Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 25, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 25, 1867 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. konetaey. SATLUDAT Evnntna. ppftroso *3. Thi'fononlnet# Mantijtf l'e»* exMMI of UJI tumroM ol tt-e Clearii>p Uoose for Jhe wek end lap to-o*J Clesnnga. Balance*. .?1.9"5,R51.9r to:'. UTJ.IJ . i,ifis,f«n7« isurcun . 1.021.555.43 21,ti71.3t . i,ici.2a*.4S . 1,491,211.25 191.10112* February IS. Fcbrniry 19. February 20, February 21. Fibruarj 23. Total .... *s 12,072 69 #977. VO 42 Ijul week $7 1 0.*4,2M.5a #U177.V3109 Week ending Feb. 9. fiJsnvmj* . 9ru.TSI.-W Week ceding Feb. *.... 8,0-n.375.8'» 1,01(1,014.115 Week ending Jan. 26.... M 85W.08 1,1*3,39125 The abort figure* speak for ihemt-olvca, and need no fnrtbcr explanation. A falling off ot over a million and one-half lo the clearings within one wick most of necessity demonstrate that business i* dull. UlefcanUo predict when a revival will take place. All clause* of trader a*o walling to see what Congress will do, and some anxiously wish that Congress would adjourn never a to all again, until after a resumption of specie pay ments. A Washlncton telegram, received this afternoon, says: •*An addltir-nal section will be referred to the legal lender measure wben it is rep <ncd to tbe Senate, that ‘lt bhall bo unlawful hereafter tor any National Bank to allow or pay Interest on deposits made in said banka by any other National Banka. 1 11 This is a step in the right direction, and we trust tha" this section will be added to the Na tional Currency AeL it rolgot be amend ed so as to read “by any other National Bank or other banks. 11 T&e system of paying Interest on bank balances is de moralizing and is productive ol no good. A bank is an icstitnuon for loaning money, not bor rowing it. and depositors should consider them selves amply repaid by baring a safe place to store their surplus feeds, with tbe assurance tbat the ■game can be had on call. Let the amendment pass by all means. Eustaces at the banks was rather more active to-day, owing to tbe crowding of two days 1 busi ness into one. In other respects there was nothing new. The discount market remains un changed. The amount of fresh paper offering Is light, bn' as there is a large demand for renewals, there is no increase in the amount of available currency. With an active demand for discounts there would be as tight a market as was witnessed at any time this winter. Exchange was steady, with sales between banks at par t 025 cents premium-mostly at the upper figure. Ihe counter rates are steady at par bay ing and *ic premium selling. Tbe demand for Foreign Exchange Is fairly ac tive and tbe markvt closes up stiongatihc follow tug rates for abort sight, in the small way: Gold. Cnrrcncr. London, per pound fSUJ fC.wi @7.00 Paris, per frat-e 20 27 , / J@ 29 Berlin, per Prussian ibale*... 75 Bambnrg, pc* mazro banco.. S 3 52 <a 53 Norway. pcrrikmyni 30 41 @ 42 Sweden, per specie dalcr .... I.IG IJW @1 Cl Floor was fairly active and Arm. Wheat waa film and higher for No. 1 spring, but No. 3 waa without material change. Coro was active, and J&ISC higher. Oats were active, aud advanced fnlly Ic. Bye was quiet, bat firm. There was more doing In Catley, and the market was firm. Whiskey waa neglected. Provisions were gener ally unchanged. Lard was firmer. Seeds were ra'hcr lees active. Gold waa rather irregular yesterday. It opened at IS£l4, advanced to ITJSjj, and closed at 1334. Hu following quotation* were received by Boyd Bro#., gold broket e: 30:9) a. xn 15SW 12:13 p. m 13SJJ KstSa.m lOfiJi 1:00 p.m 13SU 11:00 a. m 138 H 2:00 p. m 1234 11:15 a. tn 13S?» | thlSp. m 133*4 11:80 a. in ISB* | 315; p. m 133*4 lU-15n.r0 138* I Jleie the market was more active. The brokers wore boyinp at 137HQ1SS, and aelhc? at New York rates. Silver was nominal at 125®130—the upper figure for large. TLe following table shows the dmlymrge and closing price ol American cold daring the week: Kamru. Closing. mjcaiSCif 136*4 ..127*401:8*4 123*4 Monday.... *Tae«diy.... "WedntMlaT. TOuisday. Friday... Jrataroar. Governments were comparatively steady. The following shows the during prices of to-day, com pared with the three previous days: -a j xt. •< c? » S. g r Sixes of’Sl linjj iiyij iioij 112 111*4 111?* in'*4 josm 10S»4 103 X IW-S 11)154 101 S 10154 lUS-, 10*»7« 10)>4 HSH 16S.S lUi?i lUs*> 101J4 105*: 100*4 100*4 m% rive*rircnilee, ’tit 111*4 yivc«T«eulies, ’64 1118 Flve-Tw«nU«, C 5 toss Tcti-Forllc* 1U154 Sjcvtn-Tbiriiea, Anc lUG f'e'cn-Thlnle?, Jane....105*4 FcTcn-Tljlnle*, *1 clv... Itav Fivc-Twci.Uctf... Here thete was a {rood investment demand— mostly for Sevcn-Thlrlics, and the maihel was Ann. We quote: conactucKT sectnimEs—ctncaoo xakkct. laying. Selling. .110 ncu .111 1114 .lorji msu .103 S 103 joe ®noj< .101 S 1013 U .iws ■itr>S ms •105? i l'ls»f .103JJ 105J* .lUSS@IOSS U. S. Sixes, ot 1881 TJ.S.S-2!*, INK. 01. S. 5.509, IBM O. S. 5-20<?, 16C5 U. F. B-3 Ha. small U. S. 1040 s, large. TJ. S. 1040 s. small U. S. 7-30*, let scries.... F. S. 7-»M, 2d scries IT. 6.7*305, 34 scries..... U. S. 7-Xb. emalL Compounds, done, ISCI. *• July, 1861, 44 Ang.,lMM. 44 OcL, 18*4, 44 Pec, 1301, 44 Slay, 1805, “ Aug.,1905. 44 Sept.,lSGs. *» OcL. ISCS, Ibe Second National Bi rates for Governments as Coup., ’Bl.. 110**® .... 5-211 coup., (large)....ill G . .. 5-20 coop.. (small). .110 G ... 11M0 coop.. (large). .... 10-40 coop., (email).. .... New ceil. . CS .. . 7-30, Local Slocks are doll nominal- We quote: lank quotes the buying is follows; 7*30, (MnaIOIOTiHGUKIS •Tore comp., 185t..117 July , •* ..110)4 Ang. ** **..UG Ocu “ “ ..113 Dec. “ “ ..114 May " 1353..H2',4 Ang. “ *■ ..111 .Sept. “ “ ..HO‘4 oct. u “ 11, and little better than Buying. SclU'ig. ....03 HW ... !K3£ '-n\i ~..33 UG Chicago City's Cook County 7a Chamber of Commerce. The Insurance question Is creating considerable discussion In financial circles in the Hast, and In the West it is assuming more importance each succeeding yca r . The following trum the New York Tnbune Is exceedingly apposite: The first annual nncrinc of the National Board ot Fire Insurance Is in session in this city. their acti'in Urns far chi, fly discloses the fact that the losses of the fire companies have li«on enormous during (be past <ew years, and especially within the past rear. The extraordinary fact is stated or Mr. iJoker, of B« ston, that, daring the past year, of the eighty-ihree companies reportin'; In Massa chusetts. the looses were tS,OOO,(KJ'’ anove the on* tire recciuts of those companies. Yet their capi tal Is but This statement seems in credible. for it shows the capital stock of the companies to hare b<en more than exhausted m one rear's oprraOons. Wo feel almost in clined to believe ttcre must he some mis take In these flgnrcs. Bnt If they are correct we do not wonder that tnc insurance companies are thrown Into a fright and find It necessary to combine their force* to devise a plan of serine themselves from inevit able bankmptry. tnto which another yeir’s ex perience like the last would seem to he snre to plnncc them 1> is cot surprising to find the Committee declaring that “ the insur ance Inten ft is now parsing through a perilous crisis." Wc think, that if these couicssiona are true of all the companies, or anything near true, that not only the interests of the iosuicrs are in a ♦‘portions crisis" bat the interests of the Insured are in a perilous crisis," also. The question we often see posted *• Arc you Insured f hec jmes doubly interesting in view olthe farts here dla closed. It Is not only a question of arc you in sured, hm arc yon w-ured in an office out of which thcholtom has fallen! —lt seems tbaltbe subjects which mod interest the companies, and to wnlch they propose 10 con iine their present discussion, arc an advance of rales, uniformity ofrates, and the prcvtn'ion of fires. This lt*i named object Is one dc-crving of the most attentive consideration, and Ihe occ above all others which has a uutvrrsal and abidlcg Interest. There is no people under Heaven that Bum up their substance like the Americans. We judgeinatall California has been burnt np at least ball a times since ISI9, and we never beard ary other commentary upon a destructive fire anywhere, than that it disclosed remarkable energy in the public at rebuilding. This Is a snfiicicnt solace lor alt their burn*. The idea of It* suggesting the propriety of erect ing cities and towns with Inc iralmUlble sub stances is quite too slow for Ibe American mind. And yet it is what we mast come to sooner or la ter, and the soanrr the better. If tbo Insurance companies, by raising tbclr rates to some awful height, cap enforce upon tie* public the economic advantages ol doing ibis. af>cr the manner oftbe old countries in Europe, where such frequent fires as we bsvc ate totally unknown, they will not have lived nor held their annual Convention la vain. The sound of the Are hell In an old etone hmltlown In Europe is beard about as often as the shock o» an earthquake, and occasions about an equal amount of surmise. —The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has dedded that where the annual rent in a lease va ries tor the several years oftbe term, the ruling of this office is. that the stamp should be based upon the average rental value. —The foßuwlnc is the full statement of esti mated outstanding compound Intcicst notes and interest due thereon to date of maturity, read in the Senate a few days since by Mr. Sherman: Date (4 Estimated Itlcrest at Dare of tame. onuunrt'e. maturity. maturity. June 10.18M....W,«n.(100 |1.1f<513.’78...Jn'.e 10.1*17 Jalv 11. 1H*4....i;A0u.f00 3.395,915.19.. ..Ju1y 15.1867 a nr. 15,1864 5J.2f8.000 7.619.1CM3.... Aar. 15.1*17 Oct. IS, J864....17.400,010 5A76.40936 ...OcL 15.1837 Dec. 13. 1»4....1»ir0.000 5.784.01i>.78....0ec. 15,1557 ToUl #99.663X00 $19^40,123.13 May 15. 1863....pi.4iW.*>i0 5.7iU.019«2....i!ay 15.1854 AUC. L 1863.. Belli, 1. 150.... 6.JCO.KJO 1,241.734.71....bept. 1,18 A» SepU 15, IS® 3.000XM »%MH39 ...SeoU 15.1854 Oeu 1. 1565.... 2.000.000 5*U01i9....0cl- UI-'SS ocl. 16, Ifits.... 1,000,000 HU,01230....0ct. 15, ISJj TOUL |143,(X3.C40 AS New York »*n Coelnir price* lor cask. Fe Juaepb U. Lyons ft Co., Bral mtxLSLird "K.Y. Ccttr*l...l«Y 1«Y Ene (com) SCjS SJjK M.S. (com) *W |»« c.fti*rt» Ri w Itock IsUnd 97V V7* <\ft.N.W S$H Da.nrcfemd.... 66 ffijf P. Ft, WftC.... 97* 97 ivnlrksllver S 3 .... W.U.TcI c. «K «X C. ft. A. (c0m)..114 114 B. IS 12s Mich. Cmtral...M7sf MIK ]]Qd»DlliTer...lM)i I3i ltl.Cet.tnJ 116* H« I’htl.ftltncliic.lMK HU* C. T01ed0.....119 119 Tol.ft Wabub.. 39* 39* Market—let Beard etrone Jock Market. :>btn*ry 33,1367, rtcclrtd by rtm; „ „ , UtDdSJDd C. 8. 6 V cent boa<if. wn ■ nox U. 8. 6 V ct 6-30 coup., is>l....uiv U. 8.6 ¥ fcl MO coop., 155J....105X .... (J. 8. 6 > ct 5-CO conp- 1565....W* ... D.8.5V cent 1043 AOH ires*. 1 Mo,ut •com W 6 U. 8. 7 MO. 2d scrim IDV ••• C. 8. 7 513 SW scrim 1‘ ,«♦ Am. G^W.. V ...135X 133’ :; 2d Bo*rd stesif. COMMERCIAL. Satchdat Evening. February 23. The followlnc labl-u- show the recclpl*and ship* meets ol Produce durlcc the put forty-eight Loan: aEcnrrs past roimT-nonr nouns. near hrls Wheat, bn Cora, on Oats, bn.. Bye, bn liam-y, bn .. ..... Crass Seed. Ejb Broom Corn, 85... Cured Meat. S’S.... Pork. bils ■ 3 *fd. Tbs H'allow, Tbs Batter. Jhs Dressed Uotrs, I*o. IJve JIfiCT, So ... Cattle, N 0......... Hides, h»s Jllghwines, brie ... Wool, B>a Lnaher,m... ..... MUaglu, emrxons put pomr-aoirr noon*. TUrnr, brlt o J* 1 *: ; wbvaam.... :: ; ,?-hs I*,V5 ■ o**m, bn «•?? 8 - oe Oair, bn ‘i'V! ijre, tn ?*3 . Bnriejr, be **\iy l * 2W «•«. *e«i, ®* :::. ijpuoni lorn, Tbs uik* mct.i Cund Meat, ft*.... 1’,703Ju7 ssvs» £«'♦ J»|* , 613 70 n»k,brlii M gjj l'l‘l »•. ■; MJ,aa »57ju Tallow. 16* gy 2VJOJ Bmter,lb«.. . ...... O/551 8,520 orcifcd H0g5.W0:.,..... 2,073 12; Uvc Hoqs. >?o 8.X19' 606 * atUe, No . a,t« 1,213 Hide*. Tba 10 881 151,694 llichwlncs, brie S4I 338 Wool, lb* 61,260 6,117 Lumber,nj .783.' 531 Sbinclt-a, 1,n73 443 Lalb, m. 1,393 68 brla 61T fi;o The market Tor Hess Pork wavaqain dull. Hol ders show 00 disposition to force sales, and there U no demand either for consnopilon or specn*a- Uod. The market may be nominally quoted at fIS-50Q.lS.Ti. although some favorite brand* arc held with considerable stiffness at $19.00. Prime Mesa was dull and entirely nominal at $17.2-0 17.60. Sweet Pickled Hama were quiet, with rales at llQllHc in Uercca and 10ji@10j$c loose. Bulk SUate were quiet, with aalea at lOHc for Hama and 7*ic for Shoulders, both loose. A smalt lot of the latter sold at IKc, Vxcd. I-ard was quiet, as buyers and seller* were apart. For casta we note sales of some 490 tes at 12c for Steam, and llQUIfc for No. 1. For future delivery there was some speculative In quiry, with sales of 1,050 tc« at ISjjc, buyer Alaich. At the close there were few sellers be low ISJ4C, cash. Dressed Hogs were quiet but firm, with Biles at $7 4008.40, the upper figure for a choice lot. The market may be quoted at $7.3007.75 for average lots. Whiskey was doll and neglected at #3.50 for duty paid and 25c for bonded. There was a fair demand for Flour, and the market was firm, with sales of 4,100 hrls at #13.73 for White Winters; for Spring Ex tras ; 57.52&8.U) for Spring Supers, and #6.50 for Rye. Tbc market for No. S Spring was quiet, and without any essential change. No. 1 waa In fair milling demand, and as Ihc eapply fa light, higher prices were obtained. The sales foot tip U,OOO bu 8tt2.2065.55 for No. 1; ft 86*401.8* for No. 2, and t1.68©1.7ft for Rejected—cloamg with sellers at f 1.57 for No. 8 in regular booses. Jhcro was an active speculative demand for Corn, mostly to fill maturing contracts, and tbo market advanced I©lVJc, with sales of 113,000 bn, at FS©SCHc for No. I; Cfi©67<ic for No. 2, and SS®Blc for Rejected—closing linn with more buyers than sellers at 80c for No. 1 In store. Tbo demand lor Oats was quite active, and the market was fully 1c better, with sales of 131,000 liu, at 4S*£c for No. 1, and 416424 c for No. 2 he upper figure for fresh receipts. The market clost-d Aim at 41*(c fur No. 2. Rye was quiet but firm, with sales of No. 1 at 9GcforfteEb,andr4c for winter receipts. There was nothing doing In No. 8. Ihc market for Barley was firm and more ac tive, wi>fa sales at 62©65c for No. 1; 4C©soc tor Rejected, and for sample lots. Tallow was qmet but firm, with sales at 10c for Ctry rackert 1 , and 9J4c for Country. . Seeds were rather less active, but steady, with sales at tS.SU©3 U 5 for Clover, and 22.8363.20 for Timoiry. The following telegrams were read on change to-day Nsw Yobk, February 93. Floor qatct bat firm at $0.705i11.00. Wncat flnu bnl inactive at F2.90&9.30. Cora nominal at £l.lSQl.lti In itufc. Oats batter ats7®3yc tor Otu. Fork quiet at $91.T0. lard better at <322 ISfcc, Jlo};BfitarccatT!U>U®9.C2!i. Whiskey Ann. Guid, LA TIB, Floor and Wheat Ann. Com firmer at f 1.06 in Hoie. and $1.07 afloat. Oats bnoyoutat 53gj'.