Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 27, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 27, 1867 Page 3
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A DESPERATE TTOHAS. A Sian Shot by hU W|fo at a Pablte Boll— Jeal«u»r on tbe Rampage— Cartons Revelations of TVefidea Wor. (TromtheKew York Herald, FebmarrSLJ On Friday nlgbt a ball was given by Pro tection Engine Companv, Xo. I, of Union Hill, at Odd Fellows* 'Hall, Hoboken, of which company John Geschwlodt'ls treasur er. This man had been married five weeks ago to a Miss Hobbs, of Gnttecbcrg, with wbom. It Is aliened, be had contracted an Illicit Intimacy several months ago; and it Is further alleged, he married her under the strong persuasions of his friends to avoid a scandal in the family and neighborhood. Previous to the ball on Friday uisbt he so c clly Issued an Invitation to a youngwomsn be intended to take us panne-, at the same ttmcpreiendimrto his wife that, as thelattcr bad U(» particular desire to go.he would invite o restive of hen?. Iu order, however, toplar the doable game effectnaVy, be did not Issue the invitation to bis relative till two dava before the ball. It being then too late for a young lady to make the requisite prepara- Gcschwlndt went to the ball; but his wl*% under the Itiflucoceofeuspicion as well as curiosity, resolved to pay a visit to the scene, \\ hen she arrived all wa> “merry as a marriage bell,” and she proceeded to that part of the room where her husbaud was about to take his place in the dance, and Blood before him, much to his surprise. Kc* covering from the surnrise, and without ex hibiting any out word signs of embarrassment, lie asked her to go np stairs and take off her hat and shawl, whoa she replied, ‘*oh, don't mind; we'll have our own tuu pres ently.” He tlun turned away rather abruptly, in response to the call fir the commencement ofihc dunce, ami was In the very act of making his oncisancc to his fair fmrincr wheu the crack of a revolver hi the land of bis wife startled the assembly, A *ec m and third discharge toilowcd in quick Bticc sshm, but the erect attitude ,»f the ter rified husband showed that these shots had missed. Two more discharge*, ami he was pierced on and under the left shoulder, the the ball of one discharge penetrating to the rib?. She was at once disarmed, and officer Kaiser was called lu and fc ho was placed un der arrest. The only mortification she felt was that she did not accomplish the deed. Hi.Fhcpuurd was called In, undone oi the balls wos extracted* The Wi*;ii«nu was one ol Smith’s vix cbambtTfd revolvers, five of Hu* burrels being d|.*cimrgi*d. 'yifiie at the station tho woman roetlod a nufinncboly hUlmyol u-rnngK endured ai the hands of her husband. Inuh before and utter s«tiu<or the deluils, dmued sup t*ortcu ny either evidence, ticuu tmlU fur put»* llfittliui. Shi- is about tttviily-lljrecycars of but bus nil the fllipea'ttiu’efl of a f aH t. u nman. She whs gully firn«sud, ant) n (Min (I to be very scrupulous In Ihn adorn in. n15..1 lir person. For om* placed hi a i’f dlcul i*ofcUlot«, she betrayed not tins slluht sympbdn rd Tiiqlold* «d' her shawl ami the cuils of herlmlrnt- Irsrt.d her MtictilhiM more (hmi the prespnee of n eonsltildo. Her hand ■•UHeverhmy Ad- Jtirilng her waterfall, Atitl with the aid of her sl«l.r, who •*«« allowed to keep her company, tier lout ru*nnhlf wna tm-il ..mi liceomleg. When ainmnoned io appear to forejudge UoliUsicdt she painted wrttilutu see If ari whs eoinpMe, uml then nhu utl vnneeil with nil Ihe digntiy of one who had achieved n triumph, Hull wn* given to the nmonnl of Ro.O nio appear lielnro of riyei nnu IVrmmer nt Hudson t'Uy In Muy. Mu* murmured tcmitlv nt the tulcu -1 loti of her jevolvcr by tin* policennlhorltlea Her limbsnd tvlrln-tj b» withdraw tho otmrgu auulnst her. and htivuhersct nl lllioiiy, iml t he ('n>iri]itilid'med him |||«< oil'enec wiis’tuhcn ulhigeiher out id li)> hnmls, mu) (ho Htsto »hs j.lnintiil'. Tim onibrnmalo womaij lain «u ms\.>nevd ©tnuc. «f piegtiuncv, Shu was boinin thU eoniitry, ujille her hnriiuiid’a Mrih J'lhi'c b ticiiiii.iiy. INDIAN AFFAIRS. Vlnll t;l’ |||o IiUIImII l)olo£nllo»l» lO ||lo I’runlriii! J V> ni-blngton Co-rospofidi r.r.e (F'hruary 21) oflbe Few York litrald. j To dnv (bo delcgntioua of the various In di;in iriin-e no.v lu this dty, on ‘tuabmai with He* Indian lliiroau, repaired to the Executive il.m lnu !ur the purpose of seeing the great lather, llu; I’Mbbleni. Iticv were accuinpa idvd ly Browning und Cooiiuis- PiiiUe H'igj, with the agenis Hud ihtcrprcl ••iM.f the \orioua lilbes The Indians mi in hered ovei one imudred, onc-lmli ol wlciia ■were Ut lull InUiAu cosUtuiu. A. large crowd of peiwuis. many of « hom were ladies, bad iif-eralded at Hie While ilouac previous id the*r arrival. The inception t ,ok place in the Kast lio>mi, wlicn Commissioner Bogy ; «iUu.-e<-d .he Frp.-.bii*nt jsfollows: Mr. Prc.-idcnt: A* the held ol )he Indian Ba li :iu 1 tamo here thi-morning to preheat to you a t*'.n-e iiunib-TOf Indians, who sic viiiiicg ibis < ,ty fonbe pu'posc oi mavji.g trtaUc» wpji the l u ted state s. Th«-y hive xurca-ea a de.*lrc to you, their great father; shsreeuro uc have cutigregated for tha: putjjosc that they may cx ;.rc~£3 in voo in brief ;!:clr tir* :n Fatter—(hat I-, ibey look npun you (.*• protect lan and care. Ot:r Uovcrnraeat looks t.pun as dci»omlJnts and wards «.f t!:o i alioii: ami place I have had the r»i?potislble eßice m.dcr you as • omuilrrioeer oi Indian Af lutip 1 have t*» give *o them ibal to « Web I Lev aicie-tircnfifbd. We Mio«r toat lbs at iiglnvayM of avpusau n are proirrea.-iag irem Uu Atlantic lo the I‘aaCc coa.-t, end edaui tmuui.dCiiibtiaiby ar** nou* being Introduced uniung the ird men. We have c«, c here to sec you, they call you k ‘ii»c bigcnklcraleaal^l>u, , ' they may pav ihel? re-.pve'.- to j«m. Itnas.k ;• on, sir. In tbeir oebalf. or the hiti.lucs-, In allow in:- ibem jutmirvv. The i* nijirks nf .Mr Bogy were interpreted »o the Indians by one ut th- iuierpreiers, mul he was trvqucuilv iutcrruplvd by them villi a gutmial ojoctlaJi-m «»l *• tlghTl” I'is : liyjj.g their as provai. Tbe President then ;i-i*licu a= folloivb: “ I wisu to say to i-cse head urea ami I*jc rcpre ieris’Jve of liir onrcmr Irni s here, ilitoi.srb >oc. Mr. on-.?, »hat mar vtjll on ru part <■{ i?*; and their at Fail'.C., He tiit-v tall orery diipi-llioll to cu|;Ue»«* i-r.ifv and >nnty t ctve. ti ilu* race*. AU'-oucL the United Slate- ha* down ftroac acd po.vciful iu It- march uu'ard. and your tribes i me creaJv (Im.inithed, 1 e«c «•:»! he no hi»s left undone ilia* a v real and ;*o«ve tnl nation cao do t ibc wr»’ ana prouchun of ii- ward-. You j. ay riTi n.-Mued. then, that »«ii the aide and * Ulricnl to ad ui «Le Indian Umrati and ihr Sec i* t&rj v.f \ -c Interior • verjthluc that caa be d«ue vi | be* don.* to cheri-h pea-v, £ooi reeling and ttiUy vhirli should eU t between the various j.a;:ors ai;cj raceb.” The speech hmlng hu'-u Interpreted, each owe ot ;Uc Indian® Wu tu-n pieseuPil to r.mJ t«'ok the President by the baud. There nrcre j-jcm-jU in the Kasl Boom the ladiesof the KMeuttve .Man-ion, the family of Scre’- B'ownifjr, Col-mels Jolm-ioti, Moore, Lovell «rd Pov'S, of the staff, ~Uu many olhet#. LXWEHCLAK3 IXEIIS. Scivi'cs at the Colehr<Mik (<_’t.) Congrcira tmnal (. limch were eu-jumded four weeks m C(.r.sv4U» ol The tn-.»w blockade of the r. ads. One nun dng a tunnel from hU house lucnty-two te* t long, thnmgli a drift of ten or t welve f-etdevprund hu> held e.>mmutt{. cation with the worid for over a fort night by means of this parage. There U a silent influence at work, with a* lobby in Massachusetts to remove the cuiiifj} t" Wo’cCfier. Boston don’t ml ishit, and the other place is giving Boston Woiccsdrr sauce. The vort to the "Western Massachusetts Railroad l oniimny for removing snow and ice irom its track, during each of the last ten yoais, has b’-eti as lollows; In l'v>7 in INVS, $7,205; in 155*.1. S.VdO:»; In In o, in ItfJl. sK».:ny; hi IS»fc* slff,s!»3- In I'ta, iU,3ii7j in iSiri, SlliJ; in ISA, : in I SOU, s!,£>«; total cost in ten Years, s'iVi.ffiO. It is stated that the expense <-f clearing Hie track m January of this year exceeded $73,000. A youi-g man about seventeen years of age, famed Charles Hurgtn, reriding near North Turner, Meitie, cominiiivd suicide on Friday List by hanging huuself In his father's bant. Jfe had teemed in perfect health and spirits during the morning, and about noon he left f«T 3 neighbor’., to cut wood, ns he said. His i.itber was absent, and returned late In the afternoon On stabling his horse he missed u halter which he was wont to leave in the stall, but found a rope which he substituted. Al’crwsml having occasion to feed Tils horse lie climbed upon the haymow, when lhc dead body of his son met him lull in the fice. dangling over the mow by the mission lirtcli rviu Item the beam above. * . lien the city of Blddetoid, Maine, was jl its infancy, a ladj mm a bell to that place from i.;«;dcfr«rd, England, wuieh arrived in Boston, and after a long lime wa* #oM to de fray frclaht and btorage. An attempt was made to buy it someycars ago which Jailed, The Saco Itauocrai says “bcvcral of the elti* zctib of Biddcfordarcagaiu making an effort and as it Is ore-of the finest tuned bells In Boston, and rightfully belongs to lliddelbrd, we hope they will be success ful. The Kliode Islaml House of Kenrosenta lives talk of establishing a trial Justice In every town with criminal and civil lurlsjic lK‘U, the later to be dual iu cases not iavolr over ?ItW. A schoolmaster not many miles from the B< b’.oa Ct-minon was wlntliin? a stick, one la.*t week, and accidentally cut Jib ft cer, which brouaht out ibe exclamation • !” Instantly, bavins several bova i;ear him. be added—“save' the Common wealth oi .Massachusetts.” VEESOKAL ITFT.TS. Daniel Brylin, Clij Chamberlain of New i ork, who fur many roar* had been a proml *?cce**tal cJolbintr merchant in that city, ejcdou trjday lust. At the time years DeVlin was aboal *irty-fivc Uao. Ueviy P. Alexander, a prominent politician ol Herkimer County, New York died at Little Falls. on Friday lit JJe wa* born in New York, uml had been rJr more than thirty years widely known in the fc r a 4 1 . c V»m“. and IdllueutUl metaher of tlic H big and Repuulteau parties, bela«- at the same lime, universally esteemed for Jus commercial integrity and social virtue* In ISls ho wax elected Member of Congress on the 3\ hiu ticket. He was aboutsixty-five \ cars of age. r - ‘la'ines Bnrkhardt, well-known as the life-lone companion of Professor Agassiz, died on 11 edoc.-day last, from the effects of a sualudv incurred from exposure during the lute Brazilian expedition. Mr. Burkhardt studied ut Munich and iu Room. He accom jianitd Agassiz in bis ceJchrated researches on the jjm ier of the Aar. and has ever sicca Been idenrilied with bis siUolcs. Asanardst Le gave himself cLielJy to the illustration of the animal kingdom, and many of the finest jilatys lu tbc works of Agassiz and of other distinguithi'd naturalists are from his band, nr>d will remain as fitting; memorials of lUs skill- The statements of Artemas Ward’s Illness Java culled forth a Jciicr irotu Mr. E P liii'sslvn, hia agent, who suggests that undue alarm has been manifested bv the niar-y friends of the humorist. Mr. t.m obscivca, of 3lsl ultimo: ~ I Ijave Just received a litter fium Mr. \Vard written in go cheerful a spirit, an-1 so em phatic in its expressions of I he happrrcsulta of a tv w days i f quiet by the scu-stdc, that I am induced to hope for bU speeay rest wa tion lo health, ami his return to puh’ie lire, when the a>peri it‘s of an Engllsh-climate, £.» trying *o a foreigner, shall have become emoc>lbein.d by the softening touch of spring.” A “bsl’erina” of the Modena Theatre, named La Barhizan, a few evenings ago, core than usually excited bj the acclama tiono of Itc public, deemed a pis? with a WTot-g calculation of distance, which, carried lier orcr the footlights Into the orchestra, in the passage her dress canchf flro from the lamps, and she was Immediately in a blaze, winch, Loweyer. was promptly extinguished by the musicians, who enveloped herlo tbolr paletots. She was carried out senseless, but was shortly afterwards found to have sus tamed no serious Injury. ira Aldridge, the negro traredian, bis lately been perlormioe Oibcllo at Marseilles. The local journals elate that he was much applauded. ’* TLc model of a coUos£al hrouzc statue of Bn-hup Brownell, which is to be placed la Lent of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., of which Institution he was the founder, has nearly been completed by C. B. Ires at Borne, and viU soon be seal to Munich to bo cast. The figure Is about ton fete high and repre sents the Bh-hop in full clerical costume, wliu one hand extended in the act of bless ing other bolding the book of altar Et-rrlco. Charics Kingsley Is now one of England’s worst Tories, having utterly repudiated the radicalism of earlier days. Tho professor ship of history in Cambridge University is raid to have wrought the change. The political friends of General Jubal Early think he w|H run well for Governor; partic ularly in the Shenandoah Valley. Laura Keene, who Is playing in Mobile, lately received the following anonymous note: “ SIoBILE, Febrnary B,ISSI. “ lauraEeesot “Von *ie requested to live our city,lf von d< r’i you u ill gel bun. J •OKilco tbc Inlmblletig of of Mobile “ YouVrc noilihig else but aVtnkeig.” It was probably In reply to Ibis ibat Mias Kt«ne wrote a silly letter defending m her seli irom the charge that 6be had been an evrjnj of tht aeeaseitty Booth. The Cardinal Vicar of Rome baa declared •war against the theatres, ballet girls in par ticular. 11c has defined the lawful length of the tights, their color, Icogin of petticoats, elc. Mai>balNicl, the new French Minister of War, Is collectin'; materials fur the life oi Vaulin. Ur. It. Macdonald, Provost of Trinity Col lo£c, Dublin, la dead, ills succfgjor will probably be the Vico Provost, Dr. Humphrey Tlte Japanese embassy now staying at the (ttuml Jlutcl, Paris, occupy a suit of elegant looms, fur which they pay WO francs a day. 1 lie arms they wear consul «i long daggers and short sabers, richly ornamented, and arc lirautinilly finished nml formidable weapons. 