Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 20, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 20, 1867 Page 3
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THE FRESHET. Blrscn of the Flood at Toledo-Dc strticllon ofa llnoce-1 Steamer Oar- Tied off by the Ice and Probably ■Wrecked. fFi om ihc Toledo Blade, February IS.) Te<terdav was one of the most exciting «lavs ever experienced by the citizens of this <*itV Ucpoita of floods caused by the recent thaw bad'-reached us, but tbit Toledo waa lo experience effects of the most serious na «nn» none anticipated. Saturday, as wo Mated In the JHatlc, there were approhen slctis of a Fjtcodv break up of the lee, and, to some extent/disaster. but the loss of pro perly was not contemplated. The Ice above Maumee commenced breaking up Sat nrdav morning, aud was rapidly forced down against the bridge at that place, and gorging produced a dam, causing the water to set back against the structure, aud soon alter the ice commenced tearing up the floor of the bridge. This was all the news obtained up to a lute hour last even ing, but this gave rise to fears of a break up here. Yesterday morning the icc In front of the city was unbroken, but gave evidence of weakness, however not sufficient to deter people from crossing the river upon It in preference to going via the bridge. At about 10 o'clock, an immense field ol broken ice came rushing down the river, plowing Its way at the rote of five or six wiles per hour, and following in Its wake came with almost Irresistible force broken ice thrown up In every conceivable sbaiK*, together with timber and drill-wood. This latter ** field” was the entire width of the river. As the broken Ice passed the Wabash Freight House It forced the steamer City of Toledo irom her fastenings and hurried her down stream at a fearful rate, and It was ap prehended that the noblo vessel would bo driven through the bridge : but ns she reach* ede the lower end of the Michigan Southern duck the ice lodged against the bridge and 1 lie docks below causing an eddy near the zn -ulb of the bayou, and iuto this counter current the steam* r drilled, and before the ice lelow again cave way the vessel was se cured. ’ihc barge Crosby’s Express was also earned around near the mouth of the bayou. Tbc blockade of the Ice proved to have been caused by tbc bridge, and the structure conld not long endure the pressure upon it. The Ice blocked up against the docks to such an extent us to force the great volume of that floating over into the *• sw ash chan nel” near the east side, and as it struck the piling on Which the bridge rested, the plies were'bent like withes and in less time than it takes us to chronicle the fact about one half of the structure was swept away. The yielding of the bridge produced the greatest cxchcmcut; from this side several persons could be seen «.n the broken struc ture, and as the timbers were quickly sepa rated and all were compelled to take to the ice. the most intense degree of fee«ing pre vailed. There were reports of a number be : ing drowned, including one female, but we ’cannot learn that such is a fact; probably all were saved. Tbc north section of the bridge at the foot of Cherry street was swayed arouud about fifteen feet, the abut- I meut on which tbc outer end rested being swept away. Efforts were made to secure it agafntt the large quantity of lec that pressed against it. and at six o’clock last evening no further Injury* had been doue to that portion of tbc bridge. At this time there must have been 10,030 persons along the shore on the west side. After passing the bridge the ice became gorged off tbc foot of Elm street, and the water rose very rapidly—at least three feet in half an hour—overflowing the docks and creating quite a resiiectab*e channel in Water street. Soon, however, the ice force I a pas sage down stream, and, as it started, the steamer Belie, which was moored near the foot of Elm street, was swung around, the fotward lines breaking, and as her bow turned toward the middle of tbc river her stern lines broke, aud she was carried out into the channel and drifted with the ice down the river. At A o’clock she was about two mites below her winter berth, the ice piled up against her to such an extent that only her upper deck aud smoke stack wore visible from the dock. She will probably prove a total loss. When she broke loose there were some men on her decks, but all probably reached the shore on the ice— three were seen to leave the bout by those tlanding at the foot of Clieiry street. At a later i>enod the barge ab >ve raention tioned. not having been made secure, drifted down against the Cherry street bridge. There were three men on the barge, and as the craft lloatcd stern foremost they manag ed to bicer it so that the stern struck near a stone abutment, which resisted the pressure up-on it, aud the vessel swung around broad .ridetothe bridge aud was saved. The men who were on the vessel succeeded in getting on tiic bridge, and then left the craft to the merer of the waves. The ‘*draw”o! the bridge did not appear to have suffered any injury ; and if the first section resists tbc pressure upon it, that por tion of the structure resting upon stone abutments will escape serious injury. That put lion of tiie bridge was the least expen sive. yet tbc loss will not fait short 0f515,000 to $20,000. While a very serious matter to the Bridge Company, tbc loss will prove a calamity to the passing community on the East Side. Several jMirsous wk h teams were in town Irum that section, and were com pelled to leave their teams iu town until they could ascertain whether the Maumee bridge wus lulacl. There were reports on the *-trccts that the bridge at Maumee disap early iu the morning. Of their accu racy wo shall learn probably to-day. The damage to property on Water street, and the names of the |*creont* suffering, arc given below, as far as wc could Inm them; but the lull extent of the losses cannot yet be ascertained. _ Messrs. King Brothers had about 100 bar rein of flour and 200 barrels of line dairy salt imrllally under water. 11. 8. AVnlbridge & Co. bad 100 barrels of flour, 200 barrels of salt umi seventy-live bar rels of plaster. At two o’clock there vras water lu the warehouse to the depth ofaovdu lucbcs. In tbc warehouse of .1 It. Strong tbc water was eight inches deep, covering to that depth some JWO barrel* of salt; while there were aliout as many more under water out* side. In tlio warehouse of I’eek A* Wells, comer «>( jetleison iitid Water sir .u.tuo water was fifteen Hide* deep. T 1 llrm bud got out about forty Imm-ln of ll .ur; bow much dam* aged Uour there remained In the building we could not leuvn. At A. llupkln’s warehouse a few barrels uf flour were wet. The warehouses of Young A Backus, Gherman, Kelsey A linn', ut»d the fish house of Crowell A* Co.. eonlalm-d more or leas water, hat we could not learn the extent of uatuage. The basement under Roomer’* aloro wna covered with water to a depth of two feet, and the basement of Leuk's block, about three feet. A basement euloon on Urn comer of burn* xnlt and I’crry streets, was Mibjiergcd to the depth of four feet. The furniture remains In the building. At the loot of Washington street Sw.m Creek overflowed the docks, but the lee was not broken up to any treat extent. The water was about eighteen inches deep in the basement of Walbridgc’s block on Bridge street. The C. A T. dock, on the bayou, was lifted two to three feet, and all but a tew feet at the edge was inundated. The “Middle Ground” presented a strange appearance, the Maud Mouse being more true to Its name than before. The whole ground was submerged from a few inches to two iect, the water lu many places reaching to the axle? of the railroad’ ears. We waded Into the Island House, and Proceeded to the ■upper storv, from the window of which we saw a vast sheet of ice and water, on what a few moments before was solid ground. The railroad freight houses wore inundated, ren dering necessary the removal ot express and other freight to the cars. From the eleva tion we occupied we could see immense bL-dhs of lee above Ibe C. A T. bridge, threatening to send that structure down the stream. Trains of loaded cars were placed ■upon the bridge for the purpose of weighting |i down, to resist the loice of the ice gorge, and to that precaution we may doubtless at* ■tribute the salvation of the bridge. Mitchell A Rowland’s otllee, near the Wabash Round House, was forced from the dock, and soon smashed to pieces by the ice, the papers, books and documents of the Arm being lost in the wreck. Going again on Water street, we found the cast side of the street entirely submerged, ■and in many parts the water covered the en tire street. Many person* standing upon piles ofluraber and heaps of coal, gazing lu -tcnlly on the rapidly moving lee in the river, were entire unconscious of the gathering waters around them, and were compelled to wade through the water to the nigh land. Liter.—a late hour last night we learned that the steamer Utile had disap peared from sight. She is now probably out iu the open lake. _ _ _ FKOM ST. LOUIS. TlUlinwmrntu by the Sotltliom Hcllof Aanocloallon—lncendiary Urmandod tn Custody—Counterfeit crC Nest Uro ken tip—Fatal Steamboat Accident— Underwriter*’ Meeting. [Special Deepatco to the Chicago Tribano.l St. lacis, Febrnary IS. Colonel Meyers, Quartermaster, has re ceived liihlruclione irom Washington to for ward freight for all points on the Plains north of Fort lliley via Chicago, and Is now making arrangements to purchase needed supplUs at Chicago Instead of at St. Louts. The fact creates quite a sensation among the merchants here. St. Loins, Fchrurry 18.—The Committee Appointed by the Southern Relief Association to distribute funds raised by the State Fairand by voluntary contribu tions, have made a statement of their pro ceedings. From this estimate U appears that the Association have put into the pos session ot the Committee the sum total of $124,743.35. Theresas been disbursed by the committee including all the appropriations made at each of thcirmcctings, an aggregate amount of $58,763 up to the 10th of Kcbrnanr. ISU7. This amount has been distributed as follows: In the Slate of Virginia,sl3,762; Mississippi, $a,140; Korth Carolina. $7,580; Missouri, $7,773; Georgia $5,240; • Alabama $2,013; Tennessee, $2,450; Arkansas, $3,730; Louisiana, $1,046; Cherokee, Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians,^,l27; Maryland, $3,030; Florida, $1,000; Texas, $>,030; Kentucky. $75. The general distribution by the Ladies' Executive Committee was $5,081. The above amounts have been distributed . in money, provisions and clothing, accord ing as it coold be best done In the Judgment of the committee so as to do the most good ■tothe greatest number of the most needy and meritorious. Culler, the Kansas City merchant, who was arrested some time ago for arson, and bronchi here a few days ago on a writ of, Aotan corjnu, was taken before .Tudgc Rebar on Saturday, and, altera fnll examination of the paper? in the case, was remanded back 1o the custody cf tin* Sheriff of Jackson County, and by him taken back to Kansas City last night, ... For some lime past quite a number of tolled States detectives have been visible on our streets, and It was rumored that they bad traced the headquarters of a caffe of counterfeiters that ■wore flooding the country with hocus fractional currency to St. Louis or Its vicinity Their operations wore carried on with treat secrecy and with snccess. On Saturday night, wood, one of the Washing, ’ton detectives, aided oy ox-Chlof of Police Couzzens, made a descent upon a gang at a point about a mile west of the Fair Grounds. capturing James mil, one of the parllcs.and accuilrga large quantity of spurious fifty cent notes and all the plates and apparatus used in their manufacture. A man named Brudery, also connected w Ith tbo gang, was captured. The descent of the officers was so unexpected that not only were the men cap. turca.hut their press, said lobe the only one In the West. Their Inks, paper, cold leaf, and coloring matter, together with cur. ftney in all stapes of manufacture. The steamer Lady Gay. which left this city last night for the Lower Mississippi, ox- Slodcd her engine head opposite Carondelct, riving the piston-rod through the body of the engineer, JiUHug him instantly. Tbo boat returned to this port. A meeting of insurance men was held In this cilyafew;dsys ago, and a committee ap pointed tocUclt Information as to whether the owncra of the steamers White Cloud and I‘lalte Valiev arc not Ibbicfor loss sustained, by those boats sinking, on the ground of carelessness on the part of the pilots In ran nlng the boats on such well known obstruc tions ns the wrecks of the Belle Memphis and gunboat Jeff. Thompson. FROM CAIRO. Dlrroury or a Hand of Railroad and Itlvcr Tlitevca—A Remarkable l*ctier from one of Tbcm—Kxtraordlnary Cane of JTlnrltal Infidelity. Cairo, Fehruaiy 18.—There Is no doubt of tbc existence here of a regular band of thieves and pickpockets, who also ply their vocalic n along the river and railroads. Every day persons leaving or arriving here by train or boat are swindled by confidence game or have their pockets picked. , One day last week James Forsyth and a man named Thomson met In a saloon In Cen trails and continued to drink until they became nulsy. Ttiey finally* got into ajijuar icl about some trivial mutter, aud soon they came to blows. In tbc scullle Thomson shot Forsyth, from the clfccts of which act he died next day. Thomson was arrested, and on his person was found the following re markable letter: “ Como. February S. “Fiueed Lou: I leave here this evening tor Stclthlard, to work on Nashville boat* from here to Smitbltcd and Irotn lucre to Clarksville. No one can woik here bat parties who have cot the town. 1 saw Cautaiita of thtee Nashville packets, soil they have given wo ago to work on boats, If yi o bad t>ce£ here to go np on the Tyrone, we coi Id have made a barrel of money. See was crammed with passengers. For Uod's sake coxe to Ssmlthland. Bring I'aL He and 1 will work between Jimntland and Cairo, and then yon and him, or yon and 1, will work horn bmlthlaud to Clarksville. We can make a barrel of money. Come at once; If yon cai'fiot come, send some one down to work wiibrna—Tripp will, or some one who can come to fcmiibland at once. Tell them not to atop at t'alrn an; longer than they can help, for It Is red hot there. Come yoarscll or send some one. as we arc loslngmoncy every day. “Respectfully, year friend, “Joe D. lUnntjr." This remarkable thief letter should put travellers on their guard, und may, it Is hoped, put detective* on track of thieves. Cajko, February IS.