Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 27, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 27, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. The Derby Ministry to Offer a fiegnlar Deform Bill. Passage o .. e Confed eration Bill in the House of Lords, The King of Prussia to be Em; peror oi Germany. FROM WAllilW Farcical Character of the Late Attempt at Political Compromise. -The Senate Elects Him. .lolui D. Defrees as Govtnuncut Printer. Passage of Ihe Army Appro priation Bill in Ihe Senate. Appropriation of $250,000 for the Mississippi Bridge at Boot Maud. Action of the House Yesterday oe the Tariff Bill. PROM SPSiWLD. Solli Douses of the Legislature Vote to Adjourn 10-Mor- igw Noon. Large Amount of Business Transacted Yesterday. Nominations Slade by the Kentucky Radical State Convention. FROM. EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. GREAT BniTAIN. London, February 20—Noon. The writ of habeas corpus has been sus • ended for three months longer In frelan J. Eail Bussell censures the Amer can Gov ernment for pleading ior the Fenians Earl Dcrhv’s Reform measures arc a topic of general conversation. Leading journals have editorial approvals. London, February 20. The Government has willid awn the reso lutions of reform, and pr misc to ;ay before i’arliumeul a regular Reform Bill. The bill for the confederation of the Bri -11-h North Americ a Provinces passed the House of Lords to-day. Dfbi/n, February 20. Captain McAfferty, the recent leader of a Fenian organization In Ainer ca, and com panion of Head Centre Stephens, was to-day arrested In tb s city on snap cion of being concerned in tlic recent ou break. THE ITALIAN ELECTIONS. Florence, February 20. The elections solar lor induce,t, o( Hm Italian Parliament have generally resulted in I hr defeat of the supporter- of Rlcjmoll. • i.i;ii>unv. Berlin. February 21. Tt>e King of VruKsla will he Emperor ol (ieiumuT* THE NEW LINE op PTEVWER*. Paris, Fehmsiry 21. It is announced I hat lire IhM Meauierln Jh.e new Havre and New Dihaiis line will Lave HuVie in Mu>. HTEUIER ARRIVALS. t'IEENnfOWN. l ehniary 2-5. The slrntnHld|M City of Baltimore and Malta, liotn New York, arrived hmt evening. latli.l fuivt-i* Harki-iJi. FINANCIAL. hoMms. February 25. (’oii*(dt>, 01; Erie, CTjj; illimiU L'eatrji. 7?’i; i-uc-fucuner. T^-g. Lonoon, Frhr.tarv al-Kvi-idtur. rToreil at in ; l- , J» , 7JJ; llli note I’euUnlfTßi; I .*. Frankfort, Febiuar a*. United Slates Fhe-Twcuih—. 77. a j. Paris, February 20. American bonds uncharged. COUUECCIAh. Liverpool. February 50—Nam. Cotton very dull nud depress' d Qnotnilnat an liaicly niaiul;iin..d at I’IX-d, wllb a prospect of t liutber decline. Bre&dMiEte arc generally qulc and steady, sod at unchanged prices. Bacon. 42.<: laid, fids. Ijveufool, February 26—Evening, The cotton market has been irregular, and tations show decidedly a tendency downward. Middling uplands declined >*{l, and closed at T i:d, but middling Unenus closed at ltd, the opening price. Sales nut 4,000 bales. The MancLoier market lor goodii and yams Is dull and heavy, with a declining tendency. Breadsluils—Quiet. American corn declined to per quarter for Western Culiioruia. Wheat unchanged. I‘rovlaions—La*d firm and unchanged. Ashes—Pols declined; sales at3!s Cd. Spirits Tnrpentire—STsf-d. Linseed Cakes—loo bris at 15s per ton. Petroleum—Uncharged. FROM WASHINGTON [Special Despatch to the Cbicago Tribune.] Washington, D. February 25. THE Lt)NG JOHN SMELLING COMMITTEE. The Wentworth report caused great merri ment in the House to-day. The statement of the testimony oi the self-constituted Pres idential ambassadors shows that tlio whole thing was gotten up by them, and the fid that so many were led into what proved a trap appeared in-a ridiculous light. No one, fioni the first, except Lung John, seems to have dreamed that the mee’ings bad any rolcrcQcc to impeachment, and that part of the investigation tailed utterly. For the rest the report agrees with the accounts al re; dy given in this correspondence in ail its material leatures. Mr. Wentworth evidently does not pride himself ou the closing net of his congressional career, fur he was very anxious to have the Committee discharged and the mailer hurled as quickly and de} ceutly as possible. THE TARIFF BILL was reached in the House about the middle of the afternoon, bnt the reading of t he Sen. ale amendments was not concluded until S o’clock. Over on hour woa llien spent, in a noisy and confused wrangle on points of order relating to the method of procedure. When this mutter had been settled, the various recommendations ol amendments from the Ways ami Means Committee were taken up and acted on seriatim. There arc two hun dred and sevcniy-flve of these, and in the first hour, viz.; from nine to ten o’clock, action was had npon thirteen* only. About one hundred and ten members were present, and the division on each amendment was so rear equal that one side or the other inva riably called for tellers. The House was In excellent humor, and seemed to regard the'whole proceedings as an excel lent frolic. The bill was made to lake ef fect ten days after Its pasrage. The various amendment* in the section relating to wools and woollens were apparently acted upon without regard to any principle, for while mme were carried hy four or fire majority, others of a similar character were lost bv about tbe same majority. At half past toil when tw6nty amendments had been acted upon, the committee found Itself without a quorum, and a call ol the House was order ed, a quorum was obtained, and the House lluu by a small majority, adjourned. ArmnsTMEX rs. Tlic President has scnl to the Senate n list of tumdimlhms for the Pay Department of the army, under Hie act of Congress, ap ple,ved last July. The following appoint* infills date from July 3«uh, jun<lt To be Assistant Paymaster® Ucumt, witit rank of i nioi'td, NfllhßU W. Bfown ntid Dmdel Mu time| to be Deputy Paymaster Hetiurnb with laiik of LteUtmmht Colonel, I‘aioy 11. Itt { to lie Daymasleis—Hi'oige Pomemy, New Volk l William 11. JohUeluii, Ohio, mol John Pi MeEiHh, Missouri} Tho following spmdmiimMs Ml : P>mui«<ms nil ditto Mom (he Itth of.lamiiry ta=>i i Tho«.J H, Vermont j William *mMh. W« iMiuiti Jirotii Major, Indiana; John L, JMgu, ptovrlut <d Co.umuUj lluiwrv ||, Clark, Pennsylvania; James W. NiehoU, Tennessee; Henry R. Reese, Ohio; Valentine C. Hanna, Indiana; James IL Nelson, Michi gan; Thaddeua H. Stanton, Iowa; Daniel M. Adams, Kansas; 'William R. Gibson, Ore gon; John W. Sm’th, Missouri; Pct?> p. Q- Hall, Pennsylvania; James P,Canby. Dela ware; William B. Rochester, Now York; Nicholas Voider, Illinois; John S. Walker, Maine; C. 31. Terrell, Charles J. Spraane, Chatlcs TV. Wlngoed, General W. Candco, J. Ersurbank, Edmund Brook. THE MARINE CORPS. The House Committee on Naval Affairs, to w bom vas rel'errcd last session, the resolu tion directing Inqnlry into' ‘expediency of abolishing tbe Marine Cor;. and providing for supplying fromlho army itlmllltary force as the navy needs, hare Ircporlod. They review the history of corps at some length, showing its brilllt record. They also give the • testimony c .great many naval officers, -from Farragut a n d Por ter downward, as to its value and efficiency, and conclude with the opinion that the ma rines arc more efficient and better adapted to ihe duty they arc called upon to perform than soldiers would be, and recommend the retention of the corps as a separate organ'ea lion, and the adoption of measures to pro mote its efficiency. THE NAVAL ACADEMY. The House opent two hours this afternoon over the proposition to remove the Naval Academy from Annapolis, two or three Mary land members speaking as .vigorously against 11 as though there hail been danger of its passage, and then rejected tbo motion by yeas 37, nays 108, BILL IOR THE RELIEF OF IKON-CLAD CON- TRACTORS. The conference committee on the bill for the reliefofirou-clad conltactorshave agreed to report in favor of tbo House bill passed by the House last week, directing the Secre tary of the Navy to have the claims exam in'd and make a report at the next session of Congress. REVENUE FRAUDS. General Joseph Geiger has been before the Judiciary Committee for three days. His examination covered much of the ground concerning the political movements of last Mimmpr, and of his frequent interviews with the President concerning the same. The committee arc greatly pleased with the Hruighlforward and dear account of the whole mutter given by the-General. His present business at the Capital is to report (he extensive frauds among the whiskey dealers. In discovering these the General has been one oi the most energetic and suc «-c«>ful of all Western Revenue Agents. His late discoveries involve well known firms. GENERAL LOGAN nag gone to Connecticut and.opcns the cam paign this evening. HON. N. D. JUDD, Representative elect from Chicago, has ar rived, and is warmly welcomed by leading members of both houses. NOMINATIONS CONSIDERED, TLc Military and Finance Committees of the Senate bold a meeting this mvminr and cied on the nominations tent In within the .art three dajs, and will report at tbo next Executive session of the Senate. A DEMOCRATIC GROWL. The Democratic evening orean growls ter ribly at the rciult of yeslei day’selection in • Jcorgctown, and charges that the negro ; Lfirage paily carried the day by fraud. THE FORTIFICATION BILL barely escaped death in the House this morn ing, It was really rejected by the ommitteo «»f the Whole on a vote by tellers, but the House refused to agree with the committee, and to the bill was saved by seven majority. Tlic measure, os it came from the Committee on Appropriations, was cut down to the low est figuic of Hie War Department, but the House added a clause that only one-half the amount appropriated shall be expended this year. THE OMNIBUS APPROPRIATION BILL, icj orlcd from the Finance Committee this •'veiling, contains numerous amendments, uncut these strikes out the section which abolishes the cilice of Superintendent of Public Buildings; the appropriation often houtuiid dollars for a marine hospital is ?lviehtn out; a new section awhor.zo the •eerc’ury of the Treasury to 8 ttle lor the •irviccs of Southern As-cssors and Collec ors who could not take the test oath, but .’