1 lie cblcl of the embassy dresses in Euiopcau eistntnc, with hunters and hlaek flock coil, ills name is Ko-Tole, nml lie hears the title if ‘Vunslo-ioKanl. He Is a Minister of Koiclgn Affairs at Japan, grand oiiieer 01 tlte 'iyccM-n, uni (tovtnior of n IVoyitico as largo •s (he whole of, llcforo returning to rails ho will pay a visit to HI. Petersburg, nml afterward to America. The Jannneso ftnlmstodors appear to be much pleased with Urn cookery of Die llrand Hotel, ”Thov lake five meals a day, and appear to hsve nil excellent appetite, Of wines they seem to mefer Maucha and champagne. but they I'nvcnslnn g predilection (or hcer. and are siiflletenlly good Judges of mall mid hups to give t hr preference to the KngJish beverage.” TORXtOH ITEMS. A conlrael for furniching KOI),030 rlllon lins Inlcly been nwotdcil by the I’ieneh Unvcm* niehfto cufnln pnrtfrs, said «rma loh<>de< ilverrd In tour iminths from the first day of March. The roof of the new Opera tlruisn In Paris is lo bo n iignhir fortldeallon, The silo of lids Iniilnlnu Is such that, when llio tiawava' tine IV« in the I'alale ItojulMmll hneoMiplelcd, tines pluntnl there would uoniiimnd uti lm perse spare. I.omloit has a tmw arrival from .l'i)ian— fwutlviu ntUeeie, who Imvo uoim t« I-'iigl.iiid (it (>iM;)turulcdi mill win>, It Is anid, liMlnx* and imuiin-i k, vwii MMrn ly bo dltdliuiiUlioU ifotu KitulMnuvi), anl m-o, Coumnimmlly, iv« imir j.iMlM'tluii ua Imiiiaiiliy luliull* ot, and twclvrjngtflrrn—royeit tnon, Ihnm woniuu*— tin* Jlirt who«vcr 101 l .lucum. and who w<-ru prinimled with dilUcully lo embark, mil two ciilldtiu, who I'ciform tho must trnnderful leati*. The newest million In Vnvla It lo Imvu tho dining-room chairs no longer covered with ino’Oteo or moleskin, hut with dark green cloth, the walls bung wit b dark colored vel vet I'uj er or cloth, and relieved by cande bihtu* hchh.d, wbleli arc utlacbcd to plates of metal or glues, the whole being highly ** becoming” lo Indies In full dress. Tho amount of the direct tax In Prussia Is 55'-MO(halers (about s&l)ayeir dir cvcrv man, woman nod cliPd ; in Hanover it was 4S B*lo (balers; in licsse(Electoral)lift 10-100. Ih B««varla. on tbe contrary, it Is only about r u cents per bead ! Tie Konmanian Government has submit ted to (he Chambers a project for the crea tion of a National currency. .The system proposed is identical with (bat now estab lished 5u France, Italy, Belgium and Switz erland. The com will be the franc, under the name of piastre, with all Us subdivisions. —Official returns show the following os (be wine crop In France since ISSS: In ISSS, Jifiy-lhrcc millions of hectolitres; in only tllriv million*: in IStX). forty millions; in 1801, tame as m 1S51I; iu 1802, ibirty-scvcn millions; hi 18l>3, Bfty-twu mUh «ns; to IS&t, 15f:y oie millions; in IS(*5, eisty-ulne mil* lions; giving a total during the eight ycar.s ol three hundred and shtiy-lwo rniUiuns of hectolitres. The income of the French Jockey Club, which in 1857 amounted lo 302,7255 francs, lu erea;ed in ISM to h02,5'.'3 Iruncs, InciailiDg fctibYentlona from the private t-urse, tbe Gorrrnmcut, city of Paris, the railway companies, subscriptions of the members, &e. in nddhion lo the above, the leceiptb lor adnii.'-siou to the race-coursea of Pa tit- and Chantilly during the year pro duced •374.1*25 fnutes, A project has been proposed to tho North east Uniiway Compiny cC Switzerland to cioej. the Luke of Condunce bv Iloatiugibc liains over. Accordiug to Hie I’.lans sub'mil l<d to (be company a trail, of fourteen to sixteen carriasiei istobcplaceduponastcam vessel furnished wHU mils for Hie purpose. An ingenious contrivance provides* against the ebantes of level iu the lakc/and assists iu the embarkation and debarkation of tho trains. The (c Honing is a list of the pieces played' last year at the principal theatres of Paris, and of the lime.* the favorite operasanj rt*amaß were given : Opera, 1/Amcainc, 45; Comethc Francais, Lc Lion Amonron*, 100; Upera-C'omfyiie, Lc Voyage en Chine, 85; I’uliriis. 11 Trovutore, 14. Umolctio, 14; Oilcon, L» Contagion, G 4; Chau-let, Ccudril* lon, ISO; Thcatre-Lyrlquc, Martha. 77; Vaudeville, La Famine Benolton, 245; Varieties, Barhe-Bicue, 132; (Jymnase, Ileluii-c raranquet, 115; I’alais-Roval. La C- ntiffee est de Konfler.Ol; Porle-SaiijL .Mar lin, La Bicheau Bols,-107 ; Galie, .lean-la- Viutr, 1-7 ; Afnbigu, Lc Maoceur dc Fer, f-U With ti e exception of the Grant! Opsra atid Itaiiens. all the theatres are reported to have made money, although never hemro vras eo much spent on the preparation of pieces. Prohibition I'omo to r.ricf, [From the Chicago Daily I'ost.l Our od rices Irom Washington indicate tljc possible* if not probable, acfcat ol the Tariff Bill which has occupied for so long u time the attention of Congressand the coun try. After adding nearly three hundred amendments to the Senate bill, most of them imposirc additional loads upon the already heavily laden carryall, the cone* m sank be neath its burden, the ox refusing to draw. It isAte but leather which breaks the camel's bach. The high tarllf lobbyists werctoo greedy. Thev wished .to carry too many si oil? at a slcglc load. The rcsu;t is the lose of the whole raa-s of plunder. The people will not mooru over this ro fult. They have from the beginning, cs* pcclally those of the producing West, re garded the high prohibitory scheme ol the manufacturers os burdensome, oppressive and ruin jus. The only tarlil which can bo sustained for any length of time In this country, Is a purely revenue measure, pro tection being simply incidental thereto. » hat the people desire aud demand, is a tariff which will produce the greatest amount of revenue, without absolutely pro hibiting importations of any kind what ever. The moment the products of other countries ore arbitrarily shut out from coming in competition with home man ufactures, that moment home cor porations become absolute monopolies, una :re just as essentially beyond the influ cnee ol fairness and reason as is an unfetter ed railroad, warehouse, or other tyrannical despotism, and wM not and cannot bo held m check. They will get just as exorbitant and extravagant price#- as the entire control and monopoly of the supply will give them. And as, at the same time with competition uli revenue is cut off by a prohibitory tariff! the needs of the Government must be couflu ed to direct internal taxation. Thus, while the highest possible prices must be paid by the people for articles of consumption, they will be called upon to suffer additional bur dens to make up the revenue which a pro hibitory tariff has despoiled them of for the (lies 1 tllC k° me manufacturing mouop- ? orrcct with becoming , cml . r ituo wlucli tUey Uive whirh .h.iw l . tt h!,ve “ t:irlir ’lie end ol lhc . < ;r ' ultcst and not least amount of ret cane to the Government, while raw material shall be admitted free, lu this tray the excessive Internal excise may be in a large mcasuie removed trom manufactured articles. and home Industry will be as di tcclly benefited as by inflicting upon the country such a tariff as will double the man maclurcn.’ami the people's direct burdens. Let the bulk ofourtascs be borne bv foreign gcods In the shape of a revenue tariff, aud home products relieved accordingly, and the inanuiuclnrcrs will be protected sufficiently % e s‘ e l°l* manufacturing Interests, while a healthy competition will be maintained to defend the p«optc from the oppressive and . burdensome tyranny ofnon-coropclilivc man uiaciuring monopolies. TUC Cental Sj.trm-11. AU-pllm br the Bnbuqao Pruflucc Excltaugs, DahnaieTJme.', Mih.J i eslctday the committee, H. J. Gibbs IO whODl * as the cental Vi r° m ,i Wee . ks b ‘°cc, reported in furor u“ t( *4 kc effect on the Ist of S AfJ I Tn?„ OCOU 'ly with its adoption In ~°“\ E ! V L ' ca =° “»4 Milwaukee. Every tiling vbtcli the Jntmiiore of tlic Exchange purchase in the way of projuce on and after the Ist proximo will he at the rale of so nine), per hundred, and not at so much per bushel. wcpiesume there will ho n imi. dilliculty of falling Into the habit of baying andsellmg *‘hy lie cental,” but the new B>i».em will toon work smoothly enough, k” rc llecn ■"“kited off by the cedial sjstim for many years. It is to he regretted that in the adoption of a new system by the various Boards of Trade 1U i t^|^? ou iJ} r y- the metric system was not selected. Nearly all 01 Europe and Great Britain bare adopted It, and, sooner or later this country wi.i be forced to. * An Important Invention. [From the Alta Californian, January 311 Mr. A. S. llaliidle, the well-kuown* wire ropenmnufacturcr of tble city, has just com plctcd the models and drawings tor a new loim of suspension bridge, invouted by hlm eelf. Having been ten years actively cu guccd la the construction of suspension bridge-son this coast, he has had such op portunities for acquiring a knowledge of the structure of such works as entitles u.s Inven tion to the con&ideiatlou of both practical and scientific mechanics. Tbc mouels and drawings now made arc far the I’uunt Oflice Mr. Halddlc having filed a caveat for a potent. The peculiar form of tub new sus pension bridge adapts it for railway pnr pores belter thau auyolLcr. It Is scarcely possible in a brief newspaper pa.-ograph to convey a detailed account of a most complex arrangement. of me parts ol this bridge. The principal object at 'amed by the Inventor ist£c almost absolute rigidity of Hie structure, thus overcoming the great objection to suspension bridges for railway purposes. This b obtained by two pairs of chains, or ropes, which cross one another in the centre of the bridge. The ends cf one pair of these suspenders on al ternate rides, being fastened to the lop and the others at the base of tho towers of the bridge. From these main portions, the rods which sustain the roadway arc com eeted al ternately and placed at such an angle th%t the heaviest load at one end of the bridge can make but a very slight change In fia curve, or cause that vibrator v motion so tUn ge-rous to suspension bridges The mam wires ctotsmg each other mane the whole so ttifl. laterally, that, wWiont any additional stays or braces, the heaviest gale of wind cannot cause it to sway from side to side. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Proceedings In Lice Courts— Not Suits —Slander—Divorces Applied for. The bueiccsa Jn |lhc several courts laasnll. Thv Circuit court becomes continually hampered by litigated cases, ol which, peihaps, owing to the pies.nt amiugcmenv ol vcrniß, It baa an e*. ce»s. The collection business, which Is speedily disposed ot, ann on which tliere Is a large Income resulting horn theaccamulntlon ofriuanamounts, pßsE«*e t,. those other courts which have mom fro qoeiil terms. cnictrtr count. Ihe orders made yeet* may were as follow?: Andrew C. Cameron v? Uenjaimr F. Smith tm. pleaded. Defciidarr« appeal nabmiltcd io Coart on tin, SiEl lotianl. Findinij for plaintiff, and jurtfnm.ntforHuo Charles Dl< kmann vs. F. W. Krause: defend ants ai'ccnl, dlMiilteed. 1 Herald Walsh vs. John Snpplo. Trespass, In wiitcn dauiaac? were claimed tor the ebooilnc of pUlut.B by defendant. Judjrmesl, by for one cent damages and costa. JlllncuSlaafi z>Vung Cotnjwty vs. Benjamin F. cimUi, IwmUaacd ; defendart*? appeal ami* ro U ‘ l Hist February. Judgment for Same vs. same. Judgment forsSß. Ann In Moran vs. Eileu Pratt. Mechanics' lien. Da in flute nsecur-td on dclciidunt’s doiaatt, *31.60. ond Judgment. CsUiuiinellnilttvy. Pnwlck J. Doyle. Anneal by oinmsrcd. * * Kmlili for tin* use of ' ha-Ics E. Durand « r.« llliom Hyde ve. Silas Sawyer: carnlebcmciit Oudumcnt forSirw. John IVondsldc and ale. vs. Sbomat DlMi. As- Mwnpt>U, De'kim of duftmiam ami jadamvnt (or i’l. ice Doran vs. Elisabeth Doran. Dill fjt fll wue. IldiiteglDopen court orU dec ce. The MI) in tin-rase set lorili Hint (tie pa'lien wore mar* ril'd htplunhui 31. JBfJJ, nt flow Yoik, (be wife Inn,u I' cu untold Curcnau. ihuubargu Hliuil iln* rUtfiiOnin commUud mlulteiv dining tne n■outli'. ol Fcmuaiy unit Mftr<U. l»/i «ml utother ihni!«, wnii om- Cornelius hVoy, nt Xhornton, (a Hds cunniy. i tip adultery was proved, and the iuctc<‘ civs tbo ciistud* of tlnir lour cliilarro to COlllplMlljflUt. thmy Ab|>el ami Marla. bU wdo, vs. Hunry UibtcuHtiil Hopbln, 111? wife, lids is a slander t n«», hi • tdeh it I? cbm-urd (hot (he tomato delete to the Tomato plaintiff no upmobii* our ictiii, Iho purpoit ofulilob wai that In ibo r ruttro id her Ido ah*- hah nut always pursued a cotiisr rmisoiisnt with strict rlMsilly. J lit* jury ictu tied o vernier in favor of plaintiff, villi diuunnus aa-eMiu n( fW. Inc nrw Mill* In Hits com! were of livmy I, Minton tuul John da» McKinnon vs I'COiuo If AssonilisH} dHiuui;es laid nt IS.Wifl. *ll o nnnnHu? in thh> cnee I? im; nl fill'd, hiit il to nnni’iMoinl ttml Iho salt I* lu recover a pi ire im Ivinl smlces iHittoU'd In eovcral suit" live iMVM-id rtcicmhnt at (ho uiMance of liiiiyiill rt N, I’. Cntur. ‘Kin sails hmciuroro hied, mid Inn luuat cxpi'iire* of winch It l« sought to eventes Hided dlsueiioiislv for Dr. Wood, who Mil'iutlhd iito cane lo niMlm'lon, n jiuljriiioui ui tM-«lifl|<N fl«,nw ntirl ttiMv.ird huhijr rmdereil nuninsi him. The hill I* suit lo indmlo legal • civhn*. stiuri*liHii(t rcnorhie* oxinoioes, ami ptoper Ives «l vtincrtM’s hrmtuht ttum tornum d:J«s, A btjl far dlvotrawa* id d by .lohnnuauniuiil Anim Dii'H'. Tho lull chutgo- •leso.tlim Miihln (ho unto cf tho hmio'l iiiliilii-ry since, '(he ►pedllc tttlegaUm.u are ihntltie naruua were munlro July 17m. IhdS, m thu county, w .ere tiny Hum (ouelher, Wheeling boluu their residence, until August I'Ui. of the aarae year, when the deteuiUot d<‘H»rlcd nor tins* bund The tomp!a*utt«t says that bo l« rlxty-iwo years ot ago, and that bis wife has rten forty Min.imrs, burnotttUhfi»ndinghcragu flu- hue continued in «<;.cnodcliciy *ibh one bouts Bunvrber. lo w-fcom she ha« Horne a child now six M.eksui i*ge. lb* chnrgoi* inrihir that sue now lives in a state of oinn adultery with the man. i-uremou coei.r Tide Court Is not tn ►ossJju during the week, Abe new suits iu (bis Court "ere as follows: lla.-brouck i ihewyvs. Fieuerick M. Am rlcan Exchange Jusnranco I’cmpany a-d tubers. Bill inr b jnnclfon in rc<tram the pay* id* nt or collccjU n of an anonntof t 1,503 in-ur t>nce «n map'e sucar, claimed to have Ueeu owned i*y rlalmiS* in the hands of tbo first named de ftndaut oe comoils-feu merchant Frederick Goodyear vs. Frederick Mans’. De fendant's appeal from a judgment before .Tuavco Biovirfurti/ in an uttacrmicnr p«ocecd/ni’. the jury finding that tbe defendant was about to leave ibe State wirn tin: Intent lo d**lay crealtors. George N. Heilman vs. Ebcnuzcr Whyte. De icnuuniV appeal irom a jadgmeut for f 25 un J coeta by L’roirn. l oniea ilo gan ra llrlcn ITall. Do r endant*a ap peal from a judgment by Moore, Justice, lu a re plevin suit, lu favor of j>laruiis. J. Baumgartner vs. F Harvey nod ala. Defend ant's appeal item a judgment for and co*rs by Sclocnwald, Justice. Oofitavc Meyer vs. John L. Bevcildre and Val entine belter. Appeal m a teplevln su.t by de fendant from an adverse tb cblon by Jnsitce rcbori'Wald. Jacni- Mtger ct a?, vs. Henry Wingers. Abacb meet on nn allcgtu ImULieiincss o?SV C. 57, o ■ the gH'Ui.d of defecdaul's dcpaiturcfrom Ut Sla.e. Jcuae-.'* Mec ling ana C- 11. Fox vs. Catharine S nrti vt nl, guardian, and the belts of Soab Star levant. Bin lo confirm in comidainanis <ls« title loioir,bock in. Duncan's Addition,and lot it, b ; ock u. Dnvcan’a Add.u> n. llctry Fake vs. William 11.