—A general conrt maitial lias convened at Mound City Naval Station, for the trial of such cases as may he brought before its session, and will probably continue through next month. An extraordinary case of marital infidelity lias transpired at Motmd City, of which the Mound City Journal gives au extended ac count. A man extensively engaged In busi ness in that city—one who was looked upon as a most upright and substan tial citizen—left his family and town, and is now reported lo be llvln? with a depraved' woman .In the principal city of a neighboring State. lie was the owner of property in the city. He left his business with his partner, and the bulk of his property was lull behind. Tiic {Treater portion of his property was left within the reach of his wife and lumily. It is under* flood that the wife has taken measures to secure full title to this property. The man was ore of the last in the community who would haae been suspected of betas? capable of pursuit)!; such u course. The blah regard entertained for his friends and relatives, who are of tire utmost respectability, forbids men* lion of names. FUOai INDIANAPOLIS. Xtlhl of Stretcher, the murderer— iJf fori* to Obtain Hie Agricultural Col lege, Ac. |?p:clal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Indianapolis, February 18. The trial Jof Howard Stretcher for murder, still drugs its s’ow length along in the Crim inal Court, Up to this evening thirty-nine witnesses have been examined in the cause The State concluded its evidence on Friday la>t, having sworn twenty-five witnesses. The prisoner's conned are attempting to jus* tify the homicide by a pica of self-defence. The insanity dodge was abandoned as unten able. The trial will last all through this week. The court room Is crowded to excess every day, and considerable feeling Is mani fested on* both sides. The question of poli tics cannot be kept out of the ease, ami as the jury stands nine Republicans and three Democrats, there is a fair chance for dis agreement. Strenuous efforts arc being made to have the Agricultural College located In this city. Ocr workingmen have taken hold of the matter, and meetings are being held nightly. Petitions arc being circulated asking the Common Council to levy a tax ol one bun dled thousand dollars, which sum is to be donated to the College if It is located here. Over five thousand signatures have already been obtained. While River has been bank fail for several days past, though It Is now falling rapidly. Weather warm and springlike. FRO3I FRANKFORT, KY. triau Taken from lll» Residence by (.ucrlllas and Hanged. {l'pcclil Despatch to the Chicago Tilfinno.l I’uANKroicT, Ky., February 18. About midnight Inst ultilit n mob of forty men rode into Danville, broke open the jail imd took onl a nma named Carrier, bat found t bev bad tlio wrong man. and roinmod him to Jail. Tbc brotber of Carrier bad been tried Tor atcnllng n horse to escape from the icbcls at tbe battle of Perryvllle. Tbc Jury disagreed,farrier gave bull and went homo ul I’aikcsvlllc. After returning the first hrollur to Jail, they rode tol'arkusviltc, mid about tbice o’clock broke open Corrler'a bouse, took him from bln family, ami hung him. Tbc mob wu* composed of the remain* of Qnuutrelt'H guerillas. FROM KAhIIVII.LE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihnne.J N.*hiiviu.E, February IS. It Is ulmohtcertain that ut the Stale Uuion Convention, which meets on Friday next, Governor Brownlow will he re elected umuil* momdy and by acclamation. Bev. It. 11. Allen, pastor of the Loyal Second Presbyterian Church in UUs city, has decided to accept the cult of the Tine Street Presbyterian Church In Philadelphia. FROM SAN DOMINGO. A Riot—Alleged ■ Negotiation for a Treaty. New Yohk, February IS.—A letter from 3*us*uu tn>a: “St. Domingo continues quiet, hut 1 think on tbc same day that tbc Barcelona left there was a riot on account of tbc presence in tbc river of an American steamer, for it seems that there is some fe&is that the Government Is In treaty with the Washington Government to cede to It some part ul the Island, for example, Jamaica. According to the Captain of the Barcelona, there were several shots fired, although the result was not known. The American steamer immediately left the river and anchored In the roads.” FROM NUY YORK, Increase In Rates of Fire Insurance, New Yoiik, February IS.—-The Board of Fire Insurance Companies have raised their rates about 20 to 25 per cent, with an evtra price tor absence of iron shutters where needed. A Bear Rlllrd In Su toah< fTrom the SU touU Democrat, February 16 1 last night, a large black bear was killed in the Tenth 'Ward, under circumstances hlghlv exciting, asloilows: Mr. F.A. Wbito bad been missing bis fowls for some time back, and could not trace the thief; bat, one soil morning, discovered a large and slngu* larlv-sbapcd track o" some wild beast with which he was unfamiliar, lie determined to. watch, and, last night, hearing a tremendous noise In his hen-coop, proceeded at once to the spot, and was surprised, dumbfounded hud somewhat alaimed, at helcg con fronted by a large Hack bear. He w»s alone, unarmed and unprotected,, and. under those circumstances, was perfectly justified in shouting loudly for as* sigtancc, which he did to the top of his lungs. Ills wife, who was born on the bor der and fears no beast that ever was made, heard his erv and rushed to his assistance; with a loaded revolver In her hand, and by a lucky shot popped Mr. Bruin plnmp in the eye just as he was about to demolish Frank with his claw. The bear can be seen at Frank’s store, minus the eye shot out, and no doubt he will prove to be tbc teudercst and sweetest bear ever seen In St. Louis Count?. It Is not every day a bear is killed in thc’Tcnth Ward, and wc nndcstand that the proceeds of the sale of this bold Bruin who has Invaded onr city just at the close of our Blvcr Convention, will all be giveu.lo the brave woman who popped him In the eye. Bow Xlicy Settle Mule Unplcaaanl neeecfl In Indiana. ; The LonisTiUe Journal of the 12th inst., I I*Ha the following: A gcntlemaj of Koko- 1 mo, Ind., who had been absent Irom home j ior several months, returned, and taking his wife travelled down to Indianapolis to see J sights, look in upon the Legislature, and | enjoy himself generally. Arrived at the capital city, the pair repaired to one ol the 1 principal hotels, where he registered himself and “lady,” and called for a room. As soon a ® the clerk saw the names ha declined fur- | nisbing the room, alleging as his reason that the lady had -visited that hotel at least half adozgn t<mcs with as many different gen tlemen, each of whom claimed her as his wife. Here was a pretty kettle of Rooster übh I The hubhand profaned vigorously, while the clerk saw that he had released a I mouse from a trap. The gentleman demand ed the names of the “ half dozen gentle men,” who all chanced to be residents of Indianapolis. The clerk gave them, and the parlies scut for- They came, a private room was called in requisition,explanations cn*ued • the betrayed husband's jackets tilled with greenbacks, after which healing ceremony informed the amorous six that they might draw straws for the woman—he was goln* to emigrate. He was as good os his word. 110 levanted, and the places that knew him have known him no more to date. A pleas ant country that Indiana. A Slight Mistake.— By command of his high mightiness, the cx-tallor Andy, one of the numerous clrtks in 'Washington was re cently set at work to rtnow the commission as Postmaster for Farmington. Dakota Coun ty, of J. C. Andicws—a bosom fHond of Andy's, and a first-class Brcad-and-Buttcr. man But the dork, being absent-minded* or perhaps thinking more of lomo other clerk In crinoline, blundered, and wrote, in t-Und of J. C. Andrews, J. C. Edwards. Now there Is, by odd luck, a J. C. Edwards in Farmington; but be Is “a full-blooded nig. gcr,” black us the see of spades, “sassy as a stack of monkeys,” and, as wo bear, more Intelligent, better educated, and considera bly better qualified to run the machine than ,1. C. Andrews. And eo It came to pass. In the second year of Ills reign, that Andy, the nicger-killcr, has appointed a dtrkcy In Min nesota to be roslmaater.— Minnesota Slaait Zfilutig. COMMON COUNCIL. {OFFICIAL REPORT.] Special Meeting, February 18.1867. Prftfnt— llia Ilonor the Mayor and Aldermen Ktdckribocker, Cancr, li'Woll. Wicker, Barrett, Wllmarth, calkins, llaicb, Wallwurk, Moore, Fcbole-, Itnlfcrty, Blxby, Kussfll. Ackhoi. Fran xsn. Hull, Krgt-l, Bhackford, O’Sulliveo. Ab*fr.t~ Aid. Cox Kaon, Flnnacsn, Frlihlc, Talent, Woodard, Bolden, Uaatfleld, Huntley, PromJfoot, Lawson, Cla>):. CALL, The Clerk rend (be call (or tbc meeting. which, on action of Aid. Moore, was ordered to be Placed on file. rmnoxs axd comvbioxtiobb. Aid. Knickerbocker presented a petition from William Gracer, for a tree peddler’s license, and moved that one be granted him for six months. 1 he motion prevailed. Petition of J. F. Lawrence, for remission of taxes, was, on motion of Aid. Barrett, heferred to Comptroller. Petition of Gosn & Phillips, to be refunded tax on 6 57-IWJ feet assessed in excess of frontage of lot. A'd. Knickerbocker moved to refer to Comp ti oiler. the motion prevailed. Petition of James O'dbei, for reduction of taxes. Aid. Moore moved to refer to Comptroller. Tbc motion prevailed. Petition of V. J. Fabrics and others, to have water pipvs laid in Eleventh street, between Bloc bland aveane and Morgan street „ . . Aio. Barrett moved to refer to tbc Board of Public Works. The motion prevaDed. nzronrs or rosuc ornczsi. The Cleik presented the Cilj Comptroller's monthly statement of receipts and expenditure* tor the month of January, IS6». Aldetmas Barrett moved to Ole. The motion prevailed. r-’«*r.TTTt AN END KENTS. Alderman AcknolT called lor the reading of the proposed amendment to the City Charter. In io lallon to Fire Department. The cietk road the amcedment, after which A!* deiman AckholT moved Its adoption, and do* mantled the ayes and note. ihe motlon'bcli g pat was lostby the following vote: Aytt— Aid. ItaCoity and AckholT—2. Sots— Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Banett, WUmarth, Calkins, Batch, Wallwnrk, Moore. Schuler, Btxby. Ilusscll, Fran* zen. Itnb. Engel, Sbacklord, OTsamvan—l9. BEPOIKIB OF STANDING COMMITIEES. STHECTS AND ALLEY-*, S. D. Aid. Wlltsanb, of the Committee on Streetsand Alleys, P. D., to whom had been referred a report and ordinance for aldcwslk on cast side of In* diaia avenne, from Thirty-first street to Douglas place, submitted a repoit recommending that the ordinance be passed. Aid. Calkuib moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. The mollcn prevailed, and the ordinance was parsed by the following vote; . * Ayet— Aid. Kulckt rborker, Carter, D’Wolf, W:cker, Barrett, Wllmarth. Calkins, Hatch. Wall work. Moore, Schnler, Kaffcrty, Btxby, Bussell, Ackhoff. FiatacD, Hub, Kogcl, bbacktord, O’sul liven—SO. JVoss—None. Aid. Barret: moved that a vote of thanks bo tendered to l.lf Honor, Ibe Mavor, and the Com mittee of Aldermen, for their action at Springfield In piescoilngtbc claims of the Council in relation to the proposed amendments to the Cny Charter. The motl' n prevailed unanimously. Aid. Jtooie xaovea that this Council do now ad- motion prevailed, and the Council stood adjourned. A. 11. BQDMAN, CllyCleik. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETAEY. Tcnsnar Etestko. February 19. A vloleot snow storm Bet in at an earl; boor this lorciioon, and at the present writing there nro ro signs ot its cessation. Cosiness was, on this account, very dull throughout the city, and at the banks there was no execution. Thu Money mar kit prerents no new lea’urts. The eopply of arailablc foudslshowa no increase, bat as toe de mand for discount* is comparatively light. there is lor the present a ftcllng of comfort able ease. Pending tbe settlement of tbc land, currency and other questions, now un der consideration by Congress, tbc banka show no disposition to expand their I.iatis, though ail desirable paper, backed by undoubted collaterals, is readily Decollated at the usual rate—lo per cent. Tbe demand for accommodation consists largely of renewals. In tbc open market there is less paper offering and good names arc readily negotiated at rates equivalent to per cent |.cr annum. Call loans on Government Se curities are obtainable at S per cent. The maikct far Eastern Exchange Is steady, with sales of round lots between banks at 25 cents premium. Ibe counter rates remain unchanged par baying and 1-10 premium selling. Hoar was moderately aclivo and steady. Wheat advanced 1c on No. 2 Spring. Com was fiat and S&2Kc lower. Oats were dull. Eye steady. Barley lifeless. Whiskey was neglected. There was nothing new in Provisions—the monot onous condition of the past few days remaining unbroken. Dressed Uogs In light supply and dnU. Gold was a lilfie higher to-day. The mark< opened at 18GH, advanced to 150% and dosed i !:>;%. The following quotations woie received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: ti.:3o a. m 150% 111:43 a. 130% nans a. m iau% | ithoop.m iai% IhtKla.m )VC% i 1:15p. in ltfl% 11:15 a. m !3C% 2;00p. m 13*‘5» il:3Uo.m ;jc% | aoop.m 13(5% Here there was very little doing. The brokers were buying at ISC&I3GU, and soiling over Uiu counter at New York rates, Silver was nom inal at 185Q1S8. l*be Gold-Bearing Bonds were again higher. Sixesol’til advanced Hi Fivc-Tweuiles of 'CI were 1 higher; do’Cl advanced H* andlbo’Cs*s were 1 better. Ten-Forties were >4 belter. Thu following shows the closing prices paredwllb the three previous days: 1 '* a H ■ a-o • g ::• a S Sixes of’til ifojj IW% HWS iIOH Fivc-lwcmics.Vi ion H BOH IIOJ4 Hlji Fhe-TwcuUcr, *W lt/7% Hri«4 11/1% 1W Five-1 wctillcs, Y. 5 11>7% 107*4 1'17% IUH% Tcn-Koitks 101% mis 101% ltu% tim-n-lhirllcs, Aug 103% lim 100 10t» Seven-Thirties, June ...103% 13% ltC% 105% Hcveii-lMnles, July... lIISH 105% 1U6% 105% Nrwgt* lve-1 weutlca tW% 1«3% Wh m% Hero thvto was an active demand, and the mar ket was Oruer. The amount o9enna Is small, and the brokers tied groat dlfilcully In filling their ordns. We quote: uovwmuxirr aicmmra— omcaoo Manner. Buying. belling. U. S. tines, of 153) Iut)« li»% U. S. p-soj-, Ififil Hi 111% u.s.ftuns, iwvt nn% hw 11.5.8-'iOs, IW» HW% )<» U. S. 5-20 S, small 1«B 11. H. ItMUs, largo 101% 101* U.H. 1U 40s. small 102% •••• (I. b. 7-COo, let HO % 10C U. 8.7 80s, 2d scries .103% 103% V. S. 7-30*, fid senes 105% 105% D.b. 7-los, small 1U0h0103% -•- Compounds, Juno, itiM IV7 .... “ July, isM HOH “ Aug., 18f4 no •* ’ Oct., leCl 115 “ Bee., IHM 114 »• May, J 9» 115% “ Aug., ISOS 110% Scpt.,ltiC> 110% . . " Oct.. 1565 103% The Second National Bank gives the following quotations for the Public Funds: loup., ’ti1..109%® ... 