Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 20, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 20, 1867 Page 4
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(Oficcugo tribune. WEDNESDAY. FEBBUAEY 30, ISCT.'B THE CITY. SiLTXa. —A huge cake of silver, half a yard lout tsd a fool wide, waa yesterday exhibited on 'Chance—atecentanWal from the other aide of Utah. It vraa pure «a rnn from Ihe foinicc. Girt Exmrßusa.—Wc clip the followin* from an exchancc: "Chirle* Thatcher, the Boston acwt of the *A. A. Kelly Chicago Gift Enter- — u before the eoaionrollce Coart, wS&eadar, and honed over in fI.OOO for foilher littl tor aching cne of the tickets of the con cern." Axotbeb Wotx tiKix Rob*.—Ooo John Kcbl arrested on Vsc Barra street, by officer U»- gtxmaa* on Monday night, bavins tn poaeeaelon a cood wolf akin carriage robe, which he coold not esditihctoriiy account for. Hewn* brought be* Tore Justice MlUlkin yesterday morning and re manded for farther examination on Saturday m ball of *SOO. The robe is *t the Central Station awaiting identification. Tn* AttottU) Mtnrasa.—'The case of Ed ward D, Bamllion, charged with attempting to kill his uncle. James O. Hamilton, the details of which have already been gives in these columns, was called np for farther examination at the Po lice Conn Yesterday morning, bat no one appear ing to proacente, master Hamilton was held for farther examination this morning. _ lAfiCSKTor Clotheto.— A servant girl, em ployed at Wo. Ss« Wabash avenne, named Caro line Jchl, stole dress roods, handkerchief'*, caffs, Ac., from ladies tn (he boose, lo the valoe of *l2 cr more. The property was recovered at the girl's residence on Maxwell street, ami the yoaog woman was arretted. At the Police Coart yester day afrexnoon she was committed for trial in lull of *auo. Robbsbt at a Pam Hoes*.—A Gentian named Filtc, who has been employed by a fellow countryman to assist him in working bis firm, situated about two miles from the Brighton Boose, broke opra a trunk on Tuesday night, ab stracted about *7O m money, and alter appropria ting two overcoats in the boose, left for rarta no known, It is believed tbit be baa gone to 8L Louis. *, . Pra*.—The alarm of fire sonedvd from Do* Ko. 351, about three o'clock yesterday allernootu was occasioned by the horning of a brick cottage, sit uated In the rear of dwellings on Clm street tear larnbee, sod unnctl by o Mr. Johnson. Iho en tire loss was about *),OCO, which was not insured. The roads «em so heavy and ta«s stonn ao severe that no engine armed at (he spot but the •• Fred. Gnnd” nuttl too late to be of any service. Fin*.—A( a quarter after one (his moraine the alarm was sounded from Box (£3. caused by the discovery ol Arc in the two story frame building No, 3H North Franklin etrcrl, owned by John Mcdnlre. and occupied as a uloon and boarding house bv Michael Conrorv. (he flames were sooucx'lDguished afterdamaging the rear of the building to the extent of pcrh*na *3ou. The structure was fully Insured In the !• iremau a, and the slock, which Is said lo bo worth but ftw. was also insured lor *hl«. hurplclouß of incendiarism arc strong. Tun Cicxno CoxrasrsD Etscnoj*.— I The salt tf Tbc People, dc., rt frtM tlliam Mvluburce vs. Joo. W. Uroblcr. In the Clicdll Court, waa decided yes terday adversely to Mr. Ltmbler, the proscot to cum bent ol tbo office of Constable Id the town of Cicero. I ambler received (be largest number of roles at tbo election, bat it Is claimed Hint be was ineligible by reason of absence (rum (be town during a porUot of ibe twelve months preceding the election. Tbc defendant baa given notice of anneal to (he bupretae Courl-bis absence bav» log been on liuiintta counectcd with the army durb'g the war, which, It is claimed, does not disqualify. Srtauwo Swnv*.—Last week a man named Frederick Haas, residing In Bridgeport,mUscd s bog from the pen In which be bad been kept, and upon going to the Poandmaater found It In his possession, It was one of two, It Is understood, that the Poundmaster had traded a dog for. and the ptytjea with whom he traded-Lawrence Mey hofcrTTrederlck Be rod- and Andrew Riley—were thereupon arrested and brought before the Police Conrt ytalcrday morning. One witness testified (bat the Ponndmastcr knew that the hog be longed to Haas when be bought it Tne three prisoners were held for trial In ball of £SOO tacb. A warrant was issued for the arrest of the specu lative Ponndmastcr. Ixncrxr or a Sewxvo Macdese.— LovexlasM W. Lincoln, an employe with P. E. Mabew, agent for a sewing machine cotnany, whose rooms are at No. 102 ‘Washington street, was examined at the Police Court yesterday morning npon the charge of appropriating a sewing machine, worth JC7. and Bending It to a Mr. Wood, who resides ai Wheeling, Illinois. The yoans man confessed the crime ana expressed each a degree or peni tence, that his hail was fixed at ot hr fl'Xl for his trial at the Recorder’s Court. Mr. Mahew stated that Lincoln bad been an excellent and trust worthy tlerk so lar as he knew, with this amgVe exception, ana there were other and more deli cate appeals for the leniency of justice in miti gating the severity ol his punishment. Tax era a Vajjbk amd Gen •—Thomas Kelly was charged at the Police Coart yesterday morning with stealing a valise and contents, and an army musket, worth In all *GO or S7O, the property of a colored man named L. T. Bryan. On Monday night Bryan was at No. 154 Stuart avenne, intend ing to atait for Philadelphia by the next train, when he suddenly observed ihat his baggage was missing. As Kelly's absence was noticed at the same time, It was soon ascertained that by a sort of magnetic attraction be had been drawn towards the articles, had adhered to them and “sloped.” The baggage and gno were fonnd secreted under a pile ot lumber a short distance from where they were taken. Kelly was committed for trial in hart of t&0. Bryan being required to give hail of SIOO as a witness. _ Isrxsisnxo to BonaxJicr.—Among Ihe novel and valuable inventions of the day, a recent one is “Hall’s Patent Elude Cushion,” foe the pre servation of hortea’ feet- It is of great value for horses with sound feet, hat considered almost In dispenalble for those with corns, or cracked, pinched or tender feet. The cusnions are made of rubber, and are placed between the shoe and the hoof, preventing the jar canted ny contact with hard substances, ana keeping the feet from be coming tore. They are so constructed as to ob viate the troubles of “balling op” la winter, and of stones becoming attached to the shoes. Their nae would probably save tnousanoa of dollars to street railway compailea and other horse owners in the wear of their animals. They are for sale, wholesale and retail, at the general agency office, southeast corner of Clark and Randolph streets, where those Interested in horses are invited to call and examine them. A Szmoca Asaxnx.—A man named William Grebe was arraigned before Justice Milliken, yes terday morning, charged with an unprovoked as sault upon a man named Henry Kang. From the evidence elicited yesterday little coaid he gathered regarding Ihe occraios of the difficulty, except that it was a family quarrel of some sort, and that Grebe entered the store of Christian Uch tenberger, at No. IS4 West Randolph street, on Moudsy forenoon, for the purpose of stacking Kang. ai<d that the latter sought to avoid trouble by going oat ot do:rs. He bad scarcely airivcd on the sidewalk before Grebe, who was closely following, struck him one or two severe blows upon the head with a cane. Dr. Otto, nho was called to attend the injured man, elated yesterday that the wonuds had canaed con cushion of die brain, and that he was not jcC out ot danger. Grebe was held for further examina tion on Friday morning, in hall of $2,0U0. PniOTTW or COVXKBCE BCBIXXSB DIBECTOBT. —One of the moot attractive objects of art in the city «the now Easiness Directory, recently placed in the ea»t entrance to the Chamber of Commerce BoUdlng by Messrs. B. F. Chase & Ulld, Sign Painters, No. 109 Randolph street. It embraces a senes of stained glass panels, In each of which, elaborately executed in burnished or embossed cold, is the business card of one of our most prominent firms. These panels ate act together in abeavy black walnnt frame, twelve by eighteen , Sect In size, richly carted, with niched cornice supported by pillars and downed by «u elegant triplet arch, which forms a great addition to toe general artistic effect, The lettering Is pericct, each letter standing oat distinct and clear, and the combination snd blending of colors Is very harmonious and beautiful. A more attractive method ol advertlriug can hardly bo Imiglned. ssd the advantages urns afforded tor a la-teful and permanent announcement ol nnalnees will bo appreciated when seen, it gives advertisers a very fine opportunity of presenting their names promlneitij to the eye ot the hundreds of business mcnwQo daily throng the spacious building of commerce where buyers most do congregate, and the attractiveness of the display "‘ill catch and hold the attention where ordinary announcements will be passed by without notice. The designers arc intending to prepare three more of similar style, two feet longer than this, and have leased walla In the building for ten years, on which to piace their permanent directories. Onr business men will, probably, at once appreciate and (take advantage of this superior method of advcrUsmg. Pouch, Fin* asd ntAtm.—The regular semi weekly meeilneol the Board or Police, Fire and licalib Commissioners was held yesterday after* room*, at the Central Station, cor* ner of Washington and lahalie s'reets. iVrsm;->Prcsldent Bron-o, and Commissioner F. Used. Fire ilarrbal Barrie pretested several bills con* traded by the Fire Department, ioclndmg $-■») for a hone, to be need on tee steamer A. D. Tits* Health Officer Bridge* asked for and obtained Surmis>lon to employ an additional man In the orth Division . t „ jj r . Charles Egcer was reported to the Board as banns thrown bad beef la the ilvcr at Wahl's Also. Ueilth Officer Bridges reported that be had Inspected the dissecting room oa dark street, and found there human remain*. The Board save lottrnctloo that, if the rooms were not thorough ly cleansed by Wednesday night, action should be taken against the responsible parties. Captain Kennedy, of the becond Precinct Po* lire, reported that ce bad taken officer Nicholas* star, because of neglect of doty. On motion, the Board sanctioned the action or Canlain Kenntdy. , . . A communication was read from persons doing business ns LaSalle street, near Sooth Water, to tbe eQectthat a large number of teamsters were in the habit of leaving their teams In front of their business places, thereby serionsiy Incommoding them. The matter was reierrcd to the Snpenn* tajdentol Police. Qn the recommend!lion of Cantata HlcVey, Chart** P. Kennedy end Louis O. Poller were *p pointed tegular policemen, they having aerred eUly d*y* with credit. On motion. Decry Wood waa appointed a pa* irolman on the police force. Adjourned. DAMAGES AGAINST THE CITT. jhe Salt of ** City of Chicago against Alien Bobbins)) Decided* Tbe case ok the City of Chicago against Allen Bobbins haa been decided by the Snpreoe Court of the United States in favor of the city. This de cision terminate* a long eertea of litigations ex tending over a period of ten years. Some years since, when Mr. Bobbins was erect- InehS iro* front building on Like street, one S&asfe'KfiSi I Sf SS&SKTSSZ of this salt Mr. Robbins was noU sms when a decision was ten- Feeing® todln K of tbe lower court, lolly the doctrine that alihoneb was nrtmarlly liable. It ha* a remedy &eproperty owner, and that U he SmSSSed of the pendency of the suit, and T.l& to defend, be wa* bonnd by the judgment. whirled on thisissue, and toe verdict SSfoMhe dij. Mr. Bobbins appealed wllh a SlFSresonslder this Judgment, falsimr the ex- to prove mat the action Sd* not J been diligently deftwoed behalf of the city. , The former decision Is now, undoubtedly, sustained, 2>d the dw will receive law Us treirary shoot iwratT-one thousand dollar*, at toe tarns time as aunng itself, in the ftrtam, in it» rtc** °l t me property tor damages sustained by Jetsw of the frail of contractors and owners. AMERICAN BRASS AND CLOCK COMPANY. First Annlrersarj—Visit to the Works of tho Compsn/ at Austin—A Walk Through the Es tablishment. Addreww ■ PrwenUtfOB t See, One rear ago, jcalenlay, a number of prominent gentlemen, interested in Iho developement of mannfactnree in Chicago, and impressed with the belle? that the manufacture of brass and clocks wonld be one of the best investment’, both for csptt' jplial ind Industry, organized tbo United State* clock ted Brass Company. They purclaaed forty scree of land, situated on a high rfdse, at suction, lour miles vest of the city limits, on the line ol the Galena Branch of the Northwestern Hallway. They broke ground there on the first day of Hay, 1666, and have busily Improved their opportunities since then, having erected a large pile of substantial buildings; filled them with ma chinery of the most elaborate characser; brought about one hundred workmen with their {ambles from the East; found them full employmcniin the manufacture of clocks and in the rolling of brats; have crecUd the buildings necessary for residence purposes for the workmen and managers, and in line, have organised a little town where a Year ago. if not a bowling wilder nets, there was little bnt an nnbroken prairie. That so much has been accomplished. In so abort a tune, is better evidence than any mere words could give, that the gentlemen who compose sed rnausge the sttilrs of the United States Clock and Brass Company arc live men. Yesterday beitg the first anniversary of (he ToimaUon of tbv company, the Directors organ ized a small party, chartered a special ear over the railroad, and went out to Austin to inspect progress. The day was a stormy one, but the party was fall, nevertheless. Including several ladles'. They arrived at Austin at about five o’clock and immediately commenced the inspec tion oi the buildings and of the process as carried on there. « the buildings consist of two four-story, struc tures, each luO by SO feet, and one structure of about equal else, on the ground plan, ol two stories, in the lastmeuilonrd is placed the en gines. bo’ter and rolling apparatus. One of the other two buildings Is appropriated to the wood work required lu clock mannucture; the other to the brass working and finishing. The operations of the establishment include every process from that of taking the crude copper and ztnc, fusing them >□ the furnace, pouring them out into the moulds, and taking the lumps thus made (when cold), putting (hem through (be ponderous rollers and pressing them down gradually to the thickness required, whether for sale for other purposes, or for the stamping out of wheel work for the clocks. A specimen of Ihelr4»rass, being the first ever made west otlhe AllsgVanics, was exhibited on ’Change a few days ago, and was universally pronounced to bo one of Ibc best specimens of tbo metal over seen In this city, both as regards the texture of Uje material and evenness of finish. In the building lu which the woodwork is per formed there are dozens of ponderous machines. 