*c Fork firm. Lard turner al 18jf®iS?£C. lioga a febadc firmer. LATEB. At ih* Afternoon Board Uio leading Grain mar* were quiet, and No. 3 Spring Wheat was ca tier. No. 1 Corn was doll at the closing price on 'Chance. There was no movement In Provisions. The Cattle market was active to the Tall extent of the ofleiingr, and prices were full; sustained and firm. The receipts were Cl 9 head, and the entered sales were 309 head, at $5.40@7.00 for medium to prime grades. The market for live Hogs was fairly active and steady at previous rates. The receipts to-day wete 1,957 bead, all of which were closed ont at a range of 5C.23&7 80 for common to prime Bogs. Ucceipts and Sblpmenti of Live and Dressed Hoc* from October Ist to Date—Approximate Packing. The following tildes show the receipts and shipments or Lire and Drossed Hogs Irom Octo ber lal to date, lor two years: nrctmu or noos. 1666-7. 16G5-C. Week CLd'g. Live Drea'd. live. Drei’d Oct 6 22,0 M .... 24.910 28 13,409 .... 22,795 SO 25,321 .... 17.517 57 10,010 7 11,900 3 Nov. 8 10.753 CS 32,701 41 10... 39,503 233 17,653 10 17 15,792 193 87,730 20 21 13,103 851 28.013 23 Pec, 1 19.120 1,5*5 15,737 133 6 85,105 1,713 0,123 130 15 21,013 2,596 10,616 623 22 56,824 16,383 55,273 5,003 S 3 36.713 SJ.OSS 21,133 15,336 Jan. S 55,773 27,621 52,583 23.287 12 60,083 51,010 26.111 C1,u50 lit 44,974 27,593 35.673 18,605 2C 4‘i,419 29,451 36.391 4U.55S Feb. 9 .... 91,703 IS.GG3 36,515 42,961 9 23,477 17,773 1*,708 17,431 If. 18,835 12,5(6 15,473 10,158 23 10,578 8,839 10,043 B,*C7 Total 533,H17 244,921 610,970 2K>,159 Add Dressed.. 214,934 240,159 Total 867.611 ... 751,128 smritrsTs or noos. Week 18c0-7. 1853-8. end’g. < * > / ■ ■*— Lave. Dros’d. live. Dres’d. Oct. G 83,911 .... 18.825 13 15,012 .. . 19.7.-8 20 13,518 .... 15,131 27 15,251 .... 7.259 Nov. 3 8,731 ... 11,410 11 10 10,374 .... 17,«8 90 17 9,233 S 3 13,553 24 4,803 00 10,700 Dec. 1........ 5,515 119 12,480 73 8 8,056 CIS 4,165 10 15... .... 712 101 10.033 73 22 2,0'.C 5,812 5.1353 3,7! t 20 734 11,265 S,!K» 10.763 JftD. 5 9,052 1,9-53 55.8 M 12 356 10,661 4,983 1«,0 4 19 CU) 12,019 107 5.7 N) 26 12/43 1,875 8,12 a Feb. 8 ...... 1/89 8.318 2,973 -8.974 9 0,513 10,219 1,688 7.U57 16 5,702 16,259 1,290 2,5 15 23 7.516 7,727 2,819 1.73.5 Total 18H.9C5 100,233 lfV',2H 63,510 Add Dimed.. 116.215 63,300 Total 210,200 .... 235.721 Inducting the shipments from the receipts, the balance should h.dlcato approximately the cam* her of Hog? packed and butchered for city con sumption; Receipt?.., Packed, butchered aod in peos.59I,UU Messrs. Milwanl & Co. iu their Circular of to day, approximate the packing this season, up to date, at OGO,nX). The receipts Riven above arc exclusive of the arrival* of Dressed Hors by wagons, of which It is yet impossible to give an approximate Idea. enU’AGO DRY RUUDS JIAItHET. Sattcdat Evestxo. February 23,1967. The Pry Good" uartet pni-utano new features wor thy of note. There has been little cr no Improvement la tie demand ftnee the cate ol oar ]«it report, and price* are a shade caster. Brlcta are steady and the de maLd la fully equal to the supply. Bleached Shirtings bavedecUnnt )«c per yard. Striped Shirtings are quiet andUelalnesandGlchams are In fair request. Oar various wholesale houses are cow busy selecting their stocks for the oswi-tog ol the spring trade, and we are well satisfied that the result will be highly satisfactory to tnt trade of the Xoithwest. The great atm seems to be lo have such an assortment as will keep Western buyers from purchasing at the East, and we have no doubt but they will accomplish this. We revise quota tions: renrrs. Mcrrlmac P «S American 17S' Mertlmac W » AtnosSeag. 16.^ Cochcco 1* Puches* B 15 Pacific AS M» nrnlag 17 Garner's 18. S Allen's 17 Srrsguc's l» Providence l» uunncirs 17H James Saunders* ISVf Manchciur 17 Gloucester ......17 Low, U is \\. IV. i reeman & Co.IS Arnold's .15S' Union 11 Lancaster <H Wata»atta.,.. ..14 Richmond 17S Columbia -.13 OttUIXAMS. Clinton .24 I Glasgow W# Laxxasier 21. V I Roanoke 19 keows suestisos. Patmer .32 Atlantic Mills .90 *22 1-cppcrcUO is btMk 4-4... a Great FalU U. 19 Mm! fo rt D !!”!!!* ..2t Indian Orchard A v ... .21V Soi« , « *• «»:::§ Hoot Mill, II ]• hatmor Falls4—l .IJK M M *? ■•• V Appleton D*4-4--*-A0 Western World.l.’.’.’* Illinois A 4-4 12K ” Swift Hirer 4—4 17* Portsmouth I*. 12* Peppcrsll B 1 Napoleon I] - H WH I Quaker. 16 •• x 1714 lAXSlaiCanl 21* American A U jXoaatook 30* SLEACHED HlimXOA X. T. Mills 4—4 38 Rod Bant 7-8 16 WatESUttai—l S 3 ** ** 4—4 IS* Bates 4-4 »V Lonsdale. « While Kock 4—l 275, Arkwright Si Hills 4—l 26 WambccE 32 = 7-8 3* J.AW. Slater4-4....27* Mascmllto 4—4 28 ftMeW,.... «* Itav Mills 4—4 » Slavrvllle7— B 20 Androscoggin 4-4 V7* ttlariauine Rtv-r | ....21 Landoc 7-f...*....".'.*.-27 riarkstcan' A ” !?5 I •• i ( Ballon* Son 4—L.....23* I •• ** 7—S 20 PATd cawnsics Lontfale » I English WV Cambrics. 12J»®1* I mrai. Atr.oskcag -»S I ConMedciit ♦£)» York .scv I Washington •» Manchester 2J.V i Mlltord improved .« ox lord .38* f Blue mil I’nlon S 3 l Corn City Haymaker'* .31V I Pawnee •«>» btkipid •nnm.vos. Amofkeag SI l Whltteoden C, JXI» Yrri...... .SO I *• A American 21(422 rncasollc....—.siSCJ7l>* Halt Tharndlke M ....ttv Boanoke 80 I Sbetuckvt 9) TtCKn. Amoskeag ACA S 3 | Hamilton, regu1ar.....86 M A *2* “ I» 30 “ B SJ.H {Femfcertoa E .37V ** c A2j< - x...—.....5> _ ** . 1» 27V I Swill Blvcr .35 Tf. 1 * 30-,tlch Star Mill* SMneh .37 V Alhanv J •• «• ss-incn 37 W VorßSMnrh «v I ** CO»KT JtAXg, Amoskcag .33 1 Indian Orchard ...15 Laconia 25 | AndnoKncela. 18 Hate#.. 15VI IVI-pcrelL *3 >annJccAg 6attecn....ssv I Globe is caxTOK n.*sxru. Hamilton *t7nu. so 1 Thorndike EJltrtoaT .22V | Xaamteag bleached...» snows ntrn.TK Pott » I Pennington 25 V Laconia .35 IPropcretl 23 PKLAIXEjs. Mtnchcstsr, rew .35 I Hamilton- .25 Pacific, new 35 | all Wool : 40&30 naLUOBALraum. Gilbert’s fS-55 1 MaaTai&Mnlletcn fiM Wilcox 3*5 I lUlelgh'a « rontoo»nc-....JA0a5.23 I Bruner 2.00 Washington Mill*... ZAO I Belle of tte tcaaox.. 3AS thtiads. .l.&F.Coats CLIO I Green & Daniels.. .. 22V Clark** 1.10 I White Skein 90 Hadley A Co> M I CoFd I.o} Drain# 85 jWllllmanUc 6J), Stafford. 70 I " cun os taekb, rrc. Eagle. 60 I Eastern 55 Hope CO Carpet Warp 55 Km kiln CO I Candlrwlcß 654,70 Park CO | Chicago Hatta *12.00 CACPm. Lowell. S ply *315 Snoert'e fIiOSLS) M taper.. 1.75 Groans?'* Pat, Tape# “ mcdlntt.... I.GO Brasses liO HarOord,extra S-ply • Roxbury 175 •» Imp’l S-psy. 2.00 Empire Milte 1.10 ** anper LS7K Belgrade Lie “ medium.... i.42s cananuntxa. Farmer* A Merch’»...A2V I Kverettl .53) Wabash AO 1 Everett O (7j IBC7. 15rt*. . 11.850 4.511 . 8;,2*0 36,183 . 19,1.0 21.050 . S.CSO 15,2(51 . 1,1/75 8,950 . 2.725 2,0.10 .150£IU 231,792 . ... 2,010 . 11,70 1J3.50 . 01* 205 .125,750 10,213 . 10,670 2.230 . IL3M IS. 3'l . 1,400 2,151 . 4,350 2,432 . 2,226 1,273 .115,231 78,673 CSS 42 . 9.5A3 5,025 . 221 53 . 1,191 550 i:uh;ai.u uatti.b ma<kbp. Par tbe Week Bodina February 143 Tn * Uaxlt Time ire, » 6atvej>*.t Kvtuixe. Ftbrwr?). ( Util F CAVIL*. i ioaawm* übe t&ovt Uio fiau* r««»u ud atipuitLia 01 :•«! Came dooL* tr. B «»* eadmeio- U»y, ronit«r«d wllh Um receipts »cd tiuoeeauof toe cvrrapoodiDtf wee* lut year: ttec^tpca. 1867. 1860. IS|7. xsm. Sunday and Mjnuay... 15 isr m *ll« 6ifi V/ttttn4*j 1 -CB 40 I.OW 661 Friday. t£t UOJ am ]U Saturday m lttt Sa i^S Week boore lau. kWa .... JlO V.V. By rorEpantig the receipts tor this week aad last we fled the fol owlag: RecH eta me re tbat last week L7W Shipments norc than last week uo Ikey eeirparewith tberecelptaftrlhecarrespocdj&c week of 18C6, as follows: Beetlpu this week 6.596 It«rl|ita lor correapotuJla* week of ISC6 6J50 Beectpu leas this week 34 for the same period lo toe year 1868, we find: Receipt/Uusvteefc 6J86 Receipts tor the com-spoumeg week of isca u jO Receipts more this week. 3486 The following table abowa the ahlpmeots of Lire Buck tor the weekuptolastntght, andlhspalats to which the tame were consigned: cjsstowauria. To Suspension Bridge. To New York To Banslo To Mlt»bar/b To HnUtmore To FhliacOphia Total By the following table la shown th* receipts and ahlpinet>taoiCatUe,Hosiaadbbeep since January L 1967: „ , Receipts. Shipments. Cattle 57.218 31.009 Roc* 276.185 3063 bhtco 1L571 3,036 Sates tu-day, and tor the week up to this 0 renlng were: Monday..... TnexU?.... 'Wednesday. Ttinraday... Frtaay (Saturday... Total... Te-nlght closes one cf th* moat active, and to dro ver* tie moot satisfactory wees of thesea«oa. The re cdpts exceed by 333 bead tba recMpts of any track •lace J*nu*ry Ut, but njchba* Ken the character ofthe emond that each dor’s arrival* have bsen readily at torbed, tx.d va'uc* & ire graaaallv, but iteadlly, appro elated. Eastern advices bare been favorable through oat, which has kept the shipping trade In a vigorous and healthy condition, so that all deilraoie stock has been eagerly swallowed op at Improved rates. Buf falo, Cleveland, Httsbargh and Baltimore bars each had (heir representative* It the market, and the major portion cl tbe offerings were taken lor these point*. Tbe aunand for pacalog Ca'Ue, which daring the opening day ot the week exhibited considerable ani mation, soon fell o& under the advanced rates which ht’lders were generally demanding, and since Wednes day comparatively little stock hat been taken in their interests. There Is very little talc C>r MofsDet&and at the prices at present ruling packer* claim tost there 1« not sufficient margin to warrant operations, aod they cxpreis a determination to stand aloof until the ;a« material shall be obtainable at more reasonable figure*. The Inquiry for ’•Stockers” bss exhibited lrxre««d Mtlvlty,auda« tbe arrival* of thl* c.ats have bees moderate, drivers bare generally been enabled to rcshza an advasoe of fully 25c on their offering*, feeders from Western New York, Pennsylvania, OLlo, Indian*, and portions of our own State have b-ca in attendance and soles were quick at tl.S3s 5.15 for common to good stock Steer*. Tbe demand for butcher*’ Cattle has aho ruled more active, tranforanv of the half dozen weeks-preceding this, usd a* the supply has been barely snfficlentto meet the cumnt wants ofthe local trade, value* have appreci at'd to cormon wltothv upper grades. New Milch Cows were lo fair request, and the tew offering were readily close* cat at remunerative rates. Hardly enouch Is yet oclng dine In thl- department of themar ket to establish reliable quotation*; hence we give price* as nominal at SSS.yiS6S.OO for very common to prime grades. Veal Calves were in demand and qnlet at SSAO3~.OO I s 100 ft* lor common to choice offerings. The quality of the receipt* has been good, though bare ly np to that of last week. Theweathsr has rnled fa vorable for operations, and the attendance of the dlf feient classes ot buyers has been generally* goxl. We qoot* the market for the week as active and strong at an advance of2s£3Jc on good to prlmcehlp ping Beeves, and Is(«*se on common to medintn lots. CLosisa or tub kicht. The market to-day—Saturday-waa more quiet, though this waa not due to any abatement la the de mand, aa the Jfcw offering were readily taken up a full pm ca; the market ruling stiff at the doling rates ofthedaybelore. About SOD head changed bands were divided between shippers, city batchers and yard speculators, at prices ranging from f 5.403 6.C0 far prime Caws to fair fleshy Steers, and f 6.30 a 7.00f0r good to prime snipping Bullocks. With the exception of a few “scallawagV’ the pens are stripped ofetock, and the market closes Or in at quotations: CLOSING PBICXS. Ertra i>orr»—Fine, fat, well formed. 4 to 6 jean old Steen, ana STcnsnoc SODS* and upwards 17.013 7.55 prtme lierrt*-^ Uocd, wc'l tatted, flnely fmned Steers, averaging trom 1.100 to l.tfO &s, at 6.5036,73 /mr GmAf»— Fair Steen, in fair fltsh, ar* iv/l' , .ml .> K erasing I.OCOriI.VfW lbs. at 5.50(25.75 Medium C7<««—Medium Steers and good Cow*, fit fer city slaorhtsr and averaging tWOSLOCO na, at 4A&3550 Stuck cattle— Common' Cattle Id decent c.ita. averaging 800,41.000 til, at 4.0031.73 /n/rrlor— highland this Cowl and Steer*, reach and coarse, averaging TJO&3U ns. 3.3331.0) CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Fifty-two bead road straight well fattened Bteors,av craping 1.184 ftß, f»d and wateted, aI|C.TS. Ninety head rood straight shipping Steers, averag ing 1.3« bs. at (6AO. iwtmy-foor mcdlam flesh Steers. averaging 1,061 ns. fed ano watered, at |5.75. Fom-five bead second-das* Steers, averaging 1,13$ Ba. cn cars, at (6AO. Sixteen Inod ftur Derby shipping Steers, averaging I.OW as, atJCXO. sixteen cead .Uht medium Steers, averaging 939 Bs, at «5.40. Sivrateen head rrneblth Steers. In fair flesh, aver aging 1,C71» nr, at (3.40. Fourteen need rood smooth shipping Steers, aver aging 1.U4 Tbs, at 26 75. „ Mur bead fair snipping Steers, averaging 1.100 Ib>, £* ilhty head prime shipping Steers, averaging 1,3)3 p-r.alf7.Co. Thirty head good stock Steers, arer aging IJMJ Bs, at (5.25. Thirteen head choice fet Cows, averaging 933 BS, at (3.CSV. T « i> bead fair shipping stock, are:aging 1,050 bs, at 45 TO. UOOS. The fotlowlßE ire the receipt* and shipment* for Ihs cuxinit wees ul for the ccrrcspOßdliu; period last rear: Kcceipu. Shipments. 19CL isi? is 77™ i»T Sanaa? anC Monday.... Sl7 1.135 Tuesday. I.SCS 2,150 1,117 Wranwwlar 3.503 4,179 3*l OiuTOtay 2,w» .... 1.*i58 Friday ...... i.«M C.IM 7.1 W ‘samriay 1,931 2,131 7.C53 Total... Last wees. Week before nut. Wct-B rudUgFtb.slll”U37 .1.. 5.058 Ti e rcc* ipU this week and lastcompare as foliows: n*-ei'lvnl this week.. 11.131 Received last week. Ihvclved lee* this week. 013 Tin* receipts this week compare wUn the receipts tor the same period In 16C6, as follows: ihvcipl» this 1t.191 Rcelpts for corresponding w*ck In 1256 15.017 i:«c- iru Ices this week 4.K3 The market lor the week, under a ttmng shipping de> nand, baa xnledf.lrly actire and buoyant. Ibe re ceipts wete llmlieil, and (bis Imparted a firmer feeling to holders, who from day to dayharedemanded higher figures andto which shippers, owlcg to the larorab’e condition of the markets East, bare generally acceded; oricis to-night showing an improvement of 33333 c on the closing rates ot last week. At the present high rates packers cannot operate with any degree of safety, and the great bnlk ot the ar> rivals have accordingly been taken np by shippers. The quality oftherectiptshasbeen rather belter than that of last week, though hardly as good as that of the week before. Extra fat heavy Hogs have been in ac tive request, and for inch prices have experienced an advance ofSSQtSc ? 