Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 20, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 20, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EllllOPli. •Latest Nows by Ocean Telegraph. FnrlLcr i’arliculars in Regard lo (In; Late Irish Revolt. John Bright Denounces Earl Derby’s Plan of Reform, Arrangements for tbo Election ofa New Italian Parliament, IBM WASDINGTON, •Soanes in Congress During the Dehate on the Booonstrnotion . Bill. . Surratt Surrendered lo the Civil Authorities. IVticre and How Qe is Confined, and What He Says of Himself. (Hi. Souse—Senate’s Amendment to the Beoonstraetion Bill Dis agreed to. Tlic Senate Insists Upon Its Amendment Turllier Proceedings of the Rouse in Response to the Senate’s Action. Final Passage of'lhe Tenure of Office Bill in the House. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Yesterday's Legislative Pro ceedings. Senate—Passage of the Bill Au .tborizing the Establishment of a Public Park for South Chicago, &c. 3n(crnal Improvement Bill Passed With an Amend ment. Lively Debate in the House on the Question of Eemoving the State Capital. FROM EUROPE. JBV OCKAM TELEViIAPn t THE LATE FENIAN REVOLT. London, February Iff—Noon. AU armed Fenians In Kerry County have disappeared. None were captured. The peasantry arc willing to give Intelligence, but object to assist lu aircsttog Fenians. Ttfcroe ships Were in Keuiiure Riytff* "Earl Derby officially announces that tb*' -alarm has passed, and that the peasants arc loyal. The Government will treat prisoners Justly, and, if necessary, severely. Lord Naas, Secretary for Ireland, says no new rising is apprehended. There were only 1:20 engaged In the late revolt. The Government is still sending troops to L'claud. ENGLISH REFORM QUESTION’. London*, February 19—Evening. John Bright announces lu strong terms the plan of reform proposed by the Derby Gov ernment, nud urges continued agitation of Hie question by the masses. COMMUNICATION WITH CUINA. A wccklv telegraph and express line com bined Is now opened to Tientsin, a part of Pekin, China. The time of transmission of messages from Loudon to Tientsin is now re duced twelve days. TRANSFER OF FAS-ENOCUS AND MAIDS. Liverpool, February 19—Evening. All the passengers of ttm steamer Bavaria, together with mails and parcels, have been forwarded from Falmouth to Southampton, where they will be put on board the steamer Teutonia which leaves to-iuoirow for Now York- ITALY Florence, February 19. Vigorous preparations arc being made by all parlies lor the approaching election of u new Parliament, and much excitement Is shown in the canvass throughout the King dom. SOUTH AMERICAN WAR NEWS. Lisbon, February 19. By tbc arrival of the mall steamer from Rio Janeiro, news is received that tbc Bra zilian fleet had bombarded Cura pally. The result is not stated. The whole fleet subse quently sailed for llumaita. CANADIAN CONFEDERATION. London, February 19. The bill for the confederation of the Brit ish Provinces of North America has been read twice in Parliament. SPANISH REFORM MEASURES. Madrid, February 10. Tbc Spanish Government Is about to In. augnratc a series of reforms In the adminis tration of the Island of Cuba. One new measure will be tbe substitution of an income tax of eight per cent to replace the existing heavy tax on land and industry. STEAMER ARRIVALS. Liverpool, February 19. The steamer City oi Paris, from New York, arrived at Queenstown last evening. The steamer Bavaria, from Hamburg for New York, subsequently spoken a* sea, dis abled, arrived safely at Falmouth, England. Passengers well. Latest Foreign siarkeu. London, February 19. Consols, 91; Erie, 37»i ; 6-SOs, 74; Illinois Cen tral, «73t, olri dividend. Liverpool, February 19— Noon. Cotton—Opened quiet and unchanged. Breadstuff—Steady. Corn, 89s 3d for mixed Western. Wheat, 73* Cd for California. Provisions—General)/ firm. Lard declined: 50s for American. Liverpool. February 19. Cotton—quiet and unchanged at Ud for mddlltu uplands; 14J4d for middling Orleans. Sales 8.000 bales. Manchcftcr market for goods and varui dull and depressed. Breads tnOs—Finn; com 89s for mired Western- Oats, Canada and American 8s 3d per 43 lbs. Provisions— Generally firm. American lard no charged aUOs Cd ? U 2 lbs. Spirits turpentine 39s Cd 200. Linseed oilcakes. 10 n>e, 15s V tt. . London, February 19—Evening. Consols closed 91; 5-SCa 74; Illinois Central. Erie, 35*4. Fuanepobt, February 19-Bvcnfng. Lulled btales Bonds, 11)^. -American Fnoa W ASHISOTOK. [Special Dtapatch u u» Chlcuto TWmnc.l WisnixoTos, Fclirnarj 13. THE EECOSSTRCCTION MILITAUT DILL. According to agreement, the Home met to vote at eleven this morning. The call ■watched with nnnanal lateral, aa the ramlt wal regarded aa very uncertain by all The vote waa directly npon agreeing to the Sen ale substitute, and failed by 73 to 03 Tho majority against It waa larger than was ex . pcctcd In any quarter. It appeared that Senator Fessenden bad expressed the oninlon that if the noose asked for a ' conference they could obtain a better bill and a number Totedfagalnst concurrence on this account. Eight Democrats withhold their Totes to see if the bill could an j in case it could, would hare given such neg ative support, but as it began to appear that the bill would fall, at the close of the rote they rose and recorded their negatives. No •explanation is given of their conduct. n 'J l T l od “• t>o«-B»cu, 1 „d for a committee of conference. lo^ni'l? 10 11,0 S ° l! * to n * lon motion ho or‘bo Uoato vri, ,„ r y oolmntcd. It soou became njiiuront that Ibo Senate „„ u, a ln .ut, , ud Jlto mT** miw’i’r •f 111 l Su “'° CUU|J uulcr ibo rule., .mcml, tbo boiia w «, ox pressed by many Benolora tbit Ibo JlmiM wonld either recode from Its ob jection or propose amendments that eonld be carried In both brandies, lie debate was very warm. Mr. Pencil den staling that he had boon opposed to a pail or Ibo blit from tbo first, lie was se verely taken to task by Messrs. Wade and Howard Ibr haring Hilled to oxpreas any ob jection during the long debates. The Criti cisms ot Fessenden's course wore very tmlntod, nnd Mr. Kcssendcis's defence equal lysn. Tlip Bennie engaged In tbo closest debate uikiii Hie question fur nearly itvo bnnrs. Tbo sjkioclios of Messrs, tVn le Bbrniiin and lame attraolcd general niton tlnli, and as the debate went on, Hie focllnir Increased against s conference, und when the vole was taken It bad lost all slrangtli Wien Ibo House au,-tabled In the nvnolmr Hill refusal of tbo Bonato to conferonco was mi the Hpcnkor'a Üble. After an hour snent on appropriation bills, on motion of Mr Illiilne, the House proceeded to the biislouss on Hie speaker's table, and took up the bill returned with the me marc of the Senate llr. Blaine moved to concur, and allowed Mr. \\ I.„n ol lowa to olfer an amendment providing that all persons rendered Incllci* ble to ollicc under tbe second section of the Constitutional Amendment, should bo luell- Rlble as delegates to the Constitutional Con vention. On Mr. Blaine demanding the pre vlous question, the Democrats began to tllll. buster. At ball-past ten It being quite apparent that a vote could not be had so as to send the bill to the President by midnight, the Democrats proposed to cease all dilatory motions on condition that the House will adjourn till to-morrow forenoon. Refused by 63 to 85, when flllbas •tciiug begun again. If passed in any shape now, the responsibility of declining, will bo thrown upon the President. Many of his Iticnds IblnK be will act promptly on what ever passes, and not resort to a pocket veto. RULES CONCERNING ENLISTMENTS, General Grant to-day Issued the following order : “Hereafter none but unmarried men| who are not less than five feel five Inches high, will be enlisted Into the army of the United States fon£ny arm of tb • service. This regulation will not apply to men re-cn listing In regiments of the veteran reserve corps, or men cnlhtlag ns mu«*lan?.’» COM I 1 T ROLL? It'd DECISION - . Tbe Sccord Comptroller d clics that un dertbeactof July 2Sth, 1860, enlisted men who were discharged before the expiration of the time of enlistment by reason of pro motion, are expressly excluded by the ru’ea of the Secretary of the War, to whom that duty was assigned by law, of making regu lations In regard to additional bounty. ** SERVANTS* HIKE FOR OFFICERS. The Government to-day ordered an appeal to he taken to the Supremo Court from the decision of the Court of Claims giving live dollars per month additional to i.fflcers for servants’ hire. MILITARY NOMINATIONS. are being considered.. The committee makes a careful investigation into the character of the President’s army appointments now being made.and the chances are that a laree number of them will be rejected, especially those which were made In opposition to the wishes ol General Grant aud Secretary Stin tun. THE LOAN BILL. The Ways and Means Committee will try to get up the Senate Loan Bill to-morrow, 'and will try lo getdefinlteactloo on it daring the day. It will be reported mainly In the form lu which it passed the Senate. TUB CDRREXCr QUESTION The resolution referred to tho Ways and Moans Committee Instructing them to report upon the subject of providing that there J-Lall be DO further retirement during the present fiscalyear, of four millions of legal tenders monthly. Is likely to rest uadis turted. THE PILOT LAW. The Senate to-day passed an amendment to the General Pilot Law enacted at the last .