Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 21, 1867 Page 3
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THE STORY OF JL TVI6. A BcaattTol Woman’* Blleerv—Her Strakfcm to Avoid Discovery—Detec- Ovn after Vonmerlclt Honey—The Oe« aonencDb (From the rindnnaH Commercial, Pcb. 17 ] Detectives Lipj>encott and Carey, while walking aiong Fourth stieet, rear Mam, yes terday, bad their attention attracted to a vciy beautiful and elegantly dressed youog lady, who was walking quickly lo the direc tion of Walnut street. The fact of her being £ur to lv ok upon in form and feature, with her clear, blonde face, large, expressive and rather plaintive eyes, small, neatly cut month, with white and even teeth, and shapely nose, would not, In themselves, have demanded from them more than a passing gl&ncc of admiration. Bat there was some thing of nervouscxcitemcnt end trepidation in her hurried step and furtive glance, and she seemed very ill at cose. She bad, too, they noticed, a queer habit of raising ber hand to her bead frequently. It might have been that she was suf fering with a nervous headache, but tbc fact of this peculiarity, taken in connec tion with tbcsigbt of a bead of light, floss like bolr. ill at hung in curls npon berehor*'.- ■dere—extraordinarily perfect curls—surges led lo the‘‘fly-cops” the idea of a wig. They .had had icason to suspect a young lady, looking very much like onr heroine, with tbc exception of the color of hair and eye brows, of having transactions in counterfeit money, and as she bad in her band a package that looked very much as though it might contain bills of the queer,” they concluded, immediately, to retrace their steps and follow her. At the corner of Fourth and Vine streets they over look ber, for she had stopped there to wait for a Third street car. Into trie car they fol lowed her, quietly, and theucedown Plum street to the passenger depot of the Indian apolis and Cincinnati Railroad, where abe evidently Intended to take the 1:45 train. A careful examination of her face, backed by their strong suspicion, convinced them that her beautiful curls were false, and that her eyebrows, which were long and hejvy and finely arched, were co bred. Not one out of a thou sand—no-one, in fact—would have had the slightest idea of the work of a peruquier In making up her appearance, unless led to It by some suspicion attendant, so neatly hid the work been done. Satisfied that she was the person whom they bad been led to suspect. they arrested her quietly, and took her up to the office of the Chief of Police. On the way to the office, and while there, she displayed a modesty, 'timidity and shame, that spoke of any thing but a “ dealer” in •* flimsies.” Arriv ing at tbc office, she was requested to re move “that wig.” Overcome with shame and fear, and sinking into a chair in an al most fainting condition, she did so. reveal ing a bead covered with short-cut, glossy brown hair. Tbc package was taken from her and opened, when lo f in place of the ex peeled bogus Treasury notes, in twenties and fifties, and perhaps hundreds, there was displayed the recently sacrificed hair, mag nificent in its bnlkioess, os a mass. Its fine ness, its rich brown, and Us full four feet of length—such a “head of hair” in fact as thousands of fair women would be over ■joyrd to possess. Then came, unwillingly, and frequently interrupted by sobs, but d-awnoutina spirit of kindness by tbc Chief and tbc detectives, the explanation of this mystery and masquer ade—the sad story of her shame. It ap peared that a wealthy man doing business an Ibis city, where be has a wife and family, bad met ber in tbc town, not far distant, in which she has a comlortable ami happy home with kind parents ; and after paying attentions to her, as an unmarried man, for a few days, bad so won her love as to soon succeed In bis base design of seduction. A frw months had passed, tbev bad met frequently to indulge in their attach ment, she bad urged him to redeem bis prom ise of marriage, and bad passed through all the horrors oi the mental agony conse quent upon the discovery of ncr real condi tion in llte, and ere many months should pass Bhe would become the mother oi illegitimate oflspring. Sne then resolved to conceal her shame from the world in which she moved, if possi hie. She revealed it lo her mother, but re luscd to give the name of her seducer. The mother—like a true woman—aid.*d her in getting up an excuse to spend a considerable "lime away from home. Thus assisted, she came to Cincinnati,proceeded to a certain wig dtamr, bad her hair cut off, her head covered with a wig, and b»-r eyebrows co'ored. in tending to continue in this disguise until her child should be born, hoping thus to destroy any chance of identity, to prying minds, between the home girl with brown hair and dark eyebrows and the lone woman who, in a city many miles away, among strangers, should give birth to a child under .necessarily suspicions clrcums ances. Her story told, ber innocence, as well as her shame revealed, the poor girl was allow ed to depart, to carry out her plan, assured that she «ould not be betrayed; so ends our “ Story of a Wig.” THE SOUTHERN* TORNADO. Its Bavages at Ouachita—Destruction of Building* —A. ifaternpout—Bc> markable Escape of a Family. t?rom the Ouachita (Miss ) Telegraoh, Febru ary 7. J The track of the hurricane has been traced to Castor Post Office, some twenty-eight or thirty miles southwest of this. At that point the destruction was general and appalling. Bluitt Butler’s residence, in which twenty four persona had taken shelter, was levelled with the ground, but no one, strange to say, was seriously Injured. Other buildings, in cluding Mrs. Ellis* residence, were also de stroyed : but so far but nnn death has boon reported, that of a son of Mr. Floyd Mitchell. Fiom Castor, beyond which point no In formation has reached us of its terrible work, the hurricane directed its course towards the Ouachita River, which it first reached at Port Jackson; bcncc its track was along the yiver swamp, from one side to the other of the river, as accorded with the mysterious influences which engendered and then direct ed it. Mr. Bryan’s place was very nearly mined—cabins, fencco and almost everything that offered any resistance being swept sway. Mrs. Faulk was almost as great a sufferer, the wind not leaving eveu the fence worm in its bed. Her cm-bome was ruined, ns also her cribs, stables «fcc- Somewhere near this point, the storm left the river, hearing toward Bffiuf River, in which quar ter, we expect to hear, its ravages were con tinued. Large pine limbs, recognized as belonging to the long-leaf pine, were picked np a score of miles from snch growth. Mr. Wynn, liv ing fourteen miles east of this, picked np on Lis premises, where there Lad been only a light wind, a sap pme over a foot wide, which must bare been carried not less than seven miles, no pine timber bvlngnearer to bis place. The water was lifted in large volume from the bed of the nver at Bryan’s place, ■below here, and pouted along” tbe earth, leaving it as though the river itself bad been running there. The hurricane presented in its progress the appearance of a vast volume of black smoke or vapor, whirling over and over with inconceivable velocity, but In its onward pro ■grass moving no faster than a horse would in an ordinary gait. Everything, trees and email shrubs alike, bent before it, andbouscs and other obstacles were literally swept from their places. The noi*e of wind and falling timber is coraapred. by a participant In the battle of Gettysburg, to the unearthly com motion and din of that memorable field. In breadth the eloim extended its ravages half a mile. The roaring of the hurricane was distinctly beard here, a distance of fourteen miles on a straight line. The appearance of the sky in that quarter at the time was remarkable— heavy masses of black clouds hanging mid air. dotted here and there with bright spots •and streaks of reflected sunlight. Soon after noticing these indications there was a fall of hail here and in the vicinity, the hail stones being of various sizes and a peculiar Jagged or half finished appearance. The Rev. Mr. Clampitt, of Bienville, In forms ns that on the same day as that men tioned above, to-wit: last Friday, a hurri cane similar to the oue already noticed, only 5f possible more destructive, swept through that parish from southwest to northeast, having a breadth of one mile and a direction almost parallel to the one which struck this and Jackson Parish, and occurring, the two, simultaneously. John Brice's premises and many others are in niter ruins. One poor widow, seeing the dark and whirling mass approaching, had time only to gather around her four little children and crouch down in a vacant corner of ner house, when the furious whirlwind came up and demolished her buildings. As ifto show His care and mercy, even in the howling tempest God protected the widow and her offspring the place where they nestled being the only spot where destruction and ruin "were not visible! Our Informant relates that In some places the earth was plowed up by tbe storm, and be slated, incredible as it may Eonnd, that sheep were found headless after the storm, their heads having been wrung off, apparently by the wind in its Irresistible fury. OBITUARY. Alexander Dallas Bache, [From the New York Tribute. February IS.] Science in the United States has lost one of Its brightest stars by the death of Professor Bache, which occurred at Newport, R. 1., Yesterday morning, from softening of the brain. Alexander Dallas Bache was born at Philadelphia. July 19, 1800, and was a lineal desceodantofßenjamin Franklin, his grand father Richard Bache, having married the oniy daughter of Frarklln. Sarah. He was educated at the United States Military Acad-' cmyafWest Point, and having graduated with the highest honors, became Lieutenant «f Topographical Engineers, in 1825. His conduct while at West Point was so exem plify* tlmt during the whole of the four years ■which he sjwnt there, he never received a single ma'k of demerit. In 182? he was elected Professor oi Mathematics in tie University of Pennsylvania, and he re mained in this positiou until he was elected President of Girard College. Soon after he made a tour through several European co’un tries to inspect the seats of learning. As Gi rard College had not yet been opened when he rnturned from Europe, he resigned the position as President of the College and was appointed as the first principal of the Phil adelphia High School. In 1813 he left this T'ositlon on being appointed Chief of the United States Coast Survey, which office he retained until his death. The reputation which Mr. Bache gained in this position ex tended far beyond oar country. The practi cal benefits accruing to navigators from bis energetic labors were duly recognized, and the valuable contributions which be made to geodetic and physical science established for him a world-wide reputation as a thorough fccholar. An Immatlns Milt Arhlns from ilie OpDimMvc Duty ou l*aper. [From the New York Gazette. February 16.] A somewhat unusual ca-e has ja«t been decided in the United States Circuit Court. The firm of Harper «fc Brothers, haring im ported a quantity of paper from England for ihelr magazine, were charged a duty of 1 Liily-fire per cent ad valorem upon it as Being sized paper, wbl.e they held that it, uas unsized, which sooulJ piy but twenty per cent, and bo they brought suit against Collector Emylhe to recover the difference.; The question was, whether the paper' Mas unsized for newspaper use, or was u belter grade known os tized. The plaintiffs contended that the paper was designed for a newspaper, that Is, for their magazine; they further showed that the Tribune and ilerdUi were printed on paper containing some siring, and they claimed that the additional sizing in the paper imported by them was not sufficient to bring it into the class of sized paper. And they sought to bring evidence that they applied to the late Naval Officer, Mr. Odell, before making the purchase, and ihat npon his assnring them that such paper would pass as unsized, tney ordered li in England. This evidence was ruled out by the Court as irrelevant, and the Court held that the question was not the relative amount of sizing In the paper for the magazine, ai d that-used on dally journals, but whether the paper in dispute was that known. In the tiade as sized paper. Upon this view the jury pave a verdict forme Govr ernment, that the doty was legally assessed; There is probably no doubt as to the cor rectness o! the verdict,-hut the case illus trates both the seventy with which the pres ent tariff bears upon publishers, and the confusion! its moss ol detail and specifica tions produce. THE FEKIAS RETOLTIS IRELAND. IhcCommanderof the InsarrecUonlats —Scene of the Ktevolt—Address to Uie Pcnlau Brotherhood of America. SKETCH OF COLONEL O'CONNOR. Colonel John O’Connor, the present com* mander of the Fenian forces, was formerly In the United States service. O’Connor entered the Twenty-eighth Massachusetts Regiment as Orderly Sergeant, at the age of 18 years, and served with the regiment through all its ardous campaigns In the Department of the South, under General Burnside In his North Carolina campaigns, and afterward with the regiment when brigaded with the regiments of the Irish Brigade, under Gen eral Meagher. O’Connor exhibited his gal lantry in the disastrous fight of Poeotaligo, when the Twenty-eighth Massachusetts was nearly cut to pieces. In personal appear ance, O’Connor Is quite prepossessing, stand ing about fire feet eleven inches in height, of slender hut gracclhl build, light hair, and light comnlexion, with lair blue eyes. He has an excellent education, and speaks the English longue with a very musical accent. Colonel O’Connor came homo In command of the Twenty-eighth Massachu setts as ranking Captain, and since that period has been in Ireland organizing tbo people, and making himself acquainted with the topography ot the district. THE SCENE OF THE REVOLT. Mallow Junction is the point at which the treat southern and western railroad of Ire land, running to Cork, branches off to Kil larncy. It Is near the town of Mallow, which is a parliamentary borough, and a perma nent station of a large detachment of the British troops. It Is built ou the river Blackwater, which Is here spanned by an old stone bridge of fifteen arches. As a scene ol battle Mallow Is associated with glorious memories In the minds of the Irish people, lor nearto the town, on the river, was fought the great battle of Blackwater, in which the Irish defeated the English some centuries since, and from which they marched on to another victory over their enemy at Bcnburb. The town has about ten thousand inhabitants. Killarney, the town near which the first rising took place, and from which we have English accounts ol "riot and pdlage, and the mnrderofa coastguard man,” is situa ted about the centre of the county Kerry, and is a town of little importance and of no military name. Interest attaches to it only as the point of rendezvous and entertain ment or the many tourists to the famous lakes and scenery of Killarney. Kenmare, another town in the county Ker ry, and embraced by the insurrection, is about thirteen mile; southwest of KilJarnev, on the road from Cork to Cahlrclveen. It is situated at the bead of Kenmare Bay, and has a commodious pier and harbor approach able from the ocean by vessels of large bur den. Kenmare Bay is wide at Its entrance, very deep and easily navigable. Valcntia Island is well known as the Euro pean terminus of the Atlantic Cable. It is off the coast of Kerry, and separated from the main land by a strait a mile and a half in width. Tralee is the chief town of Kerry and a military station of considerable importance. It is in the northern portion of the county, and Is connected with Killarney by a branch railroad. It is approachable from the ocean by vessels of SOO tons burden, and ts tuc seat of a brisk trade in grain and flour. ADDRESS TO THE FENIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA. At a meeting of the Fenian Brotherhood, held in New York on Sunday afternoon, the lollowing appeal was issued: To Ictsuxxs and I.ovEBS op Leqeutt in Amer ica: it must be now apparent to the world that the Irish people have taken a stand for home and country. For yeais and years the men of Ireland have been watching, praying and preparing for tho inauguration ot this movement. For yeira and years the irishmen of America have been ai xlonsly looking lor some tangible evidence that their compatriots in Ireland were np iu arms against their aucitnc foe. . Our brothers in Ireland are in the field, determined to fight the bitUe lor Ireland's redemption. This fact must be now ap parent to every discriminating mind. irishmen and the advocates of freedom In America should at once come forward and aid iu the regeneration of a brave peonle. Doubters •tod Ecoflers cannot be tolerated.