7-»i,(small)losHQlosH 5-i0 conp_ Jnnecomp-, 18<4—U7 (1arge)....110%® ... July 44 44 -110% 5-30 coop , Aug. 44 ..lie (emai1)....100%® .... Oct. 44 *’ ..«5 10-40 coup., nee. 44 “ ’ Hi (targe)....U'l%® ... May 44 3&8..tM% KMO conp. Aug. 44 * -111.. (ema : 1)....103%Ch ... Sept. 44 44 -110% Newecrr., @ .... Oct. -HO 744), (Urge).los%®HC% Local Slocks ore quiet at previous rates. We 1111016 * Baring. Selling. Chicago City 7s to 103 Cook Countv7s 88% 07% Chamber or Commerce 91% .... -The New York Journal of Commtroe says : Mr. Lvcch has Introduced Into the Bonee of Representatives two blits of a financial caaracter worths of notice. The first Is entitled “a bill for Se resumption of specie payments.” It provides at on ana after the Ist of July next, t&e legal tendeia received at the rr.asnry In the course of business shall be destroyed, and their place sup plied by new Treasury notes, payable In coin one year flora date, but otherwise possessing the >ainc general character as the greenbacks. Italso authorise* theSccrclaiv to issue notes of a like description In payment of all tbe currency obliga tions maturing before the Ist d'.y of December, Ihl? art would provide for nu issue ot lo waids one ibonrasd million dollars of this new class of currency. The question “naturally artse* 11 where tbe com Is tr> come flora <o redeem this promise at the end of twelve months from date? This little difficulty Is met In a modest clause attach* d to section 4 of tbe bill, which reads as follows: “lie (the Secretary) Is also amhor.acd to purchase, at any time, coin rennl sire to enable him to redeem such notes. 1 ’ Tola U lh«* simplest plan we have ye* seen for making a tali and complete settlement ot the public debt. It removra all difficulties and Impediment* \rith a single stroke of the pen. Tbere It no danger or misunderstanding the terms of the law. and no **complications ll can arl-c tn executing It. Tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury Is to pay ofl the entire maturing debt, and take up the existing greenback currency, by the issue of twelve months notes payable to cola. And he Is o«r/toHred-lbere is no doubt this would give him the mil. clear and Indisputable legal right—be I* Arnioraxm (I) to provlae the coin to meet these, ntt*e at maturity. 11 this bill should becomeia law, the Secretary would have the undoubted rltht to meet this "hole sum In coin a‘ the e d of the twelve months. Wo can see but one Improve cent on this plan, and we suggest U to xtr. Lvnch. Why not authonxo the Secicury to pay tire entire floating debt at once, without the twelve months* delay ? An act to this effect could be comprised In even fewer words, and would ue a old fogy should ask how under ilr.Lyncb 1 * plan the coin la to be purchased to meet this large sum when due, and where the Secretary la to gel the money to pay for lu we sfocld reply that thla is no part of the story. The Plan slope abort with av&jri*ingihe Secretary to paythe debt. II he has any difficulty In raising the money Mr. Lynch Is not to blame. He does not undertake to raise the money, aud Is no* to , bebcld responsible for any difficulty from that source. Besides, cannot the Secretary reissue the , notes as fast as he redeems them, and thus keep himself in funds T And If old fogy Insist* that such a coame wonldni, after all, pay off the debt, let him move an amendment that the Secretary be; author ized to bny specie with any land* he can lay hold of “not otherwise appropriated. The plan rood one. and, if it la adopted, the , 7wUl ueenahlt-d by It to pay off ® t a v n^TtS soon as he pet* tbe money*. We should like to know bow he can pay the debt before be has the mTihev if the law was over ao clnerent r air. Unco’s measure, therefore, furnishes all tbe law necessary, and all that would remain to be done is Ac trifling job of obtaining the necessary "mVotbor. or ..coniMl, rtlalri *• one “to piuvidc against mane the p!,n gi“ligJ, c S incladt. the .Miami )i«rra»* IhcTrW PV cillei for it, lawful utoroy trouble Congress, who have but that t«w n . the becretary to .. bo con. " nir of money tain advance of the ds to- 1 f£ T Borrow era with tbe right kind of se dT?re search, bnttoeis being so doll. On slock .1 can be borrowed In or ont of ban aat a wsr tSI. and on Goreremcnt lean* al 8 per cent. 5-K ol 'be money market applie ♦ only to first- Sue \onoweri and thow who want to borrow lilUe. A favorable feature of the market is. West cm collections have somewhat Improved. —The New York S/iipjiing JAtt says: Money I* plenty on call at b per cent, with ex ceptions at both lower and higher figures. Dis coaois a«o ritadjr. We quote: Per cent per aennra. Loans on call, stock securities ).case op bonds and mortgage b IMm* endorsed bibs, CO days s Pilmeeodorsco bills, month* BIJ 0 First-ilisseludenames... b'-j 0 Other good bills 10&W ficTcnvrhirtler. We are cow converting August 7-BOs into (he • > m-w&'.o«oribGs,' l atourcounier,on more fav orable terms tbau the excnaogecaa r.Q made at the Bepartmeat. We are also exchanging, second and third eiriea ofT-SUa lor the new S-voa. Lear, Pnzsrov & Kcxk, Bankers, 17 Clark eireet. ‘l®ck .vlnrhct, r eLruarj 19. iss?, received by ■okers: Nrw York HI Clotlog price* (breath, Ft Jt teph M. Lyon* A Cu., Bn WBt MM „ „ litßd. 7dßd N.T.* 101* U. 8. 6 V cent Krlc (coni) W* 66* bnutli, UC* M.B.Jootrj <l* 7SH U. U. 6V ct 0-S0 c &puu m>* Ni* c00p..n« mu Hock Island.... 96* 87* D. 6.6 Vet MO C. AK. W....... BO* 36 Coon., 1841....107* 109 lie, preferred... 66* D. S. 8 V cl 5-3 u K,Ft. W. AC..W «* Coop,, 1W3....108 IW* oiilrkiilver ES* 89 U. S. J ? cent W.U. Tel 43 43 10-lOi ICl* 101* C. AA. (c0m)...114 HI Treat. 7 MO, lit H.&Qulncy... K 5 .... serif* 106 106 Ulct>rc«QU-a]...1« 108 D. S. 7 MO, 3d Hudson Ittver ..tauj, l?i V tcrlcs 105* 103* i:|. Central 115*115* U. 8. 7 MO, Sd Pmi.AltnuUOK.lon* 103* terlet JC3* 106* C. * Toledo 118* US ■ Am. Gold 136* 106* To]. Wabath.... 13* 89* 1 Market—lst Board, steady; 3d Board, Heady. COMMERCIAL. Tczsdat Etekdio. February J 9. The following tables showtbe receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past twenty lour boors: BBCEIPTS PAST TWXJfTT-POUU nouns. Finur, brl* 4,059 8,763 8,<*12 6,SCO Corn, be 14,500 3,273 Gate, bo 0,700 2,005 Bye, be 1,200 430 3,400 Ureas Seed, lbs Broom Core 1,800 • .... Cored Meat,lbs..... 2.560 2,290 Pork, brls 733 25 I-anl, lbs ILC2O TallOW, Ib| 1,810 5.300 Butler, lbs B.SS3 9.237 Brcteed Hoes, No 793 674 Lire Hoes, No 817 2,150 CalUc,No 35 463 Hides, lbs 14,655 22J55 Wool,lbs 6,3t0 7,476 Bighvioce. brla 55 4 , Lumber m SI 8 blilpßlcs. m : TO 7io SUIPJCEHTB FAST TWJ2TTV-FOUII HOURS. 1867. ISG6. 4,143 1,100 8,272 8,551 fc9 145 3,111 193 Flonr, brie . Wheat, bn Corn . Oats, bn Bye. bn . Barley Grass Seed,lbs..... Broom Com, lbs .. Cored Meats, lbs... Beef, tirls Fork, bile lard, tbs Tallow, tbs Butler, lbs Dressed Hoes, No. live Hoes, No Cattle. No Hines, Ps llicbnincs, brls... Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m lalb, m Salt, brls . 83,310 17,569 . 10.125 1,969 *18,596 739.450 . 2 205 . 409 3.359 .318,410 706,889 . 39,710 8,709 . 1,199 7.257 1,759 473 an norn asd obatk w srons. The following table, compiled from the ofilcial retains* of the warehousemen, shows the amouut of Grain in store In thla city on Saturday last, comparca with the auoant in stoic at the same date last year 16G7. .102,416 Floor, bits. Wheat, bo. ,TC3,I'J7 1.313.t37 Com, bu T 63,610 oil,‘-33 Oat*, bo „ 73U,1«5 t«1,73t Kyc, bu .T. ....110,673 110,313 Barley, bu 811.0 577,25'J The Pronplon market exhibited no new feature worthy ot mention. Holders of product show no disposition to force rale?, aud operators arc equally Indlfercnt to maklntj encasements. There Is nolblnjr dolnjr In 31c«$ Pork and the market is entirety nominal at 7j. A lot of ISO brls Mess, ordinary, sold at 518.00. Clear Pork sold to the extent ofGO brls al fI'JTS. There Is no demand for Prime 3le*s or Kxtia Pilmv, and the market U dull at qnoistlous to be round elsewhere. Tb:ro is a moderate de mand for Sweet Pickled Hams, and we note sales of SCO tea at lie. from Dressed Hogs, in English Meats there Is nothing doing, as the re cent advance in Ocean Freights has placed a check on shipments. The demand for Bulk Meats was rather irore active, and the market was steady, with sales at Jo*£c for Short Clear, packed; lUJfc for do,loose, andSlje for Cmubcrlaada. There was some Inquiry for Beef Hams, with sales of COO brla at $31.00. For other Beef product there is no demand. Pigs' Tongues sold at $12.00 brl. Lard was qnW bat firmly held. We note sales of s*’o tes at ll*x'>hl2c lor Nettled; llfic for Steam, and lOgcfor No. 1, cash, ard 12c for Steam, buyer 80. There was nothing doing In Grease, and the market is noadual at oar quotations. Dressed lings were la light supply and doll, with sales at $*.00@7,C5. Whiskey was neglected and nominal, at 75c for bonded and $2.-20 for tax paid. There waa a moderate Inquiry for Floor, and the market waa steady, with sales of 2,500 brls at $1125(2,11-50 for White Winter*; |9.M®10.50 lor spring Extras; 57.00Q3.i5 for Spring Supers, and fU.ihforllye. The Wheal market was quiet, bnt No. 3 ad- ranecd Ic-clostng firm. Tlic great balk of the Wheat is ia the hands of strong parties, who are aide to bold for higher prices, and sales aro con* toed to carload lota for shipment, and the oc casional “ tiro” to fill maturing contracts. We note rales of M.OUO bit »t ij.i» f>*» iiobranv* Sprlnjr by ratnplo ; fi.lS(ftf3 20 lor No. 15 1 AII.KSH for No. 8 Kcgnlar: f 1 05 for do in A. 1). & Co., and $1.55 lor llejcctcd—closing Ann at tbc extreme figures. At tho opening strong endeavors wore made to give a hnlrt to the Corn market, but buyers held aloof. Finally there was a pressure to sell on tbc part ol some bolder*, aid a decline of 3®2sic took place. At the depredation (hero was very little done. For Rejected there was a steady consumptive demand, and Iho market was firm at pluvious rates. Wc nolo tales ol 15,nu0 bu at f*lf6 Hlc lor No. 1, nod fiSQSQc lor Rejected, cash, and «l>r for No. 1, teller HU. Tho market doted noml nal al MOMlic for No. 1 In store. Onts were dttll.wllh sales ol No, 4 at3i<i®SHyc. Nothing doing In No. 1. Bye waa quint and sb«dy, with sales of No. 1 at {Me for fresh, and I»mCV.Rc for winter receipts* Hailey was dull, with trilling transactions al file Tor No.!!, and -lie for Rejected. No movement la temple lots. heeds were lets active and a shade lower on Timothy. Others were Arm. Wo note salei at $2.90 QB.IR for Timothy; for Clover, and fJ.7Sa7.UJ for Flax. Tallow was Inactive and nominal atflya'Oc for City Packers*; {’h&Ulic for City KulchenT, and 0 ©bUc for Country. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: Nrw Tonic. February 13. Floor steadier at S'J.6O®U.OO Spring Wheat atronc at JS.ISfoS.SA Com heavy at $1.03. In store Oats inactive at 55ft5f<. Fork doll at S3n.C2K. 1-ard firm. Uoga dull at $3.00. Whis key quiet. Gold, ICCJi 1-ATXU. Floor stronger. Wheal firmer. Com salable at SI.IS, in fctore. Oats drooping. Pork and Jjird a thade firmer. •pir c IST At. IY«m TO OO WTO STJTCt W CHICAGO 05 TO* IST or XARCQ KXXT. At the regular session of tbe Board of Trade, to day, Julian S. Ramsey, Eeq., oficrcd the following preamble and resolutions, which were adopted unanimously: WntBXAS, This Beard has passed a resolution adopting the “Cental System,” and directed that on and after tbe Ist of March next all grain should be sold by tbe cental. Instead ot by the bushel; therefore, be U t , . A , A Jlftotr<d, That the President he requested to appoint a committee ot fifteen members, whose duty U shall be to draw op a schedule of commls sloas proj>er to he charged for dolus business un der tbe contemplated arrangement, and report the same to this Board tor further action. I /.Vso/nd, That the proprietors of elevators and I ttorc houses are hereby requested to conform by making rales for storage, and by issuing receipts on and alter the Ist ol Match in accordance with the contemplated change. The committee to revise the rales of commls- I aion consists of the following: S. P. Carter, C. J. Gilbert, Chance Hinckley, A. Neshlt, 11. sprnance. J. 11. Hole. Chariot Randolph, J. P. Rumtcy, Chariot J. Uavk, Honry ililward, Gcoisc M. Howe, E. Wall-ridce, H.lMwllj, n. Ppraeuc, At a How, LATER. The Crain markets after 'Chance were quiet, but Him. Provisions were dull and neglected. Ihe Cattle market was active and buoyant, at anbstentlally the closing rates of last week. The nedptswer'e 1,037 bead, and the entered sales V 43 bead, at a ranee of ft.OO&T.OO for common to choice drove*. Ibe market closes firm. LiveHogswcieqolet’and easier. The demand was limited, and tales dragged heavily at previous rates. Tbebnlkoflheoffcrincs, however, work ed off at ahont Saturday's puces. Sales were made at S6XB(2C-95 for common to prime lo'a. Time Contracts—Short Sales Banning Out of Olsrgln*. In oar local columns will be frond a fall oc c ant of the esse of Drew n. Wheeler, beard be* fore Judge Gary to-day. The case srirc oot of a " abort" sale of wheat, deliverable at Milwaukee. The defendant was Instructed to cell for the plain till a lot of wheat at a certain figure, seller's op tion, ten days, platntjff putting op a margin- A f, \r days alter the sale was made, wheat advanced almost enough to swallow op the margin. The detendant called on plaintiff for more margin, which he refnaed to pnt np- Tne defendant then filled tn the "short "to protect himself, at a loss to the plaintiff. Subsequently, and before the op tion had expired, wheat entered a material decline, ’ibe p'ainiiffeacs to recover his probable gain. The defendant pleads custom. The Court holds that the plea U not good, as the evidence shows that the custom of "fining to" at the "running on* of margins " Is universal among the commis sion merchants of this city. Verdict for plaintiff. Kcvr York Grocery market* [1 rox the Shipping U»M Cott**— Tteieisa steady fair demand tor Brail!, am: firm at the previous ratei. £»e«Me* rt Hio bags, psr Jo»naa and Mary. &t UUe. 439f10 Pal sties per same, at sn<J ahoot J?c; &COO do per Mn?