Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 22 Şubat 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 22 Şubat 1867 Page 3
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BRITISH BECOSSTIttCriOS. The Union of d land and ‘'T l “ d lJrll , 11 l and Xlio rnDMo-M' ™ Ule t)onu, ' lc ‘ “ nd “* SL"“S”-_,“o.r tbo Enellah Bcf.rm m.Kc Ireland a. Free u. if AM«ed .o .he United Suttee. A raoclim: ass hcW in the Ftw Tradc Uall. Amec Friday evening, the Ist ia* S for the pnrpeee of hearing the O'Don ; “on Ihc IrUli question, and the i.n nSrtance ol the union between Untrliah and VH'h reformers.” The chair was oeciplcd Mr Hrhthl, M. P., and several Liberal tnerabesot Parliament vrere lirescn*. The hiill was doubly cw>wdcd at at) eat It hour, nndtlic popular leaders acre loudly cheered m< they wade their appearance on the phl fo,m Mr. Bricht, on Introducing The OTJonoffbnc to tlio imctlog. said: Ite ob cc* ol this meeting—the olrect and lm trcdiaic 6lq-ct—is to present *a addre-s to my honorable Iricnd the member 'or I rule*, and to Lear a speech Horn Inm. [Ch- era.] 1 need hardly 101 l vou that he Is one of the most distinguishes menibcrs lhat Ireland sends !o tbe Imoerial Par liament. [’xmd cheers.] 1 think 1 need cot claim jor turn fiom you that courtesy which yon will b; rure to extend to him. 1 think 1 mtr promise mvaeir tbaiiyoa will five him your approval, and, Judging from what I hare heard oa past occa sion*, I e’-all be greatly surprised If you do not listen to him with admiration. The O’Donochae )« a near relation of tac great O’Connell—{great cbceilncj—a man of whom Englisn ol this da^ —some ol them, at least—arc accustomed to speak in terms of condemnation. My honorable friend represents a cOLsidtrablo ponton of bis countryman, and, standing here to-nigbt, I feel confident that be will be able to do snmcitiiag to draw Englishmen and Irisbmen nearer to pettier lor pumewes highly honorable and advantageous to them holts. [Cheers.| With reference to the political union of <ireat Britain and Ireland, Mr. Bright spoke as follows: . . . There la, as you all know who read the newspa pers, or associate with Irishmen in Lngiaud—there la a very considerable piny io Ireland hostile to .England, apd hostile *.o ihe Empire, When sneaking to them in Dublin I c.d noi blame these men, for 1 think in my con-clcace that nomlt.g can be more justifiable in Ireland than a dt-llke for what Belaud has seen lor a long period back of the leshdfttlon ol the Imperial Government In regard to the permanent and just interest* on that island. JCheers j Ireland has been gov erned for tho most part a-a coaquerea country, and 1 am sorry to say it has oefis -’UTerned vaih less of wisdom and of justice in some striking particulars, thau nay In triligcnt conqueror would show to the conquered. I ( beers.l There is a party In Ireland rrlio tbluk tral If Ireland was severed from Raglan*, whether it were governed under a monarchy or under the form of a republic, as an independent State—that if Ireland could he floated fi,vJo miles to tbe westward, and were to b come a par ion of the great United States of America, the result would be that Ireland would be governed by the majority o’ bcro«n people and would be directly responsible foe ber own wtllare. (tlcar, hear.] Kow.lhc separationof Ireland Ilrcat Britain, fiom the United Kingdom, would, in all nroba bihly, involve a de.-perate and saeguinary stnfe; the floating of Ireland 2,0 0 miles to the westward is a thing not physic i ly pos-ible, and, thetciore, m the discussion of the Irish question, 1 proceed from tbe basts that tac pMi.tcal union of Great Britain and Ireland is a thing dect led nnd fixed fora long time, and. ib'relore, noon that basis we should consider what can be done for Iteland. He then proceeded to say that there was little or no nope of justice for Ireland from Parliament, constituted as it Is at present, and concluded Lis speech thus: The spring and summer that are aoontoome will cot more revive the herbage ol our Hilda than these grand measures of justice would re store harmony and loyally in Ireland. I believe, after years of consideration sod much reading, and mocn more study of lU'- question, that we might icly on the s overei* n remedy ot justice to ' heal the wound ana to remove ittedlscouieni from Ireland; that if those measures were pasred—bat probably thl* is only a dream—bn if 1 were the AllLbler of tbe country |lond c**ecr*]. ham>y in fluence—it I were in a position so ruipoastbli and so powerful—extravagant figure of speech, doubtless [laughter]. but which, for the sake of my argument, I maybe pertained to ase—tlthe-e measures were once passed, and were once ihe law of this empire, then I would throw open the ririeoii doojt* and It t every political prisoner free, toad cLcvM.j And 1 would trust the right ol the crown of the Kingdom with an tnlalterluc faith to that g-nse of loyally which would be begun by the magnanimous Justice of the imperial ment. phe honorable speaker resumed Cis ecal amid loud and continued cheers j The following address was then unani mously adopted, and living been signed by Mr. Bright on behall of the meeting, was presented to The O’Donoghae amid great cheering: . bin: \Vc welcome In you no ordinary adherent to the cause of itclurm, hoi tbe lepreswutailve on tbe part o! Ireland and of a onion between the re former* of the three nations. Tins union has been too long delay ed. Us delay has been tbe post ponement ol justice alike io<&e Ena Uh and io tne lrl-h people, 'the -uShrings of yonr country touch &11 hearts, and inspire all h-ans not clolred by class interest to tbe promptings of equity or humanity, with as earnest desire to redress her •wrongs, hnt lhat redress may be obtained it is nec- ] cstary, as experience shows, thaipo-vcr should oe 1 token out ot the bands of a class and restored to the hands ofa nation. Yon are now among those who arc resolved, with the as-i-taucoof yourcouu tr*men,to pat an end to the reign of coercive acts and mwrtiat law In Ireland, and to Inaugurate the reign of religious equality and of social and economical justice. Divided we barn been weak combining out cflorts we shaU coaiuaufi snccess \V< Icome O'Donoghuc! Tarough you, the fore most champion of her canre, Ireland places her hand In that ot the English people. In acknowledging the welcome he had re ceived the O'Donoghue said: Ue thought lhat the Irish people w*re the best jaogcu of their own grievances and oftbereme oiea which ouyh! tobe applied to them, lie uemned ihc-sy-lem of claas 'cgUtniuo which nad been adopted In Ireland, and was of opinion toat It was owing to class legislation that the country had been brought almost to ihe brink of rain. The best guarantee lor the stability, power and happiness of the empire was ilia unio.i of nil the t-übjecls within It in a bruiherbooii <>f freedom based upon and guarded by me independent exer cise ol a widely extended franchise. | Oncers.] *i hc events ol the last lew mouths bad doue much Io insure a candid and consequently a useful dU cuction of tbe Irish question. It was impossible that there would now be any di-erence of opinion about the political slate of the comiiry, ma Ihus a formidable obstacle to candid discussion had been removed. Tbe late Viceroy ?i .ted openly in tbe Home ol Lords that there was a -ridc-sotead dissatisfaction, and that sm emout bad been en dorsed by the present Lora Uieu’cnant and his advisers, who taken vrest credit to themselves for having prevented an IcMirrrction by renewing tbe suspension of the liabtat evr,iua ac , and mak ing a crest display of military force. An at tempt bad been made to represent the dhaficctioD in Ireland as foreign in iu origin, and as deriving Us vitality from the oth- r hide ol tbe Atlantic. That was not so. Eugli.-hrile in Ire land was synonymous with oppres-unaud tyran ny. The- cSahvays had been a prolound sympa thy belt' ecn the Irish in America and their coun trymen at borne, hot that sympathy bad only re cently taken a political shape, owing to the In creasing facilities ol commu'iicauou, and to tbe crowing eiteogih of those who, from a despairing baud of Hying and crouching emigrant*, had grad ually tweliru into a cr*at natl-u, confident In their might and almost frantic " iili th spirit of retaliation. [Load cheers.] No douht, lash dls direction bad a powerful auxiliary m American Feilanlsm, bat no one could assert with any slow of reason that this Fenia'usm wu anyhing mote (ban tbe re?cltor tbitdis-ntisfaction which bad created it and led it, mud in the ahsense of which Fentanlsm would be inexplicable and it objects aimless. Personally* be was convinced that nothing could put a stop to the comhlnati-m unless a voice went across the Allanlic aunoanc ing a new era of equal laws aud justice, and proclaiming lhat tbe rust must be for gotten. To assert that Iri-U nisalVection was the result of foreign Interf-rcnce, and to abuse tbe American Irl-h, were omy convenient methods of glosrtng over the diQlecltr. and of draoiug the attention of the English public from thr actual condition of Ireland. He denied that the on wry | againrt the Rstabllsbed Ohureh id belaud and tbe , existing -yrlem of land lenmc were mere blinds, ortbattberc aas auy covert ai'empi to resnsetmte long bnried animosities, ani *o ioterpo-ca bar rier betweeu that cordial spirit of friendship which ought to uUle both conrtiies. The U'Duaoghue. alludicg of Ireland, said that millions of his country men were the merest slaves; and unless they weie very differently constituted from the men ol Manchester In their inmost souls, they must long for the overthrow of a sys tem which compelled them to endure such a Hie. He hoped much from good legislation in removing many of the cau.-es of Irish dis content, but it could never be done until there was a thoroughly refirmed Parlla in i nt. Having spoken for nearly an hour, he resumed his seat amid loud cheers, and after a vote of thanks to tbe Chairman the pro ceedings terminated. THE SEWARD SECRET EXPEDL TIOS. The CrnUe of ibe Ccttystmrc—itlyaterl oiui 31 tuition of Admiral Porter und Use Anmtant Secretary ofSiate—Wbcro Ihcy \lent and What Ttsey Failed to Arcomplbib, [From the New York Herald, February 18th.] Tbe object of the mysterious expedition which started from Annapolis, Md., at the beginning of the present year, is now ascer tained. It will be remembered that during the month of December last the United States steamer Gettysburg, with the Assist ant Secretary of St><te, Frederic Seward, and Admiral Porter on board, got aground while endeavoringto IcavcAnnapolls harbor. Every effort to more the ship was for some time unavailing, and the Secretary and Admiral, together with several heavy b.»xcs ofspecie, were transferred to the United States steam ship Don, which succeeded In rescuing Portress Monroe abouut New Year's dav in a badly damaged condition. There the Get tysburg also arrived a few hours after the Don, and the two gentlemen und the specie were again put aboard the Gettysburg. In the midst or tbe heavy storm she out oat to sea, and went off no one knew where. The knowing ones looked wise and hmted at Mexico; others boldly asserted that the little Island of St. Thomas was to be pur chased with those thousands of bright, shining, golden eagles, carried away on the Gettysburg. All were wrong. The atcanicr first touched at Port Royal, .Tsmalca, and there the hid luck which bad aUcmkd the expedition from its culminated In a robbery. It seems 1)0168 toen placed In the after bold of the ward room, and no guard Cn S Soaic of ihc men found tl,c treasure, and when the steamer anchored in Port Royal harbor they broke one ot the b >xea open and abstracted three bags, coutai. ing between live and tlx thousand dollars. That was not to be borne quietly, so the Actant Secre tary of Stale offered tbe very liberal reward of one hundred dollars f-riba recovery of the money. A few hundred dollars were found secreted la the hammocks of the crew, but the three bold robbers had got ashore with the bulk of their booty. UDeofthem was subsequently recaptured, with a small for tune of gold coin in his pocket; and here comes hi the same mystery which had char acterized the expedition from the time it was first batched in the ever busy brain of the father of the Assistant Secretary of State. The culprit was taken aboard tbe Gettys burg and handed over his plunder to the Tiret Lieutenant, who, ills said. In a few boars afterward restored the money to him and let him go ashore again. With that, the ■efforts ot tbe officers to recapture ths desert ers and recover the stolen money came to an end. After coaling, the Gettysburg proceeded to the bland 01* St. Domingo, and cast an chor lo the bay of that name. A messenger mm sent ashore to inform the President, General Jose Marla Cabral. of the arrival o ' the Assistant Secretary of State and Admi ral Porter. Ho was not then nt home, and a messenger was sent off up the country to convey the tidings to him. The next day he •came down with an escort of upwards of one ,thoa?aad cavalry. Guns were tired, lings run up and cheers given by both sides. Amid the general rejoicing and hurrahing the two dis tinguished representatives of the Amanda Government went ashore to confer with President Cabral. They remained a.