Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 25, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 25, 1867 Page 4
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Clftfagtf CnbrniK, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25.1907. THE CITY. Tmaonxo Ciaaa,—-The regular meeting mil oc cur oa Tuesday evening as usual, at 7*4 o’clock. All Sunday School teachers are cordially invited- ** Pbovu Au. Tmaos.”—Onr correspondent over tbe above signature will find tbe subject of atmos pheric equilibrium treated In any hook on Natural Philosophy, under the head, “Pneumatics.” CosvxxrsD.—Tbe case of James Mitchell, charg ed with adultery, was again called at the Police Courtyesterdsy morning, and the parte* not be ing ready for trial tbe suit was again continued until next Tuesday afternoon. - TB* Skxttxo Paiuc Box.—Jesse Spaulding, Esq-, request* ns to sty that fail name was used as one of tbe iccorporators of the proposed Skat ing Park BUI, without hie knowledge or con sent. Exblt Ctoexxo.—Tbe dry goods merchants of the West Division have dedded on closing at seven o’clock, in the evening henceforth nntil fur ther notice. In order to allow their employes a lit tle more time for recreation than at present. Fibs.—An alum of fire sounded from box No. 95 about nine o’clock on Saturday morning was caused by tbe partial destruction ol a barn located near the corner of Twelfth street and Blue Island avumc. Ihe damage was about S3O. Mtnicu. Cotxxos Coxbexcbxcxt.— I The sev enth annual Commencement exercises of tbe Bahnemtnn Medical College will l»e held at Cros by's Music Ball on Wedce«da>, February 37, ai 8 p. m. Tbe Valedictory Address will be delivered by Prof. G. D. Beebe. The profession and com munity are invited to attend. CosTurrzD.—The case of William Grebe, charged with assaulting Henry Kang, as men tioned In last Wednesday’s Tmbukb, was called st tbe Police Conrt on Saturday morning, but Rase still being too weak to appear against him. Grebe was held tn tbe same bail, ($3,000), for ex amination on Thursday sex'. RxvoKcra Ljcxbsxs.—Mayor Rice Is doing a good work, ore of the many which have marked Ms administration. He Is revoking the licenses to sell llqnor held by proprietors of houses of prostitution. Tbe process is simply—flr»r, a con viction in the Police Court of the ofle*ce of keep ing a bouse of prostitution; second, tbe revoca tion of tbe license. Srtitcro Fto Isos.—A Norwegian, named Peter Peterson, was committed for trial from the Police Court on Paturdry morning io bail of fTOO, for steaUng a nig of iron weighing eighty pounds from the premises of Barnum A JPcbardren. on Kingsbury street- Peter raid a man gave him ten cents to carry it from the yard to the street, and when the officer came the other man ran away. Hrmrir or QtJfBT GIIJS- —lhe Irish fellow citizens of the cniortanate author and orator, Henry Giles, propose to testify to their apprecia tion and sympathy, on Tnesdsy night, by attend ing a lecture at Chlich’s nail. North Clark street, on “Tne Wit and Humor of the Irish People.* 4 I: Is ore of the finest productions of Mr. Giles, and will I>e rendered by Mr. Nichols. A large at tendance will undoubtedly be there. p«T-im-o a ffatnoff.-Ai an extennating cir cumstance, John Bmns, arrested for being drank and disorderly, stated at the Police Court on Saturday morning that he was only two days from New York. He was arrested on Friday evening on Clark street, hanngprevioußW broken awmdowinthe IJojd House, worth Sl3orSls. John said he was dead broke, and for these mis fortunes be was rebuked with a fine of fit). Sttiuvb Lopontcs.—John Dunn and Charles Hawes, two youthful vagrants, were fined $29 each at the Police Omit on Saturday morning These two boys were taken oul of a baggage car at tbc Fort Wtvne depot, about three o'clock in the morning. For several nights they had secured lodgings there at late hours, building a fire in the stove. Oue of them was fined ?tO for vagrancy only a few weeks since. A ceil) ext. —On Thursday afternoon, a young man in the employ of the Bock Islatd Railroad Company, lo Ihdr machine and repair works on the comer of Fourth avenue and Twelfth street, met with a serious accident. He was engaged In movjig a pair of driving wheels when they fell npon him, brcaklig bis two legs, and sever eJjlln luring bia rpme. The young man was carried to his home, where be lies in a cr tlrai coadulon, bat few hopes being entertained of his recovery. Tits lowa Fouoest Cass.— The case of John IX. Cofer, Daniel Horn and William S. lies, charged with the tonring of Buena Vista County (Iowa) bonds, was again called nn at the Pole? Court on Saturday afternoon. The people not being teeny for trial. all that was done lo the case was me discharge of Lee, and The bolding of the othrr two prisoners lor elimination on t'oesday afternoon, March sth, upon the cnarge of conspir acy to defraud. A. Bad Snuxcro.—About eleven o’clock on Fri day night Charles Bchilbnr, a German, amused himself by accosting severs! ladies on Clark street, and addressing them in German, spoke thsslvt .“Ton are good nice ladies; wbatare jemdoing on the street? You;onght to beat home," —sod in one or two instances he seized terrified girls by (be ann. A policeman arrested Mm. ard at the Police Court on Sa-urday .morn ire uia little eccentricities cost him slo. A Uaxxotii Belt.— W. H. Whitinarrh & Co, No. 199 Lake street, arc mannfactnnng a leather belt for the Michigan Mills of this city, which is two feet wide, one hundred feet long, and double thickness. Ibis Beit consumes the hides from roBTT steers, U made of Chicago tanned leather, and will comtaie with anything of the kind ever made in this country. All b.-lts sold at this es tablishment are home made, and parties in want o* a good thorough made belt will do well to ex amine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. Rnrom,—Mens. H. De Vivo, the agent ctKla tori, fs In lb« city, and has concluded arrange* mente for her return here for a hrl.f season. The great tragedienne la now at New Orleans, and *lll end a aearon of slx'etn i lebta there on the igth of March. Thence she goes to ilobl’c ibr c nigats, I.oolsvillc four nfghls and a matloe>*. Indinuapo 11* one night, ana Chicago lour nights and mat inee, commencing on U-e SGth of March. She Mil subsequently periorm in Milwaukee, two nights. Lxbczht or Clothing.—A week ago last Sat uidty a number of article* of clothing were sto len from lie stable of Mr. E. H. H rrlck, 15S Wabash avenue, which belonged to his coichman. Yesterday two young fellows, named John fi. Calslngrr and Frank Simmons, who bid bees In the htMlofcsUlcg upon the coachman, were ar* rested upon a warrant on suspicion ot baring committed the theft, and placed la custody at tha Central Station. SiKort-in » ccidbtt.—A drunken mm fell out of an open window over the vp*tiiiUl»onbe south side entrance of the Court House on Saturday afternoon, a distance of fifteen or twenty feet. With rare eood fortune for himself, he fell upon the person of a German woman, who wo* passing out at the door, and the two went heavily to the stone pavement. The man escaped without any serious hurt, bnl the lady was very much Injured, and was soon after conveyed to her home, on Butterfield street. A Horn. Skzak.—A young man named J. H. Darla got bis anpper at the Sherman House on Friday evening, end when asked tc pay font It was ascettalned that he was without money or baggage. He was arrested for vagrancy and bronchi before Justice Millikcn. on Saturday morning. Davis said be had come from lowa to tblscxty, and the expense incurred having been much more that, be anilapa'fd, be was without funds, lie was fined fS, and ordered to try some more honorable way of getting bis meals than by ** check.” IjyiCTjrr—Sarah Green, a domestic in the em ploy of Mr. James Brewster, r. tiding at No 60 Vaußnrcn street, was examined yesterday before Jos ice Sluiievaut. at the Police Court, on a charge of stealing a plain dress va'nod at JlO, a thimble, and other articles of varion* descrip tions. The goods were not ml-sed until after the servant had left tbc bon-c, out easpicion led to her arrest. When before the Justice fhe admitted having taken some small article-’, but positively denied ever baring taken the larger ones, ahe v ns held under bail of fSOO to appear at the next term of the Recorder's Conn. A Cantx Scrr.—The Detroit Tribune of last Friday gives a detailed account of a trial now pending In that city, m which tbc banking firm of Solomon Sfnrgcs' Sons, of this city, arc the plain tiffs. and Messrs. Bigley Brothers tbc defendants. Tbc facts of tie case are, that on the *ev. nteentb of January, an agent of Messrs. Bigley Brothers purchased a number oi cattle la this cUy. ami in payment thereof drew f 15.0 CU through the bank ing bouse of Messrs. Stnrgcs 1 s-ons. ibe catTe were shipped East lor tale, tut the draft was al lowed to go to protest. On inquiry being mace of the firm of Bigley Brothers, they slated that the cattle bad been scut East, ana that »be firm had tolled and preferred their Detroit creditors. They offered to settle by the payment of fT.fitW In full. This the firm of Marges'Sons r* used, and commenced a suit for the recovery of the whole amount. Bosses r* tp.c Stbsct Cans.—Mr. 0. M. Lar away, of this dly. while riding in a Broadway car in New York, near Iweutr-second street, on tbe Tib instant, bad bis pocket-book, containing about f 8,000, taken from bk pocket. Detectives were at once set at work aud in six days after the tobbety Mr. Larsway was fortunate enough to receive most ol the lost property from tbc expert ofllccr,Captam Young. At die time ol the robbery, Mr. George Chrbti, ot Christy's Miustrcls, though as entire stranger to Mr. L., hearing of the act, and teeing spe'son mn from the cars *bom he thought to be the thief, at once gave chase. Ua overtaking him a dangerous fight took place, and Kr. Christy, after bcirg badly brnis d. succeeded in capturing tbe man, though examination did not snow him to be guilty of the roboery. Mr. laraway testified hkappiec'alionot the Madness intended by a handsome present to Mr. Christy. Cons tp. Kicks —On Wednesday a man named «Jo*eph Horton visited the store ot Henry Stine man,situated at the comer of HUI ard North Welle streets, and askrd the proptlelor how he eo'd com. Slineman aatd “six shillings a bnahel ” They w«,l to look at the grain, and htineman raid—“ Ain’t this cood corny” to which Horton responded thatbe did not want any at tbit price. Then, according to Horten'* version, Stine mas icmarkid that be dien’t believe Horton in tended to liny any in the first pUce. and coming up behind him Kicked him two or three limes. Horton then reared S lineman to be a*re»tcj, and be was brought before the Po'lcc Court yesterday morning, where the iorrgolop statements were made. Hllncman admitted the klckinc, bat said U was committed under sggrava Ing circum stances, Horton having previously made a request of of a oiacneting character, aul couched in very vulgar langusge. Snneman wa* nned fio. He Immediately requested the Court to “ tom ’round,” as he wished ” to try Horton for the same thing, but It is no easy mstu r lor the Court to “ turn " sometimes. ana the corn merchant’s re quest wa* not complied with. AK Ex-Jcancr Lave Dow* rat 1 .aw.—Within the last two or three days. It la stated, a sort of conlagton has developed itself among certain Jus tices of the Peace (so called), which manliest* it self in a virulent msnrer in some very malignant and obstinate cares. It is to b* hotted tuat the epidemic, or whatever it mav be called, will b: extirpated before any more such satguinarv co conut is take place as have already transpired. Hl* understood that on Frioar night, at a sa loon on LaSalle street, a political discussion brongbltaoJußticeetosncfa warmth. In company with other dt) officials, tbal there was a general and piomiecuons iudulgeiiw for a few momenta In hilling from the shoulder About II o clock on batiudsy morning “Colo nel” Durand, a lawyer of this city, encountered ex Justice Moore near a doorway a Hmlc west of the Sherman House, when to-; istier, alier a icry brief, spirited and emphatic dialogne, planted one or two blows noon the person of the lawyer, who vainly sought to avoid a collision with him. The *• colon* 1” was 100 large to get oul of the way eaailr, and a blow aimed In the direction where be was standing would not be very apt to mbs him. The pbytlcal damages sustained, however, were trifling. Both were caused to appear before Jus tice MUllkcn, wnsre “ Colonel” Durand was dis charged and ex-Jostire ifoore fined |4 and costa. PUBLIC PARKS. A Look at the Subject, Beginning with the Creation, and Running all Over the Cirlllzed World. 1 Tbe following article, from a correspondent who evidently understand*the subject oi Public Parks, both past and present, will be read with interest:! .■ThVillon °f a pnWic Pitt, or rut,, 1, the c.ty of Chicago, on s scat* proportionate to iU fa inicgroaih. Its subject which at thistimels at tracting, among our citizen*, a good degree of attention, and while they are agreed npoo the ne cessity of snch tn object they only dlfler as to tho most eligible mooe ol accomplishing it. Ibe remarks, therefore, which we propose to swbroli upon Parka, regarded (tom a sanitary, uioiau arid economical point of view, wo trust will not bv deemed Inopportune, but trill be can didly weighed by our dozens, Paika have peen aptly termed the lungs of a city. They are imvaaticallv the people’s gardens —places to which tho overtasked labirer and me chanic of the overcrowded city can, with bis wite and children, resort to breathe the breath of God’s pure air. Inhalo 'he odors of fresh, bloom ing flowers, and enjoy the pleasures of a rural re treat on a larger seal*, ana far richer in vegetable tonna, than In tbe gardens created by mere pri vate opulence. That the people of this country have a keen lore of nature and the beautiful tn att la evidenced by the success of the Central Park,fm New York, and other Parka In this country. Thli feeling It ex tending, and the ordinary squares which ate found in neatly ail the dlles, as population longer satisfy their longings, resulting In the tai- tog oat of bnndteds ot acres In a style proportion ate vtth the hopes ami expectations of the future of the locality. The immense throng that daily resort lo men places, not simply the millionaire or tbe aristocratic merchant, bur tbe labor-j, the mechanic, aud those from tbe humblest walks of life, tbe decoronaness of tbelr beaa- \lor, no carving of names, no plucking ol covers, no trampling on the greensward, no mutilating ol shrubbery, all attest taelr populari ty aid beneficial Influence. Can we not have eiicha re*onln Chicago} Untrue ibatwe have not that relief and depression of soil, ol ledgy tockßLd oeep valley, which are (o be found in the Central and other Paris of this country; but we can have ample drives, gravelled walks, fountains, rakes and all the forms of vegetable and animal life, which have be*n acclimated in onr latitude. We can have a Park or Parks, each ofwbich shall be the ornament asdprtdi of tbe clly. where by easy access, our people can eajoy the beauties of nature and all tbe pleasures of landscape gardening. It we aeaiyze <be lonrcea of our happiness, we shall find that they are two—external ai d internal; hot while It Is from the external world that we de luealiunr ideas, the office oi rejection and of imagination is performed in the interior world of ihont-ht- Man la as sensitive to external changes as the barometer to those ol ihe atmo-poer*. however tnuen he may boast of the superiority ot u,ind over matter. A pleas ng or a bright sm.shln*? exhllereici bia spirits, whilst a dreary wane or a leaden »ky produces depres sion. We aareciate these Ideas of external nature with our piestnt sources of happiness or misery red carry item into oar conceptions of a future oiftte. Hence in every age, acd among every nation, whether Christian ir Itegan, who have mad; any hrvgre** in Intellectual oeveiopmect, tbe idea of Paradise has been one not purely ot mental cul- ture, of converge aiid irlerdiblp, but one io which he senanons nature was largely to participate. The Elysium of the ancients was a union of leafy bow err, flowery meads and murmuring erre&ms, fanned by a geolai air ana lighted by another run ar o other stars. Mar.umrt, wUI; creating avoluptuona Paradise, nasbiougblloas accessories, groves, fountains and the r.rers cf blia*. Milton has de«cribed the abode of onr first pa ente as a combination of sensuous delights, m'b a gorgvounfeen of word painting which has nev»r been snrpas-ed—trees of noblest kind. amid which stood the Tree of Life, ** High, emi nent. blormu-g, ambrosial fruit of vegetable ield ;** ircch fountains watering with many a rill: flowers worthy ot Paradise; crisped brooks. “ Kolilcg on Orient pearl and sands of gold. •>ith mazy error under pendant shades; groves, whose tro.a wept odorous gums and t«toi; iawnean-1 palmy bnloccs, and flocka gran in? tnc trt.dci herb." •‘Flowers ol all bne t and without thorn the rCic: M umbrageona grots. and cavca of cool»c --«.esa o’enrcbe-d nilb manilit g vlue; mnrraarlng ■•atcis tailing dowutlie bQI elope, with biuks myr* tie crowded; birds making vocal the woods: and vernal alra breathing ibe smell or Held and grove; such »ob deemed the fit residence oi our great before tbc tail. 1 be raradue ol the American Indian is the far stretching piahic, well stocked with buffalo and bison, and be believes that “ Admitt* d to the upper eVy, Ills Mitful dog shall bear him company.” And Christian congregations do not hesitate to [oln with fervor in sin gleg that beantifol hymn, ‘•Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood Stand dressed in living grecu.’ p These examples show how Intimately the forms of external ramie ate associated, not only with our happiness here, but hereafter, and how deeply they are impressed upon man, whether Ina savage or civilized state. From the earliest period of the world's exist ence lo the present lime a love of nainreaod land- scape gardening was fostered and cncoutaged in me same ratio as civilization progressed. The Jews ard Egyptians bad their gardens, and Nebuchadnezzar, to grsttiy his wile Amjtis, a nangbicr of (be Sing of Media. who uas homesick and lonnd for ue picturesque scenery ai.d mountain* of her native land, con structed the famous hanging gardens of Babylon. Ibe captive Jews. Phtcnldans, Syrians and Egyp tians were engaged for years in building them, and according to Dloaonu and Strabo, nothing had been attempted prior to their ume, to com* pare m magnificence and gr ndeur with what was •hen accomplished. Among the ruins of Nincvjh bayard foutd traces of gardens: also a large tree, self It had been an object of worship and adora tion. The Chinese paid considerable attention to the ornamenting ot their pardeis, and at onetime their attempts at landscape gardening were more enccesslul than any other nation. To them may be traced wbar Is now called the natural system, so much In vogue In England and generally adopted in this country at Cue present time. A de c p love of nature pervaded the poetry of the Hindoos; this is also manifest in their pnollc grounds and gardens. There was nothlug striking In the gardens of tbo Perrians, no donot owing to the »ant ol grand and natural scenery. They were regarded as places of luxurious repose, and were constructed wholly with thtSTiuw. 'frees n ere planted in rows, in order that the wind may draw m currents through them; fonuiaios were placed ’n, and streams ran through them, to in crearotbe sensation of coolness. Flowers were ctmiva ed lor per lame and beauty. with here and there a tenbluthioate eve'gr* eo, which were re garded bv them as a great luxury. Their gardens were generally surrounded hjr in ccclosure. ••The Greek regarded the vegetable world as standing it* araanllold and mythical relation to heroes and to the gods, who were supposed to every injury Inflicted on the tre-*a acd plants sacred to them, imagination animated vegetable forma with life, bat the tvpes of poitry, to which the peculiar direction of mental activity aiuorgft the ancient Greeks limited them, gave only partial development to natural scenery.” Uomer, Find r, Sophocles, and Eurepldes occa sionally Indulge In descriptions of nature. 'lheir ic'eaa of landscape gardening were de rived from the Persians, although ranch Improve ment Is shown. The tendency among the Greeks was io«nconrage art more than naaire. Athens nad Us public Fark, called Accd</r,ia. It was laid out by Cimon, who formed pleasant w-alks, in troduced water and punted groves. At the en trance an altar dedicated to I<ovo was placed, and scattered through the gronndi weic statue.} and tn nnmenis to the most wo'thy citizens A por tion of this Park »«as devoted to the exercise of athletic games, and another to contemplative rec reation. Greek civilization made Us Impie-s on the Homans, and in many respects they wore similar, •honing that their lore of nature was not entirely Wat eight ot by their love of arh Cicero, and Pliny delighted In descriptions nf nature, and tn the poetic works ol Virgil, Horace and Tibullus, frequent allusions occur to nnlmal scenery. Lncan gives an admirable description cl the de struction of a Druidic forest on the now treeless shores of Marseille*. Home when in her glory was proud ol her rural retreats, and pleasure grounds which were laid out with walks fid drives for chariot and horseback exercises, with enclosmes rorwlld hearts.* apiaries, flower gar dens, and fountains flowing from marble vises. The paik proper In the Immediate vlclnl-y of the houses was formal and symmetrical with the architecture, and the walks were lined with box and plane tret-s sheared to the shape of the walls. From the description ol the younger Pliny ol bis Tnscalan viila.wc are lei to Infer tnal tbs piincipal object of their landscape gardening was its eflvct upon the perspective, as here every thing was arranged wltn reference to the best dis ’ant views of the Campagna, In fact the same Is the case with the grounds and gardens of Italy at the present day, the artistic preponderating over he natural. The Arabs when at the height of power and civ- Utaiion paid some attention to gardening, and carried with them their taste Ido Spain, Totals sho<*n by the lac Jhal the Caliph A durrahmaa I. himself laid oat a honatical garden at Cordova, acd cameo rare seeds to be collected by hla own travellers In Syria and other countries of Asia. He natlrd, t.ear the palace of Rta-afah, the first date tr,e known in bpaln, and sang Its praises in a expressive of plaintive longing for bU na •ive Dunatcns. Fieicou, in bis conquest of Mexico, says: •‘there is no doubt, from the accordant testimo nies ( f Ilcman Cortes, In his reports to the Em neror, Charles V.; of Bernal Diaz, Honiara, Oris on and Hernandez, that at the time of the con quest of .Monuzuma’a Empire there were no menageries and botanic gardens in any part of Europe which could be compared with those of Buaxtepec, Chapnllcpec, Iztapalapan and Texaco. Humboldt saw two uses (torodlum dlsflcAn/ima) near Cbapnlicpec, which be supposed to be the remnants of an atciect pat den or pleasure ground of- Montezuma's, which measured thirty-eight f<ei In ilrrumlerencc. InFiunce, Gumany and England landscape gardening n ceived bnt little attention fur many sears, amt rfcclr Imitations of the Homan and Ua.lsn mli-s were poor. having but IbUe of the erttanc. The Dutch school at ore time was fore nioct. It was a revival of the ancient or geomel .lc style, in which Valuer, vsscs and basts were .nt» t ►pei tid with four tain■>, and the various forms »i the vegetable kh-gdom. Laid tea be gardening is a term word of modem coinage, first nsed by the poet Sbenstone. In England bnt little attention was paid to the an Vraidcning until me time of Addison, when dnegetnan, the court gardener, in the palace grounds at Kensington, acting upon the cccetticn* received from the descriptions of •veil, is of the imitations of nature which the .bli ese made nsc ol In iheir gardens. Pope. In ais garden at Twickenham, laid aside formality, minting the natural. Addison's garden at ling was Itlonnal wiihont being picturesque. •K* Jit was tau flirt man who realty formed a awSicape, ►weeping away the rabhkh which re presented the ancient style. He undertook the creation of scenery upon the ground at his com . and on the same principles that bo wonld s«lecl »subject in t-a:nre tor bis canva*. The itolcal .barge which fulloacd involved the detraction of nook.- avinnes and terraces by ihe Imitators ot K« i t. In 011 dcr lo demons Irate the capablli ies of Ihe c’uundandlaud-cape.gardi.nlngsoobb-cam* a mechanical harness instead of an ail which Kint had made It," It was nol aHer the publication by Gllplc, of bis various “Flcmresqnc Toons” and me ‘‘Essays on the Picturesque,” by Sir Uvedoll .rice. In wticb tee true principle* ol art. spoil- , cable to the mention of scenery, were laboriously ir.dlcdvcd carefully defined Uiat a revlvltlci ioa ol ihe an took place. The poo ryof bhenstone, 1 and Knights assisted in bringing about •h s result. (be most distinguished iSnelish undies; e ga;denen> that nave flemished since be ccmmencemvt.t of the last centnrr, have been Hmnrbter Heplon, who died In 1813, and John . tannins London, who died In ISIS, who di velnpei ann carried to its greatest perfection .he modem or natural sislcof landscape garden ing. as Is evidenced at Blenheim, the seat of the Duke of Mar boroupb, Cnatswmlh, of me-cat -f Ihe Duke of Devonshire, where there are acmes illnsuailre every style of the art. ..udWobnm Abbey, A«hbridgc,and Arundel Castle. Morercccntly ibu witlings ol Paxton and Kemp nave done much lo improve and foster this taste ftioongibe English. Soon alter the adoption ot the natural style In England It became fashiona ble on the Continent. “Yet in 'be neighborhood ot many ot the capitals, especially those of the • outh ol Enrope, mo taste lor the geometric or ancient style prevails to a considerable extent; partially no doubt, because that style admits, with more facility, of these classical and architec tural accompaniments ol va-es, statues, hosta,etc , the passion for which pervades a people rich In ancient and modem sculptural works of ark In deed, irony of the gardens on the Continent are mure sinking from their numerous sculpturesque ornaments. Interspersed with toomalns an 1 J?fs. d'icv, ifcan for their beauty or ratliy of their vegetation. o>(from their arrangement!” 'ihe name 11 Park is derived from the French ;.or«;ur. (f.f., a Iccoi ir.clutut), formerly a largo quen'ltj of gronnd enclosed and privileged for the keeping and Increase of wild beasts of the chase, particularly ihr deer, by the King’s grant or prescription. These grama were made by the Kings of England lo the nocies, and as tire coun try became populated these Parka wens selected as residences. and in the coarse of time were con sidered as InznrioDsappcadages to the dw-illng* of the rich, llagky Fark formary year* was con rl.lrred the finest, aUbongh there are many there now ranch haidscmer. Fcerc are many Parks In England uow, averaging Tom one to fire raQe iodlamiter, and many of them aie open to the public with alight restrictions. Aa the power ol the people Ucreased, ihe royal Parka have been mure adapted to their wants. Nearly all the tonne, villages and cilice have their public pleas- »*.e gioncd* tn tone fora, ortorivate Parka open o th*tn. In addition, all jure tbelr cricket Mounds and cummuta, where the old meet to Soe«lj< ai.a the youuc to indulge la vanoa* alb kclc games. T7»* public Parka of'London ar* Kea*n»gton Uaide&r v i-€3acie«; Hydepar*.Bß3 acre*; Oreeo Paik, 16 aerra; James* Pare, 53 acres (these tie couriered In a cnalo, though partly -epaiated ; Regent’s Park and TMiw rnre Util, 4*1:) acres; Victoria Par*, 3 actea; Greenwich Park, 1“5 terra; Batteises P. rk, 175 a«ie*; and Ketirgton Park, coata‘n na iuX>-five acics llrrojal paika Ir the vicinity of are also meeb TKOrtod to—Wlndio', (s,*ol acres). Obcqmoii • oort acd Burly (I,9if acres), Rich mond, (. 468 acres), an J toe Royal Gardens at Kew(e9*acicr) Ei-plrg Forest and others arr easily reach* d, makli g 5.000 acres 1- the city, and about 11,U00 acres In the vicinity, that are open to UiO PQMIC. Thegroundsof the Boitocultural Society and •be Crystal Paiace am o;ea to tbe public for a ■mall enhance fee. Victoria Park la one of the ttoeifiequei.:ed ; here 180,000 visitors bare been coasted in one day. Tbe fashionable drive of London Is tbe Ring Uoad In Hyde Park, three n ilc* long and from twenty-seven to sixty feel vide, and another a mile long and thlny-slx feel wide. Tbe tasbionable riding coarse Is la this Paik, and is nuretr feet wide and a mile in length. There Is not much room for riding or driving In the other parks. Pbcenix Park, Dnblln.eontaPs 1.753 acres, and la one of Ibe best natural Parks lo tbe world, but le not well laid out or kept. Birkenhead l ark, near Liverpool, contains 161 seres, designed »nd constructed hr Sir Joseph Paxton and Mr. Kemp, Is one of ibe beat laid out and complete fur its age in Europe. Birmingham his a park recently laid out, where an emrauce fee of a peony is charged, by which funds are raised to defray the expenses locMent to Its purchase and maintenance; as soon as paid for admission will be free. Halifax has a line Park, Derby an Arboretnm, both of which wore provided ny benevolent citizens. Mauchorier, Bradford and otter manufacturing towns have r< ccntiy la!d out Parka, the result of subset Ip* U<u» or joint stock companies. Public prunco* sues are common tn England, Ibe old city walls and the river bank above the town of Chester, - tie common and old castle grounds at Ludlow, ibe castle garden and Cilhedral gionnda at Beref »rd. the river haul s at Lincoln, and tbe Cathedral Gicen atßate'bury and Winchester. Tee garden of the Taileries with fie Cham is Elysees m Paris, makes the finest urban prome nade in tbe world. In the centre is an avooni of horse chestnut* ibree miles tn length. On either side In the gardens are groves, shrubberies and Crterrs of flow ers. The garden of the Luxem urg Is another lotetior pruminade, laid out in ft rmai style, with an avenue, groves, flower beds, and a rose gai&en of a mile in circumference. The gardens of the Louvre are also very One. Tin re arc also many other gardens and i quarts in Puls. Many of the streets are planted with trees. Some ot the Boulevards are tb levelled ramparts planted «<tn trees. Tbe Boulevards Exterior are an interrupted series of broad streets planted with trees of an aggregate length of sev enteen mil**. The Avenue de Vlmptrctnce Is a straight prom enade between Paris and the Dob do Boulogne, 8m feet wine. It cousi-ta of a carriage way *ixty tcetutde, a ped lor saddle horses, and a gravelled walk on cttbi r tide, each forty feet wide; on tbe outside o! all Is a slope of turf planted in tbe rear niib a group ot tree*, and shrubs in the natural style; back of ibis, on both side.