-tsrion, restoring New York and New Jersey to the same condition they occupied before the passage of that act. All tho States that now have laws on this subject arc not affect ed by the law of Congress. REVENUE NOMINATIONS, The Senate Finance Committee to-day con sidered numerous nominations of revenue officers lor New York, Pennsylvania aud Ohio. Nearly ail will be reported back ad versely, which is generally equivalent to re jection. SURRENDER OF SURRATT TO THE QIVJL Al> TIIOUITJ^jg rem'4™T O VfV"*' 10 '- A " V by Judge Fisher, of tbe Criminal Court, commanding tbe United Slates Marshal to bring John if. Surratt be- Into said court Immediately. This afternoon won after the notice by the Navy Depart ment ot Its readiness to deliver Surratt to the civil authorities, Marshal Gooding pro cecded lo tbe Navy Yard, where the warrant was exhibited to Admiral Radford. The lat ter, with a guard of marines, proceeded to the Swatara,acd soon returned with the prisoner, w hom he delivered to tho Marshal, jjurntt was dressed In the Zouave uniform, tucl»«» ho Wore when arrested in Egypt, and was handcuffed. Having been placed in the hack with the armed guard, he was driven to jail, and placed in the custody ol the warden, who has lately tilted up three irou-clad culls, one on each floor, which are used for the confinement of murderers and desperate characters. He was placed In one of these cells, from which there Is no pos sible chance to escape. •No one Is allowed lo see him excepting his counsel and offi cers of the prison. The prisoner positively denies that he Is John 11. Surratt. SECRETARY SEWARD TO THE COLOMBIAN’ MIN- ISTER. Secretary Seward has addressed to Gcucral Salgar, Minister of the United State* of Co lombia at Washington, a protest against the decree «f the President of Colombia in rela tion to the Jurisdiction of that Government overprizes captured and brought into its l»orlH trjr cruisers of the allied Republics of the Pacific at war with Spain, declaring ibis decree to be in contravention of the law of nations, and giving notice that, should any United States vessels be captured, proceed ings under it will be held null and void as against the United States. freedmen’* affairs in fi.nnim. - Washington, February 19. Colonel Sprague, Assistant Commissioner of the Freedmeu’s Bureau for Florida, reports the freedmen still arriving from South Carolina and Georgia, and manv are entering land under the Homestead Bill, The State is gen erally quiet and prosperous. A HERALD STORY. The Herald fays: “The secret mission of tbc steamer Gettysburg, with Frederick Sew ard and AdmiralTorter aboard, has been un earthed. The Intention was to purchase the Island of St. Domingo for a coiling station. President Cabral thought the plan a good one, but demanded eaMi down and plenty of it. A large amount of specie had been brought aboard at Annapolis, but at Port Royal, Jamaica, the sailors broke into th: ward room, where it was stored, abstracted three baps of it acd deserted the ship with their booty. But a reward of SIOJ bciu* offered for the recovery of the money, tho search for them was very brisk, and one of them was caught with a fortune on hi* per son. He was turned over to the First Lieu tenant, who, it is said, compassionately re turned the money to him. and sent him ashore. Thus the Missionaries had not money enough to purchase St. Domingo,and after recuperating their health at Nassau, returned to Annapolis.” 1 TUB CITZL BIGHTS ACT. M ASiiiNOTUN, February 19.—The communi cation from the President to the Senate, to day, states that he has not been cognizant of any violation of the Civil Rights Bill. H« referred the resolution of the Senate to tne beads of departments, and ascertained that none have come to the knowledge of the Navy, Interior, Post Office, Treusnry or State Departments. The Secretary of War sava no instance has been reported of neglect or re fusal of the military officers or employes to enforce the act. He reports the fol lowing cases of alleged violation of the act: First, the case ol Dr. Watson, for the murder of a negro in the Department of Virginia, who after his discharge by tho civil tribunal, was pul. on trial before the Militaiy Commission, which was dissolved on the ground of want of a jurisdiction un d'T the decision of tbc Supreme Court. Sec ond, the case of William Fincher, a person of color, sentenced to the chain gang In Georgia, as a vagabond, which was referred to the Attorney General, and Is now under his charge. Third, the ease of Perkins, in tbclState of Texas, where the protec tion to colored men from alleged illegal act* under color of civil authority was afforded by the Assistant Commissioner of tho Freed, men’s Bureau, and his action approved by the War Department. The Secretary con cludes: These reports from military com manders of crimes and offences committed against the freedmen and others in their re iqtcctive commands, hare been made to the Department and referred to the Attomev Gtneral lor his opinion on appropriate remedy. Whether they or any of them con ttltnte violations of the Civil Rights Bill, I am unable to state. RECIPROCITY WITH TUB BRITISH PROVINCES. Washington, February 19.—The report D- Derby on tbe practicability ores i, r*. , reciprocity relations with the British Provinces, and on the fisheries was sent to Congress to-night. He states that Canada payaa fishing boun ty of $4 per ton at the very moment we discontinue cure. Mr. Derby believes the Provinces are ready to negotiate a now treaty on equitable terms. He proposes as a basis for arrangement three schedules, covering tbe chief productions of each country, viz: Provincial free list, United States free list, and a dutiable list, covering farm animals, barley, peas, beans, rye, buckwheat, pota toes, fish, minerals, lumber, candies, bricks, glue, glassware, •leather, machinery and starch. funeral honors. The Secretary of the Treasury has issued a circular mourning- the loss of Professor Bacbc. and ordering the Coast Surrey Office to be draped in black and closed on the day of the funeral. <' RELEASED OX BAIL. Yesterday Leonard Hnyek. late President of the Merchant’s National Bank, who has been confined In tbc county jail on charge of ISSOOO 1 * I^ fonds, was released on ball in BILLS APPROVED. Washington, February 19.—The President has approved tbeLeague Island Naval Depot i>ui; that for tbo payment of prize money to the Signal Corps of Fanagut’s fleet in Mo- &fi VOL. XX. bllo Bay; the additional act lo prevent ffiffl**,"*** Wfllco Apprnprlts COMUESSIONAL I’IIOCEKDINUH* WAhXiNOTON, February 111. SENATE. The Clerk of the House announced the agreement of tbo House to tbu report ol Hut Conference Committee on a bill to regulate tbo tenure of office. It goes lo tbu Presi dent. Mr, SUMNER allured a resolution, calling upon tbo President to inform the Senate if there baa been any correspondence between the Department of Stale and tbu Minister resident at Portugal, with reference to bis compensation; also, to Inform tbe Semite if such Minister has received any compensa tion for service since the act of hist summer denying him such compensation, and out of wbat fund. Agreed to. The bill amendatory to the act to provide for the safety of life of steamboat passengers and those on board vessels, to regulate the salaries of steamboat inspectors, and other purposes, passed. The Clerk of the House announced the ac tion ol the House on the bill to provide a more efficient Government for the Insurrec tionary States. The resolution to restore Lieutenant Com mander Breeze, United Slates Navy, to tbe active list, passed. Mr. WADE moved that the Senate insist on Its amendment to the Reconstruction Bill, and agreed on the amendments called for by the House. Quite a lengthy debate ensued. Mr. CONNESS thought this of too much Importance lo be referred lo a Conference Committee. Mr. WILSON favored a Conference Com mittee. If tbe report was not satisfactory It could be voted down. Mr. SUMNER advocated a committee as tbe only way of accomplishing tbe desired result. Mr. POMEROT did not think It possible to pass an acceptable bill at this stage of the session with or without a Conference Com mittce. Mr. SHERMAN wonld, under ordinary cir cumstances, vote for a Committee or Confer ence, but It was known tbal the opposition to the Senate omendmect In this case was not to be reconciled .without surrendering tbe principles apon which the bill was framed. The opposition to the hill came from twojex treme view* In the House, one asserting that the rebel States were now entitled to repre teolatlon, and tbe other believing the terms of the bill too liberal. He did not ace how a Conference Committee could settle this dif ference, end thought it best for the Senate to Insist still further on Its amendment, and give the House another opportunity to agree with the Senate. Mr, HENDRICKS said he did not desire tbe President to take advantage of the ten days rule to defeat the bill. He did not think there was any reason to believe the President would decline to aetlf he had lime allowed him to do k>. lie desired this ques tion lo he fairly and squarely treated and no ten days allowed to doicat this hill. 11c did not think there was any reason to think the President would decline to act if he bad time allowed him to do so. lie desired this ques tion to go to the country, to be fairly and squarely met, so he should not vote for a Committee of Conference.. The name of the committee on the House part did not justify him in the belief tin t a Senate committee will agree with the House Committee. Mr. LANE could not aurcc to h Conference Committee, because the point at is-ue be tween the two Houses was elemental aud fundamental. Mr. POMEROY repealed the belief that the bill