100 ot. 7 hi* is readily accented for, however, by the active Inquiry tor Lard and the improvement in the price of that article. 18t«-7. 187545. .537,511 731,129 .210, vOO 2(0,722 814,4 ff? To-dat—lhe market was fairly active on shipping account, and the pens were cleared at prices rally up lo those of yesterday. The entered sale* number 1,900 head, at (625m6.73 for common to fair lots, and *6.90d 7.50 tor good to choice lion. The market elopes firm. The following are the doling prices for this wees and last: Good to Choice. Ucdicm to Fair. Common So. ' At. Price. C 7 gocd baron Bon 2W |6.73 58 »mnc Qualltr 331 6.75 ci c««t rat um sh &aa 45 Ulr b.iroi. lion 310 6.70 67 mediant baron lot ISO &S 0 59 I cod bacon Hot* M 6.75 17 choice even M 339 7JO €0 cooa bacon Hoc* ?10 6-75 SI ulr light Hora itn 6.60 79 cuod light Bon 303 6.75 47 lair bacon Hog* 318 6.55 43 cord even lot .331 6£7.V CO rood fat tire* V/) 6J*J 66 fair baern lot. 3U 6-75 73 good light lion 191 6.73 63 »amc qna'liy 906 6,75 84 common hent Hon .ifis 6.43 M nod light UU 191 6.73 f 3 lair light Hon .3JO 6.73 70 medium llcht lot .118 6.49 £9 meclnm hcht Hoc*. (I rood even Hoc* SsllKEi , ~lUcelved this vcrk, 1.00; reeelecd to day, 100. Shipped tbit week, none. The market bu rnlcd doll throughout, thoneb aeder thellsbt reotpts price* bare been well sustained, and Indeed for prime Tnßttoo qnstlilc?, to which the Inquiry 1* principally confined, a tricing advance has been cstablUned. Common trades are doll and In a measure neglected. I*nvta m«y be quoted as followi: Oivuto Choice ilcdlcm toFslr Inferior toCcttmoa CHICAGO UAII/V AIAaKET. AH tnlff of Oratn reported in tM* market repast err made pn the Urns of winter Hr) ttorajr, unless i thtrwlte tJtftewd. „ „ . _ eATCTfp.iT Evnnxo. February 23.1*37. FIIEKJIIT***— ItAttcoAP Farid ara—The follow* lac u Ujc unit of the Eastern Koad*: _ .. So 4th Drs a Uausfrom Chicacoto— cla.<s.cla«s.FUnr.Uop*. n«B»iu,N.y •» S 5 Toronto, C. W £* «* , « ,5 Monti rtl.C. E. 1-Si H l-SJ }-JJ AlbUf, V .. l»10 83 163 1*1!* NcwVorV...! 1.15 W 1.60 1.25 Boston ri«i Albany I—3 83 l *S J*S Ios»ol notiraadTniot rS 1..0 l-o I‘ortlacdruj Grand Tnuk •• 1.70 I<S5 rttiiailclpiii. ■;« -5 ;■» !“ Baltimore -1.03 73 IJW 1.15 llttsbnnth « 45 S derailed, Ohio. 43 a M 50 .IrOerscnvil e, Ino •43 » TO Cincinnati. Ohio 13 SS W 40 FMI ITit-lfceiTtd H.B*o brls; shipped 5.92) hril Tnc Fan: rc»rW-t to-dav was m dcrat-ly active There '•as mere oolnc In tprlnc Extra*, and la choice erode# boldets were icahnnr an advance of Hi He. Winter Extras and Supers are quiet hut firm. Salet were aa fulowa: Warn: wixtkss—lol brls, not named. at f .S.7j; irr.ivo Exttas—2lo brl« “ Oiler. >Mi»linc*Oo.*a;>talo3lills” at #11.30: 100 brls, not named, at#ll.3o: HObr • -Torrid Zone” on p l; JiO brls'l’atfr's Advance” at #l*.W; 203 Pels, n't named, si £11X0: TO3hri» do at #10.73: tOObru **i»amctt * Ex* “ « mn. ICO uu “Die u»i" « Bias 110 brls not named at ft 0.55; 400 brls do at #t937S ;|w hrls-Watwhaw” (at thMilmn Mills), at #ir.2s;3TO bris not named at £10.25; 30.’ hrU do "t #11X0: iftii wl« do at #9.79; KO hna do at (9XO; 1M tori* do at #9XO; Si*ttna» Brrr.ns-50 trU net narapl at r.MW; 10) hru do at £8.30; 10gbrlsdoal|S.25; ISO Mil d > at #8.30: 1M brls do at #7XS ; lOObrls doat #..00: r»«rxtwlpo brl* not natnrd at £6 25: live Flora—l 33 brU at #6.(01 iirricmiriT Klol’C—s3brls at >OXO. IlKA'l'— Received, 21,29 J lm; shipped, 11.35#ba. Market quiet and without material chance on No. a spiinp: No. I seareeand hlcber. bales were: 1.600 bo No 1 at S 3 23 (K. J, and A. I*. A Co.) : 1,600 hn do at fiTO tre^iar); I.Mobo No. 2(fresh)at #i.BS;, 4Mba do at 11.57 W; LSBbodoat #!.£•: l«.tW budo at £tJt «t»; S.tOOtiu Rejected at #1.70; 800 ho do at—closing oulet andcaay at#lX7 for Becular 50.2. COUX-lleccirtd, 19.113 bu; eblppfd, 1.X19 bn Market active and IwlWc hlctcr. bales w; re: 3XWO tm No. lat a.j<c: M.OOO bn do at BSc ; RX.d on do at Sj>,c: 3C.00U bu do at *c; 400 bu No. 2at6T,C; 4M bn do at 6fc; S.OCO bu at 61 IP.MO bn do at *M bn do ntCTc; 4(0 ou do at »Bc—clojtuc firm wita motebnvera than reliefs at Sficfor No I. «»AT5*-Ite.elvcd,H.6sobo jablpped, 2.780 bn. Mar ket more active and tolly 1c better, «er«: 12.200 bn No. 2 (tr«b) at 42xc: 11.000 bn (rerula*)_at 4TO: 1 <r.ux)bßdokt4lV: su.uO bu do at4Uf«*;l.o«ipa do I at tictaobuNo - . 1 at «Vc-cio»ltg urmat4l3% lor * liVF.—Received, 1.073 bn; shipped. 1.491 bu. Mar k«tr.rml«iuquiet, hae* were: t.fcW no No. I (trwa ai Die; it® bu do (WlntrT) at 9tc. . . UAltl.KY—Received,2,723bn; fblPpM. 4M bo. Market mere active. Saiw were: 4«bn>o.2atM<r. 2.U0 r u co at Oc; bOO bu Reject cd »:30c . 4j«ba do at 4fc; 4U bu bv rample at #1.13; 4tt) bo do at #1.10. 8M bu do at Slid s4Jubu do at 90c; 433 budoatWc.iW shipped.»^3as- 1.03 Kjf There Isinochacte to note i\ the general ctaraticr of Uiemarketln any essentia] particular. Tho t«ik-*s lor c» n muD description*, is ia dull t. u we ,i can ne. and dealers are compelled, cither to hold their stock which though*lrrasy exc*»»ive are*mi»ccatnula* tlt-g.or acceptencb* as Payers are eesrroa* tcouxhtoiher.There to . moiaralcluqulrylorCWKlng Itntu t, ootbajcri rdfois loi>«y<jrT lOjii- ani ir den an- gent rail* heirs fill«a at t: lCv . -cr* j COtUnnea to !* a alolr I .lr rtc.utmi l irclnioe KnIL CfUr.cytoUlotTO.ia or roll., A K i and as the receipts ol *a.-h am <>n iy a wiit -nm oral to Btriil.i.dcn.ajw. prior* kc.v -veil up. Wed-io*:: Cb<.uc 10 34 iii « Good Tub ....1..: ns}' 0 . Cammon Firkin IB e li c iTimenci is ;;;; •« £4, £ BM.;t;.M;-Thr market cimmi* i* little more I‘le.n.d-he f-eliato-day was ratherfirwrr,ana no fleprccUtian u anticipated.. ito.Tapj ana Gao. Lie* arc iu Ulf requut. atoare held firmly at fat! rote?. The Blocks 11 nearly all deacnptloD* ate ample. » e make no change in onr quoutioos, m folio* a: National A, 3 on, »camle<* linen Ui ton A, do do i na 11. it ou A. d> d» Corn Exchange. Burk A. cotton aeamlcae LcwUten A, do ft qq Androecocnn do cXPO Ametlcai, do .. 6300 Hrivn iillk do .sa m PlttßfleWS, do W.W Prca Mill*. do . fijon , Foil Put, do .......1... tsjfl 1 Bllgv, do :. MCO tacc, linen aid cotton • 51.00 RIDprVOOd, 00 ... • 6200 BpriDkOeld stjoo OCIBIiB Hnrlapa, 4 bn. No. j Empire CUT ..:..f loJoQ UllEEMs—There li no material lmpravem*mt, ap parent Inthe demat 0 though in anticipation of a mure active trade by and by dealer* are rather firmer In their views, and on tmall order* they are generally realixlt cat full price*. The Inquiry at present t» confined chltfiy to prime goods to fill email order* from the country. Hie slocks are ample. We con tinue to quote; New Ttric Factory (grantee) .17 <aia e Facttry (IIIlcU) &i 6 c Hamburg f*i6 c Western but#* u e Western hettne 74 au c “Toong Anenca” a?? c COA«*—tolttalr reqne*t.*nd for tnc better varie ties of Dltnralnooa com. of which the stocks are be coming somewhat r-dnerd. prices sre very erm. Hard descrlpUona are In full supply, and on ronod lot* deal er* atenotmaarkahlj firm In their oemaods. We re* peat tor list: Em—Brookfield fll.oo do Ormsbj 11.00 dxvitajfp—Kriai Hill hjb do Mlnsral Ridge 10.00 do Willow Bank 10 00 d> Tonnel ioao Cfclppeway 10JP noMbnrg 12.C0 Lump lehith IS.M®IW» Lackawana, prepared 1440 Berne too icro Pliurn 14.r0 Dlli ols 6.00% 8.00 do on track 5At& 6CO Tooehloebeny 11.00 btnpßenu. Cattle. Qogt. Sheep. ... MS .... ...L9II ....1,198 ... 119 Cattle. Bets. Sheen. .. 81* SX 130 ..u« 1,733 .a.«o uu so ..1137 3.9 M 1U ~1,004 1.90 T 121 .. 399 1,1*5 193 (MH'PEis—Tberel* no »p«l£c change to note either In tee tone of the market cr price*. Tra le to-dav vu modnate Cur a Saturday, and dealer* were realizing mil price*. We repeat quotation*: Java.... THE MABR&T. Bio, common to lair ttk&S e Rio, good to prime .ffTjfjOS c Iflo. nrnre *o choice to CiZSJgc CtIOPEK AGE—Th* general market Is *lax’.*nt, one prices nusrtti* 0. Sales were: 50 Pork Barrels at fi & del.; SC' do at JI.SO deL EGG!*—Th* market 1* dnlt. The sxtravagast rates that have obtained our:sg the week hare induced larce arrivals, and nnacr a large supply prices to-day ■ ececed&c p cos. Tbedctnsnols lonfleed to anpply mv local u apis, and sales were made at 30&S5C, chieily atS&Sc. »■ *« HIT?* AND NUTS—Trade Is steadily picking up. a* a. wltbonly fair stocks in the market prlcosfor Loth Dor eetlc and Foreign Dried Fruits are rather firmer. Winter Apples ar* la steady and fairly active demard on local accrual, bnt wtta continued liberal arrival* price* are lower, and only tor choice varieties In a small way Can outride quotation*be realized. Bound lota, in a slightly damaged condition, were offering on the street to-day a* low as I3AC&S.IS. Cranberries are getOn- well out of tie market, and the little prime Fruit still In the hands ol dealer* Is being held at higher rate*. Oranges and Lemons are qnlet and easier. Nats are in demand sod steady. We make no change Is oar quo taucba, a* irilows* .11.491 15.017 7.511 . Irt.OM .... M 39 TiU week. Ijwt week. fi.s(£tCn 'twiiis C.U^&3» 1100 SALES TO-DAY. .1M fi.W .3.U 6.90 . inat-so Apple*. V trl. Lemon, Mteslna. Orancvf.P box... Cruabemea. f* iirl, culUrVtwt. Flo, dram 31 a & flu*, cartcotu_ » at SS Da to 34 s 3V Can PMClit», v doz 3 D cans 4.M (.4 i. 74 At-pTCMicw m '• 13 Pt-acho, li*ltm and quarter* IS (4 19 PfacLce. parcc « i 4 44 BlackbmltJ,, i> ft St <4 w Kaapburlif. tew, V » M j W Ct>mies, pitted «a is (A Elderbcrttea, V B IS <4 19 Uatslnß.Uiere 1 .13 (* IJI lUIMiU. Valetcia Id (4 19 baidlow, m torea 90 (4 91 bardinet, X boxea ss s 40 acra. AJrootdf, hard-ab»lled.... 7) a 3t Almonds, sotl-ahelled JW a 41 Almcnda, naper-ehcllcd W ts M Peanuts, Wilmington, p bo 36 fts 4.W ca 4.» Brazil Nuts. *3 a n PUlieit* 17 is trnxh Walnuts new 21 a O Naplc* Uannts S 3 a 34 Petacs, small and latee 3* so Hickory Nnts. f bu. S.OO «Ut Chestnuts. Via 701 a itUO FlMl—Trt<*e continues very slack, and the reneral recline is by no means urn. Mscsertl, ..wing to the moderate supply unhand, are brine firmly held at fall rates, but in tound lots other oc'crtpllotu maygener ally be oMalted at a Might concession from our quote tiers. We note a decline of 60c to Trout asd quote aa follows: wnitcflah, No. I. V brl 7.00 Whiufl-h, No. 7, x brl tJJU «,75 Trent, no. 1, X bti 4Jfi» Ui Trnnt, No. 7, X brl 4.33.4 IJSO Mackerel, No. t. X bri, new Mackerel, No. 3. X t>rl Mackerel, fka-Uj - . V X brl 9.wu Mackerel, extra meat, V W brl Mackerel, extra mev. V kit S.»* .1.13 Marker*], No.l, kit*. new 2J.W 3 65 Matkerel,£atmtv, kite 2.134 CodfUb, I lank. V 100 BS 7.QQ4 7JO Cceflsb, George'* Bank T.ta-« 9.00 Hake 5.W.4 3.3% Herring*. dried, No. 1, ? box so.* 35 Herring*, aca'ea 6N4 65 labrador ilerrtnc*. 45 brl IOXO4IOJO Labrador Berrios*. tfbri 3.3X* 5 50 Norwegian llcrru g», K’*. V brl talS.uO Norwegian Herrin**. M'«. I'brl (416.60 FKATII EUN-Sale of fcO Bi Mliad at S3C. <JUEAJ»E—Market quiet. We quote; avaio c Yellow ttjf'ji gve B v: r; v. v, i* *; • v,v• i*•, l 8 •* sue Ml(*ll\viNl&—Received, 663 brl»; (tupped, 3U bn*; market doll and nominal nt,|J.2o for tax pail atd *Sc lor bonded. HUPS—AreeeUlnßal 6r<j6sclor Eailcmaad 55A C(c forJVMtfjt. _ I) K EmSKD 11 tMSS—Deceives, 1.460;4h1pp0d, 2.079. Market quiet out frm. bates were: CO averaging 309 »sat (5.13 14 - 140 « /J. 73 10 “ 1»7 “ 7J» K •* 144 “ 7.60 23 •• ... “ 7.60 W “ ... “ 7AO S “ ... “ T.tA n ... “ 7.t0 16 dividing on TOO ns at. |7.60 and (7.90 sto ** ao “ 760 and 7.90 24 M 200“ 7.C0 and t. 74 31 “ 3T> “ 7AO and 770 HI “ SOJ “ 7.65 and 7AO HAY—There Is comparatively little dolnz intbli branih of trade, hot as the stocks are running low, and bat little at present moving. prices are fully main tained ana Bnn at onr quotations, which are as fol lows : wnoLksaut mess. Timothy, roller aad beater pressed. Timothy, pressed Ilairtr, neater pressed reran, psicta. Timcthy, roller ard better presto SIGJO(ai7.U Tlmeiby, k»e pressed 1G.M413 50 l*ratne. roller and better messed KAO&I&.M d*rslne. It ore on wagon,delivered w lllDF.^—Hecelred.nts.297 tbs; shipped, H7.MI ft*. The ce&cn>l market remain* BQb*unu«lly me same aa coled tn oor merlons reports. The demand I* not particularly mirk, thourh snßMestly acUra f> nro vujtany considerable accamolallon ot stock. Ship p*rs cootiDßeto be tlie principal operators, though lo cal tanners are taking told a IHUo n ore treelr than for Mins wuks back. A considerable proportion nt tbe Iltdcs Dow attiring arccrubb>, and tor sach bat two lbir< s ol full isles are obtainible. tve quoit. tbe mar ket firm at ib«* rollowloc range of prices - Green llntcncrs* Crrcc satud, trimmed *» 10w«nuc CJrrei. Calf. 13 ft lw Kip Greet., mlird 11 (4 13c Dry Flint, trimmed 17 A!3ve Dry batted. tnmmec 14 V(4lSj«c urecn Salted, pari enr»*i 9^'.«l3e IKON ASo JST Mil.-llm unreel c mtlnaes etcaiiy.atdprlccaarefiruily maintained. We con tlone to Quote: Common Uar s*^c Horse Shoe Iron Heavy Raid Keep and Lieut Dand aid Snnate , Oral Half Oval and Ua.f Itoaod. Hint licp, common Kxtta j’Mtllren, calvanlzed is «33 c Sheet Iron, charcoal.S6 9V(£ .... Sheet Inn, JmUU, 2tj U\'w.l3 c Norway Nail Uod» it kUj^c ITow Steel. German is ftlt c flow Stevl.eaM IT (iIS c Sprlns ana lire Steel. En:U»h 135A15 c Tool Cast M»rl. ordinary aUrt M A-TO c Ted Com Steel, Amo lean ii «» c WlMrieC Steel TO ASO c KuMia,Nci.9andl6 . XJ «2« e RuKlit. Am., I*l quality, ?> bdl «w e HwMi. Am., let quality, V anect Al 9 c ICcMin, Am., ad quality. V *h«vt (*t« c I.liATllliU—There la a Ilirbt movement in thlt article, thruch in anticipation of Increased activity lat«t in the aeaton. dealer# are hddlnc t*»elr (toefej at (till rate*. Ti,e demand In limited to amall order* to meet current Vania. tVeanote: Cltv Harness, V Slaughter, Baf ts * S\% 40 fdoSole f> 4C& 43 Country Harness SV4 36 Slaughter. Sole. Lint,* B 42m 44 CalcagoXu. I. 4C3 42 Kip, mcdlntu, Slaughter, So’e, 8... 1.1531,20 ChicagoXo.2. 34M 37 CalLhb Buenos Arm... 39(1 40 U;i*r, V 100 t... SOM 31 Orinoco 501 e.... S7<jt S 3 Country Upper.. 23» 25 Orinoco, good. Collar, ¥ 100 t... 239 34 damaged Sl9 S 3 Slaocbtcr.Sole.. Wa«U;FrcDcb Call, Si a... 4M 46 I !