-bor« .Are days, during which time it is said they offered In the name of the United States to assume the liabilities of the Republic due to France and Spain, la return for which the said republic should become a colon? of the United States, and that such an arrangement was very desirable, on tbo ground tl at ths isknd would prove an excellent c inline station. Tbo bad lock' of the expedition still prevai'ed. The President would not listen to any arrangement un'css be bad cash down, with which ho binaeU could settle all debts due to the above nara-d Powers. Hero was n dilemma for the sum asked by the President exceeded the amount in the specie boxes, which. It will bo remem* bored, had already been depleted at Pert Itoyal. The representatives of the Ameri* can Government, It Is understood, exhausted all their powers of argument, persuasion and coaxing, out to no cflect. The ultimatum of the President was cash down, and plenty of it. Atthcemlof the fifth day they concluded that he really meant what be said, and ac , cordlogly bid*blm a very sorrowful adieu. I Anchor was again weighed, and the Get- I Irshat g steamed off for the pleasant little Island of Nassau, where the disappointed diplomats went ashore to recuperate them* I selves after the arduous conversational crcr* I else they had taken at St. Domingo. When 1 their systems were thoroughly recuperated I they again ordered the anchor to bo weighed, I and after an uneventful voyage arrived safely I at Annapolis on the Oth Inst. ... I Every effort has been made to keep the ob ject of the expedition and Its result a secret. I Sentries arc placed around the Gettysburg to I prevent the sailors communicating with any I person ashore, but, in spite of all precautions the above correct version of the mystery is laid before our readers, who must accept It as another proof of the ‘‘mysterious Influence ! of the Herald MEXICO. ncchlre Battle between tbe Liberals and Imperialist*—Total Boot of tbe Latter under ID Iramon* Matajioius, Mexico, February 15. TOTAL ROUT OF MIRAUOX—ADVANCE OF THE LIBERALS. An official report of General Escobedo to the President, announces that Miramon has been completely rooted by his forces, leav ing on the battle field a number of prisoners, all his artillery, ammunition and train equip age. General Trevino and Colonel Pedro Martinez are pursuing him hotly. A courier who arrived this evening announced that there Is not ten left together of the Imperial ists under Miramon. _ . Mataxohas, February 18. On January sth, altera battle of six hours, Patzquaro was occupied by the Liberal | forces of regulars. The artillery, and all the 1 war material of the Imperialists fell Into the hands of the Liberals. The Imperial chiefs, Frazo, Passy, Puente, Balnea, Etsassl, and Adolphus, were shot by order of Miramon on account of their conference with the Liberals. Several Liberal Generals have 1 been victorious over the Imperialists and I captured their artillery and trains. I JUtaxohab, February 9- I TEE riCHT BETWEEN'ESCOUEDO AND MUtAMOR —CONFLICTING REI*OBT3. Official information of the fight between tbe Liberals, under Gen* cral Escobedo, and the Imperial ists, under General Mlramon, has reached here. It is contained in the official report of Escobedo to the Minister of Warand Marine, a copy of which was forwarded to General Bcrrmahal. The report is dated at the Ha cienda de San Jacinto, January 31, 1867, three p. ru., and says that at ten a. m. he came upon the rear guard of the enemy, with wnom be exchanged several cannon shots. The imperialists retreated In confusion four leagues, when a sudden charge of cavalry completed the rout. The Liberals captured j a number of prisoners, all the Imperial I artillery, ammunition trains, equipage, I and all they bad. The pursuit continued up | 10 the hour tbe report was written, when { Escobedo ordered a halt to rest bis troops. Trevino and Martinez meanwhile continued the pursuit with two columns of cavalry. The object was to overtake Miraroon, wno Dad left San Jacinto precipitately on the ap proach of the Liberal troops. San Jaciutols about seventy miles from Zacatecas, on tbe I direct road to San Luis. It Is probable, I therefore, that after his occupation of the I former city, Mlramon has started toward San I Luis, and. meeting the Liberals In force, was I compelled to fall back possibly to form a I junction with Severe Castillo, who, accoid- I tng to previous accounts, was moving on I anolberroad. It is evident from the tenor I of the despatch that the engagement was I little more than a skirmish with the rear 1 guard. Upon the arrival of the news I the bells were rung and guns fired in honor 1 of the event. Msraatonas, February 13. Advices hare been received hero from San Luis Potosi to the 4th instant, and from Mon* tcrcytothc llih. The victory of General E&cobedo over Miramon la confirmed, and the Minister of State has sent the tbauks of President Juarez to General Escobedo for this complete triumph. A large portion of the Imperial force was captured, and tUe bal ance have scattered through the country. Two hundred prisoners had arrived i»t Gen* I eral Escobedo’s headquarters. On the | side of the Imperialists there was a large number of killed and wonnded, most of whom were foreigners. The loss, In killed, wounded and missing, cm the Liberal side, was slight. General Escobedo captured twenty pieces of artillery and fifty wagons leaded with arms and ammunition, and the Governor of San I Lnls has received information that Miramon I fled so suddenly that he left bis pilvate car* I riage, containing $25,000 In silver. The Lib* 1 era! cavalry are still scouting the country. I The battle commenced at San Diego aud con* I tinned ou to Sau Francisco, where a sadden I charge of cavalry decided the day. A New County In Rlictilgan. (From the Detroit Post, February 30-1 The Legislature bos organized a new coun ty called Washington, taking all that part of Marquette west of range 2(T west, with Nc gaunce for the county seat. It has a popu lation of abonl 3,700, distributed among the different villages and settlements as fol lows: Village of Kcgaunec, 1,500; Iron Cliffs, 300; Kew York, Lake Superior, Cleveland, Parsons, {.Lake Angelina and I Minors, 1,200; Greenwood Furnace, 800; 1 Michigan Furnace, 300; Washington Mine and Champion Furnace, 100. It includes all the Iron and nearly all the silver lead district. There arc fourteen iron mines now worked, namclv: The Jackson, I Lake Superior, Cleveland, Kew York, Lake Angcline, Foster, Ogden, Iron Mountain, Parsons, Tilden, Kew England, Lincoln, Michigan and Washington, aud the villages I of Kegaunec, Ishpcnlng and Clarksbarg. I Ktgauuce, the county scat of the new conn* 1 ty, is the terminus of the Peninsula Railway I and junction of the Marquette & Ontonagon I and Pcnlntmla Rail ways,and is a place of con -1 siderable importance. It has a town ball I built by the township at a cost of *4,500; a I village prison that cost $2,500, and a Union I School house worth SS,OOO. The Jackson I mine, being the richest Iron mine In the 1 world, is located In Keganncc, and also the I Pioneer furnaces, which manufacture thirty I tons of pig iron dally. There were nearly I 300,000 tons of ore shipped during the past I year. There arc four furnaces engaged In I manufacturing pig iron, to wit: The Pion -1 cer, with two stacks; the Greenwood, I Michigan and Champion, and others pro* I Jectcd. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Sew Sntts—Judgments—Action in Dl \orcc Coses- Habeas Corpus- Estate of a Itusslan Citizen in the County Court. Criminal Business. The number of new anlts being commenced now far exceeds that of the same period of the jear ISG6. The recent dearth of business for lawyers is giving way to a plethora, and if alt the several courts were In session, their presiding of ficers could dud ample employment in the de cision of causes which need tube taken to the Supreme Court. CIBCCTT COtTUT. The business in this court yesterday wu as follows: Martin Rycrson va. Ira F. Benson. Assumpsit; default taken Wednesday; damages assessed a; STS, and Judgmeut. Toe Same vs. Stillman and Jason D. Curtiss. Assumpsit; default taken Wednesday; damages assured at £123, and judgment. Jacob M. Stine vs. Albert Smith. Assumpsit; default entered. Frank Hopkins vs. Richard Cornell. Replevin, tbe facts of which were stated on Thursday; ver dict 4, gmliy,” and the property, tho canal boat "Brilliant,” in the plaintiff. Maty Doreeitvs.EdwardG.Goodetal. Appeal; dismissed. Daniel McDoucall ct al. v«. Thomas D. Thorn ton. Assumpsit; default taken Wednesday; judgment for {1,523-24. Charles W. Andrews vs. J. C. Uo»e!l. Assump sit ; detanlt entered and judgment for {333.71. Oliver P. Emery vs John SlocUclL Appeal submitted to the jury. Correllns Cornwcil and als.vs. Amory & Gil bert, F. Bigelow and David Burr. Assumpsit; dismissed. Michael Oppcnbelmcr vs. David W. Ra«s, Josepb D. Goooman and Nathan Epstein. As sumpsit; dismissed. Jodd ft, Morgan vs. John Morgan. Default and reference. Marion M. Grover vs. Marion E. Grover and al. Rill in chancery; referred. Martin Smith vs. Thebe Smith. Bill for di vorce: referred. J. Thorne Clarkson and al. vs George M. High aid al. Master's report; filed and confirmed. 1 be new soils in this court were: John A. Vanßcskirk and David llenej vs. Hra. M. L. Watkms. Assumpsit; to recover a balance ot on a bin tor llqnois. The same vs. William M. Dalzoll. A 4 sumpelt to recover {210.20 alleged to be doe on a bill for whiskey. Tbe same vs. William B. Hibbard and J. F. Roadnlgbt, Assumpsit on an open account of Kellogg & Covill vs. Alanson H. Barnes. As sumpsit, damages f&O. Henry IV. King and als. vs. Herbert Lc Page. Assumpsit, damages {7OO. sermon conrr. But one braneb of this Court was In session yes terday; Chief Justice Wiison being Indisposed, and Ondce Jameson being absent frum the dty. In the common law branch, presided ova-by Hon. Joseph £. Gary, the following business was transacted: William H. McLcllin tb. George U. Rozet. As sumpsit; commenced January l»th last. Default and judgment ler f7.SCO.S3. Charles □. Bcekwitb vs. Morris Crump. As sam; tit ; commenced November 17th, ISCii. Ver dict for plaintiff with $8,207.20 damages. John Bass vs. in-ley C. Dow. Assumpsit; com m«Lccd No>cml>cr So, 180 C. Submitted to the ~?ort- Finding and judgment for plaintiff Oliver Edwards vs. James Nocouet. Assnmp commenced November 23L labc. Verdict tor and judgment lor £OOO. '*• Thi; Travellers' Insurance wbSSSS *&, 5a° mpsit: iMUl °" d N °- to County Jail Stl-? 0,1 • tkro of lurcony as faStalSm,, >utu out • writ of nSS^27f«.IPI? ra t?“ u,,cr * 01 the oon- R ! Sbi'SSrl.'f ? e Petitioner, ■re.tbat irate czo eded his jurifdlctfoa; and |.en.n the case is sncbthatlbe imprisonment, The point imUed I. th« if *nch was comm-fed, was complete in wui«V,* sin, and lhal be is liable to trreston the Governor of that Stale. Hence thatj£Ss£ r Hon docs not pertain lo a Chicago martstrate The Conti sustained the demurrer to the lurla diction, end the prUoner was discharges. * Tbe new suits in tbe Superior Court wereaa follows; John SchHcber vs. John Hyan and Charles Sheer, lidnnctlon to roe train Sheer and Ms agents from selling the goods and chattels in rinded In a mortgage made by hl« oreep indent, Ilyas, May IS, ISGS. *J he property Is tha home ai.d brewery, with dilutee, known as No. 415 Wolcott street, also two bar mares. Samnel Hassell vs. Coiydon BockwltU. As etunptit; damages laid at 9700. chart. 8 H. Beckwith vs James Gibbons and Patrick O’Mslley. of LaSalle County. Assam*)- Ml; damages two. Folbr & Ford vs. Frederick JuSdaver. As anmpalt; dun .gca (200, D. IL Brant .h Co. vs. Jacob Moore. Assnmp sit; damages $203. v Ibe pane \r. William Buell. Assumpsit; dam ag's $2Ui. John J. O'RcOly vs. Feicr Coulan. Assumpsit. Damages 1100. rtat cis M. Wood vs. Hlmou It. Johnson. As sutMwit. Damages slO,llO. Union Natlorai Bank vs. IsaacS. Boata mod WU- Ham H. Dorolhv. Aaenmpslt. Damages $1,500. Howard Darlington va. Thonaa O. Uansoo. A bill for h junction arising from a partnerahlp difll- B. Bouton it. John XL Cross A Co. Assumpsit. Damages SOOO. „ Pranas P. Freeman * Uandolph Byer va. Goy A- Lewis & William Wallace. Assnmpslt on a note dated New York. October 3d, IBCfi, at nine months, for and exchange. _ , ~ T AugustGetwr etal. vs. Gastna unbellng. A&sumpait on a sole dated August sto, l&A, atoue d Uomcr*B?Tallin, assignee of John O’Neil, va. Junes O’Neill ana MlcUaet Evans. Confession of judgment for 1UC.15. _ _ John W. Doano vs. J. W. Croaman, C. H. Tbomnann and L. E. Grosman. Assumpsit, dam- ■ aP Cbarlel W. Sanford va. John 11. Bnrtls. As aompsu. damages SSOO. W.B. Mepbametal. va. Oliver Orosvenor. Con fession ol lodgment tor sl,e6t.lfl. . . MatLewKnowles etal. vs. Uariiaon and Lloyd Tuttle. Assumpsit, damages $l5O. William Beach va. Orange A. Smith. Debt $1,738.77, damages $3,000. The billot Daniel Kthrler va. Ella Keheler, for dlvctee. filed a fo-v daya aiuco, presents the following allegations: The complaloaot stales that he was married to respondent, wttosanatna was Madden, at Lawrence, wex County, Maas., where he cohabited wlihhercntil AtymaWth, ISM. At this time he charges she deserted him without cause. coDirrr cornr. lo this Conrt a large number of claims wars acted upon. Tbo other boaiaess was as lot l°lhoinaß L. Hnmphrevllle was appointed guar dian otF G. Clapp, on a bond off 1.600. liomrr Willmarm was appointed to administer or the e tate of David Bishop, Jr., on a bond or Crow wan appointed administrator of the estate of James Barry, under a bond of $16,C00. .Torn C. Katharine, Wi'ln was appointed guardian of Henry and L. Strngcr, on a bond of minister upon the estate of John Clark, on a bond Question aro«o In this Court In the matter ol the estate of Alexander PiMOia. Ihckola died January 7th, 188, being a sailor . li om Finland, Russia. at« be Marine Hospital The estate, consisting of a trunk with clothing and 1240 In United b laics currency, went into the hands of the public administrator. Relatives in Russia sought the piocccds of the estate, and bvtfce intervention of our Stale Department ap dication waa made for the money. Perkins Bass, £iq„ acting for the Oovcrnrotnt, applied tor this I mu the oeitven was declined because two years, as required by (he statute, bid not elapsed from tbe date o! the letters of administration, and be cause the claim of the Russian Ambassador was cot warranted by treaty or law. At that lime mere was no proof of heirship on the part pi the claimant, who is the mother of the deceased, and nu power of aUomey from her. At this bearing the power of attorney and r-ecessary proofs are brought lorwtrd. A noticeable complication of the case is that the man now dead went by tbe name of Alexander Harvey. U appeared in evi dence Ibaljrut prior to his death the man stated to a patient in the Hospital that ms name was P ckola. and that be formerly resided in Brier stadl, Finland, Russia, where he had a sister, Marie, who be dashed should receive his assets. BECORDXII'S COUUT. The business of this Court lor the February term has about closed. Motions in arrest oi jadg meet and for new tnals will be heard on Friday morning, and the sentencing of prisoners will lake place on tbe mornieg of Saturday. IJirzlc Allen. Jennie Browning. I»tflUe Costello, Clara Hudson, Mary l-e.