Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 27, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 27, 1867 Page 4
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CTljicaga Smbtmc. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1507. THE CITY. Zocavxs—The Ellsworth Zoaarea will h>ld a special meeting at etgM o’clock thia evening In Trenont Parlor So. 1. Sr. Patrick's SocirtT.—An adlonrned meeting of the Si. Patrick's SociclywUlbc held at Parlor yco. 1, Tremout House, at half-past seven o'clock this evening, Sekt to .louet.—The prisoner* convicted at the February term of the Recorder's Court, tweatv two in number, were last evening shipped to dohet. The prisoners Jncladed two females. InrtxQ Socixtt.— The tenth anniversary meet inc of the Irving Society—Chicago 111/h School— will be held thl« afternoon at 2H o'clock, in the High School bnlldlng. Friends are Innwowbe present. IlAiisoLurs couxos.—llie seventh commence ment exercises of the Hahnemann Medical Col lege will be held in the Crosbr Music Uall, at 8 o’clock this crcmnir. The valedictory will be de livered by Prof. O. 3>- Dgcbe - - Giuutn Jcwr nf tub Ciuccrr Conor. —Tbc special Thrift for tbc return of a Grand Jury in tbfCucnli Court not being returned yesterday, .tcrice Williams ordered an extension of time ut.til Thmsday, when the Jury will be em panelled. Fmx.—About half-past elebt o'clock on Monday evening a fire occaned at No. COS Fulton street, in a collage bouse occupied bv Mr. Akaaa, an np hobtcrcr. The damage to the premises and prop erty was about $230, wnlch was fully covered by Insurance. N-' alarm of this fire was rung from tbc Court Douse tower. To Brs cress Men.—A gentleman well known In this city, who can famish unexceptionable refer ences, Tviftc* employment He has had ex perience e» traveUme agent from this city, and U thoroughly posted. lie is willlnc to f ake hold of any honorable legitimate business and will work bard 10 misty. lie may he addressed as “L. C. C.. TKUJCNE Office.'’ VOCAX. CIXTCCX tS TOC OVZILK HOCSS. —The College Gra.dua.tea’ Class will receive flcit lesson this eveniiur, at seven o'clock, at Protes tor McCoy’s lecture room, in Crosby’s Opera House. The ladies’ ana etn*letnen*s class (i.ew cla-s) will receive fitst lessou To-moirovv evening attic same hour. Madaxc Grros.—Bct. Da*id Serins last even lug delivered a lec nre la the Westminster Presby terian Church. The snlject was “Madame Gar on," and the object was to Impress apoa the an < fencethe tuesc-iu impoitancc or >cmale« in socie :v, vMJe ft aimed to piveto tbo subject of-the lec ture itc oraiseacd glory of being the Hirst who trend n;;ou ibe coi Cnea of the new andolddla iH-'Efatioc of cqnsl icmale importance with mao. EArraas Coixege.—This Institution again oprne lit doors to Us members and to oar citizens for cr. cntertaitlDe Jcctnre by Mr. F. W. Dunn, on the fiii bct of in Metropolitan Hall, cc Saturday evening. Mr. I), has been an catcishivrtravcllrrlii Europe and rbe East, and hie Jccitre will centals many valuable hints to those tiboimet'd to travel In the Old World, as v eil as to others. The Case.—The case ol James Murbell, charged with adnltery, a partial examina tion of which was held at U.e Police Court on the 1. ;b icst., received a final hearing yesterday after noon. hoc the young man was commuted for trial in ba’l ot JBOU. From the evidence elicited, it appeal«*d that Mitchell had been keeping Mias Marv, a Cnrman girl, as his mistress, for stvi'ral non’he past, and had been on terms of imjnoper irUmecy lor two years or mo:e. Pitie Cipm TxxECAn.-We call attention to an advertisement, in an other comma, of Pressing's Pare Cuter Vinegar. Thlp Is claimed to be not only by tar the strongest and most palatable viLepai iz the market, but also to be free from mineral acids and metallic enbstanccs with which commercial vinegar is so frequently adulterated. Mr. Pntfrii.g warrants It to be entirely pore, and that itw ill preserve pickles perfectly. The fact that be bos. sb it Is staled, the largest works of the kind in the Untied Stales, ana >bst be has re ct\ve«i the first premiums at aV‘ the fairs wherever dr vinegar has been exhibited, is evidence of its great popularity. Tnx Musevu Swivolxrs.—Theodore IL Og den. C. tdwaidsand Eugene R. neoatyj an ac count of whose aires-t for alleged forgery of paspcse. &c., was given in these columns yester day, were examined at the Police Court yesterday morning A man named Uo«e .estifled that Og den had son e time been connected with the Lon* iFUlie A Nashville Railroad, and though |r would a ; j,tar :hat bis mends. Edwards and Hendry, must have been cos* ijao.t of his fa'se pr-tence* a? the Museum, theie was so little evidence against th. m ol a criminating character, tint they weie oi-charged. Ogden was fiacd ffts fo.‘disor derly conduct. In’the aft* moon, Ogden was examined upon a charge of obtaining goods under false pretences from Geoigefc. Itowiioiham,a dealer in bitter-*, at No. 310 r-omh Clark street. It was alleged that Ogden bad cost-acted bills with Itowbotbsm, and had rcmctcmcd, among other things, that he owned a saloon al No. 227 Dearborn street, upon which statement he was petmiiicd io retain the lati bill ol biriers which had "Cen delivered. Ibe cate was continued till Thursday nuernoon, Og den giving bail oi $34) lor bIA appearance. “ ?tlxges' Sons vs. Piglet BnoraEns ” —The Detroit Advertiser has an article explaining a sttuement which has appearea m Detroit oud this city to tbe effect that Messrs. Dlglcy Bros, had overdrawn their acconnc with Messrs. Slurgea' bous, of Chicago, for some wi'h which they had nurebssect and scut Fast a number ol catue. and that tber allowed th - draft to go to protest and ollcrt-d to pay $7,500, in *.61110106111, raying that they had tailed and piclcrred lb-Tr ivct-lt-m crcditore. Mc»sre. BigJey u.-uioe s deny that there was any ibicmioi of fraud, bit claim that a dc'irps-lou In the market prcvvui cd tbc firm from realizing from <h ir East ern thij mcits and rendered it impossible for th* m 10 mci-t tbe drat; when called Tlicy say that iLvir aceut here. Mr. Jacob \Wiut.-l, made a larger puirha-c thau they authorized, and dre-* upon them for an uncxucctediy large amount; Dial Mr Dox. cashier for Stuigo 1 >Oll-, came to Dttioh. at d, after an interview with them,agreed t. at he v ouid lay their proposition to comprooibc ior $7.. r 'ftJ btlore hie bouse, auo telegrapa th--m ol the deciM-Mi, sod 'list m-ra'iiime Du luither ac- Uou thowlo wetakeu; that noiwuhsttuaiog thU, Sir. Dox at i-iice ha*t Mes.-r*-. Bit ley & Weitael ar robttd cu a fiaudtilent dehinrs' wairant aud i:i»ti lutou other suit-, and tevtod u;>oa oiopetty of tbc. deieudsni.-*. M«. J. Jiigi» , y claims ttat he can .iro due- evid* nec of staiemeuts. and be tia* in tlitnio-Uwo suits iu the Wayne Ci.-cnit Coo.i arsinsi Mr. Dus lot ftf(«e imi»u-oi.menr, claiming damages to the amonct of <O,O d m each catc. A Sccitxe wiru Buncutns.—The residence of Mr. i'anard smira, at the *io:thwest corner of C:t:ns a»-d Fulton strceU\was vi-jtcd at an c»»ly hour on Monday moraine by a patty of bargUrs, w bo ettons; 1- d to force an entrance Into the bouse. Mr. MnUhvas awakrned by a uol-e under the vinr.ov-s at-d concluding that the intentions of the usitois wm* hostile end cot fncndly, r.erte teimiPid *c give them a hearty reception. With out dre-?;ng himself beadvacc«-a to the door, ana four-d two men busily ercugrd la picking me ,ock. Whereupon hi; opened the door rather fudocnly, and the burglars, ;an-n by sur prise, pupared for a fight. A brief straggle ensued betwf-en the visitors tod their entertainer, tbcnoi-eol which soon reached the ears of Offi ce’ Him kley who came to the r-scue. The rob bers hwmedwtty fi.*d and concealed themselves under the shadow of a porch.' Mr Smith and tae officer cavi chase ana slier some difil ’alty sue ce<aed in driving the men from Ibelrhiduig place. One ofllivtu was capinred and placed under the (batceof Mr. Smith, while nmntloy blurted in pursuit ol bis companion He fodowed through ret cral ?lrci;ie and discharged hi* pistol ul the ta gitwv, who Instantly dropped on the ground, but iccoveicd biiDfCli and ciocU’d hu escape. The odeet tantoUi- Side Station fur assistance, hut it wax i*>o la c. Mr t'xuMi lad fared no better with the prisoner under hi.* charge. Being nuacqn rated whn ibo use of ilie “cume-StODgs” he released one of the lui.dies thinking it «onid draw more tightly to ti e pMtcniTf* wrist, and the burglar taking ad vantage ot the mistake dealt his captor a t-low oti the head end escaped, fhcuniy relic of tLe i igM’» edverturo rras a list D.’longlugtoonc «j.' the tbietrs. This wa< earned la triumptt to the t ulion. where n will probably remain till called for. . A*ncsi;;r3fcATs. Mrsxrar.—Hie new Irish drama of “The White Uoy”wa* repeated last rrghl to a-good boas**, :>kd wo 5 v.tli reteived. The supplementary farce of Polks” was ptesented also for the Cm lime, aid created roars of merriment. To* Mzht the tame bill. McVicumi'i* ruuTRt —T>ao Bryant, the Insa cosu'dtuu. ha- made a very favorable iiuurs-sion, ot.d is UVely to have a highly Kuccessfal engage nuntherc. li;e poilrayals of Irish cwacter are t-xcevdingU truthful. with fl sufficient amount oi i- an Irish hn-'orlst. tvjihour being a carica* tcrJtt la>? mi'll’ he rrarated hr* cxceJl-ait »:ii{icr-or.aju*t? of * 4 lira O'Brien" in “Tne Irish tniictai.t” vud “Handy Andy.” To-night f*e Inth ct-midy of ♦•Born to oooq buck,” will oe piTt-c. iu which ilr. Bryaut give? one of uU char* sUfTi-tir .■onus ana < he circus IslitlngesUrnsively pat* roi iced < vc:y »-vt-mnr, and there ate feu: places oi cn-ertaiflirifti*. cow in -be citr which are better vutib \i*it:i.g. ilr. James Bobicson wi'l appear ti;l- aticacon and cietyevenicg during the weak, "iboi-e who cave not "Itrestcd tils t-nraordiuary [,ei fora, ante tt.ould not tail logo before Saturday ns he is a out to Mart on a European tour. The irlent Clarence will ride at the matinee to-day. mjatim; foixsiarcsr.—Toe conier-ts for prices rcc»ii.jiv o*cnim.g towards the close of the tluUcv rcaton, there is always a great deal of un* rcnalctv atteicing them. “Weaker permit* tint:,” te a'waya to be und-rstooo In reading the ll* cut cciDLCt. and the weather in this uncertain climate i - something we dare not calculate upon. It n-ctas to have a special prejudice against skating tonmnments. Not a urgl-contest of this rea-on brt baa bad to contend with slopplncas, std on; of them having the misfortune to extend over tw o days, was unceremonious by broken 06' ii. tic middle. I iu- managers of the Wabash lUnk bad therefore much iu be thankful foi last evening. They bad tec temerity to announce several days ahead, a contest for a roarnitlccnt belt «o be giv n to tbc laslcAl tkaicr, who gbou-d be declared Ibe churn* vlou 01 the N'o:Umc.-t, and when the appointed hunranlved thire was no thaw. Itwasanagr.-c --ob!e snipris-, but then rinks are to a certain ex tent indetwn lertof the weather. The surface of the ice was Cm ard smooth, oflerinz tbc best 00- t>o»umitv for a display ol fast bUauuz,ann pre* seeling an azrecauic copißWt to The recent tonrpa* nu-pt lathe tame place, when there was nearly La!f a«-l»cb ot waicr. ilic contracted limits of the rink was not the best arena that could have heea chosen tor a siecolt cliase An open park, such as the einclou \rmWwum. >tomd hive better tested c ,rw»ed 01 the contestants. It was decreed, tffiSSK M «*UBg M«, lt Abo«E.Se°o’dS“ n treedettred, «4 , SSUmW*JS^i^tte W££do?!to wasasery ehort exclt-aunt was perhaps Sl“,S'lSS™taeS. A fre mmete. dc-idrd. lie and the golden belt was awarded to Jr. ocorre 11. rone, who was bailed with. loud ap* ».isii"u as the fastest mau (on Ice) In Ihc Aortn- St Ve clore of the contest Johnnie rowers Vbe llaor. and the contest is arranged *• held 1 bi>- cvcniccattiie Kink. xi ai-qveiladc at TcmfEß Hau.-—The Chicago Turn-Gctnemde will give a second grand maiqiw* rade ball on Monday evening next, at loriet Ua I. N'or:h ClaikaireeL From the preparations vUcb a;e beinz made, it Is expected to be quite brilliant an afla.r as the last one. pvywiKr..—Albert John Ltngan, the 4 Zouave Twin ” who took the champ'on medal for drum* 4,n?: ou the 18th *1 December, l&Gi, iu this city, iT « cot test with fourteen competitors, will give iu exhibition on the general edeaea of dram* mine, or the evening oi .March lStb,in the Ger* Sa A bvaue. Claiming to be atiti tbc t?c tnnounces ibatne cannot give a challenge to swon?,hm be would be glad to receive achtl* filTpe imm any of ibe gentlemen cUimloz to be ;hamT> the United Statea, and would Uke fbJutal 10 DC atnmced for that ereuiua. Tarec lood bunds v ill he lu attendance. THE CENTAL SYSTEM. Meeting of the Board of Trade-Be rising the Schedule of Comml,- sions—Charges for Bnjing and Selling. Amcctlng of the Bovrd of Trade was held yes terday afternoon to consider Ihe report of the committee of flfieen appointed by ’ho Board ot frade to draw np a now schedule of rales and commissions to 6e charged when the Cental sys tem goes into effect on the Ist proximo. The following was adopted at the schedule of charges allowed to be made: cosonsuoKs ron exzxmo. On Wheat, Kye, Data and Barley re ceivcd by canal 0rra11r0ad....... 8 c cental. On Corn received by railroad oi canal 3 c p cental. On all Grain In bags 4 ev cental. On all Otain sold on track by sam ple (excepting Canal Gram) 4 csl cental. On Flour 2 H v cent And luccnUpcrbarrelto be charged to the onyer when his order ia re ceived by letter. On Provisions—on talcs of SI,OOO and over $ cent. On Provisions—on sales of under $1,000; 214 # cent On Dicsscd Qogs 214 cent. On iligbulnes—on amount of sale _ duties being paid US scent. On Blgbwluc* in bund Stic v hri. On Broom Com—sales of SSOO end over SH $ cent On Broom Com—sales under SSOO •- 5 cent. On Hides and Se*ds—on ss*.o and over.... 2H 5 cent. On Hides and feeds—under 1500... 5 cent. On Butter, Cheese, Eggs and Dried Fruit—on sales of *I.OOO or over. 2ft 9 cent. On Batter, Ch« ese. Eggs and Dried Fmit—on sales under $1,000... 5 7* cent. All property not enumerated to be subject to agreement between the parties, and where ad vances ate mode a charge of ten per cent inter est per annum shall he maue on the amount ad* vanced. coion-sioxs rou ptmcnascco. On all kind* of Grain by cargo for shipment- Fold* in hand S c$ cental. On all kinds ol Gram for *lupmrnt, iu bags or la bulk, by railroad... 