&« 2.10)3MS Vrpcr SCk» 32 I French Calfc 36 Kip. No. 1, me- 1 fcn 3X032.10 alum 1.10)3190 French Calt Le- * Rip. No. i, I molnes, per hV*vy 53(31.101 doz 90.0fr390.00 UEU—Thc market ruled firm at the ArUovtoe Ericas: cmien—Flnt Clear, I,lJ*. IX and 2 Inch V iwjMta.oo S.cord Clear, 1. IK. IV and 3 Inch MJ(k4 f OJO Third Clear, SO.OO^IS.OO First and becond Cl'car Flooring. to' g'tber. ronch, the >amc aa Second Itar aldc.V... 50.0ftJ153.C0 Common Fltorlne, ronch 55.0ft.437.00 Matched and UttwcU Common Flooring IO.Oft«I2JM Matched and Dressed s inch Common Flooring S6jn&3S.OQ Fim and Second dear Siding, together.. S3.Oft9St.oo FUftCotoaion Drrwd biding U.ULt35.00 Wacon-Hox Boards, iciect, 15 Inch and nr«ard» SS.9ft2tlt.oo A Sioek Beards, 13 trebe* SOJOotfa.W U stock Beard*. 13 Incbe* .'.V 3«.0ft*37.00 Common Bo»n *.Joi#u. Scanning. Free- Ids. and Timber, 13 to 16 feet lent .. JICO.a3J.CO Joi»t»anos<atillnc,3C.23aa(2 34 feet.... SJXwXaU and rcant'ibc vi.CO mungi.E£—A or ?iar Shared Sblnclf* 4JO Aor Star Saved Shlwtlea ...... a.«U 3JO No. i eaved SblDclea i« Latu—lVt m In }udf l!yrar.;cad by Northwestern Railroad, dehrerea in any yard where car* ran be ralitbed, or any depot: A or Star Saw ed shingle*. by car-load, on trace....... Aor star shared S:lncle*. by car-load, on u act I Sl&3 4.C3 No. l t-a»ed ShlCßlc*, by car-lcad, on tr»c .VTT!.... «JC ihte« dollar* a ear-load added when transferred, which charge lollow* the 6blnrle*_lojir»lcht bill. _ . . SIUXOLC STAMUID. Thickness—Five Sblnslss to bet to inches In thick* ae»». l«pth—Sixteen tuebea. Batiui—Twenty lucres. Cciiw s—’1 wentt .nvc. Q*iFTAI.?a a.ND TISNBRw* STOCK—The crntlnurs moderately a.nlve. and with the ad vance lb cold dealer* ate firm In torn views, at the fullo wine prices: TIS. | ZXXC. Fcx Tin PUle. I C M qnxllty, rut 13 V lull fU 301 l*t goallty, tneel II Larce liy*. ST i Slib II t-D.llll PIP SS| BRIGHT WISS. iur TIB 8911 to 6. 11 i 7.8 udl U corm. I*, i Metallic Af Dotu... SJllOaodll... Copper Bottom 55 119 Bnuier* OTerlO »».. <S|lsaodU Sheet. 14 io 16 cz..... 45 Is*ndl6 Tlcnluc* 10 J* D • BUTT XVTAU I IS lit quail I j S 12 5 i AnUßonv 21 50 .*9 Fite Solecr SOI Fence Wire 10 N * I!>—Are atesdr at the tollowinp qaorauot*: M. V ker fl-CO IM fJ.25 M.r..;.* . 7.55 M, line blued 9.55 CA 7.50 I Jd. flnt blued 10.93 4d 7.T0 | Out Spike;.. 7.3 3,1 g. 83 I Clinched Set 9J5 Oli.s—Trade is ruVltc up*harp,aadabcticT.flrm* m ir* line olttalm. Ihcrc U a «tmnned acme demand for Llnu-cd OIL ana u the stocks are becomlne so-ne »li»t redneed, toe rfr«T.t advance 1« tally aosulned. Lain Oil In sympathy »Uh the ImproTemmt in Lard. it- very trm, nod dealer* eoerally wcre boldine at higher rate*. Other description* remain Heady and enchanted. The follcwlnp are the puces current to uJiVdon IdnsudOiL belled oiire on <#f» Whale OH. W.B fW 5 Lard Oil. tstra..... HaSl*?? Ijird Oil Lo. I Winter Lard Oil, >o. 8 Wit ter. Uatkull. rcond lot* Ba' a OIL Straits Machine 01L.... ® < *&“ Sperm vvJvwn Heady at the prices given t«el«tr* ( arocb, ¥ car load. Carbon, mall lot*.. Is V i i V» I v«<J. i i.TSJ &v Cams Meat*. »l 5 biffroffc 1 and JS.‘SO »* Lord; rtSppcd, t.:as.;CT ft M«ti, MS Beet. SS Ml* I»o«, tad 309,563 s llV. r h-ork-FjtlnlJooT»ln.l;tnjlCuli.a s.le. «rif*aot)W (TLarfdav ere) »tf’£.RV. !«?!■ Pie£*ieil nnxn*—SUrtetfinn. Sjm were: ivnMw»' ,,c 5 !WCO .»• 00t <* P‘ cW « » l Sv?-7i Ift Mdoltlovc-N>oih low. I £nal»«‘h were; luO bx* Short Rib it 1Cc »*«»b » ffe: *W>® ** S*U<*d ElJfflSw “ «Wc;!Wlpc. »t liwes 44 do »t He; USD tc* « tnnei wilt sew idler* below 1 MeikctQaieU B*l»* were « fallow*; 1 v si,Oo; U dor»t|»/P;ldttr«l«.CO; Dr»u*d Doc*9-1 B.M:Duauto Tonn»-I,IU »• at 162; 3Cft ' *’■ IVJ.C; seat 15c ;«s as at live. A t»|I« A'le*—'There «ra» a fair decree ot artirlty manlt'-tted In the marketla-dar, aid price* r-iled & r -* SS?.TZ!T.:. p.»t hico ••• . N. T. Keflced,Powdered and Or*aHlaied.....iS* / i»|i t White A Circle A Ultra OxL&idC Pinft'ri C. extra Nc»- Orleans prime., Kc« OrPMltalr HV KliPi*—Tbe Inquiry wMlifht, ana price* we™ gucuMyairhtMted. W* quote: _ ~ Knr York 6) nip*. •». ®*{*S Te‘l>nr Drip* , *J3S , *S -Cei* 5 lurtoKia) »»» NewOtletca. Sa**S PMUOJjM* B-e Hire „ ®s,}? Chicago Rrtaerr. Amber «n 4 i 2 Chicago, Hennery. Golden ®*A g* CMcato Oeftucry, feocar Q-u*e ••• * eODA AM- HAkKCATU*—The market U •icaflj. We quote: Bet-Mu'* M«nlri' *1 *• Pore. Dclatd's Chemical*.*. ® M nmifar .UH»t*Ve - Pure. r ......... V . It V«» \C *EBDK-KecelTed. 150JS10 fta; shipped, ft*. The central market wis rather quiet, aid pried were not quite so firm. bain TmornT— » but n *SJO: CO hies at *9.15: SB bus at run 99 bac» at£Us; ItfObanat *Sfti;4d ban do at *3£3. Ctovn—Bb*natfß73; Soban atJSJi’. *»A l» r—Keee*veo.ocne; shipped, 617 belt. T'ymar* keti« quick oi£J brU at *2.55, delivered. We quale: Sew Fine **'J| Ground Alum Turk'# Island, ban Ground bolar Dairy,with asm *•** Umln.wnbc at sacks . *;** lKAf*—Traae dorms the wee*has been> tnoderates ly active, and prices have an upward tendency. We koung Syaon, superior to fine, F ft do extra to choice, p ft i*ic!;*2 Imperial, superior to fine. P ft co extra to choice. V ft Gunpowder, superior 10 flue V ft l.tOftl-60 do extra *0 choice, Pft I.®'*;-® Japan, natural lean due to extra fine, t> ft... l-fi-*;**? 00 do ftne to choice, Vft IJfcilJ.fJ) do do colored, p ft..... LJMI-W TAI.L.I»W-*Market quiet but firm. Ualea were; 55.iffits city Packers' atloc;l9 brls Country atSHc. TUBA* «JO—The mart el continues Inactive, with prices nostliaily ct chanced. We quote: ,tl.lS<at-4> I Medium 9Tl® 90 . IJOtAI’U ] Common 0&4 « BMOKISO TOBACCO. _ VlrrinU’s Furor- „ I Medium Jl* £ Ite -f 85aiJ» Common Sterna. 193 XS Choice. SB® #o|_ Extra... Choice.. PLVO TOBACCO. _ _ Loyal C111rcn...4 « Medium TO3 TO Parmer's Delight TQua >5 Common <o Natural Leaf.... l.l&Al-M) Navies Gf\# *3 Ball Bright. RCtfl.OO Virginia ItoAfi* GO Choice b'k sontd «34* 60 Flourdar* 80 WOOD—Remain* quiet and ateady at previous ratea. We quote: Mtpie, V cord, delivered f ILMQIAOO ilap'c. F ccrd. In yard M Beech, V cord, delivered (A 9XO Beech. F cord, in yard A 9 00 II carry. P cord IMO^IU# U OOli—Received. 5A50 hi: shipped, M,2Co fit. Marta inactive. So stirs reperted. .39 Q4O c KctJ i3u!jlications. ti ryH. HAVES’ CONTRIBUTION X.J to the literature of travel poiscaaea a strik ing value, if ler lotblng else than Us descrlpUon ci *xtrm e cor hem points, whirt. there is every reason to iwtleve, were never betore tredden by the loot or civilized man.”—(hew Vent Evening Post. READY THIS DAT: THE OPM POLAB SEA, A Narrative ot a Voyage of Discovery toward the North Fcle, la the Schooner *• Called States.** *t» Q. 3JO T.W « B.oft (i 9J» UV OK. I«AAC I. UAYE-S Commander oftb* Expedition. Kirbelllshart with six fall-page Illustrations, drawn by Darlas, tvhl.e and others,trum Ur.Hates* saetthet; lull-parr chart*; twenty-eight vignette*, and a fu- pot trail rf Antbot. engraved cn Had. 1 TOl* Stu. Price, |J,V i half morocco, ft. uaj (y —.oi (iiio) IXOO 1IUIU) * COI'GHTON. Publishers, 131) Ureom’-sL.NewTork. P<nt by rail prepaid cn rec’lptol the price. For •Ate hr H. C. UICIGCS «i CO, UP *nd 41 Laka-at. Mr-'I.BACJi'S UISTOniCAL MOV ELS -* safari troni tfce author's recent remsrcs b|-«*n •♦Th’ HM-rlca' UtmcDre'*: “Th* h‘il<>riA.i pieaesta to you the outward facer, tie axiernal of tilrorr Histnrlral romance woulo »b«w yen the hi Art of hlitoty, and thus brine m »t to j our Lea. '. « hat cite would Hand bo far off." I>. Ari’LKTOM & CO., Net. 443 as 1113 Broadway. Kcw York, mars rcirr itbluoid, awn S. C. GRIGGS & CO. ci rs ros aaLB, BSHZ.m a;md a&N9-soncz; Or, Frederick the Great and Ills Friends. An Historical Norel, by L.MULDACU, Author of "Joseph 11. and Ilia Conn." “Frederick thetirrat and Hit C urt,” “Merchant or Bcrl c,” etc., cl’. Translated from Uio G-imai. by Mra. Chapman Cole* m*n and her daughters. ivol-Umo. Clutn. Price, |3.00. “One cannot fall to hi Improved by inch novelist thr«c, aofuliy are we Ini prefeed with the mithfalneas fit thccerrtlvttoß. Tb<y are lact and fiction com bineo."—(Utica Jcnrnal. JOSKPHII. ANO UIbCOL’KT. An Historical Novel. By L. Mohltocb. Ira-ia ated from the Carman by Adciaice He V. i toI , 8»o paper cover. *1.30; doth. 81.00. “In 'Joseph ll.' the tranacenJa her previous efforts, not only In the nory wrought out la a masterly man* ntr, put tha real characters that n.’or* In It have baco carefully atndlcd from the chronicle* of tha ttmr."—{Philadelphia Inunlrer. FREDERICK THE GREAT AKD IH» CO CRT. An lilitirlral Nova). UT L. Muakhacb. Translated from the German by Mrs. Chapman CHemat and caothtera. 1 vol_ I3mc„ <3| pate*. Cloth, *3.00. “The inott it markable Volume of ou' Urn*, (sen* icrtainlngand piouati, and will cummua a very wide circle cf reader*. —ITn y Whig. THE MMtCUANT OF MERLIN. Au H tlanca! Kovel. Translated trom the Urrm«b by Amur/ Coffin, M. I>. l voi. i2n.o. doth iI.W. “Therein no: a dull cb.oter In It. The Interest of the reader la wed niatntaineit from the begUnlug to the efofr. ini we know ot no book of aimhar charac ter which womd soil" away an alternouD more pleat* an»ly.”—lUtlfa Herald. tJT Either ol the above Mil free by malt on receipt ofTrlce. S. C. GRIGGS & CO., Wholesale and Retail Booksellers, 39 and 41 l.nke*st.* Chicago. .913 . 11.ua415.C0 . lOUA^HJW TJuntnc&e Carts. QCVDRLAA BROTHERS, Shirt manufacturers, •27 BABCLAT-ST.. SEAR CHUKCH, NEW TOBK. N. B.—Price Ll«t» mailed on appllratlor. MAIIQUAUDT & CO., Hoo&o IVlovers and Baissrs, S @ BVe 36S TUIKD*AV„ CHICAGO. Oicar* ptcmptly attended to. QEaT, UATTEN & CO., Commisaion WierchßHtx 6 (4 6^C 65f«1l c OW 9*c f-3*C C*'* «HC • Xf4 .... pJo. 50 3loGua*kt^ 3crwwc FardG-ats.) DENVKB. COLORADO. Uailroabs. Arrival and departure op TUALN6. Winter Arrangement, ciiicaco ajcd KonTinrcsTSßK hailiioad— concn. ELtlTfl A?fU OMAHA USE—DIPOT 50BTH WILLS CTUXET. Omaha Fast lice Omaha Ntsbl Express. Dixon J*aeecnger rosxTonr ms. Freeport Passenger *iu:OOp. m, *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *0:00 a. m. *3:10 p. m. Rockiord, Elgin, Fox . lUverand State Line... *<oo p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas tenger *5:30 P* ra. •»: 15 a. nu WISCONs-lN DIVISIOX—DEPOT COCXKIt OP CANAL AND KZXCtZ BTBSCT. AJUi AUIM* D.MU4. Day Express *‘J;oOa. m. *E:3oo.m. Night Express *isWp.w. *3;«a.m, Janesville Accpmmod n. *j;3op.Tn. *3:83 p.m. Woodstock AccommoQ’n .8:00 p.m. *£Soa.m. MILWAUKEE DIVISION—DEPOT COBNSB OP CANAL AND SINUS Day Express Ko?eLill, Calvary acd Nicht Express 4:nup.m. 8-30 p.m. Kcuosta Accomaod’n... 4:40p.m. 9;4Sa.m. Waukegan Accommod'n. &30p.m. &3da. m Milwaukee Accommed’o. li:4.»p.m. &3ua. m Gao. i* Dukult, ocnH Sap'c. B. F. Pathick- General raaacnger Aged. H3CHI6AB t SKTIUI —lAm* . aPOT, TOCt OTULX3 min. Mornlnc Express- Day Express Evening Express. Niirht Eiprcs•».... CINCINNATI m LOCUTUAS SSAiAt. ir.omioc Express. HlvM Sjrrree-... nt -mean eoernss* and aajk oKor t u.s*— oi POT COftWNA TAN BtmXN ASt> CH«A*AJf STBXXta IVT Wl'M I*.’ ■» »»»«»« fOLBPO LZNft. .■nail *4:45 a. e. *feSsp.B Day Express *”:0G a. m. *11:00 p* E New York Express i.Sp.m. 41fc:*Lp. C Nlza; Express t* 10:00 p, a. *t:OC». c, PSTBOIT UNA. »i:ih a. a. tftic&.ia Sight Express tlfcOU p. &. *S* 5 p. n ymtßC3«2, fCBT W4TK« 410 CKP Afa'O. -ail * toe a.m. Exun-sc • 12:20 a. ta. Fa*tlinc 2:11 p. m. 7:40 p. c Ixprcs* *t 0:00 ». m. 11:00 p. a OUPOC -45TEAJ- Day t»»ema *930 a. a. •itfSi p. t. Sight Passenger tiOtOOp. n~ fc*s®-

Kankake* Acconnod*r. *s:osp. m. •s-Js.xn. Hsfl? l*ark ana OxkWood *WO &. b. *7:45 v. n. ir .» •* nsjiOp.B. TVJ54a.m. « “ " .... »3;ap.B ♦. •# •* *S£sp.n. •»:*)p.c cnicaso. ecauastoK am; Ua> Srpre»s and Mali... •£4oa.m. *9:oop.c. f.9lci>bcrePawengcr.. . *S:Wp.m. •4-JOp. m Anroti .. *‘4oo p.» *9(X>a.r.. Sight Express ;ji.oo md’ct t&SO a. ta. tanc4«o ls~ vs. toca. MJfC.'iandXaU s*osa. CU vS in sight Exp res* 9:11 p. si. * c <oft« and Wlhalniftcis . „ Accommodation LOOP m 9:43 a. rt Tfft-ABO AMP 6BZAT BIS TIMM —(IAT* CMVCTHAr *45 14MX>—M1LWACXMB BAIACAt* '•KF'Tt, 008. ixmxu rmwtt. -'.V fjj.rcrf tlt.l [ ’-Jr inibtßqmn* fcOOp.El. .-CJ tMTUAMATOUa, POB7«'IXJ£ 4XV I*® * 4 •• • Csv Express... &»39.= l^Mp-C Xijhi Express 9n , op b- f l ®} ■vtaanv ßifmt..... . *•»{;§ '£££•£ 1 -aialag Accommodating tlSp '*eOo*B .vsicavo, aocß BtAST atd pacific bailboai?. Day ExpressandMar.... *9:OC4.m *s.aJp. n. Night Express. IfcoOp.n *£4s a-m •oiicf Accoomodaiict.. •Sunday excepted. t»»cday excepted, ctaimdaj ■xcentefl. ones stock tabs te*x tahix. Leave Madison Street Leave stock tarda. tr>i a. m. 7s« 630 a. m. 9:10 a, m. 10:00 a. m. li:?*0 Tto following is the new table for he »nw and departure of mail* ftom tbe Hncaco post Office for the winter, and now In lorcc . mrra CLOS*. P. O. CHICAGO,K*— MAM *;™- P fes:...SJlch. south. R.B * P is!« j.«' ♦» •• “ &55 • “ ** “ •• 6:00 11:00 III! liOU m SUcb. Centralß.R.. .... 12.00 e.*s ** “ •• 6:00 fctt ;;; soo!*.”Pltu. i Ft, Wayne 14:30 —• iSnnm “ “ 6UO ii:oo 4***6o 4:80 ...Great Eastern R. R.. 6:30 10:00 1«*00 t»;30....Kew Albany ft salem S;2O 11:00 SS f «!I!Ioalcna Railroad 3:10 2:40 •nlnn fc<io ...DlnocAlr Hue.... 6:00 7:20 {“•So &oo.*..Koctl6l»oi] Raflroßd 5:45 S3D • STno ?00:...C.,8.*Q015CTE,a 530 9:00 S'O »00 ...SotOlwwlwn'R-R-. 5:15 &50 -15 Railroad. 11:80 &*9O itra £45 nilnola Central R. R. 7:00 9:00 too’ su tools Railroad... &SS SUS Sic .3>2«uc • f FeJmiary^Sr*** o ’ s94lls Illinois, on the Z3d day „ *-*T *‘Jp ohUia any of these 1-ttan the applicant mV. !or Airrmisiu Lrrntra.’ giro Ihi dale of u 2*‘*’« * n ’ P*r' re etnt rnr adnrUsmr. i lr 5" l . ,al,eofof wl'his osw jioTTQ. they will l.t-Mcijo tbt | <ttei offlce. or “Lesirr* are no* .overtlMd tiat l they hare rs u-aini-d in he oOtee one week, and oa Fri tars tod b«i t*' *ya letters tu be caretQtea are la thj kandi of the Tarhc»ibuß Cierka. I. lU*UCJ leitenplaltlr tothastiectandaoabe:, l lit At) tetter* with the writer's Poor Omossad i-TATE. trntT and man, elan them plainly via t'Shie, and rcqoMl ae answers to be directed ao coratiely. , *• LfUcri to itrarcen or transient TtCtcrs In a town ® r C-ty. whose special address may be txnenowa.ihonid t« mai krd, in the lo ver left-hand corner, an th the word •T-anneM.’ M l. Biacethe prxuce iUnp on the uwi hiqht> hand corns, and lxatb bpacs betwaan the stamp etdjunction tar Poerr-sLatiisa without Intcrfsrln.; • tthtli': writing. 8.