«ieel m. cold, tn bond ;a0» ao bataaor, per Min nie AbSl onpmsuterms;and IJSOOdomteamen. Sir Afloiitecfc. lOfflUHc coM. in bond, ter West Kdis si d Java there U also a fair demand, and the rnarVetU firm* at cor previous rate*. -We noace ux h!a Jaamc*.in bona ;DO Javajon Utmt we cidnot «“»»«• sooadcmaod f. r dlsdlilng. bat, with Ssen nSnc& metsthe buslaws Is mulcted. Ibices wrllsnpporisd -.indeed, tor tHe*e BTsdct, slrsacrd niiitowVooil-Bt. New crop comes lorward Jllltr ireilr. but has tnea sold to a (atr extent, sad the ?TSa» bavi nolaeeomnUtedto any connderst.Jc ex- SantT There D row soule Itqotrr m>m re?ner», but PTwers sre rt l dolce much, besides the sales no tuwd I e'ow, soils 1,501 bhds clayed StoKovado fcL d ccntrtmxal COba bare be«n tsken. trota second baids. si fall nrtee* Tbeoiher sales are 4.14 hbds sad 60 tes new crop clayed Cuba at Dc; MC hndi, S tc* and ICO brlsoldatd new mi> Cüba hhds HarbadiH-s, 4.e s aCObuCrot* atJAiiJ; (Ti bads aiid 25 to Porto Ulcc,StM-Sec, * mos; SO btls New Or- 1 )*»*• sic ca»b; and la* bbds Cuba c-Ltnrucalon I trim-wedUi«tlearn. By auc.lon.MObr'UNewor leans sold a» «Traf*S'r. ca*h; at. thds Dcmerarv I6va ' SS*»c; anc: ado li>tto Bl<o, 45S'c« tmos. < sniAC-’u.exvbas ccniliuM a steady Ulr demand 1,,r raw f->» borne me. and at h-'lders tare maintained a vry frm stands, prices op efialji; mdes omvbc 0041«» oi.r-»lcnlh of a cml higher, brlasliw fair Cuba aadNo. It box u, ii>i»nCc,4 mi-s. t'emake Hide ebanco in oar do* U»lccsto* liebettir erscea. >air refining cnoa is I scarce, and can scarcely be at>Wuc.wblls it must be strU'Uy «o*l to command IP.Sc, ilcaaed Is tn fair rtomwt, but rates are bardiy anpportod; bard. DW 1 UlMtcVsoft white. Mdre-low, aasto. fbesaleao f»ware*Thh*iCab*altK«tt\r; do. U**u««P«rta like, IC*aUH«-. CBarbadota-lOkcs 6 c’.arCcd do, IJWC; Wdarlfl-d Onaciilrnpfri3W?l"\c; 31 brla Dcmcrara, Ifl l.tdt and 1« bria uanfled qo. part 13 !M6c; piJ Havana,9VO I*V c • 1.951 bail brown B«bia,uc. and SJC3 do eust rlc r llai.Hla, ICxc, 4 inoa. r M ,tVi c . k , jctterdar wti ab<ct 22.1 M bmi*. S O -* O , mkU 1 ,16,‘K bat'r.V'OtotKcl*Java, acd 110 W«“up laoo. <oual t01».9<6 tcnf, acamU2L«ofmJ l»t rebf®- srj-, :c.E( In 12.&19 In iy*y aid lijll »n Utfl. Export! of ProTlwlon* from the United The following table shows tie exports of pro vlilntß irom the United Btat«« for Ihe twowwk* tcdlcc Febinury 13, at Nor lork, acd February SalolLtr polls m '"sj hs.“ »£»» lud. r.f 00/m iao,«» nmier, a. i.™ Cheese, Philadelphia Dry Uaodt Market. Tta Philadelphia UdgfT remarks: There ii some little lncrea«e In the dry c«>ca* troae, and i«»Thkp»the volume of trade Ii as much ascotuaoe rxptttcd under the clrcamiUnces.hut ttooee MC»ieo tell represent it aaqoli* DMtUwaclory to those who unwisely held cxer their Call lire* of goods, •o® who •re, to Keep op with the necessary ranstlc*. dally ad ding to th« accumulation. Ihelacl that me mjiu at Low ell and Lawitnce are running oa three-quarwr Urar, sad that there and other mills are reducing the trace* of their < peratlves, ahowa that the “Ui*l de mand for goeds ia very much lighter thin a f 6 *?,?***; and busmens mail be curreapotdlugly llgut. “ficea are not Arm except lor a row leading mak«, whUoiarge louare cßcrcd at coiceartouf, and the only dltncuity • 'bat tho»c cnnceesi'.n* haxetol*« xtry treat to cl»«J ,oLLera thecoatidince of worktngthetn olf. ’V 01 , 1 ?- 8 are attll very low, and tte Urge st"ck* mnxe ly. park good* are doll, wttn considerable effort to ecll. Brown sheetings and shining* are In fair requo.t, more especially far medium grade*, which are com* I aratixely lower than the better make*. Philadelphia Seed market. In clover aeed there la ratter more doing: 600 b£*h* eliaoldalfS.ooct9XO.the Utter rate for prime. Tim* olhy it scarce: tCC bmbeU told at f3.7Vll.Cp.giax aeeo la In fair demand; 700 httaheU sold at $3.0 r LuaheL Baltimore Prorlslon Market— February tfl« The atock cf bacon 1* much reduced anl bulk meats are scarce, bnt off) red treelr tn arrive. Market at rtf supplied with lard and barrelled pore. forwhlchthe Inquiry Is limned. Weqnotebacoa ahoildersat tic, rib aides at i:*oU*r; clear rib doj at 13c; clear do at ls*c; new hama at XsAl7c; bulk f hou,den at9«c, ildcaatlOJiSHiic; roeaa nork at $91*50033.00.W w urnlarmn b*rre*a and tlercea. atl3*e: city op do, at 12*c, and tUUlmoie refined do. In keg*, at Is*c, heeds la Baltimore— February 16. Clover is In demand at (i39£t8.79 per bathe* bnt hoidcra demand an adxance on the tatter figure rpr i time samples. Timothy seed we quote at $3 twSJLw, and FaxsecdatsS,7s CHICAGO OILY GOODS MARKET. TTtSDar Excvnru, Febraary 19,1967. There Is no particular chance to notice cither In prices or the tone of the Dry Goods market since the dated cur last report. Owing U me heaxy suow storm to-day, business wu doll. Dealers are firm In thnr xlcws at the annexed quotations: rsikTs. Merximae D American }‘S Mtrrtoac W » if S Cochcco 19 Unchesi B « Fscltc IS Mrtxrnlag \l Garner’s 13H AU*n » !• SscxasuFr M Providence...... }],, hbbscU's. l*S James btunders’ 16^ Manchester. 17 OJoncesier • Novell 15 w. VV. Freeman ALo.l' DS Utioa » iAocaater litf 18 h Richmond 17S' Columbia — l3 ctsonoM. Clinton X 4 I Glasgow Lancaster 31. V I Roanoke 19 scows gaunxos. Banner..., 23 Atlantic Mills Lawrence 23 pepperebp.. btsik 4-4 W Orest Falls M. .I* Appleton 4—4 a ** “ sJ'. Mt-dford 4—4 21 Indian Orchard A.....31K Narhua 90 - * C....J0 Inalan Head 4-4 .ii* “ •* l»B..«»S Cabott A 4—l .31* “ •* »t sr tie 4—4 ........23 ** ** L....A6 Atuorkcag 4—t a* Root Mills U J 5 balmoi |all»4—4 .21* ** ** p .I** Agawam F 4—4 .18 * 5... —*.S App'ctcn D l—l 3U Western World 16* riinols A 4—4 Li* Arkwngbt.... Swift River 4-4 17* Portsmouth P «* PcppercllE Napoleon 17 It 20 pnak-r 16 •• n 13 XXStatdard .31* American A H Nona toot a* uutacuso innmm N.T. Mills 4—l 3-* Red Bank 7—9 If Wau,suU»4—4 54* ** ** 4—4 18* Bales 4—4 .90 Lonsdale 77 White Bock 4—l .a* Arkwright. 81 Qllla 4—l „.*i Wsmbeck ->2 - 7-8 a* .1.4 W. Slater 4—4....37* MatenxlPe4—4 36* 13* Hay Mills 4-4 IS Slalcrvllle 7-S 3»» Aodio>cagcln4—4 •."* Hlactotooe River > ....31 •• 7-8 21 A Lar.don7-8 23 Hlackstnno aa .If •• 4—4 25 Ballon* Son 4-1 33* •• “ 7-8 .23 PAI CR CAXnRICT Lonsdale WOO I English 21* Cambrics 12*&K> I UEMWe. _ , Anoskeag 40 {Ccnnecttcut. a* York :n* I Wssiangum 25 Manchester :A j MlHoniimproved-.... J 5 t.ilord 2s* Uluc Hill 45 Union 30 Corn City 30 Uaymaker’v ao (Pawnee a* ercii'BnsuiEnsor. Amof-kcag 53 WUUU-nden c .21* Y’cX5................... M A.... 3) American 21&93 Uncasxillc 33*831* 11kU»... 25 TbsmdikC Roanoke 90 Shetnckct 90. 7(LU7S 117,St>8 353 S 21.245 10,010 783 *O6 7M 465 120 300 413 010 ises. 49,822 Hoaabkc. Amoskesg ACA Hamilton, rccnlir U X •• A - D 32 5f •» H 57j» Pemberton E AT* “ t: .a* •• x aa •• i) 22*4 Swift Hirer .36 York DWnch C 9 Star Mills 31-lnch 2* V Albany 15 ** “ 36-incn 32>< York US-inch 49 COSSET JXAXB. Atno‘keag -3 I Indian Orchard 19 Laconia 23 I Amlrw camel n. 16 Hate* 16 Peppcrell 22)f Xaumkea* Satteen... 26 Jf \ Globe 15 caaton rtaiorrLa. „ Hamilton sunt 30 iTborwlHe.. .......352 fcaiirtoa 1...., an I XaumKeajcblcached...iM nows drill*. Bolt. 23s* I I'ecmnston 25 if Laconia.... tl* I Pcoperell MS DKLAIKES. Manchester, cew 25 I Hamilton ...25 Pacific, new 29 | All Wool 40<&90 BALMORAL *XtETB. .. „ . Gilbert's MAO I Man* an AMallckcn 12.25 Wilcox 2.29 | Kalelgh'a 2.00 pQUtoonic.....2.6SS@3J6 I Uruner 2.3 Woflilnploa Mills... 2.50 ! Belle of thetcason.. 2AS TUREADS. „ •I.AP.Coata fl.lo i Green ADanlelß 7?S > 1.10 White Skein 90 ItsdteyA Co’s 90 I Col'd 1.03 Worsted Dralds Si IWlhlmanUc. MS Stafford <0 I COTIOS TABSB, ETC. Basle 6i,V I Eastern S 3 How? 63V Carpel Warp 53^ Franklin 60 j Caudlewlck.. mass K park CO | Chicago Halts 212.00'. Lowell, a 9« hjaa*»^« M auper... .... 1.25 Crosaey’a Fat, Tapes ' •• medium.... J.M Browc. IJO nartlord.exira 3-ply 3.10 Itoibury 171 •« imn’l 0-piy. 1.00 Kmptir Mills IJQ •• super lA7K Belgrade I.W “ medium.... I.4JH CAOMHSIk*. ' Farmer* A Merch , s....62tf I Kmett t MM Wabash .50 I Everett O Us CIIIUAUO I.IVR HPOVIi MAIIItET. Owe* or thx Daily Trintrxr, > *1 crsdat Ktxhixo. February 19. f Tlte following tabio shows the clstlr receipt* and ihipmtnuef Mrs stork during the week up to this evening, a* reported by the Secretary of tho Ucton bkea Yard Company s Sunday and Monday. Tuesday Toal I.WO 2.M* 211 Paint) lime last Week 412 2.7V1 KJ Week before last 4JS 6171 900 Tho reedpu to-iay wero by tho following rout"*: ; Cntllr. Hobs, bheea. lly Illinois Centra! Ml Id »1 My Burlington a umney Itood 5»i7 HU .... lly bt. Loul* A Alum 10ad... IB 2 W) .... Uy Kcrthwralern Itoad. 613 191 41 Ly Michigan Southern Hoad, 13 .... .... ToUl 1,934 l>ofl Sit Balm Uvday, a* enltrwl at the different t>cal»houtes, rcreaslollows: Cattle, Hogs. Sheep. At llllnola Central Seale 39) SsJ At Burlington bealc. .. Al Alton bcaie At Nor thwestei n Scale BEEF CATTLE—The da? Just d-istd bat bo<u an active one to this department o( the live Stock mar* kit. The reccipti were large for this day in the week, j and. with a respectable attendance of the different classes or buyers, trade opened lively and continued that op to about midday, when. In view ot the liberal j arrivals, the demand became less animated. The 1 vreather was unfavorable for operation*, snow falling 1 Incessantly, and the wind blowing a perfect sale. TbU act, however, seemed not to retard operations, nor In terfere to anv considerable extent with the regular course of trade. Shippers were ontln considerable fbrer, and. under the Inffuence of favorable advtres bom the East, all tho best droves were readily taken np on shipping account, at a trtfilag advance on Satur day's rates. City batchers also bought freely. Packers sor M itockcrs" were buying to any extent, though a few lots tonnd their way Into their hands. The quality of the offerings was not nearly as good as that of last week, so that the average price paid to-day fells some what below that of Friday and Saturday. Transactions number LU3 head. The-e were divided between shippers, pankers and city butchers, at (LOda WO for common mixed lots, including common rough Cows, thin light Steers, coarse Oxen, stags and Bulls, to pood fat Cows, medium butchers* Steers and goed stock Cattle; f&Ma&a lor felrtogood shipping grades, and f6ACi»«XO for good to prime Bullocks. The market closes firm, with 1W head unsold. Shlpmmu not re lorted. The foLowlng were the CLOCX3O TKICX*. Enra ifcnvr— Flue. £»t, well (armed. 4 to « j-can oU Steer*, ftad ATeraftißg 300 asaad upward* f7.00A7.» Mwu Good. weU-£*«Cd, flnelj (dimed (tom 1,10) to I.tuO thir uradf* —Fair Steer*. In Cilr flab. ar ♦ r»cltpl.u<<4lJou »•, at t-SO^VS J Oritur* Ciatt— >ltd;om Steers and good Cowm fit for cttr tiaagbler and averaging ft*, at Sr«» Cowmen Cattle in decent flab, ft*, 4-UJt.lj Injtriirr— LUbt and tbln Cow* and Steen. icCfib and coarse. averaging TSO&SO AB,at L253L00 Sixteen bead ranch Ccsby Steen, averaging 1,390 &i, c 8 cat*, at IASS. Twtttr-ihrw head fair stock Steen and Ccwa, aver aging Ha ft*, off ears, at *4.73. tighieen bead light Com and Hilfen, averaging 711 A*, at *4 CO. I'srcntj-ihrce bead good smooth Steen, averaging LICJ fir. ott can, at I6.SS. _ Twenty bead sood fleshy Steen, avenging LIO7 As, on car*, at (6.1 C. Tblily-tve brad fair fltshy Steers, averaging I£ll t «. off car a, at |5.9C, Eighteen bead good butchers* Cow* and rough gtcem,avenpnpl.l73fift.o£cara.atgs.7s, Twcnty-rltLi btad fair btcert, averaging LOTS fie, off c*T>,at«S.tav- Twenty-five bead pood smooth lot, averaging 1,036 fia,oßcara.atts.a*. . Thirty bead meuium stock, averaging IJXN|S*, off cart, at (b. 40. Eighteen bead common roach Steer*, averaging 1,101 S s, off car*, at tS-S, Seventeen bead light “itcckcri," averaging tti fit. offcam, at (4.£3tt. Twsrty-flve brad reach Steen and Oxen, averaging ITSO cam,at , , rr Fourteen bead choice Illinois Steen, averaging I.2ST fit, off cam, at Thirteen head talr batchers* Cow*. averaging 970 fit, off can, at f-t-50. Twelve bead fieshy Steen, averapngigDlO fit, off can. bead chclce Cows, averaging LO6l fit, at 110GS-~Tbe market opened very 'inlet this morn* lop, with a Ucht supply in the pea*. The re ported decline In the markets East very materially lessened tht demand to r shipment, and with a limited Itqnlry on local account, holfien found it extremely difficult to realise at previous rate*. They were generally firm In their ▼lews, however, and by night the yards were tolerably well cleared at substantially the doting price* ©Hast week. Salt* wire made at arangeoff6.oo®«.2sfor Irtirtorto common: |6J00«.75 for Calr to good lot*, and (6-S®7.« fbr prime to choice bogs. The market closes weak at quotations. Transaction* ladaae the fallowing drove*: So 800 BALES TO-DAi. AT fil fklr bacon Hop *s*l2 fit common llchiltocs «r£ S*S 57 prime Ist 10t..,'. E 2 JHS 19 ectmaon bacon S-= c-'.mUcddrove, off ram • vJi S-i; 72 fifth das* Hoc*, off care *»• jfg TV Choice lot, off car* 2-2 S 3 prime lot. off cam -fg ®*?V. 73 toon Jot, *£g *2 M roach lat lot, off cat*, •* Sf Jpg to mixed uneven lot, f. A fS r£ w lair lot off car* r 5 47 medium drove, cS «.« IS even bacon hog* « 62 geod even lot, *2ft Sw 23 Calr lot. off cm TIT ItS 14* common lot. f. * 'U JttS 45 do off cars. »fkt Jot*off earn 6JO wi» nolhltg doing *tn this depart mtntTtbd the market is entirely nominal alttUgW 1 tor interior to choice gradm. rhllsilclphla rro»l«»» Mmkrt- Ftbr«. try 1»« ti,« t>L u ti hire i»ft«d Ur lone time past, dull but price* ire wltbont hay nwta ?i n i l lh«?»# e *Mbrliofntwta««iporfc mM at fSIXCU U*V« ft hr?*nrtmp&ieM *3o.(tS»so,»aa pnme at mgs &s , ..*a»ssiss.*sfwu? 1 ssits*. I iffia .01 ftoc, nnw fjJ ‘Ki 5’ t k I reat!S«i7c,iioMttlts»l3c,aad ahomdera at 11 J*,.?; Gre *° lorala are moraacllTH; WO trca new iJcalro barns aoldal I3h(*i3c.aad salt aSOddora • tlrofnfiV(4s\r C ft? to IvTO«S “a mw..l«WCj iZaisc U trc “ are mUb K a( V». WEEK I,V KETIEWOP TUB CHICAGO All trlft oj Gram r,ported ta thu uMTiit rfptn nrf mite on the hatt* of mntrr (4<*» tinraor, unlc** iiir.tru ue tJirttud. Trsii AT ETiMxo, Fcnrearr 13, 19CT. FtlEll.llTH-tUit.coAD Fextoarß—The follow lac is me Unit of Uie Eastern Komis: „ . , n 4tb Drad frera Chicago to- class. dM. Floor. Uo«». uoflalo, J>.Y mi/ i]u 83 13 Toronto, c. W, ea 3 <3ir 85 75 hlouteaL c. E, ! O 1.10 ' 1.33 Albany, N.T... no SO l.ffl New 1 oik M 1.60 1.35 Boston rw Albany. ijd a 1.10 1.33 I’oktot rfo UrstdTrunk 1.25 tfi 1.10 I*B J'ltrlii.M. i„ urard Trc: k 1.13 lA* I'hllaflrlihU i. 05 73 1-50 1.14 Ualnmorr .1.08 15 1.50 U' PUtstuicb 6J 45 91 70 Cleveland, Ohio 45 » 60 50 Jeffersonville, Lt*d 45 si 10 ClnrliiiaU-OMr, 45 S 3 04 4 Fl.OLic—ltoc/lrod, 4.969 b«U; ahlpped, 4,113 bfl*. Tb* Her* market during tbo week baa ruled doll. To day ti.crc wan a fair fln.T.and tor Sprlne Extras and holder* were firm it Ibeir views. Sales were as tol lows: Muni Wnrrca.-«oils, not named, attlUO: 1W br?» do at f 11.25 Hpmso Ermas—33o br». not tsni-d,at (10.30; fcoorta eo at»10.25; 1.000 brUdo at 11l .fO: ICO brit "Golden Gate” at fIO.W; ICO brU "Torrid Zone" on n. t.; in brl*. not named, at (9.3!): Ei-etau hcrus— lCo brU, not named, at f»JS; 16 brla do at |*.CO; 161 bil* do at $1.50 ; 103 brls do at *7JU; Bts Fuira-lOObrlaat (*.40; Brcnwnear Fbore— -10 beta at f 7XO; Cork 4lxais-10 brla Kiln Dried at State*. Conti- Other To Great rental Foieljjn Britain. Porta. Porta 1,831 WunrCWntiT—Choice Southern ll* _ UnoU ~|U.» AlS.ftJ Choice St Loots 11.50 011X0 Wisconsin 11.09 MIUO Srsiso Extras—Fancy brands H.M 013.00 Choice Minnesota.... 10.37*'t5 10X4* Choice Ililnala, Wls* cottln and 10wa.... 10.J5 01030 Fair Graded.......... 9.73 fislOtS