* Crimination and recrimination mnat be boned forever. Every Irishman and woman in America and every man uqo sympathizes with oppressed huma’iity should aid the men of Ireland iu this their long wished tor struggle for independence. As Irishmen you would be recreant to every feeling of justice, truth sod patriotism could yon fsu to succor the devoted men who have risked all for tuefr land and ours. Their glory will be shared by ns. Toe land they fight lor is oar land. Can we stand idle while they are winning for us all that mates life dear! WUI we forsake the men who have pledged themselves to redeem their native land— to save the honor of the old Irish race f . As Americans we a?k if you can forget the tra ditions nt rnnr ennnirr. In tho p.«t h,nri h„ liven more ready than yours to assist the etrog vling peoples of the world. Poland, Hungary, Italy and Greece have received yoorg nerousaid; will von not extend the name sympathy to a race allied to you by memories that cannot be for got! en? We appeal to the republicans of every clime to aid the men who are now contending tor human freedom. Believing in the sacrednesa of oar caura, we trust that all red men wilt unite in tendering to ua prompt and efficient a -tlsunce. Signed on beba.f of the Directory. John Mukeiit, President. < Jons H. Gleesos, D. C. E. j. R. MEXICO. ITlnxlmillan, marshal Bazalne and the Frcuch Troops—Affairs at the Capital —Two Imperial Proclamation*. (Havana ot the Ncvr \oik woild.) The English mail steamer from Vera Cruz brines news from the City of Mexico up to tbe 26th nlf. Maximilian bad been passing some days in the city, and appears to have taken up his residence permanently there ; perhaps the open country In the vicinity of Mexico is becoming dangerous from the guerillas. The official gazette, called the Dtario dd Imperio of tbe 23d nil., contains an advertisement, or notice, that there would be a sale on the 29th, 30tb, and 31st of the same month, of horses, mules and other articles, for the service of the palace, by the Emperor's command. Is this the prepara tion for Maximilian's departure? Marshal Bazaine about a fortnight ago re viewed a portion of the French armv, amounting to 8,000 men.'and who principally belonged to Castagny’s division. They con sisted of all branches of the service: infan try, cavalry, artillery and engineers. Ac cording to the Mexican Tima, on the cenart ure of the French troops tbe Capital wfll be attacked by a force of 15,0CX) of the enemy, but it is of opinion that it would require 40,000 men and a three mouths' siege to take the place. Major Lew Wallace is said to have been, named & General of Division in Juarez’s army, and, according to tbcabove authority,' more than 200 officers of the United States Army have joined Juarez. The same paper estimates at 2120,000,000 the value of the properly confiscated by the Bepublicaus be longing to Imperialists in tbe States of Du rango, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, and San Luis. Don Juan Flores, cf Dnrango, who received from Maximilian the Cross of the Order of Guadeloupe, has had his twenty-three es tates, which are valued as worth 211,000,000, confiscated bv Juarez. Maximilian has just issned the two follow ing documents, one In the shape of a letter to his Minister of Fomenio, the other ad dressed to the army. The tormer is as fol lows ; : Mt Dear Mikistlu of Trade and Aouicultube ; The political revulsions which Mexico has suf fered and even now experiences, have induced as a consequence tbe complete ruin of innumerable foreign families, especially Iboscof French nation ality, who are in tbe position of not being able lo avail themselves of the invitation which the French legation has made to return to tneir native country with the expeditionary corps. Xwishio alleviate, as far as possible, the fate of these latter by affording to them the means o! forming a do mestic hearth amorgst us.iii giving to them lands to colonize 1 recommctd you, therefore, to pro pose to me the proper method of accomplishing this object. Receive the assurance of the good trill of yours, sincerely, Minvimv, Pa'ace of Mexico, January 20. ORDER OF THE DAT FROM THE EXPECOR TO THE AR3CT. General?. Colonel?, Officers, and -Subalterns of oar National Army: There exists among you a large number of worthy military men who were not bora in Mexi co, bat who are Mexicans by adoption and feel 'me. We ardently wish that the most perfect biothcriy feeling may preratl among those born here and those adopted, that nailed they may shore ibe fatigues of the campaign, the neril of the debt, aud the blessings of peace. We cod jute yon all to let U be so, for we should be sorry to chastise a want of harmony, not only ot deeds, bat ol words, tbalmlght hart the feelings ot those übo are now oar brothers: 1 glv; the sa-ae order to them, and hare no doubt Inat we shall bebood friends to ono another. The French army returns to Its country, but a considerable pait of the sons of noble France remain amour us. either occupying positions in the national army, alter having served in that ot’th if country, or dedicating themselves to commerce, industry, and the aits. It Is our duty to take care with scrupulous zeal that the former have souns'.to complain of ibeir comrades, m exchange tor the abnegation with which they prefer remaining in Mexico to returning to tbeir country; with re spect to tbc others we must try the same so luat their persons and interests may not have to suffer. e entreat you earnestly to comply with tals re quest. Maxouhas. The Art Gall<ry of the Future. [From tte New York Gazette. February 16.) Mr. A. T. Stewart !s not the man to make' public all his plans in relation to bis build ings, and the gifts which he intends for the city of New York ; but the public may rest assured that he has in store for them that *hlch will astonish even the most large hearted of New Yorkers. He has not a rela tive In the world, and consequently no heirs, upon which tq bestow his vast property; the' clecant mansion which ue is now avenue, is ultimately in c purposes. When dls wife IS 4 .?™™!:.??” OIU! '" l,h 11 «■»« Will bo no encceeeorp to occupy tbo bomse : and it bes been conßtmctcd with this fact in view. ' The internal arrjD S emcnt of the IraildioK is not would bo if always intended for the residence of a aenllcman’s familr • it has been built with the inlcntioi™ rn’ltl motely convcrlioir it into a Rreat art cali-ry for the city of New York, and the rooms will he filled with the best works of art which it Is within the compass of Mr. Stewart’s house to purchase. For a number ol years a French artist has been engaged upon a large work. In three different scenes, illustrating the parable of the Prodigal Son. The c»n vas will he some fifty feet long by eighteen: high. It is painted expressly for Mr. Stew-I art, and will find a place in tho large art 1 gallery attached to his house. It is vrcU known among; architects that so' perfectly an indestrnctable building was! never before erected. It is composed ofj white Westchester granite, which rests upom a solid foundation of tailed stone, running* thirty fi-ct below the surface, where it strikes a solid rock ! This granite does not disinte grate like marble under the Influence of thi weather; and as the rest of the boa-re I) made of iron and brick, it may be said to bj almost as lasting as time Itself. SUPREME COURT OF ILLINOIS. Decisions. CIIABLBS B. IKOEDBOL Vfl. DANIIL V. BABBISTCZt. [April Term. ISC'.] 1. Aoekt— hxtpowtrs. Where aaasent Owes the dthior of hta pm clpal. an amusement - that the scent will pay the principal, aua bu - debtor shall be released, ooea not cancel the original debt to the prlrcJpal. or bind him to the a?ree> meet. Ibe principal, not having assented at the lime or afterwaid, could, in no event, be bound; Thepooerofiteßeenttorelease the debtors of bis principal, and to assume them Himself, is not ol the ordinary power? of an agent- „To render each an arrangement binding, special aalhority should be shown. 2. Accoltjt Books -when admiieible in evi dence. An account book cannot he admitted la tvldctce until it is shown that It is a book of original entries that the person Kent no clerks that a part of tbo items bad been delivered, and rbat other persons bad settled br the book, and lonnd it correct Bat if this was proved, still it mast not be evidence if the Hem was charged to a different person than the onesoaetat to be charged. WUHA3C BAILED V 8 WTLtJAH B. WXRT. [Apill term, leCb.J 1, Tecst Estajse— not subject to decrees. When one pertonhonors money from another to par the pnrehasemoney on land, aid it is conveyed to the lender as security for the money loaned, a trust cs’st* is thereby created, whicn will be de feated by the repayment of tbo money to the ten der as to bis legal representatives. And dower does not attach to the estate while In the bands of tbelender. And her quit-claim deed to the owner of tihe lee-in-eqaty a-adc after her husband’s death, and before her second marriage, would di rest her of her right to claim dower. 2. Same —defacing the trust. Until the trust in sneb a care is established, the widow would be en titled to dower In tbo land, and ber husband weald be entitled to the louts and profits during their joint lives. 3. Deed —of a fture Court—its effects. A deed made by a fenre Court, without her husband join ing in its execution. Is void, and would not traus ler ber right of dower to the owner of the tec, or any one else. But a deed made by her after the death of ber former husband, and whilst she wjs tare, to the owner of the fee, would estop her from claiming dower In the premises. . 4. Parties to a bill— who ere necessary. In sued a case. If the widow is married a second time, and a bill is filed to bare the same conveyed to the equitable owner, her bnsband has such an In terest as entitled him (o be heard,and belsane ccseaiy patty io the bill. SILVESTER LNPIZ ET AL. VB. THE PEOPLE. I A-it-fl *i arm 19TJ1 l (April 'term, 1960.] 1 Practice— oyec'ions must be pointed out when evidence Is omrm*d. A recognizance copied iu<o ibe rccoid will be beid to bare ocen properly admitted in evidence, although no file mark ap p> ats in the transcript, unless tbat objection bas been pointed out. so as to have afforded an oppor tunity to remain the objection. S. Recognizance —binding although principal not Indicted. When a party gives a recognizance to appear at the next tetm of the court to answer a specific charge and not to depa* t the court with out leave, it be make default to remain to recover ol the recognizance. It is not necessary to aver lha on Indictment was found. 3. Nans of I'niKCrpAL —averment and proof. When the principal in a recognizance is described m the onflyol the instrument as ‘‘John,” and It iseignidby tee name of "Sylvester" 1 It maybe avered and moved tbat the latter executed it by the name of John in the body of the recogni zance. 4. Practice —assignment of error. Where a pottlonol the defendants In the Court below ap peal to this Court, the Court cannot assign an error which affects a defendant alone, who has not appealed, uuicas it may work an Injury to those appealing. 5 Recognizance— binding although it describes aurong vfftne'. When a party la in custody and executes a recognizance, and procures bts release at d incurts a foileitnre. It cannot be shown to at feat a recovery. ihat a different offence ts de scribed In the recognizance from thal lor which be was committed. A. XffclC TS. TOE PEOPLE. [April Term. ISCo.J Ghand Juht— challenge of iiemembera when.— 1. A grand jury may be challenged by any person being criminally prosecuted in the court, on ac coodv or ircompetency, at any time before in dictment found. 2. Saxe —But U is doubtful whether the ex pression of the opinion that the prisoner is guilty bj a stand juror, before hearing the evidence, is grounds of challenger but, if it is, the exception must be taken before the juror Is sworn upon the panncl. 8. ouauenoe.—lt Is not grounds of challenge ofapclitjnror that he belongs to an association for the detection and prosecution of horse thieves, and says no is prejudiced against all per sons wro arc guilty ot stealing horses, but not more than against persons committing other crimes, Had he stated that he believed the ac cost d to be guilty, the exception would have beet- well taken. i. CoHSTBDcno.v op Law.—The act of 1305, amending the criminal code of iS43, increasing the punishment for horse stealing by confinement in the Penitentiary to sot less than three nor more than twenty years, instead oi not less than one oar more than ten years, as U was under the law of l&is, did not repeal the former law as to offences already committed. A*id neld that a person gulity of stealing a horse lielore the pas sage ol the amendatory act, and sentenced to one year’s confinement in the Penitentiary, was prop eily convicted. A. SUCUESCtSES VB. CUAIUXS niCEET. [April term, 18CH j 1. Bui in Eqcrnr— to impeach a decree for er ror. by ami tor. A minor may maintain a bill in cbaccery to Impeach a decree for error. 2. Saxe —day in court. A minor his his day In court v Lctberlt la saved by the decree or not, un til be La cf ape, to file his bill to Impeach a decree for error: .parent fiom the record. 