Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 28, 1867 Page 1
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FROM HUH. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Unpopularity of one of Napo leon’s Proposed Reforms. United States Claims in the Eng lish and French Courts of Admiralty. Accession to tbe Banks of the Liberals in the English Parliament. FROM WASHINGTON. Wliat Has Been Done by the Im peachment Investigating Committee., Outlines of the Hew Senate Billfor the Funding of Compound Interest Notes. Action in the House Festerda; on the Tariff Bill. Exciting Debate on tbe Sections Referring to Flax and Woollen Goods. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro' ceedings, Senate—Passage of a Bill for tbe Disfranchisement of Draft Sneaks, House—Bill Passed for the En couragement oflmmi aralion. Sill for the Eqnalizatisu ol Assessments Passed in Both Douses. FKO3I EUROPE. BV OCHAN TIEt.Ei; GREAT BRITAIN, LonjioS, February 21 Tbc parly called AdulamH, and under the leadership of Roebitcti, hive resolved to join their forces with the Liberals. The English Court of Admiralty, In the case of tbc t>tearner Alexandria, which United States Consul Dudley recently commenced suit to recover, has required the suits for cost, in the event of the case being decided for tbc defendants. A final decision Is re served until the performance of this prelim inary. Paris. FebmaryS* The French Government officially an nounces that it will not relinquish tbc right to search tbe baggage of all foreigners arriv ing ip France. Paris, February 27. One of the reforms proposed by the Em peror, the abolishment of the reply to the address from the Throne, Is peculiarly un popular. The Liberal party Insist upon tbc preservation of this privilege. In the French Court of Adm’ral'y, in the case of the United States vs. Anuoo Fils, the appeal of tbe United States against the de cree requiring payment into tbc court of a < ertaln sum as security for costs of suits, was again rejected. GARIBALDI. Venice, February 2 Garibaldi arrived yesterday, and was greeted with the most unbounded enthu siasm. Latest Foreign market*, fiNANCIAL. ' London, February 57—Noon. Ccnsda, 01; Hric, 3714; IlUcois Central, IT! London. February ‘27— Evening. Lih-i-harc-, Illinois Ctuiral Congo!*, 31 ~$U; 5-20.'. 2**. FkaMvTout, Fvbrnary 27 Ercntr r.a^7.*». Pants, February S7—Ercnln Untied Statesßordf, S 2«;. I.ZVESPOOL, February 27—Noon. Cotton dull ai d inactive. Middlitip uplaa itai quoted hid tidier, with sales at Ufqd. Tallow uuchaLgid. Livtci-001, February 27—Evening. Cotton—The market has been a little more ac tive. Sal**, S,oou bales. Prices are quoted as follows: iliodbue New Orleans, 14-£d; uplands, JS»*d. lircadstutLj— Dull. Coin, 37s for mixed West ern. Provisions—Unchtneed. Bacon, 41* per ext for middles. J.ard,3oi> 5d per cwt for American. Produce—Linseed oil, SSs. Iron, 53s CJ for pigs. FUO3I WASIIIMSrOS. (Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune. Washington. February. FATE OF TUB RECONSTRUCTION UILL. Opinion is yet very much divided as to the action that will be taken by the President on the Reconstruction Bill. It Is probable tnat all doubts will be settled 10-morrow. Lead ing indications arc os heretofore that the bill will be vetoed. NOMINATIONS. The President sent to the Senate this after noon a large number of civil nominations, among which were Henry L. Bryant, Asses sor Ninth District Illinois ; William P. Cole man, Assessor Tenth District Illinois. THE TARIFF BILL has occupied the House in Committee of the Whole about six aud a halt hours to-day, and now eigbly-oneoutof tbe two hundred and sevety.fivo omcndmen.srccommendcd by the Ways aud Means Committee have been acted upon. Things went smoothly enough in the afternoon till woollen flocks were reached. A sharp debate here of half an hour raised the dulv ou this article from three cents in the Senate bill to twelve cents. Most of the Ways and Means recommendations on wool and woollens arc an udvause on the Senate bill, and nearly all weie agreed to. The subject of flax brought out the grdal debate of the day. It lasted «ivcr au hour, aud fixed the duty on raw flax at forty dollars per ton; on hackled flax, eighty dollars; raw Russia hemp, fifty dol lars ; other hemps, thirty dollars; Has straw, live dollars; jute, fifteen dollars. Nearly til the proposed amendments on iron arc ad vances on the Senate bill, aud most of them were agreed to. The House adjourned at 10# o’clock. TUE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY has been much agitated to-day, by reason of various telegrams relative to the action of the Judiciary Committee, that have reached here from New York. These telegrams re port private advices In effect that the com mittee will recommend in favor of impeach s menl before the close of the week. There Is most direct and positive authority for say ing that no one has any warrant for stating that the committee will make such recom mendation. It must be said that no com milUc, for many years, has been so success ful as this In keeping Us own secrets. It is * known in a general way that they have examined* a large nnmhcr of witnesses, some of whom have held, or arc now hold ing, high official position; that the evidence is very voluminous, and, In part, of a highly sensational character. It Is further known that many of the witnesses had nothing of importance to tell. The mover of the loves- j ligation is very confident of the truth of his 1 charges, but this is believed by very few I Representatives. It can be positively said that the committee has reached no conclu sion in regard to the matter, and has not even discussed the question os to what con clusions may be drawn from the evidence. Jt can now be stated that no movement has vet been made in the committee toward drawing up a repOjt, or even toward decid ing whether any formal report shall be pre sented before the adjournment. The frets bearing upon the question having been thus stated, it may be added that the committee will probably report that much evidence has been taken, but that they are not prepared to make any recommendation beyond one that the investigation may properly be con tinued by the new Congress, and It is not vliolly certain that they will even make this recommendation, as they may prefer to leave the coming Congress wholly tree to pursue the Inquiry or not, as It shall see fl ■ THE UTAH MEMORIAL. The House Judiciary Committee, through Mr. Cook, of Illinois, will submit to the House to-morrow or next day, a report up »n the memorial of the Legislative Assembly of Utah, (iraylng a repeal of the law of 18(13 prohibiting polygamy in the Territories of the United States. The memorial sets up that the law is ex post facto in character. Is In vio lation of the Constitution, and has never been enforced. The report of the commit* lee meets the ease squarely, and speaks of polygamy and its upholders without minc ing words. The committee show that the la w Is not ex post facto , by quoting from Us provisions. In answering the charge oT the memorial that the law is in violation of n clause of the Constitution which prohibits Congress from Interfering with the free ex -r --cise of religion, the committee affirm the full power of Congress to deal with all questions affecting the morals of society, and say that In a religious sense the entire community outside of-Utah looks upon the polygamist as no better than a felon. They hold that if the argument of the memorial was a correct conclusion, it would prevent Congress fiom prohibiting the Thugs of In dia from practicing their horrible so-called religious rites if they should ever chance to immigrate to this country. To repeal the law would be to make an affirmative declara- tion in the name of the people of the Unlied States that polygamy Is right, and would shock the moral sense of the world as well as declare that the home and marriage relation cannot be protected by the Government. The committee say they have been unable to learn why tbe law is not executed, and deem it proper that an official invest‘gallon should be made iuto the assertion in this regard. Mr. Cook closes his report, recommend ing the passage of a resolution declaring, in the strongest terms that Congress, speaking for the people, is utterly opposed to the re peal, now or at any future time, of tbe law in question, but demands Us strict and Imme diate enforcement, The resolution also de clares that the Judges should be at once re moved If they aie at fault, and if the cause for the non-enforcement of the low Is beyond their reach, the President should interfere and see that the laws are faithfully executed. AI’I'OINTTMENTS OF QUARTERMASTERS. The President has appointed the following named persons, as officers in the Quarter master's Department, under the act of July, IStiO: Assistant Quartermasters General, with the rank of Colonel, to date from July 2S, ISCO, Robert Allen, James L Donald son and Daniel H. Rocker. Deputy Quartermasters General, with rank of Lieutenant Colonel, to dale from July 28, 1806: Rufus Ingalls; to date from July ‘JO, ISCC, Samuel B. Ilalabird, Charles IT. Tompkins, John C. McFerron, Robert 0. Taylor aud James A. Eklc. To be Assistant Quartermasters and Ma> Jors to date from January IS. 1807, CTias. G. SawteJl, Jas. J. Dana, James T. Potter, Mar shall J. Luchlngton, John G. Chandler, Wm. Myers and Richard 11. Bacbcldcr. To be Assistant Quartermasters and Cap tains, to date from July 28, ISCfi, Ezra B. Kirk ; to date from November 19,1800, A. 8. Kimball; to date from January 18, 1807, Samuel B. Sauficr, David W. Porter, James T. Hoyt, Gilbert C. Smith, John V. Fumy, Edward J. Strong, Thomas Hunt and W. A. IVainwright. SENATE DILL FOR 'THE FUNDING OP COM FOUND INTEREST NOTES. The fivanclai bill passed by the Senate to day as a substitute for tbc House bill for funding compound interest notes by the issue of greenbacks, provides in tbe first section for tbe Issue of temporary loan certificates to tbc amount of one hundred millions, bearing interest not exceeding three per cent, principal and interest payable in lawful money on demand, provided that not less than two-fifths of the entire reserve of Na tional Banks shall consist of lawful money of tbc Uulted States. The second section enacts that no National Bank shall pay or icceive interest on any portion of its reserve when deposited in another National Bank, and that the compound interest notes shall not be held as part of the reserve after the first of July next. SMUGGLING SCHEME. Tie Secretary of tbe Treasury to-day re ceived information from a high source iu England that an organized attempt will bo made, in tbc event of tbc passage of a high protective tariff, to smuggle goods into the United States via Canada. One of tbc leading newspauers in Sheffield has recently openlv advised the merchants of that city lo organize, and with associated capital, secretly to carry on this traffic. INTERNAL REVENUE INSTRUCTIONS. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue to day Issued instructions prohibiting Inspec tors from making Inspections of bouded goods upon request of the owners, and re quiring collectors to assign special ware houses to certain inspectors. Store keepers are prohibited from allowing merchandise to be enter ad or withdrawn, except upon the inspection of the particular inspector de tailed at such warehouse. A new assignment ol Inspectors is ordered to be made monthly. OFFICERS OF THE NEXT HOUSE, There is little stir about the officers of the House tor-the new Congress, Speaker Col tax, ami Clerk McPherson, arc not likely to meet any opposition to their rc-elcction. Not much Is said us to the Scrgcant-at-Arms end Postmaster. It is probable that the present incumbents trill he re-elected, though there is some doubt In regard to the latter. The contest on Doorkeeper is rather more lively, and the soldier interest is pushing s-lrongly for a change in their Interest, and ~ccm at present likely enough to carry the day. f Associated i*ress D:sjiat«-bw.J NEW OIILEANV CUSTOM HOUSE AFFAIRS. Washington'. February *27.—The Commit tee on tbe No* Orleans riots, who were in truded to inquire into the alleged frauds iti the New Orleans Custom House, have made a report on the lat'er branch, in which they say they decided not to attempt an investi calion of matters concerning which no in tmumtiun bad been given to them, or into occurrences said to have transpired at so re mote a date as IStil, but conllned their ac tion to that part of tbe resolution which re garded appointments. The conclusions at which the committee arrived arc: First—That it does not appear that the Collector, Mr. Kellogg, has made appointments of persons whom tie had reason to believe had been in any way connected with the rebel service. Second—That It does not appear that Mr. Kellogg deemed It his duty to inquire, and that he hud not iu fact inquired, us to the antecedents of appli cants for office with reference to their con nection with the Federal or rebel service. Third—That removals had been made, some ol which were quite recent, of persons em ployed in the Custom House, when it ap peared that they bad been actually engaged in rendering aid during the rebellion to the rebel cause. Fourth—That great aud continual care should he taken iu the appointment of ofii cers whose duty it Is to protect the Govern ment against frauds upon the revenue laws, that none but genuine and known friends of the Government should he appointed to ofiice. Filth —That such care has been uni formly taken In all the departments of the Custom House. [Representative Boyer, one 'f the committee, docs not unite with the majority in this conclusion.] Sixth — 1 hat the effect of the examination inquiry made by the committee will be to Insure the exercise of greater care in the retaining of parties now in office and In the appointments hereafter lobe made. Seventh—Thai it is not expedient at this time to recommend to the House of Representatives any action concerning appointments to ofiice in the Custom House at New Orleans. The Collector, in a letter to the committee, says: t% Of the two hundred and fifty-two men em ployed iu the Custom House, seventy-seven have served in the United States army, seven teen is the navy, and twenty-eight have been connected with the army as clerks, or neatly fifty per cent of the entire number. All the regular appointees have taken the oath required by law. Some persons who hud served In the rebel cause obtained ap pointments, under cover of the test oath, tint whenever cases of this kind were brought to the attention of the Collector, he dismissed them. SURRATT'S VISITOR. The JlfraJcTf special says; * 4 A man at tempted to obtain admission to Surratt yes terday by pretending lo be his brother just from Texas, but the guards were not satisfied of his identity aud refused to admit him.” CONFIRMATION. Washington, February 27.—Tbe Senate has confirmed the appointment of James W. Black, Collector of Internal Revenue for the Sixth District of Missouri. SUPEB.NTENDKNT OP COAST SURVEY. Pierce, of Cambridge Universi ty, Superintendent of Coast Survey, was sworn into office to-day. JOINT RESOLUTION APPROVED. Washington, February 2". —The Presi dent has approved the resolution to extend facilities to citizens of the United States engaged in the survey of routes for a ship canal across llielslhums of Darien- SUPREME COURT. Washington, February 2*.—The United States Supreme Court to-morrow adjourns till the first Monday In April. COSGKESSIOXAL IMSOCEEDISGS. Washjkotos, February 27. SENATE. The bill relative to Ibc Navy passed with amendments, reducing tlxc number of cadets ut large from twenty-tive to ten. The act to Amend an act for the removal of csabcs In certain cates from State Courts, passed. The evening session to day was assigned to the consideration of bills from the Military Committee. Mr. HOWARD reported a bill granting a portion of the military reservation in Kan sas for railroad purpose* Pending its con sideration, the morning hour expired. On motion of Mr. SHERMAN, the Com pound Interest Note Bill was taken up. The question was on the Senate substitute lor House bill. The bill, as passed by the the House, authorizes the Secretary ot the Treasure to redeem compound Interest notes with new issues of legal tenders, not to ex ceed $100,000,000. For this the Senate Finance Committee proposes as a substitute the bill passed by the Senate a couple of months ago, authorizing the redemption of maturing compound Interest notes with cer tificates of Joan at 3 per cent interest. The substitution of the Senate bill was agreed to. tMr. SHERMAN, from the Finance Commi VOL. XX. tee, offered the following: ThatnoNational Bank shall receive or pay interest on any portion of its reserve when deposited in any other National Bank, and compound In* lerest notes shall not beheld as part of their reserve after the Ist of July next. This was agreed to, and the bill as amended passed. Mr. TRUMBULL reported from the Com mlttcc on the Judiciary, without amend ment, the Hoese bill declarlngvaud and con elusive certain proclamations of the Presi dent and acta done in pursuance thereof or his orders in the suppression of the late re bellion against tbe united States. Mr. TRUMBULL also reported adversely on the House bill amendatory of the act “ declaring the officer who shall act as Pres ident of the United States in case of aya»n cy in the office both of President and Vice President,” and moved its postponement for the reason that there was not sufficient time remaining for its proper consideration during the present session. The motion was agreed to. Mr. SHERMAN called up tbe omnibus Ap propriation Bill, which was read. The Finance Committee recommended sev eral amendments of no public Importance, and one abolishing the office of Commissioner ol Public Buildings, and authorizing the election by the Senate of Superintendent Mr. WADE opposed the latter amendment. Mr. SHERMAN thought it out of place m an appropriation bill. . „. Mr. WADE said the Commissioner of Pub lic Buildings bad charge of the Capitol building, if any difficulty occurred be tween tbe President and Congress while the officer having charge of the Capitol was un der appointment of the President, H might lead 10 a good deal of inconvenience. He thought it very important that the man hav ing charge of the Capitol should be a man friendly to Congresss. ~ . . Mr. HOWARD said he should vole against striking out the section because he thought ilie appointment ought to be vested in the Senate. Messrs. SHERMAN nod WILLIAMS spoke in favor of the Senate amendment. Mr. EDMUNDS doubted the right ofCon wms to elect the Commissioner of Public Buildings. He proposed, In place of the House proposition, a section that the office of CniiMi'icsioner of Pnblic Buildings is here by abolished, and until otherwise provided the duties of that office shall be performed by the Quartermaster General of the Army. Mr. WADE contended fortbe House prop osition. There had been threats of violence against Congress by the organs and spokes men of 1 he President, and the President bud never done anything to contradict these threats. Ibis being tbe case. Congress enght to sin round itself with Us friends. Mr. HOWARD spoke in a similar vein. After debate, the Senate went into Executive Scssicn, and subsequently took a recess. EVENING SESSION. Mr. WILSON called up the joint resolu tion, passed by the House at the lost session, directing the Secretary of War to contract fur the erection of an equestrian statue in bronze to the memory of General Winfield Scott. It is to bo made by Henry K. Brown, of Newburg, New York, of cannon captured In the Mexican war, and cost not exceed ing £20,C00. The resolution was amended so as to read, “to be placed lo Franklin Square, In Washington City, orotherplacc. to be designated by the Secretary of War,” and passed. Tbe consideration of the Miscellaneous Appropriation Bill was resumed. The ques* tion was on the amendment of Mr. ED* MUNDS to substitute for the section abol ishing tbc oUicc of Commissioner of Pnblic Buildings. &c., a section abolishing the oi licc and imposing its duties upon a compe tent Civil Engineer to be appointed by the President, at an annual compensation of £4.000. Adopted. The Finance Committee recommended tbc adoption of a resolution authorizing the Sec retary of tbc Treasury to pay such Assistant Assessors as were actually employed in the collection of internal revenue lu the rebel Spates prior to August Ist, 1865, compensa tion at the rate prescribed by law. 3lr. TRUMBULL opposed tbe amendment. Mr. SHERMAN explained the circum stances under which these men were em ployed. Mr. SUMNER sald'*thc Secretary of the Treasury was guilty of uu Illegal act, nay more, of a crime, lie violated tbc law In appointing men wbo could not take the oath. He denounced the Secretary as having been guilty of falsehood In saying there were no loyal men in those localities who could hold tbc ©Dices. Mr. SHERMAN said tbc language was un parliamentary. It was ungcntlemanly. It was false, and it ought not to have been uttered in tbe Senate. The debate was continued ot great length, Mr. FESSENDEN defending the Secretary oj the Treasury against the attacks of Mr. Sum ner. Sir. WILLSON offered a substitute for the pending resolution, proposing and declaring that in appointing as Assessors persons who could uut take the oath, tbc Secretary acted in violation of tbo law, but tbe persons being guilty oi uo offence arc entitled In cqul iv the compensation, and authorizing the Seciciary to pay them. After further'debutc, the Senate, at 11.45 p. iu., sojourned. HOUSE. Mr. KASSON. from the Committee on Uni form Coinage, asked leave to report a bill to establish essay offices at Denver, Colorado; Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dahionega, Georgia, but Sir. ANCONA objected. The House went Into Committee of the Whole on the Naval Appropriation Bill, tho total of which Is On motion ofMr. KUYKENDALL. 