'the wood used lu the construction of the cases is put through a saw, cutting to the required star, tbcu taken to the veneering room. These veneers ■>e prepared In a way sew to the (Vest. A solid block orwalnut, rosewood or maboeaor. Is first rut Into a cylindrical shape; then steamed for four boors, and then put into a lathe wheel. A wide, chisel-shaped lastroornt, throws oft a con tinuous shaving, perhaps a bandied raids In length or mote, which Is one veneer. This Is taken away and thru cut up to the required lengths and earned to the glueing room, Bcro thu training plects of soft wood having been cut to something like the required sizes and moulded, if need be, ■re covered with the veneer bra hundred nl a Umo. blocked together and carried luto the drying room. Aftci being Ihorougblv dried these pieces are taking to the polishing wheels where they are burnished up. They arc then formed tula the re quired shape for the clock framo. Tory are aficr wards framed «nd flulshed, so far as ibis depart ment of labor on a clock Is concerned. Übe sheets ol biass After leaving Dio rolling mill nrc posted through o ponderous machine which ■lamps out Ibc wheels to any required sire aod psttern. '1 here wheels arc then put together by fifty at a time, strung on a spindle, passed rapidly backward and foiwatd through an appara* toi which cuts the teeth In an Instant, fifty wheels bring cogged la nearly as few seconds. Meanwhile. in another part of the building, tbo pinions and posts are being made out of mm who, and these two are taken to a number of nimble fingered workmen, who put them together, and tneso then, with the frames which aro made in anolber room, are taken to the makcre-up. whonnt together the clock, which Is takts out ready tor sale. . As already stated, about a hundred persons now find employment at Die works, and (be company has capacity for folly a hundred more, who will bo put to work as soon as the requisite amount of machinery can bo got lu, resay for operation. They have already sent ont about (wo thousand dollars’ worth of clocks, and have several thou sands of clocks now ready for tue spring trodu, aod arc turning them- out at the rntu of about one hundred thousand a year. Their manes include nearly all the usual styles and some new ones. One of the clocks, especially noticed yesterday, was a school bouse clock which Is noticeable as being capable of being eel to strike at any time, every five or ten minutes, or half boor at maybe required to indicate the tunc for beginning or coding recita tions, ic.; saving to Ibc teacher the trouble ot watching the clock to determine the length of taeicißcs. The clocks arc, all of them, of the beet quality, a fact which may be considered as vouched for when It Is remembered tbat the foreman and workers are the very pest In tbelr several departments who could be found In the East, many of them having worked for from twelve to twenty yean in the dock factories of Connecticut. The pioneer of brass clock making, Mr. Jerome, who, It is understood, has materially aided (be company tn'ferrying ont their plans, declared veslerday tha t there was not a factory m the United Stales which turned out betterwork, and there were several whose work would not at all compare with that ol the works at Austin. After half an hour spent In inspecting the work top of the machinery, the party was invited to an upper room where a bounteous collation was spread, to which all did ample Justice, the work men and their families being invited to loin la the repast. The eating ended, the President of the Company, C. N. Holden. Esq., called tbo as semblage to order, and briefly hade them welcome to the lactory. He sketched the history of the movement, spoke of the present capabilities ot the company, and its Intentions lor the future, and then called on Hr. Hedtl), of the Tnracss, who was present, to say a few words Hr. Hcdtll congratulated the company present on this sign of true Western enterprise. Jt was barely a year ago that Hr. Holden whispered to him that they intended to do so and so, ana now here was Ibe whole thing in operation. Be was especially pleased, as be recognized in mannfac* tmesthe true prosperity of a people. Chicago men might make a few cents In the dollar by handling produce, bnt when they took bold or the raw material and wrought It Into the finished product, (hey could change one dollar of value to ten. twenty, or a hundred. Be was pleased to see Chicago money In this direction, aod espe cially when taking such a noble stride as the one they then witnessed. Hr. ileslng, of the Steals ZHfunff, followed, and in the course of bis remarks Introduced a perti nent personal reminiscence. Be came to America m JSCS. aid the vessel in which he crossed the Ocean brought a large number of dock- for Amer ican use. Be visited Germany in IS47—nine years alter—and with him went ont some two hundred casespf Amciican clocks for the European mar ket. That was a big revolution. Now it was found that American msnn&ctnrers can sell their goods as cheaply as Europeans, and pay much better wages, why Is thu! Because they have bere the brain as well as the mtucle, and use the pest and mostlabor-savlng machlnaty. Aliicimau Knickerbocker followed, and then Mr. Bolden rose and called the attention of the company to a watch and chain wblch he held in bis hand, which be said he bad b;ca instructed to present to William A. Giles Esq., the worthy Sec retary of the company, as a testimonial of appre ciation of bis energy tn carrying through the ob ject of the company in spite ofalltbe obstruction* standing m the way of success. He stated tbat this was tbe gilt of several leading gentlemen of Switzerland and in Hie East as well as Chicago. Hr. Giles was really takes by surprise. There was no mistake about it. as tne confusion that In his face showed. Be was too much overpowered by bu emotions to bo able to reply. Tbe watcu was a most exquisite one. It was said to hive cost, without the chain, 81,600, and to be the beat watch that was ever seen in America, It consists in fact, of two watches—the one a Ume piece, and with stop attachment, ana tbe other a repeating watch which will strike the boon, quarters, number of minutes past the quarter, when the spring is touched. It is elabo rately Jeweled and bears on one case the cre«t ot Mr. Giles with the letter O set in diamonds. With It was (be chain wblch v as massive. After the presentaiiopj,olbcr gentlemen were called upon, including air. Jerome and Mr. E. Church, the foreman of the cafe department, who made a vety felicitous speech. The party then adjourned to tbo care and re turned home, arriving in Cntcago at about half Bast eight o'clock. The workmen of tbeertab shment remained upon the premises, where they enjoyed the pleasures of a social garnering, away from the cates ol business,although in tbe place of tbeir daily avocation. The officers ol the Companyaro: President—C. N. Bolden. Vice President—Weslet Hunger. Secretary and Uccbaulcal Superintendent—W. A. Giles. Treasurer—James M. Adslt. Directors—C. N. Holden, W. A. Giles, Seth P. Warner, D. C. Gtcenleaf, St. Paul; John Adri atic, New Turk: Buph McLcllan; E. Jaccanl, S'. Louis: E. W. Bussell. Tbo buildings arc all of the most enhstantlal kind, and heated throughout by steam. *lll6 cost oi tbo factoiy buildings tvae about $30,000, and of the machinery $117,000. Tbe company baa erected twenty-four substan tial dwilllncs at a cost of about $1,400 each, aod a largo nod substantial boarding noose at a cost of about $3,500. Ihcsc dwellings they rent at $l6O to $250 per year,glvingatesideDce to their workmen at there ptlcos, equal to what they would pay three times that amount lor in the city. The Utile town of Austin, in the township of Cicero, Is a credit to Chicago. It Is a genuine sample of Chicago enterprise and thrill. Pew besides Chicago men would have accomplished so much In so little time. It le doe to the company to say that their ma chinery la the very best, their workmen the best, tnd their products the best. They aim at no shoddy work. and will torn out none but the best clocks, each as may be depended on as time-keep crs. which will not get out of renair. They have a large field to occupy and will fill it worlblty. There* Is co teason why tbo West should not make tioso clocks and watches, Us own cotton and »oollens—ln other words,do lu own work and its jwn thinking. Everymoremcntlooklne to this lean Incalculable benefit,and is wortnyof all encouragement. TUB fiioun AND FLOOD. The Slow Te*rtcrd«y~Tbe Water Lq the City—lce GorgM ttepumd. Tbc warm, Indian rommer-llke weather ot Sun day aad Monday was plainly too pleasant to last loup, aad so we need not have been greatly aw* pnsed yesbrday to find a endden change and tbe enow falling thick and fait. The storm continued daring the dsy and several Inches ol soil sleet lay last night on tbe mnddy streets, making passage disagreeable and difficult. The wind Increased at sondonn and drifted damp anew Into great heaps wound bnUolnga and fences, and Into the cuts ot railways, so that this morning It la doubtful whether travel In any direction can be proceeded with. Tbc great snow plow ana the shovel brig ades will bare to labor in earnest, after tbe re spite of some weeks, which they have enjoyed, and annoyance, delay, toll and mil fol low on the wild footsteps ot the storm. Many a one, snngty housed last night, at home or iaa the hospitable Inn, congratulated himself, as heheard tbe wind rush by, dashing the snow on the window-pane, that the suddenly arisen tem pest bad not caught him on the road; and many a traveller, wearing tne ledions boors away fn the slowly moving can, uncertain when be should reach his destination, thought longingly of the comforts ox bis distant Alcalde, 'ihe engineer, perched In his UUIe cab, with a scorching beat in front, acd tbe scow-laden wina sweeping his hade, grasped the lever and peered anxiously Into the driving atoimas hemged bis clogged engine over tbe trade- Iheae rugged men, whose sleepless care brings their losds of unconscious travellers throngh so many dangers and dlfflenlUea, are not often remembered or appreciated as they deserve. The streetcars, as osua), soon felt the effects of the storm. Their locomotive power was doubled as tbe obstruction Increased, hut by nigutthtl ibis was Insufficient, and they began to scccnmb. Before six o’clock tbe State street cars stopped, and the onmmy on tbe waylrom the Slock kardr gave outnear the city limits, to that tbc luckless passengers bad a ham tramp of three miles or more. In the face of tho elements. The cars on the other lines soon after wards yielded tbe contest, and all through the bight the denlten* of remote parts of the etty ploodrd slowly slong homeward, nunlnatlng on the delights of living In tbe suburbs. In counec uon with the uncertainty of the weather and of tbc equine railroads. Those fortauats enough to reside near their places of otuineas wilt congratu late themselves this morning as they see the cheer less procession struggling slowly In. A fine op portunity for muscular exhibitions in tbe way of snow sweeping U now ottered, which U xa hoped anil cot pass unimproved. Bow thUgreal addition *o tbe aqueous material already unpleasantly abundant win affect our par- iUd/ tobmeritcd city mb not be foremen. Should ! it Immediately melt tod Join the swelling streams around os, (he consequences might be meet dlaaa trou*. At wta titled yesterday, the overflow la a coa ttderable pottloo of (he Wc»t Division hid tome* what subsided. although the river, haring forced out (he tee, end receding acccsilona from dlttant tributaries, baa rather men than Allen, ted, In deed, ctooot be (expected to diminish greatly for tome dir*. Tcjnpotarr local obstructions, like ) (bat on Monday mgbt at the bridge of the Foil Wayne Ballroad, occaalouallv set back the water over certain localities, but theee overflows ecem very changeable, tomeilmea coming and going In a day. Borne ot (be packing booses on the Sooth Branch were badly Invaded on Monday nlebukal yesterday the water fell a foot or more. The water In the immediate toglooof Mod Lake, the source of the overflow, was reported yester day to be slightly rising, but to-day may bring ■ corresponding Alt. The north Branch, which has not yet attracted much attention, threatens now to cause trouble in its vicinity. Toe Ic- lor some distance from Its month has continued to stand firm, presenting a harrier against the accumulating waters which gather from the north In the neighborhood of Waukegan* In swamps and springs, fbe land along its course being low, any considerable ob sbuciloo will cover an extended area, and this re sult seems to bare begun Immediately north of the aiy limits. In the town of Jefferson, which adjoins the city, a fanner named Dess was toiced by the advancing waters to drive off Us cattle and other animals to a distance, and taka relngc among friends In the city. In the present condition of Things, prediction as to the final re sult of thin combination of the elements Is of course Impossible. A general freezing up, a general thaw, or a heavy rain, would each nave their powerful cflect A pack A Imminent at Washington street. Tbo piles which are driven half way across the river have already stopped large quantities oflce, and a boat being mcored directly to Ibe other half of the channel, leaves but a lew teet tor the waters to flow through, which may be dosed this morning. That place should be looked to. or we may have a flood In the centre of the city. „ The tollowhig figures show the tide range in the Chicago River, In teet, forlho last neck, as indi cated by soundings at the foot of Washington street three limes daily, commencing In the morn ing. It should be remembered that toe direction ot the wind eflccU somewhat) the height of the jjsts. 8 o'clock. 