Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 23, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 23, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago Cribtmc, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY S 3, 1867. THE CITY. rrmsoxAt..—Among the American ladles who had the honor of a presentation to tbe Frencn Emperor and Empress, at the grand ball al tbo Tullerles, on tbe aoth nIL, were Miss Matte ton and Mias Amelia Cobb, of Chicago. Cxixsi n Tauvi.—Oa and’ after Sunday (to morrow) a change *n lh ? running of the trains on the Michigan Southern Hatlroid will be made. The particulate are given In our advertising col idds. . Law ScnocL l.rcxtn.—A public meeting of Uio law School Lyceum will be held Ibis evening In Room ta. Lirmon DlocM The auction under discussion will be: A/swestf, That conscience Is tbe result of education, and not an lunate principle. Tin Boat Tnnr.-Jotti Euhl, charged with tbe larceny of a wolf akin robe, was committed for (rial from Ibe Police Court yesterday In ball of fWXi. The robe was identified aa the property of Morris Hennessey, residing at No. h» Stale street. AtIXOXD rtfUCßT.— lo the examination or two tnm yesterday morning at the Police Conn, chaigrd with stealing • hog, (lo which bolb were dlschatgtd), 000 Charles Riley, an assistant ponnd-keeper, wss held upon Ihe marge of per* jury, to ball i<> IStU, and will be examined oo Inerday tflertoou. Accipxbt.—A (•crniac, named Charles Eastlor, last evening flipped and experienced a severe tall, nearly lo front of the luibukc office. The contortion earned an Injury toonenelbcr limb in so great an extent that the sufferer had to be conveyed to his residence, on Chicago avenue, lo a carriage. At Avcrton To-Dat.—Dsnlei Scott & Co,,auc tioneers and commission merchant*, at their room*. No. HU lake street, comer of LaSalle, will this monm g sell a large and valuable stock of carpet*, drawing-room, parlor and bedroom fur mime, boggy harness, Parian ware, platod ware, etc., commencing at 10 o’clock. Diirtiaudgn.—'l Imothy Ryan, who waa held far further examination upon the charge ot stealing and selling tallow, waa dlschatgcd at the Police Conn yesteiday m- rrlog, mor* on account of the non-appearance of important witnesses thin from anycnderce ol innocence. With a rooderat atiowauc* of I eaitb llmotby may appear in Couit again Utorr long. SrvoAT Scnout Union Concert.—Prepara tions au- in active progress for a grand concert, under the direction ol ibe Chicago Sm-tUy School Union, similar to those oflast} ear, which created such a larorc. Mtfers. Blackman and Wbtttemorc will be the musical managers. The Aral rehearsal will occur on Saturday, »t 10 o'clock, wUba the einceta* tickets will be issued. It is etpccied that from fix to seven hundred will participate to ibis delightful entertainment. To House Owntrs.— Those who have horses iLclim-d to stumMe, or tronolcd with tenderness of foot or cracked hoots, and able to travel at only half their natural sf eed to consequence of these detects, or any unhealthy condtUon of their hoofs, will be initreftca in inspecting * k Hall’s Fate'r Clastic On-Lion," a new Invention, which Is said to obviate. uem Its peculiar form, all of these dil- Centres, it can be seen at the otllce oflboogcncy, on the southeast comer of Clark and Randolph st-cvis. f rax.—A carpenter shop on the north elde,of the Mlcldcan Mills, in the vicinity of the intersec tion nf State and Eighteenth streets, was entirely destroyed by fire yesterday moraine, Involving a loss of about {4,000, upon which there was no in* surance. The onilditg was fill'd with a Urge quantity of fiuisLto and unfinished carpenter's work on storage. paint, tools, eUu, which wee en tirely consumed. The cause of the fire Is un known. The Stewart Divorce Case.*— lnvestigations made subsequent to tbo trial of this somewhat notorious case, have disclosed the fact that several depositions wrre taken, not Introduced in the Utah the testimony in which is ot a charactercven more condemnatorr to the reputation of the de fendant than anything yet made public It is no* secessstr to tallow the testimony through all Us salacious details, as its publication would only minister to a prorl«nt curio ity without subserving any ecu recognized as good by those having a re gard for public morals. National Union Association.— Several of (ho gentlemen who have exhibited an interest in the establishment of (he National Union Association met last evening, pursuant to call. William E. Doggctt, Esq., presided, and Samuel R Raymond, Esq,, officiated as Secretary. After some little dis cussion It was decided to be inadvisable to take further action until the act of incorporation of the association, which u la understood has become a law. could be examined. The meeting therefore adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman. A Souttkib.— Mr. Amick, Assistant Health Offi cer, was yesterday presented with a mons'er meerschaum by the gentlemen of the Health De partment, in testimony of their united aopreda uon of his good qualities as a man and officer. *] be pipe ib a regular Jewel—or would be so pro nonnerd by a ranker—being of mammoth size, and heavily mounted with stiver. 1c was tried In tbe presence ot the donors, tbe recipient puffing out his thanks In true fnmlgatunal style, as If both tbe preeentand its emanations were grateful fccesee. P. B. Stzfuesb' Cioclx.—A meeting of the James Stephen-' Circle ofjthe Fenian Brotherhood washelc In Übticfc's Hall on Thursday evening, at which important despatches from New York w ere read, together with a call for delegates to at tend a contention of centres and delegates, to be held in New York on tbc S7th InstanL A commit tee was appointed to attend the organization, and to take oiler action lor the success of the cause. A pnblic meeting of the Circle and the trieoda 01 Ireland will he held on Snnrlav aftrmoon, at three o'clock, in the large room of the same block. Diroowrsx Seuvaxt.—A woman of immense proportions, named Martha Robinson, who has been in service at No. lvo Monroe street, was arraigned before Jnstlce MUllken yesterday mornitg charged with stealing clothing and other portable articles, valued at sls or S2O, from a lady border in ibe house, named Mrs. U. A. Donohue, When the offio r went to arrest Martha t-he de layed the matter some time by closing the door of the rocm she was in and simply leaping back against it. It seemed to be hermetically sealed until assistance was procured to overcome tbe avcitdopcis. Martha was committed for trial in bail of«a,-0. Dnopptn Dead —On Thursday evening, Rebec ca Goldman, a yoneg woman residing at No. 35&14 Clara street, drooped dead very suddenly at the comer of Polk and Canal streets. She had IcU her house only a abort time previous, and had called on some friends residing on Cana* street to invite them to accompany her to a masquerade bait. Alter visiting these patties Mrs. Goldman start'd to return, and when at the corner of Canal and Polk streets a passer-by snw her fall. He Im med atety hastened to fier assistance, tint found her already dead. Mrs. Goldman was a woman respected bv al. her neighbors, and leaves a nns baud, with live children, to moara berlosa. A Fu«sDat.—Yesterday brought a tew hoars of fine weather—a noticeable phenomenon, ano one for witch wo cannot be too thankful. Still greater cause will there be for thankfulness *houla the fine spell continue. Judging from the expe rience of the past tew months, however, there Is not much ground to hope that yc«teiday was any otber than one of those spasmodic intervals of cjirliudc taken advantage of by old Sol to gather hla forces tor another and fiercer onslaught. He probably only dispelled tbe clonds for awhile that ne might do a larger business in tbe evaporating line lor the more effective replenishment of tb'* water pot whose sprinkler would seem to have been removed recently to make way for a continu ous solid eu cam of water. A New Yoce correspondent of the Cincinnati 7imt* says: “ X think I have discovered the secret of tbe peculiar beauty of tbc New York ladles 1 mean the smoothness of their skin and its deli cate coloring. It is owing to the constant use ot Jared's ‘Email do Paris.’ Perbaos yon do not know what tbe ‘Email de Pans' is! Who does? Its application cannot be known, for it cannot be seen, llw set forth as neither a paint, powder, paste, or ointment, but a delicious preparation that gives both tbe color and texture of polished ivory to tbc eklo. It is used here by every lady who can afford It, from the Fifth avenue belle down to tbe piquant and flashy avenue store girls who, 1 Imagine, Influence mochol the trade in our ritail «tqrce. Jules Jared btmself tea sort of magnanimous Quatitnofo, ugly and deformed, but with a rare love of the beautiful, since be baa marrlco a beautiful wife, and given to femininity the ‘Email de Pans.”' Boaud or Police.—The regular eeml-wcekly meeting of the Board of Police Ommlsstoncrs vae held yesterday afternoon at tbc Central Sta tion- Present—l'. B. Brown, President, and Com missioner Gaud. j he minutes of tbe previous meeting were read asd approved. A petition was received from policeman James B. Croaney. referred from the Common Connal to the Boaid, representing that be was disabled by a hiie in ibt- band rectived while In Ihe discharge of his duty, and asking the Board to giant him pc cattery compeasaUoc to defray the expense of medical attendance. Comml-sioier Gund moved that tbe Common Connal b< recommended to grant the prayer of the pel ii ion. Wr. Gm-d moved that the President be request ed to prepare a- communication to ihe Common Council ofcirg en appropriation of SI,OOO nr chest ing the nver, as a sanitary measure. Car ried. The Ikard then adjourned. Thx Iljujrn.ris Motbeb.—Theonestof Charles Williams and Mrs. Mary Knnsclman, with the dr cnmstonce* attending it, was published m Tester* day's rmnuxx. A par.ial examination was held b-fore the Police Court yesterday. The Pennsyl vania story was not mentioned, bat Mr*. Knua»-I man md that she came from South Bend, Indi ana. ana ba r previously lived tu Elkhart Conrty. Williams, she said, was formerly an intimate friend of *.be family. Ce-idcs tbe children men tioned m y-tterdai’s account, she eta cd that she had a daughter thirteen ycaifl old residing in a family at South Bend. In regard to the twin banc? horn on :be id tosiant, she said tha she hftntrirdUif.ndhoincsror them but could not, bo J s - Had they been girls ?rv^ , o! d « a ' e I ot y i4 'ambles who would have taken them, and after coming to this cllv the Idea Borne for the Friendless. There ot^ children were left, and it was that ard the CUyßo'e! : Elw badbSJf £ f gJS to drive) that tbev oficrcd the nackman tM to leave Ine children on some doorsteps. Thcv drove by Mr. Bench’s residence, and ita comforu able appearance canned William* to suggest that fAa< would be a good place to drop the poor in nocents, but the hackman drove on until be had them arrested by officer McKay. The unnatural woman said she was poorand lu reduced circum stances, at-d the rich could lake better care of. tht- infants than she. The man and woman were botn held for further examination on Tuesday afternoon. W illiams in bsil of ?2,WU and Mrs. Ennaelman in bail ot ?1,000. A9ChBinEKTB. McVjcEzn'e TirrxTnx.—Lift evening Mr. J. R, McDononch took hi* second benefit, and was greeted wi>h a pretty foil house. The Inch drama of “Artah Na Pogue” was presented on the occs aion with rood scenery afid appointments and a snonc casUMr. ilclionongh»nsialnmglhe part of ‘‘Shaun, the Tost boy.” The perionaicce was fkroraPly received by the audience and the beni fldarv was called before the curtain at «he dose. “ Arrth Ni Pogue” willhe tepefied this afternoon ar MOTtv» D —“The Hnrscnot Captain” will be ic ncated at tbe Malincfto-day, and for the last time In the evening. On Monday a new drama enll tied “The Wctleooye,” which has been for some lime in prcparadoi, will be produced. Tnz vousevx.— Hr. James Robinson will ap pear at the Circus every evening next week. His engagement w drawing to a dose, and those who wish to sec bis matchless riding must go soon. Skating was good at the Rinks yesterday, the cold weather having tae condit.un of the Ice considerably. THE PARK BILL. Dlscnislon of the Measure—fpcech of Ucntenant Gorernor Cross. The following is the official report of fie pro ocrdlngs in the iniools Senate on Tuc.dav ia«L in reference to the Park BUI: H Mr. McCovaKix called up his motion to roeoa. R Soo.l. BUI N 0.6»,.6», Mit iution l of « f ?“' “opmmracu and rug. '.SB u T™ *• “- d •* thr^'owSSS! 1 bU PMWonin relaUou to J!l2V K mo T e d that the Lieutenant Governor be Invited to explain the matter to (be Scna*e. as w,Ui 11 B.IK lh r “o I ;“w'i*o , i'?cs. r- ,£°;'' 0r 10 lh " Ch * lr ' *‘ ,d obliged to the Senile for the prlvl ■sk.«i?i ,c “ confernpon me—a privilege excrrlic for tbe first time during my offl- S "'to yon-pt saving a word upon b™ l /;*!’ 1 ! 1 wlih losay, at‘(he wii* 110 /? boowlngiy. been ever cnlan gkd in any bills. It Is known mat there bono. or perhaps two bills lu which my name has been placed as Incorporalor-uio Dock Bui, for In s.aLce— without my knowledge. ~, Le bill Mwbefoin the Senate, known as l h ™. ?■’? IH,I * 1 1 k "°» lll *l Ho'.r hi. Icon a great deal of discussion between conflicting la. l S'7!t' I 1?, 1 . tbcr0 6. h # M br®n a compromise made, and the bill now More the Seua'ororlbconsld. 0D * ,c,, t u,l ° r that compromise between ibovo rot.fltcliag Interests, and In regard to mat I have been obliged to do n-bat.pctliap*, oliiorgcn. ’ r “ r .° T h * vc done-to agree to a bill, the whole of which Ido not cxsclly like. And with rcrard to llitr, let me say that my first real conception of a nark lor nucsgo wa, in ('sllro'nla, on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There X mot Professor Fro? Jaw Olroslcad. the designer of (he Now York i en'rsl lark, and amvctyd with him fully upon the i abject, and oAjjftffe that I have been In favor of pat ks, of this nark lor Chi taco. 1 dot. I foot ol land within throe miles ol Its proposed limits. I have no direct la lerrsl In it In Ihe world; and yet I have been anx mus fur the passagei oj aotue bill like this over sln.e tbsiidv. first fhliy dovciopod between my self and Professor Olmstead. on the heights of the California monnUuii. I can say, in all sincerity, lhal 1 don t believe there la au/stea'. In this bill 1 'believe ills n good anuhonest old, and tho nest wo can get. Now, as to iho appointments being made hv tho Supreme I'uort a* d lln? Governor, I can sar that It was thought necessary by some of ibe tuatcUj ****** who have been In created In >his Mil, that the L.ommirfloncrj should bo apuoioied by eomo auUiorlty which should be dirconnecicd liom all our (oral interests. An objection wav miidetortclr being appointed by tho Superior Comi pi the city o! Chicago, because o«o of llieo lived In the vicinity when.