810,003 was appropriated for a naval station at Mound City, Illinois. The bill, after some further consideration, vos passed. The SPEAKER presented the annual re port of tbcSmiibsunian Institute. Ordered [•rinti-d. The report of the Conference Committee on ti c lull to quit land titles In California, was agreed to. The Senate receded from its amendment inserting Flaecrvißc, end the House recedes from Us objectlou to Peta luma. The House went into Committee of the Whole on the Tariff Bill. Amendments from the Committee of Ways and Means were disposed of as follows : Amendments numbered from twenty to thirty, in reference to wool, striking out tho words “at the last point or place,” &c M so ns to leave the valuation to depend upon the price in thenrincipalmarketsofthecouotry. Mr. MORRILL moved to amend Amend ment No. SO os reported by the Committee of Wuys and Means, by striking out the words “and such commissions,” so that tho clause should read “and upon wool of the first class imported, unwashed, the value whereof in the principal markets of the country whence exported to the United States, excluding charges, shall be so much per pound.” Mr. ALLISON opposed the amendment as having the effect of reducing the duty on wool. The amendment was rejected. Amendments reported by tbe Committee of Ways and Means, numbering from twenty to thirty, were adopted. The amendment Inserting woollen flocks In the paragraph faxing woollen rags, &c., twelve cents per pound, came up. The amendment was agreed to. The amendment to strike out of the Sen ate substitute the words “ and on woollen flocks or shearings of fulled cloth the duty shall be three cents per pound,” was agreed to. Amendments relative to woollen cloths, hunting, dress goods, carpets, oil cloths, and dicss silks were adopted. On tbe amendment increasing the tax on uniuanuthctnrcd flax from fifteen to twenty dollars per ton, Mr. SCHENCK moved to increase it to forty-fire dollars, and subse quently to SIOO, "Both rejected. After debate, in which the interests of the East and West were vindicated by members from each section, Mr. SCHENCK moved to increase the tax to forty dollars. Adopted bv a vote of IjO to -45. 'Mr. SCHENCK moved lo increase the duty on hackled flax to fifty dollars per ton. Mr. FARNSWORTH mo red to increase it to eighty. A similar debate ensued, which was finally terminated by tbe rising of the committee. The House took a recess. The committee has disposed of but forty- five of the amendments ol the Ways and Means Committee. EVENING SESSION, Mr. SCHENCK reported back from the Military Committee the Senate bill to pro vide for the temporary increase of pay of officers of the army, with amendments. The amendments were agreed to, and the bill rawed. „ ... , The House wont into Committee of the Whole on the Tariff Bill. Having ordered debate closed on the pending paragraph, all amendments to the paragraph were rejected, and the duty on flax adopted as reported by the committee. During the debate on the amendment to incicafc the duty on horse shoes, Mr. STE VENS sucpcslcd that if the friends of the tariff would hold their tongues and not talk so much, there would he some chance of having the hill passed, but not otherwise. ILanghtcr.] After having reached the 82d amendment, leaving still IPS to be considered, the com- raillcc rose. Mr. MORRILL gave notice that he would to-morrow .try to press the Tariff Bill to a final vote. Mr. RAYMOND asked leave to offer a res- olution declaring that the establishment in the immediate proximity of the United States of a powerlul monarchy,Sunder the support of a foreign nation, cannot be re corded otherwise than as being hostile to the peace, and menacing to the safety of this Republic, and rcQUQStlng the President to *«nform the House whether any remonstrance has been made by this Government urainst the proposed consolidation ot all the British North American Provinces Into a single Confederacy, under thcim]K:rlal rule of an English Prince, and whether the consent of this Government has been given In any nay to the consummation of that pndcct. Mr. CONKLING objected. Mr. RAYMOND moved to suspend the rules. The vote being taken, there was no quotum. Then the House, this resolution remaining is unfinished business to come up to-morrow morning, adjourned. FcoutytraiUa Suto temperance Con- Tension* llAnßiFDtnm, February 27.—At the Tem perance Convention this morning resolutions fere adopted calling upon the medical pro- fc£a ! on to be careful in prescribing alcoholic drinks. A resolution was adoptedurgingthc enact ing of a law to prevent the sale of so-called bitters. Horace Greeley made a lengthy speech. FKOM SPRISO FIELD. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.! SnuKGFixu), 111., February 27. RESIGNATION OP COLONEL WILSON. There is a very generally credited rumor afloat to-day that Colonel J. J. S. Wilson has resigned his position asCommlssioner for the location of the new State House,and that Ja cob Bunn,Esq., has been appointed to (til the vacancy. The conditions upon which Colonel Wilson retires, is understood to be that he shall receive the five dollars per diem for four years,amounting to ovcr.scven thousand dollars in the aggregate. THE BILL FOB THE EQUALIZATION OP ASSESS- MENTS. The Conference Committee on the Equali zation Bill made a report to each House, to-night, and it was agreed to, and the bill only awaits the signature of the Gover nor. The agreement is on the House bill, with an additional amendment, giving the power to the Auditor to fix the rate of State taxation for revenue purposes, each year, instead of being fixed by law, as is now tne case. NIGHT SESSION. Both Houses were in session to-night, up to a late hour, referring and passing bills. Among the bills passed In the House, was the one to incorporate the Indiana and Chi cago Railroad, which I am convinced is a swindle, Intended to defeat the building of another road, which la really needed by the people of Blue Island. The fact that the name of Charles H. Ham, of the law and lobby firm of Fuller, Ham & Shepard, Is one of the is proof of its character. General Uurlbut and Mr. Taylor were its particular cham pions, while It was opposed in a few pointed remarks by Mr. Reynolds. During the even ing session, in the House, the utmost noise and confusion prevailed, disgraceful to those participating in it. During this confusion a laige number of bills passed, the contents of which were entirely unknown to the mem beis. Many of them will, I think, rise up in judgment against those who voted for them. The supplementary act to the Chi cago Charter amendments to provide for the election of Canal Commissioners, went through to-night in an omnibus, and is now a law. THE SPRINGFIELD NEWSPAPERS. Tbc Springfield State Journal, in taking er ceptlon to some statements made by Joe Forrest, whom everybody knows is constitu tionally incapable of telling the truth ex cept with a fraudulent intent, in bis corre spondence to tbc Chicago Times, closes with tbe following paragraph: 44 Tbe people wbo read tbc trash sent from Springfield to the Chicago papers, and reproduced there under flaming bead lines, will know by the two ex amples above given bow very reliable la the information contained therein, and will doubtless appreciate tbc stu pendous enterprise of tbe publish ers as well as tbc Industry of tbe writers at the Capital.” The fact that a good share ol tbc news page of tbc Journal Is made up from tbc Springfleld despatches to the Chicago Tridune will give tbc public a proper understanding of the lively and en terprising manner in which that sheet is con ducted. No man here ever tbiuks of refer ring to the colunmsof tbe Springfleld papers foi any local, legislative or lobby news, or has any idea of being posted until tbc Chica go papers arrive- These Springfleld papers arc immense institutions in tbc way of fat contracts, but in every other respect they arc but tbc weakest ol solutions. AN APOLOGY FROM MR. SHEPARD. Mr. Shepard arose In bis scat this morning, and made an bumble apology for assaulting Mr. Singer last night. No action on bis case was taken by the House. Let me here state that Mr. S'ngcr has fought tbc buudred or more swindles,which have been attempted to be driven through tbc General Assembly, with a vigilance and determination which entitles him to tbc everlasting grati tude of the people of Chicago. For doing this be has been continu ally at noyed by the insolcucc and threats of tbc lobby swindlers, whom be has thus been enabled to defeat in tbeir designs to plunder tbc people. I ought to add that Mr. Siugcr, iu bis good work, has been assisted at all times by Mr. Reynolds, wbo bos made a record that will read well in tbe future. Latcrln tbc morning Mr. Singer explained the cause and the manner of the assault made upon him by Mr. Shepard. He asked for no action on the part of the House. CANAL COMMISSIONERS. The discovery was made this afternoon by Alderman Holden, that In the amendments recently passed by the General Assembly to the Chicago City Charter, the clause which legislated out of office the Board of Public Works did the same thing with Colonels Mason and Gooding, the two Canal Coramls* sloiicrs; acd while the election of anew Board oi Public Works Is provided for In another section of the amendments, no such provision is made for new Canal Commis sioners. A supplementary bill with the no* ccssnry provision was immediately drawn and pnl through the Senate in less than ten minutes. It was then immediately sent to the House. DEFEATED. The bill to establish a State Reform School, which was passed by the Senate on Monday, a synopsis ol which I sent you, was called up this afternoon for a second reading by a suspension of the rules. Mr. Epler, who has voted for evsry big steal dur ing the present session, protested against the bill for the reason that it would call for more money than thoic would be in the Treasury after the demands of the appropriations already passed have been satisfied. It re quiring a three-fourths vote to suspend tho rules, it coald not be done, and tbe great measure in tbe interests of humanity has been defeated. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Springfield. HU, February 27. SENATE. MORNING SESSION. THE ILLINOIS AND STATE LINE RAILROAD. Mr. AD DAMS obtained leave to introduce a bill incorporating the Illinois and State Line Railroad Company. Rales suspended and bill passed. SENATOR WARD EXPLAINS. Mr. WARD rose lo a question of privilege. He read from the Springfield correspondence of the Chicago Tribune in which his course on the Chicago Gas BUI was censured. He claimed that he bad been misrepresented on the gas question. He would not be hostile to a good Gas BUI, bat the one alluded to did hot meet bis approval. His opposition was undisguised and open. He had resorted to no tricks to defeat the bUI, and would not, bat chose to exercise bis rights as a Senator on this question as he did on all others. PRINTING TRE LAWS. Mr. CODES offered a resolution authoriz ing the printing: oflbe laws of this Lcgisla* turc in tnc Illinois State Journal and State li<y x*ter% at a cost of S4OO to each paper. Laid over. CURRENT EXPENSES PROVIDED FOR. Mr. WARD called up the bill fixing the rate of taxation for defraying the current expenses of tho State Government and pay ing the interest on the State debt. The bill passed. HILL FOR TUB EQUALIZATION OF TAXES. Mr. McCONNELL called up his sub stitute for the House bill for the equalization of taxes, which passed the Senate and was disagreed to in me House. A vote was taken, when the Senate reftised to adhere to Mr. McConnell’s substitute. Mr. WOODSON moved a reconsideration. Adopted. Mr. MACK moved to adhere to Mr. Mc- Connell’s amendment. Adopted. LAID ON THE TABLE. Mr. BUSHNELL reported from the Judi ciary Committee a bill conferring on the Cor ruption Investigating Committee power to sit after adjournment. Laid on the table— yeas IS, nays 11. HILLS ON THIRD BEADING. Senate bills on third reading were taken up. A bill providing for an Insane Asylum in Northern Illinois was rejected. A bill to promote medical education by giving bodies of unknown and unclaimed persons who die in hospitals to physicians lor direction, was rejected-yeas S, nays 15. The bill disfranchising persons who evaded the draft during the war by running away, was passed—yeas 10, nays 7. Adjourned. _ „ AFTERNOON SK-SION. | TO MAKE vr TUB JOURNAL. Mr. MACK offered a resolution authorizing ood and Adair, two Assistant Secretaries of the Senate, to remain at Sprintleld fifteen days after the adjournment of the Lepfcla* lure, to malic up the journal, continuing their lav for tlie time. The Janitor Is authorized to stay lor fire days. Adopted. THE PE STTBNTIABT. The bill providing for the appointment by the Governor of a Penitentiary Warden, fix ing liia salary at $2,000 per annum, and for ibe government and discipline of lire Peni tentiary, was taken up and passed. RECONSIDERATION. A motion to reconsider the vote by which the Circuit Judges’ Fee BUI was defeated, was adopted. CONFERENCE COMMtTTS. A message from the House appointing ft CHICAGO, THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 28, 1867. Committee of Conference on the Assessment Equalization Bill was received and concurred in. Messrs. McConnell, Mack and Addams were appointed to represent the Senate in conference. TUC PROPERTY OF DRUKKARD3. Mr. Mctcail’s bill, which provides for plac* ini' the property of habitual drunkards un der charge of County Judges in each county, was passed. Judges are to manage the prop erty for the benetit of the family ol the drunkard till he shall reform. VETO. A message was received from the Governor vetoing the bill amending tbe charter of the Chicago Law Institute. The bill provided for tbe appointment of Notaries Public by the institute. On reconsideiatlon the vote was unanimously against it. FAY OF ASSESSORS AKD TREASURERS. A bill passed which increases the pay of Assessors and Treasurers In counties not adopting township organizations, from two dollars and a half tofourdoilars per day. MACE’S RAJLBOAPniLE DEFEATED. Mr. Mack’s Railroad Commissioners BUI was taken up and defeated, amid considera ble laughter, several Senators declining to vote. , „ Mr. ADDAMS wished to be excused from voting. The Secatc refused to excuse him. The vote (stood 12 to 12. uierpt i ivrfii-q The bill refunding county taxes to soldiers’ widows was recommitted. Mr. REILV’S bill regulating foreign Insu rance companies and their agents doing busi ness In Illinois, was passed. The bill exempting church parsonages from taxation was rejected. „ The bill giving steamboat employes a lien on boats for wages, was passed. Tbe bill removing tbe Supreme Court from Mount .Vernon to Centralla, was rejected. MB, COOKS OBJECTS. A motion to take up House messages and refer was carried, when Mr. COIIRS objected to the first bill read, It happening to be a pet or Mr. Metcalfs. He objected to every other bill, until the Senate had to recede from that order of business, and took up House bills on reading. Onjj a few *Qre passes, tuCuioat important belflgone to reduce the price of public printing. Adjourned until ha'i-past seven. EVENING SESSION. PASSAGE OP TOE BILL FOR THE EQUALIZATION OF TAXES. Mr. McCOKNELL, from the Conference Committee on the bill for the equalization of assessments, reported b a cH the House bill with «q additional section. This section di rects the Auditor to make an estimate of the total amount of property in the State as soon a? the Board of Equalization shall have finished its work, and cause to be collected therefrom a sum sufficient to meet the State expenses for the next fiscal year. The Senate then receded from Its adoption of Mr. McConnell’s bill, and adopted the House bill as amended above. THE GETTYSBURG CEMETERY. The bill appropriating SB,OOO to pay the remaining portion of mmols’ share for build- U?g iL‘? National Cemetery at Gettysburg, came up. A lengthy discussion was had on the bill, when it irafitpirecr that there were but six Illinois soldiers buried at Gettysburg, and that the State has already appropriated $3,000 for a monument. The bill passed— yeas 14; nays 11. HOUSE BILLS ON THIRD READING were taken up, and the following passed: To incorporate the Chicago «S Indiana Rail road Company; to give County School Su perintendents five dollars per day additional salary while engaged In visiting schools. APPOINTMENT OF ATTORNEY GENERAL A message was received from tbe Governor appointing Robert G. IngeraoU Attorney General oi the Stale, under the law passed to day. The Senate concurred. HOUSE. MORNING SESSION, Tbe Standing Committees reported a large amount of business. THE BILL FOR THE ABOLITION OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT was reported back from the Special Commit tee and ordered to remain on second reading. RESOLUTION OF THANKS. The usual resolution of thanks to the Speaker of the Housd was adopted. BILLS PASSED. Mr. HURLBUr’S Chicago Park Bill was passed. Bills rejected from the omnibus were taken up. The following bills passed: Relating to wills, executors, aumlslatrators, etc.; Judge Bradwell’s compilation of the probate law; repealing all laws prohibiting the circulation otsmail bills. An act to promote immigration Into the State of Illinois, and appointing a Slate agent at New Tork, was passed. Adjourned. AFTEUNOON SESSION. Tbe special order, the Senate bill for an act to enforce the collection of unpaid taxes due by insurance companies was taken up, and on motion, wa%*postponcd for two hours. A Committee of Conference with the Sen ate on tbc subject of tbc equalization of assessments was ordered. Tbc SPEAKER ap pointed os such committee, Messrs. Payne, iplcr, Eddy, Wakeman and Harlan. BILLS OK TUI HD BEADINO. Tbc House went into consideration of bills on third reading, on which order the follow, ing were tbe most important: Providing tor special sessions of the Supreme Court; rcqnhirg railroad companies to erect scales at stations and weigh groin shipped ; to fa cilitate transportation of gram ; incorpo rating thief detective associations; an act supplemental to lease of tbc Penitentiary ; regulating capital punishment, making the death penalty optional with the jury; amending the charter of the St. Louis, Slid byville A Tolono Railroad Company Tbe till for regulating County Surveyors and defining their duties was taken up after some discussion. Defeated. Thu bill incorporating tbc Chicago Mutual Safe Deposit Company, as also Chicago Secure Depository Company. Tbc House then concurred in a number of Senate amendments to House bills. Adjourned to 7 p. m. EVENING SESSION. Mr. STEVENSON moved that the Senate bill, supplemental to the bill to amend tbc Charter ol Chicago, be read twice. Senate messages were taken up and referred to their committees. The bill to regulate foreign insurance com panies was laid on tbc table. Mr. HUKLBUT moved to take up the Sen ate bills on third reading. Carried. PASSAGE OK TUE KILE FOR THE EQUALIZA TION' OF ASSESSMENTS. Mr. fPAYNE reported tbc action of tbe Conference Committee on the bill for the equalization of assessments. The Senate bud withdrawn from its amendment, and the committee recommended an amendment, which was read and passed—ayes, (54; nays, 3' BILLS PASSED. Among the important bills passed are the Allowing: Incorporating tbc Indiana <k Chicago Railroad Company; to amend the Banking Laws, so as to admit the withdrawal of certain securities; to change the county lino between White and Edwards counties; to incorporate tba Grafton «fe Alton Railroad Company. A small Omnibus was passed. Adjourned. INDIAN A [Sped; 1 Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Indian apous, February 27. SENATE. A large number of temperance petitions were presented. A majority of the Committee on Tempe tancc returned the Senate Prohibitory Liquor Bill, recommending that it lie on the table. Tbe minority presented a report arguing at length in favor ofa prohibitory law. Tbcse reports elicited a lengthy discussion. A number of Republican Senators spoke against a prohibitory law as Inexpedient politically, and as legislating against Unman nature. Mr. Cravens admired the conrage, hut lamented the want of discretion in tbe advo cates of prohibition. He voted for the pro hibitory law twelve years ago, and recollect ed tbc Tate of if. He believed in a license

