen geip. w matl *“* i VV A£*tjsd— nat-onalrtr. S^awtea—ißistellaneoug. \\r^^*TED— T° lei the public know ,he Central „,J,l *®dWStatloß lor a top bosCraod rad reiv*e \KTANTED —To confer vntn a man of: conferenarwith a man raromej AddreM-srTrtbßßßOf W ■JIiSSST; 4 - 0 energetic-man with „L T y g»g e ,l° tt money maklnghnat. m. 191 W A^3? I t M .S I]C y-* s’ooo --VlB/ thousand dollars to loan, to be a™ 1 **** ** thorn i?* 1 / »nxtle from Paxton, conntr seat of r W S^ To 5611 doors, sash, blmdT S&'.»tSS a -!%SA£s™«- >*• wi&SS'S W AJHIED--I •'•want 100 good men f Y'L^i l mea ° bostpessa, that are wlfliasr-to work asst w 3f [."S'.SMS W'rSfHl! onf ormcre. ne article It new and jiatont. G??« Call on oraddreu CHARLES' wS i tor°SeiU&y ,WMMl>stoa<u Bocs *^- : Send XXTANTED—-To lend money on city koko. "2 iSKSfStggft: ‘MMoStafg:*- W 0 purchase, a saloon on* .jftena^tggAjsajaa- WTED—Iron rail farce Apply to- Yf BAMOEL<XnBAIJ>,, W AJNTED—To collect officers’ claims ’ 1 psy * tntler wt-of JoneSOi. Srn^BoS, 1 g? Cg ’ Attoraey « ISO Dear: TXTANTED—The celebrated cTps^^ao _» T innn ha« remortd to 329 ?oolb tHarksf the will I £lll contlnno io utonUb *ll In or Ule tbeOTpar Ivoiit* Don't fbrees tbo tfeM over iheaaf tare. gotUrT * •***• TT7ANTfID—Two pattern itLasy at 73 »“t«. VV tor for wWdctbrwper cent ner tnoth- will- sdTmm Addrc— “Morr.- Til&nne office. l lu “PaW. Saaanwr-STo lUnt. w good honse, „ *-,T r .training ß or 10 rooau- on tas SotUfc Side. fiorta ud Mit Af 'iteffud. . j ?^g.!° ml - AM« B .- < S!feg0 k >gS!,» WJKTto-To Rent—-A jmte D[ .*■,» 4 »en«ei63n..ina vIA. with fl-gt. W TJ P~ To K «>t— the fijst grasagg i° 9 S3>» uilteot nn- Sonlb r ?rt^k* u< k*^ toning hoas*on the iBLA Kirs' the Wts: side. !f^^^^«as on- 0 n-, r o« ce . Boom 14.N0, ' WAKTED—To Renfe-A* wMh»r.^f? l " c . 4A *^ eE * n * ,oD Mlciiran or wtta modern Improvement*. i ■iSJj* • wir^™S3 ‘aLEBCH AMT.~ *Utlng fall p W^ N PS“ To teat-By the Ist -o k March, a booae conUJntnr from 10 to 13 withinL»aUntic*;-walicoitbeCoartffona*. w*£t<££!• preferred. A^s-»H S-S^THbaneofflre. Wes,MJa business ©fiances. 17OR SALE— Chance—Stock and .«».iama,^i L i AppgSSgg’ jeet. to change bnilaeas. Callac I T7SS —4 £°°d clean stock ot drr i« together with the lewe-of a tne brick coim* ‘it£"3 P'°x?,£4 I ; E^r tito .!S fls,Qre s and stock of CUrmiu. comer Wumtutti Ftnq ahSSn,}.^ FOR SALE—A hall interest xa a eood F?S old established flour Radioed»tc*e> Apply »t 407 H^»T-gt. TT°, R SALE—The stock nnd eood will K?,S, S .f^ E ~ At ? bargain—A one-third M» I JAiSSS^^, b l ffi a s*«S o .^£Sr instant.. la SSi 0 /'“" *lß° w*s£ 'C'OR bALE—SIOO lo SSOO cash will «e --IRUESDELL * Ta rag-Chance. 'p'OK SALE—A boarding house, with oaswe,aw’aimi»ofrgt* “wlllKEsitmSJ L'UK SALE—The lease, stock, fixtures St&tc-gU Good reuon men f of lelliptr. ** **** pOR SALE—Private boarding boose Term,cafltt. iifa. B |g'TnaS.»