.hi duly In 1805, aud lu the early part of HCO. THE ARMY AITROPRIAVION BILL occupied the Senate most of the afternoon. Among the amendments made to it w&s otto giving ore hundred and filly thousand dol lars for a fire-proof Government store house at Jeffersonville, lud., ami another one, moved by Judge Trumbull, giving two hun dred and fifty thousand dollars fur a bridge ul Ruck Island. FREEDMUN’S AFFAIRS IN TEXAS. Washington, February 21.—Letter* from General Gr-llin, Assistant Commissioner of the rieednien’s Bureau in Texas, dcela-es his purpose to exercise all the power glv.-n him .\ existing powers for the protection of Uv. r< uiiiM-n, nml Mutes that every decision that ■he Buiean shall have occasion to make in 1 Ik- ease ol wrong aud outrage Intheted upon to- Heedmen, shall, If necessary, hu Instantly niched by mPtiaiy force. The coiiiiimiiilcu'- Hi nshown mi aggregate amount of s>:{,( ox .■cMicd lor Mihslslcnec stores Issued iod»v«- - itule refugees uml freedmeu, or person* not > * longing to the unity, for six niunthsonding December last. AFFAIRS IN UTAH. Washington. IVlirm-ry 2i».—General Kit /.en bus addressed a lelter Iroin .leilenim l iii-ritclis to RepreMmtutlve Bidwell, who hud • quested u tep rt of Ids ohsmvnllon ■ lluim in U.uh while llieru in October lust. •v. tuys; ** I think it Important G-mirn mi nt should In roiiie way Htnutgiiien its iidhorlly In that Tciritory, ni:d at tlm suuje » •im* Increase by every means possible our liemily reiiilioua wilh lln ne people, and elc u;o. their Intelligence till they come to feel .hey are a purl of the United Slates, and we t.e their friends. Harsh measures will only uu.retdiongly eonsnlidaic them. The lands I the Toiltoiy are still held by Govern ment. If Uis the inimtlomto give actual i'tlclo Mormon occupants on the same eu-umls us other emigruiUs, nmli do not sue lu.w we C:iq do less, a land office should be ■]>etied there ami a Coinmit>»luncr appointed m aetlle eoullletlng clulms.” INTERNAL REV ENL'E RECEIPTS, Receipts ol Internal revenue to-day, :.*o2,t;iu. Aouicn.Trnn. The Senate Committee on Agriculture has commenced action on the building for an ex «iu?»ve Agricultural Department. The annual ivport ofugricult tire for IStffiwa* presented to Congress to-day. It embraces, In addition Hie work of the Department, papers from -oiiic of Hie best agricultural writers of the 4 ountry, including Judge Ficoch am! Joseph Todd, T. A. Willard, B. Perlcy Poore and Wm. Clough, and others. REJECTIONS. The following should have been given as rejections by the Senate yestciday; <>«7rtfor u f Customs —Edgar G. Spauldiug, I'oit Huron, Michigan. /WmrA/cr—Harvey K. Dodge, Columhns, Wkconsiu. Snnryor of Customs —Hiram A. Rood, Traverse City, Michigan. Jsstvor a/' Internal Jict'enue —James M. Ncbling, Fifth District, Ohio. oiiueued to nerr. Generals R. A. Gilmore and J. G. Barnard have been ordered to duty ou the Board ot i Experimental Firing. 1 HE GEORGETOWN MUNICIPAL ELECTION. Washington, February 20.—The otlU-ial ret unis of the Georgetown election show the election of The Radical Mayor by idnctv-slx majority, and seven Radical Couuclluicdand Jourof the (’onservative party. THE GREAT PAINTING of Lincoln reading the Emancipation Procla* t'lUlion to his Cabinet, by Carpenter, was '•'.need over the east door of the rotunda of • be. Capitol to day. " THE AUSTRIAN MISSION. The WorUr *• special says tlio President has irnceied the Vienna Mission to Postmaster tjencral Randall.jis the Senate will not con ill in Cowan’s nomination. U11.1.S APPKOVED. Washington, February 20. —The President bus approved the tail authorizing thesub inergi d tubular bridge across the .Mississippi UiUT at St. Louis, and the amendatory anti -•miiggllng bill, which provides that any foreign railroad c«.mpamiics or corporation*, whose roads enter into States l»y means ot nrryortug, may own such boat, amt shall so subject to no other restrictions than it owned by American citizens. MINORITY UEI'OKT os THE sOUT.I CAIIOLINA t. v me acw i ork Julies' 1 special says : “Ed ward Gooper, of the select commlUce to in ..nire into the murder of Union soldiers in zoulu Carolina, has submUlod auiinoritv re* . < rt, in which he admits the soldiers wore unquestionably deliberately uumtcrvd, but claims that it is not proved beyond a roa-on* side doubt that the discharged prrionc's were guilty ot the crime. He then proceeds .it length to sustain the official action which anally culminated in the release of the pris •an is under the habeas corjms. He also ulsa greet* wlih the committee as to thencccs-itv tor military ride In the South to maintain older. 11 run pirnuc deut. The monthly statement ol the public debt will be published about the sth of March. It will not show any very material ditfer • nce from the last ttaicmcti. Receipts of customs during the mouth will appear quite heavy, and those from internal revenue MUirces w ill he unusually small, less than the former statement, tins being the first in stance of that kind. It will exhibit a heavy increase In the gold balance —several millions «t dollars—fiom which the interest on 1040*. due the Ist pr«x., will be paid. the «>i.oum,\N mmccLTr. The aiilleully between Mr. Burton, the American Minister, ami the Colombian Gov cn.inutit Ims been iirranued in a satisfactory oiamcr. A new Minister is to bo appointed, and Burton duly fuitiishcd by that Govern incut with Ids passports to leave the conn* lij, the former lumrg been recalled. UMTEO STATES SVEUBMK COUUT. Washington, February 30.—N0. 114. Kcilcv &V Anullier »•«. Crop* rt at. In error to *,!',V Clru,u Cum I for the Notheru District uf D'hiol 4 . Jndmncnt nlUrmcd with costs. No. -4111. The Oily ol (inteim is- the Unliv'd Males In error In Hie Circuit Court mt Hie N.rlhcrn District of Illinois. Judg* n.en) affirmed with eo«ts No. DM. RuHoti c». Forsyth. Urfut- tosntne . OUH us j*hove—writ of error. Dismissed for ntn.l ol jmisdhdlon. No. Ifio. Httimih r* Itoekwoodi Error (o * iuuit Conti DWthd o( Wisconsin. .Ind*- until M'Vehcd amt umisu irumiuded for p’io credM«jt*|Ae, * No.fol. Bupervlsors of Mni’slmlt Cmmlv Illinois, i‘«. iMlmnclo Error to ih<> <Droiti* t pmitii iim Nmitwh DNUint of Himnii, Album d wllh eosls, No, fi'l’i, Bradluy rl ul i’«, (Im IVopluof Jill tmift. PorurtotlmmipvemuOouii oiUiin.iU, VOL. XX. Judgment reversedned cause remanded with directions to enter Judgment affirming the decision of the Board or Supervisors. DiTPKimED DESPATCHES. Washington, February 53,1807. CIVIL APPROPRIATION BILL. The House went into Committee of the Whole, Mr, Thayer In the ebair. and took up the bill making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government. Among the items of appropriation was $50,000 lor the dome of the Capitol. Mr. Scofield, (Rep.) of Pa , inquired of Mr, Stevens, when the expenditures about the Capitol were to be expected to cease. Mr. Stevens, (Rep.) of Pa., said that if his colleague would ask his (Mr. Stevens') suc cessor, *omu twcuty years hence, bis ques tion might he answered, but gentlemen should recollect that the construction of a groat cd flee like the Capitol required a lit tle more time and money than the putting «p of a sawmill. fLauchter.) Mr. Scofleld suggested that his colleague’s reply was more witty than satisfactory, but he, (Mr. Scofield) bad no idea that the Capi tol was to remain at Washington. The ac tion of Congress last session in cutting down mileage would tend to Us removal, because, when Western members could no longer make fortunes by their mileage they would insist on its being moved Westward. The fact of there being only a single line of rail road between Baltimore and Washington, to connect this citv with the North and West, w<>uld also have Us effect on the question of the removal oj the Capitol. . Some items fur public buildings being read, tbc amount which is to be disbursed under the superintendence of the Comm!-- sinner of Public Buildings, B. B. French, Mr. Schecck offered an amendment pro viding that no part of the amount shall be reserved to pay Mr. French’s services as I’oct Laureate of the Administration, lie said that the Commissioner was one of those gentlemen who belonged to that class which are always in office, and bad always a good deal to’do for himself and hla friends. He M;i t up and had read a poetical effusion, in handbill shape, entitled “Andrew Jackson at-d Andrew Johnson,” the reading of which m-ated much amusement In the House. The document declares in verse that— - Wbe-e Jackson stood now doth another stand, T he favored rmer of oar favored land. With neart ay pure and patriotism as great, A second Andrew steers thf ship of mate. It also refers to A dcteixnlocd clique who rant find nve, Divide and ruin, not unite and save. But the consolation of the poet is that— The end approaches, that sublime event. The people rallying to their President. Tbc Republicans laughed derisively at the poetry and the sentiments expressed in It, but some of the Democrats applauded both. The ana-rdment was agreed to. Mr. Sloan, (i cp.l of Wisconsin, moved an amendment providing for the election by the senate ofu Superintendent of Public Build legs, to hold bis olilec four years and to per mini the duties now devolving on the Com missioner of Public Buildings and Grounds and abolishing the latter ofilcc, which was adopted. COSIWESSIOKAI. I’KOCEEIHXGS. Washington. February 25. SENATE. The Senate elected John D. Defrees, of In diana, as Government Printer. A Joint resolution passed authorizing the Stuitiury of the Navy to lurnlsh two 11-iocli guns lor the purpose of testing Ridgeway’s Kev< lying Battery. Several private bills were passed. The House bill establishing a Department of Education was considered without, action. Mr. FESSENDEN moved to take up the Army Appropriation Bill. Mr. CHANDLER contended that the Ni agara Ship Canal Bill should nut be hid aside lor the Army Bill. Mr. Fessenden’s motion was carried—3-1 against 18. Mi. GRIMES, from the Naval Committee, icporlcd a hill to amend the act relative to the Navy In certain respects, repealing the provisions providing that cadets at the naval academies shall be under eighteen years of ago aud have been two years em ployed m the fabrication ol steam machinery; fixing the mum vr oi eavuts at one (or each im mber and delegate to C orgress, with one ftuin the District of Columbia, ten at large, and twcuty-llve to be sclct led annually from the boys enlisted in the Navy, alter one year of service; provided that this reduction do not affect tlic appointments already made. There are also provisions as io the rank of i llicer*. The Senate concurred In the House amend ment to the bill giving twenty per cent extra eoinuensulloii to civil employes of the Gov ernment. The Army Appropriation BUI was con sidered. On mot inn of Mr. LANK, an amendment was adopted appropriating (150,000 for the erection of a Ihe-prool building for an army .