- ico park is |o be loca ted, and there aro olbcr reasons lu regard to local inierttt*, which will bu readily perceived by every person before me, and therefore it was iboughL be»l to place the power of appointment in some persons wbo shall be above all local -and all polit ical Interests, and therefore It waa that the Gov ernor and the Judges of (sc Supreme Court were *rlecled, being equally divided as to polllfcs, and rcmuvtd lar from all suspicions of Improper indu ct cc. And though same Senators may object to this mode of making appointments. Lhote were the reasons which the framers of this bill in so amnclng this feature of the bilk Then, as to ibe matter of tbe large drbu hang ing over tbe riryvof Chicago, referred to ny tbe Senator. It is tine that wo arc largely In debt, and that va>lons projects now in contemplation mar increase these debu; but tU- bill only relates to tbe South side of the city, where probably half tbe property ana ha'f tbe Inhabitants are situated, and we prooose pimply to tax ourselves lor tnc expense that may be Incurred. Tbe other por-" tlun of the dty la not Interested (n It in that sense. As tbe honorable Senator from Cook (Mr. Ward) has very fairly stated tbe matter to yon, his portion of that district Is not included m any taxes that may crt-c Irom this bill, and are there fore not directly Interested In u. . We ask simply to hil'c the privilege of h iving’ Hus matter laid fairly before the people at their next r-pflng elec tion. Let ibem have the privilege ol voting upon the qcesGon, whether or not such n park l-» di *lred by those who will bo taxed under tills bill, sad that feature Is In It, and such an expression of the people Is made a precedent to any park. Mr. TntcntH. A ; low me to ask tbe honorable Speaker a question. Do I understand (bar tbe people in’crt-sicd In this park lax tbemvelves alone, and donot levy taxes upon other district*? TbeMTASEB. Certainly. Onr fni: da have come In and examined the see whether (here was any objectionable lealuce in it, and a particnlar friend of mine, one of tbe best lawyers in tbe Stale, Mr. Walker, now sitting on my right. Las carefully looked over tbe bill, and be assures me that It is substantially tbe same as was agreed upon by the citizens of Chicago, in a sort of large commlitee,a week ago last Saturday. It waa aub mltudtoaoumberofthe best citizens or South Chicago, and «lth tbe exct-mlon of a few “old Lcnke” w bo always oppose cverv scheme and plan of this kind, It was cordially approved. As for its bcirga real e*ta'e speculation, the bill provides that the Commissioners shall not own the proper tv they take, or it they have any interrst in it tho assessment Is (o tie made according to the usual mode of condemning property for other pnbllc pmposoa. Chicago is to become a great city. While some may seem to be afraid of the expense, (as bas been slated here), Chicago is larger to-day by 50.000 inhabitants, than New York was in IS3U And yet Chicago has not to-day, w!(b all ber greatness and prosperity, a good country road, with tbe exception, perhaps, of Wabash avenue avd a few other slice's. VTc wish to make Chicago tbe great city of tbe Ni rtbwesi, not only in her commercial Interests, but in her Uterarr and artistic features. We wish to draw von there just the same as mm are drawn to New York. We have not a good breathing place, a rood park there now to draw you to our city, as the Central Park draws every stranger who visits New York. We are prond of uor city, and we hope that you are proud of It too. We hope that the State Is proud of it, and we want some beautiful place for you to visit when you come to Chicago. We want it so that when you gentlemen make yoor fortunes and are canvass ing whether you will retire to New York or Chi cago, that we can have that there wblcn will In duce yon to come to Chicago. fApplan?e.| And we simply want the privilege or voting npon this subject to see whether we will tax ourselves to have a grand park that will bean honor to this State and the Northwest, ai the Central Park of New York city honors ihat city and State. And this is the question which we wish to vote npon foromselves at tbenext election. We really feel as if nobodr should object to our having that privilege. We have incorporated a provision (hat tbe Commissioners may treat with the man who own tbe property around the park, and so scute, in that manner, some of those conflicting interests which have entered into the compromise which this mil pte.-eiila—as for instance with tbe Drexela, who have broo spoken of-hero. Now perhaps In collision of Interests, and in this personal feeling wbicb has arisen with regard to ibis park, things may have been e&id wnlch should not have been said, and 1 doubt not 'bat I have done so myself. Hr. Wabd— that explanation satisfies me; that is all I at-k. Ike S pea Km. The bUI provides that some ar rangement can be made of tats kind, fhe Com missioners may bay the la»d. and I bare no oonbt that this will bo the result in moat cases. But there is no steal in the bill, gentlemen. I di«l not defirc exactly this nllll, but it is the best tbat can be bad. This lak.s part of that Drexel property, and leaves the Commissioners free to arrange for other onrUoas of It. lam reierrlng to tbemost beantifnt property for the purposes of a park around onr aty, and which one of the most accomplished gentlemen of the old citizens of Chicago, and at one time a member or this Legislature, now core to hie account, originally prepared for each a purpose. I have do doubt tbat some arrangement will be made by the Com mlsaioners to sccnro a portion ot It. it seems to me <hat when the Senate comes to an understand ing about the matter they will be pleased to go lor tnr bill. Mr. Metcalt. Does the'blll.msy I Inquire, con tain a power for a condemnation of the land? The Spcakeb. It does. That feature of It la copied from the New York Central Park Bill. It Is pot likely It will cvegaced to be exercised. It is expected and intendedthat seven of the most dis interested and public spirited men in onr ettr are to be chosen Commissioners, and that tho*e meu will act lor the public, and, in every way, tor the Interest of those whose property mvy betaken. Olhciwlsclt was thought tbat the bill would be Oiicatcd. Of course they will pay the full value of the property. 1 am convinced that If tbc Sen ate fully understood the matter they would at once pass the bill now before them. Mr. Wa&p. Since the remarks of the Speaker I deftre to say that it is more a combination of cot.Hicllng interests, for tbc pnrposo of land spec nlation, for the people. He was not against parks generally. His position wag taken from the request ol the Slayer, several Alderm>-n, and many of me most prominent citizens in Chi cago. Ifanyblll wetclopass.theoriginal blllwos better than this. He was pleased and satisfied with the statement made by the speaker In reference In the moMves which bad actuated him (Mr. Ward). He did not live in the distilct it was id, but be fell that be was legislating for the people at large. The conception of a park was a grand one—lf was made ip a picturceqne'and romantic place. andlbongWie thought tee Lieutenant Governor war mistaken, bat from respect to him, be (Mr, Ward.) was willing to allow it to be passed. If, In view ot the facts elicited, tbe Senate was will- tag to allow seven Commissioner* to issue the bonds of Chicago to the extent of sl,uuo,ooo, they might do bo. He objected to the mode in which the bill had been drawn. It was a sort of *own meeting bill instead of being tbe result of the deep delibera tion of a sound lawyer. It was possible to throw guards about it which would protect the people more, and this ought to bs done. Lieutenant Governor Bsosg said that they would not Issue bonds to the extent of a million of dol lars in the next five yesn. Aflerl some farther discussion, tbe question be ing upon tbe pa*snge ot tbe bll, tbc yeas and nays were called, and tbe bill was passed—yeas 17, nays 4. BRICK ISA KING* old and New Processes—Wet and Dry Clay—Xlxc Challenge. The subject of brick making it attracting can tlderable attention at tbe present time. Bricks bare long been scarce and high in Chicago, and eonsct{Ueoly lamb- r has been more need in build ing the shells of hooves than Is with tbe public safety, durability of tbe atrnctores, or the i-lability of insurance companies. Some have been made in Chicago—peihaps twelve or ftiteea mil lions oytar—and many neve been imported from oiter place*, Including Milwaukee. Those made there are cotaldcred bj some people to be letter than oilrrs. ’ibetr manufacture U quite expen sive here and clsewbere. The; can rnlybemado in outside laud? wh»re da; Is plenty and lae ground not ns'd for other purposes. A c« nrlderable number of is required in the brick yards, who command high waj>e<, a« the labor is hard and'unpleasant The brick i have to bu dried in the suo before being put Into the him, so that the process*!* In a tr>eai measure dependent on the weather, and a week ot rain xmII, in a large establishment, add l*o or three ihouf and dollars to the loss account—which mast be conn entitled for by an extra price to the buy er. Jhedltiaicc nom the city neros-Hated ts euch that ;bc cost ofiaaling is acon-idcrahle item, o'len teaching fi a thousand. In spite ol ihoe difficulties many stdl prefer to use backs lor building, and the demand Is increasing. Within two or three years many ex pcrlmcnts have been tried for lessening the cost. The old process of hana-uuking list teen almost ignored. Mauy persona have witnessed this process when a man stands In the clay bank and throws out the dav into a heap whert'itis welled and tempered likc?mortarand wheeled upon a bench. There a man takes up a f ortloa or the clay anapnts it into a mould, mak r*K the dlit fiy thicker than rparkafroman iron t«r on an anvil at the first stroke of (be namtner. The bricks arc then taken away by boys or womeo, careintly tain one by one on their edges M»d left for some days to harden in the n2®J 1 dry enough to stack lor burning. ** now *° much improved noon that 1 Lwd of SK***®* u ff«>er*Uy used, opcialed by Jr .^ e K?.°/ ,:r »f l ‘ l e«T by thj iStter. Kc- 1 S.VC wif different machines ii^«on?*.- broncbl °M* intended to do umral&.pnig,Mtli>Ulhl SS&iSWSPS a slightly camp condition, where U i»t,»7iS r mould. from .lx to twJolr brlok.. t P iuS? br mean, of ettmpen. ITiere are tbre. . malm.d for ibe method of o-lnc drj cl., liftS; machine, namely; that the cost or tempering U done away with, the hindrance trora doctrine in the machine obnated, and the process oi ana hardening tendered unnecessary, the brick* twine t-anstemd ctrectlv from the moulds to lb( kiln It Is claimed that In this way ’ha bncks are ten dered more dense end better able to resist the ac tion of frosts, lasting longer In the walls wlthontj the liability of cracking. Those who advocate wet made brico, bon ever, claim that *nta process necessitates a de lect which is an insuperable objection to the dry made bucks. They say that theltexture of lbs latter is sot good; that though dense they are still mote poious than the outers, in respect to admltnr? water, in absorbing much water in oau<p weather, and bolding it nntil the frost ex pand U and borate the bricks pieces, rendering feSfH ft t t?. Ult .v em; ,hcl f value three or SSTi, .«? a thonsandleaa lb an tbit of wet made i5rJA l » •»»«P nc « per thon-and In the yard. In our ia-ue of Tburaday we pnbU-hed a cbal «i5 B r° *w? tt *5 r - A * Hnlaclr, a champion of tLe old fashioned mode of makfng bnck, offering to compeie with any one In malting a kiln of 100.000 brlcka, toe proceaa of dig ring onl the day to be commenced at (be same time bp each part?, under of a committee ol ballpen, wbo aball d< clde which are tbe beet and cheapest bricks— the winner to take both kilns. This challenge was answered on Friday by Mr. E. It. Hard, pa tenter of the w> INkno* n Gard machine, wbo oflera to (ake It on other conditions, the principal one of which la that the committee be composed or brick makers. Mr. Knlsely Inforaa ns that be la willing to make tbe trial on the original terms, bnt that Ur, Oard proposes dtflbterr method-. Ur mjs that Mr. Card propurca to start the ma chines tlmullancoualy on a fixed day, *ut that h« (Ur. K.) proposes to commence at toe beginning, and ibonuh Mr. Card’s machine may possibly mould bilcks cheaper than be cac, mat la bnt a small portion of the explore of maklne brick-. Hr ibfnks also lhal Mr. Gard Intends to take bis day from a prepared bank and not from a natnrtl dcporil, and he insists on leaving the decision of the contest to a commlilceof builders, who, be •ars. know what a rood brick Is better than ibe maker*, wbo arc an rivals. Ue stands by his original proposition to start tbe trial at a fixed day. b\ digping me clay from a natural bank, and is willing to do It pro bono publico. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Pirorctfl Asked nnd Granted—Juffg* meutfc and Ron Suits. Business in tho law Courts continues to bo qmlc acUrc. Many now suits are being commenced and tho business upon tho trial ealendara of the Slate Courts pro ceeds to conclnaion or to a removal from Ihc necessity of nresent action, by continu ance, ao that the record rctnalna about straight. Judge* tv llllsms and (Jary nro In conatant pru«e cullnn of civil business, and ibolr laoor telle. Tl»c Probability 1b that tho collection business of Ihe Court* will shortly he more equally divided. It bclnir ascertained that iho term* of the Clrcnit ard superior Courts have been accomodated to the iicccaiiitcß of bnalne** by establishing in each the terms of Conrt each year, the lerma of in* lai peridr Court commencing on Ihe Oral, and of the circuit Court ou Uie third Monday of the roverlil months, excluding .Imy and August. Another change In out practice la brought aboitt hy the passage ef the bill aboliihiug tho disability of parties to bo wPneaa by reason of thoir interest lb a came co (rial yesterday the passage of this law was suggested, aud It was asked to Dreamt a driendaot to testify in bb own hohalf. The mo .i-VVn<‘seMl,tl,*.d*n,e ‘ J * oßclal nollflcauon not bavtng been received that thin is the law of the Mate, but in view of the certainty several cases wore continued that tbu attorneys may at come future time present tip Ir principals In Court to narrate ihe causes of the action, or the grounds of dclence. ° CIRCUIT COURT. This court is busy with Iw trial calendar. The bu-lues# yesterday was as follows : Mtchrcl Casey v«. bamuel Craig. Appeal on EliphatctW. Blatcbford etal. vs. D. A. Fred* i-rkk. Assumpsit. Default entered February 2(Jtn Judgment lor {1,311.10. Levi Palmer vs. Joseph G. Norwood. Aasumu si>. Default amt judgment for {883.93. Jacob M. Slice vs. Albert Smith. Assumpsit, Judgment (or {1,099.M. Pa-rick Brady va, William Winchc. Appeal dli missed. Thomas Gibblns va. William T. Hooishy. Ap peal dismissed. The bill of Guild against R«*mlck, the theta of which were stated Id the I'iubukr yesterday, as arlebg from a difficulty In a law arm, was dis missed. One of themany dower suits of Mr*. Frances B. Nicoll. bronchi during March last, was referred to the Master in chancery. Ths attendant, Georcc Watson, was defaulted. Two decrees of dlvoico were renicr.'d. The cases bare both been fully reported In this Jour* nal. '1 Irey vptre of Elizabeth A. vs. Griffin S, Lacey.; rocmeoced Jnnnarvatth last. John Burrow va. Mary Ann Barrow; commenced February 6th last. Bcpxmon court. r*Vlaf IncHl%n TT.l.nn .. dt,H cmmaJ m .rt. IL. Chief Justice Wilton is soil engaged upon the hearing of objections to the cltyaasessmcuis, upon which judgment Is asked. The branch of the Court usi ally presided over by Judge Jameson is not In sesriv as it has not been for some days. The folio ntu.T business was transacted by Judge Gary t Thoroa* Croghan vs. Travellers' Insurance Com r;in> ci Chicago. Assumpsit. On trial Thursday, Verdict for plaintiff with *4?S damages. Louis Pielaer vs Robert Burrows. Default en tered Jan nary Slst set aside. Abraham wise et al vs. LsrpoU Silverman ct al. E-fault of January 9ih set