3. Stott.-evidence necestary to tuttaln a d'Cr/e rejonmng a deed. On a bill to reform a deed, and' correct an alleged mistake, the evidence should be clear and convinciutr. or the decree will be erro neous. It ts not snffle-ent that a witness state as bis impression that there was a mistake in draft ing the deco. JAXEB COLEUBK TS, JAUALOK (April leim. liWJ,] Mechanic's Ijen— contract for delivery of ma terial*. A contract to deliver a quantity or brick,* at a specified price within a reasonable time, is too Indefinite to create a mechanic's lien nn-irr tho act of 1554. fo have that effect a time should be specified for ibe delivery. Had the contract been madeenn executed since the adoption of the act of 16CL a different question would Lave been presented lor c< tnderation. S. D. ELLIOTT VS. JADALON TTLEB. | April term, ISG6.J MecwAitie’o ura —eeinule to money Info Which t/ieproperty ie converted. Where s mechanic’s lien exists on a bouse and lot, and the debtor sells the house to another ana be to a thud per se n. and the first purchaser bad notice of the lien, held that the lien attached to the money In h's bands, and that it became a trust fund which equity nonld pursue for the satisfaction ol the lien. LAW INTELLIGENCE. A Larprn Number of Cases Dismissed —Judgments—Grand Jury Or dered in tbo Circuit Court— Diyorces—Criminal Business • New Suits. Business In the State Contis 1« becoming quite bnsk. A majority of the Judges are aciivelyen gaged in pressing forward the litigated cases, and client e are'preaalngjthose of the attorneys to whom briefs ere given with new causes. CIECLTT COUHT. In this Court quite a Bomber or final orders were made. They were as follows: Jacob and Simon Roscnfels vs.' Aaron Meyer. Appeal cisniisscd. 11l r.olp Mutual Fire Insurance Company ts. George J. Yeager, Assumpsit. To recover, $149 93, balance doe for Insurance premiums.! Default. . ; Martin Rycraon vs. Ira F. Benson. Assumpsit torecover a balance of account ofsTs. Default. Darnel McDougall aud a Is. ct. Thomas D. Thornton. Assumpsit to recoyer f1.i39.fi1. Default. Martin Ryerson vs. Stillman and Jason D. Cur tiss. Assumpsit on an account for lumber, $ 128. Defanlt of both defendants. Alexander B. McDonald vs. Robert Botcher. Appeal. Dismissed. Albert fikleba vs. Martin Horn. Appeal. Dis missed. Wolcott & Dore ts. John R. Oothwalte. At tachment. Dlsml-scd. lavi Shores and ale. vs. B. D. Bodwell. Assnmp-. sit. Detank tme>cdand damages assessed at $153.81 and judgment, MaiyHearars. dames L. Smith. Appeal dis missed. Eliphalet W. Blatchford and al. ts. D. A. Fred erick. Assumpsit. Detank catered. Christopher Streeter v«. Henry Kiropmatm. At tachment. Conditional judgment against God frey Snydacker and Mosce Snyilackcr. John K. Row.ey vs. Samuel H Harris. As sumpsit. Detank: judgment for $153.50. Edward M. Phillips vs. Daniel Conway. Appeal: dismissed. Thomas Scully vs. Bernard O’Neil. Appeal: dismissed. James Patterson vs. Wheeler & Rice. Default of both defendants. Frank Uopkins vs. Richard Cornell. Replevin for a canal boat,;ihe “Brillianton trial. D. R. Brant & Co. ve, James Hogan. Assamp-' sit; dismissed. 1-er! Shores et al. vs. Abraham and Amos Davis. Assumpsit. Defamt; judgment for $237 22. iheodorc noz'man vs. Edward Bulger and Peter Walsh. Appeal; dismissed. Samuel b, Hastings vs. City of Chicago. Case; default set aside and leave to amend declaration. Charles 8. and Jane Ann Ucnlr vs. Peter But ton. Case. This la an action brought during last summer to recover of the defendant damages. The defendant was loreman of a Grand Jury which foonu a trn- blllapamst the plaintiffs, which be sUncd officially. Tbe claim whs based upon subsequent nos-acilou on tbe indictment. Ver dict, tbe defendant not guilty. Eunice B. vs. James D. Bruner. Divorce. Or der for temporary alimony made, (beo report elsewhere.) James H. Bowen etal. vs. Carl A. Rausch. BUI to set aside a default «nd jud-raient at law. Leave was given to amend tbe bill, the demurrer thereto being sustained. Marcus Simpson vs. Delos B. Carroll. Bill to dissolve a partnership and for an accounting. Cross bill taken pro confnso. The new sui's In this Court were of City o( Chicago vs. Lucius J. Cobb. Appeal by defend-: ait bom a Police* Court fine ot two dollars and. costs, fur violation of the city ordinance prohibit ing the throwing of oflenelve matter in the streets, etc. M. Rice vs. John Savage, impleaded. Appeal by defendant from a judgment by Malcolm,Justice.- James O’Neil vs. Michael Evens. Case; dam ages laid at f 3,0t0. Fracip*. filed. George Mclster vs. Leonard Singer. Appeal. Axul Johnson ve. Jobotiobnsou. Appeal. A. E. Guild, Jr., ve.Charles F. Re»wlckandals. : Bill for Injunction, growing out of partnership difilcnitles. Ibe court ordered a venire to issue fora grand jury, returnable Tucedaiincxr, at 10 o’clock a. m. 1 he business in the suFEUion count was confined to one branch of the court, except* j IngthatCnlef Justice Wilson continued the hear-' : ice of the city assessment cases. ibe following orders wet c made in the common law branch Bon. J. E. Gary; William C. Gondy vs. William and Anthony M., Cannon. Assumpsit, with damages laid at $300,, allee* d to ne due for legal services. Wuilonl!M. Fuller and David .M. Ford vs. Jacob Barr and Edward Evers. Assumpsit dismissed. • VMilism 11. Wallace vs. E. D. .Raymond. As sumpsit, on a bill tor shoulders andhams valued at $2,100.10. Tuidtct given for plaintiff January 2t, and damage? lor $Ol2 S 3. New trial disallowed' at e appeal. William B. R. Stevens vs. William J. Bin. Ap-' ptal. On trial. Ihc new snlts in this Court were as follows: f.. William IL Scovllle vs. SsmnelS. Case. Con-' icssion ol Judgment for $3,073.35. James wcComuct vs. the same. Confession of Judgment for $8,270. Albert W. Edwards rs. Heroin Roshrook and Cyms Keeler. Debl $220. Damages SSOO. The following were the actions of assumpsit: Webster, Harsh & Co. vs. Irvine Brothars. Damages s3(’o. Robert bchmidtvs. Frank Bln*. Damages st,l«o. tngene Pettier and als. vs. William Haywood. Damages $3lO. t Cornelius Cornwell ard als. vs. Amory and Gllt>ertF. Bigelow and David Barr. Damages $3,500. rhe same vs. Daniel Jf. Parker. Damages SSOO. Jdartka Wilson tb. Patrick Gaffney; damages SI,OOO. 1). R, Brant & Co. vb. A. L. Chose, of Sane Const;; damagess2oo. Loots 1 jc; ei al. vs. Thomas BUghc; damages sl.lCO._ Umrlo P. Hilliard vaßeuben Taylor; damages f2.UK*. Nathan Eirerdralhvs. Mary A- W. fcnnollcy; damages 52,100. i , Eaw *L d J* James for the use nf Charles D. Ham* * *• «. WmUni M.Derby; damages 11,200. Jioofo * Cftßey va. amae l damages William A Drown & Co. vs. John Sterenson; damapeeJXO. * aee»»So ODBt&nt&Co ' TB ' <^or,rcDrake ‘ Djun * A till for divorce was filed by Rooert Brown against Mary Brown. The complainant in his hill alleges that he has been a resident m this city untlng sboat ,*en yean. He sutet that he marrl.d a worian on the acih of Ja ntry, 1833. (brrei meo'ittj; beiaclriohr t Mh<« Mirr bai.c, but übote ml name wn vatvCarroli With ac he lived perhaps eight or tsn day* when rhe de serted him, polsg, as he Canada. He asks a divorce on the ground of causeless deser tion. . couan COURT. The will of Robert iTiocias was admitted to ptobale, andtbe executor, Tbomas Sborgold, de clining to serve, letters testamentary were isiuod lo Uizabeth Jose ’ihonJas and Alrln £<all*bar/. under a bund ot 4Cn.< OJ. Jacob Schmidt was appointed guardian of the estate of .Elizabeth Britton, under a bond ol *B.OOO. The will of Solomon M. Wilson was proved.and letters teetamepTart L-enea to Parmeha Wilson. The criminal business of the kecohdeu’s court was as follows: Bdwaid Srockton and John White, indicted for robt-err. Disagreement and d’seharge ol lary as to White. Edward btockton found guilty and bis impnsonmenl fixed as seven and a half yea's in the Penitentiary. ■ The grade often' offieuce was changed by the verjicj to "assault with In tent to commit robbery. Valentine Beritn. Assault with Intent to com zoitmntder. Plea of guilty of assault to do bod ily Injury. \ Emma Brandon. Keeping a lewd house. Plea of guilty. Larcenies.—Antrin* Olson, a young woman who resides at No. G 1 Indiana street, was com mitted for trial from the Police Court yesterday morning in bail of *3OO lor stealing a gold nog ficm Charles Olson. Miss Olson, it la under stood, bos a weakness lor properly which does not belong to her. George Johnson, an occasional visitor at (he store ol Jackson & Co., at Nos. 52 and Si Wabash avenue, ostensibly or tno purpo-e of making purchases, bas latterly been suspected of petty larcenies. On Tuesday bo was observed to ap propriate two dozen spools of thread, and was soon alter arrrsted. At tbo Police Court yester day morning he was committed for trial In bail of *2OO. Be told the Court tbat be was subject to fits, and would like lobe let off. lie was told that the Recorder's Court would probaolycure bu> fits for the present. Timothy Haley. John Ryder, James McConlcy and Timothy Ryan, all Bridgeport lads la a very unwashed and unshorn condition, were arraigned before Justice Mililken yesterday morning charg ed with stealing about 800 pounds of tallow from the establishment of Sboles & Stanley. Haley was discharged, his complicity seeming to rest npon (he fact that be knows what the others bad dune and bad the sagacity to " 'peach” on them or “give them away." The young thieves, by considerable crawling through several windows and rooms, had successfully covered their route of approach to the tallow house, and bad removed Iho article by the pailful, selling It (or about half Its value to one Richard Brown who runs a soap factory in the vicinity. Ono of the boys said that Mr. Brown told them to get all they cotud and not let any one sec them. This Brlugeport “Faetu, ’’woo 11 ice sccnsntlon be true, is developing the crimi nal instincts of tbo "Artfal Dodgers'’ of that lo cality will be promptly attended to. Ryder and McConlcy were sent for examination before tbo Commissioner of the Reform School. Timothy Ryan the laccst, and it Is believed the worst, youth of the nnmner was hold until Friday morn ing for further examination In bail of JBK) He is tbo same boy who was arrested some time since apoii ibe charge of stabbing a gentleman’s horse. "Under the Snow.”—During the blinding enow storm on Tuesday night, officer Prince. in an official manner, made the acquaintance of Sarah Simmons, near the corner ol Lake and Dearborn streets. Aside from the bewildering effects of the snow, which was being scattered over her by the handful, Sarah was intoxicated; acd when she saw a police officer she at once resigned all seif control and held him respousib e for her safe keep ing. Reposing absolutccoufldcnce tn tbc "stars,” through whose magic influences her destiny had been cast on many previous occasions, Sarah tell away into a deep snow-drllL The officer urged her By epithets, not always tender and endearing, to come with him, and even by main strengto made a strong pull to get ber off from the snowy couch, but all in vain. Finally, after obtaining tbc assistance oi two or three sti ong men, he un conscious £aiab was extricated, caused to stand up, and requested by all means to "make an et lort,” In the course of an hour she was safely housed at the Armory, sod yesterday morning at the Police Court was lined *5. A Skeleton in the Closet.— Daniel Hanly conceives himself to be deeply afflicted la conse quence ot having a mother-in-law, particularly as Mrs. Hamy has some lingering affection for her. Mr. Hanly is understood to have said tbat bis first wife had no mo'her. and he saw no reasonable necessity for such an appendage In tbo (brolly of the second wife. On Monday night Mrs. tlanly invited htr mother to stay at tho bouse of Mr. Hanly, which is on Drown street, and Mr. Hanly was tumly and inflexibly opposed to it. She in sisted, and the result was tbat Mr. Hanly sought revenge. Uls wile had nearly finished the Mon day's washing. Tbc clothes were clean, hot there were patches of dirty water on the floor and m oc casional kettles and tubs, which had been left (or a final cleaning. Seizing the clean clo’hoj, Daniel began to mop np.all the watery ilul'ls ho could find npon the premises, and the exercise was* so exhilarating to blmselt and exasperating to his wife tbat Lc threatened a creai deal of future vio lence that tne present occasion might be more 1m- S restive. Mrs.Hanly indue time saw a Police uttlcc and procured the arrest of her husband. Before Justice MUlike»*, yesterday morning, bo was fined flu and required to give ball of *203 to keep tee peace. Hospital ron Woxzs and Coildbek.— A special meeting of the Board of Managers of the Hospital for Women and Children was held yes terday afternoon, m the Young Men's Christian Association, corner of Clark and Washington streets. Rev. W. H. Ryder, D. D., was chosen Chamnan, and Miss M. A. Thompson, M.D , Sec retary. The lady managers considered for some time the propriety ot making endeavors to purchase suitable ground* and bouse for th; hospital. On motion. Rev. Robert Collycr was appointed to prepare an article for publication, eettiug forth the condition and worth of the institution. On motion. Rev. Robert Collycr, D. D., an I Rev, W. U. Ryder, 1). D., were chosen a commit tee to wail on Wendell Pbtlll s during his nsit to Chicago, and Invite him to deliver an address tor the Hospital. Mr. Dewey and Mrs, Duos were appointed, by the Chair, a committee to make a selection of grounds and building lor a hospital. After which Ibe Board adjourned. The Cano of Poverty• The following letter, banded in for publication, ia a bitter commentary on the character of our modern civilization, and yet It ia bat a single sigh in that great wall of Borrow, the poignancy of whoso cause can never be appreciated by (hose who are nnexposed to the Blasting wind which shivers the shorn lambs of society. The number of thcEC lorlorn ores Is great. Can wo wonder if human fortitude sometimes yields nnd-r the storm, and in the desperation of circumstances makes “ehJpwreck of faith nnd of a good con* science I” To the Editors of the Chicago Tribune: I'm tired almost to death, and my courage Is as near exham-tcJ as my body. To-day 1 htve called npon every place where I thought there was any possible chance of securing employment, but alike in every place received a negative answer. Now what la to be done? To-night is due my board bill for 000 month, beside there are my jew els in pawn which I shall 10-c If not redeemed in one week more and I have not a dollar. TFAa'.ls to be done f Do yon ask bow 1 became so Indebt ed? In answer allow me to give you a bit of my bUtory. At u very tender age In life I was thrown npon ihe “cold charities’ 1 of the world. Jly great thirst for knowledge led me to make its acquirement the object of my life. By much per ami many hard strokes 1 Acted myself to teach a common school in a very short time; then by teaching and attending school alternately Icotalonp very well nmil about three years when 1 came to Chicago, with the hope of enjoy leg teller advantages for still advancing my edu cation, when my health began to tali me, «nd I have only been able, for the must of the time, to keep my head above water. About two months ago I was attacked with a fever which rendered me unable to do anything for about a month, and since 1 have been unable to secure any situation which 1 could A'l. Parting with the few valuables which 1 possessed has kept me m a respectable boarding bouse, and seemed me a physloan. while sick. AH things have an end, and so w<ll my credit soon. 1 call upon the employing class of this community to give me something to do. that I may at least pay my boa»d. 1 must live; help me to live an hon orable life. Elen there arc in this city out of whose surplus I might more than be enabled to accomplish my highe t aims in education and ac complishments. Women, one of whose super abundance of clothing I might be made mire than comfortable. Bntlamnot asking alms. I only ask enongh to live. I am willing to do anything honorable. Am competent to do almost anything except menial labor, only give it me to do. I have advertised and answered advertisements, and in every ca«c have tonnd those replying and those answered to be men who wanted some one to All a place which wonld ter mli-ato anything but honorably. X am not sur prised at the number of prostitutes in our city, when I see the many inducements thus held out to girls almost despairing ol anything honorable loao. By far the greater portion of this class of females have become such through this channel. ■ O. U. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETARY. Wednesday Eveninq, February 20. There Is no change in the tone or condition of the Money market. Business in flnnnp>ni £Qd mercantile circles conlicucs very dull. At the opening there was an easier feeling in the market tor Eastern Exchange, and sales be tween banks were made at parQSS cents premium. Toward the close there were no sellers below the extreme figure. The counter rates are unchanged —par buying and 1-10 premium selling. Flour was steady and firm. Wheat was without material change. Corn advanced !%®2c. Data were firmer but quiet. ■ Rye was a trifle better. Barley was quiet. Whiskey was neglected. Pro visions were without any essential change. Seeds were firm. Gold was higher, owing to the advance In Gov ernmente. The market opened at i36j(, advanced to 137%, and dosed at 137J4. The following quo tations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: 1362£ 12:00 m . .13011 1:30 p.m -13GJ£ 2:00 p.m .I£6J£ 3:00 p.m £ls p.m •IMS 10:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m. 11:00 a. m. 11:15 a. m. 11:80 a. m. 11:45 a.m. Here the market was dull at 13G@1363£ buying— closing at the upper figure. Oyer the counter there was scarcely anything doing, and transac tions were confined to a few parcels at New York rates. Silver was comical at baying, the upper figure lor largo. There la very little offering. Govennects were firm ana in some Instances higher figures were obtained. Sizes of 'Bl ad- vanced Five-Twenties of ’C2 were 5£ better, and on the’frTe an advance of was obtai ied. Ten-Fomes declined M. Sevea-Thirtlea were *£ lower on the August issue, but tho others were unchanged. Tbej following sho vs the dosing prices of to-day, compared with the three pre vious days: g g 2 ' f : p g b. .109* 103« i 110*$ 11*0?$ Sixes of ’Bl .-c-rwcniles, ’C* 109 s IWJ4 jliu Os' .c-Twenties, M lU7J4 107*4 108 10*»* •Forties 101 ft lOIJS lOly joift Seven-Thirties, Awr IOC IOC luo lOo'V Seien-Thirtiee, Jun0....105?j 105?* Hfi« nc4 SevcD-ThlitlCe, Ju1y....105,S 205?* 203?* 10i?£ Kew FJvc-T«eiitlea... .lUCJj lU5?,' IC5?* 100*4 Here the demand was active, and the maiket rules firm. We quote: govxuxkest fcECDnmrs—- CHICAGO HABKET. Boyinir. Selling. ..non nc« ..111=4 112 4 103J4 Sixes, of.lßßl 5-21's, 18C2. , 5-20 a, 15M :ios* m- 5-2 Us, JBCS.. 5-20 p. email. U. S.llWOs, larc«. U. S. l(WOe. small . .103}$ U. 5.7-COs, Jat scries lU5?i lOG. U. S. 7-SO*, So series... 105?6 105*£ U. b. 7-30 e, Sd series 105?$ 1051 L U. S. 7-30 e, small. 1 105H®105« compounds, June, ISM 117 July, l»l 11CK »* . Anir.,irii4 na « Oct., 184 115 “ Dec, 18M “ Way, 1305 112 K Auir.,lßGs 11l 8ep».,18C3 110!i , *» Oct.. 1365 110 He Second National Bank. quotes tka buying rates for Governmenta aa follows: C«»np.. ’Bl..llOH® .... 7*30.(small)lO'«@10»H 5-B» conp: Jure comp., 1654..H7 (1arge)....1102»0 ... July “ •* ..ÜBg B-SU coop, Ang. “ “..118 (small). .ICV2£@ ... Ocu “ “ ..115 11-40 coup., Dec. “ “..114 (large)....lo:aj© .... May “ 188..113J4 10-40 coop.. Ang. “ “ (bmsll)...lC3is© .... H epu “ “ ..110* New cen... 0 .. . Ocu “ “ ..110 . ?-So,(lanre).lCß?«3los* ' Local Securities were dull at previous quota tions: . i Baying. Selling. ....99 109 ... 9-H4 OTJS ....95- Chicago fftTTfl Cook i'otmiy 7s Chamber of Commerce. —Xlio'Cincinnati CazetU remarks: . “Bankers continue indUpuacd to enlarge the dhcoont bneines-, and (be racket remiina very clove at 9@n per cent lu the regular way. There 1* rather more capital offerin' outaido for invent* mist )□ good names, and this d a'a some* what from the oSeilnaa at hank. The latter, how ever, aa icmarked, are lu excels of the demand. Congress la del.yine Uh action on the cnrrency uni-Ellon, mnehtotbe Injury of tbo holiness of the country,” —The Boston Adrerllter says: “Monetary atJalrs aa yet show no symptoms of change, the market twlng Arm, with no abatement In the rates of Interest: although those having the beet eecnrltles to offer as collateral, or the most desirable paper to negotiate, find money available with little difficulty, yet many needy borrowers fall to find oerommooation, the dally applica lons at the banks being considerably in excess of their ability or wll'lngness to meet. Loans returnable sincuy on call are made to re* sponsibleborronersat b per c*-nt, and the ban*s ate discounting moderately to their customers at cent.' In the outside market, nowover, prime commerct il paper is aoundant and is t■ ecly ofiertdat7@flpcrce»t, and even higher 'Single names arc in little request, many of the hanks re* fusing them altogether, bnt are occasionally nego* tinted atfrom 9@lspcr cent. 1 * —Tbo following shows the condition of the New York City Banks this week and last: Feb. 9. Feb. 10. .$250,208,823 $233,131,323 Loons. 10,157,257 Bdccte. Circulation 31,777.000 82,930.300 Deposit* 193,211,635 196,072,292 Legal Tenders 67,623,992 61,612,910 The devlatloca from the returns of the previous week are as follows: Loans Inc. $2,862,563 Specie Dec. 1,361,631 Clfcnlaiton Inc. 179,309 Deposits Dec. 2,169,513 Ltgal Tenders Dec. 3,936,052 —The rate of Interest In Europe is much the same as last noted. The tollotviug are the latest quota lons in the leading elites: London, BU—3: Parle, B— 2v j Vienna,. 4—4: Berlin, 4—3*5; Frankfort, BW—3U; Amsterdam, 4—l; Turin, 6—P; Brussels, 3— 2Jf ; Madrid, 6—o: Hamburg, 0-2 U; St. Petersburg, 7-9. the lollowing is the return of the Bank of England for the week ending January SO, 1867: ISSUE DEFABTOENT. Notes 155ued....155,917,120 Qovorrm’t Debt fILOIS.ICU Other Securities 3,931,900 Ooid Coin and Bullion 17,917,120 132,917,120 Proprletore’Cop uai mjssafiot Best 3530.533 labile DepOHta. 6,lCi.Wj Oibci Deposits. 18.W3.429 Beven pay and olber 8i115.... 196.335 Government Se curities {13,111,06* OtherScc unties 19.190,'53 Notes.. 10,109,835 Gold aud Silver Com 973,302 . M3.SSI.SSS 113,394533 The return, compared with that for tbo previous wei k, shows tbo following charges: Circulation Usntf.£'!2,9l7.lio Increase.. £35,245 Circulation active 22,807,283 Decrease.. 111,650 Public deposits... 0,101,512 Increase.. 662.861 Other deposits... 18,643,423 Decrease.. 001,417 (jovernnient seen* ntics in harking department ...‘. 13,111,063 No change. Other securities In banking depart* mtnt............ 19,100,383 Decrease.. 221,390 Coin and bullion In both deport ments..... 18,690,432 Decrease.. 1,130 Sevet. day aid other bills 490.2&5 Increase.. 6.467 The Rest 8.530.253 Increase .'. 15,231 Notes In reserve.. 10,109,835 Increase.. 110,935 Total reserve (notes end cum) In bank me de- partment 11,033,137 Increase.. 110.551 —The return of (be Bank of France for tbc w«*ek endlup <Tanaarj 81, tbown the folloniuc chinpoa: Gom and Bullion Inc. £300,000 Bills Dleconntcd Inc. 1,667,000 Government Deposits Dec. 60,000 Notes in Circulation Inc. 1,014,0J0 Private Deposit,.. Inc. 133,000 Advances Dec. 4,0j0 —rhe New York Ectnlng Posts&ys ; The mercantile business of tills with a large part of Its general trade, not brut a* any time within a month or two. has been considera bly interrupted during the past week. The usual time for -he opening of too spring wholesale bnettiess has fully come: but merchants are cot very active. A tew buyers from the interior are hoe. Many of them who were supplied with, gooes lost lad oa credit, bare not yet cancelled all ihtlr obligators, ami besides asking extensions of time on their old notes, desire further credits (or periods varying from three to sis months, ljutycar there were comparatively largo sales to these men, ><nt a fall in the prices or some clashes ot merchandise maje their traic generally un profitable. this explains their situation at the pro; eat time But the dullness of business In Its relation to (be cunmry trade is by no means the great feature of mercantile and comun rcial affairs about wnich our business men feel solicitude. The questions. depending upon the action ot Congress affect all branches of trade, and some sort of settlement Is earnestly desired. Our great mercantile bouses are reducing their stocks as much as possible, and many goods have been sold at prices considerably Ices than the cost'ol manu’acturc or importation. "With In the past two or mice days, however, there has been a firmer feeling, and prices are not only maintained but show algos of advancing. Whether or not the change will be permanent no one cau tell. The stoppage of woollen mills and other man-' ntactoncs is cot regarded by our merchants as In any tine sense an indication of dieast *r, butrathcr. u a remit of stimulated production above the legittnia'e requirements of trade. Some of the coeds, manufactured in too great quantity, were boniedlrfind carelessly produced, and are nn salted to the market. Tte fact u bleb most accurately shows the prev alent feeling ot onr beat informed merchants Is this: They are making preparation to do a far smaller business Ibis year than last. The extent ol the diminution is estimated at one-third. So, large a proportion of ibe business men of the whole roimtiy eute>ta!n similar news, and are consequently curtailing their operations, that the danger of s disastrous financial panic is thought tobeinatcilallj lessening. New York Slock Marker* Cosing prices lor cub. February 30,1397, received by JJscph SI. Lyons ft Co., Brokers: „ _ . HIM. Sd Bd IstDdSdßd N.T. Cental....lolV 10iV U. S. 6 « cent Erie (com). 86V »v Mods. 1831 llo,’£ IHJv M.B. (com) “»V 72V D.S.Bf ct 8-20 ’ C. ft Puts 79v 79v coup., 186)....U1V 111 - Rock 151 and..... 96if Wk C. 5.6 ct 8-20 * r.&.tf.W. .. ssv SSV conp. 15M....108V 10BV Do.prifemd.... MV 61V CT. 8. 6 V ct 9-3) P. ti. W ftC.... »V 95V coup- 1565....109 103 V OWckMiTcr J«v 3H D. 8. 3 V cent * W.U.Tc1........ 42V 42V KMO UIV 101 V C. ft. A.(c0m)..11« 114 Ircu. 7 3-10, lit * * U. ft Qnli cy t»V •••- aeriM 10JV 103 V Midi. Central...lo7 107 U. S. 7 8-19, 2d RodMD Hirer...s3 v tsi series ICSV 105 V Hi.Ceitr.l 115 V USV U. 8. 7 310 3d * ’ Phil, ft Keaclng.lOlV JOIV series K9VIO3V Cft Toledo inv 118 Am. Gold 13CV 137V‘ Tol.ft WabanD.. 39V 38V A * Market—lst Hoard steady ;2d Board steady. COMMEECIAL. Wednesday Eveniko, February 20. The following tables show the receipts and ship* meets ol Produce during the past twenty-four Lours: RECEIPTS PAST TWEKTT-POUB BOCKS. Flour brls 5,501 0,510 Wheat, bn 11,113 11,9t5 Corn, ou 11,036 7.530 i Dale, bu 6,020 6,721 Rye. bn 373 750 jsaney, bn 1.500 422 Grass Seed, lbs 53,610 103,150, Broom Corn, as 8.151. Cured ileal, as 35,000 132.160 Pork, fails 1,150 227 3atd, as 77.f00 133.370 Tallow, tbs 17,730 7,395 : Butler, as 9 520 21,322 Drcesed Does, No 606 1,268 1 JJvo Hoes, No 2,013 4,179 Cattle, No 1,«54 1,006: Hides, as 43,709 48,690' Hlgbwlncs, brls 239 807 : Wool, as 12,000 139,000' Lumber, m : 420 490 emraiEKTs past tweett-poub docks. I _ , 1807. 1860.'! Flour, brls 8.613 8,152' When*, bu 2,005 .... : Dale, bu 1271 * live, bn..... 875 1,119- Barley, bo CIO 1 Broom Com, as .... 2,503. 1 Cnrtd Meat, tts 83,100 178,160. Beef, brls 63-1 S2S -, Pork, brls 181 1.061 I £ajOi D>b. 23,188 115,812 ' Tallow, as -40,580 8,360 7,200 12,287 . Dressed Hogs. No 268 853 I Live Hogs, Wo 1,170 Cattle, No 114 cci Hides, as 44,980 27,931. lllghwmcs,brls 95 lUB Wool,* as 81,702 Lumber, m 873 188 Shingbs, m 535 170 Lalh, m 80 . SI Sail, brls CM jjO The monotonous dullness which has prevailed In the ProvlMon market for the pasitwoonbreo, weeks continues unbroken. Trade is dull and' transactions are confined to the filling of orders, for immediate cot sumption. Mess Pork was! again very dull and sales were restricted Co 240 brls at $18.25 for Country and SIB.OO forM. O. For Prime Hess there was a more active demand, and we noic sales of 1,000 brls, part at $17.25 and the remamdtr on terms not made public,' though understood to be the same figure. A small lot of Country sold at SIO.G2H. Sweet Pickled Hams were steady audio moderate re quest, with soles of £SO tea at 10fc@llc-botb. from Dressed Hogs. Bulk Meats were In fair con sumptive demand, with sales of 130,000 lbs at 9tfc’ for Short Rib; 9c for Hough Sides, audT&cfor Dry Salted Shoulders—all loose. Green Hams sold #t ICJic from Slaughtered Hogs. Lard was held firmer, but buyers were slow to follow, and transactions were restricted to 300 tea at 12c for Countrj Kculed. and lls£c for City Steam. White Grease sold at lOHc. Dressed Hogs were dull and easier with sales at 17.30(5,7.60—C105ing at about $7.50@7.50 for aver-’ ape lo's. Whiskey was dnll,ueglected and entirely nomi nal at 25cfor bonded and *2,20 for taxpald. There are no orders on the market, and holders show no desire to force sales. Ihc Floor market was firmer. For Win ter grades there was more remand, but Spring Extras were slow. The inquiry for Spring Sopors was mod*' eiafe. We note rales of 2,100 hrls at 8U.00@15.00 for WhlUJWintcrs; *12.50 lor Red Winters; 88.75@! 812.00 lor Spring Extras ; 1C.00G8.37f4 for Spring Supers; 10.40 for Rye, and,80.50@0.75 for Buck wheat.’ The Wheatmarketwasqnietand without any essential charge. Sales were made at $2.20 for No. 1, 81.65G1 88 for No 2—the upper figure for fresh, and sl-66Gt.70 for Rejected—closing firm at! 81>4 for No. 2. Com * as IH'S-ic hotter on ail grades, with|sales cf 9 ,oCobnalß2@S3cior No.l and 57@5Sc for Rejected—dosing firm nt 83GS3J4c tor No 1 In. store. For toinre we hear of sales at 75c for No. ’ • 3 afloat, seller Apnl. Oats were quit! hat. firmer, with sales at 89J4® 4Cc lor No. for Rejected, cash,, and S9J£C for No. 2, buyer the month.) . Rye was a shade firmer, with sales of No. 1 at 91094-Sic for treat, auQO2G93 for winter receipts. Barley vas quiet, with sales of No. 2at 60c ; Re jected at 15c, and sample lota at C3c. - Seeds were m steady demand and firm, with sales at 82.75 for Flax, and- 82,f50G3.22«4 for Tim-; mby. Clover was 25®50c better, with sales at: 89.25@9.1)U. - - *The following telegrams were read on 'Change , to-day: • ~ , , Nnr York, Felmary 50. Flour quiet and steady at fOJKK&ll.OO. Sprint; Wheat steady at *2,15@2.5G. Corn firm at f 1.03 K in store. Oat* Inactive at 55c. Pork steady at 120.85. LaH flro.or at Dogs dull at. tfl.Co@fl.67H. Whiskey quiet at 33c. Gold ISO*. Floor firmer. Wheat stronger at |3.18®2.23. Com unsettled af fl 07@1 C 8 Ip store.- - Outs firm. Provisions a shade firmrr. OoM IST^. LtTEB, Jo the afternoon lhe*o was no movement Jo the Gram markets, and prices were nominally un changed. Provlrlcns were dm), with sales 0f.200 tea Steam lard at I2c,buyer March. Ihe Cattle market was active and firm at previ ous rates. Tbe receipts were I.9CS tead, and the total sales reach about 1,000 bead. Tnese were ,-nkeh chiefly by ebipsers and city batchers at fI.OO©7.SS for common to choice grades. Toe market at the close was a hula weaker. Lire Bogs were quiet,.though nrices.were tolerably wrli eostaii ed, ’be bulb Of tbe- offerings being ta tun ibo closing fates of last week. Sales weie made at a range-of 18 1007.15 forcom montoextra.Hogs. Tbe market closes wtab. New York Breadstuff* Market. (From theTnbuuo of Monday.] Flora asd MSAk—Toe ot uur maiket ior Westcinand fatatefioor the past week have oriMcatid untie a contrast to -thoie ot the preceding week. TneUrg.r arrival* than many ant'ctpitea, a more Btnnptat tscncy maraet, ami larger receipts at thenp per late ports havencr.ased thcdeuretosell; and to n-»so it the present depressed state ot trace ceoer-tllr, lower aid very irreralar prices hare been accepted for al, grama. Many hold-rs have declined to mace any colchslod. and consequently have held but little, having conddrncc In much higher prices ere (he own ing of the Erie Canal. From tne western part of the fatal* we leant the depletion la tneir stock of floor and wheat, the past tlx weeks, has been rapid, and their supplies are nnotoally limited for the season, consisting mainly ol Western spring wheat and flour, nearly ail of their own pro* auction baviog been atreaoy consumed, and that, too, when one-half the cereal year bos passed. From the Northwest a very caret ol correspondent writes:

“Uoie than three-quarters of the last crop of wheat Is marketed, leaving very Uttl* sorolus mr the sea* boarn, snd consequently «ltn the strong competition which is lively to prevail daring ths spring months at tbo Northwest between buj en fbr the Eastern. Middle and Southwestern States, we look tor a lively reaction, and the Indications are cer tainly In favor of very high prices ere next harvest. We are aware the public do not bavo a y laith in short crop reports, bnt we think it oar duly to report such as we believe to be true. Medium and &Td.y grades have sold slowly at very Irregular rates; a very good demand has prevailed for No. 3 and super fine st fall prices, bat sal other goods sjUI slowly; tj day the demand boa been light, and, under liberal otlcrlngs. larger receipts, ana unpleasant weather, prices have declined from 6®2oc per brl: the conces sion Is most maiked on thom>alnm brands. Canadian flour is lower and very unsettled; sales ol 160 brU at fll.80dl(.C0 fbr extras. Southern- floor Is a shade lower and closes heavy; sales of MO oris at $10.23® 11.90 for common to lair extra Baltimore and country, and $13.00®16C0 for trade and family brands. Kye floor Is dull and caslei at tec dose; sales of 360 brls at $7.00,33.00. Buckwheat floor Is firm at $2N)@3.00; tbe sales are 4JOO brls at fS.GOta9.7O for improved Slate: $9 90311.10 fortommon to good extra State; $3.300110) for the lower grades: $11.15012.50 lor good to choice extra dvs $10.40311.60 f-r shipping Ohio; $11.70013.80 fbr trade do, ana $11.90015.90 iur fat. Louis extras. zsponrs fbo« septeubeb l, ISO 6, to date. OreatimtalQ Other for- 14,793,638 and Ireland. elgunort#. Total. „ _ _ „ Flour, nrl«. Flour, brls. Floor, bru. New York, Feb. 15.18C7.. 49,W0 k07.4t6 £5.136 Baltimore, Feb. 8.1567.... 3 CAJSIU 6V3XI Philadelphia. Feb. 8,1867 21211 3i‘JU Boston, Feb. 8, 1867 8310 63.331 66314 Portland, PeD. 8,1557..... 10908 47.413 53, Ul New Orleans, Feb. 2,1567. 291 £0 541 . -Total! 63,751 400.T5 473.706 l|g 113,017 819,403 931.122 16» 55.078 833390 967,916 Chain— 3 he heavy feeling which ciiUogalshcd oar wheat nancet this day week has since bern more marked; ihx steady decline In dour, a more stringent money market, and unfavorable news trom Europe, have checked the Inquiry; In-.ced. we have had hot few sales cf spring tomnl.ato Us value,audio the present unsettled state of the floor market, millers are disposed to operate ver* sparingly, and mere has been a very moderate reduc ton m our stock, which, m the abienceoi anv‘xportdemand. isllbiral, and there Is more disposition to se.l wneat; winter, on the contrary, bos been well su-ulned, and Is oilered >p»r lufc’ly, os ttc snpptr In the country Is known to be ei trrutiy light; but it snould be remembered that the arrivals m prospeat from California are large; toe re ceipts ol this description the past week nave been libera), much of It out of order, the quality of that la, cotaiil >n. or a portion of It. la very h-tndsome, bat 'OnrmlllersgeceraUydo not use It; prices of spring show a decline, am the market closes unsettled aad lower with more desire to sell; the demand la f;r mill log. the sabs arc 1,100 bushels good white California at 63.15, and 73u0 bushels choice MDwausec club at S&3U. Barley has betn in moderate demand fur the trade and for export: the leas favorable news Oom Fur, pe and firmness in freights hare restricted the export Inquiry, and prices have declined, with conatd eraoloheaviness at the 0 xjCiubloq: onr stock has been recuced more than 100,00(1 bushels, bat Is still libera! tit tee seasm, doling hear? and intctlre at fl®9oc for|Kesterm Haricy milt has b«n In limned demand. Is plenty, and closed dull at 5i.33®130. Bye has been pretsed on the market, and prices are lower h>u unsettled; the stock in bond la very light, out cf domestic It Is large, and there la some disposition to eell, and at *he close prices arc nominal. Outs have fluctuated consideraoly; the mild wcathpr, elTlngpromlseof an early spring, increases the desire to realize, ai d prlc-s have declined, closing lower, with a fclr business, however, at the decline: sales 1 f 37.000 bn Western *taGGS7cftr old, sS®s9cfor new-, Clcfor Ute, and 65®66c for Jersey and Southern. Corn has been Ireely oil-red and has declined rapidly, and has fluctuated somewhat; tne nnfavorabtj news fiotn Europe and the liberal arrlraisot nyw have given buyer# a decided advsotage, closing Mth mare firm ness and in net P-r demand fr export at the East-, sale# of 7,600 bo nns»ond at $135®139; Western mixed at*. In sure; son |*r*l 11 afliat, chiefly at the latter rate; .Terser a'd i’ennsjlvania 11.09XG1.10 afloat, and d-llvcrrd. XPFOBTS FEOX aEi*XBUOXR L ISC6, TO DATE, Great Bnt- Other aln and foreign Totals. Ireland, port#. Wheat Wheat. Wheat {32,917,120 hush. bush. Dash. NewTork, FebjoftrylS, 1567. 350.711 5,013 350.119 Philadelphia. Feh. 8,1667 3.313 17,830 2l£U Portland, Feb. 8,1807 7,402 .... 7.P2 Totals 351,0c0 23A31 53L334 IM6 1,100,402 rWH 1.173,720 IM3 1.505.616 113.730 1.710,137 KXTOBT9 7805 C BEPTEMBEC 1. 1866, TO IIVTB. Great Britain Other Pol and Ireland. cignPorta. Totals. ~ . Core, bn Corn, bu Corn,bu New York, Fch. 13, 1567...3,452.636 . 144,500 SASI.LIO Baltimore. Fcb.B, 1967.... 152,029 15.WJ 167.319 Philadelphia, Feb. 8,1867.. 91,139 18,659 112.7J7 Boston, Feb. 8, 1667. 11,653 11,*53 Portland, Feb. 8,1607 11,115 4,604 15.117 Totals 3,709,919 191.9C3 3,931.923 1666 4,692,737 259,879 IStS. 76J79 159,596 id 7,873 Fork Paealotr at cabala, lowa, tFr.m the Gazette.] As many of oar subscribers have, from Urns to time. Importuned nstoglveafttll slatmical account oflhs amountorhogi packed by Mr. P.o.Stiles dating the winter of 1666-7. we i ow, ttiruuch the kindness of that gentleman, wko furnished us with the figures, present thefoilowipgext'lhit. It must be remembered, bow er er, that toe season Is net through with yet, although the greater stare of the ho.sarelu. We do not sup pose that more than Uh head will be brought forward. The (obowlnz sau mary gives the amount of hogs, both live and dressed, average welghtof the same, average net weight ot OI bogs, and th- yield oflard per bog. as compared with the previous season: No. of live hoe* No. of dressed hogs. Total number hoe* 9,114 7.830 Average weiehtot live hoe*, as 390 390-4 do do dressed bog«, as 2111-6 23su Average net welrht of all bogs, ft* 23914 233 yield of Jard pei bop, as 33# t(is The aping of in the yield ollard per box, during this seasor, as comiarad wun last, Is attributable to the act that last season many bugs were put Into lard epllre, and itnty parts rendered tb »t were not this year, on account of me lower price of lard. Woal>o annex the following comparative statement of Che husrspatkorilD Sabula by P. Q. Stile*, since he com menced operations in the winter of IS6C-1: Season. 1860-1.. isrej-3 Z". ISC3-4 ISM-5 1865- 1866- White River (Ditch.) Lumber Trade- The exports ind Imports lor the year 1866, of the perts of Whits Rivet, Muskegon Countv, ate as fol lows, which weclipfrcm the Muikegon Stict: XXPOBTO. Lumber, eo.coo.ooa lect Lath, 25,000,0(0 uinnrm mui, ao.uw.uut Shingles. 15.wm.000 Pickets, I (XJO.OCO Square timber, 1.000.009. Railroad tin FUh,UOO barrels Cereals, 72,000 onabels... Total C 1,395,000 „ IM POUTS. Beefandpork, 2,960 bairdi .$ 60000 Drygoods ISd.QOO Hardware and machinery of all kinds. 51001 Flour, 3,683 barreiS 41,160 T0ta1........................ ......... •3ifl_ooo Exports over Import* ’ CHICAGO LITE STOCK MARKET, _ Office of the Daily Tamm, > Wednesday Evening, February 30. j The following table shows the dallv receipts and shipments of Live Stock daring the week up to this evening, as reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: „ „ . w , Cattle, h?ct, She?p. Sunday and Monday 19 817 Tucscsy 1,931 1.566 2U Wednesday. 1,908 3,503 216 Total 8.853 5,188 490 Same time last week 9,232 10133 1 -jig Week before last 8133 9,7:1 The receipts today were by the following routes: _ .... Cattle. - nogs Sheep.- By Illinois Centra] 483 £g ifej By Burlington ft Qnlucy Road 660 613 81 By Bt. Louis ft Atlon Road... 67 123 By Northwrsiemßoad 262 860 .. By Michigan Central Road.... vs .... By Rock Island Road. 4ti 667 .... Total 1.938 2,503 246 The shipments to-caj, and tor the week np to this evening, were . . w , Cattle, Hors. Sheep, Sunday and Monday. v Tneaday. „ Total ill i,u7 Same time lent week. 60 2.367 3G6 Week before last wi Sales to-day, os entered at the aUTercnt Scale-houses! weieas follows: At XJllnols Central Scale. ** h {po P * At iiQillnctOQ Scale 923 aso Bi at Alton Scale ce 3 Ul AtNorthwestanScalc 253 M 2 ’.’l'. Total 1.610 2.313 311 . BEEF CATTLE—The market to-day was active and buoyant. The day was a favoraole one fur operations, and buyer* were out In round numbers, and with a lull supply cf stock la the pens, and of good quality, the yard* presented an animated appearance. Ship* per* were the principal operators, though feeders and city butchers boniht liberally. About IJSOO head chanced bands, at a ranee of for common mixed lots, embracing poor rough Cows, half-lattened Steers, rruch Oxen, hells and Stags, to good at butchers' Cows and gord stock Steers ; $5.5036.50 ior fair to good smooth shipping Steers ; and $6.7537,35 for prime to very choice UoJocta. The mariet closes weak at quotations. The shipments to-day were not reported. _ _ CLO6DJO PBTCES. Extra Benes—Tlze, fat, well formed, 4 fo 8 years old Steers, and areragtnz 200 &s and upwards ; 87 o&a7 9S Prime Perm-Good, web-atted, finely * formed Steers, averaging from 1,000 to 1,400 tte, at eiO^S.TJ Pair Gradtt— Fair Steers. In fair flesh, ar eraglDel.olo@l,2lo fts,at 5.50*5.75 J frdiutu ClugM— Medium Steers and good Cows, fit for city elaognter, and amarine eoo«i,coo ftf, at ijoas'o SlockCahle— Common Cattle lude-'ent fie a b, averagingßtt@X,«W tts, at 4.003U3 Ivfertor— Light aad thin Cows and Steers, . rough aid coarse, arcragmg 7205850 ft*, a* 3X5®4.00 „ _ . CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. hC4d rousll steer9 ’ ft Teragln g L37Ctts, off cars, TMrty-fonr head medium batchers’Steers and good: Cows, averaging 1.020 as, off care, at *wjgty I cad fair outchera’Cows, averaging 960 »s. Fourteen bead C»lr fleshy Steer*, averaging 2,010 ms,. /w enty-three Lead cooa batchers' Cows, avcrjztnc, 810 m»i ar W.‘s. . Taeoty-flvchead roach Steers and Oxen, avcraclntr L2SO m». led and watered, at fSJO. Seventeen bead choice Illinois Steers, averazlngl,^ ci*. at Thirty-two btad prime State Steers, averaging 1,130 Eighteen bead good straight Steers, averaging 1,010 tts, off caw, at $6.00. Seventeen bead, prime shipping Steers, averaging, 918 os, off can, at $6.75. Sixteen head medium butchers' stock,averaging 1,070 as, at $5.35. Eighty-one bead prime shipping Steen, averaging 1,232 fit, st $80.02 pet head. : Eighteen bead common mixed lot, averaging 1,076 ftp, led and watered, at $4.35. Twelve head medium butchers' Cows, avenging 899 ns. at $1.33. Eighteen bead medium Steers, averaging 955 Os, at $3.60. 1 BOGS—The marketopeced quiet in tbe id not attain more than a lair degree ol activity st any time Coring the day. Packers seem nut at all am . Icoa to operate extensively at present rates, and the unfavorable advices from the East, have very materi ally lessened tbe shipping demand, so that sellers ex perienced no little difficulty In closing oat at previous rates. Thebnlkoflhe oderlcgs, however, were taken at prices tolerably , well up to those ol yesterday. Prices ranged at $640(36 M. for common to fair lots, at ds6 7507.00 for good to choice Hogs. One lotof very prime Bogs sold at $7.35. The market doses weak. HOQ SALES TO-DAT. No. At. Price. . 52falr bacon Hoes.. SIJ &;o 93 eameqnaht) 223 CAS 77 prime nc»v7 Bees Alt 7.00 Go ccmmoD nncrcntot... .230 . 6A5 73 medium bacon 10t...; aa oao SOI common nncTco lot A 77 6AO 21 light Btoct Bogs 133 6.70 53 coarse lot .236 6AO 173 Jalrcxtn loi 235 GAS 58 common light Hoga..;.. 205 BA3 20 common Uchtlot .. 12R . 6.*0 50 good Daren Hoga ; ..........3:5 gm S 3 common bacon lot .'. ist . .6,23 fcßEEl'—Then aiketl* doll. About the only Inquiry latarccodto prime mntten Sheep, and of thU class tberearefintibaroffering. Common descriptions are not inquired lar, Prices range at |3.T5@5.75 CHICAGO DAILT MARKET. , All tales of Oral* reported in this market repo* are made on the basts of winter (ic> storage, unlest othertelte uprated. -i ■■ 'WxLjnsDA.T, Enjno,FebruaryJO. 1577. FREIGHT*—RiiLeoAD Finn nrs—Tbs follow- Iscia Ute tariff of tbft£a»tern B«ads: 3a 4lb Drj’rJ Bates Ota Chicago U— ciass. class. Floor. Uiz*. BoCaio, K. V t CIV *~'X 85 73 ToroDio.C*. W....: e-»v 84 73 MontioU.C. E. AJb»ny, h.T. '•*w Tr— NeWtfor* 1.15 83 1.60 U 5 ilo*ton rut AIbUT I_s 83 L 79 US l<o*toti no urand Truck fci 1.70 1,33 PorUandeta Grand Txmk 1.70 nn Philadelphia...... 