Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 26, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 26, 1867 Page 4
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY SO, ISO - TRE CITY. HxncAjmxx Amociatiojv. —Members of the Mercantile Association arc invited by the Board of Trade to meet at its rooms to-day .at one o'clock, to hear addresses on “Colorado, and its relations to Chicago.” WitaxdHcxob op tux Irish People.— This lecture, which has been characterized as one of the most humorous sod best productions of Henry Giles, will be delivered this evening In Bbllch's Ball, by T. 3. Nlcbolls, E-q., of Boston, for the benefit ol Mr. Giles, who is now prostrated on a bed ot sickness. The occasion should be one of substantial benefit. Ijcnrnro ms Pips with sls.— Anthony McAvoy, tomewbat intoxicated, entered the kitchen of a house at No. 257 Welle street, on Sunday night, to light his pipe, as be alleges. One of the girls In the bonse saw him with a good sized bundle of dirty clothes, proceeding towards the door, and policemen always being watchful of that neigh borhood, Anthony wa? at once arrested. Yester day morning at (be Police Comt he was fined 111. “Madaxe Gctok” Is the subject of a lecture by the Rev. David Swing, this cvcn : ng, at th i Westminster Presbyterian Church, comer of On tarlo'and Dearborn streets, the proceeds of which will be given to the Chicago S. S. Union. Wc are informed that a large number of tickets have already been sold, and there is every prob .* blhty of a full house, which both the capacity of the lecturer and the general interest In tbs subjc-t well deserves. Dissolution.— Onr advertising column? contain a notice of the retirement of Mr. Butler from the firm of Jcwelt A Bntier, No. 13 Lake street, the well known Importers and Jobbers of Hardware. The totuiness will be continued by Mr. Jewett,, who will devote si) bis energies to the work of serving the old patrons of the firm, in which be ha* hitherto been successful. The arrangements of the bouse, or Its facilities for business, in so wise suffer from the change. Death orl*. B. Manchester, Esq.—Our death notices contain the announcement of the decease InNewYo’kcityof P. B. Manchester. The de ceased was long resident in this afy, and well known a? the senior member of the law firm of Manchester & Sons. Ec did a large business in Chicago, and was agent for a considerable amount of property. reremovt-Jto New York about a rear ago. and has resided there ever since till the time af his death. The jACKsosvniX Journal.— Mr. C.W. Atch ison, correspondent aud agent for Ibis able dally *rd weekly journal, is at present in this city, and ad 1 call on our business men with & view or ob taining their advertHn;- patronage. Tbe paper ha? a large local circulation In a "<*c(lod ablcb, norwfthsiaidirglta propinqrilJrtoSt.Loalfl draws largely on Cmca-o for tno D>tce?sariea and lux uries 01 life, and advertisers trill study their own Interests m locking in that direction for business. The Torxc Men's Litebaht Society will meet this (Tuesday) evening in the Circuit Court Room for the discussion of the following resolu tion: F.ettirfd, That “the entire moral freedom and responsibility of mao is Inconsistent with rea son.” Affirmative disputant*, lid. T, Jeffreys and W. I. Culver. Negative disputants, F. J. Smith ar.d N. Monroe. All lovers of debate are in vited. Raztq Waldo Emerson win give a lecture on “ Eloquence,” In Unity Cbnrch, comer of Chicago avenue and North Dearborn street, on Monday evening next, commencing at half oast seven o’clock. As Ibis will be the last opportunity to bear Mr. Emerson this season, wc doubt not a large audience will be present. lickct*, fifty ccnie each, may be procured at the bookstore ot S. C. Gnggs &*’o„ end at -I. R. Walsh’s news room ; also, at the rot,me of the Young ilea's As sociation, iu Portland Block. Alleged KonnEiir. —On Saturday night ayoong mat: named Gilbot Wright, visiting a saloon on Drat bom street opposite the Post Office, claimed to have lost a dollar bill on tbe floor. Not finding It he went directly to another young man named Albert Moore, and surprised him with (bo remark, “ 1 must have that money,” and proceed 'd very coolly to search Moore’s pockets. Finding money he took out adoliar-and paid his “reckoning” at the bar He was afterward" arrested, andattbo PoliccConrcveetcidaymomlng was held for fur ther examination to-day in bail of £33). Party as a Witness.— The first admission of a party to testily In bi= own behalf undcr'lbe new law was allowed yesterday by Judge Wil iams of th» Circuit Court. It was in the case of Al<*xaud ;r Bateson against Mannce Eduard Dunn. This ac tion under the cew law was lauen upon the au thority of members of the bar, and afiords onr cit izens m irr.a facie evinenw of the existence of the law. ibis action conforms tbe practice of the State Courts loihaloftho Uoilcd States Courts, and so once again the rules of evidence apply alike to all Courts having Jurisdiction from tola centre. Another Pointed Gone.— James Lnnt, a bro ther-in-law ol oar esteemed fellow-citizen, P. Baggy, Esq., Secretary of the Laud Department of the Illinois Central Railroad, died on the l<lh of January last, at Jamestown, California, In tho thirty-ninth year of Iris age. Mr. Lunt, when a youth, sci type in tbe office of the Alexandria Oa tettr. and from there moved, some fifteen years ago, t« California, to seek his fortune In sold min ing. He succeeded in obtaining a comfortable livelihood, arid was about to return to his rela tions when the hand of death took him from bis many friends to another laud. Slatting a Follower.—Mrs. Jane E was walking lively atone State fatrect last evening In the vicinity of Adams street, when a man met her and gazed rudely into her face. He turned after the had passed aud followed her. She quickened her pace to hope of escapingthe annoyance, but he kept near her. When near comer of Jackson he reached her side and accosted her. She re turned the salutation by a blow on tbe nose which fetched the blood. lie did not continue his Inves tigations. The lady eputmued her walk, satisfied that she had done her doty, and perhaps given him a lesson. The moral can be supplied by thj leader. Pigeon Shooting. —Tie fourth shooting match of the present winter took place on Saturday afternoon on the grounds of the Audubon Club. Tha first match shot was hetweau Messrs. Jacob Craitouscd George Mule, twelve birds each, for £25 a side. The result was as follows: Mr. Craltoc IIIOIOHIIII—IO Mr. Stuie 111 (111 0 1111 0— 9 The second match was between Mc3*rs. Lewis and Craitou, ten birds each, five pigeons aud five •‘sparrows,” for SiJaiice. The score stood as loilowe: Mr. Lewis 1111111101—9 Mr. Craiton. .111010110 I—7 This wa* followed by a match between Messrs. Turtle and ilome, five “sparrow-" 1 each, with the following result: Mr. Tnrlle 110 01—3 Mr. Morris Next Saturday Messrs, t’niton and Slulc will have a second encounter, twenty-live birds each, lor fSOaelde. Tnn Leoai. Fbacas.—Mention was made in these columns on Sunday of a collision which oc curred on Saturday morning between cx-Jnstico Moore and an attorney m this city known na “Colonel 1 * Durand. The afoit seems to have been the beginning of a senes of petty litigations. The Colonel procurrcd a warrant lor the arrest of Moore npon the ground or making threats, and at the Police Conrt yesterday aitcrnoon the ex-Jus tice was required to bonds in £2OO to keep the peace. Thcanij/'ios of (he quarrel between them i.snnderrtiodto have bees occasioned by testi mony given before the Grand jury some weeks ago by Dnrardlna case wnerc Alooro was Inter ested, and adversely to his cansc. Since that time, the Colonel alleges, Mr. Moore has threatened him repcaU'dly, and on Saturday last went so far as to sav that he would kill him. Believing hUUfem danger, be hi ought the salt. At tbe Police Court Mr. Moore improved the occasion to say that the Colonel had lived “off of him" for the last four or five years—that be was a mean, dirty scoundrel, and other aficcliunatu remarks. McrcoroiJTAN GniN'Asirac Club.— A meeting of fids association was h.-ld last evening at their rooms on Kenrie street, near North Clark, Mr. W. S. Potwiuiuthe chair. Mr. C. \V. Stickncy, Secretary, staled the objects of the meeting, which were to consider the propriety of changing their rooms to the Sonth Division of the city. Alter a lengthy discussion, the Association de cided to move. The new rooms arc situated in the building of the Voang Men’s Christian Asso ciation, and are far more convenient than the one now occupied. An assessment of five dollars each was deter mined on, to meet the expense of fitting up the new rooms. An election was held to fill vacancies, with the following icsuli: President—W. S. Potwin. Vice President—lra F. Yonnglove. Members of Executive Board—C. n. Shaver and James McKenna. Twenty members who bod not already signed the snbtcription lists, came forward and signrd. Sixty new memberships were pledged as eoou as tbe ptoposed move was made. Adjoin nvd. A* Iscrxtots Rascal.—The latest and most origii al method of obtaining money under false pr. tencea was exhibited here a few days ago. An advertisement appeared in the Truccse asking information of a ccitaln person, giving his name anc former residence, and slating that as he had become heir to a considerable amount of property tbe advertiser wished to learn his address. The same day, the young man mentioned In tbe no tice—who resides here—called upon one of onr lawyer*, with whom be Is well acquainted, and stated that be had Inherited a fortune, referring the Utter to the advertisement, and wanted to borrow fifty dollars to suable him to go East and claim it, The matter appearing eUafeht forward, the money was promptly fttr niebcd andthe yonng man o-parted at once and has not been seen h»-r>; since. The lender, for tome reason soon suspected that something was wrong, and applying ai the counting-room of this paper for the copy ot the advertisement, found that it was in the handwriting of the party of whom information was asked; the borrower hand ed It in and paid for it. Tbe accommodating friend who advanced the money saw (hat be was victimized, and applied at once to tbe fortunate heir's sister, who Is an esti mable ladv, moving in the first circles of society, and she at once repaid him the ’amount Urns liaudnltntly obtained by ber renegade brother, pc Is iiboat twenty-two years of age, and has not home thf best characters for steadiness. fihe game was quite ingenious and well played, but the Krai fiicnd levls that be was sold at a cheap rate. The case fs a good sample of (he de vice- adopted by the great army ol the “dead b:oKC io lucrmt tbeir flounce;*, and may servo as a warning to others to examine closely the adver tisements which may be brought to bear upon them. A CtxntcAt. (I) Tmw.—Edward Halsey, a soleiar.-vlf-sgcd, bilious-looking individual, with lung locks of black hair straggling down upon his shoulders, was arraigned b-lor.- Jnslice starte vaot yesterday tr orninc, charged with the larceny ota dress coat,vest and two shirts from Uichonse of Mrs. Lehey, who resides id an alley between Monroe and Adams streets, near LaSalle. On Thursday last, about dinner time. Halsey meekly nresented himself at the door of the kind-hearted woman and said that he was hungry. He looked hnn«ry. and also exceedingly pious. He was In vited u> enter, was told that he should be welcome to food when dinner was ready, and the nnsns pectmc Mrs. Lehey repaired to ibc kitchen. lie turning Id a few moments she was surprised to find that her eccentric guest had gone to the front room of tbc house, and was there apparently en caged in prayer. A second time upon looking ii to the room, she found that the man had chang ed his devotions, aid was walking the room with a book in bis bund, occasionally pausing for pray erful reflections, and upon observing her hd re quested her to withdraw, as ahe disturbed his ra liglous devotions. Her husband came home I > dinner, and the stranger ate with them, In a man ner which indicated toe Introqucncy in his expe rience of pood 4 *»quarc" After dinner he tried to borrow money ol Mr. Leber, saying that he was a pilgrim, and was Journeying towards Springfield. Not in this he remained an hour or two and then left. A few minutes later the loss of the articles mentioned was dis covered. OnSaturday evening Detective Simpson arrested Halsey on Wells street, havlngnotronhle in Identifying him on account of his somewhat unique appearance. Upon scorching him be look Are coats from bis person, including the property of Mrs. Lehey. At the Police Court yesterday morning, Babcy was committed for trial in ball of £3,000. Qe seems to have been a cetmioe dis ciple of the notorious Stephen Burroughs who flourished in rascality ,in the early part of the present century. COMMON COUNCIL. Regular Meeting—Scavengers —The Van Bnrcn Street Tladnct—Rail road Track In Bridgeport— The Charges against the fire Marshal. StreetfTnmrft inriimnnfi TTn-^Fares, Ihe Common Council met last evening In regu lar session. Bis Honor the Mayor presiding. Iherewcrc present the following Aldermen; Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, B’WoU, Wicker, Wilmortti, Calkins, Karin. Flnnucan, Batch, Wall work, Moore, Schuler, FnsWe, Talcolt. Woodard, Bixby, Hassell, Ackhoff. GastSeld, Proudfoot, Bnh, £npol, Sbackford, Clark and O'Sullivan. aswrn CONTRACTS. A petition was received from Charles Gladding acd C. W. Fuller, asking relict from certain sewer contracts made by them with the city. Referred to Committee on Finance. iaon» scavengers. Aid. Knickerbocker presented an ordinancepro yidlng that each scavenger wagon shall hereafter be provided with a light on each side of the wag on. upon each of which lights shall bo a number; and further providing that night soil shall only bo deposited in suitable places—conviction of a vio lation of these provisions to be punished by a lino of from fifty to one hundred dollars. Lain on the table. miser Of STREET KAXE. A petition was received from property owners asking that the name of Coolldgo street bo changed to Thirteenth street. Referred to the committee on Streets and Alleys of the (Vest Division. VIADUCT AT VAX BURES STREET. A remonstrance was received asking a delay of action in the matter of the erection or the viaduct at Van Rutcn street, pending the completion of the Washington Street Tunnel. Referred to the Committee on Barbor and Bridges. CnICACO AVENUE. A MmrmefhlTi-fk vta rA/«.l«rr«tnsf llia flip. A remonstrance was received against the pav ing of Chicago avenue, from Clark to Rash streets. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the North Division. STREET RAILWAY TRACE. The Committee on Railroads reported on the petition to lay down a track upon Water street, Ac., an ordinance which provides: Section i. That the Chicago, Alton & St, Louis Railroad Company may lay oown a track crossing Hickory and Fuller streets, and on Water street (Bridgeport.) Sec. 3. The company to keep the roadway open to tree use. Sec. 3. To bold the at; harmless for damages. Sec. 4. To keep flagmen at crossings. Ordered to be published. TUE HUE XAIUDAL. The Committee on Fire and Water reported In relation to the charges mafic against U. t*. Harris, Fire Marshal, that the; recommend that the mat ter be referred to the Police and Fire Commission ers, who arc requested to report to the Council any facts In relation to the matter. On motion of Aid. Woodard, the report was placed on file. storage you petroled*. The sane comiulftee reported npon tbe petition oftbe Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Kan way Company to be allowed to maintain a Petro leum Storage Was choose at tbe comer of Stewart avenue ana Twelt-b sireet, an ordinance granting ibe permission. Keforrcd to the Corporation Counsel. Ibe Commute on Police reported an order to pay tbe watchmen in the cupola £GU per month for ilicir services in sounding tne bell, in case of lire alauas and for the hours. Tbe order passed. 6TBEETNAME GUANOED. The Committee on Streets and Alleys of the North Division reported an order to change the name of Green Ray street to Rush street. Ordi nance passed. ASSESSMENT CONPIUMED. Tbe Joint committee of the Board of Public Woiks and Local Assessments reported In fivor of the confirmation of the assessment roll for opening Mitchell street from Halsled to Waller streets. Report concur)cd in. HACK CIUnOES. Aid. Knickerbocker called up tbe ordinance ro omily published iu the Tribune regulating ibe charges to be mane by hocumen. Ibe ordinance pa^ed. Tho Council nojourned. PARTIES AS WITNESSES. ) lip Sew taw of Evidence iu this State .—Parties to a Suit Mar * ‘ Testify—The Act. The following Is an official copy of the act en abling parties In civil sails to give testimony in courts of this State. In Ibis respect, tho practice in the Slate of Illinois will now he the same as tn many other States, and in all tbe United States Courts. Tbe effect of the passage of this act will undoubtedly be to shorten materially the process of legislation, and to enable Juries to arrive at a correct verdict in some cases .where they would otherwise disagree or decide unequitable: AN AGP relating to the Competency of Witnesses in Civil Cases: Section l. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois represented In the (hneral Assembly, That no person shall be disqualified as a witness In any civil action or proceeding, except as hereinafter stated, by reason of bis or her Interest in (bo event tbcreoi as a party or otherwise, or by reason of bis or her convicilonol any crime, but such interest or conviction may bo shown for the purpose of affecting tho credibility of such witness, ar.d tne act ol such conviction may I)o proven like any fact not of rec ord cither by the witness himself, who shall be compelled to testily thereto, or by any other witness cognizant of snch conviction, as Impeach ing testimony, or by any other competent cvl . deuce. Sec. 8. That no parly to any civil action, snit or proceeding, or person dlrecilv interested in the event thereof, shall be allowed to testily therein, ol his own motion or in his own behalf, by virtue of the foregoing section, when any adverse party euca or defends as the trustee or conservator of any idiot, lunaric or distracted person, or as tbe ex ecutor, administrator, heir, legatee or devisee of any deceased person, or as guardian or trustee ot any each heir, legatee or devisee, unless when called as a witness by such adverse party snWg or defending, and aieo except in the following cases, namely: First. Id any each action, suit or proceeding, apaiiy or interested person may testily to facia occurring after the death of such deceased per son. Second. When la any such action, suit or pro ceeding any agent of any deceased person, shall. In behalf of anv person orpersonn suing nr being sutd iu either ot the capacities above named, tes tify to any conversation or transaction between such sgent aud the opposite party or parly in In terest, each opposite party or party in interest may testily concerning the same conversation or transac’iou. Thitd. Where in such action, suit or proceed log any such party seeing or Defending as afore-' said, or any person having a direct interest in tbe event of snch action, suit, or proceeding shall testify In bciialf of such party so sucing or de fending to any conversation or transaction with the opposite parly or party iu interest, then such opposite party or party iu interest shall also be permitted to testify os to tbe same conversation or transaction. Fourth. Where In any euch action salt or pro ceeding, anv witness not a party to Ihc record, or not a party In interest, or not an agent of each de ceased person, shall, in behalf of any party to snch action, suitor proceeding,testify to any con versation or admission by any adverse party or party in liJcrrst, occurring before the death and in the absence of snch deceased person, snch ad verse party or party in interest may also testify as to the same admission or conversation. .0 0 0(11-1 F»JV.i. When in any sock action, suit or pro* creeling, (be deposition or such deceased person shall be read in evidence at (be trial, any adverse parly orparty In interest may testily as to all mat* lere and things test-fled to in such depositions by such deceased person and. not excluded for Irre levancy or lucoropctcncy. S?eo,3. Where in any civil action, suitor pro* ccedinp the claim or defence Isfoundcd on a book account any party or Intrusted person may testify to bis account boon and (be items therein con tained that the same is a bonk or original entries; and that the entries therein were made by bIm?oIf and arc tme and just. or (bat the same were made by adeccascd person, or by & disinterested person or non-rcsidcut of the State at the time of the trial, and were made by such deceased or con*rcßtder.t person la the ut-nal course of trade, and of his duty or em ployment to tbe party so testifying, and thcrennou the said account book and entries shall be ad mitted as evidence in Ibc cause. Sec. 4. That in any action, suit or proceeding, by or against any surviving partner or partners, joint contractor or contractors, no adverse party or person, adversely interested in tbe ••vent t&cru* 01, shall by vlrtneof section one of Ibis act, be rendered a competent witness to testify to any admission or conversation by any deceased partner or joint contractor, unless some one or more ol the surviving partners or joint con tractors were also present at tbe Umc of such admission nr conversation. fete. 5. lhat no husband or wife virtue of section one of iLfs act, be rendered competent to testify for or against each other as to any trans action or conversation occurring dating the mar riage, whether called as a witness daring the existence of the marriage, or after its dissolution,except incases where the wife wooldtf unmarried be plaintlfi, or defendant, or wbetc the cause of action grows onl of a personal wrong or ii'Jarr, done by one to the other, or grows oat of I ?ic neglect of the husband to famish the wife with a suitable support, and except also in eases where the litigation shall be concerning the sep arate property of the wife, in all oi which cases the bnsband and wife may testify for or acalnst each other in the same manner as other parties may, under the provisions of this act Sac. C. That any party to auy civil action, sail or piocccding, may compel any adverse party or person forwnose benefit snch action, salt or pro ceeding is brought, instituted, prosecuted or de fended, to testify as a witness at the trial, or by deposition taken as other depositions arc bylaw required. In the same manner aud subject to the same rules as other witnesses. Sec. 7. That in any civil action, suit or proceed ing no person who would, tin party thereto,be Incompetent to Re-llfy therein under the pro visions of section two or section three, shall become competent, by reason ol any assignment or release of his claim, made for the purpose of allowing each person to testify. t-Eo. 8. That nothing in this act contained shall In any manner affect the laws now existing rela ting to (he settlement of Ibeestau-s of deceased persona, infants, idiots, lunatics or distracted persons, or to the acknowledgment or proof of deeds and other conveyances relating to real es tate, in order to entitle the same to be recorded, or to tbe attestation ot the cxecntlnn of last will* a*>d testaments, or of any other Instrument re quired by law to be attest'd. Me. 9. Thai section thirty-nine <39), forlv (HI and forty-one (41) of chapter fifty-ntnc (39), and section seven (7) of chapter fifty-four (54) of the revised statutes of 1315, and an act to dispense with bills of discovery tn certain cases, approved February SOtb, A.D. ISGI, and an act to amend the same, approved February 16th, A. D lSGs,and &U other acta and parts of acts inconsistent herewith, be. and tbe same are hereby repealed; Sec. 10, This act shall take effect and he In fetee from and after Its passage, and shall apply to all eases then pending. Approved February Ibth. 1867. TUBOPPEB.HJLN KIIIBDEB. The Trial of Horace Brown for the Crime—Conflicting Testimony* The trial of Horace Brown of this city, now in progress at Joliet, for tbc murder of Phillip Op perman, a citizen of Bridgeport, In the month of liar, 1865, with the snb.-tanec of tbc testimony rendered at the Coroner's inquest, was published In last Friday's Tweuke. By a change of venue to the Will County Court, the trial of the case was transferred from Chicago to Joliet, and occupied the attention of the Court until baturday wgbt ia*f, when the evidence in the case was all re ceived, and the attorneys retired to their offices to prepare tor the closing arguments yesterday morning. The evidence produced by Ibc defence was not character. Us chief value to the P " aD l’ rating in the fact (hat It shows ol statements, and may thus 10 absolute conclusive oiaSSS&Sr**** “ “>« Wag dec- Every witness examined has riven . version of each of the drcnmsiTnce* rc-arifmr ■ the occurrence as camo within hi s owq knowl edge. One of the witnesses tor the prosecution asserted that the prisoner was taken across Van Buren eticet bridge, while others were cuuriiv positivetn»t he was taken down Wells street and across Madison street bridge. Some testified that toe dying nan described Biown as wearing ablnc blouse, a point which was sought to be refuted by the counsel for the defer cc. What legal view may bo taken of Hie differences between the real name of the murdered man, Gherman, and thewame in the indictment, pre senting riiillo Oppcrman os the man who tins killed. It Is ot coarse impossible to slate. The verdict ol the jury will probably be render ed to-day. • Casualties.—Mrs. McMurtry. about thirty-five years of age, who resides near Holstein, was struck by the locomotive of tbo Woodstock ac commodation train, on the Chicago & North western Railroad, yesterday morning about nine o'clock, ar.d dangerously injured. She was .Undine at the cxoaslcn oj Slat road with tb-itof Ac Itlinackce Blnsun, tad t»:c,M>ine cfffnm ibe Ittti'f track in avoid an approaching train, pawed over to Ibc former track wilhont seeing her dancertliere, and was knocked down by tlw cow-catcher. Her skull was fractured, and sbo was oiboiwl«e severely injured, but may survive. On Saturday evening a boy named Jacob Farb, IMnc at No. 225J4 Lander street, was ran over on Madison street. iu-ar ibo bridge, by a wagon, and considerably injured. ADVENT OF A GREAT ONE. A Southern Railroad Man (?) and His Doings—He “ Passes ” into Jail, Theastnte Colonel Wood has been victimized. Few of those who know bun would be willing to believe such a statement if made without qualifi cation, aa his acumen and wlde-awakativeneas ate writ known. For the sake of preventing hlmfrom falling in the estimation of bis blends, it is proper to state that be was a victim fur a very abort apace o( time only, and that the loss Incurred by being thus victimized was unimportant. Yesterday was not the first day on which parties claiming to be railroad men have applied to the Museum for courtesies which arc usually supposed to be ex tended to Parties In that business, nor was it the first occasion on which persons claiming to sus tain the relation of passenger agents to the gene ral public have been exposed. Swindlers arc found who represent themselves as be longing to ml classes of society; and ibe character of a railroad man is one which they arc very fond ot assuming, taking care, however, to locate the road with which they arc connected, far enough from the scene of their confidence games to make detection a work of lime, if not Impossible. About three weeks ago a gentleman presented himself to Mr. Mar-b, the treasurer ot the Mu— earn,with a letter ol introduction purporting to be from (he Manager of the Louisville Theatre. Mr. Ogden, the letter represented, was connected with the Louisville and Masbrl le Riilroad. Qe was courteously treated and attended the theatre the same evening. Be proposed to procure some railroad passes lor Colonel Wood, Mr. Weather wax and Mr. Marsh when he returned. Oo the evening alluded (o Mr. Weathcrwax was (a con versation with Mr. Ogden In a familiar war,which seemed greatly to surprise a special policeman whose beat is near the Bough Bouse at the Stock Yards. Be -afterwards asked Mr. Wcathcrwaz regarding his triend, and then told him that only a few days previous Ogden was ejected from the Hough House. Since that time Mr. Weathcrwax, with a slight suspicion of having been sold, but not an abso lute certainty, waited patiently lor the'reappear ance of Ogden. Be came to the office of the Mu seum again yesterday af'ernoon. Be said he had joat relumed from NcwYork, where he had been to purchase some new cars for the road, “and, by the way,” says be “here are three passes for yon’* —and he departed, earing that he might be in to see the play In the evening. The posses were all well written on a small card, and were Issued to Colonel Wood, Mr. Mv-sh and Mr. Weathcrwax. The last mentioned will serve as a sample: “L. &. N. It It, » “February fith, 1607. \ “Pass Mr. J. L. Weathenrax from Louisville. Ky., to Atlanta, Georgia, on account of General Railroad Agency. T. U. Ogden, Supt” lhe Colonel went to one of the railroad offices in a quiet v* ay, and satisfied himself very soon that Ogden was an Impostor. Mr. Wealhcnvax, after visaing with Offi cer Casey two or three railroad offices, came to a similar conclusion. When me theatre opened m the events?, Mr. Ogden soon presented himself, accompanied by two gentle men whom ho represented to bo conductors on bis road, named C. Edwards and Eugene il. Hen ary. They were all passed in unchallenged, and in all their various walks and leisurely inspection of the wonders of the Museum, whether In the Grotto, or beholding the Giant, they were closely ‘•shadowed” by Officer Casey in citizen's dress, and Captain Hickey in the back ground and near' the doorways to ent off retreat if they should take alarm Finally they went into the Lecture Room and took orchestra choirs to witness the play. Ibe officer sat behind them, by this time very much to their annoyance, aa (hey apparently had suspicions of Mm. After permuting them to listen to the play a few min utes it was acomcd expedient to arrest them. They were called into the hall and were at once lutoimcd of the fact that they were prisoners. Ogden was tcrluly Indignant nt such freat-uent, ana persisted that it was a shameful return for his courtesy. The trio were locked up at the Armory for the night. It is understood that Ogden Is the man who was running tho saloon on Dearborn street where Wlleon was shot three or four weeks ago, and as he does i.ot seem to nave any other abiding place, the Impudence of his attempt to swindle Is with out parallel. Upon bis person were found nu merous letters, railroad passes. Ac. How far tho other two men are Implicated In his swindling schemes may bo developed at tbclr examination bclorc the Police Court this morning. AIHCSEITIKNT.S. Muskoh.