±ill. As* stmpMi. Daaagtf, ?3.U> 0 cocstvcocht. This Couit was iiot In soe-iou ycf lenlay. nEcotir.Eu’s cotrirr. In ibis Court a bill for clivorcv ivt* filed by Mar caret against Daniel White. ibr complainant in this case Bits up that ►be has raided in Ibis ciiy upn am of two rear*; the s tales that she married csnondciit at Patterson, K d., March ilh, 18M, r.i.d rccljnmd to live wrU him as lua wife until •he 2i-i instant. She charges that ter btijband Las Veer. utility of habl'ual drank cmess lor two ytars srrt over, and that he has IrcipuLtly taken their joint earnings. spending intm it orckit'C houses and bouses of ill-fame, to ire (treat disgrace of his family, which includes t«o children, l-sucs of the matrlace. Ueltrecn tbvtn, sbe says, they own sl,au» worth of house hold fa*n t»re, 4c., but no real estate. The com plainant «‘ke >hc custody ot her children, anr> an JitjiUidim to rveliam the respondent from dii p;.»li.C ot Ibelr properly or meddling wbb tnc mlnorr. lb- high prerogative writs only issuing bom bis couit upon notice, the usual order of Vhts Court v a* made, with a further order that all I too dings on the part of the rtcleadunt ha stayefl touching the selling, I'xumberli gor inter feiiugoc inurmcddlingynb any of ibe property. West Side Dcbatlnc: Society* To the Editor of the Chicago Trioune: Few people are awmc ot die mauv and great hettfih* derived from pnhhc dl-cnsrioas ol the vanous qu'slions of the day. Uebatfmr Clubs, I tt-ink, domuch for ibe advancement of science ard reueral hifonnsUoi', beside* the great mi i rovi-nu-nt v nlcl. they effect in those wno ►peak, in respect lo gesture, attitude, articulation, etc., n> is vvhunt at every meeting. A loctmc may Interest andinstmet very much, hut is not the drain more if the t)o>ve:s el cuirporij.g and spcjulug aic put into actual I radio*, a! d would It not have the tendency to iou*c the ambition and change the direction of some ofour young men who »va»tc much of tbeir tmre in Inlhnrd rooms and gambling hells, so ac osihk In our city S >*o dry Icctme or mefapbyrical debate will do Ibis. A number of young people on ihe West Side propose (retting up a la-ge club, intending to make it a complete snetee*, and hope that others wilt do the game. They expect to make tUc even ing sessions cnic.'taiiilnc and instinctive. G. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL HOHET&BX Tuesday Evexxxr. February 26. Our Washington special ol this mocuing con tains the following: “The bill Inliodnced by Mr. Sherman to-dav an tbomcathe Secretary of the Treasury to tsauo bouds with Interest at not more than six ncr c.ut, payable In coin, the proceeds of which shall be ap plied exclusively to the oaymeai or imrcaa-e ot the exbung Indebtcdncse,* ibe>e bonds to bo known a* the corsoildatcd debt of the United States, tbc bonds to be subject to an annual tax of one percent on the amount in lien of all oihr tax ation, the ampnnt received lor tax to be paid Into the Sinking Fnna for the redemption of the d -bl. jle Chwf Jnslicc aid Secretary of lie Treasury shall be the Commissioners of lh«- Sicking Puna, tt.o prescribe rules for fbc rosDngernent and dis position of the lands. lhc issue ot fire hundred Uilltn ne in bonds ot two per cent InbTO-t, prbicl ra, and intcrr«t payable in Enrope. Is authorised in lee Mu, which will not he brought up at thla ecssioa. • The question of making preparations or devis ing means for tie giadual oxlmgubUmcul of (no National each snccet ding day ccgrosslng more attcmlon. That the debt will ultimately have to bo paid, none deny. Mr. bherman pro post e to Issue a new loauftime to run not euteo). payable m gold and bearing interest at the me ol sixpei erne per annum—one-sixth of the interest to be collected by the Government from the bond holder, and laid aside us a Sinking Fund 10.* the gradual liquidation of the debt. Tris proposition i*ems on the face to be equal to the issuing of bonds bearing fire per cent. Hot experience has fhOAnthaia large proportion of the bonds will net be r« tamed in ihc exhibit? made by the holder® to tko Goveiuncct Assvssore. These, of conrse, will receive ibclr tlx per cent, while tboto who made houest returns will only receive five percent, and the Government willol ncces titysnrernoUtUeloss. The only way to collect the (ax would be to deduct It on the paviucm ot (he coupons. This In Itself D a cumbrous and complex operation. The better conn* to adopt would betoissne native per ccntbocd. and,by act of Congress, make a special appropriaaoa of a portion of the public revenne to be sacredly a?e.' as afclakmgFnnd tor the payment ol the National D'ht. The proposition to issue a loan of 503 mU'ions at five cer cent, principal and Interest payable in I-uropc. lobe exchanged Tor the securities con held ttcro, is deserving of ihc creates! considera tion. The advantages claimed are: First—-A raving of oco per cent interest, which on five hundred millions U equivalent to five mil lions per annum. This m Itself wornd form a respectable nucleus fora SitikingPuid. Second—ln case or a financial panic In Europe, ir would be a barrier agatrs* the Bank ofEngUnd sending our bonds back to til* country to be sold for gold. We have a mid recollection of an op eration of this kind last May, when thirty-five mil lions of Five-Twenties wen* sent to New York for conversion—the proceeds liclntr required to pre vent the Bank of England from going to protest. By making the bonds oayablo in pounds sterling at Ixmdon, in francs at Paris, and thalers in Germany, they would he practically unsalable in this country. This would effectually prevent their ever being scut back here for conversion— earning a drain of specie—acd In tb-: event of a financial revulsion, anywhere in Europe, such could rot posMbly affect us. Tbful—Making onr bonds payable InEnropo would enhance their valne there. Buyers forin vestment would tccutva the internal In dielr own, and rot a foreign coin, and m maturity the bonds would be paid in t»>c same manner. Tbl- would do away «lth the necessity of sending the coupons back to this country for redemption, which can not he c&ctcd tvuhoat some 10-s to the bond holder. Ttc Money market presents no new features. The demand for dlsconrts Is licht, ths inquiry being rualnly for rtncuala. Tb;nj is uo iu creaso la the amount of a ratable e amocr* aifi In some quartets the market Is reported quite close. Paper la closclv fccrnrtatzvd and none hm the best eicna'urea are n*goihb!e. Exchange was steady, with sales between banks at par®2s cents ptemium— mo-ily the upper fig nre. The counter rates are steady auo firm at par buyicgantl 1-1 U premium fellttg. Flour was less active. Wheat closed about the same as yesterday. The comer ou thiTcoramar bet bnrat, and prices declined GftSc. Oats wer© quiet ano easier. Bye was firmer. Barley quiet, ilcrs Pork firmer and In belter request. Lam dull. Whiter neglected,' : **cld was higher to-day. I| opened at 139J£, d* diced loli3?i. and closed at i.J3j£, The fob owli.c quotations were received by Boyd Bro».; IftWa.uj 1 li>Sm 11:43 a. to !2*S m r:sj» l.liiSp. 1315 s X2:o» IS?*) aw p. m K-i'l H:lsn. m 13f>»J I atrip, 13J : i U:80 b. m 1 Xfi I 4:00 p. ITJ.'J Here itc market was quid, at l37;i®?CS2*. bay tog—closing at the upper figure, it a brokers are buying filter at 12301 OP—the upper for large. The Gold-bearing Bonds were off Uj New York. The following shows t-e closing prices of to-day, compared will the three pro. nons days: | s .g S ir ? s Sixes of’Bl rox Ho>4 HQtr itou Fivc-fwLuilcs, ’O4 HHj lij« nf* n «? Fhc-Twcntlea, M tos?6 wish 107 q w;*? Flve-’Jwrtjrie?, C 3 Was iftnK tusn l0Sr« Ten-Forties... \UI% 101 101 Ji ItUjj Bcveu-Thm!ea,Ang 103?* lOCf; ia*.v 103 k Seven-Thirties, June....liis?» lUS& lo3ii liijv Rcvcn-TWttlee, July..-.105** 10a“; Kew Flve-TweMfes... .infiJi 106 H 100»£ Here the demand is fair, with few offering. We quote: ■ covxnxarcxT sccuhities —Chicago subset. Baying. Selling. D. S Fixes, o! 3SBI 110 U D. s. s-gis, it€ 2. iioj« no« U.S.B-afc. ISM .I0T« . 1073? a P.5-20S, JSC6 103j| 103« U. F. D-iK emei1......... IQo fiMtftu * U, S. KMOs, large I01»i 101 K U. S. JO-4HO. sdjsll U. P. 7-y!s, Ist series,.... llSfi 100 U. S. 74Ws, So etrlea...... lU5*« 105 V U. S. 7-:!PB,3d feries 10,'»v 103 V O S.T-OOs. emalU Compounds, *iaue, ISM.. lit *• Jniy, l»l 110*4 • 4 Aiig.,ieot no •• Oct,, IBT4 115 '* Hoc, ISM 114 11 May, 193 U 2 “ AUC.,1305 110 f« ** HCpt.,ISGS. HO “ , Oct.. The Fecon'l National Hank qlvoa the follow- Wcgootfliloo* for the PtiMiefncds: * Coup..'6l..lVo&Q .... 7-30, i'tfi coup.. Jure comp., 117 »larpe),,'K® ... July »• •* „mu 5-SO coup., Attff. “ “ ..11(1 (tmnU). 10-10 coup.. lice, “ “ ..114 na*j:e)....i01.... May “ 1353.. mu 10-10 coop., AU(r. M *• ..111 (email)...H)3J4(f& .... aept. “ “ ..linu New cm, (ft... Oct. “ ••’ W». (larcv).!' Local Sccuiliiea are chaoeul. Wo guolc inlet ood nominally uq. „ Unyluß. ScUn?. Chicago < Itr 7« .trn i'U Conk ocmniyls wit Vliajnlar of Commerce ic laf —'the following Is from the London JVnet money Article furtho Bdi lust: 7?«<<r»rfuy /.irnlny—iho Bank of England tlito mormne iiciiircil lunr rati* nl ilproiim from flu per reui, nl which it was fixed on *li« Mib of Du* vnnb.»,ii» 3 per com. l'or>orootW7M>a*Ubc umiiimiin lalu In the open luarkul bad bjon nn 100 «n ?h per rent, mu trio movement, therefore, Mietm l« Imvc been considered CM«niUi in (hold (firsts ot tin* peitmumi ( ciHiunisnf tht establish* mrpi. lu chief remit wtiibo to Increase tliu per. plexlli of those who are seeking for channels of Investment, nulaHlm iiUlrurt which tins no Iminafitw vd Die privet of all <xi»llha molar* likings in scarcely nnv degreo inillgarert, a eiesluoml would ho conferred li our leading uuhki'in «n*l titoirlinti'R eotihl culdo to now aim safe dliiKlloiin that nujiurnhomlahcu which linn Ulheito been lull lo Iho disposal of Imblfiul ci'tiiuuuyomuigcrs. Tho dl/* i odllon lo enter mum foreign loans I* Mill Miihcliiiily run rlclod to render Itceitntn Hint nny iHrgnniieiupte m ilml dliodtoii w» uul a* once tail, livery unu »ottW apply s>r nn B.loimeni Iflhcio were n clinncc ol n iiimtt 'n* •n»y hi iiilmii, Mini would molt to reillxewlHi n speed llmi Mould lead lo n discount whence iheto '•cuiM he tittle* eiiAucu of tccovei v. Alt form" of tunmniio-n of liiinvl have t(l;oA<nn fallen Into hop'lei n dMcpme-nni rr- ill any iiclunl repmtia* (ton I'imilccO, but mini Urn ca>n» atm OoUvn for whirl* Hn>> nliiiid a tiMh-xt to dMnm and dilatory (b.vcimnmii*. Ifnlluny eiuorptine la likely to ho ki n a mul for »'omo vents, Nnver. itien-fure. wan Ilium ft Hu." in Mhleii Iho illhleuliy (iMmmlug a ('ou)crtu'o an to tho future) outluM ol muuuy w 4 s imue complete, Amt thu pi-cullnrliy of the nlltu* llmi In li.cienud l»y dm tied that lu Franco tho sumo i ondi iuii nr«n«il»—(iljnoii to a mom Intense degiee, nl'houeb fiom em(uly dltteiout causes. the return for tho Hank of England far the wevkemiiv.jj Feb uaiy «. elves |U« following re* suit* Mueu tuimm-id uhh tho previous week: Dent &VAU.hii..|ucreiue £W,053 Publicdipoeita S,flhT,-hl7..Decruaso Olbci deposits.lifiGT.GUj..Decrease .... On the ether ride of the account: Oov. stcurirli» .£13.111,068.. 2fo change, uihtrsecuritles. i.'.iltklis..Decrease... £173,', Nnlua uucmpi’d. 1b,(t«U,«70.. Decrease..... 1^0(13 •J'Le ainuiiul ofnotes in cliculatlor. is ££,U3i.l7U. being an increase ot £21*,855; and the stuck of bullion in both departments is £19,021,193, shenv lii" an increase ot £123,171 when compared with tLcprecedinc return. —Tt e we* uly rcturne of the Bank of Prance show the followirc results a* compared wlih the previ ous account: increase—Casa in hand, frano; private aorounts, 8C,5 11,000 francs. i)e~ C!(fSe—Bills diecounUd. 76,hn0,000 francs; notes, W,5(i,«0 fiflucs; ircasury ba!anc-.\ 10.SUU.oiU IrfciCf*; advance?,ftnt ouaiy. An en-irmous la c ca‘e>u )te rceourccs of tbe French Bank is shown by the above fkmrcs, which arsfue a great plethora of monc.v and stacnatiou ot trade. lw Kuto* o (derate of Interest Is falllaqr, and the Bank of England has reduced its rate from 3‘t per cent, at whtc ■ U was Csed on the goth of De cember, to 3 per cent. This is the lowest point Known since the ir>tb ol Jmu\ ISG3, when 3 p r cent was likewise touched by way of reaction from the 9 per cent rate attained op tfcc Sth ot fc*eptem* hef, lrv*4. -A •’>■ per cci_f rate has prevailed al toe bank ouls t tbrtc times since iy>o, and only four limes since ISM. 'J be Bank of Holland has re duced Its me horn Jto 3fi per cent. Toe fo/low ing are the laiest qnotailous in »bo leading Conti teuiai ciiie>: V — -2?i, Vienna,4—it Berlin, •—SH; Frantloit, Cl*—GJj; Amsier.lam, o«S—CU t, t v.-. to, u— U; Hrus-e s, Madrid, ti—O; Usm • mg, o—i'lf ,* Pc‘leJ>burr, 7—9. Sew Vara m C OMn: prices Jrr c.»'h. F« Jutcpb £l. Lyons Jc Co.. Pro. Istßd.adUd UtDdSJBd N** r. CcttraU.iW;,'lo3 U. S. C > ccal ETif (r m) :g rn bOfr't. isn HO’f Ito’i at. S. iron-.) 72. V «?# V. *. t> *•' vt 5-WJ C.&l'l It*... ... t*>'£ W fwlit*.. ISoi,..JIOV uov lb. ck Blind 9v4 95V r.S.6fJ«j.?o <-.*.N,W 33w S3* fi-rr rt..., C3'i 17 S. <> *•? Klt. W A C.. . VJJi iM‘; C'.1111.. 1W5....103X105V Onl.Jo-Jiver SSV 0. S, & %• cult VT.V.TcI 4% *Vi !*■« .VIVIUH C. * A.(coni)..K7.V Brt*s lrp~». 7 3-10,1 st n.&Qnury va.H ... icox, onmU...n>? »o?j, V, 6. ; s-io, m nuu f o«f;ivtr...!ar,v is; writ* us.v iccv pMCHr.I 11G Itr.ij XT. u. 7 3JO 3a Plill.ftOacing.KßX scHe* U3V 103 V CATolfao.- ,n:.V ns Am. Gold IGjV I4s'< Toi. & »»b6«fi.. 3<V Mtirkcl—ist Board etearty: 2d Board steady. •lode .llnrlic.’. 'obicary 2G, ISG7, received bj ikcr»; COMMERCIAL. Tcesdat Evemso. February 2T». The follovrinjr tables sho.T the rccdptsand ship ments cl Produce during the past t'Vcufy-lour hours: UCCOTTS FAST TWEMT-rom nOCTIS, lS*]T. 13TC. 7.991 1,4113 I»VNS 19,130 19,743 j«s’o G,SH) 3,4-2 1,000 1,100 •XIM 105,132 Flonr brls, Wheat, bn, Com, 0u... Oatt-, b 0... IJ>o. bn t>ariiy, bn Jjfuuai (ViO'ibs .... ssi) Gnu**] Mtat, 3<6 31,210 10,010 IVifc. bil? Stt 1W Inrd, ft- 21,120 33.100 ’allow, Tr.* 310 ?0.1»0fl I'.Ul’er. lh» 8,700 13.170 Dieted Uoff.-, N 0.... J.OII i.*»2o (Jvc Hi gs No COS 013 Catrlc, No 23 Cl Hide*. ft* 07,005 35,100 Ufghwiuw, bils 155 VI Wool, lb? 81,730 OT>O Lumber, m 77 *23 MiJncles.-m 720 -122 eiixrairOTS V4STTWEXTT-roun nouns. ISSI, ISIO. Flour, bri? 7.651 9,411 Wbea’.lm 3.9.30 3 Gd Ctn., b« C.OIQ 1,03^ Oats, bu . j too Kve, bo 373 872 llariey, bo WJ 757 t»«ass Seed, C»ij 93,f,jj 57.513 Broom rom. Tbs 4 063 96,900 Cur. d ihat Be 650,163 575.U3 Beef, brls got 6i9 Poik, brls ... J,(IS6 J»2 Lara, lbs £54,133 711,929 Tallow. Its 25.62 J .... Baller.Bi? 4,609 29,103 Orcestd Uoge. N 0....... 1,W2 41 Live Roes No 63J 115 Cattle. No fiyo Rides, Ih« 68,7*6 101.000 Dlghwincs, brlfl 537 I**o 8001, Ibr 2|,«M 13.78 S Lnmbcr,m 6*4) 4;i6 SV.irgKs, m 031 y:« lath, m 579 35 Sail, brls JSB 4IS 7 bc\ e wasmorc inquiry for Mess Pork,bntholders we: e stronger in tbvtr views, and as their preten sions cxccedidihe limits of buyers, very little business was done. Wo cote sales of S3O brls at slS.