Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 21, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago CtUmne. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21. 1867. THE CITY. KanoxinUsiox Association.—'The members I this society will meet for organization at the come of Professor UcCoy. tn the Opera House, in Friday evening, the anniversary of Washing ton's birthday. KorQun.Tr.—Atyprgra.hlcil error in yester day's Tcmosc did an "n'cntional injustice to Mr. Jasper W. Pool. The jury, in his case, returned a verdict of “ not guilty”—lnstead of “ guilty”— as reported tn onr law Intelligence. Wxsnxzx Philipps. —The sale of reserved seats for the lecture of this distinguished man 10-nigbt ha* progressed very rapidly at the box-office of the Opera House, and a largo audience is sore to benresent.' Ixcobkect firronr.—"We are Informed that neither the paster nor the officers of the Second Presbyterian Chuich are aware of the sale of the church lot on the comer of Wabash avenne and Washington street, as has been reported in some of the city papers. Invixo Socnrrr.—The tenth year ol this society «ill be completed on Wednesday, the 371 h in stant, and former members are requested to be present at half past two on that day, at tbe High School, bringing tbeir friends and prepared to do tbdr part in speech-making. Fna Aulux.—The alarm of fire sounded from box No 62 about nine o'clock last evening, indi cating a locality in the vicinity of Archer road and Peering street, was caused by the burning of a large building of some sort outside of tbe city limits onAlchcr road, and the engines did not visit tbe spot There was quite a brilliant reflec tion in the aky lor half an boor or more, but It finally died out. Burner Wnrrmorsx.—Fears are entertained in regard to the safety of Bishop WhUcbonsc, of this dty, who was expected to arrive here some days ago. The vessel In which he sailed for New York had been ont seventeen days on Sun day lam, wuh no tidings ot ber. Prayer* were offered last Sabbath in the Cathedral of St, Peter and Paul for his sate arrival. Mn. Ln InxsTznxs.—At last we bave an an swer to the often asked quesnon, “ Who is A. H. Lee, the drawer of tbe Opera Houre?” Brad strut’s Commuvial Circular, gives this week among the list of corrections tbe following item : “Prairie Du Rocbcr: Brlckey & Lee—Mills—n.»w F. W. Bnckey.” Mr.Lce has. therefore, left the business, and is probably intending to enjoy Us oHvtn evtr* dlgnXtatt for the remainder of his days. St. PAmics's Society.—A special meeting of St. Patrick’s Sodetv was held last evening in par lor No. 1, Tremont house. The newly elected officers were Installed, and reports ofcommittees received on detail matters. The Society deter mined to cclebrat* St- Patrick's Day by a dinner, on the evening of Monday. 18t*i of March, at tbe Tremont House, Tickets for the dinner are now ready at (5 each. Kncmax School. —TwoJpieaßanl incidents oc enrred on Wednesday at this school. In the morning Inspector Blackman surprised tie First Division by tbe present of seventy pair of dumb bells, and in tbe afternoon tbe pupils expressed tbeir gratitude to tbe inspector in the delivery of appropriate tcsolntlons- By this handsome gift He Newberry pupil* wJI bave the roeausfor physi cal as well ss mental development. As IsroETon.—The Relief Committee of the Young Hen's Cbrir tign Association announce that a woman railing herself Mrs. Schultz is going abont the city with an infant In her arms. Impos ing upon the benevolent by tbe touching story that she it a widow with two other starving chil dren, and is just about being tnrued ont of doors by htr landlord, Ac. They state tuat she never bad a hosbard, has no other children, is a pro fessional beggar, and does not need help. Srmousrr Injured.— A workman, named Mi chael Henreban, employed in the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad machine shops,"was very seriously Injured, abmt eleven o'clock yesterday mom tag, by tbe falling of a large driving wheel across bis legs and body. After being rescued from his painful situation, be was conveyed lo his resi dence in tbe West Division, where surgical at tendance was immediately piocured. It la under stood that bia recovery Is considered very doubtful. Larceny oy Clothing.— At tte Police Court, yesterday afternoon, a yourg man named George Watson was committed for trial in bail of (1,000 (or tbe larceny of an overcoat, dress coats, pants, and vests, tbe property of Messrs. Gltelns, Tan Taiscn, Millard and Greenieaf, gentlemen board ing at No. 205 Madison street. The clothing had been pawned at shops on Wells street, ana a por tion of the avails were found noon the prisoner. George claimed to have a ccitiflca’e of insanity (torn a city physician, but was not prepared to exhibit IL Tnz T-iw Tunnel.— The poor male who has done such long and faithful service in the Lake Tunnel, was taken out yesterday, there being no farther wotk for him to do In those sub-lacustrine regions. Ibe tails have all been taken np, and the next thing to order Is tbe cleaning ol the great bore, and then the testing, to see if it will bear the enormous pressure. Of Ibis there is no doubt. Tfaebricksare bedded in the solid cl 17, which for tbe purposes of resistance to pressure is as good as rock. “ Slowly moves the hours” towards the final con summation. Yet a little while, and thenailttlc while longer, and after that a few days more, and we shall have pure water. Thx SixiGnxsa.—A quantity of tbe raw mate rial sufficient for the exercise of last horses be fore light cutters, layoc the ground yesterday, but the mud absorbed most of it. forming a soft, conglomerate substance, not at all inviting, and the tinkling of sleigh bells vu very seldom heard. A stiff frost might make an apology tor deigning at thia bite day, out, with the melting mood of yesterday continued a little, taat faint prospect would vanish. This specie* of amuse ment has been well improved during the present winter, and we can well afford to dispense with it now. roiDQTTED rou Trial— At the Police Court yesterday morning Master Edward Hamilton (whose real name is Edmund Berkely Brooke, he being asephew of Mrs. James It. Hamilton) was committed lor trial at the Recorder's Court in bail of tI,BUO This yootb. less than sixteen years old deliberately attempted the assassination of Uis uncle. James G. Hamilton, residing at No. 193 Micmgsc avenue. In revenge for so®" rebukes. which he had received. In court yesterday he ap peared to feel very badly, indeed, and the uncle. s who is really recovered from Ue effects of the •plrfolsbot, was very relueisni to prosecuie tbe case Much allhctea by the lad b persistent man ner yesterday, be went to him. and placing his arm about bis neck, gave him each kindly en couragement and sympathy as be could, and promised to stand by Dim through bis coming trill, acddoallthatlayinbls power to prevent a severe punishment for his offence. Cbo&sbabt Art Association.—This is the title of a very pretty little pamphlet, cot np by Mr. Neldlg, of Muscatine, and apparently dis tributed gratuitously, the only return In kind be-' ing the* gained by the advertising of bin business on the title page. Tbe prizes are typified in the book, a very good specimen of the whole lot of picture* being a rough drawing of two donkeys, bead to head, tbe title of which is “Rerngniiioa.’ 1 The following is a portion ol tbe prospectus: “ The Crossbaby Art Association is not a gill enterprise, and must not be confounded witu dol lar gift consorts. Owing to a great reverse In business, tbe friends of Uriah Deep Crossbaby - have urged upon bun tbe idea of making the dis- J torsi of his immense property (enumerate J be ow) the basis of a great national distribution of paintings, engravings, <fcc., on the ‘Art Union’ plan. “ihe award of premiums will be made at the grandest concert ever heard of. It will take place on Muscatine Island, a beautiful streak of prairie land, fifteen miles It ng and tec miles wide. The inhabitants of this island have kindly agreed to a temporary removal of their bouses, bates and pig pens, expressly for this occasion. An immense pavilion, covering the entire Island, "ill be raised and the seats, solily cushioned, will he arranged in amphitheatre form. All the principal sawmills between Moscatme and fct Paul arc engaged m sawing boaids for the erection of ihe.e ecats. The stage, five miles square, situated in the cen tre of the pavilion, will be elegantly carpeted with Brussels, and gorgeously festooned and decorated throughout. Tbe immense pagoua "ill be illu minated by nine thousand jet- of bog fit, famish ed to order by the ‘.Pork Packers’Club' of Chi cago. No expense will be spared to make this the hugest and be-t paying auair 'to the natrons) ever pioji-cted in Europe or America. Stoves. Rasgeb, etc.—With the rapid growth ol the city—its numberless houses now in* pro cess of erection—the many happy couples about to commence their first housekeeping, and tbe removal from the “two-story frame” to the pala tial brick or marble residence, comes the ever in ceasing demand for household and kitchen fur niture. To meet Ihl* demand and please all cus tomers Is the aim ofM.osemost largely engaged in Ihle branch of business. Prominent amongst tbe names of onr stove merchants stands tbe well known firm of Bangs Bros, No. >2 Monroe street, a few Goors cast ot the Post Office. A visit to .Ibelr establishment will convince the most scepti cal that this firm has as extensive and complete an aeeorment ol furnaces, stoves, ifcc., as can be found west of New York. It Is scarcely necessary for ns to speak of tbe excellent reputation wbteh these gentlemen hold, hm we desire narttculariy to call tbe attention of the tmbltc to the fact that they are the authorized agents for the sale ot the lastly cel ebrated “Barstow Cooking Range.” This range is simple and substantial in construction, ot ex cellent finished farting-, and gives entire satisfac tion to the pmcfaawre, as the hearty testimonials of xnsr.y «f our prominent citizens, now in Messrs. Bangs Bros’band*, will attest, the combination of flues is so a-ranged tha r the draft oflbertove Is always upward, so that baking, broiling and cook ing generally can be done at the same time, thus combining utility with economy, end making a most perfect cooking range, in addition 10 the large stock ol stoves, registers, ventilators, Ac., which Messrs. Bangs Bros have, on hand for sale, theyareskoprepared to contract for light Job work in tin, copper or iron, and guarantee satisfac tion to ail patties favoring them with their pat ronage. meteorological. Ibe following is (Le meteorological record of the week aiding Saturday, February 16, 16C7, as kept by J. G. Langgulh, Jr., optician. No. 115 Randolph street. Tbe temperature is taken in the shade. The dircctlonand force of t'le winds are given approximately, with the barometric oln tndcs—the small letters being tbe initials of tbe woids “hign,” “breeze,” “gentle,” “veering,” ‘•rain,” “snow,” “moist atmosphere,” and “dry. THEZnOUETEB. Nlcbt „ Rain to Date, preceding .7a.m. 2 jv.m. 2p.m. Sun —l*o —6 10 72 .... Men..... 3 IS 41 37 .... Tb 5..... 52 39 39 42 .030 Wed 40 42 47 « 510 Tbn~*— 29 36 37 87 .012 FlI St 38 56 39 .037 Bat 30 52 45 » .22i BASOVXTEB. 3 p.m. 7 a.m. Date. Mer*y- Wiad. Meriy. Wind. Mer’y. Wind, bun. ..29A6 N TV. g. S9AWB.W.C. 29AS S. W. g. MOU..»-70 R.b. 2959 S.b. 29.56 6. h. Tue*. .29.52 S. h. 29 « S. b. 29.44 S. W. h. Wed.-29.15 b. 6. E. r. 29.10 S.S.W.b,v. 29.37 Thn...t9Js K. N. E. b. 2957 N.K. E.g. 29.60 E. b. tt. a. 29dS E. z- v.r. 29.m4 E-E.K-g.r. 5a1.. '.29.09 W. S. W. b. 29. SS. Vi. b. 29.75 BW. h. AlflCJSlsinßNTft. jlcTickjx’s Theatre.— BoucicaultV “Long £tiice,” which has been on the board* for nine a. evenings, will be repeated to-nicht for the la t KAtinic tin Friday evening “ArrahNa Pogue” “ wifi be n resented on the occasion of the benefit of Ur. McDonough. __ McnEcai.—**The nacnenot Captain” Is having a successful ran. and will be continued during the week, with a farce at the dose, each evening. Couercai.—'The principal feature at lankcc B ohms on’s Is the bold riding ot James Robinson, "which Is really wonderful, and strikes the be holder with astonishment. Skatxxo. —Notwithstanding the thawing weath er of several oays past, (here is now some of the beet ice of the season avthe Rinks, the tempera ture belt g kepi low by a patent cooling apparatus. Fesiak Palaui aks Ball.—Tbc Fenian Brotherhood of Chicago propose to celet>ra*e the birthday of Washington by a parade of the Chicago Battalion I. JL A. during tbs day. and a ball in ibe old Board of Trade rooms In the evening. The proceeds wui he appropriated to the purena-eof aims and ammunition for the ” Irish Republic.” THE STORM AND FLOOD. The Water on the Prairies—A Sabhath Amid the Wafers-Scenes and Incidents. The overflow on the prairie la the southwestern quarter of tl e dty had declined on Tuesday mom ire considerably, but was Increased snbreqaent 1j by Ibe heavy mow which melted as It reacbed (be ground, and added to the volume of water. The ood Is now as flcxicnsive as ever in all those sections which were overflowed by ttn* Anzftaine- 1 ibe large amount of enow stUl lying on the ground tributary to ibe river will Increase the volume materially, and If n melts off at once, as appears probable, In a day or two we may expect another flood, though not so great as that of the last few days, ss the obatrtcilona to Its coarse are mostly removed. Xhe condition of things In the floodrd localities Is not alarming, although the poverty of matt of the residents can bardty hear (be delay and loss cansed by the overflow. The water still stands at adepth ot from five or six Inches io the shallow places, to two feet in the hollow*, the streets which are not raised being completely covered, giving the appearance of a lake dotted with Dots. A vciy disagreeable feature of the case, to pedes* ttians, is the havoc made with the sidewalks, they bclDgralgLiUD some cases for whole blocks, and Costed out of position. A few small oni-baliditg*, and five or six wagon beds are lelt stranded In the street*. Flat boating is as popular as it was when our city engineers, in the capacity of drainage com tnihsioners, Lolowcd out the streets, making ca na’e n orcumnerone tban the Interests of commerce demanded. Our reporter saw, yesterday, not far from Sampson street, a woman standing at her door with one end of a long cloth- s line i*i her band, the other end being attached to a section of plank eidev alk on which her husband was propelling bimselfwith the elotbes pole towards dry land. Tnc navigator was evidently making bis way to the nearest grocery to procure a supply for break fast, his helpmeet being prepared to draw him and Ibe precious cargo backto their Island home when the purchase was completed. Curious stories are totd by those who bave been fortunate enough to reach the nnwatered centre of the city, of the way In which the unwashed neighborhood got its Monday dinners. A grocer’s wagon loaded with food started to supply the {icopleofthe