Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 22, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 22, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago ®ribmxc. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1357. THE CITY Tnx Eiiswonm Zouaves will meet this even ing at eight o’clock, prompt at their Armory lu the old Board of Trade building, on important business. Natioxai. Uxtox A.-80CJSTX0X.— A meeting of this Association win be held this evenltg at half put seven o'clock, m Professor McCoy's lectnie room—Opera House block. Bmtwnc's Raimoad Gumr.—We notice that Messrs. G.S. Baldwin * Co. have Just engaged the tcrvices of Laden Moms, Esq., of Pblladel pbl». as canvasser forfntnre editions of their far famed Hsurotd Guide. Mr. Morris Is well known tommy of onr citizens, and will aid materially in carrying out to Its fnll completion the great work on which Mezen. Baldwin & Co. are en gaged. Nounrwxsmx Associated Put**.—A meeting of tbe Executive Committee was held yesterday morning at the Briggs House, there being present Messrs. Russell, of the Davenport Gaunt ; Mills, of tbe Des Moines Martin, of the Mus catine Journal; Donblebower, of the Alton Dem ocrat; Dowdall, of tbe Peoria Democrat, and Carver, of the Dubuque Bircld. No business was transacted, and the meeting adjourned dll ibis morning. Fair asd Festtvax-— Tbe Catholic Fair and Festival, held dnnng tbe past week lu tbe new ball on the comer of Van Buten street and Fourth arcane, will be continued this evening, and also on tbe evening of Saturday, when it will tetmicate. Ibe polling for the beautiful case last evening was tiding. Acl eel of St. Mary** parishioners (six grn l lemen) came forward and polled an overwhelming majority in favor of their reverend pastor, T. Ralltgan. fnsx.—Yesterday moraine, about five o'clock, an alarm was sounded from Box No. IS, caused by tbe discovery of a fire In a small grocery on Wells slreet, between Quincy and Adams. The exact cause of tbe fire u not known, but srmeenteiiatn suspicion of Incendiarism. The dame* were extinguished by the Fire Department in a si oil time alter Ibeir arrival on ine spot. Tbe building was fully Insured, aud tbe goods to tbe amount of $*,500. Tbe loss amounts to about SS(O to the building and contents. Rositur axd Notioss.— Messrs. Seymour, Carter & Co., of No. 32 Lake street, advertise this morning fac's In relation to tin lr large stock of goodr, embracing all tbe items which complete a wardrol**, or trim the clothing of both male and female. With some special lacdltte* Innnrcbas tt.g. and by reason of *be nou-lotcrvenlion of commission merchants between tbe advertisers tori the importers, this firm is enabled to s*II goods for cash at pccnlisriy favorable rates. Tb«ir store. No. 32 Lake street, L« occoming quite fi?hiODable as a resort for purchasers. Bishop WuirtnocsE.—Tbe many friends of Right Rev. H. J. WLltcbonse, Episcopal Bishop of this State, vnll be rejoiced to hear that tbe fears lor fcU safety, noted in our issue of yesterday, are unfounded. Uisdeparturc was deferred xrora the 22st tilt to the Itb nt February, as tbe Archbishop of ('artcibmy had requested hu as-ls’HDce ai ibe cnpfccralloc of three Bishops, which was to take plareat Canterbury Catb-dral on the Sd of Feb ruary. The Canard steamer of the fith will proha h;v arrive in New York to-diy. New Fquc—M eucuaxt raiLons.— We call the attention of our readers to the card, in another column, of Hems. Hall & Spencer, merchant l.- ilors and Dealers In gents' famishing goods. No. t*l Randolph street. Messrs. Hall A Spencer have Inst opened with a cl . ice new e’oek of goods in all departments, for the spring trade, recently purchased at the East, s*Ld are prepared to sell teem at low figures. Mr. Hall bas also while East improved bis opportuni ties to gather all the latest fashions for soring rear, and (heir pa l tons may rest assured that •ter will be suited m texture, pattern, cat and woitmansbip, as well asbyenv bouse in the t'sde. The firm has adorned a* JU motto “We will suit onr patrons." and will labor as-tdnoasly to follow It. knowing tnac they will thereby in sure scccces. Wc commend them to aliberalpat ri-nage. WafmKßTos’s CinmDAT.—The anniversary of the birthday of George Washington will be cele brated to-day in all the cities of tbc Union by the closing of tbc banks and public offices. The day bas cot usually been made the occasion of any public demonstration, and the present will he no exception to the general rule. The various backs in the city will be closed dnrtng the day, and there will be no resslon of the Board of Trade. The Post Office vvl'l be closed from ten in the forenoon until six In tbe afternoon. Tbe Fenian Brotherhood have resolved to com m>moiate the day by a pubpc parade. Tne Fe nian regiment ot Chicago »U 1 tare out in full uniform, tbe dlflcrrut companies meeting at eight o'clock in tbe morning at tbe corner of Randolph and Wells streets. At this point the procession will form and march through tbe princloal streets pi tbe city. In tbe evening, as already an t a grand ball will be given by tbe Brotherhood at the old Board of Trade Hail. * A Bncrai. Husbaxd.—Lewis Hagar, a teamster, residing at No. 287 Clark street, woe arrested yes terday on comp'alut of bis wile, Minnie Hagar, for cruel treatment. From the evidence adduced at the examination before Justice Brown. It appears that the parties have been married forapertodof fireyeare, during w bleb space of time Lewis Hagar bas shown him self rather a iron blest, me and dangerous compan ion tbas a dutliui husband. At various times he Las amused hlmselt by throwing chair?, brooms, Lotties, pots, or anything else that might be con venient. at his wile. Sbe bore all In a submissive maruer.ratbereufit’riogbodilyinjnrytban to expose her husband. Ou Tuesday last her etiirned from bis work, waited dirvctly io the stove, and took a kettle of hot water, the contents of which be poured on ber hesd. Tbc water scalded tbe poor w oman so severely that a great portion of the hair rsme oC. tbe babe being also nadly injured. Thinking that sbe had borne as much as a prudent woman conld be expected to sutler, Mrs. Bazar sought Justice Brown, who h id the scalder under Lords of tICX) to appear in tbe Recorder's Conrt, ana held him in ¥3OO additional to keep the peace in future. Kjmcntc Awat rao* Uoxs—Lizzie Maynard, a young woman twenty-two years old. and Sarah Ingoldsby,« girl of seventeen, were brought be fore the Pobce Court yesterday morning, charged unh being disorderly. Miss inroldabya father, residing si No. 43 Michigan street charged that through the influence or Uzae bis dauenler had left her Lome and relused to return, and that Liz zie was of such douh ful eba act -r that he desired to savells child from “goiuglo tbc bad" by such ml rssoctatlons. lizzie said that she had been man led, but bad not seen husband in three years, he Laving left her. the came to this city some months ago. and bad been a servant at the National Hotel and other places. She was abont starting for her father’s borne in SL Joseph, Mls fouil, and as Sar£b was very unhappy at home, and bad resolved on running away, she bad pro nm-colopayber fare to Si. Joseph, which bad l>ctu gladly accept* d. Sarah said that her mother was dead, and that besides an occasional whip ping irom her lather she received large Instal ments of “nothing to wear." She was willing to work acd do lor-herself if she could have a chance, uni fhc would not live at home She waa r.eld for further examination to-day, and lizzie was discharged. Obitcaht.—n. D. Stratton, Esq., of the well known Bryant & Stratton ebatn of Commercial Colleges, is no more. Qe passed from this vale cf tears, into the presence ol death at abont mid r.ighi of Wcdmzday, al his residence In the city o. York. The deceased was boro In the month of August of tbe year 1&S1, in Lorain County, Ohio, and after an active and useful life be has passed to Ills account with the good-will o. nnmbeiless acquaintances who remember hfomiid ness In tuition as well as bis rigidness is dis < Inline. Boring tbe month of October,lßSs, Hr. Stratton contracted a severe cold, it settled npon his lungs, and developed lUell into consumption, preventing any funner attendance npon bis part to basinets atfslrs. With a view to relief, and perhaps cure, bo spent three months on tbe sea shore, visiting Nassau, where he took op a tern- Eorary reticence. He foiled to r.galn bis lost ealih, and from the time of hi? return nnlll be breathed bis last, he gradually rank, until be calmly gave up bis share in ibotarmoil of life to accept me boon of an unknown future. Mr. Strutton first enraged in tbo business of commercial colleges at Cleveland, Ohio, in the foil of 1h53. To tbc date of his last sickness be was actively engaged in conducting *hcm, and the prosperity of the establishments so long Identi fied with his name testified to bis ability, prompt ness and discretion. TUB SNOW A b«ok ntlbe Situation—quantity and Weight. A little more snow. We arehavtega lively time cl it between floods and fro*l and snow and rain. His anything Lutmonotonons. 'Jhelaborofclcan iug the sidewalks never was more aasldoonsly I>< tfomted; only it becomes somewhat like the process of biting out water with sieves, or like tbetat-k sometimes itspoit-d on prisoners of car tying a load of bricks from one spot to another and back again. Industrious citizens had J!« finished otf ibetr respective patches, ccogtaniiating themselves that so much wap out of the way. when after midnight ou Wednesday (he gentle flakes once more organ to lill. Verier day morning tbe snow was deejter «cd heavier than ever. It descended ►u-alll* but peacefully all nigntlong,aadthen ccaM-c Ju-t in time to allow (heshovcllmg process io repeat Itself. Tbc nnlviraat feeling expressed throughout tbe city is that winter Is a bore. the pic.-ent rcaeon is likely to be long remem ber' d as the severest in point ol enow which we have experieuc .-1 for many years. The cf *no" vblch has falten aiztce the Ist of •bu nary up to the present date, embracing a ortrttgc dftlhbfirrtnihßW’a'TttYr liickca per.weck. This, wltei. inched, ylt-ldod iccl es of rala water, makings totiL Includin'- the amount of rails which fell, of 4.lsUnches of’ntln wst* r, or at. average ot .U>j inches per day. The heavy rain fells of this •*inier are some *.t irg surprising in view of ibofect that the heiv mi? would stem to have beca depleted by tbe h*3»iy rains cf the summer and autumn. The rain tali of Jted was ten to eleven Inches above tb-‘ usual average, the amount of water which felt during the last seven months of the year being tJO.TOO- inches, a fraction over the average quantity of the year, as civ-eriul: cd b> a mean vi ten rears observation. I bis added to tbe amount which fell the Ist of ternary wen-u give BLSj7 i: c e* in alalia less ii.fcn tin. months, the ratio of which. If continued till the end ot May, would give a tall of 40*4 Inches :.' r ? 2« tTrclv c mouths, bettg an excess of more l.iaa fifty y.rr c> nt over the annual average. L»nr experience dating the past nine mouths tas been something like that of a seotiucccK bc'we n two battledores. The sun t;a? up a tjoantitf of uatcr In the shape of moisture ore* dav. (li->rllin<ingthe same in raw , y * < P;* nai ‘ r * c 'ingit into the region of the cliinur. su.4 zram reading u down la the I - r ccV-KnVr'n-r M l sao * regularity as ar v nUfLU i* bas been a ; fir it, en I laltir. of the heat cn«. and the nsiisl • m-floor operations have “l,”, ,i tute,te-wl with. it beenn.- a *s**** of some importance whether 5Js IS2 u> calcnUc on tbe same condition* for Ui« fateS or if this be an exception to the general ra «in« logr oi this climate/ Aio we rbate of the molamrc which l*clorgs to other lo callUrs, oris the evaporating power of the sola? otb itincatvd bv fl »y per cent* If wo. It is b‘ih inciTßhlnjr, are "hero will U stop, or will It cease a* all Ull the process amount lo » regular diareal lapping up of Lake Michigan, folJo*ea by tureal Jelngf. jonoc* It is a rattier serious qaesUcn. too, as to how fer ire cxrraordiLary lain fell t.-JU the cops. If continued in the summer. It win at ritmeh the yield of grain ma crutly. while If i*j#t dread compensation come*, which modem ml< ecc tcacbis us to expect in the shape rf drought, the consequences will be scarcely lc*s d ecocraglog. The mo.-1 we can hope (or Is t ai U such compensation comes it may be oifiributcd over a lew srtsons s»d not ill at noce rending us to physical destruction by Inducing a juilurf of tbc crop;, and a condition of ihe atmos pbctebtuhlj lavorableti cholera.smali-poxaud oilier diseases. . - , Ye terdav uc Inundation was secslbly subsifi. inr.. qbe emrent in the river had decreased (root five lo tve miles an boor, and Ue depth of water was lc«a than at any time binci- Ue rain began to fall. Tbe cleaning oat of ue ther la Wing materially aided Dy Us tug • 'Oriole,” vfcicn is conetaniiy towing up and duire with chains dragging the bottom and stir ring up lh* mud, which is Ddng “carried oil by the cm rent. Tte cnormou/ which has fallen since the first of January will oe belter appreciate,- ea on reading tbt statement, that on tbe twenty four n.Sle- cf.orea of. our city it amounted to - X.755.L5.11 u coble icet, and that wild the rain ot a few days since, it weighed loss. WENDELL PHILLIPS. Lecture In lh« Opera House— <* The l* cr il of the Hour; or Im peach and Remove tho Rebel at the White Honsc.” BcrlcworßeeeniLeelalatton—Consrcas and the President. Wendell Phillips, the reformer, and one of tbe most eloquent of American orators, lectured at the Open Boose, last night, to so immense au dience. Ibe name of tbia eminent man Las been before the public for over thirty vear* in conuecti'in with the creat movements of reform, ana the bitterness ot his toi Jllty to slavery, and wnlle many dissent from bis extieme views and expressions, all ad mire bis icarlessneas ana eloquence. M-. Phillips was born In Boston November Stub, isil, and Iherelore now over fifty-five years of age. Ills lather, who was the first Mayor of Boston, give him the benefits ot a thorough education, and at tbe age o! twenty he graduated tiom Harvard University, and two years later from Cambridge Law School, commencing ibe practice of law soon alter. About this time (1833) the exdiement in Boston and elsewhere on the slavery question, wblcn was being bitterly agitated by William Llovd Garrison, reached Ibe point ot opeomob violence, and Mr. Phillip*, espousing tbe side of the Aboiklonista, gave himself to tho work of op position to slavery. In ISTJbe left the profession of law because hu oath of attorney bound him to support the constitution ot the United States which the Garrison school ol agitators denote fisted “a compact with hell." Since his first prominent speech In 1877. which was an elec tnfytcg defence of the freedomjof the press, in connection with the murder of Ret. E. P. Love- Joy by mob violence at Alton, Mr. Phillips has men tne most powerful writer and orator ot the Abolition party. He took tne ground that tbe CoctUlolion wie the main support of slavery, aud not only refused to swear to support It. or to rote, but labored for the dissolution of the Union, as preferable to its existence with tbe tearful sin of slavery. Tbe developments of tbe war seem to Lave changed somewhat his cxireme views on these points, out