could pot become a law this session, cither through a Conference Committee orby any otter means. Mr. FEsSENDEN said the bill failed in the House, os he understood, because the Blaine amendment, as redrawn, was thought not to afford suflicicnt protection to loyal men. This could be remedied in a Conference Com mittee. He concurred In the belief that the amendment did not go far cnougli in the safeguards. He preferred tho Military Mill as it came from the House, and was un will- ing to take the responsibility of insisting on the Senate amendment, as it might defeat the hill. Mr. HOWARD rejected Mr. Fessenden's views. He (Howard) was unwilling to trust this important subject to a Committee of Conference. Such a measure should bo set* tied by the two Houses in open session. There should be do compromising, no traf ficking, such as the best men arc sometimes likely to’engage in iu a Committee of Con. foc-ncc. Mr, i ESSENDENsnId ns to withholding his objections to Mr. Blaine’s amendment it was a strict understanding that there would be no debate on the Republican side. He had expressed his opinion since the bill passed the Senate. It did not altogether meet his view. It could be Improved on In a Com mittee of Conference. This waa a right with which his party obligations did not agree. Tho Senators from Michigan and Ohio (How ard and Wade) were bitterly opposed to amendment when first Introduced. Mr. HOWARD said he was not opposed to Mr. Blaine’s amendment, ns U was Incorpo rated In Kir. Sherman's bill. lie voted for It, while Mr. Fessenden was quietly asleep in his lodgings, paired off, thus avoiding, as lie (Howard) would be afraid to avoid the responsibility. Mr. FESSENDEN explained that he was absent when the vole was taken ; that he had paired of and been sick, and retired f om the chamber by the advice of friends. The gentleman from Michigan must not lecture him for being oat of the way, and glorify himself for staying here. Mr. HOWARD replied that he had not been aware of the Senator’s sickness. Ho remain* cd in bis scat because he was well, and voted tor the measure. This was the extent of bis offence. Mr. WADE believed this too grave a mat ter to leave at this stage to a Committee of Conference. He did not like some things said by Mr. Fessenden ; that he was present when the debate went on ; that there were features In it he did not approve, but he did not express his opposition. Mr. Fessenden should have shown.bis opposition, and pre sented his remedies. He did not believe in this way of doing business. He did not like to see men neglect their opposition to a bill at any time. Mr. FESSENDEN replied to Mr. Wade. Ho did not attach much Inportancc to his consent to the amendment. Mr.J WILLIAMS said he had waited a month, that more experienced legislators might bring forward something in the recon struction hue. Being disappointed, he intro duced the bill to afford ihilitary protection ami Constitutional government, Mr. SHERMAN moved that the Senate in sist on its amendment. Mr. TRUMBULL did not regard the bill as it came from the House, callad the Milila ry Bill, of the slightest, importance. The fourteenth section provides for just us much military control of the Sooth as this Military Bill. It made it the duty of the President to protect Union men, black and white, tn everr right and cn joxnu-nl of every liberty. If this had not bun done already, it was useless to repeal the law already on the statute book. He thought something else besides this onght to be incorporated In this bill, and he advo cated the Blaine amendment. He was op posed to a Conference Committee. Hu also alluded to the Frceomen’s Bureau. Though »true General Howard was at Us head, the President set aside his orders frequently, when he or his subordinates had attempted topunhh crime m the South. The Presi . ™cnlly pardoned the murderers of a negro in \ frglnia, and bad pardoned other robek on the motion of rebel Governors. -i .ft ,: MER .*1 rcc<l -with Mr. Trambnll about the Executive. The great difficulties or the present moment arose from the bad man id the Executive chair. th ! 9 bill contained all Mr. v.umncr and blsfricnds.had cvcrclaimed It enfranchised tho blacks, and gave the bal* ! ° l J°cveiy black man In tbeToutU'but now it was objected that it <im „ *?, S?«W« The £.oplo ofOMo Si 1 ,. n °‘ sneb dUfraScbl-emcnt This C nW A CTCr agree to It. inis bill disfranchises the lead n B A® 1 ®? 8 , of lho South under the Constitutional Amendment, and was not that enough? n c thought it a! a9 W crOUB People had a right to de maud, and where an attempt was made to defeat sneb a bill he felt Justified Is cbame“ tcrirlng such opposition aa nnjost ami uS natural. Men ought to be satisfied without further exactions trom the rebels. Tbev hsd ?‘VJtr 1t clr fiends, evembiSg they held dear, and the people of theVorth did not demand their they rejected the termscontaincdinthis bill Congress conld erect Slate Govcmmenla wltll negro voles alone; but at present there wai do necessity for such vigorous measures, if his voice could reach the South to-day he would implore the people to accent ’the terms. 1 Ur. WILSON appealed to the Senate to take a vote and decide the fate of the bill. He hoped it would go back to tbc House and or be amended so It coaid be concur red In here. Mr. COWAN argued to show that the Southern States had a legal existence. He denied Mr. Trumbull's assertion that tbc Picfiidcnt had failed to cany out tbe provi sions ol the Freedmen bill. Alter further debate tbo Senate insisted upon Us amendment, and took, a recess. EVENING SESSION. The CHAIR submitted a response of the President to the resolution of inquiry wheth er any violations of theClvll Rights BUI have been known, and if so, what has been done to bring tbc offenders .to instlco; also, a communication from the President on the renewal of the reciprocity treaty. Both or. dered punted. The hill to abolish and forever prohibit peonage in New Mexico passed. A bill passed that regular army officers shall have by brevet the highest rank they held as volunteers. A bill passed giving S3OO to drafted men % who found substitutes, and were again drafted and went into the service. A hill for the increase ofpsy for two years trom the tint of July next, to army officers below the rank of Msjor General, and continuing in force' three years from August 20th last, the act for increasing nay to soldiers in the army, Ac., was considered. Among its pro visions Is oneprohlbitlug whipping or maiming ot a person, as punishment for crime, in any State lately in rebellion; and another for the disarmament of all militia;in the said States. , . . An amendment was adopted ifest the la create pay to officers shall date from July, INW. Instead of 1867. The inelion fur dl<- Imrdtnnil of the militia in rebel Mates was stricken oat, and llitruill pmuml. Hevoral prlvntu hills poised; M ntio tbo bill supplementary lo tbo acts abolishing Im prisonment for debt, Adjourned. HOUSE. The Ilon«>o mot at 11 o'clock* Mr. BANKH asked leave to Introduce a Joint resolution allowing a naval vrasnl to carry goods to Charleston. Havannab und Mobile, lor the relief o; the destitute. Mr. hPALDIRG objected at present. It might occasion debate, The House proceeded to consider tbo act for tbe more efficient government of the rebel States, and refused to concur In tbe Senate amendment, by 73 to OS—the Demo, crata mostly voting In the negative—and then appointed a Committee of Conference. mi, Alley, nesleaton. Patterson, Alliecn, Farnsworth, Plants, Ferry. Pomeroy, Anderson, Griswold, Price, A>bley. of Rsymond. Hill, Klee, of Mass., Baldwin, Hooper, Rice! or Me.. Barker, Hubbard, of W. Rollins, Benjamin, Va., Uooueu, Bldwell, Hnbbell, ofO., Bingham, Harlbard, Bpaldln/». Blaine, Hasson, Stillwell! S lo ?.* a Ketcbam, Taylor.ofToun., Bncklind, Lafltn, Tnajer Buckalew, Lawrence.of Pa..Thomaa, Prancla of O.,Thomas, JohuL. Ciarke, of Oblo,Loncyear, Upsmi i.nJlotn, Maynard, Y., parting. . Mcindoe, Washburn. of Dawes, McKee, Mass.. Davis, Meßuer, Welter, pcfrcca. Miller. Whaley! Delano, Moorhead, w,u o n.of lowa, Demlng, Morris, Wooabndae. Dodge. Orta. Total—7«. HATS. Ancona, Henderson. Perbam, Aritll, Hiijb/, Phelps. Ashley, of OhIo,HUe, Pike; Banks, Bogan, Radford. Baxter, Holmes. Randall. Pa Beaman, Hotchkiss, Ritter, Bergen, Hubbard, N.Y., Rogers, Boniwcll, Hnbbaro, Conn .Ross, Beyer, Hubbcll, N, Y., Sawyer, Oiondocce. Homphrey, Scofield, Bromwcll, Hunter, bhanklin, Broomtll, Ingersoll, BbelUbarger. Campbell, Julian, hitcreavcs Cbanler, Kelley. Sloan, Clarke, of Kan., Kelso, Starr. Cobb, Kerr, Stevens, Cooper, Konntz, Blokes, Dawson, Kuykendall, Taber, Denison. Latham. Taylor, X. Y DouLclly, Leßlond. Thornton. DriccK Ixeftwitcb, Tnmblo, ►Dumont, ).oan, Trowbridge, Eidiidce, Lynch, VanAernam, Lllot, Marshall, Vanllorn, Mo., Farqctar, McCullough, Ward, Ky.. Find., Mercor, Ward, N. Y, Goody tar, Moulton, Warner, Grintcll, Myers, Wentworth, } fep, .?