Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 22, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUllilPli. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. rrecanllcnan' Moasnrcs Adopted Against a Further Fenian Outbreak, Serious Illness ol Count Bis- mark The Sultan of Turkey to Call a Convention for the Settlement of Religions Difficulties. FROM WASHINGTON, The Funding Bill —Its Pros pects in the Senate. Senate Action on Civil and Mili tary Nominations. MUR. Senate-Bill Passed Declaring tbc Clinton Bridge a Pub lic Post Route. House— Passage of tbe Bill for the Eedemption of Compound Interest Notes. Sictiun Kepi-aling the Act for a Monthly Contraction of the Currency Stricken Out, Progress in Committee of the Whole on the Tax Bill. FROM SPBWIBLD. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro ceedings. Senate—Filial Passage of the In terna) Improvement Bill. Vote on the Southern Penitentiary Bill Reconsidered and the Bill Passed. Bills in Relation to Railroad Re strictions Indefinitely Postponed. ilonsc —Passage of tlie General Appropriation Bill. ruoai Europe. UY OV.KXS XBI.KGUAPII. TUE LATE IKISU DISTURBANCE. London, February 21—Noon. The suspension of the writ of hubta* corjms Ust been ptolongcd In Ireland. London, February 21. It Is stated that Stephens is not and has not been in Ireland. It ts reported that he Juts recently been seen In Paris. The National troops are posted at various jplaces In Kerry and Cork counties In such numbers as, to effectually prevent further outbreak. London, February 21. The English Government announces that it will treat aliens caught iu the act of rebel lion us pirates. SALE OF TUE LATE REBEL STEAMER RAPPA- HANNOCK. Liverpool, February 21. The steamer Rappahannock has been sold at suction by Mr. Dudley, American Consul, .tor £5.200. THE CHEAT EASTERN. The repairs on the Great Eastern are com pitted. She has been successfully launched Jrom the gridiron at Birkenhead. RELIGIOUS MATTERS IN TURRET, •/ London, February 21. The Sultan of Turkey has officially in formed the leading Powers of Europe that ho has decided to call together an assembly of the representatives of all religious creeds hi the Empire for the purpose of adopting measures for the more effectual execution of the provisions of the Firman of 1556, SERIOUS ILLNESS OP COUNT DIBMARK. Berlin, February 21. Bismark is again prostrated by sickness. Doubts arc entertained ofbls recovery. AFFAIRS IN nCNOART. Vienna, February 21. Tbe restoration of the Constitution of IS4S to Hungary bj the Emperor, has had the effect to remove the troubles hcrctoCioc existing. The people are quite contend. _ STEAMER ARRIVAL. Bbcst, February 21. Steamship Europe, from Sew Tork, Ims arrived. LoNDom>Eimr, February 21. Steamship Damascus, from Portland, has Lite*! Foreign nmkcta* London, February 21. Cornell opened at SI; tile, 37a; Bonds. 71; llimoju Central. *BJ4* „ LarrnrooL, February 21—Noon. Colton Is very dull, and declined Hd. Middling uplands. ISftd. London, Fenruary 21—Evemnr. Contois closed at U 1; Illinois Central, 7S; 5-20 s, t 4; Erie, 37«. _ , Livewoox, February 21—Evening. Cotton Declining tendency. Closed dull. i!ldCllnc.oplandf, ISild; Orleans, s-10,000 bales. Corn—Mixed Western sold at 33* 9d. Atnclrcan laird— Advancing. Closed ai els. Ashes —S3b (or pots. IMroleum— Unchanged. Is Cd for refined. FnaxKronr. February 21. CiJted States bonds Fanis, February 21— Evening. American bonds £2?g. m ITIAIC. New York, February 21.—The steamer Alleiuanla brines Southampton dales to the tilh. News mostly anticipated by cable. in the encounter between the miners and troops In Belgium three workmen were killed and fifteen soldiers wounded. A motion has been introduced In the Swe dish Chambers, proposing a general liability to military service. The Upper House of the Prussian Parlia ment has approved a bill for a loan of 24,000,000 tbaUrs for the construction of a railway. FROM. WASHINGTON’, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. J Washington, February 21. TAX HILL. The House made some progress this even* eng on the Tax Bill. Among the articles add <‘d to the free list were the following; Chums, wooden baskets, broom handles, cheese boxes, wooden hames, wooden saddle trees, apple-paring machines, split-bottom chairs, bools and shoes, shoe string*, shot, sheet lead, lead pipes, all horse-powers, pitchforks, root beer, cheap hard soaps. Amonglhc articles stricken from tbe free list were leather, legs of pianos, &c. HILL rou THE FUNDING OF COMPOUND IN- TCUEST NOTES. The House spent nearly the whole aftcr- I’oou on financial questions raised by the re ]>ort from the Ways and Means Committee of a bill In two scctloni; the first one of which was the substantial measure passed on Monday by the Senate, for funding com pound Interest notes; the second one being in accordance with the Grhmcll resolution, prohibiting any further contraction of green- Imcks. The debate was noisy and confused, pnd the course of business was intricate and complex. The result of three hours’ work may be staled In a few words: The Senate bill for funding compound Interest notes was rejected by 99 to SO. The proposition founded on Grinocll’s • resolution, to piohlblt the withdrawal of any more greenbacks for one year, was lost by 75 to 84. In place of these two clauses, the House, by a vote of 05 to 04, adopted a bill of six lines of manuscript, entitled ‘ an act to provide for the fain ding of compound Inter cst notes,” which authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to Issue one hundred mllligns of legal tenders, or greenback currency, lu I>laco of the composed interest aolei re deemed. The vote by which the propoiTlES to take from the Secretary of the Treasury the authority to withdraw fourml.lons of greenbacks per month was lost la oa follow*: TUt, Allison, Hayea. Randall, of Ky., Anderson, lh*udt,raon, Uluar. Hieby, Rom, AaUlcy, of 0., hue, Sawyer. ««Vcr, Hubbard, of W. behmek. Darker, \«., bbaoklia, Ikaman, Hubbeli, N. Hbullabaree:, Ijenjamio, Hubbeli. of 0., bloao. lildwetl, Ineeisoll, Starr, Ibotaweil, Kaasou, Storens, BncUand, Kelley. 810-. e«, Bundy, Kelao, Taylor.of Tear., Claikc, ofO., KoykoidaU, Thornton ('oob, Lcrtwicb. Tboma«.« Cook, I-ougyear, Franc!*, Cullom, Marshall, Trimble, Dclreea, Maynard, U t >soQ. Dontelly, Mcclunr, JanAcrnaai, Eggleston, McKee, Washburn. of Farnsworth, Miller, ,r” Ferry, Moulton, Walker, Goodyear, Noell, W ilson, of la.. Harding, of lll.,Orih. Uon, ot Pa.. Han Is, Paine, Wlndom. Hawkins, Plants. HATS. Alley, Harding, Ky., O'NelQ, Amca, Hart, Patterson, Ancona, HUL Perham, Baldwin, Holmes. Phelps. Hanks, Hooper, Pike, Baxter, Hotchkiss, Pomeroy. Bergen, Hubbard, N.Y-. Price, Blaine, Hobbard, Conn .Itadford, Blow. Bnlbord, Randall, Pa., BootwcU. Humphrey, Raymond, Beyer, Hunter, Rice, of Mass., Biandtccc, Jeockea, Hire, of Me., Broomall, Julian, Boltina, Campbell, Kerr. Scofield, Cbunler, Kctcnam, SUgreavcs, Cooper, Rountz, Spalding, Darling, Ladir, Strome, Davie, l<awTence,ofPa.,Taber« Danes, Leßlond, Taylor, N. Y„ Daweon, Lynch, Toayer. of Pa., Demina, Marvin, Van Hom, of N. Denteon, Mcßner, Y., Bodge, Mercnr, Ward, N. Y., Dumont, Moorhead, Warner, Fidrldge, Morris, Washburn, of Eliot, Myers, Mops., FincW, Niblacc, Wentworth, Cloeebrenner, Nicholson, Winfield. Griswold, It is known that a majority of the Finance Committee have been decidedly opposed to all bills like the ono passed, and there is no reason for supposing that their views have undergone a change In this regard. The bill was referred to them this afternoon. It Is stated this evening that the House has re jected their bill. They may report this with out recommendation for tho action of the Senate. TREASURY CIRCULAR. One o! the evening papers says that Secre tary McCulloch will shortly Issue a circular notifying the public that the Department is now ready to receive and convert into 5-20 bonds the 7-SO bonds issued under the act of August, 1604, and due next August, and also to pay the Interest due thereon. This Is done In order that tho bonds may’bc received and converted daily, and not all be presented at tbc same time when due. nOUNTT FOR SEAMEN AND MARINES. The House has passed a bill providing that the provisions of the Soldiers’ Bounty Bill of last session shall he ap plicable to seamed of tho United States rary and marines enlisted for cor responding periods, said bounties to he paid in the same manner and subject to the same conditions provided in that law so far as the -nine arc applicable, and otherwise in accor dance with the laws regulating tbc payment of other bounties to seamen and marines. NOMINATIONS OF PAYMASTERS. The President has up to this date, sent to the Senate but two nominations Tor Paymas ters, vise: Win. G. Moore, District of Columbia, now Piiratc Secretary to the President, and Justus Steinberger, of Oregon. The Secretary of War has,' however, scuta list of about twenty more appointments to the President, who will doubtless act upon it very soon. LIQUOR SMUGGLING. The Government has recently made a seiz ure of a considerable number of hogsheads of sugar, in each of which was concealed a bar rel of Jamaica rum or some other costly li quor. The object of the smuggle was, of course, to save the tariff duties. NOMINATIONS SENT TO TUE SENATE. The President sent a large number of Post Ofilcu nominations to the Senate this after noon, and a few Internal Revenue ofllccrs. The whole number of civil nominations sent uptothc present time Is <3B. THE QUESTION OF I’AV FOR OFFICERS* SER- VANTS. The Paymaster General gives notice that ihc action of