-. Is a narrow road adapted to heavy traffic, » bicb also gives ac cess to a line of detached vires. The famous Bols ce Boulogne la an ancient royal lores! in the suburbs of Pari*. It remained nearly to Its natural state until 1835, when Nano- K-on 111. commenced Pa improvement, aod this woik is cow regarded as oce ot bis most popular acts. ItconiainaAlSSscresthusdivlded: Wood, 117 acres; open turf. 675; wa’er.lTl: road*, 563; tini-eiles ana flower beds, I7t. Length of carnage road, 16 miles; bridle-path. 7mile*, a»«d walks, in miles. Ihe Dots de Vincennes Is anatunl forest. the Impiovemcnt of which was commenced sev eral yeais aco,*bnt discontinued—chiefly used for reviews of troops and artillery purposes. Work has recently been commenced on it again. Tbe Jardln dee Plants, a geological as well as botani cal garden near Paris, Is much ireqnented. At Frankfort, Leipslc, and Vicuna pleasure grounds have been provided,ny raising tne wall and tilling ibe moat, and by tbe skilful arrangement of the materials, making tno groundwork of a gul den in tbe natural style. In other cutes too h-vellcd ramparts have been made into broad road*, l»orae/ed wnh trees. Tbe Boulevards of Brussels aie straight streets ISSfcet wide, with rows of trees between, a walk twenty-one feet wide, carriage road thirty-six feet wide, a soft giavslled boirehacU road twenty-one miles widp, a business roa'i this ty fetl wide,with a flagged walk for rainy weather. Houses are in Ibeao Boole* vardf. id front of which are private gardens or foie-comt*. Brussels also has an old Park, and two hoiaMral una zoological gardens. The Piatcr is the pm clpal ratal promenade at \ tem.s, and has a straight carriage road over a mil** to leach, with a walk on oue side and an equestrian pad on the other. Near the city it conulna a great number of coffee and play-houiea, bat being five miles In length, portions oi It are thoroughly a* eluded and rural, At one time it was the most frequented park in the world; the Bois de Boulogne and the Central Park being more frequented at this time. Munich has Its Hofgartcn, a Royal Park, and the English Garden, which was laid out under the di rection ol Count Romford, anl is about four miles long and a half mile wide. The Sonncnatra-se in ibis city is a beautiful street, in fact one of the handsomest In Europe. TceThicrcarten. at Berlin, contains over two hundred acres, laid out m straight drives and walks. The Prussian Royal Gardens of Sans Soccl, Cbarlottenberg and Uclllgensee are exten* rive grounds, though rather slid" and formal in appear nee Fine public gardens are also to be f and in Urcsd-n, Stuttgart, Hanover, Brunswick, Baden, Cartel, Darmstadt, Gotha, Weimar, SchweirJogen, Toplitz. Prague and Hamburg. Those of Antwerp, tne Hague and Warsaw, are re* maikable for their beauty. In all German public gardens, coffeehouses are an adjunct, ami music Is furnished by the Government. The Summer Gardens of St. Petersburg are very fine, though not large, but kept in tbs most care* fnl manner. Among these Is tne CathcnnehofT, aperlectgem, ai.d the fashionable promenade of the city. Many ot the islands'oflhe Neva contain plcasantgardens, a r d the Tzonskce Selo is one of the most remarkable in the world. It is the res* ideucc of the Imperial family, and consists of 350 acres. Stockholm has many pleasant walks, and tbo D]nrgard,or Deer Park is bcanilfully kepLand three miles In circumference. The Hag* Pane Is picturesque, having eater communication with it* diCerer t parts and the city. Copenhagen con tains many places of public resort, bonne most notable promenade I* the Royal Deer Park (Dyrhave), a noble forest. in Italy the chlel public rcecns are the gardens attached to the villas. Toe Cascice of Florence, on the bat ka of the Arno, commands fine views, aid the d»ive on the Plncisn Util, at Home, has magnificent views In the distance. The fashion abledrive a'.Naules is on a broad street, called the Rivera dlChlja,near the bay, but separated from it by a public garden. Nearly alt the >panlsh and Portuguese towns are provided with a promenade. X. X. X. BUILDING THIS SEASON. A Look Forward Tardiness The Probable Causes—A Brisk Season Anticipated. As a few days more will bring another spring upon ns, with Us awakened activities, we natu rally Deem to look over the situation, and try to forecast the prospects of buslne»B and public and I private improvement* for the coming season. Frequently the plans ana estimates for -building operations have been made ont very largely be* tore ibis time, and material bought or contracted for. bnlldera engaged, sod everything pat in readiness so that, as soon as the frost la fairly ont. many fonoditlons may be commenced, and the work prosecuted to an carlv completion. T&e vast number of new enterprises which have been crowded into eacn opening season here for many rears have ren* dered these preliminary anaugemcnU iieccs»ary, so that a visit to the offices of oar principal archi tects before this time would give a very good toes of the nature and extent of building operations for the year. Whl-e, however, ISOT promises to aho-v as great strides in this way aa any of Us prede cessors. many cau-ea have combined to delay the completion of these preliminary arrangements as early as usual. The minds of our ddzena are probably generally made op as to what building enterprises they will em bark in, but the peculiar uncertainties which surround the coming season have delayed many from making definite and tangible expres sion of their plans. Probably leas has been de cided on than st any corresponding period for the last six years. Koi that many more buildings are n< t wanted, acd sure to be built, but some people do not want to commit themselves until the con tingencies an* settled. Oar city taxes have been abont two-thirds of one per cent on the actual value of personal property and real estate, and those for concty purposes about onc-tblrd of one per rent more, making one per cent lor local tax ation. This Is one ol the causes which makes the coetof building high. The proposition now pend ing to assess all property at Us real valae, makes the people think that future taxation will be in the tame ratio to that in the past as the assumed values hove borne to the real values, making It about three per cent on the actual valu ation. Tire fear of combined contractions of the enm ncy, which many think will produce a dan gerous stringency in the money market, and the pendency of various ones ions of State policy, come in to affect the price of building materials, as well as of other articles of merchandise. The price of real estate is al-o uncertain, on account of these and of local reasons. Some think that it will dimlrlcb, and while ibere seems to be no rea son to expect tbi«, Us possibility deters msny from purchasing at present rates, and makes pome holders willing to sell. Tne s»rirgency of the money market baa forced a few to sacrifice their property, and given some reason for the expectation of a de c’ll e. Still acoiccr uncertainty arises from the idea that the great and general reaction, which was looked for on the removal of the abnormal stimulus ot the war, hut which has hetd ofli con trary to common prediction, will now come, in accordance with the usual histone precedents; and a fifth cause is in the natma) expectation that the continued bad weather last fh.ll, which interfered wlta Ihc manufacture of brick, and the comparatively small amount of lumber which bas beet cut, and which, with the stocks still on band, will be considerably smaller, it U said, than the amounts of the last two years, wbl make the price of these two essential articles higher than they were before. Whether any or til of these considerations are wi rellloundcd or rot, an unprophelic ejc cannot .oretec. Bet they ceilatnly have influenced the project'on of a (airs of mstruitade. and cansed many or oar boldest and most enterprising men tn hesitate and cautiously revolve them and delay for a more settled condition of things. Consc uucnllj the office* of oar ari&itecls, although they contain in the aggregate a great amoaut of work, do not jet give a fair index of wha\ from otbe:l reason*, we may expect, another numb will show. Many plans have been made coiditlonal on a favorable {state of things, leaving it optional witn (be projectors to drop them if they desire. Bnt the general opinion of onr architects Is that building operations in Chicago, for the coming year, win be as extensive, it not mote so, than la«t year, and of a better dare. They sty that investments of this kind, particularly in business property, have gen erally paid well, and instance some blocks of stores which have rented a' a profit of twenty per ecnkafler denuding taxes and expense*. I here is a :arge an.ount of capital hero seeking investment, tlwelllng bouses are bleb and desirable ones dlf ncnlt 10 obtain, and when the coming of the building season makes longer delay useless and unprofitable, we predict mat the sound of the hammer and trowel will be heard on every side, “i , iA u ,r mtrotlß handsome structures, with, of course,a still greater number of smaller 5~!:.J ao i?m r . y uulldfga far resi dences, will In a few months rise np and adorn our growing city. Indeed, aside from ns»ly clamed emeiptlre*. there is workenongh either devised, contracted tor or begun last fall. bad weather and the hope of a decline tn the co«t of matmals. to keep oar mechanics busy for months, and to make a very targe addition to the Whether a longer delay on the part or those contemplating new enterprises will benefit them it Is of comse Impossible to say. For mmyyetrs those who waited lor lower price* bare invaria bly been obliged to pay higher afflast, as the con stant tendency of material and labor has been up wards. I.nmber Is said to now sell from twenty to twenty-five per cent higher than last year. Bricks, it Is thought, must rule lower than they did in the fall, aa Improved machinery is coming into use to lessen the expense of manu facture. labor will probably be as high as last year. The agitation of the cignt honr system, which entered into polities to some extent last fall, and to which our Legis lature gave some encouragement, miy possibly trad to reduce tse rates atwnicb coup actors will engage their bands. 11, however, they feel will ing or obliged to pay the same for eight hours work ns they did for ten, they nil) naturally mike it np hr increased estimates in'their coutraca, and If this course should generally prevail over, the country, su that the orlce of every article pro duced by labor should he Increased to make up for the daily loss of two hours’ time by each work man, It might be a question whether any one ould be pecunlatilT benefited by »ne change. It Is oi.e of those large questions of social econo my which have a very wide range of influence, and which cannot be quickly settled. There are some twenty or mote professional architects In this city, besides tbr. host of carpen ere and builders :n a large or small way. From hn cor four only of the former who were inter rogated on the prospects for future building, some of the foregoing lacte were gathered, nod n few of ibe piemtoexii atrnc area «nw projected learned They will tame aa a little iedlcatlou of wnat U to be done: bat a month or more hence will give as • tuuchnoti cornet end complete idea. Mr. T. V. Wadstiet baa on bia table the plan ol tbe largest block of tealdeucea la the cut. II will stard onto* conhwest come*of West Wtsh- Ingtoo at>d Sheldon streets, on part of the bloc* occnpltd by tbe skating Park; will be of three slot ter, besides high baspmeot and French root, vi lib marble tront, aud contstn tea flret-cla-a residences, costing some $130,000. This fine work is air ady an tar way* o» the dw Rings will Le owned by Clark Leib, Esq., and lour by Joseph Hams, B<q. Tbe same architect has the following: A enuren tor the congregation of Rev. Robert Collyer, to stand on the comer of North Dearborn street aod CLlcaroavenue. It was projected last fall, India io be commenced as soon as the spring opens, and will contain a larger floor surtace than any other tn Iho city, oemc capable ol sealing 1.200 * y- The cost will be over Anne four-story stone b'oek, with basement, on the so <th<aat comer of LaSalle and Madison street*, to bo used exclusively for offices. Dr. Major will be the owner. BUney Lodge room. In Chittenden’s block, on Dear born street, near Randolph, la nearly completed. It cooslats ot an entire story built upon the roof of tbe rear portion of that block, forming a room forty by sixty feet, with a lotty celling, twenty four feet bleb, terminating in a dome whose apex la about ihlr'T-tlebt feel (tom the floor. The walls and ceiling will be splendidly stuccoed, frescoed and gilned, with appropriate paintings. Tbe ball will contain an organ ami be handsome ly furnished, constituting the Quest lodge room In the city, if not lo the West. It willbe com pleted about Slay Ist. Mr. W.W. Boymgtonhas the following lo note; An addition to the Sherman Bouse, on the Ran dolph street front, fortr by eighty feel, tbe first floor to be used for store* and the ethers—to the same bright as the main building—for hotel pur poses. Cost about ISO.OjO. f Mesar-. Keep Bros, arc about to erect a flue marble front block on the east side of State street, near Randolph, on two lota now occupied by small buildings. The main structure of Kuril Medical College, long contemplated, will be soon commenced, on ».e ground unjoining the prcacat building on North Dearborn street The cost will be $30,000. Messrs. Carter & Drake report a fonr-aiory block ol brick and atone, on tbe corner of MadUon and Slito streets, to cost some $15,000; sire, im provements on corner of state and Monroe for stoics and offices, costing SIO,OOO. We hear also of many large enterprises. wbl«h are not sufficiently decided upen to be commenced. Including five hoticeea blocks on Wabash avenue and Madison, Clark and I-a Salle streets. Tbe latter street prom ises to be tbe finest business avenue in tbe city. On the whole, tbe promise la good for a busy building season, while the character of Ihe struc tures will probably le of a still higher grade, as a whole, than before. LAW INTELLIGENCE!. Judgments and New Sails—Sentences In the Recorder’s Court. The business transacted on Saturday in the sot •■nil comts was small, as to the number of sails teitmnsled. It is not asaai on this day to "crowd die moaners,” and so exciptlon was made to tbe rale on last Satnrdsy. Junes did no’ sit in any of tne conits, tie Superior and Recorder’s courts concluding tbclr i 1 euruary term. CICCOIT COURT. This court did not sttln the afternoon. Tbe bnsti.c. s of tbe forenoon was as follows:. Nelson G. Neuletou vs. Samuel J. Walker and wre. Sci.ja to foreclose a mortgage. Judg ment for and order of sale. Wt liam Toby, surrltor of John Anderson vs. Amos Driffield. Assumpsit. Default end judg ment for K 85.53. James Byrne vs. Mary Hyde. Appeal. Mo tion to dlrznits denied Michael Casey rs. Samuel Craig. Appeal. On trial Friday. Verdict, defenrisntnot guilty. Charles H. Beckwith vs, ]«eonldas C. Bradley and Bnrton M. Ford. Sci. fa. to renew judg r er.U Judgment on demorrer. 