suddenly formed archipelago, bat t did not succeed in getting beyond the first house, and the enterprising voyager was obliged to pay some of the natives for poshing bis craft back again. Another dealer made a raft and char tering two boys to posh it with poles, loaded on a valuable supply ol groceries and lager, and, sailing calmly Irom port to port, realized a hand some profit from bis venture, so that he soon re turned for a fresh cargo. The Juvenile Islanders did not frequent the Sunday Schools verv largely, and tbeir attendance at the cily schools dnnng the week has been below the av* erage. Those in the best localities, and some of those who under any circumstances are greatly delighted at an opportunity for waning, managed to pntm on appearance, bat many, whose love ot amphibious adventure would bave brought them safely through the swelling flood, were detained at home by parental anxiety. To understand the condition of aqueous affairs it is necessary to remember that the streets in these neighborhoods have not been filled in to a depth oi six or seven feet as has been the case in a large part of the dty, and that the houses are chiefly of bat one story, with the floor even with the ground, or only a few inches above it. where the latter bare buen properly raised, as even a dog kennel, or a pig sty, should be, there has not often been any invasion by the watcra; hoc as many of them merely rest on scantling which barely keeps them above the surface, tbeir floors are covered from an inch to a foot in depth. The severely damn le«son of this ►eason will nr. bal»]*> have a good etfecl In Induc ing (be owners of these structure l * to raise them to a safe and proper level daring the summer, so that they will not be in dancer of another flood ing. A lew icet of lumber and a little labor would Lave sufficed to prevent much of tbe present trouble. Tbe twiftcnrrcßtln the river brought down large masses of ice on Tuesday and Wednesday from the snthwestern portions of tbe dty, which have wedg< d if considerably among the vessels moored all along the docks, ana have firm el a dangerous obstruction aroned the piling at Washington street. Tbe channel here is very narrow, being now only about three eigbtha ot the tormsr width, and a large vessel moored at the west dank re duces still more the avenne for the passage of water and Icc. Still there may be no complete ob struction, as the ice Is becoming smaller, most of the pieces being now less than a yard square, so that tney can force theirway through, hut yet a few large cat es wedged in would produce a flooding ot the business part of the city—a result disastrous in tbe extreme. Tbe tug “Oriole” has beenplying up and down the river for the past three days, with a drag, stirring np tbe accumulations at the bnfom for tbe current to carry ont into tbe lake, and a glance at the horrible mixture wbicn rolls past the bridges is sufficient to prove that the stirring np is etfec tnal. This timely work will save the dredging of thousands tf yards of marl later in tue season, and the Board of Public Works should have credit (or the prompt action which they have taken in ordering iU St. Mark’s Church, In Cottage Grove, last Sun day was an island id a turbid sea. Tae rector, however, raking advantage of militiry expe rience, was equal to tbe emergency, for Is a short time be Lad constructed a pontoon bridge, and over it hia flock in safety went up to worship. The enow, not particularly pleasing to onr one, was especially severe on the norse railroads. It was ecaicely possible to use the snow-plow, as the snow had packedsotidlv upon tbe tracks, and could hardly be stirred. Another difficulty has been excerienced on the streets paved with wooden blocks. The Board of Public Works or dereo tbe top of rhe rails to be laid even with tbe preface, so that tbe snow-plows cannot touch the grooves in tbe tails, aud the accumulation has to he cleared off with pick, ehovcl and brush. Few cars were running yesterday morning, es pecially in the West Division, as the labor of dealing the track by hand was very great. Late In the morning those In tbe South Division started out, and later a few on tbe West and North Sides. The road to the Stock Yards was opened and the care started tor there about two in the af ternoon, retting through without great trouble, though at night passengers'were still obliged to walk a little distance near tbe Driving Park. Tne railroads were not interfered with so much as was looked for, and trains all now leave ana arrive on time, though there Is water upon the tracks in several places. The snow storm • xtend cd for along distance norib and south of ns. At Green Bay it reached tbe depth of four or five inches, and at Davenport of ten inches. THE BRUNER DIVORCE CASE. The Pleading* Stated—Order for All* znony. The divorce case of Eunice B. Bruner against James D. Brener came np yesterday in tbe Cir cuit Court upon the motion filed on tbe sth of De cember last for a rule of court ordering defendant to pay alimony (o enable the complain mt to prose cute her suit and live. Tbe bill in ibis case was filed September l*t last. In it the complainant alleged that she had resided for more than one year in this city. Tha*, on the both o*y of April, 1855, she was married to the respondent, at Alum In this State. In ttn spring of 19W she cam* with her husoind to live in ibis aty, and shortly after he became accustomed to he out at unrea- tenable hours of the night, and to neglect her and their children. She charges that be. on the sth of December and at oihcrtimcs, committed adul tery with a woman known by the named Clara b. Bmndace, and that be frequented bouses of 111-tame, where be bad Illicit intercourse with other persons whose names are unknown to h»r. •he bill goes cn luribcr to slate: “Your oratrix further shows thst In tbe month of October, 1665, the said James introduced into his house and family a woman called by the name of Bernice Gallagher, to your oralnx an entire stranger. Your oratnx tried to get said Bernice to leave the b'-use, but James refused to let h-rgo; that the conduct of ►aid Bernice and James was so fa miliar, snd sucb as to lead rear oratiix to believe that be had unlawful intercourse with said Ber nice. When your oratr.x came to that con clusion in tbe latter part ol December, IBGS, aun then learning for tbe first time of his having committed adultery with the said Ciara S. Bruu dage, and his Crtquenbng houses of ill-fame, as aoove charged, she relused, upon learning such facts, to further live with the said Janie*, and has fever since refused o consort with him. tip to the time of the separatio' aforesaid, your oratrix bad always tn atea the said James as a loving and du tiful wile, and never gave him any cause of vio lating bis marital vows. Your oratrix is inform ed and believes that the said James left the city of Chicago some months ago. In company with the said Bernice Gallagher, and has been travelling about tne ronnltj with her, at times passing her off as bis acopted daughter.” Tne closing allegations in this behalf are. that tbe respondent wa<- a widower at tbe dateoftbis marriage, with two children; that she has al o borne two children to him. and hat he has de scried these latt r and her .-ducc December, 1805, bat at one time sought forcibly to take them from her. She represented her husband to be poster ed of property valued at about $70,000, with a monthly Income ol about fCW; to prevent any transfer of wbicn by him she sued out an injunc uon. On tbe first day of November, on the affidavit of a brother ol the complainant, John hitch, of Al ton, on order of publication was made, the allega lion being made thst the respondent bad left this State; a motion made daring October to quash the summons on the main ground (hat respondent was beyond the jurisdiction of the court, as areeldentofa foreign country, being overruled. It may here be stated that the defendant has meantime been arrested at tbe Sherman llouse.ln company with a female, with whom it was charged be was in adultery. Tbe case came be fore Ike Recorder’s Court, where the recog nizances were forfeited. Onthefithof December, a petition for tempo rary alimony was filed, and affidavits were placed on record in favor of the motion to allow it. This petition remained in abeyance and no action was taken In the case nnlil tbe fourth day of January, when defendant filed his answer. In this pleading he demurs to the Jurisdiction of the court, and ad mits tbe marriage, denying the allegation of bis neglect snd the {statement that he kept unseason sole houri*. Tbe charges of adultery he denies specially and generally, and then be embraces (he opportunity of staling his nnderblandlne of the external fca of the case. He states that the charges arc not upon facts, but upon a causeless jeal ousy on tbe part of his wife; and that be has rap ported the children of ibe marriage until the 27th day ot Mairh. lrtC,when they were given into tbe custody oi their mother nnderarttclcs ofseoaracioD. He says that during December, 1665, the com i-lainant, tor the benefit ol her health, went to Alton, where she stayed with her btolher, John hitch, until the following March, when he re moved there to live. Ucainvedat Alton on the i2d of Match, 1606, and on the following Sunday aa: served by &u attorney with a letter as fol l 0" Ibis letter will be banded to yon by Levi Da vlr. Esq., my attorney, w hom I have employed to institute legal proceedings for a separation, full acd final, of’be conjugal relations heretofore ex isting between us. i our past course of conduct, together with your refusal to bring to me my chil dren upon their arrival from Chicago, as von so solemnly promised, and your refusal to send tnem to me yesterday as I especially requested, has de termined me to this course. I shall return to my home in Chicago on Monday evening, weather ptimiulng, and before doing so, demand to see my tutle ones, and unless yon afford me snch in • eniew before, I stall appeal to my legal right in tbatiwpect on Monday morning. Mr. Davis Is fully empowered to deal with you as to the terms of separation. No farther private Interviews be tween ns can occur. E. B. Bbubxb.” This, he alleges, was the first intimation of a desire on the part of the complainant to separate from him, and np to (bis time (hew intercourse had been of the “most kindly and pleasant character.” In evidence of this, he spe cifies the foe* thst during her absencelrom him at her orothei‘B house—f he being sick— be bad twice visited her, and he makes a part of bis bill tour letters written by her during the same period. The first of these la to “Dear James” from his “affectionate wile.” giving an account of her arri val at her brothers home. Thi second, of Jana aryiSCth, 1860, acknowledges with gratification tbe receipt ol a letter from Mm, with a “ nice box of goodies.” The third is dated January SCih, her 351 h birthday, when in familiar language tbe wishes she bad received for a present as nice a switch of hair as slater Libeys’. tbe in this communication expresses anxie ty abont his health, and great hopes of her own recovery, recommending him to see “that tbe ht le children best their feer ho , before -hey go to bed.” • This letter la from his “ lovng a-id true wife.” In connection wilh his course toward the chil dren and the mother, ho alleges mat. e ill > removal to Alton he le-ntcd from ai-b--noo William, that there was a scheme concocted on tbe part of complainant's brother, Julia, «og t possession of the two ihlldrcn of bl- p eseat wife: and tha:, upon his arrival at Alton, their custody was demanded of him. Whan ► ailed upon by the lady’s attorney, !bc defendant appointed a meeting, which bci ig hold resulted In a deed of separation, by the i* rms of which he was to, and for a time did, pay S6O per month to support the children; condi tioning to increase this sum as tbe children grew °*i!te states his worldly estate to consist of four almost valueless houses, upon the west half of tie cast halfot lot one,block 111, school section addition to Chicago, being 83)J feel front on Mon roe street in the city of Chicago, and tbe follow incnartoflot, viz : commencing at a point ic the north line of lot one, block 141, school section addition to Chicago, 50 feet west of the north east 6 p.m. comer of said lot one, thence running vest along nld north Ime 4SV feet, thence south In a fine parallel with the eascline of said lotoneltßfrei moreorless, to the math line of raid lot one, thec.ce east alone said aontta line 42M feet, iheoc-* corth-taa line parallel with the eastlneoftaidloiHSreerto the place o! begin* sue, is the said cry of Chicago. Upon ih a property be males his mortgage debt to be C29.~u>: with personal doote of 53.337.14. li'FinetmetoMa: ,1807, be estimate? at (3,439, wilb an expens*-account of 53.453.25. ihp>>l>sdisos en*i here. Yesterday 'be coorl ordered the Defendant to par into court SSOO »iih . in id. davs, 1100 of which snail be for solicitors’ •ter, and S4W for the support of vhe complainant, a- temporary al'mony; and tnat the defendant pay *l6O pcrmonih, commencing the 15th day of March next, and «150 on the 15th day of each month ensuing. THE CUSTOM HOUSE. ChhDgfS Ordered—A New Deal- Cramping—l he India Rub ber Idea. Extensive changes are tn progress at the Cus tom Bouse. We refer rot to changes of occupa tion, but to charges of position and location id rbc Government offices, and tbe refurnishing of the rooms. Tbe Chicago Custom Bouse was built seven years ago, and already it Is fonud to be too small for the Governmental needs of the district. Tbe officers located there have within the past two years made repeated representations to toe Gov ernment that some charges were necessary, both In regard to the placing of offices and the putting down ol new carpets and other fnrnl nre. Octree ly anything has been done toward furnishing the rooms since tbe building was lakeu posscsulon olhy the servants of the Government, and In several instances great iu convenience has been experienced owing to the omission of some v«ry simple repairs which coaid not be done witnontc xp»essraiders from headquarters. About a month ago an architect came from Washington with tall powers to inspect ai d re commend such changes as might be deemed fit and necessary. Agreeably to bis Ideas, and to a mnlnal concurrence between the heads of donart- meets, several changes will immediately be made, or which the following are a few of the leading items: in the northwest corner of the second floor is now located the office of the Collector of In ternal Revenue, General O. L. Mann. Tbe suite or rooms mnnmg south alone uhls side is occupied by tbe Post Office Department, a* the registry room aid the department for the sale of stamps, &c., including the private room of tbe Postmaster, with the exception of the office in tbe extreme south west comer, which Is cccuplcd by United States Commissioner Hovne and tac Steamboat Inspec tors. The small room nrxt adjoining the office of (he Collector of Internal Revenue has been tamed over