-tcr aud Mary bertten each pleaced cctUy on Indictments lor keeping lewd houses. Ibe sentmetug ol these women was con tinued until lh«. next term of court. The only now anil In this court was of Haines e: Tracy vs. Michael McQuaid. Assumpsit. Dama grsiaid at I3PO tor conned fees. The delcnuaul in this case Is now in th° County Jail awaiting -entente on a conviction of larceny, Hta intended lodgmentin the Stale Pri on is to extend to the period ol twelve months- CBKAI DEAUTH OF SNOW, more of tbe Article Wanted Imme- diately. Wc bad a little snow yesterday, and the advent was peculiarly grateful in view of the fact that we have bad so little of the article daring the presort winter I People do cot ordinarily like snow, bnt'.bere could be no possible objections to our recent visitation, as we have been almost perishing for lack of the article. There was another teason wby it was exceedingly pleasant: it came down modestly, not beginning to fall till long after everybody was in bed on Wednesday nlgct, a? if ashamed to commence, and melting away gently and silently on the ground, as If ashamed to continue. Could anything be more enchanting? No; not even the coy Daahfulncss of a young maiden , .. We ore pleased to he able to record thus favor ably ofihc character of Mil's Snow, because it is eo long a time since oor citizens bad the pleasure of ber acquaintance that many mav have forgotten her, or atlcast have but a very Indistinct recollec tion of her real virtues. Fuitbermore: the chances are that we shall have a little more snow. Wc have not had enough yet. The little that fell yesterday was, ol course, not sufficient for the needs of a whole winter. We may expect, therefore, a little more, tboogb the exceeding conservatism recently Indicated as prevailing in atmospheric councils may intervene to prevent a toolavish expendtinrc of the precious article, especially as wo snow but a poor appreci ation of the boon by trampling it tinder foot, and Lire a shovel brigade to throw it away. We ate aware that there arc a few who “do not tec It in that light'’ A man on the street bad the impudence to say yesterday that it had been either snowing or raining all the winter, and ct niplalned bitterly that we have bad rathermoro tbun our elate or a good thing, That roan »s doubtless the representative of a class, though perhaps the only one who has thus publicly avowed the b.liet in direct opposition to the well known general opinion that we have had but lit tle toow this season. He Is to be pitied. He mu*the a monomaniac on the subject, and we recommend him to the tender judgment of six tate mrn to see if be he not a lit and proper per son to he sent down to Jacksonville for Dr. Me* > ariane to ray whether or not be will take him Icto the institution there, which, if the unanimous opinion of the Inmates is accepted, i« the only place where all arc In their tight minds—all the rest ol the world being stark mad. That man must have been sleeping in wet boole,or stumbled into a barrel of whiskey mistaking it for water. Perhaps he rax occupied bis leisure hours during me winter months to admiring the piles of duet on the streets and alleys, acd fancying them to bo snow heaps. Poor fellow I We suggest that it would be well to get up factitious to the Illinois Legislature, proving that bey la their all-potent position in the State Home at Springfield will order a few omnibus loads of the artide for our relief They are show ing Uu mrelviß willing and even anxious to do all that they can for Chic*go,and if tbo case were only properly presented by an adequate lobby interest, would Pmost assuredly order a snow hill to Its third reading (by title) without delay. We sug gest, however, that prompt action is needed. The Tabors of that au-ust body will soon terminate, and the winter will soon bo over. They might possibly, if they continue J in cession, be ablo to give ns the reqmrcd boon in summer, but they will rot Isitt, and we cannot watt. To-day will be a good time to agitate this subject. The Board ot 1 rade will not be in session, and Its members can occnpv themselves in the ofibrt to “bear” the enow, in other words, to bring it down. It is worth the effort. We want more snow, the protest ot ihe aforementioned crazy man to the contrary notwlfbetand. If we do not gel It ou crops will suffer as well as our equanimity, and wc shall be put on short commons of com as well os of fakes. The parched condition of our toll, the necessity for the continual employment of water cans, the low stage to which the Chicago River has ftilen, the Inability of the poor people In the oateklns of the city to procure water tor washing aid cooking, and numerous other un pleasantnesses which we need not mention, all Join to form a strong inducement for action, and ask ns unitedly to Join our petitions with mens in one great overwhelming Oliver XwlsUlkc groan for “more." Cleaning the Streets. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Woaldlt not be a good plan for the Common Council to pass an ordinance to have the occu pants on the pared itreots clean the streets In front of thdr bonsca once every week?—the city employing teama to cart off the dirt. This sys tem la working to advantage in other cities, and were it adopted here would give na dun streets and meet the approval of many Lass Strict Mracnasrs. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETARY. Wedsisdat Evxstko, February 21. The following Washington specials regarding the currency question were received to-day: 1. 41 the bill reported by the Ways and Means Committee of to-day, providing for the Issuing of one hundred millions certificates, bearin'; three and elxty-Ave hundredths per cent, and to repeal the law welch allows Secretary McCulloch to retire vbc four millions per mouth during tbe prcscut year, may pass the House, tmt it will never pass the Senate. Tuat body will adopt the former, but will reject the latter sections. 44 2. Ways and Means Committee will re port, to-day or to-morrow, the bill suspending ibe contraction of greenbacks for one year, in accord ance with the instructions of the uoase.bni th-y will accomplish It with a substitute, which they will recommend, identical with tbe senate Loan Certificate BUI." C. The Ko>v York TYittune's special says: 44 The action of the Hoosc in referring tbe }<oau resolu tion to the Committee on Banking was intended to defeat that measure, as there u no possibility of that committee being called upon Ibis session. “IheWay? acd Means committee, however, will bring In a new bill, which will be moved as a substitute tor the bill In relation to the contrac tion of green bocks.” Ibe currency question in the halls of Congress is rapidly assuming that predicament known as 44 confusion worse confounded.' 4 The Senate patronizes tbe National Bank interest, and p.o poses to give these Institutions a premium of three per cent per tnnnm. to Induce them to comply with the law to which they owe their distance. Ad additional tax of three millions por annum is to be added to the enormous burden already borne by tbe people. The Senate further pro poses to allow Mr. McCulloch to manipulate the currency as he sees fit, to the ultimate contrac tion of the greenbacks at a rate not exceeding four millions per month. Some months, as in the past, co contraction will take place, and wh 'n a convenient season shall arrive, the screws will bo sharply turned, resulting of course In a tem porary panic and a fall In stocks, for tbe special benefit of the clique known as the Treasury rl*.g, whose headquarters arc reported to he establish- Uthed at the banking office ot Jay Cooke & Co. Tbe House is opposed to any contraction of the currency, and we taink wisely,bat Its sentiment* on the 44 Loan BUI” acre not clearly defined. One ottbo specials given above indicates that the House is opposed to tbe Senate on tbe question of substituting demand certificates, bearing interest at the rate of three per cent, for the maturing compounds; while another despatch thinks there is a possibility of the bill passing, with an amend ment, that the rale ol interest be raised to 8 65-tft) per cent, equivalent to one cent per day on each {ICO. Dating tbe war, these demand certificates conld not well be avoided, and when tbe last of them were cancelled, it was understood that such form of Indebtedness abould never again make one of Ibe Items of the National Debt. Demand loans ate pernicious in their tendency, and ought not to be regarded as a legitimate busi ness transaction. At best they are only another name lor 4, kltieg,” and none know this better than Mr. McCulloch, whose experience as Presi dent of an Indiana bank Is supposed to nave qualified Mm for the position he now occupies. No merchant ever gives a demand note fbr a stock ot goods purchased on credit, and the metchant who would consent to do so would be rated at 2 2* In every M mercantile report” In the country. Ilia note would Intrinsically bo worth the paper on which It was written, and no more. No well Informed financier would over countenance the Issuing of paper payable on demand, bearing In teiest at the rale of 3 or 4 per cent, to meet an ob ligation, when the aamc can bo readily met by the tuning ol paper bearing no interest, which fa alt that tbe debt calls for. Some of the banka reported business more act ive to-da?, owing mostly to the fact thsi many were making imDUtncaU for tun protection of paper falllnc dne to-morrow, which will be a holi day In financial and commercial circles. The lm- irovemcnt lu the Produce markets caused sn In creased demand for loans In eomequarera, bat elscwbe c Ibe Inquiry was light. Id Ibe aggregate there Is oocbaog worthy of note In the tone of the market. First-class names are readily accom modated with a’l they are entitled to, but at the same time nothing fir. J» favor except backed with nmtouhlid collaterals. Second-class caper is lg- s ored at tie discount bouses. In Use op.n nur ket Money Is more plenty at rates varying from KSSiercestperxnonlh. i Tne demand lor Exchange Is light, hot, as the supply Is insdeqnsle. rales aie folly maintained. Between banks sound lota are placed at 25 cents premium. The counter rates are sUady at per b iyine and 1-10 premium selling. I'lour was firmer and more active. Wheat ad vanced IftlHc on No. S Spring. Com was active and closed firm at an advance of IHc. Oats were H@lc better. Bye was more active and l®lHc higher. Barley was quiet but firm. Wbiikey was neglected. Dressed Bogs Irregular but higher tor trozen lots. Hess Pork dull. LardJic better. Gild was again higher. The market opened at ItfX' advanced to 18'*£, and closed at l3Stf. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bios., gold brokers: IMOa.m 137? i l?:isp. ro iry Il*;ssa. 137 H 1&30p.m IST* 11:00 a. mat 2:00 p.m inji . litis a. m 127 H ~’sn. m 188 11:80 a. ro r575i 3rto p. m 183>t 11:45 a. m I??* 1 8;30p.m *...1884 lleio tbe market was quiet at 137Q137H baring —doting at the upper figure. The amount odenng isli£ht,andtbeconnterdemandletrlfilng. Sales were made at New York rates. Silver was nom inal atl2s®l£o buying—the upper figure forlsrge- Plve-lwenUee of ’fa declined H- The ’W’a were H belter. Olhenmo there were no changes to note In tbe Public Funds. The following shows the closing prices of to-day, compared with tbe three previous days; a 3 3 d ff f f Sixes of’Si 109J4 110*4 itOH lio* Five-Twenties, ’6l 110J4 111 H 111 UIH Flvc-TwcbUcs, ’M Hl7i4 108 llhH IQafc Flvc-TwenUes, C 5 107* lUS 7i lOQTi I'** Tcu-Fortlcs 101JS 10l»i Wifi 10IH Sevet-Thirtles, Aug 10C 108 Seven-Thirties, June....105*« I(<s*£ IWH IOjH Seven-Thirties, Jul/....105H lUSH 305* 103* Kcw Flvc-Twei.tlea... .ll»S 105» 100* H»S * gllere the market was firm, with a good demand. >Ve quote: ooTznncn bscuiuitis—cnxcaoo xansrr. Baying. Selling. U. S. Sixes, of 1881 110*4 11CH U. S. 5-SS*, 1602. in* Jll4 U.S. 5-208,15 M 108 lOjSii OS. 5-20-, 1665 10SK „ 1W U. S. s>2oe. Bmall.\ 107 aUO?4 , nt U. 8.10405, large MIS 10l»« U. s. 10-4 H«. small 1034 U. 8. 7-?0, let series lUSH I°® U. S. 7-50?, M series 1»?4 U. S. 7-3fls, 3d series 1K»?4 10oJx U. S. 7-30 s, small. 1054®!®*$ Lomnounoa, Jane, ISC4 in A »- 110 H “ Amr.,l6« 110 “ Oct,, 18M 115 “ Dec, ISM 114 “ May, 18U5 1124 I “ Aug.,1965 ill. “ bept.,1565 1104 | •• OcU 1865 110 Tie Second Notional Bank quotes the haying rates for Governments as follows: Coop., •81..1W*® .... 7-3°, (fmalinostt&lK£ 5-a» coop., June comp., 18M..117 llargs) —111 a . .. Julj 5-20 coup., Aug. -H5 (small). .110 ® ... Ocu \\ \\ IC-IU coop.. Bee. lan'lUli (large)... Maj “ 10*40 coop., Ang. , k -Ml,, (emall)...lo3K® £P** “ 2* New een...J;.. <A Oct. “ ** ..UO i.£Mlar*e).lC&£OlosK . Local Securities are dull. We quote lining. Selllnc. Chicago City "a. Cook Conniy 7s Chamber of Commerce. The Philadelphia Lfdgtr Bays u lbe money market continues In liberal supply of c-piial. Call loans are obtained on good aloe* collaterals at 6 cent, with exceptions at. fi cent, and uuou UovetLmcnl Becniirlea In large sums at S b cent. The range of discount for the best com mercial paper la 708 V cent per annum. While tala la the condition of the martotonthe street, at bank all the really pilme basinesa paper offer ing, of short date, xa (1180000160.” —The Boston Adca-tiur observes: Money matters show Utile chance, the market being steady at about the rates which hn\o pre vailed the wtek. The banka are not spe cially preaawl by their regular customers. bat all surplus funds continue to And fall employment, ihe supply of business paper on the market being still large, and available at good rates, should any balances be left over after the wants of regu lar coetomers are supplied. Call loans are in good request, and bung 6 per csot on Govern ment collaterals, with higher rates where the se curity is of fluctuating value, and the banks arc dieconnting for their customers at from 0 to 7 per cett on short dated paper. In the open market rates take a wider range, hot the best paoer passes at from 7to 8 per cent, single names and interior padcs are negotiated with difficulty at much ilgher-rates. At a meeting of the Now York Board of Fire Insurance Companies, held on Monday, the fol lowing resolutions were adopted: liftolctd. That the rates on mercantile and stor age risks (buildings and contents) be subjected to an advance regulated by the following standard viz: •* Kirks now rated by standard surveys and classifications of hazards at 50 to be written at 60 cents; 65 at 70; CO at 75; Matsu; 70 at 85: 75 at 95; bU at 1U0; 65 at 105; 'JO at 115; 95 at 120; lUO at 125; 105 at 130. with the proportionate rate lor participation policies.” Kttolt+d. That fifteen cents be added to the rate on alt buildings for the absense of Iron shutters from any part of any building which tne Commit tee on Surveys report is needing such protection, and such shatters shall be so made as to allow of their King opened from the outside, and to be affixed In a manner which aball meet the approval rf the Committee on surveys. ~. „ , t llttoltfd. That In the opinion of this Board the use of rolling iron doors and shnlten on hnlldloga is highly objectionable, and that the Committee on Surreys lie directed to consider any building having such doors and abutters as being without sbuticis. . . , „ —lhe Mining Journal has the following: The Philadelphia Board of Trade, In their an nual report for 18CG, say that the product of our mines has been unexampled in amount. For tac met six months of the year, the amount which paid tax was, by the returns of the Internal lUva vue Derailment, 7,416,686 tone, or at the rat: of 14,8r2,:»7U0ns per year. But from other sources we find that this quantity, though In advance of any previous year, musthe considerably too small. The total anihiacite tonnage over me great curry: ing lines ha* been 12,899,7-17 tons; the product of the semi-anthracite and other localities, SJ9.2SI tons: giving a total lor the eastern coal fields of 12,f5a,iiiStocs,afiaiD8ty,971,6Wforl863,8bowingin Increase of 2,964.59* tons; beside what is consum ed In the immediate vicinity of the mines, which 1« a matter entirely ot estimate, one antnorlty supposing Uto behOO.OOUtons, and another 100,000. The approximate prodnetof oiiuminona fields go ing west cannot yet be ascertained, but It must undoubtedly swell the total for ISGfi to more than HLW,O,IKJU lons, against 14.002,723 for IbM, l-‘C3i4l'2 for IHM, and 12,*225,72U for IBbo, as given by the census ot that year. The currency value of this coal at the markets of first delivery can not have been less than ISO,* OO.I'OO. —Tbe following are Ihe regulations in relation to the endorsements of Seven-Thirty notes, for warded to the Treasury Department for conver sion: When cotes transmitted for se'tlemcnl arc pay able to order, and are beta and transmitted by lae payee, they mutt be endorsed by him "pay to tbc Secretary ot the Treasury (or redemption,’' over hie signature, and bonds will isenc in his name. Notes payable to order and bell by other parties than the payee, mast have the endorse ment of the payee, and also he endorsed "pay tbe I secretary ofibc Ireasury for redemption," over I bis signature, by the holder presenting them. In 1 all caeca of notes payable to order, satisfactory evidence of identity of endorsers must be fur nished.