/•! s>e*eU, Williams. Hardin*;, 111., Nihlacc, Wilson. Pa.. Hams, Nicholson, Windom. Hankies, O'Neil, Wright, Hayes. Paine, Total—Dß. .Messrs. SIIELLABARGER. STEVENS nml BLAINE were appointed a Committee of Conference. Mr. SCHENCK, from the Committee of Conference on the hill to rcjnilale the ten ureof office, made a report the same as was acted on in the Senate yesterday. It was agreed to—ll 3 against 40—a strict party vote. The Indian Appropriation Bill was con sidered and passed. The Speaker presented a message from the Piesldcul, transmitting a report from the Secretary of State as to the Stales which Lad raUucd the Constitutional Amendment since the tost rcj*ort furnished, viz: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota and New York ; nleo a telegraph despatch from Amsterdam New York, announcing the death of Samuel Downing, the last «oWtorcf the Revolution yesterday, at Edinburgh, Saratoga County! Entered on the journal of the House. The bill to provide for organizing, arming and equipping the militia was explained by Mr. HARDING, who expressed the hope that it would go over to the next session. Mr. PAINE, who has the bill in charge, declined to adopt the suggestion. Mr. ELDRIDGE moved to table It. Lost— ,4S to 113. The bill went over till to-morrow. The Senate amendment to tho House bill for the election of Congressional printer providing that the election be by the Senate was concurred in. The Post Route Bill was pasted. The House went into Committee of the ''hole on the Army Appropriation Bill, amounting to £23,450,51*2, one section of which provides that the General-in-Chief shall have his headquarters at Washington and not be assigned to duty elsewhere with out the approval of the Senate, orders given to the contrary to be considered a mis demeanor in office, and any officer who shall transmit or obey such orders shall be liable to imprisonment not less than two nor more than thirty years. This provoked opposi tion from the Democrats. Without conclu sion, the House took a recess. EVENING SESSION. 1 he Secretary of the Senate delivered a mcfisaccfctallDg that tho Senate insisted on Ms amendment to the Military Government On motion of Mr. O’NEILL, the Postmaster Gencrl was directed to report what readjust ment of compensation for mail service by railroads is necessary to equalize more fairly such compensation. Mr. DEMING asked leave to report, from the Military Ccmmittcc, tho bill to author ize the construction of a bridee over tbe Mis souri River at Fort Leavenworth. The SPEAKER presented a communica tion from the Secretary of the Treasury icla tivc to the ultimate cost of the Union Pacific Railroad and blanches. Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. Mr. DONNELLY presented a memorial of the Legislature of Minnesota for a grant of land to aid the construction the Green Buy & Labe Pepin Railroad. Wisconsin. Mr. WINDOM presented a memorial of the Legislature of Minnesota asking an ap propiiution to Improve the navigation of the Minnesota River. Referred to the Commit tee on Commerce. Mr. JULIAN, Irora the Committee on Pub lic Lands, reported the bill amendatory of the act for the disposal of public fur homesteads and actual settlement, in Ala bama. Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida. Otdered printed. On motion of Mr. HOOPER, the Senate bill to provide for the payment of compound interest notes, was taken from the Speaker’s table. Mr. Hooper moved Its reference to the Committee ot Ways and Means. Mr. LYNCH moved to amend by referring to the Committee on Banking and Currency. Amendment agreed to. The SPEAKER intimated that the Com mittee on Bunking and Currency would not be called again this session. Mr. LYNCH remarked that the country would not suffer by that. Mr. WILSON, of lowa, inquired of Mr. Hooper when the House might expect the Committee of Ways and Means to obey the order ot tbo House in reporting the bill re stricting the Secretary of the Treasury in the withdrawal of the legal tender currency. Mr. HOOPER was proceeding to state that the committee bad been engaged on the Tariffßlil, bat would consider'other matters to-morrow, when the objection was made and sustained that the discussion was out of order. A motion to reconsider the vote was tabled—SO against 40. Mr. BANKS Introduced the resolution relative to the suffering poor of the South, previously noticed, which passed. The House went into Committee of the Whole on the Army Appropriation Bill. Messrs. LeBLOND, NIBLACK and WRIGHT argued against the section already referred to. The former was characterized as a trick to entrap the President. Little at tention was paid to the discussion, mem bers being mainly engaged In ascertaining what votes might be changed to secure u conference tn the Senate’s amendment to the Military Bill. Mr. ROSS spoke against the Army BUI d 2 *°JpWing too great an expense of money. ”ilhout action the Committee rose, and thetuslccss on the Speaker’s table was con- tom the Senate, announcing i£Jl nm ßUted on lu amendment to the MU. 1 tJv’ waß ffom'iurtii^. moved the Honsc recede Mrtite? 1 thereto, the SepniT 5 °I Iowb » moved to concnr in tbc ”**"** lhe™riStm T o h r“hiSSl prr! ?? ciclnilfd from States, nor shall anv ml °Ii tlo Bald rebel :»teC 5 ;: “i®{fU ? -"-- moUOM,rcre ofThc ]o U A!S? lum °™>"-. »n« the reading Mr. MOOREHEAD objtclod Jo?m SC (SAfd. D “ U ““ hc Honac ,a. FKOS SPEISGFIELD. [Sped*! Despatch to the Chicago Ttibaae.] Spbikofikld, February 1&. BT. LOUIS BSIUGK BILL. The amended St. Louis Bridge Bill, as It eame from Ihe Senate, passed the House this morning, by a nearly nnanlmons note. It i, understood that the work on tho bridge will be Inaugurated with as little delay as p'ossi ble, by Mr.-Boomer, who has, or will hare the contract for building U. ’ nonSB RAILWAY. The Cook County detection this moraine repotted back the Jefferson Horae Railroad Bill with a substitute. It requires the com pany to got the consent of the Board of Su* pervisors before any work shall be com! mcnccd. The Board of Supervisors are to designate the roads and streets which the railroad shall occupy. The same body than also regulate the (brer, and, in faot the company la subjected to the complete con. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 18G7, trol of tho Board or HupcrvUon. TUi trill waa ordered to a third reading. THE NEW RTAT« HOt’SB. Thc-Heimlo Idtt to biiHd n now State lloum won called up thU ofternoon in tho House as tho spatial order. Mr. Dunn offered ft* ft substitute the hill Introduc'd by himself to remoro the HUte Ifouao to Decatnr. On thU motion ha apoko moro than an hour In a apccch of great fervor. Tho substitute was rejected by a decided vole. Mo* Ilona were then made to go Into Committee of the Whole, to refer tho bill to ft committee, Ac*, but they were all voted down. Mr. Bailor of* fured a substitute for the bill—the same that I telegraphed you last evening—sad address* cd the House in favor of bis amendment. A number of other amendments were offered, and speeches made, but to no purpose. The discipline of the ring was perfect, and they were voted down. The main question was then put, and the hill passed by a rote of 53 , to 00. This was not really a test rote. On the bill, several gentlemen who tried to amend the bill, or put In substitutes, finally voted for it, because they could not get any* thing better. The bill contains at least two palpable violations of the Constitution: first, In naming the Commissioners who should be appointed by tho Governor; and, second, in appropriating money in sums be* joed the constitutional limits. Except the question 'be submitted to the people, several members have declared that they Intend to have the bill tested In the courts. The bill is proba bly the most loosely drawnand irresponsible one ever put through the House. lam sorry to cay the lobby and gallery, which were filled with Springfield people, indulged in very unseaming and discourteous manifests* tlons toward those who were oppoi to the bill, and were decidedly rapturous .a their commendations of those who favored it. When the bill passed they cheered lustily the chief defenders of the bill. On the Republican side were Messrs. Hurlbut, Shepard, Childs, Stacey, Taylor, and others. The Democrats sustained the bill to a man. They bad reasons for doing so. As It is It puts three of their number into a life office worth $5 per day. The taking of the rote In its final passage occu pied more than one hour, as full one-half the members felt called upon to explain their vote. TBE PARK BILL PASSED. The bill for laying out a park in the towns •of South Chicago, Hyde Park, and Lake, known as the Compromise Bill, which was defeated in the Senate yesterday, was recon* sidered this morning, and after a speech from Lieutenant Governor Bross, who was Invited to address the Senate, the bill was passed by a vote of 17 to 4. CANAL AND INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT DILL. The Senate was occupied nearly the whole day considering the Canal and Internal Im provement Bill, and it was finally passed after being amended In several important particulars. One amendment makes tbc 1111* nols River the first improvement to be at tended to. Another submits tbc question to the people. The last amendment is regarded as lutal to the bill, and was put In for the purpose of killing It. It will be scut to the „ House in the morning for concurrence iu the amend ment, and the House will probably refuse. What will follow It is difficult to predict. There was a sort of compact or ring formed between the canal men and the Now State House ring, by which the two should be put through together. The canal men perform ed their part of tnc compact, but they are coming to the conclusion that they have been sold out. The friends of the New State House have got all they wanted, and It looks as If they were going to let the Canal Billgo under. To-morrow will tell the story. EXPLANATION. Colonel Mack complains that I did him In justice in my despatch of Saturday. It ap pears that his own Railroad BUI was before the Senate, and not In his pocket os stated, but Fuller’s and Hurlbut’s bills were. He says the fact of these two bills being referred to his committee was ample evidence that they were killed, and U was unnecessary