to General Mena for his own individual use, and a doorway will be cat In the wall between tbe two room* to communicate from one to too other without the necessity of passing into the ball. To facilitate this, Postmaster Gilmore has given np the room occnoledas the private office ot the Postmaster, and it will now be used by the clerks ol the registry department, giving them more privacy than they have hitherto enjoyed,and enabling them to carry on tbe w ork peculiar to the reglstciing of letters wnbont interference from the employes in other di visions of postal business. This privacy is rendered especially necessary by recent orders regulating the mode of dealing with registered letters, which are now required to be placed in envelopes separated from tbe ordinary mall bags, and to be receipted for by every one through whose hands they pats from the time they are deposited by tbe sender til) they arrive at their final destina tion. The Postmaster will hereafter be found down stairs in Iht room known as official head quarters, ai.d located in the southwest comer of the first floor, where he is enah'cd to lake n general survey of everything done In tbe Post Office without leaving bis room, and where he Is easily communicated with by the clerks and those of the general public who may bavo business to transact *itn him. In the room now occupied by United States Commissioner Boyne sumo of the vessel inspec tors are placed, thus relieving to some extent the pressure on tbe snltc ol rooms occupied by the Collector of the Port and bis assistants. We may here mention that about a mortb i ince, the position of Deputy Collector of tbe Pott was filled by tbe appointment of W. J. Rockwood. ot Minnesota, to tbe place made va cant some months ago oy the death of Mr. Mc liroy. Tbe depositary rooms in tbe northeast corner of the second floor are also being changed. Tbe vaults, in which all the Government funds arc kept, is to bo made additionally secure by taking awßj an extraneous door communicating with the comer in which It is located, this door being about to 1-e placed in a email room, hitherto un gt. d, on tbe left of the entrance to the depositary. Under tbe recommendations of tbe architect al lowances have been made by ’he authorities at WasL'ngton for new* carpets and other furniture needed to be pot in the rooms, an improvement sadly "at.:edasla well known to all having occa sion tovJsilauy department of the Government of flees«<r aycar past. Scarcely one of the carpets was whole, and all of them were faded beyond the poa fribllky cf recognizing the original pattern or color. Newderks and choirs in limited quantities are also supplied, and mis enables tbe officers to make a bolter dlßnoFlllnn of the forces at tbe’r command. II irav be of ut’ercM to state that those emplyed under Collector Scales have recently had to sub mit to tbe infliction of an increase ot salary. Tbe officers of tbe different departments seem to be working by common consent to make this de partment as efficient as possible, hunting ont little defects wcxch existed under the previous manage ment, and a’taii-gto set idem right. Tbe greatest number of changes now being made is in the Post Office Department, wbete tbe delivery boxes and tables are entirely rearranged, and the work ing lorcc to a considerable extent reorganized— this, however, not including, as some might sup pose. a change of n»rl>s, hut only s rearrangement of the work and a different system of working. Ibe tremendous growth of the West, and of Chicago, the centre of tbe West, Is being constant ly exemplified. We have, in the Custom House, only one out of numerous Instances of this. When, seven years ago. that building was erected, it was thought 'bat ample room had been provided for ibe necessary expansion of a score of veara at lee-t.aiid now, within one-third of (bat time, tbe officers are ciampcd fur room, A good deal of this i« due, perhaps, lo tbe war, which was not calculated upon w hen the edifice was plan ned. The office of Collector of internal Iteveune was not m existence, and the business of the Jc- Jiofitary and the Collector oi the Port have been argely increased in consequence of the la<ge sump coming into their bands for revenue nnipoees. Ibe same may be raid of stamps; and of tbe United States Conn, much of vhlchisin connection with alleged frauds on (be revenue. But even had the war not occurred, there Is no doubt that !n the course of three or four years irotn the present time as crest a lack of room would have been experienced as now following the war. It becomes a question, and probably it win be a much more important one in the futmo than in the past, whether or not everything we ImPd for Govern mental, municipal or private use. shall not bo constructed of India rubber or on the telescopic principle, making them susceptible of eloncatfon at pleasure to suit the requirements of an ever in creasing community. II this bint is found to be uoitbthe attention of the proprietors of our street can. tbey are hereby recommended to try the experiment. Brick nucblnes. To the Editor ot the Chicago Tribune: As there seems to be an unusual cxcilement at this time, on tbe subject ol brick machines, and a loud cry tor cheap bricks is hciug made: sod as marvel! «» stories are told about the cheap ness with which bricks cat. be made by certain machmes—the Gregg machine, tbe Douglas ma chine, the Card machine and others—l. tor one, am anxious to see tbe truth of some of these ston-. s tested, and for the good of tbe public, will make the folio ring off r: 1 will compete with any or all of tbe above named roachln s in the manutactare of 100,000 bricks, in or near Chicago, on tt'e following conditions: Both parlies too gin on an equal footing: and as the first thing to be done in making bricks is to dig the clay, let each party take his clay, not dried or pulverized, or pitpared for th* but Just where na ture put It: each party to dig his own clay, und • ach one to dry, pulverize, temper, wet, or pre pare, in an} manner he sees fit, tls own clay; and each sake, set up and bum a kiln of 100,00'J bricks. Let tbe whole work bo superintended by a com mittee, business It shall be to Uc-‘n an ac curate account of the men’s wages and of the en tire expense attending the production of the ICXJ.OOO bricks. InciuCirg loss of time by break downs, 'then let a committee of nuilders be as pointed to decide upon tbe qualities of tbe respective kilns of bricks; and lot tbe party who makes the cheapest end the best bricks take both kilns, and let tbe parly who comes ont second-best pav the cost of making both kilns. Whatever the reetil*. of such a contest, it would no a great satisfaction to tne public. Inasmuch as it would afford them an opportunity of finding ont to a cent, just what the cost of making bricks In Chicago is. A. J. Kjobclt. LOCAL BLATTERS. museum of Anatomy.—This estab lishment. a branch of the New York Museum of Anatomy, has recently removed to No. s‘Cßar.dolrh street, corner ot Dearborn. Drs. Jordan acd Beck being ic charge. The collection consists of several hundred accurate and life-line representations, in wax, of various organs and portions of the human body, in a state of health and ol disease. Every organ is shown in its natural position, form, size and color, with Us re lation to adjacent ergons, and Its blood vessels, nerves, glands, Ac. The structure of the brain, lungs, heart, stomach, nerves, blood-vessels, glands, muscles, limbs, and other sub-divisions of the system are exhibited In a vivid manner, conveying an understanding that paintings and en gravings cannot, and Ihe studious mao can obtain here a wondcrlnl insight into the complicated machinery of the human system. Many diseases are also exemplified, with their causes and effects, so that they may serve as a warning and a caation. An examination of this fine collection, made with the proper motives, will prove profitable os well as interesting. Lectures are given dally by the physicians named on subjects illustrated in tbeMnscnm. and matters of general importance. The exalbi lion is open, for gentlemen only, from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m. The Renowned Clairvoyant SUtera’ National Cancer Institute ana Magnolia Infirmary, 865 Wabash aveunc. Instantaneous cures of many diseases, oy the healing power—consumption, cancer, aflhma, rheumatism and all other com plaints cured in from one to ten days. Patients cured of al! kinds of diseases to be seen daily. An Article of True iTlent.—“Brown’* Bronchial Troches” are the most popular article In ibis country or Europe ior Tbioat Diseases and Coughs, and this popularity is based upon real merit, which cannot be said of many olhrr prep arations in the market which arc really but weak imitations of the genuine Troches. Do Not Let Tour Prejudice Stand Be tween your suffering child and the relief that will be absolutely sure to loilow the use of Mrs. Wins low’s Soothing Syrup, it corrco* acltlty of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bow els, eoficns the gone, gives rest to the mother and health to (he child. ThTty-fivc cents a bottle. Offices, 48 Dey street. New York, and SOS High Uolbom, Lcndop. England. Children having Worm* require Im mediate attention, as neglect ot tbe trouble often causes prolonged sickness. Brown’s “ Vermifape comfits’ 1 are a simple remedy, and will destroy worms without injury to the child. Sold at 23 cents a box by most dealers in medicines. *4 Formodcnta” Tooth Pane preserve* the freth, preventing decay, making (bom white and beautiful. It is free from ali injurious sub stances. It is used and recommended by the best dentists. Manufactured solely by Caswell, Macs & Co., New York, bold by all druggists. The Franklin Brick machine. Justly celebrated for peifcct simplicity, gieat strength, ano immense compressing power, is aganaiirxED, yrith eight men ana two horses, to self-temper tbe clay and make 3,000 to 8J 00 elegant bricks per hour. J. H. itoncs, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Boom 23. New Sewerage of London* The latest statistics of the new main-drain age works in London are curious. The total length of new sewers at present completed is eighty-two miles, and the works, when finished, will hove cost £4,200,000. The drainage intercepted and carried off by these sewers is derived from an area ot about one hundred and seventeen square miles, and a population of 2,800,000. The amount of sewerage carried off on the north side of the Thames amounts to 10,000,000, and on the south to 4,000,000 cubic feet. In the con struction of the works 318,000,000 bricks and 880,000 cubic yards concrete have been used, and about 8,000,000 cubic yards of earth ex cavated. Tne Lancet, says; “This grand system of sewerage has been constructed under buildings, ■ and over and under canals, rivers and roadways, from twenty-five feet above to seventy-five feet below tbe surface, ■without any Important casualty or Interior ence with the public : convenience or traffic. The constructors! arrangements of the metropolis would appear to bo more wonderful and successful below tbosurikeotban above.” FROM FBARKFOET, ET. The Approaching Democratic State Convention—Prospects of a Split— Rebel Ootraaea io Boyle County— Union ftea Ordered to Petre. - [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Frankfort, Ky., February 20. To-morrow the rebeis bold a caucus to at tempt to control tbe Democratic State Con vention on Friday. It Is expected they will claim too many offices, and there is a pros pect of a split, and the rebels and Union Conservatives running separate tickets—the former with General "William Preston for Governor. If no division takes place, ex- Governor Helm, stay-at-home rebel, will probably be tbe joint nominee. Tbe Radicals hold a State Convention on tbe 26tb, and will put a fall ticket in tbe fle'd. Probably Colonel C. P. Barnes will bead tbe ticket. The Legislature has adjourned over until the last convention Is past. A bill to create a conventional rate of in terest was defeated in the Senate to day. The city is overflowing with delegates, and they are billeted on citizens. Later.—Tbe gathering of delegates to the State Convention make on immense throng. •The rebels In Boyle County have recently sent letters to General Ft ey, Captain Good- Ice. Joshua Bell, Don. Wellington Hanlon and the ofl-cers of the Freedmcn’s Burcan, to leave 'he county under penalty of death. Application to General Thomas has been made for the protection of Union men against these rebel regulators. FROM ST. PAUL. State Editorial Convention—Bill Psised theiionie Extending the Time for the Completion of the Pembina Telc crupu Line* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bt. Paul, February 20. The first Editorial Convention that has been held in this State since 1807, is in ses sion to-day. Thirty-one papers are repre sented out of forty-four In the State. Steps have been taken to make the organization permanent and meeting annual, and the first regular election of officers will take place to-morrow. Ihe bill which passed the House to-day extends the time or the Northwestern Tele graph Company two rears for the completion oi the line to Pembina, and imposing an an nual tax of four cents per mile onaii tele graph lines in the State. FROM QUINCY. ASafeßobbed—Drowned While Cross ing tbe iniaslMlppl BiTor—Navigation Open—Tbe Lecture Season. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Quincy, Ilk. February 20, The safe Id the store of Hod. S. R. Chit* tendon, State Senator from this District, at Mendon, Id this county, was opened and rohbed of over S4OO in currency on Monday evening during the temporary absence of the person in choree of the store. Suspicion is directed against one McNeely, and the offi cers are in pursuit of him. A report is current that Mr. Frank Slater, of this city, wife and child, were drowned near Lagrange, Mo., yesterday, while en deavoring to cross the Mississippi Hirer in a skiff. The packets between this place and St. Louis nave commenced their regular trips. The river Is m a splendid boating stage. Ralph 'Waldo Emerson lectures bere nest Tuesday. He will be followed by Carl Schurz, Wendell Phillips and Henry Vincent. Weather soft and cloudy. FROM MILWAUKEE. Terrible Accident—Explosion ot the Boiler of tbe Wisconsin Paper m 111 Poor Persons Killed—Los* $25)000. (Special Despatch to ibe Chicago Tribune.! Milwaukee, February 20. One of the most terrific explosions over chronicled in this city occurred at 4 o’clock this afternoon at the Wisconsin Paper Mill, one of the three boilers bursting, throwing the large drum which received the steam from tbe boilers 120 feet in the air, landing it in the street in front of the building, and one boiler was carried 200 feet into tne river, and masses of brick were thrown two thousand feet. The shock was felt for miles. The engineer, Isaac Hilt, his wife end a lady friend named Mrs. Jordan, and the fireman, Dennis Short, were killed. The engineer’s wife bad Jnst come with her husband’s supper, accompanied by a friend, to look at the mill. They were just enter* ingtbcercine room when the awful ex* {dosion took place. The damage to the mill s estimated at $20,000 to $25,000. The own* ers arc Jermain & Brlghtmsn, P. V. Denstcr, Laflin Bros., of Chicago, N. B. Lord and Louis Bleycr. Tbe defect in the boiler was noticed this morning, bat not deemed suf ficient to stop work. FROM LOUISTILLE. Arrival of Union Refugees from Boyle County—Outrages on Preedmen—A Tblef Arrested—Burning of the Glass Work* at New Albany, Ind* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Louisville, February 20. Generals Speed and Fry, Captain William Goodloe, Hon. Joshua Bell, Wellington Har lan and Major Doran, prominent citizens of Danville, Boyle County, Ky., arrived here to day. having been ordered to leave that part oi the State by & band of regulators. They will lay their ease before General Davis, Commandant of the State. On Monday night a party of men destroy ed a number of houses occupied by freedmeu in the town of Lebanon, Marion County, Ky. A man named John Hunter was arrested to-day for stealing a draft for $122.20 from G. J. Hilt, of Jasper, Ind. The stolen draft was found in ms possession. Tbe Glass Wor sat New Albany, lad., were destroyed by fire at 8 o’clock to-night, involving a loss of $25,000. About 100 men are thrown out of employment by the fire. FROM NEW TURK. Tire Fenian Excitement—Railroad • Depot'Burned—.Vi urderer Convicted— Acll nof the National Board ofDn* demmer*. New York, February 20.