4 c $ cental. On oil kinds of Grain, including telling in this market. Fonda in tana 2 c scental. On all kinds or Gram, Including selling Id this market on margins 2tfc & cental. On Floor and shipping the same..lo c $ brl. On Provisions in lots ol sl,oto and over, foods in band 1 ScenL On Provisions In lots under SI,OOO. 2J4 $ cent. On Ulgbwincs, on amount of pur* chase, duties btlrg paid IJJ cent. On Higbtvlnee, lu bond .50 c brl. On Broom Com In lots of SSOO and _over... .... ...... ZV* g cent. On Broom Com in lots under SSOO. 5 I* cent. Ui« Bntter.Cheese, E?ijs and Beans* in lots of SI,OOO and over cent On lit ore and Seeds, In lots under ■?SU) 1 H cent On Uidff and Seeds, In lots of SSOO ana over SHt^cenM On Dressed llo<rs 1H $ cent "When advances arc made 10 per cent interest per annum shall be charged on the amount ad vanced. . •AH the above “rates of commissions.’’where advances arc made, are based upon boldine prop* ttty rot over sixty daje. lr held longer than that time, an additional charge of on*r hall of the ibuve rates and interest is to bo charged for each thirty dajs or parts thereof. Uniltd States iterance (ax and Inspection claries to be paid by the owner ol the properly. On alt proper*; sent to this market for sale* and subsequently bv order rent to other markets* the consignee here is entitled to full comtnis lons. 'iie commission merchant shall be entitled to any drawback from any insurance company, as a compensation for effecting insurance. mjcKEos* rru ror. puucuask on g&xx. On all kinds ol Grain He v cental On i’rovislona Hcgc*.ntal Ou Utghuincs .10 c^barrel. On Flour, for buying sc'fl barrel. On Floor, for selling 6cs barrel. Ou Salt, buying ortelliiitr 2 c $ bairel. No broker shall be allowed to buy or sell for any but members of the Board of Trade, except atrerufot commission rates. Jr *as then resolved, as tbe sense of the meet tnc, that any «no who Is tound eullty of a xlola* lion of ihemlce ol the Board, for the establish* in* nl of rates ol commission, tball be suspended rotilil* privileges as a member of the Board, and shall only ne reinstated upon a vole In full board. T be meeting then adjourned. TRADE MARRS--IMPORTAHT DE CISION. A Number 'Vlilcli Han Loner Deen Used by a. ITlniiulucmrer in a Trade inarlqaud an Injunction Will Lie Aguuixt Thiwc Adopt ing Such Number. The lollovrlos report ot an important dcebloi appeared in the Philadelphia Vrets ol the s)th instant; ScruxuE Cotnrr—General Term. Present—Hon. W. U. Leonard, Presiding Justice, and Cltrke and Ingraliam, J. J. (Pennsylvania), Joseph 6 UloU. respondent, vs Jtlcttord E* f er. Oroot: ft al,, appellants. —This important action has been terminated so lams the supreme Court (the lubanal io which U orlgicstcal th concerned. Tbc questions involved, some el them at least, Ir ve not before been decided ny as hl-'h a tribunal as the Supreme Court of this State. The plaintill. who is tbe respondent above ramed, is a manufacturer of steel pens in Bir mingham. England, and has been each for many t ears pact. Hi? pens had obtained a great noto riety throughout this country, aa well as Enroae. Some time ago nc brought an action against the dciVcoante, who are uic appellants referred to above, for an infringement ol ols (plalnthTsl trade murk, and the complaint prayed tor an io{uncttun cDjoj»-luc tbe defendants, and permanently rc hlrauilug tbcni from what tbe plaintiff Gillutt, ‘clalmßisaUade mark, to wit; “No. .Tii-J” The tvMimoLy in tbe rase tended to show that lor many years the plalntnf bad used thl* i>uujl>i*j, vlh tbc bbel: that this number was his trade mark; that he orun i-au-d It. and had used It constantly for twenty year?. His name as manufacturer atd the No. “SOtl” were Impressed on the pen, unci the number was also punted co'splcuous'y on the ]al> , .i on the top of the box which contain ed his pens. The complaint farmer sets forth .bnt this number always doieuated tbe aam-; ; attciD and Etyis of pec, ana had become well ki own to the trade as the plalniiif's trade mark, • o that these pins wen? o dm-d by this i»aik. ii d mat ih-y had a 1-igh tcpnuitlon and a large 1-nnhc, that tie deicudan's have n* • ciuly commenced the manufacture of steel pens. hat they imitate the plalulifTfl trade ms:k ;p etcry tc.-q.vci except io the name of the mam factuicr. Hu- i-sucs formed bvtbc plradtngs were tried before Mr. Justice Potter at special term in No vember, Iviri. Ihe Court on that trial, which oc , t 0 j.cveral days, found, after Cncdelllieratiou, tlai i'f jiaii.ttii, lit ioit, bad used this trade mark oc pi-ns since the year iS33, and on labels -iute P-12, ni.d that ti l usage had become well known to the trade. It va- also found that the dvtemlatit-i adopted it, as c - aued, 4, uiib a kr (iwlt rice ot the plnln-ifTs rjghis to the tame, :.i>d with Hie Intel t loohiam for tbcmeulv*s th piohts end advantages to widen tbc plaintiff was exclusively fimiltu in tee use ot bis trade mart, ,nd to iiits’.cttvi me public anldefrauo th • plalulut :n that respect” Thai ilio plaintiii; by the adoption *.nd continard use of tb« letter* jiiiu fi«;uru* “No. ’M3” ax his trade mark, bud »r tbii* manner become vntitteo to the exclu sive uvo of it for ihl- pmpo>c; that it wax no defence that the same fraud bad been practiced by oti ctp; that acquiescence couli not be inferred, niid that it was revocable if ii could be. The final conclusion ot ib" auectai term court was that the ■•junction remaining the defendant* fiom ’he m cot ihetra roatK u No. tWI” should bo sU— tnined and cramma *»illi ••osis of mil. To *ln> decision ol toe Court the dclendatjls ex cept d—first, to the admission of certain testtrau nv admitted or the trial, aod generally to the fle ction ot the Court sustaining tbc trade mark. They also Insisted that U was luoUtc fo» pUlulttt :o culm the exclusive use of the No.STCk even ad mining it pi be a trademark; b’knew that others uen-n-liig it loug before any legal proceeding? « ere coc.ini need ugain-t the defer dnnW. The defendants not being content with the do* c'.sioL o' Juogc I'otUr. of special term, took an appeal to »he general term, where It was argued List month, and the decision which we give belo«* as last been tendered by a majority ot iheOoait, I: graham, 0., rtuteciiiltig. Among the iastcasts argued by the late Wlll’am enrtis Keyes was tbs, when ne appeared ana made cue of his most len-ned and nappy ar-u --menti* in Lvl-nlf of the position taken by the dc n i.daii’s. Air. Gilbert Bern appeared as counsel :cr the jlainnfE, Gibotc. j he following is the opinion ol the court, tieliv c:cd by Leonard, J.—Hi-? design to defrand by inann •tcuutnc and packing ucus m ell respects similar to the pialrtjfi, excepting only in the use ol tin* enmc, appears very plainly. I cannot reason so :ni&< mil' us to disguise lbis coacluslou Jrom my • lf. The plalndfl* had Jlic number 3fO first In Ufc. A’c see by Ms notice in **cau;ior.” that be knew., ’jiai o beta baa also used tbc same combination «i itumfccia for the purpose of defrauding him .tot it does not apnear that he bad discovered any nuivldasl wloiu he could attack as an offender: s orcan lluiievc that a “caution” to tho public against the fraudulent use of bte device cau tic deemed «n acquiescence in the use by others of •ic pamculor arrangt-’meut of upon stoel pens and packing boxes, wbicb the plaintiff bad auopicd and used, and which bad come to be a de-lgnatlon of a particular and popular pen with ihc public. , . It is nlfOto be observed that the defendants nave nut excepted to any fact as found by tbc Judge. The exceptions arc cunfiacd oulv to the conclusions of law. As the aeirndaMs have found no fault with the facta as found by tho Judge who tried the came, ttc general term ought not to discover any paiticuiarity, a* It does not aid thv ends ofjusilcc. t am for aCmuiug the judgment with costs. TUB LAK.K TUNA'BIj. Tlio Water to bn Let in To-Day. 3hc Lake Tnaucl Is finished. This announce ment has often been made, bat each time It means something oUJerent. The first time it meant that the pickets and etcetera had come to a eland etil'. them six Inches from each other: the eccond tine It meant that the partition bad been oroken down, and the bore made continuous; the third i ioe It signified that the official key-etoae was aid, acd the tonrth time it was equivalent to say ;t£ that the turnout* had been filled up and the unncl left without break from end to cod. For the fifth time we low announce that the take i.nrcl is finished. This time it means that the Mjbbieh has all hsen cleared out, and the vcatila- Jug pipes removed in readiness for the waicrl >ofuiUcrwotklslcllforanyonewiihln tbebore, ,v'.iic is now left, 'houch not abandoned, to the wiK' waters. line is tbe ac;nal finish. fh guilder Las taken with him the dfbr'te, and made nil clc4n behind him. The tunnel is therefore, now ready to receive ihe v aier, though not lo distribute!!. The water will be le in speedily—probably to-day—not at us full prpfsnre, hut gently, so os to cst the ca . ability oi the Innicl to s'avd tbe internal force. 'inis will, therctotc, be toe great Jay of trial. The cxnrrimema will determine whether ornottho unnel be worthy of the confldt nee expressed by •he projectors, whether it will etand tao test or collapse outward»•, bursting with the efibrt, as did ;bc trog when lltrteo to assume tec dimensions of the ox. Even though there can bo no doubt that the work is immutable, one cannot bat feel a hide anxiety to know It it will stand the lest. It needs a very *c:enUflc nund to place eneh (nil credence in a formula or principle as that there rbali be no donbt wratever of the result of the ac tual practical trial. It was objected by many at the time when the tnnncl was first talked of, that it coaid cover he utli sufficiently strorg to resist the tremeudons urc-emc to which it would bo subjected. Per bans, nad the eaitb through which fie tunnel is driven been sandy, or otherwise uneolld. this tear would not have been altogether groundless, but with the barn clay met with all tbe way, it is im possible that thee should be any yield. It is firmer even than IT dr.vtn through a solid rock, bectuse, w i'b tbe latter. Inequalities In the cutting ts-oulo have been unavoidable, while tbe clay was pared out to the required size al. round, and the bricks firmly bedded agaUmt It, In the two or three instances where sand pockets were met with, the treacherous material ua? excavated out to its fall depth, and the bote llhCil with solid brickwork. It is not therefore the b ickwcrk 'hat is depended on to withstand the Mi-snrs, but ihetoUd hacking of day, which can no more be ownpted than ihe framework of the Universe Itte'f- Eveu were tbe clay not tenacious, u«n.eeuc cravily '»&■(: «o much creater th.o t - at of water to guaranty aralnst lifting. asil ibis - , L htwc.c tint equal to that of water tne squi inulum would be maintatned, and all beyoud that ia so much tusmance ftr the solidity. The probability is that those who have talked most shout tbe “meat pr. satire, have the least accurate idea ot its magnitude. The catcuUvlou efthe downwaid pressure on any point in Hie toe© line U, ho-‘ever, a simple p roc o=B.l tu wel!-knoen to those versed in Hydrodynamics, that the ptesstt’e U equal to the weightor acol nmn ol water of the whole heigaf. Hence, if the depth be six'y-four feel from the BUifaCe o. the lake, the pressure on-any square *°°t will b -4 tCu pounds, or two tons, and assuming the edge of a brick to contain tSJJ aqom inches, Aepress u>e ou each brick will be as 1« to to 4,000, so is I 18tSto6I4pounds nearly. 1 ane water will be let in gradually ao as not to shock the proprieties of the occasion, or to other words, so as not to make the force grealer, hr the po«er of the aqueous blow. It may be that the tunnel will lake several hoars to flit In the first instance, and that several days will be occupied m ihe expert* mailings of the City Engineer and hia Assistants, bciore luo grand result will be announced, that the tunnel baa been proved and found to oe trust worthy. This wi]] be finish nnmbo' six* Yet another finish of the great work remains to be announced—the useful. Should the tunnel re main forever as now, or even at filled with water. It would bo of no real benefltlo ns. That utile termination to the ojntsmaffnu* will be achieved win n the connections are mado with ihe pump* |pg apparatus, and the health-giving stream nows ont In a mighty gush over ourclty, entering every pipe and lavtcg us with ita pure baptism- Then shall we realize the profit of the undertaking. In the mu supply of that for which we have ao long walled, and so often prayed. A few days longer and the great connection will he naan, and we •ball rejoice In the efficient c >mplcuou of the greatest feat in modern engineering. A LAWYER ARRESTED. Albert It. Contis Arrested on a Charge of Cheating a Client—A Fugitive from Justice. Albeit n. Convie, a lawyer bearing a cerUScate Iromihc State of Michigan, was last evening or* lasted by Deputy Sheiiff Longley, In a barber's shop, where he was having bis whiskers dyed. The arrest was made upon the authority of the Governor of this State; who acknowledged the claim of Governor Stone.of lowa,to '-be possession of Ms person an a fugitive from Justice. The facts of this particular case are thus related: Sou cJime since, when the defendant professed to he alawjeriln Dubuque, lowa, ho was engaged to dclcsd a man nsmeu Mania, who stood Indict cd on a chaise of mu»der. The feetotm paid was 1 500. Halt of ibis amount was paid, and the trial was contlnncd. This was in Delaware County. Mr. . Con vis removed to Dubuque County and was engaged in the defence of Nathan M. Conklin and another nan, whore name we have not at band. Tte prisoner procured bai : and received as an equivalent nine bor-cs, five sets of harness, five head of cattle, eight hogs, two sulk vs, two saddles and the fixtures of a «a loon, fie also received from a Mr. JohnDehoany a mortgage upon a bouse ard lot, as surety upon the record, for which, in consideration of the per* eonal property deeded to him, he proposed to give as security (outside the Court) a half section of land in Butler County. lowa. Saving received (250 for the defence of Martin,he bold the personal property described, for (225, the estimated value* ol the same being (2,500, and came to Chicago, the pertonshc bad agreed to defend being left to the solace of a Jailors mercy without an attorney I to plead their cases. I air. (onvie, it is said, came to Chicago, lie brought a lew suits, and in connection with two of ibeui he went to Jail. In one case, that ol Rey nolds ta. C nvis, the Jury ga* c him a verdict, but another suit, that of Mathewson, is still pending. In each of tnesc be was charged with having re ceived property to bail prisoners on eajtiat in tomi-criminai suits, which be never fulfilled. Mr. Conklin was uni unwilling, he having been acquitted, to see the lawyer who was to have de fended him hut did not. and who bad taken from him so much property, and escaped iroiii ibc legal bands which bad held himself. He beard that he nrove a buggy 1° Chicago. Be un derstood that ho ban a'. Be pondered and resolved. Indictments had been already four.d. several of them in-hid State, aud It remain ed only lor one who could bring the fugitive back to fetch him. ‘ihc case was pntintothe bonds olthe District Attorney, who held one or more Indict menu. An application was made -o Governor Slone, and on the 15th instant a