— I The Irish drama has long held pos session of tho stage. One would think that Ire land and the Irish, tor dramatic purposes, were pretty well exhausted by this time. The stage Is overrun with them, and tho cry is still they come. They come thick and fast like Irish emigrants by shiploads, and Ills to bo presumed that If every son of Erin could presenthlmself on these shores in the shape of a sensational drama ho would bo acceptable to all and profitable to himself. Tom Taylor has seel forth a fresh Irish drama under •ho title of “The White Boy,” and it was produced or the first time last evening at tbe Museum. Unlike the popular “ Ticket of Leave Man ” it Is his own composition, and doeanot possess in any eminent degree the merit of originality. It s simply the old scenes, and sentiments, and. personages rehashed, and the work la done In a very creditiblc manner. With those who never weary of co ntcmnlatlug Irish life on tbe stage, the “White Boy” will pass as an interesting and stimulating play. It contains much of tbe mate rial out of which good plays arc made. There are the passions of love and hatred, there is sen timent and humor, murderous plot, but no mur der, plenty of merriment, pictures of the finest peasantry m tho world, and a happy termination. The piece was well brought out at the Museum, with cood scenic eflects, aud a Judicious dis tribution of the characters, and it promises (o have a successful run. It requires, however, the very best efforts of tbe company to rescue it, particularly in tho first act from the charge of tininess. “Redmond O’Hara,” the tole assigned to Mr. Jobe Dillon, enabled that popular comedian to present himself in a some what novel character, in a serious line of business. Mr. Dillon showed himself fully competent to sustain this, aud Imparted to the mclo-dmmalie scenes an amount of feeling which we are not usually prepared to expect at his bands. But tbe mischievous boys in the gallery would not believe it. They thought be was only Joking, and per sisted in laughing when there was no occasion for it. Dillon will nave to explain himself hereafter before be begins as in the prologue to Henry the Eighth, “ I come no more to make yon laugh.” Miss Jennie Uigbt. as “Grace Dwyer,” acted with her accustomed eulritaud truth, although the part allotted to her was foot particularly rich in material. The most enjoyable point in the per formance is an Irish Jig, which she dances In con cert with Mr- John >f. ijninn. Both of them per formed it with all the vigor and abandon of na tives, and the audience encored enthusiastically. Mr. McManus look the pait ol “Caplalu Trevor,” an English officer, and rendered the same well. Mis. Alice Holland’s rendition of “Paudhrccn,” the Innocent, was also very commendable. Lb- Moyne presented the character of “ Mr. Cicero Rabbits,” the lawyer, with exquisite humor, and mrde il tiomosl prominent feature of tbe play. Ihu “Whilcißoy” will he rep.’ated to night. McV joker's theatre.— Dan. Bryant, the Irish Comedian, (commenced an engagement last night at McVrckcr’s Theatre, opening fn John Brough am's drama of the “Irish Emigrant,” followed by “lianoy Andy.” The house was crowded In every part, and hi* comic delineations were received with shouts of laogbler. We will speak of Mr. Bryant's acting more fully hereafter. This even ing he appears in the same pieces. Anateud Tueatiucals.— A number ol yonng •ladles and gentlemen did “the State some sec vice” and themselves much credit last evening on the stage of the Opera House, by giving a drama tic entmanmert lor the benefit of &t. Luke's Free Hospital. U was a substantial benefit, the audi ence being one of the most crowded, and respec table withal, which has ever been gathered within those walls. Of course in a cose like this criticism is ruled out, hut honest praise la permitted, though gen erally that is seldom believed possible, as one is expected to say nothing but good of the dead and those engaged in charity work. Wc, however,]bnt speak tho exact truth in saying that, artistically considered, the performance was more than cred itable, some of the parts being filled with decided ability. Tbe managers of tbe Hospital are to bo congratulated tor the success of the effort, and the workers arc worthy of hearty thanks. Yankee Kosinbon’s Coliesuk.—A largo audience assembled last evening at the Circa? to witness the celebrated hurdle act of Mr. James Robinson which he presented for tho first time. Like all the performances of this matchless riacr it was the very perfect ton of daring and skilful horsemanship and excited unbounded admiration. Mr. E. W. Perry, the champion tour-horse rider, and North and Burdsan in thctretllt performiocc, were almost equally worthy of the applause they r* celved. The onrolc act or steeple chase will he repeated every evening this week. It is worth paying a visit to the Coliseum to witness that atone. hKAitßo.—Tac votaries of (he gliding steel have been av Uftefpoir daring the thaw and flood, bat the promise is now that skating will be again pos sible—at least In the rinks, it may be that the parks will not again be available, except spasmod ically, this season, bat there is no doabi that tho rinks will yet afford considerable skating, and. full of faith in this, the managers have announced carniralsand oihcrauraclivceicctcras. The great point ie advertised to be presented at tbe West side Kink on Wednesday evening, in a contest, by ladies, for three magnificent prizes—the New York Clab skate In gold. The winner or wearer need not be tho possessor of a club foot. The Wabash avenue Rink will be open tonight to contest for a magnificent belt, which will be given to tbe fastest skater, the winner being de clared the champion of tbe Northwest. The last masquerade ot the season Is understood to take place at the Wabash Avenne Rink on Friday night, sad at ranee men's arc being made to Introduce some attractive novelties. Frauds in tbe Hay market. Those who are so unfortunate as to be obliged to purchase hay in the open market socm to bo the victims of many impositions, In addition to paying exorbitantly for tbo commodity. Wc hear lund complaints of the manner In which the weighing is conducted, and of the qnaltty of the bttT. Uls said that the weigher takes the weight of the wagon at whatever amount the seller chooses to stale it. and gives a certificate accord* indy, by wbteh tbc buyer man abide: and that he admits that he often cannot tell within a hnn d’ca pounds of tbc exact weight, and that some times wagons which Lave been weighed are ex changed for heavier ones, while the certificate of tbo first is preserved. Jt is also stated mat, although a city ordinance requires that every load of hay that is sold sh ill be certified to by Ibc weigher, this is often avoided, many beingboocht at nu assumed weight. Also, that when, after contending with all these difficulties. being ctn ated on the weight and pay lug from sl3 to sl6 per ton for the hay, tbo luck less pnrcha*< r, on going to his bam, finds toat the k spectanie lookin'* load of bay was something like a whited sepulchre, being composed exter nally of a layer of good hay and internally of a quantity of stnffi which would ordinarily be called mtr bedding. It Is mought that this species of i'and is not generally the work of the fanmr, hot of speculators, who in the country, mix it with a worthless kind, load it again, and send it In, the vile fraud purporting to base come directly from the country. However this may be thcro is no doubt (hat buyers of hay have to endure many frauds, extor tions and annoyances which a vigilant enforce ment of tbc regulations wonM prevent It Is enough to be obliged to nay fW, for what not a great many rears ago t-old at £4, bat when buy ers are in addition cheated in « eight and Quality J as they say they are, they think it is a trifle too mnch for hnman nature. The matter Is com mended to tbc attention of the authorities. The Cane of Poverty* Tin answer to the Utter of C. H., we have re ceived the two following comtnntications, both of which we commend to the thoughtful perusal of our readers—the first for its sound exposition of principle, tbo second for its exhibit of the practi cal mode of dealing with tbc difficulty.—En.] To the Editor of the Chicago Tribun e i In your Issue of Wednesday a female writer contributes an article that is calculated to awaken sympathy. We pity one whose situation and statu of mled cause such tnectal suffer! us; not because of her povtr/y, because most of those who have proveo the greatest benefactors and teachers of me human fomllo have been penniless. The rages of Asia, Greece ana Rome were gener ally as poor as Diogenes. Martin Luther, Colum bus, Henry Martyn, Swartz, and a multitude of the worthies ot our race, were in the same state of peiinry .with tbo Aoastlcs of the New Testa ment. •• silver and gold have I none.” said the Apostle of the Christian faiih. Wc do not sympathize with her because she has to work—since our first parents, sinless as crgcls, bad to woik—since all labor in digni fied by the writings inspired of heaven. Besides, labor is, under the present order of things, ab solutely necessary for our health, good temper m.d usefulness. Tho»o unwilling to labor, to enjoy life at all, moat pursue the chase, or rids ot walk about, so as to preserve tbo ay.tom la a normal state. Verymanyofourfumalea. whose falre estimate of labor drives them from dally ex orcise to a sedentery life, sntter in health and In temper. They often become petaleot and dis posed to find unit with all mankind. Bui we do most deeply ptty the writer of that article for her most oafortonatc training. The vord “menial” (lowand mean—Webster,)gives the lie to that article. So long as parents train oar daughters to regard healthy family work aa low and menial, so long will our daughters be feeble, emaciated and unhappy In body and mind. Nor need we wonder that more than two-thirds of our females—from twenty-five—go through life with shattered nerves and broken down consti tutions. Labor is dignified by oar Creator, and mankind will suffer on until toat which Uod pronounces honorable is esteemed each hv mao. Cmrar. In response to the communication in the Tai ncKß of the Slet, over the signature of “ C. H,.” 1 would aay that Ibe Young Men's Christian Asso ciation have always on hand applications trom the beat tamilles In (be city for female help, which we ate unable to fill, the demand for this class of female labor being far In excess of the supply. We offer our services to “C. II.,” and all otoers similarly situated, to furnish them such employ ment as it is in our power to famish, and think (bat a home in s kind Christian family, even tboucb the labor to be performed Is regarded as menial, far preferable to her present position, or the alternative to which, as she says, many of her sex are driven. Our experience is, that no woman In this city need enter upon a life of Prostitution for want of honorable employment, woo Is willing to perform for pay such labor in a family as nearly everylady who has a home of her own docs daily, while we are occasionally able to secure a situation in stoop, store, or office, the great cal) is for girls for housework, care of children, etc., and we are un able to see %chy each labor is not as respectable as making bonnets or selling goods. A lad; Is In attendance at onr rooms dally, at 3 p. m., to attend to this department of oar work, whose services will be cacerfally given to aid aoy who are seeking employment. EaPLOTsmrr CowcnrzE Y. M. C. A., Boom 11, Methodist Church Block, Internal Revenue.— Fines amounting to SISO were assessed against two keepers and sixteen inmates of three disorderiy bouses of 111-fame at the Police Court yesterday monung. Those who were able to pay did so. and lelt the court room to cam money in tbeir nefarious business to meet the next assessment, which past experience as sures them will not bc.long delayed. Aw Iscidekt.—A German named William Bronx, called into Court as a witness in the the case or Appell and wife against Scheere and wife, now being tried before the Circuit Court, ;esterday afternoon caused quite a commotion by turning his face to the ceiling and tailing backward in a fit. Stealing Hides.—Two men,naroed Thomas and Stewart, were arraigned at the Police Coart yes terday morning charged with stealing green bides worth S3O. They were held for farther examina tion to-day in bait of SSOO. Burglary.—A saloon at No. 848 South Canal street was entered by burglars Sunday night and robbed of currencr to tbe value of S2O or $25. LOCAL MATTERS. National Cancer Institute and Bias* netic Infirmary. No. Stf Wabash avenue, Chicago, Illinois, and No. 2il Main street, Memphis. Ten nessee (up stairs), under the control of the re nowned clairvoyant sisters, Victoria and Tennes see, asalstca by tbe best medical talent. Alt the so-called Incurable diseases treated as specialties. They have a certain and painless cure for Cancers and Tumors, an Infallible system for Consumption and Asthma, specifics for heart disease and Rheumatism, and perfect success In the treatment ol all other chronic diseases, based upon the latest discoveries in Medical, Clairvoyant and Magnetic science. It la a fact demonstrated by fifteen years* practice, that all diseases that cannot be cured by remedies, can by the healing power possessed bv the Clairvoyant tiislcrs. Address jock Box 5,920, Chicago, 111. Cure for Coash or Cold.—As soon a« there is the slightest uneasiness of tbe chest, with difficulty of breathing, or indications of cough, take during the day a few “ Brown’s Bronchial Troches.” Containing demulcent they allay pulmonary irritation. Have them in readiness upon the first appearance of a cold or cough. irineblllcltncMwlth Cblldrcn a* well as adults attributed to other causes. Is occasioned by worms. Brown’s “Vermifuge Comfits” are cficctnal In destroylngworms, sod can do no pos sible Injury to tho most delicate child. Juniper Tar Soap care* chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Mack £ Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. The Franklin Brick Machine, justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, and Immense compressing power, is ouauanteed, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 8,?00 elegant bricks per hour. J. B. Uenick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 28. FBOM MILWAUKEE. The New Foslmuwter—lnternal Itevc* duo Appointment—lnfanticide. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, February 25. Colonel Henry A. Starr, appointed Post master by the President daring the vacation of Congress, was confirmed on Saturday by the Senate. Ills known integrity, faithful ness and loyalty to bis country in the hour of danger has carried him through the Senate. "W. K. Wilson has been nominated for As sessor in place of J. B. Smith, rejected by the Senate. A sad case of infanticide occurred at the Newhall House on Friday last. A servant glal employed In the laundry department, named Anna Fuerthls, gave birth to a child Friday morning, which she thrust down tho vault, but, lodging in the pipes, was found, and she was arrested. She claimed it was dead at Us birtb,but Dr. the inquest, decided that it was alive. The girl confessed that she had been keeping com pany with a telegraph operator for nearly three years, who promised to marry her, but left when he found she was about to be come a mother. CANADA. Outline* of tbe Confederation Bill Now Before the Ensllnh Parliament. Toronto, February 25.— An advance copy of the Confederation BUI is received. The name Is to be the u Kingdom of Canada.” The Federal Legislature ft to be styled the “Parliament of Canada;” the Upper House “The Senate,” the Lower House “The House of Commons.” The Speaker of the Senate is to be appointed by the Crown and have power to create six additional Senators be yond the stipulated seventy-two, in event of necessity. The House of Commons Is to consist of one hundred and eighty-one mem bers—eighty-two from Ontario, sixty-five from Quebec, uincioen from Nova Scotia and fifteen from New Brunswick. The Queen’s representative presiding over the (new Kirgdom ft to retain the title of Governor General. Salary SSO,OOO.Each Province is to have a Lieutenant Governor, appointed (by the Governor Gen eral in Council. The scat of government Is to be Ottawa, subject to royal prerogative. Toronto, Quebec, Halifax and Fredrlckton are to be the scats of the local Legislatures. A railroad from the St. Lawrencejto Halifax Istobe commenced In six months after the union, and be completed within three years. Provision Is made for the admission here after of New Fousdland, Prince Edward’s Island, Rupert’s Land, the Northwest Ter ritory and British Columbia on snch terms as Parliament shall deem equitable. FBO3I SAS FIiAKCXSCO. White Child Resened from the Indians —‘TFaalilngton’sßhthday—Xho itoluy Season. San Francisco, February 21. —The mili tary authorities of this city report that a white child, named Ernest Amalon, for two years in the possession of Apache Indiana n Arizona, has been rescued. It baa been raining here incessantly for the last forty-eight hours. The storm prevails throughout the State. Ship Ocean Express, from New York, has arrived. It is estimated that there arc still 1,350,000 sacks of wheat on band in this State, 335,000 of which ore in the warehouses. City choice shipping sold to-day at $1.70. Flour, $5.70 to $0.25. To-day was generally observed as a holi day. All business was suspended. Tbs storm has been the severest of the season. Tho roads on the mountains arc blocked by snow. The streams aro flooded, doing great damage. Locomotive Exploalon on the New York Central Railroad. Albany, February 25.—A locomotive be longing to tbe Central Railroad, exploded near the Hudson River bridge this morning, injuring the engineer, fireman and several other persons, but none fatally. The sur rounding buildings were more or less in jured. Proclamation from Governor Brown* low. Nashville, February 25. Governor Brownlow baa issued a proclamation an nouncing bis determination to call out the militia to enforce tbc laws and protect the Union men, and all other citizens, against evil doers. Kentucky Hail road Sebemo. Louisville. February 25.—A delegation Is here from Madison and adjoining counties to consult in reference to a speedy construction of the branch railroad from Richmond, Ky., to some point on the Louisville & Knoxville Railroad. A Bemarkable meteor* Cleveland, 0., February 25.—A largcand brilliant meteor was observed last evening moving in a noithwcsterly direction. It lasted fully thirty seconds. THE JULIES LEXTERS. Ihnrlow Wood’s Theory of their Authorship* Thurlow Weed communicates the follow ing note to the New York Times respecting the authorship of the Junius letters : lu ISC2. the late Mr. Joseph Parkcs, a gen tleman of large and various information. In formed me that be bad been for several years devoting his intervals of exemption Horn official duties (as Tax Commissioner) to a Life of Sir Philip Francis, and that his re searches would rcsnluin disproving the con fident assertion of ** Junius," in one of bis private letters to Woodfall, 41 that ho was the sole depository of his own secret," and that It would " die vith Afm.” The subject was one which had Interested me much at a period when Junius" was read more generally and with greater Inter est than exists now. The question as to who "Junius" was, engaged the attention of au thors and editors. I had. forty years ago, entered with mnch zevi Into that contro versy. Finding me thos sympathetic and familiar with the subject, Mr. Parkcs invited me to his apartments at Staple Inn, Hol hurn, and submitted his manuscripts to my perusal. There 1 passed many charmed hours. The materials for hts work were not only amplebnt conclusive. They established beyond a doubt, or a cavil, or a peradven ture, that Sir Philip Frances was the author of tbc Ldlert o/ Juniu*. Twice during these readings, in company Tntb Mr. Parte?, I visited the then venerable, and since departed John Taylor, author of Junius Identified, first published ncarly-fltly years ago. Mr. Taylor bad Intended to avail himself of subsequent and cumulative evl dcrcc, but, on acconct of bis advanced ace, bad cheerfully committed the whole qocs lion to Mr. Parkes. These breakfast conver sations with Mr. Parkes were exceedingly interesting. His bachelor life, like that of Charles Lamb, was solaced by an aged maid en sister. He bad formerly known most of the literary celebrities of tbc last years of the post, and tbc first years of the present ctntnry, and gave ns pleat&nt recollections of tbeir personal characters and habits. Only a few weeks before the sudden death of Mr. Parkes he informed me that he ex pected to cet his life of Sir Philip Francis to press the then cn u'mr aituran. and. In pnr finance of a previous understanding, I was to arrange for its republicaliou here. Since bis death X have beard nothing farther about it. The researches bad all been accomplished, and tbc work bad progressed so far toward its completion that no diffi culty existed, nor was any such delay neces sary. I bad expected and hoped that Miss Bessie Parkes, the gifted daughter of my old and cherished friend, (already a distinguished and disciplined writer), would complete and publish the unfinished work of her honored father—a work on which he had bestowed years of toll, and to the* publication of which he looked forward with confidence, in an ap preciative and approving popular sense of its value, for his reward. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to me Chicago Tribune.] N*w Tons. February 25. Theslock market opened weak and. feverish and Erie (common) sold at 57*, afterwards opening at 56*. The marketcontlaaed dull daring the morning, with the exception of New Tork Csnt'al, which rote to 103 strong. Bock Island broke to 99 on the report of the de featot the Bridge Bill and 00 dividend, but reacted to 96*. At the 3.30 market Pacific Hall broke to 123*, Atlantic Mall from Xto St and weak. The latter Is going down to Union Navigation so sald.-Alterwards the general marker sold better. American Gold open ed at iSjfc ftTto 137*, reacting to 133, Afterwards there was a fail combination formed, and the report of the veto ol the Heeonstractlos BUI advanced prices to ISB*. The Bant Statement was received very unfavor ably to-day, and had a strong bearing feeling at tbe 530 market, but was steady without change. [Associated Frees Kepart,] Kew To as, February 23. SIO.VCT. Money matkct steady at 6 9 cent on call. FOEBIOff EXCHANGE. Sterling Cm at iC6X@tO9 for Orel class. GOLD. Gold without decided changa—awnlni* at t»a >- dined to 137 V, and dosing at 138*T^ l3Anmw«t.<Td Government stocks lesaactlva and K@K lower. LATEST. KAILWAT*. _ ~ . hew Touk. February 23. Tnerdlwar market was steady at the omopen Board. At the btxkExchancea modem to business was dose After the Crstacasion the aarket was heavy and low er. Rock island fell to MV, owing to tne liiinra oi the .Bock Island Bridge DH> In Congress. OOVEESMJLHTS. Government aecorlUes firm In h-20 bonds of 1555. bnt Otherwise an average decline ofX per cent. cBOUSES STATE BOSS firmer and bidding, prices were raised in several In* stances. showed leas excitement. Pacific Mali fen to tSCif-aisav and Atlantic Mali r w aa to 83®S0. * ® COAL AND MI&CCLLASBOrs STOCKS. firm, bat rather quit!, in* stock uabket was firm at the one o’clock Board, and a fraction bet ter at the seernd Board: firmer at thclaat open Board, and strong, ezeent for steamship shares. Paceflsfeu to 120 ii, and Atlantic to St under more press ore to sell. PBTCKS AT 4JU P. M. Ohio Certs .... lll.Cen 110 aIIOU W. U. Tel SSfet* 43# Bock Island.... 96 96v Atlantic Mali.. 82u8 St Northwestern.. SStta 36 N. Y. Central..lff* J.8103H K. W. pfd 65#® 63k Brit 56#a sf*H fort,Wayne.... wG® .... Hudson 13CK8138 Pmsoargh 80v® .... Mich. Son 72 8 7?Jf ™ ooveejjwekts—latest prices. Government securities heavy and lower this 7 d. m . With the exception of nswlSoYj-iO bonds and 7-Coi. The following are tbcc:oilng quotations: Reg. *Bl 110X3110# I C0up0n5*63....H»;;3107« Conpota *G2.„. 1U 1 Conp,new Issue iCK,v Coupons ’61....107X8108# | 7-304 106,Vi2103« STATE BQXDB. 51 @SB I Tennessee. 93Y I Virginia. Missouri. MOSET. The demand for money was moderate and supply abundant. GPldgained strength,but atthec’oae lost, bales at issx. Cash gold has been tending from flat to 4 per cent for currency. _ UTTOd SHARES. The mining market la strong on Consolidated; Greg, ory, which rose from isn to 1145, with active business stock quite scarce. Quarts Hill firm: sold up to 470. and later In the day inclined to 430. Coryjou sold at 495. cole citted Arm at 240. Prices of mining stocks In Boston: Canada 63 | Huron S 3 Copter Falls C 6 iMlnn liv Franklin 35 | Quincy The New York Live Stock market. Reported by Telegraph exclusively for ihoChicagt Tribune.) New Tonic, Monday Evening, February a. SALES Or CATTLE AT THE NATIONAL YARDS. BEEF CATTLE.—There were yarded and mostly sold to butchers to-day at the National Yards (York. TiIlc)l,CTO hoed. Thesewerefrom the several Statsa aa follows: New York, 450; Ohio, 730; Kentucky, UV, Indiana, 10; Michigan, 40; Illinois, 27, The weather was flue and favorable for operations, and trade opened lively, at 17.S8l8#c for Cwl quality, lC#Ql7c lor second quality, and lor third quality. The average price paid was I6#c, which Is an advance ol Ic. The market Is more lively than last week, and all are sold. . SHEEP.—The market Is excited, and, under a very tlshtnm, thera is an active competition among botchers, andsales are quick at7#@3#c. BOOS—Received to-day, 13 cars. Prices ranee at 8 ©SXo. The supply Is lair. Total receipt* of atoclt for the week ending to-day, at all the New York market*' Cattle. Sheep. SALES OP BEEVES. It. V. H. Ramsey sold 60 head very line Ohio, averag ing 901 ds strong, at 18c. Allen & Mace sold S 3 head Ohio, averaging 850 ns. al 16Q17XC. Conn & Forthlng sold 116 head Ohio, averaging from GCO to 1,500 ne. at IGglfie. F. Rase sold 60 bead Illinois, averaging SSO 83, al ICSISc. W. Clark sold S 5 held Illinois, in second hands, aver* aging 650 ns, at ic^'e. Forthlog A Webber eo!d 216 head Illinois, at Bergen, averaging trom SCO to I,OCO Be, at 15@is.Yc. [Associated Press Report. I _ , _ New Yohk. February 25. Receipts—i,<99 beeves; 10,670 sheep andlamba: 13,792 hoes. Beeycs-Snpply diminished by the heavy fall of snow- last week. The prices thm were firmer, and no to Fxlday-1,636 cattle came In, selllrg at full Ye Im provement cn th: preceding week. The quality Is pretty good, borne premium cattle sdd as high as 17@iSc; none brought less than 13*@mc. witn some fair to Srod at ls@lsc, and good to prime at 15®16c. On onday the offerings were about WO head cool prime trader, which, In view of the light supply, were held at high figures. Bayers were not willing to pay the advance asked, but finally compromised at an ol almost J[c. sun, no partlcolar activity was observable, and all holders were complalnlor. Fncca of poor to medium, 10©lic; medium to fair. llft&lSct-good steers and fist oxen, U3I6WC: prims steers, lf<*l7e. A majority of the sales were nt 143 i6Kc; average price, Is*c. Afewchoice lots were sold at njtfUSe. Phrcp and Lsmbg—The demand for sheep bat been very lightly sopplieu to-day. The mar ket wa» very strong at about 9c advance on the last. A few sheep sold at 10c. We quote t amnion to fair sheep at “i+S.Yc; good to prime at 8K ©9c; extra 9©9*c. Lambs nominal, Robert 11. Uume sold, during the week. 1.974 sheep and lamhrlfor SI3.3CSA3: average F bead. 2<5.715. Samuel Metirawre poits sales 01265 sheep and lambs at £J.7(XU9; average. flo.W;Jas. Kirby, at O’Brien's, reports sales of 1,373 common sheep and lambs at <*«©s& 9 B; average 9 head, 26.50. At Chamberlain's, In Robinson street, there were told dating the weec 1,943 sheep and lambs, at 26.00. At Hudson city there were sola 1,327 sheep ana lambs, at 1A933.90; average. 26.73. Swine— Market mjed unsettled, bat prices toward the close showed an improvement. In cotsequence of the light tecopts. quotations of live: Best, S*i3 3,Vc; lair to good, B>;©SHc; common, s©3Yc. Dress ed, 10.‘«©l0£c. Tkc Produce Markets* KEW TORS. Nsw Yobs, February 25. Cotton-Heavy. Sales.s,ooo bales at3l@3lYc lorup land!; closing dull at inside price. Flour—Receipts. 10,625 bris: market shade firmer, but scarcely so active. Sales, 6300 brl*. at sASsaio.l9 for superfine But# and Western: flo.lQ@ll.dO for extra Western; sll.lo© for choice do: fIOJKUII.M lor shipping brands, extra round hoop Ohio, and fILSS ©I2.M for trade brands. Market closing dull. WbßKey-Quict and unchanged. No receipts. Wheat—Marietdnll without decided chance. Sales, I, bu white Canada at $3.0333.15. Rye-Drooping. Sales. 8,500 bn Western, at sur® ‘itarlcy— DnlL Sales. 9,500 Du Canada West, tree, at BaVley Malt—Dnll. Corn-Receipts, 7.550 bn. Market 1c belter. Sales, so.Cto bu at fuC7©i.if7Y for mixed Western in store; 11. for do afloat; fUH©I.C9 fbr new yellow Southern. Including one boat load of mixed Western, reported sl.lO afloat. -» Oats—shade firmer. Receipts. 3,000 ha. Sales, 2.000 bu. nt5MC9c for Western; C7©69c fbr State; and 59c for Canada East. free. Rice—Firmer. Sales of SO tres Carolina at Coffee—Firmer. No sales. Sugar—Firmer, with good demand. Bales of 8.000 hbds. at lOH®l93(cfor Cuba; lO.Ycfor Porto Btco; and 1,060 bis Havana atlfjfc. Mo'.asses—Scarce ana firm. Silo of 200 hhds Musco vado at 59e. Petroleum— Dun, at 17c for crude, aud 27®*9c fbr re fined la bond. _ Hops—Quiet, at 35©70c for new. Fork—Steady and drooping, sales of TJOObrK at $20.87©21.00 for new meso-closlng at Dr West ern:. $19.57@208S for old m»s; i.51ft.73©17.00 IDr prime; ana <19.00320-0 tor prime mess: also 730 brls new mess at teller and buyer March and APtll. Fccf— Steady. Bales of 6JSO brls. Tierce Reel—Steady. Sales ol 650 t« at for prln e mess, and |S7.OC©fiSJO for India mess. Beef Hams—Steady. Bales of SQO brls at S3LOO© 86.50. Bac^a—Steady. Sales of 253 boxt at IO3IOLC tor Cumberland cut, U@UHc fbr short ribbed, and lINC for short clear. Cut Mcau-Flrm. Sales of SM pkc* at BY®loc fbr shoulder®, and 11©13V’c tot hams. Dressed Hogs—Unchanged. £a’es at 9K©9]fc fir Western, and ios©lo,Ve fur city. Lard—Dnll. hales of 560 brls at for old, and 12>t©l3Kc fbr new. Butter—Dull and heavy at is©26e for Ohio. Cheese-Steady atis©Soc. L&TIST XAEkST9—6 p. X. Flour—Closed dull and holders of medium grade* disposed to accept lover price. The large receipts fromC&ttfbrutshave adepreMicg tuUuence. Wheat—l'nll and heavy at $2.C9©2.10 tor No. S and SMSA2.St fbr No. 9 opting, nvt—Closed onlet at for Western. Oats—Firm at 59(3 62c for Wts^rn. Coro-flrmeratfl.CSinstore and |1.09©1.10 afloat f?r mixed Western. I‘ork-Du.l and tree tellers of new Western mess at 52T.?7. Beef—Fairly steady, l-acon—Dull. Cut Urats-qulet. lard—Dull and lower. NEW ORLEANS. Nrw Oslzaxb, February 35. Cotton—Easier. Bales ot 5.400 bales middling at SOjfc. B«e.pu, C.U7O bales. Exports. IbS bales, busar— East* r and fair at Is*c. Molaiafs—';9cU>Ssc. Fleur—Doll and easier. Superfine, lilAO; extra, SUJOtOfI6 JK), Com—Easier at SIJ3. Oats-steady at fl.tO. Bay—Firm at M7.M»S3.fiP. Fork—Faster at (21-50. F-acoc—£hooidcra.tlc; sides, UJfdWc—quiet. Lard—Barter Whiskey—Urwhangeu. Tol»«pc»v-Uiictiangri3. Median, I7.00&9.CO; lair, G>ld—s7 k. sterling— Hanker*. 19J»; franca, hank, ST7V- New York bank check*. Ve dUconnt. Freights—Steamer to New York, vd: LlverpooL 9-JOd; Havre,lM&lMd. MEMPHIS. Mxxpsis. February 35. Cotton—Dull and heavy, with sales ol middling at 2*l»C. t ore—9o<296c. OaU-TOATic. H ay—f3S.oo@3o.oo. Flour—Super, »10.00»10.35. Pork—»3lio«slAO. Bulk Meats—Siitf U Kc for round. Bacon—Clear sides, U3UXc; sugar cored ham», iSaC&c. Lard—ilanxc. Dressed Hoes—9SloC, APpus—nAoist6.oo per barrel. Bran— fSKC per tan. CINCINNATI.