—The Fenian ex citement <n this city is shaping into serious action. Tbe discouraging cable telegrams were disbelieved, and volunteering was brisk. Tbe ‘‘Brian Born,” “St. Lawrence.” “O’Toole,” “Tara,” and other Circles, bold enthusiastic meetings during the evening. Mayor Hoffman being invited to address a Fenian meeting declined in a manner that showed be did not approve of such demon strations. The depot of the Morris & Essex Railroad, at Drakesvillc, N. J., was burned yesterday morning early. The agent of the company, Mr. Francis Bryan, and his wife, who slept in tbe building, narrowly escaped with their lives from the burniugstation. Two of their daughters were severely burned. Nothing in tbe building was saved. New York, February 20.—Chas. B. Man uel, a colored man, was convicted of murder in the first degree ibis afternoon for causing tbe death of Henry Roser, in December last. A cable despatch announces the arrival at Southampton of the Union yesterday. The first annual meeting of the National Board of Fire Underwriters commenced to dry. About two hundred and fifty delegates were present, representing two hundred mil lions of capital. The report of the Execu tive Committee favoring increased rates was accepted. Power to act was given to that committee, which was Increased to fifty members. Tbe subject of a three-quarter of value rule for insurance will be considered to-morrow. Some unimportant business was transacted. The subject of insuring buildings in which petroleum Is stored was briefly discussed,but no action was taken. A committee of ten was appointed to nom inate officers fortheensulngycar. Adjourned till to-morrow. The Committee of Conference looking to a union of tbe Old and Now Presbyterian church hold their first session in New York to-morrow. New York, February 20.—The Fenian meeting intended for to night, is indefinitely postponed, on account of tbe weather. The snow storm ceased this afternoon. Weather clear to-night. FROM CINCINNATI. murderer Arrested Suicide Case of Fretcnded Poverty—legislative. Cincinnati, Fobmary 20.—George A. Ells worth, formerly John Morgan’s telegraph operator, who shot and killed James Smith ers at Sharpsburg, Bath County, Kentucky, on Saturday last, was arrested eight miles from Lexington yesterday. An old German, named Francis Frnbe, living on the Harrison Pike, near this city, was found hanging dead in bis bam yes terday. He leaves a family of eleven children. Eva Reinhart, a German girl of seventeen, died yesterday at No. 23 Clay street. During the past year she bad been an object of charity at the hands of several benevolent institutions, including the Ruby Union. The cool snm of SO,OOO, of which $1,500 was in gold, was found in her room after her death. , The Ohio House ofßeprcsentatlves yester day defeated the Temperance BUI providing that no person shall sell intoxicating liquors without naving first given bonds not to vio late the law, to provide against the evils re sulting from the sale of intoxicating liquors. Only one Democrat voted for the bill. FROM PHILADELPHIA. A Would-be Seducer Shot Dead by the Earagid Father of Ills Victim. Philadelphia. February 20.—This morn ing, as George Ellingcr was being taken from prison Into the Criminal Court, for trial 'on a charge of assault and battery and attempt ed rape, be was shot dead by the father of the girl on whom the outrage was attempted. The father, named Thomas Leis,. gave him self up immediately, and has been commit ted for trial. FROM DES MOINES. Widowhood fflade Easy} or, the hatcat Phase of tiife Insurance Swindling. . Des Moines, lowa, February 20.—Some time since a man, named J. N. Sear* gent, got his life insured in the Travellers’ Accident Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn., for $5,000. A few weeks since his wife presented his claim to the office for the insurance, saying that ho was drowned in Winnebago County, HI., and produced Sear gent, under the name of “ Henry J. Allen,” hs a sworn witness to her husband’s decease. To complete the disguise, she bad shipped to her residence in Wisconsin, from a railroad station in Southern Illinois, a coffin Ailed with a log of wood, which was duly buried as her husband. The. cheat was discovered bv the vigilance of the- Insurance company, and search was at once made for Seargent. He was traced to this city, where he has been living with his first wife, under the name of H.J. Allen, having left his partner in the Insurance scheme. Governor Fair* child, of Wisconsin, sent an officer bore to find him and take him back. By a ruse with the Poet Office he was traced oat, and found lylngio becftam a recent eerions, supposed self-inflicted, accident, by wbicb an arm was broken, as he had several policies in various com] aides which would afford him quite an Income. stoutly denying his various alUuct. he was confronted with his photo graph. which settled him. A guard is placed over him, and as soon as he is able be will be lemoved to Wisconsin. Bis paramour in the swindle will at once be arrested. FROM CAHADA. Vallbieof ft Bftilnftd Bridfe-lllefed fimbftiid PoiMimr Committed for Trial. Montubal, February 20. —The railway bridge over Pike River, nearStanbridge, gave way to-day precipitating a locomotive and four loaded freight cars into the river, kill ing Spears, a railway employe, instantly. A noman named Conlerandner paramour, Lafoord, have been committed for trial on a ebarce of having poisoned her former hus band. Bepain on the mobile Sc Ohio Ball- road. Cairo, February 20.— The Superintendent of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad has the whole force of the road repairing damages, and hopes to have trains running by to-morrow. The compary is building a new levee around tbe depot and strengthening the old one at Colnmoos. Stables Burned* Boston, February 20. —The stables owned and formerly occnpied by the Broadway Railroad Company, were burned this after* noon with four horses. Fart of the building was occupied by the Shaw Air Engine Com* pany, whose machinery is badly damaged. Tbe Culver Trial—Acquittal. Harrisburg, February 20.—The Jury ac quitted C. N. Culver and others, charged with embezzlement, withoat leaving the box, there being no evidence to soataiu the charge. Destructive Fire at Tecnmseh) nich* Detroit, February 20.— News has just reached here of tbe total destruction, yester day, by lire, of tbe large mill owned by Mr. Anderson, at Tccumscb, In this State. The loss is SIB,OOO, which »"is partially insured. Suicide, Hartford, February 20. —Abraham Skats, an old gentleman of seventy-six years, com mitted suicide in Wbethcrafield yesterday, iluriLg a temporary aberration of mind. flow Bmllioad nanigen Amu Princely Fortunes, (Chicago Correspondence of the New York Times.] In speaking of railroads and their abuses In the West, there Is one feature which ought to be brought to the notice of the Eastern stockholders. It is a well-known fact that the stockolders ore not receiving largo divi dends. It is equal well known, here at least, than those who manage the roads are mak li>g large fortunes. An example or two : Some (our or live years ago a gentleman was appointed general freight agent of one of our principal north aud south roads. When he entered upon the position he told a friend of mine that he was not worth a dollar—not cnoguh to buy a salt of clothes. He resigned a short time since and he told the same indi vidual that he was worth $250,003, and hla expenditures are on a corresponding scale, so I presume he told the truth. Ho was in terested In warehouses, ran the rode for the benefit of elevators, and shared the profits. Ran it for the benefit of Chicago cattle spec ulators, in whose gains he had an interest. It a cattle raiser down the road applied for cars, he would tell him that they were char tered, aud so he would be compelled to sell at a loss to the Chicago speculators. And so in every department of business: but I have no time to elaborate. In this way the farm ers are oppressed and made hostile to the road, the stockholders are defrauded, and the managers enriched. A yoaag man hod charge of the sleeping-cars on one of the cast and west roads with Missouri connections; he paid into the Treasury of the Company, as be informed me, $20,000 as the year's profits. The next year the President, who, by the way, has amassed an immense fortune out of railroading, leased the sleeping-cars to another party for nothing. The Eastern stockholders should appoint a committee from themselves to thoroughly Investigate these matters. They cannot afford to be swindled by the managers, and at the same time the country made hostile and vindictive, while no profit accrues to them. They bad baiter conciliate the country and get honest employes to manage their business. Enos Leach, of Union township, Hen drick? County lud., Is sixty-seven years old, has raised a family of seven children, the old est ofwhom Is forty-three, and the youngest is twenty-five. Ho has twenty one grand children, has never bad a doctor's hill, and has never bad a death in the family. MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New York Financial Newt. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Nsw Tons February 20. Late last evening Pacific Mall stocks ffell from 20 to SO. Tbe stick market this morning opened heavy. New York Central declined to lOOJf. Eile (common) low. The who,slut wtsweakoncall, hut some bet ter after the regular call, when the markets Improved, tboneh only by shorts. New York Central at 12 o’clock was drooping, was again heavy at 12:30. The reports of the passage of Sherman's bill strengthened the oar keUand prices advanced. New York Central was 10]; Erie (common) Wjf; Michigan Southern 73. and Pa cific Mall S 3. The market was firm at tbe ona o'clock call, and steady at2:3o. At three o'clock there was lit tie activity, afterwards Pacific Mall sold at 28, and Erie (coromrn) at 56. The balance of the market was steady, mill tbe report came that the Bouse had amended Sherman's bill and sent It back to tbe Senate, tb’reby canting a decltfi In Pacific Mall. Tbe bouse that bought ten Nebraska shares day oefcreyeaterday. failed, and the stcck waa thrown upot tbe market, making everything unsettled, and with no spirit to bnl," tbo market. Gold opened at ISSJf.sold at 136#. and doted at I36K< Larne amonnu arc being paid Into (he safe* treasury and absorbed, which keep* It firmer. M-ney Is easy at the usual rates. [Associated Press Report.] Kzw Yobc, February SO. uosrcr. Money steady at 536 cent oacalL. yoEsios Kxcaarraß. Sterling quiet bat nrm at lt8*®l». OSLO. Gold Is a shade firmer—opening at 136 V. declining to IMtf. advancing to ISJjtf, and closing at IS7X- OOTCKKMEKTS. Government stocks nrm—fairly active. LATEST. New Tone, February 20. MOXZT. Money unchanged. GOLD. Geld firm, closing at 137X* JUILWA.TB. KAiLW Ain Earlr dealings In railway shares were at lower pru-es. and iiie mark-t was very much unsettled under violent fluctuations In Pacific mall. At the first open board the general market was rather more steady, rol lotted by » firmer feeling througnout tne call of the Stock Exchange. Af er the ooara Erie rose to 55,v and Central to 101#, which stlifened tie whole market. xocxxnaxzorF. The great teature of the Stock Exchange was Pacific Mail, and dealings wetc large and att-nded wilu In creased excitement. The stock opened at 137. fell off to i:4, out afterwards ralll-*d to 13S. There was a panic In the itock test ev» nine, and 1 1 sold down to 131. Miscellaneous shares were all tower, outvather more texdr at tnoclore. Coal stacks were quiet and generally unchanged. Aikthe cne o'clock board Pacific Mill declined •till further, selling at IS3X. the dividend b- mg but three per cent, which la two psr cent lower than any dividend declared by the company for many years. This had the ctfcct of depreciating the stock. At the second Beard, I’a lflc told down Co JTiV, with large transaction*. Paclflc Mall contlnncd the feature of the market to the close of the day. The last quotation was 13'. The heavy decline nas shaken out a great many weak parties, and the stock patted into stronger bards. The Injunctions in the case of tnenew Board of Direc tors of the Atlantic Mall Company, have all boon with drawn, and the old Trustees bare surrendered the iiiopcrty to tne new Board. Mr. Wheeler, the Pres ident, has resigned, and Mr. Hunt 1s acting Pre*ldent. The stock market was qnlet and arm at tne last Open Board, with a slight improvement In some cases, alter the cal). CLOStNO P BICES. The following were the closing prices at 4;30 p. m.: Ohio Certs 23X0 25 |N. W. pfd 61R® 64 Jf W.U Tel 41*«41X Kt.tV.ayne 93^90 Reading lU3XOIW Mich 500th.... 93XG* &X Northwest 33 33X I R:ck Island.... 96X0 97 State sto.ka quiet. Tenn., new 6s CSX I Ex conn Va.... 55 ft 58 N. 0 52x Missouri 82X0 BJX nOVKBNMESTS. Governments active and higher, closing flrm.t UVKIUUiCaifI PV.I IOBMU UI.UW, UWIU, U.U1.1 Registered,'Bl.l rSX&tDOX |lO-»08 coups....UllXOlOl! Coupons, 'U...109H&109X 7-308 105X0106) Conps. *62 UIXOK3 I MXJOKO BHABXS^ Mining shares quiet and firm. Corydon fluctuated between 1250 and 15*. but very little stock offered. Quartz Hill doll at 4(K@410. Consolidated Gregory firmer and mure active, selling up to 1190. lies- Moines stronger and active, at 210081. Symonds' Fork firm at 175(3183. New York, February 20. The World'll money article says the legal tender re serve fcf the Now York City banka is now f 51.000,000 against 292,000,000 last September. This lon of *2B,oW,ooOna* taken place In the face of 0n1y813.00D.000 contraction Id loans for the corresponding period. oanson September Ist were 1205,000,000 against 1253,000,000 at present. In railroad shares, the market toward the close gained strength, and was better, wlta Erie as Ane leading feature. six p. v. PRICES. Ohio Certs.'