-tori home ut Jeffersonville, led. On motion ofMr. TRUMBULL, an amend ment was adopted directing officers of tliu I-'rmimrii's Bureau lo prohibit maiming and n lopping In tlic into rebel Stales. On motion of Mr. WILSON, an nmeml melt win* adopted tor the disbandment of drill in orgnt irutlom* in the Into rebel Suites. Sev< rni niuet.dmeiitH were offered and re in-led. Mr. JOHNSON moved lo MrlUc out the • i eond i-eeilon of the bill, which he Mild was cirnrtv In violation of thcl’oV.Mltnthm. (This seelbm reltler* lo the ItoadipnrtC’S MirtliT'cnil iii t-hlef, etc.| T ami iidmcnt was rejeclcd—S avalnsl An amendment was adopted to pay the cost of tmusportution home to California ami Nevada oi the volunteers mustered oat ot Ibo service ni u distance therefrom. On motion of Mr. TRUMBULL, an amend* nu n! was adopted nppioprlatiug S2SO,(XX) tor ihe conMrnelioii ol a bridge over the Missis *Jpbl at Rock inland, Illinois. The bill then passed. Mr. SHERMAN culled up the Compound intureet Bill, when a recess* was taken. EVENING SESSION. The Compound interest Note BUI, on mo tio of Mr. SHERMAN, was postponed till to morrow, Mr. WILSON pave notice of amendment that every national bunk shall at all times have ou baiid, in lawful money of the United slatcs,&Q amount equal to twenty five per cent «•!' the aggicgatc amount of its notes in cir* eulation and its deposits. Mr. FESSENDEN, from the Finance Com mittee, reported the Omnibus Appropriation Bill, which was ordered printed. The Senate, c n motion of Mr. TRUMBULL, insisted on its amendment to the Joint reso lution prohibiting any officer of the Govern ment from paying money to one not known t o have been opposed to the rebellion, and ngi eed to a conference committee. Several private bills passed. Also bill relative to courls-maitial in the array. The bill to provide for the pay ment to the Atlantic & Pacific Mall Steam s-bip Company of $23,000 due them on con tract lor carrying the mall, passed. Mr. HOWE called up the bill to grant land to aid the construction of the Wisconsin «& Lake Superior Railroad, which was read, considered and laid over. Mr. WADE called up the Mil to pay f amuel L. Bailey §413 for services os Chap lain of the Hospital at Cleveland. Passed. Mr. WILSON called up the House bill to allow the reissue of discharges for use in the collection of extra bounty. An jiir.endiucut was ottered, making pro visions lor the additional bounty in the bill of last 5 car applicable to sailors and out lines. IVnding consideration, the Senate ad journed. HOUSE. Mr. B ENTWORTU reported that the Spe cial Committee, of which he was Chairman, had useci tained that the story of a corrupt bargain between members and the President was derived from observations made by re 1-orUis In the gallery, and conjectural infer tr ees therefrom. No testimony bad been given allccting in the least the integrity of the President or members. There was not ihe least knowledge obtained byftlvc com mittee about the reported proposition of re voneillatlon between the President and mem bers, nor had the committee any reliable ex j relation of obtaining such knowledge. Mr. GLOSSBUENNER made a facetious statement ol similar purport. On motion of Mr. WENTWORTH, the committee was discharged from the further »onsidcration of the subject. The Senate amendments to the House res olution prohibiting the psvmcnl of claims to any person not known to be opposed to the Mbcllicn, was acted on. That requiring claimants to prove that they were nl wave op posed to the rebellion, was non-concurrcd m, nnd a Committee • I Conference asked. The bill for the 20 per cent additional com pensation for Government employes was amended and goes back to the Senate. The Fortification Bill was amended by bribing out the paragraph for permanent platforms for cannon of large calibre, and *■y limiting the expenditure iuthc next fis cal year to half the amount appropriated. The Mil passed. The joint resolution for the removal of the Naval Academy from Annapolis was consid ered, and alter on hour’s debate Mr* M-liviick’s substitute and resolution itself were rejected. The House wont into Committee of the Whole on the Tnrill Hill. The reading ol the Senate amendments oc- Mipitd till recess. EVENING SESSION- The reading «f the Senate amendments to the Tnrill’ Hill In Committee of the Whole were completed at eight o’clock. Mr. MORRILL offered u substitute for the bill, being in I lie main the same as reported Imm the Ways and Means Committee. There netu not more than twelve or fifteen altera tions,mincing rates slightly, us, for Instance, books Irum fit) to 35 per coot. The committee rose that Mr. Morrill n Ight move to choc nil debate In one minute, which was ordeted—72 ngabist 4t». The House again went Into committee, nod Mr, MORRILL, to ovoid confusion, with drew his substitute. On moth n of Mr. MORRILL the nmend tuctit pro| used by the Ways and Mi nus (*om* tutttec to make the net take cfivcl April 15th. Was ntnehUrd to tend 111 leu tlnys uher llspfls>nge. Among the {thtemlmehlp disposed of were Hie following t Making (he In* on coeon and ( lincolnte right rent's per pound Instead of slxmnlopled i itierinsliigHm tax on alt (dam «*oil’ll liiMniUelliies of rotlon fiiim foilMo bverrnis=r»>Jn iedi on Dm same. If hlenidb •d, Horn dij lo iHvr<=«dop|int; on Hie same, Mulder goods, H roloirdi slntnrd, putnied or i rnnul, fti'iiiN in fiije persnimreynrd— ioiopiii) i tnrirntii'if Hie duty on Iduauhed nibih'A o| mliiln classes Mom tlfiji to lift per ctnt mi ow/mim—adopted j Do mu pun)?, when colored, stained, painted, or printed, from 35 to 40 per cent—rejected by a tic vote; increasing thetax on all cotton iiosicrv from 10 to 20 cents per pound—rejected—s 4 In 65 ; reducing tax on cotton webbing, &c., from CO to 00 per cent ad valorem— adopted ; making the duty on cotton endings when dyed or colored 45 per cent ad valorem— adopted; making the. valuation of imports of wool be that existing in the principal markets of the country whence exported, instead of at the last port or place—adopted —C7to 86. * The committee then rose, having disposed of only twenty of the 275 amendments to the bill reported by the Committee of Ways and Means. House adjourned. FROM SPBISGHELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spxuxcficld. 111., February 25. E. C. LAUNED, ESQ., who has been here for the past two weeks, representing the Interests of the people against the gas monopolists, left this city, to-night, for Chicago. Qo has failed in bis mission, not from the want of a Just cause, or untiring and intelligent persistency on bis part, but from a force of circumstances which neither of these Influences could con trol. The monopoly has exercised a power which is far beyond and above either with the men here, who seem to bear the relation of representatives of the people, bat are In fact the representatives of that man or body of men who can control the biggest ling, or supply the most money. Mr- Lamed will submit u rcpoi t to hts constituents, when he reaches Chicago, which will make at least two men therein named squirm like skinned eels in hot fat. LITTLE FULLER is here yet, and will probably remain here until the last hour. I don’t believe that his business during the session wll pay ex- penscs. THE LOBBY THINNING OUT. The Leland House lobby begins to look thin; ditto, the State House lobbies. A “banquet hall oeserted” is the best simile I can employ as to either. Many of the faces who have ornamented them will be known here no more fur ever. Amen. EVENING SESSION OF TUB HOUSE. The House was in session this evening-, and passed a large number of bills in omnibus and singly. Among them is the bill to build the Southern; Penitentiary, by & vote of ■l3 to 32. This is the last of the swindles em braced in the big ring. Another important bill passed was the one Known os the Com promise Park for the benefit of the people of •■South Chicago, Lake and Hyde Park. Messrs. Singer. Bond and Reynolds, of the Cook County delegation, voted against the bill. So this issue, which has been betore the General Assembly since an early day of the session, has been settled only at the last mo ment. A MILL TO PUNISH THE CONFIDENCE GAME. Among the bills reported by the Judiciary Committee of the House to day, it having already passed the Senate, was one to pun- ish the crime commonly called the confi dunce game. It provides that every person who