to report them back. I am unwilling to do Colonel Mack injustice, and make this cor rection. THE STATE LEGISLATIVES. ILLINOIS, [Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Spuntonrtn, 111., Febrnarj 19. SBNATK. CniCAUO PARK DILL. Mr. MCCONNELL called up his motion to reconsider tbc vote by which the Chicago Park Bill was defeated yesterday afternoon in the Senate. The motion to reconsider was adopted. Mr. WARD denounced the hill as a sin* peudous land speculation. On STRAINS’ motion the Speaker was In vited to express his views on the bill. Mr. BUOSS thanked the Senate for giving him this privilege. Ho be lieved there was no “steal’* in this bill. The protest first suggested itself to him on the Sierra Nevada moan tains, while conversing with gentlemen about parks. He had no pecuniary interests in the bill. lie owned no land within three miles of the proposed park. It was to he located in south- Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake, and only the people of those towns to be taxed to make it. lie urged the necessity of a park for Chicago. It was a great city, and it needs an inviting park. The question, be said, was to be submitted to tbc people, and if they do not choose to tax themselves they need not. He reiterated again that there was no steal la the scheme. BUI passed—yeas, 17; nays, 4. CONSIDERATION OF TOE CANAL DILL. The Canal BUI came up as the special or* dcr. There was a proposit s on to postpone action* till to-morrow, which gave rise to a spicy debate. The motion to post* pone was rejected. On Mr. CUIiR’S motion, the Senate went into Committee of the Whole on the bill, Mr. Mack in the Chair. Section one was read, when Mr. ADDAMS

moved that it be eo amended as to require the Commissioners to locate the terminus of the canal above Rock Island Rapids. The amendment was lost and the section adopted. The bill was then considered by sections, for an hoar and a half, when the committee rose and reported progress, and asked leave to sit again, which was granted. Fuither action was postponed till half-past two. Adjourned. AFTERNOON SESSION, Messrs. McConnell, fort, cohrs, FULLER, MACK and METCALF spoke upon the Canal Bill. Mr. Cohr’s amendment was finally adopted. Several other amendments seeking to limit the appropriation for the improvements In various ways were proposed and objected to, alter which the section was adopted as amended. The remaining sections of the bUI were then adopted In Committee of the Whole, when Mr. MACK moved it be stricken out. Tbe motion was lost—yeas 12, nays 13. Mr. ADDAMS offered an amendment pro viding for the submission of the question of proposed taxation for the canal to the people next November at the election for canal of ficers. Mr. METCALF urged tbvt If this scheme ~ fcre put through without allowing peo ple to vote, It wouli itftTCy tis Republican party. Mr. MACK said Senators were scot here to do the things proposed in this bill, and he saw no necessity ofsubmltting It to the people. Messrs. STRAIN, ADAMS, CHITTEN DEN, BOND, and BUNN advocated the amendment. Messrs. McCONNELL, FUL LER, WARD, and TINCHER spoke against. Mr. GREEN moved the previous question, and Mi. ADDAMS’ amendment passed, the following Senators voting yea: Addams, Boyd, Chenery, Chittenden. Green, Hnnter, Metcalf, Munn, Relly, Shepherd, Strain, Wcscott, Woodson—lS. The bill was then ordered to a third read ing, and passed as amended under suspension of^the roles, 23 to 21, Messrs. Bally and Chit tenden voting in the negative. PETITIONS. Petitions for a Keform School were read. THE CANAL BILL. The Senate again went into Committee of "Whole on the Canal BUI. Mr. Strain la the chair. Mr. RETLY moved to strike oat Section buf nl^,am * ma[^c a speech denouncing the METCALF opposed the policy of the provemen? the B^Btcm °* internal lax* Northern tax um aUo to li.itVk. thc “point proposed, Ibe pcoplc ofth? Siii2 acatioa 10 » Toto of JirdoHßS^rtSSf’ l .!'™ rejected. Tiding for «qnlrinff d ih? * meQ dment pro begin the work on S thi C i{T? m ? x H? ,onerß to lmprov.°tb?lllluo°s £d B ££ 1 “ d mcnT 10 d "“ tc '“l'd cSthS id. ~ AORICCLTCkAL college BIT t asfe S 2 cSned.“V S H rolffVi 008 Wcr , e made » wh «n pcndlngthe roll call, a motion to adjourn wmxmS?Ss Sgcaker deemed H copied, anTvSd}£“ -.ffl’ MACK took the Chair, and ordered a t 0 be proceeded with, and the Clerk be?’.^i* ntbe i:» natora VACal «d the Cham* her, amid much laughing and shouting lUUn * BOUSE. Monxxso session—bxfobtb or arxnoixo _ oußauiEu, The Standing Committees reported a ■umber of bills, Indicative of i ».7. oi work before ‘the Assembly. * amoant the BT. LOUIS BRIDGE BILL. PASSKn y the th,) So “ le . ™ I‘kca up tad ptawd, I7i/M l 'in'i 1 . l “'" n . rr ' «ojfln«ton & (Jo., or Chi »ffid*.|}!l'lrai?.""'’ l ' 3 lu bulla tl,u AmirtmiATlOKH. lion ii i Uie MCCMftrr ftPPPftprh* :. ' • ;«P|H>rt (If Uio InKtltiill.m. Ut |iu«cT * U * fl,r 110 two Jf °“™ *“• ItIUJ PAMKD. , Ji'',,!?. o *? proceeded to takn up amt , "’ <l ? vor fro, “ ycalordny'a aalSltni’. T 8 lm P°rt«nl acta were CoS-JS(•LH cq . ulr !“ K Clcrk * Clrcult » nJ certain 10 kcO P indexed records of Samite.'jlncorporatlng Chicago, Kvane. ait!* ■'"''“l Company; Incorporating r.'i.nfiVj lt » I < D ,^ iaua Uallroad Company. A bill cul«ed l Lt l U 1 ‘ 0 P, r * cUcc ° r medicine iraedU. fold mSSi* ■*"*»]>. “ n d finally nrdcred Chlcarn Cr nf.‘l E r t n i cd ’ to tocorporato the a “ d tend Company; [°‘S“ r is' tkc city of Chicago to maiulhV fcU *« »na supply pas. A, ob J ected to th « Istsi bill, and Speaker, n?n nnt ? 01118 I through in the oral muna, after the omnibus vote had been Saln?d“° U °“ ‘° waa made and Mr. EPLER moved to postpone until to “hn'Ho^nadJ^ 41 ” 5f “ nh " “ < * lon ' AFTERNOON SESSION. TQB STATE HOUSE BtlX was taken up. moved to anbsUtute bill pro- Tiding for the location of the State Capital at Decatur, and In defence of hla motion “■£f* very able anmment of considerable l enjrt n , eot 1 1np fbrth the superior advantages of thebids offered by Decatur over those of Springfield. Mr. HURLBUT moyed to lay the substi tute tl * >on teble. Carried— 6o ayes ; 18 an Amendment, sub sututlnp after the enacting clause a series of dames, providing; that the Gov ernor must advertise for plana and specifications, for a month, in the papers of Chicago, New York hi. Louis, Philadelphia and Springfield • a committee of nine of the House and four’or the Senate, with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of Slate, Auditor and Treasurer shall settle upon some plan and they shall be the Commissioners for the de termination of cost, &c., aud they shall re port the result of their labors to the next General Assembly. He urged bis substitute in a lengthy and able speech, pointin'* out that by the provisions of Section 2 of Article 4, the Springfield bill was clearly unconsti tutional. Mr. SHEPARD moved to lay the amend meat on the tabic. Members appealed to him not to attempt thus to choke off all fair dealing, and crowd the Springfield job through. No use. The vole was persisted in. Carried—ls ayes to 35 nocs. Mr. PAINE offered an amendment living power of appointing Commissioners to the Governor. An unsuccessful attempt was made to choke him off. He wouldn’t choke worth a cent, but made a big speech against the Scn atelblll. Mr. \ EAGER tried to gag him by the five minute rnle, saying all the speeches were on one side—against tbc bill. Mr.PAYNE replied; The pledged voters for the bill didn't dare to make speeches. They could not defeat themselves or sustain the measure. Mr. DINSMOOR called attention to Sec tion 25, of Article 5, ofthe Constitution which denies to the Assembly the power to eleot officers. - Mr. CONKLING interrupted him to make several assertions, the gist of which was that so long as It was in this bill it was all right. Dmsmoor’s speech was an elaborate legal argument, full of sharp thrusts at the dally ing and sophistry of the defenders of the bill, and directed especial attention to the swindle of selling the present State House property, worth half a million, lor $200,000. Fiora time to time he was hiss ed trom the tables and galleries, and those who Interrupted him were applauded. Mr. SHEPARD exerted his massive abili ties In another gsg. * A motion was made to lay tbc amendment on the table. Mr. STEVENSON, smlllngon the galleries, moved the previous question, and was laughed at as usual. Mr. SHEPARD’S motion was carried by 45 ayes to 35 nays. Mr. HI3RLBUT sprung to the floor and moved the bill be read the third time. Mr. EDDY a-sked permission to amend by Introducing $4J0,090 instead of $200,009, as the price ofthe present property. . Mr. lIURLUUT refhsed to yield to It, and talked about (be necessity lor a big fitute House, proportionate to the great interests and magnificent, stride* of oar giant Stata. Then he spoke of Springfield as historic ground, illustrated by the life of Lincoln. When he concluded, Mr. CASEY stood ready to press the gag by demanding the previous question. Mr. PAYNE moved to adjourn, and Mr. Stacey, as Speaker, refused to tolerate his motion. Mr. REYNOLDS explaining his vote, said that he might have voted tor the bill If it had been allowed to make one little amend ment. 4 *What was it S’” ho was asked. It was to stiike out the nominal name of Wil liam T. Vaudever and insert the real one which was Melville T. Fuller. Motion carried—o 3 ayes to 38 docs. ' The bill was read notwithstanding etTorU to choke of the reading. Mr. PAYNE moved to adjourn. Lost— nays CO. arcs 11. Mr. CONKLING called fur tbc previous question. On tbc Anal passage the bill was carried. It was then passed. Those voting for the job were: Aliev, Fox, Odell, Alexander, Gray, Ottiuas, hates. Gregg. Ricks, Bicaley, Gnjge, Sellers, Dowycr, Hampton, Sharp, Campbell, Hanna, Shepard, Casey, Baasoo, Shirley, Cassell, Harlan, Stacey, Childs, Hay. Stevenson, Coe. Hurllmt, Tavlor, Conklinp, nollovrbn!