law to license drinkers, but to leave the vender perfectly free. Mr. Thompson spoke favorably of light drluks. He had once favored a prohibitory law, and was now in favor of it personally, but was satisfied it coaid not be enforced la Indiana. Mr. Niles also spoke in opposition to a prohibitory law. The bill was laid on the tabic—thirty-one to ten, A bill introduced to consolidate certain bonds and stocks of the School Fund into one son-negotiable bond and provide for the payment of interest. Referred to a select committee of seven. The Agricultural College and Railroad consolidation bills were made the special or der for to-morrow. The bill for the reorganization of tha Cir cuit Court was postponed until next Wednes day-. The bill defining the crime of drunkenness and providing penalties therefor, and the Senate license liquor bill, failed for want of a constitutional majority. The bill amending theact for thcappralse mcnl of real was rejected—lS U 17. Thirty petitions were presented on the sub ject of temperance. , . . , , The committee appointed to investigate the sccounts of the State Printer reported that the amount paid him last year was S9O 000, and recommended making it the duty of the Secretary of Slate to contract for oil paper and stationery nsed by the Slate. The Committee on Military Affairs recom mended that an additional volume of the Adjutant General's report bo printed. A bill was introduced limiting the toll for passengers on railroads at three and one- J natter cents per mile, and referred to the udiclary Committec- The special committee on legislative cor ruption were granted powers of grand juries to enable it to prosecute the investigation— bv 79 to 14. ’The bill to protect and indemnify officers and soldiers of the Indiana Legion for acts done In the military service of the United States, was amended and ordered engrossed. The following bills were pissed *. Mechan ics' Lien—bill to make a lien attach from the lime work Is commenced; requiring Cleiks of Circuit Courts to index certain books and dockets : extending the time for collecting taxes nntil the third Monday of April; ex tending the time for County Treasurers to settle with the State Treasurer to tho third Monday in May ; ametdlng the act In regard to landlords nad tenants, annulling the lease when the rent is not paid, unless otherwise provided; amending the marriage law so that a woman shall live one month in the county before a license Is issued; authorising hydraulic companies to appropriate lands for their use on rivers col lesa than sixty-five feet wide at low tide ; preventing children under sixteen years of age trom being worked over ten hours per day; increasing the fees ol jurors to two dol lars a day, and allowing executions to be Is sued during ten years after date of judgment. WISCONSIN. CSpecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SI ah isos, February 37- SENATE. In the Senate to-day remonstrances were received against the bill for the inspection of .'team hollers and the examination of cn- pincers.; A resolution was adopted directing an In vestigation into the heating apparatus to see U tbe same does not endanger the lives of occupants of the Capitol, and looking to the erection of u separate engine building. Bills were introduced to appropriate J. M. Reed, of Sheboygan, one hundred dollars for tbe services of bis son, killed In quelling the bank riot in Milwaukee in ISBI. Some little local legislation was also had. ASaEMBLY. A basket full of petitions and remon strances appertaining to local matters was received, and one more on the “dorg law.” Tbe resolution was adopted looking to provisions lor the support of soldiers’ or phans. BUIS were Introduced for tbe protection of sloping birds; also regulating the sno division and sale of tracts of land ; also re quiring railway companies having land agents to locate their roads and select their land within one year alter grant is made; also makioglhe Clerk of the Circuit Court and Register of Deeds salaried officers In Pierce County; also fixing the pay of deputy clerks; and a score of local bills. Senate Bills were concurred in appropriating eight thousand three hundred dollars to the National Cemeteries at Antietam and Gettys burg, and several local bills. The Eight Hour Bill up but was again laid ov^r. Tbs Assembly bill providing uniform Vates lof tariff is the special order for this evening’s session. SENATE—TUESDAY EVENING. In the Senate last evening very little was done. A bill was introduced fixing the pay of County Supervisors ot four dollars per day; ulso another providing for regulating carriage of baggage by railroad companies. ASSEMBLY—TUESDAY EVENING. In Assembly last evening a bill was intro dneed to proven; tbe manufacture and sale of adulterated liquors ; also, a bill concern ing executions and supplementary .proceed* iDgJ*. The bill providing a Statcliccnsc for liquor dealers was indefinitely postponed. Tbe Investigating Committee are studi onsly at work investigating the alleged bri bery and corruption In the Legislatures of ISOS and 1800. They, however, keep closed doors and close mouths, and the outside world is in ignorance of developments. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Lanszko, February 27. A private caucus of the friends of the railroad bills was held to-night, at which it was determined to draw the lines closely, and If possible pass- all the bills over the Governor’s veto. The caucus was partici pated in by members and lobbyists. The feeling against the Governor is strong, even to bitterness. SENATE. Bills passed to provide for a Soldiers’ Home ; to amecd the act relative to the in corporation of railroad companies ; to amend the charter of the village of Kalamazoo ; joint resolution relative to the construction of a harbor at the month of tbe Ontonagon River, on the Northern Pacific Railroad. A large number of railroad bills passed in Committee of the Whole. Tbe bill to legalize tbe action of the county of Jackson In raising money for railroad pur poses was lost. The House was engaged chiofiy in commit :cc uu important bills. KENTUCKY, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] FnAKBroBT, Ky.. February 27. The Legislature has adopted resolutions to adjourn from March 11th. It declines to pass the resolve calling a National Convention in May, in Louisville, not deeming it in the province of a legislative body. A’blll is before tbe Assembly to appoint a committee to inquire into tbe doubtful con dition of tbe Kentucky banks. FROM MADISON. Legislative—University Literary Socle* ties—A Jeremy Dlddicr. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Hadison, Wls, February 27. The Legislature is again fairly at work, though not mneb of importance was done to-day. Tbc Railroad Tariff 1 Bills came up in the Assembly as a special order to-night, and there is a large lobby here, comprisim: representatives of aU tbe prominent rail roads in tbc State, working like beavers against such legislation. The third House is fbller than at any time this winter, and equals in number either of tbc other. The committee to investigate the charges of railroad corruption In past Legislatures is taking considerable testimony, most of which is not allowed to transpire. The members of the committee are granted leave of ab sence during the session. The exhibition of the University Literary Societies lost night was highly creditable and largely attended. There is a more friendly reeling in the Legislature toward the institu tion than usual. A good deal of satisfaction is felt among Union men at the recent rcjcctloosjof Bread and-Cntter appointments in this State. A pretended agent of a Rochester shoe bonse, the other day, swindled several men here, whom he persuaded to cash bogus draft?, which came back unpaid. FROM FRANKFORT, KY. Union non Warned to leave the State —Preparations lor tbe Hanging or a Negro by nob Law. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Fuakbpobt. Ky., February 27. Governor Bramlettc, Colonel Hodges, edi tor ol the Commonwealth, and other Union men, have been notified by Judge Lynch, tbe jseudonym of the rebel Regulators, to desist from efforts to stop mob proceedings and to leave the State, and threaten them with vi olence. Governor Brnmlette has received a letter warning him against Issuing any more proc lamations against Judge Lyi.cb’s Court. A negro recently attempted a rape on a white girl. The negro is now in jail, and pre parations are on loot for a mob to taxe him out and hang him to-night. A strong guard is on duty at the jail. FROM CHINA AND JAPAN. Tlic War In China—Ship New*—An Italian War steamer at Hong Hong— A Destructive Flood—Suffering—Pour pi lies of Houmb Burned at Jeodo. Sax Francisco, Cal., February 26.