aside. •loci i.l’is et al. vs. Cbarlea Gtetxner. Assump sit. Submitted to the Court. Finding for plain lilt and judgment lor {C7S.G3. George w. King cl al. ve, John Denratiy. Assumpsit; submitted to the Court. Finding for pialntt£ and judgment for *129 90. Marla Mull vs. August Rehwoldt, Trespass to recover for an alleged assault; submitted to the jury. Che new suite in the Superior Court were: John A. Baldwin and Dairy T. Porter, partners, Ac., vs. Nicholas Block. Assumpsit; damages {C<O. John Thompson ve. Benjamin Hendricks. Con* stable. Case; damages lam at $5O l, .Trespass in noi returning a steer, pursuant to a judgment by Justice Dolsington. Martin A. Itorke vs. Hiram Joj and Augustas Frtabte. Assumpsit on a note for $73, dated November 26,16C6, at one day. Richard Chester vs. William Hayward. Annum. sit; damages $1,600. wilroerding. Hognet & Co. vs. Ignats Herzog. Assumpsit; damages SIO,OOO. George Sargent vs. Michael Tieman. Assump elt; damages S7OO. ward casseltman ts. George W. Bird. Assump sit ; damages SSSO. Adam Casecllman vs. George W. Bird. As sumpsit ; damages $250. Mahony & hocklorr rs. McCormick & Callen der. Assumpsit; dan iges $1,500. Charles Hardy ts. Mary A. Hardy ond others. Bill for the»ale otlcasehold property, the Uarjy House at LaSalle, that the property may be re invested for the benefit ot the estate. COCHTT com. This Coart was not in session yesterday, nzconnzn's coubt. In this Court a lew motions for new trials were heard, ihe convicts of the term mil be arraigned for sentence ibis morning. Tbc following divorce cases were commenced. Upon tbe face of them. 11 read together, they would seem to have a connection, tbe one witii ibe other, not known to the outside world: Ernestine C. L. 11. fcchlathamn tb. Frederick C. U. E. Schlarbana. BUI for divorce. The pe titioner alienee ibot she mamcd the respondent at Brooklin, New Jersey. December 18th, 1351, and i-onsortcd with him nutll about two Tears and three months slacc, ween, she chargee, he desert ed her without cause. The dclendanl at the came time entered il< appearance by attorney and waived service of process. Alexander W. Corliss vs. Eliza L. Corliss. BUI for divoice. The bill alleges a marriage at Wal tham. Mass., January Ist, 18GI, and a living: to gether until two years and three months ago, when it la alleged defendant abandoned the complain ant. Tte bill also asks the custody of lonian W. Corliss, aged five Tears, the Istoeof the marriage. I he delcndant in this case also waives the service of process, the same attorney as in the preceding case appearing tor her. D ASHINGTOVS BIIITHDAV. lih observance— Fenian Parade—and Ball. Yesterday, the anniversary of the birth of our lmm‘ rtal Washington, was celebrated In Chicago, and probably In all the cities of the Union, very much as all such days are, namely, with respect. civility, reverently, bat with no great amonnt of outward demonstrations. An observant eye might bare seen that the city wore a semi holiday aspect. The banks were closed, the Board of Trade was not in session, a great many persons who usually are very busy on Friday were very Idle. Yet there was no general manifestation. It Is Impossible to get np any enthnritsm on birthday anniversaries how ever great and worthy the individual may have been who becomes the object of onr adoration. The Fourth of July seems to exhaust all our energies in the matter of celebrations, and no other epoch in the year can hope to compete with It. Every citizen honors in his heart the name of George Washington. But when he is expected every vear to quit bis business tor a day In order to make a formal acknowledgment of ms admira tion, without any compensation in the shape of amusement, tbe enthusiasm is apt to wane. So it was throughout the aty yesterday. We lifted our hats to the memory of tbe Father of bts Country, t aid “Great name all hall,” and passed on to our oidlnary avocations. ILd It not been for tbe Fentaus the day would have passed over without any outward rccoecPlon whatever. The sous of the Green Isle, the warlike portion of them, taking advantage of the occasion to get np a public re view of thexr regiment, made the streets lively for a time with a show of muskets and with the strains of music. The closing of tbe schonUMoo, ban some influence on tbc general aspect of a flairs In tbe city, at least In certain quarter* of 1L Tbc Court House snd fhe Court House square swarmed with bands of children, and Hut rusty, dull old edifice resounded with unwonted sounds of mirth, much to tbc annoyance of the legal profession, which was greatly shocked by tbe lutruslun. Tbe Fenian demonstration was tbe event of tbe day. During the past winter the regiment has received new uniforms of tbe Fenian regulation style, consisting of a dark blue fatigue cap with green trimmings: green coat, cavalry pattern, with yellow trimmings, and light panto, tbe same as worn bv onr vulnn-cers. Tbe men ate armed with (be Pittsburgh rlile. The unmtur who turned out In procession was about si 0. forming a well ordered and highly re spectable looking company. The following arc the names of tbe field and Hue officers in the or der in which they paraded: Colonel—James S. Cosgrove; Lieutenant Colo. nel-John Dunn. The Logan Circle, represented by thirty-one men, was cotmrandid by Captain John Melville. The Corwin Fuelkcre of the Thomts Davis Circle, unmlMring seven ty-fiv - men, was com* manced by Captain Michael F Bell; the Emmet Guards, by Captain M. A. Condon; the liberty Guards, Captains James O'Connor; the Ktcham Guards, I.lrnlenart Patrick Mooney. The procession formed at the Fenian Armory at the corner of WciU and Randolph street* a boat eleven o'clock In the forenoon, and headed by lanctn s field Band, consisting of thirty pieces, marched through the p*tncipal streets of the city, the procession was rather small, considering the number of Irishcltlc i.s residing here. Bat the company of soldiers only formed tho nucleus of a tmcbiy Uiiong o> unoiganlzed cllucns who lol loped Item, or rather suronnded them, on all •■ides. Wherever thev went, the sidewalks as* fUmel the aspect of St. Patricks Day. 1 he celeoration, so far as the Fenians were con cern-d, was happily closed i>y a ball given by them at the old Board of Trade Halt in the even ing. Ibe nlacc was filled with a brilliant com l-any, and the festival was conducted in a most oideily manner. The soldiers dotted their nut foitns and appealed in civilian costume, and It is needless to say that every one extract*! the gieatest possible enjoyment from tbe gathering. An elegant supper was clvcn in the course of the evening, alter discussing which the festive party again Joined In the dance, which was kept up till au early boor this monituc. THE OPEHA HOUSE DRAWING. Tlie lout ot ibe Claim—Award of Pic turn La»( ETenii>s« The last on the 10-ic lift of clubs, formed in this c;(y for the pnrpofe of draw In? the Opera House, distributed the prizes to \\ hlch- they are entitled, last evening. These were (be Railroad and the Exfto»a and Telegraph Club*. A somewhat *mall reptescntstion of the dnbs was present at the drawing, which wu helo Id one of the rooms, occupied by Professor McCoy, io the Opera House heyday of anticipated success, when each of these dabs Intended to secure the Opera Uonsc as a permanent Investment for their energy in ibe dramatic ot operatic line. It was proposed that a sale sbonld be made of the property, or that It ehonld be run as a Joint stock enterprise. The sucrcsfroi draw made by the owner of tbe lonr-tailed night shut, and tbo ecataly of tan stole results to the dribs, caused a chance of programme. It was resolved to adopt the pore paeVera’ plan and give to some one lick* et'hoider the several prize*. fbo Rallraao Club held four hnndred cemfl cates, numbered onward from 43,001. With these they dnw two prizes, thus set duwain the Asso ciation list: No.lH—“ bo. 229 “ Winter Scene.” Tbe officers or tbe Cloh speak of these is a dr cnlar lo the member* as follows: “ the two are variotulr estimated at from f2OO to 1300. The former would not be appraised, by some, as worth over ten dollar*, bat »he Winter Scene, It U said, cost Mr. l rot by 1430.”’ The members of tbe Clnb organized themselves speedily for the drawing. Tbe re were no '.‘VtelcM speeches, aloelt Mr. Stin { son did more than once have to urge I npon some youthful gentleman to mount the toe tram and “take a turn at the crank.” One or t-*o s;' s°» l —ii «. SS SSI ibe'oUicrc°n“boral! t*iffhroSambfnUVreialt .luicor mi tli.l the plctnro •' I. JS , snb.'CT to to the ord«rofW P Stantn- «rr £2l* land. Ohio, and “Winter Scene” la rirtf/oS i property ol V. 8. Stover, tbe «nMHni*nS.n» «r th -A , hort l h^. Hf - J<Hcph of Arbor! horse is soon corned.” ihe nrla-'i bid found o.ner., and tho “ Kxpr.„ id Wle! l*ome time was ocenpted in cxamtnln* the tick els.andwhtTiLho examination dosed U was bus teeftd ltal“.1o. 176' ni mluluit. oJc IX. tatigabh member of the committee axamias.i ill ? ,t),e ? tbaUol « ■near ofShbor progress In nmmeratl-m Inrrr Hme”. and another member of the committee te-ted tho accuracy of boll.. No. 173 waa MdoSSwl! p^nr 7f. v**Mmli»alloii of twelve hundred mixed tickets was not lobe thought of. soUvreS unanimously resolved, that ll No. 178 drow either pn«o too whole thing should ’bo done over again. No. old not however turn np jin tihls Vav lor, when the spngbily yoirf at the wheel with drew bis arm, ir was found taat the prues were drawn by numbers 6»L j i» end tfL lbe pi™ bavo now the following niuprte'ors : ** *. Kf«/ Morning C. U, Dole, Clinton, lowa. .. i5 ,bc W. O. Osgood. Chicago. Flower*,’ William Sheridan, Chicago. &«"»«• raou,h hrfr\V 1,0 ? Lb R reiinii.llei.lijn ~ io Li , ii!s dr * wrj ‘J' oourll til rolUDlecrcd R.J-SRShff d "? m * Ul,m nuvlnr »lR»od In humor'’ I>,rtr •'•’“•'•“I 1“ trti ,ood First Church, comer of West Washington and Oterop street*. Her. W. W. Patton, pastor. Pub- He aerrlcea at itm a. tn. and 7K n. a. Prcacniu? br Hav. Dr. nano. BlMo class at 9a. a am) Bab* hath School at 3 i>. a. Conference and urarer ncellbg Wednesday evening. Young peoofe’a prayer circling Friday vvemrff, r ' Plymouth Church, conn Wabaah avenue and Lidrlngc court. Hcv. L. K. Matson. pastor Res idence 7SO Wabash avenue. Public services at 10M a. m. and p. m. babbalh bchool and Bible classes ata p. in. 1 nuo* people's prayer meeting Monday ereoteir. Conference and prayer meeting Wednesday evening * TlioTrcmont In Danner-Low 910.000* riRB on LAKK STREET. Between light and nine oVlock last evening an alarm ol flpo. rang from bar No, 0, called tfa« Fire Department to tbe Trvmont Uonae comer, in the vicinity of * McL engines wore speedily located nnd In a very law moments three or four streams £L7i I F..n C i? ,, * , * sr! y r "P°P lb<! ‘bird a'oryofn building at No .'■* lake street, fiom ihe windoMh of «dilth a dense smoke was Issuing. 1 ho buliulng Is lour stories and a basement in heightlu fiout,ancl twosiorleson the alley, and JolueO the Treroont House on the east aide/ It In L*nl/ m . c l? D i ,(J,mr,n * h,ch •» Incipient flro was om about sir week* ago, ilio flte was first discovered by a merchant's* pgucenian, named Johu Ryan, woo was on duly »fl tho alley In tho rear of lac premises, and aud deuly became aware of the Ikct that there was an unusual smell of smote tmhe vicinity. He aoon ascortatned la location and the alarm waa imme diately given. The second and third doon of the building were occupied by Jones. Pickard & Co., wholesnlelew ellera, and manufacturers of pict.d ware, the first mentioned room bring occupied for the sal* of their goods, and the other for tbe manufacturing pappose*. Upov this third floor, near the fro aI. in some manner unknown, tho fire orlplnnted, hot with thei exception of the door above (*btcb was occupied as a storage ioom lor empty Darrel*, bar rod straw packing material) Its ravage* were corflned to this one room, and so tar as tho Are itself was concerned the Carnage done was com paiatively trifling. Bat there vti% great danger at onetime of U« obiatnloea firm boldon the fourth floor, wnlch would undoubtedly have caused* far more ex tens Ivo 1. ss. Tho vlgtlaocc of the Fire Brigade, under the immediate supervision of Fire Marshal prevented the flames from spreading, floods of water worn poured Into the building, however, and the damage to tho occupants was necessarily considerable. The building was owned by the Couch Saute, and la believed to have been damaged to the ex tent ot $2,000, which Is Inlly insured in the “Fire men's,” of this city. Jones, Pickard & Co. were damaged to the amount of (3,500, which was covered by Insur ance. The first floor was occupied by John H. UossA Co., drygoods Importers and commission uer* chants, who only about a week ago removed to the place from No. 49 Lake street, and were roll:* tlog ard making tome improvements to the rear partof the room. Thtlr eoefi* wcic quickly re moved totfcc back part of tblfftore, end covered with heavy canvas, hot they lose about SS.UOO, which is (ally insured. Ike basement was occupied by Cole, Marcuse £ Lo., dealers in shirts and overalls. As their stock received the foil force of the water, which trickled through from the upper floor, (assisted by holes made In the (loots to carry off the water), their stock was very much damaged, and their loes was thought to be *1,500. Their insur ance was not ascertained. The water communl ca*»-d from this basement to the wine cellars of the Fremont Douse, hot no material damage was done there. * Tbo total losses were about tIO.uQO IDE GAS IIILL.. Letter from Hon. B. C, Lamed. The following has been addressed by Don. E. C. Lamed ** to the members of the Sena'c and House of Representatives of the State 01 1 lllnois." The Gas Bill passed the Douse by a deciacd ma Jotiiy on Thursday, and pending the motion to re consider, the House adjourned: The undersigned, (chairman of a committee appointed at a public meeting of the citizens of Chicago. Inelrncted to advocate the passage of a bill, now before the General Assembly, to author ize the city of Chicago to manufacture and supply gas for said city, begs leave to state, that the bill in question is one which ailecta only the cily of Chicago; that it haa been approved by' the people In a public meeting; by the Common Council by an almost nnanlmoua vore; by almost (be entire press; by (be petitions of several thousands of our citizens. Including our leading business non and largest property-holders, as well as the mechanics and working-men; and that if is not to become a law until, after a full mtetiigaiUm of the exj-edlency of the mature, by a Commhtiouprondeafor that purpotty U hat bun adopted by a majority of the people. ‘•it was difficult for the undersigned to under stand bow the Legislature could be induced to refuse to the people of Chicago the right to deter mine lor themselves by a vote of the people a matter approved as above staled, and affecting nu other portion of tbc State. Out as the contin uance of the present gas monopoly la of such im : mense value to the gas companies, and they are here opporlpe the measure. It is necessary that I should explain to the members of the legislature the importance of the passage of this bill to the interests of the city and the citizens of Chicago. “Gas Is now supplied by two companies—the Chicago and the People's uas Light sod Coke Companies. The tint supplies the North and South Divisions, and tbe otoor the West Division of the city. Tbe charter of tbe first named com pany bas no limits or restrictions