>h, Thompson, Gorkins, Kmr, Trne, Cornwall, Knapp. Voria. Doan, J-cavilt, Wakeman, Dolan, MacMln. W’anon, Kplrr, McGaiilatd, Withers, Farrell, ileiz, Yeager. Fonda, Murphy. *>Totai-58. Those voting arnlnat the job were : Hailey. Enoch, Pope, Baldwin, Green, of Jo Da*lleti>olls. Bond, Tieae. Bran. Brnner, Green, of Dc-9edgwick, Bonn, Witt, Singer, Clemens, Hewitt, Smith, Clow, Moore, Stage, Collins, Father, Strawn, Cox. Payne, Webber,! Dlnsmoor, Pierce,; Speaker. Eddy, Total—SO. The dense crowd in the galleries and lob* blcs applauded and shunted with glee. Then the clinch was put on by a motion to recon* aider, and laving that on the table. Messrs. PIERCE, PAYNE and other mem bers gave notice of entry of formal protest against the action of the Douse on this bill. THE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE BILL was made the special order for to*morrow. At one o’clock adjourned. WISCONSIN, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Madison, February At-' SENATE. MONDAY EVENING. In the Senate last evening a resolution tras Introduced, requiring the State Treasurer to par State officers and members ot the Legls iature in coin; also for a recess from the 21st to the 25tb Inst., and extension of time lor receiving new business till the Uth of March; also, a memorial for a further sur vey of the Wisconsin River, and for employ* log drag boats therein adapted; also, heavy petitions for the Winona midge. Bills were introduced to lev; a tax in Bamboo Co""*- • •- --;«t a soldiery’ mono* ment—passed; to directive paym«uC2t°f the General Fund for expenses incurred In ukinjr care of the several Trust Funds; also, sevwyl local bills were Introduced and passed. ASSXMBLT. MONDAY BVENIXO. In the Assembly laef evening, tD£ speaker appointed a Select Committee to erxatoioe into tic affairs of the Soldiers’ Orphan Home and Hospital fox the Insane, Messrs. Graves, Jcnell, Hobart, Watrous and Miller. .... Tbc Gsme Law was farther agitated. Petitions were received for returning to Ibe old system of Town SnperlntcodeffM of Common School;. also to return to Ibe 7 per cent interest. A resolution .was adopted Instituting an Inqnlrv Into the expediency of making pro virions for the education or Idiots. Bills were Introduced to amend the law for the assessment and collection of taxes, and nearly twenty other local and unim joittttwu.. gESATE Madison, February 19. Petioss were presented In favor of the Winona Bridge Bill; also a remonstrance of L D. Meyer, who represents two million of dollars In stock and bonds, against the con solidatlon of the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad with roads in Minnesota and lowa. A resolution wss adopted to take a recess from the Slst to the ailb lost., and extend- Inc the lime to receive new business twelve davs after the 27th of February. 1 resolution dhectlng the State Treas urer to pay the Governor and members In com was adopted. Ayes, 2d: noes, 14. A hIU to amend the charter of the Wis consin Soldiers’ Home was passed. A bill was Iclioduced reqlriog the man acloc officers of the several benevolent In sfitiuionaof the Statoto purchMe fnndtnre, hoots shoes. Ac., from the state rnson Commiaalonere. the rame bcIDK manulic tn, Thc reeoluuon at »* o'clock, a. m An a iMt'aHmcnt of local bills was Intro- bills passed: To repeal all laws ciUodim tbc lima for cacmpllnK railroad lands from taxation; lo amend tbc mmc law • to amend section twenty nine, chapter eleven of tho Revised Statutes, guardians and wards; to supply school djj* xrlth Webster’s Dictionary in certain nlaces* to anthorUo the Racine College to accept donations snd Invest, tho same ; to g&si of 13b4, tnlatlajE w county oflicen. to reuse I” n>r <’o Chapter |f» of the law* of 1801. rdnlhijj to taxing ImuU purchased of the l/nltcd titates when tho entry was sus* ponded. Thu A».rmlilj- I, MI to prohibit tho ron.oll. dttllon of Hi, Paul Railroad with the Prairie dut.hlcnand Northwestern road* wiuordercd to a third reading. Ayr* Til, imy* I ,*. niCIUOAN. (I'pcclil Despatch to tbo C'Mmito Tribune.) La.nainu, February 19. hknaik, The report of the Committee on the FUnt Aejlum recommends an appropriation of 11M,000 for the completion ol the asylnm building, and apparatus, and expenses for the ensuing two years, report of the Committee on Agricul fftSV* 6 an appropriation of |<jO,ooo for the Institution. Bills were Introduced to authorize local aid to a railroad from Marshall to St. Cbur of B ’ rl° chaDfie tlie boundaries of the town Bills passed to authorize the City of Mar shall to borrow money; to authorize the formation of a warehouse corporation. HOUSE. Bills to amend the charter of Marquette, and enlarge the corporate limits of Niles, were reported favorably from the Com mittee. The hill to change the time for bolding the annual school meeting at Niles was ihtro dneud, if ad and referred. The bill to authorize the school district at Grata Lake to loan money, passed. MINNESOTA, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Br. Paul, Minn., February 19. The Senate did the most actual work to day of any one day of the session, having passed twenty-eight bills. A hill was passed giving the land grant given to the State last year to the Hastings &.Rcd River Road, and also extending the Uroe for the construction of the St. Paul it «> inona Road. Tde House defeated the bill attaching Brown County to Blue Earth for Judicial purposes. This bill was nroposed la order to remove the trial ot the New 131 m Christ mas mob from that place to Mankato. The House has Invited one of the females who fulled to come to lime last week to .-peak to them on female suffrage on Thurs day night. IIVDIANI, [Special Despatch to the Cmcapo Trlbanc.l Indianapolis, Februiry 19 SENATE. Bills authorizing voluntary Benevolent As sociations ; amending the act authorizing Joint Slock Agricultural Associations; an" ihorizlng the assessment of lands within one and a half miles of gravel roads: and one drawn by Governor Baker, requiring furl, lives from justice to be first examined before a Judge of the Circuit Court before being delivered up on requisition, were passed. The House Revenue Bill, levying a tax of twenty cents on one hundred dollars, and sixty cents poll tax, was passed. A large number of House bills were read a first lime, and more new bills introduced. A resolution was offered to go into election of Trustees of Benevolent Institutions, but It was tabled—26 to 10—on account ofthe in* vestigatlon pending in regard to the manage ment of the Insane Asylum. HOUSE. The Special Committee on tbc subject of milk sickness recommended the apnoint ment of a committee of scientific men to In vestigate Nathan Brown’s cure, and an ap propriation to him of not over fifteen thou sand dollars, If the report was favorable. The following bills passed : For construc tion of sewers by Incorporated towns; pro viding that the mechanics lien shall at tach from time the work is commenced ; pro viding for drainage of swamp lands; legal izing acts of Notary Public in certain coses ; amci.ding the felony act, so as to punish lersuiibwho set fire to their own property. The.blll apportioning the State for con gressional purposes was adopted by fifty-five to twenty-one. The subject ofUnlvcrslty Square was dis cussed and referred to the Committee on Ed ucation. MASSACHUSETTS. Boston, February 19.—The bill abolishing tbc usury laws has passed the Legislature, -tud becomes a law on the Ist of July. Adair* at Port Dodge Topeka, Kansas, February 19.—The mes senger on the Santa Fe stage line, who reached Junction City on Wednesday night last, states that as he came through Fort Dodge, the commanding otHccra forbade him going out as there was great danger from the Indians. He says they were so badlv scared at Fort Dodge that they were digging ditches, throwing up earthworks, «&c. Application for« New Trial Unonc- ccMfnl. Toronto, C. W.. February 10.—The appli cation for a new trial in the ease of Kennedy, ibe convicted Fenian, has been refused. It was made on the ground of alleged iulormal* ity in summoning tbc Jurors. A Bribery Cbm. Trenton, February 10.—Barclay Ilamcs, or rflerlug a member of the Legislature a bribe, was to-day sentenced to pay a fine of one thousand dollars. The New Governor of Maryland. Baltimore, February 19.—Tuesday next has been aeslgned by the Senate for the in auguration or Lieutenant-Governor Cox as Governor, rice Swann elected Senator. Suspected of in order. Lawrence, Mass., February 19.—Edward P. Hiiiman, son-in-law of Ingall Damon, was arrested on suspicion of causing the latter’s death. rriVAIT UltUTliHH*> Advcrtlftlna Au'li 12« Dearborn**!*, receive ndvcrtiNCmcnti 'or ali the lendiuir pnpcm tbreushont the Culled Stated and l.'nnaiu. Ulanfes, JTO CLAIM AGENTS. We arc prepared to farnlub Blanks Tor coilcciias (bo 80 per mcotb EXTRA PAY FOR SERVANTS, Dor Officers, under net of June 20, TSOI, rtcratly allowed. Also, all other Blank,, rranirrd by Claim Agents. Address TttIBDNE CO., _ Cblcatro. astrologg. jyjADAME ALWi;:. All perions wishing to Enow thc;r FUTURE PROSPECTS IN LIFE, wbeis »te may t* consulted about all matters coacera- Ing DosltcM. Marriage, Lore, etc- and will tell the name cf the lady or ccttleman you are zoias to carry: also the name of her visitors. SSiHanfCv. YyAKTED— Silnation In a Quartette Choir, By » Alto smeer. Addre» “SEfGEB," Trftcne office. V\r A-N'TED—Every one to call and ex* V V amine Wickham’s Burglar Alarm. State. county and city rights {or Bilo. Terms to ralt ill. Also, ilccle Alims Tor rale. Office, 133 Dear born-ru. Boon 14. up staira, Chicago, UI. —Old satin ribbons 'wanted. f irtlet hitiui an oW nock of Satin Blhboas which they ire wiliior to tell it prices which win repay me mr mJjelnr and Celihlae, caa dispose of them by ad dresser J.