—Hone Kong advices, 'ria Yokohoma to January 13, are received. Hankow was threatened by Nccnfri rebels. Country people were flock ing to Craven Island. The Chinese were preparing for on attack, and bad been reln furccd by Imperial forces. The Viceroy of Pekin was collecting forces to march on Providence Shenshi, where the Mohammedan Hcmfcl rebels had taken possession of the capital. The clipper Ariel made the return voyage from London to Kong Kong In seventy-nine days. The United States frigate Shenandoah had left Calcutta. . . The China was expected at Hong Kong In a few days. The Italian war steamer Mmgenta, at Hong Kong, attracted great attention as the first representative of the Italian flag in Chi na or Japan seas. There bad been a great destruction of rice bv a flood on the coast near Penang, Thou* sands arc suffering. A fire in Jcddo destroyed four miles of houses in the commercial quarter. The conflagration at 1 Tohokoma was com paratively insignificant. ' Sax Fbaxcisco, February 27.—The Toko* homa Hcra-'d. of January 24th, says the Ty- | coon has Invited the foreign representatives at Osaca to settle the great question of open ing Hiogo. An Important political game is being played in Japan. _ ~ , * san Francisco, February 27.—Advices from Japan confirm the arrival of the Col orado at Yokohama on January 23d. Great activity prevailed at Yokohama In rebuilding the burnt district of the town. A Japanese Embassy, fifteen persons and suite, will proceed toWashiogton on the re turn trip or the Colorado, for inspection of the navs yards, vessels, implements of war, The American Minister had returned from Nagasaki after an absence of four weeks, the United States ship Wyoming in pass ing through the Inland sea was everywhere cordially received. FBO2I NEW YORK, Arrivals— Investigation Into the Sates of Railroads In iffiwourl—Governor Fletcher Exonerated from all suspi cion of Fraud—Report Concerning Fenian movements In Ireland* New York, February 27.—The steamer Pcrcire, from Havana via Brest, the 16lh, ar rived to-day. Bishop t\ hitchousc, of Illinois, and James G. Bennett, Jr.,werc passengers. The committee appointed by the Missouri Legislature to investigate all matters con nected with tbe sales of certain railroads in that State, which has been In session here for several days examining witnesses and papers relative to the sale of the Southwest Pacific Railroad, closed its labors to day. It is un do stood that their report will entirely ex onerate Governor Fletcher from all suspicion of fraud in regard to tho sale of that road. Report says a Fenian Envoy has arrived from Itcland, who says the English state- Iments that the rebellion U ended ore talsc, and that the iMog was general In the conn ties of Kerry, Dnblln and Tipperary. The organization is stronger than ever. The sol- diers arc under drill of four hundred men who served ibis country during the rebellion. As to defection among the British troops, it is understood they will march wherever ordered, but when they come to lire, they will know what to do. An American officer has enlisted 8,000 British troops since Christmas. At a meet ing of the Fenians here fo-day no want of confidence in the movement or orders was evinced. Plans were submitted for conduct ing the war for the freedom of Ireland, and it Is said to be contemplated, if the vigilance of tbe British Government in Ireland should render their movements extra hazardous, to transfer operations to England and Scotland. FB(m LOUISVILLE. A Bridge Across me Ohio—A New Ball* road Project—Etc., Etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Locuvuxr, Ivy., February 26. A company was organized to-day for tbe purpose of constructing a bridge across tbe Ohio River at this point. The following offi cers were elected: Wm. B. Hamilton, Presi dent ; U- H. Slaughter, Secretary and Treas urer ; Board of Directors, Jas. Guthrie, R. A. Robinson, D. Ricketts, A. C. Depaw and W. 6. Hamilton. Work is to be commenced immediately on the abatement of the flood, A railroad delegation from Madison, Gar rard and Lincoln counties is urging the con struction of a road from Richmond had Staf ford. They have received a proposition from tbe Louisville & Nashville Railroad to build the branch sought for, If said comities would , furnish $750,000 m cash. James Shane was arrested a short time since for forging a power of attorney, on which he received $3,000, J- a( joe Ballard has aranted a writ of hat>e^ a nrpm . The case will be tried 10-mor-^ got into a fight to-day, and one bit Ihu Olliers nose off. FKO3I ST. LOUIS. Xlie Tint Oatb War—WLU lavolvlus: Iwo millions ot Dollars Set A*lde. [Special Deapaich to tac Chicago Tribune ] ST. Lol«, , Mo . February 27. Judge Miller, of the Cooper County C Court, a Conservative, has decided on a de murrer that the test oath is void as applied to voters, on the ground that the Supreme Court decision so decided it. The Conserva tive lawyers here are getting up a petition expressing the opinion that'os an abstract law the question of Judge Moody’s refusal to enforce the lest oalhouainst inrors was right. The will of Colouel O’Fallon, Involving property worth two millions, has been set aside. He gave his children only life estate, and left his propertv to a grandchild. FBOil THE PLAINS* Hoary Snow Storms—lndians on the War Path—Mexican Barbarities* Etc. St. Louis, February 27.—The Democrat's Junction City correspondent says: Governor Amy, ot New Mexico, has just arrived from oanta Fe. Heavy enow had fallen in New Mexico. Governor Arny reports the Indians on the Plains disposed to be peaceable, but those in Arizona and New Mexico are on the war-path, and have committed a number of murders during the past month. The military camp on the Mcmbres has been broacn up and tbe troops compelled to leave. Five settlers were killed, and stock valued at over $20,000 was driven oif. All settlers and miners on the Mcmbres river had gone to Mcsslila lor protection. One hundred and seventeen horses and mules were ?tolon from Mcs&’lla three weeks ago, and about the same time eight hundred sheep w c: c driven away from a point on the Pearce filter. Onethonsand five hundred Indiana left the Reservation near Fort Goodwin January 21, .or New Mexico, where they will doubtless depredate on settlers, and commit murders and other outrages. Three men were killed near Los Crus, Jan uary 2(Ub, by a party of Mexicans from tbe vicinity of Laos, while campaigning. Tbe Apaches made tin unprovoked assault on the Mognce village, in Arizona, and car ried offa woman and eleven children, and seven hundred head of stock. The Indians on whom the outrage was committed, call themselves Christians, and are non resistants. Through the exertions of Gov ernor Arny. the woman and seven children were restored to their friends, and all the slock returned. FBOitt DUBUQUE, lOT7A. An Indignation meeting of merchants —Festival Flattering Receipts —A Belligerent Irishman—Warm Weath- Dubuque, February 27.—The action ol the United States Senate Committee on Com* raerce, in striking out tbe House appropri ation of $1,000,000 for Hie improvement of the Lower Rapids in the Mississippi River, occasioned n large attendance of tbc business men of Dubuque at tbc Produce Exchange yesterday, A general feeling of Mirprise, regret and displeasure was mani fested. Resolutions were adopted urging upon the lowa Senators and Representatives in Concrcss to spare no efforts to defeat tbc amendment, and declaring tbc great com mcrclal and national importance of tbe •mprovement. lion. T. S. Wilson, of Ibis city, has been appointed Deputy United States Attorney for the Northern District of lowa. The festival for tbc benefit of the Soldiers* Orphans* Home of Ibis State netted $730. The Catholic community is unite exercised over tbc conduct of one Richard Hennessey, brother to the Bishop, and an understrapper, who recently stood on the steps at the en rranccoflbe grave yard and disputed the passage of a funeral cortege /or about an uour, and then, finding the party determined to enter, cut away tbc steps with an as. The weather is warm, and promises a speedy breaking up of winter. FROM SAN DOMINGO AND HON DURAS. Colted Stales Naval Cooling Station Secured— Expedition Agomat Indians —Tbc sugar Crop. New Tore, February 20.—Tbe Herald's Havana correspondence of the SCth says : •‘The Bay of Samana has been secured by Mr. Somers Smith, the Charge d* Affaires of the United States in St. Domingo, as a coal ing station in the latter Republic for United Slates vessels, and tbe treaty has already been forwarded.” The Heraid's Balize, British Honduras, cor respondence ol* the 30th says: *' Another ex addition has been started after the Indians a charge ot Colonel Halsey of tbe British army. Abe facts of the late defeat of her Majesty’s troops are so disgraceful that, for the credit of the soldiers, I forbear to give the details. ... . „ •‘Tnecanc crops arc magnificent. Some thon-ands of ripe cane are waiting’for the mills, and we sball have excellent sugar in abundance.” FROM SAN DOMINGO. Tbe Seward mission—Purchase or the Bay of Samana. New York, February 27.—Tbe New York Times has private advices from San Domingo, leading it to believe that the mission of As slstant Secretary Seward to tbe West Indies was wholly successful, tbe object being a Treaty with President Cabral securing the long-desired Bay of Santana as a naval sta tion of the United States. SlftfistroDK Fires to Philadelphia, Philadelphia, February 27.—Six houses beloneinc to Pierce, Butler <fc Tate, on Fifth and Callowblll streets, were damaged by Are this morning. Loss, $30,000. No in surance. The extensive cotton mill of Mr. Blundio, in the Twenty fourth WardjWas burned this mornirg. Insured for $145,000. Prominent Officers Under the IV ew Co* lonlal Confederation. Montreal, February 2'.—Under the Con federation, Hon. John A. McDonald Is to be Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, or Upper Caoada, and Hon. John Rose, Member of Parliament for Montreal, of Quebec, or Lower Canada. Adjournment of the Fenian Convention at Utica' N. V. Utica, Feb. 27.—The Fenian Convention ad journed this evenin'! after a session of twelve davs. It is understood that Important busi ness was transacted, but the injunction of seertsy precludes giving any information. Ignoring the Civil Rights Act, Fortress Monroe, February 27.—The United States Commissioner issued warrants ibis morning for the arrest of five magis trates of the corporation court of Norfolk, for violating the Civil Rights Bill by refusing colored testimony in legal proceedings. Chaise* Against apostmaster. Buffalo, February 27.—F- W. Parsons, postmaster at Niagara Falls, was arrested on Monday charged with opening letters re ceived'in his office, and held to bail In $1,500 to appear for trial at the United States Court at utlca, March 19. idle Sentence* Boston, February 27.