„ Low Grades 8.7 J « 9XO Spring Superfine. 730 a 8.50 Rye Flour 6.25 (4 030 Buckwheat Flour 630 (4 7.25 ..W HEAT—ltccelxed, 8,013 bit: shipped, 3,77.* on. Market qnl-tbut firm at an adxance ofleonNo.2 Sirttp. Saieswerc: 4CO bn Nebraska bysampKal |33B>: 400buNo.l at J 3.55); 1.450 bu do atfi.lß; 4J)bu No2(A. 1). 4. Co..)at |I.SO; 15.000 bo 50.2 (Uegnlar) at aIJC*; VHObn do at (IAS; 1,600 bo do at (I.S4*; LGCO ho Rejected at sLSs—closing at outside fircure. . tlOU.N—received. 11300bo; »hlDped.6.S)lbu. Slar- lower on So.l. Sales were: too bn No. Iml sic: 5.U8 ba do at SI *c; 7.000 ba do at Bte; 2.400 tin rich clert at 96c; 3.003 bn do at 55 kc; 490 bn do at 56*c; 4U3 bu do at 51c—doting nominal atßhajl*o for No. i. For riTUKK—S.OXI bn So. iat 79c *o l«w SJ. • V( ..11. t. 1 UA I I it uu .lU. 4 144 4U M. OAT?*—Received. 6.700 bu; I nipped, non*. Maiket doll. tUluiraie: bo No. 2at S9jfc; 9.003 ba do at S3Jfc. U.l E—Recrtxed,i,9rtj bn; shipped, 395 bn. Market steady, bale* were: 500 bu No. l (trash) at die; l,tC9 bo co (Winter) at9,*c: tOObn do sinttfc. UAKl,EY—Received. ?r»00 bo: snipped, 410 bo. Markctdoii. Ealeawere: 400 ba N 0.3 at 61c; ID bn Rejected at 44c. a I.COllOL—Komlnal it $43504.40. llKaN—saieawer*?: 10 tuna In balk at (1830. Sale ot 1 car at fctUO on track. IlKtlU.ll (MlCN—Market doll. Sales were: 10 tons lair ai $90.00. BEANe—Are selling at (1.7533X0, accordlog to qnalttv. ItfTTF.R—BecelreJ, 3.03 »• i ahlnpsd, 1.U3 »*. The maritUor all except ctolce table qualities Is ex* trnnely dull. The stuck* of common Tab and common Firkin are czccaalxe. and as mere la scarcely any in* qulty Ibraucb, Uther fjr shipment or us local account, •alts are alow, and generally at reduced rate*. There la an ccrask nil Inquiry for Cooking Butter, but huyara are unwilling to nay abnve 10£14c. and numerous •ales are made at this low range. There U a sicaly fair demand for prime qualities to anap>y the wanU of local cn*:omcr*. and as th- receipts are only snlSilent to meet IDU demand, prle** are w»i| gnatslned and tolerablyLnnatonrquotations. Wo repeat oorllil aa follows: clou v Ij Dairy. GcodTnb.. Common Firkin it) aiS c Prime Firkin t 3 021 c HAIKU MS—There U no oiaterui Improvement to nmejQ the generalcharacter of thamaikct. Tr»le Terr slack ana the hollas Is oy no menus nrm, though m small lots oetlers are gcoeraly rcaliz lot: at quotation*. The aem»ul Is confined principally to small enters from the country. Tbe stocks arc am ple. Weqnote: Sailors) A. 3 bo. leamleas imea SIO.OO Union A. Co Co Illinois A, do do £.OO Con. Exchange *2™ Slant A. cotton seamless 6T-JS Lewiston .V. do 65 00 Androscoggin. do ®-£J Ameilcan, do 62.00 llrarer Mills. do »0C ntUfletd S, 00 g-W Penn Mills, do 61. W Fort MU. do 61.0> illco, do 614)0 Sat-o. linen and coltnn 52.0 c Ridgewood, do at.oo Springfield 31.0) Gunnies ....... Sa.OO PnrUps. 4bo, 2*0.1 SUU&'JS.CU Empire City 10.00 fllEEi*E—Tbciuarketis very qul-i with prlco un changed. Aside liom a multcd Inquiry tn m country dcaJciMhereUscarceyanyuiine ooicg, ana though on ttnall order*, dralem tre demanding Mil ratm. louno loie might De obtained a* a ccnce>«bm. The stocks are cot extras as snt, though quite sufficient to meet the pres* ut demand. .We make no change in oar quotations as follows: Sew York Factory (gennlre) 57 c Factory t Illinois) 15 (416 c Hamburg.... 15 t£ 16 c Western Malta It wU c Western Ikeervc 12 (alt c “Young America" (*.OO c CllAli—'Trade Is a llttieslatk at present, though as Uf ttcckn ate tccoxlDK gradnahy ic.luced. prices keep wci II up. and for the bvtlvr varlius* uf l>otn Hare and toll Coals, rates are comparatively Arm. In* firlnt toll dctcrlnUons. with wt icb the market i» wrl! supplied. arehetng olfere-a at reduced prices. Wc coa tlnuetoqmtr; EhlE—B: ookficld #ll.<M do Onutby it.w ft trti.i sn—tmar UiU 11.00 oo Mineral Rldce W.(V' do WUowßank 10 W do Tunnel..... 10.00 Chippewa lo.< 0 Elorsbnrg Lump L* - hlgh Ij.CfOK>.C*D Ltrkawana, prepared. Scranton 14.0 n Ihttson . „ ILg- Illinois 6.W A 3.00 do ontrack SAOA 6.00 Youchlocbeny . ii»o CUPPa k—The general market throughout Ui*» week has t*en reasonably active, and prices were firmly maintained. We rcptatqnolalloos: Java. JO AID c Rio, corotacn to fair JtYwO c lllu, good to prime •S-'i®?! c Ivlo, prime )o cbolre ....23 U39!f c COOPER AGK—With a large supply purring tnn general market rules dull, bates were: 100 Fork Bar. rets at (1.25, del.; ICO Uam Tierces at #l.lO. rent U arras # «•»» l» Lard t-M Whiskey Bane;* Batter Kegs, P dozen *3‘!£** 5, P J Lard Ktgs, each 1-00.4 1.1') Flour Bane’s, round hoop 50 Flour Barrels, flat hoop _ s®-# UoopFob-s, Bickoiy S-^S* 8 " Hoop Pi>ie», oak so.oaaiw U< ops. flat A*h 5.00r® iM «• AN lll.Ks*—'Trade during me wees nas been quiet, and prices art*quotabiy nnemmeed. • Woquole: _ FalrbanW. Perk £ Co.'s Hteanc Lights 16 At, c fcsira Tallow. btcarloe WlJX*’ Tallow, P IT .'....llStallVc Vailmc. P U*«»jxc Btar, P tt (Echneldcr * Co.s) It « l)ICl 1 («M ANI> CHKII 1 PALS-Ttado diirln-; tic»b at the anuettd quoUllous: .. * AIM*. Sototrltie, Hum True sort*. 6<VlA3o m QOo Oum Shellac.... SV<t6*>' Alum 4V(k6 o Cum Trag. flake Lso*t.ts Annatto.: Wwfl.OO Hum MyrrluTky TV Arsenic, p0w.... B*u»c unmOpinm ».4» ArrowrooL Jsm. i»o hiecac S.ft Artowrcot, Her. it>c 1baicu........... iavajjs Hal.Copavla.... roal.W iCtilao.... 5.U0j..r llai.Tolu 3.00 lodide 1’0ta*..... 5.5i> Kug.Bl-carb.boda »j*c Jalap..... 2.»*:UJo 111-catb. Pulasb. w* Jonlpcr Berry... BAlOc Uotnx. refined.. 870Wc Mnrrhlne I'anil’liot,do.... 1.U4 (Mi t.a*t0r....... J.Wti43.lii Cupi<craa. Am... «>tilck*Hvcr „».•£) Ufram Tar.,pure NW Onlninr.. Cui>rb« 55c 1 \ Urol, blue U«ls< (•lur.Kbits fA-tWn J Nxla a»li BHi.c I *- (Hup, ton K«#:iOc lHiuil«pf halls... 3)i^l.yc Aqua Anunotn". IJ»tl4r I Caustic bi" U... (»• Cbryslal Mllcute V.Hmloc Osfb Ammonia. m*V bai htHiu (AhsliVi I Bp. Turpentine... a(!i;*4_tv. rp In iicttiTsupply t«»-«t-iy. and uiotigb there I*still a scauTly pn> ts rnlM a shade hnver. ban sof ftisu lots. In bossa or tubs, wtra made nl «ia*Srj and lu a few Imtanccs higher figures were ANI> SllTH—Dealnrs ropurllncreased acihilYUi ll.a market for Usmeuie Dtmi 1 mils, and with aurplut stuck on hand are holding firmly at full rate*. There is an acme jnqnlry.ftir Dried Ap -1 lc». Mid ler a very prime arilcls an advance of Vitlc «as iM-lßgileinanisr*t. Drbd Peaches worj In good rnim it. and firm at quotations. Choice Winter Ap pl. » were m steady, tslr demand, to meet th* wants 01 1. ral cnaiomefN but under the liberal arrival* of tin imal Wet k prices were easier, and holders, id most in alai ces, u ereotTering at a ru'lUrtlon of 3-V.4-VIC. Lent or.* are in la-iter supply, and lower. Ual<m» are 11* hluher. The stocks t*f Cranberries are tiecomlng ranch reduced, and the few still tn toe hamls of ct-aler* a-t lean unsound condition. Prime I rail Is terns he'd a» mi advance, Kutsate to demand and steady. \V< quote: Cal Mr. Hobs. Sheep. ~ 10 M 2 1.01 l M W 2lt 413 I.MO 07 .... ?•:« 313 CATTLE SALES TO DAT. MARKET. ccnsrccrr*. . iAft (4.0) ® 6.50 8.00 a, 8.50 8.00 <4 9.01 13.00 W»S.CO 13.00 Apples,)? hrl Lemons, Orangm. V box... Cranberries, > br1...... Cranberries, coUlvtlcd dkixd nirm. Flea, drum ® *\ Fie*. ««ru>ona g <* 2? Date* , .•£ ® . U can I’eachca. F JL |\. 1««g ill ]i> Peaches, halve* and quarter* }* <* 1® Peaches, pared......... & Blackberries, new F ft *\ C£ lU*pbcrrlts, new F ft « g « Cbernta, outed “ M Elderberries. F .ij M .15 UaUlw. layers.. <* < hahlu, 1?, » }* Sardines, k « g '1 Sardines, w 0 a) sen. Almond*, bard rtellcd « O U Almonds, 10ft rteUed.. S? £ i\ Altnonos, paper 5ne11ed........... t« 51 i«B*nnU,WUmttgU>n,»»on.,*>aß lA3 ®U BraalNut* \i “ H Filbert****' A‘ <* Jl French Walnut*, new si w Naples Walnuts... S £ *• Pecans, small and large « {••*•;? Ulcuory No**;P« r W J hT,i Chestnuts. > bo - «d» <it o.w There ts littlebclnc done la this branch ot traneas set. though la anticipation ot Increased ac *i T itv during the coming month, dealer* arenotdls* nosed to shade present price* to any conUdera. bleextrot. Tnc stocks ot nearly all descriptions ara mn. We continue W quote: Trout, Ko. X. K ?*Vsf **rs - Ko.l,at*,te«r a.»» •• tamily. law Codfish, Banlnlf; 1» »8 >■£* 9-W George’s Dana |o: t » ‘ S '6oS *» . 00(3 s> .io.Mc<n.oj . l.Sotf 5.7 w IS.OC 16.6 J Utinopi diidi No. I. f box. •• Ktltd Labrador rierrlige,F 0r1..... Labrador Herrings, Xbr1.....-- Norwegian Hertlaßß, K a, V br}~ Norwegian Herein**. MX V tr 1....--- FII k»»—Sale of as Opossum at 10c UKKAS»B-Mataet quiet. We quote. While StJaHVr YtUow l*i ■■■■ ® ® ft Kill WlVES*—BaceivwLSSbrlt; shipped, sis brls. Neitmjr dolcg. iUrkci tomltaiat 23c for bonded., “hoSSSkUIpR at 63a(3e tor Eastern, COclor western, select »bal*, ranging from $ ntlCJs* Rreeived.. T 93; shipped, w i ■a*. Martetqtuet—rtceipia light. sale* wcre : n Waveragmc»atte at 6a'eraglng... tt* at... 19 dividing cnSJO s>aat...~ f v*is?T'S 13dlvldtcg ?4 dividing cn m 15 ol viola* oo »0 ©a at • * .7°® *°° ■ We anore the race* of prices tor to-dsj m lo^ow*. dear Petit- *H,ii Siu>S JJU »»■“> , \uS*fl£f 6 '.'.‘.V.'.’.’.'.’.V... LLft) ttISXO S«S?» B at:::::::::::: g» «giS ggg Ctm.UrUad Middle* (pacted)— SJ£,X £ Short Klb Middies (pack«D i; tnfcSit ? • Short Clear MScdlea (packed) ofesave Stretford Middles (parted) • Lore Cut Hams (packed).....* £ ' Utyoatttd Shooldets <p*rt«l) ,**« » J Dry Salteo Shonldero (looee) la^aio'Se DrrSaltedllama (P“«?> flioa* c Locee Rough sjdee(cured) S*2 * £ jisauvc K u*mod*rate*toooeti under Ucnt strandwithwlUUe arriving;ou advance of yesterday Uwell aoatalned. add the mar ket may be quoted arm at tfle pncee given eelov. trooTTttTx rsiccs. ...(..., m Ttmetby, relied and b«ter presrod *s&|UnA Timothy. loose prewed inf Kit (5 prairie, beater preseed...... EXTAO.FXICO. iie«A.i*ti Timothy, rolled and beater pressed Timothy, loose pressed Pnlrttv re Ucr and teeter presae 1. y * VS? fill* nalm.looeroo wagon, dell voted ... ninr« rccflmt 14,05 ©st shipped. T 6.073 ©«. Tl« snval* arc a lltue mwe liberal, bat under u ?troce shipping d.mend thestorte are notareuma- orlcea keep well up. acd were Arm to*day at cur quotations. Grubby Hides, sit eto arrive Jrcelr, arc laten a. o-c-Uilrd off. Wt ooote as follows: • „ _ ... Green BnicnerT i!wsii « Green Salted, trimmed £ Green Catf. -H aa I Kip Green, salted 5,“t,£ Dry Flint.trimmed. ‘J.wTISSS . JBKU3S. SSVEff Common Bar av 2 ?wc Horse Shoe Iron Heavy Band SuSali c ! Hoop aod Light Band 5152 cue Ronnd ana square. l§3 Sc HaJ».VVsi ttd'ltMf RooiiL 6f^C c.Xtra Itraadf V f % c Sheet Iron, Sheet Iron, iiJSii e Sheet Iron. Jot kata. J* Norway Nail Bods “ Plow steel. German £»* * noWBWI,«Mt..M c rptret uo Enjrlrtft;... Tool Cast Stocv ordinary aleei.... Too* Cmi Meat. American niutercd )«tl Uumla, N0a.9a0d16.... Bnula. Am, m qoallty, V M 1... Iftutla. Am, l*t quality, V Bbect Xtoaaliu Am. Ud quality, »' tOcet. Muaaiu. <\m..wu uutUlU. <• *nCC». w*** W LIIATII Ell—The market exhibit* a tittle mare Ills. Wamifictnren ara looking about to Tlrw ortu ;nrs ptribaaea. and older* Horn country dealman aUo coming lo mors frcdy. We quota toe market firm at C\e >rtcc* glT«a below; lnun.oaE. City Harare*. ft Slaughter,. ft t »,» 43 mmaiosole...« 103 « Country Harrow 34m K Slaughter. Bole, Line, ft ft 43m 44 CUicagoNo.l.. K>3 It Klo. medium, 9 SlaoxbUr. Bole,- , _ ft ...... KUMI.S] Chisago Ne.*.. JT Calf, ft ft I-MULCO Boenas Ajrt*,... T>* II Upper, ft f00t... sfe* tl Orinoco 501 e,,.. *7(4 S 3 Cocntry Coper.. aft a Oilaoco, . good. Collar, ft t00t... 33m *4 I damage*....... 913 Jl 6Unxhler,Sol«.. Ml French Call. SI UuiteM, ft ft... 4ft* *sl tta 3.1033. A Upper au Sil-Freocb Call, Sa Kip. 80. l, toe* I ft* .....30*33.10 ulum I.Ufel.tO I French Calf. Le- Kip, No. I. a olnes, ft dJMd.O7UW.O3 be»TT 6UU.101 I.C3IIIER—Tb'rc has bees* brl»k trade doing luruuKliout the week, and dcnl*r» wore generally ob tailing full price*, since the dafeot oar lut r pot ther hi* l»*ci a KliuLtaavance on Sawed Shin git*. W« rente qnntaUos*: LtMßtu—First Clear. I,ijf. IV and 7-loch _ ft in Second c.ear,Lix.ltfasd3tncb aaouauo Third Clear. It eh. 7....! WJQj^.W First and second (Lear Flootlnc, lo- KGthcr.ionaO.aießaiDcaaSecoadOleaP „ wide ! 