..... 24X0 35 I Mich Ctntral...lo7XOlo3X W.U. Tel 41X» 42 Mlcb. Bon 72*0 74* Pacific Mai 1,.. .135X0138 I 111 Cen 115X0116 Atlantic Mall.. 98 « .... i P ttsbnrgb 80 (g SuX N Y. CemraL.lOlXOlOiV Toledo 117X5*119 Erie SCXO 56 a 1 Rock island.... 97 @ 97‘< Erie pfd........ 71 O 71X i Northwestern.. S5Xc4 35i Hudson 150 £ .... N.W.pfd ..61X0 65 Reading 103X«1M I ForfJWayne.... 93 O 9S’f The Prodace markets* MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago TrlbanQ.l Milwaukee February 30. Floor—Held firmer. Sales 600 brls at <10.00; Door* Uss NX sprltg, $9.4b; Taharra X, $9.00; An oca X, $8.00; Grove, choice super, $5.75; rye floor, city XX, held Arm at SIOXO, but no buyers; choice extras held at S9.C2K. 'Wheat—Firm and 3c hlcher. Morning Board—sales 21,000 bn. Noon Board—sales 11,000 DU a '• (IX6# for No. sellers’option, tor March, and buyers' option lor February; <1.57)4 tbr rejected; 71 bsRB spring, by cample, delivered, S2X2. Oatt—Firmer. Sales 8,000 bn at 4Se for No. 1 In store, 44c for No. 2,d0. Corn—firm. Salea 2,600 bn new shellel, to arrlye at 70c. Bye—Firm at93c for 50. 1. Barley—Steady. Ssles SOO bn by sample, delivered, at $1.05; 56 bags do at $lO5. Provisions—Firmer. Sweet pickled hams lOJtfc; prime lard llfte. Dressed Hogs—Steady at S7AOd7XO. Receipts—l,loo brls flour, 1,700 bu wheat, 400 do oats, 2,200 do corn, 300 do rye, 400 dressed bogs. Shipments—l,Boo brls flour, 6XOO bu wheat, 200 brls pork, 850 tierces do, 100 do lard. NEW YORK. Nrw York, February 20. Cotton—Dull, heavy and nominally unchanged.. Sales 350 bales at32X@33c for middling uplands. Flour—Receipts 2,719 brli. Ma. "et shade firmer and not so ranch doing. Sales 5,500 b. tat $8.6009.80 for super Slate; $3.5509X0 Western; $9X3® li>.<slor extra Western; SIOXOOI2XO for choice do; $10.66011X0 for shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio; $11.65013X3 for trade brands—market closing quiet. Whiskey—Quiet and steady. Wheat—Noleeeipu. Market quiet wlthoutdetided change. Sales I, tOO on amber Michigan at S2X3. gitlye—Dull. Barhy—Wllhoutdeclded change. Sales 2,700 bn at 9Sc for Canada West m bond; slio for do bit; SLCS for four-rowed State. „ , . Bailey Malt—Dull. Sales 7XOO bu at SIXO. - Com— Ktnpu 3,201 bo. Market l<*. lower. Sales 4?,ooo bn at $1X7»1.07X for mixed Western In store, and $1 08 V for do afl at. Oatfr-becelpu 3,4(8 bn. Market steady. Sales IXOO bn at &SA57i. lor Western.

Rice—Firm. • Coffee—Dull. Sugar—Quiet. Petroleum—DtUl at lSolß,tfc fbr crude, and for refined. Hop—Quiet snd Arm st 33037(5. Wool—Quiet and scarcely so firm. Bales 200.000 as at 45066 c tbr comet tic fleece; 42c ibr polled; 47)4®60c for icbbed; 25033 c lor Texas. - Leather—Hemlock sole dulLheayrand declining. Pork—Quiet but steady. Sales of 2X75 bris at sl7 00 020X5 lor new mess-dosing at S2O 81 for Western; 519.f3020.C0 for old mess—closing at $20.00 tor regular; $16.62017X0 for prime, and si9XOo3OXqjbr prtuemeis. At 01.v50 ors new mess at 1X1.75030X7, eeler and bnver February and March. Beet— Steady. Sale* ot 310 brls at previous prices. ’ Tlcrceßeet-Qulet. Sales ot 300 tres at<29XOO3IXO for pome mesa, and $33/0036.00 for India mess. Beet Han*—unchangto. Sates ot 165 bu at $32X00 ard heavy. Sales of 10X00 $• Stafford shire cntatujfc. Cut Meats—Firwer. Sales ot SS9 ptp at BV»10c tor ihouioers. aodllielliie lot bams. rre nd Hop»—Mrmtrat9k»S*clor Western. Lard—tlroirr. with sales of L«0 tails at Xlj<#«)fe for»la, tod lilfaiSr for new. . • _ Botter—Dnoand henry nt 13£33e tor Otalo. Cheese—Pall at isotoc. naTS.-THUi'DW. - Ula.i «a *»«• _ . „ N*w Tome. February IL Floor— Closed a shade firmer tor medlom grades, vUtabeOrrlocaluadedemaod. _ _ wteat— Cioard firmer, vita tanyert of good 80. 3 e at t3.3t;<, and tellers at« 35. Bye—Closed doll, with tellers of W-wternat «LIS. Corn—tioeed quiet at SLOT in mixed Western In st’'re.nfid|Lo3ViordoaSwL Oats—neaeoatiidy atUasGetor Western. Fork—Closed firm at *30.87# resnlar for new West era mcM. Beef—Closed qolet Lard—owed quite Ann atl3|(®lSctor good to prims •team mod kettle rendered. , Drairtfiop-Closed steady at 9Kc for Western. • ijOUisyiLi^fl Louismu. Tobacco—Pales 306 bbd*. Market actire at te3s £br Usbuomreon Ins*, and plMfur selections. Floor—Super, aiU.OO. ■W beat-Bed. tea. Cor —fibdJedlnbolk. «0c; car, 65C. Oata-OC. UefsPoik-taiOO. Bacon Sboolders—loc, packed; clear sideslJJfc; Ba* con bams, p am l«wc. Lard—ln tierces 12c. Sotrar—> ew Orleans prime, II J»c. M 1 lasset-Sc. Whirky-ta.W. Cotton—39c. BALTIMORE.. Eaitihob*. February 20. Flour—No tales. ■Wheat—Good Mart lard red told at £3.00. Coro—Receipts fiiin wo.ther unTsvoraole. Mlied ihltc, 90c; prime do. 93c; yellow, 93996 c. Oats—Doll at 56c. Rye—btnall sal*s Pennsylvania atSOe. Chvcr reed—Weaker; Jobbing lots at £9.5099.00. Sugar— Quiet. Whiskey—Dull and Irregular. NEW ORLEANS. Nrw Ohleahs. February 30. Cotton—Easier. 8.20 C baits low middling at 33Vc; •Jlddllcg.sijtfc. Receipts, 6,430 bales; exports, 2&0 bales. 6ng«r—Weaker. IScforftlr. Molasses—Seles of lair at 76c: prime to choice, 809 82c. ana firm. Flour—Quiet. Superfine, |ILSO; extra, £11,77. Corn—Stiff at £lO5. Oats—Higher. Sales at £I.OO. Ray—Finn at £37.50(338.00. Fork—Roll and unchanged. Mess, £21.73. Bacon shoulders. 12c; sides, 13913|<c. Wt iskey—Sales at £23592.40. Tobacco—bales ot fair at 19J509UX0. Odd—tloied at ISC*. Bank, sterling 1479147tf; hew York bank chocks are on> half discount. Freights—New York, steam, 4^d; LlvcrpooM 7*l6d; Havre, Itfd. BUFFALO. BtUTALo, February 20. Flour—Quiet.' Sales of Canada spring at 910.3W3 13.00; No. 1 spring at 91L50. Wheat—Dull and unchanged. Com—Setter; fair Inquiry. Sales of U car loads No. i Toledo at 17(3190. Oats—Nominal. By fr-Neg I ec ted. Barley—Steady. Sales of 40,000 bn Canada at |l.ot In store. Wblfkey—Neglected. Fork—New mesa, quiet. Sales st 930.903)1.01). Lard—l3c. Dressed Hogs-For packing, |ASO. PHILADELPHIA pHTLAOxtpnu, February 20. Flour—Dun. Western, f 17.50 Wheat—Flat and little speculative Inquiry. State ref. 93.00, California white, f 5.35, Com—improved demand. Sales 10,000 bu yellow at 91.0). Oats—Dull at Sir. Whiskey—Large business In contraband at 91.80. ST. LOUIS. St. Louis. February 20. Tobacco—Tbedemandfortooftcco continues stlctly local. Hemp—Almost withoat movement; undressed nominal ai9l2S@lCO; dressed, 92133310 per ten. J.ead—Firm at9c forsoft Mls-ourt, Flour—Quiet. and a little easier for buyers. Wheat—-teady; prime to strictly prime, 91.7332A0; choice, 92.©@2.90. Corn—Firm ; mixed and yellow. 77@7fc: mixed white. Bl@S2c; prime and choice white, 83381 c. Oats— Deary and easier. Rye—Unchanged. Provisions—Dull and weak. Whiskey—Dull at (2.21. CINCINNATI. CtsecrwAn, February 20. Cotton—Unchanged-. The Urge tailing off In receipts at New Orleans tdegraphed to-day makes holders firmer at29@29kc. Flonr and Grain—Unchanged. Bat UtUe done. Whukey—Qntct at 23c. Provisions—Dull and withoat chance. Mess pork 92v.00@v0.25; lard, 23j; bulk meats, 7,l@9Vc@loXc. tutno demand tor any l>at shoulders. Racon quiet at ux@lk* UWc tor shoulder sides aod dear ■ties. Butter—Dull at2B@3o. to* prime to choke Central Ohio roll andSSfeSScfor Western H“*erve. Cnee*e.l6kc. Clover Seed—Steady at st |&90@9.00. Flax 92.30. Groceries— Firm with a fair demand. Sugar. He; coffee, 2WTIMC : no'**"'. 800 85c for New Orleans. BGotd—lS6X bnmg a- d IS X ‘ IS7X selling Exchange—Steady, par buying and l-lO premium selling. New York Provision market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tntmnc.l N*w Toss. February 23. Pork—Closed firm and quiet at $21.00, Lard and Cat Meats—Buoyant. New York Breadstuff's market. [Special Dcspstch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons, Fcsruary 20. Floor, Wheat and Oats—More steady, though quiet. Corn— Drooping. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 Nsw Tors. February 23. Cotlee— Market firm and quiet, sngu—Slight advance. Fair to prime grocery, 11 OU*C. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . Nsw Tons. February SO. Freights to Liverpool—3s,ooo bu corn at CH pence; with two charters to Irish ports at 5 ehilllugsjand3d to CorkJ3J,ooo ba barley aUtf pence. New York live Stack market. . [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nsw Toss, February*. Beef Cattle— Receipts, 1.200. Monday’s price* folly supported, with a good average demand. Fair to prime Wcsterr steei ■ 1J VglfiJic. Bh*ep—lc higher, and scarce al7k®BVc. Doga—Receipts, 3,000. FI rm at tH&SXC. New York Dry Gooffs market. Nsw Yobs. February 20. Tbe activity noticeable la the cotton goods market ha* partially subsided. lr c naeqne:ca of the severe snow stoim, but there 1* still a fair Inquiry fbr those e»Ucoea which have been reduced in price, viz; Tbe Amraktag, ‘Waureran. Lnwdl, Nanmkear and Warn tuna. lootheratvlea there Is no ebang* to notice, nor It, there any Indication that lucre will be, as me price Is jmaranu ed. . standard Sheetings—Scared and firm, at 3tko33c; stcoi d» 20Q31C. prints— hinge from It to 20c. Doroesuc ‘Woollens and Foreign Fabrics—Dull and depressed enough. Price* of mining Stocks in Boston. Nsw Yoss, February 20. Tbe following are the prices ol mining stocks bid In Boiios 10-d.y; .63 (Huroa.... .« | Mmneaot* 31* - ' .10 • Canada Copptr Falls. Quincy Franklin. Hancock. Plitilrarsh Petroleum market. Prrrsßtmaa* February a>. The oil market Is dnll. Ciudrhcld at 7lf33c,witb lev buyers. Bales ol one car load S Tilth's Ferry at 7Mc, barrelsrctnr'ed; 1.030 brls Allegheny Hirer oil, (itllreiertfluTlng the present year, at 7Xc. sellrt’s op tion. Refined In bond without change; the onlvsale was 3.U0 oris t'andard white, delivered In Philadel phia in March, at2Bj Free oil. and pncci unchanged, ho demand lor napntha or residuum. HURRIED In tbt« city, at St, Paul’s Church. Fib. JOth. by Bar. Dr. Ryder. Mr. A. W. STILLWELL. nt Janesville. Wis., and Miss MIRANDA MARSH, of Chicago. DIED. In New York Cltv, Feb. Gth. CORNELIA HABSRN SMIIR, »llc oi FrecenckU. ScactUer, of Green Bay, Wls n in the tilth year ol her age. In this city, Feb- tOth. NELLIE LORINO, only child ol Eml y P. and Wm. U. P. Robbins, aged 3 years and & months. . lijt/li iU—• Funeral on Friday morning, Feb. 8?d, at 10 o'clock, from the residence of Edward Locke, No. 30 West Washlrgton-sU amusements. pOL.* WOOD’S MUSEUM Col. J. H. WOOD Preprtetoi ». E. Director of Amuscmcnti”' F. K. BUcr Manager .TUOS. BAKBT Notwithstanding the immense sacceas attending the pctlortrance of The Hnsnenot Captain, this great sen sational drama most be withdrawn after the present week, to make room lor the new Irish drama of THU wnirußors. Thu (Ibnrsdsv) evening, Feb.Slat.atajftoS, tha famed new London Drama of TUH fIUQDESOT CAP TAIN, with new scenery, enstnmes, decorations and appointments. To rone'ede with (first time) THE DUMB BELLE. - Saturday afternoon, Gra.d Matinee. Me VICKERS THEATRE. CHEKA MYERS ..........MANAGERS. Engagement oIJ.E. McDONODOIL Thursday, Feb. 21st, IjAHT night op the long strike. LAST NIGHT OP THE LONG STRIKE. LAST NIGHT Of THE LONG STRIKE. Friday, J. E. McDonough—AßßA-NA-POGPE. VOTING MEN'S ASSOCIATION XiECTUTRES. WENDELITPHILLIPS ON “ The Peril of the Hour,” -AT-’ CROSBY’S OJPEItA SOUSE, THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 21, Commencing at 8 o'clock. Entrance Tickets. 50 eenta each. Reserved Seats (Boxes excepted). 35 cents extra. Reserved Seats In Balcony Boxes, 50 cents extra. Of The sale or Reserved Scats will commence at 9 o’clock on TUESDAY MORNING, February 19th, at the TlcKet OQlce ol Crosby’s Ooera Hooia. S3T The Lecture ol MISS CLARA BARTON, an nonneed f r the above evening, i« postponed to FRI DAY EVENLfrO, March Ist, at the gam* place. A. C. McCLPRO. Cor. Sec. Y. M. A. ■yAKIETT THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION The beautiful, accomplished FLORENCE TEMPLE In her great character of MAZEPFA, Introducing her fplendll trained iteed, PIKE-FIjY. The piece abounds with thrilling combats,novel scenic effects, with new scenes and costumes. OF -WONDERS! To be seen only at the NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which has removed to 96 Randolph-sC, corner ot Dearborn. • rpHB QREA.T QERTU BAS BEER ADDED TO THE NEW VOBH MUSEUM, ANKEE CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE. JAB. ROBINSON, Champion Equestrian of the World, and his son, CLARENCE, will appear on MONO AY, February 18lh, and every evening daring the week. . . ... The Chicago limes »ay«: James Robinson is in us profession what Rlstorl is In ben. Yocal culture at the opera BODbK.—The classes,(postponed on account ot not. McCoy’s extreme engsgedness lo private lessons) wlnmeetforthcflrstiees>nasloliows: „ . . College graduates' class, at 7 o’clock, Wednesday gtSflemai’s class, at 7 o'clock, February 2Sth. ■ jacbicau •QR. ANTONIO’S Female Periodical Pills ARE PERFECTLY Safe and Reliable in all Cases of Irreg- nlarities. Whciesale ABe, gJjBNHAMS * van bchaack, . 16 Lake-«L, Chicago. gn %Ltnt=&omts. TO RENT—With part of furniture lop nie, fion*eKo. 66 Caiomet-ar., 9 rooms wb! ar. ranred, oodero iraprorem-Dts. rood stable; sear street cats or Hyoe Pnra trains. f>seaaloo even March Ist. • Apply at 87 Sooth Water-at. - TO RENT—On Scnih Side, a first-class two-story aod brick eaeemeot cons*, 877 State ■t* containing el»fit rooms; good Tara. c>o( water aedgas. Suit *S3 per month FnrnUnro for atle. very cheap. Possession siren Inuaeitately. Apply at 08 Statist. - “ T) RENT—A new two-Btorv house, with 10 roort. pantry, storeroom, g«i, cutrra. and larre ba*D. Part of fn»nlture tor ta'e. Fos*euton os cr bejare the first ol March. Apply at 1741 lodlana-ar. TO KENT—House of seven rooms, No. 333 Cftlomet*ftT.,t3(> per month. 