—Kennedy, the In cendiary convicted for setting fire to dwell ing houses in Somerville last November, has been sentenced to tbc State Prison for life. Breaking of the Levee at Colambu< ScntacKp Cairo, February 27.—The river has broken th;oncb the levee at Columbus, Kentucky, and partially inundated that city. Ntw Jersey State Treasurer. Trenton, N. J., February 27—The Legl latuiehas elected Howard Ivans, Repuhl can, for State Treasurer. Grundy Comity and the Steamboat Canul. fFrom the Morris (HI.) Advertiser.} Some onehas written a letter to the Chicago Tripene from this vicinity, stating that our county would be ruined bv the ship canal. This Is news, Indeed. If tbe plan Is carried out and slaekwatcr navigation la created In the river as tar up as Joliet, the water power alone would be as valuable as the present canal. Besides, we should be able to ship grain, stock or implements either to New Orleans or Chicago, to buy oar groceries o i NUMBER 261. Ant bands in Louisiana or the West Indies, to fret lumber from the Upper Mississippi os well os from the lakes, in short, to bay la the cheapest market and sell In the dear est. At present, we ore forced to sell and buy in Chicago. It Is true that if the present canal should be abandoned either this year or next, a few citizens, wbo bare built granaries or ware* houses upon it, would lose. Bat the present canal will, under the plan, be in use for ten years at least, giving ample time to these few to make other arrangements and quad ruple the value of their present business property. The first work to be done is to open the Illinois River from LaSalle to the Mississippi; the second, to enlarge the canal from Chicago to Joliet; the last to make slackwater navigation in the river between Joliet and LaSalle. Until this last shall be fully done, the whole commerce by water be tween the cities of the Mississippi and Chi cago would pass by our doors through the present canal. The passage of a judicious bill for the steamboat canal will raise the value of real estate at once In this county. UT WAIT BROTHERS* Advertising Ag*tt 136 Uearborn-stH receive advertisements for ail the leading papers throughout the United States and Canadas, Express Companies. 'J' H E MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAX. - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BV EXPRESS. Money. Valua bles. Freight and Parcels* over more than 16,000 miles oi Express Line. at jast and liberal raiea. saves Millions yearly to Bx« orcss Shippers* and can be made permanent only by their 'liberal patronage. This we hope to merit amt receive* ICmC?i Nca. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-st. fl» sa. COOPSH, Agent. (STijc jpfeatins Season. SIDE RINK. THIS EVENING! THIS EVENING! BSKuriT or JOHN POWERS, THE FAVORITE. Exhibition at St3o by ibe Bcncflclnry, a a* slated by the Amntcnn of cbo City* Foil Band in Attendance. i-IGUT.I EXTRA RIGHT TO TICKBTHOLDEBS. RINK. SPLENDID ICE. OPEN DAY AND EVENING. Ecaeroter the LAST MASQUERADE to-morrow. instruction. pOKTEE’S TELEGRAPH COLLEGE, Nixon’s Exchange, ‘Washington-at., east of Chamber of Commerce, Chicago. .President. PAM’L PORTER, of New Tort City. Ccllrec Halls open for practice from 7a.m. to 10 p.m. Lectures (with electrical oxpet Jmcnts anl explana tion* ut Tc]o?r>*Dhlc Apparatus, MONDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS. Gentlemen and Ladies Tate Notice I Two boor* a day, or U Issue evenings spent at tbs Telecrapb College daring the sprlrg ana summer month*, would enable you to master the most bcauu* ml anl ftocioailng tmiiocss id tae war.d, and place yourselves m a lucrative attoation. Students from a distar co will bo provided with pleas* ant boarding botuu, and every effort will bemadeduf. Inc their c nnecclon wlih me Institution, far tbelr cotstort and meral.pbyilcal and intellectual elevation. Par circulate address E. PAYSOH PORTItU. Principal Porter's Telegraph College, Chicago. JJUDOLPH E. SCHULTZ, Practical Acconatant, Will open, close and writs op Books In the most expe* dttlouft and accurate manner; also, arenda to adjust ing Intricate and partnership accounts. Ah business matters entrusted to bis charge will Ns attended to with strict fidelity. Ee:crs to several ol tteb»ethou£ea In tp , irr „. Address In pcu.a of hy ,’ct*cr, R E. SCHULTZ. 153 CWca*o-av. 5. D.~lnsttoctlon wLI bo given in German acd Bookkeeping. JilSlanlri?. TEA3ISTERS. WANTED, To contract tnr CCD yards rf sand, corner ol Wabtsh-ar. and Sixtoenth-it. Call at office .\o. J, No. >9 Wash- U3gtoD*et. JOHN & WALLACE. AtElifcON WHO IS ABOUT TO travel, cal ing at all towns on or near railroads in Illinois and lowa, Wishes to represent some Business Boose. For a smalt salary. Machinery preferred. Apply at or aodress , *Wb,”atPaltDerAPlanifpdoc , ».6.T CUaton-st jy£OKEY TO LOAN on BtonTOAcm snctmrrs’. Also, goodßoalntM Paper discounted by SINCLAIR * TOMPKINS, Room g Masonic Temple. So,ooo T 0 LOAN 3Tor Tlircc to ©lx 3Xontlis, Bl “> Bt “' ‘ KntU &LU°iS '.I! rItSOIDS. No. 6 Opera-Hocas. 550,000 T 0 LOA * On First-class Heal Estate. Apply to ROZBT & CUMMINGS, Beal Estate and Loan Brokers, 9h LaSalle-st. ATOTICE. —An instalment ol titty cents IN upon a share of stock IB the Northwestern Plank Reader, Is cai'edior, to he paid Into toe Treasurer cn the 20th ol March next, at his office. No. S J South C ark*st. By orderof tbeDlrectors. - _ Chlcazo. Feb. 18.1567. M. LULL, Set’?. jHusical. E E 6URDETT ORGANS, PcswsrtoeallrfMr. Burdett’s psfnt Improvements, are now unquestionably the mon desirable Bscd In sirnmttils lor eitherchurchorparior use. For Volume and Parity of Tons* Elasticity of Touch, Variety of Expression, Quality of Elegance of Design, They are pojltlrely unapproachable. Hear theni at our ntw rcomt-, »to Judge t,r yourselfr Every Burdett Organ is folly warranted lor toe term of flve years. LYON & HEALY, Ccoeial for the Manufacturers, Claik and Chicago. ■\ TUSKJAL, lU * mxtsxcaxj. Two gentlemen or respcc utility acd reiereaec. strin ger* in till* city, ot Musical capabilities, destreaeholars for Gnltar and Plano. Term* eatlsCwwry. Andreis ••MUSIC,” Drawer €‘lol. lor interview, or can as Music ttore. 117 South Clarkst. the undersigned, having I recently arrived from New Tory, Is starting, “by special request.” a cycln» of Vocal Lesson*, to which sot wptctiaily invites the attention ot the ladle* to this city. Apply at Lyon * He* lt's ilaale sterm ATJGDhTA tfEBBENKIND. References—l cola Stub, Ann* Frederlta Magnus* op. _ ffißooß anfc Coal. pOAL I COAL I COAL I $13.35 $13.35 $13.35 $13.35 PAivxo FBicaa: I have SO Tons M LACKAWAHACOAU KieKltiJ, alt *.ue», vMch I «i*l tfeUTer at per to a. ty Kocsteturia Um market. U. IIAKGIS, COAL AT SUMMER PRICES! We bare a few hundred tons ol best LACK AWANA and riITSTOK COAL more than will supply oui toruere, which we cfler, de ist-nd in any part 01 me dty.attbeioUowlns prices: Itnusc, Eeg rind Inure site*. 812-30 per Ton* Chestnut “ iIISISG AST) SUPPLY CO ?3apct flangings. JIABCOTTE & CO., L. Furniture and Decoration. [Largest and choicest assortment ol French Imported Paper Hangings, Ol all Usds. Wareroom*. 3.9 and 7 EastTourtMt. SSW YORK CITY. Llb«»UOU4V>mtr*do- iftats ana CTaps. HE BROADWAY STYLE OF SILK HATS! FOR SPBESG, ISTOW EEADY. LEAVE OK DEBS EAItLV. J. ft. SMITH & CD., 118 lake-st. g ILK AND CASSIMEHB HATS! THE BROADWAY SPRING STYLE HOW BEADY AT CAT ANN A & CO.’S, ■Wholesale and Bctail Manufacturers, 133 South Olavfe-st. gPRtNG STYLES YOUNG MEN’S HATS. A VARIETY OF NKW SHAPES JUST BECEiVBD BY J. A. SMITH & CO., 118 X.AKE-ST. (Eoilct articles. 0J LAJtE-ST ISTEW STORE. fl. C. LiNDON WILL OPEN, lEOESDAV HORNIKG, A Splendid Retail Store FOE TOE SALE OP TOILET ARTICLES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. The Public are invited to call AND LOOK AT THE New Store and New Goods. Landon’s Emporium. GOODS, THE BEST THE CHEAPEST. Toilet Good** Btashe*. Combs, Soaps. Co* loanee. PerlomerlV Cosmetic* Hue Fans, Pine Cutlery, Parlor IWaamcnis, Ac., Arc. BLI£S & t3UABP, Pragglatm B 4 astrologp. jyjADAMB ALWJLN. AD persons wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS IS LIFE, Can hare them correctly stated by the Madame by tailing at 347 Sooth Cl&rk-M, (opposite done? School! where she may be consulted about all matters concern ing Dtolttsa. Marriage, Love, etc., and will tell the name efthe ladvor gentleman you are going to marry: also the name of her visitors. jFor Sale. ■DUtINEsS TOIJ SALE. DRUG STORE. Expecting to remove trom the clty,l offer fer dale my Drug btore, No. 155 Soaih CJark-at., LoncMUbUabcd. Flrevdaw fixtures, well stocked, andtavlns a good run of Wsiwg. g M£DCAL?E . Dbug store jr«U SALE. The undmlcued. of Jackson, Mich* offer tbr sale their lease, stock, fixtures ana good will ot one ot me be»l Retail Drue ami prescription Stores In the State. Invoice. 110.000 or *12,000. A first-class cltv and pro tcnptlon trade. Terms easy. J. it. REED A CO. FOB, SALE HOBSES OF THE GOLDDDST BREED, At Eden StocK Farm, eight miles from the city of Louisville, Ky. Three hcrees Include the tea nesd that have challenged the world for speed and bottom, through “Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times”; also. Lydia Golddust, that won torfelt ol Monnofs celebrated Bruno in three races; also. Malty Oolddoat, that woe lorftlt over ten ofthehest two year olds or Kentucky In the fall of 1863, and the noted style and speed mures Sue Golddust, Rosa Golddust. These, with mary .»th* ers. mate ap the best and most elegant lot of trotters ever offered lor sale In America. Tam now breeding over 75 marcs annually of the most Improved crosses ol Morgana and thoroach-btceds, and can supply sin gle ana dooble driving horses brood mares, or atal* Moms ot any desired aces, at the shortest notice. oC4b6fr26t Tn net L. L. DORSEY. JB. 300 brl..o F Pure Ohio Cider In store at pupce’s Utm House, corner Liar* and Six* tcenth**ts. Frr pule at retail or dls -oont to the trade. Address 970 WaoaHi-av. JAMES TURNER. FOK SALE—The machinery and flx tnrea of the TOBACCO FACTOR? Now cccaplcd by WAIT A MASON, J 23 AKD 24 MICHIGAS-AT. Also,goodwill of tame, with two year*’ lease of tactory, anabtuintts already established. For panic nlars. «**ti on the undersigned, at above place ot onsl* Dt«.