9&A)*B.OO Common Flooflne.rongb 3SjDc.iJ7.OO Vaulted and l)rw**l Common Flooring UtOCy >3.00 Matched and Bnoaed 8 loch Common Flooring XLOQaSLOO Find and second Clear Sidle;, toother. a)lft*3LoO Flr»t Common Drc»*ed Mdlne 33XC333.00 Wagon-Box Board*, select, IS inch aad „ upward* .77. 7. ffLOOmw A stock Board*. 13 tnebs* 50.oo>axo B Stock Board*. It lnfbo*„ S&OOmTUIO Common Board*. Jolila, Scantling. Fenc tec, and small Timber. 13 to 16 leet „ tour Sl-OmLK •joUu and Scantling, SO, S 3 end 31 feet.... &00£r0.00' Jouta and Scantling 35-UO’ Bnn.oi.ra—A cr Star shared Shinrlej 4JO a or Star Saved Shingle*. 5 OMSSSO No. 1 saved Shingle* 2Joii 3,00 Lath—Per m In yam* 5 00 By car-load py Northwestern Batlroid. delivered in any yard where ran can be •witched, or any depot: A or Star Saw* ed Shingle*, by car-load, on track 1 JO A cr Star Shared fchtngioe,br car-load. on bark .. 5.13® 4J» No. l Sawed Shingle*, by car-load, on track ..... rr..... L 3» Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge tollowa the Shingle* Intretght bin. _ . _ smsoLKffroaoaW). Thlckncos—Fire Sblngtea to be two Inches In thick* no*. Let gib— Sixteen Inctt*. Cates—Twenty inches. Conrscs—iwrity-five. P«KTAS.*< AND TINNERS* STOCK— Onslnets during the week has been modersti-iy a-tixe, and prices haxe ruled firm Ibroagbont, Wo eonUnus to quote: Box Tin Plate. 1 C 10x11 (1130 large « Snail Pits Si> Bar Tin S 3 corntß. Metallic Al* 801t5... SI Copper Bottom 55 Brazers oxerlSßs.. 43 Sheet, 14 to 16 0x..... 43 Turnings 1(1 Da norr kctol. Utnuallty SO AnUmcux 20 Fine bolmr SO NAILS—Are firm at the 6d, >• aeg (7.00 i 8d 7.25 6d 750 4d 7 731 3d SJJS .34 («77 c .20 ® S C N*VAL STOUES-TTit market U firm. We naole: Tar fiOO I Lath Yam Man- YaUteFUth fiiOl ilia N. C. Pitch 8.00 j Mantua HavCopjJl (jtllc Italian pucatnc &c I Maui'U ttopc.....23,V<^.Mc Italian Hemp Packing 4Cri Manlne Floe Hemn, sup !£Jc | Sash Cord 3* Am. Heap,No. 1...., 20u i Oakum j 0 Am. Hemp, No. 2.... lie I Hemp Twine 33 oiJc I Paper Twine ....Hi wide OlLS—Linseed Oil continues in active demand, a as tlie supply on band is heme pretty well worked dow art acmanding rail lates. Lard Oil mid fair i ecsl, and tclcraoly Arm at previous rates. Oiherv. ’eats are quiet ana unchanged. WccoaUnue to quote; Ltiueccoli f (21-W* LliiwdOU, O'Jed MlAi O lvc Oil «i3O Wba.c Oil. W. U US*«l.4f Lard Oil. extra lard OIL No. I Winter. I.UV4UI Lard (HI. No. U Wlmer Bank OiL rcund lot* l.UvtL.'O Machine Oil L00R1.40 Sperm Oil, W.B fcOAO Lubrlcatlnc OH M»I.M I’AaBDN Dll*—Retrainsquiet, withpricessteady ami unchanged. We quote: Carbon, V car load . i-Sr Car ben. ttuall tola 50c Bcnrole Me PKOIVISIOXS—Recciv-MAMu ftsCar.-l M*st>: ret brio Pork. shipped vivrd ft* Cured Meat*; 'i brls Beef: 4GJbrl» Pork and 519.416 ft«Laed. Alesal’or*—DulL Salts were ISO brls SI. O. it lIS.Wi. MTcn Pickled llama—Sales were? 50 tes (cl b) at lie. Heel Hama—Sale* were: POObrliat $31.00. pitta’ TonußCfl—Soles were: S 3 brls at fl'i.PO. Clear Pori*—6J brls at $13.15. Uaik Mentis—Mute active. Sale* were: 100.000 &» bison Clear at lOfce paced: W.OCO a* do at 10Wc loose; tC.CCO fts CamU:rlamJ> at Stfc loose; ICU.OOO as Short Rib (la»t eve.) on p. t. .. . Lnrd—Market very quiet. Sales wore: iftl tes Country Kelt led at We; 5) tes City do at 11 ; 2i/i tea Steam at live; 5 tea No. lat 10£c; 100 ecs Steam, buyer 30, at 12c. . ... I‘Otl I,TRY—The market to-day was quiet. Sato Include toe following: DmttwJtD CntCKKXs—Two rtoz at $1.10; 3 do* at $3.50. Dr.Exuui Decks—Three d<«x ats3.oo. Dkesexd Tcnkrvt—One psb at 16c; HOlbs St I»O\VDEU AND HUOT—The demand!* limited and pr et-s ate enchanted. We quote: „ RIHe Powder ?2 Blasting Powder Shot (Df*p) Buckshot 3_jd^.1.53 Car la*ad, 1* ft « c PA 1 ST?*—There la scan. ,iy any movement In this department, and quotatlcns ate altogethernominal. Iherclu.wlncaretliepilcescartenl: ..... i H.L. Pearl 5t0w....#11.00 Superior fIW» | Read Lead U.OO Premium IW» O'Fallon Standard Jorde 3J» Lead”.. 11.50 Missouri BXW St. Louis Star lI.CC French janc,putTs... 15.39 D.U.Shipman’swar. Amer. snow White.. UXu ranted pure In oil. 13.00 American Star 10.00 Cbtcapu Paint Works _ Garden City l«J0 m oil 11-00 Diamond ILSO Dearborn InOll .... 12*0 D.B.hiapmaa'sZlac, New Jcrjcy. 10.00 Pure .. U.W 81. Louis, pure M.OO Parlor Saow White, hi Louts union 13. W , Zinc, pure M Charles River. B.»- . LehlgQ W.W I>|lJ I Ito.s—Tlie market Is not particularly active, though. under moderate stock.-, prlres keen well up, aud an? firm at our quotations, which arc as Pdlows s hootch Plb.No. 1. *ton Masslllos, No. 1 MaMll)on,No.3 J>-£ 1r0tt0c.N0.1.... gS •• No. 3.V : 51.^ Lake Superior, No. 1 Moreau M.g --•• •• >'o. I Greenwood WJO I‘APKK—UquUtaod Arm at previous rates. We rtpi»» c-ur Halt _ Hook l*aper, ft 15... .21 031 c News Paper, pft 19 »U 0 c Wrapping.common 5 o PAPER HTOlJK—Remain* Heady and on chauuw.a* fallow*: ... . . Cotton lUtrs, mixed 3X(*5Yc Rope and I aBRUu Cable Rope 5 Oj.Wc KICK—The demand la lair and prices remain un charged. Wo quote t Arracan Carolina HTHIUIt-lMtcsdj. Wo quote: Kfitssfnnl, com JJ a« r Kingston!. Pure » ifD-V MtiuMd, }*, Klhustonb htber U10m..... l-iilSunlalrr » “ “ • oilAraCurn ‘j, «J* ‘ HHitfH ( M’lCKft-The market Is slesdy. Wo continue U quotes . P.iqwr • g» Plmruto... . n NulmcKs, No. }nS 4 ! !5’ NultLrit*, No. S 4 ~ CUrvca....... ................................... 50dt 55 HD A PH—Are only mudvraUiy, actlvu ami the do maud has l»een cotflnwl to supplying local watts. W c continue to quote?, „ u . K. Bflu-ctrcr A c 0.% l aim........ B e Proctor A Uambtc'a Uctuiaa Mottled c CaslboSnap. Am JJ < hou-lsu f*. *** c I)w 1 uni's full c old wHcht..... U (jUHc Old Emtllsh. short welfitil. Ktrk'sOtrman MoUlwl c Klrk'a BV* BUc Kirk's No. 1 Palm. ,'IV •Hf Kirk's l«ale Family i Vai:kce Chemical Wtio.qt i Emery's Improvwd traslve sk>-5 ; c Faltbank,pvck&Co.'s CerainaMutued 9 wio « I *• •• »♦ Ernalve 8 « 9 c »• ** ** palm 7 (st B c HDD* AND HAI.KKATI'H—There is cut little change to touce since the date o( uur last rspjrt. Stocks are exceedlnßT light, and prices are Arm as SibM Vs Medicinal il^iivS •< pun. iJUdiut Delatd's Chemical 'JSl*®}?,/ *• He*.thy US;dIKC •• Pure.... native SUlSAIt?*— Boslnm In this dfpartmeat oi trane durine the week baa been steady. Theslvcas ot sub-its, partuelarly cl choice grades, aro rather lisbt. IV e SubsT.*. ISNSISV e Porto WspwUHc N*. T. BtAned.Powdered and Granulated....ltkAH c While A « Circle A..... LSx-sDVc White B 15,-ysDSNe Fxtra .....15 (+lskc Yeiiow C UV(«t3»i Oxnard C. II CSiliiC Oxnard C. extra. .liywll c New Ortrans prime UVAiS e New Orleana fiiir IluaUNe pVHDPs-The mam. j quiet, and puces are weak. We r?peat quotations: 2ftw York Ejrups 9 60aU5 , Yellow Drips 1 Cuba Vols'scs 15* S 3 Porto Rico SCL» &J New Orleans 90^J.W) Philadelphia Uee Hive Kx« 7d Chicaco Rmnery. Amber lXoqi.l& Chicaeo ReOnery, Uoldeo SP.4 V Cblcaco ReAnery, nncar H0u5e......... r>« a HEED!*—'Boe*dved. 40.510 tts; shipped, S9AIO ft*. The market to-day w«* only mouerata<y active, and prices were a abase «««ler. Sales were as follows: Timotht—s9 bars at $0.13; 773 bags at $3.03; 23 ban at KA4: Crovxw—aibatf»atl*Jo;ahßagsatse.iii;4bißj at $7.75; Futx—2o bags at $1.73. HALT—Received, none; ahlppad. 113 brla. The market Is fairly aedre. We continue to quote: New Fine S7AS Coarse _ Ground Alum HCft-A Tu'k's Island, bags 3A? Ground - *•** Dairy, with sacks 5.U Dairy, without sacks 3.73 TEAH—Are In lair demons and with moderate stress prices are firmly sustained. We continue to vounir Dyson, tnpertor b* nnc, 1» a Si So extra to choice, V B. UTtkalA) ImpenaL superior to nae, V ft 1.10i1.50 *do cx?ra to choice. Vft - i-sv#Lob Got powder, superior to floe. ? ft UtLaIAC do extra to choice, ? ft 1AV%7.00 Japan, natural leaf, Aoe to extra flue, V ft*.- do do flna to choice. ¥ ft lA^ do do eclared, P ft lAKvI.W T-OB A CCD—The general market Is d all* and unot mil stocks, prices are not remarkably turn. PlngTi haccoa are lower. We quote Fur* Ctrr dutwnro— Extra Choice. Medium Common. SJtortso Tobacco — Vlrslila'i Farcrlte. ■ Choice Medium common htems.. Pixo Toiucco— _ , „ Loyal CtU«n 8 §& Fanner** Delight ,32 S Natural Lea! l-JJ BJ-SO Half might, £ l *s2 CJolccßiack.sound 74 8 J» Mediant *5 « T» common. *0 Navjm M » Virginia lOt and g O « VtOOD-lt quiet and easier. We coctlun* to Supfe3 V cord, delivered Maplrjv cord, in yarn WJ ® , '%fr2R Dtecta. V cord, delivered <*J-W Brrcb. v cord, la yard ~i&S Hlckory.iV cord OOa»UJJC WOODEN ANDiWIIXOW WABE-TfadJ la tatrlortbe season, and price* are tntly tastaicei We quote: „ „ Xaba, extra lire rettf,Ko. t. perdu. U4S?&S? Tot*. So. J. per do*- Tnb*. So. s, per do*. H-S **i43 p*r*,tw»bfcOp.palnt«.. JJO Palls, tbrw-boop, painted.. 3*3«rdf. xltc MX* 4.C0 Wlllov market baskets SJOj* 7JO Coro baakeca, 1 b0abe1................ UttA TJO Corobaake'slVboabels. 7JOC4 9XO churns, So i, n licb., icou&icw ("barns, 50.2. SdiECb liOCCj'SM Oiaros. So. a, 18 iocb. MJi&U M c'barna.So.4, l«mcb UJO^IUjO WISES* AND MOCORS-'There tat becaatdr trao^tUjlocdonnFthe week, aao dealer* were realii ing mil price*. HecooOiiau to quote: nc coo Da. TOEUQX GOODS. E>du»nc UcctlT.ecWtlikcr^D V ctnt C. I*. .ft® , D 0.20 I* cent U. P. ... *J9 Moconrahota. V. i.B. 2.(5; K7e-WhJ*k«y frbte).. 3ioi fV'iCTl'on do (Cfclc).. 3.561 pure Spin* (proof)... 3.40 \ Colo*tt bplnU, to.l> _ , I cest....~ 2.601 Cblf*s« “• JSSSM? Co Br»»S£o do Karat... Co Pi.vrme.i,*B£j» do Sh’r do.. 3XC do uil*it&..i7saa.oo Glnjer Wuc......\.7^2X0 cn«rrT wmr i.ft^aoo Diacktwrrr Itubbern W\ne..3 MUSOJ >. Engitnd Kam.3oo£3Jo t*enn. By® Wbl»* km. ASOaIM Kemnrtrv Boat*- boD Wbltkrj*, .&5096 SO I Oblo CftUVb* I wrat............1 vganc Sale* were; ia,oco a« Goto? IStto 13uljlication0. e ;*Si(*w c .31 ** C .X .«» e .» uM e . .(♦«» e . c*»» « . dIC c 44 TAK. HATES’ CONTRIBUTION I I to the hteratare of travel noise**-* «strik ing Tame, If lor toiliing else tbanlUoeserlpUoa <f Litmce bar Lera points, which. there u every reason to heller r, were never oetcre troddsu by the fool oj civilized msu."—[New York Evening Pott. THE OPEN POLiB SEA, A Narrative ot • Voyage of Discovery toward the North Pole, ta the Schooner “United State*.’* BV DB. ISAAC 1. UAYES * Commander of the Expedition, Fsbetllihed with *lx fal-pagellleatrallona. drawn by Darloy. Whim and oiher*trom Dr. Have** uetches; three ftifl-parc chart*-. iweaty-dsht vignettes, aim a fisr portrait of the Ant bar. cujiaved in ittsl. 1 voL, Bto. Price, |5.»; half mon-gco. I*. ntinn a noroKioTf, pab?i#herj, •139 ltroom*-«L,Naw Torlc. Statby mail prepaid in receipt ot the prior, for Wlßby f!i. C. CUICWSArCU* 3ftaud4PLake-«t. HirHLBACH’S HISTORICAL NOV- XtJ. ELS.—Extract irons tho author'# sweat remarks op«tt**ThelJHone*lß3m*i>co’: _ . . “Tb* historian ptesenis to yon the outward face#, tie external form of history. ILalofltal romance would show tco the heart of binary, and .tho* blag n«ar to jour heart what else would Hand *o for oft I>. APPLETON & CO, N0#.443-*nd 444 Broadway, New York, sure joav rcßLianiP, no S. C. OKI6GS &> co; BZinUN AMD BA2tB-aOUCZi •r, Frederick (ho Great ntsd III* Friends,* An Historical Neve!, by L. MDLBACH, Anther of**Joseph 11. and Hia Conn." “Frederick tb: Urcat and Ui»C art,’* "Merchant of Berlin," etc., etc. Ui AJVA t.U, k VMM Translated from tbe German by Mrs. Chapman Cole man and her daoghter*. 1 yol., izmo. Cloth. Price, 1 fS.CO, “ One cannot fill to be Improved by such novels at i these, tofahy are welmprcued with the tmthfnlnea# ot tteCetciiption. They are tact asd fiction com bined."—(DQca JoureaL jUSErnil. ANBUIbCOURT. An metorlcil Novel. By L. Mablbach. Translated trom the German by Adelaida De V. chandrco. 1- vol, Bro paper eov er, ei-hOicloth, $3.00. “ In * Joseph n.’ she transcends her previous effort*, aoionlyln the story wrouabt oet In amasterly man ' ner, but the r<-al chancier* that Cesralnttbavebaen carefully studied from tha dotal chronicles of the time."—{Philadelphia Inquirer. _ FBtnßftlCK THE GREAT AKI> HIS COURT. Ah Historical Novel. By L. Moalbach. Translated irom the German by Mrs. Chapman Colwmas and daechters. I vol, UojCm paces. Cloth, F-LD3. “The most remarkante volume of our am*, la en tmaiulng and picuact, and will command a very wide circle cf readers. ■ —<Tr«y Wnlc. _ _ TQKiIUtcnASTOFbfcuUK. An Historical Novel. Translsted Irem the German by Amory Coifin, M -1). 1 vol. i2mo. ChHb. *3.00. “ There Is not a dull chapter In it. Thr Interest of the reader Is well maintained from the bentanlOK to tbe eSose, and wo know oi no book of similar charac ter which won.d WDII* away an afternoon more pleas antly.”— [Utica Herald. Ist quality, cut 13K lit quality, iD»cl It blab 14 wnoitT wise. I to 6 11 7.Sand 9.; 13 10 and 11 13 12 .74 is and It 13 15 and 16 .is 17 17 IS IS 13 31 90 W Fence \Mie IP : loliowlnz quotations: 13d.... .. .;. $935 13d, fine bleed 9.39 13d,One bloed 1039 ICutFpikc* 7.25 I Clinched Net 935 fhe market Is firm. We ff Either ol the above seat tree by mall os receipt of price. S. C. GKIGGS & CO, Wholesale and Eotail Booksellers, 30 and 41 l.okewt., Chicago. Steamship gkkat easteku, CARRYING TUB CAT TED STATES MAILS. Mr Jsuat aj*pee»'K, comm-ndtr. The French “Company cf Charterer*” of the Gllß AT EASiEKN. having provided theship with new boilers, sna Uioroukh.v rented and refnreUied her la every department. with special reference ta this service, will ron her regularly between New Yofraud Brest, as fob low*: LKATISO SEWTOBK. LSAVtAQ BTC3T. Tncsdav April 9 r Saturday Annl 27 Thursday May 161 Tn-nlay. June 4 Saturda} -1u*.e42 1 Thursday luly 11 Tuesday Ju y 30 I Saturday Ang. tt Thursday Be pt. 111 Tu>*day Out. 1 Saiurnav Ort. 19 Thursday Nut. 7 NEW VOKK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday. N0v.26, tak- It g only flist cta>s passengers. Passage rates in gold, or Us tqmvalett, Slid. fUS, (100—according to loca* lien and »Ue ot room. l trkets lor the home passage issued at a reduction of ISO to passengers returning previous to August. ParseDgeiscanbcfurclsoed i-q board with railroad Hike's frem Brest to Paris at the reduce! rated for flr»t-cla»» and f"JO :or second-class, being ared<ic> turn ot 55 per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic fed of Baggage a k wed to » ach passsngcr. Letter* ol creclt Issued lor England and the Conti* “ ,pI iS.LS. FAKGO * CO.. IVsage Agents. No. S-l ’troadway. l or ferthei Information apply to the American and Untied atate* Exprre* Co.’