CtscnntATL February 25. Floor—B’cady. Trade brands Nothing done to super. wtcat-ymet, with sales of No. 1 spring atf3.4o; winter 13.90. corn—Firmer, with sales of No. 1 at 63c in elevator, and »9c in sacks. Oats—Firm, with sales of No. 1 at 52c in elera'or, and C3ctn sacks. Bye—ln good demand and prices firm, with sales of No. 1 at 31-35. Cotton— Dull and price* nominal, wlih sales of mid dling at VSc. Receiptsthi past wee* s,tSsbales,anl frt m Scptetr ber Ist 93,71* bales against i;s,i73 bales the same time last season. The export* dunag the week were 6.559 bales. Whiskey—Unchanged and steady at 35c in bond. Mesa Pork— Unchanged, ucd not much doing, with small sales at f2>‘OUSVO-25. Bulk Meats— Ucchtcgwl. city packers firm, and a»k 7>f. 9>,’Alo>tC for shoulders, sides and clear sides, but jic less baa to be accepted when sale* art effected, and were accepted for a lot of country cored slooloers and aides today. Bacon—ln fair demand at fljfc, lOtfc, UVcandllJfo for shoulders, sides, clear rib and mear sides packed, but there is not much out ot smoke. Lard—Good demand and but little offering. Prices: *c higher. with sales cf 000 Ucrccs at Uc far country, and izi»c for city. Tfie city packers are not offering their lard. Rtccra’iy speaking. »nd large purchases c> mo not be made at tbo current rate*. gredt—Clover seed dull and price* drooping. Flax* ■red drooping; ctlF retail sales at • $8.6508.7*. Itoothy cuU; $3.3008.40. Flaxseed in demand at am clear, at for seed, s£m. Putter—null I >r all kinds, nut for fresh yellow: 25A 3fc is the range far fre»h white, but ch-ico yellow would bnos and but Uttlr m the msrset. Cheese—Steady al 16*<£17c for Uamborg and 16a for Writrra Rrsrrtr. 0 Eccs—Declined to 80021 c, and the supply good. F-j change—Steady atpir haying arc wo premium selling. Money—The money market Is steady at 1C312 per cent. MILWAUKEE. [Special the Chicago Tribune ] 'klu.wa.'cxez, Fcbraarv 20. Flour—Quiet. Sales LSOO hrls at $i3A) far Weitcrn Star superior winter; $19.25 (or spirit Lake SS; SIO.OO for Garibaldi; $9.75 for choice; $8.57* far choice superfine; $7.73 far good do;® tWheat dull and is lower. Homing Board sales Sj)CO bn. Noon Board sales of 6J):o bn at $3.16 for No. 1 Is store; $1.9801.99 far No. 8 in store; »2.09, iclJer’sopUoo, May; $1.53f0r receded. Osts-Bleady. Sales X-0 bn at 4Gc tor No. 3in store; 40c far rejected. Corn—DnlL Sales 4CO bn new shelled in sloi e at 73c. Bye—Finn. Sales 400 bn No.3at93*c. Barley—Steady. Sales 30 bagt prime at $1.30. HProvliloas—Firmer. Sweet pickled hfimauc; No. 1 lard 10 Vc. Dressed Hogs—Scarce. Sales at S7AO@7AS. Receipts—CO brla flour, 11.000 bn wheat, 2JCO bu qms, bn com. 1500 bn barley. 303 dressed bogs. Shipments—3,ooo brla floor, 8.000 bn wheat, 700 brl* and SO tea pork. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Lore. Fabrnsry si. Tobacco—Feeling better. Lugs quoted at $3.£30 3.70, common leal at $5.40®6.40. medium at $7.10a7.7V, medium traapfactniing at $12.35011.00, and good me dium at *15.25016.75 * cotton—Dun ana nominal at 37c far middling. Flour—lnactive; business smaU. Super, $3A8a9.55; extra. $10.39010A5; doable extrj, including choice, tn.iraiSißO. Wheat— lor prime spring, and for choice tall. Corn—Firm at BtaSßc- Pork—Firmer at« 19.00019,50. Bulk Meaia—7*c tor shoulders, and IdSlOVc lor have. Baccn—Dull at U*c for clear rib tides, I3oi3*c far clear sides, ard 15c lor sugar-cured hams. Whiskey—Declined; $2.23£3ai. LOUISVILLE. Tobacco—Sales ol 131 bhdslca? ujhtcc^ atrates at d low grades at C2AO3IS AO. Super Flour—*lo.oo. Grain—Prime red wheat $8.90; corn In balk 70371 c, in ear 65c; oats 64c. cotton—2Se formiddllng. ProvUiona—Mess pors, $20.33; bacon, shoulders 9u@ 9Vc packed; clear sides i2*c: Urd, 12c la tea. whiskey—Fres. sac; in bona, 36c, BALTIMORE. Baltihoez, February 23. Coffee—Firm at 135f@14c in gold In bond for prime cargoes. • Sugar—Finn at lO*olO*c for refining. Floor—Quiet and steady. Wheat—scarce and unchanged. Corn—Active. Bales of white at 95®97c; yellow at 95A9GC. Oalß—s7@sSc. Clover Setd—Quiet at $3A009.W. Pork—Cincinnati Hess $21.00; loose abooldcrs 9c in dry salt; rlbsidesSkglOkc. Lard—l3*c. Whiskey—la bond C3'. PHILADELPHIA. Pnitapcu’Hiv, February 23. Flour—Quiet; Western, sl2 £o V brl.| Wb»at—Dull. Prime Mate, $3.00 * bn; red South ern. $3.19. Core—Dull. Sales 500 bu yellow. Oat*—s7<*, cash. Barley—Active. Sato 15,000 bn at $1.59. Provisions—exchanged. Clover Seed—Quiet. Sales 1,000 bn at $7.85. Whiskey—Contraband quiet. BUFFALO. 9 Dcttalo, February 25. Flonr-Modetatsly active; No. 1 spring at fliAo. 'Wheat—Canada, in tstr demand. Biles 1 car, tnhols, ol spring at V£3 HB-.55, acd white at izsz/a 2.90. Com—New Top-do iacood demand; sales 16 car loads at Wc, on Plate lice track. Oats aid Bye—Neglccted- Barley— Nominal at $1.05 for Canada. Whisky—Nominal. Provißl»>rs—New mess pork qalct at s3o.s» tor routd lota • Lard qalct at 13c. NcwTork Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Yobk, February 25. Pork—Closed Arm at 120.E5, and other hog products lees depressed. New York Grocery market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune, 1 New Yoke, February 25. Ccfeo—Quiet. R10.23323c. Sugar—ln good demand. Fair Co prime grocery, nan*. Oco&n Freight*. (Special Despatch «o the Chicago Tribune.) New Tobk, February 23. Freights to Liverpool— bu corn at 7d by steam, and to Glasgow, 19,000 bu com at s#d by steam. Row York BreadstufTi market. (Special Despatch to the ChlcagoTrlbnne.) New Tobk, February 35. Wheat and Flour—Closed firm, but without spirit. Corn—Advanced t 011.09 m store on homo demacd, and reduced stock in stoss. Oats—Sales were 2c better. 52,003 bn exported to London Boston last week. New York Dry Good* market. New Tobk. February 25. Dry goods ore steady and tn lair demand for domes* tic cottons, at prices with no particular chance. Atiant'c and Indian brown sheetings, bestmek**. Tic ; I’sclDC extra and Appleton A, 2le; Stark A, ?lc; Augusta. 2l#c. New York MUM bleached shirtings. S7#c; mil’s Semper idem and Lontdnlc,3se; James* Steam Mills, 21Wc. and Great Fall. SIM«* Ticks—Beat makes, tn light supply and Arm,at 41c for Amoikcag, and ssc for remoertoo. Common grades arc plenty and depressed. Prints—ln fair demand at uniform rate*. Cocheco, 19c: Pacific, 18c: Amostteaes. 15Vc: Arnolds, lsr. Mouslalnes Delaines—Of desirable mak<*.4 In Persian and Cashmere effects in request at 23c. Amtcuas sell at 37c: ordinary (delaines al2sc. Olngliama—Beat makes bought at 23C323 VC. All kinds of woollens for men’s wear languid and much depressed. Nice seven ounce goods selling down to 70c. Choice qualities can be ha <1 at s!.£>, and the best double and twist fabrics at $ 1.15. Ladles' backings—ln fair request at llJTVatl-SO.*^ Foreign Goods—Remain a drag upon the market, particnlaily fancy styles. Stocks of all kinds are am* plo bnt supplies are now being curtailed variously. - i,iCS . 9,V57 .13.732 Nsw York Weekly Hank Statement* Netv Yobs, February 55. Loans $257.851.933—1ncrea5e $4,fi9i668 Specie 13A13..456-Decrease 1,573,170 Circulation..., S3.oCfi.J4O—lncrease 49,939 Legal tenders.. 67,l5:,fiS3—Decrease 1,4*3,013 DepcfillS 193 420,*47—Decrease 2^313,035 Philadelphia I*!tc Stock market* PniLAPELTnu. February 55. Cattle—Active and unchanged; 1,750 beeves sold. Extra’Western,l6,H(sl7c; fair wgood, 15316 c; and com* mon.l?©llc V B. Sheep— Advanced. 4.000 sold at6Y@SYc. Hogs-ln demand; 3.50C1 sold at K&Ufce* Pittsburgh Petroleum market. PirrsßUßon, February 23. Considerable inquiry fir crude. Total amount sold foot® up 4.7J5 bris at‘*©Sc, packages returned, and 12J(c loelndcd. Bat little now refined to bond. A lot to be delivered Im mediately In Philadelphia, was mldai 274 c; 3.000 brls standard white, oeltvered In LOCO brl lots In August, September and October, at 33c, all through. Free oil unchanged. Sale of SCO brla tar at P brl. MARRIED. Feb. ISth, Mr. D. D. WIER, of Lacon, HU and Miss SAD ANN PAULK. No cards. In Chester, N. Y- by Rev. Mr. Nlchol*. Mr. SAN FORD PRI»;£ cf Hamptonborg. N. Y,, and Miss ELIZABETH SEELEY, ol Chester. In Snath Wales. Erie Connty, N. T., Feb. 13th, at the residmceoftbe bride’s father, Mr. B.E. STOREY, of Chicago, and Miss B. M. BUSSELL. DIED. In IMS eltv, Ftb. 23d, JOSEPH WATKINS. eon of Joseph and Charlotte Watkiro. aged 32 years. Funeral trom house of bis brother-in-law, Thomas Moulding. Esq., to-day (Tuesday) at 2 o’clock p. m. Friends ol the family and all Sons of Temperance are Invited to attend. In this city. Feb. filth, of Inflammation of the lungs, Airs. MARY MANLEY, wife of Richard Manley, aged SI years. Funeral at the house, 545 Forquer-st., to-day (Tues day) at 1 o'clock p. ra. Friends are invited to attend. Id this city, Feb. 25tb, lu’ant son cf Hony and Emc llr.e U. Fcx. aged 3 momns and 19 day®. Funeral at residence, 35 Pme-sL, to-day (Tussday) at 2 p.m. At the Metropolitan Hotel, New York Cltv. on the 24'Mstt., of tvphold fcver. PETER B. MANCHES TER, late ol this city, aged 55 years. At Toledo, 0.. on the morning ot the 95th Inst, of spotted fever, at the resideace of her brother. Robert fl. Bell. Esq.. MARGARET, widow of Geo. K. Mowry, deceased, aged 44 years. Also, ot same disease, JENNIE, daughter of the late Geo. R. and Margaret Mowry. At Whltesboro, N. T„ Feb. 21lh. SARAH F„ wife of Dr. W, M. James, ano sister of M. I*. Beecher, of this city. At Niles, Mlclu, Feb, 23d, Mr. GEO. W. OLIPHANT, »gvd 44 yean. , . Mr. Olipbant was for a number of years a member ot the firm of Hobos, Obpbaut 4 Co., cf this city. H* was a mcmlier of the New England Church, and carried his Christian principles into all departments of life, and won tor hlmstlf many friends by bis honesty and tote grlty, and was respected by all who knew him. amusements. Me VIUKER'S THEATRE. ICRER A MYSB3 MANAGERS. ENGAGEMENT OF MR. DAN BRYANT. Tuesday, John Brougham's drama of THE IRISH EMIGRANT. Tim O'Brien To ccnclndtf with B&KDr ANDT. Handy Andy Din Bryant vrun soqk and mm Jig. In rclearsal—SHAMUS O’BBTAK. satnroay. Dan Bryant Matinee. -yAKIETT THEATRE. STARTLING ATTRACTION Tbs besstUQl. sccsmpUabea FLORENCE TBRIPIsB In her sreAt character of MAZBPPA, InUodnclnsber splendid trained steed, FIRE-PLY. The piece abounds «itb thrllllnc combats, novel sccn’c effects. w»b new screes and costomes. pOL. WOOD’S MUbEUM. tbL. J. n. WOOD Proprietor Director cf Amusements. p. K. AIKEN gtace Jlstager.... THOS. BARKY PrcdacttcD of a new sensational lr lib Drama, writ, ten bj Tom Taylor, tbe celebrated author oftheTlcket oll-cave-Maii. performed in London and New York wl«h brilliant sucecs*. First mebt cf a new larce—THE I'OETh. TLt* (Tuesday) evening. Feb. 26. at a Jrbetore S. the new Irun Sfmat'ona! Drama of THE WHITE BOY. or IRELAND IN *95. To concludewltb (first cme) THE TWO FOKTS- Frldav, Benefit cf Mr. C. T. Nlctrls. la preparation.THE FROZEN DEEP. H TIT ADAME GDTON,” ■ L '‘ L A LECTURE DT BET. DAVID SWING, FOR TBS BENEFIT OF THE CHICAGO SUSHAY SCHOOL TJXIOY, At the WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, corner Ontario and Dearborn-* ts., Tuesday Right, Feb. 2Ctb, at 8 o'clock. TICKETS. SS CENTS. VTn’ONDEK OF WONDERS Toheaecu oaly atthe NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which has removed to 96 Boadolph-sL, corner cl Dearborn. ♦ VANNED ROBINSON’S CIRCUS x srf.oßi^ o? , Tn In hie great Hntdle Act or Steeple Chase. NORTH and BUPDEAN to their wonderihl htm Performance. F W PERRY, the Champion Four-Horse Rider. Every evening, and Wednesday and Saturday after noor. rpHE GREAT GERTU A jjaS BEEN ADDED TO THE NEW FOBS MUSEUM, 66 RANDOLFB-ST.. cor, of Dearborn. IBebieai. JpK. ANTONIO’S Female Periodical Pills I ARE PERFECTLY Safe and BcllaWo In all Cases of Irrcs- I nlarilics. Wbdee4 l VAJI scaA&CR 16 cmct«o. ®qJEents=sjousea. XO RENT—Prom May Ist, house NnT Wabash-av. For particulars apply to J.L. ITHEHWAX, at the office of Wood’s Museum. TO RENT—Princely mansion—l have to rent, for one or more ytan the well-known, spa de tu acd eleven’- residence, (with It ror»*erratone, foreign grapes under elars, &c_) N0.12S Mlchlganav. Apply fit No,» Block. C. A. SPUING. npO RENT—A seven-room house, No. JL 353 Calnmrt-ar., fS)p#r month: one on Midi son-sr., |450. PETE-4 BSIMP, US Mooroe-st. TO RENT—Dwelling over 310 State-st, containing 11 rooa-i. in good localin for a nice bearding house. T. s. FITCH* CO-169 Dearborn st. TO RENT—On South Side, a first-class two-dory and brick bas.-ment bouse,B77State sc, containing eight ro m?: good barn, good water atd gas. Bent $33 per month. Furniture tor sale, very cheip. Powestloa given immediately. Apply at Ob Biate-st. TD RENT—A cottage on North Side, near Lake, and tumltnre tor sale; pilce 1200. A good chance tor asma'l family, immediate possession given. Address **L C.” Tribune once. TO RENT—A ramll nicely famished tenement, all ready for housekeeping, within ball one mile of the Court House, at SSS oer month. First* el«a refcret'ce required and rent prepaid until the first of May. 19S North Clart-su 'O RENT—A furnished house with 11 J. rooms, two minutes* walk from Pott Office. Price SICO per month—three months la adrauce. For paitic olars call at Boom 3 McCormick’s Building. XO RENT—Five tenements, nearly new, 2.3.4,5,6 rooms, cheap, |n advance. Inquire at 2 unbbard-sn, west of EaatEUzabeth-et. T) RENT—No. 75 Warren-st, first-class houee, and first-class tenant required. £. H. CUMMINGS.Room 1»No. 132 SouthClartt-st. 4X.cnt-lS.ooms. 