* When notea issued m black are for warded for conversion, they must be endorsed "pay the Secretary of the Treasury for redemption.” over the signature oi tbe party forwarding them. When notes transmitted are endorsed by an attorney, administrator, executor or other a {rent, they meat be accompanied by the original dr a duly Certified copy or certificate of tbe authority under which ho acts. AJI :?!*Srs should state the kind—" Registered " or " Coa- f ton"—and the denomination of the bonds wanted n exchange. When registered bonds are order ed, parties should stale at which of the following ? laces they wish tbe interest paid, via:—New ork, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, SU Louis, Cincinnati or 'Charleston. Express ebarpesen Seven-Thirty notes forward ed b> Adams’ Express Company for conversion, and on bonds sent in return, will be paid by the Department until March St, ISC7. *J be following items from an extended table in tto WdU Street Undervriler will give a clear idea of the value of insurance: „3 S „,S- —5 |E E IBS £|s: SV t» : 2=2 ?l i n* iffl h f m iln -Etna (361,136 |196£10 » 40.961 (3X333 Agricultural... aw.too 137.468 <i,tw issxji Aortatlc. 306.1u6 97,903 165.717 None. Albany 210,433 6X400 17,741 33.639 Aleany C. Fire. 305,001 N 8483 J 59470 None. American 17X517 198405 51.364 JCOXI4 Am. Excbanct. 249.551 91430 ' 29.60 T 26.8 M Arctic ..... M 0.077 9Sa,r* SSJ.7SB None. A»tor. 839.009 199.943 108,360 16X54 Atlantic. 496.468 57.195 233414 86.1® Baltic 3T4.193 335.65 J 150.0 IS.U3 Brooklyn 29X916 EE.WS 54.956 SS4OS Beckman 237.419 156443 136,192 Kooe. Broadway 69.793 9.717 6*463 Capital City.... 344X31 47.W5 16474 >,116 Central Fark..~ 9>.9J8 40,174 60.433 Kooe. City 571419 100,431 36487 1A479 Cl turns* 537,495 397.3*7 195,411 107,446 C.tnton SIXDS3 U 7.135 34.673 40.117 Colombia 579.U0 241604 269.188 None. Commerce 330431 60.773 91,331 17.U1 Commerce 5X2.701 370437 146.464 SUSS ComnemiL... 331,767 111,372 77437 3X091 Comm*nw«atth 396,130 143X11 154408 None. Continent aL...1.668456 7X14*6 S 3 OUT 7&A037 Com Excn*oge 901 X» 163437 7.709 Croton Fire.... 53,139 45.416 179437 None. Eagle 467.748 180,263 29,144 133.1*4 tnptreCUy.... Sl.tag 113.615 61.6C3 IXII3 Exeebter 363,19 360.163 140417 23476 Exchange 197X19 103X99 75.005 None. Farmer*'J'tßt 135483 49,400 33,133 21,119 Firemen's. 3XI4eS 148419 6X367 STAB Flmnen’sFond '196339 116X25 8X731 None, Firemen’* Tmu isoxas Cfusa auts 20440 Fultm 276443 831.627 168413 TO Gallatin UJ4t9 5X396 19466 lAH Gebbard 154.693 W. 014 Germania. 746.483 5534*4 835,436 IX7KJ GUn's Fa 115.... 97X637 116479 Not Ket*d OX6» Globe. 547478 111462 72,471 IIS Greenwich 814X99 163,050 77496 674 U GrocrtV IS3XU 4 6479 69.43 Nme. Guardian iftJXfl 78,290 43,700 None. Samlltce 314,638 87.6C0 86.237 12471 nacortr. 561A51 415,445 364,7)4 5740 Hotrtnai 198.6V6 9»438 102.731 None. Home. 3,(US4EB 2X594)3 1444.437 296473 Hope 927,548 234.5T7 196.773 None. HcwanS 618.468 176000 11U55 46453 Bnniboldt 3504 n 143.403 S4BB None. Imp. A Traders' XS.SXS 91.484 7U»4 None. lotercsUco#U..U44436 1.296X37 IJSJ439 None. Irving. 379.637 143,709 85.165 11X33 Jeflerson 9«b901 I®4S2 63.175 SiAH Kings County.. rofxo 64.016 13415 SU39 ■ Kaicker pecker 873.®* KUO 83At: 32.7<0 b.fayettc 131,953 13>«<a» «>W None. 1xraar.......... 481451 355478 159.53 6W5t» IxtOT ISuXN 113,084 9.V444 None. M vnhaUan", ..UKAS I.rC.WI 921,101 157474 HI.HKcsO 178X38 1C5454 Mretaaltn !! V*436 107.619 96.18$ 34(1 UrrrantDe..... X 0.750 91.•• 0427 1465 lireSwa«r.... «t>n tsiX96 • (ttxs ajax , '®SS Sot lK& ?,°ss XiAfittnk .. -i 90,1 J 3 46,644 11..43 llnfnal Sot spec. 1K053 VmSu .V. 73J30 liXTS 100475 National WX3 35.972 29.033 3S.KT igMg laxjo S vatSt' SSS S;™ S™ K ; Y : E ; ? gig g-JJJ Kg Si 6 ? IS -sot?bkS:;: .gjjj g® ijh Vi'tihvMim 16R.791 113413 9vw None. l»£rtflr m sSsOB 128.1 W 66X51 4549 i i2U- CC * SVCS 147.1® 7.CT7 lUJJ rife:;: as as v tas BSSf 1 --'"’®® ffi! gjjfev-:." SS Ssffl S” sS : Sl?3 Xo, iS; K!?**” 343.615 151.056 $4407 5479 “fcsEE ass ?S™ kS as £.% a iiS3 TotaU 444,773X19 W*«IR W. 017476 R«5,157 The expense* of the above companies were (6.1fcA,T09, cxclualvc of taxes, lessee and dirt- ymi. dcndf. Tbe percentage of expenses to tncome ranged from 818-100 to 81 EMOO-aTcrage 21BS-lOT P —The weekly statement of the Philadelphia backs made op to the ISth Inst., presents the rot lo*)rjj asgicgaie a* compared with Ihoae oi we previous men : K ft t*- *4^ S 3 S&l:;::::."."S&S w» D irall r d 1 055'.".. t iiflaDareii n» wO3 New \ or* mock Marker. Coelnr price* lor cub. February » t ISCT, received by mMMBd ‘SS w M.S.lvori.) 77* WM D.B.* V i25 M0 ii|V 11IV C.e?)i» WK 7»X i l,w u * £.< >»<« IVj-rnlVrmi.... iW< **H I®'* P.FuWftC.... M* *.* IWX '*.■» QolekMlTcr » D.. 6. 4 * ceß Vi«/timr W.U.ToL 41k I M ’;7JJT,t l * C. i. A. <com)..nix 111 n» • s ' lo ’ “‘uju IB* U.£(2a1icy.....130 •••• *«iea. ■ • Mleb.V« , iitr*l...lo7Jf 107 U. 8. 7 MO. Uooaon Barer... ia 1M w; » 111. CCLtTkI lliVllS* u. 8. 1 MO Pb«.4Keaelo«Jo4XlM *erl«--- 4LSX ,jK C. A T01ed0.....117k 117 X Am. Gjld • 13 ‘ 5 * **"* Tol.&ftabaab.. »* SBX Market-l»t Board «troa«; M Board *troa*. COMMERCIAL. TnruiiniT ETSMIMO, February 21. * The following tables show the receipts and snip* meets ol Produce during the past twenty-four hours: BICKPIS PAST TWXSTT*POUB HOCUS. Hour brls * Whet, ta A Mg Com, 5«* v r Oats, bo Kye.btt.. “0 Jigg Cruom Com, Jrl, rt Cued Meat, 41 Stork, b>l* IR JJ} juS Is»d,lhs ]*•*“ Tallow, ■“•rs> lisa Duller. ft l ?|^ Dressed Hogs, Ivo ,522 J4\« Hogs, So *£g Kfe Cattle, No 4'*» jotSS Hides, ns «•>?« 1 - 4 *SS Uigbwlnee, brls W 5 9 . J. a Wool, lbs am Lamoer, ®S % Shingles, m 460 4 BIUPIIESrrS PAST TTVESTT-POUC DOVB3. 1»7. Flour, hrls WbcaMm '**»» Crm, *« l50 fsg ! Oaip, bo 4 * OOT Uve, Barley, bo «,*«• Grass Seed, Ba AIM 9t»J Broom tom, lb* *s,l® - ..yir] Cortd Meat. B B » WB 'SS 1 j a Beef, brla -£ yirt Pork, brla fioViSS hard, Bs 2“,6°° 'i allow, B*.. ..»,•••»•••••••••••• aim] Butter, v Dressed Hoc*, ho .y. a Live Hoc*, :*r£ Cattle, No Qa'ais Hide,. 76 *SJS ” iS *|g «| Lumber, m •J® ,li :: | 1 Salt. brla 8M «» The market for Me** Pork was doll, and (alas were confined to 150 brl#—an oulaldc brand—at *16.50. TLere werebujersof favorite brand* at *16.02*4, but holders were generally asking *19.00 | though 1c some Instances standard lota could bo had at *16.73. There was no movement in Prime Mess and the market may be nominally quoted at *17.55©17.50. There was more activity in Sweet ickled Bams, and the market was shady and firm, withs ales at IKSIIJ4C for City, and lO*4Glo2»c f° r Country. A lot ofSt),OOU Ba oat of pickle sold at l(‘»£c loose. Bulk Meals were quiet, with sales of 51,tM B«* Short Rib at Sftc (last evening.) Bicod Sides sold to the extent of 50,000 Ba Clear at 11 ?ic packed in hbds. There was more Inquiry fir Lard, and the market advanced *jc, with sales of about 1,400 tes at UfcftlSc for City Steam and Kettle Dried—the inside figure obtained last evening (or a lot of BGO tierce*, and 12c for Steim, ouyer March. A small lot of Settled sold at 12*4c at Alii" aukee. Gieaec was more active, with lib* eral sales at b‘ic for Yellow, and 'JftQlOc for White. Dressed Hogs were higher but irregular-lhe upper figures only obtainable lor frozen lots. Sales ranged irozn 17.50tfj5.00. Whiskey was dull, neglected and wholly noml* cal, at 2ic for bonded and (2£i) for free. Thcie Is no demand, and holders arc not disposed to press sales. Ihe demand for Floor was more active, mostly lor spring Extras, and the market was firmer hot cot qootably higher. We note sales of 4,800 hrls at 411.25®11,ff7H for Red Winters ; $9.00®10.60 for Spring Extras ; $7.00®9.00 for Sopcrflnes and |G.COfor Buckwheat. The Wheal market was quiet at an advance of I l@U*con regular No.S Spring,bntolher grades | were unchanged. Wo report sales of 23,000 bn at 12.20 for No. 1; f1.6Cifc041.87 for No. 2, and 41.G6 @1.67 for Rejected—closing weak with free sellers cf No. 2ln regular houses at $1.87. For foturo delivery we bear of sales of N 0.2 at 11.95, seller from April 15 to Uay 15. At the opening, the Corn market was excited and an Improvement of i#e was obtained on No. 1 ; subsequently a slight reaction set In .and prices fell back Ic, at which a large business was done and the market closed firm. Rejected wis In active demand and the market advanced IViSSc, No. 2 was quiet. About 155,000 ha changed bands at Bin®*** tor No. I;CGc for No. 3, and SSH®COc for Rejected—closing firm, with more boyera than sellers at 65c for No. 1. I There was more activity In Osts, and the mar* ket advanced U®l&i with sales of 40,000 hn at 40 41c for No. 2, and 57c for Rejected-closing at 40H041C for No. 9. The demand for Ryo was more active, am. Ihe marectwas IftlHc higher, with sales at 9SjfcO y;c lor No. I winter, and 25c tor No. 4 fresh. There were buyers of No. 1 fresh at 9SJioO€c, bat tone offering. Barley war quiet but firm, with sales at CIS® GCc lor No. 2, and 45®50c for Rejected—prices be ing governed by location. Seeds were quiet and scarcely so firm. Sales were made at 42.CD&3.50 lor Timothy, and $7.75® S.B7R lor Clover. ihe following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day. Nst Yobk, February Si. Flour firmer, and Mlaidc at Wheat fltoueer at J2.2U02.80. Com lateral $1 CCH in ("lore. Oats firm at &C@s7c. i-ork arm att2o.ff»H. Lard firm at i2sj®lßc, ilon Aim at W.B»H&a,CO. Whiskey firm. GoJ.uiSS. IATBH, Flour, Wbeat and Oats flrri. Com stronger qi tI«CCHQI«OT* LATER, In the afternoon the Grain market* were quiet bat firm at the dosing figures on 'Change. There was no movement in Provisions. The market for Beef Cattle was active and firm at an advance of 23c on all grades, quality con* sidered. Bales number 2,200 head, at a ranee of $■*.003725 for Common to Prime. The market closes firm a1J3.50G7.50. Live Bogs were in fair request and 10G15C higher. About three thousand bead were taken at J0.C507.50 for Common to very Choice lota. \Tasblnetonts Birth-Day. To-day (Friday) being'Washington’s Birth-Day, there will be no session oh the Board of Trade. The banks and Custom Bouse will also be closed. Important to Ship-Owner* Regain* lions for Unloading Lumber Cargoes, Ccbtox Horst, Chicago, February 21* ISS7. The following extracts from a recent letter re* eelvert trom the Hon. Secretary of the Treasury ate published for general information: Tnaafinrr DxPAnTxxHT, February f, f-o*- Con. W. B. Scales, collector of Customs. Chiu** C0,1U.: Ihe proviso to the l£th section of act of .Inly ISCG, authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury from time to time to make such reputation* as to him shall seem necessary and expedient for no* lading at, and clearance fiom. any port or place on raid frontier, of ships or vessels at night. In cider to facilitate ibo local coasting trade as much as practicable, consistently with lair, yon are authorized to designate and detail a Deputy Collector ot Customs to receive entries and issue permits for unlading vessels after regular office hours—from the closing of the Custom House, at four o'clock D.m. to nine o'clock a. m. next cay. Such Deputy Collector to be and remain loan office located at some point on the Chicago Elver, where he will be most readily found by masters of vessels coming Ulo the port, alter four o'clock p. m. and bcloro nice o'clock a. m. Tbs issuing of special permits to discharge cargo tn the night, shall only be given to vessels comlcg from ports or place* within or adjomingthc District of Chi* cage, laden with lumber ot American production, or other free merchandise. Very respectfully, (Signed) Econ McCulloch, Secretary of the Treasury. TnuitrßT DrrAKTXxsr. I , ,_ February IS. 1967. f Io reply to your letter of tbe Btb Instant 1 bars lo instruct yoatoeo far modify Ibe loatractlon* heretofore riven, a* to prant special permits to onlade in the night time to all American Teasels arming from American portai or places on the coitbern, northeastern and northwestern Iron* tier*, upon the master of any sneb vessel taking ard tnbicribins to the followinsr oath, viz: (JVo forma.) 