*, at thtlr various ageotlre. NATIONAL LINE. WBEEXtY LINO STOAISIEEC. CABIN, IM (COLD); STEERAGE, f3J. ttrerace, Ilvcrpool or Queonstowa to Chicago, si3. Foi lorlhcr infermauon apply to gWAYNE’S OINTMENT, eWAYNE’B OINTMENT, SWATNE’S OINTaiENT, IN FROM It TO 43 HOURS. WITHOUT FAIL. Sold by all DrnggDta. Wholesale X>T BGRSUAMS A Van SCHAACK. FAIRBANKS' fST ■*“ &TARUAUD JPa. scalesjL^ OF ALL MZC’. rjESS^HHk FAIRUAKKS. UHECuLKAFACO.., IH6 A 3*iH Chicago. ‘ pLOWb. PLOWS. ROD IIRKARINU FLOWS and all varieties of Stub* blc and Double hhovrl How* manufactured ami tot »alebr JOliy DKMEN f. DUoo. HllLuU. .10*1*11 c .u miiu> .lOfcWl c .nsjuve Q.EiT, UATTKN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchants Dctwr-n Y and (Lata..) DKNVKIt. COLORADO. 1 IlLl.'&HAlli DVE—IH) Cents—Black I i nr Brrwn-lmlantaLfoua. natural, durable, beautiful. The best and chrarx-sltin «**• L‘«'*•*"?,*¥ much as aa any dollar tire. HILL b AUCTiC.or Al.l. pnipoMi. Depot UU John-st, Now Tor*, bold bj all dfOggltU. AIIHIVAL ASD DEPAUTCUE OF TIIAIMJ. Winter Arrangement. cmcifjo isd Honnnvxnrsß* iuhjwjad—cocxcn. CLCrrftAKS OJIAUA tISJt— DtTOT JCOIITU wzixa BTUEET. Omaha Fast Lite Omaha Nicht Express. Dixon i’aaecnger rndponr uxs. Freeport l*aepcccer... p.m. *aioa. m. Freeport Passenger *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Rocklord. Elgin, Fox RwerSdSiani 111na... *4:00 p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas- m tenser. *s.T»p.m. S.»sa. m. WISCOHftK UlVlßloS—dstot cousin or CASAI ARD xctxnt STRUT. „ „ Day Expreee ?*£«.m. .^2‘S* Nish*. Express •uaup.m. •jeljft.m. Janesville Accommod n. *s:£p.ra. _.33p.m. Woodstock Accommoa a .fctf»p.m. *D:-Jn. m. vitviL-m division— depot cobxzb op oarax. ARD KUtrnt STUIIT. Day Expreee •• IhCOa.m. 12:00 m. Kotebilf. Calvary and Evanston IBIS'S* Nirht -MXlp.m. S.«rJp.m. kenosla Accomxnod’n--. Waukegan Accommodn. 8.30p.r0. &jsr. m. Milwaukee Accommod u. 11:45 p.m. &Joa-m. *”* Geo. L. Dunlap, Gcn’l Sup fc. B F Patrice. General Passenger Agent. Atckioiß *asnuL Riamioxu—u-tiCft .»«*. poet or uu Burnt. Moraine Biota, *5:00 «. a. -8.« p. m. nvvExnrst* *•:&.•a-n. *ll*op. n. Ewitos ?zpt<M gs» p. m.;*li: /op. m. KlKflt SxprvM p. tt. t«23 a. m. 8 cthicikTUTS A3CJ Mcuvnu nra. Moraine Sxpresi nrnoa-R. NL»at £xp*«»" X**oop.a. *ll.Ol/p.R. wtcateu: eooTKxwt and *a eaosa tcos-ns* pot cornea* tax nuniß ard saiMU* ataxsta. Mitta.n. *g:s3p.n. Dm&edrm.. »7:tioft.o. *11:00p. m New 3 P'°- « NtirbtEssiees J*ltfcofcp.m. *t.ooa. ® ‘ M*un * r.nsa. IUUHKI M .„ **:i3 4.e. tteU)&.n. SSbCab’Rca p. m. *SSS p. n. K&I WATXa ASS CHICAGO. m* i “... *»oa.a. fcfcC4.s. toMjl. Z, •liOia.m. 12:20 4.0. SuiUm ! fciap.o. 7:40 p.ja toircM-.. ...nifcftip.n. 11:00 p. xa r 1 HirannrVCTUL Da? Passenger •fcSOa.o* p.Q. Jtfgbt Paejenger ™* Kankakee Aecoon<»'n. •£« p. n. a. m. Hide Park and Oak Wood *6:30 a. m. a. a. “ ... »ia;lU p. m. *«sa a. a. u M w .... *&3op.m. *l:sop. m. u »» »» •&55D.81. *":aop.a OBicato. ncsuxaton axa qszaox. Oayßxpre?* and Ma 11... “• f.aie»bitt«rtaKae«f.. - fj,® "t-rei^ inmN *4:00.p. m. *»w ac« Sshtßiwi tlioomdui tMOa.m. cHicaao axD at. toms. axortae and Mail 8:0a a,m. 8(0 p. a. Sight Exprtaa - feiatan. ItSO a-n. JoU« and Wilnlagton _ Acoommodatioa 4aX]p.m. CHICAGO JJiO 6&SXT XI3THBJI — tiß uni>—xu.'wavx-sa itu.imfn dxpot, ooa. ri«n.iTO ganra lann. I>av XxprcM ........ fc3oa.B. IWS jUghtSxpwM.- 400p.m. 3:50 p.m. N a uroiXsAPOMt. lomsuuJt AXO cracaaati. Dav Eznreee 6:30a.m. HWS p. s. SißhiKiws - 9:00p.a. &» a. m. CofumbMESreaa 6:30a.m. Ithss p.m. WJIUIBUU4 -B-Jj "•”• • . ftUO p. a. &30 a. m. ? jarring 9:55 a. a. 9;OU a. TO. i. » Eelsp.m. buO p. a. caicaso. bock mass a*p t*mrx aanjtatp. Day Rxpresa and Mali... •fr'-Oa.m. *s:3op. n. Mchl SxptCM li* . p.m. tlim iohct Accommodation.. . *** P>.**y.,*• •Sunday excepted. tMoaday excepted. tsaiuidiy ixcepi«i.i_^o ;! stock taad toa tasl*. *’ Le&raHadUon Street. Lcirtatoc. YUm* &® a,m. 1:40 Siso 4L m. 0:10 m* lOHXL a.m. 11:30 Ifc3o. . p.m. 130 P.m --■ .£w. 4:00 p.m. 4:45....... o. ta. 5:40.... .p.m. BOXPAT TILXINB. bX m. I less 5" ith» •*•”*• ’i : S i"S' ItSO p.m. S 5 .A] , ....p.m.l ons o.m. Tbefollowtae it the new labia for the airlra and dep trior* of malls from the Chicago Post Office for the witter, and now a lores: mnartnit- P, O. ClOCiOOtllw HIMAfIttITIa a m ■s, m. . a ip. p« m. 7.T P fcUi....Mlch- South. 5. R ll‘<o 9:15.... 44 44 44 8:55 * 12:00 m 44 14 44 .. 6:00 U:00 ** 12:00 m Mich. Centralß.R..l.... 12.00 & 44 ** “ •• 6.-00 8:0 .... £oo....Pitta, & Ft. Wayne • lfc3o .... sis .. 44 44 44 . i:io !... ItUOB “ 44 * .. 6rUO two 12:00 4:Bo...Great Rasternß.R.. &W 10:00 13:00 t*:9o....NcwAlbany Jb Salem Br2o 11:00 feOO I;ti....ualena Uallroad 3:10 £4O 12:00 6:09....Dix0n Air line.... .. 6:00 7^o 12:00 &00....BockltlaAd KaDroad 6:45 2:30 li£oo OHM C.,B.&Qniccj K. B, 8:50 9:06 ' BK6 3:oo....Northweeiem k. R.. 6:48 • 6:3Q ! 6:00 2:46.... MfUankce RaQroad. 11:30 8*.%0 I*oo 1*8....1U1n01a Central R.R. 1:00 %oo 12:00 £oQ.,,,St«l4nilß Railroad... 8:88 8:15 . j RQBT< QIL24OHS% p< u> .*1.15 @1.13 . J.OT Wt.lS . SO (4 <0 . S 3 M 75 5S 81.00 « U 30 21 S S 19 0 L Bkaidt— co/jjul «ru«aiMo Qis— UollssS !.M® 6.75 Hr*— Jftm&les...... S.COAID.OO M. Croix....,* 3JO Wars— fort. »... 4.10® &0O Sherry co\> 9.00 iUdcrl*. _ CXSt 00006. B BeOJaek*tStomfteti »J 0 1 «»ke*i l*l»nUUoaumti) Ho* tetter* strawberry— MO Cherry £2® Bupberry... .. jWO Blackberry. 9 JO °oj3Tora Otn 10. M BollaadOU un a fcitrtlnMd, U*US fti. wIbSMMKc. KEADT THIS DAT DATE FOE SALT. 8. T. WEBBTEB. Aaent. 2,*i Chicago. .itiEhical. cuass ITOH, otraas xtcs, CUBES ITCH, Scales. piping. Uusliicgs (ffarhg. Cdo. no i %ait £))je. Iroai I live. Arrive. *B;Li a. m. *7:20 p. m. 7:80 p. m. JC:00 a. m. 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a. m. iarawteSEtiCaasft---'**’***- 1 * ’jgyrttdt Notices. Tlirtsorliam irmnoforiarlns rompnny, Stlratmlth*, of provldm* Ifr r^v 1)1*1 th« t are producing Bio Biccyc-P prlstoa mil Dlntcr anATta “rrrftr« TatM Wats ot BTerj description, of a Terr taoenor qn*mf new az»i e-w-ant designs. The h** W lit• up'inwhl h b adcpotliot pure silver of MCh uKx iicts that they i*.*»cse all the advantareroi r'l.O *’!»« . in culitj. and from beau** of a»«lgc end eupciwr on- I?*- are utMliMlemtibable from it. . ... The Cornam Manufacturing Coxrany ref- f with con ixtcixe to the tigi. npnuurn thf? nave mlab.7 bco tt the orodcrtl.n of Solid Mirer warn, to which they h»*e twes far m»i.r years < ugaztx.*, aid they bow a* aaie the poMtc that ih*y win fully rartats that nota tion by u.e production ot Kteetro plated Wares of such Qna‘ity axd txt exe dnraM iiy a* wiu Insure entire taiiaferUon to the purchaa-r. All articles toads br theta are Bloated thus: And ail «ech are folly guarantml. Thoyt-el Itnccea >a>y particularly to caul the attention ot purchaser* to the apove tra*ie>aiark, ma their design* have beni a;, raady extensively imitated. These goods can cn'y be prtcu'Cd Horn responsible dealers throughout Uie co or try. BcltUion in tbe Human Interior. rebellion* are not confined to bodlea po'.lttc, They break oat In oar own Interiors u well as in the •• bow el* of tbe laid."* The natural law of oar bodies li health, hat we misuse them, and they revolt. We sub ject them to exposure, we overtask then, we orcr.oad tbe stomach, we neglect tho bowels, we please oet ot rooms hotter thus the tropics Into an atmosphore be low fretting point, and Is yartons other ways tnfls without health. But those frames of etzrs are wonderful machines, «nd the use of tho PROPER MKANi, so IN VIGO BATE and REGULATE them a# to reader them almett proof against ihooxdtals to which. In our rsek lessaeu, we subject them. Nothing that has ever been brawn or heard of at a tonic adds »o much to the ret.Ttant power ot tbebmnan system under clreumfttaoec* enfaTorableto health, as HOSTBTTEIPS STOMACH BITTEBO. If yon would escape the intermittent feTar*. It# ot Indigestion, toll hoes aUtcXf. sad bowel complaints, of walch cold sad damp are the frtqoeatcaoses r es: tho BITTERS a# a PROTECTIVE MEDICINE. This la the wisest cworse: 6.-Vll already aa invalid, try the preparation ar a BESTOBATtVE. In either aie, fall relHnce m&j bo placed upon It# efficacy, sotteverrwhere. ■ Tbe Bcallns Pool and Bourse of Mercy • Howard Association report*, tor yoony men, on tha crime of eotltude, and the ctzon. abuses- and dl««n*«w which destroy tbe manly powers, at d create impedi menta to marriage, with sore mean# of relief; Sent In scaledlettercnvelcpea.freeof charge. Address Dr. J. MvILLIN- noUGETTOh, HowaidJAtsocUtloa thladei pbla. Pa. —- Dr, James* Specialist la the treatment of Syphilis, Spcrmstor rhma, and evsty species of Private Dtsorders> can ho eoaioltcd at his cfSce cod psrlort, 91 and 93 Ran dciph-st.ftomJo.m.toJpkm. P.O. Box Chi ta to, 111. Dr, Tbamson, Propfletor of the Medical and Surgical IcilltuU-, F7> South Clerk-sL, ha* treated all ijtra* of venereal-dls eare with cuprucidcektl roccae tor nearly liny year*, bpermaiorrhcca tad Impotence treated with the happi est results. Purtlsalars of the Institute and thcGc.dt mailed tree to aaj aCdras. T. O. Box 7'i. Chicago. Illinois. Dr* BlfeiotTi Bavlnglhe confidence of (be potnle and the nodical f»tmt> the most wimble ohyuctan in the city fet chronic n-rvoaa and sexual disease*. Call a hie office, 171» South iT.ark-st, corner ot Mocrpe. Rooms separate. Cac-n'ts-lon fere. P.0.80x I at. uu cnlde to health, published monthly, sent tree tc an) address. Private natters. In all Private Matters go (or write) to Dr. CLARKE. 07 Clark »l. Bothsexcs consnlthlmcoocdenually. nr Seed stamp tor citoular on late invention for Married People. Female Fills St per box. rr 8«d siamo for book tor victim* of &ell-abus«. Address letfe is DB.CLABKe, No. -1 Lannoo Blocs, Chicago. T3toposals PUOrOSALS FOH AKMY TRANS PORTATION. _ „ , QrAßisswai-tKit gexessl** Omcx. I WaaiiixcTOX, D. C„ January 15, 1367. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this alflrt util it o’clock u,on thecSth ot Fcnruary. iss7, for the ttanspomtinn of Ml'uary flcrlng the JearcutuuienciDg April 1.1557, and ending March 31, &*, on the toiluwlz.g rrutes: ROUTE No. I. _ . From Fort McPherson, Nebraska Territory, or such pouts as may b*» detcmlee*! upon acrlr.g the year on the Omaha branch cf the Union Iwctflc Rai.rcad. west of Fort HcPharacn. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter ritory-*0 *ueh poats or depots as are cow or may be es toblL-hed in the Territory of N*-Dre«(ra. w»-t of longi tude UU dunces. In the Territory of Montana, south of latitude -tfl degree*. !n the Territory cf Dakota, wrat »l Icngituac 1W di gree*. lu the Territory of Idaho, souta of laUtude 44 degree*, and east oflmcltude Iff decree*, and lu the Temtorte* of Utah and Colorado north ot latitude 40 degrees. Including, II necessary, Denver ; CltJ ’ KOUTE No. L ' From Fort RUey. Elate ot KaniiS, or *nch point* as may4>edfteralnedupondnrltjgtbcyearcn the Union Pacific Railroad, E. u_ to any poets cr depot* that are now or may be cstabU-hcd la the Slate of 1 aa-v* - r tnlheTcmtory of Colorado, south of latitude 40 d.*- trees rortb, and to Fort Union, New Mexico, or uih-r depot that may be designated In that Territory, and to any other point or points on the route. * * UIUTTD A n < From Fort Union or such other depot as may he established In the Territory of New Mexico, to an posts or stations that vt<ot may be established in that Territory, and to w posts or stations aa may oe designated In the Territory ot Arizona, and lu the S;ate ofTexM wescoflongitum* 105 degree*. ROUTE No. 4. From St. Paul. Minnesota, to such posts as are now ormaybecstabtlsncd in tne State of Mltnosota. and in that portion of Dakota Territory tying east ot the Missouri River. The weight to be transported dating the roar wt.l not exceed on Route No. l. oOjro.OOJ pousds; on Route No. 3.20,100,100 poundston Route No.B,S,MW)OO pound*, and uu Route No. 4.3A00J00 pounds. Preposals will ne maui Breach route separately. Bidders will state the rate per tud pouods p*r U 0 nllts, at which they wui stores la eacn monthofthe year, bccinmcg April Ist, 1267, and end* ine March SLUEa. Bidders should give their names In mil, a* well as thilr maces of resilience, and each propusal stunld be I atcompaulcd by a Umd m the sum ui ten thousand 1 (f lO.OUOI dollars, signed by two or sore responsible per ’ surs. giMtantiving that m case a - contract U awarelml 1 fer the rout* mrnuonea m me proposal to tho party ptopcilng. t&a contract win ne accepted and entered , Into, and good ood sufficient sionrtty tnrnlshrd by | said party To accordance with the terms of this adver -1 tlscmcHU The contractor wtn be roqumai to give bond* to the fDllowlrg amounts: . ■» On haute No. 1,973*1,000 i On Route No. i, SOJWL 1 Ou Route No. 3, 11M.UA. On No. 4. &o,a». . , B*tt«facU)ry pvtdseco of the loyalty *M so.veocy ot I each Madir and person offered as security will be re- I QUIfPd, Proposals must he endorsed *• Proposal* fur Army Transportation on Route No. L2,8,0r 4,a* Ut* case I may hf, and none will be entertained unless lixy •I felly comply with the requirements ui this advertise- The ratty to whom an awsrd is mart* must be prre { pared lo execute tbe cottrart at once, ana to glvoihr 1 required bonds fer the Utthlal perrofiuanca of me eon- U ? C h U o right to reject any and all bids that msy be oilrred 1» rrstrvsil. . , Thriv.ntraetor on each route miut m In fer service hy ihn Ist day of April. t*«7. and win be re qulrert to Ime a place or busltie*#, or agency, at which he may beeuimnubtcatoil wlUtjirointiUr and, readily fit Run to No. 1, at Omaha, N. T., tor llMim.So.;, at Fort Riley. Ksn»a«: fljr Routs No. n, at ,F»rt Un)<>o, New Mexico; for iljntc No I. at Bslnt lHut, Minns i iota, nr at such other : Houles as may be indicated as the starting point of the I ro ilUrik It rn * showing ins comlßiobs ot ths contract to U cntnml litio f..r eartt can be had on app I * ration si Oils olllce, or at the office of U»*» tJuarUrroa*. i ter si New Vnrk Halut Lout*. I«rt U'av.-uwortn. Ou ahs. SaotaKe and Fort naelllrg, and tuu>l occoin ptDT and t- a bait ot the pro|«**als. Drcvcl Colonel and Ai**l n«iartama»i«f U. h. A. ■pUOPOaAiiSi FOR FLANKING X Wont, | Cuurxito, reoraary It, 13*1. I SeatMl Proposals wtd bo received by tb« board of Public their Office, until 11 a. m. Mou.las. Kturuxrr »lh. 1%7. fjf p.ank'ng the alley thr.'udh Hock*. Kmrlo's Aildlfon lo (.hl-ag-»; »' , '»h>rtit dik ing the alley through block t, Wolcott's, aid Bl«ri KmzU'e-AdiUUon u> Chicago ; and also for Planking llic a.les through UI-kvls it and Si. canal rnwiooa t pibmiiit nUff. i:.T.S3 S, U 11 t. .cnmlmit to plan* and ai'cctflcatioosonflie at said office. 