be Is still a bold and often vlo lent advocate of ultra radical ideas, and the cham pion oi the distinctive Abolition party. He takes very advanced ground, also, on the questions of temperance, woman's rights, and tho ameliora tion ol criminal laws. The New York Antl-Slarery Standout and tbe Boston Liberator bare been his organs ot expression. Mr. Phillips' fearless utterance of his peculiar views and Lis impassioned oratory never tail to bold bis audience, us they did last night, in close and admtttng attention, although they may not represent the sentiments of mauy. The subject of tbe lecture was **lll6 Penl of the Hour; or Impeach and remove the rebel at tbe White House.” An immense audience assembled at an early boor, choking up the stairways so that It was a woikof much labor and time to efiect an entrance. Tbr seats were soon all sold, and a rash was then made for tbe standing places, wblcb were likewise crowdt-d. A little after eight o'clock, E.S. Brows, Esq., President of tbe Young Men's Association, came npon the stage, followed by a man of medium size, who gray hair, partially bald, aquiline nose, smooth, ibin face, and keen eye, whom be Introduced to the audience, and who was greeted with a storm of applause as be came forward. The address, which was given entirely without notes, occu pied an hour and tblriy-uve minutes, and com manded tbe closest attention of the great throng. A condensation ol the sp:ecb 1< appended. Mr. Phillips said that he was glad, after four years* absence, to take bis|placc on the nlatftrm of popular lecturing, placing as be did a high value on itc system of popular lectures as a per mazeni addition to the educational machinery of tbe nation, and ’ something necessary to lu crontb aud culture. Thirty years ago Horace Mann begun a work of popular education which the very tature of our country calls for, snd which it cannot afford to lay aside, lu other lands the man of wealth knows tbit the bayonet Is behind him, and he can afford to dis rawd the popular voice. Bat here everything that touches education, that undertakes to mould pub lic opinion, is of tbe utmost importance. Tbcfonr great elements of a nation are busi ness. tbe press, the pulpit, aud politics, or the public voice The tnort successful politician of oar country said, " I have not dared to mter ray opinion since uvc trronr np " Themexchantdoes not like to s-nocl his easterner for a difference of belief, and tbe preacher aid the edi’or aie constrained t>y the public voice. Whose steps then, shall go on itbomiegthe truth? Here, with a constantly changing clergy, with an audience not In partner ship with the speaker, but sitting as his Judges, which darts to listen to its opponent, though knowing that it is tight—here Is tbe field lor cficcUve labor. Intolerance ta an admission for suspicion of ignorance. This Is Just the place where Is laid the foundation of American citizen ship, by listening to free expression of opinion. Man is benefited by bearing troths to which ne Is opposed. Here listening to aoy speaker, black or while, male or female, bending to the eloquence ol a colored Douglas sod melting under tbe natbos of Anna Dickinson and Clara Barton, the truth may be heard. The seven hundred lyecums between Massachu setts Bay and tbe Rocky Moontalas am of price less value to the people. Tbe above States can not allow this free expression of opinion; it is inly in tbe North that it is tolerated. Europe never believed (bat democracy deserved the name of a government; law here was mere braggadocio, and tbe long conviction of two hun dred years that onr attempt to fonnd a free gov ernment would be a failure was expressed when the sound ofbnm'cr'sgnns was beard in England. But England watched us and saw this democracy (readout a gigantic rebellion, and to-day she accepts tbo belief that democracy is a government and can protect Itself. But now she sees the people, Just about to reach thefrnit for which they have so lotg struggled, cheated and plundered, and tbe problem which she now waits to see solved is whether we can rale our rulers, whether we shall have manhood suffrage from the lakes to tbe gulf. In England to-day a thousand watchful men arc the Government, and tbey -will wail and watch uptil they reap success. But the danger of democracy {5 its burry to see a result at once, like the child who digs up bis sred to see if it has sprouted. Governments are not built like a ball: they grow out of habit, race, propeity, tenure of blood and a dozen other rea sons. They cannot be made in an boar, in tbe words of oar late President, “it's a big Job." No putting on of dresses and ornaments can leave out of sight tho work that the American citizen must do. Wbat brought on the war? It was the conflict between two Ideas, as Mr. Seward told os at Rochester, betore be lost his bralos. | apolause.] He said that oor fathers, when they trained the Government, knew that these two ideas of free dom and slavery matt come In contact. In 16S1 was revealed theiircprea*iblc contest. Now what lathe remedy? The father at Plymouth t-'hurch oodihc Secretary of State say, put the pieces of the bnratrd gun together, fill it with powder, ap ply bet coals, and hope Itwon’tbnrst, (I.aachter.l Be would ear ot the 'thirty-ninth Congress that It has conducted the atSaira of tbe na •lon on principles which, if a business xrn.n bad apnlied to hla buamess would have bankrupt him at ones. The Con mces has not omitted every good act. It has giv en ua a Bureau, a Civil Rights Bill, a glimpse at negro suffrage, but It should ' not have l<*lt a moment wasted In trying to put the narts ot the nation together. Wc have lest since two years an opportunity which never can be regained, except by a seconu war, as bloodyar that through which we have Just passed. Except in the past week. Congress nas done nothing towards reconstruction. The is as firmly set In Us way as ebc was at first,—defiantly convinced that her barbarism U as good as onr civilization. It believes that to teach the black man Is a great error, franrbt with fcartnl consequences. It says when labor touches government it Is revelation. The white race at the Sontb Is 9 race with con victions, which ha'f a dossn defeats bavo not washed out. How many defeats would it take to wash the Declaration of independence out of Massachusetts and Illinois! In sotte of a hundred Bull Rnns we should still say, “ All men are bom free and equal." Had Jcflerton Davis succeeded* be would have had the right 10 enforce his doctrines. We con quered, and wc have a right to enforce oars. There is a awotd In a certain museum which can be bent any way. So can,the Secretary of State. Ho never I bad a conviction. But the South baa. We are dealing with a while race that believes Its pnncl -1 pies as strongly as wc do ours. Here in the West a nation has been constructed by the talent, die blood and the money of the East. 1 and it can no more be separated | from the East, then yon can cut off a slice from i the Rocky Mountains. So the North must recon- I struct the Sontb Just as the East constructed the | West, by planting its civilization there. If Jef ferson Davis bad conquered be would have done , this. Wo conquered, and we hive the power and | the right to place the defeated rebels so that thev will not trouble ns again. When Lincoln was ilec «d, the Honlh saw (bat she must remodel , *he Government toher ideas or ahe must go out of the Union. Davis did not intend to go out. for he hoped to change the Government to his views. When be stepped outside of the flag and struck at »hc heart of the nation he guaranteed bis own de feat. He felt this, bnt he nor any other Southern nan baa given up LU belief. He la not convinced that the battle which be fburbt outside of the Govonmcct be might nctjwln Inside of 1L 'Jhe party that conquers, it Is well settled, has t-e right Co so stamp out rebellion that it shall not again arise. Wc have tried the experiments Wc have laid thicc hundred thousand martyrs in ■heir graves. We have pledged toe credit of the country for throe thousand million dollars; we have mortgaged tbe real estate of the country for two generations, and and now the voice of jus tice demands that wc fix unalterable guarantees for future eatety. If we hod a good President, 11 would not mailer what laws we have; and as w* have a bad Presi dent it does not matter wbat laws we bare. Onr President ts a traitor; be is laboring to save the South from the consequences of her defeat, and be knows how. Orce pntSouthcm statesmen inside the Capitol, and we give them power to fight over the battle again Inside tbe Government. What the South will first begin with is the power ol capital. Sbe is now a desert country. Boston and New York stand ready to Invest their money if they are sure of a return. Tbe North says, “here Is money enough If you will take our ideas. A hundred million If you will lake our school ma'ams.” 'the sb< ct anchor of oar Government is its debt of three thousand million dollars, which •be people held. Johnson says Congress i« a »ody hanging on the verge of tbe Government. Bm if it II not a legal body ihc debt is invalid and worthless. Thu booth a»k« that her Coufedo -4^fiHi6,^f^W3WßPa- tl t ei t-Bbe will have the The sneaker said that he would notice next that crowd tort have wnggled their way up to Con- T’J»s, no bodv knows how. if the South should oilnpaburbcl casket of her money and say “you laoEC ‘> If yon vote tight, and it will build palaces for you If yon do It,” he knew cue congressman in Massachusetts who v.onld take Ihci.cer at once. The South is com lag back with Unless patience to replenish her exhausted treasury by first getting Into Congress. He criticised Congress because they had not taken the high ground of keening tbe rebels oat *■l her body. The amendments cry to the white men of tbe Sontb. “come back and be the Gov ernment and alt down with us. Wc hope to put ion under such motives that yon will by and oy -dmlt tbe blacks to vote, but we do not compel tt.” Has tbe South, said the speaker, ever ■tieycd a single clause in the ConstliuUon ••hich she did not want to ? And if not, what 1< the use of adding three clauses which she wil) not o'>ey U she prefers not to? We went to Congress and said, “Can’t South Carolina be made to obey the CocsUlntlonf” and Congress said “No, she can’t.” What's the use now of adding Idleclauses o <bc Constitution? Ue proposed to put tbe bal lot in the hands of the blacks. But Con gress lets the South come in, and then -fliks about reorganizing her. The white men ot the North and of Ihe South met la the '.Mh Congress, and ehut tbe black man out, and called it compromise. We have cheated and 'Wirdleo tbc very race that helped as to defeat tbe rebels. In our scale bung four millions ot Micks; every loyal heart the world over beat in sympathy with tbrm, ard Nipoleou aou Victoria dared not iceognlze the South, and thus crush them. But after thv contest has ended we have barred them out. The ameudroente arc a swindle. Throw them outofone window, aod Congress out of the other, and begin anew. Beoiove and impeach the rebel at.the White House. [Long continue! ap plaore.l Henry Ward Beecher talks of concilia non. He proposes u> lay Otc negro on the altar ot conciliation. •ioheson, when a Senator, said tbat the ednea *'-«rchy lnd a humbag. Uc did not want to punish Johnson, all he wa-jted was bis room. The seeds of recoa»truc'lon will «.ol grow in a day. The negro i«lq * q abnormal jtale; for two generations be has been crashed noui.; he has rot had the advantage* of tbc white race. Give him the suffrage ana he could not hold his own yet. The South Is not com- to trive up tbe struggle for one dcieat. if we cad put' her aown and v.a»b out fa*r oligarchy in five years it nilt bo .be first luttaocc in Utetory. Tbe Ameri can people will be a marvel 1! they can catry the NonbdowntothcGulflnonc revolution, what we need is Nor here men at the teat of Govern ment. (Applause.! 'J o be sut c it Is dangeron* to impeach the Presi dent. It was datgemns for Grart to move on locbmocd.-imt be did it. Tbe outy officer • bo required to kuow that war was dangerous waa■ McCklltm. [Laughter.l It is a dangerous tblrg to Id peach me lead of tbc napoo, but our lathers knew tlut when vbny framed (be Coostltu uoo.- They knew that It -would bring two patties Into cocfiict. Bat they set up a Gov ernment which could stand such a conflict. There is not a man strong enough to stand up op against th** voice of the nation. The united tones of tbc people last fell showed bow they frit- Bat tbe aoovtle of Plymouth attempted to c ize over the President with *of| words, and he «n t ovtr and went under. Grant, the doh loved n in America, wnen he paid. “ 1 pat on the uni ionn of no part;." fell m the estimation of the i-eopie. No man, even by silence, bse a right 10 nphold a govemtnsnt of irs’ton*. Re U the high cona'tble of (he nation; be l« paid to make odi Hag icanceled lu Now Orleans If he does not do It be fails in bl*dn|y. It bo has not tb* i«trei to mate It tespcctcd he ought to aax or help; if be bad power now can bo answer for ~nt doit-el'? Cither w-y be is recreant to hit fitly. U will not suffice to say that John«on wo-id n ' let him. No o! national reputa tion has tbe nebt to sn-taln a Government which is prejudicial to the rights of (be people. Suppose be bid done It. and bad oeen mastered onu lu tlx hours Johnson would not have had friends et on?h t he teen on (be surface at Wasblogtou. This la tbe crisis ol oar nation, Fwenty.fonr itioui-and chance will reelect Andy Jobnioo, though tbe Repnblican party Is now so oto-'C. We do not know how it may change. Common tense eaya, take it «• |>npent hour. There tv no hope save in Con press. It may say the Presidential chair moat be vsrmtrd. and It will lie done. Tbe first obstacle lathe President; elerr fiat awty :ecnd down Northern capital; make it safe for the Northern man to live m the South, and yon make the nitlou homogeneous and milted. CHILD MURDER. An Infant Thrown Into the Birer by its Cousin, in Presence of the Un natural Mother-Details of tho Crime, anil Its Antecedents. A shocking case of child mnrder - nvestigation yesterday atternoon before Justice StnrtevanL An inhuman mother, prompted by the fear of her husband’# anger, and probably by a desire to bide from him (be living evidence of her shame, took her little infant from her breast and plunged It Into the current of tbe river. Tbe horrid need was perpetrated on Tuesday evening, at Randolph street bridge, and to add to tbe atrocity ot tbe crime, a young girl of fifteen was made ibe Instrument of tbe unnatural mother's guilt. Tbe following circumstances were developed a*-the examination in relation to the tragedy: Tbe name of the murderess la Mary Devine. She is a native of Ireland, from which country she came to Chicago only three months ago. Her husband, a hard-working, honest laborer, has oeen in this city for abont two years, striving to earn a competence for tbe snoporc of tis wlte and tamily. He had provided a decent home for them, and a few months ago he remitted to the old country a sum of money suffi cient to pay for their passage out. Mrs. Dcvtne arrived cere with her two children, one of whom la sir. and tbe other four years old. There was one cucumEtance, however, which mast have sad ly osmi-ed Ibe pleasure of tne happy reunion. Tbe wife bad brought