'O RENT—Suite of unfurnished front JL rooms, with closets and gas. with or wltbont boantto man and wile wltbont children. Inquire at 133 Bush-st. T) RENT—A uewly famished front chamber. In a private lastly, five minutes* walk from post Office. Inquire, far two days, at house 77 Jackscn-st. r PO RENT—A furnished room, suitable JL far one or two gentlemen, two momenta’walk from pest Office. Price fi per week. Apply at 9a Adams-st. rpO RENT—A fine suite of rooms, suit- X able far housekeeping. If desired, nnlatnlsbed. Apply at Boom 1 No. 90 Monroe-st. TO HEKT—Toe lower part ol a home co the South side, comalnimcTcmr roomi.bathlnt: rooms, patJtrtea,clo3«u aodharn. Inquire at COIX Saoth Ctartr-gt, TO RENT—Pleasant furnished zooms suitable for pentlemen, at State-st~ con venient to business. TO RENT—An elegantly furnished I tront parlor, at No. 4UI Sooth Ciark*Bt n Jast the thing for a gentleman and wire who like to live retired. To a suitable party It wilt be rented cheap.* Hcnt-StStCg, ©Sites, &c TO KENT—“W\th five years* lease,lonr storv nnd basemen; brick sv>r-. So. S 7 Sooth Wa ter-st, third door west of Statist. Apply oa the premies. 'T'O RENT—Choice Business Stand—A X rare onportmuey. No*. 14*A and 144 Hllltard Block. >. E ccrarr 01 Clark and Water-soi_ tiotn ilay 1. 1867. they will be leased together or B'parateiy. The tpoclons casement may also be secured with the stand alter May Ist. 180. Apply to C. A. SPRING, Boom No. S Laramo Block. TO BENT—By Holz & Yolknum, 318 the second floor, divided in three large rooms. Win answer lor manufacturing shop or for say other bittiness. TO BENT —The store and dwelling 299 West Madison-st, Good stand. Inquire at the store. rpo RENT—A good business corner tor X a term ot years, M)x80 feet, on the northwest cor*. ncr ot North Clark and Indiana-sts. a good oppartu n'tyfor Investment is offered Anslv nJ. A. STEW ART. 233, or J. EDWARDS fAT, Room No. 12 Lomgjrd U’cck. rpC) KENT— Second (2d) and third 1 (3d) floors at 30 Lake-st. Apply to PHELPS, DODGE A CO. * 'T’O RENT—A good snite ol front offices X, at ICS Rand-Oph-it. Apply to OEOBGE M. fiTGP. IGI Room 12. r) RENT—From Ist May next, five story marble-front building on Clark-sL, near Lake; bunding finished throughout tn superior style. Rent fI.COO per annum. Upper stories may bo so sob* let as to reduce the con of store and basement to $2,000 or less. Apply to YOUNG & &PBINOER, No. 2 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—For a term of years, a fine store, with basement, ou Lake-st,, Dctwcen'Dear* born ana LaSalle. Benlfi.OOO. None but responsible parties teed apply. Address “DYSON,” Tribune oillcc. npo BENT—On Lake-st,—The second I and third stories of iron front HtDreou north side of Lakc-st., between Stale-St. and Wabash-av. A. J. AVEEELL, Real Estate Oflke. 7 Metropolitan Block. TO KENT—A good office. Call at Boom 0 No. 133 South Clark-st, Alio, for sale, a small flre-prool safe. TO KENT—Store 207 Kandolpb-st; also, store 77 West MadUnn-st. A. D. MEAD, Real Estate Agent, 131 lUnriulph-st. fflJKanteij—oro Hem. \\T AUTED—To Kent—A lumber dock VV and yard, not south 01 Elghteenth-st. Would be willing to purchase stock of any party vacating a yard. Audrcia Drawer SSIM. 'ANTED—To Rent—A collacc house VV In a good neighborhood. On the North Side acd near city limits preferred. Would take possession at onetime between now and Ist of May. Address TXT"ANTED—To Rent—A house, ptcas- V V antly situated, In a good neighborhood, bavin? all necessary conveniences, containing 6 or 7 room', toutb Sine. ea*t of State, preferred, by a careftil, crompt-paytne tenant. Posa-eatoa on or before the IMb of March, Address, stating rent and location, “JHL,”P.O. UOXI3U4. T^TANTED— To Rent—A good house, W containing 15 or 11 rooms, suitable for a first class boarding burnt, on the South Side, north of Van Bmon-sU, between now and tli<*ist of Mar. Pleaoe ad dress, slating location. •♦HR W," F. O. Box 1001. \\J ANTED—To Kent—A good store, V V snltablo for a 11- ht Jobbing and retail business, toatb Side, north of Adams-fit. Bent most be reason able. Addreaa Drawer A?O7. TXfNTED —To Rent—A boarding boose. V » Alar, a small grocery store. In a good locality. Apply to E. A. BICE. Boom 14. No. 139 Booth Clark-fit. Wl ANTED—To Rent—A good, -well- T T furnished boose, of Sto 10 rooms. South Side, eastff State-st. Take possession aly time between this and May Ist, Address M E F." Trloone ofllce. \AT ANTED—To Rent—A house, lor W residence of a physician. - Address LEWIS DODGE, M. D., lOlDearborn-st, or 4S Lost Jack son-st. TX7ANTRD —To Henl—By a prompt* V v paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or seven rooms, on the South Side and ccnTmlnat to the Tribune office. Either furnished or untarnished. Address **L E C.” Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent—Furnished or unfurnished house. 7to 10 rooms. Three in family. Address, stating rent, location. 4c., "E Q N,” Tribune office. fftrsongl. T>ERSONAL —I am lonesome, not rich, I w.d don’t want to marry; bat If some anmarrlid i&dy or widow, ot (tom S 3 to 45 sears of age. who Is so ciable. Johy and affectionate, would line to have a gen tleman sperd an occasional evening wltn her. and sometime* go to the theatre, she will cooler a favor by Firms an Interview and addressing “GO F,’’ Chicago post Office. PERSONAL —Two youne gentlemen from New York, having to locate here for a year, would like the acquaintance of young ladles whoso Characters arc undoubted- Object aaabov*. and Its re sults. Address L. V. &C. GORDIN, P. O. Box 449. auction Sales. A TJCTION SALE or OBOCSRXSS, AstcckofGroc*rics and Fixtures damagtiby Arc, atSU'rc'JS-T South Wells-it^Feb.2slo. at 10 o'clock, coofclsttrgot Teas, Coffees, Sacara. Spices. Ac- Ac. J. HEANEY ACo m Ancuoncers. JL A. ntJTTEKb & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 A* 4B R4NDOLPH-ST., Between State-st. and Wabash-av., Hold regular csles,*at their salesrooms, ol DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES. &C„ Every WEDNESDAY tad THURSDAY, FURNITURE, CARPETS, Am, every SATURDAY. OEECIAI SALE FOR LADIES ONLY. THE ESTIRE STOCK OF Fine Jcivclrj-, SilTer-plated Ware, Gold Watches, and Fancy Goods Ot the most Elegant Patterns, at E. H. STEIN’S, 79 South' Clark-st, AT AUCTION, •Eaußiyant Commenclne TO-D AT at 1 o'clock p. sl, and continn* Ineocry day nnlll the entire st:*cfe J« disposed or. Ko pinUcman admitted unless sccompantcdby a lady. W3I. A. BUTTERS & CO-t Auctioneers, jQAKIEL SCOTT & CO, AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 164 Lake-st., cor. LaSalle. Chicago. Cash advanced cq Merchandise consigned for sale. Onl-docr sales promptly attended to. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s Jrx. Auctionßooms, 164Late-sL, at 10 a. nu.on TUESDAY. Feb. 36th. 1567. A large and iresh stock of STAPLE DRY GOODS 01 every description—Notions, Satisit*. Casslmerca. Rose, Halt Bose, Ac. Cata ogues read? for delivery and gcods on new Monday evening. _ DANIEL SCOTT & CO* Auctioneers. A TJCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co/s Anctlon Boom?, 164 Lake-it., at 10 a. nj M on Thursday. Feb. «Sth t 1567. Catalogue Sale cf about 130 case* assqrtel Chicago Custom-made Ladles* and Genuemea’s Boots and Shoes, DANIEL SCOTT & CO., AQCtloneers. Gilbert & sampson. General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearbom-st. Large Sale of Superior Household X*oniiture, Stc«j AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Febrnary 26tb, at 10 o’clock, at onr aa)ctrorms.47and 49 Dearcxirn-sL. consisting of a splendid assortment of Parlor. Cham ter. Library, and Dining Bocm Furniture, with a general assortment of Boost keening Goods.' v GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. IHeeting. ■VJOE’fbWEbTEUN GLASS COM- A v PANT. At a meeting of tbe Board of Directors of the North western Glass Company, held os the Ulh day of Feb ruary. 1967, It was ordered, that a meeting of the alack holders of said Company be held at tbe office ol tbe Company, No. 248 Saoth Water-si., Chicago, (In Saturday, March 9lb, 1867, At 3 o’clock p. m., at which tin e and place a proposi tion will be submitted to said meeting, that the capital stock ot said Company be diminished to Two Hundred Tuousand Dollars. , _ , N. LUDINGTON, J. FABR. JB- J. Mb DILL. A. P. KELLEY, W. U. KBET3INOBB, P. B. SHUMWAY. M. TALCOTT. Directors. Sato fftills, isnst«es> See. fjpHE LANE & DODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines, Com Mills .and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LAKBA BODLET, comer ol John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circulars will specify the CarhlnpjT th»v nee*. cgSSnCI-tuXSu pOAL! COAL! TO TBS TBABS. SOO Tom BEIAB hill COAL ter t«l& tn jjrd or dairered. WU. A. UUBFBT, SOS A cq.. Ttrdaod Ottc«, TwdfUnt. Bridge. IF Downtown Office, S 3 Cltrk-s^ 3£eal 35state-(gltp. F)R SALE —A new brick house, with 10 largo ro closets, panfries, and nil the mod ern ImirovrroenU.sltnat d in the Leatmldenrepart * r tae North sice. a. oaob aco, 44 Ladaiiesc, Room 4. 17 OK SALE—On Wabash-av., between 4 P»ckand Bldrdcr-ccnrts,houseNn.46l. Lot ■loxl7o. A. J. AVERS; LL, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Bkek. pOR SALE—On Wabash-av., north ot 1 UuDbard-court, two-story bilck house—parlors sod library, dining-room, sleeplrg room and klich n, onflmflcor. l-« t 36*170. Go*d pnek bam. Price S O,OOO. A. J. AVEBELL. Peal Estate Office. No. 7 utripuiltanßlrck. F'OK .SALE—On Wabash-av—Brick boute, three-story. No. 514 Wabaahav„ *S£OO. A. J. AVEBELL, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropoli tan Blocs. 'OK SALE—A first-class marble-front A? bouse 00 between Van Boren and Ad amwts., for 915400. A. J. AVEBELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 nictfopclitan block. F)H SALE—House and lot No. 593 Wa bash-av., at only 913.000, on the fallowing terms, if taken immediately: liAOOcatb; tzscd in June; 93,000 February. 1868 ; 93,000 February. 18®; 9WOO, isffi, with 7 per cent interest. Tbs bouse has recently Wn thor oughly renovated, ana is therefore in excellent order. House has U room*, water, pas, hath room, gas fixtures, inmate; Ac. Lot 33x17), with good bam. Title bo yond qneitlrn. Immediate poasciaion men. WAB HBy & GOODRICH, 135 Dearbom-«t.jßoom g. fTOR SAXE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X. Estate Agccts, No. 4 M-'Crop'illtan Block; a frame house or io rooms, and lot. No. S2O Warren-et near Lincoln. TTOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Keal -L Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new name houses of S rooms, and lots, on Wasnington-sL, near Lincoln. F)R SALE—House and lot—House one year old, nicely located. Price 16,000; Improve menweest 95.000. Mnat be sold soon. E. H. CUM MINGS. Boom 19 No. 133 booth Clark st. • T7OR SALE—By. Christian & Co.—lm- J- J provwl property, booses and Jots, farms, wild lands,Vpardlpghonses, saloons, vessels, Ac. Boom 3, Lind’s Blocx. 1701? SALE—A good bouse in the South XV Division. 7 rooms. “Lot 35x153. Price 93AM PK TERSHIMP. 94 Monroe-st. T7OR SALE—Pine residence on Park •L av.; also, one on Ada-sL, cottage and two acres ot land ca and a firit-elau bouse, very cheap, on Calomet-av. CLAFLIN, 93 W**hi nr to a^u 170 R SALE —New cottage on West JL Side, with lease of lot, containing six rooms, with ciothes-prcts ana pantry, and water In tie kitchen Apply a: IS4 South Gre-n-at. I7OR SALE—Cottage, for SSOO, with JL fire rooms, bam and lease of lot. InqolrsstlSO North Gicen-st. 17 OK SALE —Honse and in nature, on JL leased lot (five years.) Ground rent only *IOO a year. Mn*tbe sold, as the ffimily is about to leave the city. Inquire at 126 Eourth-av. I7OR SALE—Lease and furniture of one X of the best booses on I&diana-av„ near Eighteenth, it. Modem Improvements—ail In perfect order. GEO. SNTDEH. 100 Haodolph-et., Boom S. FOU SALE—A new house just finished, water, gas pipe* and sewer, eight large rooms, four closets ana pantry. Apply on Beorta-el. m rear of church, corner ot Washloston-st. trOU SALE—Cheap. Store and dwell- I log on Booth Clark-sc, between Hsrrlson and Polk, with lesee of lot. Also, two dwellings on Gris* wold-el-opposite Michigan Santhern Depit. J. IL KEELER. Beal Estate Office. X 29 aouth Clark-st. |?OR bALE—On Hichiganav., an ele- X’ pant marble front residence; also, one of the beat corner lou on the avenue. 46x190. A. B. MEAD, 131 Randolph il t?OK SALE—A fine trame bouse on 1 West Adams-fit., near Dallied, II rooms. ca«, bathroom. Ac.: lot Pnco $5,000. a. B, MEAD, 131 Bandolpn-et. J7OR SALE—On Park-av., near the I park, a find clMsfiatnfhoas’, with brick base* raent and all modern improvements; 10t50x133. A. B. MEAD, 131 Kandolpo*sl. 17011 Grooms, on leased 1 grennd. at low tent, near Dalsted-tt. ears, only S2W. A. B. MEAD, Beal Estate Agent, 131 Hon doiph-tt. FOR SALE—Choice lots on the ave nues. 60 feel cn Wabash, between Twentieth and Twenty* Orst-sts. JWfetl on Indiana, between Twentieth and Twenty* flr*MP. ioo met on Prairie, between Twentieth and Twenty* nrststa. 50 fceion Calumet,bciwecnTwcnUeth and Twenty* first-sts. fS feet on Wsbasb-ar., near Eighteenth-fit. 100 feet on Indiana, hi tween Twenty-third and Twcn* ly-fOUfth-fils. A. J. AVERELU Real Efitate Office, No. 7 Metrop-illtan Block. 170 R cA LE—A valuable lot on the rorth- P west corner of North State and Indlaot-su n 30s 100 feel to alley, at a low price and on liberal terms. Title perfect. WAUBEN A GOODRICH, 123 Dear* born-gt. Room 2. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & I ce, Real 1? Eata'c Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a lot, 53 by 150 icet, on Throop-fit., between Monroe and Ad ams. irontlne Jetfrrson Park. {Si!:lanteb-=ivcal 35state. TXTANTED—To purchase, for cash, Yv some houees and lots, also some lots. Mail be arid cheap. TItUEBDELL & CO., Room 1J Lombard Block. Steal ISstate-gtountrg. T7OR SALE—B 23 Acres. A splendid 1' farm nine miles sonth ot this Railroad Station, SSO serfs order plow, 550 In tame grass, 3 houses, stock, water, beartogorchard. a large amount of hedging, Ac., Ac. $23 per acre. A. J. CROPSEY, Folrbury, Livingston County. Lit. 170 K SALK—Farm o! 80 acres, three I? miles cast of Elgin and one mile Rom Clinton. Good buildings, bam SOxSO feet, wlta stone uasement; 150 bearing ftmlt trees, well waterud. Adjoining are hundreds of acres ot Umbered lota, not fenced, atlord ingthcbestol posture. Hot location in Kane County for dairy farm. Call on CHRISTIAN A CO*, Room 3 Lind’s block. TpORBALE—for cash and part time, J? some of tbe best stock and grain Arms In North western lowa, timber and prairie adlpiam?, perma nent running water, and title perfect. Township plats with college, railroad and vacant lands, timber, prai rie and water accurately marked, famished at st. in fernal lon free. Apply to or address J.B. PBKiCOTT, Brown’s Bock Store. Commbua. Wls. F)R bALE—lllinois Stock Farm—frlO acres, all improved, pear Joliet HU S 3 miles from Chicago, known as tbe "Jones Farm," valued at $50,000. Must be sold at a sacrifice to close an estate. For pnrtlcnlars addre«s MATTOCKS & MASON, F. O. Box 1969, Chicago. 