29 o’clock, 6 o’clock. lllh 3-10 below 6-10 above 12th...... 6-10 above 5-lOahove C-lOabove j3ih 12-lOabove 13-10 above 15-lOabove 14th. ... JG-10above 17-10 above IS-lOabove 15th 8 above Sl-JU above 21-10 above jCt D 15-10 above IMoabove 10-lOabovo ]gth 3 above 2MO above 2 4-10 above ISjlh 81-10 above 2 6-10 above LAW INTELLIGENCE. Action in Dlrorce Suits-Decisions— Judgment Against tlie City - A Trnssel Case Disposed Of— Criminal Business— Hew Suits. The business of the Circuit Court yesterday, waa aa follows: Hasonc) L. Raftings re. City of Chicago. Case. Id ibta case where dtfauli was entered yesterday, amotion waa made In behalf of the city to sol it idde. Anna Marla Schuster, executrix, Ac., r*. Jacob Hmk. Assumpsit. Verdict for plaintiff; and Judgment for *«W.IB. , . ooLn A. Nelson, for the nso cf Joslab K. Kim ball tt at. vt. (he PlUalmrgli. Fori Wayne & Chi cago Railway Company cf of. Debt. Cause bud milled to the Court. John vs. Miry Ann Burrows. Dlrorce. Bill taken by confession, aud cause referred to D. L. Shurcy, special Master. Belief Atn Bercsre vs. Bartholomew Ikcgarc. Bill taken by coufcaßlon, and cause referred to Woudbridffv, Matter. . . ... Michael McLaughlin vs. Patrick McLaughlin. Bence lor partition. .Jnmca 11. Rees, Samuel Johnson and Rufus A. Rico appointed commls- sinners, . ..... F.luabelb A. vs. Griffin L. Ucey. Divorce. Hill taken by confession, ami rclcrrnce to Wood- bildco. Master. The new whs in tbl> Court were: Philip McTuy va, Christian Hcbmldt. Appeal. Robert D. WcFarlane va. liOiila Howard, el. at. Assumpsit. Damages laid at |SOU. Uty of Chicago va. I.uclus J. Cohn. Appeal from a Duo ol Imposed at the Police Court. thief Justice John M, Wilson, of toe Superior Court, Is anil engaged lu hearing the objections to tbo clly assessments upon which Judgments ate proved. The Chsiicery branch of the Conrt waa not In session yvtttttday. . . „ _ _ lu (lu< Common Taw branch (Hon. J. E. Gary), the billowing Judgments were rendered: Hahnemann Luo Insurance Company va. Gay lotd B. Beebe. Assumpsit; commenced January 22ih. Default entered February flth. Default act aside. The people. Ac,. «r .ret. % Fand’s Ale Brewery Company, vs. Charles E, Moore. In this case, re potted yesterday,an alternative writ of mandamus Ireued. tctnrnable on tie first day ofnexticnn. John C. Mehlroan vs. Tbe Commercial Inaoraoce Company of Chicago. Assumpsit. In ibis case a verdict was given lor tbe plaintiff on tbe Btb in* slant with $2,000 damages, A new tiial was asked. This motion was overruled and an appeal allowed. George W. Deal & Co. va. Tbe Oily dt Chicago. Case. Motion for new trial set aside and with drawn, and lodgment on the verdict tor $2,000. Henry B. Cranmer vs. Charles B. Pope. Re plevin for one cold watch and (barn and one dia mond pin. This Is the case Involving property supposed to have been part of the assets of George Trussed, deceased. U appeared in evidence, however, that this watch, chain and pin was in tbe Rocket of the deceased when he was shot, and letewas direct testimony to show that the ar ticles bad been entrusted to him for safe keeping, according to the habit oltheplaloUff when he vis ited questionable resorts. The jury found for the platmhL and cave live cents damages. Adams & Gibbs vs. Greene £ Ackerly. Assump sit. Default and judgment for s*W.2fl. Charles W. Drew vs. Sherman O. Wbeelcr. As aumpeit; brought October 4tb,1860, and submitted to the Court February 14th. Judgment for plain tiff, $9,913*8. Case reported elsewhere. oolm C. Evans vs. John Nangle. Assumpsit; commenced October 2Ctb, 1865, to recover $279, alleged to be doe on account. Dismissed by stip ulation filed January STth, that Judgment go for plaintiff, to be liquidated by instalments. A, Pieice tb. Samuel A.. Fleming- Assumpsit upon an account 'ormorcaaudiso; balance, $58.41. Default enleicd find damages assessed, and Judg ment tor the amount claimed. _ _ . Andrew Brown vs. Frederick D. Tator ct al. Assumpsit; dismissed. Tbe new snlia in the Superior Court were as follows: . . , Mrs. Julia Cartier, or a woman who was fined uudcrthatnamealtnePolice Court on Monday , last, in SIOO as the keeper of a boose of ill-fame, look an appeal. «... Ratos K. Winslow vs. Patrick Lyons, et al. William UofmaMer vs. George fiarbier. As sumpsit- Damage Wd at $2,<X«. August Msgnes and Edward Relnboldvs. John Unldoon. Assumpsit- Damages laid at SSOO. James O. Parker and William D. Marsh vs. GeoigeF. Johnson, of Effingham County. As sumpsit. Damages laid at 1500. James O. Parker and William D. Marsh vs. Beniamin F Green and Thom. Ackcrty. Aosurnp; 6iu Damages laid at $3,000. John Philipp Bruckmaon and Baud Iverson va. Frederick Pas cbm. Assumpsit, to recover all* g cd balance of account for furnishing materials, $139.39. John 8., executor of Henry W. Landrelh, va. Jemce Sberrard. Assumpsit. Damaae*s3oo. Edwin Baskin vs. Henry Baskin. Assumpsit Damage* $10.(X», ... James M.Adsil, administrator of tbe estate of Charles M. Mackecbln, deceased, vs. the heir* o( Mackcvhinet als. Poiltlon for a conveyance of lota 13,14 aud 15 In block C, and lot 13 in block 5, Dclavan's addition, on Townsend street between Chtcaeo avenue. _ . . _ . Tbe case of August Facto against John T. Keeney, lately commenced In this court, is shown by tbe declaration to bo to recover for injuries al legert to have been received November 2d last by tbe bite of a certain savage and ferocious dog, which, it Is stated, the defendant owned. Tbe suit of Wclzel Dlvorak against Andrew Euxenbacber, Henry Bake and Albert Knklcek, In trespasses to recover for an alleged assault said to have been committed January 91st last Tbe case commenced against tbe city by Uelcn Tmax a few days since, is for a recovery for In juries alleged to Lave been received by the plain- UU In taUlnc through a defective sidewalk on the south side of Division street, near Wood street. The accident is said to have occurred on tbe S2d ofDecemberlsst. . t> Id (be County Court, the will of Caroline P. Mesley waa proved and tetieis testamentary is sued on a bond off too. In the Recorder's Court, the criminal business was as follows; . Jasper W. Poole, receiving stolen goods. Vcr dlE^wardy*Stockton. Ida Stockton and John White. Robbery. Submitted to the Jury. Peter Kenoln, keeping open tippling bouse on Sabbath day. Verdict, not guilty. The tollowlbgnew suit was instituted: Lesndc/lteed vs. Abner and irank M. Allen. Damages laid at S3OO. IMPORTANT COMMERCIAL DE- CISION. Short Sales—Exhausted Margins— And Filling In. The ease of Charles W. Drew sgalnal Sherman G. Wheeler, commenced October 4(h last and submitted to Judge Gary, of the Superior Court, on (be Hlh instant, was, yesterday, decided In favor of tbo plaintiff The case decides a point of great commercial Interval—commission mcrchanis being mainly concerned. Ibuwas an action of assumpsit, brought by the plaintiff to recover of the defendant some three thousand dollars, being balance*of a margin deposited with the defendant upon a short sale of wtrav In Milwaukee; and also to recover the fur. (her aom of abont #f,7OU, which the plalnUo* claimed be would have made, as a profit on tbo wheal transaction. If he bad not been prevented tram to doing by the disobedience of his orders on the part or the defendant, who It seems, at a period some two weeks boron.* tbeplaln'iiTs op* don expired, filled In the DlalntlU's contract. On June isth, 16C6, the doiendaut received from the plaintiff 14,132, to be retained as collateral on •‘short’' wheat, to be sold In Milwaukee, giving nlatntlffbis receipt therefor. On that day be sola for account ofplunilff, In Milwaukee, thirty thou* ■andbutbela of wheat, “seller ten days.*' Oa June sstb, the defendant, by agreement with tho filled In this contract at a toss to (be plaintiff of fI.COU, and on rbe same day, by plaintiff's order, the defendant sold another thirty Ihouiti d bushels of wheat at Milwaukee, to be delivered at plaintiff's option on or before the l&thJnlr, at iff.OS and 9i.UK per bushel, the deltodasi retaining in bis bands, as collateral, a margin of about fS,2OU. being the balance of plaintiff’* first deposit. Oa July 2d, Ibe market Being In an exdicd condition, and wheat having itacu to fS.tO: rUQK, and f2.1l per buabcl, da* i feedaut notified the plaintiff that th<s margin was . ucatly or quite exhausted, and that he most pul tip more margin or be shonld flit In the con tract to protect hlmseli. U not being court-meat for the plaintiff to do to, he declined and pro* teetco against (be defendant filling tu the contract Ibe defendant, however, gave tbuorder, aud fllled In the contract at fa.lo; and fi.ll. It farther appeared in -rvtdence, that on or about June 28d, at the request ol the plaintiff; (be de fendant borrowed and shipped In the plaintiff a name a cargo of wheat to Hollalo and one to Os wego. No returns bad been received from these contracts cn July 2d, but. Judging from the condi tion of the markets on that day, it was anticipated that there would be alof» upon item; and when the defendant on that day notified (be plaintiff to pat np a farther margin on the Milwaukee transaction, be undertook to explain to the plaintiff that there would bo a loss on the cargoes, more than enough to exhaust the balance remaining of tbe margin put np in the Milwaukee .rtnsacaou. „ . . , From July 15th the market declined from day to day (mill cn July Hth. large quantities of No. 1 wheat were sold and bought m Milwaukee at claimed that the defendant had no right or authority on July 2d to All in the contract and I thus deprive him of the probable profit he should make br the anticipate! decline to , _v_,, iw c defendant answered tbst by the eastern of commission merchants In this city, he authorised as the plaintiffs’ broker or factor at any time when the maixin should be reduced to three or fonr cents oa the bnshel, and especially ifltthonld be entirely exhausted, to notify the plaintiff to put up more margin, and if be de clined, then that he bad a right to HU lu bis con tract in order to protect himself. The plaintiff SpUed that there is no such custom; mat the custom and way amongCWcago commlasiontaenls not uniform, and, therefore, is not a legal cu-tom of the leading commission merchants Were placed upon the stand byibeplalnilff and by the defendant. Ihcy substantially agreed in tes tifying! rat In cases like the one at the bar. Ibe commlsslonmercbanl would deem himself author iaed to call for more margin, ana If It was not put up, then to fill in tbe contract and protect himself. Tney farther testified thug farther rmr gid was not, in such cases, always required; that tbey were governed in their action in such cases by rations circumstances, if they knew their cnaUimer to be entirely responsible they some times carried the contract along; and if they believed the market were likely tolarnintheirCaror, it was sometimes the eas tern to carry the contract along, although the par ty refused to put up further maigta. borne oftbe witnesses testified that on certain occasions tbry bad Ailed in the contracts where Ihe margin was J exhausted, or nearly to, and that id mmo other, 1 like Inataroea, (bey nad not filled In the contracts, end that (bn understood that each ni the prac tice among tnalr nelgbbora. Judge Gary decided In enbstance as follows: T> e English coarti hold that when a factor or com tnlMlon merchant had made advance# on goods consigned to him for aale, be had no authority to sell each goods. against the instmc tlooe offale principal, even li toe market price of the goods bad fallen below the amount of his ad vance* and hia principal declined to indemnity him against farther lose. The Amencan de cisions, on the contrarr, bold that the commie eion merehanUn each dtcnmstances had author ity to mII to protect himself, unless there wae an express agreement to bold the good* for a cer tain fired time; in which case the commission merchant most hold them for each time, whatever might be the lose to hlmaelt Be takes the risk of the market when bomakei the advances. When a commls-ion merchant sells era} 0 “shon” for bis principal, the contract, though in the name ol the agent, fa the ccintiact of the prin clpaL The option siren by the contract as to the time when tne grain shall be delivered ts the opilcn of ibe principal and not of the agent- The contract between the principal and agent, when tie agent sells grain for bu principal lo he delivered at the seller's option, is that the principal shall have the right to exerdse that option at any time dar ing the life of the contract. In the absence of any contrary or gaallfring condition of the contract itself, in other words, the agent agrees to cany the contract doting the time within which (be option ol delivery Is given by I*. The agent most protect himself by requiring a nomcleni margin at the inception of tbe contract, or by a ptOTißlon requiring a Innber deposit, In caseot adcdlne In the market. So custom of trade had been proved In this cast which authorized the agent to fill in tho con tract at bis' own option, unless tbe mar gin of tbe prtnclnal was kept good, or If It was wholly swallowed np by a decline ol Ibe market. A custom oi trade can be proved only by proof of tho uniform nets of mercantile men in the tegular coarse of tnrlr business: oat by a proof ot wbattbelr opinion as to tbelr right is In case they should see fit to excf dsc It. Tfcere is no onllorm custom of selling out principals and closing all contracts when me margins ere exhausted. Whether this is doneor not depends, by the testimony of all tbe wit nesses on the particular circumstances of each case, on tbe rcsponelbilityjof the parties and the condition ol the market. To prove a custom of trade which shall form a part of every contract within the purview ol it it la necessary to show a gcneial and uniform course of action in the premises, and proof of opinions as to the rights of parties, withoutproofibal they are uniformly I acted on by the trade, falls in establishing a cos tom. i lt*is unnecessary, therefore, to decide whether the margin was entirely exhausted or nut on the second of July. It appears that the def ndanl had, at the plaintiff's request, borrowed and shipped for him o cargo of wheat to Bosalo, and one lo Oswego. 11 further appears that on tbe second or July, when the contract was filled in, tbe returns from these cargoes had not been received, so It could not bo certainly de termined whether ornot there would be a loss, then: had not Oven at Hut date any ascertained loss upon them. In allowing the plaln'lCVO dam ages. the court will take as the basis the price pi wheat on tho last day of the contract, to wit: July Hlb. the I6lh falling on Sunday- Allowing the defendant tor the losses on the cargoes, his com missions ard the o her Items of bis Qccuunt. ja'Jg meut must be entered for ibeplsintlfl for IWW.M. ARIO(Si£fIIBMTB« Mvsau*.— 1 *• Tbo Uugucuot Captain” will bo re peated ttils afternoon. In the evening it ts fol lowed 117 tbo farce of*'The laughing JJrrna.” Me Vienna's Tuaaru*.— u Tbo Long Strike.” Tin Cruces.—Yankee Koblnsou’a show la full of attractions at present, and foremost among them all is Jim Hoblneon, whose matchless grace auri during as a rider ts tbo Ihunc of universal ad miration. . . Skatiko la good at tbo lUnka. Hainan Winn.—John Obran and Anthony Qancrlec, two boy ragranU, wore found at a very early boor yvstmlsy morning aomu feet below the tldvwalk on Clark street endeavoring to make tlicmicivoi comfortable h> a small Ore. which they bad kindled. At (ho Police Court (boy were fined 125 each. »Th« l*etrle Divorce Qm».» To llio'Edllor of tlie Chicago Tribune: Under tfce above and other captions, tny name 11 an appeared from Juno to tlno io (bo column* of tbc *i itinune In a manner which was calculated to create. In tha minds of many of your readers, f a l,e impressions concerning me, nod baa dono roc great Injustice. I should have replied to re port* heretofore publuaed, badi oot fella shrink log from appealing In my own defence brloro a cnlcistng public. 