requisition was mauc on tbemildcrt charge, that of “cheating by false pretences/' and Mr. Conklin, the •*nflorcr, came with the warrant, winch was served as has been stated. , When Mr. Convla was, lor the third time within two years, lodged In the County Jail, he remarked that this was a smalt matter; be would shortly set It right. lie tent for a lawyer and tbeUwjer came, and about this time came the hour at which he should leave by the Nortuweetern Railroad on his way to—answer the indictments presented against bun. The lawyer frrbade the placing of “rutiles" upon bis w»Ut, but the captor bud once bt-cn captivated by him: be was not inclined to let him loose, aud declined to receive per sonal security that the accused would appear to answer any charge preferred against him without constraint, he locked himself to the prisoner, alter a careful warning that if during the journey be disturbed bis (the deputy's) slum bers, there would be a bole in somebody's bead. Tbo party left peaceably by the ten o'clock train. RCSINUSS CHANGE. The W:i<-lp>alc i»ntg Establishment of ICcMirs. Lord A: Mu It h—A Great Extension. Tl:c large wholesale drag bouse of Messrs. Lord ii Smiil*, No. 23 Lake street, known not only in this city tut throughout the entire West. bus. within the past two weeks, purchased the entire extvc&ivc and varied stock of Messrs. W. D. Har ris «fc Co.. an old and v ell-known wholesale drag firm of this city, fie latter firm having been com pelled to discontinue business in consequence ot the permanent Illness ofthe Senior partner, Mr. Ilairls, Thir stock, which is alone sufficient for any ordinary wholesale business, has been trans ferred to the cstaolUhmcal of Messrs. Lord *!c youth, making altogether ore of the largest and most complete In its line ever accumulated in this conuuy. IhellruorLoid A Smith have mien in banniss tor many yea:«, and by steady attention to the wants ul their cu£totue:e, and liberal and honorable dealing, have developed one of the most prosperous n crcamfic homes iu the Noiihwest. r-omo five years ago they remov cl to th Ir mesent location, No. SI Luke tired, occupying toe whole of the spacious bunding from basement to attic, and in aridirion they cave extensive storage rooms on Wabash avenue and Kivcr street, all crowded with gooas. ibclr stock is •• ell worth un exatninaiiou by taoio mlcrctlfd In the drug trade, being a coincide collection of all articles pertaining to the whole sale ding line. Their system or putting up goods in neat package s, also packing aurt snipping, la such that buyers can rely upon prompt attendance to their Urdus, which ta a very important item to pu'diasers ot a distance,' who often sutler Incon venience suet loss by not receiving their gooas in miserable time. The firm employ only the moat experienced c.eras. thereby endeavoring that mis takes shall be as lew as possible in a Dullness in volving such infinitedeia I. Their w II desciwd reputation rr the quality of their goods, their thorough knowledge oftne demands of the trade, ton ether • Ith the uniformly low price at which ■ hoy are able to otlc» all at tides in their lino. r«.o cn'ih'Ct most aestrtble lor supplying the retail hurincs- ol 'he Wt-sl. Tnoina» Lord, the senior partner ot tre fiiin, ic-tdes pt-rmaDOntly In c*io rhist, devoting his whole attention to the inter ests of the concern, watchiac close .t the markets, and thus securing to toe bouse the l-ciiviihs of the most advantageous purchase.-*. The ten ices of Mr. Gunn, the cetiUcmuuly ionior iiaitiiti' cf the laic firm of W. 1). llairi- & Co., -.tare Dccn ficured b- .'lesarr. I.ordA Smith, and 'u- expirien'C mid large rrclj of acaiainiaact-M .uiiong the trade of the We-t, will edu largely to :hen atsnal interest and efficient working forc-i ot the ho: se. lie will be denied to m-ct all •t-old i-.itinns at h ; s new quarters, whetc with .!« LTiaily increased facilities be hopes to be jble to ao «v*-u better vor Ms ctvslom«ta than -; or. f fure. Wc besreak tor the turn in tsofnlarc, in tbc past, nn honorable and successful career. OA.TJON AND PITHUS OUTDONE. wu Faxt Pririidii- lalvlug ami TuUini liitappreciaicU Ucuovoleuce. William H. Courtney asd Henry M. Knlck* buckcr nrc young men who have known each ntbcriciiraatcly ftom boyhood. Their friendship scented to be of that enduring nature tint no trouble ol any ordinary magnitude would create un estiMnccmcnt between them. It Is said that men do not keow the strength of their owo na tures in tic exercise of chanty, forbearance and other virtues, or the re;l lance to tcniDtahon, until they aic thoroughly tested, and it would ap> Sear these young men had not expe>vnccd any lilcrcnccs m their carder days and so retied too confidently on the belief that they never would. U tx ntiuctstoou tbat on incident occurred some months ago wuieD created a slight coolness on the rad of Courtney towards Knickerbocker, but evtiythirg must mve been tranquil between them in August or September last, as Courtney, (who is connected Pith a wholesale bat, cap and lur establishment on Stale street), made his friend a present of n very elegant hat, with which at the time be expressed himseii much pica-cd. A sUotttituc later be give him a cap. and with this, also. Knickvthcckur was dcltghleo, and be was equally joyous still a lime later at the receipt ot t>no ; h« r hat from his admiring friend Comtßcy. Wt etbet it was that this liberality on Courtney's part nss icgardcd by hi? friend as incipient luna cy. or when cr ifct substance of Knickerbocker’s alKtcd icma:k, robbtd ol itscmfihatic adjective, may bo rvuaidedat lueraUv true, U »eli for othcre to but daring the holidays ir came to ire eais ol Courtney, tbtoogh a common “iricnd,” list in speaking ot the various gifts received, lv ickrrbi ckt-r had remarked ibai Courtney was **s —— tool” for ghlug them to him when he vKnkkesbvc’.ci) bc.d him lu such low estima tion. C’onrtncv was exc» cdiridv indignant upon hear i gof this -ptcco,nnd to a lew diys gave hlfl tilend a polite invitation to retnni the gilts. These iiivltatlone wee repcatid from time to time, and were et Ureiy disregarded. Much incensed at see ing him wtar ihotc gifts, and mortified that he sbocld have been so deceived in bis friend. Court ney finally Imcimcd him that tf the articles were not by last Saturday night, be (Courtney) ‘t-honul take them whenver he could find them. Saturday night passed end the Utls ana cap still temaSued ir Knickcibockcr’s possessioo. Knickerbocker boaidrc at tQe at. Cloud Honsc. On Sunday efler dinner when he repaired to iho hat-rack tor his “ tile” he filled to find it, and re mniktd to the clerk in the office tbst It must have been eiolco. Courlnev Immrdiateiy stepped for ward auo told him that he bad taken hts nal and intended to keep lu As if anticipating the threat ened reprisal Knickerbocker quietly produced the cap which bit friend bad given turn aad walked out. On Monday be procured i warrant for the arrest of Counrcyior larceny, and yesterday afternoon the parties were before Justice Milliavn for an ex amination or the ease. jhe facts in the ease, nearly as they arc here, wt-rc given in the statement of Mr. CVtntoey, and were not disputed by Knicker bocker. After 'he stair of Sunday, the next time me matter v as calico to his notice. Knickerbocker nal*ed into the store with a pohcemao.aodDmtit mp to Comlney in a majestic way said. ** That is the manl” and tte officer read the warrant. The Court gravely admonished Mr. Conrtucy upon bis conduct, tie had unquestionably com mitted a larceny. He bad admitted baring riven the proptrty tohls friend and that it was after aaiCsblf, and still laicrthatbe took It without learc; but considering all the circumstances of the esse he should discharge him. warning him to rln no more, in that direction at least. 31 Is* Clara Barton and tbo Soldiers* The following correepoudence explain? Itself: Chicago, February S 3, !SG». Jndge J. B. 6 sap well—Bear Sir: Miss Clara Barton, the well-known nurse of the Army of the Potomac, will deliver a Uctnre, nndcr the aus pices ot vbc Young Men's Association, of this city, on Friday evening, March let, at Crosby s Opera lienee, entitled “Work and Incidents of Army Life." being a sanative, told in her wo maulv, teaching manner, of some of her expe riences cming her four years stay among our uravc toldlcrt. Thinking that it might afford pleasure to the soldiers of the Soldier's Homo to hear Miss Barton *peak, and knowing that she would bo much gratified at itetr presence, 1 hereby re -pcctfuliy tender, through you, free scats io all the irmates oitbc Soldier's Home, on that oc casion. Yours respectfully, Edwin Lee Brown, President Young Men's Association. CmcAoo. 55th February, ISC7. Edwin Lee Brown, Esq,, President Young Men's Association—Bear Sir; Your favor of oven date is received, inviting the soldiers of the Soldiers' Home to atiend the lecture to bo given by .Miss data Banomatthe Opera House, on Friday event it, Match Ist. 1 accept your kind invitation, for tbe soldiers, and know ibat they will l*t more than clad to ecu tnd bear the tloicrce Nichtinpule uftnc Army of ihe Potomac, Very tinly, yours. Janes B BitsnwcLL. Acting President, Soldlut' Home. Bailiffs'Bill.— I The bill known as the Ball- MV Blit,” the effect of which is to Ineiva-c Ice ;i#r (Han of bailiffs appointed to and serving in tbe scvvral courts of Chicago, has passed, fhl* intormanon was conreved to the officers by tele sisph yencreay «(te>rom>. The price fixed iy H e bill to be paid is four dollars per day. ne vu-ft-ut pay Is two do 1* s, an amount insnfficr to secure tie best ability in tbe line ofoauins rtvty,»Vcre the Interest? ot Justice might freqac t ly be frustrated by the practice of but a small amount o. dUhoncsty, The Infant Besebtion Case.—The final ex amination of Charles Williams and Mrs. Mary Kuwelroau, tbe particnla's of whose arrest for attempting to abandon two Imam babes care al ready been published tn thtse columns, was held av the Police Court yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Kuntclman was held for trial on her o»n recog nizance in the sum of Btoo, and Williams was com mitted in hail orsi,ow. FEOM DES MOEHES. A Suspected Bobber—Hl» Trial by Court and People—A Double Acquittal and Vindication—Tbe Weather and trade. [Special Despatch to the. Chicago Tdbune.Ji DesMoixus, lowa, February SO. The trial of Cunningham, Coauty Treas urer of Marlon County, arrested on suspicion of committing the recent robbery of the safe jji that county of $40,000, terminated yester day by the prosecation being dismissed. A vtbl crowd having assembled to bear the trial, Cunningham demanded a trial by the people. Mr. Long was called to fncbidc- Witnesses were sworn, bo ng Messrs. Ba-nes of Chicago, Drews ol Boston, and Otis of DcsMollcs, all ex pericnccd hank men. They testified that in their opinion the safe was broken open by experienced burglars, in the same manner as the same safe bad been frequently broken open before. Mr. Cuunlngbum was ex onerated from all blame. The meeting then passed a resolution unanimously vindicating the character of Cunningham. The court U still in session, nothing Im portant being tried. Business men speak of an increased ac tivity in trade. Weather clear and warm, and everything in a slush of mud. FROM bT. LOUIS. Railroad Untcrprincs—llepori of ilic memorial Commlllce Appointed br the Late Commercial Convention—De attnctlon of Property by Flood* In Wcftterii K»n*a*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribuve ] St. Louis, Mo , February 2J. The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company are about closing a contract with Messrs. Dodge & Co., who bniltthe Marietta Road, to build fifty miles extension of the South* western branch beyond Holla. The Union Pacific Railroad will be opened to Salina, two hundred miles from Kansas City, about April Ist. There is* movement among the railroad men here to secure a change of gauge of tbc Missouri Pacific to checkmate the Kansas City diversion to the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad. Six hundred tons of railroad iron, destined to McGregor, lowa, arrived here recently, bnt through parlies in New Tork was divert ed at East St. Louis to the Terra Haute & Alton Road. St. Louis, February 26.—The committee appointed by the River Improvement Con vention, lately held in this city, to memori alize Congress in relation to removing the obstructions to navigation in the Mississippi River and Its tributaries havemadealeagthv report, which contains much valuable statis tical and general Information respecting in land commerce and the Importance of ira* Moved transportation facilities. It is estimated that $250,000 worth of prop erty was destroyed in Western Kansas by the recent freshet in the Kaw River. FROM MAOISOJT. Discovery of a Plot to Release Prison- era from JuU* [SpcdaPDcepatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l Madison, Wts , February 26. Some sensation was caused hero to-day by the discovery ol a plot to enable some pris oners in the County Jail to escape. David C. Aldrich, of Windsor, arrested some time ago lor burning his bam and grain stocks, to get the insurance thereon, and confined in jail till released on ball a lew days ago, was detected in sending some beeswax, yam, aquafortis and strychnine to two prisoners named Curler and Wiggins, in jail for burn ing the Brighton House, to be used in cutting the giates of the windows to secure their es cape. The person whom he trot to deliver the articles gave them to the Jailor, and Al drich has been arrested and again incarce rated. The greater portion of the members of the Legislature bare returned, ami there will doubtless be a quorum to resume business to-uigUl. MEXICO. Cnpturc of Colima by tbc Liberals— -I'rcucb War Vessels at Acapulco— k nrtncr Heavy nuß»cs by the Impe- rlollMM. San Fhancipco. February 20.—Offi cial information was received yester day of the capture of Colima by the Republi can army under Corona The Imperial gar rison capitulated on February 2. Curona al lowed no violent proceedings on the pait of bis army. Profound peace reigns there uow. The capture of Tehauntcpec is official ty re ported. The United States steamship Mo hlngo and four French war vessels were io thcUaroorof Acapulco Februaty 15. The United States steamer Suw-uec was at Cape Lucas on the ISIU. Tbe ship Ella Norton, from New York, has arrived. San Fkancisco, February 25.—The Consul o! the Republic of Mexico, in this city, has received the iollowiitg official news ; Juarez was at San Luts Potosi, where Gen erals Gonzales, Ortega and Patool had ar rived with prisoners from tbe city ofQuooa jtirlo, captured by the Liberals, January 27th, with many prisoners, all their artillery, mutiilious nod bageage. General Marquez had captured the city of Zamora, the most Important place in the State. Jlichoacan Pur Evanoca was taken by the Liberal Ucceial Pirson. Miratuon was com pU-Mv dvleuUd near Zacatecas. Three of his brothers aud alibis high officials were iwudv prisoners. The Liberals captured half a million dollars, of ail of which Miramoo robbed Zacatecas. FBO3I ELKUOHJi, WIS. Dla&Rfrou* conflagration—Half tUc tUmlne** Portion of tlio Town Uc- Ml'oj't 0« Elkiiokn, Wls., February 20.