with her just one child too xnanv. t?be was abont to become the mother of one which could not by any possibility belong to her lawful husband. On discovering mi* unwelcome fact, Devine naturally became in censed at Lis vrife’s perfidy, and he refused to have anj thing to do with her. Toe unfortunate woman had no other friend in the city, and she was very soon reduced to tbe vetceof starvation. Her two children remained with her. tbe hußl«and ha ring declined to support either of them, and the prospects of tbe little group oi etransers were anything but cheering. Finally the succeeded in gening them into a Catholic Convent tn the North Division, while she herself looked about for work. One day she re paired to the boose of Theodore Worth who keeps a grocery and provision store at the corner of NoitL Daisied and Carroll streets. To him she related her pitiful story, frankly cocfe'slrg her fault, aud Implored bun for shelter. Mr. Worth took pity upon tbe poor outcast, and she became adotDrnic Inhia household. Abont eight days ago the child was born. As soon as tbe mother was able to go out she took tLe inlant in her arms and left tbe house, telling the family that she was going over to tbe convent to vLit her two boys. Upon returning late in (be evening tbe cbtii was not with her. She explain ed to her mistress that sbe hao left it on the door step of the convent Iblokiogthc Sisters would find it and care for tr. There was a strange, wil t excitement, however. In the woman's aspect, which belted the statement, and Mrs. Worth did not believe tbe story, she look tbe trouble to go over to the convent to a-ccrlatu the truth, when she learned that the woman had never been there —nor the child. The matter bad now assumed so suspicions an aspect that It wts deemed proper to acquaint the police with the whole ctrcum stances, aud on Wednesday morning Mrs. Devine «a* nrrr-ud on suspicion, and conveyed to the Becot d I’'- duct Police Station. Yesterday morning she made a confession of hergniKlo Captain Kennedy, revealing all tbe circumstances of the mnrder. It appears that on leaving Ur. Worth’s bouse, on Tuesday evening, shciuit her niece, Mary Ryan, a young girl of about fil:ceit years of age, whom she desired to accompany her. They proceeded to tbe North bide, out did not approach Ihe convent, as bad apparently been her original intention Re turning towards ihe Sonth Division, they walked Ihiongh several streets (ill they came to Randolph street fridge. It was between six and seven o'clock in tbc evening, and the snow was drifting fiercely. Tbe bridge was deserted. No human bring was In sight. Tbe swollen current of the river was rushing hoarsely under their feet, and would swiftly bear away tne little harden beyond tbe reach of human bands. Tbcvvomun paneed,and giving iho child Into (be bands of her young niece told her tolling it into the liver. Sbe had so much of human f.elmz lelt in her heart that she could not do it herself. Tbe young girl hesitated a moment, and tbe mother again told her to throw the child over, at the same lime poshing her. Then the girl dropped the Infant Into the stream. Tbe mother went back to her friends, and Mary Ryan went home, appa tently with no idea that she bad been made tbc in strument of a terrible crime. Mrs. Devine was taken before tbe Police Conrt yesterday lor examination, and her niece appeared as tbc principal wtiness against her. Tbe facts above narrated were developed in tbe testimony. Mary Ryan stated (hat sbo obeyed her aunt m throwing the child Into the river, because she bad told her that sbe would never take any care of 1U Tbe girl related her account of tbe trans action wiin the strangest indifference, as If she bad simply thrown away a bundle of rags, and did not exhibit the slightest trace of fear or feeling. Sbe Is a good-looking young girl, but 1 does not seem to have bad tbe advantages of edu cation, and very possibly is utterly Ignorant of the responsibility sbe assumed. The mother be trayed scarcely any emotion, and when tbe J jstlce a-kod ber If she was aware wbat was tbe penalty of her ofibnee, said she did not know. Ou being Informed that It waaileith, she trembled visibly, but soon recovered her apparent composure. Tbe woman was committed to the Jail to await hertrifll. and Mary Ryan was also sent there in default ol £I,OOU ball to appear aa a witness. THE LAST CONFIDENCE GAME. Examination of William Hennessey— The ETidence—The Prisoner Discharged* The eiamlaalloD ofWiUlam Hermes'ey, charged wl»h being on accessor/ in a confidence same upon a fanner named Solomon Ellis, residing at Grlnncl', lowa, by which the latter lost a certlfl* catc of deposit amonnlmslo 51,133, was held be fore Justice Sturteraul, yestetday afternoon, and occupied the umo of the Police Coart more than three boors. On tbc ICtb of last month Ur. Ellis* family wore lo this city, en route from Tioga County, frew York, lo their new homo in Gnnnel, leva, and coon the evcnli.g of that day. at the Koclc Islam! depot, they were awaiting the dspartorc o» Ibe train mey whited lo take, when a stranger, giving the nameot Batty, mane the acquanlance of Ur. Ellis, and by rcpreseuling himself as from tbc same locality they were rcraovmc to. and well acqnalnlcd with a son of Mr. Ellis, who was ahead/ living there, be soon won the old gentleman’s confidence. It was no very difficult thins for a shrewd and designing rascal to do this, as Mr. Ellis la evi dently an entire stranger to city life, and with lees than an average a gree of intelligence re garding the deceptive ways of sin in general, and “confidence” In particular. Mr. Batty informed tbc old man that there was an cxchaoce office in Grinneh Imt that Its business was quite too limit ed to cash his certificate of deposit for ft,501; so It seemed to be necessary for Mr. Ellis to remain over one day to get bis money into an available shape Batty would help him. So they went 10 “* Uvem intbls city.” (the old gentleman could not remember which.) and at ten o'clock the next morning Batty rejoined him for the purpose of ne gotiating the certificate, promising him addition ally that be would exchange gold and silver for It —dollar for dollar—the bard money being more convenient to lay by, and needing paper money torbtshnslncss, tt would also be a convenience to him to dispose of it. “Then,” the old gentle man said, “we started for a broker's bank.” Be fore leaching tbe bank they met Hennessey, who was requested hr the man Baity t whose real name is Edward Lytle), to accompany them to Skelton A Pomeroy's, brokers, No. 83 Dearborn street. Tbe three went there, and u was in testimon) yes terday that Mr. Elils endorsed tbe certifi cate, and that Lytle, endorsed by Uenncjsay (who was known at tbe bank>, as being a man of pro perty, also endorsed it. and that Hennessey mqde nis mark npon It, bis light hand, it was alleged, being disabled with a felon. Tbc band was cov ered with a white cloth. The bankers deducted a commission ot one per cent and gave the par ties a check on the Third National Bank for S 1,485. After leaving No. 39, Hennessey wont down Dearborn etreet,awltncsi>testificd,and the confidence man, with his victim, proceeded to the Tblid National Bank to get the check cashed. Tbe money was “banded out to them on a little board,” the old gentleman said, and Lytle took possession ol it, saymo that wben they go: to the d-pol he would give Mr. El:ls hard money for IL lie told hills that bo bad £4,UOd of the ancient currency witb him. It appeared subsequently that the third mac, whom Ellis identified yesterday as Hennessey, joined them with the heavy valise purporting to contain the metallic treasures of Batty, and that the latter immediately bad some urgent business with him of a private sort, so that tbe good mtnred Mr. Kills was requested to walk on slowly with the valise and they would soon rejoin him. But they came not, and in tbe court e of an hour or two toe old man waa rehears ing bb wees at the Central Station. At that time be was too much excited to be able to give the police authorities any doe whereby they could work up the Job, ana a day or two atiurwards be went dn to uls friends at Urionell. renuered nearly sick and hair craar by bis gr«at loss. lndlgnantttastCbicagcj>hzre->re should treat one of their citizens in pb«*k «o out rageous manner, the Giiancl'. reo»«» : new a malt ing and sent their Major. Cooper, Esq.. • to this city to make a>» investigation of the mat ter. Ho came oo last week. It was ascertain ed whore the ceitUcato bad beeb mgonated, Skelton A Pomeroy having ttivm&elve* brought the fact to tbe Central Sta •ion, leading in the Tbibcxe of tbe old man’s loss, and noticing tha» the amount was the same se that of the check they bad rlvetE This led to the arrest of Uennersiy. Lytle alien Batty was not to be found in the city, asd has not yet been seen since the day of the swindle, except by a Mr.' Morgan, residing in tbe Division, who be lieves that he saw him about two weeks a go at bis (Morgan's) place of business. Mr. Cooper testi fied yesterday that be saw and shook bands with Hennessey last Friday, and that there was noth ing the matter with his right band, anl That be met him on Monday and again sbood his right band; yet it Is claimed that tbe palnfoi felon had required surgical at tendance and bad been bandaged constantly. The testimony against Hennessey was rendered very weak by the {nconsisWidas of Kills* state ments. The cashier of tbe bank at Grtnnell bad written a letter of inquiry to the cashier of tbe Third National Bank ot tnis city, by which it ap peared that Mr. Ellis had stated that he was knocked down and robbed, and had experienced other mishaps, losing some greenbacks, Ac., which Utter was offered as evidence yesterday. It was also elated that Lytle, known to Ellis as Mr. Battv, was repeatedly addressed as Mr. Lytle at bhclton A I’omcioyv, and there were other singular points which weakened the posi tiveness of nearly all the testimony offered. Good testimony was presented regarding Henne?*cy’s previous character. Ue bad not been Known as a confidence man. Ills endorsement of I.)lie was simplv that of otic man's identification of another as thcpenOQ be represented himself to be, and his mnark about his property was based upon current report. Tbc worst feature against Hen nessey was bis being seen with the value (which was heavily loaded with stones, but tbc uncertain and contradictory statements of Mr. Eilli so weakened hie evidence npon this material point that the prisoner was <1 sebarged. A Faithless Wire.-Some years ago a German emigrated to New York with bis wife and a little cnpral, aim undertook lo get Into business. Ue did not t-accced very well, however, and his enter prjfcirg partner, gettlngttred of the unpromising rllnauoa. alter a whle took possession of fMOU Ir. money, which be bad remaining and deserted, coming to Chicago. Here her gentle bean soon wanntd towards a fellow countryman. named Gnrbey. and not being deterred hr the Hole legal difPcuu'Cs In 'bt way of a duplicate marriage, be accented him aa her second husband, and eel Vim up In the saloon basinets, on West Ran dolph street. Unfortunately, however, another Germanic Individual, wno bad been In the arm*, 'or seme years, happened Into the saloon and dis covered tnc proprietress to be an old acquaint incc. lie thereupon had the cruelty to write to he deserted boeuand, who had returned to the ild country, informing blm of the tacts, and tbe roman was arrested and on Wednesday brought before Justice Scboonwald on the shinres of lar r<"y;vd Mallcnr. On l Hr 4-.1 t 0 bIU in S3OO, and the second 1< not yet disposed of. THE OPPERMAN MURDER. Horawßromi on Trial for the Crime— Change of Vcnno Jo Will Connlr —Tho Tragedy. Horace Brown of this city is now being tried at Jotlctfor the mnrder ol Philip Opperman. a resident of Bridgeport, m the early part of 1833 Ibei fotlowlLs Is a summary of the ca«c as devcl oped oy'heieetlmony given at the Coroner’s in tL.? n &T U k* TCB,n *’ lhcl6^ d »y ot May. ISfii, Mr. 1 fc! ip Oppermau, au Inouatriona ullscn raeld nr at Bridgeport In tbe southwestern pop lion oi l bic&go. bid lietn “down town” attend ing to some bnsineas, and on bis way be went into tic saloon kern i»y diaries Ernst. No. 36a Wells ■tn-et. Here he met wlih an old acquaintance, one Horace Brown, who acted as Barkeeper! • bey had drinks together, and upon Oppermin starting to return Brown remarked that he was going bia way, and >ould aecompsny him, to which tbe deceased assented. The two men passed up Wells street to Van Boren street bridge and over to the track of the Pittsburgh Fort Waye & Chicago Railroad. When a coople of blocks down from the depot Brown suddenly turned upon Opperman, striking him a retrial blow on tbe shall with some bird instrument. He then robbed bis victim of all the money on bis nerson, amounting to $Ol, which the mien man had previously shown to bis murderer. Brown then dragged the sup posed dead body of Opperman across tbe raiL and placed his nccktn sneb a position thtttbe flange of tbe first car which passed would ran over it, thinking in thi» manner to screen his own guilt. Some time afterwaida Opperman became con scious and dragged himself to a Iltte dis tance, where he lay until morning. Early in the next day be procured a car nage by some means, and was conveyed to a canal boat, of which be was part owner. Here be gave a dear statemecl of what bad transpired, de scribing tbe man who bad sought to matacr him. Learning these facts. Officer Samuel Webb started in search of Brown, and arrested him in a saloon on Wells street, three doors from Van Barea street. Brown made some resistance wiulu ondcr the escort of the officer, hut was quieted by some blows from a revolver In tbe officer's bands, and was taken to the canal boat, lie refused to go down into the cabin, but being fordbly brought into the presence of Opperman, he hong down his heal a*,d would not look at him. Mr. Ojpermau recognized Brown as tbe man who knocked him down and robbed him. He then grew rapidly wone, and died at balf-past three o'clock on Tbutsday morning, a little more than twenty-four boars alter the assault. At the Coroner's inquest. Brown stated that be vasintbc company of Opperman, and that they were attacked by two men, from whom be escaped bymnnisg away. Tbe Jury returned a verdict that Opperman came to nla death at the bands of Brown. Tbe Inal of the case was tran-ferred, by change of venae, to tbe Will County Coart, and was com menced it Jolht this week- It has been In pro gress three days, i nt tbe evidence ta not yet final. Dr. Hiram Wanzer, of this city, testified to the efect that at the pent mortem elimination on May IStb, 1565, be found that Opperman died from a shock to tbe nervous system caused by blows. 