-i REQUEST forihe RETURN of aletter to «>" * rurr. If unclaimed within timer cayi or leai, W? luto or printed with the writer** same, foer Ornct anrt ‘tats acn>»« the I'U-hnnd end of th« enrelope, on •b*; fece tide, will be compiled wita at the neual pro flalu rau* of p/.»uee. parable whu the letter U GtilT- writer Law of 190." . Tree delivery of Letter* te anr partol the city can f ferored br ha Tin z theta addreeaed to the street aidtaabcr .12X319 c J .55?i3»5 Able Seth an Arnott Mary G mlu Acer Lortue mlu Arxne* Sarah sin Auama Cora K n.i«« Arnold Nancy C mr* Alien J M mrs Ask Lottie E mn Allen Ora-emtM Arery Cbarlee tnr* , Alarlcb Robert ran Ayer* L Is mn Ai acre* n Carrl* mlu Aas tin Minnie E mus Anr.htronc Jennie ratti Andros Anna on Anutroßx Sarah mlu Arnold Lantsa P Bits B Bailey Fannie mn Blair Fan A mlu Bailey Satan'A mlu Blair Mary C mlu Baker EUzabc b an Bonier L M mn Raker Franklin mn bona Ann mn Baker Jennie mn Bontle Emma mlu Baldwin John G ran Bolden Lacy nuss BaldwloWWmn ho«en MaiUe A mn barir Mary Boyle Mary A mr* Karrttt Mary mr* Bradley Katie miss Barren CUT mrs Bradley E V mn Bsrto Maitle E miss Brenan Marse Is mn Barge* Frank mrs 1 Britten Abba mlu Karnes BA mn Brewster Fa:nie miss Bate* Lima mlu Breed C O mn BaueitJentsbamrs Brady Bridget Eafpttt M T mn dr BreU £ P mrs Batcbtldtr Hcttle Schatz Dilscoe Lizzie mrs mn Bros*on Ella mlu Beckwith Ma’yJmlu Brook* Carrie miss Bell Dorothy mlu Brooks D C mn Bernard Laura mU* Brannon Mol.le mla Bernhard Ellen mlu Bryan Blanche Dennett MollleiK mla Brown Josephine Dennett tun Brown Jennie mn BenardSmn Brown AJU mn Her calc Lizzie mbs Brown Emma mlu Bcnsoca Pewcca mla* Banker Jails A mrs Biake mn Boel James mn D atchard Lnctsda mn Buckley Lucy mis* BUI C M mra Burkhart Nellie mn Caotrc;! Charlotte mrs Clrderdal* Lizzie mlas Can pheli Gcorzemr* Clifford Wlaale mus CtmpDel) Mary J mlaa Cline Lizzie mil* Canllg Macule mrs Comstock Edna mist Cannon Uhhie nils* Ole •’tills Ann mr* Care) Annie miss Cole Jennie mls> Caroon Annie cun Cano M f mrs Carlton Sa mtsa Carter Mary miia Carr Ann Cano mre Cook Ada V B mrs i.bambcrlU'iSett mis* Corwlth Nettle miss than hers Mattie mr* Cotton Cbarles Amrs 3 Chapman Jane uilu Cotton Rate mlas Chapin T.«u ml.i Corcoran miss vuufiu i«'<y UUIB UVIbUIUI UIIW Chase Retry ran Corlett Mate miss Chan* Lizzie miss coruiy Eliza mm Chase C Sturt Cowan Samuel mrs Charlton Hannah n rail* Cooley ann fi Chsum Frank L mis* Crazy Martha Chevahtr I. C madame Gray Rosetta miss Chubb Violet nn Crandall Charles mrt ciotrp Alexander an Cnmoton Harriet mra Cltz M*iy mbs Crltrap Eden mrs Ctai p John W mn Cranford Mar/ mrs Clark Elia mm Cronogue Eliza mlu Clark Juuamrs Clark Urllla mn Clare Jennie mlu Clark Clara A ns 1m Dinn AmtrdaM'mrs Doncly Jane mIM D*vifron Agoet ' Doqcbll Margaret mist navUHaUlemr* Donde Mary mIM Dtanmra Doyle Eilzaoeth mrs Deficit Jtctle C mi»i Doaoes Mary mn Dean b A mr» Drake Eunice ran Desmattri'cnamlsa Dunn Annie mlas Drpoj C L mn Duncan Charles ran DevUe William ran Done Julia M miss Devine C A mn Daily P □ mn Dew ell Irene mlaa Doily Lucy A inn Dimoct Sarah mlas Dana Jotm O c-n Dlilson Sarnb mbs Dunntnir Jeatnle miss Du ter .KacaS miss Dyer Mizzle mn Dill Mary C miss Dutaca Macele i O(.al<]M-n EJlmn Dwyer firldaet miss Donlcen Mary mn Dunlap Katy rain DonOy MatUc mbs Eastman CL art tiiiman 11F tnra Bvarta Kettle m's* Kastman Myra mlu English Kate ton Emwona Melissa M mlsa Farit? mlu Fitch S A mbs & co 2 Fair m<tn Ely mra Fitzgerald John I mra Farwtll Kale mua Flanery Kate mlu Fa»b l> K mra Foorce Rachel mra Farrell 31 ary J mis Fogarty Margaret Fay Martha mla> Fordham Jennie Ltnlaa Fay Patrick mra Fcote Carrie mbs Varum Bridget min Foote F mra Fitzsimmons Charleston Foolk Amelia mra Fielding *ar»h tnl-a Freeman Frank mra Fisher Mary nn»a Frank in C H mra Ftob«r Jennie mlaa Foller Mary H mlas huh Emma A mra Furae»s mra Fit Id J a mra Funk Elizabeth mra Oaliachi r Mary mil a Gray barah E mlu (latte) Autilemtsa Graham Catherine miss (latent Ann mnt Granger Uusta mles (I. rmaln U U mra Gray Sarah mra liiCßsn Hell U mlas Griffith C U tun Gcsru Mary miss Omwold Annie miss Gct>rgt tte mbs Green llilen mUa Glllu a Rallemiu Gresnmra tillxiu Mary E mra Grim Eva Mary mlu Gilbert Elizabeth miss Green Lluble Goodhue Rate mra Groat Sarah Jane (Stu ds In K S nn Groat Ellen mist Goodrich Mattie mlu Goelln Stephen mra (Talley E mlu Ileundeen L*na M mtu Haiey nuaan rrlu Herzogßmia Halsey C A mra Hitman Ann Emus Hai |*rneloi>c Higgins JoalabP mra Hall Hale: mtu UlgalnaEtwnezermra Hall Jrnnle Hilton WJ mra Hamilton Llbble mra Hitchcock J C mra Hanson Katie mlu Hogan Margaret mlu iUitna Hnldab mlu Hope Deallemls* HartlDStvnMSmlss UoitcrJohannaM mlu Hartupee Zaldeeß mlu Holcomb Kate E mra lianolc Olive mua Hooper Mary mra lUnirct.-i- cynthla L mra U'oae Margaret mra Hart It !1 mre Hoarh Lydia Ann mra lUvtntKPmra Heater Jane mra Ha*-lilDr MarV'D mlu Horan busan mlra Hannan Eleta Jane mlu Homan Mary Eleaner rotra Haywood W mra Houghton Jennie B mra Hayii* lizzie mlu Humphrey Annie mra lUytaMhtymua Hack tmma l<» LlUt mu KliMbeSSJane ml*« Rase* Mary A mlu Hobbara Florence mias lleatcn USmiu Mnnt Wra Henry mra HetlernaL Caiberlne mlu Hunter Kate mra Il’t-srianJ J rtiia Hunt Lizzie mlu Itamaz» It M mra Huaur baraa J mlu Heisloot Mary Emn roiy Susan mra JackKn E mra Jatk’on Albert Torn Jones Oliver mra jero-jr ctara miss Junci, Eliza mra Jennluct U 8 mlu Jones H A rors Johns- Ann- F. mra Jones SaiahC Jordan M C mra 2 Jobaaon Osgood mra Jordan Mary A mlta Keating Patrick mra Kennedy Rod ah 2 Krcgzt Franceamn Keunelj Annlsmtsa Keith Etta miss Kliey Margaret mlu F't 1. KlUle J miss Kirby Heary mra Keller Lizzie a im KlrkPCicra Kct-sctt t mlas Kuk John mre Kendall Mai ilia mra King bL mra KeicaAmamls Kluz Alice miss Kenyon mtu K»cn*y Lena mlu Kcntall Mary mtu Knight Hattie miss Ladd MaiT A ml*s Laihaer Anne 6 mra Ladled* Jennie mlu Loomis Jennie mua LearyKstemlu Lldiell Ague* mUs lancer Wm mre Link Lyoia mica Latrabee Man V ton Ltudsley Jennie M mill Latham Jeutde mra Llton Atme mtia Lsmman .v mre Ltuner Frankie m*ss Lanlfc GcrtrnaetLlss Looker ILmie mlu lawrenre F O u ra Lovell Mador»mra Lavery Marv mIM Loomis Norab mua I.atinu r NahnU mlu Lunt Atm uilu Leary Jul anna mba Lask Helen M Lie David mra Lymac Frank N mra Let* Minnie mtu Lyman Wllholn mra L-e Martha T mra Lytel Alice mra Lew is s B mra Lyoca J mra Lewis Dnac mra Lyons Johanna Lencrd Mary mra Madlgan Margaretmiss MlUfr Mary E rata Marshall Ellen mrs Mu.hell I'aalma J Macao J»iexnl*a Moe Caja miss Mai auley Battle C mill Monger Mary miss Mallo<>nn.n Monslre D w mrs MarUonltabellamlss Mallef HOraln Mamins henry E mn Monaghan Llbbte mrs Malry Mary mrs Moody AJd-n an Vanin Cab miss Monagaan Ann Marita Martha miss Moody T B mn Mathews Sarah Man Morenrtmad v . Mnitm n Wm mrs Momi Elizabeth miss Matulttr Lucy M mrs Morlartv Addle miss Ma« pole Mary miss Moran Ann mils 2 Metks harnta mljs Moroney Jennie miss Melson S A mrs M&sby Ansustlne mus Mmrt Maccle miss M<x>re Mary miss Mcare Fanny Moore Bdcar mra MradLUcnmlM Moore Mildred M mIM Mctnln Mary mrs Mnlftnger Mary miss Micard Adelaide miss Mu ler Carrie M m'M M-irlll Fred D mn Mapprey Julia A mrs Sillier l>ora miss Murphy Alice Lacy Moot Miner Carrie A Vienna miss alas leave. Arrive. •&1 oa. m. •7:20 p. m. 7:8(1 p. m. $0:00 a. m, •fcoO p. m. 11:10 a. m. McAncntny MarymUa McGrea Augustin* Lmn McHrloc Lizzie at*a McDonald t army mn McArthur Julia mn Mclrwme Lizzie alas McDoncncn Dora Mcllale Ann mrs Mctrner Baty mrs McLeod Sarah miss McCasUnLnrrmn McLaren Bell miss MtCusfcer MarrmlH NrXlchol* Catn-rlnsmn MfCntchlnnmrs McWilliams Eliza rata MiCotter s G an BTBEET. 0:00 a. m. 12:00 m. Katb Enllymis# NobleSasaaP mrt 3Cvtt Eticme W mr* Noyea Uiorcle tout Lcvlcy mli* Ncwson Lizzie mr* Needham Georie mr* Nelson Annie miss Ncjion Alien miM •5:00 tu B. *8 45 p. Ci, •7:00 ». m. •I'h.v p. e, 55:31) p. b4*l2:X p. rr t 5*0:43 p. E. t>:2s ft. E- O’crct Margaret mr* Owen John D mr* OiUon Ann miss 0«hom I K mr* Oilman Margaret mr* O Brtet Kate miss Orr 8 K mr* O’Brien Mary miss Uakes Klim mr* O’Grady K mr* Occeu Mary » ml'* O’JJearn Allen miss oimruad Walter mr* OllaraMlmr* Olwrton Anna ton O Dowell Aan OviL* mrs o CountU Annie mu* Osgood Addle M mis* O’BUey A mUa P •7:01 a b. •iti.'Aa.E. 15:00 p. e. *ll:(X p. n Parker Lonlta mli* PMIIIm Geo mr* I’arrl* Belle mis* Pi« irtfnla mis* Parker J«rc*mrs s “l*» _ Parrl* c mrs Pollock Sarah mr* PerrtneLllmr* Pooler Jo»?pJne mis* l*er ala* Lucuda mrs PowcraNrilie mlaia i*errs Annie mr* Power* Ada D mr* PcrtT 11 W mr* Preston Emma miss Peine Ji-mle T miss Price E ml-* Phelan Marr a mis* Prtne Acta mrs I'bclpe ilea.le A miss Pease Joe mrt Q CcartwlU Berts mi#s golnn Jetansa Miss QnscSenbnthAnctutQsmrs miackctboiaEiltajetii a Rarsom Fatole H mi*« Roblnwn Mary Ann mill Kat-dall A mrs Rockwell D»tml* mrs Randall Lonl#o K mrs Borers Memo* mla» t anaom Lonl*a mra Roser* FreSosla mrs Rhode* LcoUa miia Kodolph Ansa ram lienor II art Roper Fanny M mra Hearn* Mother Roaecran* Phoebe mra KbocesAAmra Rowiaoe Bridget mra Uetcolds Hannah mra UabyJacoa J rara luardcn MarvmUa Ra*buelt JosicmM Herd Gcsta rare Roe CUtdeeo mUi Ibctenon jniiaß miss Ryder LUmlu KicbarfiLßmra Raalon Flora mUi RixMaryn-iM Koaaell Fred C mra Riveral-atmtemtaa B»an Xele min Klcgi* O A rars RyaaUaiie Riley Mary mra * KyaaKaty Mntta Robison Muy G Ryan harrao mlaa UoMtwa France*mra Rich ey rart Robinson ILram mra 8 Sawyer Eliza A E mra bmllhJfellteßmlia bargeotSarahE Smiin M*n*mr« Sancderi Flcience M mlas Smith Margiret Ana mra * nsayer Jennie mws siuih lioxanca raua Sanonaon fcmmamra Sma le baora mu* MbcCeld Uenry mra Smith Thomas t mrs Seivey binraa E mra southerner Kate ml** Shaw Minnie n.laa reaper Kale Shaffer Beni F ter* Soule HeJen M mlas s&arksLncy tsiss spilled Kate mis* Sht-Jbance mlr« Strater ElUa mlf* Sheldon Jennie ralaa tuveLmri Sl.eldun Bate sw swrllasSßrfltt mni Shephard Geo £ mrs et. l lair Elizabeth mrs Shnaway Mao Fmra siarllnc Margaret A mr» sbendaa »Izelemisa Start Jentlesnl.-a Sherman Lolaemra Stewart Mair M mf» Sinclair Ltzxie w.ia« Stewart Mutue mra Slcwallmr* Stevens Emm amiss Sinner: Maccr m'as Stewart Maecle mist Stm* A M nn Stryker Anile Smra Slbwkid Marv mIM strooe Wm e mr* sh.eper Sarah mra Siokker tinna mlas sc« rr Eacnrno mu» Slone Oliva L mis* Snider ***> a Stone :h«oao*emisa Sioat Kitty mra Sommer* Daniel mra smith Helen mra Swain Chas B mrs Smith Julia R mist Summer# Mary E A mis smith Anne n tss Sy ivester RoaeaUha miis Smith Sarah mlas batten Vary mrs . Smith Millie mlsa Scanlon Norah mis* Smith Louu* ni« songster K&to mrs •p. m, .p. m. .p.ta. unxe. ass.. BUSSAT ....ft. m. I -3. D. .p.m. ~p. xn. I UST OP LETTERS, j LADIES* LIST. Conley Mary A mlsa Cook mrs Cooper Jolla C mrs Curley Mary mbs Cunningham S J miss Cara Ijiora mrs Cauin Eaie miss Etas* Marr J Jndd Alice tslu T Tf toe WlttfrcdmlM Thomas Mary A mlas TftTb.'x;otUmn Tioma* AsQtnra Tta.p.e Florence 2 Tower Minnie E mrs Terry Towne Belle L au* Think Anne miss Tomlinson Fllsm’is Thorn mr> Trnhav* Annmrj. TtUcn Rachael C mu Turklncton EIU E mis* Tlnziey Ain M mils Tf ier Anna mis* Thorn** Louisa mu Tnley Kate mu Them** B E mu Tucker Mary C mu To&maall V mu Tnrnhlil ssruLnUi Thompson Margaretmn Tyroffldamls* Vu Hern AdamiM VanaHtlne Cynthia Van Dei Hroeck U Ami* Vine* Sale Champion tn Vsnahtlne C A tmaa Valil Lncrctla mu Warner Cara mu Wheel erC rlah H mra ■Wallace Bridget tnlsa Wbrc erSnsle D ml« Wallace Eliza mu Whian re M«ry Ana Walker Jane ten Whitlock Nelson mu Walker Mattie min wicker Emelins mu Wallace Lone mt«* Wine Phoeba L mis* Walker Mary Amu William* Mar/ ml** WailonJaneßara william*EllaE an WaadalEU*abctnmr»B Wllllama WUUain,mr4 Warn Acpl*mrs WilnaGitharmn Wm» Martha mr* wa.on Calais nn Watts Wiliam £ ms Wl'ian KU« mra Werner Mary Ana Wilson C<Ue «.Ua Weel BHrabeih Amts Wii#** Ann mlt* Wewier Martha Dmf* Woodi ofl BUa min Well* Uttiet in WyllelraUs Wells M»rsaretulM WifcoffHWmrt W'lrh Uu« n-iw2 "Wooiworla Virglo mlu WsJ»b Catharine tail* Wood* Hannah rara W*-lthJ trl»* Woods A P miss Wajin Mapymhs Wrlcbt harsh ton Walsh Kate nils# Wiigtit Abblemiss ■ Toonsht la Quite mIM Yoonir AsUetnlss •• Initial*. RCK mis* B Amis Lima ill'll A BlftOOb Annie t* GEMTLBMKVB L.IBT. Ackart Philip Allen Henry C col Armstrong Zlmlal Ackley Berjamln Allen J L Arnold MB AdanuAk. Allen Beniamin AnoldOeoA. Adatna A'ex Ati«n Shilltn A Arnold O Adama Richard 3 co Arnold Jaroea AdanaGeoW Allan JBAco Arthur A Oojden AdaaeTW Alifaro jactoon AihJ Adam* John Ambrose QJ AtalcsosCT Amminr Anderson Alfred Atwater J AWICIMW AIIIW V Anderson KichardAulacbrook Rica* Andenoo B\mad ard Alula w s Akau EH AknthWmD Atdereonß ‘ AnsllnCharles Alexander R A Anderton L A Atery OP ■ Alexander A J Andre** Goo P Arery Ortandna Alien F B Andrews Wallace Ayres John U Allen Geo T ran: Andrew* mr Babbitt E Bentos CL Btazmaa Toha Babcock Gordon Baaton Cbarlte F Brant adita Babcock Den Bergman Fratk Brock Eugene Bacon 0 M Berry Richard Urida J Bacon PbUo Berry John C BnccsSCAeo Baxley Jchn J A Bernea Owns Broad Levi* co Bertrand f U Brugmn Pat Baxley Tbcma* Uealey Elbert Bronson B Z Bailey Km BcnlcheeUueaceßrookjncs OarldJ Baird John A BeitleUenry Brook* Wm * Baler John M Eere*. Dcpev &. coßroofca Oca E W Bakcrß T Berrrlr Jno M Brook* Frank Baldwin DC Bexenftenrr Brooks Bart 9 BaldwinJa*A Blcknelsii Brow&ray Lean* Baldwin JaaC Bid well Wo J der Baldwin A Menlttßldwell A B Brown A J Ballard Achhle* BtdwellA EarwellßroKD FC Ballard Chu Btkelow Isaac BrownJWß Ballard, Smith A Bigelow L F bon Brown Oso 3 co Rleclow Isaac F Brown Wm 3 Bancroft Cha* W Bigfbrd W A Brown Wm G Bank* Prank BUt Samuel Brown Israrls 3 BaataFW Blit John Oscar Brown John Barber B H BlUlnssJaa brown Geo S Barbour f A Binder D Frank Brown A Hilliard Bar to or H W Bingham E C Brownley Ja* Bart lay Frank P Single Richard Brace A Bard !