0.05 75 1.50 i.j Baltimore. ; .4.05 75 UO *Ui Pittsburgh 65 43 M 70 derelud, Oblo 45 30 GO 90 Jrffer*on*ll>,lna.„ 43 35 70 CIDdBnaU.OhIO 45 S3' 66 ’ 40 FMlUn—UeeelTed, 5,501 DrU: shipped, 3,643br1*. Tb? Floor martet to-day vu seasonably scare, and prices were firmly maintained. m tbe cDtice grade*. Spring Extras were dtU>, aid there w*> a belter ioqaiiT f r tipring baper*. Ssle* were wfo.lovs: Wnn* Warms 35 DrU.notna'txel. st 91340 ; WO brls ••Novelty” at iUJSO 100 tola “Rnshnel!” at «4J5; 15 brtv not tatred, s' 911.75; 40 brls do at (14.00; &so Wwrru— -100 brie, cot named, at 317.50: Spbiso - Extras— brl#“Becter**XX" (last ere-daw at 117.00;IflObrW, 1 otnamed, at JID.37K; 150 brl* do at 310.19; UO brl* “Beloit City" at JlO.a; KObrls, notnamed. at 10.63 v: 100 brls do at 39.00 ; 85 brlf do (low gride) at *3.75; Spreno Scpzes-118 brls, cot named,-at slSJlf; 163 brl* do at 38.00; lOf bn* do at F 7.73; 200 brl* do at 97.60; 25 brl* do at 91 J}7)» : 130 brls 00 at 37.00; 300 brl* do at (6.(0; Bra Flora—lW brls at 96.10; 49 brls d*at 96.25; RccKwmuT Feoce—s brl* at 36.75; 6brU do at 36 JO. WHRkT-Hecelved.lMlS bn; shipped. ‘2,063 bo. Varkrt quiet and without anr ma'trul change. Sales were: 4U) bn No. 1 at $3 90; |oobn by sampe at $2.15; 8,. 00 bn No. 3 (fresh) at |L&; 400 bn atSL3SK; 10/00 bn do at $1.83V ; 23,000 bn do at SLS3 degoUr); l3x bo Rejected atsl.7o; 1.900 bn do at SI.G9; 400 bn do at st.Cß:l,?flobn do at sl.s6—closing at $1.833L33Wf0r No. 3 Spring. COHN—Received. 11,036bn; shipped,none. Market qnl*t and 11433cbetter. Sales were: bn No.l at 83c: ia.«obndoatß3#c; 1.400 bn do at ?(c: 32.000 bn. seller Aonl. at 75c afloat; 15,060 bn Refected at 56c: 5,000 bn do at 57vc: 6/00 bn do at 57c; 600 bn Ear at asc—cjoe'ug Ann atS-T3B3Xc (tor Ho. 1. OAT»—Received. 5,(50 pn; shipped, none. Market quiet bnt firmer. • ales were: 610 tan No. 3at 40c; 1.300 bn do at 39 Ye; 6,000 ton do at 89*0; 30,0X1, buyer toe month, at a»kc; COO bn RejectedataO#c. it V K—Uecelvco.373 bn; shipped, 373 bn. Market quiet bnt flnn. Bales were: 400 on No. 1 at 9IYc;800 bn do at 91c (fresh); 1.200 bn do (winter) at 93c; 1,300 bn do nl 93 Yc; 400 bu do at 92c. . .UAlll.fcV-Rccclved. 1,500 bo; shirred. nans. Market quiet. Sales were: 5.000 bn No. 3 (N. W.) at 60c; c,400 bn Rejected at 45c; COO bn, by samp.c, at °ALC(I OOL-Nomln&l at $L3504.40. DItAN. Arc-—Bales were: 10 tons Middlings at $2(4X1:10 tons do at $33.(0. iIKOOiN CORN—Market dull at previous qdoU HKANft—Are selling at t1.73G3.0C. uto quail ty. tlbTrElt—Received, BATS n*; shipped, 7.200 as. There 7# so chance to note In the tone of the market nor In prices. Tnerolascateelyauylnqtilryßxcepttor choice tabic qualities to supply home wants. Price* ranee a* foduws: Choice to Dairy 94 3'R c Good Tub 20 ®23 c Common Firkin ®IS e Prime Fin In „...23 @2l c I»4UCSI.N'(J—The market remains quiet, with price# nnchanzed. We continue to quote: National A, 2 On, seamless linen. $40.00 Ui ion A, do do 39.00 IWnols A, do do 35.n0 Corn Exchange ssjo Stark A. cotton seamless 6730 Lewiston A, do 63.00 Androscoggin do 6230 Amerlcar. do 63 00 Heaver Mills, do 63.00 PltUfleld S, do 63.00 Penn Mills, do 67.00 Fort Put, do 6730 BUKO, do o 64 GO Saco, linen and cotton 00 Ridgewood, do 00 Sprincfleid sjjjq Gunnies 28 0. Burlaps, 4 ho, No. 1 373066233) Empire CJtv 4030 CHEKSE-Thcre Is no Improvement to note In the marxitln any essential particular. The sticks are lull ana arc steady at oar qaotatloos. which are asToilows: New Ytik Factory (genuine) 17 ®lB c •'actrry (tLlnola) @l6 e iatnlmrg js au c Western Hut'S rail c Western Reserve 375 c •■fToung Aroenca** @33 c CiOAls—Trade Is lair, and tho market tales steady aid comparatively firm at tne price# given below: Entc—Brookfield *17.00 do Ornuny. ; 11.00 CLEVELAND—Briar Hill 17.00 do Mineral Ridge 10.00 do Willow Bank .. 10.00 do . Tunnel i 10x0 Bosibnrg 12.* 0 LnmpLemgh 3533®163U Lacrawaua, prepared 11.00 Scranton..'. 1430 Piture. Uilroli. do fn track 5J0&6 00 Yonehlocheny lj.oo COFFKE~Tbcre wii only a moderate Inquiry to* day, and the general market ruled steady at the ax Hexed quotations' Java Rio, common to (air. .3(k<S2s c Rio, Rood U> prime 57X<333 c Klo. prune lo choice 2s &2SUa LOOPEDAGE—The market to-day was unsettled, .and prices are NalOc hither, whlca is owing to a “strike” at some of the cltv shops. Sales were: 330 Pork Carre'* (hlcvory l oop) at 11.33; 200 do (oak hoop) at 11.25; 100 Ham Tierces at 81.10. £Utt<*-Were In better supply to-day, and 233 c lower, bales wt re mad* ar4o<a4sc. FRUITS AND NUTH-Trade la (air and prices werawell sustained all around. The stocks ot most varptiee are ample. We repeat our quotations of yes terday: Apples, Fhrl .Lemons, Messina Ornate*, 9 box Cranberries. F brl Cranberries, cultivated. DRIKD TEDITfI. Figs, drum Figs, cartoon; Dates Can Peaches, V doz 2 & cans. Apples, pew Peaches, halves and quarters. Peaches, pared Blackberries, new, 9 ft Raspberries, tew, F ft Cremes, pitted Elderberries, 9 ft Ralslas, layers Raisins, Valencia Sardines, V boxes Sardines, x boxes Almonds, hard-shelled 32 & 24 Almonds, suit-shelled. 38 « 43 Almonds, paper-shelled SO 0 55 Peanuts, Wilmington, F bn 26 as 4.00 q t 25 Brazil huts 22 a 23 Fllbeits.. 17 « 18 trench Walnuts, new *2l (a 22 Naples Walnuts 23 ® 21 I*olooo, small and large 23 ts SO Hickory Nuts, F bu 3.00 A 3AO Chestnuts, Fbu 7.00 & B,gp 'The general market continues reryqalst. Coddifi under a lull supply, and in sympathy «lin a decline In tne East oi e stc lower. We airo note a de cline of Sc in Labrador Herrings. Mackerel ate scarce and Orraat full rates. The following are the prices corral: 4.192 3.139 . 4,632 4.07 Whlteflab, No. 1, X hr! f«.7JA 7.00 Whltollah, No. 2. X brl «AQ» 6.73 Trent, No. I, X ori BJO3 5.4 J Trout, No.?. X Ml..' Lsoj* 4.73 Mackere , No. 1, X brl, new 10.50ai0.73 Mackerel, N 0.2, X Ml 10.003n.35 Mackerel, (amity. F X hr! 9.00 a 9.2 s Mackerel, extra mess, F X brl Mackerel, extra mem. F nt BAOa 3.75 Mockerel.No.l, kilo,new qua* 163 Matkerel.CuDllT, kits 2.15 a 2US Codfish, Bank, FIOO fts ; 7.00® 7.30 CrdOsb, George’s Dank 7AOa aoc Hake 77. 5J»3 5.21 Herrings, dried. No. 1, F box 503 55 Ucrrlogs,scaled Labrador Herrings, 9 brl 10.00at0.50 Labrador Herrin**, XMI 3.25 a SJO Norwegian Hcm» gs, K’s, 9 brl aiß.uo Norwegian Herrings, M’s, F brl ai6.60 GlCEAftß—Sale* were: 17 tc* choice white at love. llinnwiWEW—Received, 230 brU: shipped, 65 brist market dull, neglected and nominal at 23c fbr ponded aud *2.20 for (Tee. * < HOPs4-Are selling at 6C®6sc(or Eastern and 553 6Ce for Western. No. Hogs. .f1.2X.000 , DKEABBD HOUR—Received, 668; shipped. 268. Market dull and easier, paiesweie: 27 averaging 265 at at ‘.....*7/0 10 " 865 •• 7.60 « jt “ 265 “ ~Xo 50.000 33500 3.5(0 9000 5,000 10 000 75.000 37 dividing on 2X85aL...\.V.V.V.V.*..V.|7A0 and**7*7o M ;• X 0 •• 7-70 and 7AO 4 “ , 200 " 7—i and 7JO H A V-Ifl quiet though with a moderate susply !□ the market ai d limited arrivals from the country, prices « ere well sustained and arm today at the recent advance. Wequote: wholesale races. Timothy, roller and beater pressed sl3 50aiL50 Timothy, lo*«se pressed. ll.oO«l4.M Prairie, beater pressed lOJQamo EETAIL PKICIS. Timctby, roller and beater pressed |l6Jorai7Jo Timothy, loose pressed iGAiaiSM Prairie, roller and beater pressed 14 JOraiSJO Pralne, 1< ose on wagon. delivered 13.00r<slU)0 »411iE36-8«e1ved,43.719 lbs; shipped, U, 980 as. The gcnera« market remains labutaatUUy the same as toted in our previous reports. There is a steady. Cur demand on shipping account under which prices keep well up. Gruboy Hides are buying at one-third off. we quota the market Arm at the following range of prices; Green Botchers* Green Salted, trimmed. Green Calf... Kip Green, salted Dry Flint, trimmed.... Dry Salted, trimmed... Green Baited, part cared ........i!I sviSlO' llt ON ANO STEEL*—The market preaeot* so newfeatme*, trade is moderately adllve,and nHcee are without perceptible cl ange. We quote: Common Bar. sj/ft sve Rone Shoe Iron Eva lie Heavy Hand. o « 6?c Hoop and Light Band. 6|fail c Round aid Square SWo 9Wc Oval sue Half Oval and Hall Bound SvagWc Sheet Iton, common Kxtia tliatds sheet Iron, galvanized 18 «23 c Sheet Iron, charcoal, 25 ova Sheet Iron, Jot lata, 26 ;, .l|*a!3* c Norway Nall Bod* If Slave Plow EteeL German ... ..13 S« c Plow Steel, cast ... .."n Sts c Spring ana Tire steel, Bncllab Ukrais c Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes. .23 a3O c Trcl Cast Steel, Amu lean a 2 au c Bllatcied Steel fisn c Rngsla,Noß.9andl6 23 «2« C Batata, Ist quality, ?» Ml @is c Russia, Am., lat qaallty, v meet. ai9 c Rnwia. Am, 2d quality. V sheet aie c IjBATQ Ell— Remains quiet, with prices steady and one banged. Wecontlnoejoqoote; 114 Ul7 City Harness, |l Slaughter,'3nf fc -I 593 40 f.lobole $ 4to 43 Country Harness 3(3 S 8 Slaughter. Sole, Line, V & 433 44 CnlcagoNo.t. 403 43 Kip, medium, f) Slaughter, hole, ft— L 1531.20 ••ChicagoNo.3. M 3 37 Call, f> lb LSQ&I.GO Buenos Avres... . »va an Urptr, V 100 t... 303 31 Orinoco 501 e.... 373 sa Country Upper., 233 25 Orinoco, good. Collar, 100 t... 23@ 34 damaged Sl3 S 3 - OAK. Slaughter, Sole.. 533 M• French Calt Si Barmss, P a... 40& 46 &>» 2.1032.25 Upper 30a S2lFrcnch Calf, 36 Kip, Ko. 1, me-. | &9 2.5032.10 alum. .. Uo®l2o French Calf; Le- Kip, Ho. 1, rooloes, per heavy 85Q1.101 doz 8DA0390.00 ■ LUIJIBEH—There was a air looulry to-dar. und £ rices wereUrm at the loliowlng quotations' ran IE-First Clear, 1, l>4,and 3 inch - CTear, L 1 v,” Vjf*Md 2 ItachV.V. V.* *la w*so Third Clear, Inch.. 50.00355.00 First and Second Clear Flooring, to- Bether,8 ether, rough, the same as Second lear wide 50H0353J30 Common Flooring, rough. 55.QQ337.00 Matched and Dressed Gommon'Floorlng 40.003434)0 Matched and Dressed 8 inch Common Flooring SS.Oftas'ioo First and second Clear Siding, together.. 30.00332.00 FimCommon Dressed siding 33a0®25.00 , Wagon-Box Boards, select, 15 inch and upwards 53.003U00 A etocK Beards, 13 irches,,... 80.P0a3-r.oO B Stcdc Boards, 12 laches 26XQ»27.00 Common Bo •res, joists,Scantling, Fenc ing, and Small Timber. 13 to 16 feet Ico*. 3T.00@22.00 Jouta andbcactllog, 3t, 23 ond24 feet.... sSXb'aSO.OO Joists and Ec&Dtiloir. 25X0 SmsoLEs—Aor star Shaven Shingles...... A or Star Sawed Shingles So. 1 Hawed Shingles JiATn— Per m In yards By car-load by northwestern Bail road, delivered In any yard where cars can be switched, or any depot: A or Star Saw ed Shingles, oy car-load, on tract: . IJO A or Star thaved SMogles, by car-load, on Qacfe...~ 3753t.C0 No. i by car-lead, on track . Three dollars a’ car-load" added when**traaaferred, which charge follows the Shingles bill. BHIJfOLB STA^DAUD, Thickness—Five Sbtcfilss to be two inches In thick sets. . Lcr gth—Sixteen Inches, nanus—Twenty Inches. 1 Courses—Twenty-five. • IhETALV AND TINNER*’ STOCK—Tbe market is steady, and there Is no change to note In mines. We quote: TMUCV* IICMUUW. TTK. I asc. Bos Tin Plate, I C I l*t quality, ca5t.......13V Hill sllsollst quality, 5n00t....‘..14 LargePlga •..• 87 i Blab 11 SmajiTigi... as I .beiobt wias. 1 Bar Tin S9|lto6. 11 va, ami... .......... . " I - •'» v....« corns. _ 17,8 and 9. Metallic At* Botts... 33110 and 11. Copper Bottom - 55 112 Braziers over 10 tbs.. 43 i is and 14. Sheet, 11 10 16 Tinning* .' 10117. • BABBIT BZTAL. ] IS. Ist quality..SO 19 .2! Antimony 20(20 a Fine Solder SO I Fenc* Wire JO* N AILS—Are stemmy, at the following prices: 6d,*»kc* ft.oo 2d «9.25 8d • 7.23 Sd, line blued 9.25 6d . 7AO 2d. fine bleed- 10.95 W .1 7.75 Cot Spikes 7.53 M 8.25 CllDCbed Net„ 9J5 011.8—Linseed OU continues in active request, aid under reduced stocks prices ar, tatcadliy aivamnng. We note a farmer advance to-day of ScTwhalo Oil la lower. Other descriptions are unchanged. We now quote: ■ Linseed Oil 1 .Inset d OiL boiled Olive Oil Whale 0H.W.8 Lard Oil, extra... Lard Oil, ho. 1 Winter. Lard oil, wo. 3 Wii ter.. Uatkoil.rctmd lots. Machine Oil bperm Oil, W. B, Lnhncatms OH. CA«BON OIl«—1» In tslr demand and firm at our quotations, whicn are as follows * • aroon, 9 car load. Carbon, small lots, Benzole, PB€lTl»inNF—seeelred.Ss.yonn Cored Meat., Via# bns Hart amt 77J00 lbs Lard; ahtpp-rt, «UM lo« MeaU, CSI brla B»t£, ISI bn» Pot* aai jsjbsi.s • aid. ■ p..rfc-Mute - dill. were tibrlsCoca tr> »liUUS; 1(01>-1- M. O.alJlft.OO. . ' _ Prime Mm p#m— More acute. Sales were :JM bria a* 111.33: 'wj brie so p. U; CObrla coaatryat {l'-DJi. - B«ta Wests—UTketlrm. Sale* were; flbMOlhs Short 1U Roodlfrldea at9c;4ojn) Dry Salted Eooolden at7>*o—aJ loofe. f*weetPick-ed Hams—Sales were: 250 trcs (d. b.) at 11c; looire>ooatlo£e. iJpreu Bleats—Sales were: I,<oo pcs Bams (i. b.) at ii ge. Lam—Qolet hat firm. Sales were: 100 ires Country RetU-al 13c t 200 in • City Steam at ll^e. PODLTUV—The aarlet today wa* Qolet.' Sales Include ’be lollowloc: Dbbqzd Cbtccxts—s das choice at f»J»; 7k doxatKJO; Sdoz(>|re) «SMJO; LiTKA.HpDsxsfSnQuss—3dcz at *10.00; 1 drz at 18 00; I>l tKXPIcBKJTt—UO»s at 16c; dboiatlflc; 3U> ft# at 15c; IMsaatUtfc. • tiC(*A it?*—'The demand Is steady, and prices rale Ira. WerepeatqaotaOotia: . Caba 12^13^0 l-£5 as L7O T,7i _LIO 80 153 1.13 Ptrtn Rico. .® Circle a! White fl! Extra C. Ydlcw 0! OitaidC. Ojn»»d c. extra C New Orleans prime. tiyau e Sc** Orlrarttalr . ....uiJ&UXc t*YKCP»—TbO market Is Quiet. We contmoato Quote: „ Not York Syrups A ®3l-15 Te'low Drips 1.Uai.13 Cuba Molasses 75® SS Porto Rico;.. 80* 89 Key Philadelphia B«e Hire ffl® TO Chicago Bedoerr, Amber UOtjUfi Chicago, Refinery, Golden Chicaco Be finery, Sugar Boom TOa SO HIDA ANU SacßOATOw—The market ts quiet, with puces oachaoseo. Wo continue to quote Babbitt’* Medicinal 13c “ Pure 135»i2Xc Delobd's Chemical. e * nealtbr J34®«Vc “ Pore lljflSUVc S*EED«—Bacelyed, 53,640 tta: shipped, none. Toe general market vu moderately active. and prices were Ann, galea were as foUotra: Tuiotht—Si ban alsS£2jf; &0S bags at s3d&; 199 bass at $305; 91 ban at $3.12.4 ; 236 bogs at 9&10: $1 bags at «3JU; 213 bars at $3. CO: W 6ag* at $22*5; 100 Baca at $3.6t. Flat—l 37 basa at 13.73. itoyn—3 brla choice at $9.00; 1 brla good at fSdS; 55 bu good tn ban at fa^s. !«Al*r—Becexred,nnne;«aipped,sC6brla. Market Ann. and prtcea are unchanged, galea of 70 bila at $2.55; 100aacka Oroaoa Alum at S2JO. Wo quote: .New Floe s2^s Ccar?e, 3.65 Gtonnd Atom $2.1002.15 Turk's Islsnd, bags ZS3 Ground £olar. 2.65 Dairy, with sacks 5.00 Daln.vithcnt tacks 3.75 TtAfi—Are In moderat * demand, and dealers are firm in ibelr views at the fallowing prices: Tonne Hjson, superior tonne, : 9 is |l^o@lss do extra to choice, f> ft I.<o^l.Ko Imperial, superior to fine, V a 1.1D31.60 do extra to choice, ft a lAya/JM Gunpowder, superior to fine. 9 a Uas 1.50 do extra *o choice, V a I.&&UX) Japan, natural leal, fine to extra fine, ¥ a... UAai.U oo do fine to choice, V a 1.3031.40 do do colored, f) a LSS&L4O TOBACCO—The market is doll and Inacfive, with prices onenonpedv Wo quote: FUIB CUTCQIWXHa. Extra.. Choice. Ttrelsla's Favor- I Medium.’ 21a 25 Ite SSaiDO Common Stems. 