1 bei e was a scalp wound above tbe ear, about an inch and a half Kmg, and tbe outer and inner ta bles and base ol the skull were fractured. A teatme of the case not before mentioned was thH the deceased was unable to swallow after being struck, though be was conscious and able to con verse intelligibly abont tbe deed. A few boors before bis death be identified Brown as bU mur derer and described him to the officers. Dr, P, D. Fncb, of this city, give similar testimony. Unnatural Conductor a .Tlotber. Another instance of strange beartlcasness and inhumanity of a mother towards her own otf spilng Mas bronght to light in this city last even lug. Between eight and nine o'clock in the even* inr. Allred Ellis, a hack driver, was solicited to take a couple of passengers to some part of ttic city, not mentioned at the time, and when be opened the door of bis can I age to give them admission, a man and woman entered the vehicle, tne woman carrying two infant babies. After riding a abort distance they stopped the back, and in a low consultation with £lll«, utlered him fifty dollars if be would let them got out, and then go and leave the babes on doorsteps, in some distant part of the city. rbcbackman was disgusted with the depravity of a woman who could thus treat her own chu dren, and instead » f giving the least notice of their united efforts to prevail upon him by more libtral oilers he drove them to the first policeman be found, officer McCsj, and bad them arrested and taken to the A'Uiory, where they were lodged for the night. They will be examined at the Police Conn this morning. .. Tbc woman gives the name of Mrs.Kunselman, and stated to Captain Hickey that she was on her wayfrum Germantown, Pennsylvania, to some place in Indiana, accompanied by the companion sbe was found with, whose name is Charles Wil liams. She said that she paid William's expenses in consideration of bis taking charge of her. Sbe had two other children, boys, eight and ten years old, which she alleged bad been left yesterday at the Home of the Friendless in this city, soon after her arrival. The babes that sbe was so cruel hearted as to desire to sacrifice were Indus ap parently and about three weeks old. Sbe stated that she had been twice married, her last husband having died about three months ago, and that she came West to procure homes for the children. As she bas told several different stories about It it is difficult to ascertain the truth In the matter. Sbe is a woman apparently from 30 to 3S years old and with average good looks and plainly dressed. DisoBDXBLT Houses.—Marla Seeley and Levi Reynolds are an interesting dno who are keepers of a bagnio on Von Boren street At the Police Conrt yesterday morning they were fined ¥IOO each. Four girl inmates were fined ¥3 each, and four of the male persuasion, who were visitors, were fined 15 each. Nellie Hamilton, another keeper of another den, was fined f 100; six of “her" girls fS each,and five male victims to their attractions $5 each. Nelae paid the fines of hePlady “hoarders" and herself and left tbc conrt room. Cowmen.—William Clark, charged with as saulting Mr. Case with a deadly weapon, as men tioned in Tuesday's Tbibcxb, was yesterday morning committed from toe Police Court for trial In bail of ¥3OO. It appears that tbe most se rious assault made by Clark was upon a young man named Ilortou, Case, who wentto his assist ance, receiving a portion of tbe blow. Horton was badly bruised with brass knuckles, it is thought, and is still confined to his house. Trial of Brick machine* To tbo Editor ol the Chicago Tribune: 1 accept, with great satisfaction, the proposition In yonr issue of yesterday morning, made by Mr. A. 1. Knieely, viz: a lair, square, competitive trial of oar respective brick machines Tbc ma chines to start simultaneously upon a fixed day. rain or ebme, and to manufacture 100, 000 bricks. As our brick-yards adjoin each other, the clay will be taken from tbe same bank, and cqoi-dlstant from cacb machine. Each of os to name a cenilc tnan, and these two to appoint a third, who will act as tbc trial committee, and keep an exact, mi nute account of tbe cost of manufacture, which (hey will publish, together with a report npon tbe quality of the brick, to be made by three export enced brlfk makers, appointed like tbe committee. After the report shall nave been published, both kilns to be sold, and tbe proceeds distributed among tbc poor of (he city. Inasmuch as tbe trial is “tor the public good," acd not In the nature of a bet, to which fam conscientious!* opposed, there can be no objection to this disposition ol tbe bricks. Articles of agreement to bs entered into Imme diately between Mr. K. and myself. E. It. LOCAL MATTERS. ronimvnptton In the cost SiaxreaCdrevl. —Clairvoyant Sisters, BGS Wabtsh avenue—ify Dear Ladies: lam so much better—lmproving every day ; am able to make mv bed and clean my room. Havejou charmed mydiseaseaway? It surelv cannot be the medicine. I sleep wcll.cough bat little, expectorate easily. I can scarcely real ire that lam getting well, but am gaining con stantly; have not touched morphine fora week; don't need It, lam so thankful 1 can do without. Write if 1 must continue tbe mcuicine, now that I am so much better. Yours faithfully, Mns. Hattie Sabik, Hot Springe, Ark., January 20th, 1667. The Renowned Clairvoyant Sisters’ Naliopa] Cancer Institute ssd Magnetic Infirmary, 2C5 Wabash avenue. 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Sold by all Tbe FranKlln Brick Machine, lastly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, ana immense compressing power, is duauaxtsed, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 8,100 elegant bricks per hour. J. H. Rcstics, proprietor. No. 71 Broad way, New Y’ork, Hoorn 23. Southern items. Nsw York, February 21.—The Herald's Southern correspondence, dated Richmond, Charleston and Slacon, represents that some excitement existed in west Virginia, on ac count ol the murder of two members of the “Red String Association,” a Radical organ ization for electioneering purposes. In South Carolina, toe great destitution among the people is supposed to be mainly due to tbe disorganization ol the labor sys tem. A case, testing the validity of powers of attorney held during the war, on which property was sold for Confederate money. Is pending in the United States Coart at Charleston, Mrs. Caroline Carson, daughter of the late James L. Pettigrew, and now re siding iu New York, is the plaintiff. Governor Orr has been severely de nounced for the sentiments he expressed at the Chamber of Commerce banquet, and in bis address to the freedmen recently he said that $40,000,000 of property had been ban ished from Charleston by the refusal of the people to associate with Northern merchants. He also announced that he was in favor of giving the negro who could read the right ot suffrage. In Macon high hopes of successful busi ness this year are entertained by the mer chants. The action of New York In refer ence to the relief of Southern destitution is looked to with lively emotion. Shipments of Wheat— FenlanATlallfr*. San Francisco, Febrbary 20.— The ships Bridgewater and Corricutes, for Liverpool, and Crespo, for Cork, full cargoes of wheat, have cleared. The ship “Kenilworth,” from New York, arrived at Honolulu, January 27. San Francisco, February 20.—’TheFenlaos of this city held a large and enthus;aatic meeting last night and resolved to earnestly co-operate with their Eastern brethren In achieving the Independence of Ireland. movement In Aid of tlic Southern Poor. Boston. February 21.—At a meeting this evening of the Southern Relief Committee william Watcre. of the Adtvriuer, and Mr! Greene, of the Posf, were requested to act os treasurers, and that on appeal be made to the public as soon os possible, to contribute funds for the temporary relict of the ex treme destitution existing in the Sonth, FROM NEW TORE. The Weather—Action of Use National Hoard of Underwrticra. New Youk, February 21.—The steamer Pan Francisco, from Greytown, reports that port hcal'hy. She brings Calllorula dates to the 25th ult. Thera has been a heavy snow storm to-day, but there are signs of abatement to-ulgbt. The Fire Insurance Convention to-day elected James M. Leon, of New York, Presi dent for the ensuing year, and a lull Uat of other officer.'; W. Conner Secretary, F. W. Ballard declining are clecilon. Among the Executive Committee are J. R, Bennett, William Caascls and Joseph Carter, of Cin cinnati | S. T. Atwater, Thomas Goodman and William E. Rolls, Chicago; E. C. Rouse and S. S. Coe, Cleveland ; S. Warner White, Detroit. The subject of limitation of Insurance was referred to the Executive Committee, and resolutions were adopted recommending a clause la policies that the use of gasoline in lighting premises, without consent in the policies, shall canse its violation. The Committee on Adjustment of Claims reported that during the last year there were over $10,000,000 overpaid in t tie country, owing to a want of proper investigation of losses before the claims were paid. New Yoke, February 21.—President Rob erts has called a Convention of (the Fenian Brotherhood of New York State lor the 2dih Inst, to meet at Utica; also one of the Brotherhood of Illinois to meet on the 12th of March at Chicago. The Fenians of Vennsvlvaula will hold a Convention early In April, and State Conven tions of the Brotherhood will soon follow in all the other States. FROM ST. PAUL. Fatally Injured—lnfanticide-Procpeeta of ibe Lake Superior it&llroad Com* P«ny, St. Paul, Minn., February 21.—Yester day a man named Finney got caught in a shaft in a planing mill at Minneapolis, and was whirled around until his leg was broken three times, his arm twice, his head fearfully cut, and bis clothing torn from his body. He will probably die. At Reed’s Landing, a few days since, a girl named Catharine Dnnn, from Dubuque, gave birth to a child in the absence of the lamiiy in which she lived. To conceal her shame she suffocated the child and hid it In her trank. When arrested the poor creature was four miles from town, having tried to rnn away in the cold and snow. She confesses her cuilt. The rrtss, this morning, announces that the Lake Superior Railroad Company has completed arrangements by which It is cer tain that the road will not onlv be promptly built, bnt that when built it will be operated under auspices in the highest degree advan tageous to the commerce of this State. Heavy English Capitalists are concerned In the contract. Work will Le commenced as soon as spring opens. FROM DETROIT. Damage* by tire Decent Freabet—Freah Detnlla from Severn! Localities—Titu lary Celebration of tVa»hlnston’s Birthday—Survey of the Grand Trunk Ballway of Nllchlgan. Detroit, Mich., February 21.—Details con tloue to be received of the destructive effects of the late freshets in this State. At Albion, one ol the bridecs on the Kalamazoo River was partially carried away. At Dundee and at Raisinville, on the Raisin, bridges have been carried off anda large dam on thesame river, near Macon Creek, has been totally demolished. Serious damage has also been indicted all along the line ot the St. Joseph River, in St. Joseph County. Considerable damage has also been indicted by a rise of the Flint and Thread rivers. Washington's birthday will be observed at the State University by a meetiug iu behalf of the State Soldiers’ Monument Associa tion. A party will go out from this city, consisting of General Hooker, General Baird. General Rnggles. General Bingham, General Casey, General Morrow, and several other military gentlemen of this city. The surveyors on the Grand Trunk Rail way of Michigan arc actively at work on the proposed line—one party In the neigh borhood of Jackson, and the other between Niles and the State line. FfiOM CINCINNATI* Another Freshet—Confession of itlnr- Oerers—Legislative—Shot by Thieves. Cincinnati, February 21.—The rains of yesterday have resulted in another rise in the river. The water in the honacs along the levee is now from sis to eight feet deep. All three of the murderers of James Hughes have made a full confession. Their own statements show the tragedy to have been one of the most wantou ever com mitted in this section. The Ohio House of Representatives ves torday passed the Metropolitan Police Bill, after it bad been so amended as to apply only to Columbus, Dayton and Toledo. Last Saturday morning John Clements, liv ing upon the line between Jessamine and Fayette counties, Ky., was instantly killed by some parlies engaged in robbing his smoke bouse, lie was awakened by the' barking of bis dog, and going out, found bis smoke house open. Instantly he was shot, dying In a moment. The assassins then made their escape. Murder In Philadelphia, Philadelphia, February 21.—Another murder occurred In this city to-day. Two men named Johnson and Barker quarrelled at the house of the latter. Barker took a gun ami fired at Johnson, killing him In-, stantly. The murderer is not yet arrested. The deceased was a single man, aged thirty years. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial Nows, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Toes, February 21. Ba»ln»ss on Wall street continues very nnsetUcd, notwithstanding the passage of the Reconstruction UiU. On call this morning the market was much ex cited, and shorts were covering largely, the "bears” supplying them tree. This pool formed to carry Erie (common) np to 53, selling larrelynp to S6.V, acd afterwards was bought at 56*. Upon the report of the tills la Congress to issue loan certlQcates and no contraction, the market recovered ft om the depres sion, though It was again heavy at one o'clock. The rumor that Sherman’s bIU bad been signed by the President caused prices to react. The 183 market was very strong, at advanced rates. Pacific Mail was the feature to-day, declining to 25, advancing to SO, and was afterwards unsettled. The decline has Injured several houses very much, and the reduction of divi dend makes it weaker. American Gold opened at I37jf, advanced steadily to 15S*, closing at ISSGISS*. MouSJ grow* easier, notwithstanding the large pay ments being made to the Treasury on account of ’fS's, Governments are better acd firmer. Tbe 5-30 market was abont the same as at the last call. (Associated Press Report.} New Tons, February 21. . WONKY. Money easy acd steady at 536 V cent. „ , foceion exchange. Sterling dm at ltev®iw. _ _ . OOLD. cloiln/.u"J? 1 ” 10 ' “ ,37X ’ TOV.tM uui aaaa&a Government stocks arm. LATEST. Nkw Tout, February ai. OOLD. Wall meet is ncsettled by the aspect of affairs la Washington. Gold firm ana steady otthc advance OOVJEKSHEJ.TB. Governments In the lorenoon were active acd firm. The supply ofS-tCs of 1562 available for export appears almost completely exhausted, and first issue of S-ajs of 1.65 are consequently la demand lor thlomeut The Treasury has mspendtd sales of the new Isueoltbe latter, twinp to me large amount of 7-3Ds awaiUug c-n'-rr/loc. This Is guegtorward at a rale walch »111 dispose of toe whole series before maturity, got. ercmenn clo*cdqnlttaud stfaay. C:up°nv’Sl...llo.H(inox I Coups, ncw....ls6VAMV Coups. ’*2 lllSGtlilv Coups. lOlvvaioix coup*. •» Uh*»ic9* I ..W*»i\*j2 Tbediflerarysofs and 10 per cew between qjol* tlons for 5-JCs at London ana Paris may be explained flom the fact that the bondj are estimated on the Paris uoorte on tbe basis of five traces on the dollar, while the actual value ofttudoUr In exchange is 51 IficASi 15c MIrCALLAN'eorS STOCKS. bto:ks dull, with a continued depression of the Pa cific and Atlantic Mall, loe former fell to 125. tbe lat ter to $4. Erie higher. The miscellaneous list and coal shares are quiet and unchanged, bales of Pacific Msll very heavy to the afternoon, block market generally better. Pacific Mall and Hudson advanced considerably. , 4 p. x. QUOTATIONS. Y. C 102 H Northwestern 35k Erie. 56* Do, preferred 65* Reading 1M Fort Wayne. 96* Hock Island 97* Pacific Mali 137 u Mich. Southern 72* Bock Island 97*2 To-mcrrpw will be observed as a holiday In financial circlet. The banks and all stock boards will be closed, and business la Wall street and vicinity generally sus pended. _ inxcro shacks. The mlnlcc market Is strut;, bat generally qalet. Grercry is in better demand, and rose to IW3 at the dote. wl>U only Qnam Hill advanced to 430430. Benton 1101 Des Moines.. Colombia 190 tvonlo’s Corycon IXOI KZPBKM STOCKS. . Adams ** ' *• “ I Wells. Far*'**'Co..., 59# _ _ .. . Sew Tot*. Febrnary a. ...7?® *FiT WM £*&®. ,toCk R»*rke» closed steady and little ofi from the highest quotations: Ohio Cwtt 24va 25 | uicb. Sou T'kA TJX wr. tci...... | m^..r:.v;;:urgu6i P. 51 all t*» d1v.126 0136# pitUßarßh tu ajUU Atlantic Mall.. 92X0 W T01ed0.... anwallS N. 5 • CeDtral..lolfc<Alol# Kock island.... 97'wg 97# **ls W.X I Northwestern.. ss* Ondson.. tsi gisi# | X.W. pfd SS&a 65\ KeadUJß 1M »lWk fort,Wayne.... 95Xa ..f. MlebCtitral...lO« «10b I s 1 The Produce Markets. NEW YORK. _ Krw YotL Febmarr 31. imsndiata?' 7 XBiclower. Sales ol LTwbale* Flour—Mere active and s®loc better, chledy on low trades. Receipts, 1.416 brts. Sales ot «,s» brli state ’t-d Western at 59.65A9.9P; extra We-lera at f 9 9ia 10JB; choice at n0.19ti13.00; shipping brands round bocp Ohio at 910.71^11.00; trade toitS at iILOA !*•»• tttr * 6ontLCTB 11 *l2.H\iad.Co—cloied Arm and Whiskey— Quiet and steady. «a e rriS. r as^^ Barley—Without decided change. Sales of L3OO bn Canada West Die at JLUaiA). oa Parley Matt—Dull. '****• Receipt*.3,COObu. Salesof 12i0 0 bn mtxen at $1.0*511.07 In •, sad *Lo7(luO73* aflost; Western yellow la store f 1 UL ,