1 preferred walling the long and tedious delays of the law, for a vindication of my character, rather than resort to a newspa per controversy. But through the continued cfiorls ot Mr. Petrie to disgrace me, 1 feel bound, in jns'lcoio myself. toaubmilatcw facta. 1 as reit jo the most positive terms that every charge of a criminal character made against me by Mr. i'ctrlfc Is false and malicious, having no other foundation than a motive to destroy my character, and, If possible, reduce mo and my little children (who look alone to me for enpport) to want, mis ery and degradation. in bnct, I will state that In 18dS I was married to Ileury Petrie, whose ago was more than twice that of my own, be being at ibat time fl'ty-three yens old with a family of live girls and tw o bore. 1 acknowledge that i should softer for the Indiscretion* of my yontb, and for that act I have enflered much, very much, and undoubtedly wilt yet have to suf fer much more. My pnde would not let me leave him sooner than 1 did, aud then I woe obliged to because of the abuse of himself at d bmliy, which became on bearable, and from him tearful. In 15&L by Mr. Petrie's request, 1 took charge of the 1 department of the “Electro Magnetic Inatitote,” of which Dr. Hig gins was tne proprietor. Our family occupied rooms In the same building whete the business was conducted. It was very successful, notwith standing which, Mr. Petrie's abuse, and that of hls f»mfly, were such that I frankly told him, that tn Justice to myself and children, 1 must and would leave him. To this be replied. If I did be would shoot me, and also said that if 1 obtained a divorce, or made the attempt, he would blacken my ebarae'er, To carry out this last threat ho baa done, and Is doing, all he can to disgrace me. In vour issue of January 10th, you published a portion of tfie testimony of two witnesses (taken before a Notary) examined on tne part of Ur. petile. Tlie witness Mary O'Brien vrae turned away by myself for the reason of Improper con es’to Clio Petrie, I need only say that she Is the daughter ot Mr. Petrie by a former wife, and wholly anhseivlent to his will. She, with her elder sisters, nearly of my own age, have boasted since I lelt them that they had beet: ‘.tying for a long time to get me awor; not Only this, they are exnliant over the efforts of their father to dis grace me. It Is apparent to any diacernlcg the statements ol the witnesses are, upon ttaelr face, destitute of foundation for ra tional better, tr Mr. Petrie !»to have accorded to him any of those fine, not to »y jealous, feelings so common to husbands. There is no pretence Ibat be or bis daughters are either deaf, blind, or in any way disabled. Is Ic then probable, ormor ally possicle, lor him and bis family ol grown-up daughters to have remained for years lynorant of the continued licentious conduct with which they charge me—had I been guilty; or that, with such knowledge, U should be kept a profound secret; or (bat ho, with such knowledge, should have con tinued to live with me f To credit either the one or the other Is to believe that they were supremely stupid or nnpardoiiSblr mean, tn fact, so lo # that Contempt, with all her powers ot descending, coma cot reach them. Messrs. Editors, 1 deeply regret the necessity of making these statements Eubhc, regarding ine father or my children, but e has compelled me to do so. With a clunr con science, ana knowing that my cause is jnsi, i feel positive that at the termination of the suit now pending against Dr. Higgins, my character will be lUlly virdieated. Until this matter shall bo Anally dlepofcd of by the courts, I claim that you are not in aeiiuatlon to deal fairly by mo as regards the facts la the case Then, 1 shall feel that you have a perfect right to make sneb comments as tbo de cision made by the court in the case will warrant- It iheteclsloti be Jn my favor, Itrnst you wOlbe ready to do me Justice «i tbe columns of the Tni- BUI'S. k. H, PXTSII. (We have published nothing lo relation to Mrs. Petrie bat what ha* bees sworn to la evidence, or placed on record. Ot the troth or talaity of those allegations wo have never expressed an opinion. -Ed.] Card from znr. Ifevans. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: 1 wish lo offer a few words in explanation of my conduct on Saturday night, which conduct some may think ratiur hasty and Inconsiderate. In legard to my objection to some of the Judges I would say, that when the match was about half wav through I was surprised to find In the person ot Major York, the very man with whom 1 bad the drumming match in Adrian. Michigan, while on the way to Boston with the Ellsworth Zouaves. I also found that another of the Judges had oce hun dred dollars bet against me with one ofroy friends. This infoimation 1 received from a gentleman In the audience who sent a card with bts name su-ned tolt I endeavored to exolaln to the audi ence, hut was interrupted by the one hundred and sixty dead-heads from Kastman's Collage, in their usual polite and gentlemanly manner. Booing that this little explanation will satisfy my fr.cnds that 1 bad good and sufficient cause for being excited, I trust to their generosity to excuse one who did All tn his power to merit tielr approbation while laboring under the above disadvantages. Under the circumstances, I Claim that the match was not decided according to rules which should always govern matches of any kind. Mr. Uendwshott reiasea to accept my cl allonge, and also refuses to give any reasons for ao doing. I think ihat this will Justify me lo annonodug that 1 consider mtself&a standing Jost where 1 did before match , If match it can he called, and 1 think every right-minded person who trade this will think the same. LOCAL MATTERS. Scrofula Sort* Cored—Last Christina* ■ scrofulous swelling made Its appearance in mr nffbt cheek. 1 placed myself under a prominent physician’* care, who lanced It la several place* as the swelling spread. It constantly crew worse in spile ot all measure* that be used, becoming so had that 1 conld not open my Jaws to take any nourishment, except Quid. I remained In this condition eight weeks, when 1 applied to the Clairvoyant Sisters No. 383 Wabash avenne. who prononneed mo curable; this was Sunday, Feb* rnarylOih. 1 have now been nnder their treat* mest ten days and am so near well that 1 can nse my jaws aa usual, and the toie labelling rapidly. 1 never saw each speedy benefit from any treat* ment before, and am happy to sive this testimony In behalf of It. Joetrn Kcxxr. No. 3t Weal Danbon street, Chicago, ill. Chicago, February 19, idOf. Itleicairc’a Great Rheumatic Remedr U daily cfecllne wouderfnl cores. It acu like njjcic, both cVronlt and Inflammatory rbemna* turn glvinc nay before it. The afUictedaru ad vlaed toirj it. loud & Surra, Agent*. Brlrk ferSalfc-Wc call attention to *bc adrertiat-znent in another column by Lmx BsiDota. Masonic Temple, 85 Dearborn street. Now !• the time to Invest In “Um- Inc’s Store Damper,” when territory can he had at first cost Call on, or address, J. A. Wumnxa, Room t, No. 131 darkest. The Palming* drawn hr tbe Expmi and Telegraph Club and tbe Railroad Club, to be disposed of to member* on the 4*d hist., are now on exhibition at tbe American Express Office. Aik for Pore Cider Tineear, warranted pnre and to preserve pickles. Lamest works otthe kind in the United States. Cnanau Q. J£, Fscaanro, 539 and 3« State etreet, Chicago. A Warning to Toons LmUn (Cmo« Uon S>—Alady of this city became to all appear* antes suddenly ill. A physician being called, it was (ootid that the had been using one of the many articles advertised for Improving the com* plexion, known as Ring's Cold Cream Soao. Upon inquiry It was found that the article bad made such an improvement In her appearance that she actually fainted with joy after using it, All exclaim. ” Bow toft and while if fears* the **in/•’ ” At lona at I can get if ril never vte powder!!" Sold In Chicane by Dyebe A Story. 93 Randolph street; Back, 98 Clark street; wholesale and re tail by Smith A Dwyer. Ask your druggist for b. Do Not Let Tour Prejudice Stand Be* tween y our suffering child and Ihe relief that will be absolutely sure to follow the use of Mrs. Wins low a Soothing Syrup. U corrects adtlty of the stomach, relieve* wind colic, regulate* the bow els, Bofiens the gums, give* rest to the mother and health to the child. Thirty-five cent* a bottle. Offices, 43 Dey stnet. New York, and 805 High Holboni, London, England. Colgate 6c Co.’i Winter Soap.-BN commended-for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather, it maybe ob tained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Itch I Scratch 11 Boyd’* dedicated Cream cure* tlch, scra'ches, and all skin diseases Ufa neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain socially adapted to children. Sold by oU drag The Franklin Brick machine, Joatlr celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, ana immense compressing power, is atuiuirmD. with elgbltsen and two hones, to self-temper the clsy, tad make 3,000 to 3,(00 elegant brick* per hour. J. H. Kanes, proprietor, No. 71 Breed wsy. New York, Boom w. FItOM MAD 1808. LcdMlMtlro— PropoclUon to Par the member* la Coin-Brevet Oommto aSODM. fgpccitl Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnoe.l Madison, Wls., February 19. Tbe Senate spent the whole forenoon In a rather unprofitable discussion about recess and payment of the Legislature !a coin. Tbe vote In (flYor of tbe latter excites consider able surprise. The rote on tabling It before debate was eleven to eighteen, but the Dual vote was sixteen to fourteen. Every Demo crat voted for It. Scarcely anything so ob noxious to the people could be done. The vole of tbe Assembly for the sweeping Anti-consolidation Bill, against which only two members had the face to vote, is one of the most significant signs of the times. So faras legislation can be. It la effectually a bar to consolidation. There was consider- Captains for Seveotb Infantry ; andaeFiret Lleutenante: SclrSnU B. D. How and FmcU Cooper, Company C. Thlrty-serenth Infantry. FEOM ST. PAUL. Sale ol Ticket* for Uie Opera Homo Openlng-A OTnrderer In Cuatodjr—Lo caUon of the New custom House. rsoccial Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] 1 St. Paul, February 19. Tie rale of Opera House tickets tils mora ine was well attended, iul not very exciting. The first ticket was sold to E. H. Pillbrlcks, a Canadian, lor seventy-two dollars. Hawks, who was arrested In Chicago for the murder of hla wife, waa lodged In JaU here last night. He la endeavoring to secure counsel here to-day. It la pretty well understood that the new Post Otiico and Custom House will be located on the site of the Mansion House, recently burned, on the comer of Fifth and Waba shaw streets. FROM MILWAUKEE. X Woman Drowned—Commissioner to ike Parle BxhlW lon—Snow Storm. ISI cdal Despatch lo the Chicago Tnbuno.] Milwaukee, February 19. Mrs. Hoese, a German lady, was drowned while crossing a stream tn Franklin Town ship, In this county, Sunday last. She waa sixty-two years ol age. U. 8. Mack, olthlaclty, has received the appointment aa Commissioner lo the Pans Exposition, and will start for Europe early next month. , , . , „ Another enow storm has set in from the Northeast, with Indications of a heavy ouc. FROM HEW FORK* Fenian Demonstration*—Waahlnffloa’a Illrtliday—The Convention of Under wrlicn. Nirw Your, February 10.—The Fenians or tills city arc still suugulnu of a pending suc cessful movement In Ireland. The discour aging news of yesterday nave but a flight Miock to their ardent expectations. Dunnp the day business was lively at the Stephens* headquarters, enrolling volunteers and re ceiving donations. A few speeches were de livered In tbc evening in front of the head quarters. The Supreme Court has decided that It has no power to Interfere tn discharging enlisted men from the army on writs ofAotea* rvr/>u«, under a plea of minority. A Cable telegram announces the arrival of the Steamship Colorado, from Sun Francis co, ut Yokohama 23d and at Hong Kong 30th •lunimry. Thu anniversary of Washington's birth will be observed ba a holiday here. Public hnsliiceH. and to a large extent, private busi ness, will be suspended. The Kxecutlvo Committee of the National Board ol Underwriters to-day prevented a report in favor of limitations to Insurance, which will hcßUbwlltcd- to a convention of delegates of all the companies to morrow. The steamship It. It. Cuyicr has been bonded in $2,000,000, and Is expected soon to sail for Laguyra. FKOtt CINCINNATI. Pcrwenal —Railroad Csiraaliy—Work man [lnstantly Killed—A Kink for Cincinnati. Cincinnati, February 10.—General Sheri dan arrived this morning and took rooms al the Burnett House. Mr. John Howard, the City Marshal of Lawrcnccburg, Ind., bad hia right leg cat off below the knee yesterday noon, while at tempting to board a train on the Ohio & Mis sissippi Railroad. A man named Charles‘Walters, a workman In the furniture factory of Mitchell & Ram clsbcrg, was instantly killed yesterday, by being struck la the stomach by a piece of Slank that bounded back from a circular saw. [e bad recently taken out a life insurance policy for $3,000. Members of tbe Kentucky legislature have decided to draw tbeir pay hereafter in gold. The flood In the Ohio River commenced re ceding to-day. A delegation of Cincinnati skaters Vho visited the Chicago rinks lately have decided to build a first-class rick here on Freeman street. They have secured for the purpose a lot L’OO by 120 feet, and the capital stock Is SIB,OOO. MEXICO. Reported Defeat of tbe Liberal Naval Squadron* Kkw Venn, Pcbtual J 19-—TIJC Herald'* Matamoras special save: “A naval ficht occurred on the 20th of January off the bar of San Fransleco, between the Liberal and Imperial squadrons. The former were de feated, and lost all tbelr vessels, and tbe commander and twcntr-slx men were taken prisoners. The Imperialists bad seven ves sels and eleven puns, and the Liberals had four vessels, but tbe number of tbelr guns is not stated.” SANDWICH ISLANDS. Wbalcrs Not Allowed to Sblp Native Sandwich Inlanders. San Francisco, February 19. —Honolulu advices to January 20lb stale that the lull Court has rendered an important decision against the captain of the 'whale ship Rein deer for the non-return of seamen from a voy age to Kew Bedford. The law will hereafter be enforced against whalers and other vessels shipping native seamen. FROM BOSTOK. The Fenian Excitement-Cotton Waro hooie Destroyed. Boston, February 19. —The Fenian ex citement is unabated, the leaders here at taching little faith to cable nows. A small warehouse near Federal street, containing $40,000 worth of cotton, was de stroyed by fire this morning. Part of tbe cotton was saved in good condition. Fully Insured. Beauregard’* Bull Bun Bcport. The February number of General Hill’s Southern magazine, entitled Land He Love. contains the suppressed portion of General Beurepard’s report of the battle of Manassas. It is given as follows: • General S. Cooper Adjutant and Inspector Gene ral, Richmond. Virginia: “Before entering upon a narration of tbe general military operations in the presence of the enemy, on theatet of Jnly, I propose—l hope not unrea sonably—-first, to recite certain events which be long to the strategy of the campaign, and conse aaently form an essential pan ol the history of ie battle. “Having become satisfied that the advance or the cufciay, with a decidedly enpenor force, both as to number* and war to attack or torn any posiUon in this quarter was immedi ately impending. 