1 —, master of the , or the port of —— do solemnly swear that tbe ■■ , which anlved at the port of on the day of , JS6-, cleared (bom the port of , and that while on the Totsce, did not tonch or enter any port or place within the British Provinces, on the north* era, northeastern or northwestern frontiers, tor any purpose whatever, nor were any goods, wares or merchandise of any kind whatever, or any pas* ■enger* or baggage, received on board said vessel while encaged in said voyage, other than are set forth In the manliest and passenger hat ol said vtssel. District ard Port of Chicago. Subscribed and sacra to before me this —day of , 136-. , Master. * ■ , Collector of Customs. This oath must be taken and subscribed by the before (ho Collector or a Deputy Collector of Customs, and endorsed upon the vessels mani fest. before the special permit to unload the ves sel shall be issued. Verr Respectfully. (Signed,) Econ McCciiocn, Secretary ot the Treasury. New Orlenne market— February 16, Core—la in goed demand and sell* reality at hill Pi7v*»* The tales toemy embraced 12,000 sacks, of wblcbSCOmtxod and irfWdo. at (I.l0;s.ti00 white at (US; 430 yellow alxea and I.CCO white at (Lilt: 1,453 white at (1.14, and LVIO do. In loU at (I*l3 Per bc*n*L Wrefi sales 59.197 sacks. Receipt* 50,737. Export* (.Sfl. Oau—Arelurecueatand are selling readily at ittff nilcea. tales SO&SSS and ■loatß7kc, IVattic per bn»hrt. Week’s isles IC.WI sack*. tuccipmis.r6tack». Export* 535. (lour—We Lave not anycnaart* to not* Is the mar ket 'lneejeaterday.wfera we stated that there was very little cn hand, and thc*e la the trade were waiP lot for better supplies. Orly a small retail bn>lae*s i« dolnr, asd Hie prudpal sales do not reach SOO brl*, of whith 49 Co* st (KU7.V; 1W da at (UhO; M do at (ll.oC;sManperapeatsu.7s.asaloo on Its merit* at (IX..w V brl. Week's sale*, 9XOO brii. Becclpta. Wli. Espcn*. LS9S. rerk—The market continue* extremely dan, and we have sot a sale worthy of iota to reprrt to-day. Hold ers are asking (25-00 ? brl tat racaa. and are ©tiered tor small I‘t». It t* retalllaeat («.» F b:l. Wees’* sales, 1.800 brl*. BsctlpU, 7,433 brU. Ex* pen*. 155 brl*. Bacon—l* in Ilcht npply, but the market Is dnll and drocrtcr. and only a 'iiuitcd retail bo*ices* u dolag. Clear »ldes are olk-ml In lota at I (e. They are retatleg at 14VQU4XC; ttb> ed side* ISKSISVe: *honlder*ll\c. Wees’* receipts 2X09 casts. Cleared lid. Green Meat—a lot of so boxes cry-salted shoulders soldat S>tC F ». LaiC—We have rot any sale* to report, but quote prime It tierces atl3a#ls*<c: ker* k«* are scarce. It isretvtUnc atlSe respectirciy. Wevk’i recapu 7W tierce*. 1X66. Philadelphia Cattle market. Pebraarr 11. Ibe catUcmaiset waa tatber oull this vec*. bit Etl«* »frt witboat material chaoß*. Abont 1.100 ead arrtr«J, and nold at the ATeoae Drove Tart at ftomttanjtc (or extra I’eanajlvaala and W«*sl«-n ateera; ls>»c for a tew choice, U&ICXe fbrlalrto cod. anslJgllcp«»fnrcon:irou,a*tOQnalUj. Xnenur* kn dried doll within tne abort raa«e or prices. Uonverelndetnandatao advance. About UC head arrtrt-d and told at toe Unloo and Arecne Drrre Tartu at from per 100 HI latter xate fur prime com ted. Philadelphia **eed Market—Feb. 19. CloTet**e<li» in fair drmand. Small aaleaaremsc> loe at f 8 oCftS.n per bn f»r comatn to ic'd, Tltav thy »n)s la a tmall itmj at axil flaxseed it fXAperba. CHICAGO LITE STOCK, nAUIiET. Omc* or tub Datlt Tnnom, I TuresoaT Ktbbuco, February 31. ( The followlnc table ebe«s the dallr rctelpu aid ihlprooiLi of Uto St:ck darmsthe week tap tathls errsloc. aa rrporied py the Secretary of the ttnlo» Block Tara Company CatUa. B'CS. Sba’P. BcnCay and Monday is Ru •••• Tocaoay 1,931 I,RW • Wtcoiadar L9OB *,131 **’ Tburulay 1,437 B^l Total S3IS 7.M3 B*l Sane time Uut week s,9U lis#* Week before la.:, itt 8.1» 864 Tbe receipt* UhUj wen by tbs fallowing toaief: Cattle. Hoc* By niioeta Cestral S3C 904 -’•I By BarilDKtonftQnlacyßoad iM. 839 ByHt. Loon* AUoaUaad... U .... By Nortbw»»*pnj Koad.. tM W* ? By Micbjeao Southern Coed 1(M By Bock l*laz.a Boad SS) &34 Driven Is 9 .... Tctal i,|3T tCC7 381 Tfie«h»pmcnUWM»r. »od fbr t&e w«k up la this evtuug, were Ctttle. Boca. Sheep. Bindsr and U&nJay, Vneaday vredeeacay TliurMUy Tou* .... Bale* loday, si entered at the ailEere&t Scala-hotuca, wete u loUowi

Wii i’tn I,W» 371 Cattle. Steep. Ilsq- At IlUnola Central Scale 573 Ml 63 At BmUncton Scale I,OM I,«U At Alton Scale 36 .... At Northwman Scale til SIS 76 TOW J,l« S.9M IU BEEF CATTLE—To-night cloaei one of the msrt active days of the season, la this deportment ot the live StocK market. Tne attendance la the morning, ovine to the detention of the accommodation train* running to end from the yards, wu rather ellm, and trade In consequence opened a little ilacc; bat liter tn the day, with a liberal supply ot stock and a tall at tendance of the different classes of buyer*, trade opened (harp, and continued lively to the (date. East ern advices were of a aUmolattng character, and all dealrableshlpptce grades were greedily swallowed ap at an advance of folly fee on the ruins rates ot yester day. Indeed, each was tne character of the demand, that the bulk ot the arrivals were taken direct trom the can, and very prime lots would, have tonnd purchaser* at ri.soiiS.oo. The average duality of the receipts was comderably better than that ot the preceding days of the week, the proportion of common and Inferior descriptions being far less prominent, New York, Buffalo, Cleveland and Pitts burgh each had their representatives tn the market, and all the beet droves went Into the hands of buyers fin these polnta. The demand, however, was not con fined exclusively to shipping stock. Feeders from West ern New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and from portions of Ullootf, were la attendance, aad nsd» a health? competition, Stock Caiue appreciated la valoe in ccmmon with the upper grade*. Good botchers'stock wa* alia to fair request st Improved rate*. New Milch Goal were in demand, and thoash bat little U yet being done In this cla>iot stock to es tablish reliable quotations, a moderate number would bare found ready sale at remunerative price*; lay from $354)0 for common, to 90-00 for prime grades. There was considerable inquiry for Veal Calves, and the fcw oSeilug were readily taken up at $5.5&k7.00 for common to very prime onalltles. The entered sales to* day loot np 2,137 head. These were distributed between shippers, packers, city butchers and teeisrs, at a range of 11.23ft5.25 for common mtxfcd lots, including tmn Cows, rough, half-laltened Steen, coarse Oxen, Stags and Balls, to medium batcher*' btevrs and good fat Cows; 95.T06.5C for fair to good smooth shipping grades, and |S.73ft~.2S tor j rime to choice Bullocks. There was but a moderate de mand for pat king Cattle, as at (he present high rates packers do not loci warranted in operating extenelvely. Trices may be quoted at 91.T5&5.90 tor common to good packing Steers. The pent are well cleared ana the market closes stiff at the quotation* given below: CLOSCtC MtICM. Extra Letttt— Floe, feu well formed, 4'o 8 years ola Sleets, and averaging 1,200 as and upward* t7.8£7A0 prime ij>rtr*—Coxi, weli-fatted. finely formed Steers, averaging trotn 1,000 to 1,400 as, at «.75®7.00 Fair Gradr*— Fair Steers. In talr fleob, av eraging UXO0l.2(O as, at 9.75&8.25 H'dlutu Clot*— Medium Steers and good Cows, fit for city luogbter, and overa^lr,* atj at, f. 4.SA&SO sUKk*.'at , :e irmtuon Cattle Indecent fiein, averaging 80U»i,wu as, at 4.25&9.00 7;»/Vrfor— Light aid thin Cow* and Steers, ronsh atd coarse, averaging IJO@BJO ns, at 160fc4J)0 CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Twenty-seven head talr Steers. areraglngl446 Be, fed and watered, at Twenty-alx bead talr steers In good Cceb, averaging 1,073 ns, fed and watered. at 43. it. Ninety head prime Illinois steers, averaging 1.257 fit, oir cars, at (..w. Nineteen heats medium Steers, off cars, averaging 1,08 BB.atJS.S7K. Twenty bead pood Steen, averaging 1,1(5 bs, red and watered, at (6.C0, Thirty-nlneheadMrfl'shy Steen, averaging 1,117 B», fed aad watered, at (3.90. Twentj -three I.cad lair Wisconsin Cows and Steen, averaging 1,027 its. at #5.00. Flitj-lliree bead cooc straight Steers, averaging ■ 1,101 lbs. off can. at f o.SS. Forty-six Lead good smooth Steen, averaging I,U ns. fed and watered, at (6.25. t Thirty-eight bead good tat shipping Steers, averag ing 1.2 W lbs, fed and watered, at fß.*u. Thirty-six liead goed shipping Steers, averaging j.iss Be. fed and watered, at (6.25. Forty bead fair ronehlsh Steers, averaging 1,152 Bs, fed and w atmd. at (6.20. Slxty-slx head Mr Cows, and good Steen, averaging t.oa off can. at (5.50. Twenty-nine nead smooth Steen, averaging 1,036 bs, Qwerty-two head good stock Steers, averaging 935 head good Steen and Oxen, averaging 1,430 Bs, fed and watered, at (6.C0. . Twenty-seven besd Ught Block Steen, averaging Bt3 fie, watered, at (4.75. _ Thirty bead Mr Cows, averaging 863 Bs, off can, at *Thirty-three bead medium Cows, averaging—as, at irs.uo per brad. . Twenty-four bead common Cows, averaging Bs, at (40.00 per bead. . Thirty-ioar bead straight fat steers, averaging 1,194 Be, fed and watered, at |6.50. . , —* » Eighteen bead Mr steers, averaging 1,027 as, fed and watered, at 18.75. . Thirty bead talr fleshy Steen, averaging 1,101 Bs, fed sixteen held medium fleshy Steen, averaging 1,012 Bf.fedatdwatered,at *5.50. m Thirty bead goodfht Steen, averaging 1,139 fit, fed head good Cows and fair Steers, aver- SWSSiiw »«*<« I^i^%^d < and Steers, averaging 630 as. fid and watered, at (4.25, HOGS— The supply in the market to-day was some what limited, and under a better demand prices took an upward turn to the extent ol 10315 c on fur to prime llogs. On common and median grades there was no perceptible improvement m prices, though holders ex perienced less difficulty in effecting sales. Shippers were the principal operator*, the presenlhlgh rates re micttng, to a considerable extent, the purchases of packers. About 5,000 head changed bands, at prices ranting from (6.05«8.25 for Interior to common rough, uneven lots ;(6.4C46.C5 for medium to Mr, and 7.15 ILr good to pnmcHogs. Two or three very choice droves were closed ont at (7 4067-50, though Ibex were extreme Qgnres, and furnish no index to the eral market. The pens are empty, and the closet linn. noosii- T 0 ns ftirll>* , st pfj*' Hors 1U r .c tat Ho* j»- , .imeevec lot common llfhllot .. W ccum falrjot 17 n.t<Jlmu Uog» ss prime lut 63 same quality 69 fiiir lot 66 lair bacon Moca.... 47 Iclenor Diclil Uor*. 54 choice Moca 114 laaecltea IS rctutnon lot 90 fair oven lot 60 prune lot 73 choice Hops 63 prime lice*. , 47 prune even lot- <S lot 67 tolrbacco Hot* 75 common uneven lot.. 71 tot light Dors 66 tolr bactn erode S 3 common uneven lot. 1 Ifrl samequa.lty 59 talrcoax>e b0n.... 70 common tight Bog*. 150 fair bacon lot. 77 Interior light Bogs. 56 fair bacon lot 73 Prime fat Bogs.. 52 lalreree 10t..... M cliolce C»l Hoc*. 46 prtiic tieiry Uoj , v , JO common coarte lot 2M t. 50 SHEEP—there th a belter inquiry to-day, and prices took a higher r&nce. Good to prime mutton qualities are tbe grades chiefly In demand, acd the lew of this class offering were taken on local account at an aavatce cf UGtte on the closing rates of lost week, me* a range at £44036.00 for common to very prime Steep. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. All tain o f Grain reported in thU market repot ~~ f made on the bait* of uiiiier (Ic) storage* uuteet Eyemxo. February Jl. IS6I. IUU.COA® Fveiqut*—lac follow- FREIfJa. >f ihe Eastern Boada: log is tiie larift v, 5a 4U» Ort'd „ cl am. claw. Flour, nog*. Bate* from Chicago W— . *«« S 75 Da3aio» J*’. T. * •»?, '*< ea •» Toronto. C. W 6rtf •*.. *to 1.55 Montreal, C. E 145 7* tv* . 1B Albany, N. Y UO 80 H® New Tors 105 80 >S H? Boston ria Albany 1.75 65 i.. i*=? Uoa-on no Grand Trunk .1.25 E 5 I.TO Portland rur Grand Trank,,.. .. „ 1.70 -LOS 75 IJO i- . 73 IJO IJ .. a « ft? 2 .. 45 S 3 60 w .. 43 3J TO •; .. 43 S 3 66 4* Philadelphia Ualtiaorr Cleveland. 0hi0... JrffcrtCDTll e, led. Cincinnati. 0hi0... FLU UK—Received, 3,614 brla; shipped, 7.23 V brla. , Tbe Floor mai tel prrstni* no Eewfeamres, atd prices •re li rally maintained. Winter Extras were qnfet bat firm. Spring Extra* are In active reaa*st, ana dealers are geccra'iy realizing fall prices. There <u not io tnncn dome in Papers. Sale* were u follow*; Wn< TiitSrPEF*-200 brl* not named at |JiX): kid Wor ms— 100 brl* not named at tU 37 ,s ; 100 brla do at I IU 53; Srsrxo Exthas—lCO brls sot named at (10.C0; 353 brl* do at (1C.50: 10U brU do at (10.11 ; 100 brla do 1 at $10.53; »« brla - Wisconsin" at (10.23; 1,000 brla not 1 named at IhXO; »0) br.a <lo at |9.C7S';&» bit* do at ; }9e3S;3ovbr.(do at $9 55; 50 br.» •* McGregor" at 1030: srnxo StTETB-S0 brl* not named at (AM:2OO brl* do at $9.00: $1 bn* do at |7.73; 43 brU do >t s7*2 : sro brla do at; BrnrwutAT Flora—73 brU at fAXO. WllE*T— tn: iblppad, HAM bo. Manet adTaorcil l«13»con So. 5 Spring. &Vo* were: , WX bn No. lat (SAC; 7.W0b0 Nr. sat (I.S7;WX»bU do *t f l s; 3.C10 ba do at (lA6M; MC bo ted at 1 Ll.7o;SoobnCoat|l.Ca— do*lng with seller* ol So. 2 , i tegular boose* at |i 57. . „ v ~ CO K N—Received, 7A50 bn; shipped, 5.150 bn. Mar- ; ket advarced laiHcoc No L and I.VG.JC on Rejected. Sales were: 10.0T9 ooNo.l at 86c; 13.a»bn do at »3*c; 15,CC0bn doaiSStiC; 90.0 M bn do at SSe; USJObn do at S4Vc: 4CO bn No. sat «c; 12X00 bo Rejected atOe; i 4,100 bn do at 5.100 ba do at tac; 400 bo do at | 3PSc;s.UObndo(K.d)ats4c—cloelncallb onjcnot , So. i la rtore at 83;., . UAT?*—Received,lJOO ba; ihtpp* d. none. Market ! more actlveard X3lc better. Sale* were: SX« ba . No sat4lc;«C on do at 4JVe;¥.COOba doat«\c; : S3.CCubu CO at Me; On bn Bisected at S7c—closing I rt {kYE*sSwed,W> bn; shipped,S.s£bn. Market I aetiveardl«isebe’ier. S»l« were; l,SMba No. lat l 91c: LHObudoat Si.lcjSOObn doatsSc; 1,000 ba do at , wv«! too ba do at WKc-all winter receipt*; HX ba So. 3 (frnb) at 93c—clc«Uy; arm at oolalde tuures. II At*. LEY K'celrcd, 1,975 bn; sbtpped, jLMbtt. Manet qjict Cat Qm. Sales were: 4W ba No. 5 (*. D. A C 0..) at «c; 400 bo at (wc: tcObodoat eixetuwo ba do at 6*: -ICO bu twj-cied at 30c; 400 ba do at 15c. A I.C(1 ltd L—Nominal at(«AV£MO. B R A N-l* held at (ISXCUW.OO per ton.. UKUU.It cults— ledoltandtonunally rmehanc* cd. Salts were: 4 ton* tair at (150.00 ;3do at 1129JM; 3do rpcor) at (IM.OC ; 2do at (90.00. „ . REA N?»-ilailet dulL Sales ol 8 bagtfat (SXO; 6 UtTTEtC-RreclTe 1.5.711 »a. tblpped.29.Ms ft*. There U a rood Icanlry for ctolce table qualities, to rnr ply the wants U local customer*. asd as the arri ve!* of such are only about incident to meet Ibis dr mat-o, the price* keep well up and are tolerably firm at nevlon* rates. Tlure I* no Improvement in the mar* ket. fir common grade*, ibe demand for common tab and common Ortln, being limited, asd sale* alow, asd p-nerallr at reduced rates. We quote: Choice to Dairy *34 «'« O Good Tab -» c Common Firkin 45 c Prime Fin « @W c 1* %41151 Nil—Tber* 1* no perceoUMe Improvement In the Ottnasd, asd nndtr lad stocks the market con* Unueaw*ai ard unsettled. About tbe only iaqaliy t» tor small lots to fid order* from the country. Weiote a decline cl (5.W la Cotton beamless Bag*, and quote atlcUowi: „ Sattotal A, 3 bn, leamlesa Ucea Ttion A. do do »-90 n.ltol* A, do do SAW tom Stark A, ccuui seamless S-* LewUtonA, do * Androacomn do 55X0 Amexlcar, an Peaver Mills, do Pittsfield s, do pern Mills, no Fort Put, do £llgo, do Saco, linen asd cotton. KWcrwooa, q© Ppnccficld Gutnlrs Karlap*. 