°M K^SS^jP 3-8^? 011 ® 113 W'liard room, kmmssm „ Cheap—Grocery store. ra all atoclr, good fixture*. reasonable rent: a’ao! iuuutarefor gale, aa tbe owner u leasing the cur Apply at 103 Scdgwiclc-it., North Side. 408 Cl!y " F3R SALE—Lease and fhrniturc of a bpW, now dolnga lam and litre as In* boil- Q,UJi!Irr * F3R SALE—An ANo 1 grocery on South Side, d ing a basing of »SmOd& SS nnm. Will be fold ont »t lowest wholesale DHrjwfifT BKKT A BENEDICT. 133 CUraSSIgJOn 7?' OXL- FSBSALB-A first class restaurant, lo* catedpn ote ol the best hnatnsss itr«>ti in ik. & 7 ™ si!al * aEKKoiTO*iaa“&A4{; I7OR SALE—Boarding bouses in differ* I’ ent part* ol the city. One on Michtoan-ar C, ofal^ t i°glS°egr i a! m,l - i °" “ Wa?.!!; JFot gale. SALE—Prop. “Genessee ChleL” JJ now lying at Detroit,AUcblean. das* a a tv? Addre&s ‘ D D V F9£ ( SALE—Office desks, show case, raM»SSl ,b *]^ lE ' itorea. Ac_ Ac-: aao,hor*-. e«fc#a wage® acd barneaa. Apply *t S7SonthWa- UOR SALE—Schooners Kate Richmond 3,15-joo bnabela corn or ISO m lumber, and Uaiob anabela corn or Za mlnnoer. Will be aold cheAp and oa easy terms, if app.ted tor toon. ELKIMSAAIBBSIIX. w-»eaior ITOR SALE—At a barcaln, 100 tons of X InmpLrhlrbcou. Apply at No. 11 Lhmne-yit,. cor. Chlcagc-ar. gALK—Or exchange tor real es tate, a trust deed and note oIIMAOO. secured hv aroeerty lying near the city. H. OVsTONE, loy I 4 OR SALE—The iunutnre oi an office. F lalotatoanltj or U a party wants a aeatlr pnr mahea office la a good locattooT thtola • ra« obmSl Apply at the Barber shop, ijj WaaluartOMt? 0401 *’ gttMtuw aemtm. iiTDATIOH-Wanted-Bcm* abo" &« ab M 09 019 bo*tßcn< va viah to aaean a • avIt&nS&&SPSLJSSP t • wbo wm'Se^tid' SITITATIOK-Wanled. by . SgSaSsffiggggg^-. dnasftatenth Caaai-st. 07 • oemaa. CITUATIOIf—Wanteo, u bookie* SITUATION—Wanted, in a w' • ' • retail, or retail tracery, Insaycapadti I^Rarsit&BUasras^ B^™sSsSSsaft.ffiias MiggSonsr l nsftrenc * B "°- Aatou Wanted, by a yonnsfra c , "«»*s*J>ook-krepcr or sLw ewr, m a wholesale Dow. P. O. Box 1671. W SITUATION —WanZed,by ayonnyw R_7 of apc r lea cc .tod r f T(ror horsdsTor •* Saee& mpecUtj9WOrk ' “Vh F°” naam UrrUATlON—Wanted—By a yoc *»lawcman,- or ccprljr “• Prtfrrtrd™EW-l. J A A~ §jg^tg^fegjsrasi£ SS-SKStoSSIS’ d 7 .“^ nc agsei?as. , sgg ‘ QITUATION—Wanted, as ladV’e nnr O bjarespectatfevonaa. Can te^«=wJr Pgntfna- i» wimnato l^ tVSSkJp* l ***™* Ti S‘‘f NATlON—Wanted, as cook and fir cook;tajrbetelorrestaarant'er tt» by a g'rl. tot Agents aaanteb. A “HTS—Wanted— i?or THE AMEi OM«>jrnr FAHilEirs HOR-SBOOK. -Vovrreo mpSa'WS!®"," rn«.“ "tSiSS’.aiSi" p’S J/rocner- Amu are meSur ?PendsrnccCTi. Onervsoniefsot^/*hwc,t Aboajer ?0 out of the Qtst 2$ soticltcd. 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