£. HODGKINS, 81 ililk-st., Boston. Bor Sinff.stattae quality of each number, without re- (gdcfjration BIRTHDAY. THE F. B. OF CHICAGO Will celebrate the Birthday oi Washington by a FABADO AKD BAZA. The Chicago Battalion ct ibe I. K. A. wiU parade dor toe the day. In the even L-g a GRAND BALL will be pi Ten In ite Doanj of Trade Boom*. South Water-*L feeproewd* viu be appropriated to the porchase ot arms and anl* roras. licajts, aamtttm* gentleman and todies. SuX wb-caabehadof the Centre* of the Circle*, and of Major Mcorc. corner of Randolph and CanaMts. JiiHoob ani Coal. TXT OOD AND COAL—Wood and coal. TV lam now clotlne oat one th*.n*and tons flm •juaJlty Bnar HIU Coal. la qaanUtlra to sett par* «haters, at greaty reduced rate*. Will sell ooal at |9JO p«r ren; beech at fiO.OO: maple at ns.oo. No. 18 k nth aide of Baao-it. bridge, joining Taylor A Wright's store. WM. CRAWFORD. 'J'RAVLKSE BAT WOOD! AT REDUCED PRICES, gr It is the best Wood brought to this market. BEST IACKAWANA COAL! By Tos or Car-load. CUltTTss DROWN 6c CO* riOAL. \f WILMINGTON BRIDGE GONE! GaraserCoai Co have on band their, bard, well* «cre<&ed, and fteetrom imparities. lllmoU Ccai. U*et Ooal jet tontd in the West. Ben<t In vonr orders by malt, sad pay on delivery, at |S.OO. Address F.T. Al>* AMs.P.O.BoxB7O. Yard, 119 Beach*U corner ravlor. Wot Side. jfeeb. pBOUND OIL CAS.H! U the Cheapest Feed in the Market Fcr ilock of all klada. Order* oromnCy sued tor casfc, IT B. W. BLATCKFORD * COT^ * hSiTOnsnhdUtaast. NUMBER 257, ffiouac jFutn(«l)tng. 74 ANU 70 J'AKE OT. Two doors west o! the old stand. Paper Hangings, Decorations, Window Shades, Bedding and Bed Furnishings. Upholstery Goods. E.G. L. Faxon&Go., House Decorators, 74 & 76 Lake-st. gnuinrg anfr igorfragr. 'J'WINtS, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC. GILBERT HUBBARD & CO.. DEALERS IN TWINES AND CO HD AGE, 205 4 207 SOUTH WATEB-ST., CHICAGO. Tfce largest ami beat assortment In the West of AND FLAX DDCK, all wldtbaand weights* ifia o&liff? 6 ASD lICiiLAP3 = COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TTTINES Of every description; Cotton. Flax, Paper and Jite rapping twines; Bell and Sash Cores, uin Nets snd Seines, with every raj let} of Seine a^ettlngTwfnf. Xcnta, Awning*, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F Xj a. Or S Of Stilt cr Banting, as per Army Rermlstini. M . slanilycn Land and made to order. tteKumW3a ’ eoa ' j. a. irtsii, oxo. a’ciifcrriL Nctospapcrs. “VXTESTERN INVENTOR,” v» AnluustratedWeeklyJonreaLderotodto Inventions, Mechanical Aris/llannfoclnres and Practical infoimntlon. Will be published SATURDAY, MARCH Sd, JOHN B.TDRCHIN A CO., Publishers and Proprietors, N. E. cor. Dearborn acd Madlaon-sts., np stairs. Samples mailed frte on application. Heal iSstate, JpOK SALE— By S. H. KERFOOT & CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 71 Dearbora*flt. 11 7M, 7 ?.r* P . EE 'L. TO 20 FOOT ALLEY. AT THE LOBbLlt Of WaJJABH-AV. and TWELFTH-ST. . This is a very dc«lrable location {or a ilnt-class ho tel or boarding bouse, similar la ttvl* to some of those elegant Flttb-ar.csublbhmenu in New York, or to our own Clilton House, corner of Wabash ar. and Madlson-st., except,.perhaps, the tint or ground floor, which coolu be nnlshed tor stores aui rented at a good ptofit onlhettveatment. There ts no one thing that Chicago lacks so much as In good, comfumble living room at reasonable prims, for Us dally tscresstng population, and a building as above woa:d be Immediately AUed wnu fint-cim oc cupants, at good, remunerative prices, and all the >Urei renuyfat fslr rate*. will tot »oae ot our «*plt illiU end speculative men move In this matter. ana ice that upon thu elegant corner, on one of th-j best avenue* in the city. la erect* eo a Dulldlnc ttul »h*ll bo cot only a convenience to the Deorlr, but an ornament to tbe cltj, aswcllaia profitable mvetnicaty ORTH DEARBORN-ST. Two Excellent Dwelling Houses, On North Dearborn su, last north of Cslcago-ar. These buildings are tram*, on stone foundation. con* Uln elev* n rooms each, have gas. water, water-closet, bathroom, good cellar, and excellent barns In the rear. Tfacao Ilooaea can be Sold Toscibcr or t*cpa« nucly. For particulars spply to WRIGHT A TYRRELL. 3 Metropolitan B!ock* Huibet ©oohs. pRIOES REDUCED J " ON RUBBER BELTING, packing AND HOSE. Manufacturers' Aizcnts, HALLOCK «fc WHEELER, (Socccssors to JNO. B. IDESOK A C 0„) 111 ItANUOLPU-ST. USasqurrabc (Costume;?. jyjASQUERADE COSTUMES For Ladles and. Gents* Just finished, the most beautiful and richest assort ment of MASQUERADE COSTUMES, Ot the richest class of goods, at the MUUnery Store. 188 North Clark-st. C3T Outside orders ter Masquerades. Private Par* tie*, will be promptly attended to. OATH. DERM. 18S North ClatkJU Boots $c gitjoes. GO EAST? Btxy Chicago Work* CALF BOOTS, SSI per doz. KIP “ 43 “ “ Foots warranted-beft Chicago custom mad?. Send for complete Price List In Journal of Commerce. E. CHAPIN, 141 Klurfe-M, jDarhtoate, gtourg, &c. QAKDWAIiZ A CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Go 175 Dabe-St. The attention ot c!o*e buyers Is Invited to ottreom B !^lV^S :Jt ,^i'J >OPEBS 4 MACHINISTS and CAR AMERICAN TABLE CUTLER) and BUILDEBb uAKDWAKR, direct tromthe bid manufiKturns. We offer, also, a complete assortmeni Of WOSTENHOLM’S I‘OCKBT CUTLERY, SPSAB 4 JACRSON’b SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS d SONS SCIbSORS and RAZORS. STUDDb * ROT BERT*) FILES, also SKATES and Strap* cf eyery description. We also keep constantly on foil numbers or SCHOENBERG EE’S JUNIATA NAILS. C, a. tinp- Epw. FmooTT. b. Bmrmii Consignments. \ NOTIIER LOT OF .Li. FRESH CODFISH, FRESH HADDOCK,’ In caod order. just recelred. Pilcea atm farther nnccd. Address orders to GEO, n. PAGF, 09 Sonih Watg-st. Q RANGES AND LEMONS. 1,000 boxes Oranges and Lemons, Arriving, and for sale by EIBBNDBATH 4 CO„ 117 tooth Waterst. J^TJFFIELD’S CSI« SB RATED 3AHS, The oldest Brand. Established ;u 1837. Very mild* cored. For sale in any Quantity by U.T. JACOBS 4 CO„ Commission Merchants. 101 Sooth Water-s*. fHelrlclnal. QOBJIOPOLITAN AGUE PILLS TTIil posltirelj Care Ague, Nerrons llcadacbc and all Neuralgic . Affections. BURNHAMS 4 TAN BCHAACK. Wholesale Agents. Ocntisttg. DK. J. O. FARNSWORTH EXTRACTS TEETH WITHOUT PAIN, By the ose of Nitrons Oxide Gas, or VUallred Air. lor St. Artificial Teeth Inserted, CromJU toSJOa seCoa Bobber. 116 BandolplMu, opp. Wood’s Mosenm. 'T'EETH. NO EXTRA CHAUSB fbr Extracting Teeth WITH OUT PAIN, by the ose ot Nitrons Oxlls Uaa, when ar , tiodai ones aie Inserted, at TBBOO’S Dental Booms, 73 Sonlh Ciark-SL, Chicago. New Teeth Imacrted muko dny oe esnetei aeiaftflfg. gPECIAL NOTICE N. MATSON & GO. (HwCMeon to MAI BON A I10K9), liy TjtllfO"Ht., CHICAGO, lEt,„ Utvloi been appointed Urn only Wboluata A«n>u Air Ctalctt{o tad Uio WrvUro Country, for iht American Watch Company Watchoi, OF WAI.TIIAM. 91AHH., OmU e to auto to Ibe pottle Utat tbojr bare at on Umu o foil nod complou a**mmeot of above WaiobM, raaad In OOLD and HiUVbR CABU6 of ovary ooncelr. tbl« Hylo ud Cnlobto be loud, tod it FACTORY PRICKS. Jeweller* snd Wttcbmaken ol the Korthweet can now betapplted «t precisely ume riMuit the Fee* turr. ui Hte the deity ieml.Bg B*iU We are the only nuiharieed Agents la the West for Ibeee Italy celebrated Watches, sad fully recemrotod them lo the public as the best of the American production. J. MATSON, UJIIIOS, W.E.HIGIEr, 117 Chicago, IU. iErangpoitation. gPECIAL NOTICE. TO SHIPPERS OF FSEIGST To St. Louis. THE Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R.R. IN CONNECTION WITH Illinois Rltcf Packet Co„ I. now prepared to transport Merchandise, Produce, and all kinds of Freight, Between Chicago and St. Louis, And Intermediate Points on Illinois River, Via First-claas Steamers from Peoria, At LOW BATES, and with PROMPT DESPATCH. Boats Leave Peoria and St. Louis Daily. For information os to rates, apply to LEWIS VIELE. General Freight Agent, Boom 6 Dickey’s Bonding, C. W. 31A.VBURV, Freight Ageat, cor. Clark and Tsylot-sts. OT Ellis Lading Issned ONLY at Freight Depct. Humber, I LUMBER! We have a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we ofler t» Country Dealers at prices which cannot toll to be lamfiictory, for good asserted anal* Ules. Our stock consists la part ot Wide lit. 3d and 3d Clear; Clear and 3d Clear Flooring and Biding; Select and Common Stock ana Box boards; Wloe Saginaw Con men boards, Jola*t, Scantling, Timber, Ac. We have a large stock of 13, It, Is and 13-lbet Fencing, which we offer low with other lumber, or Orders tollcUed. Oflicc and Yard on Usmi’i Canal* la the new I. umber District, SCOTT A PORTER. JFor Salt. JpOR SALE— The atnek and good will of n well estab* imbed Hoot and ehae (loan* in Sew V«ru City. Apply to or adfiris* ROBERT GASTEN. 43 Mor r*} iL..Saw Torir, BEAT BARGAIN—One ot the most VjT valuable WATER POWER PRIFILEUES In tbe West, situate wliiln farty miles ol this city.and soluble tor any kind of tnannzacturlDg woraa. ia of* fered fur tale, fbr cash, by immediate application, at v 5 percent ot Its actual value. Good itouc dam. aev* era] acre* ot land, upon which are good stone lu abun dance. for repairs or Improvement*. Apply at 13 Reliance-place, between the hours of 10 a. m* and 1 p. m„ orfiomstotp.m. JJRICK FOR SALE. 300.000 FIRbT QUALITY OP BRICK. FORHALE i.n lot?