4 bn, No. 1 7T.f16a3a.00 Empire CUT 10.00 «- |l El>E—T:ere tm a little more lift exblbitea la the ctxnard foi t* l( article to-day, acd a firmer tafias ebtwrcd. The rtocka are fa land themark'tmay be qaotrd steady attbe racce of prices ilrea below: New Tcrt Factory (ccnnlne) J* CUB e Factory Illinois). J 5 ai6 c gotten beserre. .U Og e “Yoncy Amenta" OS) e rOA L—Coatleoea la •teady Iklr demand. and pri ce* are fully sustained acd comparatively firm at oar Quotations, wblcti are as Callows * Eus-BrooWe*. do Onnsfey, CiXf*L*3D—TtiiaT Hill do mvralßldce>< do Wluow Bank, do Tunnel CtJptwway }5cS LumpLcnuh l.acrswaaa, prepared irS do <n track 5-Sa ®iiJO Tonchlocbeny .*l**!' ru PFEE-The mtrsot to-day was firmer, and with rather Itsbt stork asd the adtaLte la ROW. pttecs hare a&upwatdlendetcy. \7erepeal Quotations: java. 9w c Rlo.cjmaoato'V'ur •ii*'*? S ifis.Rbod to prims. Itlo, prime to Lbolie ® *'(IO HBIC A GR—Market Qnlet. Sales were: .«• Fora Hariris at|l.S; SuO do (mix'd) at 11.35. dear- EGGsS—'Utder a continued scarcity, the atranool rates are fully sustained, asd sates are quick at 4s»t*c forfmbiots. 6at*a include3oodox in boxes. at 43.:; fiOOflfXlo tubs.at44r; SpsßtalCc. PRliiTft AND MJT*—There was afalrlnQOlry to-day lur rtserat a aortmest*. and dealer* were Rent tally reallSngatfuUrateaj, There la increased aettr* tty exhibited ta ihs staraet for domestic Dried Fruits, aid. as tbe flocks are by no means exoasi re. prices are eery firm and tend U a higher ranee. Tne of Witter Apples have been Terr liberal durln* me week, and though tnrxe u a food local demand tor prime Krult ortets are rather easier. We mace no Chinee In our Quotations, as lo.lnsri: ones rccna. Apple*. 9 bri Lemon, Meealu Grasses, V box. Cranberries. 9 hrl Cratbemes, cul tinted. iisxzo nun*. Flea, dram Ft**, cartoon*.. Dates Can Peaches, 9 doz 3 B cans. Apple*, new peaches, halves and quarter*. Peaches, pareo Blackberries, ocw, V B lUFpbe!Tlta.eew t V B~ Chcmea, pitted. Bderbemes, 9 B , Halms, lasers Balitns. Valencia Sardines W aoxea. Sardine*. X boxes atrrs. Alnjotda.hard-ahelled. W a If Almonds, sott-sbelled S 8 (4 45 Almonds. paper-abclled SO M 8 Wilmington. f> bn 36 ft* tS& ® 4*S Brazil I*nU 23 33 PUbtils 17 » 13 Fmch Waisou, tew u a Q Naples Wannts 93 0 U l*« ana, small and Urge 39 is 30 Hickory Nnta. V bo. SJO U 3JO Chestnuts. Vbu «-00 9 SjJ) Fl*»(l—Trade conntnes with do Improve mentmtoneef the market norla prices. Tbeatoek* are ample. and round* tots misbt be obtained ala illcht redaction from our Quotations. TVe repeat oar list as f-Uows: _ Wbltefish, No.Ukbrl f«.7!a i-52 WblUJkh, NO. 3. * brl 6.5 Trvot, No. I, Xbtl SJQ| SJI Tract. No. 3, h brl *AOj» 4.7 J Mackerel. Nc. X. K brl, new 10.3^410.73 Mackerel, No. 3.« to 1 10.00911.23 Uulm), fka.t»y?F H brl Mackerel, extra met?, V k brl 41A0913.50 Mackerel, extra me*.*, F kit sjaa 15 Mackerel, Ko.l, kits, new 3.63 MaikeieLfauiiiT. kua ‘AIN* 3-73 (*odr»b. Bank, v 100 at MW •Jfi Cocash, force's Bank 7-j£* ®-22 Hake ............ ....... .......... klfte >3l HerrinE».'lrt* d i So.l. F box *og Herrings, S Labrador Herrings, F brl 1 2,'5?^ 1 2*52 Labrador Uerrlncs, Jftel*"*. 4 *^.67?, Norwegian Herru gs, R’i> F brl wjf-WJ Norwegian Herrlnas, M's, F brl @16,60 f»UE*s»E—Market more active and firm, bales were: 73 tea while atlOc; 33 tcsdoat9£e: 133tcs yellow at Btfc; 90 tea while, an 173 tea yellow on pri vate term*, rolh deliverable at Springfield. IlitiHWlNE?*—Keceved. loS brU: shipped, 660 brls; market inactive ana entirely nominal at 33c for bonded and 13.70 lb: free. _ . , liOpS-ArestUlngat 60® 65c tor EMtemand S3@ ftc for Western. _ . . , . OKE.**SKD HOlS!*—Received,3s3; sblpped,l£33. Market higher. supply light. bales were; _ U averaging 270 ft* at *£•;« 16 “ 293 - 7.90 7 “ 140 “ .. 4 “ ... ** .. US *• 173 “ .. 39 dividing on 3(0 ft* at. lot •• a.O ** 21 300“ & “ 200 .... 10 **•»»** 7.40 end 7.60 9 m Ml M 730 and 7.70 14 “ ICO and 200 ftt at....t7J0.7.40 aud 7jO nAY-Hmsiiu quiet, but mere aremilv sustained at ine recent advance. We quote: wbolssal* ritscxa. Timothy, roller and better prosed fU.50^1430 Timothy, le**** brewed 11.ut0H5.00 Piaine, beater prewed.......... imail.oo EXTAIL FklCtß. Tliafthr, roller tod Dealer pressed f16.K317.33 Timothy. locse pressed.. 16A331&&3 I'ralrte, roller tad better browed 14X0®15.M Prairie. 1< oee on wagon. (leUrered II OdaU.o3 llli»ES—Bwelred,at; shipped. 16.9 U» ft*. There Is no change t> note In the general character of ibe market. The receipts are moderate tad all are readily absorbed at oar qtuiatkn*. Crabby tilde* are baying at one-lblrd otf. We quote tae mar bet Srm tube follovloft raegeof price*: Green Butchers* 8 ® $Xc Green Salted, trimmed loculi c Grets Calf. if id »9c Ktp Green, salted., H te isc Dry Flint, trimmed .11 Dry baited, trimmed MXtWJJiC Uroen Salted, part rarod 9x«loc tU ON AN O STKEIj—The demand la moderate, aca price* are steady at Ibe lollowlng quotation': Common Oar SX« 3*c Horse Shoe 1r0n...., JX® <XC Heary Hand- 5. >*.s•*£ Hoop and Light Band SK** 1 !,,® Hound and Square 3X® *Xc Oval ~ 3X« uxe HaK Oral and Hall Konnd Mi'« 6*c bbeel Iton, common •*<»* .... Extra Brands sheet Iren, galvanized.. is c Sheet Iron, charcoal. 36 Sheet |n<D, Juilala, -!^®!L C Norway N’all Hods O M H* C Flew Steel. German }•} »Jj * Flow Sterl, east. 17 (4ls C Spring and lire btecl, English Uhiais c Tool Cast steel, ordinary alze* .IS t<3o e Teel Cast Steel. Amer Jean Q. c Blistered Steel 20 »» c Russia, Nos. 9 and 16 35 c Hauls, Am., Ist quality. B bd) Mlf c Russia, Ad, Ist qaallty, V meet. (419 c Russia, Am, Id quality, f> sheet (416 .-c I.EATUEK—Continues quiet, with no change to cote in prices, as follows: uzwi City Harness. B I ft 4 89® <Ol Country Harness 54® S 6 Line, V ft 43® 44 ; K s:“!?. l . a “:.!®i^ Call. * ft LU»>4O Uip*-r, V 100 t... B*d 81 Couetry Upper.. Z» 25 Collar, V 100 t... IS® 34 flauchtcr.Sole.. Xta 54;FreBCh CalC SI . Barer**,* ft... 40® 4»l ft*............. 2.10®5.35 Upper SO® 82 French Calf, 86 Kin. No. i, mo I fts ......5 3X0®2.10 ainm Uo®l2o French Call, Le- Ktn. No. L molnes, per „ I huaryf......... Ss®l.lo| doz..I......\.^CX(mDJM 1.1J31 BEK—The demand to-day wm only moderate, bat price* ruled steady at our quotations: i unman—First Clear, 1, IX* IX anullnch s a $0.0030.00 S< cord Clear, V, TV, IX and 2 Inch 53.« 4fAOO Third Clear, loCb. 80.00333X0 First and Second Clear Flooring, to* Srther, rough, the tame as Second _ lets wide— SWWJS3.CO Common Flooring, rough 55.0h*57.00 Matched and Dressed Common Flooring 49.03® 12X0 Matched hnd Dressed B Inch Common , Flooring sexivaaioo ! First andßeccnd Clear biding, together.. MXWSSi.OO Fln-tCommon Dressed biding 33.(0*25X0 Waecn-Box Board*, select, 13 Inch ana _ upwards 89X0841.00 A block beards, II Inches 30.COfc3v.M B htqeleßoards, II 1ache5............... 26XC(*Ii.oq Eminem Bosrc*. joists. Scantling. Fcnc* Inc and fitnau Timber, II to 1« feet long •• 31.00i322.00 Jowls and bcaslllng, 30,23 and3l feet.... SSJV*a>.iX» Joists and beantilpg 25.t® btrctotxs—A or Star Shared Shingle* 4A) A or Star Sawed Shingle* 8.0Q3 3XO No. I bawed EhlnglW, j r*p B.® Laxa-Per min yard* 3.5? By car-load by Northwestern Batlroad, dchrered In any yard where car* can be •witched, or any depot: A or Star Saw ed Shinnies, oy car-load, on track....... 4.50 Aor Star Shared Btlngle*. by car-load, on track 875® 4XO No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track 4XC Three dollar* a car-load added when transferred, which charge lollows the Shingle* Injrelghl bill. eHIXOLK STASDABD, At. Price. .J 99 MO ~2&J 7.00 ..S3 6.85 ..703 6.»0 ..386 6.73 ..703 6.40 ..323 7.00 ~339 7XO ..343 6XO ..S4S 6.60 ..140 6.03 ..366 7.33 ..317 7.25 Thlckne»-Flvo Shingles to be two inches In thiCfc neSS. Let gth—Sixteen Inches. Bands—Twenty Inches. Connes—Twenty-five. , t , . • LA R U—Mere active and Me higher, bale* were: 50 tes Settled at 13 wc at Milwaukee i 510 ten City fet-aa aud KetUt Dnwl at 13c: SOO tea da (last ere.) at llj*c; U 0 tea do on p. L;25 tea No. 1 alll}*c—all cash ; 400 tea Steam, buyer 30. at 12c—closing firm at lac cash. ill ETA I.* AND TINNERS* There was a uir icqulry to-day. and a better feeling pre vailed. We continue to quote: TIK. ZIKC. Box Tin Kate. I C Ist quality, ca5k.......13V 10x11 (14.50 lit quality, aneet 14 Large Mgs 3 Slab 14 small Pips 38 BBtoaxwtax. Bar Tin S 3 Ito 6 U corns*. 7,8 and 9 13 MetallicAßßolts... S 3 lOandll 13 Copper Bottom 66 13 14 Braziers over 10 Bs.. 43 IS and U IS Sheet. 14 to 16 0z..... 43 13andl6 16 Turnings 10 17 17 babbit 3trraz~ IS is Ist quality 30 19 21 I Antimony 30 20 .75 Fine Solder SO Fence Wire 10 NAlLS—Tradels steady, and prices ruled firmer at the lollowing quotations: Cd.Fkeg 17.00 2d 13.25 Id 7.25 Sd, fine blurt 9.25 fd 7AO 2d, fine blurt 10.53 4d; 7.*5 Cut Spikes 7.3 Sd 8.3 Clinched Net 9.3 OlLS—Thegeneralmarkells quiet. Linseed, how ever, is In brisk *pm«nd, and as the supply is becoming considerably reduced, the advanced rates are fall/ sus tained. Laid OH is quiet. Ft lies are tmthangec, and wecontinueto quote: _ LmieedOll...... .f1.5VU.60 llnsetd Oil, billed 1.69»1.® Olive Oil ®2AO Whale 0U,W.8 L2O(*L3 Lard Oil extra LIN3I.M I-&rd Oil A o. I Winter nft^ Lard Oil, No. 2 Wit ter 1.O&31LIO Bank OIL round lots 1.1S&1.S0 MavuttfiC.l COettLtO Sperm OH lAibncatinr Oil 50^41.00 CA k DON OlL—There U a fair aemandttr carbon 01i,aadtb«u.rKet was alrong 13-day at oar quota tions, which are aa follows: ■ (amon, F carload. «c ‘ Carbon, small lots - Me 1 jv&zole &335 c 1 PROVISIONS—Beceived, 671 hrisFork, andlLWO bs Lard; tapped 2.C99.770 Bs Cored Mcau.337 brU 1 B**£tiQsbrlsForkaadsss.(ooßsLard. , . i Ursa Pom—Market doll, sales were: lOObrls at •I>*. ‘ ’-pi Pickled Hams—ln andflnn. svr*.. -e: 09 lea at live; 3CW do at live; .W <lo « Sales tv Nmntiy at tOkc; 60 do at l6vc; M.UM Bt 11c; 41 lf*v 'oseontof plcsle. _ CUvatlOVfv. -Quiet. Sales were: 20,C00 Ss Short Doll llesfv -OJicloose. _ . ... . Bld (last evening) : K,oom» Clear Bacon Side* at Bacon—Sales „ . live packed la hbda. **ady. Salas were: Drescd ruriTK Y—Mark***. 'cozal♦* 3: 4 dor live at Chickxss—9Oozat#4Ao tat 16cs 200 Baatlsc. (5.C0 : DcmcxiTrßxzTa-10? b. *nl ■ttbr.autlally the fiCUAltf*—The market recaw ' are but moder same as previously reported. btorw Til prices. «e stety large, and dealers are obtaining *. oofte: Cuba NAOJaC FwtoJUro v..l>, 'l* c N.T.KefiDed,FowderedajidQrat>«uted.....*uW * White A Circle A Whiten Extra Teil&w ♦ hDKoUHc OxzatdCl. -U »U«e 4»S“d «*»« c New Orleans prime. New Orleaza talr. llK^Ukc SYUCPs—There was a little more animation in the market tt-day, hut dealerswere shading thsLllow tnsprices: . ~ New York Syrups- *, Yellow Drips Luba Molasses. •££ ® Porto K1c0,.., B®*,® New Orleans *M**2S Philadelphia B»e Hire , ®A, JO Chicago Refinery, Amber lAgaIAS Chicago, Reflciry, Golden 00 Chicago Befinery, Engmr House. This S 3 M»DA AND LEflATO^*— The deminlwas light, aod prices remain unchanged. We continue to « Pure. UVAU.kc htEBDS-BerelTrt. 5JA47 fts t shipped, 5050 as. There was only a moderate inquiry to-lay. and pnem were a ihade easier, bales were as toiwvs: Tihotut —no ban at f-t ; 1» do at fL2b do at fU-15 ;_U. Co (prune) at (3.10; 50 do at (3.W; 33 do at f2AO; «do idlity) atf3.S . azsT*B-»ha*s atISATV; 3do at (SAO; Bdo at(B-5; 2do at (&00; 6 hrla at (7 75 ; 2 bags at 17.73. »i i,-r—Beceived, n?ne: shipped. 222 brla. Market quicu Sales otSO brla at delivered. Wercptat qbotatKiCS: M New Fine. « Coarse „ ,-,7" Gtcucd Alum .....(2.1352.15 Turk’s lilted, bags Ground Dairy,with sacks... 5.U0 Dairy, witbcnlsacks 3-7 J XEA**—There was a fttr movement In the market and dcakiawerefizm In their views at the an* k?ang s ßjMn. o «np<rlor to fine. P a 41.33155 oo extra to choiceTT* n I.1O&1.90 ImperlaL superior to fine. V 9 IJOAL6O co extra to choice, f) ft....*■•......... 143-<'/A0 Gunpowder, enpertor re fine. V n 1.|3d1.n do extra *0 choice, V a 14V4«X0 Japan, natural leal Cue to exu* fine, V a... no do fine to choice, ¥ a 143.a1.40 da co colored,Fa LShai 10 ’TtinACrO—The market is don aud inactive, sad ocotation* are mile mere than nominal. While on raall orders, dealers are generally realizing at quota- Sons, round lots are being offerS at a reduction. W e clvt the following a* the prirei curmiV • rcitccTcnitnxa, Extra- —®lAol Medium Choice 1X041.151 Commou SkOKTSO TOBACCO. Virginia’s Favor- j Medium.... fla » 1te..... .1 BSISIAOI Common Stems. 194 3 Choice. S» Mil FLCO TOBACCO. Loyal Cltlzen,.-f 7>« glileclum 3 Farmer’a Delight 70» 3 Common »4 £ Natural Leaf.... 2w* m Hall BrUbU.... \ InnmalOa&sa F 0 Choice b'K soord 7!<* wl Floutdwa.—73o 80 WOOD—Is quiet and steady at the prices given bs- Mapde. f cord, delivered- 4 £S&tS2 Maple. V cord, in .yard.. UMWU W Beech. F cerd. deltvoyd » Beech. Feomra yard H.fknrr. F cord 13X0^14.06 WOO L-Btolrrt. none: skipped, JWDAi. The narkrtts stagnant, and prices are unchanged. Sale of 6,000 Its Medina at OC. ..353 &S 3 ..W3 6.75 ~250 6SO 7A) ..833 7.00 ..SJQ 6.90 ..317 6.60 ..m 6.10 ..168 6.«njf ..1M 6.75 ..351 6J7X .JSH ■ 6.70 .164 &S .360 6.63# .176 6.2) •173 6JO .101 6.15 .183 6.U Its; ?!oo .226 6A5 31.00 3IJ» 111.00 IU» 11 M XOJO 10.00 MAO Keto sJui)lications. tt I -.H. HATES’ CONTRIBUTION I ) totheliterature of travel po»»« 9 "J7 xmre if Mr it-tbuig else taanluocscriptton <f «^ B fw;rhwa, whuh. acre u every reason to'beiiec#? were,never below by thstootol cl% lUied »iai}.’’—[h t W T orx LTCtlng Post. BEADT THIS DAT tee open polar sea, a Narrative ot a Voyage of Discovery toward tbs Hortb l*slc,la tbe Schooner “United States." IIT DB. ISAAC I. HAYES* Commander oftbe Expedition. Embellished with iix faU-pasa by Darler. Wbtioand oiberMrom Dr. Hares•*« “*fj tare* full-pave chart*; tweoty-«>Rbt Tt«eito*,»n<i a bar portraitor the Author,engraved onsteeL 1 TOU Sto. rrtcc.tS-15; half aorocoo, t«. BURD A BOCGHTOK. Pcbllsteri, 439 Rtoonw-st* New Tort. Stnthy mallprepall cn receipt ol the price. Eor lßle DT 8. C. GEIGG9 «s CO , 30 and 41 Late-rt. |4JO 9SJO 8.00 (S SJ* 8.00 CO 9.00 rtoo aisoo 15J» 021.00 ■vrDBLBACH’S HISTORICAL NOY l\ I els.—Pxtract iron the author's recent remark* nt>on “The Bbtorlcat Bomaneo*’: r%r~ -Th« h*storlan piceents to yon the outward tie external form of history. Uistortcd romaacc would show yen tae heart orhlstaij.and AwlSrta« near to your heart a hat else would stand so far ou. 2i a » so a s a a 29 is ata 10 o » i« a is a o « si a s 66 » 68 o a fit .. IS 0 16 -|.fe C-4 4.55 .. U H 19 .. X 9 'h 38 » « D. APPLETON &, CO., Ifcs. 443 and 443 Broadway, Kew York, uati rrsr pmr.TTnxn. ass s. C. GRIGGS & CO. navz roc tin, BEBUN AND BANB-80TTCI; Or, Frederick, tbo Great and Hl# Friend*, An Historical Kovel,by 1~ MDLBACS, Author of “Joseph 11. and His Court," “Frederick theOrtai and Hts C urt," “ Merchant of Berlin," etc* etc. Translsted from the German by Mrs. Chapman Cole mss and her daughters. 