1 despatched, on the 181 b of Jnly, one ol my stall; Colonel James Chcsunt, of Sontb Caroflna, to snbmlt for tbe considera tion of tbe President a plan of operations sab (tanUahy as follows t “I proposed that General Johnston should unite as soon a* possible the bnllcof tbe army of tbs Shenandoah with that of the Potomac, then un der my command, leaving only sntUcient force to garrison his strong works at Winchester, and to guard tbe five defensive passes of the Blue Ridge, and thus bold Patterson in check. At the same lime Brigadier General Holmes was to march thither with all of bis command not essen tia) for tbe defence of the position of Acquit Creek. These Junctions having been effect ed at Manama*, an immediate impetuous at tack of onr combined armies noon General Mc- Dowell was to follow as. soon a» be approached my sovanced noMUcn at and around Fairfax court lionsc. with the inevitable result, as I sub mitted, of bis complete defeat and the destruction and cspiore of hta army. This accomplished, the insji of the Shenandoah, under General John "lon. Increased with a part of my forces, and re lolled, as to returned, ny a detachment ho left to hold tbe monntaln passes, was to march back rap idly into the valley, fill upon and crash Patter son, a lib a superior force, wheresoever he might be found. This. I confidently estimated, could be achieved within fifteen days after General Johnston should march from Wincheaterto Ma uaeaaa. Wk. KIVASB. ••Meanwhile I vu to occnpy the enemy's works on lUls side of the Potomac, if. as 1 anticipated, be bad been so routed as to enable me to enter them with him, or, U not, to retire tgtinfor a ume within the lines of 801 l Ron with ay main force. Pstteraon having been virtually destroyed then General Johnston would rcldorce General Garnett sufficient to make him superior to his op potent, General McClellan, and able to defeat that officer. Tbit doce. General Gamctt was to form an immediate jonclion with General John ston, who was forthwith to cro«s the Potomac Into Maryland, with his whole force, arouse the peo ple as he advanced, to the recovery of their politi cs] rights, and the defence of their homes and families, from an offensive invader, and then march to the Investment of Washington, In the tear, while 1 resumed the offensive In front. •• Ibis plan of operations, you are aware, was not acceptable at the lime, from considerations which appeared so weighty as to more than coun

terbalance its proposed advantages. Informed of these views, and of the decision of tne War De partment. I then made toy preparations for the stoniest practicable defence of the line of Bull Run; the enemy having developed hia purpose by the advance on and occupation of Fairfax Court House. Irotn which my advance brigade had been withdrawn. •• rhe War Department having been Informed by me, by telegraph, on the 17U> of July, of the movement of Genera] McDowell, General John ston was Immediately ordered to form a Junction of his army corps with mine, should the move ment, In his Judgment, be deemed advisable. General Holmes was alto directed to posh for ward with two re pimento, a battery and one com pany of artillery.’’ ■ A Square Hit.—The following is from our witty, spicy, Radical, evening cotemporary, the Post : “The Jcjimc •rottpndfbad an article on Sat urday to show that whon a turkey gets whipped, every member of the flock stands ready to give it an additional peck. In Its Illustration of this remark It unaccountably omits an Illustration which U might—but for excessive modesty, we will suppose—hare found very near home : „ ~ t •* ‘ per Instance, ’ says the Journal* 4 there was Andrew Johnson. He was tne biggest gobbler on the American rooeL No gobbler ever strutted more fiercely. When he reached hia head end cobbl'd »;| the small gobbler* cobbled; General Costar gobbled. Doolittle gobbled, Daa Norton gobbled, Beecher gobbled, the New ioAI&rold gobbled, all the paymasters gobbled.* “We add—the Journo! gobbled. Ui ßnttae commenced (continue* Ike «Aurnafl to get peeked. Congress pecked him. So did Hsahr. Cleveland pecked fatm, and so did Chi cago tnd Indianapolis, Milne pecked him, aid -.Aid Vermont. At U.I tin M«» »“* P wo add—nnklndeat cut of {—the Journal peeked him* Ccniona W.Tomta.-Tho coaUicat rralchl that ,ria ever made la eald to hare been ”, committed In ISU tor the Snllan Abdael Mcdjiei It was d.e Incbea India meter, and, track tbe boma and ipiartora on tvlrta, "Jtb » a o ™" ro eembtins Ibal of a powerful cathedral dock. It coat 1.400 guineas. Another famous watch, made to OentTa; was Inserted la* the top of a pencil case, and though !t was ihrce-slxteciiths of an tocb In diameter. Us dial not only indicated the boors. minutes tod seconds, but also tbe days of the month. ixroßTAxr Maras IHVESTio«.--We were «honn yesterday by Captain D. P. Nickerson, who hasTSi received a patent for them, two Im nor'ent inventions. The Aral was Iron centre board for vessels. The box of the centre board, u well as the centreboard Itself, is made of boiler olatelron. That lor the box Is three-eighths of on Inch thick, and the box Is made perfectly water tight. The centre board Is composed of two pieces of Iron one and a half Inch in thick* sees, placed three Inches apart, and fastened with ■lay bolla In the moit substantial manner. The object of haring the centre hoard made In the manner indicated la to allow the water to pass through without impediment, and at the aame time add lo lie resisting power, when the resael is dulling. The old style of centre board boxes occupy from twenty to thirty inches in width In the middle ol the vessel, while the new style only take np four Inches, and the weight is only ace-third that of the old style, which of conrao adds Just so much to tbe carrying capacity of the yossel. They last many years longer than wooden centre-boards, and can >e taken out of an old Teasel and put in a new one. All the Ehlp,owscra and mechanics that have examined it pronounce it an improvement of the highest merit, two now vessels, now being 1 built here, will have the Iron centre-hoard pntln, and tbe builders of several more are Investigating its merits, and will probably adopt It. Ihe other Invention la the Adjustable Sliding Davits. These arc also made of iron, and are worked with a winch and pinion. They can be almost instantly operated, and are the neatest Iblcgof the kind ever pat on a vessel. Tbe pat ent has been received bot a few days, and already, no lc a a than fltteen pair of these davits have been ordered. It seems tons that our old Mend Cap lain Mckerson has a good thing In these Inven tions, for they must In a very short time come in to general ose on all Ball vessels on tbe lakca and the oceans. —Vlevtlcnd Herald. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to be Chicago Tribune.] Nxw You. February 19. Marktt strong 'before call and active, shorts cover tug buying largely, which stimulated the market, Oo regular call steady, with no change at 1130. The re port of the defeat of the Senate amendment to the Ue> construction T 'lH waa received aod the market broke generally, there being a decline ofltiUX Pom the highest point of the morning. At 1 o'clock It re covered V. aod steady, awl at £3O the market was very strong. alUi the appearance cf a considerable advance. At S'3o. Inactive, with absence of orders, called (losing market. The market la In a flitting condition, readily acting upon rumors, but not bololig firm. American gold has pern steady, but no speculation, hew Toik Central U the strongest stock at present, and U stonsly controlled aod expected lo go higher. So speculation. No stock cliqued but Pacific Mall. Money easy and becoming mote abundant, particu larly outside, of banks. (Associated rrcsslltrport.l Naw Yob*, February 19. • MO.VKT. Morey easy, So* per rcoton rail. STXf MXU kXCUAMOK. Blcrdof from 8X (A S*(. OOLD. Gold without derldrd change! opanlng at IMV» ad vnteteg to 13CK and dosing at Wf.\, OOVXRXMXXTK. Government tftocknasiiadr iwiter. au.vav. There was a mere buoyant fading In financialdrclea this iiinfMrg. banco nu (hr prospect of the passage of ehertuan’s LIU by the House. Money unchanged, uou*. Gold Arm. iuilways. Tim Hallway market "ii-ned with increas'd firm* urs*and animation. * hlrh resulted In a ►hnrpadvaaco and ctiisldwable activity at the m*n board. At tba block Exchange. Urn market was firm through call witliaralrotm«nd generally. Atierwarda prlrrsdr dined about H l>rr cent, but tlw® waa a partial re. cowry. and Ik fore the one o'clock board there wus an active demand. OOVRSXUKNTk. Government securities active, with a further general advance. S'oek market *t«4dr at ttiu I o’clock board,blcher 1 tbesecond board. amt quiet and Arm at thu list opt board. 1:30 p. ni, prices: N. Y. Central. .... Ohio Com 3Ufa ~ Krie.... MHo* .... I’aclQc Matl,...lMMue .. HudMD t» ® .... W. U. Tel 43H‘« - Utradlne 1M ut .... Teen. Ge (new), ta (4.. Mich Son TJX® .... Pacific It. 1t.... 93 a .. 1-ittsburfih £»V<jf .... U. b. Ex........ 6) <4.. Northwestern.. sSko* .... Adams Cx MX® .. N.W, pfd O-r® .... American Ex., w ® .. Hock island.... .... Government aecurinea continued active and firm close: Coupon*. *81...110 « .... 110-lOCoap 101*®1« MOCoup, ’62...U1k« .... I m.SI.VO bOAtUCS. kilning market firm today,and generally better. The great feature ol tbs day was Corvdon. wnlchHrose rapidly firm ?lOto 1300. Tflestocg clos'dstrong. and wa» not offered except a: high flgeres. illnltgstocc: 500 shares ofSmllh* Panuley, iZi ; 500 do of American Flag.lS: Benton. UO; Columbia. BO; Desmomei, 200&Z05; 100 shares ol Quartz Hill. 413. Hvw Yoat, February 19. The TTorWe money article reports Government j bonds active and hluher, chiefly owing to the advanced qnolatlorslo Europe, and the steadiness ot the Xew York gold market, loops. "A Ufi ftllOXj .Tan.andOnly..lofiJ4sfclOo Coupe. *M I MhC* c00p5....m*A133 Coups. *M UP IWOX Coopt. ’63 10S\’@109 I Toe sleek market was strong throughout the day under 'Washington rnmon of a conciliation between the President and Cocgrets. Transactions In Pacific Mall and Erie were heavy, the former selling up to 133. The railway better throughout the list, fluctuating Coring the day, bnt closing above the quo* I U M? C * of last evening. . . . .. Miscellaneous starts were In better reqnest at the advancedpilces. Towardlhecloaethsmareetreactod and a portion of the advance was lost. Pacific mall teuton?, the rest of the list closing as follows, at 6 p. m. taxxsr <jror*Tio?fß. Ohio Certs 31H® a Mich South.... 73*® 72* VT. T. Tel 11X» 43 111 Cent. Pacific Wa11....119 all9}* Pittsburgh 80jJ« 80* Atlantic JIaU.JW §IW Toledo n7*®llß K.Y.Cect 101U®101* Reck Island.... 97 « **X Erie... SSK« 55* Northwest 355<(4 Six Hudson ISO <4lsl N. W. pfd...... 61*® 65 Reach nr. 103*®m Ft. Wayne 95*® 96 Mich Cent JCB ®U6Jt WIT.WS.BXCCJ?. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ) Milwaukee, February 19. Flour—Doll and unchanged. Good city double ei tra spring -waa offered at f Ib.iVwUbout buyers. Coun try brands were beld at SIO.OOiaIO.3S. Extras dull and nominal at 59.00@9.M. Demand tight. Rye Fleur—S6.Co. Wheat—Firm, bat Inactive. The roomlnghoard sale* were 4,000 bu, and the neon board sales *,OOO bn at 13.10 for Vo. I In store; Sl.Mai.9tX for 50.2d0-, tI&X lor do, March lolh to Sltt; ILSSQ.I&I for rejected. OaU-DoU, with sales ol 900 bu So. 1 in store at 47c. Corn-Steady, with sales ol bu at 61c for >'o. 1 pld, and 70c for new shelled. Kye.-Adranclog. with sales of 4<X3 bu Vo. 1 In store at 95c. provisions—Steady. Sales: 100 brls city mew pork at fißun; 2(0 ns smoted bams at riftc. Dressed Megs—Finn, with tales of good averages at t7.1V37.70. Beet tpti-ijOO brla hoar, S,uoo ba wheat, CD bn oaU, ICO bo corn, 400 bo barley.2CC dressed bogs. Shipments—B,49o brls floor, tflOi bo wheat, 800 brls pork, 0C lies laid. NEW YORK. N*w Took. Februarr 19. Cotton—Heavy and declining. Middling upland* 82W9S3c. Hour—Rather more active without chance. Sale* SJOObrls saper State atfiCCte 9JO; Western |BAS®9A3; utra Weetern 19J&5410.71; choice (10_5j.313.00; slilo pine braids rnnna hoop oniu trade brands fii.sSdi2.fcS ; extra scothern |UJOtat6.CO— clrxMisteady. ReceiptsS.93Bbrls. Whlikfj—Quiet and steady. Rye—ln fair demand. Sales 11.S0Q bo Western at f 1.13(31.17, latter In small lota: 4.500 bo Canada 7tee at |L3oetlJ!sh. Barley—Rather mote active. Sales 2.T00 ba Canada Westjtree, parvft.lSftl.Utf. Haney Malt—Dull. Salea 5,060 boat *1.30. Corn—lt lower. Sales Tfc.DtO bn at tl.fcVil.o6tf for mixed Western la store; 11.0$ afloat; (1.09 tor white Western in store. Receipts 18A60. Oats—Rather more active, bale* 4,000 bo Western at »®s7c; State at ®«6«c. Receipt*.9.m bu. Rye—Dull. Sale, of Carolina at (UOai.Wtf. Collet—Firm. No talcs. Sugar— l cssacUveanaveryflrm. SalesssobrliCuba at ibVftiDVc. Molawca—bteady. Sales of Porto Rico at 4!xasoc. Petroleum—Dull. SalesTM btlsctudeatlS*l9c; te flasd In bond at »Ji<aa , c. Hopi—Quiet and Arm atSCQTTc. Fork—Flrn er, with mote doing. fair* 4,350 brls at tTOJnsa) J 7 for new mess—clclrg at (30 JO fjr Western; ♦19.6hci9.7S for old mesa— cl.wiag at (i 9.73 regular; 17.00 lor prune, ana(«'iO.W) for prime me#*; also. 1.660 iri* new jnwi at Ji, seller and buyer March and April. Beet— Steady. Sale* *63 brls at previous price*. Bed liam*—Rather heavy, sales 355 brl* at #3J.OO® 85.00. Titree Beef—Sales 730 trl at |35.(0d33A0 for prime mess; 533.0ta56.D0 for India mes*. _ Dscon—Quiet and Irregular. Sales of 300 boxa* at KhtdlOtf forCumherUnj; for short nblicd; ana UAc tor short clear. Cot Mratf-Unchanccd. fairs of 580 packages at Btf 310 c for shoulders, and liaise fur hams. Dressed Regs—DUl and lower, bales at 9®9tfc for Western,ihelstteran«»r«ne.^ v . . Lard—Wort active, bales of I*6lo btll at fer old, atd 12®lJ%c lar new. Jlnller—Doll at £br Ohio. Cbeece— Unchanged. LATEST MARKETS. Floor—Cloieddsll, with (eller* dUpotod to realliC. 1,000 brli fair State (old at 110.40. V>brai—Closed bt«T« and nominally lower, lire—Cloted lower. 6,0 W Fall Canada aotd at#l.