—A disastrous d( stroked about hall the btiai ol'Elkiiorn this morning. The lire was first discovered about ti o’clock* lu the rear oi the building occupied by F. C. Odell as a grocery, whence it rapidlv spread to the adjoii tug building. E. Hodges, the heaviest loser, lo&i his bulldit-t: and stock or goods, valued ut $13,000, msuicd Tor $7,500; R. O. I’r-Eton’s stock and store, valued ut $5,530, iii'Ured tor $1 .S 00; F. U. Odell, stock ofgocds, valued at $!,i.!00, insured for $1,000; build* ina owned by C- Dunlop, valued at $1,000.u0 insurance; 11. Rockwell’s building, valued at $-.000, no insurance; dwelling house owned ami occupied by S.C. Leggett, valued .;.t £SOO, insured for S4OO ; the furniture was mostly saved ; Mrs. Gorman’s stock was mostly Mired. The fire is believed to be the work of an Inceudluty. The principal insurance companies Inter ested are the Pha’ulx, North American, Home ai d Security, but it is impossible at this time to state their respective losses. FROM CINCINNATI. myst'.rJona lilaappcaranccof an Exprosi Cnalilcr— .Unrdcrorw Held for Trial— Kmiucky Central it allroad—f£xM« biuou-r&theraad Son Drowned. Cincinnati, February 20.— I The Cashier of the Adams Kxptcss Company here bus mys tciiotibly disappeared. His accounts arc per fectly correct. No one can assign any rea son tor his sudden and secret departure. The throe assassins ol James Ungues were held yesterday for trial on a charge ol mur der in the fii>t degree. Two of them are most hardened wretches, who joke each other often about their prospective hanging. A delegation has armed here from Lex* ington, Kentucky, to consult about the speedy ccntinuatiou south of the Kentucky Central Railroad. A similar delegation is also in Louisville. The At lists’ Exhibition, which has been open ior several weeks, is about to ciose, with a grand tableaux entertainment, at , Mozart Hall. The exhibition has been quite a success. John Kiri: and his son, Jacob, while stand* inp on the rank or the river, near the city, looking at the Hood, were thrown into the water'by a land slide, and both were drowned. FKO3I NEW YOKE. Another Fenian Bmnor-Verdict In a •Abel sun—An lipUcopal protest lirmh Sentences—Salc*oi'illicit Wuis bey Suspended by Uovetament-A Sus pected murderess. New York, February 2t>.—lt is stated that the Koberts Fenians in this city comteraplatc an tally resumption of operations in Canada. In the Supreme Court, yesterday, the jury returned a verdict for the defendant in the Indian Kcmvalion libel suit of Henry W. Jtcpuy against Oliver C. Hurford et al. The nlaintitt sued for SIO,OOO damages. ‘ Steamers City oi New York, Tarlfa and Pennsylvania, Irom Liverpool, arrived to day. A formal and emphatic protest of a major ity of bishops oi the Episcopal Church against the introduction ol ritualistic novel ties Is published. George Wagner will bo hanged on Friday for the mnrdcr of his wife in ISGS. Cbar:cs Manuel, colored, has been sentenc ed to he hanged on the second Friday In April, for murder. The Secretary of the Treasury has ordered a suspension of the sales of Illicit wh skey. In some eases not more than half the amount of duty whs realized. Facts hare come to light which cast sus picion on the servant girl of Dr. Connell, as the murderess of bis wife at Newmarket, N. ,!. There arc teeth marks found on Mrs. Connell's neck corresponding with those oi the girt, and other evidences point unfavor ably to her. Pennsylvania Mate Temperance Con« vcntlou. HARRiSBcno, February 26.—The State Temperance Convention met this afternoon, governor Geary being temporary Chairman. Governor Geary made a telling speech. Speeches were made bv several others. The Committee on Permanent Organiza tion reported General "Wagner for President, ■with twentv Vice Presidents, five Secreta ries, and John H. Pearson, of Lancaster, Wagner made a brief address. Several resolutions were offered. At the evening session, a series of resolu tion were adopted, one of which, as follows, is regarded as the platform of the Conven tion: . , fteeolt'd, That no law, however stringent, mMuI. recognizes ibe right >o sell intoxicating d;inVs. can receive out sanction, as we botleva :l c time has InlJy come »heu this traffic shoild he ai oiicc and forever abandoned. A committee was appointed to prepare an address to the people, and then the conven tion adjourned until to-morrow morning. over two hundred delegates are in attend ance. Sc lotiKlllneMot Hon. Clark IS* Cock l tauc, • f i\civ York., February 26.—Hon. Clark B. C«*ebr«ne H»s danceronsly ill. and his p'*'Mcians have pronounced him beyond re covery. _______ Suit Agnlnn Hie tflarlposa Company* Sax Fuakcisco, February 34.—Judge Dwinnell yes’erday denied the motion or ibe Mariposa Company for an order to re strain the Sheilff of Marche a County from levying executiou for six thousand dollars on a judgment granted to Dodge Brothers, In January last. JBcpnbliean mayor Elected In Cairo. Caiho, February 26.—At tbo municipal election to-day, John W. Trover, Republl can, was elected Major by twenty-one ma jority. The balance of the Democratic ticket was elected by email majorities. LOCAL BLATTERS. If You arc Sick, the probability la that the toot of your suflenug la lu the stomach, ifrt m a weak siomacft proceeds dyspepsia, ague, languor, turns* n, end a legion of other tormenting dlstases. Indigestion produces thin blood, and Usereiote destroy* the eceoglh and vigor of the entire syetemrTo restore the tone of the stomach, and enable itto throw off and dismiss forever all these troublesome and dangerous complaints. r a ssss^'&sßssssrs&s l Sfc BIIT£BS. A trial of their power cannot fail to prove that there If no tall are In their r edaiive ef fects We cheerfully recommend them to the public, knowing, as we do. their many excellent qnalues. For sale by druggists and do tiers generally, everywhere. National Cancer i«»stliute and Wag iH-tlc Infirmary, No. 563 Wabash avenue, Chicago, Illinois, and No. 211 Main street, Memphis, Ten nessee tuc-slftlw). tinder the control or the re nottmd clairvoyant sisters. Vic;oitaand Tennes see, assisted by the beet mcdUal talent. All the so-called Incurable disease? treated as specialties, lb* y nave a certain and painless ccrte for Cancers and lomors.anlnlalUble -yalera for Consumption and Asthma, specific* for Heart Disease and Rheumatism. and perfect success lu the treatment ol all other chronic diseases, based upon the laf fl discoveries to Medical, Clairvoyant and Magnetic science. It Is a fact demonstrated by filteen years' practice, that all diseases ibrt c»n not be cured by remedies, can oy the healing pow er posses- cd by the Clairvoyant Slaters Address Lock Box 59*26, Chicago. 11L Another testimonial to Dr. Stbbct A few weeks ago I called ou Dr. Slbbel and was Informed by him that my hair could be reetO’cd. although I bad b‘-en bald for a number of years lam d 0« happy to slate that the use of hU rem edies for the hair has completely covered my scalp with healthy and vigorous hair, thickly ecu and it is now growing rapidly. A.Goomso, llflJi LaSalle street. Entrance to X)r. Slbbet’s rooms on South Clark street. No. 73. Dr. Dnvall, sevemb sou of the seventh eon, heals all diseases that cannot be cured with medicine?, at Dr. DnvaUV Healing Institute. No. 4fcS Micblgan avenue, between Fourteenth and Fit teeuih sireets, two blocks from State street city cars. Dr Duvall uses no medicines I—no Instru meals 11 Consultation free. Call aud get a circu lar of wonderful cures. Colgate Sc Co.’s Winter Soap.—Be* commended for chapped bauds and for general toilet use during cold weather. It mav oe ob tained 01 all druggists aud fancy goods dealers. Itch! Scratch JJ Boyd’* medicated Cream cures Ucb, scra'chea, and all skin diseases. ItlsTu-at, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by alt drug gtsts. . Juniper Tar Soap care* chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, aud all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Mace A Co., Kcw York. Sold by all druggists. Another Wonder of tlio Acre.—We have been shown a ncwly-invenled article which is enough to make ns ihtok that the days of won* dor arc not yet gone— o cahe of which whitens tho skin in a wonderful and pleasing inaoter. Ladles mine It exclaim: “ Haw srjt (h.d white U Jearetthf aVln." ♦‘As long at Jean get it J'll necer use powder." This exquisite bcaulifler Is known as King's Cold Cream Soap, and is sold In Ctilcago by Dvcbe & Story, 03 Randolph street, and Buck, 1C faik street; wholesale and retail by Smith & Dyer, and by druggists generally. ’l'lto FrnnKltn Brick Machine) Jantly cclrbrau’d for perfect simplicity, great strength, unn immense compressing power, is ouAnaKrECD, with vlgbt men and two horses, to self-temper the day. and make 3,000 to 8, - 00 elegant bricks per hour. J. U. Rekicr, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room S 3. MARKETS BV TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnoe.) Kkw Tonic, February 25. The Stock market opened Inactive, and strong efforts were made to sustain prices. Eric (common), Bock Island, PUUhorgh, and Fort Wayne stocks being the weakest, ana dull until tee 3:50 call, when the market became stronger on the report* from Washington. “Reais" arc covering on small profit*, and entertain fear* as to the future condition of tbe market. New York Central still continues itrons, and with signs of higher tlgurrs. Four and a half per cent is still of fered for tbe dlvloond in Rock Island stocks. The money market is easy on stock* at«lx per cent, nnd five per cent on Governments. American Gold is still very strong, advancing to amt closing at 139 - The “bait" party pre dominates, and expect to carry prices much higher. The rep. rtslrom Washington fay taat tso Finance Committee will agree to the Certificate BUI, and will übo rcromm e nd no more contraction. Thi operators are awaltlig the action of Congress, which, whin decided, will Revive business. The five o’clock market was heavy anl price) were lower. [Associated Prsss Report.) New Tons, February 26. HONEY. Momy eaty at 5®6 ¥ cent on call. FUCKION EXCHANGE. Sterling firm at 108X&IU9 for best bill*. GOLD. Gobi firmer—opening at loStf, advancing to 139<{, one closing at KCJ'I. LATEST. HAU.WAT#. New Tore, February ?5. Tlio railway stock market openco steady, but tell off (.lightly, av the Exchange, wlta a general dulnes *. ow mg ton iackufuuUlde support. Fort Wayne was the u caked strek. Under tree sales tbe market generally irnlncfl firmness. N. Y. Central..lo3' Northwestern.. 3*V&.... Kn. 56»*M.... IN. W. pfd 65K®.... Hudson W 7 «.... (Toledo US itcuclcg ICWKM.... Rock ULmd.... 96 iilch. Cent 107 «.... Fort Wayne.... 93 Mich 50u...... 72K«»... Ohio Ce1t5...... 23 a.... Hi. Cm 116 «.... W. U.Tcl 42.*i(3.,.. i’Utsmirsh SoK<s# UOVEONMBNTS. Governments foil about a In th» lerenoon, and were c-Ull this evening on void bonus, and Icea active. Ticadiry toUfe steady. Cl 'Sit c quota.lnns: d-g’d, *Bt lIiIKMIOJv I Do Jan « Jaiy.lWV*W6V coupon*,’M....llO)d.*llli,H 1 10-403 reg’d 97a'i3 93 . .>2oreg’u im.YttlWY | August7-yw....lOi^iioti.Y >-2(i c ups, | Jane 7-303 103>'«.... Do ’OS li«£&loS*f | GOLD, Gold closed *trong at 120 X. 3U£CetLANCQCS UTT, Holder swte bonds are quiet and steady, at thelol ‘owl quolatlou-: _ .'(Toc¥>ec Cf I North Carolina..!*) fiMy .Trubda ..51 <*7:»k 1 Mls.«onrl w,{!f®9i IlapLihal & St. Jfpcph iKtdc.TSuih); I‘aciUu bonds. 33; Atlatulc M ill sold down to SO, but auorwafds rallied to S 6; I’acific stall steady at 13S©128y. COAL ST.ICE3. Coal slocks arc firm. Dsiawsrc* Hodson, 117; Penn •ylvatla, to. mMXO SHARES. The great feature ot the mining market to-oar was i‘<ueo'ldstcu Grt-goiy: the rrauswdloos were heavy nul the st< ck ruse to 1320; Quartzlllll steady at jj .; Des Moines active at7ic©2ls. Other changes arc .tot tmooitant. Xlio Prodncc Tlarlrcta, NEW YORK. New Yobc. February 55. Cotton—Less active and Je.-s firm, with sales of 1,500 irtlea it3!c Tor midaUtg uplands. Flour—Receipts. LJsSCTrrjs. Market less active tnd 5 <4loc lover, wlin »M«9ols,800 brls at $3.73310.(0 lor su ufti oc S' ate and wevtcro; f ll.0o('«l0.90 for extra Wes'* or* : f ll.OO&li.lO for cbMredo; #10.80311.70 for ship* .. necran-ts extra round Loop Ohio, and |11.53£15.& tor tr*d- broods. Market c oilog dull. Whiskey—Qnlcvand sleaoy. Ko receipts. Whs at— Market dull and drooping. Rve—Esther more active, wtln nulcs at $1.11(31.13 for \V c> tern; #l.lO tor Cana ta bond. aa>t fI.2S fat Canada. Barley—l)rroplc.g. tjacs li.tiOO bu Cinada West to bond, at 93),Cv91e. Ratify Mai:—Quirt. Fal»s IXoba at 21c. Corn—Receipt*. ICCS3 bo. Marts - : less acHvs and irwcr. jaJes4S, for mixefl Wciiern In tl-rc; |l.o*(Si.i'9 »U»at—closing atsl.o3,andfl.o6ai.OJ f.>r new sombetn veilow. Oats—Receipts, 2.tojbu. Market quiet. Sales 21,000 bu at tTftWc for Wsfctcni. M icc—imli. CoCL’e—Quiet and very ona. Sugar—bieaiy. Shlo6,i'-00 boxes Cuba at ll(311Vc, and i.eto boxes Havana at 11c. Mol»fipc«-QiiUt. _ ixtroienm—Ball, st 17@17.Qc for crude, and SG&Xic far rvQi.rd in bond. H n—oclctana »tr»dy. at33075c. „ Fork— Dull an Uicaw. Sales of 1,1" X) brls at JW.37,3 21.t‘C|or new tnrjs—closint at #01.87 for Western; fIOJTiV.OI? for old mess: 316.50&17.00 for prime, and i&.SKsSt'.COfoi &rlmeme»s. Alsosoobrli new raws at #2l-51, seder Man-h. Betl-St-ady. Sales cf 823 brß altrcvlon* prices, llerce Beef—Steady. Sales of lit) tea at f.*J.oo.<tol.7S f.-r prime mess. an'. f32.MGi36.U1 far India mes«. Beet Qama-Flrm. SaW of ITS brls at $51.V&16.00. Bacm—lnactive. Sa’es of MO tioxca at 10@tC.hc for Cun berland ; UQc lor short ribbed Cut Meats—steady. sales ol 325 packages at S,V3ioc for Hifiilder*; far hams. Diessed Hog*—Firmer. at DSQIBc for Western: ICUiiU-VC frr cltr. Lard-lleavy. talcs ot 1,565 brls at 12312 Yc far old. ac<L]SV@l:>K f.rpew. Putter—Full a: Oblo. Cheese—Quiet. LATEST—ntX O CLOCK. Floor—poll and drooping, with sales of low grade extra State at #lO 00. Wheat—Dull &■ d ncamaby late lower fbr spring. Rye—Steady at f1.1031.1i tor w*>t*nu Coin—Closed dull at *t CCjtdl.o7 In store: $1.03 afloat fer sblpplngmlxcd We>l>rr. Oats— Steady and quiet at SS(2C?C for Wc«tern. Pork-Quilt, with buyers of Wesicro new moss at #2O 87. and sellers at f 20.70^:0.73. Beef-Steady. Bacoit—CuUt, lArd-Dull, __ Brestcd Hops—Qnlct at 9VS9.VC for Western. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune f UxLwauKSK. FebruatT 29. F!our—Bell and qniet. City spring XX belt at ; #lo.fSHCtlo.7s;couutiy brands nominal atftOAo3bL2s; extra so’d at f9^T,S(^9.TS: common to cbolce, |$A9. Wheat—DrH and nnchanged. Uorolng Board—Sales 2?.CCObn. Korn Rosnl—Sales I.OCO Da, at $3.16 for No. i in store, f for Ko, 9 ao, and JIAS for rejected do. Sotblosdor.e InKo.S. Oate-SUady at 46c far Ko. 2. Com—Dull. Buyers offtt 70c Cor new shelled. Rye—Nominal at 96c for No. 1, rforlslccs—Fins. Sweet pickled bams, ll.Y c < ?-bon:dcre. f 16 SO V br); mess pork, f 18.50. Dressed Hops-Advaneed 23c. dales at f7.X37.T5. Receipt*—l,ofo oris flour, 9.C00 bn wheat, 2.000 on vats, 2XO do core, 700 do rye. WO do barley. 120 dressed bocr. Shlpraeate—l.Soo brls flour, SXO bu wheat, 75 brls and ties pork. SEW ORLEANS. Saw OnixiNs. February 2S. Cotton—Weak; talc#s,iO f*!e# middling st 3031 c. Receipts last three dayr, 7.511 bales. IXcrease com oared with tie same period last wc-K, 6,003 bales. Foreign exports same period, d,4hohaies. Coastwise, j.ssova u. Sncar—Lower; Wlr at 13}<c. M lasses—Firm. Flout—Easier; sanerflae JU.tC. Com—Finn, at ?1.1201.15. o*l#—D- < Hoed to 93c. Hoc#—Firm. ’ Fork-Dan, at s2l 50. Bacon—Eaeltr. Stunlder* at 10»<C and aides Qnlet. at \2Va«c. Wlmkey—* Tobacco-VccLangcd. MEMPHIS. Moipsts February 25. Cotton—Doll and Irrrcnlar. Middling. 37®2ic. Com—FUm at fLCSOI C 5. H«y-S3IJOCaB3.QQ. (Ms—Tsgsoc. _ Floor— snper. *9.00»9 50. „ , provision#—Balk meat#. SVdUVe. sound; bacon clear side#. IWtlSc; thonlders, 12313 c; tngar cored hair#, 19»21cOaPd.1*vt75c. _ _ _ Chlcke-s—6Sc. Batter, 83035 c. Pggr, SS3SSC. Po tatoes, tASCaS-TS. .... , The crocay market U steady and prices are ua charted. Drtised Bogs-9@lPc. ST. LOUIS. St. Lons. February 29. Tobacco—Steady, with liberal offer lacs. Prices an chanced except for block wrappers, which hare ad vanced toifcolfc. Cotton—77c tor middling. Floor—Ci changed; bu»lne#s small. __ wreat— fbrprimeUU; %i& OL2 ?5 for choice. . ... Cotn-Fum tot the bc*t quV.Uv. and heavy lor the lower trade*. PrlccsratcouomSl^fiic. OM#— Boeysnt at TtVaZc. rrorDiona—Tolerably active hot prices are on ibacprtJ. , lard—Uochanced. Whiskey—D ill and drooping with small sales at 5A23.