the Court of Claims in allowing the difference of pay to ofllccrs for their au'horizcd servants, between May Ist, IWM, and-March 3d, 1805, Is not final, and should it he decided that the Department is to act on this class of claims, the public will be ad vised through the press. Till then no claim will be entertained. The Senate spent the greater part of the day cn the Mil legalizing the railroad bridge across the 31ieslfialpiil River at Clinton, lowa and declaring it a post route. It was finally passed, having previously passed the llousc. It row goes to the President. THE RAILROAD COMMITTEE OP TUB SENATE. this morning, cleared Its table of all railroad land grant Mils, nine In number, by asking to be dlscbargcd.from a (briber consideration, to which the Senate agreed. This disposes of the whole number for this Congress. CONFIRMATIONS AND BEJECTIONS. The Senate, in Executive session, this af- tcnioon, confirmed a largo number of brevet army appointments, and rejected several score of Postmasters and revenue officers. Among the confirmations were General Ful lerton. Postmaster at St. Louis; General Durbin Ward, District Attorney of Southern Ohio; .Toseph Else, of Ohio, Consul General to Liberia; Edward L. Plumb, Secretary of Legation in Mexico. TUB LATE ATTEMPT AT COMPROMISE. Tbe House Committee of Inquiry Into the criminal bargaining between the President and certain members of Congress began work 10-day, and spent two or three hours in ex amining the two gentlemen who acted as *o-l*clweens in the late abortive effort at bringing about a compromise. CONFIRMATIONS. Washington, February 21.—The Senate to>day confirmed tbc following appoint meuts: Samuel G. Williams, Hamburg ; John S. Else, Minister to Liberia; Edward L-Plumb, Secretary of Legation at Mexico; Joshua D. Assistant Treasurer of the United States at Charleston; EUP.Korton, Solicitor of United States Court of Claims. _ , _ JurMor* of Internal Jietenut— Fred. Ken uard, Nebraska; B. N. Bugby, Fourth Dis trict, Calllorniu ; Jaa. It. Ruiel, Fourth Dis trict, Tennessee; C. B. Mbite. Twenty fourth District, Ohio; Jas. Davis, Ninth Dis lTi WomW. F. 11. Tries, Padu- G. Uatchall, Frankfort, Kentucky; Jas. S. Fullerton, St. Louis; Elizabeth McAllister, Falrfleld, lowa. Ct factors of Internal Jievtnw— SamT F. Cooper, Third District, Arkansas; Lucas Flattery, Fourteenth District, Ohio; Elijah Summcrlv, First District, Tennessee; Jas. Tabernatby, Second District, Tennessee; Stephen A. Elkins. United States Attorney, New Mexico: G. W. Dent, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Arizona. The Senate also confirmed a large number of military appointments, the most Impor tant being the following, who served as Generals dining the war. all dating from the 2Slh of July las-t. to fill original vacancies: Lieutenant Colonel Andrew J. Smith, to be Colonel Seventeenth Cavalry ; Major John C. Kohlueon, to be Colonel Forty-third lu fautiv ; Major Thomas G. Pitcher, to be Colonel Fortv-fourth Inlanlry; Major Geo. W. Gettv, to'be Colonel Thlriy-sevcnth In fantry: 'Major David S. Stanley, to bo Colonel Twenty-second Infantrv; Captain John Gibbon, to be Colonel Thirty-sixth Infantry; Captain Charles GrllUn, Colonel Thirty-fifth Infantry; Captain Jefferson C. Davis, Colonel Twcntv-thlrd lulantry ; Cap tain John Gillcm, Colonel Twenty-fourth In fantry; Major Thomas L. Crittenden, Colo nel Thirty-second Infantry; Major General Daniel E. Sickles, Colonel Forty-second In lauiry; Major Genera’ Joseph J. Reynolds, Colonel Twenty-sixth Infantry; MaiorGen eral Benjamin A. Grierson. Colonel Tenth Cavalrv; Major General Wager Swayne. rolene'l KHtv-flrst Infantry ; Major General Nelson A. Mills, Colonel Vorticlh Infantry ; Brigadier General John E Smith, Colonel Twcntv-scventh Cavalry: Brigadier General Thomas H. Rnger, Colonel Thirty-third Infantry; Brigadier General Ldward Hatch, Colonel Ninth Cavalry; Colonel Charles 11. Smith, Colonel Twenty eighth Inlanlrv; Major J. H. Potter, Lieutenant Colonel Thirtieth Infantry; Ma jor Cuvier Grover, Lieutenant Colonel Thir ty-eighth Infantrv ; Major Frank Wheaton, Lieutenant Colonel Thirty-ninth Inlantry: Major Charles R. Wood?. Lieutenant Colonel Thirty-third Infantry; Major George Crook, Lieutenant Colonel Twen*y-tblrd Infantry ; Captain R. B. Ayres, Lieutenant Colonel Twcntv-clghlh Infantry; Captain Aug. V. Kautz* Lieutenant Colonel Thirty-fourth in fantiy; Captain A. 8. Webb, Lieutenant Colonel Ninth Cavalry ; Captain L. D. Wat kln«, Lieutenant Colonel Twentieth Infan try ; Captain James H. Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel Thirty-filth Infantry; Captain John B. Mclntosh, Lieutenant Colonel Forty-sec ond Infantry ; Captain Emoiy Upton, Lieu tenant Colonel Twenty-fifth Infantry; Brig adier General Edward W. illnks. Lieutenant Colonel Fortieth Infantry; Brigadier Genera! Tbfs (’. Devine, Lieutenant Colonel Eighth Cavalry; Colonel Richard N. Bowerman, Lieutenant Colonel Thlrty.flrst Infantry; (.•monel George A. Woodward, Lieutenant Colonel Forty-Ofth Infantry; Joseph B. Kid der, Lieutenant Colonel Forty-third Infao try; Edward McGarvey, Lieutenant Colonel Thirty-second Infantry. . The nominations ot Lieutenant Stoncman to he Co.oncl. Captain Gordon Granger to be Colonel, and Captain Custer to be Lieuten ant Colonel, together with others sent in at the same t Ime, were presented,but the Senate to day either passed them over, or did not definitely act upon them. UDJKCTIONS. The Senate rejected thc following nomlna tiona: Affffgc.rt. of Jr.tcmal Hcrcnue— G.IC. Breed, Sixth District, Tennessee; Joseph E. Beebe, Third District, Michigan; A. U. CoOroth, Slxteem h District, Pennsylvania ; Alfred Q. Lloyd, Twcntv third District,Pennsylvania; JudsonS. Farrar, Fifth District, Michigan; George S. Cooper, Fourth Dis trict, Michigan; CyrusO. Loomis, Second District, Michigan; G. IT. Woods, Second District. Minnesota; Benjamin F.Partridge, Sixlh District, Michigan. C’orwufo—Chas. Dougherty, of Pennsylva nia, at Londonderry; Henry St. John, of Michigan, at Trinidad Island. Poitmasier* —Chas. W. Fclkcr, Oshkosh ; Israc W. Webster, Kenosha CvtUtiort of Internal Revtrme —W. B. Beck with, Second Michigan; W. B. McCrccry, Sixth Michigan; Thoq. W. Kccs, Sixth Ten- YOL. XX. nessce; Daniel Cameron, First Minnesota; Chas. W. Nash, Second Minnesota ; Rufus C. Swoopc. Sixteenth Pennsylvania; Wm. G. McCandlcss, Twenty-third Pennsylvania. William Byers, Superintendent of Indian Affairs ; John P. Becker, Agent Pawnee In dians in Nebraska; Charles B. Norton, Com missioner on the part of the United States to the Paris Exposition. SURRATT. The TTorftPa special says: The indictment found against Surratt has proved so defective that it Is said that it would have been quash ed on the first day of trial, and the prisoner released under It. A new one will be drawn up, presenting him as an accessory and not a principal In the murder of President Lin coln. Surratt has spent his first day In tall very comfortably. Tie told his keeper that he should give him no trouble. lie was al lowed the use of tobacco, at his own re quest. Surratt seems la excellent health, sleeps well, and cats hearty, but speaks little, and then only In regard to bis personal wants. He cannot sec or have any intercourse with any other prisoners, and is very closely watched by the guards. It Is now stated that the Messrs. Bradley and Mr. Merrick have been retained as his counsel, and yea lerday Mr. Bradley, Jr., had an Interview of some length with him- The sister. Miss Anna Surratt, was last fall the governess in the tamily of Captain B. Gwyune, in the lowcrpart of Prince George’s County, but for several weeks past she has been in this city stopping with some relations. A RUMOR. The Herald's special says : “ It is under stood that F. P. Blair, Sr. t has gone to Bos ti n to induce ex-Governor Andrew to accept the position of Secretary of State. The visit is bv authority, and lain the interest of those nho favor universal suffrage and universal amnesty.” CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington. February 21. SENATE. Mr. WILSON, from the Military Commit tee, reported the joint resolution of the House donating the buildings, ehed«, etc., at Camp Chase, Ohio, for tbc use of tbc Asylum ior the Insane. The Senate Committee moved to amend by providing that the property referred to l>c used by the Asylum lor disabled soldiers. The amendment was agreed to, and the res olution passed. Mr. HOWARD moved to discharge the Committee on Pacific Railroad from further considcratiou of the hill to grantaid In the coimtructiou of the railroad from Lawrence* Kansas, to the boundary line of Mexico; also tbc bill to atneud the act granting aid for the construction of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad ; also tbc bill to aid in the construc tion ol the Kansas & Ncosbo Valley Rail road ; also the bill to grant aid lu the com biruction of the Union Pacific Railroad : also a bill to expedite the construction of the Sonthcrn Pacific Railroad. Mr. HOWARD, In making these reports as he was directed, said it was done with a view to expedite business, and not to prejudice the measures. The committee was discharged from the farther consideration of tha bills named. Mr. WILSON introduced a resolution au thorizing a board of six ofllccrs to be appoint ed by the Secretaries of War and Navy, to make a trial of the comparative power of re* siftancc of Iron-clad ships and stone fortlfica lions to the lire of heavy artillery. The use of one ol the strongest Iron clad ships of the Navy, and the most perfect sea coast lurtlli* cation