«o,V- Coru-paUaulhc»ryat|l.o7Jklor (hipping muted TTeateratudore. Oata-clo»«J dull at &5£UKc ftr Weitern. I*roTj«on»— Pom cloeed doll, wlUj idler* of new Woteru mcM at fjC.n. Itcef-Clcicd qui«». . _ Lanl—h trade atHVAlWefor new Weitem. tut Meat*—Clcued quiet ard ascbaQ£ed. BT. LOUIS. Br. Loro. February 19. Tobacco—Quiet and unchanged. Cotton-Quiet aodrery lltttedoluc at tbe following quotation!: la>w ordinary, %c; good, 36c: low mid* QilotJTc? middling.iso; (tnet nnddliog. wc. Flour—Quiet: bo»lre#aamall. Choice ipncc super l»J»avA0; extra, tiviAdiOJO; double extra, |UAO£ l *Wbe»t—Dull aud uuenauped. No receipt!. Coin—Beceipta (mail. Market more, active Mid higher. Mixed yellow, TAi79c; yellow, tn&Sle; W Oati—fttlffcr. Good to prime, 44267 c. Rye and Barley-Quiet and unchanged. ProrUlona-DnD and drooping. Meaa pork. 19.h0. Bactn *hoolctr», kSd rib ataea, like; floor (ldef.liu<; ranvaoeed »ng*r-cuied bami, 16c: plain ISc. card dull; so tale*. Wbiakey—Dull aud upebansed. CINCINNATI, curcutßATt, February 19- Floor—Dull, bat unchanged; trade brands f 13J0, and fancy |IUO»W-w* The demand U local aua ** Wheat— roebangad: Vo. 1it;31.93 for spring and •SSlron. at 60c for ibelled In elevator, acd Static inaacke. The demand trom me sooth nas ta len on. Oats— Very dull, atoc for No. I. The receipt* are In Vo. 1 aid#l.3s for extra. HU &Mr UK <*« till. , v , coiroo—DolL owtna to the Urse receipts as hew OrtSffi?which were liMO balaf. the; last torso days Wlddnoc upland at »jt»,Vc and doll, lb* Liverpool advicrs neiptre to depress tre market. Tne neetpts the tart three day* were 5.160 osirs. iTOTlslt os— Inactive, but price* are unchanged. So thine done in m< ss porn orlarc. acd only me ask* fS"«£svS,whlcß arewuiooawo lor port. Mdfor jardT cot city xo«s porttspotaale- Sle atfWXO: for laid at toe. *.# *houldaa*l7Xe loose, and packed, and Ibr bacon; 9Vc for aboolder*; iftvatlc for sides. and Itawttj... Cot... OUo roll,.ad tor W,stern Bcterve. Pcld— hoy lorn imd 116X3127 Exchange—Steady. Vo change to the moaermAr ktt. BALTIMORE. Dat-traos*. February 19. Cc tree—Quiet. Bio, lSX®i»Xc tor prime cargo to bond Fiour—Dolt; tovora buyer*. Wheat-Dull- No sales. ' . , . . Ccrn—White Westers, more aeOera than, buyers (hr mixed. Corn—9oc: yellow. 95396 c. Oats—Doll atseestc. Rye—t Us. bugar—Quiet and steady. . Broviaiona—Steady anu unchanged. ■Whtotey^&omfcal. PHILADELPHIA. BttiLanxLPZXA. February)*. Fleur—Barter ; yonnwe*ternbrand* tx git .Sgau.M. Wheat—Easier* offiJO ha California white at |i»; W» bu tail red at ISXw. „ „ Coro—Firmer; sales of WOO ba yellow at 88c. » of 300 bag* of lAgoyraatUXc tn cold. Sugar—ln better demand; Havana at 12s. Molasses steady allbctorMo'covalo. Whiskey—At 91.75 for contraband. LOOISTILLB. _ . Lonxsnux. February 19. Tobaoofr-Fully sustained. Bates wore Ulhhds. Fiona—fAT^ULOO. WbMhcy-Baw.«3JA BUFFALO. _ _ l ourraiA Febraatr ta. Flour—Steady, with aalasetm ortosyrlag attiUA Wheat—ls tn fslr BuQtas tnoolry, with sales of ROM )M Bo.» Chicago at aho!a«tbl; 11,090 »t Ko,lMil wsuke* atftie,.. Con»—H«W •etirt tod lower, ftrrentoa car* new TCletfoooldftt 75®77c o»t»—Quiet, with Mloa w Ohio at Me. ProrSoMULSrd tod Dre Mod Hog*—Dull aaloa* ebuged. _____ New York Dry Goods Market, Nxw Yonx. Pebrnary It, DrrOeoda—A leadln* hoo»e haa reduced U>e price ot Wank«an prints to 15 Xc thU raomlae. wotca had tpe effect to bnos bojera into market In lou force, aaa trace haaheec acttre In thlt line. Another borne lbj» aflerccon pot down Ihe price oi Amoueae print* fc,Tlz: to ISX&- Lovell, Nanrakeae and Wamtniu were redneed at the same tlmo X c ; and •el) reapectiTelr at Hkc, He and 18c, which tUmalatoa -•> active demand for thtee an »<.~fe demand for these maxea. „ In other Ecoda there la m chance of moment. There ti more actlrlty generally la cottons, atlll they are far * r TVnoieai*cotUnne doll and languid, and there !alr*» buoyancy lh forelan Rood* alnce U haa become pretty well demonstrated that Concrete will be tumble to nan a tariff bill at thla aeaalon. without the conical of the rieildent, which cannot be obtained tot the Hoose bill. New Tor* Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnoune.l 2f*w Toax. February 19. Port-Firm at I3OAI for regular. Lard and cat meats very Orta. Sweet pickled hsma ■old at 13c to arrive. I New York Breadstnflb Market. ! ispedtl Peapstch to the Chicago Tribune.] I Krw YOBJt, FeSruarr 19. Fleur—The »Ught tDproTeraent 1j mainly confined to 1 low-grade*. High grade* Irregular. Uol'" ' flnn, bnt no buyer* except at 10c Wheat—Bolder* tu. decline from lito ule*. Corn—Brfik. Oats—Lower price* made on on forced sale. Now York Grocery Market. [Special D«patch to the Chicago Trlbone.l N*w Tone. February 19. • Coflee-810, »M7c. Market qnlet but Arm. [ Sugar—Fair to prime grocery, lOJf@ll*c, and very I firm. ..... n...ii.. •_...* lAL'aIM. Ulce—Carolina firmer at Weekly Exports from Now York. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtbnne.l Nrw Tout, February 19. Exports the put week 13,700 brli floor. 111,000 bn corn, 13,000 ba rye, 13.000 bu b&rley, I,MO brls pork, 1460,000 ns bacon, and 875,000 ns Urd. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch tt> the Chicago Tribune.] N»w Tout, February 1«. Freights—Com by aall, pence to Liverpool; 6 pence to Loudon, and 6 shillings and 9d to Cork, with about 60,000 bo shipped. New York Live stock MaikeL [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Niw Yoxs, February 19. Hogs—Receipts, l,6oo^DnlUt7X(*7\c. Cambridge Live Slock market. CAVBntiKtK, Mass* February 19. The anility ol beeicanie u tatter than lut wee*, aod oricef are unchanged, wttb a steady market. b”l«of«traalsi“SSSEbifirst qualtlf at *ll.lOO ij CO : iccond quality at fit .00010.75; third quality at t9.CC09.50. Receipts. CCO bead. „ _ ~ .. " gheep and Lamba— Bale* at SoD{c F ft. Tba light auppiy adranced ptlcea Xc. Buffalo Ut« Stock market* Orrrxto. February 19. Cattle-Little business this forenoon- mli tha ‘5 •h. Tkidt iiiTitiE clmur«l di&ili jMiefiUf. Totriy ... arrived ibl* afternoon, which were Quickly dlsnoieiSrit I n advance of MSeUSt.OO. Tbero aru about forty car loads Irine over In too Jhttir, tlttren of which wlflbasblppwlEartla the mornlnff. Vi* Hr* ~3 extra. U«i6c; fat Wary oxen amt »tc*rt. P. 4 9J*c t stood, UttlJc :Ut cattleand sunra. «<47Ve s fair. »X«llu j rows 'Uog»-rrlmo heavy, |i.OOo,i.S, lire, ttevelpu, 900. l?y i&tpmcuu, PUUbargU Fctrolcum market* I'rmiicßoii. February 19. The oil market la very dull. Price. in tbo very low, and renter* cannol aec their way clear purchase erode at present ran*. Crude 1* Pc for cord gravity 5 retired In b«>nd dull. ireo »»U atilet at for S 3 aud 30 brl lots, No isle# of ntpb tat. . mining Stocks In Nall FrnneUro. San Fiuncwco, February 10. Ulnloc dloeks-Savage. IH>o{ Crown Point, W 0; Yel low cualUr,<uo* Lets! tender!. «l. ff] A IIIM K U In (lua city. Fob. joih, at St .JaiW Cbup; IVjv. HlllilXEli » Hu. KATL L. HO) 1, both of tblaclty. 1) 1 K II . Inthlaelty. ontheisth laaront, at S o’clock n. m.. of roMMmptlos, WK-iUKY U ATIICK, *jn of Harriet ami William Uaymond. Funeral at n o’clock a. m. to-day, from the real deter. No. ’iOO south Orapialnes-tt. amusements. •\7OCAL CULTURE AT THE OPERA *Y IlOL’bK.—The clasaoa (pcatpon don account ol l*rol. McCoy’s extreme enjtairednes* 1 0 private lessons) ’i * T | ReMleuwa’a class, at T o’clock, February fcalh. VOTING MEN’S ASSOCIATION X LECTURES. WENDELL PHILLIPS “ The Peril of the Dour,” -AT CUOSBX’S OPERA ROUSE, THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 21, Commencing at 8 o'clock. Entrance Tickets. M rents each. Reserved Scats S)ZM excepted). 15 cents extra. Reserved Seats la Iconr Boxes, M cent* extra. rjr The sale of Reserved Scats will commence at 9 o'clock on TUESDAY MORNING. February lSth,at tbe Ticket Office of Croaby’a Opera Boa>e. nr The Lecture ol MISS CLARA BARTON, an nounced f, r ibe above ermine, ta postponed to FRI DAY EVEMNO. March let, at Use same place. A. C. MoCLUKO, Cor. Soe. Y. M. A> -yARIETY THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION The beautiful, accomplished FZ.OBENCE TEMPLE In her treat character of MAZBPFA, Introducing her iplcndld trained steed. FIRE-FLY. Tte pbcc abounds with thriliine combats, novel scenic effects, with new scenes and coitumes. OF WONDERS! To be seen only at the NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which has removed to DU Randolph-st.. corner cl Dearborn. Me VI U K ER' & THEATRE ICKER * MTBBS.mTf. Second week oi J.£.McDONOCQH. LAST NIGHTS OF BOUCICAULTS GREAT DRAMA OF THE LONG STRIKE i Or,THE WORKINGMEN OF M AN C 3 ESTER, J, E, McDonough as Noah Learoyd and Moneypenny. XANcnrsTXB racrooncs jura txlxoksph seen, » mu. ormrioy. In Rehearsal—Boocleaalfs Arrah-na-Pogae. QOL. WO OB’S MUSEUM. 4. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. K. AIRES Stage Manager THOS. HARRY Foil every evening, and attbeGratd Matinees. A Dramatic Triumph ot rare occurrence, even at this popular estabiunmeot. Nonn,- I To prevent dUso pointznent, the patrons of the Museum are solicited to securetbelrseatsbefore4o’clock in theafternoon, as at debt, dunce the past week, standing room alone could be fbtcliheo. This (Wednesday) afternoon. Feb. 70, at t. e Grand Mattree at 3tf o'clock, and also tn the evening, at tf to 8. will be pcrlormed the great sensa tional play of THE HUGUENOT CAITAIS, To con clods la the evening with TUK LAUGHING HYENA. •\TANKEE CIHCUS 1 AND MENAGERIE. JAB. BOBINSON, Champion Equrttrlan of the World, and bis sou. CLARENCE, will appear oaMONDAY, February IBtb. and every evening during tbe week. Tbe Chicago lime* says: James Robinson Is In bis profusion what Ulstorl la la hen. auction Sales. jnjANIEL BUOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 Lnke-«t.i cor. LaSalle, Chicago* Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Qnt-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. DRY GOODS—Print*.*, half-Rolf. Sh*et» Ince, Silk lUnUkmhlei*. Pjt** Gooa*. Flannel Dlaa kcl*. Satinet*. CaMmcrcs, Jean*. 4c.. at BASIEL SCOTT & CO.’S AUCTION BOOZQS, IS4 Z.ABB-BT. On Thursday, Feb. 21, at 9 1-2 a. m. Vic are initmcieu to idl a urce and new atiortmeot of to .MVC SOOd. i .1.0, SCOTT i CO, AncUooeera. JJOSTFONED— The sale of Teas, Groceries, Sugars, Pic Fruits, Cheese, Molasses, Cigars, Bas kets, Glassware, Cutlery, &c., I( l-OBTPONED, on occoust of tbe non-arrtral of tbe train, ml FBIDAY MORNING, AT 10 O'CLOCK. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Aoctlouem. RUCTION. Saturday, February 23, at 10 a. hl, At DANIEL SCOTT A CO.’S AocUoa Bourns, 161 Uiml We are lß»trnct«l to sell a nargc lot of new arid second band Furniture. Carpets, etc. etc. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & CO., 44 de 46 RAVDOLPH-HT.. Between Stalest, and Wabash-ar., Hold regular sale*, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS. CLOTHING, BOOTS. SHOES. AC- Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FC UNROBE, CABPETB, Ac., every SATURDAY. Sato fitUlg, Isngtnrs, &c. r£ HE LANE & iiODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK EH6DHSB, Shingle Machine*. Cora. MUia and Starting. Wood- IM “ working Machinery. LAMt&BODLBT, Corner 01 John and Water-sta- Cincinnati. Stoffeftoniets’ faceting- -vrORTHTVESTERN GLASS COM pKINTISG. Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office, FncUltlea for datng Work of Ant Dooerip* . U» UneasrtUed la the CW* %teal 3SBtatt-<jtttg. |TBOT»I>. - of™*- ker, Umtloh & Uo.. 48 IUTCf-*t. SKBALE--A toilding lor BaKOTtn Iruc ol grootd, anlisblo foe •osr Aiv purposes—baUtfbr lie frl eti on «««]-• t. * AJaq, ply ontho premise*. »* 490 stock ud fixture* for making matches tot l>ie * 17'OKSALE—A first-class marble front Jr Soon on W»b.ib-*r„ nenr *ljn all the modern ImproremeijU. A. B. WIJiU « '' v '* Utal EtUte POce. H 5 Room »• FOR BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Eatate A*ent*.No.4 Metropolitan Block: a notr SiVmrat brim bouae of Urwaj, hot andenldwater, wat«r clow ta. marble mantel*. ££:• *hd lot 50 ftet front. on Michlgan-aT., near Twcaty-flfth at. FOR BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Eftftte Agent*. No. 4 Metropolitan BIocJt: Txo ■ew, nest frame bonarsot 8 room# each, and loti, on near Lincoln. FOR SALE—At a great bargain, if sold immediately. Good home and lot on WabMh-aT., • Foon«nth-at Ilonas baa eleren rooisj. alx cJoa rt*7»?«dw»tst fewly trained, pancwd, PMotod. 4e. Cellar, woodihed, n« w , b «m Tart ana part filled and aoidcd. ItQatreof RJIcDONALG&CP., Lnmber-*U near Maxwell. Chicago. OR SALE—Cottage, 5 rooms, on leased fmsßd at a low rent, only 97t0-*tbo best bargain oserffaauciir- AU-MEAb-tst imndoipn.i- np SAT.PUOn MichiaanaT.. an ele eanl marble front mldeaga; ■*f 0 \P < S Att 8 corner lota on the ayenne, 46x19(1. A. B- MhAD, 131 Ranaolphat. FOR SALE—Choice residence, which molt b« aold, 10 rootfs, nicely located, brtje ,lin lot iwm- fi- H. COUMISOS, Edom 19, No. 1 as Sooth Clari-st. i,'OR BALE—Wabashnv., near Four- P tMn(h«at M Kenteal booae on leased lot, last front: MWiS»*h-»v..'near SeTeateenUj-sU. new bouse and °ong lease oC lot, t«t deslfsbls; EjenteenUi-st, crick bouse, two • to £L e *^n£»f2t ie8 'm wMt Croot; Michigan »v.. near Tw«otT*fonrtb*st- SO front, wUb null bouse, *ery cheap. J, D. QAU* VET.TKL»StIIe»U. OR BALE—By Gilbert & Benedict, i *i9 n»fk *t„ Room 7: Cottase and lot or Ilnb- At ehc»oJuooV« ipt«idld residence onT«en* tT'tlxtlHit., 111,100; more isd residence above ot Bute* li «W;lwMtorTbonae.and lot, ori beUgwic«-st n f3,b()o; leaaeandlornllor oof ooardlcz hoojeon Madl ■onStltUOO; le&ie and fnmltoreof boardlnehoo»o on Mlthl?in-aT7, f l.MO•. grocer* note* on Soalh Side, Sudtolm; M i! Vo. 1 rwuaraat on Dearborn-sl., cheap; !*•** and fornltoreof a big paying hotel. FOU BALE—A commodious Iwo-Etory home. No. IS3 with lot JfslM fl oqit IWW, if taaen at once. Good barn, thorough sewerage. Title perfect- The cheapen place la mar k«. WABUES «*OOODIUCU, 125 Deazborn-ft., Kooia 3. T?OU SALE—House and lot 70 North X* WeltaiU between Illinois and Mlchlgan-*u.,wlth lot 38*111 ft to alley. Will lx »<>ld at a great bargain. If ap” t* tor Immediately. WABBEN A GOODBICQ. 120 2. FOR BALE—A very desirable two story hboae in a fine location ca Weat Jackaoa •!-. near Throoo-sl., with lotftOxlJO, good barn. Title perfect. OnlTlfl.UPO. A beautiful place, WAUIUIN A GOOD UICII, 120 Paarborn-st.. boon 2. I?0R SALE —A large and elegant bouse I? on Wahash-av., north ol Twemn-it.. with IT rooms, water, gas. bath room, Ac , lot aosna reel. Will tve aohi on favorable terms amt early possession givm. Tltle ticquMtloratile. WAItREN AGOODUICU. 125 llitartioni-M.. Uoonttl* umbpkovbd« ¥7Oll SALE—BO lots on Indiana and I 1 Prairle-ata,, near Thlrty-thlrd-st,, at a btrgaln. A, R. WING A CO.. »5 Washingtou-st., Itooai a. iron BAI.K—On Jlidngnn #T., an clc- P outlinlltllne Ini. I« fr« If», ilie northa rst corner c-f FourUenth-al. and SOcoiean av. AVJ. AVKRLLL, Heal KstsleOffice, 50.7 Metro politan Block. iron tjALE-liaxlliJ feet nn the comer ot Wah«*h-av. and lluhbsrd-ctiutt, the finest un> Improved properl* on the avenue. at a low P r l*j<* »**JS on favorable lor=». 11110 beyond duration. WAR. lIKX A muiniilCH. 1 35 Duarbom-at.. Koom 3. FOR SAIaK— 1 20 nercs 01 land, Irontlng cn Chteacoav., a •hortdMincf w* »t of tho At to* alar wnl law per acre; 13 wr.a on 1 wrlflift, ad* tuning (h" city dimiia, f«CO per t «low near the ooTMt<il ILihey and Uairta.ii-t-a., »l|l«3vcr lot, ThU property 1» offered but fur a lew day* at th* mlioto low nLurw. 