>il Bir.ctaler Thomas Brace Robert Barlow SS BUbopWB Btammock Ja* A Barney Homer J Black Chu co Barney Ja* Blackman AT Bryan Oeo P Barr Peter Blackman Austtnßryant B F Barrett Caleb nialr Henry A BryantWmll Baircttdr BMrEUS Buck J a* Barrett John W Blakeley JM 2 Buckler Anthony Barrett ME Blanchard Aco BunneuHJ Barrow* ac tag* Blanchard U Burdick H tear L Barry J BUaveltAJ Boren C B A co Bartley Jcta Bluer W J Burgee W F Barton hrea BUM Geo H Burke Jan l t&i k.' ti uiuiir, \iw u viuku«u. Berwick Blodgett Wm Burke Win VasteuuP Blyther W a ; Burltlsh Arthur BaisettA Barton BolanderTJ Burnham Samuel Biter B W Bond T A Born* John Battleei llmda BondJaaA Burrows WUlle Baxter ■ oyal Boon Goo Q Barrows Samuel E leacbJV? Booth A Conway Burrows ft eo Beach Kerry Booth D Burton CL CeatnCcaa Boaiey Frank Butler Aibcrteia Beard BE Baves Alford Butler Patrick Ueaaley J S Bowen Isaac L Barler Frank 8 deck. nlklni&coßower Wm Butler BJ ruftiuiawi.i«u .. m. umw >’ v BeckerUto BowleJsaß BuUerWmJaa beckwltuEC Bowman GU P Butler BicLtrdH KclctnY BoymgtoaC C* ButterfieldJC Bell Jaa co . Bays FA cap: Bell Irvin Boynton R II Byers Wm A BelUwsJat Brackeobush CJ Byraus Morgan Belli* Patrick Breakbtuh Chat J Byrnes Patrice Bellman Henry S C Byxbee H Bemla Edmund J Bradlev Roocrt DiandjnJohnF Betlamln W F Brady Thomas Berud .1 D Bennet w U Brand G W Byxbe Qmbert Bentley Uuam F Cady David Cheney Joseph Cook Thomas Cady A J Cheater George Cook Ueo A Caiadloe Robert Chiff Lewis Cook Richard E Calahan A Brad* church t. B Cook Chat W way Chancy Thomas Colley Joan c Caldwell Jchn Jr Clapp Henry CooiDEsen CaldaeliJß Clark A Taylor Cooper TL Calkins Harvey A Clark WnJ Cooper Charles F Callaghan MlcbaelCUrk Millikan 3 Coop** C A Caliaoanllmolhy Clark James Her- Coopey Charles Cambridge L bert Corey Charles Camicade Sami Clark u O Corned ti D Cammav JvScph Clark Geo WJr Cornell Lewis Camp S S (Hark Geo W Cotrcl U J Camp Anhy Clark K M dr Cotton Cbas A CamrNlUohnHACUrkHßdr CoulWJohn Campbell Wulie Clara Art Cotmter Aaron Campbell lloisce Cars Joseph Cover Aco Campbell Fred Clark William Covert John rev Csn pbel- Fratcls James Coe Patrick Campbell It A < ClaisoaLSAco Cogue Jtran Campbell B C’Jr Cievelatd Chas D Cramer Jhon W Cspron Free mas- Clexlon band it Crate Jcbo M ter Coale T Cravens S W A co Cannon DR C-.ails Thomas Crawford James CatpotlerMH Coalwlght Wm W Carpezlcr Horace Coburn c»cl Crawford Geo W Carr a A Collin K M Crswfird Robert Carrol. Charles P Cohen J D CncJohn Carroll Edward Colbert John Crown Henry Carter Madison ColeH Newton Carter Cvene Coley Joseph Criswell Alex Carter c C Collins E w Crocker WIIA co Can David Coldns Patrick 3 CrubbK Cas>ou George B ColllnsAE Cummins John Cathn Geo Coleman Peter W Conmgum Jam vs Cavenauch Jerry Colter William Cunningham CKt Chaawlck EB i Compton JchnE Curran mr ChamVerlauAbroComatcek Henry Currie Hiram 8 Champlln Horace W . carry Israel B CobcJ'hnE Curtin oeo U Chandler MJ Cone Gardner Curling JT Chapin L Conners Hash CnrtUs Tbsodoro Chapman Horace Conger A Wal- II M worth Curtiss Geo H Chapman MS Censer Joseph Curtiss li M Chapman J U Conlel E W Curtiss Joseph S Chaniley Jaa Coulun Peter Coe Calvin or Charnlt-y Wm S Coaly Boss Curtis Chase Elisha Conners Dennis Cason mr Chatileld T E Converse L U Chambers A C 3 Chaiteiloa L Cooblll Gorden Chambers J T u cs Dacgcttmr Decker Win P Doolittle Nelson J Oil Geo H Dempsey James Domey Juhn Dana Fayette K Denamorc James Doty E D Danccy Jl* H Dowd Leroy Danforc E DtntonLawrtnceSDow faarrie D«vU Henry IHuton Wm prof Doyle MlchaH A DarllngTheodore Dcnvar Wm Drew John Dawson Joeeph UDciby Cbu DromJa* E Dawson G»o H Dcvcrcaux S A coDabols Stafford Davenport FK DeweyC Duenstng John Davctport John Dibble JO DufllcJa David Cyrthe Dickinson D D DufTr Thomas Davis Will J Dickinson Gto B Duffy-John Davis Abmham DtcklnacnHF Dully mr Davis J 1,1» 3 DicKtnsoa D S DaabarTP DarU Frank U Diguan Daniel Dunbar Goo C Davis DA DlUer Frank Dona Winfield P Dawson Arthur DUHnz Frank Daun James Dawson Wm i)loge>»RH Durand C M Day DWG DlngwallMslcolmDlnsberv James Daymen! James Dox IVHIv b Dnrkce Deiance Deal Wm Docge Oliver Daaln Fratkiln Dean John Dodge Ptulo F Duval Leo W i Dear Cbaa Do&alcson Ji ha D wight C G Dc Castro G H Donnelly James Dwrer l);nfo DeCcsdresJP Doolittle H D'WlreJotm E Eagles Joseph Edwards W B Elncr Hiram Earl AugustnsT EdvsrdsßAdr Ersalne Aibart , Earl Thomas L E&an John B Erwin J U tn>e Idctar-i O Eibers sunicy Espey Sydney KasionCbaaL Eloert A Snyder E*pey Sydney B Baton SB Ellsworth tiank EnerbfoovsAmu Ecklcs Thomas 2 Elmore Emory 3 Eraoa Cbaa KddyTh.iC Enunoiu a M Evans Daniel D Edgar Praik England Ell Evans Joshua EdronK English Thomu Evans George Vawards E M English George Evans Patrice Edwards T EtgaWm* P Fair M J FHsinger G W Fou F M Fart» S A Ftnerty Edward Foster Gorge Farmer Claries CFtnn Dean Foster Wm A exla FunnmUb Finley F Fox Edward Farrell J»mi*2 Kuher Charles FoxOivm Fast D D Fuher .lames AcoFux K capt Fast D F Fitzpatrick Jerry FrancU M E Vij ,|Q Flagg JU Franklin mr FayWmll Fla.herty James Fraser John M Feeney Tnomas H.iodFr F-eman J n Fecean Thomas F.owcr H D Fencb TU Fensom Robert Foley D F Frenc i Geo B FrttonCiaaU Foley Jjhn Fry Ira Ftrguain I*J torn John 11 Vuller H G reire.lJamesD FordOrvllleH Fullcrmr Field I) Forvseth Chancy Fuhcr Will Field Dorcl FotsythUU Furlong .tames E Field UN Forsyth bro* Fellows W H (S Galllcer John GllesCK Gould CS Gallond W b Gill Ed Guild Henry W GanoyJasG (Haas Lewis -Granger David Gannett Edward GUvln Tnomu Gray, Wool« co Garnett H U rev 3Gleesun Body Gray Ucucmay Garnett Geoyan Glecsoa Curtis Gray Thus U Gatcbell U r pral Glover T J Gray Ferdinand Gates C C Gcdviey Ira Ir GS Gavin Michael Gobler “Iram Graj Eilwaid A Gceian Jilm Golcer Wm U Gray F G Gcrey Wahcr E Goldman Sami Greene Geo Gvimaln Irving SGoodlellow A Green IT N (Jot Charles Ormng»r Grvenleaf Harry Gitbons Thomas .Goodman T D Gregory nllu Gibbs F>maJ Goodrich II J Griffin Cnauccy Gibson Wm D Goodrich ET Groggen Thutnaa Gifflu Cyras H Goodvear F W Gruby W a Gilbertson James IDct 3 Guinea TimotbyD GilrrhtMoLlcum-Googlnt D S Gut-lock Pnll E cry Gonton Alcxan* GuntnenA Cue Herbert Aco dcr Garrard J L * II Hadley Samnel Ileefe* W D Holland Pc»it Haines Jo W Xlelron Martin Holley Nicliolas , HaldemanJ F HeleyDanlei Hahey James Haiey Furctson Hvnehey Patrick Holler A M Hall GeoD Hcn incks Adw llolllmaa i bo* Hall Adam C Hetdrlck*Wß Hollister E UaltJonesA Bln*Uesorlck»on Den-llolloran John • roan ryWA Holme* John dr Uoll Uacdolph AHcnsbawßM Uolmas Jdr ro Uepworih Henry Holme* Wallace W TIaU Coneer & Clayton HomerJohnir Tripp Bern James M 2 Hooper G \V ico Hatsey John J llemck J U A co Hooper E a llamlil Cbaa S Hern AC HooverDarld Hamilton EU HerrlcKSonWm MUopklOa Ed?d M UamlUon James Jllenlne Uinton LUopidns 8 U HsmlunGtoA Htroujas HortonGeoP Usinmcn Uiiry Derrey Wll Houck John UarosonJobnS Hess A Uousel W A HancerettAJ llewm Geo Hovey Joseph W 11 aid Lewis H Ulbb*d James CHoveyc P Hand* Henry C bon Howe, Wheeler A Haney AJA CO Hibbard L CO Hanley James Hick Harry Borland Geo A Hawksß W Hickey Jobnß Howell M 8 Harding Mike 2 Hickey Wm Howe* toward HardvChasJ Hickman Job J Howe John Hotkins Laban U Bickcox J B Ilowlcy John i Harmon Li corp Hlek* W W HoxiejohnH I llarrlncton Harryuiggcns Jas Home John 8 : Harris Geo Hirnen* cC dr Boyne Wm a HsrrlKnJW captuiggens JotlahHnbbaru John H Harrises M A Parker Baser BarnaU ■art James Bill UP Boggard John Hartley I M Hill Seth M Hail Henry U Haskell Betb A Hill Thomas HnmpbrlerllleT L Haskins Ira Hill Frank HnntUC HaailnctCbas illHClarkson Hunt Clarence E Hatch Durant HtLenbrana UlchlHantingtouADun- Haven Nat A Hinckley II A bar Hawke* Mos*l AHU ckley Ja* U Hunt D A Son Hawrai Geo lUacox A llnnont Edwin T Hawley J •Ic-ditsoD Joseph Ilnnhat sneldon J lUydenTbomas Hodman ciiaa Haitian E F Hay es Jas Hodman Henry C Hyde Edward A llaysejcbnjr Uouan Michael HyrteE HraJchncat’t Ho.brook Frede-Uynson A Cole* Heaty J J nc» 112 man Hearn Patrick A Bolden Wm O Hedges Wheeler HoleTncmas Ingalls William j JascardEftco Jewett AD Johnston G Fran- Jackaonmr JotnJamc* , els i Jackson LA Johnson MM Joias Horace | jacksrnJobnF Johnsonbantord JoaesJwhnaW ; Jackson tleorge Jonn*onsß Jones John L - Jackacnl) Johnson David Jones Mliejr U Jackson Chailts Johnson UE Jones Muses i JscuUDanTU Johastn George HJonre RC i James dr Johnson George Joaa Patrick j Janercttmr Johnson U Cft eoJones U Eftco Jillftmr Jobtstnn Wro s Jones John Jemltoo tor Jobniton SamT Jordan GI Jenchor E Jchnstot John Jnason W Henry jerlchow H Johnston Jam«a Jaaeen ft Baber > JeicineJD jobtuton AEftcoJonee, Howe ft co : JewcUGoeDH . 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C Loaloxn J D Lawun Mkisel Uach Bryan Ju-as EaraannM Lavccck Fred captUncon W m C Lnc*r Daniel Lea>bWmß LmdleyJW LnIIOAF Lecaln w D Lmsley Charles Lyman Henry Laille ft Cone Llptxocotl OlwerLyonJ Lee Theta* Little Fr*n*_ Lyon Henry A Lee John UtueJotn a W HI waDett Stephen Mendscn Frank Moatyoaery 7711- Mallory Hubbard Merrick GO , Hs Mallory Frank McirlUHß Moody ChasS MainWH Mcrrl lFffieldM Mo* Chu ‘ Manrow A Merritt Jas Moore John 1 Mamneldftco Merritt PbllanderMotin Martin MapesTJ G Mount Thos MrpleWH Merrlam SamnelMorgan W Hft co Marcy Frankß h.n Morgatt Morgan Mai: Geo H Metzger JL Morlany 41) MarshßM Mien Edward MomllJF Mar»h 1/troy W Miles Goo Moms Johi cant Msrth U L Miller P S Morris Stephen W MaeonThcmas Miller Wm Morris Geor<eH2 Mather T A Miller LJ Morrison \ B Mattewija* MUbDeUsiS Morit«onJa« Mathews John Mills DS Mormon John i ur Mills Eugene A Momson Waller J > Mathews JL Mills Thomas Morse Alton Q Matlln ft Scaslln >*Uls Harry Mo ! * Geo w MaxwetlHugh MlnchlnThomu Mo::er Austin Maynard HC Miner Amos Moulton Chss A Maddlnmr MlnterWß MnlrDmd Mayo J B Mitchell C W Mallany Wm Me-d Theodore WMHchell Mika Mulieny W T Meadßß U-trcWA MaayanAMnL Meidowcuft Tho-Molctey Pear Murphy Edward m»a Mo'oney Will L 2 Mcmy Tomp VedboryAbe Monoetl BDsere Marm**/ j*s Utechln Thomas Monk £ P Myers John F Mclccyjchu Monroe JsmesfteoMytlck W 8 Melville & D MonUne Cbas F 3ie MrAlear Chat McDonnell M ftcoMeKlnsey Wm MfAnlsyJohn M.EnteeWm Mcßinstey H Mcßr.ce Wm McFarlaneJosophMcLaneLhosl Mcßnde John McOiashan Jtihn McLaughlinGtf McCauley JofaaTMeoovea James w-ytaßtht apt McGrath Thoma»McL«*.*JJ»!»a McQearyJohn Harulro t>>3 McCollo UetiryßMcHerney P*tnckM.:MtaU <*.' ha M-Comas Henry McHoxb Patrick McM-starD d Meconmck Chas Mcllww Jamos UiUlilm McCormick Ha l McKay Peter J UcCrsboJobn? ucßwDobA UtUnilnJimM McCravGeo W McKeon Jm or Me S'smart Robert McCreaJH Wm Me ra«r» L HcCulO-cP Carl-McKer lie AD UeShets Patrice McKim Robert McWsyno Kim McKinney Alex ion or MeDoaaldJ Vuh Henry Newton H Norris Wm eol Matches Gcores Kieol-onSM Northrop Wlllet NcaryNlcboUa J NiekelseoC NortmTheron NealSP NUbert Richard NortosJH HIM O 4 dtfUt WW4I. MMM. w u NellUanJS Notaa Abe Nortin John A Nedltan Freeh 3 NomaaTheodore Ntrloa Gao It Nelson Gardner Nelson Jamea B NorpnetJa* Norton Chat Nalaonjobe Norris Oeorce HlNooreeJP Newell James B Karris Kennedy NoarseJA Newman OT dr O’Brien Daniel O’Haven Samncl O’NeHeJoha O’Brlnc Anitaons O’llearoa James O’She* SdwardC O'BrlneJobn O’Herne William Uicott Rlward O’Byrne mr O’Maley Mite Ogaa B O’CoDecUTbomssO’MrU* Michael Orris Orel D B’Oonneli'.ln*8 ’Oonneli'.ln* W o’Mdla Edward OsbornO •FlthmrDernliO’Nell Moses overt-wi James M O'UamLV O’NellJusrpb OwcaßJ O'HaieMaitin O’.NollJohnk OweaHV P Page George 3 PtdraonQW PtonklttGU Paine Chas IM-uc K C Ponton J PalceTbosß FendargbastJeaasPope Jes Parkins Paine A Wood-Peonock D B Post A S Potter Amos H Polwln J S m«w Peratss Jos Palmer Randell Perkins Aco Palmer ASpragnePerro Jcba P PonlsrnCW Paaisr F A Penhon Walter BPowetl James PareeyFrank PeteiaA sparllngPowetlF P.rkrr G or Peters A H Power ibTther Parker Joseph F Peterson AA co Power William FaikerLP Pettit Jams* Power TS rev Parmaley MlUoc Phelus John Powers Richard Par melee D U Pt-Ultps Silas B Powers JWAbro Parry Chas Pi UUp« Geo Pratt W Partnons A bmlthPhlUips David Pratt Byron S 3 Panona Albert S Phillips David LPPrcscouN B Panins A Q PhUilps Michaal PrlesUy W H Patrick Frank Phillips LL Prince H PattenWmS PhlUlpaAca ProccorJohn PattenLD pbtUlpsAAson Proctoraxoriah Pattenon Austin Phillips Prank Provost John PattmonßP Plekard UAB Provost Joseph Paohon U Pickett James G IPngtt John Payne Arthur A Pierce James Poilay B G Peabody HB pierce John PnvceQs Walter H Peacock Jamea PlereeWmß Pardon Thomas Pea>»rnsllA Pierces HUco! Porlee A Peanot tease Pllsrlm H Panel D Presley J A plnn-yGeoM Peters Alex H PtcsEW Pipers P Pilgrim F Peck Allen S Plumb WllUe Q Qalnhlsa Michael Quirk John B K QnlggD Rock J L Bare JR Aco BiceN R RtmsdtU AMUlerHlceATbomton Rockwall CH Ramsey W A Aco Richards C S Boils Wm U Ramsey LQAco Richards David Rogers Harry Band s Richardson Jos Koeers epaa £ 3 Rand James R Henry KinuUC Raue Frank c. Blebardson Wm R-jss Bnrtis Kavltn Philo H hicbardson mr RosaWmL Bawson EA lUcamond d\ BotexrrvJ S Ray Alfoed Rickets John Hound- W H capt Ray Jas Riddle Joseeh E RonusaveU Geo Raymond Chas Biker Daniel J Rouse Joseph Raymond TM Rinkcr Chas Bowe Jesse Kodoyjobn Uicrdon Dennis Raff Wm A RcadT W capt Ritchie John S Rank W S Read mr Rivera Tolman 4 Knssdl Thvmas Bred Ambrose Boadhlgnt Wm U Kassel'John K Heed Allen H Ifoa-xKewtonS Rnssell Hayes Aco Heed Frank Roberts JoshnaH Balter Chas L Reed B rev Robertson Jas Buxton Jonathan Reeve* IsaacT KshlniooJas ByaaWmT Rtelty James J B Hoblnaon Robert R;au Thomas B RtmlcJU Robinson Hiram KyanThoous Res ere Jaa • Robinson Alvin Z Ryan Dannie Reynolds J J Robson William Ryan Pat’k Rice Jaa Q Rochcn Mack Ryder Uenoes □ S Bafford Norman DShlfler H W Sploar Nicholas T Bafford J A Shtnn Wm P Jr BaflordDePorrestfShlpman Ellas Sprnnle Jas Sage Ellzur Shipman Dll btackhoase BimT BaUsburr l.rev Broecraft Milton 6 Salmon r O Shcecralt M N Stacey Oeo Wal- BaapsonCtas Shoot W H l*» BamptonU II bbateJu A Stafford Norman bampson Joseph ASlckles John W Slanara S D Sampson WH SUvey John Stanley Chas SatnpicnWT Eln.rt.oas Zach Btandfey Harry Sampson John SUtrer Jacob Stanton Geo w A Banhotn Charlie Stlady John B co Sanborn Alttns Skinner BJ Stanton Timothy Sanders Herman Slater Wm Stark Wm Sands WmF Slayroaker Perd-Stadlng J W Sanford 8 P Irr F Sloegir Edvard I. Sasser dr Slelthtrr Layfot St*cn Moses DA Sareear t S E Sluthour A Stephans It E Saease Michael Small 11A Stephens Elfoba Beamon Dennis Small Beniamin StcvsnsßAAco Scanncll Jaa SmedlcyJD Stevens, Boyden Schanck H K fcrohey J G A co 2 schermcrhoin J&iExlley Dewitt C Stevens Jobs 8 StmleT Geo Stevens S S Fchermerhorn Jae Smith A D Stevens Pioaton Schofield F prat Smltb BralnerdStevens C W Scott Lion Tavlor btevtnaonlboa Scott Walter Smith Emery P Stowart Theodore Scott Jaa Smith Benjamin btewartJW Scott Jesse Smith lasac stimpsonFrodJ Scott Edvard Smith CI)A eo stone A capt Scullen JoecphM SmitbSSAco StooeChaaD btarsA Smith Patrice Stone D Walter dr Scale Allen Brotih Robert StooeTJ Scare Alvin Smltb S N Stone L O AMUI WM.H. W .. bM'M. k, W Beaver FA fcmlUi Gc j A 4 Move Harry Beckatnp U Smith Gee U Straight Isaac 3 Seeley T Pdr bmttu Humphrey Strong M D Seeley Sherman Smith Henry A Sturgvs S Seltlck D Smith Brnry C Stytoa Fdr Sellers Allred H Smith Jaa ll Sulhvanßariholo- SemaoaW'm Smith Jas P mew Seymour L btrlth J U capt Sommers Albert Seymour Dan) Smith Ira rapt Sutherlaod Alett Shader David Smith John Sutherland John Shanks dohi t Smith WH capt Sutherland S A Sbsnnahan Tho* Smith Wm D BwalnTll ousuymidll * MV- I- **4 ... Shannon Simon Smltb W Sovy Sweulland John T Shannon