. Oats—Firmer. Receipts, v.7(0 bn. Sales of 35.000 In Western italic anobtateat W/CTc. demand. hales ot 73 tierces Carolina Conee—Firm. » r HSiloVc: at 73c for New Orleans, and 3>c for ciiba. ! 1 * 841,4 0f Crn4e a? **** r* 3061 la Hops—New at SQATOc. . Fork—Firmer, with tslr demand. Sales nf STM Ltls at $70.50971X0 jor new mis*, closing at £30.93 for Western; fl9.<r.vt'<{9.t3 for old mess; k» jiiitoj lor prime, and for prime nai- sljoJ.3o brU new at #».97a«dS. seller and buver Feornary, .March ana April. * Beel-Mea.fy. SsJw of 850, brU, at IS OQeSJ.OO for p« tim him. and for Inula rne*a*^ Bctf Hants—Quiet. sain ol 2,600 br;» at J3UXVi3SJO. Bs con—lnactive. bales rf 15«hxs WMothsmTat terms 64 lo ° tU th<m ’ nbbea * *or on private I ' t " “Wane 10, to •« Lard—Firmer. Sales of J,lsobrls, at nvaifuc c3<l,andl3K«2she f»roct. nr Butter—Doll, at li&Stic for Onto. Cheese—Dull. _ lATxrr—s p. *. Floor—Closed dull and heavy for high grades, ant quiet trd steady for medium and low erode* macd C * t ~ CIC * ed ld * C * Kttcr ’ * ltll * fair mining d» R> e—Steady, at fl 159U6 for Wnttm. Cera—closed nrmer. Mixed Western at it o? « etotc. andfl.Cß delivered. wera ai |i.o»n Oats—closed steady a156«J58c lor Wasters. i vt hukeT—Closed erm at Sl®33hc Id bond. Pore—Fitts 11 f 31.00 tor new Western mesi. Biel—Fair and Steady. fi DicM«dllog>-Flca,at 9)tC for Wcstso. and 19)0 Bacon—Quiet. Lard—Closed firmer. Sales at ll\*aisuc (Or new. WILWAOKEE. [Special Despatch to the UtLWAtigx. February fl. 1 Flour—Active and 13c higher, with sal*t ol l. w brii 1119.73 for Niagara doable «w»; |U,M tor Blvcf Sltq <so; 119.00 fDr connti y do; $9.75 tor choice extra? |>JO tor good do; $9.00 for Avooa do; f 7 25 tor saparilne. Hj t Floor—(0 OOjtS S - _ Wheat—Firm and Jc higher. The morning Board **!<• were 18.000 bu. and the noon Beard •alea».Coo bn ■: fj.l4 fbr No. 1 regular; SI.WVfi3JIO tor No. 8 do; Itoobuyer'a option all rocmh; ll.TStor No. S la store. SI.OO tor rejected lu dock “A"; $2.05 by aampl* ddlr ”oals-Flnncr, with sales of 1,100 bn at 4So for No. 1; lie tor No. »-3c storage. , Com—Advanced Ic. Bales, 4.000 bn at 709710 for new ahrlied, partly to arrive. Rre— Nominal. Kirby—Unchanged, with aalea 158 bap by (ample, delivered, at 609 70c. ITbrlrions—Firmer at SI&S9 tor city mcas pork, and 9U.00 Ibr extra prime. Lard—Prime, Dressed Hop—Steady, Light to heavy, $7.40fi7.50, Krceipta—l,4oo brta Hoar. 0,000 ba wheat, SCO bn oata. 9.000 bn com, 1,000 bn rye, 800 dreued hop. bhitmentt—2,ooo brla Boor, 300 bn wheat, 150 brla (Friday) being; a National holiday, there vlll be no region ot the Board of Trade. Bnslooaa will be generally »n»oended. The Boardof Tradehas dxed npon March lit aathe time tor the cental tneaanremeat ayatem to go Into operation. CINCINNATI. caconun. Febratry 81. Cctton—Bemalna Inictlve. and the demand light, at 99ix39Vc tor middling uplands. Becelpu thelaittwo “Vlour— Uechinged. Superfine. $9.75at0.75: trade branda.inAoaiS.3O; toncy brands. |lLWfil«.oo. , Wheal—ti.lffiJ.4s tor No. 1 cpring, and 12.90 tor W rather better demand, bat prices not quota hly blebrr. No. 1 at 59fiGCc In elevatora, and 74975 c Oata—Firmer, owing to light rtcclpta, hat prlcei not ebasnd. No. I.socin flevator*. Bye-Firm at Sl.B3fit.S9. Barley—Doll and ones at ged. WMi ter—Steady, at Sc m bond. PromloDf—Opened doll, bnt there was a firmer feel lee at the clo*e under adncci from New York and an acvarce In aold, but there was no Increase in demand nor chance In price*. Meu pork—Sßo.oo tor city, and i I9.'S for country, and some of latter aold at 119.50. nlk meat* dull, at .Kail*c for city, and *c leas for country: bnt a concession would hare to be made from tne*e rates in order to etfect sales, as quite a number of country packers arebere trying to sell bulk at IQtffilOXc. Bacon dull; shoulders can be bought at 93t'c; aide* at tOSfc for country, with some demand at }*c less than the rales. Butter—SfiXc for Central Ohio, and SAgssc tor Weat eifc!eedi—Clover seed dull and prices declining, and can he bought at $8 sSfiS.£6. Timothy dull, closing at $3.30 3.40. Flax In cool denim d at |J.i’VaS.SS. Bar—Ball, at *15.00fi19.00 tor lair to prime timothy In bales on arrival. _ Gold—Bnylce at 137 M. and selling at 13SM. Exchange—Finn; par baying, and MO premium selling. There la no change in the money market. BUFFALO. ~ Blttalo. February *l. Flour—Steady, SalcsofNo.lsptlngatillAO. Wheat—Demand light; prices unchanged, ecru— Fair inquiry. nates cl U cars Toledo No. Ist on State Line tract. Oaia—Doll and unchanged. Bye—Neglected. Parley—Canada In atom $1 01. W hltxey—Nominal. Pert—New mess quiet. Lard do. Dressed Hoge-Nomii al. , PHILADELPHIA. * Philadelphia. February 81. Floor—Western. tlSwO. Wheat—Doll, with email sales of state and red at fiCf, and Caltloroia white at tS.BS. Corn—Acute, with sales ot 10,000 bn yellow at f UK). Oats—steady at 57c. Sugar—Suady at Uj<c for Havana. Molasses-*sc tor Muscovado. Whiskey—sLSo tor contraband, BALTIMORE. Bsltixoiue, February 81. Coffee—Firm. A cargo of fair to prime Bio sold at i3Uc, gold. In bond. Floor—Doll and lower. Wheat— Steady. Maryland white scare at tt.3553.30; rod. fSADfiS 81 Pennsylvania mu. flTOfiAS*. Com—Active at 35c tor prime white and yellow. Clovrr Seed—lnactive, with sales of prime new at 15.71fi9.t0: old doll. Sugar—Firm. A large business dilng, with an ad varceotKc. Whiskey—Unchanged. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Lome, February 81. Tobacco— Unchanged. Hemp—Dull at f 7M&XO for new nadrused. Flour—Quiet ar d low. and medium grades drooping. Super* rancrttS.S69.2s; extra, flOAO; double extra,'enss. _ S Wheat— Firm at lor prime tall; *2.5361.90 r choice; 13.C0 forftiLcy. Corn—Higher; 80®87c. Oau—Firmer; P<rk—Lower: *19.00619.25. Bulk Meal*—Dull and heavy at 7Vc for loose shool deia.SLc lor rib s.ue*. and 10c for bvma. Bacoi—Dull and drooping at lie fur park house rib sides 13c lor do clean tides, IJVSUKc lor city clean aldee/and 16c for canvassed sugar cured bam a. Lard—lmprove! teellag; live for country steam, ll),&l3c lor prime kettle. WliHkey—*2.24 to arrive. Hogs—667c. LOUISVILLE. LocisniiE. February Cl. Tobacco-Sales 141 hhdt. Active at USO9IUO for light con mon lugs to light wraps. Flour—Su|>er SIOJCiO. Wheat—Prime red *3.85. Corn—Shelled CS97tc; ear Csc. Pork—l2o.l2V* Lard—Prime 12c. Hulk Shouldeis-Sc, packed. Bacon Sbooider*-9vc; sides, 10*; clear Bidet, 12* ®t**c. Whtikey—*2.s6. Ilay—ln bales 119.00. bugara—Choice New Orleans prime ItVc. Cotton—Good middling 39c. MEMPHIS. Memphis, February 21. Cottoo—Quiet at »a»vc. Ccro—Sales at *1.0061 10. Day—Sales at $39.00630.00 F ton. Oats—Sale# at ,5680 c. El :nr—Unch in god. Fork-Mess, *30.00631.00: balk meats, 9®UVc. Hre«>ed Hois—Sales at BV@irc. Bacon—Sugar cured bams, 20621 c; shoulders, 126 13c; clear tides, 14®15c !.*• d—Sales at !56t5VC. ■ Groceries—Firm and steady, with prices unchanged. NEW ORLEANS. New Obleanb, February 31. Cotton—Dull and lower. Sales 3.500 hale* low mid dling at SOc; middling Sic. Receipts 3,330 bales; ex ports 6.640 bales. Sugar and Molasses—Unchanged. Floor—Buffer at *11.75. Ccm— Higher. Bales at f1.1291.17V- Oats—Finn at *I.OO. Hay—F>rtu at *37.»638.00. Pork—Dull and heavy at *31.75. Bacon—There Is a retail demand for shoulders at UV; sides IS6ISVC. Lard—Qnli t ard easier at 13V614VC. Tonacco—Medium leal 769 c; lalriiUc. Whiskey-*3.40. Gold—l37*. Slerlllut—4BV- Now York Exchange—V discount. Ocean Freight*. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NrwToBK. February 21. Freight* to Liverpool—Corn 6j<d by sail. amlSVd by (team; and to Cork, for orders, Ss9d, with toll. Shipments about CS.OCObu. New York Provision market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nkw Yosk, February 21. Pork-Closed at |2U». Lard—Held at least Uc above the highest saltu. New York |,lre Stock market. [Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.} Nkw Tour, February 31. Hogs—Receipts, COO head. Prtcss.flrmer. Sales at TVOSKc. New York Bteodatuffii market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Tons. February 31. Drtatfftoffs—The Improved tone was most decided cn wheat, with a strong milting demand. Prices paid were 10c higher than bids early In the week. Some speculation in flour, com and rye,bnt not buoyant. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes. February‘Jl. Coff?c—FJtmei|and qnlet. SSIPS of Rjo at Sugar-Held higher and less active. Sales oi fair to prime grocety at 11&11 *'c. Rice—More active. Sales of Carolina at 10*c. Albany Live Stock market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] Albxxt, February 31. The 216 Withers’ cattle seized here by the Sbcrltl to satisfy a claim of B. Westhelmer, were sold for 192.00 per bead. There 1* a good demand for cattle, and the supply is comparatively light. Sheep—Trade moderatejat s#3«#c. Hogs—Finn, at 7*®S*c. New York Dry Good* market. Nkw Voss. February 21. Business rather dulLhnt pricessteady at 21 vuv’Sc fbr staidard sleeting: SO&ilc for Scccods; 19c tor Cochreo. Prttti—ls *c tr Amnskeag; 37Wclor New York Mills. Muslins—B2*c for Watnsmta: 35c for Hill’s Lonsdale; 25c for Delaines: 27c for ChalMes, and 47#c, net, lor Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Cottonadet. Fllttborgh .Petroleum market, PiT'iam'gun. Fcbroary 21. Affairs were doll slocc Dnqucsne wsy and are likely to continue to nntil the differences between tellers and buyers are adjusted. Sales of erode were s* btls lluht oil at “Lc, and 1.000 brls poodal7*c. These appear to be the highest rates obtainable at prtsent. The news from the East and from Europe Is still unlavorable for refined In bond, and dealers care but little about disposing of their stock at the prices offered. Tbe sale* reported were 1.000 brls standard white, to be delivered m Philadelphia to April, at 29c : stO brls prime light straw to white at works Imraedl ale at 21*0. This is thejbest sale we have had to record in some time. Free oil Is dnll and prices are nominally exchanged Residuum and naptha meets with no in quiry. The first and only arrival of crude was by toe steamer nclle, viz.: 193 brls consigned to Captain James WPklns. other parties are looking for OIL which will probably arrive to-day. mining Stocks In San Francisco. tax Fexscisco, February 21. Minins Stocks—Savage. If 90; Crown Point, BS3: Yel low Jacket 7to; Gould A Curry, 515; Cbollar, 215. Seven-Thirties. June issue, 7S*. Legal tenders. 71. tt A B B 1 E D At Newark. Feb. 14tti_ by Her. I- Faroham. Dea. Horace oat ami miss louisa m. jones. an o t Newark. amusements. "XT'GOAL CULTURE AT THE OPERA > BOUfcK.—Two cluto (postponed on account ot Prot McCoy’* extreme engagednc** la private lessons) win meet for tbe first less* n na loliows: College eradnam’ class, at 7 o'clock, Wednesday evening. February V7tb. Ladles’ and gentlemen** class. at 7 o’clock. February a?m. pOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. cbl. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amnsanenta. blase Manager ....THOS. BARRY Kotw.ibstasdlng tbe Immense success attendlnr tbe performance of The Dosnenot Captain, this great sen sational drama must be withdrawn after the present veer, to make 2oom lor the new Irish drama of THE wiutebots. This (Friday) even Ins, Feb. 33d. at a V to 8. the tamed new London Drama of TUB Ht'GUBSOT CAP TAIN, with new scenery, costumes, decorations and appointments. To conclude with (3d time) A RACE FOK A WIDOW. Saturday afternoon, Gfsad Matinee. THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION The beastlfhL accomplished IXOBEMC Xt TEIVSPL3 In her great character of 3ME J*. !Z IE3 3E» J±, Introducing ter iplendld trained (toed. FIBE-FLY. The piece abounds with thrilling combats, novel scenic effects, with lcv scene* and co»tanes. TxrONDEK OP WONDERS! To be seen only at the NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which has removed to 08 Randolphst, comer ct Dearborn. If c VIUKEIV_S IH2 ATUE, fiicVICREHA MYERS MANAGER^. BENEFIT OF J. E. iIcDONODGU. Fridty.-Feb. 33d, reproduction ot Dton Bondcaolt’s Great Irish Drama of ARKAH-NA-POQUE: Or. Tux Wicxlow WeoDneo. Shaun the Post, an Irish carman..—.J. £. McDonough Tbe piece will be presented with appropriate scenery and costumes, and vast with the full strength oi the f™wrt»y afternoon—Arrat-na-Povue Marine*. Monday, the Irish Comedian, Mr. DAN BRTANT. VANKEB ROBINSON’S CIRCUS X AND MENAGERIE. ,TAH. UOIHJSON-. Champion Equestrian of tho World, and hll son, CLAinb«CB. will appear on3lONOAY,Fcbmary ISto, and every evening during the week. The Chicago lime* tay*: Jame* R'Mnson la in hit proftfsionwhatßlitorlMin hers. 'T’HE GREAT GERTU BAS BEES ADDED T> TBE NSW TOBK HIOSBUJRX 9G RANDOLPH-STm cor. of Dearborn, ®o Hcnt==H}ouses. TO RENT—With part of iunnliirc ior sale, Lome No. 0(1 Calumet-av.. 9 roomv woit ar ranged, node™ improveimDU, goM stable, n ar street cats or Hyde Pane tram*. Poisesslon glfen March Ist. Apply at 87 Sooth Waterst. TO KENT—Honso of seven rooms. No. 353 Calnmet-ar.,s3H»er month. OS Monrae-su, S3O per month. PET&B BOIMF, 92 Monroe-st. 'TO KENT—Hcuse No. ieU TVohasnnv., I at the corner ol Rdridgo^onrt—lo terms, Wfd cellar, stable and wondsh'd-Trom Ist March, wC7, UU l«t May, I*B. price »100 per moilir. In advance. Tnoa. PAKKEH, No. a Methodist Chnrch Block, 'T'O RENT—The three-story and base -1 tnrot marble-front home. No. 505 Carroll-tL, two blocks north of Union Parc. PoaaMtioa Imaijll atcly. nxinu * BRADLEY, corner Lake and La- Bahe-st*. To RENT—44I North Diyision-st, sec ond doornonhweatof LaSalle—eomtortab’e two story boose, with or without fnrnltarr; apirodld gar den. 6Cs:(O net. Flnt-clars reference* required. A{k ply at 3*» ana 40 Room a. TO liENT—The two-storv and base ment marble-front house. No. 508 West Lake-st., irortingon rnlon-park. Possesrion immediately. Call at 520 Fulton bl, tor parttcolara. 