1 vol* Irmo. Cloth. Price, *-one cannot fkil to be Improved by such novels as there, so fully are we impre»*ed with the uulhfQln« ot thecetcilption. They aw tact and fiction com- i An Histories! Kovel. • By L. Mutloecu. Translated trom the German by , Adelaide De V. Cbandron. 1 vol, Bvo paper cover, |1A0; clolb. $2.00. _ “In ‘Joseph ll.’ she transcends her previouseflbrts, | not cnly In the »tory wrought out in a masterly man- i nor. but tbe real characters that figure in U have bwm | carefully stodled from the detai.rd chrotalcles of the . time."—[Philadelphia luoulrer. rtTTrl _ FBtDERICK THE GREAT AHD HlB COURT. An BUtoricsl KoveL UT I~ Munlbsch. Translated trom the German by Mrt. Chapman Coleman and dansbtera. 1 voU ilmt* CMpase*. Cloth,f-UU. “Tbe met remarkable volume of onr Urns. Isen tcrtaiUue and piquant, and will command a very wide TaE e uiltcaAKT An Historical Novel. Translated trom tbe German by Amory Cotflo, M. D. Cloth, fi.o3. "There it not a dull chapter In It. The Interest of the reader is well mslnumed from the beglinlugto the close, and we know ot no book of similar charac ter which womd anile away an alternocn more pleas antly lUtlea Gerald. ZT Either ol the above seat free by mail on receipt }f price. S. C. GRIGGS & CO, Wholesale and Betail Bootsolloj .17. (6 and |S.OO .7.0 and 7.Si . 7jO and 7.73 39 and 41 Lake-el., Chicago. OHICAGO & CINCINNATI RAIL- ; 1 . ) HOAD BONDS.—WiII be sold at public auction, 1 y JOSt FR L. BENSHAW. Atthe Werchanla’ Excbaosro ReadingKoom, in iloitofl, naa«,i •» Vlarch , BJ, 1b67, at 13V o’diKk p. m-. I fIOO.OOO of tne first mcrL^f 8 Si Chicago* Uncmnati iSsiTr-'-aa Company, with the ccopoxa since October, 1360, inclusive, attorned. . The said bones ate held as collateral lor the soles or . said Company, acd will be sold far the non-payment Ibe line of the road upon which said bonds are sfr ] cured Is from I<ocmn»port to Valparaiso, in the btate ot Indiana, and now torms a conudtra&le purl of the Importantlin l : kcown aa the “Chicago * Great Bast- securities may he examined on application to the anctionrer. The sale to he strictly far cash, and the purchasers will be required to pay to the auction eer five per cent on the amount of their bias, as ear ne< money, at the time of sale, and the balance within three days theresiler. JpAIiH MACniNEBY. A. T. BATES & GO., 70 South Canal-st>, Chicago, DEALERS IN FARM MACHINERT, GEN ERAL AGENTS tOR THE NOUTITWBSrEKN L fcTATKS FOR TUB CKLEURATED iIANU * FACTCUEh OF BLTMYER. DAY A■ Cpi MANSFIELD, AND ULTMTEK, NORTON & CINCINNATL O. Our List embraces the Cook Evaporator, Victor Cane Mill*. Eureka Cutting Pox, Star Com Shetier, War ner’s Horse flay Bate. Woo«-Sawlag M*c-lnes, Lora Crushers. Ac.Partlrs applying for desertotive circa larswUlpleaae specify thomachlncir tberwanl- Sltaffbter, Bnf* Mo solo. t 10$ 43 6Uuct>t?r. Sole, CalcisoNo.l. 40& 43 SUaenter, Sole, CbicwoNo.3. M® ST Buenos Arrca... S9jl O Orinoco Sale..., ST® S 3 Orinoco, good, __ <Umtged old St WE CHALLENGE KEDICAL ’ SCIENCE to produce a more SFBLDT AND PERMANENT CURE FOR ITCH, TE-ITEB, BALT BH&UZS, AND ALL SKIN DISEASES, Than is found in Swayne’s Ointment, Sold by all Druggists- Wholesale by BURNHAMS A VAN SCHAACK. MAKQUAUDT & CO., Movers and Kaisers, 363 THIRD-AV., CHICAGO. JJT Orffen promptly attended to. Q_OUKLAY BUOTHEKS, Shirt Manufacturers, I*7 nARCLAV-6T M NEAR CHURCH, NEW YORK. N. B.—Price List* mailed on application. QEST, UATTEN & CO^ Wholesale Commission XercisnU, Between F and DENYEIL COLORADO* Hill’s hair dte-so Cer I *-;®"* or Browa—Dutantareou. natural, >. .* «, beautiful. The best and cheapest Iqum*. Contain- - much as &a any dollar size. BILL'S ARCTIC, or ALi. HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor gea'ral ointment rutw'Sf*. Depot 60 John-fit, New York. Sold by all drug gilts, -DATOHBLOR’B HAIR DYE. Tnls splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. Harmless, reliable, instantaneous; the only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. Sold by Druggists and Perfumers. Factory, 81 Bartiay-iU New York. INSTATE OF ELIZA ANN OSTKOM. J deceased.—Public not ce is hereby given to alt persons having claims and demands agalcst the estate ol DUa Ann Ostrom, deceased, to present tae same for adjudication and settlement at a regular term of the County. Court cf cook Contty. to oe bolden at the Caait House, In the city of Chicago, on the third Mon day of aprtl, A. D. 1857, being the ?l»t day thereof. Chicago, Feb. 7.1557. L. A. OSTROM. Ex center- Arrival aud departure op IHAISB. Winter Arrangement. CHICAGO ISD XOUTUHUIkIfrI ad—coracn. BLCrm «vn OMAHA LIS*—DEPOT SOUTH WELLS STRXET - u.™. Arriv?. Omaha Fast line *B:L»a.m. •TtSdp.m. Omaha Ntebt Expteaß... 7:80 p.m. J&OOa-m. Bison Passenger 4roO p. m. 11:10 a. m. tbexpobtliwe. Freeport Passeeger *10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p.m, Kocklord, Elgin, Fox JUverandSiai© Line... *4:00 p.m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas acnper. *.g-Wp.m. *3:45 a. mu wiscos-nt Division— depot cousin or cahax AMD SISEtX eTRXET. Bay Express *l*oo a. m. *C»o.m. Night Express •*»)?.«. Janesville Accommod n. *& —Si p. m. Woodstock Accommod*n .*OO p.m. *Dc2i) a. m. xzLWAtrxxx dituiok—Dxror comntß or canal A2TD KXSEXZ BTUEKT. . a m lA-fln m Day Express 8:00 a. m. 12:00 m. UoeetilL CtXnrr and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 8:10 p.m. Ntcbt Express 4:00 p.m. S&ip.m. Keiiostt Accommod'n... 4:40 p.m. 0:45 a.m. Waukegan Accommod*n. &30 p. m. 8:56 a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45p.m. 5:30 a. m Gso. L. Dnur, ben’l Sup’t. D. F. Pirma. General Passenger Agent. -CHI6XX gum B>nMi^-ClU(W>rftfW t yKB ot un nun, '*Erpr«t *srfJoa.m. * Mora-.. -*• **:00 a. ta. y. c. Inj S*p». -w«r 15:30 p. p. m, Svealng m. t?;2sa. n. Night Exprc*#. * a*d tsaht:. cincnnrAa. .... *7:OCa. m. •iftSSa. a. Momhur Bxpiwa *&uo p. n. •iloc p. n. Night Kzpitl! - Ats SEOU U!1-D1> KICHISAK BOCTHXS* I.TO «aiB»AggTS3Sn. JOT OOSSBB VAS SOUS* A* “■ tousouib * a; *S:SS p.ia, Man *tßv *11:00p, zo Dajßzpreu tlfcSCp. m New \ork Eiprew 3:15 p, at. *C;OOa. m Night Eipreg;......t*lo:oop. tu- smtni on. . x. a. Mall *4:458.13. 1*». Eh Kightßxpreaa JiOsOCp-m. *S£S'£#. yinsßCßsa, foa* vatvs ato> csicatio. Ma 11...... *1308.13. Ctoo a-m. Express *1:00&.a. I—3o a.n. Fast lire 5:13 p. m. 7:40 p. S 3 gxpreea *l:0:0Up,o. 11:00 p. xa nxDtozs cot-aal. — ~HW l| | Day Passaamr, *930 8. n. *IO3O p. a, Sight Passenger jlftOOp.n. *0:43 a. =. Snuhahea Accomaod'c. *»:CS p. a, *ig2S a. a. Hyde Park ana Oak Wood *630 a. el. *7:43 a. a. •* *» ♦* •ItßlUp.m. *!dSSa.a« « ♦* ** .... *5:30 p. sl. *l:sCp.'23« ** M u »scSsn.m. *7:30 p.n cnzcxsO' bubloi«3ov ju*d orator. D»y2xprcs» and Mail... *£3oa.m. *0:00p. n. GafeabairFuaengcr.. . •fcOOp.m. *WDp. m. Aaron. •KGOp.n. *9 00 a.n. Night Express OHICIfiO L3B IT. tOCOU Fiprwa and Mail 8:05 a. m. • &43 p- a. Ninni Express 9:15p.a. 5:50 a.m. Joliet ana Witaingtcn Accommodation 4:00 p. m. 9:45 to c- CHICA6O in OSUT XIKZSS—(IAS CntCnUUTI job ssn)—KsswArzn xxilzcax> csror, cob. raJIAS. A2TD Lilt IXI K3IK3. Oay RxpreM............. 6.3Jt011. 10:55 p.B* Kighinzpresa 9:00p-Ct. 3:30 p.m« >O3 •VT.IaXAPnT.rr, LOOUTILtS IBP CTHISNATI. Day Erpress (!:XIQ. 10:55 p. to. NlcM Express .. 9:iop.m. b:SO a. nu Coiunbua Expreu 6:30 a. n- 10:55 p. m, ** « 9:00 p. a fcso a. m. Accommodation 9:15 a. a*. 9:0) a. m. ’* u &!sp. s- 5:00 d. m. CETfASO, BOCK IFLASPIKP PICmC lUILBCAP. Day RxpieMandMall... *9:00 a. m. *J.a)p. a. fitght £zfrcsa 12:00 p. m. *3:45 a. m- Jonct Aceunaodstica.. *9:-ai a. s. •Monday excepted. tXocdayexecpieo, tsafardiy •xccptod. 9TV3 90 SU »S Leave AUdlaon Street. Leave Stoci Tarda. &30 i.m. 7:0 a. m -8:20 .....tom. 9do .tom. IChflO ; A. m. 11:30 A.m. l£3n p.m. L3O p.m. S2O .p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:45 m. 5:40 p.m. iCtSO... 13:80 .. 150... B to (Sanded aod Wr Udruco Mutactsd Jam •• U ck IIi«Pl*a!, Custom Bonrest. New Or.csm, aid MtotUibcd . lepntalloo thraussimt Its Soam and Eodttwwt BeCCSdWtt» tcf «° °' t ‘- r Wl " btnli Iba trcalmmlol PrlvaU Dl.e,a:a *' t 7, can S. eonaultad >1 Sla rooiaa, »1 dcitwt. m« »■»* a»«"‘ " rt,c * l ° r “lt oLlto in ritmc to Dr. Jamt. aspanoiitr In m et 101 Itls c oiof rtleeuia. Dr. citdlnCbicsor rump atatx T~--a. -■>“» »-»*■ betn equally aocceaaful, and to In non acknswledeed by Iba medical piodlnloa nnd the pieaa ol UmcoimttT tohaTenOinpnrlor.U oronnneqn»l.ln tie Holmes! otdutwm ml-Motd bj eicmaua improptiollei or entalledheredltarlly. Dr . j.m.a pcaltlva* cnrtn and effectual crulntn Uut polion, Sjpbllla. Iron, tbo njs ten. wltdont tie nno of merrery or aaj psrnlclona drni. tint Hilda nentrallier. cod only W dim. TOE MOKirOB, replied and cnlarpcd edition, re cently iaaqedbyDi.Jamea.laatreall.e upon the du eanenhemakea It a aped illy to treat, and Dblebly te ccnunended by lie medical prnfentlon and tbo plena. : Itcontalnf tbe bletory, orllln. natnra and denser of I ecoret dlieaaea, togelber wllb dtouel pendlar to 10- , taalea. bone Molded and prorated, and dltectlona and 1 prccrtpUocn Ibr eelMreatmenawben afflicted. Anlm I pc riant featnro of tbe boot la hOH to prerent coneep | tlon, and tbo neeesalty and ptoptlety of aomothnea no Wee of boot. 50 cenla. wltb fbnr centa poau;e. Ad men. Dr. Jamea. P. O. 80x696. Cblcaso. Dl. Dr. Jamea can be conlldontlally comnlted at bln office and parlore. 91 and 93 Randolph-it., from 9 a rn.toß p.O. ltoxo96.Cnlcaso.ia. ftlarijinerg. iHehlcal. iStishiess ffiarhg. No* 60 MoGaa-Btw 3Sair 33b?* ilcpl. asaUroaas. nsio Eld’ht t&K) a. m. cnox STOCK TAKD tOXUBIX. ~.A.m.| 9:35. ...a. m. 111:45. r .p.m. I MO. ....p.m. &9. japcclal isohcts, I>r Jam**, Rebellion In tbo fliunsa Interior. Rebellions are not confined to bodies politic. They break cut In onr own Interiors as well aalnthe* 4 bow els of the land." The natural law of onr bodies Is health, bnt we misuse them, and they revolt. We sub ject them to expesnre, we overtask them, we overload the stomach, we neglect the bowela. we plunge oat ot rooms hotter than the tropics Into an atmosphere be low 1 reeling point, and In various other ways trifle with our health. i But these tramesot ours are wonderful machlcDS, and ! we can. by the me of the PSOPEB MKASS, so I»- I VIGOUATBaod REGULATE them as to render them 1 almost proof against the ordtals to which. In our reck* Itssness, we subject them. Nothing that has ever been known or beard of as a tente adds so much to tbe resistant power ot thebumao system under circnmstancss nnfkvorable to health, as HOSTETTKiTS STOMACH BITTERS. If yon would escape tbe Intermittent fevers, fits ot Indigestion, bil lions attacks, and bowel complaints, of wnlch cold and damp are tbe frequent cause#, use the BITTERS as a PROTECTIVE MEDICINE. This is the wisest course; but It alresdy an invalid, try the preparation is a RESTORATIVE. In either case, full reliance may be placed upon Its efficacy. Sold everywhere. The Healing Pool and Doom of fflerey. Howard Association reports, lor young men. on the crime of solitude, and the errors, abase* and diseases which destroy the manly powers, atd create impedi menta to mamace, with sure means of relief. Sent in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address ut. j. bBILUN HOUGHTON, HowanLAssoclation Phladel phla, fa. _ Dr* Bigelow, Having the confidence of the punilc and the medical faculty at large, is the most reliable physician in the Tj- for chronic n*rvous and sexnal al? eases. Call at Ms office. 179 South ct Monroe. Rooms separate. Consultation free. P- Ills guide to health, pubtished monthly, sent free to an) address. Private natters* In all Private Mitters go (or write) to Dr. CLAUSE -09 Clark at- Both sexes consult him conedenuauy. ry setd stamp for circular on late invention fox Married People. Female Pills 31 per oox. nr Seed stamp for book lor victim* of scli-sbuse. Address letter* DR. CLARK*, No. 4 Larmoc Blocs, Chicago. fftoposals PUOI’OSALS FOR ARMY TRANS PORTATION. QcAßTxsxastxa Qa-vraaVs Omcx,» Wa»ui3ioTojj, D. C., January U, 1367. f KWAT.vm PKOPOS Alls will b- received as this office until 11 o’clock m., on the sSth ol February. Im7. for the transportation of MLUary Supplies during the Sar commencing April 1,1147, and ending March 31, is, on the toUowing route*: ROUTE So. t. Prom Fort McPherson. Nebraska Territory, or such poicts as may be determined upon during the year on the Omaha branch of the Onion Pacific Ral road. west : of Fort McPherson. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter ritory, to snch posts or depots as are now or cay be es tablished in the Territory of .Neoraasa. west of loagl ■ tnde 103 decrees, in the Territory of Montana, sooth of ■ latitude 46 degrees. In the Territory of Dakota. w«etol I longitude 104 decrees, in the Territory of Idaho, sooth of latitude 44 degree?, and east of Unxitude ns deuces, and In the Territories of Utah and Colorado north ol ’ latltooe 49 degrees. Including, U necessary, Denver I Clt, ‘ K^UTENo.3. From Fort Riley. State <d Kansas, or snch points a* 1 msybedelcntlnednpoadnrtagtnejearon Urn Union pacific Railroad, E. D-, to any posts or depots that are i now or mar be established In the Stateof Kan-vs or : iq the Territory of Colorado, sooth of latitude 40 de- Sreca north, and to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other spot that maybe designated in that Territory, and to i anv other point or points on the roate. ROUTE No. 3. . 1 rtom Fort Union or such other depot as may b established In the Territory of New Mexico, to an Eotu or stations that are, or may be established in lat Territory, and to inch posts or stations as may be designated In the Territory ot Arizona, and in the State of Texas west of longitude 101 degree*. 31 ■ -«■» WO* UI*VIAUUUC UM ROUTE N 0.4. _ i From Bt. Paul. Minnesota, to snch posts as are now or may he established In the State ox Mlznesota. and In that portion of Dakota Territory lying east ot the i Missouri River. , . , The wcliXit to be transported during the year will 1 not exceed on Route No. LJWHMXW pounds ton Route No.J.JO.CW.COO pooiidfl;on Route No.3,S,ttJOJ)OO pounds, and on Route No. 4.5A00.000 pound*. Proposals will be mads tor each route separately. Bidders will »t»te the rate per lUO pounds p-r 13C miles, at which thev Uauspirtlhe stoveeta eaw monthofthe year, beginning April Ist, 1367, and end* lap March 31. Ufio. „ ~ Bidden should give their mantes in lull, as well a* thtlr places cfrcsleencQ, and each proposal should be accompanied by a bond in tnc gam ol Vss thousand (|l0,00o)dollara, slcnedbytwoormore reapondble per sons, guaranteeing that in eas» a contract u awarded for the route mentioned in cue proposal to the party {ropcsing. the contract wll> accepted acd entered uto. and good and cleat sccnnty rnrnishcd by said party in accordance with the terms cf this adver tisement, . . ... Tb“ contractor will be requirm to give bonds in me fcllowltg amounts: On I'.onte No. I, $2M.000 Oa Route No. i, 3C0.0E0. on Route No. 3, looju^ of the loyally and so'yeccy ot each bidder ami person offered as sccnnty will be re | quired- . ,v- - • . . , - » rrcpceai* m«v. -nursed ’• rripoial* for Army | i Trwuporvation on Route No. L1,3, 0r4,us thfi may be. and none will be cntenalned ui-ieM w*f fhiiy comply with the requirements of this advertise meat. . . The party to whoa an award is made must be pre pared to exeente the contract at ouce, ana to give the required bonds far the lalthlal periormaace of tee can- I* lr ibe right to reject any and all bids that may he °The«ntractor on each routemust be in readings tor service by tne Ist day of April; 1367, and will b » re quired to have a place of hualuesa, or agency, at wolch i nc may be communicated with promptly and rerJily I /w, R/Mite No. 1. at Omaha, N« T.; tot lionteSn.