Michael gen SwtUSW thorp John timlibJ M Switzer Rial L bbaw John W Souses Bliley Bykns Chav J SbawGenldM Solon John Symoods Stxilman Sht than Peter Son Jacob F ShfpnrdAlile Spafford Edwin WScw»|l John Shepherd Jesse L Spesr Thomas BenrantJ ibnß Shepard J bpeght Joseph Seotmn Wm Shepherd John Spencer A Singer Jacob Sherman LsA co Speooer J Aco Stover Seymour Sherman frank Speneley Calvert Taggert Edwin Tbomoson SM A Toomey J ohn TallmanAco eo _ TopIiUEA Talltnan I«ewl* C Thom peon ADavtsTown John Touey Martin Thompson Louts Tracey Covs Tavlor AD Thompson Wm Travlsc Rlt TajlorWU rev TrevanWmC Tavlor John Tnompeou JohnF Tttggs Richard TaylorJ L Thomp*ouC Jdr Trots G Tayior G*o S Thomson Charley Tro* bridge J M Taylor Hall Thompson An- Tucjdale G N Taylor HA co drew _ , Tnesdale Aig Teagarden Wm 3 Thocer r J Tucker E Teal A E Thorne Geo R Tocaborn Henry Teller Peter ThnrbcrTheodoreroimcll Wm Terry Jehu ThurberWS Turaerß TesslerAllen ThurlovAAco TurnerSU Thomas Wallace Tisdale Wm O Turner Cbas A Thomas JasW Tob*-y Edgar u Turner M M Thomas Cbas Tolwv W U Tuttle Wal ace Thomas AD TompkinsFranWTyler Wm A Thomas UA co Tompkins AmusFToby ptUllas Unnderwood Geo R T Van Ness J 11 Vail B H VerncrWm Van Tret* mr Vaushan Cham- Vessey M dick Van Winter C C plon gen Vlney Joseph □ 3 W Warner c WretbroaK GldeonWiiMjn Wilttam Water John Weston Chaa Wilton Will C Wakeman Edgar Wcat Jacob WusoaJohnß Lewis WbssdouScth Wilson Jaekcaot Walker Charles Wheeler John Wilsjn Richard Walker Lucas P WhceUr Euwln MWilsouC K Walker EJ Whiv* ci David Wilson Ftcwart Walker Jas I’omellosWllson Jame» J Walker J Kmoiy WhctlerAF WUcoxJohn Wallace Wm Wheeler N Wtneman Parker Waits Wm W heeler A co Wing A Goouman Walsh John Wlieeloek II W Wmgert Wm Walescley WorrcnWbEc Wm * WmgUeorgeJr btJ White Jas Wing F Warrack Wm White T C Wlgzlns Bradford WardEß White David Aco 13 Ward J 8 Wbttrmore is wins Chat K Ward Jt seph Wiiitten C V Winn J II WatrenAjr Whitney Edwin WTuancc Rsnsomo Warren Orrtn Whitney mr Winkler lutltl WanenJ E WhltmonUco D Winkler Goo M Warner John A Whiting Wroß Wt sted A M Warner Ruth K Whltmatsb Win RWtn?l >w II K Wafter Henry C Whlpp'eDß Winslow J __ Warner Augustus WbytcC *co Wlueameyer Wm A WliushWm WUhenhurg C W Warner G I. WlcnallFM W Warner Edw R Wightman JosephWocdeock Chvrlpa WarucrAcu Wiggins John B Wooding Edward Warrlncum GW’ wight John E G W Watt benjamin U Williams E Woodbury James Watson JU Williams Thomas c»pt Watson W 8 O Wocxlhury John Waterman bam’l Wiliams Edgar Woodward Lowell W augh J Williams Jesse SI M w.aver Aco Williams Egbert Woodward J A Weatt.enraxT. William* JamesPWoortman Georgu Wrathe, wax V Williams David N A Weary Charles Williamson Wm Woodruff.! F 3 Webber AW 8 Woc-dwortiiS Webber S S Wilkes Ttaonua O Wooltf D E WebbGeob Wilkes Robert Wolwlnßß capt Weeks Johnß WUUs Anson C Woxersley Jas WMIsLT WtUrdAQ WnghtKS Wendell ABe brrtsWtlson Henry C Wm-ht R >b«rt Weston Altrod AVuson Lewis WrightThos Westhurv George Y Vatrs P Tonne N & co Young J P YcagerGJ Yotmg Newton Miscellaaeatis. American Gold andbllvtr SEO _ . btoarttu-K Co Btar Dairy* Packing Co B B II To tbe Beil Found!? Co C m u fo the Rack * Warming CBS Closet Firm Chicago Sash Factory The Northwestern Agrl- Commercial Burning Oil cnlturUt t o To the Editors of Eastern CEC Siar Chicago Western Temp To the Inventor of the Advocate Dangla-s Brt K Machine Draw e rCJCI To the UecrulUm: utll«r Herbert of tbe Veteran Reserve J p K Corps ji)i> To the tv Master ot Garden jIA City Lodge No lit O*caroß Uncle Bam** Illustrated Peck's Butter TTonie WW Prc»l Wtatexn Library As- Whipple File MfgCn 3 eociatlon r-tiffi oayiora’s Minstrel RRZ Tf^ope —Office open from the Ist cf April to the Ist ol No vember, ftom 7a. m. till 7k p. m.; from November Ist to April l»t. from 8 a.m. till . p. m. Tuevestlbu e will r. c..m o[.n nnill 9 o'cloct p.ra. pn M'dw> fram a. m. till 10 a. m. R. A. GILMORE. 1 • M. ffiair 33ge. "OlLL’o HAIE DYE—SO Cents—Black FI or Brown—lmtanlareon*. nature', durable. fceauUlol. Thebertand cheapest In u*e. Cojulna a* much a* a* any dollar *lxe. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEAUNO OINTMENT, reliable tir gen-jsl clnlmeni pniccre*. Depot 66 John-st, New York- bold by all druggists. hair dve. "tLs splendid Hair Dye is tbe best in the world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous; tbe only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. sold ay Druggists and Perfumers. Factory. 81 B*cUT-sL. New York. C3oscrainent3alc. pt OYEKXiTHNT SALE xjfnrMrty known as the “OOVEUSMENT TAN KEBT and STEAM SAWMILL," with Stv «sty-flve acre* of land, near SAN ANTONIO, TRlasl BealedPrcpcraa, ta duplicate, will be received at to ths Cist day ot March. 1567, for the purchase cf 7t acres ol lard, isore crleu). together «ltn the tulld lugs erected ittmm. and tne apportenaace* ai pertaic tny, that la to say: ONE TAN NBttTx. ctatnlcg twelve fetoce Urto Vats, FUTT-rWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONE FOOLS, and capable of tauelnr li.Uo hides per ancum: ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable cf saaic* S.MQ feet ol Lumber dally; ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. Tbe above property Is situated about two tulles above baa Antonio, on the san Antonio River, and the water u conducted to tbe estabhshment by a race cf hewn stene UidlnCtmeiL Tbe land was mrcased and improvements made by the Ute ao-c*.led tXmcderate Givemmect, usd art estlnsted to csve cest in gum. Tbe property nas bem under lease ter the year 1564, at a c oLihly rent»f tSOO. payable in advance. AM cured Ctle in tee simple will be given by the U. ernment. iTOPoaals will ee u.arsed “Proposal* lor Govern* mint Tannery and Sawmill,” Bvt. Maj. Gen. Ass’t Ccm’r Bor-an B.F.SA. 1, Galveston. Texas. <stncfei)cniEts’ fEcrting. NOTICE. Chicago Firemen’s Insurance Co. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Cut cago Flicacn'a Inenrsccc Company will be add at the office of said Company, on TUESDAY, the Mh day ol March, l£b«, from 3 »o 4 o’c’cck p. m., lor the electioc of nine Directors for the ensuing year. S. P. waLKEB. Secretary. iHarijin nets. J-AItM MACniNER%. A. T. BATES & 53., 70 South Onn«l-st., Chicago, TIFM.KRS IV FARM MACHINPRT, AND GEN- D kkatTag kvr3 op. the NoiiTHWEsreriN 1 THE CK.KBBATED SUSC FACTCT.Ei OF BLTMVEK, DAT. A W, MANSFIELD, AND BLTMTEtt, NORTON & CLL. CINCINNATI, O. Cur List embrace* the Ccok Cane Wills, Euteaa Cculm: btar C«rn War ner’s Hor-e Hay R,se. Mood-Sawing Wacalnes, Com Cmshi-ra Ac. WiM applying for dwcnpUve circu lars win ploiso specif? the macninerr the^wa l^.^^ gicaUs. UAIRBANK8 1 X3T ■*“ bTANUAUD JT I *. S C A Xj El S or ah. sizes. FAZED aNES, GRBBNLEAP A 526 & 228 Lako-eto, Chicago. Special Notices. Dr James* Foranly ol June*’ Lock Hospital. Naw Orieant, a»d lor Uie lift Mx yean located la CUem Syphilfc —et llreiy kul efloctnally eradicating th • pjUOa f’om iho system. leavitg the blood pore, without (be use ol or any lifc-ceslrojlacdrne. Dr. Jtaste treat • and radically etrres Spermatorrhea, with an Infallible method, oaring lime and expense. Impotence, caused from spermatorrhea or Ires ol **■ tren— Tbl» debility Dr. James will obligato MaiclC in every case, tn core. Dr. Jsnut’ office and parlors are at 91 and 93 Randolph sc, tea'ly opposites!* old office, Chicago. 111. where be may ba confldeotlaiiy consulted from 9 ß, Snndaysdm'ingCtefcrenoon. if. o. Box fIOC. CBiciga, HI. The BealiDf Pool mod House of mercy. Howard Association reports, tor young men, on the crime of solitude, and the errors, abuses and diseases whlib destroy (be manly powers, s?d create Impedi menta to marriage, «Ub sure meana of relief! Seat la scaled It iter mv* 1.-per, free of charge. Address Ur. J. .‘■KILLIS noCGHTOS, SowartitiUsocUaue Phladel pbla.Fa. Dr. Thomsons Proprietor of the Medical and dor steal irrtltntc, 17> South Wsrk-st, has treated alt lorma of vroerear dis ease with nnpreesdetted success lor nearly tarty yean, nprrmatorrtsa ard Impcttsce treated with the happi est rauts. Particulars of the Institute and iheGoidt mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 93. Chicago, Illinois. Lonls Sanger, 91. D.» Member B. C. Sort eons, London, No.SO atuncs exelnMvHy to the medical treatment cf Pri vate and heciet Dtse&em of both sexes, lone his spe- ctaJty. Ptmale hemedles are certain In all cases. PrUe Lecture on the prevention of oflkprlcc, sent to an; addrn* lor 9u cents. Consultations private. P. 0.ECX2373. Dr. dcelotr. narise the of tt- puo.l- and the medical faculty at large, U tic xcs: rel'ahi- pbyiidan In tht city for chronic n-rvruL and sexual Ueaaes. Call at his office, 179 booth trark-«t. of Monroe. Booms separata. Ccnsn'u lou free. P.0.80x 13-1. UU guide to health, pnbilahed xno-ttuy, sent free tc ant address. orean Steamers. Steamship Line. Passage to London or Brest, HOC. $73, and |3O, cur* ency. Excntalontickets at reduced rates, available for itx n. oaths, Celia. CapCGlredell, from New Tort. March 3. Wm.Pcnn, Capt. niUluge, fromKsw York, March IA Atalacta, C»pt. Plnttam. from New York,March 30. Beilosa, Capt. Dixon, trom Kiw Tort, April 13. The HrttUh Iron Steamship Celia will leave pi**r No. A North River. New Tore, for London, calling at Brest, cn Saturday, March 2d mill further notice, all the Steamers of this Line will call at Brest to land pas-emrere. Bagg ice checs-d. atd ticket* sold through by rail to Paris, at 33 per cent less than regular rates. iu.u i r.—j.i • nic.. Freight will be taken and through bills of lading givf n to Havre. Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. _ For passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITNEY, ‘JB Broadway,New lurk,or to JAS. WARRICK, St Dearbort-SU Chicago. For Freight acply at S 4 S intb-st. New York. . ROWLAND A ASPXNWALL. Agents. OTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, &e, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, From Pier 43, North Hirer, New York, cat trias UaiieA ?lair« stalls. INMAN IKtAII. LINS! EVEUY SATCttDAY (moll iteamcr). KVEICY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabins, (SO to tllO. To London, (5 extra. To Paris, with privilege ot stopping tn Liverpool and London. 910 extia—ad in geld. RETURN TICKETS. GOOD TILL USED, AT RE DUCED RATES. Handbills oa aprllcatlon. Cabin plant on view, and bertha or rooms secured on application at Western Agency. 31 Dvarbom-st., Chicago. _ * J JAMES WAKRACK. WM. INMAN. Liverpool. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANOI The General Transatlantic Company's MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW TORE ABI HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new vessels ot this uvorlte route id the Continent will sail trom Pier No. at). North BITS aa follows: EUBOI E. February 9. ST. LAURENT Bocaadi....February 23. PEBPIHE Ducnms....UnrchS. YILLE DBPARIS..Europe March :S. PUICE Of PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, (IK; Second Cabin, (100, including UM> wine in either class. The steamers ol this line do not carry steerage pas sengers. Passengers intending to land at BREST win he far nlshed with railroad ecnpc i ticket*, aca thtir bsgeavr shacked to Pans, at an additional charge of (3 for flrr acd |S for sreoaa class. Medical attendance ire< or charge. __ Furturther Information, apply, In Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 233 llllnotwt; lr New Fork, u GKO, MACKENZIE, Agent, 3S Bread way. Steamship great eastern, CARRYING TUB UNITED STATES MAILS, bir Janai AnDxfc*iA, Commander. The French “Company of Charterers’* or the GREAT EaSIEKN. having provided tne ship with new pollers, sna thoroukhiT rentted and rufornlaaed her In every departmixt. with soeelal reference to this service, will ran tier regularly between New Tork and Brest, as fol* lows: LxaviaG azw tosk. LwaTiaa Bust. Tuesday April 91 Saturday Apnl 27 Tiurtday May 161 .innei Saturday Jute *3l Thursday July 11 Tuesday Ju y so | Saturday Amr. 14 ThoiMlsy S*pt. ll 1 Tuuday ost, l Saiorcay Oet. 191 Thursday N 3V. 7 NEW YORK to LIVERPOOL. Tuesday. N0r.26, tak ing crnyflistclasa passengers. Passage rates in gold, or its eumvalext. (lie. (113, (10& according to loca ll;n aid size ot room. Tickets lor the home passage l»»ned at a redaction of (to to pa«sengrrs returning previous to August. PstserceißcanbefUralined < n board with railroad tickets from Brest to Paris at the reduce! rateol flt.lo for fim-clais and (7AO :or sacondelaas, belcg a redte ucnot 2S per cent on rtgalar rates. Twenty cubic feet of Baggage a Uwed to each pas^nger. Letters ot ereclt Issued tor England and the Conti f°r S '““ P W %ELLS. FABGO * CO. Passage Agents. No. N 4 itroadwsy. Foi furthet Information apply to the Am*dlc-aa and United btates Express Co.’s, at their various agencies. KAIIONAL LINE. WCEBLY ZsZND or BTBAmUSLS, CABIN, r» (GOLD); bTEEBAGB, (3d. tUeragc. llverpcol or Queenstown ta Chicago. (t 9. Fc; luither lzuurmatt<.n apply to h. T. WEBSTER. Agent, 2S' Clork-st, Chicago. ffropoggls PKOPOaAL.b FOK PLANKING ALLEYS. omcM or rnx Boa*z> or Public vfosxa. i Chicago. Feoroary it, lSt>7. i Scaled Pro petals will he received by me ln*rfof Public Wore*. at their Office, until II a. in. M=Dda>. February 35th, JS67. f>r p.anUn* the a.ley thr.juh B ocV 4. K mile's Addlt'on to Chicago: also tor pi ink* log tbe altes through Block I, Wolcott's, aid Block Z, Kmzie's Addition tn Chicago; and also forrlandne tbe a.ley through Blocks 31 audStLOacal trustee's n. Sec. 17. f.J® N.. K lit. according t? plant ard strclDcatlonaon fi;e at sat<l offlee. said Improvement* will be raid lor f.on t.e special a*»resrents evied to defray their cost when tbe same shall be collected. _ . „ . Proposals tno*t be addressed to the Board cf Public Y oris. cnlorved “ Proposal for Manning Alley In BU>k ” Ac., (naming tte particular .ocalttyi, an I be accompatieo with tbe u-aal |2to bone, wltn sureties, to oe approved bv the board. _ . The iLiard reserve the neht to reject any otd not u accordance wltn the condition* of U»l* a-lvertlscnent or to reject all bid*, and no proposal will be accepted unless die party offering It shall give evidence satlsfa- • tory to the Board that he ha* the nectary skill, expe rience, energy and ability lor doing tbe wort. U tract worthy, and nan sufficient pecuniary FRED. O. J.UOSE. lOt Board of Public Works. PUOrOSALS FOR AUiIY TRANS FO ITT ATI OS. OUARtBBWASTZB GXSZBAL’J Omcr. ( Waaiuxotos, D. L*„ January 13. IW7. i SEALED PIiOPUSALa will be received at thu arnot until i’« o'clock 0J..0D thetMb ol FeDruary, IS«7. foi the transportation