Boyer# • lierbot f lloca— Fum at6.a«c. CINCiyN’ATI. CccctxsxTt. Fehnarr W. Floor— Stcsdy and nrctunged. SttperfinA $3.7i'2 tc.ts; (or wi Lie.' and trade hi acds, J3; fancy, * fLIO tor |No. I sprin?. 3*9 wj» ter oflerloc. . ~ „ _ .... Com—ln c'od demand at fun nnces. Ear, st£s7c; helled. Qc In e cv»t3r. and la new gannlc*. Oat#—ld demand at Kc Ur >o. 1. Rye—ln good demand at fl .25. Barley—Unchanged and dull. Whlsaev— Steady, at 25c In bond. Cotton-^Poll. Brlccsccmlnalat tor middling: n 'VleM < Sales of SCO br s at $13,033 ao*. Bulk Meats—ln latr demand, at 7*39J<c lor city, hat holders not wi nnetaaccepuhwersH*. Lard-Held at tor city, with a demand at 113 12HC. Bacon—Unchanged and in fair denaad. Butter—a&asSe for winter made. Clover S'M—Doll, at |UO^B.T&. TlttMby Seed—lUo. Flaxß*ed-«upma». Eea-JOc. packer*’ count. pAcarniOvTATimoa. The total number of use* pauad here this winter, as fnmlntcd of ’be packer to tbo Price Current , U 462,C10. Tbe averaae weight is about »l* pound* p*r hoe below tbat of lastjje**on. and the ylelo «.! lard two p. nndsi»tbo*leas. ThnaveragepjlcopaldwaiSLM dct cental net. *Gclo—i3f}«jiSßj| buying, and selling. Eiebangfr-r inner, at oar to SO ceots per thousand ■ T*Taium buying, and MO premium selling. iloncj —Market snd quiet. BALTIMORE. Baltmob*. February JS. Coffee—Finn at 13k©14c ror prime and choice Bia cargoesln bond. Smrar—Steady at 10\Q10f{e for to good roflnlng. floor—luminal Wheat— Steady ; Pennsylvania redfUo©2.7n. corn— firm at9S©97e tor yellow: damp and mixed several cetis lower. Clover Setd-OH $A25©8.50- VTOlskey—‘Western In bond 33c; tree, 13.23. provisions—Unchanged; rood demand. SAN FRANCISCO. Saw Fsawcsoo. February S 3. Flout—Market quiet at 7 Whiat—Good shipping $L7t». New Tort Bottet— BUFFALO, OuiTALO, February 26. Flour—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—Nominal, at $J.u&2.90 lor white Canada; ±5 35 tor C.nada tp-inc. Corn—Firs. 1« car load* new Toledo sold at 70$80c on track; old mixed Western MEiected. Oats— Nrnjlnal Kye— Scslected. Choice Western offered at $1.15. Barley—DoU. Scar leads Canada ajM at 91.01 in sf're. Porr—New mess, S2OAO. . Larc—l3-'. Hifibwln**—Nominal. . LOUISVILLE. Louisville, February 55. Tobaccc— I Pales of vtß bbrt* at $2.35 for Tr*«ky liehl lacs to $45.00350.00 lor manufacturing bright wrap- Superfine, SIOXO. Wheat— r ceiiai>eed* Corn—Dull; in bulk, 70c; ear, CSC. Osts-{3o. Port-ale«a pork, tJCXO. Sole ol SCO brts to the Com missary at $20.r0. Baccn—S:oldexs, S.Vc, packed; clear sides, 12}& P^ard— iajt'c In tierce?. Whiskey—ln bonfl, Wc. Sugar—New Or eans prime, 14JfC. Mo'assea—Plantation. 83c. Cotton— Middling, 3Sc. fiew "Stork SreadKtnfii market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Kew Tors, February 26. Corn—ls rather firmer since ’Change, but floor and other grains are unsettled. New York Provision market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Injure.l New Tors. February 25. Pork—Closed at and other bog products are a thadc firmer, mainly owing to the advance lu gold. Weekly Exports from New York* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbano.] >*w Took, February 26. Exports the past week-8,200 btls flour. lU.ON bu corn. SO.OCO bu barley, 10.000 bn rye, 2,600 brli pork, 6C6.COC a* bacon, 1.C49.C00 c»l?rd. Ocean Frelcbts. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tobe, February 26. Freights to Ireland-36,C00 bn com atSsSd. Ntw York Live Stock market. (Special Dapstcb to the Chicago Tribune.'] New Tons. February 25. llo7B—Firmer at StfSSxc. Only 300 received. New York Grocery market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toek, February 26. Coffee—Dull. Bio, 33S2SC. Sugar—Firm but teas active. Fair to prime grocery. llrdaaies— Advancing. Muscovado, 5tJW5c; New Orleans, 80©90c. Kew York Dry Good* Market. NewTobk. February 26. Dry Goods—Trade Is decidedly better and more gen rrnt, but atiil tar trotr active. In prices there 1* no charge to notice except in Arnold’* ortnu, which Pave been reoured Jac. and have met ready sale*. This shows on (Sort to break on the price of calicoes when intlotk. ______ San Francisco Minins Stocks. Sax FBAXctsro, February S 3. Savage, .11*01 Empire Mill 175 Yellow Jacket 6*.0 \ imoenal Ist eTmlUr. 2191 Legal tenders 71 Ophlr 209 | Pimbnrgh Fen oleum Market. PiTTMicaon, February M. The rll market was rather better to-day, amt tne de mandformide veetnstobe ttwrearln?. sal«3oooris nt7r, package* returned; 7CO brls m hole at 7RC.pack ages returned; 2.000 brl*. April delivery, at 8c; 1»0 orl*. March delivery, at 7yc; brls, same dcllvery.same urtce. Itecr Ipts—47B brls. Refined In bond remains quiet. Sales 200 brl* stand ard white, free on hoard ear*. Immediate, 22c; WXi brls standard white. May delivery in Philadelphia, at3oc. Free OH—Doll. No Inquiry for naphtha and residuum. Buffalo Live Stock market. Buffalo, February 25. The market for the last two days has been exceeding- IVMilve, at an advance of ‘.wyc. Receipt* Urge wlthatsadyccmatul. Market rate*: Extra nuaUtv. fl 4 tv®26A'o; oxen and sli-er-, f* 00*^9.73; gW,SM-00 (rJC.CO: fatcalt»eand steers, tC.7V3j7.BP: fiir, tSAYS l.t 0; co«* a>-d h*ifers. t5.10n6.50. Receipt* (Tom Saturday, Inclusive, A. 218; shipments,3,9ol. rht“-p—Dull, nit impri vln.* to-diy at an advance. Heavy, totic-vooiled. |6AP®B 00: fine wool, $5 OCK9C.OO. 1 < ipif and fhipm* lu very lleht. Jlojs—MMeratcly active. Sales at for time hc&vv. Kccetpis since Saturday. Inclusive ,2iO; shipments. 3 412- _ DtrtSeu Hogs—ln quiet demand at (9.00. Cantbrldcc Live Stock Market, CaMuridoe. Fuoru\rv2s. girhesnpplyofcatnei«llcht,wlthagr»ori number o* iiyers and the market Is more active than ’or a nnm h«T ol v ceks. For ext*-* qua Kv there wat an advance of *2T<<istr; market beef sold at jn.ttVailt.OO fir extra; tor tint q’lvlltv ; f 10.00(310.73 for second quality, and ibr third quality. Receipts—s,ll6. . , , Sheep—Receipts 4.5n,-donbls last week, the ptlncl pal part extra qn*lttt. For lower grades there is leu call than lately. Good quality nnro doing, wth an ad vance ot c. Sales at f3.w©3.75 each; 2L3X36A0 tit extra. in A it it 1 e it In this citr, on the 21th Inst., at tbe Tabernacle CtrcirtLbv llcy. J. W. Uc*:y Mr. JOHN NOKL'tIEN and Mbs ANNIE SOUTHWICK. all ot Cnlcago. At Frvnkhn G»uve,l»., on tbe S’Sth intt, at tbe rcsl ceico ol 11. T. Lincoln, by the Rev. A.F. Morrison. Mr. J. A. NAT- • f Hastings, Minn., and MW* LAURA A. TT LEB, ol Hmesburg.Vt. MED. In ibis city. Fvb. fifilb, M., youngest daughter 'fT. n. and Mary H. Walton, aged 11 tnoatha aud 18 In thlscitv. at his mldcpcc, 212 Weal Randclpb-eL, J(:UN McDEWMOT, agrci 53 ycais. Vat»rai from h.« jate residence, on Thurecay, «m Irst., at 10 o'clock In this etty. Frb.S6lh. MAT E.. danch'cr of Peter ,ru vßvn Kearns, avco * jeMv.l rronth aoa 29 day*. Fucerai will leave the residence, 331 Indlana-su, Ti urs>'ay. at in a m. In tM« city. Feb. 25th, ot scarlet fifver. JAMEa MIL- ToN.onlj 8»u of W| llaai R. ana Sarah 11. Downs, aff'd3 3‘ta»Bhpd4m rlh*. „ Funeral from ttulr iwldcnre, No. 113 Scely-av., ol Wtdnesda). at 11* o’cPc* a. m. amusements. \7OCAL CULTURE AT THE OPERA > ROOF.— Two cls.*bcs (postponed on account ct Frol. M r coy's extreme rngagedtjrs* Id private lesson*) wl meet for tlie first less, oas 101-ows: . Colicop graduates* cla>s, at 7 o'clock; Wednesday evening. February 27th- . Ladles' and gentlemen's class* at«o'clock, February rStli. c VlOff EK’S THBATRP- VfoVTCKEK & iIYKKS. ENGAGEMENT OF MB. DAN BET ANT. Wcobticay— FOBS TO GOOD LUCK. P»-:decn O’lUlfcrty Danßiyant with and Datcc. Essence cf Old Virplmy Tittle Mac. MOUE DLD>DEPS TOAS ONE. Larre Eool'iao Friday. Benefit of Dan Bryant, ratnfnay. Dat Hr*ant Matioce. in O’BRIES. pOL. WO PITS MUSEUM. JtfL. J. H. WOOD ....J^Drtftpr Director of Amusements ...P.K. AIKEN Stage Manager ...THOS. BARRY Another Sac« e*e! The new ScntatUnal l»i«h Drama, wrl'tea bt loir. Taylor, the celebrated author of the TliKet-oMLeaTe-Maa, performed in London and Nb« York fer m»ty nlchl* to crowded house# This (Wtdne*day)*nernct>D, Feb. 27, atthaGraid Matinee aisKu’cloCt,ftt<lftl-oiL the evening at a ti bel.ireS, thcneWlTbh Drama in 3 acts, entitle* TllK Wllllfc. BOY, or IRELAND I> ’95. To conclude la the eve* nice with the new Force of TUB TWO POLKS. Friday, IM.eflt of Mr. C.T. NlChllS. 1 UK FROZEN DEEP, iooa. YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. MISS CLARA BARTON The Florence Nightingale of the Array of th« Potomac, will deliver a LECTURE, entitled “WORK i.\D INCIDENTS OF ARMY LIFE!” -AT— CUGSBY'S OPERA BOUSE. On FRIDAY EVENING. .March Ist. Commencing at 9 o’clock. tiT Let no loyal Man or Woman Call to attend. Tletet* 5t crjts each. Reserved Seats 35 ceou extra ry lh»*saleof &<au wm roronenceat’joclockot ■WEDNESDAY MORNING, Feb. 27th, at the TIC\C Office ol Crosby’s Opera RoUff. . A. C. McCLUBG. Cor. Sue. Y. M. A. QBAMPION DKUMMER. AIBEHT JOHN LaNGAN, Belter known by the utle of “ZOUAVE TWIN, Who now carrie#, and ha# carried, tbe Champion Slccai for the lant «u Tear*, won st the Canterbury Hal - . Dec. J3lh. JS*l. on wnlrfc-occaslon tneie were fourteen competitor*, and 1 yet naira the Cnamptnn snip, ihcrtfore cannot riveachallenge, out w..uiq be very clad to meet any of those gent emsn who claim tc be the YbampU n> ot the Called sta'.v.oa the eve nine of March if, ISST. rt the German Theatre, on wHch occasion Jw|.» give an Exhibition on the Gen eral fcierce i f Dramming. from It# first mdtmeau to tne last, and those Rcn'lenreo. If they wl*h to compete fer the Champion Men a), can hare a chance to do #o ontbatatKbt. There will be three food Bamlaliat tindaace.'.ttt Onhestca, Bras. and Field Hand, I wish it orcciflood that twill famish the bbiic ano hall at my own expense. Jodcea selected from \he audience. _ . . h ALBERT JOU3i LAYOAN.fZooaveTwin), Cnampton Drummer, y. n,— Any of tboie gent’emcn »I»Mnp to respond •o thl* will plea## do iu immeaiaitly. izLnvdiately after the Exhibition, tncre will be a Kail. Kc extra charge. For partlcn.ars see smaUhilU. theatre. STARTLING ATTRACTION The teantUnl, accomplished FLOBSNCG TEMPLE In her great character of 3VE S 3 3E3 lE* PA, Introdnclncher splendid tralnediteed. Fiuja-riiY, The piece abonnds with thrilling combats, novel scenic edecta, with new wines and costumes. npHE GIIEaT GEUTTJ BAS BEES ADDED TO THE NEW VOBK RIOSBEM, {l6 BAJCDOLFII-STm cor, of Dearborn. TXrdXDEK OP’WOHDEKSI ’ To be seen only at the NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which has removed to 90 Baac.olpl>»V, corner ct Dearborn. • VAKKEE CIUCU& 1 AND MESAGERiE. 2tlr. JAB. WOUIJS^OIS, In hu crc*t BnnUe Art cr Sitt-pie Ch»«e. yoltTE ana LCUPFAy in tnelc wonderful stM w.-c. K. 9. FERRT. tcc Champion Four Hows Ri;l-r. Every evening, and Wediesday and batmd »y after- COAT . . Uincgat ■pCBE x cideb vinegar. Warranted pme, aid Pj pres-rv** picklt*. Largcil ,„,t, cf Iteilfft.. 339 and 341 Stato-su Cwcago. ffio sßerifc==ffitiuges. RENT—Princely marsion—l have rest, for odc or more tiati the well-known, ip»- ■cd elcMnr rra’deice, (with It ''flwrriione, a era?** under cl». s, 4c«) Ko«138 Mtablna-AT. »t Xo. a* Laraoo Bloat, c. A. bPRLNQ. Xo toi t ai tames Apply HpO KENT—A seven-room house, No. X 333 CtlnmeLav., »W p* r mun'h; one oa Modi son-s f., $4». FETS.t SHIM!*, ».i Monroe-st. TO RENT —Duelling over 310 titatc-st, containing tlrooxa, in coad locati n for a dim bearding house. T. S. FITCH * CO„ 169 Desrbori.- (L . T) RENT—On South bide, a first-class two-story and brickbusment boose. 877 SUte* •t., containing Heht ro-m«; rood barn, rood water ud gas. Iknt S3O p*t month. Furnltnre lor tale, very che-p. Foeacsa.ngiven Immediately. -Applyat 58 SUtfrCU '0 KENT—A lumisbed house with 11 I rooms, two minutes' wait from P«j«t Office. Pnce yiOO per month—throe months in aova-.ce. Forpaitlc alats call at tficm 3 'icCorg.ica's Ual.dmg, XO KENT—Five tenements, nearly new, 2, 3,0, S roons. cLcor. i- advance. Inquire at > Unbbard-st, west of East Eitcabeth-at. 'T'ORENT—No. 75 Warren-st, first-class I home. and first-cUu tenant required. B. H. CUMMINGS, Boom ill 80. 132 South park-sl. fTVO KENT—First class brick house, from X May Ist. 1867. Apdl~ at 51 ytatg-st. KENT—House No, 103 Huron-st i A new twr>-*lcry aad bflck basement.with all mod era Improvements, Good neleboorbr-od, two blocks trom tweet cam. Inquire at No. 95 Huroo-st. Tj'O KENT—A splendid residence on I Sooth bide, it rocmis. cellar, cistern, bathroom, Ac.; xacae cf ground, sbnmbery. rarden and trait trees. T U. BKEeTELU ACO„ IQ FjSt Office SlocX- TO KBNI—A newly tarnished house cn Ulctdgac-av. For particulars, call at 74 East viams-bt. 'O RENT—A new cottage, near the city limits. West Side. Inquire atßlg West Lake-;t. TO RENT—A verj pleasant dwelling, with snout ft CO worta of loroirore tor tale. Apply at ho. 43 An--st. ®n -JS-CTU-Sooms. 'O KENT—A furnished room, suitable X for one or two centlemeo, two mom-ats* walk from rott Office. Price $5 per week. Apply at 9*A Adams-et. Ti> RENT—Toe lower part ol a house cn the Socth Side, containing four rooms,bathing rooms,pantries, vlostw and ham. Inquire at *i9lK South Clark-st. cpO RENT—An elegantly mrmsned I front parlor, at No. 431 bouthCiark-eU Just the thing ffir a gentleman and wire who like to live retired. To a suitable party it wall be rented cheap. 