for the trial was thereby authorized. Referred to the Committee on Joint Resolu tions. Mr!FRELINGHUYSEN reported, from the Judiciary Committee, the House bill to re store the possession of lands confiscated by the authorities qf the States lately in rebel lion, with an amendment. Mr. SHERMAN introduced a bill to con firm the sales made by the direct Tax Com missioners for South Carolina to persons in the nrmv, navy or marine corps, providing that the conditions of the sales were com pile d with ; that other property he restored, the Tux Commissioner being authorized to make one hid on each tract for the United States. Referred to the Judiciary Commit- ICC. Mr. CONNESS reported from the Post Of* flee Committee, with amendment, the bill crtablUbhiga mall route between California and the Sandwich Islands. Mr. VAN WINKLE, from the Committee on Finance, reported a resolution authoriz ing the Secretary of the Treasury to refund to National Banks theamouut of excesses mud in certotn eases under the erroneous ruling of the Treasury Uepartmeut. Passed. Monday next was. on motion of Mr. CHANDLER, assigned for business from the Committee on Commerce. Mr. HOWARD repotted Irom the Pacific Railroad Committee, a bill to grant land In aid of the road from Lake Superior to Puget Sound, asking that it bo discharged from consideration. Agreed to. Mr. KIRKWOOD, from the Post Office Committee, reported a bill declaring the bridge over the Mississippi, at Clinton, lowa, a post route. Passed. Mr. WADE move to take up the one term Constitutional Amendment, but withdrew the motion, stating that he should make it on Tuesday. _ _ Mr. SHERMAN, from the Finance Com mittee, reported the Indian Appropriation Bill, which bo would call up ou Saturday. Mr. YATES presented the credentials of Senator Trumbull for six years from the 4th of March, which were filed. The Mli In relation to the Indian Bureau was taken up. The Senate bill Is for the an nual Inspection of the Indians; for this, the Douse sends back a substitute to transfer the Indian Bureau to the War Department; and against this the Senate Committee ou Indian Allairs make a unanimous report. Mr. SllEßMAJtjmovcd that the Senate non-coucur, andcall for a Committee of Conference. , _ Mr. WILLIAMS favored the House propo rtion, and lather than lose it in Committee of Conference he would move to Indefinitely postpone the bill. It would then come up ut some future time. Pending the considera tion the Senate went into Executive session. Recess. EVENING SESSION. The bill to amend the Military Bill of session so as to place Judge Advocates on the same footing as to tenure of office os other officers passed. The bill to grant lands to Oregon to build n military wagon road from Columbia River to the Snake River passed. The Indian Bureau BUI was considered without uetiou. Adjourned. HOUSE. Eleven o'clock was fixed for the hour of dally meeting hereafter. Ihc Senate bill to authorize the construe, tionofa submerged tubular bridge across tbe Mississippi at St. Louis passed. Mr. HOOPER, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported a bill to provide ways and means fbr the payment of com pound interest notes, and for tbe contraction ut the currency. Mr. Hooper explained the Mil, saying the amount of compound inter est notes, all of which fell due this fiscal > car, was $140,000,000. The MU proposed to allow them to be received as a special tem porary loan, for which certificates were to jc Issued bearing interest at 3 05*100 per cent, the committee being of the opinion that the banks would gladly exchange them for such certificates. „ Mr. STEVENS moved to amend the bill by making the section read that the Sectc tary of the Treasury be directed to redeem compound interest notes with accrued in terest, and issue thcrclor legal tender notes. Alter debate, he added the words without •ntcrcst, not exceeding in amount $100,000,000. The amendment was adopt ed—TO against 59. , . The second section of the bill repeals the act for the retiring and cancelling of £1,000,000 cicenbacksper month, and prohibits such retirement during the current year. The bill was ordered engrossed, but on the ques tion being taken on the passage ot the MU as amended It was rejected—7s against M. MrTRANDALL, of Penn., moved to recon sider the vote, saying he Intended to move to strike out the second section. Reconsid eration carried. , „ . A _ Mr. RANDALL moved to refer to the Com mittee on Banking, with instructions to re port back immediately the first sectionouly. instantly repotted from said committee tbc bid wltu me second see .ion stricken out. , ~, « Mr. HOOPER moved to table the bill. Re jected—so against 05. Tho bill then passed—os apmiltfo. Several reports'from the Naval Committee oi a private nature were acted upon. RC CCSS. EVENING SESSION. Executive documents were received en during a report of the Secretary of Slate Wisconsin and Pennsylvania had reti red the Constitutional Amendment; from ;bc Govemorof Rhode Island a similar an* llo From m the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting a list of clerks, &c ; , in that de partment, with their compensation. All re* "'Sn'Vnolion of Mr. WILSON, of lowa, the ol War was instructed to report all information In that department relative :o property seized or taken possession or by ibe Government or Its agents In Louisiana, and the amount that bad been restored, by whose order, &c. . , 4 t, n Tbe Senate amendments, verbal, to me House bill, declaring the Clinton bridge over the Mlseslsslppl a post road, were concurred 1 Mr CLARK, of Kansas, Introduced a joint resolution to provide for the payment of cer tain awards for losses sustained by the loyal I hodaw and Chickasaw Indians. Referred. Hcalso presented resolutions of the Kansas Legislature urging Congress to pass®• JJ 11 for the admission ot Colorado over th c veto. Mr. BRANDEGEE, from the Naval Com mlitec, reported a resolution fortheboard ot naval officers to examine Into the facts in reference to thc Naval Academy at Annap olis. with a view to the expediency of «» re moval, and make a careful survey ana esa - iimtion of thc hnrhore of New Umdon and Newport for the location ol such noademj, n substitute.U) di rect the Sneaker to appoint « commiUcc oI three for the purpose. If the matter was left to the Navy Department,* report would begot up whitewashing Annapolis. The rC J to offer » rejoin instruction the Committee of Ways and 'Means to report a bill antheming lie Summary of the Treasury tf Issue United statesnote*, not bearing Interest, and not exceeding five hundred millions, to redeem the 7-30 notes as they become due. Objec tion made. The Home went Into Committee of the Whole, and considered the Tax Bill. Mr. WENTWORTH Intimated that If the bill was not finished to-night he would move to-morrow to suspend the roles so as to dis charge the committee from further consider ation, and that bo would then more the pre vious question on It, allowing members to offer amendments and have them voted on. Mr. HAWKINS moved to exempt from the three cents per pound tax on cotton all quan tities under five bales produced by any one farmer. Rejected. Mr. HOOPER moved to amend the eleventh section so as to make the free list go into operation March Ist. Agreed to. Various propositions of amendment to the articles enumerated In the free lUt were made, discussed and acted on, when the committee rose. Adjourned. FROM SPRINGFIELD. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l SpuraoriELD, HI., February SI. DILL TO REGULATE THE BALE OF ARDENT SPIRITS. The Senate devoted most of the afternoon to the bill to regulate the sale of ardent spirits. The hill provides that towns and cities may settle the question of license by a vote of the people. An attempt was made to exempt Chicago from the provisions of the bill, but it failed. If the bill becomes a law, unless Senators change their minds, the j»eople of Chicago will bare to elect whether they will grant licenses or not. Paring the discussion in the Senate qnlte a number of most excellent and effective tempera tee addresses were made by Senators from whom that class of YfiS not ex pected. The final question was not reached before the Senate adjourned. Several Chicago citizens here assert that the Income from licenses in that city is a small fraction under one hundred thousand dollars, and that amount will be lost to the city if this (till should pass and tbc people should re fuse to license. What she would gain in a moral point of view bos not yet entered into any calculation that I have seen. THE CHICAGO CITY CHARTER AMENDMENTS have made no headway in the Senate to-day. It Is expected they will come up to-morrow, aud will probably pass that body before it adjourns ju«c die. THE NEW STATE HOUSE BILL. I hear to-night that a distinguished law yer of Chicago is preparing au opinion upon the constitutionality of the provisions of the New State House Bill. This opinion will be submitted to the Governor before he sanctions the bill by his signature. The friends of the bill begin to manifest signs of alarm, as they have no assurance, that Governor Ogles by will sign the bill. The bill, without doubt, deprives the Governor of his constitu tional rights, and it Is his duty to vindicate the dignity of bis position by promptly sending back the bill without his signature. As I telegraphed you yesterday, if the bill becomes a law, there arc several members who declare it their intention to resist it be fore the courts. THE JOLIET PENITENTIARY. The question ofleasing the Joliet Peniten tiary toßainc, Burns, Hatch, Osborne, Dustin & Co., was up In the House this afternoon. Mr. Childs, Chairman ot tbc Penitentiary Committee, made a speech of considerable length In favor of giving the lease to these parties. Mr. Childs stated that he came here prejudiced against leasing the prison to these or any other parties, but bad changed his mind, and was now In favor of the propo sed leases extending to the year 1877. Several amendments were offered to the bill. One requiring the contractors to give each pris oner eight dollars when he leaves the prison, was under consideration when the House ad journed. TUB TAZEWELL COUNTY ELECTION CASE was discussed In the House tills evening, at • onsideroblc length, by Messrs. Hanna, Dow. ycr, Dinsmoor, Withers, Shirley, and others. The question on giving the scat to Mr. Sal* (oiibtall was voted down, and Mr. Sellers' light to the scat was couflrmed by a decided majority. DEFEAT OF THE APPORTIONMENT DILL. In the House this morning, Mr. Wakeman, from the joint committee lor rcdlstrictlng the State into Senatorial and Representative Dislticts, reported against any new appor* lionment of the Slate. After debate by Messrs. Dates, Alexander and Dowycragalnst discharging the committee from further con sideration, and by Messrs. Wakeman and Hanna in favor, the motion was agreed to by a decided vote. So we arc to have no reap portionment of the State. The two leading causes which have operated to pro* ducc the result arc : First, the members have vet too many private schemes on hand which they wish to get through, to give this apportionment proposition any attention; second, every member wants a district to fit his own case, and If he cannot get it he is against any change. Of course, all the Democrats are against auy change, as ac- I cording to tbo present apportionment they have a greater strength hero than the votes they cast entitle them to. TUE CUICAGO WEtnniNO AND MEASURING COMPANY. A bill was introduced into the House Ibis afternoon lo incorporate the Chicago Weigh ing ard Measuring Company. The bill gives l>owcr to tbc company to Issue certificates of indemnity against loss from the short delivery ol all kinds of grain, Hour, beef, pork, lard, and all other articles transported by railroads, lakes, men, canals or by any other mode of transportation where a con tract or bill of lading has been or will be Issued for the delivery of either of said arti cles. The stock of the company Is fixed at one hundred thousand dollars. The corpora tors ore Jonathan W. Tuttle* Thomas N. Bond, Charles E. Case, William S. Brewster and Andrew Anderson. TUE OAS DILL came up In the House this morning, on the motion to reconsider. Mr. Taylor made every elfort to defeat the bill, but he could make no impression, and bis motion to reconsider was defeated by ayes 10, noes 54. Tbc bill now goes to the Senate, where its fate is more uncertain, as I hear Us enemies intend to employ all the parliamentary strategy of which they arc masters to stare off action. As the General Assembly will probably ad joum in the early part of next week they may succeed. RESOLUTIONS AGAINST THE CONTRACTION OF GREENBACKS. In the House this morning, Mr. Speaker Corwin Introduced resolutions against the contraction of the circulation of greenbacks and in favor of the substitution of greenbacks lor National Bank currency, where it could be done without dctrimcnttopnblic interest. They were passed by a vole of 71 to 7. The aeven who voted against the resolutions were j against any contraction of the greenbacks, but also opposed to disturbing the National Bank currency. PASSAGE OF THE CANAL BILL BT THE SENATE. The Senate this morning passed the Canal and Internal Improvement Bill, with the amendment requiring the work to be con fined to the Illinois River and Illinois and Michigan Canal, unless the General Govern ment shall make an appropriation. It is re ported back to the House. An attempt was made to suspend the rules and adopt the amendment, but it requiring a three* fourths vote to do so It was defeated. The bill will come up in its regular order to-morrow, and will pass, and then the great work of internal Im provement will be inaugurated In Illinois, not to cease, I trust, until all the contem plated works In the bill shall be consum mated. THE LOTIDT THINNING OUT. Tbe Stale House Bill and the Industrial Colic ce Bill having been disposed ofin the House, tho lobby Is thinner to-day than any previous day for ten days. IN DEFINITE POSTPONEMENT OP THE BAIL- HOAD BILLS. Alter four days’ parleying and dodging, senator Mack tewlay reported back Fuller’* „nd Uurlhut’fi Railroad bills, and ntlcr much ditcu-sicn and lilibustering, they were both r-oftponed until the Fourth of July next. Tims the people hove been cheated, nnd the nilioad monopolists can continue to tide rough-shod orcr their ‘i„Hs for at least two years iooro-thc cheap Instrument being A. W, Mack the Senator from Kankakee. The people ought all, with one accord, to thank God that the end of this session terminates for all time to come the connection of this senator with the legislation of llllno s. CANAL AND CAIHO rESITrSTIAET HILLS The friends of the Canal and Internal Im provement Bill were compelled to form a P _ rfnr in the Senate this morning to got fbJlr liftfthrough that body, thclrNcw Capb nl nnd lodmdrial Unlrcrslty Weeds having ‘“’“lt tatsc. The Cairo Venlteatiary Bill I!M d to the Canal Bill, and the com ’“, P Mends of the two measures “ C rc able to push them through by .small majority. These were brought to gether "to the House shortly niter their rmssage through the Senate, and an attempt m.detosuspend the tnlcs and put them through * but three-fourths of lha House not WmK a-UUbfft to P° °ver until to. CHICAGO, FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22, 1867. morrow, when they will probably be carried, udlcfs the pententlary men prove filflc ft* did their Predecessors on this ring* TUB appropriation bill, for services rendered and material* furnUh cd and not otherwise provided for, was taken up in the House this morning, discussed iu Committee of the Whole, and passed. Among tho appropriations In the bill Is one giving to the Speaker of. the Senate and to each member of the General Assembly the sum of two hundred dollars for extra expen ses incurred by them for room ront,. cleik hire, fuel and lights, during this session. A LONG BILL. The bill In relation to wills, executors, ad mlnistrators, the settlement of deceased per sons’ estates, the rights, liabilities and duties of officers connected with the management thereof, and the jurisdiction of tha County Courts, which has been before the House for ; some time past, was passed to-day by a vote of mto 4. This bill was prepared by a com mittee appointed by the Conven tion of County Judges held In Chicago some time since, and contains quite a number of amendments on previous laws. II bos ono hundred and eighty-five sections, and Is probably one of the longest bills that ever went through the General Assembly. The one hundred and clghty-fonrtb section, which enumerates the clerk’s fees and com pensation, was stricken out,and a section r*:i Jn Its place making the fees the same as in the old law. PROTEST AGAINST TUB NEW STATS HOCSS RILL. Twenty-five members of the House Ibis afternoon presented a protest against tbe passage of the new State House BUI. The r.lngitca tried to prevent Its being read and entered upon tbe Journal, but they failed. The protest is a very strong one, and thoroughly demolishes the bill which has passed tbe General Assembly. The points made against it arc uf a constitutional, political and financial character. The protest will exercise a slroug influence upon the minds of the people of this Slate. THE state legislatures. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] Springfield, 111., February 21. SENATE. Mr. WARD presented a petition of the citizens of Proviso, Cook County, against dividing the town. THE SOUTHERN ILLINOIS PENITENTIARY HILL RECONSIDERED AND PASSED. Mr. MACK culled up his motion to rocon- Sder the vote by which the Southern Illinois Penitentiary Bill was defeated yesterday. The motion to reconsider Was adopted— yeas 13. uocs 11. A motion of Mr. ADD AMS to commit the bill to the Penitentiary Committee was re jected—yeas 11, uoes 14; and the bit! passed —yeas 18; nocs 12. passage op the canal bill. The Canal Bill was taken up, and the pre* vious question sustained. Mr. METCALF asked if It were in order to move tor a Committee ot Investigation to inquire if there had been any. trading be tween the friend? or tbe Canal Bill aud the Southern Illinois Penitentiary Bill. Mr. WARD said he traded on this ques tion. and it was the first time he ever traded. He did it for the purpose of getting the Canal BUI passed. The vote wus then taken on the Canal Bill, when it jmssed—yeas 14; nays 11. THE RAILROAD BILL. Mr. MACK reported back, in compliance with the demand of the Senate, Mr. Fuller’s Railroad Bill, and moved that it lay on the table until July 4tb, on which motion he de manded the previous question. The previous question was sustained, and the motion to postpone adopted—yeas, 18; nays, 10. A motion to reconsider was laid on the ta ble. Mr. MACK then reported back Mr. Hurl hut’s bill, and sought to have the same course taken in regard to it, whereupon the the opposition Senators began to filibuster, and continued it until the Speaker declared tbo Senate adjourned, at half past 12 p. m., no business whatever having been done, AFTERNOON SESSION. IIURLDUT’S RAILROAD BILL KILLED. Four Senators being absent when the Sen