* .HiAL .TIAMIN* “FOR SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprising shlugle mills, heading mills, shingle and heading jointers, stave jointers, stave cutter*. Heading rounders ana planers, equalizing and cut-oil saws, Ac. All new, of oor own manotaccore, and warranted. FULLER A FORD. 252 and 254 MaQiaon-W. TJ ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. * FOK SALE; A GAINFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, luvolclcc about 112.000; all purchased ■within s year ra<-t, aid lease on store. Store located In a thriving town a short distance from Chicago. Satlefactonr rea sons given for seLta*. For pur.cnlara l^ntre^of^ Commission Merchant. S 2 LaSalle-sL. Chicago. ©encral Notices. JJOUPE MOVER;. To let, the MorlDg 1 of a House & Barn, Call at Office So. t. No. S 9 JOHN S. WALLACE. r\F*ICB OF THE COUNT! CLEUff V/ OF COOK COtJNTF, _ Chicago. Feb. 2* ISSY. Notice la hereby Rtvea to all parties harms claims asatcatCook Coutty. to present item on or before S * tMW - i ‘" Ch 1 County Clerk. jjpiEirr oil si ones. Something New. OU Stones, Razor Bose*, Emery Wheel*. Comers' Stores, Machinist*’ Equalities atone* etc- at low prices. manufactured by the EMEBT OIL STONE CO -144 Fnltcmet- Chicago, iladeoi any desired grade of grit, and la forms to salt any shaped tool. FAIRBANKS, GKEBNLEAE* * CO- General Agent*. 286 aad 23S Lake-st. ■VTOTICE. Chicago & Altos Bauxoao ScpSTOiTiND AST’s Omcz, Chicago. Feb. It, l»7. U& account of the loss of as important bridge, os this line, by freshet, no through trains will leave Chi* caps for Springfield oil farther notice. The Wilmington Accommodation Train will nm on Us regular tune. ©ohcrument Sale. GRjbAT SALE OF PUBLIC PROP EBIT. Omci A£S‘l I KiEcnui. Tcnn., February 3M, 1367.) I will oiler eoratle at Poollc on Monday, tbe lltu flay of March, ls6<. a ‘ western Gram Seeds la this city. a large Qnmeimasu r‘a Store#, embracing jtcae. conrittne in partofl hand ore enrine,nose sed reels. 1 set of tltuws* tools “ d . T s“^? e c s™* »“ laSS'lo-a' ISSS'ciS, «5 isSroSfcS. wim ntijU* am rWlßeCoZstOsadcleblankets, 4p* tlnzboUi.'TOioaia Mdnoise cellars. !,■*« we*« chains. 729 Kretcher do., KoseUmuleSrco : s.W=B«y Co-619 bead bap tersTiSSawlndcw stib. »13boxes claasfialO,ll suvili, 10 buttresses. S 3 B< S. bellows, TO o. S. vises, 373 horse rtfp«. 91 hone bides. S.SOO pcs. sole leather, 165 bales Otkam. 1,209 w*gcu b.mada. 10.000 pds. cast scrapiroa, pd>. Wro’t Bc*sp do., 6,SWp<2i. gas pipe. 5,000 lect css ploe. 1.114 pds. bndle leather. 2,112 pdi.baraess do aacers assorted. SWiettbrace outs, 130 baaa braces, 873 axes ood bar dies, 63 iron axles. 1,400 feet I-sitber and Etna belting, 120 tin cans. 125 band eaws, 04*6 gun ny gac» 8.2628. K. paoiocla, 3 a ills for sawlac wood. 1< texts tin piste, 1 bar scale. 8 platform scale*. 10 army do., 4 counter do., 1 spr-ne do- 1 apothecary do -13 warehouse tracks, 71 cross bacxlej, Hit £TCB3 rinis, 13,000 carriage bolt?, ambulance bases, talier. stay and kck Cl alns, lines, marm galea, tar sucks, name snd wagon I oodles. woodCJittirrnpii d *?(£i ß ana single trees, horse medicines cf ail nvry U.s«uu.«nt*, sledge, band. and intranet farrier's hammers, parallel Tiste, 9toc*» »“'* PMClSrfllit. ofall Culora. i'sfess&lsl £wE=?waߣSSs2! *U tm-u. cor.^w»^“. n-- and corr.nne dally, J?SiSSon?at *b“ l ame hour each day. unUl t ba pr :p - QjTtfrttaanfanls. from mijpurcha«ra«amo cay m l be 00 . u i«'t qaartcrmaster U. 9. X Kansas aatibs. £AKGE SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. CQ TUESDAY, the 94 day oC April, 13tT. TtUtM ofleiedat PUBLIC SALE At tie Eldridge House, in tie city Of LAWBMC3, SAWOAB, About 155,000 Acres of Lud, filtoate la the ccuntie# of Leavenworth, Wyandotte. Jefferson acd Doug;as, sad known aa the “DELAWARE RESERVE." These lands He directly on the main line of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Uirision The branch of the lame Boad from Leavenworth to Lawrence passes through them, and the railroad too st. lotus to Leavenworth tara along their Eastern border. In Futility, Location, and abundance cf Timber and Water, these Lanr.s are tne FINEaT IN THE aTAta. By thetrraty with the Delaware* InISSO. thelaoiaa tu;e to the •■Kmrre" waa eztlnznuhed.and sine** that date many £»nrj have been Improved, and chorchm, schorl non*?*, (rrl>t aca saw nulla erected, and many other Imr force enu made thereon. TneclimatcofKaaaas i* remarkablyhealthloL aad to turner* and sctUers -neae lands qt*t Greater Inducements than any others Lath* Vl'Cf>t. Also, at the game placo, Immediately alter the dlmo aiUoa of the above Lands, will bfc .old ab:ut 38,000 ACZLBS OF IaAND, SStnstelo the southeastern part ot the “Sac and Fas Also, a larpe number of TOWN LOIS and BLOCHa in the towns ot Sortli Lawrence, Tonganoiie and Perry. The sale will commence on Sprit 3d, ISS7. and win contlnne ir&n dav to dav until a ] th« land* aboro named have been deposed ot The Lands will be of fered In tracts to sott pnrrhisers, Tasxs or Sale— ooc-thlnl cub and balance la two canal annual payments, wlih6percent interest there on Irora date of pcrchase. E. g. HARTHOIaQty, Agent* agricultural implements. JpURsT & BRADLEY, MiSTEACICBEES OF PLOWS, Sulky Cultivators, Sulky Hay Rakes, Cornstalk Cutters, Field Boilers. Harrows, Scrapers, Wheelbarrows, And other AgricQltnral Implements. A large assortment constancy on hand. Liberal dis counts and tcdncemcnta offered to Dealers. SEND FOB PARTICULARS. Nos. 56, 58 60 & 62 North Jesersoa-st. CHICAGO. H,L< <• <• OKICK. MACHINE.’’ DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Room No. 3, 47 Clark-at., Chicago. A KGILLO WORKS The ArdHo _T.V Works. At Carbon CHIT Bock Island Conatr. 111. miautacture Yellow, Rockinsham and Stone Wtre, Terra Coita lor bntMinc. drain pipe, and F K K E Q j |» all of which t ht y sell chtapet than cinbe bought at any other manufactory in the united Slates. JJRICK MACHINES. For the purpose of mntoal bearflt and ceseni lafjr mattes. I am desirous of corresponding with BRICKMA.KERS Who arc using, on bate xnta rszo, solf-:;mj?rlnjc Crick Machine.. P.ease send address to A. J. KMSELY. Hrickmaher, N*. a tula* Block. Chicago. <ll. •ftp&GAZIJiE BRICK WORKS, Comer naUtcdaniTwealy-sccond-eti. Office, Ho. jy OUB Block. A. J. KMsELY. Proprietor. partnerships. MR. CTAKLES C. OGDEN IS A partner ,ncnr house, his Interai? dating iron «7ti uunry Ist, 1907. The stile ct ihoilnn will remain unchanged. ADAMS, GIBB* * CO., Chicago. yeb.<a.lS67. 148 South Water-iU — THE FIIUI OF JEWETT & BTTTI2B, Impnrter? and Jobber# or Hardware, ti till dsrdfs> reived bv mutual co’ rest, Oliver K. Butler retlrac- The bosliler* wlh be continued by FREDERICK JEWEfT, at the old stand. IS LAKE-9T., Wt o Is antborlzei to use the firm name Ip Ilanldatisa, (Signed) FREDERICK JEWETT. Feb. au. OLIVER K. li SIXER. iSusurrsg (Cams.' Holden & pendleton, ti boksalc and Retail Dealers in Hardwood and" Wbitewood Lnmber, OtSce and Yard. 30-1 Sofftb Franklin-st. bet. You Boxes and Uormo:. Chicago. P. O. kox gar Dll is cal v. l order. Q B. DUPLE & CO. Sugat-Cmed Dams, Bih'on'anil Beef. Our Hama hare now stood the Wt for the past rsw gg.VBS. la this city. We ircnnehaving■ me dual «jp ply fbt oar customers. Oar 11-ims ureuli ora tided that: tar C. B. lICFEE dc CM.uES Ascertain parties In ttls city bare seen fit to tell oth-r Hums for «ur own. we cad p;vrtlc«ar attcnljow to the fiici that every Uatn we core IS BRANDED AS ABO VK, and no ' there are gtnulne. Office northwest comer Sooth Water and Stste-sts. Dm. ijichakdson, XASrTACXVtno: or Telegraph,Bound &Pailor Matches H. W. DURANT, Arent, Office, 41 itlver-t. WM. WISDOM & SOX, ' ' OF g.Aen, BOORS, ItLINDg, Mouldings, Scroll Sawing. Turning, «c^ 97 North Franklta-sL. corner jof Ohio, Chicago. fEarijincrg. TO NEWbI’AEEti PTIBIJSHEK3. For sal<». a No. 5 single cylinder Steam Printing irrs., of It. Hoe A Co.’s nianotactnre. Thl* i re** I* i.«oriy new, and will be warranted in pgnrxcr worlc* Inc order. It wll 1 be sold cutap for ciss. jy Address”PRINTING PRESS,” Trtbaoe office, Chicago. TMEORTAXT TO LUMBERiLEX. X An immetse saving oflabor, and a ranch b- tter quality of lumber produced, by tne use ol QAYEs A NEWMAN’S PATENT DOUBLE PA BA LLEt.EDGEK. hdges all widths, (Tom ayj to W lo'-hea, and perfectly adapted to making Strips. Illustrated Circulars and pnee List sent tree on application. Adi treat HATES A NEWMAN. UnadiUa, Otsego Co, N. Y, PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors who wlrb to lake oat Letter* - Patent are ad Tired to counsel with &CO., Editors ct the SclescSC Aa crtcar. wbo bavo prosecuted claims before the PatentOfflceforiitarlytwetity years. Th-lrAmerican and European Patent Aceocyfla the rcoatcsvoslTetS tbe world. Cbarsea less than as? otatr rUlabie aS A n pampb W. cootalnlc jr 101 l Ins tractions to letctl orr, issentgratls. Address AHD’S PATENT IVTAem^S. ctflee and manc»ctory 33 Bouta JeCer»oa-r- 2m Inurmahoa and deacrtpHTa edreu^raddrw^^ S 3 South Jefferaon-c~ Ch liws StortHjoibets' faceting. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ bA VINOS, LOAN AND TKCbT CO. _ w _ Chicago, Feh. 9,ISCJ. The Annual Sleetlte ol the Stocahclders of tae Mer chants’ Savings. Lean and TrnsSCoopasy.fortheelec* Won of Trnsleta. will be held at the office of said Com pany, in Chicago. on UONDAV. Marcn 4th. between the hours ofloa^.^3dj2jD^_l~J^GAQjLCaahlar^_ ffiainirotD ©lass. J WILLARD FOX. WINDOW GLASS. 2 0 3 Xy-ASIUJ-ST. REMOVAL. *We have this day opened onrNew Store, No. 6« Lake-st- with a large and. well selected »u>ck otDreas Trimmings, Laces, Embroideries, lotion*, dsm. la which we olfer rare tDdacca.eais.____ Wholesale room* opstalw. JJEJIOYAL.— K. Abbey & Co., EOBT SALS. Gen'l Snp’t. Ohio S' Bare me more commit 129 Jfc 131 Xo. > Alev doors vest of olu _ facilities, they are orders 10 their \roe. 1 uO,OOO Stone MUt Fans la •w: CUcaco,**tb.J2,l£67. B._ EXTRACTED THE COLIO^ O D^TA^'a^SOCIATIOB, extraction cf teeth, without an aaddent. They antee no pain. Come to headquarters, Booms 0 a Time* Bnllding. llSl>enrborn-st. : pi BOUND OIL CAK.B Is the Cheapest feed to the Jlarket FcrstcckofalUlnds bj *“ n NO.TOBorthCdntoß^t- JJEINTING, Booii and J»5Jj At Tribune Job Oface. Facilities for ilolnjt Work of Any Oeserly* tiaa m too till* Hricfe. patents. MCSJf & 00, 37 Fart-row. Sew r;rk. Hemabals. TVhclesale Dealers in >re, Glassware, &c^ •nr, LaSalle> . •■> Increased •7 to «a Sotlistts. jFecb.