3 he following cases were dismissed. Caspar Geerlt g vs. Charles KroimT, Trc«oa«s. Gotuleb Scbhcht vs. David Berg and Moses *nd Adolph Berg. Appeal lanraJ.Whitman vs. William O. Finch. At* tacbmeut. Henry Mcßride vs. Catherine Mcßride. The itewtnlts in this Court were of: Daniel Henry tnn Jonn A. Von Baririrk vs. Michael OVonnor. Attachment on an alleged In* debledress of * 83. W aso interest since November 7, 16fb; vnt if stud on ihe ground of fraud. David Murpby vs. the same. Indebtedness alleged at $17.74 and writ leaned on toe ground of band. Lucy RepUran t r. Bernard Hecamp. Anneal by defendant from a judgment of $99, by Quinn, Justice. StTFEBIOII COURT. Maria Hull tb. August RehwoldL In this case, mentioned on Saturday, the Jury found for the plaintiff with $25 as damages. Bora Bigel vs. John A. Nelson. Tresoassm the seizure of household fumllure. Verdict of gallty. Judgment for $255. William U. McLellan tb. George H. Kozet, As* snmpsit, default and Jadgment entered February 21, for $729.90 set aside. Asher Gnckenbeimer and William T. Shnfcldt and Joseph A Montgomery. Assumuelt. Judgment against both defendants tor s6s’.wS. In the divorce case of Martha E. against Henry Petrie. In which the court refused to rescind the Older for the payment of alimony a few days since, the tnretT, Gtorce Taylor, paid on the bonds. Simon Roscnlels et al. va. John Ab>aha'as. As* snmpalt. Finding for plaintiff, and Judgment for Isaac M. Wolff tb. The same. Jadgment sor 116210 Thomas 0. Richards vs. William Skinner. Debt Jndementfor plain tiff; debt $313.55, dam agis J323.K. J. Willard Fox tb. Henry Wiggera. Assumpsit. Judgment lor S;OSSC. New trials were denied In the following cases: Grogan vs. Travellers’ Insurance Company. Hixon vs. Foid. Willett tb. Paine. John A. Nelson for the use of William Brown vs. Ell Levy, Isaac Waixel, Abraham Levy. nezer Stephens tb. Joseph McPheison. William Spink ra-James Green. 6<is Durf* e tb. James McDonald. • William Bradleh vs. Fernando Jones. John Thompson vs. Ray W. Andrew et al. Nathaniel Gonld vs. Charges H. Van Doran. Joieoh Johmon et al va. James U. Tlckuor. Aaron L. Ksihlneky vs. Arthur Dixon. Pettit vs. Donlln. A new nisi was granted in the ease of Lowe et al. va.Stoner. The new volts in this Court were of: icel U. Mckce ts Asa r. Groeudyckc. Assump sit; damages $5,000. walker £ Dexter vs Alveh Buckingham. As enrapelt; damages $2,000, with a writ et attach* mcm Id aid, as against a noa-roaidect, on an al leged It duhtcdnits of J653.U3. Charles L. Ferry vs. Joseph Hobson. Aisnmp ►lt on promissory note*; disuse I.ld at 93.000. Joseph s. Sharp t*. Qiotgc Barr. Bill for an accounting. EUrane«nllaylor,byher next friend, vs. Seth Wadbam* and al. Papers accepting bond lor coats taken ftom the files. Thomas llyan ts. James Crowe. Case; dam* arris I VWk •lacobFortman and al. vs. Andrew Marshall. Hipleviu to recover a oue-story cottage boose on the eonthwuet corner of Huron and Townsend streets. Samuel Greene and R. W. Banker vs. Albert Card. Assumpsit, damages SSOO. Arsey A. Johnson vs. Edmund O. Smith. Trcs* pass with ctxptai. Breach of promise. nrconDEß’s count. The Febiuary termor this Coau closed yester day. the formaliiy or sentencing convicted pn»nr,- en> being, is usual, the last act In the monthly criminal drama, lucre were In all thiity-ihreo prisoners ccmmlited to the t**Lder mercies of tne warden or the Penitentiary, tbo Bridewell ai d the County Jail, and of these thirty-two were male offenders. 'the commitments to the Penitentiary were aa follows: Derrick Ellis, bn. glory; two years and six months. Derrick Ellis, larceny; two years and six mottbs. Michael Mangle. larceny; one year. John Smith and Patrick Sullivan, burglary; three years each. . William Caicott, forgery; one year. James Dsns, larceny; one year. Jchn Kelly, larceny; two yean. Henry Pool, bnrrlary: seven years. John Fitzgerald, burglary; four years. 1 house Ityan. larceny; fire years. John Coyne, Peter Mciluade and Michael Me- Quade, larceny; one year each. UnghDutlcy. Robbery. Two yean. Edward Stockton. Asaanlt wltn Intent to rob. Seven and a half years. Mary Costello. Larceny. One year. John Flynn. Burglary. Three years. Joon Kialey. larceny. Seven years. Roberts. McClure. Burglary. One year. Henry Newton. Laiccny. Two years. Tola) service of convicts, fifty-seven years and six months. The following were sent to (he Bridewell: E David C. Smith. larceny. Ibrco months. William Cleft. LAceny. Sixty days. George Washington. Cheating. Two months. Isaac Abraham. Larceny. Two months. There w< re sent to the County Jail: Valentine Heetln, assault with a deadly weapon; thut) days. Tim. Ityan; sixty days. Pat. btme, assault mm a deadly weapon; three months. William Bunion, larceny; six month*. Daniel Cornell, larceny; three mouths. George Ferguson, larceny; six months. Thomas Reynolds, larceny; six mouths on each of two Indictments. William Thompson, assault to commit bodily Injury; three months. John Faming, larceny; three months. ALLEGED BUBACU OP PBOTIISB, A Widow and a Would-be Wife, On Saturday an action, based upon an alleged breach of promise, was commenced In the Supe rior Court by Arcy A. Johnson against Edmund D. Smith, and aecplda writ was Issued In aid of the proceeding. The circumstances of the case as developed In the affidavit of the complainant, afford an instruc tive gUtn»-»e into the workings of the divorce system, snowing how a woman may sometimes lump out ol ihc frying-pan into the Are. They would do well to give attentive Deed to tbe words ot Uamlct before seeking the divorce court, and, if possible, strive rather —“to bnr those ills lh«v bare Than fly to others which they know cot of.** The complainant, Mrs. Johnson. was unfortu nate In being wedded to a man whom she coaid neither respect sor reform, and she thought to remedy the mistake she had made by ceding ns* married. In her affidavit she elates that on the Pin of August, ISfiS, she was divorced from Henry S. Johnson by a decree In a Court of Chicago, on the ground of bis habitual drunkenness. But having once known the comto.ta of wedded lire, it v as not long before she s’ghed for a renewal 01 the relation. Shortly after the divorce -he became acquainted with one Edmund D. Smith. In the language of the affidavit, which Is the language of sentiment, the acquaintance ripened Into trleadsbip, and the Irltmlshlp deepen'd into love. Love begat tn 'imecy, and intimacy th-gat sorrow. Three months ot Platonic affection ei>deu in a declaration of love ard a proposal to marry. For a long tunc she withstood his importunities, which appear to have been not always of the purest kind. But “she loved him and she forgot ail but th tlove.” Coder a promise ot marriage she yielded at length to his orotestations, placing every continence of coarse upon his honesty and Integrity. For eighteen months np to the present time she continued to place everr confidence in him, and the mult was that she bade lair to become a mother. She ac quainted her betrayer with the (act in'! besought him to faint his promise, whereupon Ednmr dl) Smith reiuscd and denied that be ever made such a promise. The result Is the sun lor breach of promise which is now pending. A DRY GOODS HOUSE IN TROUBLE, Salta In (lie Firm ot Pntney« Kulgbl & Hamlin* The well-known dry goods firm of Putney, Knight & Hamlin. Nos. 105 and 101 Lake street, which has been carrying on a very heavy busi ness, has recently become involved in litigation. William A. Putney on Saturday filed in the Cir cuit Conn a hill in chancery praying for an in- JnncUon to restrain the execution of a writ of re plevin In the bands ot the Untied States Itarsnal, on the stock of goods of the firm, and asking that a receiver be appointed to carry on the bailees of the house and adjust the accounts of the partners, lie petitioner elite* in t-e bill that b< the terms of co-partncrahlp between Konis 8. Knight. Ford A. Hamlin and himself, the two first were to Invest In the firm $25,000 each and ha $15,000, and that each nt the members were to have one-third of the prt fits ot the business, the partnership to ex ist tor three years. The complainant also allege? that the defend ants. Knight and Hamlin, conspired with Horace B. ClalUn, Seth OUs, and others, to compel bis withdrawal from the firm, that the business might be secured by themselves. Another charge Is that ot slanderous statements by the deiendants in regard to the complainant, accusing him of gambling, licentious conduct and giving away goons belonging to the nrm, to women o: bad thanctcr, without accounting (or them. The complainant also allegei that the de tendsntf have instigated salt mxm a note given by him, now held by U. B. Clafilo. In order (o destroy bis credit which nolo It uolreallrdue, u It was agreed that be aboold begiven sufficient one to par It from the proceeds of the ba*(ne*s: aod that no has bees unjustly d-barred from drawing onl any profits or capiat from ibe bnsi nets, by Ibe IllUe of a cred tor's bill in the >ape rlor Coon. It ia also asserted that ibe defendants hare lately made a fictitious sale of their sbsre In the firm to l|. D. Clalln 4 Co., and that the said a B. Cladin. Ueoipe C. Knight and Seth T. Oils d d proearea >rlt of replenn tor tbe goods and appurtenances of the firm, rained at In .-*rryi g ont ihoirnn'awfnl purposes; which writ a Depot? Marshal execttb-d by taklnr pos-euloa of tbe store of eald Ann, with its content*. The complainant pray* that a receiver mny be appointed and that tbe proceedings in the suit may be enjolne**. Tbe complainant has com* meneed three mils on these statements. One la against Fred. R, Hamlin, G.-orgc C. Knight, **eih T. Oils and CaMu H. Css-on for tm past, stating d»mayes»tSlf>U,OOOt tbe second is an ac'lon of rase, claiming damages of 150,000; and Uie third la for elandtr, in which damages are laid at ;M,COO. _ PBNIANA, flee line of Uie James Stepkens Circle. A meeting of the James Stephens Circle of the Fenlsn Brothetbood, not very largely attended, was held at Concert ilnll in the Uhlich Block, on North Clark street, yesterday altemoon at three o'clock. Tbe meeting was called to order by Thomas O'Connor, the Cbalrman. It was stated ihat one of the dally papers had announced tbe meeting as to take place in the evening, which accounted in a measure for the some* hat slender attendance. The Chairman tn uodneed Mr. Miller as a gentleman who hod been connected with the Fenian Brotherhood for a long time. Ur. Miller raid that be lelt It bia doty to act In this cause rather than to apeak for It, and be felt that there waa not sufficient reason for using an; elocution or any measures to Influence liberty* loving men to lavor ihl* organization, that was OghUng lor the extension of freedom and the free* cbiee. The aentencea of the Canadian Fenians were commuted in consequence of the public aen* timent developed by the Fenian organization lu ibis country and Ireland. Why then did the Femasa aland back and not put their hearts and* money In this cause, which was eecond to toe greatest thing that man tired tor. It was the duty of eveir man to extend bis spmpathyand all the pecuniary aid he conldaf* ford. Itwaaadnty which God had prescrloed for them, second to Bis own lore. One ellectol the reformatory meetings in Ire* land was that at the last session of the English Parliament Her Majesty recommended the prln* clpleef the extension of liberty and Irancbl&e to the people. The Irish people bad already proven their valor and bravery, not only In the battle* feii’B of the Sou-hem rebellion, out oo all parts oj the globe, 'the sympathies of me American people were with thejlnsh race, and, be believed that if they did not ob'am their indepinduoco It would bean overlasiiog shams, if men aodJ icrmtned, falthlnl and true, who had snfler.'d as mncbasu.e Iraihhad’from the British Govern ment. could not have their freedom it would he a blot od the human race. Tbe Chairman rated to the meeting that their lates' d> ppalcbea from Mew York were of an on coniagtrg character, and instructed them to keep thetrClici-aupas they would be shortly cilled upon to fake more active measures. Mr. J. L. Deasu briefly addressed the meeting. It ti as his opinion that lighting was now coins on, hot It was Impossible to set an; news of it by ifce cable, owing to the British censorship. Their Circle meeting* were held tor the purpose of keeping alive the feeling until positive Informa tion was received tbst fighting was actually in progress. On the receipt of such news llwas the intention of the Circle to create leaser co-oper ating Circle* In all sections of the city to set men and means to assist Ihelr Mends In Ireland. He hoped that men of ability wonld give the canse ibrir aid. Each soonid use what means be cooid to contribute to Ireland's success. He was sore that It was not lack ot love, hot want of confi derce that presented them from doing il. The tune wa* now at band when Ireland was en tering upon a straggle that wonld result In ever* lasting death or an everlasting resurrection. Eng land was now contemplating, with a placid smile upon her Hou lip, the annihilation of their coun try. but be believed the race wonld not he eater* mitated. If, however, the nation did go down In this struggle, she would go down in ench a halo of blooo as wonld render those who fought for her glorious and immortal. At the cocclnrioo of Mr. D ease's speech an op* portnnlty was afforded to jo‘n the organisation, alter which the meeting adjourned. A basinets meeting of the Stephens' Circle will be held at No. 7 North Clark street, this (Monday) evening at 7*4 o'clock. All enrolled member ore expected to be on band. mOSBIOENTS. Thelheatres daring the past week hare drawn excellent booses, notwithstanding the fact that the weather baa been highly unfavorable, and nothing new or striking has been presented. The “ Huguenot Captain." at the Unseam, and the "Long Strike," st.McVlcuer’e, have sufficed to satiety the wants of the play-going public, while the equestrian, performances of James Robinson, at the Coliseum, bavc hien witnessed wl'h won der and admiration every evening, Bkatorfal. amusements, too. have been rather ardently sought alter. Thanks to the new cooling process, by means of which the Ice Is made to resist the influence of mild weather, the frequenters of the skating rinks have be*n ecahUd to panne their favorite exercise all through the recent thaw. While all besides gave way and nearly one-third of the city was welter ing in floods, the rinks reunited Ann to the la*t, and the managers have guaranteed a good ser* vtceable sheet of ice, despite tbe.weathcr, till the end of March. MoVicxxu’s TnrATitr.—Mr. J. E. McDonough terminated a very successful engagement here on Falorday sight He has made a more favorable impression daring bis presect visit than In any of hla former appearances before a Chicago au dience. The sew drama of the " Long Strike," which was presented under his direction, baa proved a wry acceptable performance, and Mr. McDonongh's double unperson .tion of sid- rably above the average. On Monday Dan Bryant, the celebrated Irish comedian, commences an engagement at this theatre. Mcski.