ate convened, a call of the house was had, ami filibustering began again. S The friends ut railroad restriction proposed to stop filibustering if the Senate would al low Mr. Diirlbut’s Railroad bill to go to a special committee of its friends. Mr. MACK did not propose to trade, unless lieVould gel the best of the bargain. Fur ther proceedings under call were dispensed with after some filibustering, and Mr. Muck’s motion to postpone action on Mr. Hurlbut’s Railroad BUI till July 4th, was put and earned—yeas, 15: nays, 10. A motion to reconsider was laid on the table. THE AORICrLTPRAL COLLEGE. Mr. MACK moved that the rnlcs be sus pended and tbe Agricultural College Bill taken up. Rejected. THE LIQCOK TRAFFIC. Mr. Pinckney's bill to subject the liquor truffle to a majority of tbe legal voters in each countv, was reported back from the .Judiciary Committee with the recommenda tion that it pass. The bill was discussed bv Messrs. McCOK KELL, PINCKNEY, FILLER, WARD, TINCIiEU, BOYD. EASTMAN, MUNN, WEBSTER and REILY. Au amendment by Mr. WARD excepting Cook County from the operations of the bill wusr ejected.) Tbe bill was then ordered en grossed for third reading—yeas IS, nays U. Adjourned. HOUSE, MORNING SESSION. THE APPORTIONMENT. Mr. WAKEMAN, from the Special Com mittee on Apportionment, reported back nd vertcly to any steps for the apportionment of the State. Mr. BOWYER spoke against the commit lee’s report. Mr. HANNA defended It. Mr. WAEKMAN did not believe It ncccs- sary to inrymandtr tbe State to support the Republican party. Amotion to dismiss the committee from further consideration of the subject was car ried by 41 affirmative to 22 negative votes. A RECONSIDERATION. Mr. SMITH requested the entryupon the journal of a motion to reconsider the action on the locatiou of the Agricultural College. THE GENERAL AITROFIUATION DILL. Id routine course, Mr. PAYNE called up the Appropriation Bill, and moved to amend by providing for tbe payment of thirty dol

lars to each member of committees visiting State institutions. Withdrawn. The House went into Committee of the Whole. Mr. COE moved to strike oat the appro priation ofs2Uo to each irember of the Gen eral Assembly for room rent, clerk hire, etc. Laid on the table. Mr. SINGER moved to strike oat the ap propriation ot ISO to each member of the Joint Agricultural College Location Com mittee. Lost. Mr. ALEXANDER moved to insert an ap propriation of $21,000 to Geo. W. Chatterton for printing paper famished the General As sembly. Adopted. Mr. REYNOLDS moved to amend the pro vision for the pay of officers of the General Assembly, clerks, etc., so as to give them IS per diem. Adopted. The pay of the pages was, on motion of Mr. CONIxLING, fixed at |3 per diem. The pay of the Governor’s extra clerk and Library Clerk was raised from $5 to IS per diem. The pay of policemen, porters, John Jack son and firemen was raised from |4 to |d. To S. R, Saltonstail, contestant from Taze well, |l2O were appropriated. Tbe committee rose and reported back the bill as amended. The House concurred In the committee’s action, adopted the amendments and then pasted the oill by 50 ayes to 3S nays. THE CANAL SILL 'was reported back from tbe Senate with a slight amendment. ATTEMPTED RECONSIDERATION?. A motion bv Mr. EPLER to reconsider the vote on the Agricultural College BUI was laid on the table. Mr. BOND moved to reconsider the passage of the Chicago Gas BUI. Mr. TAYLOR stated that Uhad been swin dled through iu an omnibus. He had been &!*ured that It was not in, while It was. Two bills had been put In and one withdrawn as n blind. Tbe House refused torreonsider. KErifES TO ADJOCRN OVER WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. VJlk 4 Ull.l X « Mr. JONES moved that the House adjourn on Friday, the 22d instant. Mr. 11ANSUN moved to amend to Mon day, the 25th instant. Mr. HANNA moved to lay the subject on the tabic. Carried. . The bccrclary of State was directed to turnish copies of the laws and journals of tbe House to members as soon as possible after adjournment. THE CITtRENCT. Speaker CORWIN left his scat and offered from the floor tbe following: \Vnxi;rAs, The cottracilon of the currency hr the nilheiawal of legal tetder Treasury notes irora clrcniaUoo In the present financial condition of the country, would be Injurious to the Govern ment ard oppressive to the tax payers, and \> iiEitXAs, The interests ol the Government and the people would be promoted by tbe withdrawal circulation of the note* i««ued by the Nation al Lark*, and hr the substitution therefor of local tender Treasury notes, and by the payment of intcreet-bcadng legac tender Treasury notes at the e-ruest option of the Government, in non-ln for^b^U^ 5 * lepa * t4L^cr lrCMa *7 notes; there lkt I ! ome 0t BCPtMMUttM, of tr c state of 1.l mow, the becite concurring herein, tiial our Senators be instructed, and our Ucpre sentaiives In Congress requested to oppose all n.ea«mre* tenolneio the contraction of the cur nncy l.j the withdrawal of .the legal tender Trcas »hlJ’»°h? ,an V‘} a L‘ 1 “l 1 tending to tSnouJ. ,hcrtfor ° r ibelcgalundar *eas- TS^ctL 1 ? bj 71 a yes toTnocs. rnt%Vm?, V\ ll «e negative being Messrs. I>olao . Green of Jo Da viess, llullowbuab, Metz and Shepard. „ BCSOLirnoNS. lion lD V** S « n4tc lion requesting Congress to establish at Cairo a depot of arms and supplies fJr the South and Southwest. Also, concurred in the Senate resolution of thanks to the heroic soldiers of Illinois, ex pressing sympathy with the widows and orphans of soldiers; but concurrence was re luted lo a clause providing for distributing copies. Adjourned. AFTERNOON. MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS. A number of bills were Introduced. An act to reorganize the militia of Illinois was passed; compilation of acts and laws rela tive to probate business and the administra tion of estates, was talked over lengthily and loosely, and passed with an amendment making fees the same as heretofore. The bill to lease the Penitentiary was taken np, several amendments proposed and, finally, no action being taken, it was con timed over as the special order for to-mor row at 10 a. m. Mr. BAILEY presented tbc protest of the mlnotity of the House against the bill pro viding tor the erection of a State Uonse. Mr. TAYLOR moved to lay on the table. Pending action the House adjourned. EVENING SESSION. CONTESTED ELECTION. The special order being the Thirty-seventh Representative District (or TazewellCoanty) contested election case, Mr. HANNA made a long speech in support of the minority re* port, which favors the claims ot Saltonstall. Mr. BOWYER responded In behalf of the majority report, which awards tho scat to tbepresentincumbent, Mr. Sellers. . The majority and minority reports, cover leg several newspaper columns, were read, alter which Mr. DINSMOOR roave a very clear and conclusive speech, demonstrating beyond question that Mr. Sellers was the le gally elected candidate. . Tbe resolution attached to the minority report was voted down. Mr. KNAPP offered a resolution, declaring the Thirty-seventh District unrej rcsculeif. Lost, and the resolution declaring Sir. Sellers the duly elected candidate was put and carried. WISCONSIN, [Special Despatch to the Chicago THhnoe.l Madison, February 21. - ASSEMBLY. WEDNESDAY EVENING. In the Assembly last evening, the Senate bill to bridge the Mississippi Hirer at Wino ua was read a second time and referred to the Railroad Committee. A bill was Introduced to regulate the transportation of persons and goods by rail roads, and several local bills. After wrangling a long time, the Asscmblr concurred with the Senate in the resolution to adjourn at o’clock on the 21st instant, to Tuci-day evening next week, and extend ing the time for the reception of new busi ness till the 11th day ot March. SENATE. A resolution was adopted looking to the establishment of an Asylum for Drunkards and Idiots. hills were Introduced to appropriate R. J. Harvey $287 for interest on the money kept back lor many years. Also to appropriate to the State Prison Committee $lB each, and to the Senate Chaplains SBO each, and to the Superintendent of Public Property SIO,OOO lor stationery; also, a bill amending the act reorganizing the State University so as to provide for the instruction of male ami female pupils in separate departments, «&c. The account of Captain D. C. Connor foi recruiting services wus dhaliowed. The bill appropriating money for the Paris Exposition expenses was cut down to $2,C00, and passed. Assembly bills were concurred in to sub mit to vote the umendmentto the Constitu tion that members of the Legislature re ceive a salary of $350; also the memorial to Congress lor a laud grant in aid of the rail road Irom Freeport to Madison, and local bills ; also the bill limiting the amount of postage stomps and stationery for employes of the Legislature. ASSEMBLY. In the Assembly a petition was presented for female suffrage; also that railroads be compelled to keep fences in repair; also to make the Clerk of Court and Register of Deeds salaried offices ; also more dog law ; also for permission to bridge the Mississippi at LaCrosse. Bills were introduced to amend chapter 05, Revised Statutes. The bill establishing uniform, rates of tariff was made the special order for next Wednesday evening. Both Houses stand adjourned to Tuesday evening next. ITIIUIIIGAN, [Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.] Lansing, February 21. SENATE. Tbe Senate bill to authorize aid to the Agricultural Society; the bUI Increasing the compensation of officers of the State Prison; the bill relating to the Chief Justiceship of iho Supreme Court; a resolution inquiring relative to the alleged violation of its char ter by tbe Central Railroad, and the Battle Creek & Indiana State Liuo Railroad Bill, I>ttb6ed. HOUSE. Tbe House refused to concur in the report of the Conference Committee on the Consti tutional Convention Bill, and a further Com mittee of Conference was appointed. The two committees, after a long conference tills evening, agreed to recommend the election of one hundred delegates by single districts, ami twelve by the State at large. INDIANA. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.) Indianapolis, February 21. SENATE. Bills were Introduced authorizing cities to issue bonds lor tbe completion of unfin ished school buildings, and to prevent the spread of bog cholera. The Senate concurred In the House amend* ment to the Legislative Apportionment Bill. Most of the day was taken up in tbe dis cussion of the bill for the location of tbe Agricultural without result. The subject of the Agricultural College was made the special order for Tuesday next. The bill providing for the Inspection of petroleum oils, and prohibiting the sate ot oils that will Ignite at a temperature less than 110 degrees, passed. Tbe Senate bill, apportioning the State for legislative purposes passed—fifty-nine to thirty. Two: bills were Introduced Indemnifying the officers and soldiers for acts committed In the State under colir of military authority. A long discussion ensued on tbe propo sition to lease tbe convict labor In the North ern Penitentiary, during which charges of Iruud were made against its officers. FROM IXDIaNAFOLIS. The Stretcher Trial—The Case Submit ted t«> the Jury—musical Celebration of Wafthiiigtou’w BlrtU-day—Weather blatters. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune ] Indianapolis, February si. The evidence in the case of the Stale against Stretcherwasconclndcd on Tuesday, and the arguments occupied yesterday and to-day. E. W. Kcmbail, Esq., opening for the prosecution, and was followed by J. W. Gordon, Esq., for* tbo defence. This morn* Ine W, W. Leathers. Esq., the Prosecuting Attorney, followed in behalf of the Stale, uud this alternoon Hon. A. G. Porter con cluded the argument for the prisoner. Tbe charge of Judge Hines was very elaborate, and the cause given to the jury. They have not yet returned their verdict. ~ Tlte Silver Band, of Evansville, composed of some sixteen performers, orrived here last evening on a visit in response to un invita tion of the Legislature, and a grand ball took place at tbe Bates House last night. The band dined with Governor Baker to-day, and will give a concert this evening at Mor risonV Opera Hall, in which they will be assisted bv tbe best musical talent of onr city. To-morrow being the anniversary of Wash ington’s bln bday, a national salute will be fired from the south end of the Caplto., by order of the General Assembly. Governor Baker gives bis first reception in the evenin' 7 General t’arl Schnrz lectures here on Mon- Two inches of snow Ml last night, but fast disappearing. Frost all out of the ground. lEOJI SAMIVILLE. Arrrival of Delegate* to the Radical State Convention— Governor Drown* low Certain to be Renominated. 1 Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune J Nashville, February 21, Numerous delegates have arrived from all parts of the Slate. An enthusiastic meeting to be held in the Capitol building to-night, and there Is a fair prospect for one of the largest Union Conventions to-morrow, that ever assembled in a Southern *-tate. 5 I'ftips and citizens e.vpicss warm support of thlVnfflSsc «d“ llt&ty I*" j"‘ by tbe Legislature. >,o aliatle of opposition to Governor Brownlow anywherei manlfts- Itself, and he.will be renominated w th noun imlty and enthusiasm unparalleled In p tncky arm probably be the of nU who engaged In tbe rebellion. FIIOH LOUISVILLE. "Cnvlfle SS& uf S£nr“»n. “special Dcepatcn to the Chicago ™ ””'n 1 1 Louisville, February -i. a difficulty, growing out of the Wo« urea attested. , smtes trotps will sss. , iri.u«d«Sood in official circles that General Sidney Bar* bunk. Colonel of tho Second United States Artillery, will succeed General Davis In command of the illlitary District of Ken tucky. Toe case of Erasmus Braden and others, Indicted In the United States Court for rohhery and larceny, under the Civil Rights Bill, was called to-day and continued until the next term of the Court. A well-to do cigar dealer named Stem, was arrested to-day for seducing a young Germau girl, hhe was a stranger m the city, and he took her to a hotel under the pre tence of conducting her to her friends, and by threats and bribes it Is alleged effected her ruin. FBOM ST. LOUIS. Bn«lne»»-lhe Weather—The St. Louis Bridge Scheme—Prospects of the Upper mimonri Trade. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribunal St. Lons, February 21. Advices from New Orleans of an advance In tbe prices o! rations kinds of provisions and prodnccstimnlatedbusiness hero to-day so much that over two thousand tons of freight to New Orleans were contracted for before noon. The river Is very high, weather cold, and during the night there was a hard storm ot rain and wind. The hills for constructing the bridge across the Mississippi River embrace two projects. Loth providing that the charters shall be for feited unless the bridges arc commenced within one year. One set of corporators will probably favor the railroad, and the other the citizens' Interests. Both claim that they mean business. Orders for goods for the mountains are ar riving, and many boats are already adver tised. St. Louis, February 21.—Levi Parsons, Assistant President, and J. P. Robinson, Chief Engineer of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad, are here from New York, on busi ness connected with the vigorous prosecution of the work on that road in Southwest Mis souri. Major General Sheridan and several officers of his staff came from Cincinnati to Odin, Illinois, to*day,whcre they look the train for Cairo, m route for New Orleans. SOUTH AMERICA. Naval Ktms-VcMrl Sunk and frew Saved—American Breccia Loader* to be Adopted by the Brazilian Army— Trouble among' American Immigrants PioitreM of the War Against Para* uuay—Xlte Coffee Crop. New- Tons. February 21.—The steam ship Guiding Star brings advices from Uio Jaueiro to January 25tn, Pernambuco Slst, Par* Oth, and St. Thomas 13tb. The United Slates ships Juniata and Res nca were at Rio, and the Penobscot at St. Thomas. The North American, which touched at j>t. Thomas, hod on board part of the crew of the Danish bark Christiana, which she collided with and sunk off Sandy llook. Advices from HIo Janeiro etate that the referee in the case of the Roberts and Sny der breech loaders, has reported in favor of the former, an American Invention, for adop tion in the Brazilian army. A disturbance hod occurred between the immigrants in Brazil from the United States. A party of Northerners am tald to have at tempted to bum a sawmill belonging to Southerners. Rising 8,000 Indians arc reported on the Amazon. As many people have been killed, and roveial o( the nearest settlements de stroyed. _ The bombardment of Cumpaity, Para guay, by the Brazilian licet, Is confirmed. I'hc Paraguayan fortifications arc armed with heavy cannon, and the Brazilians erected butteries, armed also with heavy cannon, landed from the fiect. Two thousand needle guns have been Is sued to a part of the Brazilian troops, and have proved very elllcacious to the skirmish ers. The allied army Is now 83,000 strong, and would within u month receive 10,(XX) more men. The revolution in Mendoza continued, and the authorities arc vet unable to put It down. General Asbolb,'United States Minister to Buenos Ayres, has offered his mediation to tbo Argentine Confederation, when consid ered opportune. Codec —Animated demand at Rio. Sales since last steamer, 70,000 bags. Advance, reis. Crop accounts are unfavora ble, and will not be as large os anticipated. Reports arc limited. line grades very hcarce. Stock reduced to 83,000 bags; su perfine quoted at 7,000@7,200 rela. MEXICO. Farther Advantac** Gained by III© lAb« eralM—Another Proclamation from ITluxlimiian—Report ot HUmmon’i* Drl'eal Continued— Janrcz Not Cap tured • New Orleans, February 21.—Later dates from tlic Interior of Mexico state that Carona has Issued a decree to the effect Hint all per sons taking part with the Empire most leave ■lalifico within tire days. Guadalajara papers of the 23d state that the Imperialists still hold Gusuajuato and vicin ity. Some petty Llhcial chiefs had gained trifling advantages. Morelia was in possession of the Liberals. Boriozabal has completed tbo organization ol the National Guard at Matamoras, consist ing of 1,000 men, completely officered, and «-cll equipped. Escobedo informs Boriozabal that he will immediately place at his disposal 2,000 men, to be employed in preserving order la tbe State of Tamaulipas. Cortina was in the State of Guerrero with a small force. Maximilian had issued another proclama tion, condemning the occupation ot Matamo ras by Genera) Sedgwick. , Both Fr.nch and Mexican flags were way ■ ing over the forts and custom house at Vera Cruz. The Liberals were encamped twelve miles from there. Washington', February 21,—Official news from Vera Cruz, 12th instant, to tbe Mexican Legation, confirms the report of the defeat ot Iniwon by Escobedo, near the city of Yacsttfeas. The report of the capture of President Juarez by Miramon was only a rumor. French Aid to tbo Virginia Cana Company* Richmond, February 21.