shall obtain or attempt to obtain from any person or persons, any money or proper ty by the manner of what is known as the confidence game, shall, on conviction, be imprisoned in the State Penitentiary for not less than one nor more than ten years. MR. 6UEPARD AND THE NEWSPAPERS. Mr. Shepard arose in Lis seat this morning and Intimated that he had been attacked by several newspapers. He felt very sure that the persona who had attacked him did not know enough to discriminate between right and wrong, truth nrd falsehood, and then took his seat. Mr. Shepard is a young gen tleman of wonderful modesty, brilliant intel lectual capacities, livr above and beyond tbo nvetugc of men of bis immature age, and in differently honest—us honest as his counec ih.u with the law, legislative and lobby linn of Fuller, Ham & Shepard will tolerate, i UiIlU he Is foolish lo pitch into the news papers, because he is sure to get the worst »f It, as he lias during the whole session. It is true the newspapers were sharp enough to defeat Ids nice little schemes fur plundering the public, but that is no reason why he should pronounce them frols. POOR OLD JOE FORREST was pronounced mi unmiUgated ami per* HisUiit lior on tlio lluor of tlio House this morning, by Mr. Singer. Joe hiMs’a Hint he linn encountered tlio nemo accusation so often Umt lie cannot deem It either the p.illi ot duty or the path of safety to take notice of It; besides, If he did, the proofmlglil ho forthcoming. THE CHICAGO HAimou AND LAND IMPROVE* WENT COMPANY. Among the bills ordered to a third rending h. the House is Seente bill No. 237—u hill to revise uiul mnend the Chicago Harbor and bund Improvement Company, with amend mcntii thereto. The otgliml ineoi ponders are Roswcl. B. Muson, elms. Walker, I’aul Cornell, Elliott Anthony, nod two other persons now deceased; to these are added m the hill the nnmeti of J. H. Muhlkc, J. G. Osborne. X. J. Frost, C. StioUney, iiul F. 8. Howe. The original bill gave power to the company to construct n Imrbor at or near the mouth of the Calumet River, and n cenul leading from the harbor into the Illinois ard Michigan Canal on the South Branch of the Chicago River. For these purposes the company have power to cuter upon end condemn lands belonging to the State, persons or corporatipns. To this grant is several provisos which this new hill re- peals, one of which Is that before building the canal to the South Branch, they shall first obtain consent of Hie Common Council of Chicago; and that no canal or ditch shall be constructed which shall divert the Calumet River from the Illinois and Alicbigan Canal or Feeder ; another, which prevents the company from interposing in terrupting or entering upon the landsof any railroad ; another proviso, which says this act shall not be so construed as to authorize the construction of the piers, wharves, break- waters, slips, basins, channels, docks, har bors, or any other works on Lake Michigan, or to dig np. excavate, or enterupon the bed of Lake Michigan in point of any land owned by any Individual or corporation other than the corporation hereby created, except with the consent of the owners tbcicof, or upon full compensation be ing made, which compensation shall include the value of the right to Improve such land by building piers and docks ont to the navigable portions of the lake, and in no event shall any of the structures of any des cription be erected in front of any park in the city of Cbicago. I say all theabove pro hibitions on the original bill arc repealed by this bill. This may be a fair and square en terprise, bnt it looks to me like another big Pier and Dock Company. The names of the corporators are highly respectable gentle men. The new bill gives the following ad ditional powers: to buy and sell real estate, make contracts, lay out highways and streets, dig ditches and drains, borrow money, mortgage lands, erect houses and other bnlldmgs, and may establish and maintain outside of the city of Chicago, at or near the crossing of the Illi nois Central and Southern Michigan Rail roads, yards for the accommodation of dro vers and all other persons engaged in buying and selling cattle and all other live stock, with all the powers and privileges now pos sessed by the Union Stock Yards, and with power to condemn lands and to connect tracks with various railroads. The main purpose of said company is declared to be the purchasing, exchanging, leasing, Im proving and reclaiming wet lands ami lots in Cook Connly. Capital $500,000, to be in creased to one million. TIAILKOAD CONSOLIDATION. The bill to consolidate the Northern Illi nois and Wisconsin Union Railroads has passed both Houses ol the General Assembly. APJOUBNMEXT. The Setalc to-day concurred in the rcsolu tlon to adjourn on Thursday next, at 13, noon. tub will ron the equalization op taxes. Tlic House to-day. by uu emphatic vote, refused to concur in.thc Senate amendment to tbe Equalization Bill, aud I fear that this measure will fall entirely. The amendment of the Senate gives power to the Auditor of Public Accounts to raise assessments to the each ruination. MU. SIIEi’AUD OX ms MUSCLE. In Hie House this evening, while loading the Omnibus, Mf» Shepard, fbr what reason I om unable to say, walked over to Mr. Birger’s seat, ntid. alter the exchange of a b w pet names, discharged a blow with Ids list a( Mr. Simjet’a ’lkco The latter gen* tied no pnrMnlly warded It off with tils hand, ai d tin injury was dohe. Mr. Hliepuhl then relumed to his seal. Bo quietly was the thing done Hint net mtwethan a Inlf dor.ct persona Ui Hie immediate vieMdiy hoi ahy knowledge ol the oeemiehee. This occur* lemu'tuny be In ought bulure (hu lluiise to iitoiimv. CohlUruird lii’imt I'Mu r v ilminird, Nkw Yimik, Piduuwry TdHn r*< Sjiut'itl suisl "‘lltu illldb'UM'V Doiumuinn's InvesllKMino ol Hin mminrorilm rn'oro lo Hm rcheH of ponfieenied pmpuity allows CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 27, 1867. that la Louisiana alone property rained at f. 70,000.000 baa been returned to rebels b order of the President. All enr General* have frequently decided that this property belonged to the Government as much as any could. The facta connected with the recov er? by the rebels of all this kind of property In all the States of the Sooth will startle the public. They can not only bo shown from the records of the Bureau in Louisiana, bat fr;om those oftbeßareausin all the Southern States.” THE STATE LEGISLATIVES. ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] BmiKonxu>, 111 i February 30. SENATE. ADJOURNMENT. Hr. ADDAM3 called up the House Joint rcsolntion providing for adjournment tine die •■n Thursday at noon. The resolution was adopted unanimously. , QUESTIONS OF PRIVILEGE. Mr. PATTON rose to a privileged question, oud read a paragraph from the Chicago Tribune, in which he was charged with saying, in reference to the Corruption lovcstigatliur Committee, that Mr. Fuller was the only person who ever approached him with an offer for his vote. He wished it understood that Mr. Fuller made no offers of money to him at any time. Mr. FULLER rose to a question of privi lege. It had been said that he voted against Die resolution lor calling a Constitutional Convention in tbe,regular way. Ho voted for and not against the resolution. REPORTS OP STANDING COMMITTEES. The Standing Committees made reports on a number of bills. HILLS OX A THIRD READING. On Mr. MACK’S motion the House bills on a third reading were taken ud. The fob low ing, among about 800 others, were pass ed : To establish a ferry over the Mississip pi River In Madison County: to provide for the appointment of a State Entomologist ;.to procure portraits of Lincoln and Douglas; to Incorporate the Chicago & Illinois Rail, road Company ; to incoiporate the Chicago Fibre aud Paper Company; to incorporate the American Art Association; to incorpo rate the Joliet & Aurora Railroad Company; to incorporate the Chicago, Bine Island'& Indiana Railroad Company; to incorporate the St. Louis & Quincy Packet Company; to Incorporate Evanston Academy; to incor porate the Chicago Sunday School Union; to Incorporate the Belleville Board of Trade; to incorporate the Illinois Farmers’ Railroad Company ; to appropriate $2,000 la aid of the S’atc Horticultural Society; to prevent sheep and swine from running at large in Lake County ; to cede jurisdiction of land In Cook County to the United Stales for Hospi tal purposes; to incorporate the Hyde Park Skating Company; to provide for the ex pensea of the next General Assembly. When the roll was called on this tremen dous omnibus,scveralSenators voted for some bills aud acalust others, and some Senators left rhe chamber. A call of the Honsc was called for by Senators lor the purpose of putting Senators on the record. Mr. FULLER asked to be excused from voting ou the omnibus. Objection was made by several Senators. Since he could not be excused, he said he would vote aye. * Adjourned AFTERNOON SESSION. REFUSED TO RECONSIDER. Mr. CHITTENDEN moved to reconsider the rote by which the bill passed providing for the appointment ol a State Entomologist. Tabled. VARIOUS BILLS PASSED AND REIECTED. The blits rejected from the omnibus of the forenoon were taken up. Tbe bill increasing the price fur advertising delinquent tax lists was rejected—yeas 12, nays 10; it requiring 13 votes to carry it. Tho bill providing for the appointment of an Attorney General tor the State passed. The bill increasing fees of Justices of the Peace passed. THE GENERAL DEFICIENCY APPROPRIATION RILL. The General Deficiency Appropriation BUI passed—yeas, 14; nays, 11. Mr, WOODSON moved a reconsideration. Mr. EASTMAN moved to lay the motion to iGCousider ou the Üb<c. Rejected. The motion to reconsider prevailed. The bill then coming before tho Senate, Mr. WARD read thateectl.mof the bill which appropriates S2OO to each member