'T'O RENT—House. 8 rooms, near Con- I pres*-«U. on Wahtah-av. Rent S7OO. QUIUD7 (HUWLEY, 7 Iteynoldf Block. TO RENT—A first-dass cottage on West Bide, 6 rooms, aclrsets and pantnr. Immediate pOMeislon given. Inquire at 4’S West Lake-sL,be twrenSa. m. and 5 p, m. TO RENT—House, 8 rooms, and furni ture tor tale, 11*22 lodtana-av., near corner Twecty-fonrthHt. Cheapest lease in the city, pleasant location. State-aUand Inotana-av. cars land you at the door. For particulars, apply on toe premises. TO RENT—Princely mansion—l have to rent, for one or more yt an. the well-known, spa clf.nt and elvean* na’detce, (with It mnserraioue, foreign grapes under glara, Ac.) N 0.128 Mlchlgan av. Apply at No, 8 Larmon Block. C. A. bPRINO. TO RENT—House, six or seven rooms, with cat, water and woodhouse, at 13 Park-av. rpo RENT—AI 480 South Clark-sL, one A house, on the hack, ot four rooms; one house, on the back, of three rooms; one bouse, on the back, of two roc ms. 3To IScnt—Uooms. TO RENT—A front parlor and bed room. wltn board, al 319 Ontario-aL, coir Clark, m a private bouse, with all the comforts of a home. References exchanged. nrO RENT—An elegantly tnruished J tront parlor, at No. 431 bouth Jurt the thing tor a gentleman and wu-* who Uk« to live retired. To a suitable party It will be rented cheap. TO KENT—Two famished front rooms In a private family, to gentlemen cn’y. For par tirnUraioanlreat H.K. SaffonTs Cigar Store, No. llDKandolph-tt. TO RENT—Lodcing rooms, at 700 South Canal-su TO RENT—A splendid suite ot rooms, rent low. wlttin block of Court Boom. Furni ture for rale—all tew. Apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block, or addma Pox 2010. nPO RENT—A pleasant furnished 100 m, X inltable for gentleman, at gtgflV Stato-aL ' So IScnt-StOWB, ©fix«s,&c TO KENT—With fire years’ lease, tour itory and basement brick star*. No. S 7 South Wa ter-et. third door west cr State-su Apply on the premises. TO RENT—Dock, for a lumber yard 130 feet (root and 30 fret drop, situated on the North Draucu. tear Chlcago-av. bridge. Apply at No. 11 Lairabcc-st., corner ot Chicago-av. T) RENT—River Property—loo feet trout by 4001eetrtfep, on the rut tide of North Breach, between ilalsted and ntvlMor-sts., suitable tor a lumber, wood or coal vard. Will bedecked, ready frr business on the opening of navigation, and rented for a term of years, cheap. OGDEN', FLEET WOOD & CO. 'T'O RENT—Choice Business Stand—A I rare opportunity. Not 14i8 and 341 Billiard Block, N. £- corner ot Clark and from May 1. 1867. They will be leased togetner or s parateiv. The spacious oaaement may also be secured with the stand alter May Ist. 16*8. Apply 10 C. A. SPRING, Boom No. S Larmon Block. TO RENT—From Ist May next, one fin t-ctaes boarding house, locator la the heart of the city, well adapt'd fora hotel on the European plan. Apply at 101 Washington »L. R-omNo 7.upstairs. TO KENT—Room titty(s(J) by one hun dred and twenty (120? feet, with power, In good lo cation, well lighted, smtaiile f *r sash d»r laol ary. For terms, apply to FRED. bWIFT, Boom O, 44 LaSallest. rpo RENT—Store and offices, at 51 La- X Salle-st., oppcslfe Metropolitan Ball. Apply oo the prcmUfs, to CHURCH A GOODMAN. TO RENT —A good office. Inquire at Room O. IN.I South Clark-st. personal. T>ERSONAL —Cold Cream Soap: Creme X Blanche begs politely to suggest that It does not follow (he C. C. S. stvle of advertMng, any more than it copies the manufacture cr effects of Cold-Cream Soap. “ Honor to whom honor H due,” is truly Just, and Creme Blanche trusts that C. C. 8. will accredit It with too much sclf-rckpect as an accepted and valuer companion of all ladle*, who esttem an exquisitely beautiful complexion, skin of the utmost softness and delicacy, and freedom from roughness or chapping of the bases or face, to allow itself to be even oartlalty submerged beneath an officious lather cf Cold Cream Boap. As to the challenge ol C. C. 8„ it Is, of course, promptly accepted, and 1 here beg an expression of opinion from that portion of the lady public who have bad an opportunity oi fairly testing the comparative merits of these cosmetics, feeling sure that arconz the thousand# of beautiful laces that have experienced so much beneut from iu use, some few friend* will pe faced to repel .ail such saponaceous attacks upon CUEME BLANC RE. T>ERSONAL —II the gentleman who r picked a lady's pocket, la a sl*dt*on-(t. car. will please 1* avc the pocket-book, chain and othei keep sakes at the Tnbpue office, he shall be welcome to the money. The cham is a gilt from my mother. PERSONAL —A gentleman 33 years of age, well educated, having a fortune or *IOO,OOO. wacts to correspond with a good-looking, amiable lady, of suitable age, possessing a fortune equal or nearly equal to his own. Object, love and marriage. Beet references given ann required. Address, with full particulars, ‘‘V W It." Chicago I*. O. T>ERSONAL —The physician wh o called l upon a certain specialist of this city, a short time since. wUI pleas* call again. printing. pUIKTIKG, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities tor doing Work or Anr Dcscrip- tlon PncqanHed In tho City. auction Sales. A. EDTTEKS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Herchsnti 44 A* dt> xtANDOLPII-ssT., Between Sute-st. and Wabash-ar., Hold regular sale*, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS. CLOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES, AC., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, every SATURDAY. CPECIAL SALE FOR LADIES ONLY. THE ENTIRE STOCK OF Fine Jewelry, Silver-plated Ware, GoIJ Watches, and Fancy Goods Of the most Elegant Patterns, at E. H. STEDTS, 179 South Clark-it, AT AUOTZOIff, Commencing TO-DAY at 1 o'clock p. m.. and continn- Irtr every day nnCU toe entire stock :s disposed of. NogenUem an admitted unless accompanied by a lady. W.II. A- BUTTEBS & CO., Auctioneers. SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 184 Lakre>(., cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. DRY GOODS—Prints. Gloves,Hose, half-Hoso. Shect- Ices, Silk Randkerchicts. Dress Gooos, Flannel Blaa kets, Satinets, Cas-Mmerc*. Jeans, Ac., at DAXIEL SCOTT & CO.’S AUCTION BOO2IIS, 164 ZsABZJ-BT. On Thursday, Feb. 21, at 9 I*2 a. m. We are instructed to sell a large acd new assortment Of the above goods; alto, Notion*. DANIEL SCOTT A CO„ Auctioneers. POSTPONED— The sale of Teas, Groceries, Sugars, Tic Fruits, Cheese, Molasses, Cigars, Bas kets, Glassware, Cutlery, ic.. Is POSTPONED, cn aecooLt of the non-arrival of the train, tm FRIDAY MORNING. AT 10 O’CLOCK. DANIEL hCOTT A CO„ Auctioneers. OILBEHT & SAMPSON. vX General Auctioneers. 47 ana 49 Dearborn-si. Snperior Auortment or New and Second-hand HOUSEHOLD FUHHITUBE, CLOCKS, 4c., . AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. Feb. 33d. at 10 o’clock, at onr sales rooms, 47 and 40 Dearboro-sL, co twiiUnß of Parlor. Chamber, Dining-room and Library Furniture, Includ -Ins a splendid assortment of Chamber Snltea and par lor Suite*, with a large assortment of other Goods. Also, several dozen new American Clocks. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A UCTION SALE THIS DAT. A FEBRUARY *JI ST. AT 10 O'CLOCK, At onr salesrooms, 75, 77 ana 79 WeliMt„ comer rt Randolph, a great variety of Carpeta and Household Goods of all kinds. A At 12 o’clock—Express Wagons, Buggies, Single and Double Harnesses, Ac. J. HEANEY A CO., AocWl Sato mills, Engines, See. 'J'HE LANE & EODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills. rOETABLE STEAM EKOUfES, Shingle Machines. Core Mills and Shafting, Wood wsrtmg Machinery. LANK «fc BODLEV, . Censer ol Jcfca and Water Cincinnati. Applicants tor descriptive areolar* will specify the mschtnerr in<v need. iffaSret-inxra £to ckljolticrs’ faming. GLASS COM- At irnrmnr of the Board of Director* of the North wtstem <»la#s Company, held cn the illhdav of Feb ruary. 1567, It was ordered.that a meeting of the alack holders ot said Cocpscy he held at the office ot the Company, No- 348 South Water,l, Chicago. On Saturday. March 9th, lS<l7, AtSo’clcck p. m., at which One and place a proposi tion »U 1 be submitted to said me*tmf. that the capital stock cl said Company be diminished to Two Uondrcd Thousand DoHsrt. . „._ K. LCDISGTON. J- FABK Jl. . J. MbDILL. A. P. KKLLET. W. U. K RETSING hK. P. B. SQCMWAT, 1L TALCOTT. Director*. printing. PRINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for doles Work ol Any Descrlp* lion Unequalled in (lie UUf« 3Scal iSstate-fllUfi. imiIUVEDc T7OR SALE—A nice new two-story 1* dueling tnn»c, aud lot. N'. I’JWS MzlT9 it’d. «Ub cm and a atcr ai-d all improvement*, with or without the larnlinni. Fy., | "f< ,>f ?' Ura inquire of JAr. A. whITAKKB, Ann of Whita ker, Hannon A Co., 48ihvei-at. POR BALE—TJousc and lot on Cain* met-av., f ?,W; one on Tblrd-av.. $1 810; one for 16,000. PBrtBSHIMP, 03 Monroe-sL r?OR BALE—Douse and lot on Adams- P at., near LaSalle (a brick bnlldlng In resr 30x70, suitable fbr manufacturing.) #6.500. House and lot on West Jackson-st., $9,000. PETER SHIMP, 93 Mon ro e-st, 170 R BALE—Cheap—situated in best I business location In the city, boose and store, satiable Ibr any business. Immediate possession may be had. nronno rent low. Apply to JOHN PHIL LIPS, 168 death ClarksC F)R BALE—On Michiganay., an ele gant marble front rMldt*no^; also, oreof the beat corner lota on the avenue, 40x190. A. O- MEAD, 134 Banoolph st. F!)R SALE—A fine frame house on West Adama-ef*. nesr Ualsted. 14 rooms, gas, bathroom. Ac.: lot 28WX190. Price $6,000. A. B.* MEAD. 151 Randolph-it. FOR BALE—On Park-av., near the Park, a nut-class frame house, with brick base- Dxvnt and all modern improvements; lot 50x133. A.D. mead, lai Banamph st. ITOR SALE—By Snyder A Lee, Real X 1 Estate AgerU. No, 4 U*tnpiUtan Block, a new, first-class frsnrehoaie, 13 rooms, bnck basement, hot and cold water, two water closets, five marble man tels. bells, Ac. and lot S7Wxia feet, on between Washington andMadlion. F>R SALE—4OxI6O feet on north side Madlton-iL, between Welts and Franklln-sts., with bullring*—an excellent lot fbr Improvement: two* stsry tons* on West Adams-st., near Dalsted-*C, 14 rooms, gas, water and sewer, lot 33x180. at #6,000 ; 50 icet on Paik-ar. Ur lon Park. $5,000. H. C. MORE! A CO.. Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Blockjiwo new frame booses of 8 rooms eacbr and lots, on Washing* ton-st., near Lincoln. FOR SALE—First-dass residence on Wabast-ar M north of Twelfth-ft.; flrvt-elass resi dence on north of Twelfth st. These booses have every elegance and convenience, and are offered allow prices and on Uoeral terms. We have aim qnlte a number of desirable boose* and lots sontb of Twent}-second-st* on Wabash. Michigan and Indl* ana-avs., at pi Ices ranging from 4LSCO to #5,000. Also, a large amount ot valuable unimproved property la the Booth Division. WABBEK A GOODRICH, 135 Boom 2. T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X 1 Estate Aetata. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new twoiiory ana Daiementbilcshonseof n rooms, and lot, with tain, on near Twentieth-it. ESiatfROYBDt jpOR SALE—Choice lota on the Ayc -50 feet on Wabash, between Twentieth aad Twenty* fim-ats. SCO ffcet on Indiana, between Tweutltth and Twenty* first-sts. 100 feel on Prairie, between Twentieth and Twenty* Brst-sD. 50 feet on Caiomet, between Twentieth and Twenty* first-sts. 62 feet on Wahssb-av., near FJchtemth-st. 100 feet cn Indiana, bctweeaTwemy-Uii'd and Twen ty.fonith-su. A. J. averell, Beal Estate Office No. 7 Metropolitan Clock. ITOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real L 1 Estate Agent*. No. 4 Metropolitan Block. Lot 100br 125t*et, on VTashlnrton-st.^nearLincoln. Lot CO by 134 fast, northeast corner of Madison and Panjln»** ts. Lot 100 by 125 tee t, corner Jackson and Winchester* su. hire lots cn Llncolc-sL, near Monroe. Lot 43 by 110 feet, corner Michlgan-ar. and Twenty fUth-st. FOR SALE—Corner lot, corner Dear* bern and feet. Terms reasoiab>. This Is i no of the molt desirable lots in market, ana is otfeiedbelow the market price. WARREN 4 GOOD* KICH, Beal Estate Brokers, 123 Doaroorn-st.. B:om 2. T7OR SALE — On jSflicbigan-aT., an ele r rant building lot. 46 feet froctny 17b feet deep, on the northwest comer cf Fonrttentb*«t. and Michigan av, a. J. AVERELL. Ecal Estate OOce, No. 7 Metro politan Block. F>H SALE —A choice laim ot 100 acres, at Llbertyvlllc. III.: improvements Urn-class In (•very tespecu For oartlcnUrsaoply to A. B. MEAD, Beal Estate Agent, 151 Bandolph-st. FOU SALE—6O leel on Park-av., near Leavltt-sc. at a bargain It taken soon. Also. 71 Peton Washlrcton-st.. tear the park Ihh Is the finest residence lot on the West Slue. L. B. ROBIN SOr> 4 CO.. 84 Dcarboro-st. ITOK SALE—Only a few lelt, of those 1? choice 10-acrc lots. In Ger. Banter’s Addition, at 11.100 inch; 1100 down, balance In ten rears at 7 per cent. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-st.. Room 2. business Chatters, T7OR SALE—A valuable coal mine, in JL good working order. It Is situated on the bank ot the Ohio Rlvcr.on the line cf the Cleveland 4 Pitts burgh Railroad, below Pittsburgh, and not far from JjttnlenvlUe. Ohio. It 1* a Shaft Mine, about GO feet deep to a 5-foot vein ot coal; the than is tercet by 7 fret. There Is an engine and engine house, and ma chinery Is supplied with drams, 4E, ready for opera tions. The pn perty consists of a term of 137 acresi with the coal that lies thereunder, bm’dlngs, coal shafts, engine, machinery, 4c n 4c. It desired, the parlies ucrcb&slng need not buy the firm with tee ccal. BaT the purchase money cm remain on time pa>mccts. This is a rare opportunity for those en gag'd In the coal trade.or those withlng to engage in what has been, and u. one of the most profitable oc cupations In Cnicago. For particulars as to price and terms, call on or address me at my office. No. tt Cros by’s Opera Bouse. MARTIN ANDREWS.. 