*i3ol3.W>—dosing with free buyers at ibo in side, and few sellers below the outside tljnro. There was nothing doing in Sweet Pickled Hams. For Rulfc Meals there was a good shipping in quiry, but transacdons were limited, owing to the difcrcßCee between buyers and seders. We dear of sales at for Clear and 9c for Rongh Sides loose. Theic were buyer# at "4, S’, a d 104 c for shoulders. Short Rib and Qatns, loose sellers asking an advance of i{c. Lard was doll, with safes of IfO tes prime Steam at Use. Gr«asc was him, with sales or Yellow at sH®S*£c. Ete?ee<t Hoes? were firm, with sales at SS.OO-SS.-W There was iio demand lor Whiskey and the market was entirely nominal at 25c for bonded at a $9.20 for duty paid. Ovrlrgto the onfavowbte advices from Now Vrrk, ibeto was less doing in Flour,but prices manifested no quotable chsege. Abont 2,Stv bris changed hands a: f1i.00.3u.73 for White Winters ; fil.oo for Red Winters; $9.90 GU.tofor Spring Extras; for Sprlog Supers and fCJO for Rye. Tfae Wheat maikct was qniet. No. 1 Spring was l®2c lower. No. S opened about 1c better, bu? at the dose the advance was entirely lost. Re jected was steady, lhc sales tool up 4\COl bn at s2.)tCriii3toiNo.l ; 32.C0forNo.2InA. D. & Co ; $: S?Ji<Sri.S74 tor do Regular, and 1 67 torßcjected—closing dull with sellers of Reg ular No. 2 at $1.£54. The corner, which has been the distinguishing teatnre ol the Com market for the past we**K, broke down (o-dty, and prices took a fail of 6£Sc on No. I—elofieg very dull. Other grades were unchanged. About ki,ooo bn changed bands, at 735}©SJc tor No. 1. and Ct&6sc for Rejected— eh sirg wlib free sellers of the former at 7Sc, with out attraciug buyers. Oats were qniet and a shade easier, with sales of 44,0C0 bn at 41‘»®4i}4c for No. ?, and 40c for Re jected—cioslrgai 4l®4l*aC for the former. • Bye was In goad cemaofi far shipment, and the mart ct wag finner.with sales of No; 1 at 9Gc® *I.OO for fresh, and ft-'® fcstjc lor winter receipts. Fresh No. 2 sold at t)2c. Barley was very qmet and the transactions were restricted lo a few car loads at 63c for No. i and SC&STc for sample lots. Scids were qniet, with sales at STAO&O.OO for Clover; SS-tO®!L2O tot Timothy aal JUAO for Flax. The following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day: Nrw York. February fifi. Flonr dull and heavy at f:>bo®ll.(X>. Wheat ca-lcr and itacilvc nt $5.2c®2.27. Com hear* at Sics iu store. Oats qutet bat firm at ruikstroLcatfgi.sTii. Lrd rouble-at llCplSUc. Decs quiet at y,TS. Gold, J35-J- _ IvVTER. Flonr steaJy. Wheat easier at S 3 20&5 20. Com hiuvj at in store. Oats firm. Pio vl-.lans Him. Whukcy heavy at33c. LtTKlt. In Ibc ohemoon Corn uas west, md sold down toiCcforSa. with more tmyers than sellers at this figure. V.’bcrt was qale’ and nn- Chiurcd. l*rovifionp were qnie-, with sales of 40,0Chff-s Cnmberlnnds on p. t. Beet Carle wire qniet at the close of the mar ket, and the Icellng was caster. Beef Cattle were active aud firm iu tbo fore noon, but later trade Dccame less animated, aud s( ;hu cJo.*e (lie icellng was easier. About J,lou head clmcgcd hands, at prices ranging ftom SLfij 0 7.06 (or common mixed lots to choice shipping fiiatlce. Received. 1,751 head. l.lvc Uegs were active to the extent of the offer lOß'S ano, in sympathy with an advance Ea»t, pners toot an upward tarn to the extent of 10® ISc per 101 lbs. 9he pen« were well cleared at lor common to choice Qogi. Ro* wired. 2,735 head. Canadian Trade and Transportation. [Frcm the Oswega Commercial Advertiser.] •A TTaib esum despatch of Ute ictn says: “A new attempt 1* DtUc male to csublfrh a Caaa tftou reciprocity treaty by ta» Incorpmatun of Ui mujtobn 'itoua features into lb* tariff. Commlsdoner mllr, on introduced two Oswego produce operator* Into tie w*:» and Mesas Count ittsa roam, tostgu. tu*4«.ft (tic s>» Date dutltsfn wheat audotb-r ssriutltiunj products. The principal croud* oa which tfil« U«c trade was urgea. was th»i »tailiT oa c.iiadiaii gralo woaid make Canadians hstllu to ibo Diistattmcj. John Wc.tsrcrih took oowa thwi ml- Tlicii-n.g Dtlciuan, firm whom the above para* £«ph t«- o, nu-tKimv.- nctrer man tbaas “rat mem ber* of the commute hit statement i< ao eo’lre mis reprreentaiiu.. ihr object ol tnc g from thU atr. li ireduciO to Cm c-miaUice by the Uia. S. r. Holmes, oar Tteprevn latter, {** tb*r bad att tbs ple»f.n-e«r Jioitir of commluioaer well*’ aca-mot atce. sad old not know Urn) wai not to advocate reel pr* city wltb Canada, nor did tacy even hint at each a tMRg. Ills wttUcfrmi In reirara to Oswego's ‘•fortified.'’ K) far from taking the gentlemen from down, »a promptly and tartly replied to lFlh«h*T.oraMegPrtlemanwasto rive some of th 9 pUitr qaeau*-na ana might farther mucHals lasriastiti* wb> h** was no looser a fit represaatsttve pi toe great and growing commercial metroaolu ot the West, which haa outg'uvn—notwithstanding hla auo and hi* pcnlai—lili comprehension of its wants ano need* coamtrclally. . *“ Nothin? was said about “hostllltr" nor W&i the subject alluded t.* Ip any way, exetpt to reply 10 his bntioonrrv nu the subject. v * What was said. axa moat dlitinctiy and onqaalll’diy aakvdfor. was.toatthe unties on gtainsfrom c-nadt •honid nut Ixr Increased above present rates, hat re main Jtxstaa they are. lor the r»l,owing reason*: lit. ihe abrogation of tha Keclprocirv Treaty was a severe blow to throgficoltaral interest of Omnia. tor whlth oar n*-ct»*ltiea was a Juanflcail-'n. to which tiieyconrtroasiy yielded, and pare us their business ana coiticeice. , 3d. Tlieatirldsloc.or dcnrlvlig Canadian shlpp’ng from carrying produce from Lake Michigan to mo Wr'inprt Hallway, )i«d resulted as an Irrllaut in th-lr estimation, partaking more or less of commercial hos tility ; and not lea-t. it our Government were t» Infilct the further Imposition 01 a hundred par ce t ontl'-s upon gram, wc may Justly apprehasd that re taliatory measures, commercially, might borworted M. If the GCTeramt of Lausdasboald regard these reported sgcrcfslons ai persons! to tbemts.rea, and total ate by excluding u»irom their pub ic worts ol ral/roadsaad c»tml*,io ttminU Uia grcit If«twa* dependent upon the i.n* rout*. In»ts .d of in* two sow open to competition b*twrrn tno "aMera ana Western markers, it woa.d result more family to Western Inte rests than »t did last year, alter the exclusion *f Cana dun shipping, as ItTore meoiluosl. wh.;u frcigbu went op and w* actually pal j from w to 13 temi per uuilicl cti wheal auu cum to tm« pjr■ ta c usmuutcc. Ik this U wis iuiq. was It any bcimfit ta lV;sl-ra oru iiuma? Or . will tt-y pe heocmad w lin cohupcd to *ho one route, with iu ex*'. 1 - tun*, in raasaq'ienr* »f the ciuslng nf tnu other competing rmuay oe how can wo contlnuo to eicjclri*. otia iiiipna* our exartl >ns. ujun a aelrtmor- VC friemllr nation, in fevlilhlturr nude*, when wq rp-i lve only nhoiu 10,u*i,t&) mihlicl* or wheal froa tin m atmiallv. while they anutily boy am ex.-ort «!T» v 74s f.ooc luiihMe ol wK-it and J.ffW.OJo hu*tiei« of •‘‘■Tnftrm Pc*tern tiinfts, wdhuiit any duty on wh.Qt whalpvcr. It rimiud hu well underetiod'that Ut'-*', and *talNr mea*anj. in regard to trade ami rornniwtf hetwern u* ami Um Otnadat, *rn oulv J'h'MM ad ln*iste*l opoo hr such mni a* the hoiiiaiilo gMitiO'tU'U who usKim) tli» osvego (.clngAli**, “ Isn't (l*wctt<f fuftlilcd?'' II vi tmy th« dlremi'm of turn n"n tvh'vd her*, tp«y would rj|«nivnr that tiicr ud*r. i*rr**»«it Ih-lr i;*nmiiti. tun* in a daiiAjrlug manner. Tiino* were hripilr t*io wain tmliitt ppsirmed In die ihndnd {uturlew hut with tlii‘ Honorable* L’urmoline of Ways an l* of Ih* Homo. We have reason to h*|U'vo that 1 tie *ug ucstlon* mad.* vrrr* wml n‘i‘» lvml **y the t oninilUce. aim! mtanhit as imiMirtnM ami worthy ol their ■ no- MOrrailor. Fr**to tfiem, lit* from ouf vlly r*ci'lvmM.iiirt<‘*T ivnl idol aU*‘ntl>m, bsh g a l'iill ted on tlulr liras aiiptaraticc, wuilu liuadrcdi were waiting. I’tillnrirlpiiln Hml >liirhil'-hrl , ranry‘itl. In cloverjKct Micro u Icm doling ninl prices nn« rniiipr Uwcr t 7tXMni(»hpi/iiin<i *i iim tuvr ft*U* fT prime. Utn Miv l«ni«D dull nnd J uvefi I'U Mild ni 15.0.:td.«3. Fla*»eed )■> )n f.»ir Uomtuh tc« 1* bushel, an mlvatico. iMilladrtptim %V«mt filuruoi—Fchrutiry‘dll. The itimhcl cohUnnei lliiotlre, hutprlo ■ nro vr<*l| ■MMt.iMliinti nlMMit Ij.uxi p»» eonl.ih lot*, nt nrh'Ps iktisit a ir«mi f*rd»ui»h* vUr* t 53,'Ajo. l *r v\« it a t f*.‘wr.:« ror nn* i tor mpdiom 1 iictetc fur r**nrrei 4 r.ii3" for tnh*wAMir**i 1 *>*r rxiro We«i. (till 11 o*l, ami .na:>7«! * ttlur Nj.nV.wUt 1.u11y.), HvconllitK to quality. (.lIK AtlO |)|(V t UOODH ill A HU HT. fK.-oao, iMmmrr :n. iso;. idmshiitonm'k«i (nr tirjr tad way, imifewfuniry ♦rhy durlnr Mi« tunt we.k. cm ■titruuiy.fttm nnty <•( rands ui Hrmvn SliscHnai kodedlliftl Jtbilc, lul tlie ed. hriuuaru iinduagcM, rulo steady. We Tl'*»IHY IvVl 1 tom I* a lair lm*iv.»*»* do! (•nods, Iml h Is mil; hi a so. men-hunts fisesbc-n In the, and uds aii.all number tougi tUo uo» wl Uriel, Boom Ur niul hieaiUitl Mm,.(logs bat. Kdicßl market U and Denims'm.d Striped tih rcvUc quotations: Mtrrltnac Alffrlnmo W... A) CotiifCU.. W 1-athse W <*BrDef'*i,, ....mif tiprsgile’s. our.iifll’ij... 17?; SJuiuliOiUr .17 Lov,*U IS ArrolrtV^ Ltucca»(er..........l<^;l7ii Iticbiuo&d 17. S Amo»k - e»p. l«>s liut-liPi* 13 Mi undsa 17 AUw/e 17 Providence ,„..1» .lino Saunders’ Ci oaeeaior 17 W. \S. t’reematt iCo.ts : D"Mn... it U'amiiiaa.. ny Columbia M .ia' lUAMS. Clinton.... Lancaster, Glasgow. Knaaoke. Aeon's st Banner .....’A Laurence.*.... ..32 tfmc 4—l tijf Ap.->lcton4—4 .....22 Mnlfora 4—l JrtJf kashas 30 Inalan llv*d 4—4......33V Cabott A 4 t..........31s At SL tie4—l Zi}( Atuuskeag 4—l 33 J< btlinoi tails 4—4 Vl* Acawani F 4—4 .IS Appleton D 4—l .30 Tlmols A 4—4 V*}* Swift ttlver 4—l l?x I’cpperrU E .21V American A 32 rccn.v((e, < Atlantic Mills ....48V prppefeli O IS Great RilJf 11 J'J •• “ S 1? Indian Orchard A..... 31 V •• “ C v.l “ “ 88....’8 “ “ W..... 17 “ M L Id Boot Mills n 1-; “ *: O K H •* ** s .xiv Western World lo* Atkwnant. 2o Portsmouth P ijv Napoleon it’ Oimk-r Jo XX Slntdird „„Av NusaftMiff. SHIRTCSOS. BLEACHED ?». Y.MHJs 4—4 .54 Wuu.sulta4—4 .av Italia 4—4 23V White Bock 4—l STj, Hills 4-4 25 •• 7-8 Sljf Ma«~nvUlo 4—4 23 1 nv Mills 4-1 €? Ah'lro-cocu'tn4—4 \VX “ 7-S 21 Landon T-f *32 *• 4—l 35 UwUUuu'l-8. 16 *• *• 4—4.. ..18W Lonsdale i-jw Arkwright. .11 WsmbecK J.Oi W. 51ater4—4....25 Canoe 3—4 vtv SlatcrviUc 7—B .18 KljickMODe Hlvrr) ~..33 * UckVrVnn* XX....*11*34 Ballon & Son 4 -1 2 > w “ “ 7—S 23 paper cAvnctcs Lon Male • id i English 31 v l ambries liViilO | vesna. Awrskcas i c nncctlcut ~..3’v York } IVoahlustoa 25 Manchester .37J< 1 Mlltoro impr0ve!......33 * Xfonl 3>* | tfiaC Hill ,*5 rt.lan 30 i Corn City ....30 UaymaK*r*s attj ll*a'rnw 32V striped MinrriNOs. Amtx-kca;: «... S 3 WuiueiidenC. 2Cv Y» r* JO - A American ...9hdh3 Uncasvilic........23 , *©Hv H*ll‘ Cl TliJmdlkc „...,33V Uo&nokc 20 Shetitckct ...fc» ness. Amosktcp ACA 53 Hamilton, regular S 5 *• A,... 44 D 30 ** B Pemberton E J7V “ c ...-Si* 44 X 39 “ D. 27.1,' Swift Hirer. ,35 T« rk SO-Inrh SSv SUr iinu at-tnch 3?V A-lamv 1* 44 44 36*1qC0 3»v lork 33'inili ..iSv COnSCT JEANS. Ain05keac.............33 ) Indian Orchard js L-MoQta 33 I Andro‘C3S£ln 13V Hate* ~ISV } Sattren... »v | G10be..... 13 CAXTO}rri.AXNBts. Hamilton st-ut 30 i Thorrdltc 35 Klurtoa T.... .... .22 V I Raumkeap bioached...33 BROWN PRILL?. noit. a | Feumncton ,35V Lac0nia,...............2.1 | Fenpcreit.,... ‘Si DELAINES. M*nchcstsr,tew 35 {Hamilton ,35 FutiCu new S 3 | all Wool 4(U50 BALtIOBAL ssrtrrs. nmiCTt’a r.'JO | Ma*-van&Mullesen *2.53 " *lcox .. UilelgWs 3 03 IVditootnc. ’.WVgASS t Hrnner 2.00 Warnlngton Mills... 3JO 1 IMle of tee season.. 5.25 „ threads. ,t. AP. Coats sl.lO I Green * Daniels 72V Clnrk ? 1.10 I Whits Skein M Hartley* Co's SO 1 C««r<l I4M Worsted Bralas S', 1 Vril.lmanUc 82V Stafford TO f COTTON YARNS, ETC. EaclC Ct) j Eaters 55 Hope 6t> I Carpet Warp 53 Knublln f>o ) Candlewick... tStfiTO Park W J Chicano Balts JVi.M carpets. LowelUSplY t2lo Sutwrflift. f1.WX3,15J 44 sapor... .... 1,75 Crossey’s Fat, Tapes 44 median*.... I.«J Bra&scs.. IJQ , natUord.cxtms-plys.Kj Roxbury 173 44 Imp*! S-pty. 2.00 Kmnhc Mills ...110 44 anper uwv Belgrade 14^ 44 medium.... 1.15 M „ .. c*f*nnrsE«. Farmers 4 Mcrch’s... J3V I Everett 1.... 53V Wtbarh 50 I F.verett 0... CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. OFFTfE OP THE DAILY TBIHrSE, ) Tuesday Etescto, February 36. j .JTheJWlowlnc table shows tDe anllr retc)pw?nd shipment* of l.ive Stock week up to nils cuenißc. »« reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: Sunday and Monday Catt ]a* 11 5S3* Tuceoay 3,T25 2.T9S J3l T0ta1............ l.Til a. 363 737 Same time last week i.Mao y f>.<j 2U Week before last 443 2.791 sb The receipt* to-day were by the followluc route#; _ .... . . Cattle. Sheen. By IlllnoJ# Ccatral 77 ft) tfo By Rnrllncton* onlncr Itnad «0 X.2M 61 BySt. Lom»£ AUon SI GO .. . By Northwestern Koad. 7W 931 <fl By Mirhican SonWera Road.. 15 67 y>j Dy Bock Island Uoau... 443 s7* 1© Total 17.*s *491 Tne shipments to-cay, and for the week op to thJ# crccitp, were: o , .... . CiUlc. Hoes. Sheep. Sunns? »na Monday..* cno Tuesday 3»t L 596 TotV -*3l Tl.e ftlJcwlig were tteßblpnieots nrMlchte.Crrn.lß. R C l'g le - a !!?- I*y Mlchlpht Sonthcrn K. K. .... 563 .... isj I'UUbuißb & Ft.Vi.U. UJ 6\ 3,53 Total £44 um Sake tc*d*r, as entered at the different Scale-houses, wcreastollowss % Cattle. Sheep. Hoc*. At Illinois Central Scale. 4SB soo sat At Knrfinrton fccate... Ml i.jjo to 4t Alton Scale J. itXctJbwcstemSca-'eimrm *977 *s3s "go jOf«J L3Q S' *dM I'EEF CiTlLß—Ttie weather irw clear, mild and sprloeljfce.and the attendance, for this day In the ws cr.w&s very liberal. Tl? receipt# were iarjre *ad of talr average quality, andnn*er thelnfiaeiceof there ported advance of J,c to the Hew Tore market, ship per* took hold *harp at full prices, and op tj aboat midday the yard* priaeated an animated appearance Utcr, however, under the Impression that the receipts for t>morrow, and the remainder ol the week, would bcluavy. shipper* withdrew from the market, andon the aiternoon comparatively little wa< aceompUsaedto the way of sale*. Transactions embrace LSKS h»ad at for coratcoa mixed loti, including thin roagb Co**, ttalf laUeoed Steers, coarse Oxen. Stag# and Balls, to po:a botchers' Steers and prime Cows; 56.0Ctf6.73 fir C,lr to r xM rmooth shipping stoct, and 57.00aT.53 for prime to extra Bal* locla. While the Inquiry wa«chleay tor gooi to prime stupplac p-artes, stock steer* atul batcher*' Cattle were al?o la demand, and salable at rood ratea. All the be*t drove* wore taken op, leaving pome TOD head of lie common and medium or:er ic the pen*, unsold. Until the brtak to their rente shall be repaired, the manager* of the Chicago. Alloa * st.Loala Eoad hare to have all stccs conslcasd to them lomrded over the Illinois Central. The market was ea«lerat the close, Omagh prices w ere sot sensibly lower. Clfk*lX6 MICE*. ' Ertru ic'ivs-Flte. tat. well formed. 4to 8 years ola ntecis, and averaging uaw as . and upward*. a- aa - Prime Jiffrrt—Cood, weh'lstted. 00-Ir 3 formed Steer*, averagmc itom I,C» 10 I.IOP fil, It. , (L"W*M Abir <?rodrs—Fair Steer*. In air flesh ar» ** * w er*glnekOftfl.;tt> ft*,at... srv>*«a Af.dtuH. c?o»*—Medmm steers and good Cott-r.fltrjf city slaaPtcr, aaa averaging ftf«i,coo at . * tnaiifl Stcrl 'bn/<—C.ramon Cattle la decent tle»h. •rr-rasißC fO«l.W fts,»t i m /wjrr/or-Uphtaadthlc Cow*nart Sreer*. ranch aid coarse. averamng TJOaSSO &2 “ IKI3IJW CATTUR SAT.ES TO-DaT. on cVn“t , |7°£6 Xtr * su,eStetrß, • vei *# c s W as. crtT.Y.iScSns.®' co '*‘' ‘'" a,ii ' 05 ’’ w st “"- *ver «w?oVcl.nttT d ss OJen ’ BTeracU, C JAJO ft?, fed and t heart medium ron C hl«h Steer?, averaging af.fcd «*d oil r* m.a-«AC hCIW Sta, ° StCcrF ‘ arer »«Og 1,317 fts, Fifiwn bead medium fleshy steer#, averaging 1.031 ft« tedardw»t«-7ed,Kt(6.tO. Kit £icet head f»trn.*hy steers. averaging Llllfts. tci Mi.iWfttcrto.aitSdy. “*>•*. “• State Steers, areractnt 1.J33 head Cow* at fiS.OO * head, asd 8 head a: | 10M ft«'oaS», h «fiS olce ,to< * Stofrs ’ *vengi3g i,330 JSlxteen lirad fair roacbifh Steer*, »reraglnjrJ,U3 »*, tedund watered,nifija. . • B*\tntecu oeaUUfhtSteer»,aTer»glagiOitt*, aL oJ'^l cn hraw cows. arwaelaß W* na, on care, at |s.;j, „ F iT 5r * t , b ? r £ he»a ir>od itrsJsbt ahlppJcr Steers, ar* «»clajsl,»s«ae,aif6.Ts. fccvrtfieji he»a ronzh ehlwplac Steers, la fair Dean, aveaeiLcUW rbe,at«cu. I rnirtT-five head prime mmols Stten.averaglngESTJ can*, at #7 <B, trad »Mnotog Steers, averaging i,U3 ft*, ird and wm-re-. at U ».