-'"The Hogncnot Captain” has kept the lecture room wcl' tilled every evening daring tbe week; the matinee performance on Saturday drew one uf the largest audiences which hat ewe been seen at toe Museum. The same play as pro duced at the Printers Theatre, of London, appears lo have created a powerful impression, bat tbe American version is bat a faint, imperfect copy 01 tbe original. Mr. Director Aiken has dote (be beet he conld with the material fur nished to him, and he has made u a complete snccete. Much credit is due (o the excellent set uery of tbe piece on which Mr. VoegUin, tbe scenic aitist, has evidently bestowed his greulfel care. On Monday “The White Boy,” hy Tom Taylor, will be presented for the tint tunc. Btsxnr or Mb. Nichols,—Nest Frl lay evening Mr. Charles T Nichols the •* heavy man” of the Mnteom dramatic company, takes Via first benefit in this city* Ihe “heavy ” basin ess is not always calculated to tneraliaie tbo actor into the good will of the audience, yel Mr. Nichols has shown himself so faithful atd sludloua in evenr part which Is given to him to fill that he has made nlm »elf In a short time very popular. We bespeak for him a benefit worthy ot the name. The pieces antomccd tor the occasion ate “A Dream at Sea” and "The Spectre Bridgroom," both < tandard plays w hich will not fail to draw. Crosby's Opera House——This popular young artiste was two years ago one of Chicago's special fsvorltt*. that time she has ap peareo in most of the principal cities of the Uni ted Slates, aid from alt accounts she has created quite a sensation. The p!oy-golng public wi il be clad to learn that she Is 10 apuear for a bilef reason at tbo Opera House, com* rneodrg March 4lh, supported by a competent dramatic company, selected fi ora the theatres of St. Lonls araCli-cimatl. MlssLatta will open in the “Pel of the Petticoats." m the . coatee of which she introduces some of her fa* vorlte dances. We bave no doubt that Lotta will be w» 11 supported here durine her slay. Robinson's Cmcrs.—The tiding of Mr. James Robinson, the champion equestrian, Is still the creat centre ofamactlon at the Coliseum, while the performance Is filled up by the displav of nn* merous lesser, though tar from despicable satel lites. Indeed Yankee Robinson has succeeded in drawing hither a first-class company for tbe winter amusement of the people of Chicago, and the people have shown their appreciation of the fart ny according to him « very liVral patronage. Tbe engagement of James Robinson will soon terminate, and cannot be renewed, as he Is under contract t*> leave Immediately for Europe, where he will exhibit bis unapproachable skill to tbs hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Paris Exposition, and then make tbe lour of the other principal countries of Europe.. There la no doubt that be and kta eon Clarence will make a decided Mention there. Mr. E. W. Perry In hia great four-horse act receives a meed of applause nieht -1», aecond only to that accorded to Mr. Kobln<on, and the other performers are well worthy of ap plause. One of tbe most astonishing of the feats is that exhibited by oneofthetwotraner.lsta, who bolds In bis teein a cord Dora which hu com panion is suspended, and goes through the nsual balancings a*.d posturings. Such a strength of jaw Is something wonderful. Mr. Robinson will anpear on Monday id his hurdle set—not seen In Chicago for four years. Ihe Collsenm Is open every evening (except Sunday) sod on Wednesday and Saturday after noons, the collection of rare animals being also open to the holders of tickets to tbe ring per formances Gthnabtic Club —An effort Is being made by tbe MelropoU'an Gymnastic Clob, of this dty, to secure a util and bathing rooms In tbe new build ing of the Yeung Men's Christian Association. A meeting of the members, and other* Interested, has been called by tbe Executive Board to con sider the matter on Monday evening, at half-past seven o'clock, in their bail, over Nos 191.196 and 199 Eeiixie street, just east of Clark street. Ajcatzcb Dramatic EjintUTAtxvßNT.—Those who havenot yet succeeded la procuring tickets to tbe Amateur Dramatic entertainment in the Opera House on Monday evening, for the benefit of Su A.nko's Free UosoUai, can •■buln them only of Street & Pearson, No. 101 Washington S’reet. PxooPEssivx Lrcrua Festival.—The mem bers snd Inends of tbe Children's Progressive Lyceum will hold tbetr first annual Exhibition and Festival In Crosby’s Marie Hall on Tuesday evening. Tbe nsual interesting exercises of tbe Lyceum wi 1 be proceeded with, and asocial dance will conclude the entertainment. A Mask Hall la announced to be elver, in the German Hall, corner of Wells and Indiana streets, on Monday evening. Skatiko.—'he Kinks, which comprise nearly all the ekatlor done at this late pail of the season, bare been extensively patroiilxca daring the week. Or Saturday night a grand fancy dress carnival came off at (he West Side, and as it was inlly ex pected to be the very last of the a ason, a large number ot maskers attended it. The ice win be in good condition for several weeks to come. Tnx Sttwabt Drvoncx Cask —'We remarked on Saturday that certain depos.tions were taken m the Stewart divorce case which were not intro duced in tbe UkU, « Llch bore severely on the de fendant, onn that they were of a character not fit lobe published. We learn now that they were taken since the condition of tbe formertrfal. pre paratory to the new trial If It ever comes oIL *Vo unde?*land, however, that Mr. Stewart does cot intend to oppose Hr*. Stewart's application for divorce any farther. Attkvptxo Buhqlaht.— About four o'clock on Saturday moraine a safe la Doty's Bnilsrd Ball was laid bold rf by burglars and jskea to the rear end of Ibo room, wheu they teem to have !» en disturbed by noises outside, and hastily left tbe promisee before they bad succeeded in break ing open the "Gopher.* LOCALMATTERS. We want It under* tood that we war rant one application of Swavnc's Ointment to core the worst case of licb Sold by all reliable drug gla's. and wholesale by BujuthaksA VaxSchaace.

Are yon dUtarbed at ulsht and broken of rest, by a child suffering and crying wllh the pain of cutting teeth * If so, go at once and get a bottle of Mr*. Window's Soothing Syrup. It relieves tbe little sufferer Immediately. It cures wind colic, regulates tbe bowels, and is perfectly rafe in all cases. Thirty-five centa'abotUe. Tbe Pnresit and Sweetest Cod Llrer Oil In the world, manufactured from fresh, healthy livers, upon the sea shore: 1. ts perfectly pure and sweet. Ask for “ Hazard & Caswell's Cod Lher Oil,” manufactured by Ca*wxll. Mack A Co.. Nsw York. Sold by all druggists.' Colgate & Winter Soap.—Ke commended for chapped bands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may%e ob tained ol all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Hcb! »cratcb !J Bord>» medicated Cream cures llch, scratches, and all skin diseases. It is neat, pletfsaL aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gista. . ' Tbe (franklin Brick machine, iairtlr cclebratca for perfect simplicity, great sUearth, mq Immense compressing power, u ooAUAtrrxao, w.°7;-n.w "«sr'"' i, °- 71 MARKETS BT TELEIRAPH. Near Virk Financial New*. {Special Despatch to me Chlc*« Tribune.] Haw Toes. Fenraary t». Tee stock market opened strong this moraine at an adrsnee <f X on Tbu*sd*y eve»lng*s prices. There »atconsiderable demand for sharts, which werecov erica largely. There la a difference of opinion 1« re tard to the Finance BUI. which wa< passed by the Uonse.scme considering It coatracOon, whileothrra are'cifcingle an expansion. Tbe market continues *trt.n* until afUr 7:U, when price* were lower. The rrpottthat the Finance Bill had been defeated tn the Becsle made rocks weak, and at the 4 o'clock msrltt prices declined j*r. Pacific Mad advanced to 13)V, tailing to l»V. rallying again to 131*. Gold baa been very steady all day until the report from Washington, which weakened prices, closing at ia»M. Money has been more active, with a better demand {hr Governments at about the came rates. [Associated Freu Beport.l Ksw Yore. February it. SOSRT. '{ Money rather more active at € V cent on call, poextos sxenasoa. Sterling quiet and firm atlii6X»l»tot beat hllli. «ou>. Geld firmer—opening at 139**, declined to 153 K, ad- Tanctcs to ISBN. and closing at IS3M- Export ot spe cie to-day, oovsmnoDna, Government stocks steady. LATER. Sew Toes, February 33, XAILWAT*. Tbe railway market w«s strung at the Stock Ex change and oUh»r. ITodsoo River was the feature, and rose to 140 afur call, after which Uwu a traction lower, but rallied again betore tbe one o'clock Board. ooTßimm. Governments steady and In good demand. New 5-20 coupons of 1865 are hither, BOUDEB STATE BOHM gnlet and firm. STXAXSniP fiUXSXS. In steamship share* a large business was door la Pacific Mai' from 113 V to ISU and down agtlo to 129>f. Atlantic Mail weak, and aold aa low as 89. viscKLLxnncs am> coal, stums lo better demand, with a general Improvement In prices. The stock market waa bravr and lower toward the close of the cay. Pacific Mall rai led to ISJx, bat At lantic was 83 asked and only to bid. 430 p. ». Pnicn. Ohio Certs...... SKA »l< I Toledo. .11DH«H1S' N Y. Central..lo3liaiCUH Northwestern.. 55*fo 33U Erie SC* \ N. W jfd 55 <_* 65W Hudson ISS 3PBX j Fort Wayne.... 97 3 9IC Mich, boo 73K« S 3 W. U. Tel 41 43 111.Cen I p. Mall exdlT.l32}<9l3l>s pmaoorgh 80X9 Sum I Government! a fraction lower on gold bends, except nee 5-20* and JP-40S. I 10-loe. 5-20 Dilip*, a fis..toßJi9lw9 17-30*.. GOLD. Gold closed flmat 138*. ■PSXT. Bather more demand for money, and a alight depar ture from the extreme ease obserreu earlier lo the week. The most central rate lur demand loan* on stock collateral* Is b per cent, with exceptions at 5 per cent, being the general rates. Discount falrlv active at 6.HOT per ceot fbr prime, chiefly the hither rate, banks not otferitr unite as freely, orobaolyow- Inc to the presentation of checks lately drawn agtln-t purrhMW of new 8s irom tbc Treasury, bot temp> ranly hew back by the Snb-Tressury. noun enaus. In mislnt shares Gregory was active, and sold t*«s!y np to ntVAll'O; all offered readily tak*o. Quartz hill advanced to 475, but closed at aa; DctlMotnes Arm and la request at SrO&XD. Slmond Fork sold at 17S, clrslnc no sel'era under 190. Hope Gold, 50c; Reynolds, 13c; Smith ft Parra elec, 635. The Produce Markets. NEW TORE. Now Yoke. February 23. Cotton—?6c tor middling uploads. Flonr—6£lUc better; mierfy low and medium grade*. Recclptm3.473brU. Sales 3soO brls. Western, (9.003 10.05; choice, flt. 00313.10: shipping brands extra rounu hoop Ohio, flO.BOAll.7S: trade brands. ttCSCU 12J*; extra Southern,|l3.lo® Closedqulet/^ Wheat—lOUJfc better; advance chiefly on winter. No receipts. Sales 12.500 do. Chicago. 42.25 ; do Milwaukee, f 3.59; white Canada. f&03: amoer State, |3.(5: whitehfichigan. 1340. Bye—Quiet at f1.Ud1.12 tor Western. Barley—Unchanged. Bares IS.OOC bo, atfl.lo tor two rowtd Stats, and ft.3o delivered for Canada West free. Barley Malt—Quiet. Cora—Lower; uirdemand. Receipts6.s9obo. Sales 65,aK)bn. Mixed Western In store. <1.1*3; dv la store and afloat, 11.uv3t.t7; New York,—the latter an extreme figure. Oats—ic better. Bccilptf. 3,300 bn; saIeaJLTDO bo Western, at 56AG0e • Mite, 66xeffic. Wool—Qnlet batons. Sales: 2.500 ft*.at 60ftG3Xc for domestic fleece; polled, <sX<347>c: Texas, znaSSc. Leather—tales duil andfdrooping. Cr al—Unchanged ana in moderate demand. Bops—Qnlet. Rice—Furo. Carolina lOHStOFc. Cotfre—Rlc s*c better. 3,400 Bio bond, at JJ<3.l4c good; other kinds qnlet. buea.—Finn and In good demand. Cuba, 10X311 ke: Em tub Island. 12%r. Uolasses-Flrm, and In talr demand. 4Sohhds Masco vado pot tat 50c. Petroleum—Quiet, Crude. 17xc: refined In bond, 39c. Pork-Qniet and firmer; 3,220 hrl« mess at f 13.87 rj 121.13,closing attzi 0C for Western told me*s,ft9.S7(a ti.-0.35’.prime,|16.75£|17.00-.primemeu, f 19.00»*20.0); aUolirpbils new mus at f2I.(O&fILS7, seller sna buyer March and April. beef—Unchanged and qnlet. Sales 340 brla prime mess at t3o.ooi£S3.<'o: India mess. fQ.004ii7.00. Beef Rams—Firm: 310 oris at fJJ.0fV4f.75.50. Bacon—lnactive ; so bxs shot t ribbed at 11 Qc. Cat Meats—Fair cemand; 420 pckgs shoulders, Bj£ Gift*. lt»*'®s\c Hors—Firmer. Western, 9X<a9kc; city, tara— t inner and active; 1,503 brla sold at 12Xai3c; tf ]Tnlic^—Ohlo,ls«2Cc. Cheese—Quiet and nncntnged. LATEST. Flcnr—Closed doll for blgb grid's, quiet and firm Ibi low and medium. Wbe*t— Closed qnlet fbr spring, with millers refus ing to pay aty advance, ana firm and upward for win ter wtib very- limited snpolys ottering. Bye-Closed heavy; for Western. Corn—Closed rimer: Western mixed In store at fI.CC and 1.07 sf.ost. Oats—'closed veiy firm: 57,360 c tor Western. Whiskey—Clcsed quiet ;3liiXJXc for State and West ern Id bond. Pork-Closed dull; 31c tor new Western mesa. Beef—Bvady. Dr-ssed Hogs—Firm at 9X43 X'*- for Western. Lard—Clcscd firm, at l3x@i3X'i for kettle rendered. WEIKLTBXVirWOTTIIE WUOLKSALK XAUKRT. There has been much tfoctnatUn In tbe wholesale mstkrt during the wtek, and many staple articles wereneglected. The trade is mnch demoralized an<* in marly the same cotdition as it was after the panic 011857. Flour—Fluctuated considerably, and closes with hettrrtoae. owing to tt<e large stock here, buyers operate «.entlnuaUy. Prices are anoat tbe same as lift week. The»lock la reduced to shoot (33.000 oris, large fir the msmd. w htsl— Fluctuated rapidly, and within a tew days is held with more m runes*, wnich restricted transac tion*. prices are nominally 5c higher than last week. Ti e demand I* confined to millers, who operate cau tiously, the bleb prices causing them to bold oil At the close tin markttwasqnUl at 12.100M3 for No. S Milwaukee ;|’.95«343J)6 ler amber Bute, and *3.0033.30 lor whits Canaria. Barley—Fluctuated considerably, and closes steady w:ih a itk derate local inquiry. The stock is reduced to vreo,soO DQ - which 1- large. Rye—ls ofl* red lively aedbos declined materially, clomi e flat with a mooerate export and local demand, at for Western, and f1.2V41.27 tor dtate. block six ot 570,000 bn—large. Oats—More active at cnasgeab'e rates. Early ta the week prices declined, bat since recovered, closing with a downward tendency. Block about 250.003 bushels. Con—D*s bem much dep*e*«ed. owing to unfavora ble n*ws from Europe and liberal arrivals trota tbe West. It Is abont 4c lower than lost year, closing with a good demand. Stock reduced to mQO.OOO bushels— large ler the seaton. Provisions—Comparatively quiet. Notwithstanding the large arrival the prices of pork have Improved, ard lb- speculative demand has subsided. Market closed qniet. Becf-M.-re arrive. principally to ahlp Ea't. Prices have been sustained aW9."Oa*B.W for piata old "mess; tn.KftUUM tor new; (15.00 for old extra; fII.UOAtI.OQ for new extra. Jl UtR r«lllk Bacon—Qas been more active and firmly supported. Cut Meats—Mere plenty and prices more easy. MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to the Chlcigo Tribune 1 Uilwacxbx. February 23. Floor—Firm and advancing. Sales 1,100 brli at (1015; Eagle XX f 10JO; Riverside XX. $10.15; Spirit L»ke do, f 10.00 ; Marqoetts choice X. (9.15; good X, t'XW; Columbia X, S&SO. for buckwheat flour. Wheat—Advanced. Morning board sties. 33,001 bn. Noon board, 145,W C bo. at (3.00A2.01 for No. 2in store, and seller’s option next week; $1.79# lor No 3ln stcre. -1 Oats—Advancing. Bales 3uo bn at 46c for No. 3 In store. Corn—Quiet. Bales 40C bn old No. 1 at 53c. Rye—Advanced (e. Sates S£OQ ha at 96c fbr No. lln More ; 91c for No. I do. Provisions—Firm. Sales IdObrls city m f u pork at $19.50; 50 br’s extra prime do at (14.00. Dtessed flops—Fl’m and advancing at H.LXJI.TS. Ssecs—Prime clover seed $3.