whatever. They can charge what price they please, and are no way made subject to any public control, eltncr as to lighting the streets or the measurement or quan tity of gas In the coarlcr of the People's Com pany, as originally passed, this defect was sought io be remedied, and the Common Council were authorized to regulate of gas. But subsequently ibis company, by some means, got through an amend ment preventing any ezercl oof sneb control over tbe price, by tbe city, for ten years, and prohibit ing Item from ever reducing It below three dol lars a thousand. “ihe cty is now being fnml-bed on the North and Sooth Sld*-s, under a contract mvle In May, 1359, and which expires in May, 1869, by which the Gas Company bound themselves to tnrnlsh gas to the dty at $2 a thousand, and to the citizens at s*.so per thousand, tor the term ol the contract. lUe company ascertaining subsequently that so Taras the citizens were concerned, thl- contact could not be euiorccd by law. they raised Ihe price to citizens to $S 50 per thousand, where it now continues. "This was done in tbe face andjeyes of their own solemn engagement in w tiling, and shows in a striking manner bow unsafe It is to trust to the honesty or tair dealing of a corporate monoooiy. “As soon as this contract with the city expires it will bo lu tbc power of the company to raise tbc price to eucb a sum as they shall choose to de mand. and. unless the city comply, to cat off tbe pas from the public street? and bnildings and leave tbe city In darkness. They will. If this bill is not passed, have the absolute control of the matter ri their own bands. “An increase ol price to $6 per thousand, (the price below which the West bide charter prohibits a reduction,) would enhance the cost of public gas UK) per cent, aud.arid nearly SIOO,OOO annually to the expenses of the city. The citizens, too, are entirely at the mercy of these monopolies. In other cities they have in their charters been made subject to the public control; but la cur city they have unbounded powers, and can charge wbstthey please, glvcjnu such quality as they please, and measure toe quan tity consumed in their own way, and the citizens have no remedy. Gas has become an article of public and private necessity in onr large cities, and snch an article should not be loft subject to such a monopoly. “It has been found impossible to correct the evil by competing lines, because tbe narrow confines oraebectw)iliio’,ln addition to tbe water and sewer pipes, admit of more than two lines ol gas pipes at the utmost; and If there are two rival companies, either the stronger swallows np the weaker, or the two enter Into combination. The only possible relief therefore. In cates where, by ihe charters of tbc comoanles (as In Chicago), they are wholly Independent of all pub lic control, is to give the city power to supply Us gas for itself. In the same manner as it doe* water. “The bill now oilcied gives the rightto the city of Chicago to maunfactnre and supply gas by the same Board of Pnbllc Works, and in tbe same way, substantially, as It supplies water *o the city. Tbe bill provides that tbc pas shall bo supplied at a price which shall cover tbe cost of Its manufacture, the Interest on the fund expended in providing the works, nnd of a sinking fundto pay the d-tbts: and any amount advanced temporarily by the city, out of the general land, to pay Intel est on tbe bonds expended in constructing tbe works before they are in operation, (uroriacd the present com panies should elect cat to sell their works to tbe city), Is <o be repaid subsequently oat of the rev mms of the gas works; so tbat the whole cost tells exclusively upon tbe consumers of gas. In css tbc gas companies choose to enter Into a contract with the city to continue to supply the gas to the city and citizens on lair term*, as to price, mcarnrenxnt, etc, the bill provides that the city may delay entering upon Che manufacture so lone as snch contract is faithfully obseved. Tbc companies arc now charging ns $3.50 per thousand. Tbe actual cost, after careful investi gation. Is believed not to exceed $1.59. It was admitted by Alderman bh«ckford (who stated that he bad been permitted to examine the com pany's hooks.) that it d'd not exceed (3 per thou •3/a. Ihe whole amount supplied (or 1-61 by tte Toute Side company, according to tbe returns at tbe United States Revenue office, was over two hundred million eet, of which twenty-seven millions were famished the city; snowing that on one hnndico and scvemy-thrcp million fed *hey were admh’ed to be charging?! Mo^erand above cost. “If we suppose the cost to be fl.SOpertbO'.. sand, exclusive of t cpairs, whxb would be a force estimate-, and lake the entire consumption of tbe pa» tyear, two nundredand fifty million-of feet, as a basis.and allow an annual Increase of consump tion of sixteen per cent, which is found bv expo* nonce to be a reliable estimate, acd allow aa the con of works acd pipes the sum oftroand a hall millions of dollars, whi'ii 1? believed to ue (Sr mote than nlll be needful. and allow eight per cent irtervst on such will befonnd tnat the city,after redncinc the prlccofgaajlpertbou- Bund, wti) In etcht years nalizc a rain to the diy and citizens ot over two millions ol dollars, to be applied to the repair and extension of tbe works and the payment of the debt. Any member can make (be calcnla'ion tor himself. “The people of Cincinnati have voted, by over ten thousand majority, to purchase tbe pa'-works of that dty, and take the sup plying of caa into their own hands. A con-mince appointed by tbe diy •( Boston Lave, after a very extended and careful invest!- cation, by sworn witnesses, unanimously ex pressed tbe opinion that it ms expedient for the city to take tbe business Into their own bands. In tbe city of Manchester, in England, containing a population of over 80. ,000 people, tbe gas works bare, from tbe first, been owned and ran by ibe city. In tbe dty of Philadelphia, where it lim been coder public control, under a system objectionable in many respects, it baa yet, in : spile of these defects, proicd a great success; ! and tbe official report or 1' Cb concludes by saying ‘that the trustees desire lo fcall the especial at temioc of councils to the uniformly weeestjul manner In which the sifolrs ol this tens t hare been rotdnrlcd for a period of thirty years ;* and that the Ircasnret’s report for the same year shows a profit ot—leaving, alter tbe payment of iiiKrest and slcktnc fond, a net baiarce of over . IfflO.lCO to Ibe cndilofibe general fund of the I diy. ■ I “This snmmaryof facts win show Ibe great importance of the matter and tbe large extent to nbicb 11 aflects tbe Interests of oar aty and oar citizens, and It is for tbe legislature to say wbeth tribe peot-le of Cblraro shall or shall not have the power, by their votes, to determine this im portant matter for themselves, or whether the Ixculature, by rt-insin* to pass this bill, will leave them to the unrestricted monopoly of the ns companies, without any means of resistance or pi election. “ It would seem that the reasonable request of our people lo be permitted to regulate tbls matter, which aflects to one but themselves,—a request endorsed by the united voire ol our City Govern m« nt, and bv sevt n out oi nine of the entire dele si'loo from Cook County—abonld not be regarded at tbe instance and for tbe sole benefitol a private, moneyed, cortorste monopoly. •• 1 bis bUi does not take away from tbo existing cas companies any right or pmllege which has been coni rred on them. It simply gives to the city ard people of Chicago, for the general pub licbenefit, the lame powers which the Legisla ture hare given to these corporation* for their own private advantage. “Any siatementa or Intimations to the effect Cat this bill is anything else than just what It porporla lobe, or that any private or personal onject Is Involved In ri, are utterly wlthontfonn datlon. They are simply laleeana slanderous im putations thrown out by mote seeking to secure the cuPtinnsnco ol the gas monopoly, tar <be pur pose, if poeslble, of prejudicing the minds of members against the measure.” RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. Tbe following announcements are aide for ser vices on Sabbath day lo tbe various churches, A cordial invitation !• extended lo alt and seats wPI be provided for strangers: B*ra«r. North Baptist Cbnich, corner of Superior and North Dearborn streets. Preaching on Sabbath by Rev. John C. C. Clarke, at 101,4 a. m. andT't p. m. Sunday School at Bp. a. Fust Bspust Church. Wsuasb avenue, south of Hubbard comt. Rev. Dr. Everts, pta«or. Public uoisblp on Sunday at II a. m. and 7:80 p. m Tbe subject oribcncxtoftbeaeriee of Sabbath oven* Iwroiscourycs, will be “ Onr friends In heaven.” sabbath School and Bible classes at lb3o a. m Bible class at 8 p. a. Young people's prayer meeting Wednesday evening. General prairr meeting Friday evening. r 4 COHUBEUATIONAL. Bomb Church. comrr Catiunot arenne and Tweuly-elxih aired. Her. W. 0. WilaliL pastor. Itealdcncc IWI Wahanh avenue. Pnbile Mr*ict>« at lOJ4 •. in. ami 7*4 p. ui. Sabbath School aud Bfotr clb«’*B at 2p. m. Conference and prayer sirrtiiic vmlnjr. r New England Chtuch, cornar of North Pear, tom and Bant White meet*. |» (Join, var, paator. Ib-aldcnre JBn North LaSalle fired Public acrvloca at lUU a. ni. aud 7W p. m. aai»- hath School nud Blnfc clauea at ?p; m. eorc tnc prayer mediae Wednndny ovrnlnir. ■\ mine p«upie'n prayer m.-dln* Fruity e'cnltur. Sal-*#- Uiuirh, lUarcntllc. llov.C. H. Tlmmaa paator. Ueaidcncr. its Wabpaoecb nwmie. Pnb- Itc acn lcw BJIOH a. m. and 74 p. tn. sabbath Bibool and Bible Clannca at 3u. m. Conference «wj prayer n»*itiut{ onWcdaraday eveulnj*. Union Park Church, corner of Weil Waeblnstoo and H« ulkjo aUrela. JU v. C. 11. Udmer. paator. Hcildeme, « I‘aik avenue. Public service* at lUH •- m and 7*i p. m. Sabbath School aud 111- ble rlaaaea at d p m. Conference and prayer aceunir on W idoe>d*« evening. Young people** pnijer mcciluc «n Friday cveolnir b iatKTimc.c Cbstch, corner of Weal Indiana and Morcan Hrt-eu. Her. .1. W. lloalr. paator. Heaidenc*. 2d Wert Indiana aueet. labile a*p- Occa at I0»i a. m.. and 7u p.n. fetching in the looming by Hpr. W. 11. y, npht. of the South Church SRbhaib School and Bible claspea at Ip. m., I>. W. Whittle, superintendent. Yonn" people* prayer mediation Monday evening. Cod'. ferrncu and prayer meeting 00 Wednesday ere- D, ?R: Preparatory lcc*ure on Filday evening. tvißl^iVV'E 1 ~ u ? h ’ IU »nol* Afreet, between li o VS d J’Moay uionrtng Bible claaa at D o clock lor ladle* and gentlemen. Prayer n«^r f IS 1 wS c i ncl{ ' Pleaching by the paator, ilfj T»«:.ifii w . het,c st. at * ‘° lL school and Bible cla tea at 3p, m. Serv ice Into© even ing at o'clock. armoDtsT rptscorau There will be exercises at the Bridgeport Metb * die Episcopal Church, Sunday evening at 7 o clock, celebrating the sixth anniversary of the tnonij bchtol. Hal.ted stmt Uu.lon School will he present. • , PMSUTTHHUU*. Seventh Presbyterian Church. comer Daisied and Uanlscn streef and Blue Island avenue. ’*• 1 arimote, pastor. Divine service at ic l /* a. m. Subject of the discourse, ‘•Christianity la Antioch and Chicago." Evening service at 7*4. Moth Presbyterian Church, Eilla avenue. Cot taee Grove. Rev. Alfred Eddy, pastor. Services Sunday at ICH a. m„ and 7*4 p. m. swcorKßocotax. New Jerusalem Temple, on Adams street, near the Lake, berrices Sunday, at 104 a. m. and 74 P- uj- Subject for evening. “ Regeneration.” ' Free Church,comer of Thmy-thlul street and Kankakee avanne. Services Sunday in German, at 104 a. m.: Erglish aud 0. m. „ , , JnacKiiajrrocg. Colon Stocke Yard Mission. Preaching intlie of the new church, Sunday afternoon. a> 3 o’clock, by Rev. Nathaniel Colver, D. D. LOCAL MATTERS. Scveulh of tbe Seventh—Dr. Wm. p. Duaalt, sevtoib eon of the seventh eou, natural healer, (direct from Buffalo. N Y.,) has opened a healing institute at No. 48S Michigan avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth etreeis. South Bids. Dr. Duvall has been treating all manner of diseases for thirty years, with a power that is natural and peculiar to himself, without mod icine or Instrumental No examination required. Tile patient has only to sit calmly a lew momenta amt the pains and ailments will gradually and sometimes Instantly pass away. The cams are permanent wbeo regard la bid to the Doctor's la tlrnctioni. ConramptioD Ip the Last Stage* Cared. —Clairvoyant Sisters, 363 Wabash avenue—My Dear Ladies: lam so much better—lmproving every day : am able to make mv bed md clean my room. Havejoncharmedmydlseaseaway? u snrelv cannot he the medicine. 1 sleep welLcongh but little, expectorate easily. I can scarcely real ize that lam getting well, bnt am gaining con stantly; bare not touched morphine for a week ; don’t need It, lam so thankful 1 can do without, write If 1 must continue tbe meoiclne, now that lam fd much better. Tours faithfully. Mrs. Harms Sarny, Hot Springs, Ark., Jan auth,l3S7. „The Renowned Clairvoyant SlsUrs’ National Cancer Institute and Magnetic Infirmary, 865 Wabash avenne. Instantaneous ernes of many diseases, by tbe healing power, fttlcnta cured of Cancer. Consumption, Asthma. Uhenmatuun and other diseases, can be seen dally. At Ibe meeting of tbe Railroad Clnb at ibe Opera Uonse last evening, lor >ho disposal of the prizes falling to their lotln tbe late Oners Uonac distribution. No. 46, Ur. W. S*noton of Cleveland. Ohio, drew the picture “Pastoral,” and No. 25, Mr. D. S. Stover, Superintendent of the Hannibal A SI, Joseph Railroad, tbe “Winter Scene.” Ezpreaa and Telegraph Club.—At the Opera House last night the Express and Tele graph Club disposed of the prizoi failing to their lot to the late Opera Home distribution rrith the following reanlt: No. 258 Mr. C. 11. Toll- or Clinton. lowa, diew “Early | Morning;’* No. 1.D5, Dr. O. W. Osgood. or Chicago, .“In the Harz,” and No. 42t, Wn. Shcrrin, of Chicago, “Flowers.” Corns Extracted Without Fain by Dr. Kcmeon, oflice 111) Clark street Bunions, en larged Joints, ingrowlngutiD, and all diseases of the feet, treated by Dr.s. He has operated more than sixteen years on the feel. Rooms for ladles. lbs«OId Reliable . lick Care.* J llis only Idfe? speedy cure for Itch, TcPer, and all sklmdueases is Svayce’s Ointment It has been tested for the past thirty-five ycar>i in the East ana IS the sovereign remedy for at) diseases of the sktn. Sold * y all drnjfjfrßtw-aDd at wholesale by Buunbaxs i Van Scuaack. Juniper Tor Map cures chapped hanas. bait rheum, plmpiee. and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Macs i Co., New Turk, bold by all drugpWs. Neglected Concha and Cold*—Few are aware of the importance ol checking a couch or “common cold, in lie first stage; that which in the beginning would yield to a mild remedy, it neglected, soon Dreys upon the longs. “Brown’s Bronchia) Troches,’ or cough Ltirercea,afford instant relief. The Renowned Clairvoyant Slater*’ National Cancer Institute and Magnetic Infirmary, 365 Wabash avenue. Instantaneous enres or many diseases, by the healing power. Patients cured ol Cancer, Consumption, Asthma, Rheuma tism and other diseases, can be seen daily. The Beat Tonic.