92UicrM-it, >3O per month. PETEB SHIMP. gg Monroe-ftt. - T) RENT—On Michigan-av., a tarnish ed tonic, from M«n:a lit. Beat only t9OO. Apply to M. L. iEABCE. j 78 Sute-gt. XO RENT—H« use No. 4bo Tfahash-ay.. at the comer ol Eldrdze-coart—lo rorma, good r.aUDleaao wood«h*d—roo l»t March, 1867, till Ist May, 18*8. Price SIOO o»r motto, la advance. THUS. PABKEB, No. 2 Methodut ChQfch B<oek, rpo RENT—A newly tamisned house X on Uichlzan-av. Fcr particulars, call at 100 £aat Adans-»t. HpO KENT—The three-story and base* J mrnt marblMront boujf, K 0.303 Carrol;-* t, two block! north of Union Pais. Possession immedl- •tely. BAIRD ft BRADLEY, 'comer Lake tod La- Balle-itt. '| 6 KENT—A boarding house in a goo i I locaUor. on Halstcd-sL. wib honsetoll ot board, era, end fimltnre tor sale. ARTHUR ft BOYDEN, ttlO State-flt. ®o Hent-Uooms. TO RENT—A front parlor and bed room. wltb board, at 910 Outarlo-st, near Clark, m a private house, with all the comforts of a home. References exchanged. TO KENT—Two large unfurnished rooms, with flrst-cla*s boaroTln a private family. Apply, lor tbree days, at 16 South Hay-st. References exchanged. . XO RENT—An elegantly furnished front parlor, at No. 431 South Clark-sL, Ja»t thi g tor a gentleman and with wbo like tonre retired. To a saltable party it will be rented cheap. TO RENT—A splendid emfe oi rooms, rent low, wlltln block of Court Bouse. Furni ture for sale—all tew. Apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block, or address Box 2010. gCo %tewt-jS>totcg, &c TO KENT—Dock, G;tuated on Soutb Bide, adjoining Fort Wayne Bridge, with rail road noinsfbr cenefltof does, at present occupied by Messrs. Burdick ft Parker. First floor and easement, andalsolrontrcomon second floor ot tbe five-story brick bnildlog No. 14 South Clark-st. Also three-story brick building with basement No. t£9 South Canal-tc. A number ofprtvate dwellings also tor runt. Apdlt to THOMAS LOKEHQAN.No. 16 Sonth ClarrsU TO RENT—becond and third floors at gO Lftkfrst. Apply »t PHELPS, PODGE ft CO’B. TO KENT— Vf itb five years’ lease, lour* story and btsement brick stor», Mo. 87 Sonth Wa ter-si, third door west of State-st. Apply on tbe premises. TO RENT—Dock, for a lumber yard 120 feet (root and 266 feet d*ep. situated oo the North Branch. Lear Chlcago-av. bridge. Apply a(No. 11 Larrabee-tt., comer ol Chicago-ar. TO RENT—The entire second floor ot SO7 Lake.sL. at fSO ner month. ANo, office fur mtore lor sale. GRANGE BARD, Jr., 88 Michigan* av. XO RENT the Ist ol May next, with fixtures and stable attached, if desired, the st and best located Orally grocery atom on the West Side, now dologatmrinetaof |ftO.OOO per annum. T) BENT—River Property—loo feet (rent by 400lcet d-ep, on thn east side of North Branch, between-Daisied and DtvlMo'-sts., suitable tor a lumber, wood or coal yard. Will bed&ckee. ready itr business on the opening of navigation. and rented for a term of yean, cheap. OGDEN, FLEET WOOD & CO. TX) RENT—Choice Business Stand—A J rare opportunity. Nos 14*A and 144 flllllarJ Block, N. E comer ot Clark aid Wnter-sw-, fiom May 1. 1661. they will be leased together or s-parateiy. The spacious oasement may also rw secured with the stand alter May Ist. 1868. Apply to C. A- SPRING, Room No. 8 Larmon Block. TO RENT—From Ist May next, one fin t-c'a#B boarding boose, locate' In the bnart of the city, well adapt'd for a ho Won the European plan. Apply atlOl Washington st. R-omKo 7, np stairs. TO RENT—Room fitly (50) by one hun dred and twenty (120) feet, with power. In cool lo cation, well lighted, suitable f r sash aid dior factory. For terms, 4c., apply to FRED. bWIFT, Room 6. 44 LaSalle-st. rpo RENT—A good suite ol tront offices A at 168 Racdolph-st. Apply to GEORGE M. HIGH, 164 Boon. 18. XO RENT—Grocery store, with fixtures and stable attached. Now doing ago «d bosinsts. ly on the premises. No. 336 West Madlion-.t. TO RENT—A first-class boarding ho are on Monroe-st-near the Poet Office. Cheap rmt ana plenty of Imarners. Fnmltorc lor sale chetp. ARTHUR 4 BOYDEW. *2lO State-at. JHacftinerg. FOR SALE—Three b-norse power up right engines; bjo six horizontal engine*. 8, 11 ana U-borae power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without holier*. 12, is, 16 and 20-hone tnbniar ana locomotive ootlen for sal*, best make. Also one 4-roller Union MatcherandPlan ng Machine. Sawmill*, barrel and wood-working machinery, Iroi PianrTß. belting, saws, lliea. 4c. Machinery Depot, a* Dearborn-sC, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. 4 CO. T?OR SALE—Portable engines and boil- A fra. 10 to 20-hotse cower, at very lo » prices, by GRIFFIN BROEk, 116 opposite Chamoer of Commerce. T7OK SALE—I planer and matcher, 1 X 1 btaalngandthlnglemlll and heading rounder. 1 jointer.and 2 w-'Od-tnrmng lathe*: a fid-tone, 1 i - norse and 18-borse power enyln-s, with boilers, com plete : also. 2 ifi-horse locomotive boilers. 463 Stale st. JaMES WARNER. T7OR SALE—H. M. Ames* portable and JT stationary engines of all sizes: also. Putnam Ma chine Co. Icols; on* Ic-loot bed, 2t-loch awing; one 10- foot bed.22-lnch awing; cneß-loot bed. IS-tncbawing; two fijf -foot beds, 19-lncd swing; one 4K-fi)ot bed. 14- Inch swing, all screw curing engine lathe*; two Inn S lianas; twonprlgbt drills: saw mill*: Farar’asur seers; ‘Woodworth planers and. matchers; pumps, files, beltltg and hose. C. L. BICE 4 CO., 19 and 71 Dcaiborn-»t, • F)R BALE—A second-hand Buckler folding machine—is soon coadteoa- Price, HOC. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. Worses, Carriages, &c. FOR RALE—One span of Black Hawk Marts, the Herat lo toe West; veil matched, young aco sound; weigh IJOO tti each. To be seen at B. FCLLEifS. 164 West LOcesU |?OR SALE—B heave track or dray P horses; also, ore pair No. 1 median-sized mulei. Would exchange tor or buy a few good young marea. At Butnap’s Stable, cor. State and Twenty-second-sts. FOR SALE—A fine horse and new cut ter, cheap tor cash. Address Drawer 5830. Chi esgo. I-nfonnalion fflsaanteo. TKFORMATION—Wanted—Of Charles X A. Shepherd. S 5 years (I age, In. high, dark hair, Hvbt complexion, slender in person, dark gray eyes. Was last beard trom at Gaiva, LI., Oct. .*7,186a, intend<Eg to go to Burlington, lowa. Any Informa tion concerning him is ol the utmost Importance and will be most thankfully received by “U. I). SHEP HERD, New Serna. N.C a or MRS, CHARLES A.SBEP npr>n, Dayton. Wls. Oalva papers pleaaw copy. personal. TJERSONAL —A gentleman 33 years of I arc, well educated, lavmgafortancol|loo.'oo. wants to correspond with a sood-looklng, amiable lady, of »nltabloage, pwsrsstng a torture equal or mam equal to his own. Object, love and manlsge. Best reft recce* given ane required. with full particulars, **V W B,” Chicago P. O. PEEBONAL —The pliysiciaii who called upon a certain socialist of this city, a short time since. trill please cal! again. auction Sales. SCOTT & c6Z AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lake«ot.» cor* Lasaile. Cbtcuo, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned far sale. Ont-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. DBT GOODS—Prints. Olovcs,Oosc, hall-Hose, Sheet* lugs, Silk Bandkerchlets. Dress Goods. Flannel Blan keta. Satinets, Casslmerca, Jeans. &c~ at DANIEL SCOTT & CO.’S AUCTION Booms, 1641.A58-BT. On Thursday,Feb. 21, at9l-2 am. We are instructed to sell a large and new assortment of the above goods; also. Notions. DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers. pOSTPONED— Tbe'sale of Teas, Groceries, Sugars, Pie Fruits, Cheese, Molasses, Cigars, Bas kets, Glassware, Cutlery, &c.. Is POSTPONED, on account of the nan-arrival of the train, till FRIDAY MORNING. AT lO O’CLOCK. DANIEL bCOTT A CO., Auctioneers. RUCTION. Saturday, February 23, at 10 a. m.. At DANIEL SCOTT ft CO.'S AqcUod Ken ms. 16-1 UtMt. We are Instructed to sell a large lot of new and second band Furniture, Carpets, etc, etc. DANIEL SCOTT ft CU-, Auctioneers. fMLBBUT & SAJIPSON, VJ General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Dearborn-st. Superior Assortment of New snd Second-hand HOUSEHOLD FUBHITUBE, CLOCKS, *c„ AT AUCTION, On FRIDAT, Feb. 22d. at 10 o'clock, at our sales rooms, 47 and 49 DearbonwsC, consisting of Parlor.' Chamber, Dining-room and Llnrarv Furniture, includ ing a spiradid assortment of Cbszber Suites and Par lor Suites, with a large assortment cf other Goods. Alio, several dozen new American Clocks. GILBKKT ft SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A UCTIOF bALE THIS DAT. J\ FEBRUARY ‘it ST. AT 10 O’C LOCK, At our (ales rooms, 73.77 and 79 WoIImU corner oi Eaidolpb, agicat variety of Carpets and Household Goods of all kinds. . , At I* o'clock—Express Wagons, Boggle*, Single aid Double Harnesses, ftc. • _ . .. J. stbakeY ft CO.. AucVs. A. BUTTERS & Up., Auctioneers & Commission Harchantt 44 As 46 KANDOLPB-^T.. - Between State-«t. and Wabash-ar., Holdregular sales, at their salesrooms, 01 DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES. ftC. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, every SATURDAY. Sahs fHUIg, iSnginea, &c. rpHB LAKE * HODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, POETABLE REAX ZHGUTES, Shingle Machines. Con Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LiNKft BUDLBY, Corner ot John and Water Cincinnati. AppUcanta lor descriptive mrcnianwHispeaiy thi ttechlrwT ttx>v neerf. Stocktotoers^iHeeting. IyrORTHWESTERN GLASS COM •a, •£< of 1M« of Director of ttoSortJ westtm Glass Company, held on the Itthdav of Feb* rnary,lS67. it wa» o%ercd,tbat a meettogof the atoex holders ot said Coo pony be.held attha office ol the Company, No, 348 Sooth Wnter-st., Chicago. On SatnrdaT, itlercli 9th. ISo7, At3o’cicckp.m-'at which one and place a propnel lion will oe submitted to said meeting, that the capital slock ol sail Company he diminished to Two Hundred ThousandDol ars. _ „„ _ JJ. LUDINQION, ' J- YiRR. J. UtDILL. • ' A. P. KELLEY. W. H- KBBTBINOBB, P, B. bHOMWAY. U. TALCOTT, Director!. JSfrol Estate-®iffi. lAfatOin* COB SALE—i!y Arttrarar Hoyden, Real r Estate Broken, 310 Eta'eat. 4a— Onlnry *L. two-atory h «• • 13*»— Third-ay., twi» sv.xyaMue. M room«....eJ*e*i> 10H7-W»h»fb”T rt JO roin-aasd lit. eh-wp *99— M!ehlran-av.,18 room* and ct. eheaj 349 431 —Cl*r*-eu, 2 stor ee and 8 room* L-JOO MO—£*n*amon*t_ 1# itomi aadlot 4.003 —Twi -story faoo*e aud 5 acre* of land. West Side, IW. 83»— Wabva*i *v_ 11 room*.. 4,500 ttflO-Blae]* tad-tr.tfort'tr 9.003 301— Eleventh-tt, cottars and lot. I.SOO 13 —CnnL-»t.. * roor- s at.’ lot cheap 318— Kanfcakee-iv., ccttag* 6 room* Ui 113— Twer ty-slntb at, )0 room* and lot. ehe*p 480— MltcheJ-St, cottage and ioU 134—' Ihlrc-ar., 10 rooms and lot. cheap pOR SALE—A nice new two-story r dwelling boose, and lot. No. 1-203 Indian4-*t_ 50x179 ftec. withraaaiideateranlslt Improvement*, with or without the furniture. For runner pnrtten lara Inquire of JA». A. WHITAKER, firm of Whlta her, Hannon A Co., 48 Rivet-au FDK sale—A building lor sale, with leaseol groatd,aal*able for any manafactnrlDr pnrpcsee—boDtfbrthe Clrtlon match Multeu, Ap ply on ibe premiaea, at 498 houth Cacal-st. Also, sloclc and fixtures fur paging match** for sale. 170 K SALE—A nxst-class marble front l* boosoon Wah**b-av„ near Ih'ruc tb-st.. with all the modern Improvements. A. B. WINS & Beal Estate Office. S 3 Weshltgton-au, Rpom 3. I7OK SALE—A commndmus two-story 1? home. No,iSSJdfenon-sL, with lot Sxlso ft— only 95.0 CT, If taaen at once. Good narn, thtrongb eeweraee. Title perfect. The rheape*t place In mar ket. WAS REN A GOODRICH, 133 Kfom 3. pOK SALE—House and lot 70 North I 1 We'laaU between Illinois and Michigan-eta., with IctiSxlK ft to alley. Will b« s Id at a great barra’n. If applied tor imitedialely. WABBBN & GOODRICH. 123 Dearcorn-su. Room 3. P)R SALE—A very desirable two story h-.cse ta a fine location on West Jackson at., near TbreoD-At., with lot 30x120, good barn. Title perfect. OnlytSOCO. A beautiful place. WARREN A GOOD RICH, 123 boom i£. 170 R SALE —Douse and lot on Cain- I a Tblrd-av-; onefor»6,oW. BETBRbHIMP, 93 * TP OR bALE—Douse and lot on Adams- P it M near LaSalle (a brick building in rearSOxTO. suitable fbr maoufactnnog,) tSAOO. H mse ami lot on West Jackson-sL, •9,000. 1-KTES SB imp, 93 Mon roe-at, f'OR SALE—A commodious, well-made cottage, pleasantly situated, on North Dearo.tru st.; also, flue residence aod crounda at Cottage Grove. inquire at Room 7, No. 43 Clark-at. F)R SALE—Cheap—bituatcd in best business location In too city, house store, fultabielfcraoybtislneea. Immediate possession may be had. Ground rent low. Apply to JOHN PHIL- Llfa, 168 South Clsrk-st, |?OR SALE—By Gilbert & Benedict, 1. 132Clark-*UBoom7«fi:rafewda7s,atwo-Btory house and lot on Fourth-av. U rooms, beslaea baso mett.clo.els, price «Joo—s2,ooo nab.baaaceoo time at 6 percent. A cottage and lot on Habhard-st., cheap— 9l ACo. A tvo-itorr house and lot oa Sedg wlck-st, IS.OOO. Lease ana fhrnlture ol a hotel; rare chance; 17.000. Lease sod fixture* of a restaurant, chtap—flAOO. Lease and fhrnlture ot boarding bouses, good location Lease aod stock of groceries: will In voice from 9500 to t3ACO- F)R SALE—On Michigan-a an ele gant marble front residence; also, otc of the be»t corner lou on the avenue. 46x190. A. B. MEAD, 131 Randolph at. • (TOR &ALE—A tme frame house on f 1 West Adams-st., near Halsted, U room?, ga*. bathroom. Ac.; lot 2S?<xise, Price SB,OOO. A. B. MKAU, 151 Randolph at. FDR SALE—On Park-ay., near the Park, a first-class frame house, with brick baie mrat and all modem improvements: lot 50x133. A.B. MEAD, iai Ranaotph-st. PDR SAT.T!—A commodious twoetoiy bouse, Vo. 183 Jefferson-st., with lot leet. Only $5,000 If taken at once. Good barn, thorongn sewerage. Title perfect. The cheapest p.ace In mar ket. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dearbotn-SL, Room 2. PR SALE—Two-story building, with two store-rooms with lee house containing 35 cords ot ice. Price Si,ooo. ARTHUR A BOYDEN. 210 btote-st. raiBPKDVKp, FDR BALE—Choice lots on the Ave nues. 50 feet on Wabash, between Twentieth and Twenty• first-ats. SCO feet on Indiana, between Twentieth and Twenty* fit st-sts. 100 feet onPr&lrle, between Twentieth and Twenty first-«ts. 50 leet on Calumet, between Twentieth and Twenty• flrst-sts. 63 feet on Wabssh-av., near Eighteen th-»t. ico feet on Indiana,betweenTwenty-tbl’d and Twen ty-fourth-its. A. J. AVSRELL. Real Estate Ofßce No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR BALE —80 lots on Indiana and Prairte-avs.. near TWrty-lhlrd-iC, at a bargain. A. it. WING A CO., 83 Wasnmgton-st., Boom 3. (70R SALE—On Michigan-av., anele P gantbolldlne lot. t 6 feet frott oy 170 feel deep, on tbe northwest comer cf Fonrttenth-st. and Michigan av. A.J.AVEBELL,BeatEatateOfllce,No.7Metro poiltan Block. - I7OR SALE—2O acres oi land, fronting rtn CMraeo Blaoweil. fpoc per aero; 19 acres on Twclflh->-t, aa- Joining the city limits. SIOO per acre; IS lots near the corner ol Rcbey and Tnla property 1* offered hot for a lew days at the above low nsum. H. C.MOBET A CO., Beal Estate Broken, 8 Metropolitan Block. r?OR BALE—A valuable lot on Midi- P ron-Bt.. between Wabasb and MlchUao-ays~ 2ix »feet, alley on aide. Price only $375 per foot. Short time given. U desired. Title perfect. WARREN A GOODRICH, 133 Dearborn-eU. Boom 2. rDR &AXE—A splendid lot on Hlcbi gnD-av., near Haolson-sC, feet to alley. Only slo,ooo—a bargain. Only offered lor • few days. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Boom3. 170 K BAILS—ISS feet on Van Roren-st, with bmldlng, near B. I. Depst, fir a few days only, at sllO per foot. PETER BHIMP, 92 Mocroe-st. PDR SALE—Lot 50x100 feet to aUey, within two blocki of Buih-st. bridge, at SBO per ircnt Lit, QUIMBY A HAWLEY. 