of MLltary Supplies during the year commenctce April 1,1W7, aod *e«»t»g March 3U leCa, on tbe lollowtng routes: „ „ , ROUTE SO. I. From Fort McPher-nn. Nebraska Territory, or such pent* as m*y be determined upon during the year oc the Omaha bran CD of the Union Pacific Halroad, west of Fort MclTjerscn. or from Fort Lar»zm-, Dakota Ter ritory. to such rests cr depots a* are now or rosy be es tablished tn the Tcrrtiory cf vorasia. w-j-rt of iccgl tude 103 degrees. In the 1 errltory of M*.ntaiv south of latitude 46 degre-s. in tbe Territory of Dakota, *xt >.t 1. nntuce 1W degrees. jc the Territory of Mato, south of UUtud» 44 <tegrses.and nut of l-.ncUndctK degrees, and In theTeniloriesof Utah and Colorado north "I latitude 43 degrees. Including. U necessary, Denver C,tJ * ROUTE So. 2. From Fort RUey. State of Kansas, cr each pomes as may bedeteradned open during theyearen the Union pacific Railroad, E- D., to any po*n> or depots that are cowormaybe estaMMieu in tbe btateuf isa-ui cr tn Hie Territory of Colorado, south of latitude 40 dry gietwrorth. and to Fort Union. Sew Mex««*o, or other depot that DJiy be drstunafKi In that Territory, *1:1 to anycthcr point or point* oc the roam. ROUTE So. 3. From Fort union or such other depot as may h established In the Territory of New M«*xtcu. to an pofts or statical that are,or may be established U. that Territory, and to inch post* or *U‘l<ms a* may ce designated In the Territory ot Arizona, and u the State of Texas west oflocgltude IQi degrees. „ „ . ROUTE No. 4. From St. FauL Minnesota, to such poftsaa are now ormaybeestacusned tn me Mate of Ml'.nesnta, and In that portion of Dakota Territory lying east oi tbe Mbcourt Ktvsr. The weight to be transported dnrlcc ibe Tear will nut exceed un Route No. I,3QjXO.OOu pounds: on Route Nu.3,2C.tOC.UX) pounds :mßuuleNo.3, S,00Ui)00 pconds. and on I Joule No. 4.3AC0.00U pound*, frcporaife wtli oe made tor each route separately. Bidders will tute the rate per lUO pound* p. r 13C mill*, at which they wnl transport the smreclu escs monthofthe year, beginning April Ist, U 67, and end* Isx March 31. tuba. Bidder* should give their names in rail, as well ai Ihtlr ptaci-scf residence, and each prvp-wsal auzuldbe aver mpanted by a bond In tLerec oi tenthooeana <|lo.CVO)doll*ra. slcncabytwoormore re-ponslbi? per sons. guaranteeing that in case a contract u awarded for the route mentioned in the proposal to the party piop.siig, the contract wut oe accepted and entered tutu, and good ard sufficient atenmy tarnished by ssld party In accordance with tha terms cf this advet* tl*emenu The contractor win be reqtuieu to lire bonis turn* following amounts: Oa t.oate Sc. 1. taojooo On Route No. 4. ma». on Rente nV.s, iu).ooa. OB Rente So. 4. MJJOO. Satisfactory*endcce of me loyally and to vcacy ot acn bidder and person offered *s Kcrmty wU oe re* qoutd. Proposal* cast be endorse! “Proposals for Army Transportation on Route No. 1. J, S, or 4,as the cue may be. and will be entertained unless th*y fohy comply with the requirements cf this advertise ment. Tbe party to whom an award ts made most bo pre pared to execute the cot tract at once, asa to givethi required bonds for the talthlnl nattormaave of toe ton tract. The right to reject any and all bid* that m*y be nfleredis reetrven. The cintractcr os each route must be la readiness for service by tae Ut day ot April. W 67, and will be qnitecto have a place of business, or asescy, at wbicn Ut may be ccmmimicatel wUhpcompUy and readily for Uoute No. I. at Omat a. N. T.; tot Boole No. 2. at Fort Riley. Etnaa*; tor Route So. S. at Fort Union. New Mexico; for Brute No l. at Saint Pam, Minae •otA,oral suenother p'lst for each ot tae tevera ttcutes as may be indicated u thestartfos point of (be "Blank Errs shewing foe cordltjoa* ot the ccntract to b“- entered Into for «-ach route, can be h-w ca app i caucn at this office, or at the office of the Qaartentafr terat New Tors Saint Lsnu, Fc/t Leavcnwortu. or aba. S*iUF-and Fort Mdilrg.and matt accom paov and be a part cl me - Bj cru.. BU3S, Brevet Cclcnti and As»’t miaitermaster C. S. A. jfinaiuial, /lUICAGO <S CINCINNATI RAIL- V J road BONDS.—WiII be sold at public auction, by JOSI pn L. EENSHA W. At tbr Merchants* Exchange UeadlngUoom, in fInMAD. nm*. »• waiarduy, .tlnrcb 2d, lb67 t at 13K o'clock p. m , 1190,000 of the fine m cries go 7 per centbondAot ths Chicago A Cincinnati Railroad Company, with the coo pots ticca October, IS6O, inclusive, attached. Ibe laid bonds ate held as collateral tor the note* ot said company, and will be sold for the nonpayment thereof. * The line of the read upon which said bonds arose c?lJS.lsfrotnlicei “f' ort 50 Valparalro. in the State ol rtdlsna, and now forms a conMd-raslc nartofthe Important Un- kaorm as the “Chicago A Great East ern Kaijoad-” The secumica may be examined on application to the auctioneer, 'rbesalelo be etricUy C-rcash, aud the purchasem vnil be required ;o nay Ij the aueciua eer, five per cert cn the amauct of thUr bias a* eir nest tneney. at the time of sale, and the bai.t-.os vltuia three day* th'.resxxer. iprmtlng JJRIRTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job OfS.cs. Fhellitlo for doing Work of Any Descrip tion Unequalled in tbe City* jHrtucal pHYsICAI VIGOH. PHYSICAL VIGOR L the main aatogurd of health. It rcp<* and JlgXi* oS <Ae morbid elementi teMek npertmtuea OUcatt. The grand qneallpn, therefore. t». Bow shall this rrptllani powr be Increased where U t» bat toehia, and acquired where it searealy existsstall? There was a time when thi* question coold.' not be aarljfac toilly answered. Bat the problem Is dowmltoi. It baa bees proved -by the experience of store Qua fourteen years that HOSTETTEB’S STOMACH BITTERS So thoroughly reinforce botn the constitution tbo sea stive and the nervous systema as (o gender tb« body comparatively Invulnerable to tbs unwholesome Influences so many thousands os beds cf sickness, in various parts ol the world, at an s*»> toss of the year. As an Invigorating, regulating ac< restorative preparation, salted to all clunatm and to all contingencies; U stead* alosx amoac modem medicine*. It ia thoonly tonic o£ which the sttmulav lac principle 1* perJMijf pur*. It* basis U tte ftsentkt! principle admitted by analyti cal chemist* and medical practitioners to be the most genial and barmlesa ol stimuli; fnrf Sold 1* purged of all tbo crudities which beloag to It a* it comes from the maunfsetnrer, before being used In dta compoaUlon of the Bitten. Tbo alterative, corrective and restorative properties ol the preparanoa are do* rived exclusively from roots and planta tbo vtrtaoa of which are acknowledged by pharmaceutists and pky* siclans, and which are often presenbod teporouiy by the profession. Never, however, were these lavat— able vegetable scents enmblsal tor prnmXiK and remedial purposes until the hygman compound, Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters, was given to the world. The stomachic and anQ-hUlonj operatloa of the great restorative has tong since rendered it a standard medicine tor complaints of the digestive orgsns and the liver. In all parts of the Western hemisphere: but It is no less deservedly celebrated aa a preventive of epidemic*, and of the various disorders generated by malaria and impure water. IKDIGESTION —DYSPEPSIA. Ptoooss has Its penalties. A» theworld advance* In civilization. It become* more luxurious asd tha pampering ol the body secmi to be an laeepanble a&- compaalment ot the cultivation ol the mind. Tbla ought not to be; but lUr, and no argnmant can alter the tact, though w&eleaome advice aad Jndldona, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may mitigate the evil. Savages, we are told, are not tronbled with dys pepsia; but this dictum la open to doubt- Privation and hardship, aa wen as blab Bring and dlsalpaUotv engender the dlaeaae; and U would therefore seem that the man ot the wilderness. aa wen as too dwetlor in cities. most be more or leas subject to U. One thing, however, la certain; In no country under heaven Is It so prevalent aa in the United States. Bars the dl*- cue baa become domesticated; It la to be found in almost every household; and, eonae<iac£tty r a Household Remedy for Dyspepsia Is ot Inestimable value to the American people. Few disorders Involve greater suffering; aad. U not In Itself Immediately dangerous, tt la the forerunner and source of many deadly maladies. But even If It did not tend to shorten Ufo—which It undoubtedly docs—the mental and physical misery which It pro duces, and which renders life comparatively uuenjey able, la a sufficient reason why no palaa should be •pared In the effort to prevent and can tt. physicians, as a genera) rule, admit that no disease gives them so much trouble aa dyspepsia; but they attribute the difficulty of curing It to the unwilling ness of thtlr patients to abandon the habits whldk occasion It,—such as excessive application U host cess, hastiness In eating. Ac. it Uno doubt true that the but treatment ot a complaint may fall to cure It, If the patient relnsee to exercise common pru d«nee. Bat It Is also true that what are called the rfflaal rrmulfn for dyspepsia do not under any cir cumstance produce permanent relleC On the other hand. It la a tact established by thousands of eredlta&w witnesses, whose testimony la simply a statement of their own experiences, that nostettor’s Stomach Bitters will cure lie malady, and that an occaalsnal use of the preparation after the cure has beoa effectsl u a perpetual saftgusrd against the recurrence of the symptoms. On this account many intelligent mem bers ol the acuity have abandoaod all the stereotyped prescriptions of tae pharmacopoeia, and njw inva riably, aad, with great success, administer tals popu lar tunic. FEVER AND ASDE—INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Fives asd Anrr. unfortunately, U to* widely ktawn by experience to render * lengthened dsscap lion of Its symptoms necessary. In order to escape lever end acne In any region. It la only necessary to fortify the system against atmos pheric prison by the regular use of Dosfftter's Stomach Billers. By this mean* all danger!! avoided. Soma rules hare exceptions: thlt hat none. So surely as the BITTBBS are taken a* a preventive, so surely will the individual who adopts this precaution be exempted trom the pains and penalties ol one ol the most harassing complaints to which the dweller* in unhealthy districts are suo jfcted. Asa remedy, tbe preparation has no equal. Without entailing any of the unpleasant and danger ous consequences which accompany «»t follow ths useof quinine. Itbreaki npthe paroxysms and rapid ly restores the strength of the convalescent. If thw preparation bal no other merit than Us wondertkl efiUacy as a preventive of. and care lor. Intermittent ftver, it would be an article of the first necessity la all new scttenients.ahd low, marsay districts. Add to this Us value as a stomachic an>t an anlt-blllous agent, act who will venture to talnsay Its Calms to LW tern Jlrtt place among Family medicines f BILIOUS REMITTENT FEVER. Tms t» a disease ol a more malignant type than mltaary “chill* acd fever," but it spring* from me isme cau<e. malaria, and may be fore*tailed by tha tame mean*, a precautionary course of Bostcttcr’s Stomach Bittern. Is ordsr to render the system malaria-proof. It must be ccdowcd with extra vigor, ard put in all respects In perfect order. To street these object*, the BITTERS must be resorted to. Remittent fever, it is .firmly bo lUveO.njsy be certainly prevented by the daily nse of this imorprodcA'iftle protective preparation. It tha disorder Is already la progress, it sb iold be taken be tween the hoc stages. As the poise Is no to one him dtf d and twenty or one hundred- and thirty during het fits. It would not, of course, be pendent to adicln htlertbe tonic tA-n ; hut when prostration came* on, andtreptDtelsthla and feeble. It may be given wire great advantage, and also when the patient is recover ing, as a means of recruiting the strength. Indeed* la all cates ot convalescence this powerful but harm less tocle sbon d be administered. It Is the safest aa : well as the best ot restoratlvea. BIUODSNESS. Tbs liver Is the largest gland In thebedy, and the most tm port ant of the secretive organs, except the tnrabraoe which secretes the gastric juice, the flai whichdissolvesthetood. WhenltlaUslopeiformlU function*.thewbolesyitetnsnffera. Its peculiar oCk« li to lake the superabundant carbon of the blood* This carbon It unites with other elements, and thereby fours the bitter fluid called bite, which !s poured i-tc tbe upper bowel, and greatly facilitates the pro cesses ol digestion and excretion. When the liver does not work, tbe bile has to be taken out ct the blocdby tha kidneys; and hence in bilious disorders the nrlte Is ot a deep yellow color. The kidneys, however.cannot dispose ot all the bile, conso quenUy, much of It oozes through the surface ol the toay, giving tbe skin ana the whites ot the eyea that safiren tinge which is cue cf the most noted symptoms of a disordered liver. It Is absolutely essential to nraliX that lAU p&etrfzl giant should do it* duty thoroughly end uUA elode-tUu regularity. Probably one-fourth of tbe people ot this country know what It li to be bilious i and is tropical* the proportion of sufferer* is much greater. If what are called “ an 11 -bilious medicine*" were really what ' they purport to be, the disease would soon become obtolete; for their name Is legion. Bat neither mer cury. the official remedy, nor the drastic pills adver tised under so many titles, teem to produce the de sired eflecC In foct, calomel and bine pill have pro bably been more fatal to the human race than the va rices forms of liver ccmpiaint combined. Hostetler's Btiten aloce.ot all the medicine* *t present In exlretce. folly meet* the exigencies of what Is termed “abtliourhabit of body” This pre paration. like the bde iwcll. has afouli taerunt pro certy. and thmlore (when the sccreUon of that natu ral cathartic Is Interrupted or.lmpedoll It U exc«d mgly tuefc! as a mean** ol preventing hard accretion* In tto intestinal canal and consequent eosttveoe-a. It also act* directly and most tcneflctaHy npoo the biliary organ, as an Invlgorant and corrective r«ru- Utor. dlms.DW lOTMemEpllcnlMslßUtKfa Mm cs . dose of u* BITTEBS ooee ot twice * <UT. EOSTETTEB’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS .old by all Kwcclabl. DrawsW. la all part* *>l the World. JIOSTETXEB & SMITH, |>yopr(ct*ra» tj t