- at I Fort itiley. Kansas; far Koftte No. 3, at Fort Union, New Mexico; for Route No 4. at Saint Paul, Mlnne in oral such other point tor each ol the eoveral 1 Routes as may he indicated as the starting point of the tents showing the conditions ol the contract to be entered into for each route, can be had on app I- S omca, or at the office of the, Quartcrmia terat New Tort Saint Loul*. Fort LcavenwartU, Omaha. Santa F* and Fort bneilltg, and must accom psay and be a part ot the proposals. P B,.rter BUS 3, 1 Brevet ColctiCj Aa*’t yuartennastet U. b. A. PROPOSALS FOR FIiAHKING X ALLEYS. . , 0771007THX Bo ASP 07 PUBLIC W OKXS, { Chicago. Feoruary U, 1367. « Sealed Proposals wui be received bj the Board of Public'Work?, at their Office, until 11 a. ro. Monday, February Sib. 1367, for planting the alley through D ock 4, Kinzle’s Addition to Chicago; also tur clank ing the alley through Block!, Wolcott's, aid Block 3, Rmzlr’s Addition to Chicago; and also for Planking the aJey through Blocks 71 and 3d, Canal freaeo’s £ubdmslcn.£ec.l7.T.S3 N„ B. H fc. according to plan* and si reification* on Ole at said office. Said Improvements win be paid lor from tie special aasessarnu evled to defray their cost when the same •ball be collected. . _ . . Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “proposal fur Hanking Alley la Block. Ac., (naming the particular locality), an I be accompanied wlthue usual |2CO bond, wlta sureties, to he approved by the Board. _ ... The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not li accordance with the conditions of ihlsadvertlMmenc or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering it shall give evidence satisfat. lory to the Board that be bos the necessary skill, expe rt-nee, energy and ability lor doing the work. U trust worthy, andasis sufficient P c c gni^ i j C^ n ?frungi.K, FRED. LETZ, O. J. ROSE. lot Board of Public Works. (Cobernmcnt Sale. p OVERNMENT SALE. tEcproperty known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NERY AND STEAM SAWMILL,*’ with seT entr-ate acres of land, near SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, m duplicate, win be received up to the tirst day ot March, 1867, fur the purchase cf 73 acres ot lard, (more crises), together with the build ings erect'd tterwa, and toe appurtenances appertain ing, that is to say: ONETANNtKYjC'ntatnlag twelve btoce Lime Vats. FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONE POOLS, and caoable of lanolnr 15.M0 hides per annum: ONE STEAM SAWMlLL,capable of tawieg 3JOO feet ot Lumber daily; ONE SMALL SI ONE BUILDING. • The above property U situated about two miles above ban Antonio, on the saa Autoclo River, and the waterl» conducted to the establishment by a raced hewn stone laid la cenaat. , The land was pnreased and improvements made by the late eo-ca-lfd Comecerate Q-wernment, and are estfrnsted to nave cost IUO.OWJ ta goio. The property has been under lease lor the year 1566, at a monthly rent cf 1300. payable in jvdvarcr. A ie cured title 1c tee slinple will be given by the D. S.Gov will be marked “Proocsals lor Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,” and to J. B. i^DDO. Bvt. MaJ. Gen- A»*t CornT Bar,«a B. F.& A. L, Galveston. Texas. -cTon»pOTTtnunrr Steamship gkeat eastekx, CAKKTIKG THE CKITED STATES MAILS. Sir Jamsi asdxxk'S, Comnnmlcr. _ The Trench ‘•Company ef Charterers** of toe GREAT RasiERJ.% bavin* provided tbf §hjp with new boilers, and iho’onthlv rentted tod rcfnmuvd h*rla every department, with soecial reference to thli service. will ran bet regularly between Kew Tort aid Brest, as lol* lew*: LZAVTSO arTWTOSK. LEATXSG BCTjT. TntKlay April 9 Saturday April S 7 Ttor»day May 16 Tn-sd*y Jane 4 Saturday Jar eti Thar«diy July 11 Tuesday Ju yso Satnrdsv An*. 21 Thursday B*pt.ll Ti'xUy Oct. 1 Saiurcay, Oct,J9 Thursday Kov. 7 SAW YORK to LIVEhPOOL, Tuesday, Kov.SiJ, talt- Ingcmy flist class paisencen. Passage rates in gild, or its tanivalett. fltd. JU. |l»—according to loca tion and size ot roots. Tickets lor the home passage Issued at a reduction of Vi to passengers morning previous to August. *• «secgeiscanbefatnUQed on board wits railroad from Brest to Paris at lher**ancei rateolflOAO *<iis and ftAO sor second class, holes * redne ler fin •,‘S - f cent oa regular rates. Twenty cubic f«*t acn ot i, we( ] to each passenger. i fgnW 2 tor Esgiacd and the Conti nent. for * PP wIxLS. FARGO * CO. Pacags .Agents. >’o.S4 iwwdwty. ©ccan Steamers. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE Tie , „ General Transatlantic Cumpanj’B n »n. tiTKAMSUIFb BSTWEE> ITtW &SJ HAVEK, CALIiMi iT BB3aX. Tbßlslecilldßrß vessels ol this the CcailDem wtl sail znrs tier ito. 30. Sorta HiTb. aa tallows: _ ECBOi E .FebroaryJ). ST. LAXJBKNX .Dccimli... Jebmarj 23. PETiFIKB j>aeh«aie....Mtn:b9; VILLE DE PABlH..Europe March a. PUICK Ob* PAiSAOH IN GOLD, itm Cabin, nee; seecaa CaUz, *l5O, laeioma* t»w* w ine la either class, Ibe Keamea ol this Uca do act carry fwerasopaL Dished with railroad coupon ecketa. ace .th=<L*y**..**S eaechMl to Pans, at ac addttluaal chance cl *3 tor cat aid $3 fsr second claw. Medical attesdasce ires of t war. » Scales. ■pAIRBANKS’ ‘fST STANDARD JT *j SO -A- X. E or aix iub. FAIBPANKS, OBBKHLEAf A »86*a*4SLak*«UChlcaco. .a. ta. ..tom. ..P.Bto js*» etiteal. OF ctfAMIHA' ConsiatotioHaS Weakness. KFFECT OF iIOSTETTER’S BITTERS 15 CASKS OF General Debility, Nature is sot impartial. Op some of ns aha baa be* •towed atalwart trams*, strong constitution*, mat nerves; on others, bnt Utile physical power, or ccnsd tnttsnal stamina, or n#rvous vigor. L*t tbo ibeblo take heart, howerer. It they cannot become they can. by the nse ct proper means, make up in • measure tor the dtfldeiclea of nature, aad may prt chance live as long and enjoy Ule at mncb u tbesr mere Herculean ceiabbors. Delicate mac nines nader proper care •ometlmra outlast those of a more solid and pasderotu strnctnre. A fine watch will nm longer than a steam engine ot a thousand ham-power. The first object ot the weak and Indicts, orshoull be, to acQQlrs additional strength If possible. It is It may be stated as a proved and established tact, that Bdecce has given to the world, la HOSTEHER’S STOMACH BITTERS A Tfortabte inrlcorant, ieHd> permanently bracee vp andauttaint the fethle phytlqne.vhether the lark oS ttrengtH and namtna be an inherent defect or the remit of extraneou* eavees. If general debility Is not a dliewe. it is somethin* worse, vis: a condition which predisposes the body t* succumb to all influences that produce disease. We are continually surrounded and beset, more or less, bp Injecting elements. Neither the purest air norths pur est water Is perfectly pure. And in regions where both are absolutely poisonous, how shall the weakly consti tution and trail system reslstthelr deadly effects unlaw fortified by artificial means? It the BITTERS are the painpvritT.Ti tanking, sustaining preparation they are claimed to be—ana on this head the testimony In their fixer Is overwhelming and Incontrovertible—then it Is absolutely fatuUoiu In any man or woman, »ntaring from physical weakness, not to resort to so potent * remedy. When an epidemic Is prevailing, or in pros pect, the best safeguards are a perfect digestion, fins nerves, and a wise employment of the means whlck sdence has p'aced at the disposal of the public as aa tidotes against atmospheric Infection. Among tbs latter. OTHER'S RITTERS Deservedly enjoy the highest reputation throughout , the'Western world. ( - physical vlgorls the best defeoca against disease, and that It may he In created to an ex* 1 inordinary degree by the use ol this celebrated todc- JSoicel Complaints , Colic, Diar rhea, Dysentery, Cholera J)lor hus, and Constipation, Billions Colic Is a disorder characterized by what S Paracelsus calls atraccent pain. The torture exteadi 3 over the whole abdomen, and a strong man writhes r under it as If upon the rack. The BITTERS are useful i to relieve the paroxysms, but It is as a sure means of r p rev citing a recurrence ot the attack that they are particularly recommended. Tone the liver and the bowels with this gentle itlmnlaat and corrective, and : you will never he troubled with the agonizing and dan gerous complaint known aa Billions Colla. | Chronic Jtiarrhaa. ; There Is scarcely any difference ot opinion among regular physicians as regards the treatment of chron ic dlarthm*. Most cl them have heretofore twin- j mended a tables poonful or te&spoonfhlct brandy to be given several times a day. They one and all admit ’ that astringents and tonic* are repaired. This betse ; tJu-tried. the matathlngls to give the best totlcend astringent tt» lean he procured; and tost has bees j proved by experience, and under the best chemical » tests, to he ■' HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS \ The symptoms of chronic dyspepsia are frequent discharges generally, with tome pain tad griping, restlessness, thirst, poor appetite, debility, loss ot Ccsb, dry, rough, and somewhat sallow skin, the tongue dry and dark colored. The food often passes through the bowels nearly la the condition In which It was swallowed, thus shewing that the gastric juice is either not generated In sufficient quantity, or that in has not the solvent prcpsrtiea Decenary to decompose the masticated fbod. The liver is generally out of or der. and the bowels afflicted with a low grade ox U&- flammatloß. Under these clrcuuutancesa medicine allrhtiy aperi ent, as well a* tonic and antl-billous, la absolutely re quired: and such a medicine is ROSTETTER’S BITTERS. Let it he home In mind, however, that chronic diar-. rbtra, as well as thq itcuw farm of tho disease which leads tj It, may always be avoided 07 keeping up the tone of the stomach ol the mncoos membrane Ot . the Intestines with ibis salutary and hamlets tnvigo rant. Ills a great thing to restore to regularity a dis ordered function, hut it U still better to exriart- the necessity for restoration by preventing Irregnbrules. All sluggards require to he stimulated; and yet strange to bsv, the sluggish bowels sre often subjected too treatment which In the end increases their tor pidity, and renders a complaint, easily cured in the beginning, obstinately chronic. Let the constipated beware of drastic pills and potions. The Invariably aggravate the disorder. 4 combination of a whole some stimulant wuhamißsocthlng laxative iswhat la needed. In nOSTETTEIiS BITTERS theroflercrhasthlslmporlantdesideratum. Accarsc ef this genial corrective will eventually cure every former constipation, and maove the headache, dizzfr nesj, feverishness. names, and muddy-mlndedne**, by whlebitisusuaJly accompanied. Some persons who am by constitution ot a constipated habit may overcome be “iffiulty and achieve perfect regularity by using the BITUaT * ccclomlty with the directions* The Three most tmportant Periods of Juife. Physicians divide Hie into five distinct periods— thw tint extending from birth to the age cl seven years, theseeondfrom the seventh to the fourteenth year the third trom the fourteenth to the twenty-Ont yean the fourth from the twenty-ant to the fortieth year, the fifth from the Ibrtieth year to the close of Uls'a “strange, eventful history.** bhokspeare dlvldva Uffc into “seven ages;" but five Is the number adopted by the faculty. In what is called the “ third period** the important changes occur which mark and separate the sexes. This Is the stage ol development, when the frame, a acquiring form. Proportion, and strength, makes ex traordinary demands upon the vital aid cotstmmoeal resources. The weaker sex suffers most dunes this period. The vitality of woman, beingttxed to a great er degree than that of man, often requires to he rein forced by artificial means. Whenever this is necessary, HOSTKMBE’S BITTERS May be censctcatloasly recommended as the mo»t harmless and effective of all tonics. The fbnrth period, embracuz the tcatnrlty of lit;, when the power* of bedy and mind in both sexes ought to be in full vigor, also has Its special difficulties. It Is dnrlDg this stage that the female Is subject to nest of the bsratfilngJaßments peculiar to her organization. So numerous and dlifresslng ore these complaints, that the patience with which they are borne, while Is ex cite* the wonder, demands the earnest sympathy, ef tie less afflicted hetass who ttyla themselves par ex cellence the “lords cfaeaßcn." In fhrntude it anst be admitted that thp “lords * m by no meats c^uai the •* ladles.** _____ - - ■ ■ u m.puium.umuw tail m me troubles which precede and follow matonty, the BITTERS Are excellent, both as a bodily and mental Invlgoruc. They will be found a capital means ol sustaining tho iemale;-*istgtw under the heavy drains made upon it at the meet latertatlns and pallctu periods of married lift. The fifth stage 1* that In which all the ftmctlnts de cay and the frame gradually beads under the weight of yean. During this period, too, women sailer much more than the stronger sex. Is passing tbe line wn'cb divldesmaturilyfroa the decTaeotUfe, they have to encounter more dlfllcultlee and dangers thaa Cesar dr earned eff when he cit wed the Rubicon, Depression and gloom bordering on insanity, together with innu merable physical disturbances, are among the and penalties they sometime* have to endure at theaec on<l as well as at thejtrst crisis ol their lives. As a seething and balsamic remedy tor their afillctlsas at such times, the BITTERS Are prescribed by many eminent physicians. Tie sUmnlatlnjr qualities ot Ua preparation are so man ned by Usemedicinal herbs and roots inlaedlnto It, that It may be taken without appreharsUc area by those who are unpleasantly affected by the ordinary excitant*. Prepared and field by IISTETTER & SUITS, Pittsburgh, Pa. yoR SAXJ3 BX DEL'GGISTS, GROCERS AMD STOREKEEPERS Throughout the World.