11L T?OB SALE—Farm ot 80 acies, twenty I? miles from the cltr; well watered and good or* chard; good house and fertile soil—94. Mo. Also, one In Blooming Grove, near Madison, Wls.; 83 acres, flO per acre. CLAFLIN. H 3 Washington-st. TTOU SALE—A choice farm ot 160 acres, X* at Llbertyvllle, 111.; improvements dret-class in every rcipcet. For panicnlars apply to A.B. MEAD. Heal Estate Agent, IJI RanacJpn-it. F)K SALE—I6O acres of good prairie land in Delaware Co„ lowa, situated 7 miles fro-s railroad and 3 from timber, in a Rood settlement. Price PXO. Address "IOWA.” Tribune office. «q FOU bALE—SIOO to SSOO cash will se cure a profitable business. To parties lookipgfor immediate and large results, this is a rare chance. IRUESDELL & CO., Room 13 Lombard Slock. FOU SALE—The Madison City Steam Mill. with-DUtlllcry attached. In complete running order. The mill will grind 6,000 pounds flour, and the distillery run 100 tmsbe's grain, daily. Barns, sheds, watehmsea and office? complete. Good tun of custom work, and home demand for all productions. Can be easily converted into a vinegar factory or brewery. In conrectlon with the mill. A floe opportunity tor a paving business. Will exchange forCnicago property. Address U. C. MANNING. Madison, Wls. IT’OK SALE—A first-class Photosraph Gallery, at a bargain, in the city of Laporte, Indi ana. Address PHOTOGRAPHER, Post Office Box 470, Laporte, Indiana. F3R SALE Amount oi business 120.000; good location; no other tailor. About inhabitant*. Will sell all, or stock, and rent store. Address S.TAYLOR, DeHftlh. 18. FOK SALE—A boarding bouse, with lease, can be bought at a barralo. Property U on State, near Madieon-st. WaRKENA GOODRICH. TT'Oi! SALE—Grocery store, stock, lease r andfixturce—abargaln; awelUnglorfamUy. Im* mediate possession. Owner going in country. Apply at 102 Sedgwick-st., North Side. FOU SALE—lnability to give peisonal attention, and Immediate want of money, com pel me looser my third interest la a saccesstol attest right for tne United States (excepting tboie States al ready sold), at a bargain, city lots that can he easily converted into motev, taken In payment, a Chance to realize a sous little fortune seldom offered. Address ••LUSHING,” Tribune office. FOR SALE—At & bargain—An interest In a manufacturing business In good running or der. cab at or address No. *46 Jeffereon-at., between Banco ph »nd Lake-sta n u.p Halts, from. 10 to 1J au u n aid from v to 4 p.m. TTOR bALE—HaIt or whole interest m X 1 an <stab'l?hed ladies'and gents* restaurant; tm dersoiDg improvements—ld a few days wilt be one of the most elesate tn the city. A tint-class business of several thousand do lsvs per motth can he realized at large profits. Can he purchased at one-third less than any similar property, as the parties are confined to other tmtiness. GILBERT & BENEDICT, 132 Clark* Boom 7* TTOR SALE—In a pood location on J 1 West Lakc-su a smalt stock of groceries, with (hs bonding, on leased ground. Tbe tmlldlßg is 30x13 feet, two stories high aud wellboilt: 7 rooms upstairs tbr family. Tbe whole can be bought at a great bargain, and on ftvorabla terms, by applying to E.JENISON, 3>A West Lake-fit. T?OR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures X 1 of a boot and shoe store, la a good location and doing a good business. tLDfO or fl-?GC will buy it. ap* ply to IRA BROWN. BeilZslate Agent, 2S Milwsu acc-ar. T?OR SALE—One half or whole interest r In a manufacturing cosiness. No competition. Pales permanent. Profit* at wholesale, 100 per cent. Wl the sold tor 99C0 If app led tbr soon. Apply at aiSWasblccKm-gt-alEfrASraeP*- TToR SALE—Two .leweJry stores, one L 1 be ok aed stationery store, two boot and ‘hoe stores, three salcons and two boarding bouses; also, two buildings cn leased grotud. TBDESDELL A CO., Boom 13 Lombard Bloat. P)B fcfAXE—The advertiser offers for »!e his Interest In arosnafkctnnnz and lumber business, Perseus bavins % IS,OM \«luveit will find this an unusual opportunity lorp rentable Investment. For Information. address P. O. Bex Id'JO. Chicago. 111. FOR SATE—Prop. “Genessce Chief,” dow lyloe at Detrotu Michltrao- - Ton nage (md mcaiuremcnt),3s4. App y to WM.E* >vab* RENER, Detroit, Ulclu, or to HARRIS 6 880., Lumpcr-CT, Chicago, ITOh SALE—Office desks, show case, L sale in good order (Hall's make), chairs, table, bins, drawers shelving. (tores, ac„ ac ; aso, hone, eipras wagon atd harness. Apply at 87 South Wa ter-st. » FOR SALE—At the Lake Ttu.nel—One SS horse power engine and upright tubular holier, one :r horse power engineanduprlghtor war btller. One 15 hoi se pewer ct gne.and apnsnt tabular tniler. Ttcfecnclnreandbcilen are new, have been In use but a very abort time. 21,115 lett T nil, welching 23 ft*, to the yard. 1 urge tan fbr ventilation, M. M. Alum's patent, built expreviy lor this werk sfl- e, well-broken' ourg mutes, iromps and? sets Improved hoisting apparatus and gearing. Wears, capacity! cubic yard. . A large lot of tools. A lot of umber and lumber. A>so, the buildings, sheds, outhouses, Ac., connected with the Lake Tunnel. A lc t of cast and wrought scran Inn. DULL A GOWAN. Contractors, Office, chore shaft Lake TnnneL tpOR SALE Vessel Brig Robert L Boms, 81, la good order, and excellent outflL Capacity. 17,000 bn com or 25) M lumber. Will be sold on easy terms. Apply to BCSBT S. UALSTED A CO M 6 Steele's Elect, coiner South Water and La* Saße-sta. U'OR BALE—Tinners’ tools for sale. r One full set,»lth or wlthnnt benches. Have been nsfd less tnan one year. Address W.J. DOOLITTLE, Janovllle, Wls. XT'OR SALE —Schooner Kate Richmond, r A 2. carries 15 000 bn corn nr IBS m lumber. Now In this port. £LRdS A MERRILL. FOR SALE—Sheep Pelts, Sheep Pelts. I£o3 selected Sheep Pelts can be bought at a bar* gain. A rare ebanes tor parties polling wool. Ad dress B. B.HIGGINS. Dixon, 111. FOR SALE—Houses and lots; lease, forsltnre, ot hotels, boarding house*, restau rants, groceries, ar.d tropTty of every de.*crlplioo. Good bargains. OILBEBT A BENEDICT, 132 Claik* tL,Boota 7. FOR SALE—Cheap for casn. or would exchange for city property, a grod brick store In Fart Dodge, fowa. For particulars address “M,” Tri bune office. - ffioal. OTRATED—From 118 Lake-st.. Monday O morning, a large, black Newfbnndlazm Dog. with a chain attached to us collar. A reward win oe paid fortia return. Um’UUVKD. impitovßo, iSußlncss Chances. .Ifor Sale. gtraseo atm stolen. ®2la«teo-fQaU Kelp. IOO&KBEPBBS* 8A1B»1IS9 *C» "VTTANTED—A first class galftsmaw m »“ » wholesale boot a?<* shoe store: one who can lafloen) t* tr»* tli- Wisconsin aid lova preferred. To the right in#n a liberal «alw win h* i-al t. Apply la p*»a pinMANN & BEALS. 50.91 Unron-BU, Mil waukee, Wlj. TXT ANTED—A lew good salesmen to W travel wlthoornew Hand Stamp. Good wajr>-* and steady employment.,wlth stamp, H. D. HAMILTON A CO., Cleveland. l». TT7ANTED —100 smart, energetic, live VV mm to sell one of thabestdimeattcaracJesever offered fit sale. Has so coc.petition. Every family wants from two to a dozen. Profit vary lame, call Ita mediately at 134 oocih Cark-«t* Boom 9, op stairs. J.B. NASON. VXTANTED—I -want three good men VV thatarewlllligtowork, to caarass the city. Good wages guaranteed. Apply »tl3l lASfrit. TXTANTED—A man that understands VV ibe manufacture "f vinegar Is aU Ita various ways, from com-mash and male One that can strok Ea? Isa preferred. Call at Vinegar Factory, 17S Michlgan-at. Drug Clerk. Apply at \A/ ANTED—An office bey who can VV write a fair hand. Apply at Boom *4O Larmon Block, 09 Sooth Clart-st. TXT ANTED—Good salesmen can secure VV permssentemploymentwlt3)literalßaiaries,by applying,'with at 125 Dearborn Room 17. o.b.QßVia& uo. TXT ANTED—An active young man, ol Y V good education, to learn the drag business In a first-class prescription drug store. A bimu will be expected with the successful applicant. Apply at 504 State-st., comer Taylor, Chicago. TRADES, "TTTANTED—A Tinner, for a perma- VV pcntslUMtlonln the country. Apply at HIB BARD & SPENCEB'S. 92 and 94 Mlchigan av. TXTANTED—A man to work a small V V farm—one who can furnish first-rate city r»f>r. ences. None others need apply. Address “FARMER," Tribune office. TIT ANTED—A foreman capable ot VV masoning a tin shop, to go into the country a abort distance, where steady employment and good par can be bad. Inquire at CROaS, DANE A WEST LAKE’S, 50 State-at. at once. W ANTED—A good baggy and wagon V« painter, to go to Wankegan. Steady work and coodwages. Apply to UPHAM*CBABTReE, Wan kegan- or to jOaN K. WALSH, Western News Do pot. Chicago. SSSanteh-female |§flp. SALESWOMEN, TE&DBS, *«♦ Wl ANTED—A dressmaker thofcughly V V acquainted with dressmaking, to occupy a per. msnehl situation in a city south of ChlcagJ Aooly to MR. READ, at J. B. Shay A Co.’s, L*ke-*fl J TXTANTED—An elderly wom;Nt capa ,» V 61* of acting a? housekeeper or companion to a lady. Sne mms» not be afraid of wort, may bare to traoel, be competent to keen accounts, strictly tempe tatc- hare a strong will and be aVe to control. Salary small, rnc situation permanent. One train the country 2nn r £?.* A< !l2i ei h«. #t * ttD * Particulars, •«,” Bo* 4 00. Chicago t*oat Office. ,$ BOUSE SERVANTS. \\f ANTED—A good girl to cool, wash V* and iron tn a small ttmlty. Is offered and Uoera: wages paid to one fur* nisn cooa recommendations. Apply to COOS. CO* PL RX ft CO. Masonic Temple. \XTANTED—A smart servant at V V Kenwood Station. Hyde park. One "who an* icrstancr cooking, washing and ironing, ami ts tally rompeu-cltodoit. willing to do the work ot tne lam* <y, can hare a permanent place and go*l wages, so Innh ne»d apply. Inquire ot O. B. DUPES & CO., rcrocr Sonth IVattr and Slate-fits. TXTANTED —A gwl to do general house* Y V wo’k. Liberal wages. Calfat 83 Warrea-st. w ANTED—German girl to do second V i work, without care of children. Apply at ISO Wabaib-av. \\T ANTED—A cirl to do general bouse* VY work. Applyat IQQSedgwick-fil. TXT"ANTED —An experienced girl, a .Y v Protestant, to aulst la tae care of tn Infant asd do plain sewing and llcnt housework. Beit city refer* ci ca required. Apply at S 9 Thlrd-av., between 10 a&d TXTANTED—A good Protestant eirl, V v f’r general housework. Must come recommend* ed. Apply at 7'J'2 Wabaah-av. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Ironer. at 21 Waihiagton-iL, corner of Wa* ba»b av. Good references required. WT ANTED—A good Ctrl for general V > housework. Apply at 73S Wabash-ar. ffiSHanteb-iDißcrllattwtts. WAN TED—An energetic man with V Y SIOO to SSOO, to engage lu a money making hail* ness. Wm bear strict Investigation. Apply at 10-t Sonth Clafk-st. Room 3. from aa.m.to3 p. m. \\T ANTED—To exchange 40 acres good V V land In Central Illinois for a piano. Ca’l on or address JAS. A. DICKENSON, QS Washlogtoo-fit. Cmcago. TX7 ANTED—To exchange 30,000 acres YY of choice niloolf lands tor merchandlao nr city property. Win pay n*rr cash. Lands near railroad. Title perfect. DICKENSON A WEBSTER, OS Wash- InglOD-SU TX7ANTED—SS,OOO or SIO,CO(J for an Y Y Investment that la perfectly sale and that wilt pav more than 30 per cent. Address "M D,"TrlDuna office. . TXTANTED —Active men can make Y V irom S3O to SSO per week—carpcntrrs twice as much. Call and see, or send stamp lor clrcn' ar. S 2 Dearbom-et.. Room 2. HOPKINS BROTHERS. TXTaNTED—Douse and lot, houses on Y Y leased lota, suburban lands, good top baggy and drnblc bantesa. Immediately, Apply to 8. w. SEA. In note IQ4 Clark, comer Washington, TXTANTED —To find some good sound YY bns)nesß.whcre,wltbscapltalofs]Aooors3,ooo. 1 can com a living. Any one having need ot a partner with that amount. In a bustn es that will bsai inveatl* gation. can address "J L," Box 12-16. I*. O. TXTANTED —By a practical accountant VV having part oi his time unemployed, a *etol book* to keep evenings. Addissa "ACCOUNTANT," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To exchange a chance to \ t make a fortune in PeucsyivanU, Minnesota, Missouri or lilinJf, lor horse*, carriages, real estate or cash. A. C. BROWN & CO„ 128 Lake-fit. TXTANTED—The celebrated Gypsy wo- VV man. If voa wish to know aU the secret! of yoot past and future life, the Knowledge of which may save you teats of sorrow ara care, don't fhu to 'oa suittneGjpsyPalmist,at339 Sootn Clsrkst. Fee, One Dollar. TXTANTED—At tlie National Hotel—A V v second-hand billiard tshlc. ma ble or slate bed. Apply at tne hote, or send particulars. VKT ANTED —To buy, willows, at N 0.16 V v Weft Bando ph-et., two doors trots the bridge. J, Q. STANLEY. WANTED— The subsenber wishing to move Into the country. on account otthe health ot h's family, will s>ll bis manufacturing business, which has been established six yea's and >tklda a net annua* revenue equal to the capital invested. Amount required to purchase, from |to,too to 315.000. Will take the whole or paxt in a stood improved firm, near some flemishing town In Michigan. Illinois or Wlscocsln. Address “<J H M," Tribune office. TXT ANTED —Every one to call and ex- VV amine WICKHAM'S BURGLAR ALaRU. Stare, county and city rights (or sale. Terms to imt all. Also, single Alarms for sale. Can be seen In operatu u at out office, 133 Dearborn-at., Room 14. up glairs, Chicago. 111. ffinmsponhcncc gjgasnteh. *pOUUESPOND£XCE Wanted A V i few lady correspondents, between the ages of 17 and SI. by two young mend good address. Object, Improvement and occupation Jor leisure hours. Ad* drew CHARLES HAMILTON and J. Q. ROSS, Chica* So Post Office. iSoariiiwg, T)OARDlNG—Gentlemen dcsirons of D comfertahie home with elegant front room) and good board iu a respectable family living ou Wabash* av.. not very tar frem Post Office. Best references re quired. Addrtsa “C,” Box 13<Q. Post Office. T>OARDING—A lew gentlmen can find Jj good board and pleasant rooms at 227 Mlehl* near corner North state and convenient to business. Tenos moderate. TDOARDING—A small private family, JJ living m a pleasant locality on the West Bide, having more room than they wed, would like one or two young gentlemen, with unexceptionable references as to character and respectability, and famish tnem with all the comforts or a home at a reasonable rate. Addreia “ w,” West Bide Post Office. T3OAKDING—Two young gentlemen JJ can be accommodated with hoard and pleasant looms, at S 4 Adama-at.; also, «wO with day board. T) CARDING—With rooms, for a tew JJ single gentlemen, at 128 West washingtan-it. TJOARDING—A pleasant suite of un ii fhrmsbed rooms to rent, with board. &r gectie man and wife. Location near Mlchisaa-av. and Bant, soc-it. Address P. O. Box 11166. cnicago. ■pOARDING—One larce tront room to _LJ rent, with hoard, suitable tor and wife or two single gentlmeu, at 74 Jackson-st., two blocks south of Post Office. TIJOARDING —To rent, with board, one l~> nteasanc famished room, suitable for two genDe* meo. Inquire at 110 • • TSOARDING —A gentleman and wile Is can obtain tumlshed rooms, wlta board, in a orl* vam lamiiy, at 634 Lake-iu, tw Psuliua-flt. a good cook wanted also. TD CARDING—Ten to sixteen gentlemen II can be accommodated with gooa board ar.d pleasant rooms, at TOO East Madi*on-st. A ttw day poarcers can also be accommodated. T)CARDING —A tnmished room, suim- X 3 ble f-r a gentleman ana lady, to rent, with board, at 266 West Kandolph-at. Reference a required. T>oAKDlNG—Neatly famished rooms, fl with first-class board. Id a private Umliy, at 176 tenth Cltntok-st. "D CARDING—A pleasant room, desira- D ble tor a gentleman, with board, at *l3 Ruah-st. comer Illinois. T>OARDING—A tront parlor, famished, O with good board, suitable tor two gentlemen or Enilerranaad bis wire, to bo obtained at 13 East mdnirh st.opposite Dearborn Park. AIS”, chats* her rooms, for gentlemen boarders, at reasonable rates, at tame place. References required. DoAßDlNG—DesirahJeroom for a gen- M tlcmar and wife, with flrsuc’an board: also, one single 100 m and accommodations lor a lew day board* ere. Apply at 297 Mlchlgan-at. T) OARDING—Two choice front rooms, O famished or unfurnished, each suitable for a gen* Reman and wife, with treedom of borne, as In prtvala family. Cali at 343 West Lake-st, between Peoria and Sangamon* _ _ _ Dnatb ffiiaantrtr. BOARD —A young lady wants a pleas ant home, with board; will take dinner with her. caa give good references. Has a permanent place to work. Hustle near street cars. South Side preferred. Adore*' .turnedlately, stating terms, ** MISS MABT,” Tribute offl.e. - T3oAßD—lncluding fire and gas, want- I) cd, by a gentleman ana wife. In a private fctotly. Address, stating terms and location, "it G," Tribune offlee. 