193 23 Choice 25® J>o| PL CO TOBACCO. Loyal U® 80 Medium,....,.... 70® 75 fanner's Delight 70® 75 Common. 50® «ti Natural Leaf.... I.lo®]JO Navies 6TO 75 fisltßriebt. 8001.00 Vlrgtni*loe&&B SO® 60 Choice b'lt sound 716* 80 Fleer<3era 77® 80 WOOD—Remains outer at previous rates. Wi neat our list, as follows: Maple, 9 cord, delivered,. Maple, ? cord. In yard.... Bettb, V cord, delivered., Eeecb. ?rrrrt,m yard.... H-cKorr. ? cord \»OOI«— IMarg» 1 Marg»tunchanged. ITo sales reported. JPAEM MACHINERY A. T. BATES & GO., 70 South Oanal-st.* Chicago* DEALERS IK FARM MACHINERT, AND GEN ERAL AGENTS FOR THE NORTHWESTERN &TATiS> FOR THE CELEBRATED MANU FACTURES OF BLTMTEH, DAY & CO MANSFIELD, 0., AND BLYMTKB, NORTON & CO., CINCINNATI, O. Cor List embrace* tbe Cook Evaporator, Victor Cape Mill*, EuicKa Cnttlnc Box. Star Corn bbcl er, War ner’* Bone Hay Rale. Wooo-Sawlog Machines, Com Cnutaers, Ac. Parti*-* applying for descriptive circa lais will please epeclCr tbe macbinerr tbev want. A. T. BATES A CO. | 14X0 0.009 8.00 .99 (310 /CHICAGO & CINCINNATI BAIL* \ J KOAD BONDS.—WiII be Bold at public auction, by JOB! FEL.HENSHAW, Atlbe merchants* Bxchsage Reading Room. Id FoatoD, ftaa*.. «a Saturday, march 2d, 1867* at 12V o’clock p. m . 1100,000 of tbe first mortgage 7 per cent bonds oi the Chicago & Cincinnati Baomad Company, with Ute connote since October, iB6O, inclusive. attached. Tor said bonds are held aa collateral tor the note* of said Company, and wUI be sold for the non-payment - thereof. * I Ibe line of tbe road upon which said bonds are •«- cored isfiomLoEansport to Valparaiso, in tbe State ol Indiana, and now toraa a considerable jpart of the Important line known as tbe “Chicago & Great Hast en. K«u-oad- rt ’ The securities may be examined on application to ■the auctioneer. Tbe sale to be strictly tir casta, and .the purchasers will be required to pay to the auction eer,flveoercentoDlheamoantof their bids, as ear nest tbe time of sale, and the balance within three days thereafter. »LOO @ SAO 8.00 Ot 8.50 8.00 » SM 12.00 als 00 .13.00 &aj» 21 @ 25 30 a 33 25 a 29 4.65 a 4.73 10 a is 16 OS 19 43 a 43 si a 32 66 (* 68 65 b* 66 IS a 16 4.73 a 4.85 is a is 20 a 21 38 a 40 JJAYE YOTJ GOT THE ITCH? Swayne’s Ointment Sold by all Druggists. Wholesale by BURNHAMS A TAN SCHAACE. MAKQUARDT & CO., Haase Movers and Haisers, 363 THIHD-AV.. CHICAGO. gy Orders promptly attended to. Q.EaT, BATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Kerdhantii Between F and B-sta.) DENVKR. COLORADO. FAIRBANKS’ JB=f- BTANDABD JT**, SCALES./1.1 ofallbzes. /jE^SBKk FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF 4k CO n 22 C A 2128 Lake-st. Chicago. pLOWb. PLOWS. ROD BREAKING FLOWS and all varieties of Stnb- We and Double shovel Flows manufactured and lor sale by JOHN DEMENT. Plxoo. Dlllqls. A 1* RIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP J\. TRAINS. Winter Arrangement • omcioo AND NORTHWESTERN RAlinOAD—< BLcrra and okaha line—depot north wells BTRZST. Leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast line . *B;ljs.m. *7:2op.m. Omaha Night Express... 7:80 p.m. s6:ooa.m. Dixon Passenger 4:00p.m. 11:10 a. m. nSDOBTUSk. Freeport Passenger. *10:0) p.m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p.m. Bockiord, Elga, Fox River and Siam Line... *1:00 p.m. *11:10 a. ra. Geneva and Elgin Fas* eonger. *s;3op.m. *8:45 a.m. WISCONSIN DIVISION—DEPOT CORNER OF CANAL AND HZNZDC BTBXZT. Day Express *9:00 a. m. *C3O p. m. NlghtExpiees *-U3op. m. *i 15 a.m. Janesville Accommod n. *5:30 p.m. *2:85 p. m. Woodstock Accommoo’n .3:00p.m. *9Alam. mLWAUEZX pmaiow—DEPOT CORNER OF CANAL AND EZNZZS 6TBZZT. Day Express 9:00 s. m. 12:00 m. Roeebm, Calvary and 1 Evanston 1:30p.m. 8:40p.m. Night Express 4ff)op.m. 8:30 p.m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:40p.m. 9:43a.m. Waukegan Accommod'n. 5:30 p.m. a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45 p.m. 5:30 a. m Geo. L. Dunlap, GenU Sop'c B. P. Patrice. General Passenger Agent. VICHieAN CENTRAL lUiLEOAi tiJUQhPOT,FOOT OF LAO sraXXT. Horning Express *5:00 a. m. *8:45 p.m. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *ll*o p. m. Evening Express 35:20 p.m4*l2:-Gp. a. Night Express $*9:45 p. m. t&25 a. m, ’ CIXCIKNATI AND IOCIBVILLB TRAIN*. Morning Express *7:00 a, m- *10:25 a. m. Night Erpres? 15:00p. m. •11;0C p.a. SCineAN SOUTHERN AND AES SHORE LINE—D 5- POT CORNER TAN RURSN ARD BSESNAN FTREXTS, TOLEDO LINE. Mail *4:45a.m. *8:55 p.m. Day Express *1:00 a. m. *11:00 p. n New York Express SiiSp.m. fßbSQpj m Night Express f*10:00p. n. *6:ooa. m DETROIT LINE. Mall *4:4s&*m. t&Doa.a. ' Night Express $10:00 p- in. *3:55 p. m. PITXSBUBOE, FORT WATKS ASS CERACO. Mail ... *h2oa.m. 6:00 a.o. Express *J:00 a. zb. IfhSO a. m. Fast Line * 8:15 p.m. '7:40 p.m Express *s‘o;oOd. m. IROOp. m HiIEOIS CENTRAL.. Day Passenger. *3:20 a. a. *ließo p. m. Night Passenger $10:00 p. m. *6:45 a. n. Simkakee Accommod'n. *cos p. m. *9:35 a. m. Hyde Fade ana Oak Wood *6:30 a. m. *7:45 a. a. “ u *l3:lop.m. *9:53a.m* “ 11 “ .... *3:3op.m. *l:sop.m. u u *sdsD.m. *7:3op,m • . CHICAGO. BUBUStTOH AHD QUINOt. Day Express and Ma 11... *2:20 a. m. *9:00 p. el fißlesburgPassenger.... *B:oop.m. *L3O p. m, Aurora *5:00 p.m- 00 a. m. .NlghtExpress sl3.oonUdTit tStfOa. m. • s o Btfc .XOJfSii c .IB a 19c .U 9 15c .17 OIBVo .UJffaisge ixpreaa and Hail 8:05 a.m. 8:45 p.m, Night Express 905 p.m. 6:50 Am Touet and Wilmington : Accommodation... ... 4:00 p.m. 'ft43 a. m 4AO 2ASO 3.00 SXO istcaeo and-emu? haems—(latz ooicxHvar. SIB LDTS) —JOLWAUXAJ SATLBOAD DXTOT, OOA • 'ANAL AND USQI STNXKS. Day Express 6:30 Att. 10:55 p.n. Night Express. . 9:00p.m. &50 p. m. JOB mnUNAPOLB, XOPZSmiX'AKD CINCINNATI, Oay Express.’, -6:30 Am- 10:55 p. m Siebt Express 9:00 p. a.-. &S 0 am. Tolumbne Express 6:30 a-m- 10:55 p. zn. “ ‘ l 9eoo p. m. &50 am. UnaingAccommodation DuSan. *9;ou aia • L * ** 5:15 p. a. 6:00 p. m. CHICAGO, BOOS ISLAND AND FAOUTO BAILBOAS. Day Express and Mail... *9:ooAnt- *&SOp. m. Night Express 12:00 p. m. ..*5:43 a zn. oilct Accommodation.. • 14n p. m- *9:40 a zq •Sunday excepted. tMonday excepted, tsatnnUy txeeptca. UNION STOCK TABD TUP vswr.w. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. 6:30 aza 7MO Am. 6:30 Am. W 0 Am. 10:00 ‘..:, .'..a. m. 11:30;......' -Am. 12:80 p. m, 1:30 p.m. 8:20 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:45 p.m. 5:40 p.m. SUNDAY TRAINS. S.«ll m wnm i i>w ■ m The • fcllowiiur is the new table for the . arrive and departure of mall? 1 from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: XAZLBCLOSA T. O. CHICAGO, ILL. MAILS ABSITA a.m. p.m. aba- p.m. .... • 2:00....Mich. South. 8.8.- .... ifrao .... 8:13.... “ - ” : .. .... &5B .... 12:00 m “ . « .. 6:00 IDOO .... 12:00 m Mich. Centralß.R. 12.00 8; 5.... ** >‘ ' “ .. 6:00 8:15 .... 2:oo....PUts.*Pt.W»yne 12:30 .... 8:15 •* .. .... :7:10 .|IJ3@I.GO . 1^0)41^5 ®MO . 3J001J5 .. T.i'au) . X.IQr«US „ LO6*LIO . Us®l.« .... 12:00 m w ■ “ * .. 6.U0 llffiO 13:00 4:80 ...Orest Kasternß. 8.. 8:30 ~ 10:00 12:00 «:30....New Albany * Salem 830 UrtX) &C 0 . -7:45...;ba1ena bAtload - 3:10 ,3:40 13:00 6:00....D1x0r. All Line.... . 6:00 - 7:20 12:00 . aoO....Kockißland KaDroad 5:45 3:30 12:00 K00....C..8. A Qulccv R. B- 6:50 9:00 B:oo;...Kosttiwmern a. 8.. 6:45 '6^o‘ 8:00 2M5... Pfluantee Railroad. 11:80 ■ &20 12:00 7:45....1Uin0ia Ceotral E. M, . 7:00 9:00 22:00 7:00....8U1Ara1* Baibotd... B:S 8:46: EOB-r. A. GIUIOBE, P. M. 60c81.n0 0350 ■SOaai.M iriirr.iir.y.r/.ir.iiittssasc .£gSja.*o •w.nSJsvc ’Uj&is£c .13 «J3>iC .JI.QIIKp .•..|l.ia®LiO I Mediant Sl® 90 .... 1X031J51 Common Js® 73 SSOKZSO TOBACCO. fflacfrinerg. .JHebieat. WILL CUBE IT, AND All SKIH DISEASES. Mttshugg ffiarbs. No. 50 MoGaa-flt^, Seales. plotos. jAiultoabiJ. CHICABO IXD ST. LOtQB. .AO. I 1 ~p, ra. 1 ...Am. ...ju m. ....p. m. ....u.m. Sptcial Koii'ks. TbeVorbtm HHnuHriytinf CMB|HUIfi SUverasdtba, of .Providence. B. L, libm’tke tr»Jr tint tli. rue nrocsdu tt;a fi cctrr^p'tied Good*, coo prtslitc roil Dto. er ui TfaVrrtcn •ooTatl- Wat sot every ducnpnost. of • rerr «eomor quality ttj<l <m new aao c.-ecan* deaigna. To* tan u Nicxa. atver. oooßvhl h 1* > depuait ot pore it toco ttlcc b*m that tbcy oc«*<m al> t&e adTaaQu-ea cl **id «i wj it- oi a-ayci tad aooertor st ub tre i-adiAltr cnl*r>ab e ftoo tC The Gorantn Mam&ctonng: Coerssy rtf>r vita csa- Ddeace to tb* big* r> potation Ui»yb*Te«UMl-bea it the onxmcuca ef Solid Silver wan, to vbleb tbey bate bees !br many years enrarec. aid tbry tew ai de me ooblle tbai m-y vm m*tau» I'm rvpata tion by ttr proCortioo of E»**ctro plated War*;a or nrb qns'nyand tit irao dnrtm Jty aa vil» laaarc eoure tatlrtacllocto the jw*rtbta«’.r. AH roads br tbew are sua p*d tbs*; GfiftUAMUT&t’o Aad all such an fhlly guaranteed. Hi ay leel It tieces* »U 5 particularly to call, the attention ol burchasen tc the snore traee-marle, as their designs hare beat tt rrady eztenalrely imitated. These roods can caiy be prrca'ed from responsible dealer! thnosbout the co on try. Ilelmboid'a Fluid Rxtraet Buehn Is pleasant in tuie and caor, free froc all injarloru properties, aid immediate in Ita action. Rebellion In tbo Unman Interior. Rebellions are cot conDoed to bodies po ltlc. They treat cot la oar own Interiors as well' as in tb* u taw cis of the land." The catoral law of oar bodies Is health, hat we mlsaie than, and th»y revolt. Wo sub ject them to expcscrc, we overtask thex. we orer.oad the stomach, we seslect the bowels, we plunge oat ol room* hotter than the tropics Into an atmosj here be low IreezJnp point, end In virions other ways tnflo with oar health. 1 Bat these frames clours are wonderful marhlre*,*iJd we can, by the me of the PROPER so IN VIGORATE asd REGUL VIE them as to reader them almost proof against tb.' •'•C -.j which, la our reck- Itesness, we subject them. Nothing that has tvcrba'n known or heard of a* a tome adds so much to the resistant power o! the human system under circumstances unfavorable to health, as HOSTBTTER’S STOMACH BITTER*. Ifyouwoa’d escape the intermittent fevers, fits ol Indigestion. bil lions attacks, asd bowel eompialnts, of wnlcb cold and damp are the frequent causes, use the BETTERS as a PROTECTIVE MEDICINE. This Is the wisest coarse; bat It already aa invalid, try the preparation as a RESTORATIVE. In either case, full reliance may be placed upon Us efficacy, sold everywhere. Enfeebled and Delicate Constitutions, 01 both sexes, ttse uelmbold's Extract Bnchn. It wUI plve orUk and eneieetlc feelings ana enable 70a to Btetp well. •_ Tlie Glory of Hon Is Strength* Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should Imme diately nse Uelmhoid’s Extract Bnchn. Tbe Dealing Pool and Bonne of Mercy. Howard Association reports, tor young men. on the crime of solltnde. the errors, abases and diseases which destroy the manly powers, aid create Impedi ments to marriage, with sate means of relief. Sent in sealed letter cnvelrpes, free of charge. Address Or. J. PKILLIN HOUGHTON, HowaidiAsaociaOoa Fhladel phla»Pa. manhood and Youthful Vtcor Am chained toy HelmbolcTa Extra Bachtu A Bead j and Conclusive Test 01 the prcpertm ol Heimbold * Fluid Kxtract Dacha ; *lll be a comparison with those act tbrth la the United : States Dispensatory. nr, TnomaoD, Proprietor of the Medical and Sor steal Institute, l7fc South has treated ail lanaaof venereal dis ease with unprecedented success lor nearlylorty ycan. bpermatortboea and impotence treated with the nappi* eat results. Particulars of the institute sad theQuidf mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 72, CM case. Illinois. Dr.. James, So Justly celebrated throughout the Fatted States In the treatment of Chronic Diseases Syphilis. Sptnna* torrb(Ea,and a'l other species of private Disorders, can he cc nfldentlally consulted at bis office and par* lots, 91 and 93 Baado!ph*sU, corner of Dearborn, (nearlyoppcilte WsolaofflceO Chicago, ID., from 9 a. m.toßp.m. P.0.80x 696. Dr. James is the only physician who has made the treatment of Secret Diseases a specialty, that Is en* doned by the medical prolesalon and the press. Dr. Bigelow, HaTlngthe confidence of th* poodc and the medical factutj at Urge, H the molt reliable pnyndan in the city Ibr chronic n*-rrona and sexual diseases. Call at hit offlce, 17P Booth Ciark-st corner of Monroe. Booms separata. Consn’tailon free. P. O. Box 154. Hla guide to health, published monthly, sent free to an] address. Take no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Bem*dles far unpleasant and daagerous diseases. Use Uelmbold's Extract Bocbu and Improved Bose Wiab. Shattered Constitutions Bestored by HelmooW* karaac* Bueno. Private Hatters. In all Private Matters go (or write) to Dr. CLAKEB. 97 Clark si. Both sexes consult him eou*det>tially. pr Send stamp for cucnlar on late invention for Married People. Female Pills tl per dox. fr Seed stamp for book tor victims of sell-abuse. Address tetters DB. CLARK*, No. 4 Larmo- Blocs, Chicago. Uelmbold’s Extract Baeha Gives health and vigor to the trams and bloom to the pallid cheek. Debility Is acoompsm-dbymtnv alarm ing symptoms, and If no treatment Is submitted to, conaomp’lon. Insanity, or uts ensoe. fftopngalg PROPOSALS if'OH ARMY THAN&- PORTATION. ■ iY WmkotoljD. January 13.18C7. f SZAIRD PROPOSALS wtd be received at this office muIMJ o clock nu, on the <sth ol Feoroary, ISS7, tor the transportation of Mtltary Suppllu during the ynr commencing April I, ise?, and ending March 3L IS6S, on the following rmles; _ „ _ uODIBNa L From Fort McPherson, Nebraska Territory, or inch poitts as may be determined npon daring the year on tee Omaha branch of the Union Pacific Bal road, west of Fort McPherson, or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter ritory to such posta ot dtp. ts as are now or may be es tablhhed in the Territory of Nebraara. wart or longi tude 103 decrees, la the Territory of Montana, south of latitude 46 degrerj. in the Territory of Dakota. wutot longitude 1M degrees. in the Territory of Idaho, scuta oflatltJde 41 degrees, and east of loadtudell* degrees, and In the Territories of Utah and Colorado north ol latitude 4k degrees, Including, U & actuary, Denver *** B‘'UTENo. 3. w Uia I1V« 4« From Fort Riley, state oi Ksnias, or ouch points u maybe determined noon during the year on the Union Pacific Railroad, E. D n to any posts or depots th*e are now or may pe established In the State of aan«<u or IntheTenllory of Uoloradj, aonth of latitude 40 de grees north, and to Fort Union, New Mexico, or other depotthatmaybeaesinvealn that Territory, and to any other point or points oc the route. „ „_ „ EODTE N 0.3. From Fort Union or such other depot as may b established In the Territory of Ne» Mexico, to an pons or station* that are, or may be established tc that Territory, and to inch posts or stations as may oe designated in the Territory ol Arizona, u the State of Texas west of longitude IB degrees. c „ , ROD re No. 4. From bt. Pant Minnesota, to rach posts as are now or may bo estaoluned in the btate of Ml ncsota, and lo that portion of Dakota Territory lying east ol th» Missouri River. The weiabt to be transported daring the year wi i not exceol on,Route No. 1. SUCQ,OOJ pounds; on Root* No.S, 20X00.C00 pounds;on Rente No.3.B,ooo4oopounds, and cm Route No. 4,1500000 pounds. Proposals will oe mads tor rente separately. Bidders will state the rate per lUO pounds p-r 100 tclicSrai which they will transport the stores In eacn month of the year, beginning April Ist, 1351. and end* lag March SI, 186 a. Bidders should gtye 'heir in tall, as well as their places of resident*. and each proposal anoold be acccmpanted by a bond is ice sum ot tec thousand (810400) dollar*, aimed by two or more reapomdble per* ao&a, guaranteeing that u> caae a contract it awarded for the rente mentioned in the prsposai to the party proposing, the contract will be accepted acd entered Into, and good ana sufficient security tarnished by said party in accordance with the terms of this adver tisement. The contractor win be required to give bonds in the fbllowUg amounts: On houte No. 1, £OO4OO OnßonteNo.