, f,l tf I be \d roneht h steers. In fair fl?s‘a, averaging uM tta. ell cars, as l-ourlrcn head good t.utolier*'Co-»s and Steers, av eraging I,CCS ftp, ted and watered, at {SAp. HOGS—The receipts were light, and with encoarag lag despatches from the Ea»t there sprang up an active shlppir e demand, an ler which the pens were cleared, at an advance o' on Saturday's' rates. The ofierimr* h>«d.*ero taken almost excluAvely on napping account, at sSJfi-jSES fir com mon to fair lot*, ard *7.0037.50 for govd to prime Hogs. Tko market clorct firm. .. HOG SALES TO-DAY M „ Ar. Price. Knprlr.efat Hog* 214 7to itfjsaaetinaluv im 7jvi M »sht Doss ISI 6.«! Wfale Bacon Hog* 170 6.75 52 chop e even Hogs «l 4.35 SSrbolcefat Hoes 350 7*15 to tame quality 735 jJg-so even jot is c<r> ItOprimeeven ju 700 si prime fat Hogs .?il 73s 40cocd BacOi 10t..... 171 fiJo 71 ortm» light Boga. .211 7.00 IH> aan e quality i» 7 SQ 1® fair uneven lot 197 50 mixed good lou 257 T*s 48 cummm roucb Hogs as 6.6 J dspnmeernilot....,,. IBS 7.W ►BEEP—■Tbe-e was so active demand for good to prune Mutton Sheep to-dav, ana holders of suen *-»orc coab ed to realise an advance of 50®75c per 100 tts on the closing rates of last week. The arrivals are com- pnocipally of tne poorer sorts, fbr which there is imioiDQony. i’rlcesrange as lollovra; W°°.? 10 f “Jm MeillniuloFatr.... &.014.VM Inferior to Commou 4.00134,73 WEEUI.V ICEVIEt. OP THE COICACO lUAICKET, AU tain of Grain repj rua in thin market report are mode on the eatti 0/ ulnter <tc) ttoraje, unless Oileruue rjpi eAtril. Tcespat Ev*.*axo. February 26. its?. . FRFinflTr*— UAH.COAD Fbeiouts—The follow lag U the ururol the Eastern Roods: „ froffl Cldcago to— c(om. cbtsa. Flour. Bogs* noumu-N. 1. t c/.v SI n Toronto. C. W.... C.vv 42u 86 73 Mwntieal, C. E Alhanj.N.l MO B 3 IGO 1.18 New 10r*......, IJS 00 J. r >o 1.25 Dostou no Albany,.., 1.w5 » 1.70 IJ3 Uos*nn no uranaTrunk. l.±l t 3 1.70 ijjs JlortiaDilrio Urend TruiJr. .. I.TO jjj Ph ludelphla 73 |.D3 J. 13 laliimore «ijb 73 ijo i.n I'ittilmrgh ca 45 w to Uerelatul, 0hi0..,...,.....,.. 45 do no ao Jcficrsoorll r, lno .. 43 fll 70 Cincinnati. Ohio 43 33 no .40 I-I,olll4—Rorrlvcd,7.7ll bf!« 1 ahtspftl, 7,131 brli. Hie l-'iuur rusrKt'tdurins the week has ncco only moil* orattiv active, ami (ho demand ws« canfl. od to autmiy. (til iratnedfste warn*. T*wtay there wiuilmb ncuvlty in the market, winter Extra* were quirt hut nrm. bjirlng Exlfas wtrolh iiio<h*fa»e ciounml. and Spring t’Mp'Ts »cre dull, although holders ware oolntning foil prioc*. HiUßeiDbracctt.ololluirlna: WiiiratViKTßit* adbrl*not namedal 4l'.W|flo hrl«'|<> at IM.TJiM hill do at fit jj jSO hrl*do nt $U 00» llro tVi.vrctw— loOtdlMioltmmc-lnl »il,t»; hpmwo KxTß.vt—7oo hrl« •• MsrplP* .\.\x ”atf|],7s ( 50i»ri*notnnnied atm u>i 2to hns d’» »I #JW.«7f t 420hrl»do si f1u.741 >O3 Item do m •. lot hrl- ••wtin-o <»r too tv«Mi* - at fio.Wijto hrl* not Imw t ivl »\«.2t; 4ff» tvrl d<» at BlO.fW \ 103 \»rU • 11 « H'.toi in hrl* uo (low grade) at w.uOi Sruthu Ki'i’Eiis-w hfis mt nauiH Ml |«.3Ji 100 brjsdont 17.23:10 hrl* do at ii-Uk* 01 hrit do nt f7.00i llvk r Mifir—ifti brl* lit t iHVKtvutAT Ftorti«4 brli ut l’oiik mkai.—4 ton* roarse at f/5.00. wo uuoio tlofii'g prii’' * u t • iuwbj WiMkit Wheat— Chtiu-* buuihcrn ll lUiot* fitW.tri ( lillcc nt. Loul* iftru , . W..fon»ln 11.00 Brmso braiois,....... U.2J v^u.yj t'h ilci MlMiipkoln ... 10.21 (ftUJG ElmlM li.lli 'li. tt'lj. . <vm»ir ami 10wa.... 10.33 ceto.n Fair Grade* ojt JC1075 u . . Low 11r0d0i..., ~ H. 7.1 m W.WI Paring 7.01 a »./» HTt* Muir n.Wi H nil Bm>*hi»t Fl»«f «... OAO » 7.3 A ,'VIIItAT*—IIP'V’IVPd, lU.IKI lull »hlPj»wl. .T.K4I HU, Nn>tM<rms dstUnwl talc. No. 3 opened ahoutio h'ltvr,hni at ih* rio t* ilp* aitvamo w«» h>«i. »,j«» w»1« 1 l.2Whu s»>. l At tlt!9l 3.VKI l«t da At U \*\ 9,(0) l'' 1 N*-2«t tfr**liM.d,'KW hti do til t Mi d mu tI.M.K t li'.l**! Ini do ut fl.hdis.ooa o<i da st JI.BSA’ ifi.Wii ho do at fI n3>, 1 inOhu do (A. ll.ACo) U-ji'lM Ht fl.Vit j O.KWhud Idl milt 400 lot do at fl.Ml}<t IMhll 8„Al fl.fl)-,di.lng aulol »»llh srilaranf No.'Jlo re/i»la» hod*** at ft Kw. 4 M> 1C N—U*vrtvo»l, rjiT.M mu ahlppcd, M|o |it|, 3lu»kri dull, and fuhti lowtr on Nn. j. oihur grodr* lilli'liAhtfifl, *AWw«Tt*t 3,wmhit Nn 1 ntrtldl I,ooa ha d- *| MC S !I.OIC till do At V.» V • v.iOrt (.11 KaWtetf M l O* 1 I.MSI Im do m HI \p \ ?,w 0 hu do At rn‘<h; tf.400 hu do nt (.Us.i)« l »iig withwlur* of .No,) at i*o. ‘ tlAT'n-lUridvtjl, tlAia hu; tUlPped, none. Mar ket (jUkl midn ahndr* rnv|*r hnh'* were: 1,203 hu N». .• ut I l v; , ,v,‘i*i iui do nt 42(<r, tr«wh t 3.Uimi hu do at 4l\r;&,iUil.iid<tal4|<.-(<sya,iXuhudu A t II>40; lu.fljj hu <*om tlcjibUbu Ufjcctcdai4uc-clo*lngni4l^>iii4e ItVK-H'celvol, 1,900 Uni ahtDpwi.STJlio. Market ■lOiiiT, wilit u ifi'Uil hlnjuiiLfr duwaml. Baloa were: till Uu do attde: 100 un do atoco: l,voo t>u do (wintcri atici.itc: Btol.ti do at swe; 400*nj So 3. at . lla tll.F.Y—Hce-sved,;i.liO tm; aulpwd. Qjtl bo, Murki toxu-t. fcaiea uvr«: V.UXI Uu So. 3at dsc; 4UO uu oy *>inul**at Ssc; ItOba dual kv. A lit'OllOi.—Son tnnl at HJ3S@aU9. UuAN-Nua.fa*UU;«xy. ,».,n u. Itl'llini ('Hit N—Tne market ts dull and prices faP- •■Mi'ely D( tuloa: ut(CU.uCtAIWUt) as to quality. JIRA.V-—Aruftd.Joi: at «tJXVJ.OQ. UI TTfclt— 5.766 Tbs; shipped, t/dd ft>. < time** rn lor choice lialry In crocks or palls, cuo* tiuucr iQfteady fdltdcuiHad.t: supply the wastsoflocol ni'tnn ere. and with onlv uodt-raie arrivals of lucP, pricep ktipwd up aid are tolcrablv-cnn at quota* Mots, hut comm-n descriptions, iriin trhlcfi the market fs ovirstocapd, ere very dull and ea.ea are Howaadcccerjlly ot reduced rales: CVictMu Dairy ~.U c r.oodTob tail c Firkin 10 at? c PrimeFfrrln ?3 wit c UAHlilM;—There is to material Improvement torui* in i-cccnidud, n« yet. thonsh In enticipahoh oflm fr-RrOfl acunty by and br.a t>eiu r tetllnc ore* v^ dv» »t» we raCwr firmer tu their vie«ra. Tlmtiock»afc not extravaesut. thoucb quite *utQ* ci* ut to n>ct t-c presi* ot wsi.u of the trade. The fol* lou me ar*- ih* prlcivi current: Nat'oria) A, 3 on, fctmlena haeo. f.T9.oi> Union A, do do 53.00 01-* A. do do Ho.fio Com Exc5aaee............ 3i3:» Star* A. ration seamless 05.00 Le»I?lonA, do 65.02 Amlroscogxia do iw.po Atnctlrar. d<J 60.03 lltaw Mills, Co 00.00 s'm#Se!tiS. do eua I’ei.n Mills, Co 63.(0 Fott rut, co two Mlgo, do CO bncf-, Jinan aid cotton iHifg. wood, co 53.00 MirmcOeJd s?.oa bill Burlaps, 4 bn, So. I 27.00A29 00 KirtorM ttr..„ 45.00 C7IIEE>K—The marker continue* qaieu without cU:»» to mpi in*. TheCtiuaud Is limited orltcpaliy t*jprtni«cw ds, t>» nil small trom 'be country, a full er.pDly on httrt dealers are imt r*-maik ahlv nnn in their remands. We quote as follows: .N».» l*rltFdrn ry(geoujce; 17 «is c Fed ry (II lnol» 15 ®is c Ueifaharg,...- 6(16 e WrtonHf'J tt!4 c V. - r> tern licsmc 15 OIC C •*Yp«np An erica” 6430 c C'OA I.—T.e gK.cral ol the market ro* tapirs suhHaoUallv- the* same as that noted in onr pre* \J. os n ports. Iherel* a steady, though no', active, lo r.ol-y. aiuj the Better varieties of Bliumtuoua Coal— v.Mih sre Ixvomlcp somewhat re-ioced—are being firmly held at full prlit>. flam Coal, however, is in fnii snt’Pl.v snd ro;:i d lots ar* ofleruu a: a redaction. We treki* co . Barge monrqooUtlon*: Ewe— Kr-otTieia ni.M Co - Orir,s»*> Cleveland—lUU* Hill jl.oo Co Mm»ral KlCee. 10 00 do Willow Bank jo to (!<• Tunnel..... io'^j Ch'pteway... lfcß‘biirc.. hump Lchiuh 13.03516.00 Ijiri-.iwacn, prepared u.w) Srri>ntoD., PiUiM-n 144X5 tllti-olf 6.00% BAO do on track SAOS 600 Xuvshtoztteay. j|.ro tOl’p EE—l here has little or no Improvem-nt In iliedmiaud since the dite of our last review, and l» ices have rolcd steady, tverepeat quotation* s •lava ..®V®«>Vc Bio. comm~a to lair ..23v(4X3rae Bio, pood to prime ....23 tajsvc Wo.nna o *o choice. ..isVeUSvc COUI*R»-. At«K—The general character of .the m»rk-tretoaßsnficharjred. anil with a lartresupply of* fcriipprjciftarewtak. Sa.cscf6,ooostaves at *33.03. tVecoUlnuc to quote: Prnc Barrels * 1.25% I^o l.anl Here <Lous __ .W U hf.fcpr ijdrre o ZSO» V. 73 Boner Ktg-, V dozen i5.u0415.0l Lard Kops, mch IXO3 1.10 I'tour baric'*, round h00p.,...... S&s TO Flour Barrels, flit hoop 50,.} 55 Hoop fjol»s Kiefco'f Hoop I’olfe', 0ak..... 33.0CC4&-00 Htopji. fl*t xl«h 5.003 T3O CAN I) in moderate roquejt,aijd abetter fepllra prevai cd. Weouoie: Foirbauv. I’ccU A- Co.'s bteanc Lights 16 ®l7 c bxtra Tallow. Stcarlnc.. (*ltVc Tail w,*» r> Iterative Vaxltne. * a U*c3U*c Star, h fc fSrhnrl<'er & Oo.s) II <431 c IMtdt;** AM) COB*• IHAl>S—There H hat Hilled jtit in this department of trade, and prices re main the some os at tie date 01 our last levlcw. Wc ll«w, Socotrlee, firms Trair sorts. s fi&Sie 1* D Of>c Onm *-hellae.... 53«63c A'tttn..... 4V(16 r Gain Trasr. flake LS&I.T3 Atmatto Gum Myrrh. Tty *3c Arstalr, p0w.... S&iOc Hum Upturn .... 9.10 Arro«root..lsm. COc Ipecac 500 Anoatcot, Her, SOc luilUo IJO®L6O Hji. Copavia..,. . 15£1.r0 IrMlne i.OO^T.Sj Ba-.Tela.. .... S.W lodiuel’oias 5,50 Enp.lll-f arb SMa Me Jaian SXW*\S.OO BWwtv. iMatb. Me Juniper Berry... &sV>c W- ra*. refined.* 57ft 3.*0 M0ri'h1ne........ 7,13 Camphor,co ... 1-03 Oil Castor 2.0J32.10 Coppers/*. Am.., S. 4c QmctMlrer 1.00 Cn tac oalulnc 2XWCVI.33 _ AV- j 1 irroi. Mac Uat-ic Glee, white RVAfiAc ! Soda Ash-...,,., S&.kSc Glue, con ... ... iJvtStv »Glauber baits... Aqua Ammonia. l£.il<c f Caustic Soda ... fee CUrysial Silicate S.Hftlwc Cirh Ammonia. 2»335c S.v Sona 4V«t- s, <c I Sp. Tnrpentlae.. 9331.05 Market nrot- sates weic: 53 averastec CS) treat. .ff.iO IS *• Ml “ SJS 50 •» 190 “ 8.10 123 “ 63 nodcr • 203 “ 8.10 101 dividing on 2TO a* at $8.03 and fS.»S a « sw - aoq and s.« M “ ft» “ 5.13 and 8.43 I*B M 2:0 “ 5.W and 830 :,S* ixo . S2V Ei;c;*-Tbere wa« » fair demand bar nnder the lart'lr increases soppr prices are‘erislbly lower. DealctawerciCßeraUj asking 5U«33c, hot tales were chtiliv bt ftyiSPc. at n slaw at th»t figure. FltT'lTr* AS l> NTT***—Dealers rep wt a steadily IncieaMcfi demand, and ihr jcncral market was com* paiatlrrlr tirm to-3ay at quotations. Dried Appbs are in Isrp* sopyly and rnih?r easier. Price* are un changed, and we costume to quote: fIKUN FCVII6. *wleM» .t4.W ®V5f) Lcmoi s, M*>SlD3 5.00 « 8-50 Crant>orn«.¥hrl. 1300 QiSOO Cnutxunw. cuiUT&teil ....13JX) tfJl-00 j>ukd retire. FicSdrnm 5i © s Fka, cancoss go $ sa Dates .... » u 29 UanPcacbu,?doz2&cans 4.65 c* 4,n new io © « Kaches,balr«aadqaatte»....„...... is c 4 19 Pfsrbes, parra <3 & 45 Blackberries, tew. Vft 81 © 32 Karpb-rrt*niew, Vft G 6 a. fct Cinnes, pitted. cs «s 66 ridfrbcrtUs. V a......... is © is Kalsits. .UierS 4.15 « 4Si tuition Valencia IS a 19 Sardluet, U boxes..... S 3 & 21 S&rdnet, h'boies...'. S 3 © 40 SCT9. Almoidt, A!mfnd*,V‘«-?fiefled. AiascaSK wmr^bcU^V/.V//.*.V.V.’.V.V.*. 2 5 55 Pejont!*, WllrctQiloD, 9 6UW Bs. 4.00 @ 4^3 Br42U>ot» ...... 27 (4 IS fUbeiW .I n 3 IS Perch Haitnts, nor. a « >‘aplc« w« not* ti @ 2J Pna£.SMn&l] ccd Ivce 2S » SO HicScry Nut* V bn. Gt 3.50 Cbeatnim, Vba 7,r0 R S.w) Pls*ll—‘■nemaw.exnttrt? little Improvement la poml v{aiHvity, though wita a more lively trade la Sospcc'- dealeisareTioldinijiheir cood*morefirnly* ae> ervl are In JUhl topplf ana Bte«lT at full rate*. Tftt stove* cf other deaenptionii are ample. TTe mats n» chance in oor Quotations. at follov*: WMteflrb. So.I. W brl... 7.03 Tr.ot. ao. l, j»b'l t»i Tr.ot. >C.«, -S rrl. 4 Ji*k 4.50 Msctere L No.i. }f br»,i>tW ..10^U10.73 MectereJ, Ao. 7, XtoL ....10.00 4t11.?S MaeterrJ. CtsiUy, ? M&cserel. extra me*!, ? v br1..... ~..u.v»«is ro l/nctrre?. extra tn.ts-. tit. 3.'0« 3.13 3lack*Trl. Ko.l, kite, near *£>» 265 Ws>kcrel.£tßUiv. nts 5.1 A« 5.25 Bant, v i£» at .. 7.00.4 7J3 CrcCfh.C'flrjre'# Ban*... 7io* ss>- Hate 5,1»f 5.21 Ifcrmcf. dried, No. i, ? box Herrings, sca'rt ga Labrador Urrrlncs. 9 hrl «...]o.caati)JO Labrador aminra. tfbrl 5.25;55.50 Norwegian Hem gs. K’» fa brl &isjn Norwegian lierrlt M*«s ¥ brl &IS.CO «KE*?iß-«slartrtena- Sale* wers: KB tea Yel low at £*c :<2 trxdo atg’.e. . » , iyi'V*Nl>“Kocclv«l. 155 brla; •Upped.S? bris. MarxetdiiiißLiiiioj.inalTuiichvizyl. lUH*£-At«*'Uiiiieti «<s,6sctor Gsctemsad SSQ 6(r_lor « TfA\—The demand i§moderate, bat under itaht prices kero well up. and mar t*« regarded aa flfui at our qccml.B*. winch are as follows: Timothy, roller and tx>*'er pressed ...fl3 50,;*U.50 TtuiCU y, 1 »•*« prenaed, It.v(&> Ptaizit, water pressed lo.oo^u^e _ 7XTAIL PSICSf. Tlmrthy, roller ard beater prisied. fi6.50ai7.50 Tlmrtb;. Jivrrepnssefl 16.53'0i3 50 Prairie, rolb-r and b*-ater prea-ed..... 14jd%i5.50 Pr*lnr. I. o*t o s wauoa. thJlr«rcd laWtil.W HlDE!*—Rcceir#o. 67.CT5 tts; aßtro d. SS.7S6 »s. TTiere was a eoca demand tor prime heart moe*. both for stlpmcnt aodcaV'cal account, andait ost-rlzpsol th}« class wen* readlJr Wren np at fall price*, ont Cow« Hiocsard steer*’ Hide-were act «o mu>hmeem-*nd,an'iihcntarkcUorsnch was rajper eaMer. Crabby Jots were baying at one third off. \Tc quite; Grtsnltatchcia'... s a Stic Green &rted, trimmed..... lOVxliWc Gtcer CalC is c KlpGrtcr.aaltfO u «is c Dry Flint, mmir.ed.... 17 ©tswc Dry baluo, tntnmnJ UVailWc Green baited, part cored sjaia c IKWN ANlt STKB*,—There Is no improvement inihecettanc,bat prlcu rale atm at the following quotations; Comircn Bar Horeoahoelrow. 