(0. Hotter—Roll 19321 c. Egrs—soc V dozen. Turkeys—Dreesed 15c. Bcceipu-1,400 brls floor, 4.SM bo wheat, bn o*u>, 3,(00 bu corn, 400 bn rye, 4,000 as batter, 300 dretsedhogs. Shipment*—s,ooo brls flour, 11,900 ha wheat, pork, 6CO tics lard. CINCINNATI, Cincinnati, February 23. Flour—Diehanced and doll. Wheat—Firm; for tre best price* are unchanged. Corn—lii2f b cltcr, and lo dCTaod; No. at ft(s6(e. Oats—ln light supply, and at higher prices: No. lat 51c. Rye—Finn at $1.2331 35. Far'sy—Dull at $1.60 for choice fall. Cotton—Dull af.Sc tormiuoilngnpland. Provisions—Qnlei; mett porx is bell at $(0.00; lard at 13c : bulk meat* at 7#&s9# and lOhc. and n«»t much demand : bacon **c lower; tales ot shoulders at 9c, aide* at love, atd clear 12c. Clover tked-Dnll at $3.75: timothy at £LSOjO.4B . flax atstsu. Butter—Dull at 27(jS0c; cheese at 16#317c, the tatter rate fbr Hamburgh. Gold—lX7#. PHILADELPHIA. PniLADXLPitTA. February 23. Flour-Dull. Bnperflne at $8 75; State. SISAO. Wheat—Dull and declining. Bed State, (3JM; red Bonibcrn, J3.C5, Sales ot 12.000 bu yellow at (1.03 afloat. Oats—Active at S7c. w hiakej—*lso f'T contraband. Coflce—(.met. Ric-.Slc. NEW ORLEANS. Nxw Oblxanb, February 33 Cotton—Uncbar red. Sales s£oo ifales at:9#®Soe fbr low miauling and SOVOdlc for middling. Receipts, 1,047 bales; exports IMOO bales. Sugar—inactive. Fair, 13c. Moiawes—Fair, 75c; prime to choice, TEABIe. Floor—Firm, buperflnr. SILSO; extra, (13.00417.50. Cun—Firm at 31.12^1.15. Oats—Firm at SI.OO. Bay—Firm at $37.50^39^0. Pork—Doll at (C 1.75. Bacon-Quiet, Shoulders, lie: sides, I2#®l3#c. Lard—Quiet at IZ#(3l4*C. Tobacco—Unchanged. Wblkkey—Unch«nzed. UOid- IX7#, Exchange-Sterling, 49#t New York, # discount. BALTIMORE. Baltdiokx. February 23. Klcui—Firmer. Wheat—Stea.. v. Maryland red, t3.0&»3.50; Pennsjfl vanla, f3.CW2.fC. Core-Advanced tkjtSc. Prime dry whltq. ao'd at 95. (297 c; yellow. 9Mt97c. Oate-gtradv. at 56(25.c. snear—Si-wk ilgLt; holders firm; advanced; qnoted at KH«7okc lor refining. Conee—Finn acd unchanged. Clover 5e d—Steady, at |a.75%9.00. ITorteloa*—Active. Bulk meat* and bacon on* charceo. _ „ Whiskey—Doll. Ko tales ST. LOUIS. Sr. Locns. February 33. Tobacco—Feeling rather better, bat prices un charged. _ ... Cot ten—Dull and unchanged. Flour—Octet and unchanged, with a lint tod demand. Wheat-Matter* standing off: Low grades can only he sold at acorccaMon. High grades unchanged. Corn—Opened better, bat declined at the close. Prices rarcc at Sfits«c. Oats—Firm al 61*2 Tie. Whiskey—Doll al tXSiMJO. Pork—Dull at f19.;X4U>.50. Bacon—Dull ana Iswer, at 9&>l«e for city shoulders: lie for rib side*, and He f r clear aldei. Laid—lnactive, at UdlJMe Cor Kettle. MEMPHIS. Mnmra, February 3. Cotton—Flat. Middling at Z3 42»c. Receipts for tbe week. 6.W9 bale# 5 previously. 17L551 bales. Exports for the week. *.*6 bales: previously, 152,119 bales. Slock on h«nc. 3CJOO bales. Corn—Pall at WB»c. Oats—Tte. „ nay-f».IP®.OW. Tb> other markets are steady and unchanged. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} New Took, February 23. Freights to Great Brtilan quiet tor Western pro ducts. Rates unchanged. New York Grocery aiorkeu (Special Despatch to tbe CbicsgoTribonM Nrw Tort, February 33. Coffee—Firmer and active. Bio. and In good demand. Fair to prime grocery, 11®11\ C - Molaaees—Very active. Muscovado, SCfeUet New Orleans, SCd9oc. New York Breadutnflk fflarket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} N*w Toxx. February as. Flour, wheal and corn did not sustain the better promise of Thursday's market, and closed dull. Oats and Bar ley—A shade flrrntr. New York PtotUlod fflorkeU (Special DMpatcb to the Chicago Tnbuse.] New Yobs, February 23. Pork—Sales at fJI.M. Nominal after'Change. Lard-Buyers withdrew at close. Qog»—Firmer at BMBBXC. Becdpte. tor two days. . New York Dry Good* Harket, RgwToXK. February2s. Dry goods closed quiet, prleas. ruliag very low fsr all kinds ot Imported tabrtes. and daoemc woall«a. Cottca in lumteo request at ateaiy rates, as follows. Atlantis A, sheeting*. ne; ludUn Head. Be; Pactwi A •ad U.JIKo; An tutt,So>ic; Ltwresca U. Uo; Auos k«aeA. Ucxs, see; A A. 3to; LsseAdsr itrushama,B3o33 Vc; Whiteßotkpipjrcambrlcs,lSc; glased eamlrics, Ujfc. ft*iUabtrreb Pcirolrom Barkeb Fmrsncßon. February 31. The oil market is dull. The receipt* of credo sn.oot'ttxl to4,oK> hrlp. BaW Were 800 ->rs on spot »t let 2.090 hits ror ilare* at “Xc. Nochvigo lnredn*a Ir.tonr. Theinivsalewa- 4,«Jobtls >tsßd«n],which Is to be •‘ellve'edin 1,000 brtl -s la Msr, Jane. July and Argt st.atSMCfoj May 30 W tor Juno. 3l*c for Jaly, and ;3fcr frr Angust. Free oil quiet. Uesiiaaa ana naptha anil and irgiectod. New York Paper market. Ksw Tors. Febrnary 83. Printing paper doll. Best rag. 16#017c, the latter for very choice; ordinary to lair, Uhdlfio: straw, uxauc. Prices or mining Stocks In Boston. New Tore. February 23, Tbe following are tbe prlcea ot mining sucks bid la Boston to-day: Canada 60 | Isle Royale. Copper Falla 61 ■ Minnesota.. Hancock 10 I Quincy Boros 31 I Chicago Provision market* Chicago, February 83. 1967. We had expected to have been able to sum np the packing for the sexMD during tbepicsent week, outa few houses are atltl open, and many ot the others are dilatory tn sending in their retorts. We trust to be able to make our doting report during tbe ensuing week. The number of bogs coming tn bas eo sensibly dlmln lib(d.and tbe shippers are purchasing to fredy that hot few are leftover tor the packers, and as the mar ket has advanced so considerably there cannot bo any money in packing at present prices. Toe actual pace lug returns fiom present lidlcailons will sum up in excess of the estimates given weekly by each of tbs packers through the season. This mny seem strange, as the surplus of the rec-ipts over the shipments would not accent to the number as heretofore returned py the packers. hot tbe past week fuiulshe* a very strik ing example of how little can be Judged from the re ceipts and shipments. Tbe latter exceed the tor ner by some 100 bogs, and yet two bouses stone have par chased and cut within tbe paat week abvni 4.000 head. Onr packing will »ot vary much from &10.000 head. To l hi- present time last year we bad packed 463,150 head. The receipts of bogs tor the pavt wee* snm up a«ioliow», vu: Dressed, 3JD*; live. 10373; total, 11.472 ; and the shipments: dressed. 7.727: live. 7.117; total. 14,874. Fcr the corresponding period last year the rccrlptswrte: dressed, Bjsfi7; live, 16,013; total, 31,915; and the shipments: dressed, 1,736; live, 3319; total, 4,555; Waving 50,360 bead tor city consumption, packera* use, &c The market for live hogs has rated steady, with. If anvthlre.anadvanclDgtendency, and closes firm at 163007.U1 gross. Dressed have alas sold steadily at anont previous price*, and close firm at 17.t0dT7.70. Products are all held nrmiy, but operators bay sparing ly. and only to supply their actual requirements. Mess £>orkULeidatll9.a(,acasomeot the best brandsa:e a demand at that figure. Second orands and M. O. pork sell at *18.00018.35. and have been more sought after than the heavier qaailtt l s. I’nme mess sold to a considerable extent at *17.0001733. Country brand* se:l about 50c per brl leas. Extra prim-*, 61130. Romps, |lsio F hrl. Cult meats close v«y firm at 7Vclocse for shoulders, and 9c lor illoa. Gree-i hams have sold at JOVc. No ether Joints offering. English meats have sola freely both tar export to Eutom and cocanmption Booth. Cumberltous aroh*ld a;9c. and short middles st 10c. aod some choice brands brought these figures, bat Indifferent lot* are neglected. Short clear sold at lO*olO*c lonse. and lOi'QUc packed. The few lent hams here are held at Uhot !c, which Is tantamount to their not being for sale. I.ard has ad vanced. and close* firm at 13;4UXc tor prime steam acd kettle rendered. K>*.l scano at while •reaselt In demand at IflaiOVc. Tellow, firm at 9c, Brown. Bc, Freights ancbsng-*d. Hxsst Milwabo A Co. .IBa'3 toe* DIED. ?Hnthlsc<cy,ol consumption, on the morning of the the residence offals brother-in-law,No. 38. Mlchlgan-av.. A. L. JOtINbON, aged 43 years, 1 months, and 21 days. Funeral services from his late residence, No. SSI Mirblean-tT., Monday, the 25th tut, at 3 o'clock p. m. In this city, Feb. 23d. WM. G. HARRIS, axed 47 yea’s. Baltimore paper* please copy, in this cit), on the 22d Inst., RICHARD RAIN FORTH, of typhoid fever. —w In this cPy, of consumption, on the morning ot the SSd tnst. at her residetc-, 233 W«t Van Baren-sL, Mrs. M£LU*SA WEMPLE, aged 33 yean, wile of An drew Wemple. Funeral semces on Tuesday, a. m., at late residence. amusements. Jj’XHLBniON AMD ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL. The membets and friends of the CHILDREN'S PRO. GBESSIYE LYCEUM will hold ttelr First A-miver siry Exhibition and Festival at Crosby's Untie UaU, On Tuesday Fvenlng. Peb. 20lh. The Lyceum will perfrrm 1U usual Interesting exer cises, anei which there will be a Social Dance, music by the Germania Band, under the direction oIH.De CTero, Tickets admitting gentleman and ladles. |l. “ AJADAHE QDTON," A LECTURE BT REV. DAVID SWING. FOB THE BENEFIT OF T(1B CHICAGO SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION, At the WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, comer Ontario and Dearborn-it*., Tuesday Night, Feb. 2Gtb, at 8 o’clock. TICKETS, 25 CENTS. yfICAL CULTURE AT THE OPERA HOUbK.—Two classes (postponed on account ot noi. M>-coy’s extreme engagedeesi In private lessons) win meet for the first less* n a* lot'ows: Colics- rrsdnstes* class, at 7 o’clock, Wednesday evening. February iRIh. Ladles’ and gentlemen's class, at 7 o'clock. February 2Stb. VANKEE ROBINSONS CiliOUfc JL AMD MENAGERIE. Mr. JAB. ItOBIXHON. In fats Brest Hurdle Art cr bueple Chase. NOKTQ and BORDEAN in tbelr wonrierlbl tillil Performance. E. W. FERRY, t&e Champion Four-Horse Rider. Every evening, and Wednesday and Saturday after noot. rPHE GREAT GERTU HAS BEEN ADDED TO TOE MEW VOBK MUSEUM, 06 RANDOLPH-ST.. cor. of Dearborn. OF WOHBEKS! To be seen only at the NEW YORK MUSEUM. Which has removed to 06 Randolph-st., corner ot Dearborn. -y-AKIETY THEATRE. Tremendous success of (tie great Female Equestrian, sues FLORENCE TE9IPLS And ber wonderful trained Heed, FllW-FLiY. The Rome Crowded I Not Standing Room! TDIS EVENING viU be presented the great piece, BICE TUBPIX; or, Hurrah for the Road NEW STARS I NEW STARS 1 Mr* Dan Shelby and Master Barry, '•WOOD b JIUbKUM COL. J. 11. WOOD Director of Amoseacnu Blaze Mscager 1. .T1105. BARRY Pn docticn of a new SesratL nal Iri-ih Drama, wrT* ten by Tom Taylor, the popular author of tbe Tlczet ot-l«ave-Man.ard performer in London aodNew York with the most bnUitnt success. Commence at a # be fore 8. On Monday evening, Feb. 25, will h* perturm (d, for the first time to tnls city, a new lrl«b Iran, entitled tbe WRITE BOY. or IRELAND IN *93. To conclude with the LAUGHING II YEN A. Wednesday afternoon. Grand Matinee. Friday. Benefit of Mr. C. T. Mcliris. In preparation. TUB f KOZEN DEEP. Me Vi Cgß R* S THEATRE CKBK A MYERS UANAGBti* Engagement of the Inimitable fri‘h Cornelian, 11R. DAN BRYANT. Monday, John Brougham's comedy of TOE IRISQ EMIGRANT. Tim O'Brien. lo conclude with the comedy of BANDY ANDY. Hsnciy Andy haturday. Dsn Bryant M arinee. Uincgar. pURB CIDER VINEGAR, Warranted pme, ard to preserve pickles. Larcoit wotks of tbe Kind It the United states. CHARLES G. E. TRUSSING, 339 aid 341 Statc-SL. Chicago. INeto publications PKLAUGED NUMBER. THE G /vLAXY For lIAKCH 1, IS«7. Is enlarged twenty pages to make room for the eleven concluding chanter* of "THE CLAVERTNUS.” by Anthony Trollope, which U finished in tbU number several mrnlhs ahead efits c rapletioa in RegUnd. In THE GALAXY lor April Ist wit) be commenced thentw novel by Mr«. FrtwardJ, anthor of "Archie Lovell.” ••Willed •-STEVEN LAWRENCE. YEO MAN." It will be printed from the author's advance MS. The second of tbe series of oapen by Richard Grant White, on "WORDS AND TUEIR USES,” will be given in tbe next (March 15th) number. It will con sider " Why ihe Exceptloo proves the ttnle.” This number cf TBE GALAXY contains the second Instalment of *• WAITING FDR TOE VERDICT,” By Rxbxcca IlAcncio Davis, with illustrations by IlcDoesay. atd ibefobowing articles: NEMKSIb. By B. U. TBETEMPLbAND LINCOLN'S INN. By George Spence. HER ANSWER. Bv Mrs. W. h. Palmer. MAZZIM'S LAST MANIFESTO. By W. L. Alden. "IUKN NEVA PLUS.” By Edward Gould Buflom. BINTS TO VISITORS TO PARIS. By E. H. House. THt CLA\£KING6. By Anthony Trollope. (Con cluded.) Tbe price of THE GALAXY Js $3 a year: SSfsrstx month*: 30 cents a single copy. AdoreW.C.* F. pjeauften. No. 39 l*»tk Row. New York. JstorfetoHiers’ faceting. VTORTHWESTEBN GLASS COM i.> PANT. At a meeQn* of the Board of Director* of the North w.sttrn Olkas Conipanr, held on the 12lh day of Feb rnary.lS67, It was ordered,that a meeting of the atnes hoicers ot said Company be held at the office ol thr ■'ompany. No. 248 Senth Watereu Chicago, On Saturday, .Kerch 9lb, ISS7, Al 3 o’ckck p. m., at which rlrre and p'aee a proposl tlon will be submitted to said meeting, that the capital «tock ot said Company be diminished to Two Hundred Thousand Dol.ars. 5. LUDISQTON, J. FABR. J«- J. MhDILL. „ A. P. KELLEY. W. H. F.ItETSINQBR. p. B. hHOMWAT. \t r\. . Sato fßills, Engines, See. 'J’HE LANE & COOLEY Portable Circular Saw Milk PORTABLE STEAM EHGUtES, Shingle Machines. Corn Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. I,ANK A BIIDLEY, Corner cl John asd Water-sts., Cincinnati. AppUcaats lor descriptive areuiars will ipepfy the mschlcerv ttev ne*a. «esXriet-4axm Steal Estatc-Countrs. T7OR SALE—B 23 Acres. A splendid F fkrm nice miles ronth ot this Ballriad Station, 3XI tens aider p10w.250 la tamegrses.S Douse*, stocc, water, bearing orchard, a large amount of hedging. Ac* Ac. 153 per acre. A. J. CROPSET, Falrbory, LlvlcgstonCouaty, Id- xrOK SALE —A tarrn ol 160 acres, with r In one mile of a railroad •latl'm and 12 miles trom Chicago. V, fil wat-rod. g'od ballol *.e*. over 5 0 Dolt trees, and slocked wlib cow*. Will sell with or with out eow». A1*0.«3 arrw adjoining the above, la rots to suit purchasers. Apply at Ifia Ktnae-au FOR SALE—Farm ol 80 acres, three miles ea«t of Birin and one mile from Clinton. Ucodbandings.barn3ox^ofeat, wit* atone lX , b*arlrgfralt trees, well watered. A<bolmag are hundreds c f acres of limbered lota, not fenced, afl >M- Inc tbe be«t ol castnre. Pe-t l.x**tion in Kan# Count* r!r diifoiS.' cS oncaiusiiAK ± CO, Boom a Lira's rlocl. COB SALE—For castt and part time A’some of the best stock acd grain tor'-s in North wesure fowa. timber as it praln- adJo.Da2.pTma tent ranting water, and title pertoct- T waihlp plat* with college, railroad aid vacant land*. Unib-r. prat tle asd water acenrate.y tnaries. toralshod at I |l In fcmailonfree. Apply tooraddre»aJ.S.lßEsCOTT, Brown’s Book Store. Coiumbos, Wla. OR bALE—lllinois Strck Fann—BlU aero, all improved, near Joliet, UL. 3) miles trom iagorxDOwn as the “ Jours Farm, valued at law-on. Unit be sold at a aacrtflra to cloyi an esUte. For particulars address UAITOCSBA MASON, f. o. Box IN9, Chicago, HL ifccal 35»tate->flitP ICfc**MVf AO L"OR SALE—On Michignn ay., iin ele- V r«almarblefrostMW«M; eomer lots *n tbe avenue. 