-f. 200,000. On Route No. 3, 100,000. On Route No. 4. 50.000. Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and solvency ol each bidder and person offered as seennty wiu be re quired. Proposals most be endorsed *• Proposals for Army Transportation on Rente No. 1,2,3, or 4, h* the case may-be, and none will be entertained unless th-y ftujy comply with the requirements of this advertise ment. The party to whom an award is made must be pre pared to execute the cor. tract at once, ana to give the required bonds Ibr too lalthlnl performance of me con tract. The right to reject any and an bids may be offered Is reserved. The contractor on each route most be In readiness tor service by tne Ist day of April. 1887, and will be re quired to have a place of holiness, or agency, at which he may be communicated wllhpromplly and readily fbr Route No. 1. at Omaha, N. T., lor BoutoNo.2. ai Fort RUey. Kansas; Ibr Route No. 3, at Fort Union, New Mexico; for KonteNo 4. at Saint Pam, Minne sota, or at such other print Ibr each ot me several Routes as may be Indicated as the starting point of the rente. Blank trrms showing toe eoodtaons ol the contract to be entered Into ibr each route, can be on app i cauon at this office, or at the office of me Quartermas ter at New York Saint Loots, Fort Leavenworto, Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort boelllcg. aad must accom psay and be a part ot the proposals. By order of the Quartermaster General. • ALEXANDER BUBS. . Brevet Colonel and Ass’t Quartermaster U. s. A. PKOPOSALb- FOR PLANKING ALLEYS. OFFICE OF THE BOASn OF PUBLIC WOEES, { Chicago. February 14,1867. f Sealed Proposals wtd be received by the Board of Public Worts, at their Office, until U a. m. Monday. February TSth. 1867. far p.anting the alley through B ock 4,Kmzie’a AUdlfon to Chicago: also lor plank ing the alley through Block 1, Wolcott's, aid Block 3, Klnrte'B Addition to Chicago; and also fornlanklng the a.ley through Block* it and 30. Canal frastee's Snbdmai n.Sec.l7. T. 39 R 14 according to plan» ard sc-eclflcatlous on file at said office. Said improvements will be paid lor fcom tie special asresauenta evied to defray their cost when the same •ball be collected. Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Puhllt Worts, endorsed “ Proposal for Flanking Alley tn Block ** Ac., (naming tae partlcnlar locality), an I be accom parted with the usual fSOO bond, with inretlc*. to be approved by the board. The Board reserve the ncht to reject any bid not a accordance with the conditions of mis advertisement ortorelectall bids, and no proposal willbewceepted unless the party offering it »h*n give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expe rience, energy and ability lor doing the work, is trust worthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. * j. q. qin DELE. . FRED. LKTZ, O. J.ROSE. lOt ... Board of Public Works. Gobcrnwtent gale. Q.OVEKNMENT BALE. ■Ke property known as the “ GOVERNMENT TAN- Sm AND STEAM SAWMILL,** wlthaeT enly-are urn of land. near SAN _ , . _ ANTONIO, TEXAb. . m duplicate. win be received ut to the erst day ot March, 1967, for the pnrchaae of'a acreaot land, (more or lew) together alto the build* lugs erected thereon, and toe appurtenances appertain ing, thaua toaar: ONETASNgKr.c ntalnln-twelve Stone Ltoe Vata. nTTY-rWO WOODEN VATS. SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of tanrlng ISA Co hide* per annum: ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of aavtcc UOO fees <* Lumber dally: ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. M “ oer u “ v The above property is situated aouut two mile* above nan Antonio, on the sao Antonio Btver.and the water u conducted to the establishment by a race of hews stone laid In eutnt. - Tbelandwaseurcaeedaud improvements made by the late scxaded Comeaermta u ivemment, and art estimated to save coat in goiu- . The property naa been under leaae lortheyear 1868, at a monthly rent cf |3OO, payable in advance. A is cured title in tee simple win be elves by the TT. B.Gov ernment. - Proposalswin be marxed “Proooaais tor Govern ment Tannery *"<* Sawmill, 1 ’ and ad ore used to J. B. KIDDOO, Brt. MaJ. Gen. Asa’s Com*r Bureau S. F.4A.L, Galveston. Texas. grangpottatum. CTEAMBHIP GRKAT iSASTEKN. O CABETINU THE UNITED STATES MAILA _ Sir Janni AsDsaans, Cotno.nd-r. The French “Company cfCharterera”oftbeGßßAT SAS IEBN. having provided to* ship with ne w boilers, ana thoToosbiV reotted and retarniaoed her In every department, with medal reference to this service, will ran her regularly between New York and Brest, as fob lows: - LXATDfO VXWTOKK. UXTISQ BKX3T. Tuesday. April 9 Saturday .April 27 TLoreday buy 16 Ta-sday... .rone 4 Satnrdsy Jn'.o22 Thariday JjolylX Tuesday -Juy3o Saturday..........Ang. W Thursday S'pt.ll Tu’sday oeCl Baiuroav. Oct. 19 Nov. 7 NEW YOKE to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday. N0v,56, tak ing omy fostclaas passengers. Passage rates in gold, or its equivalent. Site. flh9, HDD—according to loca tion ard size ol room. UUU «.U Ui6 VI 4VWUI. Tickets lor the borne passage Issued at a reduction of |2O to passengers returning previous to August. Pasaergerscanbefarnlsned on board with railroad Urge's from Brest to parts at toerooncoi rateol 81G.N lorflm-CJa>iandsXso .or secondclass, being a redac tion ol 39 per cent on regular ratea*. Twenty coble feet of Baggages kwed to each passruzer. Letters ol crecll issuu tor England and the Conti nent. Tor passage apply to liem. y ABGO * GO,, Passage Agents. No. H 4 xroadway. Foifnrtbei Information apply to toeAmeilcsa and United States Exprws Co.’s at tbtir various agenrfeA %air 33ge. 'DATCHELOR’S hair dvk. tojb splendid flatr Dye: ta the beet in the world.' Sarcures, rebabio. lastaateneoua; me only Perfect Dyo; MoalsappplstaesL No ridiculous Oats, but true to natme. Oennlne algred WILLIAM A. BAT«'.U-' ELOtt. Soiaiy Drurelsta'aad rortumera, faotoryj 81 Bar clay-sL, New Tor A -AUMcal. IJMLX. THK HODR OF SICKNESS COMES, FKW CABS TO Read Anything OX TZUC SUBJECT OF DISEASE. In the year 1516, the writer of this article embarked In the Dcuo Bosoms in the city of philadeloata. hai (Or the last 13 years most of hi* tine has been occupied In the manufacture ol the Ttrlons Solid aed Flold Ex tracts. The meet prominent, and to which be denies to can the particular attention of the Faculty and the Public, are the Extract Dacha and the Extract Sarsa parilla, both of which are hlxhly concentrated preo*' ttonsofthe ingredients eeterinz into their composi tion. One bottle cf the Fluid Extract Bachool Sarsa parilla UtuDy equal in strenxtn to cne gallon ct the »jrep or decoction, as usually made, and hundreds of druggist* throughout the country hare adopted it la making their syrups of this name, and one table-spoon ful, added to a pint ot water, is tally equal to th* cele brated Ltibos Diet Drink, so suit used la former yean to purlly, enrich tAs blood, and beautify ihC comtlexwn. In calling attention to my remedl-s, I wish It distinctly understood that they are not Faust Medicines, meal of which are compounaed by persons too ignorant to read a physician's simplest pres,rt> tlon, much leas competent to prepare poarmaceutlcal preparations. These persons advertise. This I asx compelled to do to bring my tame before the people. In conversation cm various occasions fhave been as tonished at remarss similar to the following, and made in many eases by persons of bo ordinary Intelli gence—to wit: that the medicine business ts the moat profitable—all that Is necessary is to advertise, Thous acds have embarked with such Ideas, and millions bare been expended In bringing them before the public- Tin result otauch accumulated errors Is. taat when brought to the test, lacking merit, they bare oeen taort-lrvod. Bow tew, of the many thousands embarking, are com pelled to abandon the business in a ftw years, entirely bankrupt! Look back city years, and how few hare been succestfnl 1 Ask the skasos ol their success, and yon will find my statement. In recard to merit, correct. The Scleico of Medicine, Use the Doric column* ahcnM staid simple, pure and majestic, havlng/art for iuba«ls. induction for Its pillar, and truth alone for Its capital. I contend there is no business requiring these quali fications more. The medicines are brought in contact with Druggists everywhere. lam also well awiro that persons reason in this mson-r—that which may benefit one may he ol so advantage to another. Bov mistaken the Idea! A DlnreUc for one, a Diuretic for aIL A Narcotic for one, a Ntrcotc tor a>L A Purgative for one, a purgative for an. Just as much so as wholesome food for o&e U whcto some lood for all, with so more diflerence thaw that some constitutions require more than others, and that persona Is disease an given to despondency—expect ing In a lew days or weeks, and perhaps with a slzude bottle of medicine, to be restored to health, if not aa youth and beauty. These persona rarely recover. lacking padetee,and «onslderlng a fow dollarset pended for the benefit ol their healths waate of money. -Xhtrc «nme persons may hare been years in breaking down tbelr ccnaUtatlona, and probably expended thoa* eases ot dol'-trs la mesa and dissipation, and thins nothing of it. Such forget that QOOD HEALTH IS TEUE WEALTH. With upwards of SO.COQ recommendatory letters and unsolicited certificates, X have never resorted to ther publication, In this easel shall, however, append, a few remarks, trusting they may be appreciated. I am to the afflicted and suffering humanity. Their Bomoie Servant, H. T. HELM BOLD, Manufacturer of Belmbold’s Genuine Preparations (From the Philadelphia Ledger.] PnnrtDSLTHZA, July 33, IBS. Our esteemed friend and fellow-citizen, Mr. H. T .Eelmbold, Informs ns that be contemplates removing to the atyol New Tork, with a view of enlarging Mi bmrtneu, We have been acquainted with wards ol ten years; have been pleued with his integ rity and latr.deallng. Commencing In a small way, bis article mustpoMMs merit to insure thesueceakn has met with, ana from our * <w iTHintarrt* ™itii bitn f,|a confidently speak that we do not beneve he la a ms* who would wish to Impose on any on*, mnch leu ths afflicted, and really Inour longbnslnsta experience m an advertising medlnp we bare never heard ol tha success of any medlcma-wlthout meric [From the Philadelphia Evening Bußetta ot Jane »k ISM.] We are gratified to hear of the contlsned tnecesa la New York of onr townsman, Ur. H. T. BelmboM. Druggist. BU store, next the Metropolitan Hotel, is 38 feet front, 230 leet deep, and firaitonea IsbelxSK It Is certainly a Brand estabUibmsnt, and speaks layer ably oi the merit ol bis article*. He retains bis ottos, and laboratory la this city, which ate also jnodat ttr tabllihmenta of their class. • ■ ’ [From the largest Manutactnring Chemists la the Worle.] 1 am acquainted with Mr. H. T. Helmbold; he oee«> plea the drug store opposite my residence. «M waa sag. cessful is conducting the bssisess where others haß not been equally so before him. I hare been - Impressed with his character and enterprise. wm. WEiaaniAN, Firm ofPowos* WBorais; Msuntactnrlng Chem ists, Ninth and Brown-stt, Philadelphia. [Remarks from Chemical Analysis.] After a careful analj sis of Belmboid’s Preparation, they enjoy onr utmost confidence. We consider t>mm safe and reliable. NEVEER3 » YATSS~ Philadelphia, Jone-Uth, 1860. HELMBOLDS Fluid Extract Buchu A positive acd specific remedy for diseases ol the »«*■ der. Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy. The utmost can be reposed In its cnratlve power* in above Ulrsw. also in restoring me exhaust, d power* of nature which are accompanied by so many Harming symptom among which wilt be tbnnd Indisposition to Lose of Memory, Wakeftunen, Horror e Disease, or (crebodmgs of eni; in fact, universal Lassitude, Pros tration. ard inability to ecter Into the enjoyments eC society. 11 so remedy is need m such cases. Consump tion or Insanity ensue*. Vunt our hospital, asrlmse and prisons, and be convinced. The reader most be aware, however slight mayoe the attack It It euro to affect bis bodily health,'happiness, and that ot hit posterity. Helm bold's Extract Bochu will give job brisk and energetic fteling*, enable you to sleep weC. and is more strengthening than any of tee Prepara- Ooss of Bark or Iron. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUdHV ARD IMPEOVEDROSS WASH, Curs diseases arising from lAhlts ol dlulpatloo aa* imprudences, allaylog pain and inflammation, mr which those unpleasant and daxgeross remedies an frequently used. It cores at Uttie expense, UtUe or ow change in diet, no inconvenience, and no exposure. AH the above diseases require thaaiaof aDlurcQc, HELJHBOLD’S fXTRACT OF BUGHU Is the Great Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTBiCT SiRSIPiRILIi Cores Scrofula, Saltßhenm, Scald or Boro Bead,?*** ter. Pimples on the foee. Erysipelas, and eruotlota of whatever nature on the lace or ■**", purging oat the humors which make disease, enriching the Hlood,'scd BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. How to nse th»se remedies so as to guarantee a per fect cure: ' In all disease* except those analog foam habits of dissipation or Imprudences, nse the Bnchu. In these use the Extract Dacha and Boon Wash. In Humors on the lace, or any and every part ol the body, ns e Extract Sarsaparilla, applying to Pim ples and External Bamois or BrapDoss, Improved Bose Wash. Wholesome food recommended in all toe above diseases, tnatMii of restricted, avoiding all forty and hlgu seasoned food, and acidulous and sttmnlattEg dnnks. In recent cases, a core is effected insasstoa. shingly short period, tier in cases ol long standing • better to purchase a half dozen Dottles, ard uscfoUh-^ c ‘ folly according to explicit directions, in which easel ■m enabled to guarantee a perfect cure. Direct letters to BSLMBOLira Drag and Chemlmt Warehouse, 394 Broadway; New Tor A next Metro politan Hotel, or HELMBO CD'S Meuleal Depot, 184 scatn l»Dth-sL, Assembly Buildings, FhiladeiphtA Describe symptoms la all communications. Sold by all Druggists Ercrywliere. BEWARE OF COIiHIERFEITS. J sk for Belmbold’*—Taka no other. %