170 R SALE —A good clean stock ol dry X goods, together with the lease of a floe brlckstorc, located In one st the best business cities in the North west. Good trade established and a rare cluurefor those wishing to go Into business. Apply to W. GAY LORD 4 NON, Oshkosh, Wls. ■ F)K SALE—A hall interest in a good, substantial and legitimate hardware mano/astur- Inc business. f 4,000 to $5,000 required. ApolytoL. B, KELLEY, Boom 1, No. 192 South Clark-st. TT'OR SALE—The stock and good will J. of a well-established boot tod shoe house In New York City. Apply to or addma ROBERT GAbTEN, 2U Murray-st.. New York. FOR SALE—Hare Chance—Stock and fixtures ot an A No. I Fancy and Family Grocery Store, now doing a large and paying boslneas. Good reasons given far selling. Apply at 57? i West Late-st. IpOR SALE —Saloon anti fixtures, dtc., No. D 9 honth Clark-st t alto, fanilture, fixtures and lca«e in Rooms N«. IS %ad 19. Ring’s Block, cor. Dearborn ana Washington, suitable tor offices or sleeping rooms. The above, or either, wlh be sold cheap far carb, or exchanged tor a farm in the country or far city property, and difference of |S.wo cash patd. If agreed upen. Inquire of F. C. Lomits No. 9D sooth Clark-st. tTOR bALE—SIOO to SSOO cash will se -1 cuiea profitable btultota. To partita looking for tomedlate and largei results. this is a rare chaacs. IRDESOELL ft CO., Boom IS Lombard Block. UOR SALE—The Madison City Steam A UilLvltti Distillery atttcbrd, In complete running order. The mill will triad 6,000 pounds Soar, and me distillery ran 100 bushe s grain, dally. Hams, sbsd>. warehouses and offices complete. Good run of custom work, and borne demand for all productions. Can bo easily converted Into a vinegar factory or brew err, la concectlonwtth the mill. A flno opportunity tor a paying bestness, will exchange for Cnlcago property. Address B. C. MANNING, Madison. Wls. P)RSAI*E —A stock ol watches, jew elry, silver Plated ware, ftc., all good, salable goo’*B. will be sold at a bargain for cash, or exchanged for city property, with or without lease and fixture*, blroanon one of tbe best in town. Apply at J. U. MARSHALL'S, ROvin S So. 93 South Clatk-iC, Chi cago. FOR bALE —A planing mill, all com plete, with good Improvements. Main building Is twostorlc*. <oxso feet; engtea h;o*e ISi<3 feet: VU botse power engine; three flooring machtar*. •nrfacer, siding saw, ftc., all id good order, together with three doable teams and wagons barn and oQJce; lease of elsht lots, carter ol Canal and EighteenUi-s - «_ at #ljo per year. Prlc* fILOCfI. naif cash. Inquire tf REES ft AYRES, Otnce 10 Crosby's Opera House. L-vm PALE—My photograph callerv,at X 1 Springfield, 111, Just fitted up In good style. A splendid chance lor r Bond artist. Or. 1 will sell or take » partner in my establishment her*, the best gal lery In Indiana, ano doing ftfirstcjftss holiness. Ftom k,OOO to *t.OCC required. Adores* D. R. CLARK, La- Fayette, Ind. T7OR SALE—One-half or the whole of JP an Interest In a mannlactnrtsc business, sotn-*- what connected with Inmber, worth from *IO,OOO to 115,(00. Will be sold to a respectable man. and n<3 oth er. persons desiring to Invest tbls amount to advan tsge. wM addreis Box I'jao, Chicago, ill. T?OR SALE—Drag Store—Price S7OO, r or at ten per cent, under Invoice. Everything bunght within ten months. Examination of stock m- Ucltcd. Address "D ft P.” Tribune ofllce, tor oneweek. 1?OR SALE—At a Bargain—A meat and r vegetable market, with fixtures and irate. Price *SSO; fixtures alore worth SMO. batltfactury reason* for selling. Apply at or address 813 Btate-st. jfgr gate. FOR SALE—Prop, u Gcnes?ee Chief,” DOW lying at Detroit. Michigan. Class A 2. Ton ntce (oid meaturemeu;), 354. App’y to WM.2. KINER, Detroit, or to HARRIS ft DRO., S-l Lumoer-ft, Chicago. pOR SALE—Office desks, show case, JL sate In good order (Hall’s make), chairs, table, bins, drawers, shelving, ttores. &c- ftc.: a so, hors-, express wagon aod harness. Apply at 87 South Wa ter-st. I7OR SALE—At a bargain, 100 lons of X lump i*hlsh coal. Apply alNo. H cor. Chlcago-ar. pOR t>A!*£—Second-hand Imnber. in JL uuantltl«s to suit pmrhasen. at the Chicago Drivhig Park. C. H. WALKER. 13 Chamber of Com- t'OR SALE—At the Lake Tunnel—One J S 5 horse power engine aod upright tubularbollsr. One 2C hots*powereagmeanduprlghUa ularbjller. One 15 horse power upnent tubular Tbesecnelnneand tellers ore Lew. have been la use but a very short time. 2UJS tea T rati, welching 22 fts. to tbe yard. 1 large tan for ventilation, M. M. Alden'a patent, bnlltexpre-sly for this werfc. s Hi e, well-broken j ourg mules. 2 pumps and 2 sets improved hoisting apparatus and gearing. !5 cars, capacity 1 cubic yard. A targe lot of tools. A lot of Umber and lumber. A'fo, the bnt'dlocs, tboda. onthonses. ftc., connected with the Lake Tnnnei. A lot of catt and wrought scran Iren. DULL ft GOWAN. Contractors, Office, hhore abaft Laka TcnneL I7OR SALE—A grocery store in a No. 1 r location. Also, one two-soat borer, nearly new. Address P. O. Box 9*<S. F)K SALE—Ten Thousand Shares ot Minlne Stock la the SUrertbam T,***d \itolocr and STreltlnp Company. Inqnl-e of GODFREY & FOX. ACorneyt-at-Law. 151 Bsadolpb-sl. F>K SALE—Lease and fixtures of store ■od basement 75 feel deep os Dearborn, tontb of Wasblngtan-st. Apply at 100 Madison-sc, Boom 4, TTOR SALE—At a bargain, three first* I? cl a? i billiard table*. second size. Dare been ta use one year, and are almost ss rood as new. Phelan ± Collunder’s combination cushions, together with new sets of cloths, bare lately bet n placed upon them. Cces. Oallr, cne races ano coasters are all in complete runtime order, and wIT be disposed cf cheap for cash. Apply to JOBS H. MtYSR, No. 74 Dearborn-st, TTOR SALS Vessel Brig Robert _L Boms, classes 61, In rood order, and excellent on!2t. Capacity. 17,000 bu corn or 230 M limber. Will be sold on easy lerms. Appiy to HENRT S. UALSTED * CO-6 Steele's Elect, corner South Water and La balle-sts. gorTCsponfrcncc giHanteo. CORRESPONDENTS—Wanted The V. } undersigned, being young trend rood standing and respectability, actuated by a sincere desire to ben eflt you, but more especially themselves, mane ibis ap peal to your tender hearts aod sympathies. Orphans tromonrbntb. webare been thrown upon the tender mercies of a co.d and heartless worn!. In vain bare we looked about txs tor irlecds wbo would cheer us with their sympathies and aid ns with taclr advice, h'ocneii cored by the recital cf our petty sorrows, w.ddrlrui almost to desperation, we appeal to you. We need words of counsel atd anrlce to guide ns, wit and tun to please, love and nnnsense tost car days may be lore and cm rtchU pUa#ant,4in<l wc will do our b*Rt to return weight for measure. Address -L XT' or ‘•J.'* Box 60b‘«t. Chicago. TSo RHESFONDENCE—Wanted By V /two young ladies ol sweet ilttom, with a few gen tlemtc. OhtrcCfan, lere and iu%t«inonr. Adtnjis Mils JF-SKIEEOSS and Hiss UACEIETr, Chicago Post Office. JLott ana jpoun'o. TO >T—On Mondav evening, between a ibe con er ot un>h and tadlana'its.. tti-oueh K.v<>r. Late, state-*!. cars. Van Barm, down Wabasn ar. to Jackson tL, a Mmk Pur Collar. Any pjraon leaving the tame at 47-acd 40 SUta-sl., up stairs, with A. & It. CHAPIN, wld be sultab y rewarded. LOST —$5 Reward—On ilondiy, the IStb lnr..on the Wt« Side. asmall Hick aid Tsn —nr “ ,l, P a • finer leather collar. The above reward will te paid on leaving her at the marolo yard, Nj. b 4 heath Market-tL * r I ■'AKEN UP—On the 19th, a brown JL horse and lop buggy, with robe. The owner can e, ir u ? i“f « a ®e by proving property and paying char gf«.at IQO St»te-*t. T. D.HAIfDALL. * Worses, (Eattiages, &c. T?OR BALE—b heave track or dray 1 horses; also, one pair Ko. I medln-a-alzed mule*, would exchange for or buy a f«» good young mares. At Utticsp** Stable, cor. State mi T»»7-s?coad-9t«, ffleaaaten-JEaU »eip. Br>tmnfcEPEßSi SAtBwnBN ftc. VATAJ.TED—A Uret-ciafS carpet uphol- V* atcrer. to lay carpeta, hang cartalna, 4c. A steady p ace win be sire') to a good man. Aoply lo HOLLISTER A PHELPS, 135 and 137 Lak»it. WANTED— A lew good salesmen to travel with oar new Hand Stamp'. Good wages and steady employment. Address, with stamp, Q* D. HAMILTON A Co., Cleveland, o. WAITED— Competent male teachers for Ireedmen’* school* In Arkansas, LouUUoi* and Texas, The very Wit reference* as to professional and persona) qualification* required Apply at tbe rooms of the American Missionary Association, 39 Lombard Block, Chicago. TTTaNTEJO—IOO smart, energetic, live VV men to seß one of the beat domestic article* ever offered tor sale. Has no competition. Every family wanlafrotn two to a doztn. Profit very large, call lm* medially st 124 south C.’arfc-st, Boom 9, op stairs. J. B. NASON. TXT ANTED —A salesman, who can cn- VV gage peimancntly In borlncsa. Apply to OR VIS A CO., Room 17 80. 135 Dearborn-*!. WANTED— Three or lour good sales men to travel. Beferecc‘* recurred. Address or sppiy to W. D. TURNER A CO., 55 Sooth Wei U-st. \\r ANTED—An cxoerienccd travelling VV talesman. Apply to-HALL*3 COSQIOV COM- I*ANY, sonthcaot coroer Clsrk and Randolph sts. TXT ANTED—A first-class, active young VV man, to act as travelling agent for a Life Insur ance Company. To the proper * arty a good salary wlllbegnarartred. Address** 1C L," Tribune otllce, giving agf, references, Ac, TXTANTED—A salesman in a drygoods VV store. In a town of 4,000 Inhaoltsni* One wanted that can loan bis employer from S4CO to sdoo. Adores# u J,” Box S3S, Shelbj vtlle, lad. TRADES. WANTED —AnANo.l carnagepaint er. at U 7 TX7 ANTED—A Tinner—A first-class Vv timer, to go to Zllnnearo’is, Minn-, as lore man of a shop. Mcady end good wages wlllbcetvcn to a competent and we 1-iecommt-nded man. Inquired WM. BLAIR« CO„ 179 and 181 Basdolph-sl. TXT ANTED —A good straw bleacher Vf and prreser. to go In the country. A good chance for ot e who Is well qualified. Aildres* or call at MICHALSHIE*S office, 147' South Chl csgo. s2Eant£b-ifemal£ ]£?dp. TXT ANTED—Two young ladies, one as VV pianist, the other as waßcr.dn a saloon. Ap ply In the biuemert ol 47 C.ark-£t. HOUSE SERVANTS* TXTANTED—A pood girl for general Vv housework. MustbeagoodwasheraudJrcner. also good cook and be well recommended. Apply at 90 WestWaahtDgtun-st. WANTED— Girl to do general house work In a small fsmllv. Must come well re* commended, apply at 168 Sauth Uaistcd-s*, TXTANTED—At 242 Wabash-av.-a £irl V V "who in a co2(1 cook, washer aod Irouer; also, a girl to do chamber work and sawing. Nona need ap ulv unless perfectly competent and able to tumlsh sat isfactory references. \\T ANTED—A girl to work in laundry, V \ at the St. Cloud Bouse, H I Franklm-st. TXTANTED—A good girl tor general » V housework—a rood washer and Ironer and gocdcook. Irish need not apply. Apply at 009 Wa- XXT ANTED —A good, reliable woman, V V lor chambermaid. Apply at 289 Illinois st. TXT ANTED—A respectable girl whoun- V V derstands how to tase care of children and do op-stair* work. One who Is willing to make herself ctelnl can obtain coed waxes and a comfarfable home. Good references required. Call at 210 West Fqlton-at. XXTANTED —A grod, competent girl, Vi to do general housework. Lll»eral wages will be paid. No Irish need apply. Call at5S6 Waoaah-ar. ffiKanteh-iSigceUaiteaug. TXT ANTED—To exchange 40 acres good V f land In Centra) Illinois for a piano. Ca*l on or address JAS. A. DICKENSON. 9S Washlngton-st., Chicago. XXT ANTED—To exchange «0,000 acres Vl of choice Dllools lands for merchandise «r city propcity. WUi pay pirtcanh. Lands near rallro.vt. Title pert<*ct. DICKENSON 4 WEBsTEIf, 95* Wash- Incton-sr. WANTED —$5,000 or SIO,COO tor an Investment that is perfectly safe and that will pay more than SO percent. Address "M U,” Trionae office. XXT ANTED—To collect bounty tor vet- T v erans. sailers and one-year men. No charge until claim Is col’cctcd. Advances made on claims. A. GOODRICH. Attorney at Law, 120 Deatborn*»t-, Room 2. Office opto evenings. TX7ANTED —Any one having a horse, V V boggy and harness to sell lor very low dgurce can hear of a purchaser by addressing I*. O. Box listing price and all particulars. WANTED —Persons with $lO or sls to engage In a business la which they can clear irom fi to flO perdaj. Gallon SHELDON, 4 the New York Bonse, 229 Bandclph-st. TXT ANTED—Houses, house and lot, V V livery S'ock. boat property, lop buggy,double harness, suburban lands. Apply to 6. W.- Sea. Bro ker, Fancy Goods Bazaar, 104 Clexk-SL, corner ot Washington. TXT ANTED—We have n fortune for a V V lira man In Pennsylvania, Minnesota, .'fjwmrl or Illinois, small capital required. Apply at once. 12SLake-*t. A. C. BROWN 4 CO. TXTANTED—Owner, Bt the Centra! Po tt lice Station, for a bay mare, which the owner ran hare by proving property and paying charge*. JOHN NELSON, Depnty Superintendent Police. ggW \\f ANTED—Eleven male and six le- VV male colored teachirato go to Louisiana. The rerr heat references as to proteeslooal and personal quallflcatlore required. Apply at the rooms of the American Missionary Association, 29 Lombard Block. Chicago. XXTANTED—SmaII platform scales, sec- V V ond hand. lajulre at 141 South Water-st. \\f ANTED—The celebrated Gypsy wo- VI man. If you wish toknow all the secrets ot youi past and future life, the knowledge of whtcb win save you veais ol sorrow ard care, don’t fail to ron snlttheGvpsy palmu*, atfJ29 South Clark st. Foe, One Dollar. XXTANTED —A second-hand pair N. T, y T Club Skvtts, at 159 Sooth Clark-st. T\7 ANTED—A man with some cash to Vl Invest In a liult, game and provision stand. N o bonus for lease. Call at Room 2 No. 4S Sooth Clark-st. VAT ANTED—A can with SSOO, who is if temperate aod willingto work, to Ipvrstlnon ell manolactory. Call at Room S No. 48 south Clark-st. WANTED —A good horse, harness and top boggy. la exchange l?r real Mtato la the city. Apply to J.H. KEELER. 129 South Clark-st. TTTANTED—An energetic man with V T >loojo *SOO. to encage in a money making hast. CM8 \ TL ll) . br * r B i. rlct Investigation. Apply at 10.1 Soutb Clark*?!, Boom H, Lorn 3a, 3p. m. TXT"ANTED —Old and vounir, male and TJ female, to call on MADAM A. DfTAL. th* ereat eat Fottune-Tellcr known. She will astonish you with wveUttons-paat, present and lotnre. 393 Siuth TX7ANTED—Wc have the best aibcle * v for agents to make money with. Everybody la delighted with U. Gives rertect satl-facilca. bi-role sent to anvaddrets for 40 cents. AOdreS* A. H. JAMES ft Ft. Wayne, Ini. lATANTED—Active men can make ▼ v , from *3O to *SO per wee k— carp-nters twice as much. Call and see. or seed stamp li*r clrru ar. *v* Dearborns!.. Room 3. HOPKINS BROTHBUS. EHanich—&o Hem. TXTANTED—To Kent—A good h»>use, } r ,\ n * S<) rlO rooms, on the Soath Side, north of Twelfth and cast of .static, by a prompt paying, careful tenant. Address •* w,” p. o. Drawer \\T AN TED—To Rent—A lumber dock w*i«. 4ntJ 7 ard ' not »oußi ot Elgbteeath-st. Would be wlulug to purchase stock of any party vacatin'* a yard. Aodrtts Drawer 3818- 1 Vi/ ANTED—To Rent—A small cottage IT ot 4or 5 rooms on the We«t Side, east of Cur* tis, north of Lake and south ol Chlcsgo-av. Address "CF B,” Tribune office. TXT"ANTED —To Kent—A dwelling Tv. house, with Bor B rooms, in a good locality on the West or North side. Address, staling rent and lo cation, ” VAN.” IQON South Water-st. T XT ANTED—To Rent—A New England V v lamtlr of lour would like to reut a neat, tidy cottage irom May Ist next. Must be pleasantly located and tn good neighborhood. The very best care Uken to not abuse It. Address, stating terms aod location. “B." No. 62 North JcCerH»n-at. Wf ANTED—To Rent—A collate honse IT In a good neighborhood. On tbe North 3Me and near city Uml's prclerrcd. Would take po«*e«sloa atany Umclietween no.*- and Ist of Msy. Atiarcs* P. O.BuX J 9. Heal iistate—dounrri; "L* OR SALE—Farm ol 80 acres, three 1? miles east of Elgin and one mliefrom Clmnu. Good buildings, barn 30x50 feet, witn stone uu tmeut; 15P bearing fruit tre-s. well watered. AcHolmug are hundreds of acres of timbered lots, not fenced, atlonl- Ing tbe belt ol pasture. Be«t I-vation tu Kane Countr fordatryiarm. Call on CHRIS I IAN ft CO- Room 3 Ltcu’s ulock. TTOR SALE—For casH and port time. X some of the nest *tock and grata £trm» 1c North western lowa, timber ard pralne adjorn-ng. n-rma tent roaring water, and title perfect. Township lot*, with college, railroad ard vacant land*. Umber, prai rie aod water accurately marten, fkirtlshed at *i. in f.