'O RENT—Four rooms and two clos ets. No. ?6 Fourteenth-at., first noor. TO RENT—Pan ot a large lodging room, furnished, suitable for (wo students or Toontrtnen. Inquire at BiocE ß4 and SO Room 33 L*fialle-»L. Chicago. r I'O KilNT— i\vm ueutieuieu cau be ac- I commodated with a furnubed front room by au plvtncot 90 West Jackson-SL, between Jctferson and 1; Utuu-siß. 'TO KENT—At No. 11 East Randolph -1 et.lmnlßbedrc.OTn, with or without hoard, for two gentlemen—cas, closet, best location, private fam ily. No. 11 East Randolph*!. r pO RENT—Pleasant furnished rooms L tulmMc for gentlemen, at £'i6X con venient to Business. r PO PENT—A pleasnut Varnished front X room, tor gentlemen only. Inquire at 72 Van Bureatt. r ro RENT—A port) double room ($12.50 I permontb).atdlnmltur«forsaielow. call,be tween 1 and 2or »ano 8 o'clock to-day. Room !15 ; pecc'a meet. De&rbort-st. Eo Hcnt-gitores, ©tSees.&e r PO RENT—Clioice Easiness Slacd—A 1 rare opportunity. No* I4U and 111 illlllari B ock. N. E carter «>t Clark a-;rt Wnter-st*., Horn May 1. 18C7. itcywlll be leased togetner or s-p*riteiy. TPcfpaciotu* twsement may also te secured with the sued alter May Ist. ISTB. apply to C. A. SPRING, Room No. W Larnun Block. TO RENT—By Holz <e Yolkman, 218 i Ltke-tt., th* socordflftor.dlvMcd lu three larre rooms. Will answer tor manufacturing shop or for any other bonnet*. TO RENT—A good business corner lor atmuot Tears,MiSQ feet, ca the northwest cor ner ot Nortl Clark and Indlana-st*. A good opportu nity fcr Investment is offered Aoply to J. A. &TEW ART, tKI3 Kjuzlo-rt, or J. EDWARDS PAY. Boom No. VX Lem »ard Ul-cx. fpO KENT— Second (2d) nrd ihird I (Sd) Hours at SO Lake-st. Apply to PHELPS, DODGE Sc CO. npo BENT—Prom Ist May nest, five -1 story marble-ftort hnPdirc on* Clara-su, near Lake, hm.dlnz finished thrrnghout In superior sty e. Rmt f 4.WJC ocr untnm. Upper stories m»y be so sub let as to reduce tt-e cost of store and bafrmtuit v> j.'.OWor ie«». Appiy to YOUNG & SPRINGER, No. ti MetropriitAn Block. rpo KENT —Eor a term of years, a fine I store, with basement, on Lako-st.. bC’w«ea D *ar born and LaSalle. Hunt t 5,000. Note but responsible parties reed apply. Address “DVROX," Tribune olllce. 1 npO BENT—On Lakc-st—The second H and third stories of iron front sterc on north side cf Lake-st.. betwe-n sts:*-st. and Wabosh-ar. A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate OtUuc, 7M tropohtaa Dock. TO RENT—A pood cilice. Ciillntßoom O No. 133 South Clark'St. Ahc, fcr sale, a small fire-prooi soft*. HpO RENT—From Mav Ist, Hie large * bnr* store No. .'IS Smth Water-sL Apply to WM. M. TURKMAN, 212 North Waterst. TO RENT—The enure second floor o I*o7 Latent., at JCO per month; also, office inr rltnreforsa.e Apply to GRANGE SARD, Jr„ SS Mlchlgan-ar. TO RENT—A good store on Oearborn !t., south cl Washlngtt n. Al«o. three rooms suiw ai-ie for housekeeping, far two persona only. Addreai Fultcn-st. SSHaiueo— SLa isem. 1757 ANTED—To Kent—A cottacc house ▼ V In a good ndchborhood. On the North ?ld* atd near nty ilml’s preterrud. Would take pos-**Bloi atauy llmclxiwctro no>v and Ist of May. Addreaa F. O. Box 19. XITA-NTED—^To Rent—A fiood npuso, V» cot lalritgl?orlt rooms, eattsole for a first class boarding hoiirc. on the South Stax, north of Vitn Uuien-sL, between now auo ih* mof May. I'lei»n ad cress, slating location, *‘H RW,” P. O. pox 1001. \*R7 ANTED— Imoso, lor V* resilience of aphy-lclan. Address LK'YIS norOE,M. D., 101 Dfcarbort-st,or 4S East -fact- BOD-Bt. WJ AKT V D— I To Hem—By a prompt* V V paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or »evm rooms, f n tr.e Sontb Side and ccnveormttothfeTrlbane otlitc. Either furnished or untarnished. Address M L E C.” Tribune office. WTAA'TED—To Rent—By May let, a V V room 20 br 2f, or a snail house. Address Miss **M,” 35!) rupcnoMt. VX7 AKTbT)—To Rent—A house, for V\ ko»plrg day hoarders. Mutt be on Sonin Side, Cfl tt cl L-s die ft'-d corth ot Mnnroe-it. WUI pay good mt. Address P.O, \TS7 ANTED—To Rent—Cottage, six to VV eielit rooms. Address ••TENANTi” care Box 2575. wnbi cation and tcr«r i. 13atiuctfi gHanteb. PARTNER— Wonted A middle-aged iaoy partner, with a small capital, to Join tbs ad vcnlicr in alight maraifactorlnc busUess. that nays ■x ell. J;est rc'erencc? rc-imred and given. Address “ALPUEUs,” Tribune office. TSART.NER—Wanted —With $30,000, 1 to encase in n ptonuti e nanar*ctarin; business. Address J. B. WED&TEB. Tribune office. .MANAGED. PARTNER Wanted —An enenrclic man. with SSOO, to uke a half Interest in an e* tautened bn iiu-sb, paylue * law profit. App.y at SPEER A BRO.’S. 107 Sooth Clark. gTorrcsponticnce agaanteh. .Dan Bryant CtOKKESPONDENOE Wanted A / few lady correspondents, between the age* of IT and si, by iwo yoa-g men <t g'Od adtrese. Object, In nrovt-ment and occupation lor leUnre hoars. Ad ams CHARLES HAMILTON and J. H. BOSS, Chica* So Post otace. auction Sales. JQASIEL SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 1«4 Lak«"BtM c~r. Cbicaeo. CMh advanced oa Mcrctisadlae coajleaed for sale. Out-docr eaies prompUT attended to. AUCTION— At Daniel Scott & Co?s Auction Room-, 161 Likert., at 10 a. m., on Thursday. Kcb. tiSlb. 1567. Catalocue Salt* of about 130 case* asiortel Chicago Custom-made Ladles* sa “ £>hoca. DAltlkL SCOVT « UUh Anctioutcra. JM. REFOLDS, Auctioneer, , 127 DEARBOBN**T. Sell*, on THURSDAY, Feh. 2Sth, st 10 o’clork a. m„ at 109 Dcarborn-st., Shelving, f*hnw Cases, D» ski*. Chairs. Coant- err*. Doors. ?»a»b. Fiaturca, Ac. A DUTTON, at Tame) Scott & Co.’s /V Auction Booms. 161 Latest., .. , w cm TUESDAY Evening. sth March, at * o’clock. - Rare and Valuable Corns. Autographs, Ac., In all about ttd iota. Cnlaffieues to b<* had at the Auction Boom*. Monday motnltg. DANIEL 6COTT & CQ„ Anctionecrs. / ILBEKT & sAftlPSOft. VX General Auctioneers. 47. and 19 Dcarborn-st. Large assortment of FURNITURE, ttoO., AT AXJOTIOW, On FRIDAY, March Ist, at 10 o’cloca, will be said at otu saesrootn*. 47 and 49 Goaf born-*U* aipiendid ossortrrent of Parlor. Chamber and Glnlng-room Fur ntmrc. including stveial very fine potl.n oil wainu Chan ber Suites and Parlor bcM, together with a cone ral assortment rf Household G**odj GILPMtT A SAMPSON. AncUonceta. rpHE - ENTIRE STOCK OP FINE I JEWELRY. SILVER-PLATED WARE, GOLD tVATCiibb and FANCY GOODS ot the moit elegant patterns, at E. 11. STEIN’S, 70 e?outU Clarlt-st., AT AUCTION, EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, Until the entire stock 1* disposed of. . WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneers. A. EUTTEUS & coj Auctioneers <S; Cominiseion Merchants 4, & 4lf H.A Between State-*t. and Wabssh-av., Hold rcmiar sai**, attnar salesrooms, ct DBT OiKsm, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES. &C.. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. fcL, every SATURDAY. gitorfeljolticrs' jHceting. jVTOKraWESTEUN GLASS COM- At a mcfttn* of tbe Board of Director# of the North- Western Glass Company, held on the llln dsv of Feb ruary. IK7, It wa# ordered, that a meeileg of the otock holders of said Con pacy be D*!d at the office ol the ♦ ompany.yo, 2-18 S?nth Water-*!, Chicago, On S-oturdav. .Kerch Olb, !So7* At 2 o’cl. ck p. to., at which tin e and bjaesa pmooel lion will t>e RobmlUed to a«d meeting, that the capital stock ot aalcuCompaoy be diminished to Two Hundred Thousand Dot.are. . _ , N. LUDISGIOS, J* FaRK- Jil- J. MBDILL. A, P, KELLBT. W. H. F.BETSIKGBB. F. B. SHOSIWAT. M- TALCOTT. Directors. San? Ittills, iSnglues, Stc, qpHE LAKE & EODLEY • triable Circular Saw Mil)s : TOBtASLE STEAM ENGINES, stilaeit ftljwiiEßfc C:n, Mill, wi Sbamii,. "Wooi* worems Macmsery. I.ANK St ItUDLET, corner cl John asd ctnclanati. r.npllcants for descriptive ctrcuiat* will ipeaty the m*cbi- '-.rf tt>*y tie***. _ gW— pOAL! COAL! TO THE TEASE. ffOO Tons DBIAB HILL COAL tor salfc ta yard or delivtred. y pr DcV=n town Office, 3'J Cmk-et. iKeal 35afatc-(gttg. I?OR SALE—By Snyder h Lee, Real C Estate Ajretts, No. A M'trap'Utvn Block, ft frame house or U room*, mad lot, No. 320 Warren-st., agar Lincoln. LfOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real C Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, twonew frame bon-esof 8room», and lou, onWasnlngton-sL, near Lincoln. f7OR SALE—House and ‘ot—House one F* year old, oteely located. Price fS,OCO; improve ments trsi 95.00 C. Most be sold soon. B. H. CUM MINGS. Room 19 No. 152 --onlb Clark at. I7OR SAIaE— A good house m theSonih r Dtvlalon. •< rooms. Lot 23x153. Pr1c091350. PE TES bHLM e, pa Monroe-st. • I7OR SALE —New cottage on West r Side, with lease of lot, containing six rooms, with «iolhcs-pre*s and pantry, and water in tie uuhaa. apply at IS2 south Ore .-D-at, I? OR SALE—House and tunutuie, on £7 leased lot (five years.) Ground rent only 5100 a year. Ma-t be so’d. as the family la about to leave the city. Inquire at ]2B Eourth-ar. 17 OR SALE—Lease and furniture of one S. of the best houses cn Icdiana-av., near Eighteenth tu Modern Improvement*—a'l In perfect ordir. UEO. BNYDEB, 106 Kandolph-sL, Boom 8. PR SALE—A fine trame house on West Adsms-st.. tear Balited, it rooms. ga«, bathroom. 4c.; lot 28>tx199. Price 95,000. A. B. MEAD. 131 Bandolph-su T7OR SALE—On Park-av., near the r park, a flrsvclaasflac-.tbonsswUhhrlck base ment and all modern Improvements; lot 50*132. A. B. MEAD, 151 Randolpo-st. I7OR SAlE—'W T aba?h-av, Property. X Marble free! hstueon Wahasb-av.... $25,0)0 MarblefrontfcocseonWahash-av 3hoiX) yiarole frost boose on Waba'h-av ts.OM Elm-class frame hrose on Waba&b-av lAOO9 Two fnc brickhnaseaon Wabi«h-av n each.. . 9.ofd Fine residence lot on Wabash-av., at 5.653 OLLNGER 4 WALLER, { Real Estate Browrt, SB Waablngton-st., Rooms t and 2. r?OR SALE—House ana lot on WaliasL 1 aTy between Ttun»enih and ewt front. lot UxiSO feet. Brlc< boose, 9 rooms, medern tmpr&vemfnt*. hot and cold water, rath, three marnie mantels, gaa fixtarcs. boi air far. ac“. lame stable— evrinhlrg inpeifrct rrdcr. iTice 916AC0. TSOS. PARKER. No: 3 Methodist Chnrch Block. F’OH bALE—On Pourth-av., neai Polk* st., comfortable dwelling, with lot, cheap; some ch'ap cottages on West Fnlton-sU J. D. HARVEY, ?S Lagalle-st. F)H SALE—On Mlchtgan-av., very de sirable residence, ncxr Fiurieroth-s*.; also, cheap bouse acd lot near Twenty-tonrtD-*L, on Mlc <lgns-av.: o:i two bonsts, with flitj--feet lots. J. D. HARVEY, 7S Lahalle-stT POU SALE—By Snyder &Lee, Real Es ta»e Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two neat, ntw frame cottage noa-fy. oi a roouts each, and lots. Nos. 664 ana ti 66 West Washlngton-st, between Lincoln and Robey. [TOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real L Estate Agrots, No. 4 Metropolitan a dlw amt batemeni brick house, of 13 r.ota*. ail modern improvtmcris. and iJtiJleet on Michi- mar Twcnty-nnh-it. t?OU SALE—ReaI Estate—By Warren X 1 & Gcodrteb. 125 Diarbom-st, Boom 2: ia feet cc Washltgton-st, tear Wejis-at. 53 f?ct on 3licalfrac-av.. near Madiaoa-sl. H 2 Pet or Wabash-av .rear Hnlbird-conrt. S 3 im cnlwenty-second-st, near tndlana-av. 50 fert on pear etxtoer-th-st. 150 fm cn VinccLics-road. n-ar Douglas-plaee. :5« lectonMiu •t^-iL.marCsss-st. :%0 ftei cn Michiganite Loroir l'inc-tt. 50 fret on Nnrth Dcarbont-5 7 ., coruer Elm-st. so fc»t on North State-iL, 2W» feel on West Jacksot*st„ near Hslsted-st. 39 fret on Monroe-kt., between State-st. and Wabash-av. 8i ft tt on South Water-st., corner Franklin. MO feet on Norte C aik-st., adjotilng bride-. 55 ltd i n Cttiact near Twentv-fonrth-ftt. ABc, a large axonnt cl other propeity, lutruved and unimpri-ved, in all part} ot tbc city, at low pMces aid on liberal terms. F'OB SALE—By Snyder & T ee, Beal Efita'e Acplw, >o. 4 Metropolitan Block. a lot. at by isfc ie*i, oo TUtoop***.. between Monroe and A<i nma. fronting Jelfrrion Fark. F'OB SALE—By S. H. Kertool & Go. Real Estate Brokers, 71 Dcarborn-sl. 127 feet o. VTabnah-av., north Cat teti (fences. r?OK SALE —Lot No. ICI South Clark f (t, between Madison and M'-nroc, 3Uf Pet treat. Inquire of JUIIN FUUSY'UIE. 133 Randolph-*!. i/OK SiVLE—Lots on '\Vaba?h-nv.. SSIOO 1 each; Jots on Blue liiand-av., few eich. Two tears ht-uce lh«v will sell lor doome the money. GEOLGE A WILLIAMS, 7 Sooth Clark-st. F*OK SALK—Four corner lots and nine Inside lot* on Samtamop, Peoria and Grces-ts; one boose and lot on ••rcen*st.: two Select lota on Grccn-H. T. F. BALDWIN. 104 Itacdclph-et. ESlanfeU-slacal Estate. TAT ANTED—To I’urcbasc—Any one VV Laving a bouse and lot on Soa'h Side, cast of Clark ktdiortb ofTwcllth-st, worth from *1,503 to fcf.WC. who l» willing to tutea patmectof fiOO down, and f JWI every tlx moctlis until paid for, can hear of a pprrbater by adilmoidc to O A C.** 112 Wabosh-ar. ivcal Estate—©cuntrs. T7OU SALE—A mrm ot ICO acres, wilh- I lu one mtlo of a ratfread station and 17 miles (rom Chtcaso. " e>l wat-re-t. bullnfees over 5- 0 fruit ttevs, anc stocked with cow*. WIU sell with ot wilt* •mtCDwr. Al*o, 0-10 a> r« the above, m lota to euit purcliafera. Apply at 133 KiDZie-nt. JTOK SALE—623 Acres. A splendio r farm nine mllce south ot thw Riilf-ma station. .•QOflcr.p irdcr plow,ao In tame grass. 3 nouses, atocK, water, bearlDpotchsrd. a large araonntof hvdslni;, Ac.. Ac. *n per acre. A. d. CROPSEY, FaUbory. Livingston County, ill. F’OU SALE-i-Eor cash and part time some of the best stock and cram far** tn North wcslt-rt lowa, tlmnr-ard pralne ailjp-.n*ns. o?rma zent rum Inc water, and title perfect. Township plats with college, rallroadatd vacant lands. tlmb»r. prai rie and water accnrntciy markeu, furnished at Si- In formation free. Apply to or addies* J.S. PRESCOTT, Brown’s Book Store. Commbua, Wls. 170 R fcALE—lllinois Strck Farm—frlU X' acre*, all improved, near .lo'.lfl. 111., S 3 taifes trom Cliicacc, known aa the ”.lrnes Farm,” valued at JW.i 00. Must h** sold at a sacrifice to clo«a an estate. For p'ttlrniarn addre** MATTOCSS & MASON. F. U. Box 1969, cnlcato. lib I7OR 6AI.F—A very desirable country P rtMrtt me. six ■miles north ot the city Utnlta, con vci text (a L. and on tee finest read for dnvlnc. o>iol CMruno Lara- hinn*. of W rooms, b*eld*i* kitchen and cellar, handsomely flntsbcl inside and out. wdltliadcd with trt-s; do, carriage house, tee 1 nufc, splrtflii' *lcr given Ist of May, Address “D,” Drawer 6137, Otlcsgo, Hi. 17 OR SALE—A large trad ot lowa laud, 1 at low prices Title perfect. Also, Illinois *ild Intics, at reasonable fgurcr. T. 17. hELFIELD & CO., lb a) fcstate Aevuts. 