1.. Heavy UaLd Roopapfl LlCtll Rwnrt - Ovaff tt4 W - ShMt Itcb. c0mm0f1,,.,, .. . , 7Ufi» . ?£; ee s«P«'o.»«TtmttK* <aSB c thieilrou, charcoal. S 3 ....• bbMt lr. t, 3m tat*, .ijvavs c Itada. ,n *«a}<c £«» fejetj. German*. jj an c Mow Bte*l, cast. .- ~,.,.,.,..,17 ais c Sorlcc ana lire bird, Enillsb jaiSa c TooiCsst rterl,ordinary ate--* « am r , | B S RiiMla, Nc».9aad 16.... .Ii::!! a Sm o gwsu. An.. Ist quality. V meet, “ ag c Bnsaia, Am..MQnadty. *>eh-ct '*** SiS c _ Elt—lbere Is itUl lift exuhited in ttil! quotation are not ol aweb wSmT The stock r, however, are moderate and deafen are net aim. JK»;ed to shade Brice* to any Tna wllowlDgareUtoprictscwrent; ”*° io weM ’ lae BERWICK. City Harness, N Slaughter, Baf- 33@ 4Q ftiobole a toa <a Country Harness Sh% S 6 Slaagtiter- Sole.* ** i.’ Kip, medium, Slaugnter, sole. Catf, a Buenos Avrea... 33® to Urp«r. ?‘toot... sm si tiHnoeo 501 e.... 5Ta S Coubtry upper.. 233 a Orinoco, good, * Collar. * 100 t... 733 31 damaged* ,TT. 31® S 3 aaoshler.Sote.. At® wfircnch Cali; Si uan»*M, V a... tow tsi t>» Lioai^s Ui’W.;—... 00® 83 i French Bln, No. j, me- i - ’ ww ’ lu Kjp» Ku. 1, I molnts, per * e A , S*«i*u***— s®! J# I aaz LU during the past weci has been sSOT£Ss“M{S“^r 1 '” " ot LcTtfBEE-Flnt Clear, 1,IJ4. T6!M^M r, 'f ’'jf.iv an-i 2 Vnch’.V.’.V.’^M/fI^MJO Third Civar, inch 50JDit4a.W Hrit and s<*cond Clear Fioorine. to- 6 ether, rough, the tame as Second ■tar «lde «n nrvays nn Common Finorlae. rough 83Wia;.00 \{sl£sS ■ n ‘i Common Flooring 40.00312.00 Matebed and Pressed 8 Inch Common Flooring sr,.orui33 oa First and seccnd dear sidlog, together.. ssJXkWAOO FlrMCommon Dressed biding 23J.Oii2J.CU TTaCco-Bo* Boards, select, 13 loch and upward* a'CQfrail.fio A clock Pc arts, 12 iticbes.... 50.00&33,U0 B block Boards, 12 Inches 2B.OUaJI 00 Coimnm lag, and Kmaii Timber, la to* 16 feet _ 10Dg... auota22.oo J £\«• Rattling, 18. JC. 23 and 21 freu 2s!a»:*3o.uu .foist* and S-ctot’lt'g 25 ffi bmxm.Es—A or star shaved bhlngjc*...... 4JO A or Star Sawed bhltjgles.. SjOca BAO Nr. I bowed bhlnglU.... 2Astaß 3.00 LAtn-rer »i to yards...... Drcwr-Toad by Northwestern Railroad. deJircrert In any yam where cars can be ■wiirhcd. or ouy depot: Aor BUr saw . ed ahliigiva, oy cnr-load, on track....... UO Aorrwr bhavod Bi lnglrs, by car-load, No. I Sawed shingles by car-load, on _lraea 450 Three dollar* a rar-luad added when lrnn«fl:m>d, Which charge tullow* ih- Shingle* InJtelght bill. _ BiintotK mmumi, Thickness—Pitoshingiu to b«i»y inches In livlek ne**. tetßih-Slxieru inches. Ilaridr—Twenty luete« t’l'iirevs—'lwcaU-hve. diKFAI.w ami TINNRUh* MTOnK—The inarkt-t ruled firm at the unnexaii quotations 1 Tin. *wc. Box Tin I'lalr. I C I t quality, cask iw , «»« .....fuao iMuutmy. »««t 14 UtkoVlk* »l blab U hn nil IW . IIDHItIT WIHE. Bar im... .. ...... irj 1 u .. . ... cwM. T.8am1f1.... .11 Metallicuuus... hi It)and II v»*jn*»r Bottom » ta ..., u Ihiirlrr* ornrio tt*.. « t:t «Ml II Sheet, Win 10 0r..... 45 15m.d10 Tinning iu 17 . n«imrr unAb. it is tat minlny IW 10 at „r «’ ,,,, ''‘ r ld‘'nre*if flgnt atocka. dealer* ara lltm in thuir vlewsut Uie foil iwiug nriocsi • Hd, V keg fj.ttl 8d si.gj >d............. , , , 7.2.1 n*l. linelilorsl u. 45 i-d j.w ;*i. un- .mufti I'l . .73 t;ut 7.21 iM.. 8.73 CUectwl S J V A!. t-TO ll>-Ihu market U fairly active, ntnl|»»jw* »»*• Momh*. ViV iinnipi ’J nr, |iw> Into Vara Man* VbiVm hui «.u) . ni1.,.,. u.viiio s. J. I’ltdi... 8.03 Manl«mM»ya.ipr3l\nio ttn|inni;nx I’ni'Mi tf We MimilU h-pe V:iVu#‘iln UmlimUcmpVnriontt We Mnrihie tWfl r'uip lirmis «ut wo Bn»u coni.. nto Am. Mon|i, N<>. I .... V'K; li.ikuui, ff.OXsi.AO .\n’. nni)|i, N 0.3.,.. jar Il>n»i> ‘t wine :»i u«m rauer Twuw* wWfl <li i.H-’iffiiJoM srmmaiiy pi. kiiitf ui*. and mhupii. tnil mutk-lWrtnmr Um»e-iiMl cm«umw* m aunt n nil'»(, and muter nMuerd (io:<l> n sro imm-rai* »>• Urdtm \* In (Umuua.aml i ni.iT. h« luuka uu chuimo hi prices <u fodaws i Umtedon Hn*rrd Oll.lvollcd t.ooi£l.6S OllTl'tltf <<fe2.*Q 'Vb.iht (111, W, Innithi, extra*t.3o ijinJ Oil, r o, i Winter.. I.KVaI.iS I.anl Oh. M>. 5 Wt ter I oteoUß llftj-Wuh. UUtil lou ha- k oh. Mralu 1 •.•fr.u.M Machine Oil Goeai.rt) sin'iui Oil. \v. i) c # ;iao lAibncatinc Oil . ROftil 00 CA»»llON oils—Tbedenunats fair and previous rsiff arc wed ,iisi«ined. We quote: * nrnnii, t0ai1...., 49c Carton. amftUJot.* stc Heneolfc saawc i*UOVlS|ONß—UTeiT>n,S|;huftaC«mt MmU; &.J brl? i-ork und 24 4‘30 Lsnl. tirlnped.6Sa.lC3 &a Oityd Meats'.SMbtlsCrtf; tola Rrk and <W,I‘J3 ftrl.ard nit'Nß I , orl*“-Hofkct firmer, with more laanirr. Sale* were : ibO hrln at SI9.UC: 303 brls at p.L. andSO hmattisis. „ Unlk Mpais-OT.CO? os Clear StdeaatWUC; 60,000 Ot> ttoocii Mues at 9e—both loose, l.urd—Sska were: uo tea at ii’;c. \Ve quote the rao?e of prices for to-day at follows: Clear Pork *30.03 @3l 03 Mvs?Por«... iS.SO «19.03 Prime Mess n,OJ ru7,io Extra Prime Pott n.oo @14.59 Ktxmp L*otk. U3O @! Mess Beef. l;l.00 @16.00 Extra Mess Beef. 1600 @.830 Bcci Hams <ruo @.13.00 l»nia Mess Bert Pile HJXO @33.00 Pnine Me« 9 Beef, v 80. W ®3J.00 SweflPlcxlMlHama .... U <%u c Ccabetland Middies (packed)... 9V@ 9 c Short Rib Middles (packtd) 9v@lo c Short Clear Mi'dles (packed).... C Stretford Middles (packed) 9«<.«t 9yc Long Cot llama (packed) lOyail c Dry aa>Ud SLould’rs (p»ckert) 7*® 8 c Dry Suttee Shoulders n005e).... 7«c Dry salted Uau-s (100-e) lOJiQloyc Lofac Uvual«aidtu(,tuted),...,........, 9 c N-.w steam Laid Hy®l2 c No. i Lard ; "-n @uye Polll/T*- V—The market Is quiet 4nd prices are *ieatis. fcaUa include ibe f lU'wlnc t Pressed cmes» tss-tK ticz at*3.(o; fiv doz at f 1.50: 4K dor. at 21.00; Peeked 'irEKKTs— iOO e>* at iCu; 100 ms at Jsc. I*A I NTJS—TUei-c Is scarcely any movement JolbJS l-randia trade. and quotations a:e wholly uumlmil. We repeat car Hat RS f<*Uow« t tl.L.Pearlßcow... $ll.OO baoertor, $ll.OO Uc.ul Lead........... u.oo I'rcm'urc 10.00 O'Fatlc-n Standard J.«le j.oo lead 11.50 Missouri f>.W Si,latuiß btsr. 11.0 C French Zinc,pare... ISAQ U.U.Shipman's wur. Atuer. Snow White.. U.CO niirc to oil. 15.00 Araeilcin SUr 10.00 Chicac* Paid Worts Garden City II JO in oil 14.00 Diamond ILSO DcitVcto In OU .... U.tO li.LUsbtpinan’eZiac, Nc« Jer5ey.......... 10.00 imie 15.00 Si. hauls, jiure. WOd Parlor S .ow White, st, i.otm Ur ton Zinc, pare it 00 Charles Hirer, Bjs- Lchlca 10.09 ton. 11.00 Pit; (U in talr request, and steady and firm at previous r*tes. We continue to quote: Stctehnir.Np. i. Plan 450.00>^3.w «a?smoT, No. i.... w.oo Massillon. Nr. 2 51.03 IroLtor.No. 1.. &LOO Tuscarawas, No. 1 * aS.CO “ H 1 Si.CO , . “ So. 2 51.00 Lake Soi«ri( r, So. 1 M;r:w M “ So. I Greenwood ffi).oo I*4 I’Elj—Trade Is fair, and previous rates ore well susthited. We quote; V ts... .SJ 031 c Newt Paper, $ s w S*J c Wrapping.common 4V-t5 c I*4 STCirU—l9lne?odd-tn»'’d andpne-s arc Llchcr. Wc note an advanced 'idnCoitonUaes, M»0 QU'-'tO &3 foIiOWS ♦. CottonßaeMLised fl* c Kopy tuui I @4 c Cubit- Hope 5 (<O%C I’(IVVI)KK AM) S* HOT—The market uIU-*leiß and prire* are entirely nominal. Wenjto ft decline ..f •‘(*c on Ilifle nod BlaSUne Puwddr. We revise quota* turns: Rll!c Powder- *1.5*39.00 It astinc Powder»5,50 Sl»< l (I>rep) a/Aiw.ta Buckshot,... a*W:).55 Bar I.cad. \> C> 17 fcl3 C U*CV.—ln la Wr demand, and on Bancoon and Carolina we note an advance of Kc. Wenow quote: Arrarnn .13 c Patna...., .11 Gillie Rantocn. Car-lina. *T*RCH—T!iep« u to chance to notjc; la the C<neral«liaractcr of the roarKet, ami prices remain riahfilamlally the same as previously reported. We Occte: Ricgsford. C0m.... Ktcgßfortl. I’are,... Rhff.«r trt, He/lhcrt. Rlcßrfort, silver Uloss I’meLau&dn 9 cslO e Ottawa Com. .u ai3 c Walts B*®l!J c SPirEs*—Arc steady at the following price*: r»pper..... . I S 3 39 Ala, s§ Nutmegs, *«o. 1 ♦••• l^iJ-63 NutincssNo.2 ~ 13&41.G3 Cassia..... Ts>4 83 Clove* 33 *»0 A Ps&—Trade Is plcslas np. add there la a fair de team) bothlrom city and country account. IVe revise quotation*: E. Scht-eirerd: Co.’s Pajuj........ ........... S c Proctor & GawMe’a German Mottled e Castl e?oap. Ata......... 16 c<*l» c Forclcu Castile... ..23 033 c Da juhl’aftiU wcJdit...... c 01« KtssUsh.full weight.-.. 31 811 Sc Ola EaeUtb. short welchU 10 («l9#e Kirfc’a Cicmac Slut led ..IOSBU‘ic KlrU’fi AusttUß.... 3H(i 9 C K’rk’sNy.l Palm 6\« ‘sc Ktrfc’a Pale Fami1y....... 9jft£lo c Vac see PJKftlOsc K3-err'.*l re n’rnv’etsvsAVc * b£is S)Jc FairDanklrecK ft Co.** German ilotwd y <-£lO c “ *• “ 8 @a c “ ** “ ra.n.......... 7 {fc S c UtKvVfEraMve ..........8 <a BKc 8)>l)a a.ND.S\I.EIUTCS-T»ere Übntlituo change to tow in me marKtt, and prices are stead} - . Wconcue: Babbitt's MMlctaal J2XQ.U c ** •- J'HP'iii; Delates tteiulcii’.’V..V.'.*.V.V.UUAU^c ** HfA thy “ Part MJ€»AR>— Bar•• hero la moderate demand during the wees, «td ■with retoer light stocks, and thesa* T&rcc It. cold, prices luvc ruled firm ihroocaout. Wo cf).*«flnero<jnote; Coba.. v t'l xt” Ktco S. Y.Keftned.l'cudDTCd and Urannlnted 16£uE.17 c WMteA* C Circle A 15,S»'5Vc Mime D..... iitfiiisvc kxtr* C 15 <sU*c YelUw r UXdUue usrasdc oi <*Uuc o>c3'<i C, citra c New Orleans prime- c Ne« Orleiu «talr UKtaU.Ve marktt 1* Deflected,and prices are DonUoaU/ Baefcaageo. TVe qaoje; B. f-ton Amber. t 1.0051.40 New York SjTDps. 60*105 TeOow Drips Uk Uoli»Mj 73,3 ® Porto l«co.. » Ntw PLilscelptila B*e Dire. TO CLicapoTU-floerr, Amber U0d1.13 CMfajro. Rr/tccrr, GoMea fflj 00 Chicago Kefluerj-, soear 8005 e... TS» 8o •»AL*r—mac; shipped, 153 oris. Tbe irsr.ctrnlcs trot. Salecf Ttibrla New Floe at $155, delivered; SSbagsGrooad Alma at 73.05. Weooofe: New Tine fi.u Cf«ff 2.6$ Gl< nod Alain f 2.1053.15 « a 2* nS I li TnrkVlalsnc, hap*. 1.5 G ground tolar. 3J85 Dairt.wtia«. , *tßack?....-.•••««.. 5.73 RCCvI TP<i * fts ; shipped. 99,673 fts. The market today was Oh.'jpoderausry active. Tlmo iav was firm. Clover was §teaa7 »od Flax vm a ahsde belter. Sale? in laae thefoilowlait; Twotut— £3.20; 155 do (Id letti at *3.\s;Si do at :S U.v; 31 co at ya.l9; 73 do (to lots) at *3.00; Cloves —>taaiat£9.Co; 57 oscstuj lois> it *8.73; IS do at 3 do (poor) at*7Jd; Kjtx«4obas* atflCO. Tl;3*wihcpeteral t-ne cf the market remUos ;trf ciMjytl)csann a» previously Dowd, sad prices axe ucmajccc. iVeocote: t hi Ir news at the following prices: SVnnc Aegon. superior tonne. *> ft £1.209155 do estr» to choice, v a........... i.faeuao Imperial, fupenor to fine, 9 ft l.lOftLGa r.o eatia to choice, 9 » 1.09 ».oo Gunpowder, superlor-io floe. 9 ft 1.1091.69 do extra *o choice, V ft , i .859j.r0 Japan, natural I eat, Doe to extra floe, 9 ft... 1x641.15 t o do flue to choice, 9ft 1.20ai.t0 do colored. F ft 1.591 10 T(»BAi:*'o—There!snooi#en'tal improvemeatto rote ;u U;& drmatd. thooeb unler moderate stock*, and In anticipation rf it cjeased ac'lvttv, dealers aiecme* raity boicisp finely at our quotations, which are as fallows: FIXE CUT cniWTXG. • 1X0.41.151 Commas. FSt-fl.. Choice. . . . . „ SSOKEfO TOBACCO. Virslstrt Favor. Meclom 2ia 23 Itc -J 53&1.D0 Comm 3a Stem*. 19® O Choice. SO® M TOBACCO. Loral Citizen.. . 4 £0 Medium *DS 15 fomcr'aDrlicht TOgi 75 Common sia vj Natural Leaf.... 1.10®1.50 Narlet 75 I1»U BrJcLu .VlrtfoiniMioa 6J Cenre b’k fonsd 7Su 80 Flrutder* gg WOODEN AND WILLOW WAKe.—Be raam? »teacf at to? prices civen below ; Tulr,eAtrasize. v .<1633317.00 Tub*. No. l. cental UiO* 15.03 Tnsw.No. J.Perdo*. 1303413.50 Tnbs.No. 3, p-ntax. U.OO'*U.6O painted.. 3J3* 3JO 2*81.’.*. lfcre*-toor, paiated 8.6!i& 5.75 wasbeoards, zi'.c 3.35-3 460 W 1 lew market ba&efc*. sjni* 7.50 Com tM»Cets« 1 based 6.00® 7 $0 Combsskc’s'lV'badt’.la. 7.">CLa D. 83 i.hnmsNol.22 l:rb lt.OnftU.SO Omm*.No.2 sMtDcb 13.003 3 50 Otiurrrf, No.3.lS|dcU 17*0,31130 CftnrrS.No. i- JBiacb 2L003U.50 U O .113—ibe market is quiet, and prices aro steady at.dncchancfd. tvequote: Maple, f cord, ddlrtrtd. |12J»313.D0 Map-e. V cord, in yard 11.50312 UJ Beech. ccrd. delivered m u,<o Beech. V rf.rrt. 10 yard (3 a 00 U itory.? cprq 13JX&14.0Q UOOIi-RecclTed.2l.7SO 08; «h!op*d. IIJOO at. bale <>t s,«O osCa«asbed at 23c; 13JX0 as Medium and C*oa r *eat44c. tviSES AND UOHOaS-Tbfcre bit boea « tMfibt impr. vemtat la vh-* Aetair A Aatlas the paa vect, ana dralew ire realizing tnl 1 pncee. We coo lane to quote: *uSg&P"*:*' .. n£S¥&£nrK“SS o S?«™~wwW Monone-ihelft, V. 4.8, 3.15 Holland S.CO3 6.75 ' RyeWbl-ksy (t htc).. *SO nv*~ floorbon do (Chle).. 2S - Jsmilca 8.00*10.05 Pttreßpim»{prOAf)... 3.40 bt. Croix 1 75 a B^o Colon* fcplnts, aj 9 WEffl- * _eent...... 4-M Port. fda 000 Chicago Gins aj*>a3.73 5uerry........ 4JO&*jiO do *AJX« SJH do lcomi...Asn®?.7S cmooow. do Pr.Winc.lTSSStiO Bitted*— do Shy do.. J.V Red Jacket s*omach 9,50 do MaUsa..\7Si3t3.oo • Drake's pmuUoc..iaj»3 Ginger Wn e... •,I.'C<?9.'o Bo»letter*sSloniach.u.3o Cherry ffme LftsolOO Wistt— WackD-ny Wlnc.3 KU3.CQ 1 strawberry 9.50 Raspberry W1ne..25f10300 Chcrr* tja H. Ecfiknd Barn .8 Q033.5Q Raspberry 8.00 itim. Bye Wbls- Blackberry 9.3 U key® A50a6.50 Gd»— Kentnckv Boor* Olr Torn 0bi........10.00 . bea Wbl«keys.As6o«sO BoliudGin ttJ» Ohio Catawba wise sjacs.oo swa syc ..... e*«n c s»a fli<c 6kc aHattjjrs aiva Jctodtg, GREAT BKDRCTXOH in the Prices of Watches, Frrtlcaa ,(n the present year (IS-J7J we have ba*a deallrclarcely la American ana European Ws'eti-s *»litre escicalve »t wholesale to the trade in the E«t •rtandw.«stem»tatca. mod lo Now York ,uy. The wcolwale chMstis, nccmarlly conducted upon a credit system, haring b*ta attended -rlib considerable loss and inconvenience, we have del*nm ,e-l to abiu d n aiCcether.conaDiDC cotseire* to a BarainTiuDs for ( asu oslt. ondscppljlm; onr cusiosseri sm> p.e watcbM st oar tirmer ‘Vnoiiaxi.i Piuce?, mn-i gtyiLc them tbeadTantsse ot ourchislreai tha stme prlcfs which watches osnall® cost retail deilerr. 1 be prices we offer arc to be at least ow*. Tmshl'Mthaa nsaal r»uit prlc«s la this city, lor flao watches, anti the reduction U st H areato’ on many kinds ol ffiAliom o’ialuy. Onr faciimes are snah lor porcha Itir {torn th* macufv tutws, that ota'.r deiiets coflii xot. 11 so disposed, sell »t onr ir v prices. Every wsicbt-lollj'cn.rante-d at toonaUty -f the movement, fl chess of void or silver In the ca?ct. and 1* warranted to ke-p accurate ttm*. and toatve entire taUtlactloo to the porcnasir. A« a auaranlct that «a dtal fJlrlr and Lotornblr »» rclcr to ibe roJlowloc well kcowu houses in hew y.>rk: A. Morton. Gold l»en Wsnnfactnrsr; Uv.Gmocl; A. Berger 4 Co., Nos. *23. 