0 OARD—By a young lady, in a private ¥j fiimlly. where the comfbrtsol a home can be had. Address MISS M ABY, n Tribune office. T> OARD—By two single gentlemen, in a 1j private &muy—one where there are no other boarders preferred. B«st of references given. AoJxess, with lerne. “h H G." Tribune ofllee. BOARD —By a gentleman and wile, m a private family, where there are no other board ers. Will be permanent, it salted. Addresi, stating -E B B.” Tribune office. S OARD—In the country, by a pentle g«a wife, during the spring and summer, t be convenient to railroad depot, as the gentleman doe* business In Chicago. AddreesP. O. Box 2213, Chicago. HI. __ iLbst atm .ifmum. LOsT— Yesterday, about noon, a Hunt ing Case Silver have wm j,st Is s State-st. car. On retun-mc it to 4-15 s.ate st. the finder will receive |5 reward. T 06T—A large and fleshy yellow and I / «Win cow, Wllfiboia ao/M J“S Jjr fetvnlng her to the h. •eori-B»e.. will be apßaWr rewarded. TUOS. U. BROWN. 162 south PeofiarSt. T?OHND —A Flute. Tne owner tan r have the tamo by calling at tbe offlee ot the Union northost corner of Wchlgaa-ar. and >u »nd paying chirges thereon. U'O'OND —A sum of money. The owner r can' iccore the same by caning at the Advm* noose and correctly defining the property. etrln< eridcuce that he u the rlghttnl owner, and paymg au charges thtxcoau &ttuauowß BHantro. SUbBX. R I H^Ti OK r Hirers — , mil thoroughly praa* * OTirSS£7ILL«£SK- CITUATION-Wcd, as salesman in VZS mnUra-TT or dry goods Py«i EBvu.Smif tw<* I l * New Torlr, wtto is oealroos ofmttllae WeatL 9 a *hadftT»t eioMleace Ic /-ondon aart s-w Tort Satisfactory reference! tc New Yore merehema. TO CITUATION—Wanted—As head miH gaS.iSia^reamra - C ITU ATI ON Wanted Hardware! U E’toatlon wanted, by a yon: e man “with seven yean experience in the Bast «pd vr«t” tn % nox bpnse, as clerk or training salesman. Befennne plven. At present employed In the business la p»« city. Address “HARDWAKE," Tribune office. 9 CITUATiON—Wanted—A manned gen k? Gem an, who is conversant with the EugllshTGer nan and ail the '-candinarlan !angua~es.-wUh« to ob ££,* Bltaa “2? a wholesale or retail basln*w. B * 4t 01 «f««ces men. Ad cress, for ifiiee days, U C£ H.” Tribune office. CITUATION^—Wanted, by an expen a&go.Sg&gf- Bmm " ■»<>- CITUATION—Wanted, by a young man, kj ascoachmanlnaprtvttcfamllr. WellacnuaintM with the business and good aw?&«SSS bSSr en. Address "A K, Tribune office. ** CITUATION \Vanted, by a steady O young man. as second or third hand on. bread or cate, either la city or country. Address “J H," Tri bute office. CITUATION—Wanted, bv a young man O ot large roercanUe experience and tha best refer ences, as local or travel log aalcsman, ertry clerk or aralstanrbookkeeper. Address, tor three cays, p. o. Box 1400. CITUATION—Wanted, as bartender by O ftyoosgmsnol long experience in the bosioe««. Can givo the best oi recommendation. Address "VL S," Trtbnne office. CITUATION—Wanted, by a younc man, U 5 asllghtpcrterlnawholssale or re-ill store—oae who is rot afraid to work. Address *♦ WILLIAM." Tilbune office. FEiHALEg, CITUATION— Wanted, by a young » Lj lady, to teach music, Freccb and drawing, elthsr In a school or private tamily, or win give dally lesson* Dbl'sJt B !** tlieir ° Vnre3 ‘ deoce# - Address MISS CITUATION—Wanted, as wet nurse. kJ Apply at Hospital for Women and Children, 413 Qhlo-at. CITUATION—Wanted, at dressmaking O ard plain sewing. Has one of Singer’s latest tint {i roved sewing macninea. To re employed la a private smlly—American preferred, 293 Division-#!- North Side. CITUATION—Wanted, as seamstress, O by a young woman, wKh or without a machine, to go out by the day or week. Apply at 739 Staie-st. CITUATION—Warned—A. ladv licm O the East wishes a situation aa housekeeper, wh> * Is competent to take fall charge. The best of rc!e> ctfca given, if required. Address "ilB3. il W,"Tri- Ttlhnne ofllce. C ITU ATI ON—Wanted, by a young girl, VTj to do second work or take care cf children. W A> ply at 407 Wentworth-av. CITDATXON —Wanted, as meator pastry k_7 cooV, In a hotel or restaurant, city or count* r Address ** A I),** Tribune ofllce. CITUATION—Wanted, by a ladv. aa O housekeeper or governess for young chVdren. Would bare no objection to tearing the city. Dost ct references given- AddteM.Cir one week,"LX." Tri bune office. ClTDaTlON—Wanted—Bv a German O Protestant girl, to do chamber work and ruin sew* -j lag. Addrsas, stating wages; 4c-, "E L,’* Tribune of* tic*. ■ CITUATION—Wanted—In a private O ftmlly. by a French w" do w lady, pro team ut. Has a little girl tonr years or age. Wi-neato do chamber work or sewing, or the general housework of a small family. Address Mils "A £.** Tribune office. agents ffl&anteo. A GENTb—TV anted—To encaee in the Jrisaleoi “THE DISTORT OF ADRAUfM Lls* COTK AND THE OVERTHROW OF" SLAVERY," In QpevoL, octavo, it pages. By Den. I. H. Arnold, late member cf Cotfrcis a - d tor over twenty years a confidential tiieud ot Mr. Ltneola. Thu iTporunt work was undertaken three years ago with the ap* prcvalol Mr. Lincoln. and Is Just lamed. It U si* ready selling as rapidly as the publishers hare been able to (ill orders. The Out edition sold tn treaty dsys. For fail description, opl don ot leading panora nod men. and terms, address the pob lsheis. CLARKS 4 CO„ NO and 82 WashlngMa-fiL. Chicago. A GENTS— Wanted—Just received, Pol jQL *om’» splendid HEW USHER-FEED LETT SR "A" SEWING MACHINES. l*nce stt- complete with table. Good machines at S2O. fa and rS. I*. ATKIR* BOH, 101 Kandolpb-at., Room tf. Chicago, 1»L A QENTts—\\ anted—sl2s per month TXandespcrwa. Address SHAW A CLARK SEW* IM* MACHINE CO.* taecclonL Maine* AGENT&—* Wanted—$25 a iliv. Fif teen new articles lor Agents. O. T.*CARET, Ulddetord, Maine. AGENTS —Warned—500 Agents want ed in a new business. H. B, SHAW, Alfred, Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—One local airent m jCjl. every town aud citv in Hie Western States to In* trodnee and eel! a useful article In universal dmond. Only one manutartory In the West, no corauoiltl'm and profits large. Calloo or address MINOR A CH M So. IIX Markct-st., cor. Lake, op-atalrs, liosm No. 2. A GENTS—Wanted—Bencvo 1 e n c c ix Samples sent Hrcc to any address. Can be sold by any man. woman or vonth. Recommended bv the Chicago "Tilhute." "Times."and "Republican," and many of the first citizens of Chicago. Consider your la le»e»U and address GOODSi’EEO & Co M IIS Lakc-st., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to $2lO per XjL month, everywhere, male and female, to intro duce thioughont the Uduh) Mstes the GENTIN’E IM PROVED COMMON BENSP.FAMILY SEWING MA CHINE. This machine will stitch, bem.fbll.tnck, qnllt, bind, braid aid embroider tn a most superior manner. ITUe omy sls*. Fully warranted for five years. We will pay SI,OCO for any machine that will sew a stronger, more beantttnl or more elastic team than ours, it make* the "Elastic Lock Stitch." Every second stitch can bo cut, anc still the cloth cannot be SnHed aotrt without tearing It. We pay age ct* from IS to S3OO per month and exposes, or a commission from wnldt twice that amount cac be made. Adding bBCOMBA CO., Cleveland, OWj. CACTIOjj.—Do not be Imposed upon by other par ties palming ott worthless cast Iron machine*, under the tame tame or otherv Isc. Our* is the only genu* lae and really practical cheap machine nminf^n lff^, A GBNT&—Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes line*. Can male IIP to S2O per day. Address "Mclalie Cloths* Line Co./* 92 Seneca*«t.. t leveland. Ohio. A GENTS—'Wanted—Ladies and cents jTXwUh acapftal of *5 or flO arc snre to clear ilO per oat- tor particulars address with sta-an, N. ft. RaMSKS - , 13*1 Woodwaid-av., Detroit, Mien. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and lemale— -TjL Bnslress at home. NO capita* required. Active Agert* can mace $5 dallv. Address, with stamp. S. DEVEREAUX, Drarer 6112. Chicago. 111. A GENTS —Wanted—Forty per cent ot £\. the salts given. Cull at ‘il9 south ClargiL, Room 16. Oniv those need apply who will go into the cocntry. A GENTa—Wanted—For “WOMAN’S J XV WORK IN* THE CIVIL WAR" This work, prepared undsr the sanction and approval ot »»e United States Sanitary. Western Sanitary and the ChristianCommlseloLA with an IntroductionbvHenry W Bellows, p. D-, President of the U. S. sanitary Commission. Evtry member of the thousands ol Aid Societies. cf both the Sarlury and Christian Commls* sloes, at a all these who contributed so liberally to es*t able these noble women to curry on their labor of love, will consider this work Inolspensable oo tnetr tables. Every mother will And It most valuable In Impressing upon her daughters the true “Mission ot Woman.” Sr idlers rescued from suffering and distress, and frletda of <h<-so engaged la the work, will read It with thrilling interest, and all will Dud how exalted has been the patriotism Cl American Women, and bow great their sacrifices. Experienced book agents, school teacher*, and especially members cl Aid Societies, and those who were intern ted in tha work of the Sanitary and Christian Commission*, are requested to send for circulars, giving terms and a fail description of the work. Adcrras ZEIt»LEB. iIcCCRDT 4 CO- Lorn* bard Block. Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AMER* il ICAR FARMER'S HORSE BOOK. Now ready. One elegant octavo volume of 600 paces aod splendidly Illustrated. By Robert Stewart, &D-, V. S. The best selling subscription book in the market. It covers tto whole ground of Stork Raising and Managem-nt, tn* eluding the treatmenoof f’lseaacs of ths horse (espe* ctally the American horse), more satlafaatorlly than any other wr*rk extant. When other book* are slow sale, the people wLI buy this, as It Is something prac* kical, that win save them money. Agents are meeting with spendlo success. One reports *1 subscribers the Cist day. AnolherlOontof themst3s solicited. An* other as average ot 10 p-.r day for the nrst week. As* other U from the first 11 solicited. While an average ot three subscribers per dav will pay &o agent lI.COO per year over ana above ail exoenses. One agent (a . veterinary surgeon) write*: “I have examined ths book, and It ts everything that I could wish. For ward bosks immediately, os 7 can hardy keep the sample I have got.” Another writes; “The work laces well. Ever; one admires it. If there is not a Urge number sold. 1 think the fault will be with the agents.” An other agent, an experienced vcUrinary surgeon, writes, after having itad the book; “lam fnlly convinced ot UatxceUe&cy. Having all roy life been familiar with the horse, and nearly all hla dlt'asea, I feel free "o re eemmend the work to the pobUc.” Another write*; "I have Jest heard cf one man who thinks ths book saved him a valuable animal.” Thus, the book stands the test ot crlth-al exauiaatlon by these best qualified to Judce oi it* nml». one 1* dally growing in public favor. Exclusive t-rritory flven. Address J. §. GOODMAN A CO., Ptibllsheis, 5 Custom Bouse* place. Chicago. Id. AGENTS —Wanted—For “ The History of the War Between the i-tales—-Tracing its Ori gin, Canst-s and Results.*’ By Hon. Alexander B.ste phess. Ana for The Lift. Letters and Speeches of Bon. Alexander H.-Stepbens. By Hearr Cleveland, send for circular* and seeour terms. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., Lombard Block. Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—With $5 to *lO XjL capital, for apcrmscent mon'-y-madrg hOoln-sS at home, suitable lor ladles, gentlemen, Clergymen* and teachers, and very desirable for cold weather. Energstlcagenii are making flO to |6O oer we*t. Call on or address, with *lamis lor papers, R. WATVELL, 47 Lets bard Block, Chicago. qg AGENTS —Wanted—Male and female, to sell a new article In great demand, that every family wants. (4 per day made without leaving home. Travelling a rents can make from 93 to 920 per dav, without interference-with other business. The article shows for ItselL Samples, with terms and particulars o> the ho*tness. sent tor 33 cents. Address R. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 6533. Chicago. partners Siaawteb. "PARTNER "Wanted— With twm A. Hi WO to H.3W, In a 1 cs’anxani at Dubuque, lowa, This la a rare chance f.r a lire man to make a fortune. Address J. R. BSIDMLf, Chicago P. 0.. tox particulars. TDARTNER —Wanted —An enereetic I mao, with f3OO, to ♦ate a half Interest in aa os* tabllshod bn* ires*, paying a large proflu Apply at SPEER A BRO.'S. 107 South Clark. fHactjmerg. FOK SALE—Three 8-hoise power up right engines; si?o six tomontalengine*. 8,10 and 12‘bcrse power. Larger or smaller metres fur* aUhcd with or without toilers. 12,15,16 and 20-Lorsc Tubular ana locomotive ooliera for aale. best make. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel andwcc-d-workisz machinery, iron Pianers, belong, saws, files. Ac. Machinery Depct, 33 Chicago. QRRgyi.EE BROS. A CO. FOR SALE—Portable engines and boil ers. W to 20-hcrse oawer, at very low prices, by GRIFFIN BROS., 116 LaSaOe-sL, opposite Chamocr of Commerce. T7»OK SALE—A second-hand Buckley I? folding machine—m good condition* Price, ll«. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. FOR SALE—Woodworth Planing and Matching Machines of dmerrnt s»l*s mjpUes; one 2t*inch Suifacer ; aluU assortment of Saau,Door and Blind Machinery. Moulding M»£b«ne«, Tw Lathes, Scroll Saws, Be-«awirr Machines, Saw Arbor*,- . aifo machinery for Iron work—Engine- Latke* Planers, DprlchtDrUU, iferri man’s Patent Hole Cnmra. Darts' Patent Bolt Header*, BralaanTs Ktect at mannUctnrera* ad* ded Cirrnlars «rt on application. MESRXMAN A WRIGHT. 14 WtHMt ; T7OK SALE—Cheap, an 8-horee power r stationary engine, with nollef,lo good running or* der. Apply to M. SHEPARD, 124 Bandolph*<L, Boom 1. OK BALE—Portable engine?, station arr acd on cS 1 * and torsaleat law prices, by TAB *A3Uiiuu LO n North Wattr-sL. North ther. •Sioxses. Carriages, Set. T7QR gAT.K—A valuable lot ot teavy H vane* at the Centra! Stable. 8 and 10 South Water-al. W. COXA CO. FOR SALE —Cheap—A horse, open two-eeatedhuggT.acdnarnes*. Horae»c.*fear* oia. Apply to J, Marcus, 269 acctn cufk sL, Cigar store. £OR SALE—Cheap, a nice pony, bug gy. hartesa. robe and whip, together or •epwate. be seen at 339 *** * 1 or t'l'lr-ea* “C S," Room 95 Reynold* Block. ANTED—At 51 Lake-st, a good horse for an exprga wagon. Tina BiT.r —A beanUtnl saddle korse. r ladvor gentleman; eight vears old, tnprtuecon- J.'ADAMB, Lumber almchant, erratr Adam* and Caaaljta. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Helo* deons; also, now and seeoniMiaad Plsaoe Ibr sac od dme payment*, reoerved tn instaUmmU. W* w* ynffpAf.T n es WuhlngtOQ-M,