-caawell, flack & Co.’s Combination of Iron. Phosphorus and Call saya, known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Caihaya. The iron restores color to the blood : the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tls-uc, and the calisaya gives a natural healibtul tone to the digestive organs. Oi.e pint contains the vir tue of one ounce of callsaja, and one teuspoonful a grain of Iron and phosphorus. .Manufactured or Caswell. Mack & Co.. New York. For sale by all druggists. The Franklin Brick machine, jnstlv cclebrateo for perfect simplicity, great strength, ■no immense compressing power, is ocAUANrccn! with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,hPO to B,*oo elegant bricks per hour. J. H. UnncK, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 33. FROM NEW YORK. Suspension of Bnstneaa—Counterfeiter's Apparatus Seized—Death of a City Occr—Action ol the Council lo Rela tion to the Poet office Site—Salt Bronchi to Recover an Excess of Duties Paid on Wool. New York, February 22.—The produce market and stock and'gold exchange were closed to-day. A press with two engraved plates of twen ty.five cent currency, a thousand sheets of bank note paper, tools, ink, and a quantity of counterfeit money, &c., were seized last night by a Tieasury detective, in Bleecker street. No arrests. Daniel Dcviln, for many years City Cham berlain, died this morning. New York, February" 22.—The Council met yesterday, and referred to a special com mittee resolutions proposing to rescind the previous action of tne Common Council In granting the lower end ofthe Park for the erection of a new Post Oillcc.and a portion of the Battery for the proposed new barge office. A case of considerable interest to wool importers was dccMcd in the United Slates Circuit Court yesterday, be fore Judge Smalley. The suit was brought to recover SIO,OOO excess of du»y on an Importation of wool f.-otn Bue nos Ayres. The purchase price was le*s than twelve cents, which made it liable to three cents a pound duty. The appraisers, bv some computation of the exchange value of monev in thc.two countries, added to the In volce*price, making It over twelve cents, and imposing accordingly six cents on the nonod. It was to recover the excess that the action was brought. Verdict for the plain’iff. The steamer Rising Star, with California dates to the 80tb, has arrived. She brings nearly a million of treasure. Among her passengers Is Senator Nye, of Nevada. New York, February 22.—The steamer City of Washington, from Liverpool theClh, has arrived. Grover & Baker’s sewing machine depot on Broadway, near Broome, was badly dam aged by Are this evening. ram Dunderberg made a trip down the harbor to-day to test her steering gear. THE FBESHET.

The Floods In Indiana and Ohio— Meamtn Ronninc on ttie Pralrtca— Stream Ten miles Wide—Houses ln« undated to the First Story, Vincennes, Ind., February 22.— The Wa bash is now at a stand. The water is higher than was ever known before. It is reported that steamboats are running over prairies on the Illinois side, picking op corn and other freights. The water is ten miles wide, and the tops ol houses are barely visible. Fences are all gone, and considerable damage Is done. * Cincinnati, 0., February 22.—The river continues to rise and the flood is becoming disastrous. Tht houses along the levee arc now Inundated to the top of the first story. The ttacks of the Indianapolis and St. Louis Railroads are submerged near the city, and only passenger trains are being run. The Marietta*& Cincinnati Railroad is also driven to use a temporary depot. Cincinnati, 0., February 22.— The river commenced falling here this p.m., having reached fifty-four lect. Considerable damage has been done to property in this neighbor hood by high water. Same inconvenience has been occasioned to railroads west of here. The tracks have been submerged la several place*- The Ohio & Mississippi Road is in tact to St. Louis, and trslnsgo through with out delay. FROM ST. LOTOS. Uow tbe tot© Sc* ill* Appointment* are Deceived —A General uemoral of Colled State* Official* Predicted-H«- purled luisniij of a Preaclier—Ap peal to Ooncrca* for Aid to tbo Sonlli* iSpeclti Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] Bt. Loins, Fobruary23. Tbo confirmation of General Fullerton as postmaster here satisfice the Radicals. Tbe old Postmaster, Fay, Is said to be disgusted with tbe Johnson policy. The removal of Richard J. Howard, Collector, and appoint ment of Anlcn R. Smith, is not so well re ceived. Howard, at heart, Is a Radical, while Smith Is an obscure person, formerly known as reporter on the Missouri Democrat , subsequently General Blair’s private eecre* There Is a itorm brewing among the old friends of Prank Blair, and a general remov al of Belted States officers here Is predicted. The temperance lecture announced last night at Dr. Post's church was postponed, Dr. Williams' Illness being given as pretext. It Is currently reported that Dr. Williams Is insane, and tuo churchmen thought U pru dent to prevent the lecture. The owner of the steamer White Cloud is about commencing a salt against the city of Bt. Louis for tbo failure to remove the Belle Memphis obstruction, which caused the loss of tbe White Cloud. (iirot complaints exist here relative to the high freights charged by steamboats. Though the river Is very high, rules are great' r than when navigation Is difficult. St. Lome, February tfa.—A committee on behalf of the St. Louis Board of Trade, con sists gof Jas. C. Vcatman, Geo. Partridge and A. G. Brauu, have Issued a memorial lo Congress on the subject of >clkf to tbe South. After setting forth the condition of the Southern planter, the distress of the people generally in consequence of the liiilurc of the cotton and corn crop, Mid the Importance to the nation of a good cotton crop, the eommtttfc urge Congress to make eu appropriation or from fifty to one hundred millions of dolton, or limited os to tho amount only by the ne cessities and wants of the suffering districts, for the pur)M>«c of supplying with provis ions all who arc engaged in producing cot ton, and who arc unable lo procure provis ions In uuy other way, the cost of supplies so furnished lo he * lieu on the crops*, and to be paid fur out of the first proceeds of the sales of cotton, the provisions to be pur chased by the Commissary Depart ment of the army, uud distributed through the Frccdmeu's Bureau, or officers of the army. The advances thus made to he collected through the agents of the Government for collecting tbe revenue tax on cotton. With proper checks and bal ances, such as can readily be established be tween the War and Treasury Departments, a system can be put in operation to continue fur oue season, which will afford per* feet security to the Government, and which will give the desired relief. The committee claim that this plan will not only relieve the Government of the threatened necessity of feeding the destitute on an act of charity, but will fully employ the labor in the coun ty and prevent u famine in the land. St. Lons, February 22.—McLiw’s grocery, in Broadway, between Washington and Carr streets, and two small stores adjoiulng, were burred tills morning. Loss about $£f),(XX): Insured, $25,000. FROM FRANKFORT, KT. Kentucky Rebel State Convention— Nomination* Jlade—Troop* Sent to Danville [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Fiunkfout, Ky., February 23. Tbe old line Democrats and rebels met in convention to-day, aud compromised by withdrawing Preston, ex-rebel General, as a candidate for Governor, aud placing two ex rebel Colonels on the Slate ticket. The fol lowing nominations were made* Governor, John L. Helm; Lieutenant Governor, John W. Stevenson, ex-member of Congress ; At torney General, John Rodman, ex rebel Colonel: Auditor, D. Howard Smith, ex rehcl Colonel; Treasurer, James W. Tale ; Register of the Land OUice, James A. Daw son ; Supcnntendeut of Public Instruction, Z. F. Smith. Tbe remarks of General Preston in declin ing the race were extremely bitter. He said that Kentucky bad been singled out for per secution and oppression ror tbe last six years; that she must look to herself for protection. He deplored her lost rights, and tbe lost cause. His remarks were constantly ap plauded with genuine rebel calls. Much dissatlslation is exhibited by the rauk aud tile rebels at the result of the Con vention. General Thomas sent two hundred troops to Danville to-day, to preserve tbe peace. To-uight Die streets resound with shouts for John Breckinridge and the bar rooms arc redolent with treason and whikey. from: des mooes* Com or Drowning—Railroads In Run ning order. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Des Moine-s, February 22. Philip Weir, a Jewish citizen of this place, was drowned on the altemoon of the 20th, lu North Skunk River, between Newton and Monroe, by his wagon upsetting on the bridge. The body has not yet been recov ered. He was one year from Gerraauy. The cold weather for a few days past has had the ctfcct to quiet the Hoods raging the first part of the week all over tbo State. We received tbe first Eastern mail since Tuesday this afternoon. Tbe roads are now opened and the mails arc expected regularly. FEOM MUSCATINE, Grand ITlaoonle Celebration, Muscatine, lowa, Febtuary 22.—Tho Free Masons celebrated Washington's Birthday here, with great success. A procession of Master Masons, Royal Arch tfasons and Knight Templars formed at two o’clock, and matched through the principal streets, mak ing a grand display. Rev.' T. S. Allen delivered a fine discourse at one ol the public balls to a very large concourse of citizens this" evening. The celebration closed with a supper, to which about 400 sat down. It hos bern one ol the grandest days for Masonry and patriotism ever known at Muscatine. A large number ol Masons from other lodges were present. Rhode Inland foncrvmrioual and State Nominations. Providence, February 22.—The National Union Congressional Convention nominated Thomas A. Jenckcs in tin* First District, and Nathan F. Dixon in tbc Sec >nd District. Providence, February 22.—The National Union State Convention unanimously nomi nated General Burnside lor Governor, and William Greene for Lieutenant Governor. Colonel Willard Sails was nominated for At torney General, John R. Bartlett forSec'C* tary of State, and George W. Lew for Gen eral Treasurer. Dvatrnctlve Fire at Pr<*Mott,Wlfrfon»ln ( St. Paul, Minn., February 22.— A fire In Prescott, Wisconsin, last evening, occa sioned by the explosion of a lamp, destroy ed tbc store of J. B. Parkhurst, whose loss was sl4,ooo—lnsured for $7,000; W. D. Sterling’s building,lo6ss2,soo-lnsured $1,500, and several *therbuildings. Tho total loss b about s2o,ooo—insurance SIO,OOO. TOE ENTIRE fcTOCK OF Fine Jewelry, Silver-plated’Ware, Gold Watched) and Fancy Goods Ot tbe most Elegant Parents, at E. H. STEDTS, 179 South Clark-tt., AT AUCTION* CommenclncTO-DAT at I o'clock p. m . and contlna Ire e*ery day nntU tbe C'lttrs st -ct is dispos'd of. ■No RtaUcm an admitted unless accompanied by a lady. W3I. A. IIUTTEtt!* dk CO., Auctioneers. Another Infringement unit Decided I T'wAJJIEL SL'OTT & COl Aealnst the Dentist*. | \ ) Connecticut Workingmen's Convcn* New Haven, February 22.—The Working men’s Convention resolved, after a stormy session, to make no nominations for State ofllccrs, and passed resolutions favoring the eight hour system. Pittsburgh, February 22, The suits against the dentists of this city for infringe ment of the Goodyear «& Cummings’ hard rubber, or vulcanite, patents terminated yes terday by final decrees of the United States Circuit Court sustainin': the patents, and or dering perpetual injunctions against the de fendants. The New State of Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska, February 23—General Thayer, Senator elect, starts for Washington to-day with the official act of the Slate Leg islature accepting the conditions of Con gress. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. The New York Live Stock market. [Reported by Telesnpb exclusively for tbeChlcsgc Tribune.l New To**, Friday Evenlcr, February 33. fXVKS OT CiTTLI at bxsoks. BEEF CATI LE—There were yai ded and mostly sold to butchers to-fay, at the Bergen Market, (opposite New York. or. the Jersey slde)L63o bead. The mar* ket Is brisk undtr the 11 eh* supply, and all the offerings tonnd quick rale. There was a teivy snow storm yes terday, bn; tbciralns are getting through. Owl: gto a break on the Western roads, only 130 cars were re ceived at Albany. Ihe tollowing are the current rates: Firtt Qtiniuy I6s'ai7tfc r-tcona cushty e Thlrc Quaill* is (*» c The average price paldwai 16c, which It an advance oflc. The traiket clones stiff. SUEEF—The tuaply is very light, and sales are quickatt’acl'c. Ihe supply la far short otthsde tesnd. HUGS—The market Is acuve at S^SVc. Solos Robctsox Albany Live Mock market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago TrtDnne.J Albjlxt, February X 3. Friers were decided!} higher to-day. Call e did not e-xr«lorwardasnr«'y“ w a* expected,onlyAlJt be log rec-lved for the week, and the desana beltg com paratively brisk for NewT:rk,holdets advanced tbelr views full Jfc F bvc weight, and were enabled to maintain this firmly to the close. Henry UUocstoc sold JS head Illinois, averaging 1,370 Ba, at f 1(9.00: S 3 bead, averaging 1,37 b hi, at f 10I.W ; «S bead areraelne 1,800 »«, at *117.00; i7head, averaging I.UO bs, at f9#.W; and IS bead, arertsb e 1.170 »«, at fahOO. M. Baras sold 16 bead Kentucky, averaging IX3 B*. at 3116.63, and U head, averaging IXO »a. at TJfc. Mr. Leach sold 17 head Illinois, aver aging IXO B* at SMc; S 3 bead, avetasing IXO B», at 64c, and IS bead, averaging .L;tO»bß.atSc. B.C. Coon.KQ bead btate tlUlaa, ar etaclne 1.300 Ib», at S.S'c, D. Walxel. l( balls, averag. Inr 1,450 lbs. at 6j»c. and S 3 head steers, averaging UM. tbs. at fIOB.OO. F. Blunt, S 5 head .teersjaveragmg UlO, Iba, at Sc. F.Caln.6s bead steers, in*, at EMc, and SS bead steers, averaging 1,330 lbs, at 6Me. Clark A Sin moms St biad steers, averaging 1,3© lbs. at SHc ; 13 bead, areraplng 1,200 Iba, at HOUW ; IS bead, averaging L2OO lbs, at 64c and 73 bead, aver aging L»0 lb#, at Stfc. oteep—Are in good request at aa advance of j(c per lb, price* ranelsg iron 6to the outside r.r premium. Receipt*, 4,000 head. Bogs—Firm at 74®?5*e- Bee*lpt« 3,130 bead. New York Financial News. New Took. February 43. A ftw <peculators were on tbe «r«t to-d*y, and aboct SCO suaret of stocks changed bands. Erie sold at st»J<as6.V. and New Tork Ceoiral at 1034* Tbe meagre crowd dlepcrsel before meridian, and tbe sbeeta were deserted. New York Dry Good* market, / NgwT*»gg. February 73. Tbe dry rood* market wa* exceeding* quiet, Moit 1v all stcrcs except A. f. Mewart A 'Jo. • were prices wets suitained, and the teodency oJ standard brown sh-ell>.