44 ana In Mslden-lanr: American Clock Co.. 3 ConrtlacdPst. Catatomies pnc-» scot fteo br m ill. ■Watchiastmby vipress, to bo pvd tor an delivery. v . ... . . ~C. B. COLLINS A Cl. hcs. 4‘i ami y (ua stain). X. T. ittadjiacvi). *3* TMFROVED PUE&S- Jt JL rHE TDRUINR WATER jMIKhB NOW UKADY—The bi-si Whrei in tucket, nsimr l-ss water »ml sHllnc lor i»ss 1 1 ■ In 1 Hi iM 1 1 !i in .any other *r>wia«s W liwi. Every Wheel war. ta wM \ anted. Stud lor adesenptive ICTwllrff- V ‘im Imjlar, Also, oaf Imp o»«l Uriels UJiimrrr, KngniP* ami •jollrrs. Tw--«~JtL >p 4», ir jCaue SiUls. Portvii tforaes. ijjii _l.r~~ I .Tr 1 mil a'l other macbl&cry. - J I'EEKBUtIX MK'l. CO lVrhskill. N. v BKTMUUU wVI |io at the olllco nf llftoknrd A Ill'l.j'P. Ilf A Wat*r**t., N. V., Tuesdays, Kuirsdiyi amlrfldny*. from II to 1 oVincis. to nedvo si»finr«. lions and niikecontraoUKr.Miirliinety uml CaMlmrs utailki&ils. JPAMI MACHINE!!). A. T. BATES & GO., 70 South Onnal-at*) Chicago, DKAI.KW* BN FARM MACHINKm*. AND OKU . fcUAI, AUENTt K'U THK NOltnilVKrtmtN . bTAT** KOtt TtIK VKl.Rim.UKll M.VSU* Kummith or hltmvkr, pay a 01, MASHFIULD, Oh ANI» lILYMVKU, munot* a Co* u.VfiN.vAj’i, o. rnr List I'tnhrmr* Urn took K-apnfi»irtr t VlM'»r Tunr Mltii. Kama cuuiuu dni. NUe c*m flucur. War lirr 1 * l(nr«o llfty \V«v*..*mwiitif M to. Inr*, rum Ctudwm Ac, ('nrO>*ntiplvith( for tl*«.>rii'llv»>rimc Inia Mill|i(«Arflr|>«i-ir/(lie uiAi'tinioff ((»•* want. A.T.II.\rKS«CO. 12ai;inrrsi)ip. *V) OTIOK, —Tlio ropnmu'ruhm oi 1> (lII.LKITK, WATMIN A (!0. 1* dl«.olvu<l by b tit'iil ccn«> m, to daft' from I t-b 1, Wl. . liorirtic:. Olretie. .Uim-a H. Aur" amt Martin I*, l ollrli.lmviiiit iiiiri h-urd Jamea 1* Wa’a 'i**a Inurcal tmb«* stork uiia of niil nrm, win »'onn«uo the Hoot and Johbini trade at tna old »Und, 40 XiAKB-3T., Under the Arm name ot GILLETTE, AIKEN & FOLIETT, .(AMES L, IV AT SON, bavlrtr pnrclma ;l llio Minn. la. mrlnc P**partr ei-t, win oomuitje tj maunficMire enr wtll fcLOSn cutleu.-n.nde gooes, at the old Fac tory. Non .130, .T3S nnd 3(10 North Clnrd-et. car Utdtri roll* lUd. HORACE C. GII.LBtTE. JAMES L. VVAr>ON. JAMEs t. AIKKN. MAUtIN P. FULL EXT. .-jTiuantial. «9A non -TWB.VTT SAND DOLLARS TO LO vN On nnitcnmbired Real fitatc. Apply to H. S. PRTDS, Boom 45 Lombard Woeh. Uste*9b. CHICAGO & CINCINNATI RalL^ by josi i*o l. eensuaw, At the ■Hcrrhantn* Exchange Kcndlnc Room, Hr iforrno. 'tatw. •*« ■*nrurdnv. -tlnrcb 2d, 1567, or 12V o’ciock p. m . fIOO,OOO of the Crst mertsape 7 per cent honda ol the Cticvco & Cincinnati Raur. iul Coapauy. wlßj the CLnpovs since October, ISCO, inclusive, anacned Ibi-said ponflsnie bud as ccllatcrnl tot tneaot-»ot said Company, and will be sold for thecon-paya.vul thereof. ' Ihe line of the road upon which Slid bonds arc se emed Isftctn iJDeaiisport to Valparaiso, in the state ol iLdlana, and now tortus u cviuidtraMo part of the !mi<*mnt lint known as the “Chicago & Great Ctst tn Ibnjoad.” The wcumlea may be examined on application to the auctioneer. The tale to hu strictly cash, aad ihc purchas'd will be required o pay to the auction cer. five per cent «.n tie amennt of tbfctr bias, as ear nest the time of sale, and the balance wlima three days thereatter. JEjVoagnc’g ©mtment. r APPLICATION OP swavae’s ointmemt IVIII cure the ITCH In Rom 12 to hoars. WITH OUT FAIL. Sw<d by s ; i DroezUU. IVholH&lep} r-UUNr AMa A VsN aCUAACK. Scales. pAIRBASIib' f3T STAXUAUD Jr*i scales ./a. or ALL STZBS. f g-~358888k FAtRUANES, GREENLEAF * 221* & 2‘AS Lakc*flt., Chicago. ffiqir 33ge. I I BAiH DIE—SO Gents—Black XJ. or Srewo—luitantanfoo.*. hatnra. dinhir. besntim). The best and cbcan-slinu**. Comblo* as much n* a* any dudar size. litl.L*S ABCIXC, or ALT. lIFAUNG OINTMENT, reliable tor geo if H ointment puucs'B. Depot 60 Jcht-at, New York. Sold by aT drcgplsts. TXATCHELOR'S hair dye. ‘u'ais splendid Hair Dye is tae best tc the world. n»rn.-we- rcliib.*u lustautrineons; ths otlv Perfect I)yc. NoolsapiKtEtnent. No ridiculous tints, bot true to psttue. Getalne slgred WILLIAXI A. HA fdll- KLOi;. Seta ey Otngristt and perftxmers. Factory. 81 New York. LvailroaOs. M (*U*C .u^u.c A I’RIVAE ASD DEPAItIURB OS’ Xl TILUNS. Winter Arrangement, .13 QM c .U friige .12 Mlijc cmcieo akx> noRTnwcsTSBM railroad—coutrcn, BLrrrs asd ujtaha use—dspqt kortq wells BTIILET. leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Lite *S;laa. m. *’;aop m. OiuahaKicbl Espreee... 1;S0p. m. J i:oon.m. DUod J’flseeuger 4:i<o p. m. XI:10 a. m. 111 EXPORT LINE. Freeport I'affcrtpir *I'J:OU p. tn. *3:10 a. m. Ffeepon Fasreptrer.. .., *9:00 a. m. *'■3:4o p. m. Itackiord. Elgin, Fox KivcraodSlate Line... *4:00 p. m. &. m. Geneva and Pas* , eenper. *s:Wp.m. *5:45 a. m. VTieCOS?IK DIVISION—DEPOT COtINKD OP CANAX AND KIN TIE eTBBET. Bay Express *9:00 a. m «T:CSD.m. Sight ExprvM .... * j>. td. *5: 13 a. a. JaocevHJe Accoraniodn, *S :3U p. vt. *5:33 o. or. Woodrtock Accommoa’n .a;®* p.m. *3;SK; a. m. KH.WADKIE DIXTfiIQK—DEPOT COHNEU OP CANAL AND KIHZIX STREET. Day Express 9:00 a.m. 12:00 m. Boeetill, Calvary and Evauston 1:50 p.m. 3:40 p.m. Ultrht Express 4:OJp,m. Ecnosta Accominocl’n.., 4:l(Jp.m. ft 15 a.m. V* aukegar. Accommod’n. 5:20 p.m. S;3S a. m Milwaukee Accoimnod’n. 11:45p.m. s:3J»a.m Gso. i*. Dcnlap, oenl Sop'u B. F. Patrick. General Passenger Agcct. mcHicur central »a_i •o*.— c*juy poo* 0? LAE> ■ ITSTET, Moraine Ezprcse •s.'OGa. n. *JM3p. a. SayExprur ** isccj. a. Svening Ezproee 13:30 p. ta.t*l3:<C‘ p. xt, Kickt txurw*..... X*Bs43p. si. t'rsSSa, a rr».,noot* tss ronsrnr.j saa-a,;. Morulas Krprs#* •lr n Ga. c- ‘’tt’s s. t. sxrresr...... x&OOp.s:. airsisau eorrsms ass axs pot ccnyaa tak bcues as a esnuvjt sr^er?*’, - toLr.‘-c uyi. Mai! *4:15 &.&. *5:35 p. 2*, Isay Express New York Ixfrecs. NUfei Exprect...... ;rW3o.'* xc»?. Night Expre.H. pirreppaafe. ?cat t,avss asv csp-aoc. Mail Express... Postldnc, ti-ocp.c q?t**v. XjprWi Day *£so3, li. 'lw-St y. it. JSiyht i’aayafiger JllfcDO p. H. *0:43 *. t, KanT-tate*. Acccntaod'n. ■•:C5p. c. *:«£: a.ta. li>lc Pari: ana OaWWood »6;W a. Li. *l:tssuc.. • k ** “ *Li;ID p. it. *«52 a. “ “ “ .... *S:H’p.tu *liSTp.s t “ ** ** *S;55p. n. *7:20 jf. K CSnrAEO. SD2KK-CS aH'-j QCtt'Cf, IttJ Sxpre?a and M a 11... *srn.'c.a. *9;UO p. c. <»9lebbiitcPassenger.. . *3:oop.m. *L'JO p. a, Aurora . 1 a.r,- 2tight Express ;. {12.00 cid’M ts;Ms.ia. SI CAS C- 151; IT. tor^i, Express and Mali 3*05 a. el 8:15 t. to often; Exfnti, ■.. ..... .wo a- r? Jo*»e* rad WUnisgtci; AtCOdßOdfttion tout. 2». 9:42 a. i CHICASC i«7 tfhlAt SASTAM—(IA?S» OKCEnUt its LOT>~MiLVfAcxa> aiXLEoi * urro*. col t AJTAt A2TP EtSKJ mxttf- DayKsprcfr.,.., -fi:3'&.c. 10:25 p.t Ni^btExpress. ftnop.JS. iSOp.t. Tryj lAPUNAPOLIS. tOcTSWltv At'.- 'THZIH*A7I. Say Sxprce:■*....' ft3C*a.s; 13:55 p. tt Kui l Rxpri*c........ ftCOp. c. WSO a, t. Coluratra? Express &£» a. a 10:55 p. n. * ** .... ftWj.2s 9&j aa. Mrfta* Acconnodaiint woo a.c. •' 5:15o. E £co c c caxcasoi bock isiasi* LSDyacincßinncxD. Day ExpressapdMaT.. * •&30p. c. Nlpht Express. . ..... ISUOp m. *9:45 a. at- Collet Accuoaodatiot., »;4'»p. - ic. *«?■«, a. tn rmdiy executed. Vi oceav excepted, wattirdas tseeptea, emoy stock tabt* ms tabu. Leave Madison street. Leave Stock Yards. 6:50 turn. TrtO a. to. a. m. OrtU to. iftW m. itoia I-SO P.m. p. m. 2:5? 4:00 p.m. 4iw ...p.m. 5:40 .p.m. BDNDATTHAINS. &2«; to. tq. ] 9:35.. a. «i. JttSU to. to. 1 U:4S m. I *oo .p.m-1 *30., pm. 4aX» 5:15 S\3 90 »® 75 The following is the i.ew table for the stnva fhd departure of mall? flom the ‘*h»caffO Post Office for the witter, and now in ior< o: XAtLS CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, Ibi. SAILS AHUIT*. a. m. p.m. mm. p.m. *li>....&lich. South. B. K 1*?0 .... 3:15.... ** *• * *35 12:00 m “ “ “ ~ tw .... I&uo m ilfeh. Central H. B 12.00 ... &5.... *» •* “ .. &0U 8:15 ... *co....Pitu.&Pt Wayne I*3o .... &I 5 . “ •« •» T:ia .... l*ofl m u “ * 6;I) Q 11:M) liuO 4:80 ...Great Eastern R. 8.. SMO ifcw K:00 fT:?....Ncw Albany & >alcm 8r;o U:oo f:M) 7:45....t»a]cna ttaliroad 3:10 5:40 1&00 •<ou....'bixor. Ak Line.... fcOO 7:*e &uQ....HockUlan>ULnfln>ad 5:45 IffiCQ 5:0Q.,.,iJ,, B.&QulocyH-B. 5:50 ftoo S'O U*oo....Ko«lhweeic«n K. 8.. 5:15 6:30 &00 *45... MUantce Railroad. 11:30 B:2f I*ro 7:45....111in0is Central R.B. ftOO I*oo 7:00,...*i1. Lonla Railroad- . 5:35 ft« BOB’!. A. UILMORB, P. R, J SWtial'-'SvOi'icEsi' WhoJi success iatta treatment of Spzsitttosstisa (Seminal weakness has given him awprid-wue repa. tattoo,caa be consulted at-hlsofllce and p triors, 91 and 03 Raadolrh-st •, corner of Dearborn, from 9 a. m. to 8 p.m., or by letter through p. O. Box 696, Cl-lcjf 0, TTf. of ae Medical wi.a dureicx l-iiuuv, 17> south t-i*, lai ueateA a» lorm* of r<-cereal ole eace wuh nnpitcfcJetted aoceekt for nearly l »rty react. £S e f?-!.‘ riwc ' »• *? uhpjrcbcj treated <nit u* bappi- Particular*eftfef InstUnte and tbeOaldi ÜBlmL**** 'o «7 afidrts*. V. O, Box 7i, Chicago. .The only aricdfcioo in tbe World J Care for all triad* -{sterna s Tliefiesalintf povlaod House ornercy, Howard Association reports, lor young men, on the crime t>f roJltnde. and the errors, abuwt* and whkh destroy the manly powers. aid crcaia fmpeai> meets to marriage, with ta;e mean* of reiloC Seotio sealed letter env*Jrpcv.frvc of charge. Address ur. J. noUGHTON, GowaKßAMOdatlou phladcl pbix r&. Or. Btgslotv, Havincthe confidence of the pnodc and tbe medical uctuu atUramt* the most retiabte pbyndaa la th# ci:/f;rcbrooica*rToasaad s<xas>disease*. Call at bn cfflcc, 170 booth Ciarkwit. corner of Monroe. Kocrns separata. Conio-tadon free. P. O. Box 154. His mild* to health. poh'Uhcd monthly, sent Red tc ppy sdcresa. AND -NiilV Y-JIiK Steamship Line. renS MM 10 Union or Brest, |UO, |7J, and |8), cur- ttonthV, ~<m tlCkeU at ,odQc# d rate*, available ftr six &‘ II S»—. Car l. Oleertfll, from New York. March J, Wnurcno, Lspf, liminxp, from Sew York, March 16. Aiatarta, c.. pr. pioiiLani, from Now Yorku Hatch M. lHxpn ' trool l * ,ir York/ April i.i. 7bc HrttUti Inm steamship fella wfn intro PHr No. tTntll runner int ce. all the St*amer»of this Line will call at lliesl to lam] psa-cn-iem. Dace«pi Ch«cK*d. atd tickeis soul uirnnffh by rail to Paris, at » per cent less than recniar rate*. FrtkMwill be taken and through hills of ladlnr civriihr Havre. Antwirp. imiterdaiu, Auisieroaui an j For iiitsiako aoply to CIIAB.A. wntTHBY,‘JO Uiosilway, New York, or to ,4U . JAS. WAKIIICR. 01 Msarhon-.iu Chluajio. For PrtleM apply at ftd » >nih-«t.,New York. - Ageutt. ( )M,Y DIUEOT LUiE TO FRANCE ftoiioral Tran«ntliinflc Corunaur'a MAIL brbAMKllli'S HKTWMJN NKW FORK A hi lIAVUK, calling at ukkbt. iflf spendld PW vwets ol IbU UvmUft toot* tu ii P lallow» eDI W M l UatK I>,fr **«). 50* North UltH HMU'j k ...tVhraurrv. <’rlff (UK...... IMIO. VILLK PE PAlllP..Korn|ip XlAroli M. * ... I'illVlV OP i‘A8BA1«B IN HOLD. £»* Vnton, »Uk> \ BrcuDd calls, fiw, includm* tatit Itio Hcsuicrs o| Ibis line do rcl carry ilco/*«ob»i Krf'itrri. mundita to laz.<l Hi uttbtiT win n rm iipiit-.i wliti tnilioad cooiton nrmu. Ami th>Mr N*co<«t ;tirrk'fl It I'IUM. a * «* ad.lllh»(ia» eiiMtt of ft) for CM A till |H Iwf IfWiUil clM*. Nrd<nd alirmiatfi* Iff? 01 fitWtgr,. forliirlhpf tnfiytmiioii, am.iy, in CMiago At |6< dlUNci OCINM’WTII off II.V Jtrt IUIMH..I.' II Vmk.MUl:il. MACKKNZIK.AIIIIDI, UK UluU C7I3AM TO <&c,, CAUINO AT QUUKNSTOWN, I'rmu Pn*r I.T. North IMvor, Nnr Yorh» e«r« n»»u tutiCAhmifM .mvi.u, ijvman man, upig: V MTU UIIAV (null ttramer). hVtltV \> Kf>Mi*l»A % (extra stoamer). t’ntiir.i. ysniolllu. Tu L-mdrt... fi-xtr*. T» Pari*, u ttb ptivlircooi nojijdiitf in Liverpool a&d London, TWexiia-mi m s* m. RETURN TICKETS. (1000 TILL USED, AT RE* I'UCKD RArKs. IlfindMUi on aprlleatlon. Canln piasi on view, and lr;ih»or ruouut raenrea oa application at iVevtern Ahtney. H I Dtarboru-it., Chicago. James ita brack. IfM. INMAN, Liverpool. CTEAMSinr Ji ASTERN, O CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAILS. sir Jahei AM.EKHN, vommsmlr. Tla-French ••Ceuipan} t f Cliarturera" of the OHB\T CAS ERN. havimr ptovlded tU* vhipwltb uew boilers, imi u.oTfic»b> rer'lten and refoTLiatiert her la every det aritucT t, »l?n mcclftl rrlercncc to this scrvlee, a 111 ren her resnl&riy between New York ac. 4 Bnal, «u fol lows: TGOtT- LFATU.Q NEW TOEK. XZ.ITINO BSE«T. TufMlay Apt)s 91 Siturday Ipr’ ?T Ti Uffday Slay 16 J Ta-id.iy ,-Tone J SatunJ»>.. Jn eiiiTburiday JulyU Tuesday Jo y 30 I ralurday 1 hnt5dav..........5-p?. 111 To Hlay o c t. I Sarurcav. ...Ocr,i9 / Tburs-lay Nav. 7 , new Tour to Liverpool, Tuesday, nov.sq, iat- Inc wn<y fl it class parsenccrs. rates in cold, or its tumvalctu JUC, gvA, fIOO-according to loca- Utt. a;a sire ol room. I k-kets tor the home pasinge R-ned at a redaction of {<o to pasicacf rs returning previous to August. rssscrecJscanbefaTDhned < i n b.i*rd with railroad tide's from OreM tu Partial lher-*«iuce.i raiaot for flnt-c:a:s and STAO .or scconddass, belrg a redar weno! 7a per cent oartgaUr rates. Twenty cubic fact of Haseageakwcdt*>eacli paavoeer. Lctlets ot erects Usnedtor Ktglasd and the Conti nent. Fcr passage apply to WELLS, FARGO & CO., Passage agents. No. H.J .(roadway. For tttrthci liiformatton »ppiyw the Ami-ikaa and Uaiteil states Express Co.’s, at their vartoua Hgca;l«a. j\’E« 7 10HIC _TO iiIVERtOOL. KAIIONAL LIHE. V.SSKX.” i,iwa or sTEAMBaa. CABIN,*9O(GOLD); STEERAGE,*3O. steerage, t tvvrpco! «i Queoavtown to Chicago, f 13. For tuithvr luiurmattcu apply lu t>, T- IVEUSTER, Ascot, 2,V Clsrk-sr n Chicago. ntTMITERMASTEU GENERAL’S V\J OFFICE. D. C., Feo. 31, 1567. rOairONEMFNT OF OPi-Nl'fi OF BIDS FOR ARMY TRANSPORTATION. The rlro- for the opet me ol itie proposes lor Army fratixpritation, mvi'cd by aclverihctneit from tais t Hire ot Junu»ry 13. iS6». I* h-teby rxteuded ti li a. of Thursday. tlit* Tth tlay "f March, ISj7. b> otUtr of the Ouarte - rnaitrr General. ALK.VANDEK BUSS, Bvt. Col, and Asit. qaartcrgahUr. C. S. A, TJUOi'OSALS FOK AK2l^tKaX& 1. POIiTATTON. _QTAnt*RJU*T£B GKN'KHAL’a OrFIC*. ) ~ __ va;iiisotok, 1). C., January 15, iss;. f SEALED HaJIHIbALo wnl be received at this e jee aa.j. i? o clock the :Sih ol Fenra*ry, iS-at. foi the transprriJitiflD of Ml.itary S.jnplln anrlnr tm }i-aron)iDCEciicADriU.'»6T. and outline March 31, ltt>\ on tiie lo,lowing rentes: „ „ fcODTE No. 1. From Fort SlcTherioo, Nebraska Territory, or such ooKts os may be determined upoc during the Tear ol tie Omaha Branch cf (be Colon Pacific Kkl roan, west or Fort SlrFhers'-u, or from Fort Lar»mi a , Dakota Ter* serb ro»u or dep- ts as an* now or rtay bees* tabllrhcd in the Territory of \-praita, west of loogl tude 103 degrees. In the Territory ofil-.nuaa, south of iulltado46dezTet.s. 