—The DUpatch says a cable telegraph was received yester day by Colonel Ellis, President of the James River'and Kanawha Canal Company, stating that the Societe Gcncrale of rarls bad agreed to furnish the maximum capital of forty millions of dollars required lor the Virginia Canal Company. Connecticut Workingmen’s Conven- tlon* New Haven, February 21.— The Work ingmen’s State Convention meets here to morrow. A large number of delegates are already here, and the Convention promises to be full and able. It is doubtful whether any ticket will be put in nomination. trtVAIT BROTHERS Advertlßloa Aa’l* 121! Dearborn-*!., receive advertisement* (or all the leading papers throughout the Coiled State* and Canadas. _ CTije Stating g>cason. cIDERINK. Holiday Fete, Afternoon and Evening SPLENDID ZCS. Gents» 35 cents) Paring the Pay. RINK. Finest Ice of the Season. Holiday Carnival! Aft ox noon and Evening* Best Place of Amusement in the City. fHasomc Notices. MAs-ONIC.—A Htgoiar Convocation ol Wa»btsstoa Chapter No. 43, U A. M„ will be Mid a: tcslr bail, No. 5»2 Wed Randolph it,. This (FRIDAY) evening, Feb. T 3. atTJtf o'clock. JOHN WHITLEY, Secretary. jsoctctß meetings. "V'OTICE. —Toe members of “ Express JJw »cd Telecraph Club” and •*Railroad Club” are recorded to present their ticket* at their MEETING TO-NIGHT, At the Crosby Opera House, tor tb: disposal of the .ifiro*. ffiats anfr Caps. gPRIXG STYLES YOUNG MEN’S HATS, A VARIETY OF NEW SHAPES JUST RECEIVED BY J. A. SMITH & CO., fHeOicai. MIDICAL—DR.DE CAST HO, Phy- Slain, Oinilst and Anrlst, 353 Wabash-av. The ikAtor rosy be consulted In ail tcc modem language*, -•pctui attention p»tc u»di«a»e* cl the head, throat & tsVSias, Inwhtch he employs tu* entirely new system of ioha ■Him. So ay, ggjtiwes, &c, IpvOVTNI DOWiN! U CO THE PRICES! Colette** l*rre dieTOILKT SOAPS, 50 epta per bar. pi Rt CALIFORNIA WINKS and BRANDIES, At the Drnc Store, lb 7 Dearbdtu-at, NUMBER 259. agaatr^gg. g FECIAL NOTICE. N. MATSON & CO., (Succeeeor* to MATSON A BOBS), No. 117 Lake-st, CHICAGO, IXiXa., Having bees appointed the only Wholesale Agents for Chicago and the Western country, for u>e American Watch Company Watches, OF WALTHAM, MASS., Desire to state to the public that they hare at aU Umca a lull and complete assortment of above Watches, cosed In GOLD and SILVER CASES of every conceiv able style and gnua to t>e toned, and at FACTORY PRICES. Jeweller* and Watchmaker* ot the Northwest can now be supplied at precisely same rates a* at the Fac tory, and uve the delay sending East. Wc are the only authorized Ascnta in the West far the*e Italy celebrated Watches, amt fnlly recommend them to the pablle as the best ot the American production. P.3UTSOX, L. J. .NORTON, \f. E. lIIGLEY, IX7 Lake«st., Chicago, 111. ffierrijant giaitorg. JJAT.T, & SPEKC-Eli, MERCHANT TAILORS AND DEALERS IS Cents* furnisliins Goods. Now Spring Goods Just Received. Ol RAJVDOLPH-ST., Davison & Co., ( CHICAGO. FI’ANK SPENCEP, _) fttirijinccß. gTEAM ENGINES. Celebrated Portable and Stationary AMES Steam Engines All Sizes, anil Superior to all others. 17, T,. RICE A* CO* Chicago. 111., ] I _ __l. ITII Ac HK.fJt;**. bt.LouK Mo.. 1 MffpnTQ will. I* MOVE*, Mllwadkre.WU., HtUlllOl JAtUKS JENK»« IHUoItMXB, j O ’ S3T Call or write for circular. asttologg. All persons wishing to know* their FUTURE PROSPECTS IN LIFE, Can have them eorrertly stated by the Madame by calling at 3-17 booth Clark-*t. (oppo»rv Jone* sclvkH) where she may be consulted about all matter, concern ing Buslcrsa. Marriage, Lore, etc., and will tell the name of the lady or gentleman you arc going to marry: also the name of her visitors. SBlanteh. ANTED— Three or four good Salesmen To travel. lUfcrencesrequlied. Addma or apply t< Vi. D. TURNER * 00., flfl tooth Welts-st. TO WHOLESALE GROCERS,—A m oatlon 1* wanted by a young man As Travelling Salesman For a Wboleaale Grocery House; boa had two yeara* evpertetce In the ins In cm, ana can command a good Western trade. Asks a Ulai only. Acdresa *• C q.” care Pox 6211. Chicago. pARTNER A Jobbing aw U«tm ot this city, well eitab* Uahcd ud Coins * »uccea,fui bualooM, null a Thoroughly Experienced Man* To attend to the Pm chaalcg Department. OnewlUi a clear record and able lo xurntan from f 10,000 to gO.OOJ additional capital, can make a Terj •atiefictory ar rancement. Address ** HARDWARE." Tribune office. ANTED —Every one to call and ex- Wickham’s Burglar Alarm. State, county and city right* tor sale. Terms to salt all. Also, single Alarms for sale. Can be seen In operation atourothce, 133 Dearborn-et., Room 14. upstair*. Chicago. 111. tScnrral Notices. AEE PREPARED TO SHIP •vo r la:JEs^x. , l , TO ALL FOISTS, HAST AND SOUTH, Without Tras.for at Cnicago* ty Orders trom Millers coddled. Samples sent ct application. hzob BHOTsaae, MILWAUKEE. WIB. OTICE IS HEriEBY GIVEN THAT We have no Salesmen Travclllngfornsat present la the West, and caution oar customers and the public against any one repre senting him sell as coming trom oar hoasc. D. T. TIEMANS & CO. N.. Ycrfc. Feb. ISth. 1567. Jj-iIEP.Y OIL STONES. Something New. Oil Btoce*. Razor Done*. Emery Wheels, Curriers' Slones. Machinists* Kcnalinng Monra, etc- at low p-lces. maMifactored b) the EMERY Oil. STONE CO i-14 Falico-st- Chicago. Madeot any desired grade of grit, and In farms to .Litany shaped tool. FAIRBANKS. GHEENLEAF & CO- General A genu. 22(i and 23S Lake-st. A KMT OFFICERS. Yea are cnUlb-d to $3.00 a month mare pay lor time Served between M*y Ist. IW4. ard March 3d. 133'. Ap ply to or adarets IsAAC R. HITT ft CO- 63 Clark-sU, Chicago .111. AT OTICE. CnICAOO & ALTON Kailboad COMPANY. SCPZBUTZSOZST’B OfTtcz,, 1357. On accotmt of the loss of an Important bridge, on this line, by freshet, to tnnmgh trains will leave Chi cago for Springfield UII further notice. The Wilmington Accommodation Train Till ran on Us rcgnlar time. BOUT DALE. UenTSap’t. jFot gale. Stocks OF THE merchants’ Union Express Co*, Chicago City Hallways, Chicago City Banks, Chicago Xco Co*, City Insurance Cos*, Ard other LOCAL STOCKS tad SECURITIES, fo (ale cheap by OCLMBT & HAWLEY, Brokers, No. 7 Reynolds* Block, Dearhorn-st. TDBICK FOR SALE. SOOjOOO FIRST QUALITY OP BKICK. FOR HALE IN LOT."* TO SUIT. By LYMAN* BRIDGES. Masonic Temple. For sale— l.ftQO brls choice rarletles APPLES, molt e DAIRY BUTTER. In crocks and tnM. SOO caltoti FRESH TOMATOES, hermnlcallyseal ed. A very choice article, pot op In 1 and S-galio; catl, for salt atTOccntsptrcallon. _ E. WHITE A CO., I ll scoth Water-st. CT~OidEn solicited. JpOH SALE— Tbe stock and good will of a well estab lished Moot end ?*lioe flense In New V«ra City* Apply to or adans* BOBEBt GASTEN, 23 Mur ray •<.» New York, GREAT BARGAIN— One ol the most valuable WATER POWER PRIVILEGES In the West, situate within forty mllea ol this city, and soluble lor any kind of mancs*ctunng wonts is of* fered for sale, for cash, by immediate application, at *5 per c*ntoMU actual value. Good stone dam. sev eral acres at land, upon which are good atone In aban donee. for repairs cr Improvements. Apply at 13 Eschar lace, bet worn the boors of 10 a. is. and 1, or flom3 to Ip.m. J7OR SALE— Ehirglo, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprlflnr shingle mills, heading mills, shingle and heading Jointers, stave Jointers, stave carter*, Heading rounders ano planers, canalizing and cut-oQ saws, ftc. AU new. cf our own manniactore, aod warranted. FUU.EB ft FORD. 253 and 281 Maai*on-«t. I>ARE CHANCE FOR MEUCHANTS. 1 FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STyCK OP Dry Goods, Grocerios, Invoicing about fIiWC; a'l purchase within a yvas rvt,aLdleaseoo store. Store located Inathnjmg UwcastcitdlsTanceroniChlcAeo. Satisfactoryrea- Suto for seLlsg. For particulars inquire is. V. HOSfuba ComaUalok Mtrchaat, 83 LaßaUt^kiCU^a&o. gPIUNG 'll ADR 1867. niOll, fiRTGB & (0., 99' LIKE-ST., Arenowrocemng.dliect from Importer* and manu facturer* a fall Uae of Hosiery, Gloves, Kitts, White Goods, Curtain Muslins, Irish Linens, Shirt Fronts, Linen Hdkfs, Collars, Culls, Tells, Bereges, Belting, Corsets, Hoop Skirts, Trimming&V civet Bihhon Sun Shades, Parasols, Umbrellas, Bigelow’s “Star” Paper Collars & Cuffs Eubher Cords, Frills and Webs, Buttons, Braids, Bindings, Spool Cotton, Linen Threads, . Scissors, Pipes, Wallets, Keys, Key Kings, Fishing Tackle, Letter, Note & Cap Paper & Envelopes Pens, Fen Holders and Pencils, Fins, Needles, Hooks and Eyes, Combs, Brushes, Soaps,. Chewing Gums, Pomades, Perfumery, Linen, Canon, Hemp, Jute, Wool and Paper Twines. AGENTS FOR B. T. DESS & CO.’S PAPER BAGS, SPECIAL NOTICE. 8., C. ft CO. hare also bought the entire slock of Ho siery, White Goods, Notions, ftc. ot Messrs. DAVIS. SAWYER & CO-, ot this city, at a large discount from coal, aid are now prepared to Oder to the trade their entire stt ck at very low prices tor CASH. pr |t ts CASH that bay* CHEAP GOODS. fftouse jFurnisijiug. AND 76 LAKEBT. Two doors west of the old stand. Paper Hangings, Decorations, Window Shades, Bedding and Bed Furnishings, Upholstery Goods. E. C. L. Faxon &Co., House Decorators, 74 & 76 Lake-st. ILumbcr. J^DSIIIER! LUMBER! 75.000 l*t, Will to wood Locs. 50.000 l*t, DflSHVvooU ** 25.OOOtt.AHh ** 10.000 ft. Elm *• There lot* are lying in a mill-yard levlde the track ol the Michigan Southern Railroad, at Rolling Prattle trtatior. ilsty-<lx miles trod Chicago, and can bu •awed to oidar, and will be told low. COOMBS & CO., Rolling Pralrte.ln liana. I LUMBER! We bare a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we ofler to Country Dealer* at price* whirl cannot Call to be BatlaOctory, far good assorted qua!