|» is rather upward, tbe Augnst* baring advanced lewke; Use Indian U-ad and At,antic are QnnatSr; she Axtoskeag bring 214 c. Bleached MdsUbs—Are witneut particular change, (accept Latgcos, mhlcb now oilrgs 33c,asd James* Steam Mills, which command Stftc. Print*—Are Arm it »j<c tor AmotteifiUo for Sprague*, udSOc tor Merilmac. Pculne*-Brlng2s«7Bci*li.qtl* l l*y. ... , Piper Cambric* ire 1c big ter, ud glued lo lower. Tlie Produce rriarlteu. I f SS BALIIMORB. Saltimou. February 23. To-diy being i holiday bat little baalneu w*i trim* acted. t Coffee— firm; ngir at;ady it 10H®lWc; motis w*-i«ie of ttocirifu of th*» Caroline onprlraie term*. Wheat—Prime: reo it |J.TS. . , - Com—Whiieaeila atSDc; yellow it Pic, ud mixed ■Wwtern it »c. .. ProyUlon*—Firm it liit qaotiUon*. Bacon iml bulk ant# iclire. WhUkay—Nominal. CINCINNATI. CnrccnraTt. February 23. Flour—Enchanted, demand light ud local: trade brand* m, ana fury 9K.OOiaio.od: bardlruy 0 ere and fbr aoper, and price* nominally unchanged. Wheat—Finn, but the demand la but moderate, No. 1 firing |2.4Qa3.tiCand winter 11.90; but Uttte winter here. Com—Firmer ud la better demud at 00c la elera* tora and the In rack*. Oat*—ln fair demud at Me tar No. 1. Rye—Steady at f 1.2101.25, . barley—Nominal y unchanged. , „ Cotton—Dull; hardly uythioff done; middling 39 ®«Vc. Receipt#, 1,0/7 bale*. Whlrtcy—Steady at 5Sr In bond. rnTTl*lon*-Quifi. SochUgMM>rtc*a. Uea«p)rk. Itaoo. Paik meala lo moderate demand, balreot m,ooo lU. at ;>(c toriboulderaj »Kef rMdeatlOUc frrclrartldea-ibe demandwaa lor ibcolderachiefly, bacon. It moderate demand atouclbr alnnldmi 10tfo fbr ndra, ud lOWiosu tor clear atdeat all cube bought Ud below Uicm ratca.tobedellTcr«d*weck nbtad. exreM ahonlden. sugar cared hrai, CaiSc. Lara—Held pretty firm at 13c. but demand light aed lh««e having oraara in aoraecaaea- are enabled to All them at like. Br»da—Clover, |llJ} timothy, $11*03.40} flax, $3.30 afja. Groeerleft-Unrbaased ud ateidy: butter, »*3ocj cbeefc, lfa*l«Kc. Kgga-uoodahlpDmg demud atJOc, Gold-ISIM butlng. Kictfange—Steady 4 BT. LOUIS. St. Lon*. February H, Tobacco— Unchanged. HmnteM imall. Cotton—Dull. >i TiHc for rtrleily middling. Floor—A little man active, bat uncMnzed. Bapcr* aogeat |S43®9.a; extra#, 110.ZV410.73; double «• ru. Inelodm* choice. Ill.rtflUO. Wheat— Feeling hotter, but nrtroa ODChxnrrd. Prime fall.» s choice. f J joaVjft. Cora—Opened Crm and higher, but cloned weak. Mixed, R><*4e; yellow, K4<£(3c. Oata—Higher. altß«7lc. Fork—A mtle (inter. bnt price • eucbaoced. Paron—Favor buteri at 'JWiIOKc lor city abouMera; Il'ittll.Se (or rib aide*, aod DKoiSja’d tor clear aide*. Hoc*—Finn, at CaTr. Whlakcy—Pull at 13.34. NEW OULEANS. N aw ohijcakh, February 22. Cotton—Flat and lover. Balw were WOO balm of middling at 29Wft80e :• middling. SOotSle. Received 18,1110 balta against 19.133 cormpondlur week laat year. Export, tfi.VHj. stock, 747.1 CO. Sugar— Easier. Fair. 13c. Mr-iai*r«—u>wcr. Salea oi talr at 73c; prime to eholreatT4AßlC. Floor—Lover. 6*lea at $11.30 ftr aaperflev; 111.73 «iejo for extra. Cnrc—Easier, bain at U.IbAKU. Oata firm at tr.oo. Hay—Firm and uncharged, Bale* at s37.(ft)3H.os. I'Otlt—Hull and unchanged. Hale* at $41.73. Bacon Joaer. .Bhoulde.ra tic i elrtca ttX9U£c. iJtnl de* rNntmr. bate* at 12!;at»We. Wkftgey a*4 Tobacco— unchanged. LOUISVILLE, Lorwmxv, Feb. 23, 1807. Tobarso—Balei 10ft bhda at $2.40(23.73. Flour—Super llc.oo. . Grain—rnebaeged. Folk—Met* (20; prime lard 13c: lam, aboulder* 9Kc; clear (Idea 12J<c packed; bulk aboulder* 7*c packed. Whisker—Kaw, la bond. 2Sc. Cotton 4sc. MEMPHIS. Mrmm. February 2}. Com—Lower; fall supply, at fOc&fLCO. liar—| 8-MiISO.OO per ion. Oats—7o3 Tie. Flout— Unchanged. Fork—mocab so. Bulk ileatt—ln good «opolr. lound. Hams—Sugar cured. . „ Cotton—Flat, nothing doing. Sale* at ?aa39S'c. Plitabargb Petroleum .Tlarket. Prmncaoa. February a. The oil market U more active. S«le* or crude, 3,000 brl«, uo brU. and COO brli at 7j«c bulk, and brls return ed. Rscriiits of crude amounted to l, fn hrls. Ueflned n bond dull. Price* low. The beat offering fbr Imme diate Huladelpbta deliver?, 37c. Free oil unchanged. Small *.Ves at -UQttc V gallon. No Inquiry fee naptha or residuum. nARRIBD, In tbU city, Feb. 2U% by the Rlvht Rsv. J. Durrvn, p. D„ I’l'bop Of TDOb. E. DISHOFand MIN NIE L. UouKK. all cLihlecily pr Rocht>t£r (.s. Y.) paper* please copy. IcthUcity, Feb. 19th, hv Urv. Kdward O.Tay’or, Mr. FRANCIS W LELAND and Miss MART A. lIEY NOLDS. both ol this city. In South Poston. Mass.. Jaa.Sl. by Rev. Edmond r. a den. ALBERT u ALL. formerly ot Chicago, and Miss CARRIE A*. LYOS. eldest daughter of Josepn Lyon, both oi boston. No card*. DIED, In this city, Feb. 91st, MARIA S„ cieeu daughter ot Mablon I) and PraLcea £. Ogden. a<ed 3 years. 9 mos. andSday*. amusements. "yAKIETT THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION Tbe beautiful, accomplished FLOBENCE TEMPLE In her great character of MAZEPFA Introducing ter iplendld trained steed, FIKE-FIiY. The pltce abound* with thrilling combats, novel scenic effects, with new scenes and costumes. rpHE GREAT GERTU BAS BEEN ADDED TO TBE NEW YOBS MUSEUM, 90 EANDULPH-ST., cor. of Dearborn. Mc VIUKER’h THEATRE, ICKEKA MYERS MANAGERS. Last afternoon and evening of J. E. McDONODGB. Saturday afternoon Matinee and Saturday evening, Doucicanil’s Urtat Inab Drama of Aiman-NA-rouUE: Or, Tnx Wicklow wmocro. Shaun the Poet. j. E. McDonough With ecng, “Wearing ol the Green,” the Grand Double Irish Jig. Monday. the Irish Comedian. Mr. DAN BRYANT. OP WONDEKS! lobe seen only at the NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which has removed to 00 Bandolph-aL, corner cl Dearborn. OL. WO Oil’S MUSEUM. COL. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of AmuscaenU F. E. AIRRN State MnipT TUGS. BARRY The last night ol The Huguenot Capttio. The public are respccuully irftrturo that notw.thjUnding toe successor this great sensational drama, U must be withdrawn to ma e rcom f.rota-r novelties. I Lis (Saturday) afternoon, Feh. 33d, at the Grand Matinee, at X past;*o'clock and also to the evening, »’ aJ* J* 1 11 111 be performed, tor the Itit Utne. IDE HUGUENOT CAPt* IN. To conclude in the ——— —— ul.wum.-wi _V f . ' 1.-. »u vuuuuuc IU UIC evening vlUt A BAC- FORA WIDOW. Mtnday. THE WHITE BOr.oy the author cf the “Ticket ot-Leave Man.” auction Sales. A. BUTTE US & CO., Auctioaeeri & Commission ’Scichasta 44 KAMl>lll.l*fl-*T.. Betwrer St*tr-it. and Wabash-av., Ho.d wu*-a, at their saluroomr, ot DRY Olb'Us, CLOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES. AC., Ev»ry WEDNESDAY aartTHUUSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. Ac., every SATURDAY. gIXCIAL SALE FOR LADIES ONLY. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. IH4 l.alt*-*t., cor, LaSalle, Cbtcaeo. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned (dr sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s XA Auction Room?, 164 Lakf-Bt_ at 10 a. m_ on TUESDAY. Feh. Wit. 1567. A large and treat stoat of STAPLE DRY CIIUDS Ol every description—Notion, Sstlmu, Casalmeres. Uree, Halt Bose. Ac. Cataogues ready for delivery asd roods on view Monday evetlng. DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers. A tJCTION—At Daniel Scott $ Co.’s XX. And ion Kocm*, IG4 Lase-st., at 10 a. m., on Thursday. Feb- 2Slh, ISQ7. Catalogue Sale cf about 190 onu*fl avortcl Chicago Custom-made Ladles* and Gentlemen's Poit« and Shoes. DANI&L SCOUT * CO., jrato ffiillg, jjngingg, &c. 'J'HE LANE * RODLEV Portable Circular Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machine*. Cere Mina and Shafting, Wood* verging Machinery. LANK & ROD LEY, Comer ol John and Water-ets., Cincinnati, .".rpncaaa lor doecxirnve artru'.an will specify the BW.blrerv tD«V T%W*. sffSSReMoXSU frtocfeljoltirrs’ fHccttug. ORTHWESTBRN GLASS COM At a meeune of the Board of Directors of the Korth* Wf*ltro (’.laas Company, held cn the Uthdav of Feb ruary. 1867. It wa* ordered, taat a meeting of the atocc ho.ders of said Company be held at the office ot the •ompaay.No. 248Sioth Water<et,Chicago, On Saturday, .Kerch 9th. 1S«7» At 3 o’ckck p. m.. at which tin e and place a proposi tion «111 he submitted to said raevanc. that the capital ►lock o( said Company be diminished to Two-ilaadrcd TcoiUhod Dol an. N. LUDISGTON, J. FaKR. J*_ J. MFDILL. A. P. KELLEY. W. h. KRKTSIKGBB, P. B. sBDMWAY. M. TALCOTT. Directors. iHarijmcrg. |?OR SALE—Thrte b-noree power up* jp ngbt six Domanial engines, 8, l£ trd U-bcrse power. Larger or scalier fur alsbed with or without rollers. It, 15,16 and 20-hors< mbmar and locomotive ool'ers for sal*, best case. A'ac one 4-roller UrJon Matcher and Places Machet. Sawmills, barrel aniwaiS-wcrtitg aachistry. irec Pianrrs. beltinc. sawitUcST Ac. Machinery Depot, an Dewbort-sU, Chicago. GREEN LaE BKOS. A CO. C*OR SAl^E—Portable engines and boil l 4 fr*.loto3O-bct*ecawer, it very low price*, by GRIFFIN BROS- 116 oppositeChamber ol Commerce. SALE—I planer and matcher, 1 h» aolng and sHagle mill and heading rounder, 1 Jointer, and 2.w- od-tnrnuLr latne*; 3 6M.or*e, 1 15* corse atd I b-boree t owi*r enrla r. with bolleri, com plete* ali* 2 iS-hcr**- locomotive boilers. ‘XJ3 Stale st. JaMES WARNER. 170 R SALE—H. iL Amts’ portable and P stationary etsU« of all »Uea; slso. Putnam Ma i bice CD. Uofc; on* l#-ioot bed. 2Hncb swla*; one 10- fix t bed. f>lncr *« Ins; one S-l<xn bod. is-inch swing; two€U-fbot led*. 16-lncn swing; one 44-Dos bed. 14- Inch >wiDg. all screw cuflog engine lalhej; two lr»n Planets; twonpiigbt dnlt*: raw mllti; Farar ■ sur* facer*; Woodworlb pl«ner» ara matebera: onpp*. Die*, beUltg anfi b*.te. C. L. BICE A Dearboic-tt. F)K SAX.B—A sen.Tid-hand Buckley footing machine—in good condition. Price, 3400. Apply to Use TIUBDKK COMPANI. F)R S.AJJS—Woodworth Planing and U.tcblDC »t,cbln« of aiff-rpit •til-“J »}{™ = one St>ucb Surfa'er; a lull a*»ertm r nt ofSsan, Door and Blind Machinery, Monlslnr Ma--hiii(s, wood Lathes, scroll Sawa, Beaawliw MachlaeAbaw trbors, Ac- Ac.; al-o. marhleerr foe Iren work—Bnglna Laths*, planers, Upright Drills, Uantßw’s Patent BoltCutten, Daru‘ Paurl Btds Beadera, Bralaarn s PateetVire*—all at pr'C»,we«*hl ad ded. Circulars ton application. M&&RIMAN A ■wbiqiit, xa weiiwt. * ®n ISmtssJJOUSCS -TO HEN'I —Wuti v-art 01 lurnitiue ior I ulr, ton-o Nr. All C«lomft-«T.. » ’ r ; ranged, nodcrn iniproTrra.nla, good *t*nie, D »r !“At V.?. or W« iw« March Ist Apply at 87 Booth Waler st. TO UFNT—The three-story anl bare -1 merit marble-front home, K 0.003 Carroll-**., twg blocks borUi of Union i’arK. rosscisioa i, atfty. BAILD & BUABLBY. corner Lae* and La- jallL-tts. To DENT—III North Dmnon-st, sec oed door northwest or LaSalle-comiarUb’e two aiory house, with or without furniture; splendid gyj> drn.<CaMO?fceC Blrst-clsiareferences required. Ap ply at JS and 40 LaSalie-iu, Boom 3. rpo KENT—The two-rtorv and base -1 meot marMe-froot bouse. No. 5(18 Weal Lake-»t.. irrrilrgon rolon-parlc. I*os»es»lon Immediately. C*U at 530 Fulton st.. for parllcu-ars. T'O KENT—House, 8 rooms, and rarm* tnre for salts. 1113 Indlaaa-av., near corner Twcrty-toorth-st. Cneaoest lease in thodty. pleasant location. Btate-euand lodiaoa-ar. cats land you at the door. For particulars, apply on tne premises. TO DENT—Princely mansion—l hayo to rent, for ooe or more y t sr* the well-known, spa- CloQiaod elevant resume* (with It roo«erratoiie. foreign grant* underilata.-Ac.) N 0.178 Michigan ar. Apply al No. 8 Laraon Block. C. A. SPUING. TO KENT—House, six or seven rooms, with sas. water and woodbouse, at 13 l’art*ar._ T“ > KENT—And fhrmture for aalc. ol a bnardlnghoeie, well filled withpnMlasa b?ard en. For terms, TO RENT—A party haying a Hrst-class house, oft Waba»h-BV., north of will rent to a email family srbowllUaxo a gontlemao and wile as boarders, a> dno then. .A liberal atraoce meat cao bo made Iftbo ,•. -tv applylsg »uiu. Addross, for thiee ilm», with rea. -!.me and rtfereuct, *TBI - llOlfeg.** 1 rIPBBC. iJ\ ®o Hrot-Koontß. TO KENT—Two furnished front rooms I In a private fkmllr, Co gentlemen only. For par trcolsrsUanlreat Bafford’s Cigar Store, no. 110 handolpb-st. TO RENT—ForaEhcd lodging rooms, with cioteu, gas, and kept in order, wirimitbotro. to rrntlrrten only. Apply at 35 Mlchlgan av., or IJ bond) Wsler-st. XO DENT—Two neatly Inrnlahcd recmi. inquire at third dour 01 No. 32(1 North rpb RENT—Two plemtunt, tnrmslicd J roans, each suitable for ons or two gent einrn. to tirtrk house.-southeast comer ot rlu and lUlaolMh*. App;y up-»Ulr». (T*0"~ KENT—An elugantlv turnlsbcd I lrontparlor.atNo.43l Booth clark>st.,Just the thltg tor a«cnu»*man and wu» who liketohve retired. To a suitable party it will be rented cheapt KENT—One furnished sleeping room, st 157 Dearborn-si., opposite Pint Office. inquire on second Dorr. flr»t door t> the lelt. r PO RENT—One lUrnlshcd room r and .1. one Urge untarnished, with board, in a good loca tion. Apply at 3»ll llllnois-st. North Hide. r PO RENT —Pleasant tarnished looms L sul'ablefor gentlemen, at 2*2G>{ buie-*t„ ?od venlent to bunines*. Co-Kcut-Stotti*. OfSrfs.&c TO KENT—With five years’ lease, tiiur »forr and basement brick etor*. No. S 7 South Wa ter-st. third door west cf gtato-st. Apply on the premise#. T'O RENT—River Property—loo leet 1 irentby 400lcetd*ep, on the east side of North Branch, between UaUtcd and -drlUm -at*., »nltahlj lor a lombcr. wood or £o»l yarff. Will bdd ckee, ready frr business on the opening of navigation. and rental for « term cf years, cheap. OODES. FLEET WQQD 4 CO. r PO RENT—Choice Business Statd—A I rare opportunity. No* 14*2 and 141 Hniari Block. N.E cornerot Clark and Watcr-eta, Horn May 1. 1867. I bey will be leased togetner or s paraim;. The ppacloos casement may also be centred with the stand alter May Ist. ISWS. Apply to C. A. SPRING. Room No. h Larmon Block. r PO RENT—Room fifty (50) by one hnn- X drei and twenty C 120) feet, with power. In cool |o cation, well lighted, suitable f r *a»h a*d dior tartory. For Itrms. 4c„ apply to FRED. SWIFT, Room 6, 4 1 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—A good office, inquire at Boom 6. iaa 5-iulh Clark-st. FpO RENT —A good suite ot front offices. ■ at 16S-BaodoTph-st. Apply to GEORGE *l. HIGH, 164 Randolph-st- Room I*2. TO RENT—A famished office in first* claaa locality, suitable for a physician. ArpJv to J. R. ANDREWS, Real Estate Agent, Rcom 9'uctno dlst Church Bkcv. licai Sstate-CUg inPROTED, FOR SAJ#E—On Hicbigan-av., an ele gant marble front residence: also, o: e of the be*t comer lou on the avenue, 46x190. A. B. MEAD. lilt Randolph at. ITOK SALE—A 'fine frame house on Jl West Adams-it.. near Ualsied, It rooms, gaa, bathroom. Ac.; lot 283<xi!H. Price 16,000. A. D. MEAD. 131 Randolph sf. F'OH SALE— On Fnrk-av., near the Park, a nrst-class frame house, with brick base ment and all modem improvements; lotMxic. A.D. MEAD. lAI Randniphst. 17OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real J| Estate AcaU, No. 4 sf*tnp->ll:vn Block, a new. first-class frame house. IS rooms, bnck basement, hot and cold water, tw<> water man- Ms. bell*. 4c.. and lot CTvxl'JS feet, on Car pen ter-st between Washington and Madtioo. I7OR SALE—4OxIBO feet on north side 1 Madison-iL, between Wells and with bnllr logs— an excellent lot for Imprryemect; two story pons* on West Adams-st., near Ilalsted-'t. n rooms, gas, water and sewer, lot 28x160. at M. 000; 50 leetonFsik-av.adJomlogUrioaPark. $3,000. H. C. MOREk 4 CO., Real Estate Broken, 8 Metropolitan Block. I7OH SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real A Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new trsme bouses of 8 rooms each, and lots, on Waahltg ton-sfe. near Lincoln. P3R SALE—First-class residence on Wabast-av., north of Iweifth-st.; first-class resi dence on Michlgan-av- north cf Twelfth st. Theie bouses have every eirga-ce and coovenience, and are offered at tov pncaa and on llperal terms. We have alto quite a number ol desirable bouse* snd lots south of Twentj -seconrt-st., on Wabash. Michigan and ludi ana-avs..stpMcosraurlagtromsLSOOto $6,000. Alto, a lane smoimt ol valuable nuimprovnd proo*rty in the South Division. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 1*23 Drttborn-st M Room 2. FOR S?ALP; —By Snyder* Lee, Rea] Estate A cento. No. 4 Metropolitan Block. a new two-story ond basement hi let hi use of U rooms, and lot, with tarn, on Wabash-av., nearTweatieth-rt. tTOR SALE—By George & William?, 1 Real Eata’e Areola No. 7 South Clark-*!. Bons-w and lou. acn houses on leased loti, m ah Dirts of the city, cheap an i otherwise. P)R SALE—By Hammond & Butler, Beal Estate Ureters, limes Building, 118 Devr born-eu, an elegant residence on Pari-pjace; n w bouw and lot oc Carron-st., cheap; home and two I to In; boose and large lot on Tw*ntv slxth-tL: home and let in Kauxakee Cilr, price |1,71u: One marble ftint residence ol West Hd-; NjO vacant 1 t» In diflnert parts ol the city; Improved farm-, farming and plr e lands in Michigan, Wisconsin, lilt no Is, lowa and Minnesota. (7OR SALE—Two new houses, 8 rooms I each, south front, on Washlngton-st,. west of rnlou I'ark, lot*«sch 30x125; goot h <>r:»rooms, sonih front, on Warren-sL,near Colon Bark, with lot; ettgint new two-storg and bu-merit brick, on Wa-»asn-av., north of Twenty-S'coud-st.. with road new barn and lul; 6*> feet front on Park-av. and 60 on i.nki-. pear Oakley : 60 on Lake, near P.alien. DELA MATER A UANbALh, I*l CUr»St., Ro,m 1. CNIAFKUVEo C*OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real I Estate Ag-nto, No. 4 Metropolitan tilrek. Lot K»i by 13S t»et, on Ws«hlnrtou-9t., near Ltn.-010. Lot 60 hv 124 tost, northeast corner of Madison and PamtD—t*. wot 100 by 125 feet, corner Jackson and Winchester it*. Hve lots on Llncola-sL. near Monroe. Lot 4? by 110 fett, center Mtcbigan-av. and Tvtnty tlth-Bt. FOR SALE—A choice laimol ICO acres, I at UNriyvtLe, III.: tmproremrnto flr‘t rla«§ in every leaped- For oartteutoraapplr to A. B. Mt£AD. Real Estate Agent, 151 Raafolph-st. C'OK SALE—Only a few lett, ol those 1 choice ICt-'icrt lots, m Ger. Hunter’* AilJltlon. at H-lOOcneb ; JMOOcowr. balance Intel rears at 7 per rent. WARREN A GOODRICH, 135 Room 3. FOR SALE—Lot3onWoba?hav.,sS)oo each. Lot* on Blue lsland-sr.. f«W«ach. Ten years tence they will sell for dcube the moo»y. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 Sonin Clar.-il. FOR S^iE —60 feet on AVashington st-, near OaSlev-et., tor SSO per toil; on Park-av- fa per loot; also, two lots lor f 150 each, near horse car*. J. F. STARR, 124 Bandoipb-st- Room 1, ©ustr.rss ffiljaitcfß. T7OR SALE—A valuable coal mine, in X good worrlng order. It is Mtajk’ed oo the bank ot tbe Ohio Rivcr.on thr lice cf the Cl<.velaud A Pitts bureh Kal’road, below PUtoburcb. and not far Dorn btenhenvUle. Ohio. It !• a Shaft Mine, about 60 toet deep to a Moot vela ot Coal; tne that; is iGfeet by 7 Del. There Is an ecelne aod engtoe bouse, and toa cblcery to supplied with drums. Ac-ready tor opera t*°FJ, .w Tbe PWperty consists of a tann of 137 acres, with tbe coal that le* thereunder, buCdlnga. coal ahafts, engln-. machinery. Ac., Ac. It desired, the parlies purchasing need not buy the firm with toe coal, aa.f tbe purchase money can remain ou Ume psjmerts. This is a rare opportunltr for tho*e en g*a*d in the coal trade.or those wbhlng to engage m what has been, aod to. one of the most profitable oc cupations In Cmcago. For particntors as to price atd terms, call on or aadrrss me at my ©file*. No. 6 Cros bj’s opera Home. MARTIN ANDREWS. SALE—A good clean stock ot dry L rcfdr, together with the lease of a fine brlckstore. located In one ct the best business cltle* in tbe North west. Good trade established and a rare chine* for M *‘- Aliply,oW ' QAT - F)R SALE—A halt interest in a good, substantial acd legitimate hardware manufactur- W*®®* s fS.U)O required. ApolyloL. D. KELLbY, Boom 1. No. 19*4 South dark-sL J Auctioneers. FOR BALK—The stock and good will of a well-e»l*hlt»hed boot kod »hi>e bouse la New York city. Apply to or address itODkBT UAbXKN. 23 Mnrray-st-New Toil. • 170 R SALE—Rare Chance—Stock and J 1 fixtures ol an A No.l Fatcy and Family Grocery Store, now doing a large and paying bu»loc«s. Good reasons given for seUltg. Apply at 37* West Lunt. F'OR SALE—Saloon and fixtures, dec., No. 00 routh Clark-st s also, furniture. fixtures and leate In Booms Noe. IS and 10. Rise's Bloc*, cor. I'earborn ana Washington, smtabie tor offices or sleeping rooms. Tbe above. or either, will be sold cheap for ca*b, or exchanged tor a farm in the country or for city property, and difference of *:,CCO cash paid. If aerred upon. Inquire of F. C. LOOMIs, No. 99 »ooth Clark-st. L'OR SALE—SIOO to SSOO cash will se r care a prtfltable bniUcts. To parties looking for Immediate and Urge resalts, this is a rare chance. IRCEt-DELL A CO- Boom 13 Lombard Blocs. 17 OR BALE—The Madison City Steam 1 Mill, with DUtiileiy attached, In complete rnnnlng rrder. The mill win grind 6.0C0 pounds floor, and tne distillery ran 100 boshes grain, dally, barns, shads, wa.ebcoses and efflees complete. Goo-1 run of cosmm work, and borne demand for all prodnctlors. Can be easily converted Itto a vinegar factory or brewery, la coarectlon with Hw* mill. A fine opportunity lor a paileg business. wu* exchange rorCnlcaco property. Addreso H. C. MANNING, Madlsoo. Wla. H^OKBaI^E— A stock of watches, jew* elry. eilrer nUtrd ware, Ac- aT good, salable geoda. wul b- sold at a bargain for cash, or exchanged for dir property, with or without lease and fixtures, bltnac' n ote of tne best In town. Apply at J. M MARSHALL’S, Bojq S No. 93 booth ClarHL, Chi cago. BALE—A planing mill, all com- I plete. with good Improvemests. Main bn'Hing ts two stories. (OxSOftet: englce hrnse 13x23 feet: 50- borse ptw»r engine: three flooring machines, snrfacer. Mdtcp9ax.&c.,allin jp>od oraer. together with three doable teams and wscons, b*rn and office: lease of eliht lots, corxer cl Canal and Elghteeatb-s**- at (450 per year. Prlc* liiOCO, naif cash. Inquire cf rkej* A A vRf S, Office 10 Crosby’s Opera Boose. FOR SALE—Une-half or the whole of an Interest In a maimlactnnsg boslness, aoxe what connected with worth from tic,ooo to (IS.COO. Win be told t-> a respectable man. and no oth er. Peirons dtsTing to Invest this amount to adran- Uge, wl 1 aoore-s box 1220. Chicago, 111. TTOR BALE—Drug Store—Price s'3oo, 1 or at ten per cent unde* Invoice. Everything baocht within tec months. Examination of stock so licited. Address “D A P.” Tribune cfflcc. tor one week 17 OR BALE—At a Bargain—A meat and vegetable market, with axta:es and Uase Price (300; Cxtoresaioie worth,(it 0. >aU»tocl3ry reasons fir selling. Apply at or address SlSState-su I7OK SALE—A first class boarding house r oa Wabasb-ar- filled wlta boarders an<rdclnt a fine badness. Fixture*, furniture, Ac. will be sold at a very low rale. Lease has two year* to run. i ; r me diate possession given. WARREN A GOODRICH Real Estate Brokers, 125 Deatborn-sL. Boxm 3. F)R BALE—A well-established business •• central location. Capital re- S«i^2** , P’5 00 ’ lbei,Rb raore b* profitably cm* P»oyed. Adcrai ’♦s II s.”P. o. Box 201 a. 1 Worsts, (Farriases, &c. XX7 ANTED—A good horse, harness and y V top boggy, is exenanse tar real estate in the city. Apply toJ.H.KEKLEB, ISO Sooth Clarke ©aanuo-JHaie fteip BOOKKEEPBBB* gAiBMBBW See. TSTABTED—A lew good salesmen to travel wlthournew Uaod Stamp. Good waa»* and steady employment. Addrtsa, with stamp, U. D, HAMILTON £ CO.,Cleveland, O. TXT ANTED—A first- class, active young VV man, to act as travelling agent lor a Life Insur ance Company. To the proper i aHy aauol saury will be guarat t»ed. Address "M L, Tnuune once, giving age, references, Ac. TXTitNTBD —A bookkeeper. None need VV apply aoleMiully eompcient and barln* hal practical experience in a mercantile botue. Ada esa braver 6388. WT ANTED—A smart young man to VV canrais the city lor advemienents on the belt tfilrc ever got op. CanmskefroinMto 110 per day. Artr*ni» oreall on O. W. BENSON, Msdlsoa lljuie, luom No. 40. TXT AN TED—A man to travel for a W wholesale home. Ooe wltb *sflO to |SOp and A 1 references as to Integrlly and aMtitr oan mret with tbobest business In *be eft* tor largo retarw from •mall rapltal. Address, Ur three days,•• AA A. Tn • boneoOce. - TXTANTED—Two salesmen, fnr a large VV wine and liquor business—one torcoonlryand one for city trade. None but those with the business Dead to apply. **o II /*,’• Tribune oOce, Chicago. TX7 ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, lire VV men to sell one of thebostdomesUoartlciesever offered tor sale. Has no competition. Every family siiili frnro two to a dmk&. Front very larva, cal) Im mediately at IS4 dootbC ark-st, Room 0, up stairs. J. 11. NABON. TRADES. TT7 ANTED—A Tmner—A tint-class Vi timer,to go to Ulmw-aDo'ls, Ulna, as fnro tnsnofasbop. eteady cmphymenl and gold wages wtllbostvrn to a mapetenf amt wo l-i-comm-'mlM man. Inquire ol WM. (ILAIICA HandolpmsU WANTED— A good straw bleacher and go In UN eourirr. A good c&sneetor 01 e who Is well qnaltfltsL Addnas or rail sI.MJCUALBKIB’B office. 147 Boulb Water iL, Chi- TXTANTED—A tirst-dass boot and shoe VV mskrr to so into the country. Apply at the Employment Bureau of tb" Y. M. tf. Church Block. Best of references required as to char acteraad ability. TXTANTED—A first-class carnage paint- VV er. to go (0 Waukegan. 111. Apply to UI'IIAU *CKABTnEK,Grne»<p.«l.,or to J R (VALBiLcor per Dearborn and Madlsoo-sts.. Chicago. TXTANTED —Carpenter—A good man, VV who undefitanrts the oseofedaed coo'wihor cnehiy. Apply cuts morning, between 10 and n oj»lt. at 157 Kloslast. upstairs. ?^clp. TXTANTED—Two young ladies, one ns VV ptsnlst, the otlmr as wal'er, tn a saloon. Ap ply in thr batemcxroi 47 C.ark-iu HOIiSK *RHV£NT9. \\TaNTFD —Agirftndogcneial house* YY woi>. McsthavoßOOd references. Apply st 161 West Adama-st. »W ANTED—A gcml.brishl girl, 10 take Y Y care of a b»bv aad do e-cor'd work la a small Apply at SUSWabart-av. w ANTED—A goed girl to cook, wash YV *td tr-n In a smal Amfly. An env situation Is offered and llocra.wagva paid to cne who can far* nlsh copa Apply to COOK, Co -01 HN A CO., Masonic Temple. VAT ANTED—lmmediately—Two cooks Y V and fire grod house servant*, at 297, corner °f Michigan and Plae-sts. Lady of the house very amiable. J WANTED lmmediately Several Y Y good coot»-oce to go Into the country to a ■■^i n v3 a ‘ J’iU?® * nfl good waif*. Apply at MRS. Wllii'i aKEB S Office, 226 Ctlcago-cv, TXTANTED Dining loom girls, a. T Y Dorr** Hotel, comer Clark and Van Buren-sts. V\T ANT ED—A cirl who understands VV cooking, washing" and ironing perfectly can obtalP good wages and a steadv plaie. None but those who are willing to work need apply. Eng t-h. German or Scotch on :* red. 21 tt We*l Ful’.ba, corner of Pe rta-st. References required. 3li3anteb—iHiscsllanecus. TXT ANTED—To exchange 40 acres good Y y land in Central lllmM* for a plaro. Ck.‘l on or addrcaa JAP.. A. DICKENSON, 9S ‘ Chicago. TX7 ANTED—To exchange 00.000 acres y y ol chrtrv Illinois land* fbrraerehanrtls# orclty prormty. " I‘j Pay pvr* cash. Lands near railroad. Title pert-ct. DICKENSON A WEUsTEK, OS’ Wash- IhllOD-81. or tot an Y Y Investmcnrrttal is perfectly sate and that will pat mote than 10 per cent. Address "M D." Trloone otflee. WANTED —To collect bounty lor vet erans, sailers and one-year men. No charge until claim is cot'ceted. Advances made on claims. A. GOODRICH. Atumey at Law, 126 Dearboro-tc. Rooms. Office open evenings. WANTED —Owner, at the Central Po lice Station, for abav mare, which the over ran nave by proving property and paying charge?. JOHN NELSON, Deputy Superintendent police. \\T ANTED—The celebrated Gypsy wo- VY man. If you wish to know a’l the secrets nr yont past and future life, the knowledge of which will save von years o| sorrow ard care, don’t bit to < ot>- spitine Gipsy Palmist, at 329 Sonia Clark-st. Fee, One Dollar. \\T AN TED—An energetic man with V Y SIOO to SSOO, to engage in a money making busi ness. Win bear strict luvettlgation. ‘Apply at 104 South Clark-st. Boom H, Pom 9a.m.t03 p. m. WT ANTED—Old and \oune, male and Y Y female, to call era MADAAf A. DUAL. th» cr-afe <*t Fortone-Tflicr known. She win astsm**! yiuwlth revelation*— past, present and inture. 393 Sjuth Clark-st. TAT ANTED—Active men can make V Y irom S3O to S3O per week—carpenters twice as much. Call and see, or send stamp forclrcn'ar. B'2 Dcarborn-st.. Rcom *2. HOPKINS BROTHERS. TAT" ANTED—Pci sons to send 25c lor a Y Y late, novel and mcfal invention, which gives ihe time »t any hour of the day or night. Address D. 1). DAVIS, Chicago, 11. VA7-^'^^ —Toconlerwith a rngp ol V V scmccaoltal. who wruld like to join with a practical tailor In ttartlnr She clothing trsoe tn this city or.sotue country town. Addrest “A D.” 76k SoulltGreen-it. * w ANTED—The advertiser would like v v to flno a caod location for a bakery and conf-c --tloncry hnslrets in some enterprising town where such a business ts needed. Address “ 3 D,” Tribune oilloe. WANTED —To eschanee a chance to makes tot tunc in Pencayivanla. Minnesota, M ffonn or Min 1 1*. lor boi««, carriages, real estate or cash, A C. BROWN A CO., l*B Lake-st. aaßantdi—So ijent. \\T ANTED—To Kent—A good house, ron'sinlngSorlO rooms, on the South Side, north of Twelfth and cast of Stalest- hy a prompto jmjhig. oirefni tenant. Address ”W," pf o. ©rawer W ANTED—-To Rent—A lumber dock V* and yard, not youth or Flrhteenth-st. Would £rd?' l A.%S. P D»!l?/aM'M° f ”“ U " E * W ANTED—-To Rent—-A small cottage ~TT ol4orsroomsoa the Weelßide. east of Cur- f l k?P£] l .'£. Lakewul »oothol C’hlcago-ar. Address “tl tv Tribune colce. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A New England v T tamlly of four would Uie to rent a neat! tidy cottage tram Ms} Ist next. Moat be pleasantly located aidingoodi/tgibornood. The very oert care token J?i?SVf° n SL , I; -Address, staling term and locaUon, ”D, No. uK Ni rth JvQer»on-at. \\T AN TED—To Rent—A cotlasrc house Tv In a good neighborhood. On the North Side and near city Ural's prelerred. Would take position at at^Ume between no» and Ist of May. AQaresa \\r ANTED—To Rent—A cooper shop T » ora balHlog snllable tbereior. Addroes. at once, “ COOPER,” Tribune otflee, giving location, Ac, V\7 ANTED—To Rent—A store suitable Tv tor the grocery trade. In some buslnem place west of Chicago, or beenae partner with one banns a store. Address “ U L.” Tribune odee. Heal iSstatc-Gountrg. FOR SALE—Farm ot 80 acre?, three miles east of Klein and one mile from Clinton. Good hulidine*. bam soxttt feet, with stone ou^meal; IN'nearing fruit trees. weU watered. Adjoining are hundreds of aares of timbered lota, not fenced, adnrd- Ins the be*t ol pasture. Best location tn Kane County for dairy linn. Call on CHRISTIAN A CO- Room J Lisa’s block. I7OR SALE —For cash and part time. X some of tbe best stock and grain Carrs in North western fowa, limber and pralne adjoin-ng. p>rma tent muting water, and title period. Township plats with cohrge. railroad acd vacant lands. Umb-r. prai rie and water accurately mar<e<>, fnratohod alii. In f’nnatlODfree. Apply to oraddreM J.s. PRESCOTT Brown’s Book Store. Commhos, Wls. F)R SALE—2O Farms within 20 to 100 miles of Chicago—from ¥32XO to f 40,000; also, one pralne lands. nnlxprcved-110 to SIS ->er acre, aod all cheap and very desirable. J. w. QEDEN bEBQ, 14 Lombard Block. T7OR SALE—lllinois Stock Farm—6lo , 1 acres, all improved, near JoUeLIIUSD miles trom Chicago, known as the “Jones Farm,” valued *t f 50.000. Must be sold at a sacrifice to close an estate. For particulars address MATTOCKS A MASON, r o Box 1960. cbICMQ.HL * OR SALE—Near the South City Lim- Us—lSX acre* of ground that will soon be wanted tor city property or park property, it U east of In It ann-aT., and trouts on Rankakee-ar, Win be sold at a baigaln to an acceptable partv, and time given on half th» purchase money. C«H at No. 6 Croabv's Ooera House. MARTIN ANDREWS. J P I7OR SALE—A farm of ICO ncres, with- I 1 In one mile of k railroad station and n miles trom Chicago. Well wat-red, ckk! halloing*, over s<o fruit trees, and stocked with cows. Will with or with* rnteuwi. AUo.etO s'fw adjoining the above, in lors t> salt purchasers. Apply at lA3 Kmzie-«t. dTtir Sale. FOR SALE—Prop. “Genessee Chief,” bow lying at Detroit. Michigan. Clast A 3. Ton cage (old meaioremcnt), 354. app tto WM.K, WAR RI.SEB, Detroit, Mich-or « HARRIS A BKO., S 4 Lumber-tt. Chicago. C*OH SALE—Office desks, show case, I safe In good order (Hall’s make), chairs, table, bint, drawers, shelving. itores, Ac- Ac ; a so, hors-, express wagon and harness. Apply at 87 South Wa ter-*!. FOR BALE—At the Like Tunnel—One 35 borse power engine and upright tabular boll-r. Ooen ntarb.