10 I’. O. Block. iaUßinese vithauess. POK bALE —The Madison City Steam a Mill, with DMltloy nttHch‘d. la complete ruunln? rder. Ihetmli wt‘i grinds,«Kfl poerds floor, and t-e dls«llle»> mnlOOhushcscratn. dally, citiu. »hM(, us-tin u*es ano ■ Dice* compete. Good inn of custom verb, soft lome demand for all prodoctlors. Can be caulT converted Itto n vinegar rartury or brewery, U •-•ocrectlonwlthtb** mill. A floe opportunity for a bailee bnsipe**. WIV esctance forcnlcago pr-perty. Address H. C. MANNING. Madlsua.Wi*. FOR SALE—A nrst-class I’Botosropli Gallery, at a bargain, In the city ofLarorte, fool* •«na. Address PHOTOGRAPHER. Post Office Cox t?Q. Lapcric. Indiana. C'Oli bALE—Grocery stoic, stock, lease S? andflxinTCf—abar^aln; 'iwelilnfflorfamlly. Im mediate possession, owner cMlc In country. Apply at 10i ScttpwicK-bJ.. North bide. in OR bATiE—At a bargain—An interest V tnamatmlhctunngbnalnesslncood running or •ur. Cal at or address No. 26 Jeflertou-M., bctwejn Rcndo thfcd atd trom ito 4 t». tn. ________________ COR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures P of a boot and tboesttre, la a good location and colag a rood business. SLO 1 0 or wtll Vuy u. Ap ply to iba BROWN, Iteal Esute Agent, 2b Milwau kee- ay. F-OR &AlE—One halt or whole interest la a trannlactnrlng onelntss. Nocoapctjtl-'t. ««!esprrroarent. IroOts at«hnlc.*ale, 10U per cent, wn be sold tor JSCO it fttpied for soon. Apply at 21S Washitgton-rt., Ir basemeni- £?OK JSAI.E —The advertiser offers lor P sale his Inteiwt la ansannftctnriQg and lumber business. Persons having $19,000 tu Invest will find this auunusnalopportunitylornrofltablolnvestment. For ipfoimailoc.address l\ O.Bcx 1230, Chicago, lll. r?OR SALE—A good saloon, turnitnre P indfixinjes, now dome a good bnsluesj. House cootsln'iielorcoms.»nd threeyesrß’Uate. Apply to T.F. HENRY. 20 West Randolpb-el. TT-OK SALE—A. bakery and conteclion F cry in the be*t lo:ation ot the city. Inquire at OS North Clark-su FOR SALE—Valuable Mill Property— Oce Among the be*t steam Confine mil’s in South ern lowa, containing three ran of foar-teet bans, e-- cme ana boiler It good order, merchant and custom bolt* of the beet—no better in a*r. The mill 1» ail ln eood reovtr. and m a gcod location. Waw and tael in For further particulars, address WM. go aBP & SON* Falrfleld. lowa. FOR SALE— Stock and lease of a small cn eery on the South Side c*n be onrebased at a great bargain, and mn»tbe w\thlntwo dava. SIOO will bay it. GILBERT ft BENEDICT, 132 CUrk-Bt., Room 7. ‘ FOR SALE—At a sacrifice, the entire household fornltnre at N*». 459 North Wells^t. Hocsc to be rented cheap to a good’eraat. To be seen at I o’clock every day U:1 Friday evnang. FOP SALE—Prop. “Gcncssce Chief,” cow lylpg at Detroit, Michigan. U:a»» A,2. Ton. n»cc (old measurement), 3M. App'y to WM.£. •» A*y KINER, Detroit, Ml'lu or to HAIUIIS & DUO., M LnsDC.'.?t, Chicago. FOR SALE—At tfie Lake Tounel—One 35 horse powtr engine and upright tabular holl-r. one H 1 horsr pew-renstaeand nprlghttn n ar ojiwr. One 15 bo» m power erc-nc and upnvn t tnbttiar ooiier. Tbcsecnclnseaud hcilen are tew, have been in ose but a very short time. _ 2M» t«ITr»U. weighing 23 »s. to the yard. 1 large tan for ventiialloD, M. M. Aldens patent, built expre -sly (or this work 3 fl e. well-broken ; om g mules. . . 2 pomps aid 2 sets Improved holstlcg apparatus am. 'fVcars, capacity 1 cubic yard. Aiargntotof tools. A lot <4 H: oer and lumber. . . Also, the bniidlnss. (beds, ootbooses, Ac., connected with the Lake Tunnel. A lot of cost and wrought scran kjo. a. IOS oi ““iJCLL & GOW AN, Contracture Office, thorc shaft Lake Tunnel. T?OR SALE —Vessel Brig Robert r Bora*, clave* 81. In rood orter. and excellent ontSL Capacity. 17.000 On com « r M v> ll* he sold on easy icrms.-App y to HESEY b. H AL*-TP D & CO-G Steele’s Bl'-ch, c.iD«f South Water and La- Salle-ets. TTOR SALE—Tinners’ tods for sale. JP One mu iet. null or wllhnt bmrlin. nnjjbff" nstd Icttan one jtiT. Address tS.J. DOOLITTLE, jacwvllle, vns, F*OI? bAlaE—schooner Kate Hichmoot a i, carries is 000 bn ora cr ISJ m lumber. No la this port. ELKINS A MiERBILi. COR SALE —Sheep Pelts, Sheep Pelts, r i coo {elected Sh> cp Pelts can be bought at a fair rain. A rare parties puUlacwool. Ad dress B. D. HIGGINS, Dlxoc, lIU T?OR SALK—Secondhand imnber, in I 1 qnantltlts to suit pm chasers, and the buildings knows a* • Floral Ha l” a d "South Auiohlthcaire,” at the rMcairo Driving Park. Inquire on the crounds.or at 13 Chamber of Commerce. P)R SALE—One set c.f tools, chesp. It applied fur within a few days. The too:* can be sen. at 364 Kankaaee-ay. FDR SALE—Houses and lots; lease, fnniUme, dc., ol hotels, hoardioe tomes, restan rants, erocerles, ard tmp’rty of every description. Good barcslis. GaPERr * BENEDICT, 13« Cla-fr >u Room 7. _ F'OR bALE—Cheap, a mcc pony, bug bt, hurtcfß. and whip, together or ♦cparat**. Can be seta at J 139 between 10 and i ; or, aAdrca* M C B," Boom Oft Reynolds* blocE. TT'OU SALE—A heinltmi saddle horse, r lady or ccntjcrran; tfcht tests o’d, in prime con dition. apply toC- J. ADAMS. I-nmMr Merchant, comer Adszzu and, Canal-? ts. FOR SALE—An express wagon and toise, at a bargain. Applyat93£outbCaaal-gU TXT AN TED—A eood 1 orse, harness and VV topbnjrcy together or 3 :rarate. for cash, or «• Efcarce tor real estate IQ Use city. J. H. KJLBIAB. lt»9 Sonth Clatk-flt. F OR SAXE—Jnst arrived, a carload «t flre,larcedraTißhlhorae*, prime Ohio at Mini- Krs & Cotton’s stables, 147 Stalest. DK. C. V. VTAKP. _ _ .. _ ffloal. T) RENT—Pianos, Organs and Mclo dec ns; also, new and seoopd-t aod rianosftr sie op Urrtpviw.nts, Teemed in iLstaUaeats* \Y. n. KIMBALL, 63 WacblDitOMt, lAPBOTSb, GMUUfUUVBB, jfor sale. fpntsca. Carriagts, &c. >.\TT:n—At 51 Lake-st., a good horse for an eipre s wagon. , sJianog. aaaawtcß-iHafr !Kctp. BOO&KEEPEBI* Ac. TTTA'NTED—A first class salesman in VV • wholesale boot and sboe store; ane who can Influence trace In Wisconsin a'd lowa preferred. To tberlfttitmanaUberaißalarv will bepald. Appiy ta iTnica to MANN 4 DEALS. No. 91 Horcn-SL,iI!l wankee, WiJ. VX7ASTED—A lew good salesmen to \v travel withournew Haad Stamp. Ooodwag>s and steady employment. Afldris»,wUh stamp, U. D. H \MJLTON « CO., Cleveland, O. \H7 ANTED —100 smart, energetic, live VV xpcotoaeUonoofthoxstdomesacardcieteTer Offered lor sale. Has no compeottrm. Every family wants trnxn two to a down. Profit very .arze. Call Ira mtdlaiely at IS4 booth Cark-et* Boom 9, np stairs. J.H. NASON. \\T ANTED—Good salesmen can secure VV permanentempioymentwlta lireralsalaries, by applying, with rrferctce, at 1215 Dearborn sL, Boom iy. o. D.OP.VXS& co. TV7ANTFD—Two young men, horn 15 V* to 20 years ol age. Most write well and be cor rect atfifores. Apply at EINSLEX’d. ITT ANTED— I want three coed men V V that are willh gto work, to canvass the city. Good wages guaranteed. Apply »tiai Stalest. TXT ANTED—Canvassers—One or two V V good canvassers to solicit advertisements Ora Trade Circular. Apply at Ko. 40 Staie-au TS7ANTED—Two clerks lor recording. VV . Address ALLAN PINKERTON. 92 a:d 94 Washlngton-st,, Chicago, setting Ibrth previous occu pation, description and references. personal appdea tioss will not no entertained, WANTED— A smart yonng man, to solicit advertisements on anew thing, wn»re he can make from (5 to £lO per day. Apply pt 106 Mon too-et. - TXT ANTED—An active yonng man, of V Y good education, to learn the dragbasSn&H. In aflist-class presenpuon drugstore. A binns will be expected with the sotrcessfOl applicant. Apply at 50-1 State-at., corner Taylor, Chtcaco. TTTANTED—As potter m a grocery VV and commlstloo bonse, a man who bas had some experlerce tn bamUltc soods, 4c. A German who sneaks good English prefsneo. day. 2Tlb. frrm 9tolo a. tn M to O. t.KNOPFEL 4 230 and 252 Sooth Water-sL, Chicago. TB&DES. TTTANTED—A loreman capable of V V mar aging a tin shop, to go into the country a short distance, whereeteadyemptoymentan^’good;par can be baa. liqn«re at CROsS, DANE 4 WEST LAKE'S, 50State-at. atocce. WANTED —A emodbaegv and wagon VV palstcr. to go to Wankcgao. Steiyv workand rood wares. Apple to UHHAU 4 CRABTREE, Wau kegan. or to JOHN 1L WALSH, Western News Dc pot, Chicago. YXT AIvTED —A cood cutter, tor a mer- V\ chani tiiio'lnvbQsTneßlnalsrgecoantry town. .tQOlre at GO and 62 corner Rmcolph* sieifi. 84lE8WOffi2r(, IF'JDKS, At. WJ ANTED—A dressmakei thoroughly V v acquainted with dressmaking, to occnpy a pc'- manett »ltuaUcn In a cllT s-«n:h of Chicago. Apply to MB. BEAD, at J. R. Shay 4Co.*i, Lske-kt. \\J iiNTED—An elderly woman, capa- V v Die of acting as housrkct per or companion to n lady. She must not be afraid of work, may have to trace!, be competent to Seep accounts, strictly tempe rate-bave a strong w>li and Luab et> control. Salary email, tat ettcation permanent. One from the country prejrrred. AcMipkc stating particulars, "iV* Box 400. Chicago I*oßl office. TT7 ANTED—An experienced girl, a VV Prote?iaaf,toa*stsllni,iCCftrco( w l«-feat atd do plain sewing and lisrnt housework. Belt city refer* r: ce rcqnlnd. Apply at S 9 TMrd-ar,. between 10 and 12 a.m. WANTED —A good cook, -washer and Irootr. at si fraihingtoa-st., corner of Wa* ba>h av. Gcod reference* required. TTTANTED—A good girl lor general VV honse»orfclnasm*llltnmy. Nonehutacaps* Me one need apply. Good wanes. Apply at 47 South May-it. \\7 ANTED—A first class girl, expert* VV freed in dliluproom wore, at 531 Indiana* el„NoithSidc. Wagc*|3. W r ANTED—A good cook, washer and 1 ironer. Good wages to a competent pc.-sor. Apply at 6'jl Mlchigon-av. \\T AKT£D—At 833 West Washington- VV st.. a middle-aged woman, to cook, wa*h and iron, and milk a ccw. A Rood permanent situation. good wagts and prompt pay. A Protestantpreferred! Inqulieat 228 Wa»oliigtoa-gt. T\7 ANTED—A respectable middle-need V v p«Tfoa, to eupmntenc the domestic affairst-C a email hocicbclrf. A gcod chance for oie who desires a home Must come well recommended. Address Drawtr SSS 4. Chicago, 111. TX7 ANTED—A good girl that can cook, Vv wa-h and trot. Must have eood reference. A Sorweclan or German preferred. Apply at 170 ilon* rce-it.. corser of LaSalle. W 7 ANTED —A relwhle person as cham- W bermald and second girl. Apply at vJS9 1111- nolt-st. in mediately. TXT ANTED—A healthy wet nurse, im- Y V mediately, at IC6 Tbirq-av. VTTANTED—A good girl to do general VV One that can co ne well recatn mended. Inquire at No. gQ Wlllard-place. "WT ANTED—A girl in a small Lmnly, VV for ceneral homework. No. 93 lilll-sL, near corner cf Well*, North tide. WANTED —A good cirl do general homework. Good reference Apply at 24S Fuiton-tL, at Room No. 10 Post Qfllce Block. V\, r ANTED—A first-class cock. One VV that can ctrt op orders In cood style. Apply at iralaco Hall liciaurant, 133 Dear:om-st. WANTED —Girl to co housework in a family cf three persons. To a good elrl good watts will be paid. No. 11)59 Indiana corner TwcLty-thtre-st. Wi ANTED —AeirI to do general bouse* V V work. Apply at I'ig North Carpeater-et. _ ®®antco—^fitsctuas^ctis TXT AN TED—Active men can make V V Irom *33 to tM per we«r—caTfentetn twice as n ticli. Call *nd see, or ireid otamplorcircu ar. Dcarbcrn-st.. Reom‘A. UOPKINS BROTHERS. \\} ANTED—By a accountant VV bavins part ol his tlmcnoemn’oyeiLapct'd iKK-kaloteepevcnuiKS. Add'es* ” ACCOUNT ANT,” T nbm.e office. WT ANTED—To exchange a chance to k I mate a fortune tn Ptnrsylvauls, Minnesota, Miwonnor 1 ltn< 1». lor hon-os, carriages. real estate or cath. A 0. BROWN & CO.. 13S Wwt. W 7 ANTED —At the National Hotel—A VV second-handMUUrdtihlc. ct bleocal*tcbcd. Apply at the bote. or send particulars. ViJ ANTED—PupiIs—A French lath, Vf twelve year? a nflcent in Cbicag.'. wi-he, to obtain a <ew scholan m Frecch. The best of references can bey irec. Ten* s reasocable. Fur pirtlcnlais in q» ire at No. 1-9 North WelU-st. \A7 ANTED—An energetic man with V V f tOO to 1500. to encage In a money maklncbusi cess. Will bear strict Inrc-tlgatioo. Apply at 191 Sontb Clark-sL Boom A. from 9 a. m. to 3p. m. \J|, T ANTED—To purchase cue-half in .V V tercst In a fli*t-class reta'l drug store. In a cen tral location in this city. An experienced drnjnrlst it deVrtmer.l purchasing a* above. Address P. O- Boa G 022. Chicago. VX7 ANTED—Persons -with a small cape VV tal, *o encase m a bnslne*s in they cap make irom is to *lO oer day. Call on aOELUON ± CO„»ttbe New York Eoase, 3-9 lUndoli»h-»t. YX7 ANTED—A stock ot goods, worth VV frem 86.000 to safflO. lor which I wilt exchange desirable farmm. lands In lows and. Wisconsin. Ad dress ••CLIV’ care of ISAAC CLAFLLN, B-*al Estate Agtnt. 93 Chicago. 111. W ANTED —Merchandise, in exchange for real estate, imoroved and unlmprovcil. \l«o seme choice city lota to exchange for rnrt cash and bftUtc- inmetthambse. W« ; •irhfcDge three pUncs. . Aoply to WLBOaR & £Q>. Room 1> Reynolds’ Block- Address BuX 419. i3oartnn« BOAKDINU —A lew gentimen can tlnd good board and pleasant rooms at 227 Mtchl eac-st., near corner North State and convenient to builLcsa. moderate. t>OAKDXNG —A small private lamily, > living m a peasant Iccadty on the West Side, bavltpp.cre room than ttey n-eo, would like one or two ynung gent emcn, with ntexceptlonHDle relerences as tu character and respectability, and furnish taeo with ail inecomiortsot a home at a reasonable rate. Atidms “ W,” We»t bide Feat Office. OOAHDING—Two yonne gentlemen Lj can be accommodated with board and pleasant rcoms, at S 4 Adamant.; also, two with day bdard. f>OAKDING— A pleasant suite ot nn } fan»*hetirocTOatoreat,wuh boar-L for gettle man and wife. Localise near Mlcti!ca>av. and Ham sot-tt, Adcrees P. O. Box 12C6, Chicago. T> OARDING—Ten to sixteen centlemen can be accommodated with good" board and pleasant rooms, atlllO East Adams sl. AtsWday boarders can also be aecommodated. BOARDING— A ramwhed room, suits bie f*r a gentleman and lady, to rent, with board, at 269 West Kandolph-et. Beferenct a reqnired. TDOAKDING— Neatly furnished rooms, f) W uh nm-class board, in a private lamily, at 176 5-cnth Cllnton-st. 1> OARDING —Desirahlcroom foi a gen '> tlcmar and wife, with flrsbc’ass board-, also, one single room an<’ arcommodaduns lor a lew day board* < f». Apply at 297 Mlcblgsn-st. T7OARDING—Two larae, finely lur I) nlsbedrcoms.snltablefhrsmao and let. with beard. Terms moderate. Applyat3o& Fol tot-st. T>OARDING—One laree front room to • ) rent, with board, suitable for a centlrmao and wife or two single semiemeu, at 74 Jackson-st_ two Mock* sooth of Post Oflhe. i > CARDING—A suite of trout rooms, J'* nrftm !>bed,'with board, deslraMefjr parties re rnlrlrc the con»rorP» <-r a onlet home. la » private tarn liy. Inaulrcat 1?3 West WasMcsto:-st, Befereacca rcqnirea. TJOAKDING —Comfortable rooms and 1» grod board, at moderate price, at US Btate-st, oieMtckfrom tnePcat Office. T3OAUDIKG —GentLiren desirous o£ a O coitfortihle hr use, elegant front rooms and good brnrd.Jnar«pectableraint!J. Urine on Waha«b-av., r« t very fa’ from Pest Office, But references re quired Address t *C, H P.O. Box 13*40. r> OAKDINQ—In the connttj. A ram -11 ilfcf three to six persons can find a mo»t pleas ant placet-* spend the summer, near railroad aro on ttamiiui ptieam.hy adtiitaxinx ”011. Trthgn.ofllce- TSOARDIKQ —Pleasant rooms, with or O without b ard, can he obtalnea at Briggs House Xo. S. S 8 Mooroc-s’. Stable to rent. , r>OARDIK&—Two choice front rooms, I) furnished or unftirntehed, each suitable for a get* tinnanlndwlfr, with freedom of home, as In prtrats ffli”. 