of tho Legislature for lights, fuel and clerk hire, Mint being the section principally objection* able. Mr. 11E1LY made a speech against tho hill. A vole was taken on the bill again, when It wus debated. Oat Senators changed votes until n majority Vrna obtained for It. The vole was as billows: Inn—Busline!!, Cohrs. Eastman, Fort, Green, Hunter, Muck, McConnell. Muun, Pulton. Shepherd, Ward, Weseolt, Webster, Woodson. jVfipx—Addnnni, Boyd, Tlnchcr, Strain, I’im'kncy, Cheney, Fuller, Kelly. Metcalf, ChlUemlen. lIILLM PASSED. T)u> Juvenile Reform School Bill WAS called ill* and pujueti. The Mil npproprltllug $10,030 to complete « lie (ii-iJpgical Survey of Illinois, and to make the salary or the State Geologist $3,000 per year, wan passed. Mr. BuV 1) moved to reconsider tin) vote i.y w hhh tlio hill increasing the price of publishing delinquent lux Hutu was defeated. Adopted. Mr. WARD and Mr. ADDAM3 sought to have their counties excepted trom the opera* lions of tiie hill. An amoudiucut by Mr. WARD, excepting Cook County, was adopted. After which the bill passed—yeas, 21; nays. 4. The'Constitutional Appropriation Bill to provide for the luture expenses of the State Government was next passed. The hill appropriating money for the ex penses of the institutions ut Jacksonville was passed. It appropriates $344,000 for car rying on the Insane Asylum and the Institu tion for Idiots at Jacksonville for the next two years. The bill providing for leasing the Peniten tiary to Colonel Bainc and others for ten years, was called up. Mr. 'WEBSTER moved to recommit to tbc Judiciary C\ imuitlee to cut down the time. Rejected. The bill then passed—yeas, 18; nays, 7. The bill to prevent the importation Of

Texas uud Cherokee cattle into Illinois passed. MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS. Mr. EASTMAN entered a motion to recon sider the vole Ua>ing the Penitentiary. Considerable of a contest arose on the House bill to prevent domestic animals from runuiLg at large. It was finally committed (o the committee on Agriculture. Mr. PINCKNEY'S bill subjecting th 3 liquor tariff to a majority of the legal voters in each county was called up on a third read ing and rejected—yeas, 12; nays, 13. Adjourned. HOUSE, MORNING SESSION. INDEFINITELY POSTPONED. The Standing Committees reported a vast number of bills, action on which was in tbc majority of instances simplified by a recom mendation of indefinite postponement. THE CONTESTED SEAT FROM THE FIFTH DISTRICT. The Judiciory Committee reported on the contested seat from tire Fifth District that It was vacant, lion. Noah Johnston having been at the time of his election and still is, Clerk of the Supreme Court. The resolution declaring the seat vacant, and the report of the committee, were, on motion, made the special order for Thursday, si 11 a. m. TUE MANAGEMENT OF THE STATE INSANE AST LUSI TO BS INVESTIGATED. Mr. BALDWIN offered a resolution for the appointment of a joint committee of three from the Dense and two Irom the Senate to investigate the management of tbc Insane Asylum, after the adjournment of this Gen eral Assembly, and report to the next scs siou of tbc Legislature. Adopted. EQUALIZATION OF TAXES. The special order, the bill lor the equaliza tion of taxes, was taken up and the House n fiutd to agree to the Senate amendments. Adjourned. AFTERNOON SESSION. The Standing Committees presented farther reports. AN OMNIBUS. An omnibus of Senate bills was made np mainly ot local and private bills. The most important were the following: To provide a llunic lor children of deceased soldiers : incorporating the Valley Iron Companv; relating: to rights of married women ; fn corvotaUng the Carthage & Burlington Ball lead Company ; to famish a State Library : incorporation the Lafayette, Bloomington »fc Mississippi Railroad Company; incorpora* ting Ockwood Cemetery Association; amending the charter of the Illinois A Indi ana TnmplkeCotnpany ; antbonng the Coro ner of Cook County to appoint deputies, incorporating the Mississippi River & Wis consin Stale Line Railroad Company; incor porating the Illinois Fruit Company; incor porating the Chicago Aw Newspaper Com pany ; an act to amend chapter 43 of the Re vised Statutes; an act to amend the charter of Lake View, Cook Connty; incorporating (he International Trust Company; tncorpo rating the Rock Island *fc Galva Railroad. SPECIAL ORDERS. The Reform School Bill was made the spe cial order Ibr 10 a. m. to-morrow. The Southern LUiuols Penltcntlarr BUI was made the special order for the evening. Adjourned. EVENING SESSION. STATIONERY. The Seerctary of Slate’s report of station er! deUvctcdto members and oQlcers, was read, approved, and ordered on file. TnEForTHEUN JLLINIOS rBNITBNTIART. The bill for the location and erection of the Southern Illinois Penitentiary was taken up. the previous (question was ordered, ami, without discussion, the bill was passed—ayes 40: nays (id } total, 70. . A motion to reconsider was tabled—ayes, 44} nays, t». AMBbDMfeNT? VONetmißD IN* The Douse concurred in the Peltate amend* minis lu the Appfoptiulloti Hill. a snvviu nMNinra, The Douse wmi onwtlh Hie onmltnia of Minute bills, mining which were the billow* lnu I iiieofpotalliit Die Illinois hand t'oiu pm y i In h’lftimn (o iiillulti nml road l»*i iho ipMuimg (he lowpoi MarsUllei InoorpO' iiiinm Die Diihois Valley Railroad Oomnaim coi ccming brunch railways In Una Niaici to in ill* Die lonitib'H'o tome i In aid nl l(M z nnjsHoloieuM'ollo.Mtia I nlt-n j ioappoint rci mi trfa und priscrvo ovUlmme In uook C-unniy (to tactlMuie the distribution ot the general laws, etc*; to provide for the s»le keeping of the public funds; locorrmratlog the Delta Elevator Company; establishing a park for the towns of South Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake—on this bill a separate vote was taken, resulting in a rote of S 3 ayes to 3 noes. TAXES ON INSURANCE COMPANIES. The bill to enforo the payment of unpaid taxes due from Insurance companies from 1853 up to the present, was made the special order lor Wednesday afternoon. Adjourned. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] XantANAFous. Ind., February SO. SENATE. Bills to amend the charter of the city of Evacsrille, so as to authorize said city to subscr be for railroad stocks,' and to desig nate certain bo Mays, and relative to nego tiations of paper foiling due thereupon, wore passed. Tbe Agricultural College Bill was made the special order lor to-morrow. Senator Ciorcus arose to a pr’vßeged Question, and denounced the article In the Journal yesterday, headed "Defamation of the Insane Hospital,” as infamous and cow ardly. A committee of three was appointed with reference to taid publication, and the libel loos manner in which it reflects upon the Senator from Jcffer.-on. Several bills were put on their passage and failed ibnwnnt of a constitutional majorltv. Adjourned la conseqnence of tbe absence of a quorum. HOUSE. Twenty-two petitions were picscnted on tbe subject of temperance. The Committee on Public Buildings report ed iu f»vor of erecting a building for the State offices on tbe lot owned by tbe State on tbe corner U Washington and Tennessee streets. The bill providing for a House of Refuge was considered, and an amendment wa. ; adopted authorizin'* the present General As sembly to locale the site. Tbe Sinking Fund Bill was taken up. The motion to allow the Auditor of State extra compensation on account of his increased duties in taking care uf the fond, elicited a warm debate. A motion providing for a division of the funds among the counties of the State was sustained by a vote of 39 to 33. The bill was recommitted to the Sinking Fund Committee. The act nroviding for the incorporation ot towns was amended so as to authorize the levy of a license on retailers ol liquors. niCIIiGAX. (Special Despatch to the Cmcago Tribune.] Lansing, Mich., February 26. The third Committee of Conference on the Constitutional Convention £lll, after a lengthy session, was unable to agree, and adjourned to Thursday evening. The Senate passed the following bills: Relative to suits In chancery against absent, concealed aud non-resident debtors; for re platting the v.llage of Galesburg. Tbe House Committee on State Affairs re ported against tbe bill to repeal the prohib itory liquor law. The Committee on Incorporations reported in fuvorot the passage of bills tor the incor poration ol the villages of Ncgauno and Houghton. Bills passed lor the improvement and preservation of the St. Mary’s Ship Canal; to amend the charter ofMandiall, relative to justices; to authorize tbe Iron Clitfs Com puny to held certain bonds; the Battle Creek Graded School Bill: the Marengo School Bill. The bill for the encouragement of emigra tion was lost by 28 to 40. Detroit, Michigan, February 20.—Gover nor Cmpo yesterday vetoed the Fort. Huron and Lansing Railroad Bill, on the ground of its being nneoufctUuUoiinl and inexpedient. The bill allows ten per cent on assessed valu ation to be given to the road by all town ships or any county travcised by the road. The Governor says tho system will create enormous “blood bonds,” which capitalists cannot lake, and Issuers cannot pay. The credit ol'Micliigan forced to go a-begging, will stand luw in the market, and immi grants will be slow to come into communi ties thus bankrupting themselves, while magnificent schemes, which promise wealth will work miserable ruin. The veto Is mad** a special order lor Thursday morning la the Senate. XIiNNIiSMSK* [Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] NxsnviLLt. February 20. The House of Representatives passed the School Dill on Its second rending. The measure came from the Senate, and is a wise and excellent one, closely resembling the School Law* of Ohio. It was made the special older for Thursday next. Tin* hill to pay tho im mbcrfl of the Legis lature their per diem in gold passed the House to-day, and is now a law. KANSAN. Topeka, Kansas, Vubrunry 2U.