7 Reynolds* Block, FDR SALE—Near the South City Lim it*—isx acre* of ground that will soon bo wanted tor city property or park property- It Is east of lull ana-av., and frosts on Rankakeo-av. Win be sold at a bargain to an acceptable pmrtg, and time given on half thi purchase money. Call at No. 6 Crosby's Open House. MARTIN ANDREWS. |?OK BALE—Very low 101 casn. ou leet MJ on Michlgau-et,near Rush; two very desirable lots on Douglas-pUce. nesr Cottag- Grore-av.; t.tson near Horne; also, outside property, very desirsb e lor Investment. J. D. HABVEY, 78 La Salle-st. ISeal ißatate-Counirß. FOR SALK—Farm of 80 acres, three miles eut of Klein and one mite front Clinton. Good buildings. barn3ox6o ftser, with stone oaaemeat; ISO nearing fruit trees, wel' watered. Adjoining are Hundreds of acres of timbered lota, not fenced, attord- Ins tbe be»t ol pasture. Bast location m Kane County fot dairy cum. Call on CHRISTIAN A CO., Boom 3 Ur Q’lblocL FOR SALE—For cash and part time some of tbe best stock and strain farms In North western rows, timber and pralna adjotnng, p*rma t entreating water, and title perfect. Xowaialp lots, with coliege, railroad ard vacant lands, timber. prai rie and water accurately marrec. tarnished at si. in f msilonfree. Apply to or address j.s. PBS3COTT, Biown's Book Store, Colombo*, Wls. FOR SALE—2O Farms within 30 to 100 miles cf Chicago—from SIOOO to £ffi-000; also,' fine pralne lands, unimproved—tlO to |ls *»r acre, and all cheap ana very desirable. J. w. BEDEN -EEQ, 14 Lombard Block. [TOR BALE—A fern of 160 acres, With in In one mile of a railroad station and 17 miles inm Chicago. Well watered, good buildings, over 500 fruit trees, and stocked with cc ws. Will sell with or with cnt«nwa. Also, 610 acres adJplDlog:be above. In lots tornlipurtbateis. Appiy*tlss Knae-st. tpOR BALE—lllinois Stock Farm—&lu 1* acre*, an improved, near Joliet, HL, S') miles Irom Chicago, known as the ‘♦Jones Farm," valued at tsojioo. Unat be (Old at a sacrifice to dote an estate. For particulars addrrea MATTOCKS A MASON. P. O. Box 1969. Chicago. lIL F) R BALE—A choice turn of 160 acres, at LltwriyvlLe, III.: improvements flnt-clais in every icspect. For oarueuUraapply to A. B. MEAD, Beal Estate Agent, 131 Raadolph-st. dFor sale. 17 OR SALE—Doors, sash, blinds, 4 troopings, balnsten, brackets, caslrge. door and window frames of every variety. Call and »eena and. t a good Jon at a fair price. WM. WISDOM A SON, 97 Nor b Franklin-et. FOR BALE—Prop. “Genessee Chiet,” now lying at Detroit, Michigan. Class A 3. Ton nage (old meaenrementhSM. App'7 to WSLB. WAR RIMER, Detroit, Mich., or to HARRIS A 880., 84 Lnmoer-gt, Chicago.’ T7OR BALE—A dentist who is about to r commence atonr in Europe will sell his office far uture, fixtures and tease. Office not snrpassed In toe city tor convenience or locality. Address **D DB," Chicago. 111. ■ JTOK SALE—Office desks, show case, f sale In good order (Hall’s make), chairs, table, bins.drawers,shelving, itorea, Ac- Ac.; a so,hors*, express wagon and harness. Apply at 87 Sonth Wa tci-st. |7OR BALE—At a bargain, 100 tons of JT 1 lamp Lehish coal. Apply at Ho. 11 Larraoes-aL, cor. Cblcago-ar. .. FOR SALE—A magnificent two-caiat brllllart; also, a elx-graln eitto, tor sale cbeapfor cash, ores charge tor leasehold property. Address P. O. Box 1405. • FOR BALE—Second-hand lumber, in Quantities to volt pturhaasrs. at the Chicago Driving Park. WALKER. 13 Chamber of Com mtree. FOB SALE—At tie Lake Tamel—One 35 hone power engine and npnght tubular boll-r. uneSO bone power eugtneand upright tn mar biller. One 15 hoi se power co true andopnent tnbnlar Duller. These englnse and belters are new, have been in use bnt a very short time. __ 21,155 le«t T rail, welshing 23 fra. to the yard. 1 large tan tor ventilation, M. M. Aluea’s patent, built expre’elyTorthls work SO* r, well-broken > oneg mules. 2pompsand3sets Improved hoisting apparatus and gearing. 15 cars, capacity 1 cubic yard. A urge lot of tools. A lot cf timber and lumber. Also, tbe build logs, sheds, outhouses. Am. connected with the Lake Tunnel. t A lot of cast and wrought scrap Iren. - A DULL A GO WAN. Contractors, Office, chore abaft Lake Tunnel. T7OR SALE—A grocery store m a No. 1 location. Also, one two-seat bnggy, nearly new. Address P. O. Box 988. TTOK BALE—Office tonntnre m lots to V salt. Most be sold 10-asy. 11 you want desk, tab’e. railing carcct, dkL lounge, come to Boom 16. No. J 33 South Claik-st. F)R &ALE—Ten Thousand Shares ot Mining Stock In tbe SUverthornLead Mintor and smelting Company, ingul-e of GEOFBET A FOX, Attorueyt-at-L»w,131 gandolpb-st. Wimmx&Ußl iSgtate, TXT ANTED—To purchase a small and V V neat cottage and lot In a respectable neighbor, hood, price to be oetween *2,000 and $3,000. distance nf tto exceed 1« m lies from Court Hoose. Has to bo a decided bargain and tltleperlect. as purchaser Intends to pay cash. Address **F A Q,” Box 6010, stating price and location. ] 3Lofet anb dfouno. TOBT —On Monday evening, m Bruns j wick’s Billiard Dali, or between tnete and No.' 119 Wabash av„a go.d nng tot Breast Fin. the Bader of which win be liberally rewarded on leaving It at 119 Wabaib-av. IOsT— On Monday evening, between j the corter ot Bo»b and through KiTer, Lit e. Ststeet. cart. Van Duran, down Wabaan*. st. to Jackson itL, a Mink Fur CoPar. Aay peraou leaving the tame at 47 aed 49 State-sL. no stain, with A. A B.CHAPIN, will beaulubj T OST—*ls Reward—A Pocket Book, 1 j contalLlngsl3orsSolamonßTand somerseelpts anc notes. Any person flmlingwll! olease leave Itwitu A. B. Renner A FRUIT. ' LO ST—A Ion?, Week Pocket Book, with s Quantity of pap-raof nonssto aty o*e nut the ownet: alio, two $5 bills, either counterfeit or bro ker'banks. I will pay *5 for the return of the same to 146 WestTwelfm-«t. . T OBT—Wednesaay noon, on Randolph* I j tt, near LaSalle, a mall Bible Album, contain ing two pictures, wltb a abort chain attache!. The OnderwillbeUterslijrcwatdcdon leaving tbs same at 38 LaSaLe^t *T OaT—ls Reward—Strayed/on aun- I j day, tbs 17th luit- a small Blacc and Tan colored Cog,'ahoutlSmostr.aoid; ears cut, answer* to name of ’‘Johnny.” Had on fancy green collar, with silver plated rim- The above reward will bepild on his re turn to N 3 Throop-iU COTJND —A Pocket-Book containing a 1 r small nn of money and a hank note. The owner l can have ihe same by applying at 91 opetalm. . rpAKEN DP—On the 19th, a brown ■ I' bone and top buggy v with robe. The owner can obtain tne same by proving property and mjibc char* go, at 1«0 SWMU t T. D. RANDALL, eaantra-iaalr Reip. 8Al*K»«BK *f* TXT ANTE D —A firrt-ctaffl carpet uphol > V sterer. to I*7 carpets, base cart tins, Ac. A. o ace will >-e clve- to a good man. Aoo jto HOLUFThB A PHELPS. 133 and 137 Latest. \\T ANTKD—A mao -who understands T * 'he working of a olanltg and matching ma chuac. to »h«'ta «teanv employment will be gtrec, Ao pfr V?J? GoODwn.UK A CO„ earner of F/anklla azdOhlo-eta. AXTANTED—To lightning rod dealer?. w v Experienced areata to the moat perf.*ct rod In nae. None except those having expo- let ce in thla or a similar business need sooty. Address “Coosa Scroll IJghtnlag Bod io.** Freeport, jju™ XTTAHTED—A lew good salesmen to Vw trarrlwithonroewHaadStamp. Goodwars and steady employment. Andros, «ft& stamp, B. D, HAMILTON a CO., Clgrelana. o. TXT ANTED—A boy, who can write a V W legib’e hand, about la rears ol<- . to travel. For pstt'cnlars, ca lon A. D. DILLBT, at Jerri* douse, corner Van Boren ana Sherman-ta. WANTED —A hoy who undersiands toldlnrand dlstrlbntiag circs in. Apply at 313 East op stairs. XX7ANTED— Competent male teachers V* ibrircecmen’tscboub In Arkansas, Lonutana aadTeza*. TbrTrrybeitrrferenceiaatoprofhnlonal and oeraooal qnahheattona required Apply at the rooms of the American Missionary Association, 39 lombard Bloch, Chicago. TTIT ANTED— A first class canrasser, oi v V tried exprleaee and un*xeeptlonaaie reftr eucee.ior *Tte Commercial Free Pre»" weekly cewa r»P»r. Apply to A. C. ANDERSON, Room 23. No, 118 boom ilark-s*- TX7 ANTED—ICO smart, energetic, lire ft men to sell one of the oestdomeatleartletet ever offered tor sale. Has no competition. Every family wants from two to a dozen. Pr»ot very larxe. call 1m- oomh Room 9. up stairs. tttANTED—A salesman, who can en- VV gage permanently tn boalnesa. Apply to OR VIS A CO n Boom 17 Ho. 123 Deaiborn-at. \,\/ ANTED—Salesmen to sell ink from Tv tsmples to the city trade. Apoivat toe offlee ot YOUNG AMERICA COLLAR TXT ANTED—Three or lour good sales* V * men to travel. Referenc-s reoutred. Address or apply tc W. D.TURNER A CO.. 33 South Wella-st. \\f ANTED—A boy, 17 to 18, who it knowrthedty. One accustomed to ibe gro eery trade preferred. TRASES. ANTED—An ANo. 1 carnage piunt- TT7 ANTED—A Turner—A first-class . it tlcner,to go to Minneapolis, Mina, as fore man of a shop. Meady employment and good wages wlllbeeiven to a competent and we l-i-coamenaed man. Inquire ol WM- BLAIBc CO n 179 and 181 Raadolpb-sU \\l ANTED—A good machine hand, to w* run mondmg machine, at WM. WiSDOU A SOS 9 Sash, Door amfßUnd Factory, 97 Norto Frank llc-st. . agaantEh-jFemale Ta l ANTED—In a private tamity, a If bonsekeeper.ccmpetenttotake entire charge. Address, with references and terms, P. O. box 1088, Chicago. r\7 ANTED—A travelling* sales lady, of VV good address, business qualifications, and some means. Address **.»« E." Trlbnr e office. HOD SB HfiBTASTS. W / ANTED—A wet nurse. Apply at V * the counting room of DUNLOP BBOTHERS. 49Lake-iC \kj ANTED—A girl to do housework for VV a titall family—a girl who can get np at 6 a.m. without being ca 1 led, and has energy enough to wash herself before getting breakfast. Apply at 134 West Washington-*!. TXTANTED—A girl todogeneral house- T V work—tnree la family. Apply at 333 Stxie bV. up stairs. WANTED—A good girl for general VV housework. Moat be a good washer and ironer. also good cook and be well recommended. Apply at 96 West Wa&hlngton-st. \\/ ANTED—GirI to do general honsc- VV work In a small family. Call at 761 West Lake-st. aSlantei—jHisccllantaus. WANTED —t want _IOO good men that mean business*, that are willing to work for good wage*, to call and see the best invention for domestic use in tbe market. Erety famir wants one or more. The article Is new and Just out. Great Irdncemei ta to agents. Call on or address CHARLES MESSENGER, 98 Wa#H!ngton-BL, Boom 3. Send stamp lor circular. \A/ ANTED—To purchase, a saloon on V V tbe South Side, with fixtures, Ac. Address, stating terms, “J O W,** Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To exchange 40 acres good V V land in Central Him U for a plavo. Ca’l oa or address JAS. A. DICKENSON, 98 Washlngton-st- Chicago. TXT ANTED —To exchange 80.000 acres V V oi choice Illinois lands fbr merchandise nr city property. Will pay pir* cash. Lands near railroad. Title perfect. DICKENSON A WEBaTEK. 98 Wash- Ineloo-at. TXT ANTED—|S.COO or SIO,COO for an V V inve-tzoent that u perfectly safe and that will pay more th-n 50 per test. Address “M U,”Triouno office. TXT ANTED—To collect bounty for vet- V* erans, aallcn and occ-year men. Nocharce until claim la collected. Advances made on Calms, A. GOODRICH. Attorney at Law, 136 Dearbom-ic, Booms. Office open evenings. WANTED —An energetic man with CIOO to S9OO, to engage In a money maklngbuai* ness. Win bear strict inve-tigatton. Apply at 194 Booth Clark-sC Boom a, from 9a.m.t03 p. m. YA/ANTED —A copy of Red pain’s Bi- V V ography of John Brown. Address or leave at Tribune office. TXT AN TED—Any one haying a horse, ' TT buggy and harness to sen lor verv low figures can hear or a purchaser oy add-easlng P. O. Box 653, st-itfng price and all paracnlars. \x/ANTED —Persons with $lO or sls VV to engage in a business la which t’*ey can clear Trom tu to aio per a*). ca mn eunuuun a vu., at the New York House, 229Raadclph-«t. VXT ANTED —Houses, house and lof, VV liverya'oefc.boat propirtr,top bngzr.double iurees r, suburban lands. Apply to 8. W. SEA. Bro krr.Fsncy Goods Bazaar, 104 Clarkst. corner ol Washington. , TXT ANTED—A £ood horse, harness and V T top burry. In exchange Mr rral estate In the city. Apply to J.H.KEELBB, 189 South Clark-st. TXTANTED —All soldiers -who have not V V tent ibalr application! fbr bounties under the latest act to raU on Capt. E. TURNER, 133 Dear born, corner Madltoa-st. Call Immediately. \\7 ANTED—We have a fortune for a Htc man Id Pennsylvania, Minnesota. Missouri or Illinois. Small capital required. Apply at once. 128 Lake-lt. A. C. BROWN A CO. \\l ANTED —Owner, at the Central Po- V v lice Station, for abav mare, which the owner tan have ry proving property aod paylce charge*. JOHN NELSON, Deputy Superintendent Police. TTTANTRD —Stencil ent’ers to know V V that JOHN MEADEB manufacture* the best of Dry a*d Icctlible St-nMI Inkf, Petcll Primes and Bni'hes: abo.Stercll Plates and Alphabets tor m'tk- Ingb'rrrla,boxes.big l ard etTh’Dlderlng. OwlfW msn Sliver and Platen* Brats fbr sale. Botm 8. n rtbeast comer of Sonth Water and Chi cago, ill. TXTANTED —A few men of small capi- V V tsL to lnt*cdnce • new aroeie In this state. HO per dayeanbemade ea-v by the right kind of men. •'all at !)0 MonrofrßL, Boom 3- tor two days. asaanUh-Eo Hent. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good honsc, V* containing Bor 10 rooms, on the Sonth Side, north of Twelfth and east of State-sL, by a prompt paying, carefol tenant. Address M W,’’ P. O. Drawer 3883. Chicago. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A cottage house Tv on the South Side, tn good location. Will por ches-' part of furniture, U good. Address * S B,” P. O. Dpi 888. TXT ANTED —To Rent—A lumber dock W and yard, not sooth ot Eighteentb-st. Would be wining to purebaa# stock of any party vacating a yard. Aodms Drawer 3818. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A small cottage W of tor 5 rooms on the West Side, east of Cur tis, north of Lake and sonth ol Chlcago*av. Address •• C F B,** Trlbnne office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—Cottage at a VV moderate rent. Address, stating terms and location, B. STaLLWOOD. 42* Lsrrabeo-st. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A dwelling y* boose, with 6or 8 rooms, tn a good locality on the West nr North Bide. Address, stating rent and lo cation, ’♦VAN.*’ 190 X bonth Water-at. TXT ANTED—To Kent —A famished -yy room. Location must be nor*h of Adams and 'between Wells and Statists. Bent most not exceed $8 per month. Address “B J C," Trlbnne office. Uusinees fEtianees. I?OR BALE—A good clean stock of diy 17 goodr, together with tu« lease of a Coe brick itnre, located In one at the best business cltle* in the North west. Good trade cstabllsbed and a rare cbsocefor those wisblag to go Into bosmesj. Apply to W. GAY LORD A BON, Oshtovh. Wls. (70R SALE—A halt interest m a good, r substantial and legitimate hardware maanfactur n3gbnaJne*i. |4,CootosS.Uoorequired. ApulytoL-B. KELLEY, Boom 1. Ho. 192 Sooth Glark-st. l?OR SALE—The stock and good will r of a wen-established boot and shoe house tn New York City. Apply to or address ROBERT UAbTEN, 23 Morray-SL, New YotK. I?OR BALE—Cheap—Grocery store, A 1 small stock, good fixtures, reasonable rent; asu, tnniltnzetor sale, as the owner la leaving the etiy. Apply at 102 Sedgwxck-sL, North Side. r?OR BALE—Rare Chance—Stock and 1/ fixture* ol an ANo.l Fancyand Family Grocery Store, now doing a large aod paying business. Good given tor seUlug. Apply at 378 West Lato-st. F'OR SALE—Saloon and fixtures, «£c., Ko. 00 t>oulh Clars-st; also, furniture, fix tore* and leate Id Booms Noe. 18 nad 15*. King's Bloer, cor. Lear born ana Washington, suitable tor offices or sleeping rooms. The above, or either. wiL be sold cheap lor ca*h,or exchanged foe a farm in the country or R>r CJly property, and difference of tS/PO cash paid, if agreed npra. Inquired F. C. LOOills, No. 99 south Clatk-st. F'OR &AUl—*loo to *SOO cast! will se cmeaprcfltablebtDlieis. To parties looking for immediate and Urge results. tbla is a r» r e chance. lEUESDELL A C 0„ Boom 13 Lombard Blocs. COR SALE—The Madison City Steam r MIU. with Distillery attached. In complete ruining .order. Tbe mill will grind 0,900 pounds Conr, and the distillery ran 100 boabe a grain, dally, barns, studs, watebttuet and efflees complete. Good raa of custom work, and tome demand (brail productions. Can be easily converted Into* vinegar factory or brewery, 1b conreedon with tbe mill. A fine opportunity tor a oaHua bosmas. wir exchange rorCnlcago property. Address H. C. MANNING, Madison, Wls. P)R RATE—A xnanulactunngbusiness. In complete order and e» tab tubed. Or would take a partner with SI,OOO cash. Or would sell an n Bone power engine to rood order, cheap. Inquire of Q. PHEPABP. 