* to suit, By LYMAN BRIDGES, Masonic Temple, pOR SALE— Shingle, SUto and Barrel Machinery, Comprl«ln* shingle mil's, h-udmg mi:!*. »bla&ie and beading Jointers, stavejolnters, siavecutter*, Beading rx.under* ana c liner*, equalizing and All new. of our own raanntaeture, and warranted. FULLER A FORD. 283 and 254 Maaison-St. ■RARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOR SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STUCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &,c^ Invoicing about 115,000: all purchased within a year Last, and lease on store. Store located lu a thriving iwn a short distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons aiven for selling. For particulars Inquire of K. V. BOBBINS, Commission Merchant, 82 LaSallwL, Chicago. grates. gPECIAL NOTICE. Having disposed of our stock cf Howe’s Scales to th* Howe Scale Ccmpanv. we cheerfully recommend them to the patronage ot the public. FRANK SI URGES d CO. Chicago, February Istfa, 1667. The Howe Scale Co., ot Brandon. VL, rerpecUnlly inform the public that the arrangement* tor tne sale of their Scale* In the *e*t during the hut ten vears hav ing expired by limitation of the contract, they have decided to aaiome the same, for the purpose ot being nearer their large Western patmnave, and Save ap point* Q Mr. JAMES T. WHIFFLE,who has been asio* elated with tbe enterprise since ISstheir Agent. We •ballcontinue the oosi&ess at the old stand. In tbe store of Meiers. Frank bturges A Co„ 190 and SOI Randoipn-sc 11UWE BCALECO. JAMES T. WHIFFLE. Agent. Chicago. February 1.-. 1567. eeainhoto ©lass. J M ILLARD FOX. WINDOW GLASS. 2 0 3 Etibcrtising agents. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. We are pleased to annonnee that we cow bare oor ‘tChlin ot Aeeacle#” eo perfected at SEW YORK, CINCINNATI sod CHtCAbO, that we can hare adver tisements. or cotiees of anj kind. Inserted In any new* paper la the Easters. Middle. £oott>era or western States, at abort notice aad at low rates, Recent met of all newspaper! are kept constantly at onr office, fbr tbe examination and cODrcnlence of Advertisers. Par U%* dealrons of bavin* their INVENTION'S, WARS OR MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED m any section Ol the United states or Canadas, wiu do well to call at office, where any desired intsnnatlon will he mvea as to *he clrctUadon of thepapers. rates, terms, 4c, Office, S 7 Dear bo rn-sC, Boom No. 11 (op stairs.) COOHt COBCttN 4c CO., Newspaper Advertising Agents, SSbucatUinal. TTNITERSITF OF NOTRE DAME, I. * NOTRE DAME, IND.—'The cat term ol well-known mutation win commence on the FIRST OF FEBRUARY. Students. however. can ester at any time dortae the year. For Catalogue# and more »articular inlbrma- Poo «PPiy to Kxt. W. COBBY. 8, 8.0, Prta’tT JHicijinerg. A M£S* jCjl Celebrated portable and stationary BT6ARX ZsNGINGS, all aired. Superior to all others. C. L. BICE 4 CO™ Chicago; SMITH & BIGGS, SC Loots, Mo.; WM P. Call or send for circnlar. ffifiinawate. HAVILAND, CHURCHMAN & EN OLAIND, Old Stand. 47 Joha-sC, New York FRENCH CHINA.. Wo are receiving from erar tactory in Franco richly decorated dinner, tea ccd touet sets, raics, and a mil aopply of wtlte China. agricultural Implements. PLOWS AND SULKY CULTIVA TORS—Superior to all ethers. First premium awaroed at the field trial over ail competitors at tha hUte Fairs ot lowa asd Uiuesota; auo. at the state Fain of iniards aad WUomsta. •hMCMvcs M Wa. B. You< * Chicafo. ffienerai Nortteu. TUB „ tJNDEIIbIONED, IIAVINO JL (CMutifarrivedfiortNrw Toft,I#ttirtl ipeciil (Mont," a nclvi of Vocal l-CMpnt. t* —i,,2Z •5» r«p£lißJiy la«/3the aUMMafti Ke Uftcit/. Apply at ijna A flMj/i Mwiofit"” " A UOUhT V UKHHtHRHD. IxtoU BUab. Anna Ptedarllta Mtfniu. ARE PREPARED TO bUIP WHEAT TO ALL TOINTN* KAST AIVD SOUTH, Without TmuAt at Ohie«|«« IV* Order*iron MiJfmioUcJlol Imblm hoi m b(pTICaU«U. ~ aioa uonoaii MfLIfAPKBi. WH. ('OMMKUCIAL NATIONAL BANK W OV I IJJwAUO, UiliAtfW. f11.,/«bfUM/ 17, Ml. |f,< ' m lh '» Ui* offlco of ttifcr lUak will bo u No. 65 Dearborn-st r Botncpn l.«h* Bnd HmnMpkt X 'O merchants and otherh. S>«i u> otdarUka rommlHiwta tor itn Sai/oftSS 1 1 of *c„ in ta« cooaiiT. weor P ,w «A»a® Apply to Bot 4Kg, Po«i OtOoe, Chlfago. A BUSINESo JLiN AVANTS TO 222«ttaS 8 ! cr V * n< * 0,6 ■ s ’°nhwo.t. WouidVot Oil, STONES. Something New. B g&ssrsJS?& a s , & Sl ( sVo?£f f t cI ?L? 1 b > «»• K»KBT OJ&, aofesKCOu 14A- ralton-ft-, Chlr»eo.- MsCeot --- & uttr^sadmtorn^toialtsajihspSTtool?** FAIUBAKKS, ti KEEN LEAF A CO Q*°«sl Agents, gag >ct i **j» t .v-~L OFFICERS. 080 BXTILa, -Inventors -who “ d i“^E e “^^*%«W^ttwr«aSSreta Cbvces ieu this *ny oUisrrSubS Affsi^'SSB 111 *« *■» ~__ MC3W * CO, 37 Part-roy. .New Ti&. J^OTiCE. c _-, CHICAGO ft ALTOX RtHBU9 CoypiST > ScpEuanamsT's Orrci, Chicsgo.Feb.lL ia»7. f Oa account cf the lose of sa important bridge; oa this line, by freshet, no tnrough train, will leave Cht caw for Springfield till farmer notice. The Wilmington Accommodation Train will rra tm IU regular time. _ BOOT HATg Gea’l Snpt. JSSSS Notice to 13opcr=JHakers. TO PAPER-MAKERS. Omc* or tit* Hydrostatic Pip** cowpawr. / MaoaSa Falls, February LISCT. j To Paper lUunufactnrrra j Wb are Informed that offers haro been made to Man ufacturers by one ME ECU. for the sale of rightt toe □leaching Paper Palp by Pnenmatlc preason % Patent tuned to him;, we thereto re deem it proper to notify all persona Interested, that the proceasof aald Meechlsa Direct r.nd Positive Infringement of the and Klgl ts of this Company; That hi* whole process is embraced in tbe proceta at th • Company, and corered and protected In direct terms by onr Patents; and that we shall prosecute tor Infringements all persons who attempt to osn the Pneumatic process under grants liomaatd Meech. We treat this will be sofficleatnotiOcaUoa to all ben* orable men. and we giye It circulation to save taem and ns Irom vexatious and expensive litigation hero after. I*. C. WOODRUFF, A. M. Hasting?, Vice President. S. Prmßog«.lrfasnrer. lousiness (£acbs. Q. S- HCTCHINH & CO., Commission Merchants. CHICAGO. Agents fcrT. Klngstord Afcons* Oswego stare*. D3I. RICHARDSON, • uajrcracxmgn or Telegraph, Bound feParlor Matches U. W. DURANT. Agent, Office, 4 L Ulrer-eC, Q.OURLAY BROTHERS, Shirt Manufacturer*, 27 UARCLAY-ST., NBAS CHURCH; NSW TOES** K. B.—Bilce Llau mailed on application. Q.ILBERT & FIELD, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT!, (Succemorsto Gilbert! Updike 103 Wa m lilns ton CPAS. J. GILBERT. OKO. FOLD E. KENT & CO., MERCHANTS, 7<l Broad-tffc, Now Yoelr, AND ~Yyil. WISDOM & SON, manufacturers of SASH, POORS, BLINDS, Mouldings, Scroll Sawing. Turn Inc, 07 North tranklln-st., corner of Ohio. Chicago. Ratmts. STREETS CLEAN. Smilli’sCrlcbralrdSlnclSwetpiogSaeliinti Famished to Corporations, Contractors and others, oa reasonable terms. These useful Sweepers are con» true ted U ilvf to b* oper sted by band-iauor or by horse-power. **.«- cblne warranted to perform its wore thoroughly. on any ttreet. Price f ICO and upward*, according to **» patent IB tbu for sale. For particulars, Ac- R. A. bMXTH. I'atfntee and General Azat. 611 C'heitnnt-t., piiii«rf<-ip*f_ J ADIEB, TRY THEM. HUBBELL’S PATENT HAIR CRIMPER! JUST OUT. lor Sale at all Millinery and Taney Store*. JIGGERS’ PATENT PORTABLE CONCRETE PRESS Manufacture* fre m Sand or Gravel. CONGESTS BUILDING BLOCKS, 4 in. by S la. and 10 In. Tbe BEST and CHEAPEST Building Material ta tho world. NO BURNING REQUIRED. Price of Pit*?. JCOC.OO, exelmlve of right, wndfer circular. For right* address C. d F. HAWKINS, 209 South Water-ac. Chicago, ill. rjAKD'd PATENT BBICH niACHINIL OfflCft and canutactory 33 BouQi Jetfenc&dL Fh tntonnaaoa and dtscnpuvo cHcnlar address B.H.6ASD. 33 Bouth Jefex«o&«L.(2iaoft 13attitttsl)ips. Chicago, fee. ioth, 1857.—'We bare this day «oid onr entire interest la IfcQ firm ef J. W. STANLEY 4 CO., Of this city, to B. YT. Btatchfbrd and C. P. Oases. CAHtixpji' SLavfcntm. The above basinets win be continued under the Mae firm tame of J. W. hTANLE? * BV Bem3fßtCK J. W. bTANLKT, 'DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNER- X-f SHIP.—-The c*partnei*hlp heretofore exirttnv tnd«r the name and Arm of LANK. •9 u dlwolTtd cn the 9th day of February hr nW. iw BiajlonlelilneblalnUreat to R tnistandinirlacebtedtesa aa&lnat a*id «{? debts dnewm be sra^tha^fl^®" 1 “* m JOSEPH LANK, CHAS.g. FOSTER CUcso, rn, rrtnur, BB4TXOS-. N OF , GOPABTB BBS HlP.—The ?il e ! . formed a copartnership trader tha name and at} le ot LANK, FOSTEB 4 CO., (br *r»e purpose of D®n» mlLing bnUneis, ac tfenwre tatoas aiaewta. * Joseph lank. CHAS. B. FOSTER, Chleaco.HLFcbniarT9th,SsL B£ WOODMA»« QOPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. Iteoiderslgned bare this day termed a copartner* Bhiaoncer the name and style of MORSE, LOOBIS dc CO* For the mannlaettue and tale of Clotnlur, ard lure taken clampers Nos. 74. 76 sad 7S Michisaa-ay. comer of Latest. CHAS. A. MORSE, SILAS w. LOOMIS, Chfeac*. C. W. FREELAND. BEARD 4 CO., Boston. Chicago. Jannary lit, liS7. Stncfci&ollierß’ Verting. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS, LOAN AND TRUST «t. The Anneal Meetirg ol the Btocabolilrri of the Loan-md Trust tinn S TrnitMt. will be held as the office of md Oew Chicago, on MONDAY. M«r« the poors of 10 a.m. and It m. LJ jaukviill^^ 550,000 T 0 LOAN Qa Flrsi-olass Bosl Estate. Anoly to ROZKT 4 CUMMTKOB, Beal Si late tad Loan Broksn, ts 9 T agrttK.