-rmatlOD tree. Apply to or address J. s. PRESCOTT. Brown's Bock Store. Coinmbua. Wls. F3R SALE—2O Farms within 20 to 100 miles ct Chicago—from S2JCO to *40.000; also, fine pralrte land*, unimproved—llo to Sts uer acre, and all cheap and very desirable. J. W. QEDEN HERO, 14 Lombard Block. FOR bALG—lllinois Sleek Farm—&iu acres, an Improved near Jo'let. 111., S) ml W tront Cbleaeo, known as the •• Jones Farm,” rained at Ktt.OCu. Most be sold at a sacrifice to close an estate. For particular* address MATTOCKS ft MASON, t. O. Box 1900. chlcato. lIL tTOR SALE—2O acres or land, fronting I on a abort distance wen of the Arte slao well, per acre; 13 acres on Twelfth-sl. aa- Jnnlnc tb? city Omits, fioo per acre: 45 lota near the corner ol Bobey and Uarris'in-et*., at fits per lot. This property is offered bat for a lew days at the above low aeuree. D. C.MOKEF A CO., Real Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SAJ.E—ISS teet on Van Eoren-sL, J/ with hail-lloc. near B. I. Depot, f.>r a few days only, at f3IO p?r loot. PCTEKSIIIMP. 9*2 Monroe-st. F)R sale—Lot 50x100 feet to aUey, within two block.* ot Knib-st. bride?, at f® per tront fvet QUIMOV A HAWLEY - . 7 Beyecldv Btocg. FOR SALE—Near the South City Lim its— ISX acres of erotmd that win soon be wanted tt»r city property or park property. It Is east oflnii aca-av., and trosu on Rsnkucee-av. Will be sold at a bargain to an acceptable partr, and Um* siren on half thi purchase money. Cad at No. G Crosby’s Opera House. MAKTIN ANDREWS. FDR dALE —In Evanston, at a bareain, lour booses and lots. well located. Prices, ?4.i&5. tt.CCO. (VM and {3.CCP—(iaU caih. Appy lt> C. E. BROWSE, worm si, 17 ißarijmers. CTOR SALE—Three B-horse power np i.' right ecnr«i; awo 112 horizontaleafnnes,s, ic »ra 12-nrr« power. Larger or aatller ensl"ej rnr« clebed wider without tollers. 1t,;5,i6 aadEVhorst toML'ar i:a locomotive boilers fi-r sale, belt mate. Aiie one 4-toUer Union Matcher i:l Piamcg Siciiiit. sj-smuw. barrel and wood-working mactlncry, irat, p.aLrra, tKlasc.svs*. files. *c. Msuunery Der i. r,\ Dezibom-sL, Chicago. GPKRVT f gB pppl A CO. OR BALE—Portable engines and bod* to tt'-h'n* cower, at very Jot price*. bv BP.OS-, 116 LaSalle-eL, opposite Chaaioer ot Commerce. 1 b«MU»jr acd sMcglemill and hevileg rounder, l jointer, and Z w. od-lumiaz lathes; * AM.nrse, 1 15- cpr*eatdlb>borsetowcrenrtny. with boilers, com plete: a>o, i 15-bom*. locomotive boilers. djJ Stale st. James warser. T?OR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and .S' stationary ecgUcsof all sizes: alio. Pntnam Ma ihtn&Co. (cots; one i<-toot &ed.2Mcch swing; one id. foci bed.2.’-inch swing: cneS-toot bed. 15-inch swing; two6J<rool!eo«.ls-lccn *wlnc;one 4K-f>ot bed. 14- lecb twin?, all screw cnflng engine lathee; two iron planets; two upright drills: saw mills: Farar’asor facer*; Woodworth planer* and matchers: pump*, files, beltice and hoe. C. 1— HICK & CO., 10 and 21 Dcarboic-tt. F)R SALE—A second-hand Buckley ro.dlnc machine—in rood condition. Price. aua Apply tothe TKIBUNK COMPANY. r ” Ce * Wio, FOB BALE—Woodworth Planing and Matching Machines of different styles anfslzee* one?MncfaSar&cer;aluU aa»ortm*nt ofSasn DMr and Blind Machinery. Uonltflng Machines. ’WnSt Lathes, Scroll Saw*. Bepawing Uachlnafsaw Arboi AC-. Ac.: alio, machlnerr to Ironwork— Laliw, Planers, Upright Drills, Merrlman’s PaSat Bolt Cutters, Davu r Patent Bolt SSSenl fiJaliiliS*: PaiettVSfe»-allat mannfMtnrerVpneSnffihtad* dpd. Circulars sent on application v MPRRixiiVr* WBI6UT l 14W«llwt, 5 “WlMiSi* SUuauona]^^ WALES. SlTUATlON—'Wanled.aa clerk T— w^^^jasai^ias? 5 QITUATION-AVamed, by n ■ IT? from New Torkcltv; de»-j * s ,a *Tw «l In some law *r m. cfcltv a M i;;? CITUATION-ATa D trt,'^- r -- r , O Toons » » .ram, to m. kc ,I*l bf , gggtotCM PTC. Adlrr.i Vfel&fa OITtATION-W a ntponrr=CSr~ O. calculator.** at bookkeeper. cr?rre-J.« W! ®ls position where hlaremces wcuid \.i press “BOOKS’* Tribune t taw. J/ FBSULRk, up stairs work, or to travel with «a wf ,z ' ia* Ins the rammit month*. Inamre fnr “K K," No. 303 West J*ck3on-si,ctica^ CITUATIONfc-^-TV anted, Lv k} one to do gen*rsj houseworr. end work In private families. ai>Mv »t , » Hal«tea-»t. and Price place. * 71 s * fw.* SITUATION— Wanted, as wTTT^r Have no baby, apply at OTFoartw-Dta^ 0^ CITUATION —Wanteil—A TOraVbr Owho can operate on five duiere&t vain. k. - beg* for a borne in afamllv wh-ier: ir the situation of a worthy but poncil~a n-A,.*•'*« dress Mies MARIAN. Ttlbane ota, r.' r?3a3 - -W- asrnts fflcaantci) AGENTS— Wanted—Just received Pm sem’s splendid SEW CNDER-FKEIt Lvrn.L' . £t SEWING price m c-vFi 1 table. Pcisin* wishing to secure the • •<■*M ♦.,,1* superior new mac! Ineehonld apple at £■ ‘.-i* lilS£OX, 104 Boom 6, thl'cggj A GENlß—anted—To enuace in tv.. Jr\ sale oj “THE HISTORY OF AlU:\n»v ~5 COLN AND THE OVERTHROW OF SL.WEpT one vol„ octavo, cl VM pages. By Hon. I. \ r 'rf late member of Congress, ard lor over u tr.iv v4-iV confidential friend of Mr. Lincoln. This j'nfAir work wu oedertakea three years ago *Uh tv ~ prcvalot itr. Lincoln, and la Jn*t ls;ced. u'V' ready selling as rapidly as the publishers tn» able to fill orders. The first edition so'fi in t.n>T days. ForfuU uescrlpnoa, cpMon ol leading pi>-i and men. and terms, address the pub fiber*. l'Lapv# A SQ and 83 Waihlngicn-st., Chicago. u A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to $2lO mi Xl month, tverywhere, male and female, to lce> dnee throusbont the United Mates the GEINtINK Ik. PROVED COMMON iENSEFAMILTSEWING CBINB. This machine will stitch, hem. ftll, ttet. quilt, bind, braid aid embroider in a most sup-as* manner. Pri«eon.yslS- Fully warracted f>rbr* yean. We will pay *I,OOO for any machine that kid sew a stronger, more hcantitnl or more clastic •rma> than ours. Tt makes the “Elastic Lockstitch.** Erm »• cond stitch can be cut, anc son the cloth laonjt ti polled apart without t-.anng it. We pav u fros $75 to t&O per month and expenses, or a eocnimre from which twice that amennt cat be made bECOMB A Cleveland. Obi... Jr ** CAUTION.—Do net be Imposed open tv otb-rpa*. tits palming ofi worthless cas: Iron maclduee uadre the tarns tame or ethers ise. Oure Is th-onlr c r- c Ine aad really practical cheap machine manufactured. AGENTS —Wanted—For“The History of the War Between the Statta—Trartag It. on gin. Causes and Results.” By Hon. Alexander h s-i. phec*. And for The Life. Letters and Sp.'ech-s of 'ri -'n Alexander U. Stephens. By Henry Cleveland xJ,« for rtrcnlarvand seeonr terms. Addres* v\TT,‘i\ »r PCDLISIIING CO., No. 10 Lombard like*. ctu-ago. A GENT>—Wanted, everywhere, to *tll Patent White Wire Clothes Lin?-. Can to |2O per day. Address -Metalic Clclh-s Line Co" - 92 bcneca-sl.. Cleveland. Ohio. '* A GENTJS—T\ anted— The Pictorial XI Book of Anecdotes and IcrtdenU of the War •• Warranted the most attractive, fist ‘riling h,o* ot the ape. Asents make from ISO to fiaj per wrek will prove. Address STODDARD 4 CO.. 10 J Wa,h inctoc-tt. Chicago. “ A GEN Tfc—W anted—Male and female, X% to sell a new artlr 1c la crest demand, that every want*. (4 per day made without leaving home Travelling agents can make from f 3 to IMp'rasr without Interfi recce with other busier**. Tnearicie shows for Itself. S*t pies, with terms and p.rtvusn ct the rnstneM. sent lor Si rents. Address R. W CHAPBKLL. Drawer C33tt. Chicago. * Agents —wanted—with $5 to $lO capita), for a permit eat mon-y-matlng basic-h at home, suitable lor ladles, gentlemen, clergymen, and teachers, and very desirable fop cold weath-r. Energetic agents are making (10 to #6O oer week, cvl cn or address, with stanus lor papers, R. WAYVELL 47 Lombard Block, Chicsgo. AGENTS —Wanted lmmediately, in every county, to sell standard salablebooks.nQ which large commission* will be paid. Audrey B.M bUEUWOOD. IQ7 Motiroc-it.. Chicago. A “GENTS—Wanted—Ladies and cents TV with a capital ot #5 or JtO are sun* to clear nay. For particular* address, with stamp, N. k. RAMSEY, 1M Woodwaid-av., Detroit, Mich. A GENTS—Wauled—Everybody—Send jt\. us your address, and receive In retain, tree ct ex pense, a copy oi our new Engraving, which *.•!;* tvf !0 cents, and It the bcsttbl-g out to make m'tie' on. Alto.onrncwcircular, with lull particular*. Brn’t ml*s this chance. Address SAMMONS, WHITE 4 CLARK. 179 Lake-*!., Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—For bakketts LIFE OF LINCOLN. Tie be?:, ttm: complete and anthentic work yet pnoilihed. President Lincoln having Wmse.f famished fiirthuwork aloce, the I acts ot his early life. Wc slve 10 percent commis sion cn above work and r.vT Expbixs cn woes of Books sent to tdk Agent. Address J; S. GOODMAN 4 00., rnbllehers. 5 Cm toe Boose-place, Chicago. A GENTj?—Wanted—To sell “The Lost a. V Cante.** tne only official Sonthern History ot the War. by Edward A. Poliarrt. ol Virginia, tnbeantyif olcnon sed erapblc delineation it has no equal la A mcrlcan hl«:ory. The work soeaas far Itaell; It Is :u own advertis-.ment. One Agent writes: *t hwecall-d on nx persons and sold fmr books.” Another write*: **l have canvassed three daj« »nd a halfl and havr t%. k«i 39 genuine snhenlbers—half ot them extreme Rad lesis and the 'carting men In the vlllase.” 1 his Ac*nt’s commission on the 39 tymka-amoanred to#o. Send tar oar ctrcaiait, read the recommendation* from the press,secure yunr territory, and engage at once. It willpayyon. Addresa C. \V. IHJLEY, I*nbll»her.a6 Reynolds’ Block, Chicago. AGENTa —Wanted—For “ W OiIAN'S WORK IN TBS CIVIL WAR." This. work, prepared under the sanction and approval o< Oie United States Sanitary Commlstfau. the Western Sanitary Commia-lon, and the Christian CcoamlMloc. will be ths most complete and Intere«ttnz work ot the kind published. It will coDtalnsKetchcsof nearly two hundred ladles, notice* cf about tour hundred others, aodajust tribute to ths thousands of heroin** whose names are unknown. Members cl Aid Socßtles and other Intelligent persons are d*slred to act a* agents. Good, energetic agerts can nuke fnm SIU) u flfO per month. Adorws zeh.t vb, McCURDV 4 CO.. Lombard Block. Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell article? in* J 1 dtsperaable to everv fsmMv. Fv»ry t-arollloc agent »hoo>d carry them. Etna for circulars, term*. Ac. Sample* smt for 25 casts. Address M. E. J’IERCh, Bt x 2S 94, Chicago. partners gjaanteb. T>AKTN£R—TV anted—ln a salt on and X t-n-pln alley. Jn»t started, aod doing mo-e am Uan occ n>.a caa att»nd to, I own the bail.!.: and S years’ lease on the ground. For terms, ftr„ *d dnsa “L K J,” Drawer 1.V4, Morris, Grundy C).. Ml. Ararecianceftr aman wlthsmall capital aod.ood business habit*. PARTNER —Warned—I manufacture J medicine for riles. Rapture*. Weaker**, and all dlseaie*, which baa paid over *so,obi) In ihep*s; erven year*. I mail have a partner, not leai than n, and of good addim ard habits. JI.oOC cash wiß pa:rh« halt Interest. Don't apply nnlns you h*vc thenwn-y. D. s.wamiEb.l64 Ciaik-st. "PARTNER —Wanted —An tic X. man. to take a half-interest In a good paying had he*«. Capital required*HKl. For particulars address, for three days, *•& S,” Tribune cfllce. pARTNEK—Wanted—A partner witn X 115,C00 to take aulnterestinan caUblUhrd hard ware lmn-e. Addrme, jer one week, H. WAIiE, Tri bute office. "PARTN ER Wanted An energetic X btulne*s man. with from *3CO to {SPO, In a light, In crattyeacd honorable Uu*ine-a. Call to-dav. :e’wo*a the hours ot 10 and 3. R. SAMSON, Room 37 Rey nolds’Block. PARTNER —Wanted—With Irom three to ten thousand do lars. BnelDcasnaylngwell. In rood location. For particulars applv to T. 11. PEL FIELD ft CO„ Real Estate Atmnts. Itfp.Q. Block- "PARTNER —Wanted —An enercetic JL man.with**akQa half Interest la an e»- Applr “ PARTNER— Wanted—Having $3 000, X would like to enter Into partnership with some responsible.person, or to boy an es'abllahed buslnt-s, ettherlr this ettr or some other thriving pUce Ad Xaflgrbtng. 2*o- b Etdridae-conrt. fnlt * of rooms and a room tunable for two changed*" 0 ' Crst-c J aßa board. Bekreccrs ex- pOARDING—A pleasant front mom, X.f ramlshrd cr cmurnlabed. scltarl* k'r two gentle men. with breakfast, ten am! SnnSav dinners . also, a tma;l single foom. at .No. Vi |Vck court. J HOARDING—'Jwo smglt pentlcmcn Jrna benfnmmc-dat-d wltlnormnndooaniat M 4 ans-st. Als ■. two with day board- TJOAKDING—One or two gentlemen * f dr*«lroos of a comfortable hom*. eiegau* room?* and excellent board, in a respeetihle family living oa lar ,r °C’ ‘be Poet Otllce. can address •C. Box 13-0. I*. O. Ptat resreaces required. f-J OARDING—Front room, with closets, X X unturolehcd, sultabl- for gintleman and wlf-*, t>» rent with board, at 37 Plne-et. Reference ict;iii.*cd. "OOARDXNG—One large front chamber X.X with clo*st,acd nicely furnished, suitable L.-r a ccnUeman and hi* wlfr, at N«. 143 Watuuh-ar_ be tween Madison audMoorcc-sty. "DOARDING—Two large, unfurnished I t rooms to let. with board : each soluble fbr a cer tletsan ard bis wtfr. at 3C3 West Madison-st. T>OAKDLNG—Four gentlemen can ob -Ls tain bean! and forrlthed rooms, comprUincsit- Übc room, two t«d roonsa AO'S bathroom, with • tami* »y on the North elde. east ol Clart-st,, »nd only t*n minutes walk lr>ro the Court Boose. Pnee ttfi ner weet AddrrM‘-£J.”P.O.J>r*wer6iG9.. ? jgOAHDf , - —-‘-DING—A furnished room, suita itv*Hxel£ *° rtns - »««» board, at Jao >v»Bt Band-Ipb-iL Berereae** req^iV^, T)oAFl>lNG—Comfortable rooms and iJ v , rood board, at moderate price, at US Sute-'C. oteblcck from Pest Offlce. T) OAitDIN G—One nice suite of rooms, JJ altb flr«t-cla»a beard, permanent ortranslent, alamUy or single cemiemea. 297 Mich- T>OAKDING—Five or six gentlemen X) can be accommodated with board and pleaiatt rtoms. at >lO and 42 Franklln-st- between Maadolpu. A’so. day boarders. Laie ma “ T>OARDING—Three splendid rooms to -1,7. rent we l turaisbed. with cl set. r«a « n rM r? rß *' ntJ * intn * and a so sltutle rooms D.y boarders riper week. Call at 6a MlcM-ma-?” "R’H 111 ,/ 1 ?!? — UoJ boarders wanted, at cS.s£fS2l? MaDamon-t. s«, 13nat5 iECiantci. TJOAKD—.By a centleman and wife XJ Aecoianiot!iU:n* nian be first' clistfm errr r»»r«-cr. Those whj <:»aiol o3er b'e center jerccs.u retard* location, seed no’ reply. Panic* aLss-»r;n;r nn*t tarcnneiteaiionihii? relertrcei. aochm "MEBcuaxt.*’ Tn^aofflc^ JJOAII O—Bt a gentleman and -wife, on Sooth Side, is ft p*i«»te ftotilr. Addresa elrins terms »oa Iccalloo, U.»x 127 V, Bl ,ni * BOA RO—For a Gentleman, east ol fctite 8U bet»«c Fotrtecn»b a-,d Twentieth. C> r COS 7.. a ° a aLd PnCg - Addrc. ”11 I>OARD —in the neighborhood cf tae -f second Baptist Cbnrcß, In a private fsml'v, % .ui'eof room* Ifcr senthman end wile, with hoirr. *««■. 8tallIJ ~ terms ana location, “fib W,~ Tribute ~R9^5 R—ln a private tamilv bavins no .^_ s Joun . s; WTnins’to par a'bi-n —With room, by a bach lor, op 4i?fr«r» “Sfl 1 * rf T«-elini-;C. i-artlei-rtn room 9 B*l4 or who tare literary •;? Pi?'.! 01 boarders, need pot replr. Good rriercm-e* given. Address **BACnELOH. n Tribune odee. T*OABD—By ayounir merchant, with w«»i. roroUtod aniteot roor. sor large Cron* rcoin.oa «A\?f? or^l,c^Z-n-ar^t«T we»n Madbon and lla:- SlftuS*** Bs * r «tccs exchanged. ~X.“ Box information £23antro TNFOKMATION—'Wanted—Ot Charles X A. Shepherd. ZS yean (f aw, 5 ft. 11 In. high, dirg half, lleht compUxiop. slender m person, dara cn/ eyes. Was last neardlrom at Galra.tiL, Oct. -T.iy'N intending to go to Burlington. lowa. A:*y loforma tloo concerning him la ol tbe utmost Importance, and will bo most uvanktUily received by u. SHEP BEBD, New MBS. CllA HUBS A.SU&P BHBP, Dayton. WU. Galva papers pleaie copy. TNFORMATIOy—Wanted—Ot Willie A. Connors, about 7 years old, buckeyes, black nalr. who has been missing from Detroit for five month* past, please address MABQARHX CONNIJK3, pigluu, Detroit. \ *b. %■