8l»« *43 West Lafee-aL, between Peoria and SauimiLon. » iSoiixn Mantel?. BOARD— By two stogie .ccctlemen, ina wlvate fatmlv—one where there are no oth*r boartersprtfrmd ’ »«'of rtforeucea given. Address, w Uh tcrnt,“L H G.” Tribute efflee. Fi OAKD—Bv a pemleman and wife, in > a private lamliy, where there are so other board ers. Will be permanent. It suited. Addrew, staling terms. “E B D. f * Tnbute office. T>OARD —In the country, by a pentlc f) rr.*c and wife, during the spring mud summer, iiuat be conveLlent to railroad depot as the centierann d«ei buelntss In Chicago. AddressP. O. sox ddLJ. Cbicaro. IIU OAED —A gentleman and wile want a O p eanartfomtic'd room, with board, to a pnrate family, or where are lew boarder*. Mast be on tne Scntn Side, north of Harrlson-et, Address *‘L 0,” Tri bute office. BOARD —Bv a physician, in a lannis wberebccfta*t»yiortte nme In-tcedlcai prac tire, non moa tbe South Side. Auirras *■ M D,' Tnbmcofllco. * apersonsuU PERSONAL— 1 am n young map, wj no relation?, acd IT lliere are mer not too Old to be jstod.ana wto wve »oe ean ccd a t'UC pnrti cr through Ufc bf, rMrauro CIT cotficccce, *HM> I).** P. CL sor 1451. Ccioga m- ««'m ste kp£w lo »L"‘r*? ‘J AP, careirluane OQC& nERSONAL—A bachelor desires to cor- K r.SDAtd wttb stmt, rood, respectable girl who cm full* apprectste ft t»*l Itlend. r-CJa address C ufwiUJ emcaco. Situations mimw*. HILBI CITUA.TIONS—Wanted, by an expert* Suga-w tßsSf' laWMuMa. At- SITUATION—Wanted,hv ayotmgmsn O of large mercacUe exuerlesce sad the best refr> tncM, as local or travel mg salesman. e*trr clerk or a-Bisiant bookkeeper. Address, fbr thee*- »p. q. Box 14S0. OITUATXON—Wanted, by a competent O y OO Eg man from the East. In a wholesale cr retail boalceM. Is acted penman and can keep boots. sal ary net so much a consideration u a permanent sttua- Uon. Address, lor three days, •* S K C," Tribune office. QITUATXON—Wanted, as watchman. Cj Good rcftrenccs clven. Address, by letter, PETEK ERPSn6I6 WestfifciHt. CITDATION—Wanted, by a practical U rotter. In a wholesale or retail noose. Hava no objecdontneototho.onntry. Apply.fbr one week, t* 1. LCSCOMDE. 285 South CUrK-»c, Chicago. SITUATION—W anted, bv a Tonne mar k_7 r.edman, posseting a good practical bnsiseaatd ntaoon. a perms- ent situation m wholesale or retail st re. I» conversant with bookkeeping in aS Its branches. Salary not 51 much an object m steady employment. Address “UK s,” Tribune office. O ITU ATI ON—Wanted, by a young VZj who has haa cxpesierte as clerk in a rrocery. References elven as to character. o.“ Tribune office. QITUATXON—Wanted— By a Gennaa O yonng mas, to take care of horses aafi make him iStgroermiynseftU. CaUatydOlaOUaaaT. FEMALES* SITUATION—Wanted—A lady Irom O the East wtshAg a situation as hontekeeper, who Is competent to take fttU change. The best of refer, roces given, if reqnlred. Address “MBS. 51 W,”Trl- Tilbnce office. OITUATION —Wasted, bj a Jadv, as O housekeeper or psvereeas for yonng chVdres. Wonjd have no objection to leaving the city. Beat ot Ttfexroctsgiven. Adfiresa.Car one weet,*'LS,’*ln hnne cffice. ~ CITEATXOy—TVant-d—By a German OProfeaUnt c>rl. (•> do chamber work and plain sew ing. Address, stating wages, -E L,” Tribune of- OITUATION—Wanted—In a private O ftmtlv.hy ftFrenchW’dow lady, ProtreUnt. Haa aTlltle girl tour years of age. Wishes to do chamber work or sewing, or the stneral housework of a small family. Address Miss **A B* n Tribune office. ClTDATlON—'Wanted, os coot, by an O American womans has bad six years’experience loamt-claeshotelin New Encland. Reference inr nlshod. Addrue ** COOK," Tribune oUlce. SITUATION —Wanted, by an American lady, as hon«ekeeper. Understands dre»smalnsg, a’so the care of children. Can cu ing aam cla,* sew ing roact lne with her. Address, tor three months. * v L L C,” box 1189. ILoomingtor, 1»; SITUATION —Wauled,by a widow lady, as nurse for the slck,cr:oran invalid lady; haa had moch experience. Can lurnisb the oe«t ol refcr euces. Adciess MRS. CRAUFOKi.% 257 Sooth Clark-sv QiTUATION —Wanted, as heujekeeper, O to tike the entire charge t fa hono#*. or to do aresa niakiue. Tborouctly onCtrstaoils all kinds ofecwiog. Address “Ml X.'* Tribune office. QITUaTIuN —Wanted, by a Canadian Ij slrL to on cereral hoctework lor a small ftmlly. L'rdcrstacdt »U kinds ot boniewotk. Apply at 10-t A3an.s*«t.- CITUATIONS—Wankeu, by two An.en v - csuspU.lGundll years cf age (ono can 'an a srwUffn-achlPei.todosi'cind wor« tn private Nmi llet*. Apply ut * 89. WHITXAKEB’S office. 226 Cbt cago-av. SIIUATION —Wanted, by a young lady, lnaflrs>-clsss cotfectfonery, Jrr goods **r book store,seciere. Kcfrnncestlv.n. Address “MISS J 51 J.” inbnna office. - SITUATIONS —Wauled, for three good second girl*. Bare also coos* and clr* f r c-n --er*l housework. Apply at MUS. BiLEASTS Office, 136 Stalest QITDATION —Warned—-By a respecta- Ohfe gltl. »i crok. washer aid Ironer. in a Rrat-c>aM family Good reference clven. On Wab**n, Michigan, or Inalar fi-aT. prt-ferrtd. fr re l»ertj-«econaioTwcn ty-i>lxth*»t. Please call Twentieth**. QITUATION —Wanted—By a German C? gtu, to do «7>atatr*wotk*cdtakcc«opf chil dren. Il»«had exp-rlenceln mtctdte nod haad «w* Irs. and can cite good references. Call at 930 ladl aca-av. OITUATIOK—Wanted, by a young girl, a* cLatr.hcnr aid or rune. <w *n r.-i ii*u«ewotk la ams 1 family* Apply at 4 7 Wcmworth-av. iagnitg aiaanieo. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first c’asi canras-er*. gen'lemer, »nd ladle*, for fcHINGTOVS PBAYER AT VALLEY FOBGB.** a newana tnagnibcest-’afeel t price, I3AO. Has occnltar •ttcommcndaUotia which cause Utabe admired by even American, of whatever sector parry. A cents every where are meeting with unparalleled sue* cess, Pobusccra’ ht«ri-e«t commission tnven. Ad* die**. S. 8. BqYDEN, 73 Calcago, UI. AGENTS —Wanted Gentlemen and ladir* thronehont the United Males for our new Book, “LlVEtsof the I'REijinfcNT?.' from Was ft* Ington tc Ji-lmsos, by J. b. C. Abbott. Uio great Histo rian. Complete to one lareevniamt.superDlrllia* listed with steel em:ravines, among whim are por traits of the seventeen president*, battle, set-or*. etc. Thi* Is the only work cf the kind yet onMiahod, and aflords to experienced agenta a rarcopportamty to make money with a spletdld boole. aa<ino competi tion. Exciosive tei n lory and nnblisbcrv* blshest com* roisalon ctvcn. Cooks r-aay for delivery now. S. 8. BOYDEN, 73 Clarfc-sU Ch eaco.lU . A GLNTa—“Wanted—To eupnee m the J\ galeol “THE HISTORY OF ABiiAß»>» LIN COLN AND THE OVEKTHKOW OP SLAVERY,” tD one vol., octavo, 1 73T> page*. By Hon. 1. S. Arnold, late member cf Crmere-i, a d tur over twci,ty years* coi.fldendal triend of Mr. Lincoln. Tbt* iTportaat work vm nnderUKea tbre<* y#a» ago «Rh the an-- prrvalol Mr. Ltnculn. and Is Just U-ned. It 1* ai* rrsdy selling as rapidly a* <De nublitoera have been able to flli onleis. Toe Cist edition ao’d In t «eoty days. For full dejcrln'ton, onMloa ot leadluc naoers ard men. and term*, address the nnbTsheis, CLARKS A CO.,*«Qftnd Washlng*oQ-r.. Chicago. AGENTS- Warned—Justiect*ivctl,Fol (trm'a splendid NEW UNDER-FEED LETTER "A" SEWING MACHINES. Frtce m complete with table. G< rrt marhloca at S2O, FT* ana S2S. I*. ATKIN fcON, 164 KaniWuh-st., Room 6. Chicago, ItL AGENTS —ANanteu—$123 rer month an! expensts. Address SIIAW ACLABKSBW -INO MACHINE Olflcelord. Maine. AGLNTo— Wanted—$23 a day. Fif teen new articles for Agents. O. T. 6A KEY, Hlddeiord, Maine. AGENTS —Wanlecl-rSOO Acenta want ed in a new basinets. U. B. i?RAW, Alfred, Maine. AGENTS —Wanted—Benevo 1 e n e e Sarar-le* 6*r t free t<* nny ml lnsa Cinb*sold hr any man. woman or ««>uth. Kec»mmemlc tbv the Lhltau'O **Ti IhtiLe.” “rimw*,’* and ‘•R-puMica and tnsni ul UieOt!>tcii|rcns<.ft;tilc*2o. Consider yoorla te-e-y and address GOODSFEED & C IIS Lake-sL, CMc&gO. \ GENTS —\\ anted —$75 to s2io pci month, everywhere. matt* «nd female, to Intro duce throughout theUi'Urd 'tiites Hi* GENUINE IS4- PKO'ED * OXIMON 5- ENSEFAViLT SEWING MA CHINE. Thn maculae will st’tcu, hem. fell, tuck. outU, bifid, brail art! * , mnr<'trt«r ux a most superior manner. Pri eon y lib. Fnllv ram- ted f>r nvc y>an. We will pay tI.KO fir «ic.v'marbtne It at will tew astrorger, more twantitil or more ela2Pcjeam Ihao ours. It make* the “El«ilc Lock Stitch” Every a- coml Mitch can be mt, anc still the cloth cannot be polled apart without tearing It. We ra* sgrrt* frea, f;& to I2CO per month acd -spouse?, or a csmmissior from wnlch twice that smrant car be made. Addles* bECOMB A CO„ Clevelaul, Ohl*. CACTI* >.—Do net hr imposed udoi ty oth-rwur ties palming cC worthless cas lion machine*, tmdsr thesametame orcthfrvlse. Our* Is tb* only geou- Ine aad really practical cheap machine manoftetared. AGENTa— Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes tlnei. Can matte $lO to |2O per day. Address “Metalic Cloth?* Line Co.,’* 92 Scneca-et., Cleveland. Ohio. • AGENTS— Wanted—Jffaleand teraale— Bu*lcc*» at bom*. NocapUd ffQnlrcd. Active Avert* can mate |5 dalle. Aoilr-tss. wl?h stamp. S. DEVEREAUX. Draper 6112. Chlvaso lIL Agents —wanted—%\ith ?o to $lO capital, f..r a pennaccnt tron-r-maldns bn»la-ni at come, suitable lor ladles, cc'-iit-men, c ergymeo. and teachers, and very desirable C*r c:ld wejth-*r. Enerptticsgettsaremasinc ?4o to Jw?*erwe**. Cxi on or artdrtsr. with «unui tor papers. U- WaTVELL. 47 Lombard Block, Chics go. AGENTS?— Wanted—Male and female, to s«-U a new article la sre»td»mard. every landly watts, it per d*v mane wUh-tui I'-evlag home. Travelling avenU ct n mat** fh»t fs to f]J> per Cay, without interftrerre witn ether boilce*s. Tne article shews f«r itself. S*a plow, with terms and ojrt'cn’ars ot the hnslcets. sect lor 2X cents. Addnes B. W »-11Ayy£LL, Drawer 6533, Chicago- AGENTS— Wanted—For the new w«K. •‘WOMEN OF THE WAR." by Fran* Morre. tfirs T. S. Artbnr.ln hl» U',m' Vagnstne. I‘htladelPW: ‘•Wuhoat Inst sarh* bo* k oar record of ttelateClTllwafwoaldbe incomplete; and I am pleaded to know that the work of preparlt-e tnevolame naa been c r mmUt‘d to one so competent- lo all x«nect»,»» the anther of “The RcbrUl-n Record-*' 1 trust the b<>ck win bare a large sale, for It U a fitting tributetoahardf for their coun try's and humanity’s sake, counted tot tbelrlives ct-ar” F* r an agency cat! on, or address, B. C. 1 BEAT. Publisher. 117 Sooth Clark-sL, CU cago. AGENT&— Wanted—For “ W OMAN’S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR” This worfc prepared otdsr the sanction and approval ot me United States Sanitary cottcnsslon, the weitern Sacturyrommlislna ana the Crristun Commission, will be the mart complete and lutere-Un* wor* « the kind pnhllsbed. It will contain sketches of nearly two bntdred ladies, nonce* cf a bent four hundred others, anda jest trlonte to the thousands of heroines whose uaznss are unknown. Member* cf Aid Societies and other intelligent persons are desired to act aa agents. Good. eL>rgeUcacecta can makn from *IOO to n?oC'r month. Adores** ZEIGLEB, McCUBOT ft CQ_ Lombard Block, Chicago, 18. AGENTS— Sauted—For “The History of the War Between the States—tracing It* Ort gin.Cau**-* »nd Itesult*.'’ by Hen. Alexander H. Shy press, and for The Life. Letters and Spe*cbe* or Bon. Alexander H. Slephess, by Henry Cleve and. Send tor eircnlan and see our terms. Address NATION AL PUBLISHING iHacftmers. STOU BALE—T&ree ts-noxse power up* X* nghi eagiisS; arfo *tx tortxosul?,lC aid 12-hcrfu power. Larger or saatg .n> llined with or wltaunt oolisra. W, IS, l« and tntmar ate locorpodvewuers fL-r aalS hfatinaic. Also one 4-rdler UUca Matcher and Flamn* Machma. sawmills, osnel machinery, iron Dianvt*.iKtlticc, saw*, flics. Ac- Machinery D«?Os 62 Devbcra-tL. Ctlcarc. OREBNLSB BKv.g. & CO. F’OR SALE—Portable engines and boil srs. 10 to 50-hrnw Power, at very lo f prj«*. by GRIFFIN LaSalle^t^oppoaltoChamoec ot ’ I?OU gAJ.S—A scct-nd-hand Backlev X fo.dlna tt.actua».—re «oo« cccliccu.. hrtce, HOT. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. FOR SALE—Portable ensme?, station ers-and on wr~K tflandmorae poyer.onnand and *<?sale at law prlceg. by TUE PESHTIGO CO.* North Wam-at, North Pier. f?OR —Woodworth Planing and f* Matching Machine of different sty!*s ano slzra; one 2t-inL-h snrlhcer; a lull asfortnr nt of Saau, Door and Blind Machinery, Moulclng stacli'n«, Wood tithes. Scroll Saws. Be-sawm* Machines.»aw Arbor*. 4c- &C.; *1»o, machl'-cry for irrn, wnik—Buzins Lathf*. Planers, Upright Drill*, Morrlman’a Patent BoltCnttsrs, Darts* Patect Dolt Hevlers,Bralaari« patent V!ro—all at manufacturers’ prices.;rrelsht ded. Circular* eer ton application. MEBTILMAS 6t WEIGHT. 14 Wells-51. P>R secoed-band iron l»the*. one iccc cd-hand Ircu planei, one sreond bacd Smith's wrext snrthcer—all Eastern tnaaolwtcre —a splrndJd bargain fbr some oar; two Woodworth pl»T«ts and matcbtn.two Farrar aurfacers, one scroll saw. three mculd'cz machines, one so*piaz 2J*‘_U n e, onelC-borts power portable steam engine, wtihn.* largest and best M«ortmect ot Iron and wood-worwns tutchttery to be roard lethe Northwest, wld be soht at low flames, by HAWK IKS & JiilEs, 34 South Weds-tt. iLos.t_a.iis ipnutui. r OST—On the 25tb, » ttbite Onyx I j sictve Button, crowd with god bar. Thefltuler vui phase return » n the ufll'eo: taefchertnan Hoose* w hers he w mflsd the matc,_aotl bert ■ warded.. L*ObT— A lar«e and fleshy yellow and whits cow. wlihbcth horns tarn’ne In. Anv ono retun Inn her to the corner of tontb Peanntm t Jack- will ha suitably rewarded. TUOS. H. BROWS’, 162 Soath Peorla-st. _ _ LObT —Arearl and gojd r s p<mi fi l ,£Pf£? b Qiw waalkt npcn «.* drtsslrc'oomatto- «, P«? r entertains tat on aariae ineo «’« abaeocp mzn toe .room.»»» awny. Tna personbaTlncrecession of t **JS&.uh\S ££<i Üb-pal reward on returning it to* »»», aaaai Wlctolßao-aT. t ost—Od tncday* on Indiana-av., £i 1 ,T\\*rH KZ-i xa-' voe. It«* cn » I-aiher eolUr* r*-£,fi a .£sia.- Whoever-»ui retain ilm to e£S;rt-.rtSa3*i>das uswl. beUMr.Hr rewarded* _ _ OST—SS lie-ward—A Black and Tan Terrier Fnp, S month* old. car* apt cu£. answers mrnf nattEor-'Se." 'dto-Ter will returnihlm to 447 Wot ii ; nroe- st. c/ to MARSH A FOSS* office, SSSSonm Canal-sc. sllteci ivode above reward. LOtT —On the evening of the 25th, be tween 1?1 MScbUao-aT.aal 96 VTeftt Wa»hU.R --toti-BU a Mink Tar Hart f'ape. The ttuder will oo suitably rewarded eu leaving it at 96 West Washlng tou-sU _ __ TAKES UP—Two Devon Cattle—One I ox and one cow came to my premia** on or about theCtbcf January. THeo«n?ra ffli please o»U •« pa* ca r rj<>. prdvepr-.peit?&cd take ihemaway. v. T- HKRBgBT, El*ten-toad. Jegeraoo. Cook Cj- ! »« I.TOUND—A sum otmoney. Thoownar 1’ can secure the earn* hr ealUnc at the -C**'™* House and cortceCr ces-Mbinc the property,• ertdenet >bai be I* the rlsbttal owUAr, and psTUb* VX charges iiurtoo. / »