46x190. A- B MisAD, 101 Rannelpbst. t?OR bALt—Severalhnuwson the West 17 bide, very chess. Als» a variety rtclwlca«lty a d suburban property. Apply at 133 Clark*>L, It.un 3. . C'OU SALE—A new noose jnat finished, r water, tu oipea and newer, ehbt large room*, fmr cloteta and pantry. Apply on Poona-«L in tear of cbnn h, comet ot Wsablngton-st. POII bALß—Cheap, ft store and dwell* " in* containing 7 good lante rooms, Apply at 1436 West Kandolpb-aL.or 18 dootb FoorU-sL tTOK SALE—On Wabashav., between I’’ Pick and Kldridee*conrts,boixßeNo.46l. Lot 40x170. A.J. AYBBELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Blcck. P)K SALE —House and lot, $2,G00, and (rose for >I.OOO, dirt cheap. Apply quick to tbe owner, 133 Bebor-st t?OR SALE—Cheap, Store and dwcll ('' log 00 south Clart-sn, between Hsrrlson and Polk, wlib lease of lot. Also, two dwellings on dot wo’d-it- opposite Ulcbiean Boatbern Demt. J. 1L pppr'pft, Best! Estste Office, 129 Boatb I?OR SALE—Ttat tine bnck house, with J/ lot 43x179 feet, on the southwest corner of Cain tneNar. and TwraQetb^t, at a low price and on easy terns. BEES ft AYRES, Office 10 Crosby’s Oparm Uonse. ITOR SALE—By Hammond <s Bntler, P Besl Estste Brorers, limes Building, IIS Dear* bo nun, an elenot residence on Pars-piace; n>w boas- and lot on Carroli-et., cb*ap; boose and two 1 its In Kranstac. cheap; boose and large lot on Twenty* slxth-st: booi>* and let In Eansakee City, price 11,700; One mat ole front residence ol West sltfcs 700 vacant lot. in diCdeot parts ol tbe city; Improved farm', faming and pine lands in Michigan, wxeocslo, UU* nots, lowa and MmnesjU. F'OU SALE—By Snyder &Lee, Real Es tate Agents. No. 4 Metropollua Block, two new b’lck boose* cf 13 room* each and 10% on corner ol Adaxs and Loomis-at n fronting Jefferson parg. FOR SALE—A lartre bnck house, with lot, on lrdlana-«u. near Pine. Price >13.100. Also, brick boose with louon near Cfilcago-av. Sl/.MO. BEES AAY RES, Office 10 Crosby’s Opera Boose. PiE SALE—By Snyder & T ce. Real Ksta'e Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-story and basement brick bou*e. Mansard roof containing 14 rooms, all modern Improvement*, and lot, with brick barn, on Central-ar. or Rocker-st, near Jackson. ITOR SALE—Two newly-finished tramc 1? boosts oo Indlscvav-. between Twency-dflb and Twenty-stxib-it*.; very cheap and on accamnpdatiiu; •eras. BbESAATBEs, Office 10 Crosby's Opera House. FOR SALE—By dnyder & Lee, Real EstateAgerta. No. 4Metropolitan Block, anew nrst-dsA* rwo-etcry frame and bilcx basement of IS room*, bot atd cola water, water closets marble man- UIS beil», Ac., aid near Wa»b- IDgtiO. F*OR SALE—On Wahash-av., north ot UcDbard-court, two story brick boose-parlors and library, dlmng-room. sleepicg room and kitchen, on flrn floor. Li t S6il7D. Corn brick bam. Price tsc.coo. A. J AVERELL, heal E»tate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Blcck. Foil SALE—On Wabash-av—Brick home, three-story. No. 314 Wab»*h-av., A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Offlce, No. 7 Metropoli tan Blocs. 370 H SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Keal C Estate Agents, Ko. 4 Metropolitan Black, two new two-ctfry and basement brick booses. oflO rooms eich. bot andccld water. Water clo»ets,batb, bells, foresee, and lot, cn Wabaah-av., near Tirenty-eitth-sL FOR BALE—Suhnrhan Homes—Cot tage* ard Urge lots, fLOOC to 41,000, on ess v terms, ote hr.ur’i ride Pom Court Rouse. O. J. 6TOUGU, 118Qarktt.,BoomlO Smith A Nixon’s Building. Offlce boars, 10 to 12 a. m. FTOk SALE—ISS leet on Yan Boren-st, X wltb building, near R. 1. Depot, tor a fee days only, at |?10 per looL__ PETER SHIMP, 94 Mooros-st. 17OR SALE —A Ten* large, cheap frame f home, cn leased lot. on Wab&.-h-av„ south of Four tcenth-et. HIES ft ATUSS, Offlce 10 Crosby’s Opera Reuse. ITOU SALE—A first-class marble-front r house co between Van Uoreu and Ad ame-Bts., for f 15,000. A. J. AVERELL, Real Esute Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. tnmpuoTßL, FDR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 80 Washlngton-st: 60 feeton Madlaon-sL, near Franklin. 90 feet on corner of Van Boren and Ortswold-sa. 43 f-*et on Gonta Water-iL, sear Wabash-ar. 30 leet on Calun (t-av., sear Twestr-toortb-at. 23 teet on corner Kankakee-aT.acdTwenry-fonrth-st. 30 feet on Clark-sc. near Polk. 23 feet oo North Ixballe su, near Chlcago-sv. 40 feet on corner of Ohio and LaSalle-sta. 47 feeton Caas-st, pear Chuago-ar. 23 feeton llilnoiML, tear it. Clair. 23 feet on Prankltn-et., near Superior. 34 foci on Rißz:e-»L, near LaSalle. 30 leet on Brldct-ar., near city limit*. 23 fbeton Oieen-sL.near Mad Los. 20 feet on Aria-st., near Laks. 60 ffiet on Warren-iL, near Uoyne. 60 feeton Park-av„ near Oakley-st. 30 te>toc Walnut-si.,near Huyne. 30 (eet on Folton-iL, near Boyne. Also. 10 acres of flae land, ha t a mile west ot cl*y limit*, sad fronting on Usdlsos-st. A large list of improved am unimproved property can tlvays be foned at my offlce- FOR SALE—Choice lots on the ave nues. Wftetrn WabMh.between Twentieth and Twenty fllbt-fitS. 'AO feet on Indiana, between Twentieth and Twenty- Crst-sU. 100 leet cn Prairie, between Twentieth and Twenty nrspns. SO feet on Calumet, between Twentieth and Twenty flrsbsts. 63 feet oa near E!ghtoeeth-sL 101- f> ct on Indiana, b tween Twentr-tblrd and Twen ty-fonrlh-iu. A. J. AVERELL. Beal f slate Office, No. 7 Metrop .lltan Block. l?OR SALE—By Snvder & Lee, Real J' EstateAg*ot*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. Lot 100 by IS t*et, on Wa«hlnston-«L t tear Lincoln. Lot 60 bv 131 foet, northeast corner of Madison and Pauilna-sts. Lot 100 by 125 leet, corner Jackson and Winchester sts. rive lot* on Ltocoln-sL, near Monroe. Lot4B by 110 feet, earner Ulchlgsn-av. and Twtnty filth-st. I7OR SALE—Lots on Wabash av., SOOO r each. Lotson Two hence «h»y will s*U for d-*abe the money. GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 Sooth Clarxst. F)R SALE—6O feet on Washington-st-. near tiaklrv-st., for 930 per fo->t; on Park-av., 9S* perloot; alsr. two lets tor SlfiO each, near hotSe cart. J. F. STARR, 144 Randolph-SL. Room I. T7OK SALF—4O feet trent on East Wash- V Ipgton-si-, atfAOO per foot; » feel frout on River corner Mlcblgsn-ar., at fow per tool; JO leet front on Clarx-st, near Sonta Water, at 91.043 eer isoL REES A AYRES, Offlce 10 f'roiby’a Opera House. l?OH SALE—Large River Lot, contain r Inc 2J* acres, with teet river front, la the vicln- It} of Ward’s Rniiine Mill*. This la a no* tot forbear? bU'ln<M, requiring river front as well as 'ailroau on* nectlopp. and is rffered at (10.000, oo fair terms. Afro, a finely located river lot on the Sooth Bra;ch, for SIB,OOO. KKEB A AYRES TO Crosby's Opera Honse. 170 K SALE—By Snyder* Lee, Real I Estate A genu. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lot ICO by 131 feet, on Washlnglcu-st., bet seen Wood acd Lincoln: lot €oby 125 f«ucomer Madtsou and Pauli na-ste.: three lota, each 34x135 feet, on Llncnln-st., be twetß Mocrcoand Adams: two iota, each so by 125 fret, corner Jartarn and wlncae*ter-sis; three lota, eub 24xlg fret, cornet Jackson and Allport-sw. F)R oALE—A valuable lot on the north west corner of North Stats acd Indian v«ts.. 30x 100 feet to alley, at a low one* and on liberal terms. Title i effect. WARREN A GOODRICH, 125 Dear born-it, Room 3. Proprietor .F. B. AIKEN FOR SALE—By George * William?, Real Eata'e Agents No. 7 South Clark-it. Hous-s and lots, and booses on leased lots, in al: parts of the city, cheap an - oth-rwlse. lactsonei. EtRSONAL— A young man washes to get acquainted with a young lady or widow. Oh io get a partner through Ufc. she moat have a •money to set him into some good pntlness. Ad drw a, tor one week, confidentially, A. CAMP. Chicago- PERSONAL —Wilt the persons who as- IT s!*ud the grat'eman Into Ra«*a Drag Store, la Cobb'a Building (on D-arborn at.) who lell and Iplired himself op tbe ildewalb, about four weeks aloee. please seed their names and address to DAVID CAbCEN, care of box frb-l. Chiugo. .Danßiyant Strageß anß Stolen. .Dau Bryant CTKATED—Or Stolen—From the pro -13 mlses of W. Thorapsrn, No. 141 dontb Wel.s at., alarreßlackfrewfoundlardDoc. ontie3ldln«fo be tween the boars of 18 and 1 o’cl'Kk. Rad white «poti on all bis toes. A handsome reward will be paid lor Information leadlnc to Us p.ace ol concealment, and DC que«ti .m asked. Ruction Sales. JC'UKNITUItE AT AUCTION, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25. at 10 o’clock. A quantity of Household Furniture, Cook Stove*, Ta b>» and Eximston Tables. Lounret, Chairs and Hock ing Chairs, ;)lvcr-l’ialed Ware, aod other go Jds. B. T. LEE, city Auctioneer. RUCTION SALE Of Groceries, Horse & Wagon, &c, ED. A. JESSEL & SOS'. Auctioneers, on Tuesday. 36th, at 9V o’clock. In store 99MUwau- the entire Hock in trade of a retail grocer, con vuucgct teas.sugars, cafiee. flour, i:„ Ac Also, one horse, w acm at d harness. The et tire stock to be sold In lets to suit the trade Without reserve. ED A. JESsEL A SUN, Auctioneers. W E A. EUTTERS & CO, Auctioneer* & Commission HeicSaoti 44 Ot 4M RASDOI.en-f»T., Between State-*:. tsd Wabash-av., Hold regn’ar tales, at ta«r salesrooms, ct DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOUTS, SQ9BS, 4C„ Ev*ry WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, 4c , every Saturday. OIECTAL SALE FOR LADIES ONLY. THE ENTIRE STOCK OF Flue Jewelry, Silver-plated Warc, Gold Watches, and Fancy Goods Ol tbe most Elegant Patterns, at E. H. STEBtrS, 79 South Clark-it, AT AtJOTIOW, Commencing TO-DAY at 1 o’clock p. m. and continu ity every day cstil the entire it ck .§ disposed of. No gentleman a: milled nniew accompanied by a lady. WM. A. BUTTERS Ot CO, Auctioneer*. Director*. RUCTION SALE, THIS DAT. at 10 a. m., February 55. at oar talrs* preat variety of Carpets and Household Furniture, And Goods of all Mad*. Alto, at auction, at 13 o'clock. Several Wagons, Oturslem tlarnesm Arc* J. ÜBAKETAGO. Auctioneer. l . JQANIEL SCOTT & CO- AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MUBCIIANTs, 104 cor. Ufailr, Chieave* Catb adrasced oa Merchandise conilcned fbr tale. Out-docr aatea promptly attended to. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s £\. Aoctton Booms 181 I.aSf*it_ at 10 a. ql. on TCEsDAV,Frb. tttb. 1367. A larce and tmb stoat of STAPLE DRY HOURS Ot every description—Notloia, BatlaU, Castlmeres, Ucse. Hall Bose. Ac. CaU'Oßnes rcaoy for deUrery and node on tuv Mocdar cretin?. DANIEL SCOTT A C 0„ Auctioneers, - A TJCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.'s ±\. Auction Hoorn-, 16-1 Latest., at 10 a. m., on Tbtantday. Feb. ‘4Bth, 1867. CataloeceSaleof about 130 cues asiortel Cbicaeo Custom-made Ladles' and Gentlemen’s Boots mad fcboea. DANIbL SCOIT * CO., Auctioneers. O.ILBEKT & SAMPSON, VJ General Aneooneeta. 47 and 40 Dear born-at. Large Sale of saperior Household Furniture) Ste>» A.T AUCTION, On TUESDAY. February 36th, at 10 o’clock, at onr .5‘% m4,4ymod 49 Dearoorn-aL, coeaiatmjofa splendid aaaortoeat of Parlor, Cbaa*ter, Llbrar •, and ** GILBERT * SAMPSON. AocHOUJen. (t»£laut«o-Jtiait fteip. BIHIKEBEPIBB. UIBMIBB *C. TTTA'NTED—A first class salesman in VV » wholesale boot ape shoe store sens no c»* tii' Wisconsin »td lowapreftfred. To tr«rlrbtm»n a lloeral salarv will Apply in p *j». ** io MANN & DEALS. N«0l Mil waukee, WU. IX7 ANTED—A lew good salesmen to VV tram withonrnew Hand Stamp. Ooodwtg«a andatradynopl'tyoimt. Addr-ss,wlla stamp, Q. D. HAMILTON « t'O.Cla• \\ / AH 1 ED —'IVo salesmen, for a large VV wine and Honor builnfss—one for csnntry and one fcrclty trade. None bat those acotulntcd with tbe business need to apply* “CB P, Tribune office, Chicago. TT7 ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live VV men to sell one of tbe treat domestic articles ever offered tor sale. Has no competition. Every family wants from two to a doxcn. Profit very larva. call lm* mrrtiatelT st 154 eoniliClark-sL, Boom 9, op stair*. J.H.NAOON. TT7 ANTED—WiII the jcuing German VV by tbe name ofDeltr, who called, for employ* ir err tec days ago at No. 10 Cobb's Building, please to call again. TXTA-KTED—A man nho nnderetanda VV bockkeeplnc to Uk* my place lor aow weeks —a competent nan with city refc«nc*s. Pay, $lO per wees. Address »* office. TXT” ANTEP—A salesman acquainted V V with tbe wholesale paper bosl"ess,to represent a Hew Vorfc home In the West. Address “W C A Co., Tribone office. TBASBB. TXT ANTED—A first-class carriage paint- V* er. to go to Waofeegao, 111. Apple to npZZAM A CRABTBEE, or to J. It. WALSH, cor per Dearborn and Ma Chicago. f^elp. SALESWOMEN, TEABBB, ftc. TTTANTED —Twenty young ladies ot* VV respectable appearance and address can And honorable and lucrative employment by calling at flb» Wasblngton-st. Office No. 11. HOUSE SERVANTS* TATANTED —A goed girl to cook, wash W and tmn to a smad Camfly. An easy situation Is offered and lloera: waxes paid to one wbo can fur nish rood recorrmerdatiotts. Apply to COOK. CO* BURN & CO., Masonic Temple. \\T ANTED—A tmari terrant girl, at V V Ernwocd Station. Hyde Park. One wno un derstands cooklnr. washing and ironing, and ts tolly competent to do it, willing to do tbs work ot tne latn- Vy. can have a permanent place and goidwajus. No liuh n«d apply. loqulre ot C. B. DUPEE it CO., corner Sootn ftaUr ar.d btate-sta. aSHantcfc—jHlscrllancous. TXTANTED —Brass foundry, or a haild- V v lag suitable for one, or a lot not leav tnan 50zt30 fret—loratl-n near railroad anops preferred. Apply In t * rson to the STAR METAL CO., 301 Sontb Water* st., between 3 and 4 p. m. TXTANTED—An energetic man -with VV 9100 to S3OO, to engage in a money making bust ne**. Will bear strict investigation. Apply at 194 Sooth Clark-et. Boom A. from 9a. m. to ip. m. WANTED —To exchange good im proved property and mortgages for a stack ot Rood*. Apply 10 s, w. bEA. Real Estate and Mer chandise Broker, In store 101 Clark-et. TXT ANTED—To exchange 40 acres pood V T land In Central Him- ts for a r>lauo. Ca'l on or address JAS. A. DICKENSON, 9S Washlngton-st- Gaicago. WANTED— To exchange 20,000 acres of choice Illinois lands for merchandise nr city property. Will psy n«t cash. Land* near railroad. Title perfect. DICKENSON 4 WEBbTEH, 9S Wash inslon-st. TX/ANTED—SS,OOO or SIO,COO for an V » Investment that Is perfectly safe and that will par mote than 10 per cent. Address ” M D,"Trtoune office. TXTANTED—Active men can make V V from f3O to f3O per week—carpenters twice as much. Call tnd see. or send stamp tor clrcuUr. S-j Dearborn «L. Rcom 4. HOPKINS BROTHERS. WANTED —Douse and lot, houses on leased lota, suburban lands, good top huger and double bare cm. Immediately. Ap?ly to S. W. SEA. In note 104 Clark, corner Waihltgton. TXT ANTED—Business men of mature VV age and ahll’ty, to act ai sa’esmen. Most en gage at cnee for cne (year or longer. J. H. JONES, over 123 Dearborn ft- Chicago. pianos. TXTANTED—To purchase or rent a W rood-tcred sev*n-octave piano, for ose cf tie person enlv. Wll» have best of care. Would pay 9300 or fSCf, or ffi or |» rent. Address Box 3832. KHanteh-iiro •Rent. TXTANTED—To Rent—A small and V V neatly tarnished room within the telghb~rhood of the Court Bouse, by-a young man sow encased In business on Lake-st. One to a private lacJly prefer red. Address, with terms, P.O. Box 11S3. WANTED —To Rent—A lumber dock and yard, not south or Elghtcentb-st. Would be willing to porchas*) stork of any party vacating a yard. AodretsDrawer 3SIS- TXT ANTED—To Rent —A coliacc house V V la a good neighborhood. On the North Side and near city Ilml’s preferred. WouM tikepoawMioa at acy time between now and Ist of May. Addreaa P. O.Box 19. TXT-ANTED —To Real—A house, pleas- V* attly situated, in a good neighborhood having all necessary convenience*, coutalnlng (I or 7 room*, tenth Side. ea*t of state, preferred, by a earefhl, t-romtt-psylnc tenant, Pos* **ton on or before the Utb c f March. Address, stating tent and location, •• J H L,” P. O. Box 1364. TXTANTED—To Rent—A house, VV coptalnlcgi; or It rooms, suitable for a first class boarding houre. on the South Side, north of Van Buicn-st., Itctweco now and ih- Ut of ’4ay. Plntead trtw. stating location. “HR W.” P. O. Box IQQI. ijoarting. T>CARDlNG—Comtonablc rooms and A Jgood board at moderate prices at 11 Jj Stalest., one block trom the Post Offlce. TDOARDlNG—Gentlemen desirous of 1) comf.rtaMe with elegant front roomtacd coortboardlnmre-pectable family living on Waba»-h - very tar IWtn PostOfflre. Beet references re- Qoiled. Acdreta”LV' Box 1340, Post Offlce. HOARDING—A gentlemen and wife, 1 > or three tingle geiUemet, can be sccammodated with plcsrant fumis-ed or usfomlshed room, or rrome, and board, at 77 Aberdeen-st, OOARDING—Two large, unfurnished I J rooms to let. with board: each suitable for a gen tleman and his « Ur, at 265 West Madison-st. BOARDING —One large tront room, •mtib e for a gentleman and hit wife, at 142 W». ba*h-av.. between Ma- t*c«n an A Monroe-*M. lioarß aaanteß. T>OARD—By two young gentlemen in m-J * private tamlly where there are no other boarder*. Price n*;t eo much ef anoojcctas the com fort ot ahome. Address Bex 71«. T>6aßD—By a gentleman and wile. JL) Accommodatltn* must be comfortable and first class in every rerp< cu Those who cantot otler rtelrs li!econvr*irrcee. a* recarda localise. Ac., need not reoiy. Parlies answ-rnc tra.t have un-xcep' Jo-.ible references. Address ♦♦MERCHANT.