11. C. MOUEV A Cl)., lUsal K»lftlo ilfokora, S Meirmolitap Block. SAiJS—Choice lots on the Avo ' 60 fecton Vabub, between Tweatleth and Twenty. R Momaton Indiana,between Twentieth and Twenty. on Prairie, between Twentieth and Twenty fl”o"»r«i on Calumet, between Twentieth and Twenty. °Gifeetoa Wab««h*tT., near Elghteenth-tt. 100 fret cn Indiana, betwcenTwcnty-ihlid and,Twen tr.fonrth-»l». A. J. A, tKr.LU lJ 1 ileal Eitate Office No. 7 MetropolHao Ulock. FOR s AT.Tt—A Tfllnablc lot on Madi ton-si., between Waha»h and Mlehlpsn-svs., zix b 0 Met. alley on side. l*rtre only *215 Per foot, bhoit time given. It desired. Title perfect. Vi aBRES 4: GOODHICH. 135 Koom -J. FOR &A 1E —A splendid lot on ilicbi gaa-ar., near Macison-at., W.SxllO feci to alley, only flWOO—a bargain. Only offered for a few day*. WARkEN & GOODRICH. 125 Dearb irn-st.. Hoom2. iSeal 35statc--©ountTE. FOR SALE—Farm ol 80 acres, three mile* cast of Klein and one mPe from Clinton. Good buildings, barn6oxßo feet, with stone basement; ISO bearing ftnlt tree*, well watered. Adjoining are hundreds of acres of timbered lots, not fenced, afford lnC the best ol pasture. Best location In Kane County for dairy Ann. Call on CHRISTIAN d CO, Room 3 Lina’s block. T?OK SALE—Fine trait and stock fiirms JO of all sires and prices. Also some good bargains in city property. By A. P. WHIXNfcY, 5}7 Washing- room 4* 170 R SALE—For cash and part time, X 1 tome of the best stock and grain farms in North wt<ero lowa, timber and pralns adjoining. p:rma ‘tent tunning water, and title perfect. Township lots, with college, railroad and vacant lands. Umber, prai rie and water accurately at »l. In formation free. Apply to or addicsa J.b. PRESCOTT, Brown’* Book Store. Coinmbn*. WU. FOR SALE—2O Farms within 20 to 100 miles tf Chicago—from *fOMU *43.«U; also, one pralne lands, nnlntproyed-110 to *ls and all cheap aud very desirable. J. W. HEuaN BERG, 14 Lombard Block. TO RENT—With part of furniture for salG,bou«eNo.6GCalnmet-ar., 9 rooms well ar* r acred, nodcrn improvements, good stable: near street cars or Hyde Park trains. Possession given March Ist Apply at S 7 South Waterat. KENT—House—Six or seven rooms, X with gas, water acd woodhonse. at 13 Park av. XO KENT—First-class bouse, No. 75 Warren-st. Also, large house and lot, between ■ash BLd Mlehlgan-an. B. H. CUMMINGS. Rojtn 19.N0. 132 South Clarkat, TO KENT—On South Bide, a first-class two-story and brick basement boose, 877 Stale st., containing eight rooms; good barn. g-tol water and gas. Ikot (35 per month. Furniture for sale, very cheap. Possession given immediately. Apply at 3S fllate-su TO RENT—A new two-Htorv house, with 10 rooirs, pantry, storeroom, closets, gas, Cittern, and larte bain. Partofininltute lor talc. PoSM 'tlon on or beiore the first ol March. Apply at IS4I Ihw^pa-av. .managers. ®o Utnt—3Sooms. TO RENT—A pleasant front room, fur nished, suitable for two or lour reai'emm. with or wltbout board. Fur particular toqulie at 72 Van- Bnren-st. TO RENT—A splendid suite ol rooms, rent low. within block of Court House. Furni ture for sale—all new. Apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block, cr address Box 201 Q. TO BENT—Cheap, furnished rooms, suitable for single gentlemen, at S 3 Jackson eU. near Btate-st., with gas and cloects. Inquire at the house. TO RENT—Desirable rooms on the 3d Coor ol Lombard Block, and furniture fur sale. Apply at Room Itl. (STo SKcnt-Jotorcs, ©ffites.&t TO RENT—Offices in bmlding No. 42 LaSalle-st. Inquire caUt floor. TO RENT—Dock, situated on South Bide, adjoining Fort Wayne Bridge, wvvh rail mad siding fur eencflt of clock, at present occupied by Uwin. Burdick A Barker. First floor and bavem*nt, and also front rrom on second floor ot the fire-story brick building No. 1-1 South Clark-sL Also thr»e-alory brick building wllb basement No.2t) South Canal-st. A number of private dwellings also tor met. Apply toTHOMASLONEBOAN.No. 16 South Ctarfc st, TO RENT—second and third floors at 30 Lake-«t. Apply at PHELPS, PODGE A CO'S. TO KENT—With five years’lease,lour itorr and bssement brick store. No. S 7 South Wa> ter-et, third door west of Stato-iL Apply on the ptemlsea. TO RENT—Dock, for a lumber yard 130 feet trout and 305 feet dsen. situated on the North Branch, tear CMcsgo-av. bridge. Apply atNo. X 1 Larrabc»st., comer ot Cblcago-av. rpo RENT—Tbo entire second floor ot I 207 Lake-tL. at MO per month. Al»o, office fur niture for sale. CHANGE BARD, Jr., Michigan- TO RENT—Prom the Ui ol May next, with fixtures and stable attached. If desired, the oldest and beat located family grocery store on the West Bide, now doing a business of fftLOTO per annum. Apply on the premises, J *>3 West corner ot Halsied. R. AYLBWGKTH. 'TO RENT—River Property—loo feet X treat by (OOleet deep, on the east aide of North Branch, between llalsted and suitable tor a lumber, wood or coal yard. Will bedockod, ready icrbosincaa on the opening of oavtgatloß. and reolnl for a term of year*, cheap. OGDEN, ELECT WOOD 4 CO. rpo RENT—Choice Easiness Stand—A I. rare opportunity* No* 14'i wd lllUUllarl B ock, N. K, comer ot Clark aod Water-iw., Horn May l. 186*. ibey will be leaaed to*etoer or Tbe ipaciooa oaiement may al»o Ce •land alter May lit, 18®. Apply to C. A, 3PRJM3. Boon 50. 8 Larmon Block. TO RENT—From Ist Way next, one Bnt-c'uiboanlln* hotue.locatec In tcehmt ox lto«c»T.w«H nUptidfor* hotel on the Eur<»peki» pUa. >t 10t W«ibln<toa «U< R»ota >o 7,np«ut». Apply TO RENT—Pianos and Melodeons at rednwd price*. Plano* aod MeMeonMcnod and repaired br competent workmen. WM. U. PBOhSEB, 130 Clart-et. rr'O RENT—A good store on Dearborn- I south or Waablocton-it. Call on or address “THURSTON.- 209 roltoMC Corrcsponltencc ffiSJantcb. /"iORRESPONDENGE—Wanted, with 1/ % lew reapeetableasd pood looking young ladies, ofthedty or elsewhere; onject, improvement and other con*eqnepc*«—by a young man rf 19. Photos (real) exet anged, If derlmL Address CHARLIE T. FORRESTER. Chicago. 111. ___ ILoat anb JFounb. LOST —On Monday, February 18th, a lady** cold watch, on Desplalnes-at., bciwe«i ‘lson and Adams, or on Harrison, between l>e*. Plaines Calsted, cr on Bine Islsnd-av.. octweeo namacn and Taylor-sts. The finder will b*Ub«rally rewarded by calling at 3-t ami 30 Sonth Water-il. LOST— On Lake, between LaSalle and Dearbors-sts., a garnet sleeve button. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office or at the Meseom Box Office. r OfcT—ln Robinson's Cixcns, or in a I i Bandolpb-*t. car. Monday tvenlng. a small Opera Glass Tbe finder wul be suitably rewarded by leaving the tame at the Tnhone office. Being a present, tbe same i* btghlj prized by tbe owner. T O&T—A small Black and Tan Slut I a Bad on fancy leather collar. Tha finder will be ifceiailr rewarded on return teg hex to the marble Tard.No. &4 Sonth MazteUt. f OST—A Gold Ring—Masonic emblems I j outside, imcrlpMoa on th« Inside, *-Presented to WTn. HUL Joly A liberal levaid will b* paid for Hi retnrn to 16 and 18Btate-*z. rpAKEN DP—On yesterday evening, at X sHo*cXock,aaaxkinare,h3aaJtelQQ.Mwbed tn a lisbtrpnngwtgoa. Owner will ca lat 49 Randolph st. ana pay charge*. T?OUND—On the 19th, about 4 p. m., a 1? bom and bttxgy. The owner can obtain taessme by promgjroperty mid paying charge* at 100 Btato- T7OR SALE—A fine toned seven octave r pltao,modsbr Llxbte A Brodbcry. Tobeioljl on »tcoo« orienrlnxUie city- Con be ms tt No. 80 Sonib Basc«aoMW»etiren » ft. o< uA < p. «»• aggawtea-iflai* &eip, BtdtKBEW* 1 gUMUBW WANTED— A flrrt-ciafa carpet opbol •larer. to Uy carpet*. car Ulna, Ac. A «ar&&fsks. Vrr ANTED—A salesman of character an/t wbo r * n tarn 8153 per m<iath. j&LsfSSSSS!^'“Hig » r J ji. jqNS6> 1*25 pgarborn»t»» QP . _ ttTANTBD—-A man ■who understands Bid nhlo-sts. - TXTANTBD—A single or roamed man, W -tViTTcood lamer and can take caro ot Chicago. -rTtr ANTED —An A No. 1 carnage paint- W cr. at Kinxle-»t. ffigaanteb-jFrmale ffieip. "WT ANTED—In a pmate family* a W housekeeper.coapetenttotale enUro charge. AuJreda, wllh ruticncca and t&rais,P. O. twx 1086, Chicago. TS7"ANTED—AeirI to do kitchen work. VV One that can bnne rood references can find employment at No. 151 Warren-st. TXT ANTED—lmmediate!?, a good kUcfc- VV en girl. Good wages paid. Apply at OS-4 Wa» bash-av. WANTED— A good girl to do general bonspwork. who can come well recommended. Apply at a 93 MlcbUan-ar. WANTED —A good cook, washer and Ironer. Befcreacea required. Applr at 1231 Indian a-ar. 'Tpy r AN TED—At Vhe City Hotel, a toad ' AKTF.n—A good cook r washer and Boner, at 400 witbuh-av. WANTED— A good, competent girl. to do genetalhoaaewotk. Liberal ware? will no paid. No Imh or Catholic need apply. Call at sStt Wahaab-af.. between 2 and 4 p. m. 'TAT'ANTED—A wet nurse. Apply at yV the coanting room of DUNLOP DBOTiIXKS. 49 Lake-su WANTED— A good girl, at No, 20 Center-av. TX7ANTED —A respectable young wo* VV man to cook, wash and iron tor aaotall tatntly. tTacra 10.50 per week. Must come well rocommeailed. Apply at iai Lakt-st.. in me Photograph Gallery. jSmplogtneni gseft£&s- wy ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live V » men to tell one of thuDald-unallr article* ever rfirred tor sale. Hal no competition. Every family wai l* fmro two to a ilovn, Front Tory large, call lm* mediately at 134 bomb Clark-st, Room 9,up stairs. J. 11, NAHON. . TXTANTBD—IW men to ro South, ■ V aimi 111 lo i month and ixiartls also, railroad ini «>rm.e hop-'er*. ami all wanting employ r.ippt. Apply at I .VI, lt*»om .1. a?jlait(rti-i6i!sc?Uancous TTT ANTED—To sell door*, wish, blinds, r\ n our Imm, balusters, bracket*. c**li gs. d ror und window Irsina* of every variety.. Call ami ««• n* a good J«i» at a fair price, nil. Si 180011 A HON. 07 sui *> Franklin-*!. WAN I Kl>—l wont 100 good men that mean btulncM*. that are wllllnir t» work for co< U wnuo. to call aodai-o the beat InTcntlon for domratlc uao In the market. Kreiy f*ml v want* onaornmre. Die article >« now and Juat out. Or***’ toncaDta. Call on or adnrrai CIIAUI.Kn MKHHKNOKIL »S \Va»bloi;loD.»l.. Uoom 11. Send ■tamp fbrdrrular. \A7AHTBD—To purchase, n snloi'n on V» die Htiulh with dsture*, Ac. Addrrea, elallng lernn. °J O IV." Tribune olßiv. \\7 ANTED—lion mil lenco Apply to y\ SaMUKL C. HE A Ll). tnOKaat Wathlsclon-Dt. 'f'X/’ANTEI) —Two tlrat class pattern \ \ maV*ra wanted at 73 and 75 Mlchlgan-al. llltfheid wagra paid. lATANTEB—A Room Mate—A young VV man. Christian preferred, to occupy part of a room. Inquire at WANTED 3len (carpenters pre ferred) with tSO to invest in boslo*s» wakh win pay fiuperdav. Apply (free ot charge) at UiCil- AIIHSOS'S office, Hoorn 14 So. 155 sooth ClarktU "V\7ANTED—To sell territory Ibr ex- V V elusive rlrhlrf the Iwsl “patent” ont—used m every household In the country-rive* universal sad*- faction. Hare chance lor energetic men with hut small capital. Town, County and State Ulghu for sale Call at Koom 6. No. 153 Dearborn-si., or address .IBKUt N. URL TXT ANTED—To exchange 40 acres good W land in Central Illinois for a olano. Call on or address JAS. A. DICKENSON, OS Washlngton-sU Chicago. WANTED —To exchange 30,000 acres of choice Illinois lands for merchandise nr cUr nropetly. Will nay mirt cash. Lands near railroad. Title pertect. DICKENSON 4 WEBoTEK, OS Wash- Ington-et. WANTED —$5,000 or SIO,COU tor an Investment that Is perfectly safe and that will pay more thaa SO p«r cent. AddriM “il U,” Tflnuna office. WANTED— To collect bounty tor vet erans. sailers and one-year men. No charge notuc&mlsrorected. Advances made on claims. A. GOODRICH. Attorney at Law, 13(1 Daarhorn-iC, Rooms. Office open evenings. WANTED— An energetic man with *IOO to *3OO. to engage in a money making bull ocu. Will bear strict investigation. Apply at 191 South Clatk-st. 5, from 9 a. m. to a p. m. W' ANTED—An active business man or bookkeeper, with from *1.500 to IL&O capßaL to take an intercut in a well-established business In this city. A man who can furnish nr*t clars city references wl(i find this Ln onportonity fbr entering buslnri, seldom offered. Ad '*AD\ EUT'.gEH, ’ Tribune office. pony of Redpath’s Bi- V V ojnapWoUobaß'OVO. A'fd«asor leave at Tribune office. TX7ANTJi/D—To Ken!—A good house, W containingß or 10 rooms, on the Sooth Side, north of Twelfth and east of Slate-sU, by a prompt paying, careful tenant. Address •*W,” P. O. Drawer 3583. Chicago. \\f ANTED—To Rent A suite of V V rooms, by a gentleman ana wife, with first class board, in some (mod locality. References ex changed. Address Box 184, TXT ANTED—To Kent—A collage hoore TV on the South Side, In good location. Will pur chase part of furniture, U good. Address •* S B," p. u. Dc* sJ*a. \V ANTED—To Rent—A lumber dock TT and yard, not soult oi Elghtoenlh-sL Would bo willing to purchase stockof any party vacations yard. Acdms Drawer 3SIW. ’ s I7OU SALE—A good clean slock oi dry L roods, together with the tease of a fine brlckstore. located In one et the best business cities in the North, west. Good trade established and a rare chtucefor those wishing ts go Into buatneas. Apply to W. GAT* LORD A SON, Oshkosh, Wls. |7OK SALE—A hall interest in a good, X 1 substantial and legitimate hardware mannfactur. A phiw.ummi.* €—x* IJ,.u,AIViUMUiAtkU« me business. $4,000 to (5.000 required. Apply to L.O. KELLEY. Boom 1. No. 192 South Clark-it. I7OR SALE—An old established Hour ; and Iced store. Apply at 407 State-at. FOB BALE—The stock and good will of a well-established boot and shoe house In New York City. Apply to or address BOB&UT GAsTEN, S 3 Mnrray-st., New York. 170 K SALE—The lease, stock, fix lures JL 1 acd good will of a first-claw confectionery and ladles* and sents’icecream saloon. Inquire at 22S Stale-st. Good reason emu fur telling. FOR BALE—Cheap—Grocery store, small stock, good fixtures, reasonable rent; a so, turnllurc for sale, as the owner Is leaving the cuy. Apply at 102 Sedgwick BL, North Side. I7OU jyAJLE—A bakery and confection* r try, la the beat locatloa ol the city. Inquire at No. C 8 North Clark st. FOR BALE—Rare Chance—Stock and fixtures ol an A No.l Fancy and Family Grocery Store, tow doing a large and paying business. Good reasons given for selling. Apply at 37S Wcet Laxe-st. Ij’Oß BALE—Saloon and fixtures, etc., _T No. 09 tiontb Clark-st ; alio, furniture, flxtarw and lea*e In Booms No«. XH and it*. King's Ulock, cor. Learborn and Washington, suitable tor office* or sleeping rooms. The above, or either, wilt be sold cheap for cash, or exchanged lor a farm in the country or fbr ctly property, and difference of fS.iVO cash paid. If agreed upeu. Inquire of F. C, LUO ilia, No. 90 bonth Claik-it. 17OR &ALE—£IOO to £SOO casb will se- X cuteaprctUablcba»lLf«s, To parties looking for Immediate and tsrge roulw. this is a ra*e chance. 