-ller. One 15 hoi se power e: g ne and npngnt tabular ThcteenitlateandbcUers are tew, hare been In usa bat a very short ttme. .. 2j,1?5 trot T mil. welching 23 as. to the yard. 1 large tan for ventilation. M. iL Aiuen'a patent, oollt expre ely for this work s fl- e. well-broken j oorg males. 2 1 amps acd 3 sets Improved nolstlrg apparatus and gearing. Si carl, capacity 1 coble yard. A targe lot of toots. A lot < f tic ber acd lumber. Also, tbe bUffilcsi, sheds, outhouses, Ac., connected with the Lake Tunnel. A let of cast and wronght scran Irm. DOLL A GOWAN. Contractors, Office. chore shaft TonneL 17*01? SALE—A grocery store in a No. 1 F location. Also, one two-seat buggy, nearly new. Address P. O. Box 9»S. 3 F)R &ALE—Ten Thousand Shares ol M.nlic Stock In the SUvertborn Lead Mining and swelling Company. InqoPe of GODFREY A FOX. Attoraeyi-Bt-Law.iai foadolph-st. U'OR BALE—At a bargain, three firsi -1 class oil hard laoles. second size. Bavehceoin use one year, and are almost as co<xl aa ne v. Phelan A commder*s ccmoltsilon cushions, toretner with new seta of cloths, tar e lately be-n placed upon th-ro. Ctea. B*U>, cue races asa counters are all Id comolets rnnr-lsg ordrr, and wll be dirpoeed tf cheap for cun. Aptly to JOHN H. Mc.YEB.No. 74 Dearborn-st. t?OR BALE Vessel Brig Robert 1 Bums, claasev Bi. In good order, and excellent ontffL Capacity. 17.000 bn corn or 2)0 M lumber. Will be sold on easv terms. App-7 to BENRT S. HAUNTED A CO-6 Steele’s Blcck, coiner booth Water and La balle-eta. P3R BALE—Lease and furniture ol a hooseco*.tm<cicg 11 rooms, with all modern im provements "North Side, tear street car*. Possefelon Msy Ist o* before. Inquire at 39 Baadolpn-et, of -LANK." JLoet ank jFounlr. PICKED UP—On Monday, the 18th In**-captur'd, a Yawl Boat, orUtlog towards the take. The own ream have tbe same by applying at bo. 362 Obio-st., paying expenses and cost ot this advertisement. rpAKEN DP—On the 19th, a brown I horse and top buggy, with robe. The owner can obtain tne tame by proving property and paying char, to,at 100 Stttwt. T. D. RANDALL. / s niLBH. UITOATION-WanSSThTr^ 4fflsr wU! “’“»w UITUATION-XTantedr7nErr-' IT- JooDg»uilrimiirUin:«tehta I ,,r “*• "J t vS'i'. lc “ *"“• 4 “' t “ -sir£ tfij-, f j4 »» m 0„. teen years’exvertcncelc Causes. fi u * a»». enlot a country Blora St 1 . 1 * »«. bate no onjections to make btirieir 5J2 • *>.« wa C ITU ATI ON—W anted, aTTm2ir* k? • ent, by* young man, loradtns ei,la f honre. Has bad nearly D«e yfar» em-fi . 7ry »U give the beat of refkrtoceA as pood ilacdlnCj Ac. Address *Tf.“ p n Jscksonnlle, til. * e,t) - a) t3u; SITU ATlON—Wanted, by a bookleTT" of experience. Will work t -rV» ~**l*l comnenotnots Hril-clasi. Aildrtti ii ;V. - . R *- Cleyelsnd. Ohio. 11 “•» FfifflALKN. SITUATION b—\Vanted, by one to do pen*ral hoiisvwon, iti* oihc cod work la private families. Apply , 3 i’l* ** UalUcu-st. and Trice 1 lace. 7 •"•e*»a«r S'* ifUATlON—Wanted, ns wcTWj Have no baby. Appl) at fly f.iurtivtu.-w CITUATIONE Wanted - Tii^TTl some good girl*at 1511 Male »t,. Mr,. jh LK Office. Vtmihan have every attentl'ia p*m t, wants la the domestic linn. * 41, 1w.r SITUATION—Wanted—A voting nri O who utdorstandi tnos'e tlMn'tichlr, r.„ nation Id afsnrliy where there aierbil(lrc.\tot s ,*.si torn In music andoakeherseit tfeoerali, u, (o be sten at -133 North State-it. ' *** * w ClTUATlON—Wanted, on (lie North Cj Bide, bv a Oermap girl, a stranger In ih- r;i» u quire at 100 West Van Mm rn-st. ’ “ iclgrntg asiamco A GENTS- Wanted—Just receive!, Fof. I\ et.rn’s splendid NEW U.NDEU-KKKI* I.Kngir BEWtNO MACIIINAB. l*nee PlO. cm.;'!. i«-witi table. wishing to secure the sgi-n<y f.iri&u •uiwrlor nrw machine should apply at t<> I*. ,\t. KI.NfeUN, l(i l ttautiuUh-st., Ituom O, A GENTa—Wanted—To engage in tin* JA salem •THE HISTORY OF ABRAHAM LIN. COT.N AND TIIK OVERTHROW OK MLaVEUY,' is one vol., octavo, r| 7M pages. By Hon. I. N. Arabic, late member r-fCongre-s, a d fur oyer rwenty year* a eoiAdeutlai irlead 01 Mr. Lincoln. This h portsat work wm uodcriakea three y-ars ago with ibo »p. prcvfllol Mr. URculn. and t» Just ta-ued. It U al ready selling as rapidly as the publishers have here able to Pi' orders. The Otn edition sold In t*euty days For lull description, cpl douof leading paoers a*d men. and terms, address the rnblshejs. CLARES ACO.wiyand M 3 Wa«hlng , oL-*»., Chicago* 4 GENTS—Wanted —Experienced flrst r!sv canvss-crr. ceV-Icmeti and ladle*, (br hHINGIOVS PRAYER AT VALLEY FORGh.” a new mo msgnlricect sfeel engraving; price. f3AO. Ota peculiar ' recommendations which cause Urn he admired by even American, cf whatever sect or parly. Agent* every where are meeting with unparalleled suc cess. Publisher*’ hlgce*t commission given. Ad dn>t. 9.6. BuYPEN, 73 Ciark-sfe, Chicago. lIL AGENTS —warned —$75 to s2lo per month, everywhere, male and female,- to Intro duce throughout the United '■tales the OENrISE IM PROVED « OMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MA CHINE. Thl* machine will stitch, hem. ftil, tacit, quilt. bind, braid aid embrolrirrin a most superior manner. PrieonyflK, Fully warra-ted r«rfive y<ar>. We will pay for any machine that win •ew a stronger, more htanttlnl or more elastic <eam than oars. It makes the • Elastic Lockstitch.” Every Stcond stitch ran be'mt.anc sou the cloth cannot be polled apart without fearing It. We pay agent* fro a s7itos3*)per month srd emeases,oracommiasios from wnlca twleetbai am-not cat be made. Address bKCOitO A CO„ Cleveland, Ohio. CAUTION.—Do net be imposed opoa by other par ties calming cC worthies# ca». Iroo machines, andtr the same tame or ether* tse. Our* is the only gtuu- Ite am really practical cheap machine manufactured. A GENT&—Wanted—For “The History X\, of the War Between the Males—Tracing lu nn gin. Causes end Results.** By lion. Alexander b.m©. phess. Ana for The LUb. Letters and Speech-* of Oca. Alexander H. Stephens. By Henry Cleveland, for circulars and eec our tents. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., No. 10 Lombard Bl«K, Chicago, AGENTs —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clotboi Line*. Can maVeftC to *2O per day. Address “Metallc Clothss Line C 0.." j)2 Ueveland. Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted—“The Pictorial xV Rock of Anecdotes med Incident* rf the War.’* Warranted the most attractiTe, fast (etllng boos ol the age. Atentsmatefrom foO to tIOO per wpck,%->wß will prove. Address SI ODDAKD&CO„ 102 Wash tnctotut. Chicago. *- AGENTS?— Wanted —Male and female, to ancwartlcleta sreatdemand, that every family wads. (4 per day made with rat leaving home. Travelling agents nn make froa |S to fJOperdav, wttLout interferecre with ether business. Tne snide shewsferiu»!f. pirt’ro'ara ol ibe bo«tDf*s. sett lor 3 cents. Addnas It, W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 63311, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen and xl ladies throughout the United States for onr new Bock.-UVES of the PRESIDENTS.- from Wa-a- Icgton to Johnson, by J. s>. C. Aboott, the great w«m mu. Complete m one .arge volurn*. ioperbly li:os trated with *u#len ravings, among which are p-ir- UaiU of the seventeen President*. ostUe* scenes, etc. Tnivls Ihe only work rf the kind yet onhlishnl. and affords to ext rrlenred agents a rareoppottnnuv to make metej with a rplekdld book, and no competi lion. Exclusive feirtlnry and pobltshers'bleh-st corn talsMcnglvea- Books ready for delivery now. S. s BOYDEN, 23 Cb cago,!!! AGENTS— Wanted—With $5 tn $lO capital, fbr a pcnnareßttnon-y.ninklng m at home, suitable lor ladles, gentlemen, cergvmcn. and teachers, and very deMrable for ccld we*th*r. EnergMlcsgentaareroaklogs4a tosWfter»c-k. CaJ on or address, with starota for papers, R. WaYVELU 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Immediritelv, in every county, to sell standard salable b wks. on which larse comnilsslon* will be paid. m.m &UEUWOOD. 107 Muuroe-ii- Chicago. A GENTS—Warned—Ladies and cents /A with a capital or $3 or $lO are sure to clear $w per dai. tor partlrulars address With sta-nn. N. K. A GENTS—Wanted—Everybody—Send il. n# your addrrts, and receive It return, tree ol rs- P»n#c. a ropy ol our tew Engraving, which snlafT IQ cent#, and is the best thl-g out to make m*ne> on. Aito,onr new circular, with rail particulars. IVia*s StfTrKlk-.t'S??** Afl^ re * 9 SAMMONS, WHITE 4 CLARK. 179 Lakc-st., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE aMER £X 1C AN FARMER'S HORSE UOt'K. Now One elegant octavo vo-urre of 600 pua ann gpi ncldlr ll'.nstruied. By Rmwrt Stewart, M.H., V. S. The best sellu s subscription book m the market, it cover* the wbule ground of stock Raising atd Managem-nt, in ctudlrg the trrutmrndof diseases of the lur*.* (espe cially tb« American horsei. mors »attstoctorl:r than iih*rw<rr extant, When other bong* ate slow Sthe people «M boy this, as It la somethtog pr*c . thatwiii save them money Ae*Lt* arc mating with fp endlfl rncrcfß. One report 31 snfocri cr- the fist day. Arolher 70 cut of the OtstS solicilfd. Aa otb* ran averag* ot 10 p r day tor the ntst w«it. .ix other to from the dm 11 solicited. While *n averse ol three subscribers prr day win pay an ae*-1 IUW P* r year ever ana above all expenses. One sgmt (a veterinary sorgo.n) writer: “I hare sxamlsed the book, amf It la everything that I coa.d wish. F.» w»nl bocks litmedUtfly, as I can hard'y keep the sample I have got.” Another writes: “Ttm work me* wed. E X5 r ? ?i* e **- If there to not a lam* number fold, I think the fault will be with the Menu.” Aa other agent, an experienced veterinary surgeu>>. wn t«s, after having read the book: “lam fully convinced of ito * xecllency. Hat Inc all my life be-n lam-ltor with the cone, ard nearly all hts dto*a*es, I feel fnt> o re ccmmetd the work to the pahllc.” Tima, the book stands tbe test ot critical examination by th se r»ac qnallfled to |udee ot Its menu, anaTa dally «ro«tndtn E ab ' l ,^ f !*T° r : F«ln-dve l-CTllory given. Address J. ®? GOODMAN * LO- Publtohcrs, 5 Custom House place, Chicago. 1 j. A GENTS—Wanted The Universal ■t*. l-tnen Marker, name and Ink comoi. to. In neat case, sort lor ft, and 13 cuts oostaae. HANSON A HILTON, millard’a Block. ChtcagoT * A GENTS—Wanted—To canvass lor ?f*.VAS S ,H^ LL,H GREAT PORTRAIT OF ABRA HAM LINCOLN, engraved In pure line hy W. K. M»r sban. and It the hen portrait of Mr. Lincoln publl-hed. it has tne commeodatioim from «neh rer*«;D4 m nnmner. Stanton, Trnmbml. (ieo. Itancrort. w. C. Bryant, John U. Whittier and Mr. Herndon. This portrait has been on exhlblUon In Snrtncfle’d side by side with Carpenter’s, and is procuimred t-.-be lucomparahly the best portrait of Mr. LtrooJn. by Onv. Gov, Brose. Adjt. Gen.Haynto.Chl-f Jtutlce Watoer. JasMce Lawrerre, Auditor of Sute Miner, Judge Treat, Hon. J.T. Stuart. Nlnlan w. Ed wards, c. M. Smith. J. Bonn and them, all of wnom were persenai friends of Mr. Lit coin for msnvvcan. 11 ** ffTonl companaou the finest work of art cve« ex ecuted la America. Published by Tlcknor A Flelus. * re m TUed to compare It wlta Halpln’s cheap lV«i e » c ? er V ,t ? of Carpenter’* painting. Tinaeturw Twncw sale*. £xp*rlenced canvjMer* will nna it for tbetr Interests to cams** for It. Liberal torms given. Address J. H. AMMOV. Pobitobe.s* C^it-fr., * ©artneeg giHanteh. TXAKTNER—Wanted—In a salron and X ten-pin alley, Jmt started, and doing busi ness ll an oce m.n cat* attond to. I own Ihe builditg* and e year*’ lease on the ground. For terms, a-.. *.i dr» ss “1, N J,” Drawer 1-V2, Morris. Grundy Ci., Hi. A rare chance f.,r a man with small capital and.ood holiness habits. PARTNEK —Wanted—A partner with fUJOO. to take an intertat loan estobllsbod hard ware hon-e. Address, ter one week. H. wahr tvi. b-reofllce. PARTNER —Wanted—Having 00C, 1 would like to enter into partnership with some reeronslMe person, or to Ley an es'abltohed bu?lne*i». ♦•lther Ip thtoclty or Mice other thnvne Place. Ad dmi “M S.” Box 120tf,Chicago P. U. PARTNER —Wanted A persevenne, tndnsrrlons sao would pc glad to m-*«twl:h“s suttabl* partner of ettut) capital (|3CO> to Join him la the grocery bu*Uess,yetto be established. Prtler actr.e enterprising pi*ce wett of Chicago. Addre-s “K L S,’Tribune otß ce. T> ARTNER —Wanted —An enenretic I~ man.wlth|3oC,to*akea half Interest in an es tonllsbed bn’ iress. paving a large profit. App y»l EPFFB A BRO.’S. 1 riv Cl ,rk. jjoartuns. "OOARDING—One or two gentlemen J-* dwlron* of a comfortable boms, ciegnn* ro ><u» •odi excellent board. In a respectable family livin' oa - if™!-".?. 1 I * r fro ® tbe Office. c*a address "C." Box 1320. F.O. Be« menace* required. |_>OARi>ING —Foot gentlemen can ob ?£.- r ?A D 5lI. ari ••k* o eoon». comprising sit trWsS?v- lw ? rooms and bathroom, wlm a laml llinn» t i? No ri b /£! de, J e *?. t Clark-sl.. and onlv ten minutes walk from tse Court Bouse. Pnro tio per week. Addma*H."P.O. Drawer BigoT * T> OAR-DlNG—Fire or six gentlemen -L-f . c “ with board and pleasant between T-Se-w M d Randolph. day boarders. «- T^PARDC^G— A nice front pailor, well « • r * , ," ed l. wllh soltaole tor two gentlemen; a so, two small rooms can oe obtained. at 13 East Randclph-st- between Michigan and W^wViiri OOARDiNG— With suitable front lifer, nc°^r"^n < igd. Uy ftmuAhcd » at 2 .M Wabash-ar. 13 oath JiißlantclJ. T> OA RD —Bj a gentleman and wife. JJ Acconmodatlrni most be C"-nfortable and a»t --claralneve-y Those who cannot offer de-lra bleconTr’ itree*, as retards localise, Ac- need'not repiy. Partti-atsw'r ne references. Add rets “MERCHANT.- Tnbane offictT T>OARO—By a gentleman and wile, on Lf Booth Side. In a private fhmllr. Address rivin-* terms and Iccatloo.DjX ia?Q. Chicago. “** T>OaßD—ln the neighborhood cf tbe JL> Second flapUst Chnrch, In a prirato faml’y a -nUeof rooms for centltman and wlte, with bovd Addms. stating terms acd location, “EBW" Tribune T>OARD—In a private family bavin? no J > boarders by ajoancmsnwimngro p*r ahl -a price for good accommodations. Addrtaao s'whall* DING, Post Office, Chicago. Se andladvdesire JL 7, 1 } 11 «o MfUrnlshed pariorand’beap.:otn. S?asSi. iaal ” BOARi)— Foi a ccntleman and his wife, . room ard board. Addw*. 1074 erm * 104 Iccsdoc, ’•BOARDER,*’ P. *J. Bo* Information lElantcD INFORMATION—'Wanted-Or Charles AA®scpberd.aye*ra cf age,3 f<.II In.hUH. dux 55E***?? 1 9 0fD Pt‘xlcn. slender tn person, dark grty s?**; ~w “ lest heard from at Gain. U-. 0.1. ;7, intending to go to Burlington. It»*a- .uyl-ifcro* concerning him Is of the nnso*t Ire mortice*. »nl 5U* B°« thankfully received by -M. V, SilKl’- New Seme. N.C..or MRS. t ITABLB6 A. SUEP HEED, Dayton. Wls. Galya papers pleate copy. TNFORMATION—Wanted—Of U'jlnc J.Connors, about 7 years old. blvk eyes, Mick hair, who has been missing from Detroit for ove month* naat. Please sddress MABOARkT CONNORS, 2J Digh-st-Detroit. Mich. ___ pianos. F)R SALE— Two second hand pianos— one for fiat), and cne fc r tone *ai in Planes to rent, at J7O Maduon-st. w.