194 Bandolph-sh, Bcom 1. COR SALE—A stock ot watches, jew* P eiry. silver plated ware. Ac* a’l good, salable goo's, will b* sola at a bat gain tor cash, or exchanged for city property, wither without lease sod Bit ares. SltcatK-n one ot tbe best In town. Apply at J. SL MARSHALL'S, Boom 8 No. 93 South Clark-st, CM* ago. ; FOR SALE—A planmg mill, aii com plete, with good Improvements. Main building U two etorlc*. 40xS0 feet; ecgUe b;nse 18x10 Biet; 50- bouepcwrrengloe; three flooring machines, sarfhccr. siding saw. all u good oner, together wltb throe dooble teams and wagons, bam and office; lease of eight lot*, correrol Canal and •* per year. Pric* H5.0C0. naif caah. Inquire cf ÜBKS A AT BBS, Office 10 Opera Boose. COR SALE—Bcardmg house, with tur* r nrtnre,onßuta«.—the best tbs city. Fries SSJkO. WARBEN A COODRICS. I*3 DrsrbonHiC, Room *7. ' Cortesponience ffiKanlrß. °,LVSSS. SSfS: and sjmpathlii. Ornhaus been thrown npm the tender «ifl an® BearOeu world. In vain have —atwnt n* lor- trlrads who would cheer tu I?th their symnathlea and aid uswita their advice. Voob““ moved by the recital of our petty sorrows, inddriven alno« to we appeal w> ueeo words of oouuae' aid aavlee to guide us, wls ‘•ad fun to please, love and n«nseai9taat oar days may ro long ard out sights pleasant,and we will do oar - best to return weight for measw* Addreu M lt O" or - J,'* Boy 66bV, Chicago. StmaiUms afiumta. Hum. SITUATION —Wanted—Being about to V_» cl aeupourbiniae**.we wish toaecorea <ta*- con tor our aMonlu* elrrK, who «IU m round tboe &^4S^fc£r.(s?S B « 1, * , » Apply to W.O.BAB* BlßACO^t»7South Wtur «treat. SITUATION —\S an tea, m a pmrate tam- Uv.ti Ta>« careof hoiK*. *r by a German. AS onaaSShoath Caaa.-*t. SITUATION —Wanted —By a young rtta oi six yean* expertcace. as saiassaa la a wholesale or it tall clothing or reta* fonUhiaggoada boos*. Would tut obteefto travel. Gan giro nod xeitrencee. Aqareta**wß,**Tnhtmecfflj. SITUATION —Wasted—By a young O married mar. Is any respectable position. Haa bad aeont Ud Tears* experience in use grocery mad commission eimeeas. and laoot aft aid of work. Ad dreaa a, M. MITCHFLL. CtucagoF-atOfflca. S ITUATION—Wanted—By a fiist-daas LZ? taller. Ca lon or addreaa G. w. RILEY, Leas rule, Lawrence Co., 100, SITUATION—WauIed, aa clerk, where O I can mater yielf gencraTy useful. t> terrace* can be bad tf reonired. Address S. B. TOOKBP, 378 State-tL SITUATION—Wanted—A first-classac- O conntant, with best reference*. Is open ter aa an ngrment. Would nm*r partial amoioymeat Ctr the present. ACdreaa u WX*Tilbnaeofflce. SITUATION’—Wanted, as engineer. IC7 Good city reftrencea. No objections to go ta the country. Acdraa > *FFB,**Chicsy)F.O. SIIUATION—Wanted, by a man who Otoorcnghly nadentasda hu bus Lucas, as coacbmaa InaprlvatefAißllr. lias had ten years expanence anc can Blvn good city relereaces. Addreaa, tor cse weebt-HB.-lnhnne office. . fiiulks. SITUATION—Wanted—As govern es lO or tmrve tor children and do serrluz, by a young laay with best referene** and accustomed to teaching. Apply this week at 183 Revere House Block. SITUATION—Wanted, by a good girl, C 7 in a private family, to do general housework. Good rgeretce given. Apply at 98 Weat Qutacy-st. BITUATION —Wanted, by a good girl, to do kitchen work. North Side prdeirod. Adureaa gw. 11 Caas-st. SITUATIONS—Wanted, by two giris, tn O a private Cimlty as cook, or to do general House work. Apply at S9ox JacksotMt, comer of Frank lin. SITUATION —Wanted, by a y cunglady, O 10 take care of children, or do plain sewmg and no stairs work, or to travel with an invalid lady dar lus the imnmrr moi>tba. Inquire for. or addreaa, ** K K,** No. 303 West Jackson-at, Chicago. SITUATION—Wanted, as housekeeper, by a lady of experience. Address “A L.** Tnoune astnts JSaanten. A GENTS—Wanted—Just received, Fol- Jr\ srm’s splendid NSW UNDER-FEED LETTKS C A > ’ SEWING MACBINhS. Fnce 943. complete with table. Fetstns wishing toiecure the agency fbr this superior new machine should apply at once to P. at. KLN6QN, 164 Randolph-at. Boom 6, Chicago, IU. A GENTB—TV anted—To engage m the -CLsaleoi “THE HISTORY OP ABrtAB AS* LIN COLN AND THE OVERTHROW OP SLAVERT.' H lo one voL, octavo, -1 36 payees. By Hon. 1. N. Arnold* late member cf Ccnzrß‘9, a d tor over twenty jean a confidential friend oi Mr. Lincoln. This important vrork vu undertaken three y#an ago with tba ap prcvalol Mr. Lincoln. aad U just ls»ued. It la u> ready railing aa rapidly aa Ue pnblfahers hare been able to 01: ordets. The flin edition sold In twenty days FcrfnTldeecrlptton,onliiooof leading paoers and men. and terms, addras the pob Isha*. CLARES A CO„ *0 and Sa WMhlng'on-v.. Chicago. A GENTS —Warned—s7s to S2CO pci XX month, everywhere. male and female. to Intro dQcetb’oushoot the United Mates the GENUINE IM PROVED « OMMON bBN BE FAMILY SEWING MA CH INK. Thl* machine trill a inch, hem. quilt,bind, braid aid emorofderm a moataupenor manner._Prl-con yfls. Fully warm-ted furtive yt art. We mil pay f 1,000 for any machine that will tew a stronger, more beautiful or more elastic «eam than ours, it mates the - Elastic Lockstitch.” Erery second stitch can be cut, anc sun the cloth cannot be pulled aoart without tracing It. We pay agents Croat s7Stos3Uoper month and expenses, or a commission trom wnicb twice that amount cat be made. Address bECOMD A CO., Cleveland. Ohlr-. CAUTION.—Do not be imposed upon by other par ties palming eft worthies# cas< Iron machines, unitor the same tame or others lae. Ours Is the only gemi- Ine aao really practical cheap machine manufactured. A GENTS—Wanted —For “ Tfhe History XjL of the War Between tbertates—Tracing Its Ori gin, Causes and Results.” By Hon. Alexander 11. Ste phen*. Ann for The lafev Letters and Speech's of Qon. Alexander H. Stephens. Oy Hcnrr Clerelaud. oend for rlrcnlara and see our tern a. AcJdreaa NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., No. 10 Lombard Bluck. Chicago, A GENTa—Wanted, everywhere, to sell xl Patent White Wire Clotbes Lines. Can make tto to no per day. Address “Metallc Clothes Line Co-** 93 Seneca-st.. Cleveland, Ohio. A GENTB—Wanted—“The Pictonal xl Book of Anecdotes and Incident* rf the War,** Warranted lb* moat attractive, fast felling boos oi the age. Aientszrakefrom S3O to SKO per w#ek.a*we will prove. Address STODDARD A CO., 10 A Wash- Ington-tC Chicago. A GENTB —Wanted—Hale and female, to sellanew article In ertatoemand. that every family wants. t 4 per day made without leaving borne. Travelling a rents e»n mak» from $5 to S2O per oar, without Interftrerce with other buslnevs. Tno article shows forltselL S»a plea, with terms aad particular* oi the business. sent tor 35 cents. Addnsa B. W. CHAPPELL, Drawer 6333. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—With |5 to $lO capital, Ibr a permanent mon-y-maklnc boalnrsp at home, suitable lor ladles, gentlemen, clergymen, and teachers, and very desirable fbr enld weath«r. Energttlc agents are making $lO to S6O oerwe*r. on or address, with stamts tor papers, B. WATVBLI% 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. AGENTS—Wanted lmmediately, in every county, to Mil standard salable books, cut which large coromlaalonv will be paid. Address U. M. bHEBWOQP, 107 Monroe-sU Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted—Ladies and gents X\.with a capital of $5 or tlO are sura to clear UO per day. tor particular* adores* with sta-ap, N. B. KAMSkV, 181 Wood war Detroit, MlcS. A GENTS—Wanted—ln every dty and xl town tn tbe State, to sell an article ererv family requires. SI,OXI per v ear can be made with a capital ottStolSn. SccdSScfbr a*Tp;r and particulars !• FRANK LEWIS A CO n Buffalo, New York. A GENTS—Warned—Everybody—Send XX ns your addrrss, and receive lx return, tree ol ex> pvnse. a copy of our tew fingraving, which sells tor lOcfDU.aoaUtheheslthl-c oatiomake m-ma# on. Aiio, our new circular, with full particulars. Don't ml*a this chance. Address SAMMONS, WHITE A CLARK, 179 Lake-st., Chicago. AbENTo— Wanted—For “ W OMAN’S WORK IN THK CIVIL WAR” This work, prepared under the sanction and approval at the United States Sanitary Commission, the Western Sanitary Commission, and the Christian Comml ssloo, win be the most complete and Interesting work a the kind published. It win eontalnsketchesof nearty two hnedred ladtrs, notice* ef about four handreA others, and* Just tribute to the thousands of berolnea whose names are unknown. Members of Aid Sodetjea and other intelligent persons are dtslred to act as agents. Good, et-rgetlc azerta can make trim tisd to SlfJ per month. Adnresa ZEIuLEB, McCUBOYA CO. Lombard Block, Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wanted—For BARRETTS LIFE OP LINCOLN. The beat, moat complete and authentic wont yet published. Preetdat Lincoln having blmse-f tarnished tor Una wort alone, the facta of bis early life. We sire iO percent carnmia slon cn above work and ear Bxn*a caaveca ov BooxsammoTH* Ao*3TT. Address J. 4.QOODMAH A CO- Publishers. 5 Custom House-place, Chicago, IP. Partners ajaawteh. PARTNER— "Wanted—In a salcon and tro-pln alley. Jest started, aod doing morehnal neesaanonem-ncaoaitod to. town th- buildings and 6 rear** lease on ihe ground. For terms, Ac— ad cnssw LNJ."Drawerl3 > A Morris.GrundyCa-1U- A rare chance for a man with small capital andsoad bovine** o»bit«. PARTNER— Wanted—In a fine grocery on the West Bide, or a man with |®o to buyout a gcod stock and staid of groceries and provision!. Ho oonns tor lease. Boom 2. No. 48 South Clark-at. "DARTNER —Wanted —An enercetfc 1 man, with S3OO, to *ake a half later eat In an m ublUhedbmtoeas. paying a large profit. App.y at EPEES A 88Q.*3, 107 Sonth Clark. PARTNER—' Wanted—I must have a partner within three days. Have a tlp-Uo busi ness—pays from S3O to *‘ls per week. Capital required, small. Apply at 134 Dearborn sc. Boom 2. PARTNER— Wanted—Active paitner. In the best paying business In the city. A man who has from S3OO to satO can, if properly qnalloed, hear of a chance by addressing, fbr three days, "A A A,’* Trlbone office. PARTNER —Wanted —An energetic B business man. with from SXO to S3OO, In alight, hx crativeandbonorablebmlse-a. Cab to-day, tetweea the hours ol 10 and X B. SAMSON, Boom 27 Eey nolds* Block. PARTNER— Wanted—A man to take an interest In a cane-seat chair and fornltnra fee lory, centrally located In this city, having good head ings, steam piwer, and a complete s«t of wo'd-worelag machinery—everything nrceraary for carrying on an extensive cane-seat cnalr and fnrnltore maootactanac business. A man that under?tand* the easiness pre ferred. SmallcsptUl replied. Apply,WTOm*ate 6 o’clock p. or by letter, to O. O. THOMPSON, 49 WestErtpet. Doartmtg E WARDING—Three nicely famished room*, including one large trout room, can be ■lib first-class board, on reaaonab.o terms, at State-st, BOARDING —At No. o Eldridee-conrt. One suite of rooms and a room suitable tor two gentlemen, with first-class hoard. Reference* ex changed- BOARDIN G Pleasant rooms, with board, can be obtained at 280 UUoolfrSL, spnth esstcomercl Bnsh. T>CARDING—A large, pleasant room, I* with closet and hath room, to let, with on north of Twtlßh-cL-tarnlshed orunfiir nithed. Eertr to GEO. C. COOK. 90 Mlchigan-sv. BOARDING— A Dice suite of rooms, with flmciaM board, tor gentleman and wife; also, day board ter two young men, at 133 Weak Monroe-st. BOARDING —Four young ladies can find board In a private family, where there aie ao etna boarders, at 147 Iluron-su. aintain. BO ADDING —A pleasant tront room, furnished or uniuinlSDCd, suitable ter two geatle men, wttn broakfkst. tea mod Sunday dinners; also, » mail single room, at No. 19 Feck court. £ HOARDING —Two single gentlemen leas be accommodated withrocmanaboardat M an e-St. Ala two with day board. BOARDING —One or two gentlemen desirous ofa comfortable home, elegant rooms aaa excellent beard. In « respectable family linn* on Wabssb-av.. not tar from tbe Foot Office, can addreM *-iy» Box 13*20. F. Q. Pest raerencee required. p OARDING—Front room, with closets, n unfurnished, suitable for gentleman and to rent with board, at 57 Plne-st. Reference reqnirad- T>oAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms and good Ij board can be obtained at Briggs Hoose No. 2. N 8 Monroe st. A lew day boarders can oe ted. • BOARDING —With a trsnt room, suita ble ftr a gentleman and wl/e, at No. 119 Wahaah ar. Aftwday boaraeiscan also beaeeomtpodated. BOARDING —One large tront chamber with clo«et,aod nicely (on Isbed. ruitabla lor a gentleman and ms wife, at No. 143 Wabasß-av- be tween Madlsca aadMcuroe-sta. T>OARDING—Two large, unfurnished O rooms to le% with board; each suitable fbr a gm tleman and bla wife. at 293 West Madwtut- T_>OARDLNu—A splendid smte ci nn- Ml fun-shed front rcoms torent.with CraVtiaee board. In astrlctty nrt»afe f»u Ur. A*so. au uproralah. k! tingle room, ot, Wabeaa-ar. Address TV, Tribune office. T>OAKDING —Four gentlemen can ob» I) , ,i n bc«rd and flm lated rooms, comprising sit ting room. iwo ted rooms and bathroom, wltn a Uml 1, utSeKortbaide, east ol Clark-sl., and only tea week. Address -n.** P. O. Drawer 6169. Snarl! SJRanteh. BOARD— Wanted, and thru is tied suite ot rooms, or one large room lor a gentleman mad wire and child. Private family preferred. Audtett, stating terms, location. Ac., "EL.” 101 Hiadolpt-st OOARD—Wanted, by a young man and n wire, well-furalibcd rooms aod board in a priraSe SaUy. where there -«ro no- other boarders. Nurth btr*e piefkrred. -K*tomcca ex charged. Please ad> dress P. O. Box 766. Olty. L> CARD—By a gentleman and wife, ina r> rrlvatelamilylmagsoatb of Twelfth and 04 oTblate-st*. Address F. O. Drawer 6647. BOARD— By a gentleman and wile, <ux South Side, tu a private famllr. Addresa, gtvlag; tenna and location. Box X%J9% Chicago. ■ *OARD—Two young*’gentlemen tmm 1 »New >ork woulo like to encage board on Wahaaa or Mlchlgan av, between WasAUgtuo aad Harrtooa. .eta. Adatesa 80x443 F« O. W.CLAY»J«» "DOARD—l>v a young married couple, X> to a crtrate tamlty; fun> Ishrt room or roome ; Nonhor south side, is » tentas*walklro« tkq Boose. FieMeaddr«Mß«>iW.