—The Legls. iHtui-e adjourned to-day. Thu Idll to loan three hundred thousand Stole bond* for the construction of a bridge at Leavenworth, ami the bill to provide fin live millions oi Slate debt for Internal Im provements wore postponed* Both these bills passed the Senate. * The Committee on Senatorial Frauds re ported Unit they believed money hud been used on the election, but they could not us certain by whom or who hud received It. VIItGIMA. Richmond, February 2(s.—The Senate, In secret session, to-day, con-laered t ho subject of calling u State ConvcDtton. No result I* made known, in A INK. Augusta, Me., February 20.—The bill pro viding for a State Police similar to that of the Massachusetts Constabulary, has passed the House. ontu. Columbus, Ohio, February 20.—1 n the House 10-dny Mr. Boynton’s resolution to strike out the word “white” from the Con stitution, after a lengthy debate, was lost yeas, 20; nays, 50. FROM FRAAKFOnT, KY. •Tito talon Slate Convention—A Large Attendance—Tnc Ticket Nominated— KcMtluiivuii Adopted. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! FUAJisroar, Ky.. February 25. The Unionists of Kentucky held their State Convention to-day. It was largely attended and an honor to the party and State. The boys in blue fired a salute of thirty* eight guns, and great enthusiasm prevailed. Tbc following ticket was nominated: Gorrmor—Colonel Sidney M. Barnes. Lieutenant Gvirmor —R. T. Baker. Attorney General— John Mason Brown. Auditor— Silas T. Adams. Treasurer —M. J. Rouarke. Jtrgi*trr of the Land Ojhce— M. J. Feddlcr. The ticket is strong and likely to carry the State. The following resolutions were writ ten by ex-Attoruey General Speed and were adopted: Jte*dved, By the Union men of Kentucky, io Convention assembled, That we stand with the Union men of the country now as we have stood with them through four years ol war, for the preservation of tbc Govern ment and those principles of freedom and justice on which it was rounded. fiesvlved. That secession Is treason, and that all who embarked In it enjoy immnnt lies from tbc penalties ot treason by reason of the forbearance of the Government of the loyal people of the land. 'Jtcfohea, That we declare onr opposition to the policy and prospects of the rebel Dem cents In KcntncKy, In their efforts to ren tier treason respectable at the expense of the brave men who wore the blue and bared their bosoms to the battle in defence of the Gov ernment In its dark days of trial, and pledge themselves to iront and combat tbc spirit thus manifested by the so-called Democracy in any shape it may aa-urne. • Jie(olred, „That wc believe In the right of the lojftl people of the States, through their representatives In both Houses of Congress, to fictile the terms on wjtch the disturbed relations ot the rebellious States to the Union may be restored, and that in common uiththe Union men of the whole country, wc Insist on such terns as will make a >pccdy restoration of lire States lately in rebellion to tbeir former position In *tbe Union, compatible with the continued safety of the Republic, and tbc protection of life, liberty and property to all men. Jicsolred, That we pledge ourselves to the support of the great Union porty of the United State?, which has declared Itself op posed to the doctrine of the rebel Democra cy, and that we extend to all loyal men oi alt parts of the land a warm sympathy and most cordial co-operation, regardless of all porty names, in efforts to place the Govern ment upon on enduring basts, and one which will secure justice and protection to all its citircns, and that will in all time to conic bailie the hate or open hostilities of Us ene miu?. Itefolrrd , That we are the firm friends of a <ystcm ot ceneral education among the peo ple of Kentucky, and to that end will con test with all ouf etforts to infuse energy into the common school system, ond to place U upon a basis of permanent usefulness. FROM SABUTILLE. nilltln to be OrsaiAzetl for the Putting pown ot' Guerilla Uatids-llecruli liic (KUcrra tVarura to i*€»ttvc-Bu* liienie » uurl lirclalon In Itcgaril to tlir Note* of Hie hank of Tennessee* (Special Despatch to tbechtcago Trlbiiao.l NAsnvtLta, February SO. Slops will immediately be taken to ofttatb Ir.e a portion of the loyal militia in accord 4 «two with the law fthd the pmelahlnUoti of iheOumtior Issued yesterday* There Isa deep srated delcrnlrmlton unions* ail classes of loynl men to put a slop to Uieoutmeea, H'l'lhMcp nl d hinhlcts w lileh giti'llna hand* hi ii h lit Is st(>Hle<lMimWi) Imveheell perpelN* lli’k Ihtuiiklmui the Ptiife. Ilm new ilienire opened tn.nlttlil uinloi Oie auspices of Mummer A, Flynn. The ItnisiHv kamlly was the »ilprteU..n, ami mi 'tinicbse uml hMlltmti nndiemr witnessed Dippetforinßiue, loot hwiunlsy (’untwln Corbin, of Urn Tblrty.iounn Vnliml Hlatea lufttnin coluieil, will Buratuwt Tlwry to UiAik* ville, on the Cumberland River, In this Slate, to recruit f’> r the rciriment. The Ser geant was scarcely* in town until hostile dem onstrations were wade. He was warned by the rebels and told t?y some colored men of a plot to murder Mm, and yesterday he left In a hurry. It Is said the rebels and Conservatives here arc getting no a memorial to Andrew John son, asking him to send a large force of troops to Tennessee to suppress the loyal militia. Nashville, February 26.—-The Supreme Court of Tennessee has decided that notes of the Bank of Tennessee could not bo received in payment ot taxes due tbe State. The de cision caused a decline of the notes to 25c. FBOM QTJI>GT. Hog* Paclccd in Quincy this Season— ludlc-mrnt« f.r Gambling- Ballroad In Dr< cl o Scnied—Tbe Cental System —l lie TPVaiber a«d tin* Hirer. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Q rater, lIU February SC. Our pork packing operations for the season have just been broueht to a close. The number of hogs cut Is SS,4GB; average weight, 237 pounds ; whole number of pounds net, 0,870,405. These would produce from tbe block about 15,800 barrels mess pork, 500 barrels rump pork, 883,000 pounds of rib sides, 1,381,000 pounds hams, 1,G28,G00 pounds shoulders, 49,300 tierces prime lard, weighing 1,480,575 pounds, and 830 tierces grease, weighing 100,000 pounds, A large amount of these products have been shipped : to market. Last seasou the number of hogs packed was 20,162 bead. This evening Ra l ph Waldo Emerson lec tures ; subject, *• Man of the World.” Our Grand Jury bare found thirty-four in dictments for gambling. The Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad im broglio has been settled to the satisfaction of both parties by a compromise. Through trains will run both to Quincy and Hannibal. The underwriters have raised tbe steamer Imperial, sunk at our wharl some days ago bj the break-up of the icc- Her hull was not seriously racked. Our produce dealers will hold a meeting to adopt the cental system in a day or two. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rail road Company have just finished a dock on tbe bay for the more convenient transfer of treight to the boats. The boats are running on time. Weather pleasant. River falling slowly; ice running rather thick. Breach ol Prvmbe case* Indianapolis. February 2C,—A*mlddle sued lady, ol this city, has brought suit agalrst Robert Walpole, a prominent lawyer and Democratic politician, for a breach of promise of marriage, and assesses her dam ages at the moderate sum of $50,0001 Inangcral Ceremonies Postponed* Baltimore, February 20.—The resigna tion of Governor Swann* and inauguration of Lieutenant Governor Cox, which were fixed for to-day, have been postponed. far WAIT BROTHERS Advertising Au’U 120 ilenrb«in>.«!., receive advertisement! lor all the tending pope:* tbreushom il»c f'nlied Staten and Caoaciu. gTljc Seating Season. EaT &IDE KINK. GREATEST SENSATION or THE SEASON, And 'mt cbaac* to boo All Hie Amateur .Skaters of tho City. The Exciting Contest Tor the Three Prizes will take plncc nt S u’iloch lUl.i Evening* Ail the Amateur l.ndv «knters ol the city will compete* Choice Music by the Daml. Admission, AO cents* iLYENTU ESTUA NIGHT TO TICKETUOLDEUS CS—Music will be In att-mdaoco In the atternooo. > bes tho IndlM meet lor practice. By request, tickets i 111 Lc issued at 13 cents. TO-MORROW, BENEFIT OF JOHN FOWERS, THE CHICAGO FAVORITE. YyABAdH-AV. IONIC OPEN DAY AND EVENING. SPLENDID ICE. I’O SKATEUH—A Masquerade, the lasi 1, ot tho KiKli, will take place at the WAWAyiI- ■» V. lIINKt nn FRIDAY St XT. Arrangement* aro being mai< ui »cmo «T Hit* flr»r»l and ruw-t uurenma rlisliu cvoi aUnnwc. only a limited number ot nuuk ticket wfiM>c imuul. /UIIOAGO SKATING CLUB, Tbf irijumr ni'i’tliicol U»« Club will l«i tivln at Trr. mol l llui**', Friday, March M. at 7V o'clock, •hura. Let every uiuicbcr l«* iminiust. D. H. LOOMSLA ♦.!