* Our Mock comtiu la part ol Wide Ist. XI and 3c Clear; Clear and XI Clear Flooring and Siding; S- lect and Common Stock and Box board*; Wlaa Saginaw Con idod Board*. Joist*. Scantling. Timber. Ac. ffr bare a large atock of 12. 11, la and IS-fiwt Fencing, which we offer tow with other lumber. lir order* (elicited. OOlce and Yard on Itlaaan’a Canal, In the uew Lumber Dlatrlct, SCOTT & PORTER. (Clotljes CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It will do tt la onc-qoorter (be lime* re» quin-d with bested iroum It glteit n s!o« and brilliancy of lustre to linen*. ImpOMl* ble to be obtained from beated Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FEEL. No note!, Laundry, Restaurant, Boarding Boose. Hospital or Private Family can anord to be without one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CLOTHES. IT SAVES MONEY. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT SAVES HEALTH. For pamphlets, containing BUI description of ma chine, address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CD., 149.131 and 133 Fnltos-st- Chicago, HE. Or J. R RICH. Itfl Lake-st. agencies. agency PBICE BEOS., BALTI.HOHB. Fresh Can Fruit* Cove Oysters, And Jellies. IN STOKE AND FOR SALE. 1.000 CASE-* CAV FRUIT. 2.000 i;a>es cove oyster*. UOU CA!>E!* JkLLIESt in Oliu*. The above food* are ali of the beat qualities ana warranted by the itanolacturers and agents. Jobbers* orders solicited. WENTTVonrn. hibbako a fbencu, 113 Klaz!e »t_, Chicago. til. aaa.lnlioto (Glass. J WILLARD i OX. WINDOW GLASS. QOS LAKE-ST. ■jITOKTGAGES FOR SALE. " MONET WANTED. I wish to sell several mortgage*, well secured, vary Isg from a tew hundred to Are thousand dollars. rar ties with sorplos tnn swill find these aeiltal).e. Aa dress P. O. lox 2876. 850,000 T 0 LOAIi On First-class Itcal Estate. Are tet and Loan BroKH. VJLaiallMl. By'order of tbe Directors. tirtx Cblwto.Feh.lß.lS67. M. LULL. secT*_ JDcntisttj). DI? J.O. FARNSWORTH EXTRACTS TEETH WITHOUT PAIN, By tte use of Mtroos Oxide Gw. S, Amfl, letTi-ntiilaicrtoJ.from 811 tneina aei»ofl rpELTH. “NO EXTRA CHARI E for E^.^a^7? ! sf b OUT PALS, by the oseol tlfelal ones ate Inserted. aH-stouo im-uu »«««. 73 Food Clark-eto Chicago. , . New Teeth inserted same dey a» eaixactcd jHccting. OFFICE MERCHANTS* SAVINGS, LOAN AND TKUhT co * CBtc » e o. Feb. Al9Ol. Tt». an'col lle'ttrgot thv fctocsnc-deraa,* tua Me:- etSl/“mS-l I/-aP *nd Trust Company, t* the dev Kn«V. will h«htu» panj, lnLhl«ato,oo UO-«DaV* M««q Wi. hetweeo the hours of iOs.ta* ssdllia. L. J, *k4u# Business Carta. UNDERWOOD & 1)0., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle otd Washiugton-gta, CHICAGO. Qire particular attention to both buying and scant Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought sad bald oo margins, sad wtl Sfta In thu or Eastern markets. tr specialrataaoi Commluloa mads to ROM vM tamlih their ova money jbr large purchase* CB arty to be add fbr sale by us. P. L Underwood. Ben. W» Ucdirwtedi * VANDERTOORT MALTING COMPANY, Nos, 2 and 4 Michigan-ay., afaxmfftcmreni of Malt and Dealers tm Barley and Bye. UP We keep constantly in bice itceka et Print Barley and Uye Malt, which we ara prepared toaall at ice lowest market rata. * * w ** Q.ILRERT & FIELD, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (Successors to Gilbert, Updike ft Co-J 103 Washlnffton.dt, USAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. FIELD D3I. RICHARDS ON, • KAJUTiCTTEK OT Telegraph,Bound &Parlor Matches U. W. DURANT, Areat, Office. 41 mrer-st. E. KENT & CO., * COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 7 O Brond-fet., New York, AND TOTM. WISDOM & SON, * ’ manufacturers of BABH, DOORS, BLINDS, Mouldings, Scroll Saving, Toraln*.*c^ 0? North fraaklln-su. ccrner of Ohio. Chicago. I3artnrrst)ips- ■\fOTIOE OF COPARTNERSHIP. ll The undersigned have thlsdavfcrasdacoport nenhip order the name ana tty:e of PETTITT, SMrrH & C 0 ) For the purpose of dolcgaFlosr and General Cob mtsston hostnww, si the da stand tf t*e,TXnT & hiUl 11, So. SJ4 bouth Waler-iu near State BO ST. W. Pt ll ITT, OKAEMSL. SMITH, CHAS. 6. WICKER. Chicago. Feb. It. 1967. p r Liberal rash advances mode oa consignment!. PErrrrr. saim a co. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNER SHIP.—The copartnership hitetotorc »»Tta«ny unncr the name and Cm ol WM, D. HAEEIS & CO., I* tils day dissolved by mutual consent. AH debts cue to and oa mg by the late Arm will m settled by A. n. GUNN, whole alone authorized to ilea the firm name la liquidation. WM. D. HARRIS, A. H. UCNN. Chicago. Feb. 16. ISS7. Chicago, fee. ir-th, iß67.—' wo have this day sold our satire Interest tn the firm of J. W. STANLEY & CO., Of this city, to E. W. K«trhf.->rd and c. F. Gate*. MARTIN H. HOKI'ARD, CAKLtTON S. HUTCHINS. The above boalnus wilt be continued under the tame Cm. name ct J. W. STANLEY A CO„ai honufiire. J. W. &TANLKY, £. W. HLATCHFORD, C. F. OATES. * gihiiiifs anh (Corbagc. IJ 1 WINKS, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC. GUBEST HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN TTOIKESMD COBDASB, L 0 j L ZZ~ SOUTH WATX2-ST., CHICAGO. Ttc lorgr ta ad best assortment in the treat of con ON A 7 n FLAX DCCK. all widths and weights MANILLA .o*o lAIiUKI) IIEMI* UUPC; cotton seamless uilvin bags; GUNNIES. WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; JAIL men. OAKUM; CtliL TAR ROOMING men AND FELTING; CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWISES ot eTerydescription; Cotteo. Flax, Piper and Jnta WrapplorTwiLM; Bell and Sash Corns, Gill Netaond Heines, with every xoitety oD Seine and NealQgTwme. Tests, Awnings, Wagon Cavers & Tarpaulins, F Xj iL O S l>f hi Hr or Banting, a* per Army Regulations, con* stanuy in hand and modu toorcur. o. DCBBAiD, j.e.irma, oxo. B.^taxpxrrs«. ©ccan jgteamers, CIEA3I TO LIVERPOOL, &a, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, From Pier 43, North Klxcr, New York, car rying United Elates Jlaliis, INDIAN MAIZi ZtfSIE I EVERY SATURDAY (mall steamer), EVEitV WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabin*. f-SO lo fllO. To London. IT extra. To Parlr, « Uh privilege ot stopping m Liverpool and London, (10 exti a—ad in sold. BXTCRN TICKETS, <IOOD TILL CBED, AT RK. I*UCED RATES. n&mlbltU on application. Cabin plan* on rl«*r, a-d tcrtbaor rumu secured oo application al Weatara Ae«ncy,3l Dearborns., Cblcapi. JA&ICS WAKRACK. HM. INMAN. Llrei ailooD ams (goal. 'T'RAVEUSE BAT WOOD! AT ItEDTjCED Z-RIC^S. tT~ It Is the beat Wood broegbt to this manteu BEST IACKAWANA COAL! By Ton or Car-load. C'UItTIS llltmVN & CO.* 1 a West Maoisoa-ag. otJD! WOOD! WOOD! We arc se.Usc at present. Beech at 810.00 Delivered. Jlaplc ut U 2.00 Delivered. As toon as other Dealer* come to this price, to wLI gtiil sell io»er. until tur tuu is clo~-u out. CJT Decks cn Sooth Branch, adjoining Archer-road. Branch older. cor. Axchcr-road ana state—t. M. « E. DUNNE. WOOD AND COAL—Wood and coa]. lam now closing out one thousand tons flt«t quality hnu HUI Coal. to quantities to cult pur tCa.-crs, at greatly reduced tatea. Will sell coal at |DAO ptr ton; bteen at ftO.OO: maple at sl3/D. No. IS Klcer-KL. rents side of liiuh-st. bridge, .U, ra . wM CKAWFQBP. patents. JAOGEKS’ PATENT POKTABLE CONCRETE PRESS Marcractore* frrm Sand or Gravel, CONCERTS BUILDING BLOCKS. 4 In. by 5 In. and td In. Tht BLSXandCURAFLsT Building Materiallaths wond. NO BURNING REQUIRED. Price cl Pro*. { esclnslveof rl^ht. lor,ltL W™aAV I KISB. aCP Scnth Watei-st- Chicago, HL PA.TEST OFFlCES.—lnventors wco wirhtotake out Letter* Patrol art adrltedu* •cquH with MUNN ft CO.. Editors ol the Sci»nCre Anerlcai. who hare preheated claims Mfote lt« Patent office form arlj twetty years. Ttur Americas acd Enrcjeac patent AaencyiU the icosttxtecaiTets the world. Charge* leas thaa any Oder rclUhlft azeccy. Apstnphl<t,ccstaimrir:aU Instrnctlcss to InmV or?, Issentgralli. Acanse SI CNN A CO, 37 Park-row, New Xcrz. pAKD'i LATEST ** SBhJS mACSIKB. Oi£ct and manotactety 33 South JetlcrsctHt. /ff» l32ormat:oa and descriptive drcula^aOdiaa^ aa Sooth JenosotML. cue***. Ketospayets. “ \717 ESIEUN INVESTOR,” V V Ad illustrated Weekly Jounal, devoted to Inventions. Mrcbanlcal ATta,Manofactnre* and I'racucai infuitoattou. Will be pcbUahsd SATURDAY# MARCH 2d. JOHN B.TUECBIN ft CO.,jPahUshersaad Proprietors.. K. E. cor. Dearborn and Madlsoo-sts., upstairs. Samples malted free on apfrlcatloo. (gymnastic (Siuti. jyjLTßorouTarr GYMNASTIC CI.TTB, OPEN DAY AND EVEMNU. CTa«s Exerclsefrom 4 105 aallrom 1:0 to at 3 ?. n- Bet acd tota Baths at all been. Memberships omil Pec. 1.1567. FT. L. A. KURMENDY. SopertnCeadcpt. £yjticultural_£iupl£nxrHtii^ IJLUIVS AND SULKY CULTIVA- I TORi— to all otkerv. First pr-mlma awarded at thofleW trial overall compcUtorc as UK Mate Fairs cl lowa aod Minnesota; aUc, »t the hAite Fairs of Illinois acd Wisconsin. Areata wanted in everytowu. „ . . Acdrrs* HAWOOD.TOaKG &CO.. Manufacturer*, success rt tc Wro. B. Wag A Co.. Calesgp. SSUiatlSnai, TNSTITU'IE OF DRAWING, SUH- X vey’ng and Civil Easrttcertng. at ToUestdn. Laite Co.. Indiana. 2a n Ur* tenm Chicago, craving of M. C. and P.. Ft. W. ft C. K/Ba opens April 11, or til Sepr. 15. tx to be a Draftsman. f3Ci a Sr-fTvror. {■> a Civil hn&lneer. Drawing teach-rs «ent to dob.- rrl9 to 3d scholars. AddrM. A. VAN DESXAILLEN, toraar cutar. _ gumsigmncntga QKANGEb AND LEMONS. 1,000 boxes Oranges and J-tmons, Ani«=.«K)forß EIsESTOATHtro , ■iFtEh. Q.ROUND OIL OSS.-33 Is the Cheapest Feed *a the MarKci Frr »vxiof tU OiO- Orders ernsct'yn.lenfol *.m, by &. W» D * co^ »o. 70 North caswrtu