'c ibe Territory of Dakota. west ol Icnmtudo 1W degrees, It theTerltory of idato. *o;itn of lamad" II degree*.and vastof Lmeltudclll d-'jrees, and in the Tertjtorle» of Utah ana Colorado north oi mtituce 40 degree*, including,- tl accessary, Denver 1 ‘ „ KJ-LTE -So. 7. From Fort RC«y, State *d Kama*, crunch points at may bo determined upon dorlag the year cn the Union Pacific Railroad, E. »)- to any poet* or dene ts that ate sow or n ay be eiuciWie-J la me Stat- of saa*M or intheTemuiry of Colorado, south of latitude 40 de- RiHb. mrth, andto Fort CTnlau, New Mexico, or other o«l>ol that n>«y t>oa»«:yiiv*a lu that Territory, and tc any ether point or points oc thereat*. - „ ROUTE No. 3. from Fort Umen or such other depot as may b •aabiubcd In the Territory of New Mexico, to an P^’lJv or that are, or may be established It that Territory, aid to mci posts or nations as may pe designated in the Territory ot Arizona, and in tie slate of Texas west of lotpitodc 105 decrees. _ ItOUrE Ha. 4. From St. Paul, Minnesota, to such noits as are new or may be cslatllened la the suite of Mlincsota, and In that pofttou of Dakota Territory lying east ol the MKouil Diver. Tke wclaht to be transported darli* the year will k® 1 S*SfS.VS ft Boßle - 3fti * KW.VO.ffW pouedi; ca Route >O. *, SU.lw/00 pootds; t a Route No. a. 6.COOJWO pound*, and os Route Ko. 4,1500X01 pounds. I*rc boss's will oe made tor each rout* separately. Ridden will *»ate the rate per UO poundsp»r 100 st which they wij tiasspjrtthe ttaru Indies mouttiofibe yejr.begWLJrp April Ist, ISCT. aad end* Inc March Si.i&Co. Didder* should elve their paces in rail, as well a* thtlr o:acc«cCretl<:eticc. audeacb proposal should he *cc< n paalcd by a bond la u« run ot lec tuoosaad (JlO.lXtitdcJarfl, siened by two or oora responsible per* sore, guaranteeing that mease a contract u awarded for tte route mentioned in tae proposal to the party K-sirir. th<»coDtnctwill be accepted and entered ana cr.od a?a saUtdea: a*ct>nty furnished by said party is accordance with tae terms nt thu adrer* U-eatca The contractor will he roqoireu to &ive beeda in the fthowitg amount*: ou haute No.l, |250,000 Oe Route No. A XO.OCC. on Rente No! s, iMt.ouO. Oc Route N 0.4. 50,000. B*upfactory ol the loyalty and so'veacy ct each bMdrr and person offered aa scanty will o; re* dutted. i’rupcfaW mast be endorsed “Proposals for Army Tnati onaticn oo Ilontc No. 1,4,3, or 4, ns the e*»« n-bj be. and nme will be enteminM uules* tt»*y fuuy comply with the requliemcnis of this advertise* it. The party to whoa an award w made must be pand to eaecute the contract at occtuano to give the required Donds forth® taiihim penormaaceot tte con tract. The nefct u- reject any sad all bids that may be offered 1* resirveo. Hit contractor on each route must be in readiness tar tervlct t>y *.he UV day ot April. ISST, and wtU be re quire to bate a of basinet*. or aze-cy, at which be may bcetnmmnlcaiei with promptly and readily for HcuteKo.atOo'.&ca.K.T., tor BooteKo.2, V. F*n. leilay, Kama* i for Route No. 8. at Fort Color, New Mcuco; for ifouteNo t. at Saint Pao>, Mlane* eot*,orat snchoiher print for e*cn ot tne »everai Routes as tea; be indicated &s the startles point of the route. , •TiCi'a.ia. •r < :«)r. c . i*sp. n, Hfctcp. ir .fiCcCCr.a. *C;OC a. c • •4:45 a. ip, »e:u; u. a ttfcCfc p. EU *s’;ss p, TL. •ii2Qa.n. 5:tC s.c. •'jCOs.n. li'iO a. a, tlEp. B. 7:10 p.c Black t.rxa ahowtne toe ecsditrca ol the contract to bo entered into fur eseb roo*v. can be baa on spp i canon at mu office, or at the office of the Qaancncaa texat Ntfw Totfc Siibt Lima, Fort Lcaveavorta, Orabs,Sittaf*-»adFort&EelilT(c,an(J am*t accoe ploy aid be a part ol tae proposal*. By order cl the Genera!. ALEXANDER BLISS, Brevet Colonel and A?»'t Qnartera>aner U. s. A. QOTEHNMEOT SALE. The known as the “uOVER?ni£ST TAN NERY A.VD ST£aM SAWMILL,” trim ser* mly-DTC acres or land, oeat BAN , JKV . ANTONIO, TEXAS. &« AfaFTtpoeau, ic to Jie UitX cay cl Maich,i2oi, fer tie purchase cf 1- laid, (acre or-cm) together «Ito the build* logs elects tttrecL, and the appurtenances appertain •as. «it u to wy:ONETASNEKrtC .iltaictaetwelve t*vs\Hs&J r J t SIJF TT ' c I ro stVEN sTONfe POOLS, Mil cs.i>*b*eof UarJaclS.CiC bite* per at-otD. ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable 01 oss s ““ lh* abote treperty t* situated two miiee * eat Autopio, on the ban Antonio Blver.and the wxter u conducted to the eatabllshxat by a race cl he*i st t* laid to c**s.etL The told was imrca*e(ia-.A us-pruvetoeais made oy the late so-ca or>Q:e>;erste0 r >Q:e>;erste u .•yemmect. aod are e9tluittee:oo»Tecc*t«iSo f i»u in «w. .. Theproperty isa toner Jea« lor “eyaar i-sj «»CCT>lfclyTrPt<tfs&,p!«j»bJe 13 ?‘ l^v^ C ti" o. l-.nT cored rile la IresizrcJswJjJ b'rlvez by the C.S.UOt __ nntT.Tiitiriias.itfUi, “^g'gSroo. . B7t. Mil-G.n.Aa't era'' istockijclScrs’ iScEting. -pLECTIOH NOTICE. Chicago firemen’s Insurance Co. The anneal meeting of the eUcbboVeis of the CM* caeo FI:’* Insurance Company will he held at the office of sale Compaty.onTUESDAY’, the Sth day 01 a arch, lSt~, from 2 to 4 o\*l«cc p. ro., lor toe election of nine Director* for the enjalcijear. 3. P. WALKER, Secretary., 1 OURLAY BROTHERS, Shirt manufacturers, ay HABCLAY*ST.,’SEAB CHUKCH. NEW YOBK. N. S.—Price List* mailed on application. Q.E=T, HATTKN & (JO n Wholesale Commissicui hleTotiaiU Between* andG-«aO DENVER, COLORADO. K>rl Jamei, f»r." rnoauon, ©ctan Stcamcvs. i3tnpi.isit.l9 (So&nrnmmjsale. asuslnrss dTarhß. 50 MoQaa-rit», ’QFUUOBb OF THE PEOPLE COUrCEKMUTG HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PEOTEOTIOK FOR THE HEALTHY, and BRIEF FOB THE SICK. INTJU.LIOKNTTIWTIMONY W ABIMItIUTAITI IS MKDtClSttfcs m law. Th» «mi I’alrtek Usury nld that Uto Utmn by wtilcti hl« flioi wars guiita! «u iiw "Umpvf'xiwtenco." tbo statons*. is ci won of (barßt iai nuO riMmSliik l& ro*tl«<s lo Hit propmim and rflrcu wt » medicinal preparation wojrh thry ihmiM'lvr* Imre tried, ami th» operatl-mof which Umy have had *hna«Unt cpportucityif wumwamwls * irrrat variety u( ea>«e, *r* absolutely cnaniuslr* They are so considered by the public who rrry natfc rally prefer UilMpcclcaot mtiniony to any otberuiat can (wntfrr»d in beoalf of a proprietary r>tu«dy. VcluibMufauch evUencebave been pnbUdieA in fwor ot UOaTkTTKIf B ftTOMACU JUTYIRIW daitn* twenty year* that the uarqualled Toole amt Mterattr* baa been before (lie wurfd t auJ ira reputation a» u tiTANHMUi SPECIFIC baa loci: been cat&bUaboa the Writera bemupbere. It <s mill Jeumod odvliab o to exhibit, tbwuca the prt'ait, front time to time, sew proo& of lu anc.-oers. Recent fact* add per> tlcrnce and fbree to tacta more remote, and aerv* to abow that the RTcat remedy U prepared wl tb onlibrra esbctuodo andcare.and that it iaatiU. wbat Uero haa been, the PUREST AXI) BEST OP ALL VEGETA BLE IXVIGOUAMTS, an Inerltatle cure lor DVSPRp- KA and all deranttement* of tbe Stomach and Uvar, aiwt- a p<irtl>ct antidote to the which produce and asyrarate epidemic levcrt. 1 be anhjoloed letters are alt trom rltlzma well koovn and cenerai’y respected to the localltlf* from which Ibelrccmmnmcattona are dated, and are tmblUhed aa epeilisciiß of on immense maaa orcoircspcnJcncecfa Ginular tenor. Sonteiacaortheqaantity ofuui kind ot leaiimoDTlnthe Lamia of the troprletura .rf TL-rrEU’.H CliTEßSmaj" be formed h/ tbereaoer, ■vrher. It W ru led that the conunuctcatlOT b oa the aal>- Jt-ctof tTEVi R AND AGUE ALONE, recejred by the Unndorian 'tielast three yean, number upward* ot TIYOTUOI SAKD. They arc&UtplhaaameeflociaS ttatol Mr. Boune, given below, and 11 «vcr aojtblnn was laiabiirhed on nacontrovcruble evidence; It la th» Importau tact that • CIULLS AND FEVER can be broken up and radlcilly cared la a very shcrtepaceot time by tbensccftbU Incomparable tome. NorU uo* ail. Entire exemption Rcu the dl»t?cs:los malady, sod fllltorniad Ictemiltcnt Fcrer. ls gnaranttfcd to ancA residents ot Fever and Acne DMr.cts a a may pe maa cnonjtt to take the BITTEBS aa a preventive. Tbangb. malMlamaybe prcelatiug their adnSbor* on the cigat Land and on the left, these who have taken the prccaa* tloo to tortily their ay items and cozuUtnUona, la td* varce, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALI. ATAfOA* PUEIiIC POISON, will surf ly escape the scourge. Ine physician and ethers whose names apicacla tM annexeq c»-m>pcnof net:, are reauy at ail tlmts to eca* nrm verbahy the statements made over their tnre». I’crhaps one of lha meat striking create tn«t can ha clWdot the tmrlcslc cxceduucc of the iUTTBES, Is the generaladoplfonot l£c pr»paratlcn by ucdlcalmcn. The prclesslon a» a rile »ct their laces against aqrer- Used medicines, bat this unequalled vturtUnle ionic ha* vanquished their prejudices, and they recouiuieauaad administer U to their pailcnts as the punst eumuiaat and best stomachic that money cau prearc. The pmci-t s«>aicn ©l Die year \z a trying ona to the feeble and enervated—indeed to all. lu July. In Aim*? ondFeptcuhcr Leary dianghts are made upon sy»- tem.aodltlaticcciiary t>>have a re-erve ol strength ord vitality U.Qraci to meet them wiilv»«u fliacclagor breaking down. UOSTtTTER’c BITTERd ARB A BTaMINaL MEDICINE, sustains the vjfel and mna cniar energy ot the frame with this powerful and gc-v. end veg. table re*totstive, and ary Wtnccnuure, ary dlmate, any conculosct the atmosphere may be es* conniered with comparative Impunity. Head the lo'.lcwlcg !eUer"frMn E. a weO knowLcmzenoi rmsoursiLFa^ „ . Fmaa-JEGC, il-y 10.136*. kirurs. Uottrltcr & Smith: GgratcatEX: Duriaica-.ijit to ttcTV-ot.ui;t Uu. 1 rurtractea ecths sad fever, whick b:oachtme to rev boo, ana finally tern.ioaied In typhoid 1 veraod ecs fined rte to my room for eerenil mtinihi, during wtlrt tiiuc I was, i>by*‘call>, v> noxuaied tn*t I almost de* sparred ot ev»r recovering my be»Ua; having enUr©* loot my »?j>clUeC,t oa>o,oot beihji ablt to eat a mor. tei. anced to which X wa* uinch aixtfiiscd with a reel* logettiatlonln iLj head.and pasted maty nlebts. ail from deotitt> cansed by mv prudtrate ound>» Uon.broustii about by tae fcvtir. AtUu» srseoot toy condmon. afnend TetonsiacaCfd metoa»>i Tuarcese* tosca to tbe n>c?r sUmniaaisin any Conn, I at firstc»- Uined, bot altewards yielded my prcUdlcca. and af-r taking the tn*aicite fvr sever .A weeks as direct'd, my aprctlle rcttrnwi, atu wit. it X am rapidly regaining my fermsr *ae-tth and vigor. Sly *lu'i> (trom toe ]o.-a ot which 1 had sutfenid much) has Etv-r oei-n better than it U now. a> d the rtcllng sensation (bt-fore ailuJed to> bos entirely lift me. ily powuis, wnleh wete much cusatioatea and If regular, are now quOe nainrol. aad in fimi X am gian to say th»tl feci myecif-a new man,ardt<didprj<>s tbutcdlmoolai of my appreciation of your valuable pnparatlun in order that others sotlbring as I have may avail theicselvesof its virtues, whudi prejudice prerrntedme from ccjiylnc lor so lougayerijd. I may al.-o add that my physician, af:er stelLg the beno- Ada: efiect yoor Outers bad on me. recoamcadiia that 1 UaCliiCtn legulartv. Toms, very rcspeetlniiy. E-BuCRNE, loMarkeML . Anotherlutcr, trom a well known citizen of FU» botch, dated hepiembtr 4.15C6: Uc»i».K«.ttener & Smith.Pltt-burgh, pa.; uZSTLXMMX; Ithlzk Imu oalydolag die pare of* ctKKi uttzcn wnca I lest itf (to Tin? crest eendiu 1 have receJveu ftom yaur stomach BiUcro darlns lU-j last Are year*. I'cla* tn the Oli rt plot* tn *6l l had a fevers Oiiiloos attack. and beta* diapepoc. whim left me very Wea« J l«a3 4jYlJcd to try foar Bitten. X procured one Dotup.ariiheyWctkfeUMicharmon me. laeaa week 1 got etsbt (8) pounds heavier, and I seemed to nave got new life In me. go math so tlut I have used them every summer Blare as «s tonic. I thick they are invaluable. Thu manner. havfa* another billions at tack, and mnch reduced In weight; bdo< under the care of aa A Xo. i physician. 1 again baa to nave recourse totte old Biller*, with iheaams good remits, raisuur six (6) pounds in a few day*. I have homrbt a half <kn> cnhctUesaXcwwe-Jtsslace, ana lnt£C(itoke.p tama regularly as a tonic and coverage. Wishing you erenr mcects, 1 remain- ycun erateraiiv. WliiLUl iXILLEB, „ Erm-oaot.Errociu3tcocjrrT.Xix. Messrs. Hostetler* Smith: CMiTixMZK: Wita pleasure I can say that your BIT TER* are superior to any others. 1 have caul mwn Inmj tbmiy for a longtime, and always with bene ficial results. Toau, verytru’y KOW.GILBEEC. Bccklasp, Parse* wrtiiAn Cqcxtt, Vi., > Jammy 0.-iaefi. $ Mef Sts. Hosteller & amlth. hies: 1 believe year MTTEBS are the best la ass. asdxeey cored It wa» ootiaiih that, fur I bad no filth la then; I tiled themit ptease amend. load bcea prostrate fur Several weetß with dyspepsia and chronic OUk'- rhcaul eipectad to die; bet lees than OBdooUleaote restored me that I ccala attend to tnj boaires*. Laat October I over»o;keil myselff which resulted in the xetorrKfibe same utsease, *llh bron chial affection, when I ajam used your BITTERS, w* %as 1000 restored to health, I have recommended them to hundrrOi of my acquaintances, acO have never raewn them to fill In effecting a speedy core, Italy yours. MLR\>'DiCH.M'FfcX, Postmaster atßaddaad. Ta m . „ EtbrcTotr, Fa, November 6. IS®. Messrs. - aGc.TX.Kyna: We bare ben eUlneyear STOMACH WTTkRS for eighteen months. ana find them an excel* lent niediclne. Ail that Is necessary is to let the peo pic know their virtue. and they wU! use then. lure tried them myself; and now recommend t>»m to iT who bare weak nomacha. BespecUunTToaii, WATAESOS & McFAELASD, DrOt^StS. OODtShBCTOn, SfSEBX CobXTT, S, J_ > • Sfmrs. tloftettex * Bmjth: “»•«>»»>». » !5,® n 7 boMD«?. | wa? advised to use year BITTEK& wlifcb fdld, and found them a great to me. I bedeve had it not been for them 1 should hare ben in my ciave era this. I write not only to testify to the virtue of your BITTER;, bnt also to snip roe two dozen as toon as possible, as I new heroins a store. Tours, respectfully, JOHN M. GEEACKX Messrs. flcstctter&Sxaitft: Gots: Ills win me creates! plessnrethatl re commend toot fsTOMACfI BirTErta the public. X thins- it toe beet BlTrEß»iof Uie day. Ills specially adatted to the South and West, where biliary Qetv of the llrer are prevalent ret ytm’ expert* ace it the use of rompemd-. aa curatives. oompeiC jr e to i.ite Tear BITTERS tb2 preCetcnce tnatli* dctk marlty jzterils. fc. AKGLS. 4L D, GrxTixxzs: 1 hare practiced medicine for manr jeon and hateused tout DinEBS in a namber at casta with preat soccesA and take p«eaarsaia recoia mecdia? them to the Public in eencnii. Very lespectfoJly. j. SMTHLAL Du 51wt ,.n«tc tt cr i ISf“' llu JS»|a»: I sen more rfyonr STOMA H BIT inKS than of any other cieuxcine. Parties who hare mol them speak to very pr*isc of their cxce'ieat tit rues. I hare used them myseic atyi proscribe them with noparaPelel snctMa. ver ««««« «. D. 2lXSza« day Conaty, IS. Mews Hotbtter&Sdtb: GKnxms: I t arg nsei and often prescribed, your SjTO.v Atu DI7TEBS.at4 tare pleasure la rei comnstfidinelttoauwboee atomacaa are dehtutatitt, It lean excellent appeaser and tide; and [ pttcae t£ as one of the teat medicines of t» e day. B. G. 3100 R 2, U. D- Fzassux, Cllctoo County. Imt,? Messrs.Bc*tetter& Smith: D*«mher 9,15«1. j Ctsr?: Some eighteen months atnee I eras trouble* «Uhwca»mMCf the stomach, aid had lost ray appe tite, aco on tii« recommendation of Dr. Cox, oorfamui physlctat, I purchased several wttles cf jour Blf- TtRS, which nad ttedeelrcd etfeta of ta.tarin;-mg to hi aUh, hut of lato I have net been able to obtain the miX£BSiaotzrp?a/>; pi- Inform ran where lean pnreaaae them.orIfroawhlsrcd me »ome os aalel will be pleased to bare the ageccy as I can recommend them to be Wh3.tti.ey arurcnco-med. Yours, trolr, john f. BUTcaiaroN. PREPARED AND >OLD BY HOSTHRtt & SWA, HTTSBUfiRH, PA. Foraalebyandiugßfcts, ftrocers and ctotekeepsza throughout Uio w oztd.