>. Eccrolary. tEJElantos. JFAKTNBR— WANTED. A large Leather House in tbli city desire another 'artner, special or general, with a Capital of from $30,000 to slo,ooo* Adorers, ttai jag where interview may he bad. ‘LEATHER." Tribune Price. APEbbON "WHO IS ABOUT T"» travel, ml mpai all towns oa or near railroads ir. lltinolo and lowa, Wishes to represent some Business House, for a small salary. Machinery preferred. Anolyator t tiCrcea “IV as” at Palmer A Plamvndou’t.tttl CUstan-st Cosmetics. BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION. Jared-s “Email do Paris,” FOR THE BRXN. Ibis srcrei of fceantltyiuc th* skin bsini known only te .lulea Jared, be honorary -tat« (hut It dtiftri Irota iliUirHfln prepauth-ns. bttae perfectly |na-.ceai. uroutuKc ine cost bnlll&ct complexion, and sivlaen * n. nea texture to the ikin. .ike that cr an Infa-it, •vlthcnt rrcfcrntlnz the leut jasretrlc.onj liii-icaat* of“ deFarit" have r-ceived m*Of letters commeaditorj' ot its menu, fmm ladle* of •gP standing In s cial life, bat the restraints of prl *me life lonld their publication. They nave therefore i 'in coisufclncn to limn these to the Ist '■■re cf Indies whose names are already before the oab f<’rlh»lr talent and ceelut, amoagwhom sr« Sil ers Ri-torl. >l*rtlle. Fchclia Ve*rva L Miss Mizzle MUcbeJl, Mrs. D. P. Ufcwers, Lncllle Western, M tme. I’orM, Mrs. f mma Waller, Lncy Itnsat'in- Koemle de .tnrenvtuecMUs A. Ferry, Mtu Helen We»tetn Mr* Atta Cowed, c hci* who#e blab siaud inclntheprof-ssion gives th- stamp of ttu binlnei* toth rr lotellUfDtato Pennine approval. “L* Eras’! tr rarls“ tcaovf* Freckles.lan, Blsci Spect. &m&*t Pox mark*, and ail ronchtess and redness, impartln? to the skin both ibe texture and color of polished Ivory. So <5 bv all first-class Draw ms. Pmomeis and La* die-* Hair Dresetre. PEMAS DAHNES ± CO- F. C. WELLS A CO-New Tort, and JOHNSTON, HOLLO WAY & COWPEN*. Philadelphia. G'-nerat Arrests. JAPED ± 11ENE, Importers. New York and Phlladel pbla. fflasomr Notices. \fASONIC. —The Members ot Corin tbUn Chapter, No. C 9. 11. A. M n are b°rchr no ttflo.f to atieno a Regular Convocation, to os beld this iWfpNESDAT) EVENING. Fen. 27ih, ISST, in Kll *!ll1ck Uall, for the Election of a Tieisorer, Brui ses* and Work. Bj c.rd±r or the H. P. W. D. SMITH. Secretary. Work cnß. A. D. ■JpHOMAS J. TURNER LODGE, No. 409. P. * A. M., At Hinlr Hall thin Evening at 7V-*’ctocU. Work on il. M. Degree. J. E. PETTIBONB. Secretary. ISricfe. MACHINES, For ihe parpese cf carnal heneflt atd ceoenl la&i man co, 1 am dcslrcoa cf csrrespo&dtog with SDICKMAK32RS Who are cilrc,oß hate etib rsro, self-tempering Unrk Machines.»c am.? adHrrM to A. J. KMSKLV. y . a um* Block, Chicago, 111. BRICK WORKS, Comer Baisted and Tweoly.accond-sta. Grice, No. oils Block. A. J. KMSELT, Proprietor. SS(M)O0 TOLOAN On First-class Heal Estate. Apdlt to ItOZET A CUMMINGS. Ileal E«t«t« and 1/Can Drokm, |l*i LaSslle-at. V^TICE.—An instalment ol dtty cents J. v upon a share ofstock in the Northwestern Plan* t'cml Cn , larai ed tor, tn be paid In to las Trt-astuej n tl>-> «Clh ol March Leit, at ul« othce. No. 311 Soutt •: atk-H. py order ot the Ulrectcn. „ . Clilcaio F>I».IMS6T. M. LULL. Sec’j. Nfcto iautllratlmis. J ÜBT PUJiIiIBUI3U ( Umiijrliis Si lrrU'il from the 9rl lugs of lluracv nmui, l r trc>. bevelled beauts, fed cf gilt edge*, price, D.H kef •slam t*nras"bj i iHilnrm * on., •i,.i \,t »l H(< kstiltfs. Mailed. I'lxtaiepaiili yu f*y },.} „r it. ... J.U..I.MH. (PftPCrss.if H Walter. Fulls} 6 Un.i imono, e?l)i«a\«uvc. U AVI),AND, UII'IIQIIMA.V ANW 4? 1Mu1.i1,,. Ne# YufK aniNA. Wv.rsov+tviniirt'iu.n.r i.cnrhir.l t nHij*r,i‘;S mi,4 svts, vaiw,mcUml »upply efwrlwtWss. NUMB JiSHatciies. WALTHAM WATCHES We claim, and are prepared to prove, tint the American Watchca manuiactired at Wa!th\m, M »• eachnsetts. are not only equal, but Car inferior, to ibe watches cf England, Bwiaerland and France. We alio claim that they are CHEAPER, MORE ACCT BAT£, MORE- DURABLE, and more emily k-pt in omw ami repaired than any other watches is ibe market. Bscanae is each one of theverynamfroua parts ot which a watch ft made up, we attain, by michant cal power, nearly ati9luie mathematics! prccliloi a- d uniformity, making every wauh ot any one style a tree copy of Its model.- This similarity in structure redness the aost of pro doetton ;» secures nd.’bnnltr in results; lUn/alHh’y perpetuates any excellence that may be once achieved, and make? it easy to repair any injury sustained, or replace any part that may be lost or destroyed. la addition to these mechanical advantages, oor Watches are- simpler In etrncture, and therefore stronger, ‘and leas likely to be Injured than foreign wakhes. How they rtaunfer the hardest trial watcher can have, is shows by the foLowlce letters t PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY. OfFICB or TO* G EXTRA L- BmrniSTEXDiVT. ) Altooxa, pm., lith December, 1567. s Gentlesum: The watches mapoftetared oy yon have been louse on this railroad for several yean by oor euglacmca, to whom wc furnish watches as part tf our equipment. There are new some three hun dred of them carried on cur line* and we contlder (hem good and reliable tune-keeper*. Indeed, I have great fatlslactlon it saying your* give os less trcubie, and have worn atd do wear much longer without repairs than any watches we have ever had In use on this road. As you are aware, w« formerly trusted to those of English tsannCictnre, of acknowl edged good reparation, hut as a class they never kept time as correctly, nor have they done as good ser vice, ss yours. In these statements I am sustained by my predeces sor, Mr. Lewis, whoa: experience extcwied over a aeries ofyears. Respectfully,. EDWARD H. WILLIAMS, General SupirinUniUnt. American ITorcS TTuffAuin, NEW YORK CENT UAL RAILROAD. LOCOMOTIVE DSTAFTMEIfr, WeST.ptTHtOSr, ) ItOCIiESTBQ, Dec. 24, IS6J. J Gfntltmen: I have no hesitation In Myles that I be lieve thegieat majority of Loco motive Engineer* bare found by eapertcuco that Waltham Watches are the most satisfactory of any for their uses. They ran with the creates! accuracy and steadfast* notwithstanding the rough riding of au injlnc, and aj I have never known one to wear out they must be durable. 1 hope to sec the time when Railroad Companies wlllgca-r --ally adopt your watcher, and famish them to all engi neers and conductors. In my opinion It would greatly lend to promote regularity aud safbty. Tours Respecttully, CHARLES WILSON, G. Chitf Fngtwr, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. American TTofeaCb,, Waltham, 2fau* Any ot the grades of Waltham Watches may bo purchase! of Watch Dealers generally throughout the juntry. DOBBINS dfc APPLETON. Agnus tor the American Watch Company. No, IS* Broadway, Ntw York; or BOBBINS. APPLETON ifc CO., No. 13S Wtahlnglon-it-, Dolton. gPECIAL NOTICE. N. MATSON & CO., (Successors to MATSON ft HOBS), IVo. 117 Lake-st CHICAGO, ILL., Having been appointed Hie only Wholesale Agents foi Chicago and the Wr,t«rn country, for too Amcric?n Watch Company Watches, OF WALTHAM. MASS., Pedro to Met* to the public that they liavc At all time* a (till nml comp'fto anc-rtmcnt nf above WaWhea, caned in (jubD ami MI.VMI CASKS of rmr conceiv able »lylo nbil QtUhto bo louml, and at PACIOItY ruiccs. Jeweller* and Watchmaker! o( the Korthw**t can now be tapplicd at precisely tamo ratci a* at the Fac tory, and lave the delay ioqilidk Fait, We are (be only authorized Asenti In ibo Went for (bc»o Italy celebrated Watches, ann fatly recommend them to the public as tbc beet of tbo American production. f.MATSUX. L. J. NORTON, W. E. IIICLE 117 Lnke-st., Chicago, 111. (Eonsigumcntg. A PPLESI apples: 300 this, ol Ctaclco Varieties. lor sale vc.-r cheap by J. T. morris * co., lgOe»roora-st. gWELT CIDER! Pure Apple Juice! For sals cheap by J. T. MORRIS & CO jyjESsINA ORANGES! The best In market, for sale low by J. T. MORRIS A CO.. JJECEIVED TO-DAT- Fresk Codfish, Fresh Haddock, For sale In lots to suit, at low figures, by GEO. II- PAGE, 99 South Water-st gltotiicg anti (Corbage. VINES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., dealers in TWIKESAND COBB AGE, 205 ft 207 SOUTH WATEE-ST., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAY DUCK, all wldthsacd weight* MAMi-LA AND TARRED HEMP ROPE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN HAGS: GUNNIES. WOOLSACKS AND BURLAPS, TAR. PITCH. OAKCU; i Oil TAB ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING; CHAIN'S, TACKLE BLOCKS, &C. COTTOS, FLAX ASD HEMP TWINES ot every description; Cotton. Flax, paper and Jute; Bell and Sash Coras. Gill Nets and Seine*, with every vailetj of Seine and Netting Twine. Tests, Awnings, Wagon Covers ft Tarpaulins. F Xj A G* S Of Silk or Bautins, as per Army Regulations, con stantly co hard and mode to order. G.nCDIU.UD, J, 8. VCENSE, CEO. D.*CABPX.TntU. Bcntisttg. DU. J. O. FAIfUSWOhIU EXTRACTS TEETH ■WITHOUT JDA.IJV, Dr tte use or > t irons Oxide Gas. or Vitalized Air, lor ft. ArtitMnl Tectb tnsertei, from 11$ to S2O a seLou Knboer. 110 Uandolpb-«u t pp. Wood's Museum. yEETH. NO EXTRA CHARGE fbr Extracting Teeth WITH OUT PAIN, by tbe use ot Nitrons Oxide Oat, when ar tinclM ones are Inserted. atIUEOO'S Dental Booms, 7li South Ciark-st., Cbleapo. New Tct lh Inserted game day ns extracted Uoota & gbliocs. UY GO EAST? Buy Chicago Work. CALF BOOTS, ffiSl per do*. KIP 41 A 3 “ “ tools trA’MttlnlbrM ClilMaU rdMottt Bftil** feellJ Bit iuin|ile'e I'floe List tu JuufHa! ul ComtdsfWi B, t'HAPIlii I II luimio at. jVliiairfil. <" |■ 11 Is! UNliEllblflNED, RaVINO I rff«Mlr urrtffit ftnm H»y furi» Uiwrii''^ triSMigAWa lal-t"). Appiy si i., *u n n«i«irenffs*|.ooi» #u»d, awh Yiedijma OLi Bts <KoOh«. DAILY ARRIVAL OF ELE- SPRING DRESS GOODS, Ross & Gossage’s, 167 and 169 Lake-st. French Chintz-Printe. Ginghams, Delaines. Organdies, Tissues. Grenadines, Poplins. Travelling Srcsa Goods, BEST MAKES OF BLACK SILKS, Colored and Fancy Silks, Shawls, Domestics, Linens, and Housekeeping Goods Or EVEBT DESCRIPTION. AZI bought under the most favor able circumstanceand which we tvui guarantee to sell as Cheap as the same qualities can be bought hi any house in the United States, ami much below the usualpriccin this market. NOW IN STOU3 t’OHE VERYCHOfCB DBESS GOODS, Shawls and! Black Silks, Of oar own Imports cSod> that eanuotbe replaced this season*- ROSS & 69SSA8E. SSmise iFutnisljing. AUD VB LAKE-ST. Two doors west of the old stand; Paper Hangings, Decorations, Window Shades, Bedding and Bed Furnishings, Upholstery Goods. E. G. L. Faxon & Co., House Decorators, 74 & 76 Lake-st. ,Ifor Sale. sale—mv house, 207 West Wasliiugtun-st., Containing 10 Booms, Gas, Water and Sower, thoroughly built, and warm. tF~ PcMtwlon given aloccc, tt desired. Apply to ate. st. <?urros, 12? LlKc-st, L OU BAI.E-.Tnc machinery and ux- I* turcs of the TOBACCO PACTOflir