1 UUEbDELL 4 CO.. Booml3 Lombard Block. FOR BALE—Prop. “Gencssce Chiet,” now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Class A 3. Ton. oage (old meaiurmicnti.ssi. App'V to WAic- KINLK, LHtrclt, Wlch rt or to UABHIS 4 UBO„ 84 Lomoer-tl. Chicago. J7OK BALE—A dentist wlio is about to X commence a tour in Europe win sell bis office fur- Ltture, fixture* and lease. Office not surpassed in the or locality. Address “DDS,” Clilcago.HL FOH SALE—Office desks, show case, late In good order dlall’i make), chain, t*h>, dim. drawer*, rhelTlnx. itum, Ac. *c.;»io,dom», exprru waged atd baroou. Apply at S 7 Sonia Ha* tex-au LTOR BALE—At a harcaln, 100 tons of A lump Lehigh coal. Apply at No. 11 Larrab«e*iL, cor. Chicago.*?. rrOR SALE—A magnificent two caiat .T brilliant: also. a itx.grain allto, ft>r tale cheap Cnr cub, or rz change frr leaiebold property. Addiea* P. 0. Bex 1-103. COR BALE— Becood-tmnd lumber, ra P ADintltlfi to null pojchaser*. at l&e Cblcwo DrtC.iL c.n. WALltau. 13 Chamber of Com merce. 170 R SALE—Portable engines and boil- P cr* 10 to rc-bjtae power, at very low price*, by OBIFfTN BROS., 116 LaSalle-et, oppoalto Cbamocr cf Commerce. . VOKteALE —1 planer and matcher, 1 n hi aolnc and shingle mill and beading rounder. I tointcr and . w«od-tnrninx lathes; 1 to-torse. 1 15- cor»a and I b-hor*e rower engine?, with boiler*, com olete: abo. i tS-bor»e locomotive boiler*. 433 State- James Warner. FOR SALE—H. M. Ames' portable and stationary engines of all sizes: alao. Putnam Ma ture Co. icou: one iwoot bed. 24-lnch awing; one 10* foci peg, AMocb a*lng; one Afoot bed. IS-lnch awing; two 6Rfbot beds, 16-lnch awing; one 4k-f>ot Inch awing. aUacrew coring engine lathes; two inn planer*; two oprlght drill*: law mills: Fsrat'asar raceri; Woodworth planer* and matchers: pomp?, file*, bemeg and bote. C. L-EICS & CO- 19 and 21 pearboin-st. , FOR SALE—A second-hand Buckley folding machine—m good condition- Price, fitoo. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. _ TKFORMATION—Wanted—Ot Charles X A. Shepherd, 25 years cf age. 3 ft. H Uj hair, Iteht cooplfxlon, slender la P el^ ot Jt^ r -S eye*. W»s last neard from at Oalvfc Intendleg to go to Bnrlincwnjioww. Aayl Mon conwmlie Mo Is of ** «nj, O, «Se l w s?^^ will be most tWkfuDT siipp. HERD. New Seme. MRS mrpn t Dayton, wis. Galv* paper* pwas* copy. iJianos. TBADBB, house servants. SMHanich-CCo Kent. business ®l)sneeg. Jfor Sale. iHacfjinctß- Information Mantes. IN FORMATION—Wanted, of Thomas xiXVJnAXA ft c west NewTork. . HABKT, ortoliMmul Co.. Chicago. » personal. T-«TM!SONAI>' k W HC” and “A. HC, I-' jJrtimertWoodl Murom M»Ha« o»S»tnr- Sr. BOJ-T. T'IEESONA.L— WiII ihc gentleman with » bbeery tßOQStitiie and alto whlakßi%wbp M sSgflSßfiStt! •SSMEr 1 ® gUfoattons gaainu I linn for our nfclopinc cl*rt »».,»«**ar»i ** & ooehly rf(lal ?» and romMt-nt * * t l:w ft CO.. f 7 tSouUt Water »treeu 5 TlO &• sW O comp»t«lUk»r. Would S,L l » lh« city Oood reference* eli*c »* -m J W «f» Kait Woctoe-at. Chlc«o ’ a * Ac<l «»* “4 Sf niLEi, SITUATION -Warned,mT^r^ O llr Vi t*io rare of horses. dc„ arm 03 sooth Cauai tt. a ' ■ «*«*,(£ O by ayoaog man. who «u him that capacity. Una- nbiea citrrererettS^Wa drees P. O. Oox 83.1. Chicago. etM * n '~ £ ClTDATltlN—WantcdThvajJS^T' ip, McnlTTcleric.wm-«a clerk. in a nboltaale hnan-. p. o. it., , K c ; SITUATION —Wanted—Br a ri^T^ experience. In a crorcry .tore. f ‘t mertncea elven. Addrcr* “U K- •*n3 Bon-«t.. Chicago. a U»a. OITDATIOK—Wanted K/d. IO man of llx year*’ eiptnmt*. m mim-.;,?? *i wboUaale or retail clothing or eetu* fumdii?? * * *«>•' hoc**. Would not object to travel. rj-T** f> '* -V J references. Addren M w n.-Tnlmcßca*. •«** »y- - ITUATION—Tvanted By married mar. In any rentable Bo*ttiv* nS r V' had about ten yeara* experience in the erie£» ** commlaalon bonnsaa. and Is not afraid ofw.w.'r. 1 c«- - dreM U. M. MITCHELL. Chicago IMHUSce.*** U OlTtrATlON—Wanted—ByasSS: fe- O Ca-l on or address U. \V, ClLEri* Title, Lawrence co„ loa. ,Le » SITUATION Warned, os IranS ia!eem&n or collecior. Adirtsj •• a RT~T“w. I-'?* office. *^ e |'V I?i9 FCnALBO. SITUATION —Wanted, as tab's nose. by aa American lady. Apply at.iUU t-?*' comet of Paoiloa. C ITU AT ION fc—W anlttl—-By two pit •%? O oneMCook Uieolheraa «cwcfl clrh Apwi£ • tvod»T»»tcotneroiHi;*ieil-si. AodPrkc-p'A:e. j* . i ereucea RlTen, If reqnlrtd. CITD ATlON—Wanted—A3 ” sevens lO or narie for children, and do nwlac. fcj ‘Jiist ( l«ot «Uhtoe*t»ctteTenct« and accnuomcdu> Apply ibis week it 183 Klniie-sU Berne Uj£ mock. CITDATIONS—Wanted, by two resect. O "b!e conn try girls. who are rut afrafit ol »ort one*» cock aid the other a« chambermaid. North* South Bide preferred. Cali, for two dais. it m Michigan-at. Bbcws ffiHantm. AGENTS —Wanted—Just received, Pol. arm’* splendid SKW UNUEB-PEBO I.EITR* SEWING MACHINES. Cricc HO. complete wit* table. Priam* wishing to eecnre the agency foritu superior new martin# ahonld apply at once to I*. AT KINSON. 101 KandiJchxt. Boom ti. Chlcagv, 111. AGENTS— Uanted UenUemon niw * ladle* throughout the Umlpd State* for «w new Book.••MVESoflbc |*KKMDENTB,* - from tts*4. Incton to Johnson. by J. b. C. Abbott, the great nisv rtan. Complete in one large ■volnmv.ahpetblT ifs*. trated with steel tnuatlnms amoogwhlcn are por traits of Hie seventeen IVrauicnta. batUei acenfs. Thi* 1* Uie only work ef the kind let published. atlords to experienced agenU a rare opportunity to make rotrej with a splendid bo<ik. and no <ompw{j. turn. Exclusive tcintory and pobllshm mcbMma. mission given. Hooka ready for delivery uo*. i. •». IKiYUHN. 73 Clark it.. A GENTS—Wanted—To cDjmgu mthe >\ Mlom "THK HISTORY OF AtHCAUAM Ll.t- CoLs asdthk overthrow or sLWKur.* ia otetol., ociato,'■l Wpapea, Uy lion. I.N ,\nwie, tale member cfri ngre-a. s «t for over twenty /raria co..fitlrt t|*i triend o( M*. Lincoln. This It work wn urdrrtakrn three yenrs .igd a lib !t,i> »«• privalol Sir. Ltncuin. an 1 !■ Ju»c l*>rml. It u »l --n ntly selling «■ rapidly »« the pntilliiirr* hate fwea aMoto fill onli'ia. 'inn r)tat rulllon sold In t»mi» •Uys. Fortu'l description,'Pi donot (railing pv,.»* nun. aa.l terms, address tlie pul) Ulirt*. Cl.akkk A CO, Ml and Si Wa«hlngien-at, Chicago. jyOR BALE—Thne 8-borsc rownup i 1 right enemas; also all Imnrontal rorf'es.*. w ard U-bcrsv power. Larcer or snaLer enguea mr. nlalini with or without pollers. I;, p,14 and 30-Une r.iliDiar aao loromotlre poller* for taK b»»t tnsae. A lab one (.roller Union Matcher and r%PVP* Machise. Sawmill*, barrel and wood-working machinery, in* Pianrr*. Mum.', «*w«, dir*. Ac. Machinery Depot, 33 Ifearboni-at, CMracc. ORKENLK7C UHQB. A CD. A GENTS—'Wanted—Exiiencoced tint /\ clm* rar.raa'er*. ‘ ceotlrnieii ard ladlM. Ibr AMIINOJOS'S J’UAVFU ATVALLEV KOIUIK" v a nrw and nucnliirtrO #Ucl ragravln? ; price. Fi-'C. Ilaa orrultar'ricommeniUtlon* which cauae lit'be admired by every American, rf whatever aeet or patty. Atfcnta everywhere are uieetlne with unparalleled »uc eraa, l > oblv*llvr» , hlat«»l comoitMlow gtven. A<l> Urea*. 8. 8. HUYDICS’, 73 Clark-*l. Chlrairo. HL Agents— ivantcu— s7s to *2lO ret month, everywhere, male and female, to intro, once Ihiouchout the United *>latea the OENTINK IH FHOVEI) « OMMO.V bENSEFAMILY BBWINC. MA« CIUNB. Till* machine w\U aiUcn, hem. fell, tuck, oum, hind, braid aid embroider in a rooataajxnor manner. PrheonlyftK Fully warrartol f»rnve year*. We will pay fI,OOO for any machine that will fewaatronerr, more beantitnl or more ela*nc oeasi tbanonn. it makes the “Ebutic Lock Stitch.” Every Btconrt stitch can be cut. anc *tlU the cloth cannot he Soiled apart without tearing it. We pay ae«*cta fr.ut ‘A Vo t?jo per month and canensea, or a comausaioc from woich twice that amount can be made. Addint bECOSIO & CO.,Cleveland. Ohio. CADDOS’.—Do net be Imposed upon by otherptf. ties palming on worthies# caai Iron machines, under the tame name or otherwise. Ours Is tfie only eves- , Ine and really practical cheap machine manufactured. « A GENTS—Wanted—To sell my Trms- XjL parent Parchment barer, tor mending tarn cur. reecy, bank hills, derd*. brocs. &c. Can make s day, easy. Addrea* EOl ISO. DarneavOle, Ohio. A GENTS-^Wanted—FoT“ The Historj - X\ of the War Between the butea—Tracing Its on- - glo, Caurea and Rceult*.” By Uoo. Alexander H. Ste phens. And for The Life. Letter* and Speeches 01 Hca. Alexander 11. Stephens. By Hearr Cleveland, send for circular*and rteoor terns. Addrea* NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO, No. 10 Lombard UDck, Chicago, 111. AGENT.S —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes Line*. Can make |I9 to fCO per day. Address “Metallc Clotlua Line C 0..” 92 benccs-»t, Cleveland, Ohio. 4GENTj*—'W anted—“ The Pictorial Bock of Anecdote* and lorldcntsrf the War.” :an:ecJthenio#taUractl«e. Cist selling book otffcc »<re. ArenW make from 130 to f 100 per weec,M«* 1 wilt prove. Address STUDDAKD ft CO, 104 West ington-tt. Chicago. \ GENTS—Wanted—For “WOMAN’S i t WORK IN Tint CIVIL WAB-" This wnrt, rrepared nrdcr the sanction and approval 3 tse United biale* Sanitary Commission, the sacltatv Comnleston. and the ChristianCOmmivM->c, will be the roost complete and Interesting work r< the kind published. It will contain sketchesof nearly two Uutdrril ladies, notice* rf about four hundred other*, andaiost tribute to lbs thousands of heroines whose names are unknown. Members of Aid Societies and other intelligent persons ore desired to act u -«•. Go"* nrTVef ’tLOttir*Asare«^Sl^BV^CU«l ) V’2 CO.. Lombard lilock, Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and to sell a new article la rreat demand. that every ran.lly vans. W per day made wlm-mt leaving tome. Travelling axsnta can ta&kn from (i to fM per cav, without Interft recce with other business. Tne article shews for Itself. Samples, with terms and psrtfcu'ar* oi the fcDoi&ees, sect lor Si cents. Addnss K. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 633?. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—With £5 to £lO XX capital, for a pemutent mon; y-mstlng bailn’w at home, sup-able lor ladles, gentlemen. c.ercymen, and tsacbets, and very desirable fbr c:M veaih'r. Energitleageatsaremaklngs4o to S6O »e»t. Cut on or address, with slants tor papers. R. WaWBLU 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted lmmediately, in X\. every county, to sell standard salable b-Joks.on which laree commissions will be paid. Address U. M. &HEKWOOD. 107 Monroc-st., Chicago. partners IB antes. PARTNER —Wanted—An active part ner, with 16(0 capita]. In an established wii i!->*Je dubious It thia city. Call on *T if E C,” 239 1!U --ncls-sL. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday eretaett of ibis week, after business hours. PARTNER —Wanted —An energetic business man to take an interest Jnthemamfsc tore and sale ct West’s Family Medicines and Excel sior Liquid nine In*. For particulars address Imme diately, JOHN C- WEST. Box 741. Chicago, stating the amount of cash capital yon can fhrnuh. OARTNER—Wanted—A good business J man to Join the advertiser ins tood and sale host- nesa in Chicago. Capital required, flAOff or (AWL Ttla ]■ no humbug or patent rlabt. Address ft»r four days, *'C □ tV’lWcbantß’ HoteL Chicago, where an Interview can be had. This la a rare chance. T>aKTNEß—Wanted, with £3,000, in X an established and well paying business. For partlcnlan. apply to A. D. MEaI). Real Estate Agent, 131 Bandolt-h-st. OAUTNER—\\ amed—ln a goodpav- X log manufacturing business, already e-*tabli>bAl. with aeatital ot •l.l'CO. or more. Apply to O. aHtl* AMD. 129 Kandolph-aL, Ruom I. PARTNER— Wanted—In a fine grocery cm the West Side, oi a man with |CSO to nay oat a gcod stock and Hard of groceries and provisions. No ocaus for lew. Room a. No. 4S South Clark-st. T>ARTN£R—Wanted—ln a saloon and X ten pin alley. Just started, acd doing mors boat* ntss uan oce m«u can attend to. Town the balldicgs and 6 years* lease on the ground. For terms, *&, aid onss M L N J.” Drawer 132, Morris, Grundy Co.. 111. A rare chance for a man with small capital and good business habit*. P‘ ARTNEK—Wanted—With £3,000 cap ital. m a well-established and paying basinets, uniy netd be seen to convince any one oflta merits. Apply to T. n. BELFIELU A CO- 10 P. O. Block. PARTNER —Wanted—An enercctic mao. with (300. to *ake a half Inter eat In an ea tabilsbed buorros. paylec a large profit. Apply at SI'KEU A BUU.'S, 107 South Clark. PARTNER— Wanted—With £SOO cash, to take half Interest In a manufacturing business wnem the profits ate large and saiea can be made Im meaic. by isiof April. Acdresa "B N It, Tribune office, lor three da; s. with real name, stating when aa lotarvlrw can be baa. PAHTNEK— Wanted—To purchase a one-hall InUrcsl In a Millard room and aaloon oa PK.uih vjdp, ceatrajly located, built e«i established, t’anlul rinnlrsd.about spltnoid rhaneefar busl nwa. Appiy lmme«ll*l«iy at CUBJSTIrVN 4 CO. 8, llcom ,T Llb<:'« Block, LJoatUing, OOARDI.N"(t—One or two ceatitmen I y aemoo* of comfortable home, wftto excolleet board acd eierant Dost room Id a m portable family UrlDßon Wauaiß «T.aot iery tar iron* Poat Office. Beit reference* required. Addreaa ♦*tV* F. 0. Box 11130. *___ T)OAhDJK<i—One mcc room, suitable I i for two aerUemen; alio, one itogle room, wtlb the romloiu of a bone: asd accommodation! for ood or two day b.-arden. Apply at U 97 Mlcblgaa-eC TJOARDINQ—A tew gentlemen can be 1) accommodated with QnVelua board at 25T ..convenient to busings*. Tenm moderate. J HOARDING—Four centlemen can ob j tala two pleasant fbrn'shed rooms and nod ard by apply Ing at ICQ North Dearoorn-st. ■f) CARDlNG—Pleasant rooms,tarnished II or tmlnrnlabed. insalteor sl*el?. with amclau board, bunae new and ne»ly formatted; alao, stabling for one or \w o botm. 84 Part-av. TJOARDING —Three nicely furnished r> rooms, Including one large troot room, can be baa. with f.nwuaia board, on reaaonxbia terms, ac 310 SUK-rt. TJOARDING —Four single cent!emeu JJ or two gentlemen aod beaceommo dated with Cr»t clait board at 309 Pulton-iL, West Side. T>CARDING—At No. tt Eldridee-courr. il Opaiolteof room* and a room imtablaJor two gentlemen, with flr*v-clss* board* Reference* ex changed. BOARDING— A large, pleasant room, with closet snd bath room, to let. with boanLoa Micr Ican-av- nortn of Twelfth-st, tarnished ornnfQr- Sff Refer to GEO. C. COOK, 90 Michigan-av 7 BOARDING Pleasant rooms, with. board, can be obtained at 2SO Ulinols-st, sooth east comer cf Bn*b. BOARDING— Comfortable rooms and rood board at a moderate price, at llHßtatc-fU one block fiom Post Office. 33oarb ®2aant«i. BOARD —Wanted, and furnished suite ot room*, or cnc large room lor a gentleman and wife and child. Private family preferred. Address, asatlng term*, location, Ac., ‘•a, 1 ’ 101 Emdolpb-»t. T> OARD—Wanted, by a young man and ■ J wife, well-furnished rooms ua board Ux a prtvat* Solly, wher* then are no other boarder*. North bide preferred. Reference* exehazeed. Please ad dm* F. O. Box 766. City. T>OARD —By a centleman and wile, *na IP private family livingsoath of T*eltth and M*n Address P.O. Drawer CQ4». gorges, Catttasea, gtc. FOB SALE—A good posy, dark bam thirteen hands hlta, »tx years old, <esUe vA wfirf. and Qr'tos tinder saddle. Cas tw aeea at GOOD* ISO'S Slahtea, comer We*t Washington aaa Caiyj ( a. T7*on SALE—A second-hand Covered JP bagCT» tn cosd order. Enrtcnj IMHadUat-nT. h