*’ Tribune office. OOARD —By a widow lady, In a private • * fau ifr. where «he can have ire omforti of a bene. Adorers MR?. E. 1 BOMPeON. Tribune Office, stating location and terms. T)OARD—Pennant nt board, with fur nUbed room*, on th- Sosth bide, tor * c-at emao acd wife, private family preferred. IWcrence oi cb-pcjci. Addn>r. »'ailm location and terms, -MEK- C - AM .♦* I*. O. Box '* 1 .SO. jHacftmerg. pOR SALE—Three b-horee power up- J* right engines; six bomcntalengine*.9, if atd 12-horae power. Larcer or smaller enjrteee rur olshed with or without boilers. IC, is, ifi u 2 3fi-hors< tnbniar aod locorcoUve o-cPera for sale, beat make. A’.ao one S-roiler men Matcher acd P’amce Mactuce. Sawntlla. oarrei and wood-working machinery, trot piapt-rs. filet. Ac. Machinery Depot, aa Pecrbora-at.. Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. A CO. Ti'Oß SALE—Portable engines and boil- X era. 10 to W-hota** mver, at very low price*, by GRIFFIN ol Commerce. pOB SALE—H. 3L Amts’ portable and X BtatlonaiyccglcesofaH Uzm: also. PotnamMa < lilce Co. ito&; on- l«-to<n bed, 2Hach swlas; one 10- fou hetL?Mncbs«lns: cneS-foot bed. IS-inch twine; two CJi-foat leds.lG-lncn swine; one 4V-foot bed.ll tnch swine, all screw cntlne tnelue lathea; two Irvn S anna; twoaptlcht drills: saw mills; Farar'aßar ters; Woodworth planers acd matchers: pumps, file*. belUtg and C. L. BICE & Dearboin-st. F)U tAL£—A second-hand Buckley folding machlne—ta good cendtuom Price, MC. AOOly tn the TIUBCNK COMPANY. FOR >A liK—Woodworth Planing and Matching Vachln-s of dtlferect styl-s and sizes; cue St-torb surfarcr; a lull as«orlm*nt ofS**Q, Door and Blind Machinery, Moufolng M.v;b'aes, Wood Lathes. Scroll Saws, Be-iawmc Machines. >aw \rbors. Ac- Ac.: afro, machlrery for iron werk—Engtnj Lathee. Planers, Uorigbt Drill*, Marrlmsn’s Patent Bolt Cnturs, Davis’Patent Bolt Readers, Draluarn’s Patett V!r»—all at mauufacturers’ price*, ireleht ad ded. Circular* sert on application. MERRIMAN & WRIGHT. 14 Wells-st. Ed l\cnt==?V)ouscs. TO RENT—From Mav Ist, house No. S2’2 Wsbash-av. For particulars apply to J.L. WEATUERWAX, at tbe office of Wood’s Museum. TO RENT—First-clnss brick house from May Ist. 1367. Apply at 51 State-st. f T , O KENT—The tbree-storv and base* X xnent marble-tront boas*, No. 30-1 Cirroll-»L, two Meets north of Union Parc. Possession Immedi ately. BAIRD <fc BRADLEY, corner Lake end La- Salle-* ta. TO RENT—Princely mansion—l have to rent, throne or more ytars the well-known, spa- Mens and Her ant residence, (wltb It nonrervatoue. foreign crapes under ela'9. &c_) No.ltjS Michigan-av. Apply at No. ft Block. C. A. SPRING. XO BENT—From first ol May, a first* class brick and roaible medlom-dte residence. L>- :a very pteisantaoc healthful, peat w>»t Washing- U>n-*t; schools a* d cbnrchea near. Horse cw« every five mantes, wlibma Mock. Apply atNi. 13 Metre* pobtan Block. Alto, a sltrllar private residence, in jam vldolo. on or before May Ist. Small part ol the fnrnitore may remain. TO RENT —House, and tmnirarc for sale. Will take a pood carriage horse lor part pay cent, at No. 061 eootb Jeffery?n-»t. TO RENT—A handsome residence, with (trtltnre tor sale, on Mlchlgan-av., near Jackson at. Apply a* 101 Sooth Clark-st. ixtnt— ijnoms. TO RENT—One lurnisoed sleeping room at 137 Dcarborn*»t. oppoMte Poet Office, inquire at first floor to lett on second floor. r po KENT—And furniture tor sale, a I finely rnmi‘ti«l room la Portland Block. Addresi hO.Bsi 1733. . TO RENT—Suite of unfurnished tront rcosta »tth clcteta and na. with or without board, to d*q acd wlls without children. inquire at Kush-ft. r PO RENT—Pleasant furnished rooms 1. mltanletor seoUemen, at 246 V State-et.. coo* venleot to bettneas. &ol£cnl-smej3, ©fsc?s,&r r I’O RENT—Store ICO Monroc-st, onlv .A;* 0 , floc « fram Pan Office. Boom larre. llsht. flfgant; contain* fire-proof uffc. Fixtures fbr tale cheap. Apply at 167 Booth Clark-st. TO RENT—Desk room at Room 27, He j do Hi' Block. TO RENT—"With five years’ lease, Icur storr and buemcnl brick nor*, No. 87 South W*- ter-*t. third door west cf State-st. Apply on tae premtree, r r*o RENT—Choice Easiness Stacd—A 1 rare opportunity. Noi 14'.4 and 144 Hilliard Block. N.E e»,ni*rol Clark nd Wnter-su, »oa Ms? 1. 1567. ttey will be leased tnsctncr or» panterr. Tbetpaelous easement may also he secured wltn the ■tend alter May Ist. lira. Apply to C. A. SPRING. Room So. S Dlock. Information iiiJElanteii. INFORMATION— Wanted —Of GEO. W. KENT, formerly of Roeheater. N. T., Mid lately or lie CnatJin Hon»e it New Orleans. La. He has be come heir to a considerable amount of property. Air renon trowing bU wbereabonts will confer a street taror orclTlnr the desired information. Adir*** KTKPHEN HANFORD, P. O. Box 13S. Roch^Ur! Host anfl'.iFouno. t'OUNJD —A sum ol money. Tho owner can aectire the aame by caDln* at the Adttaa uooae and correctly describing the property, striae tridttce urn he la e&e rtgbutu owasr, and wSg afl cnargea inutoa. " n*LR< . CITUATION-Want*d-Tn~Mi, BULouSiS* nail bad p»t exinrlenca It i ontinn L?? o . lß * *■* Satisfactory referenc. ■ to New VarS ToV* Address “MlLLAß.•'Tribuneon£l *** position wb»re hli services «ould hi. . ‘ Cf £Ur Ad arm * BOOK s." Trtoun» og c ». ” •tpfwuiaj yearsexperiencein ih« east W»vT,... ?j tCl v»ta boose, as clerk or travelling •al-smiT- o 5 *** plreo. At present employ-d to ib e b .iLJrf 9 ** I #-* city. ACdrcs* •‘EARuWAKE,*’ Trtbun t !a **» CITUATION—Wanted, by a wberV O dastrtoo* rlezlng out gloklolt. Sad nine years’uMiUcte »«.?/ Ctr - -198 West Lakfrst- corner plTOted! FEMALES. machine or wlilont. Best or reftrence* cin>^- ,!l * Address “J b,’’ Tribune office, lor two'uy.f ' CT *- CITHATION—‘Wanieu—A votin'- JkJy wbn understands mnstc tbaron-hl’- d , ?:a® u, nation In a family wber* m«e atf chl’Cf'a u.-V lv tn*m In mnstc and tr aso hermit oentraiii ri.(',o’'vr 5 be seen at 433 North Stalest * n '*" J Cu SITUATION— Wanted, bv a V os» lady, to teach tnnsbr. Frecch aort*cTawt"p" ~T7'' in a school or prtralc Umlly, or *i Uiv u v.V J*'" to pnnlis at their own re.lddcccs. .v. 1-'*., BRANT. 171 Park ar. * CITUATION —Wanted, hr a yocnc ladr k ' assnmstms. Ccd«nttan:is drrsiui'ii-'- t* obiectlon to helping to do Uxbt hjaaewiTt “m > Tribune ogee. * 5 - Bgnus ffiSantra AGENTS Wanted tor WO. MAN’S WORK IN THE CIVIL W\r- Tbls work, prepared under ibe sanctluc an; arur ir*i of ibe United States Sanltarr Commirn-.r cm Sanitary Como:t*«lon, nan tbe Chrlutl-Q c>!a~tv sloo, will be tbe most ecmplete and lnt-r-iilcj Tint of'be bird published. It will ccntsln « nearly 2Coladle», noaces of about -ton other*, asdt Just tribute to tbe tboosands of heroines wbo*t ciaw arc unksown. Members of all Aid So- letie* at .; nuscr litelllernl persons are de ired to act at am**. u>«>i energetic agents can make from >IOO to >l3O per Address ZFIGLKR. McCCBuY A Lusbsn Block. Chicago, til. 4 GLNTb—Wanted—To engage in tbe saleoj ‘THE HISTORY OP ABKaH&M LIT. !• ANDTHEOVERTHROW OP SLAVBRT.-;* one voU ocuvfl, ct 736 pages. By Hoc. I. N. Amojt late member of Congre»s aid tor over twenty vean> conddestlhl friend of Mr. Lincoln. This l-> po-uat work wai undertaken tbre* years ago with 11« »&. prcvalol Mr. Lincoln, and Is Jnat ts>ced. It b s ready selllnc as rapidly a* the publisher* bare vi able to Oil orders. Tne Qzst edition sold is x**sn days. For foil description, opliloa of leadlos ar.d men. and terms, address the pob Über*. CLaUCk A AGENTS —Wanted—For “ The Histoxy of the 'War Between the State*—Tracing i:» otf. {tin, Cause* and Easulta.” By Hon. Alexander a. i-.*. phenn. And for The 1-ifr, Letter* and Speech-* or H-a. Alexander H- Stephens. By Henry Cleveland. 9*04 for ctrrnlars and »ee onr terms. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING No. 10 Lombard Block. Chicago A GENTS—Wanted—For the new t\ wort, “WOMEN OF THE WAR.” bv Frans Sucre. Says T. b. Artbsr. In hi* Hum* Vimr/ar Philadelphia: “Without lost saeba bock onr rncori of the late civil war would be incomplete: sad 1 aa cleaned to know that the work or prepat lag the v jlsb* has been committed to one so competent, tu «b respects, ss the anther of “The Rebellion Been-'*' 1 trust the book wiu have a large sale, for it is a S:t£> tribute to abardofnoolewomes, who for thfir muc. try’s and humanity’s sake, counted rot their live* Cear.” F>r in .agency call on, or sddn-ti. j*. r TREAT.mhlliher. 117 South Clark-iU. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—Just received, Fol som’s splendid NEW UNDER-FEED LEFT KB ”A” SEWING MACHINBS. Free «3. ccoplrt-w is table. Good machines at 930, fa and p. ATSIV EON. 164 Bandolph-sL, Room tf, Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted —$125 per nv'rth ardexpensrs. Address SHAW A CLARK SEW* ING MACHINE CO., Bldcelord, Maine. AGENTS —Wanted—$25 a dav. Fit - teen new articles tor Agents. O. T.'GAI’.KT, Btddeiord, Maine. 1 AGENTS —Wanted—500 Agents wact ed tn * new business. H. B. SHAW, Alfred. Maine. AGENTS —Wanted—One local acent in every town and cltv in the Western States to la troduce and sell a useful article In universal dcmaci. Oulr one manutactoty In the West, no competition profits large. Gallon or address MINOR >t CO„ So. 3K Market-st. cor. Lake, up-stairs. Roam No. 4. AGENTS —Wanted—Bcncvol encc- Gamplea sent free to any address. Can b* -old ty any man, woman or tooth. Recommended bv the Chicago “Tribune.” “Time*,” and “Republic*',” acd many of the fit it citizens of Chicago. 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T>ARTNER—Wanted—With a small A < apital In a light. profitable baslae*-. For par titulars c*U at 13-1 Dcarborn-it, Room No.g.ttii day. PARTNER —Wanted —An cnercehc I mar.wltbs3oo,t9*akea half Iste-eat in at *> UNfrt.M buineek. payteg a large profit. AppT-t PPEER A BRO.'S. IQ7 Scuta C&*k. PARTNER —Wanted—In a snl.on and I t?n pin alley. Just started, and do In? an-ebs*- cess tlanoeesitn car* att-nd to. lows tu-lmllhro acd S years’ lease oo the ground. For terms. id dr»e» u L N J.” Drawer I.VA, Morrfa, Graniy C-».. ill. A rare chance for a man with small capital aud.ooi boslnwa habit*. PARTNER— Wanted —An CDenreM man, to take a hatf-lntereet In s good pavlnv ru*J ness Capital requiredsWo. For partlcalars ad hm for three daja. ♦•R 8.” Tribune PARTNER—Wanted—I want a good X man to coin with me. to open a European u<trl near the Pott Office. Capital $1 or $ V3CO. I hv* 1 ’ a fotgacc Cheap lease. CaL an or adure-s ~C U C." MercLanU Hotel, Chicago, tor one week. T>ARTNER—AVanted—A party with 1 suitable qualifications, wixbloe to inves' fna S7.CCO to $15,C00 capital, can purchatc the whole BUT intcreetls an c:a-cst»ollehed macufocturlne bu-lsr 4 *. from which the income Is satl«factirr. Ad-lre— -M aS UFACTOhEB.’’ Trti'one office. ijustness Ctiancca. _ FOR bAT.E—SIOO lo SSOO cash will ?c- > cuica prcfitxble btitUo*. To parlies lookt' ?f>/ Immediate acd lar&e reaulta. thU is a rate chaact IBUESDELL A CO.. Room 13 Lombard Block. , F'OR SALE—The Madison City Steam Mill, with Distillery atx*ch*d. in complete rmtalM order. The mill will erlndfi.OCO pounds Sour, and t=e dlsilllety run too bushe s crato, daily, bams. •h-I'. > wa - eh< uses and riffice* compiftc. Good run of ru*; *m S work, and'ome demand for all productlocs. C«u m r easily convered Into a vinegar ffotory or brewerv. ir conzectlcn with the mill. A fine opportunlt? t.': » : pa\lDßbniin«R. Wll*excbaacerorCnlca?opr-pert?- * ; Address H. C. MANNING, Madison. Wts. fTOR SALE—One-half or the whole of*® X an lotarest in a m«eotactimcgbosines*.a>xe what cent ccted with lumber, worth from flf.WO M 1 |IS,CCO. Wit! be ‘Old lo a iespectab>e man. >uid n>> out er. Persons desiring to invest this amount tc slvu- • tsge, wt I adorns box 1220, Cbteag?. 111. T?OK SALE—well-established bnsines X on Bonih Water-s*..central location. Cspialre qalred. |IC.OU>. tbc-DSti more coals be profitably e piojed. Adcrae ♦•B H S,”P.O. Box 2015. T7OR SALE—A first-class Photofirapb X Gallery, at a bargain. In the city of Laporie. In d ies. Addresa PHOTOGRAPHER, Post Office Bo* 470, Lapcrte, Indiana. F)R bALE—Stock goods and store fix- 1 •*.. inrrs. everything of b*si qnatitv. WHI exrhaan fbr rood property Id cr near eUy. Apply to S. **• SEA, Ftncj Goods Bazaar, 104 Clark, corner Wish ingtcn. FOR SALE—A planmg mill, ali com* , plete, with good Improvements, Main bn l tint ■ ts two stories, tOzSOftet: engine bense tsxta p-r:; 5*- ' botee powerecglne; three flooring machines e,irfi*rr tiding sa#, Ac., all in good order. together «Itn U*« r ' double teams and wagons, bam and office• leave? eight lots, corner ol Canal and Elcbteentb-s’s. at uv -a peryear. Pile* lIS.OCO. naif esslu Inquire cf Ua£» .X, A AYRES. Office 10 Crosby’s Opwa Boose! |. OR SALE Amount ol busmes i fW.OOO: toodlocation; no olhertallor 1 inhabitants. Will sell all, or stock: and rent »ta«- ; Address S. TAYLOR. DeSalP, HI. JFat Sale. “Genessee Chief, ftt Stroll. Michigan. Übw«.\S. To* ?>*.?E < & ,d .5 lei *. uren,CT,t )» »t- App'y to WM. K. W.\> KINEB, Detroit, Mich-. or U HARRIS ft DBO-b* Losoer-sc, Chicago. FOh SALE—Office desks, show case, k. iale to good order (Hall's mate), chair?. I v* oini,dra«er«,»helTlng. »tores, ic- Ac : asp., £•; Wfui wagon acd harness. Apply at S 7 South % OR SALE—At tie LokeTnuiel-OK -3 S 5 horse pow»r engine aad upright tubular*►>!!*• - -i use ft- bone power engmeand upright tu n'arbjlitf- OneiShtniepowcrecg ne.andnpntnttabular t*- These aad bflUera are Lew. hare been la s* w ' bat a ret jr short tjme. * f. , 2l.l»tert Trail, weighing O as. to the yard. . C- : ? 1 large tan for Teatllailon, j|. SL Alden's- t<i bnllt eapre-ely for this work. \v\ »fl e. acll-hrokea > oong male*. , fc£s hoisting apparatu* *s 4 shears, capacity 1 cable yard. A large lot of tool*. A lot of ns.ocr acd lumber. . i V Aiio, the buildings, ihedi, outhouse*. Ac.. eossrct» ’ > with the take Tunnel. b A lot of call and wrought aeraolrm. f DOLL A OUW* v * vwrv. - _ JOWAS. Contrsriui-. ;■ Office, thore bbafi HJKjTns:*, - IfOR SALE Vessel Biiz R-Mj j*| J? l,taeoortortpr.»3'l«K :l Jfn £*"k C ft P»cUx. n,OOO ba com or S» M Inmtvrp- *‘4 e i*® ld °n «uf Jem*. Appiy to HENRY S. UAU*T»P £3J 6lw “ • Bkclc, coiner South Water u P)R SALE—Lease and tnrniture nt * S bome coßtvniße It room*. with all ;*T a rroTemeata, North Etdc, orar atrrrt car*. .3 May in or befljre. Inquire at JO BaaM?* >t. » 11 F)R BALE—Turners’ tools for ; i On* full act, -with or wltmnt b*nrh«. H.VrrTt asm lea* tn»n one year. Addre* W. J. DOOLITI*- 6 * ,-j Jaaerrine, Wli. - -^0 Fm BALE—Schooner Knte RichmrnJ J AS, cmrrt** IS MO ba corn' r 193 mlamwr. > 3 » ; lathl* port. ELKINS A MERRILL. , OR BALE—Sheep Pells, ShecplWj / { LSOOielected Sheep PeJta can be boo*hta»*7j. 1 (rain. A rare chance for parties puUlsx wool. j drew B, B.HICGINS. Dixon. 111. ~ * Worses. Carriages, TPOH SALE— A TftHmWe lot olT»»J JP bom* at the Central Stable, 8 aad 19 Watar-at, W.COX*CO. 14