Now occupied by WAIT A MASON, as AKS a.t MICIIACJA.N-A.V. Al»o, toed wIU of rarer, with two yuan' ’ea»o o| lartcry, and ImMrmi airradjr Mtab Uli-d. Kit panic, tiiars, call un llw uudef.ljjunl, at ah >va place ol im«|. .MIAt,nA>UN. gT. PAUL'S cuuncu, Corner Vnn Ilnrcn**!, and Wiibitali*ny llßV. W. ». UYDEit, n. D. fjr Church open tbli ctcning tor renting of nllp«. P'OU bALK - I.l*olll'fl* rnotro rartetle* Al'l'Kß-t. I’hoim I*AIUY lUrrVKH. to etoei* and AflOirailoni Klibbll i u.M ATUE.S, nrrm< , ttca!ly scal ed. A very cbricF article, put up la I and 3-*;»Ujo caul, for *aU at TO rrnti p< r trillion. E. WHYTE * CO., lit South Water-si. gy~Ordera x-liciuc. jfoß Bale— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, ComrrlflDfc eaiutle hmd.ns muia, •blokie and beadiacjoia'eni.SKiTejomtcn. stare cutter-, Ocadmr n,unc»r» ana planers, vonaliziQK tied cat*iQ »avs,«KC. AU new. of onr own manniactorr, and warranted FUU.EK & FOKU, gS2 and g.SJ Alaoi!»on-Bt. •DARE CHANCE FOR iIERCHANTS. FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, <&c M Invoicing about 113,000; a t purchased within a y»*r 1 set. aid lease on sure. Store located In a thriving town a abort distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rev scab given for sel-lng. For part.calare inquire of E. V. ROBBINS, Commission Uercfcont, S 2 LsSalie-sL. Chicago. Humber. OUHBEU! LUMBER! We hare a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we oiler ta Country Dealers at prices whlcl cannot Call to be satisfactory, for guod assorted qual* iUea. Our stock consists in part ot Wide Ist. 3d and 3d Clear; Clear and 3d Clear Flooring «nd Biding; Select and Common Stock and Box boards; tviae Saginaw Cop mon hoards. Joists, Scantling. Timber. Ac. We barea large stock of l», 14.16 and iS-feet fencing which we offer jaw with oth«.r lumber. tir“ Orders solicited. QOtce tied Ynrd on ftia«on*» Canal, la the new l.umber District. SCOTT & PORTER. abbertising agents. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. We are pleased to announce that we now have om "Chain ol Agenda*'’ so perfected at NEW YORK, CINCINNATI aid CHICAGO.that we can have adver tisements. or toner# of any kttd. Inserted la any news paper in the Eastern, Middle, Southern or wottst states, at short notice and at low rates. Recent files of all newspapers are kept constantly at our office, to Ue examination and conrenietce of Advertiser*. Par Ow tltairopstf having their INVENTIONS, WAKE OR MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED »aany section ol the United States cr Canadas, will do well to call at onr office, where any desired inmnnaitor. will be gives as to the circalitlon ot the papers, rates, terms, Ac. Ofilce, S 7 Dearborn-st- Boom Nc. H (up stairs.) COOK, COBUKN <v Cll., Newspaper Advertising AgeiM. 33usiness (Carbs. 0 S. BUTCHINH & CO., Commission Merchants, CHICAGO. Agents for T. Klcgsiord A boos* Oswego Starch. Q IUSERT & Field, general commission merchants, (Successors ta Gilbert, IJpclke 4Co„) 10 3 Waeliiußtou-utt CBab. J. GILBERT. OEO.FIKLI are pkepared to ship ■^7VKi:E!-aL , 3C* TO ALL POINTS, EAST AND gOUTH. Without Transfer at Cfiicago* |y* I'rderslrotn AHlltr* toiKHed. Samples sent oi application. nlc a. BBOTSSaS, MILWAUKEE. TYI3. t I], DUPJ3E & GO. MiEnr-Ciiml limits, Bacon aml Beef, tKAf!«. In tills citri W- arenotr ha»in«- iif Usual sup* ply Rn our coituihefs* Uuf Ham* ate all uramLtl lutui tir f Us Utll'Nti A Asetllalti t*afll«lMlU cltffmfrf.iesb 111 Id I'll! V VeStiitutl etef> Hum *e iff la ORMuku ab | \ si. 1110 U A RBBON, XJ $ U»SI-fjl('lp«B OP Tcilcgraiih.llmiml&fnrlorMateliaa YV SI, WIBOOSI & HON, »' MAHtifAPTUIIBIIB (IP IdAtaTl, 41HOHH. iHANUii, MtiiMlDs*< P4Wi»g,Tnrft(R<, tws D7NPIU* kTAMtHa-lL* of OfttOi LWv’M^ J?a«rtDai», Stoheg, &t. JJARDWARE ft CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Cd 175Laho-St. Tie attention el close buyer* is rented to ooreon* Plata Itocc of COOPERS’, MACHIN I.STS* and CAM. FKATEBS* TOOLS. AMERICAN TABLE LTJTLKBX «sd BUILDERS’ HARDWARE, direct from the Ml m«anihcturgrij» We offer, also, * complete aMortaew qrWpSTEHHOLM’3 POCKET CUTLERY, «PKAA* JACKSON'S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS A SO»» SCIbSOBS and RAZORS. STUDBS A BOTHKBT** FILES, aUo skates and Straps of every dsKrtpOca. --sS!?..* l ** k*ep constantly «q band foil Bombas cr SCHOKNBaBGEB’b JUNIATA NAILS- C. B. Heap. Bow. Pmoorr. s. SUSlmboto (Slass. 'WILLARD FOX WINDOW GLASS. 2 0 8 LJLKIE-ST. itansas Hanks. 1 AEGE RAT.-R OF KANSAS LANDS. On TUESDAY, the 3d day cf April, 1667. trill be oQeiedat PUBLIC SALE , AttlieEldiidsoHonse, lnthecilyof LA WHENCE, SANfrAS, About 135,600 Acres of Laad r Situate In the ccirntlcj of Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Jefieraco ami Door.m, and known aj the “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lands He directly on the m«tn line cf the Hnion Pacific Hallway, Eastern Division The branch of the same Road from Leavenworth to Lawrence passes through them, a&d the railroad from >t. Lotus to Leavenworth runs along their Eastern border. In Fertility. Location, acd abundance of Tret-wr Wa:cr,tb»6e Lance are the rlMtuT IN TUEsTATH. By the treaty with the Delawares la 1360. the lad'ott • title to the •-Kvserve” was eaUoems’h-il.and sine* that date many urxns have bren Improved. and churches, school nooses, grit tana sawmills erected, and manx other imrrovec eats cade thereon. The chaste of Kansas Is mnarkably healthluL and to fr he era sod settlers these lasdsoUer (•renter Indaccmentsibon any others In the tve»t. Also, tu the same place; tmraerttrtely after thadLno sltion of the above Lauds, wR. be acid aftist 28,000 A CSSS O? Z*AK2>, Situate to the eoutht astern part <vt the M t-*c ao d pox KeeerTe.’Mn ICe county otFrankMn. Kansas. Also, a large number cfTO'VN- LOTS and BLOCKS to the towns ot Katlh Lawrence, Tonganaxie and Perry, Tie sale will conscience on Apr!' 2d, IW7. and win continue irom dav to dav until a.l th- land* above named hare been crowed or. The Lands will be of fered In tracts to salt purth tsers. TiEjis nr Sai.k—un.-thlrd casli and balance to two equal annual payments, with 6 percent interest there on from date of purchase. B. Ht. BAHTHonSW, Agent. - ■QISSOULTION. THE FIliM OP JEWETT & BUTLER. Importers and Jobbers of Hardwire, \% tMs day dls tclved hr mutual cot-sent, Oliver R. Batter r-tirtur. Thr bcslmsw urlli be cottoned hv FisEDEHIUK. JEWfifT, at the old stand. 18 LaKE-STh Wl o la authorized to use thi Ann name to lioullattoa. (SlCnnll FREDERICK .IE WRIT, 1567. OLIVER K. BUTLER. QOPARTNEIiSHIP NOTICE. 3Ht. ,T. c. -MOOAH (a admitted a member cf our firm tram January 1, *B7. CLAES, VHITEHOU3E A CO. fftarijiuevi). gTEAiI ENGINES. Ki Celebrated Portable and Stationary Steam Engines AU Silt?, and Snpmot to all olhtfs. r. L. RICE Ar CO., Chicago. 111.. 1 I I KtilTii a: nffontp l U flt- P. .tOVEI. Mllwankm HL) m I.V JA.IIKS J ggr Call or write fcr circular. IMPORTANT TO LUMBERMEN'. S. An Inrntecse saving of laf’or, and a much u ttcr Quality of ton or nrrvpicod. bv too use of HAYKs A REWMAVfIPATENT DOlfui.E -*AU*LLEi.Em.KIL idges ad widths, from 2A to W In-hcs, ami porftcUy sdaptei to matin* iPtfaa. Illuntratcd CtrcuMn and FneeLmscnilTeoonappl’caUon. Addrcai UAVKa A HKWMAN. Unatim* Otopgo Co, R. Y. patents JIGGERS’ PATENT PORTARLE CONCRETE PRESS Maeurteturfs ftem Sand of Oravel, CONBREt* UIHI.I’INU hLIH/KF, 4 In. by & la. ard 10 fa. I It” ÜbUT uml CMKAThbY Ifalldlu* Dakrlal ta Ufa wur.d. NO IVUUNINO U&OftttKD. I'rlreof Prc**. fW.OO, oicloil«-*ol rlabt. Mud fur circular. Fur Maiii* twidrraa C. * f. HAWKING ♦JOB SfttttU Wuitmt., Chicago, VIU TJA'IENT OFFlCES.—lnventors who X uut l.rUer* ISunt %n lultlM-Ato ronnMwuii MUNN * TO.. Killlun -t Ui« bcbiaLOt Anrrlcar, «tm hnva nrtn»-*c«U*tl cUtin* actor* taa I‘attiii otPca tor tu arlj twmi 'ttx-lf Amcncao ■ml furorcftfc |*BtfM Aufnrj-J" thi« m«« 'X'.Mt’lvt la tin* worw, CLurtfe» Icm Urns toy outer relUbia ■Retry. 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J On account of the loss of an important bridge, on ttlslioe, by through trains will leave Ch icago for Springfield till farther notice. The Wilmington Accommodation Train will rna os U» regular Uae. ROBT HALE, Gen’lSut/t. ffiaoofl sub (Coal, 0OAL! COAL! COAL! 50 Tons Lackawana Coal Fcr sale at great reduction In price. ilu-t he told at once. Apply to £. V- BUILEK. No. 2UQ Latent. A Ki HRACITE COAL AT SUMMES PRICES! We have a few bundfpd tons o! be*: LACKAWANA andPITTSION COAL more than will supply ourcus tomers, which w« offer, de ivered m any part of the city, attbefollowing prices: Knnce, Egg and large size?, Sl2-30 per Ton* Chestnut 11.50 *‘ MINING AND SUPPLY CO -34 and QG Uandolph-aL WOOD AND COAL—“Wo'xl and coal. lam now clcstne oat oat* Ur.asand tons first quant? itnar Hill Coal. Id qnatUUra to «utc pnr tba>rr*,at prcaly reduced tates. Willse’.lcoalaC $9.50 per ioa; bevcn at $10.00; ople ni fl'2.oo. No. IS RlTcr-sw, KDtbalde of Botb-st bridge, cmIDR Taylor ft Wrlzbl's store. WM. CttAWFOBD. ■Ncbispapers. 44 TV INTERN INTENTOtI," YV An liliutraUsl Weekly Journal, deroiea to loTcatioDs. mechanical Arts. tlaanfactares mu! Practical ißluimatton, Will be published sATDnuAY, aiAKun 2d. JOBS’ b.TURCHIN ft CO., Publishers and Proprietors! S’. E. cor. Dearbors atjl MadUon-sts,, op stairs, ssmrlcs mailed free on app ication. faemtlnnl QOBSIOPOLITAN AGUE PILLS TTltl poslthelr Cuiro Agm*, ferrous Ilcmlachc ouil all seuroJgio AnVctloiU. felTiHtBAMs ft VAN BMAACff, Wbulplde A^enWi faceting. nfflOl! SlHtitUlANtb' SAVUSOS, \J IDAS Akt) TUtreT IT). „ ,¥ll# Annual lleslH i fll lh« wf Me»* flisuur sariliisiL aft •%*»*! Tf u*» w iht- 1 ftot* ur ‘m«i«», win i* iisiil aiilitf . irtftf/.f «ai<i i s mh»* ji«h*iln ( uj'saui uu Wi'ftTiaVi H»w« hii, (SJIOUMD OIL Id till! Plinmiodt tVMI In III" .tliirkoi Vl? lUidk Of «U l|j*A*- Ojutr* Piua I »ii.iiki I • > by B, >V, HLAliaHfmtn 4 CO*