4 bald Improvements will ho raid jpr from t-.e special j wteMueniß evteil todefray tbelr coat when the same 1 * posaU m md*be Midi eased to thn IViard of Pobllc ' WwkJ, eiidomil “proposali Ibr Hankioz Alley In i "ansss ! sssfsssaw ' unless the party otfcrtng It shall give evWaiLe satHfac* t lory to the board dial he has 'he expe. rieucc, energy and ability tor doing ! worthy, mil has sufficient pecuniary i FRED. LtTZ, O. J. UOhE. iet Board of Publ! j Works. ©obenunent Sale. SALE. nrr>t>*rty known a« the “OOVEUSNIEJTT TAN* NsSeaSD STSAM SAWMILL,” wliusev eniv-hve acre* of land, near LAN * ANTONIO, TEXAS. . EealedPrcporau.lndohllcAte. will be received up to lbs hrst day ol Much. 1307. for the pmchue of A acres ot land, imore orleas).tc«ther with the hoad laes erect'd thereon, and tne appurtenances appertain* Inc. that is to aay : USE TAN'N EK Y.C mtalnlok twelve Stone Ume Vatu FIFTY-TWO WOODEN 1-ATS. SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of taailnz AW nidea per annum; ON'K STEAM SAWMILL, capable of eawlnk siw feet ot Lumber daily; ONE SMALL above ban Anionic, on the saa Aasocio Elver, and the water U conducted to the eatabLshmest by apace of hewn stone laid In cement. . _ The land wnepurcased and Improvements made by the late eo-caded Ooniederate Orvenuccnt, asd ut estimated to nave cost •ISu.Oou in pom. The property has been coder lease lor tha year IS6B, •«attS«§s«Bt ff tm nutiMtt a te eured tuiatn tee simple will oeziTeaoy tImC.S.ODV er will be marked “Proposals lor Govern- Bte *e»l- GtD. Ass't ComT Borvan K. F.ftA. i». o OalTwton. Texas. ©tcan irteamets, ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE Tb« General Traasatlantla Company’s MAH. aTKAilsniFb BETWEEN NEW YOctS ASi HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. _ Tbe splendid rew resseta ol mis tavortte route to tbe Continent will sail xroa Plsr No. 30. Blres as follows: 'CROI B. February*. }T. LAURENT Bccaadl....FetruarT 13. FEREIHE unca«ne....Mjrch9. rm.p DBPABIS..Eutop« ...March li ’ u “ u PRICE OF PASSAGE IN OOU>. First Cab*n, pa; Second Catla, *IOO, pclndlug tabu vine In etthudui. Tbe ste&mera ol till line do net carry steerage pas "pSencer* Intends* to land at BHBST will be far ntahrd visb railroad ccspoo QCkeU, and tbdr backset at*Tiffiuonal caarse cl *5 Ur to* aod*3S:rseeoodclMa. __ _ Medical attendance iret of Cbarje. For artier inlbraatlca, apply, in Cblca?ts at tttt FBESCB CONSULATE OFFICE. 233 IllinclwC; L jifvTcrtTto OEtLaIACKJINSIB, Agent, 35» Broad way. jHacljtncrs. J-ARM iIAOUINNRV. A.T. BATES & CO., TO South Can&l-sUy Chicago, DEALERS IK FARM MACHINERY. AND GEN KHALAGENTd FOP. TOR NOBTtrWKSTERN STATU* FOB TUB CELEBRATED MANU -3 FACTCKEi* of blymikr, day * MANSFIELD. 0., AND BLYMYKB, NORTON A CO, CINCINNATI, O. Our List embraces the Cock Evaporator, Ylnor Cape Milts. Xnieaa Cutting Box* Star Corn Shaker. War ter*» Hone Hay Kate. Wood-Sawing Macalnea, Corn Crushers.4c. partita applying for deicnntlre elrcu* Jaia will please specify the machluerv ther want. pHIOAGO & CINCINNATI RAIL- V ) ROAD BONDS.—7 mbe so.d at public auction, by JOSM UL. QENSHAW, At the Merchants* Exchange Reading Room, In Rastoa. naß«.r«n **Amrdav, March . Sd, 1b67. at 12* o'clock p. m , tIOO,OCO of the first mortgage 1 per cent bonds ol the CtncacoA Cincinnati Raarad company, with the etupOLß since October, IS6O, ineioilre, attached. The eald bonds arc hetd a* collateral lot the notti of •aid Company, and will he sohl for the non-pay—eat ibureoC, Ibe lino of the road ujen whlell said hood»a«S£ cotedUDomlAicaiupoll-to Valparaiso. IDia * cl Indiana, and now loxmaa considerable parlor «« Importsatijnn known as the “Chicago 4 Great But- may be examined on application to the ancUOfceerT The sale to be strictly ca»h. a3d will berwalrodto ~r to the auction eer. Are per cent on the amount £i,l money, at the time of aaio**ud the balance wlWtn three days thereaitcr. JHelncal. QPINIOHB OP THE PEOPUi CONCERNING HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PHOTEOTXOISr FOR THE HEALTHY, AND BELIEF FOB THE SICK. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY 13 AS IMPORTANT IN MEDICINE as to lav. The great Patrick Henry said that the lamp bywhlclk his feet were guided va« the -lamp of experience.” The statements cl men cf character »»<i standing to relation to the property* and effect* ot a medicinal preparation which they them»elves have tried, and the operation of vhlca they have had abundant opportunity of witnessing la a prat rartety ol eases, are absolutely conclnslvft. They are m euasldered by the public, who very nans* roily prefer this species of testimony to any other that eon beoCVred In behalf ot a proprietary remedy, Volumesof such evidence bare been published la drew ot nO&TKTTEKTJ STOMACH BIT ITERS dorln* twenty yean* that the unequalled Tonic and Alterative has been before the world; and although Us reputation as i. STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been established throughout the Western hemisphere, It is still deerpeC advlsabe to exhibit, through the press, from tlxe to> time, new prooft of lu success. Recent fhcti add per tlsecce and fbree to tacts mote remote, and serve to show that the great remedy la prepared with nnlfbrs exactitude and care, and that it is son, what it ever has been, the PUREST AND REST OP A% BLEINVIGORANTB, aa Inevitable cun for DYSPKI*- M A and all derangements of the Stomach and Liver, and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome influence* which produce and aggravate epidemic fevers. 1 ne subjoined Utters are all trom citizens well known sed generally respected in the localities from which their ccmmnnlcaitons arc dated, and are pobllthsd a* spolmcns of an immense mass of ecrrapjnJenceof • similar tenor. Some Idea cf the quantity of this kind ot testimony In the hands of the proprietors of HOS TEITEIi’b BITTER 3 may bo termed by the reader, w hen It Is stated that the communications on the sub* Jtxl ti FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by the Urmdmut the last throe years, number upwards of TWO TB iVSAND. They are all to the same effect a* that ol N Bourne, given below, and 11 ever anything wa» <«ta ills bed on uncontrovertible evidence, It is tha Important tact that CHILLS AND FEVER can be htckcu up and radically cured In a very short space oc time by the use cf this Incomparable tonic.' Nor t* (hi* ad. Entire exemption feem the dl*tres*lng malady,and all toms ot Intermittent Fever, u guaranteed to suelt raided* ot Fever and A cue Districts as may b« wise enough to take the BITTERS as a preventive. Though malaria may be prestating their nMgbbore on the rtgas band and on the left, those who have taken the precau tion to lortity thetr systems and constitutions. In ad- Taccc, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS PHERIC POISON, will surety recap* the scourge. The phyMolats and ethers whose name* apoearfa taa annexed correspondence, are ready at all times to con- Brm verbally tiro statements mad* over their signa tures. Perhaps one of thomcststrikliucproofii that can b* cited ol the intrinsic exceilccce of tht BITTER'S, is the general adoption of tho preparation by meuleal mm. The pnfesslon os a rule ret their laces against adver tised medicines, but this unequalled vegetaole (onto has vanquished thetr prejudices, ana they recommend sod administer it to tbeli patlcatsa* the purest stlmulaaC and best stomachic that money can p retire. TLeptwetitwaaonor (he year U a trying one to the feeble mod cnervatel—lndeed to all. In July. In August and Kcplemhet heavy di auhta arc made upon the ijv tun. and It la n« canary to have a. raaerve ot strength and vitality In order u> meet them without fliucnlnsor breaking down. UOSTiriTKU’S DITTBRS AIU£ A bTAMLSALMEUICISK.innU»Ina the vital ami mue cular enemy ot the frame with this powerful and grt>- tral vrgtUblu restorative, and any teiuperatunv at f climate, any condition ot the atmosphere may be ea countered with comparative Impunity. Head tie lollcwlee letter from B. Horner*. * well* known cltUcnoi I'lUshurith.i’a.J pirrsnrfion.Usy 10, UC«. llottetter & Mmtih: (isj«Tt.u>u«: During a visit tntbc Wesfalau fail. 1 contracted chill* and fever. which bsouahtiue fat uf DwJ. and fnnlly terminated Ip typhoid i vernal ecu* nned rue 10 my ti><im tor several months, during wt lrfa IJtnc* 1 wu, physically. *0 prostrated that I almost de spaired of cvsr recovering my hexl’h • having entire? lust uiy appetite Itr days, not being ahlatocatamor ret; toitnl iu which t wsa much disirtased with a met* lag *ecafttl»n In my bead, ami pasted many siscplssa nlslils. nil from dehtuty caused by my prostrate omdi- Mon, bronchi stunt by ins (etar. At ton siaga oi my ct otliilnn. a Itioml tnrommimdcd roa fai tue your mo l.ratrujeroitACll HlVTliUb; but, Ixjis*morally up* l osrdfothe use of stimulants m any Ibrui, I at first aa rlltmd, but sIU-watds yielded my prejudices, and taking the uirdtclun C>r sever*! weeks aa direct*!. my appetite rotarnid, and wild IK 1 am rapidly regaining my fOrmvr slre-gth aad vlgur. ily aUep drum toe 10-s of which I bad autfeml much) bat haver been betur than it U new, anl Ihx reeling irnsatloiUtKfcreailudedto) has entirely bflmu. My bowels, which were much coMtipated and irregular, are now quite natural, aad tn fact 1 am ctad fairay limit B-el mysr.fa new man.asdtrndrryoa Ihistcdlmuiiial of tay appreciation of your valaabl# preparation lu older that others aaSeriii<c as t have may avail themselves of lu virtues, which pmjodtco prevented me Irom enjoying (or »o Jon* a period. I may al*o add that my phyiiclau, tn«r seeing tna booo- OclaleniKtyour Hitlers had on me, rccouimcudad that I use them regularly. y "“- D UttMM. Another iMter, trom a well known citizen of PUU huruh. dated ftcptcmncr I.l*>W: Mt-Mrt. Hr.»tetter ft Smith, I'ttfburjfi. Pa. t Ukx tLUUi: ilUlha lam only Coin* tho put or ■ good citizen when I lexUfy Jto the great Wncut* I have received from your Motuaeh Bitter* Corine th«» li*B Ctc yearn. Being in the OB rvuloL* in‘6l.l b«d a sever* Dlliloan attack, and twins dupeptjc, which Ml me eery weua.l was advised to trt your Ilmen. 1 procured one Dottle. and they worked aa a chanu <>a me. lu oce week 1 sol eight (» pounds heavier, anil I to have sot new life la tor. to omen «o that 1 have used them every summer since at a tonic. I think they ore Invaluable. Thu loanner. bavins another billinoa at> tact, and much reduced lu weight, betas under the care of an A No. 1 physician. I ream had to bare recourse to the old Itlttern, with the sane good reauits.ealnms tlx (o pound* to a few day*. I have bought a half do*- en bvtuee a lew weekeelcre, nod Intend to keep them regularly as atoaicaadceverage. Wishing you every I: “ , “ lOO "‘ :n^SaAMUltLsi Effixobax, EmxcutAX Cocstt, lix. MtMr*.nc*fctterA Smith: Ttltooreiuperlorto any othen. I have need tbem In juj uwLy fbr a Iniig ttme. and alweye with beco BTCKLASD, PBniVE HiIAX CoU.TTr. Vx-, I Juiury A Wfe. S bmllb. fciis: I believe your UCETEKS are the best b oh. I rr»«J *h«n for dys?-T>sla In l£6d. ana ter; cared ac. It wa» not faith that old It, tot I bed do faith la them: 1 mcdlbemu pinweatrUud. I bad been prostrate fcr suYeral weeks with dnoepsla tu chronic 0U»- rba-a. 1 expected to die i bat less than one ootue so fcr festered ae tliallccajd attend to m; bonnes*. Last Ocfc/jef I overwothrd myselfi which resulted la tae ictanvof the same disease, accompanied with bron chial affection. when 1 azain used soar BITTUts, and wo* iooa restored to health. I have recommended ih.m to hu3(lr>as of mj acquaintances, and hara naver Known tbuu to fill In effecting a speed; cure. TnUS iuSSSIDA CHAPPSL* Poitaaster otilackland. Vo. ELrnrrox, Kornaber 6. IS®. Messrs. HouetteriStnUh; • ... IkGctTLUBi: We btreben dilajjranrSTOSlACE UITTEBS ft retell teen months, sad find them an i excel lent medicine. All that Is ueceasarr i» to let «*&•»- pleksotr tSatr Time, and theywlU use them. Ihar« tried them mrseU, and sow recommend tana a> as who have weak stomachs. ’* McTAKLASD, DmocMt*. OGDrSißcran. Srssxx Cpcstt.N. J„> September bJ»1363. { Me*«ta.Hostetter*SmUb: „_ _ _.. . GrviLtMES: For a lons UmelbaTe been afflicted wubaduonlered stomach, and was to »ueaa to say business. ! was adrlsed to use your BITTEKS. wUVci 1 Old,and fDtma t&emi jtreat benefit to me. I bcllste bad It not been fcr tbem 1 ihoald hare been m my itare ere mi*. I write not only to testify to tbe Tisme of your BITTERi, but also to Barn you shlpne r» » dozes as teoa aspoaslble, “ 1 n • k jon*. Yours, respectfully. JOUXiLGREACC*. Me.*srs. flcrtetter* Smith: uests: It U *US the jorntart commend your STOMACH BITTEKS to the pnbUe. I tbln*lttoe beet BITfEBS of metUy. It Adapted to the sooth and Wot. where biliary derange mc-U of the User are prevalent. Ton ye*™* experi ence It the use of compound*. u cnrtUTea. compel ae to give your BlTTfc& the prrfcrCTce toat It. w>p- Quality mettle. E. ANGLE* M. D rhhtti, Sattse County, ID. Messrs. HcrtetterASmita; . _ Ukstuuizx : I have practiced medicine (hr many Tcan>, and base used your BITTERS laa number o* raaes with great success. and take pleasure m recom mending them to the publlctt general- . . Very respectfully, J. SMITH, H. D, Marxoox.HL, January o, iso. HostetlcrA Smith; _ gkstlexxs: I sell more of your STOMACH BIT TERS than of any other medicine. Panics who hare tried (hem speak tn very high praise of their excelled. Ttrtuea. I bare used them myael£ and prescribe there with unparal'.eleJ suecesr.- V.--J M D _ ""iszsiA. Clay County, IQ- Mesars. Hostetler A Smith f Qvmmi 1 1 tare used, and ott*n prescribed, your STOMACH BITTEUS.and take commending It to all whoee stomach* are dehtutated- It nan excellent appctlaer and sonic; and 1 praue is aa one olthe beat medicine* of ve p. FsaSXIST Clinton County. Imt, I 11 December a. law. f Mestrt. Hoatetter 4 Smith s •m#*twaa troubled Ousts ; Some eighteen oonlM ttnee I«« ®^^«SSS?Sre4sarJ! purchasethem.or lf j^owUlie^ will be pleased to hare thelaSMC* Tour*, fro tv. them to be what they am miTCUialON, PREPARED AND SOLO BY HOSTETTER & SIM, pittsbuqrh, PA. ForMlebr* n ‘ MM “ 4 the world.